Raymond Gold Presents…Emma Watson & Bonnie Wright

Raymond Gold Presents…Emma Watson & Bonnie Wright
by RandyPan
Story Codes: ffM, pedo, cons, mas
Celebs: Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is basically a spin-off of my Porno Chic series, and related to my aborted Before They Were Old Enough series.

We fade in on Emma and Bonnie sitting on a couch in one of their dressing rooms backstage, in their Harry Potter outfits.

“So, this is the second one you’re filming?”

“Yeah,” Emma says, “Chamber of Secrets.”

“You have kind of a bigger role this time, don’t you, Bonnie?”

“Yeah,” Bonnie replies, “I’m a student this year, and Harry saves me at the end.” She giggles at this.  Emma and the interviewer then laugh.

“So, you two wanna get started?”

“Okay,” both say, smiling.

Emma and Bonnie stand up, and start taking off their uniforms, sweater first, then ties, then they start unbuttoning their shirts.

“Complicated outfits,” the guy says.  The two then take off their blouses, and the guy gasps, “Oh, wow.” They then take off their skirts, followed by their brassieres. “Oh, my God,” the guy groans, on seeing their pre-teen boobies, “I am so hard right now.” They then take off their panties, and, seeing their hairless pussies, he sighs, “Fffuck.”

Now naked, the two again sit on the couch, grinning.

“Oh, my God,” the guy says, “you two are so sexy.  You are making my cock so hard looking at you.” Emma and Bonnie both giggle at this. “Can you two lie back?”

“Like this?” Emma says, as her and Bonnie lean back on the couch.

“Yeah, now spread your legs.” Both do so, and the guy gasps, “Oh, God.” The camera then moves in close, switching between their pussies. “Wow.” He then starts fingering Emma’s pussy.  After a few finger-thrusts, we see and hear Emma’s twat is getting wet.  We also hear Emma moaning.  The view then switches to Bonnie’s little snatch, which the guy starts fingering.

“Oh…Oh…” Bonnie moans, then bites her lip, as the guy fingers her.

“God, you’re both so beautiful…I…I just gotta…”

The camera points downward, as the guy undoes his belt, then drops his pants.  He then reaches into his boxers, and pulls out his big, rock-hard cock.

“Okay, here it comes.” We see him shove his cock in Emma’s hole, eliciting a high-pitched whine from her.  The camera moves between his cock in her pussy, only able to go in a little bit at first, but then getting it a little further in as she loosens up, and her face, screwed up like she’s going to cry, as he fucks her little cunt.  He continues to fuck Emma’s twat, until she lets out a high-pitched whine, indicating she just came.

The guy then switches to Bonnie’s little slit, which is a little harder for him to get into, as she’s younger.  Bonnie’s face twists and contorts as the guy fucks her, once again getting in a little more as her pussy loosens up.  Finally, Bonnie cums, her whole body spazzing out, and her voice squeaking shrilly.

Emma and Bonnie now kneel in front of the guy, side by side, leaning back, as he jerks his cock, pointed at their little, just-pubescent boobies.  He then starts groaning, and shoots his load, covering both their chests.

“Oh, wow,” the guy wheezes, “You two enjoy that?” Both smile nod in response. “Wanna say bye to everyone?”

Both wave, and say, “Bye,” as the scene fades out.

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