Interviewing……… Emma and Bonnie

Interviewing……… Emma and Bonnie

Author: Bonercreator69

Story Codes: Fmast, Mmast, Oral,

Celebs: Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments on this or any of the other Interviewing stories or suggestions of new guests, please e-mail me at

I was a mad Harry Potter fan and so the next show of Female Film Star’s Secrets was almost like a dream come true for me as Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) were coming on the show. They were both real examples of how to do puberty right, as they had just got more and more beautiful with age. I couldn’t wait to meet the girls and if the show was anything like my others, I knew the sex would be amazing.

When Emma and Bonnie came onto the stage, following the usual procedure, I had to do a double take, astounded by the beauty of the two girls. They were both wearing similar white dresses, although Emma’s was shorter and Bonnie’s more low-cut, but both dresses helped portray the superb figures the two girls had.

“Welcome to the show, girls, I’m so excited about this one. You know the procedure by now, I can ask you anything about everything so let’s get on with the show. Harry Potter is one of the most successful film franchises of all time, so how does it feel to have been a part of it?”

“Obviously, it’s a great honour to have been a part of,” Emma answered. “The books were brilliant and we hope we did justice with the films, and the success they had suggests that we did.”

“Is it hard to move on from the movies now?”

“In some ways, yes it is,” Bonnie responded. “Because we were doing them for almost ten years, and nothing else, it really means that other movies feel weird because all the other Harry Potter cast aren’t there. But that’s in the past, and we’ve got to move on.”

“How weird was it when you filmed the kiss scenes with Daniel (Radcliffe) and Rupert (Grint), Emma?”

“Oh my god, it was so weird,” she exclaimed. “Not because they’re bad kissers, just because they’re like my brothers but that’s part of being an actress, I guess.”

“I guess the filming of the last movie was emotional, any interesting stories you can share?”

“Erm, yeah it was very emotional, as it’d been a part of our lives for so long.” Bonnie answered. “As for interesting stories, I don’t really think anything happened. There was a lot of tears, pranks and the like, but no-one had any goodbye sex or anything, cause I know that’s what you were hoping for.”

“You know me too well, Bonnie. As we’re on the topic of sex, how are the sex lives girls?”

“Well, we’re both in relationships, but I’ve been doing quite a few movies at the minute so currently it’s not very active.” Emma answered. “However, usually when I date a guy, I like to make them wait almost six months before we have sex. That means I’ve only had sex with like four guys, and most of them only about once or twice.”

“Yeah, I like to make the guy wait, but I’ve only ever been with two guys,” Bonnie agreed. “In some ways I like that, but in others it just makes me cringe. Currently, my boyfriend and I are spending quite a lot of time apart due to work, so it’s a dry spell.”

“During these dry spells, many of the actresses I’ve interviewed masturbate. Do you two?”

“There’s actually a story you’ll like there, Tom” Bonnie answered, getting excited to give the answer. “When we were on the set of the sixth film, I caught Emma in her dressing room playing with herself, and being the naïve 17-year-old I was, I didn’t know what she was doing. So Emma basically taught me how to masturbate and pleasure myself.”

“You’re right, I did like that story,” I said grinning, as my cock began to grow in my pants. “So you’ve masturbated together then? Do you do it a lot?”

“Once or twice, we got off together,” Emma answered. “But that’s been about it. As for do I do it a lot, well, about four times a week if I’m not having sex.”

“And what is it you masturbate to?”

“For me, the Harry Potter fan fictions are quite fun to get off to. I’ve pleasured myself to Hermione lesbian scenes so many times.”

“Yeah, I’ve read a couple of those,” Bonnie agreed. “But, I like proper porn, stuff I can watch so that mainly.”

“Well, I’m so sad to say we’re nearly out of time but I’ve got two last questions. If there were more Harry Potter books, would you make the films?”

“Yeah, of course we would, but I don’t think there will be,” Bonnie answered.

“And finally, if there was a sex version and you were approached for the parts, would you play them?”

“I’m not sure, you know, it depends who else was doing it,” Emma responded. “But never say never.”

“What a fantastic way to end. Thanks very much to the Harry Potter girls, it’s been a pleasure. Join me next time on Female Film Star’s Secrets when my guests will be Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, hope to see you then.”

The show had gone just as I’d wanted it to and Emma and Bonnie’s answers had given me a boner, especially the bit about masturbation. I made my way back to my dressing room, anticipating on having an excellent wank over the two girls, but as I passed the Bonnie’s dressing room, I heard a strange noise. Listening closer, I could hear faint moans coming from within, and creaking the door open a crack, it was clear as to why.

The sight before me was one of true beauty, as Emma Watson was lying naked on the bed and Bonnie Wright was sitting beneath her, working her fingers in and out of the actress’ pussy. I crept into the room, making sure to stay hidden, carefully shut the door and positioned myself so I had a good view. Then, I pulled my cock out my pants and began stroking it up and down, watching as the girls played. Bonnie had built up a reasonably quick pace now, and Emma’s moans were beginning to get a bit louder, the ginger-haired actress was clearly doing a good job. Faster and faster Bonnie rubbed and inserted, and louder and louder were Emma’s moans. Soon, I watched as Emma’s back arched, her moans stopped as she tried to catch her breath, and juices began to flow out of the shaven pussy all over Bonnie’s hands.

“Get a little excited, did we?” I said, emerging from my hiding place, still stroking my cock. “I thought you two only ever masturbated together, not experimented.”

“God, you made us jump,” Bonnie answered, as Emma struggled to get her breath back. “It just brought it all back, and we were horny so it sort of happened. I see you enjoyed it though.”

“Well, what’s not to enjoy? Two beautiful girls having some fun together, especially when they’re Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright, complete with a fantastic orgasm. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.”

“Well, don’t just stand there,” Emma said, having finally caught her breath back. “Come over here and let Bonnie suck your cock while I return the favour. Oh, and call us Hermione and Ginny, it kind of helps.”

Needing no second invitation, I approached the girls and watched as Bonnie grabbed hold of my hard cock and began to stroke it up and down, carefully building up speed with each stroke. As she did this, Emma positioned herself in front of Bonnie’s pussy, and began to rub her clitoris with her thumb, inserting a couple of fingers into a pussy that was already soaking wet. As I lay there, watching Bonnie suck my cock and Emma finger Bonnie’s pussy, I realised how successful my show had really been. Making female celebrities talk about sex, got them horny and made most of them want to fuck. These two girls were exceptionally special, and the night got even better, when Emma brought her tongue out and began licking Bonnie’s pussy. Thinking that this needed some congratulations, and remembering the girls’ request, I had a little fun.

“Oh yeah, Hermione, that’s it, lick Ginny’s pussy. What would Ron say if he saw you two now? His little sister and his girlfriend having some lesbian loving, while his sister sucks a stranger’s cock. Ooh yeah, that’s right, keep going girls.”

My words seemed to have done their business as, in hardly any time at all, there were suddenly two orgasms occurring. My cock exploded in Bonnie’s mouth, sending cum all down her throat and so much of it that it escaped and dribbled down her front, while simultaneously, Bonnie’s juices began to flow where they were lapped up by Emma’s tongue.

“God, that was fun,” Emma said, once she had lapped up all the cum from Bonnie’s pussy. “Same thing next time?”

“You bet,” Bonnie and I answered, exchanging a three-way kiss. “We’re ready for it.”

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