Emma Watson: Rudely Interrupted

This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Codes: FFF, Forced, NC

Ch. 01

Emma Watson looked stunning.

She was dressed in a thin; little black dress and matching stiletto heels, her short brown hair was impeccably parted and her makeup flawless.

She stood with a champagne glass in hand, enjoying the room full of young attractive celebrities.

She was attending one of these “Hot under 25” functions for a famous celeb gossip magazine.

They were usually good fun and she got a chance to stay in a wonderful hotel and chat to her contemporaries.

It was being held in a lavish ballroom, and everywhere she looked there was someone that she recognised from TV or film.

Tonight this was the place to be in LA.

A few hours later, Emma was really enjoying herself. She felt like she had talked to pretty much everyone here, loving hearing about what people were getting up to.

She had received many glances over the course of the evening, and given a few herself.

Being single had its merits and she loved the independence, but it had been so long since she’d had sex.

Here she was, people kept saying she was one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she had to resort to unwinding with her vibrator at night.

Not that she didn’t she didn’t enjoy playing with Hagrid (as she called it) but she needed to be with someone; to be held, revered as they made passionate love.

She made a conscious decision not to leave this party alone, and decided to go to the bathroom and check her makeup and appearance.

Her heels clicked as she strode over to the bathroom, setting down her almost empty glass along the way.

Of the many bathrooms; this one was furthest away and therefore, she reasoned, probably quieter.

She wanted to be able to focus.

She pushed the door to the ladies’ room open and it closed behind her with barely a sound, she placed her clutch bag on the counter as she heard the noise.

She opened up her bag, and heard it again. It was the soft sound of exhaling coming from the stalls behind her, hardly unusual.

She pulled out her lipstick, looked in the mirror and held it up to her face.

As she looked at her own image in the mirror, she saw two feet almost sticking out below the stall door, wearing a pair of blue high heels.

Emma turned around, confused, and saw them.

Someone was kneeling down in there. Just as she was wondering why, she heard, instead of the exhaling, a soft moan.

Emma’s jaw dropped.

The girl in that stall must be giving some guy head!

Emma felt a stirring between her legs as she thought of the idea of doing that in public.

She found the idea of doing that on a guy disgusting, let alone doing it in a hotel bathroom.

Still, Emma was oddly curious, and her longing for sex made her even more so, picking up her clutch bag, she shuffled as quietly as she could into the next stall down.

She pulled out a compact mirror from the bag and popped it open.

She slowly reached her hand up and angled the mirror so that she could see the wall of the other stall.

Emma tilted it down and to the right, and her jaw dropped once more.

She was so shocked in fact that the mirror fell from her hand and hit the floor, the clanging deafening in the near silent bathroom.

She held her breath as she heard the door of the stall next to her open, and turned to see Emily Osment standing before her.

Hair a mess, wetness around her face.

She was joined seconds later by Miley Cyrus.

Both looked very angry at having their session interrupted.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Miley screamed.

“I’m really sorry for intruding, really.” Emma replied meekly, always being one to avoid confrontation.

“You will be so sorry, you stuck up bitch.”

“Excuse me?” Emma was incredulous – she had never been spoken to that way before. “I wasn’t the one doing disgusting things in a public toilet with my slutty friend!”

“You think we’re disgusting?” Emily countered, angered by Emma’s remarks. “Just cos you’re some high-and-mighty prude doesn’t mean that other people aren’t allowed to have some fun!”

With that Emily grabbed Emma’s arms and pushed her against the wall of the stall, as Miley locked the door behind them.

She walked up to Emma and gave her a long kiss on the lips, prising open Emma’s mouth and sticking her tongue in. She broke it as Emma looked utterly disgusted.

“You two are repugnant”, she said, obviously repulsed by Miley’s kiss.

“Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll give you that fucking you’re too stuck up to admit you want.” Miley replied with a smile.

“But for now, I reckon you owe me an orgasm.”

As she said that, she bunched her mini dress up above her wonderful ass and sat down on the toilet lid, and slid her thong down past her high heels and onto the floor.

She spread her slender legs wide, giving Emma an unobstructed view of her shaven pussy.

Emily pulled Emma back from the wall and pushed her forcefully to her knees.

With her holding her hands behind her back, there was no way that Emma could stop herself from having her head slowly lowered between Miley’s slender thighs.

Emily pushed her forward until her nose was resting against Miley’s clit.

Emma struggled against Emily, and tried to turn her head away, but Miley soon prevented that by clamping her thighs around the actress’ head, crossing her legs around her shoulders and the back of her neck.

In this position there was barely enough space for Emma to breathe, let alone thrash her head about, her face was also pressed right into Miley’s pussy lips, and was making her moan excitedly.

Bracing her hands on the cistern behind her head, Miley began to roll her hips in a circular motion, grinding against Emma’s unwilling face.

She slumped further on the lid as Emma’s nose and mouth rubbed against her; sending jolts of pleasure through her pussy.

Humping Emma’s face was proving almost as pleasurable as Emily’s experienced tongue, and soon she was moaning sharply as she used the Harry Potter star as a toy.

Miley was getting wetter and wetter as she rode Emma’s face, so much so that her crotch, and Emma’s face, was glistening in the soft bathroom light.

Her love of being in control, coupled with the feeling of Emma’s face was driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

She finally tipped herself over the edge, and cried out in pleasure as she shook violently. Her grip of Emma’s head tightened also, causing her to be shaken also.

Miley threw her head back, and, with a guttural moan, released her juices all over Emma’s face; much to her disgust.

As she came down from her high, Miley released Emma from her grip, who slumped to the ground, arms numb from being held behind her.

Emily picked Emma up and held her head in her hands, cradling it.

She ran her left index finger over Emma’s face, collecting up all of the juices plastered over it.

She held her sopping wet finger up for Emma to see, before jamming it into her unsuspecting mouth, making her taste it.

Once she was satisfied that her finger was nectar-free, she took it out of her mouth and dried on Emma’s dress.

Miley had to admit, she looked amazing, all the more reason to have her.

She pulled her dress back down and turned to Emily.

“Keep her occupied; I’m gonna go get a few things from my room. This is about to get a lot more interesting.”

With that, she gave Emily a kiss and strutted off, leaving her underwear on the floor where it had fallen.

Her juices were visibly drying on the insides of her legs, but apart from that she looked quite presentable as she sauntered past all of the young, famous faces.

Eager to get her chance with Emma, Emily pulled her tight dress up over her hips and folded the hem up to keep it in place.

She took the scrunchie out of her hair, allowing her long dirty-blonde locks to flow across her shoulders and down her back.

She reached down to the immobile actress and pulled her hands back behind her back and tied them there with the scrunchie.

It wasn’t particularly strong, but enough for Emma, whose arms, were already numb.

The kicking and screaming started again as Emily pulled her down onto her back on the floor.

She pulled her own panties down to the floor, them landing with a slight ‘splat’.

She then grabbed Emma’s head and pulled it roughly up to her pussy, and began rubbing it the length of her slit, just as Miley had done, she began to hump Emma’s face, though Emily was certainly rougher with her.

She held Emma firmly by her hair, messing it up as she gyrated around on her toy’s face.

Emma was finding all this to be the most disgusting thing she had ever experienced.

She had never been treated like this before; roughly, she had always demanded respect and consideration, neither of which she was receiving from Emily.

She could feel her juices running down her face and onto her dress and sensed that Emily was close to climax.

“Oh fuck… yeah that’s so good… how d’ya feel now… oh god!”

Emily screamed out expletives as she came, bucking around almost to the point of losing balance.

She let go of Emma’s head and let her sit back on her heels, before throwing her head back and unleashing a powerful squirt of juice all over the Brit’s face, splashing over her dress and up into her dishevelled hair.

“Bravo, Em; you really did keep her busy!” Miley laughed from behind her friend.

“Get up slut; I’ve got a present for ya!”

Emma stood up on her shaky legs.

Her makeup was running, her hair was a mess, and her dress was wet, leaving it clinging to her.

Miley clearly sympathised with the young lady, and so roughly pulled it down her body; leaving her naked save her stiletto heels.

Emma gasped in horror and broke free of the scrunchie; desperately trying to cover herself up, but Emily pulled her hands behind her back.

“I know you think lesbians are ‘disgusting’, so I brought you something I thought you’d prefer.”

With that, Miley pulled up her dress, revealing a cream strap-on dildo protruding from her crotch.

The thing was massive, and Emma’s mouth fell even further at the sight of it.

Emma also saw a large handbag by Miley’s feet.

Miley watched her eyes fix on the bag.

“Well slut, I didn’t think it was fair for me to have all the fun.”

Miley said as she reached into the bag and pulled out another strap-on: exactly the same as the one she was wearing, and a ball-gag.

Emma screamed as loud as she could as Miley roughly pushed the ball behind her teeth and buckled it around the back of her head, making it very tight.

Emily then passed Emma over to Miley as she pulled the strap-on up between her legs and into place.

With the two friends having affixed their toys, Miley pushed Emma down to her hands and knees as she handed Emily another item from her handbag.

Miley got on her knees too and brought the strap-on to the entrance of Emma’s perfect little pussy.

Emma was beyond being able to resist, her will had completely deserted her.

She was desperately trying to leave her body.

She just knelt there, like a dog, waiting.

Her eyes were closed as she attempted to imagine herself somewhere else.

Suddenly, she felt huge jolt as Miley shoved her strap-on straight into Emma.

Opening her eyes in shock, she was greeted by the lens of a digital camera, grasped intently by Emily Osment, and the ‘click’ of the shutter.

Emma stared hopelessly at the camera as Emily snapped away.

She was kicked out of her dejected stupor as Miley began to thrust the huge dildo back and forth inside her.

The thing was huge, stretching her extremely tight walls to their limits – and causing a fair amount of pain.

Miley didn’t seem to mind though as she rammed in and out with increasing speed and ferocity as Emily documented it.

Eventually Emma began to get used to the size of the monster inside of her, but her solace was short-lived.

Emily reached down and unbuckled her ball-gag, ripping it violently from the Brit’s mouth, it was almost immediately replaced, however, by Emily’s strap-on – filling Emma’s mouth with ease.

The gag had built up a lot of saliva in Emma’s mouth, which was now marinating Emily’s dildo as she inched further down Emma’s throat.

Emma gagged repeatedly but the blonde did not stop until she took a picture, and then pulled out abruptly.

Emma coughed and spluttered; she felt humiliated and sick.

But she could feel something else, welling up deep inside if her: an orgasm.

Miley’s thrusts were stimulating her whether she liked it or not.

Her breathing became ragged as she drew nearer.

Sensing this, Emily pulled back and sought out the best possible angle to capture Emma’s ultimate humiliation.

Her moans became audible, louder, and then suddenly she screamed out and thrashed all over the place as she came hard.

Miley continued to pound her as she shook and bucked, then slumped to the floor.

Miley pulled out and wiped her strap-on in Emma’s hair, and Emily followed suit.

The Harry Potter star lay motionless, breathing heavily as the two girlfriends stood over her.

“Pretty loud screams for a straight bitch.” Miley said derisively as the two got dressed again.

“You may think we’re disgusting, but your body seems to say different, doesn’t?

Especially that sloppy cunt of yours.

Thanks for the pics, we’ll enjoy these.”


Ten minutes later, Emma Watson staggered out of the toilets.

Her dress was slightly ripped and stuck to her like glue.

Her body was caked in sweat and a mixture of her, Miley and Emily’s juices.

Her makeup was all over her face and her hair looked like it had been hit by a tornado.

Her whole body was sore, and her pussy throbbed from the pounding she had received from Miley.

Gingerly, she walked from the toilets to the nearby lifts and up to her room on the 13th floor.

Taking her room key from her clutch bag, she slipped inside on the fourth attempt and curled up on the bed, wondering what on earth she was going to do…..

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