Spice Girls Get Fucked By Motorhead


by: ojay5456

Fantasy story about Spice Girls being fucked by the

guys in Motorhead.

"Hey Mik ain´t you glad we decided to go to that

stupid award show after all?"

Sitting in a sofa fully dressed with cocks out of

zippers in a hotelroom the three members of Motorhead

each was enjoying a blowjob. And not a blowjob from

some sleazy groupie either: On her knees

bassist and singer Lemmy Kilmister´s legs was Victoria

"Posh" Beckham, on her knees between drummer Mikkey

Dees´s legs was Emma Bunton, on her knees between

guitarist Phil Campbell´s legs was Mel B and sitting

in an armchair Motorhead´s old drummer Philthy Animal

Taylor (a special guest for the night) was enjoying

the skills of Mel C´s talented mouth. Attending the

same award show one thing had led to the other and to

make a long story short; Lemmy´s chivalry and gentle

persuasion made the Spice Girls take him up on his

offer to enjoy some apres award show drinks in his

hotelroom. When our story begins preliminaries and

pleasentries have been taken care of. Enter stage left

four naked Spice Girls…  

"Yeah sure am Lem. This bitch is sure making it worth

it." Playing with Emma´s hair, grabbing her bangs the

drummer pulled her off his cock. Holding his cock with

his right hand he then began rubbing his cock his cock

on her lips, coating them with precum like were it

lipgloss "She´s the best mouthfuck I´ve had since eh

yesterday." Lemmy sneering in the direction of his

comedian drummer commented "Too bad I can´t say the

same. Jenny McCarthy (hostess of the award show) was a

much better cocksucker than this skinny little bitch."

Tugging at Victoria´s hair, pulling her off his cock,

taking hold of his cock wih his right hand, slamming

it to her cheeks he continued looking down at her

upturned face "Bitch you´ve got to do better than

that. It might work on David but it sure as hell does

not work on me", he then slammed his cock one more

time on her cheek and then pushed her back down to his

cock and commanded "Get to work bitch." Meanwhile lead

guitarist Phil Campbell was pumping away at Mel B´s

mouth. Holding her in place with both hands in her

hair he had her go up and down on his cock. 5 inches

down, five inches up, 5 inches down, 5 inches up.

Evidently aroused by her mouth he spurred her on with

endearing phrases like "Yeah bitch suck my cock",

"That´s it slut. Keep still so I can fuck your mouth."

"Yeah you like that don´t you bitch?" Laughing Philthy

commented from over at the armchair "She seems to be

enjoying it Phil. But not as much as this bitch. Look

at her go!" Between his legs Mel C was busy sucking on

his hairy balls. Holding her in place at the back of

her head he made her suck on his balls sticking out of

the zipper of his leatherpants. Ever the pedagog he

like Phil was encouraging his Spice Girl with

endearing words "Yeah. Lick those balls. I haven´t

washed them in days so they sure need a bath. Yeah

that´s it bitch. You´re a natural." Back at the sofa

three cocks was being shoved in and out of three

mouths: Mikkey hunched down in the sofa with a firm

grip with both hands in Emma´s hair, Lemmy smoking a

cigarette and holding Victoria hair at the top of her

head with his left hand making her go up and down,

Phil still pumping away with both hands in Mel B´s

hair making her suck his cock like a dirty slut, all

three enjoying themselves as much as could be

expected. Despite of this Lemmy, the most jaded of the

bunch, took word "I believe it´s time for a

switcharoo." Pulling Victoria off his cock, pushing

her out of the way he then nudged Mikkey "I want this

bitch now." Mikkey pulling out and Lemmy took hold of

Emma´s hair and said "Get over here bitch." Pulling at

her hair she soon was between his legs. Starting to

scoot down to suck on his cock he grabbed her hair and

said "Maybe later bitch. I have something else in

mind. Come sit in my lap slut." Pulling at her hair

Emma rose to her feet, climbed up on the sofa and then

slowly sank down. Guiding his cock to the right spot

inch after inch disappeared into Emma´s pussy. Finally

getting all the way down Lemmy took a last drag of the

cigarette, put it out and then pulled Emma to him.

Holding her by the back of her hair with his left hand

he pushed her face to the right shoulder of his his

biker jacket while roaming all over her backside with

is right hand. Getting down to her ass he said "Yeah

start moving up and down bitch." Meanwhile the rest of

the trades have been executed. Mikkey got Victoria,

Phil got Mel C and Philthy got Mel B. Mikkey not one

to waste time had already got going. Down on the floor

on top of Victoria lying on her back he pounded into

her in the missionary position. Her gorgeous legs

spread wide Victoria had her arms around Mikkey.

Holding on tight to his biker jacket as he kept

fucking her. Back at the armchair Philthy was busy

giving Mel B instructions "Yeah that´s it. Put it

between your tits. Yeah that´s it bitch." Cock were he

wanted he then started bucking his hip up and down.

Mel pressing her tits to his cock it slid smoothly

back and forth inbetween her jugs. Sneering down at

her he said "You got nice tits bitch. Don´t let

anybody tell you different." Meanwhile back at the

sofa Phil was fucking Mel C doggy style. On her knees

up on the sofa, hands on headrest for leverage she was

really getting it. Holding her hips with two hands his

leatherpantclad thighs slammed into her naked ass with

loud thuds as he fucked her pussy. As galant and

eloquent as ever he gave voice to his feelings with

every thrust "I´m fucking you you fucking bitch. Yeah

you like that big cock in your pussy don´t you you

fucking slut?" Soon the room was filled with moans.

Emma moaning into Lemmy´s shoulder as she kept humping

him, Victoria biting and groaning into the shoulder of

Mikkey´s biker jacket as he kept pounding into her,

Mel C moaning like a bitch in heat as Phil kept

ramming her doggie style. The only one not moaning Mel

B but Philthy soon took care of that. Commanding Mel

to climb up on him he fucked her in the same postion

as Lemmy was fucking Emma with the exception of making

her sit straight so that he could maul her tits with

both hands. Three minutes later, various bandmembers

getting ready to cum Lemmy said "Hey. Take it easy you

fuckers. I´m not fucking sloppy pussy tonight." Mikkey

climbing off Victoria "Yeah you´re right. Let´s do

what we did in Paris last week." Lemmy tugging at

Emma´s hair telling he to climb of "Good idea. Phil.

Animal?" Phil pulling out of Mel C´s pussy "Yeah

let´s." Philthy not having taken part of the events in

Paris, when told of the "rules" was equally game.

Lemmy rising to his "Good. Ok sluts. I want you to

line up at that wall. Hands on the wall, ass sticking

out, like when you assume the position",  the girls

looking at each other then obeying he continued "Fuck.

Look at those asses. I´m having that first." Stepping

up to Mel B standing to the left he had to hunch down

when he tried to shove his cock up his pussy "Fuck

they´re as short as the bitches in Paris. Put on your

shoes and boots bitches. 30 seconds later the girls

had resumed their positions. Mel B in ancle high black

leather boots, Emma in black knee length platforms,

Victoria in high heels and Mel C in boots similar to

Mel B´s. Stepping up again, Mel B´s pussy at a better

height this time, Lemmy guided his cock to her pussy

and shoved it in. Next to him Philthy rammed all of

his cock up Emma´s pussy in one thrust. Beside him

Phil slammed his cock on Victoria´s asscheeks before

following his bandmates lead. Needless to say Mikkey

did the same. The next 15 minutes the four of them

took turns fucking the four Spice Girls. Moving to the

right they took three turns at each girl before

calling it quits. Then they placed one girl on the

floor at a time starting with Emma (followed by Mel B,

Mel C and Victoira last) and fucked her in the

missionary position one by one while the three idle

girls down on their knees in front of standing

Motorheads sucked on the three Motorheads not fucking.

Up next was placing a spice girl down on all fours on

the floor and then one Motorhead stepping up and

fucking her mouth and one stepping up and fucking her

pussy from behind. Having tried out every hole, 8

holes each, Lemmy decided he had had it. Down on his

knees, holding Mel B´s head, fucking her mouth he

looked at the other guys and said "This is getting

boring. Let´s finish." Not getting any arguments from

the other guys he one minute later had the girls lying

down on their backs, heads together in the middle.

Emma´s legs pointing south, Victoria´s pointing north,

Mel B´s east and Mel C´s west. This done they four

Motorheads took place at the center and cock in hand

began jerking. First one to cum was Mikkey. Pointing

his cock downward he shot 6 jets of cum down on the

sluts´ faces. Next to cum was Phil. Smiling he shouted

as his first jet of cum hit Victoria´s face "Take this

you fucking bitch." Then one spurt and jet after the

other hit the 4 sluts´ faces. 4 Motorheads dumping 5-6

jets each. Finally finished, the faces of the Spice

Girls a fucking mess Lemmy put his cock back in his

pants and said "I´m going down to the bar. Anyone

coming? Or are you staying for another round. Fuck.

Why bother. Let the roadies have some fun. Ok. Let´s



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