The Best Surprise

Story title The best surprise

Story by Bobby

Celebs in story Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears

Story codes: MFF, FF, oral, anal, incest

Disclaimer:The following story is not true and never happened this is total fiction

My thanks to Money for his tutoring on this form of writing and for editing. if you have Comments or Suggestions you can Contact me at hope you enjoy the story.

It took me awhile of driving throughout Kentwood to finally find Britney’s house it was on a hill in the woods outside of town. I drove up to the gate and typed in the code for it she had written on the card. As I drove up the long driveway I got a good a look at the house It was a very big ranch style. I heard she had the place built as a place to hide away from the prying eyes of public life. Which is probably why she wanted to give me a special surprise here.

We had kept up our usual sex romps over the years, and even when things got tough for her i was always there for her. now she said she wanted to give me a present for “My loyalty to her” as she put it. she said it would turn me on so much and make me so hard we wouldn’t stop fucking for days. she gave me some vitamins she said would help me last a lot longer then usual. which in my case is saying something because me and her could fuck for hours on end.

I turned off the car, got out, and walked towards the door, and as I reached for the door knob a feeling of nervous excitement wash over me along with the thought of what she could have planned. Britney had been working on her ass in the gym, and she loved it when i put it in her ass. maybe she wanted an anal sex marathon session. Me fucking her with my 9 inch cock in her ass for just hours or days. Maybe she wanted to roleplay or do some other sex game. Either way i couldn’t wait to get inside and find out. The door was unlocked as she told me it would be. I opened it up and the cool air from the AC hits my face.

It helped me relax a little bit, but only a little bit as my thoughts on the moments to come got more perverted. my cock began to grow in my jeans. while taking in the living room. I noticed some noise was coming from upstairs. It sounded like muffled moaning. i moved for the stairs even as i got closer to the room the sound was coming from the sound barely got any louder, the walls must be sound proofed.

At the top of the stairs there were several rooms in the hallway in front of me, but only one had the lights on. it was the room at the end of the corridor. I got more and more hard as i got closer to the room as of now i could clearly hear the moaning coming from the room. maybe she was masturbating. but then i heard her talking as though someone was with her in the room. This shed some light on what his surprise might be. It was defintly gonna be a threesome, but with who was it guy or girl. I was hoping for a girl like maybe Christina Aguilera fucking her with a strap-on. But I admit it was gonna be disappointing if it turned out to be one of her old flames or her current boyfriend Jason Trawick.

I get to the door it was closed but not locked. I turned the knob slowly as to make sure that britney along with whoever was in there with her didnt here me. to tell you the Truth i didnt want to interupt the action as it sounded very sexy and hot. as i opened enough to see. my eyes shot open with wide amazment and lust. Britney was laying on a queen size bed writhing like nothing else could. she was breathing heavily and getting loader as her moans turned to screams, shrills, and loud grunts as she cummed in the face of a brunette who was squating at the end of the bed and was eating out her pussy like her life depended on it. It wasnt until I heard Britney say her name during a peticularly cock hardening moan that i figured out who was giving Britney head.

“Oh Jamie Lynn! I Love your tongue Babygirl! Drink me Jamie! Make me Cum again Baby!”

What was happening in front of me was probably the most erotic thing i have ever witnessed in my life. Watching The Spears sisters having sex was so sexy I didn’t even step into the room. I didn’t want this to stop. Jamie Lynn purred into her sisters pussy as she brought Britney to another orgasm and drank her sisters love juice. Britney’s pussy was very tasty. Like Strawberry Starburst. it’s so sweet. Britney convulsed as her sisters mouth made her cum again. At this point Jamie Lynn Pushed her face even further into her sisters pussy her chin almost disappearing between licks.

Jamie was eating Britney as if her sisters Vagina was her Favorite dessert. Like it was full of strawberry ice cream and she wasn’t gonna leave a drop of it in there. after another minute or two of JL tongue fucking her sister. Britney came again this time i heard the slurping and sucking sounds get louder. Britney was now in a near constant state of orgasm as Jamie Lynn didn’t let her rest at all. The only time JL ever stopped was when she once took a breath and said in a very sexy voice.

“You taste delicious big sis. Keep cumming for me sexy.” she purred

I had no idea Britney was bi for her own little sister. but damn when they get down they fuck like there is no tomorrow. Eventually they did stop but not until Britney had the largest orgasm i ever witnessed from a woman. Jamie Lynn hummed into Britney’s sweet muff as Britney came like a waterfall, and twitched like she was having a seizure. Britney then started to ramble.


Jamie started licking all around her sisters pussy trying to get any spare drops. Man that girl craves her sisters pussy. Britney while trying to get her breath back reached down and pulled JL up onto the bed in no time at all. She then moved to pin her baby sister under her. The sisters then lock lips and kiss like only true lovers do. frenching, neck sucking, ear nibbling, Lip licking, sucking each others tongues.

if i didnt know better i would swear they had been doing each other for a long time. Britney then said to JL

“My friends gonna be here soon. but before he gets here I think its time for me to return the Favor Little Baby.”

Britney positions her pussy over her JL’s then starts to grind them together. they both move to sit up and start tribbing together. In no time JL’s face starts to contort and get red. she leans into her sisters shoulder, nuzzles Britney while telling her “Dont Stop” and “I Love you Big Baby”  she then kisses and licks Britney’s neck. while doing this her eyes move to the door and she notices me. she then nibbles and tongues Britney’s ear all the while grinning and flashing me the sexiest eyes I have ever seen (aside from Britney’s sexy brown eyes of course.) She motions with her index finger for me to come in. then JL starts panting and grunting loadly as I start stripping with each step.

the sounds JL makes during sex would cure impotence. they honestly should record them to try it. as i am fully naked now and JL stares at my hard on with approving eyes. she then starts articulating those sexy noises.


JL’s cum runs out of her pussy in a constant trickle. JL points to my dick then to Britney’s ass. i got the idea i gathered some of JL’s cum then i cover my cock with just before lining it up with Britney’s other brown eye. JL nods with a smile and winks. i then ram it into Britney’s sweet ass. she screamed and cums from the shock and penatration. JL holds on for the ride laughing and kissing Britney. JL tongue kissed Britney’s mouth everytime she tryed to speak. This made me even harder. (Which is saying something when you have you cock up Britney Spears’s asshole.)

The 2 both kept moaning and purring as they made out. I kept thrusting in and out of Britney’s butt. Her asshole gripping me tighter with each stroke. i tried talking dirty to Britney (as I know she loves to hear during sex.) however it seemed that her sisters tongue was taking up all of her attention. being that as it was i decided to take it as an invitation to start fucking her ass as hard as I possibly could. I was slowly slamming for the first 15 seconds seeing if even that would get her attention. after that i started to pick up the pace. by that point i was shaking the both of them with ever thrust. they finally broke their kissing session.

JL looked at my handy work then looked up at me with a smile that broke into giggling. Britney on the other hand i couldnt see her face i leaned over to jamie and asked her what face her sister was making? she leaned back to look at Britney JL leaned back forward and closed her eyes closed, her mouth wide open. this made me go into overdrive. Britney’s whole body was shaking from the ass fucking i was giving her. with JL looking on in arousal licking her lips every once in awhile. I was now starting to feel the build up. I told them I was going to cum. then JL smirked and did something that drove me over the edge. she tongued her sisters ear then started sucking on her neck giving her a hicky.

That did it. I unleashed a huge river of sperm into Britney’s asshole. my back tensed up as my orgasm hit me like a truck. after what felt like 10 solid seconds of cumming and collapsed onto Britney’s back. We layed there like that until JL spoke up.

“Look i agree that was fucking hot, and probably tiring, but can you 2 please get off me?”

Me and Britney laughed as we both got off JL. She said they had to get started early because they couldn’t wait to get at each other.

“Britney is the sexiest girl I know. I’ve had the Jenner sisters, Miley, Alexa Vega, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, and I’ve even had a threesome Jeanette McCurdy and Olivia Holt. but none of them can beat my sisters tasty pussy.” JL said

The sisters came together in a Deep Kiss. when they seperated it was Britney’s turn to compliment JL.

“Nobody tongues me like JL. not Christina Aguilera, not Jessica Simpson, not J.lo, not even Madonna could make me cream like my baby sister.” Britney purred

Then Britney kissed her sister on the lips real quick. which JL returned in kind and then the 2 went back and forth until JL went down and started sucking on Britney’s tits. Britney started smiling and kissing her sisters forehead. I just stand back watching as the scene gets hotter and hotter. Britney starts moaning as she is clearly fixing to cum. JL is squeezing and sucking as hard as she can. like she is trying to get breast milk out of them. Britney starts panting heavily and eventually she begins moaning loudly. I’ll tell ya watching this scene in front of me helped me recover as i was hard as steel in less then a minute. Britney then screams her announcment that shes gonna cum.


JL leaves her sister’s tits wet, and hanging, only to move onto the more pleasurable action of eating out her sister’s pussy and drinking down the love. Britney’s orgasm must have been strong because her knees buckled and slowly went down to the floor. I broke from my daze quick enough to catch her. despite Britney leaving her feet, JL’s mouth never leaves her lover’s pussy. JL licks up every drop and moves up to make out with Britney while telling Britney she loves her so much.

After about 10 minutes of making out Britney said she needed to shower up after all that sex. she walked away from us swaying her hips and ass as she went. I caught a glimpse of her asshole still gaping wide from the hard fucking I gave it earlier. it was then me and JL started talking about the relationship between her and Britney. she said that she was totally in love with Britney, that they had started having sex when she first hit puberty and that Britney had taken her cherry when she was 14 with an 8 inch strapon while on holiday in Paris. she went on about how they used to go on vacations together as if they were a married couple. while on vacation they would fuck for days on end. but she said between her marriage and the both of them being mothers it made getting together harder. it was then that Britney called out from the shower

“Hey Baby I need you in here can you come here Please.”

The both of us went to the bathroom not knowing who she was refering to. I followed JL into what appeared to be a jacuzzi/shower stall. after the 2 were together in the shower Britney asked JL to scrub her down and clean her. JL said

“Only if you do the same for me big baby.”

I just watched in rapture as the 2 cleaned every inch of each other. at some points even with their tongues. I watched them lick, clean, and kiss each other and damn was it erotic. Throughout all of this I had kept a constant hard on. after about 5 minutes of watching I couldn’t just sit back and watch anymore. I stepped into the shower and the 2 broke up their kiss and looked at me like I was the only man left on this planet and they needed cock badly.

I picked up Britney and pinned her against the wall. I fucked her with a pace and energy i didn’t know i possessed and she was loving every second of our fuck and inch of my cock. she was moaning like crazy and kept bantering in her state of pleasure.

“Oh God Fuck Me My Big Man! Fuck Me with your huge dick. Oh God its so good. DO ME BABY!! SHOVE THAT FUCKSTICK INTO ME!!!”

All this time JL is standing in the corner of the shower masturbating herself while watching us. I got a good look at her while I was leaning into Britney’s shoulder. JL looked extremely sexy and god I couldnt hold back anymore. I sawed in and out of Britney’s pussy aiming to Cum so I could get at JL’s sweet holes. Britney by now was screaming incoherantly as I fucked her snatch hard. and then it happened we came at the same time. I came hard and so did Britney.

As we seperated I felt the fatigue set in only to be replaced by reenergized arousal upon seeing the 2 sisters making out. without thinking I went to JL. I shoved my cock into her sweet love tunnel. I slammed into her again and again i cant tell you how long we fucked. everything else just disappeared we were in a world of our own and we didn’t care about anything else. She moaned louder the longer we fucked. eventually she came but i didnt even stop during her orgasm. I just kept going at her like a satyr on a nymph. Britney moved to the side and started rubbing Jamie Lynn’s boobs massaging, and squeezing them as I royally fucked The living hell out of her sister. I was insatiable as I went at her. she clawed at my back as she came again and again i didnt slow down. however eventually the tightness of her pussy got to me and I started to feel that familier tingle at the base of my cock.

JL hugged me tightly as I sped up my thrusts and approached orgasm. I wanted to cum in her so badly. I have to admit I was falling for JL. her sweet and sexy southern drawl, her great body, and to top it off she went both ways, and with her sister who was also damn fine. I felt wonderful I had everything a man could possibly want. Before I knew it i was cumming in JL. I filled her up so much that I could feel my cum running out of her pussy around my cock. But I wasn’t done and neither was JL from what i could tell. She hadnt cum yet and I hadn’t tried out her asshole yet so that left our next course of action rather obvious. I grabbed her hips and turned her around. I could tell she wanted it in the ass as she jutted her hips out to meet my Cock. I Lined Up My Cock for her asshole and gently pushed it in. Good God was she tight! I started fondling her tits while we fucked. I thought that I should take it slow with her but she wasn’t having that.

“Come On Damn It! Fuck My Ass Like Real Man!!” JL yelled with a southern drawl.

Well Since she asked for it I Slam Fucked her Asshole with everything I had. She Responded with Screams that indicated she loving this as much as I was. My cock fit into  her asshole like a key into a lock. Like my dick was designed specifically to wreck her tight little southern ass. Now that Britney didn’t have anything to do for a while other than watch us fuck. she gave us both deep kisses then headed out of the shower in a robe. Me and JL were so caught up in our fuck we didn’t even say anything as she walked out. I couldnt have torn my attention away from JL if i wanted to her ass felt so good on my cock.

While Fucking her for awhile it seemed like she was trying to meet my thrusts. So started to work in time with her thrusts. after about 10 minutes she started to have trouble keeping in time with the thrusts. So I took my hands off her tits and grabbed her hips in order to keep slam fucking her butthole. By now my balls were starting to hurt a little but i couldnt stop now. I wasnt sure if i was ever gonna get to screw JL again. so I went on for another 5 minutes of solid assfucking. It was then that I felt that tickle again. I now with each thrust was trying to force myself deeper into JL. Then I felt the dam burst.

I saw stars my orgasm so powerful. JL came too as she was screaming with utter pleasure. her screams turned to moans then just to labored breaths. as my orgasm subsided I hugged JL. she grabbed one of my hands and kissed it. then i kissed her but she didnt quite reciprocate my kiss. She looked down then looked back up at me. I really wanted to see her again. but JL told me that I couldnt have both of them. JL was in the lime light and so was Britney. it would be only a matter of time before our get togethers became public knowledge. If that happened neither of them would be able to work in The business again. But she did offer me a consolation she would let me stay with them for the rest of the night. I agreed to the offer and went back to the room with her and saw Britney waiting on the bed with her legs spread.

“You know what to do.” Britney said.

JL looked at Britney with a smile and shook her head with a laugh.

“Britney you are a total nympho. You Know that Big Baby?” Britney Smiled.

“Only with you babygirl. now eat me for a few hours.” Britney said with her own sexy southern drawl.

I pulled up a chair and watched as the Spears sisters started back up again. this was the best surprise a man could ask for.

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