Punishing the Princess

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real and in no way involves an actual princess. If you are looking for a story involving a princess, you are out of luck

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“Son of a bitch!” Vanessa screamed as the elbow of Selena Gomez slammed into her nose. “What the hell!?” The director yelled to stop filming.

“I’m sorry.” Selena responded, seemingly with no care. “I didn’t know you were there.” Vanessa lunged towards her ‘Spring Breakers’ co-star but was grabbed by an extra before she could attack her. “Might wanna get your nose fixed up there Vanessa, you’re bleeding pretty bad.” She giggled and walked away.

Vanessa was forced to see a doctor on the set to have her nose looked at. She sat down, still in her green bikini from the scene, as the doctor checked her.

“We’ll you got lucky, it’s not broken. You’ll be fine.” She smiled and left.

Once back on set, she learned that filming was done for the day and to get back to her trailer. Filming was to continue early in the morning, so the director suggested an early night. She started walking to her trailer when she literally bumped into Selena.

“Whoa, better watch out Vanessa. You wouldn’t want another ‘accident’ would you?” She snickered and walked away, talking on her cell phone. If looks could kill, she would have dropped dead in the lot.

Not wanting any troubles with the director over a fist fight, Vanessa continued walking back to her trailer to get dressed. She threw on a green skirt and white tank top over her bikini before stepping back outside. She pulled a cigarette out of her pocket and started smoking it. Many crew guys were walking by, few asking how her nose was. She paid no attention to them until Brian approached her.

Brian was one of the cameramen working on the film. Vanessa thought he was a nice guy but was definitely not a looker. He stood about 5’10” tall and weighed close to 275 pounds. Even knowing he had little chance with her, he still attempted flirting with her every time he was around.

“Hey Vanessa, I saw what happened out there. What was her problem?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue.” She took another drag from her cigarette. “She’s always had an issue with me.  She thinks she soooo perfect and looks down on me ‘cause I took a few naked pictures that got leaked.” Another drag. “I wish I could find something out about her to take her down a peg.” She looked down and saw the very noticeable bulge in Brian’s pants. “Really, again?”

“Sorry, I was thinking of your pictures.” To his surprise, she laughed.

“Well I can’t be mad, that’s as close to seeing me naked as your ever gonna get.” He nervously laughed back, somewhat disappointed. “Let me guess, when you leave you’re gonna run off to your trailer and blow a load. Am I right?” All he could do was nod.

In the corner of Vanessa’s eye, she saw the lights go out in Selena’s trailer flick off.

“Looks like the princess is doing exactly what the director asked and going to bed early.” She took another drag. “Cunt.”

Suddenly Brian hatched an idea.

“You know something; I have the keys to every trailer on the lot.” Vanessa stared at him. “I run the lot; I’m not just a cameraman.”

“You haven’t been in my trailer have you?”

“No, I wouldn’t do that. I just have them in case of emergency. But maybe you could come up with a way to piss her off knowing that I could always break you in.” Vanessa finished her cigarette and stomped it out.

“I thought of something…wait right here.” She ran directly into her trailer and rustled around her bags. About a minute later she came out with a flip cam in her hand. “We can use this, grab your keys and meet me over there as soon as possible.”

Brian looked at her nervously. “I don’t know if I should do that. What do I get out of it?”

“If you don’t do it, I’ll kick you in your nuts as hard as I can.” He looked surprised. “Don’t worry, you will get something out of it, I promise.” She placed her hand on his face and seductively rubbed him with a smile.

“O…okay Vanessa, I’ll get the keys.” She hugged him and kissed his cheek before he ran towards his trailer.

Vanessa slowly strolled over to Selena’s trailer and waited for Brian to return. She pressed an ear to the door and could hear the younger girl snoring. It was the perfect time to execute her plan. Brian quickly returned, huffing and out of breath.

“You’re trailer is a hundred yards away, how the fuck are you this winded? I smoke and I can run two hundred yards easily.” She smiled and took the keys from him. “Catch your breath; we can’t have your heaving waking up the princess.”

After a few minutes, Brian was ready to go. Vanessa turned the camera on looked into the lens.

“This will be edited out but it’s time to execute ‘Operation Double P: Punishing the Princess’.”

She handed the camera to Brian and proceeded to put the key in the lock and slowly unlock the door. Very slowly, she pulled it back until it opened enough for the two people to get in. Once in, she pulled the door closed and turned to the camera. She had to light her lighter with the pitch darkness in the trailer.

“It’s extra dark in here. The little princess demanded her windows be blacked out for “privacy”.” She made air quotes and turned towards her. “So sweet, she’s probably dreaming about her little boyfriend.” She giggled and blew out the lighter.

Brian reached up at the ceiling and turned a light on. It wasn’t bright enough to wake Selena, but enough to see where they were walking. Vanessa slowly shuffled towards the bed and stood over her. Slowly she pulled the covers off the bed and tossed them aside.

“Aww, isn’t she so cute in her little pink sweatpants and pink t-shirt. All princesses love pink.” She walked back over to Brian, turning the camera off.

“You never told me the plan Vanessa. What exactly are we going to do?”

“You and I are going to fuck this bitch until she cries her little eyes out.” Brian took a step back.

“Whoa, that isn’t cool Vanessa. We can’t do that!” He started to raise his voice.

“We can and we will and we’re going to film it all.”

“I’m not going to do this. I mean, I would enjoy fucking her, but this is illegal.”

“If you don’t do it, I’ll step outside this trailer and scream ‘rape’ as loud as I can. What would everyone think about seeing a guy like you breaking into Selena’s trailer?” Brian looked nervous.

“You couldn’t prove anything.” She took his set of keys, took a single key and stuck it up her green skirt into her pussy.

“And how would you explain my DNA on your keys?” She removed the key, shining in the light. “The key with my name on it?” She showed him the tag attached that read ‘Vanessa’. “Don’t worry Brian; I said I would make it worth your while. If you do this for me, I’ll let you fuck me as much as you want for the rest of the filming.”

He looked at the sleeping girl on the bed, then back at Vanessa. “You are one crazy bitch.” She smiled. “I’ll do it, for you.” She pressed her lips against his and gave me a deep kiss. “I love you.” He said.

“Love her first.” She moved back over to Selena and knelt down next to her. “Give me those scissors and turn the camera on.”

Brian grabbed the pair of scissors on the counter and handed them to her before turning the camera back on. She looked at the camera.

“Princesses do not usually get naked for anyone. The only person to see this one naked is her little boyfriend…until tonight.”

She opened the scissors and placed them at the bottom of her shirt. Slowly, she cut up the center of the shirt, exposing more skin with each cut. When she reached her chest, she looked back at the camera.

“And now, here’s some princess boob.” She cut further and exposed Selena’s bare chest to the camera. “Too bad she keeps them covered up; she’s got some really nice titties.” She gently massaged her b-cup breasts with her free hand while reaching the collar of the shirt.

With the camera in his left hand, Brian began rubbing his crotch with the right. Vanessa saw him doing this and decided to have some fun.

“Now I get to learn what a princess tastes like.”

She stuck her tongue out and began lightly circling Selena’s nipple. She closed her eyes and let it explore her chest. Brian was having a difficult time keeping his pants on as he watched his hot companion molest a sleeping woman. Selena had stopped snoring and was now lightly panting.

“Mmm Justin.” Selena whispered “Don’t stop.” She placed her hand on Vanessa’s dyed blonde hair and started to run her fingers through it. Suddenly she froze and woke up while Vanessa stopped. “What the-“

Vanessa threw her hand over Selena’s mouth, preventing her from screaming. She gave her a devilish smile.

“Hey princess. Sleep well?” Selena tried to fight her off until Brian pinned her legs down with his hands. “Don’t bother princess, you aren’t going anywhere. I’m going to let you talk but if you scream…” She opened the scissors and hovered them over her wet nipple. “…I’ll give you a reason to fucking scream.” She let go of Selena, who remained quiet for a few seconds.

“What the hell is going on and who is he?”

“Typical self-centered princess, you don’t even know the guy that’s been filming the fucking movie you’re doing. And what’s going on you ask? I’m here to get my payback for the elbow to my nose.”

“That was an accident!” She commanded. Vanessa reached down and punched her in the crotch, causing her to whimper.

“So was that.” Vanessa stood up and walked to the end of the bed. She grabbed the bottom of her pink sweatpants and started to cut them off.

“Stop it, I love these pants.” She cried out.

“They’re fucking pants, get another pair princess.” She continued cutting.

“Why are you calling me princess?” Vanessa stared at her before jumping on her, grabbing her face.

“Because you always act so fucking perfect every time I’m around you. Nothing is ever your fault. Fuck, you blamed me for the “accident”. And don’t even think I don’t notice you looking down on me because of my pics online. You think you’re better than me, admit it!” She slapped her.

“I don’t, believe me.” She got slapped again.

“Admit it!”

“No, it’s not true.” She got slapped harder.

“Admit it you fucking bitch!” She repeatedly slapped her.

“Fine, I admit it. You’re a fucking slut and the pictures only helped prove it. I am better than you!” Vanessa smiled evilly. “I’ve never liked you and I never will!”

“Good girl.” Vanessa flipped her over and punched her in the back of the head, knocking her out without leaving a visible mark. “Back to sleep princess.” She turned to Brian and started to unzip his jeans. She yanked his pants down before kneeling down and ripping his underwear down. “Whoa.” His eight inch cock sprung loose, hitting her in the chin. “How does a fat fucker like you have a cock like this?” She grabbed onto it and slowly stroked it. After a few seconds, she got the surprise of her life when shots of cum released from his cock and landed on her face. All she did was close her eyes and cover herself in his cream. Once he was finished, she looked at him and smiled. “That was fast!”

“Sorry, I don’t usually have many women touching me there.” She took his cock in her mouth and sucked what was left from his throbbing member.

“That’s okay; better you cum quick on me than on her. She needs a good long fucking.” She could feel a long string of cum dripping from her chin. “Damn that was a lot of cum.” She stood up and walked to Selena’s unconscious body. Vanessa grabbed her hair and started wiping her face clean. “Did I get it all?” She asked him.

“There’s some in your nose.” She quickly cleaned up.

Vanessa quickly tore the shredded clothes from Selena’s body, leaving her face down and naked on the bed. Brian brought the camera up to her ass and got a close up.

“Spread her ass.” She commanded.

He did as he was told while Vanessa pulled her tank top and skirt off, leaving her in only a bikini. She slowly sucked on her finger and pressed it against Selena’s ass hole. Slowly, she began inching it inside with a smile on her face. She took the camera from Brian and pointed it at him, demanding he strip naked. He followed her orders and shed his clothing. The large man’s cock was already stiff again as he took the camera back.

As Vanessa continued sliding her wet finger in and out of her, Selena woke up from her knocked out state and screamed. Vanessa pulled out of her slammed her hand over her mouth.

“What did I tell you about screaming!?” Selena stopped and stared at her, smelling the wet finger over mouth. She looked like she was going to vomit. “You wanna taste?” She shoved her finger into her mouth, letting her learn what her bowels tasted like. She instantly started coughing and crying. “Oh grow up.”

Vanessa stood up and stripped her bikini off, her bushy crotch mere inches from Selena’s face. She grabbed onto her head and pulled her into it. Selena was not ready and inadvertently pressed her tongue against the swollen clit presented to her. She closed her eyes and tried to close her mouth but was pressed too hard against her to do it. Trying her best to keep it off the pussy, her tongue slid down and up it.

“Oh yes princess, keep doing that.” Vanessa yelled out. Selena was finally able to close her mouth. “Oh you bitch, don’t stop!” She did not respond. “Fine, have it your way.” She let go of her took the camera from Brian and pointed at him. “Teach the princess a lesson Brian.”

Brian pressed his stiff cock against Selena’s unwanted wet pussy. Her eyes grew big.

“No! Please don’t, you can’t!” He ignored her and began to inch in. “No! Stop! I’m a virgin, you can’t do this!” He stopped.

“Don’t give me that princess, we all know you aren’t an innocent girl. No way you haven’t let your boyfriend inside you.” Vanessa barked out.

“No, I’m not lying. You can check yourself, I’m a virgin!”

“Fine, Brian out of the way.” The naked leader knelt down at her pussy, licked her finger and stuck it inside. Selena squirmed in the bed. “Well I’ll be damned, princess is a virgin.”

“I told-“ Vanessa cut her off by slamming her finger deep inside, destroying her hymen. Blood began to run down her hand.

“Not anymore.” She pulled out and moved back to her side, wiping the bloody finger in her co-star’s hair. “Ok Brian, now you can fuck her.”

Brian quickly returned to her crotch and roughly shoved all eight inches into her bloody canal. She tried screaming but Vanessa pressed her lips against hers and gave her a long, deep kiss. She reached down and sensually rubbed her own pussy while forcing the make-out. She held the camera high above to catch the kiss. The sound of Brian’s balls slamming against Selena’s ass was the only sound that could be heard in the trailer.

Selena was so defeated, and still feeling the effects of the punch, that she could not muster enough strength to fight the rape she was experiencing. She had dreamed of losing her virginity on her wedding night with a man she loved. Instead she was losing it in a trailer on a move set to a fat man she didn’t know and young woman whom she hated. Vanessa finally broke the kiss after about two minutes. She held the camera in front of Selena’s face.

“Say hi to the internet, princess.” She said.

“What…you can’t…put this on…the internet!” Selena cried, her voice shaking from her violation.

“Don’t worry princess, the public won’t see this…on three conditions. One, you drop that prick boyfriend of yours. Two, you don’t say one word to anyone about what happened tonight. Three, you put your damn tongue back in my pussy and make me cum. You don’t do these, I edit Brian and my faces off the video and sell it to the highest bidder.” Selena stared at her. “Well?” She moved her face against Vanessa’s crotch, closed her eyes and slowly stuck her tongue back inside. “Good girl princess.”

Not knowing what to do, Selena slowly circled her tongue around inside the soaking wet pussy of Vanessa. She did not like the taste at all but the fear caused her to fight through it. The initial pain of her hymen splitting had finally subsided and, while she still hated what was happening, could not help but feel pleasure running throughout her. Her breathing was increasing greatly, which Vanessa could quickly realize.

“Someone’s getting close.” She said.

“No I’m not!” Brian yelled out.

“I meant the princess you fuckhead!” She yelled back with a smile. “Do you want Brian to make you cum?” She shook her head ‘no’. “I’ll ask again, do you want him to make you cum or do you want this video posted?”

“Me.” She said muffled in Vanessa’s crotch.

“You heard her Brian, make the princess cum.”

Brian increased his pace and placed his hand against her clit. The rush of pleasure spreading in Selena’s body was starting to become too much for her. Vanessa rolled her on her back and crawled on top her, putting of her weight down on her face. The tongue went farther up her body when Selena let out a long, deep moan. She knew exactly what happened and could feel the body underneath her tensing up and twitching.

“Did princess cum?” She asked; her own breath starting to get heavy.

“Mmm hmm.” She moaned underneath her.

“Mmm, did my little princess like it?” Selena only closed her eyes and continued circling her tongue inside the soaking pussy. “Mmm, I’ll take that as a…a…oh YES!”

Vanessa threw her body back, almost falling over as her own orgasm rushed to her brain. Her juices spilled out all over Selena’s face, covering the young woman. She instantly started to spit it out as her mouth was filling with feminine cum. Vanessa laid there coming down, feeling her own juices landing back on her. She reached for Brian’s cock and pulled it out of Selena, inserting it into her mouth. She sucked the juices from his cock for about a minute before rolling off the bed.

“Fuck her in the ass now.” She whispered into his ear.

Brian flipped Selena, who was still in a daze, over. As his cock touched her asshole, she started to whimper. Vanessa walked over and sat down on the bed in front of her and looked into the camera.

“We’ve seen the face of a princess losing her virginity, having an orgasm and giving another girl one. Now it’s time to see the face of a princess getting a cock in her ass for the first time.” She pointed the camera at her face and told Brian to start.

Selena’s eyes went wide and jaw dropped as his pressed his thick eight inches into her tight backside. Once the head cleared the passage way, she clenched her mouth and eyes. The pain was intense, getting worse with each inch. She felt like she was going to die until he was all the way in. He remained still at first, allowing her anal walls to adjust before starting to fuck her. She could feel the tissue in her ass stretching harder and reacted with each thrust, all on camera. Vanessa sat in front of her laughing the whole time.

Selena pushed herself off the bed and arched her back to help relieve the pain of the anal raping. As a result, she gave Vanessa the prime opportunity to get a close up of her perfectly round breasts and thick, hard nipples. She leaned forward and gave each of them a kiss which brought several more soft moans from Selena.

“Vanessa?” Brian asked. “Where am I cumming?”

“Are you close?” He nodded. She looked at Selena. “I’m going to guess you aren’t on the pill.” She nodded in agreement. “On her face then.” Brian slid out of her ass, flipped her over and stood above her jerking off. Vanessa pointed the camera directly at his cock. She suddenly stopped smiling. “Wait!” He stopped. “I changed my mind, cum in her pussy.”

Brian stepped down and reinserted himself into her, slamming into it very hard. Selena stared at Vanessa.

“No, please don’t make him.” Vanessa looked at her.

“Shut up princess.”

She pointed the camera directly in her face and watched as she began to feel Brian’s cock pulsate. He shot as big a load as earlier deep into Selena’s womb. Tears streamed down her face as Vanessa laughed at her. She could feel each shot spread throughout her body. Once he was finished cumming, Brian pulled out watched a single stream leak from her pussy.

“Come here.” Vanessa commanded. “Open up princess.” She pulled Selena’s mouth opened and shoved his cock inside. She tasted the leftover semen from his cock rubbing against her tongue. She closed her eyes and let them finish until he was clean. Vanessa pointed the camera at her, and then turned it to herself. “Operation Double P is complete. The princess has been punished. And let’s hope she remembers the first two conditions of our agreement or millions of people will be spilling their seed to this video. The End.”

Vanessa turned the camera off and set it aside. She and Brian gathered their clothes and quickly redressed. She put the camera in her pocket, took out a cigarette and sat down. She lit the stick and took a deep inhale; blowing the smoke directly in Selena’s face.

“Nothing better after an orgasm than a cigarette, right Selena?” She remained emotionless on the bed. “Oh that’s right, the princess was a virgin. And I doubt she’s ever had a cigarette.”

She forced the stick between her lips and held her nose closed; forcing her to inhale. When she released her, she started coughing up a storm. While trying to regain her breath, Selena accidently knocked the cigarette out of Vanessa’s hand. She picked it up and stared at her.

“Bad move princess.”

She took the cigarette, held it against her clit and pushed the lit end into her. Luckily, she clamped her hand over Selena’s mouth beforehand because she let out a bloodcurdling scream. Vanessa and Brian laughed at her intense pain. She removed the cigarette from her clit and put it out. They started towards the door of the trailer when Vanessa turned around.

“Remember princess, you better not tell anyone what happened and you better dump your boyfriend. Brian is going to edit a copy of this without any trace of our faces or voices. It will be a huge hit online. Sleep well princess.” She shut the door and left towards her trailer.

Selena covered he body and cried herself to sleep. Brian and Vanessa walked back to Vanessa’s trailer. They embraced in a long deep kiss.

“During our lunch tomorrow, come over and we can have a nice proper fucking.” They kissed again and retired to their respective trailers for the night.

The next day, all three people went about the filming like nothing happened until the lunch break. Selena sat at a table eating a salad when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Vanessa and Brian skipping away towards the trailer lot. She stood up, grabbed her salad and went into her own trailer. She sat down on her bed and spent an hour bawling her eyes out until she heard a knock on her door. She opened it and saw Vanessa, who opened her mouth to show a large glob of Brian’s cum on her tongue

“I brought you your dessert princess. Open up.” Vanessa gave her a long, gentle kiss. She took a deep gulp and swallowed it all. “Good girl. Come on, it’s time to go back to work.” She patted her hard on the crotch, causing intense pain from her charred clit. She winced before following her out of the lot and back to the set.

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