Spice Wars 5

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Spice Wars Episode V: Celebrity Cum Factory (Remix)

(celeb, nc, cum, lez, gang, tort, ir, viol, beast, more cum, and tragic
loss of human life)

by Defiler

The music industry is gripped with fear.
It started with the disappearances of Celine
Dion, Mariah, Jewel, Shania and Sheryl Crow.
Since then several other top female stars have been
abducted by the nefarious Spice Girls. Where they are
going and what’s being done to them isn’t known…………

Speculation by the world media as to the
identity of the abductors is running rampant,
including the belief that the Spices are somehow
responsible. As a result, Scary Spice has unleashed
her most ambitious scheme to date. A plan that could
exonerate her band, and utterly destroy all of their competition
in the process…..

The opera house was filled with the sweet wholesome
sounds of traditional Irish music, and the entire audience, from
teeny-boppers to toe-tapping grannies were enjoying it. And even
if the speakers cut out and not a sound could be heard, every
healthy male in the house would have remained transfixed on the
three radiant beauties on the stage. No doubt, they were probably
all thinking at that moment that Andrea Corr, the lead singer of the
international pop sensation, The Corrs, had her sweet lips wrapped
around something other than her flute.

The angelic beauty of raven-haired Andrea was nearly
matched by her stunning brunette sisters Sharon, the elegant
violinist, and Caroline, the feisty drummer. There was no question
that the supermodel looks of the sexy Irish lasses helped ease the
acceptance of their unique blend of pop music with flute and fiddle
the world over (not to overlook the effectiveness of brother Jim’s
guitar and keyboard playing).

The conservative attire of the Corr sisters only added to
their appeal. They rarely showed a lot of skin, giving them a
captivating innocence. Andrea, the youngest at 25, wore a classy
black knee-length dress with slits up the side to reveal a glimpse of
her thighs. Lithe-limbed Sharon, looking serious as she played her
violin, wore a similarly styled white dress. Both wore high heels
with lust-inspiring ankle straps around their dainty feet. The
smooth bare skin of their arms, and their toned calves were enough
to grab the eye and fuel carnal fantasies.

Caroline, smiling adorably, bucked the trend by wearing a
tank-top and miniskirt with knee high boots, provoking men to tey
to peer around her drumset to get a glimpse of her flower-printed
undies between her bouncing white thighs. Taking in the living
works of art on the stage from a balcony above were Posh and
Baby Spice, who were geared to change the complexion of the
show entirely.

Smiling and enjoying the enthusiastic response of the
worshipping English crowd, the Corrs had no idea that they were
part of a test. A test of the latest brainstorm of the Spice Girls, a
“weapon” which would help them smear the reputations of any
competing music acts.

Under the control of the Spice Girls, rival girl group, the
All Saints were forced to perform under the name “All Sluts” at
prisons across the States. The concerts were just a front to set up
massive gangbangs with horny prisoners who made the Saints pay
for being such cockteasing sluts by fucking them hard and
furiously. The catch was that the men had to wear condoms. And
the contents of all the condoms and the cum-slurping mouths of
Nicole, Natalie, Melanie and Shaznay were collected in portable
storage tanks.

It had taken some doing, but a large hose was fed into the
ventiliation of the ritzy theatre, and placed high above the exact
spots where the Corrs microphones were stationed. Through her
binoculars Posh took in the pristine beauty of the Corrs sweet
faces, and squeezed Emma’s hand as her pager went off — that was
the signal.

Gallons and gallons of lukewarm cum and vaginal
secretions was piped into the arena and jetting straight down on the
pretty little heads of the Corr girls, totally lambasting them with
human sperm from head to toe in an instant. Baby had a handheld
video camera focused tightly on the stage and giggled ecstatically
at the site of the three innocent lovelies getting drenched in white

Caroline was hit first, her happy drum-playing rudely
interrupted by a torrent of sperm which knocked her off her seat
and turned her into a writhing cum-stain on the floor. Her legs
kicked up the air as she tried not to choke on the liquid which
showered her relentlessly.

Sharon and Andrea were hit so hard by the plummeting
fluid that the spaghetti straps holding up their dresses snapped like
rubber bands and forced the soaking garments around their slender
ankles. Sharon was left wearing only black panties, and slipped to
her knees, getting her long brown hair and smooth back splattered.
As she tried to crawl away, slipping and sliding in the slick mess, it
was revealed she wore a thong, and her bare ass and legs got
soaked to a glistening shine.

Andrea withstood the first storm, holding her arms out at
length, and figuring it was over she swung back her head to flick
her cum-matted hair out of her face. Sperm flew off her black
hair, which had protected her face from most of the stream,
although small globs were now dribbling down her lovely face.
She tried to move her feet but slipped and landed hard on her ass,
forcing her to pull her hands away from hiding her small pointy

She let out a scream as she looked up and was nailed by an
unexpected final spray which landed on her upturned face and into
her gaping mouth, and utterly soaked her white panties until they
were see through. Andrea didn’t know what the stuff was,
although the fishy smell made her sick as she bent over and
coughed up the foul substance into the puddle which surrounded
her. She was totally humiliated, her only thought now was to
escape the situation, but in her rush to rise to her feet she slipped
and fell again, just like her sisters who struggled clumsily getting
out of the pools of slimy fluid.

Jim couldn’t comprehend what had happened as he
watched his sisters run off the stage in tears, trying to cover their
nearly naked bodies. The girls ran out of sight, following a
security guard who led them through a few doors until suddenly
the confused and frightened girls found themselves in the cold
breeze of the outdoors. That’s when they were grabbed and
thrown kicking and screaming into the trunk of a car. As the car
drove away the naked and cum-lathered bodies of the Corr sisters
slapped and slid against each other with every brake and turn.


Posh Spice pushed up her sunglasses as she walked into
the loading dock of an abandoned sweatshop, the loud footsteps of
her expensive high heels echoing through the dingy building. An
armed guard opened a heavy steel door for her, discreetly admiring
her sexy legs beneath her black miniskirt. Posh was led down a
long corridor lined with men, each taking in her icy beauty as she
brushed by them with barely a sideways glance.

The men were filthy and smelly, and did not appeal to
Victoria Adams in the least, although she did notice the huge
bulges many were sporting in their tattered pants. As she stepped
through a final set of doors the smell of sex hit her so hard she
could almost taste it. More men lined the walls and filled the floor
of the large processing plant. The sounds of them cheering and
grunting could be heard, but the overwhelming sound was a
symphony of high-pitched wails and irregular screams, the
unmistakable sounds of women in the throes of orgasm, or

Posh’s open black leather coat billowed near the ground as
she finally parted the sea of raging male hormones so that she
could inspect her band’s secret operation — the world’s first fully
functional celebrity cum factory. In the clearing before her stood
the statuesque beauty of Natasha Henstridge, wearing leather
boots, skintight gray riding pants, and a white blouse with a top
buttons undone to reveal ample cleavage between her visibly erect
nipples. The campy look was topped off with an officer’s cap and
black leather gloves.

The quasi-nazi-vixen look suited the “Species” star, with
her long blond hair and seductive blue eyes, she was a picture of
Aryan beauty. With a deep, worried gulp she saluted Posh wiith
one hand, holding a riding whip in her other hand. Natasha was in
charge of the factory, and would soon have to explain to Posh why
production was lower than expected. Natasha regretted taking the
job now, although the money was quite good, and at the rate her
acting career was deteriorating she’d soon be starring in soft porn
movies with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, the last stop on the
path to the celebrity graveyard.

Natasha spoke, her voice wavering, “Your highness, to
what do we owe the honor of your presence?”

“You can dispense with the pleasantries Henstridge, I’m
here to put these lazy sluts back on schedule, and you better
explain yourself, or you’ll be fucking and sucking alongside

“But you’re early, we have three more–” Natasha tried to
reason with Posh but she help up her hand to silence her and
walked away to inspect the entire facility. The abducted would-be
singers were in two orderly rows, each one of them facing the
center where Posh stood. To Victoria’s left, top English babe
Louise Nurding, and “Page Three” girl Katie Price, were chained
to the floor by nipple rings which caused their heavy tits to hang
low to the ground in a painful stretch. Their hands were bound
together behind their backs and chained to the ceiling above them,
forcing them to bend over with their asses high in the air and their
bald pussies sticking out invitingly.

Posh observed the streams of fresh cum pouring down the
back of their tanned, muscular legs and dripping to the ground as
she put on a latex glove and fingered Louise’s swollen cunt.
“Where are the bloody collectors? They better get here or they can
lick it up off the floor!” barked Posh.

Two blonde twins, Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, carried
high-powered suction hoses over to the posteriors of Katie and
Louise and shoved the nozzles inside their pussies, sucking out all
the warm jism. The two Doublemint twins had trouble finding
work since “Sweet Valley High” got canceled years back, and
were now employed collecting every drop of sperm off the bodies
of the naked captives. Like all the women working in the factory,
both girls were dressed to entice all the men entering the facility
into arousal. Both blondes sported black chokers with a metallic
“S” hanging below their tender throats. Cynthia, always the good
girl, had on a sexy school uniform, complete with plaid skirt and
knee-high socks, while her mischievous sister Brittany wore a
bright red cheerleader outfit.

Posh laughed when Louise let out a yelp as the vacuum
sucked on her clit as it was pulled away. Louise’s head then
slumped down in exhaustion before a cattle prod zapped her
aching pussy, bringing her attention to the cocks in front of her

Supermodel and Bond-girl villainess Famke Janssen,
(wearing a tight-fitting military-inspired uniform) wanted to show
off to her boss how effective she was at motivating the
cum-sucking whores, relishing the power she had over the naked
women floundering in their bonds. Like the other actresses, Famke
took the job as a part of a deal with the Spice Girls, that they
would help her conquer all the competition in Hollywood. She
resented being ranked lower than Henstridge, and had her eyes on
her position.

Next along the production line were the hit-making 18-20
year-olds of the Irish group B*witched. The four girls were simply
bent over a table, completely naked and bawling in unison as their
tight young snatches were pummeled hard. Although Posh liked
seeing the tortured expressions on the cute faces of the plucky girl
group, she had to complain, “Henstridge, why can I hear these girls

“Ummm…. because they’re too tight?”

“You nitwit!! There’s four perfectly good, hungry mouths
going to waste here!. Get some men over here now!” With that
the adorable faces of the B*witched girls were blocked out as the
“sperm donors” stuffed their cocks two at a time down the young
ladies’ throats.

Further down the line, the three Dixie Chicks and Christina
Aguilera were getting whipped by blonde Dutch actress Sandra
Hess (of Mortal Kombat 2 mudfight fame), and big-breasted Dane,
Brigitte Nielsen, as they were tripled-stuffed with cocks and forced
to jerk off two more. Bond girls (and girlfriends of celebrities),
Daphne Deckers and Cecilie Thomsen, both did the vacuuming.

Posh was pleased and headed over to the other side, where
the trembling, sweat-soaked bodies of the Aussie popstress Kylie
Minogue, and her blonde Playboy model sister Dannii were
chained to the ceiling by massive butt-plugs. Kylie was so short
that her little feet, even in high heels, dangled freely just inches off
the ground. The little redheaded sexpot was passed out as
“Baywatch” has-been Nicole Eggert lifted her head up so another
ex-lifeguard, Carmen Electra, could vacuum the cum off Kylie’s
face and make her recognizable again. Supermodel/wannabe
actress Angie Everhart towered over the ravaged Aussie duo with a
wicked grin as they burped up cum for the collectors.

Chained to the ceiling by her hands was Kari Wuhrer, who
had been trying to get into the music business when she wasn’t
making an ass of herself on late-night tv. The B-movie queen was
showing why she was the most productive of the lot, bouncing up
and down on a massive cock, huge balls slapping her clit as the
man tried to match her powerful fucking. Kari soon drained him
and was defiantly asking for more, so another man quickly stepped
up, allowing her to wrap her strong, toned legs around him as he
pumped his hips into her twitching loins, filling her slutty cunt
with two cocks.

Finally, Posh passed Amy Jo Johnson, the American actress
of Pink Power Ranger fame. Turns out Johnson has some singing
talent and the Spice Girls weren’t taking any chances that she
might quit her day job on “Felicity”. Amy was getting pipe laid in
her at both ends, one cock sawing at her pouty lips, and the other
up her firm round ass. Bond Girl villainess Famke Janssen smiled
sadistically in her form-fitting military uniform as she
horse-whipped Amy’s back and forced her to actively hump her
ass and face against the invading cocks.

Posh was getting turned on by all the sloppy fuck scenes
surrounding her, but she almost had an orgasm right on the spot
when she beheld Natalie Imbruglia. The short, sexy singer was
sitting on a large wooden post that impaled her ass like she was a
human popsicle. Natalie’s ankles were bound behind her, and a
leather strap chained to the wall wrapped around her slender throat
and held her head up. Posh admired Natalie’s smooth, golden
brown skin, and her sweet dimpled face.

Her sensuous lips were full and moist, thanks to a fresh
coat of lipstick, and her mouth gaped open as four men stood side
by side in front of her amazing blue eyes and long eyelashes. Two
men slowly pushed their dicks in her sultry lips which stretched to
accommodate them. Natalie grabbed the other two hard cocks
with her tiny, gentle hands and started stroking them. As the cocks
in her mouth hit the back of her throat she drooled all over them,
slurping her own saliva as it leaked from her mouth and spattered
on her tits.

The men did not last long, and when they backed away
Natalie looked like she just got hit in the face with a cream pie, the
only facial features not obscured were her bright blue eyes which
stood out like gems against the background of white slime. Posh
giggled at Natalie’s wide, blinking eyes — she looked like a
stunned little girl who didn’t know what just hit her. Playboy
regular Lisa Boyle, clad only in black panties and heels with long
straps criss-crossing up her toned calves, took the vacuum to
Natalie. Lisa’s lesbian fuckfriend Patricia Ford was wearing black
garters and stockings as she plunged a hose in Amy’s ass

“Ok, where’s all this goop going?” Posh asked Henstridge.

“This way, master Posh.” Natasha led Posh along the pipes
which carried the steady flow of semen into a processing area,
where it was to be mixed, stored and preserved. The viscous fluid
could be seen draining out from feeding pipes into a large mixing
vat which was nearly full.

“Ok, good. Now where is the rest of it?”

“Umm, th-that’s it, my master,” Henstridge stammered.
“Henstridge, you incompetent slapper!” Posh yelled,
“Looks like I’ll have to get your lazy arse up to speed. Melanie
won’t be pleased with your lack of progress.”

“But Master Scary asks the impossible! These women take
on 300 guys in a day, not counting the ones who just jerk off on
them. We’ve already cut pee breaks in half. Plus the girls need
some rest, and they have to be washed up time to time, because
apparently even these Third World apes have standards. There has
to be a limit to human endurance!” Natasha was starting to well up
with fear.

“Maybe you can explain it to her, when she arrives.”

Natasha gulped, “Scary’s coming here? You have to tell
her, we need more women! She demands too much, the bitch is

Natasha had raised her voice a bit too loudly for that last
remark, and suddenly an impossible silence came over the entire
assembly. Natasha froze in fear, and then heard a voice come from
over her shoulder, “Oh, I’m a `bitch’, am I?”

Natasha turned around sheepishly and tried to apologize
and kiss Scary Spice’s ass, but was ordered to shut up. Scary held
a leash which attached to the neck of Andrea Corr, who stood
naked and shackled along with her sisters. The shock on the faces
of the Corrs was understandable, as they took in the horrifying
scene that surrounded them knowing where they were about to fit
into the scheme of things. Their asses were already sore from
getting broken in by Scary’s jumbo-sized dildo during the trip to
the converted Nike factory.

Melanie opened her coat, allowing her strap-on to spring up
and point right at its’ next target. Natasha looked down at the
shiny black dildo, gulped nervously, and started to plead for mercy.
Melanie held out her hand and said, “Ms. Janssen, give me your
bloody cow prod.”

Famke smiled sadistically as she handed the pointed,
metallic prong to her boss, realizing the possibility of a promotion
was in her future. Melanie looked down Natasha’s trembling lips,
quivering bosom, and licked her lips at the sight of Natasha’s
crotch where her tight pants crept up into her slit and clung around
her prominent cunt mound. Melanie ripped off Natasha’s blouse,
and then jammed the prod between her pussy lips, frying Natasha’s
sensitive clit and bringing her to her knees.

As Natasha screamed out Scary lunged forward, thrusting
her unforgiving dildo into her mouth, “Henstridge, your lack of
leadership will not be tolerated. Let this be an example to you all
to get your arses in gear, or else!”

Everyone stopped to watch as Melanie pulled out of
Natasha’s mouth and zapped her tits. Natasha had driven all the
slaves, and even trainers, with calculating cruelty, and no one was
jumping in to save her. Scary bent the stunned blonde over the vat
filled with cum, and pulled her tight pants down her long, sleek
legs. Grabbing the Canadian-born actress by her golden hair,
Scary plunged the girl’s face under the surface of the foul liquid as
she violated her tight ass, forcing her to scream and choke on the
cum as it flooded her lungs.

Natasha struggled, kicking her legs, flapping her arms, and
wiggling her ass, but it only added to the sensations Scary felt in
her cunt. Natasha’s body squirmed less and less as Scary
continued plowing her ass. Finally Scary lifted the girl’s head out
of the mess so they all could see her slimy, choking face and then
forced it back down so she could gargle some more sperm. When
Scary was done she threw Natasha on the floor with her pants
around her ankles, her reddened ass in the air, and her face
dripping cum. “Get this loser out of my sight!” at Scary’s
command the Daniel twins dragged Natasha away.

“Throw her out in the crocodile pond,” Scary ordered, “Ms.
Janssen, you’re in charge now. I expect much more from these
sluts under your command. You don’t want to end up like her now
do you?”

“No, Master Scary. We shall double our efforts!” All of the
trainers kept their whips swinging and their prods stinging, and
soon the cum was flowing like never before, especially from the
beautiful faces of the newly enslaved Corrs.


Britney Spears sat in her dressing room after enduring an
hour-long hair and make-up session to prep her for another
appearance on the Disney channel. The teenage pop star enjoyed
her stardom, but was telling her hair-stylist that sometimes it was
“totally sucky”. “I mean, like, today I wanted to go shopping with
my home-girls and check out the local hotties. But noooo, I’m
stuck here ‘cuz I have to look perfect when I go out there and
y’know, have to listen to some, like, dipshit kids’ totally lame-ass
questions and pretend like I give a care, you know?”

Her hair-stylist answered her in Spanish, prompting Britney
to say, “Christ, I shoulda remembered you like, don’t even speak
English. Like, Whatevrrrrr. You know what, I’m like not even
gonna do this sucky show. I’m outie! Tell Booker I went

Booker James, manager of pre-fabricated teen music acts
Britney Spears, N’ Sync and the Backstreet Boys did not like what
he just overheard. It sounded like his little princess was having a
hissy fit. Sure, he kept Britney on a tight leash and a hectic
schedule, but that was her end of the bargain if she wanted him to
make her into a star. “Where do you think you’re going, Britney?”

“Mr. James, I just can’t do another one of these lame
shows. Like, I’m NOT doing this, you’re just going to have to

“But Britney, you’re scheduled to go on soon.”

“Well that’s your fucking problem, isn’t it?” she hissed,
before Booker grabbed her by the arm.

Booker was pissed, “Oh, I see. Little miss superstar got a
problem with Booker James tellin her what to do, huh?”

Britney huffed and tried to get away but was forced to
listen to him badger her, “Maybe little miss teenage superstar
wants to go back to singing karaoke at shopping malls? Maybe she
wants to go back to high school and study algebra? Maybe she
wants her old tiny tits back? Well, Booker James don’t play around
wit’ bitches coppin’ an attitude. It’s time you learn your lesson.”

Britney had her hair done up in her patented ponytails and
pink bows, which was convenient for Booker. Britney was forced
to kneel before her much older manager as he unzipped his pants
and let his limp dick slip out and slap her in the face. “Ya see,
bitch, I made you a star! You signed that contract, so your precious
little ass belongs to me! You don’t go no where, do nothing, not
even fart unless I say so!”

“Ok ok, I’m sorry. Ow! Stop pulling my hair!”

“Sorry for what?”

Britney had played this game before, “I’m sorry…..sorry for
being a stuck-up…….p-….prickteasing bitch.” Britney had already
been “taught a lesson” for saying in an interview she’d never date
a black guy, and that “minorities are everywhere” in New York.
Booker couldn’t afford to have his teeny-bopping princess talking
like some dumbass redneck.

“Show me how sorry you are,” said Booker, looking down
at Britney’s cute young face as she stared with tears in her eyes at
his ugly prick. Sometimes he had to be hard on his young stars, or
they’d get out of control, but he enjoyed dishing out discipline on
Britney the most; his little blonde princess.

He let out a moan as she took hold of his big dick in her
little hands and pulled him into her mouth. His cock quickly
hardened as she coated it with cherry lip gloss, milking it with her
hands and tongue. Booker grabbed a ponytail in each hand and
started pumping her sweet, wholesome face, forcing her to deep
throat him, just like the time she first auditioned for him.

Britney’s technique had improved since then, and she
swallowed almost all of his load as he fucked her skull into a
stupor. After he came he let her fall back, her dazed head sliding
down the length of his shaft before his sloppy prick plopped from
her mouth with strings of saliva hanging off it and dangling from
her moist lips. The cum she didn’t swallow fell on her firm tits
and tight, teenage abs which were speckled with glitter.

Booker picked her up off the floor by her ponytails and
bent her over the dressing room sofa. He lifted up her little
pleated, plaid shirt up over her ass, revealing her white panties
which he slid down her tanned legs. Booker couldn’t believe how
round and voluptuous her ass was, licking his lips as he spanked
her cheeks, “C’mon, baby, tell me what you want!”

Britney mumbled, “Hit me baby…one more time.”

“Ha ha! That’s my girl.” Booker fingered her dripping wet
labia and dipped his slippery boner into her squirming pussy. He
started fucking her, making her squeal with delight. Booker
reached around and grabbed her drooping, inflated tits and
tweaked her pointy nipples through her thin black bra, “These
puppies was worth every penny!”

Just then the guys from N’ Sync and the Backstreet Boys
barged into the room, “Jesus, don’t you little muthafucka’s ever
knock?” Booker barked as Britney covered her hard nipples..

“Alright, its gangbang Britney time!” said Justin.

“The hell it is,” Booker contradicted, “Britney’s going on
tv in 15 minutes.’

“Aww, man…..um….Can’t we at least jerk off in her face?”
“What did I jus’ tell you boy?” said Booker, who suddenly
reallized how he could let his boys have some fun without
wrecking Britney’s hair. “A’ight then. You boys ever hear of a
soggy cookie?”

“Huh? No, what’s a soggy cookie?”

“Put that cookie you got there down on the coffee table….
get in a circle. Don’t stand there lookin stupid, do it! Now pull’em
out an’ jerk your little peckers off till you squirt on the cookie. It’s
a game…” as Booker was explaining he was casually fucking
Britney’s tight body without missing a beat. Britney giggled and
got turned on as all the boys whipped out their young hard pink
boners, and started to play with her swollen clit, letting her tits
hang free again..

Booker continued, “Make sure you get all your spunk on
that cookie, now. That’s right.”

“What’s the point of this game, to see who shoots the
biggest load?”

“Hell no….mmph…..the point….mmmph…… is the last one
to cum has to eat the damn cookie.”

The guys started whacking off at a feverish pace to avoid
being the unlucky one to face that task. The last two came at
nearly the same time, spurting a final layer of creamy white jizz on
the small chocolate chip cookie.

“I beat you!”

“No dude, you were last!”

Meanwhile, Booker had Britney by the tits as he pumped
his sperm into her spoiled little cunt. Booker dumped his load,
shaking out the last few spurts as he stopped fucking the young
girl, forcing Britney to hump her pussy back on his cock to bring
herself off. Britney felt the warm seed coating her insides, it felt
so dirty to her having this old black man fill her young white pussy
with her sperm, and she loved it. She fucked with nasty abandon,
her body losing coordination and her low moans heightening to a
series of rapid, uncontrolled squeals. With a grunt of satisfaction,
Britney’s face slumped down in exhaustion.

“Well boys, looks like Britney was the last to cum. She
gotta eat the fuckin’ cookie now!” Booker announced.
“Aw yeah! Come and get it, Britney!”

Britney was disgusted, “No way, guys, that’s gross! I mean
like, no way I’m eating that.”

“C’mon Britney, we all know you want it!”

Britney just closed her eyes and mouth and shook her head
like a little baby.

“I’ll give you a choice Britney, you can eat the yummy
little cookie there or this dick is going right up your tight ass!”
Booker threatened.

“No no NO! I’m not eating it!”

“Alright then, someone pass me that Noxema there,”
Booker was handed the facial cream which he scooped on to
Britney’s ass, the icy coolness making her jump, and started
smearing it around her tiny asshole, greasing up her young, tender
ass-cheeks for a painful invasion.

“Please don’t sodomize me Mr. James, I promise I’ll never
be a bitch again!” Britney knew sodomy was a sin, and illegal
where she came from.

“I told you, you gotta learn your lesson, now here it is!”
Booker slapped his meat against her greased-up cheeks to
get back to full hardness, rolled on a ribbed condom and then
doggedly forced his thick cock into her puckered virgin asshole.
“Ooh, that’s gotta hurt!”

“Aww, Britney’s gonna cry!”

Booker’s 9-inch, fat cock got only about halfway before her
tightening sphincter prevented further entry. She bucked wildly,
kicking her sweaty, juice-dripping legs as her ass squirmed and
twitched, but she was stuck on his dick, “Take it out! Take it out!”
“You eat the cookie and I’ll take it out.”

Britney’s trembling hand reached over and picked up the
cookie, which looked like a tiny pastry covered in thick white
frosting. Britney closed her eyes, and took a bite, sperm spilling
down her chin. Britney’s disgust with the first taste was obvious —
she scrunched up her little nose and gagged a little, but was able to
keep it down as she got used to the flavor. She started to chew the
cookie, which didn’t make crunchy noises since it was soft and
mushy like oatmeal.

The boys were all smiling, and containing their laughter so
they could hear her chew as Britney took another bite. She
suddenly stopped munching and paused as if she was concentrating
on a scary thought. Then she closed her eyes and swallowed the
first mouthful in a big lump that could be seen moving down her
throat. The boys lost it, bursting out in hysterical, ridiculing
laughter, “Oh my god, she ATE it!”

Britney smiled with crumbs in her teeth and said,
“Mmmmmm….this is yummy!” deciding the best thing to do was
not let the boys know how repulsed she was.

“I don’t believe it! What a fuckin’ dirty slut!”

Booker was beaming as his little blonde whore stuffed the
remaining half of the cookie into her face, causing her cheeks to
balloon out as she poked her little finger into her mouth, crumbs
falling down on her cleavage. The boys listened to the sounds of
Britney’s mastication, as she slowly ingested the tainted treat,
leaving a layer of white cream on her upper lip, like she was
posing for one of those “Got Milk?” ads.

Booker patted her head as she smiled up at him, “Good
girl, baby, now I gotta finish fucking your virgin ass before you go
on tv.”.

“Yeah, fuck the cum-eating slut, Mr. James!”

At this point Baby Spice paused the tape at a close-up of
Britney’s cum-drooling mouth opening to let out a scream, “See
Girls, I told you the hidden cams paid off!”

“Big time! We’ve struck gold, Girls. Woo hoo!” Scary
cheered, “Looks like Britney Spears is going to have some
much-wanted freedom from her manager!”

“Yeah, but not from us!” Sporty laughed.

“The last piece of the puzzle is in place! Once we’ve
gotten little Britney away from that scumbag we can proceed full
on with the next phase of our plan!” Scary declared.

The girls got in a circle, put their hands together in the
center and chanted, “Girl Power!”


Nicole and Natalie Appleton, of the All Saints, stood washed up
and good as new as they waited for the Spice Girls to let them out
of their locked “cell” in Scary’s basement.

“You know, Nat, I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll be
happy if I never see another cock the rest of my life.” The Spice
Girls had blackmailed the All Saints into having sex with literally
hundreds of men on their North American prison tour, both to
kickstart their sperm collection campaign, and to put the “All
Sluts” in their place.

“I know what you mean…I bet we each fucked a couple of
miles’ worth of cock in the last three months,” Natalie remarked.

“Do you think Mel and Shaz will be ok?”

“Who knows? But that bitch Sporty said the gynecologist
was optimistic. Still, they’re gonna be real sore for a while.” The
other two All Saints, Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis got their
pussies torn during the massive gangbangs . Amazingly, after a
short recovery period, the Appletons’ horny cunts were tight and
juicy again, their elasticity intact — the girls were born to fuck.

Just then the door swung open, and Scary and Posh tossed
the lifeless, disheveled bodies of Kylie and Dannii Minogue on the
floor in front of them. “All Sluts, I want you to get these bitches
cleaned up,” Scary told them.

“You have two hours to get them spic and span!” added

Dannii, the 27-year-old blonde Aussie Playboy model, was
laying on her back with her eyes closed. Her naked tits slowly
rising and falling was the only indication she was still alive. Kylie
was curled up in a fetal position, her eyes open but staring off
vacantly, traumatized. Nicole and Natalie knelt down beside her,
brushing her hair, which was clumped together with dried cum, out
of her face.

“Poor little thing,” said Nicole, pulling Kylie up on her lap
and wrapping her arms around her in a comforting embrace, “What
did those bitches do to her?”

Natalie lifted up the sheet Kylie was wrapped in, observing
her shaved pussy which was fucked raw, still leaking juices, “Ooh,
they fucked her over good. I’ll go run some bath water.”

Nicole looked down at Kylie’s blue eyes, her adorable
mouth in a pouty frown suckling her thumb, her little hand
trembling on Nic’s thigh, her heartbeat pounding against her as
their breasts rubbed together, “Oh my god, Natalie, she is sooo
cute.” Nicole patted Kylie on the head and stroked her bare back as
she started to whimper and cry. “It’s gonna be ok, sweetie.”

It took some effort, but with Nicole’s warm, vibrant smile
and tender touch she was able to cheer up Kylie enough to join her
sister in the bubble bath. Dannii had been carried unconscious into
the water, but was alert when Kylie plopped down in front of her,

The Minogue sisters pressed hard against each other, both
sobbing hard at their shared misfortune. The Appletons got into
the tub on either side, and spread water over the traumatized
sisters. Kylie and Dannii were too exhausted to move a muscle,
and let the two blondes rub their naked bodies down with a soapy
sponge. Kylie’s perky breasts jiggled as Nicole scrubbed away the
caked on semen, her nipples automatically becoming erect, as
were Nicole’s which were pressed against Kylie’s bare back.

Natalie was busy scrubbing Dannii’s tender cunt folds with
a sponge as Dannii bent over for her. Nicole moved her hands
down Kylie’s trim tummy, gently rubbing her pussy and thighs
with a cloth, as she pressed her own clit against Kylie’s firm ass,
masturbating herself on the silky-smooth wet skin.

After the girls were shampooed, Natalie and Nicole had
them lay out then climbed on their backs, giving them a sorely
needed body massage. Nicole got to rub her cunt against Kylie’s
ass again, as she spread moisterizing lotion all over her smooth
back, her ass, and all the way down her glistening thighs and
calves. After bringing the redhead to a degree of relaxation and
peace, Nicole rested by pressing down her bare breasts against her
back, and cuddling with her. It wasn’t long before the Minogues
were brought out of their zombie-like state, chattering away with
the Appletons, joking a bit and sharing stories of the horrifying
ordeals brought on them by the nefarious Spice Girls. Little did
they know they were playing right into the Spice Girls’ hands.


One week later….

In the Spice Girls’ headquarters, the foursome was
analyzing video tape of some other test runs with their harvested
fuck fluids. On the screen, at the Muchmusic video awards in
Canada, the cheeky yet adorably sweet Sharon, of the
breakthrough group Len, was accepting an award from vapid
blonde VJ Rachel Perry for the summer hit “Steal my Sunshine”.
Baby-faced Sharon had her trademark blowpop stuffed in her
cheeks, choosing to look cool and pose in her shades and tank top
as her bandmates did all of the talking.

Rachel was superhot in a full-length, bright pink gown
which looked like a prom dress and matched her glossy lips.
Sharon lifted her glasses up in her brown hair revealing her
stunning blue eyes. As she hugged Rachel and gave her a kiss her
bright smile showed off her dimples. Sharon had come out of
nowhere to become a top international star, and had the cocksure
attitude to match, while the apparently sweet Rachel often masked
her lack of intelligence by insulting viewers on and off camera.

Imagine their surprise when both of these bright-eyed,
adorable starlets suddenly noticed two massive waterballoons
filled with cum hurtling toward them like giant wrecking balls.
The huge balls of sperm hit them with bruising force, instantly
exploding and soaking them top to bottom in second hand spunk.
Sharon was thrown back against some rafters, her dimpled face
rudely pasted with cum.

As Sharon’s ass slammed into the scaffolding behind her,
her panties which were exposed above her jeans, became hooked,
suspending her in a massive wedgie. Her heavily soaked jeans slid
down around her ankles and her nipples poked through her wet
t-shirt. She screamed in humiliation and agony with sperm
dripping off the end of her up-turned nose as her panties were
horribly stretched over her head.

Meanwhile, Rachel was bitch-slapped off the podium and
flew back, with her dress flying up to reveal her tiny pink panties,
and lean white legs. After the sexy blonde went airborne and
slammed into the wall, her dress got tangled up in adornments, and
was stripped off of her as she tumbled back to the ground.
Unfortunately, right below her was table of yet-to-be-handed-out
awards. Rachel’s cum-filled mouth gaped open in voiceless horror
as she experienced the unbearable agony of having the metal
sphere of the Muchmusic logo join her silk thong up her tight ass,
lodging deep into her rectum.

As Sharon squirmed in her hooked panties, blowing
cum-bubbles out her nose as she squealed, Rachel slowly tried to
walk with her ass totally ruined and streams of cum oozing down
her trim tummy, and thighs, soaking the pink patch of fabric over
her cunt. That’s when two more “wrecking balls” came crashing
at the disoriented bimbo and innocent singer, but before the
heinous aftermath could be seen the live show cut to a

Sporty commented on the trial run which was done before
they had maximized the preservation of the sperm so diligently
produced by the All Saints. “See, that cum doesn’t look thick
enough, it’s too liquidy, do ya know wha’ I mean?. Now here’s
where we added some of that super adhesive stuff to the mix.”

The Girls watched as the tape switched to an outdoor
concert in Canada, where Courtney Love and her band Hole were
performing to a raucous crowd. In keeping with Courtney’s new
“glam” image, a giant crystal ball turned above her head.
Courtney didn’t reallize the huge globe was just a big balloon with
reflective squares pasted on, and filled with gallons of thick sperm
and glue.

Beneath the big ball, Hole bassist, Melissa Auf de Maur
was swaying her hips and shaking her milky white breasts. Her
sweet vocals contrasted with the flirtatious looks she shot at
Courtney as the trashy lead vocalist grinded up against her hip. In
honor of Canada’s birthday, Montreal-native Melissa wore a tank
top with a bright red maple leaf on it, which matched her curly
naturally red hair.

Suddenly the crystal ball fell, interrupting their lewd
behavior and exploding over the stunned girls. Courtney was
pissed, and started smashing her guitar and swearing revenge.
Melissa got the worst of it, her Canadian flag shirt totally drenched
in white slime which made it cling to her hard tits. She fell on her
ass, and as she tried to get up her white shorts stuck to the stage,
remaining around her ankles as she stood in her soaked white
panties which failed to hide her red bush. With her ankles tied
together by her shorts, Melissa wobbled awkwardly off the stage,
totally humiliated and dripping jism from every inch of her body.

“See, that looks much better don’t you think?” asked
Sporty. “Now, when we use hoses to pump in the stuff, well, let’s
watch again what happens to the poor innocent Corrs…ha ha!”
“Excellent,” stated Scary, after seeing the impact of the
spunk plummeting on Andrea’s coyly smiling face. “Oh, I almost
forgot. Ms. Janssen, you’re dismissed. We expect you’ll atone for
your blundering ways, but this is your last chance.”

“Yes, Master…..thank you Master,” Famke grovelled,
relieved that the Spice Girls spared her life after allowing the
newly recruited Tia Carrere to escape the facility. Famke got up
off her knees and wiped Scary’s cunt juices off her lips. She bent
over so she could pluck a huge dildo from her tight ass, but Posh
told her to leave it there.

“Oh, Ms. Janssen, take the bridge over the aquarium to get
out,” said Scary, prompting Famke to cease walking around the
indoor aquarium and cross a small bridge leading to the door.
Famke’s long, waxed legs were strutting in high heels which
landed noisily on the thin steel bridge. The exquisitely toned back
of the statuesque beauty was bare in her black dress, her fit calves
flexed above her 3-inch heels.

Accompanying Famke out, was her crony Sandra Hess,
whose punishment had been a major strap-on pounding from
Sporty while Posh whipped her round, firm ass. And Sandra
thought her MK-2 catfight-in-the-mud scene was
embarrassing….getting her prime ass fucked into oblivion by some
skinny lesbo freak was quite the comeuppance. “When I get my
hands on that bitch Carrere….”

Famke was also planning to make Tia Carrere pay when
she returned to the factory. Famke and Sandra were initiating the
asian vixen into the factory when the little bitch was able to work
her hands free and bite down on Famke’s swollen clit. Tia then
shoved Sandra’s prod into her cunt and then rammed it up her ass,
stunning her so she could temporarily escape, completely
humiliating them both and forcing them to apologize personally to
the Spices for the ensuing panic.

“One last thing Ms. Janssen,” Famke was getting tired of
taking orders, she turned around with a bitchy look on her face, as
Scary said, in a clear display of hypocrisy, “The Spice Girls do not
tolerate incompetence!”

Scary pressed a button on the console in front of her, and
although a Bond girl should have seen it coming, Famke was
caught unaware. She let out a scream as her sexy body became
weightless when the bridge gave out beneath her. Her long, lean
legs kicked in the water as she suddenly submerged under the
turbulent water. Scandinavian babes Cecilie Thomsen and Daphne
Deckers also tumbled into the water, where they were all rapidly
devoured by a school of swarming piranhas.

Sandra managed to grab the bottom a rail as her legs fell in
In an instant, dozens of hungry piranhas swarmed on her bare legs
in the water, ravenously stripping the blonde’s tanned thighs of
flesh as she tried unsuccessfully to lift herself up, her awesome
legs kicking frantically under the surface. After her lower half was
completely skinned she lost her grip and her lithe upper body
plunged into the water and was painfully consumed until it was
picked bone clean.

The three other Spice Girls looked at Scary, who was
brimming with delight as she watched the bubbles die down in the
pool, and then turned to each other and burst out laughing. Posh
said, “Gee, Melanie, you never told us you got piranhas. I’m
bloody glad I didn’t go for a swim!”

Scary switched on the video conference screen, telling catty
blonde starlet, Jaime Pressly, “Pressly, you’re in charge now.”
“Doing a little down-sizing?” Jaime joked, figuring that her
former co-workers would not be returning.

“You have one month to fill the rest of the trucks. Several
new slaves will be on the way soon, I expect you will train them
properly,” Posh instructed.

“I look forward to breaking in some fresh meat around
here!” Jaime declared.

Posh closed the conversation saying, “Do not fail us!”


Kylie Minogue awoke with someone pulling on her leg,
and as she lifted her head trailing drool on her “pillows”, she
realized she must have fallen asleep with her face resting on
Nicole Appleton’s soft cleavage. Nicole was wearing white cotton
panties, bobbisocks, and a football jersey-style t-shirt with the
number 69,
while Kylie wore a small white nighty with little bunny rabbits on
it and big fuzzy pink slippers. Their naked thighs rubbed together
to keep warm since the sheets were being hogged by Natalie
Appleton, who was wrapped up with Dannii Minogue.

Sporty Spice looked down at the pile of bare flesh and soft,
warm bodies in front of her and jumped right on top of it, rudely
awakening the sleepy-headed foursome. The Minogues and
Appletons had made the best of their captive situation and spent
the night pleasuring each other with gentle lovemaking and, of
course, the lesbian foreplay had lasted for hours.

“Wake up Slut Sisters! Today’s the big day,” Sporty said
excitedly, running her nails up Kylie’s bare thighs. Although it
was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the girls were still groggy, so
Sporty helped them overcome their inertia by squeezing Kylie’s
tits, slapping her butt, and then rolling Nicole over and biting her
succulent ass through her panties.

That woke up the girls real quick, and they left Sporty
alone on the bed laughing at them. “Tiime for you girls to get
dolled up for the party!”

“I hope you sleepy-heads are up for some major slutting
tonight!” said Posh.

“Vicki, they’re always up for random sucking and
fucking,” Scary pointed out, “They’re not the All Cunts for

“Fuck you cow!” screamed Nicole as she unleashed some
rage trying to attack Scary but was held back by her older sister.
“That’s right, you better hold her back. You wouldn’t want
me to change my mind about letting you go after tonight.”
Just then Baby walked in and threw a handcuffed Melanie
Blatt on the floor, “Here’s braindead slut #3.”

“Melanie! I missed you sweetheart!” Natalie ran to hug her
bandmate, giving Nicole the chance to lunge at Scary, who
immediately grabbed her delicate throat with one hand, and then
pulled her to the ground by twisting her tit with the other.

Nicole wailed like a little weakling while Scary looked
down at her, “Don’t piss me off bitch! You better fuckin’ make me
happy today, or you’ll be working the rest of your days as a
worthless sex slave! And believe me, I’ll find a way to make sure
you won’t enjoy it!”

“Remember, we still have your friend Shaznay, so don’t
even think about screwing with us! All you have to do is be your
usual slutty selves tonight, that’s not much to ask is it?”

With that, the Spice Girls locked the door behind them,
leaving Nicole rubbing her sore breast, “Yeah, well, when we get
free we’re gonna have a new record, and a new movie, and we’re
gonna be the biggest girl band in the world!”

The Spice Girls got a good laugh when they heard this, and
Sporty asked, “Ummm, Melanie, I’m just checking, you’re not
serious about letting them go are you?”

“What do you think?” asked Scary, who held up her
crossed fingers. The Girls laughed as they returned to their
command room.


Jennifer Lopez was bored, and impatiently huffed as she
looked around in disdain at the little girls around her. She was told
that big-time Hollywood producers and directors would be at the
Halloween party, but so far only competing starlets had shown up
— Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, and Melissa Joan Hart,
sitting together giggling like girls at a sleepover, and ghostly pale
Rose McGowan who was sitting next to Lopez drinking a bottle of
wine. So far she’d seen nothing but “losers” and “nobodies” at the
party. It was hardly worth the flight out to Monaco, even if
someone else paid for the trip.

Although the mansion was decidedly `posh’, the lack of
true power players was a disappointment, and Jennifer Lopez
wasn’t going to put up with this bullshit much longer, “Shit! Do
these people know who I am? Don’t they know I have better things
to do than sit on my ass and listen to… what is this…..the Spice
Girls? Damn it! I’m a star, I’m the most beautiful woman in the
world, but it doesn’t matter since there’s nobody important here.”

“Why isn’t Puffy here? Did you leave him at home in case
you decided to take another producer upstairs and stick your big
coochie in his face?” Rose was a natural shit-disturber, and the
wine had removed any slight inhibitions she may have had.

“What did you just say? Bitch, you better not piss me off,
cos’ I’ll kick your lily ass! You just jealous cos I’m a successful
actress AND singer, while you’re just a pathetic groupie!”

“Singer? Ha! You couldn’t sing to save your life. Fuck, I
make better music on the toilet!”

“(Gasp) I KNOW you did not just say that about Jennifer
Lopez,” said the wounded diva, “Bitch, I have more money on me
right now than you will ever have your entire life!” Jennifer
pointed out the new fur coat, and gaudy diamond rings and
necklace (furnished by rapper boyfriend Puffy Combs) which
adorned her caramel skin

“Yeah, you make a lot of money selling your fat slutty ass!”
quipped the snarky black-haired girlfriend of rocker Marilyn
Manson. Rose was appropriately dressed up in a classic devil’s
costume — so tight it rode up her ass and stretched around her
vulva, low cut to show off her cleavage beneath her red choker
which hinted at the S & M lifestyle she so thoroughly enjoyed.

“Yeah, well, at least I don’t go home and FUCK SATAN!”
the Puerto Rican hottie replied, but before the two could start
swinging fists at each other the Minogue sisters stepped in and
made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Meanwhile, across the room…. “I’m like sooo humiliated,
Carson dumped me for that Christina Aguileria or whatever,”
Jennifer Love Hewitt, the perpetually giddy starlet, had on a rare
sour face as she gossiped in her white angel costume, making her
stand in contrast to Rose McGowan’s devil.

“Oh my god no… she’s such a slut! She’s just dating him
to get on MTV, and she’s like totally trying to copy me,” said
Britney Spears, clad in a sexy “Gabrielle” inspired outfit, to go
along with her friend Melissa Joan Hart who came dressed as

“Yeah, well, I heard she got kidnapped by some white
slavery ring and now she’s probably sucking camel-dicks in the
deserts of Arabia or whatever,” said Melissa, who was almost
drooling over the thought of doing Jennifer and Britney at the same

“Ha! Ha! Serves her right!” `Love’ clapped her hands as
she shared the laugh with Britney, their perky young “puppies”
jiggling in unison.

“Omigod! Look, it’s Jennifer Lopez! Let’s go talk to her!
Quick I think she’s leaving,” Love said eagerly.

Just then the girls were surrounded by the sexy All Saints
trio of Melanie, Nicole and Natalie, who engaged them in
conversation, “You ladies fancy a bit of the bubbly?” offered
Nicole. As Melissa, and then Britney, gladly accepted the laced
drinks, Nicole eyed Britney’s pert tits which were threatening to
bust out of her top, and grinned with the thought of the serious
shagging she had planned for her.


Jennifer Lopez and Rose McGowan followed the Minogue
sisters into a hidden back room, an unoccupied rumpus room
complete with its own bar, which the Minogues immediately began

“Ok, where the hell is Steven Spielberg? You said he’d be
here!” Jennifer huffed.

“No worries luv, he’ll be along in a jiffy. Let’s just enjoy
the party!” said Kylie.

“Pffft, what party?” Jen mocked.

“The one in your mouth — everybody’s cumming!” sniped
Rose. With that Jen tried to grab Rose by the hair but they ended
up locking hands and struggling before the tiny Minogues broke it

“You girls really need to chill out. Why not help
yourselves to some snort, there’s plenty for everyone,” offered
Kylie, who pointed to a coffee table in the middle of the room
which had a mountain of white powder sitting on it. Kylie,
outfitted in a sexy police officers’ uniform with butt-hugging
navy-blue shorts and steel handcuffs held in her belt-loops, assured
them, “I promise I won’t arrest you. Hee hee…I’ll go first.”

When the All Saints walked into the room with Love,
Britney and Melissa the young starlets got the shock of a lifetime.
They saw Kylie (not that they recognized her) with her officer’s
shirt tied in a knot in front of her exposing her bare back as she
bent over to snort a line of coke in front of everyone. Rose was
also on her knees with a straw up her nose, her devil’s tail wagging
behind her, while Jen Lopez looked down at her in disgust.

Kylie’s spankworthy ass made an inviting target for Nicole,
who pulled her blue shorts up her back, revealing more of her
round ass cheeks. Nicole gave Kylie a few slaps on the ass, before
she suddenly pantsed the little pop starlet, sliding her shorts down
her smooth legs. Nicole knelt down and proceeded to kiss and
pinch Kylie’s ass which was nearly bare with her lacy panties
wedged up her ass. Kylie turned around and sat on the table,
spreading some coke up her thighs and in her crotch so that Nicole,
and sister Natalie could both start getting high.

“What the hell is going on here? Where’s Matt Damon and
Ben Affleck?” asked a very frightened Jennifer Love Hewitt.
“They’ll be along shortly. Here, drink up!” Melanie gave
Love another glass of spiked alcohol, which she passed to Melissa.
“This is crazy. Drugs are bad, let’s get out of here before
these lesbo’s jump us!” Britney didn’t want to get involved in the
wildness that was breaking loose.

“Brit, NEVER pass up free coke! I did some on Spring
Break in Mexico. It’s like totally orgasmic, you HAVE to try it!”
Melissa pulled Britney, who was already tipsy from the booze,
along by the wrist. Ms. Spears, still young and impressionable,
eventually gave in to the peer pressure, not wanting to disappoint
and risk losing her only “true” friend — it was lonely at the top.

Meanwhile, the All Saints and Minogues were starting to
kick the party into full gear, The All Saints were dressed as
concubines, “slave bracelets” wrapped around their bare arms,
only black bras up top and tight silk pants on the bottom.
However, their costumes were of little relevance as their clothing
would soon be discarded on the floor.

As Dannii and Natalie french kissed with their pert tits
squeezed against each other, Kylie knelt down and unzipped
Natalie’s pants, pulling them down her legs so she could rub her
bare thighs with her lustfully probing hands. Natalie was getting
hot from the thigh massage she was receiving and pulled Kylie’s
face up to her crotch, rubbing her nose against her wet panties.
Kylie bit into the waistband and dragged the silk panties off,
exposing the shaved slit underneath, making Natalie the first to get
totally naked in front of everyone present.

As Kylie started licking Natalie’s juicy cunt like a tasty
peach, Dannii brought out some baby oil and squirted it on the
blonde’s heaving chest, which trembled with the shock of the
coolness of the body cream. Dannii started rubbing it into
Natalie’s pliable tits, smearing it around and watching the breasts
bend and stretch under her firm grip. Natalie grabbed the oil and
started to wax Dannii’s silicone wonders, followed by her trim
tummy and then around to her smooth back and firm ass.

As this was going on, Nicole and Melanie were dancing
with each other, grinding their pleasure seeking hips together and
ass-grabbing as they smooched. Melanie kissed Nicole’s cleavage
and unfastened her bra so she could lick and suck her rockhard
nipples. As she sucked Nicole’s tits she could feel the
reverberations in her pussy as waves of pleasure stimulated her
hotspot. Melanie grabbed a handful of Nic’s steaming crotch,
causing her to gasp and allowing her to slide her tongue between
her sweet-tasting lips.

The other girls not on the stage could only watch the
display of wanton sluttiness before them. Except for Melissa Joan
Hart, none of the women watching had any girl-girl experience or
desires, but they still had to stare at the flagrant exhibitionism and
full frontal nudity flaunted in their faces. The cocaine had aroused
the ladies present, including Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears,
although Love kept to her cranberry juice..

The lesbian baby-oil orgy continued to steam up, as Nicole
playfully teased Melanie by sliding her skimpy string bikini panties
partway down her own hips. Nicole paused with the black strings
hooked in her fingers, allowing the front patch of her panties to
shrink to the exact size of her shaved cunt mound. Nicole pulled
her hips back, out of Melanie’s reach and taunted her, asking her
to beg for it.

“You’re a randy little ‘roo aren’t ya?” said Kylie, who knelt
down beside Melanie and smeared oil over Nic’s beautiful legs.
As Nicole looked down at how sexy her glistening thighs were she
decided she needed to be fucked right there, and let Kylie slip her
knickers down her quivering legs as they clung momentarily to her
sticky slit before finally surrendering to the floor.

Nicole backed up into a vertical metal pole, which pressed
between her ass cheeks as Kylie drove her tongue into Nicole’s
squirming pelvis. Nicole watched the pixie-like Aussie slowly
stroke her tongue up the length of her wet groove, and wrapped her
slippery thighs around Kylie’s cute face, pulling her in deeper.
Nicole watched her sister Natalie writhe on the floor with her legs
wrapped around Dannii who was fucking her hard with a
two-headed dildo. Watching their tits bounce against each other,
Nicole was amazed at how hard her sister was getting her cunt
pounded by another girl, and threw her head back as she came, her
huge tits shivering, her flowing pussy dumping sticky juices on
Kylie’s nearly smothered face.

As Nicole’s body rocked she instinctively put her finger in
her mouth and sucked it, “Mmm, God I need a cock right now.”
Nic’s eyes rolled back into her head as her legs flailed out
of control, her calves slapping against Kylie’s sweaty back.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” as Nicole opened her eyes
her friend Melanie gave her something better to suck on than her
own finger — a perfectly reallistic looking dildo, which Nicole
graciously engulfed in her mouth, sucking it like a porn star.
Melanie wrapped her delicious lips around the other end of the
dildo, and as they both deep-throated the rubber schlong they met
in the middle for a kiss, enjoying the whorish look of their pretty
faces stretched around the cock. They also milked each other’s
huge breasts as Kylie swallowed the secretions from the horny
blonde’s cunt.

Nicole was weak from her arousal, and slid down the pole
to the floor, the dildo popping out of her mouth and flopping
around in front of Melanie’s face, which made Britney and Melissa
giggle. Melanie pulled off her belt and looked down laviciously at
Nic’s round ass, and then thwacked her fiercely, punishing her for
beiing such a slutty bitch in heat, “You want us to fuck you don’t
you little slut? You better beg for it you stupid blonde whore!”
“Please, fuck me,” Nicole moaned, relishing the painful
stinging in her strapworthy ass, “I’m a naughty little slut.”

“Bloody right! What do you say we shag this bitch rotten?”
Kylie asked Melanie, who was kicking off her pants before sliding
a strap-on cock up her bare legs. Kylie was already holding her
“dick” in her hand like a proud cocksman, “You girls want to see
us fuck this horny little slapper hard like she deserves?”

“Rip the limey bitch in two for all I care!” responded Rose,
the only one who wasn’t too embarrassed to reply.

Kylie and Melanie attempted to do exactly that, getting
behind Nicole and sliding their cocks into her well-lubed cunt,
taking turns ramming her to the hilt. Their bodies slapped together
as they both fucked Nicole, grabbing uncaring fistfuls of blonde
hair and clawing her drooping tit to help them gain leverage and
powerfuck the mewling bitch.

Meanwhile, Dannii was also riding Natalie’s backside,
slamming her thick rod between Natalie’s legs as she stretched her
ass up into the air. Natalie had another rubber wanger standing on
the floor in front of her face, pointing up at her. She slapped it
hard with her hand, sending it swaying back and forth like a
pendulum, whacking against her face with each pass. The girls all
got a big laugh out of this, especially Love, who stared at the
swinging cock intently, “Do guys penises really stand up and flop
around like that?” she wondered.

Natalie sucked the fake cock deeply as Dannii pushed her
head down on it, allowing herself to pound the All Saint into the
ground as she raked up and down her bare, sweat-polished back
with her sharp nails. Nicole could feel the two dildos slide against
each other as they snaked inside her tightly packed vaginal sheath,
and she resigned to yet another quaking orgasm. The helpless
whimpering of the cheeky Appleton sisters was proof that the two
brats were effectively tamed by the hard fucking the Minogues had
given them.

As Nicole slid to the floor in an exhausted heap, Mel and
Kylie gave each other a hug and looked down at Nicole’s
dominated, used body. Kylie put her tiny foot on Nicole’s bare ass
and flexed her arm in a victorious pose. Melanie made a quick trip
to the bar and came back with a wine bottle in each hand.

Kylie read the label on one of them, “Natalie Imbruglia,
vintage 1999, I wonder what that means.” When she inhaled its’
aroma she realized what the bottle contained. Then she got a
wicked idea, “I’ll bet my arse you can’t chug this whole bottle
down in your little tummy in one foul swoop!”

Of course, the brash All Saint Melanie took the challenge,
“Watch me!” She held the bottle vertical, dumping its contents
directly down her throat as her pouty lips made a greedy funnel,
the bottle making a glug-glug-glug sound as it’s contents were

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” chanted Kylie, wicked laughter
resonating from her cute lips, as she rubbed Melanie’s tight belly
and reached down into her panties with her slippery finger.
Steams of creamy white liquid started to seep out from the corners
of Mel’s pouty mouth and dripped down onto her gasping chest
and between her mountainous breasts to her trim abdomen.

Melanie tried to keep up as she guzzled the bottle of human
sperm, unbeknownst to herself, until she couldn’t swallow fast
enough and she poured the last bit all over herself, coating her
entire face and body with cum, collected fresh from the gang-raped
pussy of one Natalie Imbruglia. As Melanie belched, Kylie
couldn’t help but burst into laughter, especially when she saw the
look on Melanie’s face as she realized what she just swallowed so
greedily in front of several people.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, before Kylie’s stimulation of her
clit and the realization of her own whorishness triggered a
spontaneous orgasm.

“Melanie’s a CUM CHUGGER!!” Natalie ridiculed her
from her spot on the floor.

“Ha! Ha! Cum chugger, cum chugger!” Nicole was

pointing at her and teasing like a potty-mouthed grade-schooler.
Melanie finished getting her breath back and replied,
“We’ll see who the cum chugger is!” she walked over to Nicole
and grabbed her by her mop of hair, pulling her up on her knees,
“Get up slut! You better swallow my cum or I’ll shove this bottle
up your little bum!”

Nicole smiled wickedly and held her face up as Melanie
dumped out the bottle (of the Andrea Corr vintage) all over
Nicole’s lips, teeth, and down her gullet. The Minogues dragged
Natalie over beside her sister and both the lovely Appletons were
showered with the cum of lowly vagrants and unemployed Third
World sweatshop workers.

What they couldn’t swallow bubbled up from their mouths
and oozed down their slender necks, speckling their perfect tits.
Kylie and Dannii were busy sucking the cum off Melanie’s big
knockers while she dumped the last of the bottle over the
Appletons, who were now seated in a big puddle of cum, which
covered their glistening naked bodies and long blonde hair.

Looking at the Appletons rolling on the floor fingering
themselves as they squirmed like pigs in the wet slime, Britney
said to her friend, “Melissa, if I ever get to be as slutty as them I
give you full permission to shoot me.”

“Do you have a gun with you?” Melissa teased.
“What? Oh, shut uuuup. I’m not like that.”
“That’s not what I heard!”

“What did you hear?” asked Britney, suddenly paranoid.
“Omigod, this is sooo gross!” said Love, interrupting them,
“I’m getting out of here!”.

“What’s the matter miss goody goody, past your bedtime?”
Rose razzed the young starlet. “I bet you still haven’t even done it
yet, have you?”

Britney and Melissa giggled at this accusation, as Love
became flushed with embarrassment, “That’s none of your
business! You…you tramp!”

“Love, you’re still a VIRGIN?” Melissa laughed.

“Um..,” Love was embarrassed by her answer, “So? Maybe
I haven’t found a guy good enough for me yet.”

“Yeah, sure. Exactly how far have you ever gone bitch?”
Rose pressed her.

“Well, um, one time when me’n Carson were like, making
out I, um, let him put his hand up my shirt.”

The others ridiculed her lack of sexual progress, prompting
her to add, “And one time he wanted to look at my….boobs, and I
lifted up my tank top and let him look.”

“Did you still have your bra on?”

Love bowed her head in shame as she replied, “Um…yes.”

“Ba ha ha ha!” Melissa was rolling with laughter along
with her blonde cohort, “Buff was right, you really are a geek!”
Love was on the edge of tears but something registered,
making her mad, “Wait a minute…Buff? Sarah said I was a geek?”

“Yeah, I was at a party and she was telling people how
you’re a loser, and how she’ll always get the good parts because no
matter how hard you try to be sexy you can’t hide the fact your a
total geek.”

“That fucking bitch!” shouted Love, angered at the betrayal
by Sarah Michelle Gellar, whom she had thought of as a friend.
Love had been trying to shed her cutesy image by appearing in
Men’s magazines, making sexual poses and refusing to smile her
girly grin, instead looking lustfully at the camera, hinting that this
classic good-girl was thinking bad thoughts. Sarah’s alleged words
confirmed her worst fear, that men would never see her as “hot and
sexy,” just “cute”, at best, and gangly and awkward at worst.

“Aww….it’s no matter little chipper, being a virgin isn’t
such a bad thing….actually….it can be a really GOOD thing,” Kylie
flirted, “Let me get you another fill up.”

“Yeah, get her another kool-aid!” Rose mocked, wiping
excess coke from her nose.

Love was hurt by the insults, but was not so ashamed to be
inexperienced. She knew that if she really wanted to she could be
a bigger slut than all of them (ok maybe not the All Saints).
Probably that’s why she was afraid to let things get too heavy in
the backseat, because once she got started she might lose
control….and start living out her kinky fantasies….

But she was going to assert herself, “Actually, nix the
cranberry juice, I’ll have a bottle of wine. I’ll drink you all under
the table!”

It didn’t take long for the girls to get completely plastered
and, despite Jennifer Love’s determination to show hard she could
party, she could not handle her liquor. She engaged Britney in a
clumsy competition to see who could sing and dance the worst.
Finally Nicole and Natalie got them down off the tables and got
them to try a few shooters along with the rest. The girls were so
hammered they didn’t even notice when the alcohol was replaced
with jism, as they continued popping back the “cumshots”.

Now that the ladies were sufficiently inebriated, but
dangerously close to passing out, the Spice Girls sent in the next
wave — four studs, buff male strippers with ripped muscles and
long, swinging dongs between their oily thighs were just what the
women were hungry for now that they had been reduced to their
primal instincts. The men were the same hired thugs who had
worked for the Spice Girls all along, helping them kidnap various
music rivals. This plum job was a reward for their diligence.

Britney and Melissa, had run up to the stage where the men
were dancing to put their young hands all over the gyrating body of
a handsome blue-eyed blonde “babe” named Pasi Schalong. A
dark-and-dangerous looking latino man, Enrique, grinded the bulge
in his g-string between Kylie’s cute little cheeks as she bent over
and rubbed her horny cunt all over it.

The other two men were wearing special g-strings made
using tube socks to accommodate their cocks which were swinging
between their legs. One man, Duane, was half-black,
half-Samoan, and had long curly hair, a goatee on his strong chin
and very light brown eyes that gave him and exotic yet feral look.
The Appleton girls took a shine to him instantly and were crawling
around in front of his swirling cock, opening their mouths and
snapping at the elusive meat like baby birds trying to snatch a
worm from their mothers’ beak.

Jennifer Love Hewitt found herself getting very hot and she
didn’t know why, her tits jiggled as she fanned herself. Her girlish
grin stretched across her sweetly dimpled face as she watched the
men dancing. She was mesmerized, completely entranced by the
pendulous cocks which swung like a hypnotist’s timepiece before
her eyes. She got a jolt of excitement and cheered on as she
watched Nicole and Natalie dig their claws into Duane’s butt and
thighs and shred his skimpy undies, unwrapping his cock like a

Jennifer was drooling and, glad that none of the other
women noticed, she wiped the corner of her mouth as Duane’s
flaccid cock started to spring into action. Before it did, Natalie
and Nicole kissed their way up the length of it on either side and
then smooched and sucked on his nutsack. His dick started to rise
and protrude between their smooth faces, slapping their white skin
as he continued to shake his hips. For some reason seeing two
white women on their knees submissively slurping on a black
stud’s cock was making Jen’s juices flow like never before, even
though the thought of doing that herself would have made her
nauseous under other circumstances.

The other black stud grinned at Jen’s rock hard nipples
bursting out of her thin white top, and the way she kept licking her
lips and swallowing, brimming with nervous energy that made her
cleavage jiggle. Trey Biggs was `one smooth brotha’, deep brown
skin, glistening bald head, and a dick that hung more than halfway
down to his knees, like a freak of nature. He kept swinging his
dick around in front of her as her eyes met his, and he smiled
confidently as he looked down at her big brown eyes gleaming like
a naive young girl looking up at the stars, and her cute, innocent
face, a cum target if ever he saw one. She smiled back nervously,
biting her bottom lip pensively as her eyes returned to his bulging

He straddled her as she sat, letting his dick hang down and
rub her firm cleavage, feeling her heart racing with the giant knob
of his cock. To her surprise, his limp pecker jumped all on its own
and bounced against her face, still inside its cloth sheath, Jen could
feel the heat emanating from it. Jen’s jaw dropped wide open, she
couldn’t believe some big black guy just hit her in the face with his
cock. Part of her was repulsed…

“Oh come on you little pricktease! I know you want this
black stud to ravage you like a wild animal….to force you down
and fuck you like the nasty white slut that you are!” Rose was
trying to get Jen going, and it worked because, at that point, it was
true. Jen had been sending out the signals for so long…all the
tanktops, all the teasing cleavage shots, the bad movies, the high
heels, ankle straps, push-up bras, chokers, make up….she was a
horny turbo-slut waiting to spit cum all over her goody-goody
image like a hormone-charged Alyssa Milano!

Jen pulled off her mock halo and tossed it aside before
giving him a flirtatious smile,”You wouldn’t do that to me would
you? I’m still a virgin.”

He reached down and aggressively ripped open her top with
his strong sinewy arms, letting her perfect tits bounce free. Jen
saw the lust in his eyes as he lecherously probed her young
mammaries in his big hands. Her claim to fame, her perky white
tits were being seen by a man for the first time, and he was
enjoying it as much as she imagined a guy would, and feeling them
being pinched and squeezed was enough to quash her will to resist.

She looked up at the man with her best effort at a sultry
look, which was extra exciting coming from such an innocent one,
and said, “Oooh, mmm, use my t-tits….” he was like an animal,
Jen felt her cunt muscles flexing, instinctively she craved that big
sexy rod inside her horny mouth…her lips parted….

With a celebratory grin, Trey slid rubbed his knob around
her pouty lips, getting red lipstick on his shiny black monster. Her
lips gaped open then, stretching to allow his dick to get right inside
her mouth, the wet walls of her cheeks engulfing his shiny ebony
rod and bathing it in warm saliva. She closed her eyes and sucked
it as contentedly as a baby piglet suckling its mothers teat.

Trey continued to rub Love’s hard nipples together with his
hands as her face stretched like a blowfish around his dick,
“Damn! This bitch is hungry for some cock!”

Just then a camera flashed, “This is going to be an Internet
classic!” Rose McGowan proclaimed.

Meanwhile Britney was busy stuffing her allowance into
the goldenboy’s speedos, her little hands brushing his meat as she
tucked in the bills. The young hands fumbling in his shorts caused
the Swede’s dick to spring into action, much to Melissa’s delight.
She aggressively grabbed his shaft and gave it a big kiss.
“Melissa, what are you doing?!”
“(slurp) mmm…. C’mon, Brit, show me how you suck that
beautiful cock.”

Melissa got behind Britney and cupped her firm tits,
tweaking her perpetually stiff nipples with her fingers, and then
moving her right hand down between Britney’s legs. Britney
braced herself by wrapping both her hands around Pasi’s shaft, and
as she opened her lips to let out a moan, his dick entered her
drooling mouth. This was so slutty, so dirty — it made Britney
immediately horny.

Melissa could tell Britney was hot as she sucked the
“beautiful cock” like an ice cream cone, and she lifted up Britney’s
little skirt and fingered her pussy mound which was juicing in her
panties. The man knelt down as Britney deep-throated him,
causing Britney to lean forward and stick her ass further in the air.
This allowed Melissa to slide Britney’s panties down her smooth
legs and start sucking those juices trickling out of her tender young

Melissa swirled her tongue around deeply between
Britney’s pussy folds, and played with her clit while running her
hands up and down her tanned thighs. Pasi thought Britney looked
so cute sucking his dick and he pulled it out of her mouth just as
his cum came spurting out of his cock. As he sprayed his load all
over her face, Britney arched her back, allowing Melissa’s tongue
to penetrate deep inside her, and she spasmed uncontrollably with
an intense orgasm.

Kylie wanted to fuck Enrique’s hardened cock, but she
knew he wasn’t there for her sake, and led him over to Britney’s
spasming pussy. He slid his hands up her smooth back and gripped
her tan shoulder where her long blonde hair was splayed about, as
he eased his blood-engorged member into her shockingly prepared
pussy, which seemed to pull him in like an event horizon. Enrique
couldn’t believe what a slut this little teenager was, but he wasn’t
complaining about the way her cunt muscles milked his dick as he
fucked her with every ounce of power he had. Melissa was
underneath them, watching and licking the cock as it slid in and
out between glistening pink labia.

Britney had the taut, nubile body that only an 18 year-old
with breast implants could have, and Enrique enjoyed it fully,
squeezing her fake tits mercilessly as he pumped her wet cunt full
of cum, till it leaked out around his dick and down her sweaty

“Best fuck I ever had…,” said Enrique.

“Thanks, same here,” replied Britney, exhausted, brushing
her long blonde hair out of her flushed face.

Britney’s tits sank down to the floor as she was totally
spent, but her ass still stuck up in the air, her cunt dripping white
cream. Melissa knelt down behind her and licked the cream from
her thighs, extending Britney’s orgasmic afterglow as she sucked
the cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. Melissa rolled Britney
over and frenched her deeply, sucking her lips and rolling her
tongue around in her sloppy mouth, swapping cum once again.
She surprised Britney by sliding a strap-on dildo into her swollen
mound, but the little pop princess was too aroused to offer any
resistance. Melissa rubbed her tits against Britney’s which stood at
perfect attention even with her on her back, enjoying the feel of
hard nipples against perfectly smooth, youthful breasts.

Jennifer Love Hewitt had slow-sucked Trey’s dick for
several minutes before he forced the issue into more intense
face-fucking. In no time a choking Love Hewitt was sprayed with
cum, which landed in her hair and squirted up her little nose.
Jen felt dirty and used but aroused nonetheless, she knew
what she wanted next and moaned to him, “I want you to fuck my
boobies.” She couldn’t help but slip a nerdish giggle.

Trey was shoved out of the way as Duane took his turn
with the horny starlet. He rubbed some oil into her soft tits and
lifted her slippery titmeat as high as it would stretch, wrapping his
cock with it like a foot long sausage. He thrust his dick in front of
her face, laughing to himself at her big doe eyes which stared
down at his cock. He wanted to slam into her face to knock some
sense into the naive little cunt, and fucked her tits so hard his dick
slapped her lips and cheeks with every thrust forward.

Throbbing wildly, his big snake sprayed its venom all over
her, a few stripes went up the length of her face, stinging her eye,
but most of it he dumped on her famous tits. Jennifer started to
say something but Duane pressed his mushroom hard against her
lips, forcing her to shush, “Shut up, dumb bitch,” he said

Jen loved the sight of her tits splattered with cum, big dark
hands squeezing the pliable meat. She had spent many nights in
front of the mirror admiring her breasts, feeling them, stroking her
hard nipples, smothering Pooh bear’s face between them. She
often fantasized the she was a virginal princess in an evil kingdom,
screaming helplessly as under-class warriors stormed her palace.

A brave young rebel would kick down her door and rip off
her boustiere, his bloodshot eyes wide with anger and lust as he
pawed her soft skin with coarse and dirty hands. She would beg
him to spare her modesty, but it would be an act. The man would
drool over her high-class tits, biting them and sucking them,
gaining revenge as he used her, his arousal overwhelming. That’s
what Love craved, to be wanted so desperately that the man would
lose all manners and just jump her like an animal and recklessly
grope her sexy body.

Now Love’s fantasy was coming true, as her beautiful
breasts were slapped by rough hands, her white cleavage stretched
around a vengeful black cock. “Yes! USE my sexy tits! Fuck
them hard!” Jen screamed, her cheeks rippling as Trey plowed her
tits, her nipples sticking out like little cannons. Her hair sprung
loose from its tight bun and hung down disheveled about her
cumstreaked face, giving her that upper-class slut look. Like one
of the Three Stooges slamming a pie into the face of an
upper-crust snob, Trey subjected Love to another indignity as he
blasted her pretty face with white slime.

Love looked up at the ceiling and could see herself. She
looked so nasty, wearing only her panties and white stockings, her
face plastered with cum, her chest looking like a black cock
sandwich. She felt hands caressing her thighs which made them
twitch with arousal. “Grab her arms boys!”

Duane and Trey gripped Jen’s feeble wrists with one hand,
as Rose McGowan looked down into her brown eyes, “I’ve never
done a virgin before….well, not a girl anyway.”

“Wait! What are you doing?” Jen felt Rose’s cold hands
clasp onto her tits, her nails digging into sensitive flesh, pinching
and twisting her nipples. Something cold was brushing against her
thighs, and pressing into her crotch. Jen looked down to see a
huge plastic penis waiting at her gate.

“I’m going to rip up your little cherry bitch! How does that
make you feel?” Rose was smiling, taking in Jen’s look of horror
and impotence as she pulled her white cotton panties down her

“No! Please, I’m not ready yet -AAIIEE!!!”

Love’s skinny legs kicked as Rose spread them apart
gripping her ankles as she forced the thick, unyielding dildo into
Love’s tight, untouched pussy. Obviously this was not how Love
had planned to lose her precious virginity. ”You’re supposed to do
it with someone you love forever,” she wept to herself. Jen had
fought off and denied so many hunky guys, waiting for that one
Mr. Perfect to make beautiful love to her the first time. Now she
was losing her virginity to a piece of plastic wielded by an evil
satan-worshipping bitch.

Rose played with Love’s tits as she enjoyed her body
squirming beneath her, telling the men, “Slap her in the face with
your dicks while I blast her cunt to hell.”

Duane and Trey did just as told, engaging in a competition
to see who could pelt her in the face the hardest with their
still-raging erections. The dickslaps to her rosy cheeks made Love
feel dirty and helped to get her pussy horny and excited. Rose
grabbed a wine bottle full of cum (labeled Aguilera) and dumped it
on her chest, and into her gaping mouth. Love choked as the cum
bubbled out of her mouth and nose, soaking into her hair which
framed her face. She swallowed much of it, grateful for the way it
made her tits look so shiny and slippery in the mirror overhead, as
she gulped it down.

Rose grabbed Love’s slender ankles and pulled her legs up
straight in the air, holding her thighs together so that her pussy lips
were pushed tight around Rose’s cock. Rose had been relatively
gentle to this point, but she then pulled her strap-on cock out of
Love’s pussy until only the mushroom head remained inside, then
thrust forward all the way until their pussy lips rammed together
hard. Love’s now extinct hymen was totally obliterated, bringing
about tears of pain and humiliation as the camera flashed yet

Love’s pussy clenched the dildo like a vise, as Rose leaned
forward with the other girl’s calves resting around her shoulders.
Rose grabbed a hold of Jen’s tits, crushing them together as she
tried to fuck her right through the table, looking deep into her
tear-filled eyes the whole time, laughing at her very soul. Jen’s
horny pussy was slick now, and after Rose fucked her for a long
time the final insult came when Jennifer Love Hewitt had her first
orgasm as a result of intercourse.

After she plucked her dildo from Love’s tight cunt, Rose
looked down with sadistic satisfaction at the naked deflowered
body splayed out on the table. Jen curled up into a fetal position,
cupping her sore crotch and weeping.

“Ha ha ha! You’re so fucking pathetic!” Rose laughed as
she snapped another bunch of pictures with her Polaroid Fun Cam.

Britney and Melissa laughed along with her as they looked
down at Jennifer for a moment before resuming heavy petting.
They were standing in a kid-sized plastic swimming pool as they
rubbed their breasts together. The bottom of the pool was covered
with vaseline so they held eachother tight to prevent them from
tumbling down. Dannii Minogue dumped a bottle of cum over
their heads, as the girls faced up and opened their mouths,
swallowing as much as possible.

Kylie and Dannii hopped into the pool along with the two
young blondes. All four were wearing two-way jockstrap-style
dildos, their bodies already greased up with cum and sweat. The
Minogues tackled the two girls as Melissa was sucking Britney’s
cum-drenched tits. They all fell into the vaseline, getting stuck
together and rolling around in an impromptu wrestling match.

Dannii soon gained an advantage on young Britney and got
behind her, grabbing her by the tits and spanking her perfect little
ass. Dannii slipped her slimy dildo into Britney’s lubed ass,
fucking her in the sloppy tub. Melissa had done the same to little
Kylie, pressing her face into the muck as she reamed her tight

Dannii saw her sister getting fucked and picked up Britney by her
hair, crawling on her knees with the young girl stuck on her dick,
she got behind Melissa.

Reaching around with one hand she gripped Melissa’s ass
with her claws, while the other hand gripped Britney’s cock and
slid it between Melissa’s buttcheeks. As Dannii pumped away at
Britney, the teenager’s dildo soon found the mark and entered
Melissa’s ass, allowing Dannii to fuck three women at the same
time. On the bottom, Kylie jerked off her dildo inside her horny
cunt. The train of oiled hips slapped together for quite some time
before the girls collapsed on their sides and rested with their
dildo’s still inserted in eachother, smooth tits pressed against
warm, slippery backs.

Jennifer Lopez sat stroking fox fur that wrapped around her
bare shoulders, enjoying the smooth feel against her sensitive
cleavage, causing her nipples to become apparent through her
gown. The All Saints approached her saying, “This one’s keeping
quiet…say what’s your costume supposed to be?”

“I am an Egyptian queen!” Jen declared proudly, even
through her drug induced mental haze.

“Oooh….I guess that makes us your humble slave girls…”
Nicole said, as she, Natalie and Melanie knelt down and shifted
the slit in her gown so that her meaty thighs were revealed. They
started by kissing her feet and sucking on her toes which were not
covered by her gold shoes. Jen’s ego asserted itself, “That’s it,
worship me like the dogs you are!” The Saints ran their fingers up
her creamy-smooth skin, kissing her legs with soft, wet lips,
sending shivers up through Jen’s crotch.

Nicole’s mischievous fingers soon found Jen’s silk panties,
fingering the tender flesh that waited underneath, before suddenly
slipping them down to her ankles. Melanie licked up Jen’s
butterscotch thighs, causing Jen to spread her thighs wide enough
so the three girls could attack her pussy. Melanie put her big wet
lips to good use by totally engulfing Jen’s hungry latin pussy with a
wet kiss. Jen let out a high-pitched moan and, realizing what was
happening, she tried to push the All Saints away.

But Jen’s meager protest could not stop the Appleton
sisters from tasting her totally smooth-waxed, and exotically
flavored skin, which was the result of constant pampering in
expensive spas. Jen closed her eyes as they basted her thick,
luscious labia with saliva, slowly licking deeper and gnawing on
her juicy cuntburger.

Pressing her mouth firmly against Jen’s hooded clit, she
teased her hardening clitoris to full arousal, then sucked the juicy
little morsel like a bonbon. Jennifer’s love button was hard and
ready for abuse, and Melanie sucked it rapaciously as she
insinuated her face deep in Jen’s bush, holding the pearl between
her teeth and stroking it up and down with her tongue. Nicole
added to the unbelievable stimulation to Jen’s crotch by sliding
two cum-slickened fingers into the exotic beauty’s vagina, fucking
her with her warm digits, and jacking her clit when Melanie came
up for air. Undulating her hips and spreading her steamy cunt
wide open, Jen drew her hands to her chest to rub her nipples to
full arousal, when Rose McGowan grabbed her hands and guided
them above her head.

“ooh…ooh… ooh – HEY! What the fuck are you doing!?”
Jen felt a sudden coolness of steel on her wrists as Rose clicked
Kylie’s police handcuffs shut, cuffing her to a vertical beam
behind her.

“Keep licking her cunt, you sluts…but don’t let her cum.
She thinks she’s a queen, well tonight she’s gonna be the cum
queen!” The Saints loved Rose’s wicked idea, and continued to
bring Jennifer to a plateau of arousal before laying off, leaving her
to wiggle her cunt and rub her thighs together, but refusing to give
her the ultimate release she was desperately craving.
The power behind Jen’s voice was gone when she begged,
“Please, don’t stop,” her voice a girlish squeak.

“You want to cum…then beg for me to sit on your face,”
was Rose’s ultimatum.

“Fuck you bitch!”

“Ok then…,” Rose waved the All Saints to go back at
tonguing Jen’s spicy pussy, again bringing her to a point of ecstasy
as she bucked her voluminous hips up at their faces, but finding
nothing but air just when she needed them most.

“ooh…oooh…oooh….Dammit! Ok you win…”

“What’s that?” Rose had just finished fucking Enrique.

“I’ll do it…”

“Do what?”

“Just sit on my face you fucking whore!”

Rose straddled Jen’s face,“That’s no way to ask.”

“Ok, please…please let me lick your cunt.”

With that Rose plunked down on Jen’s face, her sloppy,
fragrant cunt smushing cum over Jen’s lips Acutely nauseous, Jen
wanted to renege on the deal but could not escape from underneath
Rose’s gaping cunt, which smeared her juices all over Jennifer’s
once proud face. The All Saints resumed their duties, sliding
several wet, sticky fingers in and out of Jennifer’s pussy chamber.
Her arousal made Jennifer momentarily compliant with her oral
administrations, but the All Saints withdrew once again, bringing
her a fresh round of frustration. Rose lifted up and admired the
slimy mess she’d made of the arrogant super star, snapping a
picture of her her mouth overflowing with juices, and her angry
expression. “Another classic.”

Next Jennifer was rolled over and handcuffed again, left to
wonder what these sadistic bitches would do to her as Rose
slapped on a pair of rubber gloves. The Appletons had
disappeared from the action for a bit and returned with some
equipment, including an enema kit. Rose took the nozzle and
plugged it into the deep valley of Jen’s tight ass, while the
Minogues held her large cheeks apart.

While the enema bag emptied cum into Jen’s ass, an i.v.
bag filled with sperm was hung up beside her, and a large tube was
fed into her mouth. Next, Rose was presented a riding crop,
which slapped across Jen’s back to bring her to attention. The
buxom beauty was kicking now, desperate to get free, her body
was tense as she had still not had her much needed orgasm.

“Suck on that hose you fucking worthless whore!” Rose
barked, bringing the whip down brutally on the insides of Jen’s
thighs, and her aching quim, and then slashing her ass like a
plowshare. The All Saints joined in, as they all rained down
humiliating torture on Jen’s famous hindquarters with hard
wooden cricket paddles. Nicole and Natalie knelt down and
playfully sunk their teeth into Jen’s ass leaving bite marks
alongside the reddening welts.

Rose pulled out the nozzle, collecting everything that
poured out in a bedpan. Jen was begging for mercy, and pleading
for someone to give her hungry pussy some attention. Toting
about the biggest damn strap-on dildo ever made, Rose told
Jennifer, “Show me what a whore you are by sucking that hose,
bitch, and I’ll stick this big dildo in your skanky cunt.”

Jen started sucking on the hose so hard it made her dizzy,
and soon the cum started oozing through the hose, spurting into her
mouth and down her gulping throat. Rose dug her claws into Jen’s
ass, squeezing the ample flesh and leaving a row of scratches,
while teasing her by rubbing the dildo head around the grasping
lips of her snapper.

Rose squirted a tube of lubricant all over Jen’s butt cheeks,
while the All Saints gently spread it around, helping to ease the
burning of her skin. Rose gave the windup and the pitch, firing a
brutal strike down the middle of Jen’s anus.

Jen let out a scream, but Rose grabbed her long
blonde-streaked hair, “Keep sucking bitch! Show me why you’re a

By the time Rose was finished assaulting Jennifer’s ass, the
iv bag had been sucked dry. Jen’s legs were quivering with the
strain in her sphincter which was close to rupturing. Rose turned
to the boys who were waiting in line behind her, getting their cocks
stroked to hardness by the still kneeling All Saints. “I think this
slut is ready for her gangbang boys!” Rose declared, looking down
at the humbled, whimpering version of Jennifer Lopez.

“Hey guys,” Trey spoke, “You ever fuck a billion dollar ass


“Well, we’re about to…,” Trey slipped his cock into
Jennifer’s wriggling butt, “An’ we gonna rip this bitch a new one!”
Jen had just had her voluptuous body insured for the ludicrous
amount of about $1 Billion. She begged them to give it to her in
her poor pussy, but they just laughed at her. By the time the men
were done reaming her ass, they made sure they got every penny’s
worth. Jen was finally able to cum from grinding her clit into the
table as her ass was laid to waste by the aggressive black man, who
pulled his pulsating cock out of her ass and splooged cum up her
delicious ass and back.

Pasi was next to plug his cock into her twitching asshole.
He enjoyed the way her well-toned back muscles flexed and
struggled as he pumped his load deep in her meaty ass, spraying a
stream up her spine and into her hair as he pulled out. Enrique
slapped Jen in the back of her head, making her look stupid as he
backhanded the side of her skull. He fucked her ass hard, her
fleshy cheeks wobbling and bouncing all over place as their skin
slapped together.

Enrique pulled her head back by her hair, as Rose dumped
the bedpan full of cum over her face, thunking her on the head
with a loud clang, again affording Jennifer as little dignity as
possible. Another Kodak moment. With her diamond-studded
tiara on her head, Jennifer looked like a prom queen who made a
wrong turn on the way home from the dance and ended up in

After Duane gave another brutal assfucking, the Appletons
got behind her, slamming her butt and her cunt with two
horse-sized dildos, stretching her to the extreme. After they were
done clawing her ass and back while fucking the shit out of her,
Jennifer Lopez was totally spent, left whimpering and shivering
naked on the table. McGowan added the final insult by stuffing a
cylindrical vase full of red roses up her fully annihilated ass.

Before the men left they noticed the four ladies, Britney,
Kylie, Melissa and Dannii, laying in the vaseline tub in the
“spooning position”. After a hard nights work they circled the
passed out women and relieved themselves with a long, steaming
hot piss all over their naked bodies, and then left before they woke

Rose McGowan got some more great photos out of that.
She couldn’t have been more ecstatic….unless she was one of the
Spice Girls, who were watching and recording the evening’s
debauchery with no less than 30 camera feeds in an adjacent room.


Jennifer Love Hewitt woke up after a long night of
nightmares of being molested by savage men while people
watched and mocked her. She dreamt that not only had men put
their filthy cocks in her mouth, but they were black! Not that Love
was racist or anything, but she preferred to stick to her own kind.
In her dream, Rose McGowan, snapped her photo with these big,
ugly, afro-dicks in her mouth. Rose (the fucking witch) even took
her virginity with a plastic dildo, completely ruining her tight little
pussy, not to mention her career. Although horrifying, it was an
arousing dream, and she stroked her thighs with satisfaction, happy
to awaken in her soft, warm bed, wearing her little bunny jammies,
back in her bedroom with her poster of Ricky Martin watching
over her — it was the most intense wet dream she’d ever had.

She’d never been so glad to see her teddy bear, feeling as
though she’d been given a second chance in life. “It was only a
dream. Thank God! It was only a dream,” she thought. Truly
elated, she hugged her teddy and put on her furry slippers and
walked out onto her balcony to welcome the morning sunshine.
Then, looking down, she realized there was nothing but ground far
beneath her…..

Clang! Clang! Clang! “Wake up ladies…..Rise and
shine….we want to thank you all for putting on such a great show
last night,” Sporty Spice rattled a spoon against a frying pan,
walking around a room scattered with naked, snoring,
cum-splattered bodies which were slow to arise.

Plummeting to the ground in her slumber had caused
Jennifer Love Hewitt to jump up, and fall off of the table she’d
fallen asleep on. She looked down at her naked body in shock, her
tits still covered in sticky white slime. Her head spun, “This can’t
be real….it can’t be.” Her body was sore all over, especially her
groin. Jennifer felt a rumbling in her stomach, “Oh my God, I think
I’m gonna puke!”

Jennifer wretched violently, having no idea (but justified
concerns about) what she had eaten the night before. Her memory
was blank, except for vague dreamlike images. Not having any
time to reach a bathroom, she regurgitated cum into a giant tub,
not realizing until too late that four women were still slumbering
there. They soon woke up however, Britney and Melissa and the
Minogues, and it didn’t take long before they started their own

Sporty found Jennifer Lopez in the bathroom, her
torture-reddened ass bent over in the air, her face buried in the
toilet. The Spice Girls laughed at them all, but, feeling queasy
themselves, decided to wait before getting the women up to speed
on the severity of their predicament.


One day later, inside the sweltering factory, in an isolated room…..
Jaime Pressly never had a lot of girlfriends, but the
stunning, sultry blonde starlet always got along with the boys. Of
course the girls in her small town were jealous of her pretty face,
and her hot body which she showed off in tight shorts and skirts,
and her full pouty lips that had given many lucky school boys their
first blowjob. Now that she was a Playboy model and actress, her
sexuality worked for her, not against her, allowing her to continue
the proud Poison Ivy tradition, following in the footsteps of Drew
Barrymore and Alyssa Milano.

The Poison Ivy role of a manipulative, slutty dominatrix
came naturally to Jaime, and she’d reprised her role as an
employee of the Spice Girls. Decked out in a leather biker hat and
knee high boots, the seductive blonde stared her cold blue eyes at a
tied and helpless Faith Hill. “Listen you stuck up bitch, you’re
gonna beg to suck those cocks in front of you, or Shania here is
going to be hanging by her tits til they pop off!”

Jaime ran a tight ship inside the factory, affording little
sympathy to the women enslaved inside it. As far as motivation
was concerned, the choice was simple — sex or pain. If the slaves
failed to perform, they’d be tortured with a stinging whip, or with a
mind-jarring electric shock. However, Jaime was under strict
order from her bosses that Faith Hill, the amazingly beautiful and
pure country singer, was not to be visibly harmed in any way —
seems they had plans for her beyond the cum factory.

The southern belle was determined to preserve her dignity,
and did not respond to any threats. She had to be compliant or the
risk of injury would be there, so Jaime tried an indirect approach,
telling Faith that if she didn’t start swallowing some cocks, poor,
innocent Shania Twain would suffer in her place. Shania looked
sexy hanging from the ceiling, with her long brown hair, heavy
bosom, and trim midriff.

Shania was naked except for a pair of tight jean cutoffs
she’d been wearing before being abducted from a streetcorner (see
Episode IV). The top of her red thongs was visible above her
denim shorts which barely covered her ass. Several layers of gnarly
ropes were tied tightly around her voluminous tits, her arms locked
behind her back and her ankles spread by a bar. “Please, please
don’t do this,” cried the trembling naked woman.

“Pull those ropes tight!” Jaime ordered, directing her
underlings, fellow Playmate starlet Shannon Elizabeth, and 18
year-old multi-ethnic babe Jessica Alba, to hoist Shania up by her
tits. Shania cried out, her tits stretching as she stood on her toes
until her legs trembled from weakness.

“You hear that bitch? You can stop her pain. All you have
to do is swallow your pride and stop being such a stuckup cunt,”
Jaime told Faith, who was feeling horrible for Shania’s anguish,
but still unwilling to succumb to the will of her captors.

Jaime was pissed, and lashed out at Shania’s ass with a
nasty horse-whipping. The Aussie’s body was wracked with
torment, becoming soaked in sweat as she struggled to maintain
her weight on the tips of her toes, or have her breasts seemingly
ripped from her body. As Jaime whipped her round ass, Shania’s
tattered shorts developed new holes, leaving the exposed skin more
vulnerable to the onslaught of the cat o’nine tails.

“Hee hee…this is kinky!” Jessica giggled in her seductive
voice, licking her lips as she hugged a post that Shania was tied to,
feeling her pussy becoming aroused by the nudity and humiliation.

Jessica and Shannon both clawed away at Shania’s shorts
until they were ripped right off her body and tossed aside like an
old rag. Her bright red thong bikini bottoms matched the welts on
her tanned ass. The two sexy brunettes yanked up on the flimsy
red panties until they were torn, and then shoved them in Shania’s
open mouth. They both smiled wicked grins as they looked into
Shania’s tear-streaming eyes.

The ropes around Shania’s tits were pulled tighter again,
and her causing her to stretch out her toned back as she tried to
extend her body as much as possible to alleviate the stress on her
milksacs. Her breasts were now squeezed to the point where it
seemed as though they would burst like overinflated balloons.
Jaime glared at Faith Hill as she inserted a buzzing vibrator into
Shania’s pink pussy, the sensation immediately throwing off her
balance which she struggled to regain on the balls of her feet.
Faith cried, she wanted to end Shania’s suffering, but there
was NO way she was going to let one of these filthy men put his
vile cock in her mouth. She’d rather die. “Stop this! This is
insane! Please, WHY are you doing this?”

Jaime just ignored her, “This anal probe will inject ice cold
water up this bitch’s ass…..thanks to you.” Jaime plugged the
probe into Shania’s sphincter, causing her to jump and squirm with
the numbing rush off horribly cold water. Leaving the probe in
place, Jaime attached some car battery cables with one clamp
pinching Shania’s tortured left nipple and the other squeezing her
clit between it’s sharp teeth.

Jaime grabbed red-hot tongs and pinched Shania’s
pleasantly round butt-cheeks, causing her to bite down hard on her
panties stuffed in her face. With snot coming out of her nose,
Shania spit out her panties to issue a scream. Her legs wobbled as
they held her up, the lactic acid burning in her muscles. How
desperately she needed relief, to be able to relax for just one

“This is your last chance, Faith. How many volts do you
think this chick can take?” Jaime asked.

“You can’t make me do this…” Faith’s words rang untrue
even in her own ears — they would make her do this, no matter
how brave she was.

“Ok, then, have it your way. Jessica, let the bitch fry!”

“No wait!” Faith blurted out, saving Shania a moment’s
grace,”Umm…I’ll…I’ll do….do it.”

“You’ll what?”

“I’ll do it!”

“Do what?”

“I’ll s…suck….,” Faith broke down sobbing, but Jaime had
heard enough. She wore a smug grin as she pressed her shiny black
dildo into Faith’s mouth, making sure to teach the virginal bitch
the proper way to suck a cock.

“Here you go…open up…thaaat’s it…..lick the tip of
it….now bob your head up and down my shaft. That’s it bitch, eat
my dick.” Jaime looked down at the submissive choirgirl, guiding
her movements with a fistful of her long blonde mane. “Now try
one for real!” Faith was blubbering tears even as she sucked on the
first man’s cock ever slipped between her lips. It made her sick
and she wanted to go home, but that cock was just the first of
many, and Faith would have little choice but to get used to the
bitter taste.

Just then Posh and Baby Spice entered the room, in time to
witness Jaime’s triumph. “Excellent work. We’re ready for our
tour now.”


There had been several changes since Posh last inspected
the factory, and she walked Emma around the assembly line taking
in the current situation. Several new abductees had been acquired
by the Spice Girls and their henchmen, and new employees had
been hired to properly train them. As before, the trainers were
struggling actresses, desperate to save their careers, and bitter
hasbeens who would go unmissed, all laboring under the belief
that the Spice Girls would help them overtake Hollywood. The
factory now had two shifts of workers. One of these shifts was
currently on the floor, while the other group of lesser-known
women (including the latest Britney clones such as Jessica
Simpson) were tucked away in their bunks to recuperate for their

Several buxom black women were laying stomach-down on
a few bench-horses, their big mammaries hanging down and
slapping against the wood as they were fucked in all three holes.
These women included the four babes from Destiny’s Child, and
three ladies from En Vogue. Their skin shined with smoothness
like polished ebony, and their sweaty backs were speckled with
white cream. Their round asses provided ample cushioning for
maximum force-fucking, and their big, sultry lips were adept at
milking every drop from the many cocks that they engulfed.

Brigitte Nielsen, the statuesque Dutch supermodel and
“Red Sonja” star, watched over them with a heartless smirk, her
whip ready to bring any slackers back in line if necessary. Brigitte
was assisted by stunning French actress Lydie Denier, who looked
down at the “worthless slaves” with her icy green eyes, as she
savagely lashed at the quivering, bounteous booty of Destiny’s
frontwoman Beyonce.

Brigitte’s massive breasts stressed the buttons of her white
blouse, while Lydie’s khaki shorts hugged her round ass, failing to
cover the bottom curve of her buttcheeks. Internet bikini-babe
Cindy Margolis, and outcast “Showgirls” star Elizabeth Berkley
probed the voluptuous, cum-covered black women with powerful
vacuum hoses, their own breasts jiggling in metallic swimsuits as
they did so.

Posh and Baby were especially glad to see the next group
getting what they deserved, “Ha ha ha! Look Vicki, it’s the Slut
Club 4!”

“Lined up like a row of grungy old socks,” Posh added.

The next section of the factory had the four young women
from the latest Spice Girl-inspired music troupe, S Club 7 — Jo, the
tall and big-titted blonde, Rachel, the exotic and stunning brunette,
Hannah the cute baby-faced blonde, and Tina the saucy
black-haired girl with dark skin and round hips.

The sassy girl group were naked, or nearly so, hanging
from bungee chords which were hooked to the ceiling, The cords
wrapped around their waists, and their knees and ankles, diverging
to spread their legs apart, and also encircled their breasts and
around their shoulders, and also tied their wrists up together. This
held them in the air several inches off a table, allowing men to lay
underneath them and fuck them three at a time, from a variety of

As Baby giggled sadistically, she watched two men sit
perpendicular to Jo’s suspended body. One of them sporting a
nappy afro, grabbed the girl by her ass, sticking his fingers into her
anus, and spanking her hard while he bounced her pussy up and
down on his massive erection, fucking her sideways. The other
man similarly grabbed a handful of light blonde hair and dribbled
her head like a basketball, forcing his shiny knob into her whining,
drooling mouth.

While Jo bounced up and down, the snarky, vocal one of
the group, Tina, was swinging back and forth, making the
unyielding dick crammed in her cunt swing like an inverted
pendulum, probing every wall of her vagina. She was swung like
a seesaw by one man who grabbed a ponytail in each hand as he
assaulted her face, and another rapist who pounded her nicely
rounded ass while gripping her tits.

Rachel, the caramel-skinned beauty, seemingly flavored by
Asian ancestry, was tied up differently, with her wrists and ankles
high above her, and her ass impaled on a thick cock. She bounced
painfully on the slick cock, her ass lubricated with cum. She
looked down between her smooth, sexy thighs at her tight pussy
which was stretched around a thick shaft and leaking cum from an
endless procession of hard dicks. “My Lord!…It’s enormous!!” she
cried with teary eyes, when another man suddenly grabbed her hair
from behind and fucked her raspy throat upside down. Her long
brown hair was brushing his balls, getting soaked with cum as the
liquid streamed up her face.

As actresses Jennifer Connelly and Kristy Swanson,
slapped ping-pong paddles against Rachel’s perky tits and
Hannah’s soft little ass, Jennifer remarked to Posh and Baby, “It
was so much fun breaking in these little bitches. They were so
feisty at first, so fucking mouthy. Look, they still struggle…all that
energy…but now they know they’re just a bunch of cumdumps.”
Jennifer and Kristy both looked sexy, yet professional, in
shoulder-padded powersuit jackets, and miniskirts with stockings.
Their heavy breasts were pressed tightly into lacy bras which could
be seen underneath their jackets, providing maximum cleavage.

“Keep up the good work,” Baby said to her, while moving
on to the next group, presided over by towering redhead Angie
Everhart. Bent over a wooden bench-horse with their wrists lashed
to their ankles, and getting the nuts laid to them something fierce,
were hotpink-haired No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani, as well
as the British teen popstar, Billie Piper. The rough wood tortured
their crotches as they were fucked hard down the throat and up the
ass. Also, Britney and JLH would have been pleased to see blonde
bimbo Christina Aguilera with her black heels straight in the air as
her pussy was getting plowed. Balls slapped her young thighs and
pretty face, as two men straddled her petite body like horny

Beside her the Irish lasses from B*witched were sitting side
by side on a bench, their tits laid between two flat boards which
were screwed tightly together until the young girls’ breasts were
pressed by them. The blood vessels in the crying girls’ discolored
and whip-slashed tits looked ready to burst. Men knelt and sat on
the boards in front of the girls’ faces, slapping them in the face
with their dicks. Emma stopped to watch one man slide his foot
long monster down sweetheart Lindsey’s straining gullet. The big
black cock snaked into her mouth, cramming in her dimpled
cheeks before finding the way down her throat.

Lindsey had tears running down her cheeks as her head was
yanked around by her curly hair. Her tits couldn’t budge an inch,
they could only stretch as a brutal man savagely gripped her by the
hips and slammed his cock deep into her tight ass. The man in
Lindsey’s mouth was gyrating in short rabbit-like jerks, and after
he deposited his load in her belly she choked up sperm which
came overflowing down her chin. With a short break she looked
beside her to see Edele and Keavy deep-throating men who sat
comfortably infront of their pretty faces. All these young women
could do was keep breathing and sweat like pigs as their asses and
throats were fucked hard and continuously. The only joy they
might have had was when Lisa Boyle and “girlfriend” Patricia Ford
suctioned off the cum draining between their splayed thighs.

The Corrs were given the “light” work for the day, simply
kneeling in the center of a circle of men and letting them cum on
their faces and bodies. “Hello, Andrea, got your hands full I see,”
Posh mocked Andrea Corr, bemused at the sight of the lovely and
demure singer, on her knees with a glistening cock in each oiled
hand. “Oh, don’t look at me like that! I want you to smile, and rub
those dicks over your lovely face.”

“Tee hee! Now open your mouth and give every dickie a
big kiss, and don’t forget to say thank you,” Baby joined in the fun.
“Wow, she can really look like a slut when she wants to!”
With a red face and a sore ass (from Jenny McCarthy’s
whip), Andrea pursed her sweet lips and begrudgingly kissed the
knob of every cock that blasted her face, and with seductively
heavy eyelids she hushed “Thank you”. Her two sisters Caroline
and Sharon, FHM-babe Louise Nurding, and blue-eyed cutie
Natalie Imbruglia, all were forced to do the same. Working along
with enforcer Jenny McCarthy, were fellow underachieving
Baywatch alumni Carmen Electra and Nicole Eggert.

The Cum Factory was operating at nearly optimal
efficiency, which pleased the Spice Girls, although they noted
there was room for improvement, “This vat should have been filled
by now,” Posh noted to Emma, indicating a half-full tub containing
the gangbang run-off.

“We’ll have that filled up in no time, Master, just watch
this!” Jaime Pressly told her, waving her hand in the direction of a
large cage. Inside the cage two massive silverback gorillas were
circling famous “Page Three Girl” Katie Price (aka Jordan). The
hard-bodied bombshell, who had recently signed a recording
contract, was naked except for a pair of transparent high heels,
cringing in fear on all fours, her wrists and ankles shackled to the

Katie’s meaty ass, drenched in sex pheromones by her
captors, shook invitingly infront of the gorillas and beckoned them
to invade her tight netherhole. Katie was trying to be quiet, but let
out a scream when one of the gorillas started poking around her
smooth, pink pussy. Even if Katie’s succulent, bee-stung lips
hadn’t been soaked with female gorilla secretions, it would have
been understandable that one of the apes mistook her big juicy red
lips for a horny cunt and started humping away at her face.

The beast’s massive cock slapped her in the face as he
grabbed the trashy slut by her long hair. She turned her head away
in disgust but let out a moan as the other gorilla started to force his
giant cockhead into her squirming pussy. This opening allowed
the gorilla to stuff his meat into her gullet, stretching her wet lips
like a rubber band around his shaft.

The other gorilla grabbed two fistfuls of her cartoonish
32DD inflated tits, and pounded his dick into the tight confines of
her traumatized vagina. The gorilla fucking her crying face stuffed
his uneaten banana in between Katie’s ass cheeks, causing her
screaming mouth to vibrate around his dick. Katie’s sweat-soaked
body was overwhelmed by the monstrous cocks which appeared to
have her completely impaled, and was further abused by their
rough hands as they struggled for possession of her like a piece of

“Hmmm…that seems to suit her,” Emma remarked, noting
how beautiful Katie’s tanned torso looked as her muscles struggled
spasmodically under the massive weight of the beasts plundering
her at both ends.

The gorilla roared as it spurted a massive load inside his
meat’s cunt, filling her womb, and soaking her quivering thighs.
The other one had his shiny cock slip from Katie’s aching lips in
time to spray right into her beautiful eyes, drenching her face and
hair and blinding her.

“Even gorillas know what to do with that slut!” Jaime said,
amusing the Spice Girls. “These gorillas are all very horny! It
must be mating season.”

A few other cages housed Samantha Fox, Tia Carrere, and
Kari Wuhrer, among others, and every available orifice of these
women was getting stretched and reamed to the extreme by a
massive gorilla cock.

“Absolutely brilliant, Pressly! It looks as though you’ll get
your bonus after all,” confided Posh, beaming at the success of the


While the first of the trucks were being loaded up in the
factory, Scary and Sporty Spice were busy preparing their latest
acquisitions to do their `dirty work’. Scary coached a frustrated
Jennifer Love Hewitt, “Dammit! You hit like a girl! Give it all you
got, make her pay for being such a slut and getting you in all this

Little Jennifer brimmed with uncharacteristic anger as she
unloaded a hard punch to the exposed stomach of Nicole Appleton.
Nicole let out an “Ooomph!!” as Jen’s boxing glove knocked the
wind out of her. Nicole was hanging from the ceiling by her wrists
like a punching bag, which was exactly what she was being used
as, to aid Jennifer along in her training. Training for what, only
the Spice Girls knew…but Love Hewitt, Melissa Joan Hart, Britney
Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Rose McGowan were all being
indoctrinated by the two Mel’s, who were clearly trying to bring
out as much aggressiveness from them as possible.

Love was so mad at herself, the Spice Girls, and especially
Rose McGowan, as she thought back to the night of her virgin
rape. How humiliating it was, and this All Saint bitch was a part
of it, “I hate you! You, you, stupid…slut…person!” Love pounded
Nicole’s naked tits with her gloved fists, landing uppercuts to her
defenseless crotch, and making her nauseous with shots to the
abdomen. Not yet out of steam, Love wound up and smashed
Nicole in the face, drawing blood from her nose and lip, forcing
the blonde to break down into sobs for mercy.

“Please, no more….it wasn’t my fault…they made me,”
Nicole whined, only making Jennifer more enraged. Scary
interjected by tying up Natalie Appleton right infront of her sister,
wrapping ropes around their knees and arms so that their naked
bodies pressed up against each other.

Love took off her gloves and picked up a cricket paddle,
taking a full baseball swing at Nicole’s sweet ass, cracking her in
the buttocks. “It WAS your fault! You and like, all those other
sluts from hell!” Love made Nicole scream as she nailed her
repeatedly with the hard, bruising and stinging blows of the
wooden paddle, across the ass which caused Nicole’s quim to
shamefully grind into her sister’s. Love also spanked their tits
which were squeezed out to the sides as their nipples rubbed
together, Tears rolled down the Appleton sister’s beautiful faces as
they witnessed the other’s suffering cheek-to-cheek. In a last fit of
rage, Love repeatedly swung the stick, brutalizing Natalie’s
backside till her arms grew tired and she fell to the ground in

“Heh heh heh heh…,” Scary laughed demonically,
“Goooood, good. Your hatred makes you strong. I never thought
you had it in you, but now you’re ready to join the others.”

Love was brought into another room where Sporty Spice
was demonstrating the proper use of a large weapon to the other
women. She took a massive power drill with a giant dildo
attachment, and held it up for their inspection. The large pink
dildo was ridged in a corkscrew fashion, giving it a menacing
appearance, especially when Sporty revved it up. She passed it to
Britney Spears and ordered her to use it on Melanie Blatt, who had
her legs held wide apart by ropes tied to two stakes.

Britney let out girlish groans as she struggled to press the
dildo into Melanie’s cowering pussy. With all of her strength,
Britney was able to force it home, and as she pulled the trigger the
dildo spun at high speed inside Melanie, screwing her brains out,
causing her to flop around like she was having a seizure. It took a
full effort by Britney to keep the powerful drill in place as it
ravaged poor Melanie like nothing before.

Love was horrified by the sight of Melanie’s trembling
thighs as the dildo vibrated her whole body like a massive
earthquake. Love was crying, and with honest naivete she
implored the Spice Girls, “How can you make us do this? I thought
you like, stood for Girl Power?”

Scary and Sporty paused and looked at each other seriously
for a moment, as if considering that Love had a valid point, that
they shouldn’t be doing these cruel things to their sisters, that they
should call the whole thing off — Naaah! Scary bitch-slapped
Jennifer across the face, flooring her on her ass.

“You’re right…we do stand for Girl Power…but we never
said it had to be evenly distributed! Bahhahahaha!” Sporty
ridiculed Jennifer.

“You naive little twat! Britney, get over here with that
thing and punish Ms. Hewitt for taking an insolent tone with us,”
Scary ordered.

Britney chased Love around as the brunette crawled on her
hands and knees, until Melissa and Rose grabbed the helpless girl
and held her in place for her second raping of the week. The girls
had been so abused that they thought nothing of abusing another,
in fact they were glad to be inflicting some pain on someone else
instead of the reverse. The degrading experience would embitter
Jennifer Love Hewitt to all womankind, and push her to become
the merciless soldier that the Spice Girls wanted her to be.

Indeed, the training had progressed swimmingly, as the
ladies were next made to hog-tie the Minogue sisters like pigs at a
rodeo, and then rape them with strap-ons. In short order, the girls
became sadistic rapists who even enjoyed the look of pain on the
faces of their victims, feeling the joy of revenge against at least
some of the women who had tricked them, set them up by plying
them with liquor. Unfortunately, their revenge against the Spice
Girls would have to wait, since they had enough blackmail against
them to make death pale by comparison with the consequences of
non-compliance. As well, they were assured that they’d be
released upon completion of a single mission laid out by the Spice
Girls, the mission they were all preparing for…….


One month later, at the site of the MTV Music Video Awards in
New York…just hours before the ceremony…..
Detective Barbrady had waited a long time for this day to
come (see Episode II). His department had been humiliated by
their inability to find the identity of the women who had crashed
the World Music award ceremonies a couple of years ago.
Nonetheless, Barbrady had headed up the international
investigation team trying to solve the case, lately focusing solely
on the Spice Girls as the possible culprits. Barbrady didn’t like
having the place swarming with American agents from the FBI, but
was forced to cooperate with them. A certain redheaded agent
kept pestering him with snoopy questions, while her quack partner
seemed to think that all the celebrity abductions were part of some
alien plot.

“Damn yuppies,” Barbrady muttered, while admitting to
himself that the redhead was kind of attractive, checking out her
smooth calves below her conservative skirt. “Uppity bitch better
not try to take credit for my sting.”

Meanwhile, in a backstage dressing room, the Spice Girls
were giving a final pep talk before their “team” took to the stage to
humiliate the hapless performer, hip hop queen Lauryn Hill.
“Ok girls, remember who your main target is, but feel free
to take a few potshots at others just for fun!” Sporty said.
“Remember ladies, stick to the plan, and you’ll all get out
of it ok, and this will all be over after tonight,” Scary reassured
them, as all the girls were putting on their disguises like a squad of
commandos. Dressed with nylon masks to hide their identities, the
ladies were also carrying a variety of kinky weapons to help them
conquer Ms. Hill, and anyone else who would get in their way.

The girls were meant to represent one of the Spice Girls,
who had been suspected of carrying out the various atrocitites
plaguing the music industry. By appearing in the crowd during this
assault, the Spice Girls would unequivocally prove their
innocence. Dressed as a Posh impersonator, Jennifer Love Hewitt
was unique from the other girls in that she wore a very short
mini-skirt, and highly impractical stilettos.

Britney wore the trademark Baby Spice platform white
sneakers, knee-high socks, pleated miniskirt, and twin ponytails
held up with light, feathery pom poms. Melissa Joan Hart wore
black track pants and tank top while Jennifer Lopez was clad in a
partially see-through top that could barely contain her pointy
nipples, and spandex shorts that clung to her coveted ass.
Thigh-high leopard-print boots completed the tasteless look, which
was clearly inspired by Scary Spice. Finally, Rose made an extra
member of the group, perhaps substituting for Ginger Spice,
wearing a skin-tight black catsuit, and a large strap-on that swung
from her groin.

“All right, let’s get this shit over with!” said Rose, who had
been trying to rile up her cohorts, making sure that they were
prepared to cover her back during the assault. Armed to the hilt,
the women stormed out of the dressing room area into the ritzy
auditorium which held some of the most prestigious artists in the
music business.

On the stage, teen-movie star Rachel Leigh Cook was
introducing hip-hop diva Lauryn Hill to the worshipping audience.
Lauryn had already won in every category she was nominated in,
and the performance was expected to bring the house down. The
soulful singer entered the stage wearing a lime dress that showed
off her smooth, sexy thighs, grabbing the microphone with an air
of superiority, and shaking those lovely dark legs rhythmically for
the benefit of the audience. Behind her band, stood large African
tribal statues standing as symbols of power and fertility, with
colossal phalluses projecting from their midsections.

Jennifer Love Hewitt led the way, strutting clumsily in her
expensive, yet whorish, high heels, while toting a large
supersoaker filled with sperm. She walked out into the crowd
along with Melissa Joan Hart, aiming her gun at the cowering
audience. Jennifer was hesitating to pull the trigger, until she she
found a target that was unworthy of mercy — Sarah Michelle

“You two-faced bitch!” yelled Love as she blasted Sarah
right in her shocked face, soaking her hair and drenching her
abundant cleavage. Sarah fell out of her seat, totally humiliated as
Love continued to fire jets of milky fluid at the back of her head,
and at her bare back, as Sarah tried to crawl away. Meanwhile,
Melissa started pumping her gun and blasting famous women in
their designer evening gowns, starting with Rachel Leigh Cook.
Chaos soon erupted, as Lauryn Hill was surrounded by the
other three women who were wheeling in a large fire hose fastened
to a portable stand. It looked like a big cannon. Rose McGowan
grabbed a hold of Lauryn while the cum cannon was pointed
directly at her — someone had to stop this!

“Freeze! Don’t move! FBI!” a sexy redheaded FBI agent
wearing a navy blue skirt-suit aimed her gun squarely at Rose
McGowan. She had ignored Barbrady’s orders to hold her position
until a crime was committed, impetuously butting in and playing
the hero.

“Scully, lookout!” the redhead’s partner tried to save her
from the ultimate humiliation but was too late as Jennifer Lopez
pulled a lever which released a very hard stream of white spunk at
the agent’s crotch. The jetting liquid was powerful enough to lift
the woman right off her feet, sending her air borne for several feet
before she crashed noisily into the drum set, with her legs splayed
apart in the air.

With Agent Scully knocked out cold, none of the men
involved in security were willing to risk getting hosed with gallons
of cum, and thus Lauryn Hill was now completely helpless.

“Hurry! I can’t hold her forever! Shoot the black bitch!” Rose
screamed, as Lauryn clawed with her, trying to break free.

Fortunately, Lauryn had foreseen that she might encounter
trouble, and just as Jennifer was about to fire again, reinforcements
arrived, in the form of Lauryn’s friends, TLC, Mya, and Tatyana
Ali. Lisa “Left-eye” Lopes grabbed a hold of Rose and punched
her in the face, “Let the sista’ go you skankass bitch!”
The TLC girls started ripping away at Rose’s black

clothing, revealing patches of white skin, while administering a
severe beating with karate kicks from their platform shoes. Rose’s
tits were hanging out as she tried to squirm her way out of the
melee. Watching from the back, Barbrady found it hard to believe
that the Spice Girls were in the crowd while all this was
happening, clearly he was wrong about their guilt.

Lisa, Tionne, and “Chili” all stood around a grovelling
Rose McGowan wearing the skimpiest of black miniskirts that
required frequent adjustments to prevent pantyshots, black thigh
highs that allowed a teasing glimpse of their lickable thighs, and
tight tops that showed off their phenomenal abs. The beautiful
ladies were caught in a moment of hesitation when the cannon
blast plastered their sculpted torso’s, splashing their faces and bare
loins as they slammed into the back wall.

In spite of her ordeal, Love Hewitt had found herself
enjoying the humiliation she was heaping all over “Covergirl”
Sarah Gellar, watching cum drip off the tip of her cute nose. “It’s
make up made easy, Buff-bitch. Hey, maybe it’s Maybelline!” said
Love, who was giddy as she gained revenge against her former
friend, shooting globs of spunk in her hair and face, “Oh c’mon,
Sarah, you always said you get all the sexy roles, I bet this is how
you get them! Tee hee hee!”

“Love, come on! They need our help!” Melissa pulled Love
back to the stage to help out their `comrades’. Melissa tackled Mya
while Jennifer shot sperm into Tatyana’s face, blinding her and
causing her to lose her balance and land on her ass. As Tatyana
got up on her knees and spat out the cum in her mouth, Love lifted
up the teenager’s skirt, showing her pink-bordered white panties to
the massive audience. Tatyana, the adorably sweet, former star of
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, was too busy wiping her face off with
the front of her fuzzy sweater to realize what Love was fixing to do

Bunched between Tatyana’s pleasantly round buttcheeks,

the white panties were slid abruptly down her chocolate legs.
Love kicked the girl in the ass to get her to roll over, and grabbed a
large sledgehammer that she had been carrying on her back like a
bazooka. Tatyana’s white-bottomed canvas sneakers kicked in the
air as Love plunged the sledgehammer dildo between the black
girl’s tender pussylips, making a giant crater of her tight quim.
With both hands firmly gripping the handles, Love switched on the
sledgehammer, which absolutely pummeled the bottom of
Tatyana’s snatch at blinding speed.

Tatyana’s smooth legs flopped wildly, her white panties
waving from her flopping ankle like a flag of surrender. The poor
girl’s whole body squirmed as she let out a long scream that was
jolted by the pounding steel dildo which also pumped cum from a
reservoir in Jen’s backpack.

Melissa and Britney had doubled up on the sexy Mya. As
Melissa held Mya in a painful wedgie, Britney showed her
athleticism by nailing Mya in the crotch with a hard kick. As Mya
rolled around clasping her abused tenderspot, the two blondes
stripped off her pants, pulling them down her long lean legs.

The “Ghetto Superstar” singer had a body to drool over, a
sumptuous belly and a beautifully spankable ass, and a very pretty
dimpled face with luscious lips to top it all off. As Melissa
pressed her foot down on the back of Mya’s neck, she dumped
cum in her face and over her bare back. Britney ripped away
Mya’s silk panties and took out the big dildo drill, plugging it deep
in Mya’s rectum before give her the poop-slinging of a life-time.
Mya’s ass quivered like jello around the invading weapon, which
quickly drained her of all strength.

While Tatyana and Mya were brutally raped by devious
machines, the TLC bitches were getting there asses cracked with a
cricket paddle by an extremely vitriolic Rose McGowan, who spat
on them as their curvy bodies yielded to the humiliating butt-
whipping. After cold-cocking Lauryn Hill with a two-foot dildo to
the back of the head, Jennifer Lopez joined with Rose in her
assault of TLC. Barely conscious after hitting the wall, TLC were
bent over a piano bench with their tiny skirts pulled up, or down
around their ankles. This allowed Jennifer to take advantage of
them, while Rose took to making the rounds, raping each luscious
ass with her virgin-busting dildo, starting with a dazed Tionne.

With her spandex shorts riding up the crevice of her ass,
Jennifer bent over in front of Lisa, grabbing her dizzy head by a
ponytail and lifting her face up. Lisa’s jaw dropped open in her
stupor as Jennifer was grinding her ass in the unwitting woman’s
face. Every man watched attentively as Jennifer slowly stuck out
her ass, this time forcing Chili to press her lips into her ass
cleavage, leaving a growing collection of lipstick marks on Jen’s
butt. “Scrub this, bitch!” Jennifer goaded Chili, who wailed in
bitter defeat, as Rose raped her quvering ass and cunt with the
hole-splitting dildo, her whimpering lips leaving red kisses on the
Latina’s ass.

After Love had left Tatyana in a sweat-soaked,
cum-slopped ruin, she helped Britney and Melissa strip Mya naked
and hold her down. Melissa cruelly spanked Mya’s ass, while
Britney pressed a steel stencil into Mya’s supple butt- cheek.
leaving the scarlet letters “SLUT” enflamed on her soft skin. The
girls then kicked Mya’s naked, squirming body off the stage, and
sent her rolling painfully down the stairs toward the audience like
a sack of discarded trash.

All that remained for the girls to accomplish was to
humiliate Lauryn Hill, as they grabbed the dazed diva from the
floor and set her up for one last blast from the hose. Lauryn was
helpless now, with four women holding her, and Jennifer Lopez
aiming right for her face with a smirk beneath her mask.

Suddenly, Jen’s waistband was grabbed by strong hands,
and yanked to the floor, by Queen Latifah! Latifah, the full-bodied
rapper and actress was definitely pissed off as she ripped the mask
off of Jennifer’s head. Jennifer gasped as her identity was revealed
to the audience, but soon had to scramble as her top was torn off
by the angry black woman.

Joining the struggle was Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett,
and the sexy little sparkplug was laying the smack down on
Melissa Joan Hart and Rose McGowan with a barrage of hard
punches. Lauryn was able to break free and grab Britney and JLH
by the hair, and slam their heads together. With Toni Braxton,
Aaliyah, and Erykah Badu joining the beatdown, the other women
were overmatched, and one by one they lost their clothing and
their masks.

Stripped of her Gucci dress, Jennifer Love Hewitt crawled
away from the brawl in high heels and underwear, trying to hide
her face and weasel her way out of trouble, picking up her
supersoaker along the way. Thinking she was unnoticed, Love
rose to her feet, but was caught like a deer in the headlights, her
knees on the verge of buckling, her fawn-like eyes staring down
the nozzle of the hose, with Sarah Gellar’s stare burning at her.
“Hey Neutrogena geek,” Sarah said to her, “I got yer acne wash
right here, bitch!”

Love froze with fear, gulping it down as only her ever-
bouyant breasts managed any type of movement, but as Sarah fired
the hose, for some reason, only a small trickle seeped out.
Thinking she was saved, Love grinned her biggest, squinty-eyed
smile, and raised her squirt gun at Sarah…..

But Queen Latifah lifted Jennifer Lopez’ big ass off the
hose, releasing the fluid that had been accumulating due to the
plug, and allowing an extra-powerful burst of spunk to slam into
Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Love’s expression suddenly changed as her small frame
was caught up in a tidal wave of white cream that sent her flailing
into the backdrop. The crowd applauded this act of retribution, as
Love ended up strattling the symbolic cock, semen oozing over her
naked body. Sarah ripped off her bra, finally revealing Love’s
eraser nipples.

Sarah picked up Love’s discarded sledgehammer, strapped
it on her back, ripped the spaghetti straps of Love’s black panties
to expose her tiny bush, and plopped the monster into her tight
pussy. With her eyes pleading and her lips blubbering, Love
begged for mercy, but Sarah triggered the powerful machine,
which rocked Love’s body like an epileptic fit.

Cum splashed in and out of Love’s tender snatch like it was
a puddle getting stomped on, as the dildo probed her depths, her
tits bouncing and her thighs twitching reflexively with the massive
vibrations. The humiliation was infinitely worse than the pain, and
for Love, it was like losing her virginity all over again, this time in
front of millions of people worldwide.

Lauryn Hill was pummeling Jennifer Lopez, who had been
stripped down to nothing except for her boots, with the large dildo
that Jennifer had used to brain her with earlier. The bruising
blows had Jennifer on her knees, crying for mercy as Lauryn
clubbed her repeatedly, across her ribs, the sides of her face, and
her sexy back.

Jennifer’s bare ass beckoned for punishment, as Jada
picked up the steel iron and branded Jennifer Lopez a slut, pressing
the word temporarily into Jen’s wiggling butt. Lauryn added to the
abuse by shoving the dildo deep into Jennifer’s asshole, leaving
her in a dazed lump.

Meanwhile, Erykah Badu and Aaliyah were pounding the
tits of Melissa and Britney with quick fists and sharp nails, yanking
the little blondes around by their hair, and the soft flesh of their
mammaries. Latifah was now aiming the hose at Melissa, who
was being held by Erykah, but noticed a problem as Rose was
about to nail Eryka from behind

“Erykah, duck!!” Warned Latifah, who fired at Melissa,
whose jaw dropped in horror as she was obliterated by the stream
of cum. Erykah bent down behind Melissa, flipping her over as
the girl was blown back. This caused Melissa’s pussy to flip up
and smash into Rose’s face, becoming stuck to her mouth as they
fell down with their thighs wrapped around each other’s heads.

Latifah continued to shower the girls with cum as they tried
in vain to separate from each other. To make matters worse,
Rose’s dildo had slid into Melissa’s open mouth as they came
crashing down, becoming enlodged in her throat. Rose was
clawing at Melissa’s ass, trying desperately to get some air, but
Melissa’s cunt was somehow glued to her lips. At the same time,
Melissa was trying to lift her cum-coated face off of Rose’s dick,
but was unsuccessful.

The two celebrities rolled around on top of eachother in
their ridiculous 69 position, hopelessly stuck as the crowd laughed
at them. The two would have to be carefully extricated from each
other in an emergency room later on. Meanwhile, Sarah continued
to work over Jennifer Love Hewitt, grabbing a discarded cattle
prod and sending jolts of pain into Jennifer’s abused pussy and ripe

With fire in her eyes, Lauryn was stamping Britney’s tight
pussy with the cold steel, branding her tender, pink sweetmeat like
a piece of government-approved grade-A prime sirloin. Britney’s
pampered little pussy was squirming with torture, but Lauryn just
pushed the branding iron deeper into the flesh, before attempting
to stomp Britney’s tits.

The other women had shoved the hose up Jennifer Lopez’s
ass, plugging her anus with the nozzle. Latifah flung the lever to
turn on the hose, and after the pressure built up to the point where
the hose nearly exploded, suddenly the nozzle erupted like a
powerful geiser, propelling Jennifer’s obliterated ass through the
air toward the backdrop where she crashed headfirst through a set
wall. Her ass was gaping and legs were left dangling in front of
the audience, as she was apparently rendered unconcious.

Erykah and Jada, meanwhle, finished using Britney as a
punching bag, and then picked up a squirming Britney on each side
and carried her like a battering ram. What happened next truly
shocked the crowd. Britney was rammed headfirst into Jennifer’s
gaping asshole — and the blonde’s face was crammed into Jen’s
crack! Britney struggled to get a grip on Jen’s cum-slickened legs,
but her head was totally stuck, her screams silenced by all the ass
that surrounded her face, as she swallowed cum that seeped from
Jennifer’s hole.

Britney’s ass stuck out and wiggled along with her head,
inviting one last paddling from Lauryn Hill as the prickteasing
blonde struggled in agony. Britney’s knee-high socks flailed in
futility as Lauryn used the paddle to hammer a dildo deep into her
ass. Sarah Gellar got her last revenge against JLH by stamping the
metal “SLUT” into her perky, cum-splooged tits. Sarah walked
away after emptying what was left of the cum reservoir in a steady
five-minute stream that lambasted Love so thoroughly with spunk
that she swallowed a stomach-full before it was over.

The carnage on the stage would give people a lot to talk
about around the water-cooler the next day, and made the show the
highest-rated awards show ever. The Spice Girls’ plan had worked
flawlessly and, apparently, the true perpetrators had been
uncovered, and some form of justice had been served when they
were promptly humiliated before being carted off.

The Spices smiled as they walked past Detective Barbrady
on the way to their limo. The detective would find enough
evidence in the changing rooms of Hewitt, Lopez, McGowan, Hart
and Spears, to link them to ALL of the crimes. The evidence
would also point to slavery in the Middle East as the destination of
the other captives, which would make their rescue a diplomatic
nightmare, and practical impossibility.

In the comfort of their limo, Scary raised a toast, “The
World is ours, girls. To Girl Power!”

“To Girl Power!”

But the celebration was interrupted by a frantic phone call
from Jenny McCarthy. Taking the call, Sporty informed her
bandmates, “Not so fast girls….seems the shit has hit the fan at the

[End of Part V]

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