Security [Parts 1-3]

Security [Part 1-3]

By: Formerly Ty

Stephanie McMahon-Healmsly, the most dominating woman in the World
Wrestling Federation ever, had the oppurtunity to get back into the ring
after that debacle at ‘Survivor Series’where the Alliance lost to the
WWF. She’s tried so hard to get her job back from her father but to no
avail. She’s also tried to get a job from the person she and her brother
sold their WWF stock to -Ric Flair.

But now it was all over, after over a month of waiting, she’s back in the
WWF because of her dominating husband, Triple H’s return. She now knew
that her and her husband would dominate
once again. The greatness of
being with the WWF once again forced her to go to the ring later that day
on Smackdown! But earlier she had an encounter with Debra.

“I know, but please do it!” said Debra on her cell phone. Stephanie
walked up to her and put her hands on her sides.

“Ok, I gotta go, let’s talk later,” said Debra. “May I help you

“Help me, help me…let’s see, you can stay out of my way because if you
don’t, my husband will tear Stone Cold apart,” said Stephanie. “In case
you haven’t noticed, Triple H is back, and he’s going to be in the 30 man
Royal Rumble. That means Stone Cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle and every one
else will lose.”

“Stephanie, no offense but, you need to get a life instead of bragging
about your husband,” said Debra.

“Excuse me! Just wait and see, your husband will get the beating of his
life. Triple H will have Stone Cold screaming for security! Now if you’ll
excuse me, I have a handful of Triple H fans I need to address,”
responded Stephanie. Debra gave Stephanie a dirty look while she walked

“We’ll see who’ll be screaming security bitch!” mumbled Debra.

Later, Stephanie addressed the crowd, saying how she is thankful of how
the people treated Triple H when he returned. But if it wasn’t for her,
he wouldn’t be than 4-time WWF champion he is today. Now that he is back,
things will change. Just when she was finished, security came. They
escorted her to the locker room. While walking down the hallway, the four
guards looked at her beautiful backside in those black, leather pants.

“Do you know how bad I would fuck her?” whispered one of the guys.

“Do you know how hard I am?” asked another guard. Stephanie heard them
very well, and was getting very annoyed.

“Okay guys, what’s your names?” asked Stephanie as she turned around.

“I am Steve, this is James, Cory and Chris,” said Steve. Steve was the
only black guy there, the others were caucasion and like every other
security guard, had a very nice build. They all had the same type of
body, very buff.

“Well, could you whisper a little louder cause I can hear you, and when I
get to the locker room, my husband will fuck you up!” yelled Stephanie.

“Miss, this isn’t part of the storyline, someone really called security,”
said Steve.

“Who?” asked Steph.

“We don’t know, but you’re not going back to the locker room, you’re
coming with us,” said James.

“Where?” asked Stephanie curiously.

“Just come with us,” said Steve. She followed them to a locker room with
no one’s name on it. The room was fairly empty with only a couch.

“What’s this about?” asked Steph. The guards surrounded Stephanie, she
had nowhere to escape, to run. She tried but to no avail. “Guys, leave me
alone!” yelled Steph.

“Just give us what we want and you can leave,” said Steve. She tried to
run again, but Cory grabbed her and ripped off her top, her silicone
boobs popped out, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Ha ha ha ha! I like what I see, all fluffed and firm just for us guys!”
said Cory. Chris blocked the door, on the floor, Stephanie covered her
breasts with her ripped top.

“Don’t try and cover it up now, baby,” said James. Soon James, Cory and
Steve pulled out their dicks and boy were they huge. I don’t know but
Chris looked like he was waiting for somebody, he went out of the room
and kept watch.

“Come here Stephie! We got something for you!” said Steve. Cory and James
grabbed her arms and brought Stephanie face to face with Steve’s member.
He was at the acme of his erection, rubbing it on her face.

“Suck it Steph, if you bite it I swear I’ll beat that slutty face of
yours with this billy club and blow my load inside your tight butt,”
demanded Steve. Stephanie had no choice, she din’t want to get pregnant
so she began to lick the head of his member.

“That’s beautiful Stephie! Now suck me the way you do Hunter,” said
Steve. Stephanie quickly obeyed him and started sucking him with no
hands. Soon Cory and James let go. They ripped off her leather pants
wanting to appreciate all of her body.

“That ass is just big, I wanna fuck it first Cory,” said James.

“No, I wanna go. I don’t want no sloppy seconds,” said Cory.

“She already is sloppy seconds, she’s fucked half the WWF locker room
including Vince and Shane. Now if that isn’t sloppy seconds I don’t know
what is,” said James.

“You’re right, go ahead!” sad Cory. James didn’t hesitate to penetrate
and went in right away, didn’t even take off his pants, moving aside
Stephanie’s panties. He slowly went inside her tight vagina as she moaned
with a big black cock inside her mouth.

“Mmmm…Ooh…Ooh..Oww!” the soft, quick moans of Stephanie got louder
with every pound of James thick cock. Cory stuffed his cock in Steph’s
face. She didn’t want this, but she couldn’t stop it. She started to love
the chocolate in her mouth. She wanted to swirl the flavors, as both
cocks were now in her mouth.

“Ooh..mmmmmm..ooooooohhh…yesss!” moaned James. The walls of Steph’s
uterus tightened on James and caused him to moan even louder. James took
out his slithered member and spanked it on Sephanie’s ass.

“That’s it, come and get it Cory,” said James.

“Time to fuck you real good slut!” said Cory. His slightly small member
slowly went inside her vaginal walls and tickled it. She moaned with
extasy as he pounded away on this loathesome slut. Steve’s cock lodged in
Stephanie’s throat caused her to choke a little, but he just kept fucking
her esophagus.

“Unh….unh….unh..ooooohh..fucking slut!” moaned Cory. He couldn’t take
her tight pussy no more as he took out his member and slowly jerked his
ejaculation onto her big backside. “This slut is just nasty!”

“I want her now,” said Steve. He took his cock out her mouth and went
towards her backside as she sit on her knees. She was losing all
sensation in her kneecaps and the blood circulation slowed down. Steve
slowly entered her tight butt, not her vagina.

“Noooooo! Please don’t do that, I hate you,” weeped Stephanie. She
started crying before James stuffed his cock in her mouth. Steve’s thick,
black cock was all the way inside Stephanie, just beating away at her
colon. Steved stuffed her faster and harder. Steph tried not to think
about it, just focusing on James member. It was working until she felt
her butthole being annihilated by another force.

“Ooooooowwwww….You fucking asshole! I hate you all! Please somebody
help! Security!!!!” screamed Stephanie. Steve’s billy club was also
inside Steph’s tight ass. The two black objects in Stephanie’s butthole
caused her so much pain, causing her to stop sucking on James. So James
started to jerk his cock on her face. Steve couldn’t take her tight ass
no more and took his cock out.

“I’m gonna cum you dirty whore and you better swalllow!” demanded Steve.
He took the club out her ass also and threw it to the floor. The two
cocks jerked their massive loads onto her beautiful face. She spit the
sperm on her chest then scooped it up and licked her fingers.

“That’s right you whore!” said Steve. All of a sudden, Chris came into
the room.

“She’s here, get your asses dressed!” he yelled. They all scrambled but
couldn’t get dressed before she came into the room. It was Debra, she
called security.

“Who’s calling security now bitch?” said Debra. Stephanie was curled up
on the floor, trying to cover herself up. Debra went over and slapped
Stephanie in the face. “Next time, think before you speak bitch!”

“And you guys, I didn’t want you to rape her, just make her yell
security!” yelled Debra. “We gotta leave before we get caught, let’s go!”
They all left the room except for Stephanie.

“I’ll get you…You bitch,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie lie there on the cold marble floor with no clothes on. The
shreaded leather pants and shirt could not cover up how dirty she felt
and looked. Her asshole, which was violated upon, hurt as she got on her
ashy knees and to her feet, which she still had her clogs on.

She soon noticed she was in Stone Cold’s locker room. Quickly she
gathered her belongings but thought what was she doing? She was about to
go outside butt naked and dirty. Her conceited ways tempted her to use
Austin’s shower. She turned on the hot water before she took of her
shoes. She entered the hot shower. In the middle of her cleansing, Austin
arrived in the room. To his surprise was a stranger in his shower.

Austin ignored it and took off his vest. Austin decided to wait for
Debra, who he thought it was, to get out the shower. The shower was
nowhere near ending as Stephanie took her sweet time. Austin drenched
himself with a few brewskies as he waited for her to get out the shower.

“Debbie! I need to get in there so hurry up!” yelled a drunk Stone Cold.
Stephanie heard this as she scrubbed her silicone chest and gasped in
shock. How was she gonna get out of the room without Austin noticing?
Austin couldn’t wait no moreand made his way to the shower, took off his
boots and wrestling attire. He entered the shower and, still thinking it
was his wife Debra.

“Debbie, I see you changed your hair color,” said Austin. He smelled her
hair and moved towards her neck kissing it gently. Stephanie, not knowing
Austin was drunk dare not to turn around and get in trouble.

“Oooh, you’re so romantic Steve, it’s time for me to return the favor
honey,” insisted Stephanie as she disguised her voice as Debra’s.

“You do that baby,” responded Austin. Stephanie began to stroke his cock
from behind. Austin’s head leaned back and looked to the ceiling in
pleasure. Stepanie quickly turned around and got on her knees. Austin
looked down to see his so-called ‘wife’ to see her long, brunette hair
covering her face as she pleasured him.

The gasps of Austn caused him to vomit on Stephanie’s head. She got up
and slapped him extremely hard. Austin fell back and bumped his head, he
was out stone cold. Stephanie quickly washed off the disgusting stench of
vomit and tried to figure out what to do with an unconscious Stone Cold.
Stephanie grabbed Austin’s arm and pulled him over to a steel folding
chair with all her might.

Stephanie quickly dried off and looked around for clothing, anything to
cover herself up. She then looked at Austin and thought of the anguish
that Debra has put her through. Stephanie wanted to repay Debra for what
she has done. Stephanie made her way over to Austin and got on her knees.
The semi-erect cock entered Stephanie’s mouth and she spilled her saliva
all over his member until he was fully erect.

She continued to blow his member hoping for him to blow his load all
inside her mouth and her face taste buds. She licked his scrotum and
tasted his sweat, moving up to his testes an started to flick them with
her tongue. Stephanie stopped, she wanted to use Austin’s body even more
so she spread her legs’ and sat on her slippery, wet cock.

Stephanie moaned and groaned as she rode his cock faster, she loved doing
this, while riding him she licked his bald head as his member entered her
womb. His cock went inside her smoothly as this was nothing compared to
the three security guards. Her walls had been stretched, so Austin’s cock
entered smoothly.

Stephanie got off Austin and started to jerk his cock real hard.
Stephanie could feel his ejaculation coming and opened her mouth, it
would soon squirt all in her mouth as she invited it. Stephanie spit some
semen on her fingers’ and licked it up. The remaining semen was also
licked off Austin’s member. Just then Austin woke up and saw Stephanie
swallowing his little soldiers’. He smacked the shit out of her as she
yelled rape.

“Security!!Help, I’m being raped!!” yelled Stephanie. Security soon came
in and took out Austin. Stephanie gave Austin and evil, dirty look as
security escorted the resisting Austin off to jail on rape charges.

“Now it’s time to get that bitch,” said Stephanie. “She who scream’s
last, scream’s loudest,” said Steph with a smirk on her face.

Stephanie stood there with a smirk on her face until she realized her
chance to avenge herself just went out the door. Stephanie quickly
wrapped a towel around her dirty body and ran after the security guards
hauling Austin.

“Wait! Wait Steve!” she wailed at the only guard she noticed. “Just hold
him for a second Steve, please!” pleaded. Steve grabbed Austin and made
him stand still.

“What do you want?” asked Austin.

“I think I can get you out of this tight position,” said Steph. “But
you’re gonna have to do something for me.”

“Whatever it is you can shove it in your dirty ass,” responded Austin.

“I see. So you would rather go to jail for who knows how long, than
listen to what I have to say?” said Steph. Austin put his head down and
thought about what would happen if he didn’t listen to what Stephanie had
to say.

“What?” asked Austin.

“The reason I was in your room because I had been raped by three security
guards that your wife paid,” said Steph.

“And what does that have to do with me?” asked Austin.

“You’ll see. What Debra doesn’t know is that I’m gonna have the last
laugh,” said Stephanie.

“How?” asked Austin.

“I’m gonna get you and Steve to rape her,” said Steph.

“But how can I rape my own wife?” Austin asked curiously.

“She doesn’t have to know it’s you. Steve’ll start it out and you’ll jump
right in. She won’t even know,” said Steph maniacally.

“And what do I get out of this?” asked Austin.

“I’ll drop the rape charges,” said Steph.

“You know, for a bitch, I like the way you think. I’ll take you up on
your offer Stephanie,” said Austin graciously. Steve then let Austin go.

“Then shall we go gentlemen?” said Steph.

“Let’s go!” said both men ominously. All three strolled down to the
women’s locker room which seemed empty.

“Go ahead Steve,” said Steph. “You know what to do, just get her back to
the locker room, me and Austin will be back there.” Steve entered the
room by himself to see Debra admiring herself in the mirror.

“Oh hey Steve!” said Debra. “What brings you here?” She looked at his
smooth, ebony, muscular body. She always wondered it would be like to be
with a black man.

“I’m afraid there’s bad news,” said Steve. “Austin has been charged wth
rape.” Debra turned around and sat down. Her legs crossed as she had a
dismayed look on her face.

“I need to see him,” said Debra.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible. You see, he’s at a disclosed location
and the only way you can see him is if I escort you there blindfolded,”
explained Steve.

“Well, where’s the blindfold?” asked Debra reluctantly. Steve took it out
of his back pocket as Debra stood up. He put it over her eyes.

“Let’s go mrs. Williams. I’ll escort you,” said Steve. They strolled down
the hallway, Debra was unaware of where she was or where she was going.
Debra was wearing her baby blue skirt suit. Her breasts, oiled up, bulged
from the flaps. It was apparent she had no brassiere on, Steve thought.
He wanted his thick, black meat inside her so badly. They finally made it
to Austin’s locker room.

“Just sit right here and don’t take the blindfold off, it’s a matter of
life and death if you do,” said Steve. He had to say something to keep
Debra stable. Debra sat there curiously looking around like the female
version of Stevie Wonder. That’s when a sock was inserted into Debra’s
mouth and some earplugs forcefully. Her arms were grabbed from behind and
that’s when two soft hand’s entered between her oiled up legs. Her
panties were taken off and her pussy was exposed under her short skirt.

“It’s your turn now Debbie,” said Steph. Stephanie slipped her head
inside the skirt and smelled Debra’s beautiful clitoris. That’s when
Debra felt the flicking of Stephanie’s hurricane tongue. “You taste so
good Debbie. Take out her plugs Steve.” They were taken out and Debra
could now hear who or what was flicking her juices. The loud moans were
changed into low moans because Debra was gagged.

Stephanie kept munching while she motioned to Austin to join in. That’s
when Austin stuffed his cock inside his wife’s mouth after taking out the
sock. This was the first time Austin received oral from his wife. Debra
didn’t like it so she never felt the need to do so. Austin stuffed his
wife’s groans with his swollen member, all while Steve held the chair.
Debra refused to suck his cock before he started to force it in and out
of her mouth.

Stephanie entered her index finger into Debra’s clit. Stephanie’s nails
touched the vaginal walls of Debra as she pinched her own nipples. No one
could see the discomfort in Debra’s eye’s but could hear it from the loud
moans as Austin fucked her mouth. Debra couldn’t hold herself anymore as
Stephanie flicked her spot. She let out a cry as she relinquished her
juices onto Stephanie’s face, and into her long, brunette hair.

Stephanie unbuttoned Debra’s jacket and her voluptuous puppies pooped
out. Steph rubbed her wet face onto Debra’s firm, petite nipples.
Stephanie was now done with Debra as she licked off the remaining juices
of Debra. Steph sat back on the couch naked with her legs crossed
watching the security Steve and the professional wrestler Steve Austin
forcefully violated Debra’s body.

Steve stod Debra up to take off her remaining clothing. Now that she was
fully naked, Austin lay on his back on the floor as Steve forced Debra on
top of him. Austin’s cock slowly entered her wet vagina as Steve looked
on taking off his shirt, then his jeans. While Debra was riding her
husband’s member, a thick, black cock slid up into her tight ,white shit

“Ooooh fuck! Stop it please!!! You fucking assholes!!!That hurts!!Please
stooooopp!!” cried Debra. Two of her most precious holes were stuffed.
They both slid in and out of her tight body. Steve grabbed Debra’s blonde
hair as he gave it to her raw in the rectum.

Debra now knew she wasn’t in any form getting out of this, so she helped
both guys by backing her hips into their cocks. She had no idea a black
cock was inside her so she began to get into what was happening. Austin
and Steve could feel themselves building up as they both took their
members’ out of Debra’s body. Debra stood on her knees as both guys
jerked into her face.

Austin was the first to blow his load all over Debra’s upper torso. Steve
on the other hand, kept jerking into Debra’s face before Stephanie came
over and helped him jerk himself. She was a big help as white cream soon
exported from his black cock onto Debra’s puppies and also some on
Stephanie’s silicone.

“Who are you assholes? You’re going to prison for this,” said Debra. Soon
she took off her blindfold to see all three. “Who….How…Why?” Debra
was speechless to see her own husband in on the plot. “Security!!!!!”

“I said I’d get you back bitch!” said Steph. Stephanie laughed maniacally
as Debra stood there in disgust and cried. “Austin, you’re off. Steve, I
will make sure I pay you back. So I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow,
bye,” said Steph with a dirty smirk on her face. Stephanie and Steve left
the room of the real people who got screwed.

“Think she knew?” asked Debra.

“Just let her live with the fact that she actually got revenge,” said

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