Spice Wars [Episodes 1-2]

Spice Wars Episode I: Spice Girls vs. All Saints
by Defiler

Legal Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional
(obviously!). It contains scenes of sex, forced public nudity,
offensive language, and perhaps worst of all…the Spice

The Spice Girls, Baby, Posh, Scary, and Sporty Spice were even
more giddy than usual as they watched the All Saints take the

stage. “Let’s expose the All-Skanks for the bloody worthless
sluts that they really are!” shouted Mel B. (Scary). Her
bandmates voiced their agreement, as they all wanted to
humiliate the upstart All Saints, who had taken potshots at
the Spices in the media every chance they could get. The
sexier, more talented All Saints had shut out the Spices at
the most recent Brit Awards, and even the young Prince William
said he’d taken down his Spice World posters in favor of
pinups of the sassy All Saints. It seemed the Spice Girls
were being rendered prematurely obsolete by these
up-and-comers, but they were determined to put a stop to that.
They might not be as pretty or as vocally gifted as the
Saints, but the Spice Girls are a multi-million dollar
corporation, and would spare no expense to destroy their
competition. The final straw came when the Spice Girls were
bumped off the list of performers at the World Music Awards to
make way for the Saints. While the All Saints took in the
glamor of Monaco and schmoozed with the media (always making a
note to put down “Bimbo power”), the Spices began their
diabolical preparations . . .

The All Saints were enjoying the rewards of their success,
their album was a top seller, they’d won the hearts of the
British people, won just about every award they possibly could
in their country, and now even royalty were lining up to kiss
their asses. What made it all just a little bit sweeter for
the sexy brats Natalie, Nicole, Melanie and Shaznay was that
their success came largely at the expense of those “annoying,
stupid-ass, butt-ugly Spice bitches”, as Natalie once referred
to them in an interview. “I hope those Spice Whores show
up to give us our fuckin’ award,” stated Natalie, the
unofficial spokesperson of the group, just before they left
their dressing room. “Yeah, when the world sees us and them
on stage together they’ll reallize those sluts look like dog
shit next to us,” chimed in Nicole, her ample breasts jiggling
with her anticipation of the evening ahead. Her friends
laughed as they took to the stage to sing their big hit “Never
Ever”. The Saints were wearing their trade-mark tight tank
tops made for 10 year-olds and big baggy hip-hop jeans. After
being introduced by Princess Stephanie of Monaco, the Saints
started to sing to an unusually enthusiastic crowd, or at
least it looked that way, they were actually lip syncing to
pre-recorded vocals played over the sound system. Normally,
the Saints perform with cordless microphones so they can strut
their bare mid-riffs around the stage, but this was a slow
song so they just stood and sang with the mikes on stands, of
course with their pants lowered slightly to tease the audience
with a glimpse of their shiny silk panties. As Nicole
proceeded with the opening solo, 8 dancers, 4 males and 4
females, clad in black spandex body suits and black veils, did
their dance interpretation of the song, which consisted mainly
of melodramatic poses and symbolic embraces. Natalie, who
didn’t want the dancers in the first place, noticed something
was wrong and thought to herself, “These clutzy bitches can’t
dance for shit!” Little did she reallize that the voluptuous
and talented female dancers they’d rehearsed with had been
stripped down to their bras and panties, hog-tied and thrown
in a dumpster out back. Before the Saints could get even more
suspicious, one by one they reallized a horrible
problem…their hands were glued to their microphones!
They exchanged confused glances at eachother as their faces
turned red with a mix of anger and embarassment, but they had
to keep up their charade of singing or their lip-syncing sham
would be exposed. Nicole could see her sister Nat was pissed
off, but this prank had her really scared. Her body was
sweating profusely, her mind raced, “Who did this to us? What
did we do to deserve this? Hey…wait….why are those fucking
dancers getting behind us? They’re not supposed to….”.
The Spice Girls knew they had to act fast once it all started,
but for now they calmly crept up behind the now paranoid
singers and pinched their curvy little asses. Then Scary Spice
spoke into the ear of the terrified Nicole, “It’s wedgie time,
luv. Ha ha!” The look on the singers’ faces was priceless
as their attackers grabbed a hold of their silly-looking jeans
and, with one swift motion, simultaneously pantsed the stunned
quartet. With her pants now in a pile around their ankles, the
shocked audience could see that Natalie wore a bright red
thong, and above prominent mound of her pussy was a color
tattoo of the red maple leaf symbolizing Canada (where she was
born). Nicole, on the other hand, wore stunning silk
hook-bottomed magenta panties which hugged her obviously wet
and swollen pussy-lips like a second skin, while Shaznay had
on a black g-string, and Melanie sported white cotton undies
with pink hems and a pretty little bow above her pussy. The
Saints’ tops and sexy bras, already stretched to the limit,
were easily torn off by the Spice Girls who had to struggle to
contain their laughter as they then grabbed a fistful of their
foes’ underpants and sadistically pulled upwards as hard as
they could. The crowd reaction ranged from silent shock and
indignation to uncontrollable laughter. Security had been too
surprised to respond right away, and when they did they were
stymied by the mysterious male dancers…hired thugs paid by
the Spice Girls for that purpose. Beneath their masks the
Spice Girls wore smiles of cruel satisfaction as they yanked
on the dainty panties so hard the wedgy victims had their feet
lifted clear off the floor, their perky naked breasts bouncing
freely with every pull. The Saints knew there was no escape,
they’d learned early on that their mike stands were somehow
fastened firmly to the stage floor. They’d given up on
pretending to sing, and by now most of the crowd was laughing
and even cheering on the debauchery. The music continued to
play, and the cameras kept rolling, as the other key member of
the conspiracy plot, Geri Halliwell, formerly known as Ginger
Spice was upstairs keeping the sound engineer and awards show
director occupied with her massive tits. “That’s it
boys, you be good to me and I’ll return the favah, if ya know
wha’ I mean,” Geri told the men as they sucked on her tits.
An editors’ assistant crashed into the room and addressed the
director, “Uh…sir., sorry to interrupt but we have a
problem….the All Saints are naked… I think we should cut
to a commercial…” “I don’t give a rat’s ass, just keep the
cameras rolling you little jerkoff! Can’t you see I’m busy?
Now fuckoff!” was the director’s response. “Uh,…yes, sir,”
said the young man as he left the
director to get the thrill of his lifetime. “That’s a good
boy. Now come get on your knees and have a taste of Girl
Power,” said Geri to the obliging director as she watched her
enemies’ humiliation on a portable tv set. With a final
rip, each of the All Saints were relieved of their last
remnants of clothing and were now bare-ass naked except for
their navel piercings. The Spices held the torn panties like
prized trophies and enjoyed the sight of the All Saints
squirming their bodies in a vain attempt to hide their neatly
trimmed little pussies. From their vantage point the Spices
could see the white fluid from earlier sexual encounters
leaking from the Saints sloppy cunts. Rudely cupping Nicole’s
juicy mound, Posh said to her, “You’ve been a naughty little
tart now, haven’t you?” Posh then viciously smacked Nic’s
perfect ass as hard as she could while Nic sobbed
pathetically. Nicole tried to get away from her tormentor and
reallized that the shaft of the mike stand could rotate in its
fixed position, so she was able to turn her ass (now as red as
her face) to the crowd Scary then took her turn to spank her
sorry ass, which delighted the audience as they watched
Nicole’s white ass redden and jiggle with every loud slap.
Poor Nic reallized she had another problem too… her big tits
had become glued to the shaft of the cursed mike stand! The
Saints were now balling like spoiled two year olds, except for
Natalie who remained defiant, “I’m gonna kick your fucking ass
you bitch!” she spat at Sporty. “No luv, you got it all
backwards”, informed Sporty, as she backed up, did a cart
wheel and lunged forward delivering a brutal karate kick to
Nat’s vulnerable ass causing her cunt lips to slam into the
sticky shaft of the mike stand. “Ouch! You bi-…Oh
fucking shit! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Natalie finally panicked and
thrashed about frantically as she reallized she was now
painfully stuck with her legs spread around the microphone
stand in front of a world wide audience. Her rapid thrashing
and resulting expressions of pain made her look like she was
in the throes of orgasm. Meanwhile, Melanie was performing a
similar parody of fellatio as she tried to pull her lips away
from the knob of the microphone to which they had become
fused. That’s how the Spice Girls left the All Saints
that night, naked and in tears: Natalie bucking away like a
wild animal, every inch of her naked skin putting on a sexy
display as she convulsed in pain; Nicole’s bare ass quivering
in front of the crowd as she whimpered uncontrollably, Melanie
apparently deep-throating her microphone like a porno star,
and a catatonic Shaznay quietly regretting the day she was
born. The Spices’ hired mercenaries pushed what
tuxedo-clad security guards they hadn’t already pummeled out
of the way as the girls sneaked out the back of the auditorium
and into a waiting limo. Posh, Baby, Scary and Sporty relived
the evening as they watched the aftermath of the disastrous
live performance on their limo tv set. The sexual excitement
that they felt was relieved by their hired thugs who knelt
down and licked the juices flowing from their hot pussies. The
limo drove around the block a few times while they changed
outfits and then dropped off the Girls at the award show
again, where they presented the World Music Award for best new
artist. Of course, the winners of the award, the All Saints,
weren’t willing to come on stage again (for some reason), so
the Spice Girls graciously accepted the award on their behalf.
The Spices later drove back to their hotel with trophies in
tow, but more important to them were the skimpy little torn
panties that they held like streamers out of their windows and
sun roof in celebration. . .belting out one of their silly
songs loudly. . . victoriously . . . and of course. . .
completely out of tune.

Spice Wars: Episode II — The All Saints Strike Back
by Defiler

Sitting in a corridor in the Monaco Police Headquarters,
Natalie Appleton put her arm around her sister Nicole, who was
bent over with her head in her hands, still trying to deal
with the intense shame she felt after being publicly stripped.
Natalie tried to comfort her, but was interrupted by an
officer who directed them into another room. As they entered
the room the detectives
snapped up to attention, pretending to be taking notes, as
they all watched a fancy video monitor.
A pudgy man with coffee stains and donut crumbs on his
shirt introduced himself, “Hello ladies, I’m Detective
Barbrady. I’m in charge of the investigation of this. . .
“So when are you going to get off your fat ass and arrest
those fucking Spice Bitches?” asked the impatient Natalie.
“What? Who?” asked the detective, letting the insult slide.
“Aargh– The goddamn Spice Girls! The bitches who
stripped us.”
“Spice Girls, huh? Never heard of’em. Well, did you get a
good look at their faces?” inquired Barbrady.
“Yeah, um, well . . . no,” admitted Nicole. “They had
they’re faces covered up, but I’m sure –”
“So you didn’t actually see the perpetrator’s faces?”
“But we recognized their voices.” stated Natalie.
“That’s not good enough. Look, we’ll check out their alibi.
But it looks like the only real evidence we have to go on is
this videotape of the awards show.” surmised Det. Barbrady.
On the
monitor, Nicole and Natalie could see the footage of their
recent humiliation. “As you can see, I have a whole team of
investigators analyzing the tape. Hopefully we can construct a
profile of the
perps, and gather data to establish their M. O., that stands
for–” “Yeah, I know what it stands for, but why are you
around in here while the fucking Spice Girls are getting
interrupted Natalie, who was growing increasingly skeptical
about the work ethic of the officers.
They sat watching the screen, where the All Saints were
performing, as several dancers dressed in black tights with
veils over their faces pranced around them. There were four
among them, one of whom was distinctive in that, instead of
full length tights, she wore a short miniskirt, revealing
smooth sexy legs on top of black high heels. Another wore
platform sneakers several inches thick and the skinny
flat-chested one kept throwing in
pointless karate moves with her dance routine. Natalie’s
started to boil as she watched, in frame-by-frame slow motion,
herself and her bandmates getting their pants rudely yanked
down to their ankles.
Nicole, reliving the traumatic event, had to look away as she
fought back more tears. Natalie, reallizing that the leering
detectives were were using the video more for entertainment
value than anything else, had enough of the situation, “For
fuck’s sake, you’re all a bunch of bloody wankers! If you
perverts won’t bring the Spice sluts to justice, we’ll do it
our bloody selves!” screamed Natalie, who pulled her sister by
the arm as she stormed out of the police station.
After the door slammed shut, Det. Barbrady addressed his
men, “It’s hard to solve a case when the victims don’t
cooperate with us. Guess we’ll have to keep watching this
video over and
over…” The men grunted their agreement and with the ladies
gone were glad to be able to put their hands back in their
The dejected All Saints knew they had to get out of
Monaco, but couldn’t follow their enemies back to Britain,
where the tabloids would devour them like ravenous wolves.
decided to head for the USA for awhile, where hopefully they
could be no worse than the second biggest joke thanks to Bill

“Ex” Spice Girl Geri Halliwell sat in her stretch limo with a
smug grin on her face as she looked at the newspaper clipping
she’d taken from the cover of the New York Times. The headline
“All Saints Exposed!” and the censored photo below it had the
All Saints standing in their underpants, their eyes and mouths
opened wide with shock. The Saints had often singled out Geri
making barbs against the Spice Girls, so she was more than
willing to participate in their degradation, and relished the
Two weeks had passed since the stripping, and Geri still got
excited thinking about it, but now she had to buckle down and
prepare for an important speech she had to deliver the next
day. Now that she was no longer “Ginger Spice”, but a
representative of the United Nations, Geri, who once grabbed
Prince Charles’
buttocks, had to work hard to establish some credibility. She
didn’t know much about politics and world issues, but she was
determined to prove herself in an intellectual capacity, not
only to the media and general public, but to important world
leaders and dignitaries. “Who the fuck is she kidding?”
thought Geri’s limo driver,
looking in the rearview mirror at the odd sight of a studious
looking Spice Girl.
Just then the song playing on the radio — “Lady
Marmalade” by the All Saints — brought a spontaneous burst of
laughter from Geri, “Pfffftt! Ha! Ha! Ha! Driver, could you
please turn this rubbish off?” No response. “Driver, please
change the
station. Driver!?”
The driver responded only by turning the volume up, and
continued to ride in maddening silence, as the limo turned
down a dark alleyway. Geri reallized something was wrong, and
had taken out her cell phone when the car stopped. The driver
took off her hat and sunglasses and let her long blonde hair
fall down to her shoulders and turned to face Geri with an
evil grin. Geri was
stunned, the driver was Nicole Appleton! Before Geri could
react, her door swung open and an enraged Natalie Appleton
Geri in the face, knocking her out cold.

The All Saints were ecstatic that their capture of the
dim-witted red head had gone so smoothly. She was so
self-absorbed she hardly glanced at the driver who picked her
up. The Saints had learned about her role in their humiliation
thanks to a private detective they’d hired. Without Geri’s
dirtywork, the
censors surely would have prevented the event from being
out to a worldwide audience, but they were too busy getting in
line for the Ginger Spice gang bang.
As the ex-Spice came to her senses the four Saints started
to taunt her, “Maybe we can sell her as a sex slave,”
Melanie Blatt.
“Yeah, we might get 20 bucks for her,” joked Shaznay.
“Who’d pay for this old cow?” asked Nicole, “Her tits’ll be
sagging to her knees soon enough.”
“I bet they’re silicone,” stated Natalie, while roughly poking
and mauling the captive woman’s impressive melons.
Geri was a bit groggy, but she was quickly brought to full
attention as the All Saints poked and pinched her body, which
was naked save for a pair of boots and panties which weren’t
even her own. Her hands were tied behind her back.
“Do you like your new knickers, bitch?” Melanie asked
Geri, who looked down with confusion at the pair of black
panties and boots with the Union Jack on them. The only thing
she knew
was that she was in deep trouble, the All Saints were really
pissed. “Remember when you used to wear this?” asked Natalie,
holding up Geri’s old trademark miniskirt with the British
flag on it. “We got it real cheap, now that your fifteen
minutes are up. You used to prance around like you were a
friggin’ national symbol or something. But all you are is a
fucking disgrace!”
“Now we’ll find out how good of a flag you make, Slutty
spice!” Nicole informed Geri, who was paralyzed with fear.
What did these evil women plan to do to her? She opened her
mouth to scream, but had her mouth stuffed with the white
panties she had on before the abduction. Shaz was brandishing
a baseball bat that, along with her pitiless glare, was enough
to ensure that Geri obeyed when Melanie ordered, “Now get your
fat arse out of the car!”
Geri felt woozy, as if she’d been drugged, and wondered
how long she’d been out when she noticed that the sunrise was
just starting to peek over the horizon. As Geri paused to
look at her surroundings she was given a swift kick in the ass
by Natalie.
“You better keep moving or Shaz will stuff that bat straight
up your bottom!” threatened Melanie.
Geri had no choice but to pick up the pace as Natalie started
to pull her along by her tits. Reaching their destination,
“leader” of the All Saints turned to the rest and said, “Well,
it’s time to run her up the flagpole!”
The others laughed hard, and Geri tried to run but was held
back by her hair. Then her panties were grabbed from the back
and she felt cold metal touch her bare skin of her hips. She
looked down to see metal hooks being slid through the
leg-holes of her
“Ok, she’s hooked. Start to pull her up!” said Melanie.
“No, wait!” shouted Natalie, “We almost forgot to give
Geri her little dress back.” Natalie crouched down and tied
Geri’s flag skirt around her ankle, where it would do little
to conceal her almost entirely bare body.
This gave Geri time to protest what was about to happen, as
she squealed into her gag. her face red with tears forming in
her eyes. Spitting out her gag, Geri begged for mercy,
“Please don’t do this! I’m sorry, I’m sooo sorry. They made
me do it!”
“Who made you do it?” asked Natalie.
“The Spice Girls, made me go along with it. I tried to talk
them out of it.”
“Sure you did,” said Natalie, as the rest of the Saints made
the first pull which caused her underpants to go right up her
“Owww, ow ow ow ow! Stop! Please, I’ll do anything! I’ll
help you get them back!” Geri pleaded pathetically.
Slapping Geri hard in the face, Natalie said, “We don’t need
your fucking help, bitch! And by the way, those panties are
rip-proof.” Once again the Saints hiked Geri’s nylon panties
even further up her ass, causing them to dig into her pussy.
She was defenseless, and though she tried to kick her way
free, her feet were soon dangling off the ground. Her entire
body weight was
supported by her panties, which were now being raised up the
huge flagpole, with her in them.
It was a particularly windy day, and soon Geri’s skirt was
flapping in the breeze below her suspended body, and the cold
had her nipples fully erect.
“Damn, this bitch is heavy!” groaned Shaz, as the Saints
used all their muscle to pull Geri’s kicking and screaming
body to the top of the flagstaff. When she was at the top,
the All Saints jammed the winch, sabotaging it so Geri could
not be lowered from the ground by rescuers. They’d also
greased the flag pole and the cord, and poured gasoline around
the base and set it on fire, leaving Geri helpless.
Now painfully on her perch, Geri was able to take in her
surroundings and reallized that, not only was she hanging from
a flag-pole, but she was not far from the building where she
would give her speech the next day. The All Saints threw
Geri’s clothes in the fire, and after taking a moment to laugh
at Geri’s near naked form swaying in the breeze, headed back
to their car.
It didn’t take long before a crowd started to gather around
the flagpole, trying to figure out the bizarre scene “Who is
that?” “What’s she doing up there?” “Is this a publicity
thing?” The crowd were very intrigued, some pointed and
laughed, but it took a while before someone actually called
the fire department. Before the fire trucks even got there,
Geri’s panties were stretched right over her head, making them
look like nothing more than pieces of string. Of course, the
string was really cutting into her skin, causing her pussy to
be red and swollen, so Geri tried to ease the pain by grabbing
the pole behind her and lifting herself up a bit. However,
she could only do this for a few seconds at a time, so her
struggles caused her huge tits to sway and bounce, and her
naked flesh to twitch
erotically. What was worse, her “rip-proof” panties sounded
like they were starting to tear!
Geri was sobbing, she was totally humiliated, but to DIE?…
like this….with all these horrible people laughing at her,
totally naked, “Please, somebody help me!”
The fire department eventually arrived, but not before a
CNN news team and world media which were already gathered to
cover the conference Geri was supposed to take part in. By
time the fire was put out, tv programs around the world were
pre-empted in order to make way for live reports on the
(former) Spice Girl in Crisis. Geri was balling her eyes out,
her face was as red as her hair from her embarassment. Through
her tears she was able to look around her at all the staring
people, and at the nearby street where an group of stretch
limousines were lined up in the stalled traffic.
Of course, the limos were occupied by the bigwigs that Geri
was supposed to be impressing with her designer suits and use
of big words in her prepared speech. Now, thanks to the
meddling of the All Saints, they all looked up and got a big
laugh at the
ridiculous situation the former pop star was in, as they ogled
her massive tits which were clearly visible even from the
street. The All Saints gave eachother high fives and
celebrated with champagne as they watched Geri’s tortured
facial expressions on their limo tv set.
Geri’s ordeal was finally coming to a close, but perhaps not
the way she wanted, as she heard her panties rip again, now
stretching a few feet over her head, and suddenly they gave
completely. For a horrible moment Geri felt completely
weightless, and closed her eyes. The fire department was too
late. Or were they? Geri had made it a point not to look
down, since it only
increased her fear, so she didn’t reallize that they’d managed
to wheel over a nearby dumpster which would hopefully break
her fall. Geri plummeted naked and screaming into the pile of
trash, which may have saved her life, but falling into a big
garbage bin did little to preserve her dignity. With a
sadistic grin on her face, Natalie sat back and relaxed, and
enjoyed the symbolism, as she and her friends watched the slow
motion replay..

The All Saints celebrated all day and partied well into the
night. No longer were they the laughingstock of the music
industry, as now the much bigger catch, Geri Halliwell, was
forced to squirm on the media’s merciless hooks. Not only did
Geri step down from her position with the U.N., but she also
refused to
implicate the Saints for the misdeeds against her, describing
her attackers simply as four masked females.
Natalie, Nicole, Shaz and Melanie were supercharged with
energy, not just because of what they did to the slut Geri,
but also in anticipation of what they were going to do to
payback the Spice Girls. While at a NYC club, notorious party
girl and flirt Nicole bumped into members of the rap group, Wu
Tang Clan. Bringing
them over to the Saints’ table, they all got to talking, and
at one point the ‘98 Grammy’s came up, that being the night
where Ol’
Dirty Bastard basically took over the ceremony for several
minutes to give his “Wu Tang is for the children” speech.
Natalie, the most devious of the girl-group, knew that the
Spice Girls would be on stage as presenters, during the
upcoming MTV Awards, and set about enlisting the help of the
entire Wu
Tang posse to assist her in her plan. Of course, they all
agreed, and later the two groups headed back to the rap
group’s hotel room for more partying.
Taking her aside from the others, Melanie asked Natalie,
“Why do we need these guys to help us? I don’t trust them.”
“Listen, ODB was up there on stage for about 5 minutes
before anyone even did anything, right? Everyone was scared
shitless, thinking this ‘gangsta’ has a gun or something,”
Natalie chuckled, “Now, imagine what will happen if all these
idiots get up on stage together! They’ll have to call the
riot police to get rid of them….and by that time those
goddamn Spice bitches will be totally fucked!”
Both girls bellowed evil villainous laughter, and returned to
the main bedroom where Nicole was sitting on ODB’s lap with
only her bra on top, and Shaz had her legs wrapped around
Method Man
like a horny teenager. The Saints were not satisfied with the
thought of simply stripping the Spice Girls, they wanted to
them back with interest, “Ok boys, after you strip those
sluts, I want you to give their arses a good spanking!” said
Melanie, “Make them ball their eyes out, and admit what they
did to us!”
“Yeah! And then maybe you can shave their heads!”
Shaznay added to the brainstorm.
“I bet Sporty will be the first to cry when everyone laughs at
her pointy little tits,” said Nicole, the most well-endowed of
the Saints.
“Hey, maybe we can pick up some cattle prods!” suggested
Natalie, causing the others to laugh approvingly.
Nicole giggled, as she squirmed on ODB’s lap, rubbing her
moistened pussy against the raging hard-on growing in his
pants. The thought of naked, grovelling, bald-headed Spice
Girls with
spank-red asses getting zapped with tasers by these
intimidating thugs had her juices flowing. “I’m so horny
right now, I would
even fuck this guy — no matter how ugly and stupid he is,”
thought to herself. ODB, sensing that she was in heat,
reached his left hand into her silk panties and stroked her
pussy before inserting a long thick finger into her wet
snatch, while he groped her huge breasts with his other hand,
causing her to bite her lip and moan lustfully.
This cued the wanton orgy that was to follow, as Shaz was
soon naked on top of Method Man, giving him a handjob, and
Redman unzipped his pants so that Melanie could wrap her pouty
lips around his 10-inch boner and give it a spit-shining. ODB
climbed on top of Nicole, ripped off her lacy bra, and wedged
his massive manmeat between her warm fleshy tits. He smeared
pre-cum all over melons with his cockhead, and roughly pulled
her milky white breasts around his cock as he fucked her tits.
Nicole loved to fuck, and she was impressed by his raging
12-inch pussy impaler which bounced infront of her big brown
eyes. She was also aroused by the way he treated her like a
slut, fucking her tits and shooting a huge load all over her
pretty cheerleader face and long blond hair. When he started
slapping her cum-soaked face with his cock, saying, “Yeah,
suck it, ya honkey bitch!” she responded by worshipfully
kissing the tip of his ugly cock and licking the underside of
his dickshaft.
Natalie had been watching the whole scene with her jaw
dropped open, but soon got some attention as a pair of strong
arms wrapped around her from behind, groping her breasts and
sneaking into her pants. Natalie giggled as the man nibbled
her earlobe, and when he pulled down her pants she bent over,
allowing him to rub his solid cock against her dripping wet
cunt through her pink thong panties. A part of Natalie knew
this was a bad idea. But the alcohol she’d plied herself with,
plus the adrenaline rush of the days’
events, not to mention the sight of her sweet little sister
with ODB’s big chocolate salty balls stuffed in her pretty
mouth, helped inspire Natalie to get in touch with her inner
[End of Episode II]

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