The Harem: Episode 21 – “Sinful Daze and Lustful Nights”

And so here we are once again. Did you think we wouldn’t be back? Did you think that you had seen the last of the lovely ladies of Malibu? Well fortunately such fears were misguided and they are back stronger and sexier than ever before. It’s been a long time since the doors to the mansion have opened to invite in new guests but fortunately the days of waiting are at an end.

But first, a little reminder of where we are. This is The Harem: Chapter 21 and it is happening BEFORE the events of Keep Feeling Fascination (aka the Harem Christmas story). So this is going to help provide some background to a few of the events you are going to see when that story returns soon. This is continuing the adventures of Harem: Chapter 20 so if you’ve forgotten where we are perhaps you should reread that. But if you would rather get to this all new celebrity lesbian debauchery, then here is a little recap for you about what’s going on:

The girls are in Las Vegas for an all-day telethon filled with huge names and many opportunities for fun. When we had last left off, Jennifer Aniston had finally snapped and kissed Emma Watson, the girl’s teasing leaving her in such a state that she could no longer resist the temptation of feasting on that tasty English muffin. What will happen now that Jennifer has snapped? Will Sarah Michelle Gellar ever leave her bedroom or will she never see the outside of Las Vegas because she’s too busy fucking every hot girl in her path? What will befall Hayden Panettiere now that she let Rose McGowan fuck her ass? What trouble will Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera get into on the prowl in Vegas? What of Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano and Stacy Keibler? What of them all? You’ll have to read on and find out.

But all is not well in the land of the Harem girls. Little do they know that trouble is creeping ever closer. A league of evil ex-boyfriends has formed and they have designs on revenge. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert’s arch nemesis Brandon Moore has the mind-controlling powers of the MAW Device in his possession and is selling it to the highest bidder. And meanwhile, the mansion’s supposedly innocent maid Michelle is actually an agent of French intelligence and she will stop at nothing to get the MAW Device and maintaining her cover. Can Waldo, Franklin and Delbert stop her in time?

You’ll have to read on to find out all of that and more. But first, this disclaimer.

This story is entirely fictional. While there are real people and real events and circumstances are referred to, the action is completely made up and is not meant to be a reflection in any way, shape or form on the people mentioned here. This story is not real and nor should it be taken as real. It is FICTION. Additionally, this story contains sexual acts meant only for mature audiences. You must be 18 or older to read it.

One last note, I am sorry that is has taken me so long to get this out but there’s a lot coming in the next few weeks from me and I think you will be satisfied with a 750 page story. So please, these stories are enormously difficult for me to write. Finding time to write with the level of detail and action I try to bring can be exhausting so I would appreciate any kind words you might be willing to offer through email at And before we begin I would also like to thank my expert proofreader, AnistonAnarchis and the dream team of support I get from Cosmo Kramer, TRL, VoodooJoe and KayJay. And of course a shout out to my favorite fan. She’ll kill me if I name her, but she knows who she is.

And that’s it. Let’s get READING!!!

The Harem

Episode 21

“Sinful daze and lustful nights”


Opening her eyes, Jennifer Aniston was suddenly filled with new resolve.  She knew what she had to do to shut Emma Watson up and make sure the girl stayed quiet about her and her friends.

Jennifer had actually known it since the first moment Emma had approached her in the bookstore.  She just hadn’t wanted to admit it.  But now, with everything crazy happening to her all at once, she decided to simply say, “Fuck it.”  She had to step up and do what had to be done.

There was probably a security camera in the elevator, but right then she didn’t even care. She didn’t pause for even a second more to think about potential consequences. Instead Jennifer acted and pushed Emma aggressively, slamming her against the wall.

“Hey! What the hell?” Emma gasped before she was suddenly and passionately kissed by Jennifer.

Jennifer forced her lips onto the younger girl’s and shoved her tongue right into Emma’s sweet little mouth.  She didn’t make it a long kiss. They only had seconds to spare but Jennifer made sure she sent a message and Emma was left gasping happily after the rough kiss, smacking her lips as she craved more.

“Is that what you fucking want, you little cunt?” Jennifer hissed at Emma, who melted at the show of force from the older woman.

“Yesssssssssssssssssssss! It’s what I fucking want!  It’s all I want!” Emma moaned in surrender, her pussy getting instantly wet under her skirt from Jennifer’s show of force.

“Then you come by our room tonight at 10, not a second earlier and not a second later,” Jennifer demanded.  “You be there and you wear something slutty you little wannabe whore.  You’re going to get a night you’ll never fucking forget.”

“Oh yes!  Please!  That’s what I want!” Emma groaned, dying for Jennifer’s lips on her again.  “Kiss me Jennifer!  Do it again!”

“No!” Jennifer said, cutting the girl off.  “That’s all you get until tonight.  Just be there.  And don’t you dare be late.”

The elevator suddenly stopped as another person got in and Jennifer took the opportunity to shove Emma out.

“But…but…this isn’t the floor I was going to,” Emma protested as she was pushed out of the elevator.

“It is now,” Jennifer declared, wanting this girl out of her sight as soon as possible.  “Don’t be late tonight.”

The door closed before Emma could say anything more and Jennifer tried with everything she had to keep herself together. She couldn’t lose it…not now and especially not with some stranger in the elevator with her. Fortunately the elevator only made one more stop so the other person could exit before it arrived at her floor.

Jennifer bolted out of the elevator and fumbled for her key card, wanting to get inside the villa as quickly as possible.  Right then it was the only place Jennifer felt safe.  She was away from Emma in there. She was away from Courteney. She was away from all the craziness.

Jennifer was unsuccessful the first few times she tried to use her card, pulling it out too quickly.  But the third time was the charm and, when she heard the little beep for the door, she pushed it open and barreled inside before she totally lost it.  She was angry, terrified and exhilarated all at once and each feeling was wrestling for dominance in her body with no clear winner.

She couldn’t believe what was happening.  Not only had she snapped with Emma and given the girl just what she had been looking for with the promise of much more to come, but Courteney’s surprise arrival had thrown her for an even bigger loop than the British girl could ever hope to accomplish.

How could she possibly deal with all the confusing feelings she now had for her best friend with Courteney right there to unknowingly tempt her?  How could Jennifer figure out how to make these feelings stop when all she wanted to think about were Courteney’s beautiful firm breasts?  She knew how good they looked all naked and now Jennifer found herself dying to touch and kiss them like she never had before.

And Jennifer didn’t have to be told what a nice, tight ass her best friend had.  She had seen it herself in the flesh and now she wanted to fondle it and maybe even spank it a little like she knew her friend liked and then she wanted to…God…how could she think this…turn Courteney over after spanking her to kiss and taste her pussy so she could show her best friend she could lick and fuck her better than anyone else could.

Jennifer had never felt like this before.  Courteney had been off limits.  But now all she could think about was how beautiful her best friend was and how much fun it would be to fuck her and make her love it as much as she did when her sexy housemates brought her to utter lesbian ecstasy.

While Jennifer was now even more upset about Courteney than she was about Emma, she was still plenty upset about that.  She couldn’t believe she had done in the elevator to the younger girl.  It was so risky to act like that and now she was bringing Emma right into the center of the storm by demanding she come to the villa tonight.

What the hell had she been thinking?   She’d given that little demanding bitch just what she’d been seeking and now she was putting everything right out in front for her to see.

Jennifer was completely frazzled by all of this happening at once and there was no way to hide the effect this was having on her.  So when Sarah Michelle Gellar walked by and saw the look on Jennifer’s face, she immediately stopped and became concerned that something was very wrong with her friend.

Sarah had been walking around with Jewel, Q’Orianka, Mandy and Reese exploring the full scope of the suite with her little group, but now that she could see something was bothering Jennifer she went over and whispered to Jewel, who quickly nodded her head in agreement.

“I’ll catch up with you guys in a minute,” Sarah said to the rest of them.  “Don’t wander too far without me.”

“We won’t,” Jewel promised, keeping an eye on Jennifer as she led everyone else away.  “See you in a bit.”

Jewel pulled the other three women away as Sarah went over to Jennifer to talk to her, housemate to housemate.

“You okay?” Sarah asked, not pressing too deeply right away but showing concern.

“I’m fine,” Jennifer lied, her facial expression still telling quite a different story than her lips were.

“You don’t look fine,” Sarah pointed out.  “You look like you just saw a puppy get run over by a truck.  Come on.  Sit down Jen.  What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing,” Jennifer insisted when in reality the correct answer was “everything.”

Sarah wasn’t accepting that lie, though.  Jennifer was always the one who listened to their problems and tried to help them and Sarah was eager to return the favor now.  She took Jennifer by the hand, leading her away from the door and toward one of the soft couches in the living room area.  Something was clearly bothering her friend and Sarah wanted to help any way she could.

Sarah was dressed in one of the fluffy white robes the hotel had left for them and even in her frazzled state, Jennifer couldn’t help but notice how it had opened up just enough to tease that she was naked underneath.  Jennifer knew, with everything going on, this was the last thing she should be thinking about, but she couldn’t help but imagine how easy it would be to push that robe off to reveal Sarah’s sexy, slim body and forget about her problems by eating her friend’s always delicious pussy for a few hours.

“Jen, what is it?” Sarah asked, sitting next to Jennifer on one of the couches and clasping her hands in hers.  “You can tell me.  What’s wrong?”

Jennifer just sighed as she realized she had to tell Sarah what she had done.  Emma was headed right for them.  Sarah deserved to know.  But Jennifer was too emotional to tell her in a calm way.  Instead she just blurted out the truth.

“I just molested Hermione from the Harry Potter movies!” Jennifer cried, feeling as though she had done something stupid and that she deserved to be yelled at for it.

“You what?” Sarah asked, not quite getting all of Jennifer’s meaning.  “What are you talking about?”

Sarah was taken aback a little by Jennifer’s blunt word choice.  Molested?  That couldn’t be what she really meant.  Jennifer was far too level headed and sensible to do something terrible.  And wait a minute?  Hermione was a fictional character.  Was she still talking about Emma Watson?  Sarah had only been half listening earlier when Jennifer told all of them how the girl had approached her in the bookstore, but that had to be what she was talking about now.  Didn’t it?

“Okay…okay…bad word choice,” Jennifer admitted, realizing instantly why Sarah was confused.  “But…but…she’d been texting me all day and then she cornered me in the elevator and then I just…I just snapped!”

“Start from the beginning,” Sarah urged.  “Are you talking about Emma still?  What’s going on Jen?  Take a deep breath and tell me.  You can tell me anything, sweetie.”

Finding herself in the unaccustomed position of having to rely on one of her girlfriends for guidance, Jennifer did as Sarah told her.  She took a deep, relaxing breath and tried to calm her churning brain for a few moments.  She knew she wasn’t making much sense so she started at the beginning, telling Sarah about Emma’s aggressive text messages and how she had approached her in the elevator.

Despite Sarah’s insistence that she could tell her anything, Jennifer did leave a few details out though.  She didn’t breathe a word about Courteney to her.  How could she?  She had always made such a big deal about her best friend being off limits and Sarah had lately been delighting in teasing Jennifer about fucking Courteney.  She couldn’t tell her that now she was in total infatuation with her best friend.  She couldn’t admit to that.

Jennifer knew that Emma wasn’t about to go away, but that her feelings for Courteney could, so she only talked about what had happened between her and the British girl.  She talked about how she had taken the girl and slammed her against the wall of the elevator, how she had kissed her fiercely, tasting her delicious lips and feeling how the force of the kiss made Emma breathe hard, her body practically melting with desire in the elevator from how forcefully she had taken her.

Jennifer talked about how it had felt for her to do that, how she had relished just going for it and leaving her morals and fears behind by kissing Emma.  She confessed to Sarah how it had made her heart pound with a fierce lust that she had never felt before and how she had loved how the girl had squirmed in desire from her kiss.  And the more Jennifer talked about this, the more she wanted to say.

She told Sarah how part of her had wanted to take Emma right there in the elevator, squeeze her ripe tits through her clothes until she whimpered in a delirious mix of pleasure and pain and then shove her hand under her skirt and into her panties to finger bang her tight little snatch until she gasped for breath, creaming all over her fingers while begging for more.

Jennifer was getting into so into her own story and how it made her feel to exert power and control over bratty Emma Watson that her own nipples got hard, swelling up against her bra and t-shirt.  It was turning her on to relive this and confess to Sarah, and to herself, just how far she’d been willing to have taken it.  And when she heard the soft moans coming next to her on the couch, Jennifer realized she wasn’t the only one getting aroused from the thought of taking Emma and giving her just what she deserved.

“Sarah!” Jennifer chastised when she saw that her housemate had slid her hand into her open robe and was gently rubbing herself, using two of her fingers to massage the damp, smooth lips of her pussy.

“Sorry,” Sarah blushed after being caught, getting control of herself and removing her hand from her sex.  “I couldn’t help it.  That was pretty hot Jen.  Ummm I don’t know why you’re upset about it.  That’s a damn sexy story.”

“I guess it is…” Jennifer admitted, smiling a little as she noted her own arousal.  “But I haven’t gotten to the big part yet.”

“You really did fuck her in the elevator?” Sarah asked with great interest, eager to hear lots more about that beautiful young girl being taken by her gorgeous friend, especially as she remembered how she and Jennifer had once had their own fun in an elevator.

“No!  God no!  I didn’t lose it that much!” Jennifer replied.  “But I did tell her she could come by tonight.   I told her to be here at 10 and that we’d all give her a night she’d never forget.  I just wasn’t thinking.  I didn’t even consider how you guys would take it if I brought that little blackmailing bitch here.  I’m so sorry!”

But in Sarah’s mind, apologies were the last thing that was necessary here and she was certain that the rest of their friends would feel the exact same way.

“Sorry?  Why would you have to be sorry?” Sarah asked.  “You’re bringing a hot girl who’s dying to fuck other girls to a suite full of girls who love to fuck!  You don’t have to apologize.  We should all be thanking you!”

“Well, if you put it like that…” Jennifer said, smiling a little more.

Sarah was making a lot of sense and the more Jennifer thought about it, the more she realized there really wasn’t anything to be upset about over Emma.  The girl was beautiful.  Under any normal circumstances, they would have all loved the chance to fuck her.  Jennifer certainly was attracted to her.  The fact that Emma had gone about getting herself into all this in such an aggressive, even over the top, way didn’t change that and the idea of fucking her and tasting her surely sweet, tight little pussy made Jennifer’s own libido stir.

“Q did have this idea about what we could do with Emma…” Jennifer added, telling Sarah all about the younger Kilcher girl’s thought that maybe getting all of them on her at once would give Emma just what she deserved and more.

And far from discouraging her from pursuing that very dramatic step, Sarah ended up encouraging Jennifer. Because not only did she want her friend to be able to get that, Sarah wanted it for herself as well.

“A girlbang?  I love it!” Sarah enthusiastically replied.  “Oooooh I am so gonna have to give that girl a kiss for thinking of that.  Mmmm she’s just as naughty as her cousin is.”

Jennifer felt so much better about what she had done from seeing Sarah’s eager reaction to it.  It relaxed her to know that her housemates were behind her.  Jennifer had no doubt Rose would immediately relish this idea and if Love had any qualms they could easily be overcome by the sight of Emma naked and on her knees begging to be fucked.  And the more she thought about it, the better it sounded…that cocky, spoiled little girl horny and desperate just like she’d been in the elevator, but this time Jennifer wouldn’t stop with just a kiss.

She could already picture Emma arriving as promised at ten on the dot in some sexy outfit that they could rip off her.  Ughhh yeahhhh that would be just what the girl would deserve…to have her clothes torn off her body and left naked in front of all of them as they showed her not to bite off more than she could chew.

If she and Sarah and Rose got right in on this and showed everyone how hot it would be to take Emma and fuck her like she was some kind of rag doll plaything, then Jennifer was sure that Love and everyone else would quickly join in.  They’d all be able to get a piece of Emma and they wouldn’t stop until the girl was left in a naked, sweat and cum soaked heap of girl flesh.

Jennifer had to admit that she had enjoyed the way the rough kiss had made her feel.  She had felt so powerful and sexy.  It was so unlike her to be that risqué and bold.  And that was probably the best part.  She hadn’t let Emma push her around.  She had pushed back and it had given her such a shot of adrenaline.  Now that she was thinking about getting more of that feeling and getting her friends in on it with her, Jennifer could feel herself getting very damp and started thinking about touching herself just like Sarah had.

Sarah could see the effect that this was having on Jennifer and she smiled.  She was happy to see that whatever had been bothering her friend had been easily dealt with and in the best way possible, through the promise of hot, nasty girl sex.  So to celebrate, Sarah leaned in on the couch and gave Jennifer a tender kiss right on the lips.

“So it sounds like we’ve all got a date tonight,” Sarah smiled when the kiss ended.  “See, problem solved Jen.  That was easy.  Nothing for you to get upset about.”

Jennifer returned both the kiss and the smile, feeling much better about the Emma situation now.  But even though it seemed that was going to be resolved in a way that was going to be fun for all of them, there was still a lot on her mind.

Her body visibly relaxed over how things were working out over Emma and it would have been easy for most people to miss that something was still troubling Jennifer, but Sarah was not most people.  She hadn’t spent all those years living close to Jennifer without knowing when something was wrong.

“What is it?” Sarah asked, concerned.  “There’s something more than Emma, isn’t there?”

“No…no…it’s nothing…” Jennifer lied, but Sarah wasn’t buying this one either.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away that easily,” Sarah insisted.  “Something’s wrong Jen.   What is it?  Let me help you.”

Jennifer knew it was useless to try and keep secrets from her friends, but she still wanted to try here.  What was happening with Courteney was her business and besides, Jennifer was a little worried her friends would enjoy her torment too much.  She had always made such a big deal about Courteney being “off limits” and now that she was falling off her high horse, Jennifer knew she was being a total hypocrite.  What else could she be after all the times she had said Courteney was not going to ever be coming to join them at the mansion?

“It’s really nothing,” Jennifer said.  “It’s not a big deal.”

But Sarah could see that it was.  Something was really bothering Jennifer and it went deeper than any troublemaking British girl.

“Jennifer, I know something’s wrong,” Sarah said, showing her seriousness by not calling her housemate “Jen.”  “I can see it all over your face.  It’s obvious.  Don’t bullshit me by trying to pretend you don’t want to talk about this when you clearly do.  C’mon, you wouldn’t let any of us get away with running away from a problem.  You’re always helping us, let us help you.”

Jennifer knew Sarah had a point there.  Despite the fact that she often believed her own personal life was screwed up beyond all possible repair, she had ended up in a position of being some kind of mother superior for the flock of girls she lived with.  They came to her for advice and looked for help from her for their problems.  And Jennifer loved being able to help her friends and give them a safe shoulder to cry on and to always be there for them.  But now the shoe was on the other foot and Jennifer wasn’t used to that.

“It’s something I’ve got to deal with on my own,” Jennifer insisted.  “I know you want to help Sarah, but this is something I need to fix.”

“At least tell me what it is,” Sarah said.  “Maybe there’s something I can do.  Please Jen.  Whatever’s bothering you, we can fix it.  No matter what it is.”

“I can’t fix this,” Jennifer confessed.  “I just want it to go away.”

The truth was Jennifer knew that it would help her feel better if she talked about this.  It was a lot to keep bottled up and now that Courteney was in town too and looking so absolutely tempting, it was getting worse.  It was like steam building up inside her and Jennifer didn’t want it to explode.  If that happened and Courteney was within distance, there was no telling what she might find herself doing.  What had just happened in the elevator with Emma was proof of that.

“Talk to me Jen,” Sarah urged, gently placing her hand on her friend’s and squeezing it.  “It’s not Brad is it?  Is Angelina here?  Did you see them?”

Jennifer had to laugh in response and shake her head.  God, her ex-husband and the woman who had stolen him were the last people on her mind.  But the way things were going, Jennifer half expected them both to show up next so things could get even more complicated.

“No…no…it’s nothing like that,” Jennifer said finally deciding to just blurt out the truth because it simply could not be held back anymore. She had to tell someone.  “It’s CeCe.”

“What happened?” Sarah asked, trying not to seem too eager even though it was obvious how her eyes lit up at the name of Jennifer’s beautiful best friend.

“I…I…I…God…this is all your fucking fault Sarah!” Jennifer snapped, not angrily, but just in total frustration that her brain was filled with all these forbidden fantasies and she couldn’t make them stop.

“Me?” Sarah replied in surprise.  “What did I do?”

Jennifer knew this was no one’s “fault”, but the naughty teasing Sarah had been giving her about Courteney had reached a fever pitch over the last few days, with the blonde girl seemingly taking every opportunity she had to get Jennifer thinking dirty about her best friend.   So she got the blame for this and Jennifer couldn’t hold back anymore.

She told Sarah how when she had grabbed breakfast the other day with Courteney, right after she had first been approached by Emma, it was like she had seen her with new eyes.  For the first time she hadn’t just seen her as a friend.  She had seen her like she saw so many beautiful women…as someone she wanted to sleep with.

She had never looked at Courteney in that way before, but after Emma had left her flustered and Sarah had spun forbidden fantasies for her, she hadn’t been able to help it.  And once those thoughts had started, she couldn’t make them stop.

So when Sarah had played the same card again, teasing her when they had been tasting Mr. Snappy after Rose had fucked both of their tight asses, it had only gotten worse for Jennifer.  Now her brain was filled with visions of kissing Courteney and holding their naked bodies close together and how she could give her best friend pleasure like she had never felt before.

Jennifer’s brain, when not flummoxed by Emma’s demands, was haunted by visions of both tenderly making love to Courteney and also making it fierce and nasty and giving Courteney what her sexy body demanded by showing her how no one fucked better than other women.

This had all been building inside her and now Jennifer told all of this to Sarah, who was taken aback by the sudden confession.  She had been able to shrug off the Emma situation with a laugh and lust to get a crack at the British girl’s tight, young body, but Sarah knew full well this situation was nothing to be as lightly dismissed for Jennifer.

“Oh God Jen…” Sarah replied.  “I never meant to make you feel that way. I was just having fun…you know, teasing you. I was just joking around. I didn’t mean to mess things up with you and Courteney.”

Sarah knew full well the dangers of adding sex to a friendship.  Alyson Hannigan was her best friend.  They had been that way since they had started on Buffy together, but even though they had told each other everything and shared the intimate details of their lives the way best friends were wont to do, it had taken months for her to tell Alyson that she was into girls.  In fact after Love and her had first hooked up, Sarah had tried deliberately not to tell Alyson, to the point where she had pulled away from her best friend, inadvertently shutting her out of her life in the process.

Sarah hadn’t wanted to risk ruining her friendship because of her newfound desire for women.  She hadn’t wanted to take the chance that if she made some kind of advance toward her friend, that Alyson would have been offended or grossed out or furious at her.  She hadn’t wanted to put her friendship in jeopardy so she completely understood Jennifer’s reluctance.  True friends were hard to find after all.

Of course things had ended very happily for her and Alyson.  When Sarah finally had found the courage to make her move, she had found Alyson more than receptive and now they were better friends than ever.  Sarah had always hoped that the same thing would happen to Jennifer and Courteney if they ever made love, but there were never any guarantees and Sarah knew that losing Courteney as a friend would devastate Jennifer, maybe even more than losing Brad had.

“You didn’t…it’s not your fault…I mean it’s not anyone’s fault,” Jennifer sighed, resting her head on Sarah’s shoulder, grateful to finally be able to get this off her chest while at the same time worrying about what she was going to do about these feelings.  “I can control myself.  I know I can.  I just didn’t expect all of this to happen and for me to suddenly want her like that.  I spent all these years thinking that she was off limits and then all it took was one day for all that to be wiped away.  For so long I was sure that me and CeCe could just be friends and that was all I wanted from her.  But I guess I was just fooling myself.  I want more.  I can’t pretend I don’t.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Sarah asked, hoping that the solution would be bringing Courteney into their fun while at the same time understanding why Jennifer would be reluctant to do that.

Jennifer didn’t answer right away.  She just kept her head on Sarah’s shoulder, hoping for an answer to suddenly emerge in her mind.  And when it didn’t she was still left with nothing.

“I don’t know,” Jennifer admitted.  “Probably nothing.  Just because I feel this way doesn’t mean I have to act on it after all.”

But if the way she felt right now didn’t go away, Jennifer knew simply doing nothing was going to be excruciating.  Courteney was so sexy and Jennifer feared she was fooling herself into thinking she could simply ignore the lust she now felt for her beautiful friend.

However if it was what was best for the friendship, then Jennifer knew she could find the necessary resolve.  She had always prided herself on self-control and once she became more accustomed to these feelings she knew she could hold her lust back and let it fade into some kind of unrequited desire for Courteney.

“I don’t want to mess up her life,” Jennifer sighed.  “She’s been through so much lately with David.  I don’t want to give her another complication.  I never want to do anything to lose her.”

If it meant not having Courteney as a friend, then Jennifer was more than ready to tamp down any lust she felt for her.  Their friendship was too important to her to risk it over sex.  She had no idea if Courteney would even be into something like that.  And even though the idea of bringing her gorgeous friend to utter ecstasy with her tongue made Jennifer wet, she didn’t want the face the thought of rejection and losing the best friend she had ever had.

Sarah could see how heavily this was weighing on her housemate.  If she had known it was going to have such an impact on her, then she never would have teased Jennifer like she had.  She had only wanted to have a little fun with her, not send her into some kind of crisis.

Sarah pulled Jennifer into a supportive hug, warmly holding her body to hers and giving her a soft peck on the lips.  Sarah knew Jennifer wasn’t really looking for advice.  She was right.  There wasn’t anything they could do to help.  This was something Jennifer had to deal with her friend.  So since she couldn’t help Jennifer out that way, Sarah instead reassured her that they would all be there for her, no matter what happened.

“I know you’ll do the right thing,” Sarah said.  “You always do Jen.”

The problem for Jennifer was that she didn’t know what the right thing was.  But she certainly appreciated Sarah’s kind words nonetheless.  It was good to know she always had friends who had her back.  And maybe Courteney could be a special kind of friend, just like Sarah was.

It was interesting to think about how when it came to girls like Sarah and Love and Rose, the sex had come first and then there had been a bonding friendship, but here she was looking to do the complete opposite.  Jennifer was already as close as she could be with Courteney and now she was thinking about making it sexual too.  She really had no idea what she was going to do but before she could think any more about that, her private time with Sarah was interrupted by a new arrival.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a party?  Is this the right room?” Alyson Hannigan laughed as she walked in with her bags in hand and a big smile on her face when she saw Sarah.

“Aly!” Sarah excitedly squealed, leaping off the couch with as big a smile as Alyson’s.

The two friends happily embraced, hugging each other tightly as Alyson dropped her bags onto the floor and fell into a loving, passionate kiss.

Jennifer watched all of this with great interest from the couch.  She always loved watching beautiful women kiss, but it was especially hot to see Sarah and Alyson do it now because she couldn’t help but look at the friends kiss and imagine it was her and Courteney acting that way.

If Sarah could pull it off, then maybe so could she.  Maybe she really could get Courteney and turn these vivid, forbidden daydreams into sexual reality.  Maybe they could take their friendship to this special level without losing it.  Maybe these new fantasies weren’t such a bad thing after all.


Meanwhile, Jewel wandered back around the suite looking for her cousin.  She had been the one who had let Alyson in when she had heard the sexy redhead knocking at the door.  The little tour group had been disbanding anyway, with Mandy and Reese getting mighty interested in making use of the suite’s hot tub together and Q’Orianka wandering off to do her own exploring.  So it had been easy for Jewel to break away to catch up with Alyson.

Sarah’s best friend was a regular guest at the mansion and Jewel always loved seeing her, especially when she was seeing her naked and horny, which Alyson almost always was when she was over in Malibu.  The kiss she had gotten from the redhead had shown Jewel that she was going to be acting the same way in Vegas and that got Jewel extra excited for what was happening here.

It was getting more crowded in the suite and Jewel loved that.  Her attitude was, the more friends that showed up, the merrier.  She wanted lots of sexy girls all around them and things were certainly off to a good start now that Alyson had joined Mandy and Reese in the suite with them.  Jewel could barely wait to not only get to playing with them and whomever else decided to stop by for the fun, but to get some new girls in as well.

Jewel was getting hungry for some fresh meat right then.  She wanted to find some beautiful girl she had never been with and show her just how much fun they could have together when their clothes and their inhibitions disappeared.  She might not have had much luck downstairs at the black jack table, but Jewel knew that she was far more skilled when it came to gambling on seduction than she was at any card game.

Thinking that maybe it was time she ducked out of the suite for a little while to see what kind of action there was outside of the casino, Jewel also decided that this would be a perfect thing for her and Q’Orianka to do together.  Jewel wanted to show off to everyone how sexy her naughty cousin was and the idea of the younger girl helping her seduce another woman made Jewel instantly moist.

Jewel might have resisted at first the idea of bringing her beautiful cousin into the very wicked fun she was having but she had done a complete 180 on it since the night Q’Orianka had crawled into bed with her. Now Jewel was so happy to have done something to dirty and was eager to make it even dirtier with her and her cousin.

Jewel had no idea what or who they would find if they ventured out into the hot, star studded streets of Las Vegas together, but she knew there was fun waiting for them somewhere.  So she went off in search of the girl with the intention of talking Q’Orianka into finding some kind of sexy adventure with her and she quickly found her standing right by the suite’s most unique feature…the pool.

Jewel had never stayed in a suite before that had its own pool so she could easily see why Q’Orianka was fascinated by it.  It was pretty impressive.  Of course the whole suite was.  It took up the entire 52nd floor of the hotel, so Jewel knew she shouldn’t have been surprised that it had its own pool.  It seemed the perfect opulent and over the top touch for such a spectacular place to stay.

The pool, which fit the theme of the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa with a big Playboy bunny symbol in the middle of it, had an amazing view of the Las Vegas Strip.  The pool was positioned right by the windows high above the city and it even seemed like you could go right over the edge of the tower.  The water flowed thanks to a waterfall set up and the pool looked sexy, dangerous and amazing all at once.

“Looks like you want to take a swim,” Jewel remarked as she walked up beside her cousin as she stood by the edge of the pool, watching her rippling reflection in the water.

“It looks incredible,” Q’Orianka marveled as she watched the water cascade down like it was flowing right off the side of the hotel.  The waterfall effect it created gave it such a mysterious and opulent aura.  She’d noted it right away when they’d been exploring the suite and now she wanted nothing more than to dive into it.

“So jump in and take a dip,” Jewel suggested simply.  “That’s what it’s there for Q.  It’s not like we have anything else we’re supposed to be doing right now.”

Jewel realized that this was a self-defeating suggestion since she wanted to get Q’Orianka out of the suite and onto the street with her so they could have some fun, but her cousin really did look like she badly wanted to dive in.  Jewel wanted to inspire the younger girl to grab what she desire and not be inhibited so she certainly didn’t mind waiting if Q’Orianka wanted to get wet first.

“I didn’t bring a suit though,” Q’Orianka replied in a disappointed voice wishing she’d remembered to throw some of the bikinis she’d brought with her on her impetuous California adventure into the bag she’d taken to Vegas.  “I guess I could go to one of the shops and buy one and come back.  But that would take so long and I…”

She didn’t get much further though because Jewel interrupted her with laughter.

“What?  What’s so funny?” Q’Orianka asked her cousin, feeling defensive because it definitely felt like she was laughing at her.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry, it’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone care about whether or not they had a swim suit with them,” Jewel said.  “I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone using the pool at the mansion wearing anything at all.  You don’t need a suit, Q.  Just strip down and dive in.”

“Naked?” Q’Orianka asked as if the idea of doing something like that was completely alien to her.

“Oh yeah.  Totally naked,” Jewel grinned, loving her younger cousin’s innocence and how she and her housemates were corrupting her slowly but surely.  “C’mon sweetie.  Haven’t you ever gone skinny dipping before?”

“Yeahhhhhh….once…” Q’Orianka said, a naughty smile crossing her face, which told Jewel all she needed to know.

“It looks like you liked it,” Jewel pointed out.

“I did,” Q’Orianka admitted, her smile growing bigger.  “Mmmm it was in the rainforest.”

“Ooooooh.  Exotic.  I like.  Tell me what happened,” Jewel urged.

“We were doing one of my rainforest projects in Peru,” Q’Orianka said, referring to her activism to help save the rainforests from being cut down.  “We had actually been camping there.  It was me and a few others and I hadn’t had a bath in a few days and there was this warm lagoon there and it was totally safe and it just looked so nice and peaceful.  I was all alone and I couldn’t help myself. I just started taking off my clothes and before I knew it was in the water.”

“Sounds like fun,” Jewel said, picturing her sexy cousin naked in the jungle as she wondered if it was time she suggested to her friends that the next vacation they took should be to the rainforest.

“Oh it was, Jewel,” Q’Orianka replied, smiling at the memory.  “It felt soooooo good.  Mmmm I loved how that warm water felt on my skin.  I felt so free just swimming naked in the water.  It was just so natural and mmmm it was so sexy!”

“Hmmmm I think there’s something you’re not telling me,” Jewel surmised, picking up on the faraway notes in her cousin’s voice and the look in her eye.

“Welllllll yeah,” Q’Orianka giggled as her dark skin blushed.  “It’s naughty though…”

“Girl, we were just in an orgy on a plane this morning, it can’t be naughtier than that,” Jewel pointed out.  “So tell me.  C’mon Q.  I think you and me are beyond secrets now.”

“You got me there,” Q’Orianka laughed, happy to be confessing this to her gorgeous cousin turned lover.  “I just never told anyone before.  Not even my friends.  But I was swimming around in the lagoon and the water wasn’t too deep so you could see I was naked and it didn’t cover my chest so much. I was just swimming around and not paying attention and then suddenly I looked up and saw the guide was sitting there watching me.  I was shocked at first and tried to cover up but mmmmm the more I thought about it….the more I didn’t want to cover up at all.”

“Ooooooh naughty girl,” Jewel chuckled.  “And here I was thinking you were totally innocent when you got to the mansion.”

“He didn’t even speak English…only Spanish,” Q’Orianka continued, smiling over Jewel’s gentle teasing and her own erotic memories.  “And…oh God…I didn’t even remember his name.  But I felt so sexy and happy in the water that I just wanted him.  And I knew he wanted me.  He didn’t even have to say anything and neither did I.  He just started taking off his clothes and…and…his….well you know…”

“His cock?” Jewel teased, having fun with her cousin’s inhibitions.

“Mmmmm yesssss his cock,” Q’Orianka moaned, relishing being able to talk dirty in front of Jewel.  “It was so big!  I couldn’t believe it.  It was so hot and hard already just from watching me swim.  He got in the water and he kissed me and I let him.  I just wrapped my arms around him and held him close.  He was poking into me with his big cock and I had no control.  I let him push me up against the side of the lagoon and he just pushed into me and I let him!  We made love right there in the water and it was so wonderful.  It was so romantic and sexy and it felt amazing!  It was the naughtiest thing I’d ever done until…well until I found out how sexy my cousin is.”

That made Jewel smile and she leaned in to tenderly kiss the younger woman’s lips.  Q’Orianka kissed her right back, their soft lips rubbing together until Q’Orianka turned into the aggressor and pushed her tongue into her cousin’s mouth.  She and Jewel blissfully made out, forgetting all about the past and men and instead focusing on each other.

And when they finally broke their warm, wet kiss apart, both of them were smiling and eager for more.

“Well I’m no sexy Peruvian rainforest guide with a big dick, but I’d love to go skinny dipping with you Q’Orianka if you still feel like getting in the pool,” Jewel offered.

“Mmmmm you’re better than he could ever be,” Q’Orianka eagerly replied, so happy to be here with her cousin and more than willing to get naked in the pool with her.

Q’Orianka recognized she didn’t have the experience that Jewel did.  That guy in the rainforest had been one of the few she’d ever been with.  And in just a short time with her cousin and her friends, she’d already been naughtier with them than with any of the men she had ever been with, including that guide.  Q’Orianka liked that and she wanted more. This journey to finding and enjoying a new erotic side of herself excited her like nothing ever had before.

Big smiles covered both of their faces as the Kilcher cousins hurriedly tossed off their clothes.  The water was waiting for them and in a giggling blur of shoes, tops, shorts, bras and panties, the both of them stripped completely naked.  Q’Orianka then took Jewel by the hand and led her down the steps of the pool into the refreshing water.

“Mmmmmm this is heavenly,” Jewel moaned, loving how it felt on her naked skin as they wandered in up to their waists, their bare bodies on full display.

“It’s no rainforest lagoon, but I guess it’ll do,” Q’Orianka laughed, relishing the naughty delight she felt from getting into a pool naked in the middle of the day with her sexy woman who just happened to be her cousin.  She felt so exposed with all the sunlight falling on them from the windows and it felt like anyone could see them like this.  Of course no one could from such a height, but it was still a wicked thrill and Q’Orianka definitely enjoyed it which she showed by turning, pulling Jewel to her so their nude bodies touched and kissing her tenderly right on the lips.

“Ooooh what was that for?” Jewel asked, certainly enjoying it.

“I want to thank you…this suite…that mansion…everything…it’s just so…so unbelievable…” Q’Orianka declared, searching for just the right words to convey her sincerest gratitude for this new world her cousin had brought her into.  “It’s amazing and erotic and lavish and loving and just…I can’t believe it’s all real and I can’t thank you enough for making me a part of this.”

“You deserve it honey,” Jewel told the younger girl, giving her a soft kiss in return.  “I want you to be happy.  I want you to have fun.”

“I am having fun!  Lots of it!” Q’Orianka replied brightly, her smile growing.  “I can’t believe you live like this.”

“I love it,” Jewel smiled back.  “I’ve never been happier.  And now you’re part of it with me.  I can’t believe I ever thought twice about getting you into this too, Q.  Mmmm you’re a natural.  You’re so sexy.  I love watching you with my friends and I especially love having you all to myself.”

Jewel then leaned in for another kiss and the cousins didn’t waste time before making out again.  And as they passionately kissed, Jewel let her hands wetly rise up from the water to caress Q’Orianka’s bare back, gently caressing her olive skin.  But then the girl did her one better by bringing her wet hands up and massaging Jewel’s breasts, fondling all over the soft, pink mounds.

“So big,” Q’Orianka giggled in erotic delight between kisses.  “Mmmmm I love your boobs Jewel.  I’m so glad you got me into this too.  I never knew women could be so sexy.  Now I can’t get enough.  I want you all the time Jewel.  You and Alyssa and all your friends.”

“I can’t ever get enough either,” Jewel replied.  “That’s the best part of being with women.”

“I don’t know if it’s the best part,” Q’Orianka grinned naughtily while continuing to fondle her cousin’s bare chest, her hands feeling so small against Jewel’s large tits.  “There are so many things to love about it.  And I can think of two big things right now that I really love about being with girls.”

Jewel giggled right back and gave her cousin another warm kiss while letting the girl feel up her rack.  She loved Q’Orianka’s touch.  It was eager, but also a little shy, like the girl was still exploring and getting used to a woman’s touch.  Jewel savored being able to teach her gorgeous, sensual cousin all the ways to pleasure another woman and she definitely wanted to be the body that Q’Orianka did a lot of her exploring on.

“I just hope you’re not in any rush to cut your visit short,” Jewel said, pulling her lips away from Q’Orianka’s and instead pressing their noses together so they could nuzzle and give each other playful little Eskimo kisses.

“Are you kidding?” Q’Orianka gleefully replied.  “I’m never leaving now!  Now that I know what naughty things you’re really up to in Malibu you’re going to have to drag me out of that place.”

Q’Orianka hadn’t intended to stay more than a few weeks, maybe a month or two if things had really gotten rolling with her acting career again before returning home to at least make sure her mother could see she was safe and sound, but now everything had changed.  She had found so much more in her cousin’s erotic embrace and leaving all of that was the last thing on Q’Orianka’s mind.

She proved that by giving Jewel another big kiss, their tongues rubbing together sensually and wetly while their naked bodies touched in the pool.  They were up to their waists in water and their bare breasts felt so good mashed together.  It made them kiss even harder as Jewel moved her hand down to her cousin’s tight, young ass, squeezing the firm cheeks as Q’Orianka eagerly did the same and began to play with her cousin’s soft, but toned flesh, caressing her ass cheeks and loving how nicely the flesh filled her hands, just like how her tits had.

That was the scene Jennifer walked into and she found herself instantly excited by just the sight of it.  Part of her thought that maybe she shouldn’t watch what was clearly a private moment between the gorgeous cousins, but Jennifer ignored that part.  It was too sexy to see them tongue kissing and fondling each other’s bare bodies.

Plus, Jennifer was fully aware that if the situations had been reversed then Jewel, the mansion’s most eager voyeur, would have been watching intently.  Figuring what was good for the goose had to be good for the gander, Jennifer took a long look at the two nude women as they made out and unknowingly put on a show for her.

Watching them was making her moist and Jennifer moved in for a closer look.  Jewel and Q’Orianka were so into each other’s incestuous kiss that they didn’t even notice she was there and Jennifer took care not to change that.  She just watched them kiss and touch and enjoyed the view.  It was certainly an erotic show and just what Jennifer needed right then.

Looking at her housemate and her sexy cousin had Jennifer’s thoughts far away from her problems.  She wasn’t worried about Courteney or Emma or anything right then.  She was just focused on how good Jewel looked making out with Q’Orianka, the younger girl’s slim, olive skinned body pressed to her blonde, busty friend.  Jennifer had always felt a special connection with Jewel because she was the first girl she had ever seduced at the mansion and she loved seeing her so happy.

Jennifer got off wickedly on the taboo of seeing the two beautiful cousins kiss while knowing they had been even more intimate before.  It wasn’t the first time she had seen some incestuous action.  Jessica and Ashlee Simpson loved showing off whenever they were at the mansion, but it felt naughtier this time because she knew Jewel so well.  To see her succumb to this forbidden act was deliciously naughty for Jennifer and made the show extra hot.

She loved what she was seeing and how it was making her feel so moist and squishy under her panties.  Jennifer felt the urge to begin touching herself but she didn’t have to be told that it would be much more fun to have the girls do the touching to her.  So, private moment or not, Jennifer could remain silent no longer.

“You girls mind if I slip in there with you?” Jennifer asked, interrupting the girls mid-kiss.

The presence of her friend was something Jewel never minded and seeing Jennifer approaching them made her smile.

“Of course you can, there’s plenty of room,” Jewel declared.  “Isn’t that right, Q?”

Jewel was trying to get her cousin more involved and have her be more comfortable around her sexy friends.  She didn’t want Q’Orianka to be shy around them or be afraid of helping herself to any of the pleasures they so willingly offered.  Happily, Q’Orianka took the bait and also urged Jennifer to join them.

“Mmmmhmmm lots of room,” Q’Orianka agreed.  “Come on in Jen.  Jewel’s been telling me how incredible you are.  She’s been making me so eager to want to play with you.”

“Oh yeah?” Jennifer asked playfully while pulling her shirt over her head to expose her bra, so happy to have the chance to get her mind off her troubles with some naughty fun.  “What’s she been telling you?”

“Mmmmm well like what a hot tongue you have,” Q’Orianka said, feeling a naughty tingle rush through her as she talked naughtily to Jennifer Aniston.  It was so surreal to be doing this with someone she had only known before from television and the movies, but absolutely wonderful too.  “She told me how well you lick her.  How she loves when you use that amazing tongue of yours to fuck her and how she comes all over your face and loves to lick it right off you.”

Q’Orianka was blushing a little bit again as she said all of this to Jennifer, but she was far more excited than embarrassed to have this beautiful movie star see her and Jewel naked while telling her such dirty things.  And Q’Orianka could see that Jennifer was getting excited too.  It was obvious from how her nipples were poking against her bra.

“All of that’s true,” Jennifer confirmed with a sexy grin.  “But did she also tell how much I love coming for her too?  Did your slutty cousin tell you how much I love her tongue buried in my sticky, sweet pussy?  Did she tell you how hard I get off when she rubs those huge tits of hers against my cunt and how I cream all over them when she does it?  Did she tell you how we both love it up our asses and how we love to 69 with each other and finger fuck each other’s holes while we’re tasting the wetness dripping out of our pussies?”

Jennifer was really worked up and she was enjoying seeing the look of shock and arousal crossing Q’Orianka’s face as she told her all about the games she and Jewel liked to play.  This was just what she wanted to do.  Everything with Emma and Courteney had left her libido demanding attention and Jennifer was hell bent on getting it from the Kilcher cousins.

“I hadn’t told her yet,” Jewel purred, getting closer to the edge of the pool so she could look up at Jennifer directly.  “I was hoping you could get in here and we could put on a demonstration.  Because telling is one thing, showing is something even better.”

Jewel proved that by leaning up, straining her body over the edge of the pool and reaching out for Jennifer.  The girl knew just what her Alaskan housemate wanted and moved over without delay, closing the gap between their bodies and making it easy for their lips to touch in a wet, sensual kiss.  Their mouths smacked together sexily and Jennifer now wanted to get in that pool with her friends more than anything.

She was still too overdressed for that, though.  Her shirt was off but nothing else so Jennifer moved to rectify that.  She kicked off her shoes and headed for her jeans.  She popped open the button to ease them off and started pushing them down, giving the girls in the pool a hot glimpse of the panties she wore underneath and how wet they were getting.

But that was as far as Jennifer got before they were interrupted by someone showing up unexpectedly.

“Well, well, well, doesn’t this look like fun,” Christina Aguilera declared as she came upon the two nude girls in the water and Jennifer undressing herself.  “Looks like I picked the right time to drop in for a little visit.”

Neither Jennifer nor Jewel had been expecting Christina to show up, but they took it in stride.  The pierced hedonist’s presence was always welcome, especially with the look of lust she was giving all of them right then as she scanned over the three sexy bodies with her eyes as if sizing them all up to decide who she wanted to devour first.   And it was obvious that Christina wasn’t the only one who wanted to do some serious feasting on hot girl flesh.

Jewel’s prodding for her to be more aggressive with Jennifer had gotten Q’Orianka extra horny for this and she didn’t shy away from it now that Christina was there too.

“Why don’t you lose those clothes and get in here with us too?” Q’Orianka purred, not wanting someone with as sexy a reputation as Christina had to think she was shy or prudish and also wanting to prove herself a little too by being as comfortable with all of this as Jewel was.  “I haven’t had a chance to be with you but I’ve heard so many nasty stories.  I think I need to taste you for myself and find out if it’s all true.”

That sounded mighty good to Christina and she laughed happily over the eagerness of Jewel’s cousin.

“Oh sweetie whatever you’ve heard about me aint even close to how hot I really am,” Christina promised.  “The legend sells me short.  The truth is when you get the Christina Aguilera Experience, it’s 10 times hotter and nastier than they say it is.”

Seeing the looks on the faces of Jewel and Jennifer, Q’Orianka could tell that Christina wasn’t just doing empty boasting.  She had seen her in action on the plane but with so many girls there, she hadn’t had the chance to play with the infamously sexy pop diva.  Q’Orianka definitely wanted that to change and whatever it was that Christina had done to Jewel and Jennifer in bed to make them look at her with the desire they visibly had for her, she wanted it done to her too…over and over again.

“Then how about you get in here and show me how hot it is?” Q’Orianka offered.  “Mmmm show me what you do to my hot cousin.  Show me how good you fuck!”

“Ooooooh you get right to the point, don’t you? I love it! Mmmm and if you’re as hot as your cousin is, we’re going to be fucking a lot but I have an even better idea than us getting it on right here and now,” Christina said, surprising everyone who had assumed she would be naked in a flesh and in the pool with them. “Me and Britney are headed off to this spa we love to go to.  We always hit it when we’re in Vegas.  It’s the most amazing place we’ve ever been to.  They treat us so good there and I want you girls to come with.”

Being pampered was always appealing to Jennifer and Jewel and with Christina being such a fan of this place, there had to be something more to it than just getting a simple rub down.

“And I’ll just bet this is no ordinary spa, is it?” Jennifer teasingly asked, still sitting by the pool in her jeans and bra as Christina’s offer tempted her to get dressed again to head out instead of taking the rest off.

“Duh. You think me and Britney would go there if it wasn’t?” Christina giggled.  “It’s a VERY special spa and I know you girls are going to love it.  So get out of the water and get dressed so we can get there.  But don’t worry, you won’t be wearing those clothes for long.”

It certainly was a change of plans at the last second, but the way Christina was hyping this place sounded mighty good to all of them. Jennifer and Jewel had no doubt that their insatiable vixen of a friend would be as good as her word.  And since she wasn’t giving many details about it, there was an extra air of mystery surrounding this place that they liked.  Plus, Christina had some extra incentive to offer.

“And me and Britney aren’t going alone either,” Christina said.  “We’ve got Kirsten and Eliza meeting us in the lobby.  Mmmmm and did I mention that we’re bringing along Taylor Swift too?”

Christina had most assuredly not mentioned that part and it immediately caused a buzz.

“Taylor?  Really?  Ooooooh!” Jennifer happily replied, suddenly feeling even more eager to go along with Christina.  She’d had her eye on that cutie for a long time and the idea of spending some time with her with not much clothing on was mighty appealing.

“Like that, huh?” Christina grinned, loving the way Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka’s eyes all lit up.  “Mmmmm that little princess has no idea what she’s getting herself into, but she’s going to find out and she’s going to love it.”

Jennifer felt her nipples stiffen against her bra from thinking about helping to seduce and corrupt the gorgeously innocent Taylor Swift.  Glancing over at Jewel, she could see her friend felt the same way from how the blonde was unconsciously caressing her own tits in anticipation.  Getting Taylor into their wicked, dirty fun would be quite an accomplishment and Jennifer didn’t need any more convincing.

“Ok, Chrissy,” Jennifer said, reaching for her discarded shirt and pulling it back on.  “Let’s go to this spa of yours.  But it better be good or else you’re getting a serious spanking.”

Christina licked her lips in response, hoping she would end up getting the spanking anyway.  She knew Akane’s place was going to be amazing and she knew her friends were going to love it.  It was going to be a trip that none of them would forget and if she got her ass smacked while she was there, then so much the better.


As the girls all around her busied themselves getting dressed and attempting to conceal the evidence of the lesbian orgy that had just taken place there, Hayden Panettiere was in no hurry to move or do anything other than smile.  Unlike her friends she was still totally nude and didn’t appear to want to change that any time soon.

They were still in the storeroom of Terry’s, the cozy little clothing boutique off of the Strip that they had turned into their private sex palace.  The store’s doors were locked and they had all crowded into the room to get naked and nasty and Hayden was still in a haze of dreamy bliss from what happened.

She was lying on a desk on her stomach and all Hayden could think about was her ass.  She was no longer a virgin back there.  Rose had changed all that and Hayden was so happy that she had.  Jessica Biel had teasingly called her a little freak and now that her ass had been fucked and she had come amazingly hard from it, she knew it was true

She was a freak.  She was a dirty little slutty freak and she loved it.  Hayden loved the feel of a woman’s tongue on her tight shaved pussy.  She loved the feel of another woman’s wet pussy being rubbed into her face so she could taste her hot juices.  And even more than that Hayden adored the feel of another woman’s tongue working over her asshole, rimming her hottest of holes.  She couldn’t get enough of having her ass licked and like the little freak she was, Hayden also was in complete lust with burying her face between hot girl butt cheeks and eating yummy girl ass.  She loved to give and she loved to receive.  She loved it all.

Now finally her last cherry had been taken and Hayden was so happy it has been Rose who had done it.  The feel of Mr. Snappy up her tight ass, fucking away her virginity was something Hayden knew she would never forget.

It had been so intense and so erotic and at the same time Rose had made her feel so loved and so desired.  Rose had made her feel like all she cared about was bringing her pleasure from fucking her ass.  It had been an absolutely amazing experience and Hayden knew Rose had just done something to her that no guy ever could.

Her ass was still a little sore from the pounding it had taken from Rose so Hayden just lay on her stomach, her hands under her chin and her bare breasts pressed into the desk and the papers that lay atop it.  She was completely naked even as everyone else got dressed again and all Hayden could think about was the next time she could get herself fucked.

Every time she had been with a woman, Hayden had been left desiring the next time to come as quickly as possible.  Now that feeling was more pervasive than ever inside her.  Part of the reason she was naked right then was because being fucked as good as she had left her lazy and hazy and not wanting to do anything but enjoy it.  But a more powerful reason was the hope inside her that her naked body would convince her friends to get undressed too and fuck her again and again and again.

It wasn’t just Rose who was in the storeroom with her.  Alyssa Milano was there too.  So were Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.  And the store’s two sexy salesgirls, Erin and Stephanie, too.  Hayden had tasted them all and she wanted more.  She wanted them all to take their clothes on again so one by one they could press their pussies to her face and she could lick them until they soaked her tongue in girl cum.

But she didn’t want to stop there.  After she licked each and every one of their pussies, Hayden wanted them to turn around and press their asses into her face so she could cram her tongue into them and rim them all out like the little freak she was.  She wanted to get cum drunk on pussy and ass and then get all of them to use toys on her and fuck her ass over and over again.

Her first time with Rose had left Hayden totally addicted to the pleasures of anal sex.  Her asshole was still tingling from feeling Mr. Snappy shoved inside it and Hayden wanted to get it fucked again.  She wanted Rose and then Alyssa and then Anne and then Emily and even Erin and Stephanie to take turns fucking her ass and then making her taste her slutty hole all over their toys as they fucked her mouth and treated her like a whore.

Hayden felt nasty for enjoying having her ass fucked as much as she had.  But it was the good kind of nasty.  The mansion girls had taken her under their wing and now Hayden felt like she really belonged.  She was just as hot as them.  She did all the wild things they did. Her tight ring had been stretched and her ass had been filled by Mr. Snappy.  She could still feel the impact of Rose’s favorite toy and all Hayden wanted was more.

She looked at her friends and watched as Anne and Emily helped put the last of their clothes back on and shared another naughty kiss and Rose talked to Erin and Stephanie and typed some information into her iPhone which Hayden hoped was the girls’ numbers so they could all see each other again.  She hated that they were wearing clothes.  She wanted them all to be naked and fused together with her in a big mess of hot girls and hotter tongues and fingers and toys as they licked and fucked each other all into the night.

There was only one thing that could interrupt her happy haze of debauched fantasy and sadly for Hayden reality could only be ignored for so long.

“You know I hate to say it since you look so good naked, but are you planning on getting dressed any time soon?” Alyssa teased as she came up upon her younger friend, drinking in the curves of Hayden’s amazing bubble butt and the way she still had a happy flush all over her face.

“Nope,” Hayden giggled.  “Mmmmmm naked is WAY more fun.”

“Well I totally agree with you there,” Alyssa replied.  “But I think Erin and Stephanie need to reopen the store and we gotta be getting back to the hotel sometime soon.”

“Damn, I was hoping to stay like this forever,” Hayden said, joking even though part of her really was serious.  “I don’t want to get dressed.  I just want to stay naked and get fucked.”

Alyssa had heard that from the girls at the mansion many times before and she’d certainly said it herself.  So she knew exactly what Hayden was feeling and so did her housemate.

“What are you two talking about?” Rose said as she sauntered up, Mr. Snappy now inside one of her shopping bags and her still horny pussy free of any pesky panties underneath her shorts.  “You’re not doing anything crazy like trying to talk Hayden into getting dressed, are you Lyssa?”

“As a matter of fact, I thought it might be a productive step towards all of us getting back to the hotel and seeing what everyone else is up to,” Alyssa said.

“Blasphemy,” Rose laughed.  “No way should Hayden cover up.  A body this beautiful needs to be worshipped.  Especially because now we all know just how dirty this little slut can get.”

As she said that, Rose walked up behind Hayden and devilishly ran her fingers between the cheeks of her ass, teasing her butt crack with her smooth touch and making Hayden moan dreamily.

“Mmmmmm oh yesssss,” Hayden cooed.  “This is what I want Rose.  I stayed naked cause I need all of you touching me again.  I am dirty!  I’m a fucking slut who loves getting her ass and her pussy fucked by hot girls!  Mmmmm gawwwd you two need to get naked again right now and give me what I need!”

“Look at her, she’s turning into us,” Alyssa laughed before bending over and giving Hayden a kiss.  And as she did that, Rose busied herself with a different set of Hayden’s lips, moving away from her ass to instead rub her pussy from behind, letting her fingers slide over her labia and get coated in the wetness. And then Rose took those fingers right to her mouth and licked them clean, loving the taste of Hayden’s juices just like she always did.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely a crime to cover this girl up and deny us a chance to get at this sweet pussy,” Rose said.  “But Lyssa’s right Hayden.  Unless you want to have your girlie bits splashed all over the front page of TMZ it’s time for you to get dressed.”

“Spoilsport,” Hayden said affectionately.  “Mmmmm I just wanna feel you fuck me in the ass again Rose.  I loved what you did to me and I’m dying to feel you stuff my butt again with Mr. Snappy!  Are you sure I have to get dressed?”

As she said that, Hayden lifted herself off the desk enough to get her ass in the air and she slowly swayed it in front of Rose, knowing full well how hard it was for Rose to resist it.

“Mmmmm fuck,” Rose groaned over the mouthwatering sight before her.  “You really do know how to get us to give you what you want, don’t you Hayden?”

“Uh huhhh…you girls are rubbing off on me and giving me all your bad habits,” Hayden laughed.  “I see how you girls do it and I’m gonna be just as bad as you all are!  So how about it Rose?  How about you get naked for me again and get Mr. Snappy back on so you can fuck me all hard and good?”

Hayden’s ass was just as tempting as she intended it to be.  And even though Rose knew they didn’t have the time for this here, it was so hard to resist not dropping her shorts, burying her face in that delicious ass to lube the blonde slut up again and barking at Anne to get her Mr. Snappy so she could give Hayden the ass fucking she craved.

But with Rose’s experience came maturity and, more importantly, willpower and she stayed strong.

“You are one seriously tempting little slut,” Rose said before giving Hayden a pleasing smack to her bare ass.  “Mmmm but you’re going to have to wait baby.  It won’t be long though.  Once we get back to the hotel, you’re going to get just what you deserve!”

Hayden was just about to moan out how much she liked that idea and how hot she got from Rose’s stinging slap to her butt.  But before she could, Alyssa introduced another idea.

“Or how about you go get that toy Rose got you and turn the tables on her,” Alyssa smirked.  “How about this time you strap-on a cock and give it to Rose’s sweet ass?  After all, we just saw how much Rose loves it up the ass like a hot bitch.”

Hayden’s eyes lit up at the idea and she immediately sat up to look at Rose.

“Ooooooh Snappy Jr.,” Hayden moaned, using the name Rose had given the toy she had gotten her.  “That would be so hot.  Could I do that Rose?  Could I fuck you up the ass like you just fucked me?  Mmmm you’d be able to see all I leaned from you.”

“Fuck me in the ass?  Are you serious, Hayden?  Look what you started Lyssa, you’ve got everyone thinking my ass is open for business,” Rose said with a shake of her head but a smile curling her lips with wickedness.  “We’ve even got little girls thinking they can handle me. “

Alyssa laughed over Rose’s faux annoyance and Hayden recognized it for what it was.  Rose wasn’t saying “no” to her.  She was challenging her to prove herself worthy and Hayden didn’t shrink from it.  She remembered full well what she had done to Maria Menounos with Snappy Jr. and Hayden was filled with confidence that she could do even better to Rose if given the chance.

“I can handle you Rose,” Hayden insisted. “I’ve been learning every time you girls fuck me.  I know how to make you feel good.  I can make you love my toy up your hot ass.  I loved seeing Lyssa give it to you, Rose.  It was so hot to see you take it up the ass just like I did mmmm and then have you suck that toy clean just like you made me do.  I was watching to see how you liked it and I was taking notes.  I can fuck you so good Rose.  You too Lyssa.  I can fuck you all!”

“Oooooh cocky, I like it,” Rose smirked, loving how the cute little blonde kitten had claws.  “But you’re not even close to being able to handle an ass like this, baby.”

Rose then turned around and jutted out her ass in her tight shorts, reaching around to caress her own cheeks as Hayden stared and drooled.

“I know I can…” Hayden moaned as she pictured so easily yanking those shorts down and shoving her tongue into Rose’s butt to lick her tight hole and make it so good that she’d be begging to feel a strap-on inside her.

But before anyone could get any further, Anne and Emily came up to them all hand in hand.

“So ummm…we’re gonna head back to my room and do some more catching up,” Anne said with a smile, knowing full well that the girls would know what they were really up to.  “Can we meet up with you guys later?”

“Count on it,” Alyssa promised.  “I’ll text you our plans.  If we’re going to party, I want you girls with us.”

“I want that too,” Emily agreed in her sexy accent.  “If this is any taste of how you girls love to party then I want a whole lot more.”

“We want a whole lot more too…from all of you,” Rose said before turning her attention to Erin and Stephanie.  “Speaking of which, what time do you two get off work?”


Downstairs in the lobby of the Palms, Britney Spears quickly greeted an arriving Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst with happy hugs for the both of them.

“I’m so glad you guys could make it,” Britney practically squealed as she hugged Kirsten.  “I really wanted you two to come along with us.”

“Well, you made it sound so good that we definitely couldn’t resist,” Kirsten replied, a little surprised to be hugged so enthusiastically by Britney, but not minding it at all, especially since she quite enjoyed how the singer’s large chest rubbed into her.

They had been happily wiling away time in their hotel room while thinking about hitting the casino floor when Britney’s call had come.  Going to a spa definitely had been an appealing idea to the both of them.  With so much on their minds with the big ceremony for the renewal of their wedding vows looming, getting pampered and relaxing completely was just what they needed.

Plus, just like Jennifer and Jewel had sensed, Kirsten and Eliza were sure that with Britney and Christina, a spa wasn’t necessarily just a spa. It was going to be so much more and the two of them didn’t have to be talked into an erotic adventure especially since they were both feeling even friskier than usual that day.

They’d already properly christened their bed and their shower in the room and they’d shared a few naughty fantasies about Eliza putting up Kirsten as the stake in a poker game with hot women where she’d lose and have to watch as woman after woman had their way with her, fucking Kirsten over and over again.  That fantasy had charged them both up, especially when they’d turned it around and talked about how Eliza would have to fucked by them next and Kirsten would helplessly watch her wife be defiled.  Thinking that had made them both soaking wet so they’d been easy pickings to be coaxed into Britney and Christina’s trip.

“Yeah this place better be worth the hype, Britney,” Eliza said, smiling as she watched Britney and Kirsten hug and imagined how much better it would be to see the pop star with her wife if they were pressing their bodies together without any clothing on.

“Oh it will be,” Britney promised.  “This place is unbelievable.  You’re going to think you died and went to heaven.”

“Sounds like my kind of spa, then,” Kirsten said.  “Who else is coming?”

“Chrissy is upstairs talking to everyone else to get them to come too,” Britney explained.  “Mmmmm and there’s someone else.”

Both Kirsten and Eliza were eager to find out who and when Britney told them it was Taylor Swift, their eyes both lit up just like Jennifer and Jewel’s had when Christina had told them the news.  Britney delighted in the reaction.  She was positive this was going to be an amazing experience and they hadn’t even left the hotel yet.

Britney was so happy that Eliza and Kirsten were coming with them.  Now that she and Christina were officially a couple, she wanted them to have the same happiness that Eliza and Kirsten did.  Since they were both couples, it seemed to reason they should totally hang out together, especially if it meant having hot foursomes where they swapped partners and everyone got to come again and again.

The four of them didn’t really hang out much and Britney was looking to change that.  They could all be friends and go out together on double dates and then, naturally, all get in bed and be really fucking naughty with each other.  They had all fucked before, but Britney liked the idea of making it something more regular and this was the perfect way to start that.

But right then, Eliza and Kirsten weren’t as focused on fun couple’s nights and partner swapping like Britney was.  They were more eager to get a chance to play with Taylor.

“So where is this girl?” Kirsten asked.  “She’s not shy, is she?”

“Mmmmmhmmm a little, but she won’t be like that for long,” Britney giggled.  “She’ll be just like us in no time.  This place is like magic. You can’t help but lose all your inhibitions when you’re there.”

“I like the sound of that, but I don’t see Taylor anywhere,” Eliza said, pointing out what Kirsten had really meant with her question.  “Is she really coming?  Or are you just pulling our legs?”

“She’s definitely coming,” Britney said, turning her head around and looking around the huge lobby to try and find her.  “She was just here a minute ago.  I swear.”

“Wait, there she is,” Eliza said, spotting her in the lobby and pointing to where Taylor. And this time it was Britney’s turn to have her eyes light up.

It wasn’t just finding Taylor that made Britney happy, it was who Taylor was now talking to.  Britney’s tongue nearly hit the floor in drooling anticipation of the erotic possibilities of what this could lead to and she definitely wanted Taylor and her friends to continue this conversation as they all headed to the spa together.  Britney took Eliza and Kirsten by the hands and immediately pulled them toward Taylor and the two women she was talking to.  She didn’t want to miss this opportunity by hesitating.

“So, going to introduce us to your friends, Taylor?” Britney teased, even though she didn’t have to be introduced to these women.  Everyone there knew each other.

“Hey Britney,” Leighton Meester said, smiling at the pop icon.  “What’s going on?”

“Not much,” Britney replied, trying to find the right words to try to make this happen.  She knew Christina would be so proud of her if she could convince them to go along with them.   “We were just about to go out and hit a spa.”

“Yeah, that’s what Taylor was telling us,” Blake Lively said.  “She’s pretty excited about it too.”

“I can’t help it,” Taylor laughed a little.  “Christina and Britney were telling me all about how incredible it is and how much fun they have when they go there.  I know I could use a spa treatment.  So they pulled me in with good advertising I guess.”

“You’re not the only one who could use one,” Blake groaned.  “I haven’t had the chance to just relax and totally chill out for so long. I could totally go for being pampered. Taylor made this place sound so good I kind of wanted to make an appointment there too.”

And there it was.  The perfect opportunity and she didn’t even have to wait for it.  Britney could see it right on a silver platter and she didn’t hesitate to grab it.

“You should totally come with us!” Britney declared.  “It would be so much fun!”

“Oh my God!  Yes!  That would be so awesome!” Taylor chimed in.  She had seen Leighton and Blake just hanging out in the lobby and she had gone right over to them.  They had met before a few times and always been friendly, but Taylor had been such a huge fan of Gossip Girl and of both of them that she definitely wanted “friendly” to turn into “friends.”

Eliza and Kirsten were content just to wave hello to Blake and Leighton and give them a friendly smile, but while they played it cool on the outside, inside they were just as excited about this new development as Britney was. They might not have known either of the two actresses well at all, but hot women were hot women and the thought of them getting involved in whatever Britney and Christina were planning had them tingling nicely.

“Gee, I dunno…” Leighton said, looking to Blake to see if she could provide some kind of answer about why they couldn’t without coming across as rude.

“We gotta be ready to go on camera in a few hours,” Blake immediately chimed in, picking up on Leighton’s reluctance.

“Oh we’ll have you back in plenty of time for that,” Britney insisted.  “That’s no problem at all.  C’mon!  Come with us!  It’ll be fun!”

Leighton and Blake hadn’t been looking to leave here.  They’d heard the Palms was quite a scene so they wanted to check it out and scout what it was like before things really got jumping at night.  They weren’t going to be in Vegas long and they definitely wanted to make the most out of it while they were there without husbands or boyfriends or anything to interfere with a good old fashioned girls weekend.  That meant maximum partying time and they still had a lot of places they wanted to check out before deciding how to plan their night.

Going off to a spa really wasn’t something they had time for, but the invitation did sound good.   They had both been working a lot lately and with a frantic schedule, taking some time out to be completely catered to and massaged and pampered until they were like relaxed balls of happy goo was very tempting.  Neither of them knew Britney well aside from a few interactions, so this invitation was a little out of nowhere.  But there wasn’t a real reason to turn it down…was there?

Britney certainly had a wild reputation, so neither Blake nor Leighton were altogether confident about what they would be getting into with her. But it wasn’t like she was going to leave them in the middle of the desert.  Plus with Taylor around, the chances of things getting too wild seemed to be slim to none.  And with Kirsten and Eliza seemingly part of this group, there would be safety in numbers and all that. Still this was something they hadn’t anticipated and it felt kind of weird to be invited out of the blue to go to a spa with Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

“I really don’t know if we have time,” Blake continued to claim.

“How can you not have time for fun?” Britney asked incredulously, not wanting these two to slip off her hook.  Bringing the two gorgeous women with them to Akane’s would make this experience go from merely awesome to off the charts amazing.  “Believe me this will be SO worth the time.  You’ve never been to a spa like this before!”

“Really? What makes it so special?” Leighton asked honestly curious. She liked spas but she had never really felt there was much difference in them. Pampering was pampering. And here Britney was making it seem as though this was a cut above the rest.

Britney didn’t quite have Christina’s silver tongue when it came to things like this, but what she did have was complete and utter sincerity and she once again used it to her advantage.

“It just is,” Britney said, knowing she couldn’t well tell the truth now, but hoping the look on her face would make the sale.  “I know all spas sound alike but this one isn’t like the others. Once I went there I never wanted to leave.  Mmmm the things they know how to do there make your whole body completely relaxed from head to toe.  I’ve never found a better massage than what I get there.”

“Really?” Leighton asked, legitimately surprised since she was sure Britney’s body had been pampered all over the world.  Britney seemed so convinced of her words too. Maybe there was something here. “Wow!  That’s some pretty big hype there.”

“So come with us and find out if it’s true,” Britney smiled.  “I guarantee you that it’ll be worth it.”

The truth was aside from the surprise of this invitation, Blake and Leighton really had no reason to turn it down.  They did have to be on camera for the show, but “a few hours” was more like “several” and they didn’t have any solid plans for the next little while except seeing where the fun was. So they turned and looked at each other and decided with a shared thought that this was one of those times where they should just say “What the hell” and go with it.

“Well as long as this place isn’t too far,” Blake said.  “I guess we can squeeze it in.”

“Yay!” Britney replied in delight.  “Oh you’re so not going to regret this.  This will be like the best time!”

Things were getting crowded for this trip and Britney knew it was only going to get more crowded when Christina came back down with whichever girls she could tempt into coming along.  But it was going to be incredible.  Britney couldn’t wait to get there and even more she couldn’t wait to see the look on Christina’s face when she saw that Leighton and Blake were about to be ensnared in their web just like Taylor.

She knew that once things got rolling, Taylor, Blake and Leighton wouldn’t stand a chance of being able to resist the pleasure.  Soon all three of them would be just as eager to be as hot and slutty as she and Christina were and Britney felt herself getting moist in anticipation.  The fun couldn’t start soon enough for her.


As fate would have it, mere moments after Britney and Christina were joined by Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka and they led their large contingent out of the hotel and toward the spa, Jennifer Love Hewitt walked back into the lobby.

Had she arrived a little earlier and seen them, she no doubt would have eagerly agreed to join her friends to get pampered. But having unknowingly missed out on this opportunity, Love had something else on her mind.

Her encounter with Lauren Graham had left her so very satisfied, but also hadn’t done anything to answer the questions she always had nagging her in the back of her mind every time she saw the beautiful television star.  Being with Lauren both aroused and confused Love and while she couldn’t get enough of the first part, the second part always left her wondering.

Why was Lauren always changing the subject whenever she brought up Alexis Bledel?  Love knew how hot it would be to see Lauren make love to her gorgeous, younger former co-star.  A little faux “mother/daughter” action between the two sexy actresses would have been a treat for all the senses and Love was certain she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.  Who wouldn’t want to see Lauren feasting on Alexis’ surely sweet pussy and then pressing her adorable face between her “mommy’s” legs to return the favor by licking her to a creamy orgasm?

No one had to explain to Love how scorching hot that would be.  And she had no doubt that the thought had to have crossed Lauren’s mind before.  How could it not?  There was no way someone as sexy and uninhibited as Lauren hadn’t thought about fucking Alexis.  But yet every time Love even hinted at bringing up her name, Lauren either ignored her or played it off.  What had happened between the two of them?

Had Lauren made an advance on Alexis that was rejected?  Love supposed that was possible, maybe even likely.  But she couldn’t believe that Lauren would just give up.  After all, Love was convinced that anyone could be seduced.  The pleasure of girl sex was just far too overpowering.

Love had seen firsthand many times how no girl could resist the sapphic pleasure of another beautiful woman’s seduction.  And Lauren had always struck her as particularly tenacious.  It just didn’t make sense for Lauren to give up on seducing Alexis. But whatever had happened there was nothing Lauren was willing to talk about and there was something else about the woman that Love wasn’t entirely okay with.

The first time Rose and Alyssa had warned her that Lauren would try and “steal her away” she had laughed it off.  The idea had just seemed so preposterous.  She wasn’t some item that could just be taken.  And she had assumed that her housemates had just been teasing her because of the interest Lauren seemed to have taken in her.  Since they were close to Lauren too, Love hadn’t thought it had been anything more than a joke from them.

Now she wasn’t so sure.

Lauren’s intentions toward her seemed to be so much more than just talking her out of her clothes and into her bed.   With a woman as gorgeous and skilled at the sexual arts as Lauren was, that was hardly a challenge.  Love wasn’t shy about the fact that she was a total slut for hot women who knew what they were doing and Lauren fit both categories with ease.  But it wasn’t escaping Love’s notice that Lauren seemed interested in far more than just fucking her.

It wasn’t as though Love wasn’t flattered by the attention.  She loved Lauren’s wild parties and how she could fulfill any fantasy there.  Unlike the rest of her housemates, Love was quick to admit that she still loved getting fucked by guys and at Lauren’s parties Love not only could get all the pussy she could ever want to lick but all the cock she could ever dream of filling her horny fuck holes.  It was the best of both worlds and those parties were always so much fun.  Lauren seemed to have the same unquenchable thirst for sex that she did and Love felt the older woman was a kindred spirit.

Even more than that, though, Love just enjoyed spending time with Lauren.  She really liked her as a person as well as a friend she could get very, very naughty with.  And Love could tell Lauren more than felt the same way but, at the same time, Love felt uncomfortable when Lauren tried to separate her from her friends.

Lauren was always trying to get her to come over alone to her house or attend one of her parties without her housemates.  She had paid a few one on one visits to Lauren’s when it was just the two of them but she had never gone to one of her parties without her friends and Love wasn’t about to start now even though she had just received a very tempting invitation.

And while Lauren had seemed to be disappointed that she had wanted to bring along Sarah and Rose and Jennifer and everyone to the party she was planning, Love couldn’t go without them.  She couldn’t keep this all to herself.  Life at the mansion was all about sharing and she wanted them to be there with her when she found out first-hand what surprises Lauren was planning for her party tomorrow night.

She couldn’t wait to tell them all what had happened with Lauren’s sexy chauffer and maybe even talk some more with Rose and Alyssa about Lauren and how she could try and settle this matter.  So Love was definitely eager to get back up to the suite and rejoin her friends.  Simone had just dropped her off in front of the hotel and she was hurrying through the lobby to get to the elevators as quickly as possible and get back upstairs.

Love was getting close to the elevators and moving at a speed that was a step or two quicker than her usual pace.  Unfortunately that made it very hard for her to suddenly change directions when someone else came out of the elevators with a burst of speed that was even quicker than her own. And since this girl wasn’t looking where she was going, she ended up heading right for Love without any chance for either of them to get out of the way in time.

“Look out!” Love warned the other girl. But by then it was too late and they collided, the other girl moving so fast and so carelessly that she knocked the both of them down onto the floor.

“Are you all right Miss?” a nearby bellhop asked as he helped Love up.

“I’m fine,” Love replied, accepting his hand and straightening herself out.  She had taken many spills during her days and for once this one wasn’t brought about by her being a total klutz.  “It’s no big deal.  I don’t break easily.”

But it was clear the other girl was anything but okay. She had her head buried in her hands and was loudly sobbing.  She was visibly an emotional wreck and the collision had seemingly caused whatever she was holding back to flow out like a dam in her had broken.  And even with her face hidden by her hands, Love sensed she knew this girl. So when she took her hands off her face to wipe her tears away, Love gasped in recognition.

“Lacey?  Oh my God!  Are you okay?” Love asked, suddenly worried about whatever could have caused her friend to be in a state like this.

“I’m fine…I’m fine…” Lacey Chabert insisted even though she was clearly not.  She was kneeling on the floor in a long trench coat and her tears were still flowing.

“Should I call someone?” the bellhop asked, clearly hoping to avoid a scene and with so much paparazzi and people with cell phone cameras milling around, Love wanted that too.

“No, I’ll take care of it,” Love said, wanting to help her former co-star.  “C’mon sweetie, let’s get you up.”

Love bent over to try and help Lacey up off the floor and that’s when she realized she could see more of her friend than she ever had before…a whole lot more of her.

Trying to stifle her reaction so the bellhop didn’t pick up on what she saw, Love quickly picked Lacey up.  One of the buttons near the bottom of Lacey’s coat had opened up and made it clear that Lacey had absolutely nothing on underneath.  When she’d leaned over, Love had found herself looking right at Lacey’s exposed pussy and the last thing she wanted was to let that be seen by some snoop with a camera phone and have it on display at TMZ in seconds.

“Button your last button,” Love whispered into Lacey’s ear when she had her up.

“Oh God,” Lacey blushed furiously as she realized immediately what that meant.

Looking like the tears were about to start anew and even harder than before, Lacey quickly closed her button to try and avoid even more embarrassment. But most of all, Lacey wanted to keep doing what she had been trying to do before colliding with Love.

“I gotta…I gotta get out of here,” Lacey declared.  “I wanna just get my car and get the hell out of here!”

But with it appearing as though she was going to dissolve back into racking sobs and flowing tears again at any second, Love doubted whether Lacey was emotionally stable enough to drive right then.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere,” Love said, protective of her former co-star.  “I don’t want you driving like this.”

“We can call you a cab, Miss,” the bellhop helpfully offered.  But Love didn’t like that idea either.  Wherever Lacey was going it was not a good idea to go there without any clothes on.  Love didn’t even want to think about what could happen if the wrong person…or persons…saw her like that.

However while Love hated that idea, Lacey jumped on it.  She didn’t care what she was or wasn’t wearing and she didn’t care how it happened.  She just wanted out.

“Yes…call the cab!” Lacey demanded, wiping her tears away with her hands even though doing so just made her eyes well up even more.  “Please!  I have to get out of here!  I want to get out of here now!”

Despite Lacey’s insistence, Love wasn’t about to let this happen.  Her friend was barely dressed and in an obviously emotional state.  There was no way she could let her go out there like this.  It was asking for trouble.

“No!” Love insisted, imposing her will because she felt it was in her friend’s best interest.  “No cab.  Lacey, you need to calm down.  What’s wrong sweetie?  Are you hurt?”

But Lacey wasn’t about to say what had just happened in front of strangers.  She trusted Love completely but what had happened was too personal and way too intimate for just anyone to hear.  So she just shook her head to confirm she was at least fine physically and clammed up.

“Do you have a room here?” Love asked.  She supposed she could take Lacey up to her room but who knew what her friends were up to there and she wasn’t sure how Lacey would react to seeing something like that.  The last thing the girl needed was more of an excuse to freak out so Love was hesitant to bring her up to the suite.

Fortunately Lacey nodded this time.

“The key card is in my coat pocket,” Lacey said, her voice cracking as she reached for the coat which was the only thing on her tiny, but curvy body.

“Let’s go there,” Love suggested quickly, afraid of how easy the buttons of the trench coat could be accidently opened, giving everyone nearby in the lobby a show that she knew would mortify Lacey.  “It’s way more private.”

That sounded good to Lacey.  It wasn’t fleeing the hotel and getting out of Vegas as quickly as she could, which was Lacey’s first instinct after what had happened, but at least it was safe company.  Lacey was completely heartbroken right then but she’d calmed down enough to recognize a friendly face and supportive friend was better than running away.

“Okay Love,” Lacey said.  “Let’s go upstairs.”

Happy that the situation seemed to be in hand without more of a scene being caused, the bellhop pulled away from the two women and Love helpfully took Lacey by the hand and began leading her back towards the elevators.  Despite so much of her wanting to be as far away from this hotel as possible, Lacey felt good that she was with Love.  What had happened to her was so raw and she felt like she could burst into tears again at any second so Lacey recognized that her friend was right and that she was in no emotional state to drive.

And as they got in the elevator and Lacey sniffled that she was on the 11th floor, she further recognized how crazy it would have been to go out like this.  She was totally naked under her coat.  How could she have been so stupid to do that?

She felt so embarrassed over her own impetuousness to try this and she was just glad she had run into Love and not someone who would have leered at her had they seen her body.  What if she had run into some pervert and he had seen her naked?  That would have made things even worse.

“Thanks Love,” Lacey said gratefully, still holding her friend’s hand for support.

“It’s no problem, Lacey,” Love replied.  “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

That got Lacey’s eyes tearing up again though and they were quickly running down her cheeks.

“No!” Lacey cried, her lip quivering with sadness, rage, betrayal and embarrassment all at once.  “I’m so not okay!  I’m never going to be okay again!”

“Shhh it’s going to be all right, sweetie,” Love assured her, bringing Lacey right into a supportive hug.  “Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.”

“It is!” Lacey insisted as she began to sob, her head pressed against Love and her tears starting to make her sundress wet.  “It’s the worst!  I’m such a damn idiot!  I hate men!”

Now Love could suddenly see what was going on.  She was putting the pieces together and Lacey’s lack of dress and her heartbroken state was clearly the result of something a guy had done to her.

Love had no idea who it was who had made her feel this way and even what that dirty deed was, but anyone who would make someone as sweet and kind as Lacey cry like this was someone who deserved no mercy.  Love suddenly hated this mystery man and she hugged Lacey tighter to try and comfort her.

“Oh sweetie, no boy is worth crying over,” Love assured her friend, knowing full well she’d shed many a tear over men before.  “He doesn’t deserve you.  Don’t cry Lacey.  It’s just a boy.”

“But I loved him!!!” Lacey sobbed, her tears flowing like a rain storm now.

Love tried to comfort Lacey as best she could but it was awkward to do it in the elevator.  Seconds later they arrived at Lacey’s floor and the doors opened.

“It’s okay Lacey,” Love said.  “We can talk about it in your room.  It’ll just be you and me.”

“Okay,” Lacey said, trying to compose herself so no one else could see her like this.  She was embarrassed over everything.  She was humiliated by the betrayal, ashamed of how she was walking around naked under her coat and mortified that she was crying in public like this.  It made her feel even tinier than the petite 5’3 she actually was and all she wanted to do was find a deep hole a far place from here and live in it.

Lacey managed to get it together long enough to take Love toward her room.  She was just glad she had remembered to take her key card with her.  She had been afraid she would lock herself out of her room with no clothes on under her coat so she had checked her pockets a dozen times to make sure she had it before heading down to her boyfriend’s…or ex-boyfriend’s now…room.  She swiped the key card through the lock to open the door, trying to keep the tears from flowing as she did it.

Love followed Lacey inside.  Her room was naturally much smaller than the super-sized villa she and her friends had but Lacey’s small suite was still very nice.  She had a little living room and then the bedroom and Lacey went right for the bed with Love tagging along.

“Can you hand me that robe?” Lacey asked when they got inside the bedroom, a hotel bathrobe hung up against the door.  The sight of her clothes neatly folded on the bed right where she’d left them nearly made Lacey cry again as she remembered how excited she’d felt when she’d taken them off and slipped on her trench coat with nothing on underneath, thinking she’d be able to give a really special surprise to her boyfriend.  But instead she had been the one surprised and there had been nothing erotic or romantic about it.

“Sure Lacey, anything,” Love said, turning around for the robe.  She grabbed it off the door and turned back toward Lacey and had to stifle a gasp when she did so.

Without any idea that it could have any effect on Love, Lacey unbuttoned her trench coat and pushed it off her body.  She stood naked in front of Love with her back turned, giving Love the view of her bare ass right in front of her.  And then Love got to see even more when Lacey turned around and let the suddenly flustered woman see her full frontal nudity.

“Thanks Love,” Lacey said, taking the robe from Love and not noticing that her being completely nude in front of her had frozen her friend.

Lacey eased that condition by pulling the robe around her bare body and cinching it tightly, ending the free flesh show and giving Love the chance to breathe again.  But by then the impact had been made and Love was suddenly looking at her friend in a very new light.

It wasn’t as though Love had never thought about Lacey in a sexual light before.  Her love of beautiful women had opened her eyes a long time ago to how sexy all her female friends were, even the ones she wasn’t sleeping with.  But she had never seriously pursued any plan to try and seduce Lacey.

It just hadn’t felt right to her.  She had known Lacey since she was a pre-teen and even though now it was abundantly clear how Lacey had long since grown up into a beautiful woman, Love hadn’t ever tried to bring her into the fun she and her housemates shared at the mansion.  It wasn’t as though Love wouldn’t have wanted to sleep with Lacey had the opportunity presented itself, but she had always assumed Lacey would never be into something like that.

Lacey was a very conservative and religious girl and while she was sweet and kind with a big heart and was a great friend, Love had never really thought about her as anything more than a friend.  Lacey just seemed too straight laced and, even though she and her housemates had loosened up more than a few supposedly inhibited and conservative girls with their seductive ways, Love had never wanted to do that with Lacey.

She had always felt so close to her.  Lacey had turned to her many times for advice about acting and her career and her personal life and Love hadn’t wanted to risk messing up their friendship by finding out Lacey didn’t want to be seduced.  So she had always kept things strictly platonic between them and had never even really been tempted by Lacey’s amazing body before.

But now it took Love more than a moment to find her tongue after what had just happened.

Love had never seen Lacey naked before.  And then all of a sudden the girl had dropped her coat and letting her see everything like it had been no big deal.  Love knew that was because of how upset Lacey was and she also knew how wrong it was to be thinking about this with Lacey in such a vulnerable state.  But at the same time, Love couldn’t help but have the memory of Lacey’s big breasts naked fused into her brain.

They had looked so absolutely perfect.  They were big, but so firm.  Her body still had every bit of the tightness of youth and there was also an untouched glow to Lacey, like she was super sexy but had never been slutty.

Love found her mouth getting dry over what she had seen even as the sight of Lacey’s bare tits with the lovely wide pink areolas that decorated them and tiny nipples to cap them off made her want to drool.  And that wasn’t even mentioning the jutting curve of her adorable ass.  It was like a little heart of feminine flesh perfection and it took all of Love’s will power to snap out of fixating on Lacey’s body and instead focus on what had brought them to her room in the first place.

“So…what happened?” Love said, forcing herself to behave and be a good friend and not a horny slut for once.  “I’ve never seen you like this before Lacey.”

Love let out a sigh of relief that she hadn’t managed to act like an idiot or let Lacey know she was suddenly lusting for her body.  This wasn’t the time or the place for that.

“Oh you don’t want to hear about my stupid love life,” Lacey sighed, sitting down on the bed with her robe tied tight to her body.

“I do,” Love insisted, sitting next to her and taking her hand.  “I want to know what made you so upset Lacey.  Talk to me.  I’ve been in your shoes before and I know no boy is worth getting that upset over.”

“You didn’t see what I saw,” Lacey said glumly, her lips starting to quiver again.  “I loved him!  And I thought he loved me.  I feel like such an idiot!  I always do this!  I always fall for the losers!  They act so sweet at first and I’m such a stupid, gullible fool that I buy the act and by the time they show what dicks they really are it’s too late and I just end up getting hurt.  I always pick the wrong guys.  I’m so damn stupid.”

“You’re not stupid sweetie,” Love told her friend.  “Don’t blame yourself.  Men can be such assholes.  You deserve so much better.  You’re so special Lacey.  You need to find someone just as special.  It’s not your fault.  Whatever that jerk did, he did it because he’s a loser, not because of you.”

“I actually thought Tim was the one…but I always think that,” Lacey sighed.  “It was our six-month anniversary today and I wanted to make it special and…and…”

That was all Lacey got out before she began to cry again.  Love hugged her again, trying to be supportive and a good friend and not notice how sweet Lacey’s hair smelled and how her perfume was so enticing or how her breasts pushed into her through her robe.  God, why did this have to be happening now?  Love did her best to ignore the impulses she almost always indulged and instead try and help Lacey.

“I feel like such a loser,” Lacey sobbed.  “Why do I keep letting myself be put in these situations?  I hate men!  Why do I let them break my heart over and over again?”

Love wished she had an answer for that.  She had plenty of experience with bad break-ups and broken hearts and even through all of that she had kept coming back for more.  That was why that first afternoon with Sarah had been such a life changing experience for her.  She wished she could tell Lacey that.  She wanted to tell her friend that she didn’t need men at all and that women could make her feel better than they ever could without all the heartbreak.

But Love held back and tried to cool herself down and keep her concentration entirely on making Lacey feel better in an entirely friendly way.

“You’re not the loser, he is,” Love said, holding her crying friend tightly in a supportive hug.  “He doesn’t deserve someone as great as you.”

Love hadn’t asked what exactly Lacey’s boyfriend had done to her, but her curiosity was certainly strong.  She didn’t want to pry but she also wanted to what had left her friend in such a state.  She just didn’t know how to ask.  But fortunately Lacey took her off the hook by explaining what had happened without being prompted.

Lacey told Love everything.  Unlike many of the other famous people in Vegas that weekend, Lacey wasn’t there for the telethon. She explained how she had been planning this trip for weeks to celebrate their anniversary.  They had been together for six months and Lacey had thought everything was going great.  She had even been entertaining thoughts that soon he might even ask her to marry him.

She had wanted to make this anniversary special and give her boyfriend a sexy surprise so she had booked them two rooms, thinking it would make him believe he wasn’t going to get laid and then she’d be able to give him everything he wanted and more.  Lacey had feigned not feeling well so they had gone to their rooms and she had waited a little bit to let the illusion continue and then she had tried to spring her erotic surprise.

She had taken off all her clothes and slipped into her coat so she could go knock on her boyfriend’s door and when he answered she would open her coat to let him see she was naked underneath.

Lacey had been dying to see the look on his face when she flashed him and let him know that she had only been playing and was going to make his fantasies come true that weekend.  Lacey was going to let him know that her body was his and he could have had anything he wanted.  She had even been mentally preparing herself to be able to give up her ass to him if that was what he had wanted.  For Lacey this was intended to be the ultimate gesture of love from her, but the only shocked look on her face had ended up being hers.

She had gone and knocked on Tim’s door all excited about what it was going to be like for him to see how naughty she’d been and how she was naked for him under her coat.  It wasn’t like this was the first time they’d had sex.  Lacey was old-fashioned about things and not about to give it up to just anyone, but she was hardly a nun. Still, this was the first time she felt like she was really going to be able to surprise him in bed and she knew he would love the chance to have her any way he wanted.  Her excitement had soon faded though.

At first she got no answer from the room so Lacey decided to go to Plan B.  She had gotten the desk to give her an extra key to his room so she could sneak in if he wasn’t there.  If he was downstairs gambling or something Lacey could then set herself in his bed and wait for him so he’d find her naked and ready for him when he did get back.  So she’d taken the key card for his room and snuck inside.  But that was when she had heard the moaning.

Lacey had known right away that something was very wrong.  What she heard from the bedroom were a woman’s moans and Lacey hadn’t had to be told what kind of moans they were.  So she had stormed in and found her supposedly loyal and faithful boyfriend having sex with some random skank!

Lacey recounted to Love how she had been so shocked that he could do that to her and then how angry she’d gotten.  She told her friend how she had started screaming at them both, calling him a bastard and a cheater and yelling at his whore.  Lacey started crying again as she told Love everything about this shocking betrayal and how he had tried to say he was sorry and that she meant nothing to him, which had only made it worse because it showed Lacey that it had taken him five minutes to replace her with some random slut.  If this meant nothing to him, then how many other times had he done it?

Not wanting to hear anything more from him Lacey had screamed out how she had hated him and never wanted to see him again before fleeing the room in tears.  She hadn’t gone back to her room.  She had run right out of there wanting to get the car and just get as far away from her cheating liar of a boyfriend as possible.

Now of course she could see the holes in her plan, like the fact that the car keys were in her room and that she wouldn’t have been able to get very far without them. And while being able to tell a friend everything that had happened was making her feel better, Lacey was still left betrayed, heartbroken and feeling like a fool.

“I can’t stop thinking about it,” Lacey sniffled as she wiped away her tears and tried to stop crying.  “I just keep imagining that he went right back to having sex with her as soon as I left!  How could he do this to me?  I was in love with him! I would have done anything for him!  What was so special about her?  Was it her huge plastic boobs?  Was I not hot enough for him?  Did he want me to be a slut like her?”

Love had never seen the woman that Lacey was talking about but she had a hard time believing that she could ever be sexier than she was.  Love had seen only a relatively brief glimpse of how beautiful Lacey was when she was naked but it had been enough to convince her that her friend had an amazing body.  And even if this girl had been hot, that still was no excuse for doing something so sleazy and breaking a sweet, wonderful girl like Lacey’s heart.

“He didn’t deserve someone as special as you Lacey,” Love said again, trying to do whatever she could to make her friend feel better.  “He’s just a sleazy asshole.”

“I thought he was different…I thought he was the one,” Lacey said sadly.  “I had such a special weekend planned for us.  Then as soon as my back turns he picks up some random big boob slut!  Why do men always cheat on me?  Am I not sexy enough?  I know I’m not wild like other girls but I thought I was at least good looking!”

“Of course you’re good looking!” Love immediately replied, not wanting Lacey to get down on herself.  “You’re one of the sexiest girls I know!  You’re beautiful Lacey!  You’re more beautiful than some spray-tanned skank with fake tits could ever be!”

“Then why do men always cheat on me?” Lacey sighed, feeling as low as she ever had in her life.

“Shhhh it’s their fault not yours,” Love said, hugging Lacey close again.  “Men are so stupid.  They can be so insensitive and thoughtless.  They think they can do whatever they want and they don’t care if people get hurt by them.”

Love knew that not all men were bad, but sometimes it did seem that the number of bastards way outweighed the number of nice guys.  And hearing Lacey’s tale of heartbreak was making her feel pretty anti-man at the moment too.  She had never met Lacey’s boyfriend but she wanted to go right then and find him and his cheap slut and give them both a piece of her mind and a few slaps across the face for hurting her friend.

“Men suck,” Lacey declared, snuggling into Love for support and loving the warm feel of her body against hers.  “You’re right Love.  They’re losers.  I’m so sick of men!  I don’t ever want to see another man again!”

Any other time that would have been just the opening Love would have been looking for.  She would have used that sentiment to try and convince a girl that she didn’t need men at all and that women could pleasure her better than a boyfriend ever could.  But this wasn’t just any woman, it was Lacey.

Love felt so torn between doing what her pussy was urging her to do and doing what it took to comfort her friend.  It was so hard not to go for that opening and Lacey wasn’t making it any easier by pressing her barely dressed body into hers as they sat next to each other on the bed.

“You don’t mean that,” Love said, trying to push the subject away from anything that would make her weaken any further.  “You’re totally boy crazy Lacey.  You always have been.  You just need to find the right one.”

Lacey knew Love was right.  She had always been a hopeless romantic.  She kept falling head over heels for any handsome guy she met and she would rush into relationship with the wrong guys.  But even though Love might have been correct about her personality and that soon enough she’d find a new boyfriend and would be just as crazy about him as she’d been about Tim until about half an hour ago, she didn’t want to admit it.  She was hurt and furious and wanted to keep bashing boys until she felt better.

“No!  I do mean it!  I hate men!  I’m totally done with them!” Lacey angrily declared.  “I give up!  I’m just going to live alone with like a dozen cats or go lesbian or…something!  Anything!  Anything’s better than being with another loser boyfriend who cheats on me!”

Love’s pulse raced at the idea of Lacey turning to women for comfort.  She didn’t think her friend was being serious, but the idea still had her going, especially if the woman she was going lesbian with was her.  Despite all her reluctance to do this with someone like Lacey, Love’s impulse to try and seduce her was strong.  She knew she had the answer to Lacey’s problems.  But she was afraid to tell her because she didn’t want to do anything that would offend her.

She was trying to fight off every instinct she had to tell Lacey that she didn’t need men anymore and that women could pleasure her better.  There wouldn’t be any heartbreak.  Just wonderful ecstasy.  With any other girl, Love wouldn’t just have been saying this by now, she would have been showing her.  Her self-restraint was a testament to how much she valued her friendship with Lacey, but Love couldn’t hold back forever and a key question slipped past her lips.

“Have you ever tried it?” Love asked, her curiosity bubbling over.  She had to know.  If Lacey maybe wasn’t as wholesome as she assumed then perhaps she would have an opportunity to show her friend just how good she could make her feel.

“Tried what?” Lacey asked, not really following what Love was asking.

“Being with a girl…” Love shyly replied.  She didn’t want to press too hard on Lacey, but the more she was with her like this the more her desire for her was growing.

“What?” Lacey gasped, acting totally surprised by the question and ignoring that she had just suggested it a moment earlier.  “No!  Never!  I…I…would never do that!”

“Oh…” Love said, disappointed in the answer but also relieved since it made the idea of ravishing Lacey’s sexy body and showing her how much pleasure women could bring each other less of a temptation.

Deep down she knew she had wanted Lacey to say “yes” and confess to some forbidden fun with another woman.  But this way at least Love could better control herself.  She wanted Lacey.  She couldn’t pretend otherwise. But this way she was able to show restraint and get out of here to go back to her room and take a cold shower before she did something Lacey wouldn’t want.

But before she became too sure about that, Lacey turned the table on her.

“Have you?” Lacey inquired, her voice getting a little nervous too.

Love’s throat immediately went dry again.  Oh God!  What could she say?  Should she deny it?  Should she lie?  She had been asked that question a lot of times since she and Sarah had first hooked up and she had always said “yes.”  But those were to girls she wanted to get into bed and while she wanted that for Lacey too, she still didn’t know what to say.

If she said “no” then the chances increased that she would be able to get out of here without making some kind of move on her friend, something she was afraid Lacey would reject.  But it would not only be a lie, it would be like she was turning her back on everything she had done with her friends.  She had never been ashamed of anything she had done with women and she had never denied it.  Not once.  It was a part of her and something she cherished.  How could she pretend it didn’t exist even if it was the easy thing to do?

So Love didn’t pretend.  She didn’t hide.  She simply nodded her head.

The answer clearly took Lacey by surprise.  Her eyes widened and her mouth opened like she had something she wanted to say but didn’t know what.  Love began to think she had offended Lacey with her answer and she tried to think of a way to change the subject.  But before she could open her mouth, Lacey asked another question.

“Is it good?” Lacey blurted out, blushing furiously as soon as the words passed her lips.

She had never expected Love to say yes to her question and as soon as she had Lacey had felt her stomach start to fill with butterflies.  A million questions suddenly popped into her head and started buzzing together like a swarm of bees and that was the one that slipped out first.  Lacey didn’t think at all about the consequences of asking it.  It flew out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

Now it was Love’s turn to be surprised.  She hadn’t been expecting Lacey to ask that and, once again, Love was unable to lie.

“Oh Lacey, you have no idea,” Love admitted.  “It’s the best.  Nothing makes me feel better.”

“God…” Lacey responded, her face still blushing.  She didn’t know what to do or what to say or how to respond at all.  She felt like things were suddenly spiraling out of control and that made her more nervous than ever.  The butterflies were getting stronger in her stomach and she could feel her heart start to really beat hard in her chest.

Lacey was visibly flustered by the turn in their conversation and Love wasn’t far behind her.  But as nervous as she was by what was happening here, Love couldn’t deny her impulses.  In fact the nervousness just made them stronger.  She had been stifling the desire to kiss her friend since the moment Lacey had unwittingly let her see her naked and she could hold back no longer.

With Lacey’s face just inches from hers, Love made her move and leaned in to gently kiss her friend’s gorgeous lips.  It was a soft kiss.  It wasn’t aggressive by any stretch.  It was tender and soft and brief.  Love didn’t try to do too much with the kiss.  She just let her lips gently touch Lacey’s to try and give her a sense of how good it could really feel.

At first Love thought Lacey might respond.  She loved the softness of their lips pressing together and she was sure she could hear a tiny moan come from her friend.  But when she pulled away from her, Lacey’s face was confused and quickly turned upset.

“What the hell, Love?” Lacey demanded when the impact of what had just happened hit her.  “What are you doing?”

Love immediately regretted what she had done, concerned that her worst fears had come true and that she had offended Lacey’s sensibilities by being unable to control herself.

“Lacey!  Oh God!  I’m so sorry!” Love cried.  “I shouldn’t have done that!”

“You’re damn right you shouldn’t have!” Lacey said, standing up and looking very angry.  “What gives you the right to do that?  What the hell were you thinking?  I’m not like that!  I’m not a pervert!  I’m not some slutty lesbian like you!”

Love gasped when Lacey said that.  Her words hurt and now Love felt her own eyes start to tear up.

“I should go,” Love said, wanting to get out of here before she ruined her friendship forever.  “I’m so sorry Lacey.”

“You should be sorry,” Lacey shot back.  “I thought you were my friend Love!  I guess I was wrong.  You’re just like Tim!  You’re just like all those stupid boys out there!  All you think about is sex!  You’re just a bunch of sick perverts!”

“I really am sorry,” Love said as she got off the bed.  “I totally misread what was happening Lacey.  I thought you wanted me to…”

“Well I didn’t!” Lacey declared, her lip quivering again as it looked like her anger could once again turn into tears.  “I don’t like that stuff.  I…I…don’t… I’m not a lesbian!  That’s sick and wrong!  I never wanted it!   I never thought about it!  Never!”

Love felt two inches tall as she started walking away.  She couldn’t stand the fact that Lacey was mad at her.  Her words truly stung, but Love wasn’t upset at Lacey for saying them.  She was only upset at herself for letting this happen.

“I’m so sorry,” Love said again, turning back toward Lacey before leaving the bedroom.  “I never meant to do anything to hurt you Lacey.  I am your friend.  I love you.  I just messed up.  I’m so sorry.”

Lacey didn’t say anything.  She just stood there, her face turned away from Love like she couldn’t face looking her in the eye.  Love took that as a sign of further anger and walked away.  She walked out of the bedroom and out of the suite and into the hallway to get back to the elevators.

As she walked, Love tried to hold back tears.  She had never had something like that blow up in her face before and the fact that it had been Lacey it had happened with made it so much worse.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this low.

Love cursed her own weakness and felt like she had totally ruined a precious friendship.  Lacey meant so much to her and when she had needed her most, all she could think about was sex.   Right then all Love wanted to be was upstairs with her friends.  She knew they were the only ones who could comfort her.

She got in the elevator and pressed the button that would take her back up to their villa.  But before the door could close all the way she heard a frantic voice.

“Love!  Wait!” the voice cried out, followed by a robe-clad arm sticking its way into the closing doors to get them to automatically open again.

That left Love staring right at Lacey and as soon as their eyes met the younger girl burst into tears again.

“I’m so sorry!” Lacey cried.  “I didn’t mean it!  I didn’t mean any of it!”

A few moments later they were back in Lacey’s suite as Love sat next to Lacey on the couch.  Love was close but still kept enough of a distance to give Lacey some space.  She didn’t want to do anything to freak her friend out again and she also wanted to make sure she had that space to keep herself from doing something stupid and unwanted once more.

“Lacey, I’m so sorry I kissed you,” Love said as her friend looked down on the floor like she was ashamed.  “I just wasn’t thinking.  It was unbelievably rude of me to do it.  I just felt like there was this spark and I couldn’t help myself and I feel so horrible about doing it.”

“No!  Don’t feel bad,” Lacey said, her tears drying on her face as she tried to get a grip on what was happening and the implications of it.  “I should be sorry!  I was so mean to you Love!  Please forgive me!  I didn’t mean any of those terrible things I said.”

Lacey was wringing her hands nervously as she said it.  She couldn’t bear to look Love in the eye so she kept staring at her own feet and the soft carpeting beneath them.  She felt horrible about the way she had reacted and she was just glad she had caught Love before the elevator had closed.  If she had left things like that then Lacey wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself.  Now she could at least let Love know that she didn’t think she was a pervert, even though deep down Lacey wanted a lot more than to just apologize.

“I knew as soon as I opened my mouth, before I even said anything, that I was being cruel,” Lacey said, staring at the floor even as she spoke directly to Love.  “I wanted to pull back what I said but I couldn’t.  I was just so scared over what happened and angry at myself and you have to believe me Love!  I didn’t mean what I said!  I know you’re my friend!  You’re not some gross pervert!  I feel terrible that I said that to you!”

“Shhhhh it’s okay sweetie, I know you didn’t mean it,” Love said, so relieved that Lacey didn’t hate her.   She would have been miserable for the rest of the trip if she had thought she had ruined things with her friend.  “It’s all my fault.  I never should have kissed you.”

Lacey mumbled something back in response but it was too quiet for Love to make out what she was saying.

“Lacey, I couldn’t hear you,” Love said.  “Pick your head up sweetie.  It’s all right.  I’m not mad at you.  I’m just happy you’re not mad at me.  You don’t have to be sorry.”

Lacey looked up at Love and the older girl could see her face was a mess of confusion and nerves.  Something was obviously going on with Lacey but before Love could ask what it was Lacey spoke up and repeated what she had said, this time in a much clearer fashion that nearly made Love’s jaw drop.

“I said I’m glad you kissed me,” Lacey repeated, her voice nervous as it betrayed how difficult it was for her to say this.  “I wanted you to kiss me.  Oh Love, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to kiss me.”

Love couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Lacey had been lusting after her all these years?  It didn’t seem possible.  That wasn’t like Lacey at all.

“Really?” Love asked gently, inching a little bit closer to her friend on the couch but not wanting to make too aggressive a move to spook her.  The mood in the room was growing hotter now, but it was still tenuous and Love didn’t want to do anything to crack such delicate thing.  “Lacey, I had no idea.”

“I didn’t want you to leave thinking I hated what you did,” Lacey explained.  “I got angry when you did it, but not at you.  I was mad at me because I liked it and I wanted it.  But I don’t want to like it.  I don’t want to be gay!”

“Oh sweetie, just because you liked the kiss doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian,” Love assured her.  “Believe me Lacey, I know.  I like them men and women.  I mean I like women more these days, but I still like guys too.  Liking a woman’s kiss doesn’t mean you’re gay.  It just means you like feeling good.”

It was nice to hear that from Love.  It helped relax Lacey.  But she also knew there was more to it than just reacting to one kiss.

“It’s not just that,” Lacey sighed, confessing her deepest thoughts to someone else for the first time ever.  She had never expected to say this today or on any day, but she had started this path and like a snowball turning into an avalanche she felt like it was unstoppable now.  “There’s more…so much more…”

“You can tell me,” Love said.  “I’m your friend Lacey.  You can tell me anything.”

Part of her inquiring was strictly self-serving.  Love recognized that and chided herself for it but she didn’t stop.  She wanted to make love with Lacey.  She wanted her more than ever now that she knew the girl had enjoyed the kiss.  But she also wanted to be a real friend to her and comfort her when she was in pain and confused.  That was the part she kept trying to let drive her actions as she stifled her growing desire for the girl.

“I never told anyone this,” Lacey admitted.  “But I’ve had…feelings…”

“You don’t have to hide those feelings Lacey or be ashamed of them,” Love said, correctly guessing what those feelings entailed.  “It’s natural for women to be attracted to other women.”

“It is?” Lacey replied, knowing it was a silly response, but asking it anyway because she was looking for a way out of her own confusion.

She knew it was natural for women to be attracted to other women.  She wasn’t an idiot.  But the women for who it was natural for were lesbians.  And Lacey didn’t want to be one of those.  She wanted to be straight.  She wanted to be normal.  She had been fighting these feelings for so many years, fearing that having them made her weird.

“Of course it is,” Love said.  “I have those feelings too.  Lacey, that’s why I kissed you.  I don’t want to freak you out or overwhelm you, especially after what happened to you with your boyfriend, but I’m really attracted to you.  I have been for a long time.  I just never did anything about it because I never thought you would be interested.”

“Oh God, I am interested!” Lacey blurted out, her impulse to indulge in her desires overwhelming her doubts and her fears at least momentarily.  “Love, I’ve wanted you for so long.  I’ve wanted you since we did the show together!  You were like one of my first real crushes!”

The thought of that made Love marvel.  She hadn’t even been into girls when she had been on Party of Five with Lacey.  Lacey had been just a teenager when they had worked together and the idea of her friend budding into womanhood and having a sexy crush on her both fascinated and aroused Love.

Love didn’t say anything immediately and it was Lacey’s turn to worry that she was freaking her friend out by telling her all this.  But she just couldn’t stop and she refused to let an awkward silence take hold so she just plowed forward with her story.

“I never said anything…not to anyone…I thought you would think I was some sick perv and that you’d hate me for feeling that way about you,” Lacey explained.  “But I loved looking at you.  I loved thinking about you.  I had such a crush on you!  I knew you thought I was just a kid and never would take me seriously back then, but I really wanted you!  All those times I was supposed to be dreaming about having a boyfriend I was dreaming about you!”

Love couldn’t believe this.  She thought back, trying to find any kind of sign that Lacey had ever given her.  But she couldn’t think of one.  It was just so long ago and even if Lacey had been trying to give off some kind of vibe that she had a crush, she might not have picked up on it.  She hadn’t been with Sarah yet when she and Lacey had been on the show together.  She hadn’t known how wonderful women could be in bed.

“Wow…” Love said in total surprise to see this side of her friend.  “I wish you’d told me Lacey.  I never could ever have hated you for something like that.  I wasn’t into girls back then but I never would have hated you or thought you were sick.  I’m your friend.”

It felt so good for Lacey to hear that.  She had never imagined confessing all of this today but it was like a heavy weight had been lifted off her and now that she had started she found it so easy to keep going and just spill her guts.

“There’s more, but…” Lacey said, stopping herself before she said it.

“But what, Lacey?” Love asked gently, moving even closer to Lacey, not to make a move on her, but just to reassure her that she was more than okay with everything she was telling her.

“You’ll think I’m a slut…” Lacey mumbled, her cheeks blushing a rosy red again.

That made Love laugh and at first Lacey feared Love was laughing at her, but the older girl quickly made clear she was anything but doing that.

“A slut?  Oh Lacey, you have no idea the things I’ve done,” Love said, shaking her head but not giving details that would surely shock the girl.  “You’d have to have done a lot to be considered a slut in my book.  There’s no way I could ever think that about you.  And besides, being a slut isn’t so bad…”

Love left it at that but her naughty smile made Lacey smile too, the first time she’d really shown her gorgeous smile since she had run into Love.  A little giggle escaped Lacey’s lips as she tried to imagine what Love could possibly have done to say something like that and she told her what she had been holding back.

“Well I didn’t think about just you,” Lacey confessed, her cheeks getting redder even as she smiled, a thrill coming up her spine from saying these things out loud after staying silent for so long.  “I also thought about Neve…”

At the sound of Neve Campbell’s name, Love’s smile grew.  She definitely liked where this was going, especially since she had a confession of her own about their gorgeous Canadian co-star.

“Want to know a secret, Lacey?” Love asked naughtily and of course Lacey did.

“Yes!  Please!” Lacey urged, not knowing where all of this was going, but liking it.

“Neve and I have made love,” Love admitted, loving the shocked look that came over Lacey’s face.  “She’s one of the girls I’ve been with.”

“No way!” Lacey laughed in amazement.  “You’re making that up, Love!  You’re saying that just to mess with me because of what I said.”

“It’s the truth,” Love insisted, taking Lacey’s hand and gently caressing it while smiling as Lacey reached over and placed a hand on her leg, seemingly not even aware she was doing it.  “One thing you have to learn about me Lacey is that I never lie about sex.  If I say I’ve done something, I’ve done it.  Neve and I have been lovers.  And it was so wonderful!”

Love didn’t give Lacey all the graphic details, but she certainly set the scene.  When they’d been co-stars on Party of Five, no one had had to tell Love just how attractive Neve Campbell was.  Anyone with eyes and a pulse could have seen that.  And especially after Wild Things had come out Love had definitely had an appreciation for how sexy her friend could be.

But all of that had come before she and Sarah had shared that fateful day.  After that Love had been left with more than an increased appreciation of just how sexy women could be and that included Neve.  One of the first things she had done after hooking up with Sarah and then teaming with her to take on Rose had been to watch her copy of Wild Things again for the hot girl on girl kissing Neve had shared with Denise Richards.   And this time Love found the scene more than just sexy.  The sight of her friend making out with a beautiful girl had made her wet.

Love remembered now how wonderfully slutty she had felt when she had masturbated thinking about Neve, her fingers getting so soaked with her horny juices as she’d pictured fucking the sexy woman.  She’d even gotten herself licked a few times by her housemates and fantasized about Neve the whole time, imagining it was her tongue working her pussy over.  And after the night Rose had picked up Denise Richards and brought her home for all of them to fuck, Love had known she had to try and seduce Neve.

Love had invited Neve to the mansion one night when everyone else was gone and she could have her all to herself.  She had made sure there was plenty of wine around and while she was rarely a drinker, Love had gotten a nice buzz going for the both of them before she had made her move by telling her friend how hot she’d found Wild Things and asking her if she’d practiced kissing with Denise and if it had ever turned into anything more.

As it had turned out, Neve had never done anything with Denise while they’d shot the movie but that hadn’t meant she wasn’t into girls. In fact Neve had shown Love quite a pussy hungry side that night after Love had told her she wanted to make out with her just like Denise had.  Neve had told her that she had been into girls for years and that she’d always wanted to fuck her but that she had assumed Love had been too much of a good girl for that.

Love smiled as she recalled how she had dispelled Neve of the idea she was some kind of priss that night, fucking her right in her bed and then getting her out to the mansion’s pool in the night so they could do their own version of Neve and Denise’s hot scene in the movie.  And in between orgasms, Neve had told Love how when she had shot The Craft she had gotten into some wild foursomes with Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney and Rachel True.

Things had gotten only wilder after that as Rose had been all too pleased to see Love fucking her Scream co-star and introduced her to Mr. Snappy while Neve had taken turns tasting Sarah and Jennifer and then Jewel.  And more than a few times after that, Neve had invited her old Craft co-stars over to work their witchy powers on Love and all her friends and it had all been so sweaty and so naughty and so much fun.

It had been a long time since the last time they had all done it, but Love could still remember how amazing it had felt to have Fairuza aggressively fucking her ass with a strap-on while she’d feasted on Rachel’s juicy chocolate pussy and Robin and Neve had slurped away at her tits like they wanted to make her come just from playing with her nipples and areolas.

The trip down memory lane had Love smiling big as she recounted this for Lacey.  She didn’t go too graphic in the details because she still wasn’t sure how much Lacey was ready for, but she definitely made sure the girl got the gist and that she knew there was nothing wrong with what she was feeling.

“That’s so wild,” Lacey marveled.  “I had no idea you and Neve were like that!”

“See sweetie, there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way for another woman,” Love said gently, softly squeezing Lacey’s hand as she made sure the girl didn’t take her hand off her leg.  “Women are so beautiful.  There’s nothing as erotic as making love to another beautiful woman.”

Love mentally added, “Or two…or three…or more” in her brain, but didn’t dare say it.  She wanted Lacey so much right then but she didn’t want to overwhelm her.

“It sounds so wonderful…so hot…” Lacey said.  “But…”

“But what Lacey?” Love asked.  “Relax, sweetie.  You can tell me anything.  Don’t hold me back.”

“I just want to be normal,” Lacey sighed.  “I don’t want confusion.  I want a husband and kids and everything.  I never wanted it to be this way.”

Ever since the first time she had noticed a beautiful girl and wondered what it would be like to kiss her, Lacey had been struggling with her urges.  She didn’t understand why she felt that way and she just wished she could make it all go away.  But years of looking with curiosity at girls like Love and Neve and so many of the other beautiful women she had worked with had made it clear that stifling her desires was impossible.

So instead Lacey had chosen to ignore them and never do anything to bring her wicked fantasies to life.  She didn’t want to be into girls.  She wanted to just be a normal heterosexual woman who liked boys, found the perfect one and married him to have kids, a nice house and the American dream complete with picket fence and PTA meetings.

Her family was strongly Christian and Lacey was too.  And while her stance on homosexuality certainly differed from many in the church, that didn’t mean she wanted it for her own life.  Her parents would have died if they had found out she had ever thought sexually about another girl.  She had been told all her life it was a sin and that gay people were wrong and sick.

Lacey didn’t subscribe to the “fire and brimstone” interpretations of the bible.  She preferred to embrace the love of religion and ignore the hate.  She had seen too much and knew homosexuality couldn’t be evil and that there was nothing about two men (or two women) in love that could possibly condemn them to hell.  But even as she found herself accepting the sexuality of others, Lacey struggled with her own.

She wanted to be normal.  She didn’t want to be gay.  Yet she had these urgings.  Love’s kiss to her lips had been gentle and brief and also had been one of the most amazing things she had ever felt.  But it had confirmed her fears that she was into women with such clarity that she had reacted out of fear and anger and lashed out at her beautiful friend.  She was so relieved that Love had forgiven her but Lacey’s heart beat nervously because of what could possibly happen next.

Lacey knew what she wanted to happen next but she didn’t know if she could accept it afterward.  It was like all the times she would find herself going on the Internet, finding lesbian porn, enjoying it and then freaking out afterwards and deleting it to try and pretend it had never happened.

“Lacey, I don’t think ‘normal’ exists,” Love softly told her friend, trying to ease her concerns. “You should never worry about something like that.  Your desires are part of who you are.  There’s nothing wrong about being with another woman.  It’s beautiful and loving and so sexy.  It makes me feel so good.  If you ever were to really try it, I know you’d love it.  You’d be so happy you embraced your desires instead of hiding from them.”

Love wasn’t trying to tell Lacey to indulge her desires right then and there.  That was what she obviously wanted for herself, but Love also didn’t want to force Lacey into doing something she wasn’t comfortable with.    What she wanted most of all, even more than the idea of getting very naughty with her friend, was for Lacey to feel comfortable with who she was and what she wanted.

“Just because you like girls doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian,” Love assured her.  “I mean it’s wonderful if you are.  But it’s not like you always have to choose one way if you really want to choose to go both ways, you know?  I mean I love being with girls but I like being with guys still too.”

“You do?” Lacey asked, marveling a little at Love’s apparently very active sex life.

“Oh yeah, I definitely do,” Love said, recalling some of her intense experiences with men even after being with Sarah for the first time but not wanting to freak Lacey out by telling her about the time she got gangbanged.  “I think deep down most girls are bisexual.  They’re just afraid to admit that they like girls and they like guys.  I don’t want you to be afraid Lacey.  I want you to be happy.”

“I want that too…” Lacey sighed, remembering the heartbreak that had put her in this position in the first place even as she found herself looking forward to what it seemed like was going to happen between her and Love here.

“Just because you have a crush on me doesn’t mean that you can’t still find a guy and fall in love and get married,” Love said.  “It just means you get to do more fun things like have me over to your house for a threesome with you and your husband every now and then.”

Lacey laughed over such a naughty idea as bringing another woman into her marriage bed.  She didn’t think she could ever do something like that, but she loved everything that Love was telling her.  She was putting her so much more at ease and the more relaxed she felt, the more Lacey’s sadness and anxiety disappeared.

She really had thought she had been in love with her boyfriend before she had caught her with that skank.  She did like boys.  She didn’t feel like she had been faking this whole time and she did still want to fall in love and get married.  Yet she still felt the way she always had for years about Love and Neve and so many of the other girls she had known over the years.  And she had known so many sexy girls.  Shooting Mean Girls and Black Christmas with their hot girl casts had been particularly hard on her.  So what Love was saying to her now made sense.

“I’m so confused,” Lacey admitted.  “I don’t know what I want.  I feel like I want everything but I also feel like it’s wrong for me to want it.”

“Your feelings aren’t wrong,” Love told her friend from her years of experience.  “It’s your body telling you what it wants. Just as long as you’re careful and don’t get into a situation where you could get hurt or be forced into anything you don’t want then you’re going to be fine if you just follow your desires.  You want something and you shouldn’t be afraid of it.”

Lacey could feel this was the moment she had to act on.  She could either listen to Love’s advice or continue being afraid and right then she felt a clarity she had never really experienced before.  She was exhilarated at the same time she still felt sadness over her heartbreak that she wanted to forget about as soon as possible.  So she knew just what she had to do.

“What if what I want is you?” Lacey asked, being the seductive one this time as she began to caress Love’s bare leg, her simple summer dress looking so sexy on her body.

The gentle touch of her friend’s inexperienced hand felt wonderful on Love’s flesh but she also wanted to make sure she took some of her own advice and didn’t put Lacey in a situation she was going to regret.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Love asked, reaching up to play with Lacey’s hair. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I want to Love!  I’ve wanted to for so long but I’ve been too scared,” Lacey said.  “I want this.  Mmmmm but gawd it’s gotta be now before I chicken out again.  Show me Love!  Show me what it’s like to be with a girl.”

Love smiled warmly at that oh so wonderful invitation.  She looked completely calm on the outside but on the inside she was doing mental cartwheels from knowing she was about to show Lacey just how amazing girl sex could be.  She had to remind herself not to be too giddy about this but instead take it slow and make sure she was focused on making Lacey feel good.

So Love did what came so naturally to her by this point.  She leaned in close to Lacey’s waiting lips and gently kissed her.  It wasn’t impetuous like it had been the first time.   It was planned and very welcome.

Love let her and Lacey’s lips graze each other at first and then she furthered it some more by giving Lacey a longer kiss, which made the girl reflexively tense up and caused Love to wonder if she should stop. But just as quickly Lacey relaxed and began kissing her back.

It was Lacey’s first real kiss with a girl and she loved it.  It was just as soft and lovely as she had hoped it would be.  She knew this was more than what she wanted.  It was what she needed.  After what had just happened with her boyfriend, Lacey needed to be loved and she had no doubt that was exactly what she was going to get.

Lacey let her lips meet Love’s in a tender touch of them together and she felt warmth immediately envelop her body.  It was so exciting to actually being doing this.  Lacey could feel her heart thumping and she wondered if Love could hear it. She wanted her friend to know how badly she wanted this and she began kissing back with more enthusiasm, parting her lips to rub against the older woman’s and then letting her tongue slide out to explore Love’s mouth.

Love smiled when Lacey began tongue kissing her back.  She was glad to see her friend take the lead a little.  She had never imagined anything like this would ever happen.  It was such an unexpected treat for her and Love started rubbing her tongue against Lacey’s in a tender way, getting her accustomed to the feel of French kissing another woman.

Lacey moaned from their wet tongues touching.  She loved how erotic this felt.  She still couldn’t entirely shake the idea that this was somehow wrong and that she was doing something bad by making out with another woman, but the more she kissed Love the more that sense evolved into something that turned her on rather than upset her.  She had been a good girl for so long.  Maybe it wasn’t the worst thing in the world to be bad for once.

Lacey’s skin was flushed with new excitement when Love paused their kisses and caressed the softness of her face.

“You like?” Love asked, already knowing the answer, but not wanting to hear it any less.

“Oh yes,” Lacey immediately replied, her lips tingling and the feel of Love’s gentle hand making her moan.  “I’ve been thinking about doing that for so long and it’s even better than I thought it was going to be.  I want more though Love.  I…I…mmmmm God, I just want it all!  I want you to do everything with me!  Just like you did it to Neve and all those other girls!  I need to know Love.  I need to know what it feels like!”

Love smiled again but said nothing more before she started kissing Lacey again.  As they sat next to each other on the bed, Love kept one of her hands on Lacey’s face, caressing it while she seductively kissed her.  Love pressed her lips to Lacey’s again and again, each kiss lasting a little bit longer than the last one.  And the more they kissed the more Lacey got into it.

“So good…” Lacey moaned in between kisses.  “Mmmm more Love…more!”

Lacey lifted her arms up from her side and draped them over Love’s shoulders.  This allowed her to keep her older friend close to her but there was no chance of Love pulling away even if she hadn’t.  They continued trading kisses, keeping things soft and romantic.  Love knew that was what Lacey needed and it was definitely having the desire effect as Love could hear the happy sighs and moans from the girl with each kiss.

Lacey began hugging Love while they made out.  With her arms draped around Love’s body it was easy for her to embrace her and keep their bodies pressed together.  An aroused coo passed through Lacey’s lips as she and Love rubbed their tongues together and she felt the way their breasts were touching against each other.  Lacey loved how it felt to have her large breasts rubbing into an even bigger pair and it filled her with an intoxicating excitement as it truly dawned on her what she was doing.

She was kissing another woman.  And not just any woman.  But one of the most beautiful women she had ever known.  One who was her friend.   One who she had wanted for years.  It was her fantasy come true and it was all happening so suddenly.  Part of Lacey just wanted to rip all their clothes off so she could finally find out what it all really felt like, but another part of her wanted to take it slow so she could savor every erotic moment.

“Oh God…mmmmm oh Love…yessssssss…mmmm yesssss you’re making it so good,” Lacey groaned when Love began kissing her neck, showering her with kisses like she already knew all her secret spots.  “I love how you’re kissing me!  Ooooooh so much better than a boy!”

Maybe she was feeling rather anti-men at the moment considering what had happened, but Lacey right then felt as though she would never be able to find a pleasure as exquisite as a woman’s kiss.  She had always loved kissing.  She had felt it was the purest expression of desire a couple could have for one another.  But she had never felt anything like she was now as Love kissed all over her sensitive neck and made her pulse race with erotic excitement.

It was like Love knew just how to kiss her without even having to be told.  Too often Lacey had found herself having the play tutor with her boyfriends, but she could see right away that she wasn’t going to have to tell Love anything.  Her lips were like soft velvet on the skin of her neck, kissing all around her most sensitive spots and finding new areas she had never even been kissed on before that made her toes curl and little gasping moans of pleasure flow out of her mouth.

These were like no kisses she had ever experienced and they just made Lacey ache for this more.  Her friend was being so good to her that Lacey felt like she had to show her how much she liked it.  So she turned her head so that she and Love could be face to face again and hungrily kissed her back.  Lacey pushed her tongue right into Love’s mouth and explored it with all the excitement she felt flowing through her veins as she moved her arms off Love’s shoulders and instead began touching a woman’s body for the first time.

“Oooooooh mmmm right there baby,” Love groaned as she felt Lacey’s hands begin to explore her breasts through her sun dress.

“Gawwwd they’re so big,” Lacey marveled with an excited giggle as she caressed Love’s large chest through her clothes.

Her touch was light on Love’s tits.  It was like she was a little afraid her friend was going to break of she really started getting into her body.  Love adored the feel of Lacey’s sexy, soft hands on her chest, but she knew she was going to need a lot more to really get off from this.  Lacey was going to have to relax and not be so nervous about touching another woman’s body and Love knew the best way to get that to happen was to show her how it felt.

“Mmmm so are yours,” Love said hungrily as she eyed Lacey’s cleavage in her robe.  The friction of their bodies had caused the hotel bathrobe to part ever so slightly and give a tantalizing view of the bare flesh underneath it.  Love couldn’t stand another second of having this amazing body kept from her, though, and she reached for the sash of Lacey’s robe.

“Can I?” Love asked while she played with the knot in the sash, leaving no doubt about what she wanted to do.  “I want to see you naked Lacey.  I want to see all of your hot body.”

Lacey knew this was probably the last chance she had to turn back.  If she kept going with this she would be a lesbian or bisexual or something.  She wouldn’t be straight anymore and she wouldn’t be able to pretend she was either.  So if there ever were a time to stop things, this was it.  But Lacey couldn’t have stopped it even if she’d wanted to.  Her body was on fire with desire and she was dying for more.

“Oh yes!” Lacey moaned, her heart beating faster than it ever had before.  “Make me naked Love!   I want you to see everything!  Mmmmm I want you to see how much I want you!”

Love didn’t wait another second after that.  She tenderly kissed Lacey once more on the lips and busied her hands with undoing the simple knot in her robe.  And once that simple task was accomplished she eased the robe right off of Lacey’s body and left her completely naked on the couch.

A reflexive blush passed over Lacey’s face when her body was bared but that immediately eased when she saw Love smile from what she saw.

“You’re so beautiful,” Love declared.  “Oh Lacey!  I love your body.”

Now Love could finally stare at what she had caught a glimpse of before when Lacey had thrown off her coat in front of her.  And she drank in the vision before her like she was parched for naked female flesh.  Lacey might have been a short girl, but she was curvy in all the right places.  Love couldn’t take her eyes off her friend’s tits as she stared at the large, nude mounds, her areolas wide and dark pink and her nipples already stiffening from excitement.

But Love wanted to do so much more than stare and without a word, she went for Lacey’s all-natural breasts.  At first she ran her fingers seductively over them, getting a feel for the soft female flesh.  That made Lacey groan with pleasure and Love took that as all the incentive she needed.  She kissed Lacey’s lips again, making her moan even more while she brought both of her hands up to her tits and began to tenderly massage them.  Lacey’s breasts were more than a handful for Love, but she knew just how to play with the sexy C-cups, massaging them while she and Lacey wetly tongue kissed.

Lacey groaned in disappointment when Love broke their hot kiss, a trail of saliva connecting both of their mouths and breaking off onto their chins.  But those groans turned into moans again as soon as Love began kissing her breasts.  She placed wet kisses on each of Lacey’s nipples, making a soft moan of her own as she felt her friend’s pink points harden even more against her lips. And then she began kissing all over Lacey’s wide areolas, making Lacey quiver in pleasure as she left little wet lip marks on her bare skin before she started to drag her tongue over the fleshy mounds before her, exploring Lacey’s breasts with her tongue and then zeroing in on her nipples.

“Ooooh Lacey,” Love couldn’t help but moan in desire.  “You’ve got such amazing boobs.  Mmmm I always knew you be sexy.  But mmmm I never knew how much until now.  Gawwwd I’m so not going to be able to get enough of these big tits of yours.”

Lacey blushed again when Love said she had big tits, but it quickly faded once more.  That was a bad word in her mind.  She’d used it a few times herself, more out of frustration when she thought casting agents only thought of her as big boobs and when people looked at them instead of her eyes, but it didn’t sound so bad when Love said it.  In fact it sounded sexy.  Lacey liked the sound of a word like that coming from Love’s sweet lips, but she didn’t say anything.  She just smiled and let Love admire her nude body.

Love felt she could have stared at her friend all day, but she wanted more and she knew Lacey wanted it too.  And while the couch was comfortable, Love wanted to be able to stretch out.

“How about we take this back to the bed?” Love asked, softly running her fingers over Lacey’s breasts again and even tickling her a little, getting the younger girl to giggle happily over the affectionate, but sexy gesture.

“You just read my mind,” Lacey said, standing up and leaving her no longer needed robe behind.  “C’mon.”

Lacey held out her hand and guided Love back toward the bedroom area of her suite.  With Lacey leading the way that gave Love a chance to stare right at her friend’s bare ass and it took all her strength when she saw her tight butt cheeks with their delicate, oh so feminine curve and lovely firmness to not tackle her and just defile her right then and there.  Love knew there were so many hot things she could to Lacey’s adorable ass but she wasn’t sure if Lacey was ready for all that.

So she controlled herself and contented her libido with merely staring at Lacey’s awesome butt as it seductively swayed just enough as she walked to make Love want to sink down behind her friend and spread those cheeks so she could blow her mind with her tongue in her asshole.  It was hard not to drool but Lacey quickly distracted Love when they reached the bed by turning around and kissing her.

The two brunettes kissed passionately and Love let her hands roam all over Lacey’s naked body.  This time nothing held her back and as their tongues wetly touched and both women closed their eyes from the passion rolling through them, Love at first massaged Lacey’s tits and relished the feel of her stiff nipples against her palms.  And then she reached around, caressing her friend’s back and working her way down until she got to her ass.  She just couldn’t help herself and while she didn’t do any of the wicked things she had been imagining while walking with Lacey, she did help herself to a healthy feel of her rear, which made Lacey yelp and smile.

“Mmmm naughty,” Lacey giggled from Love’s hands on her ass.

“I couldn’t help it,” Love giggled back. “You have such a nice butt.”

“Thank you,” Lacey beamed.  “Mmmm you have a nice everything Love.”

Lacey couldn’t help but notice that while she was completely naked, Love still had on all her clothes.  That was something she wanted to change as soon as possible, but before she had the chance to say anything about it, Love took charge once more and playfully pushed her down onto the bed.  Lacey let out another yelp of happy surprise as she landed right onto the soft mattress, her body jiggling in all the right places as she bounced and. as soon as she was settled, Love lay fully dressed on top of her and passionately kissed her again.

Now that she could fully see all of Lacey’s great body in all its glory, Love wanted to enjoy it.  As she kissed Lacey, she continued to play with her breasts, loving how they felt against her hands.  Big or small she loved to play with the boobs of her housemates and Lacey’s tits were particularly fun to touch.  She knew she was going to have a lot of fun playing with these but they weren’t the only parts of Lacey’s bare body that drew Love’s attention and now that she could truly savor the sight of her, her horny attention was drawn right between her legs.

“Ooooooh you have a furry little pussy,” Love couldn’t help but giggle as she eyed the girl’s dark bush of sexy curls.

She meant it very affectionately but Lacey, still nervously on edge because of all of this, worried it was a criticism.

“Is that bad?”  Lacey asked, sitting up in the bed and closing her legs.  “I sometimes shave it all off but lately I just wanted it more natural and my boyfriend liked it and I…I…I can shave it if you want, Love.  I don’t want you to think it’s gross or anything or…”

Love silenced Lacey’s insecure lips with a tender kiss to them that instantly relaxed the girl.  Lacey moaned from the gentle feel of Love’s lips against hers and when Love let her tongue ease into Lacey’s mouth, it was again welcomed warmly.  Lacey rubbed her tongue against Love’s and let her older friend take the lead once more, pushing her back down on the bed and calming her down.

“It’s beautiful…all of you is beautiful,” Love assured Lacey, running her fingers through the downy fur, loving its softness before reaching down to gently caress the tender lips of Lacey’s pussy, making the girl happily gasp.

“Oooooooh!” Lacey cooed, not so worried anymore if her pussy was too hairy for her first female lover.  “Mmmmm I like that.”

“Just wait’ll I really get going,” Love wickedly promised.  “I’m going to show you just how much I like your pretty pussy Lacey.”

“You sure it’s okay?” Lacey asked, desperately wanting Love to be into her body.  “If it’s too much I brought along some shaving gel for my legs and we can…”

Lacey’s offer was cut off by another sexy kiss as Love sought to ease any and all of her friend’s insecurities.  The truth was Lacey hardly had a huge bush.  It was a sexy, dark patch of fur that was too neatly trimmed to be wild but also fuller than most of the girls she had been with lately.

Her pussy itself was smooth and the more Love looked at it the more she found herself getting turned on by Lacey’s sexy bush.  It was a nice change of pace from all the totally smooth girls at the mansion and it reminded Love how much she loved burying her face between Rose’s legs and feeling her soft fur against her skin.

Her housemate was one of the few there who even had a bush.  Rose did it to be distinctive and Love liked it a lot, just like she did with Lacey.  Variety was the spice of life after all and Love wanted Lacey so badly that she wasn’t about to let anything, especially this, stop her.

“Mmmmmm I think it’s really cute that you’re furry for me,” Love assured her friend, rubbing her with her fingers still and making soft, happy moans escape from Lacey’s lips.  “It’s not what I’m used to these days.  But no matter what I would want to lick you and make you feel so good you’ll never want me to stop!”

Lacey loved the sound of that, but even as Love said it, she had another question for her.

“Do you see a lot of girls naked?” Lacey asked, unable to keep from wondering who her body was being compared to.

“Mmmmmmhmmmm lots of them!” Love giggled, loving the shocked look over her friend’s face as she confessed what a slut she could be.

“Oh wow!” Lacey marveled.  She didn’t know exactly why, but for some reason she loved the idea that Love was super experienced with other girls.  “Do you like it when they’re shaved?”

“Mmmm I’ve been with them all.  Shaved girls…furry girls…mmmm girls in between…I don’t care as long as the girls are hot and you, Lacey, are really, REALLY hot,” Love said.  “I shave my pussy totally bare.  I love how it feels all smooth and wet when I get turned on.  But you should do what you want.  I think your pussy is really sexy Lacey.  I can’t wait to taste you and feel your fur rubbing into my face as I suck the cum right out of your pretty pussy, baby.”

Lacey smiled at the sound of the compliment and the erotic promise of having her beautiful friend’s face pressed to her sex, sucking the juices out of her like she was a ripe piece of fruit.  It sounded so sexy and so forbidden and right then just the idea of it was turning Lacey on like she never had been before.

But before they even got to that, Lacey finally saw the opportunity to get what she so badly wanted.

“Mmmmm can I see?  I want to see how you look with your pussy shaved bare, Love,” Lacey asked, loving the tingle she got as that wicked word passed her lips.  “I’ve never seen another naked girl before.  Let me see you.”

“Oh Lacey, honey, I thought you would never ask,” Love grinned in response.  She got back on her feet and eased herself out of her shoes and, seeing that Lacey was raptly staring at her from the bed, Love decided to do a little striptease for her.

When she had done her Burlesque movie, Christina had tried to teach all of them her hottest moves and while some of the girls had been naturals, it had been a bit of a struggle for Love.  She knew better than anyone what a klutz she could be sometimes and she didn’t have the kind of coordination needed to really be a stripper.  That had disappointed Love.  She hated not being able to be as sexy as she wanted to be, but she also knew she compensated in other ways to make herself hotter than the others.

Love kept her moves simple.  She ran her hands over her own body while swaying to some music in her head and then eased one shoulder strap of her sundress off her body and then pushed the other one off the other shoulder.  This left her dress falling just a bit off her body, but her large breasts, hefted up by her bra, kept it from going any further, just like Love wanted it to.  She turned herself around to Lacey so the girl was staring at her backside and gave her ass a sexy wiggle for her horny friend to see as she began unzipping it slowly and sensually.

“Ooooh!  You’re so sexy Love!” Lacey moaned in appreciation as Love pulled down the zipper for her dress with an agonizing slowness.  “Don’t make me wait though!  Please!  Take it off!  Mmmm take it all off baby!  I want to see you naked!”

Lacey couldn’t believe she was saying that and Love couldn’t believe she was hearing it.  It was excited them both to be taking such a forbidden step and Lacey and Love both moaned as Love eased her dress off, pushing her ass out so Lacey could see how her panties clung to her thick, round backside.  Lacey thought to herself that she had never seen anything as sexy as Love’s ass with the thin cotton of her violet panties against her sexy pale skin but she quickly changed her mind about that when her friend turned around and saw Love’s breasts in nothing but her bra.

“Oh my God,” Lacey sighed, her mouth going dry at the sight of her friend’s amazing rack.  She wasn’t blind so she had obviously known before today that Love had large breasts, but seeing them in nothing but her bra hammered that fact home like nothing else could.

“Want to see more?” Love asked playfully, her dress now on the floor and her bra and panties the only thing keeping her from being as naked as Lacey was.

“Oh yes!  More than anything!” Lacey agreed.  “Please show me everything!”

Lacey was so excited to see her first naked girl.  She had changed clothes with other women before and been in locker rooms at the gym.  But those didn’t count.  This was her first time with a naked girl as far as she was concerned because this time it meant something.  She was actually a little surprised she wasn’t hesitating more, but she could also tell that her brain wasn’t doing the thinking right then.  Something else was.

But as eager as Lacey was to see her naked, Love wasn’t quite done with her striptease yet.  So she once again turned her back to Lacey and let her feast her eyes on her butt in nothing but her tight bikini cut style panties as she reached for the clasp of her bra.  With the expert precision that only could come from years of taking off other girls’ bras, Love undid her own, popping open the clasp and slowly peeling the bra off herself before she turned around again with her arms crossed over her generous chest.

“Nooooo!  Let me see them!” Lacey pouted, seeing what Love was doing and not liking being teased.

“See what?” Love asked coyly, her arms mashed against her own breasts so Lacey couldn’t see any of the really good parts and could only be teased by having her large mounds obviously naked but hidden.

“Your boobs,” Lacey croaked out in reply, her need getting more and more obvious.

“Lemme hear you beg first,” Love said with affection but also clarity that this was not a mere request.  “Beg for my tits Lacey!”

Doing all of this was impulse on Love’s part.  She hadn’t intended to tease her friend.  But once she started she couldn’t stop.

“Please Love!  Please!  Let me see them!  Let me see your…your tits!” Lacey blurted out, her nipples getting harder as she used that word in a sexual way for the first time.  “Let me see your huge tits!   Guys always are dying to see my boobs and now I can totally understand why!  Mmmm your boobs are even bigger than mine and I need to see them Love!  Ughhhh I’m so dying to see your tits!”

“Ooooh Lacey!” Love cooed from the horny way the younger girl complied with her request.  “I’m going to make you into such a naughty girl baby!  Mmmm I’m going to make you see that you don’t need stupid, jerky boys anymore when you have hot girls like me to play with!”

Lacey realized with a giggle that she hadn’t thought about her now ex-boyfriend in a while.  He had called her phone a bunch of times since she had caught him but she’d ignored those calls and was going to keep on ignoring them as she instead focused on something way more fun than boys.  She could feel Love was right.  She wasn’t going to be thinking about men for a long time after this!

“Oooooooooooooooh!” Lacey moaned in delight when Love dropped her arms from her chest and bared her breasts for her to stare at.  They looked so big and soft and very, very sexy.  Lacey badly wanted to touch them and taste them and live out the fantasies she’d been stifling for so long.  She’d been afraid they’d made her weird, but now all she wanted was to be weird.  It couldn’t be wrong when Love was so beautiful.

“I’m glad you like them,” Love giggled, relishing the look on Lacey’s face now that she was totally topless.  The best part of having big boobs was seeing how much her friends enjoyed them and the look of total lust on Lacey’s pretty face was a total thrill for Love.  But she wasn’t quite naked yet.

“Want me to take these off too?” Love asked as she reached for her own panties and even snapped the waistband a little, making it smack against her skin.

“Ughhh you gotta ask?” Lacey laughed in frustration and arousal.  “Yes!  A thousand times yes!”

“If you want me to take my panties off then you have to tell me to do it,” Love said, still teasing as she tantalizingly lowered her panties and turned around again so Lacey could see her inching them down and exposing the curves of her round butt cheeks.  “Tell me you want to see my naked pussy, Lacey!”

“Ohhhhhh gawwwd,” Lacey whimpered, blushing again even as she ached with desire for her friend’s body.  “I want it Love.  I want…I want…”

“Say it naughty girl,” Love said, pushing her butt out just a little bit more as she slid her panties down inch by tantalizing inch and then suddenly stopped and acted as though she was going to pull them back up.

“Oh God!  I want your pussy Love!  I want your hot, wet pussy!” Lacey confessed, her lesbian desire bubbling over and making her say things she had never said before.

If “tits” had been a dirty word to Lacey, there was no category for a filthy one like “pussy.”  But it felt so good to say it.  It had turned her on to hear Love use that word.  The way Love said it, it sounded like it was the most wonderful thing in the world and Lacey couldn’t help herself.  She wanted this to happen too badly for her to hold back now and she was quickly rewarded for her dirty mouth by Love turning back around.

“Mmmmm naughty girl,” Love beamed.  “I love hearing you talk like that Lacey.  I have so much to teach you sweetie and the first lesson is that naughty girls always get what they want.”

Lacey had no doubt that was going to be a lesson she would never forget thanks to the visual enhancement Love gave her.  The older actress hooked her thumbs into both sides of her panties and pulled them down.  This time she didn’t tease and she definitely didn’t stop.  She pushed her panties all the way down her legs and stepped out of them finally and gloriously naked.

Lacey sucked in her breath from the view of her gorgeous friend.  Even though Love had told her she was shaved, it was still shocking to see her be totally bare between her legs.  No wonder Love had teased her for being furry.  Anything would have been that way in comparison to Love’s completely smooth sex.

She had never seen anything as sexy as Love’s exposed femininity and not even being able to see her big boobs all naked in front of her and the promise that her beautiful ass was there for her to stare at if she just asked Love to turn around could make Lacey look away from the visibly aroused pussy before her.  Her smooth lips were visibly glistening with wetness and Lacey was filled with the need to get on her knees and just worship that tight, gorgeous pussy with her tongue so she could taste all those juices.

Oh God…what had she just thought?   Lacey felt herself blush again as she found herself thinking about Love’s pussy…her wet, sexy, totally shaven pussy.  But what else could she call it?  It was a pussy…a beautiful, pink pussy that she found herself wanting to taste.

It felt so good to even think about that naughty word and when she had said it before it had made a little jolt of excitement run through her body.  Being naughty was making her heart beat even faster now and Lacey had to steady herself from wanting to get up off the bed and pounce on Love as she stood naked in front of her.

Instead it was Love who pounced.  Leaving her clothes on the floor, Love jumped onto the bed and settled down next to Lacey.  She immediately kissed the younger girl right on the lips but she didn’t stay long there.  Instead she pushed her down onto her back and whispered in her ear.

“Lie back baby, I’m going to make you feel so good,” Love promised while nibbling a little on her ear lobe and caressing the soft globes of Lacey’s breasts with her experienced hands.  “Just let me do everything.  I’m going to show you what it’s like and you’re going to love it!”

Lacey happily gave in without a second thought.  She put all of her trust in Love and felt her body tingle in anticipation. It was so hot to just indulge in this and let Love do everything.  She wanted the older woman to guide her…to control her…and most of all to pleasure her.  And that was just what Love did.

After one more kiss to her lips, Love began journeying all over her body.  She kissed Lacey’s neck again, making the younger girl writhe on the bed as she lay back, enjoying every intoxicating moment the experienced woman’s lips kissed her sensitive spots.  Taking Love’s instructions to heart, Lacey didn’t do anything. She just let it all happen to her.  She lay with her head against the soft pillow and moaned when Love moved her lips off her neck and onto her breasts.

For the next little while that was all that happened.  Love pleasured Lacey’s nude body and the girl moaned in pleasure from it.  There wasn’t an area of her chest or stomach that didn’t feel Love’s warm, wet mouth on it and it was all heaven to Lacey.  She tried to remember what parts she liked best so she could get Love to do it again but it all felt so good that it was nothing but a blur of pleasure.

Love flicked her tongue all over Lacey’s nipples and wetly sucked and licked her wide areolas before she began kissing her stomach and using her hands on her tits, touching her wet nipples with her fingers and then lovingly fondling them with her palms.  Love squeezed Lacey’s breasts seductively, making the girl quiver and coo, her back arching a little off the bed from the pleasure, while she kissed her way all over her stomach and lowered herself down onto her thighs.

Lacey knew just where Love was going and all she wanted to do was beg her to do it, but she couldn’t even get the words out of her mouth.  She wanted it so badly and her arousal was robbing her of her ability to speak or do anything but moan and whine for more with little horny sounds as Love showered her smooth thighs with kisses while reaching up to play with her breasts.

Lacey didn’t know how long Love had been kissing her.  It had probably been about 10 minutes by the time she got close enough to her heated sex that Lacey was sure Love could taste how horny she was just by licking at the air around her thighs but it also could have been hours from how good it had felt to have her body played with.  All the kissing and all the touching had sent her into such a dreamy state where she somehow felt both totally relaxed and completely on edge with anticipation of experiencing more.

Lacey adored foreplay.  It made her feel how much she was wanted.  She had never been the kind of girl who just wanted a dick stuck in her.  She needed to be loved first and Love was an expert at it.  She was giving her foreplay no guy ever had.  Just by kissing all over her body and letting her hands roam over her breasts and her soft skin, Lacey felt like Love was going to be the best lover she had ever had and by the time Love reached her thighs she was so ready for it that she was about ready to melt into the sheets.

She had never gotten the kind of foreplay that Love was giving her and, as her older friend kissed her thighs, she didn’t even have to spread her legs open because Lacey did it herself.  The pleasure she was getting from those seductive, sensual kisses all over her body compelled her to offer herself to Love with no restraint.  Lacey spread her legs open on the bed and, without even thinking, placed her hand on the back of Love’s head to guide her to her core.

“Mmmmm naughty girl,” Love giggled over her friend’s insistent push.  “Is this what you want now Lacey?  Want me to taste you?”

“Yessssssss!” Lacey managed to croak out, her first coherent word in minutes.  “Taste me!   Lick me!  Mmmmm fuck me!”

Love had wanted to make sure that Lacey was absolutely ready for this.  She didn’t want Lacey to regret what was happening between them and risk ruining their friendship.  She knew there was a chance of that no matter what, but Love also was certain the more pleasure she could make Lacey feel the more she would not only not regret doing this, but want to do it again.

Now the way Lacey had spread her legs open and the feel of her hand on the back of her head left no doubt that she was more than ready for the ultimate step and Love stopped her teasing.  She didn’t need Lacey to guide her to her pussy but she let her anyway.  She let Lacey push her down between her thighs until she was staring right at her wetness and before Lacey could push her any further, Love let her tongue dart out and dragged it right over the younger girl’s slit.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Lacey cried in immediate ecstasy from the first touch of a woman’s tongue to her labia and that initial squeal was followed quickly by many more as Love began bathing Lacey’s slit, tasting the juices that were dripping out as she lashed upward with her tongue over the girl’s spread pussy lips.

“You taste so good,” Love moaned while she licked, her words a little mumbled but her eagerness to enjoy more of her flavor obvious.  “Mmmmm you’re so yummy Lacey!  You’ve got such a sweet pussy!”

This was Love’s favorite part of being with a girl for the first time.  There were so many things to love about fucking women but nothing could ever equal the first time she got to taste a new girl’s pussy. From the first time she had licked Sarah, Love had been hooked on the taste of pussy.  She loved how every girl she had ever been with had tasted different in her own distinct way and Lacey’s flavor was particularly sweet.  It was such a thrill to taste her, especially when it was clear how much her friend was enjoying being licked by another woman.

The intensity of the first lick Love had taken against her had faded but the pleasure sure hadn’t.  Every time Love’s tongue touched her it made her voice her approval again.  There was nothing but moans and coos and even laughs of delight coming from Lacey’s mouth as she lay naked on the bed and had her gorgeous friend make her fantasy come true.

She had never felt anything like this before.  For all her love of foreplay, Lacey had never been one who had relished oral sex.  There had always been something a little unnatural to her about feeling a boy’s tongue down there.  Maybe she would have felt differently if some of her boyfriends had been better about licking her but they had only been okay and Lacey had been able to get her orgasms from other ways during sex.  But now…well all of that was changing.

Love’s mouth on her pussy was absolute bliss.  No man had ever made her feel this way.  Her sex felt absolutely alive.  It was like Love knew how to make every nerve down there crackle and tingle with energy.  Unlike the men who had gone down on her, Love was licking her with a purpose.  She wanted only to bring her pleasure with her tongue and her mouth and it showed with every touch against her pussy.  Yessssss her pussy…her wet, lesbian pussy!

Lacey moaned with wanton pleasure over the thought that she was a lesbian now.  She didn’t know if that was true and she didn’t even care.  It made her feel good to think of herself as some kind of horny, dirty lesbo right then and that was all that mattered.  Love was turning her into a total lesbian and she loved it!

“Yessssssssssssss lick me Love!  Ooooooooh mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh lick my pussy just like that!” Lacey murmured happily, not even realizing her hands were on her own boobs, playing with them and rubbing around the wet saliva Love had left on them until she looked down and saw them there.  “Mmmmm make me feel good Love! Ughhhh yessssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooh more!  Mmmmmm more just like that!  Make me feel like I don’t need silly, stupid, cheating boys anymore!”

That was just what Love wanted to do and she eagerly complied with Lacey’s aroused requests.  She kept licking up with her tongue, going all the way up Lacey’s labia again and again and bathing it with tender, sexy licks that made her quiver and shake with pleasure.  Her juices coated her taste buds with each lick and Love happily gulped it down knowing that once she really got her tongue going Lacey would be even more delicious.

She could see Lacey looking down on her and she stared up at her with her soft brown eyes so she could see the desire in them.  The two brunette friends locked eyes with each other and shared stares of mutual lust while Love licked away at Lacey’s honeypot and Lacey cooed and writhed on the bed, pleasure flowing through her veins and everything feeling absolutely amazing.

Love wanted Lacey to forget all about the asshole that had cheated on her.  She wanted her to be open to all the pleasures sex could offer.  And more of all she wanted to make her feel good.  Her sweet pussy was so delicious and Love couldn’t get enough of tasting her.  She wasn’t going to press it unless Lacey was ready for it, but she hoped that soon she would be able to share this flavor with her friends because she knew they were all going to love it as much as she did.

She wasn’t too aggressive with her licking.  She didn’t want to go too fast or even make it a little rough.  She hoped there would be a chance for that later.  Right then Love wanted to give Lacey a sensual tongue bath and make her first experience with another woman one she would never forget.

“Mmmmm you’re so wet for me baby oooooh and so tight too,” Love giggled as she rested her tongue for a moment and instead rubbed Lacey’s slit with her fingers.  “I love your pussy Lacey!  I’m going to make you feel so much better than that cheating bastard ever could!”

“Oooooh you already are!” Lacey groaned, smiling happily, her tears long since forgotten, as Love’s tongue drove her mad with lesbian desire.  “More Love! Please more! Mmmmm I can feel you turning me into a dirty girl who loves getting her pussy licked! Ughhhhh gawwwwd I can’t even believe I’m saying that but it feels so damn good!  Please don’t stop!  Fuck me Love!  Fuck your naughty little Lacey!”

“Mmmm you mean fuck you like this?’ Love devilishly asked as she pushed two fingers into Lacey’s pussy, penetrating the tight folds of her pretty little pink cunt and rubbing right against her clit.

“YES!” Lacey eagerly shrieked when those magic digits rubbed against her swollen pleasure center.  “OOOOOH LOVE!  YESSSSSSSSS!”

“Or would you prefer I fucked you like this?” Love inquired before using the fingers she had sunk into Lacey to spread her tight folds open even more and thrusting her tongue into her pinkness.


The way Love’s tongue pushed into her pussy and touched her clitoris was like someone had just jolted her with one of those paddles they always used in hospitals to kickstart someone’s heart.  But instead of electricity, Lacey felt pure erotic pleasure pulsing in her.  She couldn’t compare anything to this.  It was just pure sex and it felt so wonderful to just let go and enjoy it as it happened and savor what a wonderful and amazing lover Jennifer Love Hewitt was.

“Oh Love!  Ohhhhhh Love!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my God!  Love!” Lacey groaned, calling out her friend’s name over and over again to make clear how much she was enjoying this.  She had never felt more alive than she did with her friend’s tongue inside her pussy doing wicked things to her.

Lacey couldn’t believe this.  She had wanted this for so long but had never expected it to feel this good.  Love was so amazing. Not even the biggest, hardest penis that she had ever felt could compare to how Love’s tongue felt as it licked her clitoris.  This was totally blowing her mind and Lacey couldn’t get over how much she loved it.

“Ooooooh mmmmmmmmmmm you’re so good Love!  You’re so good!” Lacey sighed, her body unconsciously thrusting up on the bed so she could grind herself against her friend’s beautiful face.  “Ooooooh my God!  I had no idea you were such a naughty lesbian Love!  Mmmmm now you’re making me into one too!  Ooooooh making me into a sexy, dirty lesbo!  Yessssssssssss!  Mmmmmm I love it!”

Love giggled as she licked.  She had heard that kind of reaction many times from girl sex newbies.  She wished she really had the power to turn straight women into lesbians and in a way she and her friends did just from how good they were at sex, but she knew she wasn’t really turning Lacey lesbo.  She was just unleashing all her latent desires.  Of course after the way men had treated Lacey, making her only like girls wouldn’t be so bad.  Men didn’t deserve to taste a pussy this sweet if they weren’t going to treat her friend right.

Love gently ran her free hand over Lacey’s thighs while she continued to tongue fuck her and lick against her clit.  She caressed her smooth skin and went up to her flat stomach, tickling her gently with her fingers while her other hand worked between her legs.  While her tongue was fucking Lacey, so were her fingers.  Once again Love didn’t go too hard.  She sensually pumped her fingers into Lacey, rubbing her clit and making it bulge even more while she lapped away at her sexy friend’s gooey, horny pussy.  Lacey was absolutely soaked for her and Love wanted to drink her dry.

Lacey couldn’t stop moaning.  She was writhing on the bed and when she wasn’t fondling her own boobs, she was clawing at the bedspread and even flailing with her arms a little like she needed something to hold onto.  There was just so much intensity from what Love was making her feel with her mouth and fingers that she didn’t know how to react to it.

Sex had never felt like this.  Lacey had felt like she had been able to enjoy sex before but now everything a man had done to her paled in comparison.  Love’s tongue was going to all the places she wanted it to go and she didn’t even have to tell her.  She just knew!  She knew where she needed to be licked and where it felt the best to be tongued and for how long.  It was like she just had to think it and Love would instinctively go there.

This was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to her and Lacey ached for more.  Part of her didn’t even want her orgasm because once she came Love was going to stop working her tongue into her sensitive pussy and licking away at her like no one else ever had.  Now Lacey could truly see why all her friends loved oral sex so much.  But the one thing they had never told her was that if she had wanted it done right she was going to need to get it from a woman.

Arching her back up off the bed even more to try and get more of Love’s tongue into her, Lacey found herself in the wild position of rubbing her pussy in another woman’s face.  It felt so good.  It felt so naughty to look down and see Love’s gorgeous face planted between her thighs and feel herself rub her slick, sensitive pussy into her friend.  It felt better than anything she had ever experienced in bed before and she wondered if she really was turning lesbian.

Before that would have sent Lacey into a panic.  That fear was the reason she had waited so long to really let go and try this.  But with the pleasure she was receiving from Love, Lacey felt something else too.  It was wisdom and she knew it was coming from above.

Lacey was a true believer that God had a plan for her.  Some of her friends called it fate but she knew it was something more significant for that.  When something happened, whether it was good or bad, Lacey told herself that it was God’s will.  What if that was happening here?

Of all the things that could have happened after she had caught Tim with his whore, she had ended up running into Love.  She could have crashed into a fat guy or some girl she didn’t know or any one of a million different kinds of people.  Instead she ran into a friend and not just any friend…one she had harbored her secret crush on for years.

Lacey had always felt that when God closed a door, he also opened a window for people who wanted to look.  What if Love was her window?  What if everything that had happened today had been part of God’s plan for her?  What if she was meant to be here right now enjoying this amazing pleasure from a true friend?   What if everything that had happened today had been meant to happen?  Had God made it so she would catch Tim with another woman just so she could end up in Love’s gentle and sexy embrace?  Everything for weeks, right from the moment where she had begun planning her erotic surprise for Tim, had led up to what was happening right then with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tongue pleasuring her like no man ever had.

It was so wild to think of it like that but it made total sense to Lacey.  Maybe God wanted her to be a lesbian.  After all, why would be create a pleasure that felt so good if he didn’t want her to experience it like she was?  Lacey knew that some in her church would argue that this wasn’t God, but rather Satan in disguise and that the pleasure she had felt was actually wrong, but she rejected that idea.  It wasn’t wrong what she felt.  It was filled with love and tenderness and the most wonderful pleasure.  Love wasn’t a bad person for having sex with women and now that she was doing it too Lacey didn’t feel like she was bad either.

She was a good person and so was Love.  They deserved to be able to feel this.  This wasn’t anything she ever had to worry about again!  Being licked by another woman was at its purest sense a gift from God and Lacey felt her mind open at this new wisdom!  It was something she never had to be afraid of.  It was something she had to embrace!

“Mmmmmm yesssssssssss!  Oh Love!  Yessssssss ohhhh God I need to feel more!” Lacey cried in joy.  “Your mouth is heaven!  I had no idea it could ever be this good!   Eat my pussy Love!  Mmmmm you’re doing it so much better than a man ever could!  Oooooh Tim wishes he could do to me what you’re doing!  Make me come Love!  Make me come from another woman’s mouth on me! Just like you did to Neve!  Just like you do to all those other girls!”

Love thought about teasing Lacey some more and making her beg.  That had been so much fun to do.  But she quickly thought better of it.  She didn’t want to make her friend wait a second longer than she had to for her orgasm.  She could taste how close she was and how badly her tight pussy really needed to explode with relief.  Love wasn’t about to deny Lacey that pleasure for her own entertainment.  So instead of teasing she moved in for the prize.

Love moved her fingers away from Lacey’s clit and instead pressed her lips to it.  At first she merely kissed the swollen pink bud, relishing the ecstatic gasps the feel of her soft lips to it got from Lacey and then she parted her mouth just enough to slurp her friend’s clit in and give it the proper treatment it deserved.


No one had to tell Love that Lacey’s clit was an area she needed to concentrate on.  She knew the ins and outs of oral sex better than anyone.  In fact Love was pretty sure Lacey had more spots than she was even aware of in her own body and she couldn’t wait to find them with her.  But for now Love concentrated on Lacey’s clit and bringing her off.  She stared up at her beautiful friend as she was caught happily in the throes of passion while keeping a tight seal on her pussy with her mouth and suckling on her now bulging clitoris.

Lacey was bucking on the bed and every time she thought it wasn’t going to get any better, Love somehow made the pleasure even more intense.  Her whole body felt like it was crackling with energy and Lacey was pretty sure Love was going to be able to make her see sparks with how good it was to have her mouth on her pussy like this.  Every suck against her clit made her shake and Lacey made a promise to herself right then and there to never deny herself this pleasure again.

“Oooooooooooooooh we should have been doing this years ago!” Lacey cried.  “Mmmmm Love!  You’re fucking me so good!  You like this?  Like fucking naughty little Lacey?  Like turning me into a dirty girl like you and Neve?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Love replied, mumbling with her mouth full of Lacey’s clit.  She pulled up from her friend and let Lacey see how shiny her lips were with her juices and how they had begun to run down her chin and the sexy smile she beamed turned Lacey on even more because it showed how much Love was enjoying herself.

“I love fucking you Lacey!” Love grinned.  “I’m going to make you into a naughty little pussy slut!  Just like me!  Mmmm we’re going to have to show Neve what a dirty girl I turned you into so we can get her into a threesome and the two of us can share your sweet pussy and get your hot cum all over our tongues!”

“Yessssssssssssss!” Lacey cried, closing her eyes as she tried to conjure up the hot image of Love AND Never between her thighs.  One girl was amazing!  How much better would two be?

“Ughhhhhhhhhh make me come!” Lacey urged as Love buried her face back into her sweetest of holes.  “Mmmmm fuck me Love!   Make me into a slut like you!  Ooooh it turns me on soooo much when you tell me what a sweet pussy I have!  No guy ever made me as wet as you Love!  Lick up all of my wet, naughty girl pussy!  Gahhhh I never ever say that word but you’re making me never want to stop!  Pussy…pussy…pussy… PUSSY!  YESSSSSSSSS I LOVE SAYING IT!  OOOOOOH GAWWWWD MAKE ME COME!  DO NASTY LESBIAN THINGS TO MY PUSSY LOVE AND MAKE ME COME!”

Love giggled again over Lacey’s enthusiasm for her own dirty mouth.  Everything about her friend was absolutely precious, even her profanity.  She was the cutest dirty talker she had ever heard and Love couldn’t help but kiss those adorably profane lips.  She pulled away from Lacey’s pussy just long enough to lay herself down on top of her on the bed and passionately kiss her.

Lacey moaned over the unexpected kiss and eagerly opened her mouth to tongue kiss her.  It dawned on her after a second that she was tasting her own pussy juices all over Love’s lips and tongue and when that happened a smile curled at her own mouth and she felt a huge giddy sense of excitement.  She had never tasted herself like this before. She’d never even licked her own fingers after masturbating.  It was so new and naughty and she loved all these new things she was experiencing.

“Mmmmmm so yummy,” Lacey moaned, smacking her own lips from the taste Love had given her once the kiss had ended.

“You’re telling me,” Love grinned.  “Now are you ready baby?  Are you ready for me to really make you come?”

Lacey nodded her head with a big, excited smile on her face and Love kissed her once more on her soft lips before scooting back down and getting her mouth on an even softer pair of lips.  Love showered wet kisses all over Lacey’s pussy and then unleashed a series of quick, but long licks to bathe her dripping, juicy folds.  She bathed Lacey’s pussy once again with her tongue but didn’t linger at it.  She simply brought Lacey right back to the edge and then turned her focus to her clitoris by sucking it between her lips once more.


Lacey lifted herself up off the bed again as the sensations of intense pleasure once more rolled through her and this time Love took full advantage.  She reached under her friend and captured her firm butt cheeks in her hand, squeezing them with a sexy grip on Lacey’s tight, curved flesh.  By doing this she kept her steady and unable to buck away from her face for any reason.  And as soon as she held her tightly, her nails even digging just a little into her ass, Love sucked harder on her clit sending dizzying sensations through Lacey’s body.

“FUCKKKKKK!  YESSSSSSSSSS LOVE YESSSS MMMM MORE BABY MORRRRRRRRRRE!  OHHHHHHHHHH JESUS YESSSSS!” Lacey cried in utter ecstasy as the wet slurps of her clitoris made her feel pleasures she had never even dreamed of before.  “ALMOST THERE!  OOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD LOVE!  OHHHHH NO ONE’S FUCKED ME BETTER THAN YOUUUUUU!”

Lacey didn’t think it was possible to feel higher than she did right then.  She had never felt more love or more pleasure in her life.  With Love’s hands squeezing her butt and her amazing mouth fused to her clit, Lacey felt that if she wasn’t being held down she was simply going to shoot through the ceiling of her room and into the suite above her.

She loved looking down and seeing Love’s face nestled so sexily between her thighs.  It meant so much to Lacey that she was the one doing this and to have Love’s pretty face staring up at her, her curly fur rubbing up against her face as her pussy was mashed up to her mouth and her lips latched onto her clit made everything hotter.  It was so kinky and so naughty but at the same time Lacey knew Love was doing this because she cared about her and because she loved her and not just because she wanted to fuck her to get her own rocks off.  That made this so special.

It was special to Love too.  Lacey was so much more than a notch on her bed post and she was so happy she was able to pleasure her friend like this.  She loved the way her fuzzy bush was tickling her and she found herself getting even wetter staring up at Lacey and seeing her big tits shake as she was rocking with pleasure.  Lacey’s body was so gorgeous.  She had a perfect little sexy body and Love hoped that soon she’d be showing it off to her housemates for them to enjoy too.

Being able to do this to Lacey meant a lot to Love and she would have been satisfied if it remained one on one with them, but she also wanted to teach her friend all the pleasures of girl sex including the ecstasy of group fun.  And no one was better at orgies than her friends.  Love hadn’t shared all those details with Lacey yet but she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her tongue about the mansion for long and the idea of her sexy friends ravishing Lacey made Love’s pussy purr.

But first Love knew she had to finish off Lacey here when it was just the two of them.  She wanted her beautiful friend to feel ecstasy and she focused entirely on her clit, fondling her sweet ass while feasting on her flowing pussy.  She sucked hard on Lacey’s clit without becoming too aggressive and never forgetting to keep things nice and tender with her inexperienced new lover.  It was a delicate balance between being nice and being naughty when it came to sex and Love expertly threaded that needle.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH I’M GOING TO COME!  UGHHHHHHHHH GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE ANOTHER WOMAN IS MAKING ME COME!” Lacey laughed and cried happily all at once.  She was giddy from this and as Love expertly sucked on her clit her body tensed up like a sexual coil.  “OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LOVE YESSSSSSSSSS GOD I’M GOING TO COME!!!”

Lacey was almost there and Love made sure to bring her the rest of the way.  She wantonly slurped on her clit, pressing her face to her pussy like she was going to devour her sex, which in a way she most certainly was.  And just like Love knew it would, focusing her attention on Lacey’s clit was exactly what the girl needed to reach orgasm.


Love’s mouth was happily filled with her gorgeous friend’s orgasmic cream and she gulped it all down like it was candy.  Lacey was shuddering as she came and Love kept holding her tight, pulling her nails back so she could instead gently massage Lacey’s ass cheeks while keeping her mouth against her pussy, draining the cum right from her and savoring every creamy, yummy drop.  With every shake and every spasm of orgasm from Lacey, Love was there to hold her and to pleasure her and when Lacey closed her eyes from the ecstasy and felt her mind black out for a wondrous moment in time it was Love who was there to bring her back from dreamland with a wet, cum filled kiss against her lips.

“Oh Love…thank you…” Lacey moaned softly as her senses came back to her from feeling her naked friend’s body on top of hers.  It was all she could say but she meant it from the bottom of her heart.  She had never felt anything like that and she owed it all to Love.

It really had been the best orgasm of her life.  Nothing had ever left her so satisfied while also making her feel totally energized.  Her mind was now completely open to the wisdom of God’s plan to have her get as much girl sex as possible and now all she wanted to do was kiss and touch the woman who had made her feel so amazing.

The two nude women traded kisses back and forth with Lacey particularly eager to taste herself all over Love’s lips.  Tasting her own cum was so new and forbidden and Lacey loved it.  It reminded her of those times when she would sneak into her parents’ liquor cabinet for a taste.  It was the naughty nature of what she had been doing that had made the wine taste sweeter and it was even more so here when she was she was tasting was her own sex cream.

“So I guess I don’t have to ask if you liked it,” Love teased after she and Lacey broke their kisses and instead snuggled their nude bodies together, the two of them face to face.

“Mmmmmm no way, you definitely don’t,” Lacey giggled back.  “That was amazing Love!  I never knew sex could feel like that!”

“I’m just glad you’re not crying anymore,” Love said.  “I only want you thinking about good things.”

“You’re definitely a good thing,” Lacey replied.  “I won’t be thinking about stupid boys for a very long time.  Mmmmm I’d rather think about you and the dirty things we can do to each other.”

That made both girls giggle wickedly and share another tender kiss.  After their lips pulled apart, Love reached for Lacey’s dark hair and gently played with it while Lacey reached over with her hands too but went for a far more naughty place with them.

“Ooooooh so big,” Lacey moaned as she roamed her hands all over Love’s bare breasts.  “You’ve got such big, yummy boobs Love!   Mmmm or should I be calling them tits like you do?”

“Call them whatever you want Lacey, just don’t stop touching them,” Love replied with a sexy moan of her own.  “Mmmm fuck baby, those hands feel so good on my tits!”

“I love touching them,” Lacey admitted with naughty glee, letting her hands explore the unfamiliar territory of another woman’s breasts.  “I thought I had big boobs but gawwwd yours are so hot!”

For the next little while that was all that happened.  Lacey let her curious hands rub all over Love’s naked chest.  She was hypnotized by the sexiness of Love’s breasts, loving how they felt so big under her hands and how wicked it made her feel to be touching another woman like this.  She couldn’t get enough of feeling up her friend, especially as Love moaned from her exploring.  But she also knew Love needed more and she urged herself not to be afraid to give it to her.

With no experience in this before Lacey was flying blind when it came to pleasuring another woman and she didn’t want to let Love down.  She knew she had to try and she was sure Love would help her if she needed advice.  So before she could get nervous and doubt herself, Lacey went for it and pressed her face to Love’s tits.  She kept her hands caressing the large mounds while she also took her first taste of them, licking at Love’s already hard nipples and then pressing her lips to them to kiss her areolas.

“Mmmmmmm!” Love dreamily sighed.  “Oh honey!  Yes Lacey!  Ooooh that’s it baby!  Don’t be shy!  Touch them!  Mmmm taste them!  I want to feel your sexy mouth all over those big boobs!”

Lacey felt fresh exhilaration run through her veins as she made Love moan.  She was sucking on another woman’s breast.  She was tasting her tits!  She was being such a bad girl here but it felt so amazing that Lacey didn’t doubt herself.  God wouldn’t have given her such a precious and pleasurable gift if he hadn’t wanted her to enjoy it.

It didn’t make sense to think otherwise and Love’s breasts tasted so good.  Her skin was so soft and Lacey loved smelling her perfume and her sex combine for one wonderful aroma.  Her skin was a little sweaty but it still tasted good and clean and her breasts were so sexy and soft that Lacey just wanted to rest her head against them and snuggle into her friend all night long.

Of course she didn’t indulge that impulse, not when it was more fun to explore Love’s chest with her mouth.  She rubbed them as she kissed them, fondling Love’s tits with eagerness and letting her mouth and tongue roam over them with just as much fascination for all the pleasures that lesbian sex could bring.  Now she could definitely understand why men were always so fascinated with her boobs.  She was just as horny for Love’s breasts as they were for hers.

Love continued moaning while Lacey eagerly explored her body for the first time.  Her hands were like soft velvet caressing her flesh and the wetness and warmth of her mouth reminded Love just about why she would always love girl sex the best.  Nothing could ever feel as good as a woman’s tongue on her body.  Lacey was still learning but she was eager and that was all that mattered to Love.  She wanted to do this and Love appreciated all her efforts.

“Turn over,” Lacey urged, wanting to explore every inch of her friend, not just her front.

“Mmmmmm why?  What’cha gonna do to me?” Love teased.

“Just turn over and you’ll see,” Lacey smiled back before adding a “Please.”

Love giggled as she did what Lacey wanted and turned over on the bed to lie on her stomach and bare her backside to Lacey’s eager eyes.  Love then began moaning as soon as Lacey’s soft hands began gently caressing her ass, her touch most welcome there.

“I love your ass,” Lacey said sexily.  “It’s beautiful!”

Love blushed over the compliment and then let out another soft, desire filled moan as Lacey proceeded to kiss each of her butt cheeks. The feel of those warm lips against the soft flesh of her ass made Love’s pussy quiver happily and she encouraged Lacey not to stop.

“Mmmmm now you’re the naughty little lesbian, Lacey,” Love sighed dreamily. “Mmmmmm yessssssss oooooh those lips feel wonderful on my ass!  You’re turning me on so much baby!”

Ever since Love’s weight had become a frequently discussed topic amongst anonymous Internet bloggers a few years ago, her friends had never missed an opportunity to assure her how much they loved her curves.  Love definitely enjoyed it when they did, especially when they went and proved how much they loved them but it really wasn’t necessary.  She didn’t think she looked fat and she thought anyone on the Internet who did was certifiable.  Love let those criticisms roll right off her juicy backside.

She didn’t care what those losers on the Internet thought.  Love knew she was beautiful with all her curves and if she had a bigger butt than she used to, then that just provided a far more inviting target for Mr. Snappy and her housemates’ other toys as far as she was concerned.

Lacey didn’t know all that though.  She had felt so bad for Love when it had become open season on people mocking her ass on the Internet.  She usually didn’t pay attention to those stupid sites.  She knew they probably mocked her too and she didn’t care what losers like them had to say, but it had hurt her when a friend she considered gorgeous was called fat.  Plus because of her crush, Lacey had always paid extra close attention to Love’s curves and she had considered them sexy and not anything to be made fun of.

So now that she had the chance to admire Love’s ass in the flesh, Lacey wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to tell her friend how much she liked it and also show her by kissing all over her gorgeously plump posterior.  It felt so weird to literally be kissing someone’s ass, but Lacey liked it and she knew Love did too so she did it more, pressing her lips all over the flesh of her first female lover’s backside.

Each kiss made Love’s pussy get wetter and wetter.  She so badly wanted Lacey to do more and spread her cheeks open so she could work that tongue of hers over her sensitive little asshole, but she didn’t dare say anything.  She wasn’t sure how kinky Lacey wanted to get during her first time and she didn’t want to push her beyond anything she was ready for.

Yet the same thoughts passed through Lacey’s mind.  As she kissed Love’s ass cheeks, she couldn’t help but wonder how naughty it would be to spread her friend’s yummy ass open and lick her hole a little.  She had never done anything like that before but she had seen it in a few of the lesbian porn movies she had watched.

It had always seemed so naughty and she was delightfully shocked at herself for thinking that now.  But she didn’t do it.  She had no idea if Love would even have wanted her to and even if she had she didn’t know if she was ready for that.  Maybe when they did this again…

Lacey found herself smiling with delight at the sound of that.  She badly wanted there to be a next time.  She didn’t believe in one-night stands with men and she wasn’t about to start that habit with women, especially since Love had just given her the best sex of her life.  And speaking of sex…

“Turn over again,” Lacey suddenly said, pulling herself away from Love’s ass with further dirty thoughts on her mind.

“Oooooh what are you going to do now?” Love teased again as she turned herself over once more to get on her back and show Lacey the front of her naked body.

“Let’s just say there’s somewhere else I’d like to kiss…” Lacey giggled, playing coy, but also leaving no doubt as to her intentions as she shifted her gaze to between Love’s thighs.

Seeing that stare, Love decided to help the younger girl out by spreading her legs for her.

“Is this where you’d like to be kissing?” Love asked, reaching down and caressing the smooth, glistening lips of her pussy while her open legs invited Lacey in for a taste.

“Oh yes,” Lacey moaned.  She loved the view she had now.  To see Love’s completely shaven pussy waiting for her, her tight pink little lips so wet and her fingers only making her wetter was hotter than anything she had seen in a porno.

Love was a nude vision lying on the tussled bedspread and she was the sexiest thing Lacey had ever laid eyes on.  But as she moved toward Love’s waiting sex with the full intention of licking her first girl lover until she felt as good as she had, Lacey had a terrible thought and froze.

What if she wasn’t any good?  What if she couldn’t make Love feel what she had felt?  What if she was bad at this? What if Love didn’t want to fuck her anymore?  Her heart started beating faster with nerves and Lacey felt her palms get sweaty, a sure sign of jitters.  She would still get them before auditions sometimes and Lacey considered this the most important audition of her life.  She didn’t want to mess it up.

Love immediately picked up on the girl’s nerves and sought to assure her that she wouldn’t be mad if she didn’t return the favor.  She wasn’t going to make her do anything she wasn’t ready for.

“Hey it’s okay…you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Love said, sitting up on the bed and putting her arm around Lacey before kissing her on the cheek.  “I won’t be mad if you’re not ready for this.”

“No…no…I do want to!  I REALLY want to,” Lacey insisted, not wanting Love to think she was selfish or regretful of what had happened.  “I just want to be good.  I want you to like it.”

“Sweetie I know I will,” Love said, hugging her nervous lover.  “I know it’s your first time.  Don’t be nervous.  I know you can get me off.  I’m so close already just from fucking you.  You can do it, but only if you want to.  You never have to do anything you don’t want.  That’s always the rule.”

Lacey smiled as she wondered if Love was sharing with her a bit of the secret lesbian code, but she still couldn’t shake her nerves.  She wanted to please her friend so much that she was psyching herself out.  She wasn’t sure if she could be good at licking a pussy for the first time.

Fortunately Love had a solution easily in hand.

“How about you use your fingers on me?” Love suggested.  “You can finger fuck my pussy and rub on my clit until I come. That would really make me feel good.  Sound good?”

As she said this she was also kissing Lacey’s sensitive neck, which gave the girl more than the extra incentive she needed.  Lacey smiled and moaned from Love’s kisses, especially as she felt her big boobs pressing into her from the hug.  Thinking of fingering Love to orgasm made her pussy flutter and Lacey quickly agreed.

“Sounds more than good,” Lacey replied, feeling her confidence come back as she pushed Love back down onto the bed and moved into position to get at the first pussy she was going to fuck.

She didn’t want Love to think she was reluctant.  She just wanted to bring her pleasure so badly.  She loved everything that had happened so far and she was so horny to play with Love’s pretty, shaved pussy.  She looked so pink and so sexy and Lacey found herself taking a deep whiff of her friend’s aroused aroma, loving it like it was perfume.  There was nothing about Love’s pussy that didn’t turn her on.  Seeing her totally smooth sex and being able to see and smell how turned on she was drove Lacey crazy…more than any hard cock ever had.

“I want to fuck you Love,” Lacey moaned as she lay between Love’s spread legs and delicately touched the slit of her friend, dragging her fingers up it just like Love had earlier done to her with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Love trembled and moaned from the sensual touch of those naughty little fingers against her cunt lips.  “That’s it baby!  Touch it!  Mmmm touch your first pussy!  Play with it a little and then fuck me!  You’re gonna make me feel so good!”

Lacey felt a sexy shiver of her own from touching another woman’s sex for the first time.  She had obviously felt her own but that was nothing like this.  To be able to touch another woman like this was such a wild thrill.  Lacey moaned as she rubbed the aroused lips of Love’s labia, relishing their smoothness and spreading her horny juices around.

“You’re so wet,” Lacey sighed with desire and wonder.  “Mmmmm Love!  I love how wet your pussy is!”

“Oooooh I’m wet for you!” Love cried, squeezing her tits as Lacey’s fingers tantalized her cunt lips and made her pulse race with arousal and need.  “You made my pussy soaked Lacey!  I’m so fucking turned on for you baby!  Mmmm you’re making me drip even more now!  Put your fingers in me baby!  Slide those fingers into me and feel how wet I got from licking your sweet little pussy!”

Lacey adored the idea that she had been able to make her friend turned lover this wet.  She loved touching the velvety smooth lips of Love’s pussy, rubbing against them like she enjoyed doing to herself when she masturbated and it was such a wild thrill to know she was doing this to another woman.  She couldn’t believe how soaked Love was and knowing her own body had made her this wet got Lacey even more dedicated to getting Love off.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!  Fuck!  Yeahhhh Lacey!  Just like that!” Love sighed with ragged, aroused breaths as Lacey’s first finger pushed past her slit and into the dripping folds beyond.  “Mmmmm gimmie another Lacey!  I want another finger!  Don’t be shy!  Give my slutty little pussy what it wants!”

“Mmmmm yeah…so slutty and sexy,” Lacey agreed while sliding her second finger into her friend.  “You’re so tight Love!  I want to make you come!  I want to make your slutty, sexy pussy come with my fingers!”

“Keep going!” Love instructed, her words coming out as moans as she gently writhed on the bed, her head rolling back and forth on the pillow from the gentle, but hot, touch she was getting.  “Work those fingers into me Lacey!  Rub my clit!  Do it just like you do when you touch yourself!  Don’t be shy!  Fuck me!”

Lacey took every word of advice to heart and did as she was told.  Finding Love’s clit was so easy that she found herself wondering why her boyfriends sometimes had so much difficulty getting to hers and once she had it, Lacey rubbed it with her two fingers.  She loved how every time her fingers touched it, Love would moan and bounce a little on the bed, trembling in pleasure.  The more pleasure Love felt, the more confident Lacey became.

She had never felt anything as wet and sexy as Love’s pussy.  She couldn’t even remember when her own pussy had gotten this wet before.  It felt so naughty and good to finger fuck it, her slim digits pushing past Love’s tightness and into her honey pot, making little squishing noises that Lacey loved to hear.

It was making her so hot to explore Love’s pussy with her fingers, feeling how tight it was and how her juices were starting to run down her fingers and get all the way down to her wrist.  Feeling those juices trickle on her flesh made Lacey moan and she sought pleasure of her own by burying her face in Love’s tits.

Love cried happily at the unexpected feel of Lacey’s warm lips enveloping her nipple. Lacey suckled on her tit while her fingers probed her cunt and the fact it was her sexy friend, whom she had known since she was a teenager, that was doing it to her made it all the hotter.  While she finger fucked her, Lacey buried her face in Love’s big boobs, going from nipple to nipple and sucking on them and wetly slurping on her whole areolas.  Having that happen while Lacey began pumping her fingers into her with more intensity had Love writhing even more with ecstasy.

“Yessssssssss!  Faster Lacey!” Love groaned in urgent need.  “Fuck that pussy!  Oooooh act like your fingers are a dick that you want fucking you nice and hard!  Mmmmm work them into me!  Fuck me!  Rub that clit!”

Lacey had to admit that sometimes when she was with a boyfriend she really enjoyed it hard and fast, like she was some kind of wild girl that needed to be taken and fucked and not made love to.  Most of the time she liked it nice and soft and tender but sometimes she would just go wild and want to be fucked raw.  Now she tried to summon her own emotions to get to the state where she needed to really be fucked so she could do Love like that.

Seeing Love all naked and horny and so, so beautiful as she writhed happily from being finger fucked certainly helped.  Lacey was eager to please her friend.  She would have done anything that Love wanted so she finger fucked her harder with extra gusto, jamming her two fingers into her sopping wet folds and rubbing them against her clit while she sucked on her tits with more passion, even biting on her nipple a little.

“Owwwww!  Oooooh you nasty girl!” Love laughed, the slight sting of pain giving way to even greater pleasure.  “Mmmmm so good Lacey!  So good!  Fuck me!  You’re so good at this! I need you now baby!  Make me come!  Mmmmm yessssss nice and hard like that Lacey!  Mmmmm stuff my pussy like that while your pretty face is buried in my big tits!  Oooh gimmie more fingers!  Jam a third one inside me!  I can take it!”

“Yesssssssssss take it!  Take my naughty fingers in your hot lesbian pussy Love!” Lacey cried from her own arousal as she added her thumb to the digits sliding into Love’s hot, velvety cunt.  “See what a nasty girl you’re turning me into!  I want you so bad Love!  I want you to come for me!  Come all over my fingers!”

Now Lacey was really feeling it.  She had so much adrenaline pumping through her veins now that she fucked Love with her fingers harder than she had ever fucked herself.  Love just kept begging for more and Lacey gave it to her, sliding her fingers in deep and fast and making sure she rubbed them right against Love’s throbbing clitoris while hungrily feasting on her tits, drool even dripping from her mouth and sexily trickling down the round flesh of Love’s big, soft boobs.

Lacey didn’t hold back anymore.  She didn’t feel any more nerves.  She was sure she could make Love come now and she wanted to give it to her so bad.  She could hear the wet squishing noises of her own fingers driving into Love’s tight, soaked pussy and Lacey loved that sound along with the way her fingers were getting so creamy.  She could feel her friend’s essence all over her fingers, running down her hand and even past her wrist now.

Lacey was having so much fun doing this to Love and she was thoroughly enjoying her own naughtiness, hearing the combined sounds of Love’s moans and cries and heavy breathing with the squishing noises of her fingers in her and loving knowing that she was doing this.  She was making Love feel good.  She was fucking another girl and getting her off!  She could do this!

Love had to admit she was happily surprised by how well Lacey was doing.  She loved her enthusiasm and the way her fingers were exploring her sensitive folds.  Naturally the temptation for a first-timer was to be too delicate or tentative, but Lacey was neither of those things.  Her fingering was eager and passionate and with no fear.  In fact it was so good that Love found herself needing more.

She could feel herself getting so close and as much as she loved those fingers in her pussy, Love couldn’t help but ask for more.  After all fingers were nice, but a tongue was always so much better.  She wasn’t sure if Lacey was ready, but she still felt like she owed it to herself to at least ask.

“Oh Laceyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Love moaned.  “Mmmmm baby I need your mouth on me!  I want you to lick my pussy!  Fuck me Lacey!  Fuck me like I fucked you!”

With her fingers so slick and juicy from Love’s arousal, Lacey was beyond being inhibited by that point.  If her friend wanted her mouth on her pussy then she was going to give it to her.  She had come too far to be afraid now and since her body was still tingling from what she had just felt she knew she owed Love.  More importantly she wanted to do it.  Now that she was confident she could make a woman feel good, Lacey wanted to experience the taste of her first pussy.

But first Lacey pulled her fingers out of Love.  She licked all three of them with a greedy, naughty lashing of her tongue.  She licked her fingers and her thumb like they were a dribbling ice cream cone, relishing the taste of Love’s sweet, yummy juices and wanting them to fill her belly as if they were the most satisfying dessert she had ever sampled.

Lacey could hear Love moan and looked up to see her naked, horny friend fondling her own big tits, palming the heavy mounds still wet with her saliva and then tugging on her own nipples.  She loved knowing that licking her fingers like this was turning Love on.  Lacey loved being bad like this and seeing Love’s reactions further convinced her that what she was doing was right.  And it also gave her a wicked idea.

Now it was her turn to tease.

“I want you to beg me,” Lacey giggled, enjoying this turning of the tables.  “Mmmmm beg me to fuck you!  Beg me to be a bad girl and eat your pussy!  Beg naughty little Lacey to make you come!  Mmmmm I want to hear you Love.  I want you to beg me to show you I’m not a little girl anymore and that I can be all sexy and hot like you are!”

Love never had any problems begging.  She was such a slut around her housemates that her pussy was her own worst enemy when it came to resisting their demands.  She could never deny herself and when her friends made her plead for pleasure swear that she was their dirty whore and needed to be fucked like one she always gave in with barely any fight.

She needed sex like no other at the mansion and they all knew it.  When her pussy got wet she had to see it all the way to orgasm and now Lacey knew it too.  She was already using it to her advantage and when Love caved after but a few moments of denial Lacey knew she had learned one of her friend’s sexiest secrets.

“Fuck me Lacey!  Please fuck me!” Love begged.  “I’m such a slut and I need it so bad baby!  Ooooooh gawwwwd all my girlfriends say I’m a slut and they’re so fucking right!  Now I’m a slut for you too like I am for them!  Fuck me Lacey!  Give my slutty pussy your mouth!  Lick me!  Gawwd please lick me Lacey!  I want you to taste what a dirty little slut I am!”

“Yessssssss more!” Lacey huskily demanded, her own arousal getting her pussy nuclear hot again.  “Tell me what a slut you are!  Tell me how you want me to be a naughty girl too and fuck you and make you come!”

“Make me fucking come Lacey!” Love whimpered. “Be a bad girl and eat my wet lesbian pussy!  That’s what you want to hear, huh?  How I’m a nasty fucking slut turning the good little religious girl into a dirty pussy licker? Mmmmm how I’m making you into a slutty lesbo like me?  Ooooooh cause I am!  I love making you be bad Lacey!  I’m turning you into a horny slut who’ll fuck hot girls just like I am!  You’re not the little girl I used to know anymore Lacey!  You’re a sexy fucking slut now with your big tits and your round, fuckable ass and your sweet, sweet pussy!  Now lick my pussy you bad girl!  Lick me up and swallow my cum down like I did to you so you can be the dirty little lesbian you’ve always wanted to be!”

Lacey shuddered sexily over Love’s words.  Gawwwd this was what she wanted!  It was what she had always wanted!  She didn’t need boys anymore.  She just needed wet, hot pussy!  She wanted to be a lesbian!  She wanted to eat Love’s pussy and taste her cum and swallow it down like a good slut was supposed to!  And she wanted it now!

Thanking God again for putting her on this path, Lacey stopped playing.  With Love’s completely shaved and absolutely soaked pussy spread open in front of her, how could she resist a moment more?  She plunged her face down right into her friend’s beautiful vagina and started licking.  She didn’t think.  She just licked.  She licked all over the dripping, bald lips of her splayed labia.  She licked over the pink folds that were so open and sexy for her.  And most of all she licked right on Love’s visibly swollen clitoris.

“OHHHHHHHHHH LACEYYYYYYYYYY!!!  YESSSSSSS!  BABY YESSSSSSSSSSS!” Love howled, one hand grabbing at the bedspread and the other pressing right into the wall behind the bed as she sought to steady her bucking body.

While she licked, Lacey kicked herself for even hesitating in the first place.  Love was so delicious.  It was the first pussy she had ever tasted and she loved it.  She loved the rich flavor and how Love had so much sexy cream to feed her.  Love was so turned on for her and her taste was so yummy.

Lacey had never swallowed boy cum when she’d given a blowjob.  She’d always been too shy to.  But now that she was fucking another woman she only wanted to swallow down every drop of creamy girl juice and drain her hot friend of all her cum.

The more she licked, the more she wanted it.  Lacey wondered if her tongue was possessed now but she didn’t care if it was.  In fact if it was she wanted it to be.  She didn’t want to stop licking.  Not for anything.  She had been waiting too long to taste pussy and she never wanted to hold herself back again.  She just wanted to lick every sensitive fold and taste every juice drop and rub her tongue all over Love’s hard clit while her friend pressed her pussy into her face and made her makeup run a little with all the wetness dripping out of her sex hole.

She licked as fast as she can, trying to get her tongue right where Love wanted it to be.  For something she had never done before, Lacey felt like she was getting it really quickly.  With every cry she heard from Love, the more Lacey was convinced she was doing it just how it needed to be done and that she could be really good at it…as good as Love had been to her.

She wanted to explore all of Love’s hot pussy with her mouth and her tongue and suck and lick her all over, but she mostly concentrated on her clit based on the frantic cries her horny friend kept spitting out between her gasps and moans of ecstasy.


Love had never ever really expected to find herself in this position.  To be able to look down and find her gorgeously petite friend Lacey Chabert between her legs eating her out was wonderfully surreal for her.  And she was so good at it too!  Whatever lesbian desire Lacey had been holding back was really spilling out now and Love was reaping all the benefits of it.

She really did feel like she was seconds away from coming.  She wasn’t just saying it to make Lacey feel good.  The feel of Lacey’s no longer innocent tongue bathing her clitoris was like nothing Love could describe except it felt completely amazing.  It kind of reminded her of the first time Sarah had gone down on her.  That had been the first time she had ever been licked by another woman and Sarah had been so eager to lick every hot spot she had and make sure she came from her tongue.

It wasn’t even that Sarah had been a perfect pussy licker her first time out…they had both learned so much since that first time.  It was who it was that had been licking her that night that had gotten Love off that night and it was the same way now.  Being fucked by Lacey was completely unexpected and having her seemingly pure friend be such an enthusiastic fuck was like suddenly finding buried treasure while walking along the beach minding your own business.  Not expecting this to happen made it so much sweeter.


If Love wanted it faster, Lacey was going to give it to her.  She had her tongue going wild on Love like she never had for any other lover.  Her swollen clit was there for the taking and Lacey took it with lewd aggression.  She lapped away at it while her own sticky fingers were at work between her own legs, mixing hers and Love’s cum all over her digits as she fucked herself while fucking her friend.

As Love’s pussy got creamier and tighter around her tongue, Lacey licked faster.  The folds of Love’s pussy seemed like they wanted to clamp down around her tongue and keep her from ever leaving and Lacey was totally willing to let that happen.  As far as she was concerned, the pinkness between Love’s thighs was heaven and she never wanted to leave it.  She licked and licked and licked some more while Love’s body bucked hard on the bed and her pussy mashed against her face, smearing girl cream all over her chin and even onto her cheeks and when Lacey gave Love that one final lick right against the pearl of her clit, she got the reward she had been so famished for.


Love kept on screaming out her orgasmic ecstasy and Lacey did exactly what she was told.  She kept her mouth right on Love’s pussy and licked away at the gushingly delicious flavor of her release.  She had never tasted anything like it and she wanted more right away.  It felt so amazing to be able to taste this.  Lacey felt like she was being fed ambrosia for all her hard work and the flavor and richness of Love’s cummy girl cream was more than a suitable reward for her labors.

Love writhed on the bed as she came, her tits shaking while each and every scream of release flowed out of her mouth like a happy song.  And with every shake and every howl, Lacey kept her face between her thighs lapping at her clitoris with her emboldened tongue.

She gulped down every bit of cum she could get and let the rest soak her chin and drip down her neck and Love’s thighs.  She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to stop and since she loved the taste so much she just kept on licking and licking and licking until finally Love could take no more.

“Ooooooh babyyyy mmmmm gawwwd you’re gonna lick my clit raw,” a flushed and smiling Love finally mewed out, her voice sounding of total satisfaction.  “Mmmmm get up here Lacey.  Kiss me!”

Lacey was only too happy to do that and she did just like Love had done to her, draping her body on top of hers and passionately kissing her so they could share the juicy, wonderful flavor of her orgasm.  Lacey moaned as she still tasted herself on Love’s lips and their juices started to mix together from their tongue kiss.

While they kissed, the two happy women softly rubbed their nude bodies together, their large breasts mashing together as their hard nipples poked into each other.  Love took her turn to moan when she felt Lacey’s bush tickle her bare and so well licked girlflesh.  She couldn’t wait to grind against this girl and introduce Lacey to the wickedly sapphic pleasure of scissoring but she knew they were both going to need a little resting up first.

So instead Love and Lacey continued trading wet tongue kisses.  Lacey was by now a very, very eager kisser and Love continued to each her with each lip lock.  Every touch of her lips and every rub of her tongue taught Lacey more about kissing girls and she paid rapt attention.

Love rubbed her hands down Lacey’s back, feeling the glazing of sex sweat on her heated skin and keeping her close so their bodies would keep touching in all the right places.  And then Love made it hotter for the both of them by moving her hands down lower and grabbing onto Lacey’s bare ass, giving her cheeks a healthy squeeze and kissing her just a little bit harder.

Lacey giggled at the touch as her mind whirled over the idea that not only was another woman grabbing her butt but that she liked it and that she already knew this was a pleasure she was going to want to feel again and again.  She had never experienced ecstasy like this and her tears from before were nothing but a distant memory.

Sensing that, Love smiled and asked a question she already knew the answer to.

“Feeling better?” Love inquired before both of them laughed.

“Oh yeah,” Lacey answered.  “Much better!  Mmmmm I won’t be crying over any boys again for a long time!”

And after what had just happened, both of them knew that was an understatement.


Meanwhile for several not already in the city, it was a race to get to Las Vegas and it was not a race Waldo, Franklin and Delbert could lose. They had to get there as soon as possible. There wasn’t a moment to lose, not when they had to warn the girls that their lives were in danger.

Michelle LaTourelle, the woman they had thought was just a mere maid at the mansion and an eager participant in the fun, was in fact something far more. A trained and deadly French spy and assassin, she’d been a sleeper agent in the United States the entire time she had been in the country, never expecting that the mission for her country and the pleasure she sought from her famous employers would have find themselves on the same course heading toward each other in a collision of runaway trains. But now her cover was blown and Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had to get to the girls before Michelle did.

Their experience had shown them there was nothing more dangerous than a desperate spy and they had seen first-hand how desperate Michelle was. They had barely escaped with their lives and now they had race her. They had to warn the girls and they knew Michelle would do anything to stop them. They had to get to them first because it was clear that her real identity was something Michelle was capable of killing to protect.

To get from Malibu to Las Vegas wasn’t difficult, but normal transportation wouldn’t do. Driving was too slow and using an airport was far too risky right now. There was too much heat on them. They had to go underground…literally.

That was why they were onboard a secret project only a few actually knew about. The secret bullet train that connected California and Nevada was under the earth and still top secret. The actual existence of the train was protected on the highest level by those who had teamed together to build it with federal and private funds. A brainchild of Barack Obama, Jerry Brown, Harry Reid, Steven Spielberg and Richard Branson, it was still in a massive test to insure it was safe enough to provide fast, efficient transportation underground and few were aware it was underground the two states.

But, as members of The Quadrant, the latest technology was available to them and the high-speed train carried Waldo, Franklin and Delbert as they traveled as quickly as they could. But the time it was taking them to get there also provided a much needed opportunity to come together on a strategy. The one problem that kept facing them, though, was that there was not going to be any easy way to do this.

“They’re never going to believe us,” Franklin said, shaking his head. “How do we tell them that their maid is a deadly assassin without them laughing in our face?”

“I don’t think there’s a way, but we can work through that,” Waldo replied as they all conferred in a private car on the train. “Once they see the whole story they’ll have to believe us. There’s no other option.”

But there was another voice to be heard on this issue, someone who had seen up close just how dangerous Michelle could be.

“They’ll believe me,” Tara Reid insisted, feeling a chill run up her spine as she remembered the feeling of terror she’d experienced as Michelle had held a knife to her throat. She’d been sure she was going to use it, but fortunately her hero had come to her rescue and saved her life again. “Once I tell them what she did, there’s no way they won’t believe it. We can stop that bitch before she hurts anyone!”

The smartest play would have been to leave Tara behind at a safe house after they’d been forced to abandon ship.  Waldo and Franklin knew that and they had grave doubts about bringing Tara along on such a dangerous mission. But Delbert had been adamant about it. She was coming one way or the other. So there she was, now a part of the team and coming along with them to Las Vegas and she actually had a point.

“They will believe her more readily than us,” Franklin surmised.

“Of course they will,” Delbert declared as if the alternative was ridiculous. “Who wouldn’t believe her? Angels never lie!”

Tara smiled at the show of faith and gave Delbert a big kiss on the lips for it. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to repay him for saving her life twice but she was sure as hell going to try to do it.

“It may be our best option,” Waldo said. “But we’re going to need you to be very careful Tara. This is going to be even more dangerous than it was on the boat. “

“I’m not afraid,” Tara insisted as she wrapped her arms around Delbert and held her boyfriend close. “I’m never going to be afraid again. Not when I have my guardian angel with me! That bitch won’t scare me. I owe her one. After what happened on the boat and what happened when that crazy cunt Jaime Pressley kidnapped me, I never going to let anyone make me feel helpless again!”

“Well we need to go into this being very clear about what we do and what we don’t know,” Franklin said, going to the dry erase board and putting down some notes. “We know that Brandon has the MAW Device and he’s going to auction it off. But we don’t know what he’s using it for right now. We do know that Michelle is working with Renee. We do know that Renee isn’t representing France right now. He’s working for himself. We don’t know if Michelle knows that.”

“She did seem honestly surprised when she heard that,” Waldo added.

“So that could be something we have to our advantage,” Franklin replied. “We don’t know just how far she’ll go. Will she actually hurt the girls to protect her secret?”

“We have to assume she will,” Waldo said. “She’s an assassin. They don’t usually come with a conscience. We may have to take her out before the takes the girls out.”

“You mean…” Tara began to ask, following along exactly what they were implying.

“If we have to,” Waldo replied.

“Wow…I mean good! She deserves it!” Tara replied, still remembering the feel of that knife pressed against her throat. “Have you guys ever done that before?”

“No,” Franklin admitted.

“No,” Waldo too said.

“No…wait, what was the question?” Delbert asked.

“Have you ever…you know…killed someone?” Tara asked, the last part coming out as a whisper.

“Ohhhhh…no,” Delbert replied. “But I’ll do anything to protect the girls. And I’ll do anything to protect you!”

“If we’re lucky it won’t come to that,” Franklin said. “We don’t know what limits Michelle will go to.”

“If we get there before she does, then we might not have to find out,” Waldo said as the train zipped along underground as fast as it could go.


There was another thing, though, that they didn’t know as the train moved along. They had picked up a stowaway and Michelle as doing everything she could to remain completely out of sight. She had known that it would be too hot for these idiots to use the airport to get to Las Vegas and the truth was there was probably too much heat on her to move like that either. So, knowing they would have to find alternate transportation, Michelle had hitched a ride aboard their train with no one the wiser.

And, as she’d remained hidden, she’d gotten the latest briefing from Renee. The latest intelligence was that Brandon and his crew had already left Los Angeles and were now situated in Las Vegas, though it was unclear exactly what for. But that was a stroke of luck as far as Michelle was concerned. She was going right to where the device was and she was sure she knew that and these CIA stooges didn’t. That meant, if all worked perfectly, she could take care of them, never let her employers be the wiser and get the MAW Device for Renee and end this nightmare. All she wanted was her old life back…her new old life that was.

She never would have expected to find happiness as a common domestic with a bunch of spoiled celebrities as her employer. But she had. And she didn’t want to lose that. Her dedication to France no longer seemed as important as the company and pleasure of her employers. Michelle saw them more as her bosses. She saw them as her friends and she didn’t want to have to do anything to hurt them. In fact she was willing to do anything to protect them from ever finding out anything that would put them in danger. And if that meant taking these three and the weird one’s bimbo girlfriend then she was more than prepared to do that.

Michelle couldn’t make a move now. This train was far too secure for her to do anything but hide in it. But once they got to Las Vegas and they were out in the open, Michelle knew she could strike. She’d be able to get rid of these nuisances before they could tell anyone anything and then she could get the MAW Device and tell Renee that she was out for good. That was the only option she could live with. Having to do anything else was too horrible to contemplate and she was willing to do anything to see that it happened.


It really was funny how life turned out sometimes. You could think you were at your lowest point and then a sudden twist of fate could turn everything around before you could even blink. Just when it seemed as though everything was hopeless, you could find yourself closer to all you wanted.

That was the thought that kept running through Jaime Pressley’s head as she luxuriously soaked in the bathtub, savoring her chance to rest in the perfect temperature of the water amongst the soapy bubbles. She couldn’t help but think that this was her own Pretty Woman moment, but she wasn’t a whore like Julia Roberts. She was a free woman now and revenge was in her sights.

After months of prison showers and having to fuck the guards for any kind of privilege, Jaime would have been happy to be at a Motel 6. But here she was in a suite at the Palms, soaking herself in the water and letting prison wash off her like it was a layer of grime on her skin now. All that was gone now and Jaime knew that absolute freedom was just a few steps away. And it would be mighty sweet freedom indeed because what could be better than destroying Rose McGowan and her dyke friends and then walking away from it with barely a hair out of place?

Even in her wildest dreams she had never thought something that beautiful could be accomplished with ease. The only thing keeping her going inside prison was knowing she would be called to testify at Rose’s trial and that she would have the chance to expose and humiliate her on the stand and let the whole world know what a disgusting, fucked-up whore Rose was. She would have revealed everything about Rose, the sex, the drugs, the violence and more. And everyone would have eaten it up like it was a gourmet meal.

That was to have been her reward for enduring prison. But now she had something better. Because that dream of triumph had come before she’d been freed. That had come before she had met Brandon Moore.

She hadn’t had the slightest idea who the fuck he was and, even after he had introduced himself to her in such a unique way, she still had no idea. And, truthfully, Jaime didn’t particularly care who he was or what he wanted. She cared about what she wanted and if he was going to make it easier for her to get it then she was going to be his ally for as long as she found it advantageous to be so. And so far this new partnership was working out great.

A few hours ago she’d been in prison. Now she was in a luxury suite in Vegas and Jaime considered that to be pretty damn great. Brandon had executed three prison guards to get her out of jail and no one had to tell Jaime that meant he was serious. So when he had started telling her something about some crazy machine called a MAW Device she gave it her full attention. She didn’t really believe in all that bullshit hypnosis stuff, but she knew she didn’t need to believe. She just needed to enjoy this ride as it led her right to Rose and the chance to finally break her once and for all.

Knowing that Rose was in this hotel too and that she had no idea danger was so close to her filled Jamie with such satisfaction that it made her wet. And she knew the pleasure was only going to become more delicious as soon as she had Rose where she wanted her. She was going to make that cunt pay for what she had done to her and she was going to enjoy every bit of her suffering.

Jaime had no idea if this fucking machine worked or not but Brandon sure seemed to think it did and she was in no mood to argue with him after what he had done for her. Besides she had seen the effects first hand and this was either the real thing or some really elaborate con. But either way she was living the life of luxury in this suite and she knew it was only going to get better. Brandon had a plan and had made her part in it clear. She was fully on-board too because she knew that if it worked the way he had designed it to, she would be able to get the sweetest revenge ever.

If that machine really could turn people into slaves, Jaime had every intention of making sure she was going to put it to good use. At first she had imagined using it on Rose to fry her brain to a crisp. But she had soon come up with something better. That would have been too good for Rose. She wanted her to feel anguish. She wanted Rose to be in agony. And Jaime knew just the way to do it. She would make Rose watch. She would force her to see as she made sure that machine turned each and every one of her friends into brain-dead fuck puppets and she would force Rose to see and feel the full effects of it as she would command Rose’s friends to turn on her and be the instruments of her revenge.

Jaime wanted to make sure Rose’s heart was broken before she went to work on her body and just the thought of Rose’s howls of pain as she was beaten completely from seeing her friends twisted and destroyed right in front of her filled Jaime with the need for orgasm.

She’d been too fucking busy in prison using her mouth, pussy and even her asshole to get favors from the guards to be able to get herself off. But now she could change all that with ease. It would have been so easy to just slide her hand between her legs and take care of herself, but Jaime had an even better idea. Because now that they were all in Vegas, Jaime had been given a present by Brandon, two toys he had tested the MAW Device on and no longer had use for at the moment. He had told Jaime she could use them and she intended to take him up on that.

“You two fucking bitches get your asses in here! NOW!” Jaime commanded and the door to the bathroom opened moments later allowing a completely nude Michelle Trachtenberg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead to walk inside.

Michelle and Mary’s eyes were both blank and emotionless, their pupils now with a glowing blue tint. They didn’t even feel their own nudity. They took notice of nothing except what they were commanded to do and Jaime had a few commands for them as she lounged in the suite’s oversized bathtub.

“Get in here with me,” Jaime commanded. “Get me nice and clean you two! Mmm scrub me all over before I get you in bed!”

“Yes Mistress,” Michelle and Mary replied together, their voices completely obedient and docile as they strode forward.

Jaime admired the gorgeous young bodies of the two brainwashed actresses, seeing them as living proof that maybe that crazy machine really did work. Of course she was going to put that to the test soon enough. She had managed to reunite herself with a lot of her old equipment from before being stuck in jail and, after her bath, she intended to absolutely brutalize Michelle and Mary, taking them in every wicked way she could dream of and seeing just how well these broken bitches obeyed commands.

But, as fun as she knew that was going to be, Jaime knew the real fun wouldn’t be at hand until she finally had Rose.


In the suite next door, the minds of the people there were a lot less on play and a lot more on work. But, like Jaime, there were similar results in mind. However, for the blonde it was all about revenge but for Brandon it was about profit. Sure revenge against Waldo, Franklin and Delbert was the bonus to all of that, but that would be the final piece of the puzzle.

First he would be able to use the MAW Device to make sure that Hollywood’s unhappily cuckolded husbands got their payback and that he would bleed them of their money in the process. Then he would put the device up for the highest bidder. Then – and only then – once they saw the destruction that had been unleashed, Brandon would make sure the three of them had their hearts removed by his own hand. Then his revenge would be complete.

“Is it ready yet?” Brandon demanded as he watched Dr. Raymond Hall make the last configurations.

“It should be in perfect order,” Raymond replied. “The MAW Device was transported perfectly. It’s ready to be used. All it needs is a subject to be used on.”

“Oh it will have several, starting today,” Brandon smiled. “Taylor’s men are at the ready and I have a list ready to go.”

The suite they had secured for themselves had been turned into a command center with relative ease. In her obedient state, Michelle Trachtenberg had been only too eager to find out the exact hotel everyone would be staying at and Bandon had used that hotel to make sure he had intelligence on all the girls’ whereabouts. Mr. Taylor had deployed his men around town already, making sure that there were eyes on all of the women on his list and that he knew exactly where they were. The flat screen TV in the suite had already been turned into a monitor that had the feeds of the hotel’s security cameras. He couldn’t see into the rooms but Brandon knew where everyone was. There would be no escape.

It was too bad for the guests who had made the reservations for the suites that he and Jaime were now set up in, but it had been the wrong place at the wrong time for them. He supposed if anyone ever did find their bodies in the desert there would be some questions, but by then he would be long gone, having made his profit in Hollywood and then moved on to far bigger game.

With Dr. Hall’s expertise and Taylor’s mercenaries, Brandon knew the time was now to strike. Waiting any longer could lead to complications. But he also knew the danger of moving too quickly. This wasn’t just any mission. This was a hunt. The women had to be taken without anyone suspecting anything until it was too late. That meant patience and caution. But he had been patient for so long and he was ready to wait just a little bit longer.

“Which one should we take first?” Raymond asked. “Gellar? Dunst? Spears?”

“No, not yet,” Brandon said. “I have someone else in mind first. I think our Hollywood crowd needs a little demonstration first. They need to know just what this device is capable of and once they do, their wallets will open even quicker. I know just the girl to demonstrate on and we’ll grab her tonight.”


As a long and content moan flowed out of her parted lips, Kristen Bell felt like the happiest woman on Earth.  She felt so good right then.  She was more at peace with who she was than she had in a long time and that positive state of mind impacted her whole body and soul. Plus it didn’t hurt that reason she was moaning was from the sensual pleasure that could only come from her naked body being caressed by a soft pair of skilled female hands.

“Ohhhhhhhh baby mmmmm that’s incredible,” Kristen moaned.  “Your hands are unbelievable.  If I was a kitten I’d so purr for you right now.”

“That’s why I’m doing it sweetie,” Mila Kunis smiled as she brushed away Kristen’s blonde hair and kissed her neck, getting even more soft moans of pleasure from the girl while she massaged her bare back.  “Want me to rub your tummy next?  Then we can see how much I can really make you purr?”

“Ooooooh you’re gonna have to go lower than that to get a realllly good purring out of me,” Kristen giggled as she lay on her stomach on the bed.  “Mmmm but please don’t stop.  Oh Mila!  This feels just fantastic!  Don’t stop!”

“I won’t,” Mila promised.  “You definitely need this.  Gotta get rid of this tension.”
“I think you helped me release some of that tension a few minutes ago,” Kristen giggled, still enjoying the post-coital sense of satisfaction from the orgasms she and Mila had just licked each other to.

“Ohhhh is that what that was you just creamed all over my tongue and face?  Tension?” Mila teased back.  “Mmmmm that tension sure tasted good.”

“Well there was some tension there…along with something much yummier,” Kristen said, her laughter increasing as Mila began to gently tickle her back.

Kristen had always been a ticklish girl and Mila knew just how to do it for maximum playfulness, making Kristen laugh happily until she got Mila to stop the best way, by turning her head toward her and pulling her in for a kiss.

Mila and Kirsten kissed sensually, their tongues softly and wetly rubbing together, giving them both a chance to taste the juices that had been licked out of them by the other.  The girls both moaned as they kissed and Kristen moved onto her side so she could be face to face with Mila on the bed.  The passion of their kisses grew and the nude girls began rubbing their bare bodies together, loving how it felt for their perky tits and hard nipples to touch.

“Ohhhhh I’m so glad you were able to meet me here,” Mila said with a big smile as they paused their kissing.  “I was really looking forward to this.”

“Me too,” Kristen assured her, feeling a lovely shiver of pleasure travel through her body from the sensual sparks created by hers and Mila’s naked bodies touching.  “Mmmmm you always know just what I need Mila.”

“So how long do you get to stick around or is Alyson going to turn you into a pumpkin if you’re not back by midnight?” Mila couldn’t resist asking, noting the special and secret circumstances, of her friend’s social life.

“It’s not like that…it’s…it’s…well it’s complicated…but I can do whatever I like…” Kristen insisted.

“And whomever too, I hope,” Mila said.

“Oooooh what does that mean?” Kristen asked.  “I like the sound of that.”

“You’ll find out all in good time,” Mila coyly replied.   “And hopefully that time will be really soon.”

“Now that’s something I like the sound of even more,” Kristen replied.  “Mmmm I just hope whatever you’re hinting at is a cute girl we can both play with.”

“Well you just get right down to it, don’t you Kristen,” Mila laughed.  “No beating around the bush for you?  What’s the matter?  Am I not enough for you?”

“I can’t help it,” Kristen laughed back, knowing that she was acting no better than a horny boy wanting two girls when one was already right there for the taking.  “It’s just that I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time.  I finally get to do whatever I want and I just want it all I guess.”

“Well I can’t blame you for that,” Mila said, still smiling.  “I mean if I was on the short leash that Alyson had been keeping you on I’d want to go a little crazy too.  Plus she was literally keeping you on a leash…”

“Stop it!” Kristen demanded playfully returning the favor and tickling Mila to make her point, getting happy, shrieking giggles from the lithe brunette.  “Don’t make me call her up because she’ll be up here before you know it to tie you up so we both can have some fun with you.”

Mila loved teasing Kristen about the special circumstances of her relationship with Alyson Hannigan, but she was only doing it out of affection and she knew full well just how seductive the redhead could be in drawing someone into her web.

She hadn’t known it at the time but when Alyson had guested on That 70’s Show she had ended up seducing her co-star and friend Laura Prepon, a fact that had become clear down the line when Mila had ended up in a fun threesome with the two of them.  She could still remember how good it had been to be on her hands and knees and feel Alyson pushing a strap-on cock up her ass while her guttural moans of surrender and passion were quieted by Laura’s heavy tits and her then soft, sweet pussy in her face.

Mila hadn’t given into Alyson’s offer to find out just how much fun it would be to become one of her submissive little playthings, but it had been tempting and it wasn’t hard to see why Kristen had taken Alyson up on it.  Mila actually wished she had seen what it was like for Kristen to be one of Alyson’s slaves.  She knew it had to be hot enough to melt steel, but she had never played like that and Mila wouldn’t have known where to start.

The truth was Mila still considered herself straight…at least mostly straight.  She had a boyfriend and she loved him but he definitely didn’t know about her side activities with other women.  She didn’t play with girls because she was dissatisfied with her relationship.  It was just that women offered her something extra for her to enjoy.  It was like eating healthy and right most of the time and then going out one night and getting a really awesome dessert filled with calories and all kinds of delicious sugary sweetness.

Being with women was an indulgence for her and Mila liked it that way.  Getting involved with something like Alyson’s world was too intense for her so that was why she had shied away from it.  She didn’t want what she had with her girlfriends to become anything more than what it was…hot, sexy and naughty fun with no complications.

Before today it had been a while since she had been with another girl and Mila was going to make the most out of every sapphic second of it.  There were just things women could do to her that no man ever could and being with Kristen was absolutely wonderful.  To feel her soft lips all over her naked body and have that sexy, wet tongue licking her pussy had been heaven to Mila and she was eager for more.

She was very happy that Kristen had been able to do whatever she had to do to get away from Alyson’s leash.  She wanted to absolutely ravish the sexy blonde all weekend long and didn’t want to have to deal with any mistress/slave drama while doing so.

Mila and Kristen had shared a very hot connection on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Mila had lusted for Kristen from the first moment she had looked at the girl’s tiny, but wonderful body.  And when she had seen Kristen’s small, but proud tits, toned body from abs to arms to legs and especially her absolutely amazing booty nice and naked, Mila had become hooked on the naughty blonde.

While filming, they had spent many a sexy Hawaiian night together, bringing each other pleasure and creating an experience neither of them would ever forget.  Not only had it been a breakout movie for the both of them, but they had left it with a sexual connection they had both enjoyed to its fullest.

Mila had been so happy to have her friend come to her hotel room that she had barely let the door close behind Kristen before bringing her in for a passionate kiss and starting to get their clothes off.  She and Kristen had proceeded to lick some very sweet orgasms out of each other, but they were hardly done and Mila couldn’t wait to show her special surprise to her friend.  And that was only the beginning of the fun she wanted to get into while she was here.

“Well if you want more girls to join in then I can call up Kirsten and Eliza and see if they want to play,” Mila smiled.  “I have the feeling it won’t take much convincing for them to join in.  After all, they already know just how hot you are.”

Kristen giggled excitedly at the sound of that.  She was giddy over all the erotic possibilities that lay ahead for her in Vegas and the idea of reconnecting with Eliza and Kirsten sounded very, very good to her.  She had played with the sexy couple once before, when Alyson had brought her and Shannon and Mena over to their house, calling them an “anniversary gift” for the couple and commanding her slaves to do whatever her friends wished.

Kristen had loved pleasuring them both.  The tastes of Kirsten and Eliza on her lips had been something she had savored and the thought of seeing them again sent a happy tingle to her lustful heart.

But even more than the chance to experience beautiful women like them again, and this time without any restrictions like having to wait for her mistress’ permission to lick, what Kristen craved most of all from this weekend in Vegas was simple and straightforward clarity.  She had loved her experiences with Alyson and how it had broadened her mind in regard to what was pleasurable.  She had learned so much about her own sexuality from being with Alyson and her friends, but she knew that to learn even more she had to break away.

While being with Alyson and serving her as a submissive slave had brought her indescribable sexual pleasure, it had also brought her confusion and uncertainty and Kristen wanted to part those clouds away.  Was she a lesbian?  Kristen didn’t know for certain but she sure as hell wanted to find out.

All those times with Alyson as her “slave”, Kristen had been able to somewhat rationalize what she was doing as something she was being “forced” into even though everything Alyson had ever done to her had been more than consensual.  But at the same time, in those wonderful experiences with Mila and even that first time with Alyson and Charisma, when it had just been about sex and pleasure and not about domination and submission, it had been amazing.  She hadn’t been compelled to do anything.  She had done it of her own free will.  It had made her feel so free and sensual and the orgasms had been like nothing she had ever experienced with men.

She had spent many nights thinking about this and Kristen knew she had to seek clarity to end this confusion.  If she was a lesbian, that was okay.  She wasn’t scared of liking women.  But if that was who she was, then Kristen wanted to know for sure.

As long as she was Alyson’s slave she would never know the truth because she would always be thinking in the back of her mind that what she really enjoyed was giving up all control to a sexy, powerful person.  What if she would have gotten just as wet if it had been a man acting as her master and controlling her into being his willing sex slave?

Kristen hadn’t ruled out the idea at the end of this weekend that she would go back to Alyson and beg to be her slave again.  She adored Alyson.  She felt so safe and protected when she was her slave and the sex was absolutely incredible.  Maybe that was where she belonged.  Maybe that was who she was meant to be.

But she wasn’t going to find out unless she journeyed out on her own this weekend and found out where her destiny would lead her.  Was she a lesbian?  Was she bisexual?  Was she a submissive little slut?  Or would she find the same intense pleasure by controlling someone else and ordering them to lick and fuck her?

Kristen was certain Mila would help her with this and she couldn’t wait to see the fun they would get into together…especially if it involved lots of other sexy women.  The one thing Kristen had no doubt about was how much she loved sex with girls and what she and Mila had just done was only a warm-up as far as she was concerned.

“Ooooh you like that idea,” Mila smiled, enjoying the reaction she got by bringing up Eliza and Kirsten.  “I can feel the heat off your pussy.  Mmmm I love that you fucked them too, just like me!  They’re both so hot and I haven’t seen them in forever.  I definitely want to get you and me together with them.”

Mila’s first lesbian experience had been with Kirsten.  Her former co-star had offered her what she had just thought was a friendly invitation to come lie by the pool and get some sun.  But of course it had turned out to be so much more and when Kirsten had talked her out of her bikini top and revealed her true lustful intentions, at first Mila hadn’t known how to react.  She had never done a single lesbian thing before that day.  But whatever resistance she had come in with had quickly crumbled once Kirsten had shown her the unbelievable pleasure of another woman’s touch.

Mila still shook her head at her own stupidity when she remembered how she had actually begged her friend to stop at first.  How could she have ever resisted something that felt this good?  Not only had Kirsten licked her pussy into a creamy frenzy that day, but she had gotten her totally hooked on the taste of another woman.  And that was before Eliza had emerged naked from the house and turned things into a threesome.

The erotic memories of that first day always sent shivers through Mila’s body.  And while in her mind she was still straight and loved men, Mila also knew there was no intense pleasure quite like uninhibited, unbridled sex with another woman.  She had loved all her experiences sharing Kirsten and Eliza’s bed, of getting naughty on set with Kristen, of seeing just how beautiful her co-star Laura was and, of course, those few times she had gone to the Malibu mansion and seen lesbian sex at its wildest.

Mila had only been to the mansion a few times but she had loved everything that had happened to her there.  With a good relationship and a loyal boyfriend, Mila didn’t go for girls all that often.  But when she did she wanted it to count so with no man at her side and a whole weekend before her, Mila had big plans for Vegas and they started with Kristen.  She continued to massage her friend, pushing her back onto her stomach so she could work over her back and naturally stray lower.

“Mmmmm gawwwd you have like the perfect ass Kristen!” Mila sighed with desire as she grabbed onto her firm, round cheeks and jiggled them a little.  “I wish my ass looked this good.”

“Your ass is great!  I love it!” Kristen assured Mila and meaning every word. “I love your booty, Mila!”

“Yeah, it’s okay but you’ve got a butt that’s like a work of art,” Mila replied, getting wet as she played with her friend’s spectacularly naked backside.  “Mmmm it’s definitely my favorite part of you sweetie.”

“And here I thought you respected me for my mind,” Kristen laughed.  “It’s just all about tits and ass with you isn’t it Mila?”

“That’s not true!” Mila responded with playful outrage.  “Mmmmm I’m definitely all about pussy too!”

The girls began giggling again and soon enough Kristen was on her stomach once more and Mila was on top of her as they passionately kissed and rubbed their nude bodies together, making them both moan in expectation of more fun.  The orgasms from before had only whet their appetites and both women could easily feel how damp the other was getting when they rubbed their pussies together, an act that especially aroused Kristen.

“Oooooooooh Milaaaaaaa!  Mmmm gawwwwd let’s do it like this!” Kristen moaned as she felt her friend’s slick vaginal lips touch her own.  “I want to rub against you like this until we come!”

“Is this what you want?  Want to scissor with me?” Mila asked with a moan of her own as she rubbed her pussy into Kristen’s harder.

“Mmmmmm gawd yessssss!” Kristen sighed happily while the feel of Mila’s horny pussy made hers even wetter.  “I’ve never done this before, but I saw it in a video once and it looked so hot.  Let’s rub our pussies together!”

Mila liked that idea a lot too.  She’d done it once with Kirsten as Eliza had watched and properly instructed them in the art of lovemaking known formally as tribadism.  It had definitely been a sexy experience for her and the thought of grinding into Kristen’s tight body made her smile.  Plus she knew it would give her a great excuse to grab onto Kristen’s killer ass while they rubbed their wet pussies together until they reached mutually creamy orgasms.

But before Mila and Kristen could get too far in this, Mila’s phone came to life indicating that a text message had arrived.  Ordinarily not much would distract Mila from a hot, horny girl like Kristen, but this was definitely an exception…as long as the message was coming from whom she was hoping for.

“Awwwww don’t stop,” Kristen pouted as Mila dove for the phone, but at least contenting herself with the sight of Mila’s tight, round, bare ass giggling enticingly when she ran over to the table.  “You’d better not be ditching me to take a fucking phone call.”

“Chill baby, this is going to be worth it,” Mila said, before adding under her breath an “I hope.”

She had never really set anything up like this before but she hadn’t been able to resist going for it once the idea had popped into her mind, Mila didn’t know if this was actually going to work out like she had envisioned it in her mind, but she sure hoped it would.  And a first step toward turning this fantasy into something real was for her to get the confirmation message she was looking for.  So when she read the text and saw it was indeed the news she’d been anticipating, her smile grew.

“Wait right there,” Mila instructed as she began walking toward the door of the suite they were staying in.  “I’ll be right back.”

“But…but what about your clothes?” Kristen asked, unable to help but notice that Mila was still stark naked as she walked.  While ordinarily the sight of Mila’s firm tits, dark little nipples and always tempting pussy made Kristen happy, she was concerned because she had no idea what was going on.

“Oh I won’t be needing them,” Mila replied devilishly.  “Now close your eyes Kristen.  We’ll be back in just a second.”

“We?” Kristen repeated, liking the sound of that.  “Are Kirsten and Eliza here or something?  Were you serious about calling them?”

“It’s a surprise baby, now close those eyes and all will be revealed in just a moment,” Mila replied, loving that Kristen would never guess in a million years who the surprise was.

Burning with curiosity now, Kristen couldn’t wait to find out what Mila had planned.  After all her training from Alyson, she did find it easy to follow instructions so Kristen did close her eyes just as Mila had urged.  But she also grabbed one of the sheets from the bed and wrapped it around her body just as a precaution.  She didn’t know who or what was coming and she did like to take care about just whom she showed her naked body to. She was excited for this, but some inhibitions were definitely still there.

Her eyes were closed, but Kristen could hear the sound of Mila opening the door and voices going back and forth.  She began to smile when she heard it was a female voice and Kristen felt her pussy get warmer and wetter under the sheet.  She really hadn’t seriously thought Mila was playing some kind of prank on her or was going to bring a guy in.  But it was always nice to get confirmation on that.

She just wondered who was here. Kirsten?  Eliza?  Both of them?  Maybe even Alyson.  Kristen wanted to be with all of them again and she couldn’t wait for the chance to find out what Mila’s surely erotic surprise was.  It was so hard not to open her eyes and peek, but Kristen liked the suspense.  It was killing her, but in a good way.  She could feel her heart beat and her pussy dampen with expectation and the longer she had to wait, the more she longed to know who it was whom Mila had invited.

She didn’t have to wait much longer for that answer to be revealed.  Kristen heard the voices getting louder and the sounds of the footsteps approaching her as she sat on the bed with her eyes scrunched closed.  Suddenly Kristen felt a pair of lips pressing against hers in a kiss.

She hadn’t been expecting to be kissed, but Kristen melted against the other person’s soft lips.  She could tell instantly from the sensual tenderness of the kiss that she was kissing another woman and she could also tell that she had never been with this woman before, a fact that concerned her but not enough for her to stop kissing this sexy stranger.

One thing Kristen had always loved about being with women was how much variety there was amongst them.  Every woman tasted differently and every woman kissed differently.  She had never felt this woman’s lips before, but it was a good kiss…a really, really good kiss.  It was so sexy.  It was wet without being sloppy, insistent without being forceful and wonderfully erotic.

Kristen could feel sparks of desire from their lips touching and it was only when the kisses paused for a moment so they could both breathe that Kristen realized she still had her eyes closed.  Her curiosity was now too much so Kristen opened her eyes and was shocked by what she saw.

She not only had never been sexual with this woman, she had never even met her before.  But she certainly knew who she was and she found herself struck silent by both shock at the sudden surprise and awe at the woman’s stunning beauty.

“Mila’s told me all about you,” a smiling Zoe Saldana said, her lips now shiny from the kiss, as her hand reached up to caress Kristen’s surprised face.  “And I can see she wasn’t exaggerating when she told me what an amazing kisser you are.  Mmmm in fact she might even have been selling you short.  I can’t wait to find out how great you are at everything else Mila said.”

“What?  What’s going on?” Kristen stammered out, her hand reflexively clutching the sheet to her naked body.

Zoe was undeniably beautiful and Kristen definitely noticed that.  But the girl was also a complete stranger to her and Kristen felt uncomfortable kissing her so intimately.

“I thought this was what you wanted,” Mila said, her voice a sexy purr as she got on the bed and pressed her nude body into Kristen’s from behind, rubbing her tits into her back while reaching up to tickle her a little through the sheet.  “I thought you wanted some other hot girls to join in the fun.  Mmmmm isn’t Zoe hot?”

“Well…yeah!” Kristen replied, stating the obvious.  “But ummmm…this is all…it’s just a big surprise that’s all.”

“But a good surprise I hope,” Zoe said, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she pictured yanking the sheet away from Kristen to expose all the girl goodies she hungered to taste.  “Isn’t that what surprises are supposed to be all about?  Getting something you don’t expect?”

“Yeahhhhhh,” Kristen said, finding herself agreeing with Zoe’s logic and warming up quickly to the idea of this unexpected surprise.  She had been expecting Mila to bring over someone they both knew and were totally comfortable with, but even though she never would have guessed that Zoe Saldana would have been at the door, the more Kristen thought about this the more she liked it.

After all, Zoe was so sexy.  She had thought so before today.  She had such a tight, lithe body and gorgeous dark skin.  Her face was the kind that was used as centerpieces for makeup campaigns and Kristen still remembered the sexy flush she felt passing over her body the first time she had seen Star Trek in the theater and seen Zoe strip down to her underwear.

She had admired so much of her gorgeous body and now that she was face to face with Zoe for the first time, Kristen found it difficult to muster up any real reason why she wouldn’t want to go through with what Zoe and Mila had apparently set up.

“Don’t be shy Kristen,” Mila urged, nibbling a little on Kristen’s ear lobe, making the blonde moan.  “Mmmmm Zoe is so hot.  She’s going to make you feel so good.  I wanted to surprise you with something I thought you would like.”

“I do like…I REALLY like,” Kristen said, her smile starting to reemerge as she looked over Zoe’s tight, slim body in cut off jean shorts and a tank top that did nothing to restrain the radiating sexuality she possessed.  “I just wasn’t expecting this.”

“Well you obviously need to relax a little bit first,” Zoe said, her whole body keyed up with desire to devour Kristen’s sexy self.  “Mmmm and I know just the way to relax you honey.  Why don’t you get in that chair over there and I can show you what I can do? I can show you why your friend Mila loves fucking me so much.  I can make you so wet that you won’t be shy around me anymore.”

That sounded like a perfect idea to Kristen.  The thought of refusing sex with someone as gorgeous as Zoe was patently absurd.  She just needed to relax into this, get more comfortable around Zoe and then lose herself in the moment.  So whatever Zoe had planned for her Kristen was happy to give her the chance to do it.

Still clutching the sheet around her body, Kristen got up off the bed and walked the few feet over to the chair.  She thought about leaving the sheet behind.  After all Mila was naked and it didn’t look like it was going to take much to get Zoe the same way, but Kristen decided to remain covered for now.

And this wasn’t just a matter of shyness, it was more that she wanted to be the tease for a change.  After all those times with Alyson where she had to beg and sweat for what she wanted, Kristen wanted to have a little power this time.  She knew Zoe wanted her body and she wanted to make the gorgeous woman work a little for it first.

“So what are you going to do to me?” Kristen asked, her smile growing as she settled into the plush chair, loving how the soft material felt against her nearly bare skin.  “How are you going to help me not be shy?  How are you going to make me so wet that I’ll let you do any dirty thing you want to me?”

“Just sit there and you’ll see,” Zoe promised.  “I know just what you need Kristen.”

It didn’t take Zoe long to show exactly what it was she had in mind.  As soon as Kristen was all comfy in the chair, Zoe moved over to her and set herself right down in her lap, surprising the blonde girl, but not in a bad way.  Zoe’s warm, sexy body felt very good in her lap, especially when she leaned in to kiss her.  And this time, before Zoe’s lips could even touch hers, Kristen moved in to close the inches between them and become the aggressor in the kiss.

Zoe smiled at Kristen’s enthusiasm and kissed her back with just as much tender passion as she had intended when she had been the one looking to lock their sexy, soft lips together again.  The two women began to moan and when Kristen looked over out of the corner of her eye and saw Mila sitting naked on the bed and caressing herself she went for it even more by opening her lips and flicking her tongue out against Zoe’s lips.

“Mmmmm girl I knew you’d be into this,” Zoe grinned.  “You don’t even need me to convince you at all, do you?  You’re all hot and ready for it already.”

Kristen wasn’t quite at that stage yet, but she definitely liked what was happening here.  Zoe parted her lips and let Kristen push her tongue into her and as she did that, Zoe began grinding into her, rubbing her ass into her lap and gently feeling up her breasts through the sheet, giving her a light, but sexy touch that quickly had Kristen getting damp for more.

“You’re doing pretty damn good at getting me hot and ready,” Kristen smiled after she pulled her tongue from Zoe’s mouth and felt tingles running up her spine from how good it had felt to kiss her like that. “But I need more convincing.  Show me what I get if I’m not shy for you.  Show me every naughty thing you can do to me.”

“Oh honey, I haven’t even warmed up yet,” Zoe laughed seductively while still grinding her ass into Kristen’s lap and fondling her tits through the sheet.  “I can feel what a hot body you have under here Kristen.  But I want you wanting mine too.”

Zoe then leaned right into Kristen’s ear and whispered to her in Spanish.  Kristen had no idea what it was the beauty said to her but she loved the sound of it nonetheless.  She definitely wanted Zoe and the feel of her tight ass grinding into her was only increasing that desire.

“Mmmm what’d you say?” Kristen asked, her mind going all dreamy from Zoe’s tight body rubbing into hers.

“I said I was going to make your pussy cream for me,” Zoe explained, this time in English.  “I’m going to make you so wet for me that you’re going to kick yourself for wasting even a second before letting me fuck you.  Mmmm and I said a few other things too but I’ll keep that to myself right now.”

Zoe loved having mastered two languages so she could talk dirty in both of them.  She especially loved it when the lovers she was with couldn’t speak Spanish so they would have no idea the filthy things she was saying to them.  It was like her own naughty secret and it added a little extra mystery to sex, which Zoe always enjoyed.  She wanted to do so many wicked things to Kristen and wasn’t sure yet if the girl was ready to hear all of them.  So she moaned her dirty words to her in Spanish and delighted in how they were visibly arousing Kristen.

Kristen moaned loudly from the feel of their tight bodies rubbing together and those sounds grew louder when Zoe peeled her tank top over her head and left herself in just a bra.  The hot pink, spotted push-up bra was a cute design but Kristen wasn’t looking at the colors of the bra when Zoe’s tits were far more deserving of her attention.  They looked so incredibly sexy in the bra and Kristen just wanted to get her hands all over them so she could pop them right out of the cups and see Zoe’s tits in all their dark, naked glory.
So Kristen groaned in disappointment when Zoe suddenly turned away so her back was to Kristen’s front, denying her of the sight of her hot chest.  But that disappointment didn’t last when Zoe took advantage of this position to drape herself over Kristen’s body and sensually writhe against her, grinding her ass through her cut off shorts into Kristen and making the blonde wish she had left the damn sheet on the bed where it belonged.

“You like this Kristen?” Zoe inquired as she moved herself slowly up and down Kristen’s body, pushing her ass all over her thighs, up to her stomach and especially against her rapidly moistening pussy.  “Ever gotten a lap dance from another chick before?”

“No!  Oooooh never mmmmmmm but now I wish I had!” Kristen sighed happily, her pulse racing and all her hot spots starting to really tingle from Zoe’s smooth moves.  There might not have been any music going, but in Kristen’s head there was definitely a slow, sexy jam playing to provide the soundtrack to Zoe’s actions.  “Ooooh you’re incredible Zoe!”

“Just wait until you feel my tongue in your pussy,” Zoe smirked confidently, indulging in the forbidden pleasure of giving sweet Kristen Bell a naughty lap dance.  “Mmmm then I’ll show you incredible!”

Through all of this Mila was on the bed, drinking in the sight of her sexy friends getting dirty with each other.  She remained completely naked and moaned in sexual glee as Zoe rubbed into Kristen.  She knew Kristen had to be enjoying every heated second of Zoe’s perfect ass rubbing into her.  Even clothed Mila knew how amazing Zoe’s ass was and she couldn’t wait to see all of her friend’s dark skin pressed up against Kristen’s nude pale flesh.

While continuing to watch Zoe give Kristen a slow, sexy lap dance like she was a snake moving sensually to the sound of a charmer’s music, Mila touched herself.  She fondled her own bare breasts with both hands, getting herself hotter and hotter as she felt her pussy stir.  She could feel the heat and wetness between her legs get more powerful by the second and Mila couldn’t resist taking one hand off her tits to run it down her stomach and over her thighs to get to her heated honeypot.

“Ughhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk mmmmmmmmm!” Mila huskily groaned as she pushed a finger…then two into her cunt while Zoe reached around her own back to unsnap the clasp of her bra.  “Get naked Zoe!  Show Kristen the body that drives me crazy!  Make her as horny as you always make me!”

The truth was that Mila hadn’t been actively looking to get involved with Zoe.  But just like it had with her and Kristen on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it had just happened when they had done a movie called After Sex together and it had felt so wonderful and natural.  Of course it had helped significantly that she and Zoe had been playing lovers.  Their sex scenes hadn’t been too graphic or anything, but there had been some kissing and while everything had been professional on the set their scenes had created an intimacy between them that was easy to replicate when the cameras were off.

Mila moaned and laughed a little to herself when she remembered just how easy she’d been to seduce.  She’d wanted it so bad but hadn’t wanted to make the first move.  Luckily Zoe hadn’t had any similar reluctance.  They had been hanging out at Zoe’s hotel room one night after filming and all it had really taken to get things going had been Zoe telling Mila just how much she loved doing those love scenes with her and what a great kisser she was.

Mila had told Zoe right back how much she loved kissing her too and before Mila had known it, their lips were together and their tongues were touching.  Kissing turned to making out and making out turned into clothing being removed and that had turned into so much fun.  Zoe was so passionate and liberated in bed and Mila loved how she seemed open to anything, just like Kirsten and Eliza were.

Now Mila wanted that same sense of uninhibited fun to pass onto Kristen too and Zoe was working wonders by rubbing herself into the sheet-clad blonde while tossing her bra away and leaving herself topless.

But Zoe didn’t let Kristen see what she wanted right away though.  Instead she pressed her hands to her chest to cover up her tits when she turned around to face the blonde again.

“You want these?  You want to see my hot tits?” Zoe purred, noting Kristen’s groan of disappointment when she covered up.

“Yesssssssssss oooooooh pleaaaaaaase!  Please show me your tits Zoe!” Kristen sighed.  “I want to see all of you.”

“Only if you promise to kiss them and lick them and make me feel good,” Zoe replied. “I’m not going to be doing all the work here Kristen.  Mmmm I know you’re having fun sitting back and feeling my booty grinding into you but I want some fun too, especially since you’re making me so fucking horny baby.  I love feeling how hot and wet your pussy is getting under that sheet and I can’t wait to taste you and find out if you’re just as delicious as Mila said you are.  But I want some loving too Kristen.  You ready to give it to me too?”

“Mmmmmmhmmmm I’ll do anything you want!” Kristen submissively replied, giving up any attempt to have power here and get Zoe to be the one begging for her body.  “Please show me your tits!  Show me everything!  Get naked for me!  Show me your hot black body and let me fuck it!  Mmmm I’ve never been with a black girl before and I want you so bad Zoe!”

Zoe laughed at Kristen’s horny words and immediately corrected the girl.

“One problem though baby,” Zoe grinned.  “I’m not black.  Looks like you’re still going to have to wait for your first black girl.  I’m Dominican and Puerto Rican baby.  You’re not fucking a sista, but you are going to get a chance to lick some hot chica pussy.”

“Ohhhhh gawwwwd,” Kristen replied, totally embarrassed over her mistake.  Her face turned red as she tried to make up for screwing that up.  She was a smart girl.  How could she have blundered like that?  She had just assumed Zoe was black and her embarrassment was now a strong reminder of what happened when you assumed.

She didn’t want to insult Zoe, not when she was turning her on so much and all she wanted was for the woman to move her hand off her tits and get the rest of her clothes off so she could see every inch of her.  Now she was afraid she’d killed the mood in the room just when things were getting hot enough to reach a boiling point.  She’d totally screwed up Zoe’s ethnicity and Kristen felt thoroughly mortified by it.

“I’m so so sorry!” Kristen said sincerely.  “I didn’t mean to assume you were…”

But that was all Kristen got the chance to say before Zoe leaned in and tenderly kissed her apologizing lips to show there was no need to say sorry.

“Don’t worry about it baby,” Zoe assured the grateful Kristen.  “It happens all the time.”

The truth was most people assumed Zoe was black.  Most casting agents certainly did.  The number of Latina characters she had played in her career could be counted on one hand and she was usually cast as black women thanks to her dark skin and complete lack of Dominican accent thanks to being born in New Jersey.  More people actually thought she was really from Pandora than was Latina.  So Zoe understood Kristen’s confusion and didn’t mind it.

“I’m REALLY sorry though,” Kristen said, still feeling a little bad even as she breathed a deep sigh of relief that Zoe wasn’t mad over her screw-up.  “What can I do to make it better?”

“Well there is one thing,” Zoe said with a smile as she pulled her hands away from her chest and bared her breasts to Kristen’s appreciative eyes.  “Mmmm you can get those pretty lips of yours all over these.”

“Mmmmm my pleasure!” Kristen enthusiastically replied as Zoe pressed her tits into her face.  She didn’t hesitate to take them in her hands and softly feel up the firmness of the dark skinned beauty’s breasts as her tongue emerged from her mouth to wetly lick against her areolas.

“Ohhhhhh yessssssss!  Mmmm shit!  Ohhh that’s good honey,” Zoe groaned while beginning to run her fingers through Kristen’s blonde hair.  “Lick my titties Kristen!  Show me you’re as good as Mila said you were!”

Mila was continuing to moan as she fondled her own tits while keeping her fingers at work in her pussy too.  She didn’t finger herself too hard, just with enough passion to keep her body in heat.  She wanted to enjoy this show and loved seeing Kristen with her eyes closed and her cute pink face pressed to Zoe’s firm, apple-sized tits as she traced her tongue over her dark areolas and then began flicking it against her rapidly hardening nipples.

It was just as hot as she had imagined it would be to see Kristen and Zoe making love.  They were both so beautiful and Mila’s pussy dripped as she pinched her own nipple, trying to mimic as best she could the gorgeous vision of Kristen’s wet tongue bathing Zoe’s tits.  She loved seeing her blonde friend lick the Latina girl’s erect nipple.  It was such a turn on to Mila to watch this and she couldn’t wait for them to get even naughtier with each other.

She was so glad it was going down like this.  Mila had actually once made the same mistake Kristen had in assuming Zoe was African American, but she knew those sorts of things rolled right off Zoe’s back.  She never let them bother her because she was far more concerned about the important things…like sexual pleasure.  Mila loved that about Zoe and rubbed herself a little harder as Kristen began sucking on Zoe’s hard nipples, making them swell up even more with her lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm oooooooooh yeahhhhhh I like that blondie,” Zoe groaned. “Just like that!  Oooooh fuck yessss suck on those nipples Kristen!  That’s it!  Back and forth!  Get them both nice and hard!  Make them just as wet as you’re making my pussy!”

Kristen was getting even more turned on knowing she was bringing pleasure to Zoe.  If this was how the girl wanted her to make up for her slip of the tongue, then Kristen was more than willing to give her whatever she wanted.  Zoe had such beautiful, firm breasts.  She hadn’t even needed that bra to keep them lifted up.  They were fine as is.  Zoe had such a tight, fit body and Kristen was starting to really soak the bed sheet pressed to her naked body thinking about getting the rest of Zoe’s clothes off.

And with that in mind, Kristen took her hands off Zoe’s tits and let her mouth do all the work as she began to fondle the soft skin of her bare back. She caressed the smooth flesh of her newest lover, rubbing it softly as she felt the toned muscles of her back and moved down to her shorts covered ass, which got an instant reaction from Zoe.

“Oh yeahhhhh mmmm you go right for it, don’t you Kristen?” Zoe grinned.  “You like that ass baby?  Don’t be disappointed it’s not a hot black girl ass.  Mmmm we Latin girls got great booties too.”

“Oh yessss you so do,” Kristen breathlessly agreed, pulling up from Zoe’s chest with saliva dripping from her mouth.  “Mmmm you’ve got an awesome ass Zoe.  I love touching it.  It feels so tight and hot under your shorts.  Please let me see it.  I want you to be naked.  Let me get your shorts off you.  Please!”

Kristen didn’t mind Zoe teasing her over her screw up.  It let her know that everything was cool between them.  And plus Kristen was far more interested in getting at Zoe’s hot body than feeling embarrassed over her mistake anymore.  The tight cut-off jean shorts were practically glued to Zoe’s backside and Kristen loved feeling the firm cheeks straining against the denim, just begging to be released.  She continued to fondle Zoe’s ass while pushing her head back down and slurping wetly on her nipples and she only stopped when Zoe turned herself around and resumed the lapdance.

“Yeahhhhhh you want this ass bad, don’t you girl?” Zoe purred as Kristen moaned from being sensually rubbed into.  “I like hearing how you want my shorts off.  I like hearing how you want me to get naked.  I knew you wouldn’t be resisting me for long.”

“I do!  I want you naked so fucking bad!” Kristen cried from the feel of that tight ass against her heated, barely clad body as the topless beauty writhed in her lap and made her feel like she’d been missing out by not going to strip clubs all these years.  “You’re making me so wet Zoe!  God, I don’t even know you, but I have to fuck you!  You’re going to make my pussy cream just like you said you would!  You’re making me so goddamn horny that I’m gonna go crazy if you don’t get naked and let me fuck you!”

Zoe grinned at the sound of that and winked at Mila, letting her know that she was going to be very well rewarded for setting all this up.  From the moment Mila had mentioned how she knew Kristen Bell in the biblical sense, Zoe had been waiting for this.  She’d been impatiently pushing Mila to put them together and now she could see the blonde was even sexier than she’d imagined.  She was sexual dynamite in a small package and Zoe couldn’t wait to get at every inch of her.

Zoe loved everything about sex.  She knew there was no better feeling in the world than giving yourself completely over to desire and living completely in the moments of sensuality and pleasure that only sex could give you.  It was such a rush for her to be able to give a lap dance to Kristen Bell’s tight, blonde body and feeling the girl quiver underneath her as she rubbed her ass into her was making Zoe so wet.  So she knew it was far past the time when she should be getting naked.

She didn’t waste a second more.  She pulled away from the girl’s lap and undid the button to her shorts.  Having loosened up the very tight garment, Zoe then grabbed the belt loops from her cut off jeans and began lowering them down her body, pushing her ass up toward Kristen as she sat in the chair and exposing the pink panties that matched her bra and hugged her ass like it was part of her skin.

“You like?  Want to see more?” Zoe asked, waving her ass in Kristen’s face as she pushed her shorts all the way down and bent over completely.

“Oooooh yessssss!  And fuck yesssssssss!” Kristen cried.  “I want to see everything!  Take your panties off Zoe!  Show me the pussy I’m going to bury my dirty little tongue into!”

Kristen had lost any shyness she had felt when she had realized she was kissing Zoe.  Now the part of her that craved girl sex…the part of her that swore like a sailor…the part of her that wanted to never feel inhibited was taking over.  Kristen might have still felt she didn’t know the direction of her life, but right then she was positive in what she wanted.  She wanted Zoe.  She wanted to lick and fuck the dark skinned beauty and she wanted Mila to watch and then join in so she could have both of the sexy girls.

“How about it Mila?  Should I give her what she wants?” Zoe asked, drawing the other girl into the action.  “Should I take my panties off?  Should I show Kristen my pussy?   Should I let her fuck me?”

“Ooooooh God, how can you even ask that?” Mila laughed, her fingers rubbing harder than ever as she kept her hand buried between her legs.  “You already know the answer!  Get naked Zoe!  Show Kristen your beautiful, tight pussy!  Show her how wet you are!  Make her want to lick out every hot drop of your juice like I always do!”

“Oh I already knew what the answer was for sure, Mila,” Zoe confidently replied, licking her lips at the sight of the Russian-born sex kitten masturbating in front of her.  “Mmmm I just wanted to hear you say it.”

Zoe adored the power her sexuality gave her.  It made her feel so strong to have gorgeous girls like Kristen and Mila openly lusting for her and craving her nudity.  Hearing their words brought so much pleasure to her and Zoe didn’t hesitate any further.  Keeping herself bent over, her ass right in Kristen’s face, Zoe rolled her panties down, exposing not just the tantalizingly tight cheeks of her ass, but the soaking wet slit that led to the heavenly folds of her hot pussy.

Kristen hissed in pleasure when she saw Zoe’s pussy and that sound grew even more passionate when the girl set herself back down in her lap again and resumed grinding her now completely naked body into her.

“Want you…want you so fucking bad,” Kristen managed to say as Zoe’s beauty left her horny and tongue-tied.  “Mmmmm I want to fuck you Zoe!”

Kristen was once again the aggressor in a kiss and she and Zoe were quickly making out, their bodies barely separated by the sheet she still had clinging to her body as their tongues rubbed together wetly and forcefully, the both of them deeply desiring the other.  And now that Zoe was naked, Kristen was able to let her hands roam all over the feminine delights of her dark body and she didn’t hold back from feeling up the tits she’d left wet with her saliva and then around back to Zoe’s tight ass, loving the feel of those toned cheeks under her soft hands before she moved her hands around front again, slipping them between Zoe’s legs and loving what she found.

“Ooooooh God you’re so wet,” Kristen groaned.  “Mmmmmm fuck yes Zoe!  Your pussy is so hot and wet mmmmm and so fucking tight!  Ooooooh I love it!”

“Oooooooh yessssss it’s all hot and wet for you,” Zoe happily replied. “I’ve wanted this for so long.  Ever since Mila told me you and her were fucking, I’ve been dying to get into a threesome with you two sexy bitches.  I wanna fuck you so bad Kristen!  I’ve been wet thinking about getting into your panties!”

“It’s true,” Mila assured Kristen while continuing to pleasure herself at the sight of her two gorgeous, horny friends.  “Mmmmm it’s practically been all she talked about ever since I told her.  She’s been going crazy about wanting to fuck you Kristen.”

“Really? Wow!” Kristen giggled, marveling that an exotic beauty like Zoe would be all into her.

Kristen knew she was good looking.  No false modesty could hide that.  But it was still a huge rush to know that someone like Zoe wanted to fuck her.  It made her feel so beautiful to be desired like that and that feeling of giddy pleasure made Kristen even hornier for her newest lover.

She rubbed against Zoe’s pussy harder with her hand, loving how the woman was completely shaved bare.  Kristen had been with a few girls like that and there was just something so sexy about feeling Zoe’s velvety, wet cunt lips completely smooth and so warm.  Kristen loved touching her wetness and making Zoe moan as her fingers slipped inside and began fucking her, making the sultry woman moan deeply and wantonly.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhhh that’s it honey,” Zoe urged.  “Fuck my pussy!  Feel how wet I got for you!  Mmmmm yesssssss get those fingers inside my creamy love hole!  Get your fingers nice and sticky from my pussy!  Just like I’m going to do to you!”

Of course Zoe couldn’t do that when Kristen had the bed sheet still clinging to her body.  Zoe wanted the blonde girl’s body far too much for this to continue so she did what she had been dying to do since she had walked in and grabbed the sheet, yanking it away from Kristen and leaving her naked in the chair.

“You won’t be needing this anymore,” Zoe said with a grin as she took her first chance to really enjoy the sight of Kristen Bell’s naked body.  She had been able to feel it before when she’d been giving her the lap dance but this was her chance to really see it for the first time and Zoe definitely enjoyed it.

Kristen had such firm, natural breasts, so perky and just full enough to perfectly fit on her tight little body.   There was so much beauty in such a compact package and Zoe drank in the view of the blonde girl’s bare tits, her hard nipples and wonderfully pink areolas.  She loved her firm, flat stomach and the way she could see her neat little bush was wet from how aroused her pussy was.  Zoe couldn’t quite see Kristen’s slit, but she could breathe in the scent of her.

While drinking in Kristen’s nudity, Zoe muttered sexily in Spanish once again, using many of the words she had used before.  Cursing herself at that moment for taking French and not Spanish in school, Kristen ached to know what Zoe was saying.  She knew it was complimentary.  She just didn’t know what it meant.

“Tell me what you’re saying! Please!” Kristen pleaded, hoping to give Zoe extra incentive by sliding her fingers harder into her as the dark skinned woman sat in her lap.

Since she definitely didn’t want Kristen to stop what she was doing with her fingers, Zoe relented without a fight.  She leaned into Kristen’s ear and moaned sexily into it.

“I said, ‘I love fucking white girls,’” Zoe revealed.  “I said how I was going to take your pretty, pink white girl pussy and make it into a creamy little fuckhole for me to play with.  I said I was going to make you my dirty little white girl slut Kristen.”

The translation wasn’t exact, but the words were very much in the spirit of what Zoe had been saying in Spanish and those words made Kristen squirm with pleasure as Zoe continued to sit in her lap, their naked bodies now pressed together with nothing in between them.

Kristen moaned with pleasurable expectation as she pictured herself creaming all over Zoe’s face, her dark skin getting wet with her slutty girl juices.  Whether it was her natural inclination or the result of her “training” from Alyson, Kristen enjoyed being submissive in bed and the idea of being Zoe’s white girl slut had her pussy on fire.

“Mmmm you like that, don’t you honey?” Zoe moaned, exploring Kristen’s ear with a naughty flick of her tongue.  “Mila told me you were into some freaky shit.  But don’t worry, I’m not going to tie you up and whip that ass of yours.  I’m more interested in getting my tongue and my fingers up your hot booty Kristen and eating up that pussy of yours too till you fill my mouth up with sweet sex sugar.  Mmmm I want your white girl pussy so bad Kristen!  I want to make you my little blonde whore!”

And though the sound of that was absolute heaven to Kristen, she still shot a dirty look Mila’s way.  She didn’t like it being spread around too much about what she’d done with Alyson, especially to strangers.  And until today Zoe had been a stranger.  Mila gave a sheepish look to Kristen in response, but the blonde didn’t push it.  She didn’t want to think about that now, especially when what Zoe was promising her sounded so delicious.

“Ooooooh I want that too!” Kristen moaned, hers and Zoe’s tits rubbing together, making their nipples both swell up even more.  “Mmmmm I want to be your slut Zoe! I’ll be your dirty little white girl slut if that’s what you want!  I’ll do anything if you fuck me!  Mmmmm I’ll get my pretty little white girl face in your dark pussy and lick you so good Zoe!  Ohhhh I love what you’re saying to me!  I want you to take me and make me into your slut!  Eat my blonde girl cunt and make me your pale, pink bitch as I come for you!”

Zoe’s pussy was drooling at the sound of those delightfully dirty words coming from Kristen’s mouth.  She loved hearing the cute girl talk like that as her naked body writhed underneath her on the chair.  Zoe planted her lips back on Kristen’s and the blonde didn’t hesitate to kiss her back passionately.  Their tongues tangled together in a series of horny, heated kisses as they both explored each other’s now naked bodies with their hands.

As Mila continued to watch and keep her own pussy in a state of perpetual horniness, Kristen and Zoe felt up each other’s bare bodies while they kissed.  They moaned in each other’s mouths and shared their saliva wantonly as Zoe grabbed onto Kristen’s firm tits and massaged them with lewd intentions, rolling her nipples between her fingers and rubbing into them with her soft palms as Kristen shivered in delight.

And Kristen not only rubbed Zoe’s tits right back, delighting in the firm feel of her dark mounds and rock hard nipples, she also roamed around to her backside and grabbed the cheeks she’d been lusting after before.  Now Zoe’s ass was nice and naked and Kristen not only fondled the chiseled cheeks of Zoe’s gym sculpted ass, she tantalizingly ran her fingers through the girl’s crack, wanting to explore every inch of her beautiful butt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooh yessssssssssssss mmmmm you can touch me there baby!” Zoe cooed as Kristen’s fingers moved ever so close to her tightest of holes.  “But not until you earn it.  Mmmm I only let special girls play with me back there.  Mila can!  And you’re close to that level already too Kristen.  But you’ve gotta show me more first.  You’ve gotta show me you deserve it.”

“What?  What do I have to do?” Kristen asked, eager to do whatever she had to do to be able to play with every inch of Zoe.  She’d never really played with a girl’s ass before but Zoe’s just looked too good to resist, especially after all those times Alyson and Charisma had played with hers.

“You just have to lay back and let me taste you,” Zoe answered.  “Let’s get back on the bed, Kristen.  I want you to lay back, spread those legs so I can see how pink you are and then let me lick the hell out of that soaked white girl cunt of yours!”

“Yesssssssssssssssss!” Kristen hissed back in deep desire.  “Fuck me Zoe!  Lick my white girl cunt!  Fuck my blonde girl pussy with your sexy Spanish tongue!”

Kristen gasped as soon as the words left her mouth.  She had done it again!  Zoe wasn’t Spanish.  She was Dominican!  Kristen blushed as she immediately realized her error.  She felt like she had suddenly turned into some kind of dumb blonde.  Why was this happening?  She was smart!  She wasn’t some giggly blonde bimbo who didn’t know her way around a map that assumed every girl who spoke Spanish had to be from Spain.  How could she so totally keep screwing this up?

But Zoe didn’t say a word this time.  She let this one pass with no problem and instead took Kristen by the hand and helped her out of the chair.  And suddenly Kristen wasn’t worried anymore about whether or not Zoe thought she was dumb.  All she was thinking about was sweet, hot girl sex and that was just where Zoe’s wanted her mind to be.

“Mmmm you’re so gorgeous,” Zoe said, turning Kristen around so they were facing each other standing up, giving the both of them the chance to admire each other’s nude bodies.  “Your body is even sexier than I thought it was going to be.”

Kristen loved hearing Zoe say that especially as her eyes roamed over her naked flesh.  Kristen was used to being the shorter half of a couple but now it felt like Zoe was towering over her and that was an extra turn on.  She wanted this beautiful, exotic woman to take her.  It made Kristen feel so good to hear such a sincere compliment and she didn’t hesitate to pay it back.

“So are you!  You’re so fucking beautiful!” Kristen blurted out, her whole body tingling with excitement over what she knew was about to happen.  “I love your body Zoe.  I love your dark skin and those beautiful firm tits mmmm gawwwwwwwwwwd and your pussy looks soooo wet and smooth!  I can’t wait to get my tongue in you!”

Zoe passionately kissed Kristen again, grabbing onto her ass and pulling her in close.  Zoe bent her neck down a little and Kristen pulled herself up and their lips met wetly and happily.  Their lips hungrily smacked together and their tongues resumed touching while Zoe helped herself to a long, loving feel of Kristen’s butt cheeks, squeezing them and delighting in how full they were but without a hint of sag.  This girl was definitely in whootie territory and Zoe loved a hot white girl with a black girl’s butt.

Ever since the magical first night in her mid-teens when a night over at a friend’s had shown her the exquisite pleasure that could only come from another woman’s touch, Zoe had fucked girls all over the world.  She had had all the colors of the rainbow in her bed.  She’d had short girls and tall girls.  She’d had skinny bitches and big beautiful women.  She’d had girls with bee stings for tits and ones that were so big she’d literally used their chests for pillows.  She’d had shaved girls and furry girls and virgins and sluts.  But she loved girls like Kristen the most.

Zoe loved fucking cute little white girl princesses with blonde hair and natural tits.  There was just something so sweet and innocent about them and that made it so delicious to corrupt them.

Of course if everything she had been told by Mila was true then Kristen needed no corruption.  But that didn’t stop Zoe from lusting madly after her body.  She squeezed Kristen’s ass cheeks and tongue kissed her, loving the feel of their hard nipples touching as they both strained to be face to face.  And as much as Zoe’s pussy was dripping over the prospect of Kristen’s pretty tongue working over the dark lips of her pussy and licking the juice right off her shaved slit, Zoe pushed that aside to focus on her hunger for her new lover’s surely sweet juices.

“On the bed,” Zoe said, asserting herself on Kristen with a big smile on her face as she gave the girl a little shove and sent her sprawling backwards onto the soft bed.

They were right on the edge of the bed so it was an easy fall for Kristen and she gently landed on the mattress, giggling as she bounced on it, making her naked body jiggle just right.

“Mmmmm yum,” Zoe moaned at the sight of Kristen’s bouncing body.  “Ooooh honey you look so good to me right now.  But I want to see more.  Spread your legs for me Kristen.  Show me how wet that pretty little white girl pussy of yours is for me!  I wanna see how juicy your princess pink cunt is!”

Kristen bit her lower lip as lust gripped her tightly.  She was so into this and she didn’t even think of hesitating.  She did just as Zoe told her, moaning wantonly as she spread her legs open on the bed and showed Zoe what few people got to see.

“Ohhhhh baby,” Zoe said, practically growling with desire as she felt drool form on her tongue from the vision of Kristen Bell’s slit splayed open to show off the pink delights within.  “Mmmmm fuck!  That is one fucking hot white girl pussy you’ve got there Kristen!  So tight and juicy!  Mmmmm I’m gonna love licking every drop out of you blondie!”

Crawling nakedly onto the bed, Zoe was like a cat crawling toward a helpless mouse as Kristen laid back spread open and ready to be devoured.  Juice was trickling out of her cunt, tickling her sensitive lips and staining the sheets below.  But it wasn’t that way for long.  When Zoe arrived, she went right for her pussy and Kristen squealed in delight when the woman’s mouth fused itself to her splayed labia.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kristen cried rapturously.  Her pussy was so wet and Zoe’s mouth knew just how to treat it.  In just a second of feeling that hot, wet mouth against her sex, Kristen knew that Zoe’s confidence was borne of experience.  She definitely knew how to fuck and as she sucked away at her wetness, Kristen felt like she was flying.

“Oooooooooooh oooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmm gawwwwd yessssssss!” Kristen cooed, her body shaking on the bed both from the pleasure of Zoe’s mouth on her tender labia, sucking at her feminine lips and from the unconscious thrust of her hips as she pushed herself harder against her new lover’s place.  “Mmmmmmm yessssssssssss!  I like that!  Ooooooh no I fucking LOVE that!  Yesssssssss mmmm suck it Zoe!  Suck my hot little pussy!  Yessssssssssss mmmmmm your mouth feels so good on my naughty pussy!  Yessssssssss ooooh bury that sexy dark face in my pussy!  Mmmm you look so fucking hot between my creamy white thighs!  Ahhhhhhh yesssssss!!!”

Kristen then had to close her eyes as the pleasure waves crashed over her.  It was so much good all at once and her eyes fluttered closed as Mila leaned in and kissed her moaning lips.  The brunette’s kiss was more than welcome, especially as she began caressing her softly jiggling tits and Kristen wrapped her arms around her friend’s neck to keep her close.  Mila and Kristen kissed passionately, Mila feeding off the blonde’s pleasure from Zoe’s mouth just as easily as she sucked Kristen’s tongue into her mouth.
And as they kissed, Mila expertly palmed Kristen’s firm tits, as always loving how they perfectly fit under her hands.  Mila had been so horny for weeks now thinking of how hot it would be to see Zoe and Kristen fuck and it was beyond her expectations to be able to peer down and see Zoe’s gorgeous dark face between Kristen’s milky white legs feasting on her pussy.  It had to be one of the hottest things she had ever seen and as much as she insisted that she was still straight, Mila couldn’t keep from admitting to herself that going lesbo definitely had its advantages.

As for Zoe, she was in lust heaven as she fed off Kristen’s quivering pink pussy.  She slurped away skillfully at her splayed lips and sucked the juice down like she was gorging on the most delicious dessert in the world.  Zoe already knew that there was nothing as sexually sweet as pussy.  But it was always nice to get a reminder of that and Kristen was an excellent one.  Her pussy was delicious.  It was so wet and so tight and Zoe couldn’t get enough of drinking down her yummy flavor.

If there was one thing that Zoe never made any effort to hide it was that she loved sex.  Sure she didn’t exactly advertise the fact that she was deeply bisexual and actually preferred women in a lot of ways because that was her business. But she never denied it either and she loved sharing that side of herself with her hottest friends.  Zoe often marveled at how repressed America was and she didn’t think it was any coincidence that the most violent people were also the most sexually dysfunctional.

Zoe had always felt that people should be more free and open when it came to sex.  As long as no one was getting hurt, pleasure was something that should be sought out and encouraged.  American girls it seemed to her were always taught to fear their own bodies and their sexual desires.  There was nothing wrong with a woman’s unleashed libido and Zoe just wished that everyone could be more open about their lust and not so scared of it.  If people got laid more often then they wouldn’t be so eager to hurt each other.

In Zoe’s mind it was simple.  If you wanted to fuck someone and they were willing, then you should fuck them.  Conventionality be damned.  If a man and woman wanted to fuck each other then they should be able to do it and the same was true if a man wanted to fuck another man or a woman wanted to fuck another woman.  After all she’d seen in the world, Zoe was convinced that love and lust were two strong feelings that knew no gender.

Being able to admit to herself that she was attracted to women and wanted to enjoy every sexy feminine inch of their bodies had been so liberating to Zoe and when it came to sex she took pride in not holding herself back.  There was nothing more wonderful than skin on skin when everyone was all sweaty and horny and losing all inhibition and control.  Sex was one of the most glorious things you could ever experience and Zoe was so happy there were beautiful open-minded girls out there like Kristen and Mila that she could play with.

Zoe moaned as she felt her pussy soak the sheets underneath her as she lay on her stomach between Kristen’s thighs, the girl’s legs bent and planted down on both sides of her.  As she pulled her lips away from the blonde’s labia and instead began licking the tender folds she had just expertly sucked, Zoe ground her pussy into the bed.  She loved feeling those soft hotel sheets against her bare womanhood.  It tickled her flesh and felt so sexy all at once and her pleasure was magnified by how delicious Kristen was.

“Oooooh mmmmm Mila you undersold how sweet this pussy is,” Zoe breathlessly grinned before dipping her tongue back into Kristen’s honeypot and resuming her licking.  “Mmmm this is sweeter than candy Kristen.  I love licking your little pussy.  Ooooh you’ve gotta be one of the sweetest white girls I’ve ever licked.”

And Zoe had had lots of white girls.  There was just something about them…especially blondes.  She loved brunettes like Mila too, but there was just something about a blonde that revved Zoe’s engine.  She loved the idea of the all-American blonde girl next door giving herself to her and letting her hot tongue slide into her most intimate areas while she got her dark face fucked and her hungry tummy filled with hot girl cum.  It was so delicious to think about and Zoe relished whenever she got to do it.

That was why she always loved bumping into Britney Spears.  She had had no idea Britney had been into girls when they’d done Crossroads together but years later Britney had approached her at a party to catch up and say she was sorry if she’d ever been a diva on the set.  Zoe hadn’t let the star attitude the pop icon had exhibited now and then on the set bother her, but the apology had been welcomed anyway and a spark had been lit there, especially when Zoe had caught Britney giving her a sexy once over as she’d chatted with her in a tight black dress.

Zoe had gotten into Britney’s panties that night and every time she had seen the busty blonde since she hadn’t been able to resist cramming her tongue into that sweet, slutty snatch of hers.  She’d even gotten into a threesome a couple of times with Britney and Christina Aguilera and that had been white girl heaven to Zoe as she’d been sandwiched between those beautiful blonde bimbos as they’d feasted on each other’s pussies all through the night.

She wondered if Kristen and Britney and Christina knew each other?  She hoped they did and that someday they might all get together with Mila too.  Because Zoe knew if there was one thing better than two white girls for her to fuck, it was four!

As Kristen squealed and shook in utter sexual bliss while lying on her back on the bed, Zoe went tongue wild on her.  Her pussy was so wet and aroused that it would have been a crime to leave it unlicked.  Zoe loved knowing her lapdance had turned Kristen on so much and she lashed away at the blonde’s wet, drooling folds.

It was so hot to be able to lick this juicy girl.  Zoe was sure she could make herself come just from grinding her pussy into the bed sheets while drinking down Kristen’s yummy juice.  She was so sweet and feminine and her pussy was so wonderfully snug and sexy.  Mila had once called it a perfect pussy and Zoe had to agree.  It was so pink and the folds tightly wrapped around her tongue like they never wanted it to leave.  She loved fucking this girl and judging from the moans she was hearing and the juice she was tasting, Zoe knew Kristen loved it too.

That was why it was so surprising when Kristen suddenly moaned out for her to stop.

“Get up here!  Please!  Mmmm gawwwd Zoe I have to do this to you!” Kristen begged.  She didn’t specify what it was she exactly wanted to do to Zoe, but with the horny expression on her face, Zoe was confident it was going to be something hot.  So with a little internal shrug, Zoe stopped licking Kristen’s pussy and instead pulled up from her so they were face to face.

As soon as Zoe was hovering right above hers, Kristen immediately grasped the soft cheeks of her gorgeous face and pulled her in for a heated kiss.  Kristen savored the taste of her own pussy all over Zoe’s lips and she kissed Zoe with a forceful passion, letting their horny tongues rub together while Kristen roamed her hands all over Zoe’s bare back, fondling the dark skin and holding her close to her.

Of course kissing Zoe was only part of what Kristen wanted to do to her.  She had gotten this in her mind to do something like this when she had just been playing with Mila before and the idea hadn’t left her even when Zoe had arrived.  So as much as she had loved being licked by Zoe, Kristen had wanted to give her pleasure back too and a 69 wasn’t going to do it right then.  She wanted something hotter and a little nastier and with her voice full of breathless moans from how well Zoe’s mouth had been making her feel, Kristen told her what she wanted.

“Rub into me!  Please!” Kristen pleaded, her fantasy from earlier not forgotten.  “I want to feel our pussies touching!”

“Mmmmm up for some tribbing action huh?” Zoe grinned. “I can get into that!”

“Yessssss ooooooooh please that’s what I want!” Kristen cried as Zoe reached between her thighs and teased the lips of her labia with soft rubs from her fingers.  “Rub me!  I was gonna do this with Mila before you got here mmm and it’s gonna be so fucking hot! I saw it in a video and I’ve wanted to try it so bad since then!  Push your pussy against mine Zoe and grind into it!  Rub me like that so we can come together!”

“Ohhhh damn Kristen, I want to know what movies you’re watching where you see girls scissoring each other,” Zoe teased.  “Sounds like my kind of movie.  Mmmm but this is going to be a hell of a lot better than watching some porno.  Spread your legs wider for me baby.  I need some room to get in there.”

Having run through the Kama Sutra from beginning to end through the years with a variety of partners, Zoe was more than able to do something simple like scissoring and Kristen was very eager to be guided by her more experienced partner, as evidenced by how quickly she obeyed Zoe and spread her legs open wider, exposing even more of her pinkness than she had when Zoe had been going down on her.

And so, as Mila continued to watch raptly, Zoe lay on top of Kristen, tongue kissing her passionately as she spread her legs too so she could plant her knees down on the bed around Kristen’s body.

The two women barely paused trading wet, aroused kisses back and forth, the both of them delighting in how it felt to have their bare tits rubbing together as Zoe repositioned herself so one knee was pressed into the bed between Kristen’s spread legs and the other was down on the outside of Kristen’s left leg while she lay back on the bed.  Zoe pressed her ass down onto Kristen’s leg as she pushed herself into her, rubbing their pussies together and making the blonde shriek in delight.

“OOOOOOH YESSSSSS!!!” Kristen cried as Zoe’s wet pussy kissed hers and their sensitive slits began stimulating each other.  “Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk!  Ohhhhhh yesssssss Zoe yesssssssss!  Mmmm just like that baby!  Oooooh that’s what I want!”

“Yeah?  You like this?  Like feeling my wet Dominican cunt rubbing into your pretty little blonde pussy?  You like that, white girl?  Like feeling Latina pussy rubbing into you?  Mmmm you’re gonna remember what I am now, aren’t you blondie?  You’re gonna remember Zoe’s a hot Dominican bitch!” Zoe grunted as she pushed her body into Kristen.

“Oooooh ooooooh gawwwwwwwwd mmmmmmm yessssssssssss!” Kristen mewed back, loving the way their wet cunt lips rubbed together like they were kissing below their waists and how her clit seemed to be swelling up so much that it was as if it were reaching out to get at Zoe.  “Oooooooooh Zoe!  Mmmmm this feels soooo fucking gooooood!”

It was such an intense and wonderful feeling to have Zoe’s wetness against hers like this.  Kristen was in dreamy bliss as she lay on her back and felt Zoe’s amazing body grinding into her.  She loved especially how Zoe was effectively pinning her down by sitting on her leg, making sure she couldn’t escape these amazing feelings.  Kristen supposed that she really was a natural submissive like Alyson had always said because she loved being trapped like this.

“Mmm gawwwd Zoe more!  Please more!” Kristen begged.   “I won’t get it wrong again!  Mmmmmm you’re a sexy Dominican bitch, Zoe!   Oooooh yessssss and I’m your little white girl slut!  Fuck me like this!  Fuck my white pussy with your sexy body Zoe!  Make it so we can both come!”

Zoe loved the sound of that, but to really make it happen Kristen wasn’t going to be able to just lie there like one of the pillows on the bed.

“Rub me back!” Zoe directed.  “Grind into me too!  We both gotta do it for it to really work!  Rub that hot body right into my hot pussy so we can both come!”

“Ughhhhh yessssssssss mmmmmmm I want us both to come!” Kristen replied, her voice passionate and eager to achieve orgasmic release as followed Zoe’s instructions and lived out her dirty fantasy with a woman who was still a sexy stranger to her.  “Mmmm fuckkkk!  Ohhhhh Zoe yesssssss!  You’re so right!  Mmmm this is better than any porno!  Rub me!  Rub into my slutty little pussy!  Mmmmm gawwwd make me your dirty fucking slave Zoe!  Make me a total bitch to your hot fucking cunt!”

“Oooooh damn mmmm Alyson turned you into some kind of little whore, didn’t she?” Zoe laughed as she grunted and moaned from the thrusts of hers and Kristen’s bodies grinding together.  “I’m gonna have to meet this girl and thank her for that.  Mila wasn’t kidding about you being into some freaky shit with her.  Mmmm I love it though!  C’mon you eager little slut!  Rub that wet slave twat of yours into me!   Show me how much love feeling that tight, wet pussy of mine you nasty little white girl!  Show me how much you love our hot boxes mashing together!”

And Kristen did love it.  It was such a sexy feeling to have her pussy pressed to Zoe’s as they ground their bodies together on the bed, scissoring with a slippery, heated passion.  Kristen was still pinned under Zoe as they engaged in the ancient lesbian art of tribbing and she didn’t want to move out of this position for all the riches in the world.  She loved feeling the softness of the mattress sinking under their weights and the way the pillow supported her head as Zoe’s gorgeous body pressed down onto hers and made her into her happy little bitch.

Kristen was hypnotized by Zoe’s stunning beauty as they worked themselves into a sexy sweat through their rubbing.  Zoe’s firm tits jiggled from the way she thrust her pussy against Kristen’s, making the blonde writhe under her in ecstasy as their swollen clits touched, making the both of them grunt, giggle, moan and profanely urge for more and not necessarily in that order.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh I do love this!” Kristen eagerly replied, now rubbing back against Zoe as passionately as the dark skinned woman was taking her.  “Mmmmm fuck me Zoe!  Fuck my pussy with yours!  Grind into me!  Make me a fucking little whore who comes from another chick rubbing her cunt into mine!  Mmmm this is so fucking hot!  I wanted to try this so bad and you’re making me love it even more than I thought I would!  Ooooooh yessssssssss mmmm make me your white girl slut Zoe!  Make my dirty dyke cunt ooze out hot cum into your pussy so I can bury my pretty blonde face into your hot Latina twat and lick it all up!”

It felt so awesome to have Zoe’s smooth girl flesh rubbing into hers.  Following her first time with Alyson and Charisma, Kristen had done a lot of research to find out about girl on girl sex and in her mind the best kind of research had been watching lesbian porn to see if she really was attracted to women or if what had happened had just been a fluke thing.

And she hadn’t wanted just any kind of porn.  She hadn’t wanted videos made my men where super enhanced silicone sluts were jamming oversized toys into each other’s orifices in fashions that could never ever be pleasurable in real life.  Kristen had wanted porn for women by women and that meant lots of kissing, touching and definitely lots of real coming.

She had definitely found what she had been looking for and then some.  Because not only had it made her truly realize just how gorgeous women’s naked bodies were, it had shown her this position of rubbing into another girl. Ever since the first time she had seen two women scissoring their wet pussies together, Kristen had wanted to find out what it felt like and now she knew just how heavenly it truly was.

Naturally Kristen wasn’t the only one in heaven.  Zoe’s naked body was tingling over every inch with sexual pleasure and the hot, nasty words flowing past her newest lover’s lips just turned her on even more.

“Ooooooooh you got yourself a filthy mouth there Kristen,” Zoe grinned, bringing Kristen right back into the moment.  “That’s so hot!  I like hearing a cute little thing talk nasty, especially when I’m the one making you talk like that by rubbing into your sweet girl hole.”

“Yesssssssssssss!  Oooooh I’ve got such a dirty tongue!” Kristen agreed.  “I talk so nasty when I’m into it and you’re soooo fucking inspiring Zoe! Don’t stop!  Don’t stop fucking my pussy with yours!  Mmmmm fuckkkkkk I love how our clits are touching!  It’s so fucking wet down there!  I want to come against you Zoe!   I want our slutty snatches soaked with each other’s yummy girl cum!  Let’s make each other creamy!”

Not only did that inspire Zoe to rub herself into Kristen’s pussy harder, making their swollen clits kiss even more, it also produced a sharp series of breathless gasps from Mila as Kristen’s dirty, horny words and the sight of her two friends fused together in a scissoring motion on the bed made her coat her own fingers with her cum.  Mila’s orgasm was small, but powerful and she rolled her eyes back in her head from the amazing feeling her fingers getting coated with girl cum and feeling it run down her hand a little to tickle her wrist.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck mmmmm yesssssssss!!!” Mila moaned to herself as her body quivered in orgasm and her fingers got nice and sticky.  Her pussy clung so tightly to them as she came and Mila brought herself even more pleasure when she pulled her fingers out, making sure to rub them right against her sensitive labia before bringing them right up to her mouth so she could suck her own cum off them.

She had pictured in her mind how hot it would be to see Zoe and Kristen fuck each other right in front of her…to see their beautiful, nude bodies pressed together in sapphic passion.  Mila had never really considered herself much of a voyeur before, but that had just sounded so hot and it was exceeding all her expectations.

She loved watching the two of them fuck each other, their wet pussies sawing against one another as their bodies got so sweaty right before her eyes.  Mila moaned over every grunt and gasp and cry the two women got out of each other and she was so turned on right then that one small orgasm from her own fingers definitely wasn’t enough.

And though she still considered herself straight, Mila was definitely feeling some deep lesbian longings right then.  It was just so incredibly sexy to see Kristen and Zoe bringing each other intense pleasure by mashing their pussies together and rubbing them hard, their naked bodies looking so yummy with dark skin pressed to white and not a cock in sight…just beautiful, jiggling tits and soft, silky pussies dripping with wetness.

Her boyfriend was the last thing on her mind now and Mila was starving for some girl so she knew that now was the perfect time to remind her friends that they weren’t exactly alone on the bed.  Zoe and Kristen were entirely focused on each other, their bodies fused together as their cunts kissed from their furious scissoring and Mila knew she had to get in on this.  She was too turned on to keep on sitting back with nothing but her own fingers to entertain herself.

In the middle of a moan from her sexy mouth, Mila pounced on Zoe first, wrapping her arms around the stunning Latina beauty and tongue kissing her without a word of warning.  And of course Zoe went right with it, grabbing onto Mila’s bare back and holding her close as their tongues rubbed sensually and Zoe began humping herself into Mila’s body too, their bare chests touching just like hers and Kristen’s pussies were.

“Mmmm fuck yeah!  I needed that!” Zoe enthusiastically moaned once the brief, intense kiss had ended.  “You’re such a good kisser Mila!  I love feeling that hot tongue in my mouth while I’m fucking your friend!”

Kristen wanted that too.  Her lips ached for a kiss.  Everything that Zoe was doing to her felt absolutely incredible but Kirsten loved being kissed.  It was one of her favorite things about being with a girl.  There was nothing like the wet softness of another woman’s lips and she needed to feel that then.  Kristen’s body was already glowing with perspiration and pleasure from the feel of Zoe’s hard clit rubbing right into her swollen nub as their splayed pussies ground together but she was greedy and wanted more.  She wanted Mila too!

“Kiss me too!  Please!” Kristen urged the brunette with gasps of aroused words shooting out of her mouth from the pleasure Zoe was bringing her.  “I need to kiss you Mila!  Mmmm plant those sexy lips right on mine and fuck my mouth with your hot tongue!  Do it Mila!  Please!  I need to feel it so goddamn bad!”

Mila hated to refuse a “please”, especially from someone as sexy as Kristen.  The blonde looked so good with her naked body glistening from the exertion as she and Zoe mashed their pussies together in a steady grind.  Their bare flesh looked so sexy all intertwined in their scissoring position, creamy white against dark and exotic and Mila felt her own pussy tremble from the vision of their firm tits jiggling from their thrusts into each other.  There was no way she could resist the plea from her friend so Mila moved over the few inches between Zoe and Kristen and pressed her lips to the girl’s.

“Ooooooh! Mmmmm!” Kristen moaned rapturously as Mila passionately kissed her. She didn’t waste time before parting her lips and inviting Mila’s tongue inside and when it slid into her mouth, Kristen happily sucked on it, a gesture Mila rewarded by reaching up to play with Kristen’s bouncing boobs.

That got another series of happy sounds from Kristen’s mouth and she pushed her chest into Mila’s grasp so her friend could really feel up her small tits.  And Kristen did the same with her hand, going for Mila’s perky, pink tits and massaging them lovingly, adoring the feel of her plump, hard nipples against the soft flesh of her hands.

Zoe didn’t let herself be left out of this fun.  She pulled herself up even more so she could lean in and kiss Mila’s neck, pushing her dark locks out of the way to get at her sensitive flesh while reaching in and at first caressing the brunette’s tits along with Kristen and then moving somewhere much lower and much wetter.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!  Ughhhhhhh yessssssss!  Mmmm right there!” Mila grunted, pulling away wetly from Kristen’s kiss as she felt Zoe’s skilled fingers suddenly rubbing against her slit, pushing the wet, cum coated lips of her pussy open so she could feel the hardness of her clitoris.

“Oooooh nice and wet!” Zoe cooed, feeling Mila’s cum and fresh juices coat the tips of her fingers and start to trickle down lower.  “Mmmm yeahhhh you’d better have been wet for us Mila!  You’d better have gotten nice and juicy watching the hot show me and Kristen have been putting on for us!  You’d better have come!”

“I did!  Mmmmm I so fucking did!” Mila mewed, saliva running down her chin from the wet kiss as she trembled from her tits and pussy being touched so well by her two lovers at the same time Kristen and Zoe continued to scissor into each other’s pussies.  “I want more though!  I got so wet watching you two fuck!  Now I want to see you come!  Make each other come and I’ll be so wet and ready to come again when you lick me!”

Coming sounded very good to Kristen and she didn’t hide that at all, moaning out with pleadings for further pleasure.

“Yessssssss I’m gonna come Mila!  You’re making me feel so amazing Zoe!” Kristen cried, the thrusts of Zoe’s clit rubbing into hers driving her wild with pleasure.  “Fuck me more!  Make me come with my pussy rubbing into yours Zoe!  I’m so close!  Ughhhh I can feel my orgasm about to come!  Please give me more Zoe and I’ll come!  Mmmm I’ll come like a dirty little white girl just like you want me to be!  I’ll have my pretty pink white girl cunt creaming out hot cum against your dark, juicy pussy and making it all sticky and yummy!”

That was heaven to Zoe.  She loved how Kristen had gotten so into her dirty fantasies about the girl that she was fueling her fires by talking about what a slutty white girl she was.  Those words were having such an intensely sexual impact on Zoe and she loved every one of them.  But she still wasn’t there yet and she didn’t want Kristen coming without her.

“If you want to come then you’d better give it to me harder Kristen!” Zoe said, her voice also cracking with pleasure as her clit throbbed from being rubbed into.  “Ughhhh yeahhhh baby mmmmmmmm you’re doing it so good!  Fucking me so good with that hot white girl pussy of yours but I need more too!  I want you to make me come when you do Kristen!  I want to feel our cum all mixed together on each other’s pussies!  But you’ve gotta do me harder Kristen!  Now you do more work!  It’s your turn now Kristen!  Rub into me harder!”

“Anything you want!  I’ll do anything to make you come!” Kristen promised as she did exactly what Zoe asked for by rubbing herself into her with more speed and forcefulness.

She might have been doing this for the first time, but she felt like she had gotten the hang of it so Kristen moved her body with confidence.  Zoe was on top of her pressing down into her so sexily that it was easy for Kristen to do this while still maintaining enough control of her movements that she could make sure she stayed focused on stimulating Zoe’s clit.

By having Zoe press down on her like that it practically glued their wet pussies together so all Kristen had to do was rub into her lover and she did it with a wild energy, gleeful giggles spilling out her mouth as she heard Zoe cry out for her in pleasure.

“Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk ughhhhhhh yessssssssss just like that Kristen!  That’s how you fucking do it baby!  Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh grind into that pussy baby girl!  I love feeling our fucking cunnys rubbing together!” Zoe hissed, her pleasure rising just like she had wanted it to.  “More Kristen!  Keep fucking me and I’ll fuck you back so good we’ll be creaming these sheets!”

As Zoe told her what to do, Kristen could practically feel the spirit of Alyson hovering over her.  As much as she had thought she wanted to get out of that lifestyle, she could practically hear Alyson whispering in her ear how hot she looked and what a good little bitch she was being and commanding her like a slave to fuck Zoe while telling her she wasn’t allowed to come until Zoe did because a slave’s pleasure always came second.

Thinking this turned on Kristen even more and it took all her strength not to moan out, “Yes Mistress” to each of Zoe’s urgings to fuck her harder.  She felt so happy and submissive right then, pressed down to the bed with Zoe’s naked body on top of hers and their pussies scissoring together wetly and furiously.

Kristen could feel Zoe’s pulsating clit rubbing into hers and it felt so awesome and kinky to experience that.  She’d never felt anything like this before and it was such a rush to feel another woman’s soaking wet and meltingly hot cunt right up against her most sensitive of parts.  Kristen’s own clit was aching to come and she gave everything she had to Zoe to make her dark skinned lover feel exactly the same way.

Mila had once again moved off to the side so they could concentrate on each other and Kristen had full access to Zoe’s bare body.  With her firm tits shaking from them fucking into each other, Kristen felt absolutely compelled to grab them and squeeze them passionately, loving how they felt under her soft hands.  While they scissored, Kristen played with Zoe’s tits, fondling and shaking them and soon enough Zoe was doing the same thing, the two of them practically holding onto each other’s breasts for dear life as they ground their clits together and made each other scream in passion.


Zoe had let Kristen cool down a little by stopping her own rubbing so the blonde could do all the work and let her catch up.  And now that Kristen had worked her pussy into some seriously horny heat, Zoe got right back into it.

Now she and Kristen were more or less operating on an even plane of pleasure and Zoe resumed grinding into her new lover, rubbing hard into her while Kristen did the same to her even harder, the both of them scissoring their soaking wet snatches together as they both drove each other closer and closer to achieving orgasm.


Kristen was definitely sincere about wanting to learn every trick there was to lesbian lovemaking.  Alyson had taught her a lot but she wanted to learn everything.  Kristen had always been a nerd about studying and she had never found a subject she enjoyed more than lesbian sex.  That much was clear to her now.  What she’d done with Mila and now with Zoe had proven beyond a doubt that she loved fucking women far too much to even think about stopping it.

As they rubbed into each other harder than ever, Zoe could see that Kristen meant and her pussy sent a shockwave of pleasure through her body at the idea of taking this sexy bitch under her wing and showing her everything she learned.  She couldn’t wait to tell Kristen how she had spent a year and a half making sure she had fucked someone in each of the 50 states plus Puerto Rico and how she was planning on taking her private sex tour global next as well as show her every naughty trick she’d picked up along the way.

But that could wait until later and right then in the immediate time, Zoe was concentrating the most on her orgasm.  It felt so good to be rubbing like this into Kristen, their sweaty, shaking bodies touching in all the right places as they gasped and moaned in ecstasy, their pussies so slippery that they were practically gliding against each other while they kept their hands clamped to each other’s clits.

Kristen was feeling just as much pleasure, loving how her clit continued throbbing.  What she had felt earlier was even stronger now as her clitoris seemed to be reaching out to get at Zoe.  It felt amazing to have her clit rubbing against Zoe’s while their slick slits kissed.  Their clits were both so hard and full that they were nub to nub as their bodies scissored back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until finally the rubbing totally overwhelmed Kristen and she felt her orgasmic release start to rumble inside her tiny, sexy body.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS!  JUST A LITTLE MORE ZOE!  JUST A LITTLE MORE AND MY SLUTTY WHITE GIRL PUSSY WILL COME SO HARD FOR YOU!” Kristen cried, her body ready to do some serious orgasmic thrashing as she lay pinned down under Zoe, her head resting against the pillow as she happily let the other woman control her.  “GIVE IT TO ME ZOE!  GRIND INTO ME AND MAKE ME COME LIKE A HOT LITTLE SLUT!  OOOOOOH!”


That was a promise Zoe knew she was going to be able to keep.  Sex was always part physical and part mental.  To truly achieve orgasm, your mind as well as your sex organs had to be engaged in the act of sex.  That was when it felt like a real release and she could feel that happening here.  Kristen was doing a wonderful job of making the physical part of it possible by stimulating her clitoris and Zoe knew it was up to herself to bring about the mental aspect of orgasm.

Zoe let her mind sink into a deep pool of pleasure as she focused on the idea that sweet little Kristen Bell with her tight, sexy body was grinding right into her pussy.  She was fucking a famous girl and no one outside of their respective circles knew how slutty either one of them truly was.  It was such a mental rush for Zoe to be fucking this cute blonde movie star, making her scream out what a whore she was and how she was her little horny white girl bitch.

Even more than the physical pleasure she got from their clitorises grinding together, Zoe mentally got off knowing she was in control of this beautiful blonde girl.  She was the one making Kristen scream out.  She was the one making her shake in ecstasy.  She was the one making this girl next door blonde soak the sheets with hot, nasty girl juice dripping out of her perfect little pink cunt.  Knowing she had that power and that at this moment Kristen was hers…totally and completely hers…made Zoe’s pussy erupt in orgasm before her lover even did.


There had been so many times when Alyson or Charisma or another girl had fucked where she’d been commanded not to come until her lover did that Kristen was practically trained in it like a pet.  So when Zoe started to come it was like the switch was flipped inside her and Kristen felt the same intense release break free inside her naked body.


As they both came, Kristen and Zoe didn’t stop scissoring.  They continued with rubbing their creaming pussies together, even harder than before as they felt themselves both explode with orgasm, their juices flowing out and coating each other.  Zoe kept Kristen pinned down while tribbing her and Kristen gave it right back to her Latina goddess, fucking her hot, quivering pussy with her own as cream dripped out of both of them onto each other and the sheets below.

They quieted each other’s screams with passionate kisses between them that quickly became a three-way tangle of tongues and lips when Mila got into it too.  Mila kissed her friends hard, feeding off the energy of their mutual orgasms and letting their tongues push into her mouth together while she reached over to both of them and squeezed their tits, rubbing Kristen’s pink and Zoe’s dark mounds in her hot little hands while they came against each other, their scissoring pussies making a wonderfully sticky, naughty mess on the bed.

Seeing them come like this, with their naked bodies glowing with sex sweat as they ground together, charged Mila up something fierce.  She loved seeing her friends fuck like this…all slutty and nasty.  It had her feel so wicked and so sexy to have gorgeous girls Zoe and Kristen fucking each other right in front of her. It was so uninhibited and so dirty and Mila ached with the thirst for more.

So when Kristen and Zoe finally pulled their sweaty bodies apart after one last intense kiss, Mila leapt right into action. It was her turn to assert herself and she did, pushing her friends onto their backs.

“Spread your legs,” Mila said, making it clear this was a command, not a request.  “Let me see how creamy and messy your pretty pussies got.”

Their bodies still tingling with the afterglow of their orgasms, both Zoe and Kristen were feeling mighty compliant then.  So they did exactly as Mila requested, spreading themselves open to show just how raw their pussies were now after scissoring each other and how they were all sticky and shiny with each other’s cream now.

“Oooooh yeahhhh mmmm I’m such a mess down there now,” Kristen moaned and giggled as she exposed herself to her horny friend.  “Mmmm Zoe came sooooo hard against me!”

“Yeahhh is this what you want to see Mila?   Like looking at my dark pussy all creamy with white girl cum?” Zoe purred while reaching down to spread her cunt lips open with her fingers.  “You like seeing how wet I got from feeling your friend’s hot pussy rubbing into me and creaming all over me?”

“Mmmmmmhmmmm you know I love it Zoe,” Mila grinned. “And now I’m going to show you just how much I love it!”

Both girls’ pussies were sticky messes after they had come against each other, their creams all mixed together and their slits slippery and shiny from their orgasms.  It was too yummy a sight for Mila to resist and she plunged her face down between Zoe’s legs first, bathing her friend’s slit with her eager tongue and cleaning off Kristen’s cum right off her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk!” Zoe groaned.  “Ooooooh mmmmm you nasty girl!  Lick that cunt clean Mila!  Mmmm fuckkkk I love your hot little tongue so much!”

It felt so naughty to be able to lick off Kristen’s juices from Zoe’s pussy.  Mila had been with them both so she was intimately aware of their hot, feminine flavors and she got a total thrill out of tasting their juices mixed together.  There was such a hot coating of Kristen on Zoe’s slit and when Mila pulled up with a horny smile to shift over to her blonde friend, she got just the opposite effect when she tasted Zoe’s hot, tangy cum all over Kristen’s labia.

“Mmmmmmmmm gawwwwwwwd oooooooooh yeahhhhh Milaaaaaaaa!” Kristen moaned for her friend.  “Mmmmm lick that pussy!  Lick off all the hot cum that Zoe got on it!   It was so fucking hot to feel her come on me like that mmmmm our pussies mashed together as we both came and got our hot juices on each other!  Oooooooooh yesssssssss mmmmmm lick me clean Mila!  Taste all that hot, yummy naughty girl cum!”

Mila did that with gusto, running her tongue up and down Kristen’s splayed pussy just like she’d done to Zoe so she could taste all of their mixed together cum and bathe her clean after the orgasm she’d just had.  It was so hot to do this and made Mila hornier than ever to the point where she couldn’t wait another moment before she was pleasured.

“My turn!” Mila declared, pulling up from Kristen with her face all shiny from licking hers and Zoe’s pussies.  “I got so fucking wet from watching you two get it on and now it’s my turn to have some fun!   C’mon you naughty girls!  Fuck me!”

Further enticement wasn’t necessary, but Mila provided it anyway when she lay back on the bed opposite Kristen and Zoe and slung open her legs, showing off just how soaked she’d gotten.  Mila’s pussy lips were all puffy with arousal and her clit was plump with desperation to be licked and sucked.  She exposed all of herself to her friends when she lewdly spread her legs for them, showing every inch of her more intimate of parts and Mila groaned wantonly as she reached down and rubbed herself there, sliding her fingers over her wet slit and then inside herself, her digits going in with ease due to Mila’s arousal.

“How about it Kristen?  You hungry for a snack?” Zoe asked, looking right at Mila’s splayed cunt with horny eyes.

“Mmmmmhmmm always!” Kristen grinned.  “I worked up an appetite fucking you Zoe and mmm now I need something yummy.  And Mila has such a yummy pussy!”

“Don’t I know it,” Zoe replied.  “Let’s share her Kristen.  Mmmm let’s both get a taste of that hot little pink snatch she’s got waiting for us.”

Mila moaned with a big smile on her face as she saw Zoe and Kristen crawling toward her like they were ready to pounce on her.  She kept her legs spread and her hand down at her pussy, sawing into her waiting wetness with her fingers and making herself coo with every rub against her clitoris.  Mila was so ready to come again and she couldn’t wait to feel her friends fucking her.

“Yessssssssss taste me!  Fuck me!  Both of you!  Eat my pussy!  Fuck my little tight hole!” Mila groaned, urging her friends on.  “I’m so fucking wet!  I want you both!”

And she got both of them right where she wanted them to be.  Normally, Mila loved a lot of kissing and touching.  Sensual foreplay was one of the reasons she could never stop longing to be with girls, but right now Mila didn’t need any additional warming up.  She was hot and ready for it.  Zoe sensed it and went right for Mila’s pussy, with Kristen eagerly behind her.

Zoe pressed her face to Mila’s pussy and kissed her splayed slit even as the girl continued to finger herself.  Zoe’s lips tickled Mila’s sensitive, soaked folds and she moaned out her approval while bucking on the bed from the feel of her experienced lover’s mouth on her. Zoe was an even better kisser below the waist than she was at her mouth and Mila welcomed the feel of her down there.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yessssss oooooooh Zoeeeeeeeee!” Mila cried her friend’s name out.  “Yesssssss eat me out!  Ooooh you always do that so well!  Ughhh I got so wet watching you fuck Kristen and now I need you to fuck me too!”

Zoe’s mouth felt so good that Mila knew she didn’t need to use her fingers anymore.  She pulled them up to her mouth and began sucking on them, hungrily tasting her own juices and loving how wet she was.  Ever since she had gotten into girls, Mila had loved tasting her own juices and she was so turned on today that they tasted even better than usual.

Moving her hand away, gave Zoe full access to Mila’s pussy and she took advantage.  She pressed her mouth to Mila’s cunt and sucked on her feminine lips, tasting her juice and feeling the heat of her intense arousal radiate against her face.  Zoe was pressed down all the way to Mila’s pussy and could feel the patch of neat dark curls above her pussy tickle her face a little.  Even though she kept herself shaved, Zoe loved girls with cute little bushes like Mila and the way those soft curls rubbed into her face was no annoyance at all.  In fact it turned Zoe on even more as she sucked on her friend’s heated core.

But Zoe reminded herself not to be too greedy.  She after all had to share with Kristen.  So she had simple instructions for her new friend.

“Fuck her,” Zoe said.  “Use your fingers.  Use your tongue.  Mmm even use your toes if you want to.  Just fuck her.  Fuck Mila’s hot pussy while I’m sucking it.”

Kristen had deferred to Zoe’s alpha woman status when they had first reached Mila and she’d been kissing her friend’s thighs and even up to her firm, flat stomach to teasingly kiss and lick Mila’s belly button, but Kristen had definitely wanted more.  She was just as hungry for pussy as Zoe was and the idea of tongue fucking Mila was something she eagerly went for.

As Zoe continued to slurp away on Mila’s lips, her lips smacking against her wet labia, Kristen went for her friend with her fingers first, reaching in with two digits to fuck Mila and moaning when she felt how hot and wet she was for this.  The aroused juices coated her fingers, which made Kristen fuck her harder and while Mila remained as tight as usual, there was hardly any resistance to her probing fingers thanks to the flowing wetness the horny girl was dripping out between her legs.

“Ooooooh you’re sooo juicy!” Kristen cooed when she slid her fingers into Mila.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm gawwwwwwd yeahhhh that’s cause you’re turning me on so much!” Mila grunted, sitting up a little and thrusting her hips forward to feel more of Kristen’s fingers and Zoe’s mouth.

And when Mila sat up she found herself smothered by a kiss from Kristen, which she instantly returned.  Mila groaned and moaned happily while her tongue rolled against Kristen’s and they began making out, the blonde’s free hand reaching up to fondle her tits.  Mila knew she wasn’t going to last long with this treatment, which only made her enjoy it more.  Mila was melting already from the skilled touches of her friends.  Zoe and Kristen were far too sexy and too good at this for them not to be making her amazing and all the arousal that had pent up watching them go at each other was making her orgasn approach quickly.

Mila and Kristen continued kissing each other hungrily while Zoe feasted on Mila’s soft, wet pussy lips.  She kissed and sucked on them, saliva drooling past her own mouth to make Mila’s pussy even wetter.  Just like Kristen, Mila was divinely pink and tight.  She had such a tiny little pussy that Zoe loved to play with.  She loved licking it.  She loved fucking it.  She loved sucking it.  And most of all she loved making it come.  Each time she had played with Mila, Zoe had found wonderful pleasure in making the brunette come and doing it with Kristen this time made it extra hot.

“Gonna come for us, aren’t you, naughty girl?” Zoe asked, giving Mila’s spread labia a series of wicked licks with her tongue while Kristen continued filling her folds with her fingers.  “Is this pretty little pussy of yours going to purr Mila and cover us with yummy, wet cum?”

“Oohhhhh fuck!  Yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Gonna come so hard and make you both so wet!” Mila moaned, pulling away from the wet kiss with Kristen as the pleasure made her shake on the bed.  “Ooooooh I’m so close already!  Just give me more!  Mmmm make it hot and make it good and I’ll come!  Ughhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!”

Kristen took that as encouragement to use her tongue on Mila.  It felt amazing to have her fingers inside her.  Mila’s pussy folds were clinging so tightly to her fingers, wrapping onto them and inviting them to go deep and hard into her and Kristen loved finger fucking another girl and feeling her orgasmic juices get all over her hand, but that feeling was secondary to how much she loved tonguing another girl and while Kristen had gotten plenty of Mila’s cream in her stomach before, she wanted more.


It was a little crowded down between Mila’s spread legs, but Zoe and Kristen managed to make room for each other.  Zoe was more on top of Mila’s pussy, sucking on her tender fold while Kristen craned her neck to get lower on her, pushing her tongue into her and fucking her with a reckless hunger, tasting the dripping juice as it coated her tongue and trickled down her throat while she flicked the tip of her tongue against Mila’s bulging clitoris.  Her clit was so full that Kristen couldn’t have missed it if she had tried to and she concentrated plenty on it, working her friend over with hard, quick licks that kept the pleasure flowing.

And Zoe made sure that there was plenty of wetness for Kristen and her to enjoy.  She kept her saliva coming out of her mouth and into Mila’s pussy to mix with her juices, even spitting right into the Ukrainian brunette so Kristen could lick it all up, a sight that Zoe quite enjoyed.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhh lick it up you dirty girl!  Mmmm that’s hot!  Lick up my spit right out of your friend’s tight little cunt!” Zoe groaned in between sucks of Mila’s labia.  “Mmmmm lap up this pretty white girl pussy of hers!  I know you love licking Mila but you’ve gotta love it even more with my spit in her!”

Kristen did love it, but she didn’t dare stop licking to tell Zoe that.  It felt so nasty to know she was tasting another woman’s spit while she licked pussy.  It made it extra nasty and extra sexy for her.  But she was having too much fun tongue fucking Mila to pause to deliver that message to her.  She would have to tell her later because right then all Kristen wanted to do was make Mila feel good.

Kristen couldn’t get enough of Mila’s hot taste.  She was so hot and her pussy was clamping down on them so tightly that she knew her friend was poised to come.  So Kristen gave it to Mila as hard as she could, thrusting her tongue into her and against her clitoris. Both Zoe and Kristen were now reaching up to Mila’s chest to play with her tits and they kneaded the firm mounds, rubbing into her nipples and making everything feel so good as their hot mouths worked her over.


Having two hot mouths licking her at once was a Kirsten and Eliza specialty and they always did it so well.  But it had been a while since she had been with two women like that so Mila was especially into the feeling of Zoe sucking on her pussy while Kristen tongue fucked her.  She had their hands all over her tits and their mouths tending so well to her pussy and she rocked on the bed, her bare body close to the edge of the end of the hotel bed.  But even if she’d fallen off it would have been totally worth it because of how good they were making her feel.

Their hot mouths and tongues licked and fucked her so well that it took only seconds more for Mila to unleash what had been building inside her.  Her previous orgasm had been a little spring shower and this was a serious storm as lightning crashed in her brain and thunder rumbled in her body.  Mila began thrashing on the bed, shaking and thrusting herself against her friend’s faces.  She mashed her pussy into them as she came, feeding them both the sex juices they thirsted for.


Mila continued screaming as she came, her hands moving down to the back of Zoe’s and Kristen’s heads to hold them down so they wouldn’t stop.  And, message received, the two women continued to lick and suck away at their friend’s creaming pussy.  Mila fed them both from her hot cunt, the orgasm flowing out of her and into them as they eagerly drained her.

And when they finally did pause their oral activities and fought off Mila’s hands, it was only so Kristen and Zoe could kiss each other and share the sweet taste of Mila’s yummy cum. The juicy kiss between them was brief and passionate and then they dove back down to lick Mila some more.  They both lashed at her pussy as it spasmed and creamed out some more from her orgasm and all three women were beaming as they continued, Zoe and Kristen’s hands now off Mila’s tits as they instead fondled each other’s bare asses while they bent over to tend to Mila.

And with a big smile on her face, Kristen moaned from Zoe’s soft touch on her butt as Mila’s pussy glazed her tongue with a fresh taste of cum. She might not be getting any closer to figuring herself out, but at least she was having fun in the process of not making progress.


Lindsay Lohan had never anticipated being this late.  When she had first heard that the girls from the mansion were zipping off to Vegas for the weekend to be a part of that telethon and enjoy every wicked delight that the city had to offer, her immediate reaction was to join them as soon as possible.  She might have been too notorious to be welcomed as part of the telethon, but Lindsay badly wanted to be part of the non-stop party she knew Las Vegas could be.

And not only did Lindsay want to be a part of whatever wild fun the girls were getting into, she wanted her girlfriend to be part of it with her.  Hilary Duff had never properly “done” Vegas and Lindsay wanted to make damn sure that changed.  The first thought she had had when she had pictured Vegas with her girlfriends was all the naughty, sweaty, kinky fun she and Hilary could have together.  She definitely wanted them both to get it Vegas style from all those sexy sluts.

But it had been hours ago that she had first gotten the text message from Jennifer Love Hewitt telling her where they had been going and only now was she finally headed to the airport.  This was way later than Lindsay had planned, but she supposed she had a mighty good excuse for being late and she couldn’t wait to show off what that reason was to those hot girls from the mansion.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Ali Lohan excitedly said as she sat in the backseat of the town car, happily sandwiched between Lindsay and Hilary.

“Mmmmmm believe it baby,” Lindsay assured her little sister.   “We’re gonna have so much fun.  Those girls are going to freak the fuck out when they see us together and they’re going to love it.  They’re gonna get so into it and mmmmmmm gawwwwd they’re gonna go wild on us.”

The idea of all those beautiful girls wanting her and taking her sent a shiver of desire up Ali’s spine and she smiled.  This day had already turned out so unbelievable that at times she had expected to wake up and find it was all a dream.  Everything that had happened to her was so wild and so wonderful and she never wanted it to end.

Lindsay still couldn’t believe everything that had happened either.  If someone had told her when she had first woken up that day that she would have sex with her little sister then she would have told them that they were the ones who needed rehab, not her.

But that was exactly what had happened.   She and Ali had done such wicked things to each other while Hilary had egged them on, getting them to go further and be sluttier with each other.  It had been so amazing to actually lick and fuck her baby sister.  It was so wrong to have done what she and Hilary had done to Ali but it had felt so good that Lindsay knew it was right.  The wrongness of her forbidden acts had only made it hotter.

But the incestuous sex she had had with her sister had only been the tip of the iceberg.  When their mother had caught them and Hilary together naked in bed and about to deflower Ali’s virgin ass, at first there had been screaming and crying and enough drama to fill an entire season of a Real Housewives show.  But oh God, how things had changed…

Thanks to Hilary and her wicked temptations, Lindsay and Ali had been able to turn the tables on their mother. They’d caught her fucking Hilary and had used all their seductive charms to seduce her into their wicked game too.  They had licked their mother’s wet pussy until she had come all over their greedy faces and that had only been the start.

They had let their own mother fuck their asses and take their cunts and fuck them like the little sluts they were.  Ali and Lindsay had both felt the sweetest bliss from being mommy’s little sluts and they both knew now that there wasn’t going to be any more fighting around the Lohan house…just delicious, dirty sex that all of them would be getting off from.

What they had done to their mother and gotten her to do to them had left Lindsay and Ali so horny for more.  And even though Dina had been so completely discombobulated by this that she had desperately needed time alone to try and come to terms with it, her daughters were hell bent on not stopping for anyone or anything.

They were planning on fucking every hot girl they could in Vegas and then going home to mommy and giving it to her too, fucking her hot MILF holes like she had taken them before, using toys and tongues and fingers and anything and everything they could to fuck their sexy mother and make her come.

Ali just wished she could get more now.  She wanted to kiss Lindsay and feel up her huge boobs and rub her pussy through her clothes while Lindsay pushed her fingers into her panties and filled up her little teen hole while making her come.  Sex had been on her young mind so much lately and now that she had actually had it, it was the only thing Ali could focus on.

All she wanted now was to fuck and be fucked and she couldn’t wait to show that off to her big sister’s sexy friends so they’d give it to her in all the nasty ways Lindsay claimed they always gave it to her. They were sharing the back of a town car on their way to the airport so they couldn’t be as wild as they wanted to be.  And after everything that had just happened it was practically agony for Ali to show any restraint at all.

She wanted Lindsay and Hilary to rip her clothes off and have their way with her as she showed them what a good little slut she could be.  Her pussy was so wet under her panties that Ali was sure she’d end up creaming her jeans before they even got to Vegas.  But she liked that feeling.  Fucking Lindsay had been her dream come true and now she needed newer fantasies…dirtier fantasies…and she wanted to do it all.

Lindsay was feeling the same things, especially with how Ali’s young body rubbed into her.  There was more than enough room in the back of the car for them not to be clumped together so closely, but none of them wanted any separation.  Lindsay loved feeling Ali’s young body rubbing into hers, reminding her of the nasty things they’d done to each other and everything she still ached to do to her sexy little sister.

“I wish I could kiss you right now,” Lindsay whispered into Ali’s ear, delighting the younger girl with the sound of her husky, horny voice.  “I wanna kiss those pretty lips of yours and taste mom’s pussy on them.  Mmmmm I wanna kiss you so bad and get you nice and wet for me Ali.”

“I already am,” Ali whispered back, grinding herself into her sister a little more sensually now as they both wished their clothing would just disappear.  “Just being close to you is making me soaked.”

That got a soft, sexy moan from Lindsay and it took all her will power to not grab Ali and do what she had been promising by kissing her right on the lips like no sister was ever supposed to.  Her own pussy was drooling under her clothes thinking of what they’d just done to each other and to their mother and Lindsay knew there was no way she was going to be able to get to Vegas without having to first give her cunt some loving.  She was already picturing dragging Ali to the bathroom on the plane and giving her little sister her initiation into the Mile High Club.  Mmmmm how hot would that be?

To say that Lindsay’s perspective was completely altered after what had happened with her sister and her mother was putting it mildly.  She had had dirty thoughts before, but now her mind was not only solidly in the gutter, it was swimming laps around it.  She had just fucked her sister and her own mother!  She was such a filthy, depraved slut and Lindsay relished how that made her feel.  It got her so pussy so wet to think about what a dirty little whore she really was and she only wanted to get dirtier.

She wanted to put on a show for her mansion friends where she and Ali fucked each other like wild, unleashed sluts.  She wanted to get in the panties of every hot girl she could get in Vegas and share all those hot pussies with her baby sister.  And she didn’t want to stop there.  She was so horned up that she wasn’t just dreaming about pussy.  She wanted cock too.  Their driver was pretty cute. Maybe she could get him to pull over and then suck him off until he came all over the freckles on her face.  Mmmmm and then Ali and Hilary could lick that load right off her face and kiss it back to her in a sticky, slutty make out session.

Lindsay was mostly only into girls these days but when she got super horny she still enjoyed playing with a big, stiff cock.  And right then she was beyond a rational state of horniness.  Her mind was racing and her thoughts were soaked in delicious sexual filth.  She wanted to be nasty and didn’t just want to share a hot girl with her sister and her girlfriend.

Lindsay knew that neither Hilary nor Ali had been with a guy before and she wanted them to get fucked right along with her.  She wanted them to get fucked by guys and crave cock and pussy just like she did.  Lindsay had seen Hilary suck cock before and it had been so goddamn hot.  But she wanted to take it a step further.  Now she wanted Hilary to take a real dick in her cunt too and she wanted Ali to get it also.

She wanted to see them get fucked hard and then watch her take a hard cock in her cunt and then her ass and have her get a sticky blast of guy cum all over her face and her tits for them to lick off and spit into her mouth.

Oooooooh fuckkkk. Mmmmm thinking this nasty was such a turn-on and Lindsay did nothing to make herself cool down.  She loved feeling this way.  All she could think about was sex and her pussy was getting so wet it would soon be visible through her jeans.  But she didn’t care.  She just kept on fantasizing about blowing their cute driver and swallowing his load and then wrapping her big tits around his cock and getting him hard again so he could fuck her little sister.

But maybe they could wait.  Yeah, they could do even better and get a hotter, hunkier guy or two…or three if they waited for Vegas.  Lindsay dreamed dirtily of arriving at the hotel, having a bunch of bellhops help them with their bags and then her and Ali and Hilary getting naked in front of them so they could give them their bodies as a tip.  How awesome would that be?

Lindsay moaned, her pussy quivering, as she pictured those horny boys fucking their mouths and their tight cunts and even their asses while calling their buddies over to fuck them too, getting a gangbang going for all three of them and ending it by having her, Hilary and Ali all licking the cum leaking out of their holes and cleaning each other off.   They would have so much sticky, yummy cum all over their naked bodies and it would taste so good to lick all those loads off her sister and her nasty, gorgeous girlfriend.

But Lindsay didn’t want to stop there.  Her brain was on fire with lust and the more she thought, the dirtier her fantasies got.  What if she didn’t get Ali her first cock in Vegas?  What if she got her some closer to home?  MUCH closer to home.

She’d thought about it before and now she was thinking about it again.  She’d fucked her sister and her mother.  Why stop there?  What about the two guys she loved most in the world?  What about her brothers?  The more she thought about it the more she focused on how hot they were and pictured getting just as nasty as she had with Ali and Dina.

Lindsay had never ever pictured something so dirty before today but now all her thoughts were soaked in filth and depravity and she loved it.  Doing what she had done with her sister and her mother had completely warped her and she loved it.  She thought about her brothers Mike and Cody catching her and Ali fucking and how she’d tell them to get in on this and get out of their clothes.   She wanted her brothers to strip naked for her and shove their cocks right into her mouth so she could show them what a slutty sister she was and how much she loved them.

Just thinking that sent a shiver up Lindsay’s spine and she loved the mental image so much that she nearly came right where she sat in the car from picturing her own brothers whipping their cocks out for her and Ali to play with while telling them what dirty whores they were and how if they loved fucking each other so much they should fuck them too.

She bet her brothers both had nice, big cocks to fuck with and right then she wished they were there so she could demand they pull their dicks out for her just like Ali had so eagerly shown off her teen tits and pussy.  She wanted to suck their cocks and let them fuck her to show off to them how she was such a slut she’d fuck her own family.  Cody was even younger than Ali was and Lindsay wondered if he was a virgin.  And since she and her mom had already taken Ali’s virginity, why not go after Cody’s too and have his sisters be the first pussies he fucked?

Mmmm and while she was on all fours getting spanked by her little brother as he shoved his young cock into her wet, sloppy cunt, Ali would be getting it from Mike.  Lindsay wanted to see that so bad.  She wanted to see Ali riding her older brother’s cock and have her developing tits bounce all nice and slutty while he fucked her and filled her up with hot, creamy cum just like Cody would to her. Mmmm and then she and Ali would 69 and lick those loads right out of each other’s pussies and share them with a nasty, cummy incestuous kiss.

Lindsay didn’t tell any of these thoughts to Ali or Hilary.  They were so delicious but they were also so insanely wild that she wanted to keep them to herself for now as she relished the shiver up her back it gave her to be so dirty.  There would be time for all of this later and she told herself to calm down or else she’d burn out before she even got on the plane.  She loved this new side of her.  It was like her previously filthy mind and insatiable lust had doubled…no tripled!  And Lindsay wanted her friends at the mansion to see it.

Her friends had thought she had been nasty before?  Well they hadn’t seen anything yet and Lindsay couldn’t wait to show off for all the hot girls she loved to fuck.

But even with all the attention she was paying to Ali, there was still one girl that Lindsay loved to fuck most of all and that was Hilary Duff.  And right then it was obvious that her girlfriend was having some seriously dirty thoughts of her own and Lindsay smiled, hoping that Hilary’s fantasies could come true too, just like Ali’s had.

“You have to come out to Vegas with us, Haylie,” Hilary cooed into the phone.  “It’ll be soooooo much fun.  Mmmmm we’re gonna have such an awesome time out here and it’ll be even better if I have my big sissy with me too.”

Lindsay and Ali had to keep from giggling over Hilary’s sudden insistence on wanting her older sister Haylie to join them in Vegas.  They knew what Hilary wanted and they both wanted to see it so Hilary and Haylie could put on a hot show for them just like they had put on for Hilary.

Ever since Ali had revealed to Lindsay how badly she had wanted her, causing the older girl to succumb to incestuous lust for her sister, Hilary had been dreaming naughtily about Haylie.  She loved her big sister and it was not just sibling loyalty for her to think that Haylie was beautiful.  Hilary thought Haylie was so sexy and after watching Lindsay and Ali and then seeing them both go after Dina, Hilary was filled with fresh, dirty thoughts of her own about having that kind of fun with her own sister.

After all it had been Haylie who had been the first person to ever really give her any kind of sex ed.  Haylie had been the one to tell her all about boys and how much fun it was to fuck them and suck them off.  Haylie had told her all about masturbation and the right way to touch herself.  But since those naughty conversations years ago, Hilary felt like she had left her older sister in the dust when it came to sex.  Since then she had realized she didn’t need boys at all when girls were so much more fun to play with.  She had let girls take her virginity and turn her into the wild, sex-crazed slut she loved to be.

Hilary wanted to show Haylie all she had learned about sex since those initial talks when she’d been all wide eyed and innocent.  And she wanted to show her big sister a few things too.  She wanted to show Haylie what a slut she was now and how she loved eating pussy and letting girls fuck her and lick her.

Of course she didn’t just want to show this to Haylie.  She ached for the chance to do it to her.  She wanted Haylie like Ali had wanted Lindsay.  It had been a flame inside her ever since the first time she had ever seen Jessica and Ashlee Simpson play with each other, and now it was like a raging fire.

Hilary wanted to seduce her sister and make Haylie feel how unbelievably good it was to fuck another woman, especially if that woman was her naughty little sister.  Hilary’s mind was filled with dirty deeds she wanted to do to Haylie and she knew that getting her to Vegas with so much sex and fun around them was the best way to tempt her.

Unfortunately, so far Hilary wasn’t getting Haylie any closer to being on a plane.

“God, Hil, I can’t just run off to Vegas with you,” Haylie claimed.  “Where have you been for the last few days?  Mom’s like on the warpath looking for you.”

Hilary wanted to tell Haylie everything she’d been up to the past few days when she’d been with Lindsay and gotten so close to her family.  But she couldn’t.  Not yet at least.  She knew Haylie would need some special kind of “convincing” to be able to fully understand all that she’d done and that confessing on the phone made no sense.  So she kept quiet about it…for now.

“Tell her I’m fine,” Hilary said, not wanting to deal with her mother’s drama act and all her BS right then.  “Tell her whatever.  I don’t care.  I didn’t call to talk to her.  I called to talk to you Haylie.  I’m going out to Vegas with Lindsay and I want you to come with us.”

“Lindsay?  Hil!  Mom said you weren’t allowed to hang out with her anymore,” Haylie groaned.

“So?  What’cha gonna do, Haylie?  Tattle on me?” Hilary giggled.

“You know I wouldn’t do that,” Haylie replied sincerely.  “You know I’ll always look out for you Hil and that I trust you.  I like Lindsay just fine.  But you know mom doesn’t.  She’s gonna hit the roof when she finds out.”

“She won’t find out,” Hilary insisted.  “Now c’mon Haylie.  I want you out here with us.  I miss my big sister.  I haven’t seen you in so long.  I miss you.  Let’s go to Vegas and have some fun.  There’s going to be some amazing parties out here and I have some unbelievable friends that I want to introduce you to.”

“Wellllll it does sound fun,” Haylie admitted.  She never had to be talked into going to a party usually.  It was that Hilary had been acting so strangely these past months.  She had definitely been keeping some big secrets and it was really unlike her to just disappear and then announce she was heading to Vegas.  Maybe if she went too she could find out what had gotten into Hilary lately.

“I promise it’ll be fun,” Hilary declared.  “I don’t want you to miss it.  You have to come with Haylie.  You’ll hate it if you miss this.  It’s going to be such a special time.  I promise you’ll never forget it.”

If things went the way Hilary hoped then it would be something none of them would ever forget and Lindsay and Ali knew it too.  They were all eager to Haylie to join them, both in Vegas and in bed and they had their fingers crossed that she would stop resisting, which she happily did a moment later.

“We’re about to pull into the airport,” Hilary said, practically pleading with her sister.  “Say you’ll come too Haylie.  Say you’ll meet us in Vegas.  Just pack a bag and grab the first flight you can.  I totally swear you won’t regret it.”

“Okay,” Haylie agreed, getting a big smile from her sister.  “I’ll meet you there.  But you have to promise that you and I are gonna talk.  I mean for reals.  I wanna find out what you’ve been up to lately Hil.  You’ve been acting so strange.”

“Oh I promise we’ll talk,” Hilary said with a wicked grin she was glad her sister couldn’t see from the other end of the cell phone.  “You and I have a lot to talk about and you’re going to find out everything.”


Jennifer Garner couldn’t believe her luck.  Just when she had seemed resigned to having a quiet weekend at home, things had turned out to be anything but and she couldn’t have been happier right then.

When she had first heard about the telethon she had wanted to go to try and help out just because she wanted to be there to support a good cause.  Jennifer was passionate about using her celebrity in a positive way to help whenever she could and she certainly knew from poverty.

But then she had seen the benefits of going that went far beyond charity.  Jessica Alba was going and as soon as she had heard that, Jennifer had known that she had to go with her.  At first it hadn’t seemed like she would be able to go, though.  As much as she had wanted to just drop everything and jump to Vegas to be close to the woman she adored, Jennifer had a marriage, children and actual responsibilities.  She wasn’t like those women at the mansion whose lives were just one rush of ecstasy after another.  She had a family to think about.

It wasn’t as though she didn’t want to live the kind of carefree lives that her friends in Malibu did.  Jennifer ached for that sometimes.  Then there were the times when she just wanted to be home with her children and her husband in something safe, stable and loving.  It was like she was two different people and sometimes she didn’t know which one she was going to want to be that day when she woke up in the morning.

The safe and dependable side of Jennifer had been the one that had felt it was better for her to stay home and be with her kids.  She didn’t want to leave them with a nanny for the weekend so she could go off and be an adulteress.  She wouldn’t have felt right about that.  It would have triggered way too much guilt to do something so selfish.

But when her husband’s plans to go do location scouting for his next movie fell through at the last minute, Jennifer had found herself with the chance to be wild and naughty and do something full of risk and fun.  And she hadn’t hesitated to take it. The other side of herself, the side that quivered at a woman’s touch and loved to be just as sexy and hedonistic as her friends, had seized control and she had gone for it, leaving her kids with Ben for the weekend so she could go off and indulge in the secret side that her husband didn’t have the slightest clue existed.

Jennifer loved going to the mansion and indulging in the pleasure of female flesh.  She loved the way girls tasted.  She loved the way they kissed.  She loved the way they touched.  She loved everything about a soft, sexy, womanly body.  There was a part of her that could only be truly pleased by another woman and the times she spent at the mansion were nothing but the sweetest pleasure.  She loved Ben but there was something about a woman that he just couldn’t equal and she always came harder when it was a woman…or two…or three…or a whole roomful of them fucking her.

But of all the women she fucked, she had never felt anything like she felt for Jessica.  She felt such a strong connection with her friend.  She loved everything about her from the way she used her tongue and her fingers to make her come like no other to the way she smiled when she was laughing.  She hated to even think about it sometimes because of the damage it would cause, but sometimes Jennifer even felt like if she ever had the chance to leave her family to only be with Jessica, then she would do it.  She felt so guilty every time that impulse passed through her mind, but it didn’t stop it from happening.

Now she had the opportunity to spend the weekend with Jessica and she was going for it without a moment’s hesitation.  She wasn’t abandoning her family by doing this.  She was going to Vegas to help a charity out and if she so happened to have a lot of lesbian sex in the process, then so be it.  She would be back with her family on Monday.  This weekend would just be about carnal need and indulging in the desire she deeply felt for Jessica Alba.

Jennifer didn’t have to be told that her heart sometimes got her in awful fixes.  She had felt strong feelings for Jessica from the moment she had met her but with them had come strong confusion as well.  Jennifer had known what she felt for Jessica was more than just lust and friendship meshing together, but she also couldn’t separate herself completely from the idea that she was supposed to be with men and that was the life she was meant to leave.  So when it had seemed like she and Jessica were moving to something more exclusive than just sex, she had fallen for Ben and had ended up confusing the situation even more.

Now Jennifer felt torn between two lives, a home with the man she loved or one with the woman she adored.  And she wanted them both even though she knew she could never have them.  That left her confused and sad and angry sometimes, causing Jennifer to lash out at Jessica sometimes for her close friendship with that Trish Stratus girl.  Jennifer knew she was wrong when she did that, like she was demanding some kind of exclusivity from Jessica when at the same time she was married and with children.  It was unfair to Jessica and Jennifer felt so guilty when she did it.  But she couldn’t help herself.  She wanted it all and she couldn’t find a way to settle for anything less.

But she didn’t want to think about that now, not when she had a whole weekend ahead of herself with Jessica and all her sexy friends. Jennifer didn’t have a plane ticket or a hotel reservation or anything and she didn’t care. She just went for it and decided to worry about the rest later.

So as she made her way to the airport, Jennifer’s head was filled with erotic hopes about what would happen when she got to Vegas.  She was going to end up surprising Jessica with her presence, even though that hadn’t been her plan.  She had been calling Jessica’s phone ever since she had found out she could go, but had gotten her voice-mail every time.  Not wanting to leave a message, Jennifer would hang up, but every time she called she never got anyone picking up.  So it sure looked like her arrival would be a surprise.

Not that Jennifer minded.  She couldn’t wait to see the look on Jessica’s face when she got there.  She knew she was going to be just as thrilled as she was.


Jessica Alba giggled happily as she rolled around on the bed with Trish, their naked bodies rubbing together in just the right way as they further tussled the sheets in the former wrestler’s hotel room.  Trish giggled right along with her, the two of them loving the feel of their bodies, still damp and scrubbed clean from the shower, touching as they rolled around, smacking their lips together over and over again in brief, happy girl kisses.

“Jeez, don’t you two ever stop?” Stacy Keibler playfully chastised when she emerged from the shower completely naked, her body glistening as she dried her hair.

“Stop?  Mmmm what’s that word mean?” Trish laughed before kissing Jessica again, their tongues rubbing together sensually as they continued to enjoy every inch of each other’s bodies.

And Jessica certainly agreed with Trish.  Why would they want to stop?  She had waited too damn long to be with Trish again to even think about stopping now.  They had been separated by an entire country with her in Malibu and Trish in Toronto and the distance had been hard on them both.  Now that they were reunited, at least temporarily, Jessica wanted to make the most of this.

Already they had marked their reunion by bringing one of Trish’s friends from WWE into their fun.  With the combined skills of seduction, not to mention their hot bodies, Jessica, Trish and Stacy had been able to coax Barbara Blank, whom WWE fans knew better as Kelly Kelly, out of her clothes and away from her inhibitions.

They had fucked her so good, taking her pussy and her ass and making her love every exquisite moment of it.  Their fun had continued in the shower as Barbara had let all three of them spread open her exquisite ass cheeks and take turns rimming her tightest hole.  And after she had come multiple times from this, Barbara had been only too eager to show what she had learned by working her tongue over her friends’ pussies and asses to return the favor.

But now, as Jessica and Trish kept on playing on the bed, Barbara was doing the one thing she didn’t want to do and that was putting on her clothes again.

“You sure you have to go?” Jessica asked, looking up from Trish to watch her new friend as she slid back into her skinny jeans, pulling the denim up over her long legs and depriving all of them the sight of her naked body.

“Yeah…I really should get back out there…” Barbara said.  “I’ve got a lot to think about now.”

“No regrets I hope?” Trish asked.  She had been wanting to seduce Barbie for so long and she had thought her friend had loved what had happened, but you could never be sure with first timers.

“Oh no!  Definitely not!” Barbara immediately assured the girls.  “It’s just a lot to process.”

Everyone understood where the girl was coming from.  They had all been seduced themselves and to find yourself having just experienced lesbian sex and questioning your sexuality as they found themselves craving more was something they had all been through.

Barbara had fantasized about something like this but the last thing she had expected that day had been for it to come true.  It was no exaggeration to say her mind had been blown by what these girls had done to her and what she had so eagerly done to them.  It was a lot to take in and right then as hard as it was to put her clothes back on and leave all this, she knew she needed some time to herself to try and think this over and understand it.

She didn’t know if she was a lesbian now or if she still had feelings for men.  She had a boyfriend to think about in all of this and it was so very confusing.  But the one thing Barbara didn’t have were regrets over what had happened.

“So you think you might want to do this again?” Stacy asked, hoping this wasn’t the only time she got to enjoy Kelly Kelly’s tight little body.

That question got one of the ex-Diva’s dazzling smiles and she buttoned up her jeans and then walked over to Stacy to kiss her right on the lips.

“What does that tell you?” Barbara giggled, knowing that no matter what she was thinking right now, the desire to experience more sex with girls was too strong to deny.

“Mmmmm it tells me that I’m going to be tasting your sweet pussy again real soon Barbie,” Stacy laughed back, giving the leggy Diva a playful smack to her ass through her jeans that got a happy yelp and giggle back from Barbara.

“You know it,” Barbara promised.  “I need to try and sort this out but I LOVED what we did.  Mmmmmm totally no regrets.  Thank you.  Thank you for what you did to me.”

“If you really want to thank us then don’t be a stranger,” Jessica said, also eager to experience the girl’s hot body and eager tongue again.  “You know me and Stacy have a suite at the Palms and it’s absolutely huge. You should drop on by tonight.  I know our friends would love to meet you!”

“Mmmmm and I’d love to meet them,” Barbara replied, her eyes lighting up.

She had heard a lot about the mansion in between them fucking each other and what she had been told filled her with curiosity to see what this was all about and to see for herself and if…it was as hot as Jessica claimed, maybe join in the fun.

“Your friends wouldn’t mind if I crashed their party?” Barbara asked.

“Are you kidding?” Jessica laughed.  “Mmmmm when we party it’s always the more the merrier and we’re going to fucking party while we’re here!  You’re definitely invited Barbie.  Text me when you’re close to the Palms tonight. I’ll let you know what we’re up to and where we are.  Believe me, you can definitely join in.  You never have to be worried about something like that.  Someone as hot as you is never going to have trouble getting into our fun.”

Barbara smiled again at the compliment. After all the girls Jessica had told her about, the idea of being considered hot enough to be part of that elite company was a feather in her cap for sure.  Thinking of partying with those girls and getting some more of what she had just gotten was making Barbara’s thinking very easy about what she wanted to do next.

“Then I guess I’ll see you all again tonight,” Barbara said, slipping her t-shirt back over her head to further cover her bra-clad breasts, and then following it up with a kiss to each of the girls, moaning as she tasted pussy on the lips of Jessica, Trish and Stacy.

“Count on it Barbie,” Trish said with a big smile.  “Don’t wander off too far with your thinking.  There are so many more things we want to do to you.”

And with that Barbara, feeling confused about her sexuality, but very VERY happy over what had happened, left Trish’s room.  Jessica hadn’t made her offer lightly.  She definitely wanted to get the gorgeous perky blonde back to the suite so she and Stacy could show their housemates and friends the sexy new Barbie doll they had turned into a lesbian slut.  And she couldn’t wait for Trish to see them again too.  Trish had been to the mansion a few times, but not in a while and Jessica wanted her to see first-hand how much hotter her friends had gotten since then.

“So what’s next guys?  Mmmmmm I’m not too eager to leave this bed any time soon,” Jessica laughed and she was certainly joined by Trish in that sentiment, but Stacy had a different idea.

“Well maybe we could get dressed and head on out for a while,” Stacy said, her mind on plans she and Jessica had made before.  “All three of us.”

“What could possibly be better than spending all afternoon in bed?” Trish asked incredulously.  “You got a better idea Stacy?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Stacy replied before revealing the details of her plan.

With a lucky pull of the lever, she had hit herself a nice little jackpot at the slots earlier that day and, before Trish had texted her with news of her arrival, Stacy had been planning on going with Jessica to spend those winnings on a shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret to buy a whole lot of lacy underthings that would make their housemates want to tear them off their bodies.  Stacy still wanted to do it and with Trish along with them now, she knew it was going to be extra fun.  And Trish certainly agreed.

“Oooooh!  Shopping?  I am so down for that,” Trish agreed, already picturing the sexy items she could get and try on with Stacy and Jessica.  “Especially if you’re buying Stacy.”

“Only the best for my friends,” Stacy grinned.  “Besides I think I owe you for all those bras and panties I ripped off you when we were in WWE together.”

That got Stacy and Trish laughing together as the idea of shopping for sexy lingerie proved to be the only thing that could get Trish and Jessica off each other.  Trish stood up from the bed and began hunting around for where she had left her clothes in the other part of the room.  That left Jessica alone for a moment in the bed and she sat up when she saw her phone on the floor indicating that she had missed a bunch of calls.  She’d shut her ringer off, but not her phone and, as she scrolled through the numbers, she saw they were all from a friend.

And when she saw how many times Jennifer had called, Jessica immediately wondered if everything was ok with her friend.  So she quickly called back, but when she did it went right to voice mail.

Jessica didn’t leave a message, though. She figured if it was important, Jennifer would have left her a message and that she would call her back again if she needed to. So after hanging up, Jessica made a mental note to call Jennifer back later.  Right now she wanted to focus entirely on lingerie and getting it on and then off her body as quickly as possible with Trish and Stacy and make sure all three of them were properly prepped for the party she was sure was going to happen that night.


To say that things hadn’t quite gone the way Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens had planned was a bit of an understatement, but they were trying to make the best of it.

After all the big monkey wrench that had been tossed into their plans wasn’t anyone’s fault…at least not the fault of anyone who happened to be in the hotel room right then.  The nameless and faceless people who had conspired to ruin what was supposed to be a special trip for the both of them weren’t there to feel their wrath, so instead both women swallowed their frustration.

It wasn’t supposed to have gone this way, of course.  Ashley and Vanessa had pictured this weekend as a chance to spend a lot of time with each other and with as little clothing on as possible.  Sure they’d have taken breaks to eat, do their part for the charity telethon and maybe even try to win some money and party a little Vegas-style, but the plan had mostly been for sex, sex and a little more sex on top.

Both of them were still giddy over the discovery of how much they enjoyed playing with each other’s warm, soft bodies and indulging in the desire they once both had buried inside and was now unleashed.  It had been an impulsive kiss on Ashley’s part to comfort her upset friend that had triggered it all and once that first kiss had happened, Vanessa had kissed back and soon the two co-stars hadn’t wanted to stop trading sexy girl kisses back and forth for anything.

Even being discovered by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hayden Panettiere hadn’t made them stop.  In fact it had only made things better. Neither of them had been with a woman before that night and Love had been such a wonderfully sensual guide. She had shown them just how to do it and her sexy body and sultry ways had relaxed the Disney stars even more as they had and explored all over the soft, feminine bodies under their clothes.

Both Ashley and Vanessa had harbored secret crushes on the other but hadn’t ever done anything to act on them. But by the end of the night, there wasn’t much they hadn’t done to each other and both of them had been eager to do more…lots more.  They had gotten two rooms for this trip, just for appearance’s sake, but they had been planning on spending most of the time together in one bed, being naked and very, very naughty.

They had already gotten started on the plane.  The short flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas had been Vanessa’s chance to make her and Ashley members of the Mile High Club and Vanessa had enjoyed every wicked second of making the first class bathroom on the plane their own little sex playground.

Vanessa had gotten Ashley on the sink counter, pulled off her shorts and panties and let her tongue do the rest, proving to her friend that she hadn’t regretted their impulsive actions from the night before. And after Vanessa had gotten her tongue soaked in Ashley’s creamy cum, Ashley had been so happy to return the favor.

Ashley loved showing Vanessa how naughty she could be and she had certainly done so when she had gotten Vanessa against the door, pressing her hands to it to keep anyone from opening it as she had kneeled down in back of her, spread open her exquisitely tight butt cheeks and begun licking her drooling wet slit.

They had made that flight go so quickly in a haze of orgasm and they had left the bathroom even hornier for each other than they had been going in.  They had had to rush when they were on the plane because of their fear of discovery so there hadn’t been time for lots of wicked exploration with warm tongues and wicked fingers.  But they had been planning on doing lots of that once they got to the room. Unfortunately, before even all their clothes could come off, things had changed their plans.

Ashley had gotten a call from a friend in crisis and as much as she had wanted to spend all of that day being Vanessa’s little slut in bed and getting Vanessa to be hers, Ashley couldn’t deny her help.  It just wasn’t in her nature to do so and, besides, Vanessa wouldn’t have wanted her to anyway.

So that meant she and Vanessa were effectively playing hostesses to a girl with no place else to go.

“I reallllly appreciate you guys doing this for me,” Alyson Michalka said and not for the first time either, emphasizing the “really” to show how much she meant it.

“It’s no problem Aly,” Ashley replied with a friendly smile even as she cursed her own niceness on the inside.  “You’d do the same for me.”

“I totally didn’t mean to impose like this,” Aly said, embarrassed that all this had happened and feeling like a total third wheel around Ashley and Vanessa.  “I’ll be out of the way as soon as I can.”

“Really, it’s okay,” Ashley insisted.  “I love hanging out with you Aly.  Stay as long as you need.  You’re totally not imposing, right V?”

“Oh yeah, definitely not,” Vanessa lied even though Aly definitely was.  “It’s totally cool.”

Vanessa wasn’t happy at all about Aly suddenly showing up and inadvertently ruining all her plans with Ashley, but she understood why Ashley had helped her.  It had been the right thing to do and Vanessa would have done the same if she had gotten a call from a friend in need.  She just wished the timing was better.  She liked Aly a lot. She actually knew her longer than Ashley had.  But right then Vanessa just wanted her to be anywhere but with them. Because as long as Aly was there, Vanessa wasn’t going to get what she so badly wanted.

For her part, Aly had wanted all of this to happen even less than Vanessa and Ashley had.  She had been having an absolutely nightmare of a day and while she was so grateful for Ashley helping her out and letting her crash here for a bit, she really did want to get out of there as soon as she could.  She felt so awkward butting into whatever Ashley and Vanessa were doing and it was just one more little extra piece of suck to add to what was already turning out to be one for her top five worst day list.

“I’m so going to fire that stupid bitch of an assistant when I get back,” Aly groaned.  She didn’t usually use language like that, especially since her assistant was a cousin she had hired as a favor to her mom, but that girl had screwed up for the last time and today had been such a tour through the rings of hell that Aly felt her assistant was lucky that she was in another country right then or else she might have killed her.

It had started out simply enough.  Last night her agent had gotten word that she was wanted to help with the telethon. That was something she didn’t have a problem with doing. She had been raised to always be giving of herself and to not turn her back on worthy causes just because it might have been inconvenient.  So the fact that she had to drop everything and get from where she was filmed a movie in Vancouver to Las Vegas wasn’t the problem.  The problem was how everything had totally gone to shit since the moment she had woken up that morning to catch her flight.

Her assistant had totally screwed everything up.  The flight reservations had not been made properly and instead of first class non-stop to Las Vegas, Aly had been left waiting for something to open up on standby, hanging around the airport for hours until she could squeeze into some tiny seat sandwiched in between a fat guy and a creepy guy who kept leering at her and asking her if she was that girl from that TV show.

And of course the only seat available had been right near the bathroom and across from the woman who didn’t have just one screaming child…she had triplets and they had spent the entire flight howling.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that was the flight from hell.  Aly didn’t want to be someone who ever got so spoiled that it was first class or nothing, but damnit, she worked hard and she was tired and it had been pure misery to be stuck on that plane sandwiched between fat and creepy and have those kids screaming in her ear for hours when she should have been comfortable and catching up on some sleep during the flight.

That alone would have been enough to put her in a sour place, but things had only gotten worse.

Her screw up assistant, whom she had only hired because her mom had asked her to and because family was supposed to be more important than anything else, had totally messed up her hotel reservation too.   Instead of finding a nice, comfortable room waiting for her to get to when she landed, Aly found out that her cousin had accidently made the reservation for tomorrow.

And then, just as she found out she had nowhere to sleep or even take a shower, Aly had found out that the airline had lost her bag during the layover and that her stuff was maybe in Dallas but more likely was headed toward Detroit.

All of it had made Aly had want to curl into a ball and just cry.  This day had been an absolute nightmare come to life.  She had tried to remind herself that there were a lot of people out there in the world far worse than her and just because things hadn’t gone her way she shouldn’t forget how fortunate she was, but it hadn’t worked.

She had been on the verge of completely losing it.  All she had was her carry-on bag with a few things in it. Fortunately her phone and ID and cash and credit cards were there, but none of her clothes were and there was no place for her to stay in a packed city where the temperature seemed destined to break triple digits that day.

She had been totally about to call her assistant and use every swear word in the book to tell her what she had thought of her.  She had felt helpless and defeated, which were feelings Aly hated.  But fortunately before she had completely gone off her rocker and had a complete meltdown, Aly had come up with a better idea.  She knew Ashley was already in town and she also knew that if she ever needed someone, that her friend would be there to help her.

And Ashley hadn’t let her down.  She had come to the airport to pick her up and now she was letting her stay in her room until her situation was cleared up.  Aly was so grateful for this but at the same time she was embarrassed about having to impose.

Aly had known Ashley and Vanessa for years.  They were all around the same age and ran in the same circles with their mutual backgrounds at Disney Channel.  She had even co-starred with both of them in different projects.  She considered them both friends but she still hated forcing herself on them like this and she couldn’t shake the idea that both Ashley and Vanessa wanted her out of there.  She felt like she was interrupting something and Aly felt bad about that.

“I promise I won’t be around any longer than I have to be,” Aly insisted, trying to assure the girls she wouldn’t be in their way.  “And you know, if it’s a big deal, I can just go wait downstairs until they have a room ready for me.”

“Don’t be silly Aly,” Ashley said, sensing the girl was uncomfortable and wanting to put her friend at ease.  “Take all the time you need.   Stay as long as you want.  You can even crash here if you want to.”

Ashley knew that meant she and Vanessa wouldn’t be able to mess around if Aly stayed, but she wasn’t about to turn her back on a friend in need even when it hurt to do so.  She was aching to have sex with Vanessa again.  What had happened on the plane had only made her crave more and after years of keeping her desire to herself, her lust for her friend was so pent up that Ashley knew it was going to take days and days of hot sex for her to even begin to start to work through it.

Obviously with Aly around, they had to keep things platonic and it was so hard for her to cool off when she and Vanessa had been making each other so hot before Aly’s call had come, but Ashley didn’t see any other alternative.  She never wanted to be the kind of person that didn’t help a friend and even if it meant putting her own needs aside, there was no way Ashley could leave Aly with no place to stay.

“Oh wow, Ashley, that’s sooooo nice of you, but I couldn’t possibly impose like that,” Aly said.  “I’m sure I can find a room somewhere here.  I mean this is Las Vegas, there’s gotta be a few places to stay around here.  I don’t even care where.  It could be like a Motel 6 or something, as long as it has a bed and a place to take a shower then I’ll be fine.”

But as much as she wanted to be alone with Vanessa right then, the idea of her friend staying someplace skanky wasn’t something Ashley could live with.  She had such a comfortable room here, it would have been selfish of her not to share.

“Ughhhhh don’t stay at some sleazy motel with those gross sheets,” Ashley said, wrinkling her face in disgust at the idea.  “I mean it Aly, you should totally stay here.  I think I’ve got enough room.”

The place did look spacious and comfortable.  Aly just didn’t want to butt in on Ashley and Vanessa’s time together.  There had been so many times when people she didn’t really want to be around had done that to her and it reminded her of times growing up when she had used to yell at her little sister Amanda to stop tagging along like some kind of pest and always trying to hang around with her and her friends.  They had outgrown that big sister/little sister dynamic a long time ago, not entirely by choice either, but Aly definitely didn’t want to be the “little sister” here and just tag along with Ashley and Vanessa.

“Are you guys sharing a room?” Aly asked, having noted that there were two beds in the bedroom where she had tossed her bag before.

She had been to Vegas a few times before and a few of those times she and a bunch of her girlfriends had ended up piling into one room, sometimes with just one bed in it.  There wasn’t anything strange about it.  It was Vegas after all.  It wasn’t like you spent a lot of time up in your room anyway.

“No!” Vanessa immediately replied, a little too quickly for her own liking.

She didn’t want to do anything to make Aly suspicious or make her think there was something more going on here besides friendship between her and Ashley but she also didn’t want to overreact. So she calmed herself down and began playing it cool.

“Nahhh my room is down the hall a little bit,” Vanessa continued in a calmer fashion.  “I was hoping to get the next room over, but I’m only a little bit away.”

Vanessa’s immediate reflex had been to strongly deny the idea of sharing a room with Ashley, but she could see that Aly’s question had been an innocent one.  She knew where she was coming from with it too.  She’d done the “share a room in Vegas with your girlifriends” thing too.  So she didn’t think Aly was suspicious, but still Vanessa wasn’t about to give her any reason to think there was something going on here.

Despite all her bravado on the plane in getting Ashley in the bathroom with her and the way she had just gone completely with the flow the night before when she and Ashley had started kissing and things had gotten progressively sexier from there, Vanessa was still trying to come to terms with what exactly had happened and this was all really new to her.  She was very conscious of accidently throwing up flashing red lights that would give away the naughty secret that she and Ashley now shared.

“I just don’t want to be in the way,” Aly said.  “You guys are so nice to have me here but I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re so not a burden,” Ashley assured the blonde girl.  “You’re our friend.  Besides, you’d totally do the same for us.”

Aly smiled at Ashley’s kindness.  She’d grown up a little sheltered and she knew it.  Her family was so close and she’d always been so trusting, but she wasn’t naïve enough to think that the kind of community she’d grown up in was like the rest of the world.  When she and her sister had decided to seriously pursue singing as a career and they’d both gone from there to acting, Aly had known they would meet up with a lot of people who would try and take advantage of them and use their trust to try and exploit them.

And while she and AJ had certainly met their share of sleazy guys and bitchy girls since they’d gotten to Hollywood, they’d also been able to make some real, true friends and Aly treasured those friendships.  Ashley was certainly one of those true friends and so was Vanessa. Their actions here more than proved that and Aly hugged them both as she seemingly took Ashley up on the invitation to crash there.

“You guys are the best,” Aly said gratefully, happy that it looked like her day was finally getting better.  “I owe you two.  I really do.  You are so awesome for doing this for me.”

“Awwww it’s nothing, it’s the least we can do,” Ashley said, disappointed that the plans she and Vanessa had were now completely ruined, but happy to be able to help someone she cared about.

But as Aly hugged both of the girls she noticed something about herself that embarrassed her a little and she pulled away.

“Ummmmm you guys mind if I grab a shower?” Aly asked, noting how sweaty she was from the hot Vegas weather and how the grime and misery of her long, hellish flight from Vancouver seemed to cling to her skin like a film. “I’m kind of gross right now.”

Ashley and Vanessa found themselves both thinking that they wished they were as “gross” as Aly was right then.  The girl looked gorgeous in shorts and a top that teasingly hinted at her generous, natural breasts.  And she definitely had that “glowing, not sweating” thing going for her. But after the miserable experiences she had just gone through, Ashley was sure a shower was going to feel very good to Aly.

“Sure, take as long as you want in there,” Ashley said.  “There’s plenty of towels and everything.  We’ll be right here waiting.  We can get something to eat after and hang out till we’ve gotta do our thing at the telethon.”

“Thanks again, Ash,” Aly smiled.  “You’re too good to me.  I totally owe you.  For real.”

Aly then went off to the bathroom to get her sweaty body far cleaner than it was right then, leaving Ashley and Vanessa sitting on the room’s couch and wishing that things had gone differently today.  This wasn’t how it was supposed to have been at all.

“Ughhhhh this sucks,” Ashley groaned, keeping her voice low so that Aly didn’t hear her.  “We’re not gonna have any chance to be alone the whole weekend now.”

Vanessa was just as disappointed as Ashley, but when she heard the water start to run in the shower she thought of a way to make things suck less, even if it was only for a few minutes.  Knowing this was going to be a rare chance when it was just her and Ashley, Vanessa took full advantage by leaning over on the couch and planting a wet, sexy kiss right on her surprised friend’s lips.

But even though she wasn’t expecting it and her eyes flew open in shock at the sexy gesture, Ashley didn’t do anything to push Vanessa off her.  She melted right into the kiss and let their soft, eager lips rub together sensually.  Vanessa was such an amazing kisser and Ashley wanted her so badly.  It was heaven to be able to kiss her and Ashley gave in without a fight, kissing her sexy brunette friend back and feeling her naughty parts tingle in anticipation.

The two didn’t say a word to each other.  They just kissed, showing off the hunger they felt for each other’s bodies.  Their wet lips mashed together with a growing fierceness and soon their tongues were rubbing together.  Ashley groaned wantonly from the feel of Vanessa’s wet tongue caressing hers in her mouth as she couldn’t help but close her eyes and think about how good that tongue felt licking her pussy.   She could feel herself getting wet thinking about Vanessa tearing off her clothes and fucking her right on the couch and she wished she could turn that fantasy into reality.

“Mmmmmm gawwd you’re such a good kisser, V,” Ashley sighed to her friend when they broke for air, both of their faces a little flushed as their young chests heaved under their clothes from the passionate kisses.

“I never heard any complaints before,” Vanessa giggled, running her fingers through Ashley’s blonde hair, loving how soft and silky it was.

“And you never will from me,” Ashley smiled back.  “You’ve got my body on fire from those kisses.”

“Then I’d better do something to cool you off,” Vanessa said, leaning in again with a look on her face like she wanted to absolutely devour Ashley.  “And I know just what to do…”

Ashley had no doubt that her friend did know and that she would be amazing.  She badly wanted both of them out of their clothes so not only could she get herself fucked by Vanessa’s hot tongue, but so she could also pay everything right back to her friend and ravish her body too.  Ashley didn’t just want to receive the joy of orgasming all over Vanessa’s gorgeous face, she wanted to get her friend off even harder.

But she also knew that this was one time they couldn’t.

“No…no…ughhhh…we can’t…” Ashley meekly protested this time when Vanessa began kissing her and feeling up her firm breasts through her shirt and bra.  “Aly might catch us…”

But even with that very realistic possibility in mind, Vanessa couldn’t stop.  She’d been waiting so long for the chance to be alone with Ashley and she couldn’t cool herself down.  She needed this now.  The thought of waiting even a few seconds more, much less hours or even the whole weekend, to fuck her friend was unbearable.

“I don’t care,” Vanessa said lustfully, her voice dripping with need and lust.  “I don’t care if she catches us.  I want you Ashley.  Mmmmm what we did on the plane wasn’t enough.  I need you now.  I want us to be naked with each other.  I want to fuck you!  I want your hot little pussy Ashley.  Mmmmm and I so want your tight, sweet ass!  I want all of you baby and I can’t wait to get it.”

Ashley tried to protest and get her friend off her, but it was so difficult when all she wanted was to give into Vanessa’s desires and let herself be totally and wonderfully fucked by her.  She loved the sound of what Vanessa was saying.  It was a total turn on for her and she ached to be naked with her and give herself up completely to Vanessa, letting her naughty friend take her pussy and her ass and anything she wanted from her.

She felt like she had to be the “good girl” all the time.  She had to be the responsible and mature one both in her personal life and professionally.  But being with girls made her want to be so very bad, especially if that girl was Vanessa.

Ashley could feel the dampness between her legs growing with every kiss and ever caress of Vanessa’s hands against her chest through her clothes.  It was driving her crazy.  She needed to be a bad girl.  She needed to fuck Vanessa and do dirty things with her that she was never supposed to, like let her friend get her tongue and even her fingers up her ass and make her come like a boy never could.

Ashley didn’t want to care about what would happen if Aly emerged from the shower and found her and Vanessa with nothing on and locked in a dirty, delirious 69, their tongues buried in each other’s yummy muffins.  She was tired of being responsible.  She was tired of being a good girl.  So she kissed Vanessa back with a wet hunger, letting her desires push her inhibitions away.  This was what she wanted and she didn’t want to wait to get it.

“Get this off,” Ashley managed to moan in between kisses while reaching for Vanessa’s t-shirt.  “I want you naked V.”

“Mmmmmm yessssssss make me naked,” Vanessa sighed hornily, kissing her friend again, her hands now caressing Ashley’s soft face as their lips touched.  “Ooooh you know I’m not wearing a bra under there you naughty girl.  Mmmm you’re gonna make my boobs all bare.”

Ashley did know that.  She had found out quite emphatically that her friend hadn’t put on any underwear that morning when she and Vanessa had messed around on the plane and it made her pussy tingle thinking of Vanessa’s tight, tasty body commando under her casual clothes like it was a sexy secret that only she was aware of.

“Mmmmmhmmmm I’m gonna make your tits all nice and naked for me to kiss and lick,” Ashley giggled, loving how acting like this was making her feel.  “I want you so bad V.  I’ve been wet this whole time we’ve been hanging out with Aly thinking of you and dying to fuck you!  I want your shirt off and your shorts too so you can be naked mmmm and then you gotta rip my clothes off too.  I need to be naughty with you Vanessa.  And we gotta hurry before Aly catches us.”

Ashley just hoped that her co-star enjoyed long showers because she didn’t want there to be any interruptions and as much as she loved what she and Vanessa were doing with each other, she didn’t exactly want to advertise it to all her friends.  But while Ashley was still worried about Aly catching them, Vanessa’s wicked imagination offered up another tantalizing alternative.

“Would it be so bad if she did?” Vanessa saucily suggested.  “Maybe she’d like what she saw.  Maybe she’d want to join in.  Maybe she’d want to fuck us too!”

“Ooooooooh!”  Ashley said, shivering with a rush of desire just at the idea of that.  But she quickly thought better of it.  “Nahhhhh!   She’d never be into it.”

“But wouldn’t it be fun to find out?” Vanessa giggled, making herself more excited as she pictured Aly coming out naked from the shower, her sexy skin all damp and sweet smelling from soap as she joined them on the couch and let them both do dirty things to her sexy body.  “Haven’t you ever looked at her like that before?  Haven’t you ever thought about fucking her?”

“Ummmm yeahhhhh…” Ashley blushed as she admitted it, still smiling though.  “Mmmmm not like I did with you, V, but yeah.  I’ve looked at her a little.  She’s got such nice boobs.  So big and sexy.  And such a tight ass.  And she’s always wearing things just a little tight and a little low-cut.  Not enough to be slutty, but just enough to really tease you with how good she looks.”

“Hmmmm seems like you’ve been looking at her a lot,” Vanessa teased.  “Naughty girl.   Has Aly ever let you see that body of hers?  Does she change clothes with you the way we would?  Does she let you see her naked like I did?”

“No,” Ashley said, a little bit of disappointment in her voice.  “We’ve never done that.  We’ve never done any of the things you and me have done.  She’s really sexy, V.  But I don’t think she’s into that sort of stuff.  She’s all religious.  Aly would probably freak out if I tried to do anything with her.  Mmmmmm she’s not a dirty girl like you and me, baby.”

Vanessa grinned at that characterization from her friend turned lover and she set about proving it right by peeling her shirt over her head and exposing her braless tits.  She sat proudly topless on the couch and relished the look of total lust on Ashley’s face, the supposedly sweet and innocent girl’s eyes showing just how dirty she really wanted to be.

“Oooooooh gawwwwd mmmmmm soooooo sexy,” Ashley whimpered with desire at the sight of Vanessa’s bare breasts.  They were so pink and perky.  They were like firm, full apples and Ashley licked her lips as she stared at Vanessa’s silver dollar sized dark pink areolas and the already swollen nipples that perfectly capped them off.

“C’mere,” Vanessa said seductively while lying back on the couch, inviting Ashley on top of her.  “Lemme get you naked too Ash.”

Ashley accepted that in a flash, pressing herself down on top of Vanessa and kissing her passionately.  They were back to focusing on each other, the idea of Aly joining them now a dismissed, albeit fun notion.

They mostly wanted to be with each other, but the thought of another beautiful woman getting in on the fun with them turned both Vanessa and Ashley on.  After all it hadn’t been just them the other night.  Love and Hayden had made everything so amazing by joining in and Love had said she had friends she wanted to introduce them to while they were all in Vegas.

Finding out who Love’s friends were and maybe even hooking up with them was a hot and naughty thought, but the girls were both willing to explore that later.  They wanted to concentrate on each other right then and not just stop at Vanessa being topless.  There were so many clothes they wanted to get off of each other and not much time to do it in.

As Ashley and Vanessa kissed, Vanessa busied herself getting her friend undressed.  With Ashley on top of her, it was easy for Vanessa to pull her top over her head, leaving Ashley in a violet bra that enhanced her already perky bosom.

“Mmmmm gawwwd I love how your boobs look in that bra,” Vanessa said, her eyes lighting up at the sight of them.  “So sexy!”

“Don’t you think they look even better out of my bra, though?” Ashley teased while reaching around her back for the clasp of her bra.  And even though she knew they didn’t have time and were already taking a major risk by even doing this, Ashley couldn’t help but playfully cover her breasts with her hands after yanking her bra off, denying Vanessa the chance to look at what she so badly wanted to see.

“Heyyyyy no fair,” Vanessa protested with a smile on her face, giddy for the chance to see Ashley undressed.  “Show me!”

“Show you what?” Ashley asked innocently, playing coy as she kept her hands fastened to her bare breasts.  “What do you want to see Vanessa?”

Vanessa didn’t like waiting, but she had to admit she liked being teased.  Her pussy was getting extra moist under her shorts seeing Ashley hovering over her like this, her beautifully firm breasts so close but so far.  She liked how Ashley was acting hard to get, playing like she didn’t want to be a dirty girl and how she needed Vanessa to drag her into corruption.  It made her want to be dirtier too, which Vanessa knew was exactly what Ashley was going for.

“I want your tits,” Vanessa breathed heavily, desire evident in her voice.  “C’mon Ash!  Show me!  Show me the pretty titties everyone wants to see!  Show off those hot tits like I did in my dirty pictures!  Lemme see them!  Make me crazy for your body.  Mmmmm make me want you even more than I ever wanted a guy!”

That was just what Ashley wanted to hear.  The idea of Vanessa wanting her even more than she wanted a boyfriend made Ashley’s whole body tingle naughtily.  That was so wicked and made Ashley even wetter for her friend.  So she pulled her hands away and leaned down so her breasts were right above Vanessa’s face.

“Are these what you wanted?” Ashley said, smiling eagerly as she loved how bad she was being.  “You want my tits V?  Want to kiss and lick them?  Mmmm want to play with them like the bad girls we are?”

“Ohhhh fuck yeah I do,” Vanessa immediately replied before proving it by pushing her face into Ashley’s chest while caressing the young mounds softly with her loving hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ashley moaned in joy.  “Oooooh yessssss!  Mmmm Vanessa babyyyyy!  Ooooooh!  Kiss them!  Mmmm yeahhhhh play with them and make it all feel soooo good!”

Vanessa’s hands fondled Ashley’s tits with an enthused desire for exploration.  She was still getting used to how it felt to play with another woman’s body and the more she did it, the more she loved it.  Ashley was so sexy.  Vanessa adored touching her and she couldn’t get enough of the feel of her perky tits and how they filled up her hands.  She felt all over them and moved her lips to them, kissing where she wasn’t touching and leaving little wet lip marks all over Ashley’s tits before she increased the pleasure by flicking her tongue out and licking her nipples.

That got Ashley moaning with even more enthusiasm and she tossed her head back, sending her blonde hair flying as the pleasure ran through her veins.

“Ughhhh yessssssssss ooooooh V!  Mmmmm gawwwd you do that so much better than a boy does,” Ashley moaned.  “Don’t stop baby!  Please don’t stop!  Mmmm I want all our clothes off!  I want to fuck you Vanessa!  Mmmm I want to feel your mouth on my wet pussy just like it’s on my tits!  Yeahhhh ooooooh yeahhhh you make it SO goooood!”

“I love hearing you talk like that,” Vanessa moaned, admiring her handiwork as she lay flat on her back on the couch and looked up at how Ashley’s breasts glistened with her saliva.  “It turns me on so much Ashley!  Mmmmm the sweet little good girl talking all nasty and making me so wet!  Oooooh I fucking love it!  But you better not talk so loud, or else Aly is gonna hear!”

Vanessa was teasing as she said that and she got just the reaction she was hoping out of Ashley.

“I don’t care if she does,” Ashley said, confident that as noisy as her sounds of pleasure might have been, Aly wouldn’t be able to hear them in the bathroom with the door closed and the shower running.  “Just don’t stop Vanessa!”

“I think you want her to hear,” Vanessa devilishly declared, rubbing Ashley’s tits and making sure both of her thumbs brushed up against her friend’s swelling, wet nipples, making them stiffen up even more.  “Mmmm you want Aly to come out and catch us and take her clothes off too so we can both have fun with her!”

Vanessa hadn’t been into girls when she and Aly had filmed Bandslam together.  But that felt like a million years ago and while Aly had been cute when they had done the movie, she was scorching hot now and Vanessa had certainly taken notice of that when she had effectively crashed hers and Ashley’s party.

It turned Vanessa on to be messing around with Ashley when Aly was in the shower and it got things even hotter in her mind to imagine the sexy, busty blonde getting in on it too.  So she pressed on this with Ashley and Ashley had to admit it turned her on too to think of getting naughty with her co-star.

“Ooooh is that what you want?  You want to fuck my friend?” Ashley moaned happily as Vanessa once again licked her nipples, running her tongue all over them as they poked out from her dark pink areolas.  “You want to see Aly naked and see her big boobs mmmmm and see the hot pussy of hers?  Oooooh I’ll bet she barely shows it to anyone!  Mmmm but we can make her naughty for us!  We can make her want to spread her legs open for us like she doesn’t do for anyone else so we can both fuck her and show her how good women are and how hard we can make her come!”

“Ooooooh yeahhhhh mmmmm it’s so hot to hear you say that,” Vanessa groaned, pulling her face away from Ashley’s chest for even a moment.  “I want to fuck her Ashley!  I want us to both do her together and make her all nasty and slutty like us!  We can fuck that girl so good!”

“Mmmmmhmmm!” Ashley agreed before turning Vanessa’s attention back to where she wanted it most.  “But she can’t hear us right now and I want you thinking of me V!  I want you so bad!  Mmmm I want us to fuck each other hot and fast so we can both come before Aly gets out of the shower.”

However, both Ashley and Vanessa were too fixated on the idea of ripping the rest of their clothes off and getting into a naughty 69 on the couch and how good it would feel to fuse their naked bodies together like that to notice something important.

Aly was no longer in the shower.

In fact, Aly was in the doorway of the bathroom with the door open and had heard everything Ashley and Vanessa had said as she stood there with a towel clinging to her otherwise naked body, her skin still wet from the shower.

At first she had thought that she had misheard them.  There was no way she could possibly have really heard them say what she had thought they had said about what they wanted to do to each other…and to her.  But it had quickly become obvious from their words and actions that there had been no mistaking their intentions.

Aly hadn’t been able to believe it.  Ashley and Vanessa were having sex with each other!  And they wanted to do it with her too!  Aly was actually surprised that she hadn’t fainted by then out of pure shock because this had been the last thing in the world she had ever expected to see.

Not only had she thought these girls were totally straight, but she had never believed they had had any feelings for her that went beyond being friends.  Now she could see how wrong she was on both counts and Aly had absolutely no idea what do to about this new mind-blowing knowledge. So she just stood there completely silent, not doing anything to betray that she was there and listening in.

The shock of having these two huge surprises sprung on her like this had frozen her still and Aly tried hard not to make any sounds or even breathe too loudly.  She felt like she’d be even more embarrassed than Ashley and Vanessa would be if it was discovered that she had been listening in.  She didn’t want them to know she was there and the sight of them kissing and touching with their shirts off and boobs exposed as they moaned about the dirty things they wanted to do to her made Aly blush furiously.

She hadn’t meant to pry.  She had just come out looking to see if either of the girls had body lotion in their bags.  Her skin was so sweaty from the desert heat and she hadn’t wanted to dry it all out with hotel soap.  And since her lotion was in her bag that was lost somewhere in America’s airport hell, she needed their help.

She had only realized this when she was already naked and under the hot water, so she had decided abruptly to pull herself out of the shower and ask if either Vanessa or Ashley had some lotion she could borrow.  She had thought it would be just a simple request she could make by sticking her head out the door and seeing if they had what she needed, but now nothing was simple anymore.

Before she had even been able to get the words of her mouth, Aly’s jaw had hit the floor over what she had seen on the couch.  Vanessa had already been topless and then Ashley had gotten her shirt and bra off too.  At first Aly had tried to come up with any reason why they would both be half naked other than the obvious one that her friends were totally lezzing for each other, but there was no other possible explanation, especially when she had seen them kiss like they were girlfriends and Vanessa had started kissing and licking Ashley’s boobs.

Aly had thought Ashley had a boyfriend and she knew Vanessa definitely did so just seeing them together totally into each other and kissing and touching like they did this all the time was a huge shock.  But that had been nothing compared to what she had felt once they had started talking about her.

They hadn’t been talking too loudly and Aly had had to strain a little to hear them, but she couldn’t miss their intentions toward her and it filled her with a wave of shock to suddenly find out that Ashley had been checking her out when they’d done Hellcats.  Aly had known the low cut tops she wore, the scenes she had been stripped down to her underwear and of course all those times she was in her tight Hellcats uniform were there to serve a purpose and turn guys on so they’d watch the show and keep them on the air.  But she’d never dreamed in a million years that she’d end up turning Ashley on too.

Thinking of Ashley checking out her breasts and wanting to see her naked and do the things she was doing to Vanessa to her too had Aly breathing hard as she desperately tried not to betray her presence.  She thought back to all the times that Ashley had told her how sexy she looked and the times she had put her hands on her in what Aly had thought was just a friendly, complimentary fashion.  Now it was obvious it had been so much more and Aly didn’t know how to react to this sudden revelation that her friends were lesbians and wanted to do her too.

Aly told herself that the best thing to do was back slowly and quietly into the bathroom again and pretend like she hadn’t seen anything.  She could finish her shower and act like she had never seen or heard any of this.  Otherwise it might make things really awkward and put her friendship with Ashley at risk. Even after everything she had just heard, that wasn’t something Aly wanted to do.

She took one step back, intending to just ignore this and act like everything was normal, but that was as far as Aly could force herself to go.  She couldn’t move a step further because she was too fascinated by what she was seeing.  And as Ashley wiggled Vanessa out of her shorts and unintentionally let Aly see that the brunette girl wasn’t wearing any panties underneath, she realized that she didn’t want to stop watching.

How could she walk away from seeing something so hot?

It was so erotic to watch them do this.  Watching was making her body start to sweat and Aly felt a flush of heat and excitement inside her body that she hadn’t felt in years from what she was witnessing.  She reminded herself that this wasn’t stuff she was supposed to be into and that she liked guys, but she knew all too well that sexy was sexy and it was really sexy to see what Ashley and Vanessa were doing to each other.

Aly moved forward, erasing the one step back she’d just taken.  She knew this was wrong but she wanted to see more.  She watched with ribald fascination as Ashley lay on top of Vanessa’s naked body on the couch and they passionately kissed, their tongues rubbing together and exploring each other’s mouths.

Vanessa looked so amazing.  Her skin was nice and tan without being too dark and Aly found herself staring at the faint outlines of where Vanessa had obviously worn her bikini the last time she had gotten some sun.  Her body was so nice.  She had such sexy, firm breasts and Aly blushed when she thought about how interested she’d been about seeing that Vanessa hadn’t had panties on and that she was all naked down there.

And as much as seeing Vanessa like that fascinated her, Aly was even more struck by how Ashley looked.  She had never expected to see her friend like this and it was such an erotic surprise to be able to look at Ashley without her shirt and bra on and see her beautiful, pink boobs.  Ashley had such sexy breasts and Vanessa seemed to love playing with them, judging from the way she kept one hand on them while she moved the other one down Ashley’s bare back to another sexy part of her great body.

With Ashley pressed down half-naked on top of Vanessa, it was so easy for the brunette to move her hand to Ashley’s ass.  Aly had certainly noticed before what an awesome ass Ashley had and Vanessa seemed to appreciate even more just what a nice booty it was.  She palmed Ashley’s butt cheeks through her cut-off jean shorts and pushed them down a little bit to show off to Aly how Ashley had violet panties on underneath.

Ashley moaned when she felt Vanessa’s hand squeezing her butt and she kissed her harder, rubbing her half-dressed body into Vanessa’s naked one while playing with Vanessa’s firm, hot boobs with both of her hands.  They were wetly tongue kissing and rubbing into each other on the couch, acting like they totally didn’t care if she caught them and Aly was glad they were doing that.  She didn’t want them to stop.  She wanted them to keep going even if they knew she was watching because Aly knew she couldn’t deny how she felt.  She liked what she saw and the idea of joining in with them was totally turning her on.

She tried to ignore it.  She tried to stuff it down inside her along with the rest of the longings she’d felt since that one night.  But she couldn’t.  What she was seeing was too sensual.  It was too sexy.  It was too beautiful.  It was so erotic to see Ashley and Vanessa kiss and touch and it made Aly feel things again that she’d been trying to run away from for all these years.

She didn’t want to run away anymore though.  Her body was starting to tingle under her damp towel and Aly suddenly wanted to push that towel off her body…or, even better, have Ashley and Vanessa do it to her so they could all be naked together.   Aly had been fighting the longings inside her for too long.  Her friends were totally doing it right in front of her and it didn’t look wrong or sinful.  It looked beautiful and sexy and Aly felt herself becoming more and more aroused the longer she looked at them.

Aly had never confessed it to anyone, but she’d been with a girl before.  Actually two.  It had been years ago.  And she’d promised she would never speak about it again.  She’d kept that promise and always intended to do so, but she’d never promised to never be with a girl again.  And everything she was witnessing right in front of her looked like it would be so much better than that one crazy night.

What had happened to her that night had been twisted and weird.  It had been wrong and scary and had made her feel completely dirty and depraved.  But it had also felt amazing.

It had made her feel like sex never had before or since and she had wanted it to happen again.  She’d been too scared to do anything about it until now and here was a golden ticket just waiting for her to grab.  No one was being punished or forced like she had been. It was all about two girls making each other feel good and Aly wanted in.  She just didn’t know how to make that happen.

Should she just announce her presence?  She could surprise her friends by letting them know she was there.  After all that seemed to be what Ashley and Vanessa wanted and now Aly wanted it too.  Maybe she should just directly come out and say how hot she found this and that she wanted to join in.

But she was very insecure about this.  What she was feeling might not have been new desires, but they weren’t ones she was comfortable with.  It was scary to feel this way again and feel her heart beating fast with a naughty excitement Aly knew she wasn’t supposed to feel.

That fear robbed Aly of her ability to speak or act on the dirty impulses she was now feeling.  So she just stood there frozen and watched with heated, aroused eyes as Ashley and Vanessa got very sexy and naughty with each other.

Now Ashley was on top of Vanessa on the couch as they passionately made out, barely pausing their kisses for anything and breathing rapidly through their noses. They made soft, happy sounds of mutual pleasure as they played with each other and Aly loved that.  She was drawn in by how much Ashley and Vanessa were into each other. Aly stared with a giddy smile crossing her face as Vanessa’s hands stopped just caressing Ashley’s amazing butt and instead pushed the jean shorts all the way down her backside to completely expose her panties.

They both looked so sexy.  It made Aly breathe even harder, her chest heaving a little under her damp towel as Vanessa got Ashley’s shorts all the way down her legs to leave her just in those tight panties.  Aly looked longingly at how those violet panties clung to Ashley’s ass, her full, yummy cheeks looking so amazing with the dark purple against her pink skin.

It had been a long time since Aly had allowed herself this long a look at another woman and she couldn’t decide what she enjoyed looking at more…the way Ashley was naked except for her sexy panties, teasingly keeping some of her body hidden or how Vanessa was so seductively nude, her body hidden by Ashley lying on top of it, but all her beautiful flesh otherwise revealed and so ready to be touched and kissed.

Aly felt a desire growing to touch herself.  She loved watching these sexy girls acting in such an uninhibited fashion, kissing and touching each other while sharing a sexy desire that made Aly’s heart thump in her chest.  She wanted to feel that way too.  She wanted to play with them and do it without fear or shame.

The one time she had done this had been too weird for her to really enjoy all of it, but she had gotten off from fucking another girl and now Aly wanted to get naked and join her friends in their wicked fun.  She could feel this would only be about pleasure and she ached for that.

Her throat was dry and her tongue was caught, but Aly knew she had to say something.  She couldn’t just stand there and watch and she didn’t want to wait for one of them to look up and see her. That would have been embarrassing for all of them and Aly wanted her friends to know she was more than okay with what she had caught them doing and what they had said about her.  She just didn’t know how to do it and finally she cracked and just spit out a greeting to let them know she was there.

“Ummmm….hey….” Aly croaked out, wishing she could have come up with something sexy or clever or even porno movie cheesy, but not being able to say anything but that.  She hadn’t been able to think of anything else and she had known she had had to say something.

But when she said that something it had the effect she hadn’t wanted.  Aly’s words caused Ashley and Vanessa to react like she had set off a firecracker next to them.  They both seemed to jump 10 feet in the air off the couch and scramble to cover themselves.

“Oh my gawd!” Ashley cried in a near panic as she crossed her arms over her bare breasts and Vanessa grabbed couch pillows to try and cover herself with all their clothes scattered about.  “Aly!  This…this…this isn’t what it….”

But before she could even finish saying that this wasn’t what it looked like, Ashley gave up trying to make that explanation fly.  She knew they were busted and any attempts to pretend otherwise would have been pathetic.

“Ughhhhh ummmmmm gawwwd this is exactly what it looks like,” Ashley sighed, embarrassed at how she and Vanessa had lost control and let themselves be caught and worried about how Aly was going to react to finding them like this.

Vanessa was plenty embarrassed too, kicking herself for her own recklessness.  She had been so sure that she and Ashley could get away with this and not be caught.  But now Aly knew their secret and, like Ashley, she had no idea how the girl was going to react to it.  She felt so stupid for acting without considering the consequences and she knew she had to look ridiculous to be covering up her nudity with couch pillows over her breasts and her crotch.

Aly reflexively regretted speaking up like that.  Ashley looked like she was going to burst into tears as she crossed her arms over her bare boobs and Vanessa just stared at the carpet in humiliation.  She didn’t want them to feel badly over this.  She didn’t want them to think that she was judging them or that they had anything to be ashamed of.  But Aly had no idea how to do this in a smooth way and she just blurted out the first question she could think of.

“How…how did this happen?” Aly sputtered out as she stood in the bathroom doorway with just her towel on.  “How long have you been doing…this?”

Ashley felt like Aly had to hate her right then.  She had no idea if she could ever look Aly in the eye again.  She assumed Aly thought she was some kind of sick pervert.  Ashley was too embarrassed to reply so Vanessa spoke up instead.

“We just started…ummm there was this party and then….ughhhh…gawwwd we’re so sorry Aly!   We didn’t mean for you to see us like this!” Vanessa said, trying to plead for forgiveness for her and Ashley.

And even though Aly didn’t feel like they had anything to be forgiven for, she still couldn’t help but bring up what naturally came next to her mind.

“That’s not what you were saying a second ago,” Aly pointed out, feeling very embarrassed and insecure herself because of how awkward this was.  Part of her wished that she hadn’t said anything at all, but another part of her liked that things were now out in the open because of what it could lead to for all of them.  “You were saying you wanted me to catch you…because…because…”

But even though Aly wanted it to happen, she couldn’t quite force the words “…because you wanted me to join in” past her lips.

It was too surreal a situation for her to even accept the premise of by saying it.  Yet her reluctance didn’t change the fact that what she really wanted was for this awkwardness to end and for things to get hot in here again.  Aly hadn’t experienced these kinds of lustful urgings in so long and this time she wanted it even more because now she knew what she was getting into.  She just didn’t know how to get what she wanted.

“Oh Aly!  I never should have said those things!” Ashley cried, her embarrassment over her lustful thoughts having been overheard compelling her to break her silence.  “We were just messing around!  We didn’t mean it!  Honest!  We were just joking!  Please don’t be mad!”

Right then Ashley felt like the world’s worst person for saying the things she had said about her friend and had never been more embarrassed.  She assumed that Aly would never want to speak to her again and she knew she had done this to herself with her big mouth.  God, why couldn’t she have controlled herself?  Why couldn’t she have shown some restraint?    This couldn’t have turned into more of a disaster.

But Aly didn’t think it was a disaster and she felt herself relax as she saw the looks on the faces of Ashley and Vanessa that alternated from panicked to ashamed.  Their reactions allowed her to calm down and think of her next move in a calmer fashion.  She knew that she had to let her friends off the hook and show them that she wasn’t about to freak out or tell the world they were lezzies or something like that.  And Aly decided right then that the best way to do that was simply to tell the truth.

The truth wasn’t easily revealed yet though, so the words came out in a sincere, but jumbled way.

“Well…if you…you hadn’t been…you know…joking…I would have been okay with it…I guess…” Aly managed to say, not clearly conveying her message but at the same showing that there was no need to fear her pitching a drama queen fit over what she had just overheard.

Vanessa was the first to perk up at the sound of Aly’s muddled message.  She looked up from the carpet for the first time since she had scrambled to cover her nakedness and found herself sharing a gaze with the busty, towel-covered woman as she nervously shifted on her feet and tried to smile.

“What do you mean Aly?” Vanessa asked, hoping the vibe she was now getting from her friend was what she hoped it was.

Aly knew she had started down the path and that she had to go down it a little further if she really wanted to happen.  She was at a crossroads now.  She could play it off and act like she wasn’t serious or she could say what she really felt and find out of her friends had been serious about wanting her.  Again, Aly chose the truth and said what she was really thinking.

“I mean if you girls really wanted to…you know…do those things to me you said I…I…I wouldn’t have stopped you…” Aly said, still being maddeningly vague but at the same time offering glimmering indications of hope that Vanessa and Ashley’s little fantasy was about to come true.

“Are you serious?” Ashley asked in amazement, more shocked now that Aly might be into this than she even had been over being caught by her former co-star.

“Ummmm yeah,” Aly said, smiling with a little more force now as she was suddenly seized by a naughty impulse she followed without thinking. “What does this tell you?”

Aly surprised everyone then, even herself, by dropping her towel and standing completely naked in front of Ashley and Vanessa.  The action made the two lovers’ jaws drop to the floor and they stared with open-mouthed amazement at the vision of the gorgeous nude blonde.

They couldn’t take their eyes off Aly, her skin still damp from the shower and her body so stunning.  Her breasts were even more beautiful than they had both imagined, jutting out and looking so juicy and kissable.  She had a neat little patch of dirty blonde fur hovering right above where both girls wanted so badly to bury their tongues.  Aly Michalka was head-to-toe sexy and it robbed the girls of their words.

Both Ashley and Vanessa were too shocked at this sudden turn to be able to say anything.  All they did was gawk at Aly’s naked body and the silence soon came unbearable to the blonde.

“God!  Say something already!” Aly demanded.  “I’m standing here naked!  Say something damn it!”

Aly laughed as soon as she said it and her blurting out like that caused the nervous tension to break in the room.  Ashley and Vanessa began laughing too and that allowed them to relax.  And relaxing allowed Ashley to come up with a really good idea.

“Why don’t you sit down here on the couch with us?” Ashley suggested.

She was stunned by this turn of events, but not so much that she didn’t love what she was seeing.  Ashley could feel her pussy heating up again and she wanted to be a lot closer to Aly right then.  Things were turning crazy very quickly, but as she’d learned the night before when she and Vanessa had impetuously given into desire and then let Love and Hayden join in, some crazy could end up being very fun.  Besides, Aly looked so good naked that it almost took her breath away and Ashley very much wanted to touch her friend’s sexy body.

“I like the sound of that,” Aly replied with a sexy smile.  She was still a little nervous, but much more excited and getting a lot closer to her friends sounded wonderful.  “Want me to bring my towel?”

“Don’t you dare,” Vanessa giggled, pulling the pillows away from herself so her nude body was once again exposed.  “You’re perfect just the way you are right now.”

With Aly dropping her towel, Vanessa had suddenly felt very silly for covering up.  It felt really good to be naked again and she could feel herself getting more and more excited as Aly began to walk over, her big boobs jiggling a little.  As much as she had talked a big game before about what she had wanted to do, Vanessa hadn’t actually expected Aly to join them.  But now it sure looked like it was about to happen and Vanessa couldn’t wait.

As she walked, Aly felt such an intense naughty thrill pass through her.  She loved the looks she was getting from her friends, especially with how Vanessa had been so quick to insist she not cover up.  She was glad Vanessa had said that because Aly hadn’t particularly wanted to cover up then either.  She felt like if she had put her towel back on, it might have given her an excuse not to do this and Aly didn’t want to chicken out.

Sitting down on the couch naked between Ashley and Vanessa, Aly couldn’t believe she was doing this but it felt so good to be doing something so wild.  It was so unexpected that this was happening and that was the best part.  If she thought about it, it was like the whole thing would fall apart, but if she just let it happen then it would make all of them feel really good.  Aly liked the way it made pleasure tingle up her spine as she sat naked between the two sexy girls, especially when Ashley pulled her arms away and let her breasts be exposed again.

With no one hiding their bodies anymore, the girls were all much more relaxed and it didn’t take long for things to start heating up again.  Ashley and Vanessa didn’t just dive right back into the deep end of the pool, but they waded into the water once more and the shame and embarrassment of being caught was gone as they both worked to ease Aly into their fun.  Ashley began to softly play with the golden locks of Aly’s curly blonde hair and, as much as she wanted to go right for Aly’s full tits, Vanessa instead began to gently caress the nervous, but aroused girl’s leg, making little goose bumps pop up on her bare flesh.

“So I ummmm guess this means you two weren’t joking before after all,” Aly stammered out with her heart beating faster in her chest and her smile growing as she considered just how naughty she was about to be and how badly she wanted to do it.  “You really do want me.”

This time Ashley didn’t deny it.  While she played with her friend’s hair she nodded her head and offered a shy, but sexy smile in response.

“We didn’t think you would hear us,” Ashley admitted.  “But yeah…yeah we meant it.”

“Wow!” Aly marveled, still not believing this was happening but loving being naked on the couch with her friends.  “God, you girls are naughty!  I mean REALLY naughty!”

“Is that a problem?” Vanessa purred, getting her confidence back with so much yummy, sexy girl flesh exposed.  “Do you not want us to be naughty Aly?  Do you not want us to make you naughty too?”

As she said this, Vanessa’s hand snaked up Aly’s leg and toward her thigh.  She didn’t go any further, but she let Aly know she could and the blonde girl trembled slightly in anticipation.  God this felt so good!  Aly hadn’t felt this way…well ever!

Not even that one time she had been with girls had been like this.  It made her feel way more excitement than just being with a guy did.  She so wasn’t used to these feelings, but that was what Aly liked about it.  It turned her on to act so crazy and, as her pulse raced from the soft hands caressing her hair and tickling her thigh, Aly knew things were only going to get crazier.

And realizing that sent a wave of adrenaline through her.  She didn’t just want to be passive and let this happen.  She wanted to be pushing it as much as Ashley and Vanessa were.  So just like when she had impetuously dropped her towel, Aly found herself acting on bold impulses.

“Maybe I’m already naughty,” Aly challenged, showing a sexy smile while her hand began rubbing Vanessa’s thigh back.  “Ever think about that?  I heard what you two said.  You think I’m like some prissy virgin?  Well I’m not.  I’ve been a bad girl and I want to be one again.”

Surprising herself once again, Aly went right for it and kissed Vanessa on the lips.  The brunette hadn’t expected it but she definitely didn’t fight it off and began kissing Aly back.  It was just a soft lip-to-lip kiss with no tongues, but it was a sexy kiss nonetheless and it took but a second for Ashley to want to get in on it.

“Hey!  Don’t forget about me!” Ashley grumbled playfully, but with a little bit of jealousy that her friends were kissing and leaving her out of it.

“Oh I won’t,” Aly said, pulling away from Vanessa with an even bigger smile than she’d had before.  “Mmmmm now that I know you’ve been checking me out, I want you to see that I can be naughty too Ash.  Just like you.”

Ashley didn’t give Aly a chance to kiss her, though.  Instead Ashley was the one who took the initiative and pressed her lips to her friend’s as the words finished coming out of her mouth.  Aly’s eyes widened a little as she felt another wicked tingle come up her back from knowing she was kissing her former co-star, but it was all good. She could tell right away what a wonderful kisser Ashley was.

Her lips were so soft and tender.  It was such a sensual kiss and it instantly made Aly glad she had found the guts to speak up and not just sneak away.  She didn’t know exactly what was going to happen now, but she knew without a doubt that it was going to feel amazing.  She loved that this was happening and as she felt her heart beat loudly in her own chest, it made Aly want to be even bolder and wilder.

She and Ashley continued their kissing and the more they kissed, the more into it they both got.  Both of them knew what a huge step this was for them to become more than friends and they approached it slowly, but with a naughty giddiness.  Ashley and Aly began smacking their lips together and when Ashley moaned and opened her mouth, Aly took the hint and slowly eased her tongue into her friend’s mouth.

That was just what Ashley wanted and she was so happy that Aly had taken the initiative. She began sucking on Aly’s tongue lovingly and only letting it go so she could rub her own tongue against it.  The two women moaned as they French kissed and Ashley’s tongue was soon exploring Aly’s mouth as well.  But they weren’t the only ones on the couch moaning and they shifted their eyes and saw Vanessa lying back against the couch with her hand between her legs, playing with herself at the sight of them tongue kissing.

“Mmmmm you two look really hot together,” Vanessa panted while rubbing herself.  She didn’t like being excluded, but it was too hot seeing them kiss each other to resist just sitting back and watching the show.  They both looked so sexy closing their eyes and surrendering to lust and desire and Vanessa wondered if it had been that hot for Love and Hayden to see her and Ashley kiss.

Ashley giggled and blushed with excitement and horny disbelief as she watched her friend turned lover play with herself from watching her and Aly make out.  To Ashley’s eyes that was what was hot.  Seeing naked Vanessa rubbing her wet pussy for her was such a huge turn on and it made her own pussy even wetter under her panties.

“C’mere V, let’s make it even hotter,” Ashley urged.  “We wanna kiss you too.”

Vanessa loved that offer and immediately took Ashley up on it by straightening up and bringing her naked body back into the mix.  She kissed Aly first and then went for Ashley, kissing her lips tenderly and sensually while rubbing her naked body into Aly and making the blonde moan in lust from feeling Vanessa’s hard nipples against her back.  And soon Ashley and Vanessa had parted their lips just enough to bring Aly back in too and they were all caught in a three way kiss, wet lips and eager tongues touching as they moaned lustfully into each other’s mouths.

The trading of hot, wet kisses continued on for a few more naughty, heated moments.  And when it finally had to end so the three of them could start to catch their breath, Vanessa couldn’t help but ask the question that was on both hers and Ashley’s minds.

“Have you ever done this before, Aly?” Vanessa asked.

Even though she had no idea, Vanessa had just put Aly at a crossroads in her mind and she wasn’t sure how to respond.  She could lie and say “no.”  Or she could tell them the truth.  That was what she wanted to do, but the truth was too much.  What had happened was still too raw for her even after years had passed.  So she held back even as she didn’t bother to pretend this was all new to her.

“Once…” Aly replied, surprising both of her friends since they assumed she would never be the type to fool around with another girl.

“Whoa!  Really?  What happened?  Oooooh we want details!” Ashley excitedly urged, eager to hear just who had seduced Aly and more than prepared to tell her everything that had happened between her and Vanessa in return.

But details were the last thing that Aly was willing to offer, so she deferred.  She was certain Ashley and Vanessa just wouldn’t understand.  She couldn’t possibly tell them the truth so she held her tongue.

“Ummmm it was just once…I really can’t say though…” Aly replied awkwardly, wanting to change the subject.  “I promised I’d never…never say…and… I…I…it’s just…I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Both Ashley and Vanessa could see that this was making Aly uncomfortable and the last thing they wanted was to kill the mood so they dropped it and instead began to focus on something way hotter.

“Well whatever happened before doesn’t matter,” Ashley declared.  “The only thing that matters is what we’re going to do to you now.”

That was definitely where Aly wanted her mind to be and she loved the eager way Ashley said it.  This was so naughty and just being naked on the couch with these beautiful girls was driving her crazy.  This was way better than her first time already and they hadn’t even really gotten started.

“Ooooooh yesssssssssss mmmmmm what are you going to do to me you naughty girls?” Aly moaned in excitement, her nipples getting so hard without her even touching them as she remained sandwiched between Ashley and Vanessa, their warm bodies against hers and everything feeling so erotic.

“Well, what do you want us to do to you?” Vanessa inquired.

None of them were particularly experienced, particularly Aly.  Vanessa could sense that so she eased her into it, trying to see what the girl was comfortable with and wondering how much she could push her boundaries from there.  After last night at the party and this morning on the plane, Vanessa was feeling like quite a wild child and while she was eager to ravish Aly and Ashley she also didn’t want to take it too fast.   She had to see what Aly was into first.

Aly appreciated that, but she also didn’t want to be too slow or act all shy.  She had loved what she had been seeing before and she wanted Ashley and Vanessa to do it again and, this time, get involved with it too.

“Ummmm gawwwwwd I want everything,” Aly admitted with a moan and a blush, her smile showing her horny excitement.

“Good, cause everything is what we’re going to do to you,” Ashley said seductively before kissing Aly again and then moving her hands to right where she wanted them to be.

“Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss mmmmm play with them,” Aly cooed, breaking the wet kiss when she felt Ashley’s soft hands on her boobs.

“Mmmmmm they’re so big,” Ashley groaned lustfully as she explored her friend’s bare chest for the first time and played with the full C-cup mounds.  “You’ve got such great tits, Aly.”
Aly blushed a little when her supposedly innocent friend used that naughty word to describe her breasts, but she liked it.  It was hardly the first time she had heard it and it sounded so naughty to hear a raunchy word like that coming from Ashley’s sweet lips.  It made her feel so dirty for doing this and the way Ashley’s soft voice sounded saying the dirty word combined with the way her hands felt gently massaging her chest made tingles rush through Aly’s naked body.

“Mmmmmm thanks,” Aly replied, not knowing what else to say.  This was all so unexpected.  She didn’t have a plan for how to deal with this.  She was totally living in the moment here and that made her heart beat fast and the dampness between her thighs get even more intense.  “So do you Ash!  You too Vanessa!  Mmmm you’ve both got great tits!”

Aly felt an even more powerful tingle in her body when she said that dirty word too.  It felt so good to do it.  It was so liberating to say it.  She rarely cursed but right now Aly felt like it was totally natural to say dirty things and then back those words up with actions.  This was all so crazy, but she knew she wanted this.  These desires had been stifled inside herself for far too long and now it was time to let them loose.

“Want to taste them?” Vanessa seductively offered while Ashley continued to make her own fantasies come true by caressing Aly’s full mounds.  “Want to taste my titties Aly?  Mmmmm want to get your tongue on my nipples and find out how good my boobs taste?”

As she said this, Vanessa got on her knees on the couch and leaned in, pressing her breasts right into Aly’s face.  Aly quivered in desire when she felt those perky tits brush against her and her body took over.  Before she even had a chance to think about what she was doing, Aly pressed her hands to Vanessa’s tits and began fondling them, feeling the hard nipples and smooth flesh of one of her friend’s most intimate areas.

“Yesssssssssss mmmmmm God yessss,” Aly moaned in surrender to her desires.  “I want you Vanessa!  Mmmmm I want your sexy boobs!  I want to play with them and taste your hot tits!  I can be dirty just like you two!”

Aly began to prove this by pulling her hands off of Vanessa’s tits, just enough to expose the round dark pink circles of her areolas and the hardness of her perky nipples. And when she did this she leaned right in and stuck out her tongue, flicking it against one nipple and then the other, making them both wet and getting Vanessa to toss her head back and moan in lusty happiness.

The thoughts in Aly’s head were going so fast that she had to remind herself to slow down and enjoy the moment.  If she was going to do this again then she wanted to savor it.  It had been so long since that one time and since then there had been a lot of forbidden fantasies in her mind.  Aly had found herself thinking dirty thoughts about her female friends and her co-stars and it had always made her feel ashamed but turned on all at the same time.  But now she felt like there was nothing to be ashamed of and that relaxed her.  If Ashley and Vanessa could be into this, then so could she.

While she reminded herself to slow down and enjoy what was happening, Aly found herself moaning while she licked Vanessa’s nipples.  It felt so naughty to do this and that made Aly’s heart thump with a wicked giddiness that she had never felt before.

She felt alive and unleashed as she pressed her face to Vanessa’s naked tits and fondled one breast while licking the other, running her tongue over the dark pink areola and then flicking it against the swollen nipple.  She loved feeling that stiff nipple against her tongue and, feeling her boldness increase with every passing moment, Aly did to Vanessa what she loved to have done to her and started sucking on her aroused pink point.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss Aly yesssssssssss just like that!” Vanessa cooed as Aly’s soft lips enveloped her nipple and she began sucking on it.  “Mmmmm you really have done this before, haven’t you, naughty girl?”

Aly giggled a little over Vanessa’s reaction, but didn’t stop tenderly sucking on her nipple, getting it wet as she rubbed her soft lips against it and then licked it with her eager tongue.  She didn’t say anything but she never would have lied about that.  Aly didn’t lie about anything, usually, but especially not that.  Just because she had promised never to talk about it didn’t mean she wanted to pretend it hadn’t happened.

Having Vanessa react like that and reach down to caress her blonde hair, running her fingers through her soft locks, made Aly feel really good.  She wanted to do this right and be as hot and sexy as Vanessa and Ashley had looked before.  Having Vanessa tell her she was doing a good job made her feel more confident and it was a total turn on for her, especially as Ashley encouraged her too.

“You look so hot Aly,” Ashley moaned into her ear as she rubbed into her from behind.  “Suck on Vanessa’s hot tits, baby.  Mmmmm suck them just like I do.  I never thought you’d really be into this but I’m soooo glad you are!  Mmmmm gawwwd we’re gonna have so much fun!  I always thought you looked really sexy Aly but now that I know you’re naughty just like me and V you look even hotter!”

While she said this to her friend, Ashley was right up against her, rubbing her bare breasts into Aly’s back while she reached around front to cup the blonde’s mounds and tenderly play with them.  Ashley loved feeling Aly’s nipples all swollen against her palms and imagined how good it would feel to suck on those tits just like Aly was doing to Vanessa right then.  Ashley’s feelings for Aly certainly hadn’t been pent up as long as hers for Vanessa had been, but she still wanted the gorgeous girl badly and the idea of a wicked threesome with her and Vanessa had Ashley nearly soaking her panties in anticipation.

She couldn’t believe that she was being so bad, thinking about all-girl threesomes and getting Aly and Vanessa in bed at the same time so she could fuck them both and have them fuck her.  But Ashley loved all the dirty thoughts rushing through her brain.  They were intoxicating and made her tingle in all the right places.  She had been so good for so long and it was beyond liberating to be like this and let every desire she had stifled inside herself run free.

So much had changed for her since she had stolen that first kiss from Vanessa.  It had been a total impulse on her part.  She had wanted her friend so much and Vanessa had so badly needed cheering up when she had done it.  Kissing Vanessa had been a fantasy of hers for so long and having her so close to her and in such need of comfort and tenderness had pushed Ashley right over the edge and she was so glad it had.

At first Ashley had feared she had taken advantage of her friend by kissing her when she was in such an emotional state.  But after the shock had worn off, Vanessa had assured her that the kiss had been anything but unwelcome and that’s when things had started to get very, very hot between them and now Aly was being pulled into their lusty orbit, just like Love and Hayden had been.

Ashley felt like that moment when she had decided to kiss Vanessa had been a turning point in her own life.  Now she no longer feared her own desires or thought they were weird or perverted.  She felt so free and sexy now and she didn’t want this to stop.  She felt like she was finally alive as a woman after all these years of holding back and, as she caressed Aly’s soft, warm tits and whispered dirty words that she couldn’t even believe she was saying in her friend’s ear, she only wanted more.

For her part, despite the pleasure Aly’s inexperienced, but so soft and warm, mouth was bringing her sensitive breasts, Vanessa mostly had eyes for Ashley.  It was so hot to have such a dirty dream come true by having Aly join in.  It was almost as unexpected as it had been to have her first time with a woman guided by Love and Hayden.  But having other girls in the fun didn’t change that the girl Vanessa wanted most was Ashley Tisdale.

As her photo scandals had unfortunately revealed to the world, Vanessa was a sexual girl.  She didn’t like having inhibitions and she knew sexual pleasure was something to be embraced, not feared.  But nothing she had done had ever rivaled what she had been doing with Ashley and the other girls who had been drawn to them.  And no boyfriend she had ever had could make her feel the things Ashley did.

Vanessa loved feeling Aly’s wet tongue licking her nipples and her sensual lips nursing on them.  It made her ache to push the gorgeous girl’s blonde head down much, much lower to get to her wet, needy pussy.  It was turning her on so much to be doing this with Aly and Ashley.  But even as her own desire for pleasure made her drip with excitement and anticipation, Vanessa still wanted to make sure that her best friend turned lover felt good.

“You need to lose those panties, Ash,” Vanessa giggled, pointing out that Ashley was the only one still wearing anything.  “It’s no fun being naked when you’re not that way too.”

Ashley had been so focused on Aly since things had gotten so unexpectedly hot that the truth was she had kind of forgotten she was even still wearing her panties.  The sexy violet panties she had put on specially for Vanessa before they had left for Vegas were now soaked and Ashley moaned when she realized how wet she was for all of this.

Her pussy was so wet and sticky that it was like her panties were glued to the aroused lips of her labia and Ashley suddenly wanted them off more than anything.  She loved seeing the turned on pussies of her friends and she wanted them to see hers too.  If these hadn’t been her favorite pair of panties, Ashley felt as though she would have ripped them off.

Fortunately, the next words out of Aly’s mouth immediately solved the dilemma of what to do about her underwear.

“Let me get them off you,” Aly eagerly offered.  “I want to see you naked Ashley.  Mmmmm all naked and horny…just like me!”

Ashley had no problem accepting that offer and didn’t even see the need to say “yes.”  Instead she just smiled and sat back on the couch and pushed her hips forward a little bit, lifting her butt off the comfortable cushions so that her panties could be easily removed.  And Aly took advantage right away, bending her own naked body over so she could grab those sexy purple panties by the waistband and pull them down her friend’s lovely legs.

When Ashley moaned from her sodden panties finally being removed, Vanessa wondered if she was supposed to feel jealous or something.  Because she didn’t.  In fact she felt the opposite of jealous.  It was making her even wetter to watch Aly pull down Ashley’s panties and impetuously give her bellybutton a kiss, making Ashley laugh a little and moan at the same time.  She loved thinking about seeing Aly’s gorgeous face between Ashley’s creamy pink thighs and having the girl eat her friend out and make her come.

If another girl had ever tried to go down on one of her boyfriends while she was watching, Vanessa probably would have gone psycho on the bitch. But she definitely didn’t feel that way here.  It was such a turn on to think about Aly licking Ashley’s pussy, just like she had seen Hayden do to her friend.  Vanessa didn’t feel possessive or jealous or anything negative.  The only thing she felt was desire bubbling hotly inside her and that was such a freeing sensation.  To Vanessa it was like nothing petty was holding her down and she wanted to take advantage of it.

“Turn over Ashley,” Vanessa urged.  “Let us see that gorgeous ass of yours, baby.  I know you’ve gotta be dying to see that perfect butt of Ashley’s, aren’t you Aly?”

“Oh yessssssssssss!  Definitely!” Aly immediately agreed.  “Turn over Ash.  Let’s see the booty that made everyone stop and stare when we were on set.”

With the kind of tight, barely-there, outfits that they had worn on Hellcats, Aly had no doubt that she and her female co-stars were always getting the eye from the actors, the director and the crew.  Hell the girls were always checking each other out too, albeit in more of a non-sexual and competitive way, so she knew you couldn’t help but stare with so much exposed girl flesh around.  And while Aly knew that her big boobs were often the subject of stares, Ashley was easily her equal in getting attention thanks to her butt.

Ashley’s character had been dressed a lot in tight short shorts that hugged the cheeks of her ass and Aly had been kind of surprised there had never been a time when that her cheeks hadn’t just ripped through, causing her to accidently flash the crew.  Aly hadn’t been immune to noticing that and she had liked what she had seen.  In fact she kind of wished that there had been a wardrobe malfunction for Ashley so she could have a chance to check out her bare ass before now.

Waiting so long for the chance to let herself indulge in some girl on girl naughty fun had pent up a lot of desire in Aly and she had definitely been amongst those staring at Ashley’s amazing ass on the set.  And it hadn’t been in a competitive way like some of the others.  It had absolutely been in the same “I gotta become BFFs with that booty” way the guys always had when they stared at Ashley.

Before today, Aly always chastised herself for looking and thinking that way about Ashley, but now there was no more guilt over it.  Ashley wanted her to stare and stare she did.

“Is this what you girls want?” Ashley said with a sexy giggle, happy to put on a little show for her friends and give them what they wanted.  “Is this how you dirty girls want to see me?”

Ashley pulled her legs up and got onto her knees and elbows on the couch, jutting her bare ass out and giving it a sexy wiggle, loving how she could turn her friends on with her backside and feeling right then that all the hard work in the gym and in her diet to get her butt perfect was absolutely worth it.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhh you know that’s what I want,” Vanessa groaned.  She was more than accustomed to the sight of Ashley’s bare ass right by then, but it sure didn’t make her love it any less and without even thinking Vanessa shoved her hand between her own legs and began rubbing herself again from how good it looked waving back and forth all naked and juicy.

This was Aly’s first time seeing her sexy co-star’s booty in the flesh, though, and words failed her.  She felt like she was going to start drooling at the way Ashley was jutting her ass out and wiggling it like she was some kind of naughty stripper and as the first little drops of saliva began to drip down her lips, Aly finally began to communicate how much this turned her on.

“So hot!  Oooooooh gawwwwwd soooooo hot,” Aly moaned while finding herself hypnotized by the way Ashley waved her firm, juicy ass back and forth.  “Oh my God Ashley!  Your butt is so fucking hot!”

Ashley giggled again as she wondered if that was the first time she had really heard Aly curse.  Sure when she got frustrated over a blown take, Aly had been as quick as anyone to use a “damn it” or “shit”, but Ashley couldn’t remember ever having heard her friend drop an f-bomb before and it made her feel all the more excited for this.

She felt like her body was making Aly want to be naughty and that made Ashley think that this time she and Vanessa were the seductresses and that they could corrupt Aly just like Love had done to them when she had guided them and Hayden into being her dirty playthings.  Ashley had loved how that felt, but the idea of doing it back to Aly sounded even better.

“If you like it so much then I want to feel you kiss it,” Ashley impulsively stated.  “Mmmmm were you been staring at my ass when I was traipsing around the set in those tiny shorts they made me wear?  Oooooh I’ll bet you were, you naughty girl.  Now get a little closer to it and give it a nice kiss.  C’mon Aly!  I know you want to!”

Aly definitely wanted to.  And she liked the way Ashley was coaxing her.  It wasn’t mean or harsh.  It was teasing and seductive.  It wasn’t the first time Aly had been told to do something dirty to another girl, but this time was so much gentler and that made her want to do it more.

So before she could think twice, Aly leaned in and gave a soft, sexy kiss to one of Ashley’s toned butt cheeks before shifting over and giving an even hotter kiss to the other one.  It sent a wicked thrill throughout her body to do that and Aly began kissing all over Ashley’s ass, showering her delicious cheeks with wet pecks of her horny lips.

Aly let out a sexy giggle of her own when Ashley visibly shivered with arousal over what she was doing.  That increased Aly’s confidence that she was doing this right and she kissed Ashley’s sweet ass with more intensity, pressing her lips to the taut, juicy cheeks over and over again as she felt the scent of Ashley’s arousal drift from her pussy to her nostrils.

Aly breathed it in deeply and moaned from the wonderful aroma.  She wanted to make Ashley feel good so badly.  Aly knew she could please men and she definitely knew how to please herself, but pleasuring another woman was so different and Aly didn’t want to let her co-star down.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Vanessa stopped touching herself and instead leaned in and joined Aly in kissing all over Ashley’s butt cheeks.  Vanessa brought the spice to complement Aly’s sexy sugar along with her and, as Aly marveled over how erotic Vanessa was, the bold brunette devilishly dragged her tongue over the crack of Ashley’s ass, making her shiver and moan with every wicked moment Vanessa committed this wicked act between her butt cheeks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Fuck yesssssssssss!  Mmmmmm V you dirty girlllllllll!” Ashley quivered, the erotic sensation of having any tongue, particularly a female one belonging to her best friend, licking her crack overcoming her and making her head spin with pleasure.  “Mmmm baby yessssss!  Ooooooh you make me feel so good Vanessa!”

Aly marveled at what Vanessa was doing.  Doing something like that seemed so dirty and raunchy, but Vanessa made it look so sensual and the way Ashley reacted made it crystal clear that she loved it.  Aly didn’t know if she could be that dirty right then, but seeing Vanessa do it to Ashley made her want to be.  And though she’d never tell, she’d actually done way dirtier things than what Vanessa had just done.  Of course she’d only done it because she’d been told to.  But that was the past and Aly didn’t want to focus on that when the present was so much fun.

Almost as if to push the past out of her mind, Aly impulsively distracted herself from her own thoughts by kissing Vanessa right on the lips as soon as she pulled away from Ashley’s ass.  Aly had just gotten a great view of where Vanessa’s tongue had just been and she didn’t care.  She kissed the brunette passionately and when Vanessa pushed her tongue into her mouth, Aly eagerly began to suck on it, loving how their tongues wetly rubbed together in the kind of carnal, wet kiss she just couldn’t get from a boy.

Ashley was still trembling a little bit from the overpowering eroticism of having her friend do something so kinky to her.  She wasn’t new to sex, but even with her experience, her little asshole had barely ever been touched.  The first time she had ever really let anyone play with it had been when Hayden had licked it and then used her fingers to slide into her virgin hole.  Now she badly wanted Vanessa to do the same, but when she turned her head to face her friends and beg for Vanessa to do it, she found herself struck silent by the sexiness of seeing Aly and Vanessa tongue kissing, both of their eyes closed as they indulged in the heat of their lip lock.

Ashley softly moaned at the sight of it and suddenly her own needs weren’t as important as watching them kiss.  She could feel the wetness of Aly’s kisses still on her flesh and there were goose bumps on her butt now from how good it had felt to have Vanessa lick between her cheeks.  And now seeing those two girls passionately kiss after what they had done to her just blew Ashley’s mind with sexiness.

“Oooooh you two are so hot,” Ashley moaned.  “Mmmmm God, I want to fuck you both so bad!”

That was exactly what Vanessa and Aly did too and suddenly Aly was struck with a sexy idea.  Her skin was still a little damp from the shower before and she found herself thinking about moving the fun there so they could all get wet and soapy together.

“You know, I never had a chance to finish my shower,” Aly said with a smile.  “The reason I came out here was to see if you girls had any body lotion and then mmmmm I saw you guys.  I think I’m even sweatier now than I was before and I could sure use that shower.  So ummmm do you girls want to join me?  I think we all can fit.”

As if she felt she needed to add in some extra incentive to the idea of having shower sex, Aly ran her hand over the smooth cheeks of Ashley’s ass while sliding her other hand over Vanessa’s bare chest and then, even more wickedly, down to between her legs as she felt another girl’s wet pussy for the first time in a long time.  She wasn’t sure if she was going to have to talk them into this, so Aly felt a little naughty touching couldn’t hurt and she made herself moan in the process from how hot it felt to touch the wetness coating Vanessa’s tight labia.

But extra convincing wasn’t necessary.  Both Ashley and Vanessa liked the idea as soon as they heard it.

“Ooooooh sounds like fun,” Ashley said, getting off her elbows and knees and taking Aly and Vanessa’s hands to pull them off the couch with her.  “C’mon Aly.  Let’s get wet!”

And a few moments later that was exactly what they were doing.  The shower was spacious, but it was still a little tight for three giggling girls. Still they managed to all squeeze in with enough room to maneuver and soon all three of them were enjoying the hot water flowing down onto their naked skin as the bathroom started to get steamy, both from the shower and from what they were doing in the shower.

They had started kissing and rubbing their naked bodies together before the water had even been turned on and the horny trio had only gotten antsier for each other as the shower had cascaded all over them.  They had started out washing each other, exploring each other’s bodies and getting their skin soapy and wet in the process.  Ashley and Vanessa had mostly concentrated on Aly, double teaming her and bathing her body with their wet hands and then washing her off to make her clean while all three of them dreamed about getting dirtier.

This had given Aly an even better chance to become intimately aware of the curves of her friends’ bodies.  After they had washed her off and helped her finish the shower she had started before, Aly did it back to them, rubbing her own soapy hands all over Ashley and Vanessa’s perky breasts and their great asses.  She badly wanted to reach between their legs too and touch them there, but she held off on that, still feeling just a bit shy over all of this happening so fast.  Plus her friends were so focused on her pleasure that Aly found it easy to just let them touch her and make her feel good.

The close quarters inside the shower had pushed Aly, Ashley and Vanessa together out of necessity, but even if they’d had all the room in the world they still would have wanted to be as they were, pressed up against each other with their naked bodies rubbing together in all the right ways.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwww oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss,” Aly cooed as she broke away from a kiss with Vanessa only to turn her head slightly to her left and find Ashley waiting for her with another wet, hot kiss.  And as this happened, Aly felt their hands all over her body. Their were four wet, soft, girly hands caressing her naked body and they were making everything feel incredible.

“Like this huh?” Vanessa asked, stating the obvious as she fondled Aly’s ass, palming her toned cheeks in her hand and moving around to her front to softly touch her thighs while Aly and Ashley kissed and rubbed their bare, wet tits together.

“Oh yesssssss!  I love it!” Aly groaned. “Mmmm touch me!  Touch me everywhere!”

“Everywhere?” Ashley giggled, taking the bait.  “You mean like here?”

As she said that, Ashley did something she never thought she would ever do and reached between her friend’s legs to run her fingers over her slit.  Aly sucked in her chest sharply as Ashley’s fingers rubbed her labia and moaned as she was touched intimately by her friend in a way she had never imagined would actually happen.  Aly gasped a little as she moaned by releasing her breath and right then she felt like speaking up over what she had seen on the couch was the best decision she had ever made.

“YES!” Aly happily exclaimed, feeling a surge of excitement from her friend’s sexy caress.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm definitely yes Ashley!   Please touch me there!”

“And I assume that means touching here is okay, too?” Vanessa asked before she brought both of her hands up to Aly’s chest and fondled the wet flesh of the full mounds.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh!” Aly groaned, feeling a dreamy fog come over her head like she had been drinking too much.  But this was no alcohol-fueled dream, it was her brain swimming in pleasure and Aly loved how that made her feel.  “Ooooh definitely! Mmmmmm play with them Vanessa!  Mmmm do anything you want to do to my big boobs!  Boys always want them so bad but I’ve been waiting for so long to have sexy girls touch them again!”

Vanessa was still dying with curiosity to find out what Aly’s first lesbian experience had been like.  She was being so secretive about it and since it was clear she didn’t want to spill details, Vanessa didn’t push.  But it didn’t mean she didn’t want to find out any less.  It just meant it would wait for later, which Vanessa didn’t mind since she had plenty to occupy her immediate attention, like Aly’s amazing tits.

As she held them in her hands and the water continued to spray all over their naked bodies, Vanessa pushed her face down to Aly’s tits and began kissing them.  She pressed her lips to the young, firm flesh of her breasts over and over again, softly kissing the blonde’s all-natural wonders and then sticking her tongue out to lick around Aly’s areolas and then each of her hard nipples.

“Can I get in on this too?  It looks really hot,” Ashley asked gently while watching Aly moan uncontrollably with pleasure.  She loved the view of Vanessa with her face pressed to Aly’s breasts, her dark hair contrasting against her friend’s creamy skin and she wanted in on it too.

“Of course!  Ohhhhhh gawwwd you don’t even have to ask!” Aly moaned, feeling pleasure run right up her spine from Vanessa’s tongue flicking against her swelling nipple.  “Mmmmm play with me Ashley!  Play with me just like you and Vanessa do to each other!”

Vanessa was occupied with Aly’s right breast, tending to her nipple and making it stiffen like no other pleasure ever had, so Ashley moved in and began playing with her left breast.  And as she did that, Ashley didn’t take her hand away from Aly’s pussy.  She kept caressing the tender lips of her former co-star’s sex while she mimicked Vanessa and began licking and kissing Aly’s hard nipple, which made the blonde shiver in even more ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aly cooed with soft, sexy sounds of pleasure.  “Mmmmmm Godddd!  Ohhhhh my God!  Mmmmm that feels so good!  I can’t believe this is happening!  Mmmmmmm it’s been so long since it felt this good!  Oooooh you naughty girls!  Mmmmmm sexy, dirty naughty girls!  Sucking on my big boobs so nice!  Ohhhhhh Ash!  Mmmmm your fingers feel amazing!  Mmmmm touch me there!  You’re making me so wet!”

Aly had never experienced anything like this before.  It was so tender and sensual.  It was so much different than the other time she’d done this.  She loved everything both girls were doing to her and it was such a thrill to look down at Ashley and Vanessa with their gorgeous faces pressed right up against her breasts and their wet mouths sucking on her nipples as the water from the shower beat down on them.

Ashley could feel her friend’s wetness all over her fingers.  She wasn’t exactly finger fucking Aly, more like rubbing her to keep her in heat and she definitely wanted more.  It was so strange that this was happening, but Ashley knew this was a time to be living in the moment and the more she felt Aly’s wetness starting to drip onto her fingers, the more she knew that she was making the right choice here.  She wanted to bring her friend pleasure, just like she and Vanessa had already found with each other.

“I want to taste you,” Ashley moaned as she released Aly’s swollen nipple from her mouth, feeling a wicked rush of her own right up her spine as she breathed out the sexy words.  “Your pussy is so wet Aly.  I want to taste you and make you come.  Mmmm would you like that Aly?  Would you like me to lick your wet pussy?”

It was so surreal to hear such dirty words coming from Ashley and that just made Aly desire her more.  The feel of her delicate, girly fingers in such an intimate area was driving Aly crazy and she couldn’t even imagine how much better her tongue would feel.

“Oh yes!  Please Ashley!  Please!  I’ve been wanting this!  I just never thought you would be into it,” Aly immediately replied, her voice a horny pant of lust.  “Lick me!  Taste me!  Make it feel good!  Lick my little, tight pussy and make me come!”

It wasn’t the first time she had ever used that word, but Aly still reflexively blushed when she urged her friend to taste her pussy.  But it was also a thrill to say it and not worry so much about being good all the time.  It was fun to be bad like this and since no one was being hurt and everyone was focused on pleasure, Aly decided this particular sin was one it was okay for her to commit.

Ashley definitely agreed with that thinking from the way her face lit up and her sexy smile beamed over what Aly had just said.

“Mmmmm wow Aly ooooooh it’s so hot to hear you talk like that,” Ashley moaned.  “Mmmmm tell me what you want Aly!  Say it dirty like that!  Tell me to eat your wet pussy and I promise I’ll do it so good!”

One thing Ashley had quickly picked up on from her limited experience with lesbian sex was what a turn on it could be for a supposedly innocent girl to use words like “fuck” and “pussy” and even filthier ones that were roaming around her head that she was too shy to say yet.  She had seen how it had turned on Vanessa for her to talk like that and it had felt really liberating for her to say those words too.  It was like she didn’t have to be Rated G for Disney anymore and she could be a real woman and not a little girl.

Now Ashley could also see why it had turned Vanessa on so much to have her talk like that.  Having Aly talk dirty to her and say naughty, lusty words was making her pussy even wetter for this and Ashley wanted more.  So with a little blush and a bigger smile, Aly let some of her years of pent up desire spill out in the form of filthy words flying off her tongue.

“Ooooh is that what you want?  Me saying how wet and horny my fucking pussy is?” Aly groaned, scarcely believing she was talking like this, but loving the tingles it made her feel.  “Does this turn you on Ashley?  You like hearing me drop the good girl act and tell you to get on your fucking knees and lick my dirty, wet twat?  You like hearing me tell you how juicy my little, tight cunt is getting and how bad I want your horny tongue inside me? Fucking me and making me come! Mmmmmm fuckkkk do it Ashley!  Lick my cunt and make me come!  God I need it so bad!”

That was more than Ashley had been expecting Aly to say and she couldn’t even believe it at first.  She had no idea where sweet Alyson Michalka had even picked up words like that.  Those were the kinds of words she was too shy to say, but they had just flown off Aly’s tongue with raunchy enthusiasm.  Ashley couldn’t believe it, but it was so hot to hear.

The words were so dirty and so sexy that Ashley felt compelled to obey them without a second’s more delay and she got right down onto her knees in the shower and found herself staring right at her co-star’s wet pussy as it looked so pink and lickable to her horny eyes.

Aly’s naked body was soaking wet from the shower water flowing down over all of them and it made her skin glisten so sexily.  But the wetness Ashley was most focused on was definitely not from the water.  Aly’s pussy lips were smooth and looked so deliciously tight to her.  The only hair down there at all was the sparse bush that proved Aly was a natural blonde and Ashley couldn’t wait to feel that fur tickle her nose as she pushed her tongue into her friend to taste her for the first time.

Seeing Aly’s pussy like this made Ashley want to salivate.  She couldn’t believe her little fantasy had come true like this.  Now she had Vanessa AND Aly and she dreamed of licking them both dry, starting right then with her fellow Hellcat.  So, fueled on by the filthy words she had just heard from her supposedly innocent friend, Ashley leaned in and gave Aly’s pussy lips a long upward lick that made them both hiss with ecstasy.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk!  Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk!  Oooooooh!” Aly blissfully cried.  “Oh Ash!  Mmmmm do it baby!  Ohhhhhh yesssssssss more!  Lick me more Ashley!  Lick my fucking wet pussy!”

Aly hadn’t intended to get as graphic with her pleadings as she just had.  The words had just flown right off her lips without her even thinking about it.  She had once been compelled to say words like that and even filthier ones to boot, but while it had embarrassed her and made her feel ashamed back then, they had also turned her on too.

Saying words like “twat” and “cunt” and other things she was never supposed to say had been a wicked thrill for her and Aly had found herself getting wet later when she would watch a porn on her computer or on a DVD, for her own research and questions and nothing more of course, and hear the girls in those scenes say words like that.  She would remember how she had said them and it would make her think about her being the one in those scenes being so nasty and letting everyone see what a horny bitch she could be.

At first she had been worried that she had gone too far.  She didn’t have a lot of practice with dirty talk.  In fact she was usually pretty quiet in sex, preferring to let her moans do the talking for her.  But it had felt good to let go like that and her words had certainly done the trick.  Now it was nothing but pleasure as Ashley followed up that lick with a series of long, sexy lashes of her tongue that were so good they made her knees buckle a little, forcing Aly to plant her hand onto the wall of the shower to try and steady herself.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Ughhhhhhh yessssssssss Ashleyyyyyyy!  Oooooooooooooh fuckkkkk mmmmmm God that feels so good!” Aly moaned as her palm pressed flat to the shower wall and the other found itself unconsciously going to the back of Ashley’s head to keep her licking.  “Ohhhhhh Ash!  Lick me!  Lick all of that pussy!  Ohhhhhhh fuck you’re making me so wet!”

Aly would have babbled out a lot more encouragement but her lips were then distracted when Vanessa leaned in and kissed her.  Her body was already soaring with pleasure and for Aly, Vanessa’s kiss was like a cherry on top of whipped cream.  It made it even better and she kissed back without a second thought, loving the feel of hers and Vanessa’s tongues rubbing together.

Ashley could feel herself getting giddy with every lick of her friend.  Everything had been so crazy since that wonderful night with Vanessa.  Not only had her fantasy come true when she had fucked her best friend, but Love and Hayden had shown her all the pleasure that other women had to offer.  Before then, Ashley had just been feeling what she had thought were unrequited longings for Vanessa.  She hadn’t considered herself lesbian or bi or anything.  She had just thought she was into Vanessa’s sexy body.

Now things had really changed and it was so exciting.  Her initial crush hadn’t faded at all and she still loved Vanessa’s body the most.  It was too sexy for her not to be totally into.  But Ashley loved how all girls were different.   They had different curves and different tastes and it was like a thousand flavors were available to her instead of just one.  She found herself wanting to sample them all and right then what she was tasting from Aly was nothing but heaven on her tongue.

Aly was different in the taste and the texture of her pussy than girls like Hayden and Love were, but the one thing they all had in common was how much she enjoyed tasting all of them.  Ashley didn’t know if that really did make her bi or even a lesbian.  Right then all she knew was that she loved the taste of pussy and that was all that mattered.  With every kiss muffled moan from Aly egging her on, Ashley tongued her tight pinkness, treating her labia to loving licks and, once she was sure they both were ready, wicked penetration.

Aly had closed her eyes to surrender to the passionate kisses she was getting from Vanessa, but when Ashley’s tongue pushed past the seal of her lips and into her honeypot for the first time, they flew right open again.  She was so inexperienced with this that she hadn’t completely been expecting that and feeling Ashley start to sensually tongue fuck her sent Aly into such a moaning frenzy of pleasure that it forced her to break her kiss with Vanessa.

“Oooooooooooooooooh Ashleyyyyyyy!” Aly cried.  “Fuck me!  Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh fuck me with your tongue!  That feels so good!  Mmmmmm baby yesssssss!  Ooooh I’ll bet you don’t think I’m too much of a good girl for this anymore, do you?  Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssss mmmmmm gawwwd you’re licking my pussy so nice Ashley!  Licking my little naughty hole so good!  Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk you’re gonna make me come Ashley!  Gonna make me come from you fucking my hot…oooooooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmm gawwwwwwd…fucking my hot cunt yessssssssssssssss!”

By now Aly was moving her hips ever so to push herself against Ashley’s face while she continued to hold her down.  She wasn’t doing it hard enough to really fuck her friend’s face, but just enough to make sure that Ashley knew her tongue was desperately desired deeper in her pussy so her clit could really feel it.  Her body’s lustful instincts and pent-up needs were doing the reacting for her and Aly felt so good.  She could just turn her brain off and enjoy this wild ride.

“It turns me on so fucking much to hear you talk like that!” Vanessa breathed into Aly’s ear.  “Did you hear me talking to Ashley before?  I tried to talk her into thinking dirty thoughts about you.  She thought you were too much of a good girl to be into this but I always suspected you had a wild side.  Mmmmm just like me.”

“Mmmmm I do!  Ohhhhh I so do!” Aly agreed with an enthusiastic moan before kissing Vanessa again, loving how the brunette girl had begun fondling her chest again.  “I’ve been so bad!  And I want to be bad again with you guys!  Mmmmm both of you at the same time!”

Now it was Aly’s turn to be the aggressor and she kissed Vanessa this time.  She passionately kissed the sexy, seductive girl and took advantage of how she had Vanessa’s body right there to play with.  Wanting to explore the gorgeous girl while she kissed her, Aly moved her hands and slowly and wetly dragged them down Vanessa’s back until she reached the tight cheeks of her perfect ass.

Her hands were still soapy from them all washing each other and Aly left little soap bubbles on Vanessa’s tan skin, making a nice contrast. And since her hands were so slick it meant she really had to grab onto Vanessa’s backside, something neither girl minded a bit as they tongue kissed and ground their nude, soaked bodies together.

Vanessa moved her own hands to the back of Aly’s ass, squeezing her toned, curved flesh just like the blonde was doing to her.  Their tits were rubbing together while they kissed and fondled each other’s bodies.  Vanessa and Aly both felt hot, sexy sparks as their hard nipples touched against one another.

Vanessa adored feeling Aly’s fleshy tits pressed to hers, making her round pair feel small by comparison.  Her boobs weren’t as big as Love’s, but they felt so good.  Vanessa loved how all these naughty experiences were making her into a total slut for breasts and she was already picturing dirty things she could do with Aly, like having her rub those sexy titties against hers and Ashley’s pussies and then letting them lick each other’s juices off.

Vanessa felt so sexy as the water from the showerhead rained down over her and her friends.  She loved shower sex.  There was just something so exhilarating from being soaked with hot water while you made love.  You were getting clean and getting so dirty all at the same time.  She had used to love surprising Zac by sneaking into the shower with him when he wasn’t expecting it.  It was one of her favorite games to play.  But that couldn’t compare to what she felt now sharing this tight, but intimate shower with two gorgeous girls.

Aly and Ashley had never looked sexier to her.  Their pink skin looked so erotic all shiny and wet.  Ashley’s blonde hair was soaked now and clinging to her head and Vanessa loved seeing her best friend kneeling in front of Aly, water streaming down her back and over the cheeks of her ass.  And Ay looked just as good, water cascading down her body and flowing over her tits and down her back where she was still squeezing her tight butt.  It was all such a turn on and Vanessa felt herself pulse with horny energy.

And she certainly knew just how to put that energy to use in the best way possible.

“You really want both of us at the same time you naughty girl?” Vanessa asked, giving Aly’s ass a little wet smack as she said it.

“Ohhhhh yessssssssss!” Aly cried, not really knowing what she was agreeing to.  She wasn’t even registering Vanessa’s words totally.  She just wanted Ashley’s tongue to keep on licking her like it was.

“Mmmmm goody cause that’s just what you’re going to get,” Vanessa promised, giving Aly’s lips one more sexy peck before she sank to her knees in front of her, settling right next to Ashley.

Vanessa loved the up close view of Ashley licking away at Aly’s pretty pink pussy.  Ashley was so focused on what she was doing that she hadn’t even noticed her friend kneeling next to her.  She had her hand up to gently spread Aly’s slit open and her tongue was lashing against Aly’s wetness.  She didn’t go too fast or too aggressively with her licks.  She just kept it steady and sexy, tasting her co-star’s juices and working over her sensitive folds to try and make her feel good.

Aly was moaning like crazy and Ashley’s diligent licking showed that she obviously loved what she was doing.  That made Vanessa desire to taste Aly too and she knew exactly how she wanted to get her first sense of the sexy blonde’s flavor.

With her hand on her friend’s shoulder, Vanessa pulled Ashley away from Aly’s honeypot and before Ashley could say anything, she planted a kiss right on her lips.  This surprised Ashley but she went right for it, kissing Vanessa back and moaning into her mouth from the feel of her friend’s tongue sensually rubbing against hers.  Ashley felt a huge rush shiver through her naked body not only from kissing her friend, but from knowing Vanessa was tasting another girl all over her lips and tongue.

Vanessa’s tongue kiss was passionate and fierce and she knew exactly what she was doing.  She wanted her first sample of Aly’s fresh juices and to her the best way to get that was to taste it all over Ashley.  She loved kissing Ashley and feeling like a total naughty girl by rubbing her tongue against another girl’s like she was some kind of porno girl and being able to taste a sweet pussy while kissing made it an even more unbelievable feeling.  Vanessa loved the blonde girl’s taste and definitely wanted more.

When Vanessa broke the kiss, Ashley struggled for breath a little bit but had a big smile on her face and was very open to her friend’s naughty intentions.

“Mmmmm yum, she tastes good,” Vanessa said with a grin tugging at her horny lips, barely feeling the water flowing down on her and Ashley even as their bodies got soaked while they kneeled in front of Aly.  “Can I share her with you Ash?”

“Say please,” Ashley giggled before giving Vanessa a brief peck on her lips to make sure she hadn’t missed a spot with all the girl juice she had kissed off her.

“Oh please Ashley…please let me taste this hot pussy with you,” Vanessa replied, her eyes twinkling with naughty delight.  “We can make her come so good if we do it together!”

For her part Aly felt a little weird that she was being talked about like she was some toy her friends wanted to share.  But even more than that, she felt aroused.  Ashley and Vanessa looked so beautiful kneeling in front of her and knowing they both wanted to pleasure her made Aly even wetter.  She reached down and softly caressed her own mons, making herself tingle and moan from the gentle touch she gave where Ashley had just been licking.  She loved the idea of them both working her over and she couldn’t wait to find out how good it would feel.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh…both of you…at the same time,” Aly cooed, rubbing her smooth pussy lips with one hand and grabbing one of her boobs with the other.  “Ughhhh I want that!  Fuck me together!”

There had never been any chance that Ashley had been going to turn down Vanessa’s offer.  She had loved tasting Aly by herself, but she had always been taught to share and right then there was nothing more she wanted than to share this delicious treat with her friend.  Having Aly moaning for it just her want to do it even more.

All of this happening like this was such an erotic surprise for her and Ashley didn’t want to miss the chance to do all the naughty impulses that were now filling her head.  All she could think of now were dirty things to do to her sexy friends and Ashley loved it.  Nothing had ever made her feel this good before.

Ashley didn’t say anything to respond to Aly’s aroused plea.  Instead she moved her mouth back to her friend’s pussy and resumed pleasuring her, but this time she didn’t do it alone.  As she resumed licking the tender lips of Aly’s labia, Ashley brought her hand to the back of Vanessa’s head and gently eased her down with her.  It was hardly necessary, but Vanessa liked it anyway.  She liked seeing her friend take control and for Ashley to be all lusty and eager for this.  That was a total turn on for Vanessa.

While she was confident that amongst the three of them, she had the most experience with sex, Vanessa was still new to the whole girl on girl thing. In fact she and Ashley had exactly the same amount of experience.  So she was learning as she went too and that meant Vanessa initially wasn’t quite sure how to make all of this work as she was pushed down to Aly’s pussy while Ashley was licking it.

She watched for a few hot moments, definitely enjoying the close up view of Ashley’s cute tongue licking Aly while the blonde’s happy cries rained down on them just like the shower water, before Vanessa finally took action.

While Ashley continued to tongue Aly’s wetness, Vanessa slowly extended her tongue too.  She wanted this girl’s pussy so bad.  Aly smelled so good when she was horny like this and Vanessa had loved the taste of her she had gotten from Ashley’s lips.  She just didn’t want to crowd Ashley out.  So at first Vanessa licked awkwardly.  She and Ashley couldn’t quite get into a rhythm and while both of their tongues brought Aly pleasure, it was in more of a ragged and uneven way than before.

But fortunately that didn’t last.  As inexperienced as Ashley and Vanessa both were, they also had good instincts.  They knew what they wanted to feel when they were being licked and they knew to do that to Aly.  They took a brief moment to reorganize themselves, sharing a hot, quick kiss where they both savored the taste of Aly Michalka on their lips, and got back to work on their friend, this time in a more organized manner.

Kneeling side by side in front of Aly in the shower, Vanessa and Ashley shared her pussy with their tongues.  They pressed their faces between her thighs and darted their tongues out, trying desperately to be in synch while at the same time satisfying the thirst they had for their friend’s sex.  Aly tasted so good and both girls craved her flavor.  Their tongues licked at her sensitive labia together, the both of them making her cunt lips quiver while teasing her folds with the wet licks they took.

“Oh God!  Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhh my Godddddddddddddd!” Aly cried out at this dual pleasure, her heart beating faster than she had ever felt it before.  She had never experienced anything like this before and all she could think about was how she never wanted it to stop.  “Ughhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!  Fuck me!  Mmmmmm ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh both of you fuck my pussy at the same time!  Oooooh fucking Jesus Christ yesssssssss I’m so goddamn wet!  Make me come!  Make me come so fucking good!”

The allure of hearing Aly use dirty words to implore them on hadn’t lost any of its allure for Ashley or Vanessa.  It was such a turn on to them both.  But even if Aly had been as quiet as a church mouse, their tongues would still have been eagerly working her over.  Both of them felt so sexy right then, naked and kneeling in front of their friend while they shared her pussy.  It still felt like they were totally breaking a huge taboo by having sex with girls and it excited them to be bad like this and do something so many people felt was wrong but felt so good.

Both girls felt so totally naughty to have their bare bodies, soaking wet from the shower, rubbing into each other as they kneeled side by side in front of Aly.  Ashley was caressing her blonde friend’s toned backside as she licked her and Vanessa was doing the same thing, rubbing the curve of Aly’s buttocks and reaching around to softly touch her thigh while she was tonguing her cunt.  But at the same time their hands were also eagerly playing with each other.

Vanessa had started it by pressing her hand to Ashley’s, holding it while they both licked Aly.  It felt like a gesture of friendship while at the same time being totally hot.  It made Ashley feel really close to her friend and she squeezed Vanessa’s hand back before moving it away so she could start to touch more intimate parts of her body.  Feeling very naughty as she did it and loving it, Ashley moved her hand to between Vanessa’s legs and rubbed the wet slit she so enjoyed licking.

That made Vanessa moan even as her mouth was full of wet pussy and she immediately returned the favor, pressing her hand between Ashley’s legs to get at her honeypot too.  Both girls rubbed each other as they licked Aly, bringing pleasure to one another while also making sure their focus was mostly on Aly.

If Aly had known that her friends were touching each other’s pussies while they licked hers, it would have turned her on even more.  But she was too lost in the haze of her own lust to notice anything other than how amazing it felt to be licked by two beautiful women at the same time.  Aly loved oral sex.  She loved how it felt to have a warm mouth over her sex pleasuring her with licks and sucks.  But no boyfriend had ever been able to do to her what Vanessa and Ashley were.

Aly had wanted this for so long.  She had never expected it to be coming from Ashley and Vanessa but she had been aching for the chance to again be with a woman.  Given the circumstances of her first experience, she had felt so ashamed for liking it as much as she had.  And ever since then she had wanted to relive it without feeling so dirty.  Now she had that chance and it was more than she had ever wanted.  What her friends were doing to her felt like heaven and Aly could feel herself getting closer and closer to what was beginning to seem like the biggest orgasm of her life.

“Mmmmmm sooooo good mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss ooooooooh gawwwwwd it’s so damn good!” Aly groaned, squeezing her soapy, wet tits in her hands and pushing them up again so she could resume licking at them with her tongue.  This was all so wonderful and exciting.  She could feel her pussy dripping into the mouths of her friends and she just wished this had happened before today.  It was what she had needed for so long.

“Come for us sweetie,” Vanessa moaned in between licks, her tongue teasing Aly’s swollen clit while Ashley concentrated on licking and sucking her sensitive lips.  “Mmmmm Ashley and I want you to come so bad!  Come all over our faces!  Soak our tongues in it so we can really taste it!  Make us all creamy with it so you can kiss us and taste it too!”

“Yessssssssssssss!  Ooooooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk!  I want that!” Aly cried in pleasure.  “Fuck me! Mmmm gawwwd I’m close!  I wanna come!  Ughhh I need to come!  Make me be bad!  I’m so dirty for liking this!  Ooooh I always knew I did!  Mmmmm fuck me like the nasty girl I am!  Make me feel like some slutty nympho whore for loving hot girls fucking me!”

Aly loved how naughty this all felt without it turning into anything she was supposed to feel ashamed of.  She knew she was going to come big…way bigger than she had that other time and this time she wasn’t going to hold anything back.  She didn’t have to try and hide how much she liked it.  This time she could really let go which is what Aly had craved to do ever since that fateful day.

She wasn’t the only one craving, though.  Ashley and Vanessa badly wanted to taste Aly’s orgasm and swallow down her cream just like they had done to Love and Hayden and of course to each other.  Hearing Aly beg them for orgasm made them crave it even more and Ashley decided to get her friend to change positions a bit.

“Turn around Aly,” Ashley urged.  “Hands on the wall and stick your ass out.  Mmmm I know how to make it feel really good!”

“Mmmmm okay gawwwd anything you say Ash,” Aly immediately agreed, eager to place herself in her sexy friends’ hands if it meant she was going to come as hard as she needed it.

Aly turned her wet, naked body around in a quick spin of hot girl parts.  She pressed herself up against the wall and giggled as she felt the water spray her in the face and imagined that she had found herself in some crazy “girls in prison” movie and she was the new inmate learning what really happened during shower time.   She pressed her hands flat on the tiled wall of the shower and immediately moaned when she felt fingers sliding into her pussy from behind.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss!  Yessssssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh I like that!” Aly groaned, turning her head over her shoulder to see that it was Vanessa’s slim fingers that had penetrated her.  “Mmmm fuck me Vanessa!  Mmmm yeahhh just like I work my own fingers in when I get all wet from thinking dirty thoughts and have to get off!”

“Ooooh you finger yourself a lot?” Vanessa asked with a sexy laugh as she began kissing Aly’s round, toned ass cheeks while finger fucking the tightness of her twat. “Does this pretty little pussy get nice and wet and juicy for your fingers?”

“Yeahhhh all the time!” Aly confessed. “I get so horny!”

“Ever think about me?” Ashley couldn’t help but ask before her tongue started darting out and licking at the wetness of her friend’s juicy pinkness.  “Ever think about fucking me when we did the show together?”

Ashley started licking Aly with an increased gusto, teasing her clitoris with the lashes of her tongue as Vanessa’s two probing fingers spread Aly’s slit open.  They were both practically fusing their faces to her ass and it felt good for all three of them, especially when Aly confessed what Ashley had been hoping she would say.

“Mmmmmmm yesssssss!  Ooooh I did Ashley!  I did!” Aly admitted.  “I would definitely think of you when I thought about girls!  It would make me so wet to think about you fucking my pussy and making me come!  I just never thought it would come true!”

“You naughty girl,” Ashley moaned, happy to know she hadn’t been the only ones stealing glances when they had been dressed so skimpily on set.  “I can be naughty too, Aly.  Mmmmm I can be such a bad girl.   People think I’m supposed to be some sweet little girl, but I’m not!”

What Aly had said had given Ashley the opening she had been looking for as soon as her friend had turned around and pushed her great ass into her face.  She was really new at this and didn’t even know if Aly would like it, but Ashley wanted to try it so badly and so she proceeded delicately but also wickedly.

“Want me to show you how naughty I can be?” Ashley said, her own pussy purring with desire while she dreamed about doing this and watched Vanessa lean in and start to lick Aly at the same time she was fingering her.

“Oh yesssssssss!  Yessssssss please!” Aly cried without thinking.  Her orgasm was so close and she wanted her friends to blow her fucking mind with it.  She had never felt anything as good as this and she was dying now to reach the peak of it.

“You sure?  It’s kind of kinky,” Ashley said, giving both Aly and herself plenty of chances to back out.   “You don’t have to if you don’t want to!”

But Aly was too turned on to be dissuaded from anything at that point.  She was so worked up that she felt like she would have agreed to whatever Ashley wanted to do to her no matter how kinky it seemed.  She had waited so long to let go and be wild like this and in her mind the kinkier the better.

“Do it Ashley! I know you’ll make it feel good!  Whatever you want!  Just do it!” Aly begged.  “Please don’t stop fucking me!  I’m so close to coming!”

“Mmmmmm gawwwwd,” Ashley moaned under her breath, not believing she was about to do this.  It was so naughty and she was taking a risk because if Aly didn’t like it, it could kill the whole mood.  But she just couldn’t help herself.

She had wanted this in the back of her mind from the moment Aly had first bared her naked body for them and the desire had grown uncontrollable after Aly had turned around and pushed her awesome butt out like she had.  Aly’s ass was so beautiful and even though Ashley had fantasized about seeing it out of those tight, tiny Hellcat costumes, the reality of it took her breath away.  Now she knew she had to do this and she just hoped Aly liked it.

Ashley was still a bit nervous though.  Even though she wanted to do it, it still felt really, really naughty to even think about it.  Fortunately, Ashley found herself getting some encouragement from the girl she had done it to before and could guess what she was up to.

“I know what you’re gonna do naughty girl,” Vanessa teased, her voice a little sexy whisper.   She had her fingers still rubbing Aly’s plump clitoris, making her quiver and moan in need but she also gave Ashley plenty of room to make good on what she was sure her best friend was thinking about in that dirty mind of hers.

“Do you think I should?” Ashley asked, still a little nervous Aly wouldn’t be into it.

“Mmmmhmm!” Vanessa immediately answered.  “Do it Ashley!  Do it just like you did it to me!  Make her love it like I do!”

That was all Ashley needed to hear.  It soothed all her doubts and she went for the treasure she sought by placing her soft hands on the toned cheeks of her friend and spreading them open to expose her asshole.  Then without any further chance to talk herself out of it, Ashley pushed her nerves aside and embraced her naughty desires by darting her tongue out and giving the tight little hole a lick.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Aly cried out in instant response.  She had been surprised when Ashley had spread open her butt like that, but this shocking sex act from her friend totally blew her mind.  “Ohhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwww!  Oh Ash!  Mmmmmm goddamnnnnnnnnn ohhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddd!  I never knew you had it in you Ashley!”

“Do you want me to stop?” Ashley asked, hoping that she was reading Aly’s response right and the answer was a definite no.

That this was happening had thrown Aly for a loop but that didn’t mean she disliked it.  Far from it, in fact.  And she definitely didn’t want Ashley to stop.

“Oh no!  God, don’t stop Ashley!  Mmmmmm wowwwwww I never…never…oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk…never felt that before!” Aly cried when Ashley’s tongue returned to rimming her asshole while Vanessa began licking and fingering her pussy even harder.  “Oooooooooh!  Ughhhh yessssss so naughty!  Oooooh wow Ashley!  You were so right!  That is kinky!  Mmmm but don’t stop!  Keep fucking me like the kinky slut bitch I am! Ooooooooooooooooooh!”

Having Aly say she liked it was such a turn on to Ashley.  She felt super naughty for doing this and knowing it was making Aly feel good made her own pussy want to cream with pleasure.  Ashley let her tongue rub all over her friend’s tightest hole, tasting the forbidden hole with a growing eagerness.  Aly was so tight and her pretty little hole tasted so good.  It was so much fun to do this and now Ashley could really see why Hayden had been so eager to lick her ass.

If Hayden hadn’t done it to her, doing something so taboo probably never would have crossed Ashley’s mind.  But it had felt so good to have those soft hands spreading her butt open and that tongue licking her puckered ring that Ashley had found any inhibitions she had about it disappear with every touch of Hayden’s tongue.  And when Vanessa had noticed her pleasure and asked her to do it to her, Ashley had gone right for it.

It had made her feel so nasty to lick and then finger Vanessa’s asshole.  To do something so dirty to her best friend had driven her wild.   She wanted to spend a lot of time this weekend pleasuring Vanessa’s pussy over and over again but Ashley also hoped that Vanessa would return the favor to her and lick and finger her ass too, just like Hayden had done to her.  Thinking of that had made Ashley want to play with Aly’s great ass and she loved knowing it was turning both Aly and Vanessa on.

“You look so hot Ashley,” Vanessa whispered sexily in her ear, taking a quick break from tonguing Aly’s pussy to encourage her best friend turned lover.  “I loved feeling your tongue on my ass Ashley!  It was so fucking naughty!  Mmmm make her feel like you did to me!  Lick that sexy ass baby!  Oooh use your tongue on her ass like the dirty girl you are!”

“Yesssssssssss mmmmmm so dirty!  I’m such a dirty girl!” Ashley mumbled between licks while her hands kept Aly’s gym sculpted cheeks spread wide so she could play between her tight, toned butt crack and lick at her most private of holes

The sight of her friend rimming Aly’s ass made Vanessa’s pussy so hot that she was sure she could come just from watching.  But she wanted to save that for when Ashley’s face was between her legs so instead she got back to her own pussy licking, using her fingers to rub Aly’s clit and spread her labia open from behind so she could lick up her flowing juices.

The two tongues had Aly panting and gasping for breath like nothing before ever had and if Ashley felt she was dirty for licking like this, it was nothing compared to how Aly as she got licked.

Aly had never experienced anything like this before and she loved it.  It was so nasty to feel a tongue there.  And to have it be Ashley’s tongue licking her ass made it all so much hotter and kinkier.  Aly couldn’t get enough of it.

She adored how Ashley’s wet tongue felt tickling her butthole, a little shyly at first but then getting more and more into it.  Aly could tell Ashley hadn’t done this a lot but she didn’t mind her lack of experience because this was all new to her and she liked knowing that her friend was exploring with her.

“Mmmmmm damnnnnnnnn ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk! Fuckkkkkkkk!  FUCKKKKK!” Aly cried, pressing her hands so hard against the tile that she wondered if she could push through the damn shower wall.  She had two hot tongues licking her, one in her pussy and one in her ass and if this was heaven then she was ready to go to it right then and there because she had never experienced anything sweeter than this.  “You girls are so nasty!  Ughhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss fuck me nasty too!  Fuck me all kinky and dirty like I’m a real slut!  Ohhhhhh fuckkkk I’m gonna come!  Mmmmm Ashleyyyyyyy I love your tongue there!  Oooooh gawwwwd make me into a dirty, kinky skank who takes it up her butt!  And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSS!  OOOOOOH VANESSAAAAAA!  DON’T STOP!  DON’T STOP LICKING MEEEEE!  FUCK ME! FUCK MY CUNT!  YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCK MY DIRTY WET FUCKING WHORE CUNT!  OOOOOOOOOH FUCK THAT CUNT!  OOOOOOOOOOH!”

Aly howling like that and using such filthy words was such a wild turn-on for both Ashley and Vanessa.  It was so unexpectedly wild of her and they liked knowing they were making her feel this good.  They worked her sensitive holes with their horny tongues wanting her to come for them as Aly rubbed herself into their faces and babbled with a stream of dirty talk coming out of her supposedly innocent mouth.

“Ahhh Goddddddddd!  Oooooooooooh!  Yesssss mmmmmm fuck itttttt!  Fuck my cunt!  It’s not a vagina!  It’s a fucking cunt!  A whore’s cunt!  A dirty fucking whore’s cunt that needs to be licked!  It needs to be fucked!  Cunts have to get fucked!” Aly babbled, her words gasping out as whispers that could barely be heard by her friend.  This was bringing back so many buried memories of that day and the words spilled out like they had been drilled into her brain just waiting to be used again.  “Oooooh yessssssssss fuck the whore’s cunt!  When I fuck it’s not my vagina!  It’s my cunt!  It’s my twat!  It’s my fuckhole!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING FUCK MY FUCKHOLES YOU NASTY BITCHES!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!”

Aly couldn’t stop.  It was all flooding back to her now.  It was like she could still feel the stinging slaps against her ass as she was commanded to say those filthy words, the carnality of it overwhelming her until she found herself liking what was happening to her.  It had felt so good to be so dirty that day.  So many taboos had been broken.  But the feelings it had inspired had been dormant.  Now Ashley and Vanessa were making her lusts explode like a volcano of sex and the memories spilled out like lava, making her crave more.

“Ash!  Ughhhh put your fingers up my butt!” Aly groaned, her desperate need obvious in her words while she struggled to keep from screaming every syllable out.  “Do it!  Mmmm finger fuck my ass you dirty bitch!  Do it!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please do it nowwwww!”

Ashley had no idea her friend had such a wild side.  While asking herself what else Aly had been hiding from her, Ashley did as she was asked, pulling her tongue back.  She quickly rubbed her fingers against her own pussy to give them some extra lube and then slowly penetrated Aly’s well licked hole with one digit, loosening her up enough to get the second one into her ass.

“You like?  Is this what you want?  Does it feel good?” Ashley asked, slowly fucking her friend with her fingers and wishing she was more experienced.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS!  SO GOOOOOD!” Aly screamed, smacking her hands against the shower wall as the sensations of having her asshole penetrated by another girl’s fingers rocked her world.  “OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK!  I’M GONNA COMMMMME! YESSSSSSSSSSSS FINGER MY FUCKING ASS!  HARDER ASHLEYYYYYYYY!  OOOOOH FUCKKKKK FILL UP MY ASS WITH FINGERS WHILE VANESSA’S EATING UP MY CUNT!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Ashley didn’t know if Aly wanted more fingers or not.  She was being kind of unclear.  So she didn’t dare add more to her friend’s tight hole.  But she did work her two fingers into her harder, fucking her ass with more enthusiasm while she also did something more.  Ashley lowered her mouth to Aly’s pussy and started licking working her tongue into the girl’s pussy alongside Vanessa.

Now both girls were tonguing Aly, their tongues lapping against her clit and tasting her sensitive folds while Vanessa finger fucked Aly’s pussy and Ashley fingered her ass.  It would have been too much for anyone to handle, especially Aly, her mind a daze with illicit memories and present pleasures.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Aly screamed in orgasm, her hands slamming against the wall as she tilted her head back and let the shower stream flow over her, soaking her face once more.  “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!”

Aly screamed out every bit of her orgasm.  Just as she had wanted, it blew her mind.  She didn’t think she had ever come this hard before.  She could feel this orgasm from her head down to her toes.  It made every bit of her body tingle and shiver and the pleasure overwhelmed her.  She wanted just to close her eyes and black out of from it, but Aly didn’t let herself do that.  She compelled herself to stay focused and savor the sexual release.  She had two of the most beautiful women in the world licking and fingering her and she wanted to enjoy every moment of it without letting her mind drift away.

The orgasm left Aly wobbling on her legs and soon she was pressed against the shower wall for support to keep from toppling over.  Knowing she couldn’t keep that up for long, Aly lowered herself from her jelly legs onto the floor of the shower, the water splashing her all over and keeping from getting too lost in her own afterglow.

Vanessa and Ashley joined her on the floor and Aly didn’t say a word.  She just gabbed Ashley’s hand and shoved it into her mouth, hungrily sucking her fingers.  The sudden gesture surprised the dyed brunette.  Aly not only didn’t seem to care that her fingers had just been up her ass when she sucked them she seemed to relish it.  What else was her friend into?

“Whoa…” Vanessa moaned, happily shocked at Aly’s sudden enthusiasm for tasting her own ass off Ashley’s fingers.

“Mmmmm want to taste my fingers too?” Vanessa asked, wiggling her pussy coated digits in Aly’s face before the water from the shower washed away the sticky goodness.

Aly didn’t say a word.  She just grabbed Vanessa’s hand and shoved her fingers into her mouth, tasting her own pussy and her ass at the same time on the fingers of the girls who had just fucked her so good.  She wetly slurped on those fingers and then finally seemed to fade back out of this lust haze and relax.

“Oh wow…” Aly moaned, her face blushing just a bit as it really dawned on her what she had just done and what she had been saying.

“You okay?” Ashley asked.  She had loved what she had done and she had Aly’s cum all over her lips as proof of that, but she also wanted to make sure that everything was cool after such an unexpected adventure.

“Oh yeah…more than okay,” Aly smiled back. “That was…intense.”

“Yeah, we didn’t think you were going to be so…you know… into it,” Vanessa replied.  “You really got wild there Aly.”

“Sorry,” Aly blushed again.  “I kind of lost it there.  I hadn’t done that in a really long time and I guess I was really, really needing it.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Ashley assured her friend.  “It was so hot!  It was just kind of a surprise that you acted like that…”

“I guess I’ve got some issues about this stuff,” Aly said, putting it mildly.  “You don’t think I’m like a perv or anything do you?”

“Oh God!  Of course not!  I’d never think that,” Ashley said, a concerned friend first and a horny girl who needed to come second.  “Do you want to talk about it?  We don’t have to do anything more if you don’t want.”

But while she definitely recognized that she had something to work through in regard to the secret she held and these rekindled desires for girls, Aly also knew that could all be done another time, maybe with a therapist or something, and right now there was more fun to be had.

“Maybe later,” Aly said, changing the subject and smiling as she focused on something way more sensual.  “There’s something else I’d much rather do first.”

And she left no illusion about what that was by reaching over between Ashley and Vanessa’s legs and rubbing both of their wet slits.  Both girls moaned at the welcomed touch and soon everything else was forgotten as Ashley leaned in to kiss Aly and then Vanessa did the same, the both of them feeding her her own cum before they all ended up back in a three-way kiss.

“But if we’re going to do that, I think we need to dry off and stretch out,” Vanessa said, the water still falling all over them.  “Mmmmm we’d be much more comfortable in the bed, I think.”

Ashley and Aly both agreed and they shut off the water as Vanessa and Ashley both helped Aly up back onto her feet.  They quickly grabbed some towels and dried each other off, kissing and giggling as they did it and making sure to pay lots of attention to certain parts of their anatomy.  And when they felt their skin was suitably dry, they all got into the bedroom as quickly as they could, where Ashley once again took control by pushing Vanessa right down onto her back.

“Spread those legs sweetie,” Ashley sexily ordered her friend, the smile on her face showing that she was not about to be argued with.  “I want Aly to see how much I love tasting your pussy!”

Ashley didn’t need to order her around to get that result.  After what they had already done to each other since confessing their mutual lust, Vanessa knew she would always be eager and ready to spread her legs for Ashley.  But she liked again how Ashley was taking control of the situation and showing an aggressive side that she had usually hidden in all the years they had been friends.

“Mmmmmm like this?” Vanessa asked playfully, slinging her legs open while lying back against the soft pillows of the bed.  She bent her legs at the knee and planted her feet down on the soft sheets, moaning as the room’s cool air tickled her sensitive pussy lips and the wetness of her now exposed folds.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Ashley cooed at the sight of her friend’s exposed sex.  She loved how Vanessa’s pussy looked, especially now with her legs stretched open and her labia spread as a result, exposing the juicy pinkness with arousal dripping out and how her dark, neat strip of fur was all wet too.  Ashley gently caressed her fingers over Vanessa’s soft little bush and moaned when she felt how it definitely wasn’t the shower that had made her that wet.

The sight of Vanessa’s aroused pussy was enough to make Ashley forget that Aly was even on the bed with them.  For so long she had wanted to see and touch and taste her best friend’s pussy.  And now that she knew Vanessa felt the same way she did, Ashley felt so eager to make up for all the lost time.

She remembered how elated she had felt that morning on the plane when she had found out that Vanessa had no regrets about the night before and wanted to keep on fucking her.  It had made their fun on the plane even hotter as they had licked each other’s pussies in the bathroom and joined the Mile High Club together. But that had been rushed to avoid discovery and now Ashley had all the time to pleasure her friend.

Seeing that juicy, wet pussy all spread for her made Ashley want to bury her face between Vanessa’s thighs and never leave.  She had tasted Vanessa on the plane and she still had Aly’s juices all over her lips and tongue but she wanted more.  She needed more.  And Aly went and got more.  She didn’t say anything else to her friend.  She just moved her lips to Vanessa’s honeypot and kissed her sweet, tasty cunt, sucking juice right off her spread labia before working her tongue over the tender girl flesh.

“OHHHHHHHH!” Vanessa immediately cried in delight from Ashley’s lips and then her tongue tasting the stickiness of her warm, dripping wet muffin.  “Yesssssssssss!  Oooooooooooooh Ashley!  Mmmm babyyyyyyyyyyy yessssssssssssss lick my pussy!  I want Aly to see you fuck me!  OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  YESSSSSSSS MMMMM GAWWWWD MORE TONGUE BABY!  YESSSSSSSSS LICK MEEEEEE!”

Even though she had just come explosively, the sight of Vanessa and Ashley naked on the bed had Aly reaching between her own legs to touch herself without a second thought.  Vanessa’s head was pressed to the pillows and it rolled from side to side as intense feelings of pleasure filled her.  Vanessa’s gorgeously pink tits jiggled a little as she began to rock herself gently against Ashley’s face, giving Aly an enticing focus for her eyes as she drank in the sight of her beautiful friends fucking right in front of her.

She loved the sight of both of their nude bodies.  Aly loved seeing Vanessa lying back with her legs slung open wide and bent at the knee, giving Ashley plenty of room to play.  Ashley looked so sexy lying on her stomach, her boobs pressing into the bed as her hands caressed Vanessa’s smooth thighs while she tongue fucked her.  Aly wondered how many times Ashley and Vanessa had been doing this because Ashley sure looked comfortable between Vanessa’s legs and the thought of them pleasuring each other like this in secret when the whole world thought they had boyfriends and were totally straight made Aly tingle.

Vanessa cried out happily from every lick Ashley took against her pussy and Aly shifted her body on the bed to get a better look at it.  She didn’t say anything.  She just watched.  She didn’t want to do anything to disturb what was happening.  She just drank in the naughty, naked action and touched herself, moaning softly from her own fingers touching the sensitive folds of her pussy, loving how it felt to play with herself right after she’d come from two girls fucking her.

Aly kneeled near where Ashley’s face was pressed to Vanessa’s pussy and she stared intently at the sight of her former co-star’s tongue working over that surely yummy pinkness.  Vanessa was spread open so lewdly and Ashley’s tongue took full advantage, licking away at her wetness and tasting the juices dripping out, bringing her friend wonderful pleasure.  Aly was close enough to join in if she wanted to lean in just a little bit more, but instead she held back, letting Ashley be undisturbed as she ate Vanessa out.  She just watched intently, almost like she was taking mental notes about how Ashley was using her tongue.

Aly hadn’t wanted this to end for her after her own orgasm.  Vanessa and Ashley had made her feel so good and she wanted to reward them both with pleasure too.  Aly stared at Ashley as she went down on Vanessa and tried to study what she was doing to her so she could do it to the both of them.  It had been so long since she had really tasted pussy and Aly wanted it badly.  She stared with lustful fascination at the live lesbian sex show in front of her and touched herself, her breathing getting ragged as her large chest moved up and down and soft moans passed by her otherwise silent lips.

While it was Vanessa’s pleasure cries that mostly filled her ears, the moaning sounds of Aly’s finger play also were picked up by Ashley and it turned her on even more.  Knowing she was doing this for an audience was such a naughty thrill, just like it had been when Love and Hayden had shared a bed with them.  Ashley wanted Aly to see this.  She wanted her to see how sexy she could be and all the nasty things she did to other girls that she was never supposed to.  It made her wet to know that Aly could see her being a slut.

“Watch me Aly,” Ashley urged in between licks.  “Watch me fuck Vanessa!  Play with your pussy Aly!  I love knowing you’re touching yourself while I’m being a slut and fucking a hot girl!  Mmmmm yesssssss watch me fuck her so good!”

Ashley relaxed her tongue then and instead started sucking on Vanessa’s clitoris.  That earned a louder shriek of pleasure from the happy brunette and Aly responded by rubbing herself even harder, feeling her pussy get all juicy and horny again.  She leaned in just a little bit closer to see Ashley wrap her lips around Vanessa’s clit and suck on it sensually and it made Aly long to do it too.  She hadn’t tasted another girl in so long but she could still remember how sweet a woman’s orgasm could be and what a treat it had been for her tongue to taste that hot sex cream.

Aly found herself envying Ashley’s sucking of Vanessa’s clit, wishing she was the one who was going to taste Vanessa’s orgasm.  She licked her lips and dreamed of tasting another girl and that was when she found her eyes roaming away from Vanessa and more toward Ashley’s body.  With her friend lying on her stomach between Vanessa’s legs it gave Aly a chance to really see the soft, full curve of Ashley’s ass and Aly loved what she saw.

Ashley had such an amazing butt.  Aly remembered how she would stare at it on the set and hope no one would notice where her wandering eyes were going.  It was so cute and tight, but juicy and sexy at the same time.  Now that she could see it naked, Aly found herself wanting to touch it more than ever and then the obvious occurred to her.  Why couldn’t she touch it?  After all it was right there and practically begging to be caressed and kissed and Ashley had just done something super naughty to her ass.  So why couldn’t she do it?

The realization finally inspired Aly to act.  She moved away from watching Ashley eat out Vanessa and instead moved on the bed so she could get at her friend’s backside.

“So sexy…” Aly said in a little whisper while she watched her friend’s tight ass slowly and sensually rise and fall with the motion of her body from her fucking of Vanessa.  Her cheeks had such sexy roundness to them without being too big.  Aly thought Ashley’s ass was perfect and she couldn’t wait a second more without getting a touch.

Ashley moaned happily when she suddenly felt Aly’s hands softly caressing her ass.  She didn’t say anything though.  She continued feeding off Vanessa’s cunt and pushed her ass up in the air a little, lifting herself off her stomach enough for Aly to know how much she wanted to be touched back there.

Aly moaned too when Ashley responded, happy to know her touch was being met with a positive reaction.  She began to massage her friend’s butt cheeks, feeling their sexy, ripe fullness with eager, but sensual gropes and made things even hotter by leaning in and beginning to again kiss the soft, pink flesh of her backside.

That got a louder moan from Ashley and she lifted herself a little higher off the bed, which not only gave Aly more of her ass to play with, it also gave her better access to her pussy.  Aly cooed when she saw how raising herself off her stomach had caused Ashley’s slit to spread open a little from behind.  She could see her smooth, tight pussy lips all coated with a glaze of horny juices and Aly’s tongue craved her friend more than ever.

“Mmmm you’re so wet for me Ash,” Aly moaned, so excited to have the chance to taste another girl for the first time in so long that she felt her heart beat faster than it even had when Vanessa and Ashley went down on her.

This was so exciting for her.  She wasn’t being forced into anything.  She was doing this totally of her own free will.  She didn’t have any excuses this time to hide behind.  She was doing this because she wanted it.   Doing all this was like admitting that she enjoyed fucking women and it was so liberating to finally confess that to herself.

With Ashley’s amazing ass cheeks in her hand Aly felt like she could really do something naughty.  She thought about licking her friend’s tightest hole just like Ashley had done to her in the shower, but Aly shied away from that at the last second.

Maybe she could do it later, but she had never put her tongue anywhere like that before and she wanted to ease into doing any more new things today.  So instead she focused on Ashley’s pussy, which was where she most wanted to be anyway.

Ashley had a neatly trimmed dirty blonde bush that Aly had gotten a very good look at in the shower but her pussy lips were completely smooth.  Aly found that out first hand when she leaned her head in and pressed her lips right to Ashley’s slit, kissing her friend’s pussy from behind and getting her first taste of her delicious juices.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!  Yesssssssssss Aly yessssssssssssss!  Mmmmm fuck me!” Ashley cried out, pulling her face up from Vanessa’s wetness when she felt her former co-star’s hot lips press against her slit.  “Do it baby!  I wanna feel your tongue Aly!”

Aly was trying to remember everything she had just seen Ashley do to Vanessa while also remembering what the two girls had just done to her along with trying to summon the memories of how she had gotten her other two female lovers off.  It was a lot to take in all at once, but Aly tried her best to not let the pressure overwhelm her and instead focus on making Ashley feel good.  She loved the taste of her pussy right away and she began kissing her labia with more passion, rubbing her mouth against it and finally parting her lips to suck on Ashley’s wetness.

At first Aly sucked on one of Ashley’s cunt lips, tasting the smooth girly flesh and loving it. She sucked on the other one next and then both of them together, slurping on the juicy pussy of her friend before she took one hand off Ashley’s butt to spread her lips open more so she could start getting her mouth on all the yummy pinkness inside her.

“OOOOOOOOOOH! FUCKKKKKK!” Ashley cried as a sudden, intense wave of pleasure rocked her naked body from what Aly was doing.  “YESSSSSSSSS!  OOOOOH BABY!”

Ashley panted out her pleasure from what Aly was doing to her, her body unconsciously thrusting backwards without her even thinking about it so she could rub her pussy into Aly’s face.  She gasped and moaned from how good it felt and she reflexively stuck her own tongue out to lick her lips and taste Vanessa all over them.

It was so wonderfully intense to have a hot mouth on her like that while she had another girl’s pussy all over her face. It made her feel so happy and horny all at the same time, especially because Vanessa tasted so good and Aly’s tongue was so very welcome between her legs.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh Alyyyyyyy!  Mmmmm wow!  You really have done this before you naughty girl!  Mmmm that feels so good!” Ashley giggled with sexual happiness, craning her neck around to try and see her friend as she went down on her.  “Oooooh yessss!  More! Give it to me Aly!  Fuck me!”

Ashley was happily surprised that Aly was doing so well in licking her out.  Of course everything that was happening was an awesome surprise, just like the night before when she’d first kissed Vanessa and it had turned into something so much more.  Ashley could tell Aly was inexperienced as her tongue began exploring the folds of her soaked pussy, but since so was she, she totally didn’t mind it.  Besides it felt really good to have Aly go down on her and Ashley panted and moaned and gasped in pleasure from her mouth on her wetness. The only downside to this was that it totally distracted her from fucking Vanessa.

Naturally, a neglected Vanessa wasn’t a happy Vanessa and, as glad as she was that Ashley was feeling good from Aly’s mouth, she was impatient for her own pleasure to continue.  So she pressed down on Ashley’s head and gently, but insistently, guided her back to her cunt.

“Don’t stop Ashley!” Vanessa urged.  “Fuck me!  You were doing it so good before Ash!  Just like last night!  Ughhh I never want you to stop fucking me baby!  Please lick me!”

Ashley felt bad that she had started to neglect Vanessa and she immediately made up for it by going down on her with even more action between her thighs.  She increased the force of her sucking on her best friend’s clit, working the tender bud over like she wanted to slurp the orgasm right out of her.


Vanessa was left happily dazed and gasping for breath a little as Ashley attacked her clit harder than she ever had before. With Aly licking her from behind now, Ashley was like a starving sex beast between her legs and Vanessa loved it.  So she made sure and encourage Aly on after doing the math in her head and deciding that the better Aly made Ashley feel, the better Ashley would make her feel.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh do her Aly!  Fuck Ashley good!” Vanessa urged, feeling her pussy drip into her best friend’s mouth and loving every hot second of Ashley going down on her.  “Mmmm you like that Aly?  You like tasting Ashley’s wet pussy?  Oooooh I know how good that hot pussy tastes!  Mmmmm I love tasting Ashley’s juices all over my tongue.  It’s so fucking tasty!   Fuck her pussy while she fucks me! Mmmm you look so hot eating her out Aly!  Make Ashley feel good!  Eat her hot pussy out mmmm but don’t make her come cause I have a special surprise for her!”

That certainly caught Ashley’s attention and she looked up from her friend’s pussy, her pretty face juicier than ever from how wet Vanessa was for her.

“Surprise?  For me?” Ashley asked in excitement.  “What is it V?  Tell me!”

But Vanessa wasn’t about to revel any more hints…at least not yet.

“Nope,” Vanessa giggled, relishing the look on Ashley’s face as she so sexily pouted.  “You have to earn that surprise.  Mmm but I know you’re going to love it Ash.  I totally promise it will feel really good.  But you have to make me come first.  If you get me off good like you always do Ashley then I’ll give you your surprise.”

That sounded more than fair to Ashley, especially considering how much she loved the taste of Vanessa’s pussy and how badly she wanted to make her friend come.  The idea of a surprise waiting for her as a reward for a job well done was extra incentive she didn’t need, but something she appreciated anyway.

“I can do that,” Ashley confidently replied.  “I know I can make you come so hard for me baby.”

And Ashley went about proving that immediately after the words were out of her mouth by planting her face back between Vanessa’s thighs and getting her mouth back to work again.  Ashley let her tongue lash against the soaking wet pinkness of her friend’s yummy pussy.  She loved how Vanessa’s clit would quiver when she was licking her.  It was obvious how much Vanessa wanted her and that was such a turn on for Ashley.  She had fantasized about this for so long and it was so hot to know Vanessa had been feeling the same way.

Ashley licked all over Vanessa’s hottest spots, dragging her tongue over her tender slit as the gorgeous brunette continued to keep herself spread wide for her with her legs slung open and bent at the knee.  Ashley caressed the soft thighs of her tan friend, loving how her smooth skin felt under her fingers and it was a turn on to still feel Vanessa’s hand on the back of her head.  Ashley liked knowing that Vanessa didn’t want her to stop for anything.  She never wanted to leave the paradise of Vanessa Hudgens’ pussy and Vanessa’s hand pressing down on her head showed she didn’t want her to leave either.

After tonguing Vanessa’s yummy pussy lips and then lapping at her juicy folds to make sure her taste buds got plenty of her sweet, tangy juices, Ashley got back to making sure she paid attention to her friend’s clitoris.  She had flicked her tongue a few times against the super sensitive, swollen bud and made Vanessa groan and shiver in bliss each time and now she got back to sucking on it.  Ashley wrapped her lips around her best friend’s clit and tenderly nursed it while pressing her mouth right to the heated core of Vanessa’s pussy, giggling from the little tickle she got out of the dark curls of Vanessa’s neat bush against her nose.

“OHHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKK OOOOOOOOH ASHLEYYYYY!” Vanessa cried, her one hand still on Ashley’s head and the other now tugging at her right nipple, pinching it a little as she felt wonderful pleasure course through her naked body.  “MMMMMM FUCKKKK!  OOOOOOOOH YESSSS SUCK MY CLIT BABY!  OOOOOH GAWWWD GET YOUR HOT MOUTH ON MY PUSSY!  MMMM NO ONE DOES THAT LIKE YOU!  NO BOY EVER WENT DOWN ON ME AS GOOD AS YOU DO!  OOOOOH YOU’RE SO GOOD ASH!  UGHHHH YESSSSSS YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME COME BABY!”

Ashley wanted Vanessa’s orgasm right then more than she even wanted Aly to keep fucking her.  But fortunately she didn’t have to choose.  She could have both and Ashley was so happy to be in the middle of this naked pile on the bed with her face between Vanessa’s legs sucking on her pussy and her own pussy right in Aly’s beautiful face as the busty blonde licked her from behind.

Aly’s hands felt so good fondling her butt and spreading her pussy lips open as her tongue wickedly explored her intimate pink folds and while Ashley couldn’t tell her friend how much she liked it with her mouth full of Vanessa, Ashley made sure she knew by rubbing herself into Aly, coaxing more of her tongue into her.

Aly definitely got that message.  She was getting more and more excited with every lick she took of Ashley’s hot pussy.  It had been so long since she had done this that Aly had been a little afraid she wasn’t going to like it so she was so relieved that not only did she like it…she loved it!

Ashley tasted so, so good and she loved how this was all being done with so much love and desire between them.  She had never felt closer to her friends than she did now and she had to laugh a little in between licks as she considered how it had taken all of them having sex with each other for that to happen.

It was so hot to have Ashley rubbing her pussy into her face.  She knew that meant she liked what she was doing to her, so Aly did more. She kept one hand massaging the gorgeously toned cheeks of Ashley’s ass and the other on her friend turned lover’s pussy, rubbing her pussy lips as she kept them spread open for her tongue to explore.  Ashley’s juices were dripping right onto her tongue as she licked her from behind and Aly greedily gulped them all down like she had never tasted anything as refreshing as this before.

She could feel her own pussy getting all nice and juicy again from eating Ashley out and Aly moaned as she began rubbing herself into the sheets.  God they were making such a mess of the bed, but she knew that Vanessa and Ashley didn’t care so she wasn’t going to either.  Aly moaned when she felt the sheets against her pussy, the friction of her body grinding into the soft material stimulating her.  She could feel how the hotel sheets were getting wet with her juices and Aly began wondering if she could make herself come by humping against the bed while licking Ashley’s juicy wet cunt.

Mmmmm yesssssssss…Aly moaned to herself as she pictured it.  That’s how a real dirty girl would come.  She would soak these sheets with her slutty fuck hole while she was tasting another girl’s cunt!  Yesssssssssss her juicy, sexy, tasty cunt!  She found herself freshly obsessed with that word.  That was how bad girls said it and she was such a fucking bad girl now!

“Mmmmm gawwwwd you’ve got such a tasty cunt Ashley!” Aly moaned out. “Come for me baby!  Come for dirty, slutty Aly licking your hot, yummy cunt!  Everyone thinks you’re a good girl who never does nasty things!  Mmmm they think you have an innocent vagina but I know you’ve got a cunt Ashley!  You’ve got a wet, slutty cunt like me!  Mmmm you too Vanessa!  You’ve got a cunt!  You’ve got a twat!  You’ve got a wet, hot fuck hole that needs to get licked!  Mmmmm gawwwwwd!”

Aly, freshly fevered with lust, then plunged her hungry tongue back into Ashley’s wet pinkness.  She tongue fucked her from behind with an increased fervor, working her friend and former co-star over as she moaned to herself that they were all horny, slutty cunts that had to be punished for being so filthy!  That was what she loved most about this.  It was taking all the shame and fear she had felt before and making it into something that felt amazing now.  It was like what was happening now was rewriting her past!

Ashley didn’t question what Aly was babbling about.  She didn’t care what Aly called her wetness.  She just wanted her to keep fucking her and making her feel good.    Her tongue licking her hot spots felt so wonderful.  She loved the way her tongue lashed at her pussy like she wanted to lap up every drop of her girly essence.  Aly’s mouth seemed so thirsty for her cream and Ashley could feel that it wouldn’t be long until she gave it to her.  Her body totally felt keyed up to come.

But first Ashley wanted Vanessa to come.  She had liked her best friend’s promise of a sexy surprise for her.  Ashley had only seen a few glimpses of Vanessa’s dirty mind since they had started playing with each other like this but what she had seen had been nothing but fun.  It had been Vanessa who had urged her to lick and finger her ass.  And then it had been Vanessa who had tempted her into having sex on the plane.  Ashley couldn’t wait to see what she had planned next.

“Come for me baby,” Ashley breathlessly urged her lover, her words coming out as sexy gasps both from what Aly was doing to her and how much she loved licking and sucking on Vanessa’s pussy.  “I want you to come so bad V!  All over my tongue.  Mmmm just like at the party.  Just like on the plane!  I love tasting your juices!  I want to feel your cum fill my mouth up and get on my face!”

Vanessa could never get enough of hearing Ashley talk like that.  When they’d just been friends and nothing more, Vanessa had always been the wilder, less inhibited one and Ashley had always seemed more reserved.  So it was such a turn on to see Ashley so into this and to act all lusty and naughty and hear her say how much she wanted her pussy.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssssss ooooooh fuck!  Make me come Ashley!”  Vanessa cooed, her body tingling with the need to release.  “Mmmm fuck me!  I love what you’re doing to me!  Mmmm you’re so much better at eating my pussy than Zac was!  You make me feel so good Ashley!  I wish I’d been fucking you all these years and not him!  Please make me come baby!  Mmmm suck my clit and lick my pussy and just make me fucking come!  You know I love how you fuck me!”

Vanessa’s words showed how keyed up she was and if there was any doubt about how close she was to orgasm it was settled by her pussy getting tighter and dripping out a richer, yummier cream into Ashley’s mouth.  Even with Vanessa’s legs bent and slung open it was still getting so tight for Ashley to work her over with her mouth but she loved the challenge.  She wanted to make her best friend come so much and she got right back to sucking on her clit, fucking her with her mouth as Vanessa bucked against her face with sexy, passionate thrusts of her hips.


Vanessa not only had the pleasure of feeling Ashley’s mouth on her pussy as her clit was sucked with all the love and wickedness she needed to get off, but she also had the treat of being able to see what Aly was doing to Ashley.  Vanessa got pleasure from Ashley’s pleasure and it was so hot to be able to look down at her sexy friend as she lay on her stomach on the bed, her tits grinding into the soft, comfy sheets as Aly’s gorgeous face was pressed between Ashley’s butt cheeks.

Vanessa loved seeing that curly blonde head pressed against Ashley’s exquisite ass to fuck her from behind.  Aly’s eyes were closed as she seemed to really be enjoying the taste of their friend’s pussy and Vanessa thought she had never looked hotter as she did with her face pressed into Ashley.  She couldn’t wait for her own orgasm just so she could make sure and get back there with Aly to help her make sure Ashley came huge.

And happily, Vanessa didn’t have long to wait.  Ashley pulled her mouth off her clit, but only so she could replace her lips with her tongue and give her a series of hot licks right where she wanted them most at the same time Ashley penetrated Vanessa’s cunt with her slim fingers, pushing two of them into her to rub her bulging clitoris while she licked it.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT!!!!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Vanessa exclaimed from those hot licks against her pleasure center and the way Ashley pinched and rubbed it at the same time.  Her friend knew just how to do her and Vanessa could only withstand a few intense seconds of this before she burst with orgasmic release.  “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS ASHLEY YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Vanessa couldn’t keep her hand on the back of Ashley’s head anymore and she certainly didn’t need to.  Her arms flailed wildly on the bed as she came, digging her nails so hard into the sheets that she thought she might tear them.  She was in intense ecstasy from her friend’s mouth sucking the cream right out of her pussy and Vanessa gasped in sheer bliss as the orgasm rocked her naked body.

While Ashley continued feeding off Vanessa’s delicious pussy and Aly kept up her naughty exploration of her fellow Hellcat’s sex from behind, Vanessa cried out again and again in release.  She was all kinds of sweaty and her vocal cords quickly got sore, but she didn’t care.  There was nothing better than this feeling and it was made so much better because it was her best friend giving it to her.

And as soon as she could sit up on the bed, Vanessa pushed Ashley away from her pussy and leaned in so she could plant a big, happy kiss right on her lips.  She passionately tasted herself all over Ashley’s lips and tongue and giggled from how good it felt to have her own cum kissed into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm baby!  You are so SO fucking good at this!” Vanessa excitedly declared.  “Mmmmmm I love you fucking me so goddamn much Ashley!”

“Well…I try…” Ashley smiled back as she blushed in appreciation from the compliment for her oral sex skills.  She thought to herself that it was easy to be good at eating a girl out when the pussy was as sexy and tasty as Vanessa’s was.

“Mmmmm you don’t just try…you succeed!” Vanessa assured Ashley.  “And now it’s my turn.  After what you did to me you definitely deserve the special surprise I packed for you.”

Sometimes after an orgasm Vanessa found herself tired out and just wanting to lie back and linger in the moment.  That was especially true when she would masturbate.  But the orgasms she got from girls only charged her up for more and she was eager to help give it to Ashley as good as she’d just gotten it.

She had no doubt that her friend could come from what Aly was doing to her, but Vanessa couldn’t just watch another girl fuck Ashley.  She had to help her.  And besides, she had been waiting all day to do this.

Leaping off the bed naked and sweaty and so very happy, Vanessa made a beeline for her bag where she had packed this very special item.  That gave Ashley a great view of her friend’s bare ass giggling seductively as she moved quickly over to her bag.  Ashley loved seeing the light outline on Vanessa’s skin of where her bikini bottoms had been the last time she had tanned outdoors.  The faint tan lines on her body made Vanessa even hotter and when she bent over to look for her surprise Ashley got an even better view, this time of Vanessa’s slit from behind.

Ashley could see that her best friend was still soaking wet, her pussy a pink mess of her cum and saliva.  Ashley moaned, both from Aly’s hot tongue still working her own pussy over and from knowing it was her saliva that was all over Vanessa’s slit.  It made her feel even nastier for what she had just done to her and Ashley badly wanted to just bury her face back into that gooey, yummy snatch and start licking Vanessa again so she could make her come once more.

But right then Vanessa was only thinking about Ashley’s pleasure and the naughty plan she had for how she was going to fuck her friend and make her come.  She had been so happy when airport security hadn’t stopped her that morning because not only would it have been kind of embarrassing to have them ask her what her item was but because now she could surprise Ashley with it and see the look on her face when she showed it off for the first time.

And when she yanked it out of her bag and turned around to show Ashley what she had for her, Vanessa got just the reaction she was hoping for.

“Oh my God!” Ashley gasped in erotic delight when she immediately grasped the implications.  “Whoa!  Is that for me?”

“Mmmmmmhmmmm you bet your ass it’s for you,” Vanessa giggled.  “Mmmmm and speaking of your ass…”

Vanessa didn’t elaborate and she didn’t need to.  Ashley knew right away what her friend wanted and while reflexively she felt a surge of nerves she didn’t find the idea unwelcome at all.  In fact she found herself liking it as her pulse began to race.

“Ooooh gawwwd I don’t know if that would fit…” Ashley moaned, excited nonetheless by the sex toy that Vanessa now held in her hand.  It was peach-colored and looked like it was flexible and not just some hard hunk of plastic.         It looked just like a real dick though and since Ashley had never had anything like that in her ass before she naturally felt some reservations.

“It’s supposed to fit,” Vanessa explained.  “It’s made to go up your butt, I think it’s like supposed to be the kind of toy you start with and then once you like it you get bigger and bigger toys.”

“Whoa…ummmm if that’s what you start with, then I’d be afraid to see what the big ones are like,” Ashley giggled, unable to take her eyes off the toy in Vanessa’s sexy hand.

She couldn’t help but look at it and imagine what it would be like to feel that pushing into her tightest hole and going in her ass.  It looked so big and she had only had fingers back there, but at the same time it also looked really, really hot too and Ashley found herself really getting into the idea of Vanessa fucking her ass.

Aly too was enraptured by the sight of Vanessa holding the flexible peach-colored dildo in her hand.  She had stopped licking Ashley’s pussy and looked up from her with her lips visibly shiny from the girl’s arousal.

“Where did you get that?” Aly marveled, her own pussy fluttering as she couldn’t help but remember her own experience with a sex toy and how good it had felt to get fucked just like Vanessa wanted to do to Ashley now.

“Well I got it for me…” Vanessa admitted with a bit of a blush on her face.  “I never used it though.  Mmmmm I’ve never had it in my ass either and I’d kind of wanted to try.  I’d been rubbing myself a little there when I’d play with my fingers or one of my toys when I was horny and I’d really liked how it felt.  So I’d wanted to do something more before I let a guy put his dick there for real.  But I never had the chance to really use it till now.  Mmmm I like this idea better.  I don’t want to fuck myself with it.  I want to fuck you Ashley!  I want to fuck your ass baby!”

“Oooooooh gawwwwd mmmmmmm sooooo naughty,” Ashley groaned, unable to keep herself from showing how turned on just the thought of doing something so kinky with Vanessa made her feel.

She turned over on the bed, lying on her back now and letting everyone see how hard her pink nipples were and how visibly wet her cunt was.  The downy blonde fur of her bush was wet too from how much she’d been dripping and she was only getting wetter from the idea of breaking this new taboo.

“I’ve never really been fucked there before V,” Ashley admitted with a soft, but horny voice.

“I know,” Vanessa said lustfully, crawling back onto the bed naked with the toy still in her hand.  “Mmmmm but I’ve been thinking about it soooo much since the other night.  It felt so fucking good when you licked my ass Ashley.  Mmmm gawwwd I kind of didn’t even want to tell you how much I liked it cause I didn’t want you to think I was too dirty.  But I really, REALLY liked feeling your tongue on my hole.  Oooooh and when you put your fingers into me like Hayden was doing to you.  Ughhh gawwd I didn’t even need you to be licking my pussy then.  I could have come just from that!  Now I want to do it to you Ashley.  I want to fuck your ass!  But not with my fingers.  I want to really fuck you!”

“Ooooooh mmmmmm I want that too!” Ashley admitted, feeling any nerves she had about this more than overwhelmed by the arousal it created.  “I loved it too V!  I loved licking you there and getting my finger inside you and knowing I got to fuck your ass before anyone else did!  Mmmm I got sooooo wet when I licked your ass mmmm that’s why I did to Aly too!  I love how naughty it feels!”

Aly smiled as she heard that, remembering with erotic glee how awesome it had felt to have Ashley licking her asshole and how she much she had wanted her finger inside her too.  She had never had a real cock up her ass before, but she was no virgin back there and the thought of watching Vanessa fuck Ashley’s ass with that toy was making her horny to feel something thick and hard inside her once again.  She didn’t say anything though.  She just let Ashley and Vanessa do their thing.  She didn’t want to make it seem like she was crashing their party any more than she already was.

“I was kind of jealous of Hayden,” Vanessa said.  “That’s my only regret about the other night.  She got to taste your ass and finger fuck you before I did.  When you did it to me it felt so fucking amazing!  And I just wished I’d been the first one to do it to you like you were the first one to do it to me.  But I can be the first one to really fuck you!  I mean only if you want me to…”

Vanessa had the toy and a small bottle of lube she had stashed in her bag.  She badly wanted to do this to Ashley, but not if her friend was unwilling.  She knew this toy was definitely a big step up from feeling fingers and since she’d been nervous to fuck her own butt with it, Vanessa understood how Ashley had to be feeling.  But fortunately Ashley was way more than willing to try something new.

“I do!  I want it!” Ashley said with an exhilarated giggle in her voice.  “Mmmm gawd Vanessa.  The guys I was with always wanted to fuck my ass but I never even wanted to think about letting them do it.  But you?  Mmmmm you can do any naughty thing you want to me!”

That got Ashley a big, wet kiss from Vanessa as the brunette once again enjoyed the taste of herself all over her friend’s lips.  The two girls began making out, Vanessa lying on top of Ashley and their bare tits rubbing together as they touched tongues and moaned wantonly.  And it was only when they heard the third set of moans on the bed that they realized they had almost forgotten about Aly.

“Don’t stop…mmmmm gawwwwwd definitely don’t stop!” Aly urged when she saw her friends pause their naked kissing, her hand pressed between her legs so she could rub herself.

“Oh we won’t stop,” Vanessa promised.  “But only if you get over here and join us.”

That sounded like heaven on Earth to Aly and she quickly closed the short distance between them on the bed so she could get involved.  As soon as she was near enough, Vanessa leaned in and gave Aly a wet kiss and savored the taste of Ashley’s pussy on her tongue.  And when Vanessa pulled away, Aly knew just what she had to do and leaned down so she could kiss Ashley and let the girl taste herself too.

“Mmmmm yum,” Ashley moaned after the wet kiss.  “It’s soooo hot to taste myself on another girl!  You were doing so good Aly!  I loved you tasting my pussy.  Mmmmm you’d definitely licked another girl before cause that was way too good for it to be your first time. I had no idea you could ever be this hot mmmm! You’re going to have to tell us all about the girl you practiced on before cause I know it’s gonna be a hot story.”

But Aly knew that was the last thing she could do.  They had shared a lot already today, but Aly was convinced her friends would never understand her first experience.  So she quickly moved to change the subject.

“Awwwww you don’t want to hear about that boring story,” Aly said, knowing that the truth was a lot of things but boring was not one of them.  “Mmmmm I think we should think instead about fucking you, Ashley and making you come.  You’ve got such a hot ass Ashley.  I wanna see you get fucked there!  Mmmm like a real fucking slut!  Just like me!”

“Mmmm you’re not a slut baby, you’re just horny,” Ashley giggled, sitting up on the bed and giving Aly another wet kiss.  “We all are!  Me especially!  Gawwwd, let’s do this.  Fuck me Vanessa!  Fuck my ass with that toy!  Do it before I chicken out!”

But Ashley didn’t think she was going to chicken out.  Not only had she loved tasting and fingering Vanessa and Aly’s holes but she had loved everything Hayden had done to hers.  Since then she had been wondering what it would be like to feel something way bigger up her butt than just some sexy girl fingers and Vanessa was offering her that opportunity.  She knew she was going to take it, but there were some nerves she knew had to be conquered.

Ashley flipped herself over on the bed again so she was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed up in the air.

“Should I be like this?” Ashley asked, uncertain but eager.  “Is this how I should let you fuck my ass?”

Vanessa and Aly didn’t have an answer for that.  This wasn’t anything they had expertise in.  But they knew that Ashley looked amazing with her sweet ass jutting out like that and her slit visibly wet from being licked.  And with her positioned so lewdly while her face looked back at them with such adorable uncertainty mixed with lust, Ashley was completely irresistible to them both.

“Oh yeah mmmm that’ll do,” Vanessa moaned, staring right at Ashley’s juicy ass and dreaming of fucking it.  “Ooooh Ash.  Your ass looks so fucking hot like that.  Mmmmm I just gotta taste it before I fuck it!”

But this was one time where Aly just couldn’t sit off to the side.  She had to get involved with this.  It was too irresistible.

“No!  Please!  Let me do it!” Aly begged.  “Please let me taste her ass Vanessa.  Mmmmm I can get it so wet for you just like I did for her pussy.  I want to lick Ashley like she licked me!”

Ashley was very impatient for this to be settled and she made sure her friends knew it.

“Ughhh I don’t care who licks me just as long as one of you girls does it,” Ashley moaned.  “If I’m gonna get fucked back there I need a licking first.  Mmmmm gawwwd both of you would feel sooooo good.  I just need to feel it!  I don’t care which one does it!”

Feeling confident she would have plenty of chances to do this to Ashley, Vanessa relented and let Aly have her way.   It would be hot to watch that, Vanessa told herself, and she knew it would give her a chance to get her toy ready too.

“Go ahead Aly,” Vanessa said, rubbing her naked tits into Aly’s back so the girl could feel her hard nipples.  “Lick her ass before I fuck it.  Mmmmm I want us both to make Ashley feel good.”

While rubbing herself into Aly, Vanessa couldn’t help but reach around and squeeze the blonde’s big tits.  She cupped the impressive, natural mounds in her hand and fondled them lovingly.  She couldn’t wait to spend a lot more time playing with them and she began kissing Aly, the blonde’s head turning to meet hers.  But before they got too far lost in the kiss, they broke apart and instead concentrated on Ashley.

Aly kneeled behind her friend’s amazing ass and didn’t think twice about where she was putting her tongue.  Aly felt so far gone and she loved it.  She had totally lost control.  She had licked pussy.  She had gotten herself fucked by girls.  She had sucked fingers that had just fucked her tight ass.  And now she was about to live out the fantasy of so many horny guys by rimming Ashley Tisdale’s ass.  This was all incredible and she craved more so Aly went right for it, spreading open Ashley’s tight cheeks and going right for the puckered prize.

“OHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWD!” Ashley squealed loudly from the forbidden sensation of another woman’s tongue against the sensitive nerves of her asshole, her body starting to rock back and forth on her hands and knees.  “Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk!  Oooooh Aly!  Mmmmm honey!  I can’t believe you’re the one doing this to me!  Mmmmm fuck you’re good at this Aly!  So nasty!  Oooooh fuck get your tongue in my butt Aly!  Lick it!  Mmmm yessssssssss!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Oooooooh gawwwd you’ve done this before too, haven’t you?”

The truth was she hadn’t.  Aly had never licked anyone’s ass before.  She was just completely lost in the moment.  She would have done anything Ashley or Vanessa wanted.  She loved how nasty all of this was.  Not only was she breaking a taboo by licking another girl she was making it even wilder by putting her tongue in such a forbidden place.  Aly felt so wild and free and she explored Ashley’s asshole with a zeal she hadn’t even had for her pussy.

Ashley moaned and cooed and begged for more as she enjoyed the rim job from her former co-star.  She couldn’t believe she was enjoying this as much as she was.  She had always firmly shot down boyfriends who wanted to play with her hole and now she was begging for her tight little brown eye to be licked.  She felt like such a slut and it was all so incredible.

Aly’s tongue felt amazing licking her hole.  It was just as good as Hayden’s had been and maybe even a little bit better since Hayden had been pretty much a stranger to her and Aly was her friend.  That made it nastier and more intimate all at the same time and her pussy was dripping down her thighs from the way Aly would lick all over her tight hole and then slowly ease inside her to tongue fuck her.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh!  Mmmmmm so naughty!  Ooooooooh yesssssssssssssss so fucking nasty!” Ashley panted out, closing her eyes as this wild pleasure filled her.  “Mmmmm you’re such a bad girl Aly!  I had no idea you could ever be like this!  I thought you were some frigid good girl and you’re really a nasty butt licking slut!  Mmmmmmmmmm fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh gawwwwd I just want you to bury that tongue up my asshole baby!  Oooooh fuck you can make me come just from this!”

Those words were magic to Aly’s ears.  Ashley had always been quick to compliment her since they’d met and worked together so closely but that praise meant more to Aly than anything her friend had ever told her.  She loved hearing those horny words from Ashley and she tried to pleasure her as best she could.  While keeping her hands on the curves of Ashley’s ass to spread her open, Aly’s tongue explored her with gentle, but thorough licks, tasting her tight ring all over.

Now Aly could easily see why Ashley had been eager to lick her ass before.  This was so much fun.  She wanted to really tongue fuck Ashley’s asshole and then do it to Vanessa too.  But Vanessa had other plans and she cleared her throat to make sure that they remembered them.

“Heyyyyyy knock that off before I get jealous,” Vanessa laughed, teasing her horny friends.  “If anyone’s gonna make Ashley come, it’s gonna be me.”

“I was just getting her ready for you…like you wanted,” Aly giggled back, knowing she was doing a lot more than that and that if Vanessa hadn’t stopped her then she would have kept on tonguing Ashley’s tight, delicious asshole until she had howled in orgasm.

“Riiiiight,” Vanessa smirked playfully.  “Mmmmm but I forgive you Aly.  After all you were just doing what I wanted to be doing.  Did you like that Ash?  Did you like feeling her wet, soft tongue licking your ass?”

“Oh yesssssssssssss!” Ashley immediately responded, her voice all dreamy and needy as it betrayed how close she had gotten to coming from Aly’s rim job after what the blonde had already done to her pussy.  “It felt amazing!  I loved it!”

“Mmmmm good, cause now I’m gonna finish you off,” Vanessa promised.  “I’m gonna finish you off with something harder right up your cute, sexy butt Ashley!”

“Ohhh yesssss mmmm I want that V!” Ashley urged from her hands and knees.  “Fuck my ass!  You get to do what all the horny boys want to do!  Fuck me and make me come!”

While Aly had been licking, Vanessa had been preparing her toy.  She had squirted a liberal amount of the lube all over the flexible peach-colored plastic and spread it around.  She had smiled to herself as she had realized she was giving a hand job to a fake cock and it was too bad it couldn’t feel anything because she had always been good at getting boys off with her soft hands.  Vanessa had spread the lube around and then squirted a bit more over the head to make extra sure it wouldn’t be too hard for Ashley to take it.

The dildo itself was pretty slim without a lot of the girth that other toys might have had.  But it was still big and Vanessa knew she could make her friend feel really good with it.  While she had bought the toy for herself, Vanessa was way more pleased that she was going to use it for the first time on Ashley instead.

With Aly helpfully keeping Ashley’s sexy butt cheeks spread open, Vanessa had a perfect path right to where the wanted to go.  She could see how Aly’s tongue had left Ashley’s hole wet with lust and Vanessa badly wanted to lean in and take a few licks herself.  But she knew she would be doing that for her own needs and not for Ashley’s.

Her friend needed to come and Vanessa didn’t want to make her wait any longer.  So she pressed the head of the dildo right to Ashley’s anus and slowly pushed into her, sliding the realistic cock head past her ring with a tender, loving touch.

“Ooooooooooooh!  Gawwwwwwwwwwd!” Ashley groaned, her body immediately tensing up even as she demanded to herself that she relax.  “Yessssss oooooh do it Vanessa!  Fuck me!  Take my ass!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh let me fuck you!  Let me fuck your great ass!” Vanessa moaned back, so into the idea of pleasuring her friend like this that she could feel hot girl juice oozing out of her slit while she did it even though she didn’t have either of her hands anywhere near her own sex.  “I’m gonna fuck you so good baby!  I’m gonna fuck you and make you come so hard that you won’t want a guy to ever touch you again!  You’re only going to want me!”

Ashley didn’t say anything because the sudden rush of pleasure she got from the head of the dildo penetrating her and officially taking away her anal virginity left her robbed of words and able to only gutturally moan in ecstasy.  But the truth was she felt like they were already at that point.  She had only been thinking of girls since she and Vanessa had first kissed and this was all so good that she knew that wasn’t going to change any time soon.

Vanessa was the one most on her mind and Ashley was so glad it was her best friend that fucking her up the ass and not anyone else, but after everything they had done with Love and Hayden and now with Aly it made Ashley see there were so many other hot girls out there she could play with.  She didn’t know if this was all making her into a lesbian or if she was just going through some all-girl phase, but she was sure she loved what was happening to her and that she needed more.

“Fuck me! Fuck me V!” Ashley grunted out as more of the flexible jelly dildo pushed into her asshole.  “Ooooooh wowwwww mmmmmm so hot!  Mmmm I like it!  You’re making it feel so good baby!  Fuck my ass!  Make me come from you being so nasty and fucking my tight little butt!”

Hearing Ashley’s reactions fired up Vanessa even more.  She would have definitely stopped if Ashley hadn’t liked it and she was so happy to know she was bringing her sexy friend pleasure.  Vanessa’s glee over this development fueled her own horniness and while she continued to slowly ease more of the flexible toy into Ashley’s ass and fuck her with it, she leaned over and planted a kiss right on Aly’s lips.

Aly had still been spreading Ashley’s butt cheeks apart and had been focused intently on the eroticism of seeing that cock shaped toy pushing into her tight hole.  Aly had loved being able to see something so lewd up close and it had looked absolutely scorching hot to see the peach-colored jelly plastic push into Ashley, the cock head going up her ass and then followed by the first few inches of the fake shaft as Vanessa had lovingly, but firmly started fucking her.

She hadn’t been expecting the kiss at all but she definitely welcomed it, kissing Vanessa back with equal passion and letting their tongues rub together while she kept her hands on the tight flesh of Ashley’s ass.  All of this was so unexpectedly wonderful and right then Aly didn’t care if they never found her bag and never got her room straightened out. She just wanted to stay with her friends all day and all night and have them fuck each other everywhere.

While she kissed Aly, Vanessa made sure she kept the main focus of her attention right on Ashley.  She had never fucked a girl in the ass before and it wasn’t like a guy had ever let her do this to him even though it had always been an unspoken fantasy of hers.  So she was definitely new at this and wanted to make sure she did it right.  She didn’t want to be too hard on Ashley or make it hurt and she eased the cock-shaped dildo complete with veins running along its side into her ass, making sure not to give her too much.

Ashley appreciated the tender touch to her first time really getting assfucked and she was exhilarated by how the more she felt, the more she liked it.  She had known deep down that she was going to like this.  Having had a tongue and fingers on her hole had felt too amazing for it not to be even better when she really got fucked, but she hadn’t known how much until now.

It felt kind of weird to have the flexible toy being pushed into her like that.  It was way different than feeling something so into her pussy.  But it was the good kind of different.  It was a new and intense pleasure for her and she found her pussy dripping even more down her leg from how it felt.  She had never experienced anything like this before and she found herself getting off really hard on having her ass fucked.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss more Vanessa!  Mmmmmm gimmie more of that cock!” Ashley grunted out, wanting to feel it go deeper inside her. “I love you fucking my ass baby!  I’m so glad it’s you doing it!  Fuck me harder V!  Give it to me!  Mmmmm give it to me just like you’re going to want to get it from me when I fuck your sexy ass next!”

“Yessssssssssss!” Vanessa hissed, breaking one of her kisses with Aly over the idea of having Ashley fuck her ass with the toy too.  “Mmmmmm you want more baby?  Ooooh I’ll give you more!  Come for me Ashley!  I love this tight ass of yours!  I wanna make you come!”

Vanessa started thrusting with the toy harder, pushing it in deeper and getting wild, happy moans and cries flying past Ashley’s lips.  Vanessa grunted a little herself as she fucked her friend with more gusto, imagining Ashley doing this to her and taking her just like she wanted to be taken.  It was a tight fit into Ashley’s hole but that just made it more fun.  Vanessa loved seeing the toy pushed into her cute little puckered ring, forcing it to stretch open and it just looked so incredibly erotic to have the peach-colored toy pushing up into her and Ashley’s tight canal wrapping around it to grip it tightly.


“Is it too much?” Vanessa asked, concerned that she was hurting Ashley. “I can stop if you…”

But Vanessa didn’t even have the chance to get the full sentence out of her mouth.

“NOOOOOOOOO!  DON’T STOP!  MMMM MORE!  FUCK ME!  FUCK ME HARDER YOU BITCH!” Ashley screamed, her orgasm getting so close that she didn’t care what Vanessa did to her as long as it felt good.  “I LOVE IT!  FUCK ME UP MY ASS!  DO ME HARD BAD GIRL!  FUCK ME YOU WHORE!  OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Vanessa giggled as Ashley called her those mean names.  She knew she didn’t mean them in a bad way and she quickly turned it back around on her friend, thrusting the sex toy up her ass and giving her adorably tight cheeks a slap, smacking both of them while she fucked her.

“You’re the bad girl!  You’re the whore!” Vanessa teased after the spanking, getting both hands onto the other end of the dildo so she could fuck her friend even harder.  “Mmmmm you’re the dirty little slut who’s getting her juicy ass fucked!  Oh Ashley!  I’ve always loved staring at your awesome ass for so long!  Now I’m fucking you baby!  Your ass is mine now!  Mmmm I want to get so nasty with you!  I’m going to take this cock right out of your ass and make you fucking taste it like you made me taste the fingers you had up my ass last night!”

The idea of doing that to the cock that she now felt had to be shoved all the way up her ass was like a bolt of erotic electricity to Ashley.  She shook in ecstasy when the idea filled her brain of wrapping her lips around this toy and tasting her own ass all over it as she sucked on it like it was a real dick.  Even though she had fed fingers that had been up a girl’s butt to both Vanessa and Aly, the idea of doing it herself hadn’t even occurred to her until now.  But Vanessa wanting her to be nasty made Ashley want it even more.

“Yessssssssssssssss!  Ooooooh fuckkkkk!  Yeahhhh I’ll do it!  I’ll do it for you Vanessa!” Ashley mewed, thrusting herself back onto the dildo now while Vanessa stuffed her no longer virginal hole with it.  “Ughhhh that’s sooooo dirty!  Mmmmm that’s how bad girls do it!  Make me taste it!  Make me taste my slutty ass all over that toy!  Make me come baby and I’ll do any nasty thing you want!”

And the idea wasn’t just turning on Ashley either.  Even though she was only going to be watching, the thought of Ashley going ass to mouth on Vanessa’s toy had Aly fired up too.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh that’s gonna be so hot to see!” Aly groaned, holding Ashley’s cheeks apart so Vanessa could fuck her.  “Mmmmmm I want to see you suck that cock Ash!  Suck your own ass off it!  Mmmm just like I did to your fingers after you fucked me! It’s so nasty!  You’re such a fucking slut Ashley and I love it!  You’re a nasty girl like me!  Only fucking whores taste ass!  You’re a dirty little whore just like I am!  Oooooooh fuckkk you’re making me so wet again!”

Aly could feel herself going back into another little lust trance, spurred on by all the memories this was stirring in her.  But she stopped herself before she began to really babble.  She could feel herself start to say too much and she knew she couldn’t.  So she retained what little control she had by busying herself with something else.  She focused herself on getting Ashley off by taking one hand off her ass and moving it underneath her to rub her pussy instead.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH MORE!  RUB MY CLIT ALYYYY!!!” Ashley shrieked happily when her friend’s fingers slipped past her soaked lips and into her pussy to make contact with her clitoris.  “OOOOOOOOOOH I’M GONNA COMMMME!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKK!”

Knowing that her best friend was almost there and seeing what Aly was doing to her, Vanessa suddenly had a great idea.  It was like a sexy light bulb going off over her head and she immediately went for it.  She took her hands off the dildo but left it inside Ashley.  She had gotten it about two-thirds of the way into her ass and it jutted out so lewdly from her now stretched hole but Vanessa wasn’t planning on staring at it.  She had something more in mind.

“Turn over Ash,” Vanessa urged.  “On your back.”

“Huh?  Whyyyyyy?  Don’t stop!” Ashley whined, feeling so close to her unleashing.

“Trust me,” Vanessa said and that was all she needed to say.  Ashley trusted no one more than Vanessa and even being tantalizingly close to the heights of ecstasy didn’t change that.

Getting off all fours, Ashley repositioned herself on her back and yelped when Vanessa immediately grabbed her legs and yanked her right to the edge of the bed.  This allowed the dildo still shoved up her ass to hang off the side with her legs and Vanessa took full advantage.  She got on her knees in front of the bed and began thrusting the toy up into Ashley’s ass, fucking her once again and bringing her right back to the precipice of orgasm.


But that wasn’t all she did.  While working the toy into Ashley, Vanessa turned wickedly to Aly and said what she wanted.

“Lick her with me,” Vanessa said.  “Let’s really make her come.”

Without waiting for any kind of response, Vanessa plunged her tongue into Ashley.  She had her best friend right where she wanted her now, on her back so she could fuck her asshole with the toy and work her tongue over her pussy.  Ashley was so juicy for her by now and Vanessa was greeted with the sweet taste of her friend’s cunt all over her lips and tongue, getting them soaked almost as soon as she got her mouth on her.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWD YESSSSSSSSSSSS LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!” Ashley screamed when Vanessa’s mouth worked her over while the toy filled her ass up.  She bucked in bliss and felt herself about to explode, her tits jiggling as she reflexively rubbed herself into Vanessa and when Aly took the brunette’s advice and got involve, the explosion finally happened.

Vanessa was running her tongue over Ashley’s clitoris as one hand caressed her thigh and the other pumped the toy into her ass. And things only got better when Aly dove in to join the fun.  Aly instinctively pressed her mouth to Ashley’s pussy lips and started sucking.

Having all of this take place at once was all too much for Ashley and before she could even begin to realize it, it was happening.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD!” Ashley screamed as pleasure she had never felt before rushed through her.

It was the most intense feeling of her life to be fucked like this.  She had never felt an orgasm like this before and she couldn’t believe her eyes as cum literally shot out of her pussy like a wave over Aly and Vanessa’s very surprised faces.

To the shock of all three of them, Ashley squirted her orgasm onto her friends, her blasts of girl cum showering over them as she screamed on the bed and flailed wildly in absolutely wild bliss.  She had no control over herself and her pussy was proof of that as Vanessa and Aly were left in giggling shock over what had just happened.

“Holy shit!” Vanessa laughed as she felt her friend’s orgasm dripping off her face and getting caught in her hair.  “Ash?  You’re a squirter?”

Ashley was too short of breath to immediately respond.  But after a few moments of heavy breathing, she was able to spit out some words.

“Ummmm…I guess…” Ashley replied, a little embarrassed over it even as she had to admit it was really pretty hot to see her pretty friends’ faces all wet with her girly cum.  “I mean…I never…not like that…it….God!  That never happened to me before!  Ever!”

“I guess that means you liked what we did to you then,” Aly marveled, smiling over how hard Ashley had come while feeling the gooey cream drip down her face onto her big tits.

“Uh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Ashley dreamily replied, her whole body tingling from the intensity.  She could still feel the dildo pushed up her ass and she was in no hurry to take it out.  “Oooooh you have no idea how much I loved that…”

“Uhhhh yeah, we kinda do,” Vanessa affectionately teased.  “It’s all over my face.  And my hair…wow Ash. I’ve never seen anyone come like that.  I had no idea you could fucking squirt!”

“Neither did I,” Ashley shyly replied.

As good as she felt, Ashley was still a little embarrassed over how hard she’d come.  She’d never squirted before.  She’d never even believed something like that could really happen.  But Vanessa and Aly had made her feel so amazing and she’d lost total control of her own body.  She just hoped her friends didn’t think she was gross for it.

Fortunately there was no fear of that.  Vanessa giggled over the girl cum that had soaked her and Aly and let her tongue dart out to lick it off her lips.

“Mmmmm it tastes good,” Vanessa moaned.  “Naughty, naughty Ashley.  Mmmmm squirting all over us like you’re some kind of porn star.  I wish I could come like that too.  It was so hot to see you get off so hard.  And I like the taste too…”

Vanessa began running her fingers over her face to get the cum that had coated it but Ashley stopped her before it was all gone.

“Oooooh lemme taste,” Ashley moaned, her naked body flushed from her orgasm.  “Let me taste my naughty cum all over you two.”

“Gladly,” Vanessa said, pressing herself down on top of her best friend, their naked bodies rubbing together as they passionately kissed and shared the taste of Ashley’s intense orgasm.  And when the kiss broke, it was only so Vanessa could yank Aly over and give her a hot kiss so she could taste it off her face and then kiss it into Ashley’s mouth.

Eventually the girls all ended up in a three-way kiss, their sweaty, cummy bodies rubbing together on the bed as they made out and touched and Ashley began running her tongue over Vanessa and Aly’s face and tits to lick off all of her squirted out cum, loving the taste of her own naughtiness.

“But that’s not all you promised to taste,” Vanessa said wickedly as she finally eased the dildo out of Ashley’s tight asshole.  “If you come that hard all the time from it, I’m definitely going to have to fuck your ass more often baby.”

“Oooooh yesssssss!  Definitely!” Ashley enthusiastically agreed.  “And I want to fuck your ass too V!  Mmmm you and Aly!  I want to see if I can make you girls squirt like you made me do!”

That sounded like a very fun challenge to all three of them and they loved the idea, sealing it with a kiss.  But before they got to that, Vanessa couldn’t help but run her tongue over the cock-shaped head of her peach-colored dildo to taste Ashley’s fresh fucked ass on it, moaning as she did.   Instead of tasting more though, as much as she wanted to, Vanessa instead pressed the head to Ashley’s lips.

“Open wide naughty girl,” Vanessa giggled.  “Taste your own ass!”

“Fuckkkk yeahhhh!” Ashley groaned, still floating from her own orgasm as she opened her mouth and let Vanessa slide the toy in.

She knew this was nasty and she loved it.  She was tasting her own ass right after it got fucked and she loved it!  She felt like such a raunchy slut right then and all she wanted to do was start finger fucking herself as the dildo filled her mouth.

Aly groaned as she started to watch Ashley suck the toy like it was a real cock, savoring the taste of her great ass all over it.  She wanted that taste too and she was confident she was going to get it.  She wanted to do everything with these sexy girls and she knew she would.

Suddenly losing her bags wasn’t such a calamity after all.  The worst day of her life had turned into one of the best.


“You sure this is the place?” Eliza Dushku frowned a little, expecting something far more different than what she was seeing after all the hype Christina and Britney had given this.

The building they arrived at seemed very non-descript, especially for a place that Christina and Britney had insisted was heaven on Earth.  But the singers knew what their friends did not, that behind the walls of what could have been any plain old building lay a world of erotic delight.

“Just wait until we get inside,” Christina insisted.  “It’s going to blow you away.  The outside is plain because Akane doesn’t like to attract a lot of attention.  She keeps her business low key.  She likes things exclusive so it’s all quiet on the outside, but inside it’s anything but.”

Christina and Britney shared a knowing laugh that had their friends eager to find out what the duo had in store for them while at the same time forcing those girls that were new to all this to once again wonder what it was that they had gotten themselves into.

“I just wish we’d been able to get more of the girls to go,” Britney said with regret.  “They’re going to be kicking themselves for missing this.”

Sarah had been far too distracted with Alyson’s arrival to want to leave and Rose and Alyssa hadn’t come back with Hayden from their shopping trip. Plus Love was God knows where, so the group they had gotten to go with them was a little smaller than she hoped, but it was still pretty impressive.  Not only were Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka with them, but Kirsten and Eliza were too, much to Britney’s delight, and they had convinced Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester to come along as well. And the pop stars couldn’t wait to get those sexy pieces of delicious fresh meat out of their clothes and into their fun.

“Let’s get inside,” Christina said, leading the large group.  “Time’s a wasting.”

And just as Christina had promised, the plain exterior of the building was but an effective mask for what was really going on there.  They walked inside and found themselves looking at all the trappings of what a very exclusive, luxurious spa.  Nightmare visions of some sleazy massage parlor instantly disappeared as everything appeared professional, above board and, most of all, very lush and dreamy.

That got a little sigh of relief from Blake, Leighton and Taylor as they had all wondered to themselves where Christina was leading them.  This looked totally legit and a beautiful Japanese woman came right over from behind the counter to greet them.  She was obviously the boss.  She carried an attitude of authority around her that was instantly recognizable.  She was an older woman, probably late 40’s, but stunning in her beauty and Taylor found herself thinking that if this woman was making use of whatever techniques and products there were at this place, then they were obviously working.  She was gorgeous!

“Ahhh Miss Aguilera, it is always good to see you and Miss Spears,” Akane said as she kissed both blonde singers right on the lips.  That surprised Blake and Leighton a little, but it was just a peck and didn’t seem to be anything else than just an overly friendly gesture between women.

“There was no way we could be in town and not get over here,” Britney smiled, so eager to get herself spoiled by Akane and her staff’s special techniques for relaxation and beautification.

“And you brought so many guests with you I see,” Akane said, noting the large group of girls that were with them.

“That’s not a problem, is it?” Christina asked.

“Certainly not Miss Aguilera,” Akane replied.  “I have cleared off all other appointments for the day so that you and your friends can have the staff’s full attention.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Christina grinned, looking forward to having all the focus on her and her friends, where it belonged.

“Now please, come this way everyone,” Akane said, leading everyone past the front desk, punching in the code to the security door that led to where things were much more private and away from anyone’s prying eyes.  “I will show you where you can leave your clothes.”

Christina and Britney treated all this like it was completely normal, so everyone just followed them.  They seemed to know what they were doing and since they were just along for the ride, the group followed the singers and Akane like they were the shepherds to their flock.  They walked down a corridor deeper into the place and soon found themselves facing a bamboo door, which Akane slid open to lead everyone inside.

“Right in here,” Akane said as she led the group toward a narrow area where a series of wooden cubbyholes were placed against the wall.  “You may undress in here and I assure you your valuables will be completely safe.  I shall lock the door after you leave and make sure no one comes inside.”

“Sounds great,” Christina replied, her face and voice both betraying her eagerness to get started.  “We’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“Very well Miss Aguilera,” Akane said before exiting the room in a graceful motion that made it seem as though she was almost gliding.

Since none of them had been here before except for Christina and Britney, that left the majority of the group unsure about what to do next, but Christina gave them a very big clue when she pulled her top over her head and revealed that of all the things she had done that day, putting on underwear hadn’t been one of them.

“Wait…wait…we’ve gotta get naked?  Here?” Taylor asked, nearly swallowing her tongue at the sight of Christina casually getting topless in front of them all.

“Well duh of course you do,” Christina laughed, undoing her skirt and leaving herself completely naked in front of everyone as she stepped out of her shoes. “Haven’t you ever been to a spa before Taylor?  You can’t get pampered if you’re wearing a sweater.  Take it off girl.”

“Yeahhhh I’ve been to a spa before…just not one like this where it’s so…you know open…” Taylor explained as she watched the other girls around her start to get undressed too.  “I mean usually it’s like this private area and they give you a robe and all that.”

“Oh there are no robes here,” Britney giggled as she undid the buttons to her sundress and slid it off her shoulders as Taylor blushed over the revelation that, like Christina, Britney wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  “That’s the best part of this place.  It’s like all naked, all the time.  Don’t be shy Taylor.  It’s awesome.  You feel so free in there without any clothes on, like you’re some water nymph.  After a few minutes you totally get used to it and you forget you’re even naked.  It’s sooooo relaxing.  You won’t miss your clothes at all.”

“I guess…” Taylor replied, still unconvinced but not wanting to be a killjoy, especially as she saw the other girls around her getting naked.  Christina and Britney certainly had the reputations of being eager to get naked, but girls like Jennifer and Kirsten didn’t and seeing them begin to undress made Taylor wonder if she was just making something out of nothing.

“Besides, it’s just going to be us girls in there, right Christina?” Jewel asked, her growing devilish side wanting to see Taylor naked badly.  She knew that Christina hadn’t brought them some place where some sweaty guy was going to get his hands all over them.  “So no one’s going to see anything they don’t have themselves.”

“Definitely,” Christina said emphatically, giving her friends a knowing smile she was sure the newbies wouldn’t pick up on until it was too late and they were already too deep into the fun to be able to stop.  “No boys allowed.  This is an all-girl establishment.”

Those in the group that had seen Christina’s naughty side up close and personal certainly knew what that meant and they loved it.

“See Taylor, there’s nothing to be shy about,” Jewel said, hoping that the girl’s obvious reluctance wouldn’t prevent her from showing off the young body she had always kept hidden so effectively.  “It’s just going to be girls in there with you.  No one’s even going to be looking.”

Jennifer had to restrain herself from laughing over Jewel’s obvious lie, but she managed to keep quiet.  Instead Jennifer shot Eliza a wink as she saw the girl was having the same trouble keeping from at least snorting over the remark.  Of course they were all going to be staring.  The challenge they all knew was whether they were going to be able to keep themselves from drooling at the sight of all the naked girls they were about to see.

They were all eager for the flesh show, especially from the girls that they had never seen like this before.  And while Taylor was showing some obvious resistance to the spa’s rules, Kirsten was making sure that Blake and Leighton didn’t have any similar feelings.

“What about you two?” Kirsten asked, pulling her top over her head and folding it neatly inside a cubbyhole. “You’re not going to get shy, too. Are you?”

“What?  Us?  No…we’re definitely not shy,” Leighton replied after snapping herself out of the trance she had put herself in as she had tried not to get too caught up in the idea that she was looking at Kirsten Dunst in her bra and end up blatantly staring at her.

“So c’mon then,” Kirsten said as she reached around back for her bra clasp and snapped it open, shrugging it off her shoulders and leaving herself topless before she went to push down her jeans.  “It’ll be weird if they try massaging you through your clothes.  I don’t think you’d get much out of that.”

“Yeah…I guess so…” Blake replied as she tried to figure out how exactly she had gotten into this situation.

When she had woken up that morning the last thing she had really expected was to be getting naked with a bunch of other famous girls and she could see that Leighton was having the same thoughts she was.

“Do you really want to go through with this?” Blake whispered to her friend.  “If you want to just bolt then I’ve got your back.  I’ll bolt with you.  We can get out if here if you want.”

“No, it’s okay,” Leighton said in a whisper back.  “It’s just weird.  But it’ll be fun…at least I think it will.  I love spas.  And I could definitely use a pampering, but I mean if you want to bolt, I will too!  We don’t have to stay if you don’t want to.”

The former co-stars were giving each other the chance to be the one to put the brakes on all of this and they looked to each other like they both wanted the other to be the one to say this was a little too much and that they should leave.  This whole situation felt weird and they had both picked up on that.  But neither of them was grabbing that chance and the more they stood there doing nothing, the more they knew their window to escape was quickly closing.

“No, I want to stay,” Blake said, her eyes darting around as she saw Jennifer and Eliza and Jewel all undressing, her mind unable to keep from noticing just how great Jennifer’s ass looked in the thong she was wearing and how sexy Jewel and Eliza’s breasts looked as they were bared by them removing their bras. “I mean it’s just us girls, right?  It’s not like any guy’s gonna see anything.  And everyone else is getting naked, so we should too.  When in Rome right?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Leighton agreed, her voice still a whisper but a more excited one as the idea of getting naked made her pulse race a little.  “When in Rome…”

And with that idea in mind, Leighton and Blake began getting undressed, following suit with the other girls around them.  Everyone else, save for Taylor, had a head start, but the gossip girls quickly tried to catch up. As Leighton began unbuttoning her shirt, Blake tried to undo the zipper in back of her dress, but quickly found that she couldn’t quite reach it easily and had to awkwardly grab at it.

“Let me help you,” Christina said as a wicked smile, which Blake couldn’t see but could definitely feel, crossed her face.  “After all, we girls need to help each other out whenever we can, don’t we?”

“Yeah…I guess we do…” Blake replied hesitantly, wondering if this was really all headed in a direction that she suspected it might be or if she was imagining it all and this really was just a spa and nothing more.

Christina unzipped her dress part of the way down, but before she could get any further, Blake stopped her.

“I can get it the rest of the way, thanks,” Blake said, happy at least for the distraction since it gave her something to do besides stare at Leighton as she removed her shirt and placed it in her cubbyhole, revealing a fancy, lacey cream-colored bra underneath.  But if she found it hard not to stare at her friend and co-star when she bared her bra, it was downright impossible not to gawk at Leighton when she wiggled out of her skirt and exposed her panties.

It wasn’t the first time Blake had seen Leighton undress, but it was the first time it was in such a charged atmosphere.  And whether it was really her imagination that was making her feel this way or not, that didn’t change the fact that Blake was picking up a seriously sexual vibe in the air and that just made the sight of her friend in her underwear more exciting than ever.  Fortunately Blake managed to divert her own gaze before Leighton caught her looking.

However for Blake, diverting her gaze just sent her line of sight right into a group of naked girls.  And even though she had seen them starting to strip, suddenly finding herself looking right at Jennifer, Christina, Eliza, Jewel, Kirsten, Q’Orianka and Britney without a thing on their beautiful bodies nearly made Blake’s jaw drop to the floor.

“Hurry up slowpokes,” Britney playfully fully teased, a sexy smile capping her bare body, her famous breasts and more exposed without inhibition to an audience unaccustomed to such a display.  “Get those clothes off!  They’re not gonna wait for us forever, you know.”

“Sorry, just a second,” Leighton said, turning around and finding her tongue caught by the same stunning sight that had similarly captivated her friend.

She’d seen naked women before, but that certainly couldn’t compare to the vision of the seven bare, beautiful women she found herself gawking at now.  These were women, both famously and infamously, who had graced magazine covers and were known around the world and now she was looking at them without a stitch on.  Leighton had never expected to ever see their famous bodies so up close and personal and she couldn’t believe they were so casual about their nudity.

Leighton wished she was that relaxed and was so uninhibited that she could just walk around naked like all these women were.  It was just nudity, right?  It wasn’t anything to get too worked up about, especially since they really were only around other girls.

Leighton tried to tell herself that this was no big deal and that getting naked in a spa was completely normal and nothing to spend too much time worrying about, but it was hard not to look at these women and imagine just what their male fans would do to get even a brief glimpse of the sight she was getting a full-on gawk at.

Everyone’s bodies were so amazing.  Their naked breasts all looked so beautiful, their legs long and smooth and their stomachs so toned and tight.  And, even though the realization embarrassed her and caused her to blush, Leighton couldn’t help but notice that most of the girls had shaved themselves completely bare down below.

Leighton didn’t have to be told that she and Blake were no slouches in the body department.  In fact she knew full well just how sexy they both were, but this was still very elite company they were getting naked in.

And thinking that snapped Leighton out of the daze the sight of these naked women had put her in.  She was obviously staring now and her cheeks burned again when she saw Kirsten whisper to Eliza and the brunette laugh softly in response.  She wondered if they had seen her staring and she once again wondered about them.  They seemed so comfortable, like they were really used to being naked in front of each other.  They just looked so intimate, even holding hands as everyone stood around waiting.

Were they lovers?  She definitely got the vibe that they were and it made Leighton wonder once again what she was getting herself into.

But mostly Leighton concentrated on getting herself naked.  She didn’t want to hold everyone up any longer than necessary and she felt that since they had already come this far, it would have been too awkward to suddenly back out now.  Besides, with Blake getting her dress off and putting it inside her cubbyhole, Leighton didn’t want to leave her friend hanging by not getting the rest of her clothes off too. So, just as Blake was reaching for her bra, Leighton did the same, unclasping it so it could be easily pulled off and leaving the two of them topless.

Both Blake and Leighton got the sense that they were the ones being stared at now by the rest of the girls as they got undressed.  It wasn’t like they were being judged or anything like that…it was a completely different feeling.  It was more like the other girls were eagerly anticipating the baring of their bodies and while that felt weird to Leighton she had to admit she also got a surge of excitement from the idea that these gorgeous women would be interested in seeing her naked.

She had to stifle a little bit of an excited smile as she hung up her bra and stepped out of her shoes before getting her panties down.  Turning her head a little bit as she pushed her underwear into the cubbyhole with her dress, Leighton could see Blake bending over slightly and leaning against the cubbyholes as she pushed her panties down her legs and she found herself staring at the sight of her friend’s bare ass.  It wasn’t the first time she had seen the blonde’s tight, toned cheeks or the first time she’d envied the shape and firmness of her ass, but more than ever, Leighton had to remind herself not to be too obvious that she liked what she saw.

Of course that was a restraint that only a few of the other girls placed on themselves.  The sense that Blake and Leighton had gotten had been accurate.  They were being stared at and the girls definitely enjoyed the view of the two beauties getting nude for them.  Naturally Christina and Britney were the most obvious in their gawking, but the others weren’t far behind.  For her part, Jennifer found herself drinking in the sight of the sexy, young bodies being exposed to her so much that Jewel playfully tickled her and whispered in her ear, “Don’t burn a hole in them from staring.”

It was Jennifer’s turn to blush at being so obvious, but her housemate had been right.  She was looking at them and loving the sight of their firm bare breasts, long, slim legs and tight asses as they turned around and put their clothes away, unwittingly giving everyone a full show of their bodies.

They both looked so good and Jennifer knew all her friends felt the same way about Leighton and Blake.  She just wondered if what she hoped was going to happen with these girls would.  Knowing Christina like she did, Jennifer was confident that this was no ordinary spa, but she wasn’t about to just assume something would happen before it actually did.

Another girl who was blatantly staring was Q’Orianka. She’d been mostly silent throughout their time here at the spa, content to just follow her cousin and do as she did, but while her mouth had remained quiet, inside she was bubbling with excitement.  She’d been to spas before and had never been shy in them.  It had never been a big deal for her to get naked like this before, but this was like no spa she had ever been to.

Even though Christina hadn’t exactly said what was going on here, Q’Orianka easily sensed that this was far from the kind of spas she usually went to where it was all about physical and spiritual nourishment. This place had such a different, far naughtier vibe and she liked it.  After everything she had experienced since arriving at the mansion, Q’Orianka was not only eager to find out for herself what this place was all about, but for girls like Blake and Leighton to find out with her.

The two stars looked so beautiful as their naked bodies were revealed and Q’Orianka found herself lusting after them badly.  She wanted to kiss and caress all over Blake and Leighton’s soft, smooth bare skin and show them the same pleasure she now couldn’t get enough of.  As she stood there and eyed the beautiful women, Q’Orianka felt her nipples got hard at the idea of not only showing Blake and Leighton how much she liked girls, but making them crave the intense ecstasy of girl sex too.

But before any of them could get to that, the fact remained there was still one girl there that had all her clothes on and that was something that had to change.

“Now you Taylor,” Jewel urged, hoping that she wasn’t being too obvious in her lust for the girl but also not being too worried if she was.  “Don’t be shy.  Just get those clothes off.  Relax sweetie.  It’s just skin.”

“Isn’t there a towel or something I could put on?” Taylor asked, shyly, knowing she was being silly about this, but still feeling a little uncomfortable about the idea of being naked around women she barely knew and wanting to cling to the security of clothing.

It wasn’t like she was against nudity or anything.  She’d been naked for massages and stuff lots of times and she’d gone skinny dipping back home, both alone and with friends.  Plus it wasn’t like she was some kind of totally pure girl when it came to being naked with boys.

But those were totally different circumstances.  In those times she was naked either with people she completely trusted or professionals she knew were just there to rub down her body, not gawk at her.

This time wasn’t like the others.  She didn’t really know any of these girls she was with and though she badly wanted to be friends with all of them, it was a totally a quick jump from meeting someone to getting naked with them.

Plus Taylor had picked up on the same vibes that the others had.  She wasn’t quite sure what to make of this place, but it definitely felt like a sexy atmosphere.  There was a naughty aura in the air and Taylor didn’t know how to react to it.  She didn’t mean to be so shy, but there was a nagging voice in her head, she guessed it was her Jiminy Cricket kind of conscience, telling her that getting her clothes off here and showing off her body would be a mistake.

“No towels,” Christina insisted. “Just naked girls.  C’mon Taylor.  Just do it. I know you want to.  Don’t be shy.  You’ve got a great body.  Don’t be afraid to show it off a little.  You know we won’t be staring.”

That was another bald-faced lie, but certainly none of her friends called her on it.  They were all as interested in getting Taylor naked as Christina was.

“Well…okay…” Taylor said, not quite sure why she was agreeing to this, but feeling a little shiver up her spine when she did.  She didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s fun with her insecurities so she tried to shove them aside and relax.  “But ummm…can you guys turn around please?”

“We’re going to see you naked anyway in just a second,” Eliza pointed out, finding the singer’s innocence to be very cute, but also getting impatient for them to find out what this place was all about.  Being naked with Kirsten and all these gorgeous girls was starting to work her up and she was eager to get herself pampered and hopefully more.

“Yeah, but you’re all gonna be staring at me now,” Taylor correctly perceived, nothing that she was the only one there who was still wearing clothes and that naturally everyone was going to look at her as she changed that.

“Okay, we won’t peek,” Jennifer said, not wanting to make Taylor uncomfortable even as she was disappointed she wouldn’t be getting a chance to really see the first unveiling of a body she was aching to see in the nude.  “We’ll turn around.”

Jennifer wanted to put Taylor at ease.  To her that was what was most important at the moment, much more so than gawking at the girl as she undressed.  The pervy side of herself wanted that badly, but the kind, nurturing side that all her housemates had come to know and love won out. And while Christina had a visibly disappointed look on her face that she wouldn’t be able to gawk at Taylor as she stripped, everyone knew Jennifer was using the right tactic.

They all turned around and Taylor had to keep herself from gasping when she realized what that meant.  Leighton and Blake had gone to join the rest of the girls when they had finished getting their clothes off and that meant Taylor now found herself staring at nine bare butts almost in a row, the girls’ tight, toned cheeks nearly pressed together in a sight that made her nervous that she couldn’t possibly measure up to sexy women like this.

Taylor knew she was pretty…even beautiful.  She wasn’t blind, after all. But being sexy was something completely different and Taylor had always been a little uncomfortable when it came to things like that.

Taylor felt like she was always trying to catch up to the sexier girls that were out there and that while she might be older on the outside, she was younger than her years on Earth on the inside.  She worried sometimes that she didn’t know how to be sexy and wasn’t even sure she wanted to be.  She was comfortable with who she was, except when it came to seeing girls confident enough to flaunt themselves without any shyness. To be suddenly staring at nine perfect, naked asses was a dramatic reminder of that.

It was almost as though seeing these girls from behind made them seem even more naked to Taylor than it would be to see their boobs and other areas of their body.  These girls were all so beautiful and knowing she was going to be naked with them made her nervous.  How could she compete with gorgeous, sexy women like Jennifer Aniston or Christina Aguilera?  Taylor felt like a gawky, undeveloped kid next to them and their perfect asses and amazing, perky breasts.

But on the other hand, Taylor also felt like she was being silly.  After all, this was just a spa wasn’t it?  It wasn’t like one she had ever been to before, but it was still a spa.  And there weren’t going to be any pervy boys staring at her body here.  It was just going to be girls and Taylor told that to herself over and over again in an effort to relax.

She shouldn’t be shy, she told herself.  She should be confident and not afraid to experience new things, even if they were a little naughty and new to her. She didn’t want to be a stick in the mud and ruin everyone’s good time by being a prude when she didn’t need to be.  She reminded herself that she had been the one who had wanted to come along, so if this was a little more than she had expected, then she only had herself to blame and it wasn’t fair to everyone else to hold them up from having fun and relaxing.

Taylor kept telling herself that and soon enough it had the desired effect.  She began to relax enough that she felt like she could go for it.  So, acting quickly before she chickened out, Taylor began to undress.  She reached around herself to begin to undo the back of her yellow sundress and once she had loosened it up enough she pushed the shoulder straps of her dress off and let it fall to the floor.

Taylor did this with such focus on getting it done as quickly as possible, like ripping a Band-Aid off, that she didn’t notice that she was being sneakily looked at.  Her head was tilted downward as she stepped out of her dress and began pulling her boots off.  The tight fit of her boots forced her to have to jump up and down a few times to get out of them and she couldn’t see that Christina and Britney were both looking at her and giggling softly as Taylor hopped around in her bra and panties trying to get her boots off.

The two singers still had their backs facing Taylor, but their heads were turned around and they could see everything.  They both quite enjoyed the sight of Taylor awkwardly stripping herself and Christina couldn’t resist asking if she needed a hand.

“No, I’m fine…thanks,” Taylor replied as she ended up leaning against the cubbyholes for balance, allowing her to finish yanking her boots off.

Britney and Christina both turned their heads away before Taylor could look up and discover them staring, but when the coast was clear they turned them around again sneakily just as the blonde girl was reaching around her back for her bra clasp.  And this time they weren’t alone.  Kirsten and Eliza also couldn’t stop themselves from sneaking a peek and that got Jennifer and Jewel doing it too.

But Leighton and Blake didn’t look. Not because they weren’t curious about what Taylor Swift looked like naked, but because they kind of were and they didn’t want anyone else to know they felt that way.  Q’Orianka also managed to control herself to respect Taylor’s privacy, but as much as she told herself not to do it, Jennifer’s naughty side took control and she sneaked a peek too just as Taylor pulled her bra off and bared her breasts.

Jennifer had to keep herself from moaning at the sight of the girl’s naked tits, her firm mounds so perky and fresh and capped off by the cutest little pink nipples she’d ever seen.  Taylor was absolutely adorably sexy and a small sound of pleasure actually escaped Jennifer’s mouth from being able to see her topless.  Fortunately, all the heads that had been staring turned around right before Taylor, having heard the moan, looked up to see if something was going on.

When she looked and saw nothing but the bare butts she expected to be staring at, Taylor continued getting naked, this time with a tiny tingle of excitement inside her.  She had to admit it felt a bit liberating to have her boobs exposed like all these other girls. It actually made her feel a little sexy to be doing this and she liked that.

But she was still feeling a little shy and not confident enough to really go body to body with these gorgeous women.  Fortunately for her she saw something hanging next to the cubbyholes that would help her out enormously and she grabbed it with one hand while pushing down her panties with the other.

After almost being discovered by Jennifer’s errant moan, no one dared turn their heads again to look at Taylor undressing for fear that being caught would make the girl want to back out of this completely.  They kept their stares away until Taylor finally gave them the all-clear signal.

“Okay, you can turn around now,” Taylor said.  “Thanks again for doing that.”

“Oh it was no biggie,” Britney said before turning around and seeing what she saw.  “Awwwwwwwwww c’monnnnn Taylor!”

“What? I’m naked!  I’m just not ready to show everything yet,” Taylor explained away as everyone looked at her clutching a towel that covered from her chest to below enough the waist so that her naughty parts weren’t exposed.

It was a lame excuse and Taylor knew it.  She felt bad she was acting so shy, but she couldn’t help it.  She didn’t want everyone to think she was some stuck up prude, but she was still insecure about being naked in front of everyone.  So when she’d seen the towel just hanging there she had grabbed it without a second thought.

“Fine, whatever,” Christina said, a little annoyed at Taylor’s continued reluctance, but not wanting to make a big deal about it when the girl was going to have to drop the towel anyway in a few minutes.  “Let’s just get in there.”

Christina led the rest of her nearly naked crew outside of the changing area and toward the main part of the spa.  Charging forward, she missed the show, but the others who lagged behind a little got to see that while Taylor’s towel covered up her breasts and crotch, it wasn’t long enough to wrap around her completely.

Taylor had the towel wrapped tightly around her body and was clinging to it from behind with her hand to try and keep it closed, but it wasn’t enough to keep the cheeks of her bare ass from being tantalizingly revealed, something Kirsten and Eliza delighted in noticing as they walked behind Taylor, but didn’t dare say for fear it would cause the sexy young singer to try and cover up more.

So while holding onto their tongues, Eliza and Kirsten drank in the teasing glimpse they got of Taylor’s impossibly firm ass right along with Jewel as the busty singer found herself dreaming of seeing so much more of the girl.  They followed Taylor inside along with everyone else to a smaller room.  There was a table set up in the middle of it and 12 teacups set up and a cart with several steaming kettles on it.

“Ahhhh there you are,” Akane said.  “I was wondering what was taking so long.”

“We had a little reluctance, but we’re all good now…at least soon we will be,” Christina said and when Akane noticed that Taylor still had a towel clutched to her body she immediately noted her disapproval.

“Oh no no no…Miss Swift you must remove that towel,” Akane declared.

“I have to?  Here?  In front of everyone?” Taylor asked, chagrined.

“Oh yes please, it is very important,” Akane insisted.  “You must be without clothing and without inhibition for the treatment to work.  Only when you free your body, can you open up your mind.  So please, remove your towel Miss Swift.”

Taylor didn’t want to argue, especially when she felt the spa’s owner was right.  She was being silly about this.  She didn’t know why she was so scared of her own nudity.  After all it wasn’t like she would be the only one without anything on and making such a big deal about this was only going to make people stare at her more.  That was the last thing she wanted so she gave in and dropped the towel, letting it fall around her feet.

At first Taylor reflexively crossed her arms over her breasts and between her legs, but Akane didn’t approve of that either.

“Please Miss Swift, do not hide yourself,” Akane urged.  “You must not restrain yourself with modesty.  Do not be afraid.  You must be open and unafraid of what is offered. Let what is natural happen.”

Not wanting to fight, Taylor did as the Japanese woman instructed and blushed as she removed her arms and finally exposed herself fully to everyone.  She was instantly relieved when she darted her eyes around and saw that no one was making a big deal of staring.  That made her a little more comfortable and she soon found herself distracted from her own nudity when she was handed a cup.

Several other Japanese women joined them and Akane quickly introduced them to those who didn’t know they were part of her staff.  She introduced everyone to Haruka, Kana and Mizuki.  They were all clad in traditional Japanese robes, just like Akane was and it was easy to notice just how beautiful they were as they moved around the room handing out tea cups to everyone and then pouring into them from kettles.

“Here, drink this tea,” Akane instructed as Haruka filled the singer’s cup with the hot liquid from one of the kettles.  “It will help relax you.”

“What’s in this?” Leighton asked as Kana filled her cup.  She figured she was in safe company, but was naturally very wary about drinking something she wasn’t familiar with. That was how you got into trouble.

“It is organic green tea, my own recipe,” Akane said, filling her own cup and taking a sip as if sensing why Leighton was reluctant.  “It is very good and will help you relax.”

Leighton figured they could all use a little relaxing to help get over the being naked part of this spa experience so once Akane drank it she decided there was no reason for her not to too.  She liked green tea a lot and it smelled great.  Bringing the cup up to her face, she breathed in the tea’s aroma and found it quite soothing.  And if it smelled that good, she definitely wanted to taste it.  Leighton took a sip of the hot tea and immediately smiled.  It was delicious and Akane was right, the blend definitely felt relaxing.

Seeing Leighton enjoy the tea made Blake follow suit as soon as Kana poured into her cup.  If Leighton liked it, Blake knew she would to and when she sipped the hot tea she happily had a similar reaction.  She loved the taste of it and felt herself start to relax.  She didn’t know if it was the power of suggestion or if the tea was simply really, really good, but Blake definitely was feeling less tense as she began to drink more of it.

Kana, Haruka and Mizuki darted around the room filling everyone’s cups up and making sure everyone had their tea.  Akane joined them in drinking and soon everyone was sipping the organic green tea and relaxing.  The blend was very effective, just as Akane had brewed it to be, and soon everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves in a much more relaxed way.

Even Taylor was feeling a lot better about things and couldn’t stop a smile from crossing her lips as she drank the delicious tea.  It was so soothing and made her feel warm and relaxed while allowing her to become more comfortable with the fact that she was standing there completely naked.  She’d had green tea at a lot of places, both hot and iced, but she’d never had it this good before and she reminded herself to ask Akane about the recipe before she left.

The tea was relaxing Taylor so much that she didn’t even notice as the other girls became more blatant in staring at her body.  Jennifer in particular was getting bolder about looking Taylor over.  She had one of the firmest asses Jennifer had ever seen and she couldn’t tell if it was the relaxing effects of the tea or her own horny libido, but she badly wanted to go right up to the singer and feel it for herself while planting a kiss right on Taylor’s lips.

And Jennifer wasn’t just staring at Taylor’s ass.  She also moved over slightly so she could get a sneaky look at the girl’s frontal nudity and she very much liked what she saw.

Taylor’s little breasts looked even sexier now that she had a better look at them and Jennifer’s eyes naturally dropped to between Taylor’s legs where there was a patch of dirty blonde fur that led right to where Jennifer most wanted to be.  Taylor’s bush was a little bigger than the girls they usually saw, but it was hardly out of control and Jennifer reasoned that compared to all the bald beavers around the mansion, any bush at all would seem notable to her.

But Jennifer was most focused on picturing Taylor’s young slit.  She couldn’t see it well from where she stood, but she was dying for a better look at the young woman’s pussy.  She wondered if Taylor had ever been with a girl before and she hoped that she hadn’t because she wanted to be the first one to taste that surely sweet pussy and make her come from a woman’s naughty touch.

Jennifer didn’t know why her brain was suddenly thinking so dirty, but she didn’t mind it.  In fact she liked the naughty thoughts she was having, not just about Taylor but about Blake and Leighton as well.

Those girls both looked so good.  Their bodies were beautifully naked and Jennifer wanted to lick them both all the way up from their toes right to their gorgeous faces.  The gossip girls both had their bushes shaved down to the nearly non-existent variety more commonly seen around the mansion.  In fact Jennifer couldn’t tell if Blake had any hair at all over her pussy and she badly wanted to kneel in front of the sexy blonde to get a better look…and a taste.

Sipping more of her tea, Jennifer could feel herself getting damp from her own dirty thoughts and loving it.  She found herself dreaming of skipping the spa treatment entirely and instead having a mansion-style orgy right there so she could give Taylor’s young pussy its first feel of a woman’s tongue as Blake and Leighton put on a show for everyone by kissing and touching each other’s bare bodies everywhere at the same time Kirsten, Eliza, Britney, Christina, Jewel and Q’Orianka got the kimonos off their sexy Japanese hostesses and got into a pile of naked girls where everyone was kissing and touching and licking and fingering and making everyone there feel incredible.

It was a lovely vision in Jennifer’s head to think so naughtily and she just regretted the rest of her housemates were missing it.  She had no idea what Sarah, Love, Alyssa, Rose, Jessica and Stacy were up to, but she knew there was no way it was as good as this.  At least Jewel and Q’Orianka were here to share this with her.

Everyone continued to slowly drink their hot tea, loving the feel of it inside them. No one felt the need to say anything.  They just stood there completely nude, drinking the tea and feeling their bodies and spirits relax.  And when all the cups were empty, Akane went over and opened the bamboo doors leading to the steam filled room next to them.

“Now it is time for you to bathe in the hot springs,” Akane explained.  “Please enter and you will be washed.”

“Yes!” Christina eagerly declared.  “C’mon girls.  This part is fucking amazing!  You’re going to love it!”

And with Christina’s enthusiastic endorsement, setting the tone, everyone walked through the doors and into the spa’s hot springs.  The room was hot and steamy and the water freely flowed over the rocks from a waterfall into a large pool that was plenty roomy for all of them.  Everyone else hesitated a little, not quite ready to go right into this, but Britney and Christina didn’t wait and walked nakedly into the water.

“C’mon everyone,” Britney urged.  “The water is so warm.  It’s totally relaxing.  Chrissy’s right.  You’re so going to love this.  It’ll be like the best bath you ever took.”

Britney and Christina shared a mischievous look with each other knowing just what was in store for everyone and eager to see the faces of their friends and guests when they found out just what a special spa this place was.  The two nude singers clasped hands and walked into the bubbling, steamy water together, their softly swaying bare asses providing plenty of enticement to the others as they slipped into the pool.  It was like a big hot tub and the smiles on their faces as they turned around showed just how pleasant it was.

The others began to follow suit.  Keeping her hand attached to Kirsten’s, Eliza waded into the springs with her and Jennifer was right behind them, easing her naked body into the water too.

“Oh my God, you’re so right Britney, this feels incredible!” Jennifer declared, feeling instantly relaxed by the warm water on her bare skin.  Right then Jennifer was so glad she had come.  This was the perfect way for her to forget her troubles and she hoped that soon she’d be distracted even more by the chance to play with Taylor, Blake and Leighton’s hot, young bodies.

“Told ya,” Britney giggled as dove her hand into the water and splashed Jennifer, getting some on Q’Orianka in the process as she stepped into the pool and moaned.

“Ooooh! Jewel you have to feel this!” Q’Orianka urged her cousin, instantly thinking about her sexy rainforest encounter as the warm water touched her bare skin. “Mmmmm it’s exactly the right temperature!”

“C’mon in with me,” Jewel said, holding her hand out to Taylor.  “Just relax Taylor.”

Wanting to show that she could go with the flow like everyone else and have a good time, Taylor took Jewel’s hand without questioning it.  She didn’t really know Jewel, but she definitely looked up to her and felt like she could trust her.  Plus Taylor adored long baths and that water definitely looked mighty comfortable.

Clasping Taylor’s hand in hers, Jewel felt her nipples get stiff just from the feel of their smooth palms together.  God, she wanted this girl bad and she couldn’t help herself from looking over Taylor’s slim, nude body as they walked into the pool together.  Her body was so sexy and Jewel just wished Taylor would look at her with lust too.  But she didn’t do anything to rush things.  She simply got into the water with Taylor and let it caress their naked bodies as she dreamed that soon Taylor would be touching other parts of her body and not just her hand.

“Get in here you two,” Kirsten urged as Leighton and Blake remained the only two on the edge of the pool.  “You know, last ones in and rotten eggs and all that stuff.”

“Yeah, this water feels unbelievable,” Taylor unexpectedly chimed in with a growing enthusiasm as she felt the warm, soothing water flow around her like it was some kind of tropical lagoon.  “You’re going to totally regret it if you don’t get in.”

Leighton was surprised when Blake suddenly grabbed her hand, just like the other girls had.  She was a little too on edge because of this place and, despite their friendship and the fact that this was just holding hands, Leighton’s first instinct was to nervously snatch her hand away from Blake.  But fortunately she quelled that before she hurt her friend’s feelings.

Leighton didn’t know why she had felt the urge to yank her hand away.  She and Blake were both touchy feely kinds of girls.  They were always hugging when the mood struck and Leighton could remember so many times they had put their hands on each other for simple, innocent things like adjusting each other’s clothes or fixing each other’s hair.  But she hadn’t been expecting Blake to take her hand like that and for some reason it felt like it was almost a lesbian thing when she did it.

She had no idea where thoughts like that came from.  She and Blake had never done anything like that before.  They were friends and nothing more.  But having her hand hold hers now suddenly felt far more intimate than it ever had before and Leighton felt her heart pound a little bit harder as she began wondering if maybe she had wanted to pull her hand away because she was worried she was going to like it and want more.

“You okay?” Blake asked and Leighton immediately nodded, perhaps insisting a little too hard.

“I’m fine,” Leighton replied, squeezing Blake’s hand as she suddenly felt the need for the friendly support.  “Let’s get in there.”

It had been an impulse on Blake’s part to reach for Leighton’s hand like she had, but she was glad she had done it.  It made her feel safe to be around her friend, like she would be better able to keep things focused in her head away from where she didn’t want her thoughts to go.

But it was so hard for her to do that when the pool was now filled with beautiful, naked women freely splashing each other and giggling like sexy water nymphs.  It looked so much fun in there and that made Blake cling tightly to her friend, holding onto Leighton like she was a life preserver of self-control.

Just as the others had, the two girls walked nude into the hot springs, entering the pool of warm water and instantly loving how it felt on their bodies.  Despite their mutual nerves, the warm water and the lingering effects of the tea had them both smiling.  But still Blake kept her hand on Leighton’s and they continued holding onto each other as they wandered in amidst the others.

The pool wasn’t particularly deep.  It went up just to about everyone’s waists but that was plenty enough water for the girls as they played around in it, letting the flowing water bathe their bodies.  There was lots of giggling and splashing and everyone was relaxing in the pool, even Taylor who playfully swam around as best she could, finding that everyone had been right and that the longer she was naked the more she got used to it until it didn’t even cross her mind anymore that everyone could totally see her boobs and her butt and more as she moved around the water.

Britney was the queen of splashing, making sure everyone got it good as she giggled each and every time she did it. But revenge was at hand when Eliza came up behind Britney and yanked her down into the water, dunking her head and soaking her hair.  It was a playful gesture and definitely done gently without any malice, but Christina immediately leapt to Britney’s defense.

“Heyyyyyy!” Christina cried, laughing as she found herself completely unable to keep from saying it.  “Leave Britney alonnnnnnnne!”

“Don’t you start!” Britney giggled back as she this time gave a splash to her girlfriend.  “You promised you weren’t ever gonna say that.”

“Awwww I’m sorry, lemme make it up to you,” Christina said, giving Britney a tender kiss right on the lips.  “And to further make it up to you, I’ll even get you some payback.  Hey Eliza, if you go after mine, I’m gonna go after yours.”

And before another word could be said, Christina dunked Kirsten into the water.  The actress popped up a second later gasping and dripping, but not upset.  She even laughed and gave Christina a gentle shove back as Eliza came to her defense.

“Hands off my wife Christina,” Eliza shot back, grinning the whole time while she splashed Christina hard, sending a lot of warm water her way as the blonde singer gave a little giggle and shriek.  “If you want war, you’ll get it.  But you’re gonna get plenty wet!”

“Oh yeah, like Christina is gonna mind getting wet with a bunch of naked girls,” Jewel teased.  “Is that supposed to be punishment for her Eliza?”

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh if you’re gonna punish me, that’s how you should definitely do it,” Christina immediately agreed, splashing the actress back.  “I loooooove getting wet with girls!  Mmmmm and soon everyone here is gonna be soaked.”

And while she might have been relaxing, seeing and hearing all of this suddenly had Taylor stopped in the water.  She could see the intimacy amongst the girls in the water and the double entendres did not escape her.

She’d had some water in her eyes at the time, but she could have sworn she had just seen Christina giving Britney a kiss like you gave to someone you were dating, not just someone you were friends with.  And had she really heard Eliza say Kirsten was her wife?  She had to be wrong about that, didn’t she?  She couldn’t possibly have heard that.

But that was exactly what had been said and Leighton and Blake were just as amazed by it.  If things had seemed weird before, now it was like they were entering the Twilight Zone.  Neither of them wanted to pry into stuff that was none of their business, but some things just couldn’t be let go without comment.

“Wait, did you just say that Kirsten is your…” Blake began to ask Eliza, but before she could get the full question out past her lips, Akane interrupted things by walking back into the room with Kana, Haruka, Mizuki and another girl, all of them clad in their kimonos.

“This is Nanako,” Akane said.  “She will help you girls with the washing.”

“Help us?  Wait…” Taylor began to ask before she got an eyeful of what Akane was meant when the four Japanese girls untied the sashes of their robes and pushed them off, leaving themselves naked.

“Ohhhhh yeah, now we’re talking,” Eliza grinned at the sudden exposure to the four beautiful bodies.  “I was just wondering when this was going to get good.”

“It’s definitely about to get really good,” Christina grinned.  “Just sit back and relax girls.  We’re about to get pampered.”

Of course that was easier said than done for the girls there that weren’t accustomed to being around so much naked female flesh.  The four Japanese girls walked nude into the water and joined their famous guests with looks in their eyes that were definitely not entirely innocent.

“Wait!  What’s going on here?” Leighton asked, never having been to a spa before where the person tending to you got naked too.

Those were the kinds of spas that sleazy guys went to and seeing these pretty Japanese women get naked and join them in the warm water made her wonder if Christina had brought them to one of those places where you got happy endings.

“Just relax,” Britney assured her, moving in the water until she was next to Leighton.  She placed her hands on her shoulders in a reassuring manner and began to gently massage them, getting a little sigh out of Leighton even as she felt herself struggle against being uncomfortable.  “This is going to feel really good.  These girls are all professionals.  They really know what they’re doing and when they’re done with you you’re totally gonna want to come here all the time like me and Chrissy do.”

“I’m sorry we do not have enough girls for all of you individually, Miss Aguilera,” Akane said apologetically.

“That’s okay Akane,” Christina said smiling as Haruka went over to her and gently placed her hands on her body.  “I’m sure we’ll be able to manage amongst ourselves.”

And Christina showed exactly what she meant by that by reaching over to Jewel and letting water drip off her hands onto her shoulders before beginning to massage them just like Britney was doing to Leighton.  Jewel hadn’t been expecting to suddenly feel Christina’s soft hands on her, but she definitely didn’t mind being grabbed.  She turned toward her former housemate with a smile and kissed her on the lips, a brief peck to be sure, but enough to get Leighton, Blake and Taylor’s heads spinning a little bit more.

“Mmmmm feel free to move those hands lower,” Jewel grinned.

“Oh don’t worry, you’re going to get touched everywhere,” Christina replied and she definitely meant it because, as she spoke, her tits were being seductively massaged by Haruka, which earned the eager Japanese girl a kiss when Christina turned around toward her.

“Ohhhhhh Haruka mmmmm baby you know I love when you do that,” Christina groaned, enjoying the feel of the girl’s small hands on her large tits.  “Ooooooh don’t tell any of the other girls, but you’re my favorite.”

That got a giggle out of Haruka and from her three co-workers as well because during the course of her prior visits there, each and every one of them had heard from Christina that she was her favorite.  Christina was definitely one of the spa’s most enthusiastic clients and she and Britney were always welcome to come by.  And now with so many friends with them, all of the girls knew they were going to be in for a fun day.

Nanoko, Kana and Mizuki also got to work, selecting their targets and sitting next to them in the water.   Kana began cupping water in her hands and letting it flow down Kirsten’s bare back. She hadn’t asked permission, but Kirsten didn’t mind, especially with Eliza looking on appreciatively at the sexy, slim Japanese girl as she began running her hands all over her wife’s body, working over the tight muscles in her back.

“She’s a little stressed out, make sure you treat her right,” Eliza instructed Kana, not sure if the girl understood much English but guessing she did when she began nodding her head.  “My Kiki is going wedding crazy and she needs some relaxing.  Show her everything you can do.  Give her everything you always give Christina and Britney.”

“Oh yes she will get most special treatment, just like Christina,” Kana replied in accented English.  “I will take good care of her…and you.”

Eliza liked the sound of that very much.  She had been hoping that this spa was going to turn out to be just like this and seeing the other girls get flirty and frisky in the water made her want to push the envelope even more.  So as Kana continued to get Kirsten’s back wet and massage her tense muscles, Eliza worked over her wife’s front, kissing Kirsten tenderly while getting her hands on her soft, full tits to massage them.

“Oooooooh!” Kirsten sighed in between kisses from her beloved, closing her eyes and letting relaxation and pleasure flow through her as she was touched on both sides of her naked body while warm, soothing water flowed around her.  “Mmmmm Eliza!  Oooooh that’s heaven baby!  Mmmmmm her hands feel so good on my back and mmmmmmmmmm God, your hands are the best!”

Kirsten adored how she was being touched and it got her eager to give some pleasure back.  With Eliza right in front of her, it was the most natural place for her hands to go, so, while still keeping her eyes closed, Kirsten pulled her wet hands out of the water and began massaging Eliza’s bare breasts, getting them even wetter than they had been before as she sensually played with them, making the both of them moan and kiss each other more passionately.

Taylor couldn’t believe what her eyes were witnessing.  Sure this place had felt a little weird with the getting naked part and all that and there had been the obvious sexy vibe in the air, but this was the last thing she had expected to see.  Kirsten and Eliza were making out and playing with each other’s boobs and they weren’t even hiding it!  How could they do that?   Were they lesbians?  They sure looked like they were and right then everyone else looked like they were totally lesbo too.

It wasn’t like Taylor had any problem with lesbians or anything.  Sure back home where she was from in Pennsylvania and all those places down South she’d spent her formative years weren’t the easiest places in the world to be gay, but Taylor had always prided herself on being open-minded about things like that.  She had always thought as long as two people loved each other it shouldn’t matter if they were the same gender.  But there was a big difference between being tolerant and finding yourself suddenly in a big pool of water with a bunch of girls that were totally into other girls.

This was crazy.  It had to be some kind of dream or something because no way could all these beautiful, famous women all be lesbians.  Sure she’d heard some crazy rumors about Britney and Christina and what they were up to at their record label, but she’d never believed them and she’d never heard anything like that about girls like Jennifer or Jewel.

But, despite the shock she felt from seeing the girls giggling and getting intimate in the water in ways that went well beyond playfulness, Taylor didn’t exactly get up out of the springs and run out of there to find her clothes.

She was too taken aback to do much of anything actually except stare in amazement as Kirsten and Eliza kissed while Kana wetly rubbed Kirsten’s back and Christina took turns kissing Haruka and Jewel, turning her head back and forth as the two naked girls sandwiched her in the water.  And right next to them Mizuki was getting Jennifer wet by letting the water flow down her sexy back and down to the curves of her ass as the actress placed her hands on the stone side of the pool and bent over it.

Wait…did she just think that Jennifer’s back was sexy?  Taylor found herself suddenly questioning her own thoughts.  But then she told herself that of course Jennifer’s back was sexy.  Her whole body was sexy.  Jennifer Aniston was one of the most beautiful women in the world.  Her back was sexy.  Her face was sexy.  Her boobs were sexy.  Her ass was unbelievably sexy.  Anyone could see that.  It was a fact like the sun being hot and the ocean being salty.  It didn’t mean she was thinking like a lesbian if she thought that…did it?

Taylor found herself getting very confused but she couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful women who were sharing the spa’s springs with her.  Jewel had come over to Jennifer and began kissing her and Taylor could tell right away that they had definitely been together sexually before.  They were kissing like they knew just what they were doing and from the way they reacted she could see they both enjoyed the intimacy of each other’s lips.

Taylor had never ever kissed a girl before, but Jennifer and Jewel both sure seemed to love the sensation of it and Taylor became even more shocked when Q’Orianka began doing to Jewel what Mizuki was doing to Jennifer by getting her back all wet and then taking it a step further by reaching around to feel up her breasts while kissing her neck.

Wait…how could they do that?  Hadn’t Jewel said before that this girl was her cousin?  God, this was all so weird!  Taylor was in shock and she found herself backing away from everyone else in the water and toward Blake and Leighton.  She was drawn to them because she could see the same surprised gawking look in their eyes that she had, despite Nanako’s best efforts to get them to relax and join in the fun.

“Please sit,” Nanako urged in her accented voice.  “It will be much better if you sit.  Please let me touch you.  I will help you relax.”

“Ohhhhhh I…I don’t know,” Blake replied, feeling very, very unsure of herself even as part of her just wanted to do what Nanako said and let whatever happened happen.  “This is like…it’s like too much!  It’s not really our scene.  Right Leighton?”

“Yeah…right…not…not our scene,” Leighton confirmed nervously, but not with much conviction in her voice as her eyes drank in the sight of all these famous, beautiful women enjoying each other’s kisses and caresses without any inhibition.

She’d never seen anything like this before, not even in a porno.  It just looked so natural and so beautiful and Leighton was left staring in confusion at it.  How could these girls all be doing this?  God, they sure looked like they loved it.  At first she had wondered if this was all just them being punk’d or something, but it definitely wasn’t that.

There was no way they were faking this and Leighton found herself staring at all the naked, wet bodies in the pool with her in the same manner she’d chastised herself for looking at Blake before.  But this time she didn’t feel the guilt she always did when she caught herself giving her friend too much of a glance.  She just felt a greater confusion and looking over at Blake she saw she could feel it too.

“Should we leave?” Leighton asked her friend again.

“I…I…I…I don’t know,” Blake admitted, hoping that Leighton couldn’t see the effect that this uninhibited show was having on her.  Part of her wanted to leave before that became too obvious, but another part of her couldn’t bear the idea of not seeing more.

Fortunately Blake was distracted by her own indecision by Taylor coming up to them.

“Did you know that they were into this?” Taylor asked, not in an accusing manner, but a curious one.  Leighton and Blake were the only ones not acting like they were lesbians and right then Taylor felt safest with them.

“No…we had no idea!” Leighton replied.  “Did you?”

“No!  I didn’t have a clue!” Taylor insisted.  “I never thought any one of them could do something like this!”

“But what they are doing isn’t bad,” Nanoko interrupted, giving Blake a shiver up her spine when she pressed her small, bare breasts into her back and allowed the blonde girl to feel how aroused her nipples had become.  “It is beautiful…natural.  Do not be afraid of your desires.  It is unhealthy to keep your feelings trapped inside you.  Do not be afraid of how you really feel.”

Blake gulped nervously at the sound of the woman’s advice. That was exactly what she didn’t want.  She didn’t want to lose the fear of her feelings.  She felt like that was the only thing that kept her under control and without that fear she might say or do things she would regret.

“We should go!” Blake said, standing up in the water and starting to wade over to the edge of the pool.

“No!  Please stay!” Nanoko said, reaching out for Blake’s arm, but missing.

Fortunately, another hand was able to grab Blake and cause her to pause.

“Yeah!  You can’t leave! We’re just getting started!” Britney declared.  “You’re gonna miss the best part.  You get such an awesome massage here!  You can’t leave Blake.  I won’t let you!”

“Well you can’t keep us prisoner!” Blake snapped, pulling her arm away from Britney a little more forcefully than she had intended, but feeling like she had to overcompensate because of her nerves.  “What did you get us into Britney?  What is this place?  God, how can you all be doing that right in front of us and not expect us to totally flip out?”

“You guys seem pretty calm to me,” Britney pointed out correctly.  “You’re not really flipping out.  Are you?  C’mon!  This isn’t anything to get all upset about! This is supposed to be fun!”

“Fun is fun…but we didn’t expect THIS…” Leighton replied.  “This is crazy!  I’m not into this! Neither is Blake!”

“I’m not either!” Taylor interjected to make sure everyone knew it.  “I mean it’s…you know…totally cool if you guys want to do this…but I…but I like guys!”

Before she had seen Blake trying to leave, Britney had just been watching the show and loving it. Christina had looked so sexy playing with Haruka’s naked body and it had been so easy for her to disappear into an aroused daze while watching her girlfriend in action like that.  But when Blake had started walking out, Britney had wanted to make sure she didn’t.  However she didn’t consider this to be anything like keeping them prisoner and she didn’t want Blake to think that they were forcing them into anything.

“You don’t have to stay.  But you totally should.  This place is incredible!  We thought it would be fun to bring you here,” Britney said.  “Chrissy and I love this place.  It makes us feel wonderful and I wanted you guys to feel that way too.  Just look at everyone.  Look at how much fun they’re having.  And this is just the start.  It gets even better soon!  And besides, how can you know you don’t like something until you’ve tried it?”

As she said this, Britney couldn’t resist a saucy wink at the girls and that finally caused Blake to blurt out what had been weighing heavily on her mind.

“Are you a lesbian, Britney?” Blake asked, so frazzled by everything she was seeing that she had completely forgotten about the fact that she was having this conversation while totally naked.

She was standing in the water and her breasts were totally exposed, something that only dawned on Blake when Britney stood up face to face with her and showed off her tits dripping with water from the pool.  That caused Blake to reflexively cover herself with her arm and finally she sank back into the water to hide more of her body.

Britney was a little taken aback by the question.  She’d never had it posed to her so directly and she had to think about the answer a little before she actually said anything.

“I dunno,” Britney shrugged.  “I never thought about it really like that and having a label put on it.  I just like what I like.  It’s so much fun to do this.  This is better than any feeling with a guy.  I guess…I guess I am!”

“Wow!” Taylor marveled, amazed that Britney would admit it and feeling a little tingle from the knowledge that now she knew a huge, juicy secret that the rest of the world didn’t.  Taylor loved secrets and knowing Britney Spears was a lesbian was so big that it even distracted her from really focusing on the rest of the famous, sapphicaly inclined beauties in the pool with her.

And now that the unofficial question and answer session had started, there was more that had to be asked.

“Are you and Christina like…together?” Leighton asked.  She’d heard the rumors too and while everything she was seeing seemed to confirm them and then some, she still wanted to hear it directly from the source.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Britney answered proudly with a big smile.  “We’re totally together.  Mmmmm we’re girlfriends and I’m totally crazy in love with her.”

If nothing else, it was entirely clear that Britney was being totally sincere about her feelings and this wasn’t just friend love she was talking about.  It was real “in love” love.

“Wow!  That’s awesome!” Taylor repeated, unable to help herself.  As much as all of this was strange and new to her and was totally throwing her for a loop, she had always loved love and to be able to see two people be able to have that wonderful romantic bond between them made her feel good.  “Ummmm what about Kirsten and Eliza…I heard them say that they were together.”

“Oh yeah, they definitely are,” Britney said moving a little closer to Blake as she saw her willingness to answer questions was cooling her jets.  “They’re married.  They’ve been together for like years and years now.”

“Really?  Married?  Oh my God, that’s unbelievable,” Taylor marveled, knowing that any future viewings of Bring It On were going to be seen differently now in her eyes, but also enjoying the fact that the two women seemed totally in love with each other and they had actually taken the ultimate step with each other.  She was such a hopeless romantic that the sex in the background suddenly seemed secondary to the love that was being revealed.

All of this naked lesbian stuff wasn’t for her, but she was totally happy that everyone else had managed to find happiness.  That was what was most important to Taylor.  But all this girl on girl definitely wasn’t anything she was into.

“What about everyone else?” Blake asked.  “What’s their deal?”

“Wellllllll it’s complicated…” Britney replied, not quite sure how to explain the mansion without blowing everyone’s minds.  “But their deal is really, really cool!  C’mon girls.  I’m sure they’d love to show you themselves.  You can see first-hand just what their deal is.”

“No!” Leighton immediately interjected even as she couldn’t keep herself from staring at the girls as water made their bare bodies glisten and they kissed and touched without any fear, indulging in forbidden lesbian desires. Just the energy from their uninhibited behavior was making her heart beat faster.

“Ummmm I mean no thanks,” Leighton quickly added, realizing she had come across a little too strongly in her rejection when she really hadn’t wanted to.  She didn’t want anyone here to think she was homophobic or anything.  It’s just that this was all so much for her to process all at once.  “I mean it look like they’re having fun…ummmmm a lot of fun…but that’s not…not us.  Right?”

Leighton then turned toward Blake and Taylor.  She was speaking for them and she had guessed what they were feeling, but she was quickly coming to see that assumptions didn’t mean much.  God, if either of them were into it too, especially Blake, then Leighton had no idea what she was going to do.  But when she turned toward the two blonde girls, they both shook their heads, indicating that they agreed with her.

“Well then perhaps the spring is not what you need,” Akane said.  She had been standing silently by the pool, observing all.  “I think a more private setting will be what you are looking for.  Follow me.  I will make sure that you get what you are looking for.  You can have your massages now.  Nanoko, please come too.  I will get Shiori from the desk to come assist you.  Follow us please.”

Blake, Leighton and Taylor all looked at each other with uncertainty in their eyes.  Akane was a stranger to them and this was obviously no ordinary spa.  What could she possibly have in store for them?  Sudden nightmare visions of the Hostel movies played in the girls’ minds and they clung to the idea of safety in numbers even though they were hardly comfortable in the pool with everyone else.

Britney saw this and sought to assure them it was okay.

“It’s fine,” Britney insisted.  “You don’t have to be nervous.  It’s totally safe with Akane.   Mmmmm just wait until you feel the massages they give here.  They’re out of this world.”

“It’s not like this…is it?” Blake asked, not thinking she could handle much more temptation without cracking and exposing her own secret.

“It’s whatever you want it to be, sweetie,” Britney grinned mischievously as she made a point of running her hand over her bare tits.  “It can be anything and everything you want…nothing more and nothing less.  You tell them what to do and they’ll do it.”

While though the spa had so far been so much more than they had ever expected it to be, none of the three girls were really in a rush to leave.  Even Blake’s attempts had mostly been for show to help her combat her own rushing nerves.  The undeniably erotic show they were witnessing was having a definite effect on all of them and the idea of a massage right then didn’t sound so bad.

They might have been getting uncomfortable in the spa, but the water had been wonderful and the tea so relaxing, just like Britney and Christina had said it would be.   Any doubts the girls had were overcome by their curiosity about what would happen if they stayed just a little while longer.

“They won’t do anything we don’t want, will they?” Taylor asked shyly, surprised at her own internal want to say “yes” but also wanting to make sure that hands stayed where they were supposed to.  “You promise?”

“They’ll do whatever you want wherever you want it,” Britney promised from personal experience. “But no always means no.”

Akane nodded her head in firm agreement and collectively the girls decided to take a chance.   Maybe some time away from all this craziness in the pool would be good for them and help them calm down and get to the serious business of relaxing.  This wasn’t a bad place or anything…it was just so weird for them and it was like each of them was waiting for the other to demand to leave.  And since none of them did, they all ended up staying.

“Okay,” Leighton said, once again speaking for everyone.  “But nothing naughty, all right?”

“Never naughty…only good,” Akane coyly replied before speaking to Nanoko in Japanese, inspiring the girl to get out of the pool, her naked body dripping down onto the stone.  “Now please follow me.  Nanoko will go get Shiori and we will be able to tend to you.  Come this way please.”

With hesitation, but also a curiosity that they couldn’t deny that they felt, Leighton, Blake and Taylor followed Nanoko out of the pool, shivering a little bit as their naked, wet bodies left the warm water.  Akane began to walk and they followed her, wondering what they were getting into as Britney bid them goodbye.

“We’ll be here when you girls get back…and you will want to come back,” Britney giggled excitedly remembering her first massage here and how awesome it had felt.  Leighton, Blake and Taylor were going to love it too.  She just knew it.

Turning back to her friends, Britney saw all the fun they were having and decided it was way past time for her to get more involved in it. Christina was still making out with Haruka and Britney eagerly made her way over there, kissing her girlfriend passionately on the lips as soon as she and the Japanese girl separated.

“What took you so long to get over here?” Christina playfully asked.

“Well you looked like you were well taken care of,” Britney replied, remembering how good Christina had looked trading kisses with Jewel and Haruka.  “You didn’t need lil ol me too.  Besides, I had to make sure Blake and everyone got on the right path.”

“Awwww I always need you,” Christina said, wrapping her arms around Britney and holding her naked body close to hers in the water while they kissed. “Hey, what happened to the newbies anyway?  They didn’t run off, did they?”

“I think they were thinking about it, but Akane took them to get massages,” Britney reported.  “They won’t be doing any running now.  Mmmm all they’ll be wanting is more.”

“Damn right they will be,” Christina predicted. “Those massages are fucking irresistible.”

Of course the pool they were in was pretty irresistible too as far as Christina was concerned.  She loved it in here with the warm water flowing all around her and all the welcome female company.  If it was possible to be completely relaxed and totally horny at the same time, Christina was able to achieve it while she was in here and sometimes being in the springs was so wonderful that she spent her whole spa treatment in them just getting licked over and over again in it without ever getting out for her massage.  There were so many ways to sensually relax in this place and that was why Christina loved coming here so much.

“So they’re in Akane’s hands now and that’s a pretty good place to be in,” Britney said.

“Lucky bitches,” Christina replied.  “Mmmmm but let’s get you in good hands now baby.  I wanna make sure my Brit Brit is nice and relaxed before we give those newbie sluts the lickings their tight little snatches deserve.”

“Oooooooh I love the sound of both of those things,” Britney gleefully declared, pressing her body once again to Christina and kissing her as their bare, wet tits rubbed together.  “Mmmmmm gawwwd I can’t wait to make those girls into hot sluts like us.”

Britney and Christina had no doubt that soon Taylor, Blake and Leighton would all succumb.  They knew the pleasure of girl sex was far too overpowering for any sane woman to resist and they also knew that the skilled, professional hands of Akane and her girls could have made even the most devout nun into a raging lesbian slut.

Both of them were plenty eager to see their new friends made that way and they definitely wanted to be a part of it.  But right then there was plenty of fun in the pool and they made sure to enjoy it too.

No one was splashing around anymore.  It was all about kissing and touching now and Christina and Britney were quite pleased to see how well their friends had adapted to this place.  Hot girls and naughty fun were certainly nothing new to them, but this was still a different environment for all of them and it was so hot to the two pop icons to see their friends get into the spirit of things without any hesitation.

Christina and Britney rubbed their wet bodies together, holding each other tightly as their hands roamed over each other and under the flowing water to caress their most intimate parts while their friends enjoyed each other and the spa’s attentive staff.  Mizuki still had Jennifer bent over the side of the pool but this time she wasn’t washing her back.  Now she was offering a far naughtier service to her and had her hands sensually massaging Jennifer’s ass while spreading her tight cheeks open so she could better lick her pussy.

And the only reason Jennifer wasn’t crying out in delight was that she was also enjoying both of the Kilcher cousins.  When she wasn’t kissing Q’Orianka’s young lips she was licking down her dark skin and making the eager woman quiver with desire. And when she wasn’t tending to the mansion’s newest resident, Jennifer was turning to her other side and suckling on Jewel’s big tits just like she always adored doing.

Q’Orianka and Jewel were both sitting on the edge of the pool, perched on the wet rocks and dangling their legs over the side and into the water as they both enjoyed Jennifer’s touch.  Jewel was on the left of her housemate and Q’Orianka was on the right and they both shared kisses with each other while also eying Mizuki as she ate Jennifer out in the pool, making them both wish that soon the lovely Japanese girl would be tending to them just like that.

Had her lips not either been covered by Q’Orianka’s or filled with Jewel’s soft flesh, Jennifer knew she would have been exalting Mizuki’s skills.  God the girl was amazing!  Her tongue knew just the spots to lick.  She was making her pussy so wet!  Mizuki had to have done this a lot either in her personal life or at work because she was one seriously experienced pussy licker.

This all felt so naughty and even a little crazy and it totally turned her on.  Jennifer had never been with a prostitute before and if she had known that this was what would be waiting for her here, she might have refused to come.  And even now she didn’t know if Mizuki was a prostitute or just VERY dedicated to her work, but she did know she was making her feel absolutely amazing with her tongue.

Was this place some kind of brothel?  Was it just a spa with very personal service?  Jennifer didn’t know and right then she didn’t care.  What Mizuki was doing to her pussy was too incredible for her to question it. And besides, the idea of Mizuki and her friends actually being hookers only aroused her more.

The idea of her going to a prostitute was so insanely out of character for her and Jennifer actually found herself feeling that she would prefer it if Mizuki was some kind of hooker and not just a spa worker who loved fucking girls.  That made all of this naughtier and more intense and the thought of a sexy Japanese prostitute licking her pussy made her drip into the girl’s mouth.

She wasn’t thinking about Emma or Courteney or anything but the dirtiness of what she was doing and how good it felt to be so fucking bad.  She needed this.  She had been so fucking stressed all day and Mizuki’s tongue was making all that stress just melt away.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!  Mmmmmmm ooooooh baby that’s so good!” Jennifer cried, her whole body glowing with sweat from the heat of the springs and her exertion.  “Lick my pussy you naughty girl!  Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss get that hot little tongue all over me!  Ohhhhhhhhh!  God, you’re fucking good!  You know that, don’t you?  You’re so fucking good at eating pussy!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhhhh more!  Oooooooooooooh don’t stop!  Give me more of that hot little tongue!”

Since Jennifer was usually the hardest of the girls to convince to do anything extra naughty, Christina was a little surprised to see her so into this.  But that was definitely a happy surprise.  Seeing Jennifer loving Mizuki’s hot tongue was turning Christina on too and she knew it was having the same effect on Britney.

Jennifer looked so hot with her knees still bent over and in the pool while the rest of her body was pulled out of it, water still dripping off her great ass while Mizuki massaged and licked her and Jewel and Q’Orianka sandwiched Jennifer, making sure she was surrounded by beauty.

And Jennifer wasn’t the only one enjoying the feel of the spa’s services.  Kirsten was set on the edge of spring, the cool, wet stones pressing into her bare ass while she happily had her legs slung open for Kana to be able to press her pretty young face to her pussy.

“Ooooooooooooooh!” Kirsten dreamily sighed, feeling extra naughty because she couldn’t even remember Kana’s name and she was still letting her fuck her.  “Mmmmm yesssssss that’s it! Ooooooh give my pussy what it needs!  Mmmmmm yesssssssss you’re like the best masseuse ever!  Mmmmmm I need this! Ooooooooh I need it so bad!”

Kirsten hadn’t known what was going to happen when Kana had begun massaging her back.  She had hoped that the girl would start to get her hands elsewhere, but she hadn’t wanted to just assume it would happen and misinterpret what it was that the girl was intending to do to her.  But there had been no misinterpreting what Kana had wanted when she had reached from around Kirsten’s back to fondle her naked tits while kissing her cheek and moaning into her ear.

Since she couldn’t speak Japanese, Kirsten had no idea what Kana had said, but that had scarcely mattered when her hot, soft voice had gently breathed her words into her ear in such a sensual manner that Kirsten had known what she had meant without understanding a word.  Plus the feel of her hands on her breasts had served as an excellent handy guide to translation.

Kirsten had loved how innocently Kana had been kissing her on the cheek while getting so naughty with her soft touch.  It made her so hot to be touched like that and Kirsten had been putty in the girl’s hands.  When Kana had eased her out of the water, Kirsten had gone right along with her, setting herself on the edge of the pool while opening her legs to her new lover.  It felt so wild and sexy to be doing something like this and having Eliza right beside her, holding her and loving her just made it feel more incredible.

“You look so hot Kiki,” Eliza breathed into Kirsten’s ear, her sexy, throaty voice making Kirsten quiver.  “Mmmmm let her fuck you baby.  Let her lick that sweet pussy of yours.  I wanna see you come for her Kiki!  Fuck her hot tongue and fill her mouth up with those creamy juices you know I love to taste!  Mmmmm feed her those juices Kiki.  Give her what you give me every night.  You look so beautiful.  I love seeing you like this…all naked and sexy with a hot girl’s mouth on your pretty pussy.”

Kirsten didn’t know what was turning her on more, the feel of Kana’s tongue on her pussy or the naughtiness of Eliza’s hot words.  She loved knowing that her wife was watching and enjoying the show.  Ever since the first time they had done it with Natalie Portman, Kirsten had loved sharing girls with Eliza, especially when her wife watched that other girl fuck her.  Kirsten turned her face to Eliza and kissed her beloved’s lips sensually, wanting their tongues to rub together as she found herself getting closer to getting off with every hot lick Kana took.

Even though she hadn’t shown any hesitation to get naked before and even though she trusted Christina to always have something wicked and sexy up her sleeve, Kirsten had still been a little unsure about this place.  After all she had never been to any spa like this and the girls that were taking care of them were strangers.  She couldn’t even remember Kana’s name and Kirsten never did things like that.  Not only was she in some weird sex spa but a total stranger was fucking her.

So having Eliza there with her made all the difference.  If her wife hadn’t been by her side, Kirsten might not have been able to go through with this, but she felt so safe in Eliza’s arms and was able to focus on nothing but the naughty pleasure that came from Kana’s licking.  Eliza had her arms wrapped around her waist and was holding tightly to her wet body, keeping her steady and making sure she knew just how turned on she was getting watching Kana go down on her.

“Yessssssssssssss watch me Eliza!  Watch me fucking come from her hot tongue!” Kirsten groaned, her pleasure increasing when Eliza slowly glided her hands up her stomach to begin softly playing with her tits.  “Mmmmmm God it turns me on so much to know you like this baby!  I love you watching me!  I love you seeing me come from a hot girl licking me!  Mmmmm she’s so good Eliza!  I’m gonna watch her fuck you next baby!  Ooooooh when she makes me come, I want you to fuck her too and get her all sticky with your juices so we can all kiss and taste each other all over her pretty face!”

Kana’s English might have been limited, but she knew just what Kirsten and Eliza wanted from her and she was happy to give it to them.  The absolute perk of this job was all the gorgeous women she got to play with.  Back home she might have been called some nymphomaniac, but here in America she was a professional who cared about doing the best job possible for her clients…especially the ones as gorgeous as Kirsten and Eliza.  Kirsten’s pussy tasted so delicious, so sweet and wet, and Kana had no doubt Eliza would taste just as good when she got to play with her.

Everything that was happening by the pool was even hotter than the water itself as it continued to flow in, the steam from the room wafting around and charging up the girls even more.  There was no way that Christina and Britney could just sit around so they now had Haruka pinned up against the side, most of their bodies still submerged in the water while they kissed passionately.

“I want to play with both of you…” Haruka sighed with a naughty smile of her own as she reached over to caress Britney and Christina’s thick asses under the water.  “I love to be shared.”

“And we love to share,” Britney giggled, kissing the Japanese girl sexily while running her hands over her small, natural tits, delighting in the soft feel of her flesh and how it contrasted with her hard nipples pressing into her palms.

“Then share me,” Haruka urged with slutty glee in her eyes.  “I always love playing with you Christina ooooh and you Britney and your friends are all so sexy.  I want to be with all of you!”

“Whoa whoa whoa…focus on everyone else later,” Christina playfully interjected.  “I want you paying attention to me right now.  After all, I’m paying for all of this and I want to get some damn service in here.  I haven’t been licked in hours and I fucking need it!  C’mon Haruka.  I know Akane knows good ol fashioned American capitalism, but what about you.  Don’t you know the customer is always right?”

Everyone was amped up and everyone was eager for some real fun.  The atmosphere and being naked in the steamy pool as their friends moaned in sexual bliss around them had Britney just as horny as Christina was. But Britney knew full well how antsy her girlfriend could get if she didn’t get fucked when she wanted to.  Like an addict, Christina needed her fix of orgasms.  Fortunately, Haruka was well accustomed to dealing with the demands of customers and knew just how to respond.

“Oh I am sure you are always the right one Miss Christina…no matter what,” Haruka teased, shooting the girl a knowing wink.  “I will service you just as you wish.  I think we can get everything everyone wants.  I have an idea.  Let’s get out of the pool.”

That suited Britney.  She loved the water.  It was so warm and relaxing.  It reminded her of the grotto at the mansion and it was even more soothing to her body here than it was there.  But the warm water was making her skin a little pruney and right then she wasn’t concerned with relaxation.

Haruka took Britney and Christina by the hand and guided them out of the pool, the three of them nude and dripping wet both from the water and their arousal.  Haruka led them about five feet away from the pool, close enough to the action but far enough away from the water that there was a lot more room to maneuver, and indicated that everyone should stop there.

“Miss Christina, since you are customer you are treated like boss,” Haruka said, her accent making everything sound sexier.  “On your hands and knees right here”

“Mmmmm my favorite position,” Christina giggled before doing just as she was told and getting in the traditional doggy style pose, making sure to wiggle her full, curvy ass sensually.  “You like what you see? You like seeing my big ass like this?”

“Oooooooh you know I do!” Britney said in reply, caressing her own tits as she imagined ravishing her girlfriend in front of everyone to remind them all what sluts she and Christina were and how much they loved this.

“And I certainly do as well,” Haruka said.  “Now I will treat you like the customer always deserves to be treated.”

Haruka sank down to her knees right in back of Christina and then, with a devilish smile crossing her face, gave the girl a hard slap right across her backside.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Christina cried sharply, but certainly not in pain.  Her reaction was all pleasure.  “Ooooooooooh yeahhhhh Haruka!  Mmmmm you know just what a fucking dirty little slut like me needs!  Oooooh yesssssss God that fucking stings and I love it!”

“You are bad girl!  Bad bad girl!” Haruka said, striking Christina’s ass three more times and getting the pierced pop singer squealing with joy as her thick butt cheeks jiggled.  “This is what you deserve bad girl!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh!” Christina growled in carnal delight.  “I fucking deserve this!  Spank that big ass you little whore!  Give me what I fucking paid for!  Ohhhhhh yesssss you little bitches always make me so damn wet!  Mmmmmm can’t you see how wet you’re getting my pretty little pink cunt Haruka?”

“Oh yes, I can see…and I can smell your wet pussy,” Haruka teased, giving Christina’s now pinkened ass one more slap.  “You are so wet Miss Christina.  Such a bad girl, coming here with your wet pussy looking to get fucked.  Now you will get what you want bad girl.”

While rubbing the ass she had just spanked so well, Haruka lined her face up right to Christina’s pussy and pushed her tongue inside.  And with one taste of Christina’s sugary, slutty juices making her tongue come alive, Haruka went after her with vigor.  She massaged her tender ass and tongue fucked Christina, pushing into her wet snatch and lapping up the dripping pink folds she already knew intimately from the singer’s previous visits to the spa.

But Haruka didn’t just lick.  She also looked up and saw Britney running her tongue over her lips hungrily while caressing her own tits from the show she was putting on, their wet bodies still dripping down onto the stone that lined the pool.  Still smiling devilishly but with her lips now shiny with Christina’s already dripping juices, Haruka made sure to get them involved in the fun too by adjusting herself so she was on her hands and knees now right behind Christina.

“Miss Britney, you know what to do, don’t you?” Haruka said.  “You know how it can be so we all get fucked.”

Britney definitely knew just what to do.  Daisy chains were hardly rare occurrences with so many hot, horny women looking to get licked around the mansion or at the record label and she had plenty of experience with them.  Three girls in a triangle was an easy position for Britney after all she’d done over the years.

Britney eagerly got herself in position behind Haruka and in front of her girlfriend just as the Japanese woman slid her tongue back into Christina’s cunt from behind.  Britney planted herself down on the cool, hard stone on her hands and knees and lined her face up right against Haruka’s slit, getting a good look at the woman’s pussy.  She visibly wet with arousal from behind and Britney licked her lips again at the sight of the juice starting to drip out past the Japanese woman’s tight labia before pushing her tongue out to get a taste of that trickling girly juice.

Haruka moaned happily as Britney’s tongue slid into her cunt, but Christina’s pussy being pushed against her face muffled her cries.

“Yeahhhhhhhh fuck me while you’re getting fucked Haruka!” Christina groaned, feeling her whole body tingle from the expert way Haruka’s tongue tended to her pierced clitoris. “Eat that wet pussy you dirty fucking whore!  Mmmmmm gawwwd you know that tongue is fucking amazing, don’t you?  Ooooooh yesssssssss lick me!  Fucking tongue my dirty little twat with that hot tongue!  Ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss I’m a fucking whore like you Haruka cause I can’t ever get enough of this!   Mmmmmm you’re just good enough to get your hot ass paid for it!”

Haruka responded with a harder tongue lashing against Christina’s pussy from behind, pausing only to suck wantonly on the girl’s tender labia, taking particular pleasure in sucking the ring that pierced one of Christina’s pink lips. Meanwhile, Britney’s mouth was exquisite on her pussy, sucking the juice right out of her and then attacking her with wonderful, quick tongue strokes that had Haruka’s pussy dripping into the singer’s mouth while her screams were quieted by Christina’s muff.

And Britney wasn’t being neglected either.  They had curved themselves around so they were in a crude triangle with Britney’s tongue in Haruka’s pussy while her ass was in Christina’s face, giving the girl plenty of access to her waiting, weeping pussy.

“Mmmmmmm fuck yeah! Bring that gooey wet pussy right to me Britney!” Christina urged hungrily.  “Fuck my face sweetie!  Gimmie that yummy cunt I can’t get enough of!  Fuck me so we can all get off like the sluts we are!”

Britney squealed in happiness at the sound of Christina’s invitation and pushed herself into her girlfriend’s waiting face, loving it as Christina’s familiar and always welcome tongue pushed right into her pink prize.  Britney loved being licked, especially by Christina, and she gave the pleasure she was feeling back to Haruka who brought it all back full circle by giving it to Christina.

And as the triangle of naked happy girls eagerly licked away, no one else was cooling off either.  They were still having fun in the water and this time any splashing wasn’t being done by horseplay, but by the thrashing bodies of girls eagerly being fucked.

Water was splashing most of all from Kirsten’s legs kicking up a storm from what Kana was doing to her pussy.  She was resting her tongue at the moment, but her fingers were more than making up for it by sliding into Kirsten’s pinkness and rubbing her just the way she liked it.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Kirsten cried as she felt the wonderfully slim fingers penetrate her and rub against her throbbing clitoris.  “MMMMMMM FUCKKKKK!!!!  OOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHH MMMMM JUST LIKE THAT!  OOOOOOH!!!”

“You are so tight,” Kana giggled.  “Mmmmm so tight and so tasty!  I hope you come more often here!  You and your girlfriend both!”

Kana then shot Eliza a horny look telling her that she was going to be next and Eliza gave her one right back.  The two heatedly stared at each other with desire, but Kirsten remained the beneficiary of their work as she felt her whole body shake from the feeling of Kana’s hot fingers in her cunt and Eliza’s tongue licking her nipples while she played with her shaking tits. It was all making Kirsten feel so good and she was thrashing madly on the hard rock, kicking her legs happily and giggling as she splashed, Kana, Eliza, herself and even Jennifer and Jewel and their party.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss gonna come!  Gonna come here all the time now!” Kirsten grunted in pleasure, meaning both things and feeling her pleasure surge when Kana began eating her again, working her over with her mouth while still keeping her fingers buried inside her.  “Fuck me!  Ooooooooooooh fuck yesssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhh!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS MAKE ME COME!  OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!  GAWWWWWWWD YOU’RE MAKING MY PUSSY FEEL SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOD!!!”

She felt so wild and naughty right then. She had a strange girl finger fucking her while she was sucking at her tender pussy lips and making her feel so wonderful.  It was an amazing feeling and she loved being this uninhibited and sexy with Eliza right with there with her.

With their big wedding ceremony just days away, it reminded Kirsten that she was one of the rare girls who could have it all.  She could be dirty and slutty and fuck as many hot girls as she could ever want while also having the love of her life by her side as she did it.  That made her feel absolutely incredible and brought Eliza’s head up toward hers so they could kiss passionately.

Kirsten was feeling so good and she wanted her wife to feel that way too.  As she kissed Eliza, Kirsten brought her hand down to her ass and grabbed an exquisitely toned cheek.

Kirsten knew how hard Eliza worked out to make her butt look as good as it did and she never stopped showing her wife how much she appreciated it.  She loved playing with Eliza’s ass and she caressed the taut, sexy flesh while they tongue kissed, making sure that the brunette knew that even as she cried out for Kana to fuck her, Eliza was still the girl there she cared about the most.

Just a few feet over, the other girls had changed positions a bit and now Jennifer wasn’t the only one being pleasured.  Mizuki was also receiving a lover’s touch, but not quite in the way she had expected when Jewel had gotten back into the water to tend to wade nakedly behind her.  Mizuki had been eagerly expecting to feel the singer’s tongue on her pussy as she remained bent over to eat Jennifer out, but instead she got something else and she gasped and moaned when it happened.

At first when Jewel began rubbing her soft tits against Mizuki’s pussy from behind, pushing them into her wetness and making sure she rubbed her hard nipple against the girl’s sensitive clit, Mizkuki had moaned back to her in Japanese.  Her English wasn’t as good as some of the other girls who worked here and it was always easier for her to slip back into her native tongue, especially when she was in an aroused state.

The feel of Jewel’s soft, big breasts against her pussy had been so unexpected and so good that it had taken a few moments of moaning words none of the girls she was with understood before she finally began to muster up her English.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhh no…no…no stop…keep rubbing…” Mizuki groaned in desire.  “Ohhhhhhhhh pleaaaase ohhhh that is gooooooooooood!  Mmmmm rub my…my…pussy….rub my wet pussy with big blonde girl tits!  Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss!!!”

Mizuki was a little embarrassed that she couldn’t communicate better what she wanted.  She wasn’t very fluent in English yet and couldn’t quite grasp the dirty talk she knew so well in Japanese.  She wanted to tell Jewel all about how she loved being fucked like this by a blonde American girl with big breasts and how she was making her tight pussy so wet and her nipples so hard she felt they had to be like rocks now.  She had always been fascinated by American culture and girls like Britney and Christina and Jewel seemed to personify that for her with their blonde hair and big, sexy breasts.

It felt so good to Mizuki to have those big tits rubbing against her pussy and her nipples teasing her clitoris.  She just wished she could tell them in English how much she loved it and how good it made her feel.  But she just couldn’t organize the right words in her mind.  Fortunately she didn’t need words to communicate how much she loved what Jewel was doing.  That much was obvious to everyone and Jewel kept rubbing the girl’s pussy with her tits from behind while using her free hand to feel up Mizuki’s tight little ass.

“Yeahhhh you’re so fucking wet for me baby,” Jewel groaned, kneeling in the water and loving the feel of the girl’s juices getting smeared over her breasts.  “Get my tits all juicy!   Mmmmm you looked so hot fucking my friend and I just had to get a piece of you!   You like this huh?  Like my big American titties rubbing your hot little pussy?  Mmmmm yummy!  Cream all over my tits Mizuki!  That’s such a sexy name for such a sexy girl and I wanna make you feel good like you’re making my friend feel good!  Give it to her and I’ll give you more!”

“Yesssss give me more…” Mizuki begged, able to understand enough of what Jewel said to be able to respond to it before getting her mouth back where she loved having it…right on Jennifer Aniston’s pussy.

Jennifer was no longer bent over the edge of the pool.  Instead she was perched on the edge now, sitting up with her legs slung over Mizuki’s shoulders as the Japanese girl licked her pussy.  This was far more comfortable to Jennifer and she happily let the girl have her way with her while she was able to play with her own tits, pinching her nipples while encouraging her housemate on.

“Ooooooh she definitely likes it Jewel!  Mmmmm she loves feeling those big, sexy tits rubbing her hot pussy!” Jennifer cooed in pleasure from Mizuki’s tongue.  “That’s it baby!  Give her those big boobs of yours mmmmm just like you use them on us!  You know I love feeling those soft tits on my pussy and then licking them clean and I want to see you do it to her next!  C’mon Jewel, fill up her naughty mouth with her own juices right off your titties after she made me come so good with that hot little tongue!”

Jennifer loved being able to see Jewel rubbing her tits against Mizuki.  She had definitely decided that the girl was a hooker that Christina had graciously purchased for their pleasure based on no evidence other than her own horniness from the idea of losing control so much that she let herself be fucked by a hot girl prostitute.  That turned her on more with every hot lick Mizuki gave her and seeing Jewel pleasure the sexy Japanese girl like she always did so well to all of them back at the mansion gave her an extra thrill.

Jennifer was pawing at her own tits by now and she actually had to pull her hands off herself because she feared she was going to make them too tender and would have to shoo her housemates away from them for the rest of the weekend because their gentle kisses hurt her chest.  That was definitely a situation she wanted to avoid, but she still needed an outlet for all her energy.  Mizuki’s tongue lapping at her pussy was charging her up like she was plugged into an outlet and she needed to release all the energy she felt pulsing inside her.

And fortunately a solution was easily at hand as she turned her head to the left and saw Q’Orianka sitting on the edge of the pool, her splayed open legs in the warm water as she furiously fingered herself.  Q’Orianka loved the show she was getting but even though it was making her dripping wet to watch all these hot girls play with each other, she was still a little too shy to just insert herself in the action.  She was getting bold enough to finger herself in front of the girls, but wasn’t all the way there yet that she could just dive in.

Jennifer wasn’t just about to let the lovely young woman sit off to the side though.  She hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know her housemate’s sexy cousin, but Jennifer already had the feeling she was going to love Q’Orianka just as much as she did Jewel.  That feeling, plus the horniness she felt pulsing inside her made her eager to get Q’Orianka involved.

“Don’t just watch,” Jennifer urged the exotic young woman.  “Bring that wet little pussy to me sweetie.  I wanna see if you taste just as good as your cousin does.”

Despite all she’d done and seen, it was still a little hard for Q’Orianka to truly wrap her mind around the idea that her seemingly innocent cousin was having all this wonderfully dirty sex with these beautiful women.  The idea of Jewel having an affair with Jennifer Aniston just seemed so surreal to her, even though she had all the evidence she could ever need to be convinced.  And now she was getting in on all of it too, which just made it more surreal.  However that didn’t stop her from eagerly accepting Jennifer’s kind invitation.

Like her cousin, Q’Orianka loved to watch.  To be able to witness an act so intimate as people making love was something that she had once considered the ultimate thrill.  Now she knew there was something better, though, and that was joining in the fun with a bunch of insatiable, sexy girls.  So Q’Orianka didn’t hesitate to lean in closer to give Jennifer a tender kiss right on the lips before the actress lay down on her back.

“Ooooooh you kiss so nice sweetie, just like Jewel does,” Jennifer moaned, her voice ragged with the pleasure she was getting from Mizuki’s tongue.  “But I want more from you Q.  I want your pussy!   Put it right here baby.  Mmmm everyone here says I’ve got a great tongue and I want you to feel it.  I want to taste that wet fuckhole of yours baby.”

Q’Orianka could feel her heart beating hard with excitement over beautiful and famous Jennifer Aniston talking dirty to her like that.  It was such a turn-on, especially since as she said her nasty words, Jennifer was caressing her own mouth with her hand, running her fingers over the lips she wanted to feel Q’Orianka’s juices all over.  As new as she was at this, there was no way she couldn’t look at Jennifer’s sexy, famous lips and not imagine getting them shiny and sticky with her cum.

“Oh yes!  Fuck me Jennifer!  Just like you fuck Jewel!” Q’Orianka urged as she planted herself down on the actress’ face.  “She told me how hot you were and I’ve been dying to find out for myself!”

With Jennifer lying down on her back with her legs spread wide for Mizuki, it was so easy for Q’Orianka to get her pussy on her new friend’s lips.  Q’Orianka positioned herself reverse cowgirl style over Jennifer’s face so she could still watch her cousin pleasuring Mizuki and it took not even a second for Jennifer to get her hands on Q’s tight, young ass and bring her down low enough for her tongue to slide right over the lips of her pussy for the first time.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Q’Orianka mewed at the feel of that wet tongue licking her juicy cunt lips.  “Yes Jennifer yesssssssssssss!!!  Fuck me!  Lick my pussy!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooh yeahhhh Jewel was right!  Your tongue feels great!”

Jennifer had actually once been nervous about the reputation she had about having one of the best tongues in the mansion.  She had been worried she wouldn’t be able to live up to this elite reputation.  But as girl after girl had praised her oral skills, Jennifer had learned to love what was said about her and use it to drive herself to always be good at this.  She never wanted a girl to be disappointed with her tongue and that was especially true with Q’Orianka.

Jennifer adored Jewel.  She was really the first girl she had ever seduced, with some help from Rose and from an impromptu sex show between Love and Jessica as she’d done it, of course.  So they had a connection that Jennifer treasured and sex with Jewel was always awesome.  Jennifer wanted it to be the same way with Q’Orianka and she knew the best way to do that was to blow the girl’s mind with her tongue.

As Q’Orianka rode Jennifer’s face, crying and gasping with delight from every lick she realized she had a great view not only of her cousin and the cute Japanese girl licking Jennifer, but of everyone in the pool. She could so clearly see Kirsten screaming out in joy from Kana licking and fingering her as well as the intensely erotic triangle of Christina, Britney and that Haruka girl.  It was all so amazing to see and Q’Orianka just hoped that Blake, Leighton and Taylor hadn’t wandered off too far, because she wanted them to become a part of this too and enjoy it as much as she did.

And the three girls were indeed nearby and, though they didn’t say anything about it, their thoughts were very much focused on wondering what was going on back in the springs and if the girls had stopped what they were doing…or if they had just gone on enjoying each other’s bodies without a care in the world.

No one had brought the subject up, but they were all sharing the same thoughts and questions. Yet even as those questions about who was doing what to whom back in the springs all filled their minds, Blake, Leighton and Taylor all made the same error. They didn’t recognize these thoughts and the fantasies they inspired were mutual. They all assumed they had been the only one impacted by what they had seen back there.

Coming in, it had been pretty clear that this place was going to be a little different.  But even with that in mind, none of them had expected to see some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world having sex with each other.

All three of them were still shaken by this and as much as they tried not to picture those beautiful girls rubbing their soft, naked bodies together sensually as they kissed and caressed the most intimate parts of each other and as much as they tried not to visualize how much they were loving it and how they were probably having intense, amazing orgasms in the other room, it was all Taylor, Leighton and Blake could think about. And the more they tried not to think about it, the more they did.

They just couldn’t force the visions out of their heads of those beautiful women in the water moving like sexy nymphs and doing things to each other that seemed so impossible.  Wondering about what was going on in the springs was hanging like a cloud over all three girls and they couldn’t escape it.

And the fact that all three of them were still naked and right then were being touched by other women didn’t help clean up their thoughts at all.

It wasn’t anything sexual…at least that was what they had all been repeating to themselves… and it definitely didn’t make them lesbians or anything.  But they were definitely naked and other naked women were touching them and doing it so well that it was very hard for the girls not to moan from the hands on their bodies.

They were being bathed individually in preparation for their body treatments and massages. Those in themselves hadn’t sounded too out of the ordinary.  All three of them had been to spas before where they had been completely rubbed down to treat their skin and then massaged by expert female hands.  But what they had seen before in the springs had made all three of them extra wary about what they were getting into and with whom.

So when Akane had led Taylor, Blake and Leighton from the springs into a more private chamber of the facility and hadn’t allowed them to put anything on their nude bodies, they had been a little suspicious. Then, when she had led them over to a smaller pool surrounded by candles as steam wafted through the air, they had collectively paused.

The smaller bath looked more private than the spring, but candles that lined around the edge of it, save for space to get in and out, made it look a little more romantic than what the girls were hoping for.

“Please, you must bathe before you are massaged,” Akane had urged, seeing their reluctance.

“This is just going to be normal, right?” Leighton had asked nervously, trying to keep close to Blake but not too close considering they were totally naked and that made her feel funny about her friend.  “Nothing too touchy-feely, right?”

“Like I have said, it will be anything you want it to be,” Akane had replied with a coy smile.  “Now please…enter the baths.  You must be washed.”

Taylor then surprised herself by being the first to slide into the water.  She hadn’t known really why she had done it, but maybe it had been her own curiosity or the fact that the water had looked so warm and relaxing and in a more private setting than the pool had been.  But she had just taken a nervous gulp and decided to go for it.

This was all so weird, but she still didn’t want anyone there to think she was some kind of prude.  So without giving herself a chance to think twice about it and find a reason not to do it, Taylor had slipped into the water, immediately enjoying how it felt on her nude body, despite her nerves.

“See, your friend likes it.  Please join her,” Akane had urged, placing her hands on Blake and Leighton’s bare backs and giving them a little soft push forward toward the water.

Once again Blake and Leighton had ended up looking at each other as if they were waiting for the other to leave so they could tag along.  But neither of them took that step and all looking at each other did was remind them of how naked they both were.  They had seen each other undressed before, but never for this long and in such a charged atmosphere and both of the girls looked away from each other before it became too obvious they wanted their gaze to linger on the naked flesh they saw.

Both Leighton and Blake were worried about how the other would react to that kind of stare and they were so nervous about it that they both missed that the other shared the same feeling they had.

“I guess we should get in,” Blake had said, trying to keep her eyes off Leighton’s bare breasts and her mind away from wondering how her friend would react if she tried to kiss her.  “It should be okay.”

That last part came out as more of a question than a statement and Leighton had found herself instinctively nodding her head in agreement.  She was a little surprised at her own willingness, but her body was ahead of her own brain on this and Leighton found herself getting a little more nervous as she had realized that her body was sending her messages making her want to be in that bath with Taylor and Blake and making her want to enjoy the feeling of being naked in the water with her sexy friend.

“It’ll be fine,” Leighton had replied without doubt even as her brain kept telling her to ignore the other parts of her body and realize that this was a super serious mistake that would bring her face to face with a temptation she didn’t dare get too close to.

“Ummmm how’s the water Taylor?” Leighton had asked, trying to diffuse the tension a little bit and get her brain away from thinking about hot naked girls and what would happen if she and Blake and Taylor started doing what the other girls were already doing.

“Oh my God it’s so awesome!” Taylor had sighed dreamily, feeling it flow over her body and make her feel so relaxed and good.  “So warm and wonderful.”

That had been the excuse Leighton had been looking for and she had gone for it right then, taking Taylor’s word that it felt good as all the reason to get in too.  And Blake had followed right behind her, trying hard not to forget all about her husband and instead stare too much at Leighton’s taut, bare ass. She had failed miserably in that respect, but once all three girls had been in the water enjoying its soothing, bubbling flow over their nude bodies, Taylor had asked the question that had gotten their pulses all racing again.

“Ummm so how does this work?” Taylor had asked, the warm water caressing her bare breasts in a way that made her tingle more than she was truly comfortable with.  “Do we like wash ourselves?”

“Oh no,” Akane had replied with a laugh.  “We will wash you.”

Akane had then called out in Japanese and Nanako walked into the room just as naked as she’d been when she had left the pool.  This time she had another girl with her and Akane had quickly introduced her.

“This is Shiori,” Akane said then, waving her hand toward the kimono-clad Japanese girl, whose dark hair had pink streaks in it, a distinctive touch that made her stand out from her co-workers. “She will assist.  Usually she is working at the front and we use her for our more…alternative clientele.  But with so many of you here, we will have to…as you say…improvise.  I am sure you won’t mind, though.  Shiroi is quite lovely.”

Akane then had spoken to her employees again in Japanese, issuing them a command that the girls in the water had understood completely even with the language barrier.  Immediately after she had said what she did, Shiori had opened up the sash of her kimono and let it fall off her body, exposing exactly what Akane had meant when she had talked about “alternative clientele” favoring her.

While some women would tattoo little Japanese or Chinese letters or symbols on their bodies and sometimes even whole phrases, Shiroi’s pale body was covered in enough phrases to be considered a short story.  That plus the twin bars through her nipples and the visible hoop through her smoothly shaved labia showed off just how different from her co-workers that the Japanese girl was.

But she seemed to have the same sweet, sexy demeanor that Nanako and the others did and she giggled playfully as she stood before everyone naked.  She then said something excitedly in Japanese to Nanoko and sent everyone’s pulses racing just a little bit more by blowing kisses toward Taylor, Blake and Leighton before she and Nanoko took each other’s hand and wandered into the water with them.

“This is a little much,” Blake protested when Nanoko came up to her in the water and picked up a white washcloth from near the bath, soaking it in the warm water and then brushing it gently against Blake’s bare back.  “Ummmm we can do this ourselves.  This really…really…oh myyyyyyy mmmmm…really isn’t necessary.”

But even as she meekly protested Nanoko’s touch, Blake hadn’t been able to stop herself from moaning when the girl had begun washing her breasts, rubbing them gently with the wet cloth and leaving them freshly glistening.  Seeing Blake’s reaction had made Akane smile and made Leighton freshly nervous about her own reaction, something that came to pass a few moments later when Shiori had pressed her naked, pierced body to Leighton’s and began to wash her.

“Ohhhhhh,” Leighton hadn’t been able to stop herself from moaning either when Shiori began washing her.  She hadn’t been bathed like this in so long.  She had always loved sharing her bathtub with a boyfriend.  It was so romantic and sexy, but it had been a long time since she had done that and Shiori’s sensual washing of her back and then around to her bare chest was making her feel sensations she had never experienced before.

Taylor marveled at this.  She just sat in the water as she watched Blake and Leighton be bathed by the beautifully naked Japanese girls.  It was just so erotic.  Taylor had never seen anything like it in her life and even though she knew she didn’t have any lesbian feelings or anything, she couldn’t stop from watching something so sexy.

While she might have been a touch less experienced than everyone else there, Taylor wasn’t naïve and she knew what Blake and Leighton were experiencing definitely wasn’t run of the mill spa stuff.  There was being pampered and then there was being REALLY pampered and what she was witnessing was clearly a step beyond.

But while she found what she was seeing to be undeniably erotic and fascinating, Taylor told herself that didn’t mean she liked it or anything.  Or that she wanted to be able to make the same soft, sexy moans that were staring to come more steadily out of Leighton and Blake’s mouths. Or that she wanted anything to do with the uninhibited pleasure between women that had been going on in the other room.  Because she definitely didn’t want that.  She was straight after all.  She liked boys.

However, as much as she was insisting to herself that she had no desire to do any kind of exploration, Taylor blurted out another question without even thinking about it first.

“What about me?” Taylor had asked, feeling a little lonely as she watched Shiori and Nanako bathe Leighton and Blake.

“Oh don’t worry pretty girl, I will take care of you personally Miss Swift,” Akane had replied.  “I can feel that you are going to need some very personal service.”

And then Taylor had reflexively gasped when Akane followed suit with her employees by easing off her kimono and stepping nude into the bath with her.  Akane was older than her employees, but her body was still amazing and Taylor couldn’t help but give her a once-over, trying not to stare too much at her firm, sexy breasts or the patch of dark fur hovering between her thighs.  She had blushed when she realized she was staring at another naked woman and that only made her uncomfortable when Akane came up to her in the water, took a washcloth and began to softly rub it against her back.

“Just relax,” Akane had advised the nervous girl.  “I will take good care of you.”

And that was how the three famous girls had ended up being washed in the spa’s baths, the three of them trying not to moan in too obvious a manner as the washcloths were pressed to their bare skin and the three professionals worked their tense bodies over.  The three of them were nervous…nervous about being in an environment like this, nervous about what they had seen before and nervous about how this was making them feel things they were all trying to stifle.

But, as ill at ease as they all were, none of them made any real attempt to get the washing to stop.  They just sat in the warm bath, breathed in the steam wafting around them and let the women work them over.

This was a new experience for all of them, but Blake, Leighton and Taylor couldn’t find the will to make it stop because it all felt so good.  Nanoko, Shiori and Akane washed them gently and thoroughly, bringing the hot water all over their arms and adding soap to treat their already tingling skin.

They washed their arms and backs and their stomachs, but also their breasts and when they brushed their areolas and nipples with the washcloths it was like thunderbolts of energy hitting all three of the inexperienced girls.  And through it all, the professionals savored the girls’ moans and gasps, knowing they had them right where they wanted them.

Taylor jumped slightly and began to squirm when she suddenly felt Akane begin to use her own hands to soapily massage her bare body.  At first the Japanese woman just concentrated on her shoulders, but it didn’t take long for her to snake her hands down and began to expertly rub the singer’s small, sexy breasts, pressing flesh to flesh.

“Ohhhhh Godddd…” Taylor groaned, not sure why this was making her feel like it did and why she couldn’t find the resolve to make Akane stop.  She knew this was wrong, but she couldn’t compel herself to do anything about it.

“Is something wrong?” Akane asked innocently, knowing full well why Taylor was reacting the way she was.

“I’ve just never been touched there…by another girl I mean…” Taylor admitted shyly.

“You’ve never had a massage before?” Akane asked, continuing to soap up Taylor’s firm, young tits while acting dumb about the effect she was having on the girl.

“Of course I have…I just…just never one…you know…like this…” Taylor pointed out while wondering if, in her effort to prove to herself and her new friends that she wasn’t a prude, she might have ended getting herself way in over her head.

“Then you are in for a wonderful experience, you and all your friends,” Akane promised, looking over to Leighton and Blake as they visibly tried to stifle the moans they were longing to release from Shiori and Nanoko’s soapy hands roaming all over their naked bodies.

“Now stand up,” Akane instructed.  “All three of you.  We shall finish the wash and then we shall massage you.”

The washing and the steam had worked Taylor, Blake and Leighton into such a dreamlike state that Akane might as well have been speaking Japanese right then. They just nodded their heads and, not wanting these tingles they all were feeling to stop, they did as they were told, standing up and putting their naked bodies back completely on display as Akane, Shiori and Nanoko all followed suit and put fresh soap on their wet hands before rubbing it all over the succulent young bodies before them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Leighton gasped in pleasure when she suddenly felt Shirori’s soft, soapy hands massage the small of her back and then move down to caress the cheeks of her ass.  She had been massaged by women before in spas, but none of the professionals she had seen could touch her like this.  Shiori’s hands were pure magic on her ass and when the pierced girl reached around to her front to bring her soapy, wet touch to her thighs, Leighton thought her knees were going to buckle and she would lose her balance.

Blake was having an even more intense reaction.  It had been a while since she had felt a woman’s touch below her waist and even that prior time couldn’t compare to what Nanoko was doing as she caressed her thighs and let the soapy water drip down her long legs before moving back to the cheeks of her toned ass, working them over with a sensual touch that had Blake feeling that the girl was making love to her with her hands without even touching her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh wowww!” Blake vocalized in a series of moans as she had to close her eyes from the sensual pleasure she was feeling. She couldn’t remember when her husband or any man had touched her like this…maybe no man ever had.

And finally Blake and Leighton saw in each other what had been obvious for some time.  This was affecting them both sexually and they saw the same look of lustful abandon starting to fill each other’s eyes.  But it still didn’t compel them to go for what they were both starting to become damp with desire for.

“Oh my God Blake mmmmm what’s happening to us?” Leighton moaned, not sure how to come to terms with just how much she was loving having Shiori’s hands massage her leg muscles and then come back up with a soapy trail to alternate between touching her ass and her thighs.

“Oooooh I dunno but it feels sooooooo gooooood!” Blake cooed softly.

And since the two women right then only had eyes for each other, they were missing how Taylor was melting just as much from the pure sex of Akane’s practiced touch.  She had never had hands on her body quite like this before, not even from the three guys she had made love to in her life.

Nothing could compare to what she was experiencing from Akane’s hands on her lower body and she felt nothing but a dizzying mashup of confusion and arousal that had her more unsure of herself and what she wanted than anything in life ever had.

Part of her wanted Akane to stop touching her and stop confusing her with new feelings she had never anticipated having.  And part of her only wanted more.  She wanted to be touched.  She wanted to have her ass and thighs caressed and massaged by soft, sensual hands and she wanted to feel blissful pleasure that would make her think she was floating high above the clouds in her own private world of rapture.

But Taylor also knew what that meant.  It meant she would be like the girls in the other room and her brain was not ready to allow that to happen yet.  The more she believed she wanted Akane to continue touching her, the more there was an active resistance inside herself, telling her that this was wrong and inappropriate and this was not what good girls did.

But now she was also starting to think that good girls didn’t get to feel things like she was feeling right then as Akane’s soapy hands played gently with her thighs and made her shiver with a naughty rush she had never known before.

Just when it was starting to get really good for Taylor, though, Akane stopped what she was doing and instructed Shiori and Nanako to do the same.

“Now we rinse you off,” Akane declared.  “And then we massage you.”

Akane, Shiori and Nanoko then stood up in the water and held out their hands for Taylor, Leighton and Blake to take.  When they took their hands, the three women led their customers out of the bath and toward the wall where a series of showerheads lay.  Just as they had for countless customers in the path, they turned on the water and gently sprayed their famous clientele clean, washing away the soap and making all three of them feel like a warm spring rain was falling over them.

It made all three of the girls moan and smile as the gentle water washed over them and they almost found themselves disappointed when it stopped.  But after all they had just gone through, a massage sure seemed like heaven to the three of them and they offered no resistance when the Japanese women once again took them by the hand and led them to another room, the six of them wearing absolutely nothing on their bodies and the three inexperienced girls starting to feel their inhibitions float away as easily as the steam in the room.

Inside the room they were led to there were several areas with long black stones and they watched as Nanako and Shiori went and placed towels on three of the stones.

“This is hot stone massage,” Akane informed them.  “Please lie down on them.  On your stomachs.  You will enjoy this.”

Of that the girls had no doubt.  They had enjoyed everything so far and that was the problem…they were enjoying it too much.

Leighton, Blake and Taylor did as they were told without hesitation, but also without speaking a word between them.  They all looked at each other and wondered what they were all on the verge of doing and why none of them were making any effort to stop it.  But none of them spoke.

They just lay on the stones in silence as Akane watched over them, feeling the hot stones pressing into their bodies with only the towels working as a barrier. Their asses were facing upward and while they were feeling very exposed and vulnerable, none of them did anything to change it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Taylor groaned, finally breaking the silence when she felt Akane press a hot stone to her bare back.  “Oh wow!  Mmmmmm that feels incredible!”

“We soak more stones in oil and heat them up. The effects are very rejuvenating,” Akane explained as Leighton and Blake also began to moan from the stones being pressed to their nude skin.  “Just relax and let us touch you. We know what we’re doing.”

And that was also something the girls had no doubt about.  It was clear by now that Akane and her staff were very experienced at inspiring a certain kind of reaction.  Taylor had never been massaged like this in her life but even though everything Akane was doing to her was only to her bare back and nothing more, it still felt so sexy and naughty to have it done to her by another naked woman and Taylor found her head spinning as the hot stones being pressed to her sent her into a state of dreamy relaxation.

She felt like she should be stopping this.  Even though it felt so wonderful to be massaged like this with those hot, oiled stones being pressed to her back, she still wondered if this was too wrong.  She’d been massaged by women before, but never one that was having this kind of effect on her.  God, was she turning gay or something?

Taylor had never, ever considered doing anything with a girl before.  It just hadn’t been something she had wanted.  But she loved how Akane was touching her.  Even the most basic touch of her hands to her arms or her shoulders or her back was giving her a thrill and the touches were undeniably sexual.  No one had ever made her feel that way and Taylor kept thinking back to what she had seen before and how all those beautiful women had been making love and enjoying each other’s bodies.

She wasn’t a lesbian.  She wasn’t into girls.  Taylor kept telling herself that, but the more she was massaged by the hot stones and Akane’s skilled touch, the more she moaned and felt herself relax.  Taylor closed her eyes and when she did she found herself daydreaming of Britney and Kirsten and Christina and Jennifer and everyone how they had all looked naked and sexy while kissing and touching and how much fun they’d been having.  Taylor gasped a little when she felt herself starting to get aroused at the thought of those beautiful girls making love, but she didn’t stop her daydreaming.

What was happening to her?  She had never had thoughts like this before!  But then again she’d never really seen anything like beautiful girls with girls either.  She’d seen some pornos in her life, mostly for giggles and for her own curiosity about sex and there had been some girl on girl scenes in them, but they had never been anything she’d really paid attention to.  She’d always just focused on boys.  But now when she closed her eyes all she saw were sexy, naked girls in her mind kissing and touching and gawwwd even licking each other.

And when Akane began pressing the hot stones to her ass, Taylor’s moans grew along with her smile.  She couldn’t help herself.  She began wondering what would have happened if she had stayed in the hot springs with all those other girls and if Jennifer or Eliza or Christina had begun kissing her and touching her.  Just the thought alone of being touched by a girl suddenly made her damp and Taylor smiled wickedly at the thought of doing something so naughty.

God, she never thought like this.  How could she be dreaming of this?  How could it be making her wet?  How could she think of kissing Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful lips while Christina Aguilera caressed her naked body and she let her own hands touch Britney Spears’ big, beautiful boobs?  This wasn’t her.  Other girls did things like that.  She was a good girl.  But as she let Akane continue to massage her, Taylor kept her eyes closed and her thoughts continued to be deliciously naughty.

And Blake was having the same thoughts.  She had her eyes closed too, but not because she was daydreaming.  She just didn’t want to be looking at Leighton lying naked next to her as she felt feelings come back to her that she had thought she had stifled away deep inside herself.  Being this close to Leighton while each touch Nanoko gave her with those stones made her pussy tingle was too much for her.  It was sweet torture, but it was far too good for her to be able to stop it.

She didn’t want to be feeling this way.  Not again.  She kept telling herself that she loved her husband and all the feelings she had kept inside her should stay bottled up where they belonged.  She tried not to think about those beautiful girls fucking in the hot springs without a care in the world other than how many times they could make each other come.  She tried not to think about how amazing Nanoko’s hands felt pressed to her body and how much she’d enjoyed being sensually bathed and how she had wished she had forgotten about the washcloth and instead used her tongue on her thighs.

And most of all she tried not to think about how beautiful Leighton was and how many nights she had collapsed happily down onto her pillow, smiling and breathing heavy as her vibrator had continued to buzz and remind her what she had just done to herself while dreaming of becoming more than Leighton’s friend.

But naturally all that made Blake think even more about it.  She loved what was happening to her and she hated it at the same time.  This place…these girls…they were making her think about things she had wanted to forget and the yearnings were more powerful than ever now.  Everything that had happened to her since she had walked through the doors of this place had made her forget more and more about being a good, loyal wife and instead made her long to do something wicked and slutty and indulge in what she considered forbidden ecstasy.

Blake was moaning with deeper need from every touch of a hot stone to her back or legs and when Nanako grazed them against her ass and massaged her toned muscles back there, she mewed in a soft tone that could only be recognized as desire.  Nanoko certainly recognized it and she spoke in Japanese, getting soft, knowing chuckles out of Akane and Shiori.

“What?  What’d she say?” Blake demanded, worried they were laughing at her.

“I said you have known girls before,” Nanoko replied.  “I can feel it.  You have felt a woman’s touch.”

“No…no…I…I never have…” Blake stammered, her face blushing furiously as she wondered how Nanoko could know her biggest secret just by touching her.

“Don’t be shy,” Akane said while continuing to massage Taylor.  “You don’t have to pretend.  Your body will reveal secrets that your lips do not want to tell.  Do not keep something so wonderful trapped inside.  Your body wants to admit it.  It wants to indulge in it again.  Nanoko’s hands can tell what your mouth is not willing to say.”

“Oh my God,” Blake groaned in embarrassment.  “It was just…just only one time…”

“Blake?  Are you serious?” Leighton asked in shock, turning toward her friend.  “You’ve been with a girl?”

Finding the need to unburden herself of this secret too powerful to be able to hide it anymore, Blake opened her eyes and looked right at Leighton, nodding her head.

“It was just once…” Blake confessed. “It was years ago…”

“For real?” Leighton asked, both in fascination and relief because this gave her a distraction from what she was feeling as Shiori’s pierced nipples erotically caressed her skin when the Japanese beauty pressed her bare tits into her back while massaging her legs with the stones.

“Yessssssssss…” Blake groaned as she felt Nanoko’s soft hands caressing her ass, her muscles nice and relaxed now from the hot, oiled stones.

“Oh wow…Blake…I had no idea!” Leighton marveled.  “With who?”

“No…no…I can’t…it’s too embarrassing…” Blake protested meekly.  “I never wanted you to find out Leighton.”

“Why?” Leighton asked, a little surprised that her friend would keep such a big secret from her when they usually told each other everything that happened between them and the men in their lives.  They were both queens of girl talk and to suddenly find out that her friend had had a lesbian experience was quite a surprise to her and she wanted to know everything…when…why…and most importantly who.

“Cause…cause…I just can’t,” Blake said, struggling to come up with a reason.  “You’ll…you’ll hate me!”

“No!  You have to tell me!” Leighton insisted, the two of them carrying on their conversation as though they were the only ones in the room and that Shiori and Nanako weren’t massaging them as they talked.  “I’d never hate you Blake!  Nothing you could tell me could make me feel that way!”

“I can’t,” Blake continued to say, even though she knew that the girls she had been would both have been more than happy for Leighton to know everything.

“Please Blake…please tell me,” Leighton urged, thinking to herself that if Blake had done this, then maybe the feelings she had inside her would make more sense.  “I want to know.  Hell, I have to know!  Please tell me who you did it with!”

Taylor was perking up too to listen in on this conversation.  Akane’s hands had worked her body over with the stones until she felt like she could just slide off into a happy puddle on the floor, but finding out that Blake had done it with a girl had snapped her a bit out of the trance she had been going into.  She didn’t say anything because she didn’t want it to seem like she was snooping, but she wanted to know what had happened too.

Looking over at Blake lying naked on the stones as Nanoko massaged her made Taylor dream of her too engaging in naughty, hot sex with Britney and Jewel and all the other girls in the spring and she liked that vision in her head a lot. Oh God, how hot would it be to see Blake having sex with all those beautiful girls?  Ooooooh and having Leighton do it too!  That would be the hottest!  Taylor was now focusing on how sexy all these girls were and once she started it, she couldn’t stop her brain from dreaming dirty images up of gorgeous, naked women touching and caressing and doing everything that felt good to each other.

“Gawwwwd it’s soooo embarrassing,” Blake said even as her resistance to spilling the details was shrinking thanks to both the relaxing feel of the massage and the interest it seemed to be sparking in Leighton.  “I didn’t want you to know Leighton.  I shouldn’t have done it.  I just totally lost control and I was drunk and I wasn’t thinking and I did something I shouldn’t have.”

“Please tell me…” Leighton continued to say.  “I’m your friend Blake.  You don’t have to be embarrassed.”

Blake mumbled something back, but no one, not even Nanoko, could hear her.

“Blake!” Leighton urged.  “Don’t be like this. You can tell me.”

“It was Taylor, okay?” Blake confessed, a huge burden flying off her as she finally admitted the secret she’d been keeping for years from everyone, including her husband, and especially from Leighton.  “I fucked Taylor!”

“WHAT?” Leighton gasped as Taylor’s head spun for a second before she realized that Blake wasn’t talking about her, but rather a different Taylor.

“Are you kidding me?  You and Taylor?” Leighton asked, knowing exactly who Taylor was and not able to wrap her mind around the idea of Blake having sex with their then teenaged co-star.

“Yes!” Blake sorrowfully confessed, knowing that wasn’t even the worst part of it.

This admission immediately brought Leighton out of her relaxed state because she had a million questions running through her head all at once.

“When?  How?  Why?” Leighton demanded to know.  “I can’t believe this!   You fucked Taylor!”

“It was just once…I was drunk…I….” Blake said meekly, feeling like she an inch tall as she lay naked on the stones because as even as could feel what a relief it was to confess the secret she had kept inside herself, there was so much more to what had happened to her than just one night of misguided passion.  “I was single then and I felt so lonely that night and I…well she….God she totally seduced me and…I…I…just lost all control…”

Leighton couldn’t believe she was hearing this.  First Blake had dropped the bombshell that she had had a lesbian experience and now she was telling her it was with their teenaged co-star on Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen.  This was nothing she had ever expected to hear and it was such a shock that she found herself forgetting that she and Blake were not alone having a private conversation.  It was only when she once again felt Shiori’s hands massaging her bare back with the stones that she was reminded who else was there with them.

“I can’t believe it…” Leighton said, trying not to freak out from this sudden news.  It made her head spin, but she didn’t want to upset Blake and, besides, Shiori’s expert massage kept her from reacting too emotionally about this. “You?  And Taylor?  And she seduced you?”

Blake nodded her head in admission of everything, hoping that at least if Leighton continued to focus on the whole Taylor part of this, then she wouldn’t discover the other secret she held inside herself, hidden from everyone.   But even as she clung to this second secret as though it were a precious jewel, someone could tell that she was holding something back.

“Do not be afraid to confess your desires…” Nanoko urged.  “It is natural to enjoy women.  You can tell your friend how you feel…”

Oh God!  How did she know?

Blake cried this to herself as she became instantly afraid that Leighton would get mad at her for feeling this way, but when she didn’t hear any kind of reaction from her friend, she glanced over her shoulder to see that Leighton was too lost in the massage she was getting from Shiori to have picked up on Nanoko’s comment.  Blake breathed a sigh of relief, but even though Leighton had become too distracted for the moment to have caught the meaning of what Nanoko had surmised, it didn’t mean the brunette actress had lost interest in finding out everything that Blake had been up to.

“How did it happen?” Leighton asked, her voice a moan as Shiori manipulated the stones against her body.  “Please Blake.  Tell me what she did to you.  Tell me what you did to her.  Tell me everything!  Please!”

“It was just once…just that one time…I never did it again…but they…they…” Blake sputtered out, her body tensing up at the same time Nanoko was doing everything in her power to relax the blonde actress, creating a war in Blake’s body and making it much easier for the words to just spill right out of her.

“Wait…wait…they?  What do you mean by they?” Leighton asked, picking up right away on what Blake had said.  She was hanging on every word coming from her friend’s mouth, her pulse racing as she confessed her lesbian past, which only made Leighton look at Blake more intently and how her ass looked sooooo beautiful while Nanoko massaged it with the stones and how her bare tits were so temptingly pressed into the towel and stones underneath her chest.

Blake groaned when she realized that she had accidentally revealed more about that night than she had intended to.  Whatever Nanoko was doing to her and the whole sensual atmosphere of this place was loosening her tongue more than she had ever wanted it to and she found it impossible now not to tell Leighton what had happened.

“It wasn’t just Taylor,” Blake confessed, her white skin turning a flushed shade of red from the embarrassment of confessing her wild night.  “It was Willa too!  I was with both of them!”

“WHAT?” Leighton cried again, shocked beyond belief that not only would Blake have sex with two teenage girls, but that she would keep it a secret from her.  What else had she been hiding?

“Oh God….you do hate me!” Blake cried, little tears welling up in her eyes as she pictured her friend never wanting to speak to her again.  “I knew you would! That’s why I never wanted to tell you!”

“No…no…no…I don’t hate you!” Leighton immediately insisted, trying to calm Blake down as her own curiosity over this sudden and shocking revelation rocked her and made her crave details.  “I could never hate you Blake!  I’m just surprised.  That’s all.  Ummmm can you tell me how it happened?”

Leighton told herself that she was only asking that from an informational standpoint, just so she could be in the proverbial loop.  It definitely wasn’t because the thought of Blake naked with sexy teenagers like Taylor Momsen and Willa Holland made her feel damp and aroused between her thighs as she lay naked on the hot stones and continued to be sensually massaged.  It definitely wasn’t because the thought of Blake naked and being kissed and touched by other girls made her nipples hard and forced her to picture just how easily she could lean over to close the distance between her and Blake and press her lips to hers in a soft kiss.

And Leighton’s ears weren’t the only ones perking up.  Taylor was also listening as intently as if Blake was revealing state secrets.  As much as she hated the tabloids and their constant lies and wild stories, Taylor had to admit she loved gossip.  She loved knowing juicy secrets, especially ones about people doing things they weren’t supposed to do. Blake’s confessions were like catnip to her and she had to know what was going on.  And at the same time Akane was pressing the hot stones to her legs and her ass, making her naked body still tingle in a way Taylor knew it wasn’t supposed to.

Taylor had loved watching episodes of Gossip Girl while she was spending lonely nights on tour so when Blake mentioned Taylor Momsen and Willa Holland she knew exactly whom she was talking about.  They were both so beautiful and Taylor couldn’t believe they were lesbians.  It seemed so crazy. They were both so young.  How could they do that?  Taylor’s mind whirled at this confession and the curiosity to know more…lots more…grew inside her.

Like Leighton, she couldn’t get the image of Blake naked with them and kissing and touching their sexy bodies out of her head and Taylor squirmed a little on her towel at the thought of Blake acting just like Britney and Eliza and Jewel.  Just thinking about Blake being like them made her feel more excited and even a little squishy below her waist especially as she wondered if Blake wanted to kiss Leighton and gawwwwd kiss her too so they could all be as hot and naughty as the girls back in the springs.

Blake was relieved that Leighton didn’t seem to think she was some kind of perverted slut for admitting that she had had sex with not just any girl, but their wild child co-star, along with one of the hottest guest stars the show had ever had.  Deep down she had hated keeping this a secret.  She had wanted to tell Leighton everything but had been afraid to what else it would lead to her revealing so she had kept it hidden all this time.  Now she no longer could so she just opened her mouth at her friend’s urging and let the secret fly out.

It was a long story and she felt she had to start at the beginning so Leighton would truly understand why she had done what she had done.  Fortunately as she began speaking, the Japanese women continued to massage them expertly, relaxing their bodies once again right along with their inhibitions.  Nanoko pressed the hot, oil covered stones to her naked body, melting the tension right off her and making the words spill out in a story that actually began far away from the Gossip Girl set.

Everything in Blake’s life had been completely normal and totally heterosexual until she had taken a fateful trip to Greece.  This hadn’t been a vacation though even though Blake had enjoyed much of the trip as though it had been.  She had been there to film the sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which had been her breakthrough role.  It had been so much fun to do the first movie and the idea of filming part of the sequel in Greece along with her co-stars Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel and America Ferrara had sounded like paradise.

During the filming of the first movie, Blake had become close to all of them.  Despite growing up in a show biz family, Blake had been the most inexperienced actress of the four of them while they had filmed the first movie.  So she had relied on her co-stars for guidance and support and they had become good friends.  What Blake hadn’t known at the time was that two of her co-stars had become much more than friends.

She hadn’t had a clue about any of that, though, until a fateful day near the end of the weeks they spent shooting in Greece.  One of the things Blake had enjoyed most about being there had been the gorgeous, secluded beaches, especially in the early mornings.  She would get up early almost every day to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  She’d walk along the beach, relishing the solitude it offered her and then sit on the sand and watch these amazing sunrises.  It was such a calm, peaceful time and it really helped Blake keep things in perspective.

She could be alone with her thoughts out there and it was absolutely wonderful.  She had loved doing it, but never had told any of her co-stars about it because she wanted to do it alone.  She had loved the girls she had been in the movie with, but she had also treasured her “me time” so her early morning ventures onto the beach had been her secret.  And if she had told her co-stars what she had been up to, then maybe she wouldn’t have stumbled upon what she had stumbled upon.

It had been a normal day like any other initially.  Blake had sat on the beach happy and content like she was the only person left on Earth and watched another glorious sun rise.  It had been another awesome way to start the day.  But then she had heard the moaning in the distance…

At first she had tried to ignore it, thinking it wasn’t anything but her own imagination.  Then the noises had persisted and grown louder so Blake had gone to investigate, worried that someone was sick or hurt and needed help.  But the closer she had gotten, the more obvious it had become that whoever was moaning wasn’t doing it because of pain.  No these had been moans of pleasure and as soon as she had realized it, Blake had stopped dead in her tracks.

She had been glad she hadn’t called out to see if the moaning person was okay like she’d been about to before it had dawned on her that it had been sex moans.  That would have been so embarrassing.  She had been about to turn around and head back and ignore whoever was making the noise when her own curiosity proved to be too tempting.

One thing Blake had never done had been to see someone else having sex.  It was wrong to spy of course, but at that point Blake had been between boyfriends and hadn’t felt a lover’s touch in weeks.  So perhaps her own pent-up needs had convinced her to become a voyeur or maybe she had just been genuinely curious.

Even now, years later, Blake still wasn’t quite sure why she had done what she had done, but she had decided to just take a little peek.  After all sneaking a small glimpse wouldn’t hurt.  So she had crept quietly, not wanting to alert the early morning lovers to her presence, and had followed the sounds of the moans to one of the more secluded nooks of the beach.

Blake could still remember how her curiosity had grown more and more intense the closer she got and the louder and more vivid the moans had become.  She had wanted to see.  She had needed to see.  But what she had found hidden behind the dunes had ended up being the last thing in the world she had expected.

Blake could still vividly recall how her heart had literally skipped a beat as an intense shock had overcome her when she had peeked down over the dune to find that hidden behind it were her co-stars America and Amber on a blanket with not a stitch of clothing on their beautiful bodies as they made passionate love.

The shock of this had made Blake gasp and today she was still grateful that she had managed to clamp her hand over her mouth before the sound had escaped.  Neither Amber nor America had ever found out she had watched them that day, but Blake had seen everything.  She had seen every inch of their bodies and she had found out about a torrid, secret lesbian affair that had apparently been going on since they had shot the first movie.

At first she had been too stunned to move.  She recalled not believing what she was seeing and thinking that it had to be some kind of weird dream or hallucination.  But that feeling hadn’t lasted and then had come the guilt.  Blake had known she shouldn’t have been watching that…that it was an intimate moment between two lovers and the fact that those lovers were friends of hers just made it clearer that this was something she hadn’t been meant to see and that she shouldn’t have been spying upon.

But despite telling herself that, Blake hadn’t moved a muscle.  She had remained hidden, peering down on her naked friends as they did things to each other that she had never imagined either was capable of.  It had been too fascinating to stop watching.  It had been the most surreal thing she had ever seen.  Neither America nor Amber had ever given off any hint or clue they were into women but the evidence had been right in front of Blake’s eyes.  She had watched them pleasure each other with no restraint or shyness, giving off every indication this was a regular occurrence between them.

And as much as she had told herself not to, Blake had stared.  She had stared as America had lay back on the blanket and spread her legs, offering up her wet pussy to Amber’s attention.  Amber had been contenting herself by gorging on America’s heavy tits, kissing and licking the full, Latina mounds while working her hand between America’s legs, rubbing her pussy as she had heaved for breath, making her breasts bump into Amber’s pretty face more than a few times.

Blake had watched this with the utmost of fascination, staring as Amber had fingered America into a wet, horny mess until the girl had pushed right down on Amber’s pretty head and forced her down to lick the pussy she’d just been touching.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yessssssss mmmmmmmmm sexy mama!  Eat my pussy!  Eat that fucking little hole!” America had cried in a demanding, lusty voice Blake had never heard from her before as she had shoved Amber down between her thighs.  “Mmmmm oooooooh yessssssssss oooooooh mmmmmm you like licking that spicy little pussy of mine, don’t you baby?  You like licking up how much cum I have dripping out for your hot tongue?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssss you know I fucking love it,” Amber had grinned as she had pulled up from America’s pussy with her lips now sparkling with girl juice.  “How many times am I going to have to eat this pussy before you stop asking me to tell you that I love how juicy you get?”

“You’re gonna keep saying it over and over and over again cause I love hearing it!” America had cried back in pleasure, shoving Amber’s face down to her pussy again while thrusting her hips to fuck her tongue.  “Oooooooh yessssssss I love you like this Amber!  I love you licking my juicy hole with that hot little tongue lashing against my clitty while you stick that big ass of yours up in the air and wiggle it for me like the little slut you are!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk mmmmmm every fucking time you get me with that!  Ooooooooh you make me so wet sexy momma!  You make me come so good every time!”

Blake had been hypnotized by what she had seen.  She had watched and nearly refused to let her eyes blink for fear of missing even the fraction of a split second of this. It was like nothing she had ever seen.  Amber and America had been so beautiful, their bare skin so soft and sexy and their nude bodies absolutely gorgeously feminine.  They had both been like works of art to Blake’s eyes, their full hips and breasts and even their asses all so ripe and attractive.

Blake had found herself particularly staring at Amber’s backside as she had arched it up in the air just like America had wanted, her full, thick cheeks looking so sexy as her position had unknowingly given Blake the chance to stare right at the wet lips of her tight, pink slit from behind.

This had gone on for a few moments before it had even dawned on Blake what she was doing.  She was checking out her friends.  She was staring at their naked bodies and loving what she was seeing.  She was finding their naked flesh attractive and admiring how wonderfully feminine their soft curves were.  What the fuck!!!!!

The realization of her own naughty actions had made Blake’s head spin even harder than it had when she had first realized it was America and Amber making the moaning noises.  What was she doing?  She had demanded that answer of herself right then and there but she hadn’t been able to give her own brain any kind of explanation.  All she had known was that the beauty of her friends as they made passionate lesbian love right in front of her had spellbound her and that she had felt stirrings inside her she had never experienced before.

Blake had never had anything resembling a lesbian thought in her mind until that day but there she had been, captivated by Amber and America and wondering what it would feel like to rub her hands over Amber’s gorgeous ass cheeks and feel her soft skin and the heat that was no doubt radiating from her sex.  She had found herself wondering what it would be like to then grab America’s big, shaking breasts and even let her tongue tease the hard, dark nipples that capped them off.  And she had found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss them both, going from one to the other and letting their womanly lips rub into hers before they started touching tongues and she let them show her close up exactly what they had been doing to each other.

Those thoughts had flowed wickedly through her suddenly aroused mind as she had watched them both go at each other for what felt like hours.  Amber had brought America to a tremendous climax with her tongue and then they’d flipped positions so America could return the favor.  But she had made it even hotter by instead of going after Amber’s pussy with her tongue at first, she had instead rubbed her big breasts right into her lover’s sex, coating them with a naughty wetness that Blake had found herself aching to taste before America had buried her tongue into Amber’s pinkness and taking her to the same heights of ecstasy she had just experienced for herself.

And then they had concentrated on pleasuring each other at the same time, kissing each other passionately while rubbing each other’s bare breasts and moving their legs in a scissoring position so they could rub into each other and make each other come again by grinding their pussies together.  Blake had watched it all and it had only been when it had appeared that they were going to stop had she snapped herself out of the trance she’d gone into and scampered off undetected.

She’d never said a word to Amber or America about what she’d seen or told their co-star Alexis Bledel about the secret she’d discovered.  The movie had wrapped soon after that and she’d seen her co-stars only sporadically since then.  But that hadn’t meant the memories of that morning had left Blake’s mind.  Far from it.  It had taken up a residence in her thoughts, seemingly possessing her and making her feel desires and longings that she had never ever expected to feel for anything but a man.

There had been so many times that Blake had found herself thinking back to that day and imagining what would have happened if she had coughed or moaned or even accidentally knocked some sand down onto them so they would have known she was up there.  She had imagined what would happen then…how they would pull her down onto their blanket and rip her clothes off…how they would kiss her and run their hands all over her body as she had begged them not to stop…how they would have kissed and licked and even bit her breasts and then how they would have gotten to her pussy and shown her an ecstasy with their tongues and fingers that she could never have dreamed possible.

Nearly every time she had let her mind drift in that direction it had ended with the soft buzzing of her vibrator as she had dreamily smiled in an orgasmic haze.  There had been so many instances where Blake had then brought her own toy right up to her mouth and licked it clean, tasting her own juices as she imagined it was America or Amber or even another beautiful girl like Alexis feeding it to her right after they had fucked her.

She had touched herself so many times to her forbidden fantasies of female flesh, each time wondering more and more what it would be like to really make love to a woman.  She had even found herself checking women out, admiring the curves of their bodies under their clothes and wondering what they looked like naked and what they could do to each other once their clothes came off.  No sexy woman had been immune to this fantasy…especially not Leighton.

Upon her return from Greece to the new season of filming Gossip Girl, Blake had found herself noticing for the first time just how beautiful the women she worked with were.  Sure she’d realized how attractive they were before, but that was when she had REALLY noticed and with that increased appreciation of a woman’s body had come new fantasies that she really hadn’t been comfortable with.  It hadn’t been so bad when it came to imagining the naked bodies of the female publicists, crewmembers and even the girls in catering sweaty and satisfied right after they’d fucked, but when it came to thinking about her co-stars, Blake had felt guilty.

In her not quite entirely at peace with lusting for women mind, Blake had almost felt like she had somehow been violating her co-stars as she found herself thinking naughtily about the sexy bodies of Jessica Szohr or Taylor in her underage sex kitten glory and even Kelly Rutherford, the gorgeous woman who played her mother.  And that had been especially true when it came to Leighton.  It had just felt wrong to think about her friend that way…but of course that hadn’t meant she hadn’t done it.

In fact the wrongness of thinking about Leighton in a sexual way heightened the pleasure she got out of it.  Blake had been unable to keep from staring and fantasizing over Leighton innocently changing clothes in front of her, letting her see her naked body and sometimes it had almost been too much and Blake had felt the overpowering urge to kiss and touch Leighton.  She’d always restrained herself though, mashing the inappropriate urgings deep down inside herself…or at least that’s where she’d thought they’d been.

On that second fateful day, Blake and Leighton had been hanging out after hair and makeup waiting for their scenes to be shot as Taylor had regaled them with another one of her tales of wild debauchery.  The girl who had once been Cindy Lou Who seemed to relish to no end getting into trouble and making sure the next day her co-stars knew all about how much she’d had to drink, the kinds of pills she’d taken for chemical enhancement and whose cock she’d sucked the night before.

Many times Blake and Leighton had assumed that the underage temptress had just been talking big.  There was no way a girl her age could even begin to do the wild, crazy things she claimed to.  They had assumed she had simply been putting on some kind of façade to try and impress them or something.  They both liked Taylor.  She was hard not to like.  But sometimes it felt to them like she was trying too hard.

However on this day, Blake had learned that at least in one area, Taylor had not just been all talk.

Leighton’s scenes had been up first so she had excused herself and Blake had been unable to help herself from looking a little too longingly at how tightly the woman’s skirt had hugged her absolutely spectacular ass.  She had assumed that she had been subtle about this and maybe she had, but Taylor had caught her and Blake could remember the words perfectly that she had said next.

“You like her, don’t you?” Taylor had asked.

Blake had blushed immediately and stammered out something back about how of course she liked Leighton.  They were friends after all, but Taylor had quickly made it clear she meant something much deeper…a liking that went far beyond just friendship.

At first Blake had denied everything, claiming that the accusation was ridiculous and that Taylor had to be seeing things.  But the teenager had smelled blood in the water and had gone for it like a shark.  Before Blake had known what had hit her, Taylor had been behind her massaging her shoulders through her clothes and playing with her hair as she had told her that it was okay to admit and that there was nothing wrong with wanting to fuck girls.

Even though Taylor was years younger than her, Blake had found the teenager taking full control of the situation and herself unable to do anything but moan gently as Taylor had massaged her shoulders and made her feel both very uncomfortable and very aroused all at once.  With no one else around to overhear them, Taylor had confessed to Blake that she was more than familiar with a woman’s touch.  She told her how guys could be such complete losers and how women needed other women to really be sexually satisfied.

After everything she had previously admitted to having done, the idea of Taylor having sex with a girl hardly seemed farfetched.  So when she had started whispering in Blake’s ear about how there was no better feeling than a woman’s tongue against her pussy, licking every sweet drop of juice out of her, Blake couldn’t help but imagine it.

As Taylor had whispered dirty words in her ear, Blake had found herself closing her eyes and moaning while picturing the tempting teenage girl on her knees eating her out and how she would come so hard against her pretty, young face.  The idea of having sex with Taylor had sent a shiver up Blake’s that the girl had definitely noticed.   Even Blake had known how obvious her interest had to have been at that point, so what had happened next had not been a surprise at all.

Taylor moved around so she was face to face with Blake and then pressed a tender kiss right to her lips.  It had been the first kiss she had ever had from another woman and Blake had instantly loved the heat and the softness of it.  The fact that an underage girl had been the one doing it had only made it hotter and Blake without even thinking had started to kiss back, closing her eyes and soon enough letting her tongue slide out to play inside Taylor’s temptress mouth.

Blake had no idea had far they might have gone that day if they hadn’t heard footsteps, causing them to bring a sudden and emphatic conclusion to their budding make out session.

But that hadn’t been the end of things between them.  As Blake had struggled to compose herself before they were found out, Taylor had whispered into her ear and invited her over to her house that night with the promise that her fantasy was going to come true.

There had been a thousand, hell maybe even a million, reasons that she shouldn’t have gone that night.  She hadn’t needed to be reminded of them.  They’d been obvious.  But the only reason Blake had listened to had been the one coming from between her legs and it was what had compelled her to show up at Taylor’s door that night.  She’d wanted to go and that had been enough for her to overcome all her better judgment and common sense.

By the time she’d arrived at Taylor’s, Blake’s mind had been filled with all sorts of wild scenarios for what could possibly by lying in wait for her there.  Part of her had expected Taylor would have some kind of swinger’s club or sex dungeon in her cellar or that she’d arrive and find 20 men waiting for her because she’d walked right into some kind of gangbang the wicked teen had set up.  And while she’d known at the time that those had been wildly over the top ideas, what Blake had been so keenly aware of was how much she wanted something like that to be true.

She had wanted something wild.  She had wanted something naughty.  She had wanted Taylor to make good on her promise.  She wanted all her fantasies to come true.  And by the end of the night at least some of them had.

There had been no sex club and no gangbang waiting for her.  What instead had been there had been something just as unexpected and just as extraordinary.  Blake had never spoken of that night until now, but under the expert hands that seemed to be massaging the truth out of her while Leighton and Taylor had listened on she confessed it all.

It hadn’t been Taylor Momsen who had answered the door and enthusiastically invited her in.  It had been someone else she hadn’t expected at all and at first Blake hadn’t known how to react to being greeted by Willa Holland, especially when the girl had thrown her arms around her right in the doorway and aggressively kissed her.

Blake had just stood there like a statue, her eyes wide and shocked.  But, despite the surprising gesture from a girl she barely knew, Blake had felt some pleasure from Willa’s kiss.  She hadn’t kissed back, but thanks to the softness and heated desire of the kiss, it hadn’t ended up being an overall unpleasant experience.

“Mmmmm shy, huh?” Willa had smirked pulling away from Blake and guiding her inside the house.  “Tay said you’d need some loosening up first.  Good thing turning straight chicks into dykes is what I specialize in.  Mmmm soon you’ll be nice and loose Blake.  Loose enough for me to fuck!”

Blake hadn’t been able to believe what she’d heard.  She hadn’t shared scenes with Willa when she’d been on Gossip Girl so her interactions with her had been limited.  But in those times they had talked, Blake had never seen this side of Willa before.  She had always perceived there was more than a little bit of wickedness under the sweet, friendly face Willa had always put on and now that was on full display and there seemed to be absolutely no restraints in the girl’s behavior.

“Maybe I should go…this was a mistake…” Blake remembered saying, but Willa hadn’t wanted to take no for answer and instead had pulled Blake by her hand further away from the door and deeper into the house.

“Oh you’re not going anywhere,” Willa had said confidently, as if she believed there was no conceivable way she wasn’t going to get what she wanted.  “Tay told me everything that happened with you two today.  She told me how badly you need a girl on girl fucking and baby that’s exactly what you’re going to get here!”

“She told you?” Blake had replied in disbelief, feeling as though she had been placed into some kind of situation with these two teenagers that was far beyond anything she was ready for.  They were the ones with the experience here obviously and she was the one left nervous and ill at ease. That wasn’t how it was supposed to be but it was clear that even though this was Taylor’s house, it was Willa who was in charge.

“Oh baby, Tay tells me everything!” Willa had enthusiastically declared.  “She knows not to keep secrets from me.  When you were walking away from her she was already texting me all the dirty details and mmmmm it turned me on like crazy!  My pussy’s been on fire all fucking day thinking about getting you over here and treating you to your first girl on girl cunt lapping!”

Willa had been clad in just a short robe and this had given Blake a chance to stare at her gorgeous legs for the first time.  She had never really seen what a beauty this young girl was and as much as this was all making her so nervous and wonder if she was making a serious mistake, she couldn’t help but be turned on by Willa’s stunning looks and her completely uninhibited attitude.

“What are you going to do to me?” Blake had asked as she had obediently followed Willa like a sheep following her Bo Peep.  “I don’t know why I came.  I…I…I…I thought I was going to see Taylor and…”

“Oh you’ll see Taylor in just a second,” Willa had responded with a devilish look on her face.  “She’s right here in the dining room.  And as for what we’re going to do to you Blake?  Mmmmm you’re going to get what you want…what you’ve always wanted.  You’re going to find out that it’s way more fun to fuck other girls than it is to just stare at them.”

Willa was so crude but she was so open about it at the same time that Blake had found herself responding to it like she was being guided right into her trap. She hadn’t been able to stop from gawking at Willa’s firm young body in her short robe, especially as her ass had peeked out from the bottom of it, making Blake wonder if the girl had worn panties underneath.

“But first, before we get you your first taste of pussy, I think it’s time we had some dinner, don’t you Blake?” Willa had said.  “You hungry?’

“Yeah…a little,” Blake had understated.  The truth had been that she’d been so nervous and excited about coming to Taylor’s that she hadn’t eaten all day.  Her stomach was growling.

“Mmmm good because I made sure to lay out quite a feast for you Blake to celebrate your entry into dykehood,” Willa had smirked while pushing open the door to the dining room.  “So, are you ready Blake?  You ready to dive right into your new life and enjoy the feast?”

Of all the things Blake had expected to be on the other side of the dining room table what she had actually found there had never entered her mind as a possibility.  It had been just as big a shock to her as it had been to see Amber and America and Blake had audibly gasped and covered her mouth with her hand over what she had found on the table.

Taylor had been lying across the table motionless and completely naked, her intimate parts covered up only by the sushi that had been meticulously placed upon her.  Green leaves with sushi on top of them were covering up Taylor’s nipples and areolas, her belly button, her thighs and most importantly her sex, but it was clear she had nothing on under those leaves and as she has lay there naked and unmoving like she had been instructed to do, Blake had found herself enraptured by the sight of her co-star, just like she had been when she’d seen Amber and America.

It was a feast all right, a feast of a beautiful girl’s young body and Blake had found herself craving the taste of Taylor even more than she wanted the food placed on her.  The more Taylor had lay there perfectly still, not reacting at all to her presence, the more Blake had wanted to just push the sushi right off her and eat up Taylor instead.  This had all been so intense and surprising and it had stunned her right into open mouth silence.

“What’s the matter?” Willa had taunted.  “Don’t you like sushi?  I can’t imagine why.  I’ve never seen a better-looking dinner.  So let’s eat up.  I spent hours putting this together so let’s savor it.”

“This is crazy…” Blake had said, trying not to stare longingly at Taylor and imagine every dirty thing she could do to the teenager and failing miserably at it.

“Oh no, it’s definitely not crazy,” Willa had said.  “What’s crazy is going through life and not taking what you want.  All women want to be fucked by other women.  It’s natural.  Men just can’t do what women can to each other.  They don’t eat pussy as well and their cocks always go soft when you need them to be hardest.  Women can go all night, licking and fingering you until you’re drained of every hot, creamy drop of yummy cum.  Nothing’s better than fucking a woman! Nothing!  And tonight you’re going to find that out Blake.  You won’t be staring anymore.  You’ll be doing!”

So much of that night had been a blur.  Blake remembered how she had told herself over and over again not to do it.  How wrong it had been to do what she had done to Taylor.  How she shouldn’t have been messing around with girls.  How she was totally straight and that she was making a mistake by doing this.  But none of that had managed to cool her down.  She had been on fire with need and lust that night and had indulged in the forbidden.

It had helped of course that Willa had brought out warm sake.  Blake had never been particularly good about holding her liquor and sake had always been a big weakness of hers.  That night it had allowed her to better ignore her better judgment and the more she’d drank of it the more her inhibitions had disappeared until she and Willa had begun passionately kissing.

Memories of that night were hazy, but Blake could remember how much she’d liked it when Willa had taken off her robe to show she was indeed naked underneath.  She remembered how naughty and fun it had been to lean down and eat the sushi right off Taylor’s naked body, revealing her piece by piece until her firm teen tits were exposed and then her thighs and then the completely shaved, glistening lips of her fresh, young cunt.

Blake remembered how she’d been practically hypnotized by seeing Taylor naked like that and how, after Willa had pushed her face down into the wet, teen hole, she’d started licking as a reflex, her desire compelling her to do it before she could even give her brain a chance to talk her out of it.  She’d found that pretty, pink pussy even more delicious than the sushi and Blake could still vividly recall how good it had tasted to have Taylor coating her tongue with the sweetness of her cum as she’d squealed and spasmed from being licked.

The details might not have been crystal clear thanks to the sake, but Blake hadn’t forgotten how she’d eaten Taylor out while Willa had gotten behind her, lifted up her skirt and then pulled down her panties to lick and finger her at the same time.  Then she had fucked Willa too, getting her in Taylor’s bed and eating her pussy as Taylor had watched and fingered herself and told Blake just how Willa liked it.  Blake remembered how they had both made her make them come before she got her first chance to come and how much she had liked that…no, how much she had LOVED feeling like she was some kind of lesbian plaything for the wicked teenagers

And when they had finally let her come, licking her with both of their young tongues at the same time, Blake had felt like she’d died and gone to heaven.  She had never felt anything like that before…two wet, sexy tongues both licking her pussy, tasting her folds and her swollen lips and then her clit.  It had been mind-blowingly amazing and had made her come harder and happier than any boyfriend of hers ever had.  And all of that was before Willa had broken out her strap-on and blown her mind again by fucking her doggie style while she’d buried her face back in Taylor’s pussy and licked her co-star to another orgasm.

It had been a night of absolute bliss, but then the morning after had come.

Blake had woken up the next morning with a splitting headache from the sake-induced hangover and an even more intense sense of guilt.  She remembered feeling almost sick to her stomach with the knowledge that she had had sex with two teenage girls and lost absolute control with them.  She had let them take her like she had never had let any of her boyfriends do, spanking her and calling her dirty names and even licking her asshole and using their fingers on her back there.

She had felt so awful for what she had done.  She had acted like such a slut!  And most of all she felt guilt because deep down Blake had known she had wanted to do it again.  She had gotten to finally experience a woman’s touch.  But not all of her fantasy had come true because Leighton hadn’t been there and knowing that she had still wanted that to happen had filled Blake with intense shame.

And since that one night, Blake had never allowed herself to slip again.  She had forced herself to be totally straight.  She had avoided Taylor as best she could and had certainly taken pains to never interact with Willa again.  And most of all she had made sure that whatever feelings she had for Leighton that went beyond friendship were buried deep inside her.  It had worked too.  She had managed to make herself believe that this had all been some kind of crazy fluke and she was only into men. She’d gotten married. She’d forgotten all about that night and those dirty feelings.

Until today.

This place had changed all that and the atmosphere and the expert massage she was getting caused her to unburden herself of the secrets she kept.  Leighton and Taylor both heard her confessions as did the women who were massaging their nude bodies.  They heard every word as Blake told them everything…save for one secret she kept to herself.

She didn’t reveal the depth of her attraction to Leighton.  She didn’t want her friend to be weirded out or think she was even more perverted than she was.  So she had censored herself there.  But everything else about Amber and America and then Taylor and Willa had been revealed to her rapt audience.

When she finished there was only silence.  No one knew how to respond and Blake ached for any sign from her friend and co-star that she was ok with this.  She needed some kind of validation or acceptance or something and after a few agonizing seconds of nothing crept by, Blake finally snapped.

“God!  Say something Leigh!” Blake cried, sure that her friend hated her and that she thought she was some kind of sick weird sex freak.

“What do you want me to say?” Leighton replied, her voice on edge too even as the rest of her body was kept in a constant relaxation thanks to the hot stone massage she was still receiving.  “That’s just…God!  Blake!   Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?”

“I didn’t want you to think I was some kind of perv,” Blake admitted, blushing again.  “I didn’t want you to hate me.”

“Why would you ever think I would hate you?” Leighton asked, more upset that Blake had kept this a secret and assumed she would freak out than over the revelation that her friend had slept with their then-underage co-star.  “You’re my friend! I love you.  I don’t think you’re perverted!  But that story is just so…so….God, I don’t even know where to begin!”

But while Leighton had no idea how to properly respond, the spa’s owner certainly knew exactly where she wanted this to go.

“It was a very sexy story Miss Lively,” Akane said, while continuing to press the hot stones into Taylor Swift’s slim body.  “But I do not like how you ended it.  You should never feel ashamed of your desires.  What you felt for your friends was natural and beautiful.  And your friend Willa was right.  There are so many things that women can do to each other than men just cannot.”

As if to prove her point, Akane pressed firmly, but tenderly with the oiled up stones into Taylor’s back, making the singing superstar moan with a strength she hadn’t been expecting.  And then Akane had let the stone rest on her spine and instead began massaging Taylor’s ass with her bare hands, doing what so many would have killed for the chance to do and caress the naked flesh of her firm backside as Taylor tried to understand all the tingling going on in her body.

Just as Akane had wanted, Taylor’s moans were like a siren call to the two other girls.  She could see they were firing up Blake and making her once more long for a woman’s touch at the same time they were fueling the smoldering curiosity inside Leighton that Akane and her girls had easily been able to detect.  And since she could see that Blake and Leighton both seemed on the verge of conquering their inhibitions and succumbing to desire, Akane strived to make sure Taylor felt the same way.

But that was easier said than done though as the girl put up more resistance than the others.

“No wait…stop! Stop!  Don’t touch me there!” Taylor groaned from Akane’s hands on her naked ass while she tried to fight off how good it felt.

“It is all part of the massage,” Akane assured the blonde girl while smiling from how good the youthful firmness of Taylor’s tight cheeks felt under her hands.  “Just relax!”

“No!  I don’t…don’t like it…” Taylor insisted even as she continued to softly moan. “Stop grabbing my ass!”

Akane giggled at the girl’s cute reluctance, which got similar little laughs from Nanoko and Shiori.  Despite Taylor’s protests to the contrary, Akane easily sensed that the last thing the singer really wanted was for her to stop.  She was just scared. Akane certainly understood that.  This was something very new that Taylor was experiencing and the Japanese woman was convinced that soon enough the blonde girl would overcome that fear and admit the pleasure she was receiving.

“Don’t be nervous,” Akane said to Taylor, her hot breath tickling her ear.  “Listen to what your friend Blake said. It is a good thing.  It feels wonderful.  You will love what happens to you.”

Taylor had listened.  She had been hanging on every word.  Blake’s story had been one of the sexiest things she had ever heard.  The idea of beautiful women like Amber and America making love to each other and then hearing about the things Blake had done with Taylor Momsen and Willa Holland had excited her.  She had heard friends talk about their own sexual adventures before, but Taylor had never gotten the thrill from hearing those confessions that she had from hearing Blake’s.

Of course none of those admissions of debauchery had been quite as naughty as Blake’s had been. None of her friends had ever been with a girl or at least hadn’t admitted to it and seeing Blake lying naked on the hot stones and thinking about her kissing and touching other sexy girls had made Taylor feel a squishiness inside her she had never before experienced.  And to have Akane’s hands on her at the same time, feeling up her ass and making her get so many naughty tingles was almost too much for the singer so she’d asked the older woman to stop even though her voice had lacked conviction.

Taylor didn’t want this to be turning her on.  She didn’t want what she heard from Blake to have gotten her damp and she didn’t want goose bumps to be forming on her skin from having Akane’s soft hands gently massaging her, every touch feeling so wonderfully sensual.  She liked guys!  She wasn’t into this!

But every touch against her body and the way her own imagination betrayed her by vividly bringing Blake’s story to life was making her feel just the opposite and, as much as she claimed she wanted Akane to stop massaging her ass, it wasn’t as though Taylor did anything to physically move herself away from the woman.

As for Leighton, she was looking at Blake with brand new eyes.  What Blake had told her hadn’t just been a revelation about what her friend was truly into, it had been a tremendous weight off her shoulders too.  Because if Blake had experienced feelings for women and actually acted on them, then it sure meant that everything she’d been feeling had never been anything to feel ashamed or guilty over.

Throughout her life Leighton had tried her best to be open-minded to life’s possibilities.  Her unconventional upbringing had set her along the path of never judging people and never closing herself off to things.  Plus ever since she had decided she was ready for it and taken the great plunge, Leighton had enjoyed sex.  She loved sensual pleasure and the ability for two people to make each other feel good by bringing their bodies together.

But even with that in mind, the feelings she’d had for women had never been entirely welcomed inside herself.  Despite her own efforts to be open-minded and the fact that her chosen professions, acting and music, were more than tolerant of alternative lifestyles, she had never been comfortable with her own curiosity.  She had felt that whatever feelings or urgings she was having toward women had to be some kind of mistake and that they had to be repressed.

It had all started out so innocently.  She had eyes and always seemed to be around beautiful women.  How could she not notice how attractive they were?  But that appreciation had evolved into something more over time.  A former boyfriend of hers had jokingly suggested a threesome for his birthday and while she hadn’t given it to him, Leighton had at least considered it before getting him a far more practical gift.  And in considering whether or not to make his fantasy come true, Leighton had naturally wondered what she and another woman could do to each other sexually to make him hot and hard.

Maybe if she hadn’t loved sex so much, it wouldn’t have been such an issue with her, but the touch of a lover was something Leighton always craved.  She enjoyed sex with men so it hadn’t been as though she had turned to these thoughts out of loneliness or dissatisfaction, but in thinking about the pleasure men brought her, Leighton had started to wonder how a woman would be different and maybe even better than a man.

When having sex, Leighton loved exploring all over her lover’s body and having him do it right back to her.  She adored kissing and soft touching and wasn’t that what being with a woman was supposed to be all about?  Wasn’t it supposed to be more tender and all about long kisses and sensual touching?

She hadn’t wanted those thoughts though.  Leighton kept feeling it wasn’t normal to be curious like that.  Women like her were supposed to have boyfriends and then husbands and then start a family.  They weren’t supposed to go off and have secret girlfriends.  So she had tried to bury the questions and curiosities inside herself, only to find that, like Blake, this place had brought them out stronger than ever before and they were demanding attention.  And now that Blake had confessed her past lesbianism, Leighton was finding it so hard to keep from leaping up and giving her friend a big kiss.

It hadn’t been any kind of obsession or anything, but Leighton had developed a bit of a crush on Blake in the years they’d done the show together.  Now that she knew the blonde had the same urges she did and had actually acted on them, she looked sexier than ever.

Gazing over at Blake as she lay naked on her stomach, the curves of her large breasts tantalizingly hinted at and her ass looking so delicious made Leighton feel such a strong desire for her.  What had just been curiosity was now turning into real lust, just as she had feared it would.  But at the same time, this new knowledge Leighton now had about Blake’s past with girls made her sense that maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Especially because of one thing that Leighton knew that Blake didn’t.  Blake wasn’t supposed to have been the only guest that night at Taylor Momsen’s.  Leighton had been invited too.  Taylor had told her to come and been so mysterious about it, telling only her that it was going to be a night she would never forget.

Leighton hadn’t had any idea what had been waiting for her or that Blake would be there too and now she wondered what might have happened if she had come too instead of canceling at the last second.  Would she have joined in with Blake and Willa in eating that sushi off of Taylor and then feasting on her ripe, young body?  Or would she have resisted her own curiosity?

All this time she had figured Blake would never be into any kind of exploration that would take their friendship to another level.  Now Leighton could see how wrong she’d been and as much as she loved the gentle, seductive feel of Shiori she couldn’t help but wish it was Blake massaging her naked body.  She could feel the desire in the room like it was a mist rising up off the hot water and it was enveloping all of them.  Leighton’s pussy was moistening with every touch she got, especially as Akane instructed all of them.

“Close your eyes girls,” Akane urged Leighton, Blake and Taylor.  “Close your eyes and relax.  Think about Miss Lively’s story.  Think about how much she enjoyed the touch of another woman.  Think about our hands on your soft bodies.  Think about your friends back in the spring.  Think about their naked bodies as they play with each other.  Think about how you can be just like them.”

So much had happened since they had arrived that Leighton realized she had forgotten all about Christina and Britney and everyone else who had stayed behind in the springs.  Closing her eyes just as she was instructed, Leighton did think about their nude, beautiful bodies and how they had been pleasuring each other.  As desire overwhelmed her, she could think at last without guilt about how good they’d looked and how she’d envied the ecstasy they’d been bringing each other.

Blake had found herself closing her eyes too and thinking the same thing. Now that she had confessed what she had done she had felt herself becoming even more relaxed under Nanoko’s touch.  She was so relieved that Leighton didn’t hate her that she found herself wondering if she should confess even more and tell her friend how badly she wanted to kiss her and touch her naked body with her hands and her tongue and how she wanted them to go back to the springs so they could join in with everyone else and have all of the other girls touch them too.

Even Taylor found herself closing her eyes and thinking supposedly forbidden thoughts.  The charged atmosphere of the room and the feel of Akane’s wonderfully trained, experienced hands on her body made it so easy for Taylor to just close her eyes and dream of bodies…beautiful, naked female bodies.  Bodies like Britney’s and Christina’s and Jennifer’s.  Bodies that were so sexy.  Bodies that wanted to touch her.  Bodies that she wanted to touch.

Taylor had never dreamed of touching a woman before, but despite her insistence that she had wanted Akane to stop massaging her below the waist, the woman’s hands on her supple young ass had been heavenly.  And now that she’d moved away from her ass to massage her back, Taylor found herself wishing Akane would go back there again.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking this, but it was making her wet.  Taylor knew her body couldn’t lie and she was definitely feeling squishy down below as she dreamed of those other girls naked, splashing water playfully all over each other and then doing lots of kissing and touching as they got naughty and did all the things girls weren’t supposed to do with each other.

It made her tingle between her thighs to think of all those girls being so bad and making love and Taylor found herself picturing walking right back into the springs with them, her body naked and her arousal visible as all those gorgeous girls surrounded her in the water and began touching and kissing her, bringing her to heights of pleasure no boy had ever been able to do.

And, as the girls all kept their eyes closed, hearing nothing but the sounds of soothing running water and little giggling as they had soft, female hands massaging their bare flesh, it became so relaxing.  They all dreamed of lesbian fantasies as they were soothingly tended too and one by one all three of them felt lips began to kiss them where they were being massaged.

At first it was just one set of lips kissing the naked flesh of Taylor, Leighton and Blake.  The hot stones were pulled off them and their relaxed muscles were kissed so lovingly.  They all assumed it was just the Japanese women who were massaging them that had begun kissing them, bringing them to the next level of whatever seduction they were caught up in and all three girls, their voices almost in chorus, moaned at the feel of those wet, sexy girl lips kissing them on their naked backs.  It was a new feeling for all of them, but, despite whatever individual reservations they had left, it was still a pleasant and welcome one.

But then things progressed.  It was Blake who felt it first…and then Taylor…and finally Leighton.  Instead of just having one set of lips kissing them, they had multiple mouths on their backs, pressing softly and sensually into their bare flesh as hands began caressing all over them, rubbing their arms and legs and backs and even their asses.  This was definitely not just one woman doing all of this to them and the girls opened their eyes to find quite a surprise waiting for them.

Akane, Nanoko and Shiori were gone.  They had disappeared from the room and they’d been replaced.  Blake gasped as she saw Kirsten and Eliza hovering over her, massaging her naked body and showering kisses on her back.  Just like Leighton was shocked to find herself getting the same treatment from Britney and Christina and just like Taylor found her heart pumping fast when she realized that now she had three sets of hands on her bare skin and they belonged to Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka.  All of these women were still naked and there was no mistaking the look of pure desire that they all had on their faces.

“Now comes the best part of the spa treatment,” Christina grinned, almost salivating over the idea of taking all three of these beautiful female morsels.  “Mmmm it’s the part where we get to play with you.  And you’re all going to love the games we like to play!”

And before anyone could say another word, Christina leaned in and planted a hot kiss right on Leighton’s lips.  Leighton’s immediate instinct was to push the blonde sexpot off her, but she couldn’t even turn over enough to get her hands into position to do so before desire overcame her and she began to moan.  Christina was a fabulous kisser and the warm feel of her girly lips on hers quickly overcame the reservations that Leighton had left.

When Christina pulled away, Leighton was left sputtering in surprise from the kiss, but she was also smiling and that smile only grew when Britney continued what her girlfriend had started by kissing Leighton right on the lips.  This time Leighton didn’t even begin to try and fight the sexy pop singer off.  She just let Britney kiss her and moaned not only at the naughty feel of kissing another woman for the first time but from being able to see Blake happily trapped between Eliza and Kirsten.

Eliza was being even bolder than Britney and Christina.  She’d allowed Blake to turn over enough on the stones so that her breasts were exposed and Eliza’s hands were all over them as they kissed.  And at the same time, Kirsten was kissing Blake’s neck, pushing aside her blonde hair to get at her and making Blake moan a sumptuous sound of pleasure that showed the feelings she’d struggled to make dormant were seizing control of her.

Leighton watched her friend with aroused wonder, loving the sight of Blake and Eliza making out.  Blake was kissing Eliza back and Leighton could see the mutual desire they had for one another, especially when Blake’s hands began caressing Eliza’s gorgeous tits.  Leighton moaned when she watched her sexy friend play with another woman’s breasts and felt a jealous twinge that it wasn’t her own tits that were being touched by Blake.  And that feeling grew when she saw Blake get into a three-way kiss with both Eliza and Kirsten, all of their lips and tongues touching wickedly.

Why was Blake touching and kissing those other girls and not her?

Leighton asked herself that question, but didn’t have the chance to answer it because she soon found herself quite distracted by the pop slut duo that seemed so eager to ravish her.  She was turned over by their insistent hands so her bare back now lay on the towels draped over the hot stones and her frontal nudity was completely exposed.

Her long gorgeous legs, firm, jutting breasts and even the tiny strip of blonde hair, betraying her natural color, over her pussy were now on display, along with the evidence of how arousing she was finding what was going on.  And Leighton’s pussy only got wetter when Britney and Christina took advantage of this position by starting to kiss her breasts, placing their warm mouths on her areolas and nipples and making her shiver with lust.

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmmm wowww!” Leighton sighed happily.  “Mmmm yesssssssss!  Ughhhhhh suck on my boobs you naughty girls!  Touch me like you were touching each other!”

Blake and Leighton were lost in a haze of same-sex desire and the only one of the three that was putting up any kind of fight to what was happening was Taylor.  And even that was mostly for show.

Taylor was embarrassed by what she was feeling now, but that didn’t mean she wanted this naughty new pleasure to stop.  The massage had relaxed her enormously, but now her body was tensing up again from what was happening to her.  She felt like she had to fight this off, despite how much she was finding herself enjoying it and that put her at war with herself.

“Don’t be scared,” Jennifer said gently before giving Taylor a loving kiss right to her lips.

“I’m not scared!” Taylor lied, even as Jennifer’s kiss made her feel little sparks of pleasure.  “I’ve just never…never…you know…not with a girl.  This is crazy!  I’m not into this stuff! I like boys!”

Jennifer just smiled and shared a knowing look with Jewel.  They’d heard this so many times from the girls that they’d seduced over the years.  Hell, similar words had once come from their own mouths once before.  They knew that soon Taylor would be singing quite a different song as she realized just how much pleasure she could get.

“You’re going to love this Taylor, I promise,” Jennifer replied, her nipples rock hard and her pussy eager with anticipation as she hovered over Taylor, both of them completely naked.  “I know why you’re nervous.  But you don’t have to be.”

Jennifer then leaned in and began whispering in Taylor’s ear.  She told her about her first time…how Sarah, Love and Rose had been waiting for her in the limo…how she had fought them off at first…how she had watched them start to make love and how they had begun touching her and peeling her clothes off until she had no resistance left and how every day after that had brought her new ecstasy from her girlfriends.

And when she was done it was Jewel’s turn.  She leaned into Taylor’s other ear as she moaned into it about how Jennifer and her friends had reawakened the lust for women inside her and how she had never felt more loved and more pleasured than she did with her special friends.  It all made Taylor’s brain spin and her heart flutter as she felt the excitement between her thighs grow.

God, it all sounded so wonderful!  Taylor knew she was thought of as the sweet girl next door, but she could have dirty thoughts too!  She had a lot of them in fact.  She loved the feel and passion of sex.  She had only had it with a few guys, but that wasn’t because she hadn’t enjoyed it.  She loved how it felt to be dirty and suck boys off and feel them all hard and big inside her when they fucked her.  But she had never thought about sex with girls until today.

Now it was all she could think of and everything about this was seducing her.  The feel of those hands on her body…the sight of all those beautiful naked girls playing in the spring…the carnal words of Jennifer and Jewel.  They were all turning her on and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she imagined them touching her.

So when Jennifer leaned in and gave her a deeper kiss this time, really letting their lips touch so Taylor could feel how wet and velvety soft they were, Taylor moaned and began to kiss back.  She found herself kissing a girl for the first time and it wasn’t just any girl.  Jennifer Aniston was so gorgeous.  Her body was absolutely stunning.  She was one of the most beautiful women Taylor had ever seen and now she was kissing her for real as Jewel gently caressed her bare back, teasingly moving her fingers down the small of it to get to her ass.

This time Taylor didn’t resist the hand on her ass.  It felt good to have someone as sexy as Jewel touch it.  It was so gentle but sexy at the same time to have her fingertips brushing against her firm cheeks and Taylor squirmed in pleasure over what Jennifer said next.

“I want you to turn over Taylor,” Jennifer said in a gentle manner.  “I want to see all of you.  Turn over for us sweetie and we’ll make you feel better than any boyfriend ever could.”

Not believing that she was letting this happen, Taylor complied.  She didn’t feel like herself at all, but that was actually an exhilarating sensation.  She was doing something she wasn’t supposed to and it turned her on!  It all felt so good and a part of Taylor told her not to resist this…why should she resist something that felt so good?  No one else was fighting it off anymore.  Blake and Leighton were getting into it.  Why shouldn’t she too?  If it felt good she should enjoy it, right?  And this all felt so wonderful!

Before she could think twice about it, Taylor turned over on the towel so that her ass was pressed to the hot stones underneath her and her front was completely exposed.  Taylor moaned when she saw how Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka’s eyes all lit up when she showed them her naked body.  They wanted her! They liked seeing her naked boobs and how wet she was getting.  They wanted to fuck her!  Oh God, this was too crazy and she let out a nervous little giggle as it all began to overwhelm her.

“Mmmmmm you’re such a beautiful girl,” Jennifer moaned as she leaned in for another tenderly naughty kiss on the singer’s young lips.  “I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long!  I’m going to make you feel good Taylor.  You’re going to feel so fucking good.”

Hearing Jennifer say that naughty word to her made Taylor’s nipples stiffen up and the feel of her soft, loving lips was so enticing.  Taylor kissed back even more now, letting her lips rub against Jennifer’s wetly and sensually.  This was so erotic!  Taylor couldn’t believe she was kissing Jennifer but even more amazing was how good it felt.

How many times had she seen Jennifer Aniston in a movie or on an episode of Friends?  How many times had she listened to a Jewel song?  She admired them both so much and now they wanted to fuck her and, as she looked at their lust filled eyes and felt herself get wetter, Taylor realized she wanted them to do it.

She wanted them to fuck her and do all the naughty, sexy things to her that they had been doing in the springs before!  She wanted to have sex with a girl!   No wait…girls!  She didn’t just want one! She wanted them all!  Britney and Christina too!  And Kirsten and Eliza!  And Leighton and Blake!  Oh gawwwwd she wanted to fuck them all!

Actually admitting that to herself relaxed Taylor even more than the massage did.  As her kiss with Jennifer continued, Taylor put her hand on the back of the woman’s head and pushed her in closer.  And when she did that, Taylor opened her mouth and kissed Jennifer with a passion she had never displayed before toward another woman, the both of them moaning as their tongues rubbed together.  She was actually tongue kissing another woman and it was so sexy.  It wasn’t like a boy’s tongue at all!  God, it was even hotter.

It felt so strange to be kissing another woman like this, but Taylor liked it. She really, really liked it!  She loved the way Jennifer kissed.  It made her even wetter and Taylor groaned in joy as she closed her eyes and surrendered to all these weird new feelings by kissing Jennifer like she kissed her closest of boyfriends.  This was all so naughty and that was the best part!

Part of Taylor still asked inside her brain why she was doing this and why she was letting this happen, but the answer to that was easy enough.  It was because this felt good.  Realllllly good.  And Taylor wanted to feel good.  Everyone had looked so happy all naked and naughty before and she wanted that for herself.  She acted like such a good girl all the time, so maybe it would be fun for one day to be really, really bad instead.

“That’s it honey, relax and let Jen kiss you,” Jewel moaned into Taylor’s ear as Q’Orianka watched, admiring how these women worked and finding herself lusting madly after all of them.  “Don’t fight it off.  Give into your pleasure.  Relax and feel it flow through you.  Isn’t Jen an amazing kisser?  Don’t her lips feel so soft and gentle?  Don’t they make you just want to make out with her forever?”

“Yessssssss,” Taylor sighed back dreamily as Jennifer slowly pulled away, leaving both of their lips tingling. “Mmmmm gawwd I want to make out with you Jen.  I love kissing you!  I never thought it would feel this good to kiss another girl but you’re such a good kisser!  Mmmmm it feels sooooo good.  And I love kissing you too Jewel!  I never knew it could be like this!”

“It only gets better,” Jennifer promised, nuzzling her nose against Taylor’s neck and letting her hands gently caress her firm bare breasts and flat tummy while Jewel took her turn again and kissed Taylor’s lovely young lips.  “We’re going to show you how good girls are Taylor.  We’re going to show you how good we can fuck you!”

Taylor’s nipples got even harder as the dirty word escaped Jennifer’s lips once again.  It sounded so nasty for another woman to say it to her.  This was all so surreal.  But Taylor no longer had any will to fight it. Not when everything felt so good and every kiss and every caress made her want more and made her want to take this deeper.

“Mmmmmm yesssssss fuck me!” Taylor groaned breaking her kisses with Jewel for a moment to say the dirty word right back to these seductive women.  “Mmmmm fuck me like you were fucking each other before!  It looked so sexy!  Mmmm I didn’t want to admit it but I thought you all looked so beautiful!  I want you to make me feel good!   I want you to make it like you do it to each other!”

Jennifer and Jewel smiled at each other again and did indeed take it to the next level by starting to kiss and fondle Taylor’s small, perky breasts.  Her slim body writhed in pleasure on the towel as her boobs were caressed and licked.  She loved feeling their warm, wet womanly tongues licking her sexy little mounds, dragging over the swell of them and then over her dark pink areolas and her swollen nipples.

Taylor had such wide areolas and her nipples would always get so hard when she was aroused.  Jennifer and Jewel seemed to love that about her and they were all over her chest, kissing and feeling her boobs up as little sounds of new pleasure rolled out of Taylor’s mouth.

Those sounds were only silenced when Q’Orianka got back involved again by kissing Taylor’s lips, pressing their young mouths together and aggressively pushing her tongue right into her.  She wasn’t sure if Taylor would like her doing that so Q’Orianka was happily surprised when Taylor let her tongue play too, allowing them to start exploring each other’s mouths in a wet, passionate kiss.

“Mmmmm that’s it cousin,” Jewel advised with a big smile before slurping on Taylor’s stiff nipple some more.  “Kiss her too.  Don’t just watch.  Mmmm she wants us all.”

Both Jewel and Q’Orianka loved the thrill of watching, so Q’Orianka had enjoyed herself watching her cousin and Jennifer play with Taylor’s naked body.  But with her mouth unoccupied she hadn’t been able to resist getting a taste of her too and she’d leaned in for a kiss, loving the taste of Taylor’s lipstick and how it felt to be aggressive and tongue kiss this sexy singing superstar.

As Taylor and Q’Orianka made out, the blonde’s moans got louder and more intense but she was still as quiet as a mouse compared to Blake and Leighton and what they were experiencing.  The walls of inhibitions they had built up inside themselves were crumbling down in dual avalanches and they were now helpless to the desire for female flesh that was raging inside both of them.

“Ohhhh Goddddddd! Yessssssssssss!  Ooooooh mmmmmm how can it be soooo goooood?” Leighton cried out to anyone who would listen as she panted out words of pleasure.  She was delirious with desire now as everything that was happening was adding fuel to the fires of her lust, making it stronger and hotter than it ever had before.

First Britney would kiss her and then Christina and then Britney again and then the both of them together.  It was all so wonderfully overwhelming for Leighton and she found herself kissing them back passionately just so she could try and keep up.  She loved finding new pleasures and this was maybe the biggest one she had ever discovered.  Leighton loved the feel of the pop stars’ lips on her.  Their kisses were so erotic and made her feel tingles throughout her body each time their lips collided. So when Christina started to push her tongue into her, Leighton sucked it right into her welcoming mouth.

Leighton had always loved kissing and she had quickly found out what the others had already known.  There was nothing quite like kissing another woman.  It was so tender and soft at the same time it also felt deliciously dirty.  It was passionate and sexy and loving all at once.  Leighton’s lips were lonely and sad whenever there wasn’t a beautiful woman kissing them and she tried to give it to Britney and Christina as good as she got it from them, loving the three-way kisses especially so she could have them both against her, their bodies so naked and sexy and their touches so amazing against her own nude flesh.

She groaned in bliss from the feel of their hands and mouths on her tits, kissing and fondling them and making everything exquisitely pleasurable.  Leighton was already experiencing sensations her boyfriends could never make her feel and she felt such a strong anticipation inside herself, wanting to know what else Christina and Britney could do to her and how good it would feel.  Before she had been afraid to let this start and she already didn’t want it to stop.  For someone who loved sex as much as she did and who craved intimate touching, being with a woman was everything Leighton needed and more.

And her anticipation grew even stronger when Christina gave her the sexiest, most devilish smile she had and told her just what was going to happen next.

“I’m going to make you come harder than any silly boy can,” Christina carnally promised, staring right at Leighton and eye fucking her gorgeously naked body.  “I know you can’t wait for it Leighton.  You can’t wait to feel me and Britney lick your tight little wet pussy dry!  We’re going to lick out every sweet drop of girl juice right out of you!  We’re going to fuck you so good that you’re only going to want girls from now on!”

Leighton nearly mewed in dirty delight at the sound of such a wicked promise.  The last thing on her mind right then was her boyfriend.  She only wanted girls.  She wanted Christina.  She wanted Britney.  Their bodies were so strikingly beautiful.  Leighton loved seeing their big tits and how they were showing them off to her, letting her gawk at what so many people wanted to see.  She loved how they were totally shaved down below and how pink and wet their pussies looked.

Leighton giggled naughtily as she realized she was blatantly staring at the most intimate part of a woman’s body.  She couldn’t take her eyes off them and it was even hotter because she knew the singers wanted her to look.  They wanted her to see their wet pussies and they wanted her to get turned on by them, which of course she totally was.

“Yessssssssssssss!  Fuck me!” Leighton demanded, her fantasies running wild now.  Every time she had denied herself the pleasure of thinking about other women it had built up inside her and now it flowed in her body and soul, making her want to do dirty, sexy things to these gorgeous blondes…and of course to Blake too.

Leighton tried to turn her head to see what was happening to her friend, but before she could, she had her lips smothered in another wet, passionate kiss from Britney.  Without inhibition, Leighton kissed the pop music icon back, letting Britney’s soft mouth press wantonly to hers as their naughty tongues rubbed together.  Britney’s big boobs were right there for the taking and Leighton’s instincts compelled her to touch them.  Her hands flew up to Britney’s tits and began massaging them, groaning over how full they were in her hands and how hard Britney’s nipples were.

“Mmmmmm naughtyyyyy!  Yessss play with my titties!” Britney cooed.  “Mmmm I’ve wanted you for so long Leighton!  Mmmm me and Chrissy watched your show all the time and we’d tell each other what we wanted to do to you hot, dirty girls!  Mmmmm squeeze my big, slutty tits Leighton!  I love when girls play with them!”

Britney’s hands were on Leighton’s breasts now too.  Her soft, all-natural mounds felt nice and plump under Britney’s sensual caresses.  Leighton’s breasts weren’t too big, but they were perfect for her body and were nice and full and so sexy.

Britney loved them and she fondled them with erotic delight, enjoying how she made Leighton shiver and moan from touching them.  They began kissing again, their tongues wetly touching and exploring each other’s mouths while they both felt the other up, playing with beautiful tits and kissing like only two horny women could.

But the third woman here was not about to be forgotten and while Britney was having fun with Leighton’s tits and her warm, eager mouth, Christina had her eye on the bigger prize.

“Spread your legs Leighton,” Christina commanded.  “Lemme see some of that sexy pink of yours.  Show me your wet pussy baby.  Show me how wet my friends got you.  Show me how wet you got from hearing Blake’s slutty story.  Show me what I’ve been dying in the flesh ever since I got a copy of your sex tape!”

If there was anything that could make Leighton stop what she was doing cold, it was the mention of her sex tape.  And that was what happened here.  She pulled right off her kiss from Britney and looked at Christina with total shock on her face.

“You…you saw it?  How?” Leighton demanded.

Her lawyers had been able to block release of the tape so effectively that it never hit the web as promised and she’d been able to claim since then that it never existed and the pictures from it weren’t her. It had all been a lie of course. The tape definitely existed and the pictures had absolutely positively been of her.  But no one was supposed to have seen it.  How could Christina have been able to?
“Mmmmm I have connections,” Christina replied mysteriously as Leighton began to blush furiously.  “Don’t be embarrassed.  I thought it was really hot!  You were so fucking sexy in it.  Mmmm showing off those great tits and that perfect ass of yours!  I really got off on it.”

“You did?” Leighton asked, moaning softly from the thought of someone like Christina Aguilera touching herself and having an orgasm from watching her sex tape.  Of course the fact that Britney was still massaging her tits and kissing her neck didn’t hurt either as she found her embarrassment fading and her arousal returning.

“Mmmmmhmmm fucking right I did!  That tape made me so horny for you Leighton!” Christina said.  “Too bad you were with that guy in it though.  You should have been making your tape with another hot girl instead!  You’d have had much more fun!  Now spread your legs!”

Before she could even think about it, Leighton was doing just what Christina told her to do.  This was utterly insane.  She was spreading her legs for another woman.  A beautiful famous woman that she desperately wanted to fuck her.

Leighton felt like she had no self-control left and she liked that a lot.  She felt wild and dirty as she slung her legs open while lying on her back, moaning happily as Britney pressed her tits to her face.  Feeling those big, sexy breasts against her mouth had Leighton sucking them without delay, wanting only to pleasure and be pleasured by these sexy women.

And pleasure was certainly what Leighton got when she opened her legs.  Christina didn’t even bother to lick her lips from seeing the pink, soaking wet treasure before her.  She just dove in to claim Leighton’s pussy as her own.  Christina hungrily plunged her tongue into the now splayed folds right in front of her, licking against Leighton’s tender slit and introducing her to a new ecstasy that was immediately addictive.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Leighton loudly squealed as a woman licked her pussy for the first time.  “OHHHHHHHHHH!  GAWWWWD!”

“Mmmm it’s only gonna get better too,” Britney giggled happily over seeing Leighton writhe on her towel from the way Christina was licking her.  “Chrissy is gonna lick you so good!  Mmmm just like she does to me!  She’s so fucking good at eating pussy and you’re gonna come so hard from her tongue!”

Leighton reacted to that by feverishly kissing Britney, her moans and excited squeals of pleasure going right into the blonde singer’s mouth.  She had never felt anything this wickedly good before.  Christina’s tongue was so wet and so naughty and Leighton passionately kissed Britney just to show them how much she was enjoying it and how she didn’t want them to stop.  This was all so amazing.  She loved fucking girls!  She only wished she hadn’t waited so long to try it!

The intense cries of pleasure from Leighton as Christina’s expert tongue pleasured her pussy did not go unnoticed, especially by Blake.  On one side, Blake was really turned on seeing her gorgeously sexy friend be pleasured by another beautiful woman.  On the other side, however, Blake was jealous that it was Christina eating Leighton’s pussy and not her.  God she’d wanted her co-star for so long and now some little pop slut was taking her first?  So not fair!

But it was hard to truly be jealous over what Christina and Britney were doing to Leighton, when Blake was feeling all the pleasure that came from Kirsten and Eliza’s sensual touch.  Having felt the exquisite pleasure of a woman before and having denied herself it for so long, it just made it feel more amazing when Eliza and Kirsten began overwhelming her with affection.

Blake just closed her eyes and moaned without restraint as Eliza tongue kissed her and Kirsten fondled and sucked her tits.  Blake could feel her pussy dripping as she was touched like this.  It made her remember how incredible it had been to be with Taylor and Willa and how good they’d made her feel and how hard they’d made her come.  And while those two girls had been so confident and sure of themselves, positive that no one could ever fuck better, there was something about Kirsten and Eliza that was making Blake enjoy it even more.

They were so experienced in the way they touched her.  It was obvious they had been with other girls before because it was like they knew just how to share her body.  Blake groaned and sensually shivered in delight from the way Eliza and Kirsten would take turns kissing her, letting her taste their tongues while the other sucked and licked at her tits, making her hard, throbbing nipples and areolas wet.  Then, just like Britney and Christina were doing to Leighton, Kirsten and Eliza would pull Blake into a three-way kiss so their wet tongues and horny lips could all rub together naughtily.

There was something so loving and at the same time so dirty about the way these experienced women were touching her that made Blake even wetter than she had been that first time with Willa and Taylor.  It also helped that she was so much more relaxed this time and that right near her both Taylor Swift and especially Leighton were crying out in the same pleasure she was feeling.  All around her were the sounds and even the scents of beautiful women making love and Blake melted right into the sensual touching she was getting from the sexy couple.

Blake made sure the girls could see how turned on she was.  This was all like an erotic dream come to life and Blake indulged in what she had denied herself, letting her hands caress Kirsten and Eliza’s naked bodies to pleasure them while they pleasured her.  She let her hand fondle Kirsten’s full, pink tits, rubbing her nipples with her fingers while they tongue kissed at the same time her hand reached around Eliza’s back, caressing her skin and then going for the tight cheeks of her toned ass.

Eliza and Kirsten had such amazing bodies and even though she had never had a sexual thought toward either of them today, Blake was now mad with lust for the both of them.

“Fuck me!” Blake groaned, her lips quivering with sexual need as her pussy drooled from the sensations she was getting and the sounds of Leighton’s ecstasy from Christina’s tongue.  “Please!  Please fuck me!  Fuck me like Leighton’s getting fucked!”

“Oh we can definitely do that,” Eliza teased, licking Blake’s neck while squeezing her tits and playfully pinching her hard nipples.  “We’re going to fuck you so good Blake!  We loved hearing your story.  Mmmm it made us so wet to hear what a dirty girl you’ve been with those sexy little jailbait sluts.  Naughty, naughty girl!”

“Mmmmhmmm me and Eliza know just what to do with dirty girls like you Blake,” Kirsten cooed, delighting in having this beautiful blonde rising star writhing from her touch, her hand caressing Blake’s smooth thighs and getting so tantalizingly close to where she so badly needed to be touched.  “We make such a good team and we’re going to fuck you way better than your husband ever could.  But we’re not the only ones you want to fuck you, right Blake?”

“Ummmm gawwwd no,” Blake groaned, making it obvious as she looked over longingly at Leighton while her gorgeous friend convulsed in ecstasy right next to her, her legs slung open wide and her bouncing tits being sucked on by Britney while Christina fed off her pussy.

“We can see how bad you want her,” Kirsten said.  “Mmmmm and you’re getting sooooo wet.  I can feel it!”

Blake sucked in her breath in a sharp, long gasp before exhaling sharply in a deep moan when Kirsten’s delicate fingers began rubbing against her soaking wet slit.  She whimpered in desire at the way Kirsten gently rubbed her, teasing her labia with soft caresses and making her ache for more.

“We’re going to get you ready for her,” Eliza purred.  “You shouldn’t be afraid to go after what you want Blake.  I wanted my Kiki so bad but I was too scared.  One day I finally cracked though and it was the best thing I ever did.  I kissed her and touched her and made her want to be mine!”

Kirsten felt a sensual shiver of her own from the memory of their first time together on the beach and how Eliza had just taken her so passionately.  Kirsten had never been with a girl before then, but after Eliza had fucked her it had been all she had ever wanted.  The idea of Blake and Leighton taking each other like that was so hot that Kirsten felt her own pussy tingle with fresh arousal even after how hard they’d all been able to make each other come in the warm water of the spring.

“Ughhhhh want her sooooooo bad!” Blake groaned softly as she stared with deep desire as Leighton fucked Christina’s face and tongue kissed Britney, her bare tits mashing up so hotly against the singer’s.

“Mmmmm I can totally feel that,” Kirsten giggled, taking advantage of the wetness seeping out of Blake’s slit to push past her slit and start finger fucking her, making her gasp and moan from the penetration and the rubbing against her swollen clitoris.  “Just lie back now Blake.  Let me and Eliza take care of you so you can be all hot and ready for your sexy friend.”

Blake knew she didn’t need that.  She was already hot and ready for Leighton right then and there.  But she certainly didn’t fight the gorgeous couple off her.  Whatever Kirsten and Eliza were going to do to her, she knew she was going to love it.  Everything felt so good and Blake couldn’t remember the last time she had ever been so turned on.  Right then she couldn’t even remember her husband’s name much less any sense of loyalty or fidelity to him because of the overwhelming eroticism of this, a sensation that only grew more intense when Kirsten and Eliza attacked.

Taking her fingers out and pausing only to lick them clean of the taste of Blake’s girl honey, Kirsten pushed open the blonde’s legs and pressed her mouth right to the waiting lips of her quivering pink hole.  Kirsten kissed Blake’s smooth, shaved slit sensually, rubbing her lips right up against her wetness and moaning as she felt the girl’s juices coat them like slutty lipstick.  Blake tasted so good and Kirsten’s tongue instantly craved more.

Kirsten opened her mouth to suck on one of her cunt lips and then the other.  Then she began working over the both of them, opening her mouth even wider to suck on Blake’s heated, wet opening, tasting her juices and using her fingers to slowly spread her labia open for her tongue to push inside.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!  Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss fuckkkk yesssssssss!” Blake panted, the immediate surge of ecstasy of Kirsten’s mouth on her cunt quickly giving way to a steady current of sexual pleasure pulsing through her body from the practiced way she sucked on her pussy lips and then began thrusting her tongue into her.  “Mmmmmm yesssssssssssssss eat me!  Eat my wet pussy you sexy girl!”

It had been so long since Blake had felt pleasure like this and it was even better than she had remembered it.  She had denied herself the ecstasy of a woman’s tongue on her pussy for way too long.  God, she’d been such an idiot to keep herself from feeling this good.  Kirsten was such a good pussy licker.  Her tongue was playing so skillfully in her pink and making everything feel amazing.

But Blake didn’t have much of an opportunity to praise the blonde pixie between her legs, not when Eliza then smothered her mouth with something sweet and sticky by pressing her pussy down against her face and starting to ride her tongue.

“Fuck me!” Eliza commanded simply and carnally.  “Fuck my cunt Blake!   I wanna feel you lick my pussy while you get my sweet Kiki’s tongue inside you!  Mmmmm if you want Kirsten to keep fucking you then you’d better fuck me back!  Lemme see how good you are at eating pussy!  Get that tongue inside me!”

Blake was so turned on right then that she would have eaten out Eliza even without the extra incentive of having Kirsten’s tongue working over her pussy.  Blake had loved the tastes she had gotten that first night of Taylor and Willa’s teen pussies and Eliza’s was so warm and wet for her.  It was the addictive taste of a woman and as soon as Blake felt that rich, sexy taste on her lips again she had her tongue out and licking.

Eliza’s flavor was pure sex all over her tongue.  It was tremendous and delicious and Blake loved it on first lick.  She just hoped she wasn’t out of practice from not having done this in so long because she wanted to make Eliza feel as good as Kirsten was making her feel.

“Yesssssss fuck her!” Kirsten moaned in between licks, peering up from Blake’s pussy to enjoy the image of Eliza naked and riding Blake’s gorgeous face reverse cowgirl style.  Kirsten loved this position in a threesome because she could eat a hot girl’s pussy while still drinking in every inch of Eliza’s perfect body.  “Eat my wife’s pussy Blake! Fuck her like you fucked those slutty little girls!  Make her come like I’m going to make you come!”

Kirsten then got back to licking away at Blake’s pussy, loving how she was able to taste someone she had lusted after for so long.  She and Eliza had loved cuddling together in bed to watch Gossip Girl off the DVR.  And while they loved the soapy extremes of the show, they especially enjoyed gawking at the gorgeous girls in the cast while sharing fantasies about what they wanted to do to them.

Kirsten loved that once again another of her dirty fantasies was coming true and the woman she loved more than anything was sharing it with her.  Her life felt absolutely perfect right then as she feasted on Blake’s pussy, her tongue licking away at the sweet, wet folds, relishing the flavor and tightness of her pink while her gorgeous wife was fucking Blake’s face, Eliza’s full tits bouncing so sensually, her nipples so hard and her pussy so sexy as Kirsten eyed Blake’s tongue pushing up into it.

“Is she licking you good baby?  Is her tongue nice and hot inside your tight pussy?” Kirsten moaned, encouraging her beloved to fuck Blake’s face.  “Are you going to come all over her sexy face and make it all sticky for me to lick it right off her?”

“Ohhhh fuck yeahhhhh it’s good!  Ooooooh mmmmm yeah Kiki she’s gonna get me off so good!  I just know it!” Eliza groaned, the eagerness to please that Blake was showing more than making up for any inexperience she might have.  “Mmmmm you’re a pussy hungry little slut, aren’t you Blake?  Mmmmm fuck yessssssss!  Lick that pink hole you dirty girl!   Eat my pussy like you wanna be eating Leighton’s!  Taste my juice and lick it all out of me!  Mmmmm yessssssssssssss that’s it honey!  Lick me just like that!  Ooooooooooooooh!”

Blake was utterly ecstatic that she was able to bring pleasure to someone like Eliza.  This was the last thing she had ever expected to happen to her today and that made it even more amazing. It was all so crazy that she was naked on her back and having her pussy eaten by one girl while she tasted another.  But it was a good crazy.  It was unexpected pleasure of the best kind and the fantastic licking she was getting from Kirsten made her want to please Eliza even more.

Ever since that one night at Taylor’s, Blake had wanted to do this again and again and again.  But she hadn’t had the nerve.  Now she was finally getting what she wanted and she squeezed the tight cheeks of Eliza’s ass to keep her pussy right against her face so she could lick up her hot, girly cum at the same time she was feeding her needy, soaked pussy to Kirsten’s amazing mouth and tongue.

As the shrieks of girl on girl ecstasy filled the room and steam tickled their naked bodies from the hot water around them, everyone was in lustful heaven.  This had worked out beyond Christina’s expectations.  She had just wanted to bring her hot girlfriends to a secret place she and Britney loved and now they had Blake, Leighton and Taylor in their group too and all three had succumbed to the pleasure of a woman’s touch just the way she knew they would.

While Christina usually loved to handle seductions herself and she knew her friends felt the same way, this occasion had called for some special handling.  The newbies had been skittish when they had all gotten naked and Christina hadn’t had the patience to deal with that kind of resistance.  She had wanted to get straight to the fucking.  So she had decided to leave the girls in the capable hands of Akane and her staff while they had busied themselves with playtime.

That had been a lot of fun for Christina.  While she and Britney had splashed and moaned and enjoyed each other’s bodies in the spring with Eliza, Kirsten, Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka, Akane and her girls had been doing all the work in getting Taylor, Leighton and Blake ready for them.  And once those girls were right on the verge of succumbing to their desires, they had been able to swoop in and take over.

It was all the fun and none of the work and Christina loved it.  Things had turned out perfectly.  They had arrived just in time to hear Blake confess her sexy secret and now they were enjoying the fruits of the spa workers’ labors.  Everyone who had been reluctant before was now in the grip of girl on girl desire, even Taylor who no longer felt even the slightest bit shy about nudity or lesbianism or anything.  All she wanted was more pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm oooooooooooh don’t stop!  Please don’t stop!” the singer moaned, her words coming out sweetly and hornily from her mouth.  “Oooooh it all feels soooo good!  Mmmmmm yessssssssssss!  You’re all so beautiful!  So sexy!”

“So are you sweetie,” Jewel assured the younger girl as hands roamed all over naked girl bodies and soft, wet tongue kisses were traded back and forth between four hungry mouths.  “You’re so much fun to play with Taylor!  You’ve got such a great body!”

Taylor smiled and moaned at the compliment.  It sounded so good to come from someone like Jewel.  She was so beautiful and Taylor loved that she thought she was sexy.  She had always believed in her own beauty, but to be seen as an object of lust by beautiful women like these filled Taylor with a confidence and desire she had never felt before.  She wanted to prove to these women that she was worthy of their lust, that she could be as sexy as they needed her to be and that she could please them like they pleased each other.

As Jewel, Jennifer and Q’Orianka took turns kissing her, Taylor had her hands eagerly exploring their naked bodies.  She couldn’t get enough of the feel of their soft, feminine skin and the curves of their bodies.  It felt so naughty to be touching a woman sexually but each rub of her hand against their naked flesh made her feel little sparks.  She had always loved touching.  Bodies were so much fun to play with.  Taylor had known that before she had even known exactly what masturbation was and her love of touching had only grown the more she had become aware of her own body.

When she was with a boy, she loved to touch him all over.  She would always have her hands caressing faces and chests and backs and of course more intimate places when she made love to someone.  And the more she touched, the more she always wanted to explore even further.  The first time she had held a real cock in her hand she had wanted to put it in her mouth to find out what it tasted like and the first time she had ever tasted one she had wanted to feel it inside her to find out what that was like.  Now that she was touching women’s bodies, that lustful curiosity was stronger than ever.

Women had so many more places to touch.  When she was with a boy they usually only wanted her to touch one place on their bodies, but with women their bodies were made for caressing and sensual touching.  Taylor loved the feel of the three women who were surrounding her.  They were all so different and all so sexy in their unique ways.  Taylor couldn’t stop touching them and she loved how they moaned for her and urged her to do more.

Right then Taylor was having her neck kissed on both sides by Jennifer and Jewel and she rewarded them for good it felt by keeping her hand on Jennifer’s amazing butt while at the same time she fondled Jewel’s huge boobs.  Jewel had such a big chest and Taylor found it so sexy.

She had never really noticed boobs before but now she delighted in feeling how full and soft Jewel’s were and how hard her nipples were getting, like they were throbbing under her hand.  Taylor loved touching her own breasts when she got naughty but this was even better and she couldn’t get over the sexy softness of them.  She could easily see why boys loved playing with them now.

Taylor had always heard raves about Jennifer’s ass.  She always seemed to be on every magazine’s “best butt” list.  But like Jewel’s breasts, she had never really taken true notice of it until now.  Now her eyes were open to how beautiful women truly were and that included a proper appreciation of Jennifer’s ass.  She naughtily explored it with her hand, feeling Jennifer’s smooth skin and her toned cheeks and giggling to herself as she thought about how naughty it was that she was feeling a girl’s butt and really liking it.

And as she fondled her new friends, Taylor found her lips being lovingly kissed by Q’Orianka as the young girl lay atop her, their bodies rubbing together in all their naked glory.  Of all of these girls, Q was the one who was most a stranger.  She hadn’t even known about her until today, but she was becoming friends very quickly with Jewel’s cousin as their bare bodies touched and their lips mashed together in a series of passionate, sexy kisses.

The more she did it, the more Taylor found herself at ease with the idea of kissing another girl.  She wasn’t entirely comfortable with it yet, but she liked it more with each passing kiss.  Q’Orianka was an eager kisser and Taylor liked that.  Plus it felt really good for her to feel Q’Orianka’s slim body on hers, their small boobs rubbing together, their legs touching and even the wet lips of their sexes making sexy, naughty contact while they made out.  Taylor liked that Q’Orianka’s body was a lot like hers and she kissed her as hotly as she could while keeping her hands busy playing with Jewel and Jennifer.

But Jennifer wasn’t nearly satisfied with just the feel of Taylor’s curious hand on her.  She loved the way the girl was playfully exploring the curves of her ass, but there was so much more Jennifer wanted from Taylor than just to have her cop a feel and she couldn’t control herself.

There was something so deliciously wicked about having a girl as supposedly innocent as Taylor Swift naked and wet for her.  She was so beautiful with such a fresh, young body that Jennifer’s pussy seriously craved.  It was so hot to her that Taylor had never been with a girl before.  Jennifer wanted to be the first one to have her sexy body and right then she didn’t want to share, even though it was her friends she was sharing with.

When it came to Taylor’s relatively untouched body, Jennifer wanted to be selfish and she didn’t hold herself back.  Q’Orianka looked so beautiful lying on top of Taylor, her dark exotic skin contrasting so nicely with Taylor’s all American country girl paleness, but as far as Jennifer was concerned, her housemate’s cousin was only in the way and that had to change.

“Don’t hog her Q,” Jennifer told the girl, gently easing her off Taylor.  “We all want to play with her.  Mmmm especially me!”

“Sorry,” Q’Orianka replied sincerely, very mindful that there were probably a million unwritten rules with these girls and that as the new girl in town she didn’t know any of them.  “Ummm I didn’t mean to.  She just looked so sexy and…”

“Shhhh don’t be sorry,” Jennifer said, giving Q’Orianka a soft kiss on the lips.  “Just give me some room so I can play.”

Q’Orianka smiled at Jennifer’s sexy tenderness.  God, all these girls were so hot!  She wanted all of them over and over again, especially Taylor since she totally identified with her inexperience and shyness because she’d been feeling all these crazy, arousing sensations herself for the first time just the day before when Alyssa had seduced her.  She had wanted to be the one to guide Taylor like Alyssa and then Jewel had guided her, but Q’Orianka also didn’t want to cut in front of the pecking order of the mansion when Jennifer clearly deserved the first chance over her.

So Q’Orianka retreated to the safe embrace of her cousin, moaning as Jewel cuddled against her, rubbing her big tits into her back while tilting her head to give her a sexy, incestuous kiss that made Taylor moan at the forbidden sight while she lay back, nervous, but horny over what she hoped was going to happen next.

“Oooooooh you girls are so naughty!” Taylor groaned, not judging that Jewel was making out with her own cousin and finding it way hotter than she ever thought she would find something like that.  “Mmmmmm are you going to make me naughty like that too?”

“Damn right we are,” Jennifer moaned, eying Taylor’s naked body, her firm young breasts glowing with perspiration from the heat of the hot water all around them and the stones underneath her as well as the sexually charged atmosphere, her legs so smooth and kissable and most of all her tight little pussy so excited, her neat blonde curls pointing right down to where Jennifer ached to be.

Jennifer wanted to devour Taylor and she proved it by kissing all over the girl’s flat stomach, teasing her belly button with her lips and tongue and making the girl giggle and moan at the same time with the moaning winning out because she knew where Jennifer was going.

“Mmmmm gawwwwwd ooooooooooh oooooooooooooh…never…never done this before…” Taylor cooed as if she needed to remind everyone of what they already knew so well.  “Feels sooooo good!  Oooooooh Jennifer!  Ughhh what are you gonna do to me?”

Taylor knew exactly what Jennifer was going to do…at least she hoped she did.  But it was clear to the experienced actress that the singer wanted to hear her say it.  Taylor’s eyes were wide and had a naughty fire in them that betrayed her excitement, so Jennifer had no problem spelling out for the girl exactly what her lewd intentions were.

“Oh Taylor, baby, I’m going to lick your cute little pussy until you come for me,” Jennifer grinned wickedly, making Taylor moan in anticipation of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd!  Soooooooooooo naughtyyyyyyy!” Taylor groaned. “Yesssssssss!  Do it Jennifer!  I want you to!  Make me naughty like you!  Lick me!  Lick my…my….my…”

Seeing she couldn’t quite get the naughty word off her tongue, Jennifer was more than happy to help.

“Your pussy?” Jennifer said as sexily as she could, letting the word drip right off her lips.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss my pussy!” Taylor moaned wantonly, writhing on the towel as her nipples tightened up and her arousal increased as she said it.  “Lick my pussy Jennifer!  Make me love it!  Make me feel how awesome it is to have a girl lick me down there!”

While Taylor tended to be very shy about using dirty words like that, when she did it always felt so liberating and made naughty tingles rush through her body.  Jennifer and her friends were making her want to talk so dirty and it felt really good to tell Jennifer to lick her pussy.  Taylor moaned even more when she felt how just thinking about saying it again was making her wetter.

Taylor wasn’t naïve.  She knew everyone thought of her as the sweet girl next door who never would ever think of doing something bad girl sluts would do.  That gave her a lot of sexual power when she turned that innocence into something naughty.  She could still remember one night she’d had a little too much to drink and was feeling tipsy and rather uninhibited and how she’d moaned into her boyfriend’s ear how she wanted to suck his cock and have him face fuck her until she swallowed his cum.

Just hearing sweet Taylor Swift say that had made him shoot his load right into his pants.  At first Taylor had been mad that he had come too early, but then she had started to giggle, not to make fun of him, but out of realization of how she had made him do that just by saying in her sweet, country music voice the dirty things she wanted to do with him.  And when she had kept it up, telling him how she wanted to lick the cum off his cock and then take him in her mouth and suck his cock and balls and how wet she was getting thinking of his big dick, she had been able to get him hard again and it had ended up being some of the best sex of her life that night.

So, despite her shyness, Taylor knew the value of some well-placed dirty words and what Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka had been doing to her and what she wanted them to do to her was making her want to talk a blue streak.  She was so turned on right then…more than she ever had been for a boy.

“Mmmm I can smell how turned on you are,” Jennifer groaned, breathing in Taylor’s arousal as she began kissing her thighs, goose bumps popping up wherever her soft, wet lips journeyed on the singer’s nude flesh.  “You’re so sexy Taylor!  I’m going to eat you up little girl and you’re going to love it!  Soon you’ll be realizing that nothing smells better than a sexy girl all naked and wet for you mmmmm and nothing tastes better either!”

The sound of that promise and the feel of Jennifer’s kisses on her skin so tantalizingly near her sex delighted Taylor like she never ever thought it could.

“Ooooooooooooh!  Yesssssssssssss!  I can’t believe this is happening but I want it!” Taylor cried as she fondled her own breasts and felt little droplets of arousal slip past her slit.  “Fuck me Jennifer!  I want another woman to fuck my pussy!  Mmmmm I’m being sooooo damn naughty but I love it!  Fuck me!  Show me how good it is to be with girls!  Lick me!  Taste me!  Mmmm you can do whatever you want to me!”

Jennifer couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this.  Maybe she never had before.  She felt like a predator approaching Taylor’s tight, young cunt.  She felt kind of evil for taking a girl like this and corrupting her and making her crave a woman’s tongue on her pretty little pussy.  And Jennifer liked that.  She was always the voice of self-control around the mansion, but when it came to taking Taylor’s twat for herself, she had none.  She was a slave to her own feverish lusts and as the scent of Taylor’s arousal filled her nose again she felt possessed by carnality.

Without another word Jennifer unleashed the tongue her friends raved about on Taylor’s pussy.  The beautiful pink lips of her tender pussy were there for the taking and Jennifer claimed them for her own.

She licked the juice that coated Taylor’s slit and followed that first touch of her tongue with several steady lashes right after that, cleaning her arousal right off her labia and then licking even more to get the juices that were starting to steadily flow from the singer as Taylor experienced girl on girl ecstasy for the first time and felt her mind threaten to blow up from it.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Taylor cried, her body shaking from the first forbidden lick to her honeypot and each successive lick of Jennifer’s amazing tongue.  “OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS!  MMMMM GOD IT’S GOOOOD!  SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!”

“I knew you’d like it,” Jewel beamed, sensually rubbing Taylor’s body, caressing her flat stomach and down to her thighs as Jennifer showed the girl what it was really like to truly get your pussy eaten as only she could.  “Women can fuck so much better than men Taylor.  Mmmmm I can’t wait to show you what I can do.  And all our friends too.  Jen and I have so many hot, sexy friends who are going to want to play with you and I can’t wait to introduce you.”

Jennifer had just started licking her but already the idea of having Jewel do this to her and lots of other girls sounded like absolute bliss to Taylor. The idea that there were even more girls like them…beautiful, sexy women who loved to fuck each other…made Taylor feel even more turned on, like she was part of some awesome secret now.

“Tell me…tell me please!  Tell me about your friends…” Taylor moaned, her body rocking with a pleasure she had never felt before.

Having Jennifer’s tongue on her was like no sex she had ever experienced.  Boys had never licked her like this.  Jennifer was licking her pussy and sucking her pinkest of parts like all she cared about in the world was bringing her pleasure and Taylor responded to that passion by rubbing herself more into Jennifer’s face, wanting more licking from the gorgeous movie star.

Jewel smiled as she took a little risk here.  Usually they didn’t tell girls about the mansion until at least the second time they’d fucked.  After all, the mansion was already a Hollywood urban legend so they didn’t want too many ears to hear that the rumors were all true. But Jewel felt like she could totally trust Taylor.  So she leaned in as the girl writhed and moaned from Jennifer’s tongue, just like women always did from her hot licking, and told Taylor about Malibu.

She told the singer about everything that went on there, holding back no dirty details.  She talked about all the rooms they fucked in.  She talked about the wild orgies they had there.  She talked about their naughty parties where women showed up and lost their clothes and their inhibitions.  She talked about one on one time too and how you rarely ever slept alone at the mansion.  And she named names too, telling Taylor about Jessica Alba and Alyssa Milano and friends of theirs like Gwen Stefani and Natalie Portman.

Jewel told Taylor everything and it delighted the girl to hear it.  Jennifer’s tongue made Jewel’s words come to vivid life in her mind.  She imagined all those women together at the mansion, naked and beautiful, pleasuring each other over and over again… their hot, sexy bodies all pressed together.  She was so shocked to hear the girls that Jewel named were into this but even more than that these confessions made her wet and made her overheating brain and libido ache to be a part of it.

“Mmmmm take me there sometime!  Pleeeease!” Taylor blurted out, her whole body feeling like it was floating from Jennifer’s mouth fastening itself to her pussy and sucking the juice right out of her while her hands caressed her thighs.

It all seemed so wonderful in Taylor’s mind.  A mansion full of beautiful women who could do to her just what Jennifer was doing?  Heaven!  And the way Jewel described it sounded so sexy but romantic at the same time.  All those women sharing their bodies along with their hearts?  She had to be a part of something like that!

“Oh you’re definitely invited!” Jewel assured the girl, gently brushing her fingers over her face and down to her invitingly firm breasts, taking the young mounds into her hands and lovingly massaging them.  “Mmmm anytime you want to come there sweetie, you just let us know and you can come visit. And once everyone else gets a look at how sexy you are, they’re all going to want to keep you.”

Jewel truly envied Taylor right then.  As she lay back on her towel, her legs slung open and Jennifer’s gorgeous face between her thighs, Taylor looked so utterly happy.  Jewel knew that feeling well.  It was the discovery of true ecstasy from sex.

Obviously whatever boys Taylor had been with couldn’t match Jennifer’s tonguing and she was finally finding out all the pleasure and joy sex could offer.  There was nothing like the elation that came from that first discovery and Jewel wanted to make it as good as possible for her.

She knew full well how amazing Jennifer was at eating pussy.  She had felt her mouth so many times and always craved it anew once it was pulled away. Jewel wanted to enhance Taylor’s pleasure so she kissed the girl right on the lips and Taylor sensually responded in kind, kissing back with the new giddiness she felt for women.  Their tongues rubbed together and Taylor rewarded Jewel for the hot, gentle touch on her chest by reaching up and fondling all over her older lover’s breasts too.

“Mmmmm oooooh such big boobs!” Taylor moaned with desire.  “You’ve got such big, sexy, beautiful boobs Jewel!  You make mine seem so tiny!”

“Don’t say that. Your tits are perfect!” Jewel said, moaning too from Taylor’s excited hands on her chest.  “I love them!  So sexy and yummy to suck on!”

Jewel proved that by leaning into the girl and licking her pink, swollen nipples.  Combining that with the way Jennifer was pushing her tongue into her pussy to fuck her, Jewel licking her nipples send jolts of pleasure right up Taylor’s spine to her brain and she shook on the towel, moaning in bliss and closing her eyes as she wondered how anything could feel this good.

Taylor didn’t take her hand off Jewel’s breasts though.  She kept playing with them and loving the softness under her hands.  She opened her eyes and loved how not only Jewel seemed to be loving what she was doing to her but that Q’Orianka was touching herself over this naughty sex show.  That was such a turn on for Taylor and she wanted to experience even more.

“Put your boobs in my face Jewel!” Taylor seductively urged.  “I want to lick and taste you!  I want to kiss all over your big, yummy boobs!”

“Oh yeah?  Mmmm hungry for my big titties?” Jewel teased, pulling away from Taylor just far enough that she could push her breasts up toward her own mouth and swipe at them with her tongue.  “Are these what you want?  Mmmm are you a naughty girl who likes big tits Taylor?”

Taylor had never really thought of herself as any kind of girl that liked parts of other women’s bodies, but so much had changed in just the last little while.  So she gleefully answered Jewel, excited to talk a little dirty too.

“Yesssssssssss!  I love big tits!” Taylor cried.  “I love your beautiful big tits Jewel!  Push them in my face!  Smack me with your big boobs and make me suck them!”

Jewel giggled naughtily and pressed herself up against Taylor, kneeling down over the girl so she could get her pretty blonde head in her cleavage. Jewel’s laughter quickly turned to moans, though, when she felt Taylor’s tongue on her breasts, licking all over the soft curves of them at the same time she pushed Jewel’s hands away so she could squeeze them while she tasted them.

Taylor definitely was showing a tit-hungry side and Jewel made sure to encourage it by keeping herself bent down and her breasts in the girl’s face, moaning as she squeezed and sucked them just like so many of her girlfriends always did so well.

While moaning from Taylor’s touch, Jewel caught the eye of her cousin and blew her a kiss with her lips. Q’Orianka had lots of hot action to watch now and her hands were busy between her legs, rubbing and fingering herself at the same time as she kneeled down on the floor with everyone, watching them all fuck and loving the sight of all their sexy bodies and the sounds of their passionate sex play.

Q’Orianka didn’t just have Taylor, Jewel and Jennifer to watch.  She also had great views of Blake being pleasured by Eliza and Kirsten and of Britney and Christina teaming up on Leighton’s body.   She couldn’t decide what was hotter so she didn’t even try to.  She just watched them all and loved every heated moment of it, fingering herself wildly while all the girls fucked.

“Mmmmm yeahhh you like this?  You like my tongue in your sweet little cunt Leighton?” Christina moaned while licking Leighton’s juice right off her lips and relishing the hot, untouched taste that could only come from a pussy that had never been licked by another girl before.  “You like how I’m licking you?”

“Fuck yesssssssssssss!” Leighton hissed back, pulling off Britney’s tits where she’d been gorging on the famously enhanced mounds.  “Don’t stop Christina! You’re making my fucking dirty fantasy come true!  I love how you’re licking me! Oooooh you’re so good!”

“Oh honey, I know I’m good,” Christina confidently laughed.  “Tell me something I don’t know.  But if you like it so much, then you gotta show me Leighton.  You gotta show me that you love me snacking on your pink little fuckhole here.  Mmmm if you want more of Xtina’s tongue you gotta prove you’re worth it.”

“What do I have to do?” Leighton asked, having a pretty good idea what the girl was going to ask and also knowing that she pretty much would have done anything at that point for Christina to not stop licking her.

“You better show my Brit Brit some loving you little pillow queen,” Christina giggled. “You can’t just lay back and get licked.  You better show you deserve to come all over my hot fucking tongue. So prove you’re worthy.  Show you can be a pussy-hungry slut too, Leighton, and that you’re not some lazy little ho that lies back and lets other girls do all the work. Time for you to taste your first yummy pussy!”

“Mmmmmm Goddddddddd…” Leighton groaned, not stopping her smiling even as she couldn’t believe she was about to do this.  “Is that what you want Britney?  You want me to lick you like Blake’s licking Eliza?”

Having Blake lying next to her licking Eliza gave Leighton confidence she could do this and she did love Britney’s body.  It was so hot to have the pop superstar naked next to her with her big tits there for the touching and the tasting.  Leighton had enjoyed sucking on Britney’s swollen nipples and kissing all over her pink skin.  It had been such a turn on to be able to suck a woman’s tits, especially ones as big as Britney’s and Christina had been licking her into a frenzy with her pierced tongue.

Leighton didn’t know if it was the tongue stud against her clitoris or the fact that Christina was simply amazing at eating pussy, but Leighton had never gotten head as good as this before.  Her pussy was purring with every lick Christina gave it.  She couldn’t remember ever being this wet before and no one had ever licked her like this.  She was dripping wet into Christina’s mouth and she was more than eager to give pleasure right back to Britney’s hot body.

“Oooooh yeahhhhh you know I do!” Britney beamed hornily.  “Mmmmm I want your tongue bad Leighton!  Here!  Feel how wet I am!”

Britney grasped Leighton’s hand and guided it right between her thighs.  Leighton moaned in shameless lust at the feel of the soft girl flesh, so soaking wet and shaved completely smooth.  Britney’s pussy instantly made her fingertips wet and she began rubbing the singer without a second thought.

“Mmmmmm so wet!” Leighton cooed, her libido so powerful that she intimately touched another woman and dreamed of doing other wild things she had never let herself do before.

“Mmmmhmmmm you made me this wet!” Britney sighed, shivering happily as Leighton’s fingers rubbed against her needy cunt lips and began to shyly probe inside her folds.  “You and Blake and Taylor!  Mmmm you’re all so fucking sexy!  You made my slutty little pussy sooooo wet and I want you to taste it Leighton!  Lick me like Chrissy’s doing to you!”

“Ummmm I dunno if I can be THAT good,” Leighton laughed, another series of moans escaping her lips right after from Christina’s tongue lapping against her clitoris.  “But I wanna try!  Mmmm feed me your pussy Britney!  I wanna taste another woman!  I wanna lick you!  Mmmmmm you girls are totally making me lesbo and I love it!”

“That’s the plan sweetie,” Britney giggled, repositioning herself over Leighton’s face and hovering over her reverse cowgirl so she was facing Christina.  “Boys can’t fuck hot sluts like us the way we need it.  Mmmmm we need other girls so we can get our pussies fucked the right way!”

At that moment Leighton wasn’t inclined to argue.  All of this was making her feel things that men just couldn’t.  Her boyfriend and all things men were being licked into oblivion by Christina’s tongue and now that she had Britney’s pussy in her face Leighton was even more enraptured by the untamed eroticism of hot girl sex.  She marveled at the bald cunt lips right above her mouth and saw the juice dripping out of the woman’s aroused hole.  Britney’s pussy looked like the sexiest thing she had ever seen and, despite never having done this before, Leighton dove in to feast on it.

Britney squealed happily when Leighton’s tongue began bathing her slit, licking the wetness right off her smooth, sensitive lips.  She knew Leighton would love the taste of pussy.  Who could ever deny themselves something so delicious?  And now that she knew Leighton was hooked on first taste, Britney began rubbing herself into the girl’s face, grinding her pussy against Leighton’s mouth and coaxing her tongue into her pinkness.

“Mmmmmm yessssssss give it to me!  Give my slutty little pussy the licking it fucking needs!” Britney groaned.  “Oooooooooooh!  Mmmmm yessss such a nice tongue!  Show me how much you like Chrissy eating you out!  Eat my dirty lezzie slut pussy Leighton!  Ooooh yesssss you’re so right, we’re totally gonna make you only want to fuck girls after today!  We’re going to fuck and lick your pussy better than any boys can!  Mmmmm you’re gonna be a big lez after today just like meeeee!”

After her marriage to Kevin had fallen apart, Britney had managed to rebuild her broken relationship with Christina and everything had been wonderful since then.  One of the things Christina had said to her that first night when they had reunited was that she wasn’t allowed to look at men anymore, only other women.  That had been just fine to Britney.  Being with Kevin had pretty much soured her on men for good and she just wanted to be with girls.

Having never had the question put to her so directly before, Britney had to admit that in her mind she was a lesbian now and had been ever since that first time when Jessica Alba had gotten into her dressing room and rocked her world.  Now Britney wanted Leighton, Blake and Taylor to be that way too!  She wanted them all to be as slutty and pussy hungry as she was and for them never to go back to boys.

Besides, who could be with men when women were SO much hotter and better looking?  And to Britney’s eyes there was no one hotter or more beautiful than Christina.  She had positioned herself on Leighton’s face so that she was facing her girlfriend as she ate Leighton out and Britney leaned in for a kiss.  Christina happily met her on that and pressed their lips together, kissing deeply and letting Britney suck her tongue so she could get plenty of Leighton’s pussy juice to taste.

Christina and Britney always loved kissing each other, especially if they were sharing another girl’s pussy when they did it.  They had gotten quite good at sharing since they had gotten back together and today it was Leighton’s turn to experience the bliss that came along with that.  When the singers broke their kiss, Britney put her tongue to use on Leighton instead, licking her right along with Christina.


When she got going Leighton was never shy about sex and getting what she wanted in bed.  That was what was so much fun about it to her.  She loved being bad and wanting dirty things that only her lover could give her.  And Britney and Christina were arousing her like no one ever had. To feel both of their tongues on her pussy at the same time sent her into a series of ecstatic screams that more than signaled her orgasm was getting closer.

Blake burned with desire and jealousy when she heard Leighton’s happy, horny screams.  As much as she loved eating Eliza out and feeling Kirsten’s tongue lapping against her clit, she still wanted Leighton most of all.

The sex with Kirsten and Eliza was amazing. Having Eliza’s wet pussy against her face and Kirsten’s tongue going after all her hot spots with a skill and passion that exceeded Taylor and Willa filled Blake’s brain with endorphins and made her feel like she was swimming naked in a big pool of awesome.  But that didn’t change how much she ached for Leighton.

She was happy her friend was happy and Leighton sure sounded happy getting fucked as well as she was by Christina and Britney.  But Blake was also jealous that they were fucking Leighton and she wasn’t.  She wanted to be the one making her cry out in ecstasy.  She wanted to be the one licking her pussy and tasting her juices.  She wanted to be the one getting off on making her come.

Being with Eliza and Kirsten had completely reignited her lust for women and it was burning hotter than ever before.  Now there was none of the guilt there had been after being with her teenaged costars.  It was just lust…naked, raw lust for hot female bodies and there was no one’s body that Blake wanted more than Leighton’s.

But since she couldn’t have her right then, she settled for Kirsten and Eliza.  Though she quickly reminded herself that was hardly settling.  They were both so beautiful and such skilled lovers.  She was in ecstasy over what was happening to her right then.  She had an amazing tongue fucking her and a tight, delicious pussy in her face.  The fact that neither of those were Leighton’s didn’t change the fact that what was happening to her felt so fucking good that Blake thought she might melt right into the hot stones still pressed under her back.

“Ughhhhhhh gawwwwwwwd mmmmmm Eliza you taste sooooo good!” Blake mumbled as she licked, her tongue in pussy heaven as she sampled the spirited brunette’s rich flavor.  “Mmmmmm fuckkkkk you’ve got a hot pussy!”

“Mmmmm thanks,” Eliza groaned huskily, her voice filled with lust from the blonde’s hot licking.  “Mmmmm you’re pretty fucking good yourself Blake!  You know how to eat pussy!   Don’t stop!  Keep working that tongue into me!  Taste that wet hole of mine!  Taste how wet and sloppy it’s getting watching you fuck my sweet Kiki’s pretty face!  Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh gonna give it back to you just as good as you’re giving it to her hot tongue!  Keep licking me Blake!”

Eliza adored this view.  Being able to look down and see Kirsten lying naked on her stomach, her gorgeous face buried in Blake’s pussy.  Eliza could see the soft curves of Kirsten’s bare ass and she licked her lips. Her perfectly pink ass was Eliza’s favorite part on her wife’s body and being able to see it in all its glory as Kirsten hungrily fed off their newest lover’s wetness was so arousing.

Eliza groaned dreamily and fucked herself against Blake’s face harder, forcing more of her inexperienced, but talented tongue into her needy snatch as she fondled her tits with one hand and copped a feel of Blake’s larger pair with the other.

Eliza had a hand on one of Blake’s tits and Kirsten had one on the other, the both of them working as a team to feel her up.  They fondled all over Blake’s sexy chest, delighting in the feel of the blonde’s large breasts and stiff nipples.  And, as they did this, the married pair stared sexily at each other, the both of them enjoying what they were doing to Blake but at the same time having eyes for each other above all.

Kirsten loved her view as much as Eliza did.  She adored being able to feast on this delicious girl’s wet pussy at the same time she saw her wife in the throes of ecstasy.  Eliza’s full tits looked soooo hot to Kirsten as she bounced on Blake’s face, fucking her tongue and making her boobs jiggle.  If Eliza’s favorite part of Kirsten was her ass, then Kirsten felt just as strongly about Eliza’s breasts.  They were so firm and full and Kirsten loved snuggling up against them when she wasn’t licking and kissing them or even pinching and biting them, depending on what kind of mood Eliza was in.

As with any girl, Kirsten loved being able to live out naughty fantasies with Blake. Her pussy was as sweet as sugar and just as delicious.  She was so wet and so horny and Kirsten enjoyed every lick and suck she took of her.  There was so much juice to lick out of her and it soaked her tongue so well while dripping down her throat to a stomach that was always hungry for girl cum.

Kirsten worked over the hot, smooth pussy with her mouth and tongue, just like all the girl-fucking she had done over the years had trained her to do.  She would suck on Blake’s shaven cunt lips and then plunge her tongue in for more licking, tasting the juiciness of her pink folds and making sure to give her clitoris plenty of sexy attention.

It was always so hot to do this to a girl whether it was Blake, Natalie, Scarlett, Bryce, Hayden or any of the other girls she had brought into bed with her and Eliza.  She and Eliza could fuck those girls as hard and as naughtily as they wanted and live out all their dirty dreams with them, but at the end of the night they always went home with each other.  Even as she ate Blake out and Eliza fucked her face, Kirsten knew they belonged to each other and nothing could ever come between them.  What could be more perfect?

But something was about to come between them and it came straight from the deviously sexy mind of Christina, who was loving licking Leighton but also wanted to sample some of the other hot, juicy pussies that were there for the licking.

“Let’s switch!” Christina declared, letting Britney go solo on Leighton for the moment as she proposed her idea.

At first Kirsten had no idea that Christina was talking to her and she just kept on licking Blake while staring up at Eliza.  But when Christina said it again and this time gave Kirsten an elbow for good measure, the actress got the hint and looked up.

“Huh?  Switch?” Kirsten asked, a little too cum drunk to capture immediately what Christina was getting at.

“Yeah.  Switch.  You take Leighton with Britney and I take Blake with Eliza,” Christina said, giving Kirsten’s wife more than a once over with her horny eyes as she continued fucking Blake’s face.

“Sure…I guess…” Kirsten said, shrugging her shoulders.

She hadn’t been expecting that at all, but it wasn’t like there was anything crazy about Christina’s suggestion.  It wasn’t like she and Eliza always had to partner up on girls and it wasn’t like Kirsten wasn’t just as horny for Leighton as she had been for Blake.  It was just that she hadn’t expected this to happen right in the middle of her licking Blake.

But Christina was not to be denied and Kirsten’s reluctance to just suddenly trade partners right in the middle of all this was overcome when Christina pulled her close and passionately kissed her.  Kirsten moaned unreservedly over the hot kiss and the way Christina’s big boobs pressed into hers, Christina’s pierced nipple feeling so naughty against her flesh.

Kissing Christina like this gave Kirsten her first real taste of Leighton and she liked it a lot.  Her pussy was so juicy and tasty and getting such a hot kiss from the slutty pop star made Kirsten’s head spin and got her very willing to give Christina just what she wanted.

So, when the kiss broke, Christina and Kirsten traded places without further delay and Kirsten founded herself greeted right away by another warm, juice filled kiss…this time by Britney.

“Hey there,” Britney grinned before smooching Kirsten.  “Mmmmm that’s so sexy.  Blake’s pussy tastes just as good as Leighton’s.  Lick her with me Kirsten.  Mmmmm we haven’t played together in soooooo long!”

Kirsten knew that was true and that did make it a little naughtier.  She and Eliza had had fun with Britney and Christina a few times, but it hadn’t happened as much as any of them wanted it to and Kirsten knew that getting Britney was a very good bonus to go along with having the chance to lick Leighton.  So she tongue kissed Britney with a growing passion, letting their tongues rub together wetly but not letting the impromptu make out session last too long.  After all they didn’t want to ignore Leighton, did they?

Her lips tingling from Britney’s hot kiss, Kirsten leaned in and began licking away at Leighton’s smooth, soaked pussy.  Leighton’s labia was so tender now from Christina’s vigorous licking that her pussy lips quivered and made the brunette girl lurch a little from pleasure as Kirsten’s tongue touched them for the first time.

Kirsten eagerly explored Leighton’s pink pussy, tasting her folds and licking at her swollen, pulsing clit as Britney did the same, the both of them working over the actress so well and making her feel like there was no way she could go back to men after this.

Britney remained bent over in a 69 position with Leighton.  As she licked the brunette along with Kirsten, both of their pretty faces pressed to Leighton’s snatch and feeling her small blonde landing strip tickle them, Britney fucked Leighton’s face with her own pussy, adoring how eager she was to lick.  Britney was seriously horned up for all these girls here and Leighton was totally getting it right.  She was lapping away at her cunt like she had done it before and Britney was more than happy with what the girl was doing to her.

Eliza hadn’t been expecting the switch any more than Kirsten had, but that didn’t mean she didn’t get into it quickly.  No one had to tell Eliza how hot Christina Aguilera was.  She was one of the first girls she ever fucked at the mansion.  The sex-crazed singer was always a good time and today was no exception.  Eliza had continued riding Blake’s sexy face as Christina had settled down between the blonde’s outstretched legs and had moaned blissfully when the singer had planted a wet, pussy flavored kiss on her lips while reaching up and squeezing her jiggling tits.

Eliza had immediately responded in kind, grabbing onto Christina’s gorgeously enhanced tits and massaging the MILFy mounds in her hands.  They had felt each other up with a tit-hungry fervor while making out passionately and had only broken apart their kisses when Blake had begun mewing for attention in between licks of Eliza’s cunt.  Her pussy had become neglected since Kirsten had crawled away and Blake badly ached for Christina’s pierced tongue just like Leighton had.

So Christina hadn’t denied the actress.  She had ended her kisses with Eliza and instead began making out with Blake’s juicy pussy lips, kissing and sucking on them with horny abandon.

Blake’s pussy was just as yummy as Leighton’s and Christina wanted them both.  She was feeling so cum thirsty and greedy that day.  Mmmm she wanted Blake and Leighton stacked on top of each other with their legs spread so she could have both pussies and go back and forth licking one Gossip Girl and then another until their flavors mixed together in her mouth.  She badly wanted to fuck them both at the same time and get Taylor in the mix too!

Oh yeahhhh that would be the ultimate, wouldn’t it? To get pretty little innocent Taylor Swift sandwiched between Blake and Leighton’s sexy slutty bodies so she could have all three pussies to lick.  Christina’s tongue craved that and her stomach growled in cum hunger from wanting all three girls at the same time.  Pussies like this were so delicious that they were like ice cream and when you were sampling flavors you couldn’t just have one, could you?  No, you had to try the fudge ripple and then the rocky road and then the mint chocolate chip.

Christina wanted to sample Taylor’s flavor too and with Jennifer right next to her lying flat on her stomach eating Taylor’s pussy up, the singer let her hand slide over to rub Jennifer’s perfect ass while seeing if she was up for a switch too.

“Wanna trade?” Christina asked seductively.  “Wanna taste Blake while I taste Taylor?”

But while Kirsten had been a little confused by the request, Jennifer flat out refused.  She wasn’t leaving Taylor’s pussy for anything or anyone and let Christina know that emphatically by holding on tightly to Taylor’s hips and squeezing her young, naked body.

“No!  Mine!” Jennifer practically growled at Christina, shooting down that idea before it even got in the air.

It wasn’t as though Jennifer didn’t want Blake or Leighton.  She was wet to fuck them both but she wanted to do that later.  Right then all she wanted was Taylor.

Her tongue craved the girl’s cum.  She wanted more than anything to be the first woman to make this beautiful little songbird come and she wanted to lick away all of her inhibitions over sex with women.  Jennifer only cared about Taylor right then and everything that wasn’t the sexy, lithe curly-haired blonde was a distraction she had no intention of minding.

Jennifer was like a predator who had captured her prey and she wasn’t about to share with anyone.  Let Christina wait.  Let them all wait.  Taylor and her addictively sweet pussy were hers!  All hers!

She couldn’t help but be greedy.  Taylor was just so tasty.  She’d share soon enough, hopefully with all her housemates.  Jennifer wanted all her friends to taste what she was tasting.  Taylor’s sex honey was just as sweet as her demeanor.  Her pussy was so sugary and delicious that she knew all her friends would be climbing over each other to try and turn the adorable singer into dessert.

Jennifer’s pussy was dripping and she had one hand tending to the heat pulsing from between her legs.  She rubbed her own pussy lips with a steady motion, keeping herself plenty hot and wet but not giving herself too much.  She didn’t want to start fingering herself because to do so might distract her attention from where she wanted it most and that was centered right on the adorably sexy body of Taylor Swift.

Jennifer loved every inch of her.  Her legs were so long and smooth and her tits so perky. Her nipples were rock hard and covered in a naughty glaze of saliva from how well Jewel and Q’Orianka had licked them.  Most of all Jennifer loved Taylor’s pussy.  It was so pink and tight.  It definitely had only felt a few cocks in its life and Jennifer was getting off on knowing it was her tongue that was rocking the girl’s world and introducing her to the pleasure of lesbian love.

Taylor’s pussy was juicing right into her mouth, giving her so much sweet sex sugar to lick up.  It soaked Jennifer’s tongue and made her taste buds dance in delight.  Her pussy was so snug that she had to keep her fingers spreading Taylor open and Jennifer gave her the best of her tongue, lapping away at her tender, sensitive hole and exploring it with tender pushes inside.  She didn’t give Taylor too much.  She just licked and lovingly sucked her into a writhing state of sexual bliss on the floor of the spa.

Jennifer didn’t just want to make Taylor come.  She wanted to give her something she would never forget and make it so she would never not want a woman’s tongue to fuck her.

Jennifer had already decided that Taylor’s tight pink pussy was way too hot for just men to enjoy.  Women were far more worthy of pleasuring this pussy and she wantonly sucked it, pressing her famous face right into Taylor’s neat bush of dirty blonde curls while looking up to see Taylor’s face buried right in Jewel’s tits, gleefully sucking and kissing them as Jewel playfully rubbed them into her.

“Ooooooooooh mmmmmmm gawwwwwd you’ve got the hottest boobs Jewel!” Taylor giggled in delight when she pulled away to breathe.  “Mmmmm you’re all so sexy!  Ughhh yessssss mmmmmm especially you Jen!  Mmmmm you’re eating my pussy sooooooo gooood!  Oooooh boys never do it like that!  Please say you won’t stop!  Say you’ll keep licking me!  Say you’ll make me come!”

Jennifer, however, said nothing at all.  She just kept on licking Taylor’s tender cunt and making her writhe and moan on the towel covering the stones she lay on.  By doing this she, of course, said everything and Taylor got the message loud and clear, smiling a zillion watt beam of happiness as she felt so sexy and so loved right then with Jennifer’s amazing mouth on her pussy making her feel pleasure she never felt was possible.

She had liked sex before.  But now she absolutely loved it.  She could see why some girls were total nymphos because if sex with women was always this good, Taylor totally felt like she was going to need to have it like every single day.  Like Starbucks, she was never going to be able to get enough of this and if that meant she was turning into a slut or something at this point Taylor was happy to be that way.  This was too incredibly good to ever not want it.

“Ooooooh Jennnnnnn!  Yessssssssssssss!  Yesssssss Jennifer don’t stopppp!” Taylor mewled in absolute bliss, her body sweaty from her exertions and the heat of the spa, making her blonde hair stick to her face as she felt like she was totally going to melt into a big puddle of happy.  “Fuck meeeeee! Oooooh yesssss make me want it dirty and nasty!  Fuck me like a naughty girl!  Make me want it from another girl all the time!  Mmmmm gawwwwd you’re making my pussy feel sooo fucking good Jen!  Please don’t ever stop this!”

Taylor felt her own saliva all over her lips from how she had been slurping on Jewel’s sexy tits.  She licked it off and felt so naughty as she had a beautiful woman eating her out right then while another’s big boobs were covered in her spit.  But Taylor knew she could get even naughtier and, as soon as the thought slipped into her mind, she totally knew she had to do it even though she had never dreamed of doing something like that before.  Tasting her own saliva off her lips was kind of naughty, but Taylor knew something she could taste that was going to be way better!

“Let me taste you Jewel!” Taylor pleaded in a sexy half whisper.  “I want to lick your pussy!  Let me taste how wet you are!  Let me fuck you!”

In her wildest dreams, Taylor had never thought she would ever say something like that, but the naughty words had sounded so good coming off her lips and it made a giddy pleasure rush through her body to say it.  She wanted this.  She had to have it before she chickened out and Jewel was so naked and so sexy.  Taylor felt like she had to taste her pussy just like Jennifer was tasting hers.

At any other time Jewel would have jumped at this chance.  Taylor was so beautiful and her mouth on her tits had been so hot.  Her pussy was soaking wet and more than ready to be licked.  She badly wanted to feel Taylor’s tongue on her bald, wet cunt and she knew with the right coaxing Taylor would be great at it.  But despite every part of her body screaming at her to take the young blonde up on her invitation before she changed her mind, Jewel did the last thing she thought she would ever do and that was shake her head no.

The reason was simple for this.  While she had enjoyed every moment Taylor had been kissing and licking her tits, she hadn’t been able to miss that her cousin was off by herself.

Q’Orianka had been fingering herself the whole time and obviously enjoying the show.  Jewel knew the girl loved to watch just like she did, but she could also see the lust and nerves in the girl’s face.  She obviously wanted in but was afraid to just insert herself into the fun when she and Jennifer had so much more experience.  Jewel wanted to help her cousin get more involved in the fun between her and her friends.  After all they were Q’Orianka’s friends now too and Jewel wanted her younger cousin to enjoy them as much as she did.

Taylor was instantly disappointed when Jewel turned her down and she was suddenly filled with self-doubt.  Had she not been good when she had kissed all over Jewel’s boobs?  Did Jewel not like her?  Did Jewel not think she was hot enough?

But as soon as Jewel showed off what her true intentions were, Taylor immediately relaxed and let go of her nerves.

“C’mere Q,” Jewel purred, pulling her cousin closer. “Taylor’s horny and wants a girl to lick.  How about you give her what she wants?  How about you let her taste the pussy I love so much?  Mmmm I know you were getting hot and wet watching us so let Taylor cool those fires with her tongue.”

“Really?” Q’Orianka asked, ecstatic to have this chance.

She’d been prepared to just wait her turn after Jewel and Jennifer had their fun.  She hadn’t wanted to step on toes or get some kind of entitled attitude about taking for herself before the girls who’d been doing this longer had their chance.  But if Jewel was going to offer her the chance to jump right in then Q’Orianka was more than happy to take her up on it.

“Mmmmhmm really,” Jewel said, totally ready to sit back and take her turn watching the fun if it meant her cousin was going to be able to come.  “You do want her, don’t you Taylor?  You do want to fuck my sexy cousin like you want to fuck me?  Right?”

“Ooooooh yeahhhh!  I’d love to!” Taylor brightly replied, her voice moaning from what Jennifer was continuing to do to her.  “Mmmmmm your cousin is so sexy Jewel!  I loved when you were lying on top of me and our bodies were touching like that!  Let me lick you!  Let me do to you what Jennifer’s doing to me!  Mmmmm gawwwwd gimmie a hot pussy to taste so I can be a bad girl and fuck while I get fucked!”

Taylor’s passionate desire was bubbling over with every hot lick Jennifer took against her pussy and Q’Orianka didn’t hesitate.  She gave her cousin a big thank you kiss and then got right to Taylor, spreading her legs open in front of her so she could turn her head to the left and start licking.

“Fuck me Taylor!” Q’Orianka hornily urged.  “I want you so bad!  Lick me!  Ooooh it’s so hot to know mine’s going to be the first pussy you ever taste!”

Taylor moaned when she saw how dripping wet Q’Orianka was.  She had never seen a pussy close up besides hers and this was nothing like when she used to get naked in front of the mirror and touched herself to see what she looked like down there.

Q’Orianka’s dark skin and her lush pink lips along with the soft black fur of her bush was so arousing to Taylor and she stuck her tongue out to give it a little exploring lick just to make sure she liked the taste.  She was sure she would, but when her tongue touched Q’Orianka’s wet slit and her taste buds reacted with glee, Taylor smiled over having it confirmed.

She loved Q’Orianka’s rich taste.  She had never licked another girl before and it felt extra naughty to be doing it to someone she hadn’t even met before today.  Q’Orianka had such a sexy, exotic body and Taylor regarded her pussy as a mystery to be explored.  She started licking more earnestly as she moaned uncontrollably from Jennifer’s tongue, trying to do to Q’Orianka what the actress was doing to her.  She licked all over the girl’s wet lips, tasting them with a growing passion for the taste as Q’Orianka spread herself open even more, causing her tongue to slip right into her honeypot.

“Mmmmmm ooooooh yessssss!  You taste yummy Q’Orianka!  I love your pussy!” Taylor moaned, her whole body on sexual fire from feeling Jennifer lick her at the same time she had a wet pussy in her face waiting to be licked by her.  “Mmmm gawwwd don’t stop Jen!  Oooooh you’re gonna make me come!  Ughhhh I’m actually gonna come from a girl fucking me!  Mmmm I can’t believe it but it’s so good!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Please don’t stop!  Please keep fucking me Jennifer!”

Taylor quieted herself by licking Q’Orianka more, pushing her mouth against her splayed pussy and delighting in her first taste of girl.  The more she tasted, the more she liked it.  And, more than anything, she loved the feel of Jennifer’s tongue and lips on her pussy.  She really did feel like she was going to come and it was going to be so much bigger and better than any of her boyfriends, even the best ones, had ever been able to make her come.

But Taylor wasn’t the only one that was about to come.  Even with the sudden switch it hadn’t particularly mattered who was licking Blake and Leighton because they were both so good.  Kirsten and Christina were both such skilled lovers and their tongues were made to lick pussy.  No matter who was licking them and who was helping them, Leighton and Blake both felt like their orgasms were immanent, especially Leighton’s since she had both Kirsten and Britney’s wet tongues working her cunt over.

Leighton was in a blissful daze that she never, ever wanted to leave.  Britney’s wet pussy in her face was feeding her the sweetest, juiciest essence she had ever tasted.  Leighton had never been shy about swallowing the cum of a male lover and she’d always kind of liked the taste.  But there was no “kind of” here.  She was in love with girl cum and she hoped all the other girls here tasted as good as Britney because right then she wanted to lick them all dry and swallow every drop…with her tongue especially hungry for one girl in particular!

The taste of Britney’s bare, smoothly shaved cunt lips and her wet, naughty folds was only enhanced by the dual tonguing she was getting from the pop star and Kirsten.  God they were driving her pussy into an absolutely wild frenzy of pleasure and Leighton was actually shocked she hadn’t already come from this.  It was so good that she knew right then that whatever turns her life took from here on out there was no way this was going to be the only time she let a girl eat her out.

She just hoped Blake was getting off as good as she was.  Leighton couldn’t believe she’d ever been so stupid as to be afraid of these desires.  Fucking girls was just as awesome as she had always hoped it would be and she knew she had missed so many opportunities to fuck sexy girls by being too scared to indulge in what her body had wanted.

God she wished she’d been there that night at Taylor’s so Blake could have fucked her when she’d fucked Taylor and Willa.  Leighton knew she could have fucked her friend better than those cocky teens anyway and she so badly wanted the chance to prove it.

Blake looked mighty happy lying back on her towel with Eliza fucking her face and Christina fusing her sexy mouth with to her pussy.  As she lapped away at Britney’s pussy and cradled her juicy, full ass in her hands, squeezing the thick cheeks, Leighton managed to steal a few glimpses over at her friend and loved what she saw.  Blake looked so amazing fucking and being fucked, her big tits jiggling so sexily as she shook in rapture from Christina’s tonguing.

Leighton wished she could get a better look.  Hell she wished she could get a taste of her friend.  Britney’s pussy tasted so delicious that she knew Blake’s had to be just as good, if not even better.  As her head turned into a tornado of hot thoughts and impulses, one was clearest…she had to fuck Blake!

So when a chance unexpectedly came her way, Leighton just blurted out her wishes, taking everyone by surprise…especially Blake.

A few moments before, even though she loved every lick she was giving Blake, Christina had still been feeling antsy.  This place always charged her up and having these newbie hotties here all ripe for the fucking had made it doubly so.  Christina was a horny ball of energy and the impulse had struck her to switch around again even more dramatically.  She had wanted to reposition not just herself, but Kirsten, Britney and Eliza too.

“Hey!  Let’s trade again!” Christina had declared on impulse, pulling her juice coated lips up from Blake as the light bulb had gone off over her head.  “Mmmm let’s switch everyone around!  Britney you fuck Blake!  Eliza you fuck Leighton!  Mmmmm and Kirsten gets to ride Blake’s pretty face this time while I feed my perfect pussy right to Leighton’s slutty tongue!  We can all come that way!”

And while that had sounded really fucking hot, that was when Leighton had blurted out her own plan instead and had made clear that she was not about to take a refusal on it.

“No!” Leighton had groaned, her tongue coated in Britney’s flavor and her face flushed from her exertion.  “If anyone is getting fucked by Blake it’s me!  I want her to fuck me!  I want her to make me come!  I want her to eat my pussy!  Ughhhh please get over here and fuck me Blake!  I need you so fucking bad baby!  I need you to be the first girl to make me come!”

Leighton’s sudden demand stopped the action cold and no one said anything in response until Blake spoke up.

“Really?  You mean it Leighton?” Blake asked, her face coated in Eliza’s juices just like her co-stars was in Britney’s.  “You want me?”

“Yeah!  I think I kind of always have…” Leighton confessed, her impetuous demand giving way to something far more serene as she and Blake looked at each other and both mentally wondered what would happen if they became much more than friends.  It was a huge step no matter how horny they were and neither of them wanted to make a mistake.  “Ummm I just didn’t really realize it until today.  I’ve been so curious about girls but now that I’m actually doing it with them…ummm…I just…just know that I want you most of all!”

Leighton then began to fear that whatever feelings she had weren’t mutual so the next question leapt right off her lips.

“Don’t you want me too?” Leighton asked.  She didn’t know what she would do if Blake didn’t reciprocate her lust.  Leighton knew how sexy she was and she knew that Blake obviously enjoyed being with women.  So what would that mean if Blake didn’t want her as much as she did?

But Blake easily answered that and put her friend’s concerns to rest most emphatically.

“Oh God!  Leighton I’ve been dying to be with you!” Blake giddily replied.  “Of course I want you!  I’ve had the biggest crush on you forever!  I want you so bad!”

There was only one sane response to that and Leighton made it by wiggling her finger enticingly toward her blonde friend.

“Then get over here and show me how much you want me,” Leighton smiled.  “I’m hot and wet and I’m yours!  Fuck me Blake!”

Blake didn’t hesitate.  She got up off her back and crawled over to Leighton, closing the short distance between them.  None of the other girls here mattered right then to the two of them.  They were only there with each other and when Blake was close enough, Leighton went right for her, clasping her hands to Blake’s gorgeous face and bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss.

“Mmmmmmm ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Been wanting this for sooooo longgggg!” Blake groaned in dreamy ecstasy when their first passionate kiss ended before taking the lead this time by bringing Leighton in for another one, their hands caressing each other’s faces and roaming through each other’s soft hair.  “Mmmmmm oooooooh yessssssss! Leighton!  You’re such a great kisser!  I’ve wanted to kiss you forever!  I want to kiss you and touch you!  Mmmm I’ve got to fuck you!  It’s what I’ve been dreaming about!”

The two women tongue kissed with total unrestrained libido, sharing the tastes of the girls they’d been licking.  The lust they had pent up for each other was completely unleashed now and they no longer had to have any secrets.  They could get what they wanted and right then they only wanted each other.  Their mouths mashed together and their tongues reached out to rub wantonly in volcanically hot, carnal kisses.  Each kiss led to another and then another as they let the passion they felt for each other run completely wild.

“Mmmm you don’t have to dream anymore Blake,” Leighton moaned, feeling so absolutely happy and turned on knowing that she was going to get her friend to fuck her.  “I’m right here!  It’s all real.  I want to fuck you so bad!”

“Yeahhhhh I want to fuck you too!  I need it!” Blake declared, her voice thick with desire. “I never thought you would be saying this to me Leighton.  Mmmmm the whole time I was fucking Taylor and Willa I wished you were there with me.  I need you so bad baby!”

“Ooooooh you’re sooooo sexy Blake!  I didn’t even realize how fucking hot you were until today!  I mean I always knew…but I just didn’t KNOW…you know?” Leighton hornily babbled before turning her attention to something much better, the jutting curves of Blake’s large breasts.  She took the sexy mounds into her hands and wantonly massaged them before plunging her tongue back into Blake’s mouth.

“Mmmmm such nice tits!  Such sexy, big tits!” Leighton moaned as they kissed, each other’s mouth full of the other’s tongue as they went back and forth in their kisses, sucking on each other’s tongues and trading enough saliva to put out a fire.  “Oooooh I love your body Blake!  You’re so fucking hot baby!”

“So are you!  Your body’s unbelievable!” Blake moaned right back, her hands all over Leighton’s firm, aroused breasts, her nipples throbbing under the feel of her soft palms.

But while Blake absolutely wanted to explore every gorgeously naked inch of Leighton’s body, right down to her toes, she also needed to get a taste of her friend’s pussy more than she needed oxygen right then and she knew Leighton needed to come just as badly.

As Leighton continued to lie flat on her back and moan in writhing delight of expectation of the orgasm she knew was so close, Blake kissed down her neck and gave each of her swollen nipples and small areolas a wet smooch before she made her way eagerly down her friend’s stomach. Leighton let out a little squeal of naughty delight when Blake kissed her belly piercing with a wet press of her lips and she began moaning even more loudly when she did it again and then again before she began kissing her thighs.

She wanted Blake to go lower and she had no doubt that was exactly where her friend was going.  Leighton was dying with anticipation.  It felt like one lick from Blake could make her come.  She was so keyed up for this and she was short of breath as Blake hovered over her pussy.  Inviting her co-star in, Leighton slung her legs open again just like she’d had them for Kirsten and Christina’s tongues.  She made sure Blake could see how horny and wet she was for this and how badly she needed to be licked.

Part of Leighton still couldn’t believe that this was actually happening.  Blake wasn’t about to really go down and eat her out, was she?  This was so totally crazy, but Leighton wasn’t about to argue with her own body.  She knew what felt good and this felt amazingly good.  She was loving every dirty, lesbo thing she was doing and she wanted Blake to finish her off. And when she did finally feel Blake’s tongue slide out over the splayed, soaked lips of her cunt and then push inside to lick the cum right out of her, Leighton nearly creamed her friend’s face in ecstasy.


This was a dream come true for Blake and she only wanted to bring pleasure to her friend.  The scent of Leighton’s aroused pussy drove her even more insane with lust than she had been before and she breathed it in deeply while pressing her face right to the spread open pink lips of her friend.

Blake fused her mouth to Leighton’s folds, sucking and licking them while her nose nestled in the little blonde fuzz of her landing strip.  Right then nothing mattered but bringing pleasure to her sexy and no longer secret crush and Blake tried desperately to remember how she had managed to get Willa and Taylor off while also trying to do the hot things to Leighton that Christina and Kirsten had done to her.

And it was working.  It was working out perfectly for the both of them.  Leighton was crying out in wicked, wild ecstasy from every lick and every suck Blake was giving her and that just made Blake more aroused as she plunged her fingers right into her own needy snatch, pumping them in and out in time with the licks she was giving Leighton.  Blake’s pussy eating technique was far from refined but it was also making Leighton see stars and was more than doing the job of pushing her those final steps toward orgasm.

Leighton had managed to hold herself back from exploding in orgasm right away when Blake had started licking her but it was only by using all of her willpower and strength.  She didn’t know what was going to happen next. She didn’t know if this was the first of many naughty times with her friend or if this was going to be some kind of one night thing with Blake so she wanted to savor it.

She didn’t want it to end before it even got started.  She wanted to make it last for at least a little while longer and, as she watched Blake’s toned, tight butt slowly shake while she went down on her, she knew that her friend had to be dying with the same horniness she had.  So there was an easy way to make the experience better for the both of them.

Leighton loved everything that her friend was doing to her.  It was so absolutely amazing to be licked like this and to know that it was Blake who was between her legs, going down on her and making her feel this intense pleasure.  She was actually having sex with Blake! God, it was all so wild and Leighton wanted to make it wilder.  Her lips felt lonely without a wet pussy pressed to them and since she didn’t want to be selfish and be the one getting all the pleasure when Blake needed it too, Leighton urged her friend to change positions.

“Fuck me too Blake!” Leighton offered, her words coming out totally from lustful thinking and not some well thought out plan.  “I want to taste your pussy!  Fuck my face sweetie.  Let me lick you while you lick me!  Ughhh let’s do it just like slutty girls in pornos do it!”

Neither Blake nor Leighton needed to have seen a porno to know how a 69 worked, but the words had made sense when she had thought of them and Blake definitely responded to them.  She gave Leighton a big, sexy grin when she pulled up from her pussy, her face giddy and her lips coated in the naughty flavors of many girls.

“Oooooh that sounds perfect!” Blake cooed, her pussy more than eager for a tonguing from Leighton.  “Mmmm let’s do it!  Let’s make each other come!”

Blake didn’t say anything more.  She just turned around and slung her leg over Leighton so she could press her pussy right down on her friend’s gorgeous face.  Leighton’s face was already shiny from licking Britney but Blake wanted her skin soaked with her juices, not the pop singer’s. She rested her pussy right above Leighton’s mouth and her brunette friend did the rest, grabbing onto her ass and pushing her down even closer, mashing her sex right against her lips and starting to suck tenderly on her labia, getting her first sweet taste of Blake’s cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss!” Blake cried as another part of her dirty dream came true and she felt Leighton lick her pussy.  “Mmmmm baby yesssssssssss!  Do it!  Eat that wet pussy of mine!  Ughhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh show me you’re a naughty little lesbo just like meeeeee!”

Blake adored the feel of Leighton’s mouth on her pussy.  She sucked on her flared, aroused cunt lips and then wickedly began licking her, sending ecstasy through her body with each lash of her tongue against her sex folds.  Blake groaned and cooed and quivered in delight as Leighton began feeding off her pussy, tasting the juice that was dripping out of her and pushing inside to begin fucking her with sexy, firm thrusts of her tongue inside her.  And as this happened Blake got right back to pleasuring her friend, plunging her tongue right back into Leighton so they could lick each other simultaneously.

Leighton’s pussy looked so pretty from Blake’s new position hovering over it in their 69.  Her labia lips were so pink and puffy from being licked and sucked by girls and Blake moaned as a little tiny flow of girl cream started to seep out past them.  At the sight of that and how needy Leighton’s wet pussy was, Blake buried her face right back between her friend’s thighs, latching her lips to her pussy and slurping that cream right into her mouth while knowing that if she did her job right there was going to be a hell of a lot more of that and very soon.

And, though they had found themselves phased out of the action, Britney, Christina, Eliza and Kirsten didn’t mind too much because they had themselves a hell of a view of the two stunning beauties succumb to the lust they felt for one another.  Their pussies were all so soaked and none of them had wanted to stop playing with Blake and Leighton but it was really hot to see them get it on knowing they never had before.

The two Gossip Girls made quite a sexy pair as Blake remained draped over Leighton, her blonde head buried between Leighton’s thighs as Leighton’s hand caressed Blake’s tight buns, fondling her butt cheeks and squeezing them tightly to keep her pussy mashed up against her face so they could both feast on each other’s wetness while rocking back and forth.

No one had to remind these experienced girls that it was like they had to wait for Blake and Leighton to finish up for them to have their own fun or anything.  They were four horny women who knew all about pleasuring other women and it was only natural that the hot show they were getting of Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl made them eager for them to want to play with each other.

In the spirit of Christina’s desire to do some trading, the two couples had ended up swapping partners as Britney pressed a deep, sexy kiss right to Eliza’s waiting lips while Kirsten did the same to Christina, groaning as she felt that hot pierced tongue push into her mouth.  Kirsten rubbed her own tongue against Christina’s tongue stud while at the same time getting a feel for some of her other piercings, rubbing her right breast to feel the ring that went through her nipple while pushing her other hand between Christina’s legs to rub against the little hoop that had pierced her labia.

“Mmmmm you’re so fucking sexy, Christina,” Kirsten moaned lustfully, feeling up the singer’s hot spots and feeling her own pussy drip from how her fingers were able to slide right into Christina’s love hole, the tight folds sucking her digits right in as a sign of how horny the girl was.  “Ooooooh I love your tight little pussy!  Mmmm we should play more often!”

“Fuck yeah!  Mmmm we should all be going out on double dates and scoring hot pieces of tail to bring home to play with,” Christina replied enthusiastically, already picturing in her mind the kind of sexy damage that she and Britney teaming up with Kirsten and Eliza could do to L.A.’s population of hotties once they got home.  “Mmmm two gorgeous fucking couples of hot, nasty sluts!  We should be getting together all the damn time!”

Christina then gave Kirsten another heated kiss, loving how the girl quivered from the feel of her pierced tongue in her mouth.  Christina couldn’t wait to unleash her tongue stud on Kirsten’s clitoris.  But even as she dreamed of the blonde’s waiting, wet pussy, there was another part that also demanded her attention.

As she and Kirsten kissed, Christina moved her hands down to the firm, small cheeks of Kirsten’s ass, cupping and squeezing them as the girl cooed happily and began grinding her body into the singer’s.  Christina savored the smooth feel of Kirsten’s skin, rubbing her cheeks with a hunger for the actress’ backside.

“Ohhhh God, Eliza, I can see why you love this fucking ass so much,” Christina moaned as the kiss broke and she cast a glance at Britney and Eliza’s fevered make out session while continuing to palm Kirsten’s cheeks.  “This is such a cute butt she’s got!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh my Kiki’s got such a sweet ass,” Eliza replied in reverence for her wife’s body as she hornily eyed another woman touching it.

“I’ll say,” Christina said, her eyes lighting up as something occurred to her.  “Mmmm and you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever fucked it!  Time to change that!  Bend over Kirsten!”

Far from being nervous over someone as wicked as Christina wanting to take liberties with her tightest of holes, Kirsten felt a surge of aroused adrenaline rush through her at the sound of that invitation.  And she responded by doing Christina one better.  Without delay she didn’t just bend over, she got down on her hands and knees and pushed her bare ass out toward Christina.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh fucking do it!” Kirsten excitedly urged.  “Fuck my ass Christina!  Ooooooh I’ve wanted to say that to you for so long! I’ve been dreaming about you taking me there!”

That was no exaggeration.  Kirsten preferred having her pussy played with over her ass, but she quite enjoyed being touched and fucked back there.  In fact when the girl she was with knew how to do it right, Kirsten could come harder from having her ass fucked than her pussy.  Eliza always knew just how to take her back there and make her feel nothing but sweet, intense ecstasy from it and Kirsten loved when Sarah would fuck her ass too right in front of Eliza because she knew how much that turned her wife on.

But there were two girls that Kirsten had particularly dreamed of fucking her ass because of their reputations around the mansion.  The first of those women had been Rose and Kirsten had gotten her mind blown by that fantasy come true a few months back.

Rose had strapped on Mr. Snappy and bent her and Eliza both over the bed, going back and forth between them, fucking them both and taking their tight asses with deep, hard thrusts that had them both howling in delirious bliss when they weren’t making out and fingering each other’s cunts as they came what felt like gallons from how good Rose was fucking them.  That had been such an amazing night, especially when Rose had capped it off by “making” them both taste Mr. Snappy with their fucked asses all over it.

The other girl with amazing reputation for assfucking around the mansion was Christina.  People seemed to get faraway looks in their eyes when they said how good Christina was with a toy and Kirsten had badly wanted to feel the pleasure that could make a woman react like that.  She’d never had the chance before now and she was sure as hell going to take advantage of it, even if Christina didn’t appear to have a toy handy.

“Mmmmmm yummy!” Christina moaned, sinking to her knees behind Kirsten and eagerly slapping her hands to the girl’s tight cheeks, making her squeal at the stinging contact.  “I love it!  Mmmm only thing out there as hot as pussy is yummy girl butt!”

“Oooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmm God yesssssssssssssss!” Kirsten hissed as Christina’s tongue pushed right into her puckered ring without so much as a hello.

It wasn’t the hard toy fucking she was looking for from the pop icon, but that was no complaint.  Christina’s tongue felt absolutely exquisite back there and Kirsten loved the feel of another woman rimming her asshole.  It always felt so naughty and dirty.  Eliza was the best as it, but Christina was certainly no slouch.

“Mmmmm fuckkkkk oooooooh go deep Christina!” Kirsten gasped, her pleasure becoming even more intense when the singer began to devilishly fingerfuck her pussy while rimming her.  “Yesssssssssssss oooooh fuck yessssssssssss!  Lick my ass you little slut!  Tongue fuck my pretty little hole while my wife watches you!”

And Eliza definitely was watching.  She watched with a big smile as she watched Christina Aguilera eat her wife’s ass.  It was so hot to watch Christina’s tiny, curvy body behind her wife’s, her face pushed in between Kirsten’s tight butt cheeks and to see how much Kirsten was enjoying the feel of the singer’s tongue inside her tight hole.  Eliza got pleasure from Kirsten’s pleasure and her pussy was dripping onto her leg as she stared at her wife’s naughty fun.

But watching Kirsten get it on with Christina wasn’t the only thing turning Eliza on.  Britney was making Eliza’s pussy ache with need all by herself.  Seeing Kirsten and Christina was just extra fuel for the fire.  And, just as Christina ravished Kirsten’s ass, Eliza paid her attention to Britney’s full tits, sucking and licking her huge rack and then playfully slapping them and making Britney groan joyfully as they bounced.

“Oooooh yesssss slap my titties!  Mmmm make those big tits of mine sting!” Britney cooed.  “Mmmmmm oh Elizaaaaaa!  Chrissy is so right!  We four don’t fuck each other enough!  I’d been just thinking that earlier!  That’s why I wanted you and Kirsten to come with us so bad!  Mmmmm my pussy is fucking dripping for you right now baby!  I want you to fuck me like you fuck your hot wife every night!  I want you so bad Eliza!  I want you to take my slutty dyke cunt right in front of my girlfriend!”

Britney groaned again loudly, tossing her head back as Eliza squeezed her tits passionately, making it hurt a little but in a pleasurable way.  Britney could feel her cum starting to ooze out of her pussy from the way Eliza’s awesome hands felt on her tits.  She loved how she was roughly palming them and when Eliza pulled her hands away to instead shower loving kisses all over her breasts Britney shivered happily, moaning her desire to her brunette sex partner.

“Mmmmm lemme play with your body too Eliza,” Britney requested.  “You have such a sexy body.  I need to feel you.  Mmmm and I need to eat you up too.”

Eliza was more than willing to be eaten up by Britney.  She smiled as she pulled away from the singer and made a slow, sensual twirl of her body, letting the pop star drink in the sight of her full nudity.  And Britney visibly enjoyed the show, drinking in the fullness of Eliza’s naked tits, the toned muscles of her arms and legs, the flatness of her stomach, the feminine curve of her tight ass and the glistening wetness of her aroused pussy.

Britney loved seeing Eliza naked and knowing her snatch was wet for her.  With the sound of Kirsten’s happy cries from Christina’s ass licking filling her ears along with the chorus of horny voices of Blake, Leighton and Taylor, Britney pounced on Eliza and brought her into a warm, nude embrace as they passionately kissed.

“Oh yeahhhh Britneyyyyy mmmmm baby suck on my tits!  Taste those hard nipples you nasty little slut!” Eliza groaned as Britney’s soft lips sucked on her aroused nipple, moving from one soft, full breast to another and slurping her pink tips.  “Naughty girl mmmmmmm yesssssssssssss!  Oooooh get those sweet lips all over my body!”

That was just what Britney was planning to do.  She wanted to kiss Eliza all over.  She let her lips roam all over the woman’s tits, kissing her nipples and areolas and also wetly smooching her cleavage before she began kissing down Eliza’s stomach, lowering herself as she did so.  Britney pressed kisses on Eliza’s stomach, tasting her toned abs with her lips and not stopping even when she reached Eliza’s thighs.

While Eliza moaned from the soft kisses on her nude flesh, Britney kissed down her legs, tasting the muscles she worked hard in the gym to perfect.  She kissed all over the front of Eliza’s smooth legs and then scooted playfully around to the back of her.  She kissed her way back up from her calves all the way to the curve of her buttocks, kissing each cheek lovingly.  Eliza adored being kissed this way, but at the same time she also craved release and kisses weren’t going to do it.  So she turned around to face Britney again and, as the blonde kneeled down, she pressed her pussy right to her face.

“Lick it!” Eliza ordered with a horny groan, pressing down on the back of Britney’s blonde head and pushing her between her thighs.  “Give me that hot tongue of yours!  I want you tasting my cunt Britney!”

“Ughhhhhhh yessssssss feed me your delicious fucking cunt Eliza,” Britney moaned in bliss with Eliza’s smooth lips and dark bush being mashed into her face. “Mmmmm gawwwwwwd I love licking your wet pussy!”

Britney unleashed her tongue right onto Eliza’s soaked pussy.  She lapped away at her labia lips just to get her flavor all over her tongue and then greedily dove in for more, grabbing onto Eliza’s tight ass cheeks to steady herself as her tongue thrust into her pussy.  In response, Eliza growled in ecstasy and kept her grip tight on the back of Britney’s head, holding a clump of her hair while she fucked her face, grinding her pussy all over the singer’s happy mouth and chin and even up to her nose as she fed off her wetness.

“Fuck yeahhhh you little slut!” Eliza exalted when Britney’s tongue fucked her juicy folds and the tip hit her clitoris just right.  “I love that slut tongue of yours Britney!  Mmmmm yessss tongue fuck me just like that!  Make me come all over your face while your slut girlfriend rims my baby Kiki!”

Christina wasn’t just giving Kirsten a rim job anymore, though.  Now she was finger fucking her tight little hole, while her tongue was playing in the pink paradise of her pussy. Kirsten was groaning and grunting madly from Christina shoving two fingers up her hole at the same time she was being licked.  She’d come before in the springs, but after all they’d done here to Blake and Leighton and the way Christina was licking her, Kirsten knew she was going to come again really soon.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit!  Yessssssssssss oooooh fuck that feels sooooo damn good Chrissy!” Kirsten cried, her body tingling from head to toe from the soft tongue attacking her gooey pussy, thrusting into her and licking against her swollen clitoris, while Christina’s fingers took her asshole with a passionate forcefulness that made her crave more.  “Ooooooh yesssssssssssssss I’m gonna come all over you!  Mmmmm I love your fingers up my tight ass Christina!  Ughhh I can’t fucking wait for you to get a toy in there too and really give it to me!  Someday I want you to fuck my ass hard with a big, fake cock and make me come from it just like Eliza always does!”

While licking and finger banging, Christina thought to herself that she had the perfect toy for that in hers and Britney’s suite.  She definitely wanted to strap it on and really give it to Kirsten’s tight little hole.  Her fingers felt so snug in the puckered ring that deliciously lay between her perky pink cheeks and Christina’s pussy drooled over the idea of loosening it up more…even more than Eliza did.

This was definitely a party they were going to continue later when they had more access to toys and, of course, more girls.  From the way Taylor, Leighton and Blake had all succumbed to their seductions and were now enthusiastically fucking women, Christina knew they wouldn’t be able to stop now.  She wanted to get all three of them alone with her and Britney so they could have their wicked way with all their pussies and even get intimate with their surely tight, yummy asses.  And she badly wanted to show them off to her other friends at the mansion like Rose so they could all get their fuck on together.

Christina wasn’t about to let any of these newbie girls just waltz away after they left the spa.  There was a lot of hardcore partying she wanted to do with them and with Kirsten and Eliza too.  And with Kirsten’s juices now dripping right onto her tongue and her asshole clamping down erotically around her thrusting fingers, Christina didn’t let her thoughts drift away too much from the goal of getting the beautiful, lithe blonde girl to explode orgasmically for her.

As Kirsten’s cries and squeals of sexual pleasure mixed in with Taylor’s howls of delight and the muffled sounds of mutual ecstasy from Leighton and Blake’s 69, Christina worked her tongue over her just a little bit harder, focusing it on Kirsten’s full, happy clitoris while jamming her fingers in with an extra forceful thrust, loosening her up like she would have done had she already had the strap-on around her waist that she was dreaming about burying up the blonde’s ass.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  MMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSS!  I LOVE THAT CHRISTINA!” Kirsten cried, her head thrashing from the pulses of pleasure that rushed through her naked body as she remained on all fours on the spa floor with Christina behind her.  “OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS! MORE!  MMMMM FUCK!  I’VE GOTTA HAVE MORE!  I WANNA COME!  OOOOOOOH I’M GETTING SO CLOSE!”

And since she was close to coming, Kirsten wanted to make it extra hot when she did and this time it was her turn to be a little demanding in how everyone was positioned.

“Oh Eliza baby you look sooo fucking hot feeding your pussy to that greedy little slut!” Kirsten groaned, looking longingly at her wife and the beautiful busty blonde going down on her.  “But you two are so far away.  Mmm get over here and join us.  I want you two to be with us too.”

That was just fine with Eliza and Britney and the pop singer stood up to give Eliza a big kiss and a taste of her own pussy juice before they walked over to where Kirsten was on all fours, her ass in Christina’s face.  Britney was particularly excited about this change because of the opportunity it presented.  While she had only been able to get a triangle going before with Haruka and Christina and now with four horny girls they could get a proper daisy chain going.

So Britney quickly got on all fours right in front of Kirsten and giggled as she pushed her pussy into her face.

“Is this close enough for you?” Britney laughed, making sure her soaked slit was a mere inch away from Kirsten’s tongue, more than close enough for the girl’s tongue to get at.  “Is this what you want Kirsten?  Mmmm want to gobble up a slutty pussy while you’re getting yours licked?”

“Mmmmmm fuck yeah!  I always do!” Kirsten enthusiastically replied, loving being sandwiched between the pop slut duo while Eliza could not only see her being nasty, but join in as well.  “Lemme taste how wet you got from licking my wife!”

Kirsten closed the small gap in between them by pushing her face right between Britney’s juicy butt cheeks and attacking her pussy.  Britney’s slit was soaked with need and so delightfully pink and smooth.  Kirsten wanted it bad and started licking without delay, sending shivers of pleasure through the singer.

“Yeahhhhhh!  Ooooooh yummy! Yesssss!  Lick me Kirsten!  Mmmm I wanna feel your tongue licking my pussy while I do the same to your sexy wife!” Britney urged joyously from being licked as Eliza’s juices coated her lips and she still craved more.  “I wanna get licked!  Lick my dirty little pink hole while Chrissy is fucking you like the naughty girl you are!  Mmmm eat my fucking slut pussy!”

Kirsten never had to be talked into that and she eagerly lapped away at the cum coated snatch in her face.  She lashed her tongue over Britney’s swollen lips, making her immediately cry out and then began fucking her with a wicked gusto, just like Christina was giving it to her pussy and ass at the same time.  This was just what Kirsten wanted too.  She wanted to be fucking another hot girl while she came.

“Now you Eliza!  Bring that pussy right back to my face!” Britney demanded.  “I wanna taste you more!  Mmmm my tongue loves your sweet honey and I gotta get me some more of it!”

“Oh you’re gonna get all of my honey you dirty little whore,” Eliza declared, getting into position on her hands and knees and pressing her tight buns right into Britney’s face to get her in a tongue’s reach of her slit.  “Fuck me Britney!  Give it to me while I give it to your pretty pierced princess at the same time!”

Eliza knew just what Britney wanted and she was totally down for it too.  She curved herself around so that all of them were in a naughty circle of naked bodies and she brought her face right up to Christina’s waiting pussy, pressing herself between her wonderfully thick ass cheeks.  Christina’s slit was a drooling mess of arousal and Eliza didn’t say a word.  She just started licking, plunging her tongue into Christina and enjoying the delicious delights waiting for her.

“Oooooooooooh fuckkk!  Mmmmm yeahhhh go for it Eliza! Fucking lick that pussy you horny little cunt slut!” Christina groaned.  “Mmmmm yessssssssssss ooooh bury that tongue inside my tight little twat!  Lick the juice that’s dripping right out of me!  Ooooh fuck that tongue feels incredible in my pussy!  Fuck me Eliza!”

Christina rewarded Eliza’s licking by giving it harder to her wife, pushing her fingers into Kirsten’s ass while licking faster at her clit.  And in between licks against the swollen pleasure bud, Christina continued to urge Eliza on.

“Mmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhh you like seeing me give it to your wife Eliza?  That turn you on?  That make your hot, tight cunt drip into my Britney’s mouth?” Christina hissed between licks of Kirsten’s pussy.  “You like seeing me jam my fingers up Kirsten’s cute little ass?  Like seeing me buttfuck your pretty wife Eliza?”

Eliza knew Kirsten loved it and that was all she needed to get turned on by it.  Seeing Kirsten in ecstasy as she moaned from being fucked while her face was buried between Britney’s ass cheeks to eat her out from behind made Eliza feel ecstasy too.  And she decided to show the cocky singer just how hot she found it by spitting into her asshole and pushing in her thumb past the newly wet ring.

“Oh fuck yeah I like it!  I like it just as much as you like this you mouthy bitch!” Eliza laughed in delight as her thumb penetrated Christina’s asshole and her tongue returned to licking her pussy.


The four girls were all sounding off their rapture while they were locked into their daisy chain of licking and fingering.  Eliza gave it to Christina as she kneeled down to give it to Kirsten who was happily feasting on Britney’s pussy while Britney lapped at the dripping wetness of Eliza’s tight snatch.

Taylor couldn’t believe how horny all of this was making her but it totally was.  She was seeing such gorgeous girls do incredibly nasty things to each other and it made her pleasure even more intense because right then all she wanted was to be just like those girls and be dirty and naughty and so, so sexy!

It was like they were all on separate little islands.  One island had Leighton and Blake naked and in their 69 and Taylor knew she was never going to be able to look at an episode of Gossip Girl the same way after seeing their gorgeous bodies fused together in such a naughty act.   She was always going to think of the two hot girls licking each other like that and when she’d see the show she’d wish it was Serena and Blair doing each other like that.  Taylor felt an extra rush of hotness over that thought.  She liked these naughty thoughts.  She liked how dirty her brain was thinking.  It wasn’t like her at all to think like that and that was the most fun part.

Taylor had done a 69 once before with a boyfriend where she’d sucked his cock and he’d licked her pussy, but it hadn’t lasted very long and it certainly hadn’t had the passion of what Leighton and Blake were doing to each other.  They obviously loved licking each other and badly wanted to both give and receive pleasure.

They both looked so gorgeous and Taylor was totally turned on seeing them lick each other like that, their nude bodies mashed together with Blake on top.  Taylor felt her heart beat fast out of the forbidden thrill of seeing two beautiful girls she knew from TV with their faces in each other’s muffs.  They were both tongue fucking each other with a cum-starved energy and Taylor loved seeing that as she imagined the both of them doing that to her and licking her with their tongues like they were licking each other.

The other island had the daisy chain of hot girl bodies all licking each other.  Taylor had never seen anything like that.  There were so many sexy bodies all connected by hot tongues and fingers fucking dirty, sexy holes and Taylor’s pulse quickened even more as she imagined being a part of that.

Mmmm maybe she could be the one licking Britney’s pussy while Kirsten ate her out or she could be fucking Eliza or Christina or they could be fucking her and they could just keep changing positions and licking and fingering each other with a lustful abandon until it was all a blur and they didn’t even know who was fucking who anymore.  Ohhhh that would be soooo hot!

Gawwwd she wanted to fuck them all and she wanted to fuck them all too! Taylor craved their beautiful bodies.  They all had such hot asses and tits that she wanted to touch and taste.  She was becoming obsessed with girl bodies now and Taylor loved it.  She found herself staring at all their naked boobs and butts and wished she could see their pussies mmmm and taste them all too!

Of course she was on the third island along with Jennifer, Jewel and Q’Orianka.  And everything they were doing to her felt so amazing that Taylor never wanted to leave this island.  She just wanted to stay here and have her body be pleasured by sexy girls over and over and over again.

She was so close to coming and she definitely didn’t want Jennifer to stop what she was doing even after she had her orgasm.  She wanted her to keep licking her and make her come and come and come.  Taylor felt like she was totally getting addicted to this pleasure.  It was so intense and intoxicating and she had never felt it with a man before.

“Yesssssssssssss oooooooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmm more Jennifer morrrrrrrrrrrrre!” Taylor moaned, her voice weak and breathless as she lay perched on the precipice of orgasm.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwd you’re making me sooooooo wet! You’re fucking me better than anyone ever has before!  Mmmmm you’re making my pussy soooo naughtyyyyyy!  Ughhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh make me love it!  Make me love being fucked by girls!   Make me wanna do this all the time!”

Taylor had so much more to say but she instead focused her panting, pulsing energy on tasting Jewel’s wet, womanly pussy.  She’d already licked the singer’s gorgeous cousin and she’d loved Q’Orianka’s delicious taste.  Having pussy on her tongue and on her tastebuds had been such a naughty, wild sensation.  So she had been really pumped when Q’Orianka had suddenly declared it was Jewel’s turn and had moved away so the older girl could take a chance to be licked.

Taylor had loved that they had switched like that.  It had felt extra naughty to lick a shaved girl like Jewel.  Q’Orianka had a bush just like she did but after getting her tongue on Jewel’s completely bare girlflesh, Taylor had started to wonder if maybe she should shave too.  It was soooo smooth and naughty to lick a girl with no hair at all down there and Taylor wondered if girls that were licking her would like if she was bald below her waist too.

But mostly Taylor had concentrated on the wonderful juice she was licking out of Jewel.  She loved Jewel’s flavor just as much as she had enjoyed Q’Orianka’s.  She loved how different but sexy they both tasted.  It was like drinking different kinds of wine. There were subtle differences and different flavors, but good wine always tasted good and Taylor felt such a huge rush of naughty energy when she realized girls were just like that too.  Their pussies were different but similar and so yummy in all their flavors.  She wondered what all the other girls here tasted like and she wanted to lick them all to find out, especially Jennifer.

Right then, as Jewel and Q’Orianka took turns fucking her mouth and feeding her their hot girl juices, Taylor felt she was falling in love with Jennifer.  Her mouth felt so awesome on her pussy, licking and sucking her.  The artistry that she was bringing to pleasuring her sex made Taylor realize just how clumsy the boys she had let lick her had been.

Jennifer’s tongue was so completely amazing.  Everything she was doing with her lips and tongue made her feel intense pleasure.  Taylor could feel little tears of ecstasy start to roll out of her eyes as Jennifer licked and sucked on her clitoris and she knew she was going to come.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh gawwwd Jen!  Mmmmm I’m so close!  Oooooooh it’s gonna happen Jennifer!  I’m gonna come!  You’re gonna be the first girl to make me come!” Taylor cried out as she paused her licking of Jewel’s delicious pussy.  “Ooooooooooooooooooh fuck!  Oooooooooooh fuck meeeeeee Jennnnnn!  I can’t believe another girl is fucking me but it feels soooooooooo awesommmme!  Ughhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss don’t stop!  Mmmm eat my pussy!”

“Come for me honey,” Jennifer urged lovingly, kissing Taylor’s swollen bud and making her lurch a little from the touch of her lips to her sensitive clitoris.  “Don’t hold back Taylor!  Let yourself come from a woman’s touch!  You have such a tight, sweet little pussy Taylor and I’m going to want to fuck you all the time from now on, sexy girl!  I love making you feel good!  I love licking your pretty little pussy and making you enjoy a woman’s tongue!  Come for me Taylor!  I want you to!”

And Jennifer didn’t just coax the orgasm out of Taylor with words.  She increased the young blonde’s pleasure by pushing her fingers into her perfectly pink cunt.  Taylor was dripping wet from being licked and despite her tightness, she had no trouble accommodating two of Jennifer’s fingers as they pushed into her and filled her up, fucking her folds and finding her g-spot as she was already trembling from being licked.

But Jennifer didn’t just let her fingers fuck Taylor, not when her mouth was starving for the girl’s creamy cum.  She got her lips back around the singer’s clitoris and sucked on it with a tender, loving passion at the same time she finger fucked her with a slutty abandon.


Taylor could literally see stars as little explosions seemed to overwhelm her brain. She was breathing like she was gasping for air, her tits bouncing as her chest heaved from the intensity overcoming her completely.  She felt like she was drowning in ecstasy.  This was all so amazing and she wanted it all and she wanted more!  Even though Jennifer couldn’t have been pleasuring her better and even though Jewel and Q’Orianka were now both sucking and licking her swollen nipples, Taylor still dreamed of more.

She closed her eyes, her face flushed a deep pink and her skin all sweaty, her blonde curls sticking to her forehead and forming a little crown over her princess face.  Taylor dreamed that all the sexy girl bodies in the room were on her.  Jennifer.  Jewel.  Q’Orianka.  Blake.  Leighton.  Christina.  Britney.  Kirsten.  Eliza.  She wanted them all on her at the same time.   She didn’t want three islands anymore.  She wanted them all with her and on her.

Taylor wanted them all paying attention to her and kissing her and licking her and caressing her and fucking her with tongues and fingers and every naughty thing they could think of.  She wanted all their bodies.  She wanted to touch them and taste them and fuck them too.  She wanted them all doing her at once all of their hands and tongues all over her.  It was sooooo hot to think of and it pushed her right over the edge as Jennifer’s fingers and mouth made her pussy cream and her orgasm rock her body like nothing ever had before.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!  YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Taylor screamed as she came, all other orgasms she had experienced before today obliterated by the pleasure she felt now.

Her body convulsed in ecstasy on the towel with Jennifer’s mouth on her pussy and her fingers pushing into her, fucking her as she came, her juices spilling right onto Jennifer’s tongue where they were eagerly tasted and swallowed.

Jennifer greedily hogged all of Taylor’s juices for herself.  She found herself getting off from the creamy essence filling her mouth from the gorgeous girl coming for her.  She knew that Jewel and Q’Orianka would want a taste too, but she wasn’t prepared to share right then.  Taylor was hers and the delicious cum filling her mouth was a reward Jennifer felt she deserved.

Jennifer loved the taste of Taylor’s pussy enormously and she just hoped this would only be the first of many, many times she got it.  She kept her lips latched to the girl’s juicing pussy, gulping down her cum and keeping up the constant pleasuring of Taylor.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!  UGHHHHHHHH!!!  MMMMMMM DON’T STOP!” Taylor begged, the fingering and slurping of her pussy continuing on and making her orgasm even more incredible. “MMMMMM NEVER STOP JEN!  NEVER STOP FUCKING MEEEEE!!!”

Hearing Taylor come like that was enough to pull Blake and Leighton just enough out of the daze they had put themselves into with their 69 to make them feel that it was okay to let go too.   They had really only been paying attention to each other, forgetting all about the other girls in the room with them.  But Taylor’s orgasmic cries reminded them they weren’t alone and it relaxed them even more, making it clear that what they were feeling was shared by all the other girls and that they didn’t have to hold anything back.

“Ooooooh baby!  Mmmm Leigh I want you to come too!” Blake groaned while lashing away at Leighton’s pussy.  “Come all over my face!  Make my face sticky with your juice!  Mmmm I wanna drink down your hot, yummy girl cum like I did with Taylor and Willa!”

“Mmmmm you’re sooo nasty Blake!  I love it!” Leighton moaned just as giddily, her lips already coated in Blake’s juices and wanting so much more of them.  “I’ll come!  I want to come when you do!  I want us coming together and getting each other sticky and dirty!  Ughhhh don’t stop licking me Blake!  Mmm you’re so good at this!  I wish we had done this before!”

“Me too!” Blake replied with a horny coo before burying her tongue back in her friend’s warm, welcoming snatch.  “Mmmm we should always have been fucking each other!  Ooooh you’re so good too Leighton!  I love your tongue in my wet pussy!  Don’t stop baby!  Pleaaaase don’t fucking stop!”

Right then the only thoughts going through Blake and Leighton’s minds, other than what incredible, sexy fucks each other was, was how quickly they could dump their husbands and boyfriends so they could do this again and again and again.  They both were totally into each other and they licked each other’s pussies with frenzied, cum-hungry lashes of their tongues.  Both of them were totally soaked and wanting nothing more than to come all over the other’s face.

Neither of them were experienced at this, but the passion they felt for each other overcame that easily.  They didn’t need skillful licking or artistry between their legs like Jennifer had been giving to Taylor.  They just needed to be fucked and to both of them the feel of having a friend’s horny tongue on their pussy was like magic.  It was such an intense feeling of absolute pleasure that they never, ever wanted to stop.

It was such a huge rush for Leighton to know that of all the girls to be licking her first lesbian orgasm it was going to be Blake.  That made this even more delicious.  She loved the forbidden feel of a woman’s tongue on her pussy.  It was just as good as she had hoped it would be and now she knew all her fear had been for nothing.  There was nothing strange or weird about this.  It felt so right and so good.  And it mattered so much to her that it was Blake that was doing this to her.

It would have been just as much pleasure if Christina had kept licking or if Kirsten had, but having Blake be the one to make her come made it so much more special.  She loved that it was her friend pleasuring her with horny, hungry licks.  She adored the way Blake’s tongue felt inside her squishy pussy, licking away everywhere a woman loved being licked.  Blake totally knew how to do it right and this was absolutely the best head she had ever gotten.  Leighton had never felt a man come close to this and she right then was absolutely nuts in lust with her friend.

Blake felt the same way and she tried to show it by licking her friend and making her come.  She loved everything that Leighton was doing to her with her mouth but even more she loved the pleasure she was making Leighton feel with her own tongue.  She loved knowing she was making her fantasy come true and was able to bring Leighton ecstasy.  She hadn’t wanted to just fuck any other girl after that night with Taylor and her girlfriend. She had wanted to fuck Leighton.

All the women here from the famous ones to the beautiful Japanese spa girls who had seen to her every need had been absolutely stunning and sexy, but they hadn’t been Leighton.  This was the girl that Blake wanted most and she kept her mouth fastened to her sodden pussy to prove it.  Her clit was so hard and Blake sucked it as best she could, trying with everything she knew to try and make Leighton come.
And it was working wonders too.  Leighton felt her orgasm starting to overwhelm herself and she did everything she could to try and push it back a little.  She was a little ahead of Blake and she didn’t want to leave her behind.  She literally wanted her to come with her and while trying to fight off her own orgasm she worked double time to bring Blake off so they could reach their peaks at the same time.

“Come for me!  Come for me sexy girl!” Leighton mumbled while slurping at Blake’s clitoris and darting her tongue all over her delicious pussy.  Her mouth hungered for Blake’s cunt like it never had for cock.  She thirsted for Blake’s cum and she just hoped she was doing a good enough job to get it.

She was doing just fine, of course, and Blake was dripping right into her mouth as Leighton did the same to Blake.  They were tongue deep in each other’s cunts and in total harmony and ecstasy with one another.  Their 69 was so sweaty and tight as their naked bodies fused together mouth to pussy on each end.  Leighton massaged Blake’s ass while the blonde lay atop her, loving her tight cheeks and hoping soon she could explore her friend’s great ass.  And Blake’s fingers were busy too, rubbing Leighton’s wet labia and soft, tingling folds while she thrust her tongue rapidly into her, fucking her with dirty delight and dreaming of getting her friend’s cum.

“Mmmmm soooo close!” Blake groaned with a pussy muffled desire. “I’m gonna come for you Leigh!  I’m gonna come so hard!  Ughhhh your tongue feels soooo hot licking my bad girl pussy!  Mmmmm fuckkk I’ve wanted this for so long!  Been dying to feel your tongue!   Ughhhh yeahhhhhhh ooooooooooooh I’m gonna commmme!”

Leighton was able to hear Blake’s muzzled words over the sounds of their moans and the wet licking and slurping sounds coming both from themselves and the nasty celebrity all-girl daisy chain just a few feet away.  She loved hearing them and now that she knew she was doing a good job on her friend she just did more of it and faster while also relaxing her own body and not offering up any resistance to the orgasm that was pushing forth thanks to Blake’s hot tongue fucking.

“Yessssssssssss! Oooooooooooh fuck yessss come for me!” Leighton begged. “I’m coming now Blake!  Come with me!  Ooooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkk ughhhhh you eat pussy sooooooo goooooood! Yessssssssssss mmmmmm fuck me babyyyyyyy!  Ughhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!  OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSS!!!  COMINGGGGGGG!!!”

When she heard her friend turned lover say that, Blake immediately started sucking harder on Leighton’s clitoris, gasping in ecstasy not only from her own pleasure at what Leighton was doing back to her but from being able to feel her friend’s pussy lips clamp down around her and a rush of delicious girl cream start fill her mouth.

It was the taste of Leighton’s cum that finally pushed Blake over too.  It tasted so fucking good!  God she loved it even more than the tastes of the creams she’d licked out of Taylor and Willa that night!  She loved it way more than any load she’d ever sucked out of her boyfriend’s cock!  It was pure pleasure on her tongue and she hungrily gulped it down as she tilted over the edge and started to feed Leighton right back.


The two women remained locked in their 69, rocking their naked bodies back and forth while lying on Leighton’s towel above the hot stones.  They fucked each other’s faces with uninhibited exhilaration, grinding their creaming pussies against each other’s lips and chins as they both came together and fed each other their release.  They soaked each other’s tongue with girl cum while screaming into the other’s crotch as they both came, their sweaty bodies in total synch as they kept fused together, neither stopping or even slowing down as they orgasmed with creamy explosions.

The co-stars shrieked their orgasmic ecstasy into each other’s pussies as they licked and fucked, muffling their cries of mutual pleasure with their creaming cunts, keeping their sweaty naked bodies locked together as they rocked into each other.  Their tongues were deep in each other’s pink muffins, lapping up every juicy drop of girl cum they could get.  And when Leighton finally rolled off of Blake, scarcely able to believe what they had just done, she saw the blonde’s face all creamy and flushed and she turned around so she could mash their lips together again.

Blake kissed back with just as much passion, all the cum they had licked out of each other that was still in their mouths and on their tongues mixing together.  Blake and Leighton sensually kissed, deeply and wetly, with lots of tongue as they shared their orgasms, their hands going right for each other’s tits, massaging and squeezing the soft mounds as the desire they felt for each other showed no signs of cooling.

“Ohhhhh we are so doing that again,” Blake groaned in dreamy bliss from her fantasy finally coming true.

“Damn right we are,” Leighton grinned back while playing with Blake’s tits as she already dreamed of not only fucking Blake again, but all these hot, horny girls here and also making sure she and Blake paid Taylor Momsen a little visit.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift watched all this with wide-open eyes and a delirious smile on her sweaty face.  God, what the hell had happened to all of them?

She’d watched Blake and Leighton fuck each other with complete abandon like they weren’t going to stop even after they came and they were going to keep just on licking each other over and over again.  And, as that happened, she’d watched more naked bodies locked together with fingers and tongues buried in sweet, tight pussies in the daisy chain right in front of her.

How could they all do this? How could she have done it?  How could it all have felt so good?  Taylor knew if Blake and Leighton were feeling anything even close to what Jennifer had made her feel they had to be in heaven and that they were going to want to do this again and again, just like she did.  And all the confusing questions still in Taylor’s head couldn’t stop one overriding emotion from passing her lips.

“I want more!” Taylor groaned before kissing Jennifer passionately, rubbing her naked body into the gorgeous actress and loving how her sexy boobs felt touching hers.

Taylor could taste her own cum on Jennifer’s lips and she loved it.  She’d been left gasping by her new friend and could only watch as Jennifer had taken her creamy, cum-covered lips and kissed Jewel and then Q’Orianka to share her taste with them.  That had looked so naughty and Taylor had moaned in joy when Jennifer had kissed her too, letting her taste herself.

“Mmmm I want you Jennifer…I want this,” Taylor purred as she slid her hand between the movie star’s legs and groaned when she felt how she was totally shaved just like Jewel was.  “Fuck me more Jennifer!  Let me taste your pussy!”

Taylor had never felt sexier than she did at that moment.  She was filled with raw excitement, like she had done something very, very bad and totally gotten away with it.  Her heart was thumping and her pussy was soaking wet even though she’d just come.  She absolutely wanted more and right then what Taylor wanted most was to go down on a girl and make her come.  And since Jennifer was the one who had just gotten her off, Taylor felt it was the polite thing to do to return the favor.

Jennifer kissed the young singer again tenderly and held her in her arms, turning her around so Taylor was in her lap, her beautifully smooth ass rubbing against the wet lips of her pussy.  This let them both watch not only Leighton and Blake making out but the rest of their friends in their nasty daisy chain of pussy hungry pleasure.

“Oh you’re going to taste me,” Jennifer moaned into Taylor’s ear, getting a little rest of her own as her body tingled from the rush of making this angelic girl come for her.  “Mmmm you’re going to taste all of us!  Each and every one of our wet pussies is going to feel that eager tongue of yours Taylor!”

“Yesssssssssssss!” Taylor hissed while unconsciously grinding her ass into Jennifer’s crotch, feeling the wetness of her pussy smear against her bare skin.

She could see Jewel and Q’Orianka were right next to her as she rubbed herself into Jennifer and she playfully reached over to touch their tits, caressing the sexy mounds of the Kilcher girls and loving how they moaned and took turns kissing her.

Taylor wanted them all.  She had loved how Jewel and her cousin tasted so different and now she was dying to taste Jennifer too.  She wanted to get them all spread open in front of her, side by side by side, showing off their wet pussies to her and getting the chance to taste them all.  She would sample all their juices, going from girl to girl to girl and making them all come all over her face.

At the same time Britney began to scream out in her own orgasm from Kirsten’s skillful licking while the pixyish blonde actress had the same intensely pleasurable response to Christina’s pierced tongue in her cunt and her fingers up her ass.  Jennifer knew that Eliza and Christina would soon be following their significant others in orgasmic release and she wanted Taylor to see it all.  She wanted the girl to drink in all this pleasure so she’d always want to be a part of it.

“Mmmm honey we’re just getting started with you,” Jennifer assured the girl while kissing her neck and fondling her small, sexy tits, making Taylor moan.

“Oooooh, yessssssss don’t stop,” Taylor sighed.  “I don’t ever want to stop.”

Her body, mind and soul alight with pleasure, Taylor backed her words up by sliding off Jennifer’s lap and instead getting into a far naughtier position.   Showing an aggressive side that Jennifer loved, the singer got on her knees in front of Jennifer and pushed her long, beautiful legs open to expose the wetness of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm gawwwwwd,” Taylor moaned, loving the way juice was dripping from Jennifer’s smooth, aroused pussy lips and feeling extra naughtiness from knowing the older woman was that wet for her.  “I’ve gotta do this!”

Jennifer could only moan as she watched Taylor bury her face right into her pussy.  Jennifer thought her golden blonde locks looked so wickedly sexy with her head between her thighs as she looked down and, when her tongue eagerly glided over the sensitive lips of her cunt and pushed inside for more, Jennifer’s cries of joy filled the room.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss!” Jennifer moaned blissfully, enjoying the girl’s inexperienced but eager licking.  “Nasty girl!  Ooooooooooooh yessssss Taylorrrrrr!  Eat my pussy you beautiful little girl!  Lick that juice right out of me!  Taste how fucking wet I got for you!  Mmmmmmm yeahhhhh ooooh that’s it Taylor! Do it just like that!”

Taylor’s experience might have been limited to what she had just done to Jewel and Q’Orianka, but she felt she was getting the hang of it quickly and desperately wanted to please Jennifer.  But she also didn’t want to ignore her other friends either, so she paused licking for one moment and turned to look at the Kilchers.

“Mmmmm and don’t you two go anywhere,” Taylor grinned, her face alight with enthusiasm as her lips glistened with girl juice.  “I’m gonna fuck you both next!  I’m gonna fuck you all!”

Jewel and Q’Orianka giggled in anticipation over that.  They had both loved Taylor’s tongue before and couldn’t wait to feel it again.  Fortunately they didn’t mind waiting and were able to indulge in their shared love of voyeurism as they watched Taylor plunge her pretty face right back into Jennifer’s pussy and get back to licking her.

Taylor couldn’t believe she was doing this, but it felt so natural to just push her tongue into Jennifer’s tight pink and start licking.  It was such a naughty thrill to do it and she didn’t show any of the shyness or hesitation she had displayed before.  She just licked, tasting the sweet, rich dripping juice right out of Jennifer Aniston’s pussy while she wished she had totally done this earlier because being naughty with girls was so much fun!  She had never felt this sexy before and the more she tasted, the more her tummy craved the rich taste of another woman’s juices.

Jennifer began crying out happily from the wet, excited tongue inside her and Jewel and Q’Orianka helped fuel that pleasure by flanking the actress and each of them sucking and fondling one of her firm tits, playing with her body and taking turns kissing her while Jennifer fucked Taylor’s face.

Jennifer passionately kissed both girls back, loving both their tongues in her mouth and their fingers teasing the nipples they had just made wet.  She loved everything that was happening to her and, as she watched Eliza and Christina start to come too, their loud screams barely restrained by the pussies in their faces, she was happiest about the fact that it looked like things were just starting here.

She enjoyed every lick that Taylor was giving her while she watched as the daisy chain fell apart and Christina, Kirsten, Eliza and Britney fell into a horny pile of kissing and fondling as their naked bodies rubbed together.  And when Blake and Leighton crawled over to join them, they were welcomed into the pile too.

Jennifer knew soon enough the four of them would be getting into that too and she was sure those sexy spa girls weren’t too far away either.

At this rate they would never get out of here and Jennifer certainly didn’t mind.  She was dripping her juices right into Taylor’s horny, young mouth and loving how her tongue felt exploring her pinkness and tasting her clitoris.

Right then Jennifer was in no hurry to leave this spa and get back to the hotel.  Whatever was happening there could wait a while.  This was a paradise away from her problems and it was way too much fun to think about leaving.

Coming here had definitely been one of Christina’s best ideas ever.


Mandy Moore moaned happily as she eased her nude body into the warm water.  It was so weird to be able to sit in the pool and look out onto the Vegas strip with the hot sun beating down on her through the windows.  There was a whole city bustling with energy out there and she was sitting in the pool naked and taking it all in.

It gave her a naughty thrill to be in the pool naked overlooking the busy city with the window right in front of her and anyone seemingly able to see her like this.  Of course, at 34 stories up, Mandy knew she was safe from peepers and was able to enjoy her view while trying to take it all in and recover a little.

She wasn’t tired.  She felt like she should have been exhausted.  But she wasn’t. Instead she was exhilarated and she was dying for more…much, much more!  She was utterly insatiable and she knew it but that didn’t fill her with shame anymore.  Instead it gave her a wicked glee to be this bad.

Mandy moaned again and felt the water soak her bare body while she savored the memories of not only her own hard ass fucking, but the taste of her own greedy little slut hole when Sarah fed her the dildo she had just fucked her with. And she hadn’t just tasted her own ass.  She had greedily helped herself to Reese Witherspoon’s as well, sucking the toy into her mouth right after it had fucked Reese’s virgin ass.

She and Reese had shared that toy and the taste and Mandy had loved it all.  Her only regret was that she hadn’t been able to talk Sarah into letting them fuck her and then gotten the chance to taste her tight, delicious ass too.

She was so glad this had happened and not just because of the multiple orgasms she’d experienced and the carnal thrill of not only being able to taste her own ass, but the asses of her sexy friends too.  Before she’d arrived at the suite, Mandy had been troubled by her feelings.   She’d been ashamed of her own perverted longings, fearing they were too kinky and that she has somehow crossed a line by craving them.  She didn’t want her friends to think she was weird or gross if she asked them to do it to her…to fuck her ass hard and deep and then pull out so she could swallow their toys and taste her own naughty hole.

Mandy loved everything about sex with women, both from an emotional standpoint and the wild intensity of utterly abandoning inhibition and embracing feverish desire and raw lust.  And there was just something about going ass to mouth that lit Mandy’ fires like nothing else could.  She had only done it a few times but it had left her craving more and she knew without a doubt that this was a pleasure she would be indulging in whenever and however she could get it.

Sarah had teased her about being an addict for it and right then Mandy wasn’t inclined to disagree. She did need it.  She needed this filthy pleasure like she needed nothing else.  Ass to mouth was nothing a good girl would ever do.  It was positively indecent.  It felt like the ultimate taboo and Mandy relished breaking it.  She felt like she was utterly obsessed with ass and even just thinking about it was making her excited as she sat silently in the suite’s pool with a big smile on her face.

Sarah and Reese had done so much to make her feel good and not just from a physical way. Sarah in particular had eased her mind by telling her that it was okay and that she wasn’t sick or weird for liking something so kinky. She’d told Mandy how much she liked it too and that she wasn’t the only one eager at the mansion to taste themselves after a good assfucking. And then Sarah had shown her how much she was into it by fucking her and Reese up the ass and making sure they had both had the chance to taste it afterwards.

It had been an amazing and erotic experience for Mandy.  Ordinarily the orgasms she had felt would have left her drained, but instead she was charged up and so very eager for more.  The taste of herself and Reese’s hot asses was fresh on her tongue and she still needed more. That excited her.  She could feel her pulse racing as the bubbles in the Jacuzzi pool tickled her skin.  This was supposed to relax her but it was only exciting her more.

She could feel her nipples stiffening up as she indulged in the memories of the wonderful debauchery of how it had felt to wrap her lips around the toy that had just been buried up her ass and suck her own raw flavor right off it.  She had nearly come again just from the sensation of taking that hard glass sex toy down her slutty throat, knowing where it had just been and loving every nasty inch of it.  And the thrill had been just as intense when she had greedily sucked Reese’s fucked ass too off the toy, not letting the beautiful blonde have it all to herself after Sarah had taken her cherry.

Mandy moaned as she felt a sexy shiver run through her body and straight to her pussy from the thought of getting a repeat performance going.  Sarah was in bed with Alyson Hannigan right then and Mandy was sure they were doing something naughty.  Maybe she could make it naughtier.  Maybe she could walk in naked and interrupt their love making and then let them punish her by having both of them fuck her ass with two different toys so she could taste two cocks that had filled her up in her raunchy little hole.

Or maybe she could watch Sarah fuck Alyson’s hot ass and then taste it when Sarah pulled out of her best friend.  Or maybe she could watch Alyson fill up Sarah’s cute little ass and fuck her hard and deep just like she had done to her and Reese.  Mandy was starving for a taste of Sarah’s ass and she would have loved to taste it after Alyson had fucked her.  All she could think about were asses…hot, perfect female asses and how good they all tasted.  She wanted to taste Sarah.  She wanted to taste Alyson.  She wanted to taste every girl here. And most of all she wanted to taste her own ass.

The more Mandy thought about it, the more her mind reeled with possibilities and the more her pussy tingled with desire while the Jacuzzi bubbles tried in a futile attempt to relax her.  There were so many beautiful girls at the mansion and they were all here in the suite with her.  What if she could taste them all?  What if she could suck on a big, hard fake cock that had just fucked Jennifer Aniston’s perfect ass?  Or Alyssa Milano’s amazingly toned one?  Or Jewel’s soft, sexy booty?  Or gawwwwd even Rose McGowan’s?

It had been Rose who had first shown Mandy the delicious perversion of tasting her own ass and now Mandy was dying to know what it would be like to sample Rose’s wicked flavor.  She didn’t think she had the nerve to actually get a toy and fuck the ass of someone like Rose, but what if someone else did it?  What if someone like Sarah or Alyssa fucked Rose’s incredible, juicy ass and she got to taste it?  Oh God, that sounded so hot that Mandy immediately reached for her own pussy and began touching herself.

Mandy had been propping herself up on the edge of the pool with her elbows resting down on the tile.  She didn’t even realize her left arm was moving off that position until she felt her hand caress her own pussy lips.  Mandy shivered again in ecstasy as she rubbed herself with a growing urgency, her fingers rubbing her labia and her arm gliding slowly and erotically up and down in the water.  Her eyes were closed and she dreamed of all the girls she had ever been with, from Britney and Christina to Sarah and Reese, and imagined how good their asses all would taste fresh off a hard toy.

She wanted to taste them all.  She wanted to suck those toys like some greedy cocksucking slut and she wanted the flavor of all their asses like in her mouth.  And she wanted her own ass to get fucked over and over again and then some more after that and each time her ass got fucked, Mandy wanted to taste it.  She already knew that the taste of her own ass was something she would never get tired of and she wanted all her friends to know it too.

In Mandy’s mind it was already a wild orgy of intense assfucking and lots and lots of tasting as she imagined all her sexy girlfriends indulging in the blissful hedonism of going ass to mouth with her.  She had both hands on her body now, the left arm under the bubbling water to play with her pussy and the other one pinching her already swollen nipples. And with her eyes closed, Mandy had no idea she was being watched until she heard the giggles.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding about what this place was going to be like,” a woman’s voice said in a sexy but surprised way.

“See, I told you this place would be great.  You’re not even here five minutes and look what you get to see,” Reese Witherspoon replied with a horny tone to her voice.

After getting over the initial sensation of being startled, Mandy felt embarrassed to be caught like this and at first she feared she was being made fun of, especially when she opened her eyes and saw Reese pressing her hand to her mouth to hold back more laughter.  But she was quickly relieved of that concern by what she heard next.

“I definitely like what I see,” Kate Hudson smiled, her face visibly aroused even as she still found herself taking in the surprise of coming up on sweet Mandy Moore masturbating in the Jacuzzi.  “Mmmmm but I’d like it better if Mandy let us join in.”

It was certainly a shock for Mandy to suddenly have Kate Hudson standing right before her.  She felt reflexive embarrassment over Kate being able to see her naked and having caught her masturbating, so Mandy reflexively pulled her hand away from her pussy and used her free arm to cross over her bare breasts.

Those feelings were only temporary though and Mandy soon found herself relaxing again, helped along quite a bit by the bubbles in the Jacuzzi pool and the fact that the two blonde actresses had enjoyed the show she’d unknowingly given them.

“Sure…sure, you can come in,” Mandy said, quickly coming to the realization that it wasn’t a bad thing to be caught like this.  “Ummmmm…I just wasn’t expecting anyone…”

“Oh I can see that,” Reese teased, very aroused from having seen Mandy touching herself.  “What were you thinking about you naughty girl?”

Mandy didn’t say anything in response.  She just smiled and blushed, laughing a little bit and leaving Reese no doubt that she was dreaming about the wicked things she had just done with her and Sarah.  Reese had been a little surprised herself to see someone like Mandy so eagerly into the nastiness of tasting her own fucked ass, but it had been a real turn-on and Reese could easily see why it could inspire some erotic daydreaming.

“Are you two going to fill me in on what you’re talking about or do I have to guess?” Kate asked, very curious about the sexy secret Reese and Mandy seemed to share.

Feeling bold, Mandy offered another suggestion.

“How about you get naked so you can get in here and I can show you what I was thinking about?” Mandy said, feeling a growing excitement as she found herself thinking about what a great ass Kate had and what it would be like to taste it.

Though Mandy hadn’t expected anyone to walk in on her, the presence of Kate Hudson shouldn’t have been a surprise to her.  After all, Reese had not only eagerly told her and Sarah about how she had hooked up with her, but that Kate was in Vegas and on her way.  Mandy just hadn’t expected her so soon.  But now that she was here, Mandy could definitely envision all the ways Reese’s new friend could become her friend too.

In fact the more Mandy looked at her lean body, the more she hungered for sexy Kate.  Reese had told them some naughty stories about what she and Kate had done and Mandy had loved hearing them.  She moved her arm away to make sure Kate could see her bare breasts in the Jacuzzi and hopefully entice her to get naked too.  After all the pool was plenty big enough not only for her, Kate and Reese but for a lot more girls than that.

“Ooooh I like the getting naked part,” Kate mischievously grinned before proving it by peeling her shirt over her head and exposing her firm chest in just a black lace bra.

Kate’s bold action perfectly fit her mood.  She wasn’t looking to by shy today.  She didn’t want to start out slow.  She wanted to dive right in.  Reese had told her so many wild stories about the Malibu mansion and all the hot girls that were there.  She wanted to get right in the thick of that sexy fun and get what her body had been craving.  To Kate that meant grabbing the first chance she saw to get wild with a girl and that girl was Mandy.

“If I do get in there, though, you can’t touch yourself any more Mandy,” Kate smiled as she eased off her shoes and wiggled out of her jeans to leave herself in nothing but her bra and panties.  “You have to be touching me instead.”

“Oh that can be arranged,” Mandy moaned as her eyes fixated right on Kate’s heart-shaped ass in her black thong and her brain went right to depraved fantasies about what she could do to that cute ass of hers.

“You don’t waste time, do you Kate?” Reese teased her friend, loving the impromptu strip show just as much as Mandy did.

“Oh hell no, not when I want something as badly as I want this,” Kate laughed before unclasping her bra and shucking it off and revealing her topless body.  “You really got me hungry for pussy again the other day Reese.  It had been way too long since I had fucked a girl and you brought the lesbo right out in me again, you sexy thing.”

Kate then impetuously grabbed Reese, draping her arms over her shoulders, and gave her a long kiss on the lips.  Their tongues leisurely touched as Kate showed that not only had her desire for Reese not cooled a bit since they had ended their shopping trip at Carnal Knowledge, but it had grown even hotter.  It was Kate’s way of again thanking Reese for getting her back in touch with a side of herself she hadn’t enjoyed in way too long.

Kate had always believed that love and lust knew no gender and that to truly enjoy life you had to be open to all possibilities.  Those possibilities included sex with women as well as men and that was something she had happily indulged in many times before she had run into Reese.  Yet until their fateful meeting, those desires for women had been dormant inside Kate.

At first she hadn’t even thought Reese was interested in getting into her panties.   It just hadn’t seemed possible that Reese Witherspoon could have desires and needs that could only be met by indulging in a wild side.  Now Kate could see just how silly she’d been by believing it, but at the time she had been quite surprised that someone like Reese would be as uninhibited as she was.

It had been so long since she had made love with a girl and being with Reese had made her wonder why she had ever stopped.  There was just something so intense and erotic about another woman’s mouth working your pussy over.  She loved everything about the way women went down on her.

From the way their smooth, beautifully girly faces felt between her legs to the way their tongues would bathe her slit to the way they would thrust their tongues into her to make sure her clit was properly stimulated to the way their mouths would drain the cum right out of her, Kate loved it all when it came to women. She loved the kissing.  She loved the touching.  And she mostly loved the coming.

Being with Reese had reawakened that love inside her and the idea of not only getting more, but experiencing a side of lesbian sex that she never had before, was exciting.  Normally Kate didn’t act this boldly.  She loved not having inhibitions and she hated restraining herself.  But that didn’t mean she normally took her clothes off in front of girls she barely knew like she had just done with Mandy.  But after everything Reese had told her about her own wild nights in Malibu, she knew this was going to be a special occasion and was more than ready to get in the spirit of it.

“You’re so sexy,” Mandy moaned as she resumed rubbing herself without even thinking about it.  “Your body is so fucking hot, Kate.”

“Thank you Mandy, so is yours,” Kate replied, looking just as lustfully at Mandy naked in the Jacuzzi pool as the singer was at her.  She and Mandy only knew each other casually but they both loved what they saw of each other’s naked flesh, especially when Reese decided to help out by getting Kate’s panties off.

“Don’t forget these,” Reese teased, tugging the black lace thong down the leggy blonde’s body and leaving her completely nude.  “Mmmmm I’m sure Mandy wants to see your pussy.  And something else too.”

As Reese made reference to that “something else” she made c