Oil Overload, Part 11

Oil Overload, Part 11
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFF, oral, anal, mas, fist, con
Celebs: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on the three Emmas kneeling in a circle, trading tongue kisses, and groping each other’s bodies.  As they do so, someone holds a pitcher over them, and starts pouring olive oil all on them, on their bodies and in their hair, even in their mouths, as they hold their tongues out.

We next see Stone on her back with her legs spread, as Roberts pours more of the oil over her, particularly on her twat.  In a close-up, Watson licks and sucks some of the oil out of her ginger pubes, then proceeds to rub more of it into Stone’s cunt, before sticking her tongue in to lick it up. “Oh!  Oh, fuck!” Stone feels up her oily tits, her pink nipples erect like pencil erasers.  We then see another close-up, as Roberts licks, sucks, and bites them, causing Stone to moan even more.

“Mmm,” Watson says, “this cunt is delicious!”

Cutting back to Stone’s twat, Watson oils up her fingers on Stone’s body, then sticks them into her asshole.  Stone closes her eyes, throws her head back, and her mouth gapes wide. “Oh, my God!” Stone then starts jerking her hips, making her titties bounce. “Oh, my God, I’m gonna cum!” Finally, the orgasm hits her, and Stone lets out a loud, throaty groan. “Fuck!”

Next, we see a close-up of Roberts’ asshole, as she’s on her hands and knees.  More oil is poured on her butt-hole, then we see Stone’s tongue, licking it up.  Roberts bites her lip, then moans, “Yeah, how’s that taste, bitch?”

“How you think it tastes, whore?” Stone says, smirking.  Stone pokes and prods Roberts’ asshole, then slides in her middle finger.  Watson, meanwhile, standing up, pours more oil over herself.  We see another close-up, as the oil runs through Watson’s hairy bush, and onto her pussy.  Watson then stands in front of Roberts, who sticks her tongue out, and starts licking her snatch.

“Huh!” Watson’s forehead creases, and she lets out a series of high-pitched gasps, as Roberts’ tongue probes her cunt. “Huh!  Huh!” Back to Stone, she starts fingering Roberts’ pussy, while continuing to eat out her asshole, causing her to moan into Watson’s gash.  We then see a shot of Watson’s ass, as she slides her oiled-up middle finger between her cheeks, and starts to finger her butt-hole.  Roberts and Watson both cum almost simultaneously, Watson falling on her ass, then writhing around on the floor.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Roberts growls.

We now see Watson on her hands and knees, as Stone kneels behind her wearing a big, like nine inches, strap-on dildo, pouring oil onto it.  Roberts, meanwhile, aggressively licks and fingers Watson’s oiled ass.  Stone then moves in with the dildo. “Yeah, shove that cock all the way in her ass, bitch!” In another close-up, Stone pushes the dildo deep inside Watson’s asshole.

“Huh!” Watson again starts gasping, this time more shrill and raspy, as Stone sodomizes her with the dildo.  Watson clenches her teeth and whines as Stone goes faster.

“Yeah, how’s that feel, Hermione?” Stone asks, holding on to Watson’s hips.

“Don’t call me Hermione!  And, if you must know, it fucking hurts!”

“Tough, I ain’t stopping!”

“I don’t think she wants you to stop,” Roberts says, smirking.

“Oh, God,” Watson cries out, “I can feel that in my cunt!” Finally, her whole body shaking, Watson screams at the top of her lungs, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!!!” Once she stops shaking, Stone pulls the dildo out, making a wet-popping sound, and Roberts immediately puts it in her mouth, and deep-throats it.

“You know you’re next, right, whore?” Stone says, again smirking.

“We got one more?”

We now get an underside shot of Roberts lowering herself onto another big dildo. “Yeah,” Watson sighs, lying underneath wearing the dildo, “put your arse on that.” We see another close-up, as the dildo goes into Roberts’ ass.

“Ooohhh…” Roberts groans, brow furrowing, “Fuck, that’s heaven…” Now Stone, kneeling in front of her, inserts the first dildo in Roberts’ pussy. “Yesss…” Roberts hisses, then bites her lip, as both Stone and Watson start thrusting into her.  We see another close-up, as both dildos move in and out of Roberts’ ass and pussy. “Oh, fuck, I wish these cocks were real, so I could feel them cum inside me!” After a few minutes, Roberts starts spazzing out, grunting, “FUCK!  FU-UCK!” as she cums hard. “Oh, fuck, pull that thing out of my pussy!” Stone does so, and Roberts’ pussy sprays all over her.

“Wow!” Stone laughs, “Should’ve gone before we started, missy!”

Next, we see Stone on her knees, ass in the air.  We then see Roberts, kneeling behind her, holding her hand out, as Watson pours oil all over it. “Yeah,” Roberts smirks evilly, “ready for your cavity search?” In one more close-up, Roberts slowly pushes her hand into Stone’s asshole.

“Owowowow…” Stone chants.  Roberts pushes her hand in deeper. “FUCK!  Ugh!” Stone groans throatily, “How deep are you planning to go?”

Watson starts laughing, “Oh, my God, you look like a ventriloquist dummy!”

“Shut the fuck up, Hermione!  Fuck, whore, I’m about to pull my everything!”

“So, far enough is what you’re telling me?” Roberts chuckles, then starts fucking Stone’s ass with her fist.

“AH!” Stone screams, her whole body rocking.  After only about a minute, Stone shrieks, “OH, FUCK, I’M CUMMING!”

Stone groans painfully, as Roberts slowly pulls her fist out, leaving Stone’s asshole stretched out and swollen, and Stone crumpled on the floor wheezing.

“Hmm, wanna taste that bitch’s asshole?” Roberts says, smiling.

“Oh, you know I do.” Roberts and Watson start licking and sucking on Roberts’ fingers, as the scene fades out.

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