Maia Returns the Favor

Title:  Maia Returns the Favor

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Maia Mitchell, Kendall Jenner, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

(Note:  You should read my story titled “Maia Goes Clubbing” before you read this one.  Enjoy!)

“Oh good, she’s here.”  Maia Mitchell opened the door to her hotel suite and Kendall Jenner came bounding into the room.  She was talking a mile a minute while she took off her coat and set her bag on the floor next to the couch.  She didn’t even notice Maia when she came in but when she turned around, she got a good look at the cute Aussie standing in front of her wearing nothing but shear black thigh high stockings and 6 inch heels.  Kendall stared at her and then said, “I thought we’d hit a couple of clubs but I guess you have something else in mind.”  Maia walked over to Kendall, took her face in her hands and kissed her.  The kiss grew more passionate when Maia pushed her tongue between Kendall’s lips.  Maia ran her hands down to Kendall’s breasts and gently squeezed them before breaking away from the kiss.  Maia grabbed the front of her silk blouse and tore it open.  “I thought we’d just stay in tonight, if that’s OK with you.  After the other night, I’m really not in the mood for dancing, besides, I owe you.”  Kendall started to get wet at the sound of the beautiful Aussies voice.  She loved her sexy accent.  She kissed Maia and said, “Anything you say lover.”  Kendall dropped to her knees and buried her tongue in Maia’s snatch.  Her bald pussy was glistening with the pretty model’s saliva.  Kendall stuck her tongue deep inside and Maia’s legs started to shake.  Her orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightening.  She was still feeling the effects of Kendall’s tongue when Kendall said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”  Maia took her hand and said, “I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

When she opened the door to the bedroom, Kendall immediately heard the sounds of two people having sex.  As she walked into the room, she saw Laura Marano bent over the end of the bed getting fucked by Ross Lynch.  Maia and Kendall watched Ross slam his cock deep into his pretty costars pussy.  He wasn’t holding back and Laura was loving it.  “Fuck me Ross, fuck my wet pussy with that big cock.”   Ross kept pounding away and then pulled out and shot his load all over Laura’s ass and back.  She dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum and licked it clean.  When she finished, she leaned back on her legs and looked over at Maia.  “I’m so glad you finally got this guy to fuck you.  I just love this gorgeous cock.”  As Kendall looked at Ross’ 10 inch cock, Maia got down in front of him and started sucking.  She looked up at Kendall and said, “Get out of those clothes while I get this monster ready for your ass.  I never cared much for anal before the other night but now I can’t get enough of it and I know you’re going to love it when he shoves it in you.”  Maia went back to sucking Ross’s cock while Kendall took off her torn blouse and black slacks.  She hadn’t worn a bra or panties since she had hoped to get Maia alone later but this was even better than she hoped for.  The promiscuous model climbed on the bed and got on her hands and knees.  Laura crawled up behind her and started licking her pussy.  “I’m Laura by the way, so nice to finally meet you.”  Kendall moaned something incoherent as she felt the Disney starlets tongue dip into the tight asshole.  Laura sucked and licked Kendall’s pussy and ass bringing her close to an orgasm.  “Do you want that big cock in this ass bitch?  Do you want to feel that big cock deep in your ass you fucking slut?”  Kendall moaned, “mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss”.

Ross got up behind Kendall and Laura grabbed hold of his hard cock and stroked it.  Maia got on the other side and spread Kendall’s asshole wide open.  Laura pushed the huge cock into the gaping hole.  Ross slammed home on the first thrust and Kendall grunted and screamed, “HOOOOLLLLLLYYYYYYYY FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!”  She was no amateur when it came to anal sex and she’d had bigger cocks up her ass but she always loved the way it felt the first time a man entered her.  Ross grabbed her slim hips and pulled her tight to him, driving his hard cock deep into her bowels and felt her ass close tight around his cock like a vice.  He didn’t waste any time and started to fuck her hard.  Kendall felt his balls slamming against her pussy and she came almost immediately.  When she turned her head, she saw Maia and Laura in a 69 next to her.  Ross reached around and started rubbing her clit and she came again.  Maia and Laura both screamed when they came at the same time.  A few seconds later, Kendall felt Ross filling her ass with cum.  The four of them collapsed on the bed next to each other and let their orgasms subside.

Maia leaned over and took Ross’ cock into her mouth and sucked it.  Kendall watched her lick her ass juices and cum from the big cock and said, “God Maia, I never figured you for an ass to mouth slut.”  Maia looked up and giggled and kept licking the cock.  Laura leaned over and kissed Kendall and then went down on her.  Kendall spread her legs wide and watched the pretty Disney slut lick and suck her sopping wet cunt.  Maia climbed on top of Ross’ hard again cock and took him in her ass.  She rode him reverse cowgirl style and looked over at Kendall just as Laura got her off.  Kendall squirted a long stream of girl cum all over Laura’s face.  Laura licked and slurped up the tasty juice and then sat on Kendall’s face.  “Time for you to return the favor bitch.  Now lick my cunt and make me cum.”  She thought if any of her teenaged fans could hear her speak like that, they’d probably all drop dead from shock.  Kendall went to work on her pussy and Ross reached over and started fingering her pussy while Maia rode him.  Maia had three fingers buried in her pussy as she continued to pound her ass up and down on the big hard cock.  Kendall spread Laura’s ass cheeks apart and pushed one of her long fingers inside her butthole.  Laura moaned and came on Kendall’s face.  Kendall kept licking and pushed another finger into Laura’s ass and Laura screamed, “THAT’S IT YOU FUCKING BITCH.  SHOVE YOUR FINGERS INTO MY NASTY ASSHOLE.  MAKE ME CUM. MAAAAAKKKEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG CUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!”  Her orgasm lasted almost a minute and she practically smothered Kendall as she ground her cunt on her mouth.  When she finally rolled off of Kendall’s face, she crawled over to get at Maia’s pussy.  She pulled Maia’s wet fingers from her cunt and licked them and then shoved her tongue deep into her pussy.  She licked up and down and then sucked on her clit and brought the pretty Aussie off again.  She then made her way down to Ross’ balls and sucked them both into her mouth and he shot his hot load right into Maia’s gaping asshole.  Maia came again and when she finally let the big cock slip out her ass, Laura put her mouth against her asshole and sucked all of the cum from her and swallowed it.  She then took Ross’ cock into her mouth and did the same.  When she finished, she sat up and licked her lips and looked at Kendall, “I’m the best ass to mouth slut there is bitch and don’t you forget it”.  They all looked at her and then everyone laughed and fell on top of each other and cuddled.

Laura and Ross went in to take a shower.  They had to leave since they were shooting some promo’s early the next morning.  Maia pulled Kendall close to her and ran her hands across her tits and finally made her way down to Kendall’s pussy.  She finger fucked the model until she came again and then let her lick her fingers.  Kendall returned the favor and brought Maia off just as Ross and Laura came out of the bathroom.  The both got dressed and kissed the two girls goodbye.  Ross turned and winked at Maia before he shut the bedroom door.

Maia got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser and pulled out some silk scarfs.  She looked over at Kendall and asked her if she wanted to get a little kinky.  Kendall happily agreed.  Maia told her get on her stomach and then tied her wrists and ankles to the bed with the scarfs.  Kendall thought she tied them a little too tight but didn’t say anything.  Her legs were spread wide and her holes were available to anyone that wanted them.  Maia completed the process by strapping a ball gag in Kendall’s mouth.  Kendall turned her head and watched her take out a 14 inch strapon from the dresser and put it on.  The big black cock looked huge sticking out in front of the tiny Aussie and Kendall knew what was coming next.  Maia got up behind Kendall and slapped her ass a few times.  She smacked one cheek and then the other.  She started spanking Kendall harder and harder until her ass was bright red.  Kendall could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter when Maia grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.  She said, “So slut, are you ready for this big black cock in your slutty ass?”  She smacked her cheeks again and said, “Answer me whore, ARE YOU READY?”  Kendall shook her head and mumbled yes through the gag.  Suddenly, she felt the huge toy enter her ass.  Maia slammed it all the way in and then placed her hands on Kendall’s shoulders.  She leaned in and said, “I’m going to rape your nasty ass until you can’t take it any longer and then, I’m going to rape it again.  I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.  I thought long and hard about it and I didn’t like what you did to me the other night.  I certainly didn’t like you filming it.  I hope you had fun with my friends earlier because by the time I’m finished with you, you’re going be my fuck bitch and you’ll only fuck whoever I tell you to fuck.”

Maia spent the next few hours defiling Kendall with the strapon.  Kendall came over and over again and Maia was exhausted by the time she finished with her.  She pulled the ball gag out of Kendall’s mouth and shoved the dildo down her throat.  Maia grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face.  She looked at Kendall and said, “Who’s the best ass to mouth whore now?”  When she saw Kendall was having trouble breathing, she pulled the toy from her mouth and said, “Had enough cunt?”  Kendall shook her head and closed her eyes.  Maia slapped her face and said, “Answer me bitch!  HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH?”  Kendall looked at her and said, “Yes Maia, please stop, I can’t take anymore.”  Maia patted her head and said, “Good girl.  Now you know who’s in charge.  From now on you’ll call me Mistress and you’ll do whatever I say, right bitch?”  Kendall replied, “Yes Mistress.”  Maia then asked her, “Who do you belong too?”  Kendall said, “I belong to you Mistress.  I’ll do whatever you want.”

Maia untied Kendall and sat her up.  She took the strapon off and turned to Kendall.   She grabbed her by hair and pulled her face close to hers.  “That was for giving me drugs the other night and turning me out like a common whore to those men.  You will never do that to anyone again, will you?”  Kendall lowered her eyes and said, “No Mistress, I’m so sorry.  I’ll never do that again.”  Maia attached a dog collar to Kendall’s neck and made her sleep on the floor next to her.  The next morning, Maia woke her up and had her lick her pussy until she came.  She spent the rest of the morning sodomizing her new toy with the strapon.  Later that afternoon, Ross came back and he brought his two brothers with him.  Maia sat in the chair and told the three men to fuck Kendall.  She just sat there and smiled while she filmed the entire episode.  When they couldn’t get it up anymore, the got dressed and left.  Kendall was a mess.  Her body was covered in sweat and cum.  Maia tossed her coat and bag to her and told her to get the fuck out.  Kendall could hardly walk and made her way slowly to the door.  Just before she left, Maia took her cellphone from her bag and smashed it into a dozen pieces.  She looked at Kendall and said, “Be at my trailer on the set tomorrow at 6pm.  I’ll make sure security lets you in.  If you’re late, I’ll make you pay dearly.  Oh, by the way, if you ever show that video of me to anyone again, I’ll make sure this video of you gets released to every media outlet all over the world.  Understand?”  Kendall nodded and said, “Yes Mistress” and left.

Over the next several weeks, Maia and Ross worked on their new film.  Every evening, Maia gave Kendall to anyone who wanted her.  She made her suck and fuck the entire crew and even gave her to a few fans that hung around the set.  Maia knew then that revenge certainly was sweet.

The End.

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