Madison Pettis: A Little Creamy Angel

Disclaimer: This story contains descriptions of sexual relations between an adult and a child. It is pure fantasy, has no basis in real life, and the author does NOT condone such activity in real life. This story is pure fiction and if this offends you, do not read any further.

Copyright (c) 2010 HoneyWorldz. ALL Rights Reserved.

Madison Pettis: A Little Creamy Angel
(First, Inc, Oral, Pedo)
by HoneyWorldz

I’m just a 30 year old guy at home Watching a Disney Channel Show in the Summer, when I get a knock on the door, I get up, i go to the door, and it was Mrs. Pettis, she had her 12 year old daughter, Madison Pettis with her, Madison had these cute little sweats on that when she bends over, you can see the outlines of her little panties, and the shape of her cute little rump, her shirt, a white one with a Disney character on it, was tight on her soft looking chest, I can see her little buds form a soft outline upon it, my cock sprung in the air, I tried to focus and get myself together as Mrs. Pettis was telling me that there was an emergency at the hospital involving her Daddy, and she asked my if I could watch Madison for a couple of hours, my heart skipped a beat when I heard this I accepted, little did I know what this would be like.

So, what’s around here to do for fun?” said the cute little Disney girl, “got anything to do?”

I was thinking of a good fun game activity we could do, that would be to forward, and I barely got a chance to close the door, “Um, what would you like to do?

Whoa, and what a nice tummy it is, I smiled, “Well lets get something Yummy in it” I thought of the possibilities that could have been taken for, but she just smiled as we walked through my messy house, Madison Pettis with her cute little pure face start to smile at me.

Madison Pettis took off towards the bathroom, where I heard the sound of running water and a cute little girl sounds of Love, I smiled once more. Madison came out of my bathroom and she ad some water on herself, I chuckled, she mustn’t splashed it in her joy, I thought, then I noticed that the water was on her shirt, and a faint glimmer of a pink nipple could be seen, my cock once again sprung up, and I thought of what could happen while we’re here, but, I thought to myself, she is only 12 year old, but her body wasn’t that small, it was well proportioned, she wasn’t a small girl, that could change everything. We both go sat down at my couch and she looked at me with a cute smiled, then with her mouth open, she said “This is good!” I couldn’t help but laughing, and she said “I like you!”

I like you too!” I definitely meant it, in all kinds of ways.

Can we play a game?” She looked hopeful, “You got any games?”

Well, I’m not sure where my games are at but we can make up a game.” I gave her a wink, she looked confused, and said “what kind of game?”

I dunno, maybe Blowjob or something, at least we’re already in the house.” My mind started spinning around.

Later it already after 9:00 at night, I went towards the kitchen and called up her mom’s iPhone. “Mrs. Pettis?”

Yeah, sorry to take your time, things aren’t going so well, so I need to spend the night, just give her a bath, and lend Madison one of your shirts to sleep in, I’m really sorry about this.

My heart almost exploded that time out of excitement. I said,”There’s no problem, we just ate, and she’s been fine, don’t worry.” I hung up the phone and said, “Guess what?”


You get to stay up as long as you want!” Madison looked confused again, “What do you mean?

Your Mommy’s going to have a sleep-over, so we get to have one too.

Oh cool! So what now?

Well lets get you in the bath and to bed then,” I said.

Okay! I guess we still can play Blowjob sense I’ll be over here.

Yeah! That’s a cool idea! We have to give you a bath though.

I bring Madison Pettis towards the bathroom and she said, “I’ve got no clothes to sleep in.” I said, “Well, you could use one of my shirts, and just put your panties back on, she giggled and started to take off her shoes while I turned the water on in the bathtub.

Madison took off her socks and then her shirt, I saw those cute little beads without clothes in the way finally! I couldn’t help but look at that pinkish skin and I went sprung, again. she had a soft smooth looking skin, she pulled down those gray sweats and exposed her white panties clinging to her skin she turned around and bent over to take off her sweats, I could see her cute little butt, she then took off her panties. I though as I saw her cute little bare butt so beautiful! she turned around towards me, and I saw the most beautiful pussy lips I have ever seen, they were slightly puffy. Madison Pettis had delicious looking thighs connected to them. she climbed into the tub and started to wash her self, she said, “Is that yours is Cock?”

“let me see it.” she said with a look of doubt on her face, I then pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock, Madison exclaimed, “Whoa! that’s a big Yummy Hot Dog!” I laughed and said, “Well you said you wanted to play Blowjob?”

Madison Pettis got up and dried off and said, “so wheres that shirt?” Water was still coming off her, I saw a drop go down in between her legs and glistened on her pussy. I saw little Madison Pettis naked, and I came back, she was on my bed with me.

I looked at Madison Pettis cute little innocent face as she lie down on her stomach on my bed and put her face toward my cock. Madison smiles at my cock and want to take my cock and put it in to her mouth. Then I felt Madison soft little lips on my cock, I moaned! She got ready to start sucking on my cock. I also shoved my cock by forcing Madison to take it all the way down in to her throat. She began to deep throat while she grabbed my balls with her small hands. And I feel so pleased with Madison Pettis while I put my both hands are on top of her head while she sucking on it for 20 minute.

Oh Baby, Oh Madison Pettis that feel so Good, I moaned!

Madison Pettis start to sucked on my cock harder and I smiled at her cute face as she suck on my cock with her mouth and her tongue. I felt something coming and Madison got her mouth got fill up with my cream. Madison then start to swallow down my full cream by sucking my cock harder! And my cock begin to shot out my load of sperm faster in to her mouth. Madison just now got full load of cream down into her throat by drinking them down as she licked my Cream off of my cock with her cute tongue. And also Madison Pettis got her pure face and her curly brown hair cover with my full load of cum.

“Hmmmm Yummy Yum!” she said

I also thank Madison Pettis for giving me one of the Best Juicy Blowjob! So Madison laughed at me and snuggled against me and fell asleep with my Cock in her cute little mouth.

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