The Lolita Club

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy. No insult is meant to any of the young women portrayed here, nor do I think for one minute that they partake in any of the behavior portrayed here. So bugger off.

Note: For story purposes I’ve pulled back the current ages of all the girls (except Emma of course) back about a year. Genevieve is 11, Ryan is 12, Chloe and Isabelle are 13 and Allisyn is 14.

This is an explanation, *not* an apology.

You would call me a pimp. Well, I am in that I make my living by making the charms of young women and girls available for a very high fee to men, and occasionally women who can afford them. For what price you ask? Trust me, if you asked you can’t afford it.

You would also call me a child molester and from a legal standpoint at least you would be correct. I have recruited and seduced many an under age girl into my service and had many a truly glorious bout of sex with them as well. But I’ve never forced them into anything with either myself or a client. Indeed, most of them i have rescued from men, often their own family, far worse than myself. Yes, I use them for both pleasure and profit but I let them use me likewise. I bank a third of the money they earn, more than California requires for it’s child stars, in Seychelles and Lichtenstein accounts not even I can touch and it’s made available to them when they hit eighteen. Sometimes they make a new life for themselves in which case i wish them well and leave them alone. Sometimes they continue in the business independently in which case I wish them luck and keep in touch. More often than you would think, they stay with me.

One of the last category is Emma, my one true love and my right arm. You would think a man like me incapable of love I’m sure but believe me i would kill or die for her without a moment’s hesitation. i loved her when she was eleven, i love her now and I’ll love her when I’m on my death bed.

Right now as we go through the day’s business she’s in her office drag: light gray pencil skirt, white starched blouse, jacket to match the skirt and big round glasses. The seeming propriety of the outfit doesn’t fool me for a minute and she knows it. both blouse and skirt are just one size too tight and all the glasses do is magnify her already beautiful eyes. I have to admit that when she cut her hair short I was skeptical but it’s only increased her pixyish charm, especially when she flashes one of her mischievious smiles.

“Anything out of the routine?,” I ask.

“We’ll be screening Allisin, Ryan and Genevieve’s first movie,” she says as she sits on my lap. wiggling that perfect bum of hers against my already hardening crotch and putting her arms around my neck. As well as the physical services of our girls we also have a lucrative sideline in porn, kiddy and otherwise.

“Anything interesting?,” I asked as I undid and unzipped the top of her skirt and slipped a hand inside.

“Would I have picked it for our private viewing if there wasn’t?,” she replied as she undid the buttons of my shirt. “Also Isabelle and Chloe are ready for their introductory fuck tonight.” It’s something of a tradition that before we release our ladies onto a client I get to try them out acting the part of one. Like previewing our porn movies it’s one of the perks I treasure at least as much as the money.

“Make it tomorrow.” I was going to be fucking my darling very soon and probably again tonight while we watched the movie. Even Viagra can only do so much.

“They’ll be disappointed but okay.”

“Anything else?”

“One more thing.” She leaned in close to my ear and whispered huskily, “I want you to fuck me. Right here on your desk. Fuck me raw.”

Then she stuck her tongue in my ear.

“That was all it took. I reached out with the hand that was cradling her on my lap, ripped her blouse open and lifted her off of me and onto the edge of the desk. She shrugged off her jacket and the remains of her blouse. ln a few seconds we had cleared off the top of my desk then I wrenched off her skirt revealing a thong emblazoned with the Union Jack.

“How patriotic of you,” I said with a smirk.


“I’d been considering dropping to my knees and giving hertrim little pussy a good tongue lashing but plainly she wanted to be fucked and she wanted it rough.

What my goddess wants she gets. I pulled off the thong in one tug, grabbed her by the hips and shoved in.

“Fuck me you bastard!,” she growled, raking her nails down my neck and back hard enough to draw blood. “Make it hurt and make me want it!”

One of my hands grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back hard. I bit her shoulder and drew blood then did the same to one of her perfect pink nipples. She pulled free of nmy grasp, leaving some hair behind in my fist and bit me on the neck while one of her hands clawed my cheek. Then we kissed each others blood mingled in our mouths. At the same time I felt her ankles crossing behind my ass as I pounded into her. Her vagina muscles clenched around my cock as she came and screamed.

“Rape me you fucker!,” she howled. “I love it when you rape me!”

A woman of strange and intense moods is my darling.


A very different mood prevailed that night in our four poster double king sized bed as we snuggled together and settled to down to watch the movie featuring Ryan, Genevieve and Allisyn. Eventually this movie would go on to be viewed by an audience of the rich and powerful. Here’s a business tip for you: if you’re going to do kiddy porn don’t release it to the general public. Since a goodly portion of it is produced by government sting operations you’ll probably wind up spending a long time in prison if your lucky or with a shiv between your ribs if you’re not.

No, if you want to die free and rich market your product to a select clientele of media, political and religious elites, most of whom are responsible for it being illegal in the first place. Oh where would the “sinful” be without the “virtuous”? A lot poorer I say.

But to return to the matter at hand Emma was sitting between my legs wearing a burgundy teddy and matching lacy thong and leaning back against my chest which was causing a sizeable erection in the boxers which were the only thing I was wearing. I nibbled her neck a lot more gently than I had earlier in the day and on the opposite side as the movie came on.


Our three girls, Allisin, Genevieve and Ryan were lying spooned together in a Kin-Plus size bed, selected not only to give them room to play but to make them look even smaller, younger and more vulnerable than they would normally. All three wore full length white night gowns that nevertheless were thin enough to show their sweet little bodies off to full advantage. this was helped along by the fact that they had been lightly sprayed with water before assuming their position so that it was delightfully obvious that none of them were wearing anything underneath.

Allisin pretended to wake up, stretching and yawning. As she did her screen name, “Aly Sinful” appeared on the screen briefly, just below her small breasts. The she reached down and forward to brush Genevieve’s hair away from her face and the kissed her on the neck. As the younger girl pretended to wake up and turned over to kiss her back her screen name “Little G” also appeared. Off to the side Ryan, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the three, whose screen name was simply “Ryan” was the final one to “awaken” and poutted at being left out.

“Hey, no fair!” she said and grabbed one of G’s arms starting a tug of war with the youngest girl as the rope.

“Heyyy! Stop!” the sweet little bone of contention whined in a voice that prepubescent girls the world over have honed to perfection.

The other two girls let go of her but then started kissing her neck, then moved to licking and sucking her ears while pulling up her nightgown, exposing her bare little slit. G’s whine changed to a horny moan.

“Oh yess! Don’t stopdon’tstopdontstop!”

Their hands started stroking her skinny little thighs while they broke off kissing her to kiss each other over her writhing body then all three stopped briefly to pull off their nightgowns to reveal their young, naked bodies.

Our Allisin was the oldest and the only one sporting what could be called a pair of tits, not to mention a pair of legs that not only looked very nice but had felt even better wrapped around my waist when on the few occasion that Emma and I had taken her to our bed. Some would say she was a butterface but I thought of it as having character. besides I’ve always had a thing for large nosed women.

Ryan in contrast has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen, not to mention the most skilled lips and tongue of the three and if the hints of development in her body are any indication she will rival Vanessa or Selena as a top earner by the time she “graduates” in six or seven years. The one time I’ve fucked her was spectacular.

Genevieve, or “Little Gee” as she prefers to be called is the only one of the three I haven’t screwed yet both because 11 is rather borderline even for me and because we’ve judged that she’s not ready for sex with a man yet. We often have our girls for a year or two, including intense counseling to get over the abuse they’ve suffered. In fact I wasn’t sure that she was even ready for pictures yet but Emma said yes and, as usual, was right. Except for the cuteness of her face and the completely hairless slit between her legs she could almost pass for a boy.

Emma broke up my reverie by asking, “So which one are you imagining your willie inside?”

I kissed her on the top of her head and slipped a hand inside her teddy to fondle one of her breasts and answered truthfully, “All of them.”

On screen the girls were engaged in a three-way naked tickle fight, giggling and tumbling all over and around each otherm sides changing suddenly and chaotically, their barely nubile bodies rolling over each other like puppies, only much sexier.

Off screen Emma had turned around in my arms and was kissing her way down my chest and belly. I hooked my hands under the lacy straps of the teddy so that the lower down my body she went the more it came off. Her lips went below the neckline and she lifted her arms and let me pullit all the way off leaving us both naked except for our underpants I assure you she looked much better that way than I did.

By the tinme she’d kissed her way down to the waistband of my boxers, pulled them down and started licking and sucking my balls Ryan and Gee had pinned their older bedmate to the mattress. Ryan was behind Allusin on her knees and had her wirsts pinned above her head. Gee had pinned her legs by the simple expedient pf laying on them lengthwise which put her fave even with the other girl’s belly.

Allisin didn’t seem to mind. In fact she giggled as Little G blew a razzberry into her navel. At the same time, while still keeping her captive Ryan leaned down and kissed her slow and hard. As they kissed she let go of her prisoner’s wrists, and instead intertwined their fingers together.

A groan espcaped Allison’s lips as the youngest of the trio lwered herself down between her legs and inserted her tongue into her pussy. A groan that was matched by me as Emma licked her way up my cock and then sucked at the very tip before plunging her mouth down to the root.

Meanwhile, still holding her lover’s hands Ryan moved from Allisin’s lips to suck on her tits before lowering her pussy down onto the other young slut’s open mouth and outstretched tongue,

It was as if the five of us were all together making love. My hands roamed their way over Emma’s hot body at the same time that Alli’s thighs clamped around Genevieve’s head. Her and Ryan’s gasps and moans accelerated at the same rate mine did. And when the sinfully delicious Ali arched her back and screamed in orgasm it drove me to spill my sperm into my darling’s mouth. Expert that she is, she spilled nary a drop.

The next minute or three was spent, both on screen and off, rearranging positions. In our case it involved getting some lube out of our bedside dresser. I’d only filled two of Emma’s holes today and I intended to go for the trifecta. My sex pixie got on all fours facing the screen since she got as much inspiration from watching our sweet young sluts as I did.

Ryan was now straddling Genevieve’s crotch with her own and they were frenetically rubbing them together while Allisin watched and masturbated.

“Come here!,” cooed Ryan to the older girl.

“Yes!,: Little Gee said, “You should have my fingers in you, not yours!”

This was of course, scripted but it was very similar to nights the three girls had spent together. When we acquired our young minxes most had been so brutalized by their families, pimps and customers that all trust, especially of men, was gone. In the beginning they don’t expect any better from us.

Dealing with material deprivation is easy enough. All our girls are well fed and clothed, luxuriously even and provided with the best recreational and medical facilities. Helping the mental problems while still working to make them into good little whores is a far trickier proposition. In my darker moments I sometimes wish we had access to the technology in “Dollhouse” so we could just make the pain go away without any mess or fuss. Easier for them, easier for us.

In lieu of that we use the buddy system. everyone is given a “sister” or two, one of which is always older and further along in the program and they all share the same bed. From the first the Older Sister acts as both comforter and seductress aided by a staff of psychiatric advisors. however, right now, as I greased up Emma’s butthole and pushed my cock in, it was the younger girls playing the role of seductress.

Allisin moved forward on her knees and let G put first one, then two, then finally three of her tiny fingers into her slit while Ryan sucked and pinched at her nipples.

At the same time I was thrusting hard and repeatedly into Emma’s beautiful ass. Soon all four of my ladies were singing in concert, even though three of them weren’t physically present.

“Ahhh…feels so good! I want it, I WANT IT!!”
“Fuck me darling! Fuck my ass!”
“Oh yeah baby! Your fingers feel so good in me! HARDER!”
“Yes, Ryan! Fuck my cunt with yours! Soooo gooood!!”

Not quite in sequence but close, my four girls came, but I didn’t, pulling out and holding until Emma flipped over and then spending my sperm on her belly. Smiling, she rubbed my cum into the skin of her stomach and chest.

I pressed myself down on top of her and whispered harshly, “I want them all! I want them so much!”

Emma kissed me gently on the lips and stroked the top of my head. “Of course you do. I’ll talk to Genevieve and her counselor and see if she’s ready. In the meantime you’ll just have to make do with the attentions of Chloe and Isabelle.

“Oh, I suppose they’ll have to do,” I said with a nonchalant tone that was belied by the big grin on my face.


Most of the next day was spent on accounts and work schedules, the stuff of any business. The life of an upscale procurer is not as glamorous as you might think, especially when the brothel isn’t some seedy converted warhouse but an estate taking up a couple of square miles with numerous outbuildings all centered on a mansion that used to be a hunting lodge for rich weirdoes. Still, the job does have it’s perks and two of them were waiting for me right now. When I entered the Zen Room they were relaxing on top of the many thick cushions and throw pillows that covered the plush carpet, smoking from a hookah. There was nothing but mint flavored water in it though. Too many of our girls come to us as addicts and it takes us months to get them healthy again, I’m not about to spoil all that work. As for tobacco I’d rather shoot them both up with heroin. It would be less addictive and less hazardous to their health. Don’t believe me? Check the government’s own statistics. But I digress.

Isabelle was dressed like Wednesday Addams in a severe black dress with collar, her hair in pigtails, her face expressionless, sitting in a lotus position that let me see that she didn’t have any underwear on beneath the dress. In contrast Chloe had a smile on her face that somehow managed to look both innocent and seductive. She was wearing a stereotypical Catholic/private school uniform: starched white shirt against which her hard little nipples stood out, knee socks and a grey and white plaid skirt that would have ended just above the knee if she’d been standing instead of lying on her side, head propped up on one hand which raised the skirt just enough to see that unlike her partner she was wearing panties, white ones at that. I wore a deep blue robe, loosely belted, that was discarded as soon as I entered and closed the door, revealing not only my raging erection but the bites, scraches and bruises inflicted on me by Emma the day before.

“Oooh, you’re all hurt!,” Chloe said as I sat between them then giggled and asked “Want us to kiss them and make it all better?” Isabelle just stared intensely and licked her lips.

“Yes,” I replied with a wink. “I think you two can do all sorts of things to make me feel better.”

The blond started kissing and licking the hickie on my neck while the other girl straddled my crotch and started kissing her way down my chest. I unbuttoned Isabelle’s shirt and pulled it off then pulled her up for a kiss while my hands explored her slender, almostbutnotquite curveless torso. At the same time Chloe’s hands were running over my back.

I closed my eyes for a moment, just soaking in the feel of barely nubile flesh against mine. At the core this is why I had created the Lolita Club, not the money and influence I got from it or the satisfaction of rescuing and rehabilitating the girls, although those were all factors, but the unequalled ecstasy of fucking young girls.

The moment over I leaned back against Chloe while Isabelle continued her journey down my torso and towards my cock. I lay my head down on the cushions while the young blond took off her clothes and straddled my face about the same time her “sister” reached my crotch and started sucking my balls. My hands stroked Chloe’s soft thighs and the tight little buns of her ass as my tongue entered her and she bent forward to join her fellow nymph in licking and kissing my member. Soon the fluttering of her stomach muscles against my chest told me she was almost ready to come, as was I.

Sure enough, soon she raised her head from my dick and howled, “Yes, Daddy, yesss! You make your little Chloe feel sooo goood!” Right on cue my cum came pouring out to land on her face, which Isabelle promptly started to lick clean.

I pushed them both off my body then pulled them close. First I kissed my blond strumpet, then my brunette, both long, slow and hard after which we shared a more frantic threeway kiss.

When it ended I looked into Isabelle’s eyes and in a voice hoarse with lust said, “Time to fuck.” She didn’t reply in words but by licking her lips and giving me a wolfish grin. I slowly maneuvered her to the floor and lay on my side next to her, slipping a finger into her already soaking wet slit. Soon, small grunts and squeaks of pleasure were coming from her, proving that she did indeed have a voice. I bent over her and began licking and sucking her nipples. Neither of the girls had anything you could properly call tits but their bodies were preparing the ground as it were, making their nipples and the area around them very sensitive as could be told by the breathless gasps coming from the hot little brunette next to me.

Finally I decided Isabelle was ready. I rolled onto and over her, bracing my weight on my forearms to avoid crushing her and cradling her head and neck in my hands as my tongue penetrated her upper lips and my cock her lower ones.

Tight, so tight. Nothing in the world feels better than to be inside a sweet, barely pubescebt twat. Almost as beautiful is the look on my girls faces as I do it. They are seeing the face of God and that God is me.

I felt her small fingers digging into my shoulders and her thin legs wrapping themselves around my ass as we both came closer to orgasm.

“Come in me Father!,” she whispered in a savage tone. “Put your baby in me!”

Well, that wasn’t about to happen. All our girls are implanted with contraceptives as soon as they start bleeding, are given regular, bi-weekly checkups and woe to the customer or staff that gives them an STD. The latter are suspended for six months, spent in the cellars, the former are banned for life.

Still, she was right about one thing, I was about to cum. Before I did I spared a glance to see what Chloe was doing. She was on her knees, legs spread, two fingers plunging frantically in and out of her pussy slit staring at us, tongue poking out of one corner of her mouth, a thread of drool dangling from it.

Meanwhile beneath me isabelle was saying, in that same throaty, urgent whisper as before, “Yes, Father! Yesss! I want it! I want it so much!” It occured to me that she might be best suited for a niche market, not to mention, some further special counseling. Still, the shuddering of her body beneath me and the tightening of her legs around me showed that she was indeed coming. As I also came our lips locked and our tongues busied themselves inside each others mouths.

As I slowly pulled out and stood up i looked down. Still erect. Thank the Great Whoever for Viagra. I’d never had an erection lasting over four hours and like most men if I had I would have alerted the media before calling my doctor but the little blue pills did their job and I was grateful.

I moved shakily towards Chloe. On her knees she was perfectly posed to suck my dick but that wasn’t what I had in mind even though her lips were perfectly shaped for it.

Instead I reached down and pulled her fingers out of her pussy slit gaining a scowl because she had obviously been on the verge of orgasm.

“Don’t worry little one,” I said as I brought her fingers up to my mouth and licked her juices off. “You’ll get to come, but not until I make you. Do you want that? Do you want daddy to fuck you and make you cum?”

“Ohh yess,” she crooned. “I want it sooo much!”

Following my instructions the little blond slut got on all fours, crawled over to her “sister” and started to lick her way up Isabelle’s smooth, pale thighs.

As she did this I reached between her legs, replacing the fingers she had there with two of my own. After a few probing thrusts I pulled them out, once more licked off her delicious cum cream then, while running my hands over her soft flanks and tight young ass I pushed my cock into her steaming, young twat. A muffled moan came from her, matched by a gasp of pleasure from the other girl as Chloe’s fingers spread her labia and the blond nymphet’s tongue found her creamy center.

The little blond’s moans and groans grew louder as I kept thrusting into her as did her brunette partner’s. It was nice to hear that Isabelle was capable of human emotion, I hadn’t been sure. During their lovemaking the creepy-hot brunette had lifted her legs and draped them over Chloe’s shoulders putting her feet tantalizingly near. On impulse I reached out andd tickled the sole of one foot. The result was unexpected. She exploded, body arching, writhing and heaving, torso rising from the floor and then slamming down in throes of passion.

“Oh! OH!! Yesss! Yesss!! Daddy! Chloe! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!”

After that she lay flat, barely breathing and almost unconcious with drool coming out of a corner of her mouth. This allowed Chloe to free her head from the thighs that had clamped around it, mouth stained both with Isabelle’s girl cream and the sperm that she had licked and sucked out of her fellow tweenslut’s pussy. This allowed her to make her own fervid utterances as she came closer to her own orgasm.

“Fuck me daddy! Feels so good! Make your little girl CUM!!” Which is exactly what I did then and there.


The next morning I woke up sandwiched between my two little sweettarts. I was on my back, they on their sides facing me, Chloe on my left, Isabelle to my right. The blond nymphet had her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder while my arm was underneath her, just below the level of her own shoulders. The goth lolita to my right had her head under my arm and against my chest around which her arms were wrapped while her dlender legs were camped around one of my thighs. I ran my free hand through Isabelle’s raven dark hair while I turned my face towards Chloe’s and kissed her on her full, soft lips while running my trapped arm as far down her spine as it could reach.

Her sexy green eyes fluttered open and she asked, “Did we do good last night?”

“You were both wonderful.” It was true. A client would pay an astronomical sum for a night like I’d had. Of course I wasn’t about to ask how real their own moans and screams had been. I certainly hoped they’d enjoyed themselves and thought that they had but no whore worth her salt would ever tell a man he’d been anything but great and there was a reason why acting classes were mandatory in our curicculum.

I felt Isabelle stir and kiss my nipple but anything else that might have developed was interrupted by a loud “Ahem!” from the doorway.

I looked up. There, hands on hips and not quite succeeding in looking stern was my love, clad in bustier, garter belt, stockings and high heels, all the color of a ripe plum.

“Didn’t amyone ever teach you to share your toys?”, she said with a smirk, giving up on the stern look. Emma has a thousand virtues but she’s a terrible actress.

“Happily,” I replied. The girls reactions were more mixed. Before they came to me Emma often acted as their teacher and counselor and Chloe at least, from her delighted cry of “Big Sis!” was happy to see her. Isabelle however looked sullen and whispered in my ear, “I can make you forget her.” Like that could happen. Still, when my love called her name she joined Chloe who was already embracing Emma and kissed her as eagerly as her fellow strumpet. I propped myself on my elbows to watch, erection growing and hardening.

The lucious trio, still kissing and caressing each other worked their way over to me where Emma, straddled my hips, dropped to her knees and, taking it in hand, slid my rigid meatpole into her hot, tight vagina.

As she rode me i reached up to stroke first the upper parts of her breasts left exposed by her bustier then, after the girls had unlaced it and freed her, the rest of her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples. Soon though my hands were pushed aside to make way for the girls mouths, Chloe on the right and Isabelle on the left.

I was okay with this for several reasons. First and foremost was that she continued to ride me, the friction of her cunt walls rubbing against my cock sending shivers of pleasure through me. Secondly, the way the girls had positioned themselves gave me a full, closeup view of their cute little rumps. Last but not least it put those rumps and the pussies just a bit in front of them within easy reach.

“Spread your legs, my dears,” I told them and slipped the middle finger of each hand into their pussies as they obeyed. Soon little moans and squeaks were coming out of them as my fingers pumped their cunts.

Emma leaned down and raked her fingers down my chest, freeing her tits from our nymphets mouths which were soon occupied by each other as they kissed over her back. I took this opportunity to once more start playing with my sweethearts modestly sized funbags.

“Who do you love?” she growled throatily.

“You. You are my heart, my moon and my sun,” I groaned as I came into her.

“And don’t you forget it,” she replied as she arched her back and neck into an orgasmic bow and then collapsed onto me. In a few second my fingers did the same to our uyoung protages. They parted lips just long enough to give a simultaneous “OH daddy!” and join their “older sister” in a heap on top of me.

It’s good to be the pimp.

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