Little Ben and the Lady Doctor – Part 1

Little Ben and the Lady Doctor

Part 1



Fm, pedo, cons, first,


Jenna Fischer, Laura Linney, Jennifer Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel and Amy Adams.


This characters in this story are played by Hollywood actors but not as themselves. Just like in a movie they are playing the roles. Or I took the actresses to play the characters in this story. In order to make it convenient for the reader I am using their names  as it is. For example in this story “Jenna Fischer” plays a doctor and comes as “Dr. Jenna Fischer”. So when you read the story imagine these actors playing it. Now enjoy…..


Little Ben is having a problem and he needs some medical help…. And he gets it…..


Jenna Fischer : Lady doctor

Laura Linney : Ben’s mom

Jennifer Lawrence :  Ben’s elder sister

Zooey Deschanel : Nurse

Amy Adams:  Lady doctor 2

Disclaimer : This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

“Oh no..!!! Not again…!!!” Ben screamed as soon as he saw it. To confirm, he moved his blanket away. To his horror, yes it is there as it was yesterday and the day before yesterday and the day before that.

“How is this happening? Why me?”

Ben looked right at his crotch. His lose pajama is having a tent right there. And he knows what’s forming  that tent, his “thingy”.  He slowly pushed his pajama bottom’s down and emerges the frightful thing. His “pee pee” (as he calls it) standing straight up like a pole. What a deformation! And to extend the horror, to the base of his “thingy” there are those tiny curly hair growth. Turning 12, he was expecting good things to happen for him.

He couldn’t imagine what will happen if anyone in school come to know about this. They all gonna call him a freak or worse a demon. Because he knows it from all those comics he has been reading. This is how all those deformed villains are like. Most of them have these kind of freakish things happen to them. It will start slowly in the beginning the spread all over their body and they will become those ugly bad guys. Never ever Ben thought he will turn into one. But how? He’s been never exposed to any radiations or any such big things they say in comics.

Ben touched his pole like penis slightly. Oh it tingles in a strange way. Its hard like wood and hot. He waited on his bed for about 20 mins and to relief his penis started to shrink little by little, but not fully. He felt relaxed for a while. Now he can get up and go down to have his breakfast but he knows he has to be careful because if he happen to see his “mom” or his “elder sister” his “thingy” will jump up again no matter what. So to avoid the inevitable he puts on a his over sized t-shirt which will somewhat cover his crotch area.

Ben slowly came down stairs and moved to the kitchen.  As he feared both his mom and sister were there. One look at both of them Ben could feel the tingling sensation on his penis. His mom was near sink making her back towards him, his eyes fell right at her skirt covered ass. It tickles! His sister Jennifer who is 5 years older than him was sitting near the kitchen table texting as well as having her breakfast. She was wearing a shorts, most of her legs including her thick round thighs are exposed. It tingles more. And Ben realized he is having his “pee pee” hard again.

“Hey Ben why it took so long for you to get up?”

“I was late to bed mom, sorry.”

“Now that you are having your vacation what are your plans other than reading all those comics.” Asked mom while placed a plate for before Ben.

“He’s 12 mom. What do you expect him to do?” Jennifer asked without lifting her head. “Besides he is the biggest geek in the whole town.

“Ok that’s enough Jen don’t call your little brother that again.”

“I was just saying.” She continued texting.

Usually Ben try to argue with his sister, now he cannot. All his attention was between his legs. He doesn’t want his mother or sister to notice what he is having inside his shorts. He ate his breakfast as fast as he can and went back to his room again. As soon as he closed the door he opened his shorts. There it stands like a stick surrounded by light brown hair at the base.

“Oh god please don’t make this happen to me. Don’t turn me into a monster like in the comics. Oh please god. Please stop it. It’s getting big whenever I look at mom or Jen. I am scared. I may hit them with a death ray or something from my “pee pee”. I don’t want that to happen.” Ben cried.

“Pee pee” is still standing up. He looked at it again. He was scared to touch it. What if it jump starts the process? Something should be done immediately. He thought. Well he had an idea regarding this. But he was scared to do it. A visit to the doctor.

Dr. Jenna Fischer is the doctor whom Ben used to visit whenever he is sick. She is the kid’s doctor. Also is a family friend. Now he could go and see her in the first place. But he was too scared to show this monstrosity he is having between his legs to anyone. Not even a doctor. Another thing is Dr. Fischer’s son Alex is studying in his class. If any chance  Alex come to know about this, Ben can’t think of what will happen. It was a risk so he avoided it. But now this is getting a real serious problem. It has to get ridden of. He must visit Dr. Fischer. He cannot have his “pee pee” kill his mom and elder sister…..


“Am gonna go to Derek’s mom.” He lied.

“Ok honey but come back before lunch.”

Waving good bye to his mom Ben got out. He took his bicycle and rode towards the town center. It’s a small town with a very few buildings. There is no one on the roads a typical thing to see here in this town. The clinic is not too far. He rode fast towards it which was by the next turning. Within minutes he was there.

He parked his bike outside and enters the main door to the clinic. The reception was empty. He expected this. That’s why he decided to come by this time.  He looked around for the nurse lady who usually sits at the desk.

“Is that you Ben?” he turned at where the sound was coming. There comes the familiar face of that beautiful nurse Zooey.  And “boom!” suddenly he felt the tingling sensation again on his penis.

“Hi there.” He smiled at her trying to act cool.

“How are you? Are you alone?” Zooey asked.

“Am fine nurse Deschanel.  Yha am alone.”

“Oh don’t call me that, call me Zooey, u make me sound old. I am just 21 young fellow.” She smiled as she sat down. “So tell me Ben why are you here.”

“I wanna see the Dr. Fischer.”

“Oh what happened? “

“I… I think I have an upset stomach.” He lied.

“Oh you think? Ha Ha.. ok Dr. Fischer will be free within minutes. Would you care sit over there and wait.”

Ben sat at one of the chairs at the lobby. He noticed his “pee pee” is pressing against his underwear. He kept his hand over it in order to avoid the nurse from seeing the tiny mountain formed in front of his shorts.

About 5 minutes later the nurse asked him to go. He rushed to the doctor’s  room giving the nurse no time to see what’s happening in front of his shorts.

Ben moved and turned left; at the end he saw the two boards, “Dr. Amy Adams” and “Dr. Jenna Fischer.” He approached the door under Dr. Fischer and opened it. “

The doctor’s chair was empty but he found Dr. Fischer standing near to the window talking through her mobile. As Ben entered she waved her hand asking him come inside. He entered an sat on one of the chairs in front of the table. He looked at Dr. Fischer who also is his class mate’s mother. She was wearing a white shirt and a grey skirt. Ben found himself looking at the shape of his lady doctor’s lower half evident through the tight skirt. He found it interesting. He never noticed Dr. Fischer having those curves before. And felt it nice to look at her hips, legs and ass making shapes through the skirt.

Suddenly he felt it again. The strain, the pressure, he looked down at his crotch. It enormous. He could feel it pressing like anything under his undies. He feared it might tear his cloths.

“Hello Ben.”

The sudden voice of Dr. Fischer startled Ben. He looked up. She smiled at him while sitting opposite to him. He tried to smile at her back.

“Its been so long… Ben, how are you?” haven’t seen your mom for some time, how’s Laura?

“She is fine Dr. Fischer.”

“You seem to be in pain. So what is it Ben?”

“Dr. Fischer… I… I guess am…” Ben find it difficult to explain what he has. Dr. Fischer leaned forward; “What is it dear? Are you having pain anywhere?”

Ben looked at her and decided to tell.

“I think I am turning into a monster.”

Dr. Fischer kept looking at his face for a few seconds. She didn’t quite understand what she just heard from the kid’s mouth. “What is it Ben?”

“I think I am turning into a monster or something like that.”

Jenna looked at Ben and smiled. “And who told you this stupid thing?”

“No one. I found it myself. I am changing my body.”

Jenna knows about certain things about Ben from her own son. She knows  Ben reads a lot, mostly those science fiction things and comic books a lot. He mostly spent his time on reading and he doesn’t have many friends either. He must have got all these ideas from these books.

“You are not becoming a monster Ben. Why do you think that?” she asked lovingly.

“Because I am seeing things there… I mean I am having problems to my…. my thing.” He looked down again.

“Your thing?” Jenna stopped for a second. “You mean..?”

“My… thingy Dr. Fischer… my…” he eyed down at his crotch.

Jenna understood what or where he is saying about.

“Ohh…Ok.. you want me to look there?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to show it to you. My thingy is growing big and it has these ugly… around it.” He mumbled.

“Ben it’s not a thingy. It’s called your penis. Come over here let me check, might be some insect bite or something.”

Ben stood and slowly walked to the side and approached the lady doctor.

“Ok Ben could you lower your shorts?” doctor asked.

“Are your you wanna see it?”

“Oh yes, if you want me to help you. Are you shy young man? Well I am your doctor, besides haven’t I seen it before many times.”

“That was different then. Now its… its big. And has… has hair around it.”

Jenna looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Oh is that so..?? Ok shorts down, let me see.”

Ben hold the waist of his shorts and underwear with both hands and slowly, carefully pushed it down. And suddenly in front of Jenna’s eyes Ben’s erect penis sprang out. It stood straight and strong like a wood pole and pointed straight to Jenna’s face. She noticed the sparse of tiny curly pubic hair growth at its base.

“See Dr. Fischer, didn’t I tell you. Look at it standing up, and see there’s hair around it. What is happening to me?” Ben asked looking down at his penis.

“This is what you are worried about? Oh dear it’s not a problem you are having, you are growing up you are becoming a man and these are just part of it.” She smiled at the nervous child.

“What? What do you mean by that?” he asked confused.

Looking at his still erect penis Jenna said, “Its part of you turning into a teen Ben. Its nothing to worry about. Its all normal.”

“Normal?” now he is more confused.  “If its normal why is it paining then?”

“Is it paining there for you? Let me check come closer to me.”

Ben moved closer to Jenna. Jenna leaned down and looked carefully at his 12yrs old penis. She couldn’t see anything unusual about it other than its erect. And why its erect now?

“Where does it pain exactly Ben?” she asked.

“All over it Dr. Fisher. First it will stand like this hard and it will pain. It always stands up.”


“Yha when I get up in the morning. It’s like this. And worse, when I look at my mom and my sister it suddenly will get very hard and that pain will come.”

Jenna looked at Ben with surprise. Did he just say that? He is getting erection by looking at his mother and his elder sister. Jenna knows both of them. Both Laura and Jennifer are knock outs. No wonder he is having erections looking at them. Jenna tried to hide the smile that came to her lips.

“Well you are erect even now. Thinking of your mom or sister?” she jokingly asked.

“No. I think I am happening it at everyone I see. When I came here and saw nurse Zooey it stood up then now after seeing you also, I think it’s more harder now and the pain is more.”

Jenna was surprised to hear that but felt very good inside. Ben is growing up and he is very horny. The moment he sees a beautiful woman he is getting a strong erection. Only he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. Her son was right, this kid doesn’t have much friends. But what’s this pain he is talking about?

“Ben I am gonna touch and check your penis you have to tell me where it’s paining.”


Jenna leaned closer to the standing boy and gently touched his erect preteen penis. As soon as Jenna’s fingers touched it a strong shiver went through Ben’s body. Jenna realized the sudden effect she created on semi nude boy.

“Wow Dr. Fischer… that’s … that’s the pain I told you…. Woooowww…. When you are touching it’s more than ever….” Ben closed his eyes tight. He felt the softness of Dr. Fischer plump fingers on his rigid cock. It’s creating strong electric currents from where her fingers touch.

Jenna looked at the innocent kid’s face. She understood what’s this pain he has been mentioning. Its not pain. It’s the sexual sensation he is having on his penis whenever he was aroused, poor thing doesn’t know what it is. And suddenly she realized right now he is getting it from her own hand her own fingers. She could see that from his face. She looked down at his penis. Her thump, index and middle fingers are touching the head of his penis. She moved them further to the base gently, she could hear the gentle moaning coming out of Ben’s mouth. Her fingers touched his pubic bush. Grown around the base of his penis. It was not much dense like she has between her legs. Light brown in color, the pubes made it more attractive down there.

Ben had never felt anything like this before. Dr. Fischer’s fingers are doing something unexplainable on his penis. He is starting to think that it is a nice and good feeling. He felt the lady doctor’s fingers crawling gently along his long shaft and reaching near the tiny curly hairs. The hairs, he thought she must be thinking I am a dirty person to have hair down there. He felt ashamed of it.

“So how’s the pain now Ben?” The sudden voice of Jenna made Ben open his eyes. She was looking at his eyes and her fingers are still massaging his erection.

“I don’t know mam. Its different, not like the usual pain… its so strong and I think….” He stopped in between.

“What is it Ben?” Jenna asked eagerly, still touching his penis and pubes.

“I kind of like it.”

“Oh yha..?? So its ok for you now?” Jenna asked with her fingers moving to his tiny sack underneath. Ben jumped when Jenna’s fingers touched his ball sack. It tingled heavily.

“It feels some kind of good but it’s not ok.” He said looking at her eyes. “And also the hair growing down there is very frightening. “

Jenna laughed when she heard that. She tried to hold both his cock and balls together in her palm. Ben felt very protected when he had his pulsating penis and balls held together by this elder woman of his mother’s age.

“Oh poor baby, there is absolutely nothing frightening about you growing hair there, everybody has it. Its called ‘Pubic Hair’, it’s part of growing up.”

It was totally unbelievable for Ben when heard what Dr. Fischer just said. Did she say that everybody grows hair down there? He looked at Jenna with puzzlement. Jenna smiled at the innocence of the child. Her fingers still massaging his cock and balls.

“No it cannot be. Why it should happen to everybody? It’s so ugly. It’s not good.”

“It’s true Ben. Everybody will have hair starting grow there when they grow up. And it’s not ugly. I think your hair down there is so cute, it’s so beautiful.”

“You think it’s cute? Ben couldn’t believe what the lady doctor said. Are you telling me this because I don’t feel about bad about growing hair on my pee pee, I mean penis. If so don’t, because I hate it when grownups do that. You can tell me the truth and I know other people don’t have hair down there.”

“Oh.. you don’t believe me? You don’t believe a doctor?” Jenna asked teasingly.

“I am confused. I think you are lying.” Ben confessed. It’s not believable.  Thinking that everybody has hair there.  So you are saying you also have hair down there like me?”

“Yes. That is correct. And i won’t say, like you, but so much more than you have.” Jenna said with a smile.

“No way. You are making that up, I know you are, Dr. Fischer.” Ben said with the ‘all knowing face.’

Jenna laughed at this difficult kid. “There is no way I can convince you Ben?”

“Oh I don’t believe without seeing, anything. Only stupid people do that. And I am not stupid.”

“Are you saying you will only believe this if I show you my pubic hair to you?” Jenna asked with surprise but with some enjoyment.

Ben looked into her eyes. “I didn’t mean to but if you…”

“What, show you that and you will believe?” Jenna asked teasingly.

Both Jenna and Ben looked into each other’s eyes. Jenna’s fingers are still massaging Ben’s preteen cock and sack.

“Ok then smart guy. I will show you my pubic hair so that you can believe.” Jenna said and squeezed Ben’s hard shaft gently and Ben liked it.

Jenna looked into Ben’s eyes. She was not sure what he young boy was thinking. He is standing there with his pants down and a much older woman is holding his erect penis and massaging it. And the older lady is none other but his doctor and class mate’s mother. She knows it’s wrong.  It’s a big wrong! For one he is her patient, her son’s friend but over all that, he is just a kid, a child, a minor. But Jenna was feeling very different inside her. It’s been two years after her divorce and she was not seeing any one serious. The thing is that she found no one that interesting in this town, at least among the adults, now she thinks. She remembers, a few minutes before when she first touched Ben’s erect cock she felt a churn between her legs. And so she decides to do it, to show the kid her pubic hairs, her hairy pussy, well what harm is in that if it helps the kid, she will just show it and that’s it.

Jenna looked at the door. She knows no one will just barge in without asking but  what she is about to do is not an ordinary thing, showing a school kid her pussy in her office. Jenna left hand from Ben’s cock for the first time, she saw a little disappointment flashed on his baby face, she smiled. With both hands Jenna grasped the hem of her skirt which reaches just above her knees and slowly pulled it up, gradually revealing her round thighs.

Ben looked down with disbelief. The moment when Dr. Fischer pulled her grey skirt up and her fair red thighs came into his view it hit hard on his mind that he is about see what’s under Dr. Jenna Fischer’s skirt more than that he’s gonna see his friend’s mom’s secret place. He felt blood rushing through his body because of that thought.

He looked down at what’s happening in front of him. Before his wide open eyes he saw Jenna’s skirt going up slowly, his eyes followed the hem along the gap between her luscious naked thighs and suddenly he saw it, color pink, Dr. Jenna Fischer’s panty, its tip, where her thighs join. Jenna pulled her skirt further up revealing all of her light pink panty. He looked at with disbelief. He was captivated by the beauty of it. Jenna spread her legs a little, Ben’s eyes moved further more in to the gap between those. He felt the strong tingling on his boy cock. Its strong than ever. He wished if Jenna would touch it again.

“Come closer Ben.” Jenna asked Ben and pulled him closer to her. He moved closer to her, his cock’s tip suddenly touched Jenna’s thigh. He moaned when he felt the touch.

“Oh that felt good there?” Jenna asked him.

“Yha.. it tickled… was nice.” He replied.

“Then make it do it again. Make your cock touch my leg.” Jenna said lovingly.

Ben looked down and moved again, his cock touched her soft thighs. He moaned again with pleasure.

“Feels good? Ok now let me lower my panty for you, then you can see my pubic hair.”

While Ben slowly rubbed his rock hard cock on her thighs, Jenna pushed the elastic band of her cotton panty slowly down, she lifted her hip slightly for the panty to move over her ass downward. Ben’s eyes were wide open at what he was looking, right at where Jenna’s thighs meet and he saw to his wonder he saw, Jenna’s panty’s crotch moved down to reveal a dense patch of thick curly dark brown hair. Dr. Jenna Fischer’s ‘pubic hair’.

Ben couldn’t believe his eyes. He was staring at Jenna’s pussy hair like there is nothing else he wants to see. It’s true, she was telling the truth, she has hair down there, a lot of hair, more thick and more curly than he has and more over, it’s so beautiful. He loved her curly pubes. He wanted to touch it more than anything.

“Oh mam, it so beautiful, I never thought… it’s so wonderful…. Can I…. can I touch there..???” Ben asked with doubt. Jenna looked into his eyes. He looked back. She smiled. She knows this was not she planned. Initially it was just to show min her pubes now things are changing…. Oh what the hell….

“If you want, yes, go on, after all I touched you there so, I guess it makes us even.” Jenna spread her legs further apart giving Ben more view of her hairy pussy.

Ben leaned down extended his right hand towards Jenna’s hairy bush and gently touched the thick patch of curly hair on her pussy mound. His thick hard cock pressed tight against Jenna’s soft round thighs.

The moment Ben’s fingers pressed against her bush Jenna felt a tingle very strong originating from between her legs. She pushed her pelvis upward in reaction to his touch. Ben’s fingers moved gently through her densely grown thick pubic bush and she expected touched right at the top of her slit.

“Oopss… wow..!!” Jenna moaned.

Ben suddenly pulled his hand back. “I am sorry, what did I do, I touched something, did I hurt you.?”

“No no no… Ohh Ben no.. Nothing’s wrong, you did good… it was good…. Come.. Touch there again.” This time Jenna took Ben’s hand and directed him to touch exactly right on her pussy lips.

Ben felt the heat and wetness on his fingers. He was amazed at the feeling and his cock pulsated and throbbed with heavy blood flow. He involuntarily pushed his hard member against Jenna’s naked thighs.

“Here let me take care of that.” Jenna took Ben’s thick rode in her hand and massaged it gently. That’s what Ben wanted for ever. He felt an electric shock pass through his body when Jenna grabbed his cock. He moved his fingers with passion along the wet slit he found between Jenna’s legs.

“Ohhh… Ben… ohh… baby… that’s it… ohhh… gooodd…hmmmm….” Jenna felt what she wanted. She could feel Ben’s tiny fingers playing with her clitoris. Even though the innocent kid doesn’t know what’s he doing to this older woman he is doing a perfect job. She felt currents passing through her body. Jenna wanted this for a long time.

Suddenly she sensed that, Ben is moving his hips making his hard rigid cock slide in and out of her palm. Out of instinct little Ben is doing the fucking motion, he is fucking her palm. So she decided to help him. Jenna’s fingers circled his rock hard cock perfectly. Then gently she moved her hand up and down along its length. Ben’s foreskin moved along with Jenna’s fingers up and down. It’s the first time in his life he is having that happen to his dick.

He looked at Jenna in her eyes Jenna looked back, after a moment’s pause Jenna kissed on his lips; she licked his cute red lips. He was in wonderment he opened his mouth allowing Jenna to enter her tongue inside. He loved the taste of her tongue. Jenna licked the insides of his mouth. Their tongues met each other rubbed each other. Both of them were moaning.

Ben was feeling so much within himself. He reciprocated all his feelings into Jenna’s wet hot pussy.

“Ohhh.. Dr. Fischer….. Ohhh…  Haaa….. Haaaa… Haaaaa…hhh…” Ben felt a strong pulse inside his cock his nut sack tightened. He looked at Jenna’s hairy snatch. It was so hairy he thought, Dr. Jenna Fischer’s pubic bush, his friend’s mom’s naked hairy pussy… and that was enough for little Ben… he moaned…..

Jenna realized whats happening. Oh god he is gonna cum her nakedness and pumping of his cock is gonna make the little boy cum for the first time in his life. She knows its wrong. But she doesn’t want to stop. He is staring at her pubic bush. She pumped him faster and tried to make his balls touch and rub against her naked thighs.

“OOhhhhh…. Maamm….. Maaaaammmm….. Ohhhhh Yhaaaaaa…… haaaaaaa….hhhhh… hhhhaaaaaa….” He cried.

“Shhhhhh…. Shhhhh…. Baby… yhaaaa…. Good….. Good…. Good…..  let it come baby… let it… oohhhh yhaaaa… Ben babyyyy…….

And it happened…. Ben felt his legs weakening, his crotch exploding and bringing the greatest pleasure he ever felt. He tought he will fall. His left hand moved for somewhere to grab. All he got was Jenna’s left boob. He grabbed her thick boob over shirt in a sec and squeezed. A thick shot of hot cum sprayed out of Ben’s tiny little pee hole and landed right on Jenna’s naked thighs.

“Oh Ben… that’s it… yhaa… more baby… like that.” Jenna pumped his cum shooting cock faster and pointed it right at her hairy pussy. Ben’s second shot of thick white jizz landed right on Jenna’s pubic hairs and it left a trail along her milky white thighs. She didn’t stop a little bit of her pumping of his preteen cock, his cock sprayed again three more shots of hot jizm all over Jenna’s naked thighs, her hairy snatch and her pussy lips. Cum was everywhere, he little school boy wet the older woman’s naked half completely with his hot sperm. Jenna looked down to see cum all over lower body. Her thighs are all wet even her skirt and chair she was sitting was covered in cum.

“Wow for a little boy and first timer you cum a lot young man… this is a lot of cum and it’s so hot.” Jenna looked at Ben and smiled. “So how was it? Did you feel good baby?” she asked Ben while pumping his now shrinking wet cock. She tried to keep its tip touch her naked wet thighs while she do this.

“Oh Dr. Fischer… maam it was great. I am feeling so much better now. I think the pain is gone.” Ben pushed his pelvis more into Jenna’s hand, her fingers tightened around his wet tired cock. He looked down at Jenna’s wet nakedness and wondered looking at the milky white jizz spread all over her.

“What is it? Did I piss on you?” he asked innocently.

“Oh no dear it’s your ‘cum’, I mean it’s your sperm. This is what we use to make babies.” Jenna explained. He looked at her with confusion. She smiled at him. “I will explain that to you later. My be in a more better way. Now that you are feeling ok, I think we will stop it for now.” She squeezed his cock a little and tiny drop of cum oozed out of his piss hole and landed on her thigh. She smiled and let go of his cock. Ben stood straight.

Jenna took some tissue and cleaned Ben and herself. Both get dressed properly. She kissed on his forehead then on his lips.

“Now remember Ben. I am giving you a secret treatment for your problem. I am doing this because I like you a lot. So can you keep this as a secret? If you can keep it a secret I can do this for you a lot. Don’t you like me to do this more for you Ben? She asked him looking at his eyes.

“Yes Dr. Fischer. I won’t tell anyone.  You should also keep it a secret.” He replied.

Jenna smiled and kissed him again. “Yes it will be our little secret.”

She accompanied him to the door and opened it. Ben came out of the steamy session with his dear doctor and ran to his bike.

To be Continued……

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