Rihanna – Rated X

Disclaimer: This story, sadly, is a fantasy and therefore not real. Please send any feedback or suggestions for future stories to spikey_stuff@yahoo.com

Rihanna loved these moments of solitude on a near-deserted beach. Well, it wasn’t quite solitude, as on either side of her were Max and Leroy, her minders. Both of them were six foot tall and about six foot wide, huge black British guys. Leroy had lived in the nearby town – a short limo ride from the latest venue in the UK leg of the R&B star’s latest world tour – and suggested the quiet beach as an ideal place for her to unwind. Despite the scorching weather his tip had proved correct, and they had seen only a couple of people since they arrived. They had paid the trio no attention, and she was grateful – it was nice to be away from the paparazzi for a couple of hours. Rihanna was wearing one of her more modest bikinis, a simple white number signifying that she was genuinely relaxing on a beach rather than flashing some flesh for the tabloids.

As the warm sand scrunched between her toes she felt her bladder press insistently. She had polished off two bottles of Evian when they first arrived to take the edge off the heat and now she really needed to pee. Normally this would mean a swift but dignified end to her excursion as she was hurried to the nearest convenience. However, she was enjoying her stroll and the place was pretty secluded.

She turned to Leroy.

“Hey, I need to take a leak.”

He nodded and was about to speak into his headset to notify the limo driver waiting back in the car park above the beach. She shook her head.

“Nah, I’ll just climb up those dunes and go behind a bush.”

Leroy laughed before she turned and began walking up the sandy bank towards the scrub.

“Hey, wait, are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“I’ll be fine,” she called back, “we’ve seen, like, three people all afternoon.”

Leroy knew when the boss had spoken and sat down on a rock, Max doing the same.

Rihanna continued up for a minute or so before spotting a suitable bush. Glancing around she couldn’t see anyone, slid down her white bikini briefs and squatted with her legs apart. Balancing gracefully she reached down with her left hand and used her manicured fingers to part her sweaty pussy. She closed her eyes and sighed with relief as she released her flow, opening them again to watch with mild interest as a powerful jet of golden liquid shot out of her black cunt, darkening the sand. The piss just kept coming and she glanced idly back towards her minders. To her surprise the pair were sat on either end of a rock on the beach with a small blonde sitting between them. It looked like two huge black guys in long coats on a quiet English beach had attracted some attention after all.

Her piss was still coming and the sensation of release had made her a little horny. The minders seemed to be talking to the girl, and while she could see what was happening well enough the breeze through the scrub was carrying the sound away from her. The girl was blonde and quite small, looking like a child next to the massive guys. Rihanna reckoned she was no more than 13 or 14, wearing a blue baggy top, a patterned skirt and what looked like a pair of boots. Her hair was in two long plaits, one either side of her head, and she had a slight overbite. The overall picture was of an adorable, innocent girl. The hot weather wasn’t helping Rihanna calm down, and she found herself wondering which of her minders had the biggest cock. One of the back-up dancers had fucked Max once and had to miss three shows her body ached so much. She was curious, but good minders were hard to find and whenever she fucked them things got tricky with day-to-day work. She’d fuck them as a leaving present.

The girl was sitting right between Max and Leroy and she saw Leroy rummage in his pocket. Something glinted in her eyes – coins? – and was then passed to the girl, who seemed to nod. Leroy reached up to her face, caressing her cheek with one hand. She opened her mouth and he placed one thick finger in her mouth, which she began sucking sensually. Rihanna couldn’t believe this was happening. Excitement mounting, she watched in eager anticipation, throwing aside her sunglasses, not even noticing her flow falling away to a trickle and splashing onto her feet. Behind the girl, Max had straightened up, throwing off his coat to reveal his torso glad in a sweaty white vest. His huge muscular arms unbuttoned his flies, dropping his jeans and boxers in one quick movement. Max’s cock, a good eight inches even semi-hard, sprang out. He rested his hands on her shoulder and she turned, her head level with his fat brown bell-end. She glanced up at him, opened her little mouth and began swallowing the monster as Leroy also undressed his bottom half and began gently stroking his own cock. Ten inches, Rihanna estimated from years of experience, Leroy the winner. The girl was doing her best to take all of Max but only seemed to be able to manage six or seven inches – still impressive for a youngster, Rihanna conceded from her secluded vantage point. Without taking her eyes off the spectacle she reached down and began rubbing her pissy cunt. Part of her wanted to stride down and join in the fun, but she was quite looking forward to seeing just what her minders were going to do to this little tart.

Max had removed his cock, dripping with saliva, from the girl’s mouth and she was now jerking both men from a sitting position as they stood either side of her. More discussion seemed to be taking place before she began licking the heads of the now fully-erect cocks in turn, her dainty hands not quite going all the way around the thick shafts. Then Max got behind the girl and lifted her up under her arms, using one hand to pull her top up. Underneath the girl’s B-cup tits were bare before swiftly being covered by Max’s large groping hands. Leroy lifted her skirt and pulled down the girl’s pink knickers before sliding his hand up the inside of her thigh, two fingers disappearing effortlessly under wispy blonde pubes. Despite the breeze the odd groan from the girl was travelling over to Rihanna’s spot as the minders worked the teenager’s small tits and tight pussy. Rihanna began to speed up her efforts on her own cunt, staying on her haunches as she slipped two fingers into her pink folds and the index finger of her other hand found her aching clit.

Leroy was now sitting on the rock, his cock jutting out. The girl knelt down on all fours and crawled over before gamely gobbling down the fat ten inches of black meat. Behind her, Max lifted her skirt up over her back. The wetness of her young pussy glistened in the sun before he began finger-fucking her doggy style as she sucked Leroy, first two then three thick digits being swallowed by her hungry hole. Rihanna was matching that figure now and leant back, putting her weight on her left hand as she began to work four fingers of her right into her own dripping snatch.

Max then stopped his ministrations and lined up his cock against the girl’s tiny cunt before slowly but firmly driving it home to the root. The girl’s head snapped back, her mouth sliding off Leroy’s prick as she let out a groan that was half pleasure and half pain that even Rihanna heard. The teenager then went back to diligently servicing Leroy as Max fucked in and out of her. Rihanna was impressed, she’d been 17 before she could take anything like that length to the hilt.

Max didn’t seem to be satisfied with just pussy, though, and as he fucked her he began to play with the brown crinkle of her arsehole. Leroy seemed to be enjoying the blowjob, and was reaching under the dishevelled shirt to feel the girl’s apple-sized tits swinging with his colleague’s thrusts. The girl began twitching and thrashing, her nails digging into Leroy’s thighs and her legs spasming. Synced with the object of her voyeurism, Rihanna came herself, milky fluid running down her still-thrusting fingers. She felt quite light headed and propelled herself forward onto her hands and knees, reaching back with one hand to continue working her clit, riding out her orgasm and not wanting to miss a second of the debauchery. Her hands were caked with pissy, cunty sand but she didn’t care. Her pussy was still burning and she wanted more orgasms.

The trio down on the beach had paused. Both Max and Leeroy were standing gesturing to the girl, who was listening keenly and occasionally nodding. The blonde was swaying slightly and her thighs shone in the sun while neither her top or her skirt had fallen down properly, leaving a tuft of blonde muff and a cute nipple still showing, innocence still radiating off her. She didn’t even come up to shoulder height alongside them. Then Max moved around behind her again and once more lifted her up by the arms. This time she spread her legs. Leroy moved in front of her and lined his cock up with her drooling fanny before driving home, another groan carrying to the scrub. She then draped her small arms around Leroy’s broad shoulders and he took her weight, her feet several inches from the ground. The girl began gyrating her hips, fucking herself on Leroy’s cock as Max knelt down behind her and returned to fingering her bum. After a few thrusts saw his fingers disappearing past the second knuckle he straightened up, carefully lined his prick up with her anus and slid up into her rectum, emitting the loudest groan yet. The minders took over the motion, fucking into her holes in harmony. It was an awesome, obscene sight. God knows what the girl had got up to in her short life to date, but she had two long, fat cocks going all the way into her and seemed to be loving it. Max and Leroy basically had their arms around each other with her pale, petite body squashed between them, suspended on their dicks, her little tits mashing against Leroy’s muscular chest.

Rihanna came again, even more powerfully. She had to get down there, she had to see this little slut getting fucked at close quarters. She needed to hear the slapping noises as they fucked her, the stink of her pussy as she came, the sight of her tiny arsehole dilating around a fat prick. Then, suddenly, she heard a rustle and she was pinned down on her front. Someone was on top of her, knocking the wind out of her. Her mouth was full of sand. She tried to move her arms and legs but couldn’t do anything. She felt a firm hand tug back her hair, pulling her head back. She spluttered, sand spraying from her mouth, but she couldn’t move any further. Whoever was pinning her was larger and stronger. Hot breath invaded her ear as her assailant hissed in her ear.

“One word, you disgusting black cunt, and I’ll slit you from ear to ear.” A knife waved in her peripheral vision. “You get it?” Terrified, she nodded.

“Right. Here’s the deal. That’s my stepdaughter down there getting plugged by your apes. She’s a top bit of kit, isn’t she? We do this sort of thing a lot – I take her out somewhere doing her cute girl act, someone takes the bait and fucks her. Then I get pictures, either sell ’em to the guy or use them to blackmail them. Nice deal, eh?” He tugged hard on Rihanna’s hair. “Eh?”

Unable to think of anything else, Rihanna nodded again as best as she could.

“She’s a good girl,” the voice continued with strange pride. “Likes a bit of black cock the best, so this is a good result for both of us. I can’t believe your monkeys didn’t think there was something a bit weird about a 13-year old girl who can take double penetration by two fucking huge niggers, but then they don’t look like the smart types. I’ve been fucking her since I moved in with her mother about five years ago. Stupid fucking bitch still doesn’t know, she’s just happy we spend so much time together. Then we’ve been doing this for three years now.”

Rihanna felt the guy’s rock-hard prick pressing into the small of her back.

“Anyway, let’s talk business. I’ve got pictures of you pissing, I’ve got pictures of you fucking yourself and I’ve got pictures of your apes fucking a preteen girl. I know exactly who you are – you probably didn’t even noticed us when we walked past you half an hour ago. I sent these pictures to the right people and it’s goodbye career and probably hello to jail. Understand?”

Petrified, Rihanna nodded again.

“Usually I’d charge a fucking bomb, but watching Hannah do her stuff has made me as horny as fuck. So how’s about I do you while we watch her, and I give you a discount?”

Rihanna shook her head as vehemently as possible in her restricted position.

“Well, tough, babe, because I’m going in anyway.”

Still pressed down and struggling to breath, she felt him reach down and unzip his flies. The tip of his cock pressed into her arse-crack. He was going to rape her arse. She tried once more to struggle but she didn’t have the energy or strength and he slammed her face down into the damp, smelly sand. Her world was dark and filled with pain. All she could feel was the rapist’s prick forcing its’ way into her dry rear. She’d done anal plenty of times, but always with a lot of lube. The guy’s cock wasn’t that big but it was enough to make her scream into the ground as it invaded her anus. He began fucking her artlessly, as far as his physical pleasure was concerned she was just a hole in the ground. After a few thrusts her ring betrayed her, squeezing back against his shaft, caressing the thing that was violating it. He pulled her face out of the sand, and with one hand brushed her eyes clean.

“Good girl” he grunted. “As a treat I’ll let you carry on watching Hannah.”

Her pussy trickling despite the situation, she craned up to watch the little blonde still riding up and down on the black cocks just a short distance away. How she wanted to swap places with the teenager, flapping like a rag-doll as nearly two feet of thick ebony meat slammed into her. Rihanna could feel an orgasm building – she wished she could credit it entirely to the spectacle in front of her puffy eyes, but the truth was the rough rape of her arse was really helping. Her hips began to buck against the invader.

“You dirty black cunt..” the voice hissed in her ear. “A stranger’s raping your arsehole while you watch a girl barely old enough to need a bra getting plugged. You’re a filthy worthless perverted nigger whore.”

Her head followed her anus in betraying her dark pleasure, nodding in near-involuntary agreement.

“Is this what you do when you’re singing your shitty songs at your concerts? Looking at all the little teeny-boppers, imagining them getting gang-banged? Is it?”

This wasn’t true, but it would be what was going through her mind every time from now on, she realised. Something deep inside her wished it was true, though. She pictured standing on the stage at Wembley Arena looking out at a sea of thousands of writhing teenage girls filled to bursting with fat pricks. She felt a stinging sensation in her bum as her rapist sped up in response to her caressing rectum. Biting a sand-caked lip to stifle a scream – she had no intention of being rescued now – Rihanna was dimly aware that the pain indicated her ring had split, but a second orgasm wracked through her before the first had subsided. Normally when she did anal she would be reaching back to diddle her clit, but she didn’t want to right now – she was just here to be used by the man who had sculpted this scenario to unlock the darkest depths of her sexuality. Rihanna felt his molten spunk blast into her bowels and smiled in satisfaction even as her assailant smacked his fist into the back of her head and she collapsed into unconsciousness.

Rhianna didn’t know how long she was out for before she came around. She rolled her aching body over – there was no sign of the man, apart from a puddle of dried cum, blood and piss on the sand between her legs. Her arse stung, but she didn’t mind. She looked across – there was no sign of the girl and Max and Leroy were walking towards the dune looking panicked and guilty. She pulled her panties back on and felt them instantly dampen from the fluids oozing from her wrecked holes. Unsteadily she stood up and began to head woozily towards her security guards, confident she would be able to convince them to visit the same place again tomorrow.

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