The Harem: Episode 20 – “Aint Looking For Nothing But A Good Time”

And so the long, tortured journey of Harem 20 comes to a (partial) close.

To say that this has been a winding road would be an understatement. In fact this completed chapter bears very little resemblance to what I had originally intended it to look like. But such is life. I have written and rewritten and set aside and done out of order and cut and pasted and still have 600 pages of what amounts to half a chapter with hundreds of completed pages still waiting to be used. Doing this chapter has been exhausting in many ways, but at long last we have before us the first part of the epic adventure with lots more to come. I just hope you will read this and decide that it was worth the long wait. I do apologize for taking so damn long to get this out there, but I think the results are evident.

Now where were we? Oh yes…on our way to Vegas. To recap as briefly as I can since I can sense you are all eager to jump ahead, the girls have left the mansion behind for the weekend and are headed off to Las Vegas for what will ostensibly be a weekend spent assisting a charity telethon but what the girls see as a chance to party like debauched rock stars fulfilling every fantasy they might have. Thanks to Christina and Britney, the girls got this party started with an orgy aboard the pop sluts’ private jet, but things are only getting started and now that the girls have landed, things are about to get even naughtier.

However, there are also dark clouds hovering over the girls of Malibu as they begin their weekend of sin. Rose is on trial for her life come Monday morning and with her twisted nemesis Jaime threatening to reveal everything about her past in open court, she has everything to lose. Meanwhile Jennifer is trying to fend off blackmail from Emma Watson, who has told her that if she isn’t made part of the mansion group then she will go to the press and tell everyone about the lesbian activities that would scandalize all of them, while at the same time she finds herself finally, after all these years, feeling longings for her best friend Courteney Cox. And that’s to say nothing of the mercenaries who tried to kidnap Jessica and failed.

But while they failed to kidnap Jessica and turn her into a test subject for the mind altering effects of the MAW Device, they did manage to grab Michelle Trachtenberg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and as they have been turned into mindless playthings for the cuckolded husbands and boyfriends of our mansion girls, does a similar fate await them too? And what of Michelle, the seemingly loyal maid? A trip to France has uncovered the terrible truth about her secret life as a French spy and assassin and now Franklin is racing home to try and warn Waldo and Delbert before it’s too late and Michelle eliminates them to discover the whereabouts of the MAW Device and keep her deadly secret from her friends lest she have to turn on them as well.

That’s about where we are right now and there’s of course lots more going on like Gwen’s Fluffy obsession nearing fever pitch and the looming renewal of vows between Kirsten and Eliza. For more information please reread all 19 previous chapters. It certainly will help you understand what the heck is going on here.

I do so hope all of you like what you see and if you do, please do not hesitate to drop me a kind word of feedback at That is the only payment I get from doing this. Your words mean a lot to me after all I put into this story so if you could kindly let me know what you liked and what you want to see in the future and even what you didn’t like. I would much appreciate this because this is a lot of hard work and no one is paying me for it yet. These 600 page chapters don’t write themselves and the more feedback I get, the quicker I will work on the next installment. And since I end on a bit of a cliffhanger, I know you will all want to know what happens next…

But now first, the disclaimers….

First, this story is a work of fiction. As much as we want to believe it’s true, the simple fact is that it’s simply a work of my fevered imagination. The girls in this story are not actually doing any of this. This is all imagined and it is not real in any way, shape or form.

Second, this is for people at age 18 or older. Sorry kids, let me know when you reach that magic number so I can share with you tales of the mansion, but until then you need to hit the back button on your browser and get out of here.

On thank yous, I could not do this without a great group of people supporting me all the way. I have KayJay doing an awesome job of my proofreading as always and thanks to the extra pair of eyes brought to you by the great InThe313 (it’s a Detroit thing so please take pity on the poor, tortured boy) the mistakes that even he and I missed were caught. I also want to thank Cosmo Kramer for making lesbian ATM so much fun to write, Squad Leader for demanding more Hayden and for not killing me for not getting to Emma right away, VoodooJoe for making me love JoJo as much as he does, Ghoulardi for creating this damn series, Victoria for always telling me to GIT and of course to the special girl who always encourages me and tells me I’m great even when I’m being a total wanker. Thanks to all.


The Harem
Episode 20
“Aint Looking For Nothing But A Good Time”


A wise man had once said that the waiting was the hardest part and, as far as everyone was concerned, that was never truer than during the endurance test that was getting from the airport to the hotel.

When it came to waiting, perhaps the most annoying part of Las Vegas was the frequently long delays one encountered between landing at the airport and actually getting to a cool, comfortable hotel room. With so many flights coming in every day, the wait for a taxi or shuttle bus to get out of there could mean a lot of standing around for a long time under the desert heat. The waiting could often be agonizing, forcing people to be stuck amidst the crowds waiting for a chance to escape airport hell and get to where all the action was.

The waiting around was especially hard today as the seconds ticked by like hours for them. Everyone so badly wanted to leave the airport and get to work on the serious amount of having the fun they had planned for their weekend in Las Vegas. The impromptu orgy they had just engaged in on Christina’s private jet had been an amazing ode to the wonders of the mile high club, but it hadn’t left anyone satisfied. It had just made them more charged up to get to their hotel and get naughty again.

Just like always, the ecstasy of being able to come from another woman’s touch had left everyone wanting more and no one could wait to settle into their rooms and find even more girls to play with while enjoying the other debaucheries that only Vegas could offer.

Everyone, from the more experienced hands at Vegas-style immorality to those getting their first real chance to enjoy everything the city had to offer, was impatiently waiting to leave their mark on Sin City and standing around a crowded, hot airport with all the aggravation that went around it was hardly how any of the girls wanted to spend even a second more than necessary.

And of course the airport was more of a zoo than ever with so many people coming in at the last minute for the telethon along with everyone else that was heading to Vegas just for the chance to lose all their savings or forget about their wedding vows for a few nights.

With so many people around trying to get out and head toward the same place it created some serious gridlock and with the star studded weekend planned in the city, the truth was that even a large group with combined power and celebrity wattage of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Jennifer Aniston, Jewel, Q’Orianka Kilcher, Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Stacy Keibler, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Elisha Cuthbert, Kelly Clarkson and Hayden Panettiere couldn’t get themselves to the front of the line.

So they had waited and waited and then waited some more. All things considered it wasn’t that long of a wait since Vegas was notorious for delays getting out of the airport and today was a particularly busy day, but with such a long agenda of places to go, girls to see and fun to have, the minutes felt like eons and no one was in the mood to patiently wait their turn, move slowly through the line and then eventually get a taxi out of there.

Finally it had been Christina who had snapped, yanked her black AmEx card out and slammed it down on the counter of the nearest car service counter she could find as she had declared that she and her friends weren’t waiting a second longer to get the hell out of there. And with Christina picking up the tab, the girls were quickly out the door and into the pack of hired cars bringing their large group away from the noise and smells of the airport and toward the hot, sinful desert Mecca that awaited them.

They had such a large group that it took four cars to get them all and even then it was a little crowded, but it wasn’t like any of them minded having their friends sit on their laps for the ride.

Of course Las Vegas was such a sight to see that even the usual groping and kissing they normally would have been eager to engage in took a back seat to all of them looking out the window at the busy Vegas strip under the late morning sun. There was so much to see and so much the girls wanted to do there that they were less handsy on each other than usual. Plus since the drivers they hired were hardly considered “safe” and no one wanted to do anything to get the rest of them in trouble by getting gossip tongues wagging, they kept the ride PG with a few slight slips into PG-13 territory.

As keyed up as they all were, the girls still had enough self-control to mostly restrain themselves until they got to their hotel rooms. That was when they knew they could make everything XXX again. It was still relatively early in Vegas, but the city was already pulsing and alive and everyone fed off it, the craving for the pleasure of the flesh growing inside them as they traveled down the notorious strip.

They had seen so many hot girls just coming into the airport. Some they knew. Some they wanted to know. Some were famous and some were just hot. And having so many sexy women there to pick and choose from all weekend long made everyone convinced this was going to be one amazing trip. They couldn’t wait to settle into their rooms and get into experiencing everything about Vegas that was there for their entertainment and enjoyment.

While Natalie and Scarlett, Kelly and Elisha and Christina and Britney had gotten their own rooms, everyone else was crashing in the suite Rose had arranged and that was just fine because there was more than enough room. Almost every girl from the mansion had friends they were planning on meeting up with in Vegas and Rose already knew there was going to be room in the suite for those friends to bring friends along with them and then some.

For this was no mere suite that Rose had claimed as center stage for a weekend of debauchery that she intended would put Roman emperors to shame. She hadn’t gotten just any room at The Palms Casino Resort Fantasy. It was the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa.

The hotel might not technically have been a part of the famed Vegas strip, but it was just west of it and plenty close to the action. Rose hadn’t been able to think of a more appropriate place for her and her friends to stay. It was big. It was luxurious. It was sexy. It was everything she felt they needed for this weekend.

As famous and sexily gaudy as the name associated with it, the suite was a playground for the ultra rich and the super famous. To Rose it was as close to a hotel equivalent to the mansion that there was in Vegas and with the help of Love’s Playboy connections, she had managed to pull a few strings and get her group booked into it.

“Holllllllllly shit!” Alyssa marveled as they all walked in, everyone’s jaws dropping at their surroundings. “Christ Rose, think you got us a big enough room?”

They could have multiplied their group by 10 and still wouldn’t have felt crowded. The room had been designed to be a hotel version of the Playboy Mansion and right down to the bunny symbols everywhere and framed covers of the magazine there was nothing about the room that didn’t scream out the ultimate fantasy of sinful indulgence. At two stories with 10,000 square feet of room, the entire suite was purposely off the charts. It was nothing but decadent and to Rose and her companions it was absolutely perfect.

“C’mon Lyssa, did you think I was gonna book us into a Motel 6?” Rose laughed, throwing down her bag and plopping herself down right on one of the soft sofas that were in the foyer of the suite as she stretched out the muscles that had been tired out by the plane ride and drive over.

“Well no, but still…” Alyssa replied, a bit at a loss for words as she took it all in. “I didn’t think we were going to be living out a rap video.”

“Mmmmm well if we are then where’s the Cristal and all the strippers?” Jessica laughed, quite eager for both along with everyone else.

There was nothing about the suite that wasn’t impressive and the girls were still just standing in the foyer. They had barely seen anything yet and their minds all whirled about the kind of trouble they could get into in a place like this. Each of them from the newest of the newbies to the most experienced of their group relished the idea of going wild here. If ever a room fit the idea of partying like a rock star, this was it and since the room had in fact played host to some of MTV’s biggest stars since it had opened, Alyssa’s observation wasn’t far off.

“Wow! This is incredible!” Love giddily declared, marveling over what she had previously only seen on TV. “I can’t believe we’re here!”

Even though the girls had hardly been living in a shack in Malibu this was still impressive to them. The suite was right on the top of the hotel and offered a view from the windows of Vegas that would have impressed even the most cynical traveler. It was something to see under the bright late morning sun and, as they drank in the surrounding city below them, everyone could only imagine how good it would look at night with the entire city lit up with bright neon and pulsing energy.

Dropping their bags and quickly tipping the bellhops that had helped them up, the girls ran around touring their weekend home, laughing in amazement over where they were. They were already giddy with excitement over the fun they knew they were going to have here.

Rose, Sarah, Love, Jennifer, Jessica, Alyssa, Stacy, Jewel, Q’Orianka and Hayden were all gawking at everything they saw. They ran around like little girls exploring their opulent surroundings, laughing happily and marveling the whole time as they toured the living room, the dining room, the exercise room, the sauna, the massage room, the full bar, the fireplace, media room and master bathroom with a spacious shower that made each girl wonder instantly how many of them would fit in it as they soaped each other up under the hot water. There was even a glass elevator in the suite that seemed like the perfect over the top touch for a suite that was wall-to-wall overindulgence.

And what was perhaps most distinctive was the pool that jutted 15 feet over the edge of the hotel and out over the city below. The pool was enclosed in Plexiglas with a terrace surrounding it and the sun beat down through the glass onto it in a most comfortable way, immediately reminding the girls of their own pool in the mansion and all the fun they had had there tanning, swimming and doing many, many more naughty things. Just the sight of the pool, the flowing water over the side and the view it provided of the strip below made everyone there eager to throw off their clothes and dive on in.

The entire suite was like catnip to the girls and they all knew it was going to be the perfect surrounding for them. Everything there excited them with erotic possibilities and when they finally all crashed in the master bedroom, everyone’s mind was whirling with giddiness. There was so much fun they could have in here that they wondered if they would even bother leaving the room the whole weekend.

“This place is just…wow! Rose…I can’t believe this is where we’re gonna be staying,” Sarah said as she sat herself down on the bed, which in the perfect Vegas touch could spin around and had mirrors on the ceiling for anyone interested in catching a view of themselves at play.

“Is there going to be enough room for all of us to sleep?” Jennifer, ever the practical one asked. There were three bedrooms in the suite, but there were going to be at least 10 girls staying here and Jennifer had no doubt that number was going to grow exponentially.

“Sleep? God Jen, who wants to sleep in Vegas?” Rose laughed as she playfully grabbed a pillow off the bed and whacked her housemate. “No one’s gonna be doing any sleeping. We’re gonna be too busy doing what you should be doing here…partying and fucking!”

Rose’s attack with the soft pillow got an immediate response from Jennifer as she grabbed another pillow and gave her housemate a proportional response under the pillow fighting rules of engagement. Rose and Jennifer laughed giddily as they attacked each other back and forth with pillows and soon enough Love and Jessica had joined them on the bed, smacking them with pillows too as they rolled around. And of course eventually they all forgot all about their fight as Rose and Jennifer began kissing and Love and Jessica did the same, all of them moaning as their housemates watched on with smiles on their faces.

Q’Orianka hadn’t said a word since she had walked into the suite. The sheer scope and opulence of this place had completely caught her tongue. It was just so much and it was hard for her to wrap her mind around the idea that she would actually be staying here.

She had been in hotel suites before when she’d done the press junket for The New World, but she had barely had a chance to appreciate the luxury in between the endless series of interviews she had done for her first film. Plus those suites were nothing like what she was standing in right now. It was the kind of surroundings that she would see while flipping through the channels and stopping on E!. This was a kind of lifestyle she had never pictured for herself and she felt the same amazement over it that she did the first time she saw the mansion.

She just couldn’t believe her cousin lived like this and to see girls as beautiful as Rose, Jessica, Love and Jennifer kissing each other without inhibition was still stunning to her. They were just so free with their desire for each other and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for these gorgeous, famous women to be pleasuring each other. They held nothing back and even after all she’d just seen and done on the plane it was still an adjustment for the young woman.

It was such a thrilling rush to be able to see this, but it also made Q’Orianka wonder, and not for the first time since she’d arrived at the mansion, if this wasn’t all some wild dream she was having after falling and hitting her head. She truly felt like Alice having fallen down the rabbit hole.

It was also quite a site for Hayden’s eyes. She too had been silent since arriving at the suite. She had been just drinking it all in and feeling an excited thumping in her chest as she wondered if all of this would be too overwhelming for her.

She’d been to Vegas lots of times before and partying was nothing new to Hayden. But just as the sex she’d had with boys was so radically different than all the amazing, addictive ecstasy she’d experienced from a woman’s touch, this place was like a completely different universe than everything she’d been in before. All the parties she’d been too suddenly seemed like little girl tea parties next to being in Las Vegas in this huge suite like she was some kind of mega star who could have her every whim catered to with just the snap of her fingers.

As a former child star whose career had been rising, Hayden’s family had done everything they could to keep her grounded and avoid her turning into a spoiled Hollywood princess brat. But being in a place like this made Hayden feel very eager to soar and indulge in every sinful trapping her fame and money offered her. This city and this suite were having an immediate effect on her and she liked it, especially since she knew they had barely arrived and things could only get better from here.

Q’Orianka and Hayden ended up inching close to each other while they drank it all in, as if sensing each other’s inexperience at this level. They hadn’t played on the plane, but they had certainly noticed each other’s hot bodies and that had served as all the introduction the two girls needed.

“Have you ever seen anything like this before?” Q’Orianka asked the blonde girl, referring to the opulence of the suite and not the action on the bed, which the other girls were eagerly cheering on with catcalls and laughter.

“No,” Hayden admitted. “Only like in videos and stuff. It’s just so much! Have you?”

“Oh no…definitely not,” Q’Orianka immediately replied. “I mean it’s going to be so much fun here, but I’ve never even dreamed about something like this! Stuff like this always seemed too out there for me.”

Hayden knew exactly what Q’Orianka meant. She knew what it was like to have reality surpass what you had once thought were high expectations. There was just so much to this place and it was a league Hayden wasn’t used to playing in. While the sheer spectacle of this was overwhelming in a good way, it still made her a little nervous and she could see what the other girl was talking about. This was the kind of place where other people went and did the things that other people did. This was the kind of place people like her read wild stories about on TMZ or saw on TV and wondered if it was true.

But before the girls could say anything more, they both received very welcome interruptions when arms encircled their waists from behind and they felt familiar bodies press into them.

“Like what you see, cousin?” Jewel asked, brushing Q’Orianka’s neck with her lips as the younger girl smiled and tingled in response.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Q’Orianka replied. “It’s so wild!”

“It’s only going to get wilder, so buckle up,” Alyssa said as she rubbed herself into a happy Hayden, loving how the girl’s perfect bubble butt in her tight shorts felt pressed right into her. “You too Hayden. You ready to get really wild with us?”

“Oooooh totally!” Hayden sighed in response, also loving the feel of Alyssa’s hot body pressed to hers and wishing they were both naked so they could have flesh on flesh. “Mmmm I wanna get so wild with you Lyssa!”

“Good girl,” Alyssa purred, giving Hayden’s neck a little kiss before the blonde turned her face so their lips could meet sensually.

Jewel did the same with Q’Orianka and they were quickly kissing too, the cousins indulging in their lust for one another as Sarah and Stacy darted their eyes back from the making out on the bed to the making out next to it. And with so many hot girls kissing and touching each other it wasn’t long before they joined right in, turning so they could press their lips together and slowly part them for their tongues to slide out and rub together wetly.

Sarah strained up to meet the taller blonde and let her hands roam down to Stacy’s backside, squeezing her incredible ass through her shorts before the leggy goddess did the same to her, the two of them feeling up each other’s taut cheeks through their clothes as they continued to kiss.

But no one took things any further than just kissing and touching. The idea of an immediate orgy in the master bedroom certainly was welcome, but with the hive mind principle in full effect, the girls decided to cool their jets a little and take a breath before getting right back into some naughty fun.

After all, they had just had some delicious group action on the plane and, as appealing as it sounded to christen the bedroom in their huge suite with some more, they also all knew it didn’t make sense to burn themselves out quickly when there was so much they wanted to do…and have done…while they were in town.

“Mmmm and just wait till we really get things going,” Rose said with a big smile before helping herself to one more kiss against Jennifer’s sweet lips. “This suite is going to be party central in Vegas. I read that this suite has a maximum occupancy of 250 so every fucking hottie in town is going to be in here getting her fuck on if I have anything to say about it.”

Rose might have seemed like she was exaggerating but the look on her face showed complete seriousness and her housemates had no doubt that if anyone could pull something like that off, it was her. That only increased everyone’s excitement as a buzz settled over the girls that this weekend was going to exceed their wildest dreams. Everyone was eager and the crackling sexual tension that was growing was hardly lessened when Sarah’s ring tone went off notifying her she’d gotten a text.

She excitedly got off the bed to get to her bag, hoping it was the news she was waiting for and when a check of the message showed that hope was confirmed she broke into a big smile.

“Yes! Eliza and Kirsten are here!” Sarah declared. “They just checked into their room!”

“Awesome, I can’t wait to show them what we’ve got planned,” Love replied excitedly.

“Are you sure this new friend of yours is going to come through for us?” Rose asked warily, not ready to accept any disappointments this weekend.

“She promised she would and I believe her,” Love said, knowing that while she and Nicole had just met each other, she had absolutely no reason to doubt her. “She promised us all VIP access. Champagne room and everything. Just for us and anyone we want to party with. She said we could have the room for as long as we want. Plus she promised she was going to bring her hottest friends in to entertain us.”

Love giggled as she said the last part coyly, the look on her face giving every impression her friend’s friends weren’t going to be performing magic tricks for them.

“Eliza and Kirsten are going to love it,” Sarah predicted, feeling confident that whatever Love had arranged, it was going to be fun for all of them. “I can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle on Sunday.”

“I know,” Jennifer added. “It’s going to be incredible. It’s going to be a beautiful ceremony. I can’t wait.”

“Ughhh would you two listen to yourselves?” Rose groaned in frustration. “Forget the wedding. All I care about is the bachelorette party. Mmmmm who cares about how cute Eliza and Kirsten are going to look in their pretty white dresses? I want to see them on their backs getting their wet pussies licked while they’ve got their hot tongues buried up some slut snatches. I would have thought that you two above all would realize weddings are for suckers. Now, fucking around is where the real fun is! Maybe I can talk them out of throwing their lives away on marriage and make sure they don’t selfishly keep all the girls out there horny for a taste of them away from their yummy cunts!”

That earned Rose another pillow attack from Jennifer and this time Sarah joined in two, hitting their housemate with their soft weapons as Rose laughed and easily pushed them off to subdue their spirited defense of the concept of happy matrimony. It was a playful attack of course. Sarah and Jennifer both knew that deep down Rose was just as big a softie as they were and that she also couldn’t wait to see Kirsten and Eliza renew their vows at a big ceremony with all the trimmings.

The fact that their own marriages hadn’t had the storybook endings they had envisioned for themselves didn’t make Sarah and Jennifer any less excited about their friends joining together forever. Heartbreak hadn’t made them believe in true love any less and it was plain to see to anyone who bothered to look that true love was what Kirsten and Eliza had. Everyone who knew the happy couple was excited for them to take what had been an impromptu gesture in Jamaica and put the weight of an official ceremony behind it and they were all going to be there to cheer them on when they said their vows again on Sunday.

Of course the ceremony was going to be hard to miss since it was happening where all of them lived. It had been Eliza’s idea to have it on the beach behind the mansion and everyone had immediately agreed to it, swept up in the romantic gesture of it all. Even Rose was behind them, especially since she knew full well that being married for Eliza and Kirsten didn’t mean they’d now be spending their nights playing board games and arguing over whose turn it was to take the garbage out.

Ever since they had returned from Jamaica having taken their relationship to the next level, both Eliza and Kirsten had made it clear that their marriage was an open one. They still loved to play around with other girls and were regular presences at the mansion. While their hearts belonged to only each other, they happily loaned out their bodies to their sexy girlfriends whenever the mood struck. That was something neither of them were eager to change despite renewing their vows and Rose knew it. Her teasing was just to push the buttons of her friends and it worked.

“Ok…ok…truce…” Rose said, laughing as she fled the pillows attacking her.

“Don’t you dare ruin this for Kirsten and Eliza,” Sarah declared, giving Rose one last soft whack with her pillow. “We’re going to have one marriage that works around here damn it and it’s going to be theirs.”

“Oh I’ll be good,” Rose promised with a twinkle in her eye. “But only if we can all be bad at their bachelorette party.”

“Mmmmm that can definitely be arranged,” Love promised, thinking to herself that if this party went as promised there would be plenty of fun for everyone, especially the beautiful brides to be.

With the mansion set to be transformed to wedding central once they all returned there on Sunday, the girls were definitely eager to mark this momentous occasion for their friends with a special party in their honor. Love had taken it upon herself to make the arrangements, with a little help from one of her newest friends, and while no one knew quite what she had set up yet they had no doubt it was going to be a blast.

Hayden was especially eager to have some naughty fun with the couple. After all if it hadn’t been for Kirsten inviting her over to their house so she could play with the two of them and Scarlett, she never would have found out how amazing a woman’s touch could be. Eliza had been the first girl she ever made love with and it had been such a life changing experience. Hayden had enjoyed herself so much with Kirsten and Eliza that night and she couldn’t wait to show them how much she’d learned about being with a girl since then and how much naughtier she’d gotten in bed.

But before anyone could press Love for the details she had wickedly been keeping to herself about the night’s activities in the happy couple’s honor, the phone by the bed went off.

Giving every impression she was expecting the call, Rose leaned over the bed and picked up the room phone.

“Hello?” Rose said, smiling when she got the word she was waiting for. “Yes, we’re all here. Awesome! I’ll be right there to let them in.”

Rose then hung up the phone and bounded off the bed.

“Everyone wait here,” Rose instructed. “I’ll be right back. Mmmm you’re going to love this.”

“What? Did you order a bunch of hot girls for us from room service for us?” Alyssa teased.

“No, but I like the way you’re thinking there Lyssa,” Rose replied with a saucy wink. “Believe me everyone’s going to know soon that this room will be the destination for every hot slut in town, but not quite yet. You’re still going to love this though. I think it’s just what we all need.”

Rose had been setting the agenda so far for everything and no one was in a rush to change that. So they just let the brunette bound out of the room only to return a few moments later with two hotel waiters bringing in a chilled bottle of champagne with enough glasses for everyone.

Without a word, the waiters handed out the glasses to all the girls and then proceeded to fill them with the cold champagne. No one had been expecting this, so they were all happy they were still fully dressed and there was no real evidence that this was anything more than a friendly all-girls gathering. But certainly no one objected as they were handed the high quality wine.

It didn’t escape the notice of the waiter pouring the wine that maybe not every girl here was quite 21 but, not wanting to jeopardize his tip, he said nothing. Instead he shot Rose a glance. She understood his question without him even asking it and she nodded her head, indicating he should proceed. So Q’Orianka and Hayden both got their champagne along with everyone else without IDs needing to be checked and once the glasses were filled, the bottle was left behind in ice and the waiters departed as Rose slipped them both $50s for their trouble.

“A toast,” Rose said, raising up her glass as her nine friends did the same. “To the best weekend ever.”

“The best weekend ever,” the other girls immediately and enthusiastically replied, drinking down their wine as the refreshing alcohol definitely hit the spot on the hot day. And the optimistically high bar now set for the next few days got a boost almost immediately after when Love’s phone got text message and she smiled when she saw who it was from.

“Ooooh Hayden! It’s from Vanessa Hudgens!” Love declared. “She and Ashley are coming in too! They wanna know if we wanna hang out.”

“Oh we do! We definitely do!” Hayden happily replied, remembering the naughty things they’d all done to each other the night before at the Behr mansion and hoping that “hang out” meant getting naked again with them again.

“You just better make sure we all get a crack at them this time,” Rose chided her housemate. “After all you selfishly kept those Disney sluts all to yourself last night. How are we supposed to know that you and Hayden didn’t make it all up?”

“Hey, when have I ever lied about girls I hooked up with?” Love asked.

The answer to that question was “never” so Love smiled in triumph as she texted Vanessa back and told her where they were and how eager she was to see her and Ashley again. Love knew her friends would love to see those hotties in action and get a taste for themselves of how yummy the High School Musical girls were. She couldn’t wait to have fun with them and she knew Hayden had to feel the same way.

Fun was also definitely foremost on Alyssa’s mind, but so was looking after her young partner in Rose’s little game. It had been so amazing to be in the bath with Hayden the other morning and knowing she’d been the first to lick that tight, delicious asshole of hers made Alyssa’s whole body shiver in delight. She couldn’t wait to play more with the sexy blonde and the idea of mentoring Hayden in all the pleasures women could offer had her panties getting damp as she got behind the girl again and naughtily rubbed against her killer backside in her shorts.

Alyssa was so happy that the random draw for Rose’s game had paired her and Hayden together. She had no idea what challenges Rose had planned for them, but she knew the way her friend’s mind worked and she had no doubt they were going to be naughty, risky and a hell of a lot of fun. Plus being able to get Hayden to stretch her boundaries even more was mighty appealing and she relished her chance to play mentor to the girl.

“So when are you going to let us know what the rules are of your little game, Rose?” Alyssa asked. “What exactly are you going to have us do?”

“Yeah you kind of left us in the dark about what it’s all about,” Jessica pointed out.

“Don’t worry, everything will be explained shortly,” Rose said with a wicked smile of erotic promise. “Everyone will find out tonight just what I have in mind for you all. Mmmmm after all, what’s the fun of going to Vegas if we don’t get ourselves in a little trouble while we’re here? But let’s get settled in and then we can start to play the game.”

And since Rose’s idea of trouble tended to involve hot girls and very little clothing, everyone liked the sound of that very much. But with some time to kill until they found out exactly what kind of trouble they’d be getting into, they had a chance to drink in their surroundings first before they really cut loose.

“Well if we have some time, then how about you and I do a little shopping?” Alyssa said while wrapping her arms around Hayden from behind once more. “After all, you need some clothes, sweetie.”

Hayden had nearly forgotten. While everyone else was bringing their bags, Hayden had come virtually empty handed. All her clothes were at home. She had never expected this trip to Vegas and hadn’t wanted to risk going home to grab some things out of fear her parents would forbid her from going. Not being able to go to Sin City with the women who had helped show her what true sexual ecstasy was all about was unbearable to Hayden.

But while this had allowed her to evade the prying questions of her parents about where she was going and who she was going with, it had also meant she had no clothes except the dress she had worn to the party at the Behr mansion the night before. She had managed to borrow the shirt and shorts she was wearing then from Sarah, but that was all she had and Hayden wasn’t intending to spend all her time in it. So what Alyssa was saying sounded really good to her.

“Mmmm we can get you all kinds of cute outfits, as long as you model them for me,” Alyssa offered in her sexy purr.

“Oooooh mmm you know I will…especially if you come into the changing room with me,” Hayden replied with a horny giggle.

But what was intended as a twosome quickly became something more.

“Oh I so want in on this,” Rose declared, seizing the chance as soon as she recognized it. “If you two are going shopping then I’m in too.”

While Alyssa had hoped this would be some hot private time with her and Hayden, the look she saw in Rose’s eyes told her that having her housemate tag along would be to both of their advantages. Alyssa had seen that heated look before and it always led to fun so she didn’t fight off Rose inserting herself into her plans.

Alyssa could see that Rose was plotting something and while she couldn’t tell specifically what it was, she knew it was going to involve hot, sweaty girl sex and, as greedy as she could be sometimes, Alyssa also knew sharing Hayden with Rose was going to be volcanically hot.

“So let’s get going then,” Alyssa said, still holding Hayden tight while the other girls around them started moving around as they prepared to fan out around the city and explore their surroundings. “Time’s a wasting.”

“Hold your horses Lyssa,” Rose replied. “I wanna grab a shower first and wash the plane ride off. Plus I wanna slip something else on so you gotta wait a bit. I’ll make it quick. I promise.”

Alyssa and Hayden were both impatient and wanted to get moving, but Alyssa didn’t feel like making a fight out of it. Besides if Rose was going to make them wait a bit, Alyssa knew there was a perfectly good way to pass the time. After all Vegas wasn’t just about sex.

“Fine, but while you’re showering I’m gonna hit the casino,” Alyssa said. “I feel like winning some money. C’mon Hayden. Let’s see if we can break a few tables down there. I have a system, you know….”

Rose watched Hayden and Alyssa walking away, staring at both of their beautiful backsides in their tight shorts, the wheels turning in her head over the fun she was planning for their little shopping trip. But she really did need that shower. The fun on the plane had left her sweaty and sticky and while the air conditioning in the room was at a comfortable chill, they were still in the hot desert and Rose knew they’d all be showering a lot today and not just for the chance to get wet and wild with each other’s naked bodies.

The other girls were dispersing too, some to get a jump on the contest and others just to go have some fun.

“Ooooh hitting the casino sounds fun,” Jessica said, gravitating toward Stacy. “How about you and I start off this partnership right by getting some walking around money?”

“Sounds perfect,” Stacy said grabbing her bag off the floor with her phone in it as she not so impatiently waited for the signal that the eagle had landed, so to speak.

She certainly wasn’t surprised it hadn’t come yet. She hadn’t been expecting it yet. After all it was much easier to get from Malibu to Vegas than it was to get there from Toronto, but that didn’t make her any less impatient for the word to come. Stacy couldn’t wait to see Jessica’s face when she got her surprise.

The other girls soon followed Alyssa, Hayden, Stacy and Jessica out of the bedroom as they looked to explore the city a while. Some had no intentions of going anywhere but the casino floor, but wherever their explorations took them they knew that soon they’d be gravitating right back to their huge suite for the party to really get started.

Soon it was just Rose and Sarah in the bedroom and the brunette got ready for her shower by peeling her shirt off and unsnapping her bra, rubbing her now bare breasts to get the imprint of her tight bra off.

“Oooooh now that’s a great view,” Sarah giggled at the sight of her topless housemate. “Way better than staring out any window.”

“Sounds like someone’s thinking about a shower too,” Rose said with a saucy smile. She really was just intending to quickly dash under the water and then go to meet Alyssa and Hayden once she’d cleaned herself off, but if Sarah was set on joining her, then she was hardly going to stop her.

But instead Sarah had another idea.

“Maybe later…mmmm right now this bed is feeling awfully good,” Sarah said, lying back on the soft, luxurious mattress and loving it as a little yawn escaped her mouth. “I think I’m gonna grab a little nap.”

Sarah wasn’t surprised she was tired. After all it had been a late night and an early morning and she’d already expended a lot of energy getting naughty with her friends. She definitely needed a little rest, especially with more of her friends soon to be arriving with no doubt horny intentions on their minds.

“Slacker,” Rose teased, sitting down topless on the bed and giving Sarah a playful bump. “How are we going to win this contest if you can’t even stand an hour in Vegas without having to go beddy-bye?”

“Just think of this as a way for me to conserve some energy,” Sarah replied as she kicked off her sandals and pushed her shorts down so she was in nothing but her shirt and panties as she lay back on the bed. “I’m gonna rest up for the long night ahead. Besides you said it, it’s not like we’re gonna be doing much sleeping this whole weekend. I gotta get my z’s while I can.”

“Good point,” Rose said, standing up and pushing her shorts and panties down, giving Sarah a great view of her bare ass while she walked toward the bathroom. “But if you change your mind about that shower you know where to find me.”

“Will do,” Sarah said, resting her head against one of the pillows and smiling as she already pictured the fun that was to come today.

Soon enough the sound of the shower came from the bathroom and Sarah closed her eyes, happily imagining Rose’s beautiful bare body under the water. Sarah could practically see her friend’s pale skin glistening from the hot water as steam began to fog up the bathroom. It was so tempting to think about joining her in there, but Sarah stayed where she was, feeling herself doze off slightly as she envisioned Aly and Reese showing up soon and all of them having fun with Kirsten and Eliza as they properly marked their upcoming marriage ceremony by licking the both of them from head to toe.

It was pleasant thoughts like those that were playing in Sarah’s head as she closed her eyes for a well-deserved nap and soon drifted off to dreamland.


Of course, the girls that had taken up residence in the Playboy-modeled Sky Villa weren’t the only ones settling into the Palms Resort. Just a few floors down from the mega-room the girls had made their home for the weekend, Fluffy sighed as he wondered, and not for the first time either, how he had ended up being a babysitter.

And this thought wasn’t any kind of indictment of Christina’s sometimes childish ways. Instead it was a simple observation about how all the military training he had been through and the years of study he had committed himself to at the dojo to learn the ways of the martial arts to defend and protect his clients along with his expertise at both firearms and hand to hand combat had led to him literally being a babysitter as he found himself staring down the one thing he had no training to handle…Britney and Christina’s kids.

“When’s my mom gonna get here? Where is she? I wanna see her now!” 4-year-old Sean Preston demanded while three-year-old Jayden laughed while he yanked on the bedspread in the suite’s guest room.

“She’ll be here soon, kid,” Fluffy assured the child. “She’ll be here any second now.”

At least he hoped she would be. Fluffy always felt so awkward around his charge’s kids. He felt like he was observing an alien race or something. Being Christina and Britney’s bodyguard meant seeing a lot and ignoring all of it. The act of being a stoic statue as insane sexual debauchery went on all around him was something Fluffy had perfected, but when it came to Britney and Christina’s children he was often left not knowing what to do, especially when they craved attention.

“Is she here yet?” Sean asked again, tugging on Fluffy’s pants leg.

“No,” Fluffy replied, which of course led to the next question.

“What about now?” Sean inquired. “Is she here yet?”

Fluffy just sighed in response and found himself happy that at least Christina’s son, Max, was too young to say much of anything yet. He had his hands full enough at home trying to be the best father he could be to Owen, but Michelle handled the brunt of the mommy duty with Fluffy having to be at Christina’s beck and call seemingly 24/7.

And while Fluffy regarded his daughter as a perfect angel, there were so many times when Christina and Britney’s sons were anything but that. Taking care of his own child was one thing but another person’s kids? That was an entirely different mess.

Fluffy hadn’t expected to find himself in this position today. He had expected to be a part of Christina and Britney’s private jet trip to Vegas. But instead he had been in charge of making sure the pop star duo’s sons got to Vegas safe and sound as he had ferried the boys and their nanny to the hotel from Malibu. It wasn’t as though Fluffy minded missing the plane ride. With all the girls on board and knowing full well what Christina had been planning for it, he knew he hadn’t missed anything he hadn’t seen hundreds of times since he had begun working for Christina.

It was just that as a highly trained security professional, being the babysitter to three spoiled and overindulged kids wasn’t duty he relished.

“What about now?” Sean asked again and as Fluffy considered how he could exactly tell the child how he had no earthly idea when his mother was arriving and that if he tugged anymore on his Armani pants and ruined them he was going to get the kind of discipline that Britney was loathe to apply to her kids.

But before he got a chance to do that, there was a most welcome interruption from Molly the kid’s nanny.

“Sean, you hush now and leave Fluffy alone,” the young blonde said as she ushered the child away from Fluffy. “Your mommy is going to be here any minute now and she’s not going to want to see you bothering the nice man.”

“Thanks,” Fluffy remarked, trying not to stare too much at the woman as she brought Sean and his brother away from him while at the same time remembering vividly how she’d been sprawled out on the bed that morning back home as Britney had tongue fucked her and Christina had planted her pussy right down on her face for a tongue lashing from the nanny.

“No problem,” Molly replied. “You looked like you were close to losing it.”

Being Britney and Christina’s primary daytime child care provider also put Molly at the whims of their own sexual needs and Fluffy thought about how only in working for the two star singers was it written into the contract in specific language that someone had to provide expert child care and at the same time be willing to put out.

But Molly had always seemed more than happy with the arrangement so Fluffy didn’t say anything except to himself as he pondered how no training he had ever received could ever prepare him for protecting the non stop roller coaster lives of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

“Fluffy, there’s someone here to see you,” Taya, the lovely dark skinned beauty who not only worked with Molly to care for the kids, but provided other services as well, which Fluffy often vividly saw first-hand like the other night as he had stood trying his hardest not to display any reaction to the sight of Molly and Taya passionately tongue kissing as Britney and Christina had been behind them, taking their asses with their strap ons.

“Great,” Fluffy sighed, wondering what it was. It was probably going to be someone from the hotel telling him that Britney and Christina had jumped into the hotel’s pool naked or they’d already gotten all the maids into an orgy and no one was getting any clean towels.

But instead of a new crisis involving the pop stars, it was someone else entirely and Fluffy couldn’t stifle his smile as he saw her standing in the suite’s foyer.

“Hey sexy,” Gwen Stefani said, her smile betraying the sense of giddiness she felt as she tried with all her resolve not to just leap into Fluffy’s arms and kiss him.

At that she failed miserably and before either of them knew it she had closed the space between him and he was holding her tight as she planted a deep, soulful kiss right on his lips. Fluffy kissed the singer right back and all the pent up emotions they had been storing up for each other since they had been denied time together the day before flowed out in their passionate kiss.

They barely paused for breath and when they did it was only for the briefest gulps before they resumed kissing some more. Fluffy held Gwen tightly in his arms, lifting the blonde woman off the ground, which was perfectly apt for Gwen because with Fluffy kissing her and his powerful arms holding her, she definitely felt like she was floating.

It was only the threat of the nannies or, even worse, Christina or Britney, walking in on them that caused them both to get their self control back and break free of one another. Fluffy put Gwen back on their feet and they both composed each other, still looking at each other with a heated desire that bordered on so much more. They both had so much need for each other and the fact that they had to keep their relationship hidden only made the longing they both felt more powerful.

Once the kiss had broken for discretion’s sake, neither of them knew quite what to say until Gwen finally broke the silence.

“Did you get my present?” Gwen asked, hoping that Fluffy had enjoyed what she had arranged with Michelle and Avril as much as she hoped.

“It was way better than sending flowers,” Fluffy answered with a wry smile. “I just wish you’d been there too.”

“Me too…mmmm more than you could possibly know,” Gwen replied, not for the first time imagining how much ecstasy she could have felt by being a part of last night’s fun with Fluffy, Avril and Michelle. She adored fucking all three of them, but neither woman could make her feel what Fluffy always could. No man could either. No one ever made her feel like Fluffy did and it was taking all her will power to keep from just jumping his bones right there in the middle of the suite without any care about the potential consequences.

Gwen feared too much what Christina would do if she found out she’d been fucking Fluffy since Jamaica and didn’t want to do anything to possibly cost Fluffy the job she knew he was dedicated to. So she held on and instead felt her heart pound and her libido race at the sight of the man she lusted for more than anything. She had let Michelle and Gwen be her surrogates the night before, but now she needed the real thing and she couldn’t wait for it.

She hadn’t been planning on coming to Vegas this weekend. Her husband had been watching her like a hawk lately and seemingly monitoring her every move. But Gavin had left her alone that morning in the house and once Jennifer had told her that Fluffy was going to be on the trip, she had seized her opportunity without a second’s further thought. She hadn’t bothered to come up with any kind of story or excuse to her husband. She had just thrown some clothes in a bag, hopped in her car and started to drive.

Gwen had no reservation at any hotel but it didn’t bother her in the least that she had no place to stay. All she cared about was being with Fluffy.

“I had to see you…I have to be with you,” Gwen declared. “Please say you’ll be able to be with me this weekend. I need you Fluffy.”

“I need you too Gwen,” Fluffy admitted, his words making Gwen’s heart soar. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to get away though.”

Gwen knew that Christina liked Fluffy following her wherever she went so she didn’t have to be told how difficult it would be for them to sneak away for a rendezvous. But she also knew her needs wouldn’t allow themselves to be denied again.

“Please try…please Fluffy…I need you so bad,” Gwen urged, feeling, not for the first time, like an infatuated teenager and not a composed, mature successful woman who had succeeded beyond her dreams in the career she loved.

“I will…I promise I will,” Fluffy declared and Gwen knew he meant it.

“Call me,” Gwen said. “Anytime. Just snap your fingers and I’ll be there.”

Fluffy knew that Gwen meant that too and nothing more needed to be said. They both began to breathe more normally and Gwen finally took a chance to admire the suite she stood in. It was where Britney and Christina would be making their home for the weekend and it couldn’t have been more perfect for them if they had designed it themselves.

“Oh this place is so Christina…” Gwen said as she took it all in.

“Tell me about it,” Fluffy said. “When she found out the girls were staying up at the Palms she jumped at the chance to get this room. I think she called in every favor she has in this town to make sure she got it.”

Even more than the Playboy villa that the other girls had claimed as their own, the Palms’ so-called “Erotic Suite” perfectly fit the needs of Britney and Christina. With the rotating bed, fogged over windows, huge shower and stripper’s pole, Fluffy knew there wasn’t a room more ideal for the insatiable pair. And with a guest room attached away enough from the action to suit their boys, it was clearly going to be one crazy weekend for the unusual family that was about as far from the Brady Bunch as Fluffy could imagine a still happy, loving family could be.

“When will they…” Gwen began to ask, but before the words completely got out of her mouth the answer announced itself when the door flung open and Christina and Britney strode into their suite with the bellhops dutifully carrying their bags behind them.

“Ooooooh Chrissy I love it!” Britney declared excitedly, her smile beaming as she particularly noted the stripper’s pole located just to the left of the foyer. “Oooooooh naughty! Mmmm I can’t wait to try it out!”

“Mmmm me too,” Christina replied, planting a wet kiss on her girlfriend’s mouth as they both envisioned the fun they could have with the stripper’s pole. “But I can think of someone else I want to see on that pole even more.”

“Who? Who?” Britney eagerly asked, the two of them not even registering that Gwen was standing right there, leaving the older woman to wonder if they’d notice if she discreetly got on her knees in front of Fluffy and yanked his pants down so she could suck him off.

“You’ll see,” Christina replied with a sexy wink. “Mmmm this is someone I’ve had my eye on for quite a while and it’s high time we see if she’s Desire Records material.”

“Oooooh a working vacation? I love it!” Britney squealed. “Mmmm we can totally write this whole thing off now!”

“Just what I was thinking. Mmmmm you’re so sexy when you talk accounting loopholes, Brit Brit,” Christina grinned before giving Britney another happy kiss and then finally noticing they had a guest already.

“Ooooh Gwenny, what are you doing here?” Britney asked.

“Were you standing here the whole time?” Christina asked, not upset a bit over Gwen’s most welcome presence, but wondering if she had missed her walking in behind them or if the girl had been there when they had walked in.

“Well I…I…just wanted to see if you were here yet,” Gwen lied, knowing she couldn’t admit the real reason she was there even if all she wanted to was scream out to Christina and Britney that Fluffy made her feel like no other.

“Well here we are,” Christina declared, accepting Gwen’s claim at its face value. “And here you are. Too bad you weren’t with us on the plane. Mmmmm that was fucking wild. I’d never done anything like that before…well not quite…I just hadn’t done it with that many girls before.”

“Slut,” Britney teased. “How many other times have you fucked girls in the plane without me?”

“Shit, Britney, I can’t even count that high,” Christina wickedly laughed. “Mmmm and damn right I’m a slut. You love me for it, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” Britney sighed, rubbing herself into her girlfriend and kissing her, not caring that the bellhops were still standing behind them waiting for their tips.

“So where are you staying Gwen?” Christina asked.

“Ummmm I’m not quite sure,” Gwen replied. “I didn’t make any plans. I just decided to go all of a sudden.”

“Well you can stay here if you want,” Britney offered. “Mmmm I think there’s gonna be room enough in the bed. After all it’s not like we’re gonna do much sleeping in it.”

Gwen surprised herself, though, when she immediately thought better of the idea.

“No…no…I’m gonna go and see if I can crash upstairs with Jen and Jewel and everyone,” Gwen said, surprising Fluffy too. But Gwen knew instinctively that the situation would never work.

While it would have been wonderful to be this close to Fluffy, Gwen knew she wouldn’t have been able to stand being around him and not be able to have him. It would have been agony to be so close and yet so far to him. With Christina around all the time Gwen knew she wouldn’t have been able to get what she wanted most and it was better for her state of mind if she saw if her friends from the mansion could squeeze her in.

“Suit yourself,” Christina said, shrugging. “But just make sure you get down here so we can see you give that stripper’s pole a workout. I wanna see what kind of moves you have there, Gwen.”

“I can’t wait to show you every move I’ve got,” Gwen replied, making Christina smile even though she didn’t notice that Gwen was staring right at Fluffy as she said it.

“Well we gotta get ready for our new recruit to show up,” Christina declared. “C’mon Britney. Time for us to spend some quality time with the boys first. Fluffy, give those guys some money or something. Just make them go away now.”

As Britney and Christina sprinted off to the guest room to lavish kisses and love on their sons and prepare for their mystery guest to arrive, Gwen pressed herself to Fluffy, hugging him from behind before whispering in his ear as he prepared to tip the still waiting bellhops.

“Call me please…” she urged him, the need dripping off her words. “I have to see you!”


Not everyone was staying at the Palms, though. With so many hotels to choose from, there were bound to be a few girls staying elsewhere and Kirsten and Eliza had chosen to spend their weekend set up at Wynn Las Vegas. Once the bellhops dropped their bags and the door closed behind them, Kirsten zipped right into the bedroom where she proceeded to bounce up and down on the bed to test the mattress out for both comfort and, more importantly, durability.

“Mmmmm I suppose this will do,” Kirsten giggled as she bounced up and down on it, the smile on her face showing she found their accommodations more than suitable. “But you and I are going to have to give this bed a real test, aren’t we Eliza?”

“Oh you know we will,” Eliza smiled before joining Kirsten on the bed and tenderly kissing her wife. “I just hope it holds up better than that one at that bed and breakfast in Napa.”

“Oh God, remember the look on their face when we told them we broke their bed?” Kirsten laughed. “That was soooooo embarrassing.”

“Yeah, but it was worth it,” Eliza pointed out, remembering exactly how they’d broken the bed as they’d passionately fucked each other with a double ended dildo buried inside both of their soaked, happy pussies.

“Bet your ass it was worth it,” Kirsten smiled back, thinking how she’d made sure she’d packed that particular toy in their bags and how good it would feel to test it out with her hot wife on this bed. “Mmm I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Well I think this bed will hold up,” Eliza declared, patting the mattress. “Oooooh it’s nice and soft. But we’re definitely going to have to put this room to the test. What do you think of it?”

“Oh it’s beautiful Eliza,” Kirsten marveled as she gazed around their suite.

The room was far, far smaller than where either Britney and Christina or the girls from the mansion were spending their weekend, but that was by design. With just the two of them, Kirsten and Eliza had no need for a bigger room and, besides, they didn’t need all the bells and whistles included with the huge party suites. They preferred something much more intimate and that was what they had here.

That wasn’t to say they were stuck in a broom closet or anything. Their suite was more than 700 feet with a great view of the Vegas strip below them. The spacious, comfortable room was more than perfect for the two of them and they didn’t even need to see the bathroom with separate shower and tub or the fully stocked bar. The couple really was most interested in the soft king sized bed with the Egyptian cotton sheets.

“But how come you didn’t book us the honeymoon suite?” Kirsten teased. “Seems appropriate for us to be there, after all.”

“Heyyyy that’s supposed to come after the ceremony,” Eliza laughed. “I thought you were little Miss Tradition and didn’t want to jinx anything. Isn’t it supposed to be bad luck or something if you get the honeymoon suite before you actually go on your honeymoon?”

“Ooooh good point,” Kirsten replied. “See you’re getting into this now Eliza. I knew I’d get you.”

“Yeah, you’re gonna turn me into a Bridezilla just like you, Kiki,” Eliza joked.

“Oh no! You take that back! Take it back right now!” Kirsten playfully protested, shoving Eliza down onto her back on the bed and pinning herself on top of her. “I am not a Bridezilla! Take it back Eliza!”

“Make me take it back!” Eliza grinned. “C’mon Kiki, make me do it!”

“Oh, I’ll make you! You won’t be calling me any mean names when you’re too busy moaning out how much you love me while I’m going down on you,” Kirsten giggled, keeping herself pressed right on top of Eliza while she teased pulling down her wife’s jeans and getting at the delights underneath.

“Ohhh you so know my weakness,” Eliza laughed back, loving the feel of the beautiful blonde on top of her. Eliza was stronger than Kirsten and easily could have turned the tables on her wife, flipping her onto her back and then pinning her down, but she was in absolutely no rush to have Kirsten get off of this position.

“Mmmm hmmm I know all your weaknesses, Eliza,” Kirsten said in triumph. “I know you can never resist your Kiki. Now say I’m not a Bridezilla!”

“Ok…ok…you’re not a Bridezilla,” Eliza agreed, smiling brightly as she felt Kirsten rub into her from atop her body.

“Now say you love me!” Kirsten demanded, though she certainly never had to force the brunette to say that.

“I love you Kiki,” Eliza happily sighed, delighting in the smile her words brought to the blonde’s face. “I love you so much!”

“Mmmmm I love you too Eliza,” Kirsten smiled back before kissing her wife warmly on the lips. “I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. And I’m going to love you forever.”

Forever was certainly on both Eliza and Kirsten’s minds, with their wedding just two days away. They were already technically married, of course. They had first exchanged their vows in Jamaica after Sarah’s bachlorette party there, but that had been the briefest of ceremonies and it had just been the two of them. While Kirsten was happy as long as she had Eliza, she had always longed for the big wedding too and it had been Eliza’s gift to her to give her one.

They were all set to renew their vows Sunday at sunset on the beach behind the mansion in front of all their friends and family and neither of them could wait. Kirsten had been waiting her whole life for this and she was more than eager to walk down the aisle in her white dress and say she would love and cherish the love of her life forever. When she had pictured her wedding growing up she never would have dreamed she would be marrying another woman, but now that it was about to happen she couldn’t picture joining her life to anyone else but Eliza.

Neither Kirsten nor Eliza were officially “out” as in they hadn’t announced it to the world via Facebook or done the cover story on People together. But their friends and their families already knew they were lesbians. So this wasn’t going to be any big surprise for them. Eliza’s family had always suspected she was different and while it had taken a lot of adjustment for Kirsten’s family to get used to the idea she was with another woman, they were making progress and it wasn’t like anyone could do anything to talk them out of this anyway. Anyone who looked at the couple could see how much in love Kirsten and Eliza were.

So while they weren’t intending to make any big, splashy announcements about it, the two women were absolutely intending to live openly and freely as a married couple. That meant not hiding who they were and how they felt. That meant not being afraid to do what other couples did openly, even if it was something simple and romantic like holding hands when they went out or even sharing a kiss in public when the mood struck. They were together and they weren’t going to hide it.

But one secret they were still intending to keep, though, was what kind of a married couple they were. Growing up, Kirsten would have thought the idea of having an open marriage was about as realistic a destiny for her as marrying another woman, but here she was. She and Eliza could definitely be classified as swingers and they loved it. They both loved opening up their bed to other hot women and they both had so many sexy, naughty friends they loved to play with.

Both of them were entirely committed to each other, but they knew that didn’t mean they had to stop having fun. They had brought so many other girls to their bedroom and they had so many more they both lusted after. There was nothing like the wicked fun of sharing their bodies and both Kirsten and Eliza always got so wet when they saw the other naked and naughty with another girl…or girls.

The hot rush they got from being with other women only made the bond of their love stronger and both of them knew while other girls were more than welcome to play with their pussies, their hearts belonged only to each other.

Kirsten continued to lie atop Eliza and they shared a series of soft, tender kisses. Their bodies rubbed together sensually through their clothes and Kirsten moaned as Eliza reached up to caress her back, inching up her t-shirt enough to expose some skin.

“Mmmmm lower….much lower…” Kirsten urged with a smile.

“Like here?” Eliza asked as she grabbed Kirsten’s ass through her shorts.

“Mmmmmhmmmm yessss that’s always where I love your hands,” Kirsten sighed carnally before kissing her wife again.

“Seems like you’re really eager to test out this bed,” Eliza smirked, rubbing Kirsten through her shorts like she wanted to make her sexy kitten of a wife purr.

“What can I say? Being a Bridezilla makes me horny,” Kirsten giggled. “Don’t pretend it’s not doing the same to you too. I know how wet you’re getting just thinking about ravishing me in my beautiful gown.”

“I’m not pretending anything. You know how turned on it makes me thinking about all the nasty things I’m going to do to my sexy Kiki in her innocent white dress,” Eliza said. “I’m gonna get every inch of that lace off of you and fuck you over and over again until you’re dripping your cum onto that pretty dress!”

“Oooooooh!” Kirsten sighed, loving the sexy shiver that passed through her body as she pictured being absolutely ravished by her wife. “Mmmmm baby I want that too! I can’t wait for Sunday! You’ve been so good to me by letting me have my dream wedding and you better believe I’m going to be just as good to you all honeymoon long.”

After their families and friends had gone home, Eliza and Kirsten were planning on properly christening their renewed vows by getting with their girlfriends at the mansion and letting all of them have their wicked ways with them, but after that it was going to be just the two of them on the honeymoon.

They had a friend who literally owned an island in the Caribbean and was generous enough to loan it to them. They were headed there for two weeks and they didn’t plan on wearing a single stitch of clothing the whole time.

“You’d better,” Eliza declared, already picturing their tropical paradise where they could role play her being the jungle queen and Kirsten could be the shipwrecked heiress she took as her “prisoner”. “Mmm and it better not stop after the honeymoon.”

“It won’t,” Kirsten promised with a big smile. “I’m never going to stop showing you how much I love you Eliza.”

“And I never will either,” Eliza pledged. “Never ever.”

The two kissed some more, still rubbing their clothed bodies together as Kirsten’s thoughts eased away from Sunday and onto their time in Vegas.

“So, you think the girls are throwing us a party while we’re here?” Kirsten inquired.

“Hells yeah,” Eliza replied. “I mean they’ve gotta be. I think we deserve a hot bachelorette bash, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm without a doubt,” Kirsten said. “We definitely deserve something like Sarah got.”

“Oh God, Kiki, I don’t know if even I could handle that many girls,” Eliza laughed as she remembered the dozens of sexy women who had come together in Jamaica for the most intense orgy she’d ever been a part of.

“Awww what’s the matter Eliza, getting soft on me?” Kirsten teased. “Can’t keep up with your Kiki anymore? Can’t handle a little sexy fun? How are we going to stay together if you can’t handle a simple little orgy?”

“Oh don’t you start with me,” Eliza laughed, giving Kirsten a playful smack through her shorts. “I’m the one who taught you how to be a nasty little slut with girls. So don’t think you can outdo me. After all you’re still the one that was too scared to make a move on Megan Fox.”

“Heyyyyy don’t remind me!” Kirsten chided even as she felt her body tingle from Eliza’s slap to her backside. “You know how bad I wanted to get her into bed with us!”

Megan had been Kirsten’s co-star in How To Lose Friends and Alienate People and ever since they had shot the movie Kirsten had been kicking herself for being too intimidated to make a move. She had seduced co-stars before. She and Eliza had run through all the beautiful women she had been in the Spider Man movies with, but she hadn’t been able to muster the courage to try and entice Megan into some fun.

It would have seemed like a natural fit. Kirsten was always looking for beautiful women to share a bed with her and her wife and Megan was 100% gorgeous from head to toe. Plus Megan never made any secret of the fact that she loved sex and that she had been with women before. But nothing had ever happened.

Their characters only had a few scenes together and they hadn’t spent much time together on set because of it, but Kirsten knew that was just an excuse. The truth was she had been too scared to make her move on the brunette lust goddess. Any time Kirsten had thought about going for it the proverbial cat had gotten her tongue and she hadn’t been able to let Megan know how she felt.

There was just something so primal and sexual about Megan. She radiated carnality and Kirsten had approached her in a way that was like how you were warned never to look into the eye of the sun. It just seemed too dangerous. Megan’s pure sexuality had intimidated Kirsten and she had been cursing her own shyness ever since then.

“Well maybe we’ll still get that chance, baby,” Eliza assured her wife. “Mmmm I know you and I could rock her world. Just don’t go doubting what I can handle anymore, Kirsten dear. With what I’ve got planned for you this weekend, it’s going to be you who won’t be able to keep up with me.”

“Well we’ll just see about that Eliza, cause I’ve got a hot surprise up my sleeve for you too,” Kirsten said with a naughty twinkle in her eye, eager to focus on future fun and not her past failure. “You’re not the only one who can spring something sexy on someone. Mmmm I’ve got something you’ve wanted for a long time.”

“So do I,” Eliza grinned. “I’ve got something you’ve been begging for Kiki and you never know when I’m gonna spring it on you.”

“So I guess we’re gonna find out which of us can surprise the other first.” Kirsten chuckled. “Sounds like we’re off to a good start for a wild Vegas weekend.”

As Kirsten leaned back down to kiss her again while this time slowly beginning to slide down her wife’s shorts, Eliza could do nothing but agree.


Meanwhile, in another room just a floor above them, Beyonce Knowles was giggling with giddiness as she took the deep breath of freedom. She couldn’t believe she’d been able to pull this off. But here she was in Las Vegas without anything standing in her way of getting the pleasure she craved.

Under the business arrangement she’d made, she was Jay-Z’s wife in name only. Her career had thrived, but deep down her soul had been dying of neglect. She was in a sexless, loveless arrangement and until she had discovered the joys of a woman’s touch, she had thought her sexuality would have to wither and die in order for her career to blossom.

Was it worth all the phenomenal success in her career if she had to live a lie and sneak around to get the sexual release she needed? Beyonce decided to ponder that problem another day because right then all she wanted to do was think about all the fun she was going to have this weekend, even if she did have to do some serious sneaking around to get it.

She was in her room at the hotel and she was so amped up that she had to sit down on the bed and force herself to calm down before she tackled the first hot woman she saw and dragged her back here cave girl style. Beyonce couldn’t help it though. She just wanted to let go of everything and indulge in wild hedonism that she would never forget.

The last time she had done anything like this, where she’d just run away from it all to indulge in wicked carnal pleasure, it had been the orgy in Jamaica and her erotic dreams were still filled today with the memories of that incredible event. There had been so many beautiful girls there that she had wanted to touch and have touch her and she had lived out her fantasies with so many of them. It had been non-stop pleasure and Beyonce so badly wanted to relive that experience this weekend.

So many of her friends were going to be here this weekend and Beyonce couldn’t help but think about making some new friends too. All the girls she knew from the mansion were in town and so were Christina and Britney and all the hotties that followed them around. This weekend was going to be total sex and Beyonce couldn’t wait. She needed this. She needed it so badly.

Being able to sneak over to the mansion every now and then or to Christina and Britney’s label to satisfy her needs wasn’t enough anymore. She needed so much more and she knew this weekend could give it to her.

Beyonce had already seen Eliza and Kirsten in the lobby checking in, but she hadn’t done anything to approach them. She’d reveal her presence to them soon enough, but Beyonce hadn’t wanted to draw attention to herself yet. She was sneaking around by doing this and she wanted to be incognito as much as possible.

Usually whenever she traveled anywhere, by herself or with Shawn, Beyonce had the biggest suite and an entourage of friends, publicists, stylists and assorted hangers-on with her. But not this weekend. She was definitely keeping things on the down low this weekend and she liked it. Sneaking around was giving her a giddy thrill and she didn’t need a large group of people with her at all times when all she wanted to do this weekend was lose her clothes and her inhibitions as she fucked her way through the sexiest women on the planet.

Beyonce wanted to be bad this weekend. No wait, bad wasn’t enough. She wanted to be positively wicked.

The desire for a weekend like this had been building inside her since she had left Jamaica and now it was reaching her bubbling point. She just wanted to rip off her clothes and live out every dirty desire she had by fucking her mansion friends and her label friends and every hot girl that got in her path. Beyonce wanted to be primal this weekend, like she was some wild sex crazed slut without a care in the world except where her next intense orgasm was coming from.

When Jewel had first texted her this morning to let her know what their plans were, Beyonce had jumped at the chance. She hadn’t thought twice about it. She had just decided to go for it. The idea of so many hot women in one city at one point was too delicious for her to even think about passing up. She wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if she hadn’t gone.

Surprisingly sneaking away from Shawn had been easy. It had almost been too easy. Usually she had to jump through a veritable obstacle course just to spin a lie covering her trips to the mansion, but that hadn’t been necessary today. She had pretty much been able to walk right out of the house with barely a question. It had been like Shawn hadn’t even cared what she was doing, which was quite unlike him. At first Beyonce had been very suspicious about why it had been so easy. But she had just shrugged it off and attributed it to a case of paranoia, deciding instead to focus on the ecstasy she was going to feel all weekend long.

Beyonce didn’t care how she had gotten here. She just cared that she was here. This weekend was going to be incredible. She just knew it. She had gotten herself a relatively modest room at Wynn Las Vegas under a fake name. Beyonce just wanted to disappear and leave the public side of her behind so she could tend to her very private desires and lustful needs. She wasn’t planning on sleeping much in her room. She was going to do nothing but party with her hot girlfriends and fuck them to her heart and her pussy’s content.

She wanted them all. Rose. Britney. Jewel. Christina. Kelly. Sarah. And that hot Stacy girl she had met the day before at the mansion. She wanted all of them and more. She couldn’t wait to get started. Her light shirt and jeans felt uncomfortable on her body because all she wanted was to be naked and getting her groove on with every sexy girl she knew while seducing new girls into her hot fun.

Beyonce could feel her heart pounding again in excitement. She wanted it all and she wanted it now. She just didn’t know how to go about getting it. But fortunately her girlfriends knew exactly how and when her phone came to life with a ring, Beyonce was elated to see it was Christina.

“Hey girl!” Beyonce said as she flipped open her phone and was immediately peppered with questions from the pierced, perpetually horny singer. “Yeah, I just got in. No, I’m not doing anything right now. What? Her? Mmmmmm fuck that sounds so hot! Yessss I’m so into that! I’ll be right over!”

As she ended the call, Beyonce’s heart was beating even harder than before and her smile was stretching from ear to ear. Christina’s call had been just what she had been looking for. Pleasure was being handed to her right on a silver platter and Beyonce giddily got up off the bed, eager to get started on what she knew was going to be the most memorable weekend of her life.


At that moment on a different continent than the rest of the action, Franklin was a man on a mission as he tried simultaneously to make his way home and also impart critical information to his compatriots. Surprisingly the first part of the mission was far easier than the second part, which made it all the more critical that he get back to California as quickly as possible.

He had been trying for hours to reach Waldo and Delbert but it had been impossible. No email was connecting to them and he couldn’t get either of their cell phones either. The situation was at the point where Franklin was considering sending a message to them via carrier pigeon to be deciphered through decoder rings.

Franklin had to assume the worst at this point. There had been a complete communications breakdown and he could easily do the math about why something like that might have happened. There was a threat and it was close. He had to find a way to warn them but the fact that no information was reaching Waldo and Delbert had him facing the possibility that it was already too late.

The idea that he was simply too far away to get the information to them had been considered and quickly dismissed. He was in France, not on Mars. Something else had to be the blame and Franklin knew it was no coincidence that this was happening right after he had received the information that he now had in his possession.

Michelle LaTourelle, the woman who had seemingly been just a maid at the mansion, loyal without question to her employers and the activities they engaged in, was in fact something much more. She was a French spy with orders to kill. She had been undercover and now the sleeper agent had been woken up.

Michelle had been under their noses the whole time and they had never suspected her of being anything more than a maid with a wide nymphomaniacal streak, but in fact she was a dangerous and deadly assassin capable of taking out the whole mansion in the blink of an eye. Though right then Franklin was more concerned about his friends and what she might do to them. After all, the girls were of no threat to Michelle, but Franklin was positive he and his friends were and that the French woman would not hesitate to use lethal force to eliminate them.

Michelle’s handler was even more dangerous than she was. Renee was a true psychotic from everything Franklin had been briefed on and to have a weapon as dangerous as Michelle under the sway of a man with no compunction about using her made them a combination that had to be dealt with immediately. And if they knew about her, then chances were she already had known about them and that meant even more trouble especially because Michelle and Renee were after the same thing they were.

The MAW Device and its ability to turn even the most trusted of friends and confidants into a dangerous threat eager and willing to betray at the slightest command was at stake and they were in a global race to get their hands on it. Countries from all over the world, and not to mention corporations, terrorist groups of all stripes and philosophies and individuals hell-bent on gaining power, would eagerly do whatever it took to get it in their possession.

The perfection of brainwashing technology was a breakthrough to potential chaos that these people had been waiting for, whether they wanted a population to all become convinced they needed to buy a certain product or wanted loyal and unquestioning people who would kill and destroy on command.

Renee badly wanted to get his hands on it to bring to France and Michelle was his instrument to do so. And since they not only knew where it had been but where it was now, that made the three of them targets for her. Plans were underway to retrieve it, but unless they acted fast, they would never even have the chance to get the MAW Device back from Brandon Moore because Michelle would have gotten to them first.

They had to assume that Michelle knew all about Brandon and their role in unleashing the device’s capability after their mission to get it from Cuba had gone completely off the rails with their CIA contacts dead and the three of them very much in Brandon’s revenge minded sights. And if she knew about that then she had to know they were planning on getting it back and destroying the MAW Device. They had to assume she knew everything and that made her especially dangerous.

Franklin had desperately been trying to warn his friends about Michelle and whatever strike she was planning against them. But nothing he had done to get word to them had gotten through and that made his trip home even more desperate than it ordinarily would have been. Time was of the essence and there wasn’t much to spare. He had to get to his friends before it was too late!

This was a dramatic time and it required dramatic action. Knowing that any normal flight from France to California would take hours longer than he had, Franklin bypassed the airports and instead found himself at a private airstrip few even knew existed facing a man behind a desk who seemed quite bored of his surroundings.

“What’s the fastest way to get to Los Angeles?” Franklin demanded.

The man peered down at the bespectled Franklin and let out an audible snort before sneering at him.

“We have nothing that would suit you…boy!” the French-accented man said before returning to his own boredom.

“Not even for a member of The Quadrant?” Franklin asked, playing his trump card. The name of the elite agency of only the most select of the select from the world’s intelligence professionals nearly sent the man sprawling out of his chair onto the floor and he sputtered in response.

“How dare you speak that name? What know you of The Quadrant?” the man sputtered.

“I know enough to be wearing this,” Franklin said, reaching in and pulling out from under the collar of his shirt the pendant he wore around his neck that had the official and highly secretive mark of The Quadrant on it.

On seeing this, the man’s attitude changed and he instead stood up straight and gave Franklin a proud salute.

“My apologies monsieur,” the man replied. “I had no idea you were a member.”

“Precisely the idea behind The Quadrant,” Franklin said. “Now I need to get to Malibu and I need to be there yesterday. What do you have for me?”

“We have just the kind of transportation you require,” the man said. “I must warn you though. It is…experimental…”

And just the way he said it told Franklin that this was not going to be a fun experiment to be a part of. But at the same time he knew it was something he had to do.

“Let’s get rolling then,” Franklin said. “Get me to Malibu!”


Meanwhile back in California, the lack of communication from Franklin had not gone unnoticed by Waldo. It was definitely not like him to not send word, especially when the stakes were so high. Had something happened? Had the meet secretly been an ambush? Was Brandon behind this?

There were many questions that had to be asked and unfortunately no answers at hand. Events were moving so quickly and information was the most valuable currency right then. But that was just what they lacked at this key juncture.

While Franklin had been away, Waldo and Delbert had been developing their strike plan to go in and get the MAW Device, but in order for it to work, everything had to be done with a perfect precision. There was no room for unexpected complications. They had to have every piece of information at their disposal, no matter how seemingly insignificant and that was why Franklin’s intelligence gathering was of such import. They had to know what threats were out there.

Nothing ever went entirely as planned, but for this to work things were going to have to stick as closely to the plan as possible. They weren’t sure how many guards Brandon had at his office where the MAW Device was being used, but he had at least a dozen highly trained mercenaries at his disposal and there was just the three of them. Breaking into Brandon’s headquarters and destroying the device was going to be their most dangerous mission yet, with the chances of casualties high. But it could be done. Of that they were certain. There was nothing that couldn’t be done.

There was no other option other than this operation from where they stood. The only thing worse than Brandon having the mind control powers of the MAW Device in his possession was him unleashing it onto an open market where the highest bidder would have the chance to reshape the world in their image. It was science fiction gone mad and it was no exaggeration that the fate of mankind rested on their ability to stop Brandon and destroy his machine.

They knew where he had it and knew how it worked. That was the advantage they had and the strike Waldo and Delbert had been meticulously planning for hours now would have to be undertaken quickly before that advantage disappeared. Brandon had already blown their home up once and they had no doubt that whenever it most amused him he would try again and attack their aquatic command center as it floated in Pacific, keeping a close eye on the mansion.

There wasn’t much to see there now. All the girls had left for Vegas, leaving only that French girl who was the maid there and she didn’t even live at the mansion. Waldo was glad about this. The closer the girls were to the danger, the more chances there were for something to go terribly wrong. If all went according to plan, this would all be done and over with by the time they got back and none of them would ever be the wiser about it. The kidnapping attempt of Jessica Alba that they had rescued her from had been far too close for comfort.

But without Franklin’s intelligence and presence on the strike team, the chances of success were far lower and they knew it.

“I just wish he would get back to us,” Waldo sighed. “It’s been far too long since Franklin reported in.”

After considering the possibilities for a moment about what could keep their friend from reporting his findings, Delbert offered up a theory.

“Perhaps he’s helping lead the resistance after Venus and Jupiter’s invasion of France,” Delbert speculated.

“No the intelligence we’ve received is that the intergalactic invasion and occupation of Europe won’t take place until spring at the earliest,” Waldo countered. “There’s got to be another reason.”

But before another theory could be offered, the floating command center’s newest resident interrupted them.

“Honey, I’m going to be tanning up on deck,” Tara Reid declared, popping her head around the door. “Want to come with?”

“I’ll be up soon snookums,” Delbert informed his beloved. “But we have to finish working on this.”

“Awwwww but I’ll be all lonely without you up there too,” Tara pouted. “I’ll miss my big, strong Delbert. And I won’t have anyone to rub lotion on me.”

“We can program the robots to rub lotion on you,” Delbert suggested, causing the robots in the corner to perk up out of sleep mode in the corner, the idea of rubbing lotion onto Tara’s body quite appealing to their circuitry. “Or the soldier monkeys are well trained in the arts of suntan lotion application.”

“I don’t want robots or monkeys to do it, I want you Del,” Tara insisted. “Mmmm I want a sexy, hunky man to rub lotion all over my body.”

“You mean me?” Delbert asked as Waldo also expressed a little surprise. Delbert had been described as many things over the years, but “sexy, hunky man” had not been one of them.

“Of course silly,” Tara giggled. “I want my big strong protector to take care of me up on deck and keep an eye on me while I’m getting my tan on. Mmmm and did I mention this is what I’ll be wearing then I’ll be sunbathing?”

Tara then opened the robe she was wearing to show she had nothing on underneath, her large breasts and completely smooth sex exposed to both Delbert’s and Waldo’s widening eyes. Waldo’s jaw nearly hit the table from the casual way Tara exposed herself and Delbert continued to look on at the blonde girl with nothing but the sweetest adoration.

“Maybe we should take a break,” Waldo said and before the words were out of his mouth, Delbert was bounding up to the deck with Tara.

“Mmmm I want you to rub lotion over every inch of me,” Tara said seductively to Delbert as they headed up top. “And I wanna lotion you up too, stud. Mmm especially one big part of you!”

Waldo sighed as he looked over the plans once again, this time alone. With Franklin MIA and Delbert distracted this was becoming more of a challenge than ever.


While the mansion was empty of its residents, it was not unoccupied. Michelle lowered her binoculars from where she stood poolside, eyeing the boat as it floated out in the ocean nearby. She had a strike of her own in mind and one she was ready to begin immediately.

Those idiots had information she needed and she was prepared to do whatever it took to get it. They had a lock not just on where the MAW Device was, but detailed plans of how it worked and how not only to destroy it, but, in the inverse, how to produce multiple machines and even strengthen the effects. They had the full file on the device and she needed it. She had to give it to Renee.

Right then all Michelle wanted was for this mission to be over so she could get back to the life she had built for herself in America. She had come to this country to serve France as a sleeper agent, but in her time asleep she felt as if she had truly woken up. She loved working at the mansion and she loved her beautiful employers. She loved the things they begged her to do to them and how she made her wickedest fantasies come true.

Michelle had never been shy about using her body to get what she wanted. That was what made her job fun. But coming to work at this mansion had shown her more about pleasure than she had ever known and made her doubt the direction she had once thought was the only path for her life. She had been trained thoroughly by Renee. Everything she was and everything she could be was due to him. He had taught her how to be a spy and how to kill. And once she had thought that service to France was all that mattered.

But being in a place like this had made her see all that was out there that went beyond using her body and others for her own pleasure and to gain an advantage for the country she served. This place had shown her all about the wonders of giving pleasure to others and Michelle had grown to love everything about her life here. She had become so comfortable in her role as the mansion’s maid, personal groomer and sex toy to the famous women here, that it had been a complete shock when Renee had come to her and told her it was time for her to remember her training and once again serve her country.

She had agreed, but had only done so because she could refuse Renee nothing. She never had been able to deny her mentor and lover and here she stood, preparing to strike against the boat and retrieve the information by any means necessary.

Michelle just wanted this to be over, though. She wanted the MAW Device to be taken and she didn’t care what happened to it. She wanted it gone and for Renee to go back to France so she could have her life back. She wanted to go back to being the mansion’s maid and nothing more. She would have given anything to be there in Vegas with her madames right then and far away from this mission. She hated that she had to do this, but there was no alternative.

Protecting her cover was of the utmost importance. No one could find out she was a French spy and she had been instructed to kill if necessary to protect her cover. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt anyone but she knew she would have to do whatever she had to do. The nightmare of course was any of her famous employers finding out she was a spy. Michelle didn’t even want to think about what she would have to do if that happened.

That was why this was so important. She had to get on that boat, get the information and eliminate those little stoner CIA washouts if necessary. Then she could get back to the life she loved and the women she adored. Nothing was more important to her than that.

Michelle had already set up a jamming frequency on all the boat’s communications. Nothing would be able to get in or out and that gave her the advantage. She just had to get aboard, beat their security system and complete her mission. She was dressed in a wet suit ready to begin and the large, razor sharp knife she had strapped to her leg now was also more than ready. She would do whatever she needed to do to complete this mission. She had to.


Alyson Hannigan had a lot on her mind as she grabbed her bags off the always-turning luggage retrieval conveyer belt and made her way out of the airport to grab a cab, but to her they were all good things.

She had been so looking forward to this. Hot, naughty fun with the girls at the mansion was always available to her, but having it in Las Vegas made it extra spicy and she liked that a lot. Getting all her gorgeous and dirty friends in Sin City certainly made Alyson eager to do some serious sinning with them, especially Sarah. She checked her phone and found a whole bunch of texts from Sarah about how unbelievable the suite was and how much fun they were all going to have there.

But her beautiful best friend wasn’t the only thing on Alyson’s mind. She had taken this flight out from L.A. solo, but soon her loyal, sexy slaves Shannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari would be on their way too. Alyson smiled in anticipation of what she could get her naughty slave girls to do.

She felt like she was at bit of a crossroads in her own life when it came to a lot of things and one of the things she knew she needed to decide was if she still wanted to be “Mistress Alyson” to them. But no matter what, she loved those sexy little sluts and how they always obeyed her wickedest commands to them. She was going to have some real fun with them in Vegas and hopefully her machinations would inspire some dirty delights for another girl.

Alyson had effectively released Kristen Bell from serving her, letting the blonde go off on her own path to find out what she liked and what she wanted without having to worry about pleasing her Mistress. But before she had done that, Alyson had planted a sexy seed in Kristen’s mind that she hoped would grow into a full-fledged lust. She had given Kristen the first hints of desire for her long-time friend Hayden Panettiere and had made sure Kristen had started to think of the younger girl in a sexual light.

Kristen had protested and resisted, claiming she could never be attracted sexually to someone she had known as long as Hayden and that, even if she was, Hayden wouldn’t be into it. But Alyson knew what Kristen didn’t. Hayden didn’t just like girls. She was turning into quite the happy lesbian slut.

Alyson hadn’t told that truth to Kristen. She wanted the girl to find that out on her own. She just hoped she would be there when they each realized the other was a naughty little pussy licker. That would be so fucking hot to watch and on the whole flight to Vegas, Alyson had felt herself get damp thinking about what Hayden and Kristen could do to each other’s tiny, gorgeous bodies.

It hadn’t just been sex that had been on Alyson’s mind, though. There had also been an even stronger emotion at play. She had realized not too long ago that her feelings for Sarah went beyond just the love that came from friendship. She was deeply in love with her best friend and she had been thinking hard about how to tell Sarah that, or even if she should tell her at all.

Alyson loved Sarah far too much to want to complicate her life and now that Sarah had finally gotten back on her feet and seemed totally happy once more, she didn’t want to mess that up for her. And beyond that, Alyson also feared that Sarah wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings. She knew Sarah loved her. But she didn’t know if it was the same kind of love she felt. Did Sarah feel more for her than just the love of a friend and lover? Alyson wasn’t sure and she didn’t want to open herself up to potential heartbreak and maybe even drive a wedge between them. Alyson didn’t want to risk losing what she and Sarah had with some ill thought out confession of love.

Because of all that, Alyson was inclined to keep her true feelings secret from Sarah, but at the same time it was hard to bottle up something as powerful as love. There were times when she just wanted to blurt it all out to Sarah because her heart was so overwhelmed with love for her best friend. How could she keep that secret?

It was a lot to have on her mind, but to Alyson these were all positive feelings. This weekend was going to reveal a lot about where all these issues, especially her own questions about her path, would take her and Alyson was looking forward to that. She was in a great mood as she went to try and get a cab and her mood got even better when she heard her cell phone ring and immediately recognized the number.

“Hey sweetie,” Alyson smiled as she answered the call. “Where the heck have you been little girl? I’ve missed you!”

“Oh…I’ve just been around,” Michelle Trachtenberg replied on the other end. “I’ve missed you too. I can’t wait to see you again. All of you.”

“Oh I’ll bet you can’t wait to see all of me,” Alyson giggled, knowing she wanted to see every inch of her gorgeous former co-star again too. “But if you want to see that then you’re going to have to get your ass out here to Vegas with the rest of us. I’m sure we can fit you in. I’ll be crashing at Sarah’s room with the rest of the girls from the mansion.”

The sound of Michelle’s voice showed that she found this to be very welcome information.

“Will all of them be there? In the room? All of the girls from the mansion?” Michelle inquired. “I’ve been trying to call Sarah but she didn’t pick up her phone.”

“Well I haven’t gotten there yet so I haven’t had a chance to take attendance yet or anything,” Alyson replied. “But yeah, I’m pretty sure that all of the girls will be around.”

“I can’t wait to see all of them,” Michelle said. “I want to see everyone.”

“Are you ok, Michelle?” Alyson asked, wondering why her friend sounded so distant on the phone. Usually she was so much more bright and excited about things, especially when it came to seeing their sexy friends. “Your voice sounds weird.”

“No…I’m fine,” Michelle insisted. “This must just be a bad connection or something. My cell isn’t too clear sometimes. I’m more than fine. I’m going to get out there and see you all. I’ll get the next flight I can out to Vegas. What hotel are you all staying at? I can’t wait to see Sarah again.”

“We’re all at the Palms,” Alyson answered. “I think Rose got everyone a huge suite. Sarah texted me and told it’s like the Playboy room or something. I’m not sure what the name is but it’s definitely at the Palms.”

“Thank you for telling me Aly,” Michelle said. “I’ll get out there and hook up with you guys as soon as I can. See you then.”

“Can’t wait to see you again sweetie,” Alyson assured the girl before the call ended. She was so happy Michelle was coming out too. Her former co-star was so sexy and Michelle had shown quite a talent for being naughty when they’d all gotten together for Sarah’s bachelorette party in Jamaica. She’d hooked up with Michelle several times since then and the girl only seemed to get sexier each time.

Alyson was sure this was going to make the weekend even more fun. How could it not be when everything was falling into place so nicely?


On the other end of the now ended call, Michelle put her cell phone down and looked ahead blankly, her eyes emotionless and with the glowing blue tint of the MAW Device’s effects.

“Did I do as you wished, Master?” Michelle asked, her voice even and utterly compliant.

“Oh you certainly did, Michelle,” Brandon smirked. He’d been listening in to the whole call and now that he knew the exact hotel the girls were staying in, the operation could begin. “You did very well. Now go and see your friend Mary. She must be getting tired entertaining Taylor’s men. Go in there and help her.”

“Yes Master,” Michelle obediently replied, standing up and walking toward the other room where her friend Mary Elizabeth Winstead was being mercilessly gangbanged by the mercenaries that Brandon had hired.

These men had kidnapped Michelle and Mary from the apartment they had shared days earlier but, thanks to the MAW Device, the now brainwashed girls held no fear or anger toward them. They simply obeyed the commands they were given and Michelle, as instructed, began removing her clothing so she could join Mary in taking on the horny mercenaries.

But Brandon had no interest in that. Instead he turned toward Raymond Hall for a status report.

“Is everything prepared?” Brandon asked. “Are we ready to go?”

“We are ready for Vegas,” the not so good Dr. Hall replied. “The device is carefully packed up and we can leave at any time. Just give the word.”

“Excellent,” Brandon said, smirking in great satisfaction. “Inform the clients. We are ready to proceed. Let them know that half the money must be in the account before we begin extraction and conversion and the other half must be delivered when we have finished. Once we get all of it they can have their wives and girlfriends back with their brand new attitudes.”

Brandon looked directly ahead at the board right in front of him where the plan had been laid out in simple steps. They wouldn’t be able to get all of them at once while they were at a hotel in Vegas. It was far too public and that could lead to too many messy complications. They would instead grab as many as they could in small, surgical snatch and grab operations and then lure the rest into the trap afterwards. Once they were positioned at the hotel, they would have a better idea of which of the women it would be easiest to take first. And once they started, the rest would soon fall into place.

He didn’t need all of the girls. Just the ones with disgruntled lovers and husbands and even agents and mothers that were willing and ready to pay. Taylor’s men had already been briefed on who was on this list. The names were written on the board in red, their fates already sealed.

Brandon had to admit he felt a deep pleasure in knowing these women were out there living their uninhibited, free lives with no idea they were targets and that soon everything would change for them. They had no conception of the dark clouds forming over them and the fact that he was responsible for those clouds made it all the more satisfying for him.

He had experienced torture and now he was about to dish it out. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert would soon feel the full extent of his wrath at the cost of their heads. But first these Hollywood bitches would be broken. Brandon studied the names and felt a smile cross his lips over the thought of doing to them what had already been done to Michelle and Mary.

Gwen Stefani. Kirsten Dunst. Britney Spears. Hilary Duff. Beyonce Knowles. Cameron Diaz. Scarlett Johannson. Jessica Biel. Mandy Moore. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Reese Witherspoon.
They would all soon be captured and brought back to the men they had wronged. They would be punished with the loss of their free wills and Brandon would be all the more richer for it. The cash he was milking these cuckolded Hollywood fools for would allow for the creation of more MAW Devices, which would then be sold and used by the highest bidder. This scandal that he was correcting in Hollywood was but a mere side stop on the road to his revenge but it would be a satisfying one for certain.

Brandon didn’t expect to get all of them on the list this first time. But Taylor’s men had already been told there was one they must make absolutely sure to get and Brandon looked at her name with delight, already thinking about how delicious it would be to break her will and mold her into a more obedient girl.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Brandon especially looked forward to her capture. She was critical to the trap being set. But even if she wasn’t and even if Freddie Prinze Jr. wasn’t paying top dollar to have his soon to be ex-wife’s brains thoroughly washed, Brandon would have demanded her. He would take special pleasure in breaking her.

But for everything to work as perfectly as he needed it to, a threat amongst this group had to be neutralized and quickly. Rose McGowan wasn’t on his list to be taken and truthfully Brandon didn’t give a goddamn about what happened to her, but he did know he had to remove her from the equation for things to work and he also knew just how to do it.

“One last step to take care of,” Brandon said. “Be ready to go in exactly two hours. We’ll take the chopper to the airfield and get the plane there.”

“Where are you going?” Raymond asked.

“To see Jaime Pressley,” Brandon replied. “I’ve got a ‘get out of jail free’ card to give to her.”


When her eyes had fluttered closed, Sarah had only intended to take a quick little catnap. But when they shot open as her body jerked and suddenly rocked her out of her sleep, she found herself wondering how long she’d been out.

Sarah sat up in the bed and when she still heard the shower running she assumed she had only been asleep for a few minutes because Rose hadn’t left yet. But even her short nap had left her mouth dry and Sarah suddenly found herself very thirsty.

Looking around she noticed there was still some champagne left by the bed, but Sarah knew that would just make her sleepy again. She supposed there had to be some water or something around here. So she left her nap behind for now and walked off in just her panties and t-shirt, looking for some liquid refreshment and maybe even do a little more exploring of their accommodations in the process. They had rushed through the suite, trying to see everything and there hadn’t been any time to properly appreciate it. But now Sarah was all alone and had plenty of time.

Walking past the windows looking over the bright, sunny Vegas landscape, Sarah felt a little wave of self-consciousness. She wasn’t wearing any pants and she had gotten out of bed like she would have back at the mansion, not caring if anyone saw what she was wearing or even if she was wearing anything at all. But the view of the city below reminded Sarah that she wasn’t in Malibu right then and she reflexively tugged down on her shirt to try and cover her half dressed state.

But that feeling soon passed and Sarah found herself quite enjoying the feel of the warm sun beating down on her exposed legs. They were on the hotel’s 34th floor and if anyone wanted to see her like this they were going to need a helicopter to do it. So Sarah relaxed and let her t-shirt go, noting that it gave her a bit of a naughty rush to be walking around like this in front of the windows in the middle of the day and telling herself that walking around half dressed was nothing compared to how wicked they were all going to get in this huge suite.

Sarah couldn’t get over how spacious and luxurious it all was. It had to cost a fortune to stay here, but Sarah knew it would be worth any price. Everything in the suite reminded her of the mansion with its wide, open spaces and erotic fun seemingly around every corner. She knew that was why Rose had brought them all here and it made her feel right at home.

Sarah walked barefoot all through the suite, loving how the soft carpet felt under her toes and explored around, noting the several couches and beds there would give them all places to crash when they needed. Jennifer had raised a good point about where they were all going to sleep, especially if they had more girls staying with them. And while Rose was right that they probably wouldn’t be sleeping much, they would need to rest eventually. But it looked like there was enough room for everyone even if it meant getting sleeping bags or extra blankets for the floor, a thought that made Sarah smile as she pictured a naughty sleepover for them and their friends…clothing optional of course.

Eventually Sarah made her way to the suite’s wet bar, noting there was an Espresso machine there that they’d likely be making good use of as an energy boost when they needed it. She peered over the bar to see if there was anything non alcoholic she could drink for her parched throat, like maybe a bottle of water or some juice. She quickly saw exactly what she was looking for and she reached over to grab the chilling bottle of orange juice she saw in there.

But instead of going behind the bar to get at the small bottle, Sarah was feeling more adventuresome and instead leaned over the hard wood counter. This bent her over the wide counter and caused her to stick her panty-clad ass out toward the audience she didn’t know she had.

“Mmmmm now we’re talking about a great view,” Rose laughed, turning around Sarah’s earlier comment about her bare breasts as she stared wantonly at the thin cotton clinging to Sarah’s tight ass.

Sarah blushed a little at being caught like that and started to get off the counter and back on her feet. But this was too advantageous a position for Rose to have found Sarah in and she didn’t let her.

“Oh no…stay like that a little longer,” Rose said while sauntering over and placing her hand on Sarah’s back to keep her in place. “Mmmm that’s the perfect position for you Sarah. I love you all bent over like this, pushing that beautiful butt of yours out for me.”

“Oh yeah? Then what are you planning to do about it Rose?” Sarah asked, feeling her embarrassment fade as she remained bent over the bar, her legs dangling over the side and not quite reaching the floor. Knowing she was turning Rose on gave Sarah an extra desire to tease and she slowly swayed her ass back and forth, thinking her housemate was all talk because of her promise to go meet Alyssa and Hayden down in the casino.

“What the fuck do you think I’m going to do about it?” Rose shot back with a horny laugh. “Same thing I do any time I see a hot slut bent over for me!”

Rose grabbed Sarah’s ass through her panties with both hands, slapping the taut flesh and making the blonde moan.

“Mmmmm you know how much I fucking love your hot ass Sarah,” Rose groaned. “And you had to know what was going to happen if I found you like this. I’m sure that’s why you did it too. You might act all tough Sarah, but I know how much you love it when I bend you over and have my fucking way with your tight slayer body!”

Sarah did love it. She didn’t give up control to just anyone, but Rose always made her melt and her housemate’s soft, smooth hands on her ass was making her forget her thirst and instead feel a desire for something else entirely. It had been entirely coincidental that Rose had found her like this, but Sarah certainly wasn’t complaining about the results.

“Don’t you have to go?” Sarah teased, pushing her backside out so Rose could get an even better grip on her. “I thought you were going shopping.”

“Fuck shopping,” Rose laughed. “Mmmm I see something else I’d much rather do instead!”

Rose gave Sarah’s ass another smack through her panties that made the blonde squeal and rub herself against the counter, the hard wood suddenly feeling very good pressed into her pussy through her panties. Rose leaned in then, brushed her blonde hair out of the way and began kissing Sarah’s neck, making her moan from the sensual touch.

Sarah could feel Rose’s skin was still a little damp from her shower and she could smell remnants of the body wash she’d used on herself. It was a sweet smell that wasn’t overpowering and Sarah loved how the scent tickled her nostrils while Rose’s lips seductively pleasured her sensitive neck.

Craning her head to get a look at her housemate with her shower fresh body, Sarah was surprised to see Rose had kept the same shirt and shorts she’d had on before.

“I thought you were going to change,” Sarah inquired.

“You weren’t listening Sarah,” Rose replied with her wicked smile. “I never said I was going to change. I said I wanted to slip something on. Mmmmm and I did. Feel for yourself!”

Rose rubbed herself harder into Sarah. She pressed her breasts into her housemate’s back and ground herself into Sarah’s ass through her panties, giving the blonde no doubt that there was now something extra under Rose’s shorts. And since Sarah doubted Rose had magically grown a dick while in the shower, that could only mean one thing.

“Ooooooh you didn’t?” Sarah asked in disbelief and desire about what her friend was intending to wear out in public.

“What’s the matter Sarah? Didn’t you like when I did this last night?” Rose purred into her friend’s ear. “Didn’t you like reaching under my dress and feeling Snappy’s harness? The only problem was wearing that dress I couldn’t wear my friend the whole time. I didn’t feel right until I strapped him on. But now I can have it all under my shorts Sarah. I can have it on so when I see hot little sluts like you bending over and begging for a good fucking, I can do this.”

Not wasting another second, Rose reached for the waistband of her shorts and pushed them right down, causing her favorite toy to “snap” right out and smack against Sarah’s ass.

“Ooooooh gawwwwd mmmm Mr. Snappy!” Sarah sighed in desire as she felt that magnificent toy press into her. “Oh Rose you made me so wet last night when I saw you had that on under your dress! Ooooh now you’re doing it again! So naughty! So hot!”

“There was no way I was going out there without this on,” Rose declared while rubbing herself into her housemate, sliding Mr. Snappy between the cheeks of Sarah’s tight ass through her panties. “Mmmm I wanted to be ready to tap Hayden’s sweet young ass but first you’re gonna give me a little warm up, aren’t you Sarah?”

Feeling her friend’s hard strap on sliding up over her ass crack with only her thin panties keeping Rose from getting at her choice of holes had Sarah feeling an overpowering emotion and it was no longer sleepiness. She felt so helpless bent over the bar with her ass sticking out and her pants off as Rose had Mr. Snappy pressed into her from behind and it was a wonderful sensation that was making her panties seriously damp, especially as Rose began to kiss just behind her ear, a hidden spot that Sarah loved to have tended to.

“Yessssssssssss!” Sarah moaned in desire. “I’ll give you anything you want Rose! Fuck me! Fuck me just like this with that big, fat cock of yours!”

Sarah hadn’t been looking for more action, but being in such a vulnerable state with someone like Rose was turning her on intensely. Only Rose could make her feel such things and the more her housemate ground Mr. Snappy into her from behind, the more Sarah longed to be fucked.

It had been such a rush the night before to be playing around in Behr’s library with Mandy Moore and Rosario Dawson and find out Rose had not only been wearing her harness for Mr. Snappy under her dress in lieu of panties, but she’d brought her amazing toy with her. Seeing Rose strap her toy on and then fuck Rosario and Mandy’s hot asses in the middle of the library of one of the richest men in the world while the rich and famous were milling around at the party just a short distance away had made Sarah soaking wet under her dress. And when it had been her turn to bend over for Rose and give up her ass for Mr. Snappy as the toy had glistened from Rosario and Mandy tasting their own asses all over it, Sarah had felt nothing but sweet, intense ecstasy.

To be fucked like that, essentially in public, had been such an amazing experience and Sarah offered no resistance to Rose wanting a repeat performance, albeit in a much more private setting. Sarah moaned from the feel of Rose’s lips to her skin and pushed herself out more to rub her ass back into the glorious strap on she always loved to feel buried inside her.

“Yeah that’s it Sarah, show me how bad you fucking want it,” Rose groaned, her nipples getting hard under her shirt and bra. “Mmmm is that pretty little pussy of yours getting wet for me baby? You making those panties of yours all sticky thinking about Mr. Snappy fucking you? You wanna get those hot holes of yours stretched out by my big dick?”

“Ooooooh yessssssss you know I do! I always do!” Sarah cooed back. “Fuck me Rose! Fuck me like you’re going to fuck Hayden! Ooooh that slut’s got no idea what she’s in for! Give it to me like you’re gonna give it to that little princess!”

Just like Sarah had crawled out of bed with innocent intentions, Rose hadn’t been looking for action either. But she had definitely found it when she had found Sarah bent over, her hot ass in the air and looking so good in her tight panties. There had been no way she could pass this opportunity up. Fucking Hayden’s virgin ass was still Rose’s main objective, but there was no reason she couldn’t run a quick lap to get ready for the marathon.

After drying off from her shower, Rose had slid Mr. Snappy right onto her body, moaning in delight as she’d felt the plastic nub on the other end push past her pussy lips and start to make her instantly damp. Wearing Mr. Snappy under her dress last night had been such a thrill for Rose and now she could do it one better. Her dress last night had left her unable to her wear the toy itself underneath without some serious poking and Rose hadn’t wanted to spoil her surprise or set the Internet ablaze with rumors after pictures of her in her dress hit the sites. So she had stashed the toy in her purse and just kept her harness on until the time was right to put Mr. Snappy in place.

But today with her shorts on, Rose could easily smuggle her toy underneath them and not have to worry about anyone seeing it until she was ready for them to. And she was more than ready for Sarah to see it now. Her shorts were around her feet and Rose had Snappy on with just her shirt and bra. It felt delicious to have Sarah bent over like this and, even though Alyssa and Hayden were waiting for her, Rose just couldn’t let this opportunity slide.

Stepping away from her shorts, Rose let Sarah go a little so she could get her feet back on the floor. But she still kept her housemate bent over the bar counter as far as she could while sinking to her knees and hooking her fingers into the waistband of Sarah’s panties. She jerked them down with a forceful, erotic tug and left them around Sarah’s knees as she got her tongue to work.

Sarah moaned wantonly as she felt herself forcibly stripped nude from the waist down. Rose always knew how to make being taken feel so fucking good. When she was with her housemate like this, Sarah didn’t have to think. She didn’t have to do anything but just let Rose have her way with her. That was such a liberating feeling. She could let everything else go and focus on the intense pleasure her friend always brought her.

The soft mews of expectation continued to drip off Sarah’s lips as she leaned against the bar and felt Rose’s soft, skilled hands all over her toned ass. Rose massaged Sarah’s tight cheeks, squeezing the smooth flesh before pressing her lips to them and kissing each one of Sarah’s buns. That made Sarah moan even louder and she braced herself for the ecstasy she knew would come as soon as Rose began to lick her pussy as it got wetter by the second.

But instead of experiencing that pleasure, Sarah felt something else entirely when Rose kept her hands on her butt cheeks and spread them open to better expose her puckered hole. And once she had better access to Sarah’s asshole, Rose began licking there, teasing the tight ring with loving lashes of her tongue, rimming Sarah as the blonde writhed in pleasure and reflexively tried to hump herself against the counter.

“Oooooh Rose! Ooooooh baby yesssssssssss!” Sarah squealed in delight, not expecting it, but adoring the feel of Rose’s tongue lapping at her asshole. “Mmmmm gawwwd! Yesssss lick me there Rose! Oooooh that always feels so good!”

Rose didn’t say a thing. She just kept licking Sarah’s ass, spreading her saliva around with her tongue and loosening her friend up as her fingers began to tease Sarah’s starfish too. Even with her back turned to Rose, Sarah could see the naughty smile that was no doubt crossing her devilish housemate’s lips.

“You’re so bad Rose! Mmmm I love it!” Sarah cried, her pussy quivering from Rose’s expert rim job. “Oooooh bad girl! Licking my tight ass so fucking good! I love it Rose! Lick my ass you naughty bitch! Mmmmm fucking get it all nice and wet!”

Rose kept a tight grip on Sarah’s cheeks and let her tongue do the rest. Sarah’s asshole was so wonderfully snug and Rose could never get enough of licking it. She loved doing it as much as Sarah loved having it done to her. Sarah’s ass was definitely irresistible to Rose and she proved that in how she ate her hole out, lapping at it wetly and leaving the puckered ring glistening from her efforts.

Rose let her saliva drip right off her tongue into Sarah and pushed it around her tight hole with her thumb, making Sarah groan even louder. Having repositioned herself with her feet on the ground, Sarah could no longer hump herself right into the hard wood counter and she longed for stimulation between her legs. So she took care of that herself by reaching down to play with her wet pussy as Rose teased her asshole with her tongue and thumb, spreading her saliva around and getting her ready for what was to come.

“Mmmmmm so hot! Eat my fucking ass Rose!” Sarah cooed while rubbing herself, working her fingers over her rapidly soaking pussy lips and making herself shiver while her friend’s tongue drove her wild. “Ohhhhh fuck! Everyone’s gonna be so jealous they missed this! Oh Rose! Mmmm baby you’re so good at this!”

Seeing Sarah touch herself made Rose proud of her own efforts, but she also knew Sarah was going to want to make sure her hands were better positioned.

“You’re going to want to grab onto the bar baby,” Rose warned. “You should hold on tight Sarah.”

“Oooooh why’s that Rose, you gonna do something to me?” Sarah teased, turning her head so she could shoot Rose a horny grin while she grabbed onto the counter as instructed and began slowly swaying her ass in Rose’s face. “You gonna do something to my ass Rose? Gonna give it the fucking it needs? OW! Ooooooooooh yesss Rose!”

Sarah had yelped when Rose gave her bare ass another sexy smack and her moans continued when she once again felt her housemate’s tongue tantalizing her tightest hole. Rose licked and teased her asshole while reaching up to rub Sarah’s pussy at the same time for the next few hot moments. Sarah closed her eyes and let the pleasure fill her body from Rose’s expert touch. Her fingers knew just how to play with her pussy and her tongue was always welcome on any of her holes.

It was an exquisite treatment and when Rose finally pulled her mouth away from her ass, Sarah bit her lip in anticipation. Rose hadn’t said what she was going to do, but it was more than obvious what her intentions were by then and Sarah was eager to give it all up to her.

“Do it Rose!” Sarah hornily urged, looking over her shoulder to see her housemate fishing out the small tube of lube she’d stashed in her shorts pocket and squeezing some out onto Mr. Snappy. “Fuck me! Stick it in me! You know you fucking want to!”

“Stick it where Sarah? Where do you want it?” Rose purred, rubbing the lube all over her toy’s shaft and then pressing herself against Sarah’s backside so the slick cock slid between her buns. “Where does the little slut want this big, fucking cock?”

“Up my ass!” Sarah groaned in surrender, her nipples throbbing under her shirt and bra and her body completely keyed up to feel this. “Fuck me Rose! Just like last night! Mmmm fuck I think my hole is still loose from you taking me there at the party! Do it Rose! I love it when you do it there! Fuck my ass with your big cock!”

“Say please…” Rose devilishly teased, slowly grinding herself into Sarah so the girl could feel the hard plastic in her crack, naughtily sliding between her tight cheeks.

Sarah was usually the one in control. Hell, she was the only girl there to ever use Mr. Snappy on Rose and she’d done it twice! But at times like these, Sarah was ready to give up all control and just let Rose take her. It felt so good to just surrender everything and let Rose have her way with her. She was nude from the waist down and bent over, gripping onto the hard wood counter with her ass sticking out, feeling that wonderful toy between her ass cheeks. It was all driving her crazy with need and Sarah didn’t hesitate to give Rose just what she wanted.

“Please Rose! Please fuck my ass!” Sarah begged. “Do it Rose! Get that cock up my hole! Please fuck my tight ass Rose! You always make it so good! I need it! I wanna feel that whole dick up my pretty little butthole! Please Rose! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmm good girl,” Rose moaned, giving Sarah’s ass a condescending little pat that she dearly hoped the former slayer would pay her back for later. “I love hearing you beg for Snappy!”

“Pleaaaaaaaaase give it to me!” Sarah continued, not wanting to wait any more.

And Rose did exactly that. With one hand keeping Sarah’s cheeks spread open, Rose used the other to slowly guide her lubed up strap on into her housemate’s asshole. She wickedly teased Sarah at first by rubbing the head of her toy against the blonde’s well licked hole, making Sarah groan and beg some more, and then she slowly pushed it inside, easing the thick plastic head into Sarah’s puckered ring.

“Gawwwwwwwwd!” Sarah groaned in rapture as she felt the familiar penetration she so adored. “Fuck me Rose! Ooooooh yesssssss get that cock inside me! Fuck my ass like you’re gonna fuck that sexy little slut Hayden’s! Ooooooh fuckkkkk!!!”

Sarah’s ass definitely was a touch looser than usual and Rose delighted in knowing it was from the hard fucking she’d given her the night before. Sarah looked so hot right then, bent over the counter, grabbing onto the bar for dear life, her backside starting to glisten with excited perspiration and her body so sexy with just her shirt on and her panties left forgotten around the former slayer’s knees.

Rose steadily began to push into Sarah, letting her asshole adjust to the invading plastic and giving it to her harder with every passing second. From all the times she had been with them, her housemates’ asses were all such accommodating homes for Mr. Snappy and Rose loved fucking them all. But there was always something extra fun about taking spirited Sarah’s tightest hole, especially since the girl was happily fueling her fantasies about their naughty young friend.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah! I’m gonna show that slut how to be a real fucking woman!” Rose grunted, starting to thrust into Sarah’s ass while picturing doing the same to Hayden’s perfect bubble butt. “I’m gonna make her into a goddamn ass slut just like you Sarah! Mmmm just like Love and Jen and Jessica and all our friends who love Mr. Snappy up their fucking asses!”

“Yessssssss ughhhhh yesssssss make her love it up the ass just like I do!” Sarah cried back, loving every hard plastic inch being pushed up her ass and wanting so much more. “Harder Rose! Fucking give it to me! I want that cock buried up my ass! Fuck me!”

Rose smirked as she did just as requested, picking up the speed and force of her thrusts. She knew the cardinal sin of assfucking was doing too much too quickly. That could only lead to pain and not the sweet pleasure Rose was looking for. So she always eased into a hard fucking and once she knew her lover was ready for it, she began to give it to them. Having Sarah beg for it like she was at the same time she felt the girl’s asshole tightly wrap around her toy’s hard shaft, not wanting to let it go, gave Rose all the signs she needed that her housemate was ready to really feel Mr. Snappy.

Grabbing onto Sarah’s hips for leverage, Rose thrust harder up her ass, pushing her toy deeper into her and making Sarah gasp and moan in ecstasy. Rose moaned too from feeling the nub on her end of Mr. Snappy be pushed back into her wet cunt from the tightness of Sarah’s ass and she fucked her friend harder, getting herself off at the same time she did it to Sarah.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhh!” Sarah yelled, her words traveling through what she thought was an otherwise empty suite. “Fuck my ass! Give it to me deep baby! Make me fucking feel it! C’mon Rose! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss that’s it! Make it deep and hard like that baby!”

“Yessssssssssss tell me how much you fucking want it slut!” Rose hissed, her tits jiggling under her shirt and bra from her thrusting up Sarah’s ass, their bare flesh smacking together with each push up her tight, but accommodating hole. “Freddie never fucked your ass this good, did he? He could never get you off with his tiny little dick like I fucking can! No wonder you came crawling back to us! You needed a real fucking, didn’t you Sarah? You needed to fucking feel like a woman again!”

Before Sarah wouldn’t have wanted to hear any cracks against her soon to be ex-husband, but these days they just served to turn her on more. Her marriage had been such an unfulfilling experience for her, both emotionally and sexually. She definitely needed what only girls like Rose could give her and the divorce proceedings were going so badly these days that Sarah was feeling very anti-Freddie. So she threw fuel onto the fire as Rose stuffed her ass from behind and made her feel so wonderfully filled.


Rose gave it to Sarah even harder as the blonde played her game. Usually Sarah didn’t take the bait when Rose dissed Freddie, but she definitely was into it today and that turned on Rose fiercely. She had forgiven Sarah for leaving them for Freddie, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun with it still and she loved knowing that she could fuck way better than Sarah’s loser ex ever could.

Gripping tightly to Sarah’s hips, Rose thrust hard up into her, making them both grunt and cry out. Sarah adored every inch of the hard plastic being shoved up her ass. Rose always was such an intense, incredible fuck and there was something so raw about this that made it even hotter for her.

Whenever she was with one of her friends, even Rose, there usually was a lot of tender foreplay before they got to the really hot stuff, but she and Rose had barely kissed and Sarah couldn’t remember if their lips had even touched each other’s since Rose had come up behind her. Plus Rose always fucked her pussy first. She never went straight for her ass…until today…and that made it more intense, like they could still do something forbidden even after all the times they’d been together.

This was just raw sex and nothing more and Sarah loved it. They hadn’t even bothered to get themselves completely naked. Sarah and Rose both still had their shirts and bras on and that didn’t matter a bit. All that mattered was Sarah being stripped from the waist down and Rose’s toy being exposed. It was all about naked passion and need. There was no time for romance when all Sarah wanted was to feel Rose’s toy shoved up her ass and all Rose wanted was to give it to her over and over again.

The two horny women grunted and sweated under what remained of their clothes. Sarah had her hands latched to the counter as she desperately held on, her pussy dripping down her leg from the deep fucking her ass was getting from behind. Rose was always such a good fuck and Sarah needed this, her body lurching from the intense pleasure and her head thrashing a little, her blonde hair falling over her forehead and her eyes.

Rose continued her hard grip to Sarah’s hips, keeping a steady thrusting motion going as she filled the girl up and made everything feel incredible. Sarah was already so filled and Rose gave her even more, pushing the hard inches of Mr. Snappy into her and then pulling out just enough so she could give it to her hard again, their sweaty bodies slapping together and their cries filling the room, entertaining the audience member neither girl knew that they had.

Jennifer knew she shouldn’t have been surprised to have gone away for a minute and to return only to find her friends fucking. She had seen it so many times at the mansion that it was practically commonplace. She would leave a room with everything normal only to return just a short time later to find everyone’s clothes gone and her friends going at it. So this was nothing new. But it was still a surprise to her to have come back up to the suite because she’d forgotten her purse only to find Sarah bent over the counter taking Mr. Snappy up her tight, toned ass.

Of course while this might have been a bit of a surprise, it was definitely a hot one. Jewel was the real voyeur of the mansion, but Jennifer always loved seeing her housemates fuck and seeing Sarah take Rose’s hot, hard toy from behind gave her pussy an instant thrill. She stood in the doorway to the room watching and smiling as she felt the pleasure from her now busy hands.

At first Jennifer had just rubbed herself through her jeans, feeling the denim press into her panties and even more into her rapidly dampening pussy. Just the sight of her friends at play had made her wet and the more she saw Sarah and Rose half dressed and fucking without inhibition, the more turned on she’d gotten. Jennifer had only intended to run up back to the suite for a moment to grab her purse and get back outside, but this was far more appealing a site to her than anything the city could offer.

As Sarah and Rose had grunted and moaned, Sarah loving every hard thrust Rose took up her ass, Jennifer had popped open the button for her jeans and slid her hand inside, going right under the waistband of her panties and enjoying the feel of her aroused pussy.

Just as Sarah and Rose fucked without shyness, Jennifer boldly touched herself at the sight of them, rubbing her pussy under her clothes with one hand as the other pushed her t-shirt up until it was up over her cream colored bra. Jennifer’s nipples were already hard and poking against the bra and she happily touched them, making her body tingle.

“Take that cock Sarah! Take it deep up your fucking hole!” Rose groaned from the pleasure she was getting back from Mr. Snappy’s thrusts forward into her friend’s hot ass. “Tell me how bad you want it Sarah! Tell me how you need this cock up your tight ass!”


“Awwww is it too big for delicate little Sarah?” Rose laughed, teasing her friend as she playfully slapped Sarah’s bare ass cheek while forcefully pushing into her, taking her tight hole skillfully and steadily with her strap on. “Want me to stop little girl?”

“Nooooooo!” Sarah groaned as Rose suddenly acted like she would stop, slowing down her thrusts just enough to tease quite effectively. “Don’t fucking stop Rose! Take my fucking ass! Fucking fill it up with your toy! I want that big thing up my ass! I fucking need those inches! Make me come! Ooooooooh God I can fucking feel how close I’m getting! Fuck me Rose! C’mon partner! Fuck my tight little hole! Show me how you’re gonna fuck Hayden! Show me how you’re gonna fuck those other girls so we can win that contest!”

“Mmmmm anything you say, partner,” Rose laughed, picking up the pace of her thrusts again as she sought to seal her and Sarah’s partnership the best way she knew how, through a spirited assfucking. “Come for me Sarah! Come from my cock buried up your hole! Come for Rose baby!”

Sarah had every intention of coming and coming hard. Rose’s cock felt so awesome up her ass. It was so big and it filled her up so good. She always loved how Mr. Snappy made her feel, but the toy alone would have been nothing if Rose hadn’t known how to use it as well as she did. Rose was fucking her so well and Sarah could feel her orgasm getting so close.

As Rose started fucking her harder again, thrusting up into her ass with skill and passion, Sarah felt like she was just about to unleash and she wasn’t the only girl getting close to coming as Jennifer furiously masturbated over what she was watching.

She had her jeans open now and pushed down enough to show off her panties and the bulge against them from her hand underneath the waistband. Jennifer’s shirt was pulled up to expose her bra and her hard nipples and she had one hand massaging her tits through the garment as the other one was working her pussy over. Jennifer wasn’t delicate between her own legs. She just went for it raw and hard, rubbing her swelling clit with quick, rough hand movements and making her own legs weak with pleasure as she watched her friends fuck.

Jennifer felt like she was definitely rushing her orgasm, but she didn’t mind. The show was too hot and she didn’t feel like the situation warranted a full, slow masturbation to make all her senses come alive with desire before she finally came. She could do that another time. This had to be quick and nasty, just like the way Rose was fucking Sarah’s ass.

But as she worked herself over, her hand shoved down her jeans and panties and her fingers pinching and rubbing her clit as she got them coated with her juices, Jennifer also didn’t do anything to restrain the sounds of pleasure spilling from her mouth and that certainly caught the attention of her housemates, letting them know they were being watched and enjoyed.

“Ooooooh check out the perv,” Rose laughed, teasing Jennifer when she looked over to see who it was and smiled at the sight of their masturbating friend. “God, can’t a girl fuck in peace around here without being gawked at? So you’re a fucking little voyeur now, huh Jenny? Mmmm you like what you see? You like seeing slutty Sarah take my cock up her tight little ass? Oooooh you’d better like it Jen cause your beautiful booty is gonna get it next!”

Since Rose kept thrusting into Sarah as she said this, Jennifer kept playing with herself. She was rubbing her hard clitoris with her fingers and feeling her pussy juice up more with every moment she spent at play. In response to Rose’s teasing, Jennifer pulled her fingers up from inside her panties and lewdly licked them clean of her juices before shoving them back in and continuing to moan from what she saw and what she felt while dreaming already of being bent over like Sarah was and taking Mr. Snappy right up her ass.

But as much as knowing they were being watched fueled Sarah and Rose’s fires, Sarah didn’t just want Jennifer off to the side. She didn’t want an audience. She wanted another participant!

“Don’t just stand there Jen,” Sarah urged, her words coming out as gasped moans as Rose continued to thrust into her from behind, the thick, hard plastic stretching her hole out and making everything feel so intense and wonderful. “Join in! I want you too Jen! Get over here and get that hot tongue of yours in the fun!”

“Oooooh anything you say Sarah,” Jennifer sighed with desire as she licked her fingers again and walked over to her friends, pausing only to pull her t-shirt over her head so she was left in her bra and open jeans.

Though Sarah had likely urged her over so she could feel her tongue in her pussy at the same time she was getting her ass fucked, Jennifer had a different idea in mind. She loved both of her housemates’ bodies, having enjoyed every inch of them so many times that she knew them as well as she knew her own, but Jennifer had giving her hottest stares to Rose right then as she’d watched them get it on.

Rose had looked so powerful and so primal and sexual as she’d pounded Sarah from behind, taking Sarah’s ass in both of their half-dressed states. That drew Jennifer right to Rose and, as the woman continued fucking Sarah, Jennifer kneeled down behind her and buried her face between her succulently pale ass cheeks.

As Jennifer well knew, Mr. Snappy had a slit in it from behind that gave full access to Rose’s pussy even when she was wearing her favorite toy. Grabbing Rose’s gorgeous fair skin as her full, toned ass jiggled into her face while she fucked Sarah, Jennifer spread her cheeks and parted the slit so she could get at her friend’s slice of heaven, pushing her tongue into Rose and licking so she could fuck her while she fucked Sarah.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh yessss! That’s it! Mmmm good girl!” Rose hissed in pleasure as she felt Jennifer’s always welcome tongue push into her pink folds. “Lick it Jen! Oooooh you dirty little perv! Is this what you fucking wanted when you were staring at us, baby? Did you wanna get over here and lick my fucking little cunt? Mmmmm yessssssssssssssss oooooooooooh Jen! Fuck yes baby! Lick it! Tongue fuck my pussy while I’m giving it to this dirty little bitch’s ass! Fill me with your tongue while I’m filling her with cock!”

Rose was so wet for her. Her pussy was like a waterfall of desire onto her tongue and Jennifer’s taste buds immediately delighted in Rose’s familiar, but always sweet and delicious flavor. Ever since her first seduction, Jennifer had been with so many girls and tasted so many different feminine flavors, but it was the honey pots of her housemates that always most had her coming back for more.

She knew these girls’ tastes the best and they were the ones she always craved. While squeezing Rose’s ass to spread her open, Jennifer buried her tongue in her friend’s soaked, pink snatch and let the flavor drip down her throat to her always cum hungry tummy.

It was no secret by then that all her friends found Jennifer’s tongue to be absolutely exquisite. She was an artist at cunnilingus and Rose was experiencing all the pleasure of her expert skills right then. She could feel her nipples poking out against her bra and t-shirt and the friction of the material against her sensitive tips got her off even more. She was dripping juice into Jennifer’s mouth as the girl licked out all the lust she’d worked herself into from fucking Sarah and it all felt so good. But Rose was no rookie and she didn’t let herself get distracted from fucking Sarah.

“Come for me Sarah!” Rose groaned, feeling absolute ecstasy from Mr. Snappy’s nub pushing back into her from the tightness of Sarah’s ass at the same time Jennifer was licking her. “Come from this cock buried up that fucking ass! Come from having your pretty little hole all stretched and fucked by another chick! You know no one fucks better than girls! Come hard for me you dirty little bitch! Come like that useless limp dick hubby never could make you!”

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Sarah cooed in bliss, her hands gripping so hard to the hard wood counter she thought she was going to snap a piece of it off as she was bent over it with her ass pushed out and her panties down around her ankles. “Fuck me Rose! Yesssssssss pound my tight ass! Mmmmmm fuck yessssssssss just like Freddie always wanted to but never could! Oooooooh God you’re the best fuck Rose! I know that’s what you wanna hear! Girls fuck awesome but you’re the best! You use your toy better than guys use their real cocks! Mmmmmmm give it to me Rose! Gimmie all you got!”

“Goddamn right I’m the best,” Rose smirked before licking Sarah’s neck, tasting her sweat, and teasing Sarah’s hidden sensitive spot behind her ear again. “Mmmmm and don’t you ever, ever forget it Sarah!”

Rose began thrusting harder. Not hard enough to make it too rough or anything. Rose knew full well that ass fucking was a delicate business. But hard enough to show Sarah she took her reputation seriously and that she wasn’t about to take a back seat to anyone when it came to using a strap on. And she also gave her friend something extra by reaching around to her front with one hand and pushing right into her pussy so she could rub Sarah’s clitoris, finger fucking her at the same time Mr. Snappy was stuffing her backdoor.


Sarah could get off just fine from being fucked up the ass. Her hole was plenty sensitive and it always felt so naughty to be taken there. But her orgasms from being assfucked always benefited from some pussy play. That was why Sarah had wanted Jennifer so badly to push her tongue into her sopping wet cunt to taste how turned on she was from Mr. Snappy being shoved into her and make her come with her tongue against her clit. When Jennifer had gone for Rose, Sarah had assumed she would have to play with herself, but her pale skinned lover was taking care of it instead and Sarah was all the happier for it.

Rose skillfully rubbed her swollen clitoris while thrusting up her ass and Sarah was gasping and screaming in absolute bliss from it. She was being filled up so well from behind and Rose’s fingers knew just how to play with her pussy. Sarah’s body was getting all sweaty under her shirt and bra, the clothes sticking to her flesh as she felt so lewd and naughty bent over and grabbing onto the bar as her panties remained around her ankles and her hot spots were taken so well.

And in between grunts and gasps and cries of sexual pleasure, Sarah did all she could to egg Rose on and get more.

“Ooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssssss is this how you’re gonna do it Rose? Is this how you’re gonna take pretty little Hayden?” Sarah cooed, her voice strained and ragged as she felt herself right on the edge of ecstasy, all her energy pulsing inside her and the pleasure trying to push itself all at once. “You gonna bend her over like me and play with her young cunt while you’re stuffing that juicy fucking ass of hers? You gonna fuck that pretty bitch and make her a slut like me? Mmmmmmm yessssssssss a fucking slut who loves it up her tight ass? That how you gonna do it Rose? Gonna give her her fucking mansion initiation?”

Rose wanting to fuck all new girls who came to the mansion with Mr. Snappy was part of the place’s lore by now, but that didn’t make Rose want to do it any less. She’d already taken Hayden’s pussy with her favorite toy and now she was aching for her beautiful, full ass too. Having Sarah talk to her like that was definitely having the effect both of them wanted and Rose pushed harder into Sarah, shoving a little bit more of the thick plastic up her hole. She couldn’t go all the way with Mr. Snappy into Sarah’s ass, and she didn’t want to, but there was more than enough buried up the girl’s tight hole to get them both off.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck Sarah! You know that’s just how I’m gonna do it!” Rose groaned, her own top half getting sweaty under her clothes thanks to her exertions. “I’m gonna take Hayden’s beautiful bubble butt and make it mine! She’s shy now but soon she’s gonna be begging me to take her ass all the fucking time, just like you do Sarah! You act all tough, like you’re in charge of the place, mmmmm but I know how much you love bending over for Mr. Snappy to stuff you up good! Love might think she’s the fucking slut of the mansion, but you’re just as bad Sarah! You’re gonna be so fucking jealous that you won’t be there when I fuck Hayden’s virgin ass so you can suck Mr. Snappy clean after I pull it out of her and taste that hot, fucked hole!”

“Ooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s so fucking nasty!” Sarah panted, her eyes rolling back in her head and her body tingling from head to toe as she gripped onto the counter and was roughly taken from behind. “You know I love that Rose! Fuck her like me! Fucking take her tight ass and make her taste it! Just like you did last night with Rosario and Mandy! Mmmm and me! You dirty fucking slut Rose! Do me like that now baby! Take my fucking ass and make me taste it! Just like you’re gonna do with Hayden! Fuck me Rose! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I’M SOOOO FUCKING CLOSE! MORE ROSE MORE!!!”

Rose was feeling pretty close herself. With both Mr. Snappy’s nub pushing into her pussy when she thrust into Sarah and Jennifer’s tongue sliding deeper into her from behind whenever she’d pull out and push herself back, she was feeling sexual bliss rush through her. But despite her own pleasure, she kept all her concentration on Sarah as she fucked her ass and played with her throbbing clit, her fingers getting soaked in juice that Rose couldn’t wait to lick off herself.

Jennifer kept her face buried in Rose from behind, loving how nasty all of this was. None of them had bothered to get completely undressed and even though what they were doing was nothing new to any of them, it just felt more wicked in this manner, with so many of their clothes still on.

It was as if the lust had overcome them so such a degree that undressing would have only wasted valuable fucking time. Jennifer definitely felt that way as she kneeled behind Rose, her face pressed between her tight ass cheeks and she lapped at her pink wetness through the slit in her strap on.

Jennifer could feel her own pussy dripping through her jeans and her panties and her nipples were like daggers threatening to cut through her bra. She was getting sweaty too from her fun and she could feel her clothes start to cling to her body. But stopping to undress or even touch herself some more was the last thing Jennifer wanted. She was far too happy gripping Rose’s perfect, pale cheeks with both of her hands and keeping them spread open so she could push into her with her tongue.

The harder Rose fucked Sarah, the faster Jennifer licked her. Jennifer always got off on how good her friends tasted and Rose’s pussy was so sweet as she attacked her folds with her tongue, lapping up the dripping essence and flicking against her clitoris, making Rose gasp happily and thrust deeper into the grunting and squealing Sarah.

Rose’s clit was so full for her and Jennifer couldn’t get enough of the juice her housemate was feeding her. She kept a firm grip to Rose’s backside, squeezing her cheeks and moving with Rose as she would thrust into Sarah while loving it every time the brunette would pull out and fuck her tongue by shoving her ass back against her face.

On the way back up to the suite, Jennifer had cursed herself for forgetting her purse. She had asked herself how she could be so forgetful and do something so silly. But now she was overjoyed over her own lapse in memory. She had expected to dash in and out to get back to walking around and maybe even losing some of her money in a game of chance, but this was so much better than anything else she could be doing that it wasn’t even close.

Jennifer loved everything that she was experiencing, from the taste of Rose’s pussy to the smell of their sex to the sounds of Rose and Sarah grunting and crying out their pleasure. It was making Jennifer soaking wet and she felt as if she could orgasm without even rubbing herself again.

Soon Sarah’s cries were screams of ecstasy. Mr. Snappy up her ass and Rose’s expert fingers pinching and rubbing her swollen, pulsing clitoris was too good for her to hold back any longer and she barely had a chance to warn her friend that she was about to explode in joy.

“Gonna come…gonna come…gonna commmmmmmmme!” Sarah managed to gasp out before the tidal wave hit inside her and when Rose responded by thrusting into her faster, it only made things better.

“AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Sarah exclaimed, her pussy clenching down on Rose’s probing fingers as her ass squeezed around Mr. Snappy and her body convulsed in absolute ecstasy. “OHHHHHHHHH GODDDDD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Rose wasn’t nearly as close as Sarah was so she didn’t try and rush her own orgasm to keep up with her friend. She just let the essence of Sarah’s orgasm soak the fingers she kept inside her tight cunt at the same time she continued giving it to Sarah’s ass. Through every gasp and shriek, Rose continued to fuck Sarah’s ass, pushing Mr. Snappy up into her and stuffing her hole with plastic.

And when Rose finally did stop, it was only when she sensed Sarah had had enough. With Sarah slumped over the hard counter whimpering happily and moaning out the last of her orgasmic pleasure, Rose slowly withdrew from the girl’s ass, leaving her previously tight hole gaping from the intense fucking she’d just given her. But she wasn’t quite done with her yet, something she made quite clear when she gave the blonde a firm slap across her backside and told her quite directly what she wanted.

“On your knees…” Rose said and Sarah didn’t need to hear anything more.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss make me taste it!” Sarah cooed as she pulled herself away from the bar and happily collapsed down onto her knees, putting her face right next to the cock that had just stuffed her ass. “Make me taste my own fucking ass!”

Feeling wonderfully nasty, Sarah repeated what she had done the night before. She opened her mouth and, wrapping her hand around the shaft, guided Mr. Snappy in. She wrapped her lips around the toy and began tasting herself. Sarah moaned at the forbidden taste of her own ass on Rose’s toy and wantonly sucked it clean.

Jennifer moaned too and couldn’t help but join in the fun. Pulling away from Rose’s pussy, Jennifer already had a glaze of the woman’s juices all over her lips. But she wanted to taste something else and when Sarah pulled away for a moment to breathe, Jennifer dove right in without thinking. She took over for Sarah by sucking Mr. Snappy into her mouth to taste her friend’s freshly fucked ass.

Naturally, Rose was in heaven as she saw her two gorgeous friends go ass to mouth on her favorite toy. Seeing Sarah and Jennifer side by side working over Mr. Snappy, first Jennifer sucking off Sarah’s saliva along with the taste of her ass and then Sarah returning the favor by sucking it down to taste Jen’s spit before they both ended up licking the sides of it and meeting at the head so they could rub their tongues together and end up kissing, charged Rose up big time.

She hadn’t come yet but she knew that was just moments away because of what she intended to do next with her toy.

“That’s it girls, get Mr. Snappy nice and wet,” Rose cooed, peeling her own shirt off and then reaching around for the clasp of her bra so she could finally free her body from the confines of her clothing. “Taste that hot ass Jen! Mmmm I hope you love what you’re doing Jennifer, because your ass is getting stuffed next!”

The happy moan Jennifer made as Mr. Snappy filled her mouth again was all the confirmation Rose needed to hear that her friend would be eager for the same treatment Sarah had just gotten.

Her thoughts drifted to Alyssa and Hayden, who no doubt were both waiting for her downstairs. But they would have to wait a little while longer. Rose definitely still had work to do up here.


Elisha Cuthbert moaned like a content cat as she stretched herself out on the soft bed. She was mighty happy to be settled in and was taking a little rest before she started to take on all the city could offer. Flying was always so draining for her, and this flight had been particularly so. But at least it had been draining in a good way.

Flying terrified Elisha and she usually found herself clutching the armrests the whole way, worrying about every noise she heard and imagining the worst-case scenarios. She would be a wreck by the time the plane landed, all nervous and bent out of shape and eager to kiss the ground. So after she landed it would usually take her a little while to recover and lose the frazzled sense of self she always got from flying,

But happily that wasn’t an issue at all today. She was tired, but it was the kind of tired that could only come from great sex and Elisha could never get enough of that.

Of all the ways to get her mind off her fear of flying, getting involved in an all-girl orgy while in the air had never really occurred to her before, but if it was going to make every flight as easy to handle as this one had been, then Elisha never wanted to not have her pussy licked while she was up amongst the clouds again.

As she had enjoyed the naked, beautiful bodies of her girlfriends the last thing she had been thinking about had been her fear and Elisha had actually enjoyed flying for the first time in her life.

And as she rested up after experiencing multiple orgasms in the sky, Elisha couldn’t wait for more fun. There were plenty more naughty adventures to be had with both feet on the ground and Elisha was so very intrigued about what Rose’s game would have her do. Naturally she was willing to do whatever perverted challenge the brunette could throw at them and she hoped that at least one of those challenges involved her taking Mr. Snappy deep in both her pussy and her ass. Elisha loved being fucked by that toy and it had been too long since she had felt her ass get stretched by that thick, hard fake dick.

But just as much as Elisha was looking forward to finding out what Rose had in mind for them, she also wanted to get to know her partner. The random drawing of names had paired her with Q’Orianka and Elisha didn’t know a thing about her except that she was Jewel’s cousin and that she had looked really good without her clothes on while on the plane.

They hadn’t had the chance to play with each other while on board, but Elisha planned on changing that as soon as possible. She hadn’t met the exotic girl until today, but she already was dreaming of licking her beautiful body from head to toe and, based on the looks she had gotten from her on the plane, she was confident Q’Orianka felt the same way.

Elisha wished she was in the same hotel as the other girls. She hadn’t known they were getting such a huge suite at the Palms so she had made her own plans and she definitely wasn’t making the kind of money where she could just ditch the room she had reserved for herself. So she had settled in at the MGM Grand, close enough to the others that she could easily get at them, but far enough away that she felt a little jealous they were off having fun without her.

Wondering what her friends were doing and to whom they were doing it to had Elisha tingling up nicely under her clothes as she lay back on the bed barefoot, the soft pillow feeling mighty good under her head. She wasn’t tired enough to sleep or anything. She just wanted to rest up for when she met her friends again and they undoubtedly fucked her ragged, just like she always loved them to do.

But while her friends from the mansion were in a different hotel, Elisha wasn’t alone. Far from it. And she definitely didn’t feel lonely with her roommate around, especially when she had such a great view as she lay back in the bed and stared right at Kelly Clarkson walking into the bedroom from the suite’s living room without a stitch of clothing on her beautiful body.

“You make yourself right at home, don’t you?” Elisha teased as she drank in the vision of Kelly walking around completely nude, loving the sights of her soft, small breasts giggling with every step and begging to be fondled and licked, the soft puff of brown fur that pointed toward Kelly’s feminine core and the scrumptious bare ass that practically demanded she do wicked things to it.

“Huh?” Kelly responded, not quite sure what her friend meant at first until she realized that she was talking about her nudity, causing her to blush. “Ohhhhhh. Sorry. I ummm…I’m just used to being naked. I didn’t even think it was a big deal. Want me to put something on?”

“What? Put something on? Hell no!” Elisha laughed. “Mmmm don’t you dare cover up an inch of that gorgeous body, Kel. I love what I see! You just keep on being naked!”

Kelly giggled and walked over to the bed, quite enjoying the look she was getting from Elisha as the sexy blonde stared wantonly at her naked flesh. The truth was Kelly hadn’t stripped to try and arouse her friend and lover. She just liked being naked. She was probably part nudist or something because when she was at home by herself she was usually walking around completely naked and not thinking a thing about it.

It wasn’t done for sexual purposes. It just felt comfortable to her. She loved being naked and free and it was something she was used to, just like how she rarely wore panties unless she was wearing a skirt or a short dress.

It was so hot in Vegas that even with the air conditioner going full blast, Kelly had been eager to ditch her clothes. Being naked was like second nature to her and as soon as they’d settled into the room she’d stripped down to her bare skin while thinking about grabbing a shower after how sweaty she’d gotten being naughty on the plane and waiting around the damn airport.

She’d just been walking around the room, checking it out and hadn’t intended to do it to get a hot stare out of Elisha. But it was definitely a wonderful bonus for her and she sauntered over to the bed to lie next to her friend and stoke the lustful flames that were beginning to form.

“Well if I’m gonna be naked, then maybe you should be too,” Kelly wickedly suggested while slowly running her fingers over Elisha’s chest through her t-shirt, tracing the outline of her breasts. “After all, if I’m the only naked one here then I’m going to get all self conscious.”

“Far be it for me to make someone as sexy as you feel self conscious,” Elisha giggled. “I guess it’s not fair if only one of us is naked.”

“Mmmm yeahhhh you gotta be fair,” Kelly grinned before kissing the Canadian beauty right on the lips. “Fair is fair, Leesh. If I’m gonna show you tit, then you better show me tat.”

Elisha and Kelly both giggled and then began to kiss, their soft mouths pressing together wetly and tenderly. They kissed each other several times, each of them moaning from the feel of their lips rubbing together and then slowly parting so their tongues could touch. Elisha and Kelly knew just how to kiss each other and they rubbed their tongues together sensually as Elisha’s hands roamed over Kelly’s naked flesh and the singer did the same to her friend, feeling her through her clothes.

“Oooooh I’ll show you anything you want Kelly,” Elisha groaned, now not thinking a bit about rest and entirely focusing herself on other things she and Kelly could do on this soft, comfortable bed. “Mmmm you were so good to me on the plane baby, making me forget all about my fear and getting me thinking only about how hot and sexy you are instead.”

“Always happy to help,” Kelly smiled back. “And right now I wanna help you get naked. C’mon Leesh. Don’t hide your body from me.”

The two girls kissed again and as they did Kelly reached under Elisha’s t-shirt and began pulling it up. Just like she had on the plane, Kelly began to eagerly undress her friend and Elisha just moaned happily from the feeling of being stripped. She lay her arms back and let Kelly lift her shirt over her head and as Kelly was tossing it away, Elisha helped by undoing her own bra, reaching around her back to get the clasp and letting the singer yank it away.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh this is what I wanna see,” Kelly sighed with a big smile as she stared at the full, perfectly proportioned mounds now exposed to her hungry eyes. “Gawd Elisha, you’ve got like the best boobs! Mmmm they look so yummy! I love how hot your tits are!”

Kelly proved that by caressing the pink curves of her friend’s chest, rubbing them tenderly and teasingly fondling her swelling nipples with her fingers. Elisha’s breasts had such a lovely jiggle to them. They were so soft and natural and they were big without being oversized for her. They perfectly fit her chest and Kelly could never get enough of playing with them, just like Elisha couldn’t get enough of another part of the singer’s body.

“Yeah? You like those tits Kel?” Elisha moaned. “You like my pretty, pink tits? Mmmm well I love this!”

Elisha giggled as she slapped her hands onto Kelly’s full ass, making the singer’s cheeks sting ever so enticingly.

“Oooooh!” Kelly cooed at the feel of her friend’s soft hands on her ass. “Mmmm you always tell me that though. I think you’re like obsessed with my butt, Leesh.”

“Can you blame me?” Elisha laughed. “How could I not be totally obsessed with this incredible booty of yours? But I suppose if you want me to stop paying attention to it, I can…”

Elisha pulled her hands away from Kelly’s backside, immediately getting the response she wanted from the singer.

“No! Don’t stop!” Kelly laughed, grabbing Elisha’s hands and planting them back on her ass. “You always make me feel so good there! I love when you pay attention to my ass.”

“Goody, cause I love paying attention to it,” Elisha grinned. “Your butt is perfect Kelly! Mmmm I love how juicy and bouncy it is and how good it looks when I’m licking it mmmmmm or fucking it!”

As she said the last part, Elisha rubbed her fingers between Kelly’s cheeks, teasingly touching her crack as she moved to the singer’s tightest hole. Kelly’s body stiffened and she let out a long, happy moan as Elisha wickedly rubbed her fingertips against her asshole.

“Ooooooh Leesh! Mmmmm baby you know what I like!” Kelly cried. “You know just how to touch me! Mmmmm that feels sooo good! I wish you’d done this on the plane! It drives me wild when hot girls play with my ass!”

“Mmmm I know, that’s why I love doing it so much,” Elisha said, rubbing her fingers against her friend’s asshole with two fingers as they kissed again and made sure their tits touched, their hard nipples stimulating each other. “And I don’t just love your ass baby. Your whole body is so fucking sexy.”

Elisha’s touch was just what the singer was craving now. As naughty as she had been getting with girls since she’d been seduced by Christina and as bold as she’d gotten with her lust for women, Kelly didn’t consider herself a slut or anything for real.

Not just anyone could do to her what Elisha was. The actress’ fingers were in such an intimate place and Kelly didn’t just let anyone play with her asshole like Elisha was. But the Canadian beauty had more than earned the right to touch her there and both Elisha’s touch and her sweet words of praise for her body were turning Kelly on.

With all the critics out there constantly making jokes about her weight, it was hard for her not to feel self-conscious sometimes. Kelly had embraced her own curves. She loved that she had a woman’s body and she wasn’t a starving stick figure. But sometimes it got hard for her to shut out the criticisms when she looked at herself in the mirror and it was always good to hear beautiful women like Elisha say how sexy she was. Idiots on the Internet might think she was fat, but when the hottest women in the world told her differently, Kelly knew just how wrong they were.

“Ohhhhh yessss Leesh yesssssss!” Kelly groaned, getting herself good and wet from the feeling of hers and Elisha’s bare tits grinding together at the same time the blonde expertly played with her asshole. “Ooooh you make me feel so sexy! Mmmmm I want to show everyone how good you make me feel! Oooh I know we’re not on the same team, but I still wanna show other girls how hot we get together and get these fucking Vegas hotties to play with us!”

Kelly had felt a little bad that Elisha wasn’t her partner in Rose’s game. They’d really bonded as friends and Kelly adored how good the blonde could make her feel in bed, but she was overjoyed with the idea of teaming up with Jennifer Aniston. She was so incredibly beautiful and Kelly couldn’t wait to find out what naughty activities they’d be working on together. Still, she wanted to make sure she spent as much time with Elisha as possible.

“Mmmmm yeah, that sounds so hot Kel!” Elisha enthusiastically agreed, gasping as Kelly returned the favor for the touch to her ass by pushing her hand under the waistband of her shorts and panties so she could tenderly rub her labia. “Oooooh yesssss mmmm rub it Kelly! Rub that fucking wet pussy of mine! Mmmm I’ve been thinking the same thing baby! I wanna get some other hot girls in here with us so they can see us get it on and then ooooooooooh yessssssssss….then we’d fuck those other girls together!”

“Oooooh who? Anyone in particular in mind?” Kelly asked eagerly while rubbing and being rubbed at the same time. “Mmmm tell me Elisha! Tell me who you want to see me with so I can picture it in my mind!”

“Naughty girl,” Elisha grinned at the same time she took her other hand and slid it between Kelly’s legs so she could rub her pussy and asshole at the same time. “Ooooh you know the girls are gonna be filling their suite with hot girls to play with but we can have some fun here. Mmmm you know what I want Kel? I want to see you with Camie. Would you like that Kelly? Wanna fuck my nasty friend Cameron and have her wrap those long legs around your back as you’re eating her out? Wanna taste her hot pussy and have her fill your tummy with her cum while I’m sucking those hot titties of hers? Ooooh Camie tastes so good and I know she’s gonna love your tongue as much as I do?”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh I wanna fuck her!” Kelly enthusiastically cried over the idea of fucking Cameron Diaz while delighting in the feel of Elisha’s fingers rubbing her. “Mmmm gawwd she’s so hot! I’ve seen her fuck other girls at the mansion but I never got my chance with her! Mmm she’s got such a hot ass! I would love to bend her over and lick her there! Oooooh and after I get her wet I can fuck her with a strap on just like I did to you yesterday! Mmmmm but this time I can take her hot ass like you love fucking mine!”

“Sounds soooo hot!” Elisha cooed, adoring the thought of two of her hottest friends sandwiching her in bed so she could kiss Kelly while rubbing the front of their bodies together at the same time Cameron was rubbing her pussy into her ass from behind and then turning her face toward her so she could kiss her too.

Elisha wanted Kelly to feel the same pleasure she always did whenever she and Cameron fucked. They had become good friends while Cameron had been dating Justin Timberlake and Elisha had been dating his friend Trace. Elisha had been shocked at first to find out how truly close Justin and Trace were, but that had been nothing compared to the shock she had felt when Cameron had put the moves on her in the middle of an all-girl orgy she hadn’t known she would be attending. But once that shock had worn off, Elisha had found what sexual pleasure could truly be and she hadn’t looked back since.

Cameron technically had been the second girl she had been with, but she was the first to lick her and the first she licked too. It had only made their friendship stronger and while they might have broken up with the men who had brought them together, the two of them still got naughty whenever they could. Elisha loved thinking of Cameron and Kelly together with her…their bodies both so beautiful in different ways. Her favorite fantasy was to think of Kelly and Cameron on all fours on the bed with her so she could get at both their asses, Cameron’s so tight and toned and Kelly’s so wonderfully plump and fuckable.

While she finger fucked Kelly and kissed the singer, Elisha dreamed of licking both of their assholes and then filling them up with toys. She wanted to have a toy in each hand as she fucked them from behind, making the both of them cry out in orgasm from her hard thrusts.

But before she could tell Kelly the dirty details of what she was thinking, the singer interjected with another idea.

“But you know who you know that I think would be reallllllly hot?” Kelly asked naughtily. “Mmmmm that hot redhead you were on 24 with!”

“Annie?” Elisha asked, her smile growing as she got a vision of her gorgeous former co-star in her mind.

“Mmmhmmm,” Kelly replied, a little embarrassed to say she didn’t remember the woman’s name but assuming that Elisha would know best about who she was talking about. “She’s so fucking hot Leesh! Mmmm it looks like her boobs are huge!”

“Oh they are,” Elisha purred, very much liking Kelly’s idea as that mental image evolved into her picturing how good Annie Wersching would look naked and in sweaty, happy girl sex ecstasy. “Mmmm gawwd when I did my scenes with her I was always trying sooo hard not to stare at her tits but it’s like impossible not to! I never knew if she caught me staring or not but they looked so sexy! Mmmm I just wanted to get her out of her clothes and check out how big they were?”

“So you didn’t hook up with her?” Kelly asked, a little disappointed as she realized that her friend wouldn’t just be able to snap her fingers and turn her fantasy into a reality.

“I’ve never got the chance,” Elisha sighed. “I totally want to though! If you think she’s hot on TV then you should see her in person. She’s so beautiful! I would love the chance to fuck her! Mmmm I just wanted to kiss her and get her naked so I could get at those big, sexy boobs I’d been lusting after and see how many yummy freckles she’s got all over her!”

“Oooooh that’s what I want too!” Kelly groaned in desire both from Elisha’s fingers probing her and from finding out they had similarly dirty minds. “That sounds so hot! Mmmm I wanna fuck her with you! We could each suck one of those big titties and then get down there and lick your hot friend Annie together!”

“Oh Kel! That’d be so amazing!” Elisha declared. “Mmmm I’ve never had the chance to make a move on her but we totally got along great! Next time I see her I so wanna make a move on her. Mmmm I’ll bet she’d like it and if she doesn’t I know the two of us could convince her to give it a try.”

While Kelly loved the idea of joining Elisha in bed with Annie, the thought of waiting until the next time they saw each other seemed like forever to her. But she didn’t press the issue. Kelly knew good things came to girls who waited and it wasn’t like they could just make Annie appear out of nowhere so they could have their way with her.

So instead of pining for what she couldn’t have right then, Kelly instead decided to go back to Elisha’s earlier idea. After all, she might not have been able to get her hands on Annie and her big, sexy tits and gorgeous freckled face, but Cameron Diaz was no consolation prize as far as Kelly was concerned.

“Mmmm is your friend Cameron going to be in Vegas this weekend too?” Kelly asked, dreaming of making this soft bed a little more crowded.

“Oh yeah,” Elisha grinned, liking where Kelly was going with this. “She and I were gonna hook up this weekend. I don’t know if she landed yet, though. Want me to call her?”

“Definitely,” Kelly smiled. “I want you to see me fuck your friend mmmm and then have us make a Leesh sandwich out of you.”

“Ooooooh!” Elisha cried as she once again happily pictured her naked body pressed in between the gorgeous forms of her sexy friends. “Mmmmm I’ll make sure that’s a yummy sandwich for sure.”

The blonde girl never would have been able to pull away from Kelly rubbing her pussy under normal circumstances, but this was definitely a special occasion and Elisha couldn’t go for her cell fast enough. Kelly giggled at Elisha’s enthusiasm as she lunged her topless body off the bed to get her phone out of her bag and she couldn’t help but admire how good Elisha looked, especially as she bent over the bed to open her bag, pushing her ass up.

“Mmmmm speaking of great asses,” Kelly moaned before she returned the favor for what Elisha had done earlier by slapping her hands on the soft cheeks of her friend’s backside. And once Kelly touched Elisha’s sexy cheeks through her shorts, she just had to lean down and press her lips to the small of her back, kissing the milky, smooth flesh as Elisha moaned.

“Ohhhhhhh Kel! Mmmm baby that feels sooo good!” Elisha sighed. “Mmmmm gawwd you’re gonna get me so hot I’m not even gonna be able to make the call.”

“So call already,” Kelly laughed, teasingly giving Elisha’s ass another sexy smack. “I’m horny as fuck here! Let’s get some action going!”

This time it was Elisha’s turn to giggle over Kelly’s exuberance. She loved seeing the singer this impatient and she could certainly understand why. She was pretty worked up herself over the idea of getting Cameron into bed with them and she got her friend’s number out of her phone’s memory and autodialed it.

She just hoped Cameron was already in Vegas and all settled in because she didn’t want to wait. Being naked in bed with Kelly and thinking of the two of them getting it on with another hot girl was making Elisha more than a little damp and she didn’t want to wait long for Cameron to get over there.

Elisha’s mind was whirling with erotic possibilities as she pictured just how well she and Kelly could ravish Cameron together as the number dialed and she waited for the blonde to pick up on the other end. Elisha knew Camie was always up for anything and that getting hers and Kelly’s hot asses into bed with her would be so easy. And at the same time Elisha was also keeping hot thoughts in the back of her mind about how she could seduce Annie the next time she saw her.

Kelly was so right about how hot the redhead was and now that the singer had admitted she was fantasizing about her too, it made Elisha even more eager to get naked and naughty with her busty friend.

Elisha flipped herself onto her back again and waited not so patiently for some kind of response in the call. Kelly began caressing her thigh with her fingers and kissing her neck and even down to her shoulder as their naked bodies pressed together on the bed and that just made Elisha more impatient for Cameron to pick up. The phone just rang and rang on the other end, though, and Elisha figured that she would be soon going into her friend’s voice mail.

But just as she began composing a message in her mind that would be both flirty and insistent that she call back as soon as possible, the call was finally answered.

“Leesh? What’s up baby?” Cameron asked recognizing the number as she picked up. “I was just thinking about you.”

“Thinking good things, I hope,” Elisha replied.

“Oh you know I am,” Cameron said flirtatiously. “Very good things.”

“Oooooh I like the sound of that,” Elisha giggled. “But I’d rather you were here doing those good things to me. Mmmm and Kelly too.”

“Oh really? Mmmm you’re not alone, huh?” Cameron laughed back. “Goody. You know I love sharing Leesh and that sexy friend of yours is definitely worth sharing. And I’ve never actually been with her either…”

“We were just talking about that,” Elisha replied, moaning as Kelly distracted her by sliding her hand into her shorts and under her panties, caressing her smooth thigh and then moving onto her pussy.

While Elisha tried to talk to Cameron, Kelly teased her friend’s labia and made her bite her lip to keep from moaning. And this only got Elisha more fired up too and she took her free hand and began rubbing Kelly the same way, teasing her exposed pussy lips as they both pleasured each other while the blonde was on the phone.

“Hmmmm what’s going on there? It sounds like you’re up to something,” Cameron inquired. “Don’t try and hide those moans from me Leesh.”

“Well how about you get over here and you can find out for yourself,” Elisha suggested, not hiding the moans of pleasure Kelly’s touch was inspiring.

“I love it,” Cameron said. “I’m gonna get over there as soon as I can. I just checked into The Mirage. Let me settle in a bit and then I’ll be on my way. Of course I might not be alone either…”

“Ooooooh I like the sound of that,” Elisha said. “Got someone sexy with you?”

“Mmmmhmmm, we met when we were checking in,” Cameron coyly replied. “We’d never met before, but it turns out we have something in common. You.”

“Who is it?” Elisha eagerly asked, mentally running through the list of girls she’d fucked to try and figure out whom Cameron had encountered.

“It’s a surprise,” Cameron teased. “I think I can get her to come along with me so you’ll find out soon enough.”

“Awwwww tell me now,” Elisha insisted, moaning even more as Kelly increased the speed of her rubbing.

“Nope, you’re gonna have to be surprised,” Cameron laughed. “But you’ll love it. I promise.”

“But I wanna know now,” Elisha pouted. “C’mon Camie!”

“Stop whining, you’ll know soon enough,” Cameron insisted. “Now let me get my shit together and get going. I’ll call you when I’m there and you can come down and meet us, ok?”

“I guess,” Elisha grumbled, not happy to be not knowing, but also confident that whatever Cameron had planned was going to be worth it.

“See you in a bit sweetie,” Cameron said before ending the call and leaving Elisha back to paying full attention to Kelly.

“So what’s that all about?” Kelly asked, planting her naked body on top of Elisha’s topless one and kissing her as their bare tits rubbed together.

“Camie’s coming and she said she met someone,” Elisha explained. “She didn’t say who it was though.”

“Oooooh a mystery, I love it,” Kelly laughed. “I can’t wait to find out who.”

“Me neither, I hope she hurries,” Elisha replied. “I hate waiting.”

“Well maybe I can give you something else to think about then?” Kelly purred seductively as she pushed her hand back under her friend’s shorts and panties to resume rubbing her pussy.

Elisha immediately moaned from the sexy touch. Kelly was right. This was definitely going to give her something else to think about. But even as good a distraction as Kelly was, Elisha couldn’t help but wonder what Cameron had in store for her.


Meanwhile, Elisha wasn’t the only girl in town who was impatient.

“Oooooh I can’t wait for her to get here,” Christina said as she paced around the room impatiently while awaiting the knock on the door signifying their guest was here. “I’ve wanted to get my hands on her from the first time I saw her.”

“Mmmm me too,” Britney added from the couch. “She’s got the best legs. Ooooooh Chrissy, I just wanna drag my tongue all over those yummy legs and then get all over what’s in between them.”

“Legs? Mmmmm Britney, who can pay attention to her legs when you’re staring at that ass of hers.” Christina giggled. “I caught her in concert a few months back and I wanted to just jump up on stage and sink my teeth into that perfect booty of hers. Mmmmm she’s so fucking delicious from behind. And soon she’s gonna be ours.”

“If she’s into it,” Britney pointed out.

“Of course she’s gonna be into it,” Christina replied, dismissing the idea like it was the silliest thing she had ever heard. “Look at the two of us! How could she not want to fuck us ragged? Mmmmm Britney she’s definitely going to be into it. Hell the last time I talked to her she was totally eyefucking me the whole time. Mmmm she was staring right down my blouse to get a look at my big titties and I knew she loved what she saw. Believe me baby, if she’s not a lez already then she will be after about two minutes with us.”

“I like the sound of that,” Britney smiled, as always feeding off Christina’s confidence. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day. Ever since you set it up for her to come here I’ve been so turned on thinking about what we can do to her and mmmm what she can do to us.”

“You and me both Britney,” Christina said, pausing her pacing just long enough to sit down on the couch next to her girlfriend. “I’ve been getting wetter by the second waiting for her and if she doesn’t get here soon I’m gonna have to just strip and take care of myself cause you know it better than anyone Britney, my pussy doesn’t like waiting!”

“Ooooooh lemme feel,” Britney eagerly demanded before sliding her hand right under Christina’s ridiculously short skirt and moaning when she felt nothing but the wetness underneath while rubbing her girlfriend’s labia without any panties in the way. “Ooooh Chrissy! Baby you’re already soaked ohhhhh and you’re soooo fucking hot! Mmmmm I hate to keep your hot pussy waiting. You want your naughty little Britney to take care of this for you? Want me to take your steaming, wet pussy and make it feel all better?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh you gotta ask Britney?” Christina groaned, adoring the feel of those skilled fingers on her needy lips. “Mmmm I always want you to fuck me baby! Get this fucking skirt off me and give me a warm up fuck before she gets here!”

With no panties on underneath her short skirt, it was mighty easy of Britney get to Christina’s honeypot. And with her own libido racing with anticipation of their coming guest, Britney needed no further incentive. As her one hand continued to toy with the slippery, tight lips of her girlfriend’s pussy, Britney used the other to start pulling the skirt up around her waist. She loved how Christina’s pussy felt against her fingers, but Britney wanted to get her mouth on her even more. Feeling Christina come was never as good as tasting it was.

Britney and Christina were alone in their suite right then. Their kids were out at Circus Circus getting some good family entertainment and the two singers were instead focused on activities that were far more adult.

They had set it up to their guest would arrive while their kids were out with the nannies and Fluffy and they were planning on taking full advantage of this alone time. Juggling family responsibilities with the burning needs of their own desires could be difficult at times and that just made the girls more eager to burn off their sexual energy in huge bonfires of pussy hungry feasting whenever they had the chance.

At first they had thought about keeping the kids at home for the weekend and just enjoying all of Las Vegas for themselves, but they just hadn’t been able to separate themselves from their sons. Not wanting to be apart from them for the whole weekend meant that they couldn’t have the 100% hedonistic trip that their friends just a few stories up in the hotel were having, but they were going to damn well make the most of it anyway. Besides, juggling being a good mommy with the inward pull they felt to be as slutty as possible was nothing new for Christina or for Britney.

Both of them believed they could have it all. They could be great mothers to their kids while not having to skimp on the carnal pleasures. Nothing had shown them yet that they couldn’t and their unconventional family was thriving. It definitely wasn’t the norm and both of the singers were aware of that, but it was a home with lots of love and since they were both the products of divorced parents, Britney and Christina knew that wasn’t true about a lot of the so called “normal” families out there.

They passionately kissed while Britney pulled Christina’s skirt up. She smiled in delight at exposing Christina’s dripping wet folds, her smooth lips freshly shaved and so very aroused. She looked absolutely delicious, as always, and Britney couldn’t wait to taste her again.

But before they got any further, the knock on the door they had been waiting for was heard and both girls sat up on the couch smiling with anticipation.

“She’s here!” both singers giddily declared simultaneously, their shared exuberance making them both giggle.

Britney and Christina jumped off the couch and ran for the door of their suite, Christina pausing only to push her skirt back down with the hope in mind that soon she’d be taking it all the way off.

The singers took a moment to compose themselves, brushing each other’s hair back into place with their hands and adjusting their clothing to not be too obvious about what they’d been doing.

Britney planted an impetuous kiss on Christina’s lips for good luck, which was happily returned, and as soon as their lips pulled apart, they both reached for the door just as a second round of knocking began. In fact the door opened in mid-knock, causing the woman on the other side to nearly stumble past the doorway when Britney and Christina welcomed her inside.

“Hey sweetie,” Christina purred seductively, eager to draw this dark skinned beauty into her and Britney’s web of debauchery. “Come on in. We’ve been waiting for you.”

“And I’ve been waiting for this,” the woman purred back as a smile crossed her face showing that she very much knew what she was getting into by entering the pop superstars’ shared suite.

Both Christina and Britney had to stop and stare as the woman strode inside the suite brimming with a sexy confidence that had both of their pussies immediately demanding attention.

Ciara Harris was better known just by her first name, which she had recorded several successful albums under. But though this was ostensibly a business meeting between the three of them, the two blondes were focused on so much more than just the woman’s singing ability. And the way Ciara strode inside the suite seemed to say that not only was she aware of this…she welcomed it.

“So where do you girls want me?” Ciara boldly asked, loving how she could see the lust in the eyes of both beautiful blondes as she asked her obvious question. “Where should we do this?”

She knew she wasn’t being subtle, but Ciara also knew that if half the things she had heard about Christina and Britney and what went on at their label were true then subtlety wasn’t going to be necessary. She could go right for what she wanted.

“Oooooh you’re an eager one, aren’t you?” Christina smirked. “I like that. But don’t get too ahead of yourself Ciara. After all, this isn’t an invitation that goes out to just anyone and just because you’re here, doesn’t mean you’re in yet. You have to earn that.”

Both Britney and Christina were letting their eyes roam eagerly all over Ciara as she stood before them in a white mesh top that was just see-through enough to give a teasing hint of the red bra she had on underneath and black sweats that clung tightly to her long legs and toned lower body.

It was the kind of outfit they were accustomed to wearing when they were rehearsing or going over the dance moves for their concerts. It was the kind of outfit you wore when you were looking to get sweaty and not have any of your movements restricted and both of them loved that Ciara was dressed like this.

Ciara’s dark hair was restrained behind her head in several braids and Britney and Christina shared a lusty look as they both thought about how much fun it would be to give those braids a firm tug as they fucked Ciara from behind with a strap on.

But those words didn’t pass the pop icons’ lips…at least not yet. They were still being a little coy about this. Even as the sexual tension began to grow in the room, the charade of this being just a normal business meeting continued.

“Gwen’s been telling us nothing but good things about you,” Britney offered.. “She thinks you’ll fit in just fine with us.”

“Oh I know I will,” Ciara said confidently. “Mmmm I know this will be the right label for me…especially if you two are as hands on as I’ve heard you are.”

“Well if what Gwen’s told us about you is true then we’re going to be very hands on with you sweetie,” Christina purred as she and Britney led Ciara into the suite and sat down on the couch, urging her to join them. “But you’ve got to earn our special attention. So many girls claim that they deserve to be part of Desire Records, but so few actually do. So let’s see if you’re in that select group Ciara. Let’s see if you deserve the hands on treatment.”

Ciara had to stifle some laughter. If the rumors were true then there was nothing select about what happened at Desire Records. She had heard that Christina and Britney were hungry for any girl with nice tits and a hot ass. If you had a wet, tight pussy then you were in, but Ciara kept that thought to herself.

There was no sense in calling your future bosses sluts before any clothes came off, especially when Ciara felt her libido burning with the desire to be just as slutty as she imagined two blonde stars were.

Ciara could feel her arousal increase over the revelation that Gwen, as promised had put in a good word for her with her friends. Gwen had sworn she would and it sure looked like she had delivered. Now all she had to do was hold up her end of it and Ciara squelched down any and all doubts inside herself. She had come too far to turn back now. She had spent too many hot nights fantasizing about something like this and if she chickened out at the last second she knew she would never forgive herself.

Sitting down on the comfortable couch, Ciara found herself sandwiched between the two pop icons. She had Christina on her right and Britney on her left and they were so very tantalizingly close to her.

Ciara felt like she could just reach out and touch them both or…even better…have them both touch her all over. Ciara could feel the heat building with every second and while she projected cool on the outside, inside she was anything but collected.

Her heart was pounding as she sat between the two sex queens. Ciara was no virgin and she knew exactly what she was getting into, but she also couldn’t help but worry after all she’d heard about Britney and Christina that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. After all her dreams and all her dirty thoughts, the last thing Ciara wanted was for them to think she couldn’t handle the big leagues. She was younger than them and didn’t have the experience either of them did, but she wanted this so bad.

“So do you have all your meetings in places like this?” Ciara asked, trying to be seductive and flirtatious even in her small talk as her eyes couldn’t help but gravitate toward the stripper’s pole.

“Well once we heard how interested you were, we didn’t want to wait until we got back to LA,” Christina explained. “You don’t want to wait, do you?”

“No! Oh hell no!” Ciara immediately replied, chiding herself for being a little too eager in her response while Britney and Christina both giggled over her enthusiasm. “I don’t want to wait a day more or an hour or even a minute!”

“Well that’s the kind of spirit we like to see around here,” Christina said, placing her hand on Ciara’s leg and softly caressing her up to her bent knee as the three of them sat together. “Britney and I demand enthusiasm in all our girls. If you want to be part of the Desire Records family then you’ve got to be enthusiastic.”

“Oh I am, very, very enthusiastic,” Ciara assured them, hoping that they were just being coy and that “enthusiastic” really meant “horny.”

“So Gwen tells us,” Britney said, following Christina’s lead and caressing Ciara’s leg through her sweats, the two of them moving closer to her on the couch and sandwiching her. “She’s been really singing your praises. Not that we need to be sold on someone as beautiful as you Ciara.”

“You two are the beautiful ones,” Ciara said, trying not to moan too obviously as her body was filed with tingles of desire from the hands of the two women softly rubbing her legs. “I can’t believe I’m really here. I’ve heard so much about this label.”

“Only good things I hope,” Britney smiled as she boldly moved her hand up to Ciara’s neck and slowly ran her fingers over to the back of her head so she could play with her braided hair.

“Oh yes, very good things,” Ciara replied. “Mmmmm really good things!”

“Like what?” Christina asked, inching even closer to Ciara as the younger woman’s heart skipped a beat over the sensation she got that Christina was about to kiss her. “What are they saying about us? What’s so special about what we do there that’s got tongues wagging?”

Naturally Christina knew full well exactly what people were gossiping about. They weren’t doing much of a job about hiding what went on at the label and Christina didn’t care if they did. She and Britney were far more concerned about having as much fun as possible with as many hot girls as possible. Discretion took a back seat to that.

So she knew what Ciara had heard. She just wanted her to say it.

“Well they say you’ve got a very special thing going on there,” Ciara replied, loving the hands on her body and wishing the girls would begin to play with far more intimate parts of her. “They say you make sure everyone at the label is very well taken care of and that no one is ever unsatisfied.”

“Is that all they say?” Christina teased. “I’m a little disappointed if they’re so coy about it. You sure they don’t say anything else sweetie? Anything hotter and nastier?”

Ciara was a little surprised that Christina was prodding her so much about this. She hadn’t expected things to move this quickly. She had come into this expecting things to be coy for a while and then they’d gradually move into something beyond business. But now it seemed like they wanted her to jump right into the deep end of the pool.

She wasn’t sure what to say. Should she just blurt out and say that she had heard Christina and Britney took every girl they signed to their label and fucked the shit out of them? Should she say that she heard every girl who was on the label was a pussy-starved dyke thanks to how hot Britney and Christina were? Should she say that she wanted in so badly because of her ravenous desire to be fucked like she’d never been fucked before by beautiful, horny women?

Ciara wasn’t sure she could admit all that right out of the blue. She barely knew Britney and Christina. She’d met with them a few times before, but nothing in a one on one setting and certainly nothing this intimate. Gwen certainly vouched for them and Ciara trusted Gwen, but this was still a lot faster than she had been anticipating and it made her pulse race with nerves even as it got her pussy wet at the same time.

Ciara was beginning to feel herself sweat and that was the last thing she wanted. That just made her nerves and doubts stronger and when that happened she began to worry she really couldn’t handle all this.

But just as Ciara began to really get nervous, her normally effusive tongue silenced by uncertainty over how to answer Christina, she was reassured that she was in good hands.

“Just relax Ciara,” Britney said to the girl in a soft, sweet voice that had more than a touch of Southern honey in it, providing an immediate calming effect. “Just tell us. Tell us what you’ve heard about what we do over at the label. We just wanna make sure you know what you’re signing up for.”

“Yeah, let’s see if there’s a dirty mind inside your beautiful body,” Christina smiled, moving her hand sensually up to Ciara’s thigh.

“Mmmm you really think I’m beautiful?” Ciara asked. She had no illusions she wasn’t pretty. In fact most days, Ciara thought she was smoking hot. It wasn’t ego. It was fact. But she still loved to hear it coming from the mouths of such gorgeous women.

“Without a doubt,” Christina replied. “Oh sweetie, I’ve had my eye on you since I first heard 1, 2 Step. Mmmmm and when I saw these killer legs of yours in the video I knew you would be perfect to join us. But we gotta see if you’re ready. This is a test Ciara. Let’s see if you can pass. So I’m gonna ask again. What have you been hearing about us? What do you think we do over at the label?”

Ciara let out a little sigh of relief. She felt much better now. Not only was she being complimented by both of these beauties, but now she had a much clearer idea of what she had to do. She didn’t mind Christina making this a test. Ciara loved challenges. Having it put to her in such a direct way made her want to pass it even more and Ciara summoned her desire and confidence and came up with an answer she felt good about.

“I hear you two know what a woman REALLY wants,” Ciara purred, returning the favor by reaching out to caress the smooth, bare legs of Britney and Christina.

“Mmmm and what’s that?” Christina asked, moaning from the feel of Ciara’s soft hand on her leg and hoping that soon she’d reach under her skirt to get at what Britney had been so skillfully playing with before.

Ciara took another deep breath. She knew what she wanted to say so she decided to go for it and let the chips fall where they did. After all, if you couldn’t do that in Vegas, then where could you?

“To get fucked of course,” Ciara grinned before she made her bold move and pressed her lips right to Christina’s.

It was the first time she had ever been so aggressive about kissing another woman and Ciara jumped right into it, not even pausing to consider what would happen if she had misread the entire situation and Christina didn’t want this. She tried to give the blonde her sexiest kiss possible, something soft and sensual, but with a lot of heat behind it to show her how much she was into this.

Immediately Christina kissed back, softly rubbing her lips into Ciara’s. That got both girls moaning and when Christina pulled away with a big smile on her face it was Britney’s turn.

She leaned right in to meet Ciara’s lips and sensually kissed her. It was just their lips touching, but the sparks of arousal that Ciara felt as she kissed Britney Spears had her pussy quivering under her pants. Both Britney and Christina were great kissers and that just made Ciara want them even more. They had so much to teach her about being with women and she wanted to learn it all.

“Mmmmm now that’s what I hoping you’d do,” Christina sighed in desire as she watched Britney and Ciara kiss, their beautiful faces pressing together and making a lovely mix of chocolate and vanilla that the horny singer longed to lick everywhere. “Show us Ciara. Show us you’re ready for this. Mmmmm show us you deserve to be one of us. I wanna see how naughty you can get, girl.”

Ciara was feeling plenty naughty right then as she kissed Britney. Her nipples were starting to really swell up against her bra and mesh shirt and she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this wickedly aroused. Her pussy was radiating heat under her clothes and she so badly wanted to slide her hand under the waistband of her sweats so she could feel that heat.

But before she could do that, Ciara was urged to put her hands to better use.

“Touch me,” Britney softly sighed as their lips rubbed together again and they resumed kissing, each kiss getting hotter and wetter for the both of them.

Like she was in a sexual trance, Ciara couldn’t help but obey. She had wanted this for so long and to actually be able to do it made her feel like she was dreaming. But this was no mere fantasy and Ciara moaned in joy when she reached for Britney’s tits.

She felt a little shallow for going right for Britney’s breasts, but she figured that it was natural to want to go right there since the notorious blonde’s chest was so famous. Plus Britney certainly didn’t seem to mind. When Ciara’s hands began caressing her through her dress, she felt nothing but Britney’s stiffening nipples and heard nothing but eager moans.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss right there!” Britney cooed. “Feel me up Ciara! You like that baby? You like feeling those big tits of mine? Mmmmmm I can’t wait to show them to you…ooooooh…so you can taste them!”

Right then all Ciara wanted was to be able to see, touch and taste Britney’s tits. She could feel a lust haze coming over her and she welcomed it. This was what she wanted. She had fantasized about this for so long. She wanted to lose all control and go wild with beautiful women who would guide her and show her every dirty thing girls could do to each other in bed.

Ciara loved feeling Britney’s breasts under the thin sundress she wore. She could feel the large, firm mounds underneath the soft material and it was clear Britney didn’t have a bra on because of how hard her nipples were getting.

Ciara and Britney kissed some more and Ciara moaned when Britney put her hands on her back and slowly moved them down until she was softly massaging her ass through her sweats. And when Ciara opened her mouth to let out that sound of desire, Britney took full advantage by sliding her tongue into her mouth. Feeling Britney’s practiced tongue against hers just made Ciara moan even more and she French kissed the blonde icon back, rubbing their tongues together as they touched each other through their clothes.

But all of this was leaving Christina without anyone to touch her. Even though she was enjoying the show by rubbing her tits through her top as she hungrily eyed Ciara making out with her girlfriend, she hadn’t set all of this up to just be a voyeur.

When Britney broke their kiss, Christina swooped right in and was soon rubbing her tongue against Ciara’s. Britney’s tongue kiss had left Ciara a little breathless and Christina’s kiss wasn’t making her breathe any easier, but she welcomed that. She loved how the girls left her head spinning. This was just what she wanted.

Ciara didn’t think this could get any better. But the pleasure kept on increasing with every kiss and every touch. She could feel Christina’s pierced tongue rubbing against her and it sent such a shiver of arousal up her spine right to her brain. It was such a turn on to imagine how that tongue stud would feel licking against her clit and Ciara was practically juicing in anticipation. So when Ciara felt Christina reach down and rub her ass through her sweats along with Britney, she had to break away from kissing her to tell her how much she loved this.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssss this is just what I wanted!” Ciara sighed happily, her breathing more than a little heavy after all the kisses she’d just shared with Britney and Christina. “Ohhhh my God you two are so hot! Gwen told me you were but…but it’s like you have to experience it to really know!”

“Oh yeah,” Britney brightly smiled in agreement, wanting nothing more than to tear off all of their clothes so she and Christina could really get to work on their new friend. “You definitely gotta feel it for yourself! There’s nothing like the real thing!”

“You’ve got me so wet,” Ciara admitted without hesitation. Even though she barely knew Christina or Britney aside from a few conversations over the years, she had no inhibition over sharing such intimate confessions with them.

Ciara felt such wicked need burning inside her. This was the fruition of so many fantasies for her and she could scarcely believe it was really happening. Everything she had been told was true. She hadn’t had to pretend or be coy or even attempt to seduce her way into what these girls had going on. She could just be herself and not hide what she wanted to have done to her. That was so liberating and Ciara couldn’t wait for it to happen, especially after what Christina said to her next.

“Mmmm you’re wet already?” Christina giggled naughtily. “Good girl. Britney and I have so been waiting for this ever since Gwen told us you wanted a meeting and I’m so happy that you’re eager for it. I love eager girls!”

“Damn right, I’m eager,” Ciara replied with a happy laugh. “Ooooh I was hoping it was gonna go down like this! That’s why I didn’t dress fancy. I just wanted to have on clothes you could get off me in a hurry! Part of me wanted to show up here buck naked and like in a trench coat or something so I could just open it up and let you dirty girls have your way with me! But I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure if it was true…”

“Weren’t sure if what was true?” Britney interrupted with a smile of her own as she began caressing Ciara’s tits, having moved her hands away to let her girlfriend have the woman’s ass all to herself. “Did you think it wasn’t true that Chrissy and I are pussy hungry sluts who love fucking hot girls like you baby? Did you think it wasn’t true that we can never get enough girl fucking and that you and that we were gonna wanna tear your clothes off the second we got alone in a room with you?”

“I had to see for myself,” Ciara said, moaning breathlessly from the skilled hands exploring her body over through her clothes. “I had to see that you girls were as hot as they said you were! Mmmmm God it’s not just Gwen I heard it from! I heard it from Beyonce! And Kelly Clarkson! And Shakira! They all said I had to get my ass over to you so you could show me how much you two love to fuck! They kept telling me that Britney and Christina know how to fucking treat a woman! They said you could do things to my pussy that no guy ever could! They told me it was going to change my life if I met up with you two and that’s what I want! I want it so bad! Change my life! Make me see what its like to really get fucked by another girl!”

“Have you been with any other girls?” Britney inquired. “I mean besides Gwen.”

Gwen Stefani had been the last girl she had ever been with, but she hadn’t been the first for Ciara. Even though it had been years ago, right when she was first breaking into the business, Ciara remembered it like it was yesterday. Missy Elliott, her mentor, had been the one to introduce her to Eve and Ciara had often wondered if Missy had any idea how fateful that meeting was.

Eve had been so friendly at first, so willing to help her and so eager to give her advice in a private one on one setting. At the time Ciara hadn’t thought anything about it, but now with the benefit of hindsight, she could see that from the moment they had said hello, everything Eve did and said had been done with the intention of seducing her.

Not that she minded. Everything that had happened that night had been consensual and Ciara was happy Eve had done what she had done. What was happening here with Britney and Christina felt like her finally meeting her destiny on the path that Eve had started her on all those years ago.

Not thinking that Eve had anything on her mind other than legitimately advising her on how to avoid the traps of this industry and thrive while making the kind of music she wanted to make, Ciara had been like a sponge with the hip-hop icon. Ciara had known Eve had so much to tell her and she had listened to every word she had said to gain wisdom from it, not thinking anything was amiss as they had ended up alone in Eve’s hotel suite.

But that had been when the wine had really started to flow. Ciara had ended up drinking more than she had intended to and hadn’t had much resistance in her when Eve had moved the conversation away from business and music and toward more personal topics like whether she had a boyfriend and if she was getting lonely after all those nights on the road. Before Ciara had known it, Eve had been behind her, massaging her shoulders through her shirt and telling her how tense she seemed and how she could really work that tension out of her if she only would take her shirt off.

In her alcohol fogged mind, it had made perfect sense for Ciara to let Eve take her shirt off and not too long after that her pants were gone too and she way lying on her stomach on the couch as Eve had massaged her ass through her panties and told her that it was time she learned she didn’t need a boyfriend to get off.

Ciara had been drunk, but not out of her mind so it had been clear what Eve had wanted from her. But even though Ciara had felt like she was supposed to have told Eve that she wasn’t a lesbian and wanted her to stop, she just hadn’t been able to make the words come. The wine had loosened up her libido and what the older woman had been doing to her body had felt so incredible that Ciara had ended up just letting it happen.

She had let Eve strip off her bra and panties and bring her totally nude into the bedroom. She had let Eve spread her legs open and kiss her most private of areas over and over again until she’d found herself getting wetter than any man had ever made her feel before. And she had let Eve lick her there until an intense orgasm had rushed out of her the likes of which she had never experienced.

She had let it all happen and Ciara had never blamed the alcohol for it. Sure it had probably dulled her senses enough that she hadn’t wanted to fight Eve off, but that didn’t change the fact that she had felt incredible pleasure from every lick Eve had taken and she sure as hell couldn’t blame the alcohol for what had happened next when Eve had stripped off her own clothes and planted her pussy down on her face before telling her to start licking.

Ciara had never done anything like that before. But Eve had been so wet and her pussy had smelled so good and tasted even better. Before she could even start to question herself, Ciara had started to lick Eve while she rode her face and urged her to fuck her.

And once she’d started, Ciara had been unable to stop. That first taste of another woman had been so intense and arousing that she had just gone wild on Eve, not stopping until she was coming all over her face and soaking her tongue in her sticky, delicious girl cream.

The next morning, Ciara had snuck out of the room with Eve still fast asleep, but she had loved what had happened. It had made her feel so liberated and wild. Ciara had enjoyed reliving that one night with Eve, especially when she was in the shower with her massager or in bed with one of her toys. It was so hot to think of how naughty she’d gotten that one night, but Ciara hadn’t done anything to repeat it at first.

Even though it drove her crazy with arousal, Ciara also hadn’t been certain she wanted to go there again. She hadn’t wanted to be dogged by rumors that she was some kind of lesbian, especially with an already crazy lie out there about her. Having a lesbian rumor would have been too much along with that and Ciara hadn’t wanted people talking.

So she had tried shutting that part of her off and stifling her desire. But that hadn’t worked. Not when there were so many beautiful women out there and not when looking at them made Ciara think how incredible Eve’s tongue had felt lapping at her soft, wet femininity and how delicious her pussy had tasted as she rubbed it against her lips and spread herself open to be licked. Ciara had found herself thinking more and more about her one lesbian experience and when she had worked as the opening act for Gwen Stefani’s tour, she hadn’t been able to hold herself back anymore.

Gwen was just so beautiful and she had an incredible body. Everything about her was sexy and Ciara hadn’t been able to resist. They had spent so much time together on that tour and the more Gwen had come to her to offer advice or ways to improve, the more Ciara had thought about reliving her night with Eve with the gorgeous blonde.

Ciara knew Gwen and Eve were friends. Had Eve told Gwen what had happened between them? Had the two of them hooked up too? The more she had considered those questions, the more Ciara had wanted to find out the answers while she and Gwen were naked in bed together.

Gwen was such a captivating beauty and the more Ciara had tried not to think about her in a sexual way, the more she had ached to see her nude and touch her everywhere. She hadn’t even had any kind of inkling that Gwen had been into girls at the time, but Ciara had been completely unable to help herself.

This time she had been the one to make the move. She hadn’t waited to be seduced. She was the one who had gone to see Gwen one night after one of their concerts, finding the woman in her dressing room in nothing but a bathrobe. Seeing her like that had made Ciara nervous, but she hadn’t backed down and, with her pussy dripping the whole time, she had gone into the dressing room and closed the door behind her hoping that soon they’d be getting to know each other a lot more intimately.

And naturally it hadn’t taken long for those hopes to come true. Gwen had been only too happy to receive her that night and when Ciara had begun to stammer out how beautiful she thought she was and how much she had enjoyed spending all this time with her on tour, Gwen had seen exactly what her true intentions were. With a smile on her face, Gwen had opened her robe to show off her nude body underneath and there hadn’t been the need for any further words after that.

The two spent the entire rest of the night together, getting to know every inch of each other’s bare bodies. They had started in the dressing room and ended up back in Gwen’s suite for more. They had kissed and touched and licked until the sun was up in the sky and Ciara hadn’t cared that night if anyone thought she was a lesbian. All that had mattered had been the intense pleasure.

Without the alcohol and the shyness of trying something new, Ciara had been able to enjoy her time with Gwen even more than she had with Eve. Gwen had been such a wonderful teacher in bed. She had shown Ciara everywhere women could pleasure each other and they had licked and touched all those places together. And it hadn’t been just one night either. For the rest of their tour dates together, Ciara would go over to Gwen’s suite in whichever city they were in after the concert so they could hook up. Gwen had made her feel so incredible and only fueled her desire for female flesh further.

So when Gwen had trusted her enough to tell her about the mansion and about Britney and Christina’s label, Ciara’s only thoughts had been about how she could get herself in on all of this. She had heard the rumors about how wild Christina and Britney were and that they were much more than business partners, but to hear it all in such graphic, wicked detail from Gwen had made her pussy drool at the thought of being a part of it.

And that mansion had sounded so divine. A secret place where all those beautiful women could come together and lose all their inhibitions? It had to be heaven.

But before she got to that mansion, Ciara wanted to get involved with Christina and Britney. Gwen had told her about some of the other girls who were involved and Ciara had sought them out. She’d talked to Kelly and Shakira and Beyonce and they’d all said the same thing about how incredible the horny pop star duo was and what an intense experience it was to be with them.

There wasn’t time for that whole story now, though. Ciara could tell her new friends later, after they’d already satisfied each other’s desires. Right now she was far more concerned with putting her lips to a better use.

So instead of answering Britney’s question about her past experiences with girls, Ciara decided to show her by kissing her deeply and reaching around for her dress.

Britney moaned happily from feeling Ciara’s kiss once more and leaned her body into the younger singer’s so she could get her sundress off her. Ciara fumbled with the buttons a little while she and Britney began to tongue kiss, but she started undoing them one by one.

However, just as she was about to push it off the blonde, Christina put a stop to that.

“Oh no, not yet,” Christina grinned, reminding everyone who was in charge here. “You are one eager girl Ciara, but you don’t get to do that yet. Our clothes are staying on until you earn the right to get them off. You’re a good kisser but we’re still not sure you’re Desire Records material yet.”

Britney was disappointed that Christina had thrown the brakes on. She had loved how Ciara’s tongue had felt in her mouth and she’d so badly wanted the singer to get her dress off so she could feel that tongue everywhere she liked to be licked. But she let Christina guide the pace. She was always willing to do what her girlfriend wanted when it came to things like this because Britney knew it always ended in amazing ecstasy for everyone involved.

But Britney’s disappointment was nothing compared to Ciara’s. She’d been ready to get Britney’s dress off and dive right in. She was starving for the taste of female flesh and wanted to give Britney the kind of tongue lashing that showed she belonged and then doing it to Christina too.

Now she was being told she still had to prove herself? Ciara couldn’t help but frown at the sound of that but she quickly pushed it off her face and instead became more resolved than ever to show these two she was worthy.

“What do you want me to do?” Ciara asked in her sexiest voice, once again bringing her hands over to the blonde singers that sandwiched her on the couch and caressing them through their clothes. “I want this so bad. I’ll do anything you two want.”

“Well you have the right attitude, that’s for sure,” Christina said. “And like I said, you’re a great kisser Ciara. Your lips taste so good and mmmm that tongue of yours makes me wanna just lie back and get licked. But that’s not enough. You gotta show us your moves first.”

“My moves?” Ciara asked, not sure what it was that Christina wanted.

“Yeah, your moves,” Christina repeated as she gestured toward the stripper’s pole near the couch. “Show us what you’ve got Ciara. Work that pole baby. Mmmm if you put on a show that we like then we’re gonna put on a show for you that you’ll like.”

In case she wasn’t being specific enough again, Christina emphasized her words by leaning over and giving Britney a long, sexy kiss. Britney closed her eyes and kissed back with moaning desire that had Ciara getting even wetter at the thought of Christina kissing her like that and then doing so much more to her overheating body.

She darted her eyes away from the kissing couple to eye the pole. It had seemed like a suitably Vegas-style touch that it was in the suite’s living room and now she could see it was up to her to put it to good use. That didn’t throw Ciara, though. She’d done some pole dancing to keep herself in shape and to make sure her dance moves were suitably sexy. This wasn’t new to her. But she couldn’t ever remember doing it for an audience that she wanted to impress more than this one.

“You girls want a show? Well you’re gonna get one,” Ciara declared as she stood up from the couch and made her way toward the pole without a second’s more delay. “And you two better get ready over there cause it’s gonna be a hell of a hot one.”

That was just what Christina and Britney wanted to hear and they both smiled as they snuggled together on the couch, pressing their bodies together while they eagerly waited for Ciara to get started.

Ciara took a deep breath and said a silent prayer to herself that she could live up to her boastful words. She wanted this so badly and didn’t want to trip and fall now that she was so close to the finish line. She just wished there was some kind of music she could listen to now to really get a rhythm going, but she didn’t insist on any and let Christina set the rules. Instead Ciara picked a hot jam to play in her head and grabbed onto the pole, swinging around it a few times to loosen up and get ready to show these two pop queens what she was made of.

Ciara could feel the eyes of her audience on her and it fueled her on. Her heart was beating so hard in her chest but it wasn’t from nerves. It was from the wicked excitement of knowing she was about to be very, very bad and that she was going to love every minute of it.

“Watch me,” Ciara urged even though she didn’t have to since the two blondes on the couch wanted to gaze at nothing else but her, especially as her mesh top and tight sweats clung to her lean, young body.

Ciara was just happy she had come dressed like this. This would have been harder in a dress, or worse, a skirt. But this was the kind of outfit that was perfect for movement and Ciara was glad to have that extra flexibility as she started to do some seriously dirty dancing on the pole.

Grabbing the freshly shined pole with one hand and using the other to caress her own body, Ciara pushed her ass out toward Britney and Christina and gave them a sensual grind through the air, moving her bottom slowly and seductively before beginning to strut around the pole.

Sometimes Ciara had fantasized about being a stripper, but she had never actually done anything like this before. Those fantasies were turning into reality now, though, and she liked it. Ciara relished the chance to be able to use her body to work her audience into a sexual heat, especially since her audience was made up of two busty blondes she badly wanted to fuck.

Still holding onto the pole, Ciara slowly turned herself around, sauntering around it until she was facing her audience again. As the music played in her head, giving her a beat to try and keep up with, Ciara grabbed the pole with both hands and slowly undulated her body, at first thrusting her chest and then pushing herself out by the waist, arching her back and pushing toward Britney and Christina the area she most wanted them to focus on.

And they were definitely focused on it. Ciara could see the smiles on their faces and watched them as they whispered and giggled back and forth. She loved seeing how intently they were gazing at her ass and the horny, hot looks in their eyes turned her on more. Ciara swayed to the music as she held onto the pole and moaned when she took one hand off it to touch herself, running her soft hand over her own chest to feel how hard her nipples were getting under her top and bra.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh that’s it, show us your moves baby,” Christina cheered, rubbing herself into Britney on the couch and shivering with pleasure as her girlfriend reached under her skirt and helped herself to a touch of her bare pussy. “I wanna see everything you can do Ciara. Show us you’re hot enough to fuck!”

Ciara wanted nothing more. As much as she believed that she was signing on with Desire Records to help her already popping career, Ciara wanted to get in bed with these two pop icons even more. She wanted to live out all her dirty fantasies with them and all the beautiful women signed onto the label. Ciara was getting hornier by the second and she showed it by bending her legs and lowering herself down the pole while continuing to undulate and hump herself against the air, sensually moving and hoping she was making her audience as wet as she was making herself.

She’d used a pole before to get herself in dancing shape and every time she had done it, she’d ended up getting turned on. But she’d always restrained herself when that had happened so no one could tell the effect pole dancing and pretending she was a stripper was having on her. She didn’t have to hold anything back here, though, and Ciara let her wicked desire to take off her clothes for an audience run wild in her mind and in her body as she moved to the music in her head.

Lowering herself all the way to the floor, Ciara extended her long legs up into the air and continued undulating herself. She was thrusting up like she had some imaginary lover on top of her that she wanted deep into her and Ciara could feel her body getting sweaty and tingly from her actions. She loved how this. She felt so sexy and powerful from knowing Britney and Christina were staring at her and it made her want to turn up the heat even more.

While glancing over her shoulder to make sure that all eyes were on her, Ciara turned over on the floor and thrust her ass out at the blonde duo on the couch. She was bent on her knees with her hands clawing at the hard wood floor surrounding the stripper’s pole. Ciara pushed her ass back, grinding her body against the air and moving her backside hypnotically while turning back every few seconds to keep an eye on her audience.

“You like this?” Ciara moaned while undulating her body. “Is this what you dirty girls want? Mmmm you like seeing me shake my ass like this?”

“Ohhhh fuck yes! We love it!” Britney immediately declared, her nipples so stiff under her dress at the sight of Ciara’s gorgeous, tight ass under her clinging sweatpants. “You’ve got such a hot ass Ciara! Shake it for us! Make us all wet for that awesome butt of yours!”

“Yeahhh move that sweet black ass of yours darling,” Christina groaned, agreeing with Britney’s assessment of the show. “You’re doing just fine Ciara. Keep it up. Mmmm and lets see you lose some of those clothes too. You’re looking good now, but I wanna see the whole fucking package.”

Ciara would have gladly ripped off her clothes right there to let the blondes see her whole body. She wanted Christina and Britney to see how her dark nipples were swelling up and how wet she was getting from dancing for them. But she calmed herself and didn’t just stand up and tear off what she had on. She knew she had these girls in the palm of her hand and if she continued turning up the heat slowly then soon she’d have them both begging her to fuck them.

Keeping the pace sensual and scorching, she grabbed onto the pole again and bent herself over at the knees, pushing her ass out and shaking it for her horny audience. The beat in her head was a slow, sexy jam and Ciara kept good time to it while she began to pull herself up, still letting the girls feast their eyes on her ass while her pants tightly hugged her cheeks.

Wanting to show off a little, Ciara got up on her feet and hooked one leg around the pole and lifted the other one up off the floor so she could twirl herself through the air, circling all the way around the pole, before setting her feet back on the ground and smiling.

“Mmmmmm looks like someone’s done this before,” Christina grinned, snuggling even closer to Britney on the couch and moving her hands up to her girlfriend’s chest, rubbing her large breasts through her dress. “Naughty girl. You know how to rock that pole, Ciara. But I wanna see more.”

“Yeah? Wanna see this?” Ciara purred before peeling her white mesh tank top over her head and seductively tossing it away, showing off the red lace bra she had underneath, her nipples swelling up against it and blatantly poking out. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmm but I wanna see so much more too,” Christina eagerly answered, loving the sight of those hard nipples poking against Ciara’s bra and imagining sucking and licking and even biting those surely delicious dark berries.

“Yeah show us everything.” Britney added. “Get naked for us Ciara. Show us every inch of that body so we’ll know if you’re hot enough to join us.”

“Oh you’re gonna see plenty more…” Ciara promised, smiling while grabbing the pole and spreading her legs so it was right between then.

Ciara slowly moved her body against the pole, not actually touching it with her heated sex, but getting close enough to it that it was like she wanted to attack it. She treated the pole like it was a lover she wanted to rub against, but never quite made the contact she knew her audience wanted to see.

She continued to tease Christina and Britney with her sensual moves, slowly sauntering around the pole before grabbing it and pulling herself up so she was more than a foot up in the air and swinging around it while lowering herself down back onto the floor.

Now Ciara turned up the heat even more, bending herself at her flexible knees and grabbing onto the pole so she could rub herself against it through her sweats and panties. Ciara moaned as the hard pole pressed into her pussy and she relished the moans she also heard coming from the couch.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm you two are turning me on so much,” Ciara groaned from the friction of her clothes being ground into her sensitive, wet pussy lips as she continued to rub herself against the pole. “I love doing this for you! I want in on this sweet deal you’ve got going! I wanna get in on that sweet fucking and pussy licking action you girls do! Mmmm I’m gonna show you how much I want it! I’m gonna make you see how hot I am and make you two dirty white girls all good and soaked for the chance to lick this chocolate body of mine from head to toe.”

Both Britney and Christina moaned in expectation of turning that vision into reality. They were both openly touching each other now as Ciara’s show made their perpetually horny pussies even wetter. Britney had her hand under Christina’s short skirt and Christina was giving the same touch under Britney’s dress as they both lay back on the couch, their position revealing to Ciara that neither of them had panties on, something she loved to see.

Ciara could feel herself breathing heavily as her pulse raced and her mind was filled with nothing but dirty thoughts about crawling over to the two singers and burying her face in both of their wet pussies, going for one delicious pop star treat and then the other until both of their juices coated her tongue. She’d been having nasty visions like that for so long, but until now she hadn’t had the chance to act on them.

But she didn’t go right for it. Ciara didn’t want to blow this deal now. From everything she’d heard, these two could do things to her that even Eve and Gwen hadn’t and Ciara ached for that. She wanted so badly to prove to these two that she was worthy of joining their group and if they wanted to see a show from her, Ciara was going to make sure they got one and that it left no doubt she was ready to get in on the sexy fun.

As she swung around the pole, using it to lift herself in the air and extend her toned, trained dancer’s body, Ciara showed Christina and Britney the best of her moves. She bent and stretched her body to show off her flexibility, making all three of them imagine the positions she could get into once their clothes all came off and they started to get sweaty in bed. She could hear the moans of appreciation from the girls on the couch it made Ciara wetter with every motion she made, twirling herself around the pole and sensually moving her body as she decided to really go for it.

Taking a deep breath and saying another silent prayer that she wouldn’t fall and crack her head on the floor, or worse, humiliate herself in front of the girls, Ciara duplicated a move she had once practiced for a video. The video had never been shot, but she hoped the move would pay off here like she had never imagined it would. Ciara grabbed the pole, pulling herself up it and turning herself upside down. She wrapped her legs around the pole and slowly slid down it, feeling like she had to be leaving a trail of pussy juice from how wet she was getting.

“Ohhhhhh fuck! Mmmmm that’s such a hot move!” Britney groaned on the couch. “That’s awesome Ciara! You have to teach me that!”

“I’m gonna make it even hotter,” Ciara promised, the blood rushing to her head as she remained upside down. Her legs were still wrapped around the shiny pole and Ciara indeed turned up the heat by peeling her sweat pants off her body.

She didn’t mind the awkward position of being upside down as she did this. All Ciara cared about was getting her clothes off and making sure that her audience liked what it saw. And on that note, Ciara had nothing to worry about.

“Yeahhh do it baby. Take it off,” Christina cheered. “Mmmm fuck yeah. Let’s see those legs and that hot ass of yours. Don’t get used to wearing those panties though. You aint gonna have them on for much longer.”

“Ooooooh mmmmm yes! Make me take it all of,” Ciara groaned, tossing her sweats away and then planting her hands on the hardwood floor so she could stick her legs out with the pole in between them. Ciara leaned against the pole and spread her legs, providing the girls with teasing glimpses of her arousal through her red thong panties. “I wanna show you my whole body. You like what you see girls? You like it enough to fuck me? Mmmm cause I wanna fuck the shit out of you both! I love seeing you play with those wet pussies! Gwen told me how hot you are and I gotta taste it for myself!”

Ciara snaked her way down the pole and slowly lowered herself onto her back in front of the girls. Now Britney and Christina could see even more clearly that Ciara wasn’t just talking. She was wet and it showed through her panties. That made the two blondes rub each other harder and Christina made Britney quiver and moan when she reached for her tits and wickedly rubbed her pierced right nipple.

“Ooooh Chrissy!” Britney mewed. “Mmmm I love when you do that! Ooooh she’s making me soooo wet baby. And I can feel how wet she’s making you! You’ve got such a great body Ciara! Ooooh you’re driving me crazy with how sexy you are!”

Ciara was about to thank Britney for the sexy compliments, but before she could open her mouth, Christina had a request first.

“Turn over,” Christina said. “Let’s see that ass of yours, baby.”

Ciara was eager to fulfill that wish and she pulled herself up and grabbed onto the pole, bending over and sticking her ass out for Christina and Britney, her red lace thong contrasting so nicely against her dark skin as her tight cheeks were sexily hugged by the material. The thong wasn’t too revealing and Christina and Britney hungered to see more from the gorgeous singer.

“You like?” Ciara asked teasingly, knowing that they definitely did. “Mmmm you like my tight black ass? I’ll bet you do. Mmmm I’ve heard all about what horny little sluts you two are. I heard what Beyonce loves you to do to her, so you must love seeing my tight fucking booty sticking out for you to touch and to mmmmm lick! Wanna feel it up girls? Wanna grab my ass and give it a slap? You totally can! I wanna feel you two all over me! You can touch! It’s not like a strip club! Touch me! Grab me! Fuck me!”

Ciara’s voice was growing more passionate with every word she said. She was reaching her breaking point. She had been dreaming of this for so many nights. She had wanted and longed to be taken by Britney and Christina. She’d ached to lose all control with those beautiful little sluts just like Gwen and so many other girls had. She couldn’t wait any longer!

“Well you certainly have some hot moves, girls,” Christina grinned as she stood up and took Britney by the hand to pull her off the couch with her. “And we know that you can kiss. Mmmmm you’ve definitely proved that. But there’s just one more thing we need to test first.”

“What?” Ciara asked, tired of tests as her pussy radiated heat through her panties. “Tell me what to do! I’ll do anything! I just need to fuck! I need you two to take me and show me all those nasty things you do to other girls to make them so fucking horny for you! Those girls you fuck can’t get enough and I want to feel the same way!”

“You will,” Britney promised, helping Ciara up to her feet and rubbing the girl’s bra clad chest, making the taller singer gasp and moan when her nipples were caressed by Britney’s soft hands. “There’s just one last test. Mmmm but it’s a fun one. It’s the best test of all.”

“You’re going to love this test,” Christina assured the visibly aroused Ciara. “But it’s also the most important one. There’s just one last thing you have to show us before you get to be a part of me and Britney’s label. We know how well you kiss and we’ve seen how well you move. But now we have to see one last thing.”

“What? What is it?” Ciara asked, her voice close to a whimper as all she wanted was for the two blonde stars to ravish her right there on the hard wood surrounding the pole.

“We have to see how well you fuck,” Christina answered with a devilish grin. “We don’t just let anyone fuck us. We have to see what you’re like in bed first, baby. I’ve lined up some girls who are very, very eager to give you a test ride for me and Britney. Mmmm and if they think you’re good then we’re going to make all your fantasies come true.”

Right then that sounded very, very good to Ciara, but she had one obvious question to ask first.

“Who? Who do you want me to fuck?” Ciara asked, wondering if maybe it was Gwen but also knowing whoever they had for her would be hot.

“Come and see,” Britney replied. She and Christina both took Ciara by the hand and led her toward the suite’s main bedroom. They had tucked this surprise away and both were very eager to see the reaction it would get.

They opened the door to the bedroom was closed and Ciara gasped over what she saw. But the smile on her face showed that her reaction was one of arousal and not of shock. It wasn’t Gwen on the bed, but it was just as hot as Ciara stared right at two women locked in a passionate 69, their tongues burrowed deep in each other’s soaked pussies.

Ciara immediately felt a rush of arousal as she watched the two women in their uninhibited double tongue fuck and her legs got weak at the sight of their dark, sweaty bodies fused together while they rocked on the bed and fucked each other. Ciara wanted to lick off every drop of sweat and sex from their bare bodies and the fact that the two women she was gawking at were Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna was the cherry on top.

“What…what’s going on here?” Ciara asked, feeling stupid the second the question left her lips. It was obvious what was going on.

Fortunately, neither Christina nor Britney thought it was a dumb question and were only too happy to explain why the two world famous singers were fucking right in front of them.

“Beyonce always loves to help get new girls to sign at the label,” Christina moaned into Ciara’s ear as she rubbed into her from behind, making sure the singer could feel how hard her nipples were through her top. “And she knows that putting on a hot, nasty show is the best incentive. Cause if you get to be part of this Ciara then you can fuck Beyonce any time you want. You can lick her yummy pussy and fuck her awesome ass. Mmmmm Beyonce loves being fucked by hot girls like me and Britney! And she wants you so bad Ciara. That’s why she was so eager to volunteer. All we had to do was tell her you were coming and she was over here in a heartbeat tearing off her clothes.”

“Rihanna just signed with us yesterday,” Britney added as she caressed Ciara’s breasts through her bra, making the girl moan and her nipples stiffen up even more while Britney’s other hand roamed down to feel her ass through her tight thong. “Mmmmm and look how much she’s into it already. She can’t get enough. Ooooh none of us can. There’s no better feeling in the world than fucking a girl! Mmmmm or girls…lots and lots of girls all at once! It’s so awesome Ciara! Rihanna wants to fuck you too, sweetie. We all do!”

Those words were music to Ciara’s ears and she moaned again before turning her head to kiss Britney.

“Yesssssssss fuck me! I want all of you to fuck me so bad!” Ciara groaned. “I want you to give it to me over and over again! I want all of you hot bitches to fuck me and show me what pleasures really about! I know men can’t keep up with girls! No man ever fucked me like Eve did or Gwen did! But I need more! Lots more!”

Ciara and Britney wetly tongue kissed and then Ciara found herself being pulled away but only so she could turn her head and kiss Christina instead. Ciara melted into the kiss as Christina’s pierced tongue rubbed against hers again. She was tingling from head to toe and her heart was thumping in her chest as she felt her panties get soaked.

She had known already that Beyonce was into this. But seeing it was something else and Ciara couldn’t take her eyes off Beyonce’s naked body as she lay on the bottom of the 69 with her beautiful cover girl face buried in Rihanna’s muff while the lithe Caribbean girl returned the favor by vigorously tongue fucking her right back.

It was Rihanna’s presence that was the surprise to Ciara, but it was a very good surprise. Rihanna showed no hesitation or inhibition, just naked, raw lust as she kept herself fused to the top of Beyonce in their 69, her tongue ravishing her idol’s pussy. Rihanna was holding nothing back as she and Beyonce fucked each other.

Ciara had never seen this side of the girl before and it was a total turn on. She’d always thought Rihanna was beautiful, that appreciation was quickly turning into heated desire. Ciara couldn’t help but gawk at Rihanna’s firm, nude body and imagine kissing her way down her back and tasting her sweat before she got to her tight ass and spread her gorgeous cheeks open so she could lavish tongue love on her pussy, just like Beyonce was doing.

Ciara was enraptured by the show, relishing the sound of every moan and every wet, passionate lick against another woman’s dripping sex. It was so nasty and raw and she loved how they refused to stop even though they were there. It was like they didn’t know or didn’t care.

Her attention was so focused on the two beautiful singers fucking each other on the bed that Ciara had no idea that Britney was reaching for her bra clasp until she felt it being tugged off her chest.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss,” Ciara cooed as her breasts were bared, her bra falling onto the floor so Britney’s hands could explore the delights that had been underneath. “Get me naked! Strip me bare! I gotta get in on this!”

“So you like what you see?” Christina giggled, kissing Ciara’s neck as she massaged her ass through her thong. “You like seeing these dirty sluts go at it? You like seeing two fucking hotties lapping away at each other’s wet pussies? Mmmm it’s gonna be even hotter when me and Britney join in and you get to watch us fuck liked the horny little bitches we are!”

“Oooooh don’t make me just watch,” Ciara pleaded, Britney’s skilled touch to her naked tits making her feel like she could come just from having her nipples played with. “I need to get in on that! I need to fuck you both! I need to taste those blonde slut pussies of yours oooooooh and get my nasty fucking tongue in Beyonce and Rihanna too! I want it all! I love what I see! You know I do!”

“Well I love what I see too,” Britney declared, her eyes not on the show on the bed, but rather the vision of Ciara’s bare breasts.

As the experienced blonde’s hands played with them tenderly but with a passionate feel, Ciara felt like she was floating. Soft moans kept passing her lips and Britney quieted them with another kiss that Ciara eagerly returned. She and Britney began making out in the doorway as Beyonce and Rihanna continued their lusty, enthusiastic 69 on the bed.

Britney and Ciara wantonly rubbed their tongues together and Ciara gasped in joy when she felt Christina tugging off her panties, the pierced singer kneeling down so she could get them all the way down Ciara’s long legs.

“Mmmm much, much better,” Christina grinned as she straightened up and studied the now nude Ciara. She could only see Ciara from the back, but that was a great view as far as Christina was concerned. She had such beautiful, smooth skin and Christina couldn’t help but stare at her tight, dancing toned ass while imagining doing absolutely wicked things to her.

“Give us a twirl sweetie,” Christina commanded. “Let’s see that body of yours. Show us everything Ciara.”

Ciara didn’t want to stop kissing Britney, but she supposed she could make an exception here. She wanted to show everything off to her new friends.

Ciara knew she had a great body. She worked damn hard to keep it in shape and she loved when people lusted after it, especially when she wanted them just as bad. So she pulled away, slightly breathless from Britney’s kiss, and, smiling all the while, stepped away from the thong around her feet and slowly turned herself around so Britney and Christina could get a total view of her naked body.

“Oooooh you’re sooooo pretty,” Britney squealed in appreciation, her eyes roaming all over Ciara’s firm breasts, hard, dark nipples and her beautiful tight booty, her smile growing as she zeroed in on the visibly damp lips of Ciara’s labia, a small bush of dark hair decorating it wickedly.

“Nah uh, fuck pretty,” Christina grinned. “Mmmm she’s smoking hot! You’ve definitely got a body made for fucking Ciara. Don’t you girls agree?”

Christina saw that Beyonce and Rihanna had finally noticed they were there and she brought them right into the conversation.

“Oh definitely,” Beyonce said, staring right at Ciara as she blushed happily from the attention and compliments. “Mmmm you look gorgeous baby. Just like I always knew you would.”

“You’re so sexy,” Rihanna agreed, her lips and chin coated in a shiny coat of feminine essence, just like Beyonce’s were. “I love how you look Ciara.”

Rihanna had only learned to properly appreciate the female form after her first trip to Christina and Britney’s label had opened her eyes and then some. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined that there would have been a lesbian orgy going on there and that she would have ended up joining in. She had never been with a girl before then, but she had done it all and loved it.

Watching all that glorious girl sex had made Rihanna so wet…wetter than she had ever felt before. It had all seemed so wrong while feeling so amazingly, wonderfully right. She had kissed. She had touched. She had fucked. She had done it all with so many beautiful girls. And she had only wanted more.

Every orgasm she experienced had just made her crave another. There had been so many beautiful girls at the label and she’d fucked them all. Britney. Christina. Beyonce. Nelly Furtado. Shakira. Kelly Clarkson. Fergie. Lindsay Lohan. Hilary Duff. Rihanna had licked them all and had loved every wild, perverted moment of it. She had gone completely sex crazy at the label and it had all been such an incredible experience.

When she’d gone to sleep the night before, giddy as a child and feeling so much adrenaline from all she’d experienced, Rihanna had actually been a little afraid that she’d wake up regretting what she’d done. But even under the sun of a new dawn, all it took was remembering the feel of how sensual a woman’s kiss was to want it all again.

So when she’d heard Christina and Britney were going to Vegas for the telethon, she hadn’t hesitated to get on the first private plane she could and get her ass out to the desert with them.

Christina was the one who had brought her into all this pleasure so Rihanna would gladly have followed her and Britney anywhere. She craved more girl sex and had practically walked on air to get over to Britney and Christina’s suite as soon as they told her that they wanted to see her. And when she saw Beyonce was there too, Rihanna’s eagerness to experience this sweet saphhic ecstasy had gotten unbearable.

She’d practically torn off her clothes and Beyonce’s right along with them once they’d gotten into the bedroom. Britney and Christina had told them to stay in there until they brought Ciara in but the two singers definitely hadn’t been able to wait until then to get some action going. They’d both been so horny for each other’s touch and taste again and Rihanna had even shocked herself by how aggressive she’d been, pushing Beyonce down on the bed and burying her face in her pussy to taste the sweet flavor.

Rihanna loved this new side of herself and right then she was lustfully looking over Ciara’s exposed tits and pussy while imagining the beautiful singer turning into an insatiable slut for girls, just like she was now.

“Well it’s about time you girls noticed we’ve been standing here,” Britney laughed. “I thought it was gonna taken an earthquake to get your tongues out of each other’s kitties.”

“We couldn’t help it,” Beyonce smiled back as she and Rihanna lay on their stomachs on the bed looking up at the three girls in the doorway. “You left us all alone in here with a big, soft bed to play on after you told us everything you were going to want us to do to Ciara. What did you expect to happen? Besides, you know you and Christina would have been doing the same thing.”

“Damn right we would have,” Britney giggled, picturing herself and her girlfriend in a 69 right next to Beyonce and Rihanna as they all rocked and fucked each other’s faces before they traded and she got to taste Beyonce and Christina did Rihanna before they traded again and again and again.

“So don’t blame us,” Rihanna sexily smiled as she moved her hand over to Beyonce’s ass and caressed the full, sexy cheeks. “Mmmm you showed me how hot girls are. You two turned me into a total nympho! So now I’ve gotta fuck every hot girl I see!”

Beyonce reacted to Rihanna’s welcome touch on her ass by turning and kissing the younger girl passionately while she also reached over to give a similar feel to the girl’s spectacularly round and firm backside. The two squeezed each other’s buns as they tongue kissed and Ciara couldn’t wait a second more.

“Make me just like that too!” Ciara pleaded, unable to take her eyes off the bare black beauties in the bed or the naughty blondes on each side of her. “Do whatever you did to Rihanna to me! I’m so fucking wet for you all! I can’t take waiting! Mmmm you wanna see me fuck Beyonce and Rihanna? Is that what will show you I’m hot enough to join you sluts at your label? Mmmmm I’ll fucking do that in a heartbeat! I’ll lick you both so good!”

Ciara’s nipples were throbbing with excitement now and her pussy was drooling down onto her leg. She knew the girls had to see how wet she was and she didn’t care if her juice was dripping onto the rug; She couldn’t wait any longer and the order she’d been waiting for finally came along with a firm smack to her ass.

“So get in there,” Christina commanded. “No one’s stopping you Ciara. Get on the bed and show us what you can do. Fuck them! Put on a nasty show for me and Britney and if you make us wet enough then you get to join us!”

The smack Christina gave to Ciara’s ass for motivation was hardly necessary because as soon as the words were out of the blonde’s mouth, Ciara was off like a shot. She streaked nakedly to the bed, leaving her bra and panties on the floor behind her and jumped right into the fray, bouncing on the mattress as she giggled and jiggled and found herself swarmed by Beyonce and Rihanna.

Ciara considered herself friendly with Beyonce and she had liked Rihanna from the times they’d met, but what pasts they shared were irrelevant now. All that mattered was the wicked lust they all had for each other’s naked bodies.

Ciara had so much pent up desire. It felt like forever since she had last been with Gwen and all that waiting and wanting for the chance to let go and indulge in lesbian pleasure bubbled right out of her as she grabbed Beyonce, planting a wet, passionate kiss on her lips, and then just as quickly let her go so she could turn and grasp Rihanna by her beautiful face and do the same to her.

Quickly it was a blur of kissing and touching on the bed. The three girls rubbed their faces together and tongue kissed in various combinations. Beyonce kissed Ciara. Ciara kissed Rihanna. Rihanna kissed Beyonce. Beyonce and Rihanna kissed Ciara. They broke apart and got together with barely seconds between kisses to gulp in air. Their lips and tongues touched over and over again in a wet blur of passionate smacks and moans as their hands groped all over each other’s naked bodies.

Ciara had wanted today to be amazing, but even her wildest expectations hadn’t put her in a place where she’d be in bed and naked with Beyonce and Rihanna and have the chance to get at their amazing bodies. Ciara had one hand on Rihanna’s chest and the other on Beyonce’s ass before switching up and groping both girls by their incredible tits and then reaching for their perfect butts, massaging the dark cheeks of each of the women she hoped would soon be tonguing her to absolute ecstasy.

Ciara was right in between the two of them on the bed, a beautiful, naked woman flanking each side of her. And as she ran her hands all over their bare, sweaty flesh, they did the same to her. Ciara moaned and quivered in between Rihanna and Beyonce as they both softly massaged her tits. She had ached so long to experience the touch of another woman again and now she had more than she had expected and she loved it. Their hands felt so good on her body and that just made Ciara crave their tongues even more.

“Fuck me!” Ciara urged with a lusty groan, adoring every second she had Beyonce and Rihanna’s sweaty, aroused bodies rubbing into her. “Give it to me like you were fucking each other! I need to feel this! I’m so wet now! Mmmmm so fucking turned on! Oooooooooh I need to feel you all over me!”

Ciara silenced herself by passionately kissing Rihanna, while caressing the girl’s firm, full tits. She loved feeling the sexy island girl’s pierced nipple against her hand. It poked right against her soft skin and made it even hotter to be able to feel both of the girl’s swollen nipples. Ciara had never ever pictured herself getting this intimate with someone like Rihanna but that didn’t stop her from sensually rubbing the erect, dark caps to the singer’s hot tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmm you do that so good!” Rihanna cooed, breaking away for a moment before getting her lips back on Ciara’s in another kiss. “Play with my tits you sexy thing! I love that! You have great hands Ciara! Mmmmm touch me everywhere!”

“Everywhere?” Ciara teased, feeling flush with sexual confidence as she saw the gorgeous singer writhing from her touch and begging for more. “Like here?”

Without pausing to think, Ciara let her lust control her actions and pulled one hand off Rihanna’s chest to push it between her legs. She was acting bolder and naughtier than she ever had before and she loved it as she got her first feel of Rihanna’s heated, wet core.

And while the touch might have been forward, it was more than welcome and Rihanna groaned in happy need when she felt her new friend’s hand play in what had until recently been a place for guys only.

“Ooooooooh! Yesssssssss! Right there! Mmmm definitely right there!” Rihanna cried, her Barbados accent becoming more apparent the more excited she got. “Rub it Ciara! Rub that pussy! Feel how wet I’ve been getting playing with Beyonce! Mmmm we made each other come waiting for you to get in here but I want more! Rub my wet little pussy you sexy slut!”

Ciara was smiling from ear to ear over what Rihanna was telling her. Damn right she was a sexy slut. She felt good thinking of herself like that. It made her feel so hot and nasty to have Rihanna call her that and it certainly felt good to be rubbing the girl’s slick pussy lips. They were so hot and wet and Ciara played with them like she was rubbing herself, masturbating Rihanna and pleasuring her like she wanted to be pleasured.

With Rihanna crying out happily and grinding her ass into the sheets from being touched, it was easy for Ciara to focus entirely on her. But that meant no attention being paid to Beyonce and the world famous singer didn’t like that. She ran her hands over Ciara’s bare ass, gripping the firm cheeks before she leaned into her, spooning her from behind and whispering into her ear.

“Don’t forget about me Ciara,” Beyonce moaned hotly. “I wanna be touched like that too baby! Mmmmm you’ve got such a hot body, girl, and I’ve wanted this for so long! Mmmm ever since Gwen told me she’d fucked you I’ve wanted to taste you and when you came to me asking if it was true that we were all hooking up I wanted you more than ever! I wanted to get right over to you and jump this tight, gorgeous body of yours when you called me and asked me if it was true.”

“Oooooh why didn’t you?” Ciara asked, still keeping her hand pressed between Rihanna’s legs even as she felt the tingles run through her from having Beyonce’s soaking wet pussy pressing against her ass while they spooned on the bed. “Mmmm you so could have Beyonce! Even before I knew how good girls were I loved your hot body! I wish you’d made me come over and fuck you so you could taste me like you taste Gwen’s sweet honey!”

Beyonce had made that wish so many times, but she’d also known it would have been hotter to wait and get things in a situation like they were in right there and then. She loved doing this while they were not only in bed with Rihanna, but with Britney and Christina watching them too. It would have been hot to take Ciara in a one on one manner, and Beyonce was planning to do that just as soon as she got the chance, but she was getting off even harder from this knowing she had an audience.

Beyonce wanted to show off for everyone in the bedroom. She wanted them to see what a slut she could be and how wet she got from fucking other women. Christina, Britney and Rihanna had certainly seen that side of her before, but she never hesitated to remind them how much she was into girls. Now Beyonce ached to show it to Ciara too.

“Oh you’re gonna taste me! Mmmmm you’re gonna love every drop of my honey that you get on that tongue of yours,” Beyonce purred as her wet cunt lips and sparse, dark curls tickled the smooth flesh of Ciara’s bare ass. “And I’m gonna taste you Ciara. I’m gonna lick your cunt dry baby! Mmmm just like Gwen did! Oooooh just like that hot dyke Eve did! Baby, I’m gonna lap away at your juicy black pussy until you’re soaking my fucking face and giving me what I’ve been dreaming of tasting!”

Ciara had never heard Beyonce talk like that before and it was a total turn on to hear such filthy thoughts coming from a woman who was always thought of as such a good girl. It made Ciara soaking wet to know that a superstar like Beyonce, who was supposed to be a sweet, pure wife, was having nasty thoughts about other women just like she was.

Hearing those dirty, sexy words passing Beyonce’s lips made Ciara want to let the superstar do whatever she desired to her. So when Beyonce pushed her onto her back on the bed, Ciara put up absolutely no fight.

“Oh wowwwwwwwwwwww!” Ciara laughed when being pushed onto her back made her see that there was a mirror on the ceiling and that she now had a hell of a view of Beyonce crawling on top of her, her bare ass looking absolutely amazing.

“Oh yeah we’ve been having so much fun watching ourselves fuck,” Rihanna giggled, repositioning herself too so that she remained at Ciara’s side and the singer could get her hand back on her pussy. “I love watching myself get it on and I had no idea how much better it would be with another hot girl there with me and not some guy’s bare ass thrusting up and down.”

Ciara would have agreed if she hadn’t suddenly found herself in a three-way kiss with Beyonce and Rihanna. Men had their uses and as much as she longed for the touch of women, she wasn’t off the idea of a hard cock giving it to her. But Ciara knew the comparison of men’s bodies to women’s wasn’t even close. Nothing could measure up to how beautiful women were and Ciara delighted in staring right up at the mirrored ceiling while two stunning, naked women rubbed their dark bodies into hers.

Beyonce and Rihanna had such stunning bodies. Ciara wanted to play with them all over. She lusted after their soft, sweet lips. She longed to play more with their full tits and erect nipples that were just begging to be kissed and licked. She stared wantonly at their bare asses, their dark cheeks so tight and bouncy all at once. Beyonce had the more famous booty, but Ciara felt herself get wet staring at Rihanna’s delectable buns.

And most of all Ciara lusted after their pussies. She had her hand still rubbing Rihanna and she moved her other hand to get at Beyonce too so she could get a feel of where she wanted to be licking.

Since she was flat on her back and Beyonce was on top of her, kissing her neck and caressing her tits, it wasn’t as easy for Ciara to reach, but she was able to make do by going behind Beyonce. She let her hand rub Beyonce’s famous ass, delighting in her juicy curves along the way, and then slid in between her cheeks to get at the prize. Ciara teased Beyonce’s pussy lips from behind and got an immediate reaction from the singer.

“Mmmmm fuck yes!” Beyonce grunted, her eyes filling with lust. “I love how eager you are Ciara! Rub my pussy! Ooooh rub both of our wet slits! Mmmm you gotta make it hot for Christina and Britney! Do it Ciara! Play with our wet pussies! Feel those fucking tight lips! Yeahhhhhhhh rub them! Mmmmm ohhhhh yeahhh Ciara! Right there, honey!”

Ciara giggled to herself as she realized she had almost forgot about her audience. There was just so much going on here and it all felt so good that it was hard to keep track of who was where. She just hoped she was impressing them. She didn’t mind the evaluation, especially when she was so eager to show what she could do.

Glancing over to her left, Ciara’s smile grew as she saw Britney and Christina standing near the bed. They were pressed together and fondling each other’s bodies through their clothes as they watched the show. Ciara loved knowing she was turning them on and she knew it was time to really show them how bad she could be.

“Ooooooh you’re both so goddamn wet!” Ciara moaned, working over both of the girls she shared the bed with. “Mmmmm I love how you girls are soaking my fingers! It feels so fucking naughty! Get my fingers all slick and slutty with your hot pussies! Mmmmm fuck! I need to taste you girls! I’m not just gonna finger you! I’m gonna get my tongue in these hot girl holes and give you both the licking you deserve!”

“Mmmmm yessss lick us! I’m dying to feel that tongue!” Beyonce immediately declared, laying claim to Ciara. “You gonna lick me good baby? You gonna jam that hot girl fucking tongue of yours in my dirty little pussy? You gonna lick up all my honey as it drips all over that pretty face of yours? Mmmm gonna show me what you can do?”

Beyonce loved how all this was making her feel so wicked and alive. It was like she was not only controlling Ciara, but Rihanna as well and having both of these younger singers horny for her touch was making her pussy drip.

She knew in the end it was Christina and Britney’s room and their rules, so any illusion of her being in charge was just that, but Beyonce liked thinking it even if it was temporary. This was what she wanted so badly. She wanted to leave everything behind and give herself up to total hedonism.

Beyonce wanted to be slutty. She wanted to be insatiable. And most of all she wanted Ciara’s tongue. So when it was offered to her, she jumped right in and took it without even thinking of letting Rihanna go first.

“I’ll show you everything!” Ciara lustfully promised. “Get that wet pussy right on my lips Beyonce, and I’ll show you what a hot fuck I really am! Do it B! Feed me that wet, hot superstar cunt of yours!”

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhh talk like that,” Beyonce urged with a groan as she breathed heavily with desire hearing those hot words out of the pretty girl’s mouth.

But further talking was difficult for Ciara considering what Beyonce did next.

Just as Ciara had urged her to, Beyonce repositioned herself and planted her pussy on her face. She got herself in a reverse cowgirl position so she could look right down at Ciara’s own wetness and Beyonce pressed her pussy to the girl’s lips, hoping that the younger singer was just as good at this as she claimed to be.

And it didn’t take Beyonce long at all to find out Ciara was as good as her word. Her tongue zipped right out and began bathing the slick lips of her pussy. Ciara was famished for girl juice and it showed in how eagerly she tended to Beyonce’s labia. She lashed her tongue against the drooling, tender lips and quickly had the superstar singer moaning out her approval.

“Mmmmm fuckkkkkk ohhhhhhh yessssssssss mmmmmmm that’s it honey! Lick that pussy!” Beyonce moaned happily, planting her hands down on the bed to balance herself as she began fucking Ciara’s face. “Ohhhhhh yessssssssss mmmmmm girl that’s so good! Oooooh Gwen was right about you baby! Mmmm you do know how to lick!”

Ciara was in heaven as her tongue toyed with Beyonce’s pussy, lapping away at her juiciness and loving how her essence coated her tongue and soothed her parched throat. She couldn’t believe that Beyonce was actually fucking her, but Ciara had always known that dreams did come true.

This was such a hot fantasy come to life for her and she didn’t hesitate to live it up. Ciara did just what she had always wanted to do to Beyonce and reached up to grab the woman’s thick, gorgeous ass cheeks while she tongued her. She squeezed the superstar’s amazing ass and licked her hard, fucking Beyonce with her tongue as the woman ground her pussy into her face.

It was pure delight for her tongue to be treated to a taste as good as Beyonce’s, especially as she pushed past her labia and into her soft, gooey folds all soaked with hot, creamy femininity. Her girl honey was so sweet and addictive and Ciara just hoped that she would have the chance to taste this delicious pussy as often as she liked.

But soon the juice soaking her tastebuds wasn’t the only pleasure that Ciara was getting. Rihanna wanted to remind everyone she was still on the bed and she did so in a very dramatic way, by sliding Ciara’s legs open to get her first taste of the singer’s pussy.

Rihanna started off by kissing around the top of her legs and moving onto Ciara’s thighs, making the girl moan with every wet press of her lips to her overheating flesh. But Rihanna couldn’t ignore her pussy for long, not when her lips looked so tight and juicy and there were little needy droplets of cream clinging to her slit, drooling onto her thighs and just begging to be licked.

Spreading open Ciara’s cunt lips with her fingers, Rihanna wickedly dragged her tongue over her newest lover’s soaked slit, delighting her taste buds with Ciara’s essence and getting an instant reaction from the naked singer.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” Ciara cried, her mouth muffled by Beyonce’s pussy, but her happy declaration still loud and clear. “YESSSSSSSSSS DO IT! OOOOOOOOH I NEED THIS SO FUCKING BAD!”

“Oh yesssssssss tell me what you need,” Rihanna sensually moaned, loving her first taste and craving so much more. “You have such a beautiful body Ciara. Mmmmm and your pussy is so wet and delicious. Tell me what you want me to do to it! I want to hear you say it!”

“Fuck meeeeeeeee!” Ciara groaned in lustful desperation. “I’m so goddamn wet! Lick my wet pussy Rihanna! Britney and Christina got me so fucking soaked down there and I need a girl tongue to lick it all up! Do me like you were doing Beyonce! Lick up that juice and make my pussy gush for you! Please do it Rihanna! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh gush for me!” Rihanna carnally urged, mumbling out her horny wishes as she pressed her lips to Ciara’s pussy and kissed the juicy lips, tasting her leaking essence. “Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss mmmmmm so yummy! You have such a yummy pussy Ciara and I’m gonna lick it dry right in front of Christina and Britney! I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good!”

Rihanna immediately showed she intended to do just as she had promised. She kissed all over the girl’s tender labia and then let her tongue run wild on it. Spreading Ciara’s cunt open with her slim fingers, Rihanna lapped away at her soaked folds.

Ciara was so pink and juicy for her tongue and Rihanna licked at her aggressively while still keeping a steady pace and not letting her eager tongue get too wild. Instead she went after her with heated, but targeted lashes of her tongue.

Seeing the three music stars fucking each other and hearing all their moans and cries and dirty talk had Christina and Britney’s pussies both completely soaked. They loved knowing these famous girls were acting like porn stars right in front of them, showing off their uninhibited, insatiable sides that few others ever got to witness. This had them kissing and touching each other without any restraint and more eager than ever to get each other’s bodies as bare as their friends on the bed.

“Mmmmm take this off,” Christina demanded with a big smile as she reached over to Britney and tugged at her dress, pulling it down off her shoulders. “I want you naked Britney! Show off that body I’m a total slut for!”

“Oooooooooh yesssssssss,” Britney enthusiastically agreed, reaching around to the back of her dress to help make it easy for Christina to give it a good yank and send it falling down around her feet to expose nothing but the bare flesh she had on underneath. “Let’s show Ciara what fucking sluts we are for each other! Mmmmmm gawwwwwd I love being naked for you Chrissy! Show everyone how much you love my body! I wanna feel you all over my big tits mmmmmmmm and on my slutty shaved pussy! Make sure everyone knows how good you fuck me and how you make me into a total fucking whore for you!”

Her dress now around her feet and her goodies all exposed, Britney beamed a huge, eager smile and moved to get Christina just as naked as she was. The two of them continually shifted their eyes to the bed to watch the girls at play, but mostly concentrated on each other. Christina was getting antsy as the only girl in the bedroom with any clothes on and there was only one way to change that.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssss! Do it Britney! Strip me! Get these fucking clothes off my body!” Christina hissed in desire as she held her hands up in the air for Britney to pull her top over her head.

With no bra on, Christina’s heavy tits fell right out and Britney eagerly kissed her girlfriend as soon as they were exposed, making sure their large chests mashed together and their pierced nipples touched, sending chills of ecstasy up both their spines. They both moaned from the feel of flesh on flesh and giggled together as their tits bounced against one another.

Surrendering to the passion they perpetually felt for one another, Britney and Christina began tongue kissing, closing their eyes and focusing only on each other. They wetly rubbed their tongues together in their kisses and continued to mash their tits into one another. Christina then helped herself to a loving grope of Britney’s bare ass before giving her girlfriend’s behind a little smack for not getting her completely naked.

“Owwww!” Britney giggled, loving the feel of the smack on her oh so spankable bottom. “Mmmmm what was that for?”

“Duh, I’m still wearing my skirt, aren’t I?” Christina teased. “Shouldn’t you be doing something about that Brit Brit?”

“Mmmmmhmmm I know just what to do,” Britney replied mischievously before she sank down to her knees in front of Christina. But instead of pulling the short skirt off, Britney simply pushed it up around her girlfriend’s waist and plunged her tongue into the creamy pink delights of her completely smooth pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Christina groaned happily. “Mmmmm you fucking slut! I told you to take that skirt off!”

“Mmmm but how can I wait to get my mouth on this yummy pussy of yours, Chrissy?” Britney laughed before shoving her tongue back into her pop star lover. “You know I can never resist it! Mmmm and I’m so gonna make you forget you’re even wearing your skirt!”

“Oooooooooooooooh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Christina cried out when Britney’s skilled tongue hit a particularly hot spot on the pussy she knew even better than her own by now. “Yeahhhhhhhhh fuck me Britney! Lick away at that juicy little cunt of mine! Oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk! Don’t stop Britney! Mmmm you’re right, forget about my fucking skirt! Just don’t stop licking me! Oooooooooooh godddddddd that tongue always feels so fucking good on my slutty little snatch!”

Britney couldn’t help but smile at the compliment and licked harder. It would truly have been agony for her to wait even the few seconds it would have taken for her to get Christina’s skirt off. It was so much easier and more fun to just get to licking and Christina’s pussy lips had been way too wet for her to resist.

So Britney didn’t waste time. She just went wild at her girlfriend’s pussy, lavishing tongue love all over her juicy, dripping slit and then burrowing inside her while reaching around to Christina’s backside and squeezing the toned cheeks of her ass to balance herself out as she pressed her face right to her beloved friend’s cunt.

“Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee! Ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss fuck me you beautiful fucking slut!” Christina cried in rapture, one hand on the back of Britney’s head and the other pushing one breast, and then the other, up so she could lick her own chest with her pierced tongue. “Mmmmm you’re gonna make me cum all over that tongue so fast Britney! Ooooooooooh mommy’s gonna give her slutty baby Britney all her cream!”

“Yeah! Come for us Christina! Come from watching us fuck!” Beyonce urged passionately, fucking herself against Ciara’s face and moaning with every word. “Come all over Britney’s nasty tongue while you’re watching us get our fuck on! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm it’s making me so wet to know you’re watching me!”

Feeling herself become more and more like the lesbian nympho slut she longed to be, Beyonce rubbed herself against Ciara’s mouth and quivered in ecstasy from her tongue. The girl definitely was good at this. Her tongue felt exquisite on her pussy. She was going fast, but not too fast, against her clit, giving her constant stimulation and after all she’d done with Rihanna to work herself up, Beyonce knew it wouldn’t take much more for her to come all over her new lover’s face.

“Oooooooooooooooh! Mmmmmmmmm fuck!” Beyonce grunted, her body tingling with horniness as Ciara’s tongue attacked her soft folds. “Oh baby mmmmmmm yesssssssss you just how to use that tongue, don’t you? Lick my pussy newbie slut! Show Britney and Christina you belong! Show them you’re a fucking eager little dyke like me! Mmmmm they already know you love Gwen’s white girl pussy but you gotta show them you love brown sugar too!”

“Mmmmm I do!” Ciara assured Beyonce in between licks. “I love your fucking brown sugar B! It tastes so sweet against my tongue! Mmmm yeahhh Gwen told me you’ve got a sweet pussy but she didn’t tell me it was this good! Keep fucking my face Beyonce! Gimmie what I want so fucking bad! Mmmmmmm make me into a dyke like you baby! I wanna be a fucking whore just like you are Beyonce! I wanna show I belong!”

Ciara emphasized that with a firm smack to Beyonce’s ass before she continued to grip her by her full cheeks. Just like Britney had before, Beyonce adored the smack and she groaned out her pleasure before humping herself harder against Ciara’s face.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh nasty girl! Yesssssss smack that billion dollar booty of mine!” Beyonce urged, moving her hands off the bed and instead letting them roam all over Ciara’s bare body, paying particular attention to her firm tits. “Give it to me Ciara! Lemme feel everything that tongue can do! Make me fucking come! Do what Shawn can’t even dream of doing to my pussy!”

The idea that she was licking the soaking wet pussy of Jay Z’s supposedly loyal wife was such a delicious sensation to Ciara and Beyonce fed into that with her words. Ciara knew that crossing someone like Jay Z would be the death of her career and that risk only made her want Beyonce more. She felt so naughty and slutty to be eating out the wife of someone so powerful and just the thought of making her come when he, if Beyonce was to be believed, couldn’t, made her nearly cream Rihanna’s tongue right then and there.

“Lick me! Oooooooh yessssssssssssssss lick that fucking pussy!” Ciara begged Rihanna in between juicy laps against Beyonce’s cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhh Rihanna that tongue feels so amazing! Lick my pussy just like that! Get it all nice and wet and work that tongue over my clitty! Mmmmm baby yesssss you’re giving my pussy just what it needs! More! Ooooooooh God gimmie more Rihanna so I can come for Christina and Britney and they can see how hard I get off on fucking girls! Mmmmm B wants me to be a dyke for her and you gotta make me one Rihanna! Lick my juicy little cunt and make me come! Make me come from a hot chick eating my pussy out! OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!!”

In response to Ciara’s pleadings, Rihanna unleashed a series of hard licks against her clitoris. Her pleasure center was already swollen up good and Rihanna’s naughty tongue was just what it needed.

Ciara quivered and cried out the pleasure she felt from that wet tongue tending to her bulging clit and she gave all those good feelings right back to Beyonce by attacking her clit too, lapping away at the swollen bud at the same time she squeezed her ass tight, loving both the feel of those gorgeous cheeks in her hand and the sensual feel of Beyonce’s hands caressing her tits and stimulating her already throbbing nipples.

If Ciara’s pleasure was magnified from knowing she was eating out the cheating slut wife of one of the industry’s most powerful men, then she was getting just as much wicked sensation out of knowing she was fucking the face of his young protégé as well.

With his wife’s pussy on her face and the tongue of his label’s hottest act on her pussy, Ciara knew if somehow this ever got out she’d be a dead woman in the industry. She wouldn’t have been able to get a gig singing on a third rate cruise ship. But she didn’t care. This felt too unbelievable for her to worry about something like that.

“Mmmmmmmmmm goddamn you bitches are fucking hot!” Christina cried out from Britney feeding off her pussy and the treat her eyes were getting from the threesome on the bed. “’Yeahhhh put on that nasty show for me! Make it wet and slutty just how I fucking want it! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh lick that superstar pussy Ciara! I wanna make sure you get lots of practice in before you lick me and Britney! She doing good B? She eating that yummy pussy of yours nice?”

“Oh hell yeah she is!” Beyonce grunted, squeezing Ciara’s tits in her hands as she fucked her tongue. “Mmmmm she’s gonna make me cream that pretty face in no time! Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooh yesssssssssss right there honey! Mmmmm ohhhhh yessssssss Ciara! Take my slutty pussy and make it yours girl! Mmmmm ohhhhh Christina her tongue is so fucking nice! Mmmm she’s loving up my pussy so well! Oooooh you’ve gotta sign her up! She’s gonna eat that pop slut pussy of yours and make you fucking love it!”

“That’s so what I wanna hear,” Christina grinned before looking down at the blonde kneeling between her legs. “Mmmmm you hear that Britney? Hear what a hot fuck the new girl is?”

“Mmmmhmmm I can’t wait to feel her tongue!” Britney enthused, her face shiny with Christina’s juices as she looked up at her lover. “I love how watching her is turning you on Chrissy. Mmmm your pussy is so fucking wet for me! Come for me Chrissy! I wanna make you fill my mouth with your hot, slutty cream while you watch Ciara get all dirty for us!”

Britney plunged her tongue right back into Christina as soon as the dirty words were out of her mouth. She knew all the spots her girlfriend loved to be licked and Britney didn’t miss one of them. She worshipped Christina’s cunt with her mouth and tongue, kissing and licking all her hot spots, making sure to pay plenty of attention to her piercings, while getting her wetter and wetter with every moment she was tasting her sweet sex sugar.

Through it all, Britney kept holding tight to Christina’s ass, gripping her tight cheeks with a passionate squeeze as she hoped, just like she always did, that soon she’d have the chance to turn her girlfriend around and show her backside some tongue loving too.

And she wasn’t alone in having those thoughts either. Ciara was thinking just as devilishly as she fucked Beyonce. She loved hearing the mix of sex cries from Beyonce and Christina as they both got tongue fucked. Their famous voices sounded so unbelievable in the throes of lesbian sex passion and Ciara especially loved hearing Beyonce’s voice since she was the one making her sound that way.

The feeling of complete ecstasy she was getting from Rihanna’s mouth on her pussy was magnified by the sense of accomplishment she felt in knowing she was getting Beyonce Knowles off. But Ciara wanted to get even naughtier and she knew just how to do it.

There had been one time in her life when Ciara had considered her ass to be off limits in the bedroom. There had just been something about anal sex that she had considered gross. She hadn’t wanted to try it or even experiment a little. It had been a zone no one was allowed to venture to. But Gwen had changed all that.

She had resisted Gwen’s advances back there at first, but when she had finally succumbed and allowed Gwen to spread her cheeks and lick her ass, the sensations had been simply amazing.

Her tongue had been so soft and so incredible and made her feel such pleasure that soon Ciara had been begging Gwen to forget everything she had said about not being into it and to fuck her ass hard. And that was just what Gwen had done, licking away at her hole until it was wet and ready and then getting out one of her toys to complete Ciara’s transformation into an ass loving slut.

Ciara didn’t know if Beyonce felt the same way she did now about anal sex, but she had a sinking feeling that the singer loved it. Besides, with a butt as awesome as Beyonce’s, Ciara knew there was no way she could ignore it. She had to play with it and as Beyonce continued to implore her to show her what she could do, Ciara decided to make sure the woman knew that she didn’t just love fucking the pussies of hot girls.

With Beyonce riding her reverse cowgirl style and her ass right in her face, Ciara wasn’t going to have to reposition herself at all. Beyonce’s asshole was just a few tantalizingly close inches away from her tongue already so she simply closed the gap. She pulled away from Beyonce’s pussy with one last wet lick and, before the singer knew what hit her, Ciara was spreading apart her cheeks and going after her puckered ring.

“Ooooooooooooh you dirty fucking slut!” Beyonce cried in surprised delight at this sudden new pleasure. “Mmmmm who said you could do that? Ohhhhhhhh damn baby mmmmmmmmmm you naughty little bitch! God that feels so goooooooood!”

“What? What’s she doing to you?” Christina demanded, snapping out of the sex haze that Britney’s tongue was working her into.

“Mmmmm she’s licking my ass!” Beyonce enthusiastically replied. “Oooooh yessssss baby! Mmmmm I fucking love girl tongue up my booty! Do it Ciara! Spread that big ass open you dirty little ho and jam that tongue up inside me! Ohhhhh fuck yessssssssssss mmmmmmmm yeahhhh such a nasty tongue! Ooooooh I love it! Lick my tight little hole you filthy bitch! Ohhhhhhh so good! Mmmmm so fucking good!”

“Oooooooh I love it!” Christina squealed, inching closer to the bed and taking Britney with her so she could get a better view. “Ooooooooooooh damn! Mmmmm that’s it Ciara! That’s how you fucking do it! Eat that hole up baby! Nasty girl! Licking Beyonce’s beautiful booty like that! Mmmmmm she loves it up the ass and so do I! So you’re definitely earning points now Ciara! Yeahhhhh tongue that ass like you’re gonna tongue mine!”

Her gamble having paid off more than she had even hoped for, Ciara did just as she was told. She wanted not only to make Beyonce come, but to get Christina too. Ciara had been admiring Christina’s tight little butt before and the idea of licking it was an intense thrill to her.

Ciara had only practiced this a few times on Gwen so she was definitely still pretty new, but that didn’t temper her enthusiasm. It fired it up even more as she explored Beyonce’s asshole for the first time. Her hole was so tight and the superstar singer tasted unbelievable. The more Ciara licked Beyonce’s ass, the more she wanted it and she kept her cheeks spread wide as her tongue worked her ring over, licking and fucking it as Beyonce cried out.

“OOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOH OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMM LICK MY ASS YOU DIRTY GIRL!” Beyonce exclaimed, her pussy dripping down onto Ciara’s neck and upper chest as her sensitive ass was stimulated by the girl’s eager tongue, the surge of ecstasy at having her tightest hole probed giving way to a more controlled pleasure.

“Ooooooooooooh fucking nasty bitch!” Beyonce mewed. “Ughhhhhhh licking my asshole without even asking permission! Mmmmm I should fucking smack this hot pussy of yours for that but I love it too much to make you stop! Ooooooooooh damn girl! Bury that tongue inside me! Mmmmm I wish I could see that pretty face of yours buried between my ass cheeks! Mmmmmmm yessssssssss tongue my famous fucking ass! Ooooooh you’d better make it good Ciara! If you’re gonna fuck my ass then you better make me come!”

Ciara was more than happy to meet that challenge. She knew she was impressing all these beautiful women. Hell she was even impressing herself. She was in absolute heaven on her back with her legs spread wide for Rihanna to lick her sizzling snatch and her face buried in Beyonce’s juicy butt cheeks. She loved feeling Beyonce’s pussy dripping down onto her, her juices practically sizzling on her skin. It was so nasty and fun and just when she felt like it couldn’t get any better, Beyonce made it so.

“Oooooooooooh I gotta get at this pussy!” Beyonce cried. “Mmmmm make some room for me down there Rihanna! I gotta taste the girl who’s licking my ass so good!”

Rihanna had been happily snacking away on Ciara’s cunt and she hadn’t been particularly looking to share her treat. But she could deny Beyonce nothing. So she pulled up from Ciara’s sticky quim and let Beyonce kiss her.

Rihanna happily kissed her mentor back, letting Beyonce get plenty of Ciara’s taste right off her lips and tongue. And when Rihanna pulled away, Beyonce plunged her face down into Ciara’s honeypot, getting into a classic 69 position with her, even if the equation was slightly skewed by Ciara tongue fucking Beyonce’s ass as the older singer went for the newbie’s pussy.

But even though Beyonce wanted to lick now, Rihanna wasn’t about to take a back seat. Ciara had tasted so good and Rihanna badly wanted to make her come. So as Beyonce lapped away at Ciara’s tender, flared pussy lips and took her first licks of her delicious folds, Rihanna reinserted herself back into the mix by sliding two of her slim fingers right into the girl’s cunt.

“OHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! YESSSSSSS MMMMMMM FUCK YESSSSSSS!” Ciara screamed out at the sensation of fingers and a tongue working her over simultaneously. But she didn’t let this intense pleasure overwhelm her and she kept her tongue working on Beyonce’s ass.

Beyonce moaned in rapture while still keeping her face buried in Ciara’s cunt. Her hair draped down and tickled Ciara’s dark thighs while she fed off her wetness and both of them rocked against each other from the pleasure their tongues were bringing. The harder Ciara licked Beyonce’s ass, the more Beyonce gave it to Ciara’s pussy, which only made Ciara’s tongue work over Beyonce’s tightest hole that much more.

It was a cycle of pleasure that was getting them both off quickly and Rihanna was certainly helping matters by finger fucking Ciara, pumping her two fingers past her tight slit and loving how Ciara’s pussy lips clamped down on them as she rubbed the girl’s already bulging clit.

As happy as the girls were making each other, it couldn’t quite compare to the effect Britney was having on Christina. Knowing her girlfriend’s pussy as well as she did gave Britney advantages others did not possess when it came to getting the always horny singer to come quickly. Britney knew just how to use her mouth and Christina never held anything back when she was with Britney.

“Oh fuck! Ohh fuckkk! OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!!!” Christina cried out with a growing ferocity as Britney suckled on her pierced clit, nursing the bud and latching her lips to the stud in it, just like she knew her girlfriend always loved. “OHHHHH GOD BABY YESSSSSSSSSSS MMMM GONNA COME FOR YOU BRITNEYYYYYY!!! OOOOOOOH FUCK MMMMMMM YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT MY PUSSY LIKES! YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOH BRITNEY YESSSSSS GIVE THAT SLUT CUNT OF MINE THAT HOT FUCKING TONGUE NOW! LICK ME! OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOH LICK MEEEEEEEE!!!”

Britney released her friend’s pierced clit from her lips and did just as she was asked, licking away furiously on the drooling, sensitive pink folds before her. Britney had the pace Christina liked down cold and it showed in her lover’s reaction.

Britney’s tongue had Christina shaking as she stood near the bed, her knees getting weak and her toes curling from what her insatiable girlfriend was doing to her pussy. Britney’s tongue was on a mission to drain Christina of her cum and nothing was going to deter her.

She moved one hand off her lover’s ass to spread open her pussy for her tongue and lashed away furiously, but with complete focus, at Christina’s pinkness, licking greedily at her meaty lips, pausing to suck a few times on the gold ring through her girlfriend’s labia, and diving in to get at her most sensitive of spots.

Britney licked hard and fast, just like she knew Christina wanted her to. She wasn’t making love to Christina. She was fucking her and that was what they both wanted right then.

Christina was gasping and grunting like a wild woman, crying out her white hot passion as her body got happy and sweaty from Britney’s oral efforts. Christina had both hands now on the back of Britney’s head, keeping the blonde shoved down between her thighs even though she knew she didn’t have to. Britney wasn’t going anywhere without getting the creamy prize she had dove down for.


The sound of Christina unleashing her orgasm only fired up Ciara, Beyonce and Rihanna more. They all wanted to be coming as hard as their pierced ringleader was and hearing her screaming out as she fucked Britney’s face and filled her mouth with sweet girl cream made them take each other harder so they could all be in that state soon too.

Keeping the thick, gorgeous cheeks of Beyonce’s ass spread open, Ciara took her hole like she and Beyonce were longtime lovers well accustomed to each other’s bodies and not veritable strangers in the bedroom, exploring each other for the first time. This was a total fantasy come true for Ciara and she did not let the opportunity of a lifetime pass her by without living it up to the fullest.

Ciara felt more alive than she ever had in her life. This was more than the thrill she got from being on stage, performing in front of thousands of adoring fans. This was even more than the rush she got from being with Eve and Gwen. The pleasure she got from made her whole body crackle with energy and there was nothing but pure joy inside her from it. Not only did she have the amazing combination of Beyonce’s tongue and Rihanna’s fingers tending to the needs of her pussy, but with Beyonce’s ass spread open for her tongue to taste, Ciara was able to both give and receive at the same time, something she loved to do.

She just hoped Christina and Britney could see how much she loved what was happening to her. She was absolutely in bliss as she ground her naked body into the soft bedsheets beneath her.

Ciara never wanted to put on clothes again. She just wanted to be naked and fuck every girl in this room. She wanted to lick their pussies and their asses and feel and taste their soft, sexy tits and kiss them all from head to toe. Ciara wanted to fuck them all and then take on every hot friend they had. She was in pussy heaven and never wanted to leave it.

Each ripple of pleasure that rushed through her naked body from Beyonce and Rihanna made Ciara more intent on pleasuring the beautiful superstar who was draped over her. She squeezed Beyonce’s bare ass and tongued her puckered ring, relishing the taste. Ciara wanted to do such a good job on Beyonce’s amazing ass. She had worshipped it from afar and now she had it. Hearing the cries from Beyonce and feeling her tongue let Ciara know she was doing a good job and filled her with sexy confidence.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck mmmmmm yesssssssss tongue fuck my ass!” Beyonce cried, her lips glistening with Ciara’s juices now. “Mmmmm baby you’ve got such a sweet fucking pussy! And your tongue feels so hot up my ass! You like it Ciara? You like getting that pretty face of yours in my big ass and licking that dirty fucking hole of mine? Mmmm I wanna hear you say it baby! Tell me!”

“I fucking love your ass Beyonce!” Ciara declared without hesitation, giving her cheeks a hot slap with both of her hands to make them jiggle to emphasize it, a gesture that made Beyonce quiver and moan in pleasure. “Mmmmm it’s making me so wet to get my slutty tongue up this great booty! Ooooh your ass tastes so good Beyonce! Mmmmmm fuck it’s getting me off to be doing this to you while you’re tongue fucking me! Please don’t stop Beyonce! You’re so good at eating me out! Keep licking my pussy please! Keep fucking me and I promise I won’t stop licking this big, sexy ass of yours Beyonce! Pleaaaaaaaaase just don’t stop what you and Rihanna are doing!”

Beyonce would have replied to the younger girl’s horny pleas with words, but she was too busy passionately making out with Rihanna. Beyonce and Rihanna heatedly fused their lips together in a series of kisses while their tongues touched and they greedily sucked the taste of Ciara’s pussy off each other. This took away Beyonce’s ability to speak but she definitely liked the terms of Ciara’s bargain and she showed it by pressing herself down more against Ciara’s face, coaxing her hot tongue right back into her asshole.

And at the same time, Beyonce broke the kiss and moved her lips back down toward Ciara’s body again. But before Beyonce did that, she had an idea for her and Rihanna.

“Lick her with me,” Beyonce urged the sexy island girl. “Let’s get a duet going on this sweet little pussy. Mmmm she won’t be able to take both of our hot tongues licking her out! She’s gonna come so good for us and then we can lick it off each other’s faces!”

That nasty thought had Beyonce’s pussy quivering as she said it had the same effect on Rihanna. The idea of licking Ciara’s cum off Beyonce’s face had Rihanna reaching between her legs to caress her soaking wet slit without even thinking.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss ohhhh that’s so fucking nasty! I want that!” Rihanna groaned, giving Beyonce one more hot kiss before they got to work.

Rihanna had loved feeling Ciara’s swollen clitoris throbbing between her fingers and now she wanted that full clit of hers so bad that she went right for it. Parting her lips, she clamped them right down on Ciara’s pleasure center, suckling her clit at the same time Beyonce got her tongue out and resumed lapping away at the girl’s tender folds.


Ciara’s warning cry that she was on the verge of unleashing the orgasm that had been brewing since she had been summoned to see Christina and Britney made Rihanna and Beyonce work over her pussy even faster, but it had a different kind of reaction with the event’s mastermind.

Christina had pulled Britney up off her knees after she had come and had been greedily kissing her, squeezing her girlfriend’s tits while she had sucked her own cream right off Britney’s tongue and lips. And when Christina heard that Ciara was about to come, she took immediate action.

“Oh no you can’t get off quite yet, honey,” Christina wickedly declared. “Stop licking her girls. Mmmm I don’t want that pussy gushing out quite yet.”

“What? Why?” Ciara cried in desperate confusion. “Please Christina! I need this so bad! Please let me come!”

“Oh you will, don’t worry about that,” Christina promised. “Mmmm but first you gotta prove you’re worthy of an orgasm. Remember Ciara, this is a test.”

Christina then pulled Britney close to her again and whispered in her ear. No one on the bed could hear what she said, but whatever it was, Britney liked it and smiled happily before scampering nakedly out of the guest bedroom to whereabouts unknown.

“Keep licking Beyonce’s ass! I wanna see you make a meal out of that killer booty, Ciara,” Christina instructed as she finally was able to pull off her skirt and leave herself just as naked as everyone else. “Don’t stop tongue fucking that hole. Mmmm and don’t ignore her pussy either. I saw you weren’t touching B there anymore and that’s a no no Ciara. Get those fingers of yours working her pussy over while you’re licking her out. Mmmm that’ll make her feel reallllll good and that’s gonna make me wanna get you off too!”

Ciara hated waiting. She was so close to coming and now she was being deprived of Rihanna and Beyonce’s amazing mouths. That more than sucked. But Ciara wasn’t about to throw some kind of diva fit. At least she still had Beyonce to pleasure. Besides, what Christina was telling her to do sounded really hot and Ciara knew if she did it well, then her fun would come.

“Get on all fours Ciara,” Christina said, repositioning everyone on the bed like they were dolls for her to play with. “I wanna see more of that hot body of yours. Mmmmm you too Beyonce. On all fours so you can stick that beautiful ass of yours right in her pretty face.”

Their bodies were a little like jelly from being in the same position for so long, but, after taking a few seconds to get all the feeling back in their muscles, Ciara and Beyonce did just as Christina urged. .

“Mmmmm you look fucking gorgeous, Ciara,” Christina said with a lick of her lips, admiring all the sexy, sweaty dark skin on the bed while sliding her hand between her legs to play with her cummy pussy. “You’ve got such a tight body. Mmmmmmm such yummy tits and a beautiful ass! I can’t wait to take you and make you mine!”

“Yeah? You like this? You like seeing me all sweaty and slutty from fucking girls?” Ciara grinned, feeling her confidence soar from seeing the pop princess rub herself right in front of her. “You want me to fuck you too Christina? Want me to eat that slutty pink ass of yours out like I was doing to Beyonce? Want me to lick your pretty little pierced pussy like Britney just did? You wanna suck my yummy tits and spank my black ass? Mmmm you can do it all Christina! I wanna be part of your group! Make me part of your collection of sluts!”

Christina just moaned in response, rubbing herself harder at the sound of Ciara’s words and the sight of hers and Beyonce’s dark naked bodies on all fours, their bare asses up in the air and Ciara’s resting her flushed face against Beyonce’s sexy butt cheeks. Knowing she had Christina melting for her, Ciara wanted to make sure there were no further delays so she went right back to pleasuring Beyonce. She spread her butt cheeks open again and resumed tonguing her hole, this time tongue fucking Beyonce from behind.


And this time Ciara didn’t neglect Beyonce’s pussy. This position allowed her to spread open the superstar with one hand while she snaked the other up under her to rub her. Going on nothing but the dirty thoughts filling her head, Ciara began rapidly rubbing Beyonce’s labia, soaking her palm with the woman’s juices almost instantly.


“Oooooh you’re making wayyyyyyyyy too much noise now B,” Christina giggled as she got on the bed with them. “Mmmm I’m gonna have to quiet you. Mommy’s gonna give her baby Beyonce something yummy to suck on!”

Peering up from Beyonce’s ass, Ciara watched as Christina shoved her breasts right in Beyonce’s face and she moaned in between licks when Beyonce buried her face in Christina’s flesh, her dark face contrasting beautifully with the heavy white mounds being thrust into her. Seeing that was a definite turn on and Ciara licked harder at Beyonce, tongue fucking her ass while her fingers pushed past the slippery wet lips of her cunt and began pumping into her.

Meanwhile all this had left Rihanna lonely on the bed. She loved watching the show. It was scorching hot to see Beyonce suckling away on Christina’s big tits while Ciara ate her ass out and rubbed her pussy. Seeing all this go down right in front of her definitely had Rihanna reaching between her legs to pleasure her own pussy, but she was horny and wanted so much more than her own fingers

Fortunately Britney came nakedly scampering back into the room a second later. Seeing Britney running in was a welcome treat for Rihanna’s eyes, not just because her tits looked so good bouncing up and down unrestrained by any clothes, but because she could see that Britney wasn’t coming back empty handed. She had two toys in her hand and these were definitely not the kind that the kids would be playing with.

“Oooooh you like these?” Britney giggled, sitting down on the bed next to Rihanna and kissing her right on the lips. “Mmmmm goody cause I brought them for you and me to play with. Here suck this Rihanna. Mmmmm get it all nice and wet.”

Britney held in her hand a glass dildo with a sexy curve in it and Rihanna grinned at the sight of it as just looking at it filled her with dirty thoughts about how it could be used. She’d gotten a real crash course in sex toys over the last day and Rihanna didn’t hesitate to give the dildo’s head a kiss, just like she would have for a real cock, before she began sucking on it.

Rihanna wrapped her lips around the glass sex toy and began bobbing her mouth up and down. She went at it slowly and sensually, letting saliva drip down from her mouth to coat the glass as she got it wet and began taking more of the inches down her throat. As she did this, Rihanna moaned wantonly, not just from the wicked rush she got from sucking the toy, but from Britney playing with her tits as she did it. Britney softly massaged her breasts, taking particular delight in toying with her pierced nipple.

“Mmmmm you’ve got such great boobs,” Britney purred into her ear. “I love playing with them Rihanna. Oooooh and you look sooooo hot sucking that toy! Mmmm those boys you used to give head to must have been so fucking lucky! You look like you were a great cocksucker! Mmmmm but no more boys for you Rihanna, right? Mmmmm just girls! Ooooh just like me! Mmmmm you’re a dirty little pussy hungry slut now just like me and Chrissy. Mmmmm you can’t get enough yummy sweet girl juice for your tongue and neither can I!”

Pulling herself off the now wet dildo, Rihanna smiled at Britney and kissed her. Britney was right. Men had been the furthest thing from her mind since her mind had been blown by the feel of an orgasm from a girl and she didn’t hesitate to tell Britney so.

“Oh yeah mmmmmm no more guys,” Rihanna moaned before giving Britney another wet kiss, their lips soon parting so their tongues could rub together. “Mmmmm only girls now! Soft, sexy, slutty girls! I can’t get enough! Mmmmm you and Christina totally have me hooked on pussy and I love it!”

Britney and Rihanna traded wet tongue kisses for a few moments, their bare tits rubbing together, and when they did separate it was only so they could continue to get the toys wet with the best lube possible…their own saliva. Rihanna sucked the glass dildo Britney held in her hand and watched lustfully as Britney began sucking the other toy she held in her hand, a pink wand with a heart at the end of it.

And as Britney and Rihanna lubed up their toys, Christina was having herself a gleeful good time rubbing her tits into Beyonce’s face and relishing how much the singer loved the feel of her boobs slapping against her.

“Ooooooooh fuck! Mmmmm yeahhhhh that’s it Beyonce! Get those sexy lips all over my fat, fucking nipples!” Christina cooed, hefting up her chest so she could press it right to the singer’s eager face. “Mmmmm taste how hard they are! Oooooh I love having my tits sucked! Mmmm ever since the baby I can fucking come so hard just from having my nipples sucked by a hot slut oooooooh and you’re doing so good B! Mmmmm suck my big titties you nasty thing! Suck them good while you’re getting your beautiful black ass licked!”

Christina was kneeling in front of Beyonce now on the bed and she was tossing her head back in pleasure with every hot moment Beyonce spent at her nipples. Her nipples could be nearly as sensitive as her clit and she had loved having them sucked. It had worked her up so much and she smiled devilishly at the sudden memory she had of all the times she had breast fed Max and gotten so worked up that she had made Britney eat her out while she was doing it.

Christina knew that was being sluttier than usual, even for her, but she hadn’t been able to help herself and she had loved it. It had felt so fucking fantastic to be doing something so loving for her son and something so nasty for her girlfriend at the same time. Becoming a mommy hadn’t slowed Christina’s libido at all. It had made it stronger.

Holding her tits up, Christina ground them into Beyonce’s face, rubbing them into her and giving the singer plenty of incentive to go from nipple to nipple, slurping on both of the thick pink eraser-like tips as pleasure rushed through her body from Ciara’s tongue up her ass. Christina found her pussy sizzling hot and dripping wetness once again at the sight of Beyonce’s beautiful black skin against her pale flesh and she made sure the woman knew it.

“Mmmmmmm you’re making my cunt all creamy again B!” Christina moaned wantonly, tossing her head back and sending her long, unrestrained blonde locks flying over her face when she snapped her neck back. “You like that naughty girl? You like burying your black face in my big white titties? Mmmmm yessssssss suck them Beyonce! Suck my big fucking white girl tits!”

Beyonce was smiling wantonly as she pulled her face up for a moment, saliva dripping down her chin from how wetly she’d been slurping at her friend’s large chest. Beyonce always had a beautiful smile, but never so much as when she was lost in sexual ecstasy.

“Yeahhhhhhh feed me those hot fucking white girl tits of yours!” Beyonce urged, her voice dripping with honey even more than usual. “Mmmm those big, fat tits feel so good in my mouth! I love sucking your nipples Christina mmmmmmm it’s so nasty to be sucking your big mommy tits when I’m getting my ass licked at the same time by this hot little slut!”

“Yeah? She licking you nice?” Christina asked with a little giggle, rubbing her swollen nipples against Beyonce’s face as the woman moaned out her pleasure from what Ciara was doing to her. “You like her tongue up that hot ass of yours? Is she good enough for us to keep around Beyonce? Good enough to fuck everyone at the label?”

Trying not to pause the licks she was taking of Beyonce’s perfect puckered hole or the rubbing she was doing against her cum drooling pussy, Ciara couldn’t help but stare right at the back of Beyonce’s head as she sent her mental messages and begged her to say yes and tell Christina she loved how she fucked and that she wanted her to stay forever and fuck every hot slut at the label!

But while Beyonce couldn’t hear Ciara’s psychic urgings, she didn’t need to. There was no hesitation at all in the answer she gave to Christina.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhhh oooooooooooh she’s a keeper Christina!” Beyonce groaned, her face contorting in ecstasy and her skin getting flushed and sweaty as her orgasm drew ever so closer. “Ooooooooooh mmmmmmmmm she’s licking my ass so nice! Mmmm almost as nice as your mansion friends do! She’s got a fucking nasty tongue and I love it! Mmmmm definitely keep her Christina! Let’s keep her and get everyone at the label fucking her! You gotta feel this tongue Christina! She licks ass so fucking good mmmmmm and she can munch my pussy any time she wants to!”

If Ciara had possessed any doubt left that she wasn’t already in with these beautiful girls and in all the way, that disappeared when she saw the big smile on Christina’s face. She knew that smile meant she was not only going to soon get a chance to show Christina how good her tongue was but Britney too and any other hot girl they wanted. Ciara was one of them now and she rewarded Beyonce for her high praise by thrusting her tongue extra hard up her exquisitely tight hole.

Christina licked her lips hungrily as Beyonce reacted with a series of sharp, intense quick cries spilling past her lips. She felt her pussy shiver at the hot view of Ciara’s gorgeous young face buried in Beyonce’s spread ass cheeks from behind. She was really going to town on that hole and Christina knew she would have been doing the exact same thing had she been positioned behind Beyonce’s butt.

“Oooooh you two look so fucking hot together!” Christina moaned. “Mmmm just like Rihanna and Britney do! Ok, Beyonce if you say so, we’ll keep slutty Ciara around! Mmmm and speaking of pussy munching I’m fucking starving for some of your chocolate love Beyonce! Wanna let me get a taste of that sweet sex sugar of yours?”

“Ohhhhhh fuck mmmmm you don’t even have to ask Christina!” Beyonce cried happily. “Fuck me! Get that nasty tongue of yours in me! You make me so fucking horny every time we play Christina! I always want you to fuck me! Lick me you fucking slut! Mmmmm show Ciara what a fucking dyke I am for you and your nasty friends!”

Christina immediately did just what she was asked. She got on her back on the bed and slid her small, busty body underneath Beyonce to burrow her tongue up into her pussy while Ciara continued to dine on her ass.


Rihanna and Britney were on their stomachs watching the show and giggling as they pressed their naked bodies together side by side, bare butt cheek to bare butt cheek. They were both still sucking on the toys like they were lollipops, Rihanna giving wet, sloppy head to the glass dildo as Britney sucked away at the pink wand.

“I can’t wait to do that to you Rihanna!” Britney moaned into the younger girl’s ear. “Mmmmm I wanna have Chrissy eating your wet pussy while I’m fucking your great ass oooooh and then switching up so I can eat that yummy pussy of yours while Chrissy fucks your butt! Mmmmmm sooooo hot!”

“Yessssssssssss ooooooooooh sounds so fucking sexy,” Rihanna agreed with a wanton moan of her own as she popped the glass toy out of her mouth and instead kissed Britney right on the lips again. “Mmmmm I wanna have my slutty holes fucked by you dirty sluts! I wanna have you and Christina getting those naughty tongues all over my black body! Mmmmm horny little white girls licking my holes and worshipping me! Mmmm I saw you two doing that to Nelly Furtado yesterday and I was so jealous it wasn’t me! But now I’m gonna get it!”

“Fuck yeah you’re gonna get it,” Britney grinned before giving Rihanna another kiss and copping a long feel of her bare buns. “Mmmm you’re gonna get it good!”

The two kissed once more then turned their attention back to the show as Beyonce couldn’t take any more of the two tongues taking her holes. Ciara’s tongue alone in her ass would have gotten her off, but, just like always. the feel of Christina licking her pussy set her off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

“OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK GODDDDDDDDDDDD YEAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH COMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!” Beyonce managed to scream out in between the frantic sounds of her orgasm, her beautiful, famous voice spilling out of her mouth in ecstasy as she released her sticky essence all over Christina’s waiting face while her ass contracted around Ciara’s tongue.

It got so tight for Ciara that she had to pull away. But she didn’t leave Beyonce unstimulated even as her ass got too tight for her still inexperienced tongue. She desperately wanted a taste of Beyonce’s cum and she lowered her tongue so she could lick up the dripping cream. Ciara licked right along with Christina, the two of their tongues making Beyonce come even harder as they shared the wonderful girl juice.

And when they had finally licked the last drop out of Beyonce, Christina hungrily kissed Ciara, the two of them letting the cum that had coated their tongues and filled their mouths flow together in a sticky mess of a tongue kiss. They were both moaning into the wet kiss, the two of them on their hands and knees as they faced each other.

Britney knew this was just when Christina wanted her to strike and she didn’t hesitate.

“Fuck her now Rihanna,” Britney urged the sexy island girl. “Use that toy on Ciara! Mmmmmm her pussy is so wet and juicy and she needs to come! Make her come baby! Make that slutty little pussy of hers come all nice and creamy!”

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh wanna fuck her so good!” Rihanna moaned back, clutching the glass dildo in her hand as she got off her stomach and began crawling toward Ciara, the girl’s bare ass making a hell of a target for her to approach.

Rihanna loved seeing Ciara’s dark cheeks tantalizingly swaying every so slightly as she made out with Christina and she didn’t hesitate to crawl over as quickly as she could and rub the curved head of the dildo against her weeping slit from behind.

“Now it’s your turn to come!” Rihanna said in her slightly accented voice, making Ciara moan in ecstasy before she was even penetrated by the toy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God yeahhhhhhh fuck me!” Ciara begged. “Please Rihanna please! Make my pussy come! Ooooooooooh I’m so ready for this! I’m so fucking ready to come! Get that toy inside me! Fuck my dirty little pussy!”

Rihanna loved the sound of those naughty words and she gave Ciara just what she was asking for. Ciara’s pussy was so soaked that there was no need for any additional lubrication. Rihanna was able to ease the curved glass toy right past her slit and, as Ciara’s pink folds wrapped around it tightly, she began thrusting into her, fucking her needy cunt and getting her gasping and hollering immediately.


“Mmmm good girl, come all over that toy,” Christina said, before tenderly kissing Ciara again and reaching up to cup her bouncing tits as she thrust herself back against Rihanna. “You look so fucking hot Ciara! Mmmmm getting it good and doggie style like a hot slut should! Take it girl! Take that hard fucking toy right up your dirty little cunt! Mmmm if you wanna be one of us then you gotta love getting fucked like that!”


Christina kissed Ciara’s screaming lips quiet. She took her hands off the girl’s firm, bouncing boobs and instead pressed them to her face, caressing her flushed cheeks as she passionately kissed her. Ciara closed her eyes and surrendered to the ecstasy, loving everything she was feeling right then as Christina’s magic kiss made every hard thrust she was getting from Rihanna feel even better.

And Rihanna was no longer being neglected either. She was bent over on her knees, pushing her bare ass out as she fucked Ciara with one hand and used the other to splay her pussy lips open. This left her perfectly positioned for just what Britney wanted.

“Mmmmmm you’ve got the cutest butt Rihanna!” Britney sighed in sexual excitement as she tenderly rubbed the girl’s dark cheeks with her pale hands. “I can’t get enough of it mmmmmm and now I wanna play with you!”

Britney certainly didn’t hide what kind of game she wanted to play either. She spread Rihanna’s tight butt cheeks open and spit right into her, a large gob of her saliva dripping down her crack to her hole as Britney gave her another helping of her spit and then began teasing her asshole with the tip of the well licked pink wand. Britney had sucked the toy plenty to get it ready and she giggled hornily as she pushed it into Rihanna slowly, letting the girl adjust as she began fucking her ass.


“Just don’t stop fucking Ciara,” Britney urged, keeping her eye on both Rihanna’s perfectly tight and curved backside and Ciara making out with Christina. “Make her come!”

Not wanting the pleasure to stop, Rihanna did exactly as she was told. She had always loved her ass being played with even before she had gotten into girls and if the past day had taught her anything, it was how everything she had liked having guys do to her was even better when girls did it. She wanted Britney to fuck her ass hard and deep and she got even naughtier with Ciara to make sure the busty blonde didn’t stop.

While still keeping the toy buried inside Ciara’s cunt from behind, Rihanna curved her head around so she was underneath the singer. Her pussy was glistening for her and Rihanna pressed her lips right to it, kissing Ciara’s labia and making her shriek out of her kiss with Christina when she pushed her tongue inside her at the same time she was giving it to her with the dildo.


“Mmmmm yeahhhh come for us honey,” Christina urged, still caressing Ciara’s face. “It’s the first of many orgasms you’re gonna have with us. Let it go baby! Come all over the toy and that naughty wet tongue! Do it baby! I wanna see you come!”

Ciara screamed out as Christina’s words gave her the permission she was looking for to just let go and allow the sweet sexual explosion to happen inside her. The feel of Rihanna’s soft, wet tongue bathing her clitoris at the same time the hard toy was stuffing her made the orgasm she’d been dreaming of burst out of her and into Rihanna’s waiting mouth.


Rihanna gleefully licked away at the orgasmic essence showering her face, loving being able to taste every sweet, sexy drop at the same time Britney continued to fill her ass with plastic. The wand was disappearing, notch by notch up her tightest hole and Rihanna was in ecstasy as she licked Ciara up.

And when Rihanna finally did pull away from Ciara’s well fucked pussy, she found Beyonce waiting for her, giving her a hot kiss before she could even compose herself, tasting Ciara’s cream all over her.

For her part Ciara was gasping for breath as well but she didn’t have much of a time to rest either as Christina pulled away from kissing her and instead lay back on the bed and slung her legs open, her pink pussy dripping once more.

“Ohhhh no, no resting now,” Christina giggled, getting her hand on the back of Ciara’s head and pushing her down to her waiting sex. “Mmmm you’re one of us now and since you’re part of Desire Records it’s your job to make sure the boss’ pussy is always taken care of!”

Ciara had a smile going from ear to ear and she didn’t hesitate to lower her face and make first contact with Christina’s sticky snatch. She had done it. She had earned her way into a group of the sexiest women in the world and this was one job she was going to love having.

As she tasted Christina’s hot, slutty juices for the first time, Ciara knew she was going to definitely be putting a lot more hours into her work from now on


For the girls, not all the action was going on in the bedroom. In Las Vegas there was always something fun to do and no way to ever be bored. There were even activities they could participate where they could keep all their clothes on and right then Alyssa was happily indulging in one of those fully dressed vices.

“Cmonnnnnnn momma needs a new pair of shoes,” Alyssa said shaking the dice in her hand. “Oooooh and a new handbag too to match!”

Before she decided to add any additional pieces to the shopping spree she was already on in her mind, Alyssa tossed the dice and let out a yelp of triumph as they rolled up seven.

“Winner!” the dealer declared.

“YEAH!” Alyssa shouted with a pump of her fist, so happy that she grabbed Hayden as the girl stood next to her and kissed her right on the forehead.

Hayden was shocked by the sudden and very public gesture, but she certainly didn’t resist it. It was only a kiss on her forehead after all and while it raised a few eyebrows of those around them, it wasn’t anything too crazy. To observers it just appeared like an enthusiastic response to a win and nothing more and they had no idea that Alyssa’s impetuous kiss had Hayden’s pulse racing and libido sparking under her clothes.

Having Alyssa grab her and kiss her like that suddenly made Hayden long for the brunette to get even more aggressive and throw her onto the craps table to rip her clothes off. Hayden felt her pussy moisten under her shorts at the mere idea of that and she tried to cool herself down. Since she had no panties on underneath the shorts she had borrowed from Sarah, if she got too aroused it would show. But it was so hard to not think about being pushed down onto the table and having Alyssa tongue fuck her right in front of all these gamblers so they’d see what a bad girl she was and how much she got off from being with hot girls like Alyssa.

The idea of shocking these jaded gamblers and thrill seeking tourists with a live sex show made both sets of Hayden’s lips moisten and she could feel her nipples harden against her t-shirt. Without a bra on, Hayden knew she was going to be doing some serious poking soon and that she wouldn’t be able to blame it on the casino’s air conditioning. So she did something she hadn’t done much lately and practiced some self restraint.

Calming herself, Hayden pushed the dirty thoughts out of her mind for the moment and instead focused on being happy for Alyssa as her winnings were pushed toward her. Hitting a seven with the dice meant everyone in her line was a winner and that put everyone in a good mood as no doubt several of them also wished they could plant their lips on Hayden and get a big smile from her just like Alyssa just had.

“Put it all on 12,” Alyssa instructed, feeling confident as her chips were taken away again for her bet.

“All of it?” Hayden squeaked. She’d never really gambled seriously before and seeing Alyssa risk it all made her nervous even though she literally had nothing to lose in this since she wasn’t placing the bet.

“Hey you’re my lucky charm,” Alyssa smiled at her companion. “I can’t lose with you around Hayden. Now blow on the dice baby. Gimmie some extra luck.”

Hayden giggled at the idea of being Alyssa’s lucky charm and she played her part well. She sensually blew on the dice in Alyssa’s hand, giving the older woman the full sense that she would much rather be doing something else far naughtier to her. Alyssa smiled and felt a lovely little tingle over the feel of Hayden’s cool gust of breath against her palm and she shook the dice in her hand hoping for some more luck.

“Cmonnnnn big money…no whammies…no whammies…” Alyssa said, keeping the dice moving in her hand before sending them flying against the back of the table where they bounced and landed right as she wanted them to.

“Winner!” the dealer declared again as the dice both rolled up sixes and Alyssa hit her number.

“YES!!!” Alyssa cried, this time resisting the temptation to grab Hayden in her arms and give her a kiss on the lips to thank her for being her lucky charm.

Meanwhile Alyssa’s luck hadn’t quite extended over to Jessica as she sat in front of a slot machine and found herself not exactly hitting the jackpot. She’d won a little bit money, but had lost a little bit more in her time before the noisy, flashing machine. At least she felt better off than the guy next to her reeking of cigar smoke and continuously pumping quarters into the machine in a futile attempt to win. He just kept feeding the machine and losing with every pull of the lever and his desperation and frustration was growing.

Jessica tried to ignore him and focus on her own attempt to line her pockets with ill gotten gains, but it was hard not to when he smelled of too many cigars and whiskeys and he kept muttering louder and louder profanity every time he lost. She thought about changing her seat more than once, but it was getting pretty crowded and when she played the slot machines, Jessica was always pretty stubborn and didn’t like abandoning one even if it was cold, thinking that soon the odds would turn.

So she tried ignoring the guy and fortunately she soon had something else to focus on when Stacy returned and stood next to her.

“How’s it going partner?” Stacy asked her housemate after handing Jessica the drink she’d gone to retrieve for her.

“Better for me than for Mr. Charm over there, but still not that good,” Jessica said, tilting her head toward the guy next to her as he remained too focused on his losing streak to hear anything she said.

“Well maybe your luck is about to change,” Stacy said, still eying her phone in her bag and waiting for the message she knew was coming,

“Ehhh I try not get that worked up about it,” Jessica said. “I mean I REALLY hate losing, but I mean you gotta assume you’re gonna lose when you’re in a casino, right? So all I’ve got to do is not bet more than I can stand losing and it’s all fun after that.”

“Sounds like a good philosophy,” Stacy agreed, taking a sip of her own drink. “I never really know what the deal is with these machines anyway. I just pull the lever and hope I win, but I see these people like analyzing the machines and coming in with strategies and all that and I feel like somehow I’m missing some kind of advantage, like they’ve figured out how to beat the machines while I just stare at the pretty flashing colors.”

“Well they are pretty and definitely flashing,” Jessica laughed as she yanked her machine’s lever again and once again lost. “But I think you’ve got the right idea with just yanking and hoping. I mean I can’t see any advantage to all that planning. I figure you’ve got the same odds no matter what, so why put all that stress on yourself. It just makes the losing feel worse.”

Jessica’s words seemed to make a lot of sense, especially as the guy next to her lost again and stood up angrily, giving the slot machine a hard whack against its side.

“Goddamn piece of fucking shit!” the man growled. “Cocksucking money thief! This thing will never fucking pay off!”

He stood up from the machine and stormed away toward another one just a few feet down the line, leaving an empty seat next to Jessica that Stacy immediately filled, giving her friend a far more pleasant and better smelling companion.

“Maybe I can change this machine’s luck,” Stacy suggested with a smile before placing her coin in and yanking the lever, her eyes nearly bugging out when it immediately registered three jackpot signs and the machine roared to life with flashing lights and sounds as the money poured out for her.

“AWWWWWWWWW FUCK!” the man screamed out when he realized that he had been one coin away from hitting as Stacy and Jessica shrieked in delight at the unexpected prize.

The coins spilled out onto the floor and the girls hugged each other in celebration, jumping up and down like they had just hit the lottery, which in a way they had. It wasn’t the biggest prize the machine could offer, not by far, but the $1,000 Stacy’s first pull of the lever had won seemed like plenty to them as the machine flashed its lights, made its noise and spit out the blonde’s winnings.

Stacy eagerly collected her coins, not paying any mind as the man who had been sitting there before began punching a wall, causing security to be called. She was giddy and giggly as she grabbed her winnings. $1,000 was never anything to sneeze at, especially when it was unexpected and Stacy’s mind was immediately whirling as to what she could use the money for. This wasn’t money that was meant to be saved. It practically was crying out to be spent and Stacy quickly seized on a purpose for it that not only would she enjoy, but her new housemates as well.

“What’s that look for?” Jessica asked, noting the devilish smile that was pulling at her partner’s lips. “What are you planning?”

“Mmmmm just a Victoria’s Secret shopping spree,” Stacy grinned. “We need to put this money to good use.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jessica replied, now sharing Stacy’s smile as she hoped that she would be lucky enough to be able to slip inside the dressing room with Stacy to get a private fashion show.

But before Stacy could cash in her winnings to fund that shopping spree, her phone musically indicated a text message had arrived. She excitedly picked up her phone and saw that it was just what she had been waiting for. The package, so to speak, had arrived.

“C’mon we gotta go,” Stacy said.

“Go? Go where?” Jessica asked.

“Can’t say…it’s a surprise,” Stacy mysteriously and eagerly replied, taking Jessica by the hand and leading her out of the casino.

And as Jessica and Stacy were making their plans and heading out on their way, Jewel was busy at the blackjack table as Jennifer as her friend rejoined her and Q’Orianka from upstairs.

“Take a seat,” Jewel said, pushing the empty chair next to her out for her housemate. “Your luck can’t be any worse than mine.”

“Ummmm no…I think I’ll stand,” Jennifer replied. After what Rose had just done to her ass upstairs in the suite, Jennifer definitely didn’t feel like sitting down.

“Everything ok?” Jewel asked.

“Oh yeah everything’s fine,” Jennifer said. “It’s just…well…you know…I was just with Rose and…”

Jennifer didn’t have to say anything more. Jewel immediately got what her friend was hinting at and though she definitely wanted lots of hot details about what Rose had done to her, she certainly wasn’t about to press her for them in a public place. That could wait until later, but not much later, because Jennifer definitely had a satisfied smile, even though Jewel could tell there was something on her mind.

“Well you can stand and watch me lose my shirt then,” Jewel sighed as her luck had not been very good so far at the table.

Q’Orianka giggled at the idea of her sexy cousin literally losing her shirt from playing blackjack and she marveled at how far she’d come…or fallen…depending on how you looked at it.

Not even 24 hours ago she had arrived suddenly at Jewel’s door having never kissed a girl and now she was wishing they were playing a special blackjack game where Jewel would have to take off her shirt along with every other piece of clothing she had so they could get the stakes to something far more fun and important than mere money.

Q’Orianka felt a little wicked rush pass through her as she thought back to what a total pervert she’d turned into in just one day and she liked it. She liked all these changes inside her. She liked how she was looking at girls so differently now and all the new desires and longings inside her. She moved herself closer to Jennifer, very much enjoying being in the presence of the beautiful movie star, and the smile that Jennifer gave her as she got close showed that she seemed to like being around her too.

“Awww you’re not doing that bad, are you?” Jennifer asked. “It looks like you still have your shirt on to me.”

“Just barely,” Jewel said, before sighing as the guy two chairs down from her got the card she had been hoping for causing her to bust out again. “I’ve never been really good at this.”

“I’m sure you’re gonna have a hot streak soon,” Q’Orianka replied, trying to be encouraging. “Luck can change in an instant. Just when you think you’ll never win is when you’ll probably start to.”

Q’Orianka wasn’t playing and she didn’t dare to. She wasn’t 21 yet, but while she could pass for older she didn’t want to literally press her luck by actually trying to gamble. Q’Orianka figured there were really only two outcomes to her trying that. One was losing money she didn’t have and the second was actually winning and then being discovered as underage, resulting in her, Jewel and Jennifer being tossed out of there.

Neither of those sounded good to her, so Q’Orianka just stood and watched Jewel, trying to cheer her on. This was her first time in a casino and Q’Orianka found herself enjoying it. There was such a wild tangle of emotion on the floor. It wasn’t even deep into the afternoon and the Palms’ floor was packed.

Q’Orianka could feel the pulsing energy of all the people there. She was surrounded by the flashing lights, loud noises from the machines, sounds of the dealers and all the hustle and bustle. It was like a sinful carnival and since she was only an observer, it gave her a perspective that others didn’t have.

There was such a thrilling mix of adrenaline, sadness, hope and wicked joy around her. The people filling the casino floor had both the optimism of those thinking they could beat the casino and the desperation of those who had tried and failed. It was something to see and Q’Orianka was very glad she was here, experiencing all of this.

“Having a good time?” Jennifer asked her. “Wanna try and play a bit?”

“Oh no…I wouldn’t dare,” Q’Orianka replied. “I just want to watch.”

“Mmmmm just like Jewel,” Jennifer teased, definitely meaning her double entendre. “Your cousin loves to watch!”

Q’Orianka giggled when she saw Jewel shaking her head and blushing a little bit. But she definitely didn’t deny anything Jennifer was saying and Q’Orianka began wondering if Jewel would like to watch her have some fun with Jennifer. Those beds upstairs had looked mighty comfortable and Q’Orianka thought she and Jennifer could definitely give her beautiful cousin something really hot to watch.

Jennifer was thinking along the same lines, but she also wanted to do some serious watching of her own. She had never gotten a good look at the two cousins together, save for a few quick glimpses on the plane, and she was definitely eager to see her busty, blonde friend get naked and naughty with the lean, exotic girl who had suddenly come into their lives yesterday.

Even after what she had just experienced with Rose and Sarah back upstairs in their suite, Jennifer was eager for more already. Vegas definitely fed her already insatiable sexual appetites and Jennifer knew her friends had to all be feeling the same thing. If what had just happened upstairs had been any kind of indication about how things were going to go this weekend, then Jennifer knew everyone was in for a wild, good time in Las Vegas.

Of course the exquisite pleasure of being assfucked by Rose and Mr. Snappy and then tasting her own ass right off that magnificent toy along with Sarah as they had kneeled before Rose along with the naughty thoughts of seeing the Kilcher cousins put on a show for her couldn’t quite distract Jennifer from the two things weighing heavily on her mind, but they definitely helped. As did the presence of the girl she saw wandering around.

“Jewel! Look it’s Gwen!” Jennifer said before signaling to their friend by waving her hand in the air and hoping the blonde saw them. She quickly did and Gwen broke into a wide smile before heading right over.

“There you are,” Gwen beamed, giving Jennifer an immediate hug. “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to find you in here.”

“Yeah this place is so easy to get lost in,” Jennifer said, hugging Gwen back. “I’m just glad you made it. I was afraid you weren’t going to come.”

“Yeah right, you knew I was coming,” Gwen laughed. “How could I not after that sales pitch you gave me?”

“Did you see him yet?” Jennifer asked softly so as not to attract too many prying ears.

“Yes,” Gwen replied and Jennifer could see from the look on her friend’s face that while she had been able to see Fluffy she definitely hadn’t found relief with him. There was deep need in Gwen’s eyes and Jennifer knew there was only one thing…or one man…that could truly satisfy it.

“See who?” Jewel asked, happy to turn away from her losing streak at the table to greet Gwen.

“Never mind.” Gwen said. Even though she and Jewel were close friends, she wanted to keep her secret with as few people as possible because the less talk there was about it, the less chance there was of Christina finding out. “It’s not important.”

“Well then gimmie a hug too,” Jewel insisted with a smile. “I wanna get some loving from you too.”

“You always can get that,” Gwen replied to the woman who had first seduced her and hugged Jewel happily.

“Ooooh lemme introduce you,” Jewel said as she separated and pulled Q’Orianka. “This is Q’Orianka. My cousin.”

“Oooooh yes I’ve heard about you already,” Gwen said with a wicked tilt to her voice, making the girl blush and smile.

“Only good things I hope,” Q’Orianka replied.

“Definitely only good things,” Gwen insisted. “And if you’re anything like Jewel then we’re going to be very good friends too.”

“Well we have one big thing in common,” Q’Orianka smiled, once again amazed that her cousin had so many beautiful and famous female lovers. But the more she met them, the more she wanted to be with them too.

“Mmmm I can’t wait to see what that one thing is,” Gwen declared before giving Q’Orianka a friendly hug too as a way of introducing herself.

“Are you going to be staying with us?” Jewel asked, picturing the huge suite the girls had.

“If you can squeeze me in,” Gwen replied.

“Oh we definitely have room,” Jennifer said. “The suite is huge. Mmmm plenty of places to play in.”

“Oooooh now I have to know what you did when you snuck upstairs to the room again,” Jewel laughed.

“It was nothing,” Jennifer coyly replied. “Just something between me, Sarah and Rose.”

“Wow!” Q’Orianka said, picturing what those three sexy girls could do to one another.

“Oh that’s nothing,” Gwen teased. “The more you hang around these girls, the more you’re going to see just how wild they really are.”

Q’Orianka wished she could hear more, lots more. What they had all done on the plane this morning had been incredible and the idea of doing things even wilder than that had Q’Orianka getting very excited. But with so many people around, more details didn’t make any sense right then.

Gwen laughed affectionately at the look on Q’Orianka’s face as the girl was no doubt picturing how wild the girls could get. She had seen first-hand just how crazy and sexy her friends were and she was definitely eager to be a part of more. With the frustration of being so close, yet feeling so far from Fluffy, this was exactly what Gwen needed and she wished she had been a part of whatever Jen had gotten herself into with Sarah and Rose.

Gwen could see the satisfied look in her friend’s face, but, like Jewel had before, she could also see something more.

“Is something bothering you Jen?” Gwen asked. “You look like you got something on your mind.”

Jennifer wondered if she was this obvious or if her friends were this perceptive.

“It’s nothing really,” Jennifer sighed. “I’m fine.”

“Is it Emma?” Jewel asked. “Is that still bothering you?”

“Emma? Who’s Emma? What’s all this about?” Gwen asked as the four girls stood close to the blackjack table, everyone else milling around them, and acted like no one else was there.

Jennifer didn’t deflect the question, but she also didn’t just blurt out an answer either. There was no way she was going to talk loudly and openly about how she had been approached out of the blue by Emma Watson that morning and found out that the British girl not only had witnessed her carrying on the night before with a waitress at a party, but that Emma wanted in. Emma’s approach had been half pleading, half blackmail and all confusing to Jennifer.

Leaning in to Gwen, Jennifer gave her the bullet points of that encounter by whispering in her ear. Gwen’s eyes got bigger as she heard about how the sexy Harry Potter star had approached her friend and demanded to become a part of what they had going on. She never would have expected that from the seemingly demure girl, but Gwen knew Jennifer wouldn’t lie.

“Wow, that’s crazy,” Gwen reacted. “What are you going to do Jen?”

“Not sure,” Jennifer replied. “What can I do?”

“Maybe we should just give her what she wants,” Jewel suggested. “It’s not like it would be a big chore for any of us.”

“I guess,” Jennifer said. “I just hate to give into blackmail. I mean, it’s the principle of it, right? You can’t just demand to be a part of something, especially if you’re making threats to do it.”

But a more appealing twist on Jewel’s idea then came from an unexpected source.

“Well, why don’t you teach her a little lesson then,” Q’Orianka said.

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked.

“Well if she wants it that badly, then why not give it to her,” Q’Orianka said, feeling a rush of adrenaline as she suddenly found these experienced women looking to her. “But give her more than she ever dreamed of. See how much she can handle and then give her more. Keep giving it to her over and over and over again until she learns not to mess with you. Make her see she’s bitten off more than she could chew.”

Q’Orianka’s idea didn’t get a reaction at first, but Jewel soon broke into a grin.

“Mmmm Q, if there weren’t so many people around, I would so kiss you for that,” Jewel said, making Q’Orianka smile again. “That’s an awesome idea.”

“That’s a really interesting idea,” Jennifer said. “Ummmm…not sure about that. I’ve never been, you know, super aggressive and all that. I mean, I know she deserves it after what she’s said to me and, God, that sounds like I lot of fun, but I don’t know if that’s really me. Rose would love it, though.”

“All the more reason to do it,” Gwen noted. “C’mon Jen. That sounds like a great idea. Drag her up to your room and really give it to her. Show her what happens when you make threats. I really like the idea. God, can you imagine what you and everyone could do to her? You’d drain her! I’ll bet you could turn that demanding little blackmailer into a weak kitten for you all and I know I’d wanna see it!”

“See it? Gwen, you’d have to be a part of it too!” Jewel insisted, all of them running with Q’Orianka’s idea even as Jennifer was still reluctant about it.

“Well, we’ll see,” Jennifer said, her brain telling her this was asking for disaster, but her pussy telling her something else entirely.

The idea of doing that to Emma seemed so enticing. The girl had come from nowhere to demand inclusion and while Jennifer didn’t think that Emma was mean or really wanted to expose them, the way she had put herself out there was completely unacceptable and she needed to learn some proper manners.

Despite her own nerves over the idea of giving Emma all she could handle and more, Jennifer found herself getting damp from picturing all of them ganging up on Emma, ripping her clothes off to get at her young body and fucking her over and over again with toys, tongues, fingers and whatever else they had around the suite while forcing her pretty face right into their pussies as she begged for a mercy none of them were willing to grant. That would be so wild and Emma would definitely learn a lesson from that.

She knew she could probably never go through with that. It just wasn’t in her nature to be that way, but Jennifer still liked thinking about it, especially since the conversation going in this direction covered up what was truly bothering her.

Sarah had said something to her upstairs that had rattled Jennifer a lot and she just wanted to forget about it. It had been a teasing comment, playing off things Sarah had already said to her earlier that day when they’d been in the shower together. Even though she had said it, Jennifer suspected Sarah had no idea what an impact it truly had had on her, but it really hung over her and her thinking.

When she had been upstairs and on her knees sucking Mr. Snappy just after Rose had made her scream out in orgasmic ecstasy from fucking her ass, Sarah had moaned into Jennifer’s ear something that she had both hated and loved hearing.

“Mmmm sucking your own hot ass off a big cock, naughty, naughty Jennifer,” Sarah had moaned wickedly to her. “Mmmm if only Courteney could see you now.”

The Courteney that Sarah had been referring to was her best friend Courteney Cox Arquette. It hadn’t been the first time one of her housemates had teased her about Courtney and how Jennifer had never brought her over to play. But today was the first time that Jennifer had ever really found herself seriously wondering what would happen if she did bring her best friend into the life she led at the mansion.

Over breakfast with Courteney before she had left for Vegas, Jennifer had found forbidden thoughts entering her brain. She had found herself imagining what it would be like for her to kiss and touch Courteney. She had never let herself think that way before, but now Jennifer couldn’t restrain her own libido. The girl who had previously been completely off limits to her was now very much on Jennifer’s mind and that wasn’t something she was comfortable with or accepting of at all.

In fact, it was really bothering her a lot and Jennifer was glad to deflect her friends off the real source of her troubles with the Emma Watson distraction. Emma was like a gnat that needed to be swatted, but Jennifer’s emotional turmoil ran deeper than that and she didn’t want her friends to know.

“Where is Rose anyway?” Jewel asked. “I thought she was with you Jen.”

“She needed another shower,” Jennifer laughed. “But she’s probably down here somewhere in the crowd. It’s so easy to get lost in here. I’m amazed I actually found you guys.”

“Yeah, definitely. It’s crazy here,” Gwen said. “This place is packed already. I was wandering around for like half an hour before I found you. I saw Alyssa playing craps with Hayden, but I don’t know where anyone else is.”

“Well we’ll have to get everyone together again soon,” Jewel said. “I think we definitely need to talk a lot more about Q’s idea about how we can give that girl more than she bargained for. You don’t mess with us and she needs to learn that.”


Despite some reservations about getting naughty with Emma the night before when they had first encountered her, that would have been a conversation Love would have been more than happy to participate in. But she was on her own that moment, away from her housemates and their lewd intentions.

As the rest of her friends were away from natural light inside the casino, Love was enjoying herself quite a bit wandering around the city and doing the kind of exploring you could only do with your clothes on. Though, it was so hot that day that Love had at one point wished she could just ditch her clothes and go full nudist by walking around under the Vegas sun completely naked.

It had given her a little naughty tingle to consider boldly stripping down in public to show off the body she had once revealed in Playboy and that her friends adored playing with, but Love hadn’t gotten heatstroke of anything and she stayed dressed.

Fun was fun and crazy was crazy. Giving the public a free flesh show was definitely in the latter category. But it still give her a little rush to think about it and she knew she was going to have to get a little crazy if she and Scarlett were going to win Rose’s game.

Like everyone else, Love still didn’t know the rules of the game Rose had designed and what they would have to do to win it, but she knew how her friend’s mind worked and she sensed the game would be full of risk and that they’d all have to push their boundaries a little. While that made her a little nervous, it was the good kind of nervous. Love wanted to take some risks while she was here. She wanted to get a little wild. She wanted to be bold and wicked and have fun that would give her incredible memories forever.

Plus she liked having Scarlett as a partner. She had played around with the sexy blonde the other night at the mansion, but that had been their lone interaction besides seeing each other at play on the plane. Love was definitely looking forward to getting to know the actress a lot better and, as she walked around she began thinking that maybe she should stop by Scarlett’s room to talk some “strategy” with her and maybe get a little bit more intimate with her new partner. She knew Scarlett and Natalie were sharing a room and while Natalie wasn’t on her team, Love didn’t mind interacting with the enemy as it were.

Right now, though, she just wanted to enjoy her walk. Love had always enjoyed the energy of Las Vegas and her walk was giving her an excellent opportunity to play observer. She had some sunglasses on and her long brunette hair was tucked under a Dodgers cap, so she wasn’t instantly recognizable. Plus everyone was so focused on their own fun that Love got a chance to be incognito and she liked it.

It was so much fun to observe the people she saw as she drank in the sights and sounds of Las Vegas. Even though the afternoon was just starting, the strip was already jumping. Their hotel was just west of it, so it had been easy for Love to walk to it. She loved running and walking for exercise so a nice walk over a few miles was fun to her.

In recent years the city had done a lot to make its famous strip more pedestrian friendly and in fact it was now easier to walk down the Las Vegas Strip than drive. Everything was so full of life and pulsing with energy and Love couldn’t wait to see it lit up at night, a bright burst of neon and life filling the dark desert sky.

The more she walked, however, the more Love got the creeping sense she was being followed. She turned around and saw a car driving behind her as she walked on the sidewalk. There was a good traffic flow on both sides of the strip, so this car was going slower than it should have been. Love didn’t recognize the car and she tried to ignore the feeling, saying that it had to be her mind playing tricks on her.

As she passed the famous sights like Caesar’s, the Bellagio, Paris, the Flamingo and Harrah’s, Love felt as if they were calling out to her just like they were to every member of the public who came to the desert looking for some fun. Love resisted the siren call though.

Gambling wasn’t really her thing. She did a little of it and it was fun, but she always made sure she didn’t lose too much and that meant stressing moderation whenever possible. Besides, she didn’t want to spend too much time cooped up inside a casino, giving away all her hard earned Ghost Whisperer money, especially now that the show was over. It was more fun to be under the bright sun and get some fresh air.

It was harder for her to resist her second biggest vice, though.

Next to sex, Love was most helpless to resist shopping and there were so many shops on the strip that called out to her. There were little boutiques and big mega malls like The Fashion Show Mall and the shops at Caesar’s and it was much harder to resist their siren call. As she walked, Love found them trying to beckon her on in with cute outfits and great shoes, telling her to just leave her plastic at the counter and shop to her heart’s content.

But just like she resisted going in and dropping her dollars at the black jack tables, Love managed to keep herself from being drawn into the expensive shops she passed by. Oh she definitely intended to do some shopping while she was here. Since Rose had made her leave so many of her outfits behind, she felt like she needed to pick up a few things. But she could do that later.

Patting herself on the back for being strong and resisting, Love continued on her walk. She hadn’t expected to walk so far and she wasn’t really quite sure how far away she’d gone down the strip away from their hotel. The strip was several miles long and Love hadn’t really been keeping track of how far she’d wandered. She hadn’t meant to walk so far and the strip was way longer than it had seemed at first. But that was part of the fun and Love knew she could easily make her way back. She always liked walking. You saw so much more of life that way and Love was having fun seeing all these people and wondering what their stories were.

How many of these people were here to get naughty? How many of them were here to leave their lives behind for the weekend and indulge in every fantasy they had? How many of them were there to lose their inhibitions along with their dollars? How many were having one last weekend of freedom before marriage? How many of them were cheating? Love asked herself all these questions as she watched the people around her.

Las Vegas was always so much fun and Love hoped all these people, man or woman, big or small, tall or short, were there to have the kind of fun she was planning to have. Love wished they all could be liberated and live out their fantasies like she did. Everyone had fantasies and Love knew so many people feared actually making theirs come true. That was no way to live and Love sincerely hoped that everyone she saw was about to have the weekend of their lives with lots of fun and no regrets.

Love had never been shy about sex before she and Sarah had first hooked up. She had always loved sex, the hotter and naughtier the better. But after that encounter Love had truly felt like she had become a butterfly leaving her cocoon. Living out her desire for women had shed the last of her inhibitions and Love hadn’t looked back since.

She felt so free and happy living out her fantasies with her girlfriends and she only wished everyone was as in touch with their sexuality as they were. Deep down every adult was a sensual being and Love was so happy that she was able to embrace it. She hoped Vegas would bring that side out of everyone, even if it was only for a few nights.

Continuing her walk and wondering with sly glances under her sunglasses and a naughty little smile on her lips which of the men and women she saw were going to do something really wicked this weekend, Love made her way down the strip. She walked her way down it, while occasionally turning her head back over her shoulder and still seeing the car slowly approaching her.

She had shrugged it off before, but it was getting more difficult to ignore it because every time she turned around it was still there. Now she was getting a little worried because the car was still there and it felt like she was being followed. She tried to lose that feeling, but every time she looked back she saw the car behind her.

The car was moving a little too slowly for Love’s tastes even though there was flowing traffic in both directions. It definitely felt like the car was following her and Love started to feel very uncomfortable. She began walking a little faster, but the car sped up to keep pace with her.

Now Love was starting to get a little freaked. She tried to tell herself she was being paranoid and she didn’t want to make a big scene or anything. But she wasn’t about to let herself get kidnapped or anything. So Love was about to take off on a run and duck into the first casino she saw, if only to hide for a little bit so this car could pass on and the feeling of being followed would go away.

But before she could do that, the car pulled up right beside her and idled. A car aficionado would have recognized it as a classic silver Rolls Royce, but Love was not much of a car connoisseur. So she was about to make good on her plan and bolt when the car’s backseat window rolled down and a voice called out to her that gave her every incentive to stay.

“Hey there Love,” a familiar voice purred. “Need a ride?”

Love broke into a wide smile, instantly relaxing as she turned and found herself staring right at Lauren Graham, the older woman’s face a mix of friendliness and seduction as she looked at her from the now open window in the back of the car. Lauren was in the back and was being driven and there appeared to be plenty of room beside her. Now all Love wanted to do was jump into the car she had moments ago been convinced she was going to be tied up and thrown into the trunk of, but she played it coy at first.

“Ohhhh I don’t know,” Love playfully replied. “I’m not supposed to accept rides from strangers.”

“Don’t worry little girl, you’re perfectly safe with me,” Lauren said, playing along with Love’s game. “Besides, I’ve got candy in here. C’mon little girl. Take a ride with me.”

Lauren’s car had stopped and it was holding up traffic a little, so Love didn’t draw things out any longer. All playing aside, she felt perfectly safe with Lauren and didn’t hesitate to take her up on her offer.

“Wellllll if you have candy then ok, I guess…” Love giggled. She was a little tired from walking and, under the hot sun, a nice air conditioned ride seemed like a very welcome change of pace.

Lauren opened the door and Love entered the car, immediately enjoying its soft leather seats as she escaped the early afternoon heat. Love had never been in a car like this before. She wasn’t someone who got weak in the knees over a car, but Lauren’s classic Rolls Royce definitely deserved some proper appreciation.

“Wow this is incredible,” Love marveled as she slipped a seat belt on while settling into her seat. “Thanks for the ride Lauren.”

“Well you looked so hot out there sweetie,” Lauren said, letting her hand caress Love’s bare knee as she made sure that the girl knew the double meaning of her words was quite intentional. “Drive Simone. Let’s show Love where we’re spending our time this weekend.”

Love perked up even more when Lauren referred to her driver by name. With a traditional chauffeur’s outfit on, complete with a cap, Love had barely noted the driver up front. But knowing it was a girl definitely got her interested and along with Lauren’s hand on her leg, it got Love eager to find out if Lauren really had something for her in here that was sweeter than the promised candy.

Lauren sensed Love’s thoughts and she didn’t hesitate to lean in and lovingly kiss the younger actress. That had been just what Love had been hoping she would do and she kissed back without inhibition. After the trips Love and her friends had taken to Lauren’s mansion, the feel of the woman’s kisses was hardly new to her and Love always left Lauren’s company wanting more from the beautiful brunette.

Nothing in Love’s mind could ever truly equal the carnal fun she and her friends had when they got together for their parties at their mansion, but no one she knew could come quite as close as Lauren could. Lauren had some pretty damn wild parties of her own at her house and Love had been invited to many of them in recent months. Rose and Alyssa had first made Lauren’s acquaintance when they had all been on the WB together and they had been the first to see that Lauren had a carnal side that few outside of Malibu could keep up with.

Her parties were pure sex and Lauren lived like a goddess at them with men and women eager to cater to her every desire and please her circle of friends. Love considered herself a part of that circle now and she loved how she could get every desire fulfilled at Lauren’s parties, whether they be for soft, wet pussies or hard, thick cocks. Love wanted it all and at Lauren’s she could always get it.

Love and Lauren had already explored every inch of each other’s bare bodies many, many times before today, so there was no shyness in their kiss. It was a hot, wet expression of their lust for one another as they moaned into each other’s mouths and let their eager tongues touch seductively. This hadn’t been what Love had expected to find when she had gone out for her walk so that made it so much more fun to be sitting in the backseat of Lauren’s Rolls, making out with the gorgeous actress.

“I’m so glad you spotted me,” Love sighed, pausing the kissing for a moment so she could catch her breath. “Mmmmm I was afraid at first that someone was following me. I love that it was you, though.”

“You shouldn’t disguise this pretty face of yours,” Lauren said with a smile as she pulled off Love’s baseball hat and removed her sunglasses. “I wasn’t sure it was you at first. I thought it was, but I wasn’t sure. I saw you walking and I knew we had to stop. After all, I think I can recognize this beautiful backside of yours anywhere Love.”

Lauren reached behind Love and caressed the full cheeks of her ass through her clothes as they drove, making the younger girl moan at the soft, seductive touch. Lauren’s hands always felt so good everywhere on her body. Just having the light, sensual touch to her now was making Love want to tear off her clothes and let Lauren ravish her right in the back of her fancy car.

After arriving at the hotel, Love had taken her chance to ditch her shorts and t-shirt and change. She was in a light sundress now that Lauren was lifting up ever so slowly as she caressed her legs and let her hand roam up toward her thigh at the same time she was gently playing with her ass.

Love had changed because it was so hot outside, but now the extra benefit of allowing Lauren easy access to her body was quite apparent to her. Love moaned even louder from the touch and passionately kissed Lauren back, but she also glanced a little nervously as the driver was quite obviously moving back and forth from keeping her eyes on the road while also checking out the action in the backseat from the rear view mirror.

“Is she…” Love began to ask, but she didn’t even need to get all the words out of her mouth before Lauren silenced her concern.

“Oh Simone is fine,” Lauren grinned devilishly. “Mmmm I make sure all of my staff is very, very accommodating to my needs.”

Lauren didn’t say anything else on that and Love’s imagination did the rest. She already knew how close Lauren was to her personal assistant Whitney and she had also seen some of Lauren’s other staff, both male and female, give their boss a very personal touch as well. Lauren seemed to have an unquenchable desire for sex from men and women. That’s why Love enjoyed being around her so much and by all appearances the feeling was mutual.

“I’m so happy I ran into you like this,” Lauren said, keeping her one hand under Love’s dress to caress her thigh as she pulled her other hand up to play with the brunette’s long, straight hair. “I saw you walking and I was hoping it was you. I definitely wanted to find you this weekend.”

“Well you found me,” Love smiled, enjoying Lauren’s soft fingers on her thigh and wishing she would go up a little bit further to get at the growing heat between her legs. “So I guess the question is now that you have me what are you going to do with me?”

Love asked this as she looked out the window and saw they were driving further and further away from the strip. Love trusted Lauren, but she also wanted to know where their destination was.

“Well what if I was taking you away to my castle and wanted to keep you there,” Lauren playfully suggested, her caresses getting closer and closer to Love’s panties under her dress. “After all, every queen needs a princess, doesn’t she?”

“I have always wanted to be a princess,” Love laughed. “But I think my friends might come and rescue me.”

“They could try…” Lauren said before kissing Love’s neck and making her sigh with desire. “Mmmmm but I wouldn’t let you go without a fight.”

On Love’s first trip to Lauren’s, for her annual Christmas party, the guest list was long and star studded. And of all the beautiful women that were at the party, the one Love had most wanted to be with was her hostess. They had bonded very nicely that night and had played together many times since then. The two of them definitely had chemistry and Love thought to herself that if she hadn’t found her housemates first, then she might well have been quite content to be Lauren’s naughty little princess.

Love adored the feel of Lauren’s soft lips on her neck, especially when her hand finally reached its destination and began rubbing Love’s pussy through the damp cotton of her panties.

“Awwww Love I was hoping you’d be nice and bare for me under your dress,” Lauren teased, knowing full well how much Love enjoyed giving easy access to her lovers to the delights between her legs.

Lauren’s touch had Love moaning, but her words had her laughing.

“Oh no way…not unless I’m wearing pants or shorts,” Love laughed. “No way are my goodies gonna end up in camera view of some pervy paparazzi.”

“They do ruin the fun, don’t they?” Lauren agreed. “Mmmm but there won’t be any of those sleazebags where we’re going. Once we’re there we’re going to get all these clothes of yours off in peace.”

“And where are we going?” Love asked, trying to keep a level head and stay focused even as Lauren made her body tingle through her sensual rubbing. “We’re not exactly getting any closer to my hotel.”

“We’re going off to my country estate,” Lauren joked. “Or I suppose desert estate would be more accurate. I have a place here. I love Vegas, but I could never stay in the city. It’s way too crazy here for me. You know me Love, I like things a little bit more…intimate.”

To emphasize her point, Lauren rubbed Love a little harder through her panties. Love groaned in desire, but even the growing lust she had right then for Lauren couldn’t stifle her curiosity.

“Where is your place?” Love asked, all her words coming out as sighs as Lauren rubbed her and Simone continued to shift her glance from the road to them in the backseat as often as was safely possible.

“Just right near the strip,” Lauren explained. “It’s in Paradise. Mmm and it’s definitely paradise to me. I love it there. It’s the perfect getaway. It’s close enough to the action here and far enough away that you can escape the craziness. I love it there and I want you to see it.”

Love couldn’t help but laugh as she remembered the last time she had been in a place called Paradise. Her and Rose’s road trip had taken them through New Mexico and Paradise had definitely lived up to its name for Love as she had jumped head first into a gangbang where a whole squad of police officers had had their wicked way with her. It had been one of the most intense experiences of her life and Love wondered if Nevada’s version of Paradise would offer the same possibilities to her.

“Ooooooh are we almost there?” Love asked dreamily, loving every bit of Lauren’s touch and wanting nothing more than to get to the woman’s house so they could get inside and into a soft bed to continue their fun.

“Mmmmhmmm it’s so close by,” Lauren moaned into Love’s ear as she began to rub her friend’s tits through her dress, feeling the softness of her full mounds and the hardness of her already aroused nipples. “We’re almost there Love. I can’t wait to show it to you. And of course you’re going to get an even better view of it tomorrow.”

“Why? What happens tomorrow?” Love inquired even as her mind drifted into a haze of pleasure from Lauren’s fingers skillfully manipulating her wet pussy lips through her panties.

“Oh not much, just a few dozen of my hottest friends coming over for a little get together,” Lauren smiled devilishly, relishing every moan and coo she got out of the younger woman as she continued to rub her and make Love’s panties even wetter. “And of course you’re invited Love. I couldn’t bear to not have you there. Mmmm I know how much you love my parties and this one is going to be absolutely epic. You haven’t lived until you’ve been to one of my Vegas bashes. Oh Love, you’re going to have so much fun! I have so many hot women coming. Some you know…others you don’t. Mmm it’s going to be hot women of every age and every color and it’s going to be absolutely delicious. And you have to come Love. I simply won’t take no for an answer.”

Love’s eyes lit up at the idea of their weekend in Vegas being capped off by another Lauren Graham party. They were always so incredible and she always had such a diverse, unexpected guest list. It always seemed like Lauren knew how to tap into the hidden, freaky side of some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women because at every party there was always at least one woman there that made Love’s jaw drop because she would never have expected to find her at a place like that or have her be into what she was into.

Of course the one girl that Love would have always assumed was a regular at Lauren’s parties was never there. But Love by now had learned not to ask where Alexis Bledel, Lauren’s younger Gilmore Girls co-star was in all of this. For some reason it was just something Lauren never wanted to talk about. Just like she never wanted to talk about why she never wanted to visit the mansion in Malibu. So Love didn’t look this gift horse in the mouth by bringing it up and instead happily accepted the invitation.

“Ohhhhhhhhh that sounds wonderful,” Love sighed as she wondered what would happen first, them arriving at Lauren’s house or her creaming her panties. “Ooooooooh of course I’ll be there! Mmmmm we all will! I can’t wait to tell Rose and Sarah and everyone! They love your parties too!”

But when Love said that, Lauren actually slowed down her rubbing and gave a little frown.

“Are you guys always joined at the hip or something?” Lauren inquired, not mad, but seemingly a little disappointed. “You can’t have one without the whole dozen?”

To Love this seemed more than a bit odd. Who wouldn’t want her to bring all her friends to a sex party? Love realized she was more than a bit biased on this issue, but she thought her friends were the hottest women in the world and the idea of Lauren showing any reluctance to her bringing them to a party like this just didn’t make sense.

“Mmmm don’t you want us all again? Don’t you like how we look naked? Don’t you like how much we all love to fuck?” Love purred, this time trying to seduce Lauren. “Don’t you love it when Rose fucks you with Mr. Snappy or when Alyssa feeds you her hot pussy? Mmmm or when you can feel Sarah and Jessica at the same time licking you and having me sucking on your tits while you play with mine before I sit my wet pussy down on your sexy mouth and let you tongue fuck me until I come all over your face? Mmmm I know your guests love it when we play with them. What’s wrong Lauren?”

“No, nothing’s wrong…” Lauren said, Love’s words sounding mighty good to her and the pictures she was painting in her head inspiring her to start rubbing her faster again. “Your friends are so sexy and amazing. My guests always love when we can all play with them. It’s just that I was hoping it could just be you for once.”

“We’re a package deal,” Love declared, the idea of going off to a party like this without her closest friends inconceivable to her.

“Well maybe someday you’ll let me show you how you can soar higher than the rest of them,” Lauren instead offered. “With the right guidance you can really break from the rest of the herd.”

“What do you mean?” Love asked, part of her wondering where this was going and the other just wanting Lauren to keep on rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Let me show you,” Lauren purred in response before leaning in and kissing Love passionately on the lips.

That gesture got an immediate response from Love and she kissed Lauren back, their lips softly rubbing in a series of kisses that deepened each time until their tongues were sensually caressing each other. Lauren was such a great kisser and Love knew she was no slouch either.

They continued kissing each other as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Lauren continued to rub Love through her panties as she also kept on exploring the busty woman’s chest through the material of her dress. Love did the same to Lauren, fondling her soft, firm breasts through her dress and then reaching down to feel her ass, holding the older woman closer to her as they made out.

And just when it seemed as though the two women were floating away from it all, a voice from the front snapped them out of their haze…at least for the moment.

“Miss Graham, we’re here,” Simone announced from the front seat of the now stopped vehicle as she blatantly stared at the two kissing women in the back, her eyes filled with a desire of their own. “Will there be anything else?”

“Mmmm wonderful,” Lauren said. “And yes Simone, as a matter of fact there will be something else. Please come back here.”

Love had been so into kissing Lauren that she hadn’t noticed that the vehicle had stopped. She blushed as she looked back and saw that they had even passed by an electronic gate, meaning she had gotten so lost in making out that she had completely failed to notice anything else. But that was a testament to not only what a great kisser Lauren was, but how much Love enjoyed kissing her.

“Wow,” Love marveled as she got her first look at Lauren’s home away from home when she was in Vegas.

Just from the front of the house, it looked spectacular. It wasn’t as big as the mansion, but it certainly looked grand and spacious. It seemed even bigger than Lauren’s California home and Love knew how well that place could accommodate a party full of naughty, horny people. From her first glimpse at it, Love was taken aback by the estate, which looked intimate and impressive all at once and wondered just how many women it could house for one wild night.

“I’m glad you like it,” Lauren said, playing with Love’s hair again. “And just wait until you see the inside. But that’s not all I want to show you Love. I want to make sure you know just how much I can offer if you’re my special friend, darling.”

“We’re already friends,” Love pointed out.

“Oh I know we are…but we can be so much more,” Lauren purred as Simone opened the door to the backseat and crawled in.

The back of the Rolls Royce was just spacious enough to accommodate the slim, but sexy woman. Love got her first real look at Simone and she noticed for the first time that the girl had lovely light chocolate skin. She wondered if the girl was half black or just really light skinned and Love also saw how well the chauffeur’s uniform fit her, like she was trying to appear like a man at first until you took a closer look at her and saw her soft, feminine face as well as the little dark curls of hair that had slipped out from under her driver’s cap. Love could see the strain of a bosom under Simone’s gray buttoned uniform top and she wondered if the woman had taped down her breasts to appear less like an obvious girl.

But Love never got a chance to ask those questions before Simone crawled into the backseat and pressed her lovely face to hers. Love barely had the opportunity to blink before Lauren’s chauffer began to kiss her, her lips radiating a tender heat that Love immediately responded to. Despite not knowing this beautiful, mysterious woman at all, Love began kissing Simone back, their soft lips coming together again and again as Lauren watched in delight.

“That’s it Simone, kiss my friend,” Lauren urged her employee, rubbing her chauffeur’s back through her uniform as she leaned over her body to better kiss Love. “I know you want her. I saw you staring at us while you were driving. Kiss her like you were fantasizing about doing as you drove us home. Show us what you were dreaming about doing as you got all wet for us.”

That was exactly what Simone was doing and she kissed Love without inhibition. Love was a little shy at first, having never met Simone before now, but the chauffer showed no similar reluctance and soon any nerves she had were overcome by the soft seduction of Simone’s kiss.

The actress began to moan and their lips parted so their tongues could wetly touch for the first time. The two women began tongue kissing with a growing heat and Love felt herself get even wetter than she had been with Lauren from kissing this seductive, sexy stranger.

“Isn’t Simone the best?” Lauren asked, turning her attention to Love by caressing her face as she made out with her driver. “I trained her myself, just like I train all my staff. Mmmm she’s always been up to whatever task I give her, Love, and I want you to see that for yourself. I want you to see all that comes with being my special friend, sweetheart. See what happens when you’re with me.”

Love still wasn’t sure exactly what the heck Lauren was talking about, but that mattered a whole lot less now that she was happily lost in her series of wet, passionate kisses with Simone. Love’s hunger for the milk chocolate skinned chauffer was growing with every moment, especially when Simone did what Lauren had been doing and caressed her tits through her dress and then furthered it by reaching around for the back of her dress and starting to undo it.

Despite all her experience with women and the pleasure she was feeling, this was all happening very fast for Love. If Lauren hadn’t been there she might even have tried to at least put some kind of brakes on this thing. After all Simone was a stranger to her. But she was a very attractive stranger and having Lauren there to watch filled Love with desire. She wanted to put a hot show on for her friend and Love told herself to relax and just go with it.

Keeping that advice in mind, Love intensified the kiss with Simone and offered no resistance as the woman unbuttoned her dress enough for her to push it down her chest. Love moaned and lay back in her seat, letting the beautiful woman take her dress down enough to show how hard her nipples were under her bra.

“Oh my God, you have such beautiful breasts Jennifer,” Simone marveled, feeling her lips moisten at the sight of the heavy mounds under the violet bra that tantalizingly both lifted them up and held them back from her. “Your pictures don’t do you justice. You’re gorgeous!”

“So are you. You’re so beautiful Simone and I want to feel you all over me,” Love sighed as she sought to further things by reaching around her back to undo the clasp. There wasn’t a lot of room for her to maneuver in the back seat of the car, but she had just enough to unsnap her bra and push it off herself, revealing her bare breasts to Simone’s eyes and making them light up.

“Oh wow…” Simone breathlessly replied. “Such beautiful tits! Mmmmm so big and juicy!”

“I told you she was amazing, Simone,” Lauren said. “But call her Love. That’s what she likes. Remember how I told you that. Don’t make me sorry that I’m giving you this chance to play with my friend.”

“I’m sorry Miss Graham, I won’t forget again,” a chastised Simone replied. “Please don’t make me stop.”

“Yes Lauren, please don’t make her stop,” Love begged, wanting this more with each passing second as she let her nerves subside and replaced them with what the beautiful light skinned black girl could do to her willing body.

“You can make it up to her by tasting those big, delicious tits of hers,” Lauren instructed her driver. “Lick them Simone. Mmmm show my friend everything you learned from all those times I let you be the lucky girl who got to taste my tits.”

“Yes Miss Graham,” Simone smiled. “I can’t wait to taste these delicious tits.”

Love cooed in delight as she felt Simone’s soft hands on her big tits. Simone definitely had been trained well. Her touch was gentle, but oh so sexual and it made Love want more with every feel of the woman’s hot hands to her chest. Simone lovingly massaged Love’s now bare breasts, her dress around her waist and her bra on the floor of the car, and leaned in to kiss them.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh ooooooh Simone,” Love sighed, moaning out the driver’s name as her wet lips pressed all over her bare chest. “Oooooh Lauren! She’s so sexy! Mmmm you definitely have the best staff! They’re all so hot! Yesssssssss kiss my big tits Simone! Mmmm suck them and lick them! Get that hot mouth all over them!”

Simone leaned in deeper into Love’s chest, kissing all over the soft, large mounds and purposely ignoring her nipples at first. She lavished kisses on her creamy flesh, wetly pressing her lips and dragging her tongue on it and going between Love’s tits to kiss and lick her cleavage. The more she felt Simone’s tongue and lips on her breasts, the more Love cooed and moaned and that was when Simone finally went for Love’s already swollen nipples.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Love hissed in desire as she felt Simone’s lips wrap around her left nipple and suckle it. “Mmmmm ohhhh baby yessssssss! Suck those nipples! Mmmm Simone your lips are incredible!”

“Just wait until you feel those lips wrapped around your clit,” Lauren breathed into Love’s ear as she caressed whichever breast Simone wasn’t tending to with her warm, wet mouth.

As Love’s cries grew louder and her arousal made her heart beat faster and her skin tingle with excited goosebumps, Simone went from breast to breast. She would lick all over Love’s dark pink areolas, tracing her tongue sensually over them before lapping against her nipples, toying with them with her tongue. She would lick the swollen, sensitive buds as Love moaned and writhed in the backseat. Simone was incredible and the visions Lauren filled her head with about the girl’s hot lips sucking her clitoris made Love even hornier.

“Kiss me!” Love cooed. “Mmmm kiss me Lauren. Kiss me while your sexy chauffer tastes my big tits! Mmmm you like that? You like seeing her pretty face buried in my breasts?”

“Damn right I love it,” Lauren smiled. “And the more time you spend with me Love. The more you get to experience this. It’s not just Simone. And it’s not just Whitney. I have butlers, maids, gardeners, cooks and they all know just how to please their boss. They know how to be good little workers. I’ve specially trained them all.”

Love had no doubt of that. She could so easily see Lauren spreading her legs for some hunky gardener to sink his big cock deep into her at the same time she was lapping away at the sweet pussy of one of her maids. Thanks to Michelle, Love had lots of experience of her own playing with household staff, but with Lauren it just seemed hotter and naughtier. And when Love got what she wanted and felt Lauren’s sensual lips pressed to hers again, she kissed back with an intense hunger.

Love wrapped her arms around Lauren, keeping her close as Simone continued to suck on her tits. By moving her arms up like that, Love knocked off the chauffeur’s cap, but it was a happy accident indeed because that gave Love a look at Simone’s dark curls of hair. She was absolutely gorgeous and her curls framed her light chocolate skin perfectly. Love couldn’t wait to see what the rest of Simone looked like under her uniform, but the woman was much more interested right then in getting Love’s clothes off than removing her own.

Simone flicked her tongue against each of Love’s hard nipples, making the actress coo in happiness while she and Lauren tongue kissed. Love’s intensity in the kisses grew with every pleasurable second Simone spent licking and sucking her nipples. She was so good at it that Love was disappointed when she gave her nipples one last kiss apiece and then pulled away from her chest.

But of course Simone tending to Love’s tits was only meant as the appetizer before the main course and Lauren reminded Love of that.

“Mmmm just wait’ll you see what else I showed her to do,” Lauren promised, caressing Love’s chest as they cuddled in the car, her hands rubbing the soft, full mounds that her driver had just made wet. “I made sure Simone spent a lot of time at my tits, learning how to please a woman, but she spent even more time between my legs learning how to eat pussy!”

“Yeahhhhh fuck me Simone! Taste my pussy!” Love sighed dreamily, practically melting into the leather of the seats. “Taste what your boss already gets to lick! Fuck me just like Lauren does! I want you to see how wet you’ve gotten me and lick it all up like the naughty girl you are!”

“I am a naughty girl,” Simone pledged, a twinkle in her eyes showing Love she intended to back up her words. Miss Graham wouldn’t have it any other way. “Let me show you what she taught me. Let me fuck you just the way she likes it!”

Lauren and Love continued kissing and Simone delighted in seeing her beautiful boss rubbing the tits she’d just licked. She loved seeing her saliva on Love’s tits, making them shiny under the sun coming in through the car windows and she loved hearing Love’s cries of desire for her. It made her long for the actress’ juices even more and Simone’s stomach growled in pussy hungry longing as she kissed from Love’s chest and moved down her stomach while pushing up her dress until it was all around her waist.

Love helpfully pulled herself up off the seat enough for Simone to get her sundress up over her hips and bunched up with the rest of it as her violet panties were exposed in their wet glory. Simone moaned when she saw how wet her panties were and how they clung to her, her slit and smooth pussy lips tantalizingly hinted at by how they were tightly pressed to her.

Simone was captivated by the sight of Love’s aroused cunt hidden by her purple panties, a wet spot obvious even under the dark fabric. Simone had been a part of some of Lauren’s wild parties before, but never when Love was there and part of her couldn’t believe that the supposedly innocent actress could be doing something so dirty with her and her boss. But it was obvious how turned on Love was and that this was no act.

Besides Simone had seen many women just as supposedly innocent do the lewdest things at Lauren’s parties and that was what she loved the most about them…to see beautiful and classy women stripped of their clothes, their inhibitions and all their pretenses when nothing mattered to them except their next orgasm. It was so sexual and primal and pure. Simone loved the tastes she’d gotten of those parties and she wanted more. She knew this was her chance to prove herself to her boss and she didn’t want to let her or Love down.

With the bottom of Love’s dress now around her waist with the top of it, her panties were there for the taking and Simone didn’t hesitate. Without taking her eyes off Lauren as she began blissfully making out with Love, Simone reached for Love’s panties and hooked her fingers into the waistband. With a forceful tug she began pulling them down, peeling them away from Love’s soaked pussy and getting them down her legs as quickly as she could.

“Oooooh you’re shaved!” Simone cooed, her eyes alight at the vision in aroused femininity before her. Love’s completely smooth pussy looked even more delicious than her tits and Simone’s taste buds eagerly awaited the chance to sample the wetness that was clinging to Love’s pink cunt lips. “That’s so hot! You have such a beautiful pussy Love! It looks so yummy!”

Love was about to tell Simone that it was indeed a yummy pussy and that it was hers for the taking. But before she could do that, Lauren jumped in instead.

“Don’t just stare at it, lick it Simone,” Lauren commanded. “Taste that pussy or else I’ll find another girl in there who will!”

That was not a threat to be taken lightly and it certainly snapped Simone into action. She wasn’t about to let another one of Lauren’s staff take the pussy she was starving for. Simone wasn’t about to blow this chance to prove she belonged on Miss Graham’s staff and as a key part of her amazing parties.

Simone pressed her face right to Love’s wet, exposed cunt and began licking. She took her first long lick, dragging her tongue up Love’s slit to taste her juices for the first time and when the actress was even more delicious than she had hoped, Simone began a steady licking. She tongued Love’s slit with long, heated slashes from her tongue, making the actress writhe and sigh in pleasure.

“Oohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh!!!” Love groaned happily, rubbing her now bare ass into the fine leather seat of the classic luxury car while Simone’s tongue drove her wild with desire. “Eat my pussy you naughty girl! Mmm just like Lauren has you do to her! Yesssssssssss lick that juice up Simone! Ooooooh you’ve got such a hot tongue! Mmmm fuck me baby! Lick me all up! Ahhhh that feels so good!”

Quite pleased that she was able to give Love what she wanted, Simone began licking harder. She made Love’s slit shiny with her saliva as she hungrily attacked it, licking up all her juice and making Love part her legs even wider for her to get in deeper and explore more of her pinkness. It was a bit of a tight fit as Love and Lauren occupied the seats in the back and Simone leaned in, her feet dangling out the open door of the parked car while she fed off Love’s pussy, but they made it work and Simone didn’t care if she was cramped as long as she got to lick the delicious pussy before her.

Each one of Simone’s licks made Love gasp happily and experience a jolt of pleasure through her body. And when Lauren leaned in to expertly play with her tits, tending to them with both her soft hands and amazing lips and tongue, the pleasure was only magnified for Love. It was so wild and liberating to be doing this here, right in the middle of the day in Lauren’s driveway.

Love reasoned they were well protected with the gate enclosing the house and assumed that Lauren had likely done this with others in the past, but it was still a thrilling bout of semi-public sex and that was a wonderful rush for her.

Simone’s tongue felt incredible. She definitely had been trained well. She knew just where to lick and how to lick it. Love spread her legs open wider and felt her hips unconsciously move as Simone pushed her tongue in deeper and began to really fuck her. She thrust her hot tongue into her cunt and rubbed it against her clit, making it swell up even more. And when Simone began sucking on Love’s pussy, that made a wave of pleasure rush through her and inspired Love to move her hips more on her own so she could start to fuck Simone’s gorgeous face.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss more! I want that hot tongue Simone!” Love gasped and moaned. “Fuck me baby! Fuck my wet pussy! Taste what a dirty little slut I really am! Ooooooh lick it all up and taste how wet I get for hot girls like you Simone! Lick up every naughty drop from my naughty pink pussy! Yessssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk!!! Mmmmm God that feels so good! Yessssssssss oooooh more! More! OOOOOOOH YESSSSSS GIVE IT TO ME SIMONE! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Love’s words of praise were making Simone’s own pussy soaking wet under her uniform. She hoped her boss would give her the opportunity to relieve the growing need inside herself to come and Simone knew that wouldn’t unless she made Love come first. She kept her face buried between the actress’ creamy thighs and her tongue deep inside Love’s pussy, fucking her with a cum-hungry passion that had her writhing in the seat.

And as Love felt the heat and skill of Simone’s tongue on her pussy, Lauren made sure her friends’ bare tits were well tended to. She lovingly suckled on Love’s sensitive, swollen nipples, drawing out the younger woman’s pleasure and expertly bathing them with her wet lips and tongue.

Lauren massaged Love’s chest too and her other hand was busy as well. Love smiled when she saw that Lauren had pulled up her own dress and that she had no panties in the way to keep her hand from rubbing her own bare pussy.

“Ooooooh fuck yeahhhh rub yourself Lauren! Mmmm show me how much you love seeing me get fucked!” Love cooed, her words all coming out as moans from Simone’s amazing tongue. “Rub your pussy! You know I love seeing that hot pussy of yours Lauren. I love touching it and tasting it mmmm and seeing you play with it while I get fucked! You like this Lauren? You like seeing what your sexy driver is doing to my slutty fucking pussy? You like seeing me get ready to come all over her pretty face? You like seeing me come like a fucking whore?”

“Ohhhhhhhh you nasty girl, I love it! Mmmm you know I do!” Lauren groaned before pulling her fingers away from her pussy and rubbing them against Love’s lips. “I love seeing you come! Fuck Simone’s face, Love. Show her how hot you are! Mmmm she’s going to make you come so good! I’m so fucking wet from watching you get licked!”

As Lauren’s two pussy-coated fingers rubbed her juice against her lips, Love sucked them right into her mouth. She sensually wrapped her lips around Lauren’s two fingers and gave them head, bobbing her mouth up and down on them to slowly to get all the juice off. Love pulled off with a smile, leaving Lauren’s fingers clean and shiny with saliva.


“Yesssssssssss that’s it sweetheart, come for her! Come for me!” Lauren urged, rubbing her body through her dress into Love’s nearly naked flesh. “I want to see you come all over Simone’s face just like you do to Whitney when I have her lick you! Mmmm I want you soaking that mocha skin! Do it to Simone like you do it to Whitney! Mmmm I want everyone on my staff to know how hot you are Love!”

“Oooooh yessssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssss let me show them all!” Love cried, imagining a line of Lauren’s staff, male and female, waiting to take her on. “I wanna fuck them all!”

“Mmmmm you can if you’re with me,” Lauren purred. “I can make all of them fuck you whenever you want! I can give you anything and anyone you want Love!”

A Simone’s mouth drove her wild with desire, that sounded pretty damn good to Love. The driver’s practiced lips were sucking the juice right out of her pussy and when Simone’s tongue pushed out to lap at her swollen, sensitive clitoris, Love lurched and shook in the backseat.

“OHHHHHHH MMMMMMM YESSSSS SIMONE BABY YESSSSSSSS PLAY WITH THAT CLIT!” Love screamed, her big tits bouncing as she thrust herself against Simone’s face, her hand shooting down on reflex to the back of the driver’s head to make sure she didn’t even think about stopping what she was doing. “YESSSSSSS MAKE ME COME! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! LICK MY CLIT! AHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWD YESSSSSSSSS MAKE THAT SLUTTY PUSSY OF MINE BURST ALL OVER YOUR FACE!”

The closer she got Love to orgasm, the more Simone craved her. She had been with a few girls before she had come to Miss Graham’s for the job, not knowing what was in store for her when she was referred. She had just thought she’d be a chauffer to the stars for a few months as she saved up enough money to start her own car service business and put that MBA to good use. But the job here had benefits Simone had never dreamed of and she could never see herself walking away from it.

Being able to go down on Jennifer Love Hewitt was definitely one of those benefits and Simone loved how her juice soaked her tongue and delighted her taste buds. Love had such an incredible flavor. Simone could easily see why her boss was so into her. With each lick, Simone ached to fuck Love even more.

Her own pussy was quivering with need under her clothes, desperate to be touched and licked but Simone couldn’t think about pleasuring herself when she was so enraptured by Love’s smooth, shaved snatch. She lapped at her throbbing clitoris furiously at the same time she caressed the actress’ smooth thighs and let her soft hands roam around Love’s stomach and even around back to feel up the sensual curves of her ass.

Everything Simone was doing was making Love cry out and Lauren’s words weren’t doing anything to cool her fires. As she was licked into a frenzy by the driver’s tongue, Lauren kept moaning into Love’s ear about how there would be so much more of this if she was by her side.

She told her how she would have her maids bathe and shave her better than Michelle ever could and how she’d be able to enjoy all their pussies and how she could fuck any hole she wanted on all of her staff members. She told Love how all the men and women she had would gladly fuck her and how she could even get gangbanged by her boy toys every night if she was so inclined.

Lauren filled Love’s head with erotic visions and naughty possibilities, telling her that her party tomorrow would outdo anything she had ever done at the mansion. And while Love, even in her heated, horny mind, didn’t quite buy all that Lauren was selling about being able to outdo Malibu, she did want to see it badly.

The words coming out of her friend’s mouth, about how being with her could get her all the pussy and all the cock she could ever dream about, had Love wanting to pleasure Lauren right back. And with the brunette actress pressed right to her as they shared the backseat of the car it was very easy. Love had her left hand pressing down on Simone’s head, but she easily reached over with her right hand and pushed it up Lauren’s dress to get at her pussy.

Without any pesky panties in the way, Love got what she wanted in no time and moaned happily when she felt how soaked Lauren was. The woman’s lips dripped right onto her fingers and Love eagerly let her friend’s essence coat her digits before pushing into her and starting to finger fuck her kind hostess.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mmmm naughty girl!” Lauren hissed in pleasure as Love’s slim fingers worked her over. “Feel it Love! Feel that wet pussy! It’s wet for you! Mmmmm yessssss slide those fingers into me! Fuck me! Mmmmm ohhhhhhhh yes baby! Feel how fucking wet I am!”

“I can’t wait to taste you again!” Love breathlessly declared, Simone driving her closer to orgasm with her tongue. “Ughhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm oooooooh Lauren! Yesssss Simone is such a good fuck! She’s eating my pussy so good! Mmmm and you know what a good fuck I am! I love how wet you are! I want to feel those sweet juices all over my fingers but even more I want them on my tongue! I need to fuck you Lauren! I need to fuck you like Simone is fucking me!”

“You will honey, you will,” Lauren promised, rubbing herself against Love’s nearly bare body in the backseat as she moaned from the younger woman’s fingers in her cunt. “You’ll be able to lick every sweet drop out of my pussy! But first you have to come for me! Come all over Simone’s face! Soak her tongue in your delicious cream! She wants it so bad! I want to see you get my sexy driver’s face sticky and messy with your girl cum! Do it Love! Come for us!”

The idea of Simone acting as an extension of Lauren’s horny desires was the perfect capper for Love. It was the ala mode for the pie so to speak and Love breathed hard and moaned loudly, her chest heaving and her body tingling from the gorgeous woman eating her out. And when Simone began rubbing her clit with her soft hand as she tongued her pinkness, Love knew she was almost there.


Love’s pussy was so delicious that Simone couldn’t get enough of her. She was like ambrosia coating her tongue and Simone licked away at the writhing actress’ pussy with a full throated lust. She rubbed her swollen clitoris even harder, loving that she could look up and be treated to the erotic site of Love’s beautiful face gasping breathlessly in ecstasy at the same time Lauren had bent over again to massage and suck on her tits. And knowing Love’s hand was under her boss’ dress, where Simone so very much loved to play, just made her hornier.

She rubbed furiously against Love’s clit, giving the tender bud just the touch it needed for Love’s orgasm to roll. But Simone didn’t want to be too hard on her new friend’s most sensitive area so she pulled her hand away to get her warm lips back around it. Simone latched her lips onto Love’s clit and instead busied her fingers by pushing them up inside her cunt. She fucked and sucked the shrieking actress and it took only a few more heated seconds for the both of them to get what they wanted.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Love screamed as she could no longer hold back and instead let her orgasm arrive with an explosion of creamy ecstasy against Simone’s face. “OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SIMONE! YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Love shook furiously in the car, bucking her hips and fucking Simone’s face and while her wet, creaming pussy mashed up against Simone’s tongue, her tits slapped against Lauren’s as the older woman laughed in delight and nursed Love’s swollen nipples. Love kept her fingers buried inside Lauren, rubbing her clit in the process, even as she came. Lauren loved how Love was always a giver. She undoubtedly would be the perfect true protégé for her.

Simone stayed between Love’s legs and sucked and fingered her through every intense cry and every hard thrust of her hips. The cream that soaked her tongue and flowed down to her hungry tummy was some of the sweetest she had ever tasted and Simone just hoped she had proved herself to Miss Graham and would be able to do this again and again to her famous friend.

And while Lauren didn’t give any kind of performance appraisal, Love certainly did even as she was still gasping and moaning from her orgasm.

“Kiss me!” Love urged, her breath not yet back and her words coming out as gasps. “I need to taste myself! Kiss me Simone! Ooooooh that was so fucking good baby and now I need to taste myself all over your hot tongue!”

Simone didn’t hesitate a second. She pulled up from Love and planted a kiss right on her lips. And when the actress opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out, Simone did the same, letting their eager, wet tongues massage each other while Love tasted herself all over her new lover’s lips and tongue.

Their first kiss turned into another and then another as the two worked up women took only the briefest gulps of air in between their passionate kisses. The taste of herself only fired up Love’s desire again and she longed to return the favor and give the best of her tongue to Lauren as well.

Not so coincidentally, that was just what the older actress was thinking as well and she wasn’t feeling particularly generous either. Simone’s pleasure could wait. Lauren had needs of her own she wanted taken care of first and when she pushed Love’s hand away from her pussy it was only so she could lift up her dress around her waist and show off just how wet she’d gotten from seeing Love come and feeling her fingers inside her.

“Lay her back,” Lauren instructed and a disappointed, but obedient Simone did just as she was told. And Love was just happy to lick, no matter which one of these hot girls she got to taste first.

“Mmmm yesssss fuck my face,” Love cooed, rubbing her tits as she lay back in the backseat of the car and rested her head against the closed door. “Feed me your pussy Lauren!”

“Are you going to come to my party tomorrow?” Lauren inquired, peeling her dress over her head and exposing she was completely naked underneath before adding extra incentive by rubbing her pussy for an already excited Love.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Love replied with a lick of her lips.

“Mmmm good girl,” Lauren said before lowering herself slowly down onto Love’s waiting mouth. “You and I are going to have so much fun together Love…”


“How come we can’t just have Cameron come up to the room?” Kelly asked, pouting a little as the elevator descended downward.

“She said she wanted to meet us downstairs,” Elisha replied with a shrug. “She said that was the best way for us to see the surprise she’s got.”

“Well I like that part, I just don’t like the part where we had to get dressed,” Kelly said, her clothes feeling particularly burdensome right then.

Between the first and second calls with Cameron, Elisha had gotten completely naked right along with Kelly and the two girls had had themselves quite a time rolling around in bed, their nude bodies rubbing together just right as they’d alternated tickling and caressing each other, giggling and moaning sometimes all at once. Kelly had loved the sexy intimacy and had been in no hurry to get dressed.

The only thing they hadn’t done while waiting for Cameron to call was actually fuck each other. They were both horny, Kelly especially so, but they had wanted to save all that sexual energy for when Cameron arrived with the surprise. So instead of feasting all over each other’s bodies like they both wanted to, they instead kept themselves in a perpetual state of heat, making each other ache for sex. It had been a lot of fun, but not nearly satisfying enough so Kelly had been hoping Cameron would simply come up to the room so they could drag her into bed and jump her bones.

Alas that wasn’t to be as Cameron’s second call to Elisha’s cell phone had urged her to come downstairs to the lobby and meet up with them. The hotel had a Starbucks in it and they had gone to get coffee.

Elisha had wanted Cameron up in the room with them just as badly as Kelly did but she knew that because of the surprise, it wouldn’t have worked for them to arrive at the room and find the both of them already naked and naughty.

Whomever Cameron had brought to them was going to require some seduction.

At least that was what Elisha hoped. She had loved the sound of Cameron promising a surprise and she hoped that surprise was female and sexy. She had no reason to doubt that Cameron would deliver anything else, but Elisha was still anxious to see what all this was about.

Even though the elevator moved at top speed down to the lobby, both girls were horny and impatient. If there hadn’t been cameras clearly installed in the elevator, Kelly and Elisha no doubt would have been tempted to get a little wild with each other on the way down. But the threat of becoming instantly infamous was more than enough to keep them from going for it, leaving them both antsier.

“I just hope this surprise is worth it,” Kelly said, longing to be naked again.

“If I know Camie, it will be,” Elisha replied confidently.

But just how worth it wasn’t clear right away to Elisha as the elevator doors opened and she and Kelly walked out into the busy lobby. There were a lot of famous faces checking in and the hustle and bustle seemed turned up even by Vegas standards. But the two girls paid the rich and famous no mind. They were focused on finding Cameron and getting her and whoever she was with upstairs with them as quickly as possible.

They found their way to the Starbucks fairly easily and Cameron’s smiling face was easy to spot at the table she had set up camp at. It was then that Elisha noticed the back of the head of her “surprise.” She had her back turned to them since she was facing Cameron, but Elisha would have recognized that mane of dark red hair anywhere and she immediately broke into a smile as she wondered if the woman’s ears had been burning earlier over what she and Kelly had been talking about before.

“Annie?” Elisha asked in happy shock, which made Kelly perk up instantly far more than any coffee would.

“Hey Leesh,” Annie Wersching turned around and smiled back at her former co-star. “How about this for a coincidence?”

And, as if Cameron had known about Elisha and Kelly’s mutual desire for the woman, she smiled and winked at the two of them as they approached the table and offered one word to them both.

“Surprise,” Cameron grinned, hoping that soon there would be a hot surprise for Annie too once they got her upstairs.


Moaning as she rolled over in bed, Sarah felt herself slowly waking up from the little cat nap she’d taken. The wicked fun she’d indulged in with Rose and Jennifer had left her even more in need of some rest than before and once her friends had left the suite, Sarah had made sure that was just what she had gotten for herself.

She had crawled right back under the sheets and dozed off, sleepy and satisfied from the intense pleasure she’d just experienced from not only getting her own ass fucked by Mr. Snappy, but from watching with voyeuristic delight as Jennifer’s perfect backside had been taken next.

It had been nasty, wild and oh so much fun. Though it had only been a quickie, Sarah hadn’t come any less from feeling Rose’s thick, fake cock inside her than she did whenever they were able to put more time into their playtime. She didn’t give up control to just anyone, but Rose always knew just how to make her feel nothing but the sweetest ecstasy from submissiveness.

Sarah was still feeling the tingles from that ecstasy as she rolled over in bed and blinked her eyes. She could see from the clock near the bed that she’d been out for about half an hour and while she wished for more, she knew that was a good time frame for a little cat nap. She certainly didn’t want to sleep this whole vacation away, especially when her friends were all out there getting up to who knows what and probably having a lot of fun doing it.

Sitting up in the bed and yawning, Sarah was suddenly jolted when she heard a knocking on the door. She was upstairs in the suite’s bedroom, but the suite wasn’t so big that you couldn’t hear someone at the door. Sarah jumped right out of the bed to answer it before just as quickly putting the on brakes and stopping herself in her tracks.

After playing with Rose and Jennifer, Sarah hadn’t bothered putting anything back on and had taken her nap completely naked. Sarah had to stop herself before she gave a free flesh show to whoever was at the door, especially if it was housekeeping, a fan who had figured out where she was staying, or worse, some photographer.

She didn’t want to leave that person waiting too long, so there was no time for her to get all her clothes back on, especially since she wasn’t quite sure where she had left them. Luckily, one of the hotel robes was right nearby and Sarah threw that over her bare body and ran for the door, wondering who the insistent person on the other side could be.

“Who is it?” Sarah asked, wanting to know before just flinging open the door.

And the answer she got was definitely a good one.

“It’s Reese,” was the response and Sarah immediately and excitedly opened the suite’s door to let her friend in.

“Hey Sarah!” Reese Witherspoon brightly declared, especially happy since she’d been hoping it would be her friend who opened the door.

“Hey sweetie,” Sarah said, immediately giving the blonde actress a big hug as soon as she walked inside. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Is anyone else around?” Reese asked, taking in the pure scope and opulence of where her mansion friends would be staying with an impressed look around. “I was knocking for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure if anyone was here.”

“I was napping,” Sarah explained. “Mmmmm Rose tired me out a little.”

“Ooooooh naughty girl,” Reese giggled. “Too bad I didn’t get here in time. I’d love to be tired out by Rose too. She does such a good job of that.”

“She definitely does,” Sarah agreed before focusing more on the present than what had already happened. “I’m just glad you were able to make it. Let me show you around. This place is huge!”

“I can see!” Reese marveled as Sarah enthusiastically led her around the room in a quick tour. “Wow! This room is incredible! I had no idea it was going to be this big! You could get a huge party in here and still have plenty of room.”

“That’s the idea,” Sarah replied with a naughty twinkle in her eye. “Mmmm it’s going to be a very special party I’m sure and you’re definitely on the guest list Reese. Hey, there’s plenty of room for you if you want to stay here too and crash. We’re getting pretty crowded when it comes to the beds. But Rose is right. I don’t think we’re going to be doing much sleeping while we’re here.”

“I’ve got a room downstairs in the hotel with Michelle,” Reese replied, still marveling at the size of the suite the girls had gotten. “But I think I’m definitely going to be spending most of my time up here hanging out with you guys. This place is just so incredible Sarah! You could get lost in here.”

“Yeah we’re going to have a lot of fun,” Sarah smiled before going back to something Reese had said. “Wait, Michelle is here too? So your plan with Julie worked? You convinced her to come along?”

“Oh yeah,” Reese said with a carnal smile of her own. “Mmmmm she was properly convinced to come along. The plan worked perfectly.”

“Yummy,” Sarah replied. “Now that’s something I wish I’d been there for. It’s been way too long since I played with Michelle so you make sure and get her sexy ass up here for some time with us. I don’t want her spending all her time being a mommy.”

“Julie definitely will help us with that,” Reese said confidently. “Michelle’s definitely going to be up here. I promise. That poor girls been cooped up at home way too much and she needs to do some serious partying.”

“Well we’re going to be doing a lot of that here,” Sarah predicted.

“Partying of the clothing optional variety, I hope,” Reese laughed before.

“Do we ever do any other kind?” Sarah giggled back before giving Reese a soft kiss on the lips.

“Why do you think I love coming over to visit so much?” Reese said after kissing Sarah back and loving the feel of her friend’s warm, soft lips on hers. “Mmmm you girls always know how to throw the kind of parties I love best.”

The Hollywood party circuit was part of the industry circle jerk that Reese found so tiresome and the parties at the mansion were always a most welcome relief for her. Being able to get to the mansion to be with her beautiful girlfriends and forget about her inhibitions and her stresses by removing them as easily as she removed her clothes was bliss for Reese. The mansion was her oasis in the desert and Reese couldn’t wait to see if they could be as hot by taking the naughty show in the road as they’d all been when they’d gone to Jamaica.

“Everyone else has gone off on their own, it’s just me here,” Sarah said. “I was going to go out and try to find them. Wanna come with?”

“Sounds like fun,” Reese said. “I was just hoping one thing first though.”

“What? You know you can have anything you want Reese,” Sarah said. “Just name it.”

“Well I was kind of hoping to use your shower,” Reese explained. “I’m a little sticky from the trip and since Owen’s with Michelle I didn’t want her to start asking a lot of questions Michelle’s not ready to answer. So I didn’t want to take one down in our room.”

“Jeez Reese, I thought you were going to ask me for something major,” Sarah answered with a laugh.

“Well I didn’t want to just assume you’d let me,” Reese said with a blush, feeling silly that she’d even thought for a second that Sarah wouldn’t let her. “It’s kind of a weird thing to just ask about out of the blue.”

“After all the things you and I have done with each other, there’s nothing weird about using the shower to get clean,” Sarah laughed. “You can definitely use our shower Reese. There’s one right by the bedroom. I think there’s like a zillion towels in there too, so just help yourself to whatever you need.”

“Thanks Sarah,” Reese said, giving her friend another hug as a naughty idea crossed her mind. “But you know this is such a big place, I might get lonely in the shower. So how about you join me so I can thank you for being such a good friend to me. Mmmmm I see you’re already dressed for fun.”

Reese naughtily reached for the sash of Sarah’s bathrobe and gave it a tug, boldly opening it and exposing her friend’s nudity underneath.

“Bad girl, who said you could do that?” Sarah grinned, not minding a bit that her bathrobe was now open and Reese could totally see the sides of her tits and right down between her legs to her smooth, bare pussy. “You gotta wait for permission to do that, Miss Grabby Hands.”

Sarah gave Reese a more passionate kiss than before in response to her friend’s gesture, but she stopped it at that. She loved the idea of getting naked and naughty with Reese, but also knew that if she didn’t get some control of herself then soon the whole day would be gone.

“Mmmmm get in that shower and stop tempting me,” Sarah insisted even though she really wished she was coming with Reese. “If I don’t get going I’m going to end up spending my whole day in here. I’m sure everyone else is up to something wild and fun out there. You get clean Reese and I’ll get dressed and we can go catch up with them.”

“Aye aye Captain,” Reese said with a playful laugh and mock salute. She and Sarah were both definitely Type A, take charge personalities, but she never minded deferring to her friend, especially when she knew she was right. She definitely wanted Sarah bad right then, but there was so much to do that it didn’t seem right to waste time in the suite.

“Don’t linger,” Sarah said, knowing Reese’s propensity for long showers. “I’ll be dressed and ready by the time you get back.”

“Back in a flash,” Reese promised before heading off toward the shower, giving her ass a little wiggle to remind Sarah just what she was missing by not coming with her.

Sarah giggled at her friend’s naughty gesture and found herself wishing again that she was following Reese into the bathroom. She would have loved to get under the hot water with Reese and it was so tempting to do just that, but Sarah wanted to know what her friends were up to and with whom. She wasn’t going to find that out by hanging around their suite, even if it meant passing up shower sex with Reese.

So Sarah took a mental IOU on getting naughty with Reese and instead focused on getting dressed. It took her a second to remember that she had left her clothes down by the bar where Rose had stripped her and she scampered back down the suite’s steps to get them.

She had left her bathrobe open from Reese’s handiwork and she felt herself jiggle a little as she ran down the stairs. Sarah liked it but she still kept herself focused on the task at hand and she quickly spied her forgotten clothes lying on the floor inches from where Rose had fucked her into bliss just a short time before.

However, just as she was gathering up her shirt, bra and panties from the floor while remembering her shorts were still upstairs by the bed, Sarah heard another knock on the door.

“This place sure is popular,” Sarah muttered as she dropped her clothes, tied her bathrobe back up and went to investigate who could be at her door now.

“Who is it?” Sarah asked before quickly getting an answer.

“It’s Mandy…Mandy Moore.”

Sarah only knew one Mandy and she recognized the girl’s voice easily so it was hardly necessary for her to fully identify herself like that. Happy for the surprise visit, Sarah opened the door and quickly greeted the singer.

“Hey Mandy,” Sarah smiled. “I didn’t know you were coming by.”

“I didn’t know I was either really,” Mandy said, fidgeting a little and looking a bit ill at ease. “But Rose had texted me and said this was where all you guys were and since I was going past the place to get to my hotel, I kind of had to stop by.”

“Well don’t just stand there, come on in,” Sarah said politely, a little taken aback by Mandy’s demeanor. Usually the girl was so friendly, but today she seemed restless and like something was weighing heavily on her mind.

“Thanks,” Mandy replied with a relieved smile. “I just had to stop by since you girls were staying here. I needed to…well I just had to. Ummm is Rose around by chance?”

“Sorry she’s out,” Sarah replied. “I think she’s shopping with Alyssa or something. It’s just me here…oh and Reese too. She’s in the shower.”

“Oh,” Mandy replied, visibly disappointed that Rose wasn’t there. “Ok. Well I guess I’ll just text her and see when she’s going to be around. Can I come back later?”

“Of course you can,” Sarah assured her. “Is something wrong Mandy?”

“No…nothing’s wrong,” Mandy said softly, looking a little embarrassed to even be here like this. “I just…well I just wanted to see if Rose was around so we could talk about something.”

“Talk about what?” Sarah asked, unable to help feeling a little bit hurt that Mandy didn’t want to talk to her and only seemed to want Rose.

They had all met Mandy when she had crashed Sarah’s Jamaica bachelorette party thanks to some seduction and blackmail shenanigans from Britney and Christina. Mandy had been an unexpected guest at the naughty bash but she had been more than welcome to join in the fun. They had loved how the seemingly innocent singer and actress had looked naked and she had taken to fucking girls with a naughty enthusiasm they hadn’t expected from her.

Neither she nor Rose had fucked her that first day, but both of them had taken all of Mandy on other occasions. Rose had gotten her first when she had visited the mansion during Sarah’s self imposed absence, but Sarah had also had the chance to get frisky with Mandy when the two of them had co-stared in Southland Tales. The movie had been a notorious flop, but Sarah and Mandy relished their experience on it, if only because it had provided ample time for them to get dirty with each other.

Their trailers had definitely been rocking when they had visited each other there to “run lines” and they had even role played a few times where Sarah had been the porn star showing Mandy’s spoiled rich girl just how good a woman’s tongue was. Mandy had loved playing that naughty game and begging the porn star to spank her and finger fuck her and slap her tits and make her into a slut who loved being fucked up her pussy and her ass…preferably at the same time.

They had had a lot of fun on the set and off and Sarah had felt like they had bonded as friends. So she was disappointed that Mandy didn’t seem to feel the same way. After all she looked like she had something on her mind that was troubling her but Mandy only seemed interested in talking about it to Rose. That made Sarah feel a little rejected and she began wondering if Mandy was mad at her or something.

She couldn’t figure out why that would be. After all they had played together the night before at the Behr party with Rose and Rosario Dawson and Sarah had felt like they had had an awesome time. There hadn’t been any awkwardness between them then or later when Mandy had come to play at the little after-party they had thrown at the mansion. But there sure seemed to be some tension now because Mandy had the look of someone who had been tossing and turning the night before and needed to get something off her chest. And whatever was making her feel that way she didn’t seem willing to tell Sarah about it.

“It’s nothing, really it’s not,” Mandy continued to insist. “It was silly for me to come here. I’ll just talk to Rose later.”

“You can talk to me,” Sarah pointed out. “Aren’t we friends Mandy? Are you mad at me? Did I say something or do something last night to make you mad? You can tell me if I did. I’m sorry if I did anything…”

“No! No! You didn’t do anything wrong,” Mandy interrupted, not wanting Sarah to get the wrong idea. “This is all me. I’m the one who did it.”

“Did what?” Sarah asked, getting more curious by the moment as she saw how much this was bothering Mandy. “You can tell me.”

“You’ll think I’m weird,” Mandy said with an embarrassed blush.

“I’d never think that,” Sarah assured the girl. “We’re friends Mandy. You can tell me anything. Something’s bothering you and I want to try and help. You can wait for Rose if you want, but I’m here now. Let’s talk. You came all the way out here so it would be silly for you to wait any longer.”

Part of Sarah was so insistent because she jealously couldn’t figure out why someone would confide in Rose and not her, especially when she had thought she was closer to Mandy than her housemate was. But Sarah wasn’t actively trying to indulge that side because she knew it was selfish and petty to be thinking that way. She was much more interested in taking whatever was bothering Mandy and giving relief to the girl.

“Well I was coming out to perform on the telethon, so I didn’t come all the way to Vegas just to talk,” Mandy laughed, feeling a little better just by being around Sarah. “I don’t want you to think I’m crazy or anything.”

“Well I definitely don’t think that,” Sarah said, giving her friend a warm hug. “Just tell me what it is. I’m your friend Mandy. Friends can talk about anything.’

“I guess so,” Mandy said, happy that at least Sarah didn’t think she was mad at her anymore and quite enjoying the feel of the blonde actress’ body pressed against hers in the hug. “I don’t know why I thought I could only talk to Rose about this, but I’ve been feeling really confused since last night so I guess I’m not thinking too straight. I can definitely talk to you about this Sarah. After all you were definitely a part of it too.”

“Me? Well now I have to know what’s going on,” Sarah said. “Let’s sit down Mandy. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”

Now convinced that Sarah would be just fine as a sounding board for what had been on her mind all of last night and into today, Mandy accepted the girl’s invitation and sat next to Sarah on one of the suite’s couches, the spectacular view of the city below filling the background to their conversation.

Mandy didn’t know why this had been bothering her so much, but it definitely had. It had been on her mind like a weight since the night before and at times it had all she had been able to think about. It made her feel silly to be focused so much on this, but it had been a new experience for her and it had definitely had an impact on her. So she felt like she had to talk about it and who better than with the girls she had experienced it with. That was why she had sought out Rose, but Sarah definitely would be just as good.

“Well remember last night?” Mandy asked. “When we were all together…”

“Remember what? The party? Or what we did during the party?” Sarah asked, unable to help herself from teasing a little bit as she sought to relax Mandy.

“Mmmmm definitely what we did during the party,” Mandy answered, a naughty smile tugging at her lips despite her discomfort. The whole party itself was a bit of a boring blur, but everything that had happened in the library with her, Rose, Sarah and Rosario was fresh in her memory in vivid color, which was the problem.

“I thought that was incredible,” Sarah said. “Mmmmm it was so hot to be able to do that in the library where anyone could catch us getting naked and fucking each other. Didn’t you like it Mandy? Didn’t you like it when we all got naked and Rose fucked us all up the ass with Mr. Snappy? Didn’t it feel amazing to be taken like that in that dusty old library where no one had ever fucked before?”

“It did! I loved it! That’s the problem,” Mandy said, her voice showing how this was upsetting her. “I loved it too much! I feel like such a slut! I never thought I’d do anything like that!”

“Huh? What do you mean Mandy?” Sarah asked. “We didn’t do anything wrong. We were just having fun. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Why is this making you so upset? That was a blast last night. You were so hot Mandy.”

“I never intended to go that far,” Mandy said. “I mean I loved licking you and feeling your tongue on me! Mmmmmm you made my pussy so wet Sarah and I loved how that all felt! I always love getting licked. But I never meant to go that far when Rose fucked me!”

“You don’t like getting fucked in the ass?” Sarah asked, confused by this.

She could totally understand why some people wouldn’t like getting fucked back there, but she had thought Mandy had loved it and if she was wrong about that she certainly wanted to know.

“No! I loved that!” Mandy said immediately. “Mmmmm God that cock felt so good inside me. Rose is such an amazing fuck and Mr. Snappy felt soooooo awesome up my ass mmmmm so big and thick and making my hole all nice and loose after she fucked me and made sure I wasn’t a tight little good girl anymore.”

“Then what? What’s bothering you Mandy?” Sarah said. “If you didn’t like something we did then you never have to do it again. We don’t want to force you into anything.”

“It’s what I did after that’s bothering me,” Mandy confessed. “It’s what I did after Rose fucked Rosario and what I did after she fucked me and then after she fucked you!”

“What? What did you do Mandy?” Sarah asked, searching her memory about the encounter the night before and not remembering anything unusual about it.

“You know…” Mandy replied, blushing as she found herself remembering vividly what she’d done and feeling too embarrassed to say it.

“Honestly I don’t,” Sarah claimed. “Please tell me Mandy. I only want you to do thing that you like doing. You never have to do the things you don’t like.”

“That’s the problem,” Mandy sighed, the weight of this on her mind showing itself in her words. “I didn’t just like it! I loved it! I loved what I did and it’s making me feel like such a slut. It’s so weird and wrong and I loved doing it! Gawd, I just wanna do it again and do it now! I can’t help myself. I know it’s wrong and that makes me want to do it even more.”

“Do what Mandy?” Sarah asked. “What did you do that you think was so wrong?”

“I…I…I tasted myself…” Mandy said, blushing uncontrollably. “Gawwwwd I still can’t believe I did that!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” Sarah replied, finally seeing what was bothering her friend so much. “Mandy, that’s not weird at all. Mmmmm that was totally hot sweetie. I loved seeing you sucking your own ass right off Mr. Snappy after Rose fucked you. Didn’t you see me touching myself as you licked the toy and tasted yourself?”

“No,” Mandy said. “Ummmm I didn’t really notice anything but what I was doing. I’d never done that before.”

“You were so hot doing it Mandy.” Sarah assured the girl.

“But I feel so bad for doing it,” Mandy admitted. “I loved it! Mmmmmm gawwwwd I’m thinking about it right now Sarah and it’s making me so wet to remember tasting my ass all over Mr. Snappy. I’m getting turned on remembering how it felt to be on my hands and knees in front of Rose sucking her toy and tasting my ass on it while my hole was gaping from her fucking me so good back there. Mmmmm and I loved tasting Rosario’s ass and your ass! Mmmmmmmm it all makes me so fucking wet! But I know I shouldn’t be feeling that way! I shouldn’t be tasting a cock that just fucked me there. It’s too weird!”

“Baby it’s not weird at all,” Sarah insisted with a smile. “Mmmm I love doing that. I do it all the time. My pussy gets all good and tingly thinking about sucking my own ass off a toy after I got fucked! Mmmmmm or some other girl’s hot ass! I love how it makes me feel!”

“You do? You don’t think it’s sick?” Mandy said. “I’ve been feeling all night like I had been a total slut by doing it and not like a slut in a good way. I felt so ashamed about what I had done and especially cause I loved it sooo much. Mmmmm all night I kept thinking about doing it again and tasting my naughty ass all over Mr. Snappy and it made me so embarrassed that I was craving something so wrong.”

“It’s not wrong,” Sarah said. “Your body is telling you just how not wrong it is by making you want it again. Mmmmm it’s so naughty and hot. You just need to get over your brain telling you its wrong. Don’t listen to your brain Mandy. Mmmm listen to your pussy. It’s always right.”

Sarah giggled as she imparted that advice and playfully rubbed Mandy between her legs, making the girl moan and shiver a little.

“Don’t be ashamed Mandy,” Sarah urged the girl while rubbing her through her shorts. “It’s so fucking hot to do something so nasty like sucking your freshly fucked ass off a hard cock. Mmmmm wanna know something Mandy? I did that just a little while ago with Rose? She bent me over the bar in our suite and fucked my tight little ass with Mr. Snappy oooooooooh and then she made me and Jennifer suck it clean and taste my ass all over her hot, hard toy!”

“Ooooooooooh!” Mandy groaned at the imagined sight of Sarah kneeling down to suck on Mr. Snappy and Jennifer Aniston getting just as nasty as her. She jealously wished she’d been there for that to be able to taste Sarah’s ass too.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” Sarah went on, loving Mandy’s reaction. “It felt so yummy to be tasting my own ass mmmmm and then Rose fucked Jennifer too and let me taste her ass after she pulled out! Don’t be embarrassed Mandy. Don’t be afraid of being a little kinky Mandy. That makes things so much more fun.”

“I love when things are fun like that.” Mandy moaned, adoring the feel of Sarah’s hand rubbing her through her shorts and panties, especially as the girl told her she had nothing to be ashamed of. “Oooooooooh don’t stop Sarah! Mmmmmm gawwwwwd that feels so good! Mmmmmm are you sure it’s ok? I felt like such a dirty slut for wanting it again! I felt like I shouldn’t be getting wet from it, but that just got me wetter.”

“It’s definitely ok, Mandy,” Sarah assured her. “Mmmm there’s nothing wrong with wanting it. It’s so hot and kinky to taste your ass like that and I love that you love it too Mandy!”

Sarah then began kissing Mandy. They sat next to each other on the couch, facing each other as Sarah tenderly pressed her lips to Mandy’s and Mandy instantly reacted by kissing Sarah back. They moaned and rubbed their lips and then their tongues together over and over again, quickly losing track of time as Sarah continued to caress Mandy’s pussy through her panties.

“Oh Sarah mmmm that was just what I was hoping you’d say,” Mandy confessed. “Ummmm gawwwwd I kind of was wanting to come here so you’d tell me it was ok and that I could want it and it was hot and naughty and not wrong. Mmmm that was why I wanted to talk to Rose again…”

“Ohhhhhhh I get it,” Sarah giggled as she interrupted. “Mmmmm you wanted to talk to Rose so she could not only tell you it was ok for you to love going ass to mouth, but so she could show you, didn’t you? You wanted her to get all your clothes off so she could fuck your hot ass again and make you taste it. Is that what you wanted Mandy?”

Mandy didn’t answer directly, but her smile as she blushed gave Sarah all the confirmation she needed. And while Sarah knew she had to get dressed and get out there to try and catch up with her friends, this was a very tempting hurdle before her and she didn’t have much desire to avoid it.

Getting dressed and leaving the suite suddenly didn’t seem like such a priority anymore now that Mandy was in here and in seemingly desperate need of some naughty playtime.

“Ooooooooh Sarah,” Mandy sighed. “Mmmmm you’re making me so wet. I love how you’re touching me. Mmmmm making me think such naughty things as you rub me! It’s so hot!”

“Want me to make it hotter?” Sarah purred, pressing herself even closer to Mandy on the couch and loosening her robe so the girl could see she was naked underneath it.

And when Mandy nodded, both shyly and lustfully at the same time and looking completely irresistible as she did it, Sarah knew there was no doubt in her mind what she should do.

“Good, cause Rose isn’t here right now, but she’s not the only girl around the mansion who knows how to fuck another girl up the ass,” Sarah said, running her free hand over Mandy’s chest to feel the swell of her breasts and how her nipples were getting stiff as she began breathing harder. “Mmmmm want to go and have me remind you what a hot fuck I can be Mandy? I know you love it when I fuck you baby.”

“Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssssss!” Mandy hissed, all the pent up desires that had been whirling inside her commanding her to see this through and live out the dirty fantasies she’d been having all night long as she’d tossed and turned in bed. “Take me Sarah! Fuck me! Mmmmmmm fuck my ass! Fuck me there and make me taste it like a bad little slut!”

“Let’s get in the bedroom then,” Sarah said with a wickedly sexual smile on her face. “We’ll be able to stretch out much better in there.”

Sarah got up off the couch and held out her hand for Mandy to take. Mandy accepted immediately and Sarah eagerly led the girl upstairs and to the bedroom she had just been napping in. No one had really claimed any rooms as their own before they had dispersed, so there were bags everywhere that Sarah and Mandy had to step over, but they didn’t mind. The big, comfy bed was all they cared about.

There was one other thing Sarah cared about though and it was nearby in her bag. Rose might have gone and taken Mr. Snappy with her, but Sarah knew just how she could give Mandy what she wanted. Mr. Snappy was the mansion’s most notorious sex toy, but it was hardly the only one there and Sarah had quite a few in her personal collection. She hadn’t brought all of them along with her, but there was one in particular she had that she knew would be perfect here.

Sarah and Mandy started kissing more passionately than ever once they had sat down together on the bed. Mandy had sighed happily and surrendered to the pleasure as she felt Sarah’s tongue slide into her mouth and massage hers. She rubbed her tongue back against Sarah and soon they were wetly tongue kissing while groping each other. But Sarah’s desire to take Mandy and give her what she so desperately needed meant that there wasn’t time for a lot of kissing, even though they both enjoyed the feel of each other’s lips quite a bit.

“Mmmm wait right here,” Sarah said devilishly. “I’ve got something you’re going to like.”

“Ooooooh is it this?” Mandy giggled as she reached right into Sarah’s partially undone bathrobe to tease her pussy with her fingers.

“Ohhhhhhh Mandy!” Sarah sighed at the welcome feel of her fingers against her rapidly dampening slit. “Mmmmmm if you keep touching there you’re gonna have me wet in no time. But you’d better stop or else I’m not going to be able to give you what I have.”

“Then give it to me then,” Mandy playfully demanded, her nervous and unsure demeanor completely gone now that she was getting what she wanted so badly. “Give it to me good Sarah!”

“You asked for it Mandy,” Sarah said, pulling herself off the bed and pausing only to cast her bathrobe off and leave herself nude again before she went for her bag.

“Mmmm much better,” Sarah said as she made herself naked, happily leaving her robe behind as she bent over to open her bag.

“I’ll say,” Mandy giggled, loving the sight of Sarah’s bare ass when she bent over. “Hmmmm I think I should get comfy too.”

Mandy then made herself at home by pulling her t-shirt over her head and exposing her pink bra underneath. Her nipples were already hard for this and she moaned as she couldn’t help but rub them through the material while eyeing Sarah’s great ass as the girl rummaged through her bag. She looked so sexy naked and bent over and Mandy rubbed her nipples, making them even harder while admiring the view.

Mandy was almost giddy as she found herself moments away from what she had been craving since they had all left the library and rejoined the party. It had made her feel so dirty and depraved to enjoy tasting her own ass as much as she had and while that had shamed her and made her feel like she had maybe finally gone too far, talking to Sarah had been a huge lift to her spirits.

It was such a relief to be told that this was all normal and there was nothing weird about wanting it as badly as she did and that allowed Mandy to take a deep breath and relax while also increasing her desire for it that much more.

“You look so good right now,” Mandy sighed while staring at Sarah’s ass. “You’ve got such a sexy butt Sarah.”

“Mmmmm thank you, so do you Mandy,” Sarah said, turning around and smiling at Mandy. “And I’m going to be fucking that sexy butt of yours right now mmmmm with a little help from my friend here.”

“Oh wow!” Mandy gasped in naughty expectation when Sarah triumphantly held up what she had been searching for. “That looks incredible!”

“It feels incredible,” Sarah promised before seductively running her tongue over the glass head of the sex toy she was holding. “And you’re about to find that out for yourself, Mandy.”

“Ooooooh I can’t wait,” Mandy said giddily, reaching for her shorts to get them off too.

“Ah ah ah! Let me do that,” Sarah said, sitting back down next to Mandy again. “Here, you get to know my friend while I get you ready.”

That seemed like more than a fair tradeoff to Mandy and she definitely wanted to get to know the toy that would soon be fucking her, hopefully deep and hard. She took it from Sarah’s hand and marveled at it. It wasn’t as big as Mr. Snappy. In fact it was probably only about six or so inches, but what it lacked in the length and girth of Snappy, it made up for in its design.

The toy was entirely glass with several beads of it fused together in a row. The first bead, which Sarah had already licked, was small enough to easily slide into her ass and each bead after that was bigger and thicker, providing a pleasure of being filled that Mandy couldn’t wait to experience.

“Wow, this toy looks awesome,” Mandy said excitedly, picturing it fucking her ass while also jumping further ahead and imagining how naughty it would be to suck it clean.

“It’s called a Sapphire Waterfall,” Sarah explained. “And it’s my favorite. Mmmm you can use it on your pussy and ass and I love using it on myself. Of course it’s even better when another girl uses it on you and you’re the lucky one who’s going to feel it Mandy!”

Mandy couldn’t wait for that and Sarah helped her with that wait by getting her naked. She first took off Mandy’s sandals, letting them fall off the bed and onto the floor with soft dual thumps and then went right for the girl’s shorts as Mandy helpfully stuck her smooth legs out straight. Sarah took full advantage of that position by pulling off Mandy’s shorts with an aggressive tug of them, getting the tight clothing off her body as quickly as she could and using both hands to made it an even strip.

And as Sarah did that, Mandy became more intimately aware of the toy her friend seemed set to use on her. Just like Sarah had done, Mandy licked the head, shyly at first and then with a growing enthusiasm. It felt so weird to hold the glass toy in her hand for the first time, but she was definitely looking forward to feeling this in her ass.

The glass beads were so smooth and looked really sexy and Mandy got her practice in on the toy by licking all around it and starting to suck on it as Sarah got her shorts off her all the way.

“That’s it Mandy mmmm suck that toy,” Sarah urged. “Just like you’re going to be doing after I fuck your ass with it. Mmmmm you’re gonna be such a naughty girl by tasting your own ass right after I fuck it and you’re going to love every bit of it. I’m going to teach you not to be ashamed of what you like. I’m going to make sure you relish every naughty feeling you get from doing something kinky.”

“Oooooooh yesssssssss mmmmm make me love being a dirty little slut who tastes her own hot, fucked ass,” Mandy groaned, after pulling the glass toy out of her mouth and giving it another lick to taste her own saliva. “Mmmm this thing is so hard Sarah! I can’t wait to feel it inside me!”

“Then turn over,” Sarah instructed as she hovered nakedly over Mandy on all fours. “Let’s get those panties off and get you some naughty loving.”

That was exactly what Mandy wanted and she immediately obeyed by turning over so Sarah could see her ass in her tightly clinging pink and white checkered panties, so innocent and so naughty all at once on her body. Mandy had barely slept the night before dreaming of this pleasure and hating herself for craving it and she had come to the hotel looking for Rose, hoping that the sex goddess would tell her not to worry and that she wasn’t weird and then give her what she so badly needed by stripping her and fucking her ass again to give her something yummy to taste.

Mandy hadn’t expected to find Sarah here, but she certainly wasn’t sorry she had. Sarah was so sexy and so hot in bed. Mandy loved fucking her and her spirits were entirely lifted by what the girl had done and said so far. Now instead of feeling bad about herself and thinking she was some kind of depraved whore, Mandy felt nothing but exhilaration about what she was doing.

Mandy sucked in her breath and gave out an excited squeal as she felt Sarah’s hands massaging all over her ass. Sarah gently rubbed her full cheeks, fondling them in all their sexiness just like she’d done the night before in the library of one of the richest men on the planet. They had far more privacy now and Sarah took advantage by working Mandy into an even greater state of heat by rubbing her backside through her panties, even playfully pulling them up and letting the material slide between her crack to turn her bikini style panties into a crudely made thong.

“Oh Mandy you have such a killer ass,” Sarah said admiringly. “Mmmmm I loved being able to play with it last night. It was so hot to lick you back there and get you ready for Mr. Snappy but there’s no Rose around today so that means this beautiful ass is all mine!”

“Oooooh yessss all yours,” Mandy sighed. “Mmmmm take it Sarah! Get my panties off me and fuck me! Oooooh do it even better than Rose did!”

That was a big challenge even for Sarah and she didn’t take it lightly. But she also didn’t let it throw her. She just kept playing with Mandy’s ass, gently massaging it while yanking up her panties to expose more of her round, succulent cheeks, knowing that using her panties to rub her like this was also stimulating Mandy’s pussy.

Sarah felt fully in control of the girl and she liked that a lot. However Sarah also didn’t let it go to her head and end up teasing the poor girl when what she needed was hot action. She stopped playing with Mandy’s panties and instead pulled them down off her backside, exposing the thick, sexy ass she lusted after.

“Mmmm Mandy, baby, do you know what a whootie is?” Sarah couldn’t help but ask as she took her turn to stare wantonly at Mandy’s bare ass.

“Oh yeahhhhh,” Mandy giggled, reacting to the compliment by arching her back and giving her ass a naughty shake. “Mmmm it means I’ve got a big, juicy ass that needs to get fucked!”

That wasn’t the exact definition of the word and Sarah had been thinking of a white girl with a sexy, full booty, but she liked Mandy’s way of putting it much, much more.

“You definitely do mmmmm juicy and so, so, so sexy,” Sarah purred, placing a kiss on Mandy’s exposed ass with each “so” that passed her lips. “Mmmmm you’ve got such a great ass Mandy.”

“Oooooh thank you,” Mandy sighed, feeling so at peace with her desire now, which only made her want it more. “Fuck me Sarah! Mmmm fuck me now!”

“Gotta get you properly licked first,” Sarah giggled, leaning down and spreading open Mandy’s butt cheeks to expose her puckered ring.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Mandy loudly squealed in utter delight when Sarah’s tongue first touched her asshole. “Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss mmmmm do it Sarah! Ooooooh lick that fucking little hole! Mmmmm Rose made it so loose last night but it got nice and tight again for you Sarah! Mmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk that feels sooooo goooood oooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss lick my asshole Sarah! Mmmm get it all wet for you to fuck!”

At one point in her life, Mandy had worried that her butt was too big, but she had come to love her curves. She liked knowing she wasn’t some stick figure waif with no ass and the fact that she had a little extra back there just made it more fun to have it touched and licked and fucked so damn good that she’d feel like she could explode from it. Being with so many sexy girls and having them compliment her ass all the time didn’t give Mandy a big head, but it definitely boosted her self esteem and helped her become more comfortable with who she was and the curves of her all natural body.

Mandy had never heard the term “whootie” before Tyra Banks had said she had a black girl’s ass and meant it as a compliment. She had even let Tyra get a good long look at her ass in her dressing room after she’d been on her talk show, so she could properly appreciate it with her hands and her tongue. And of course Mandy had done the same back to Tyra by spreading her sexy cheeks and giving her a naughty licking as the hostess had gasped in ecstasy and moaned out how much she loved fucking the hot girls who did her show.

Right then Mandy was in heaven already just from Sarah rimming her hole. She always did that so well and the anticipation of being fucked just made the pleasure of her friend’s tongue wetly licking her asshole even greater. She still had the glass dildo in her hand and Mandy couldn’t help but resume sucking on it, channeling all the pleasure she felt from Sarah licking her hole into her lubing up of the toy she badly wanted inside her.

Sarah’s tongue felt absolutely incredible on her tender asshole. She was still a little sensitive from being fucked the night before by Rose and Sarah’s soft, wet tongue made her feel nothing but a wicked pleasure running through her veins, like an ice cube on her skin on a hot, sweaty day. Mandy was cooing with every naughty lick against her asshole while rubbing herself into the sheets, feeling her tits still imprisoned in her bra grinding against them as she also reached down to caress her own pussy, teasing her wet lips with her fingers as Sarah spread her ass open wider and tongued her faster.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH SARAHHHHHHH!” Mandy cried as the extra stimulation caused a surge of pleasure inside her. “Ooooooooooooh babyyyyyy mmmmmmmm yessssssssss I’ve been wanting this! Mmmm your tongue is so good! Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss fuck me! Tongue fuck my ass before you make it loose and slutty and make me a dirty girl tasting it!”

And as much as Mandy loved Sarah’s tongue rimming her, Sarah was enjoying just as much the sensation of being able to spread open Mandy’s thick butt cheeks to lavish attention all over her hole with her tongue. It felt so nasty and good to do this to such a seemingly sweet girl and Sarah was poised to really start tongue fucking her, but before she could, they were suddenly interrupted.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh I see what’s going on here,” Reese declared with a smile on her face even as she attempted to act angrily by folding her arms over her chest as she stood by the bed, her skin still damp from the shower and a towel wrapped around her body. “So this is why you wouldn’t get in the shower with me, huh Sarah? I guess you just had better things to do. Mmmmm or better girls to do.”

“Ummmm this wasn’t what I planned,” Sarah admitted, blushing from being caught. “I really had meant what I said about going and getting dressed but then Mandy showed up and we started talking and then we ended up in here and…”

“Well don’t stop on my account,” Reese said interrupting Sarah and her smile growing as she sat down on the edge of the bed in her wet towel. “It looks like you two are having fun. How about it Mandy? You like Sarah licking your ass like that?”

“Ohhhhhhh God yes,” Mandy groaned, not embarrassed at all about being caught like this, especially by someone as beautiful as Reese Witherspoon. “Mmmmm her tongue is incredible! Ooooooh she’s licking my ass so nice Reese!”

“Mmmmm lemme get a taste too then,” Reese said carnally before leaning in and kissing Sarah right on the lips.

“You’re not mad at me?” Sarah asked before kissing Reese some more. She was embarrassed to realize she’d completely forgotten Reese was in the shower and she was afraid her friend would feel hurt since she’d rejected her advances before and was now fucking another girl.

“Mad? How can I be mad when you’re doing to Mandy what I wish I’d been doing to you in the shower, Sarah,” Reese giggled, dropping any pretense of being upset as she got wet knowing she was tasting Mandy’s ass on Sarah’s tongue. “Mmmmm seriously, don’t stop Sarah. Keep licking that hot ass so I can get in on the fun too.”

Reese then leaned in and started kissing Mandy. Their lips tenderly touched at first but Reese soon found Mandy’s tongue shooting into her mouth as a reflex from Sarah’s tongue once again pushing into her ass. Reese giggled in delight at Mandy’s extra enthusiasm and began kissing back harder. She and Mandy had only played with each other a few times and each time had left Reese wanting more. Now she had that chance and was more than eager to play with both Mandy and Sarah.

“Mmmmm this has to go,” Reese declared as she reached down and fondled Mandy’s tits through her bra. “It’s a crime to hide big tits like these Mandy. Take them out so I can play with them.”

“Ooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmmm play with my tits,” Mandy eagerly agreed. “Oooooh I wanna feel you girls all over me!”

Mandy liked hearing from Reese that her breasts were big. She knew they weren’t huge or anything, but she definitely had the biggest chest of the girls on the bed and Mandy liked knowing it was turning Reese on. Just as she’d come to embrace her ass, Mandy loved her boobs too and how jiggly they could be when she was getting naughty. The girls she played with always told how soft they were and how much they loved playing with them and Mandy knew that was something she could only get from being an all natural girl.

Reaching around her back, Mandy unclasped her own bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. The garment was barely off her body before Reese swooped in and tongue kissed her while reaching up to caress her now bare tits. Mandy moaned and deepened the kiss, rubbing her tongue against Reese’s as her body shivered with lust from the feel of the hot girl hands on her breasts. Reese’s soft palms on her chest felt incredible, especially as she lovingly caressed her hard nipples, and it made her kiss the actress with even more passion, their wet tongues touching as they both closed their eyes.

But Mandy didn’t just kiss Reese. She loved smelling the sweet soap left over from the shower and feeling her damp body against hers. That just made Mandy want to get Reese’s towel off even more. So she went right for it, pulling it off her and leaving Reese just as naked as her and Sarah.

“That had to go too,” Mandy grinned as Reese moaned from being stripped. “No fair for you to be the only one here who wasn’t naked.”

“Well I don’t want to be unfair,” Reese laughed, loving being naked on the bed with Mandy and Sarah. “Mmmmm I was getting lonely in that shower all naked and alone. I should have been out here playing with you two. Now get back to it Sarah. Lick her ass like you were before! I was getting so turned on watching you with your pretty face in Mandy’s juicy ass. Mmmm give me a better look.”

“Ohhhhh look who thinks she’s in charge,” Sarah giggled. “This is my suite and my rules Reese. You have to do what I say, not the other way I around. Mmmm good thing I totally want to do this anyway.”

Sarah kneeled down again without another word and placed her hands on Mandy’s butt cheeks again, spreading them open and darting her tongue out to resume licking her asshole. Mandy groaned wantonly from the welcome tongue on her tight ring and buried her face in Reese’s chest, kissing and sucking on the Oscar winner’s tits as Reese returned the pleasure by caressing Mandy’s soft, brown hair with one hand and playing with her tits with the other.

“Mmmmmmmmm Sarahhhhhhhhh oooooooooh yesssssssssss mmmmmm lick my ass!” Mandy cooed when she wasn’t wrapping her lips around Reese’s full pink nipples. “Ooooooooh that’s so naughty! Mmmmmm I love your tongue on me! Oooooh getting me all ready to be fucked!”

“Ooooh is that what you’re gonna do to this naughty girl?” Reese asked. “Are you going to fuck her Sarah?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm I’m going to fuck her right up her sweet ass,” Sarah declared with a smile as she gave Mandy’s ass a playful smack. “And then the little slut is going to taste herself all over my toy when she cleans it off like a good girl.”

“Oh wow! So nasty!” Reese marveled. “I’ve never done that before. Mmmmm that sounds kinky.”

“Mmmmmmm it is and I fucking love it!” Mandy groaned, Sarah’s tongue lapping at her ass and making her feel so deliciously dirty. “I’m such a bad girl Reese! I love tasting my own ass off a toy that fucked me!”

Reese was surprised by seeing how into this Mandy was. She’d never really considered doing anything like that before, not even when she was totally lost in the moment of fucking and controlling her nanny Julie. But Mandy looked like she loved it and Reese was happy to have what appeared to be a front row seat.

“Is this what you’re going to fuck her with?” Reese asked, picking up Sarah’s toy from where Mandy had left it. “Mmmmm I definitely know this toy Sarah. I remember when you used it on me. You fucked my pussy so good with it. Is it going to fit in Mandy’s ass?”

“Oh yeah,” Sarah said confidently between licks. “It’s perfect for a girl’s ass. Mmmm I should know. I’ve had it up mine.”

“Ooooooh so naughty,” Reese moaned as Mandy continued to mew from Sarah’s tongue lapping at her hole. “Maybe I should help out by getting it wetter.”

Reese then mimicked what Mandy had been doing earlier. She began sucking on the toy, taking the first few glass beads into her mouth. Reese then pulled it out and drooled onto it, letting her saliva drip down over the glass before she pushed it around with her tongue, covering more and more of it in anticipation of seeing it pushed up Mandy’s ass.

They went like that for the next heated moments. Reese gave head to the toy, sucking and licking, making sure it was coated with saliva as Sarah rimmed out Mandy and Mandy tended to Reese’s tits with her wet mouth and eager tongue. Horny girl moans filled the bedroom but no one said anything more until Sarah pulled her tongue away from Mandy’s asshole and declared her ready.

“Let me have my toy Reese,” Sarah said, reaching over to her friend. “It’s time for you to get fucked Mandy.”

“Oh yessssss fuck me Sarah!” Mandy urged. “Mmmm give me what I want. Let me feel that toy up my naughty ass!”

Mandy helpfully lifted herself up onto all fours, pushing her ass out toward Sarah while giving it a sexy sway.

“C’mon! Do it Sarah!” Mandy said impatiently. “Please! Fuck my ass!”

“Here it comes Mandy. Get ready,” Sarah warned, toy in hand with every intention of using it and using it well.

Sarah lined up the first small glass bead right against Mandy’s well licked hole and slowly pushed it in. The first bead was small enough to be able to slide into Mandy’s asshole with only a little resistance and once she adjusted to it, Sarah pushed more in, going deeper, but in a slow, gentle manner that Mandy quite enjoyed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh fuck me Sarah!” Mandy groaned in need. “Mmmm I’ve been dreaming of this all night. I’ve been dying to get my ass fucked again! Yessssssssss oooooooh Goddddd that feels nice and big inside me!”

“Just wait till I get more in you baby,” Sarah said tenderly, kissing Mandy’s ass cheek as she eased more of the glass toy inside her, letting the girl adjust slowly while pushing it in deeper, allowing another hard bead to go past Mandy’s ring. “Mmmmm you’re gonna feel so fucking filled!”

“Yessssssssss ooooooh fill me! Fill my naughty juicy butt up with that toy!” Mandy cooed, her eyes closed as she felt the hard glass being pushed into her, the sensations growing more intense by the second. “Ohhhhhh so good! Mmmmmm yesssssss this is how I dreamed it would be! Ahhhh yeahhhh fuck my ass good and make me taste it!”

Mandy’s moans were growing stronger with every bit that Sarah pushed into her and the more she got, the more Mandy wanted. She’d been on her hands and knees like an erotic sculpture as Sarah had begun to penetrate her, but now she was becoming far more active and Mandy began to gently thrust herself back against the toy, fucking herself on it as Sarah pushed into her. Her tits were beginning to sway from her motion and Reese found that so irresistible.

The first time she had seen Mandy naked, Reese had been shocked to discover what a great body the girl had. She had never expected someone like Mandy to be into things like this, but she had seen the sweet girl do so many naughty things and had felt for herself just how good Mandy was at eating pussy. Finding out how hot Mandy Moore really was had been a total surprise and one Reese was always happy to relive by fucking the beautiful girl.

Reese leaned back in and began kissing Mandy’s softly moaning lips, reaching up to caress her full, shaking tits while they rubbed their tongues together naughtily. Reese’s tender kiss was just the contrast Mandy craved to the growing force of Sarah’s pushes into her with the toy and Mandy loved it all. She loved the soft, sexy kissing and she loved the sensation that came from getting her ass fucked by someone who knew just what she was doing.

“Mmmmm harder oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh give me more Sarah!” Mandy groaned in between kisses with Reese. “Don’t be too gentle! Mmmm I want it! I need my ass fucked!”

Sarah had been going gently because she wanted to give the girl a chance to adjust to the hard glass inside her. Sarah knew full well how big this toy could feel and she didn’t want to give Mandy too much. So she had let the girl’s asshole accommodate the invading toy and wrap around it, giving her a very naughty view of Mandy Moore’s ass with a glass dildo sticking right out of it that Sarah never wanted to forget.

Mandy’s asshole was looser than it had been last night when Sarah had licked it right before Rose had fucked it, but she was still so wonderfully tight and Sarah didn’t just jam the toy inside her. That would have been a rougher action than Sarah wanted to give. But Mandy was adjusting very well to the beads of glass pushing past her hole and filling her up, each of them bigger and thicker than the last, so when she cried out for more Sarah gave it to her.

“Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhh you naughty girl. Mmmmm I love hearing how much you want this,” Sarah groaned. “Dirty little thing. Mmmm you’re gonna get it good Mandy. Just like Rose gave it to you last night. Gonna get it good right up this beautiful ass of yours!”

Sarah began to thrust into Mandy with the toy, gripping its end tightly so she could give her a more forceful push into her, sliding another of the beads up her ass and getting the horny girl to cry out in bliss. Sarah got into a steady motion, happy to be bringing her lover pleasure as she drooled over the sight of Mandy’s thick butt cheeks shaking as she fucked her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh fuck me good like that Sarah!” Mandy cried blissfully, each hard thrust making her feel wonderfully naughty. “I love feeling you fucking my ass! Mmmmmm it feels so amazing! Yesssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my fucking God those beads feel soooo big inside me! Mmmmm more Sarah! Gimmie one more! I wanna feel more! Mmmmm stuff my ass with that thing and fuck me good oooooooooh just like you always do!”

Sarah already had four of the beads pushed into Mandy’s ass and she worked a fifth one in too, taking advantage of how Mandy’s anal ring was loosening up for her from the thrusts of the toy. Mandy gasped and cried out in utter happiness when Sarah filled her ass up with another glass bead, pushing the fatter piece of the dildo into her and fucking her with a little extra enthusiasm.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd this is what I fucking need!” Mandy cried, a big smile crossing her lips as her part of her feverish fantasies from the night before came true. “Ughhhhhhhh ohhhhhh Sarahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm I was such a naughty girl last night after I left the mansion! Mmmmm I went home and fingered my ass in bed dreaming of getting fucked again! Ooooooh I stuffed my fingers up there and then I tasted them but it wasn’t the same! It wasn’t as good as when you girls did it to me! Mmmmm I felt like such a slut for doing it but I couldn’t help it and…ooooooooh ooooooooh more Sarah more…mmmmm you’re making it feel so fucking good that I know I’m never gonna be able to resist this ever!”

Reese was caressing Mandy’s face as she thrust herself back against Sarah’s toy. The girl looked so beautiful with her cheeks getting all flushed with desire and her forehead getting sweaty from her exertion. Mandy’s body was jiggling so enticingly while she was fucking herself backwards, her mouth wide open in the ecstasy she was feeling from the thick toy inside her. Her soft, full tits were like fleshy, pink pendulums swaying quickly and Reese was getting so wet seeing Mandy shake and cry out from what Sarah was doing to her.

Mandy was truly a sexy, naughty vision and Reese kissed her one more time before she maneuvered herself on the bed so she could tend to an entirely different set of lips on the singer’s body. Being able to see Mandy get assfucked and watch her loving it was turning Reese on way too much for her to just sit back and watch. She’d never been the kind to be passive in bed anyway. Reese was far too type A to be a watcher. She was a doer and always would be. And right then all she wanted to do was Mandy.

Reese set herself flat on her back, lying down on the soft hotel mattress before scooting under Mandy and taking advantage of the girl being on her hands and knees so she could get under her and line up her mouth with the singer’s pussy like she was getting into a 69 position with her. But Reese wasn’t doing this for her own pleasure and wasn’t looking to get licked right then. She was only focused on Mandy and was delighted to see just how sticky and needy Mandy’s pretty pink pussy was.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm you’re so fucking wet!” Reese moaned in desire as she ran her fingers over Mandy’s cunt lips before sticking them in her mouth and sucking off the delicious feminine essence.

But that was hardly enough to satisfy Reese’s lust for Mandy’s flavor and as soon as she got her fingers to work, she craned her neck up and began licking feverishly at her pussy. Reese bathed Mandy’s slit clean of the juices that had been making it glisten and instead made it shine with her saliva. And once she had licked at the tender lips of her friend’s pussy, Reese pushed past them with her tongue and began to do some serious fucking.


Mandy was pushing herself back harder than ever against Sarah’s toy, almost like she wanted more of it inside her. But Sarah didn’t dare give it to her. There was only one more thick bead until you reached the end of the toy and Sarah had never used all six beads on her own ass before. She’d gotten the whole thing up her pussy a few times when she’d been particularly worked up, but never her ass and Sarah definitely didn’t want to give Mandy all of that when she was too afraid to even do it to herself.

So instead of giving Mandy more of the dildo, Sarah just gave it to her harder with what she already had inside her. But after a night of dreaming about this, Mandy was too insatiable to control and her cries were lustful and demanding.


“Are you sure Mandy?” Sarah asked, not wanting to do anything to hurt the girl. “There’s only one bead left and it’s kind of big.”


“Ok…if you’re sure, Mandy,” Sarah said, a little nervous, but also wanting to give Mandy what she desired. The girl looked so hot right then, on all fours and so sweaty and bouncy as she was getting fucked and Sarah couldn’t deny the erotic vision before her anything that would help get her off.

She pushed gingerly, but steadily into Mandy with the toy. There was a huge ball on the end of the toy, but that was only to hold onto and not to be used inside someone, so the last bead was all that could go into Mandy. Sarah gripped the ball tightly as she penetrated Mandy deeper, filling her ass up with the last bead as Reese helpfully reached up and spread Mandy’s ass cheeks open wider with her hands while she continued to lick away furiously at her pussy.

Sarah was grateful for the help and Reese spreading Mandy open made it easier for her to slide the last bead into her and fuck her with a steady rhythm.

“OHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD OHHHHHHHHHH SO FUCKING BIG!!!” Mandy howled as she felt the bead pushing past her hole and inside her. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Is it too big?” Sarah asked, concerned she was hurting her lover and stopping her thrusts. “Am I giving you too much?”

“Nooooooooooooooooo it feels wonderful!” Mandy mewed, sweat glowing off her body as she turned and looked at Sarah with big, puppy dog eyes of longing that were impossible for anyone to resist. “Ohhhhhhhh pleaaaaaaaaaase Sarah! Pleaaaaaase fuck me! Fuck me all the way with that toy while Reese licks my pussy! It feels incredible! I love getting fucked and licked at the same time! Pleaaaaaase Sarah! Oooooooooooooh pleaaaaaaaase fuck my ass! Don’t stop! Give it to me! Mmmmm if you like staring at my sexy, big butt so much then you gotta give it what it needs!”

Sarah knew not to argue with the girl’s ecstasy so she did just what Mandy wanted. She began thrusting into her with the toy, fucking her ass deeply with it and using a steady, hard pace as she gave it to Mandy, making the girl cry out over and over again in intense ecstasy as she was pounded with pleasure from the hard toy up her ass at the same time Reese’s sexy, skilled tongue attacking her pussy from below.


Reese was definitely not stopping. Mandy tasted far too good and Reese loved bringing the girl pleasure way too much. Reese was getting herself off too by licking Mandy even though she wasn’t touching herself at all. Just being able to taste Mandy’s delicious juices was making Reese’s pussy quiver and she kept her hands on the girl’s full ass cheeks, spreading them open so Sarah could fuck her. With each lick she was taking of Mandy’s juicy pussy, Reese rubbed her thighs together and stimulated herself that way.

Reese badly wanted to touch herself. Rubbing her thighs together was only making her hornier for more stimulation and was getting more desperate to be touched with each hot taste of Mandy juice she got. She wanted to slide her fingers right into her dripping wet pussy and fuck herself until she was dripping cum down her hand, but she also wanted to help Sarah fuck Mandy. So she kept her hands gripping Mandy’s ass cheeks and spreading them open for Sarah as her face remained buried up in Mandy’s cunt.

Her tongue was going wild ravishing Mandy’s pinkness and Reese loved every drop she tasted out of the girl. She tasted so good and sweet and Reese’s tummy craved Mandy’s cum. Her tongue worked aggressively over the wet, juicy folds of Mandy’s pussy, lapping away at her and making sure her swollen clit was getting plenty of attention. Reese didn’t concentrate solely on Mandy’s clit yet, but she knew she would be soon…especially as the girl got closer and closer to coming.

“OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH MAKE ME COMMMMMMMME!!” Mandy cried, her tits bouncing wildly as she backed herself up against Sarah’s thrusts into her and rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, sweating and squealing from the pure pleasure she was experiencing as happy tears began to form at her eyes and slowly run down from the intensity of what she was feeling. “OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS MMMMMM IT FEELS SOOOOOOOO GOOD OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS MORE SARAH!!! IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD TO HAVE YOU TAKING MY ASS LIKE THIS MMMMMMMM YEAHHHHHHHHH REESE OOOOOOOOOH EAT MY PUSSY!!! MMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSS!!!”

“Yeah come for us Mandy,” Sarah urged, more comfortable now that she could see how well her lover was reacting to having the toy buried inside her. “Ohhhhh sweetie you look so hot with this big cock shoved all the way up your sexy ass! Mmmmmm oooooooooooh you’re such a naughty girl Mandy! Taking all of my thick toy inside your tight little hole! And you’re gonna look soooo hot when you’re sucking it clean. Mmmm that’s what you want, isn’t it Mandy? To suck on my toy after I fuck your ass deep with it?”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh want it sooooooooooooo bad!” Mandy panted as she felt her body start to coil up in sexual release. “Wanna suck it like a whore! Mmmmm a dirty, nasty whore who loves tasting her own ass! Ooooooooh I’m sooooo close! So close to coming!”

“Mmmmmm come all over my face Mandy!” Reese cooed, rubbing the girl’s hard clit with her fingers before diving back in to lick some more. “Do it baby! I want to taste you Mandy! I’m so hungry for you sweetie! I love this pretty little pussy of yours and I need to lick up your sweet cum! Soak my face with your cream as Sarah fucks your ass!”

Mandy let out a series of loud, happy cries as Reese began sucking on her clitoris with her hot lips while Sarah continued thrusting up her ass with the toy. She was in absolute ecstasy about being fucked like this and knowing she had her prize at the end…the feeling of being absolutely and completely nasty by sucking her own ass off the toy had Mandy going over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Mandy screamed in orgasmic release, her pussy creaming Reese’s face as her ass tightly contracted around the toy, sucking it in deeper and making everything feel just a little bit more incredible. “OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Reese kept a tight grip on Mandy’s ass, but this time so she could hold onto her as the girl’s body shook from her orgasm. She wanted to lick Mandy as she came, tasting her rich, delicious girl cream. But while it was kind of hard to keep Mandy from reflexively pulling her pussy away from her as her body spasmed, it was worth the work because Reese got plenty of Mandy’s orgasmic essence soaking her tongue and filling her tummy as it flowed down her parched throat.

Mandy tasted so good that Reese had a big smile on her face when she finally pulled away after draining the gasping girl of her essence. An orgasmic Mandy happily rolled onto her side moaning in delight and Reese found herself immediately getting an eager kiss from Sarah.

“Mmmmmm so yummy,” Sarah moaned as she tasted Mandy’s pussy all over Reese’s lips and tongue. “Mmmmmm you taste so good Mandy.”

“Uhhh huhhhhhh,” Mandy dreamily replied, not really focusing on anything as she felt completely soaked in her afterglow, barely registering anything, even the fact that Sarah’s toy was still stuffed up her ass. All she knew was how good it felt and how she felt wonderfully fucked and happy.

“But I guess that was just a warm up for what you really wanted, isn’t it Mandy?” Sarah teased as she nakedly moved over to other side of the girl and giggled in erotic delight at the sight of Mandy’s soft, sexy ass and the hard toy sticking right out of her well fucked hole.

Sarah was half tempted to snap a picture of this with her phone to show her friends, but she didn’t want to do anything that might embarrass Mandy when she looked so beautiful and naughty with a happy, satisfied look on her face and the evidence of what they had just done sticking right out of her butt.

So instead Sarah finished climbing over Mandy and spread open her ass cheeks again so she could slowly withdraw the dildo from her, knowing she had to remove it gently or else it would hurt.

“Yeah give her what she wants Sarah,” Reese said, eagerly to watch sweet Mandy do something really naughty. “Let her be a dirty little slut tasting herself after she got fucked.”

“Oooooooh yesssssss,” Mandy cooed as Sarah eased the toy out of her, loving the nasty feeling of having her asshole left gaping by it. “Mmmmm yeahhhh make me show you what a slut I really am!”

“I don’t know if you’re ready to be this dirty though Mandy,” Sarah said devilishly as she held the toy in her hand again, unable to help herself from taking advantage of her position of sexual power and teasing Mandy a little. “Maybe I should just keep this for myself instead. Maybe I should be the one to suck it clean mmmm and keep all of your hot ass for myself cause you’re too embarrassed to deserve it.”

“Nooooooooooo let me taste it!” Mandy begged. “Please Sarah! Please! I’m not embarrassed anymore. I wanna do it! Please let me suck my own hot ass off your toy! You fucked me so good with it and now I wanna taste it! Please! I know I’m a fucking little dirty slut and I don’t care! I love being nasty! Please let me taste myself Sarah!”

“Well if you want it so bad then you have to crawl to get it Mandy,” Sarah said, sitting down and leaning against the headboard as Reese pressed her naked body to hers and began cuddling against her, kissing Sarah’s neck and grabbing at her firm tits, playing with her hard nipples as the former slayer moaned. “Come to me Mandy. Crawl like a bad little slut. Show me how much you want to taste this cock that just fucked your hot, juicy ass Mandy!”

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh I want it soooooo bad,” Mandy moaned as she proved it by doing just what Sarah wanted.

As the blonde held out the dildo that had just fucked her into ecstasy, Mandy got back onto her hands and knees and crawled toward Sarah. She felt so naughty and she loved it as she crawled toward Sarah and Reese, getting turned on by their naked bodies pressed together and the sight of them kissing and touching each other while Sarah held out the toy that had just been buried deep up her butt. It felt so nasty and slutty to be doing this and Mandy found herself getting freshly wet from it.

Admiring the view of the sweaty singer’s full tits swaying as she crawled naked to her, Sarah tantalizingly held out the toy for her, but just when Mandy got close enough to lean in and taste it, she wickedly pulled it away and acted like she was about to start sucking it herself.

“Noooooooooooo!” Mandy whined. “Let me taste it Sarah. Please!”

“Are you sure you want it Mandy?” Sarah teased, lowering it down again and rubbing the toy against Mandy’s lips. “You sure you want to be a naughty girl tasting your ass?”

“Mmmmhmmm I am a naughty girl,” Mandy moaned. “A naughty, nasty girl who loves tasting her own ass. I’m sure I want it! I need it Sarah! Ughhhh I gotta have it. I think I’m fucking addicted to tasting my ass now!”

And before Sarah could pull it away again, Mandy bowed her head down and wrapped her lips around the glass toy. She started sucking on it, her eyes lighting up with desire as she relished the taste of herself all over it. It felt so good to have those glass beads in her mouth, knowing she was tasting her own ass off them, that Mandy nearly came again, just from her own taste.

“Oooooooh that’s soooo hot Mandy!” Reese moaned, fondling Sarah’s firm tits as they both stared down at the naked singer sucking off the toy that had just been deep inside her. “Mmmmmm you’re so nasty! Do it Mandy! Suck that great ass of yours right off Sarah’s hard toy!”

Mandy was getting so turned on that she had to kneel down and push her hand between her legs to rub herself. She moaned, her mouth full of the dildo, as she felt how drenched her own cunt was, not just from the orgasm she had just experienced, but from all the fresh arousal she was feeling from tasting her own ass.

Her pussy was soooooo wet and Mandy loved it. She closed her eyes and moaned wantonly, sucking more of the toy into her mouth as she kept one hand on her pussy and the other on the shaft of Sarah’s toy, guiding it into her mouth as she greedily slurped on it.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh go to town on that fucking dick Mandy,” Sarah laughed, loving what she was seeing. “Oooooh you dirty girl! Mmmmm I can’t wait to tell Rose about this so she knows to always fuck your ass extra hard with Mr. Snappy so you can suck it clean. Soon everyone at the mansion’s gonna know what you like Mandy and they’re all going to make sure you get it.”

Mandy gasped happily at the idea of her new favorite thing in the world becoming common knowledge around the Malibu mansion. She wanted all the hot girls there to know she was into this. She wanted them to know she was a naughty girl and how much she craved the taste of herself like this.

She had never deep throated anything before and she couldn’t quite do it here with Sarah’s toy. But it wasn’t for lack of desire that she couldn’t. Sarah gripped the ball at the end of it and Mandy’s soft hand wrapped around the rest of it, pushing more of the beads into her mouth and down her throat until she finally couldn’t keep her hand on it anymore because she was swallowing so much of it.

Mandy took bead after bead past her wet lips, tasting herself all over the glass and feeling so wonderfully slutty as she relished the flavor of her own freshly fucked ass at the same time she felt her usually tight little hole all loose and gaping from what Sarah had just done to it. It was heaven for Mandy and she just wanted more…more of this cock…more of her ass…more of everything.

She couldn’t quite get all that she wanted though. Mandy felt herself starting to tear up as she began choking on the toy she was feeding herself. She desperately wanted to swallow down every inch of the fake cock that had just been up her ass. She wanted to taste it all. But she couldn’t quite do it. She was coating the glass dildo with her saliva, trying so hard to get that last bead into her mouth like she’d taken it up her butt, but she couldn’t. She started to really choke on it and Sarah finally pulled it out of her mouth, knowing that Mandy was trying to push herself to a place she wasn’t quite ready for.

“Awwwwwwww,” Mandy cried, opening her eyes and looking genuinely sad and disappointed in herself as Sarah pulled the toy away.

“Don’t worry Mandy, we’re going to have plenty of time to practice,” Sarah promised. “Now that I know just how into this you are, we’re going to be doing this a lot now.”

“Oooooh I like the sound of that,” Mandy said, beaming at the idea of being taken like this by all of the mansion’s sexy occupants. “But I need some more of this right now!”

Mandy grabbed the toy right out of Sarah’s hand and began greedily running her tongue all over it, licking up all of her saliva and making sure if there was anything left of her as on there, she got it. Mandy lapped away all over the dildo, her tongue absolutely insatiable as she ran it over the curves of the glass beads that had just been inside her. She licked all around them and in between them and relished tasting that last bead she had been unable to swallow, moaning like a horny animal as she finger fucked herself.

“Whoaaa slow down a little there Mandy,” Sarah laughed playfully. “If you don’t stop licking that thing then I’m never gonna be able to fuck Reese up the ass with it!”

But that plan hadn’t been approved by Reese and she found herself quite surprised by Sarah’s sudden plans for her.

“Wait? Me? Ohhhhh no…not me…not there,” Reese declared, pulling away from Sarah as her face looked a little nervous.

“Huh? What’s the matter Reese?” Sarah asked, puzzled by her friend’s reaction when she had thought she’d be eager for it. “I thought you’d be into it. Don’t you want to get fucked just like Mandy did? Mmmmm I could totally feel how wet your pussy is when you were rubbing into me. I know you need this Reese.”

“Well I do need to come, but not if you’re thinking of sticking that thing up my ass,” Reese said. “No way.”

“This thing?” Sarah asked, wrestling the toy away from Mandy, who was reluctant to give it up but eventually did so. “C’mon Reese. I know you can take this. I certainly can and we’ve got like the same types of bodies. This’ll be no problem for you. It’s nothing compared to Mr. Snappy and I know you’ve taken that on.”

“Yeah, but not up the ass…” Reese pointed out, causing Sarah much surprise and leading to an immediate realization on her part.

“Wait…wait…wait…Reese, have you ever been fucked up the ass?” Sarah asked, thinking back to all the times she and Reese had played with each other.

Those encounters had been so voluminous that there were far too many of them for her to remember all the way, but the more she thought about it, the more Sarah began to think that she had never really indulged in some serious backdoor play with Reese.

“Ummmmmmm no,” Reese said, blushing a little as she admitted it. “Ummmm I thought everyone knew that.”

“Whoa I can’t believe it,” Mandy gasped, finding it hard to fathom that she was actually more experienced than someone as beautiful and sexy as Reese. “You’ve never had it up your ass before Reese? Mmmmm it feels incredible! How could you not have done it there?”

“I just haven’t,” Reese said, shrugging her shoulders as she found herself on the defensive and not liking it one bit. “I guess I always thought it would hurt and we were always so busy doing other things that I never felt like I needed to try it.”

“You’ve never had anything in your ass before?” Sarah said in amazement, shaking her head as she couldn’t believe she had never noticed her friend’s reluctance before and sought to get her to give up her cherry there. “Impossible! Reese your ass is too hot to not get fucked!”

Reese giggled a little at Sarah’s reaction, feeling a little better, but also still thinking she was being judged a little for not being some kind of anal sex slut by girls who were supposed to be her friends.

“Well it’s not like I’m some crusader against it or anything,” Reese replied, defending herself. “I thought it was really hot to see you take it like that Mandy. I got so wet seeing you fucked up your great ass and I’ve seen lots of other girls get fucked like that before. Mmmm and I’ve been licked back there and that definitely feels good and I’ve taken some fingers inside me ummmm gawwwd and some beads once…but never anything like what you’ve got in your hands Sarah. Ryan always wanted to fuck my ass, but I never let him and ummmm your toys at the mansion are much bigger than he is.”

Reese blushed a little as she put down her ex-husband, but it was the truth. All the toys her friends loved to play with were usually much harder and bigger and thicker than he’d been, especially the most infamous mansion toy of all, which Sarah naturally brought up.

“I thought it was like Rose’s initiation for girls at the mansion to fuck them up the ass with Mr. Snappy,” Sarah said, suddenly very much wanting to see Reese on her back with her legs slung wide in the air and her body bent upward air to show her splayed, lubed up asshole as Rose pushed the head of her strap on into her.

“I guess she started that after I was already hanging out there,” Reese replied with another shrug of her shoulders. “She never told me that I had to do that.”

“But what if she had,” Sarah asked wickedly, seizing the opportunity to do what she should have done a long time ago and tempt her friend into something new and naughty. “What if she had told you it was time for your mansion initiation and that you had to give her your tightest hole like you always give up your wet pussy to her? What if she had told you had to do it or else you wouldn’t be able to visit anymore? Would you have said no or would you have let Rose fuck that sweet virgin ass of yours, Reese?”

“Ummmmm uhhhhhhhhhh gee…I dunno,” Reese answered, feeling a little naughty rush inside her from Sarah’s scenario as she saw right away what she was trying to do.

“Mmmmm did you ever think about doing it? Did you ever think about us fucking your hot, tight ass?” Sarah purred, rubbing herself against Reese’s naked body and kissing her naughtily on the lips. “Cause I can make you love it Reese. I can fuck your ass soooo good.”

“I thought about it a few times,” Reese moaned in reply as not only did Sarah cuddle nakedly into one side of her, but Mandy took the other side. The two of them kissed her sensitive neck and devilishly played with her tits. “Ummmmm yessssss mmmmm oooooooh gawwwwd I did…did imagine a few times what it would feel like. I just always was afraid it would hurt and since it wasn’t so fun when I lost my virginity, I just didn’t want to go through that whole first time thing again.”

“I won’t let it hurt,” Sarah pledged. “Mmmmm and when you did think about getting your sexy ass fucked, did you think about me doing it?”

“Yessssssssssss,” Reese confessed as Sarah reached between her legs and began sensually playing with her pussy. “Mmmmm I did think about you doing it Sarah. Ooooooh sometimes Rose mmmm and sometimes Jen being the one to do it, but mostly you Sarah. Mmmmmmmm and sometimes I think about Julie doing it to me…making me pay a little for all the times that I fucked her ass with my strap on.”

“Wait, you’ll fuck another girl’s ass but won’t let your own get fucked?” Sarah laughed. “You little hypocrite, Reese. Damn, you are one bad slut if you can dish it out but can’t take it.”

“She’d already been fucked there before I did it,” Reese lamely offered, knowing that Sarah was right about her hypocrisy.

“No excuse,” Sarah shot back playfully, still smiling. “Now you’re definitely gonna get it Reese. You are not leaving this room until you get your ass fucked for the first time and that’s that. We’ve got a no virgins rule in here Reese and you’re in violation of that so Mandy and me are going to have to change that right here and right now.”

“Ooooooooh!” Reese sighed as she imagined what an ultimate surrender it would be to not just think about it every now and then on those heated nights when she was working herself over with her fingers or a vibrator because she wasn’t able to get to the mansion to fuck away her stress.

She didn’t consider herself a virgin back there, even if Sarah insisted on referring to her as one. Reese was a literalist when it came to that word and to her having fingers, tongues and even those naughty beads from that sex shop beach bunny Alyssia inside her had removed any virginity she had had left, even if it hadn’t been a cock or a dildo that had been fucking here there.

Reese had definitely thought about what it would feel like to get fucked back there. Just because she had always backed away from this fantasy and never pursued it with any of her girlfriends, didn’t mean she hadn’t thought about it. It wasn’t something that was often on her mind, but she had liked the idea of turning the tables on herself when she was usually the one in charge of bed and instead embrace the kind of submissiveness that you could only get when you let someone fuck your ass.

But she had just never done it. She hadn’t wanted it to hurt and even though she had seen first hand with her own eyes many, many times before today just how good it made girls feel to get their asses fucked by someone who knew what she was doing, Reese had been a little shy about it and had never seriously pursued it. Yet now Sarah was putting it all out on the table and Reese was finding it really hard to resist her sexy friend.

It wasn’t like she had some iron clad rule that her ass was like a no fly zone and no one was allowed to go there. She loved feeling a hot girl tongue licking her hole and she’d definitely gotten off hard from having her ass played with, but the idea of taking something bigger and thicker back there just made her nervous and she tried to entice Sarah into something else.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to fuck my pussy instead?” Reese asked, showing definite signs of responding to Sarah’s advances even as she tried to get her to focus elsewhere. “Ooooooh it’s sooooo wet for you Sarah. Mmmm don’t you wanna lick it instead? Mmmmm and you can use that toy on it too. I love when you fuck me with it there. You make my pussy come so fucking hard when you use that toy on me.”

“Tempting, but I want this even more,” Sarah grinned, grabbing Reese’s bare ass and squeezing her tight, toned buns. “C’mon Reese. I know you wanna give it to me. How could you see what Mandy just went through and not want to experience it for yourself?”

If Sarah had truly felt Reese didn’t want to give her ass up to her, she wouldn’t have pursued it. She didn’t want to force Reese into something she was really reluctant over. But Sarah felt like her friend just needed a little push to embrace the naughtiness of being fucked up the ass. Sarah truly couldn’t believe that Reese had never given up herself back there to her or to any of her friends before and to her that was an error that needed to be rectified.

“Mmmmmmm gawwwwd it did look reallllllllllllllly hot,” Reese sighed, feeling more of her defenses crumbling

“It felt even better,” Mandy insisted, rubbing her nude, sweaty body into Reese’s. “Mmmmmm it was absolutely amazing to be fucked there. I love it soooo much! Mmmm to feel something pushing inside your tight hole and feeling like it’s not supposed to be there but you want it anyway cause it feels so fucking good! Ooooooh it’s so fucking good! It feels so naughty and dirty and it’s so incredible to just give in and let yourself be taken there. Don’t you want to feel it? Don’t you want to feel like I just did?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh,” Reese groaned, now feeling two soft hands caressing her smooth thighs and teasing her pussy. “Oooooooh it sounds realllllly good. Mmmmmm gawwwd but what if it hurts?”

She was a woman north of 30 with two kids and a lot of experience between the sheets. Reese couldn’t believe she was still nervous about sex hurting like she was some 15 year old wondering how her boyfriend’s dick could fit inside her without tearing her apart. She was legitimately nervous though. She had never really gone for something like this before and she was scared of how it would feel.

But with each passing moment that Sarah and Mandy tried to convince her, those nerves were fading and were being replaced by something more powerful…a desire to be taken by the toy that lay on the bed, taunting her with its very presence.

“I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt Reese,” Sarah said. “If I do it right, all you’re going to be feeling is pleasure. C’mon baby. You know I wouldn’t lie to you. I’m doing this because I think it’ll make you feel really good. You trust me, right?”

“Of course I do,” Reese immediately replied. “You know I do.”

The truth was there were few people she trusted as much as Sarah. She knew her friend wouldn’t steer her wrong and that was the main reason she was actually being tempted by this. If it had been anyone else trying to coax her into letting her ass get fucked she might have had more resolve, but since it was Sarah doing it she found herself giving into her advances and becoming aroused at the idea of letting her friend take her where no one really ever had before.

“Then let me show you how good it feels,” Sarah said, kissing Reese lovingly on the lips and gently caressing her face. “I promise I’ll stop if it hurts you even a little.”

“Really?” Reese asked, knowing she could take Sarah at her word about that.

“Really,” Sarah said. “I won’t hurt you Reese. I’m just going to make you come really, really hard.”

That sounded very good to Reese. Her pussy was soaked from eating Mandy out and she had to admit she did kind of like the idea of officially breaking one of the few taboos she had left. She remembered the last time she had tried to resist Sarah was when her friend had first tried to entice her into lesbian lovemaking. The pleasure of that had been so incredible that Reese had asked herself repeatedly why she had ever rebuffed her friend’s advances.

Would it be the same thing here? Sarah had yet to ever guide her wrong on anything and Reese completely believed her that if she decided it hurt or she didn’t like it then Sarah would put the brakes on.

“Want to try it Reese?” Sarah asked seductively, rubbing herself into Reese and making sure their naked bodies touched in the most sensual way while she naughtily sucked on Reese’s earlobe. “Want to try something new and hot with me?”

Reese couldn’t quite muster the words yet, but she did manage to nod her head in acceptance and a wide smile broke over Sarah’s face.

“Mmmmm goody,” Sarah said. “Now get on all fours Reese. Let’s see that sexy booty of yours.”

Gulping nervously as she found herself doing something she had figured she never would, Reese summoned the resolve that had helped her overcome every other challenge in her life and did as Sarah said. She repositioned herself on her hands and knees and pushed her ass out, instantly moaning when she felt Sarah grabbing her naked backside and giving it a playful slap.

“Ohhhhhh Reese mmmm baby I should have been fucking this awesome ass so long ago,” Sarah sighed in desire. “This is one fucking tight little butt you have here sweetie. I love it!”

“You’d better love it,” Reese said with a giggle, feeling a growing excitement over doing this. “I don’t want you fucking it if you’re just kind of into it or even if you just like it. You’d damn well better love my ass Sarah!”

“Mmmmm I do,” Sarah grinned. “Lemme show you how much.”

Sarah kneeled behind Reese’s toned behind and began kissing it, pressing her lips all over the taut flesh as Mandy fingered herself at the show and Reese made soft sounds of approval.

“Ooooooooooh mmmmmm ooooooooh Sarahhhh yeahhhhhh mmmmm kiss my ass mmmmmmm get those soft lips you always suck my pussy so good with all over my bare ass!” Reese cooed. “You gotta make me want this Sarah. Mmmm make me want you to fuck my tight ass! Show me how good it’s going to feel! Oooooh you like that, don’t you? Mmmm getting me to give up my ass to you! Ooooooh yesssssssss kiss me all over my ass! Show me how much you love the butt that I slave over to get nice and tight for you and your slutty friends to drool over!”

Reese wasn’t lying about the slaving thing. She worked damn hard to get her ass in perfect shape. She never did anything at half speed and that included working out. She spent hours each week in the gym and made sure when she wasn’t there she was getting plenty of other exercise, whether it was jogging, softball or just chasing after her kids. She spent a lot of time getting her ass to look this good and that just spiced up her favorite kind of exertion…the kind she and Sarah were getting into right now.

And just so she didn’t forget about her, Mandy reminded Reese about her presence by leaning in and kissing her. Mandy could still taste herself on Reese’s lips and she loved it, tenderly kissing the actress before they eventually parted their lips and let their tongues touch wetly. As she did this, Mandy kept one hand between her legs, rubbing herself and she also began returning the favor to Reese for the pleasure she had brought her by reaching up to massage her firm, famous tits.

“Oooooh Mandy you left this toy nice and wet to use on Reese, thank you,” Sarah declared as she picked it up off the bed and saw how wet it had been left by Mandy’s tongue.

“Mmmmm my pleasure…definitely my pleasure,” Mandy said, already anticipating grabbing a taste of Reese’s ass after Sarah had fucked it with the toy.

“But we gotta get you to relax first Reese,” Sarah said, noting the fact while her friend was moaning, she was also on her hands and knees looking like a cat ready to pounce and not someone who was about to indulge in sweet sexual submission to her lover. “I’m not going to be able to fuck you unless you relax.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one about to get her asshole stretched out by a hunk of glass for the first time,” Reese shot back, making a good point that Sarah was very ready for.

“Well then I’ll just have to relax you, won’t I?” Sarah grinned. “C’mere Mandy.”

Mandy had been enjoying kissing Reese while feeling up her beautiful chest, so she hadn’t been looking to move. But she was sure whatever Sarah had in mind for her would be good so she moved over and let Sarah whisper her idea in her ear.

“You think you can do that Mandy?” Sarah asked.

“Ummm I never have before…mmmm but I like it,” Mandy admitted. “I’ve always kind of wanted to try it.”

“Try what?” Reese asked, unable to decipher the whispers. “What are you going to do?”

“You’ll find out in just a minute,” Sarah promised. “First I’m going to do to this.”

“Do wha-?” Reese started to ask before she was interrupted by a feeling of naughty bliss washing over her body.

“Oooooooooooooooh!” Reese squealed happily. “Mmmmmm God Sarah oooooooooh fuck that feels good! Mmmmm so nasty! Ooooh if you make it as good as this then I’m going to love getting it up the ass from you!”

Sarah grinned as best she could as Reese cried out her desire from the feel of her tongue bathing her asshole. It was very hard to smile and lick at the same time, so the licking took precedent. She lavished tongue love all over Reese’s tight little rosebud, still not believing it had taken her so long to do this to her. As much as she’d loved rimming Mandy’s hole before fucking, there was something naughtier and more intimate about doing it to one of her best friends.

Kneeling behind Reese and keeping her tight cheeks spread open, Sarah went after her friend with gentle, wet licks. She wanted to relax Reese as much as possible so she sought to use her tongue to put her at ease about what they were about to. She gave Reese’s puckered ring soft but deep touches of her tongue, loving the mews of lust she got out of the actress with every lick.

Sarah heightened the arousal by hovering her mouth above Reese spread cheeks and letting a long strand of saliva drip out into her hole. Reese cooed at the feel of the wet, warm saliva and that was followed up immediately by more gasps and moans when Sarah pushed her tongue back on to swirl her saliva around and get her tight hole even wetter.

“Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss ooooooooooooh Sarahhhhhh!” Reese groaned, feeling her pussy get even wetter from her friend’s rimming. “Oooooh I love how that feels! Mmmmm I’ve done this before but you’re making it so amazing! Ooooooh lick that nasty little hole of mine Sarah! Mmmmm you dirty girl! Ohhhhh I love your tongue licking my ass! Mmmmm you’re soooo making me wanna do this!”

While Reese had gotten licked back there before by hot girls, Sarah had never done the honors and Reese was getting off on it. She could feel her whole body tingle in anticipation for what Sarah had planned for her ass and the nerves she was still clinging a little bit to were getting smaller by the second. If Sarah was making the licking feel this good, it had to be even better when she did some more, right?

And when Reese found out what Sarah had told Mandy to do, that was when she really started to relax.

“Oooooooh you have the cutest feet Reese,” Mandy giggled as she lay on her side and massaged Reese’s pink foot with her soft hands. “Sarah told me you like this. Mmmm and I wanted to know what it felt like. Oooooh so here goes…”

Reese’s heart skipped a beat and pleasure goosebumps went right up her legs as Mandy’s tongue darted out and began to wickedly lick at her toes. This was Reese’s secret passion that only her naughtiest girlfriends knew about and the feel of Mandy’s soft, girly tongue tickling her smooth, painted toes had moans rushing out of her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwww!!! Mmmm I totally wasn’t expecting this!” Reese giggled, loving every second of the two hot tongues on her body. “Mmmm don’t stop Mandy! Oooooooh fuck yesss!!! Ahhhh yeahhhh I do love it! I love having my toes licked! Mmmmm lick me with your hot little tongue baby! That’s making me so wet! Mmmmmm you’re good at this Mandy! Don’t stop!”

Reese’s feet were her hidden erogenous zone. She adored the feel of another woman licking and sucking her toes. Mandy wasn’t experienced and it showed. She was a little shy in her licking, but Reese definitely appreciated the effort. The feeling of Mandy licking her toes at the same time Sarah was teasing her asshole with her tongue had shivers of pleasure rushing through Reese’s naked body.

Mandy was just happy Reese was happy. The actress had done such an amazing job eating her pussy and she wanted to make sure she felt really good. Mandy hadn’t been sure she was doing this right. She’d never licked another girl’s toes before and while she’d been curious to try, she’d never really had the nerve. She’d had a tongue on her toes a few time and it had always made her feel good so she was happy to give that same pleasure to Reese, especially since she seemed to really enjoy it.

Lying on her side so she could line her mouth up with Reese’s feet as the blonde actress remained on her hands and knees for Sarah to lick, Mandy let her tongue push out to lick away at her cute, pink toes. She loved how they wiggled for her as she licked them and she could still taste and smell the soap from Reese’s shower which Mandy also enjoyed. She licked she rubbed Reese’s foot, massaging it while tickling her toes and only stopping so she could move from the left foot to the right one and make sure it got the same treatment.

“Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddddd mmmmmmm this feels so good,” Reese moaned. “Mmmmmm Sarahhh this is just what I need! Ooooh you’re totally relaxing me baby! Mmmmm you and Mandy are making me so wet for this!”

Sarah could definitely notice that. Reese relaxing her body made it so much easier for her to spread her ass open and lick at her hole and Sarah was more eager than ever to take it to the next level.

“Are you wet enough for me to fuck you now Reese?” Sarah asked. “Do you want to try this and see how much you like it?”

If Reese had expressed serious reluctance, then Sarah would have stopped But that never became an issue after Reese moaned her response.

“Ughhhh God! Just do it Sarah!” Reese said, turning her head around and smiling at her friend. “Do it before I chicken out! Fuck my ass! Make it good! Make me fucking love it like you and Mandy do!”

“Your wish is my command,” Sarah grinned back. “Oh Reese, you’re about to feel incredible pleasure!”

Reese sure hoped so. She was pretty keyed up for this now. Sarah and Mandy had made her feel really relaxed with their tongues and she knew it was now or never. If she didn’t do this now, she was going to find some excuse to keep pushing it off so she decided just to go for it and see how she really felt about it instead of living in fear.

Sucking in her breath, Reese let out a little whine of nervousness when she felt Sarah pushing the glass tip of the beaded dildo against her rimmed hole. But she gasped out all that drawn in breath a second later when she felt Sarah begin to ease it into her, pushing the first bead past her tight ring.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ Reese grunted, the feeling intense but good. So far it was just like when Alyssia had used those anal beads on her, an encounter she vividly remembered.

“Is it ok?” Sarah asked, concerned. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Noooooo oooooh don’t stop,” Reese moaned back, her heart beating faster and her pulse racing as she let this happen to her. “Mmmmm keep going Sarah. It’s ok. Oooooh you can give me some more.”

“Ok, just tell me if you want me to stop,” Sarah said before giving Reese the second bead on her toy, pushing it in deeper and starting to fuck her with it while helpfully also reaching up with her free hand to massage the soaked lips of her friend’s pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Reese cried in joy at the sudden touch to her sodden slit. “Mmmmmmm ooooooooooh yesssssssssssss more of that Sarah! Mmmmmm play with my pussy as you fuck my ass! Ooooooh yesssss nice and gentle! Mmmmm ease it in baby! Ooooooh I like it so far!”

“Just wait’ll I really get going,” Sarah said, rubbing Reese’s aroused cunt lips with one hand and holding tightly to the end of the toy with the other. “Can I give you more Reese? Can I fuck your little virgin ass some more sweetie?”

“Yeahhhhh!” Reese groaned. “More is ok! Ooooooooooh push some more of that hot fucking toy up my ass!”

When she had first pushed the toy into Reese, Sarah had wondered if maybe she should have licked her friend some more or even used a finger on her ass first to get her to loosen up, but now she breathed easier knowing Reese liked this. Sarah didn’t go after her hard like she would some of her other lovers and not at all like she had done to Mandy just a short time ago. She was totally gentle with the toy, pushing it deeper into Reese as the third bead slipped past her asshole and started fucking her slowly, but hotly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd!!!” Reese cried through gritted teeth. “Oooooooh fuck that’s starting to get big! Mmmmmm but it feels goooooooood! Oooooh Sarah you were right! Mmmmm that does feel reallllly good!”

“Just tell me if it starts to hurt you and I’ll take it out,” Sarah urged, giving Reese’s tantalizingly tight butt cheeks several more kisses while she began fucking her harder.

“I will…but it’s ok…oooooooooh more than ok!” Reese groaned, wondering now more than ever if she’d made a mistake by not getting assfucked before now. “Mmmmmm yessss you can even give it to me a little harder Sarah! Ohhhhhh yessssssss mmmmmm start to give it to my ass with that toy Sarah! Mmmmm I love that it’s you that’s fucking me there! Mmmmmm make it good Sarah! Make me love my first real assfucking! Ahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!!!”

“So you like it up your ass now, huh Reese?” Sarah teased, overjoyed with how well her friend was taking to this. “Bet you’re sorry you waited so long.”

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss it feels gooooooood!” Reese groaned, pressing her face down to the soft sheets as she felt herself sweating and her libido filling her body with adrenaline and ecstasy in her veins from Sarah penetrating her from behind. “Fuck me Sarah! Fuck my ass! Yessssss take that tight hole and make it loose like Mandy’s! Mmmmm just like yours after Rose fucks you with Mr. Snappy! Oooooooooh I’m loving it so far! Don’t stop!”

Reese truly hadn’t been sure if she would enjoy this, but she was now seeing just why Julie would always howl in ecstasy when she took her strap on and pushed it up her ass. It really did feel awesome! Mandy had been right. It felt so good to be doing something that you thought you weren’t supposed to. The fact that she had been so reluctant to try this was only making it feel better to her and Reese actually found herself craving the stimulation.

She could feel her own asshole stretching out from the glass beads being pushed into her. The penetration of that toy into her hole felt wonderfully intense and Reese loved how fast her heart was beating from it. She never usually surrendered herself like this and there really was no greater submission sexually than bending over and being willingly sodomized. But the way Sarah was doing it made her feel nothing but ecstasy.

She felt like such a bad girl for taking it up the ass and Reese liked that. It made her feel miles away from being the Hollywood star and supermom she was. It made her feel like she was just a wanton slut who loved being buttfucked and that turned her on ferociously. She began backing herself onto the toy, moving back and forth on her hands and knees and thrusting herself into Sarah until she actually impaled herself onto the toy even more, causing another bead to be pushed past her anus.

“OHHHHHHHH GODDDDD!!!” Reese cried, not expecting that, but not pulling away either. Feeling that bead being pushed up her tight hole was an ecstatic surprise and made her feel an incredible rush of energy and bliss through her body.

“Too much?” Sarah asked again, afraid she was hurting Reese. “Want me to stop?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmm fuck meeeee!” Reese growled. “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooh you didn’t tell me it was going to be this fucking good! Ohhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwww that cock feels so big up my tight little ass and it’s fucking amazing Sarah! Fuck me! Oooooooh give it to me a little harder! Mmmmmmm yesssssssssss make my ass loose and slutty Sarah!”

Reese hadn’t expected it to feel this good. It did hurt a little, but she liked that it hurt. It wasn’t a strong pain. It was more just the feeling of having to adjust to something being pushed inside her where things didn’t ordinarily go. It made her feel completely alive and the intense pleasure was growing inside her.

Reese’s pulse raced and her pussy oozed girl juice onto Sarah’s probing fingers. She felt completely free and even bestial as she was fucked from behind by Sarah’s thick, hard toy and Reese was definitely feeling then that’d she’d missed out by not doing this before now. How could she not have known what an incredible release this was for all her stress?

Now Reese had four of the six beads inside her and Sarah wasn’t about to give her any more without her asking for them. Reese’s crinkled hole was spread open wide now as it wrapped around the invading sex toy and Sarah loved how sexy her friend looked all bent over with her tight cheeks spread and her hole being filled by her favorite dildo. It was so nasty and Reese was so beautiful that Sarah began fucking her a little harder just because it turned her on so much.


“Baby you look so fucking hot,” Sarah moaned, seeing the lust in her friend’s face at the same time she drove the dildo into her just a touch harder. “I knew you’d like this Reese! Mmmm baby your ass was too sexy not to get fucked good! You’re so beautiful right now Reese! So naughty and sweaty! I love how this tight fucking butt of yours looks all spread open with my toy jammed into it! You’re a fucking slut like me now Reese! I love it! I wanna make you come from this!”

“YESSSSSSS MAKE ME COMMMME!!!” Reese begged, her blonde hair sticking to her sweaty forehead now as the ecstasy overpowered whatever reservations might have been left inside her. “OOOOOOH I LOVE WHAT YOU’RE MAKING ME FEEL SARAH! FUCK MY ASS BABY! YESSSSSSSS JUST LIKE YOU’VE BEEN WANTING TO! FUCK IT GOOD AND HARD! PLEAAAAASE DO IT SO I’LL FUCKING COME LIKE YOU AND MANDY DO WHEN YOU GET FUCKED!!!”

For her part, Mandy had just been naughtily licking at Reese’s toes and watching the show, keeping her hand on her pussy and fingering herself as she’d enjoyed seeing Reese feel the same ecstasy she loved so much. Anal sex was something she had first experienced with a boy, but it had taken her seduction by porn icon Jenna Jameson and all the naughty lessons she’d learned from her to truly realize how exquisite it could feel. It was just one of many things Mandy now was convinced girls did better than boys and she loved seeing Reese find this out too.

She didn’t mind that Reese had stopped noticing her licking her toes. Mandy figured correctly that Reese had a lot on her mind with being fucked up the ass for the first time and all. But she also wanted to do more to help. Reese’s tongue had been so wonderful on her pussy and Mandy figured there was no reason not to give the same kind of loving to Reese that she’d gotten.

Leaving Reese’s toes behind, Mandy went after something far sweeter…the award winning actress’ juicy pussy. It had been a while since she had tasted it and Mandy was plenty hungry for it.

With Reese bent down like she was and resting her head on the bed as she experienced this new ecstasy, Mandy saw she couldn’t get in the same position that Reese had taken with her. But that was an issue that could be overcome and Mandy improvised by going after Reese through the side. She wiggled herself under Reese between her bent over elbows and her knees and went right for the prize, tonguing Reese’s dripping wetness and delighting in the taste.


Reese tossed her head back wildly over and over again, not even caring if she got whiplash from it. Her long blonde hair flew about wildly as she was fucked and licked at the same time and that just turned Reese on more. It made her feel like she had completely lost control and she was being fucked into some kind of blissful nirvana she had never been to before. The dual intensity of that thick glass toy inside her previously barely touched hole and Mandy’s eager, naughty tongue was tremendous.

Reese loved how all this made her feel. She liked thinking she had completely lost it and descended into some kind of primal sexuality where all that mattered was getting more of it and getting it harder. It felt so good to go wild and take it up the ass while her pussy was being sucked and licked. Mandy’s hungry mouth was devouring her pink wetness and Sarah was hot and steady with her fucking thrusts into her anus. Reese was rocking as hard as she could on her knees and bent elbows, her head thrashing back and forth and her hair flying like it was a horse’s mane on an animal galloping for its life.


Sarah was a little surprised Reese’s reaction was so intense, but she knew how much her friend had to keep her lust pent up inside her when she was on mommy duty 24/7. And adding that to all the pressures of being the top paid actress in Hollywood, expected to guarantee huge opening weekends or else, she obviously needed the release. Plus it was such a turn on to know she was fucking Reese so good that she’d taken a previously reluctant girl and turned her into an anal sex loving slut.

“Come for me!” Sarah said, slapping her hand down hard on Reese’s bare ass, smacking her cheek and leaving a pink handprint that quickly faded from the toned flesh. “Do it you dirty little bitch! I knew you’d fucking turn into a slut for this Reese! I knew you were gonna love it up your tight ass! Now come for me! Cream Mandy’s pretty face with that sweet fucking pussy of yours! Come from me stuffing this beautiful ass full of cock! Ooooooh you know everyone’s staring at your tight ass Reese, wishing they could fuck the hell out of it. But only I get to! Now you’ve gotta come for me Reese! You’ve gotta show me how much you love my toy inside you! Yeahhhhh show me what a dirty fucking mommy slut you are Reese! Mmmmm from good little virgin to anal whore! Soooo fucking hot! Yeahhhhhh mmmmm while the kids are away you’re gonna be a total whore aren’t you baby?”

Sarah slapped Reese’s bare ass again, this time leaving a longer lasting handprint. Her friend’s tight buns looked amazing spread open to be fucked and Sarah gave Reese one last smack to let her know how hot her ass looked.


Mandy was having a little trouble keeping a steady licking going in the position she was in with all of Reese’s thrusting from being fucked, but she made do. She licked and slurped the juicy cunt being fucked against her mouth and did everything she could to get Reese off.

Trying to steady Reese by grabbing onto her waist, Mandy inadvertently tickled the actress, but that quickly passed and there was no more giggling, just moaning and crying out sexual ecstasy. Reese’s pussy was completely soaked and Mandy loved how her juices just dripped right onto her tongue with every lick. Mandy zeroed in on Reese’s full, throbbing clit and began slurping on it wetly, smacking on it with her lips and sucking away at the swollen pleasure center as Reese screamed out for more.

And it was more that she got from Sarah too. Reese had four of the six beads inside her and while Sarah was convinced it was best for Reese not to take on any more she didn’t stop from giving it to her faster and harder with what she did have up her ass. It was tempting to see if pushing the fifth bead into Reese’s ass would set her off, but Sarah resisted. She suspected she would be using this toy on Reese a lot in the future and there would be plenty of time to test her limit.

So instead Sarah gave it to her hard with the four beads inside her at the same time Mandy suckled hard on her clit. Reese definitely was beyond wanting it gently by then and the extra stimulation she got from both girls lit all her fires. All this plus the mental rush of feeling like she was totally uninhibited sexually now had Reese exploding like a rocket being launched and Mandy was the lucky girl who got to taste it all.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” Reese screamed out with a depraved roar that probably would have gotten her an AVN Award to go with her Oscar as the double stimulation of tongue and toy did the job, just like it had on Mandy.

Reese screamed out at the top of her lungs until her voice began to crack. She cried out for them to keep fucking her, which Sarah and Mandy did without hesitation, and she also loudly declared how much she loved her ass being fucked and how she was going to want it all the time from now on, something that delighted both of her lovers to no end. Reese’s orgasmic screams filled the otherwise empty suite and Sarah and Mandy kept giving it to her until she had nothing left to give.

Only then did Sarah finally ease the toy out of Reese’s no longer tight ass and smother Mandy’s lips with her own to get a hot taste of her friend’s orgasm. The two girls passionately kissed, sharing Reese’s cummy cream in between them while Reese gasped in ecstasy over what she had finally done and how it had made her feel. She watched Sarah and Mandy kiss while moaning and mindlessly running her hands over her bare sweaty tits while rolling onto her back, her asshole now stretched and loose and making her feel wonderfully depraved.

But Sarah wasn’t quite done with Reese yet. After all, she had seemed to enjoy Mandy’s naughty display so much. So why not see if she would put one on of her own?

“Mmmmm you were so nasty Reese, taking this thick toy up your tight little ass,” Sarah grinned, holding the dildo right in front of Reese’s face. “Feel like getting a little nastier?”

Reese’s post-orgasmic haze was quickly cleared up when she heard what Sarah said. It was crystal clear what she wanted and Reese was faced with the choice about whether or not to stretch her boundaries some more.

She had never done anything like this before, but she had already broken one taboo in her life, so what was one more? And remembering how sexy Mandy had looked made Reese’s answer an easy one.

“Fuck yeah I wanna get nastier,” Reese grinned before parting her lips and starting to suck on the toy Sarah held out for her.

“Mmmmm save some for me, Reese, I wanna taste you too,” Mandy declared with a giggle, kissing Sarah again and rubbing up against her bare body before they both watched Reese give head to the toy that had just fucked her ass, her award winning mouth looking so naughty as it took in the glass beads one by one and sucked them clean.

Sarah just smiled as she watched her gorgeous friend go ass to mouth. Reese was completely lost in lust, wetly slurping away on the glass toy and Sarah began fucking her mouth slowly with it, wanting to heighten her pleasure. Things were certainly off to a great start in Vegas and Sarah was hoping that soon she’d have the chance to stretch some boundaries of her own.


Meanwhile while everyone was having a great time in Vegas, two of the expected guests hadn’t even gotten packed yet for the trip. In fact they hadn’t even gotten dressed. But after all she had just experienced, leaving her house was the last thing Lindsay Lohan wanted to do.

It had been a morning of high drama and the most unexpected shock of her life, but Lindsay couldn’t have been happier than she was right then. She had thought that nothing would ever top the double surprise she had gotten when she had found out Hilary Duff had brought her to a lesbian orgy in Jamaica and how that had led to her discovering her own unquenchable thirst for women. But the truth about her sister, Ali, had topped that and then some.

She and Hilary had been intending to pack up that day and head off to Vegas to join their friends and had gotten more than a little sidetracked by Ali. The day had started innocently enough with Lindsay and Hilary wanting to fuck in every room of the empty house. But when they had been getting very naughty in Ali’s room, Lindsay’s little sister had come home unexpectedly early from a sleepover at a friend’s house and had caught them right in the middle of fucking.

But it hadn’t been Ali’s presence that had been the surprise. Expecting her sister to totally freak out, Lindsay had gotten quite a different reaction. Instead, she was the one who had ended up freaking when Ali had kissed her and told her how much she wanted to fuck her. It turned out that there was a whole side to her baby sister that Lindsay had never seen before and it was a very naughty one indeed.

Ali had wanted to fuck her for months but had never gotten the nerve until then to confess it. Finding Lindsay and Hilary in her bed had been the catalyst for Ali to admit everything though. She had told Lindsay all about her desire for women and how badly she wanted to fuck them and about how much she lusted after her own sister. Ali had kissed her and touched her and even shown her the collection of lesbian porn and sex stories she had saved on her computer to try and convince her to let her join in.

Lindsay had been so shocked at first, but it had turned Hilary on like crazy and she had begun egging the sisters on and trying to get Lindsay to succumb to Ali’s incestuous advances. And of course it had only been a matter of time before Lindsay finally did crumble.

Her little sister was so beautiful and Lindsay loved her so much. How could she refuse her? How could she deny such a sexy girl? Especially when the thought of fucking her own little sister was so deliciously dirty.

And when Lindsay had given up her resistance, it had turned into a heated threesome in Ali’s bed. She and Hilary had blown the teenager’s mind for her first sexual experience. Ali had been a virgin when she had walked into her bedroom and now she was a happy, eager slut, just like her big sister, and both Lohan girls wore that status with pride.

Lindsay, Ali and Hilary had barely broken for breath in between all the fucking they’d been doing. They were all so horny for each other. Hilary adored fucking her girlfriend and Lindsay’s little sister was just as hot and nasty as she was. Lindsay couldn’t get enough out of how insatiable her little sister was either and Ali just wanted Lindsay to never stop touching her. Her first time had been so much more than she had ever dreamed it would be. Having her dirtiest fantasy come true by having her own sister fuck her only made the teen starving for more.

Lindsay and Hilary had taught her all about eating pussy and being able to actually do it to the both of them had been better than any porn movie or story. Ali was in horny heaven from what she had been able to do to her sister and her hot girlfriend and from what they had done to her. They had made her feel so good and sexy and Ali didn’t want to stop her explorations with them. All she wanted was to feel them touch her young body over and over and over again.

The three of them were still naked in Ali’s bed and the shower they had just taken together hadn’t done anything to cool them down. They were still fired up, especially after what had just happened in the shower. At the urgings of both of the older girls, Ali had gotten liquid soap all over her hands and used her lubed up fingers to fuck both of their tight asses.

Ali had thought Lindsay and Hilary had looked so amazing pressed up against the wall of the shower, sticking their bare asses out for her to fuck and it had turned her on so much to take them like that. She had loved pushing her fingers up their tight butts and hearing them squeal and pant in pleasure from her fucking them like that.

It had been such a huge rush to finger fuck her sister and her girlfriend and by the time Lindsay and Hilary had come and were sucking each other’s asses off of Ali’s fingers, the teenager had known what she had wanted for herself.

During her naughty playtime with the girls, Ali had seen how much they both loved it up their asses and since she had now fucked them both there, with her fingers and her tongue, Ali had decided it was time they did the same to her.

So now she lay on her stomach in her messed up bed, the sheets stained with their girl cum and her face pressed to her pillow as she prepared to commit another wicked carnal act with her big sister. And of course, Lindsay hadn’t needed much additional convincing to give into the demand to fuck her sister’s virgin ass but first she wanted to make sure Ali was ready for it.

“Are you sure you want this?” Lindsay said gently as her fingers softly traced over the curve of her little sister’s bare ass, delighting the older girl when she saw the tiny nervous goosebumps on the teen’s otherwise smooth, tight flesh that her touch created. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I want it!” Ali insisted, a touch of nerves in her voice, but also a lustful resolve that Lindsay found very arousing. “Fuck me Lindsay! Just like you do Hilary! Fuck my virgin ass! Take my cherry! Ohhhhh I want it so bad! Please fuck me Lindsay! Mmmm gawwwwd please make me a slut! Make me just like you! I loved fucking your ass and now I want you to do me too! I wanna do everything you do with you and your hot slut friends!”

Lindsay still couldn’t believe her sweet little sister was talking like this, but it made her soaking wet. This had been such an unbelievable turn of events, but fucking her own sister was indescribably hot to her and even after she’d just come in the shower, her pussy was practically creaming just from hearing Ali’s hot words. This was so fucking naughty and Lindsay was breathing hard but happily as she traced her fingers over her teen sister’s ass crack and gently teased her tight, puckered hole.

Ali stiffened reflexively as Lindsay’s fingers touched her virgin asshole and she moaned wantonly. It felt so good to be touched there and knowing it was Lindsay who was doing it just made Ali hornier for it. This was wilder than any dirty dream she’d ever had and she never wanted the pleasure to end.

Having Lindsay be the first to lick her pussy had been so mind blowingly good and Ali felt like it was going to be even better, hotter and naughtier when her sister took her ass. Lindsay and Hilary seemed to love being fucked there so much and Ali wanted to be just like them.

“Fuck me!” Ali pleaded, turning her head and staring right into her sister’s eyes so she could see the deep desire she had for this. “Your finger feels soooo good on my tight little hole! But I want more! I need more!”

“Patience, you naughty girl,” Lindsay teased, continuing to rub her fingers against Ali’s little starfish. “Hilary’s not back yet, but when she is I’m going to fuck you so good, baby sister.”

Ali had wanted more than fingers playing with her ass. She had wanted something bigger so her sister could really fuck her. And fortunately, Lindsay had had just the toy for such an occasion in her bedroom. Hilary had scampered off to fetch it and she got back to Ali’s room as quickly as she could. Running as fast as possible without crashing into anything, Hilary burst back into the bedroom with the toy in her hand.

“I got it…” Hilary panted with a big smile on her face as she tried to catch her breath. She hadn’t wanted to miss a damn thing of the two Lohan sisters at play, so she had run.

“Yay! You’re the best Hil!” Lindsay said, grabbing the toy from her girlfriend and giving her a big kiss on the lips, which of course only made Hilary more breathless.

Both Lindsay and Ali loved seeing Hilary run in completely naked, her bare body jiggling in the best places and making them both want her to crawl right back into bed with them. But the sisters were both mainly concerned with the toy that was now in Lindsay’s hand.

Ever since she had gotten into girls and found her pussy wet 24/7 as a result, Lindsay had been stocking up sex toys in her room for whenever Hilary came over or for when she couldn’t get to the mansion and desperately needed relief. She had a bunch of toys she used on her ass, but this one in particular she felt was perfect for Ali.

It was seven and a half inches of purple synthetic fun with a smooth head perfect for entering a tight hole like Ali’s and several progressively bigger jutting bulges down the shaft. Lindsay had kind of outgrown it as she and Hilary had moved onto other toys, but Lindsay had known this was the ideal toy to start her sister off with.

“Did you bring the lube too?” Lindsay asked.

“Mmmmhmm,” Hilary said, holding out her other hand with the small tube in it. “Duh. I could never forget something like that. Mmmm I can’t wait to see this. This is gonna be so fucking hot! I wanna see you fuck her Lindsay! I want to see you fuck your baby sister’s cute little butt so she can be a bad girl like us! Mmmmm gawwwd it’s gonna be soooo hot to see you fucking your own sister’s ass!”

Lindsay and Ali couldn’t have agreed more and they were both giddy with anticipation as Lindsay took the lube from Hilary and squirted it onto the toy before spreading it around with her hand, just like she was stroking a cock.

“You sure you’re ready for this baby?” Lindsay again asked her sister. “You sure you’re ready for your slutty big sis to fuck your tight little virgin hole? Mmmmm you ready for me to make you into a dirty girl who loves it up her ass just like me and Hil?”

“Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwd yessssss I want that so much!” Ali groaned into her pillow, her pussy dripping onto the tussled sheets beneath her. “Fuck my ass Lindsay! Make it all hot and nasty! Get that hard toy up my ass and fuck me! Mmmmm I want this so fucking bad! Fuck me hard! Fuck my virgin ass and make me slutty and nasty like those hot girls in my videos! Mmmmm just like you and Hilary are!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh I’ve got such a dirty baby sister,” Lindsay lustfully replied. “You’re so fucking sexy Ali! I’m gonna fuck you so good baby. I’m gonna make you love getting assfucked as much as I do!”

Hilary watched this with heated interest. She had caught her breath but was eager to lose it again as she sat down on the bed and brought a hand right to her pussy. She moaned as she began rubbing her already slick cunt lips. She had already come so many times today, but she still wanted more. It was so hot to see Lindsay and Ali together. It was even hotter than seeing Jessica and Ashlee Simpson because of how much she cared for Lindsay and it was especially kinky that Ali was so young and so eager for this.

Not wanting to miss a single second of this scorching hot show, Hilary lay on her side and rubbed her pussy raw while craning her neck to watch as Lindsay leaned into her baby sister’s ass and spread her tight, young cheeks open.

“Gotta lube you up even more,” Lindsay giggled before her tongue attacked, getting an instant and enthusiastic reaction.


Lindsay had both of her hands clutching the tight, smooth cheeks of her sister’s buttocks and her tongue was happily at play in the hole she’d soon be fucking. The toy already had plenty of lube on it but Lindsay wanted to make extra sure her sister’s virgin hole was well prepared for its first fucking. Plus Ali had done such a good job of rimming her before that Lindsay wanted to make sure she got it back even better.

She wetly licked Ali’s asshole, lavishing saliva all over it just like she always did to Hilary and all their friends at the mansion. But she did it with extra tenderness this time because she had never been with anyone she loved as much as Ali. She wanted her to feel nothing but amazing pleasure from being assfucked for the first time and Lindsay pushed her tongue wickedly into her sister, making her quiver and cry out. Lindsay loved knowing it was Ali’s asshole she was licking not just some regular girl and she made sure it was extra hot.

‘”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Ali cooed over and over again, her eyes closed in intense pleasure from her big sister’s tongue up her ass. “Ooooooooooh gawwwwwwwwd Lindsayyyyyyyyy!!! Yessssss ooooooh that’s sooooo fucking nasty! Mmmmmmm I love feeling your tongue up my ass! Oooooh yessss make it so dirty just like this! Ughhhhhhh fuck me like you fuck your slutty girlfriends! Yesssss make me into a nasty fucking slut too! Ooooooh ughhhh yessss mmmmm sooooo gooooood!”

Ali was grinding her body into the sheets, making sure there was friction against her hot spots. Her nipples were so hard and she loved feeling the wet sheets against them especially as she made the sheets even wetter with the desire dripping from her pussy. It felt absolutely incredible to have Lindsay licking her back there.

She had loved doing that to Hilary and Lindsay, but it was even more awesome to have it done to her and Ali kept panting and crying out her pleasure, wanting more than ever for Lindsay to take that sexy purple toy and fuck her up the ass with it.

But before they could get to that, the last thing any of them expected to happen happened and the door to the bedroom, which Hilary had made sure to close when she had come back in, suddenly flew open.

“What’s going on here?” Dina Lohan demanded to know. “What are all those noises? Lindsay what are you….OH GOD!!!”

The sheer insanity of what was happening on the bed took more than a moment to truly register with Dina. So the words that had come immediately out of her mouth were only the result of her annoyance from finding the house a mess from the tornado of Lindsay and Hilary’s morning activities. That annoyance had only grown when Lindsay hadn’t responded to her calls for her to get down here and explain herself.

Not expecting to find Ali home yet, Dina had gone off in search of Lindsay and hadn’t found her in her pigsty of a room. So she had gone looking through the house until she had heard the screams she didn’t understand and the weird noises coming from Ali’s room. She had pushed the door open right away because she hadn’t wanted excuses and that was when the full impact of what was happening hit her, nearly knocking Dina right off her feet.

At first she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was too twisted and surreal for it to be possibly real. But Dina knew this was no hallucination. This nightmare come to life was happening right in front of her. Lindsay was fucking Ali! Her eldest daughter was having sex with her youngest one! And Hilary Duff was watching and masturbating! Dina’s mouth was agape and she suddenly felt lightheaded.

“Mom!” Lindsay cried in shock and despair over being caught.

“What the fuck…what the fuck…what the fuck…” Dina repeated in a stunned fashion before she finally managed to focus her stunned energy into the first emotion that gripped her…anger. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LINDSAY?”

“Mom! It’s not…not what it looks like!” Lindsay started to say even though it was very clear that it was absolutely what Dina thought it was.


Lindsay and Ali didn’t argue. Their faces were beyond crimson with embarrassment and they covered themselves with bed sheets as Dina continued to berate them.

“Mom, calm down…please…” Ali started to say before she was cut off.

“CALM DOWN? CALM DOWN? HOW CAN YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN I JUST WALKED IN ON YOU…YOU…DOING THAT!!!” Dina hysterically shouted, scarcely believing this was possible. Her daughters were having sex with each other! This was a true fucking nightmare! “DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN YOU’RE DOING THAT! HOW COULD YOU?”

“Mom…we’re not doing anything wrong!” Lindsay insisted even though she knew it was a mistake as soon as she said it.


Lindsay had been yelled at by her mom too many times to keep track of, but her words cut especially deep this time. The idea that her mother really thought that she had screwed up her entire life and that she was ruining Ali’s life too made Lindsay burst into tears.

“It’s not like that!” Lindsay sobbed at her mother as Ali leapt to her sister’s defense.

“No mom! It was me! I was the one that started this!” Ali insisted, revealing the truth to her furious mother. “Lindsay didn’t have anything to do with it!”

“Nothing to do with it? Nothing to do with it? Don’t tell me what she was doing to you was nothing!” Dina snapped back, stopping her screaming but still keeping her anger raging. “I don’t want to hear another word out of your mouth young lady! You two are in so much fucking trouble there’s not even a level for how much! How the fuck can you be doing this? It’s incest! How could you? How could you do this? I raised you two better than this!”

Lindsay continued to cry and Ali tried to hug her but when she did, Dina stepped in and pushed her daughters apart.

“No! I don’t want you two touching! You’re never going to touch again! You’re never going to be alone in the same room with each other!” Dina ordered, physically separating the girls before she turned her rage right to what she felt was the most deserving target.

“And you! What the fuck did you do to my daughters that you got them to do this to each other?” Dina shouted at Hilary as the blonde girl just wanted to disappear. “You’re the sickest fuck of all Hilary! You little bitch! I saw you touching yourself to what they were doing! Get out of my house now you whore! I never want to see you around my daughters again!”

“No! Mom! No!” Lindsay cried. “Don’t make her leave! She’s my girlfriend!”

“Your girlfriend? That’s fucking rich Lindsay!” Dina shouted. “My daughters are not fucking dykes! You aren’t going to have a girlfriend Lindsay! This is so fucking sick I can’t even believe it! Now get out of my house Hilary! Get out now before I call the fucking police!”

Hilary got up to go, not wanting to fight with Lindsay’s mother when she was in such a state, but before she got too far, Lindsay grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

“No! You’re not going anywhere Hil!” a tear streaked Lindsay said, fearful that if she did leave she never would see Hilary again and angry that her mother would rip her away from someone who made her so happy. “This is my house mom! I fucking paid for it! If I want a girlfriend I’ll have one! If I want to be a dyke I’ll be one! If I wanna fuck Ali I will! You can’t fucking tell me what to do!”

“You ungrateful little bitch!” Dina shot back. “You’re my daughter and you’re going to follow my rules! How can you possibly defend yourself after what I just caught you doing to Ali! Hilary’s going and she’s never coming back to this house! If you don’t like it then you can leave with her!”

“I WILL THEN!” Lindsay screamed at her mother. “I’ll fucking run away and never come back! You’ll never see me again!”

“Well look at the fucking drama queen!” Dina snarled, getting right in Lindsay’s face as the sheet clad girl stood up from the bed. “You can barely take care of yourself and you think you can live on your own? Who do you think you are that you can talk like that to me? After what I just caught you doing to your sister you’re lucky I don’t have you and Hilary both arrested!”

“I don’t care what you do!” Lindsay angrily insisted. “You order me around all day and I hate it! I’m a grown woman! I’ll do what I want! You can’t keep me from Hilary and you can’t keep me from Ali! I’ll fuck whoever I want! This is my house! I paid for it! If anyone’s leaving it’s you! I’m gonna fuck Hilary and I’m gonna fuck Ali and you can’t do anything to stop me!”

Her heart pounding from the shock of finding her daughters having sex and rage boiling inside her, Dina didn’t think at all about her next action. It was entirely an impulse and one that she regretted before she had even finished it.

As Lindsay continued to jaw at her, Dina raised her hand and slapped her eldest daughter hard, right across the face.

Lindsay was so stunned at being struck that she immediately clammed up and took a move backwards on the bed, her cheek stinging from the force of the smack. Dina gasped at her own impulsive action and immediately pushed her anger away for regret.

“Oh Lindsay! Baby! I’m so sorry!” Dina apologized, near tears herself as she realized what she had just done to her daughter.

“Get out!” Lindsay demanded, her voice cracking with emotion.

“Lindsay please…I didn’t mean it…I just lost my temper…” Dina said, forgetting about everything that had led to her anger as she tried to explain herself, hating that she had raised a hand to her own daughter.

“I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!” Lindsay screamed at her mother. “I HATE YOU!!!”

“No please…Lindsay…I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to hit you!” Dina insisted.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!” Lindsay screamed, tears falling down her face again. “GET OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

Stunned not only at her own horrid action, but at everything that had happened since she had returned home, Dina didn’t offer up any further fight. She just silently backed out of Ali’s bedroom, leaving Lindsay to collapse into the bed in a flood of sobs as Ali and Hilary held onto her.

“I’m sorry…” Dina repeated in agony over her own actions as she left the room. “Lindsay, I’m so sorry!”


Elisha once again marveled at the way fate worked sometimes. She had lusted after Annie Wersching from the first moment she had met her. But she had never had the chance to make any kind of move on her. She had never been able to give any kind of sign to the gorgeous redhead that she wanted to be anything more than a friend to her. They had gotten along great when they had interacted on the set and off, but Elisha had never been able to show her how much she lusted after her body and how she badly wanted to seduce her into bed.

So she had decided that she could wait until the timing was better for her to make a sexy move and Elisha had put the thoughts of Annie’s hot body and beautiful freckled face on the back burner, preferring instead to concentrate on the sexy girls that she could get to and were already more than willing to play with her.

In fact, until Kelly had mentioned her before, Elisha hadn’t even thought much about sex with Annie for some time. But when Kelly had started mentioning how much she also wanted to play with Elisha’s busty co-star, those thoughts had returned with a horny vengeance.

Still she hadn’t thought that she would have a chance to make those thoughts into reality until weeks or maybe even months from then. She hadn’t known when she would see Annie again. It had seemed like a distant light in the future. But then fate…and Cameron Diaz…had intervened and now Annie was in her room at the hotel and both Elisha and Kelly were thinking deliciously dirty thoughts about her, something the friends were communicating with each other through longing looks and naughty smiles whenever Annie’s back was turned on them.

And Elisha had no doubt that Cameron was thinking the same things. Why else would she have brought her here? Elisha had mentioned her crush on Annie to Cameron before and Elisha couldn’t wait for the chance to thank her friend for bringing such a wonderful surprise to her and Kelly…of course that was if they could convince Annie to stay, which Elisha knew was still a big “if.”

The four of them had made small talk at the Starbucks before Elisha had slipped into the conversation that they’d be a lot more comfortable and things would be a lot quieter if they went upstairs. And, thinking nothing unusual about that, Annie had agreed and from there they’d slipped back into the elevator, gone back to the room and made the decision to get something a little more sparkly than coffee. So they had had the hotel send up some champagne for them to enjoy.

Now they were all chatting around the room with glasses of champagne in their hands as Elisha couldn’t help but wonder what Annie’s reaction would be if she knew that the three of them were all thinking about getting her naked and doing wicked things to her sexy, womanly curves. She hoped that Annie would be into it as she also feared she wouldn’t be. But Elisha knew there was no way she was going to know unless she tried so she was waiting for an opportunity to pounce as she reacquainted herself with her friend and watched as Annie got to know Kelly and Cameron.

“I had no idea that you and Cameron were friends,” Annie said casually as she admired the view of Las Vegas from the window. “And now I see you’re friends with Kelly too? You’re in some famous circles here Leesh. I hope you can still find time for lil ol me. No wonder you didn’t stick around 24 for the last season. Cold New York couldn’t compete with all your famous friends in LA.”

“Awwww it’s not like that Annie,” Elisha insisted with a laugh. “I wish I’d been hanging around with you guys more. I missed everyone on the show. I wanted to be a part of it, especially when I found out it was the last year, but they said they just didn’t have a role for me. But yeah Camie and I have been friends for a long time. I was dating a guy who was friends with Justin Timberlake when he and Camie were dating.”

“Obviously the friendship outlived the relationships,” Cameron pointed out.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Annie replied. “Men come and go, but good girlfriends will be there forever.”

“Oh Annie, you don’t know the half of it,” Cameron laughed knowingly as Elisha and Kelly both grinned. “I’m just glad I didn’t freak you out when I suddenly approached you. I kind of came out of nowhere.”

“I did think you wanted my autograph or something, but this is way nicer,” Annie said. “I’m so glad you came up to me Cameron. I definitely could use the break away from everything. It’s so nice to be where it’s quiet.”

“Well you can stay up here as long as you like,” Elisha promised. “Mi hotel room es su hotel room.”

“Thanks,” Annie replied gratefully, enjoying the company of friends new and old. “So Leesh, how did you and Kelly meet?”

“Ummmm Christina Aguilera introduced us,” Kelly said, trying not to giggle or blush or show any sign that she was holding critical information back. She certainly didn’t want to admit the truth, at least not yet.

Christina had technically introduced them, but it was because she had been screaming with such loud ecstasy from the pierced sex goddess singer assfucking her with her strap on that she had caught Elisha, Cameron, Stacy Keibler and Jessica Alba’s attention.

“Really? You know Christina Aguilera too, Leesh?” Annie marveled. “She’s so talented! Wow. I’d love to meet her too.”

“Well maybe I can arrange an introduction,” Elisha replied, trying not to show how much the idea of Christina and Annie getting to know each other intimately excited her. “Chrissy’s a great girl. I know she’d love you.”

Elisha had no doubt that Christina would adore every sexy inch of Annie, especially the large breasts the redhead kept unfairly hidden under her clothes and Elisha knew with the proper coaxing Annie would love the way Christina fucked. Elisha she sure did and Kelly and Cameron more than felt the same way.

“I think you’re running in wilder circles than you let on Leesh,” Annie teased as she drank some more of her champagne. “I’ve heard all those rumors about Christina and Britney Spears being more than friends. Where’d you meet someone like her?”

“Just at a party,” Elisha coyly answered, shooting a look at Cameron, who winked at her. It had been more than a party. Elisha had first met Christina at the all-girl orgy in Jamaica where she had first enjoyed a woman’s touch.

“You’re holding back,” Annie correctly surmised without losing her smile. “Sounds like you’re up to more out in Hollywood than you’re letting on.”

“It’s not nearly as wild as you might be thinking,” Elisha lied. “But maybe if we hung out more you’d see that for yourself.”

“I’d love that,” Annie said. “I could definitely use some less time working and more time with friends. The show was so exhausting. I mean it was good. I loved working there and I was really heartbroken when they told me they were going to kill Renee. But I could sure use a break. After I wrapped my part I was pregnant right away and now I’m just trying to not screw up at home while trying to get my career going again. Hey, if they do the movie maybe we can talk them into having Renee not be dead. Just have her be deeply, deeply undercover.”

That got a few laughs from everyone.

“So what brought you out here?” Kelly asked. “I hope you’re getting some time to relax.”

“Not really,” Annie said. “Even when I’m here I’m working, you know? I’m supposed to be manning the phones tonight for the telethon and doing an on camera thing with Keifer.”

“Yeah I think I’m supposed to do that too,” Elisha said. “My agent was a little unclear.”

“Well it’s for a good cause so I don’t mind, but I sure would love the chance to relax while I’m here,” Annie sighed. “I don’t get many chances to be away from it all. It’s just me out here this weekend. No boyfriend. No kid. That’s a real rarity.”

“Relax with us,” Cameron offered, liking the sound of Annie being free from family obligations. “We’re not going anywhere and I think we could all use a little R&R.”

Kelly knew she could use some hot, sweaty sex more than some R&R, but she wanted to do whatever she could to make this happen. So if coaxing Annie into this through promises of relaxation was the way to do it, then she was all for it.

“We could arrange some massages or something,” Kelly suggested. “Nothing like a good rubdown to get you nice and relaxed.”

“Oooooh I like where you’re going with that,” Annie replied. “I adore a good massage. You and I are gonna be good friends, I can tell, Kelly.”

“I’d love that!” Kelly said. “I can see why Leesh likes you so much Annie.”

Annie smiled at the compliment from the singer, but before she could say more, Elisha interrupted with an idea.

“Oooooh I know what we’ve got here that can relax us all right away,” Elisha said, recognizing a sudden opportunity and going right for it. “We’d have to wait for the massages, but this can be fun right now! This room has an awesome hot tub! C’mon!”

Excitedly hoping that this was her chance to get Annie into the fun she was aching to have with Kelly and Cameron, Elisha led all of them away from the window view and toward the bathroom where the spacious hot tub was waiting. When she had been looking around the room after she’d arrived it had immediately jumped out at her as a place for her and Kelly to get naughty and now she was thinking it would be ideal for an impromptu foursome.

“Wow that does look great,” Annie said, eying the tub and imagining the soothing water all over her body.

“Yeah I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I’ve definitely wanted to,” Elisha explained. “Why not give it a whirl now? That hot water is gonna feel so good after all of us traveled here.”

“Oh that sounds wonderful,” Annie said with more than a little longing in her voice. “I’m jealous of you Leesh. My room doesn’t have a hot tub. That sounds like just the relaxation I need.”

“So c’mon, get in,” Elisha pressed, not wanting to be too aggressive, but also not wanting to lose her first, and maybe best, chance to play with Annie. “We’ve got it here so we might as well put it to good use, right?”

“I’d love to,” Annie said, casting her eye toward it as she took another drink of champagne. “But I can’t.”

“Why not?” Kelly asked, feeling like she was going to jump out of her skin with excitement.

Kelly wondered if this was how all the girls at the mansion always felt when they were seducing a new girl. She was trying to keep a few paces behind Elisha so she didn’t seem too eager and give the game away, but the butterflies in her stomach were pushing her on. She was so close to having a hot fantasy come true and it was so hard to stay calm.

“Well I’m not exactly dressed for it,” Annie pointed out the obvious with a smile as she drank some more wine and did nothing to stop Cameron as the blonde devilishly filled her glass up again. “I didn’t bring a suit or anything.”

Elisha knew this was the time to pounce. She was hardly a veteran seductress of other women, but she recognized that she had been given the opening she had been looking for and pounced on it before she could find a mental excuse to chicken out.

“Oh that’s nothing, just go in naked,” Elisha said, drinking from her own glass for a little extra liquid courage while trying not to show her friend just how much she was excited by the idea of seeing her nude. “You can’t tell me this is the first time you’ve been naked in a hot tub.”

“Welllllllll I could say that,” Annie replied coyly. “But I’d be lying if I did.”

That got all four of the girls giggling. The mood was loose and casual, but there was definitely a growing sexual tension as Elisha, Kelly and Cameron all could see themselves slowly arriving at just where they wanted to be with Annie. Cameron had the most experience of all three of them in getting girls out of their clothes so Elisha and Kelly instinctively stepped back a bit to let her take the lead.

“So it’s no big deal to do it again, right?” Cameron asked. “If you want to get in then just lose the clothes and get in. It’s just us girls here after all. Not like you don’t have anything we haven’t seen before.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to get me naked,” Annie said with an arched eyebrow. “You’re not about to pull some prank on me are you? I’m not going to end up in the hallway without any clothes on, am I?”

“We’d never do that!” Elisha insisted, leaving out the extra fact that they wouldn’t because that would have deprived them of the sight of Annie’s naked body and the chance to lick her from head to toe.

“We’ll do it too,” Kelly suddenly suggested, figuring that was a great way to relax Annie as well as get them even closer to their goal. “If you get naked and get in so will we. No pranks. Just a chance to relax a little.”

Elisha, Kelly and Cameron looked at Annie while trying not to betray their own growing excitement and expectation over what her answer would be. Kelly’s offer was certainly tempting, but they figured Annie would need a little more coaxing first. So when she opened her mouth, her answer was a slight surprise to them.

“I guess that would be ok,” Annie said, a mischievous smile tugging at her lips. “But only if you guys do it too. I don’t want to be the only naked one.”

“Oh you won’t be,” Cameron promised. “It’s going to be like a Girls Gone Wild video in here in a minute.”

Cameron proved that by peeling her own shirt over her head, exposing a bra that she just as quickly unfastened and shucked off. Kelly and Elisha had seen Cameron’s tits many, many times and it was always nice to treat their eyes to the sight of her perpetually perky pink breasts and the casual way she began flinging off her clothes just made them want to do it too.

As Elisha had found out before, Kelly definitely didn’t have a problem with casual nudity and she began undressing too. She couldn’t believe how excited she was about this. She didn’t feel any shyness around Annie. She hadn’t met her before today, but Kelly was so eager to be naked around her that she was surprising herself. But she liked that. After all this weekend was supposed to be about her trying new things and just like she’d fucked all those girls on the plane ride here, Kelly wanted to push her own boundaries.

Stripping her own shirt off, Kelly just wished she could undress Elisha and Cameron too. She felt herself becoming damp at the idea of enticing Annie with a naughty girl on girl on girl show to show her just how hot women were and the things they could do to her.

Kelly actually had to calm herself a little as she unclasped her bra and let it fall off her body to expose her pert little tits. She didn’t want Annie to see how turned on she was getting…at least not yet. They were so close and she didn’t want to freak out the gorgeous redhead and send her running away.

Elisha had to bite her lip to keep from smiling too much over how well this was working out and how she wanted more. Getting Annie naked was the first step, but Elisha knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with just seeing her bare flesh.

It was so hot to see Cameron and Kelly strip right in front of her and Elisha couldn’t help but stare at them. It was such an erotic sight to see them topless and she had to seriously stifle a moan as she saw nothing but Kelly’s beautiful bare ass when she pushed her snug blue jeans down. It was so hot that Elisha nearly forgot to get naked herself but she managed to snap herself out of it.

While trying to be discreet about her staring, Elisha got her clothes back off too. Ever since she had been first seduced into the pleasure of a woman’s touch, Elisha felt like her life had been a perpetual cycle of taking her clothes off with beautiful girls only to put them on again just long enough to get out them once more for the next girls she played with. She wasn’t complaining though. She loved how that excited her and made her tingle all over and Elisha could feel some definite naughty tingling going on as she began pulling her own clothes off again.

“Wow…you girls weren’t kidding,” Annie marveled at the sight of the three women stripping down to their birthday suits right in front of her. “I thought you were joking about all of this.”

“Hey it’s just nudity,” Cameron said, pushing her panties down her long legs and leaving herself completely naked just like Kelly as Elisha followed suit by stripping off her shorts and standing there in her bra and panties. “We don’t have anything you haven’t seen before. Besides, we didn’t want you to feel shy. So c’mon Annie. We showed you ours…”

“I guess a deal’s a deal,” Annie said, trying to act disinterested when inside she felt anything but. “If you girls are doing this…then I guess I have to too.”

“Well you don’t HAVE to,” Elisha pointed out, standing there in her underwear and pausing for a moment to give Annie an escape hatch if she wanted to take it.

The last thing Elisha wanted was for Annie to feel like she was being forced into a situation where she was uncomfortable. She cared about Annie as a friend. She didn’t want the older woman to think she was some weirdo perv or feel like she’d been pushed into taking her clothes off in front of them.

“No…it’s ok…” Annie said, smiling a little more. “Like I said, a deal’s a deal and that hot tub does look realllly good right now. Besides, if you’re all naked and I’m the only one dressed, then I’m definitely going to start to feel awkward.”

Telling herself it was no big deal, Annie took another gulp of wine and set her glass down. She took a deep breath and stood up, going right for it by yanking her gray tank top over her head, exposing her bra. The size of Annie’s chest pretty much mandated wearing a bra and the one she had on underneath her top was definitely sexy, the soft cotton hugging her generous tits and plunging down to show off plenty of cleavage.

Annie had always called this her Dalmatian bra because it was white cotton with little black spots all over it and she took another deep breath as she reached around her back for the clasp.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this and Annie tried to tell herself it was the wine making her act this way. But deep down Annie knew it was something more and she just hoped that being around such beautiful women and being totally naked with them didn’t make her do something she would regret.

Annie tried to tell herself there was nothing weird about this. She had been naked with girls before. She’d even been in a hot tub with other naked women before. But that didn’t calm the nerves she felt as she unsnapped her own bra and wondered if this was going to turn into something more than just soaking in the water and if that something more was just what she wanted to happen.

Annie didn’t know where those thoughts were coming from. It wasn’t like she felt she was being hit on or anything. But her gut kept telling her there was something more going on here than met the eye. She couldn’t tell what it was yet, but she could feel something in the energy of the room that was a little off the norm. That made her nervous, but it also excited her a little.

When was the last time she had done something wild? When was the last time she had gone a little crazy? Annie couldn’t even remember and that’s how she knew it had been far too long.

As she stripped off her own bra, Annie looked around and saw that the girls were trying hard not to look but that they couldn’t keep from darting their eyes toward her. This wasn’t anything Annie wasn’t used to. Having big boobs meant a lot of attention, even if it was just the curiosity factor from other women. So she knew she had to just get this out in the open.

“Ok everyone, you can gawk,” Annie said with a little sigh, dropping her hands and exposing the bare mounds as she pulled her bra away. “These are my boobs. Just get it over with.”

“Oh wow Annie!” Elisha marveled upon seeing her co-star’s magnificent chest naked for the first time. She knew she was supposed to be playing it cool, but she couldn’t help it.

Annie blushed a little from the attention, but once again it wasn’t anything she wasn’t used to. Everyone stared at her breasts. She had used to hate it but had come to accept it as just one of those things she couldn’t change. She had developed early and the size of her chest had brought about equal amounts of lust from the boys and scorn from the girls. There wasn’t much she could do to hide them, though, so she learned to get used to the stares she got whenever she was in a sexy dress or at the gym or shopping or even just walking down the street.

“Sorry,” Elisha replied, blushing too when she realized she had ended up being more effusive in her reaction than she had intended to be. “They’re just so…”

“Big?” Annie asked while chuckling, assuming that was where Elisha was going. “Believe me I’ve noticed how big they are. I’m the one who has to heft them around.”

“That too…but I was going to say sexy…” Elisha replied, finding herself unable to keep her lust under wraps when she saw her friend and co-star’s large, bare breasts jutting out just inches away from her. Her head instantly was filled with thoughts of kissing and sucking on them and flicking her tongue against Annie’s nipples to get them all hard and naughty.

“Ohhhh thanks Leesh,” Annie said, appreciating the unexpected compliment even as she wondered if Elisha was checking her out. “Ummm I can say the same to you. You’ve got beautiful breasts too sweetie. They’re very sexy.”

“Thanks,” Elisha smiled as she let her bra drop to expose her full pink globes and pushed down her panties to join Kelly and Cameron in full nudity. “Mmmmm I have fun with them.”

“I’m sure you do,” Annie replied before she took the final plunge as well as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, leaving herself in nothing but a black thong that displayed the curves of her ass beautifully. “Your boyfriend must too.”

Hearing that made Kelly and Cameron laugh. God, if only Annie knew the truth about them. But hopefully soon she would.

“What? Did I say something stupid?” Annie asked, noting the girls’ reactions.

“No, I’m just…hmmmm… between boyfriends right now,” Elisha explained without really saying much at all, even though a big part of her wanted to explain vividly to Annie what exactly she meant by it. “I guess that’s the best way to put it.”

“Me too,” Kelly piped up. “No time for boys.”

Cameron was the only one of them with a boyfriend right them, but she was more than adept at sneaking around behind his back to make sure and get plenty of time with the girls. And as for Elisha and Kelly, their experiences with women were more than enough to convince them that, at least for now, men weren’t for them. The wild card, of course, in this was Annie and the horny, naked trio soon hoped that they’d be finding out just what the beautiful redhead was into.

“Wow, that’s crazy, you girls should have like a line of boyfriends waiting for you at the door,” Annie said, while once again wondering if there was more going on here than met the eye. “You’re all gorgeous.”

“Speaking of gorgeous, that is one amazing ass you’ve got there,” Cameron said in admiration as she checked out the way the full, round cheeks of Annie’s freckled ass looked in her thong.

“Awwww thanks Cameron,” Annie replied with a growing smile, loving the unexpected praise. She wasn’t sure she was completely comfortable with other women checking out her body, but she definitely appreciated what she was being told. “That’s definitely a compliment coming from you. It’s not so great though. When I’m working out all the time trying to get this damn thing into shape, I keep wishing I had your ass.”

As Cameron eyes flickered from the thought that Annie could have her ass and any other part of her that she wanted she made sure the girl knew her words were not empty praise.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Cameron said. “You’ve got a great ass Annie. In fact we all do. I think we’ve cornered the market on hot butts in here.”

“Well if you think so,” Annie said, definitely not wanting to fight Cameron’s praise off. It was strange to get it, but it did feel good. “I think you girls got me beat though. You’ve all got great asses.”

“But you’ve got us beat up there so it all evens out,” Kelly pointed out hoping that soon Annie would be showing her how great an ass she thought she had. “God, I don’t want to gawk, but those things are huge girl. I think your boobs are bigger than all of ours combined.”

Out of the three of them, Elisha had the bigger breasts than Cameron and Kelly, but she was definitely dwarfed by Annie.

“Gawd you’re worse than guys when it comes to staring at my boobs,” Annie laughed showing she didn’t mind too much, but still feeling uncomfortable enough that she crossed her arms over her chest. “At least guys are a little subtle when checking me out. Haven’t you ever seen tits before?”

None of them revealed that in fact they had seen lots and lots of them and that Annie was more well-endowed than even the chestiest of the girls at the mansion. They didn’t want to make Annie uncomfortable, but how could they not stare at her when she was topless and standing right in front of them.

“Sorry Annie, we’ll be good,” Elisha apologized. “It’s just hard not to look. Kind of like when I see Kelly’s butt. I just gotta stare at it.”

Attempting to lighten the mood, Elisha reached over for her friend’s bare ass and gave it a playful little smack. But while it got the subject off them staring at Annie’s chest, it also gave the redhead a whole new set of questions to wonder about.

“Wait…do you do this all the time or something?” Annie asked, wondering how often Elisha saw Kelly naked and how it was she could just touch the singer’s ass without Kelly seeming to mind just a bit. “Are you always getting strange girls into your hot tub?”

“No…it’s not like that,” Kelly replied, wanting to tell Annie the truth about everything, but sensing the girl wasn’t nearly comfortable enough yet to hear it. “We’ve just seen each other naked before.”

“Wow, Leesh you’re into some shit I never knew about,” Annie chuckled, hoping that the growing butterflies in her stomach weren’t becoming too obvious. But the more nervous she got, the more fascinated Annie became with the idea that something really was going on here. “You get naked with girls a lot?”

Elisha didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say yes but she also didn’t want to freak Annie out. So instead she just moved the subject a little bit.

“Speaking of getting naked, you’re not gonna want to get in the hot tub with those panties on, are you Annie?” Elisha asked.

“Well apparently you’re the getting naked expert,” Annie teased. Things were inching toward a naughty territory here and it hadn’t escaped anyone’s notice that Annie wasn’t exactly slowing things down. So there were three happy smiles when she pushed her thong down her legs and left herself completely nude.

Elisha, Kelly and Cameron tried not to be too obvious that they were checking Annie out as the redhead stepped out of her panties and tossed them with the rest of her clothes, but what they saw of her neatly trimmed bush was the confirmation they had been looking for that Annie’s carpet matched her drapes.

“So are we going to get wet or what?” Annie asked, standing there nude in front of everyone as the three girls wondered if she had any idea what a loaded question that was.

“Oh yeah…we sure are,” Cameron replied, trying again not to laugh. She could see how much Elisha wanted this and that made her want it more too.

Elisha and Kelly were too busy thinking about Annie all nice and wet for them while also trying to keep from showing off just how damp that thought made them to do much but stand there. But finally Elisha was able to pull herself from the trance she’d fallen into and remembered there was one last step.

“Shit…almost forgot the most important part,” Elisha said as she walked toward the tub. “Gotta get those bubbles going.”

Elisha turned on the hot tub jets and that left the girls waiting for the water to warm up suitably. And while all of them were ordinarily never shy about speaking, the three girls were a little more reserved today as they tried not to reveal their true intentions to Annie until the timing was right. They didn’t want to scare her off. So instead there was a bit of an awkward silence instead of the usual pleasant chattering that usually would have been going on.

“Sorry this is taking so long,” Elisha apologized. “I should have put on the jets earlier.”

“It’s ok,” Annie replied. “It’s actually making me more used to standing around like this.”

Annie didn’t say anything to her companions for fear she had misread the vibe here, but the more she stood around naked with Elisha, Cameron and Kelly the more she was actually starting to like it. It felt naughty to be completely naked with other girls. It definitely wasn’t something she did often and she found herself surprised by how much she was enjoying it. All the girls around her were so sexy and had such beautiful bodies and Annie knew she didn’t look half bad herself.

“So this is kind of like every guy’s fantasy, huh?” Annie joked, trying to lighten the tension as well as get her own mind off the way she was starting to see how easy on the eyes the bare bodies of her companions were. “Four hot chicks standing around stark naked and lonely. Guys would kill to get in on this I’m sure.”

But of course the girls were far less interested in any men joining in than Annie assumed they would be and Kelly wasn’t shy about expressing it.

“Ehhhh boys, who needs em,” Kelly said with a devilish smile. “We’ll have more fun with just us girls here. Boys just mess everything up. Girls only is much, much better.”

Annie laughed at Kelly’s remark even as she again wondered if there was more to it than just regular old frustration with men. She didn’t usually pay too much attention to gossip, but she had heard some things about Kelly. It was all just idle speculation and assumption, of course, but many had been wondering why she never seemed to have a boyfriend and why she was always seen hanging around with girls like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, two women who definitely set gossip tongues wagging.

Annie didn’t buy into that gossip. She knew how easy it was to just make up stories and have them be regarded as facts by the gossip rags and websites. Hell people out there probably assumed Kiefer Sutherland was the father of her child just because they had read it on some stupid website or while on line at the supermarket. But still she had to wonder if there was more to Kelly’s remark about “girls only.”

And the more she ran it over in her mind, the more Annie actually found herself interested in the idea that Kelly might like women. She was standing there completely naked in front of someone who might like girls and the thought not only intrigued her, it excited her a little.

Annie didn’t know why. Maybe it was just the forbidden aspect of it or her own restlessness and boredom with her social life lately. Becoming a mother had been a serious adjustment, but Annie wasn’t ready to become all about baking cookies and PTA meetings yet. Plus things with her boyfriend hadn’t exactly been domestic bliss lately, to say nothing of her lack of a post-pregnancy sex life with him. Annie was bored and she found herself kind of wishing that Kelly was gay and that she was checking her out.

Not that she would have been into that or anything. She was straight. But it was nice to be wanted and thinking there might be more to the compliments she had gotten from Kelly about her body other than just the singer being nice had Annie smiling naughtily on the inside.

And wondering if Kelly secretly liked girls suddenly had Annie wondering if Cameron might like them too…and what about Elisha?

Nahhhh not Elisha, Annie quickly told herself. She definitely was straight. Wasn’t she?

Annie had to admit to herself that she actually didn’t know. They had become friends, but it wasn’t like they were super close and knew every detail about each other’s lives. Thinking back, Annie realized she had never seen Elisha with a boyfriend or even seen her flirt with some of the cute guys working on the crew on the show. She had heard rumors that Elisha had a thing for hockey players, but she had never seen her with a guy. She had just assumed she was straight. Was she wrong about that?

All of these questions flowing through Annie’s mind all at once had her wondering more than ever what was going on here. What was she getting herself into? And why, the more she wondered if these girls were in some kind of weird lesbian threesome, did she find herself so fascinated by the idea?

Annie was straight. She had never been with a girl in her life. But for a reason she couldn’t quite recognize, the idea of these three beautiful, famous women together like that sounded so wild and wonderful. But before she could think any more about it and wonder if she had missed hidden signs of lesbianism in Elisha, the blonde girl broke the tension a little.

“Ok, the water is looking plenty hot and bubbly now,” Elisha declared. “Let’s get in.”

“Wait…wait…let’s get a refill first,” Cameron suggested, thinking to herself that if this was going to happen they might have to get Annie a little more tipsy first.

“I think I’m good,” Annie replied. She still had a little champagne in her glass and she didn’t want to have too much. She tended to be more impetuous than usual when she was drinking and the vibe she was getting had her thinking she should have all her wits about her before she did something crazy.

“Awwww c’mon, let me top you off a little bit there,” Cameron said, holding out the bottle and pouring into Elisha and Kelly’s glasses before turning toward Annie. “Live a little. It’s Vegas. A little more champagne never hurt anyone. Unless you can’t hold your liquor Annie. C’mon tell me you’re not some wuss who lets champagne go right to her head.”

Even though they had really just met, Annie could already tell that Cameron was an expert at pushing people’s buttons to get what she wanted and it was definitely working here. She knew she should be on her guard here, but she also didn’t want these girls to think she was, as Cameron had put it, some kind of wuss.

“I can handle my liquor very well thank you and I drink champagne like its water,” Annie defended herself with a smile. “This is nothing for me. I can handle much harder stuff than your champagne. In fact, I’m the only one on set that can keep up with Kiefer at the bar. Leesh can back me up on that one.”

“She aint lying,” Elisha said, sipping her champagne and happily seeing Annie loosening up more by the moment. “I used to think I was hardcore, but this girl can drink. She’s the only one who can give Kiefer a run for his money.”

“Then you can definitely handle some more of this,” Cameron said, filling Annie’s glass up before doing the same to her own. “Now let’s get in the tub.”

Champagne in hand, the four naked girls walked right into the hot, bubbling water, all of them sighing in contentment when they felt it against their bodies. The water was definitely soothing and relaxing. Elisha had set it just to the right temperature and it felt so good on their bare skin.

Of course three of the girls there were hopeful that soon the temperature in the hot tub would be rising even more and the more champagne they drank, the more they began to get flirty with their looks toward each other. Soon Annie couldn’t help but notice and become even more convinced that she had ended up walking into something that she wasn’t quite prepared for.

She didn’t say anything though. She didn’t want to end up being wrong and she definitely didn’t want to be rude. Rushing out with accusatory questions about their sex lives would have been more than a little blunt and crude. Plus Annie had to admit she was having fun here.

It felt so good to be in the water and feel it bubbling up and tickling her naked body as the champagne made her feel little shivers of giddiness. Plus lesbians or not, she liked the company she was in and didn’t want the girls to think she was some kind of weirdo by suddenly asking them if they were all having sex with each other.

“Mmmmmmm this is divine,” Annie groaned, feeling instant soothing sensations caress over her body. “I so needed this! This was a great idea Leesh. Things have been so crazy lately. I’ve been off the show for months and I still can feel the aches from doing it. I definitely need to relax.”

“Why do you think I only came in for a few episodes a year,” Elisha laughed. “I couldn’t handle all those crazy stunts anymore. I used to come home with bruises on parts of my body I didn’t even know I had. But hey, at least they never had you being chased by cougars. You don’t know sore until you have to film scenes like that. That left my body and my pride bruised.”

“Touche,” Annie responded. “Good thing I never had to worry about that. I put a strict ‘no cougars’ clause in my contract.”

That got a laugh from everyone in the tub and the more time they all spent together naked amongst the rushing jets, the more Annie found herself caring less about whatever sexual proclivities these girls might or might not have and more about how incredible this felt against her tired body. It had been so long since she had been able to just sit back and let all the stress melt right off her.

“Feels good, huh?” Kelly asked as she noticed Annie closing her eyes and tilting her head back a little against the edge of the tub to slump down a little deeper into the water.

“Mmmmmhmmmmmm,” Annie couldn’t help but moan in reply. “This feels fantastic. I’ve gotta change my room right now to one with a hot tub because this is too good for me to stop. I might not be able to leave this one for the rest of the weekend.”

“Well you can definitely stay here if you want,” Elisha declared, unable to resist a touch of flirting with her co-star. “Kelly and I can make room for more. Stay here as long as you like.”

“Wait, you two are sharing a room?” Annie asked, perking up a little and opening her eyes as the questions returned and brought new ones along with them. “I didn’t even know you two were friends and now you’re roommates? What the heck Leesh. You’re just full of surprises. Next thing I know you’re going to tell me you two are dating and you brought me here so Cameron wouldn’t be lonely.”

Annie hadn’t meant to be so bold with her words, but the champagne had loosened her tongue enough that it just slipped out of her. She regretted saying it as soon as it had come out of her mouth and cringed slightly in embarrassment over her actions.

“Oh God, sorry,” Annie immediately said. “That was just a bad joke. Sorry. I guess this champagne really is going to my head a little. I didn’t mean that.”

But even as she apologized, Annie couldn’t help but notice that there weren’t exactly a chorus of denials coming, which left her wondering more than ever what exactly she had gotten herself into.

“It’s cool,” Elisha assured her. “Believe me if I was dating a woman it would definitely be someone like Kelly. So no offense taken. Totally cool.”

Kelly hadn’t been expecting Elisha to say that and she was unable to keep from having a quick smile cross her face as she showed how much she liked hearing it. It was always nice to be wanted and knowing that someone as sexy as Elisha wanted her was a big compliment to her.

She didn’t say anything though. Kelly didn’t want to confirm what Annie had said before Elisha was ready to totally pull back the curtain. While Annie hadn’t quite hit the truth bulls-eye, she wasn’t far off the mark and Kelly had to admit she was getting a little antsy waiting for the fun to start. Being naked in a hot tub with such gorgeous women was a serious turn on for her, especially with Annie seemingly ripe for seduction. She was just glad her breasts were covered by the water because her nipples were getting hard and the tingling she so loved between her legs was starting to grow stronger with every moment she was soaking with her friends.

Cameron was also experiencing some serious tingling of her own. Just like Kelly, Cameron was also getting impatient for the fun to start. It had been weeks since she had made love to a woman and that was far too long for her liking. She needed to be touched and she needed to touch. And she definitely wanted to do both to the three women she was in the water with.

She knew Elisha’s touch so well and she loved it more each and every time she and her friend played together. And she’d been lusting for Kelly for a while. She’d seen the singer in action before and Cameron knew full well from Elisha’s excited reports just how hot and naughty Kelly could be. Cameron badly wanted to find that out personally and the idea of getting at Annie’s bare, busty body too was extra incentive for her to want to turn up the temperature in the water.

Cameron was actually a little proud of herself that she had shown this much self-restraint. Usually she was the kind of girl who threw herself at what she wanted, especially if it was someone sexy she wanted to fuck. It was taking a lot of control for her not to just grab Kelly and kiss her or grind herself against Annie so she could feel those big, freckled tits for herself. She wanted it all so bad, but she held back because she knew Elisha had to make the play. She was there for support, not to take the lead.

After all, Annie was her friend and all this was her fantasy. Cameron knew she had to put her own needs on the back burner and defer to Elisha on this one. She would make the move when she was ready and Cameron just hoped that was soon because she was getting so horny sitting naked in the bubbling water and Annie was starting to look mighty willing.

Elisha sensed that too. She didn’t mind at all what the redhead had said because she actually took it as a good sign that the idea of her and Kelly sharing more than a friendship didn’t seem to be sending her into some frigid state or making her to want to bolt out of the tub and out of the room.

Elisha could feel the vibes coming from Kelly and Cameron. Her friends were impatient and so was she. She wanted Annie more than either of them and she hated having to wait. She just wished she was a more veteran seductress like all her girlfriends at the mansion so she would know just what to do. Usually it just came to her because people were so eager to try and get her into bed with them. But Annie needed a push here and Elisha knew it was up to her to give it to her.

So Elisha decided to be bolder then and see just how receptive her co-star was to an advance from another woman.

Elisha didn’t know what to say so she instead took action. She was right next to Annie in the hot tub so she was within easy reach and Elisha boldly began rubbing the older woman’s shoulders.

Annie was surprised at the touch at first but quickly that sensation faded and it was replaced by something far more relaxing.

“Oh my God!” Annie groaned as she felt Elisha’s hands massage her body. “Ohhhhhh Leesh! How do you know how to do that so well? That feels amazing!”

“Lots of practice,” Elisha smiled, without adding the extra detail of whom she had been practicing on.

Elisha had learned the art of the backrub from Cameron and had been practicing on Kelly a lot lately. But she naturally wasn’t as handsy as she was with the singer as she touched Annie. She kept this massage strictly PG…for now.

“Oh wowwwwww! Mmmm Leesh if I knew you could do this I would have had you rubbing my back since I started on the show,” Annie moaned, feeling her tired muscles relax from the girl’s practiced touch. “You really know how to touch. Ohhhhhhh you could totally start a second career as a masseuse.”

“Just trying to help you relax a little bit. You feel so tense,” Elisha said. “Of course if you really want to lose all that tension you can move over a few feet.”

Elisha giggled naughtily as she said that and Annie had no doubt what would happen if she did.

“No thanks,” Annie laughed back. ‘”I don’t need to relax that much. I’m not to the point where I’m humping water jets yet.”

“Hey don’t knock it till you try it,” Cameron teased. “Those things will do in a pinch if you don’t have any alternatives. Besides, it makes being in a hot tub even more relaxing if you’re sitting there with a big smile on your face from how hard you’ve just come!”

Annie wasn’t accustomed to Cameron’s bouts of playful crudeness but she wasn’t offended by the blonde’s words. She just laughed at her remarks and continued to feel her tension melt away from the bubbling water and Elisha’s soft hands kneading her back and shoulders.

“Well it’s been a while but it’s not THAT bad yet,” Annie laughed. “Mmmmm but a man would feel good right about now. That would get rid of my tension in a hurry. Of course he would have to know what he’s doing.”

“Well good luck finding a man who does,” Kelly remarked, still sipping her wine and feeling antsier than ever for the fun to start. She loved seeing her friend’s hands on Annie’s bare, wet body and she longed to see Elisha touch the redhead more intimately so she could get involved too.

“Good point,” Annie replied, trying not to moan too much from Elisha’s touch lest the girl get the wrong idea about her. “Right now I’d settle for one who could give as good a backrub as you Leesh. Ohhhhhhh don’t stop! My boyfriend can’t even come close to being as good as you are at this.”

“Oh yeah you definitely have got a bad knot right here,” Elisha said, applying gentle pressure to her co-star’s back, her wet hands making her freckled skin glow.

Annie was happy no one had taken offense to her little remark about Elisha and Kelly dating but she was still thinking that there was something more going on than just friendship. Of course the feel of Elisha’s hands on her body were making her not care at all if the blonde was into men…women…or whatever. All she cared about was how good it felt to have her tired muscles massaged by her.

And the more she felt Elisha’s hands on her back, the more Annie began to wonder how it would feel to have her hands elsewhere on her body. Annie nearly gasped when that thought popped into her head and she tried to subdue it, but by then it was too late. She had thought it and it was out in the open inside her head, forcing Annie to see that even if she didn’t want to admit it, there was a bit of a curiosity in her.

After all, ever since she had first started to wonder what was up with these girls and if they were more than friends, hadn’t she been picturing them as lesbians? And it hadn’t been like she had been fighting those thoughts off. So if she had been wondering repeatedly if these beautiful, famous women were into each other and hadn’t tried to stop herself didn’t that mean she was curious?

Annie felt herself get a little flushed as she began considering her own curiosity and suddenly found it enhanced by images she dreamed up of Elisha and Cameron and Kelly all naked in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing each other’s sexy bodies as they pleasured each other again and again. Thinking like that made her stiffen up and Elisha took notice.

“You ok, Annie?” Elisha inquired, rubbing her co-star a little more sensually now, moving her hands on her shoulders and slowly making it more of a caress than a massage. “You got really tense there all of a sudden.”

“Yeah…just got a lot on my mind…” Annie replied in a bit of a distracted voice from Elisha’s touch as she closed her eyes and tried to steady her own thoughts, drinking some more champagne from her glass to try and calm herself.

But it was like once she had that first thought about the three women making love, a switch had been flicked in her brain and it was open season after that. As much as she tried not to have it be that way, she pictured their naked bodies touching and them kissing and using their hands all over each other both intimately and more carnally. And most of all she focused on one question…how good could they make each other feel?

“Is something wrong?” Elisha asked, hoping that the redhead’s tension was all about a growing arousal and not because she didn’t like the direction this was heading in.

“No…” Annie shyly replied, not sure what else to say. This wasn’t making her feel bad by any stretch. In fact Elisha’s hands felt so good that that was the problem. The more she worked her back, the more Annie wondered about how she used her hands on Kelly and Cameron and how much pleasure they could bring each other.

It had been so long since she had really had her world rocked in bed. Since the baby, sex had been so unfulfilling for her lately and Annie remembered the old theory that only women knew how to really please women.

What if that was true? And as she considered that, Annie also thought back to how she had wondered earlier if Kelly had been checking her out before. What if Elisha and her friends weren’t just into each other? What if they wanted her too?

Annie told herself to calm down. She was asking herself a million questions and she didn’t even know what was true and what was a product of her imagination. What if she was totally misreading everything? What if she was completely wrong about what was going on here?

But before Annie could consider that possibility any further, Elisha spoke up again and, in doing so, put to rest her doubts by blowing her mind.

“You really need to relax Annie,” Elisha whispered into her ear, pressing herself to her co-star and letting her feel her wet tits rubbing into her bare back. “I can help you with that. I can do more than just give you a backrub. I can make you feel better than anyone ever has. I can do so many things to you to make you feel good.”

And while she didn’t come out and directly say what it was that she could do, Elisha didn’t leave any room for misinterpretation by stopping her shoulder massage and instead moving her hands softly over Annie’s back, sensually touching her wet skin and making little goosebumps form.

“Oh God!” Annie gasped, her eyes still shut as she tried to will this all into being some kind of crazy dream.

It couldn’t really be happening! She couldn’t be in a situation like this…naked in a hot tub with three horny lesbians. And her body couldn’t be reacting like she feared it was. Could it? Her hair on the back of her neck couldn’t be standing straight out in an excitement of anticipation, could it? And her nipples couldn’t be starting to get hard? That had to be from the cool air in the room contrasting with the hot water of the tub. Right?

“Shhhhh don’t wig on me now Annie,” Elisha gently whispered, rubbing her body into the older woman’s a little more boldly now and letting her feel the full, soft curves of her breasts against her strong back. “I can make you feel so good. I can make you feel things no man ever can. You won’t need any water jets or anything because I can fuck you so much better and make you never want me to stop!”

“No…no…Leesh…I…I can’t…” Annie said, trying to compel herself to resist as she reacted not only to her friend suddenly coming onto her but her own surprisingly muted reaction internally. She turned around to face Elisha and forced her eyes open and when she did, another surprise waited for her.

Even though she told herself not to be surprised, especially after all the vibes she’d picked up, Annie couldn’t help feel a bit of being gobsmacked as she saw Kelly and Cameron passionately kissing each other, their nude bodies soaking wet from the hot tub and both of them looking so beautiful as they indulged in lesbian lust. Both of their eyes were closed and it was obvious to Annie that this wasn’t some act or some prank on her. They were deeply enjoying the kiss and were feeling pleasure from having their lips pressed together as they opened their mouths and let their tongues touch.

“Oh my God!” Annie gasped again, her eyes widening as she tried to take in all of this at once. “Leesh! What the hell is going on here?”

“They’re just having some fun,” Elisha replied, trying with everything she had to be cool and seductive when deep down she was afraid Annie was going to get up and run away. “Have you ever had fun like that Annie? Have you ever been with a girl?”

“No…never…” Annie immediately stammered back. She tried to stop staring at Kelly and Cameron’s kisses but she couldn’t. Her eyes were locked on them and she couldn’t look away. “Ohhhh God…I can’t…can’t believe this is happening! I never thought you would be into this!”

Her suspicions now dramatically confirmed, Annie was completely flustered. She could feel a hot wave fall over her naked body as she began to blush.

“I never thought I would be into it either,” Elisha admitted, gently rubbing her wet body into Annie’s while dreaming of moving her hands down to her friend’s more intimate parts. “I was totally shocked the first time I saw any of this. I was just like you Annie. I thought my eyes were going to bug out and that I was going to faint or something because it was just too wild! Mmmmm but the more I saw, the more I wanted it too and soon I was joining in and it felt so amazing! I haven’t looked back! I love girls! Women are the best lovers Annie. They know just how to touch you and mmmm just how to lick you! It’s so much better than being with a man! Women can make you feel so much pleasure that once you start you’ll never want to stop!”

Annie didn’t reply. She just continued to stare at Kelly and Cameron as the two of them traded wet, passionate kisses while roaming their hands all over each other’s bodies. Kelly and Cameron played with each other’s perky tits, getting each other’s skin shiny from the water of the hot tub. Annie didn’t know what to say. She just stared at them like as if she blinked then this would all disappear and it would end up being some kind of weird hallucination.

Elisha knew exactly what Annie was going through. She had had no idea what she was getting into when she had tagged along with Cameron for what she had thought would just be a fun party in Jamaica. And when it had turned into an orgy with dozens of the world’s hottest women fucking each other without any inhibition, Elisha’s first thoughts had been to panic and flee.

But the lust had ended up gripping her too. Everyone there had been so beautiful and to see them all together doing such wicked things to each other was so hot that it had overcome all of her resistance. Elisha had melted into it and allowed herself to be seduced. Now she was so glad she had. She didn’t want to think about all the pleasure she would have missed had she actually left the party like she had intended to and she wanted Annie to feel that pleasure too.

“There’s nothing sexier than being with another girl,” Elisha said softly while brushing Annie’s hair out of the way and kissing her neck. “You’ll be so happy you tried it Annie.”

Annie’s body stiffened up from the feel of Elisha’s lips on her neck and a chill passed through her. But it wasn’t a bad kind of chill. Rather it was one of excitement as she felt an entirely new sensation. Having Elisha kiss her neck made her pulse race because it was so forbidden and wicked. Her sex life had been so bland lately. It had lacked excitement and passion. And what was happening here was nothing if not new and different.

But how could she do this? This wasn’t her! She wasn’t into girls! Yet even as she said that she had to admit that the feel of Elisha kissing her neck made her tingle in a pleasurable way and the sight of Kelly and Cameron kissing and touching each other was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen.

Annie had always thought women were beautiful. That much was obvious. Women’s bodies had an elegance and sensuality that men, even the ones she desired, just couldn’t match. But it had just been appreciation for beauty, like seeing art that you were struck by. Now, by staring so much at Kelly and Cameron’s wet bodies as they rubbed together and kissed, Annie felt like she was doing more than admiring them. There was a growing heat inside her that she didn’t want to acknowledge and it was her own feelings and not Elisha’s kisses that was making her tense and antsy.

“This is so crazy…” Annie finally spoke up. “I can’t believe this is happening!”

“Oh it’s definitely crazy, but it’s also fun,” Cameron laughed when she and Kelly finally paused their making out to once again turn their attention to the other women in the water with them. “Leesh isn’t lying. This is the best feeling in the world Annie. You’re going to love it.”

“Totally!” Kelly enthusiastically agreed, her lips still tingling a little from all those wonderful kisses with Cameron. “You’ll wish you tried it earlier. I know I do. I wasted so much time with silly boys and thinking there was something wrong with me because I felt so unfulfilled. Being with a girl is so unbelievable. I don’t even care about men anymore. All I want is girls because only they can fuck me like I need!”

Feeling very bold as she admitted this to a woman she barely knew, Kelly kissed Cameron again and then moved over in the water to give the same soft press of her lips to Elisha. And when she broke that kiss, Kelly smiled and moved in toward Annie, giving her a gentle, but sexy peck to her lips.

“Oh shit!” Annie gasped when she felt another woman kiss her for the first time. It was brief, but intense and she felt another chill of nervous excitement rush through her veins. It felt good and realizing that only served to freak her out more.

“I…I should go…gotta go…” Annie said, putting her hand on the side of the hot tub to get leverage as she began to pull herself up.

“No! Please don’t go Annie!” Elisha begged. “Stay! Have fun with us! We can make you feel so good!”

“Haven’t you ever been curious before Annie?” Cameron pressed. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a woman? I had been curious for so long before I finally had the courage to try it and I just wish I hadn’t been so scared before. I’ve never had a bad experience with a girl! Mmmm we can do things to each other that men just can’t and you’re going to love it. Haven’t you ever thought about kissing a girl before Annie? About touching her? About fucking her?”

Annie hadn’t quite straightened all the way up yet. She was still bent at the knees as she froze from Cameron’s question. She either didn’t realize or care that this position revealed more of her naked body to her aroused audience. Being like this gave them not only a great view of Annie’s bare tits but also of her neat nest of red fur and the delights below. All three of them blatantly stared at Annie’s nudity as water dripped off her body from the hot tub and when she mumbled something in reply to Cameron no one could quite hear her.

“What was that Annie?” Elisha asked, hoping it was a very positive answer. “We couldn’t hear you.”

Her head spinning and her legs unmoving even as she tried to tell herself that she had to get out of here and do it quickly, Annie repeated what she had said before she thought twice about it.

“Maybe…I said maybe…” Annie replied in what was still a low voice, but one that was more easily understood this time.

“Maybe?” Elisha giggled. “No such thing as maybe. It’s a yes or no answer Annie. Have you ever thought about being with a girl?”

Annie didn’t know why she was answering these questions. She had to get out of here. But as much as she knew that grabbing her clothes and bolting was the smart thing to do, she couldn’t force herself to do it and instead of leaving the hot tub she ended up doing the exact opposite and setting herself back down into it, putting herself right back into the clutches of Elisha, Cameron and Kelly.

“Once or twice…” Annie admitted. “But it wasn’t serious.”

She had thought about claiming that she had never considered the slightest interest in wondering what another woman would be like in bed. But that would have been a lie. Her interest had never been serious and she had never made any kind of attempt to be with another woman or even really fantasize about it. Yet it also wasn’t as though the thought had never occurred to her either.

It had just been idle thoughts through the years. Annie had always considered herself an open woman so naturally she had wondered what it would be like to be sexual with another woman. But it had just been little specs of curiosity and nothing more. She had never wanted to do anything more about it…until today.

“Well maybe it’s time for things to get serious,” Kelly sexily smiled. “Maybe it’s time you find out just how hot it is to be with another woman.”

“I can’t do this,” Annie claimed. “It’s not me! I’m not into girls!”

“Maybe you are and just don’t know it yet,” Elisha suggested. “I had no idea I could ever be into another girl but once I started it just felt so natural and wonderful. We can all make you feel so good Annie…”

Elisha trailed off and interrupted her own words by leaning in and tenderly kissing Annie right on the lips. She used her wet hand to gently caress her co-star’s face, making the redhead moan quietly at her soft touch. And when Elisha eased her lips away, Cameron swooped in for her own kiss. Annie’s head swam with confusion and a growing curiosity as Cameron kissed her and before she had a chance to even begin to wonder about what to do next, Cameron pulled away and Kelly kissed her again.

This left Annie gasping a little in amazement and she smacked her lips and couldn’t help but smile when Kelly was done.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Elisha asked and Annie nodded, unable to hide the truth.

“But kissing’s only one part of it,” Cameron said, drawing closer as Annie found herself surrounded in the hot tub by naked women. “We can do so much more.”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Annie continued to claim while her resolve crumbled. “It’s all so much! This is too crazy. I never thought this was going to happen. I mean those kisses were nice ummmmm really nice…but I’ve never done anything with another woman before and I don’t even know if I really want to. I just…just…God, I don’t even know that to say. I never thought anything like this would ever happen!”

“C’mon Annie, it’s Vegas, this is the place where you can go wild and do the things you never dreamed you would,” Elisha pointed out. “This is your chance to go crazy and live in the moment. You can experiment a little and find out if you like it. We won’t do anything you don’t want to do. But I know it’s going to make you feel really good! It’s going to be so much fun and no one else will ever know if you don’t want them to. It’s just us girls here. No one will tell. It’ll be our secret.”

Annie had to admit that what Elisha was saying made sense to her. After all Las Vegas was the perfect place to do something wild and fun even if it meant regretting it afterward. And when was the last time she had taken a crazy risk? She had never been a prude or a wallflower but it had been so long since she had thrown caution to the wind and done something crazy.

If she did try it and didn’t like it, it could be like this huge secret that would just be between them. No one else would ever know. She could try this and if it wasn’t something she enjoyed then she could just never think about it again.

But what if she did like it?

More than anything else that was the question that dominated Annie’s thinking. What if she liked being with these women? What if they made her come harder and better than any man ever had before? What if she found herself uncontrollably aroused by a woman’s touch? What if she left this hotel room wanting to be with women again?

That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Would it? Would it be so wrong to be into women? To want to kiss them and touch them? Would it be wrong to want to be with a beautiful, sexy woman and want to fuck her?

Of course it wouldn’t be, Annie told herself. But it would also be something new and definitely something wild. Any curiosity she had had before was nothing compared to this. Annie wondered if she could go through with something like this and for the first time ever she was thinking that she actually wanted to try.

So when Elisha leaned in and kissed her again, this time with a more insistent heat, Annie found herself responding and before she knew what she was doing, she found herself kissing Elisha back. She didn’t think. She just parted her lips and began kissing another woman for the first time.

“Ohhhhh God…what am I doing?” Annie asked with a nervous laugh when she suddenly pulled away from Elisha. “This is so crazy!”

“Just relax, you’re only having fun,” Elisha assured the older woman. “This is going to feel so good!”

“Mmmmm yessssss make it feel good! Just like you promised!” Annie groaned, surrendering to her curiosity and the growing arousal inside herself. “Please make it good Leesh! Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

Annie groaned as Elisha began kissing her neck again and Cameron moved in to kiss her unoccupied lips. The more she did this, the more she liked and soon it no longer felt strange to be kissing another woman. It felt soft and sensual and very, very sexy.

Annie took turns kissing all of them, tasting their lipstick and moaning over how wild and naughty she was acting as she became the aggressor in the kisses. She kissed Cameron and then Elisha again before once more turning her attention to Kelly and pressing her lips to the gorgeous singer’s.

And just as Kelly had been the first to kiss her, she was also the first to take it even further. Annie groaned in a feeling of absolute wickedness when she felt Kelly’s tongue slide out and touch her lips and, fueled on by her demanding libido, she opened her mouth and let Kelly explore it, experiencing a delirious thrill through her body and soul as another woman’s tongue entered her mouth for the first time.

Annie moaned again and closed her eyes as she felt the intoxicating sensations of French kissing another woman wash over her. She had no idea it could ever feel this good and as she thought about how they were just getting started and there were so many more naughty things they could do to each other, Annie felt her heart begin to pound in anticipation.

She began rubbing her own tongue against Kelly’s and soon their kiss had deepened and they were lost in making out. Annie had never felt anything like Kelly’s tongue in her mouth. It was so long and Annie had to admit it was really sexy. She still couldn’t believe she was actually kissing another woman like this but it was starting to seriously turn her on. What she was feeling wasn’t just curiosity anymore. It was raw, hot lust.

“Now you’re getting into it,” Elisha grinned, loving the view of Annie losing her inhibitions and passionately kissing with Kelly so much that she reached down into the water and rubbed herself, moaning as she felt how hot her pussy had gotten from all of this. “Kiss her Annie. Kiss Kelly! Kiss her like you mean it! Kiss her like you want her. Kiss her like you’re going to fuck her!”

Even more than the wine she had been drinking, Elisha’s words were intoxicating to Annie. She moaned at the sound of them as she thought about what she was doing and what she was about to do. This was so new to her, but it definitely felt good. Kissing another woman was like nothing she had ever experienced and that was the best part. She knew this wasn’t going to be anything like the dull sex she’d been getting at home lately.

She didn’t feel guilty about what she was doing. She only felt desire. Annie knew she needed this. After so much frustration, the idea of ecstasy sounded so wonderful.

This was nothing she had ever pictured herself doing, but now that she had started it, Annie knew she was going to see it through and she wanted it to be everything that these women were telling her it would be. She couldn’t pretend that she didn’t want this to happen. Every kiss and every touch against her body by their soft, feminine hands made Annie want to feel more and find out everything these gorgeous women could do to her.

“Yessssss fuck me! I want all of you to fuck me!” Annie groaned in need, the words just flying off her mouth before she thought twice about them. “I don’t know how you girls are making me feel this way, but I like it! I want it to be just like you said it would be Leesh! Fuck me and make it so good that I’ll never want you to stop!”

“We will,” Elisha promised, kissing her co-star again before nibbling down her neck and journeying to where she had been staring before. “Just sit back and let us fuck you! Mmm we’re going to show you how unbelievable this is.”

Elisha couldn’t contain herself any longer. She kissed her way to Annie’s chest and planted her lips on her sizable tits, making the redhead groan. The fair skinned, freckled mounds were so beautiful and Elisha had wanted to do this from the first moment she had met Annie. She lavished kisses all over them, going from her friend’s right breast to her left one and kissing all over her soft skin before making Annie shiver again by running her tongue over her areolas and then onto her nipples.

“Ohhhhh yes! Yessssssssss that’s so good! Mmmmm I like that!” Annie groaned when Elisha’s tongue touched her nipple, making it stiffen up even more. Her nipples had been getting aroused since things had started taking a turn for the sexy but what she had been feeling before couldn’t compare to what Elisha was doing to her now by tonguing her stiff buds and making pleasure ripple through her whole body.

“You’ve got such amazing tits Annie!” Elisha complimented. “They’re so beautiful! I’ve wanted to taste them for so long!

“Ooooooh yessssssss taste them! Mmmm fuck! Your mouth feels so good on my big tits!” Annie cried, not believing she was talking like this, but feeling so liberated with every word that jumped off her tongue. “Ooooooh Leesh! You naughty girl! You know just what you’re doing, don’t you? Mmmm you’re making me wet! Oooooh how many girls have you practiced on?”

“Too many to keep track of,” Elisha laughed. “Mmmm I’m a total slut for girls. We all are! We’ve all fucked so many!”

Annie was a little surprised by that. She still didn’t know what all of this was that she had gotten involved in, but she had kind of assumed that it just involved these three girls. Now Elisha was telling her it was far bigger and the way Elisha so casually and happily referred to herself as a “slut for girls” was so weird and arousing all at the same time.

She never would have expected this from her blonde co-star, but the idea of all of these famous women making love to lots of different girls made her even more turned on. If they were going to really do this, Annie wanted it done right and the idea of being ravished by three experienced women who had been with so many girls that they knew just how to touch her for maximum pleasure was one she found herself getting wet over.

“Mmmm I want some of that too,” Kelly said, admiring Annie’s chest and how sexy Elisha looked leaning in to lick and suck her erect nipple.

And with Elisha tending to Annie’s right breast, there was plenty of room for Kelly to lean in and do the same to its twin. She latched onto Annie’s left tit and began kissing it, going all around her areola before getting to her nipple and flicking her tongue against it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Annie cried from the double pleasure of having both of her breasts touched by sexy women and when she did she found herself kissed by Cameron as the leggy blonde pressed herself next to her in the water and introduced her to her tongue.

And as she further indulged in this forbidden fun, Annie kissed Cameron back with extra fervor. They wetly French kissed, Annie’s passion and enthusiasm growing quickly as their tongues rubbed sensually together. The more pleasure she felt, the more she craved. She felt so hedonistic and wild tongue kissing Cameron, knowing that so many desired the actress and that she was the one who got to kiss her. And Elisha and Kelly’s tongues on her breasts felt absolutely incredible.

Annie knew guys liked her tits. They never had made any secret of that and she didn’t blame them. After all they were pretty big and Annie knew it wasn’t being cocky to admit that they were sexy too. She worked hard to keep her body in shape and Annie liked being desired. But the men she was usually with didn’t know how to treat her chest.

Sure they would fondle and suck on them, but they were usually so clumsy and Annie didn’t like the feeling of people slobbering on her breasts. They were a sensitive area of her body and Annie needed a more sensuous touch there, which is what she was happily getting from Kelly and Elisha. They were so tender and sexy as their wet mouths sucked on her nipples, making her moan and ache in the hot tub and inspiring her to arch her back out so she could push more of her tits into their hungry mouths. They massaged and licked all over her breasts, making her feel nothing but pleasure.

Annie kept moaning into Cameron’s kisses from the feel of the two women lavishing attention on her tits. She had never been touched like this before and they were making her feel so good with their wet hands massaging her tits, getting her to moan with every touch and kiss. Annie couldn’t believe how good it felt. They weren’t clumsy at all or just giving her a little bit of love there so she’d let them slide their cocks between her breasts like men would. They were so attentive and loving and it made Annie hazy with pleasure.

With the water bubbling up around her from the hot tub as she was tended to, Annie felt like she was being kissed and caressed by angels…naughty, sexy angels. This was unbelievable and she felt no more hesitation. So far so good, Annie thought to herself. These girls were being as good as their promises and leaving her dizzy with expectation about what more they could do.

But as she sat with her back pressed to the edge of the hot tub, Annie realized that while everyone else had their hands at work, hers were still resting in the water as if her arms were frozen to her sides. Obviously if she was going to do this then she was going to have to get way more involved so Annie summoned up her nerve and for the first time in her life began to touch another woman in a sexual way.

And since they were in the middle of kissing, it was Cameron who was the lucky woman who got to be the first to experience Annie’s tentative, but willing exploration of another woman’s body. Pulling her hands out of the water, Annie moved them to Cameron’s breasts and moaned as she felt how firm and sexy they are.

“Mmmmmm yesssss! Ooooooh touch me!” Cameron sighed in between kisses. “Now you’re getting into it Annie. Ohhhh yeah those hands feel so nice! Mmm rub all over my titties! Feel how hard my nipples are for you!”

Annie could definitely feel that. Cameron’s pink points were poking right into her hands. She had covered one of Cameron’s apple-sized breasts with her hand and after realizing she liked how it felt, she moved the other hand up to capture its sister. She shyly explored the body of another woman, moving her hands over the blonde woman’s tits and feeling how nicely they fit into her palms and how soft and warm another woman’s body was.

She had felt herself up before, but never done it to another woman and Annie smiled and giggled a little at how incredible it was that she was actually doing this and how much she was starting to like it. It felt so naughty to have Cameron’s perky tits in her hand while their tongues rubbed together and she could see why these women loved playing with each other so much.

“You’ve got such a great body Cameron,” Annie said, getting bolder in her massaging of the other woman’s chest, rubbing her hands into her and feeling how stiff her sensitive nipples were. “You’re so sexy! You all are!”

Cameron thanked Annie for the compliment with another kiss, this one deeper than the last. Annie was getting really into kissing women now. It was so different than kissing a man and she didn’t want to admit it quite yet, but she was starting to think that she might even like kissing a woman more. It felt so much softer and more loving and just better.

Annie was a little surprised when Elisha suddenly started kissing her too, but she didn’t fight it off. She melted into it after a second and started to kiss her co-star back, letting herself be sandwiched in between the lips of the two gorgeous blonde women. Annie wasn’t used to this, so she let Elisha and Cameron set the pace of their three way kiss. She just sat back against the side of the hot tub and enjoyed it, letting their lips and tongues guide her while she closed her eyes and moaned from the relaxing effects of the bubbling water and the stimulating feel of Kelly Clarkson all over her tits.

Kelly’s warm, wet hands felt awesome on her boobs. Her touch was so much gentler and, because it felt so risqué, more exciting than a man’s. Kelly wasn’t pawing at her large mounds like so many men would. She was caressing them in a completely stimulating manner, rubbing into her large mounds and kissing her nipples as they throbbed from her growing arousal. Annie moaned from the singer’s sensuous touch into Cameron and Elisha’s mouths while the two of them kissed her at the same time and made sure all their tongues rubbed together.

Kelly suckled one nipple and then the other, making them poke out like rocks that she could lick with her long tongue. Annie felt an unfamiliar but very welcome arousal spread through her. She knew this was crazy, but that made it much more fun, didn’t it? She was doing something wild and unexpected and it felt so good! Everything these girls had been telling her was coming true and when Cameron pulled away to catch her own breath, Annie rewarded her co-star by focusing entirely on Elisha by kissing her with a wet passion.

Elisha closed her eyes and kissed back, letting Annie’s eager tongue slide right into her mouth. Elisha sensually sucked on it before letting her friend take it back and the blonde’s own pleasure grew when Annie suddenly brought her hands up to her and began to curiously fondle her chest.

“Oooooh fuck yessssssssss!” Elisha cooed. “Mmmm touch me Annie! Play with my tits! Just like you did to Cameron! Mmmm that feels so good! I’ve wanted this for so long! I want to feel those hands all over my naked body Annie!”

“Really? You wanted me?” Annie asked, a little surprised by that revelation. Had Elisha had a crush on her or something before today that she had never noticed? “How long have you been checking me out Leesh?”

“Since the moment I met you,” Elisha admitted, moaning happily as Annie continued to gently caress her tits, exploring the fullness of her chest and making her nipples throb with the need for more. “Mmmm I’ve been dying to fuck you ever since then. I thought I was gonna start drooling over you and that you’d totally catch me staring at those beautiful big tits of yours. I just wanted to rip your clothes off so I could get at them. It was so hard for me to control myself around you when I wanted you so bad!”

“Wow!” Annie marveled. “I had no idea! God, that’s so hot! I wish I knew you had been checking me out. We could have done this so much earlier!”

Annie then started kissing Elisha again while feeling her wonderfully soft, pink tits in her hands. Elisha’s breasts were bigger than Kelly’s and Cameron’s and Annie loved feeling them in her hands, admiring their fullness while envying the younger girl’s firmness. She had such a sexy body and Annie adored touching it.

“I knew you’d get into this!” Elisha grinned after the wet kiss. “We’re going to make you feel so good Annie! No boyfriend ever has fucked you as good as we’re going to!”

“Oh yes! Please! Fuck me!” Annie begged without a second’s hesitation. “Fuck me better than a man can! Show me how you naughty girls do it! Show me why you all love fucking each other so much!”

Annie wanted to be free and wild and leave bedroom boredom behind her. Doing this was so unexpectedly exciting for her. She felt so wickedly sexual naked in the bubbling hot tub with these beautiful girls. The water was so relaxing to her but everything else about being with Elisha, Kelly and Cameron was amping Annie up.

And when she finally drew away from kissing Elisha, Annie found her lips smothered once again. Kelly pulled herself up in the hot tub and pressed herself down on top of Annie, mashing their chests together as the singer giggled over how the redhead’s breasts dwarfed hers. Kelly passionately kissed Annie while grinding her firm little titties into the redhead’s gorgeously big hooters, loving how their hard nipples rubbed together and how Annie quickly began touching her someplace she loved women to touch.

Annie had been unsure what to do when Kelly had suddenly pressed her dripping wet body to hers except to reflexively kiss her back. Kelly was very excited and it showed in her aggressive kiss, but Annie didn’t just lie back. She returned that passion in her own kiss and she and Kelly were quickly Frenching like long time lovers lost in the moment. And when Annie pulled her hands out of the water and pressed them to Kelly’s body, she went to the first place she could think of…her ass.

It had been totally an impulse to grab her there. Annie had intended to rub Kelly’s bare back as her body dripped water from the hot tub onto her, but at the last moment her hands had veered lower and she’d slapped them right onto the singer’s thick, sexy butt cheeks. And when Kelly responded to the gesture with a happy moan, Annie became inspired to do more and began massaging another woman’s ass for the first time ever, relishing how good the singer’s famous butt felt under her hands.

“Mmmmm yeah you like that? You like my ass?” Kelly naughtily drawled. “You like getting your hands where all those horny boys wanna fuck me? Mmmm I don’t let them fuck me there though. Only hot, sexy girls! And if you’re a good girl Annie I might let you be one of those lucky few who do!”

Never before in her life had the idea of fucking another woman’s ass ever remotely crept into her thinking. But now that sounded so delicious to Annie. She wanted it! She wanted it all!

“You’ve got an amazing ass Kelly!” Annie replied. “You’re all so sexy! Mmmmm God I can’t believe you’re all making me this wet, but I want this! I need this! Fuck me!”

“Your wish is our command,” Elisha declared with a naughty grin. “Now get up on the edge and spread those legs Annie. Mmmm I wanna do to you what I’ve been dreaming about ever since I met you.”

“Yeah and if you think you’re wet now, just wait until we really get started on you,” Cameron replied before giving Annie another hot kiss that the redhead eagerly returned. “Mmmm you’re going to think you died and went to heaven.”

That sent another naughty rush through Annie’s body and she couldn’t help but laugh out loud in anticipation.

“Oh God this is crazy…so fucking crazy,” Annie said as she did as instructed and pulled herself out from the bubbling water to sit herself down on the edge of the hot tub, water dripping off her naked body as she looked down and saw three sets of horny female eyes staring at her with wanton desire.

In doing this, Annie knocked over her nearly empty champagne glass but she didn’t care. She wanted this to happen too much now for her to focus on anything but sex. She felt like she was about to be devoured by three gorgeous girls and she so badly wanted it. She couldn’t remember the last time her pussy had been this wet.

“Fuck me!” Annie groaned as she spread her legs lewdly, showing herself off to her soon to be lovers. “You girls want me so bad? Then take me! Fucking ravish me! Do any goddamn thing you want! Just make it feel good! Make me come! Show me what it’s really like to fuck a girl!”

Even though this was just what she wanted, Elisha was momentarily stunned by Annie taking such a bold step. With her ass on the edge of the tub and her legs slung open, there was nothing hidden of Annie’s most intimate part and Elisha’s eyes widened when her co-star exposed herself like that, revealing to her the wet, pink folds that she so badly wanted to taste.

The woman’s needy pussy looked so wet and delicious. Elisha could see the wetness that gave her pinkness a wicked shine and she knew that hadn’t come from the hot tub. She could practically see Annie’s clitoris throb for her and Elisha was so taken by the sight of her friend’s splayed open pussy underneath her enticing red bush that she hesitated when she should have just dived in and even Annie noticed Elisha freezing up like a statue.

“Please! Please fuck me!” Annie begged, her need growing to the point that she instinctively pushed two of her fingers into her cunt and began fucking herself. “I need this! I need you! Make me feel good Leesh! Do it before I chicken out! Give it to me now!”

Not wanting to give Annie any kind of chance to think twice about this and end things before they really got started, Elisha snapped herself out of it. She moved in against the edge of the tub and delicately ran her fingers over Annie’s splayed pussy lips as the woman continued fingering herself.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Annie groaned from her friend’s touch while getting more aggressive with her own finger play. “Yesssssssss touch me Elisha! Do it just like you promised!”

“Mmmmmm you’re so tight baby! I’m going to fuck you so good!” Elisha pledged. “After I’m done you’re only going to want girls at your pussy! You’re so nice and wet for me and I’m going to make this tight fucking pussy come so hard!”

Elisha rubbed her slick cunt lips for a few more sensual moments as Annie continued working her fingers into herself. She loved the feel of another woman’s fingers along with her own so she could feel the differences in touch and style, but having Elisha’s fingers was nothing to what happened next when her seductress pulled them away and replaced them with her tongue.

“FUCKKKKKK!!!” Annie cried as a woman’s tongue licked her for the first time. “OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!”

This certainly wasn’t the first time that Annie had felt a tongue down there. She loved getting licked. But it was just so incredibly naughty to be feeling a woman’s tongue instead of a man’s. It felt so much dirtier and hotter and Annie loved it instantly. Elisha licked at her tender pussy lips, dragging her tongue on her labia and tasting where she had just been touching. Elisha’s tongue sent pleasure right up Annie’s spine and she tossed her head back moaning wildly as she unconsciously began pushing herself into Elisha’s face so she could feel more of her mouth.

“Didn’t we tell you it would be awesome?” Cameron grinned as she rubbed Annie’s tits and nuzzled her nose against her neck while the woman began to writhe and make her sexy body jiggle. “No man can do what we’re going to do to you!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooh fuck yessssssssssssssss!!!” Annie gasped. “Oooooooooooh it is awesome! Ohhhhhhhh fuck! I never knew it could be like this! Fuck me Leesh! Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss eat that pussy you dirty girl! Ughhhh show me how good it fucking feels!”

Cameron was very happy to see all of this unfold in front of her. Not only was Annie experiencing an intense new pleasure, but Elisha’s fantasy was coming true and Cameron loved that. She could still remember how Elisha had resisted her at first but now she was the one being the seductress and she looked so beautiful with her head between Annie’s outstretched legs and her tongue slowly and sensually licking her pussy, her nose rubbing against Annie’s neatly trimmed red bush as she tasted her co-star for the first time.

Annie was also looking pretty beautiful herself as she experienced this new pleasure for the first time. Cameron loved how ecstasy and shock passed over her face, as if she couldn’t really believe how good this felt. Annie looked so sexy, her big tits quaking gently as she writhed on the edge of the hot tub from Elisha’s naughty tongue tantalizing her pussy, and Cameron licked her lips at the sight of the busty red head feeling such pleasure. She leaned in to kiss Annie again, but she never got the chance.

Cameron wasn’t the only one who was into watching the show. From the first moment she had seen them in a scene together, Kelly had wanted to see Elisha fuck Annie. Kelly’s pussy dripped from the show. Elisha was giving Annie more of her tongue, licking faster and pushing more into her soaked honeypot while occasionally pulling away to gulp down the sweet flavor and let her fingers do the work, rubbing Annie’s tender lips and making her gasp and shake in pleasure even more.

Kelly loved seeing that and there was no way she could be a passive bystander when everyone looked so sexy and she was as horny as she was.

So before Cameron could close the gap of inches between them, Kelly yanked herself out of the hot tub, water dripping off her naked body, and pressed herself next to Annie’s body. Without any hesitation, Kelly leaned right in and kissed Annie’s moaning lips, tasting her kiss again with a hungry passion as their naked bodies rubbed together, wet girl flesh against wet girl flesh. And as they kissed, Kelly couldn’t help herself and went right for Annie’s breasts, taking the large, sexy mounds in her hand and massaging them with giddy glee.

“Ooooooh fuck I love these big, juicy tits of yours Annie!” Kelly groaned as they ended one kiss and got set to begin another. “Mmmmmm they’re so fucking sexy! I can barely get my hands all the way around them! Mmmmm gawd I can’t get enough of them!”

Maybe it was because she had such a comparatively smaller chest to the girls she always saw at the mansion or maybe it was because all her friends always made such a big deal about admiring her ass, but Kelly was definitely a boob girl. She loved playing with her friends’ tits and the bigger the better she evilly told herself. She couldn’t get enough of a big set of breasts pressed against her face as she kissed and licked them and she loved seeing them bounce when her friends got fucked. Kelly knew she was turning into a total perv by always checking girls tits out but she didn’t care. It was way too much fun to stop.

Kelly always envied how Elisha’s soft, pink tits were so perfectly proportioned to her body and it was so much fun to play with girls like Love and Rose and Britney and Christina with their big boobs always there to rub and kiss and lick. She didn’t care if they were fake or real. She loved to play with them and Annie’s large, natural chest most definitely demanded to be played with. So as she kissed the actress, Kelly rubbed her hands all over her breasts, loving how they filled up her small hands.

“Ohhhh God! Mmmmm ohhhh Kellyyyyy!” Annie moaned when their lips broke apart again, her breathing shallow from all the pleasure she was experiencing. “Don’t stop! Ooooh play with those big tits of mine! You can do whatever you want with them sexy girl!”

From all the stares she got to all the guys who just wanted to paw at them without any hint of tenderness or delicacy, there were times when Annie sincerely wished that she didn’t have such large breasts. This was not one of those times, though.

Kelly was making her feel so good with her warm, soft hands that Annie actually wished she had bigger tits than she did right then so she could give the singer even more to play with. She wished she had tits like that redhead on Mad Men because Kelly’s hands felt so good she wanted to have more of herself for her to touch.

Annie couldn’t believe how all of this was making her feel. It was like she hadn’t lived until now. Her heart was pounding so fast from all this pleasure and she didn’t think she could keep up with how good it felt. She felt like she was totally swept up in this tornado of dizzying pleasure and Annie had no idea where it was going to leave her. She had never experienced anything like Elisha’s tongue licking her pussy. It was like no sex she had ever had and she never wanted it to stop.

“OHHHHHH!!!” Annie cried rapturously, her legs splashing the hot tub water out as they involuntarily kicked from the adrenaline she felt inside her. “OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS! OHHHHHHHHH GODDDD OHHHHHH GODDDDD OOOOOOH LEESH! DON’T YOU STOP! PLEASE DON’T STOP! OOOOOH THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!”

This was all feeling so good that Annie wondered if this was some kind of dream. Nothing real could feel this good, could it? The touch of Elisha’s lips and tongue to her pussy had her dripping into the younger girl’s mouth and Annie ached for more. Each lick got her more into it and before she even noticed what she had done, Annie had her hand on the back of Elisha’s blonde head and was pushing her in closer to her pussy as she rocked her hips and fucked her first female lover’s face.

“OHHHH YESSSSSSS MMMMM YOU NASTY GIRL! OOOOOOOH MAKE IT GOOD LIKE THAT ELISHA!” Annie demanded, her words coming out as frenzied gasps from that incredible tongue thrusting into her cunt and making her clitoris throb like she was rubbing her trusty pocket rocket against it and not getting head. “OOOOOOOH GODDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSS OHHHH LEESH BABYYYYYY!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKK OHHHH YOU’RE MAKING THIS FEEL SO FUCKING AMAZING!”

In bed, Annie dearly loved being eaten out and few men could keep up with her desire for it. And even the men who had been good at getting her off could match what Elisha was doing with her mouth. All too often it seemed to Annie that men went down on her because they felt obligated to. Elisha was eating her out because she wanted to and that made all the difference. Everything Elisha was doing to her pussy was something she wanted to do and Annie’s body was racked with ecstasy because of it.

Knowing how badly Elisha wanted to do this to her made Annie’s clit pulse and swell. She loved hearing every wet smack of Elisha’s cum hungry lips against her pussy and the little squishing noise of her tongue digging into her tight folds. Everything Elisha was doing to her was being done out of pure desire to make her come and not just some misguided attempt to get a few licks in so she’d return the favor and suck some cock.

And it certainly only helped Annie’s blissful state of sexual pleasure that she also had Kelly and Cameron touching her. Kelly had buried her face into her tits, making her laugh and moan from the hot but tickling sensations of her long, wet tongue and soft, sensuous lips against her breasts. She was all over her cleavage, making Annie moan as she literally drooled into it, getting her saliva between her tits and then dragging her tongue slowly and wickedly over her freckled mounds to lick it up.

Annie had never been touched like this and she moaned deliriously from Kelly’s tongue on her breasts while Cameron kissed her neck and rubbed her shoulders and Elisha made everything feel wonderful with her mouth on her pussy.

“Oooooooooooooh you dirty girls!” Annie groaned as she felt her body get more accustomed to the pleasure flowing through her veins. “You sneaky little things! This is what you wanted, huh? You tricked me into getting naked so you could fuck me! Ughhhhhh! Mmmm and I’m so glad I did! Don’t stop! Mmmm no man has ever fucked me like this! Don’t stop you horny little sluts!”

“Mmmmm damn right we’re sluts,” Elisha laughed naughtily as she pulled her mouth up for a moment. “And now you’re one too Annie! I wanted this so bad! Mmmm you’re right. That’s why we wanted you naked so much. We wanted to get you in here so we could fuck you. We knew once we got started, you wouldn’t be able to resist how fucking good it feels. Mmmm and now you know why we love fucking girls so much! Now you’re a slut like us, aren’t you baby?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!!!” Annie cried out, her naked body trembling in pleasure as her heart palpitations made a steady, excited beat in her chest as Elisha played with her pussy, passionately rubbing where she’d just been licking. “I am a slut! Just like all of you! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk you’re making this so good! You’re making me just like you! OHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS DON’T STOPPPPP!!!”

The moans turned back into screams when Elisha pulled her slick fingers away and resumed licking her. The feel of that tongue pushing back into her pussy to fuck her had Annie crying out loudly from intense ecstasy. She couldn’t control her passion and once again her legs kicked out, splashing water onto all of their naked bodies. This was all so good. Elisha was working her pussy over with her mouth like she wanted to devour her and right then all Annie wanted to be was eaten.

Annie felt so completely lost in the moment. She was caught up in a wave of unbelievable pleasure but now it was like she had climbed to the top of it and she was riding it. This was nothing she had planned for and nothing she had ever expected to feel but now she just wished one of her friends had tried this on her earlier because right now being talked out of her clothes and seduced by these famous hotties felt like the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Annie loved looking down to see Elisha kneeling naked in the bubbling hot tub water, her gorgeous face pressed to her pussy. It was just so erotic to be able to stare down at her beautiful blonde co-star and see Elisha staring up at her with wide, happy eyes as she fused her mouth to her cunt. Her tongue was thrusting into her, fucking her with wanton abandon and Annie felt herself get so tingly from wicked lust at seeing Elisha’s nose nestled in her neat, fiery bush of red hair as she pleasured her like no one else ever had.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God I’m going to come!” Annie feverishly groaned. “I can’t believe it Leesh but you’re gonna make me fucking come! Don’t stop baby! I want this! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk I can’t believe how good this feels! I want to come for you! I want you to be the first woman to make me come!”

Annie’s happy words and promise of orgasm delighted Elisha to no end as she greedily sucked at her friend’s pussy and felt the older woman’s hot juices coat her tongue. She would go back and forth from sucking away at the wetness before her to fucking the tight pink folds of Annie’s pussy with her tongue and she made sure everything she did to her made her feel good.

And Annie getting off also made Cameron and Kelly feel good too. They loved seeing the hot redhead with one hand on the back of Elisha’s head, pushing her into her pussy as she sat perched on the edge of the hot tub while a woman’s tongue drove her to heights of ecstasy. Kelly and Cameron were sandwiching the busty redhead as she was licked. Kelly kept her mouth and hands over the large tits she so desired and Cameron hugged Annie close and moaned into her ear.

“Come for her! Come all over that pretty face!” Cameron breathed into Annie’s ear. “I love feeling Leesh eat my pussy! She’s so good at making me come! Now you get to come Annie! You get to come from that sweet tongue up your hot, tight pussy! You get to come from a woman fucking you. Mmmm you really are going to be just like us!”

Right then Annie wanted that so badly. To her it was like these women had figured out some great secret. They knew how to find the most intense, amazing pleasure and Annie did want to be just like them if it meant sex was always going to be this good. Annie didn’t know if this was turning her into a lesbian or whatever and she didn’t even care right then. All she wanted was for this pleasure to never stop!

Turning her head to meet Cameron’s Annie began kissing the blonde again. She loved feeling Cameron’s hot, firm tits rubbing into her bare, wet back and she even took her hand off Elisha’s head to caress Cameron’s gorgeous movie star face while they kissed. And feeling Cameron’s soft skin made her want to feel even more of a woman’s body. So Annie began getting very touchy feely with her new friends.

She hadn’t been doing a lot of touching before. Her hands had mostly remained at her sides. But now that she was completely into what was happening, she knew it was silly to keep her hands frozen, especially when there was so much hot girl flesh to touch. Being able to feel the softness and warmth of Cameron’s skin only reminded her how nice it felt to touch another woman and Annie eagerly went for more of Cameron and Kelly.

She loved their beautiful naked bodies in a way she never could for a man’s. Annie loved the feel of Cameron’s firm tits under her hand and how hard her nipples were. And she loved Kelly’s body just as much. She reached over for the girl as she continued lavishing love all over her tits and she caressed her back before moving over to feel up Kelly’s tits too. Kelly moaned and gave a little sexy laugh as Annie felt her up and she quickly straightened herself up so she could kiss Annie too.

Annie moaned as she found herself in the middle of a three way kiss again. It was so naughty to be doing this and to taste the tongues and lips of such sexy women. Cameron and Kelly were like the total sexy girls next door. They were so real and so soft. There was nothing fake about either one of them and Annie loved that. She loved the heat radiating off their bodies and the feel of their skin all wet from the hot tub. She loved how firm their breasts were and how they were able to fit into her hands so she could rub them in a desire fueled exploration and she loved how they kissed her.

There was nothing but pleasure in everything she was doing and Annie longed to touch every inch of their bodies. She naturally spent a lot of time feeling up their tits as they both returned the favor by massaging her boobs right back, but Annie also felt lower. First she went for their backsides, marveling at how both Kelly and Cameron had different, but perfect asses. Cameron’s was so toned and fit and Kelly’s was so curvy and delicious. They couldn’t have had more different bodies, but they were each completely sexy and Annie explored them both with her hands as they kissed each other.

With gasps of pleasure coming from both of the women sandwiching her and a moan from her own mouth, Annie impetuously reached between both of their legs. She just went for it without giving herself a chance to think twice and was rewarded by the feel of their wet pussies. Annie had never felt anything like the sex of another woman. They were both so warm and so wet. She could feel their desire pressed up against her fingers and Annie adored it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God you’re both so fucking hot!” Annie groaned, rubbing the slits of both women as Elisha kept on eating her out.

“You’re the one making us this wet,” Kelly moaned, giving Annie’s nipple another kiss while continuing to tenderly massage her breast and enjoying the woman’s exploratory first feel of her pussy. “Ooooooooooh yesssssss touch me there Annie! Mmmmm that feels really good sweetie! Rub my wet pussy! Feel how much you’re turning me and Camie on!”

“It’s so hot to see Leesh eating you out and having you love it so much!” Cameron added, kissing Annie all over her face in between words. “Mmmmm feel how wet our pussies have gotten watching you get fucked by a girl for the first time! Rub those slippery pink slits of ours! Feel what it’s like to really touch another woman!”

Annie was going completely on her horny impulses right now and nothing more. But if Kelly and Cameron liked what she was doing to them then she was damn well going to do more of it. She kissed them both, turning her head back and forth to do it as she rubbed their pussies, delighting in the feel of how they were both so wet and warm for her. Annie eagerly played with the completely bald pussy of Cameron’s while giving the same hot rub to Kelly’s and feeling the soft tickle of the little brown hairs of her trimmed bush against her hand and wrist.

And through it all, Elisha kept on using her mouth to drive her friend and co-star to heights of sexual desire. She fed off her pussy with hungry, but loving licks and sucks while roaming her wet hands all over Annie’s thighs and freckled stomach, even reaching up at one point to squeeze her tits along with Kelly and Cameron. She could taste how close Annie was to coming and Elisha held nothing back. All she wanted was to make her friend feel good.

While Annie was already plenty spread open with her legs slung wide and her ass perched on the edge of the hot tub, Elisha wanted more. As the water bubbled up around her naked body, Elisha spread Annie’s soft folds open with her fingers, giving her even more access to her pinkest of parts and attacked her with a series of quick, aggressive licks that made Annie buck in passion, thrusting her pussy into her face while banging her ass against the hot tub’s edge.


“Mmmmm like that?” Elisha said in between licks, her smile as devilish as ever. “Then you’re gonna love this Annie!”

And before Annie knew what hit her, Elisha had pushed her fingers up into her, fucking her waiting cunt. Elisha had gotten her fingers nice and slick from rubbing Annie’s pussy and now she was able to get them into her with ease, pushing her two digits into her friend and beginning to fuck her with them.


“Ooooooh so nasty,” Elisha giggled at Annie’s reaction to her fingers penetrating her and rubbing her clitoris.


Her body was being racked with pleasure but Annie didn’t slack off with her lovers either. In fact she gave them more. Mimicking what Elisha was doing to her, Annie pushed her fingers into Kelly and Cameron’s tight cunts, moaning as she felt her fingers get extra wet from penetrating them and from hearing their own happy moans from her efforts.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss fuck us while you’re getting fucked!” Cameron lustfully groaned.

“Mmmmmmmmm oooooooh finger fuck my tight little pussy!” Kelly mumbled even as her mouth was once again filled with Annie’s bountiful boobs. “Ooooooh I love it! Finger me Annie! Mmmm feel my hot, dripping pussy!”

Annie felt like her whole body was about to explode. She could barely feel the wetness soaking her fingers from fucking the two women at her side because she was so lost in bliss from what Elisha was doing to her. She was finger fucking her roughly, rubbing her clit and making it throb from the feel of her skilled fingers pinching her sensitive bundle of nerves and at the same time she was lovingly sucking her pussy. It was so much pleasure all at once and Annie couldn’t even muster the words out of her gasping mouth to tell Elisha she was about to come.

But fortunately no one had to tell Elisha anything. She knew very well how close her lover was and she increased her passion, fucking and eating her while staring up at Annie with her sexiest gaze, loving seeing her friend’s breasts bounce against Kelly’s face while Annie tongue kissed Cameron. It was so hot to see two of her best friends helping her pleasure her newest lover as she sucked away at her juicy, tender folds and gave her everything she had until Annie achieved the release she had been dying for.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!” Annie howled orgasmcially as her pussy spasmed in release while Elisha kept slurping and thrusting her fingers into her. “OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Annie’s whole body quaked and she kicked up a storm in the hot tub, splashing water everywhere and soaking her friends, making all three of them giggle while they pleasured her. Kelly quieted Annie’s screaming lips with a warm kiss and this time Cameron buried her face in the redhead’s tits, tasting Kelly’s saliva all over the heavy mounds as the force of Annie’s orgasm made them shake and slap her face. And Elisha just kept on fucking her friend, using her mouth and fingers as she gulped down the cream of Annie’s orgasm, savoring the hot taste and letting it fill her hungry stomach.

The force of her orgasm made Annie’s hips buck violently, smearing her creaming pussy all over Elisha’s face. She moaned as she felt that sweet, hot girl cum soaking her skin and licked harder, wanting every drop she could get out of her co-star. Elisha savored the rich flavor of Annie’s orgasm and moaned while licking as she felt it drip a little off her chin onto her neck.

It was all so intense for Annie to be going through this and she passionately kissed Kelly as it all rushed through her. She felt like she had no control of her own body and she liked that a lot. All she could do was feel the force or her orgasm as it made her shake with a passionate giddiness. She humped Elisha’s face with abandon and the motions made her tits smack against Cameron. Every rush of pleasure inside her made Annie feel like her insides were doing backflips.

It was so much that Annie felt like she even blacked out for a second. She wasn’t quite sure what happened, but one second Elisha had been still kneeling in the hot tub and licking her pussy and the next she had been standing and leaning into her, her naked body dripping with water. Annie knew she had closed her eyes but she had thought it had been only for a second. Maybe it had been longer. But it didn’t matter.

What did matter was that Elisha looked stunningly beautiful with water from the hot tub glistening on her pink skin. She was dripping wet and so sexy. Annie felt herself drool at the sight of her friend’s full breasts jutting out, just demanding to be touched and licked, how the water made her skin glow and especially how Elisha’s shaved bare pussy was visibly wet. Annie thought Elisha was like Aphrodite emerging from the ocean and she didn’t resist a bit when Elisha leaned in and heatedly kissed her lips.

It was such a hot, sexy kiss that it didn’t even dawn on Annie until a few seconds into it that Elisha’s lips and tongue were coated in her own orgasmic release. And when she finally did realize it, Annie began kissing back Elisha harder, wrapping her arms around her wet back to pull her in closer. This was so still so totally crazy for her, but Annie knew she didn’t want to stop and neither did anyone else.

“Mmmmmm I think we need to get out of the water,” Elisha giggled, her smile on full beam as she broke the kiss and licked her lips, tasting more of Annie’s deliciousness. “I’m getting all wrinkly in here.”

“Well we do have that big bed to stretch out in,” Kelly smiled back, eager to get comfortable so the rest of them could have some fun.

“Sounds perfect,” Cameron declared, holding out her hand for Kelly to take. “Lead the way honey.”

Kelly took her up immediately on that invitation, pulling herself and Cameron off the edge of the hot tub and back onto their feet. They then streaked nakedly toward the suite’s bedroom and left Elisha and Annie to follow. Not wanting to be left too far behind, Elisha stepped out of the hot tub and shut it off, dripping water all over the floor as she took Annie’s hand and pulled her up too.

“C’mon, we gotta get in there before they started without us,” the blonde Canadian beauty laughed seductively. “Mmmmm and if they’re already getting into it, then I definitely want a close up view of it. Don’t you?”

Annie didn’t know what to say. Her orgasm had left her head in a blissful daze and she wasn’t able to focus much at the moment. She did nod her head though and slowly stood up, noting immediately how her legs had turned to jelly from what she had just experienced. That meant Elisha had to guide her into the bedroom and that was just what she did, placing her arm around her for support as they walked together naked away from the hot tub.

With each step, Annie felt more clarity return to her and with it came the full realization of what she had just done. She had just been fucked by a woman! She had never done a single lesbian thing in her life until now and she had just let another woman fuck her! It was crazy, but she had loved every second of it.

She felt so wicked and liberated from letting Elisha lick her to orgasm and she was filled with a new curiosity for women that was growing stronger. She had loved touching Kelly and Cameron and she now wanted to do the same to Elisha.

As Elisha led her to the bed, Annie had the chance to really admire her friend’s naked body. Her skin was still wet and glistening from the water and Annie let her eyes linger over her bare back and move down to gawk at her ass. She couldn’t believe she was checking out another girl’s butt, but Elisha had such a gorgeous backside, her cheeks so toned and tight but with a delicious curve and Annie remembered how good her friend had looked from the front before with her big tits and shaved pussy.

Annie’s head was woozy from everything she’d just experienced, but she knew that she wanted Elisha! Her legs were still a little wobbly, but Annie was able to put the brakes on herself, causing Elisha to stop too.

“What’s wrong?” Elisha asked when her friend came to her sudden halt, a little afraid that Annie was about to freak out or something now that she’d come.

But fortunately just the opposite was true.

“C’mere,” Annie said, speaking for the first time since she had come, and when Elisha moved in a little closer, Annie pulled her in for another passionate kiss.

Annie was the one taking control this time and it made her feel so good to kiss her younger blonde co-star. Their soft lips rubbed together sensually and the heat grew as they soon parted for their tongues to play with each other. Annie was so into kissing Elisha and tasting her own pussy and it showed as she ran her hands down the blonde’s bare back, caressing her smooth flesh before moving down to her ass. Elisha groaned when Annie began squeezing her ass, feeling up her tight cheeks and pulling her closer so their pussies touched, Elisha’s soaked lips rubbing against the cream of Annie’s just orgasmed cunt.

“Mmmmm you’re so fucking sexy,” Annie groaned before kissing Elisha again. “I can’t believe how hot you girls all are. I love your bodies.”

“You’re pretty damn sexy too,” Elisha giggled as she made a huge understatement and emphasized it by reaching up to fondle Annie’s large tits. “Mmmmm and you taste so good too! You’ve got such a sweet, yummy pussy! I loved licking you oooooh and you felt so good coming all over my tongue. I just hope you let me do it again!”

“If it’s always that good then I’ll let you do any dirty thing you want to me you naughty girl” Annie promised, her eyes twinkling with desire. “Oh Leesh. You made me feel so good! Mmmmm better than a man!”

“Told ya,” Elisha smiled back. “And just wait’ll we introduce you to our friends. You’re going to love them mmmmm and what they can do to you!”

“Oooooh! Friends?” Annie asked. “You mean it’s really not just the three of you…”

“All will be explained,” Elisha said mysteriously, loving how she and Annie were fondling each other’s naked bodies but also not wanting to forget about Kelly and Cameron. “But first we gotta get into that bedroom because I know those two hot little sluts aren’t waiting for us.”

As much as Annie enjoyed kissing the woman who had just made her come and feeling all over her sexy body, that sounded pretty damn good to her too. Kelly and Cameron were just as gorgeous as Elisha and she had had so much fun playing with them as she’d gotten licked. She definitely wanted to see what they were up to and join into the fun so she put aside all her questions for later.

Elisha took Annie by the hand and brought her toward the bed where Cameron and Kelly had definitely not been waiting patiently for them. Kelly was on all fours with Cameron behind her, the actress pushing her tongue into her pussy and making the singer cry out in sexual delight.

“Oooooooooh Cameron!” Kelly mewed from the woman’s experienced tongue licking her pinkest of parts. “Mmmmmm ooooooooh yessssssssss ohhhhhh fuckkkk! Mmmmm bury that tongue inside me! Just like that! Yesssssssssss that’s the spot! Lick me there! Ohhhhhh God! Yessssssssss mmmmm lick my wet fucking pussy with your hot tongue Camie!”

Cameron was kneeling behind Kelly, her hands on the cheeks of her ass, massaging her sensually as she thrust her tongue into her, loving the taste of the gorgeous singer as it tickled her taste buds. Cameron wanted this badly and it showed in her actions. She knew how much Elisha cared for Kelly and she wanted to find out what it was about the singer that had so enchanted her friend. So Cameron had gone right for it, pushing Kelly onto the bed as soon as they were close enough and pausing just long enough for the girl to get onto all fours so she could be taken from behind.

Elisha had been talking her ear off for a while now about how sexy Kelly was and now that she was finally playing with her for the first time, Cameron could easily see why she felt that way. Kelly was scorching hot in bed. Cameron had loved kissing Kelly and thinking about where else the sexy singer could get that long, wet tongue of hers besides her mouth. Now she could taste just how sweet and delicious her pussy was and her tongue was in heaven.

“Mmmmm such a tight little pussy,” Cameron groaned, loving the flavor as she pulled away for a moment to catch her breath. She rubbed her fingers over the flaring lips of Kelly’s cunt from behind while keeping her other hand massaging her backside. Kelly groaned at the touch and her pussy shivered in delight from Cameron’s practiced fingers tantalizing it. Of all of them, Cameron had the most experience and it showed in everything she did.

“Yesssssss mmmm so tight and wet for you,” Kelly enthusiastically moaned, her face pressed against a pillow as she felt her hard nipples rub against the sheets, making them tingle extra hard. “I need this Cameron! Fuck me! Eat that fucking hole of mine! Mmmm please tonguefuck my pussy like you do to Leesh! Fuck me like you fuck her so I can show you what a hot fucking slut I am! I’m so fucking wet for this Cameron! I’ll come so hard for you! Pleaaaaaase fuck me!”

When Kelly got really amped up and horny, her Texas drawl couldn’t help but emerge in a more pronounced way. Cameron loved hearing that twang in the singer’s voice as she begged to be fucked and she felt her own pussy get wetter listening to Kelly. She rubbed the woman’s pussy harder while kissing the soft, sexy cheeks of her bare butt and smiled as she saw that Elisha and Annie had arrived.

“You like this?” Cameron asked, turning her eyes toward Elisha. “You like seeing me fuck your friend?”

“Fuck yeah!” Elisha answered without hesitation as she slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed herself. “I’ve wanted to see this for so long! Fuck her Camie! Taste that sweet fucking cunt of hers! Kelly’s juices taste so good! Mmmm and she’s so hot and yummy when she comes! Fuck that pretty little pussy of hers for me! Mmmm put on a nasty show to get me even wetter!”

Cameron and Kelly would have been doing this even if they were alone in the bedroom still, but knowing Elisha was watching and enjoying it made it even hotter for them. They both cared for Elisha a ton and they both wanted to put on a sexy show, not just for their pleasure, but for hers as well.

“Then watch this,” Cameron smiled and winked at her friend. “Watch me fuck Miss American Idol! Watch me make her come all nice and creamy like you always do when I eat that pretty little pussy of yours Leesh.”

Elisha groaned at the sound of that and at the sight of Cameron burying her tongue back into Kelly’s snatch from behind. Kelly shrieked in pleasure from Cameron penetrating her with her hot, experienced tongue. Cameron thrust into her sensitive folds and probed the tightness of her sopping wet cunt. Elisha was so turned on watching this, especially after what happened next.

“Let me feel how wet you are,” Annie eagerly urged. “Can I touch you Leesh? Can I feel your pussy baby? Can I rub you and touch you and find out how fucking wet you are?”

And even though she had asked for permission, Annie didn’t wait to find out if she had gotten it. She felt a new boldness running through her now and she went right for her prize. Elisha’s pussy looked so incredibly sexy all shaven bare and shiny with a sheen of slick arousal coating her vaginal lips. Annie now lusted after it as much as she ever had for a cock, if not more, and she reached for it before Elisha could even moan “yes” to her horny request.

“Ooooooooh Annieeeeeeee,” Elisha groaned with dreamy desire as her co-star caressed her cunt with an eager touch of her hand. “Ohhhh fuck! Mmmm yes Annie yesssssss feel how wet my pussy is for you!”

“Oh wow you’re wet!” Annie giggled as she enjoyed seeing Elisha grind herself into her hand. “Mmmmm so warm too. Does this feel good Leesh? Do you like me rubbing your naughty little pussy?”

“Yessssss oh fuck yessssssss don’t stop!” Elisha cried back. “Mmmm rub that filthy little cunt of mine Annie! Oooooh yesssss feel how wet my slutty pussy got from fucking you! You tasted so good and I loved fucking you so much! I got so soaked from eating you out!”

“You’ve got a dirty mouth, you naughty girl,” Annie grinned, feeling a rush from the sexily profane words flowing out of Elisha’s pretty mouth. “Good thing I know just what to do with dirty talking girls like you.”

Not having any intention of washing Elisha’s mouth out with soap for all her dirty words, Annie had a far hotter intention instead and she showed it when she leaned in and tenderly kissed her co-star. Elisha immediately kissed her back, throwing her arms around the busty redhead and pulling her in close so their wet boobs mashed together and their tongues touched. They lovingly kissed and rubbed into each other as Annie continued to rub Elisha’s pussy and the girls on the bed serenaded them with sex cries.


Cameron had moved into a far more comfortable position for her. Now she was flat on her back and had Kelly riding her face, grinding her sweet, wet snatch all over her hungry mouth. With her hands still clamped to Kelly’s ass, Cameron squeezed her sexy cheeks and kept her pressed to her face so she could push her tongue up into the singer and pleasure her clitoris.

Cameron knew all the tricks to get a girl off. She’d been practicing almost nonstop since that first day at the gym with Jennifer Aniston and she had been with every kind of girl in every kind of position. She knew there was no better way to make a girl come than to pay lots of attention to her clitoris. Wondering again why men ever bothered to claim that they couldn’t find a woman’s clit, Cameron had skillfully gone right for Kelly’s pleasure center, licking wantonly at the swollen bud and feeling it throb against her flicking, fucking tongue.

The more she tongued Kelly’s clit, the more the singer fucked her face so Cameron held nothing back. She loved Kelly’s pink pussy soaking her skin. Her pussy was so soft and wet and Cameron loved the way her fuzzy little bush tickled her face. Cameron was so happy she finally had gotten her chance to be with the American Idol. Seeing her fuck was never as good as being able to taste her sweet, singer pussy.


Even though it was so hot to kiss Annie and Elisha just wanted to close her eyes and focus on the feel of their soft lips and even softer bodies rubbing together, she couldn’t keep from looking over at Cameron and Kelly. She loved seeing her friends fuck.

Since her first time in the middle of the epic orgy, Elisha had seen some of the most gorgeous, sexy women in the world acting their naughtiest and it was just as amazing to see her two beautiful friends together on the bed as it had been to gaze upon dozens of undulating bodies in Jamaica. She loved seeing Kelly fucking Cameron’s face, especially since Cameron had moved one of her hands off the singer’s ass to paw at herself.

Elisha moaned at the sight of Cameron lewdly spreading open and shoving her hand between her legs. Cameron’s long legs always looked so sexy when they were spread and Elisha couldn’t even begin to count how many times she’d been between them feasting on her friend’s pussy. She loved feeling those legs wrap around her back and pinch her down so she wouldn’t stop eating her out and Elisha hoped she’d get the chance to see Kelly all sexily trapped like that too when she fucked Cameron.

Annie could see the effect the show was having on Elisha and she pulled her lips away so she didn’t distract her from it. Right now all she wanted to do was bring pleasure to Elisha. If Elisha wanted to watch Kelly and Cameron on the bed then Annie was completely willing to let her and if Elisha wanted her to kneel down in front of her and eat her out then Annie was completely willing to start licking.

She was a little surprised at her own eagerness to do it, but after what she had felt, Annie was still floating on a cloud of pleasure and very excited to explore all facets of this new ecstasy. She wanted to do it all now and that included tasting the three sexy women who had just made her nearly pass out with passion. Annie was hungry for her first taste of pussy but she didn’t go for it right away, waiting instead for Elisha to guide her. She felt totally at ease in the hands of her young seductress and Annie wanted Elisha to tell her what to do.

Right then what Elisha wanted was for Annie to keep her hand right where it was. It felt so wonderful to be rubbed like this as she watched Cameron bury her tongue into Kelly as the Texas girl rode her face like a cowgirl. Kelly looked so sexy with her hot tits bouncing and her ass jiggling so enticingly as she rode Cameron’s face and Elisha wanted to crawl onto the bed with her and kiss her perfect lips and feel up her perky boobs and help her friend come all over Cameron’s tongue.

But the more she looked at Kelly, the more Elisha thought of an infinitely naughtier idea on how to make her friend feel good and Annie was a big part of it.

Smiling wickedly, Elisha began kissing Annie again and reached up for her tits. As Annie continued to rub her pussy, delighting more and more in the hot juices coating her fingers, Elisha began massaging her breasts, feeling up the large mounds and loving their impressive size and heft.

“These are so fucking hot.” Elisha said simply. “I love your tits Annie.”

“I can tell,” Annie smiled back. “Mmmm it seems like you girls can’t get enough of my boobs. Oooooh but I like that you like them. I like that my big tits turn you on Leesh.”

Annie kissed Elisha again, leaning into her and making sure her breasts were pushed more into her hands. She sucked Elisha’s tongue into her mouth and rubbed her harder too, sliding her fingers into her tight, warm honeypot and making sure the blonde knew how badly she wanted her.

That message definitely wasn’t lost on Elisha, but right then she was more focused on Kelly’s pleasure then on her own.

“I’m not the only one who’s turned on by these gorgeous tits,” Elisha moaned when the kiss ended. “Kelly loves big boobs. Mmm she always loves to play with mine and you’re so much bigger than me.”

Annie giggled at the idea of someone as gorgeous as Kelly Clarkson hungering for her breasts, but Elisha wasn’t finished and she leaned in to her ear to whisper the rest to her. Annie couldn’t believe what Elisha was telling her but she had to admit she liked it.

“Ohhhh that’s naughty!” Annie groaned as she pictured herself doing what Elisha asked to Kelly.

“Mmmmhmm that’s why it’s gonna be so hot,” Elisha replied. “Kelly will love it. I know she will. She’ll come so hard when you do it.”

“Ummmm ok…if you think she’ll like it,” Annie said, a little nervous, but a lot aroused from the idea of doing something so far out.

“She will,” Elisha promised. “Now let’s get on the bed.”

“Ok,” Annie agreed, feeling so very naughty and sexy right then. “Mmmm but first I need to do this.”

Annie then brought her fingers right up to her mouth and began licking them, shyly at first as she got her first taste of another woman. But as soon as Elisha’s feminine flavor hit her taste buds, Annie moaned, both in relief that she really liked it and in desire because this sample of Elisha’s juices made her hungry for more.

“You taste so good,” Annie moaned, before stopping her licking and turning up the heat by sucking on the fingers she had just used on her co-star.

“You’re gonna be able to taste so much more,” Elisha purred, loving the sight of sexy, beautiful Annie losing all control and tasting herself on her fingers. “And you’re gonna do it right from my pussy.”

“I can’t wait!” Annie sighed, feeling nothing but wanton desire for the beautiful, naked blonde girl.

“Me neither, but let’s have some fun with Kelly first,” Elisha replied, wanting to make sure her friend felt really good before she had her own fun.

A critical part of Elisha’s plan was for Cameron to have to stop what she was doing. Elisha knew that she wasn’t going to particularly like that part of it but it was necessary and she was sure Cameron would see things her way after a little convincing. So when she and Annie crawled naked onto the bed and pulled Cameron away from Kelly’s pussy, Elisha immediately pressed her lips to her friend’s ear and began explaining herself.

“Huh?” Cameron replied, a little perturbed since she had been almost in mid lick when she had been yanked away from the delicious girly treat she had been snacking upon. But when she felt Elisha’s warm, nude body pressed to hers and the way her pussy was leaking out wetness as she ground into her leg, it was easy for her to be convinced by her friend, especially when she loved the idea.

But Kelly was not so easily soothed when she had been in such a nice rhythm fucking Cameron’s face and definitely didn’t want to be deprived of the movie star’s tongue.

“Heyyyyyyy what the hell?” Kelly groaned in visible annoyance. “Don’t make her stop! I was so fucking close! What are you doing Leesh?”

But it wasn’t Elisha who was doing the doing, it was going to be Annie and the redhead made that clear when she imposed herself on the singer.

“On all fours,” Annie said, feeling more alive than she had in a long time as she continued on this wild, sexy journey. “Do it Kelly. I’ve got a special surprise for you.”

And while Kelly might have been displeased at this turn of events, she didn’t let it stop her from obeying. She knew Elisha wouldn’t evilly deprive her of the pleasure of another woman’s hot tongue without good reason and she definitely liked the idea of a surprise from Annie. So she did as requested and put herself back on her hands and knees, pressing her ass out toward Annie and giving the actress an awesome view of her drooling wet cunt from behind.

“You’d better make this worth my while,” Kelly teased, playing like she was still annoyed when she really wasn’t.

“Oh we will,” Elisha promised. “You’re gonna come so hard Kelly…”

“Mmmmm yes you will,” Annie purred, feeling so sexy and confident as she pressed herself into Kelly’s bare body, rubbing her chest into her back and slowly moving down her, making sure her hard nipples tantalized her skin until she was resting them against the singer’s naked butt cheeks. “So I hear you like big boobs Kelly. Mmmmm you were drooling all over my big tits before you naughty girl. Want to feel them again?”

“Oh yesssssssss…” Kelly groaned, unable to keep up the illusion that she wasn’t liking this new position. She loved how Annie’s tits felt against her bare skin and it felt really naughty to have them slapping into her butt from behind. “Your tits are so hot Annie! I love them! So big and sexy!”

“Then you’re gonna love me doing this to you,” Annie declared before going right for it. She had never done anything like this before but she didn’t hesitate. She wanted to pleasure Kelly. It was crazy to do this but if it was going to make her feel good, then Annie definitely wanted to do it.

“What are you gonna…” Kelly began to ask, but before she could get all the words out of her mouth she was overcome by a squeal of ecstasy. “OOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Kelly tossed her head back and cried out her intense pleasure when Annie pressed her breast to her pussy and began grinding it into the soaking wet folds. She hadn’t been expecting it and that just made it hotter.


Annie had never done anything like this before so Kelly’s heated sex screams were just the encouragement she was looking for. She had let guys push their cocks in between her tits and cum all over them, but this was nothing like that. It felt so much hotter and naughtier. Kelly’s pussy was so warm and wet and Annie groaned as she felt the woman’s juices coat her nipple as she rubbed it hard against her pussy, pushing the stiff bud past her labia and into her creamy pink center.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh make my big tits all wet with your pussy!” Annie groaned, urging the singer on while she switched to her other breast, wanting to feel it get soaked too. “Leesh said you were going to love this and I’m so glad you do! I want you to come Kelly! I want you to come all over my tits! Make them all sticky with your cum! You’re all turning me into such a slut and it feels amazing! Ughhhh it feels so fucking good to have you make my tits all sticky and wet with your hot pussy Kelly!”

Elisha and Cameron were snuggling their naked bodies together on the bed as they watched this. Cameron was still a little disappointed that she wasn’t licking Kelly anymore, but it was definitely a show she enjoyed watching. She ground herself into Elisha, making sure she felt the younger girl’s smooth, drooling pussy against her butt and her hard nipples against her back. It was a total turn on to see Annie’s big boobs get rubbed against Kelly’s pussy and both Elisha and Cameron were breathing hard and loving the show.

“Oooooh that’s so fucking sexy,” Elisha moaned into Cameron’s ear, the show being even hotter in reality than it had been in her mind. “Ooooooh I’ve gotta feel that too!”

“If I had a bigger rack I’d do it to you too,” Cameron giggled. “Mmmm but those hot titties of yours would definitely feel good in my pussy! We’re going to have to try that!”

“Mmmmm you know it,” Elisha replied with a giggle of her own. “And speaking of sexy, seeing you and Kelly fucking made me soooo wet. Mmmm we’re gonna have to do this again and again.”

“And again after that,” Cameron added, her sexy smile beaming. “Ooooh baby, you just try and keep me away from your sweet tasting Idol slut buddy. Mmmmm and next time you’d better join in too.”

“Count on it,” Elisha pledged, giving Cameron a hot kiss before they both found themselves once again distracted by the show as Kelly cried out the growing ecstasy she was feeling from Annie’s large breasts against her super stimulated pussy.


“Oh yeahhhhh come all over my tits!” Annie groaned, reveling in how bad she was being.

Before today she’d never even kissed a girl. Now she was rubbing her breasts against a dripping wet pussy and loving it. She felt like she had lost her senses completely, but if that was true then she never wanted them back because this was way too fun to want it to stop. Sex wasn’t boring anymore. Not with all these sexy girls around her.

“Do it Kelly! Soak my big fucking boobs with your hot pussy!” Annie urged, grinding her breasts into the singer and loving how slick her flesh was getting, particularly all around her nipples and areolas. “Come all over them you sexy girl! Make them all messy and sticky! I love how nasty you’re all making me! Ooooooh this is so fucking wild! Come for me Kelly! Mmmmm get your hot cream all over my titties!”

Annie knew Cameron and Elisha were watching her closely and she wanted to impress them. She wanted to show them how hot she could be and that she could get a woman off too. And she definitely wanted to make Kelly feel really good. Annie kept her tits pushed together and moved from one to the other and then back again, rubbing them into Kelly and making her cry out over and over again from her rock hard nipple sticking into her and rubbing against her clitoris.

“OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS I’M GONNA COME! I’M GONNA COME ALL OVER THOSE HOT FUCKING TITS!” Kelly screamed as she helped herself out by reaching around and grabbing onto her own ass cheeks, spreading them open so she could splay her pussy open wider and feel more of Annie’s chest against her sensitive pinkness. “DON’T STOP ANNIE! KEEP RUBBING INTO MY PUSSY AND I’LL COME SOOO HARD!!!”

With her body bent over completely at the knees and her face pressed to the pillow, the singer was completely vulnerable to this unique stimulation from Annie. Spreading herself open like this only made it feel better and Kelly let out a series of sharp, happy squeals from the touch of Annie’s hard nipples and big, juicy breast flesh against her clitoris.

Kelly had never felt anything like this before and she loved it. It wasn’t as good as a finger or a tongue or a toy, but it was definitely different and Kelly liked different. It was so wild to have those big, soft boobs rubbing into her. She had imagined what it would be like to feel Annie’s perfect rack grinding against her pussy and it was so much hotter to actually be feeling it.

She loved Annie’s hard, full nipples, so nice and swollen, rubbing against her equally aroused clitoris and while it wasn’t giving her as much pleasure as the other ways she loved her pussy to be played with, the mental rush of knowing that the breasts she had admired so much were now rubbing against her cunt gave Kelly a huge rush.

Orgasms could often be just as much mental as physical and Kelly loved the pure nastiness of what Annie was doing to her. A tongue could lick her clit better, but this just felt so nasty and crazy that it made her get off in her brain as well as in her pussy, especially when Elisha and Cameron flanked her and began taking turns kissing her.

“Come for her Kelly!” Cameron urged before plunging her tongue into the American Idol’s very willing mouth. “Soak those big sexy tits of hers so good with your cum! Make it drip off her huge titties!”

Kelly greedily accepted Cameron’s tongue kiss and kissed her right back, breaking away from her only so Elisha could kiss her too.

“You look so sexy Kelly! Ooooh baby you look so goddamn hot like this!” Elisha praised. “I love seeing you all bent over and naughty for Annie’s big boobs to fuck you! Mmmmm come for her! Come for me! Come for all of us!”

Annie guessed that Kelly was really close so she began rubbing her tits into her even faster and harder. Kelly was humping herself back against her breasts, pushing her pussy into her chest and painting the freckled mounds.

It felt really good to Annie to know she was turning the gorgeous singer on so much. The way her juices coated her tits and made her nipples even harder got Annie to moan out lustfully and push her face down against Kelly’s backside so she could impetuously lick her ass cheeks, tasting her smooth flesh and the little beads of sweat that were forming.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!” Kelly screamed out without any additional warning as the stimulation she was getting was too much for her to hold back from. “OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH GODDDD COMING ALL OVER THOSE YUMMY TITS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Annie gasped in delight and giggled like an excited school girl making a wild new discovery when she felt the heat and wetness of Kelly’s orgasm explode against her tits. It was like a creamy coating was spilling out over her chest and she loved the warmth and how wicked and sexy it made her feel to be doing something so taboo. She kept rubbing her tits into Kelly as the girl screamed and shook, her cunt mashing against Annie’s chest, wanting as much of the singer’s cum on her skin as possible.

Annie only stopped when Kelly pulled away. And the only reason Kelly did that was so she could pounce on her newest lover before either of her friends got the chance. Annie’s breasts were covered in a sexy, sticky shine of her cum and Kelly went right for them, burying her face into Annie’s tits and licking and sucking them, wanting every drop of her own essence off them.

“Ooooooh Kelllyyyyyyyyyy!” Annie moaned rapturously as the singer greedily feasted on her. “Mmmmm ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss ooooooh lick all over my titties with that long, sexy tongue! Oooooh lick your own cum off my boobs you naughty girl”

Annie placed her hand on the back of Kelly’s head and began caressing the singer, running her fingers through her soft, brown hair and loving the feel of that hot, wet tongue traveling all over her tits. This was so nasty and so hot and Annie smiled when she saw how much hotter it was going to get as Elisha lay back on the bed and spread her legs open for her.

“Didn’t you say something about wanting to taste me?” Elisha grinned, reaching between her legs to paw at her pussy and entice the older woman on further. “Mmmmm get over here Annie. Come get a taste of how wet I am for you!”

Annie loved feeling Kelly frantically cleaning off her tits like she was famished for cum. It was so kinky to feel such a beautiful woman’s hot, wet tongue licking her own cum right off her chest and every lick Kelly took made Annie’s pussy wetter. But right then Annie didn’t want anything more than the chance to eat Elisha out.

“Mmmmm I want that taste so bad,” Annie groaned, slowly pulling herself away from Kelly. “I want your pussy Leesh! I want to fuck you like you fucked me!”

Hearing Annie say that to her after all these months of lusting after her made Elisha shiver hornily from head to toe. She rubbed herself harder in anticipation, especially when Annie began crawling toward her on the bed, her skin still a little wet from the hot tub and her heavy tits swaying back and forth while she moved, the sexy mounds still shiny from Kelly’s saliva and girl cum. Elisha was so turned on and she actually had to slow her hand down out of fear she’d get herself off before Annie even got to her pussy.

“Yesssssss fuck me! I wanna see what a hot pussy loving slut we’ve turned you into!” Elisha begged, moving her hands from her pussy to her tits, squeezing her pink mounds and getting her girl juices all over them.

Kelly was disappointed at first when she’d had to stop sucking on Annie’s tits. She had absolutely flipped over how naughty it made her feel to be kissing and licking and getting her mouth all over those big, yummy tits to taste her own cum all over them. She had loved Annie’s chest before, but being able to taste her own essence on them had been like adding chocolate sauce on top of ice cream. It just made everything better. Kelly had come so much all over Annie’s breasts and licking them clean made her feel so sexy and slutty.

But she told herself not to be greedy. It was Elisha’s turn to have fun and Kelly wanted her friend to feel pleasure like she had. And besides, she did have a great view now of Annie’s bare butt as she lowered herself down onto her stomach on the bed right between Elisha’s outstretched legs. The view from the back of Annie was just as nice as the front and Kelly couldn’t wait to see the gorgeous redhead show off just how into girls she was now.

“So wet….mmmmmm so fucking hot and wet for me.” Annie moaned as she rubbed her fingers against Elisha’s slit, spreading her labia open and sliding them inside, making her friend buck and groan on the bed. “Mmmmm I wanna eat you up baby. You’re the first pussy I’m gonna eat Elisha and I’m gonna make it so good for you!”

Annie was showing more confidence than she truly felt, but she was convinced she could do this. She could make Elisha feel good. If she could make Kelly come as hard as she did with her tits, then she knew she could do even better with her tongue. So she went right for it, pulling her slick fingers out of Elisha’s cunt and diving in with her tongue.

She plunged her tongue right into her friend’s soaked pink folds, thrusting it into her and delighting in the sweet, rich taste. Elisha had a delicious pussy and the taste of her directly from her heated sex was so much better than just licking her off her fingers. It was a wonderful shock to her tastebuds how much she loved the flavor of another woman and Annie let her tongue go wild on the younger girl, lashing it at Elisha’s dripping snatch and tasting as much of her as she could while exploring every intimate inch of her folds.


Elisha was frantically pawing at her own tits while she felt Annie’s tongue for the first time. She was so keyed up for this and Annie was definitely eager. Elisha loved her enthusiasm and as her tongue licked away at her pussy, she began humping against Annie’s face, her hips thrusting in reaction to how good it felt to have that warm, wet tongue bathing her most intimate of parts. Elisha’s clit had been throbbing since she had first tasted Annie in the hot tub and now that she finally had her friend’s mouth on her pussy, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was feeding Annie every drop of her orgasm.

As for Annie the more she tasted the more she loved it and the more she realized all she’d been missing out on. If she’d known how hot girls were, she would have tried this years ago. How could she have not been doing this all along? It was so unbelievably good!

Elisha’s pussy tasted absolutely divine and Annie could still feel Kelly’s cum on her tits, drying onto her skin and making her feel so dirty. She loved feeling like she had lost all control and was indulging in a wild sexual side that had been hidden inside her for too long.

Elisha’s pussy was so tight and hot and juicy and Annie knew she came anything like Kelly just had all over her tits, then her tongue was in for a treat. Annie longed for that creamy release from Elisha and it showed in her licking. And it wasn’t just her co-star she wanted. It was Cameron too! She wanted to eat up that leggy blonde beauty and then do the same to Kelly so the singer could see she could fuck with her tongue just as well as she fucked with her tits.

But Cameron wasn’t willing to wait long enough for Elisha to come first. Her libido was seriously needy right then and her pussy demanded attention. Cameron knew never to deny her cunt’s cravings so she went right for it, repositioning herself and taking advantage of Elisha lying on her back as she fucked Annie’s tongue.

“You look so hungry,” Cameron giggled, lowering herself down onto Elisha’s face. “I’ve got something yummy for you to eat!

And Cameron was definitely yummy. No one had to tell Elisha that. She had gone gaga for Cameron’s pussy in Jamaica and all the times they had been together since hadn’t satisfied her hunger for her taste. So Elisha grabbed right onto Cameron’s body, slapping her hands to her ass cheeks and pushing her pussy down against her so she could jam her tongue right into her heated core.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm yessssssssssssss lick it!” Cameron squealed when Elisha’s tongue plunged into her steaming snatch and she began fucking her friend’s face with abandon, rubbing her juices all over her. “Oooooooh fuck yeahhhh Leesh! Tongue fuck my wet pussy! Ooooooh baby I love fucking you so goddamn much cause you always make me feel fucking amazing!”

This was of course heaven to Elisha. Not only did she have Annie now, but her tongue was everything she had dreamed it would be and more. And Elisha loved licking at the same time she was licked so Cameron’s pussy against her face was just what she had been hoping for. With all that and the fact that the last thing she had seen before Cameron fucking her face cowgirl style had blocked her vision was Kelly watching this all and fingering herself, Elisha knew the fun was just starting here.

She had Kelly and Cameron together and Annie between her legs eating her out, just like she’d dreamed of. This had all happened in just a few hours in Vegas. What more was she going to get out of this weekend? Elisha definitely couldn’t wait to find out.


Jessica couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Stacy so excited and that just deepened the mystery about who they were about to see. Stacy had practically glided on air as she had taken Jessica out of the casino, their winnings safely in hand, and into a cab. But through it all, Stacy had given no clue about who had just texted her and what they were getting themselves into.

Jessica hadn’t even had any idea where they were going until Stacy had told the driver to take them to the MGM Grand. She’d had a million questions for her leggy housemate, but Stacy’s lips had been sealed the entire time and no amount of pleading or cajoling or even declarations that she was mean could get her to spill about what was going on.

They arrived at the hotel and while it quickly became clear they were going to see a person and not a thing when they headed toward the rooms, the identity of that person remained hidden and the suspense was killing Jessica.

“Where are you taking me? C’mon you’ve gotta tell me,” Jessica said, not for the first time, as she and Stacy exited the elevator.

“No way…I kept it a secret the whole way over here,” Stacy shot back with a smile, very proud of herself for actually being able to keep her promise and not give even the slightest hint. “I’m not about to tell you now when we’re about 30 seconds from you seeing for yourself. Besides, I thought you liked surprises Jess.”

“I like surprising other people, I don’t like being surprised,” Jessica said, thinking to herself that she’d had quite enough surprises the day before when she’d nearly been kidnapped, but kept that thought private. She knew whatever secret Stacy was keeping, it would be a lot more fun than the one she was currently hiding from her friends about what had happened. It was obviously going to be a good surprise. She just wanted to know what it was.

“Where are you taking me? What’s so important that you have to drag me here?” Jessica asked with a little annoyance.

She had been getting more and more impatient with Stacy’s reluctance to let her know what was going on. First there had been the mysterious phone call that morning and then there had been the text message Stacy had gotten when they had all been at the casino, which had forced them to delay their shopping trip and instead take this detour. Jessica didn’t like suspense and the closer they got to their destination, the more she demanded to know.

“Just trust me, ok? This is so going to be worth it,” Stacy promised and Jessica didn’t argue with her any more.

She did trust Stacy. How could she not? They were friends. Hell, they were more than friends. They were housemates now and also partners in this game Rose had devised. If she couldn’t trust her then who could she trust?

But Jessica also wanted to know what was going on and Stacy wasn’t providing any answers. Not knowing what Stacy was hiding from her was driving her crazy and they went down the hall together after exiting the elevator searching for a room that only Stacy knew the number for.

Fortunately for Jessica the waiting finally came to an end when they arrived at the room.

“Well…” Jessica finally said after they had stood outside the door for a few moments.

“Well what?” Stacy playfully replied, enjoying keeping Jessica in suspense.

“Well are you gonna knock or something?” Jessica asked, her voice showing her aggravation.

“Nope,” Stacy grinned. “You are.”

“Me? But this is your thing, not mine,” Jessica replied. “You knock. You dragged me out here Stacy. I don’t even know who’s in there.”

“And you’ll never know unless you knock,” Stacy laughed. “C’mon Jess. I know you’re dying with curiosity. The mystery will be over as soon as you knock.”

“I’m gonna knock you,” Jessica grumbled, but not really being too angry at her friend. She didn’t like the games but at least she’d be able to find out what was going on now.

She knocked on the door, her rapping of her knuckle against it showing how testy she was feeling over all of this. But that feeling of annoyance instantly disappeared a moment later when the door swung open and Jessica gasped over the revelation of who was on the other side. She was instantly overcome with emotion, her heart skipping a beat and even little tears of absolute surprised joy starting to well up in her eyes.

“No way!” Jessica exclaimed in joy over who she was looking at. “No fucking way!”

“Hey there stranger,” Trish Stratus said warmly and seductively, the look in her eyes showing that whatever Jessica was feeling, she was feeling it too. “Been a long time.”

Jessica was robbed of words right then. She couldn’t believe she was looking right at Trish. Of all the possibilities she had envisioned for what could be waiting for her, this wasn’t one of them and she couldn’t have been happier. She just stared at the former wrestler, marveling at her beauty and how it felt like forever since they had last seen each other.

“So you gonna invite us in or just let us stand in the hallway all afternoon,” Stacy giggled, loving the looks that Trish and Jessica were giving each other.

Neither woman responded to Stacy’s teasing. Their eyes were locked on each other and Stacy might as well have been on Neptune. Trish stood in the doorway and Jessica in the hallway and neither moved. Jessica couldn’t believe Trish was right in front of her and even though this was Trish’s surprise and she had planned it to go down exactly like this, she still couldn’t quite wrap her mind around the fact that Jessica was right in front of her either.

Seconds ticked away until Jessica finally made a move. She walked into the room and toward Trish. Any other time she would have gone right for a kiss, but instead Jessica wrapped her arms tightly around the Canadian beauty and hugged her close. Jessica embraced Trish with a deep need, holding the woman to her as she pressed her head to her shoulder. All the emotion, from her near kidnapping to her ending up on Jennifer Garner’s door that night to now seeing her friend after far too long just seemed to spill out of her at once.

“Are you crying?” Trish asked as she held Jessica tight, not wanting to let go of her friend either. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I am. I’m great,” Jessica said, smiling through the tears that dripped from her eyes. None of her friends had known what the last few days had been like for her. She had had her sense of safety and security completely shattered and now that Trish was here it was like some kind of happy ending. “I’m just really happy to see you Trish.”

Now they began to kiss. It was Jessica who was the aggressor, gently placing her hands on Trish’s face and caressing her soft, smooth skin. As she did that, Trish kept holding onto Jessica, wrapping her arms protectively around the actress and kissing her back. Their warm lips rubbed wetly and passionately and soon parted so their tongues could slide out and touch.

And when that kiss finally ended, they separated their lips so they could look right into each other’s eyes, holding and caressing each other, wanting nothing more than to be close.

“I called you yesterday…” Jessica said softly, remembering how she had been so completely rattled by what had happened to her and how the first thing she had thought of to do was to call Trish. She had just wanted to hear her voice.

“I’m so sorry I missed you, sweetie,” Trish replied sincerely. “I was kicking myself that I missed you. I tried calling you back but all I got was your voice mail.”

Jessica had turned her phone off after going to Jennifer’s. She had just needed to disconnect. She hadn’t wanted to go back to the mansion. She hadn’t wanted everyone fussing over her and worrying if she was ok. She had just needed some time of peace and serenity and had more than gotten it by being with Jennifer, her husband and her children. Even when she and Jennifer weren’t carrying on the affair that Ben knew nothing about, they were great friends and Jessica loved spending time with her and her family, feeling nothing but warm and safe.

Even after the morning fun on the plane and the joy of arriving in Las Vegas with her housemates, Jessica was still rattled by nearly being kidnapped. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had rescued her but they had also sworn her to secrecy. She had no idea why she had been targeted and what she had been dragged into but she had no doubt that whoever had come after her had wanted to hurt her and maybe even kill her.

She had been stifling all of this inside her for the last day and now it was all coming out and she was overjoyed that Trish was there with her.

“I’m just glad you’re here now,” Jessica said, still hugging Trish as she sniffed back her tears and when the hug finally ended she immediately began wiping her eyes. “Gawd, you must think I’m such a wreck right now.”

“No! Of course I don’t,” Trish immediately replied. “I’m so happy to see you again! Is something wrong? Are you sure everything’s ok?”

Stacy didn’t say anything but she had been a little concerned when Jessica hadn’t come home the night before and then had returned this morning with something clearly on her mind. Jessica hadn’t wanted to talk about it, so Stacy hadn’t pressed but obviously something was bothering her. She had thought that maybe Jessica was putting whatever it was behind her when she had so enthusiastically joined in the fun on the plane, but the reaction she had just given Trish showed that something was still wrong.

Stacy had expected shrieking of joy, lots of kissing and clothes being tossed off right away. Instead she had been shocked when Jessica had started crying. She believed Jessica that they were happy tears. It was clear on her face that they were. But tears were tears and Stacy was freshly worried about her friend turned housemate.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Really I am,” Jessica insisted. “It’s just been a really weird time and I just can’t believe you’re here Trish! I’m so happy to see you!”

Jessica kept her lips sealed about the truth to Trish too. She had been warned not to tell anyone and she was damn sure going to keep to her promise not to. She didn’t want any of her friends dragged into what had happened to her. Besides what had happened to her yesterday was the last thing she wanted to talk about. Not when there were far more wonderful things to focus on instead.

“How did you get here?” Jessica marveled, completely taken by surprise and so glad now that Stacy had dragged her here. “How did this all happen?”

“Well I was going to come out to Malibu to surprise you anyway,” Trish explained as the three of them sat down on the room’s couch, Jessica and Stacy sandwiching Trish. “I wanted it to be like this big surprise now that Stacy moved in. But then she told me that you were going to Vegas and I was like ‘Hey, I haven’t had a vacation in forever.’ So here I am. I’m just glad I could surprise you. I was sure you’d figure it out.”

“Hey, when I say I won’t tell a secret, I mean it…well most of the time at least,” Stacy giggled. “Believe me I’m kind of shocked I was able to keep quiet about it too.”

“How long have you known?” Jessica asked her housemate.

“Just since this morning,” Stacy replied. “And thank God for that. If I had known for any longer I totally would have told. I think I was about to crack as it was. You were getting soooooo mad at me for not telling you what was going on and if it had taken like five minutes longer for us to get here I would have started dropping hints just to get you not to be annoyed at me anymore.”

“Well I’m glad you kept it a secret,” Jessica smiled. “I like this surprise. Mmmmmm no, I love it.”

Jessica then leaned in and gave Trish another warm, wet kiss, pressing her lips to hers in a sign of deep desire and of emotion that went far beyond lust. And this time Jessica didn’t ignore Stacy. When she was done with Trish, she leaned over her and began kissing Stacy, giving her the same tender smooch. Then when she pulled away, it was Trish’s turn to do something that she hadn’t done in far too long and give Stacy a kiss right on the lips.

Jessica watched the two beautiful former Divas give each other a soulful, happy kiss and felt her girly parts definitely start to stir. It was so amazing that this was happening and Jessica was eager to make the absolute most out of it. So she didn’t hesitate to lean back in and turn Trish and Stacy’s wet kiss into a threesome, an addition that was happily welcomed by the two of them.

They both kissed Jessica back and it didn’t take long for hands to start roaming over bodies and they only time they broke was when Jessica softly caressed Trish’s hair and took in the biggest change in her friend.

“Dark,” Jessica said simply while rubbing a soft strand of Trish’s hair.

“You like?” Trish asked hopefully. The last time she had seen Jessica she’d been a blonde and now she had gone to a brunette. It wasn’t as if Jessica not approving of the change would have sent her running to back to the peroxide, but she did want her to like it.

Fortunately, Jessica would have felt the same way about Trish if she had pink hair, green hair or no hair. Going from blonde to brunette was not something that rattled her in any way.

“Mmmmhmmm definitely,” Jessica replied. “I love it. Your hair is beautiful Trish.”

“So is yours,” Trish said, playing with Jessica’s dark locks too. The actress had gone back and forth between blonde and brunette a few times but right now, like Trish, she was happy with a darker head of hair. “Mmmmm everything about you is beautiful Jess.”

Trish and Jessica began tenderly kissing again, neither of them able to get enough of the other. They kissed over and over again, rubbing their clothed bodies together on the couch. Neither of them had even really started any naughty touching yet. Right then they were just enjoying kissing and being together after so long apart.

The two had formed such a strong bond even though they were often nearly an entire country apart. Ever since the day Trish had managed to make her own dreams come true by coaxing Jessica into some hot sauna sex there had been a real connection between the two that went beyond just desire for each other’s incredible bodies.

That had been such an incredible day where they had snuck off into a sauna and Trish had revealed how she knew Jessica had fucked her friend Amy and how badly she wanted her too. It hadn’t taken long for their towels to be on the floor and for their hands and tongues to get all over each other’s naked bodies, but that had only been the beginning.

Stacy had caught them right in the middle of their fun and that had ended up being her first time with a woman too. That day had changed both Trish and Stacy’s lives forever and earned Jessica two new sexy friends she loved to spend time with. And while Jessica adored Stacy, it had always been something a little stronger with Trish.

With WWE’s demanding schedule it had been so hard for them to find time to be together. Certainly Trish made it her business to see Jessica and stop by the mansion whenever WWE had brought her through Los Angeles or anywhere even reasonably close in California. But that was only a few times a year and there had been so few real days off that she hadn’t been able to just drop everything and head to Malibu on a whim whenever she felt like it.

There had been too much else to take care of back home and considering home wasn’t just back east, it was in another country, Trish and Jessica’s time together had been far too infrequent for either of their tastes.

When Trish had finally left WWE and taken a well deserved early retirement from the world of professional wrestling, she had hoped that it would lead to a lot more time with Jessica and a lot more fun at the mansion. But as it turned out, Trish had even less time to get out to California.

Between building her yoga studio in Toronto, doing the occasional movie or TV show up there and all the other things on her plate, Trish had found herself busier than ever. Sure there hadn’t been the brutal schedule that WWE had imposed, but she was still plenty occupied and hadn’t been able to see nearly as much of Jessica as she had wanted.

That was why this meant so much to her to be here and to actually be able to kiss and touch Jessica and hopefully do every dirty thing she had dreamed about doing to the actress in those feverish nights of masturbation where she would break out her fingers, her toys or whatever she had handy to fuck herself and dream that it was Jessica doing it to her. Trish loved sex and she especially loved girl sex and while her friends and fellow Divas were incredible lovers, there was just something about Jessica that made her come with an extra heat and intensity that she could never get enough of.

And beyond the intense pleasure that the actress could always give her, Trish had just missed Jessica. She missed being around her. She missed talking to her. She missed seeing her and touching her and being there for her. Toronto was far away from Malibu and she had missed Jessica so much that it often felt even further, like it was another world entirely.

The good news was that the distance between the two of them had compelled them to work even harder than they ordinarily might have to stay connected. With such rare opportunities for them to actually see each other, they not only made the most of their chances to be together, they also strove to keep in constant touch. They emailed each other, they texted each other and burned up their cell phone minutes talking to each other.

They had even recently begun using Skype to keep in touch and Trish’s pussy moistened at the memory of how recently they had eagerly stripped for each other and proceeded to show the other through the cameras how wet they’d gotten and how horny they were for one another.

They’d both gotten so fucking wet that night. Trish remembered how her pussy had been absolutely soaked from putting on that slutty show for Jessica and being able to use one of her toys to fuck herself right in front of the computer, loving that Jessica was able to see her and watch her come.

Trish had sat down in the chair by her computer completely naked and perched her legs on her desk, spreading them open and making sure the camera got a great view as she fucked herself vigorously with her toy, moaning out Jessica’s name and saying how badly she wanted her tongue licking her pussy and how she was dying to fuck her pretty, movie star face right back.

It had been even hotter to see Jessica do the same, especially as she had pushed a vibrator over her cunt while at the same time fingering her ass and letting Trish see it all. Trish had gotten so wet she hadn’t been able to resist fucking herself again while Jessica told her how she wanted her tongue buried in her little cunt and how she was dying for Trish to use that toy of hers on her ass. They had gotten each other so horny that night and had watched each other come over and over again with screaming delight, howling each other’s names as they did it.

That had been such a hot night and it had further convinced Trish that it had been way too long since she had seen her friend and that she had to just put everything else aside and get herself out to California. She had to see her. She needed to be close to her. Absence hadn’t made her heart fonder for Jessica. It had only made her lonelier.

Trish was so envious that Stacy was able to move to the mansion but she was also beyond happy for her. She could only imagine the pleasures that awaited Stacy and the more she had thought about it, the more a trip out west to make sure Stacy was properly settled in made absolute sense.

When Stacy had told her that they were all headed out to Vegas, Trish had decided to just jump on a plane and go. She didn’t think about it. She just did it. She was way overdue for a vacation and being able to spend time with Jessica, Stacy and all their friends was just the vacation Trish knew she deserved. And she hadn’t bought a return ticket yet, either.

As far as she was concerned, her stay out here was open ended and Trish hoped that her journey to Las Vegas would lead her to Malibu at the end of the weekend.

She wanted to spend as much time with Jessica as possible and if that meant being in a beautiful mansion full of gorgeous, horny women who loved having sex with other women, then so much the better. Trish had played with Jessica’s friends on a few occasions and it was always so hot and so much fun to be with those girls.

It was also inspiring. Thanks to the influence of the mansion, Trish had started her own kind of special, secret club, just like these girls had, by doing everything she could to seduce her fellow Divas while she’d been in the WWE.

And of course none of that ever would have happened if she hadn’t met Jessica. That had been one of the best days of Trish’s life. She had only fantasized about a woman’s touch before then but seeing Jessica and knowing what she had done with Amy had emboldened her to act. After that day in the sauna, Trish had never just had to fantasize again. And not only had Jessica brought her to utter ecstasy and shown her the right path to get it again and again and again, but she had made herself one of the most special friends in her life too.

Trish didn’t quite know how to put what she had with Jessica into words, but it was definitely a bond of real friendship and it was definitely special. This wasn’t just any hot girl she was kissing. It was one she cared for deeply and she knew Jessica felt the same. That was why their kisses were extra sweet and so very sexy and why they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“Mmmmmmm ooooooh Jess, baby, you’re so fucking sexy,” Trish groaned as she took her hands off Jessica’s hair and instead wickedly placed them on her chest, feeling up her tits through her sundress, loving how warm and soft she felt. “Mmmmmm I forgot how good your body feels.”

“That’s cause you’re keeping yourself stuck in snowy Toronto when you could be out here with me and Stacy lying naked by the pool under the sun,” Jessica teased. “But I guess you’re happier in your igloo.”

“Gawwwwd I told you, it’s Toronto, not Antarctica,” Trish laughed back. “I don’t live in the damn Yukon or anything. You act like I’m sitting up there with icicles hanging off my nipples.”

“Oooooh are you? Mmmmm maybe we should check your nipples to make sure,” Jessica enthusiastically giggled, rubbing Trish through her shirt and feeling up the large mounds she always loved to play with. “Mmmmmm these feel nice. Not frozen, that’s for sure.”

“That’s cause I don’t live in a snow globe,” Trish shot back before she moaning the rest of her reply to Jessica, loving every bit of the soft, tender touch she was giving her breasts through her clothes. “Ooooooh yessssss. Mmmmm and even if I was oooooh you’d always be able to warm me up Jess. Ughhhhh mmmmmm fuck that feels goooood!”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Jessica grinned. “And we do this all the time out here in the sun. Mmmmm lots of kissing and touching all over our naked bodies with nothing but warm weather and a big, shiny sun. There are no snowflakes out here to freeze your cute butt off in. I don’t know why you would want to live out there in the great white north when you could be here with me and Stacy showing you how us California girls do it.”

Trish wasn’t in the mood to argue geography though. She just wanted this to go on and to get even hotter. She was aching with need for her friend. It had been so long since they had last done this and the feel of her soft, skillful hands fondling her through her clothes made her even more anxious to tear all of them off.

“I want you Jess! Want you so fucking bad,” Trish groaned with the need that was burning inside her. No form of communication, no matter how advanced, could ever match how good it was to be face to face with someone you missed and the sexy Canadian badly missed her California companion.

“Hey! What about me?” Stacy interjected. “You forget all about me Trish? Too interested in your precious Jessica to remember your other friends?”

Stacy was only pretending to be upset over being ignored though. She loved seeing Jessica and Trish make out. She didn’t feel like a third wheel but rather a voyeur who got a thrill out of seeing beautiful women indulge in desire for each other. Still she wanted to have some fun and if she wasn’t being kissed or touched by the sexy girls she was on the couch with, she wanted to at least tease them a little.

“Awwww you know it’s not like that…ummmm…uhhhh…what was your name again?” Trish replied, playing along and getting a couch pillow to the chest from Stacy for her efforts.

“You are so bad,” Stacy laughed, giving Trish another whack with the pillow.

“Mmmmmhmmm you know it Stace,” Trish grinned. “Wanna see how bad I am?”

Trish didn’t wait for an answer before taking action. Since she was sitting in between Jessica and Stacy it was easy for her to put her hands to work. She took one hand and began rubbing it between Jessica’s legs, making the actress stiffen and moan as her fingers touched her through her dress and her panties. And at the same time Trish used her other hand to caress Stacy’s sex through her shorts, making her moan just as passionately.

“Oooooooh you are bad!” Jessica groaned. “Mmmmm very, very bad! And I love you for it!”

“Mmmmm I’ve wanted to be this bad for a long time,” Trish said, loving the soft mews and wanton moans she was getting from her friends. “It’s not as cold as you think up in Canada, Jess, but I sure do get lonely without you guys there. I’ve been looking to warm things up with you both.”

And Trish was certainly doing a good job of warming things up. With her hands caressing their most private of areas through their clothes, Jessica and Stacy were both mighty moist and more than ready for action. Trish was making it all feel so good and they took turns kissing her as she sat in between them, their lips and tongues all wetly smacking together.

“Oooooh I’m soooo glad you didn’t forget about me, Trish,” Stacy cooed. “Ughhhh I love when you touch me. It’s been too fucking long since you did!”

“I could never forget about you Stace,” Trish said, her own pussy turning moist and squishy from touching her friends. “After all you’ve been such a good girl. Mmmm you’ve been keeping all my secrets for me and you definitely deserve a reward for that.”

Trish turned toward her leggy friend and placed a hot kiss on Stacy’s lips. Stacy moaned right into the kiss and gave it back to Trish, letting their tongues sensually rub together as their eyes closed and the passion got hotter. Trish hadn’t just missed Jessica. She had also longed to see Stacy again. They had spent so many fun nights together on the road when they’d been with WWE and Trish was eager to reunite with her sexy blonde friend.

As the two former wrestlers continued to kiss, Trish kept her hand on Jessica, even though she didn’t have much of a choice but to do so. The horny actress had hiked up her sundress enough to expose her panties and she was holding onto Trish’s hand, keeping it between her legs and rubbing against her sweet spot. Jessica moaned wildly and practically humped against Trish’s hand, rubbing her pussy against it and making sure Trish could feel how damp her underwear was getting.

But even if Jessica hadn’t been holding down her hand, Trish would have kept it there. She loved touching Jessica and she loved the heat she could feel from her pussy. It was a sexy reminder that Jessica wanted this as much as she did and that got Trish wetter too.

The formerly blonde woman though still kept most of her focus on Stacy then, wanting to reward the long stemmed goddess for being so good and not spilling any of her secrets. Trish was so happy she had been able to totally surprise Jessica like she had and she knew that Stacy deserved a lot of the credit for that. Stacy definitely was due a reward and Trish made sure and give it to her. She took her hand away from her friend’s shorts, but only so she could push up Stacy’s tank top and expose her bra.

Stacy moaned as her top was lifted up by Trish. Her nipples felt so hard under her bra. They poked out against the soft material and Trish admired how hot Stacy’s firm little tits looked in the yellow bra with a dark border around it. It hefted up her perky boobs so nicely and the way her nipples strained against it tickled Trish’s ego because it showed how badly she wanted this.

Without taking her hand off Jessica’s wet panties, Trish began licking Stacy’s tits through her bra, running her tongue against where her nipples were poking out, just like she used to when she would corner Stacy in the women’s locker room after a match to taste her hot body through her outfit and make her even hornier for some fun in the shower. Licking Stacy’s sexy body through her clothes always made the both of them feel so good and time hadn’t changed that. Trish could see Stacy shiver from the pleasure and she increased it by latching her lips to an erect nipple and sucking it.

Trish especially wanted to reward Stacy for keeping her lips sealed because only part one of her surprise had actually been revealed. The second part was still en route. At least Trish hoped she was. It wasn’t a guarantee, but Trish believed she was coming. She couldn’t wait to spring this sexy second part of the surprise on Jessica. She knew she would love it and it would be especially good because it would also be a fantasy come true for herself and Stacy too.

Stacy knew who she had invited to be here and of course she had loved the idea. And she hadn’t breathed even a hint of it to Jessica so Trish wanted to make her friend feel good for acting so good. She sucked and licked at her nipples through her yellow bra, making the lacy yellow material wet with her saliva. Stacy peeled her top over her head, taking it the rest of the way off and that further reminded Trish that they were all still wearing far too many clothes.

“How about we get inside the bedroom?” Trish purred, keeping one hand on Jessica’s pussy and caressing Stacy’s bosom through her wet bra with the other. “Mmmmm we can stretch out a bit and get naked. Sound good?”

“Mmmmmm sounds VERY good,” Stacy emphatically agreed, but Jessica was feeling a bit more playful.

“Oooooh is that how it’s gonna be?” Jessica laughed. “You think you can just show up out of the blue and after five minutes of kissing you expect me to just head right into your bedroom? You think I’m easy or something Trish? You think I’m some kind of slut?”

“Mmmmmmhmmmm I know you’re a slut,” Trish laughed back. “Just like me. Just like Stacy. You’re a naughty little horny girl Jessica. I can feel how wet your pussy is getting. You want this so fucking bad, don’t you baby?”

“Wellllllll maybe,” Jessica coyly replied, acting hard to get while loving every moment Trish’s hot hand was rubbing her through her panties. “Mmmmmmm you do know how to turn a girl on Trish. But I’m not some easy little tramp you can get into bed right away. Maybe I want a little romance first?”

Trish knew Jessica was only playing around. They were all so excited that this was actually happening after such a long wait that they couldn’t help but get a little silly. Fortunately she knew just how to get Jessica to come along with her. She had a secret weapon to use…actually two.

“How’s this for some romance?” Trish challenged before she took her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, showing off her rack in a violet bra that hefted her mounds up and gave a deep valley of cleavage for her girlfriends to drool over. “Mmmmm I know you can’t resist these Jessica. You say you’re not easy? You say you’re not a slut? Well I think my big tits can make you into a slut really easily!”

“Ooooooh!” Jessica groaned in lust at the sight of how Trish’s breasts were spilling out of her bra. The violet silk did little to restrain them, pushing them up to make her large bosom seem positively enormous. She nearly choked on her saliva over seeing those gorgeous tits and Trish reveled in the reaction she got from the actress.

“Feeling romanced yet, Jess?” Trish teased, letting her shirt drop down to the floor along with Stacy’s as she reached up to fondle herself through her bra.

“Mmmmmm gawwwd you know my weakness Trish,” Jessica laughed. “I can never resist those sexy tits. Oooooh God, Trish, they look so fucking hot!”

“Oh I know they do,” Trish confidently replied, rubbing them harder and making it seem like she was about to pop them right out of her bra. “But if you want to see more of them and mmmmm touch and taste them then you’re going to have to get off the couch and get into the bedroom with me. If you’re looking for romance, you might as well sit there Jessica. ‘Cause Stacy and I are going to go in there and fuck!”

That was just what Stacy wanted and she eagerly took Trish’s hand when it was offered to her. Trish pulled the blonde woman off the couch and guided her right into the next room where a soft, comfortable bed lay waiting to be defiled by lesbian lust.

As usual it was Trish who asserted herself and Stacy who was more than eager to be taken by her stronger friend. Trish pushed Stacy onto the bed, making the blonde giggle in excitement as she bounced a little on the soft mattress, her firm tits jiggling in her bra. But the laughter stopped and the moaning started when Trish pressed herself down on top of Stacy and kissed her passionately.

Jessica was right behind them, of course, still smiling and more excited than ever. Deep connection with Trish aside, the last thing Jessica really wanted right then was to be romanced. She wanted sex. The hotter the better. And she knew it was always hot with Trish. Having Stacy there was the cherry on top and Jessica’s pussy was doing some serious soaking of her panties as she stood by the bed and watched Trish and Stacy make out.

Trish’s dark hair draped down onto Stacy’s face as they tongue kiss and rubbed their bra-clad tits together. Trish kept the taller blonde pinned down on her back as they shared saliva, their moans getting louder. Stacy had no problem being held down by Trish, especially with her big tits mashing into her perkier set. It had been so long since she had felt these hot kisses from her friend and she had really missed them. Fun with Trish had made so many lonely nights on the road bearable and she felt like Trish had only gotten hotter since they had last been together.

Trish and Stacy continued to passionately kiss and grind their chest together, their nipples getting rock hard under their bras. As they did this they heard a moaning that was not their own and Trish turned her head and grinned when she saw Jessica with her dress pulled up around her waist and her hand in her panties, groaning in need while watching the two former Divas.

“Ohhhh I see you didn’t want romance after all,” Trish saucily stated. “Guess you really wanted to get in here and get fucked!”

“You know I did!” Jessica moaned, her fingers making her pussy even juicier. “Fuck romance! Mmmmm you know I’m really a slut that needs it bad, Trish! I’ve been dying to fuck you for so long! I can’t resist you. I want your tits! I want your ass! And most of all I want that sweet little pussy of yours! I wanna fuck that tight hole with my greedy little slut tongue and make you come! I am a slut! I am easy! Mmmmm you make me wanna be such a fucking whore Trish!”

“Goody, cause you make me wanna be the same way too,” Trish moaned back, loving the view of Jessica masturbating in front of her. “Mmmmm and it’s been too long since I tasted your hot fucking pussy Jess! C’mere and feed me those fingers baby! Lemme get the taste I’ve been missing!”

Jessica was on that in a flash. She let her sundress drop back down and was at the edge of the bed in the blink of an eye. As Trish continued to lie on top of Stacy, she opened her lips and sucked Jessica’s fingers into her mouth as soon as they were offered to her.

Trish moaned wantonly at the delicious taste of her movie star lover all over those slim fingers. She greedily sucked on them, relishing the flavor her tongue had craved for so many nights and eagerly dreaming of tasting a lot more right from the source of Jessica’s pink core.

While Trish gave head to Jessica’s fingers, Stacy took her opportunity to make things a little more naked. Pinned under Trish, Stacy was in the perfect position to reach up to Trish’s back where the clasp of her bra tantalizingly lay. With the ease she was picking up from her mansion-trained skills, Stacy unsnapped Trish’s bra and was about to pull it off her when someone else greedily volunteered for the job.

“No! Let me!” Jessica insisted, reaching over with her free hand and tugging away the no longer needed garment.

Stacy didn’t fight her housemate off. She just let her have her way in stripping Trish down. Trish was pulled up enough from Stacy’s body that it was easy to yank the bra right off her, leaving her topless and both Jessica and Stacy were more than pleased with the view they now had of Trish’s bare tits.

“Oooooooh baby! Mmmmmm fuck those tits look so fucking hot!” Jessica drooled as she was reminded that seeing them naked on Skype or in dirty pictures being emailed was nothing compared to having them there in the flesh to be played with. “Gawwwwd I missed seeing them! You know how much I love your tits Trish!”

“Mmmmm I do and you know how much I love yours, Jess,” Trish reminded the actress. “So why don’t you wiggle out of that dress and show me. Don’t you dare hide that awesome body of yours Jessica. I’ve been waiting too damn long to see it again! Get out of that dress before I rip it off you!”

From the look of excited lust in Trish’s eyes, it was clear that was a very real threat and that sent a rush up Jessica’s spine. She loved that look. She had given it to many girls herself over the years and had seen it from plenty of her housemates too. But seeing that stare of raw desire in Trish’s eyes was extra hot. Jessica couldn’t get out of her clothes fast enough and she hurriedly pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in just her lacy bra and panties, her crotch visibly soaked.

“So nice. So fucking sexy,” Trish moaned at the sight of Jessica stripping for her. “Mmmmm get in here baby. I’m lonely. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a girl that I need you both.”

Jessica complied in a flash, getting into the bed and pulling Trish off Stacy so she could properly kiss her. Jessica’s hands were all over Trish’s bare tits, palming the heavy mounds and loving how small her hands felt next to such full breasts. While she massaged them, she and Trish rubbed their tongues together lewdly, kissing passionately and moaning into each other’s mouths.

Stacy wasn’t forgotten though. She spooned herself against Trish, grinding into her half-dressed body and brushing her dark hair out of the way and kissing her neck. She also reached around Trish’s body to fondle her tits, giving the woman the intense sensations of two sets of hands palming her breasts. Trish cooed in bliss and when she and Jessica broke their kiss she turned her head so Stacy could kiss her next.

Then Stacy kissed Jessica again and the three women were back into a mess of three-way kissing, lips and tongues wetly smacking together as they all kicked off their shoes, hearing them hit the soft carpet with little thuds that were barely registered over the sounds of their giggles and moans.

The three horny women rolled around on the bed, changing positions constantly. Jessica would be on top of Trish at one point and then Stacy would be on top of her and then Trish would be back on top of Stacy before Stacy asserted herself on Jessica, resting her body atop hers as they continued kissing and fondling each other’s bodies.

Finally Stacy ended up flat on her back with Trish on her left and Jessica on the right. She moaned in anticipation as Trish finally reached for her shorts, knowing that as soon as her friend removed the tight clothing she would be able to clearly see just how wet she was.

“Ooooooh what’s this? Oh my Stacy. No panties? Mmmm you bad, bad girl,” Trish taunted playfully when she only saw beautiful, bare girl under Stacy’s clothes. “Jess, what have you done with this girl? She used to only wear the sexiest thongs and now you got her going commando?”

“No panties is Rose’s rule,” Stacy informed Trish as Jessica nodded her head in agreement. “Mmmm the girls all like having my pussy nice and bare under my shorts or my tiny little skirts so they can get at me whenever they want. I have to show them what a good little slut I can be for them by bending over and showing off my ass and letting them see how wet my slit’s getting. No panties on means that I’m ready to fuck!”

That was a bit of an exaggeration. Sure Rose liked to make a big deal about supposedly forbidding girls to wear panties, but you would just as often find girls there with underwear on as you would without it. Stacy still had all her favorite thongs and her housemates loved complimenting her on how good she looked in them. But she also loved the thrill of walking around with as little on as possible, including not having panties on.

“I like the way Rose thinks,” Trish said, looking lustfully at her friend’s smooth girlflesh, her pussy shaved completely bare, with nary a hair in place, her cunt lips slick and shiny with arousal and her clit peeking out from her tight little labia as Stacy lewdly opened her long legs to give her a peek of her pink. “And speaking of panties, how come you still have yours on Jessica? I thought you were getting naked.”

“Impatient aren’t we,” Jessica laughed as she pushed her own panties down her legs, leaving her nude from the waist down, but with her bra still on, just like Stacy. “What’s the matter Trish? Can’t wait five seconds more for me to get naked after waiting months to see me?”

“Hell no,” Trish shot back with a big smile, enjoying the sight of Jessica’s shaved smooth pussy even more than she loved seeing Stacy’s. “Mmmmmm and I know you can’t wait either.”

“Of course I can’t,” Jessica said, pushing herself into Trish again and kissing her once more. “I’m dying to fuck you Trish. My pussy’s on fire. Mmmmm feel!”

Jessica guided Trish’s hand back to her cunt and this time there was no dress and there were no panties in the way. It was just her bare sex and Trish groaned as her fingers immediately began rubbing the wet, heated lips of her friend’s horny pussy.

“Ohhhhh Jessssss,” Trish groaned, caressing the tender lips of her friend’s cunt. She had been so looking forward to this and feeling how soaking wet Jessica was made her heart beat faster with excitement. “Mmmm baby. I gotta fuck you Jessica. I can’t wait another second.”

“Oh we are so gonna fuck,” Jessica promised lustfully. “But first we gotta take care of this…”

As she said that, Jessica reached around her own back and unsnapped her bra clasp, pulling her underwear off and exposing her naked tits, the firm, tan mounds already glowing with perspiration from everything that had happened.

“Mmmmmm and this,” Jessica said, tossing her bra away onto the floor and going for Trish’s shorts.

Stacy helped out in this and they quickly removed the offending garment together, leaving Trish in nothing but wet panties. Jessica and Stacy playfully licked Trish through her panties, their two tongues dragging simultaneously over the damp silk and tasting her honey through them as the scent of her raging arousal tickled their noses. They gave Trish’s pussy several wicked licks and then began kissing each other, rubbing their tongues together and sharing the taste.

But they didn’t stop there. Trish’s panties just had to go and they were quickly pulled down her legs by Jessica. The actress didn’t want any clothing left on in this bed and she tossed Trish’s panties away so she could properly feast on the wetness she discovered underneath them. Trish’s slit was coated with her arousal and Jessica didn’t hesitate to give it a hungry lick, dragging her tongue over Trish’s pussy lips and letting her flavor soak her tongue and satisfy the taste buds that had been dying for a taste.

“Ooooooh! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss honey yesssssssssssssssss! Mmmmmm nasty girl! Nasty, sexy girl!” Trish cried out. “Mmmmm fuck yes Jessica! You always know what I want! You always give me what I need!”

Trish had been looking forward to this day like it was her birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Not only had it been an agonizing wait in between times she had played with Jessica, but she hadn’t even been with a girl in months either. She had been so busy with everything going on in her life and with her special friends scattered all over and none of them nearby, it had been a lesbian sex drought for her that Trish was aching to end.

She had been dying for the touch of a woman and it hadn’t been like she could head out to the first gay bar she found and pick up a sexy chick or place an ad on one of those smutty Internet hook up sites. She had to be far more discreet than that. That meant she had had to wait and now that waiting was finally at an end.

Trish hadn’t been looking to get licked first. In fact her plan had been to go down on Jessica to satisfy her hunger, but she wasn’t about to make her friend stop now. Not when her tongue felt so good on her pussy. God, she hadn’t even realized how badly she had needed this until now. Her pussy was drooling right onto Jessica’s tongue as all her pent up horniness began to spill out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh God Jess! Mmmmm lick my pussy! Ooooooh baby yessssssssssssss I’ve been dying to feel you lick me again!” Trish hornily moaned. “I miss that hot tongue of yours! Ooooooh yessssssssssss lick that wet, pink hole baby! Taste the dirty little twat that you got so fucking wet!”

“Ohhhh yessssss naughty girl, talking so dirty,” Jessica groaned in between licks, her own hand right between her legs and rubbing her own wetness while she lay on her stomach and feasted on the sweet pussy she craved. “I love hearing you talk dirty Trish. Mmmmmm makes me soooo horny to hear your pretty lips say nasty things about what you want me to do. I want this pussy of yours so bad, Trish! I want your dirty fucking twat all over my pretty face! I’m gonna fucking gobble up your nasty little Canadian cunt!”

Trish nearly melted from hearing the dirty talk spit right back at each other from her fiery, gorgeous lover. Jessica’s face was so lusty and energetic. The words leapt off her lips with enthusiasm and deep desire and she only stopped talking about what she was going to do to Trish so she could actually do it. She pushed her friend’s legs open and began working her tongue over her even faster, lapping against her tender, pink pussy lips and then diving in to taste where Trish was even juicier and pinker.

Each lick made Trish cry out her pleasure. She couldn’t believe it, but Jessica’s licking was even better than she remembered it. Jessica’s had been the first female tongue to lick her and, even though she had taken many women lovers since that day, she was still her favorite. But Jessica had never taken her like this. There was an urgent hunger being unleashed with every lick against her pussy and Trish felt a rush of ecstasy flow through her from Jessica’s oral efforts that was far beyond any tongue lashing the actress had ever given her before.

It was all so much, all at once, that Trish felt like she could be completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of Jessica’s tongue. Not that she would have minded, but she couldn’t help but think that it was funny how this had all worked out. Before now she had had all the power in this encounter, surprising Jessica and then coaxing her and Stacy into the bedroom. But now she was just a mess of shaking girl flesh under Jessica’s tongue. She was helpless to resist its power or the pleasure it brought her.

This definitely wasn’t how Trish had planned it. The whole long plane ride out here she had been dreaming of tasting Jessica’s pussy. She had been starving for the flavor of her girl honey and she had planned it out to make sure that she would be the first one to get a taste. Trish had intended to have their roles reversed and have Jessica be the one writhing on her back as she licked and sucked at her soaked pussy. Trish had wanted to make Jessica delirious with pleasure before the surprise got here and made things even hotter.

But just the opposite had happened. Trish was the one on her back being licked into a frenzy by a horny girl tongue. She was the one whose naked body was rocking on the bed and she was the one who felt like she could come already from Jessica’s skilled tongue lapping at her snatch. However, this was way too good to even think of reversing just because it wasn’t according to her plan. Besides Trish knew that no matter who came first, Jessica was going to be plenty wet and eager to play when the surprise showed up.

“Oooooooooooooh baby yessssssssss! Fuck me Jessica! Mmmmm yessss I’ve been dying to say that to you! Fuck me baby! Fuck the pussy you always get so horny!” Trish panted, her naked body working up a fun, sexy sweat as she ground her bare ass into the bed and rubbed her cunt right into Jessica’s face and tongue. “Ahhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss mmmmm you make that pussy so fucking juicy baby! I was soaking wet on the plane thinking of you getting me again and having your hot tongue lick the cum right out of me! Oooooooh yesssssssssssss just don’t stop Jessica! Mmmmmm keep licking me good! Lick the juice right out of my horny little pussy!”

After waiting this long to get a chance to be with Trish again, Jessica just wanted to lick her friend over and over again. The hunger she felt for Trish was heartfelt. She wanted to absolutely devour her sexy body. This reunion had been such a long time coming and Jessica wasn’t going to waste a moment. Her own pussy was demanding attention as her tongue thrust hard into Trish, pushing deeper into the soft pinkness of her sex, stimulating the juicy folds she so adored and making sure it rubbed right up against Trish’s rapidly swelling clitoris, but Jessica only wanted to pleasure Trish right then.

Jessica couldn’t remember the last time she had been this happy. She was filled with not just lust for Trish, but utter joy that she had the chance to do this. She totally hadn’t seen this surprise coming and it was just what she needed. She could forget about everything else and concentrate entirely on bringing pleasure to her gorgeous, sexy friend. She had dreamed about this happening and to have it be such a wonderful surprise made it so sweet and joyous in Jessica’s mind.

She loved the sex she had with her housemates and all her girlfriends. They knew so many ways to make her feel good and it was never empty sex. There was always a connection. But there was something so special about this and the happiness she felt made her only want to give Trish the sweetest pleasure. Her own needs could wait, it was Trish’s that needed to be tended to.

She worked her tongue over Trish’s hot spots in a frenzied licking and whenever her tongue needed a little rest or she wanted to gulp down the juice that was soaking it, Jessica would work her lips over Trish’s cunt. She sucked her labia, kissed the dripping folds of her pinkness and made sure that her clit got plenty of attention.

As she did this, Jessica had one arm bent at the elbow to lift herself up a little and her other hand right at her own pussy, fingering herself as hard as she was licking Trish. She worked her own pussy over roughly, loving how she could give it to herself with a rough abandon while she licked Trish with such a loving, joyous passion.

Jessica’s blood was boiling with sexual desire and she funneled all that energy to Trish, her face buried in her friend’s dripping, grinding cunt and her tits rubbing up against the bedspread. Each wanton howl she got from Trish’s mouth made her want to fuck her even harder.

Trish’s ecstatic cries weren’t just coming from Jessica’s work though. Not when Stacy was involved as well. The tall blonde girl was bent over on her knees on the bed, leaning over Trish and happily sucking on her friend’s shaking tits.

She had always loved playing with the large mounds when she and Trish shared a locker room and a lot more in WWE and the taste of her yummy skin, especially when it was getting a little sweaty, was just as good as Stacy remembered it. She moved her mouth from one large breast to another, wrapping her lips around Trish’s nipples and kissing and sucking them with an eager delight.

Stacy left each of Trish’s tits wet with her saliva, making her nipples swell up even more until they were fully hard and swollen up like little berries capping off her pink mounds. Stacy always loved Trish’s big tits. There had always been such big, beautiful tits ready to be played with in the locker room and Trish’s had never been anything less than completely spectacular.

Stacy loved how they bounced and smacked her face a little from the way Trish was enthusiastically writhing on the bed, grinding her pussy into Jessica’s face and making her ass tender from rubbing against the bed spread.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhh Stacy! Suck those titties!” Trish hissed, the pleasure her friends were giving her absolutely holding her in its grip. “Ooooooh mmmmm God I missed your hot mouths! Both of you! Ooooooh fuck it’s been too long since I got treated this good in bed! Mmmmm do it you naughty girls! Make me see what I’ve been missing by staying so far away! Make me feel like a fucking woman again!”

Ever since her first time with Jessica, Trish hadn’t stopped taking on male lovers, but she had also known conclusively that women could do things to her that men just couldn’t compare to. She definitely felt like she preferred women and right then as she lay back naked on the comfortable bed with her adored friend between her legs licking her pussy into a creamy, dripping mess and her other sexy friend sucking away at her sensitive, enhanced breasts, Trish felt totally and happily lesbian.

Only women could make her feel this way. And these women were especially good at it. She loved seeing them both licking and sucking away at her tits and pussy while she felt such an enormous rush from them both pleasuring her. At that moment Trish totally felt like all of Jessica’s teasing had been justified. God, how could she ever have stayed in cold Toronto when beautiful, sunny L.A. had friends like these who could make her feel absolutely incredible in bed?

Jessica’s tongue made Trish cry out again and again. She was licking her clit now with wicked licks that were making her writhe even more on the bed. Jessica would lick her clitoris just hard enough to make her pant and groan in lewd bliss, but she would never give it to her hard enough to make her come. She was drawing out the pleasure and Trish loved it.

Trish wanted to come so badly, but she also wanted it to last. Jessica was doing such insane things to her with her tongue. Trish never wanted her to ever stop. She was groaning and cooing madly from the way Jessica’s tongue thrust into her pussy, fucking her tender folds and rubbing right up against her clitoris with sensual expertise. Jessica was such a wonderful lover, so giving and caring while at the same time wild and nasty in all the ways Trish loved best.

“Ughhhhhhhh baby yessssss ooooooooooh Jess babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Trish groaned fervidly. “Ooooooh I’ve been dreaming of your hot tongue baby! Dreamed of you fucking me just like this! I missed you so fucking much Jessica! Make me come now Jess! Make my pussy cream your hot tongue!”

“Oh yes! I want you to come! Ughhh I want it more than anything!” Jessica immediately replied, her voice heavy and lusty. “Fuck my face Trish! You’re not the only one who’s been dreaming of this! Mmmmm I have so many hot girls I fuck all the goddamn time but I miss you Trish! I want you so fucking bad all the time! I’m dying for your cum! I need it baby! Give it to me!”

Jessica kept Trish widely spread open as her tongue slid right back into her welcoming cunt. She lapped away with a nearly delirious thirst at the juicy folds that dripped right into her mouth. Jessica backed up her words with carnal action, practically demanding that Trish come for her with the forceful, skilled licks against her pussy.

She bathed the juice coated pink girlflesh clean and delighted in how more essence would just drool right out of Trish’s heated core. Jessica couldn’t get enough of Trish’s taste and she lapped it all up as the former wrestler thrust right against her cover girl face, her skin getting sweaty and sticky, just like Jessica desperately wanted it to be.

Trish was close but not all the way there yet and part of her wanted to hold back because she didn’t want this amazing licking from her friend to end. She pulsed with energy as she rocked nakedly on the bed, her tits bouncing into Stacy’s face as she smeared her soaking wet pussy right where she most wanted it to be. She needed an outlet for all this energy and fortunately Stacy was right there to serve in that critical role.

“C’mere Stace,” Trish urged, pulling her friend up from her tits and guiding her instead to her waiting lips. “Kiss me sweetie. Mmmm lemme taste my own big tits on your lips!”

Stacy was more than happy to comply with such a sexy request. She planted her lips on Trish’s and hungrily kissed her. Trish started sucking on Stacy’s tongue, tasting her own sweat and perfume on it as they both groaned in lust. It was just like old times together and neither of them had lost a step in knowing how to make the other feel good.

Stacy was the last girl on the bed to be wearing anything. In all the fun that was being had, she had yet to shuck off her bra. Even though Trish loved the way her friend looked with just the bra on and everything else off, her beautiful bare legs and tight, wet pussy somehow looking more erotic in their nude glory with her breasts still covered, she knew it was a shame to leave any of Stacy’s gorgeous body not exposed. So as they tongue kissed, Trish reached around Stacy’s back for her bra clasp and effortlessly unsnapped it.

“Mmmm thanks,” Stacy smiled, breaking the wet kiss and tossing the bra away, leaving herself just as naked as her friends.

“I always like helping to get you naked,” Trish purred, her voice more than a little ragged as she continued to be pleasured by Jessica. “Mmm but if you want to really thank me, then you can turn around.”

Stacy’s smile grew into a full grin at the sound of that. Trish always did this when they hooked up and Stacy didn’t have to be told how good it felt. So now that Trish had finally demanded it, though, Stacy wasn’t about to deny her.

“Is this what you want to see?” Stacy asked in her sexiest voice as she turned herself around and bent over again, pushing her backside in front of Trish’s face. “Mmmmm you like this Trish? Like seeing my bare ass? Like seeing me shake it for you?”

As she asked the last question, Stacy gave her ass a sensual, slow shake, just like she was famous for in the wrestling world. But she didn’t have a short skirt or tight shorts on this time and the thongs she used to always wear to the ring were nowhere in sight. She was completely bare and Trish was enraptured by the sight of that exquisite, naked ass swaying for her.

“Ohhhhhh Stacy!” Trish moaned in combination of the sight of those toned, sexy butt cheeks and the way Jessica slid her tongue into her creamy pussy again. “Mmmmm I love that baby. I love your fucking ass so much! Goddddd it’s not fair how hot your butt is! It’s so goddamn cute and perfect!”

Stacy giggled at the compliment. She needed no reminder of how much Trish loved her ass. Even before they had become lovers, Trish had complimented her all the time about her ass. And since they had become more than friends, Trish had never shied away from showing Stacy how much she loved her ass in the lewdest and hottest of ways.

Stacy was a big fan of her ass too. She didn’t want to come off as egotistical, but how could she not love her own ass? She worked damn hard to keep it tight, toned and perky and being able to show it off and tease with it was her reward. She never minded the looks it got and the lust it inspired, especially when it was women she was turning on with it. Stacy got off knowing her ass could make a woman wet with lust.

Stacy had never been shy about giving up her ass to her lovers. She adored anal sex as long as the person who was doing it knew how to do it right. If it was done the right way, there was no end to the pleasure she could get from having her ass fucked. But if done wrong, then it was a painful experience she wanted to end quickly. Fortunately she had never had a bad experience with another woman when it came to her ass. They always knew how to touch her there and make it feel absolutely amazing.

“Mmmmm bring it closer, I want those gorgeous cheeks right in my face,” Trish urged, the way her words spit out of her mouth showing how close she was getting to orgasm. “C’mon Stace. Lemme at that perfect ass.”

“Anything you want Trish,” Stacy said, inching herself closer until her ass was close enough to Trish’s face that she could press her lips right to it. “Is this close enough?”

“Oh yeah,” Trish moaned. “Mmmmm it’s just where I want it to be. Christ, Stace. That’s such a perfect ass. Mmmmm little and round and so fucking sexy! Such a sexy little booty!”

Stacy braced herself for what was coming. She was sure Trish was going to spank her. She could hear the desire in Trish’s voice and she knew how much her friends always loved to give her butt a good smack. Stacy loved being spanked and being told what a bad girl she was for fucking other girls, but the anticipation before a spanking always made her a little nervous. She knew it would sting to have her tight cheeks slapped, but she didn’t know how much and that would always make her reflexively tense up.

But a spanking never came. Instead she felt something completely different and even hotter than a smack against her backside. Trish spread her cheeks open and dove in between them, working her tongue over the tantalizingly tight puckered ring and making Stacy gasp in surprise and squeal in delight.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd! Ooooooh Trish! Ughhhhhhh yes! Yessssssssss!” Stacy groaned. “Mmmmm I love when you do that! Ughhh you’re so nasty today baby! Do it Trish! Lick my tight little hole!”

Trish definitely was feeling nasty today. She had all this pent up lust for women and she was feeling even raunchier than usual. She hadn’t even intended to start rimming Stacy’s ass. She had just wanted to admire her perfect, God given cheeks, but the horny demoness inside her had possessed her and, without even thinking about it, she’d pushed her tongue up her friend’s ass and started licking.

Stacy was still so deliciously tight. Time apart hadn’t changed that. Her ass seemed even hotter than it had been the last time they had messed around. Trish kept a tight grip on her cheeks, digging her nails into the sculpted, round female flesh and spreading them open so she could bury her tongue up her hole. Stacy cried out in utter sexual bliss, tossing her head back and making her blonde hair fly as she experienced the intense pleasure she knew she could only get from a woman’s tongue bathing her asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Trish! Mmmmmm fuck yesssssssss! Eat my ass!” Stacy mewed, her pussy really starting to drip now as her friend’s skilled tongue invaded her tightest hole. “Ughhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh you know that always gets me so fucking wet Trish! Mmmmmm tongue fuck my hole! Mmmmmm yesssssssssss you’re licking my ass so good baby!”

Stacy always loved the way a tongue felt up her butt. It was such a dirty, sexy sensation to be licked there and her girlfriends all had such hot, naughty tongues. Having her ass eaten by another woman was such a thrill and it made Stacy shiver with lust, goosebumps forming all over her bare skin. Trish was amazing at eating ass and the rimjob she was getting from her friend was even hotter because she knew Trish was getting off on Jessica’s tongue at the same time.

Trish would lick all around her and when she would energetically stab her tongue up her starfish, Stacy would moan and smile, knowing it was because Jessica had hit a particularly good spot in her licking.

Wanting to see all of this without breaking the position they were in, Stacy turned her head and tried to look at her friends. It was too difficult though to stay like that and it started to strain her neck. But fortunately, out of the corner of her eye, Stacy saw the mirror on the ceiling and gasped in delight when she realized looking up gave her an awesome view of everything that was going on.

She could see her own body bent over at the knees, her ass pressed right against Trish as the gorgeous woman dug her nails into her and buried her face between her butt cheeks, tonguing her asshole. It was so hot to see it as she felt it and Stacy began rubbing her own pussy, moaning from the slick lips of her cunt dripping juice onto her fingers. It was like watching a porno movie she was the star of.

But she didn’t just stare at herself, not when there were two other stunningly sexy bodies to gawk at. Stacy loved seeing Trish’s big, juicy tits bouncing so happily as she fucked herself right against Jessica’s movie star face. Trish loved every lick she was getting from Jessica and it showed in her wild, carnal enthusiasm. She fucked Jessica with a giddy passion, coating her in girl juice and making Jessica lick her even harder to get every sweet, sexy drop of essence.

They both looked so fucking sexy. Stacy loved seeing her friends in heat like this. Jessica was amazingly hot lying on her stomach, her elbow the only thing propping her up as she feasted on Trish’s drooling honeypot. Jessica’s tan body looked stunning in the ceiling mirror and Stacy licked her lips at the sight of Jessica’s hot ass, her tight buns so tantalizing.

Stacy found herself thinking about getting behind Jessica and spreading open those hot, tan butt cheeks of hers and licking the movie star’s hole just like Trish was doing to her right then. She’d never done that to Jessica before and Stacy was feeling more than dirty enough to try it right then while asserting some control on the action.

At first Trish was confused when Stacy suddenly pulled her ass away from her tongue. But Stacy just smiled when she turned around to face her fellow former Diva and told Trish what she wanted to see.

“You two need to 69,” Stacy declared. “You both look so fucking hot and I know how bad you want each other. I wanna see it. I wanna see you both eat each other’s pussies. I wanna see you tongue fuck each other! I wanna see you make each other come!”

Trish’s eyes lit up at that idea and her smile got very enthusiastic. She didn’t like being denied Stacy’s ass, but if it meant getting Jessica’s pussy, then she was more than willing to go for it.

“Oooooooh naughty idea Stace! I love it!” Trish grinned, her voice still ragged from Jessica’s feverish tonguing. “Mmmmmm fuck! I’m just about ready to come anyway! Mmmm wanna do it Jess? Wanna feed me your yummy fucking pussy while you’re licking mine? Wanna let me get your tasty little cunt honey while you’re gulping down my cream? C’mon Jess! Let’s get fucking nasty!”

As horny as she was to taste her orgasmic cream, Jessica wouldn’t have paused licking Trish’s pussy for anything right then….except that. She was always up for a 69 and her pussy was in desperate need of the kind of special attention her own fingers just couldn’t provide.

“You gotta ask?” Jessica laughed. “Fuck yeah I wanna do that! Mmmmmm eat me Trish! Bury your pretty little wrestler tongue up my cunt while I’m fucking yours right back! Mmmmm I want us both coming all over each other’s slutty faces!”

In a quick blink, the girls changed positions. Trish didn’t have to move an inch because she was already on her back, but Jessica was happy to do all the work. She swung her naked body around so she was in the opposite direction of Trish and planted her soaked snatch right down on her friend’s face, rubbing her wetness right into Trish’s waiting lips as she stuck her tongue right back into her.

Jessica started licking even harder, tongue fucking Trish at the same time her lover’s tongue slid into her pussy and completed the connection of their 69. Trish had been waiting so long for this chance. She had been famished for Jessica’s sex juices and now that she could get them and still be licked at the same time, she held nothing back.

She lashed her tongue against the tender, flaring lips of Jessica’s pussy, tasting the sugary, sweet sex of her friend. Having those juices on her tongue only made Trish hornier for them and she went after the flavor she craved with abandon. She lashed at her friend’s tender cunt lips and then pushed into her, seeking only Jessica’s orgasm and all the hot cream that came along with it.

Stacy moaned as she got to watch what she badly wanted to see, sliding her hand between her legs and rubbing her wet pussy in delight at the sight of Jessica and Trish’s naked bodies locked together. They looked so beautiful and so sexy together like that, Jessica’s tan, tight body on top of Trish’s.

Stacy could see Trish’s big tits mashed into Jessica’s firm stomach as the actress lay across her and she loved how their nude bodies draped together formed such a sexy, naughty contrast of girlflesh. Their faces were buried in each other’s cunts and Stacy got off on seeing them lick each other with such a heated frenzy.

But Stacy didn’t just want to watch them. She wanted to help them both get off. With her hand still between her legs pleasuring her own pussy, Stacy leaned over and let her other hand caress the tight buns of Jessica’s killer ass. Stacy could easily understand why Trish was so into her. She was just so beautiful and so very fuckable.

Stacy let her fingers drag over the curve of Jessica’s ass, playing with her soft, feminine skin and tickling the toned muscle of her backside. Now she could play with what she had been lustfully staring at in the mirror before and she had every belief that her housemate would really respond to it.

Taking her hand off Jessica’s ass, Stacy began using her tongue instead. She licked the tan skin of her friend and dragged her tongue lightly over the soft, sexy curve of her butt cheek. Jessica moaned in response as she continued to vigorously eat Trish out and Stacy took that as all the encouragement she needed. She slid her tongue off the cheek of Jessica’s ass and instead attacked a far naughtier target.

As Jessica groaned in bliss, Stacy pushed her tongue into the crack of her ass and lewdly licked down it. She had done this just the other day to Beyonce Knowles and Jessica’s ass was just as sexy as the singer’s. Stacy loved how dirty and naughty this made her feel and she wetly licked between Jessica’s cheeks, dragging her soft tongue over her crack and reaching her hole quickly.

Just a few inches away, Trish’s tongue was in Jessica’s pussy and now Stacy was able to make her body convulse with pleasure by licking her tight anus, bathing the tiny, tight hole with her tongue and then starting to probe it.

Jessica had sworn to herself that she would not stop eating Trish until she had come, but she was now forced to break that vow. She hadn’t expected Stacy to start licking her asshole and the surprise pleasure was far too much for her to hold herself back.


The sensation of having two tongues on her body was always such an incredible one that would make her head swim. She loved two tongues on her maybe more than she loved any other kind of sex, though it was so hard to choose sometimes when she enjoyed just about any position with another girl. It was especially good when those tongues belonged to girls like Trish and Stacy.


But while the sensation of Stacy’s wicked tongue pushing into her asshole and fucking her little hole at the same time Trish was all over her clit with her lips and tongue felt so amazingly awesome to Jessica, the surprise double fucking had knocked her right off her game. She screamed so much for Stacy to do more licking that she neglected Trish’s pussy and when she looked down and saw her friend’s pinkness all dripping wet and needy of attention, Jessica snapped her mind back to the task at hand.

She hadn’t waited all this time dreaming of Trish’s body and wishing she was there with her in Malibu to fall short right at the finish line. She chastised herself for taking her eyes off the prize because Trish’s perfectly pink, smooth pussy was certainly a prize. Jessica dove back down and this time really, totally, sincerely meaning it when she said that nothing was going to stop her from making Trish Stratus come.

As great as it was to have her pussy and ass licked simultaneously and have two hot, classic WWE beauties be the ones doing the licking, Jessica tried to shut all of that off from her brain. She wanted to still feel their horny tongues, of course, but she mostly wanted to concentrate on Trish. Her delicious pussy was spread out right in front of her, all pink and juicy and so ready to come. Trish’s clit was throbbing and Jessica went right for it. She kissed it with a loving tenderness that made Trish squeal in between licks in their 69, and then wrapped her lips around the full, pink bud to suck on it.

Trish cried passionately into Jessica’s pussy as her clit was sucked. She gasped and quivered from the feel of Jessica’s soft lips around her swollen hard pleasure center. Jessica’s lips were always welcome on her clitoris. She knew how to pleasure it in a way that always made Trish weak with desire. Just the feel of those soft girl lips on her super sensitive clit was enough to make pleasure rush through her whole body, but it was what Jessica did after she had gotten her lips around it that made her whole body tense up in anticipation of orgasm.


This was definitely far better than any dream, though. Right then Trish never wanted to go home. She just wanted to stay out here with Jessica so the pleasure never had to end. She loved having her friend’s deliciously sweet pussy in her face at the same time Jessica’s tongue was buried up her own tight twat and Trish licked her back extra hard.

As Jessica made her body start to shake with the beginning of her orgasm, Trish burrowed her tongue back into Jessica’s pink paradise, licking her clitoris right back and making them both cry out in ecstasy as they rocked back and forth on the bed, their naked bodies locked into one sexual position of mutual pleasure.

They both gave and received happily, their faces in each other’s crotches and their snug cunts filled with each other’s tongues. It was the perfect position for them because they both wanted to give such pleasure to the other and the only thing that made Trish come first was that Jessica had started in on her first and that placed her just enough ahead to burst in creamy release before her partner did.

“Come for me…come for me…come for me Trish,” Jessica urged, mumbling it out as she continued to lick and suck Trish’s clit at the same time her own body was pleasured by two wonderful girl tongues. “Want your cum so bad! Give it to me Trish! Gimmie all the cum your hot fucking pussy has for me! Fucking come on my tongue!”

And Trish did. It felt so good to be fucked like this. Jessica brought her such intense pleasure with her mouth working over her pussy. Her clit throbbed between Jessica’s lips and when she would push her tongue out to fuck her, the rush would flow through Trish. Everything Jessica did with her mouth felt incredible and Trish exploded in joy. She convulsed with sexual release underneath Jessica, her pussy creaming her lover’s face as the wave crashed and she howled into the pink muzzle of Jessica’s pussy.


Trish quieted herself though after that initial surge and scream. She still felt every intense moment of her orgasm and this was the nice, big release she’d been waiting for. But she didn’t want her own pleasure to overwhelm her when Jessica still needed to come. So, even as she continued coating Jessica’s tongue with her sticky girl cream, Trish went after her lover with extra dedication.

Jessica’s aroused clitoris was there for the taking, so juicy and full, and Trish took it without waiting another second. She loved what she was feeling right then, as all her waiting and hoping and dreaming of being reunited with Jessica exploded right out of her and into her lover’s mouth, but Trish didn’t just want to receive. She needed to give too.

As she kept on trembling in ecstasy from her own orgasm, Trish slammed her tongue into Jessica’s pussy, thrusting into her tight pinkness and making sure she licked her clit thoroughly.

“OHHHHHH YESSSSSS!” Jessica cried out, her mouth so full of Trish’s cum that some of it spilled out of her mouth as she screamed in pleasure. Fortunately it went back onto Trish’s pussy and Jessica licked it right out again, still making sure her tongue tantalized her lover’s creamy folds. “OOOOOOOH! FUCK ME TRISH! YESSSSSS DO ME STACY! AHHHHH FUCKKKKK! OOOOOOH!”

Jessica panted forcefully, her breath so close to leaving her before she even came. She licked the spilled girl cream right out of Trish’s pussy again and gulped it all down this time, not missing a single sexy drop. She wanted all of Trish’s taste and at the same time her tongue and tummy delighted in the sweet feminine flavor, the rest of Jessica’s needs were being taken care of so well by her friends.

While Trish’s tongue worked her cunt over, Stacy was still making a meal out of her asshole and Jessica was in heaven. She had never felt Stacy’s tongue back there before but that was certainly going to change from now on. Christ, that girl knew how to lick ass!

Jessica loved being rimmed by her housemate, especially since it enhanced everything that Trish was doing to her pussy. It was so hot and naughty to have her butt cheeks spread open like that with a soft, wet female tongue licking her there as her pussy was also being eaten. It was an epically naughty feeling and the sensations of two skilled tongues made her tremble on top of Trish in their 69.

“Yessssssssssss! Yesssssss!!! Ooooooh I love it! Give it to me you sexy girls!” Jessica cried out, resting her face against Trish’s body in their 69, her cheek rubbing against Trish’s smooth, strong thigh. “Make me come! Oooooooh yesssssss ughhhhh getting so close! Mmmmmmm you’re making my pussy so fucking wet Trish! I love how you fucking eat my cunt out! Ughhhhhh yeahhhh oooooh Stacyyyyyy! Mmmmm fucking hell baby, I had no idea you were this good at eating ass! Gawwwd you’re gonna make me a total slut for getting my salad tossed now! Ohhhh fuck!”

Jessica had always enjoyed having her ass licked, whether it was a man or a woman doing it, but she had never really actively sought it out or tried to get her lovers to do it. It felt nice and never failed to get her wet, but she had always liked other things more. Now Stacy had Jessica dreaming of making this a more regular part of her sexual needs.

Stacy’s tongue was so naughty in a sensual way by licking her asshole like that, tickling her sensitive ring and making her gasp in delight every time she penetrated her with her a hard, deep lick. The tip of Stacy’s tongue sliding into her asshole and probing her little ring was an intensely erotic sensation that Jessica couldn’t get enough of.

Stacy was delighted Jessica felt this way. She hadn’t really done this that often until she had gotten to the mansion. Having Rose and Jennifer make her do this to Beyonce had really awoken a lust for it inside herself and Stacy felt really good from being able to indulge it and also make Jessica get off in the process.

Stacy still had her free hand between her own legs, fingering her pussy and enjoying how wet this was making her. She was so fucking horny from this and she kept herself in heat. But Stacy knew her time was coming so she didn’t pay too much attention to her own needs. She just wanted to help Trish make Jessica feel good.

“Come for me baby! Come for me and Stacy! Come like I just did for you!” Trish urged, her face flushed and happy from her own orgasm and from the sticky cream that Jessica was now rubbing all over her face. “I want you to come Jess! Come for me before my friend gets here so we can both enjoy her!”

Trish had been waiting for the right time to reveal to Jessica that her presence here wasn’t the only naughty surprise on tap and this seemed right to her. Jessica was close to coming and was being pleasured by two hot girls. Why not tell her now a third was on her way?

“Wait…wait…friend? What friend?” Jessica asked, moaning her questions out from the pleasure she was continuing to get.

“Mmmm you’ll see,” Trish answered mysteriously. “You’re gonna love her. She’s gonna be so much fun! Now come for me Jessica! Come for Trish! Come from getting your sweet pussy and tight ass fucked! Mmmm come nice and big for me and Stacy!”

Jessica’s mind whirled over this sudden revelation. There was another girl coming? Who was it? Did she know her? Was she hot?

Jessica easily knew the answer to the last one. Of course she was going to be hot. Jessica had no doubt anyone Trish would bring over for fun would be really sexy. And obviously from the sound of Trish’s voice whoever this friend was, it was someone she wanted to join them in bed. Jessica naturally liked that idea. There was always room for more and she badly wanted to find out who Trish’s friend was.

But right then there were more pressing matters, like her quickly arriving orgasm. Having Trish and Stacy lick her at the same time had allowed her to catch up rapidly to where Trish had been when they’d gotten into their 69 and now she had blown by that and was right on the verge of her own orgasm. Everything they were doing to her felt good. Jessica cried out again and again in sharp, pleasurable moans and sighs while rubbing her cum covered face into Trish’s thigh.

Jessica was still atop Trish in the 69 position, her keyed up body perched sexily above Trish’s more relaxed body. Trish had her hands on Jessica’s ass cheeks now, keeping her steadily pressed to her mouth so her tongue could work over her pussy, lapping at her snug pink lips and spreading her open some more so she could more effectively thrust up into her and fuck her with her tongue.

And the whole time Stacy was behind her, bathing her asshole and making it nice and wet. The only time Stacy stopped her licking was when she pulled up to let a long strand of saliva drip down from her mouth right into Jessica’s puckered hole. Stacy playfully rubbed her spit into Jessica’s ring with her fingers and then leaned in to lick it some more. She was in total lust with Jessica’s tight, tan ass and could feel from how her hole was squeezing against her tongue that Jessica was close.

Trish could certainly feel that too. She was famished for Jessica’s orgasm. She desperately wanted her cream. She had been waiting so long to taste her special friend again. She licked her faster and harder, working over her clit with her tongue lashes as the lips of her labia reflexively contracted and made her extra tight in anticipation of her orgasm. To combat that, and bring Jessica some extra pleasure, Trish took one of her hands off Jessica’s butt and instead slid two fingers into her cunt, spreading her open further and penetrating her at the same time.

Jessica gasped and rocked against Trish’s fingers and tongue. She loved the extra pleasure this brought her. Her sounds got louder, higher and more intense. Her sex cries spilled out of her mouth and Trish began fingering her faster, penetrating her pussy while her tongue lashed at her jutting clitoris and finally Jessica could withstand it no more.


Trish and Stacy both took extra satisfaction in Jessica’s orgasm. Jessica’s asshole contracted so much from the energy pulsing through her orgasming body that Stacy had to pull her tongue away and instead slide her fingers into the hole of her sexy friend. She kissed all over Jessica’s ass again while finger fucking her at the same time Trish wildly licked up the spilling sex cream, savoring how good it all tasted and wanting never to go without this flavor again.

Jessica came with a hot blast against her face and Trish was more than ready for it. She hadn’t felt the heat of a woman in orgasm in so long and she welcomed it like a long-lost friend. She loved pushing her tongue into Jessica’s heated, creaming cunt and licking up all the juices dripping out of it. It felt so good to be able to do this to Jessica again and she kept her fingers thrusting and her tongue licking until Jessica could finally take no more and rolled off her body in bliss.

Trish immediately gave Stacy a hot kiss, letting the blonde get a long taste of Jessica’s cum off her tongue and lips. Now it was Jessica’s turn to watch as she rolled over in bed onto her back and smiled in her afterglow as her friends made out. Trish took Stacy’s small, sexy tits into her hands and massaged them sensually while they tongue kissed and Jessica already could feel her energy returning. It had been a lovely orgasm but she didn’t want to get tired, not with Stacy still needing to come.

Trish and Stacy were both sitting up in the bed and passionately tongue kissing. After she caught her breath Jessica came up behind Stacy to rub their naked bodies together. Stacy moaned happily as she was trapped by her sexy friends. She loved feeling Trish’s hands massaging her tits while Jessica’s bare boobs rubbed into her back. She could smell the sex on both of their bodies as she took turns going back and forth between them, kissing them both, as she felt herself get hornier than ever.

But before they could get too far though, Trish’s phone came to life and musically indicated she had a call coming in.

“Don’t you dare answer that,” Jessica laughed. “Mmmm stay here and keep playing with us. We gotta make Stacy come.”

Any other time, Trish probably would have done just that. But not today. Not when she knew exactly who was calling her.

“Mmmmm love to, but that’s my surprise on the phone and I know Stacy can’t wait to see her,” Trish said. “Right Stace?”

Stacy hadn’t wanted there to be any interruptions, but this was one she could definitely live with.

“Mmmmhmm get that phone and get her inside here,” Stacy declared with a big smile.

“So you know who this mystery girl is too?” Jessica demanded. “God, what other secrets are you keeping from me Stacy?”

“None! I swear!” Stacy insisted. “But I know you’re going to like this.”

“So you know this girl?” Jessica asked.

“Welllll yes and no,” Stacy replied. “I know her but I’ve never met her before. I know you’re going to love her though!”

That assurance was enough for Jessica. She knew she could trust her friends and her curiosity grew as Trish nakedly leapt off the bed and ran for her phone, giving Jessica a chance to properly stare at and appreciate the yoga toned cheeks of Trish’s great ass. Jessica was so intent on staring at her friend’s sexy, round butt that she didn’t even note the conversation until Trish ended the call.

“She’s here,” Trish said in excitement. “Oooooh I can’t wait to get her into the fun!”

“Should we get dressed?” Jessica asked as she watched Trish slip on a hotel robe over her naked body.

“Nahhhh why bother,” Trish smiled. “We’re just gonna be getting naked again. Stay like that. Mmmmm I think she’s gonna love what she sees when she catches you naughty girls all naked and sexy.”

Jessica and Stacy both liked that idea and the arrival of another girl to their fun did nothing to cool either one of them down. So when Trish left the room to open the door for her arriving friend, Jessica pushed Stacy down onto the bed and began kissing her firm chest, tasting her sexy tits and making her housemate moan happily.

“Mmmmmm you were such a nasty girl, licking my ass like that,” Jessica giggled. “Mmmmm I wanna turn you over and return the favor to you Stacy. Would you like that? Wanna feel my tongue in your ass?”

“Oooooooh fuck yes! I’d love that!” Stacy groaned. “Mmmmm I’m so wet for you Jess! You and Trish! Mmmmm and her friend! I want you all so fucking bad! I’d love for you to lick my ass Jessica! Mmmmm lick it hot and nasty and make me come just from your tongue in my tight ass!”

“So this girl is sexy?” Jessica asked, unable to contain her curiosity as she continued kissing and massaging Stacy. “What’s her name?”

“I can’t sayyyyyy…” Stacy moaned, wanting to blurt it all out but also trying to restrain herself. “Trish made me promise. But she’s so hot! I know you’re gonna like her. I’ve wanted to fuck her for so long and I know you will too!”

“Well if you’re gonna be so secretive, maybe I won’t turn you over and lick your cute butt after all,” Jessica teased. “Mmmm maybe I won’t even touch you anymore until you tell me.”

To emphasize that point, Jessica sat up in bed and pulled her hands off Stacy, a development the blonde did not like at all.

“Nooooo!” Stacy groaned. “Don’t stop Jess. Mmmmm pleaaaaaase don’t stop!”

“Tell me then,” Jessica insisted. “What’s Trish’s big surprise?”

“Noooo I can’t tell you. I promised I wouldn’t,” Stacy said. “Don’t make me tell!”

Before Jessica could torture Stacy any further, though, the need to do so became moot. Trish came back to the bedroom hand in hand with another blonde girl and right away Jessica could see that the claims to her sexiness had been no exaggeration. The fresh faced blonde had such an innocent, sweet look and a tight, lovely body to go along with it. Jessica loved her lean, tight body. It looked like a dancer’s or a gymnast’s and she guessed this had to be another wrestler girl.

“Well Barbie, these are my friends,” Trish declared devilishly. “And I know they want you to join in as much as I do.”

But whatever Trish’s plan was, the girl obviously hadn’t been clued in on it because her face showed total confusion. She frowned when she saw the naked women and suddenly became nervous.

“Trish? What…what’s going on here?” she asked, pulling off her sunglasses to confirm that what she thought she was seeing she was really seeing.

Her name was Barbara Blank. Her friends called her Barbie. But the fans of WWE knew her as Kelly Kelly. And she had absolutely no idea what she had just walked into.

She had never met either of them before, but Barbara recognized Jessica and Stacy right away. That just made it weirder. Why were they in bed? Why were they naked? Why had Trish brought her here?

“It’s a party, Barbie,” Trish said simply, trying to ease the blonde girl more toward the bed, a not so easy task considering that Barbara had pretty much frozen and, if anything, seemed more eager to move in the opposite direction, far away from the bed. “A very special party. And we want you to be the guest of honor.”

Barbara wasn’t naïve and it was all falling into place for her pretty quickly. With the girls naked in the bed and Trish probably naked as well under her robe, it was pretty obvious what Jessica and Stacy had been up to. Thinking that cause a shiver to come up her back and she felt her throat get dry. Barbara could feel her palms get sweaty and she was sure her face was starting to get flush, just like it always did when she was nervous.

At first she couldn’t quite speak, but she managed to croak out her reaction to the bare bodies in the bed and to what Trish’s intentions seemed to be.

“Whoa…whoa…whoa…this isn’t….this isn’t for me,” Barbara said. “I don’t know what you thought about me but I’m not into that stuff. I gotta go!”

“You can’t go yet,” Trish said in a very friendly voice that was insistent, but not forceful. “You haven’t even met everyone yet. These are my friends. It’s totally cool Barbie. We want you to stay. We want you to have fun.”

Barbara couldn’t muster out a response to this shocking turn of events. Of all the things she had expected to find waiting for her in Trish’s room, this wasn’t even something her wildest imagination could have come up with. She didn’t know how to react to this and her tongue couldn’t work like she wanted it to. So Trish took this as a chance to make some introductions.

“Girls this is Barbie…Barbie Blank,” Trish said. “I know Stacy definitely knows Barbie already, but Jess, Barbie is a Diva in WWE these days. Mmmmmm she’s definitely one of the hottest girls there. Maybe even the hottest.”

“Ummmmm thanks,” Barbara managed to croak out. She was stunned and nervous, but not so much that she couldn’t accept a compliment, especially one about her looks.

“Barbie, this is Stacy and this is Jessica,” Trish said, acting casually, like all of this was completely normal, when it was anything but to Barbara.

“I…I know who they are,” Barbara replied, the fact that the two women on the bed were so well known making this even weirder for her. She wondered if she was dreaming and if she was whether this was some kind of nightmare.

Jessica and Stacy hadn’t said anything since Barbara had entered the room. Jessica was a little uncomfortable since she didn’t know this girl and because Barbara seemed so ill at ease. So she had closed her legs and pressed a pillow to her bare breasts. But Stacy had stayed nude and on display. She wanted to show off to Barbara. This was Trish’s special gift to Jessica, but Stacy definitely wanted to enjoy her too.

The only reason Stacy hadn’t spoken up was that she was letting Trish take the lead. But now she couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

“You don’t have to be shy,” Stacy said. “Come sit on the bed with us sweetie. We won’t bite, I promise.”

“I really think I should just go,” Barbara replied, nervously backing away. “This whole thing isn’t for me. I…I…really…realllllllly gotta go. I shouldn’t be here. This is too crazy.”

“It’s definitely not crazy, Barbie,” Trish said, trying to reassure the girl. “It’s fun. It’s a LOT of fun. I know you’re going to love it. You just gotta relax a little and let us show you what this is all about.”

Barbara had been stammering and nervous ever since she had walked into the bedroom and seen every man’s fantasy on the bed: two gorgeous, famous women who were completely naked and had obviously just had sex. But now she got a little angry and she directed that anger at the woman who had gotten her into this mess.

“Trish! How could you bring me here?” Barbara demanded. “What the hell are you thinking? I’m not a lesbian! I don’t want to fuck girls! How could you bring me into this? I thought you were my friend! I thought you wanted to hang out today! Instead you bring me into some weird lesbian sex thing? How could you?”

Trish had been hoping for a little bit more of an accepting response from Barbara, but she wasn’t too surprised. After all she knew Barbara had to be nervous and those nerves could lead to lashing out. She understood why the girl was nervous and she felt confident she could overcome it. It had been years since she had seduced one of her fellow Divas, but Trish knew she still could do it and, besides, she had Jessica and Stacy to help her do it.

“I am your friend,” Trish insisted. “I’m not bringing you into something weird. I’m bringing you into something fun. I’m doing this because I know you want it! So don’t pretend that you don’t like what you see because I know the truth. After all you told me you’d been checking out the girls in the locker room. Or did you think I’d forgotten that you’d said that?”

That got a gasp from Barbara and definite interest flaring up from Jessica and Stacy. Maybe Barbara wasn’t really as reluctant as she seemed. Jessica was relaxing more and more. Trish seemed to have this under control. She still kept the pillow clutched to her chest, covering it up, but she also didn’t feel like Barbara was going to freak anymore out over what was happening here.

“Well…that…that doesn’t mean I want…THIS…” Barbara said, stammering again and then waving her hand at the women on the bed as if there were any doubt about what the “this” was she was talking about.

But in saying that, Barbara wasn’t denying what Trish had said about her and all three of the women noticed it.

“Look, just relax Barbie, it’s ok,” Trish said, placing her hands on the younger girl’s shoulders and gently rubbing them, trying to put her at ease. “It’s just some sexy girls having some hot fun together. It’s nothing you should be afraid of and it’s nothing you should be ashamed of wanting to be a part of.”

“Really, I’m not a lesbian!” Barbara insisted, pulling herself away from Trish as if she were afraid about what would happen if her shoulders got rubbed. “It’s ok…I mean…it’s no big deal if that’s like what YOU girls like. But not me! I’m straight! Just…just forget what I told you Trish. That was like one time. It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

“It didn’t sound like one time,” Trish pointed out. “And we talked about it a few times. Remember?”

“Yeahhhhhhh…but…but…I didn’t really want to do anything…I was just…you know…looking…” Barbara replied, trying to explain it all way, if not to Trish and everyone else, then at least to herself. “It’s nothing. I don’t want to do this. I’m straight.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it if you aren’t,” Jessica piped up finally, unable to stay silent any longer. She didn’t want this beautiful woman to ever think that there was anything to be ashamed of when it came to same sex desire. “Women are beautiful. They’re so sexy. Mmmmm and so much fun to kiss and touch.”

Deciding that maybe a little show would help Barbara overcome her obvious nerves, Jessica decided that it was time for her to be a little bold. She couldn’t just leave it all up to Trish, could she? So she dropped the pillow and bared her breasts to Barbara, noting that the girl’s eyes widened when she saw them again. Jessica felt a wicked rush when she exposed herself to this stranger. Barbara was beautiful, but she didn’t know her at all and here she was revealing her most intimate secret to her.

That just ended up turning Jessica on more though. She left herself completely naked on the bed and leaned in to take Stacy’s face in her hands. She wasn’t too lewd with her. But she was plenty sexy. She tenderly kissed Stacy’s lips and made her housemate moan from the soft touch. They kissed each other like that for a few hot moments before Jessica parted her lips and Stacy got the idea and opened hers as well. They began tongue kissing and soon they heard a soft, shy moan and they both knew it didn’t come from Trish.

“Ohhhhh! Gawwwwwwd!” Barbara groaned at the sight of the two beautiful women kissing passionately and without inhibition.

Barbara wasn’t backing away anymore, but she also wasn’t moving forward yet. She was frozen where she stood, not able to look away from Stacy and Jessica’s sexy tongue kiss and not sure what to do or even what to feel.

As the blonde girl gawked at the kiss and looked like she was about to swallow her own tongue, Trish came up behind Barbara and held her. She circled her arms around her waist, but did it gently and without any real restraint. Barbara could have easily pulled away if she had wanted to, but when Trish began to whisper in her ear she found herself wanting not to leave, but in fact to stay.

“Watch them,” Trish urged, holding and whispering, but not doing anything else to the blonde girl as she stood stiff as a board and tried to comprehend how she had come to be in a crazy situation like this. “See how much they like it, Barbie? Mmmm that could be you too. You could be on the bed kissing a beautiful woman. You could be naked with her and letting her see that gorgeous body of yours. You could be about to have all your fantasies come true. You just have to relax. Don’t be afraid of these feelings. They’re good feelings.”

Barbara didn’t know what to do but Trish always knew how to put her at ease. That had been the case since the first day she had worked officially for WWE and it was still true now.

When she’d first debuted with the company in 2006, she had literally been the new kid on the block. Barbara had only been a little over 19. She was one of the youngest women ever to work on the main roster and as she’d been coming in the door, Trish had been preparing to leave it. There was no reason for someone as high up in the pecking order as Trish to take time out to show her the ropes and help her out, but that was just what Trish had done for her.

For the few short months they were on the road together, Trish had made sure to help Barbara adjust in every way she could. When she’d started, Barbara had no experience as a wrestler. She’d been a model who the company had liked enough to sign and at first Barbara had considered herself a disaster in WWE. She heard all the reports saying how uncoordinated she was and how she couldn’t dance, she couldn’t do moves and she couldn’t even take her clothes off right.

And she’d believed all the critics had been right. She saw wrestlers of both genders move with such grace and fluidity and she considered herself an uncoordinated clod with two left feet. She had felt awful, like a total failure. But Trish had always been there for her. She had stayed up with her on the road to keep her company when she felt homesick. She had showed her how to get better in the ring and helped her gain confidence, telling her all the time that she could do this and that she believed in her.

Even after Trish had left the company that fall, she had been there for Barbara. They had talked frequently and Trish had told Barbara everything she knew about life on the road. She had learned from her how to pack right, the best places to get a car from and how to save your money without being cheap. She had warned her about the traps to avoid and what she could do to try and impress management.

Barbara had always been so grateful for this advice. Trish had done so much to help her and she didn’t think she would have made it without her help. She had been such a good friend to hers when she hadn’t had to be. Their conversations had continued year after year as she’d improved in the ring and felt more and more secure in being a wrestler. She’d been so nervous at first, but thanks to Trish she had learned to love what she did.

Barbara had felt that she could tell Trish anything and since she wasn’t with the company anymore she could even confide in her more than she could any of her other friends who traveled the road with her. So that was why she had told Trish how she had been starting to feel funny around the other girls. More and more she had been noticing their beautiful bodies and feeling something more than appreciation for how good they looked.

Having grown up as a model and then spent the last years sharing a locker room with other women, Barbara wasn’t shy about her body. In fact she was kind of infamous amongst the Divas for frequently being naked and just lounging around in the buff in the locker room as if it was no big deal. But lately nudity had felt like a much bigger deal and Barbara had found herself looking more and more at her fellow Divas and liking what she saw.

There hadn’t been any dramatic event to trigger this and Barbara hadn’t even known when it had started. But one day instead of just noticing Layla El in the shower and thinking what a great ass she had she would think about what it would be like to touch it and what their bodies would feel all soaped up and slippery under the hot water as they kissed and rubbed their breasts together. She would look at Michelle McCool and wonder what licking her firm breasts would taste like or what would happen if Beth Phoenix overpowered her and pushed her onto her knees and made her do wicked, dirty things like go down on her.

These thoughts had been so wild. Barbara hadn’t had any idea where they had come from. Sure she had gone through a series of loser boyfriends that had left her unhappy and unfulfilled and she certainly was around women a lot. She was always close to them and rubbing against them in the ring. She saw the women she worked with naked on almost a daily basis and they were all so beautiful. But was she turning into some kind of lesbian or something?

Barbara hadn’t known who to go to with these feelings so she had gone to Trish. She had confessed everything to her. She had told her how she was noticing her friends’ sexy bodies and how she had thought about kissing and touching them and how she had even dreamed about them…naughty, erotic dreams that had ended with her touching herself. She had told her how this had confused and concerned her and Trish had been nothing but understanding in her advice.

She had told Barbara how natural it was to feel this way, especially when she was on the road so frequently with these beautiful women. She had told her it was nothing to be ashamed of. And she had told her that it was something that could easily be dealt with. Barbara had assumed Trish had meant that the feelings would go away and she should ignore them. But now she could see that Trish had meant something entirely different.

“I set this up for you,” Trish said right in her ear, making sure she kept on staring at Jessica and Stacy as they made out, their kisses getting deeper and bolder as they began playing with each other’s bare breasts. “I wanted you to see how wonderful it could be with another woman. I wanted you to see how good they could make you feel. No sex is better than girl sex, Barbie, mmmm and when you’re on the road with hot women there’s no end to how much of it you can get.”

“This is crazy…” Barbara continued to insist, watching with rapidly growing interest as Stacy lay back on the bed and opened her legs, giving Jessica full access to her wetness, which the actress quickly took advantage of by going down on her, pressing her lips to her pussy and kissing the sensitive, aroused lips of her labia.

“It’s not crazy,” Trish purred, holding Barbara a little tighter now and pressing her breasts into her back. “We used to do it all the time when I was in WWE. We used to all fuck each other. Me, Amy, Stacy, Lilian, Candice, Maria, Lisa, Torrie…all of us. Mmmmm we all had so much fun with each other! All those lonely nights on the road were soooo much better cause of it.”

“No way…” Barbara gasped, disbelieving what Trish was telling her. It wasn’t possible that all those women had seriously been doing all that. “You’re lying.”

“I’d never lie about sex,” Trish countered. “Besides, you know I’m not lying. Look at Stacy. Look at Jessica. You know what I said is true.”

Barbara did look. She looked hard and she liked what she saw. There was one of the most beautiful Divas ever, spreading her impossibly long, sexy legs and having a gorgeous movie star between them doing intimate things to her. She had never expected to see anything like this. She had seen a few pornos before, but never any real actual lesbian sex. Barbara was certainly seeing that now and she liked it. She felt her body responding to what she saw. It was so wild and raw and so very sexy to see what Jessica was doing to Stacy.

There was nothing fake about what she was seeing. She was really seeing a beautiful movie star licking Stacy’s pussy. Stacy obviously loved what was happening to her. She was lying back on the bed with her eyes closed, moaning in happiness as she rubbed her own breasts, flicking her thumbs against her stiff nipples.

Barbara moaned as she noticed how hard Stacy’s nipples were. They looked so sexy. To be able to watch women like this make love right in front of her made her feel so flushed and antsy, but she didn’t want to stop. Their naked bodies looked so good and Barbara could feel her nerves being overcome and her own pussy starting to get damp. She had dreamed about sex with a beautiful woman but she had never thought she would actually do something about it…until now.

“Just relax,” Trish continued to urge Barbara, cuddling her a little bit more. “We can make you feel so good.”

Barbara then felt Trish move and heard a soft ruffling sound and a little thump onto the ground. She didn’t want to take her eyes off Stacy and Jessica long enough to turn around to see what had happened but she didn’t even have to. She felt it a moment later when Trish pressed herself back against her body. Trish had stripped off her robe and now Barbara could feel Trish’s bare breasts rubbing into her back, the older woman’s nipples so stiff as they touched her through the back of her t-shirt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Barbara cried softly when she felt her friend’s big boobs pushing into her all naked and sexy.

“See! I knew you wanted this,” Trish laughed seductively. “Now how about you get out of your clothes too, Barbie? You’re the only one here that’s not naked.”

Barbara might have still been wearing all her clothes, but she felt naked. She felt completely and totally exposed here. She didn’t know what to do. On the one hand she had never been with a girl before and, despite the longings she had been experiencing and the dreams she’d been having, she still considered herself straight. But on the other hand, all these women here were so beautiful and she had the chance to make her fantasies come true.

It was like she was split on this. Her brain was telling her this was a mistake and that she should just go before things went too far. But her body was telling her that this was what she wanted. It was all so overwhelming. She really liked seeing what was happening on the bed and the more she watched the more she wished she was there too with Jessica and Stacy both touching her. Yet she held herself back.

Barbara wasn’t so worried about what would happen now. She was more worried about what would happen after. What if she didn’t like it? What if fulfilling a fantasy turned out to be a big letdown? What if she and Trish weren’t friends anymore after today? What if Jessica Alba told everyone she was lame in bed and just some kind of cold fish?

But she also worried about something else. What if she liked it? What if she REALLY liked it? What if what she’d been feeling toward her friends wasn’t just idle fantasizing out of boredom and loneliness? What if this meant she was a lez? What if she was really into girls?

Part of Barbara felt it was better to just not find out the answer to these questions by getting out of here right now. And while that made a lot of sense to her, she also couldn’t stop looking, especially when she heard her name come out of Stacy’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmm oooooooh yeahhh Jess! Yeahhhhhhhhh! Eat my wet pussy! Taste how fucking horny I got watching you and Trish fuck!” Stacy moaned. “Mmmmm I love how you lick me! Your tongue always feels so fucking good licking my little pussy! Oooooooh God, let’s put on a show for Barbie! Mmmm show her how good you fuck me! Make her want to take her clothes off and join in! Make her want to get fucked by girls too!”

Barbara felt her own pussy get even more moist at the sound of that. She really wanted to do that but she was scared to. She wanted to take her clothes off. She wanted to be naked with these gorgeous girls. She wanted them to fuck her. She was just afraid of that first step. But it was getting harder and harder to resist how she really felt, especially with Trish tempting her.

“I know this is what you want Barbie,” Trish whispered in her ear. “You want to get in bed and get naked. You want to find out what a woman’s like. I had all the same fantasies you did Barbie. I would look at Amy and Stacy and Torrie in the locker room and when we were in the shower and when we would do those bikini shoots. I would want their hot bodies soooo fucking bad. Mmmm and when I finally got brave enough to go for it, it changed my life. It’s so wonderful to be with a woman Barbie. I want you to feel it like I do.”

Everything Trish was saying sounded good and Barbie wanted to feel what Stacy was feeling. It had been so long since she had really had a good lover and Stacy looked like she was in heaven with Jessica’s hot mouth pressed to her pussy. It was all so tempting and Barbie began to really think that maybe she could try it…just this once.

“Ummmmm…I guess…I guess I can stay a little while longer…” Barbara said, a smile crossing her lips as she exhaled, feeling like a big rock was off her back just from admitting that she wanted to be here. “Mmmmm it does look like fun!”

“It is,” Trish guaranteed. “You’re going to love it. Now c’mon. I’m horny and those two aren’t going to stop. We gotta get in bed with them and catch up.”

Trish moved around to Barbara’s front and took her hand, guiding her to the hotel bed where Stacy lay writhing from Jessica’s hot tongue on her shaved, soaked cunt. Trish didn’t say anything, but she had told Barbara a little white lie. She hadn’t really set this up for her to make her fantasies come true. Sure that was a definite bonus, but Trish had mostly wanted to give Jessica the treat of fucking another hot WWE Diva and she had also brought Barbara here to satisfy her own lust for the sexy blonde.

Even though she had wanted to fuck Barbara from the moment she had met her, Trish’s friendship to the young Diva had been nothing but completely sincere. She had honestly wanted to help her adjust to live on the road and be there for her whenever she had needed someone. The fact that she had wanted to also fuck her raw had been beside the point.

So when Barbara had confessed to her that she was experiencing the same desires Trish had when she’d been a Diva, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. She could make her own fantasy come true and fuck sexy, tight Kelly Kelly while also helping Barbara realize there was absolutely nothing wrong with being horny for a girl. And when she had seen that Barbara was going to be in Vegas the same time Jessica and Stacy were, all the pieces were in place.

This had all come together so quickly that Trish had wondered if it would work, but it had so far. She had been able to surprise Jessica and reunite with her lover and now the second surprise had been sprung. Trish could feel Barbara just needed a little bit more of a push and she’d be into girl sex as much as they were. After all who could resist a beautiful woman? Once Barbara found out how good another woman could eat her pussy and fuck her, then she would never want to deny herself again.

There had been a time when Trish, Stacy and their friend Amy Dumas had shown that to the whole locker room, seducing each and every one of them and getting them as horny for pussy as they were. But times had certainly changed. They were all out of wrestling now and WWE had become a different kind of company. Trish wanted to bring back those days again and she knew the best way to do it was to get Barbie to see things from a different perspective. She wouldn’t be afraid of her own desires anymore if she saw how wonderful it would be to indulge in them and become a sexy, lesbian slut.

The two of them reached the edge of the bed just as Stacy was crying out from Jessica’s tongue, her firm tits giggling as she fucked the movie star’s face.

“Ooooooh Jess! Yesssssss you’re gonna make me come! Ughhh don’t stop! Keep licking my fucking clit! Ughhhh yeahhhhh you got it so hard!” Stacy cried. “Mmmm fuck I’m wet! So wet and juicy for your hot tongue! Fuck me baby! Fuck me in front of Trish! Fuck me in front of Barbie! Make them see how much I love girl tongue in my pussy! Make them see what a slut I am for you and all our friends at the mansion!”

Barbara didn’t know what this mansion was that Stacy had mentioned, but she certainly was aroused by what she was seeing. Stacy and Jessica had such beautiful, sexy bodies. Stacy had a body just like hers, blonde and leggy and lean with firm pink tits and Barbara blushed when she noticed that Stacy even shaved her pussy bald just like she did. And Jessica? Oh God, she was perfect! Her body was so tan and sexy. She was a movie star dream girl right there naked on the bed, her beautiful butt sticking out and her hot, full tits rubbing into the bedspread as she lay on her stomach and tongue fucked Stacy.

Barbara had never seen anything like this and it was making her so wet. So when Trish turned her face toward hers and kissed her right on the lips, Barbara had no ability to fight her off. She let her kiss her and it didn’t take long for her to start kissing back. Trish’s lips felt so wonderful on hers and Barbara moaned at the sight of seeing Trish naked in front of her, her big tits looking so tasty and sexy!

She’d kissed girls before, but it had all been for fun while out partying and after having had some drinks. This was the first real kiss she had ever had with a woman and Barbara instantly loved it. It was soft and tender and very naughty. It wasn’t like kissing a man at all. Trish’s lips were like velvet against her own and Barbara kissed her back with a growing heat, letting their lips rub together as her pussy got wetter and wetter, her panties starting to cling to her mound under her jeans.

Kissing Trish was like falling into a dream state. It felt so weird and good at the same time, like it wasn’t really happening. But Barbara knew she was wide awake. This was no fantasy. It was even better.

She tensed up as a reflex when Trish reached for her shirt and began pulling it up from the bottom, but Barbara quickly relaxed again and didn’t fight Trish off when she took it off her.

“Oooooooh God…I can’t believe this is happening,” Barbara said with a bit of a giddy giggle as she really wrapped her mind around the fact that another woman was taking off her clothes. “This is so wild! I can’t believe you girls are really doing this!”

“Mmmmm we are and we do it all the time!” Stacy laughed as she moaned again from her housemate’s skilled tongue. “Mmmmmm you’re gonna want to do it all the time too now Barbie! Once you start fucking girls, you’re never gonna want to stop! Mmmmm nothing feels better! Right Jess?”

“Hmmmm?” Jessica said, pulling up from Stacy. She had been so into licking her that it took her a second to realize what was said. “Oooooh! Yeah Barbie. Mmmm it’s totally like an awesome addiction. You can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You just always want girls to kiss you and touch you and make you feel good. Mmmm I like guys still, but I like girls so much more! I can never get enough. Me and my girlfriends fuck each other so good!”

Jessica left the identity of who her girlfriends were secret. Barbara already knew she loved pussy and since it wasn’t quite sure yet how trustworthy she could be, Jessica decided it was wise to keep a few things from her. Besides, if things worked out just like Trish wanted them do, then Jessica would be showing Barbara her hot girlfriends soon enough.

Jessica definitely hoped that would happen. Barbara looked so sexy. She was a lot like Stacy with her lean, tight body and she wondered if her pussy tasted as good as Stacy’s and if she was as naughty as her housemate was. Since Trish had left, Jessica hadn’t caught much WWE programming, but seeing Barbara right in front of her, stripped down to her bra and jeans, her firm tits being hefted up by lacy magenta, made her feel that she had been missing out on some hot girls. And if things went well here, maybe it wouldn’t just be her introducing Barbara to her friends. Maybe it would also be Barbara introducing her to her wrestler friends too.

But that was the future and Jessica wanted to make sure she concentrated right now on one wrestler in particular and that was Stacy Keibler. The woman’s long legs were parted and that had given her full access to her pussy. Stacy was so wet. Jessica had been enjoying every juicy lick against her sexy, smooth cunt. She had been dripping right into her mouth, giving her plenty of girl flavor to swallow down and Jessica was eager to get back to more of that. She wanted to make Stacy come.

Trish, however, had a different idea.

“Why don’t you two come help me with Barbie?” Trish suggested, sitting down on the bed with the blonde. “Mmmmm I think she needs a little more convincing.”

Stacy moaned a little in disappointment, but she quickly got over that. She remained utterly convinced her time would come and she wanted Barbara into the fun as much as Trish did. She had watched Kelly Kelly intently over the years, loving her body and her moves and wondering what she would be like in bed. So if Trish wanted help, Stacy wanted to give it to her.

“Then let’s convince her,” Stacy said, getting off her back and crawling naked toward Barbara as she nervously sat down next to Trish. “I want a taste of this naughty girl too.”

Stacy leaned right in and kissed Barbara right on the lips. The younger blonde hadn’t been expecting it and she tensed up a little, but Stacy’s kiss relaxed her quickly. She found herself responding to it even quicker than she had with Trish. Kissing Trish has broken the dam a little and Barbara found herself wanting to kiss Stacy, wanting to taste her lips and wanting to touch her.

“You’re so sexy,” Barbara said softly, her hand lightly brushing against Stacy’s legs. “Mmmmm they always compare me to you. I wish I was as sexy as you are though, Stacy.”

“You are sweetie,” Stacy assured the girl. “You’re so beautiful. I love your body. Mmmm and I want you to want mine. You can touch me. I want you to. I want to feel you touch me.”

“Ooooooh wow,” Barbara moaned, marveling again that this was actually happening. She took Stacy up on her invitation and began caressing her legs.

She loved Stacy’s long legs. They were so stunning and gorgeous. She rubbed the smooth flesh of them while Stacy sat in front of her and they traded kisses. This was all happening so fast, but Barbara liked that. The sensations were coming so quickly and felt so good that she didn’t have time to think or to figure out a way to talk herself out of this.

As Barbara caressed Stacy’s legs, Jessica and Trish were both behind the inexperienced girl and began touching her, brushing the small of her strong back and lightly kissing her. The clasp of her bra was so tantalizingly close, but they didn’t go for it yet. Instead they went lower, working as a team to slide off Barbara’s sandals and then, having cleared a path, going for her skinny jeans. The denim was practically glued to Barbara’s lower body, keeping her long legs and tight ass prisoner and Trish and Jessica worked diligently to free her from it.

Barbara tensed up again when she felt her jeans being popped open, but relaxed even quicker than before as she kissed Stacy and moved her hands up from her legs to her bare chest, touching another woman’s breasts for the first time ever. She loved how they felt in her hands, so firm and warm.

She really found herself responding to the feel of another woman’s boobs and she moaned from the sensation of Stacy’s hard nipples in her hands rubbing against her smooth palms. It made her want to touch even more and she went from palming Stacy’s breasts to rubbing her fingers against her hard nipples, loving what was happening as Jessica and Trish pulled her jeans off.

The sensation of her jeans being forcefully tugged down by two women made Barbara moan even louder. God, this was really happening! She had never, ever thought she would do anything to make her fantasy come true but it she was actually going to fuck these women! It had happened when she had least expected it to.

She was a bundle of nerves as this happened and Barbara tried to steady herself by pleasuring Stacy. She impetuously leaned in and kissed Stacy’s hard nipples. She went from one firm, tight breast to the other, softly and wetly rubbing her lips against the hard pink points jutting out from her sexy tits. They were so hard and Barbara liked hearing the moans from Stacy as she did it, so she began licking them next, flicking her tongue against her nipples just like she loved having done to herself.

“Oooooh baby! Mmmm naughty little Kelly Kelly! Licking my hot little titties! I love it!” Stacy groaned, using Barbara’s ring name to make it a little extra hotter. “Ohhhh that feels good! Mmmmm you like it? You like tasting another girl’s tits?”

“Yesssssssss!” Barbara hissed. “I like it! It’s so naughty! You have such sexy tits Stacy!”

“So do you!” Stacy said before proving it by doing what Jessica and Trish had not. While Barbara flicked her tongue against her nipples, making her moan even more, Stacy reached for the girl’s bra clasp and popped it right open.

“Gawwwwd,” Barbara groaned again as Stacy pulled her bra off and bared her perky, young B cup mounds.

Now she was literally and not just mentally naked and her nerves flashed up again, but Stacy wasn’t about to have any of that. She took her turn to feed off Barbara’s tits, pushing her hands away to keep her from covering up and licking her stiff nipples, making them even harder and more sensitive with her skilled tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Barbara gasped in delight, already feeling like Stacy could do this even better than her last few boyfriends had. “Mmmmmm fuck! Ohhhh yesss lick my boobs! Make my nipples hard Stacy! Make my naughty little tits all wet! Mmmmm ooooooh I can’t believe I’m letting you do this!”

“It’s what you want baby,” Trish told her. “If you don’t want us to do any more I promise we’ll stop. But I know you want this.”

Trish was right. She did want this. She hadn’t even known until now just how much she’d wanted it but the more that happened, the more she felt she was making the right decision by staying.

Barbara did have one concern though. She was in a very tight knit-locker room. All the girls there were really friends with each other and there wasn’t much of a chance of keeping any secrets. She had no idea how they would react to her going lesbo so she wanted to make sure what was happening in this room stayed there.

“Just promise you won’t tell…I mean tell the other girls…I…I…don’t want them to know I like girls…” Barbara shyly asked.

“I won’t tell,” Trish promised. “It’ll be our sexy little secret Barbie.”

Barbara liked the sound of that very much but she liked what Trish said next even more.

“But how do you know they don’t like girls too?” Trish asked. “Mmmm maybe they want you as much you want them.”

“Oooooooh! I…I…I dunno…” Barbara replied, no answer off the tip of her tongue. She didn’t know that. She knew all the girls there liked men, but maybe they liked other girls too? But the last thing she wanted was to be ostracized by her friends because they thought she was some kind of slut.

She drifted away from worrying though and got back to moaning as Jessica and Trish finished pulling down her skinny jeans, leaving her only in panties. While she was stripped, Stacy sucked on her nipples, making them swell up and poke out like she couldn’t remember them ever doing before. She was so turned on! She could feel how wet she was just from how her panties clung to her labia. This was all making her so fucking hot and she felt such a wicked, raw excitement flowing through her body.

She was doing something really, really bad and she loved it! She loved to party and she loved to have fun, but she’d never really been a wild child before. She’d done a few crazy things here and there on the road with all the wrestlers including doing a number of things she wasn’t supposed to have done until she had been 21, but she never had she ever done anything as crazy as this. Barbara loved how that made her feel. Her heart was pumping fast in her chest like she was doing cardio, but this was way more fun than any exercise could ever be.

“Lie back,” Trish instructed. “Let’s all get a look at you.”

Barbara complied, lying back on the bed, just like Stacy had been doing before. She was down to nothing but her wet panties and she moaned when she saw how they clung to her puffy little lips. You could almost totally see her pussy through her panties and from the way Jessica, Trish and Stacy’s eyes all lit up, Barbara could tell they noticed and the lust they showed for her made her feel a fresh rush of confidence.

“You like this? Like seeing me naked? Like seeing me only in my tiny little wet panties?” Barbara groaned, getting off on the lust in their eyes and wanting to make them want her even more. “Mmmm you bad girls lured me right into your dirty little dyke trap, didn’t you? Trying to make me a naughty little lesbo like you. Ughhhh it’s soooo working! Mmmmm I’m totally fucking wet from you girls! Ooooh I don’t wanna be shy anymore! I wanna be hot and dirty! I want you girls to fuck me! I’ve been thinking about it for so long and now I wanna feel it for real!”

Not waiting for her new friends to do it for her, Barbara took the initiative to get off her last piece of clothing. She hurriedly stripped her panties off, pulling her legs up in the air so she could get them off and tossing them away. Barbara felt a total lust wave overtake her and she didn’t hesitate to indulge in it, spreading her legs open to show off her smooth, shaved pussy, the wetness that was soaking it and how puffy her pussy lips got when she was horny.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Jessica moaned in delight. “Mmmm sweetie, that is one fucking pretty little pussy you’ve got there!”

“Oooooh you really like?” Barbara asked seductively, not believing that a beautiful movie star like Jessica Alba would be into her like this as the sight of the naked actress and the lust in her eyes was making her drip with desire. “Are you gonna put your tongue there? Are you gonna lick my little pussy? Are you gonna be the first girl to taste how juicy and wet I can get?”

Barbara couldn’t believe she was talking like this. But the words were just flowing out of her mouth without her even considering them. She liked talking dirty. She liked making her boyfriends hard by telling them how she loved their cocks and how she wanted them big and hard for her so they could fuck her tight little pink hole. Barbara was getting an even bigger rush from talking like this in front of the girls. It felt extra naughty and it was making her hornier than anything had in a long time.

The only thing that kept Jessica from diving in to show Barbara just how badly she wanted to be the first girl to lick her pussy was her deference to Trish. After all she was Trish’s friend and Trish was the one who had brought her here. So if Trish wanted to be the first one to taste her, then Jessica wouldn’t have stood in her way.

Fortunately, Trish liked the idea of Jessica being the first to get a taste of the fresh, young pussy before them as much as Barbara did.

“Mmmmm lick her Jess! Taste that pussy baby,” Trish moaned, feeling up her big tits as she watched Barbara lay naked and horny on the bed. “I wanna see your tongue on that pretty little twat! Lick it up and tell us how tasty it is.”

Jessica knew nothing more needed to be said. She kneeled right in between Barbara’s spread legs and dove for her pink prize. She didn’t know this girl at all beyond what Trish had said but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was how wet her pussy was and how badly Jessica wanted to lick it. Her lips were already wet with Stacy’s juices and now Jessica was dying to get Barbie’s on them too.

Pressing her face to the younger girl’s overheating cunt, Jessica breathed in the intoxicating aroma of her arousal and wetly kissed her splayed labia, pushing her lips against a very different kind of lips. This got an immediate response from Barbara and one that all of them were happy to hear.

“OOOOOOOOOOH! OHHHHH MY FUCKING GODDDD! OHHHHHHH!” Barbara cried out in intense pleasure as a huge surge of endorphins hit her from this new pleasure of a woman’s mouth on her pussy.

“I guess you like it, huh,” Trish teased, rubbing her fingers against one of Barbara’s firm, proud tits while Stacy did the same to the other, the both of them touching her hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss I like it! I love it!” Barbara gasped back. “Lick me Jessica! Ooooooh lick my pussy! Make me love it as much as you do! Make me feel how good it is to have hot chicks lick my pussy! Ooooooooh Godddddd it’s sooo goooooood!”

Barbara couldn’t describe how she felt except that it was like the first time she had ever used a pocket rocket on herself. She had pressed that powerful little toy to her pussy and had had to grab onto the bed for dear life to keep from flying away. Jessica’s tongue licking her sensitive pink parts was just like having that wonderful toy against her cunt but even better because it wasn’t battery powered. Jessica was flesh and blood and her wet, warm tongue was more pleasurable than any buzzing toy could ever be.

Jessica loved how puffy Barbara’s snug pink lips were. Even though her legs were slung open she was still so tight down there. It was a little hard for her to get her tongue deep into her so she tended to her labia first. She sucked and licked on Barbara’s tender lips, making them flare open even more as juicy wetness dribbled right out of her cunt.

Jessica was making it all feel so wonderful. Barbara had no idea how Trish and Stacy even knew her, but right then she didn’t care. She just wanted her to keep licking her pussy. The way she sucked her lips was soooo naughty and sensual. It sent erotic chills through her naked body and the more she did that, the more Barbara felt herself opening up for the actress, which allowed Jessica to push her tongue into her and really start to lick.

“OHHHHHHHH!” Barbara cried in ecstasy when Jessica’s tongue slid into her tight folds. “Mmmmmmmmmm more Jessica! Ooooooooh yessssss I want more! Lick my pussy with your famous tongue! Ughhhh I can’t believe you’re the one licking me! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

But Barbara was supposed to be a sweet treat for all of them to share, so that meant Jessica had to stop. Her friends wanted a taste.

“You like Jess? You like her taste?” Trish asked before licking Barbara’s throbbing nipple again. “Like her sweet Diva cunt?”

“Mmmmmm you know I do,” Jessica responded with a big smile. “She tastes so sweet. Just like you and Stacy! I’m gonna love licking this pussy and swallowing some hot, yummy wrestler girl cum!”

But before she could get back to doing that, someone else made sure and claim a chance to taste the new girl.

“I want my turn now,” Stacy interjected. “Mmmm I’ve been lusting after this naughty girl for so long and I’ve gotta taste her!”

Barbara hadn’t wanted Jessica to stop what she was doing until she came, but how could she deny Stacy?

“Yesssss you can lick me too!” Barbara groaned, her whole body tingling with need and the rush of discovery of new pleasure. “Mmmmm all of you can! Just someone lick me! I never knew it could be this good to have a girl fucking me!”

Trish had been hoping to be the ones to get next licks in, but she supposed she owed Stacy one. After all she had stopped her from coming from Jessica’s mouth before. She deserved a taste of Barbara so Trish stepped aside for her friend to get in first.

Jessica moved out of the way and Stacy took her turn, leaning in to get her tongue on the blonde beauty, jutting her perfect ass out in the process. Jessica couldn’t help herself and rubbed her housemate’s toned butt cheeks while Stacy bent over and pushed her face into Barbara’s cunt, licking where Jessica’s tongue had just been. Stacy gave her a little more of an intense licking, moving her tongue over her harder and faster.

“Ughhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss! I love that! Ooooh your tongue feels so good Stacy!” Barbara mewed, loving how there was a contrast in styles between Jessica and Stacy and how awesome it all felt. “Mmmmmm lick me like that! Ughhhh yessssss! Nice and fast! Ooooooh work your tongue into my wet pussy! Mmmmm I love this! Ughhh I love getting my pussy licked!”

Barbara’s firm tits were bouncing so enticingly that it was enough for Jessica to leave behind Stacy’s ass to go play with them. The blonde girl had a perfect set of breasts. They were so round and firm that she probably hadn’t even needed the bra she’d been wearing. Her tits were totally pink and perky and Jessica held both of them in her hands, rubbing them both with tender desire as she moved her face up to Barbara’s so they could kiss.

“I want you to taste yourself,” Jessica said. “Kiss me and taste your hot pussy on my lips and tongue.”

“Ohhhhhhh! Naughty!” Barbara groaned in delight at the idea.

When Jessica’s lips brushed up against hers, Barbara began kissing the actress with an unleashed desire. Barbara had done stuff like this before. She enjoyed sucking a cock after it had fucked her, but this kiss felt even hotter than a blowjob. It was so naughty to be kissing another girl, especially a famous one like Jessica. And now she was tasting her own juice in that kiss, loving how wicked this was and how good her own pussy tasted on Jessica’s tongue and lips.

And while Jessica and Barbara kissed, they had their hands all over each other’s tits, grabbing and massaging each other with a growing passion. They started out softly exploring the other’s chest and quickly moved up from there, kneading each other’s full tits and making pleasure roll through both of their bodies. Barbara was like a kid with a new toy, discovering the pleasures of playing with other women’s boobs. She couldn’t get enough of Jessica’s hot tits, fondling her celebrity rack and tongue kissing her with deep lesbian desire while Stacy’s tongue drove her to new heights.

Trish watched all of this with great satisfaction. Her plan had worked perfectly. Not only did she have Jessica again but now Barbara was into the fun too. Now if she could only get Barbara to go back and seduce the other girls in the locker room for her she could be having some real fun on a consistent basis again.

Trish sat on the bed and touched herself, greatly enjoying the sight of her friends fucking. She loved seeing Jessica and Barbara passionately tongue kissing, their mouths fused together and their pretty, flushed faces touching. And she absolutely got an intense thrill from seeing Barbara’s long legs slung open so Stacy could feast on her pussy by lashing away at her pinkness and pushing in to work against her clit.

Seeing Stacy lick Barbara like that made Trish want a taste more than ever. She had one hand grabbing at her own tits, squeezing her enhanced mounds, and the other hand at her pussy, frigging the hole that Jessica had just licked so well. Trish was getting really horny and needy again. It had been so long since she had been with another girl that it was all pent up inside her.

Stacy wetly kept on licking Barbara. The girl’s cries were muffled by Jessica’s kisses, but Stacy knew she loved it. She was so tight and wet and Stacy got her even wetter by letting saliva roll right off her tongue and into Barbara’s cunt.

She wasn’t technically spitting into her, rather adding some natural lube to her tight pussy, Stacy told herself. But whatever she called it, it was hot for the both of them. She could hear Barbara crying out into Jessica’s mouth while they kissed and Stacy could feel her own juicy snatch dripping sweet, hot essence onto her legs as she bent over on the bed, her ass in the air, and devoured Barbara’s pussy, licking up her girly taste along with her own saliva and Jessica’s at the same time.

Stacy’s pussy was aching for attention but she didn’t mind ignoring it for a while longer. She loved going down on Barbara and tasting her delicious pussy and puffy little lips. She definitely didn’t want to stop. But stopping was just what Trish wanted. She had finally grown too impatient for her own chance to lick.

“My turn now, Stace,” Trish said lustfully and firmly, showing that there would be no argument here.

“Awwwww but Trish…” Stacy began, making one anyways.

“I just wanna get a few licks in,” Trish said. “Then I promise you’ll get yours. I’ll make sure that you get to have some fun. Trust me, ok?”

Stacy didn’t like waiting or being denied Barbara’s pussy, but she did trust Trish. So she relented and moved out of the way for the busty brunette to drive right in. And Trish didn’t hesitate a bit. She went right for Barbara’s pinkness, bending over and pushing her bare butt out in the air to give Stacy a look at her wet slit from behind, as she went in and licked heartily at her friend’s cunt.

Barbara hadn’t even known that there had been another switch between her legs until she felt Trish’s tongue push into her. She was the most enthusiastic licker of all, holding nothing back. Stacy and Jessica had both explored a little bit first, tasting her lips and all over the wetness of her needy pussy, but Trish was too horny for that. She went right for Barbara’s clitoris, tonguing the swollen bud and making her lurch on the bed and break her kisses with Jessica.


The words were once again flowing right out of her. She was almost delirious with passion. Her head was spinning and her heart pounding and she loved it all. She had never experienced anything like this before and wanted to give it all up to these girls. Barbara didn’t know if this was a one day trip into lesbianism for her or what, but she knew she liked what was happening and only craved more pleasure.

She couldn’t remember the last time a man had made her feel this good. She had been on a colossal streak of dating losers lately. The ones who were nice to her weren’t very good in bed and the ones who were good lovers treated her like shit. It had made her not only become much closer to the sex toys she brought with her on the road, but it had probably made her look as lustfully as she had at her friends.

Now she was finally experiencing it for real and her whole body was on fire. Lesbian sex was more than she ever could have possibly dreamed it would be. She screamed out again as Trish pushed her fingers into her, loosening her little cunt up even more as her tongue lapped away at her clitoris. And she had Jessica kissing her and fondling her tits on one side and Stacy leaning in for more kisses on the other side.

Barbara loved tasting herself on Stacy’s tongue just like she had with Jessica and she kissed both hot girls back with as much passion as she could while crying out how much she loved what Trish was doing.


But Trish wasn’t ready for that yet. She loved having Barbara right on the edge. Now she could really bring her plan full circle.

“Gonna come huh?” Trish teased. “Mmmmm sounds like you’re really ready to get fucked then.”

As Barbara sputtered out confused, needy cries, wondering what Trish was up to, the former Diva pulled up from her pussy and took her fingers away. Pausing only to lick the sweet Diva juices off her fingers, Trish ran over to where she had put her bags and quickly started going through them. Jessica and Stacy both looked up in wonder too from Barbara’s tits, very curious about what their friend was doing.

But the answer came soon enough when Trish stood up again, turned around in her fully nude glory and proudly held two strap on cocks in her hands.

“If you’re really ready to get fucked Barbie, then I’ve got just what you need,” Trish giggled. “Mmmm you’re never going to need another boy again once you realize how good women fuck with these things.”

This was a total surprise to everyone but as they all watched Trish slide the strap on onto her body and snap it into place by tightening the harness, it was definitely an arousing development and Barbara felt a fresh eagerness for this to happen.

“Fuck me Trish! Fuck me with that big cock!” Barbara demanded. “Oooooh I wanna feel you fuck me hard with it! Ughhh I haven’t gotten fucked good in so damn long! I need it! Mmmmm make it as good as you all were licking me and I’ll come so hard!”

Right then Barbara was so horny and so keyed up that she didn’t care how she came as long as she did. She was soaking wet for this. This was all such a shock to her system. She hadn’t planned for any of this or expected it in any way. But it just kept getting hotter and hotter. She didn’t feel at all like the same woman who had come to see Trish just expecting to hang out with a friend. She felt so much better, so much hotter and so much sluttier.

“Fuck me! Fuck my pussy Trish! Fuck it hard!” Barbara growled, but Trish had another surprise for her.

“Oh no, I’m not gonna fuck you, Jessica is,” Trish declared, holding the other toy out for her friend to take. “Here you go honey. The other toy is for you. I brought both of them with me so we could both have some fun with them.”

“Wow! You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” Jessica laughed as she got off the bed and accepted the toy from Trish.

“Mmmmhmmm fun, sexy surprises,” Trish said before kissing Jessica passionately, letting their tongues rub together and helping the actress slide the toy onto her body.

“So, since Jess is gonna fuck Barbie, does that mean you’re gonna fuck me, Trish?” Stacy asked, doing the math in her head and liking the result she came out with.

“You know it babe,” Trish said. “It’s been too long since I fucked you. I know your pussy needs some loving right now sweetie and I’m going to make sure you get it. I’m gonna fuck you so good Stacy!”

Stacy moaned in delighted anticipation. She had felt Rose take her with Mr. Snappy and Trish with a strap on was just as good. She was so wet for this. She watched lustfully as Trish helped Jessica close the harness tightly around her waist. The sight of her friends with hard, fake cocks jutting out of their gorgeous, feminine bodies had Stacy dripping anew and she felt a strong desire to make this fuck even kinkier. She knew how good Trish could take her and she wanted her friend to have her most special hole.

“Oh yesss! Fuck me Trish! Mmmm but not my pussy!” Stacy said, turning over and sassily waving her bare bottom at her lover. “I want you to fuck my ass!”

Now it was Trish’s turn to be surprised.

“Oooooh you mean it Stace?” Trish moaned, looking lustfully at Stacy’s exquisite ass. “Mmmmm you want this dick up your ass?”

“Mmmmmm fuck yeahhhh!” Stacy groaned. “Give it to me Trish! I need to come and I want to come from my ass being fucked! I know you love my hot, tight ass! It’s been too long since you slammed it with your hard cock! Do it Trish! I want it up my ass! Fill me up with that plastic! Shove that toy into me!”

This wasn’t a hard decision for Stacy to make. She badly wanted to come and she knew she would come extra hard from an assfucking from Trish. Her friend always knew how to take her ass so well and she had no doubt she would be coming in no time.

“Ohhhhh nasty girl!” Trish replied. “Mmmmm momma’s gonna give you just what you want, baby. I’m gonna fuck your ass so nice!”

Trish knew she’d need a little extra help fucking Stacy’s tight hole so she went back into her bag and got out the lube she’d brought with her. She never left home without it. She excitedly squeezed some onto her strap on and began spreading it around the shaft of her toy, greasing it up good. And as she did that it became obvious that she was going to have to share it with Jessica.

“Fuck me like that too!” Barbara blurted out. “I want you to fuck my ass Jessica!”

That had definitely not been what Jessica had been expecting to hear and she paused to make sure she heard it right.

“Whoa! Really?” Jessica asked, definitely eager to do it, but wanting to make sure it was what her new friend really wanted.

“Mmmmmm yeah really!” Barbara confirmed, turning herself over just like Stacy and pushing out her young, toned ass, giving it a sensual wiggle and making sure Jessica could see how sincere she was being. “I wanna get fucked just like Stacy is! I love it up my butt! You can totally fuck me there!”

“Ooooooh Barbie baby, I think we’re gonna be great friends,” Jessica giggled at the sound of the girl’s enthusiasm. “Mmmm you’ve got a gorgeous ass!”

Jessica caressed Barbara’s bare bottom, running her hands over the firm, young buns of her tight backside. She was so tight, but her cheeks were deliciously rounded too. Just like Stacy’s, this was a booty that only an artist could have conceived of. To say that Jessica wanted it badly was a complete understatement. She was surprised she didn’t start drooling right onto Barbara’s ass.

And since her mouth was now so wet, Jessica decided to make a good use out of it. She kneeled behind Barbara in the bed and spread her buns open, gripping onto the tight flesh and, just like Stacy had done to her before, dragging her tongue along her crack until she reached her little brown eye.

“Oooooooh fuckkkkkk ohhhhhh yessssss mmmmmm gawwwwd do it Jessica! Make it nasty!” Barbara cried out as Jessica began rimming her asshole, attacking it with wet licks to be able to get her relaxed and ready for penetration. “Mmmmm I love that! I love when my butt gets licked! Ahhhhh yeahhhh work your girl tongue up my tight ass Jess! Mmmmmm gawwwwd a fucking movie star is eating my ass! Yessssssssssssss! I love it!”

Soon Barbara’s cries were joined by Stacy’s. Trish did the same to her friend that Jessica was doing. She spread open Stacy’s ass cheeks and began licking her sensually again, bathing her tight ring with her tongue and getting her ready to be fucked. She licked and ate out her friend’s tightest hole and made her plenty wet as she continued lubing up her cock. And when she knew it was time, she gently turned her friend over onto her back.

“I wanna see your face when I fuck you,” Trish said tenderly, giving a kiss to Stacy’s legs as she lifted the long stems up and slung them over her shoulders, dragging her to the edge of the bed. “I wanna see that pretty face when you come for me!”

Trish now had Stacy perched right at the edge of the bed and she stood in front of her, her lubed up cock ready for action and Stacy’s licked hole more than eager for it.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh I know you’re gonna make me come so good Trish! You always do! I love you fucking me! Mmmm my ass missed how you used to make it feel!” Stacy groaned, juice trickling from her cunt to her asshole from how turned on she was getting. “Fuck me baby! Fuck that tight asshole of mine! It needs your cock! It needs to be fucked hard! Bury your dick in me! I wanna fucking feel it!”

“Oh you’ll feel it,” Trish carnally promised. “Mmmm you’ll feel every hard inch!”

Just like always, Trish was as good as her word. She slowly pushed the fat head of her toy into Stacy’s asshole, sliding into her with care and letting her adjust as the inches started to fill her. Trish knew how to do this just right, pushing steadily into Stacy with a slow, but sexy pace, letting her get comfortable and making sure every one of the thick inches pushing inside her was getting her off.


Jessica was spreading the lube onto her own cock as her face was shoved between Barbara’s gloriously firm, round ass cheeks. She was so tight and delicious. God she could have made a home in this ass for her tongue. Jessica loved licking her. But she knew Barbara needed more. So once she was sure she had lubed up her cock enough, Jessica pulled away from her well licked hole.

“You sure you’re ready for this?” Jessica asked, sliding her cock in between Barbara’s firm buns. “You really wanna get fucked back here?”

“Ohhhhh yessss more than anything!” Barbara sincerely replied, turning her head toward Jessica. “Fuck me Jessica! I want you to take my ass! Mmmmm I was so ready to come from all of your tongues licking my pussy and making my fantasy come true! But I want this more! Mmmmm no one’s been worthy of fucking my ass in months and I love being taken there so much! Please do it! Please! Plea….OHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Barbara cut her own pleading off by screaming out her rapture at being penetrated. Jessica took her doggie style, pressing up against her ass with her hands spreading her cheeks open and guiding the head of the toy into her waiting hole.

Just like Trish was doing, Jessica took it at a steady, gentle pace, never giving Barbara more than she could handle as she pushed inside her. The girl’s ass was surprisingly a little looser than her pussy, but it was still tight and sexy and her hole wrapped snugly around her toy, making Jessica have to start her thrusting, pushing the strap on up Barbara’s ass and fucking her with a lusty passion.


Jessica made sure to not give it to her too deep or too hard. She knew from her own experiences being fucked up the ass that sometimes your lust moved ahead of your body and you begged for more than you could handle. So she continued a firm, but not forceful push into Barbara’s killer young ass, fucking into her and making their skin slap together, Barbara’s tight cheeks giggling so enticingly as she was fucked.


Barbara had always loved anal sex. In fact she kind of dug it more than regular sex. Ever since she was a gymnast, people had admired her ass and she used to pretend to be offended while secretly relishing the compliment. When she started modeling her ass was what she became known for and that certainly didn’t change in WWE. She worked hard to keep her butt in such good shape so she loved knowing people noticed it.

It felt so good to be touched back there by someone who knew what they were doing. And if Jessica was indicative of how well women could fuck ass, then Barbara was totally going to go lesbian because this was amazing.

She could feel and hear Jessica’s sweaty skin slapping into her and every inch that was being buried up her butt was exquisite. She loved how this felt! It was so filthy and sexy to have a famous woman fucking her ass. She felt wild and free and wanted only to come, like she was some dirty hedonistic slut. It was all so amazing and Barbara was in sex heaven from the strap on up her ass.

Stacy was even more ecstatic than Barbara was. She loved being taken like this by Trish. She was so close to coming. Every push up her ass was pure pleasure. And Trish would be kissing her at the same time she fucked her tender, tight asshole. Stacy had never done this position with Trish before, but she was definitely going to do it again. Her long legs were slung over her friend’s shoulders and she was being nailed missionary style on her back, taking Trish’s thick, fake cock up her ass, her bouncing tits being squeezed by her lover as Trish’s tongue filled her mouth.


“I love making you come,” Trish grunted as she thrust into her friend, the nub on her end making her clit throb. “Mmmmm my big cock feels soooo good in your tight little hole baby! I missed fucking you Stace! Ohhhhh you’re soooo nasty for wanting me to fuck your ass! Mmmmm such a sexy, nasty girl! I need you to come for me Stacy! Need you to come for Trish!”

For Trish the best part of this position wasn’t that she could see Stacy’s angelic face contort in orgasm or that she could play with her awesome tits. It was that she could easily reach down for her friend’s sopping wet pussy and rub it. And that was what she did as she saw her friend quiver in orgasmic anticipation. Without losing a bit of the force behind her thrusts, Trish rubbed Stacy’s tender labia and pushed her fingers inside her, fucking her and rubbing her clit while her ass was stuffed with fake cock.

Stacy howled at first touch and it took only a few more moments of clit rubbing and assfucking for the girl to reach her climax.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! HOLY SHITTTTTT! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Stacy cried before Trish silenced her with a hot, passionate kiss, drawing her screams into her mouth while she continued fingering and fucking her, taking her tight ass with her strap on while her cunt clamped down on her fingers and her girl cream coated them.

Jessica didn’t have Barbara far behind. Jessica didn’t get the opportunity too often to fuck her housemates’ asses. She was more likely to be on the receiving end of one of their strap ons. So when she got the chance like she had now she made the most of it. She fucked Barbara with a passion. Once her ass had adjusted to the plastic pushing up into it, Jessica was able to really give it to her from behind, smacking their bodies together as their hot tits both bounced from the thrusts.

Barbara cried out happily with every inch going up her hole, her cheeks spread open by Jessica’s hands and the thick plastic making her hole yawn. Jessica was stretching her open with her hard thrusts up her ass and Barbara loved it. She was in ecstasy and so close to coming that every drop of sweat from Jessica’s body that dripped off onto her bare back made her feel like she was about to explode.


There was only one way Jessica knew how to treat beautiful girls like Barbara talking so nasty. She took one hand away from spreading her blonde lover open and slapped her backside instead, spanking her tight cheek and getting another howl of pleasure from the girl.


And a few seconds later, Barbara did make good on her promise of orgasm, but not directly from something Jessica had done.

Jessica’s spanking and fucking of her ass had brought her right to the verge, but it was Stacy who sent her over it. Without any warning the blonde, still trembling from her own intense orgasm craned her face under Barbara’s body as she rocked Jessica’s cock doggie style. Stacy pressed her face to Barbara’s shaved smooth cunt and literally sucked the orgasm right out of her, latching her lips to her tender, puffy pussy and not letting go until she filled her mouth with cum.


Barbara continued to cry out her orgasm, Jessica still thrusting and Stacy still sucking. Stacy gulped down Barbara’s creamy essence, loving the sweet, rich taste and Jessica kept pushing into her until Barbara’s contracting ass became too tight and she had to pull out of her.

It was then that Jessica had a deviously dirty idea. She looked at the toy fresh out of Barbara’s hot ass and how her little hole now was gaping from being fucked. Jessica felt so naughty right then and she wanted to make Barbara feel extra dirty too.

So as the blonde gasped and cried out her orgasm, Jessica gave her a surprise treat. Barbara’s mouth was wide open from her pleasure as she remained on all fours with Stacy under her and Jessica didn’t think or pause or ask for permission. She just shoved the strap on into Barbara’s mouth and made the sexy young blonde taste herself.

“Suck it!” Jessica groaned. “Taste your ass you little slut! Suck it right off the cock that just fucked you!”

Any other time, Barbara might have pulled away and thought it was gross. But not today. Today she was a slut who would do anyone and anything!

She felt like a very happy whore right then and she relished the chance to do another new, kinky thing. So she did what Jessica said. Her sweet young lips wrapped around the toy that had just taken her ass and the girl known as Kelly Kelly began lewdly slurping on it, giving head to the strap on and tasting her own tight ass all over it while orgasmic tremors still made her lean body shake.

“Ooooooh yeahhhh dirty girl…dirty girl tasting her own ass,” Jessica moaned, tugging her own nipples as she fucked Barbara’s pretty mouth with it, the girl’s sweet eyes closed and her face still all lust. “Mmmmm you’re so sexy Barbie. Cute little blonde dolly sucking her own sexy ass off a big cock! Mmmmmm so yummy!”

And Barbara wasn’t the only girl who was tasting herself now. Stacy had emerged from under her with a face full of girl cum intending to kiss Barbara and let her taste her own cream. When she saw how she was otherwise occupied, Stacy felt inspired to follow suit and crawled back over to Trish. Without hesitation, Stacy got on her elbows and knees and sucked Trish’s strap on into her mouth, the asshole it had just fucked gaping from behind.

“Mmmmmm gawwwwwd I got a yummy ass,” Stacy moaned happily, pulling off Trish’s cock, kissing her friend so they both could share the taste and then diving back down to slurp more of it into her hungry mouth.

Trish hadn’t been expecting this enthusiasm for her friends to go ass to mouth but she was really turned on by it. This day had been full of surprises for everyone and she had a feeling there were going to be a lot more still to come.


Hilary felt awful as she watched silently while Lindsay busily stuffed her things into the bags she’d pulled out of her closet. She hated what she had just seen between Lindsay and her mother and right then all she wanted was to somehow make things right between them. Their fight had been so intense and Lindsay had been so hurt by what Dina had said and done that she was about to go through with her threat to leave even as Ali begged her not to.

“Please Lindsay! Please don’t go!” Ali begged as Lindsay continued to throw clothes into her bags. “You’ll just make things worse if you go! We can work this out with mom! Please don’t go!”

“No way am I spending another minute in this house with that cunt!” Lindsay fumed, her face still stinging from her mother slapping it. “I’m out of here and I’m never coming back!”

“No! Please stay Lindsay!” Ali begged. “You have to stay! You can’t leave me after what you and I just did!”

“Sweetie, I want you to come with me,” Lindsay said, turning to look her little sister in the eye. “I don’t want to stop being with you and I don’t care what mom thinks! Fuck her! We can run away to the mansion. You and me! And Hil can come with us too! We don’t need to have mom ordering us around! We can stay in one of the guest rooms. I know they’ll totally love you there! You’ll have so much fun! We all will! All the girls there are so fucking hot. I can’t wait to see you fuck my friends Ali and have them see me fuck you!”

That sounded really good to Ali right then. Turning her rampant lesbian dreams about her own sexy sister into reality had only made her want to be with girls even more. She was positive she had chosen the right path for herself and she not only never wanted to stop fucking Lindsay, she wanted the chance to be with all her hot, famous friends too. What Lindsay and Hilary had told her about that Malibu mansion had sounded so awesome and she couldn’t wait to go. But she didn’t want it to be like this.

“I want that too…but we can’t just leave mom,” Ali insisted. “She’ll like rip up the Earth trying to find us. And I don’t want her to think we hate her.”

“I do! I hate that nosy bitch!” Lindsay emphatically declared. “She’s always bossing me around like I’m her fucking slave. She never lets me have any fun and then she goes and hits me? Fuck her! I never want to see that bitch again.”

Lindsay was lying though. She didn’t hate her mom and beneath all the anger she felt, she feared bursting into tears again because of what had just happened between them. She had never seen her mother as angry as she’d just been when she’d caught her and Ali. Even though Lindsay really was legitimately pissed that Dina had slapped her, she was really lashing out because of the sadness that her mother would ever think that she was some kind of sick pervert and that she was a total fuck up who would ruin Ali’s life.

Lindsay didn’t pretend that it was normal for her and Ali to have done what they did. But she loved her little sister more than anything in the world. Lindsay would have given anything to protect Ali and her mother thinking that she would ruin her life broke her heart. That was why she wanted to get out of there so badly. She couldn’t bear to see the disappointment in her mother’s eyes and have her think she was nothing but the fuck up the tabloids said she was.

Hilary understood why Dina was so mad and she wanted to figure out a way to fix this. She knew that Lindsay loved her mom and she didn’t want to see them get ripped apart. While the idea of running away to the mansion with Lindsay and her sexy sister did sound like absolute bliss, Hilary knew it was the wrong thing to do. She had to set things right here…or at least try to.

“Please stay Lindsay! We can work this out with mom!” Ali begged, even though she had no idea how all this could be made better.

Ali just hated seeing her sister and mother fight when she loved them both so much. As a family they had all gone through so much with their father and the things he’d done. That was why it had been such a shock for all of them for Dina to slap Lindsay. Ali didn’t want Lindsay and their mom to hate each other. Ali wasn’t sorry for anything she had done with her sister, but the fight that had resulted from it was the last thing in the world that the teen wanted.

“There’s nothing to work out! She’s a bitch!” Lindsay insisted, hiding her anguish behind her anger. “Come with me Ali! Run away with me and Hil! If you stay here she’s never going to let you see me again! She’ll probably get like a restraining order against me! You saw how crazy she got!”

“No! It won’t be like that! We can make it better!” Ali continued to claim, knowing that she wasn’t making much progress with Lindsay and almost trying to convince herself with her own words.

Having had her own troubles with her mother, Hilary hated this fight. She hated seeing a mother and daughter she knew loved each other say such horrible things to each other. After all the drama in Ali’s room, the girls had followed Lindsay back to her room as she had hurriedly started tossing things into her bags. They hadn’t even bothered to get fully dressed yet, just putting bathrobes over their naked bodies.

But getting dressed was a secondary concern to Hilary right then. She was more focused on making things better with Lindsay and her mom. She felt like it was up to her to try and fix this. She didn’t know how but maybe, just maybe, she could talk to Dina and get her to see what was happening between Lindsay and Ali wasn’t a bad thing at all…it was beautiful and sexy and built on love.

Dina had seemed so sorry after she had slapped Lindsay and Hilary hoped that maybe she’d feel bad enough that she’d want to make up with her daughter and they could start to put all this behind each other.

Hilary knew she was taking a risk by wanting to talk to Dina. After all, the woman had seemed hellbent on tossing her out of the house a short time ago, but Hilary felt like she needed to try.

“I’ll go talk to your mom!” Hilary blurted out, making Lindsay pause in her disorganized packing.

“Huh? Hil that’s fucking crazy!” Lindsay replied. “She’ll have you arrested!”

“No! I have to do this! I can make her see that she was wrong and that she can make it better,” Hilary insisted. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hilary! Wait!” Lindsay urged, but before the words were even out of her mouth, Hilary was out the door and headed toward Dina’s room with a mission on her mind.

“Let her go, maybe she can help,” Ali said. She didn’t know how Hilary could make things better, but she figured there wasn’t much of a way she could make things worse.

Lindsay just sighed. Despite all her anger, Lindsay deep down knew if her mom came in and apologized and said that she’d been wrong then she would forgive her in a second. She loved her mother. She didn’t want to fight. She just didn’t think that apology would ever come.

But right then all Dina wanted to do was apologize.

She had said sorry so many times to Lindsay after striking her and she would say it over and over again until her daughter forgave her. Dina was in agony with guilt over what she’d done, so much that she wasn’t even thinking about what she had seen Lindsay and Ali doing and how it had led to her reaction. She was too horrified over her own anger to even focus on what had set her off.

She couldn’t believe she had actually raised her hand to her daughter and struck her. That was the one thing she had promised herself to never, ever do. As mad as Lindsay made her sometimes and as enraged as she’d been over seeing what Lindsay and Hilary had done to Ali, Dina couldn’t believe she’d crossed the line like that.

Lindsay and Ali’s father had been abusive. Not just to her. But to all of then. He had attempted to settle arguments with his fists and Dina had worn the results of those arguments many times. She had always promised that she would never do the same to anyone, especially her children.

But she had completely flipped out and broken that promise and she felt nothing but the deepest guilt now over it. She wanted to go to Lindsay and beg her for forgiveness. She hated what she had done and she once again wiped away tears from her eyes as she remembered Lindsay’s horrified reaction to being slapped.

Dina felt like everything had spiraled completely out of control. She had known Lindsay was up to something and part of her was at least relieved that it wasn’t drugs again or something even worse. But she had just never expected to find out that not only was her daughter a lesbian, but that she had gone and seduced Ali too. Thinking about what they had done to each other made her head spin. How could they? How could they do that to each other?

But the shock of the insanity she had witnessed in Ali’s bedroom didn’t excuse what she had done to Lindsay and the guilt overwhelmed her. She wished she could turn back time and stop herself from slapping Lindsay. But she couldn’t do that and all she could now do was hope that Lindsay would forgive her. That seemed remote though and Dina felt her own tears increase as she remembered how angry Lindsay had been. Fearing she had pushed her daughter away for good, Dina was in agony.

She had to do something to calm herself down. Everything was too tense right now and she knew she had to step back and let things settle. Right then Dina could think of only one way to calm down and she reached right into her dresser drawer to grab the pill bottle. Keeping up with her daughters and all the media pressure sometimes could be too much so she always kept her Zoloft close by for times when it was necessary and if there was ever a time when it was necessary, Dina felt it was right now.

The more she thought about what she had done and the more she let the ramifications of what she had caught Lindsay and Ali doing sink in, the more Dina felt a full blown panic attack coming. Running to the bathroom she splashed cold water on her face to try and calm herself and then downed two of the pills without a second thought. And nearly as soon as she took them she threw in a third one for good measure.

Whatever she was thinking…she just wanted it to stop.

Dina staggered a little as she made her way out of the bathroom and toward the bed. She knew right away she’d taken too many of the pills and it was like a wave of disorientation picked her up and threw her onto the bed. She didn’t even remember walking over to the bed and she didn’t even realize she was lying on it until her head hit the pillow.

“Oh God…what the fuck am I doing?” Dina groaned aloud as the consequences of her actions ran through her mind. Her head was spinning. Her heart was like a jackhammer in her chest and the last thing in the world she wanted to be thinking about was front and center in her mind.

It wasn’t just the anger she had displayed toward Lindsay that was weighing upon her. It was something else…something she had tried to keep locked away in the darkest recesses of her mind that now, like a monster in a box, was clawing its way out.

She had been angry over what she had seen…so very, very angry. But it wasn’t just her rage over the sinful act that her daughters had committed that had fueled that anger. She couldn’t come to grips with what her first impulse had been when she had seen what was happening. She didn’t want to come to grips with it. It was too horrible to admit.

But now in her freshly addled mind, it was all she could think about.

When she had walked in and seen her daughters naked with Lindsay’s face pressed between Ali’s tight, young ass, Dina’s first reaction hadn’t been to scream and command them to stop. The very first thing she had felt sickened and horrified her even more than her slap of Lindsay and the feeling wasn’t going away.

When she had walked in on them, Dina’s first feeling had been one of anger…it had actually been one of arousal!

She had gotten wet seeing Lindsay and Ali naked and so clearly in the throes of a forbidden sexual passion. She hadn’t hesitated or considered morals or boundaries. She had just gotten wet. The sight of her daughters committing incest had instantly made her pussy tingle and Dina had actually had to snap herself out of it to scream at them to stop.

“Nooooooooo…” Dina moaned, her words slightly slurred as she became too relaxed from the pills, her body and mind going into a chemically induced state of waking dream. She didn’t want to think this way but her own mind was betraying her as she found herself confronting her forbidden truth.

Dina was no stranger to a woman’s touch. At one point in her life she’d even considered herself a full blown lesbian. She loved everything about women. She loved the softness of their skin and the tender feel of their lips against hers. She loved the curves of a pair of breasts and the way she could run her hands over another woman’s hips and around to her ass and always get nothing but moans. She loved the wetness and flavor of pussy. And most of all she loved how women could always get her off more than men could.

She had given up on that to marry Michael, but that had been such a disaster and she had only stayed with him as long as she had for the benefit of their children. Even when she’d been married to him she had found herself straying and finding sexual comfort with other women. When she’d divorced him she’d only increased that. Sure she’d dated men after her divorce but the true pleasure had always come from other women.

Dina had kept all of that as a secret from her children. She had done all her sapphic fun on the down low. She had a few special friends whose company she loved to keep, but Dina found most of her pleasure in the company of female escorts. She was a regular client of one of Hollywood’s top madams and Dina made sure to try every new girl that came in. She loved the forbidden ecstasy she always got from fucking these girls and knowing it was especially dirty because it was a prostitute between her legs eating her out.

But Dina’s shame right then wasn’t over her love of women or fondness for working girls. It was darker and so completely forbidden that every time the thoughts came to her mind she tried with all the strength she had to press them down because they made her feel like she was truly the worst mother in the world.

She had looked at her naked daughters and felt a surge of lust for them. The idea of their nubile bodies together in an incestuous, lesbian connection had made her instantly horny and it hadn’t been the first time this had happened.

Whenever she had seen Lindsay in a sexy photo shoot or movie or even when the girl had carelessly paraded around the house in nothing but her bare skin, Dina had felt it. She had felt wildly inappropriate yearnings toward her daughter. Lindsay had such a sexy body. Dina had envied her daughter’s beautiful, big breasts and loved the way she looked while feeling urges no mother was supposed to feel.

And it hadn’t stopped with Lindsay either. As much as she had fought against it, she had found herself looking at Ali the same way.

As her youngest daughter had developed into a beautiful young woman, Dina had felt the same kind of urges for her that she had tried to stifle with Lindsay. Many times she had looked at Ali’s budding young body and wondered if she was sexually active. She had never expected to find the answer to that as dramatically as she had and knowing now that not only was Ali having sex but she was having it with her own sister made every impure urge she had ever felt for her daughters feel a thousand times worse.

Dina knew what she felt was wrong. She was at peace over her love of women. How could she not love a beautiful woman’s body? How could she not crave the ecstasy of a female lover? But even though that all felt right to her, Dina was under no illusion it was acceptable for someone to feel that way toward their daughters.

Incest was sick. It was wrong. It was the worst thing a parent could feel for their child. But it also made Dina soaking wet. Sometimes at night when she was lonely and horny she couldn’t help but succumb to her unclean thoughts and imagine what it would be like to have her daughters nude in bed with her as she showed them how much she loved them and how much pleasure they could all bring each other.

As she’d fingered herself madly or worn down the batteries in her sex toys, Dina had imagined sucking the tits of her gorgeous daughters and tasting their surely sweet pussies and then having them do it all and more back to her.

She’d hated herself each and every time she had let those fantasies win and bring her to orgasm. But it hadn’t stopped them from coming back and always demanding she focus on them and indulge in shameful desire. Dina tried with everything she had to make these insane thoughts stop. She’d even talked to her shrink about them. But nothing had given her true relief from them.

So to now know that her girls had given into the very lust for each other that she was aching to suppress filled Dina with confusion, anger, sadness, guilt, horror and of course a throbbing desire that right then was whispering evilly in her mind and compelling her to focus on the growing wetness in her pussy.

Dina groaned, both in despair over her moral weakness and desire for the two delicious pieces of forbidden fruit in her life. In her most sober of states she had trouble fighting these urges off, but under the influence of her pills and the immediate rush they provided, Dina was in a very weakened state and she felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter as she began massaging her heavy breasts through her clothes.

She was wearing jeans and a blue top and Dina moaned as her hands unconsciously moved to her tits and started caressing them just like she did whenever she was in the mood and had no lover to play with. She was still proud of her body, especially considering her age and that she’d had four kids. Dina loved her tits. There was only a little sag to them and considering their full size that was impressive. Dina had always enjoyed her large breasts and had been happy to see that Lindsay had inherited her chest.

Of course thinking of her daughter’s large tits and how good they looked naked just made Dina wetter. She moaned repeatedly as she fondled herself through her top and realized without even thinking about it that one of her hands was drifting below her waist. And the moans got stronger as Dina rubbed her pussy through her jeans, feeling the heat and tell tale dampness through the denim. She could already feel how wet her panties were getting under her jeans and her own touch wasn’t making them any dryer.

Soft, soulful sounds of pleasure drifted off Dina’s lips as her chemically induced state made her hornier. She couldn’t stop thinking about Lindsay and Ali naked on the bed. She could tell that Lindsay had been licking her little sister’s asshole when she had walked in and Dina shivered with wicked desire as she imagined her daughter doing that to her too.

Dina had always loved being touched back there, especially by a hot female tongue and she found herself utterly incapable of not thinking about what it would feel like to have Lindsay’s tongue bathing her asshole like she’d been doing to Ali.

Dina hissed with desire as she pulled up her shirt and exposed her full chest in a bra that was now straining against her mounds of womanly flesh. Her nipples were yearning to be freed as they poked out against her bra and Dina made them even harder when she rubbed them through the material while dreaming of lying on her stomach and having Lindsay tongue her ass and her pussy while Ali was kissing her and letting her own mother taste her fresh, young tongue.

These were the thoughts that always filled her with such guilt, but today, with all the drama and the influence of her pills, Dina didn’t even put up the illusion of a fight against them. All the dirty, incestuous longings she had for her daughters were raging wild in her mind now and Dina just wished they were here on the bed with her pulling her clothes off so they could finish what she had interrupted by walking in on them.

The thought of joining her daughters in deviant, forbidden sex made Dina’s pussy practically soak her panties and she felt the wetness against her jeans increase as she began rubbing harder. She had been so angry and scared and ripped apart by what she had seen and done, but now all Dina could think about was the pleasure of masturbation and the dirty dreams of fucking her sweet, beautiful daughters.

The sight of Dina on the bed writhing in self pleasure was the last thing that Hilary had expected to see when she had arrived at the woman’s bedroom looking to try and play peacemaker. The blonde girl could hardly believe what she was seeing.

Hilary watched Dina writhe and moan as she touched herself and her own lust for the older woman grew. Hilary had always had a bit of a crush on Lindsay’s mom, but she had never expected to do anything about it. Now all she could think about was forgetting about the fights and the screaming and instead getting inside that bedroom to fuck her girlfriend’s MILF of a mother.

Hilary didn’t say a word though. She didn’t want to interrupt this…yet. She just kept watching from the doorway and trying not to breathe too hard as Dina tossed her shirt away and reached around her back to unclasp her bra. Hilary had to stifle a gasp when she saw Dina’s bare tits. God, they looked so good! They were just like Lindsay’s and she loved her girlfriend’s tits. Hilary just hoped she wouldn’t stop there.

“Go for the pants…get them off…get naked for me!” Hilary said under her breath, unable to resist cheering the sexy older woman on.

Hilary didn’t know what had gotten Dina to act like this, especially when she had seemed so angry before. But she didn’t care. She loved what she saw and she wanted more.

And more was just what she got when Dina began pulling down her jeans. Hilary bit her lip to keep from moaning when she watched Dina pull those tight jeans down those dancer trained legs of hers, leaving herself in just her panties and lost in desire. This was a most unexpected show and Hilary was so happy she had stumbled upon it.

She licked her lips and touched her tits through her borrowed robe, wanting Dina more than ever. The idea of fucking her girlfriend’s mom had been such a delicious fantasy for her and Hilary wondered if it might actually be able to happen as Dina continued writhing on the bed and slid her hand under the waistband of her panties to really touch herself.

Hilary badly wanted to get in there and join Dina on the bed. She wanted to fuck her, just like she’d fucked Lindsay and Ali and see if the mother was as hot as the daughters. Hilary couldn’t believe what she was seeing and when Dina opened her mouth, that surprised turned to flat out shock.

“Oooooooooooh Lindsayyyyyyyyyyyy!” Dina groaned lustfully as she worked one hand over her tits and the other stretched her panties out. “Mmmmm Ali babyyyyyyyyyyy! Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssss mommy wants you both so bad!”

At first Hilary couldn’t register what she had just heard. That couldn’t be possible. Dina hadn’t just moaned her daughters’ names as she had touched herself. Had she? But a second later her doubt was eradicated.

“Ooooooooh fuck me girls! Fuck your mommy like you fuck each other!” Dina cried out, her hand working harder between her legs.

Hilary knew right then what she had to do. She didn’t feel any nervousness or even a hint of butterflies in the stomach. She didn’t care that it was crazy. She saw something she wanted. She saw how to get it. And she didn’t hesitate to do it.

“Oh Dina, if only Lindsay and Ali could see you now,” Hilary said, gathering all her courage and diving right into the deep end of the pool by making her presence known.

Dina gasped in shock, her hand flying away from her pussy as she tried to cover herself. She might have been in a chemically enhanced and horny state, but she wasn’t so far gone that she wanted Hilary to see her this way, especially since the anger she felt toward her hadn’t gone away.


“Oh I’m the bitch?” Hilary teased, feeling a seductive confidence she had never experienced before. “Then how come you’re the one with her hand buried in her honeypot? Hmmmm? Looks like I caught you in the cookie jar and I can’t wait to tell Lindsay everything!”

“NO! Don’t tell her!” Dina begged. “Just go Hilary! Get out of here and leave us all alone!”

But that was the last thing Hilary wanted.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Hilary insisted. “Lindsay’s part of my life and you’d better get used to it Dina. Besides, I don’t think you really want me to leave.”

“I do!” Dina said, using the covers to hide her almost naked body. “Get out and never come back you bitch! I know this is all your fault Hilary!”

“Oh no Dina,” Hilary grinned, sauntering in closer. “You don’t really want me to go. Because if I do then you don’t get what you really want. Mmmm you don’t get to have this!”

Hilary then untied the sash of the robe and pushed it off her body, exposing her nude flesh to Dina’s suddenly wide eyes.

“You like Dina?” Hilary giggled, modeling herself in all her glory to her girlfriend’s mother. “Mmmm you like seeing me all naked and horny for you?”

“Wha…what are you doing?” Dina stammered, not believing what the girl was doing and also finding herself unable to take her eyes off Hilary’s bare body.

“I think you know that already Dina,” Hilary said, crawling into bed with the older woman and moving toward her with hungry eyes. “I’m going to give you what you want Dina. I’m going to give you what you need.”

“No…no…don’t!” Dina began to say, but before she could muster out any more words her lips were quieted by a hot kiss from Hilary.

Hilary felt giddy as she did this. She was never usually this bold and it felt so unbelievably amazing. She felt so sexy doing this and it was totally making her wet to be able to kiss her girlfriend’s mother.

“Mmmm you’re soooo hot Dina,” Hilary purred after her kiss left the older woman gasping. “I’ve always thought so. You have such great lips ooooooh and such awesome boobs! Mmmm and I can’t wait to get at the rest of you!”

“No…don’t do this Hilary…you can’t…” Dina said nearly in a whisper as this turn of events left her in shock.

“I can and I will,” Hilary insisted, imposing herself on the older woman, caressing her flustered face with one hand and using the other to brush the bed covers away and leave her once again in nothing but her panties. “I know you want this Dina. You want me to fuck you. You want me to do to you what I do to Lindsay and what I just did to Ali. You need this! I can see it all over you. You need to get fucked!”

Oh God…that really was what she needed. As mad as she was at Hilary, Dina couldn’t ignore how sexy she was and how good her naked body looked. She could easily see why her daughter liked Hilary so much. She had such a beautiful body and her kiss and touch made it easy for Dina to melt right back into the intense arousal she’d been feeling before.

“Yessssssssssss ooooooooh yessssssss I need this! I need to get fucked!” Dina admitted even though handing the girl this victory was hard on her. “Damn it Hilary! What the fuck are you doing to me?”

“Mmmm I told you. I’m giving you what you need,” Hilary said. “Now just lie back Dina and let me show you what a naughty girl I really am. By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be seeing things from Lindsay’s perspective.”

Dina knew she should be fighting off Hilary’s advances, but in the state she was in right then that was impossible. She couldn’t resist her heated kiss and when she tasted the younger blonde’s tongue for the first time it made her whole body shiver with arousal. Despite her better judgment not to, Dina began kissing the blonde vixen back, letting her hands roam over her bare back and move down until she had them cupping the hot cheeks of Hilary’s ass. She pulled the girl on top of her and tongue kissed her, not caring that this was her daughter’s girlfriend and that she was supposed to hate her.

Hilary delighted in feeling Dina succumb to her seduction and she didn’t waste time. Reaching for Dina’s panties, Hilary quickly grasped them in her nimble fingers and began pulling them down her legs.

“You won’t need these anymore,” Hilary laughed, exposing the wet lips of her soon to be lover’s cunt.

All Dina could do was groan in both lust and utter confusion. She had no idea how all this was happening but it felt too good to stop. Everything was so crazy right then and Dina actually had no idea how crazy things were about to get.

Back in Ali’s room, the Lohan sisters were unaware of what was transpiring between their mother and Hilary and how much the situation had changed. Thinking that her mother was still on the warpath against her, Lindsay had thrown all she felt she needed into a bag and was imploring Ali to do the same.

“Please Ali! Come with me! I don’t want to leave without you,” Lindsay pleaded. “We’ll have so much fun at the mansion! I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone!”

“It sounds amazing and I want to go so bad!” Ali insisted. “But…”

“But what? You have to come Ali,” Lindsay interrupted.

“We can’t just leave things this way with mom,” Ali said, finishing her thought. “Please Lindsay. We can try and work things out. We can make mom understand!”

Ali had seen some awful fights between her parents before and had witnessed more than a few loud arguments between Lindsay and their mother, but nothing like what she had just witnessed. She supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised that their mom had completely freaked out over what she had just caught them doing, but she definitely hadn’t expected her to actually hit Lindsay.

After all their dad had done to them, the idea of their mother striking them seemed particularly frightening, but Ali didn’t want to fight with her mom. She wanted things to get fixed between her and Lindsay and she wanted that to happen now. The teenager just hoped that Hilary was somehow able to help by talking to Dina.

Lindsay had calmed down a little and by now she was less angry and more saddened by everything that had happened.

“No! She’ll never understand! She hates me!” Lindsay said, throwing herself down on the bed and starting to cry again. “She thinks I’m such a fucking loser!”

Lindsay didn’t regret what she and Ali had done. But it was torture to think that her mother thought she was some kind of deviant or sick pervert. Thinking that her mother hated her had caused Lindsay to lash out angrily before but now it just made her cry and she buried her face back in her hands as tears began anew. Immediately wanting to comfort her big sister, Ali sat down next to her on the bed and hugged her.

And though the tears didn’t stop right away, Lindsay definitely appreciated the hug and returned it, embracing Ali and holding her tight to her. The girls were still only clad in their robes and the feel of their bodies close together resparked the desire they felt for one another. So the hug quickly became something more.

“Mmmmmm ooooooh Ali!” Lindsay sighed in a desire she never dreamed she would feel for her own little sister as their lips touched sensually and they began to wetly kiss again.

The two were soon rubbing their tongues together as Lindsay forgot about her troubles and instead began thinking about far sexier things, a development that continued when Ali asserted herself on her sibling and pushed her down on the bed so she could open her robe, get her hands all over Lindsay’s tits and even trace over her nipples with her tongue.

“Mmmmm baby you’re making me feel so good!” Lindsay cooed as her nipples got freshly hard from this forbidden touch. “Mmmm but we gotta stop before we get in trouble again though!”

“I can’t help it,” Ali grinned. “You’re too sexy Lindsay! Mmmm now that I know you want me like I want you we’re going to be doing this all the time! I don’t care what mom says. She’s not going to stop me from wanting to be with you and Hilary and all your friends!”

Despite everything that had gone down with their mother, the last thing Ali wanted to do was cool down. She still wanted Lindsay. She had loved every nasty thing they had done. She could still taste her own sister’s pussy on her lips and she relished it. This had been her ultimate fantasy come true and it had been so much better than she had ever dared to dream it could be. She didn’t want to stop. She wanted to keep on fucking Lindsay and Hilary and get naughty with all the friends they were telling her about.

Their mom could have stormed back into the room at any second, but Ali didn’t care. She loved Lindsay and desired her too much to hide what she felt, even from their mother. As Lindsay mewed and writhed underneath her, Ali licked at her nipples and made them glisten with her saliva as they throbbed and swelled up fully for her.

“Ooooooh bad girl! Mmmmmm gawwwd I’ve got such a hot little slut sister,” Lindsay cooed, each wet contact of Ali’s tongue against her nipples making her think less and less about what had just happened between her and her mother and more about getting Ali to fuck her again. “Oooooooh you’re so good to me Ali!”

“I love you Lindsay,” Ali sincerely replied. “I want to make you feel good! Mmmmmm you made me feel like a real woman finally, Linds, and now I’m never gonna stop showing you what a good sister I can be! I don’t ever want us to stop doing this, Lindsay. I don’t care what mom says. I know we’re not sick. Mmmmm it feels too good for this to be wrong.”

“We won’t stop,” Lindsay assured her sibling, an energized, naughty smile crossing her face. “That was incredible what we did. I never thought it could feel so amazing to do something like that with you Ali. You’re so sexy baby! Gawwwwd you made me come so fucking hard! I’m so gonna want to do this with you like every goddamn night!”

Ali then tossed off her robe so their bare breasts rubbed together as they kissed. The feel of Lindsay’s full nipples against hers caused Ali’s pink tips to start to swell up too. Their kiss, full of the wicked pleasure from both of them knowing they were being seriously bad, deepened. Lindsay’s hands roamed down the teenager’s back until she was caressing the tight cheeks of her young ass, massaging right where their mother’s interruption had denied her the chance to play.

“Ooooooooooh Lindsay! Mmmmm I still want you to fuck me there!” Ali declared, loving the feel of her sister’s hands on her ass. “Mmmmm I still want to do everything we said! Did you mean it when you said you would take me to that mansion so I could play with all your hot friends?”

“I totally did,” Lindsay pledged. “I meant it all. You’re going to love it there Ali. Those girls are all so hot. Mmmmm they’ll make all your fantasies come true.”

“My fantasy already came true,” Ali lovingly replied before pressing her lips to Lindsay’s and kissing her sister again.

“Oooooh it’s so hot to hear you say that!” Lindsay said with a big smile after Ali pulled her lips away. “Mmmmm but we’re just getting started baby. There’s so much more for you to experience and I’m going to be right there with you when you do, Ali. We’re going to have so much fun. If mom doesn’t understand than fuck her. We can so get out of here. I definitely meant it before. We can run away to the mansion. We don’t need to be here with mom anymore. We can go there with Hilary and…”

Mentioning the girl’s name suddenly reminded Lindsay that Hilary had gone off to try and reason with Dina. Lindsay suddenly felt concerned that something had happened to her. What if her mom threw Hilary out of the house? What if she called the police? What if she did worse?

Lindsay chided herself for getting so distracted that she had ignored that her girlfriend had wandered right into the lion’s den.

“Oh my God! Hilary! Where is she?” Lindsay demanded. “She’s been gone way too long! Mom must have killed her!”

“No she didn’t!” Ali insisted though without any real evidence to back her contention up. “Mom’s just pissed. She won’t do anything crazy!”

“You don’t know that. You have to go find her,” Lindsay urged. “Make sure she’s ok.”

“Me?” Ali gulped, not quite relishing the chance to cross their mother’s angry path right then and only wanting to stay here and continue her illicit kisses with Lindsay.

“Please Ali,” Lindsay said. “Please just go see what’s happening. I can’t see mom right now. I just can’t. I’m still too fucking mad at her! If we see each other then we’re gonna just end up starting something again. Please just go make sure Hilary is ok. I’ll go to your room and start packing some of your things up. I can’t stay here tonight and I need you with me baby! We can get on a plane and go to Vegas with the other girls. We can meet up with them and head back to Malibu with them too. Please Ali!”

Ali wasn’t looking forward at all to being in the middle of her mother and her sister and trying to keep them from killing each other, so running away to Vegas with Lindsay and Hilary sure seemed tempting. But at the same time she hadn’t given up hope that somehow this could all be settled for the better. Ali wanted her mother to understand this wasn’t sick and wrong and having Hilary there might not have been helping.

“Ok Lindsay,” Ali said. “I’ll go find her.”

“Thank you Ali,” Lindsay replied gratefully, hugging her sister. “I’ll start grabbing your things. Don’t take too long. If mom is still pissed then we’re going to have to make a run for it!”

Ali got up off the bed and slid her robe back on her body. She supposed she should go back to her room and get some clothes on, but that would just take longer and Lindsay was right. They possibly were going to have to get out of there with Hilary in a real hurry.

As she pulled her robe back on, Lindsay couldn’t resist one last longing glance at her sexy little sister. She still couldn’t believe all that had happened. It was so surreal to her to think that she had just had sex with Ali.

Even after all the hot girls she had fantasized about and even after watching Jessica and Ashlee Simpson play together so naughtily, the idea of incest with her own family had never crossed Lindsay’s mind. Her little sister would have been the last person on Earth she had ever thought she would fuck, but it had been so incredible.

Lindsay couldn’t wait until the next time they were together. It was so deliciously forbidden and the prospect of showing all her friends at the mansion just how close she and Ali now were had Lindsay’s pussy quivering. All the yelling and screaming between her and her mom hadn’t cooled her fires and it actually seemed like all the drama and chaos had just made her hornier.

After watching Ali leave, Lindsay giggled as she reached down between her legs and gave her slit a little rub. God, she was getting wet again already! Being able to kiss and touch her sexy little sister had turned her into an even bigger slut than before and Lindsay loved it.

She was still only in her open robe and Lindsay knew she was going to have to get dressed if they were going to make a run for it. They had to get out of here before their mom made everything worse. She didn’t want anything to stop her from going to Vegas with Hilary with Ali along for all the fun. She closed her robe and was about to get a few things out of her bags so she could wear them now before going to Ali’s room to pack for her.

But before Lindsay could even begin to get dressed, she was interrupted by Ali frantically running back into the bedroom.

“Holy shit Lindsay! You gotta see this!” Ali gasped in complete shock.

“What? What is it? Is Hilary ok?” Lindsay asked, her mind whirling with terrible thoughts about what their angry mother might have done to her girlfriend.

“She’s…she’s…oh God I can’t even say Lindsay!” Ali declared. “You’ve gotta see this! You’re never going to believe it! It’s too crazy!”

“What is it? Tell me!” Lindsay insisted, but Ali wasn’t having any of it.

“No! You have to see it!” Ali said. “You’re not going to believe it unless you see it for yourself. You have to see it right now before they stop!”

Lindsay never had a chance to ask her little sister again what was going on because Ali insistently yanked her right out of the room. She took Lindsay by the hand and dragged her out, leaving the redhead with only one concern.

“Wait…clothes…what about our clothes?” Lindsay asked.

“You won’t need them!” Ali claimed, still dragging Lindsay along with her as they headed toward their mother’s room.

“What?” Lindsay asked in shock. “What are you talking about Ali?”

Lindsay was totally confused now, but before she could demand her little sister tell her exactly what the hell was going on here, the answer became obvious when she first heard the kind of sounds coming from her mother’s bedroom that she was very, very familiar with.

“No way!” Lindsay said, stopping cold as the impact of those sounds hit her. “Mom?”

“Just come see,” Ali demanded, tugging on Lindsay’s hand. “You have to see. God, at first I thought I was dreaming or something but…you just have to see it Lindsay! I can’t believe it! You have to see it too!”

Lindsay was shocked just from hearing the noise of a woman’s sex cries and her head was spinning too fast for her to even do the math about what could be happening inside their mother’s bedroom. She didn’t think she’d ever hear noises like that coming from her mom’s room, but the shock of hearing those sounds was nothing compared to the absolute gobsmacking she got from being able to look in the open doorway and see what had already put Ali into a total tizzy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you fucking little whore!” Dina cried out, her naked body shaking in all the right places as she fucked Hilary’s face, the blonde girl’s head right between her thighs. “Lick me you dirty bitch! Ooooooooooooooh God, what are you doing to me? How can you be making this feel so fucking good?”

“Mmmmmm you’ve got such a yummy pussy Dina,” Hilary declared in wicked triumph as she pulled up and showed the older woman how shiny her lips now were with her juices. “You taste so sweet and juicy! Just like Lindsay! Mmmmm just like Ali! Now I’ve had all three of you and hot pussies must run in the family cause I love fucking you all! You’re all so delicious! But now you gotta come for me Dina! Come for me just like your little girls do! Soak my face with your hot cream just like Lindsay always does!”

“Just don’t stop!” Dina demanded, pushing down on Hilary’s head to get her back to licking while using the other hand to squeeze her own heavy breasts. “Don’t stop licking me you fucking little slut! Dirty bitch! Show me what an insatiable little whore you really are! Ughhhh you’ve corrupted my little girls and now you’re fucking me too! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!!! Mmmmm Hilaryyyyyyyyyyy yesssssssssssssss fuck me like that! Ooooooh use that dirty fucking tongue of yours to give me what I need! Yessssssssssssss lick my fucking pussy like it’s never been licked before! It’s been too long since I’ve felt anything like this! Sooooo fucking long!”

If the world had stopped turning on its axis right then it wouldn’t have been as big a shock to Lindsay’s system as it was to be able to watch her own mother shaking in rapture from her girlfriend’s tongue while spitting out such filthy words. Never in a million years would she have ever expected to see or hear something like that and it was like her brain was doing donuts in her head.

How could this be happening? How could Hilary be fucking her mom? Lindsay felt so many things at once. Her emotions were crashing into each other and creating explosions inside her. At first she was simply shocked over the sight of her mother having lesbian sex. Then she felt a reflexive flash of anger, like Hilary had somehow betrayed her by fucking her mom. But that didn’t last and instead it was evolved into something far more strange and forbidden.

The more that Lindsay stared at the scene her naked mother on her back fucking herself against Hilary’s face while her girlfriend kneeled just as naked in front of her, thrusting her tongue into her mom and sticking her juicy, bare ass out in a lewd display of pussy hungry lust, the more she began to see just how hot it was.

Lindsay always loved seeing Hilary fucking other girls, working them over with her tongue like she always did to her, especially when she could see Hilary’s awesome ass and imagine doing wicked things to it. But she wasn’t just staring at her sexy girlfriend and thinking dirty thoughts. Lindsay also found herself staring at her mother and starting to feel the same forbidden tingles that she had also felt when Ali had come onto her.

It wasn’t as though this was the first time that Lindsay had noticed her mother was a beautiful woman. But now everything that had happened with Ali allowed her to see Dina with new eyes too and she found herself gawking at her mother’s big tits and visibly stiff nipples. Lindsay gawked at her girlfriend’s face buried between her mother’s legs and wondering just how wet her mom’s pussy was and if she tasted just as good as Hilary claimed she did.

If she hadn’t been with Ali before, Lindsay felt like she would never be thinking things like this. But she had and she was. Once she started looking at her mother in a sexual light, it was like she couldn’t stop. She began seeing her mother for what she truly was…a nasty, slutty MILF that needed to come and come hard. She liked hearing her talk nasty to urge Hilary to fuck her and she liked seeing the two of them so naked and lewd.

Any upset feelings she might have had over catching her girlfriend fucking her mom were turning into a white hot lust and when Ali reached into her robe and began caressing her tits it became clear that she wasn’t the only one getting turned on.

“God, I never realized how hot mom was before,” Ali said, her voice a whisper to keep Dina from seeing that they were watching.

“Oh Ali,” Lindsay sighed, adoring the feel of her teen sister’s soft hands on her breasts. “Mmmmmm what are we doing baby? We can’t be looking at mom like this.”

“Why not?” Ali asked with the same certainty in her own skewed logic that had permitted her to so directly express her lust for her sister before. “Mmmmm we wouldn’t be doing anything that you and I aren’t already doing.”

“But…but…she’s our mother,” Lindsay said, her voice moaning as Ali rolled her nipples between her fingers.

And despite her protests, Lindsay found herself completely unable to stop watching the beautiful woman who had given birth to them both writhing on her bed in ecstasy from Hilary feasting on her pussy.

“Yeah but she’s so hot!” Ali purred, seeing her mother with new eyes as well now. “That’s why I wanted you to see this so bad Lindsay. Mmmmm we shouldn’t be mad at mom. She’s just like us! Look at her Linds! Look at how sexy she is. Mmmmm she likes girls as much as we do! She’s loving what Hilary’s doing to her. Ohhhhh God Lindsay! Doesn’t it turn you on to see Hilary fucking mom like she fucks you? Isn’t it totally hot and kinky to see mom getting her pussy eaten out by your hot girlfriend? Ooooooh doesn’t it make you want to know what mom tastes like?”

“Ooooooooooh you dirty little thing,” Lindsay groaned, her knees getting so weak with desire that she had to grab the wall to keep from falling “How can you have such a dirty mind Ali?”

But even as she said that, Lindsay wasn’t denying that she was thinking the exact things that Ali was saying. She was getting turned on big time watching Hilary licking their mom’s pussy and Lindsay so badly wanted to get closer for a better view of the action.

And the more she stared at how her mom was reacting to Hilary’s oral pleasuring, the more Lindsay wanted to know what it would feel like to kiss her own gorgeous mother right on the lips…to feel those big tits in her hand so she could squeeze and massage them and wrap her lips around her swollen nipples…and to kiss all the way down her mother’s body until she got to her pussy and then do to her the things no daughter was ever supposed to even think about doing to her mother.

The girls had snuck away from the doorway enough that they weren’t obviously standing there anymore, but they both craned their heads in to make sure they didn’t miss a hot moment. Lindsay’s nipples were getting so swollen under Ali’s naughty touch and her pussy was starting to glisten with fresh arousal, especially when her sister undid the sash of her robe and opened it up, leaving Lindsay’s body exposed in the doorway of their mother’s bedroom.

Ali was even more turned on. She could feel girl juice starting to trickle out of her pussy and onto her thighs under her bathrobe. All Ali could think about was getting into the bedroom and pushing Hilary out of the way so she could be the one making her mommy come.

Just like Lindsay, Ali had never looked at her mother with desire before. She had always thought Dina was beautiful and glamorous and everything she wanted to be as a woman, but Ali had never felt the same stirrings for her mother that she had felt for her sister until now.

Looking at her mom’s incredible naked body, Ali didn’t know why her incestuous longings had only been centered on Lindsay when Dina was just as worthy of being lusted after. She looked so sexy and, just like she had for sister, Ali didn’t see her mother as someone that was supposed to be off limits. She was someone she badly wanted to fuck.

It didn’t feel wrong at all to Ali to be thinking this now. After all her mother was beautiful and sexy and so very worthy of being desired. How could it be wrong for her to want to make love to someone she truly loved? Just like she had wanted Lindsay to be the one to show her what it was like to experience a woman’s touch, now Ali wanted to help bring her mother the pleasure she so obviously needed.

Lindsay was thinking the same thoughts as she watched her mother convulse on the bed in sexual heat. She had had Hilary’s mouth on her pussy so many times that Lindsay knew exactly what her mother was feeling with every lick the naughty blonde took. She knew how hot Hilary could fuck and Lindsay found herself wanting her mother to feel the ecstasy she always experienced when she was with Hilary. Any leftover anger Lindsay had was gone now and she only wanted Dina to feel good.

She had never thought about it before, but Lindsay now found herself wondering how long it had been since her mother had truly felt pleasure. Lindsay couldn’t remember the last time Dina had had a serious boyfriend. When had the last time been that she had felt wonderful, intense sexual pleasure? When had the last time been that she had felt like a real woman? When had the last time been that she had truly come?

Her daughters both knew how hard their mother worked for them. While the press seemed to take pleasure in blaming Dina for Lindsay’s struggles, they knew the truth and could see the toll the scrutiny took on her. But Lindsay had never stopped to wonder about things like if her mother was getting laid. Now she and Ali could both see how badly she needed to get off and how Hilary’s licking was tapping into a deep need inside her they both could understand and identify with.


Dina was so out of it by now that she couldn’t control herself even a bit. The idea that her daughters might catch her like this hadn’t even crossed her mind. All she could think about was how incredible Hilary’s tongue was and how much she needed the pleasure this slut was giving her. She didn’t give even a second of thought to the idea that her loud noises would lead her daughters to find out what she was doing.

But of course Dina had been caught and Lindsay and Ali were enraptured by the show. They couldn’t take their eyes off the way their mother’s face contorted in ecstasy and the way her chest bounced. And they couldn’t stop from thinking about how they both wanted to be pleasuring her like Hilary was. It was obvious what their mother needed and they couldn’t think of a better way to show her how much they loved her than to give it to her.

The only thing that distracted Lindsay from watching her mother get tongue fucked by Hilary was Ali’s touch on her bare breasts and the realization that her sister was still wearing her pink bathrobe. It looked so innocent on her young body even though Lindsay now knew full well that Ali was nowhere near innocent and it clearly had to go. Lindsay turned slightly so she could brush her lips against her little sister’s and reached for the sash, undoing it so she could slide her hands right in and play with her sister’s hot body.

“Mmmmmm yessss make me naked like you Lindsay…mmmmm just like mom,” Ali moaned. “Oooooooh God Lindsay, I…I know it’s supposed to be wrong but I wanna fuck her! I wanna fuck her just as good as you and I fucked! Oooooh I can’t stop thinking about fucking mom and making her come! We gotta do it!”

“I wanna fuck her too!” Lindsay admitted even as she wondered inside her head if the world had gone completely insane because it now felt so natural for her to want to have sex with her mother. “You’re right Ali. She’s so fucking hot! She needs to come so bad and I want to give it to her! Mmmmm you and me sweetie. We can fuck mom so good! She won’t be mad at us for fucking anymore if we’re licking her pussy too!”

Ali was so turned on at her sister’s declaration of lust for their mother that she threw her arms around Lindsay and pulled her tightly to her so they could kiss. The girls passionately tongue kissed while their bodies touched in their open robes with a fresh wave of arousal pulsing inside the both of them. When Lindsay reached over for her sister’s pussy to play with it as they kissed, Ali did the same right back to her and soon they were enthusiastically rubbing each other over the idea of fucking their mother.

But their mother was completely unaware the effect that she was having on them. Dina had her eyes screwed shut as pleasure coursed through her body. All she could think about were her own needs and how well Hilary was tending to them so she had no idea that she was being watched by her daughters. But that fact had not escaped Hilary’s attention.

While also making sure that she didn’t pause too much in her licking, she had turned around during the latest exchange between the sisters and was delighted to see they had been caught. Hilary had been hoping that this would happen and she was not disappointed by the reaction. She decided it was time to make the show even hotter for the benefit of her girlfriend and her sexy sister.

“This is just what you need, isn’t it Dina?” Hilary asked, purring her sexiest purr as she savored the taste of the older woman’s juices all over her tongue while sliding two of her fingers into Dina’s cunt, pushing them past her slit and into the well licked pink folds beyond.

“You’ve wanted this for so long, haven’t you?” Hilary continued while finger fucking her girlfriend’s mother and making her buck and writhe on the bed. “You’ve needed a young slut like me to fuck this hot MILF pussy of yours right, haven’t you? Mmmmm you’ve been waiting for a dirty little kitten like me to wiggle my tight ass into your house so you could spread your legs for me and let me gobble up your yummy cougar pussy. It’s what you’ve been aching for, right Dina? You’ve needed a dirty slut baby to lick you!”

“Yessssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss! You fucking little whore, you’re going to make me say it, aren’t you?” Dina groaned in frustration, enjoying Hilary’s fingers, but truly craving her tongue. “I need you! Tongue fuck my cougar pussy with that nasty little kitten tongue of yours! Be my slut baby Hilary! Give me what I’ve been fucking waiting for for years!”

“Mmmmmm you really want me to be your slut baby?” Hilary grinned, still pumping her fingers into Dina’s snatch, rubbing her clitoris just enough to make her ache for her tongue. “Maybe I should just call you mommy then. Would you like that Dina? Would you like the dirty little girl to call you mommy and tell you how bad she wants to fuck you and how wet you’re making her little girl pussy?”

But before Dina could answer amidst the moans spilling out of her mouth from Hilary’s finger fucking her, the blonde followed up with a far more forbidden question.

“Or would you rather Lindsay was calling you mommy as she fucked you?” Hilary asked, barely believing she was doing this but knowing that since she had gone this far she would have regretted it for the rest of her life if she hadn’t tried to go a little further.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you fucking slut! You filthy little bitch! Don’t you dare say that!” Dina chastised, even as she continued to moan from being finger fucked, her pussy aching to be licked and her mind aflame from how Hilary’s words added fuel to her deepest, darkest fantasies.

“Why not? Doesn’t it turn you on?” Hilary wickedly pressed on, loving how in control she felt and how she was making this beautiful older woman dream dirty thoughts. “Don’t you want to feel how good your little girls are at eating pussy? Mmmmm Lindsay is the hottest girl I know! She fucks me so good! Mmmmm she totally makes me into her slut with that awesome tongue of hers and she’s totally mine too when I lick her yummy pussy and even her sweet ass!”

That got Dina groaning more noticeably and Hilary pounced.

“Oooooooh you like that, huh?” Hilary giggled. “Mmmmm you’re such a naughty mommy, Dina. You like thinking of me licking your hot little girl’s ass, don’t you? You like thinking of me spreading her tight cheeks and tongue fucking her hole? Mmmmm or maybe you like thinking of her doing it to me and eating my naughty ass. Just like she was doing to Ali when you caught us. Mmmm Lindsay was going to lick and fuck Ali’s little virgin hole and until you stopped us. Does it turn you on to know that? Does it make you wet to think of your dirty girls fucking each other like that? Ooooooooh or maybe you just wish Lindsay was doing this to you instead of me?”

As she said that, Hilary took one of her pussy juice coated fingers and reached under Dina to rub it against her asshole. She didn’t penetrate the older woman, but she rubbed her wet finger against her puckered ring, making her gasp and writhe on the bed, much to her lover’s delight. Hilary had never been the temptress or the seductress. But she was relishing that role with Dina and had no intention of stopping.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhh you like my finger there, don’t you Dina?” Hilary moaned. “Are you just like Lindsay? Do you love it up your ass as much as she does? I know you do! Mmmmm I can totally feel how bad you want me to get my fingers up your butt. I’ll bet you’d come so fucking hard if I was finger fucking your ass and sucking your clit! Mmmmmmm Lindsay always creams my face sooooo good when I do that to her! Don’t you want to too Dina? Don’t you want to get your cum all over my dirty little face like Lindsay always does?”

“Yesssssssssssssss you little whore I want to come all over that pretty little face!” Dina cried as she writhed on the bed. “Fuck my ass Hilary! Ughhhh I love it! Mmmm it’s been so fucking long since I’ve been taken there! Do it you horny fucking cunt! Fuck my ass like you fuck my little girl’s!”

“You’re sooooo nasty Dina,” Hilary smirked, continuing to tease and tantalize the older woman without giving her the relief she was becoming so desperate for. “Mmmmm gawwwd all you Lohan girls are. Mmmmmm Lindsay loves it up the butt and I know Ali will too! She was so ready for it! I guess that runs in your family too! Nasty girls! Mmmm all of you loving getting fucked up the ass! And so do I! Ooooooh but you know what I want most. Mmmmm I wanna see Lindsay and Ali fucking your ass Dina! I wanna see them licking and fingering their mommy and making you into a naughty slut just like them!”

Lindsay and Ali were practically drooling by now over everything Hilary was saying. They knew the girl had spotted them and that she was doing this for their benefit, but that didn’t lessen the impact of her words at all. In fact it only made them hotter for their sexy mother. The idea of fucking their mom up the ass and having her come for them was making both Lindsay and Ali giddy with inappropriate lust. This was all so much for them, but they loved it. It was turning them on wildly and it was so hard for them to not just rush in and take their mother for their own lascivious purposes right then.

But they held back. Lindsay knew the timing wasn’t quite right yet. She wasn’t so far gone that she had forgotten that she and Ali couldn’t just run in and tell their mom they wanted to fuck her and expect her to just sling her legs open and tell them to get busy.

Dina had to be tempted and tantalized into it until she was so far gone that she wouldn’t be able to refuse them. That was how Ali had gotten her to give into her advances and Lindsay knew it was how they had to approach their mom too. Hilary had to do the seduction and they had to be poised to strike at just the right time, which Lindsay felt would be soon…so very, very soon.

“Noooooooooooo ughhhhhhhhhh God don’t make me think that!” Dina begged. “Just shut up and fuck me Hilary! Mmmmm I do love it up my ass! I need to feel those fucking fingers there! Fuck me Hilary! Slam those fingers up my dirty dyke ass while you’re slobbering all over my fucking pussy! Give it to me like I fucking need it! Just don’t make me think about Lindsay and Ali like that!”

“But you want me to,” Hilary insisted. “Mmmmmm I know you do! You want your sweet little girls in here fucking their mommy! You want Lindsay instead of me to be fucking your cougar ass and you want Ali’s dirty teen tongue on your wet pussy! I know you do! Just say it! It’s turning you on to know that Lindsay and Ali are fucking each other and that I’m licking you with a tongue that’s tasted both of your slutty daughters’ pussies! Say it Dina! Say what a bad bitch mommy you are and how bad you wanna be fucked by your girls!”

“Ughhhhhhh fuck you Hilary! I won’t say it!” Dina groaned, not willing to let herself cross that line again and have Hilary hear to say it, even as the idea of breaking the ultimate taboo with her beautiful daughters still sounded so sinfully delicious. She couldn’t let herself think like that though! Not ever again! And she wasn’t about to let Hilary tempt her into it.

Pressing down hard on the back of Hilary’s head, Dina shoved the girl’s face back into her pussy. She humped herself against Hilary even harder, wanting to silence the girl’s mouth almost as much as she wanted to come.

“Stop fucking talking and get back to licking!” Dina grunted, fucking the girl’s face while feeling a huge rush of pleasure rush through her from Hilary’s tongue slipping back into her honeypot while her slim, young fingers continued to rub her asshole and slowly eased into her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss you’re so good at this Hilary! Fuck me with that dirty fucking tongue of yours! I got so many better things for you to do with that tongue than talking about my girls! I’m not playing your filthy little game Hilary! You just keep fucking me… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss mmmmm fuck me right there little girl! Ohhhhhhhhhh God yesssssssss mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh make that fucking wet pussy of mine drip right into your bitch mouth Hilary!”

As much as they enjoyed hearing their mother talk dirty, both Lindsay and Ali were visibly disappointed when Dina shut Hilary up. They were so amped up for this now and they just wanted their mom to totally give into the forbidden fantasy Hilary was weaving.

They wanted to hear their mom scream out how badly she wanted to fuck them and how wet she was getting over the idea of her own daughters licking her. So when they heard Dina say she didn’t want to play that game, it made their hearts sink with fear their mother wouldn’t succumb to the pleasure they both longed to give her.

But that disappointment only lasted as long as it took Dina to moan out encouragement to Hilary again. Because while in one breath she gave every indication she wouldn’t play, the next one showed that she wasn’t as resolved against it as she might have seemed.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooh c’mon little girl! Give it to me! Give mommy that tongue!” Dina moaned in a need that was growing more desperate by the second. “Mmmmm fuck! That’s what you want to hear, huh Hilary? How I want you to be my fucking slut baby and eat mommy’s dirty pussy? Yessssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss gimmie that tongue you fucking whore! Make mommy’s pussy cream all over your face! OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LICK THAT CLIT YOU BITCH!!! LICK IT GOOD WHILE YOU WORK THOSE FINGERS UP MY ASS! OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Those words from Dina visibly brightened her daughters’ spirits just as much as her earlier refusal had sunk them. Lindsay knew instinctively that if her mother was willing, even for one moment, to play some kind of naughty, dirty talking game with Hilary where she let the girl call her “mommy” then deep down she felt the same lusts that they did. It was a slippery slope and their mom had taken the first step down it. Lindsay knew it and when she smiled at the sound of it, so did Ali.

“Oooooh she wants it,” Lindsay moaned softly. “Mmmm she just doesn’t want to admit it yet.”

“We should go help her admit it then,” Ali mischievously replied, eager to jump right into the fun.

“No, let Hilary do it,” Lindsay insisted. “If we go in there too early mom will totally freak out. But if we do it at just the right time then she won’t be able to help herself and mmmmm she’ll do it all with us.”

Ali liked the sound of that a lot so she deferred to her sister’s experience and didn’t zoom right into the bedroom to dive onto the bed, even though that was all she wanted to do. She was feeling so antsy for this and hoped it wouldn’t be much longer before Hilary pushed their mom over the edge and made her lose all her inhibitions.

Fortunately Hilary wasn’t about to let Dina stop her from spinning her into the incestuous web she wanted all of these beautiful Lohan women caught up in. Even with Dina’s hand on the back of her head, Hilary managed to pull her mouth off her and, while continuing to fuck the older woman’s ass with her fingers, refused to let the older woman off the hook.

“Gonna come? Gonna come for me Dina?” Hilary demanded as she worked her fingers into Dina’s tight ring, loving how much control she had over the sexy MILF. “Ooooooh your ass is so fucking tight! Mmmmm my cute little fingers feel soooo snug in it! I bet I could make you come just from me fingering your hot ass? Want me to do that Dina? Want me to finger fuck your sexy butt until you come?”

“Yesssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss pleaaaaaaaaase!” Dina hissed. “Fuck me Hilary! C’mon you insatiable whore! Give mommy what she needs! Fuck! Your fingers feel so good up my ass! Oooooh I haven’t had any action up there in too long and I fucking love it! Make me come you little bitch!”

“Nah uh…not gonna do that,” Hilary devilishly replied, slowing her fingers down so she couldn’t give Dina what she needed to get off. “Not until you tell me what you really want! Not until you tell me how bad you wish it was Lindsay and Ali fucking you like this!”

“Noooooooooo I won’t say it!” Dina insisted even as her resolve crumbled while facing off against the intense pleasure that Hilary was giving her. “I don’t…don’t want that! It’s wrong! It’s fucking sick!”

“Liar,” Hilary grinned. “I heard you before when you were fucking yourself Dina. I heard every word you said. I heard you moan out your little girls’ names! I heard you crying out for Lindsay and Ali and I heard you saying how much you wished you could fuck them!”

Ali and Lindsay were more excited than ever as they heard Hilary spill their mother’s secrets. They were about ready to jump out of their skin, but still they held back and waited for the perfect moment, which they both sensed was imminent. They remained in the doorway rubbing their horny bodies together as they hung on every moan coming from their mother’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddddd nooo…ughhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh I…I just lost control…I…I…shouldn’t have said what I said,” Dina tried to claim even as she tried to hold off the overpowering lust inside her. Hilary’s skilled fingering was making her dirty mind reel and, as much as she tried to fight it, she couldn’t help but picture her gorgeous daughters between her legs instead of the blonde, pleasuring her with their fingers and their tongues….the both of them making her feel so incredible.

She couldn’t help but lust after her daughters now. Everything she had tried to hold back in herself was now running wild in her mind and the incestuous cravings that had spilled out before when she had been masturbating were now back and stronger than ever. When she looked down between her legs she didn’t see Hilary looking at her with a sexy, evil smile. Instead Dina saw her beautiful girls, Lindsay and Ali, naked and kissing each other as they shared the juices they had just licked from her pussy.

She saw them all as one happy, fucking family of sexy women and just admitting to herself that she wanted this made Dina roll her head back against her pillow and moan wantonly as she thrust herself against Hilary’s fingers, forcing them deeper up her ass.

“Yessssssss you want this! Say it Dina! Say you want them to fuck you and I’ll make you come!” Hilary demanded. “Mmmmm lemme hear how much you want Lindsay and Ali licking your hot, tight pussy while their fingers are up your ass! Tell me how much you want to soak your sexy daughters’ faces in your cum! Tell me how you wanna come from them fucking you! Tell me what a dirty slut you really are Dina and I’ll make your tight cougar pussy come sooooo good!”

Dina was too horny to resist. She wanted to come so badly. Hilary truly was a devil, but she was a gorgeous, sexy devil and Dina couldn’t withstand the thoughts she was making her drool over. God, Lindsay and Ali had looked so delicious naked on the bed together and Dina couldn’t fight her own impure impulses off. She needed to come too badly and Hilary was completely irresistible. The feel of her slim fingers pumping up her asshole, spreading her open and stimulating her sensitive ring as her clit ached for loving made Dina crack just enough to give the blonde girl what she wanted.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk God help me yesssssssss I do want them!” Dina gasped, unable to help herself from admitting it. “They’re so sexy! I want to fuck them!”

“Who? Who do you want to fuck? Say their names you fucking whore!” Hilary insisted, pumping her fingers into Dina’s ass harder while leaning in again to lick her bulging clitoris. “Say who you want to fuck you!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you fucking cunt! You evil little bitch! Is this what you want to hear? I want to fuck my daughters! My sexy, slutty daughters!” Dina cried out, hating and loving how it felt for her to admit this. “I want Lindsay! I want Ali! I want to fuck them! I wish they were fucking me right now!”

Lindsay and Ali nearly fainted with lust when they heard their mother say that and they watched with glee as Hilary finally let Dina come.

“Ooooooh you’re sooooo mean calling me those nasty names,” Hilary teased.
“But I forgive you Dina. I forgive you for being a mean bitch and stopping me and Lindsay and Ali from fucking. Mmmm and now you get to have some real fun.”

And without another word, Hilary planted her lips right on Dina’s swollen clitoris. It was begging to be sucked and Hilary gave it what she needed. While still keeping her fingers buried up Dina’s ass, Hilary sucked on the clit of her girlfriend’s mother and made her buck violently on the bed as ecstasy ripped through her naked body.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! OOOOOOOOH YOU LITTLE FUCKING CUNT!!! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS!!!” Dina howled as she immediately came from the pleasure of Hilary sucking her clit and finger fucking her ass. “OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOH!!”

Lindsay and Ali watched it all, drinking in the sight of their mother’s wild orgasm as Hilary remained between her spread thighs, sucking away on her clit. They loved seeing their mother screaming out in sexual joy, but it also made the sisters long even more to be the ones to bring Dina to climax. She looked so sexy and beautiful as her tits shook and she lurched on the bed in orgasm and Lindsay knew it was time to act and retied her robe. She couldn’t hesitate. She had to just do it.

So before she could chicken out, Lindsay took advantage of her mother cycling down from her orgasm to reach for the forbidden. While inside she was a jumble of nerves, her anxiety mixing with her extreme arousal to fill her stomach with butterflies, Lindsay put on the illusion of having nothing but confidence as she sauntered into her mother’s bedroom.

“Well well well…look who at who’s the dirty slut now,” Lindsay declared, loving the closer view of Hilary’s and Dina’s naked bodies, their skin glowing with the perspiration of their fucking.

Naturally Hilary was only too happy that Lindsay had decided to join the party, but Dina’s reaction was the polar opposite.

“Lindsay!” Dina gasped, frantically trying to hide her nudity by diving under the sheets. What had her daughter seen? Oh God, what had she heard? “This isn’t what it looks like…”

“Oh really? So weren’t just having an orgasm from Hilary’s tongue buried in your cunt?” Lindsay demanded, loving that she had turned the tables on her mother and delighting in seeing her on the hot seat for once. “Cause it looked like to me that you were just fucking my girlfriend! So if it wasn’t what it looked like tell me what it was mom? What were you and Hilary just doing? Did she lose something in your pussy and was she looking to get it with her tongue?”

Dina knew it was useless to try and lie her way out. She had been enraged by catching Lindsay before, but now that the shoe was on the other foot and she was the one who had been caught, Dina felt nothing but the deepest, most stinging of embarrassment. She just wished under the sheets was a hole buried a million feet deep that she could crawl into to save herself from this humiliation.

“Lindsay I’m so sorry…I’m sorry for everything,” Dina began to say before her daughter cut her off.

“Save it mom, you’re so fucking busted!” Lindsay snapped back, trying to keep a smile from breaking on her face. She didn’t want her mom to know she was all bluster and that she had loved everything she had just seen. “I can’t believe you did this! What kind of mother are you? You slap me in the face for being a dyke and then you fuck my girlfriend? What the hell is wrong with you? You’re worse than a dirty slut, mom! You’re a fucking hypocrite! It’s ok for you to fuck girls and not me?”

“No…no…I…I…just…I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Dina claimed, feeling like she was totally losing it as her daughter confronted her over what she had just done with Hilary. She knew she was a hypocrite and that was at best. She felt like something far worse right then after all she’d said to Hilary and she prayed that her daughter hadn’t heard it.

“So you just decided all of a sudden to fuck my girlfriend?” Lindsay asked, trying with all her strength to appear angry when all she wanted to do was drop her robe and leap into bed with her mom so she could jump her bones. “How could you? You were so mean to me before and all this time you were plotting to steal Hilary away from me!”

“No…no…please Lindsay please…it’s not like that at all!” Dina claimed, terrified that her weakness had really pushed her daughter away for good this time. “I didn’t plan it! It just happened! Please baby! Don’t be mad at me! I’m so sorry for what I said to you! I didn’t mean to slap you!”

“You think saying sorry is going to make it all better?” Lindsay shot back, wanting only to quiet her upset mother by kissing her sexy lips but also having a little too much fun making her squirm under the sheets. “How could you do this after you freaked out over me and Ali?”

And before Dina could open her mouth to give some kind of answer, she saw that Lindsay wasn’t alone and her humiliation deepened.

“Yeah mom, how come it’s wrong for me and Lindsay to fuck but it’s ok for you to fuck Hilary?” Ali demanded as she walked in.

“Oh Ali…” Dina groaned, burying her face in her hands like she was broken over this. Now both her daughters knew her shame and she was terrified that they had both heard her sick cries of incestuous lust. She couldn’t bear this. She couldn’t stand to have her babies look at her with accusing eyes, knowing that she just enjoyed what she had forbidden them to do.

She wanted to tell her daughters that it was totally different because Hilary was just some girl and they were sisters. But how could she say that after moaning out such filthy things about then? Dina felt completely lost in despair and humiliation and she searched for someone to blame. How could this have happened? How could she have found herself in a position like this? And it quickly became clear to her who was responsible for everything that had happened.

Hilary had done this to her! She had pushed her to say those things and admit her desire for Lindsay and Ali. First she had seduced Lindsay and Ali and then the slutty bitch had gone after her!

Now the blonde devil was grinning like the cat who got the canary, relishing her humiliation. Dina had never felt lower than she did right now and it was all Hilary’s fault! She was convinced of that as she begged her daughters for mercy.

“Please girls please! Don’t hate me!” Dina pleaded, truly afraid now that Lindsay would make good on her earlier threat to run away and take Ali with her. “I’m so sorry! I never wanted any of this to happen! I just want you both to be safe and happy and not do anything crazy and when I saw you like that it was like all my fears had come true and I…I never meant to hurt you Lindsay! I love you! I’m so sorry I slapped you! And then she…she seduced me! Blame Hilary! Not me!”

“Oh really?” Lindsay said, turning her attention to her naked girlfriend as she sat on top of the bed grinning, not ashamed at all of anything she’d done. “Is that true Hilary? Did you seduce my mommy? Did you get her to take all her clothes off so she could be all naked and horny just like you? Did you like fucking her and eating her hot, wet, dirty fucking pussy? Did you turn my mommy into a slut you nasty girl?”

Hilary had been perfectly happy to just sit on the bed and watch this all play out. But if Lindsay wanted to draw her in, Hilary was completely willing.

“Mmmmmhmmm I totally did! I’ve been such a bad girl Lindsay,” Hilary purred, rubbing her naked body against Lindsay as she sat next to her and ached to pull the bathrobe off her girlfriend. “I caught your mommy fucking herself and I just crawled in and got my dirty little tongue into her steaming hot MILF pussy! I ate her yummy wet cunt up like I do to you all the time and like how I just did to Ali too! Oooooh your mom tastes so good Linds! You and Ali are so lucky to have such a sexy mommy around!”

“Oooooh you are so fucking bad Hil!” Lindsay groaned, her pussy dripping over what the girl was saying and how their horny bodies were touching as they sat next to each other on the bed before a flustered, humiliated Dina. “Mmmm naughty girl! Seducing my mommy and fucking her like that! You filthy little slut! Oooooh I should totally spank you for what you just did!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh punish me!” Hilary pleaded, her eyes sparkling at the idea of having her ass slapped by her girlfriend. “Spank my bad girl booty! I fucking love when you do that baby! Spank me for being so bad and slutty and fucking your sexy mommy! She has such a juicy pussy and she came so much! Mmmmmm all over my tongue!”

“Oh yeah? Mmmmm lemme taste!” Lindsay demanded, placing her lips on her girlfriend’s and giving her a wet kiss, adoring the tingles that rushed up her spine when she tasted her own mother’s cum on Hilary’s lips and tongue. “Ooooooh that’s so good!”

“Told ya she had a juicy pussy,” Hilary giggled, her body on fire with desire. “And I’m not the only bad girl here, you know. Your mom is pretty bad and slutty too. Oooooh she’s naughtier than you ever dreamed she could be Lindsay.”

Dina definitely didn’t like where this was headed. Not only was her brain going through the spin cycle from seeing Lindsay kiss Hilary like that, but it seemed to her that scheming snake Hilary would tell Lindsay and Ali everything she had said just to see her suffer. She had to try and find a way to stop this.

“Stop it Hilary!” Dina hissed. “Shut your goddamn mouth! Girls, please don’t hate me! I know I haven’t always been the best mother and that I totally fucked up this time. Just please don’t hate me! I’ll do anything for you to forgive me! Anything!”

Lindsay and Ali both loved the sound of that promise and they didn’t have to be told that now was the perfect time to strike.

“What do you think Lindsay?” Ali asked her big sister as she stood on the edge of the bed, darting her eyes back and forth from where Lindsay and Ali sat to where Dina was hiding under the covers. The more she thought about doing to her mother what she had just done to Lindsay, the wetter she got and she just wanted to rip that bed sheet away so she and Lindsay could ravish Dina. “Should we forgive her for yelling at us when she loves fucking girls just as much as we do?”

Lindsay smiled evilly and turned back toward her mother, making her shiver as she saw the lust all over her daughter’s face. That wasn’t the kind of look a daughter was ever supposed to be giving her mother. Dina had just seen that look all over Hilary’s face and now to see Lindsay that way too made her realize just how much everything had spiraled out of control.

“Nope!” Lindsay laughed gleefully. “She’s gotta earn forgiveness and I know just how to make her ass pay for what she did! Get her Ali!”

Dina barely had a chance to gasp as Lindsay and Ali both ripped the bathrobes off their own bodies and jumped naked into the bed at the same time, pinning her down on it. She immediately began to struggle against the girls, but she was no match for the both of them and before she could even register the sensation of having both of her sexy daughters rub their nude bodies into hers, Lindsay did the last thing Dina ever expected and planted a passionate kiss right on her lips.

And this was no mother/daughter kiss. This was the same kind of kiss Dina had been giving Hilary just a few minutes before. It was a kiss of wild, passionate abandon. It was hot. It was wet. And it was so sexy that Dina felt her mind melt into a puddle of shock and desire as her eldest daughter’s tongue forced its way into her mouth and began to explore.

Dina couldn’t stop herself from moaning at the feel of that wet tongue pushing in her mouth. Having her own daughter give her such a horny kiss was absolute insanity and Dina tried not to think about how good it felt and what an amazing kisser Lindsay was. She felt like she had truly fallen into the rabbit’s hole, especially when Lindsay pulled away and Ali suddenly kissed her too. Her youngest daughter didn’t even give her a chance to breathe or begin to recover from Lindsay’s kiss. She just pressed her lips to hers and kissed her with a delirious passion that Dina had never dreamed the teenager was capable of.

Lindsay and Ali kept her pinned down on the bed, their naked bodies pressed down on top of hers with only the thin sheet keeping their bare flesh from touching. Ali kissed her forcefully, with an aggressive sexiness that made Dina’s body shiver in both arousal and absolute horror over what was happening. It felt amazing. It felt so absolutely sexy. But Dina had not forgotten how wrong this was and how sick it was to feel this way so when Ali pulled away and Lindsay seemed poised to strike again with another kiss, Dina took the chance to reestablish control by pushing her daughters off her.

“No! Stop it! Get off me!” Dina commanded, shoving them away from her body causing the bed sheet to drop away from her body and expose her nudity to her daughters before she gasped and grabbed it again, holding it tight to her body. “Stop this right fucking now!”

“What’s the matter mommy, aren’t we good kissers?” Lindsay mercilessly teased, caressing her own naked body as she sat on the bed and looked down at Dina with a wolfish smile. “Don’t you like kissing us as much as you liked kissing Hilary? Don’t you love your little girls?”

“Yes…I mean no…I mean…just stop it! Stop it! This is not happening!” Dina insisted, trying desperately to throw the brakes on this before it all went too far.

“Mmmmm it is happening mom and you can’t stop us!” Lindsay shot back, licking her lips as she imagined what she and Ali and Hilary could do to make Dina stop resisting and start begging for it. “This is your punishment mommy. And it’s gonna be a good one. You were so mean to us before but now you’re gonna get yourself fucked by both your little girls. And you’re gonna love it like the nasty slut mommy you are!”

“No! Stop it Lindsay!” Dina said, sitting up and still clutching the sheet to her naked body like it was some kind of shield to protect herself both from her daughters’ lewd intentions and her own desire. “You need to get out of here! All of you! This is wrong! This is not happening! I won’t let it! You girls just get back to your rooms and we can forget all of this happened!”

Ali loved how Lindsay was breathing hard and staring at their sexy mother like she wanted to devour her. She looked so carnal and beautiful with her eyes focused on Dina and her body radiating pure lust. Ali hoped she looked that sexy too because she definitely felt the same way that Lindsay did. She wanted their mother so bad! She felt every bit of inappropriate lust for her that she had for Lindsay and it felt even naughtier to be doing it here.

It was so hot to see Dina looking like she was actually afraid of them and Lindsay’s words had been so nasty and arousing. Ali felt so grown up, like she was a real sexy slut, just like Lindsay and Hilary were. She wanted her mother to be like that too and she didn’t want her to find a way to escape it. So Ali felt like it was time to throw what she and Lindsay had heard right back in their mother’s face.

“But that’s not what you were saying before, was it mommy?” Ali challenged, making Dina tense up and her eyes widen in fear.

“What do you mean?” Dina asked, clutching the sheet closer to her body as she prayed that Ali wasn’t talking about what she thought she was talking about.

“You know what I mean,” Ali said, not wanting to be mean but also relishing this control that she and Lindsay had over Dina. “We heard you mom! We heard everything!”

“Oh God!” Dina cried, feeling herself get sick. “No! No! No! No! I…I…I didn’t mean it girls! She made me say it! I didn’t want to! You did this, you little bitch! This is all your fucking fault Hilary!”

As she said this, Dina looked up at Hilary with a furious stare like she wanted to make her explode from the force of her gaze, but the blonde wasn’t upset by it. She just giggled and shrugged it off, too excited about what she hoped was going to happen to worry about Dina being mad at her.

“Moi? Mmmm you can’t blame me, Dina,” Hilary laughed, playing innocent. “You wanted me to do it! Admit it! You were moaning Lindsay and Ali’s names before I even got in bed with you. You loved seeing them naked and naughty before and you want to love it even more now that they’re in bed with you! You loved what you saw and you were working that pussy of yours over dreaming of your slutty little girls before I made you say it!”

“Yeah we know you want us mommy!” Lindsay declared. “And we want you too! Ali and I aren’t really pissed at you. Welllll I was a lot at first, but when Ali showed me what Hilary was doing to you and how much you loved it, I totally wasn’t mad anymore because I want to fuck you too! Mmmm I was so jealous of Hil that she got to eat your pussy because I wanted to be doing it! I want to fuck you just like I fucked Ali!”

“No Lindsay! Don’t talk like that!” Dina demanded. “Stop it! What I did was wrong but you’re making it worse! You’re not supposed to think that way about your mother!”

“I feel that way too!” Ali lustfully added, leaning in toward her mother so she could see every inch of her naked, horny teen body. “Oh mommy! You looked soooooo sexy getting fucked by Hilary! Mmmm doesn’t she lick pussy good? She licked me before and made me come so hard! I loved seeing you come all over her face just like I did before! I wanna fuck you mom! Just like Lindsay does! We know it’s wrong! That’s why we want it so much! It was so fucking hot when I fucked Lindsay and I know it’s gonna be just as hot when we fuck you!”

Dina practically whimpered as she saw the way her daughters were staring at her. They were so visibly aroused and she found her own resolve weakening. The pills she’d taken were wearing off quickly so she wasn’t nearly as relaxed mentally as she’d been when she’d begun masturbating and when Hilary had crawled into bed with her, but even though her guard was up again now, she was still finding it so hard to fight off her impure impulses. Having Lindsay and Ali stare at her like that and say how much they wanted her weakened her even further and she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she let them have their way with her fuck her.

No! She couldn’t think like that! Not ever again! She had to find a way to stop this. Her daughters were too tempting and if they weren’t going to leave her room, then she was going to be the one getting out of here.

“I don’t want to hear another word about this!” Dina insisted. “I’m leaving! This is wrong! It’s sick and wrong! You can’t be saying things like this!”

Dina was prepared to back up her words with actions. She kept the sheet clutched to her body and she began to get up off the bed. But before her feet could hit the ground, Lindsay asserted herself again and pushed her back down onto the back. Dina began to struggle, but Lindsay overpowered her with Ali’s help. Lindsay planted herself down on top of her mother to keep her onto her back and Ali helped by holding down one of her arms. And just when it seemed that Dina would be able to use her other arm to get some leverage, Hilary got into the fray and held her down on that side too.

“LET GO OF ME!!!” Dina shouted, not trying to reason or cajole her daughters anymore. All she wanted now was desperately to get away from them and their lascivious intentions. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS! IT’S NOT RIGHT! YOU GIRLS ARE GOING TO BE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! LET ME GO RIGHT NOW! GET OFF ME!!!”

“Oh no mommy you’re not getting away that easily!” Lindsay laughed. “Mmmm you’re the one that’s in trouble now! But you’re gonna love what we’re gonna do to you! It’s gonna make you feel so fucking good! It’ll be even hotter than what Hilary did to you because it’s gonna be your dirty little daughters fucking you so good!”

“Yeah mom! Mmmmm we know you want this and we’re gonna make it so good!” Ali promised. “Me and Lindsay are gonna make your nasty, slutty dreams come true!”

“Noooooooooo!” Dina cried, unsuccessfully trying to push them off her as she thrashed on the bed. But these efforts only caused Ali and Lindsay to get more aggressive as they pinned their mother down and Dina suddenly found her mouth smothered by Ali’s once again, her youngest daughter kissing her with a fierce passion.

If there was ever a time when one’s mind could literally blow, this was it. Dina was being sexually kissed by her teen daughter and instead of revulsion she felt arousal. Even more than the kisses she had received by Lindsay and Ali before, this one made her body swoon and her brain melt. It was such a good kiss. The kind of kiss that Dina would have loved from anyone else on the planet. It was strong and passionate, but also full of love, like the girl wanted to bring her to ecstasy just with a kiss. And knowing it was her own teen daughter giving it to her made Dina feel as though the world had turned upside down and inside out simultaneously.

Screaming at herself in her mind to resist and push all these girls off her, Dina instead found her body ignoring her own warnings and letting Ali kiss her. Her struggling tapered off and soon she was putty in Hilary and Lindsay’s arms as Ali kissed her deeply and lovingly, caressing her flushed face with her soft, young hands.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Lindsay groaned, absolutely adoring the sight of her sister kissing their mother, her own body getting hornier by the second. “Mmmmm my turn now Ali. C’mon little sis. Share our sexy slut mommy with me.”

“Oh I’ll share with you Lindsay,” Ali grinned triumphantly, pulling up from Dina’s lips. “I love sharing with you.”

“See what good little girls you have Dina,” Hilary laughed, unable to resist teasing the older woman. “Mmmmm sisters should always share. You raised them so well.”

And Hilary couldn’t wait to share what she now knew with Haylie when she saw her next. Seeing Lindsay and Ali together had made Hilary convinced that she had to seduce her older sister too and now that Dina was being dragged into this, Hilary was all the more convinced that her own sister desperately needed to be shown the pleasure of a woman’s touch.

After all it had been Haylie who had first taught her about sex and Hilary felt it was only fair for her to teach her sister a few things too from everything she now knew. The more she saw Lindsay and Ali play, the more Hilary thought about kissing her own sexy sister and getting her naked and especially showing her how well she knew how to eat pussy. She wondered if Haylie had ever been with a girl before and Hilary hoped she hadn’t because she wanted to be the one to show her how awesome it felt to be fucked like that.

But her own incestuous desires could wait and Hilary just smiled lustfully as Lindsay gave Ali a sexy peck on her lips before once again moving down to her mother as she lay back helpless on the bed. Lindsay kissed her mother passionately, asserting herself over the older woman and pushing her tongue into her mouth so she could taste it. Lindsay made sure her mom knew who was in charge and that there would be no escape, planting her naked body on top of hers with only the sheet separating their bare skin.

Dina wanted to struggle and force Lindsay off her. But she just couldn’t. She wasn’t kissing the girl back, but she wasn’t stopping her either. She felt so many things all at once that it paralyzed her with shock and arousal. This was so wrong! She knew she had to make Lindsay stop. But it felt so good. She was getting turned on from being kissed by her beautiful daughter! Oh God…she was getting wet from Lindsay and Ali! She really was the sick pervert she had always feared!

She started moaning from Lindsay’s kiss, delighting the girl to no end as she pulled her lips away from Dina’s with a big smile.

“You do want this! Don’t pretend you don’t!” Lindsay said, loving how her mother was breathing hard, her large tits making the sheet rise and fall as she struggled for breath. “It’s gonna be so good mommy. I promise. Ali and I are gonna make you come so hard! I was just like you a little while ago. I didn’t want Ali to come onto me. I kept telling her to stop and that it was wrong for her to want this. But I was the one who was wrong! What Ali did to me was unbelievable, mom! It was so hot and so fucking sexy but it was even better because we loved each other! It was more than fucking! It was so special and beautiful and I want that with you too mom! I’m not mad anymore. I just want to make you feel good!”

Lindsay pressed her lips to Dina’s in another kiss, but this one was more tender than the other ones. There had been such a raw passion in the previous kisses. Lindsay and Ali had been so aggressive, but now this was softer and much more loving and Dina found herself completely unable to resist it.

The kiss lured her deeper into her own desire. It was like Lindsay’s lips were telling her that it was ok and she could indulge in this forbidden pleasure all without saying a word. It was so loving and sexy and Dina found herself succumbing to the incestuous seduction.

She completely believed that Lindsay was going to make her feel good. In fact just from the way they were looking at her, Dina felt that they would pleasure her better than any lover ever had. They were such wonderful kissers, Lindsay especially. She knew just how to kiss a woman and Dina’s body responded with arousal to the feel of the girl’s lips on hers.

She knew she should be making Lindsay stop, but she just couldn’t. Dina found herself succumbing to the wicked lust and kissing Lindsay back at the same time Ali and Hilary devilishly pulled the sheet away from her, leaving her just as nakedly exposed as everyone else on the bed. Dina tried to protest as she was stripped, but she couldn’t muster the words and she certainly couldn’t will herself into making Lindsay stop kissing her.

“Oh God mom, you’re so beautiful!” Ali squealed happily, delighting in being able to see her mother’s naked body up close. “You’ve got such a sexy body! I loved watching you from the doorway when you were fucking Hilary but this is so much hotter! You’re gorgeous mom!”

Hearing Ali say that only made Dina more dazed. She was filled with an intense, intoxicating desire she had been trying so long to stifle. She had struggled with it from the first time she had noted how Lindsay was developing into a woman and now everything she had restrained inside herself all these years had burst out and possessed her. It was like she wasn’t even control of her own body. Her lust was.

“So are you,” Dina groaned, breaking the kiss and letting her hands come up off the bed and move onto Lindsay and Ali’s naked bodies.

Dina tried to tell herself not to do this, but it was impossible to resist with Lindsay on top of her and Ali off to her side and both of them looking so beautiful, like nude sirens whose song she couldn’t resist. She softly caressed their bare backs, feeling her daughters’ bare skin and making them both moan at the loving touch. Dina loved their reaction and she gently touched their bodies as both of the girls rubbed against her, making her feel their nakedness up against hers and making it impossible not to give in to their incestuous advances.

“You’re both so beautiful!” Dina sighed, her voice turning more lustful with every word as what was left of her resolve crumbled. “You girls are so sexy! Oh God, I can’t believe you’re making me feel this way but I do want you! I want you both! That’s why I was so mad! I didn’t want to think of you this way and seeing you two together turned me on so much! I know how wrong this is, but I want it so badly! I want both of my sexy girls!”

The admission wasn’t just like a boulder being pulled off Dina’s back, it was the sweetest music to Ali and Lindsay’s ears. Before today hearing their mother say this would have been too crazy to contemplate, but now it just felt natural and wonderful and both girls smiled again before going after Dina simultaneously, the both of them kissing their mother’s flushed face and her waiting lips while they rubbed their naked bodies together in a playful, giggling grind of horny girl flesh on the bed.

There was no need to hold Dina down anymore so Hilary sat up and let the girls have their way with their mother. She had never seen anything hotter than what she was witnessing right then as the three gorgeous Lohan women succumbed to dirty desire for one another. It was so wicked and sexy to see Lindsay and Ali kissing their mother and Dina giving it right back to them that Hilary didn’t mind not being a direct part of it right then because she had such a great view.

God, she was so fucking wet from watching this! Hilary’s hand had moved to her pussy seemingly of its own accord and Hilary didn’t fight it at all. She just watched, smiled and eagerly masturbated at the view of her girlfriend and her slutty family. Hilary groaned gleefully at the feel of her fingers working her pussy over, penetrating her soaking wet folds and rubbing against her throbbing clitoris while drooling over the action on the bed.

Lindsay and Ali were on top of Dina on the bed, both of their tight, bare asses pushing up slightly into the air while they ground into their mother’s sexy, naked body. Dina was rubbing her hands against their bare backs, caressing their skin as all three of them moaned from kissing.

Ali would kiss Dina and then Lindsay would take a turn with her. And for good measure Lindsay would kiss Ali, making sure Dina saw just how horny the sisters were for each other and giving her a preview of what was in store for her too. Soon it all turned into wet, passionate three way kisses between the Lohan women, their horny lips mashing together and parting so their tongues could play too.

Dina felt her whole body stiffen and her heart pound with an addictive adrenaline. Oh God, what the fuck was she doing? She was French kissing her own daughter! Her conscience kept telling her how wrong this was and how she had to find the strength to stop this. But how could she when it felt so good?

Lindsay was such a wonderful kisser. Dina could feel how experienced she was with kissing women and it turned her on even though she knew it shouldn’t. Her eldest daughter’s tongue rubbed against hers so sensually though that Dina couldn’t be bothered with moral qualms anymore. She surrendered to Lindsay’s amazing tongue kiss and let her own tongue rub back against her daughter’s. They wetly Frenched each other, pausing only so Ali could get into the action too.

Lindsay pulled back to catch her breath a little and beamed as Ali swooped right in to tongue kiss their mother. Lindsay didn’t know what she loved more, the aggressive way her little sister sucked Dina’s tongue into her mouth while grinding her perky teen tits into the older woman’s larger, softer pair or the way her mother just closed her eyes and surrendered to the incestuous desire that was so visible all over her naked body.

Now that Dina had given into them, Lindsay could do all the exploring she longed to do. So as Ali continued to passionately kiss Dina, Lindsay reached in and caressed her mother’s thigh and moved up her stomach with her naughtiest touch until she reached her mother’s tits. Ali helpfully pulled herself up a little bit so Lindsay could reach under her and get at Dina’s chest.

“Oh mommy you’ve got such a sexy fucking body,” Lindsay sighed, loving how big her mother’s tits were and how naughty it felt to have the soft, MILFY mounds in her hot hands. “Mmmmm you’re making me so wet mom! I love seeing my dirty, slutty mommy tongue kiss her daughter. Do you like kissing Ali, mom? Do you like tasting her lips and her tongue? Oooooh you can probably still taste my pussy when you kiss her, can’t you mommy? I came so hard on her tongue that I know you’re tasting my hot, slutty cum all over her!”

“Ohhhhh God…such a filthy girl…such a dirty, filthy fucking girl,” Dina moaned as she pulled away slightly from Ali’s kiss and not making it clear if she was talking about Lindsay or Ali or both of them. “How can you think such dirty things?”

“I must have learned it from you mommy,” Lindsay teased. “You’re the biggest slut of all! Mmmm fucking my girlfriend and then letting your dirty daughters kiss and paw you! We’re both such sluts cause you are mommy. We’re mommy’s dirty little whores!”

Dina’s head continued to spin. God, was that true? Had she passed down some kind of slut gene to her daughters? That was crazy, wasn’t it? But everything about this was crazy, especially how good it felt. It was making her so wet and her horniness was growing knowing that her girls were wet too.

“Yessssssss such dirty little whores! Bad fucking girls!” Dina breathlessly groaned, her lust overwhelming what little was left of her moral control. “Let me feel how wet you little sluts really are!”

And without any further warning, Dina shoved her hand between Lindsay’s legs, going right for her pussy and delighting in how soaked her daughter was. As she began to rub her fingers against the drooling lips of Lindsay’s slit, Dina did the same to Ali, rubbing the horny girl’s young pussy and making her moan wildly as her eyes rolled back a little in her head.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh mommyyyyyyy!!!” Ali squealed, feeling absolute heaven from her mother’s fingers caressing her slick, sensitive pussy lips. “Ooooooh I want you so fucking bad! I’m sooooo wet for you! Yesssss feel how wet I am! Ohhhh that feels sooooo awesome!”

And Lindsay was just as vociferous in her declaration of pleasure from her own mother’s sexual touch.

“Yessss mom yessssssss! Play with my fucking cunt!” Lindsay wantonly groaned. “Feel how wet your little slutty girl got for her sexy fucking mommy! Mmmmm Hilary was so right about you! You’re a total MILF and your dirty girls are gonna fuck you sooooo good!”

Hilary giggled over hearing her name as she continued to moan from her fingers pistoning in and out of her needy pussy. She’d gotten soaking wet from fucking Dina and she had never seen a show like the one she was witnessing now. Not even all the girls at the mansion fucking each other in every conceivable position could rival the sight of Dina rubbing her horny daughter’s pussies as Lindsay and Ali nakedly flanked her on the bed and showered their mother’s sexy face with kisses.

She just wished she had a camera or something nearby to record this so she could show it to everyone at the mansion. But the memories of this that were being seared into her brain would have to suffice and Hilary knew Lindsay would be very eager to share the story of all that had happened today with their girlfriends too. She didn’t know if they’d believe them though. This was almost too kinky to be true.

Hilary had loved asserting herself over Dina before and she decided it was time to do it again, this time with Lindsay and Ali’s help. She leaned in on the bed so she was snuggled up behind Lindsay and pressed her wet pussy into her girlfriend’s ass while rubbing against her, making the both of them moan. Hilary kissed Lindsay again and made sure the girl could taste what was left of her mother’s pussy on her lips while fondling the girl’s tits, giving Lindsay extra stimulation.

“You’re all so hot,” Hilary cooed. “You nasty girls are turning me on soooo much! I wanna see more! Do you girls wanna put on a show for me? Mmmmm wanna show me what a sexy family you girls really are?”

“Mmmmmhmmm!” Lindsay enthusiastically replied. “I wanna show off for you Hil! Just like Ali and me did! I wanna fuck my mom right in front of you!”

“Me too!” Ali agreed with a big, happy smile. “I want you to watch me Hilary! Mmmm watch as I show you I’m just as slutty as Lindsay is!”

It was no surprise to Hilary how game the sisters were. Now she wanted to push Dina into it too.

“How about it Dina? Wanna put on a show for me?” Hilary grinned, once again teasing the older woman. “You look so yummy rubbing your girls’ sweet pussies. You like that? You like rubbing their tight little pussies and feeling how wet they are for their slutty mommy?”

If she’d been in a more rational state of mind, Dina would have found a way to resist this and tell Hilary no. But this train was careening off the tracks and there was no one applying the brakes anymore. Dina was feeling nothing but dirty, heated lust for all the girls on the bed, especially her daughters and she couldn’t hide her feelings.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss I fucking love it!” Dina cried. “They’re so wet! I love how wet and hot they are! Oooooh they have such tight little pussies too!”

“Mmmmm that’s so fucking hot to hear you say that,” Hilary groaned, grinding herself into Lindsay some more. “I wanna see more! Lindsay and Ali, you should thank your mommy for being so nice and rubbing your pussies. Mmmm thank her by sucking on those big, slutty titties of hers! I loved seeing them shake when I was fucking her and now I wanna see you two sucking on them!”

“Anything you want Hil,” Lindsay replied, loving how Hilary was taking control. “Mmmmm God mom, I always thought you had great tits but I never realized how great until now.”

Lindsay was still moaning from her mother’s ongoing rubbing of her pussy. She felt so fucking wet from all of this and she went right for her mother’s bare chest, taking her left breast in her mouth and suckling on the already stiff nipple while urging her sister do the same.

“C’mon Ali,” Lindsay moaned in between slurps. “’Get that pretty face down to mommy’s tits! Let’s show her how much her bad girls want her!”

Ali giggled hornily and did just that. Her heart was pounding with such wicked lust that she actually had to steady herself in her mind before all of this craziness completely overwhelmed her. She couldn’t believe everything that had happened today. She had gone to her sleepover last night thinking that she would finally be with a girl for the first time and now she had. Of course the girl she had thought she would be with hadn’t ended up being the one to make her come but Ali liked this so much better.

Lindsay looked so sexy sucking and fondling their mother’s left breast and Dina certainly had great tits. Like her older sister, Ali had never really considered how sexy their mother was until today but now that she could see her with horny eyes, she felt a deep desire for Dina. Her bare breasts looked so big and soft and her nipple was already hard and so pink.

Ali loved seeing Lindsay kissing and licking their mother’s breast and she wanted to be just as sexy as her big sister. So she leaned in and took the untouched breast in her young hands, massaging it before kissing it lovingly, moving her lips all over her mother’s areola before getting to her nipple and giving it a series of sexy flicks with her tongue.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Dina cried, the feel of her girls at her nipples making her quiver with pleasure.

“Naughty Dina, you love that don’t you?” Hilary teased, lying on the bed now so she was right by Dina’s face so she could watch it contort in sexual desire from what Lindsay and Ali were doing to her. “You like your little girls sucking your big tits, don’t you?”

“Yessssssssss ooooooooh you little bitch! Yessssssssssss! Is that what you want to fucking hear?” Dina groaned in both anger and desire at Hilary as she still blamed the girl for everything that was happening. “You want to hear what a bad mom I am? How I’m getting turned on from my own girls sucking on my tits? How much I love feeling their wet pussies? I’ll bet you love hearing that you horny bitch! Your little whore cun