Partying with Victoria Justice

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The tapings were finished. The third season of ‘Victorious’ was now fully recorded. It was a long week as the final four episodes were filmed. After a long week, leaving little time for the cast and crew to rest, Victoria Justice breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Finally!” She yelled out before running off to her dressing room.

She darted inside, directly into the shower. While she was cleaning, Ariana Grande opened the door and called out for her friend.

“Victoria!? Are you in here!?” The red-haired young actress yelled out.

“In the shower, almost done!” Victoria yelled back.

Ariana sat down on the couch and waited, pulling out her phone and playing around. Several minutes later, Victoria emerged from the bathroom wearing only a white towel and brushing her hair.

“Hey Ari. Whats up?” She said standing in front of her.

“Hey. I was wondering if you wanted to go out somewhere tonight. We haven’t really spent much time out together.” She responded after putting her phone down.

“Oh…sorry Ari, I have plans for tonight.” Victoria said as she put the brush down on a table.

“Really? Where are you going?” She asked, looking curious.

“Just going to a party.”

“Oh, well how about I come with you?” Victoria looked her in the eyes with a blank stare.

“Well…I don’t know if you would like it. It’s not a regular party, it’s more of a mature kind of thing.”

Ariana started to look sad. “What are you saying? Am I not mature enough for you?”

“No, no, no Ari, that’s not what I meant. It just…I really don’t think you would like it.” Victoria hugged her.

“Well, what are you going to do there?” She broke the hug.

“I can’t tell you, I promised not to tell anyone who wasn’t going to be there about it.” Ariana grabbed her by the hand.

“Please can I go with you Tori? If I don’t like it, I won’t be mad. I promise!” Victoria didn’t know what to say.

“Ariana, you have to listen to me. Once you enter, you can’t leave until the party is over.” She grabbed her by the shoulders. “And you cannot EVER tell anyone what happens there. It’s a major secret. You have to promise me right now.”

Ariana looked her dead in the eyes. “I promise Victoria, I promise.” She was somewhat confused, but somewhat intrigued.

“Okay Ari, I have to make a call to make sure it’s okay.” Victoria grabbed her phone and went into the bathroom.

“Hello, Doc?” She said into the phone. “It’s Ms. Victoria. Yes I am still coming but I have an interesting thing to tell you. My friend Ariana wants to come with me. What? No, I didn’t tell her what happens there, just that it was a very mature party and she probably wouldn’t like it. Yeah, she won’t take no for an answer. Yes, I made her promise me not to say anything. Of course we can trust her. After a few minutes she will love it as much as I do. Okay Doc, see ya soon!”

She re-emerged from the bathroom with a smile on her face.

“Good news Ari, you can come with me.” She instantly smiled.

“Yay!” She hugged her again. “What should I wear?”

Victoria looked at Ariana’s clothes. She saw the loose white t-shirt, unzipped black hoodie, short pink skirt and ugg boots.

“You look perfect Ari, just let me get dressed and we can go.”

Victoria dropped her towel and exposed her nude form to her friend. Ariana blushed at first and started to turn away. She couldn’t help but look when her friend bent down to get clothes from her bag. After putting on a black bra and matching panties, Victoria pulled out a short purple skirt and tight purple tank top and dressed herself. She threw on a pair of dirty sneakers, gathered her bags and led Ariana out of the room. They stopped to say goodbye to some cameramen and security guards before exiting the studio.

“Should I leave my car here?” Ariana asked.

“Yep, I talked to one of the guards. We can come back afterwards to get it.”

The two young women entered Victoria’s Camry and pulled out of the parking lot. Ariana sat in the passenger seat and smiled as Victoria headed towards downtown Los Angeles. With traffic, it took about an hour before they reached their destination. The sun was setting over the horizon, the street lights already on as they walked towards the large apartment building. Victoria stopped her before the entered the main lobby.

“I’m going to ask you one last time, are you absolutely sure you want to do this? I can always take you home.”

Ariana giggled. “I’m sure Tori, it can’t be too bad can it.” Victoria smiled and they entered the building.

Once they got to the room where the party was taking place, Victoria again turned to her friend.

“Give me your cell phone.” Ariana looked at her puzzled.


“They’re gonna ask for it. Like I said, this is a secret. They like to ensure no outside contact.” Still confused, she handed over the phone to her friend.

“You ready?” She nodded and Victoria knocked on the door three times.

“Who’s out there?” A deep voice yelled out.

“It’s me, Ms. Victoria.”

“Ms. Victoria?” Ariana asked her.

“Yes, and for the party you are Ms. Ariana. Okay?” She giggled and agreed.

The door quickly flung open and the girls were met by a very tall white man. Victoria immediately reached dup and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi Doc, this is my friend Ms. Ariana.” Ariana waved and smiled as Doc looked her up and down.

“Hello Ms. Ariana. You look really nice.” She blushed at his comment. He turned back to Victoria. “You know the drill, give me your phone.” She handed over both phones before following him inside with her friend in tow.

When the three entered the apartment, Ariana was met with four white guys of all different sizes sitting around the room. She heard Doc lock the door behind her and toss the phones in a bag.

“Ms. Ariana, let me introduce you to the guys. That’s Matt.” He pointed at the shortest guy. “Rocky,” He was the fat guy. “Joey,” He was the most muscular of the group. “and Ken.” He looked like any average guy. “Can I get you anything to drink?”

“I’ll have a beer!” Victoria shouted out from the other end of the room. She had sat down with the guys.

“Ms. Ariana?” She looked around.

“I guess I’ll have what she’s having.” Doc quickly retrieved two beers, tossing one to Victoria and handing one the Ariana. “So is this the party?” Doc laughed.

“Oh no, the party starts when you and Ms. Victoria finish your drinks.”

“Done!” Victoria shouted, having chugged her beer. “Hurry up Ari, I want to start the party.” Ariana couldn’t chug the beer, but still didn’t take long to finish.

When she was done all of the men stood up and filed into a room down the hall. Ariana moved to where Victoria was sitting and sat down.

“Now that I’m here, can you tell me what the party is about?” Victoria smiled at her.

“This is going to be a great party. You see…when those guys are going to come back out, we all get naked and fuck!” Ariana’s face turned white.

“What? You mean this is a sex party? No no, Victoria stop playing what is really going on.” Victoria’s smile went away.

“I’m serious, that’s what this party is. You and I are going to fuck all five of those guys.”

“Victoria! What the hell! I’m not going to do that!” Ariana yelled. Victoria started to look angry.

“Listen Ari, I warned you that this party wasn’t going to be your kind of party. You signed up for this, you’re doing it.” Ariana stood up and started heading for the door when Victoria grabbed her by the arm. “Listen you little bitch! I put my ass on the line by even bringing you here; don’t think for a second that I’m letting you go.”

They started to pull at each other until Victoria slammed her down on the floor. She grabbed her by the neck and kept her pinned down.

“Let me go Tori, I want to go!” Her yells were starting to get mixed with tears.

“Absolutely not, I told you ‘once you enter, you cannot leave’ and I meant that.” Victoria continued grasping her neck.

“I’ll scream!” Ariana threatened as her ‘friend’ laughed.

“You think that will do anything? Everyone who lives in this building is in that room over there. No one will hear you. You are getting fucked and you are going to like it. Trust me Ariana” She let go of her throat as the men returned from the room.

“Why is she on the ground?” Doc asked.

“This little cunt tried to escape when I told her what was going to happen.” Victoria explained. Doc stared down at Ariana.

“What’s the matter Ms. Ariana, we aren’t good enough for you?” He grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her up to her feet. “How old are you?” He asked her.

“I’m…I’m eighteen.” Fear was beginning to take over. Doc smiled.

“Ever been fucked by more than one man?” She looked at him with big sad eyes.

“I haven’t had sex with any guy.” These words brought a smile to everyone’s face, including Victoria.

“Not for much longer.” Doc laughed as Rocky grabbed Ariana’s shirt and roughly pulled it over head. Everyone got a bigger surprise when they realized that the young girl was not wearing a bra, showing her perky b-cup tits to the group. She tried to cover them with her hands but Rocky kept them pinned behind her back. “I guess someone didn’t listen when their mommy said “always wear a bra.” I guess you need a little punishment to teach you a lesson.” Doc said as he sat down. “Put her across my lap, this little cunt needs a spanking.”

Rocky pulled Ariana down onto Doc’s lap and held her in place. Doc hiked her skirt up, showing that she at least wore panties, and rubbed her upper thighs. Victoria helped by pulling down her pink panties, exposing her shapely ass the room. Doc licked his hand and struck her hard in the ass cheek. She cried out with each spank as Doc continued punishing her. He signaled to Victoria, who licked her own and spanked her friend as well. Slap after slap followed by scream after scream. Ariana couldn’t remember the last time she was spanked, but knew that she hated it. Each man took a few spanks to her as the punishment continued for several minutes. The most horrifying part for her wasn’t the spanking, but the stiff cock that was pressing against her stomach. Doc had developed a raging hard on as the young girl wiggled and screamed on his lap.

After a few more spanks, Rocky let go of Ariana and Doc shoved her onto the ground. As she lay on the ground, pulling her skirt down to cover herself and holding her sore backside, the men and Victoria gathered back on the couch. She watched on as they passed around something big and square from one person to another. She had no idea what it was until her friend stumbled her way over. Victoria knelt down and held it in front of her. Ariana now had a mirror in front of her with a small straw and lines of cocaine spread out.

“Want some?” She asked. All Ariana did was stare at her. “Your loss.” She picked up the straw and snorted a line in front of her. A quick kiss on the forehead, then Victoria went back to the men. “She didn’t want any.” She told the men.

“I know something else she probably won’t like.” Ken said as he started to undo his pants. Victoria helped him out by pulling his eight inch cock from its covering. The two walked over to Ariana once again.

“Come on Ari, you should lighten up and have some fun.” She took Ken’s long cock in her mouth and started giving him a rough blowjob. Ariana couldn’t take her eyes off the sight in front of her. After a minute, Victoria pulled him out of her and spoke again. “Doesn’t this look like fun?” She continued sucking him until Ariana spoke.

“Can I please go; I don’t want to see this. I swear I won’t tell anyone.” She was practically in tears. Victoria pulled the cock out of her mouth again and looked at her. She hawked back and spit on her friends face.

“No Ari, you can’t go. All of us want to fuck you…and that’s what we are going to do.” While she was talking, Matt walked up behind Ariana and ripped the skirt from her waist. She started screaming for help, but was ignored.

Once she was completely nude, Doc, Rocky and Joey walked over to her and stripped themselves nude. While all five men were different in their body types, they did share one thing in common…eight inch cocks. The scared young woman looked up and saw three hard cocks pointed over her. Meanwhile, Victoria had tossed her shirt and bra aside as she continued sucking on Ken’s cock.

“Who wants to fill this red haired bitch’s mouth?” Rocky asked. Joey, the muscle head of the group, stepped forward and sat on the floor. His cock was pointed straight at Ariana, just inches from her face. Rocky grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into the cock.

“Open up or I’ll make you open up.” He demanded. She did not respond. “Okay then.” He licked two of his fingers and pressed them against her air-tight asshole. With one hard thrust, he tore into her. She screamed very loudly but had her mouth quickly filled with Joey’s cock.

“You bite me, you die cunt.” He said once the screams were muffled.

Rocky did not stop abusing her ass. With every passing second, he fit more of his hand in her backside. Two fingers became three, which became four until he was able to get his entire fist into her ass. She was so paralyzed with fear that the screams had stopped. She had a stranger’s whole fist up her butt and another’s penis forced down her throat. She gasped for air as Joey fucked her throat like it was a pussy.

In the background, Victoria was laughing. Partly from her friend’s suffering and part at the fingers that were tickling her now uncovered trimmed pussy. She had tossed her skirt and panties aside as Matt and Doc ran their fingers across her soaking wet cunt. She still had Ken’s cock in hand but out of her mouth.

Rocky was fucking Ariana’s ass with his fist while rubbing his other hand against her shaven wet pussy. While this was happening, the sound of skin-on-skin contact was filling the room. Joey was roughly fucking her face as she cried. Only a few thrusts later, he pulled out of her and exploded on her face. Shot after shot of thick, creamy semen covered the young virgin’s pretty face. She clenched her jaw and shut her eyes, not wanting any cum to enter. Victoria leaned forward and yanked on her hair, causing her to open up her mouth for the final two shots to land. He slapped his spent cock against her cheeks, embarrassing her further. Once he was done, she started to wipe her face off when Victoria stopped her.

“I’ll get that sweetie.” She opened her mouth and licked the cream from her friend’s face. Ariana couldn’t help but giggle as the warm tongue ran over every inch of her face. When she was done, Victoria spoke. “Well, Joey came. We all know what that means!” She looked at Ariana. “Time to fuck!”

Rocky withdrew his hand from the redhead’s ass and quickly placed his cock in its place as Matt lifted her up and slid under. Doc took the same position on Victoria as Ken pressed at her ass.

“One, two, three!” Victoria counted down.

When she reached three, all four men slammed their cocks as hard into their respective hole as possible. Victoria squealed in joy as Ariana squealed in pain. Like that, she was no longer a virgin. Blood ran down Matt’s cock as he roughly fucked the young woman along with Rocky.

“Oh fuck yes!” Victoria screamed out as she got pleasured.

Ken slapped her ass several times while Doc sucked on her luscious breasts. It was very clear to everyone that Victoria loved her abuse. The same could not be said for Ariana. The blood had stopped flowing, but the pain was still intense. She stared into Matt eyes as tears ran down her own, almost begging him to stop. This of course did not happen. He reached up and twisted her nipple hard, causing a squeal. It was after the nipple tweak that something changed in her. Suddenly the pain in her pussy was gone and replaced with an intense feeling of pleasure. The tears were drying up and the stare of sadness had changed. Involuntarily, she was smiling.

“Looks like you’re finally starting to like it.” Matt commented. She couldn’t respond with words, only with a loud moan. He soon realized why.

Around his cock, Matt felt Ariana’s pussy contracting. She was having an orgasm and, by the look on her face and volume of her moans, she really liked it. In fact, her moans were much louder than Victoria’s, who too had just had a monster orgasm around Doc’s cock. Once she came down from her high, the men all withdrew from their respective hole and rotated. Rocky moved down to Ariana’s pussy while Doc took her ass. Matt moved to Victoria’s ass and Ken took her pussy. Joey had recovered from his orgasm and took to Victoria’s mouth.

Victoria met Ken with a kiss before counting down again. “One, two-“

“Three!” Ariana shouted out. All five men and Victoria looked at her. They didn’t think even Ariana realized what she said.

“That’s my girl!” Victoria yelled as all the men started.

Ariana’s timidity was seemingly gone as she forced her tongue down Rocky’s throat. She moaned in large man’s mouth as pleasure continued spreading throughout her petite body. Her ass was fully recovered and relaxed…as was her steaming pussy.

Victoria was getting all three of her holes brutally abused. Matt, Ken and Joey were going hard at her. She loved the feeling of Matt’s thick cock sliding in and out of her ass with the aide of her friend’s juices. She also loved the feeling of his balls slapping against the bottom of her pussy. Ken’s cock was quickly thrusting inside the rest of it. Her throat was taking the same abuse that Ariana had as Joey forced all eight down it. It didn’t take much longer until she experienced orgasm #2. Her entire body trembled from the pleasure as she watched Rocky and Ariana continue to make out.

As she had started looking at them, Ariana lifted off of Rocky and pulled Doc down for a kiss. As soon as their lips met, she came once again. She responded by sucking furiously on his tongue. They only made out for a few seconds until every man withdrew again.

“To the couch.” Joey commanded as everyone moved. Doc picked up Ariana and carried her as Matt did the same for Victoria.

Rocky and Ken sat down and waited for the girls. Doc rested Ariana down on Ken’s cock, her ass quickly giving it a home. Same for Victoria as she was lowered onto Rocky’s cock. Their carriers each took their pussies and started fucking again. The two girls leaned to their sides, to face each other.

“Didn’t I…oh…tell you…oh…this is fun…oh fuck.” Victoria said.

“Mmm yes…sorry for fighting…shit…I love this.” She responded. Victoria leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Without any hesitation, she kissed her back while the two men continued fucking her holes.

They held their kiss for several minutes until they each came again. This time, they moaned into each other’s mouths which only intensified their pleasure.

The men rotated again. Rocky took Victoria’s pussy while Doc took her cunt. Matt took Ariana’s ass and Ken took her pussy. The girls again quickly started to kiss as the fucking continued. Meanwhile, without them paying attention, Joey was furiously jacking himself off inches from their faces. The sound of grunts and skin slapping were all that could be heard in the room until Joey spoke.

“Open up girls.”

They looked at him, pressed their cheeks together and opened up. Joey touched Victoria’s head and shot his load into her mouth first, then in her friend’s, then to Tori’s face, then to Ari’s face, switching until his balls were empty. The two girls looked at each other and giggled before taking turns slowly licking the thick white residue off each other. It was beginning to be very clear that Ariana loved the taste of it, licking even after there was nothing left. They proceeded to kiss again and both had simultaneous orgasms.

All four men withdrew from the girls and stood up, hands on cocks. Victoria pulled her friend down on the floor, to her knees, and began passionately making out with her. They ran their hands through each other’s hair. Their bodies were pressing up against each other, both giggling as their hard nipples touched. They were so lost in each other that they didn’t even notice Ken cumming in their hair. Victoria’s black hair and Ariana’s red hair now had long white streaks dripping down them. He finished by slapping his cock against both of their shoulders.

Matt followed suit and did the exact same thing until the girls broke their kiss, getting most of his cum on their faces. As he was finishing, Rocky busted all over the girls as well. Their faces were quickly being coated by many large globs of cum. Ariana tried to keep her eyes open but got a bit of cum in one and kept them closed…until Victoria licked around her eye. She went to return the favor but was stopped.

“Not till Doc cums.” She looked over and saw him stepping up. “Open up girl, he likes his cum swallowed.”

Both girls opened their mouths as Doc exploded. First shot into Ariana, second in Victoria, switching with each shot until he had no more to spare. Both girls took a big gulp and swallowed his milky load.

“Now you can clean me.” Victoria whispered. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her friend’s hot tongue run all over her face. She giggled as her tongue went into her nose. Once she was completely clean, she returned the favor and cleaned Ariana, who also giggled when she felt a tongue in her nose. After the girls were cleaned, they stood up and kissed again.

“Okay girls, to the bathroom for the final act.”

“What are we doing there?” Ariana asked.

“I hope you don’t mind, but they’re gonna piss on us while we sit in the shower.”

Ariana looked a bit disgusted. “I’ll do it…if we can kiss while they do it.” Victoria leaned in and kissed her.

“Done deal.” They held hands and followed the men into the bathroom.

The girls sat down in the shower with their legs crossed and lips connected. All five men lined up at the edge of the shower and unloaded their golden streams onto the loving couple. The girls acted like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, they were just too lost in love to care. They seemingly embraced for hours when in reality it was only about a minute. They broke their kiss when the last drop of warm piss hit their bodies. The men tossed two towels to the girls and left the room. They spent the next few minutes drying each other off.

Several minutes later, both nude girls emerged from the bathroom. Victoria gathered all of their clothes, handed Ariana hers and dressed. When both girls were dressed, they retrieved their phones and started out the door.

“Hey, so when are we gonna see you again Ms. Victoria?” Doc yelled out.

“I’ll be back in two days. I’m busy tomorrow night.”

“How about you Ms. Ariana, we ever gonna see you again?”

“Victoria is never coming here alone again; I’ll be here in two days.” The girls smiled at each other and left.

They held hands as they headed downstairs and into the car. Victoria turned the car around and headed home.

“So, you had fun?” She asked her friend.

“So much fun! Thank you so much for not letting me leave early.” She giggled. “Just don’t offer me cocaine again, I won’t do that.”

“That’s okay, more for me.” She laughed.

Victoria arrived back at the studio and dropped Ariana off at her car. They shared a long kiss before parting ways. A short drive later, Victoria was home. Once inside, she quickly jumped in the shower to fully wash the piss and cum residue from her body. After drying off, she jumped right into bed fully naked. As she was about to fall asleep, her doorbell rang. She threw a robe on and scurried downstairs. She opened the door to see Ariana, still dressed in the clothes from earlier.

“I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking about you. Do you mind if I sleep here?” Victoria smiled and pulled her inside.

“Come on girl, let’s go to bed. You’ve had a long day.” As she was walking into her bedroom, she pulled the robe off, tossed it down the stairs and closed the door behind her.

To be continued…?

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