Miranda Lambert on Tour

Before we start the story, I must remind you that if you are offended by porn, it is illegal in your country or you are under the age of consent then get lost.  Go read Harry Potter or something and leave the adult stuff to, well, adults.

I have altered some facts in this story to make it fit to what I am writing about, so please ignore any glaring errors; they are meant to be there.  I have no idea if the celebrity involved actually does any of the things in this story, if she does then it is a lucky guess.  This is just fantasy, nothing more nothing less.  Please do give feedback, otherwise stories never improve.

Author: Mark Cunningham

Codes: MF, oral, anal, spank

Celebrity: Miranda Lambert, 29

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I was a typical horny teenage boy, ogling every hot female and wanking many times a day over those hot females.  I had posters and magazines featuring hot models and celebrities in my room.  Most of them stuck together with the loads I had deposited over the hot pictures.  My biggest crush was Miranda Lambert though.  Not normally a country music fan, I had been introduced to her by a girlfriend one day after I had done shooting a load down her throat.  My cock stirred again as I saw Miranda for the first time.  My girlfriend noticed and teased me about how much I fancied Miranda, and I responded by forcing her to suck me off again.  Just before we split, I had bought a pair of tickets to go and see Miranda in concert whilst she was on tour with her band Pistol Annies.  I was about to give them to her when I had gotten a voicemail.  During it I heard her being pounded hard.  It broke my heart, so I went off on holiday by myself.  So that was why I was in the arena during her concert in July 2012.

The concert itself was great, more so for Miranda’s appearance than anyone else.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her in her outfit.  She was wearing a tight white vest, which was straining to contain her massive breasts.  She had on tight blue jeans which accentuated her nice pert ass whenever she turned around to her band.  It was finished with a pair of high heels which made her look even more sexy.  I decided I had to go and wait outside for her autograph, and so I left early missing the end of the set just to make sure I was in a decent spot to get an autograph.  Turned out I wasn’t the only one who had been thinking the same thing.  I was pushed further and further down the line until I was practically being shoved into the waiting limo to take her back to her hotel.  She came out of the back door and the crowd went nuts, screaming and hollering at her to sign their scraps of paper or muscles or chests.  One bloke even shouted at her to sign his prick.  Security moved in and chucked him out of the line.  Still I was jostled down the line and this time when she got into her limo and the driver started to drive, I was caught a glancing blow on my right leg.  The leg which had been operated on a couple of years ago after a work accident, and which had taken me a year to walk with no trouble again.

‘I am so sorry Sir’ came the southern drawl of Miranda.  She had a look of concern in her eyes, and was genuinely upset to see me holding my knee in agony.  She invited me into her limo, which I accepted.  She told the driver to drive on, which he did.  He apologised as well, but I told him not to worry.  After all, it wasn’t his fault that someone had got carried away and pushed me into harm’s way.  Miranda offered to have the driver drop me off at the nearest ER, which I accepted as something didn’t feel right in my leg.  She gave me her mobile number and told me to call her when I was done in the ER.  So I stuck to my word, I called her three hours later after being given the all clear by a doctor  who needed to get a better bedside manner.  She answered after the third ring, and when I told her I was finished she told me to wait there and her limo would be there in the next thirty minutes to take me to her hotel.  I protested, saying I would get a cab but she insisted, saying she wanted to show me that not all Americans are jackasses.  I agreed, and waited no more than twenty minutes before the limo turned up.

He drove me to Miranda’s hotel, and as I entered her room she greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek.  She had changed into a black dress which finished part way down her thighs.  She still had on the stiletto heels, which pleased me.  She was still apologising for the fact her limo had hit me, and despite me telling her several times that it wasn’t her fault, she said she felt partly responsible for it because it had been her limo that had hit me.  I told her that I wasn’t like most Americans, who sued for the slightest thing.  She seemed relieved, and offered to treat me to a meal; saying it would be the least she could do seeing as how I’d missed out on an evening meal.  I agreed and we went to a local restaurant and had a private room to ourselves.  We ate some great food, and even shared a bottle of bourbon.  We got more and more drunk, and ended up groping each other as we left, each trying to stop the other falling on their faces.  We went back to her hotel, and as we went up the elevator to her suite, I leant in and kissed her neck whilst sliding a hand up her legs to the bottom of her dress.  She moaned, and told me that she was married and she would never cheat on her husband.

I got annoyed and said that maybe I would change my mind and take her to court for hurting my leg, and she changed.  She looked scared, and it soon became apparent that I would be able to have my way with her tonight.  We got into her suite, and I told her to strip for me.  She hesitated, and when I got my phone out and made to call the police (I said the digits 911 out loud), and she began crying softly.  I put the phone down and told her if she didn’t make it up to me right now I would call the police and have her arrested.  By now, the amount of bourbon she had drunk would make her fail a breath test for alcohol so I was sure she would be arrested for drunk driving.  She peeled her dress down her shoulders, and revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.  She had lovely 38C breasts, pert and jiggled nicely when she moved.  She took the dress off completely, showing she was wearing a white thong, which went nicely up her ass crack.

I pulled my cock out and started stroking it, she saw my 9 inch cock and despite herself couldn’t help herself licking her lips looking at my cock.  I told her to crawl on her knees and suck my cock.  She obeyed, and hungrily devoured my cock.  I held her hair and took over the action and held her down on my cock.  The sounds she made as she gagged around my cock made me twitch and I pulled her off as I wasn’t ready to shoot my cum yet.  I made her peel her thong off which revealed a totally bald pussy, and I could see she was wet.  I taunted her about it and she went red, to match her hair.  I told her to lie on her back on the sofa, which she did.  I got between her legs and with no warning or foreplay plunged my cock into her tight pussy.  She screamed as I rammed in and out fo her, the tightness making me last only a few strokes before I shot a load of cum in her belly.  I pulled out and made her lick me clean, she then laid there crying as the cum dripped out of her freshly fucked pussy.

She lay there whimpering as the realisation that I had just shot a load cum in her may mean she was pregnant.  She began crying, and I moved behind her and started spanking her ass hard.  She yelped and hollered as I beat her ass with my hands.  The cheeks turned a nice shade of red, and by this time I was hard again.  I pulled her towards me and thrust my cock back into her pussy.  She moaned in satisfaction as I stuffed her tight.  She got into the rhythm this time and began meeting my thrusts as I pounded into her.  Her big tits bounced nicely as I thrust into her, and I began mauling them.  As I pinched her nipples she let out a shriek and I felt pussy juice flood my cock.  I grinned and started smacking her tits.  She just went crazy, thrashing around and cumming multiple times as I abused her tits.  After a few  minutes I pulled out and shot my cum over her tits.  She hungrily scooped it up and began licking her fingers clean.  I collapsed onto the floor, tired out from pounding her cunt.

She settled down on the floor next to me and started sucking my cock.  I groaned, I wasn’t sure I could cope with another round of sex.  Despite her initial reluctance, it seemed that Miranda was a cock slut.  I got hard in no time, this time I made her ride me.  As she bounced up and down I took hold of her tits again and this time sat up so I could bite down on the nipples.  She went crazy again and began riding me harder and harder.  We hungrily kissed each other, lost in our fuck session.  I moved around so I was on top of her and put her legs over her head and pounded her hard.  Amazingly she was still tight despite the hard poundings I’d given her.  As I mauled her tits she screamed as 3 orgasms ripped through her body and I let out a loud groan as I emptied my balls deep into her stomach.

We both collapsed to the floor and lay there in the spooning position.  We dozed together for the rest of the night and woke at around nine.  We both lay there for a few minutes, each of us unsure if we had imagined the previous night.  We faced each other and began kissing, my morning erection now resting on her legs.  She laughed and got up to take a shower.  I joined her in the shower and as we washed each other we began groping each other.  I took the soap and with a soapy hand began to slowly rub at her ass crack.  She moaned as I stimulated her ass nerves.  With no warning I shoved two fingers deep inside her ass.  She jumped and moaned as I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her ass.  I managed to get four fingers in before she was begging me to shove my cock up there.  Not one to be asked twice, I removed my fingers and before her ass could close I shoved my cock deep into her bowels.  The water and soap made it easy for me to slam in and out of her ass.  I reached round with one hand and started rubbing her clit slowly.  She moaned and arched back into me as I carried on my crude anal fucking.  I suddenly tensed up as I shot a load of cum up her ass.  I pulled out and went down on her in the shower.  She wrapped her legs around my head as I ate her delicious pussy juices.

We finished showering and dried off in silence.  After I got dressed, we had brunch.  I left shortly after that as Miranda had to go and do a sound check for that night’s concert.  She offered me the chance to watch from backstage.  I declined, saying I had got what I had come to America to get.  Her face was a picture as she realised that I had always intended fucking her, and it was just luck that I had been hit by her limo the previous evening.  I kissed her on the cheek, told her she was a good fuck but I had had better.  She went red, and shouted at me to get out.  I gladly left, and left her crying in her suite.  Next I heard about Miranda was around 5 months later when it was announced in the press she was pregnant.  Everyone assumed that she was carrying Blake Shelton’s baby, but I knew better.  I sent her a letter with a picture of my cock, and telling her that I might just come over and fuck her pregnant tits.  Shockingly, I got a text from her.  2 weeks later I was on a plane to America where she was waiting in a cheap motel.  I fucked every hole that night, as well as getting a delightful tit wank from her.  I left the next morning whilst she was still sleeping, and tossed $500 onto her clothes.

I never took any notice of Miranda after that.  I did hear that she had a baby girl, but I wasn’t bothered.  I changed my mobile number so she couldn’t get in touch again and went on to get multiple girls pregnant before leaving them.

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