XXX-mas 2 – Electric Bootyloo

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XXX-mas 2 – Electric Bootyloo

By voodoojoe

Enter Santa-man

Pulling boxes out of his red velvet sack, Santa Claus stacked them underneath and around the brightly lit tree. Hearing a noise behind him he barely paid attention as he went about his business. He’d been expecting it since he’d entered the house so he wasn’t surprised when he straightened up and saw the teenage girl watching him.

“You should be in bed, young lady,” Santa informed her even though she was old enough to know the rules.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Ariel Winter said nonchalantly.

“You know how the song goes, I know when you’ve been bad or good,” Santa said.

“Okay, fine, I was waiting up for you,” Ariel confessed.

“Did you have a last minute gift request or something?” Santa asked, even though after all these years he knew all too well why girls waited up for him.

“I was just wondering if I was on the nice list or not,” Ariel said. She hadn’t been the best she could be during the year, but she always at least tried to be kind.

“You had some scrapes, but you came out alright,” Santa assured her.

“So I don’t have to try to bribe you?” Ariel asked, smirking.

“If you’re looking to boost your standing for next year, I’ve never been one to turn down a bribe. Maybe that’s why I’m on my fourth Mrs. Claus,” Santa said, laughing.

“So what would I have to do to make sure I was on the nice list for next year?” Ariel asked, reaching down to fiddle with the hem of the shirt she’d put on to sleep in.

“Well, you’d have to continue to actually be nice, but I’m sure there are a couple things you could do to make me overlook a little more naughtiness than I normally might,” Santa reasoned.

“How much would a blowjob get me?” Ariel asked, dropping the pretenses.

“Next time you have impure thoughts about your sister, I’ll ignore them,” Santa replied.

“What? I don’t, uh, crap,” Ariel grunted, knowing he was right. She’d had a passing fantasy or two about her sister, Shanelle, but she’d never really considered actually acting on it. “What if I had sex with you?”

“Next time you sneak into your sister’s room to watch her have sex with your brother-in-law, I’ll keep it off the books,” Santa said.

“Wow, you really know your stuff,” Ariel said, blushing.

“But the real question you should be asking is what it would cost for me to grant that big wish you’re holding onto,” Santa said.

“What wish?” Ariel asked, even though she had a pretty good idea considering what he’d told her he’d overlook.

“I can make it happen, if you want it bad enough,” Santa told her.

Normally Santa didn’t even think of messing around with anyone under at least sixteen, but at a month shy of fifteen, Ariel was a bit of a special case. She was highly advanced for her age, both physically and emotionally. Besides, the records showed that she wasn’t a virgin so he wasn’t taking anything she’d likely regret losing.

“Assuming there is some big thing I really want, what would it cost?” Ariel asked, equal parts excitement and nervousness coursing through her.

“Let me fuck your ass and by New Year’s you’ll have your wish,” Santa said, making Ariel’s jaw drop.

“M-my ass?” Ariel stammered, her eyes wide in shock.

“That’s the price, though if that’s too much we can work towards a lesser gift,” Santa said, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’ll do it,” Ariel said, biting her lower lip as she weighed the pros and cons of her decision. On the one hand, she had heard horror stories from Sarah Hyland when she’d tried anal and was pretty sure it was going to hurt like hell to have a cock shoved up her virgin asshole. On the other, if anyone could deliver what Santa was promising, it was him, and she really, really wanted it.

“Then take off your shirt,” Santa instructed her.

Fighting the severe case of butterflies that was erupting inside of her, Ariel lifted her shirt, exposing her taut stomach to Santa’s gaze. As the shirt lifted higher, feeling the cool air on the underside of her breasts she started to enjoy the exhibitionism of stripping for a stranger.

Pulling the shirt off over her head Ariel tossed it aside to stand in front of Santa Claus in just a pair of panties. They weren’t fancy or anything since she hadn’t been expecting anyone to see them except her, but they still managed to hug the curves of her teenage body as she turned around to show off a little.

Before Santa could say anything she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pushed them down. With her back still to him she paused just as the crack of her ass came into view before continuing to push them lower.

“Bend over to push them down the rest of the way,” Santa said as Ariel’s panties reached the bottom of her ass.

Taking off his gloves and stuffing them in the pocket of his coat Santa stepped forward. As Ariel started to straighten up so she could step out of her panties he put a hand on her lower back to stop her. After taking a moment to stare at her ass he finally let her stand up.

“Sit down,” Santa said with enough authority to make Ariel quickly obey.

Gazing upon her naked teenage body as she fidgeted nervously on the couch waiting to get fucked, Santa felt his cock start to harden. A smirk crossed his face as he undid his pants and let them drop around his ankles.

“Spread your legs,” Santa commanded, smiling as she slowly opened her legs to show off a freshly waxed pussy. “Play with yourself for a minute.”

Ariel had never really masturbated much. She’d tried it a few times, mostly mimicking a few porn movies she’d seen, but for the most part when she felt horny she called her boyfriend and let him take care of it. Even so, she still reached down and dragged her fingers along the length of her slit to pick up some of the moisture that was quickly gathering before moving to rub at her clit.

As Ariel slowly stroked her clit Santa turned and reached for his sack. Reaching inside he pulled out a bottle of lube and turned back to meet Ariel’s gaze as she watched him. Popping the top on the bottle he knelt between her legs.

Reaching out Santa caressed Ariel’s thighs, slowly stroking his way closer to her crotch. Stopping just short of where her finger was working on her little pearl Santa pulled his hand away and squirted a bit of lube onto the tip of his finger.

“Put your legs up on the couch and scoot forward,” Santa instructed.

Continuing to play with herself Ariel did as she was told. Putting her feet on the couch she scooted forward until her ass was at the edge. Looking down at Santa she shivered a little as she felt his fingers touch her at the bottom of her pussy and the butterflies in her stomach started to multiply as the fingers started to slide down across her taint and between the cheeks of her ass.

“Uhhh,” Ariel grunted, eyes wide open as she felt his finger rub lube around the outside of her asshole.

When his finger made contact with her asshole Ariel tightened up but as she got used to the strangeness of it all she started to calm down. Feeling her ass unclench Santa took the opportunity to press the finger against the center of her starfish and penetrate up to the first knuckle before she realized it and clenched up again.

As he pushed his finger deeper into her ass Ariel squirmed a little. It didn’t hurt, at least not much, and it didn’t really feel good, it just felt really weird. But it also felt really naughty as he started to slowly pump it in and out and soon Ariel synced the movements of her finger on her clit with the movements of his finger into her ass.

“Looks like somebody likes it,” Santa said, noticing the look on Ariel’s face.

“Maybe a little,” Ariel confessed, moving her hips to help her ass against his finger.

A grin split his bearded face as he pulled his finger out to the very tip and paused so he could line up a second finger and push forward again. Ariel’s eyes shot open even wider and she grunted as her asshole was stretched even wider but by the time he had both fingers buried inside her she’d adjusted and started to enjoy it again.

“Ready?” Santa asked, satisfied that her ass was as lubed and prepped as it was going to get without spending another half hour introducing extra fingers and stretching it so wide she’d barely feel his cock enter her nether region.

“I don’t know,” Ariel said, suddenly really nervous as she looked down and saw Santa pulling his cock out of his pants. It wasn’t quite as big as some she’d seen in porn, but it was definitely bigger than her boyfriend’s and her boyfriend’s cock felt big enough in her pussy she’d never even considered letting it anywhere near her virgin asshole.

“You’ll be fine,” Santa assured her, aiming his cock at her backdoor.

Pausing, Santa looked Ariel in the eye waiting for a go ahead sign. When she took a deep breath and nodded Santa pushed forward, only to stop again when Ariel instinctively clenched up and repelled his advances.

“Relax,” Santa cooed to her, reaching out to stroke Ariel’s stomach and sides.

Under his soothing caresses and his calm voice Ariel felt herself start to relax. Looking down at where his cock was aimed at her asshole Ariel felt every fiber of her being scream to rethink her decision but before she could open her mouth to speak Santa pushed forward and her asshole parted like the Red Sea.

“Oh god,” Ariel hissed, her ass stretching further than it had ever stretched before, and further than she would’ve thought possible. “Oh fuck, it hurts.”

“It’ll get better,” Santa assured her, taking a moment to let her get used to having his cock in her ass.

Barely able to breath from the pain Ariel gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes shut. As Santa continued to stroke her body she felt herself start to relax and he pushed forward. It wasn’t as bad as the initial penetration but it still hurt as her bowels were forced open.

“Oww,” Ariel grunted, grimacing from the pain as Santa reached bottom.

“Want me to stop?” Santa asked, reaching out to cup her breasts.

“Do I still get my present?” Ariel asked through clenched teeth.

“I’ll look the other way on a few things, but no,” Santa said, pinching her nipples.

“Then you might as well keep going,” Ariel hissed. She’d agreed to this for a reason and it’d be a shame to have taken his cock all the way up her ass and then not get it.

“We can stop any time,” Santa assured her, but she just waved him off.

Slowly sliding his cock out of her ass Santa pulled back until he was halfway out. Reversing course he gently pushed forward, burying himself once more inside the tightest hole he’d fucked in a long time, possibly ever.

“Uhhh,” Ariel grunted again, though this time in slightly less pain and a little more pleasure.

“Keep playing with your clit,” Santa said as he slowly withdrew his cock again.

As Ariel’s fingers went back to work Santa pushed into her with a little more authority. She’d adjusted to the size of him enough that the pain was largely gone and as she stroked her clit a twinge of pleasure shot through her.

Feeling the almost imperceptible change in her Santa grabbed hold of her waist and started to pick up a little speed with his thrusts. With each thrust Ariel’s grunts gradually turned more towards moans of pleasure.

“Better?” Santa asked when Ariel started to lift her hips to push back against his thrusts.

“A little,” Ariel answered, dipping a finger into her pussy before moving back to her clit.

“Good,” Santa said, sliding effortlessly in and out of her asshole.

“Ohhh,” Ariel moaned as the pain finally all but disappeared.

With Ariel getting into the act Santa grabbed her legs behind the knees and pushed them back to lift her butt a little further off the couch. Stroking easily into her ass Santa stopped worrying as much about hurting her and cut loose a little bit.

As the pain vanished the naughtiness of what she was doing took center stage for Ariel. Sure there was pleasure, but mostly it was from her fingers on her pussy and the mental rush of engaging in such a dirty act. She was getting fucked in the ass, and she was really starting to like it.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Ariel moaned, reaching down with her fingers to feel the spot where they were joined as his cock plunged into her asshole.

“Someone likes having her ass fucked,” Santa observed as he slid his entire cock in and out of her tightest hole.

“Fuck me, Santa! Fuck me, Santa! Fuck me, Santa!” Ariel chanted as she felt her orgasm closing in.

“Yeah, come from having your ass fucked,” Santa grunted, the tightness of her ass starting to take a toll on him.

Strumming her clit with as much energy as she could muster Ariel worked with a purpose. She really wanted to come and it was so close she could practically taste it. Her fingers were a blur as she felt her body start to shake with the first tremors of her orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I’m-” Ariel said a little too loudly before Santa clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle her cries so she didn’t wake up the whole house.

At first Ariel’s eyes went wide in shock as the hand covered her mouth but it was quickly forgotten as her climax hit her full force. If anything, the shock and slightly blocked air supply only made her come harder as she shook under Santa.

With the arrival of Ariel’s orgasm her already viselike anus clamped down on Santa’s cock tighter than ever. It was more than he could take and it was all he could do to slide his cock out of her ass without blowing his load inside her.

At first Santa was going to shoot his wad on her stomach, then his eyes drifted up her body to the pair of succulent melons attached to her chest and changed his mind. Putting his knees on the couch on either side of her straddled her body and slapped his cock down in the valley between her tits.

“Have you ever had your tits fucked?” Santa asked Ariel, pushing her tits together around his cock as she started to come down from her orgasm.

“No,” Ariel said, feeling another rush as she looked down and saw Santa’s cock emerging from between her tits aimed right at her face.

“Suck the head,” Santa urged her, feeling his balls start to churn.

Opening her mouth Ariel lifted her head and let the head slip between her lips. She gave it a little suck and her eyes narrowed as she tasted something that she couldn’t quite identify. It wasn’t until Santa pulled back and the cock slipped back out of her mouth that she realized what she’d tasted was her own ass.

Her first instinct was to grimace and stick out her tongue but before she could Santa’s cock bumped against her lips and whether she wanted it or not she got another taste as the head pushed into her mouth. The second time she tasted herself she realized it wasn’t so bad and actually was really really sexy to be doing something so filthy.

“I’m gonna come,” Santa hissed, the feel of her teen mammaries wrapped around his cock pushing him to the brink.

Before Ariel had a chance to register his warning Santa let go of her tits. Pushing his cock further into her mouth he felt her tongue swirling around the shaft and gritted his teeth. When she tilted her head just enough to look up at him with her big brown eyes it was just too much for him.

With a grunt Santa unloaded, letting the jizz explode from the end of his cock. Ariel’s eyes shot open as the first blast hit the roof of her mouth. She’d only ever been with her boyfriend before and she’d never let him come in her mouth so it was another completely new experience. It was so warm and kinda salty, but really hot as more of his come erupted into her mouth.

After the last of his seed had been emptied into Ariel’s mouth Santa’s cock pulsed a couple more times before finally calming down. Sliding his cock from her mouth Santa scooted off the couch and took a moment to ogle her naked body before pulling up his pants.

In the aftermath of everything that had happened Ariel wasn’t in much of a hurry to move around. Her ass was a little sore but for the most part she just felt languid and sated. Instead she watched as Santa gathered up his bag of presents and disappeared up the chimney before finally finding the energy to sit up on the couch and find the shirt and panties she’d been wearing when she’d come downstairs.

“Oh my god, that was hot,” a voice said unexpectedly from the side of the couch, making Ariel jump. Turning her head Ariel saw it was her sister, Shanelle, staring at her with a look of shock and arousal as she moved to sit next to her little sister. “I heard a noise and came down to check and, wow. I can’t believe how amazing you looked, coming like a freight train with a cock in your ass. I almost jumped in several times it was so hot.”

“You could’ve,” Ariel said softly. “I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Now I’m really horny and I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep,” Shanelle said.

Remembering Santa’s promise, Ariel threw caution to the wind. Leaning in she grabbed Shanelle and kissed her. It took Shanelle by surprise but after watching her baby sister taking it in the ass she looked at her completely different.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” Ariel said when Shanelle pushed her away to break the kiss.

“We should probably go to your room so we don’t wake anyone else,” Shanelle said, her eyes twinkling as she grabbed Ariel’s hand.

Master of Fuck Puppets

“Waiting up?” Santa asked, emerging from the fireplace to find both Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande sitting on the couch looking at him.

Liz was sitting up straight with her legs crossed at the ankles wearing a t-shirt and a loose pair of shorts. Ariana, meanwhile, was wearing a long nightgown with her legs folded underneath her, giving Santa a tantalizing glimpse of thigh almost up to the crotch of her panties, if she had been wearing panties anyway.

“We wanted to thank you for your gift two years ago,” Liz responded.

Two years earlier they’d been head over heels in love with each other but didn’t have the nerve to tell the other. So Santa had arranged for a hotel room for the two of them and given keys to each of them. It had worked so well that not only were they still together, but they’d even moved in together.

“We tried to wait up last year, but Liz couldn’t keep her hands off me and we wound up being busy when you came,” Ariana said, blushing.

“And we’re really glad you came when you did because I don’t know if we could last another hour,” Liz said.

“You don’t need to thank me for doing my job,” Santa said, nevertheless looking at the two nubile teenagers.

“Oh, but we want to,” Ariana insisted, reaching over to slide her hand into the leg hole of Liz’s shorts.

“So, how would you like us, Mr. Claus?” Liz asked, spreading her knees further apart to give Ariana more room to work with.

“I’d hate to get between you two, so why don’t you just do whatever you want while I work,” Santa suggested, opening up his red velvet sack.

“Hear that, Lizzie, he wants us to do whatever I want,” Ariana said, her fingers tracing along the length of Liz’s slit.

“Funny, that’s not the way I heard it,” Liz said, hunching her hips at Ariana’s finger nevertheless.

“You don’t trust your little Cuddle Bug?” Ariana asked innocently.

“Only as far as I can fuck you,” Liz hissed, pushing Ariana down onto her back on the couch.

“I know what we can do, Lizzie,” Ariana said, mischievous grin on her face.

“I’m either going to really love this, or really hate it, won’t I?” Liz asked, knowing that look all too well.

“You’re going to love it,” Ariana assured her girlfriend. “I was just thinking that during our first time together, thanks to Santa, I asked you to fuck me in the ass.”

“Sounding good so far,” Liz said.

“So maybe this time we should thank him by letting him watch me fuck you in the ass,” Ariana said, licking her lips.

“Hmm,” Liz said, tapping a finger on her chin as she pretended to think it over. “See, I think it should be the other way around.”

“Only one way to settle this, I guess,” Santa said, reaching into his bag up to his shoulder and searching around. Pulling his hand out he held it up to show the girls the small bottle of lube. “I’ll put it behind my back and whoever guesses the right hand wins.”

“Okay,” Liz agreed.

“I get to pick first since it was my idea,” Ariana said as Santa put his hands behind his back.

“Fine, but just so it’s fair, the loser gets to do whatever they want tomorrow after we get back from dinner with my parents,” Liz suggested.

As part of their arrangement they’d established the year before, they’d agreed to spend Christmas morning with Ariana’s family. Then after that they were going to spend the afternoon with Liz’s parents having dinner, and then going home to fuck each other senseless.

“Left hand,” Ariana said. When Santa pulled his left hand out from behind his back and opened it up to reveal the bottle of lube Ariana started to bounce excitedly on the couch. “Yay!”

“I guess you win,” Liz said, trying to cover up her own pleasure at the outcome and only partially succeeding.

“Lucky we like to keep a toy out here just in case we can’t wait to get to the bedroom,” Ariana said, reaching under the couch to retrieve the strap on they kept stashed there. “Hands and knees, Lizzie.”

“Whatever you say,” Liz said, shifting on the couch until she was bent over the arm of the couch with her ass in the air facing Ariana while her girlfriend fitted the strap on in place.

“I’ll lube you up if you lube me,” Ariana said sweetly as she tugged Liz’s shorts down.

“That might be the best offer I’ve heard all day, and that includes you eating my pussy like the little dyke slut you are earlier,” Liz said, taking the bottle of lube and squirting a healthy dollop onto Ariana’s fake cock.

“I’m a dyke slut?” Ariana countered, grinning. “I’m not the one happily greasing up a fake dick so I can get fucked in the ass by my girlfriend.”

“No, you’re just the one about to grease up your girlfriend’s asshole so you can fuck the shit out of it,” Liz said, smiling as she turned around to assume the position.

“I guess I better get started then,” Ariana said, giggling as she took the bottle of lube.

Squirting some lube onto her fingers Ariana gently rubbed it around the edges of Liz’s asshole. As her girlfriend shivered and moaned Ariana pressed against the center and felt her digit slide easily into Liz’s tight little asshole.

Neither girl was a stranger to anal sex. Liz had tried it a time or two before they’d started dating, and she’d been the one to introduce Ariana to the pleasures to be had from such a kinky act. Then after they’d gotten together it had become a somewhat regular part of their lovemaking. Not all the time, but it seemed like at most a couple weeks would pass before one or the other got a craving to either be sodomized or to do the sodomizing.

“Are you ready?” Ariana asked, working two fingers around in Liz’s ass under the guise of making sure it was well lubed.

“As ever,” Liz said, chewing on her lower lip as she waited through that moment of anticipation as Ariana moved into place behind her. It always seemed just long enough to make her wonder if maybe Ariana had changed her mind for a split second before she felt the head of the toy press against her rosebud.

Closing her eyes Liz reached back to spread her butt cheeks and pushed all of her focus into relaxing her asshole. As Ariana pushed forward Liz felt the familiar twinge of pain for a second as she was stretched wide open before the head was inside and the pain was quickly forgotten.

After pausing to let Liz adjust Ariana started to push forward again. The way was well lubed and Liz was well acquainted with the act and it didn’t take long before she felt Ariana press against the cheeks of her ass as the last of the toy was driven home.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass,” Liz hissed as Ariana started to ease back.

“Does my Lizzie want me to fuck her ass hard?” Ariana asked, giving Liz a quick thrust with about half the dildo.

“You’re damn right your Lizzie wants her ass fucked hard,” Liz snapped, reaching underneath herself to frig her clit.

Of the two of them, Liz was the one that liked it a little harder with a little rougher edge while Ariana was more of a romantic that liked it on the slow side. That didn’t mean they weren’t willing to give the other exactly what they wanted though. Ariana was more than happy to let it loose and fuck the shit out of Liz whenever she needed to, and Liz was perfectly capable of making sweet love to her little Cuddle Bug when she was in control.

“Beg me to fuck it,” Ariana said, starting with a moderate pace as she worked in and out of Liz’s ass.

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll fuck my ass as hard as you can,” Liz snarled.

“That doesn’t sound like begging to me,” Ariana said sweetly as she continued to fuck Liz with half of the toy.

“Santa, make her fuck me,” Liz said, appealing to the man in the red suit watching with great interest.

“Pretend I’m not even here,” Santa said, deflecting Liz’s plea.

“So are you going to beg?” Ariana asked, smirking as Liz gritted her teeth.

“Fuck my ass, babe, please?” Liz hissed.

“I’m not sure you meant it,” Ariana said, giggling.

“Oh for-,” Liz started before stopping herself. “Fuck me harder, babe. Please fuck my ass like only you can.”

“There, was that so hard?” Ariana asked, smirking as she increased the pace.

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” Liz gasped, delighted as Ariana slammed into her.

“Play with your pussy while I fuck you, Lizzie,” Ariana moaned, gripping Liz’s hips and pulling her back to meet her thrusts.

As Ariana fucked Liz, Liz let her fingers work on her clit. Turning her head to the side she saw Santa staring at them and the hunger in his eyes as he watched them fuck turned Liz on even more. It was just so surreal to have an audience, Santa Claus no less, as Ariana fucked her in the ass.

“So fucking good,” Liz groaned, feeling her orgasm approaching from the combination of her fingers, Ariana’s fucking, and Santa’s watchful gaze.

“And don’t forget the rule,” Ariana said, her eyes focused on the toy plunging in and out of Liz’s asshole and the way Liz’s butt cheeks were rippling with the force of her thrusts. “You have to clean up when we’re done.”

“My favorite part,” Liz moaned, her fingers a blur on her clit. “Other than the ass fucking part, that is.”

“I want you to come, Lizzie,” Ariana urged. “I want to watch you come from me fucking your tight ass.”

“Fuck my ass, Ari baby, fuck it so good,” Liz groaned, her body starting to shake as the pleasure mounted.

“I’m fucking your ass, Lizzie,” Ariana hissed, slamming into Liz so hard the room was filled with the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

“So close,” Liz moaned, using her other hand to pinch her nipples to add a little extra pleasure to the equation.

Resting her head on the arm of the couch Liz concentrated her attention on pushing herself just that extra little bit towards her orgasm. While one hand twiddled her clit her other hand tweaked and pulled on her nipple until she finally felt the start of that glorious release.

“I’m coming for you, Ari, so fucking good,” Liz screeched as her orgasm ripped through her like a tornado.

As far as Ariana was concerned, the only better than having Liz fuck her was watching Liz come. The way her eyes closed and Liz’s mouth froze open as the pleasure wracked her body. And the knowledge that it was Ariana causing such a sight to happen sure didn’t hurt either.

“Time to clean up after yourself,” Ariana said as Liz went limp underneath her.

“Mmm,” Liz moaned as Ariana slowly extracted the toy from her ass with a lewd ‘pop’ sound.

Moving up the couch Ariana stopped when she was even with Liz’s head. Seeing the fake cock glistening with some remaining lube mixed with her juices Liz regained some of her strength and moved quickly to take it into her mouth.

Sucking on the tip Liz loved the nastiness of sucking her ass off the toy. She also loved the taste of Ariana’s ass, but she normally preferred to get a taste of that firsthand by tossing Ariana’s salad on a regular basis. Liz wasn’t able to bend quite far enough to lick her own ass though so the only way she could taste herself was the taste it off something that had just been removed from her butt.

“Don’t forget the shaft,” Ariana urged, getting off on watching her Lizzie clean the dildo.

“Mmhmm,” Liz moaned around the fake cock as she worked more of it into her mouth.

Relaxing her throat Liz took the last little bit of the dildo into her mouth and let her saliva wash all of her ass juices off of it before slowly pulling back. Satisfied that she’d cleaned up as best as she could Liz lifted her mouth off the toy and looked over at Santa with a contented smile, except he wasn’t there. Somewhere in the heat of the festivities he must have slipped away and both of them had been too busy to notice.

“Lets go to bed,” Liz suggested, sitting up on the couch.

“We don’t have to go right to sleep, do we?” Ariana asked, her big brown eyes full of hope.

“I’m willing to spend all night licking your pussy if you want me to after what you just did,” Liz said, pulling her girlfriend in for a kiss.

“Don’t forget my ass, Lizzie,” Ariana said as they headed for their bedroom. “My ass needs your tongue too.”

“I could never forget your ass,” Liz said, reaching down to give it a little swat.

The Call of K(un)tulu

“Selena, no, we have to finish these cookies for Santa,” Taylor Swift said, playfully hip checking a frisky Selena Gomez away from her as the younger girl pressed her breasts against Taylor’s arm under the guise of reaching for something.

“What? I’m just cutting out cookies,” Selena said innocently as she used cookie cutters in the shapes of trees and stockings and candy canes among others to cut up the sheet of dough Taylor had rolled out.

“Sure you are,” Taylor scoffed, rolling out another sheet before they switched spots so Selena could cut up the new sheet while Taylor loaded the cut cookies onto baking trays for the oven.

They’d set out to make some Christmas cookies so they had some to put out for the big guy, as well as give them to friends and family on Christmas. But Taylor hadn’t calculated Selena’s hormones into the equation and it seemed like every time she looked away Selena was finding some excuse to grope or rub up against her. Not that it really bothered Taylor much, she just really wanted to at least get the cookies done before they got too distracted.

“How much longer?” Selena whined like an impatient child having to wait for her reward.

“Not much longer,” Taylor said, grinning as she took the scraps of dough and balled them up to be rolled out and recycled into more cookies.

“Fine, but I’m not decorating the cookies until after you fuck me,” Selena insisted, cutting out the last of the cookies.

“I’d expect no less,” Taylor said, grinning at her girlfriend as the oven dinged. “Hurry up so we can get them in the oven and be done.”

“Don’t need to tell me twice,” Selena said, working double time to transfer the newly shaped dough onto empty trays for the oven.

“There, now we’ve got about ten minutes until we have to at least break long enough to take them out,” Taylor said as she set the timer.

“Then we better start now,” Selena said, pressing herself up against Taylor’s back and grinding against Taylor’s ass.

“Ooh,” Taylor moaned as she felt Selena slide a hand up her thigh and underneath her dress.

“Fingers or tongue?” Selena purred into Taylor’s ear.

Taylor really wanted to feel Selena’s tongue lapping away at her pussy but as she looked at the timer she knew they’d never be done in time. And even though she really wanted it, she didn’t want to risk having to stop while she was getting close to coming.

“Fingers,” Taylor hissed as she felt Selena start to pull her panties down her legs.

Rather than take the time to pull Taylor’s underwear all the way down Selena merely pulled them down to her knees before moving her hand back to Taylor’s crotch. With one eye on the timer counting down Selena eased her middle and ring fingers into Taylor’s snatch.

Slowly rocking her hand against Taylor’s pussy Selena started to move her fingers in and out of Taylor’s cunt. The way her hand was positioned it pressed and rubbed against Taylor’s clit with every movement. Lifting up slightly Selena pressed tighter against Taylor’s back and even nipped gently at the back of the blonde’s neck.

Watching the numbers on the stove tick off Taylor pushed back against Selena’s fingers with more urgency. Biting her lower lip she moaned and spread her legs wider to give Selena even better access. Bending over the counter Taylor closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure growing by leaps and bounds in her crotch.

“Four minutes, think we can make it?” Selena whispered as she watched the timer.

“Hope, uhh, so,” Taylor moaned, humping Selena’s hand.

Pumping away at Taylor’s pussy Selena picked up even more speed as she tried to beat the clock. Whether she got Taylor off in time or not she knew that the play time would continue, but that didn’t mean Selena didn’t want to win the challenge.

“Fuck me, baby,” Taylor moaned as she felt herself being pushed to the brink.

“Come all over my fingers,” Selena encouraged her, adjusting the angle of penetration to push her fingers in even deeper.

Opening her eyes briefly to check the timer Taylor was just in time to see it tick under one minute. As Selena’s fingers continued to plunge into her she finally felt the release Selena had been spurring her towards.

With Taylor’s explosion Selena gave her a couple more quick thrusts to prolong the pleasure before finally pulling out. Bringing her fingers to her mouth Selena had just enough to suck Taylor’s juices off them before the timer hit zeros and beeped at her.

Taylor was slumped over the counter and moaning happily as Selena grabbed the oven mitts and opened the oven. Pulling the cookies out of the oven Selena set them on the stove top to let them cool for a moment before transferring them to a wire rack.

“Your turn now,” Taylor said, her eyes twinkling as she straightened up and focused her attention on Selena.

“Mmm,” Selena moaned, a twinge of pleasure shooting through her pussy just from the look of hunger on Taylor’s face.

Selena’s moan had barely cleared her throat before Taylor lunged at her and tackled her. As they writhed on the kitchen floor Taylor insinuated her hips between Selena’s legs and planted a kiss on Selena that was full of passion and desire.

“Spin around,” Selena hissed when Taylor broke the kiss.

“Try to stop me,” Taylor said, reaching down to push her panties the rest of the way down her legs before spinning around to settle down over Selena’s face.

Grabbing Selena’s panties Taylor started to pull them down but before she could, she felt Selena’s tongue dart out to mop up some of the residual juices from her orgasm. She was already feeling impatient and Selena wasn’t helping her concentration any so she finally gave up and just yanked on the material and got a satisfying ripping sound for her trouble.

Normally Selena would’ve at least pretended to be upset about having her clothes ruined like that, but she knew from experience that whenever Taylor got impatient enough to literally rip her clothes off her, it meant good things. The last time it had happened Taylor had gotten so worked up from Selena tossing her salad that she hadn’t been able to wait a second longer to return the favor.

“I want to lick your ass,” Selena said, grabbing a fistful of Taylor’s ass in each hand and pulling her cheeks apart.

“Oooh,” Taylor moaned as she felt Selena’s tongue start to circle around her starfish.

As Selena lavished attention on her backdoor Taylor pushed back against her tongue. Both of them liked a little anal play though they differed a bit on what kind they liked. Taylor loved loved loved having the area on and around the surface of her asshole licked or played with, while Selena preferred penetration. Her favorite was to have a finger in her ass but she rarely turned down having something a little bigger.

“Oh yeah, lick my ass, baby,” Taylor moaned, lifting up to sit on Selena’s face.

As she rolled her hips, working her ass against Selena’s tongue Taylor spotted the rolling pin she’d been using for the cookies and got an idea so naughty she knew she couldn’t resist. Slowly leaning over so Selena had time to adjust and keep her tongue firmly planted against Taylor’s ass as she reached for the marble rolling pin.

Picking it up Taylor wondered if it would even work. It was little more than a rod that was a couple inches wide at the center and tapered to a more manageable width at the ends. Squirming against Selena’s tongue Taylor ran her hand along the length of the rolling pin, wiping off any flour or dough that might have still be clinging to it.

Opening her mouth Taylor took the end of the rolling pin between her lips and sucked on the tip. The stone was cold at first but as she worked more of it into her mouth it started to warm up. When she had a few inches soaked in her saliva Taylor bent back down over Selena.

Taylor had been blocking her view, and even if she hadn’t, Selena had been rather busy, so she hadn’t seen what Taylor had been doing. So she was caught completely by surprise when Taylor used one hand to pull her ass cheeks apart while the other aimed the rolling pin at Selena’s asshole.

“Whoa,” Selena gasped as she felt the unexpected pressure against her anus.

As she concentrated on relaxing her asshole Selena tried to figure out what Taylor was trying to push inside her. She could tell it wasn’t a finger, or even a bunch of them. And as the first inch or so made its way into her ass  Selena knew it wasn’t any of the toys they normally used.

Nearing the point of the makeshift toy where she’d stopped lubing with her spit Taylor tried to think of something that might work. Stopping to let Selena adjust to the length that was already inside her Taylor once more sat up and looked around. Spotting a stick of butter on the counter she grinned and reached for it.

“Oh yeah, lick my ass,” Taylor grunted, her eyes rolling back in her head momentarily as Selena went back to work.

Unwrapping the butter Taylor leaned forward once more. Pressing the stick against the rolling pin she smeared it on liberally getting it nice and slick. Satisfied that she had it as lubed up as she was going to get without running to the bedroom for her tube of the real stuff, Taylor dropped the butter and took hold of the rolling pin.

“Fuck, what are you using?” Selena hissed as she felt a long, thick rod being stuffed up her ass.

“Lets just say, if you haven’t bought me a Christmas present yet, I’m going to need a new rolling pin,” Taylor answered, slowly sliding the toy in and out of Selena’s ass.

“Oh shit,” Selena moaned as Taylor used her free hand to rub Selena’s clit.

Careful not to go too deep Taylor wrapped her hand about the middle of the rolling pin to stop in case she got a little too enthusiastic. It still gave her a solid seven or eight inches to work with though so she was pretty sure Selena wouldn’t complain.

“God, it feels so big in my ass,” Selena moaned, lifting her hips to meet Taylor’s thrusts.

“It doesn’t hurt, does it?” Taylor asked even though she wasn’t worried enough to actually stop. She figured if she was really hurting her Selena wouldn’t hesitate to let her know.

“No, it feels awesome,” Selena responded before remembering that she had Taylor’s pretty little pussy and perfect ass hovering right over her face.

As Taylor butt fucked her Selena grabbed hold of her blonde girlfriend’s ass. Lifting her head Selena attacked Taylor’s clit with her tongue. As she humped her hips against the rod plunging in and out of her ass Selena let her middle finger slide into the crack of Taylor’s ass to rub against her asshole.

“Yeah, eat my pussy,” Taylor hissed, sliding a finger into Selena’s snatch as she worked the rolling pin even faster.

“Oh god, you’re gonna make me come, Tay,” Selena gasped as Taylor fucked both of her holes at the same time.

“Do it, Selly,” Taylor demanded, sliding a second finger into Selena’s cunt and working her into a frenzy. “I want you come for me.”

“Not yet, I want you to come with me,” Selena moaned, trying to put her off her climax just a little bit longer.

Knowing Taylor’s weakness, Selena tilted her head so she could get to Taylor’s asshole. Flicking her tongue against Taylor’s rosebud Selena moved one of her hands down to Taylor’s pussy and rubbed her thumb against Taylor’s clit. The double switch seemed to work as soon Taylor started to quiver.

“So close,” Taylor moaned, rotating her hips to press back against Selena’s tongue and finger.

With Taylor almost there Selena quit trying to hold out. Giving herself over to the pleasure she felt the first wave hit her and it was all she could do to remember to keep pushing Taylor to the same heights. But as soon as she felt Taylor start to arch her back on top of her Selena knew she’d hit the point of no return and they both let themselves go.

Screaming into Taylor’s pussy Selena felt her asshole clamp down on the stone rod sticking out of her. Her whole body was wracked by waves of pleasure and she clutched onto Taylor’s ass for support as she shook from the release.

Feeling Selena coming underneath her Taylor hit her own peak. A series of low moans echoed from her throat as the muscles in her stomach tightened up in knots for a moment before everything exploded. Her mouth hung open and her eyes slammed shut as ecstasy radiated out through her body and coursed through her veins.

“Oh god,” Selena panted as she started to come down her climax.

“I say we take a few minutes before we decorate the cookies,” Taylor suggested, slowly sliding the rolling pin out of Selena’s ass.

“Clean off your toy and we’ll talk,” Selena said, grinning.

“Want to help?” Taylor asked, sliding off of Selena and sitting up.

“I think I could be talked into it,” Selena said, sitting up next to Taylor.

When Taylor lifted the rod she held it between them. Locking eyes they both leaned forward and ran the tips of their tongues along the smooth surface. Taylor could definitely taste the butter that she’d used to lube it up and it actually complemented the familiar taste of Selena’s ass really well.

“Suck on it,” Selena urged Taylor. As much as she liked having her ass fucked, she almost found it even hotter to watch Taylor clean up afterward.

Parting her lips Taylor took the tip of the rolling pin into her mouth for the second time. This time it tasted quite a bit different than the first time and that taste spurred Taylor to move her mouth further down the shaft.

Not wanting to be completely left out, Selena used her tongue to lick the rod below where Taylor was sucking. Sliding her tongue up and down the shaft Selena licked Taylor’s lips when she reached them before moving over slightly and licking her way back down.

“Mmm,” Taylor said, finally letting the rolling pin slide from her mouth. “Ready to decorate?”

“Definitely,” Selena said, grinning as she looked Taylor up and down.

“The cookies, we’re going to decorate the cookies,” Taylor said, rolling her eyes at Selena’s appetite.

“Fine, but you really made a mess with that butter,” Selena said, reaching down to feel the greasy residue all around her asshole. “I’m going to go take a shower before I do anything else.”

“Might as well take this and put it with the other toys,” Taylor said, holding out the rolling pin. “You really seemed to like it and I’m not sure anyone would want to eat anything I used it on if they knew what we just did with it.”

“I would,” Selena said, giggling as she took it from Taylor.

“Well that’s just because you’re a pervert,” Taylor called after her.

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