That’s What She Said

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The Squad Leader

Author’s note: For the record I do realize that the timeline is a little bit iffy for this here story. For example Amy Adams was a guest star at the end of season 1/beginning of season 2 of ‘The Office’ and I don’t even think John Krasinski and Emily Blunt had met at that point in time. But just take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the story because really if you’re nitpicking things like that shouldn’t you be nitpicking the fact that Jenna Fischer and Amy Adams are engaging in lesbian sex? Unlikely sure but that’s what these stories are for, to dream the impossible dream.


“Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve got her right where I want her.” Amy Adams said into her cellphone, a confident smile spread across her pretty face.

The voice on the other end of the line said something heard only by the pretty redhead that caused her to pause momentarily before reassuring her unseen co-conspirator.

“Can’t you just trust me?” Amy asked. “We’ve really hit it off and I think tonight is the night when I should make my move. I just know that she’ll be into it.”

A sly grin spread across Amy’s face as her mystery friend reluctantly gave her the okay and she envisioned putting their devious plan into action for the hundredth time that day.

“You just be there at nine like we talked about and let me handle the rest.” Amy insisted. “If things go like I know they will……Oh shit, here she comes, I’ve got to go!”

She snapped her phone closed and hurriedly stashed it back in her purse just as Jenna Fischer emerged from the restroom and rejoined her at the bar.

“Who was that, your husband?” Jenna asked pleasantly.

“Oh no.” Amy said dismissively, scrunching her nose up slightly in disgust.

“What’s the matter, did you two have a falling out or something?” Jenna asked, genuinely concerned for her friend.

“Sort of.” Amy said, clearly not wanting to discuss the matter further. “But if it’s all the same to you Jenna I’d rather not waste any more of my time thinking about men tonight.”

“Sure thing Ames.” Jenna replied before grinning and adding. “But if you would have just let him do you in the butt like I told you to you probably wouldn’t be in this mess.”

In the brief span of time that Amy had guest starred on The Office, she and Jenna had developed a fast friendship and after only a few short weeks they talked to each other like old high school chums. A casual observer would probably never have guessed that both of these classy ladies shared an extremely raunchy sense of humor but it was true. It was one of the things that allowed them to form such a quick and strong bond of friendship with one another and they took every opportunity to tease each other mercilessly about their sex lives or lack thereof. And so it was that Amy realized that Jenna was merely ribbing her and took no offense to her comment.

“Oh really bitch?” Amy teased back, feigning indignance with a hand on her hip. “And I suppose a hussy such as yourself just lets your husband drive his car right up the Hershey highway anytime he wants to?”

“Hey, whatever it takes to keep my man happy.” Jenna giggled, finally getting Amy to crack a smile as well.

“And speaking of keeping my man happy,” Jenna added. “I should probably call a cab and get my ass home.”

“Are you kidding me?” Amy asked. “This night is just getting started girlfriend. C’mon where’s your sense of adventure?”

The two had been drinking and gossiping at a bar near the studio where ‘The Office’ was shot for several hours now and Jenna had been having so much fun that she had indeed lost track of the time.

“As much as I could use an adventure, it’s already 7:30 so I’d better get home.” Jenna said reluctantly.

“Suit yourself.” Amy sighed as she munched on one of the cherries from her drink and looked at Jenna skeptically.

But as the busty redhead picked up her phone to call a cab and gazed down at the numbers it suddenly hit her that she really did want the evening to continue. For once in her life, responsibilities be damned, Jenna was going to have some fun! She glanced up at Amy who was eyeing her hopefully and then back down at her phone several times before smiling back at her friend.

“So…….what kind of adventure did you have in mind?” Jenna finally said playfully as she put her phone away.

“That’s my girl!” Amy said with a big smile and a little cheerleader’s clap.

Jenna couldn’t help but beam at Amy’s exuberance and listened carefully as her friend told her what her idea was.

“Well I was thinking we might go and prank Steve.” Amy began as she laid out her plan to sneak back into the studio and play a prank on the star of the show, Steve Carrell.

“Oh, that’s so awesome, let’s do it!” Jenna agreed once Amy had given her the scoop and a short time later they were on their way.


Getting inside the studio was no problem as the security guards knew all of the cast and crew members well. And unbeknownst to Jenna, as they slipped inside of the set of ‘The Office’ itself, Amy made sure to leave the door propped open a tiny bit.

The two tipsy redheads were all giggles as they stood in front of the various desks and cubicles and did ridiculously bad impressions of all of their cast mates’ characters.

And finally, after ten minutes or so of listening to Jenna (wearing a pair of Dwight Schrute glasses) yelling “Michael!” Amy stood in front of the conference room door and yelled “Conference room, five minutes!”

Jenna busted out in another fit of giggles and hurried into the conference room, saluting Amy in mock reverence as she walked by her.

“God do you know how many takes we have to do every time we shoot a conference room scene?” Jenna asked as she placed her palms flat on the table and looked down at the smooth surface.

“I’m guessing quite a lot of them?” Amy replied, already knowing the answer.

“Uh……yeah!” Jenna assured her.

“Can you imagine what would happen if Pam and Jim were alone in here together like we are now?” Amy asked referring to Jenna’s onscreen character of Pam Beesly and her romantic interest Jim Halpert.

“Oh they’d be fucking like bunnies!” Jenna assured her friend with a little giggle.

And luckily for Amy, Jenna didn’t turn around to see the predatory grin spread across her face as she took the bait or the whole plan may have been ruined.

“Pam’s such a prude though.” Amy teased, egging her naive friend on.

“Oh no she’s not.” Jenna insisted. “She may act like that at work but if it were just her and Jim in here she’d lean over the table like this and say come over here and pound my sweet pussy Big Jimmy!”

And as Jenna said the words she pantomimed the actions she was describing, leaning over further on her palms and jutting her ass out. Amy was practically drooling at the sight of that pretty round rump and she knew that it was now or never to set her plan into motion.

She slid over behind Jenna and snaked her arms around the busty redhead’s waist before saying in her deepest male voice “I bet a pretty little gal like you would just love to have Old Jim’s big cock up your sweet ass wouldn’t you Pammy!”

“Oh yes Jim, fuck me like you’ve always wanted to right here in this conference room!” Jenna replied in an overly dramatic fashion. She assumed that Amy was playing along with another one of their shared dirty jokes and so she wasn’t worried at all about the caressing hands clasped in front of her stomach.

“I know I’m engaged to Roy.” Jenna continued. “But I need your big cock inside of me baby!”

“Ooooohhhh, I like the sound of that!” Amy grinned as she nuzzled the back of Jenna’s neck with her lips. But this time it wasn’t the cheesy fake Jim voice she used but her own. And this time her hands started to work their way up Jenna’s torso before they took her big natural breasts in them and squeezed them hard. It obviously made Jenna feel more than a little uncomfortable and Amy felt her body stiffen up against her own.

Jenna was still trying to laugh a bit and play it off like the joke that it probably was but now Amy was planting wet kisses all down the back of her neck and her left hand was cupping one of her pretty butt cheeks.

“I……uh…….ha ha ha!” Jenna said awkwardly hoping that Amy would get the fact that the joke was over but still she paid her no heed and continued groping her friend.

“Amy seriously, what the fuck?” Jenna asked as Amy started to unbutton her blouse.

“I thought you wanted to play?” Amy giggled as she feigned ignorance and finished unbuttoning Jenna’s blouse.

“We were just kidding around.” Jenna replied, a noticeable edge now creeping into her voice. “I mean, I was, weren’t you?”

She turned around to face Amy who now had her weight pressed up against Jenna and her face only inches away. And the look in her eyes told Jenna everything she needed to know.

“Maybe you were kidding but I wasn’t.” Amy insisted, and already she was pushing Jenna’s blouse back over her shoulders taking advantage of Jenna’s lack of resistance due to shock.

Jenna’s mind was a blur. Was her friend really trying to seduce her? Was Amy freaking Adams really trying to fuck her? It certainly appeared that way but again this was Amy Adams, not some neighborhood dyke. And then it hit her.

The prank was on her, not on Steve. Any minute now, Amy would start cracking up and yell “Gotcha bitch!” and then they would both be laughing.

But as Amy peeled her own shirt up over her head and off, Jenna could see no hint of humor. Instead as she gazed into her friend’s eyes all she found was lust.

“Amy wait,” Jenna insisted, trying to figure out how to stop this runaway train.

“Wait for what?” Amy asked. “I know you want this Jenna! Just as much as I do!”

“I…..I’m not a……lesbian.” Jenna said meekly. But her declaration was put to the test when Amy took her own bra off and cast it aside and Jenna couldn’t help but appreciate her smooth feminine curves.

“I’m obviously not a lesbian either.” Amy assured her. “But just because we’re both married that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun with each other. Sometimes I get a craving for things that a man just can’t do for me. Don’t you ever get that craving Jenna?”

Jenna said nothing but her silence told Amy everything she needed to know. It was true. And while Jenna had never acted out on her fantasies, she did have more than a few masturbatory daydreams about other women.

“I just……what if we get caught?” Jenna asked, one desperate final plea, though her mind was torn and she didn’t know if she was pleading with Amy or with herself.

“Relax baby, no one is going to catch us.” Amy assured her as she reached around Jenna’s back and unclasped her bra, allowing Jenna’s big tits to breathe the free air. “And I won’t tell if you won’t.”

“I…….I…….” Jenna stammered but she was cut off by Amy’s soft wet lips gently pressing against her own. And as she pressed her lips harder into Jenna’s at first the bustier woman let Amy just kiss her but soon she found herself kissing back.

“You won’t tell will you Jenna?” Amy asked as her firm perky breasts pressed into Jenna’s bigger soft ones.

“No, I won’t tell.” Jenna whispered huskily.

She felt Amy’s fingernails glide down her smooth back until her hands reached the base of her spine and as their tongues swirled together Amy pulled Jenna’s waist up against her own causing her to let out a soft little moan.

“Is this okay?” Amy asked as their sweet and salty lips smacked together for what felt like hours and their hands explored one another’s bodies.

“Mmmmmm, it’s more than okay!” Jenna assured her. She felt a slight twinge of guilt about cheating on her husband but thought that maybe she could parlay this encounter into a threeway sometime down the road and maybe somehow that would make it okay.

“You’re so fucking sexy Jenna!” Amy cooed as she squeezed Jenna’s breasts together and started flicking her snakelike tongue across the nipples. “I love tasting those big fucking titties of yours! So yummy!”

“Oooooooohhhhhh yes Amy!” Jenna leaned her head back and moaned. “Suck on them baby, suck on those fucking nipples!”

“I want more than just those beautiful tits though baby!” Amy assured her. “You know what else I want don’t you?”

“Uh huh.” Jenna moaned. Amy was so sexy like this, taking what she wanted and devouring the little rabbit known as Jenna Fischer.

“Tell me!” Amy demanded.

“You want my pussy!” Jenna giggled. She and her friend had always talked so crudely to one another but now that they were actually being physical with each other Jenna couldn’t help but feel a bit shy and self conscience.

“That’s right sexy girl!” Amy smiled. “I want to eat that sweet little peach of yours and slurp up all of those juices! So what do you say, can I have you?”

Jenna was so aroused and her throat seemed so dry that she couldn’t even say the word yes. Instead she just bit one of her knuckles and nodded her head.

And soon after she saw Amy kneel down in front of her and felt her fingers unzip the back of her skirt before it fell in a little heap around her ankles.

“Spread those pretty legs for me beautiful!” Amy said and Jenna obediently did as she was told.

She felt Amy’s thin fingers slide inside the crotch of her panties and yank them to the side as a cool burst of air washed across her waiting cunt.

“Are you ready for me?” Amy asked as she looked up at her friend with a pretty grin.

“Fuck yes I’m ready!” Jenna assured her and finally after what seemed like hours she felt Amy’s hot tongue start to wash over her slit.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yessssssss!!!” Jenna moaned, leaning back against the table and running her fingers through Amy’s hair as the elegant redhead slurped away. She expertly worked her tongue inside and around the delicate folds of flesh and felt Jenna’s body tense up as her tongue danced across her sensitive clitoris.

“That’s it girl, eat that fucking pussy!!!” Jenna cooed as she felt Amy slip two of her fingers inside of her. “Fuck that pussy with your tongue like no man could ever do!!!”

“That’s right baby, no man could ever make you feel as good as I can!” Amy whispered in between licks. “You belong to me now and don’t you forget it!”

“I…..Oooooohhhhhh…..I won’t forget!!!” Jenna moaned.

Amy was so good with her fingers and tongue that already Jenna knew she would come soon.

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck Amy!!!” Jenna wailed. “I think I’m gonna come soon!!!”

“That’s good Jenna!!!” Amy moaned. “Come all over my face so I can lick up that sweet honey!!!”


And with a violent shudder, Jenna’s orgasm hit and she climaxed. She leaned back on one hand on the desk as Amy lapped up all of her cum and started laughing uncontrollably.

“Is that funny to you?” Amy asked but Jenna could only smile.

In reality it wasn’t anything funny to her it was just a weird release of emotion that she did from time to time after some particularly good sex. Although it had been quite some time since her husband had made her come that hard.

“Come here.” Jenna smiled as Amy stood up. They started kissing furiously as Jenna tried to show her deep gratitude for the mind blowing sex.

“Still feeling frisky Ms. Fischer?” Amy teased as she felt Jenna’s hands trying to unbutton her pants.

“I want to taste you too Amy!” Jenna whispered, thinking that Amy might be done with her or something. But it was quite the contrary.

“Oh don’t worry your pretty little head about that.” Amy assured her. “You’ll get your chance right now! Now get those fucking panties off!”

And as Jenna did as she was told, Amy slid her own pants and underwear off.

“Hop up on the table gorgeous!” Amy insisted, giving Jenna’s naked ass a playful swat.

“Oooohhhh, demanding aren’t we?” Jenna laughed as she did as she was told.

“I don’t hear you complaining do I?” Amy teased.

“No, you really don’t.” Jenna giggled and as she laid down on the cold table on her back she gazed down between her legs and saw the beautiful ‘Enchanted’ star crawling up onto the table to join her. She slowly crawled across the cold table top reminding Jenna of Tawny Kitaen in those old Whitesnake videos until she was straddling Jenna. And for a few moments all Jenna could do was marvel at the smooth porcelain like skin of Amy’s before Amy took the initiative and leaned down to kiss her friend again.

“Are you ready to eat my pussy baby?” Amy asked huskily as their wet lips smacked together and Jenna nodded eagerly.

“Okay then,” Amy smiled as she turned her body around and got herself into the 69 position. She craned her neck around and looked at Jenna one last time before saying. “Let’s see what you’ve got pretty girl.”

Jenna smiled widely and relished her chance to return the favor as Amy lowered her body down on top of hers. And though it was her first time with another woman Jenna dove right in, gently spreading her co-star’s pussy lips apart before sliding her warm tongue deep inside of the moist folds of flesh.

“Mmmmmmm that’s it baby!!!” Amy cooed as Jenna hungrily started lapping away at her cunt. “Eat that fucking pussy girl!!! Work that tongue inside of me baby!!!”

Jenna wanted more than anything to make Amy come as hard as she had made her come and she started feverishly licking away.

“Mmmmm……uh huh!!!” Jenna moaned as moved her attention to Amy’s throbbing clit and started sucking on it, making loud slurping noises as she did so.

And even as Jenna was working over Amy’s love button, her friend was again returning the favor to Jenna. She started by softly licking Jenna’s slit and then once again Amy slid two of her fingers inside of her slick love tunnel.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH……..AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jenna cried out, bucking her hips up slightly as Amy worked her magic once again.

Meanwhile, Jenna too was hitting all the right spots as she worked Amy into a frenzy.

“Oh yes Jenna, right there baaaaabbbbbyyyyy!!!” She leaned her head back and wailed as Jenna made her squirm in ecstasy. “Fuck me just like that!!! Tongue fuck me like I’ve wanted you to since I met you!!!”

“You dirty little whore!” Jenna teased. “All of this time and you were just trying to get into my pants!”

“It…OOOOOOHHHHH… worked didn’t it?” Amy moaned as Jenna lapped away. “I knew you’d give in to me with no problem.”

Jenna just smiled to herself and kept fucking her friend. She had to admit that Amy was right. It hadn’t taken much to get her into the sack and if she was really being honest with herself, Jenna had always found her friend to be more than just a little bit attractive.

“Are you going to come for me so I can taste that sweet pussy juice baby?” Jenna teased as faster and faster she worked her fingers and tongue.

She could feel Amy’s body tensing up and knew the answer even before she replied.

“Ohhhhh yes Jenna!!!” She wailed. “I want to come all over that pretty fucking face and make those fingers and tongue all juicy!!! And I want America’s sweetheart Pam to lick up all of that pussy juice like the dirty little lezbo whore that she is!!!”

“Then let go Amy!!!” Jenna coaxed. “Come for me now!!! Come for me!!!”

“I…UNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH…OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!” Amy moaned as her stomach started to tighten up and her chest turned bright red with her oncoming climax. “OHHHHHHH SHIT JENNNNNNAAAAAA!!!! FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!”

And with that loud wailing, her body tensed up one last time and finally released as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body.

“Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!!” Amy kept repeating over and over as Jenna gently lapped up the juices from her friends tight love hole. “Jenna that was so amazing!!!”

“Well duh!” Jenna giggled. “It is me we’re talking about!”

“Still, I’d love to properly show my gratitude for being such a willing and capable little slut.” Amy teased. “And to do that I have to get the surprise I bought for you.”

“Oooohhhhh I like surprises.” Jenna laughed.

“Wait right here for a moment.” Amy instructed as she hopped off the table.

Jenna continued lying naked on the table wondering what the surprise was as her eyes followed Amy over to where her purse was lying on the floor. She bent over, giving Jenna a nice view of her naked ass before fishing something long and thick out of the purse. Jenna put her hand to her mouth in surprised laughter knowing immediately what it was that Amy had brought.

“Are you serious?” Jenna asked as Amy pulled the strap-on harness onto her waist and strolled back to the table with the big fake cock dangling in the air.

“Of course I’m serious,” Amy insisted. “Don’t you want to let me fuck you Jenna?”

“I…I…” Jenna stammered.

For some reason letting Amy fuck her with a strap-on seemed just too kinky. Although by that same absurd logic letting her eat her pussy on the conference room table was okay? And the fact that she had brought the strap-on with her confirmed the fact that the whole thing was planned. Could she really let Amy drive that fake cock deep inside her pussy? Thrusting in and out of her and bringing her to orgasm after shattering……

“Yes,” Jenna finally squeaked.

“Excuse me?” Amy asked.

“Yes……I want you to fuck me.” Jenna replied. “I want you to fuck me like we’re the last two people on Earth! Make me your lesbian slut toy!”

“Honey,” Amy smiled. “You already are.”

And with that she crawled up between Jenna’s legs and eased the dildo gently inside her dripping wet cunt.

“OOOO…OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!” Jenna softly moaned as Amy slid several inches inside of her.

Jenna arched her back upwards as Amy started pistoning the cock slowly at first in and out of her tight pussy. And as she fucked Jenna she held on tightly to her big boobs and stared gently down at her new lover’s face and watched the ecstasy wash over her.

“That’s it, Fuck me Amy!!!” Jenna cooed as Amy started working the cock in and out faster. Soon she was pumping away like a jackhammer all the while Jenna was writhing and moaning in bliss.

“Harder baby! Fuck me harder!” Jenna cried out and Amy obliged her, now positively drilling the cock all the way to the hilt inside of her.

And as she pumped away, Amy leaned in to kiss Jenna hard on the lips. Jenna’s arms grabbed the back of Amy’s neck hard and pulled her in as she frantically kissed her back and Amy knew that she had her completely now.

“Get up on your hands and knees gorgeous.” Amy whispered. “I want to fuck that pretty ass of yours!”

Jenna giggled nervously but wanted it just as bad as Amy did and so she obeyed. And while it seemed like an eternity to Jenna it was only a few brief seconds before Amy was saddled up behind he busty redhead.

She playfully swatted her friend on the backside and teasingly swirled the dildo around Jenna’s brown eyed before unceremoniously plunging the head inside.

“UNNNNNGGGGHHHH!!!” Jenna gasped as she felt the cold plastic fill and stretch her anus.

“You ready to feel this big cock in that tight little ass of yours baby girl?” Amy cooed.

“I’m ready!!!” Jenna moaned. “Fuck my ass Amy!!! Fuck it hard!!!”

Amy plunged the cock several inches inside of Jenna’s asshole and the busty redhead initially tensed up and clenched around the dildo before her body relaxed and she started to enjoy the filling sensation.

“Mmmmmm, just… like… that!!!” Jenna cried out in rhythm as Amy plunged the shaft of the strap-on hard into her back door. “Fuck that ass!!! Fuck that ass!!!”

She rocked her body backwards into each of Amy’s hard thrusts, sometimes feeling as if the girth of the cock may rip her in half but always loving the dirty sensation.

“Yeah my dirty little fuck toy likes taking it up the pooper doesn’t she?” Amy teased, sweat pouring off of her brow now as she yanked on Jenna’s long red hair. “You just couldn’t wait for me to pound that little booty could you?”


And as she cried out in pleasure Jenna reached down between her legs and started playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit furiously as Amy pounded away.

“Mmmmm, play with that pretty pussy while I fuck your ass you little whore!!!” Amy smirked. “Play with it like the dirty slut you are!!!”

“AAAHHHHHHH……OHHHH AMMMMYYYYY!!!” Jenna screamed out, not caring who may hear her. “FUCK THAT ASS!!! FUCK THAT ASS!!! FUCK THAT AAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!”

And as Amy continued slamming the dildo into her Jenna finally climaxed once again with a shudder and a long loud wail. Her legs felt like jello and she collapsed onto the table but as Amy took the dildo out of her ass with a little pop Jenna could see that she wasn’t done quite yet.

“Come here and taste your own ass!” Amy grinned and Jenna while a bit horrified by this prospect found herself turned on at the same time.

She crawled over to Amy and started slowly deep throating the big plastic cock that had only seconds before been inside of her asshole and pussy and tasted the saltiness of her own body.

“Mmmm, that’s it girl, taste those juices!” Amy encouraged her.

Jenna was really working the dildo like a champ now and after she’d sucked on it for several minutes Amy wanted her own taste.

“Come here!” Amy said and she pulled Jenna up and started kissing her once again. And as their tongues swirled together in one another’s mouths she could taste all of the same things that Jenna had tasted.

“You’re so sexy!” Amy whispered as they kissed passionately.

“Thank you so much Amy!” Jenna replied desperately hoping that the fun wasn’t quite over yet. And as the two gazed longingly into one another’s eyes and started kissing again, Jenna got so wrapped up in things that she didn’t even hear the other person enter the room.

*Ahem* Came the sound of a female voice clearing her throat.

Jenna hopped away from Amy like a scalded dog and immediately tried in vain to cover her nakedness with her hands.

“Oh my God! I am so embarrassed!” Jenna exclaimed, genuinely mortified at being caught engaged in such lewd activity. “We didn’t know anyone else was in here!”

But as she hopped off of the table and tried to cover herself with the clothes from the floor, Jenna finally looked up to see who it was and was shocked to find that it was Emily Blunt, wife of her co-star John Krasinski.

“Emily wh…what are you doing here?” Jenna stammered in horror, not realizing what was going on yet. There was no way that everyone in the cast wouldn’t find out now.

“Boy she sure is jumpy isn’t she Amy?” Emily laughed.

It was then that Jenna looked over at Amy who was still sitting casually on the table as naked as the day she was born and seemingly without a care in the world.

“You know Emily you’re right. She really could stand to relax a little bit.” Amy agreed with a devilish smile.

“Wh…what’s going on here?” Jenna asked, glancing nervously from Emily to Amy but the two of them seemed not to hear her.

“Got any ideas on what we can do to help her relax?” Emily asked with a big grin.

“Oh…..I’ve got a few ideas.” Amy smiled. “In fact, I’m thinking that maybe what you’ve got on underneath that coat would help.”

And for the first time Jenna noticed that Emily was wearing a long trench coat which she was now unbuttoning. And when she finally did unbutton the jacket and let it gracefully fall off of her shoulders all that she was wearing was a strap-on dildo that looked just like Amy’s.

Jenna’s jaw dropped open and relief washed over her as she now finally understood the situation.

“So you two set this whole thing up from the start eh?” Jenna grinned. “And you thought that you were what, gonna lesbian gang bang me or something?”

“Something like that.” Emily replied seductively. “Unless of course you’re not into that kind of thing.”

Jenna paused a moment for suspense before dropping the clothes she was covering herself with slowly to the floor, beckoning with her finger and saying “Why don’t you come over here and see if I’m into that kind of thing?”

Emily didn’t need to hear any more of an invitation than that and she quickly made her way over to Jenna, wrapping her arm around the beautiful redhead’s waist and pulling her in close for a lusty kiss.

“Just don’t tell John about this.” Emily grinned as her hands groped at Jenna’s beautiful body.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.” Jenna insisted.

As they kissed, they spun around to where Emily’s back was now against the table and she hopped up on top of it, lying on her back and awaiting Jenna.

“Come here pretty girl and let me fuck that sweet pussy!” Emily instructed as she stroked the big plastic cock and Jenna obediently climbed up on top of her and straddled her waist.

Jenna lowered her crotch slowly down onto Emily’s and allowed the British beauty to guide the dildo inside of her awaiting vagina. Amy meanwhile had made her way over to the pair of them and as Jenna bobbed up and down on Emily’s strap-on, she busied herself by lovingly licking the pretty television receptionist’s asshole.

“Ooooohhhhhh you kinky slut!!!” Jenna moaned as Emily’s cock squished in and out. “Licking that ass like that. I should have known what a dirty girl you were.”

Amy just grinned as she bathed Jenna’s tight orifice with her tongue and watched her rock up and down on Emily’s fake cock.

“Mmmmmm that’s it Jenna, fuck that cock!!!” Emily moaned as she watched Jenna’s tits bounce up and down with every thrust. “Fuck it like there’s no tomorrow!!!”

Jenna seemed to be doing just that and very soon the combination of being fucked by Emily and having her asshole licked by Amy had her close to another orgasm.

“Fuck me Emily!!!” Jenna wailed. “Fuck MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

And for the third time that night, Jenna could feel her body release in a rapturous orgasm that left her legs shaking and her body in bliss.

“Now come over here and clean this off!” Emily instructed.

But as Jenna leaned down to start sucking the dildo clean Emily stopped her.

“Actually I was talking to Amy.” Emily explained.

“Oooohhhh yes ma’am,” Amy grinned before sucking all of Jenna’s pussy juices off of the wet dildo.

Emily just leaned her head back and smiled broadly. Amy had been her fuck toy for quite some time now and now it looked like Jenna was hers as well.

“You’re not going to tell John or anyone about any of this are you Emily?” Jenna asked, suddenly worried about the news about her new found lesbian lust getting out.

“I don’t know,” Emily replied though clearly she was teasing. “Something like this is really huge.”

And when she said that, Amy and Jenna just looked at each other knowingly.

“That’s what she said!” They cried out in unison.


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