Rachel Bilson & the WWE Divas

Title: Rachel Bilson & the WWE Divas
Author: TheBigLove126
Codes: FFFFFFFF, celeb, reluc, toys, oral
Celebs: Rachel Bilson, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Layla, Michelle McCool, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Gail Kim

Disclaimer: None of this is real to my knowledge, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Divas did this kind of thing.


In February 2011, Rachel was contacted by World Wrestling Entertainment to be the guest host of their Monday Night Raw program. The role called for her to be the on-screen authority figure for a night. Early Monday morning, around 3 a.m., she boarded her flight from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA.

“Rachel. Rachel. You need to wake up, we’re landing.”

Rachel was awoken by her manager Mike. After a smooth landing, they grabbed their luggage and quickly exited the plane.

“Okay, it’s 1:30. The WWE officials want you at the arena by 3:00. I set up a limo to get you there, so no worries about being late.”

“That sounds perfect! But aren’t you coming with me?” Rachel asked with a puzzled look.

“I set up a meeting with another client while I’m in town. Don’t worry, you’re a big girl you don’t need me by your side.” They shook hands and went their separate ways.

It was much colder in Boston then it was in L.A., and Rachel had dressed for the weather back home. Her tight denim shorts and red tank top with no bra were definitely not the right attire for Massachusetts in February. She spotted out a restroom in the airport and worked her way through the crowd to get to it. Locking herself in the stall, she opened her suitcase and began to undress. She pulled her tank top over her head and hung it over the door. Reaching in the suitcase, she pulled out a white bra and tight gray sweater. After quickly putting them on, she pulled her shorts down and searched for her jeans in her bag. She found them and quickly pulled them up, having to wiggle her way into them. She then put her boots back on and left the restroom, again weaving her way through the crowd of people and, eventually, finding her limo. After being greeted by the driver and a rep from WWE, she was on her way to the TD Bank North Garden.

“We should be at the arena within 30 minutes, Ms. Bilson.” The rep told her.

“Cool. I’m really excited to get this chance. Some of my friends have guest hosted and they told me that it was amazing.”

“And everyone is looking forward to having you.”

Twenty minutes later, the limo arrived at the arena and dropped Rachel and the rep at the entrance way before driving off.

“Before you meet the performers, Mr. McMahon wants to talk to you. He’s going to tell you what to expect and what exactly you will be doing on the show tonight. Follow me.”

Rachel followed the woman around the arena. Several stage hands and arena employees introduced themselves to her and complemented her on how good she looked. She shook every one of their hands and thanked them for their kind words.

“Here’s Mr. McMahon’s office. I’m gonna give you my number, if you have any questions later just call me.” She knocked on the door. “Mr. McMahon! Rachel Bilson is here.”

“Send her on in.”

Rachel walked into the office and was greeted by the 65 year old owner of WWE.

“Welcome Ms. Bilson, have a seat.”

She shook his hand and sat down.

“Thanks for having me. I’m really excited for the show tonight.”

“Good, we’re all really happy that you agreed to guest host tonight. Many performers pushed hard as they were huge fans of yours.” A smile came across her face. “We all hope you enjoy yourself and maybe in the future, we can work with you again.”

“I hope so, I’ve been a big fan of WWE for the last few years.”

“That’s great! Now, let’s talk about what is going to happen tonight. You’re going to come out after the first match and announce the main event for tonight, Randy Orton vs. The Miz. After the announcement, Layla and Michelle are going to come out and mock you. You’re going to set a 5-on-2 handicap match, putting them in a disadvantage, but you are not going to announce who the five are. Once the handicap match is over, you will come out. The five Divas will pick Michelle and Layla up and you will slap them and celebrate with the winners.”

“Wow, that’s sounds awesome. I can’t wait.”

“Okay then, here is your script. We set a room up for you to practice your lines and get ready for the show. You will need to be ready to go at 9:35.”

“Thank you so much Mr. McMahon. I won’t let you down.”

“Thank YOU. The room is four doors down to the right of here. Feel free to talk to the performers and get to know them if you’d like. Enjoy yourself.”

Rachel had no problem finding her dressing room. She sat down and studied her lines, which didn’t take long as there were only about eight sentences she had to say. After about a half hour of studying, she looked at the clock.

“4:30. I got five hours until I’m on. I guess I’ll go meet the wrestlers.”

She opened her door and turned to the right, where she saw a group of male wrestlers talking to each other. She approached them.

“Excuse me. Hi I’m Rachel, I’m guest hosting tonight.”

“Hi Rachel, I’m Daniel Bryan. This is Evan Bourne and this is Justin Gabriel.”

She shook each of their hands.

“So, are you a fan of WWE?” Gabriel asked I his South African accent.

“Yeah, I’ve watched for a few years now and love spending Monday night’s watching Raw.”

“That’s cool; it’s nice to have a guest host who knows the product.” Evan spoke. “Too many motherfuckers don’t know anything; some don’t even know the names of anyone on the roster.”

“As long as you’re ready for what’s to come, then everything should be just fine for you tonight. Good luck and have fun; we need to go prepare for our match.” Bryan told her as the three men were pulled away by a road agent to go over their triple threat match.

“What’s to come? I wonder what he meant by that.” She said to herself, but quickly brushed it off as she walked towards Mark Henry who was at the snack table.

After a brief conversation with the large man, Rachel continued walking around, meeting several wrestlers and striking up conversations with them. It was 7:00 when she finished talking with The Miz and started walking towards the Diva’s locker room. She knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before the door opens and she saw Michelle McCool standing there in a towel, clearly having just taken a shower.

“Hi, can I help you?” Michelle asked.

“Hi I’m Rachel and I’m the guest host for tonight. I wanted to introduce myself.”

“Oh, come on in!” Michelle opened the door and Rachel walked in. As she entered, she looked around and saw several Divas in the locker room. Layla, Rosa Mendes, Gail Kim, Maryse, and the Bella Twins all walked up to her and introduced themselves.

“I assume that you know what’s going to happen tonight, right?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, you and Layla come out after me, insult me, I make the 5-on-2 match. After the match, these five girls will pick you two up and I slap you both.”

“No…well yes that is true, but that’s not exactly what I meant.”

Rachel was confused, not knowing what the tall blonde meant.

“What do you mean? That was all I was told.”

“Oh, so you don’t know the tradition for the guest hosts?” Michelle looked at the other Diva’s as Rachel was oblivious to what was going on. “Wait right here. Girls, we need to talk in the shower room.”

Rachel sat on the chair as the Divas scurried into the shower area.

“What could this tradition be? I’ve talked to people who hosted before and they didn’t mention a tradition.” She thought to herself.

Michelle and the other divas returned and sat back down around her.

“Okay, you’re probably wondering what we were talking about. You see, there is a tradition that every guest host has to go through to gain the respect of the diva’s locker room. You may be uncomfortable with this, but if you don’t participate then your experience here will be bad and will likely cause you to never come back again. Why do you think Nancy O’Dell has never mentioned the WWE since she was a guest host? She refused to participate and we taught her a lesson after the show.”

“I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it. So…what’s the tradition?”

Layla stood up and walked towards Rachel. She placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered into her ear.

“You have to join us in an orgy for the next hour and a half.”

Rachel was shocked by the words that Layla whispered to her, and looked around at the other diva’s as Layla started to rub her shoulders.

“Um…I’m not sure about this. I don’t want to lose your respect or anything; it’s just that I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Don’t worry.” Gail Kim said. “Jewel was uncomfortable at first too, but she came around and by the time it was over, she was begging for more.”

Rachel still looked uncertain as Gail’s words went through her ears.

“It’s not very often that we get a girl to play with.” Maryse started. “The guests hosts have been mainly men. The only women that have guest hosted were Jewel, Nancy, Maria Menounos, Sharon Osbourne and Trish Stratus. Unfortunately we were told by Stephanie McMahon that we couldn’t touch Sharon Osbourne. And it’s been almost a year since Jewel hosted and she was the last one.”

Nikki Bella added, “Luckily we also ‘welcome’ new divas as well. We had a field day when NXT season 3 started.”

“So Rachel,” Rosa spoke for the first time. “Now it’s decision time. Are we going to be friends or are we going to have problems?”

Rachel looked around at all seven divas staring at her. Several thoughts were running through her mind. She didn’t want to disrespect the divas, but wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with this. She had never been with a woman before, let alone seven.

“Um…I…um…I guess…I guess…I’ll do it.” She mumbled.

“What was that?” Brie Bella asked.

“I’ll do it.” She said quietly.

Michelle stood up and slapped her hard across the face.

“We can’t hear you!” She shouted.

Rachel was now beginning to tear up from the pain of the slap.

“I said I’ll do it!” She shouted through tears. “You didn’t need to slap me that hard.”

Michelle slapped her across the face again.

“You don’t make the rules, we do. If I want to slap you that hard, then I will.” She slapped her again and again.

“Yeah.” Layla added as Gail locked the door. “You’re ours for the next ninety miutes, and we’re going to do whatever the fuck we want to you, bitch.”

Layla planted another slap across her face. Rachel was beginning to get very scared when she looked up and spotted the angry looks on all seven diva’s faces.

“I changed my mind, let me go!” Rachel yelled in Layla’s face. Another slap hit her, again from Michelle.

“You don’t get it do you, you little bitch!” She was screaming in her face. “You’re stuck here for the next hour and a half and we get to do anything and everything we want to you. The more you fight us, the more painful this will be for you” Another slap landed, this time knocking Rachel to the ground.

The seven angry divas circled around the downed actress, staring directly as her as she held the side of her face. She could not believe what was going on. She had been so excited to get a chance to be there and now feared what these girls were going to do to her. Michelle instructed the divas to pick her up off the ground and hold her still. Gail and Rosa roughly grabbed her up from under the arms as the Bella twins each grabbed a leg. Michelle got up in Rachel’s face and slipped her tongue into her mouth, planting a long deep kiss on the crying actress. She tried so hard to pull away but Layla grabbed the back of her head and shoved it closer to Michelle. The tongue forcing its way down her throat made Rachel gag a bit before Michelle pulled out and took a step back.

The tall blonde reached forward and tore Rachel’s sweater off her chest, sending buttons flying across the room. Gail and Rosa pulled the rest of the sweater off and left Rachel’s breasts only covered by a skimpy white bra. Rachel shut her eyes as Maryse and Layla starting rubbing their hands all over her breasts, giving them rough squeeze after rough squeeze. Tears were leaking out of her eyes as she felt her body molested by these women she had just met. Nikki gave her ass a hard slap they would have made Rachel jump if she wasn’t being held down. Brie quickly followed with a slap to her crotch. She wanted so bad to beg the women to stop, but worried as to how much farther they would go if she complained, so she kept her mouth shut except for a cry of pain here and there. Suddenly, she felt a cool breeze on her chest as Rosa unhooked her bra and watched it fall to the ground.

“This little bitch has a nice set of tits.” Layla exclaimed before laying a slap to them.

Rachel cried out again as the bare hand struck her soft skin.

“Her jeans, they need to go. Nikki…Brie…I think you two need to get those off of her.” Michelle commanded.

The Bella twins unzipped her pants and struggled to remove them. They were a lot tighter than they had thought. They worked together with one hard yank and both her black panties and the jeans hit the floor, leaving her completely naked in front of the group. The girls through her down to the ground and walked towards Michelle.

“You even think of getting up and you’ll live to regret it.” Layla yelled at her before huddling together with the other divas and started to talk quietly.

Rachel curled up and started to sob. She could not understand what she did to deserve this. She couldn’t understand why they were being so rough; she agreed to do it.

“Maybe they do this to everyone.” She thought to herself, but it didn’t make any sense. After a brief conversation, Michelle emerged from the group and stood tall above her.

“Get up!” She commanded.

Rachel stood up slowly and looked Michelle in the eyes.

“Take my towel off.” Rachel looked down at Michelle’s towel and looked back up at her. Michelle laid another hard slap to her face. “I said take my towel off! I meant now!”

Rachel grabbed the towel and unwrapped it from her body, leaving the tall blonde standing in front of her, completely in the nude. She looked her up and down, seeing her relatively small breasts and totally shaven pussy.

“I want to feel your lips on my breasts. Come on bitch, give my nipples a kiss.”

Rachel didn’t move, she was too busy staring into Michelle’s fiery eyes. Layla walked up to her and slapped her in the face.

“I believe Michelle told you to kiss her nipples! Now do it, bitch!”

She moved her head closer and started to lightly kiss Michelle’s puffy nipple. She let her tongue slip out and ran it around the areola, causing a soft moan to come out of Michelle’s mouth. Rachel took her hand and started to massage the other breast as her tongue continued to tease the sensitive bud. The crowd looked on as Rachel began to suckle harder, causing a louder moan to fill the room. Rachel looked over at the other girls and saw them staring directly at her breasts as the slowly swung in the air. She closed her eyes and moved to the other breast and again ran her tongue lightly over every inch of skin. Michelle began to run her hands through Rachel’s soft brunette hair as she began sucking hard on her breasts again. After a few minutes, Michelle lightly pushed her away and looked her in the eye.

“Sit down on that chair, right now.”

Rachel did exactly as she was told and sat on the chair. Michelle turned around and whispered into the ear of all six other divas. When she turned around, the Bella’s began to undress each other. Nikki pulled Brie’s blue tank top over her head and tossed them aside before gently removing her blue skirt. She stood up and Brie did the same to her, tossing her green tank top and skirt aside. Both woman stood naked and shared a quick kiss before turning to Gail and Maryse. Gail unbuttoned Maryse’s blouse and let it hit the ground before pulling down her shorts. Gail gave Maryse’s pussy a quick slap before standing up. They shared a kiss before Maryse removed the t-shirt from Gail’s body. Her sweatpants swiftly fell to the ground, leaving only Rosa and Layla still clothed. Rosa was wearing a purple blouse and black stretch pants, while Layla was wearing a tight grey tank top and baggy jeans. Rosa knelt down and took the bottom of the tank top in her mouth and pulled it up to her shoulders. Layla pulled it the rest of the way off and threw it down. She removed her own pants and turned her attention to Rosa. They shared a deep kiss as Rosa’s blouse hit the ground and Layla began pulling down the stretch pants.

“Now Rachel,” Michelle spoke. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” She lightly shook her head ‘no’. “That’s fine, you can start by watching and you should be able to pick it up. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Michelle pulled a chair next to Rachel and sat down. Brie and Nikki stepped forward and started to make out, running their hands all over each other’s bodies. It didn’t take long for their hands to reach their crotches. Nikki rubbed her palm across her sister’s pussy as Brie took her middle finger and started rubbing the clit. They broke their kiss to fill the room with equally loud moans. Gail stared on while Maryse kissed every inch of her neck, while Rosa and Layla were running their hands through each other’s hair while staring into each other’s eyes.

Nikki pushed Brie to the ground and started kissing her way down her twin’s body, stopping to take a nipple between her teeth and lightly bite down. Brie cried out in joy as her sister’s teeth continued to bite down on her swollen bud. As she kissed her way further down, Rachel looked over at Michelle and saw her fingering herself deeply while staring at Nikki’s ass standing straight up in the air. She looked over at Rachel and started to rub her thigh with the free hand. Rachel was starting to feel a warmth between her legs as the soft hand ran up and down her thigh.

Nikki reached her sister’s crotch and started circling her tongue around the sensitive clit. Brie started to buck her hips as she felt the wet tongue coat her with warm saliva. Michelle stood up and reached into her duffle bag. She pulled out a large black strap-on and began to fasten it around her waist.

“What are you gonna do with that?” Rachel asked.

Michelle ignored her and knelt down behind Nikki. She plunged all ten inches of the dildo into her tight pussy and slowly began to fuck her. Nikki began to scream at the feeling of the large cock in her hole. Michelle looked over at Rachel and gave her an evil smile as she started to pound Nikki harder and harder. Her screams quickly became softer moans as her cunt started to expand around the dildo. While watching this, Rachel began to hear more moans coming from the other side of the room. She looked around and saw Gail lying on a bench with Maryse between her legs, licking her pussy up and down.

As she was staring at Maryse and Gail, she didn’t notice Rosa and Layla making their way over to her. Rosa sat in the chair as Layla sat on Rachel’s lap. Layla stuck her tongue deep down her throat, catching Rachel off guard. She quickly kissed back as she felt two hands starting to rub her pussy.

“You’re pretty wet baby.” Layla whispered in her left ear.

“You must really like what you see.” Rosa whispered in her right ear.

“I have an idea of what you want.” Layla whispered as she pulled Rachel down to the ground.

Rachel lay flat on her back as Layla climbed on top of her, now in a 69 position. Rosa reached in the duffle bag and found a large vibrator and got behind Layla. She slowly inched the vibrator into Layla’s ass, turned it on and started fucking her with it. She squealed in joy as the vibrations flowed through her body. Rachel’s tongue quickly found its way between her wet lips, causing an even louder moan. Rachel gasped hard as Layla forced her tongue into her tight, wet hole. This was the first tongue, from a man or woman, that had ever entered her pussy and she loved how amazing it felt.

While Layla’s moans were loud, they were quickly covered by a louder moan as Nikki came around Michelle’s dildo right next to them. Her cries of pleasure came out while her mouth was still engulfing her sister’s cunt. The vibrations of the cries caused Brie to cum as well. Both Bella’s were screaming and shaking as their orgasms took over their bodies. Michelle pulled out of Nikki once she stopped shaking and walked over towards Rosa, who grabbed the dildo and sucked it dry.

Layla and Rachel were locked onto each other as the vibrator in Layla’s ass was still going, now without Rosa’s guidance. Rosa pulled Michelle to the ground and removed her strap-on. She called Maryse over and handed it to her. She then rummaged through the bag and found another one, this one slightly smaller and put it on.

“You fuck her while I fuck you.” She commanded Maryse.

Maryse started to slowly fuck Michelle with her strap-on as Rosa started fucking the French-Canadian beauty in the ass. Gail came up behind Rosa and shoved her finger up her ass and slowly fucked her. Michelle had been so horny from fucking Nikki that it didn’t take long for her to cum from Maryse’s pounding. She pulled out of her and Michelle squirted her juices a few feet across the room, hitting Rachel in the face and Layla in the cunt. Neither girl had noticed as they were too focused on their task to care about what any girl was doing.

Brie and Nikki were recovering from their orgasms by making out while the other girls continued fucking. Layla and Rachel finally broke from their 69 when Layla got off of her, pulled the vibrator out of her ass, and started to rub it along Rachel’s clit. She jumped and screamed when the vibration hit her sensitive area and felt a rush of pleasure that she had never felt before. Layla chuckled as Rachel violently bucked her hips, pushing her clit into the vibrator.

More cries filled the room as the ass fucking that Rosa was giving Maryse, coupled with the dildo she was fucking Michelle with was being pushed against her clit, caused Maryse to cum. She sprayed the floor beneath her with her sweet juices, which were quickly licked up Gail who removed her finger from Rosa’s ass.

Rachel was distracted by the actions next to her and wasn’t ready when Layla’s jammed the vibrator deep into her pussy.

“AHHHHHH!” She exclaimed as Layla roughly fucked her.

The wide rubber cock stretched the outside of Rachel’s vagina wall more than any cock ever had. She was amazed how good this large fake cock felt as it forced its way in and out of her cunt. Meanwhile, Rosa pulled out of Maryse once her orgasm had subsided, turned around and started fucking Gail with it. If there was one diva in the room that’s moaned the most, it was Gail and she lived up to it. Her constant loud moans filled the locker room as Rosa slowly fucked her. Brie crawled over to Gail and started kissing her to keep her volume down.

While Brie tended to them, Nikki crawled up behind Layla and forced her tongue into her tight ass hole. She licked as far as she could, while circling her tongue around. She also decided to slip a finger or two into her dripping pussy. The sudden rush made Layla start to fuck Rachel harder. She could feel an orgasm building.

“Holy shit!” Gail screamed out from next to them, after pushing Brie away.

Rosa pulled out of her and what seemed like gallons of cum spray from the Asian beauty’s vagina. She quickly bent down to catch the spray in the air, getting her face covered in the sweet juices. As Gail’s orgasm faded, Michelle and Maryse were quick to licked the cum off of Rosa’s face, Michelle taking one side Maryse taking the other.

The combination of Nikki’s tongue and finger soon pushed Layla to the brink and she then came. She stopped fucking Rachel while she shook from her orgasm. She fell to the ground and just lay there, staring at Rachel’s dripping wet pussy.

“Fuck, we’ve only got ten minutes left.” Nikki pointed out. “Rachel and Rosa haven’t cum yet.”

“Quick Nikki, you get rest of the strap-ons. You, Brie and Gail can fuck Rosa while Maryse, Layla and I get to fuck Rachel.” Michelle commanded.

The girls quickly strapped the dildos on. Nikki started fucking Rosa in the mouth, Brie in the ass, and Gail got to fuck her pussy. While Maryse got Rachel’s mouth, Layla got her ass and Michelle got her cunt. Both girls held each other’s hands as all six divas forced their dildos in at the same time. Time was not on their side, so Brie, Gail, Layla and Michelle fucked at a rapid pace while Nikki and Maryse deep-throated the girls. Tears ran down Rachel’s face as she had never felt such a mixture of pleasure and pain before in her life.

Rosa came within two minutes of the start. A large puddle formed around her ass as she came hard, wildly bucking her hips for a good twenty seconds. Now the girls’ main objective was to make Rachel cum. Each Bella took a breast and lightly bit down on a nipple while Gail gave her a light peck on the cheek. Five minutes passes before Rachel had the most explosive orgasm of her life. The orgasm was so intense that she couldn’t move, she just lay there screaming as her body tightened up. Every few seconds a light shake while her cum oozed out of her, creating another large puddle around her ass. A smile came across her face as she came down.

All eight girls collapsed on the floor, drenched in sweat, while recovering from the wild orgy. One by one, each girl stood up and recovered their clothes before redressing. Michelle and Rachel were the last two still on the ground.

“You did really great today Rachel. You can come back anytime.”

“Thanks. I really liked that, but I have a question. Why did you get so mad earlier?”

“You didn’t sound like you wanted it, but I knew you’d come around. Sorry about your sweater though, but you’re about the same size as Gail so you can just borrow hers. Just remember though, you will NOT tell anyone what happened here, you understand me? No one can know!”

“Don’t worry, you’re secret’s safe with me.”

Michelle helped her up and gathered her clothes for her. She sat and watched Rachel dress before getting dressed herself. The show went perfectly and Rachel really enjoyed giving Michelle a hard slap in the ring, a little payback from earlier. After the show she went back to the divas locker room, gave each diva a hug and a kiss before they all headed out of the arena. The entire plane ride home, Rachel couldn’t get the images of the night out of her head and had a dream about doing it again.

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