Extreme Team

She’s on the Playboy X-Treme team and former centerfold

Extreme Ride


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A short
little ditty based on
an old pic from Mesmer Eyes, hope you all enjoy.

The bike trail cut through a forest, a nice place to relax and get away
from the worries of
the world. It was a nice park, the trail actually passing by a small pond and
some caverns nearby,
a scenic place where birds sat quietly, a slight breeze all the excitement that
was occurring here on
this quiet day. A shame it didn’t last.

“SHIT!” A loud female voice
cut through the forest, causing birds to take
off in flight as a
bike slammed through the trail, bouncing hard on the rocks as the rider tried to
get it under
control and not succeeding very well at it. The bike finally hit one rock, the
wheel twisting and the
rider nearly sent sailing off, a leg all that kept her body upright.

Instinctively, the woman stepped away from the bike, getting her breath
back. She took off
her cap and ran a hand through her shoulder length brown hair before putting the
cap back on.
She was a very attractive woman in her twenties, her nice, thin but athletic
body clad in a tight
biking outfit that accented her luscious curves. Practically every inch of the
uniform was covered
with logos and symbols of various companies, making the woman look like a very
sexy walking

When it had been announced that Playboy was backing a team of extreme
comprised mainly of former Playmates, the reaction had been dubious to say the
least. But when
tapes of events such as Eco-Challenge came out, people were struck by how these
women truly
gave it their all at these events, pushing themselves to the boundaries of
events that would tax
even the hardest pro athletes and never worrying about niceties like makeup or

Leading the charge was the captain of the Playboy team and former
centerfold Danelle
Folta, the woman currently cursing at her bike. Even under layers of sweat and
dirt on the hardest
trails, her beauty came to the fore and seemed to increase when she upset. As
she was here.
“Dammit!” she muttered as she glared at her bike.

The race had been for charity, not a lot of television coverage or anything
but still
something Danelle liked to take seriously and had thought that the shortcut
would enable her to
jump ahead. She hadn’t expected her bike to suddenly go crazy and nearly throw
her off in the
wild area.

Kicking it, Danelle sighed and looked about, trying to figure out what to
do. She was in a
more remote area than she expected and the lack of cameras meant no one from the
main raceway
could find her. It was a common occurrence but it bugged her a lot that she was
stuck having to
walk a long way towards the raceway. Well, at least she wasn’t injured and could
be slowed

“Hey, are you all right?” Danelle spun around to see a figure walking up to
her. He was a
slightly attractive if youngish man but with a little something that seemed to
put Danelle at ease
and made her think she could trust him. He wore a simple pair of jeans and a
shirt with a mop of
sandy blond hair on his head, smiling at Danelle. “I couldn’t help noticing you
were having

“I’m okay,” Danelle said. “My bike’s shot though. Not sure what happened,
it’s like the
tire just went out of line.”

“Sorry, I’m not much for bike repair,” the man smiled. “By the way, I’m

“Danelle,” she said, shaking hands. “I was in a race a while back but it
looks like it’s
passed me by. You don’t happen to have a truck or something that can give me a
ride, do you?”

“I’ll see,” Chuck said, moving towards the small pond and Danelle saw for
the first time a
camera set up with some equipment bags nearby. “I was doing some research for a
project,” Chuck answered Danelle’s unspoken question. “Don’t see many people
around this time
of day so I was surprised to see you come by.”

“Thanks,” Danelle said. “Figure my bike’s a loss so I might as well try a
ride back.”

“Hmm, I think I might have something here that can solve that,” Chuck said,
through his bags for a few moments while Danelle took a look around the nice and
surroundings. “Here we go,” Chuck said, turning so that Danelle could see he was
holding what
appeared to be a long crystal with a mechanical device on the end he held in his
hands. Before a
single question could escape her lips, Chuck hit a button and the crystal
instantly glowed.

Danelle watched it glow for some minutes, captivated by the way it pulsed,
a green light
seeming to come from within it and drawing in her gaze. Without warning, a beam
of light
erupted from the point of the crystal and into her face, seeming to wash over
her features and into
her eyes and mind. Danelle was rock still, letting the green light wash over
her, her face and body
relaxing as she began to fall under the spell Chuck was creating.

Chuck let out the breath he’d been holding. He really hadn’t had a chance
to field test this
new mind control beam before, it was a bit bulkier and different than the one he
had used a while
back on Gabrielle Reece. Of course, that had actually been the easiest part.
Finding out about the
race, sneaking the tiny device to blow Danelle’s tire out at the right time had
been tricky. But, it
was worth it now, as he watched the gorgeous biker fall under his spell, just as
he wanted.

“You’re feeling very warm now, Danelle,” he intoned. “Very warm. Hot even,
you’re feeling very, very hot. So very hot, Danelle, so very hot. You want to
take off your
clothes, Danelle, you want to take off your clothes, you’re so very hot, just
take off your clothes,
Danelle, just take them off.”

With both the disabled bike and the race forgotten, Danelle reached up to
pull her tight
fitting shirt over her head. She had never felt so hot before and even pulling
it off to reveal the
white bra over her breasts and the exposed skin did little to alleviate the
burning on her skin. A
voice seemed to flow into her head and she kept disrobing, the green glow from
the crystal still
flowing over her face as she unsnapped her bra and exposed her pert but firm
breasts. Soon, her
tight pants were gone, then panties and shoes and she swayed naked before Chuck,
still feeling
incredibly warm through it all.

Chuck was naked himself now, taking in Danelle’s terrific body, the stain
of sweat on it
adding to her sexiness. “You’re still very hot, Danelle,” he went on, trying to
keep the
nervousness out of his voice. “Still very hot, only now it’s a different kind of
heat, a desirable
heat, Danelle. You feel very hot and sexy now, Danelle, very hot and sexy. When
I kiss you,
you’ll want to have sex with me immediately, you’ll want to give yourself over
to me immediately,
Danelle.” With that, Chuck moved forward, kissing her full on the lips, her
tongue diving into
Danelle’s mouth and wrapping around hers, the two embracing, his hands moving to
her tight ass
and squeezing the buttocks as they kissed.

Chuck brought her around towards the small pond, breaking off only to set
up his small
camera to start snapping pics. He lay her down on the grass, moving his face
down her nice body,
kissing her tight nipples, hands roaming over her breasts as he did. Danelle
moaned louder as she
felt Chuck press down on her, his mouth moving over her great chest as she
licked and suckled on
her nipples. As he did, he slid two fingers into her clit, working them into the
pussy and loving the
long moan Danelle let out as he went into her, working away at her pussy,
fingers sliding in and
out of her snatch.

As soon as he was sure Danelle was turned on enough, Chuck sat her up,
bringing her to
him, his cock sliding into her pussy, the two sitting on the ground as they
started to work against
one another. As Chuck’s cock started to pump into her, Danelle moaned louder,
her legs coming
around and hooking around Chuck’s waist, flexing with every shove of him into
her, her moans
coming louder and longer as she felt him go at her. They seemed to merge,
Danelle pushing her
body against Chuck and his hard cock, Chuck bending down enough to lick at her
lush breasts,
tickling the nipples with his tongue as he went at her, Danelle leaning her head
back as her cries
increased with every shove of his rod. Finally, she threw herself against him,
tits right in his face,
as he erupted into her, the two crying out with the release of their orgasm,
Danelle slumping on
Chuck slightly as she let her tits be licked at.

Chuck wanted to fuck her until the sun set but knew that, even without
cameras, Danelle
would be missed soon so he had to end this. “Danelle, listen to me. When you
wake up, you
won’t remember any of this. You will remember, however……..”

Danelle let out a sigh of satisfaction as she stepped out of the shower.
The long, hot blast
of water was just what she needed to wash away the pains she’d felt all day.
Thank God that
Chuck guy had come along in his truck to give her a ride back to the raceway,
her legs were
aching from the walk. Well, being knocked out the race was rough but it
happened. It was time to
focus on the next race.

A knock on the door got Danelle’s attention and she walked over, opening up
and was
surprised to see Chuck on the other side, smiling at her. “Chuck! Wow, what are

“Time to go extreme, Danelle.” Danelle’s eyes shut as the trigger sent her
back into a
trance. “Let me in, Danelle,” Chuck commanded and let her step back and let him
in. He undid her
robe and slid it off to reveal her gorgeous body to him, now his for an entire
night. “Come on,
Danelle. Let’s go to the limits.” He took her hand and led her to the bedroom
where they could
start a truly exhaustive workout.

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