Under Control – Part 7: A New Family Show

Under Control – Part 7: A New Family Show

This story is completely made up. It is not real at all.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Denise Richards, Christina Applegate, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears, Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynne Spears FF, FFF, Fbeast, FM, Fmast, cons, MC, magic, oral, beast, toys, inc, voy,

This story continues on where the other under control stories left off. A basic summary of the far fetched plot is a magical snake uses it’s powers to push mainstream sexual boundaries using Jennifer Aniston and other female celebrities. This snake can use magical and mind control powers to manipulate any situation. Jennifer Aniston is the celeb at the forefront but others become involved quickly.

It certainly was a comfortable a lovely room. And it had a big bed. Britney Spears emerged from the bathroom of her luxury hotel room and collapsed on the soft bed. She was felt tired but didn’t quite feel ready for sleeping yet. She had on a red silk nightie which made her feel sexy. She enjoyed wearing lingerie, it made her feel special although there was no particular reason to. She was just going to watch some TV and go to sleep tonight.

Britney clambered under the sheets. She felt so comfortable in her silk nightie and sheets. She felt so good. She turned off her the lights using the switch by the bed and fired the remote at the widescreen TV on the wall opposite her bed. It flashed in to life.

The sound of groaning struck Britney straight away. “Uhhh, oohh, uuuuhh.” It sounded like several women were enjoying themselves. A moment later Britney could see the big naked tits of Courteney Cox bouncing around. “Oh fuck. Fuck me mum!” Britney was shocked at what she thought she heard. A moment later a change of shot revealed her sitcom mum using a strap on to fuck her daughter hard. Her mum was completely naked and had big round tits too. “Oh god mum! Keep doing that!”

“Only if you eat out your hot cousin’s sweet pussy. Cassie, sit on Monica’s face. I want you to come over my little girl’s face.” The camera panned to show Monica on her back on her table while her mum stood and trusted in the famous kitchen.

Britney was even more shocked to see a naked Denise Richards position herself on Courteney’s face. The sexy star easily mounted Monica’s kitchen table. Even Britney in her shocked state could see how hot Denise Richards was. She had big round tits too with bounced perfectly as she moved. Her skin has flawless but had had a slight sweat covering it. She had long, silky legs and pink peep toe platformed high heels which made her look even more gorgeous. Courteney pulled Denise onto her face as the Denise squeezed her tits in front of her on screen aunt. “Aww that’s nice,” smiled cousin Cassie as she began to buck her hips for her and her aunts satisfaction.

The thought of incest entered Britney’s stunned mind for the first time. She wondered how it was on TV but then accepted it wasn’t real. Britney then realised she was feeling quite wet between her legs. The women did look hot. The thought of Monica loving being fucked by her mum while eating out a woman as stunning as her cousin Cassie excited her. She thought “why wouldn’t you if it was that exciting?” She found her hand drifting under her nightie and panties too her wet shaven pussy. She began to rub slowly while she waited to see what would play out. However, slow wouldn’t last long.

As the girls steadied into a rhythm, the camera changed again. This time though it focused on the famous couch and sitting area. Jennifer Aniston was on the couch, obviously playing Rachel again. Her fabulous body was instantly recognisable to Britney. She was completely naked and was having sex. She wore purple peep toe heels which accentuated her legs which were driving her perfect pussy onto a pink double ended dildo.

“Come on sis, fuck me hard. I’m going to come again!!!” Reese Witherspoon was on the other side of the long plastic rod, thrusting equally as hard as her partner. She looked hot, her long sexy legs entwined with her on-screen sister’s. She also wore peep toe heels, this time black. Her tits also appeared enlarged to Britney and it made her look all the more sexy. Her tits jiggled as she pushed back and forth and then she grabbed and rubbed them sensually. Her blonde hair framed her pretty face as her wet pussy slid along the rod. She had her eyes open, staring directly at her two sisters. She daren’t take her eyes off them.

Christina Applegate played Amy Green. She was currently lying on the coffee table with her legs spread wide open. Her long legs had high heels on too and they were pointed to the ceiling. She moaned, groaned and thrusted as her sister Rachel rubbed a vibrator across her hot pussy. “Aww yes. Ohh fuck yes! I always knew you were a filthy whore Rachel!” Just at that moment, Rachel chose to plunge the vibrator into Amy’s soaking wet pussy. Amy squealed with pleasure as Rachel began to move in and out of her, whilst all the time continuing to grind her hips down on the dildo she was sharing with Jill. The three sisters looked like they were about to orgasm.

Britney was finding this very exciting. She found herself rubbing her clit faster and faster while one hand massaged her ample chest. She thought about how hot the girls looked, especially Rachel and Jill sharing a dildo. She loved how hot Jennifer Aniston was looking and how she was pushing boundaries. She’d always had a girl crush on the star but this was more. She felt herself becoming wetter and wetter and was close to coming.

The sisters on screen then came spectacularly. Rachel struggled to thrust any more with either sister as pleasure raged through her body. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on the sensations ripping her body apart. Amy screamed as the vibrator was left vibrating furiously inside her pussy. She felt the wetness and heat stream to the top of her thighs and over Rachel’s hand. She moaned loudly with each breath. Jill came loudly too, saying “Fuck!” with each breath. She looked incredible, her wet pussy drenching the dildo and almost coming into contact with her sister’s which was equally as wet. All in all, the girls looked hot and satisfied but a little tired. They’d been on such a high, mow they were coming back to earth when their orgasms subsided.

The beautiful, loud, sweaty and hot fuck fest in front of her set Britney off. She craved to be in there. Suddenly, she thought of her younger sister naked and instead of stopping she found her orgasm becoming stronger. She imagined herself and Jamie Lynn sharing a long dildo. She rubbed her pussy harder and deeper at the thought. She was losing all control as her orgasm ripped through her. She felt so amazing. She’d never felt an orgasm so strong. She wanted her sisters sweaty hot body beside hers. She wanted to make her cum like this.

“Ohhh fuck mum!” screamed Monica. Britney found a moment of clarity to focus on the TV to see the camera had switched onto the Geller girls again. The first thing Britney saw was the gorgeous body of Denise Richards, who was playing cousin Cassie, arch back, clearly in orgasmic joy. Cassie thrust her pussy onto Monica’s mouth who was just about managing to eat it out despite her huge orgasm. The camera showed her mum thrusting her strap on into her daughter.

“That’s my baby girl. Cum for mummy and her huge plastic cock.” With that Britney started to cum again, this time even harder. She’d never seen anything so hot. Her body shuddered with excitement as she watched Monica get fucked by her mum and eat out her gorgeous cousin. She was turned on by all of them enjoying it so much. She came again as she watched Monica flop back on to the table, too tired by all the fucking to move. Cassie got off her face to let Monica breathe. Britney couldn’t believe how sexy she was. Unfortunately, Britney realised now was the time to rest. She felt so great. The girls gathered round the exhausted Monica in the kitchen all looking fantastic. Lustful looks came across their faces. Cassie started to jerk off her aunts fake cock and smiled. The other girls knew what to do.

Just then, the credits began. A to be continued message was displayed and music played. Britney found herself feeling slightly frustrated. All the flesh was hugely exciting and she wouldn’t have minded seeing some more incestuous fun. The word struck her again. Incest. She thought it weird how turned on she got. Then she thought how it wasn’t really incest but loads of hot actresses and this appeased her slightly. Her mind was racing. She then remembered how she had thought of her sister and how she thought of the two of them naked together. She then thought of her mum fucking her. She saw herself enjoying it and then gasped at the idea. “Oh god!” Britney rolled over and buried her head into the pillow. Why was she thinking such things? She tried to block it out. “You’re just over excited. Time to go to sleep. Time to go to sleep.” She emphasised the last part to herself, trying to banish her own thoughts of naked flesh.

Suddenly, Britney felt something move up her leg, under the sheets. She felt like she should recoil but the sensation was pleasing. Whatever was moving was strong and powerful. Britney could feel the warmth spread as it passed her thighs and pussy. She felt great. It slid up over her stomach then breasts. Every inch of skin radiated a tingly pleasure. Suddenly the covers moved just beneath her neck. A snake’s head appeared from beneath the silk sheets. It’s head lifted and stared down at Britney. She caught its gaze immediately and couldn’t move. The snake’s eyes were so deep and comforting. Britney was in a trance.

“Hello Britney.”

“Hello Master.” Britney spoke slowly and quietly. She never even registered that she was communicating with an animal.

“How are feeling?” hissed the snake.

“I feel incredible!” moaned Britney, as her body continued to tingle all over.

“Good. And you would do anything to feel like that.” This was more of a command than a question from her master.

“Oh yes Master, anything.” Britney was practically moaning. She felt the fabric of her vest strain as her tits began to swell to a nice round 34D.

“Good. I can sense how you’ve been thinking of your mum and your sister. Does it excite you? Does incest make you wet?”

The snake had made Britney abandon her morals. She was so wet and now all she could think about was her mum and sister pleasuring her. The snake radiated pleasure through her body. She felt like she was having one long continuous orgasm. “Fuckkkkkk… Yes Master.”

“Well tomorrow you may get what you desire. A driver will pick you up at 1800 and take you to the Jennifer Aniston show. Make sure you’re ready.” With that, the snake recoiled down the star’s sexy body, flicking his tongue at Britney’s wet pussy as he did so. This caused Britney to erupt with sexual joy, screaming and rolling with the sheer intensity of her orgasm. She grabbed her new bigger titties which seemed to prolong the feeling. She wondered how much better she could ever feel.

The next day

Britney smiled as she walked out confidently on to the set. The crowd was going wild. Her new 34D tits wobbled provocatively in the white bra she’d chosen to wear. It had black trim and matched her panties which were white but had black frilly bits for decoration round her toned waist line. Her legs were immaculately waxed and gave a shine under the studio lights. She wore black platformed peep toe high heels which added about 5 inches to her height. She paused for a second, allowing everyone to take in her body before moving towards the interview couch. Jennifer Aniston was waiting to receive her.

Jennifer was wearing a black and pink basque. The cups of the basque were pink and just about squeezed her tits out the top. The rest was black and stopped just past her stomach. Her flat stomach only showed a bit before a pink and black panty and suspender set held up black stockings. She was of course wearing platformed high heels too which were black to match her outfit.

The pair smiled excitedly at each other before kissing each other on the cheeks as they hugged. Britney took the couch and Jennifer her hosts swivel leather chair. There was no desk and the girls sat quite close. The both had their legs crossed but which showed off how long and sexy their legs were. They looked at each other and giggled. Neither of them had expected such a rapturous welcome but it was still going on.

“Hi!” Jennifer started, talking over the noise. Thus gave the audience their cue, and they quickly became silent.

“Hi,” Britney replied, still laughing.

“Wow ladies and gentlemen. Doesn’t Britney look fucking incredible? I’ve been wanting to see you like that for a long time. It’s so great to have you on the show. How have you been? How’s the sex life?” It was straight to the point, but that was the point of the show.

“Been good. Just trying to take some time off and relax.”

“Well we all need to relax somehow!” The host changed the intonation of her voice.

Britney laughed. “Of course. You know what, I’m going through a phase where I’d just get my rabbit and spend a while with it. I’m getting the most amazing orgasms and to be honest it’s easier than finding a guy.” The audience whooped with approval. “It’s so hard to find a guy who knows what they’re doing, I feel better just enjoying myself.” Again, she laughed as the crowd rumbled with approval. “And take last night for example, I was in bed, flicked on the TV and found myself rubbing myself while watching your hot body getting fucked! It was so hot”

“Oh you liked that!” smiled Jennifer, genuinely happy with the excitement Britney had shown.

“Oh fuck yes. You and the girls looked so hot! I love big tits and sexy legs. I was so fucking wet. Love Courteney Cox and Denise Richards. They’re both ridiculously hot. I certainly wouldn’t mind if they were in my bed. And you and your sisters, fucking insane. I came so many times watching you guys fuck each other.”

Jennifer was really delighted. Britney spoke so highly of the show. She could almost sense her getting wet talking about it. “Oh god i can tell you they are great in bed. Both have fucking hot bodies and know how to please a woman. I can tell you from experience! Something about them, together or apart, they’re just wild.”

They both smiled. Jennifer was rubbing her leg up and down Britney’s. They could both sense the electricity in the air. Their bodies moved closer together without realising but still too far apart for to kiss. “Tell me,” asked Jen, “did you get turned on by the incest?”

Britney shut her eyes and a smirk beamed across her face. Jennifer thought she could see the stars cheeks go rosy. “Mmm god yes! I know it wasn’t but oh god it was hot. Monica wanting her mum to fuck her whilst eating out her cousin. The three Green girls getting each other off. What’s not to get turned on by? Hot incest is so hot. Just thinking about it, I could…”

“You have a sister, don’t you?” Jennifer interrupted, but did it sounding very sexy.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cute.” Britney was still grinning ear to ear.

“Have you ever thought about her that way?”

“Not until last night. But after seeing you and your sisters I couldn’t help it. I wanted to taste her. I want my mum there too. The three women, I think that would be hot.”

“Britney, what if we said we’d spoke to your sister and mum already?”

“You haven’t! Oh my god!”

“We have. Here’s what they had to say about you sweetie.”

The camera cut to another shot in another room. It would appear to have been pre-recorded. The first person to appear was Britney’s mum, Lynne. She was sitting in a black room with a single old fashioned wooden chair. She wasn’t wearing much, just a blue bra and panties set with matching blue peep tie platformed high heels. Her body looked fantastic for her age, still firm in all the right places. Her tits were much bigger than before, round and enhanced. Her dark hair was tied up above her beaming face.

“Of course I’m a proud mother. Britney has achieved so much.”

The camera cut to a younger woman with blonde hair. It was Britney’s sister Jamie Lynne. She looked very similar to her older sister and again wasn’t wearing much with big juicy round titties which were straining against her outfit. Her pink open front chemise was barely covering her tits. A single white bow tie tried to contain the massive cleavage but was failing. The top and insides of her boobs were enticingly on show. Through the sheer material at the bottom, lacy pink panties sat just below her toned thin stomach. Her long legs stretched to pink peep toe platformed high heels. She was in the same room as her mother and sat up on the chair, thrusting her chest toward the camera.

“Having a big sister like Britney is amazing. She’s been such a great role model to me. She’s given me so much.” Jamie Lynne beamed at the camera as she spoke. The shot then switched to Britney’s mum.

“Britney’s a beautiful young woman. I remember when I first saw “Baby One More Time” video I immediately knew she’d go far. I mean look at that sexy body. How could you not be drawn to her?”

The shot then switched back. “Some of her videos have been unbelievably sexy. I love watching them.”

Lynne Spears then reappeared. “She’s the sexiest woman in the world. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world, man or woman, who would not be attracted to her. And that includes me.”

“The first time I masturbated was to one of my sister’s videos. I just loved her body. She looked so hot. I imagined what we could do to each other. It felt so good.” Jamie Lynne was looking excited as she spoke.

“Sometimes I like to think of what Britney and Jamie Lynne could get up to. Britney could teach Jamie Lynne a few things in a sisterly way. But it would be hot as fuck to.” Lynne smiled at the camera. “Yeah just imagine. I’d love to see it.”

“I’ve came so many times while watching her tease us on her videos and performances. I’d love to experience it for real. I’d love to feel her naked against me…” With that the camera faded to black and the shot returned to the studio.

Britney was looking shocked. “Wow! I can’t believe it!”

“Well you better sweetie! Here they are just for you!” said Jennifer, standing up to beckon the women in. The crowd erupted as the women walked in, Jamie Lynne first, closely followed by her mum. They smiled and waved at the audience as they walked forward. They had on the same outfits as they wore in the short montage. They made their way to Jennifer first, both smiling at her and the kissing her on both cheeks. Britney stood up to join the threesome, smiling slightly nervously at the women in front of her. She looked her mum and sister up and down. She couldn’t believe how good they looked and what they were doing for her.

As the girls broke off Jennifer, Britney was going to make contact with her mum and sister. But cheekily Jennifer grabbed Lynne and Jamie Lynne by the hand and pulled them away from Britney toward the corner of the studio. “Why don’t you follow us?” The girls smiled at Britney sexily and Britney followed dreamily. The crowd had fallen silent, watching the Spears girls was incredible.

Jennifer led the girls to a large area with an extremely large mattress covered in pink silk sheets. Surrounding this area was velvet drapes and flowers. A solitary chair and table sat beside this area. The table supported various sex toys.

Jennifer took her leave from the girls moving over to the chair. Lynne took Britney by the arm and smiled. “Go on, give your little sister what she wants.” Britney smiled at her mum before turning to Jamie Lynne. She stared at her sisters beautiful eyes and then closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Britney felt amazing as Jamie Lynne’s soft lips met hers. Slowly, the kiss picked up pace, as a kiss with lips evolved into tongues being exchanged.

Britney found herself reaching for her sister’s bow on the front of her chemise. She pulled at the white ribbon and slowly the dress opened. Britney then pushed it back over her sister’s shoulder and it fell to the floor. The pair parted the kiss as Britney stood back to take in Jamie Lynne’s chest. “Oh my god, you look beautiful,” she said, grinning mischievously. With that she reached round and unhooked her bra. It hung loose for a brief moment before it too fell on the floor. Her big round tits were there for all too see. They didn’t have a hint of sag. They stood proud and firm, her nipples already hard. She rubbed them slowly for her Jamie Lynne to enjoy. “Pretty great, aren’t they sis?” She took a step and pushed Jamie Lynne to the mattress. “Time to get down to business.” She fell to her knees in between Jamie Lynne’s spread legs and pulled her sister’s panties down revealing her perfectly shaven, wet, throbbing pussy. Britney then collapsed forward on to her sister, loving the feel of their big tits being squashed together. She kissed her sister vigorously again, letting her know she was in charge. Britney’s hand roamed, trying to feel her sister’s fun bags. They were perfect, like hers. She could feel Jamie Lynne respond to every caress, touch and grope by thrusting her chest forward. She could feel her heat radiating down below. Suddenly she broke off the kiss and found herself buried in Jamie Lynne’s massive cleavage. She kissed the soft fleshy mounds passionately before sucking at the hard nipples. Britney watched her sister writhe and wriggle in joy as she did so, getting really wet herself. Her hands squeezed her Jamie Lynne’s perfect rack. “Fuck Jamie, you’re going to love this!” Her sister looked up in a hazy dream to catch Britney bury her face into her waiting pussy. Britney’s tongue began by circling her throbbing wet clit. Each time Britney made contact with her sister, she squealed in pleasure. Britney couldn’t believe how good the taste was. At the same time she couldn’t take her hands away from Jamie Lynne’s amazing rack and was content with everything. She was only just aware of the crowd, who were still silent but the men were clearly jerking themselves off while the women played with their tits and pussies. The whole thing was so hot. Britney felt like she was on fire.

Suddenly, Britney felt her panties being pulled from behind. She didn’t want to look, she was loving eating her sister out so much. “Fucking hell Britney, you’re a great at eating pussy!” She only barely could realise it was mum, but more than anything she wanted someone to make her cum. “Watching you eat out your sister like that makes me proud to be your mum! I think I should give you a treat!” Just then, Britney felt the electric tingle of a vibrator erupt from her pussy. The smooth bulging sides of the plastic toy ran up and down her slit, causing her to grab and lick with varying intensity on her sister. The stimulation made her lose fine control of what she was doing and she squeezed on Jamie Lynne’s tits so hard she thought they’d burst. Not that Jamie Lynne minded. It just all felt fantastic. Britney probed and circled her sister’s clit with her tongue, occasionally penetrating her and occasionally kissing her. Jamie was soaking wet but Britney was devouring every last little drop. Britney in turn felt her mum rub her pussy with the vibrator and she was loving it. Her mum would occasionally insert the tip, causing Britney almost to pass out with pleasure. Her eyes seemed to go blurry with every stroke.

The crowd remained silent, everyone focused on the Spears threesome. Jennifer Aniston had the best view in the house, and she was naked. She sat in the chair,her long sexy legs spread wide apart. She rubbed her body while taking it all in. She saw the audience watch, she saw them masturbating and she saw them cumming. All these sweaty bodies drove her on. But the main event still ran on, and she wanted it to go on forever.

Jamie Lynne began to squeal and moan. She couldn’t believe that her sister was licking her pussy, just like in her fantasies. “Aww fuucckk sis, that feels so good! Your hands on my big tits! Fucking great.” Britney’s tongue began to work just a little bit harder and faster which pushed Jamie Lynne over the edge. Her hot wet pussy gushed with pleasure, her body quivered as each orgasm tore through her muscles. Her back became tense and she no option but to arch herself pushing her tits harder in to Britney’s grasp and her pussy further down her sister’s tongue. Her vision became blurry as she tried to take in the steamy situation. Her mum pleasuring Britney and herself while watching Jamie cum. Britney hungrily lapping at her flowing juices. The audience rubbing and wanking to her incestial bliss.

Britney kissed and licked her sister’s swollen pussy, genuinely turned on by the multiple orgasms she was able to induce. She knew her mum was pleasuring her and she couldn’t believe how good she was at it. She’d never felt anything so great before. And she never wanted anyone as badly as her mum and sister right now. Britney continued to lick her sister’s dripping wet pussy but she could sense her sister had come enough. Her body was limp with pleasure, her breathing heavy and laboured. Britney looked up at her sister’s heaving chest then face. She looked so pretty, her hair a mess, her body covered in sweat. She looked deliriously happy. Satisfied, Britney moved to her completely naked mum, breaking off her toy play.

Her mum had a fantastic body. Her tits were big and round, her tummy only had a slight bump and she had a perfectly trimmed pussy. Her high heels made her sexy legs look even better. “You’ve been such a good girl Britney. I love to see my two girls get on like that. Makes me hot and wet.” She then took the vibrator and placed in her mouth, sucking all of Britney’s juices from it. Her tongue circled round the tip playfully.

“Well, let me take care of you too!” Britney replied in a sexy lust filled voice.

Her mum removed the fake cock from her mouth. “Let’s take care of each other.” The pair kissed passionately. Britney pulled her mum close, loving the feel her large breasts rubbing over her own. By now, a sweat had covered their bodies making them easy to glide over. The two ladies wriggled and squirmed trying to expose each other to as much skin as possible. Britney could feel the heat between her legs. It was driving her wild. She could feel her pelvis thrusting towards her mum’s perfectly trimmed pussy, trying to rub and touch her. She could feel how hot her mother was. She could feel her push towards her too. The pair collapsed onto the mattress totally in sync with what the other wanted. They broke off the kiss and faced the audience front on. They entwined their legs and began to rub their soaking wet pussies together. The audience had a great view of both women’s fantastic bodies. Each lady’s legs looking particularly sexy in their platformed high heels. This position allowed each woman to fondle her own bouncing tits and they ground hard against the other.

Britney was in heaven. She could see how much the audience loved this. She was scissoring her mum and loving it. She made circling motions with her pelvis, loving the feel of her clit making contact with her mum’s swollen clit and pussy lips. She loved the sight of her own sweaty body wrapped up with her mums in high heels. She grabbed her tits hard with each rub, adding great amounts to the excitement pulsing through her own body. Her face strained with excitement. Sweat poured from her. Her breathing was heavy and deep! “Fuck me mum! Make your daughter cum!”

“Fuck Britney! You’re such a hot daughter! I love your fucking wet pussy! Cum with me!” The two women continued to rub their wet pussies together in the scissor position, except they were going at it harder and faster. Britney now stared at her mum as she held up her tits almost begging her mum to come over and suck them. Lynne was doing the same, holding Britney’s lusty stare with her own, massaging and tweaking her globes, enticing her daughter but also increasing her own pleasure. “Ahh fuck!”

With that, the two women orgasmed. Their scissoring stopped as both women tried to maintain a stable posture. Britney almost collapsed as her pussy gushed hot juice on to her mum. She could barely hold her massive tits and pleasure seized control of her function. She tried to speak but couldn’t manage. It was so hazy. Lynne Spears had a similar problem. She too was in the throes of orgasmic joy. She loved that she was sharing it with her beautiful daughter. She felt so hot between her legs. She could barely grind more up against her daughter such was the strength of her orgasm. She never wanted the feeling to end. It was the most intense, beautiful and sexual moment she’s ever experienced.

Britney slowly recovered. She still felt a pleasurable tingle through her body which made her feel like she was floating but she was able to move. She slowly focused on the crowd. The were still masturbating. She could see plenty of cum soaked tops and trousers. There will still plenty of hard cocks and wet pussies too. She grinned at the view. She then became aware of her sister and Jennifer Aniston coming towards her and her mum, legs still entwined. Both were completely naked apart from their platformed high heels which Britney loved. She thought the two women looked good together, Jen with her arm over Jamie Lynne’s shoulder. Jamie Lynne was hugging Jennifer around the waist.

“Enjoy that?” began Jen, smiling. “We all certainly did!” Some of the audience burst into life. The whooped and hollered while others whistled. Some clapped. Britney slowly stood up with her grinning mother.

“It was… It was… Better than I could ever have imagined!”

Britney was still recovering. Jen smiled at Jamie Lynne, who began “I want more! I’ve got mum to taste. And I want to fuck with you!”

“Oh we will, but first I want you to be dripping wet in hot salty cum! The tradition here is too let the audience finish on us if they haven’t already or want to again. You can help if you like. It’s a way of making sure everyone is happy. The Spears girls proudly got on their knees together as a queue began to form at the front of the set. Jen remained on her feet. “Again thanks for watching my show. We’ll be back next week with more sex crazed celebs but in the meantime feel free to go on to our website and see what we get up to here. I think you’re going to love it.” With that she knelt down beside Jamie Lynne and pushed out her chest and opened her mouth. The girls each grabbed a cock each and began to stroke it hard, pointing at their faces. Suddenly a burst of cum shot out of the hard rod and splattered Jen in the face. She smiled in delight and the credits began to roll…

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