The Great Bath, The New Spiceworld

by Malos

I laughed as I threw the newspaper to the counter. "SPICE GIRLS BREAK UP!!" was
splashed across the front page. It went on to talk about the group was
performing in Norway, but Geraldine Halliwell was noticeably absent. The
official excuse was a flu or something, but no one believed it. I did not expect
them to.
First, let me explain. I pay attention to the Spice Girls for the same reason
any post-pubescent man does, I want to have sex with them. For most that is a
fantasy, but not me.
It all began several years back.
I am an inventor by trade, but it doesn’t pay
well, so I became a photographer, and a damn good one. Stay with me, this is
where it gets interesting, because I designed a camera which can render any
human subject a mindless slave. Needless to say I used it on some of my favorite
female models.
Most were nobodies who would never be missed. I keep them in the Great Bath of
my island mansion, a complex of pools and hot tubs and beds the size of a
football field. There were others, who I could tell were going to be famous,
that I let go. The triggers however remain, I still call them down for a weekend
or two.
Several years back one of those nude models was an English girl named Geraldine
Halliwell. Flash forward to now, Geri and the other Spice Girls are world
famous, but there are hints their fame may be declining. Now is my chance to
take them all. Five beautiful twenty-something girls with minimal talent.
A week ago I called Geri (I can never remember the nicknames) and when I finally
got through to her, said the trigger, Alpha-G-1-5-7, and ordered her to come to
me. Then she gave the lame flu excuse, and immediately came to the mansion.
I opened the door to the Great Bath where multiple naked women ran around from
the pool to the hot tubs and back again, during the course of their various
orgies. "Geraldine!" I shouted and the red-head came running up to me. I looked
at the water droplets covering her naked body.
"Yes master, how do you wish me to serve you?" she asked.
I looked at her nude body, slick and shiny, and I couldn’t help myself. "You
will suck my cock."
"Yes Master," she smiled, dropping to her knees, as I loosened my pants. This
girl is good. She took my entire length right away, down her throat. She ran her
free hand, she caressed my legs and balls within seconds of this I shot load
after load down her throat. She swallowed it all.
I collapsed to the floor, and she still sat there on her knees. "Very good,
Slave," I said, patting her on the butt. "Now I have another task for you. You
will return to the outside world and remember this place as a dream. However,
you will tell the other Spice Girls they all need a vacation and bring them
here. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Master," she replied.
"Excellent. Now you will be given clothes and taken to the airport. After you
rejoin your group, you will deliver them here in two days, no longer. Do you
"Yes, Master."
Then I had an after thought, just for fun. "For the next two days, you will have
the urge to masturbate frequently."
"Yes, Master." As Geri was led away, I saw her hand was already between her
crotch. I laughed with anticipation of the next few days. 2 Days Later
I looked at the monitor to see the five girls waiting outside. "Geri, How did
you find this place?"
"I…" she started, but Geri had no memory of how she did discover my mansion.
Before she could think about it too much, I was at the door.
"Hello, Girls, I’ve been expecting you," I smiled. "Please, allow me to show you
to your rooms." They followed me inside when Emma Bunton, the blonde spoke up.
"We came here to get away, none of the other guests will bother us, about being
the Spice Girls?"
"No, I assure you, it means nothing to the other women," I smiled. By now we
were at the guest rooms. "Alright, Melanie Brown, you’re in 1, Melanie Chisholm
in 2, Victoria Adams, you’re in 3 and those three rooms are all adjoined. Emma
your in 4 across the hall here, and Geraldine, you’re in 6 here." The girls
nodded and went into their rooms, obviously annoyed at having to carry their own
luggage. I waited only a few minutes before entering Geri’s room.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"Alpha-G-1-5-7." Geri’s eyes immediately glazed over, and her body became
"Yes, Master, how do you wish me to serve you?"
"Come with me," I said. She dropped the few things she was unpacking. We went
down a few floors to the Great Bath, where the other hundreds of girls were
frolicking. "You will help me bring the other Spice Girls down here," I told
I needed little preparation. Over the years, I’d much improved the Mind Control
Camera, from the bulky tripod apparatus that captured Geraldine to a small
hand-held, no bigger then a candy bar. I returned to the laboratory and grabbed
the Camera and retrieved Geraldine, and telling her my plan.
Once I had her we went immediately to Melanie Chisholm’s room. "You know what to
do," I said to Geri.
"Yes, Master," She walked over to Melanie’s bed, waking her abruptly.
"Geri, what the hell are you doing?" she asked.
"I need to talk to you, and the others. I think there may have been reporters
that followed us." I watched hiding in the shadows. Geri pounded on Melanie
Brown’s door, while the other Melanie knocked on Victoria’s. The other two girls
came in quickly.
"God, Geri?" Victoria asked. "What is it?"
"I need to talk to all of you." she said. "Get Emma." Victoria nodded and left
to get the Blonde. The other three girls were talking. Geri was very convincing
to them about the threat, none knew what was awaiting them. Victoria came back a
few minutes later.
"Emma’s not in her room. I couldn’t find her. She may be taking a walk."
"Damn!" I breathed silently. Geri was looking in my location, silent. She had
been programmed to bring all five Spice Girls in at once, but since they could
only get four, her mind had not been programmed to deal with this variable.
"What are you looking at?" The black Melanie asked.
Damn! I had tipped my hand. I had to get these three now and get Blondie later.
I jumped up and aimed the camera. "Girls!" I shouted and hit the shutter. The
flashed illuminated the room for a fraction of a second before plunging it into
darkness again. I reached over and hit the light switch. There I saw Victoria
and the Melanies transfixed, as Geri looked at me. (Having already been
programmed, the camera had no effect on her.) Now I had to think of how to
program these girls, when suddenly they started moving. My first thought was
that they were immune to my influence, and now I would be ripped apart, but I
saw that was not so.
These girls were taking off their clothes. In seconds all four were naked. To my
shock Victoria laid on her stomach on the bed, and started to reach up and play
with Geri’s breasts. The white Melanie sat against the bed and started
masturbating, while right beside her, the other Melanie laid against the bed,
her ass wiggling in the air. I was shocked, before programming, girls were
always statues, but these were very eager fuck toys. Then it dawned on me,
someone had programmed these girls before. I remembered hearing somewhere they
lived with their first manager.
"Let’s see what he programmed you all to do," I smiled. My eyes were drawn to
that black bottom. It was beautiful. I walked up behind her, my rock hard
member, pushing out of my pants. I pulled it free and brushed the tip around her
sex, she groaned and slowly pushed herself onto me. Her hips started bucking
taking me along for the ride. Whoever programmed Melanie Brown, did an
incredible job, as I would discover just seconds later. I was just about to come
when she pulled herself off me. She looked back and laughed. Before I could get
angry with her, she repositioned herself and slowly came down on me again, this
time, my cock plunging into definately-not-virgin ass. It was so tight, I though
I would come before I was all the way in. Finally she stopped pushing onto me
and started riding, slow then speeding up and slowing down. Finally I could not
hold back, with a shout, I came into her bowels, shooting hot seed deep into
"Thank you, Master," she said, pulling off me. That alone would have been an
incredible night, but there were two other preprogrammed Spice Girls to play
with. My cock didn’t have a chance to cool down from coming out of that hot
black ass, when the white Melanie took it into her mouth, licking off the shit
and juices. She was just as good, if not better then Geri as a cock sucker. In
minutes, I built up another load.
"Oh God!!!!!" I shouted, shooting again. Melanie swallowed the first load, but
broke contact as I fired again, because I lost my balance, leaving a splat of
jism on Victoria’s ass. She looked at it once, then returned to Geraldine’s
ample breasts.
Geri, however, noticed right away. She reached down and began smearing the fluid
over the brunette’s beautifully round ass. Geri did it slowly.
By now I was truly spent, and laid on the floor and watched their lesbian orgy.
Geri smeared up to the small of Victoria’s back, then down to the back of her
thighs, fingering Victoria’s ass. After she was done smearing my semen all over
the brunette’s ass, Geri began finger fucking her ass. Then Victoria returned
the favor, craning her neck and sticking her tongue into Geri’s soaking wet
vagina. This was the most amazing sixty-nine I had ever seen. Both girls came
three or four times before the sixty nine fell apart and the collapsed on top of
each other on the bed. I had been too engrossed to see what the Melanies had
been doing, but they lay on top of each other on the floor, semiconscious.
I took them to the Great Bath, and after some probing, I discovered that all the
Spice Girls had been elaborately programmed, not just for sexually functions,
but also much of their performance behavior and musical ability had been
programmed into their minds. I left some of the sexual substrata in them, then
reprogrammed them more like the rest of my girls (except Geraldine, whom I had
programmed long before she was reprogrammed as a Spice girl).
This brought me to my last concern, the missing Emma Bunton. She was still on
the island, although I am acting under the assumption she somehow found out what
I did to her friends. Although I doubt she is a good enough swimmer to make it
back to the mainland, a drowned Spice Girl will create more problems then it
would solve. I turned to Melanie Brown, "Your former master gave you a trigger
command, correct?"
"Yes Master," she replied.
"Is it the same for all of you?" She nodded. "What is that trigger?"
"Fishwalk," she replied. What the hell kind of trigger was that, I wondered to
myself, but shrugged it off.
I looked at my new thralls, "Melanie Chisholm, Victoria, join the other girls."
"Yes, Master," they said in unison, as the walked off I gave them a slap on the
butt. They disappeared into the crowd moments later.
"Geraldine, Melanie, come with me." The Black girl and Redhead obediently fell
into step behind me.
We left the mansion completely after searching all the rooms. Emma wasn’t in the
building. I guessed she definitely knew what was happening and was trying to
find a way back to the mainland. "Girls, to the boathouse," I said.
Sure enough, that’s right were the blonde was. I hid in the shadows again, with
Geri, as I sent Melanie to bring the girl back. "Emma, are you here?"
"Mel?" she asked.
"Yeah, it’s me, come on, we can’t be here."
"But this is where the boats are!" she said.
"It’s a trap. He know’s were here, we have to get out."
"He got the others didn’t he? I heard what was happening in the rooms." Note to
self, soundproof the guest rooms.
Enough was enough. Geri and I stepped out of the shadows. Emma gasped as I put
my arm around Melanie.
"You see, there is no escape. Fishwalk." Emma froze, and immediately began
peeling off her clothes. After the she turned around and spread her legs. "Emma,
come with me."
"Yes, Master," she said. When she turned around, I pulled out the camera and
clicked off one shot. She was ready to be programmed. "Geri, fingerfuck her
"Yes Master," the red-head’s fingers crawled down the blonde’s back and began
darting in and out of her ass. With her butt, Emma squeezed Geri’s fingers, but
it was not until we were back in the Great Bath that she came, as Melanie finger
fucked her sex.
A week after that the Spice Girls broke up. Melanie Chisholm and Victoria
quickly faded into obscurity. I allowed Geri and Melanie Brown to attempt solo
albums but they failed and faded away as well. There were rumors of Emma’s
suicide, but no one ever confirmed that. The Spice Girls had disappeared
forever, and I gained five new, extremely experienced sex slaves.

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