Playground Fun

Title:  Playground Fun

Author:  Tori

Codes:  Mf, Oral, Pedo

Subject:  Francesca Capaldi

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Gus was a pedophile.  He’s never been caught nor has anyone ever suspected him of being what he was.  He never prowled for little girls in his own neighborhood and he never associated with others of his kind.  One day, Gus was driving by a playground he’d never visited before and saw a cute little redhead playing on the swings.  He stopped his van and watched the girl as she went higher and higher on the swing.  When he got a closer look at her with his binoculars, he realized who she was.  Her name was Francesca Capaldi, a cute little Disney chick.  He always watched the Disney Channel and spent many a night jerking off to the girls.  She was so cute.  She had on a pink Hello Kitty shirt, a plaid skirt and tiny Doc Martins with knee socks.  He got hard immediately and decided to make his move.

Gus got out of the van and walked over to the little girl and sat down on the bench next to the swings.  She looked over at him and waved so he waved back.  Gus looked around and didn’t see anyone else at the playground and wondered why she was alone.  “Hey cutie, where are all you friends?”  Francesca looked over and said, “They’re all in school mister.  I don’t go to a regular school.  I get tutored so I can play whenever I want too.”  Gus smiled and walked behind the tiny redhead and started pushing her.  “How old are you sweetie?”  Francesca told him she was ten and then she giggled and asked him to push her harder.  Gus gave her a few more pushes and then started to touch her ass as he did.  Francesca kept giggling and swung as high as she could.  Gus had a raging hard on and knew he had to have this precious jewel as soon as possible.  He grabbed hold of her swing and slowed her down and then asked if she wanted to go with him for some ice cream.  Little Francesca just smiled at him and said, “No thanks mister but if you want, I’ll give you a blowjob.  That is why you’re here, right?”  Gus was floored by what he heard.  He looked at her and said, “Did you just say you’d give me a blowjob?”  She looked up at him and then grabbed his cock and squeezed it with her tiny hand.  “Sure mister, I like to give blowjobs.  I give all the guys at the studio blowjobs all the time.  They say I’m the best.”  Gus looked around and saw a brick building with the bathrooms in it and told her to come with him.  She held his hand skipping along as they headed for the men’s room.

Once inside, Gus checked to make sure no one else was in there.  He picked up the little girl with the long curly red hair and sat her on one of the sinks.  He gave her a kiss. Her lips tasted like strawberries.  Gus pulled her Hello Kitty shirt up over her head and looked at her tiny breasts.  He kissed and licked each of her cute pink nipples and she giggled again, “Gee mister, that really tickles”.  Gus raised her skirt and slid her tiny panties off and then licked her little slit.  Francesca started to moan and then asked, “Can I see your cock mister?  Is it big?  I like when guys have big cocks.”  Gus stepped back and pulled out his nine inch cock.  “WOW mister, that is a big one.  Almost as big as Blake’s.”  She hopped down from the sink and looked at Gus’ cock closer.  She was so short, his cock was pointing right at her face.  Francesca wrapped her tiny hand around it and started to stroke it.  Gus was in heaven.  He usually had to either trick or force the girls to touch him but this little girl was no stranger to playing with cocks.  She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip while she stroked him.  Gus looked down and saw her open her mouth and start to suck him.  She could only take a few inches but her warm wet mouth felt wonderful.  Little Francesca stroked and sucked him like a real pro.  Gus couldn’t hold out any longer and shot his load right in her mouth.  Francesca swallowed it all down and licked her lips.  She smiled and said, “You’ve got real yummy cummy mister.  I like yummy cummy.  Thanks mister.”  Gus put his cock back in his trousers and zipped up.  Francesca put her panties and shirt back on and then skipped out of the men’s room and went back over to the swings.

Gus got in his van and sat there for a few minutes.  He couldn’t believe what had just happened.  How could such and innocent little girl be so willing and experienced at her age.  He started the van and headed home.  That night he watched several episodes of Dog With a Blog and jerked of so much that his cock was red and sore.  He knew he had to visit the little angel again.

The End.

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