Jewish Orgy

Jewish Orgy
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, Ff, anal, oral, mas, fist, cons, drugs, ws
Celebs: Abigail Breslin, Alicia Silverstone, Alyson Hannigan, Danielle Harris, Emmy Rossum, Eva Green, Gina Gershon, Helena Bonham Carter, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joey King, Judy Greer, Kat Dennings, Lea Michele, Leelee Sobieski, Lizzy Caplan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Olivia Thirlby, Rachel Weisz, Rashida Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Silverman, Scarlett Johansson, Winona Ryder
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Abigail Breslin, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Joey King walked down the hall of the Waldorf-Astoria in New York.  They were on the top floor, heading toward the presidential suite.

“So, you guys went last year?” Joey asked.

“Yeah,” Isabelle said, “What a weekend.”

“I’m surprised you remember most of it,” Abby snarked.

“Oh, I remember it.  You don’t forget stuff like that.  The memories are hazy, but I remember.”

Abby knocked on the door to the suite, which was opened a moment later, and they were greeted by Maggie Gyllenhaal, completely naked, and holding a glass of scotch. “Hey, girls.  Glad you came.”

“Hi, Maggie!”

“Joey!  You decided to come!”

“Well, you built it up enough.”

“Well, girls, come in, strip down, get something to drink.”

The three of them came in and took everything off.  Joey could not believe what she was seeing; nothing but naked female flesh, everywhere she looked.

“So,” Maggie said, “see anything you like?”

“Oh, I know exactly who I wanna start with.” Joey turned to her and winked.

In a moment, the two were on the bed.  Maggie was kneeling, leaning back, on one hand, while with the other she squeezed her breast, as Joey ate her pussy out. “Oh, Joey…You have been thinking about this, haven’t you?” As a matter of fact, Joey had repeatedly thought about Maggie while playing with herself, especially after she told her about these events. “Uhm, rub my asshole…” Joey slid her middle finger between Maggie’s butt-cheeks, and proceeded to massage her butt-hole, while continuing to eat her out.  It didn’t take long after this for Maggie to climax, loudly, clawing her breast. “Oh, good girl…” Maggie sighed, catching her breath.

In another room, Abby and Izzy were on the floor with Melanie Laurent and Michelle Trachtenberg.  Abby was eating Melanie’s ass while rubbing her clit with her thumb.  This always made Melanie cum her brains out, so she’d often have it done to her at these.  Next to them, Izzy had her mouth over Michelle’s snatch, and her arms wrapped around Michelle’s legs.  Michelle had a tendency to buck her hips when she came, and Izzy didn’t want to be thrown off.

A little later, Joey saw Mila Kunis with one of those fucking machines, fucking her in the ass, while Lea Michele held a vibrator directly on her clit.

“You gonna cum?  Yeah, cum for me baby!  C’mon!”

“AaaaaaAAAAAHHH!!!” Mila’s pussy squirted all over the place, spraying on-lookers.

As Joey was marveling at this, she was picked up off her feet. “Gotcha!” Joey laughed as Leelee Sobieski carried her to the couch, and tossed her on.  Leelee then knelt in front of her, and started finger-banging her with her index and middle.

“Ah!  AH!!” Joey came pretty quickly, squirting all over Leelee’s massive tits.

“Jeez,” Leelee laughed, rubbing the juice into her tits, “female bukakke!”

In the bedroom, Abby, Scarlett Johansson, and Kat Dennings sat on a sheet of plastic, while Izzy poured baby oil on them, which they rubbed into their tits and the rest of their bodies.  They then proceeded to writhe around, squeezing each other’s titties and ass-cheeks.  Lying down while the other two kneeled, feeling each-other up, Abby started finger-banging Scarlett’s ass.

“UH!!!” Scarlett grimaced, and clutched at herself, as Abby fucked her ass hard with her first two fingers.

“Yeah!” Kat goaded her, “Fuck that ass!”

Towards the end of the night, Joey ran into Izzy eating out Natalie Portman on the bathroom floor.  As she watched this, Sarah Michelle Gellar came in, wearing a strap-on.

“Oh, hey, uh, Joey.  Can I fuck you?”

Joey sat on the sink, as Smidge fucked her pussy with the strap-on.

“Yeah, you like that, baby?” Joey’s moans, and expression, told her yes.  When Joey came, she shrieked, which echoed against the bathroom walls.  Izzy and Natalie, now watching them, both cheered.

Re-entering the fray the next morning, Abby came across Lizzy Caplan eating out Jennifer Jason Leigh on the bedroom floor.  Lizzy’s ass was in the air, so Abby got down with them, and started eating Lizzy’s asshole out, and finger-banging her pussy.  Lizzy stopped eating for a second to say, “Morning, Abby.”

In the bathroom, Izzy came across Gina Gershon kneeling in front of Eva Green. “Oh, Izzy,” Gina said, “can you get the other side?” Knowing automatically what she was talking about, Izzy got behind Eva, held open her butt-cheeks, and ate her ass while Gina ate her pussy.  Eva was forced to hold onto the towel bar, as her knees almost gave out a few times before she came.

Joey, meanwhile, encountered, on one of the couches, Helena Bonham Carter fucking Olivia Thirlby in the ass doggy-style with a strap-on. “Oh, hey,” Helena said, “can she eat you?” Joey got down under Olivia, who proceeded to eat her out, occasionally screaming into Joey’s pussy as Helena sodomized her.

Before going out to lunch, Izzy decided to take a shower in the other suite, but found the shower occupied by two people having sex.  She threw the door open, to find Judy Greer and Alicia Silverstone.  Judy was behind Alicia, finger-banging her in both holes.

“Isn’t that what the main room is for?” Izzy asked.

“The shower there is filled with ice.” Alicia said, moaning.

“There’s a hot-tub.”

“That was full.” Judy replied.

“If you wanna take a shower, there’s room for you in here.” Alicia moaned and grimaced, as Judy was continuing to finger-bang her.

Izzy rolled her eyes. “Okay, but I get the shower-head.”

At some point in the day, Joey sampled some of the booze.  She didn’t get drunk, but had a nice buzz going when she went in the bedroom, to find Abby on the bed, along with Danielle Harris and Emmy Rossum.

“Oh, Joey,” Abby said, beckoning her over, “join us!” It was obvious Abby and the other two were at least as steaming as she was.  The four had a literal cluster-fuck on the bed.  Emmy licked Joey’s ass while Joey licked Abby’s pussy, Danielle finger-banged Emmy while being eaten by Joey, and so on.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Izzy sat back, with a hassock under her ass and the toilet bowl under her head.

“You’re sure about this?” Sarah Silverman, who was hovering over her face, asked.


“You ready?”

“Yeah, yeah, do it!”

Izzy opened her mouth wide, and Sarah started peeing directly into it.  Izzy’s mouth filled up quickly, at which point she would swallow, spilling some in the process.  This repeated a couple of times until Sarah stopped.  Once she did, Izzy grabbed her thighs, and pulled her down, then ate her out, bringing her to squirting climax, which also happened to land in Izzy’s mouth.

Around one in the morning, Abby, Izzy, and Joey found themselves in the hot tub, with Rachel Weisz, Winona Ryder, Alyson Hannigan, and Rashida Jones.  All occupants were some level of inebriated.  Joey, who was the most drunk, in spite of drinking the least, looked around, and saw Winona bent over the edge of the tub, and Rashida fingering and eating out her asshole, Rachel sitting behind Abby, squeezing her tits and finger-banging her, and Alyson and Izzy sixty-nine-ing on the other edge.  At this point, she was so loaded, all she could do was watch the others and masturbate.  Upon coming, Joey blacked out.

The next morning, she woke up in bed in the other suite.

“Hey, kid, have a good time?” Maggie asked, coming in.

“Yeah.” Joey grimaced, and Maggie handed her a pair of sunglasses.

“You might need these.” Joey took them, and put them on.


“Maybe not drink so much next time?”

“Yeah, way ahead of you.”

Maggie laughed. “It’s okay, I got pretty blasted my first time.  So, ready to go home?”


“Okay,” Maggie smiled, “get dressed, I’ll drive.”

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