Under Control: Part 8 – Holly for Christmas

Under Control: Part 8 – Holly for Christmas

By Donut Plains

Holly Willoughby, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Britney Spears, Nicola Roberts, Katy Perry, Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch, Cheryl Cole – MF, M+F, FBeast, orgy, mc, cons, magic, oral

Disclaimer: This story is completely made up. It is not real and is complete fantasy. It’s in a series where some female celebrities are controlled by a snake and become porn stars. In this episode, Holly Willoughby visits the North Pole where she can use magic. Pretty far fetched and unreal, it’s just a made up story.

Holly Willoughby was excited about the day. Jennifer Aniston had texted her and asked her to meet her in her office. She strode down the corridor of Jen’s mansion towards the office. As it was approaching Christmas, Holly was wearing a short red Christmas dress. The kind that had white fur lining on the skirt and a thick black belt. She hadn’t anything over her slender arms. Her big tits looked like they were about to come out over the top of the fur lined top of the dress. She wore black peep toed platformed high heels which showed of her long sexy legs. She felt brilliant. What a wonderful time of year it was.

She approached the large oak door which had a wreathe of Holly hung on the outside. She smiled as she knocked and entered. Jennifer’s office wasn’t like most. A large bed sat in the corner. Sex toys were scattered all over the place. She saw her snake master slithering over some faux branches. There were also other animals in the room; dogs, cats, monkeys and pigs. A Christmas tree sat just behind a desk where Jennifer was found, leaning back, feet on a large mahogany table. She too was wearing a sexy Santa mini dress. Hers showed her giant tits with fur only covering the short skirt line. She wore knee high black boots. She wore a Santa hat but you could still see her beautiful straight fair hair. She immediately got up to greet her blonde haired companion. The two embraced and as always felt the tingle of sexual excitement at each other’s touch. Holly felt like she could just push Jen over to the bed just now but resisted. She wanted to find out what this was about. Jennifer settled into the chair and Holly settled in the chair opposite her.

“Hi there sweetie!” beamed Holly. “Great to see you,” Holly said, hoping Jennifer would know what she meant.

Jennifer knew exactly what she meant. “It’s great to see you too. I’d love nothing more than to be sucking on your titties and tasting that wet pussy of yours but I’d like to discuss something with you.”

Holly stuck her big cleavage out further at the compliment and caught Jennifer leering at them.

“We’ve had a letter from a fan. Let me read it to you…

Dear Jennifer and Holly,

My staff think Holly is the sexiest and hottest woman in the world. They love your show. They watch it all the time. The reason why I write is that moral up here has been a bit low and I’ve noticed that it picks up after your show has been on. Watching your sexy adventures is just fantastic. We’ve put up posters of you and your colleagues in the work place and it also seems to work. I was just wondering if it was possible to arrange a visit in person to further boost morale. My staff mean the world to me and I’d do anything to make them feel better. I’d compensate you with anything you want and I mean anything. I hope to hear from you soon.”

Jennifer tailed off. She looked at Holly. Holly was kind and she would do anything for her fans but usually she’d send a letter and a photo back. Maybe some tickets for a live recording. Jennifer could sense this would be the same. Before Holly could reply with a polite refusal Jen continued…

“Lots of love, Santa Claus.”

Holly’s face suddenly changed. She looked shocked. Her hands came up to cover her open mouth. She could hardly believe it. “Santa Claus wants me! To do a personal appearance! Oh my fucking God! Santa Claus wants me!”

Jennifer could see how happy Holly was. She smiled at her companion. “Do I take that as a yes?”

“Yes! Absolutely yes! When… When do I go?”

“Well that’s the thing. The address just says North Pole.”

“How am I meant to know where to go?”

With that, there was a flash of light and heat. Holly shut her eyes tight. She was momentarily scared but then it was quiet and calm again. She felt like she was now standing. Her heels pressed into something soft and light. She felt a little chill on her exposed skin. She opened her eyes and in front her stood Santa Claus. She could scarcely believe it.

“Hello my dear. Welcome to the North Pole.” Santa was slightly smaller than her. His white hair and beard were textbook. His face was rosy red. His belly was large and round. Her wore the famous red and white Santa suit with shiny black boots. Holly remained stunned. “My my. You are even more beautiful in real life.”

“How did I get here?” was all Holly could say.

“Magic my dear. The whole place is magic. Wishes and dreams come true here for everyone who visits. The whole world relies on us to produce magic for Christmas.”

Holly felt her tension easing at the sight of Santa. The magic of the place built inside her. She looked round at the giant building beside her. It was the stuff of movies. Absolutely huge with green doors and red spires. There were huge blue windows on the orange walls. “Wow! This is incredible! I can’t believe I’m here.” Suddenly she remembered the letter. “If all this place is magical, how come you’re not happy?”

“I mentioned my staff, not me. But I guess it does get a bit of a grind. Unfortunately it can be a bit lonely for the people who work here. And no amount of magic can make anyone happy Holly.” Santa smiled kindly at her.

“Your staff? Who are they?” Holly had a blonde moment, knowing the answer as soon as she’d finished the question.

But Santa just smiled warmly at her. “My elves my love…” Santa opened the large door as he spoke and beckoned Holly in. She stepped out of the snow and into a large hall. She felt warmer. Santa closed the door behind her. Holly looked round. She could not believe the scale. Several hundred machines clattered below her. They were processing various items. She saw several elves in green and red working away. She looked more closely. The machines had pictures on them. The first she saw was herself in a soft core pose, proudly displaying her tits in pink panties and high heels. Next she saw another soft core pic with her standing in black high heels and panties standing with Katy Perry, Kaley Cuoco and Cheryl Cole. They were all displaying their big round tits and long sexy legs. The next she saw a similar one with Britney Spears and Cheryl. A calendar showed Jennifer Aniston’s awesome oiled titties. On another wall there was hardcore, Holly smiled at Jen fucking her with a strap on. Another with herself titty fucking a strap on. Kaley eating out Denise Richards. She smiled. There were hundreds more pictures. The majority had Holly in them though, hard or soft core. What an empire they’d built!

Holly was looked down with a smile. No one had yet noticed the pair high up. Holly was excited to see the reaction. While the elves worked well, their spirit seemed low. Shoulders were slouched and everything was just slow. She began to see why Santa was concerned. Santa momentarily stepped in front of her. “Excuse me! May I have your attention!” he bellowed. Slowly the elves looked up and the machines fell silent. “We have a special guest who I think you might like. Let me introduce Holly Willoughby!” Holly stepped forward. A moments stunned silence was stopped by then rapturous applause and hollering. Holly was overwhelmed. She blew kisses and waved at the adorable little guys who were moving to down below her. She smiled at the crowd, beaming with pride.

“Hello everyone! It’s nice to be here to meet you all,” she said, not quite sure of what to say. A quiet hush developed as she spoke.

Seeing Holly was unsure Santa stepped in. “Holly has kindly agreed to visit and chat with you all. She’s going to get some pictures and maybe sign an autograph or two.” A round of applause broke out. “Please treat her well as you treat me.” Holly began to make her way down stairs to start but Santa turned to her. “Thank you,” he said kindly. “It means the world to them and therefore me. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like. You just need wish to leave. And remember, that applies to everything. Just wish it and you’ll have it. I really am so grateful.”

“It’s my pleasure!” Holly smiled as she began to descend the stairs in her high heels. Santa turned and left her to it. Once reaching the bottom Holly was swarmed by small little men each between 3 and 4 foot high. They wore green hats with bells, green overalls with red and white stripy T-shirts. They wore the classic green curly shoes. They buzzed round her long legs, brushing off her soft skin. Holly couldn’t help feel a little turned on by the feeling. She loved having her legs touched.

The elves were holding pictures of her and pens. Some had cameras. She leant down to take a pen and picture. “Hey there. Nice to meet you. Who can I make this out to?”

“Hi. I’m Tim. I’m a huge fan. I have all your programmes and magazines.”

“Aww thank you sweetie.” She looked at the picture. She was holding her cum covered tits for the camera. She scribbled,

To Tim, I bet we could do this together. Love Holly.

She then signed the picture before handing it back. She took another picture to sign, then another, writing dirty things on them all. It was all very gratifying for Holly. She had the patience of a saint for the elves there.

“I’m Brian.”

“Hey Brian. What can I do for you?” asked Holly, as Brian wasn’t holding anything.

“I was wondering if I could get a picture with you.”

“Sure.” Holly beamed. “Where about?”

“Here,” said Brian. With a wave of a hand, a bed appeared before her eyes, covered in silk. Holly was stunned for a second. But then remembered where she was. She was beginning to understand how it all worked. She mounted the bed and lay with Brian. A floating camera took a picture.

“Aww thanks.” Brian got up to go.

“Wait!” beckoned Holly maybe a better picture would be…” Holly snapped her fingers and her dress  vanished, leaving her in red lace panties and black peep toed high heels. She lay there with head on hand as if expectant. Brian could hardly believe his eyes. Her big rounds tits sat perfectly in front of him. He didn’t need a second invitation and settled behind the nude star. The camera flashed again.

“Wow! Thank you so much! I’ll keep it forever!” She looked down and saw a bulge in his trousers. It was huge Holly thought, not at all like she’d thought it would be.

Holly laughed as Brian jumped off the bed. Holly stayed on the bed for the next elf. She sat up and held her boobs together. The next elf just stared at them as the photo was captured. Holly was enjoying this. She loved the attention, the grateful thank yous and the pleased faces. She spent hours signing and taking pictures, making sure she got every elf in the North Pole.

As the last elf finished, she looked round. All the elves had stayed to see her. She felt so sexy. “Well I had a great time. Can’t thank you guys enough. You really know how to make me feel special.” She thought of the dirty photos, the hard ons and the touch of them against her legs. It was all pretty sexy. “I’ll think of you during my next shoot,” she winked as her dress materialised over her skin. While she still looked super hot, an audible sigh filled the room. “Maybe I can come back again,” she suggested.

“You’re welcome to stay,” shouted one elf. “Have you met Rudolph?”

Holly shook her head. The elves were pleading. Holly didn’t want to go but she’d achieved what had been asked.

Just then Santa’s voice echoed. “They’re right Holly. You should meet Rudolph in the morning. You can stay in a guest room if you wish to stay. You can leave if you want too. These guys will need to get back to work soon though.”

“I do wish to stay!” That was greeted with a loud cheer before Holly felt a familiar flash of light and smoke. Suddenly she was in the biggest guest room she’d ever seen. The room was super extravagant, at least 4 floors, a pool, a piano and a balcony. It was warm and well lit. She sat on the couch opposite the open fire. She missed her new friends and wondered whether they were upset she wasn’t with them. But then again, she may have proved too distracting.


Holly lay in bed, still reflecting on her new friends. What a privilege it had been to visit the North Pole and what an honour to be worshipped by Santa and his elves. The bed was so comfortable but she was wide awake. She thought of all the pictures on the wall, the way the elves moved around her, the feel of them on her legs, all the hard-on she had caused and the elves worship of her tits.

“I need to do more!” Holly said, getting out of bed. She clapped and a light came on. She looked in the mirror at her nightie. It was quite tight, stopped at her thighs and showed her beautiful legs. “Cute, but you can do better Holly.” With just a thought and a blink of an eye Holly was suddenly wearing a blood red lacy bra and panties combination. Her tits were popping out of the bra while her toned tummy and sexy legs were highlighted nicely. She was now wearing blood red platformed high heels. Her hair hung down round her chest, the end of it curled slightly. “Much better.”

She made her way to the door, watching her boobs jiggle as she walked. She felt super hot. She realised she didn’t know where to go but no matter now. Getting used to magic, she blinked and ended up back at the same door she’d met Santa before. It was cold outside but Holly felt warm. She opened the door with purpose. It was noisy inside. A blink of the eye changed that. Suddenly a spotlight highlighted her. Several video cameras materialised around her. She was determined for her performance to be captured.

“I’m here for you all!” she began as silence won over the noise. A large pole materialised in front of her, allowing her to spin round it on her way down. The cameras followed at different angles. She landed with poise, fixing a stare on the nearest elf. Suddenly, she had unhooked her bra and flung it off. Her tits were glorious. Big and round. The elf looked stunned. Holly wished a bottle of baby oil into her hand. It duly appeared but was soon being poured all over her big heaving chest. Suddenly she was swinging round the pole again, like a stripper as she waited for more elves to get close. Still she focused on one elf at the front. She licked the pole slowly before squashing her oiled up tits round it and slid them up and down it simulating a tit wank. It felt good. She could see the elf was getting hard by the bulge in his trousers. “Would you like to fuck me? Would you like to fuck my big tits?”

The elf could barely move. He could barely believe it was happening. Holly Willoughby was stripping in front of him. She wanted him to fuck her tits. He was desperate to fuck her tits. His head nodded slightly.

“Well lose the clothes and get up here stud,” beckoned Holly, who also used her finger to call him up to her stage. The clothes disappeared almost instantly. Holly looked with joy as a hard 12 inch cock was set free. “Wow! That’s going to feel great fucking my big tits!” Holly excitedly got to her knees as the elf magically floated up to a manageable height for Holly. She grasped her oily globes round the rock hard shaft. As soon as contact was made her tits tingled with an unbelievable amount of pleasure. “Oh fuck! That feels so good.” Holly had never felt such a good feeling. She held on tight and began to run her mounds up and down the shaft. The feel of the dick running up and down her chest only increased the pleasurable feeling.

By now all the elves in the factory had gather to see Holly Willoughby giving a tit wank. Some were masturbating. Some were watching in motionless wonder. Holly could see their worship of her. It was making her wet. Suddenly a drop of pre cum dribbled from the tip of the cock. It caught Holly’s flesh and instantly induced an orgasm so strong Holly struggled to keep going. Her muscles burned with pleasure. She lusted after more cum, her tits and pussy were begging her to get more. She doubled her efforts, squeezing as hard as she could. “Oh fuck! Cum on my tits! Cover them with a big load!” She was practically begging for it. Suddenly, the elf erupted, firing a load right onto Holly’s neck. Another huge orgasm ripped through her. She took the cock in her hand a pointed it at her rack. Load after load fired from the shaft, and with each hot sticky load Holly would orgasm. Orgasm after orgasm was driving her wild. With each load, she could feel the desire for more build inside her. Her pussy ached to be filled. Her tits tingled with pleasure. “Fuck,” she smiled at her lover as he slowed down. “That stuff…” Another drop hit her chest, causing her to stop. “Is fucking incredible.”

Holly felt great. She loved the feel of hot sticky cum on her tits. She wanted to taste, and duly licked her nipples as best she could in front of everyone. “Anyone else want a shot?” she smiled, realising there was a whole room of cum for her. A mad rush to the front started. “I want all the cum in this room! I fucking need it! I’m your cum whore!”

Holly lay on her back, using magic to oil her tits again. She opened her legs out wide giving a perfect view of her wet pussy. Without asking the elves seemed to know what she was thinking. The first elf straddled her and began to fuck her tits. Holly initially helped him get going by squeezing them onto the hard shaft. Suddenly Holly felt her pussy lips being parted by a hard rod. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as the hard cock began to move in and out slowly. She pushed her hips back down the shaft as best she could. It felt great. Next she saw an elf approach either side. She allowed the elf fucking her chest to hold her tits while she reached out for the 2 long cocks either side of her. She wrapped her fingers then palm round the shaft then began to wank the elves off. Her hands glided easily with the oil from her tits up and down the long rods. She was desperate for more cum and this certainly felt great. “I need a cock to suck,” she moaned. No sooner had she finished talking the a long shaft appeared at her mouth. She smiled briefly before devouring the hard thick cock in her mouth. Her soft lips moved up and down the shaft as she twirled her tongue sensuously round the meat. She managed great technique despite all she was doing. She loved sucking on cock, and made sure the elf knew it by maintaining eye contact with him.

Fucking five elves at once was driving Holly wild. She could feel the excitement in herself building. She could also feel the enthusiasm of her fives lovers increasing. Being in an orgy had always been a fantasy and there was still more elves masturbating for her to pleasure. She loved being stuffed full of hard cock.

Suddenly there was an eruption on to her cheek. When that first strand of hot sticky cum hit her right cheek, Holly had an intense orgasm which ripped through her body. Her pussy clamped round the cock fucking her and gushed. Her muscles contracted and relaxed. She squeezed the cocks in her hands hard but somehow managed to keep stroking the oiled up hard shafts. Holly bit down on the cock in her mouth which was fucking her hard. The second wad landed oh her chin, inducing another fierce orgasm. Another hit her cheek and gorgeous blonde hair as the elf pulled out to cover her tits. Holly was feeling incredible as orgasm after orgasm was promised. She was almost forgetting about her other lovers but that soon changed as she felt more hot cum land on her chest. She could feel cum from her handjobs hitting her big round tits. It intensified her orgasms as each strand landed on her chest making it feel fantastic. She gobbled down on the cocky in her mouth as best she could when the elf unloaded into her wet pussy. And then her blowjob paid off, erupting in her mouth. Holly felt ecstasy like never before. Each time a drop of cum hit her, she felt a new rush of pleasure. Pleasure from her tits seemed to radiate in to the pleasure coming from her mouth and pussy. She tried to moan but it was muffled by the cock in her mouth. She loved it hitting her throat.

Holly was dizzy with pleasure. Her five lovers slowed down and allowed her a second to recover. She didn’t need it. She got to her knees while admiring herself. She was covered in cum. It was dripping and she felt amazing. She looked up as floating cameras flashed as well as recorded what was happening. She then looked at all the elves watching her. Nearly all had their rock hard cocks out. “Come on guys! I want those hard cocks so bad. I need you to cum on me!”

More elves rushed up surrounding the kneeling star. This was one big orgy and Holly Willoughby was the centre of attention. She started to wank some off and suck off others as fast as she could. “Cum on me! Cum all over my face! Cum on my fucking gorgeous titties!”

Holly got what she asked. The elves took it in turns to wank on her, get handjobs, blowjobs and tit fucks. She was very accommodating and in return experienced some incredible orgasms. The elves came several times in her mouth, on her face and hair and over her chest. She must have spent an hour pleasuring them all. The dripping down her naked body felt fantastic as stood up. She couldn’t believe how hot or powerful it was.

The elves were spent. Holly was covered. She waved goodbye to them and promised “this won’t be my last visit.” She then magically disappeared leaving the elves wonderfully happy but slightly sad at her disappearance. Holly was now magically on her bed, delighted to let the cum soak in for a bit longer at least…

The next day…

Holly woke from a pleasant sleep and half wondered if she had just dreamt of last night. One look at her cum soaked body confirmed it was not. She smiled at the sight and walked airily to the bath tub for a nice long soak. She thought fondly of the night in the hot bath as the cum slowly washed off her beautiful body. Nothing could wipe the smile off her face today.

When she got out of the bath she was still very happy. She wondered what to wear thinking initially of a jeans and a top. Her thoughts quickly changed to something a bit more racy when she thought how happy it made the elves to see her in such outfits. Continuing the Christmas theme, she went for a red bra with white fluffy trim. She wore a very short red skirt with the same white trim round the bottom. It had a small belt and buckle to complete a Santa look. With that she wore long black stockings to her mid thigh and black platformed high heels. She wore her long curly hair down over her shoulders. She looked in the mirror and checked herself out. “That’s perfect,” she said as she ran the back of her hand over her breast and then slim toned stomach. She smiled at herself, her big red lipstick perfectly applied. She enjoyed her own touch so much she had to grab at her big tits which were already popping out. They felt great, two big melons, ready to excite any lover.

A knock at the door startled Holly. She jumped and tottered over in her heels to answer it, still semi turned on. She opened it slowly. It was Santa. Holly relaxed and opened the door fully for him as he began to speak.

“Oh I am sorry! I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

Holly smiled warmly. “No not at all. Please come in.” Holly felt so relaxed around Santa. He was kind and gentle. He wore his classic red suit over his big frame. His round red nose stood out against his white fluffy beard. Even though she had always thought of the legend, Holly was even more impressed with his kindness and compassion. She was developing a real affection for the man.

“Thank you for the offer but I was wondering if you’d like to see more of my home as a sort of a thank for cheering up my elves. This morning they are working so well. And more than that they are happy. I can’t believe it. I will always be grateful for what you have done.”

Holly laughed, not quite sure if the old man knew what exactly she’d done. “It was my pleasure.”

“Well how about it then? Would you accompany me round my home?” Santa spoke kindly again in his calming fashion.

“Of course I will. It would be an honour.”

“I must say my dear, you are looking quite stunning in that outfit. It suits you.”

Holly felt herself blush at the compliment. It had been a while since she had got such a genuine and heart felt compliment that wasn’t during the heated frenzy of sex. Holly went to link arms with the smaller man and noticed a growing bulge in his trousers. What was in there must have been huge, causing a strain on quite big and loose trousers. “Aww you’re such a cutie,” Holly replied humouring him slightly. She hooked his arm and they began to stroll down the large corridor.

They visited many rooms including the dining room, kitchens and sitting room. Holly was stunned at the sheer size of the place. It was huge and extravagantly decorated with the usual things. Paintings, fireplaces, Christmas trees and things that would make you feel all warm and seasonal. Santa spoke of all the rooms with great knowledge and authority. Holly asked many questions of him which he patiently answered. Of course Holly hadn’t completely forgotten Santa’s bulge which maybe even got bigger the longer the pair spent together.

“Santa, do you ever get any presents?”

“How do you mean?” asked Santa, genuinely confused by the question.

“Well you give so much. Does anyone give you anything?” asked Holly, looking him in his kind face.

“The elves get me something which is kind of them. And I get loads of milk and cookies every Christmas from my deliveries. That’s nice.”

Holly looked at him. Santa looked so contented. But Holly felt sorry for him. Hardly anyone knew him. And he was the kindest, most generous man she’d ever known. He was a great man. “Well, from now on, I’ll get you something too.”

Santa smiled softly. “That is very kind of you my dear, but you don’t have to for this old man.”

“Please I want to. You’re very dear to me, even though I haven’t known you long.”

Santa didn’t know what to say. He for once he was speechless. He coughed and looked at the door next to him. All he could muster was “I think you’ll like this part of the tour.”

Holly was touched by the effect it had on him. She had no time to think about it though as Santa led her into a new room. It was grand and made of wood. It was warm and a fire burned in the corner despite hay covering the floor. Holly looked up and saw reindeer prancing in front of her.

“Holly meet my reindeer!” With that, the reindeer lined up and stood perfectly still.

“Oh my god! Wow! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” Holly stared in wonder and excitement.

“This is Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid, Blixen, Comet, Dancer and of course Rudolph.” The reindeer visibly became excited with mention of their name, nodding their head in Holly’s direction. Holly stepped forward in to pet them. Their soft coats felt wonderful. “Make Holly feel at home guys. I’ve got to head off for a bit.”

“Aww don’t go, I’m having such a wonderful time,” said Holly sweetly. Normally, this would stop any man or woman but Holly knew it must be important.

“I’ll see you later. In the meantime, I trust my friends to make you feel at home. See you soon.”

Holly turned round after Santa left the room. He was a wonderful man. She was missing him already. She looked at the big beasts in front of her, standing uniformly. She patted and stroked them in turn, marvelling at their size. “Wow, you’re beautiful,” said Holly as she ran her hand down Vixen’s face. “I really love Santa. He’s so kind isn’t he?” Almost straight away the reindeer nodded. Holly had forgotten the magic of the place but quickly remembered. “You must be magical,” said Holly. Again the beast nodded. Holly said the first thing that came into her head. “Jump!” Suddenly the beast took a massive skip into the air.

Holly couldn’t help but see a huge hard cock underneath the beast. Suddenly naughty thoughts were entering her head. She knew she wanted this filmed. Several cameras appeared in mid air, floating to get good angles of Holly to record or snap her antics. She turned to Prancer next to her. “Show me your cock!” Prancer stood up on his hind legs revealing an equally large shaft which was incredibly hard.

She then looked to Donner. She grabbed his antler and swung seductively round his face. “Do you want to fuck me?” asked Holly seductively, pushing her tits up as far as she could. Donner nodded.

Holly then spun round to Dasher. “Do you want to get with this body?” Again the beast nodded.

“Well then, you shall.” With that, Holly dropped her bra on to the floor revealing her glorious big round tits. There was no hint of sag as she freed them. Just perfect big round tits. She reached under Dasher and grabbed the hard cock. Her hand didn’t fit round. She began to wank it slowly while pushing her body onto that of the reindeer’s. It felt good.

Suddenly she became aware of the other reindeer gathering round. Holly wanted to pleasure them all but she soon realised they were just too big. They would have to wait. But would they? Holly got another idea though. “Sorry big guy but you’ll get what you want shortly,” she said as she backed off and stopped her sexual arousal. “I’ve got some really horny friends!”

The reindeer backed off forming a semi circle round Holly. They stood expectantly.

“First up is I’d like you to welcome the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston.” Out of nowhere Jennifer Aniston appeared. She was wearing a sexy Santa outfit too. This time it was a short dress with white trim round the top of it. Her tits stood out and legs stretched down to black platformed high heels. “Oh my god I need a fuck.”

“Well give me a hand and help yourself!”

Jennifer took one look at Dancer and said “You’re with me big boy!” She led him to the side and got down on her knees and began to run her hands up and down the long shaft. Cameras materialised to follow the action.

Holly smiled as she watched before introducing the next guest. “Next up, we have another sexy slut. Come on in Courteney Cox!” Courteney appeared suddenly looking hungry. Her big tits sat on top of her red chemise in the Santa pattern. Her long legs were covered by red stockings with red high heels.

“Hey Holly! I want to suck hard cock!” began Courteney, in a sexy voice.

“Well be my guest, we have plenty of it.”

Courteney looked at Vixen. “You’ll do very well. Get ready for the blowjob of your life big guy.” The reindeer allowed the black haired star underneath him as she took his cock tip into her mouth. She began to work her tongue round as she swallowed as much cock as she could.

“I know who would want to be here to please you guys…” The long legged, blonde haired figure of Britney Spears walked through the door. Her tits jiggled in her red, white and black Santa style basque. Her face was so pretty Holly was tempted to kiss her there and then but she might not have stopped.

“Thanks for the invite Holly. I’ve been craving a good fuck.” With that she ripped open her basque and dropped her panties to the floor, leaving her in just red peep toe platformed high heels. Her shaven pussy was already wet. She moved over to the side and bent over, ass in the air. Blixen didn’t need a second invitation as he mounted the star and slid his cock into her wet slit. “Mmmm that’s it! Fuck me hard like a bitch. Cum in me!” Slowly Blixen picked up speed as Britney took a harder and harder pounding. She looked as if she was loving it. Certainly she was moaning hard. Her big round tits bounced up and down as she rode the cock. It was almost hypnotic watching them. And that’s exactly how Britney loved it.

Holly was impressed. She was getting turned on by what was going on but still needed help. “Once you have one blonde who knows how to fuck, you may as well double your fun. Get in here Kaley Cuoco, join the fun!” Kaley Cuoco appeared in the room from nowhere. Her beautiful breasts were held up by a red bra not too dissimilar to Holly’s. She too had a toned stomach. Her red panties hid barely anything as she stood in a pose to show of her long legs. She had on red high heels too.

“You throw an awesome sex party Holly. Who do I shag?”

“Cupid there looks like he’s got a big hard cock for you.”

Kaley moved over. She too quickly undressed revealing more of stunning body. Her big tits bounced as she walked. Her long legs were immaculate. Her shaven pussy was clearly very wet. A small table type object appeared in front of her. It was covered in fur. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide. Her sexy high heels were far enough apart to allow Cupid the chance to mount over her and insert his cock into her shaven wet pussy. “Fuucckk!!!” she screamed, just as loud as Britney. She grabbed her tits as they bounced up and down, enjoying the feeling of them in her hands. “Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Holly smiled. The girls were loving it. The reindeer were loving it and it was all caught on film for them all to enjoy later. She couldn’t wait to see Courteney’s face when Vixen unloaded in her mouth. But she had to stay focused. “Donner, I’ve got just the woman for you. She has a cracking rack I think you’ll agree… It’s the fuckable Katy Perry.”

Katy Perry appeared from around the door. She wore her wavy black hair down, with a red Christmas style chemise and a red thong. She had wonderful legs too Holly thought, legs that she’d love to have wrapped round her waist or head. “I want to tit fuck a big hard cock until there’s cum all over my chest. Come on Donner, cum on my big round tits.” Katy pulled the string straining to keep her chemise covering her round chest. It fell to the floor softly revealing a pair of perfect round tits.

To her surprise, Katy felt a pair of hands grope her. Not that she minded. The hands certainly seemed to know what they were doing. They rubbed and massaged all over, aided by some clear baby oil. She then felt a pair of big boobs pushed into her back. It felt wonderful.

“Don’t mind me,” said Holly. “Just warming you up!” she joked as she stole a few gropes before letting Katy join Donner.

“Thanks honey. I’ll repay the favour ten fold.”

Donner then jumped up and somehow manage to stay on his two hind legs. His long cock was pointing sky ward and was easily accessible for Katy to run her tits up and down. She pushed her breasts round the hard shaft and began to move them up and down the shaft. Donner seemed to respond by gently fucking her oiled tits as she moved. “That’s it boy. Fuck my big round titties. Oh god yes. That feels so good!”

Holly loved the sight of Katy Perry titty fucking. It made her so wet. She made a mental note that one day she’d be in Donner’s position using a strap on to fuck the star’s beautiful boobs.

“Careful Holly. You’re getting too distracted there’s still 4 horny reindeer here to please.” With that Holly adopted a more professional approach and promised herself that she’d behave from now on. “Now, next up is someone I’ve watched on TV for a while now and couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. Her face is so innocent but I think she’ll know her way round a big hard cock. My friend Cheryl has always wanted to fuck her tight body so after tonight I might let her. She might be new to us all but I’m sure she’ll be a great fuck. It’s Nicola Roberts.”

Just then a woman with long red hair appeared wearing a red Santa style bra with a matching set of panties. She was pale so the hot red stood out. She had on long black stockings and black heels. As soon as looked up she a look of surprise filled her face. The first thing she saw was the unmistakable face of Britney Spears standing half bent over being fucked from behind by a reindeer. Her big tits were bouncing everywhere. Even more shocking was she seemed to loving it. She looked round a recognised Holly Willoughby, although she was half naked.

“H… H… Holly. Where am I? How… How did I get here?”

“You’re in the North Pole. I brought you here.”

“What’s going on here? Why am I… Dressed like a slut?”

“You’re here as a present for Cheryl Cole. She fancies you. I brought you here.”

“But why is this happening? Why, why are my tits so big?… And juicy.” At that second Nicola started to rub her tits through get bra. They were now a hefty 34DD. Holly could see the red heads mood changing. “Oh God Holly, I’ve never needed to suck on a cock so bad. I need one now.”

“Well Comet over there looks like he needs a blowjob.”

Nicola duly strode over in her high heels, looking confident and sexy. “I’ve never felt so horny in my life. You’re going to enjoy this big fella,” she said before dropping to her knees. She promptly grabbed the cock in her hands and started licking up and down, working her tongue on the hard flesh. She also took the cock in her mouth when she could, trying to get her mouth as far down it as she could.

Holly was pleased with herself. She was sure Cheryl would appreciate her getting Nicola to join their sex hungry group. But now onwards. Time for a little present for herself she though, someone who could make one of her fantasies come true. “Next I want to introduce someone who is super fit. She has a great body and dirty mind. It’s the absolutely stunning Melissa Rauch!”

A woman with lovely blonde hair materialised in front of the girls and reindeer. She wore a Santa style mini dress which showed off her legs and red sparkly silver platformed high heels. Her tits bulged over the top of the dress. She too was new to the group and looked round the room with amazement at the beastial goings on around her.

She paused and stared at the topless Holly Willoughby. She spoke in a gorgeous accent. “God those tits are beautiful. I’d love to play with them.”

Holly smiled back. “You will my love. But for now we’ve got some reindeer to pleasure. I thought you’d be good for one.” Holly had been desperate to get the star on board as had her boss/lesbian lover Jennifer Aniston so that they could get another sit-com on the go. It was also well known that Kaley wanted to have the star fuck her stupid.

Eventually Holly brought the cute star to one of the three remaining reindeer. “Melissa, this is Prancer. Show him what you’ve got.”

With that Melissa dropped her Santa costume to the ground revealing a beautifully curvy body. She strode confidently too the reindeer. “Right boy. I want you to fuck me like a bitch as we watch blondie over there get fucked by your mate!” She was of course referring to Kaley who was lying on her back getting drilled too orgasmic pleasure. She was however, aware enough to open her eyes and tilt her head back to look at Melissa in a way that said “This is so fucking hot.” Kaley held her tits for Melissa, just as a kind of welcome invitation. Melissa wasted no further time as she got on all fours on a small table and allowed Prancer to stick his huge tip into her tight wet pussy. “That’s it big boy. Fuck me hard! Fuck me while I watch your friend ram Kaley.” Melissa could feel her round tits begin to slap off her chest with the force of the beast fucking. She pushed back the best she could.

Holly was super excited. A present for Kaley and a present for Cheryl. And there was only one more person to call before she too could get down with an animal. “Don’t worry guys,” she said looking at Dasher and Rudolph, “I haven’t forgotten about you.” With that Cheryl Cole appeared from round the corner. She was wearing a red bra and panties combination which had a bit of white trim. She also had on red stiletto high heels, adding about five inches to her height. Her legs were long and sexy.

“Saving the best til last you saucy minx!” she said in her naughty Geordie accent.

“You know I have no favourites!” quipped Holly in return. “Anyway, I got you a present sweetie. Look who is over there.” Holly pointed out Nicola Roberts sucking off Comet. Cheryl face lit up when she saw her friend naked apart from her high heels. “Look at that sweet ass. And what a good cock sucker!”

“I always wanted to get her naked. Thank you so much!” said Cheryl, fighting the temptation to go over and help the red haired beauty. She stared at Nicola whose tits jiggled with each thrust of her mouth down the giant shaft.

“Bet she’d be even better at eating pussy sweetie.”

“I sure can’t wait to find out,” grinned Cheryl, still a bit love struck.

Holly laughed. “Well as much as I’d love to see it right now, Dasher here is needing to blow his load over a hot slut like you. Think you could manage that for me?”

“Forget for you. I’ll do it just for his hard cock.” Cheryl quickly got naked, pulling Dasher aside.  Cheryl had an amazing rack and a fantastic body. She knew exactly how to use it. “Mmm Dasher! That’s a great cock you’ve got there. Mind if I wrap my mouth round it and suck it up and down?” The giant reindeer seemed to accept as the sexy star fell to her knees and took the cock in her mouth. She initially wrapped her tongue round and round the girth but soon started push the cock down her throat, putting her well suppressed gag to use. She used her free hand to wank the giant rod.

Holly was again happy with herself. Cheryl was thrilled and now she could get with Rudolph. She’d been so turned on for a while now but had to resist. Now she could give in to her lustful beastial desires. “Well then Rudolph, time to get with this body. I know you’ve wanted this as much as me!” Rudolph responded by jumping up and showing Holly his hard cock. “Oh my you are super hard. I love that. I just need to have cock like that between these big round titties. Fuck them cum all over them.” Rudolph got on her knees and Rudolph immediately placed his hard shaft in Holly’s cleavage.

Holly was ecstatic. She heard the moans, screams and shouts of her friends. They were all in rapture at the feelings being given to them. What was better it was being captured on film for her. What she couldn’t see, she could watch later. And then there was the magic element which she hoped the girls would experience as she had the night before. It was all perfect.

Courteney was working hard. As much as she wanted to moan in pleasure with the other girls around her, her mouth was just stuffed full of cock. She was desperate for Vixen to blow his load. She loved hot, salty cum. Just then Vixen blew a huge load in Courteney’s mouth. She chocked as cum emptied into her throat. She swallowed as best she could but cum dribbled from her moth and landed on her huge boobs. It felt great. She didn’t know how but she suddenly felt herself orgasm. It seemed to radiate from the jizz. As more and more cum shot into her, she devoured as much as she could, letting her body get the dribbles. She felt incredible. She loved Vixen. “Mmmmmm” she moaned with cock still in her mouth.

Next Jennifer gave a command. “Cover me Dancer! Let me taste that hot salty load!” The reindeer duly obliged. Blast after blast of cum fired at her top half, covering her top half in a sticky white fluid. Even though Jen had been wet for a while, she was surprised how good it felt. With each blast hitting her skin, she felt better until she eventually came. Her face betrayed her ecstasy as she arched her back, letting the load cover her.

Kaley and Melissa were having a screaming match. Both were watching the other, amazed at how hot the other looked. They were shouting across the room at each other. Kaley screamed “I want to watch you come!”

“Come with me you sexy whore!” answered Melissa, who was close to coming herself. She loved how great Kaley looked, flat on her back with her legs spread. She enjoyed the sight of Kaley’s big tits bouncing up and down on her chest. Just then Melissa began to come. Pleasure shot through her body as her muscles tensed up. All she could do was let cock slide in and out. Melissa then felt a huge hot load fill her tight pussy, triggering a stronger orgasm. “Fuck!!” she breathed’ as cum dribbled down her smooth legs.

Kaley got her wish. Watching Melissa pushed Kaley over the edge. Thankfully, Cupid was keeping time and fired some hot cum into the starlet. Kaley moaned with joy and load after load filled her. She grabbed her big tits as she came, the feel of the fleshy mounds felt great between her fingers. Her nipples were hard and sensitive to her touch. It only added the pleasure.

Katy continued to squeeze her large round tits round Donner’s large hard cock. It slid easily between her mounds, stimulating both the beast and Katy. She loved the feeling of hard cock fucking her breasts. It made her feel sexy. She loved the sexual power her tits had over everyone including Donner. She wanted them covered in cum. She looked down at herself. She looked so hot, she loved showing off her legs in sexy high heels. A drip of pre-cum landed on her chest. Katy then pumped her tits up and down the long cock a bit harder encouraging it to erupt. The tit fuck paid off. A spurt of hot stick cum shot in to the dark haired star’s face. She licked it. It was hot and salty. Further blasts landed on her face and black fair. “Cover my tits big boy!” Katy said in a seductive voice. Donner reluctant withdrew from Katy’s cleavage as she pointed the shaft at her waiting globes. Katy provides a hand job in compensation and Donner appreciated it as more and more cum covered her tits. “Awww that feels amazing,” said Katy, as each strike on her skin provided an incredible pleasure. Cum covered her enticing rack, dripping down her beautiful body.

Britney couldn’t believe how cock she was taking. Blixen was using all his beastly might to ram the star as hard as he could. Britney seemed to just stand there and take it. She arched her ass back on to the cock and drove her pussy down the shaft. “That’s it boy. Keep fucking me hard. I want to cum when you do. I want all that white hot reindeer cum inside me. She looked incredible. Her big tits bounced all over the place. Her red peep toe high heels got her up to height and someone she looked planted on the ground.

Blixen blew his load suddenly almost instantly filling Britney’s tight pussy. “Yes. Oh fuck yes!” screamed Britney as another load caressed the inside of her wet pussy, triggering a pound orgasm. “Ah yes, you fucking beast. Cum in me.” Blixen continue to pound the star as he came, responding to her vocal commands. Britney’s hands instinctively grabbed her large round tits, squeezing the mounds together. She dug her fingers in causing further intensity to another orgasm. She could feel the hot cum dripping down her thighs as more of it was fired in to her. She saw it fall on her beautiful heels and realised how much she loved it.

Nicola and Cheryl were both gobbling as much reindeer cock as they could. Cheryl loved to have one hand on her tits as she did so and one hand stroking the shaft. Nicola had both hands feeding the cock to her mouth and rubbing it up and down. She lusted for the cock. She lusted for the cum to show Cheryl how slutty she could be. Cheryl for her part was very excited to even be in the same room as the naked Nicola Roberts and just wanted to feel her body all over. She was hot, horny and wet.

A sudden eruption of reindeer cum was the girls’ reward for skilled blowjobs. Comet blew his load into Nicola while Cheryl tried hard to swallow Dasher’s seed. Each woman had cum dribbling from their mouths, each unable to keep up with each huge squirt of cum. Nicola decided that the feeling of cum hitting her new big tits was too much and withdrew the cock from her mouth. Comet had plenty of cum left and Nicola joyfully let it cover her hair, face and chest as each strand of cum seemed to cause pleasure. As if almost by magic she could almost sense the pleasure Cheryl was getting from her continued blow job. She was certainly still savouring the taste of salty cum from reindeer cock.

Cheryl moaned with pleasure as each wad of cum felt as if it was hitting her chest. She too dribbled from the mouth but being an experienced cock sucker she was able to swallow more. Cheryl could sense the heat and lust Nicola was feeling for her. Her pussy was so hot and wet. She just wanted Nicola’s cum soaked body.

Rudolph was fucking Holly Willoughby’s amazing tits. Even to him, she was stunning. Holly bounced her large rack up and down Rudolph’s large shaft which great excitement. She loved tit wanks and this one was epic. She loved when her tits were wet and had a hard cock sliding through them. She loved the feeling of holding them. She loved feeling her hard nipples. She loved having them drenched in cum. The thought of it was causing her to orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure courses through her body, sometimes from her hot pussy but other times from her heaving chest.

“Aww fuck. I love giving titty fucks. I want you to cum all over them Rudolph. Show me how much you’ve loved this.” With that Holly grabbed the huge cock and pointed it at her busty chest. Cum fired out of the huge cock tip plastering Holly’s round globes. She moaned with pleasure, cumming almost instantly. “Mmmmmmm. Fuuuuck.” Holly could hardly speak. The words came out so quietly. Yet more cum kept hitting her. She could hardly see any skin left to cover. Holly held her tits til every last drop had landed on them. As Rudolph slowed down she lick a load from her right breast which to her tasted delicious. She loved the taste of hot cum.

“That’s a good boy, Rudolph,” said Holly happily.

All the girls were ecstatic. Each had received a thorough fuck in one way or another and had made all of Santa’s reindeer very happy. They certainly wouldn’t need a shag anytime soon. The reindeer began to wander off, acting more like normal rather than sex craved animals. The girls surrounded Holly, each covered in varying places by varying degrees of cum.

Nicola looked particularly happy with herself and held Cheryl Cole tightly by the waste in a clear indication that they’d be enjoying each other shortly. “That felt amazing! I didn’t know how much I of a slut I could be til now. And I loved it. Big cock, loads of cum, big tits and gorgeous women. I can’t wait to get back home and try.”

“I know,” laughed Cheryl as the two kissed. “Let’s get going.”

A sort of murmuring occurred in the group as they began to leave the magical place. Everyone assumed Holly would come back as they headed home magically. However, Holly had other ideas.

“Guys wait. I’m not going back…. Just yet.” Holly quickly added the second part, realising it sounded like she wanted to stay forever. “I’ve got something I need to sort first.”

Cheryl smiled, “if you’re sure honey. Thanks for bringing us here.” The other girls added their thanks before leaving.

Later that evening…

Holly Willoughby had the room set up very romantically. In Santa’s huge house, there was a small, cosy room with a fireplace and Christmas tree. It had a classic red cushioned recliner with antique mahogany wood. A large bay window showed a snowy scene outside while the stars twinkled above. Candles and a burning fire lit the room perfectly, creating a warm atmosphere. Holly was able to use the magic of the North Pole to materialise a cocktail glass and what appeared to be champagne. She set it on a small antique table beside the recliner. Holly had also used the magic of the Pole to have many recording cameras float around her. She wanted everything on tape.

Holly had recovered from her earlier exertions. She now felt sexually satisfied but felt there was still one more thing she needed to do. One person in the North Pole above all else had been so kind and so welcoming. Holly felt a genuine love for him in her heart, one that made her feel genuinely happy. She was of course thinking of Santa. And she was going to show him how much he meant to her in a way she thought he’d love.

Holly let her gorgeous blonde hair hang around her neck. It was straight on the whole but slightly curled at the end. She used dark red lipstick to accentuate her pouting lips. Over her body, she wore a thick red ribbon which she had arranged to make herself look like a wrapped up present. The ribbon was tied in a tight bow across her large round tits which caused them to almost pop out over the top. A strip extended down the middle of her flat stomach to her pussy, covering it from view. Her long beautiful legs were on display with only red peep toe platformed high heels as any other form of clothing.

No one could resist Holly Willoughby in this setting she thought. What a setting to seduce someone. Now all she needed was a lover. In the North Pole it was easy to summon anyone. All she had to do was think and Holly could communicate with anyone.

“Santa. Could you meet me in your sitting room. I have a present for you to say thank you for such a wonderful stay.”

Holly positioned herself on the recliner, laying with her feet up and on her side so Santa could see how gorgeous she looked. Suddenly the door began to open. Holly heard his familiar jolly old voice.

“That’s very kind of you my dear…” as he pushed open the door. “But you don’t…. Need…” He trailed off as he saw Holly lying there in front of him. Holly could see a huge bulge arise in his trousers as he tried to continue, but he just couldn’t.

“Surprise!” said Holly. “Happy Christmas!”

Santa stood shell shocked by the sight in front of him. He tried to speak but could not.

“Ah I see,” Holly began sexily. “I’m wearing too many clothes. We’ll let me change that.” The sexy blonde stood up and tugged at the ribbon on her chest. The ribbon covering her fell away from her skin and landed delicately on the floor. She looked down on her naked body. She again marvelled at her big tits. They looked so inviting. She looked at Santa. The old man was still struggling to speak. Holly laughed and decided to help him. She moved over and grabbed his hand. Santa was barely up to Holly’s head with heels on but she maintained eye contact as she swung him on to the recliner. “Looks like someone is excited.” Holly pulled down Santa’s trousers from his round belly and was surprised by the result. His cock was 18 inches not even fully erect. “Oh my goodness!”

Santa let out a small laugh as he slowly began to loosen up. He managed to wriggle out of his jacket just as Holly took her lips to the tip of his cock. She slowly kissed the tip and wriggled her tongue round the head before swallowing it. She sucked hard and could feel Santa trying to shove his shaft deeper in to her. Holly used her hands to massage the long rod before running her tongue up and down the rod. All this time she kept her big eyes wide open and held her gaze on Santa’s. She could see him smile through his white beard. She hoped he was loving this but wanted to step it up a gear.

The blonde babe got off the floor and stood up. Next thing Santa knew, Holly was guiding Santa’s huge cock in to her wet pussy. Holly couldn’t believe she was straddling Santa. She wanted to fuck him so much. She watched as she slid down the two foot of cock onto his balls. She could feel her big round belly against her flat stomach. She could scarcely control herself when she could feel a vibrating sensation begin from his shaft. Holly began to thrust her hips up and down, each time getting huge pleasure as she did so. Her big tits smacked Santa’s face, rubbing his beard. Not that he seemed to mind. She grabbed them and plunged his head deep in her cleavage. Everything just felt so good to Holly.

Santa looked as Holly jumped up and down on him. When she leaned back he could see her glorious tits bouncing up and down on her chest. Her face conveyed a sincere love for him when she looked directly at him but occasionally looked to ceiling when raptured by sexual pleasure.

Santa still hadn’t spoke but Holly could tell he was enjoying himself. His cheeks had turned a rosy red and his breathing had become heavy even though she was riding him. Suddenly she felt a spurt of hot cum fire in to her dripping wet pussy. At that moment Holly came and couldn’t stop. Holly somehow kept thrusting herself up and down Santa with each fresh orgasm inducing load. She had never felt so weak with pleasure but so strong with desire before. “Oh fucking hell Santa! Fuck!” Holly ran her hands over her bouncing fun bags as she spoke, trying to increase Santa’s visual stimulation. “Fuck!”

Slowly the cum load slowed down allowing Holly to relax as she settled down. She collapsed onto the fat man squashing her big boobs onto his. “Happy Christmas!” she spoke as she breathed in heavily.

“That’s the best present I’ve ever had!” said Santa softly, in a grateful but tired tone.

“That was in incredible,” laughed Holly. “North Pole cum is potent stuff.”

“Well there’s plenty more where that come from my dear,” replied Santa.

Holly suddenly wriggled at the suggestion of more. She could feel his big cock inside her and it was still rock hard. She looked at him for a second raising an eye brow. He looked serious and raised an eye brow back. Holly was burning for more cum and still feeling incredibly horny. She stood up of him freeing his huge cock. Holly looked beautiful naked in her red heels. Her long legs were looking particularly wonderful. However, she knew what she wanted to use to please him. “I know just what you need!”

Holly was smearing baby oil all over her chest. Her oiled up tits looked great. Holly felt great as she oiled them up in front of the randy old man. She rubbed them slowly at first, tracing her fingers round the fleshy mounds before tracing round her hard nipples. She tweaked them before proceeding to massage them more vigorously. During this time she’d hold Santa’s stare with her eyes before focusing erotically on her boobs. She laughed as Santa watched knowing she had him. She jumped up and down playfully in her high heels to highlight their bounce before pushing his legs apart.

Holly bent over for him as if a stripper. This gave Santa a close look at her pretty face before she slowly sunk to her knees. The glamourus star then pushed her oily breasts together round Santa’s long hard dick. This have a perfect channel to stimulate his hard cock even more. Holly held tight as she slid her fleshy mounds up and down the shaft slowly at first. She felt her oily skin glide smoothly over the long hard cock and loved it. She looked at Santa intently as she did so, knowing they were both equally as happy.

Holly picked up the pace slowly, squeezing her breasts even more tightly as she got faster. She used her legs to push all the way up the shaft, eventually seeing the tip of the cock disappearing between her cleavage before reappearing again. Holly Willoughby loved giving tit fucks. It gave her unbelievable pleasure to wank off cocks using her large tits.

Holly looked at Santa as a drop of pre-cum dribbled out. Holly smiled and set about rubbing harder than she had done before. She pushed with a firm but tender embrace. Santa moaned. He moved his small but portly frame off the couch to a standing position much to Holly’s surprise. She had to break off her work.

“How much do you want Holly?”

“Oh fuck cover me Santa. Cover my body in hot salty cum.”

Suddenly a stream of cum flew from Santa’s dick squirting Holly in the chest. It immediately induced a tremendous orgasm in Holly. But unlike discreet loads, this appeared to be a continuous heavy stream. Cum hosed out of Santa, covering Holly’s chest. Within a few seconds, her chest was dripping with cum. She held her boobs out as a target ensuring they were saturated. She came over and over again. Each inch of skin hot seemed to induce bigger and better orgasms. She couldn’t believe the power and volume of the stuff. It just kept flowing at her and she was loving it. Soon the old fat man moved on to her face. He spent a few seconds plastering her hair and face before Holly opened her beautiful mouth. She stuck out her tongue to catch the stream and swallowed as fast as she could. It tasted incredible. She tried to keep her eyes open but cum was everywhere. Still she was determined to see Santa enjoy himself. Holly began to choke momentarily before standing. Santa hosed her stomach and pussy. Holly felt the warm sting again as it cause pleasure to surge through her. It dripped down her legs. She turned round and bent over. Holly had never let anyone near her ass but this just felt too good. It certainly didn’t disappoint. Her perfect as tingled as cum was sprayed all over her at force. Holly moaned in a erotic way. She would have let anyone do anything to her in that moment. She felt so good!

Santa collapsed back into his chair. He was exhausted. His face was red and his breathing laboured. “Happy… Christmas… My dear…”

Holly turned around. She was drenched in white sticky cum. There was so much on her, it dripped from her face on to her already covered chest. Her hair was completely soaked. She could feel some dribble down her legs. When she moved, she was aware of cum covering the floor around her in her platformed high heels. Her body tingled all over. She felt like she was floating on air. Holly licked her lips clean then placed her index finger in her mouth. It had just scooped some off her flat stomach.

“Wow! You certainly know how to make a girl feel special. Thank you so much.”

“You’re… Welcome…” Santa was still struggling but was clearly very grateful for all Holly had done for him. Holly smiled at the kindly fat man before magically wishing the cum away. Well, not completely away, she’d keep it in a bottle for the girls at home to try. She realised Santa was unable for much chat and settled on the couch with him for a hug. Her tits lay on his chest and she stretched a leg over his crotch, his large cock now less erect. She felt it was only right to spend the night with him. He was just an amazing guy.

Holly remembered the cameras watching the pairs every move. Holly had wanted to show the girls her other adventures since she’d been here but this was more the two of them. Wishing the cameras away, she left copies of the recording of her with the girls and her and the elves. She also left a copy of Santa fucking her on the table, just for him to watch.

Holly Willoughby settled on his chest for the night in cosy room. Santa was now snoring but Holly was content. What a magical visit she had had. She started to drift off, dreaming already of her next visit.

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