The Lolita Club 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Period. Although the characters may have the names of two of the hottest young actresses around they are themselves fictional as are their circumstances. Nor do I believe either of the young ladies in question act anything like this in real life. now bugger off.

Note: Both Bella and Zendaya are 14 in this.

“Are you sure you’re supposed to be here?”

“Um, I think so. It’s when and where I was scheduled for,” Zendaya said, a bit nervously. She was nervous because the man standing in front of her in skin tight muscle shirt and white jeans, also skin tight was drop dead gorgeous.

For his part Money was having trouble keeping his own cool. He usually tried to ignore the younger girls entirely, not because he didn’t find them attractive but because they made him nervous. He knew what the club did, both the rescues it did of these girls and that it prostituted them out afterwards and sometimes the last part bothered him. But he knew that their lives were a lot better than they had been which was why he’d never ratted it out to the police although from some of he faces he’d seen coming in and out that probably wouldn’t have done any good anyway. So he took his very large pay check and the fringe benefits that sometimes came his way in the form of the older girls, kept his mouth shut and salved his conscience by avoiding the younger girls as much as possible. And never took one as a client himself.

Now here was this tall, slender, dark skinned young hottie, young enough, at least technically, to be his daughter and wearing a skin tight red leotard that showed off her body to perfection. Despite his own best intentions Money couldn’t help but feel his groin stirring.

“Hold on while I check okay?” She nodded while letting her eyes roam up and down his body.

His ring to his superiors was answered, to his surprise, by Emma, the second highest ranking officer of the club.

“Hello, Money, we were expecting this,” she said in her crisp British accent.

“So it’s not an accident?”

“No. You have to learn to work out of your comfort zone. Not saying you have to fuck her, just do your job. Although I *have* fucked her and she’s wonderful. But that’s up to you.”

With a resigned sigh the masseur put away the phone. He looked his latest client up and down. She had smooth cafe au lait skin and her breasts were just starting, not more than an A-cup at most, a lot smaller than he usually liked. Similarly her hips were just beginning to swell.

“It’s been cleared,” he said, “get on the table.” Then he yelled, “Stop!,” because she had started to take off the leotard, getting so far as to expose one sweet little tit, it’s nipple the color of dark chocolate.

“What?,” the young hottie asked. Casual nudity was part of the culture of the Lolita Club.

“Um, I’m not really comfortable with the idea of a naked fourteen year old.”

She shrugged, put the leotard back on and got onto the table face down.

Zendaya closed her eyes and sighed as Money’s strong hands worked her muscles. Soon he had her purring, his hands working almost every muscle in her slender body. Almost, because he was studiously avoiding her upper thighs.

When he was done she looked back over her shoulder at him, licked her lips and asked in a husky voice, “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to do my front?”

Money was normally a very confident man but this sweet young thing filled him with unexpected fear. “Um, no. Sorry. Your very pretty but too young,” he stammered then retreated.

Zendaya, having been stolen from her family when she was nine barely knew what a schoolgirl crush even was but her first was hitting her with a bang.


“He was sooo cuute!,” Zendaya squealed later to her roomie, partner, best friend and lover Bella later. ‘He even blushed!”

“Really?,” her friend said, astonished. This was not behavior either was used to from men. They had bonded together when they had been owned by the same brutal pimp before being rescued by Tricky’s Amazon Squad, led by a woman named Michelle Rodriguez. Yes, he was a pimp too but of a different kind. Having luxury and therapy both heaped on them had gone miles towards increasing their job satisfaction. Before they had been slaves and treated like crap, now they were employees and treated like princesses.

Right now Zendaya was naked and glistening with drops of water, having just stepped out of the shower showing off a body just coming into womanhood, small, budding breasts, swelling hips and a few dark hairs covering the slit between her legs. Her roommate, lying on the bed they shared, was wearing tight white shorts and a violet crop top that left her stomach bare.

“And he had great hands too.” the dark skinned nymphet smiled at her girlfriend and licked her lips. “I’m really horny right now.”

“Come over here and I’ll see what I can do about that.”

Zendaya smiled and jumped on top of her red haired friend/lover who let herself be pinned to the bed while they shared a long, slow kiss. As their tongues tangled Bella lifted her arms and let her partner slide her top over her head breaking the kiss but then pressing the other girls face to her own budding bosom. She closed her eyes as the dark skinned nymph sucked on her nipples.

“Mmm, honey, I love you sooo much!,” she said, running her hands up and down the dark, smooth flesh of Z’s own ripe, young body. She rolled her partner over, pulled off her short’s then straddled the other girl, rubbing their pussies together. Zendaya reached out and dug her fingers into the flesh around Bella’s hips

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cunt!” Any further outcry was blocked by Bella’s small and perky tit which got shoved into her mouth and which she eagerly sucked on.

“Oh…OH! Cumming baby! I’M CUMMING!,” the hot little redhead screamed to her lover. The games were however not finished. Before either of them had caught their breath Zendaya had moved her friend to the bottom and mounted her face while plunging her own between Bella’s creamy white thighs. Eagerly their tongues pushed into each others vaginas, exploring and bringing forth squeaks and squeals of pleasure until finally they both came a second time.

“So,” Bella said, as they lay snuggled together afterwards, “How are we going to get you laid?”

“I thought we just took care of that, Zendaya relied. “And pretty damn well too.”

“I mean Money. Actually, if he’s as hot as you say maybe we can get us both laid.”

Zendaya frowned prettily and said, “I don’t know, he was awful shy. That’s part of what turns me on so much.”

Her partner kissed the dusky beauty between the eyebrows and said, “That’s what going to make this so much fun. The thrill of the chase.”


Over the next two weeks the two nymphets ran a subtle but relentless siege to Money’s moral constraints. At first he just noticed that one or both of them were just always around, always smiling and always skimpily dressed whether he was going to or from work, or eating in what was technically a cafeteria but whose food was more like a four star restaurant’s except more varied where you could get anything from burger and fries to the finest, French, Italian, Chinese or Latin American dishes. If you were staff that is. The girls were kept to a strict diet individually tailored to their metabolisms. Interestingly, even though the girls were allowed to wear anything or nothing at all on their off hours they were never naked. Instead they wore outfits that seemed more risque than mere bare flesh.

Then of course there were the frequent brushes against him in the corridor. One or two could have been put down to accident but it was happening half a dozen times a day, usually with their tits or a hand brushing against his ass or crotch.

And when they weren’t brushing they were flashing. Bending over to show off their minimalist cleavage, sitting in the lounge, strategically positioned to show off their panties, when they were wearing panties. It was a war of attrition that Money knew he was losing. So he decided to call in a higher authority.


“What, are you, retarded?,” Tricky asked the masseu,r his voice a sarcastic snarl. “You have two hot babes after you and you’re whining about it to me instead of cheering and dancing in the corridors? Why?” Sitting on his knee, arms around his neck and rolling her eyes at Money was Selena who, in more ways than one, was filling in for Emma while she was off tending to one of his business concerns.

“They’re just kids,” Money replied. Come to think of it, he thought, maybe his excuse did sound a little whiny. It certainly didn’t sound convincing, not even to him and definitely not to his boss from the look on his face.

“They haven’t been kids for a long time,” Tricky said, shaking his head. “If they ever were. Zendaya was stolen from her family when she was nine. Bella was *sold* by hers when she was seven. There’s nothing you can name and probably some things you can’t that they haven’t done or had done to them.”

“So you’re saying it’s okay because they’re a lot older than they look?”

“Basically, but only you can decide if it’s okay. It’s mainly okay because *they* want it. If the situation was reversed you’d have a bullet in your head and be taking up space in a shallow grave somewhere. My girls are all precious to me.” Then he softened. “But let’s do something to relieve the pressure while you’re here. Selena baby, do you mind?”

“it’s what I live for.” The sweet Hispanic hottie who was wearing her version of office attire, a deep purple, sccop neck pullover blouse and a matching skirt whose hemline ended well above her knees with a broad, black leather belt gave Tricky a long slow kiss then seemed to flow off his lap and onto the floor where she crawled towards Money’s chair. Knowing what was was coming the soldier turned therapist pushed his chair back and started to undo his belt only to have a small, soft hand laid over his.

“Let me,” Selena said with a husky purr in her voice. She quickly had him unbuckled, unzipped and pulled out. Her eyes widened at the stiff twelve inches that came out.

“I’m impressed,” said Tricky from behind the desk where he’d unzipped his own pants and was jerking off at the sight of his assisstant running her tongue up and down the length of his employee’s member. Normally this might have made Money uncomfortable but he was too focused on what Selena was doing to him.

The sultry latina took Money’s balls in one hand and his cock in the other and guided his meat missile into her oral silo. He closed his eyes as her mouth moved up and down his cock then opened them to see his boss behind her who had just pushed his own penis into her steamy twat.

“Hope you don’t mind my joining in. Because I would anyway.”

Once again Money might have been angry at his boss’ arrogance if Selena’s lips and tongue hadn’t been working his cock so expertly. He put his hands on either side of her head and steadied her as he got ready to come. When he did some of it flowed down her throat and some of it dribbled off her lips and down her lovely throat. Now it was her turn to dig her ands into his hips as Tricky’s thrusting drove her towards climax.

“Unh…Unnnngh! Oh…FUCK! Yesss!,” she moaned as she came.


The next day Money reflected on what his boss had told him and decided he was probably right. Still he was slightly nervous as both Zendaya and her equally hot redheaded girlfriend came through the door in sports bras and booty shorts.

“A two-for-one session huh?” Zendaya just smiled, blushed and ducked her head, Bella was more vocal.

“Yup. Zendaya wants to go first,” she said as she pushed her friend towards a massage table.

“Okay, you can strip down if you want.”

She definitely wanted. She was topless, her dark erect nipples standing proudly atop her small bronze titties in record time. but left the bootie shorts on and climbed onto the table. She looked back and smiled at Money.

“You can remove the shorts yourself when you’re ready.”

The masseur got up on the table and straddled her hips. While it was rare for Money to do it, it wasn’t unusual for the Lolita Club as a whole for this sort of thing to happen so the table was both larger than customary, about the size of a twin bed and set directly into the floor to avoid any embarrasing collapses.

His hands, large but surprisingly sensitive works at her neck and shoulders, producing small squeaks of pleasure. Then one hand brushed back her hair and she felt his lips on the back of her neck

“Oh! Nice!” This was followed by further squeaks and moans as Money worked his way down her tight little adolescent body with both hands and lips until he reached her buttocks. Then he changed up his tactics. His lips and tongue continued to lick and kiss her perfect little ass while he reached for and found a bottle of lube, applied it to his hands then inserted a finger into her bunghole.

“Oh!” Zendaya cried, although not in a hurt way while behind and to his left Money heard her friend’s voice go, “Yes! Do it!” He looked back and saw Bella, now wonderfully naked, sitting on a chair, legs spread watching them as she moved two fingers in and out of her red trimmed twat.

Money took his finger out of the young woman’s ass, wiped in on said ass then put it and a companion into her pussy, eliciting yet more moans and groans of pleasure.

“Fuck me Money Fuuuccck meee!”

He was certainly ready but before he could do anything he felt small, soft hands come from behind and run over his chest. Evidently Bella had gotten tired of masturbating and decided to join the fun.

“Yes!,” the lusty little redhead whispered in his ear. “Fuck her! Fuck her raw!” Then she reached down, undid his belt and pulled out his cock while sticking her tongue in his ear then started to stroke his already rigid member.

“Yes!,” Zendaya exclaimed. “Fuck me! Fuck me doggie style!” She got up on all fours and wriggled her rump, still with his finger in it, at Money. Since the table was a bit small for three people, especially if fucking was taking place, Bella got off it went around to the front and started playing with her lovers tits while they kissed.

All doubts banished by the sight of the two nymphets making out Money grabbed the bronze hotties hips and pushed slowly in, bringing an ecstatic moan from her lips. this became muffled as she leaned down and buried her face in the pillow. As she did Bella moved forward over her body, kissing her way towards where the masseur was plowing into her then kissed Money. When they finished she said, “Fuck her ass, she loves it when I shove a dildo in there.

Money asked Zendaya, “Do you like that? Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?” A muffled “Uh huh” came in reply. Once again he lubed up his fingers and pushed them in, coordinating them with his thrusts into her vagina, producing ever louder shrieks of pleasure. Then he pulled out his fingers and switched his cock from her steaming pussy to her still gaping bunghole causing her to raise her head and shout.


Which he proceeded to do. Soon both of them were coming and his white sperm flowed both into and out of her tight little rump while she screamed.

As he pulled out Bella was ready with a towel, simultaneously wiping off his cock and stroking it to keep his erection alive. Then tugging on it she guided him off the table and on to the floor where she lay down and spread her legs.

“Fuck me,” she said in a hoarse whisper. “Fuck me ’til I scream. Fuck me ’til I cum daddy!” Meanwhile Zendaya had crawled off the table too and was straddling her lover’s face.

As the chocolate hottie lowered herself onto Bella’s outstretched tongue Money got on his knees pulled up her pelvis, penetrated her pussy and then pulled up her legs and put them over his shoulders. She wasn’t as statuesque as her partner but was still able to lock her ankles around his neck as he thrust into her. At the same time his hands moved around Zendaya’s body as it rode the redhead’s mouth both to stabilize himself and to grope her small but exquisite tits.

Bella closed her eyes and moaned as her lover’s tongue explored the walls of he vagina. “Yeah baby! YEAH BABY! DOITTOMERIGHT!” At the same time muffled moans and squeaks came from Zendaya as Money plowed into her and he had to resist her long legs attempts to pull him down by the neck. Finally, shortly after bella’s orgasm, they exploded together and the three of themm collapsed on each other, the bronze nymphet at the bottom.

A few seconds after she asked, “Money?”

“Yeah honey?”

“You’re awful heavy.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said and rolled off. He guessed her crush was, if not over, at least tempered by reality now.

“So,” Bella, who was in the middle after they’d arranged themselves, asked the masseur, “Over your phobia?”

“Big time over.”

“And you,” she asked her partner-in-life. “Still crushing?”

“Well I’d still like to fuck him every once in a while, but I think the obssession is deflated, yes.”

“Well of course you want to fuck him. So do I. From time to time.” She looked at Money. “You got a problem with that?”

“With fucking you two? Oh, hell no. Alone or together, I’m up for it.”

“Well then, mission accomplished.”

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