The Dream Continues (Unofficial Sequel)

Title: The Dream Continues

Author Name: shakiralover

Content Codes: Anal, Pedo, Cumshot, Squirting

Celebs: Shakira

Disclaimer: Don’t read unless you’re of legal age and are adult enough to not freak the fuck out it’s just fiction.

Background: I am WAY into the “Dream Come True” story I’ve been waiting for years for a conclusion to it. It’s become apparent there might not be one so I thought I’d write it myself. It’s my first story hope you like it. Read “A Dream Come True” before reading this as this is unofficially part 2.

Levi watched as Shakira his object of desire guided his dick to her womanhood slowly. Levi waited with baited breathe as he felt Shakira push his 14 year old penis into her hole. It was warm and wet and somehow tight. Levi moaned as Shakira smiled looking down on her prey. “How does it feel?” Shakira asked Levi not able to speak just nodded his head. The pleasure was intense. Shakira placed her hands on either side of the couch as she rode Levi slowly at first. As she did Levi finally answered “It…fells…good”. Shakira laughed as she slowly rode him. Her pussy was hugging his dick like a vice it drove him wild. Shakira looked at Levi as she started riding him harder. Levi got the message as he started fucking her back. Careful to not blow his fourth load too quickly Shakira slowed down. Her blonde hair over her face and cascading on to Levi’s between thrusts. In and out Levi fucked her pussy slow then fast slow then fast. “How do you like it birthday boy? You like my pussy?” Levi nodded again unable to speak from the pleasure. Shakira looking down bit her lip as she felt she was near another orgasm from the dirty act of having sex with a 14 year old and due to the pleasure of a dick in her horny pussy.

Levi unable to hold out much longer announced “I’m about to fucking cum!” Shakira hopped off and then slapped Levi’s penis. Levi jumped in pain his widened eyes looking at Shakira’s in shock. Shakira shaking her head no and a devilish smirk on her face “No, no, no, no Levi” she cooed “I’m not ready for you to cum yet. We still have my gift to go”.  Levi confused and his penis still throbbing asked “Gift?” Shakira licked her lips and started nodding. “Oh yes my gift. You see I am known for my ass. I know it drives men and women wild. I flaunt it everywhere I go. It is the reason I am so popular. Your gift is my ass.” Levi looking a bit confused “Your ass?” Shakira sensing he didn’t get the message. Walked over to the love seat across from the couch they’ve been using walking slowly so Levi could see her ass jiggle with every step. Then she removed her last article of clothing a sequined bra she used for her finale hit “Whenever Where Ever” the last night. Then climbed seductively on the leather loveseat and shook her ass again back and forth.

Levi having fantasied about fucking Shakira in the ass and jerking off to it since he’s saw a photo of her in a magazine. Jumped to his feet finally getting what she meant and walked over to her big ass. He got down on his knees one hand on his dick the other on her right as cheek as he started jerking off and groping her ass. Shakira looked over her shoulder at him as he was losing his mind every so often he’d slap her ass to see it jiggle and then plunge his tongue into her dark hole as he pawed at it for dear life. Shakira got out a bottle of lube of the drawer next to the loveseat as she opened it then cleared her throat to get Levi’s attention.

“You’ll need to put this on you don’t want me to hurt do you?” Levi aroused beyond all belief shook his head no as he took the lube out of her hands and squirted it on his tool. Shakira made jack off motions signaling to Levi to do the same so he did. Once it was all slick he walked to Shakira still on all fours. Levi grabbed Shakira’s hips and thrusted his member into her backdoor. It felt like he was fighting a current she kept pushing him out. He was not to be deterred from his gift as he thrusted as hard as he could sending Shakira crashing into the backrest of the loveseat. Shakira yelped in Surprise as she hugged the backrest. Inside her hole Levi felt unbelievable euphoria. It felt like a vacuuming his dick deeper and deeper inside her tight hole. Levi thrusted in and out as fast as he could which was slow due to the sphincter muscles constricting him. However after a few minutes they eased up soon Shakira was groaning and cursing in Spanish. She screamed “Follar mi culo” at the top of her lungs. With every thrust in and out Levi felt her body tingle and knew what it meant as she eventually cried out and started squirting due to being in doggy the nectar squirted all over Levi’s shaft and balls drenching them in her nectar. Levi smiled at his handiwork. He however felt like he was getting close so as Shakira was coming down from her orgasm slumped against the loveseat backing Levi knew where he wanted to blow his load.

Finally he pulled out and using her squirt as lube jerked off at a furious pace Shakira confused why he pulled out looked over her shoulder to see him jacking off. Knowing what was coming she askerd him “Where do you want it baby?” Levi screamed “YOUR ASS!” Shakira presented her big Columbian ass and started heaving back and forth as if being fucked and said in Spanish “Cum on my ass baby cum on my big fucking ass”. Levi finally at the edge gave a few more good jerks before spraying his biggest load of the night all over her ass. It shot out hitting her right ass cheek then he aimed the stream at the left cheek finally his last few shoots he aimed at her asshole. Shakira brushed her sex matted hair to the side and with a giant smile and a amazed look in her eyes said “Muy Bueno”. She got up and sucked his cock soft before turning around to pick her latex pants up and wiped his cum off her ass. She turned and told him “Happy birthday” one more time” Then bent down and kissed him on his cheek. Leaving a drop of his cum on his face but, he didn’t care.

She took him to the shower where they washed up and she blew him one more time this time he came on her face. Inally they got dressed Amanda coming out just as Levi put his pants on and said it’s time to go. Levi would also remember his 14th birthday.

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