The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part One

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part One

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Rose McGowan, Elizabeth Gillies, Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Kelly Clarkson, Elisha Cuthbert, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Jamie Chung, Miley Cyrus, Alyssa Milano

Codes: FF, FFF, oral, anal, toys

Summary: Preparations for the epic party are underway but will a slip up from Sarah take it in a direction no one was expecting? And Rose is on the hunt while Alyssa tries to ditch a persistent admirer.

Well, well, well…what do we have here? Could it be Christmas in Malibu? Have the Harem girls been naughty or nice?

We’re sure you already know the answer to that but let’s at least go through the motions of asking it because we are about ready to spread the magic of the holiday season as only the lovely and famous residents of the Malibu mansion possibly can. We started this story several years ago and now it is back to reach an extremely drawn out conclusion.

Yes it’s The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination and it’s going to be a hell of a Christmas at the mansion. If you’ve seen part one you know that the girls are planning a little party. Oh it’s just supposed to be a nice party with good food, good wine and better company. It’s only supposed to be a sweet and wholesome Christmas party. But things end up being so much more.

How do they get that way? What turns a small, intimate gathering into an epic orgy that no one can remember the next morning? Well you’re all about to find out. And it’s quite a journey. A journey into erotic madness with taboos not just broken but shattered and those who come into the mansion for the first time will never be the same when they leave.

It’s going to be the party of the year and maybe even the greatest party of all time. There has never been a gathering like this in Malibu and what was supposed to be something small and sweet will end up being anything but as the girls go wild in ways they never have before. So let’s get right to it, right?

Well forgive me for a couple of indulgences first. If you haven’t read the first part of The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination called And So The Conversation Turned… (no doubt delighting all you Human League fans out there) then you might be a little lost reading this one. So you should probably get in there and check out that part of the story first. But if you haven’t and you want to just plow into this chapter then it’s a free country and I won’t stop you. Sufficed to say you might not have all the backstory but you will be able to get the gist of it.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

And now Merry Christmas from the lovely ladies of the mansion. Won’t you join them for a very festive holiday celebration?

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part One


As the sun shone into her eyes through the door windows leading out to the back, Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t help but stir.

She didn’t want to, but the sun was insistent and as much as she tried to swat it away with her hands like it was an annoying insect, she couldn’t do it. The sun won and Sarah soon found herself waking up.

It was then that she noticed a few things were not right at all.

She was completely naked and while this in of itself was not particularly unusual, it was more than a little strange that she had been sleeping on the floor. She’d apparently passed out on the rug and the sunlight that had woken her up was streaming in not from her bedroom window but from the doors that led out to the pool.

She was nowhere near her own bed and she couldn’t remember why she was there. She never slept on the floor and even if she did she certainly wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the house.

“What the…” Sarah began to ask and before she could even get the words out of her mouth she had to stop. Her head was throbbing and she found herself rubbing her temples as she tried to shake off the grogginess.

When she stood up off the floor she was immediately hit by a wave of dizziness and she grabbed onto a nearby chair to steady herself. While that passed quickly, the sense of dread inside her did not.

She smacked her lips when she noticed they were dry and appeared to be coated with a residue of some kind. And when she did that she recognized a faint taste that made her eyes widen. That couldn’t be…not it couldn’t.  How?  What the hell had happened last night?

And even scarier than what she thought she tasted on her lips was the fact that she couldn’t remember anything about the night before. It was coming back in little snippets but there was no coherent picture in her mind. She’d never, ever blacked out before and she had no idea what could possibly have caused it. What had she done? What had she drank?

Sarah was still groggy as she tried to walk and the more she tried to remember what had happened the harder it was to picture things. She remembered that last night had been their Christmas party, but there was nothing she could remember that allowed her to figure out why what was supposed to have been a completely normal and festive party had resulted in her waking up naked on the floor with a throbbing head and no memories.

Her journey through the mansion provided no answers either, just more questions. She walked slowly given her headache and when she got further into the house she was shocked by what she saw.

People were passed out everywhere. She saw Stacy sleeping on top of the dining room table, naked to the world with her bare ass sticking up. Sarah nearly tripped on Jewel as she was knocked out cold on the floor just like she’d been with her arm draped around a very naked Alyssa Milano and a strap on still lodged in the brunette’s pussy from behind. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw Jessica Alba trapped between two people she didn’t even recognize. None of them appeared to have any clothing on and one of them was decidedly not female.

The more she looked the more disturbing it got. There were sleeping bodies everywhere. No one was stirring; not even a mouse but Sarah did not see any humor in that. Because it wasn’t just her housemates and friends she saw naked and out cold. There were people she considered more acquaintances than friends and flat out strangers. And it wasn’t just women. There were naked men too.

“Holy shit…” Sarah managed to mutter, her voice hoarse in a way she recognized as being from screaming too much.

She noticed now that her bare body, which she hadn’t even thought to cover up as she remained in a bit of a daze, was a mess. She was sticky and had grime from exertion all over her. She badly needed a shower but she needed to figure out first what had happened.

And it appeared she wasn’t the only one getting up. She heard a sound of someone moaning and she turned around to find someone hanging over the arms of a chair. The woman was totally naked and her feet were on the floor as the rest of her body was slung over the chair, her ass sticking out.

She couldn’t see her face but Sarah would have recognized that ass and those legs anywhere and she immediately went over to help up her friend.

“Sarah? What the hell’s going on?” Jennifer Aniston asked with the same confused look on her face that Sarah knew was on hers.

“I don’t know,” Sarah said in a whisper. “I can’t remember a thing.”

“I can’t either and…oh God, we’re naked,” Jennifer said as things started to dawn on her.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Sarah sighed while helping Jennifer up. “But I think we’ve got bigger problems.”

“Where is everyone?” Jennifer asked looking around for something to cover herself up but finding nothing but bare, passed out bodies everywhere, some of which she didn’t even recognize.

“Check out the pile of bodies in the other room,” Sarah said. “I think we’re the only ones up right now.”

The two began walking together, sharing the feeling that as weird as all of this was and as exposed as they literally were, at least they were in their home and nothing appeared to have been stolen.

“We should wake everyone up soon and see if they have any idea what…” Jennifer started to say before she stopped herself and gasped, her hands flying right to her mouth and covering it in shock.

“What?” Sarah asked before she saw it too. “Oh my God!”

All the work that had lovingly transformed the mansion into Christmas central had, in a word, been trashed. Tables were overturned. Food and drink was spilled. The place was a wreck. Naked bodies were strewn everywhere in positions that suggested nothing but lascivious activity had occurred and that people still had been in the middle of it when they had finally passed out.

Aside from the mansion’s Christmas tree, which still stood proudly strong and tall in the room, the place looked like a sex bomb had gone off and Jennifer and Sarah shared a sense of horror over it. And Jennifer started to feel something more. It was a nagging feeling…oh God…it was guilt. She couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow she was responsible for this.

“Sarah,” Jennifer declared in a whisper. “I think I ruined Christmas.”

And the same feeling struck Sarah as well. There was a nagging feeling of guilt in her that somehow she had played a hand in the chaos that was now their home. She couldn’t remember why but she felt like she had made some kind of mistake.

“I think WE ruined Christmas,” Sarah replied.

And then another thought struck them both and, as they turned and faced each other, it both jumped out of their mouths.

“Love’s going to kill us,” they said simultaneously.


When the ding of the microwave confirmed that the popcorn was done Sarah was a bit startled by it.

She’d been scanning over the simple and sweet invitation Love had put together for their party and she’d been making a few changes here and there. It was going out to a very select list of people Love had put together, letting them know that there was going to be a Christmas party the next night and it was a chance for them to all enjoy the holiday season with a nice, intimate affair.

What was left unsaid was what was supposed to happen after the party, when the girls all intended to do the kinds of things that got people put on the naughty list. That didn’t need to be advertised because the people who already knew what went on at the mansion could easily assume such activity was going to be part of the festivities and, since not everyone coming was aware of the truth, there was no reason to be obvious about it.

No, this party wasn’t going to be like the others. It was going to be a chance for them to share some wholesome Christmas cheer and to show off the decorated house and all the work Love had put into making it seem like a true winter wonderland.

And while Sarah and everyone else was eager to get very naughty, this was also a chance to do something out of the ordinary for them. It seemed like the only parties they did throw around there were just excuses for orgies and while that was fun, it wasn’t exactly the kind of entertaining Martha Stewart would advocate.

After all they lived in a beautiful home and they did have a lot of friends that they weren’t fucking. So why not enjoy the Christmas season with a festive party? Why not show off their home and how wonderfully it had been decorated? Why not be like everyone else in the world for once?

Sarah had taken over for Love in sending the email invitation out, letting her friend get out to enjoy movie night with the rest of the house. Love had made it a point to get her favorite Christmas movies out for everyone’s viewing pleasure and Sarah hadn’t wanted her to miss out on it, especially since she had already put so much work into decorating the mansion.

Sarah wanted Love to enjoy herself, so she had volunteered to send out the invitation. And, had the ding of the microwave not distracted her, Sarah might well have caught the mistake. The invitation wasn’t going out just to the select few Love had intended, but rather everyone on the entire email list.

But the distraction had startled her and, as she muttered at herself for allowing that to happen, Sarah missed that the fateful box had been clicked as she sent it out. She had no idea what had happened as she closed up Love’s iPad and went to get the popcorn out to bring out to everyone as they watched the movie.

“Popcorn ready?” Jessica Alba asked, striding in as she went to the refrigerator and emerged with a Diet Coke.

“All popped and ready to go,” Sarah declared, giving it just a little dusting of salt before holding the bowl out to Jessica for a sample.

“Mmmmm,” Jessica said, helping herself to a little taste.  “You sure that’s enough though?”

“How many are here?” Sarah inquired.

“Well Love got Ashley to come out of the guest room to join us so that means it’s you, me, Love, Jewel, Lyssa, Rose, Miley, Hayden and Stacy and Ashley,” Jessica said, doing the math. “That makes for eight of us.”

“You’re right. I should make more,” Sarah said heading over to the pantry. “Pick a flavor. Cheddar, ranch or kettle corn?”

“You gotta ask? Kettle corn!” Jessica declared.

“Yeah definitely,” Sarah agreed. “So, any sign of Jen?”

“Nahhh I think she’s down for the night,” Jessica said sadly. “Do you know what’s wrong with her?”

“No,” Sarah replied, lying because she didn’t think Jennifer would have wanted her telling everyone what was going on with her.

The truth was that Sarah knew everything. She had walked in on Jennifer kissing Brad Pitt, seeing with her own eyes the illicit hookup between exes that would have made paparazzi fight to the death for the chance to witness. And she didn’t dare share the truth, not even with her friends.

“I’m sure whatever’s going on, it’ll be fine,” Sarah said. “I mean sometimes people just get depressed during the holidays. We can snap her out of it.”

“It seems like it’s more than that,” Jessica said while Sarah busied herself making the popcorn, not tipping off how much she knew.

What she had seen had been one of the last things she had ever expected and it had been as dramatic as some soap opera to walk in on Jennifer kissing her ex-husband. But Sarah knew mistakes happened. She had assured Jennifer of that and made sure she knew that she wasn’t mad at her and that none of her friends would judge her for what had happened.

Sarah had actually been surprised Jennifer had taken it so hard. But she was sure that her friend just needed a good night’s sleep to let it start to slip into the past.

“So I heard you had an eventful shopping trip,” Sarah said, changing the subject to something much more fun as she smirked at Jessica.

“To say the least,” Jessica replied with a sexy smile of her own. “You have to come with us next time! I can’t believe you’ve never been there.”

“I know…I know…I know,” Sarah sighed, having been chided by Jessica and Reese many times before for not tagging along on their trips to see Maria and Alyssia at Carnal Knowledge. She had certainly enjoyed playing with the purchases from the store but she had never been there herself. “You’ve got to stop going when I can’t go.”

“Hey you had the perfect chance today,” Jessica noted with a playful tone to her voice as she rubbed it in. “But you wanted to go to the Grove instead. You chose the stupid mall instead of some place fun so don’t come whining to me about it.”

“Hey, excuse me if I actually have some holiday shopping to do that isn’t dildos and lube,” Sarah giggled as she put the popcorn bag in the microwave and set the timer. “So are you going to tell me what I missed or are you going to force me to imagine it?”

“I think I should force you to imagine it,” Jessica said back with a smile as she came up behind Sarah and softly rubbed into her body, wrapping her arms around her waist. “Mmmm imagine all of us naked together in that back room full of toys and getting all sweaty as our pussies got wetter and wetter while we played around in every position we could think of. Think about me tongue fucking Sasha’s wet pussy. Think of the pussy we saw get fucked in all of those dirty movies. Think about me shoving my tongue up into her as she rode my face and my legs were over Scarlett’s shoulders as she fucked me with a strap-on! Mmmm her getting my juices all over it before she even bought it!”

“Oooooooh fuck! Mmm tell me more! Lots more!” Sarah replied, eagerly imagining it.

She didn’t know if Jessica was exaggerating or not but she knew she loved hearing all about how Jessica, Reese and Scarlett had met up with porno queen Sasha Grey and had ended up in a mess of bodies with her, Emma Stone, Jordana Brewster and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

“Tell you what Sarah?” Jessica teased, knowing she had Sarah right in the palm of her hand. “Tell you how Scarlett fucked my pussy so good with that big, thick toy mmmm filling up my pink so nice and stretching me open as she fucked me deep and made my nice, round boobs bounce. I made that toy soooo wet when I came and Scarlett went and bought it next and even got a discount on it cause she let Maria lick my cum right off it! Mmmm I was still dripping after Scarlett fucked me and that was when Emma got her tongue in me and licked up those last drops of cum and got me all wet again for her to eat me out as we did a 69 and I let that naughty redhead get that tight body of hers on top of me. Mmmm Reese said it was so hot to see me with that girl’s red hair sticking out from between my legs as we tongue fucked each other, our naked bodies pressed together!”

“Ohhhh yeahhh tell me about Reese!” Sarah requested excitedly, this time ignoring the ding of the microwave completely as she forgot all about the popcorn and their friends in the other room watching wholesome Christmas movies. The XXX retelling of Jessica’s adventures at the sex shop was far more gripping.

“Perv!” Jessica laughed. “Wanna hear about your sexy preggers friend? Wanna hear how she’s about to burst and I got her naked anyway and let everyone see that big baby bump?”

“Me, a perv? Ohhhh look who’s talking,” Sarah teased back. “I don’t even know what you did but I know it was bad. Reese texted me and said she couldn’t believe what you got her to do. She didn’t give me details, but it sounds like you’re a bigger perv than I ever could be!”

“I never pretended I wasn’t,” Jessica smiled, knowing she had been busted but not minding a bit. She didn’t hide her desires from her friends, even when they were a little bit out of the mainstream.

The truth was she had been so into Reese lately, much more than she usually was, which was already a lot. She and Reese had been making these special trips together to Carnal Knowledge for years and it had bonded them as friends and not just lovers. But it had been harder than usual to get Reese to go this time because she was about due for her third child and it was impossible to hide it.

Jessica had persisted though, not just because she loved hanging out with Reese or because she had felt Reese could use a little walk on the wild side, but because she found the idea of a nine months pregnant Reese Witherspoon naked and horny to be uncontrollably sexy.

Reese hadn’t gotten as much into the fun as the rest of them had, begging off because of her “condition.” But Jessica had still gotten kinky with her. Her desire for her friend had been uncontrollable and seeing Reese naked with her gorgeous breasts swollen, her ass fuller than ever and that beautiful belly filled with life had made Jessica go wild.

Seeing Reese like that had made Jessica drool from both sets of lips. It was totally true about pregnant women. They glowed and she wanted Reese to glow for her. Jessica hadn’t been able to convince Reese to go as far as she’d wanted her to, but she had still made things naughty between them by sucking on Reese’s tender nipples and stimulating them until she had made her drip milk into her mouth.

It had been such a kinky thrill for Jessica to be able to do something so taboo and she felt, despite her embarrassment, that Reese had liked it too. Her pregnancy had forced her to curtail her illicit fun lately but Jessica had felt that Reese, instead of holding back, should use as a chance to be dirtier than ever and satisfy the cravings she knew her friend had to be feeling.

Sarah felt the same way too, constantly assuring her friend how beautiful and sexy she was. Sarah felt jealous that Jessica had been able to see what she wanted to see, Reese all naked and kinky. While it wasn’t quite the wicked obsession with her that it was with Jessica, Sarah still wanted to see it badly.

So Jessica made sure and told Sarah everything. She told her how she had sucked at Reese’s tits and what a wild thrill it had been to taste her milk. She told her every detail about how gorgeous Reese looked pregnant and naked. How she was glowing and full of life and pent up sexuality. And she could see just how it made Sarah’s eyes light up to hear about their friend like that.

But Jessica didn’t stop there, not when Reese was just one of the hot stories that had emerged from the store.

Jessica had noted happily how Emma hadn’t just left the store that day with some toys, she had left it with Scarlett for a night with her and Natalie Portman. That had left Jessica very hopeful that Emma didn’t want this to be a one-time thing and that soon enough she’d be heading to the mansion to play.

Jessica had told Sarah everything about how Sasha had dressed up as a teacher and had gotten Emmanuelle and Jordana in schoolgirl outfits that had left precious little to the imagination and how she had put them together in a way that Jordana could finally confess her lusts and fuck her friend. And Jessica had said how it had been clear that Emmanuelle wanted more than just to fuck Jordana and how hot it was to see them go wild on each other’s amazing bodies and bring each other pleasure as she and Reese had helped Sasha help them.

“Oooooh Emmanuelle is so fucking hot,” Sarah moaned, again wishing she’d been there. “I’ve wanted her for so long! Mmm she has amazing tits! Did they look good in person?’

“They looked unbelievable!” Jessica eagerly reported, remembering quite happily those large breasts and how good they looked and how much better they tasted. “Emmanuelle is hotter than you could even imagine! She and Jordana were so sexy together! We have to get them over here, like as soon as possible! Oh my God, Sarah, we could have so much fun with those two! You could tell how into each other they were but they also had fun with us!”

“I had no idea Emmanuelle was gay,” Sarah said, thrilled by Jessica’s revelation that the exotic girl wasn’t into guys at all. “That’s so hot!”

“Oh yeahhhhh she’s definitely a lesbian! Mmmm believe me she showed me just how much!” Jessica laughed, tingling at the memory of how Emmanuelle had licked her and shown her just how good she was at it. “And Jordana seemed very eager to learn too! It was so hot!”

“Well we definitely need to get them here,” Sarah agreed with her housemate. “I’d invite them to the party tomorrow but Love wants to keep the guest list kind of small. Not like our usual get-togethers here.”

“So we’re actually doing that?” Jessica asked. She had been a little bit out of the loop yesterday from all the planning and she was surprised they were going forward with this plan to entertain people at the mansion, especially since it wasn’t just an excuse to get a bunch of hot girls together and get them naked.

“The invitations have been sent,” Sarah said. “Love really wants to do it. She wants to show the mansion off a little. Of course that’s just for the main party. The after party will be even more fun and it sounds like Emmanuelle and Jordana would fit in very nicely there. We should invite Emma too! Ooooh she has the sexiest body! I’d love to see her naked!”

“Oh yes! She is definitely worth seeing naked!” Jessica laughed, savoring the gorgeous memory of Emma Stone naked with her firm breasts and tasty pussy to go along with that tight little booty of hers. “Now we’re really talking about a party we can all have fun with!”

“I should add her to the invite list,” Sarah said, walking back to Love’s iPad on the table. “After all, I have access to the little black book, why not take advantage of it?”

“Whoa…you serious?” Jessica marveled. “You really do? Damon’s little black book? Shit, I can’t believe he gave that up to you even for a night!”

“Wellllll Love had to tempt him with an invitation to the party first,” Sarah admitted. “But only the first part! I do not want him seeing what goes on here during the after party. There are some things an agent shouldn’t know and that’s right at the top of the list! But he was happy to give us the list as long as he got the invitation. He’ll probably be here looking for new clients and a few more notches for the bedpost.”

“Ughh I’m surprised he hasn’t fucked his way through all of Hollywood yet,” Jessica laughed. “Of course he’s only following up Dean’s legacy. Like mentor, like protégé I guess.”

Jessica and Sarah shared a knowing laugh and a blush too over their shared experiences. They hadn’t become notches on Damon’s bedpost yet, but neither of them could say the same about Dean.

The infamous Dean Simonds had once been Hollywood’s hottest agent and Jessica and Sarah had both been his clients. Then, one night each, they had both been something more. The list of one-night stands and hot hook ups Dean had engaged in could have filled the mansion. Jessica, Sarah, Alyssa and Love were on that list and they all had a sneaking suspicion Rose was too even though she would never admit it.

But Dean was gone and Damon Brill, his gifted protégé had taken over the agency. A lot of the girls at the mansion were clients and they loved Damon as an agent even if his reputation as a lothario was threatening to eclipse even Dean’s.

They had all kept things totally professional with their agent this time around and bringing him to the party was only meant to a friendly courtesy and not any attempt to turn their working relationship into something more. They had used his very personal rolodex only to make sure the people Love wanted at the party got an invitation.

“God, can you imagine if Damon ever found out what went on here?” Sarah asked with a smile and shake of her head. “I don’t know whether he’d die of shock or explode in instant orgasm. Actually, he’d probably do both.”

“He’d definitely do both,” Jessica assured Sarah. “So I guess we’re going to be keeping things on the down low until he leaves.”

“To say the least,” Sarah said. “And he won’t be the only one either. This party is totally above board. We’ll all have to be good girls until they leave.”

“So it’s not all-girl affair for once,” Jessica replied. “Hmmmm intriguing. Who else is on the guest list for our Christmas soiree?”

“Well Love is the mastermind, but I think she’s keeping a nice, tidy guest list,” Sarah said. “Something intimate and fun and easy to shoo everyone out of here when it’s time for the real fun to start.”

“I like the sound of that,” Jessica smiled. “I’ll definitely have to see if Emma, Jordana and Emmanuelle want to join us. Mmmm and Sasha too!”

“Oooooh Love would flip if you did that,” Sarah replied, knowing her porn-loving housemate all too well. “Was she as hot as she was in her movies?”

“Oh you have no idea, Sarah,” Jessica said, feeling a sexy chill pass through her as she remembered how expertly the porn icon had tongued her. “She definitely wasn’t faking it in those movies Love has. She was amazing!”

“Ughhh so jealous,” Sarah groaned. “But yes please, definitely invite her to the after party. I don’t know who else is coming to the normal party but I think Love invited Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. I mean we kind of have to. Plus they’ve always been there when we needed them.”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be very Christmas-y if we didn’t invite the neighbors,” Jessica said. “Oh, you know who we should invite? Fluffy!”

“Christina’s bodyguard?” Sarah asked, as if there was another guy chiseled out of pure muscle named Fluffy that she knew.

“Yeah, I mean that dude looks like he could use a party,” Jessica said. “Christina is always got him doing all this shit for her and the guy needs a break. He should get a night off, especially with Chrissy out of town.”

“Oh yeah, she’s in New York City isn’t she? Poor Britney,” Sarah said, sure that their friend was missing her girlfriend like crazy.

“You’re inviting Britney, right?” Jessica asked. She always liked the chance to see the beautiful blonde because it always gave her the chance to remember that Britney had been one of the first girls she has seduced. Remembering the taste of that girl’s sweet pussy in the dressing room always provided Jessica a thrill.

“Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without her,” Sarah assured Jessica. “I know Love was also inviting Gwen and Kirsten and Eliza are givens.”

“And you’re inviting Alyson of course,” Jessica teased. “Can’t have one without the other.”

“I don’t hear you complaining when you have Aly’s tongue licking those naughty holes of yours,” Sarah teased back, making Jessica blush and smile since she knew she had her. Sarah knew everyone there thought and Alyson Hannigan were inseparable and they were right. Aly was her best friend and was always welcome at the mansion. “I don’t know if she’ll be able to make it though. She said she was going to be out of town for most of tomorrow.”

“Well hopefully she’ll make it. Oh, we have to invite Scarlett and Natalie too!” Jessica said, already wondering just what else Scarlett was doing to give Natalie eight crazy nights of wild, sexy Chanukah gifts and eager to have a chance to see it for herself.

“Oh definitely, I’m sure Love invited them,” Sarah said as she thought about how a supposed small, intimate party could very quickly spiral into something much bigger. “Wow! We have a lot of friends, you know that?”

“It’s occurred to me now and then,” Jessica replied. “No wonder our parties get out of control so quickly.”

“Well this one won’t,” Sarah said. “At least not during the party party, afterwards…mmmmm well who knows what might happen?”

“Ohhh yes now that’s definitely what I want to hear,” Jessica replied before she and Sarah heard an insistent voice calling out to them.

“C’mon guys…you’re missing the movie!” Love urged. “We’re watching Elf!”

That was a favorite of both of them so Jessica and Sarah didn’t waste any more time.

Jessica finally retrieved the freshly popped bag of kettle corn from the microwave and poured it out into a bowl before they both headed out of the kitchen and toward the television room where everyone was lounging there. Sarah was glad to see Ashley Tisdale had come out of hiding to join them but was disappointed, though not surprised, that Jennifer hadn’t.

The movie was already underway and Jessica and Sarah passed the popcorn around and settled onto the floor just as Buddy the Elf was being assured he wasn’t, in fact, a cotton headed ninnymuggins. But just as they sat down, everyone was distracted by a phone going off with a text message.

“Ughhh not again,” Alyssa Milano as she got another text.  She didn’t even have to look to see who it was.

“Just shut it off already,” Rose groaned. “Or at least put it to vibrate and get a thrill off that goddamn thing going off every two seconds.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I’m gonna switch you to vibrate,” Alyssa muttered, earning herself a playful tongue razz from her housemate.

“Who keeps texting you?” Hayden asked. “Your phone’s been going crazy all night.”

“It’s…it’s…you know, never mind,” Alyssa sighed. “It’s nothing. I’ll deal with it.”

She didn’t know why she was reluctant to tell her friends that she had suddenly and surprisingly found herself on the other end of some serious affection from Chloe Moretz. The gifted young actress had shocked the hell out of Alyssa earlier that day at the gym when she had come up to her in the shower and confessed her feelings right out of the blue.

Apparently Chloe had gotten more than a peek at some naughtiness she’d engaged in the locker room with Rose and Miley Cyrus and had not only loved what she had seen, but had been inspired to reveal her own lesbian longings in a way that had completely floored Alyssa.

Alyssa never could have dreamed that someone like Chloe had a crush on her. Of course it was flattering. Chloe was not only an amazing actress but she was a beautiful young woman. Alyssa had certainly gotten an eyeful of that in the shower when Chloe’s feelings had been confessed while both of them had been completely naked. Alyssa had to admit that she got a thrill out of knowing she could still turn younger women on, especially someone as gorgeous as Chloe. But that was as far as she was prepared to let it go.

Chloe was a teenager and she was…decidedly not. As good as it made her feel to know she still had the kind of smoking hot body that could drive people wild, Alyssa wasn’t about to let Chloe’s crush become anything more.

Chloe was beautiful but far too young for her. It wasn’t an age difference that Alyssa was comfortable with and she had thought she had been crystal clear about that with Chloe. She had told her, in no uncertain terms, that nothing could ever happen between them. But that, it seemed, had only made Chloe want it more.

Ever since that encounter in the shower, Chloe had been texting Alyssa. Some of the texts had been sweet, furthering the confession of desire she had expressed before by saying how beautiful she thought Alyssa was and how much she wanted to kiss her. But some had been more than words.

Alyssa had received intimate shots of Chloe’s body that could have gotten her in some serious trouble if anyone had seen it. She didn’t know what had possessed the teenager to send her pictures of her pussy, but she had and it had been visibly wet too. Alyssa had delete that text as quickly as she could and she hadn’t replied to them, not wanting to give Chloe any reason to keep texting her.

But that strategy had backfired and ignoring her had only made Chloe more persistent. She’d been texting Alyssa through the night, making it impossible for her to keep quiet about it any longer. Now she had to say something so Alyssa shot off a text to the girl, insisting to Chloe that nothing could ever happen between them.

She tried to be firm and clear without being mean. After all she knew what it was like to have an unrequited crush on someone she couldn’t have and Alyssa didn’t want to smash Chloe’s heart or do anything to hurt her. But she also wanted to make sure the girl knew that this wasn’t acceptable and that they could never be together.

The last time she had seen a girl that had been this insistent it had been Emma Watson and she had gone after Jennifer Aniston with no desire to ever take “no” for answer. Of course that had ended with Emma being gangfucked by all of them and since then Emma had been a regular at the mansion, eager to show off what a good little submissive fuck pet she could be and that the lessons of her first time with them had certainly had an impact.

Alyssa was sure that was exactly what Chloe wanted as well, but there was no chance of a repeat. Emma had not only been more than above age when that had happened, she had also been far more mature. They had known she could handle it.

Alyssa wasn’t sure about that with Chloe. She seemed mature for her age, but Alyssa was not about to let anything happen with a girl she was old enough to be the mother of. So Alyssa kept it quiet, thinking to herself that the reason she didn’t tell her housemates about this unwanted attention was that they might urge her to do something about it besides tell Chloe no and she couldn’t let that happen.

She didn’t want to deal with any kind of temptation on this at all. So Alyssa sent her polite, but firm message to Chloe and shut off her phone to enjoy the movie with her friends, determined that that was going to be that when it came to Chloe Moretz’s attentions.

“You sure everything’s okay?” Stacy asked, noting her friend’s obvious aggravation but also not wanting to probe too far if it was unwelcome.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything’s fine,” Alyssa insisted. “Someone’s just having a little trouble getting the message. It’s nothing. Let’s watch the movie.”

Taking Alyssa’s advice, everyone settled in and turned their attention totally to the movie as they watched Elf and tried to forget about everything else.


But they weren’t the only ones watching the same exact movie that night. Another group of girls had it on, but only one of them was really paying attention to it.

“This is my favorite part,” Ariel Winter smiled as Buddy got on the little patch of ice and started floating away and a large creature emerged from the water.

“Bye Buddy! Hope you find your dad!” Mr. Narwhal said as Ariel laughed at it in delight just like she did every time she watched the movie.

But a look around the bedroom showed that her friends were occupied with other matters and Ariel just sighed and rolled her eyes, wondering if maybe she should just be alone that night and let her love-struck friends do their own stupid thing. Both of them had been talking nonstop about their crushes and Ariel was quickly getting sick of it.

“Ughhhh Declan won’t answer any of my texts! He’s totally ignoring me!” Ava Sambora groaned in frustration. “He won’t even act like I exist anymore!”

“The way your mom tore into him at the gym today, I’m surprised he didn’t pack up and move back to Ireland,” Ariel remarked, which only annoyed Ava more.

“My mom sucks!” Ava muttered. “She’s such a bitch! She won’t let me have any fun and she totally embarrassed me in front of Declan! He’s soooooo cute and now he thinks I’m just some little kid whose mommy has her by a leash. I have the worst fucking mom in the world!”

When she said that, Ava looked over and saw that Ariel was staring back at her with a “seriously?” look on her face and she blushed, not realizing what she had said.

“Sorry Ariel,” Ava said, regretting her comment considering that Ariel had gone through a lot worse than having a nosy mom. “I just meant that…”

“I get what you meant,” Ariel replied. She wasn’t really mad. She just wanted her drama queen friend to keep things in perspective. Ariel might have been the youngest of all of them, but she was pretty secure in her feeling that she was the most mature. “But you should be happy you mom actually gives a damn about you. Declan is way too old for you! He’s in his 20’s! He could end up in jail if he even looked at you funny!”

“Ughhh I don’t just want him to look at me!” Ava groaned in frustration, completely missing the point of what Ariel was trying to tell her. “He’s so fucking hot and I just want him so bad! How could my mom embarrass me like that? I just want to find a cute guy and he’s the cutest guy there! Mmmm gawwwd have you seen his muscles?”

“Yeah, I’m sure there’s one muscle in particular you’re obsessed with,” Ariel sighed, very tired of hearing Ava mooning over the notorious trainer at the gym. Ariel had heard there wasn’t a hot girl there that Declan hadn’t turned his roguish eyes and attentions toward and she didn’t want her friend to have her heart broken by him.

Ariel looked over her shoulder to see if her other friend would be any help at all with this and she wasn’t surprised at all to see that she wouldn’t be. Because if Ava was seriously love-struck, then Chloe was about a million times worse.

“Why won’t she text me back?” Chloe Moretz sighed, staring at her phone as if she could will a reply back. “I’ve been texting her all day and she won’t send me anything. Do you think I freaked her out?”

“Ummm you really want me to answer that?” Ariel asked. “Cause you’re kind of coming off like a stalker Chloe. I love you, but you’re pretty much freaking me out. I can only imagine what you’re doing to Alyssa.”

“I know…I know…I know!” Chloe groaned, wishing she had been able to do this in a much smoother and cooler way. “I just couldn’t help myself! I want her to know how much I like her!”

“By getting in the shower with her?” Ariel replied. “Alyssa isn’t Declan, Chloe! You can’t just flash your goodies and expect it to work!”

“You think I should send Declan a picture of my boobs?” Ava asked, sort of half listening to what Ariel and Chloe were talking about and perking up when she heard his name. “Ooooh I bet he’d like that!”

“NO!” Ariel said, lunging over and yanking Ava’s phone away from her before she did anything stupid. “Oh my God Ava! Don’t even think about that! You two are driving me crazy tonight!”

All three of them were in Chloe’s bedroom at her house. They’d gotten together that night, as they did most nights, to hang out. There’d been some talk about going out but nothing had come of it and certainly there was no plan to do anything other than just sit around that night.

Ariel was actually relieved about that. She figured that was a way to keep her friends best out of trouble. If they went out, who knew what might happen?

“I don’t get it! I saw her totally getting into it with Miley Cyrus! Why won’t she do it with me?” Chloe asked. “Miley’s only like five years older than me! That’s like nothing! She’s so worked up about that age thing but she’ll do it with Miley? It doesn’t make any sense! I mean, I’m totally hotter, right?”

“Oh totally,” Ava agreed. “You’re way hotter than Miley. If I was her and you’d gotten naked with me I totally would have done it with you right in the shower!”

“Thanks!” Chloe smiled, seeing Ava’s words as the compliment they were before she was interrupted by her phone. “Oh my God! Ohmygod! OHMYGOD! She texted me! She totally texted me back! Alyssa texted me!”

“It’s probably a restraining order,” Ariel sighed.

“Shut up! She wouldn’t do that!” Chloe said, her stomach filling with butterflies again as she wondered what it could be. She wasn’t surprised by how Alyssa had reacted to what she had told her at the gym. She wasn’t fooling herself. She knew Alyssa was so much older, but Chloe just wanted Alyssa to see that age didn’t matter to her.

“Well, what’d she say?” Ava asked, deprived of her own phone and now totally into seeing what twists Chloe’s love life was taking.

Chloe had never really hidden from them that she liked girls and that had never been a problem for Ava or Ariel. They both wanted Chloe to be happy and Ava was a lot less reluctant about encouraging Chloe to go after Alyssa than Ariel was.

“I’m too nervous to look,” Chloe admitted, hoping beyond hope that maybe her persistence had paid off and that Alyssa wanted to talk to her more and bring her to her mansion and let her show off that she could be as hot for her as any of her other sexy friends. “Here Ariel, read it to me!”

Not wanting to be mean, as it was easy to see that this had worked Chloe up into a real state, Ariel did as she was told. She’d been sitting on the floor leaning up against the bed watching the movie, but now she got up into the bed with Chloe and took her phone from her. Ariel now had both of her friends’ phones in her possession and she opened the text message and read it, first to herself.

“You sure you want me to read this to you?” Ariel asked, not wanting to see her friend hurt.

“No…I mean yes…I mean, only if it’s a nice message with good news…no, I mean, tell it to me no matter what it is, I can take it…but really, only if she says she wants to be with me…no, okay, just tell me what it says,” Chloe nervously replied, unsure what she wanted to hear as she hoped for good news and saw the look on her friend’s face telling her that it wasn’t.

“I totally don’t understand what you want me to do, but I’m going to read it to you anyway, okay?” Ariel said, waiting for Chloe to tell her not to or give her some kind of direction. And when that didn’t happen, Ariel went into it, reading aloud the text Alyssa had sent her.

“Chloe, please understand that nothing can ever, EVER happen between us,” Alyssa’s text read as Ariel said it in as gentle a voice as she could. “You’re a beautiful young woman and you’re going to make someone very happy someday, but it’s completely inappropriate for you to be talking to me like this. We can’t ever be together the way you want us to be. Please respect how I feel about this.”

Ariel looked up from the phone sure that she was going to see a heartbroken blonde on the bed with her, but instead she saw that Chloe was smiling. That surprised Ariel a lot and she wondered if her friend had heard her clearly when she’d read the text.

“You okay, Chloe?” Ariel asked.

“I’m so totally okay! She wants me!” Chloe declared, her smile growing bigger.

“Ummm I kind of don’t think that’s what she said,” Ariel said, trying to break this to her friend gently. “Ava, back me up here.”

“Yeah, she said you were too young,” Ava said, reading between the lines. “I mean I don’t get why she feels that way. She should be totally flattered someone like you would even look at her that way. But it sounds like she’s being a total prude about it.”

“No, no that’s not what she’s saying at all,” Chloe insisted, doing some serious reading between the lines of her own and coming away with a far different interpretation than her friends had. “She just thinks that I’m too young for her. If she would just see me and see how grown up I am she’d totally see things differently. She wants me to show it to her. She wants me to prove that I can handle her!”

“Oh Chloe, that’s not what she’s…” Ariel began to say before she was interrupted by Chloe sitting up in the bed and pulling her t-shirt over her head. “Ummmm what are you doing?”

“Take a pic of me with my phone,” Chloe demanded, tossing her shirt away and then reaching for the clasp of her bra to unhook it. “I want to send this to Alyssa! I sent her a pic of my kitty yesterday but she might not have known it was really me! If I send her a picture of my boobs and my face she’ll know it’s me and she’ll know how serious I am!”

“Oh my God! Chloe, no!” Ariel insisted. “That’s an even worse idea than Ava doing it! I can’t believe you did that! You’re nuts! You sent a picture of your vagina to a total stranger? What if that leaks out?”

“Alyssa isn’t a stranger,” Chloe said, shucking off her bra and sitting topless in front of her friends, her perfectly perky breasts exposed. “And she would never spread it around!”

“I’m sure Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively all thought the same things,” Ariel said, trying to remember what other celebrities had been caught up in nude photo scandals because they were sure their private pictures would never be seen. “Put your clothes on Chloe! This is dumb! Sending her a pic of your tits isn’t going to change Alyssa’s mind!”

But as good as Ariel’s advice was, Chloe was in no mood to listen to it. It was way better to ignore Ariel and instead listen to far better advice from Ava, Chloe decided.

“No! Don’t listen to her! I think it totally will work!” Ava declared, admiring Chloe’s boldness and once again thinking about getting naked too and showing Declan a picture or three so he’d see that she didn’t care about what her mom thought about them. “Go for it girl! Show Alyssa what she’s missing out on! Once she sees the whole package she’ll see how hot you are and totally give in!”

“Ughhh this is such a bad idea,” Ariel groaned, worried that this could end up being a huge scandal for Chloe if those pictures ever got out. She believed Chloe when she said that Alyssa would never show them. Alyssa did seem like a really caring, nice woman. But that wasn’t going to stop hackers or the NSA or whoever else was watching.

“Gimmie that phone,” Ava said, grabbing both her own and Chloe’s back from Ariel. “Lie back Chloe. Gimmie a sexy smile. Let’s show Alyssa what she’s missing out on!”

“Wait…lemme do this first,” Chloe giggled as she licked her fingers and then brought them down to her breasts so she could play with her nipples and make them hard. She quickly brought her small pink nipples to an erect state and, thanks to her saliva, they even glistened for the camera. “She saw me in the shower but I could tell she was too shy to really look at me! Now she’ll really be able to see and know it’s me! Once she knows I’m not scared off by age or anything, she’ll see that I can totally make her feel good.”

“Whatever you big lez,” Ava laughed as Chloe played with her nipples and then pulled her hands away to make herself look horny and sexy for the camera phone. “Smile sexy! There you go. Ooooh you look really hot Chloe! Alyssa isn’t going to be able to control herself when she sees these!”

Knowing she had no chance of talking her friends out of this. Ariel gave up trying. She had to admit that Chloe was really sexy lying topless on the bed with her amazing boobs exposed like that. Ariel wished she had a nice, tight body like Chloe and Ava did.

She couldn’t help but be envious as she saw how sexy and confident Chloe looked as she giggled and posed like Ava was talking pictures of her for Playboy. Ariel knew that Alyssa was making a lot of sense about the age difference and all that, but if she really was a lesbian like Chloe insisted the older woman was, she had no idea how she could possibly resist the sexy teenager. Chloe looked amazing right then so Ariel didn’t try to stop them even though she was sure her friends were making a mistake.

Once she was satisfied that she had gotten the best shots of Chloe, Ava handed her back her phone and then focused on her own as she going through her contacts.

“Who are you texting now? It’s not Declan again, is it?” Ariel asked, unable to keep herself from butting into Ava’s life. It was hard enough to not interfere with Chloe’s.

“No,” Ava replied, her tone indicating she was ready to give up on him at least for now. “If he’s too scared of my mom to text me back I’ll bet he’s a loser anyway. I’m calling Bella. I wanna see if she wants to hang out. It’s so boring here, no offense guys. We gotta get out of here and do something! We’re young! We’re hot! We should be out doing things!”

Ariel could only shake her head that Ava could go from taking topless pictures of their friend to being bored in a matter of seconds, but this was nothing new for her. Ariel was sure that by the end of the night, Ava would have completely fallen out of love with Declan and gone into love with at least two new guys and Bella wasn’t going to be much help with that either.

“Hey Bell,” Ava said sweetly when the girl picked up. “What are you up to tonight?”

The girl Ava was talking to was Bella Thorne, singer, actress, dancer and, to the chagrin sometimes of her friends, aspiring fashion maven. They didn’t always hang out with her, but Ariel liked Bella. She was smart, savvy and had a good outlook on things. Still she tended to hang out with a slightly older crowd and Ariel and Chloe sometimes worried that could be a bad influence on Ava.

“Really? You are?” Ava said, disappointment evident in her voice. “Okay, I’ll try and catch up with you later.”

When the quick call ended, Ava tossed her phone onto the bed and groaned in disappointment.

“Ughhh she’s such a bitch!” Ava whined.

“Bella? Why?” Chloe asked, slipping her shirt back on but not her bra as she thought about what the sexiest message would be that she could send to Alyssa along with her pictures.

“She’s hanging out with AnnaSophia…again! Ughh Bella thinks she’s so fucking cool!” Ava grumbled, sitting down on the bed with a sulky look on her face and her arms crossed over her chest. “I’m so sick of her being all like AnnaSophia this and AnnaSophia that like she’s some fucking superstar. No one watches her stupid show anyway. It’s gonna get canceled like any second now.”

The girl who had raised Ava’s young ire was not Bella herself, but rather the girl she hung out with. Bella had been getting into serious BFF territory lately with AnnaSophia Robb and Ava hadn’t liked it.

Ariel and Chloe didn’t know AnnaSophia all that well, but they’d never really had the problem with her that Ava did and it was obvious there was more than a bit of jealousy going there. AnnaSophia was hardly a wallflower and she ran a bit faster than they did, but she was 19 and that was expected.

They’d all hung out a few times lately, but when that happened sometimes things got a little weird. Ava would see Bella start hanging on everything AnnaSophia said or did and then, to compensate, she’d start pushing herself and acting tougher and cooler than she actually was.

Just last time they had hung out the night had ended rather unfortunately with Chloe and Ariel holding Ava’s hair back as she ended up sick from too many tequila shots. Being around AnnaSophia Robb seemed to bring out the worst in Ava and that always made her friends a little nervous.

“Whatever, forget her,” Chloe offered. “We don’t need Bella or AnnaSophia to have fun.  There’s a whole big world out there and we can find something in it for us. It’s Christmas and we’re young and hot and people would kill for a chance to hang out with us!”

And, Chloe thought to herself, if what they found for themselves out there happened to lead to Malibu where Alyssa and her friends lived, then so much the better…


Chloe wasn’t the only one out there who was trying to get to Malibu and there was nothing subtle about her approach either. She was desperate and frustrated and found herself forced to break out some of the deadliest words in the English language.

“Don’t you know who I am?” Christina Aguilera demanded as she found herself staring right across from an airline counter attendant who seemed to know exactly who she was but also seemed to be completely powerless to do anything about it.

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do, there’s no flights!” the helpless woman replied.

“There has to be some kind of flight going from here to California! Some flight somewhere from some airport to some other airport to get me home!” Christina snapped. “How can you tell me there’s nothing available? I’ve got to get home!”

“Ma’am I’m so sorry but there’s nothing I can do,” the attendant insisted. “Look outside. The snow’s really starting to come down. We’re supposed to get a blizzard! Flights are being canceled all up and down the East Coast. Soon the whole airport is going to be shut down! Nothing is going to be flying from here to anywhere soon!”

“That’s completely unacceptable! I want to see your supervisor!” Christina demanded. “You get me on a fucking flight so I can get home!”

“I’ll get him but he’s going to tell you the same thing I am,” the attendant said. “We are not allowed to take off right now due to the weather. The flights are being cancelled.”

Knowing it was helpless, but at the same time not giving up, Christina decided to withdraw to fight another day. Before she did, though, she let out a very exasperated sigh and death stare to make sure it was abundantly clear that she was not happy at all. And, after that, she stalked away to return to where her famous friends were waiting for her.

“We’re fucked!” Christina groaned, not caring who was around to hear her and what age they were. “They said that the weather is cancelling the flights.”

“Yeah we were just hearing,” Rihanna said, pointing up to the TV screen above them which was tuned to a special report on Channel 4 as Janice Richards gave the bad news about the weather.

“So it looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas across a significant part of the nation,” Janice said, showing off the map on television. “We may even see a few flurries in California, but the area of concern is this storm here which is moving very slowly from the Midwest. There have already been record December snowfalls in Michigan and Ohio and you can see here that not only is this storm not going anywhere for a while but it’s headed this way. That’s when the snow we have right now is only going to get worse. The New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tristate area looks to receive the brunt of the winter storm in a few hours when this front expands enough to cover the area. We could be talking a foot or more of accumulation in New York City with north and west of the city receiving even more…”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Christina groaned, the weather forecast looking helpless, which of course only made her more desperate to get home. There was nothing like being told you couldn’t do something to make you want it more, especially for Christina.

“Maybe we should just go back to the hotel room and wait this out,” Katy Perry suggested, trying not to set off the legendary Christina Aguilera temper in the airport but also not really wanting to spend the night stuck in the airport living like a refugee where there was a paid for and warm hotel suite waiting for all three of them.

“No! Absolutely not! I am going back to Malibu! I am going home and I am not taking no for answer!” Christina insisted, meaning every word to the deepest recesses of her soul. “You two can either come with me or you can wuss out and head back to the hotel but I am going home and nothing is going to stop me!”

Both Katy and Rihanna could see that Christina absolutely meant this. There were times when it was absolutely useless to argue with her and this sure looked like one of them. Of course it wasn’t like this was their journey.

Christina had been the one who had put the brakes on a threesome that had seemed destined to go until dawn at least with her declaration that she was going home to Britney and their family. The snow had been falling for a while already and it had seemed like a risky play to suddenly head off to the airport and now it was clear that the whole idea was looking like a bust.

But Christina was insistent and not only was it useless to argue with her, but Katy could see that this was about more for Christina than just going to see Britney for carnal purposes.  It was about being home with the people she loved and that touched Katy.

Katy liked to think that even in a cynical business, and she had seen first-hand just how cynical and soul crushing the music industry could be, people still had the inherent decency toward one another that united them in the first place. Katy might have slipped more than a bit from the ultra-religious girl she had grown up as, but she still believed in the power of love and the power of goodness even when it was hard to find.

She didn’t want to just leave Christina alone at the airport. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t kind. It wasn’t moral. Hell, it wasn’t Christmas. Katy just couldn’t do it. She was sure that soon enough Christina would face reality and they’d head back to the hotel to wait out the storm, but for now they couldn’t just abandon her.

“Okay, I’m with you,” Katy said. “Let’s try and get home. What about you Ri?”

“Not like I got any place else to go,” Rihanna replied. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a steady boyfriend and the rest of her family was on a warm island right now very far away from snow and ice and frostbite. Her friends were her family and, besides, where Katy went, she went.

“That’s what I want to hear,” Christina declared. “Now let’s not just stand around here waiting to get snowed on. Let’s find a flight and get the fuck out of here!”

Christina had no idea how she was going to do it. But she did know one thing. She was getting home tonight if it killed her to do it.


Back in Malibu, the magic of time zones had allowed for it not to be as late there as it was in New York City, but it was getting close to bedtime, or at least slip under the sheets for snuggle time.

And as much as Christina wanted to make it from New York to California in record time, Britney Spears wanted Christina even more to be able to do it. She missed her girlfriend terribly when she was away like this, especially when it was the perfect time to snuggle.

Just because she and Christina were infamously always eager to fuck each other’s brains out, it didn’t mean Britney loved those times the best. Oh sure she adored every single solitary second she was involved in sexual bliss with her girlfriend, but the truth was she loved nothing more than the quiet moments when they could just hold each other and cuddle.

Christina always teased her about it, telling her she was clearly “the girl” in their relationship, but Britney knew Christina loved it as much as she did even if she tried to hide it. There was just something so wonderful and peaceful about being so close to the person you loved whether you were naked or dressed.

Britney always loved having someone to cuddle at night. It made her feel safe and happy to go to sleep next to someone she cared about and wake up next to them the morning. But Christina was an entire coast away and right then Britney had no idea about her girlfriend’s sudden desire to make it home as soon as possible. So, as the song went, if she couldn’t be with the one she loved, she was going to love the one she was with.

“Thanks for doing this for me,” Britney said as they walked into the bedroom and she pulled the comforter off the bed to reveal the warm, inviting sheets and blankets underneath. “I really appreciate it. I get so lonely in this place sometime. I mean I’ve got the boys, but, well you know, mommy has needs…”

“Oh I know and I should totally be thanking you,” Demi Lovato replied with a smile. “I haven’t been to a slumber party in a while!”

Demi was already in her pajamas as she spent the night with her former fellow judge on X Factor. The young brunette looked beautiful in simple pajamas that gave her an effortlessly sexy look. Demi wasn’t even trying to look sexy in her PJs, which of course made her all the hotter and it was turning Britney on like crazy.

Britney loved looking at the way those soft, silk pajama bottoms were hugging Demi’s ass, her round cheeks looking so delectable in them like they were the wrapping she had to pull off to get to the candy underneath. And Demi had, either accidently or deliberately, missed a button in her top that gave Britney a nice view of cleavage that had her pussy humming a sweet tune.

“I really hate sleeping alone too,” Demi said. “I love having someone to cuddle at night. And you’re definitely someone that’s fun to cuddle, Britney.”

The way she said it, with a sultry look in her eye, made Britney think that Demi had indeed deliberately left that button open and that gave her a little thrill. Of course it was entirely unnecessary, since when it came to a sexy body like Demi’s, Britney never had to be seduced into wanting to enjoy it.

But she hadn’t brought Demi over to just snuggle or get naked with. She’d actually wanted to talk to the younger girl, especially after the fun they’d had the other day at the Desire Records office where Christina had made sure to touch a very sensitive subject for Demi and Britney had clearly seen the reaction it had on her.

“Oh we’re definitely going to cuddle, darling,” Britney assured her, the drawl in her voice set to maximum “sexy” as she said it. “But I also wanted to talk. It’s something important too.”

“Oh? What is it?” Demi asked, a little curious. She couldn’t remember the last time she had come to see Britney or Christina to talk. In fact this might have been the first time ever.

What she had with the two gorgeous pop icons was nothing but pure sex and Demi didn’t mind that at all. She loved having something that was just raw, hot lust in her life where all that mattered was how quickly you could get your clothes off and what dirty things you could do with tongues, fingers and toys.

“It’s about Selena,” Britney said, trying to make this as soft a landing as possible since she knew that Demi probably didn’t want to talk about it.

“What about her?” Demi replied, not betraying much emotion, but the little edge that snuck into her voice showing that Britney was right and there was going to be some resistance.

“Listen, sit down with me sweetie,” Britney said, eager to give the younger girl some wisdom as she patted the spot next to her on the bed. “You trust me, right?”

“Of course,” Demi replied. She had to admit that the rough spots she had gone through the last few years only to come out stronger on the other end had left her a bit more cynical than she had been, but she was still someone who found it easier to trust than to always have her shields up. And she definitely trusted Britney and Christina…maybe not on everything but on most things.

“Because I saw how your whole demeanor changed when Chrissy was teasing you about Selena the other day,” Britney said as Demi sat down next to her on the bed. “And I heard what you said when we were fucking you…you know about how you really felt.”

“Gawwwd,” Demi groaned, her face turning a shade of red that wasn’t quite at tomato yet but seemed like it could get there. She hadn’t meant to say as much as she had, but the heat of the moment and Christina’s merciless teasing had filled her head with visions she couldn’t help but respond to. It had just slipped out and, as good as it had felt to say it out loud, it hadn’t exactly been a confession she had been looking to make.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Britney assured Demi, as she reassuringly caressed her hand. “I think it’s wonderful that you feel that way about Selena. I want to help you.”

“Help me?” Demi asked, wondering how that was possible and then immediately envisioning just what Britney and Christina could possibly do to help her. “No! No please! I…I…I don’t want that!”

“You don’t even know what I was going to suggest,” Britney chided affectionately while smiling because she was pretty sure that she knew what Demi was assuming. “Though if you wanted me and Chrissy to have fun with her like we have fun with you so you two would have that in common…”

Regretting her impetuous rejection before she even had heard Britney’s advice, Demi smiled back. She didn’t mean to be rude or want Britney to think that she didn’t want guidance. After all, her big secret was pretty much out in the open now.

She was in love with Selena Gomez. She had been pretty much since the moment she’d met her. But things had been strained, to put it mildly, between them for years now and Demi didn’t think bringing Selena over to Desire Records and doing the kinds of things that she knew all too well Britney and Christina did to girls there was going to help things.

Besides, even if it did let Selena finally see what Demi had been trying to make her see all this time, just the thought of it happening like that didn’t feel right to her. She couldn’t put her finger why it filled her with unease at first, but then she started to realize it. It was jealousy.

She didn’t want her friends to be the one that turned Selena. She wanted to be the one that did it. It had to be her. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t have been right and the last thing Demi wanted was for Selena to ever think she was cheap or that she was some kind of slut.

It had been a long road to where she was today, sure of herself, confident of her own beauty and in control of her own sexuality. She did want Selena. She wanted her more than anything. But it had to be her way.

“Ummmm I mean, you can…if you want it and if she wants it…I wouldn’t stop you or anything…” Demi began to say, trying to be polite. But it was clear that the thought of her friend being taken the way she knew Britney and Christina were so good at was making Demi uncomfortable.

Britney could see that and while she had to admit that the fantasy of Selena Gomez stripped naked with a gorgeously wet pussy exposed and there to be ravished by her and Christina and all the girls at the label as they fucked her so good she was primed and ready for Demi to ravish turned her on, she didn’t want to go that way, at least not until Demi was comfortable with it.

This wasn’t just lust. It wasn’t just seeing a hot girl that you wanted to sleep with. It was about something so much more and that was also a feeling Britney knew all too well.

“I wouldn’t do that unless I knew you would both be into it and neither would Chrissy,” Britney said “We can do that on like your third or fourth date, not the first.”

Demi couldn’t help but laugh over how Britney was teasing her but she also relaxed. She certainly didn’t mind having an all-girl orgy with herself as the centerpiece, but Demi didn’t want it to be that way for Selena. She wanted something else even though deep down she knew she could never have it. That door was closed and she was sure it could never be reopened.

“So what are you thinking?” Demi asked. At the very least it felt good to admit her feelings to someone else. She had been holding them in for so long.

But before Britney could answer, another voice piped up.

“Thinking about what?” Gwen Stefani asked, emerging from the master bedroom’s bathroom fresh from the shower, her skin smelling amazing as her damp, clean body was clad in nothing but a bathrobe as she kept a towel slung over her neck.

With Christina so far away, Britney had been feeling extra lonely and this hadn’t just been a one girl sleepover she had planned. Gwen was here for the night too and while Britney didn’t want to broadcast Demi’s personal secrets everywhere she also knew that Gwen was definitely someone who would have advice the girl needed to hear, especially if it was the same as what she intended to tell the younger girl.

“Is it okay if she knows too?” Britney asked, keeping her hand on Demi’s. “I know Gwenny can help.”

Gwen rolled her eyes a little as she hoped that Demi didn’t pick up that particular habit of Britney’s. Britney remained the one and only person that she ever would let her call her “Gwenny.” But she didn’t focus on that. Something was clearly happening here.

“Want me to duck out for a little bit?” Gwen asked, meaning it sincerely. She liked Demi a lot too and respected how she’d been able to overcome all the challenges in her life and face her demons. So she certainly didn’t want to interfere with a private conversation.

“No, it’s okay, really,” Demi said. “You can stay. I mean it’s not like anything is ever going to happen. I appreciate all the help, Britney, but it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s never going to happen between us. Selena doesn’t want it. That ship sailed a long time ago and I need to be looking forward, not backwards.”

“No, don’t say that,” Britney insisted before turning her attention to Gwen. “Demi has some feelings for Selena.”

“Oh really?” Gwen asked with a smile as she watched Demi’s cheeks turn red again while a smile covered her face, the kind of reaction she knew could only come from young love. “Tell me more.”

“There’s nothing really much to tell,” Demi lied as Gwen sat down next to her on the bed. “It’s just…well it’s just how I feel and I tell myself I shouldn’t feel that way. It’s too late and…”

“But that’s where you’re wrong, it’s not too late,” Britney said, interrupting Demi. “I’m sure it’s not. I once thought it was too late for me. I thought I’d lost Christina forever. But it wasn’t the end. It was the beginning of the best thing that ever happened to me. I want you to feel that way too Demi. You can’t just hope that what you’re feeling goes away. That’s not what love is like. You have to tell Selena how you feel. Don’t waste time like me and Chrissy did. Tell her you love her.”

Demi sighed in response. She could feel herself starting to get emotional and she pushed herself to stifle that. She didn’t want to cry in front of Britney and Gwen. She wanted to save being an emotional mess for her therapist and not do it in front of two women she both admired and desired.

“I have,” Demi admitted sadly. “That’s the worst part, Britney. I already told her how I feel. She knows I love her. It’s why…God…why we’re not friends anymore. She didn’t want me and I couldn’t just sit there and watch her be with Justin and know I was better for her than he is. I couldn’t be around her that way anymore. It was breaking my heart and I know she’ll never want me the way I want her. Even after…”

Demi didn’t say anything more and she didn’t have to. Britney hugged her tenderly and that brought a smile right back to her, especially when she felt Gwen hugging her too. Her body sandwiched between two gorgeous women, but with something even deeper than sex bringing them together.

“Don’t give up on her,” Britney advised Demi as they hugged. “It’s never too late. Not when it’s the real thing. I know you think it’s hopeless and you’re probably going to laugh at me when I say it, but true love will find a way if you just let it. This is the most magical time of year Demi. It’s when me and Chrissy finally said how we feel about each other. It’s when anything can happen. But you have to make it happen. Talk to her. Tell her how you feel. Tell her how you can make her happy. Show her you’re the one for her.”

It was a lot easier said than done, but Gwen didn’t want to disagree with Britney, especially when she wanted to see Demi happy. Plus it was a lot more fun to advise someone about their love life than face up to the issues in her own.

Gwen had only been too eager to accept Britney’s invitation to crash at her place since it meant not spending the night with her husband and being able to avoid Fluffy and the ongoing awkwardness between them.

“Britney’s right,” Gwen said. “You can’t just be on the sidelines about this, Demi. You have to do something to make her see how much you care.  You said you told her how you feel, but that was years ago, right?”

“Yeah,” Demi admitted, beginning to wonder if Gwen had a point. A lot had changed since then. She was in a different place in her life now, a much better one. Maybe Selena was too?

“So maybe you should try again,” Gwen said. “As long as you’re up front with her and tell her the truth, there’s no harm in dipping your toe in the water. The worst thing she can do is say no again and that way you won’t be thinking anymore that maybe the door isn’t as closed as you think it is. You’ll know one way or the other. And then you can move on, hopefully with Selena.”

“Wow, it’s like you can read my mind,” Demi replied with a little laugh. “I was just thinking that. It has been a long time since I told her. Maybe I could…”

Demi didn’t finish her thought but it was clear she liked where this was headed, leading the older women to encourage her more.

“And you’re way better her for than Justin Bieber ever could be,” Gwen assured Demi. “Any girl would be crazy not to go for someone like you.”

“Yeah Demi, you’re one of the sweetest, sexiest girls I’ve ever met,” Britney added. “Anyone would be lucky to have you love them. I think you can make Selena see the light.”

“I wouldn’t even know how to do it,” Demi said, feeling the encouragement start to have an effect as she began thinking more than ever that a lot of time had passed since the first time she had confessed her feelings to Selena and that a lot could have changed since then. “I mean we haven’t even talked much these last few years. What would I say?”

“The truth,” Britney replied. “I mean it’s not like you blurt it out the second you see her again, but just let her get to know you again. You two were best friends for a reason. You can be friends again. Start there and see what happens.”

“I’ve really missed her,” Demi admitted. “It’s been so long since we even really talked.”

“That’s what you do,” Britney said. “Be friends and then see if you can be more. You have to try. If you just give up when you feel about someone that strongly, then you’ll always wonder if you made a mistake. If I’d given up on me and Christina I don’t even know where I’d be right now.”

“Well, maybe after Christmas I’ll talk to her and see how she’s doing,” Demi said, smiling as she wondered if maybe one more chance was all she needed. She had been wondering this whole time, one side of her brain saying that Selena had been clear and the other asking if maybe she was giving up too easily. “It would be a way to find out for sure…”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Britney said. “Be confident in yourself. If it’s meant to be then it’s going to happen. It may not come the way you think it will, but it will happen. Now, speaking of Christmas, I’ve got something fun planned. Christina’s not going to be around so I need a date for tomorrow’s party at the mansion. Wanna come with me Demi?”

“Wow…you mean THE mansion?” Demi asked with a nervous, but excited giggle. “Ummmm yeah! You don’t even have to ask. I’d do anything to go there!”

Demi had never had the chance to visit the fabled home of some of the most gorgeous women she could ever think of, but she’d certainly heard stories about it from Britney and Christina. They had filled her head with some of the most erotic visions she could ever envision and the idea of the chance to go there was an invitation she was more than eager to accept.

She might not have the chance to get Selena for Christmas, but if all she’d heard about that place was true, she would have the chance to find a woman or two or even three to get her mind off her for the night.

“Awesome,” Britney smiled. “Now I got the invitation tonight and they were pretty clear. It’s a Christmas party and it’s going to be really like this totally normal thing. But I know those girls and there’s no way it’s going to be innocent all night long. I’m sure there’s going to be an after party and you should totally be my date, Demi. There are so many girls there I know would love to get to know you!”

“Hey, what about me?” Gwen demanded with a laugh. “What am I chopped liver? When do I get a date?”

“Ummm sorry Gwenny,” Britney said before she came up with a totally ridiculous idea. It was hilarious and she knew Gwen would love it once she stopped laughing over how silly it was. “Oh my God, you know what you should do? You should take Fluffy!”

“What?” Gwen asked, her laughing ceasing as she nervously gulped.

Did Britney know she and Fluffy were fucking? If she knew then Christina knew so obviously she didn’t because she hadn’t felt the nuclear explosion that would have come with her finding out.

“It would be sooooo funny!” Britney laughed, not noticing she had put Gwen totally ill at ease. “You walking into the mansion with Fluffy like he’s your date for the party? Everyone’s jaws would totally drop! Oh my God we HAVE to do that!  They sent me an invitation for him too. It’s so perfect! It would be hilarious!”

“Ummm…yeah…I mean I suppose I could,” Gwen replied. Awkward fight or not, she wasn’t about to turn down the chance to essentially have a sanctioned date with Fluffy. “I mean, if you think it would be funny…”

“Let’s talk about it more in the morning,” Britney suggested, something Demi definitely liked the sound of. She was so eager to have her chance to go to the mansion for the first time and there was now something more too.

Demi could see what Britney hadn’t seen. She had noticed the look in Gwen’s eyes when Britney had made her suggestion and Demi had been able to guess that she wasn’t the only one carrying a torch for someone who she wasn’t supposed to.

“Yeah I could definitely use some sleep,” Demi said, looking forward to being snuggled up between these two hotties all night.

But before she could slip under the sheets, Britney stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Britney said with a sexy smile. “No pajamas allowed in bed. Mmmm all my sleepovers are clothing free!”

Britney proved that by lifting her t-shirt over her head and letting her large, bare breasts bounce out as Gwen undid her robe and pushed it off, revealing the naked delights within.  Demi could only giggle in response as she eagerly followed suit and began getting naked with them without delay

She could worry about Selena tomorrow. Tonight, she thought as she hurriedly undid the buttons of her pajama top and showed she hadn’t put a bra on underneath, she was going to instead focus on the best sleepover she’d ever been to.


At another home not too far away but not too close either, it was definitely not as fun a night as Demi was having. That’s because it was far too quiet and way too lonely for Selena Gomez to do anything but stare at her phone, regret and anxiety combining with agonizing solitude to make this feel like it was going to be another long, sleepless night.

Of course there was something she could do about that…but she also knew it was the worst thing she could possibly do and was right then doing everything she could to talk herself out of it.

“Don’t call…don’t call…don’t call…” Selena kept telling herself like it was a mantra.

She had to wonder if awareness of self-destructive behavior was a sign she was getting better or if it meant she was getting worse because it meant she knew she was making a mistake while still doing it anyway.

Because it was bad enough to willingly set aside self-respect to be used as a booty call by an ex-boyfriend. It was worse when that ex-boyfriend was one of the most infamous names of the day and everyone knew him good or bad with the most vicious critics in the world on one hand and the most insanely over the top deluded fans on the other.

Who would willingly submit themselves to a world like that again? And Selena knew it was even worse because experience had given her predictive powers about how all this would go.

He would text her. She would try not to reply. Then she would end up succumbing to her own loneliness and insecurity (which he always knew just how expertly manipulate) and she’d come over. There would be tears (mostly hers, but sometimes his) and he would promise that he’d change. They’d hook up. She’d be unsatisfied but at least no longer lonely and then he’d cheat again and the whole process would begin anew in a vicious circle Selena felt she just couldn’t get out of.

“Arrrrghhhh! Why’d you text me?????” Selena groaned out loud in frustration. “Can’t you just leave me alone? Fuck you Justin!”

But she only said that. She didn’t text it back in reply to the message she’d received a few minutes ago asking her if she wanted to come over. Selena knew what it would lead to and it wasn’t going to be pretty. She had done this before and she told herself that she wasn’t doing it again.

She promised herself that this time she would be strong and there would be no going back, not after all the times he’d cheated and humiliated her. Of course she’d done some of the cheating too, but only to give him a taste of his own medicine. He was the reason they kept breaking up and Selena knew it was her own weakness that kept bringing them back together. Well, not this time!

However, as certain as she sounded when she said that in her mind, it wasn’t as certain as she actually felt. As soon as she thought that she was done with him forever and that she didn’t need him in her life anymore, Selena looked around at nothing but an empty bedroom.

She was sitting in her bed stripped down to just a belly shirt and a pair of panties, a put out, half smoked joint nearby as a reminder of what she’d been doing to try and get her mind off him. But it hadn’t worked. All it had made her want to do was go out and get Doritos tacos from Taco Bell and the last thing she needed then was to start feeling fat.

With nothing and no one around her in the bedroom Selena again felt the oppressive loneliness that she now knew came all too easily with being single. It was why it was so easy for him to manipulate her. It was why she kept making the same, stupid mistakes over and over again.

She hated this feeling more than anything. It was why she kept letting him break her heart. She just couldn’t feel alone, especially at this time of year. The “experts” always said that Christmas could be one of the most depressing times of the year if you were alone and Selena knew that this time at least, they were right.

She was horribly depressed, alone and anxious and trying not to respond to the text her ex had sent her. And, as if on a horribly perverse cue, the music she had on turned to the worst possible song.

“I’ll have a blue Christmas, without youuuu…” Elvis Presley’s unmistakable voice sang out sadly. “I’ll be so blue, just thinking about you. Decorations of red, on a green Christmas tree won’t be the same dear, if you’re not here with me…”

“Ughhh enough out of you,” Selena grumbled as she slammed off the music. “Elvis has left the building.”

Now with silence to go with the loneliness, Selena flung herself half-dressed onto the bed. She just had to find the strength. If she could get through these next few days then it would be New Year’s and it would be a fresh start, no more Justin, no more heartbreak and no more loneliness. If she could make it through Christmas, she knew she would be okay.

So when Selena’s phone indicated again she had a new message the last thing she wanted to do was check it. She was sure it would be from him and reading it would be the worst thing she could do. She would have been better off taking her brand new phone, tossing it in the garbage and then smashing the garbage with a hammer.

But she didn’t do that. In fact she did nothing, letting the seconds turn into minutes as she sat there staring up at the ceiling, wondering what he had said to her this time and that maybe, just maybe, it would be different this time if she went over to see him and that he really had changed and this time he could truly make her happy.

The more she thought about it, the more half of her remained convinced that looking at his message would be akin to an apocalypse in her personal life and that Justin should just take his phone and shove it. But also the more she thought about it the more that the other half also made her feel like she was the loneliest person in the entire world and that if she didn’t answer that message then no one would ever love her and she’d be by herself forever.

And that half got louder and louder and louder in the silence of the bedroom until she finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her phone to check.

That was when she saw that it wasn’t a text message she had received. It was an email. And it wasn’t from Justin at all. It was an invitation. To a Christmas party? In Malibu? Who the hell did she know who lived in Malibu?

She read the invitation carefully, getting more confused. How the heck did she get an invitation like this from girls like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt? She didn’t know any of these girls. Of course, she knew who they were and had met most of them but she didn’t KNOW them. It’s not like any of them were friends.

Why had they invited her to a party?

Selena at first assumed this was some kind of weird prank or spam or something but that didn’t really make sense either. This was her personal email. Only a few special people had it like her closest friends, her family and her agent and manager. She never got spam on it. Was this thing legit?

And the more she thought about it, the more she considered that if the invitation was legit, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go. After all, it was definitely a distraction from thinking about her ex and she did love a good party. Her invite list had been a little sparse this year on purpose but Selena was intrigued by this invitation.

She’d have to check it out, of course, to make sure this was real. But, if it was, maybe that was something she could do tomorrow. It would be nice to make some new friends and hang out with cool people. She liked the girls who seemed to be having the party. Maybe it would be fun.

Maybe a Christmas party in Malibu was actually just what she needed right then.


With a sad sigh, Ashley Tisdale pulled off the comforter and got ready to slide between the sheets of the room she was crashing in for the night. She felt pathetic and she was sure she looked that way too which was just fine with her because she believed that was how she deserved to feel. She was alone at Christmastime and she knew she had done it to herself, which only made her feel worse.

Of course she wasn’t entirely alone, even if she felt it, something she was reminded of when she heard a gentle knocking on the door.  She really wanted to be alone right then, but she also didn’t want to be rude. After all the girls had let her crash here for the night and she’d been grateful for that. She hadn’t wanted to go home, not to an empty house full of memories of the relationship she’d completely screwed up.

“Come in,” Ashley said, smiling when a second later the door opened up and Love stuck her head in.

“Everything okay?” Love asked. “You ducked out of there in a hurry.”

“Yeah I was feeling pretty tired and the movie was…you know…” Ashley said with a shrug. “I thought I should just head to bed. I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun.”

She was more than grateful for the friendship the girls had provided that night but the movie they had put on had only reminded Ashley more of what had happened between her and Vanessa. When the girls had all been watching Elf and enjoying each other’s company and some popcorn, Ashley had been quite happy to have her mind off her troubles. But when that movie had ended and the vote had been to watch a more grown up Christmas movie by sliding Love Actually in, Ashley had known it was time to get out.

That was one of her favorite movies ever, but seeing everyone so happy and in love in it was going to turn her into a blubbering mess in no time and that was a scene she wanted to avoid making.

“You wouldn’t have,” Love assured Ashley, even though she suspected that it probably wasn’t the best movie in the world for Ashley to be watching now. “I just wanted to see if you were okay.”

“I’m fine,” Ashley lied. “I think I just need some sleep.  I didn’t exactly get much last night.”

“I’m sure you’ll feel better in the morning,” Love said, hoping that was true even as she didn’t quite believe her own words.

“Doubtful,” Ashley sighed. “But thanks for trying to cheer me up Love. I really appreciate everything you guys are doing for me. You and Alyssa and everyone have been great letting me crash here. I didn’t feel like going home alone tonight.”

“You can stay here as long as you want,” Love assured her. “We just want to make sure you’re alright. Here, I brought you something to help you feel better.”

And that was when Ashley saw what Love had been hiding behind her back the whole time. It was even better than the amazing hot chocolate she’d brought her before. In fact, she’d seen a lot at the mansion, but this made her smile even more than all of that put together.

“Ohmygawd!” Ashley squealed in utter delight, forgetting her troubles just for a moment as she gratefully took the large teddy bear from Love and squeezed it lovingly. This was no ordinary bear. “You have Hugamals here!”

“Well this one is mine,” Love admitted. “But I figured you could use a friend tonight.”

Love was being totally sincere in this. She thought Ashley would feel better with the bear. Hugamals were the toys sweeping the nation and turning otherwise normal people into bloodthirsty warriors in search of one, but Love had grabbed the bear off the shelves before they had become the popular prizes they were now.

She knew full well that even at her age and even with all the gorgeous friends here she could cuddle with she still slept best with a teddy bear, especially when it was the realistically adorable black bear from the Hugamal line.

“Ooooooh thank you Love!” Ashley said with total gratefulness. “I definitely need a friend like this for the night! He’s soooo cute! Oooh I have to get one for myself, I mean after the craze dies down. You could pay like a million dollars right now and not be able to get this! Thank you!”

But as much as she loved squeezing the oh so huggable stuffed animal and as much as Ashley knew she was going to do some serious cuddling with it during the night, she couldn’t stop thinking about the reason she was hiding out at the mansion and she wondered if anyone else knew why she was there.

“Does everyone else know? You know…what I told you,” Ashley asked. She knew things were pretty casual around here when it came to which bed people slept in, but what she and Vanessa had been doing had been something more than that…until she had ruined it of course.

Ashley had to admit she was a little worried the girls here were going to judge her for being some kind of low, dirty cheater, which of course she was.

“No, I didn’t tell anyone else,” Love said, sitting down on the bed next to Ashley and putting her arm around her.

“I guess everyone will find out soon enough anyway,” Ashley sighed. She and Vanessa had been to the mansion together a few times and enjoyed themselves so much there. But now, without her, it just didn’t seem the same and Ashley knew that tomorrow there would probably be a lot of questions about where Vanessa was.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Love asked. She knew the “who” of the cheating but she didn’t know the “how” or the “why” and she had to admit she was really curious.

She’d been shocked to hear that not only was someone as sweet and kind as Ashley capable of cheating on Vanessa Hudgens but that the girl she had cheated on her with was Vanessa’s sister Stella. Love wanted to help Ashley as much as she could, but she also wanted to hear details and while her own salacious curiosity embarrassed her, it didn’t change things.

“Not really but…I guess…I mean I don’t even know how it happened,” Ashley said. “It was such a blur. One second I was sleeping and the next second it was happening and then Vanessa was screaming and ughhh I can’t believe I fucked up so bad!”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Love said. “I know it’s really personal and I shouldn’t pry.”

“No, it’s okay, I owe you guys that much,” Ashley said. “Maybe a confession will make me feel better even. I don’t know. It’s just that it was so crazy what happened. I mean we were at the gym with Stella and everything was normal and then Nessa brought Stella home and we came back to her place and had some fun…”

Love couldn’t help but notice a smile cross over Ashley’s face, even with everything that had happened, when she recalled her and Vanessa making love. Love felt terrible that the two had broken up. She thought they were so good together and she had always been someone who was happy when her friends were happy and in love. Love hoped that maybe somehow they could get past this, but she didn’t want to interfere in Ashley and Vanessa’s lives.

“And I guess I fell asleep after that,” Ashley continued. “I don’t even know what happened but the next thing I remember was that I felt myself being licked and oooooh it felt soooo good. Mmmm I love being woken up like that.”

“Me too,” Love smiled, unable to keep quiet over that, not when she knew there was nothing like emerging from a nice slumber feeling a sexy, wet girl tongue licking you in very naughty places. It was not only her favorite way to wake up in the morning but also her favorite way to wake her friends up.

“I assumed it was Vanessa who was doing it,” Ashley said, leaning against Love’s shoulder and trying not to cry as the good memories started to take a turn in her story. “I didn’t even think it could be anyone else. I just felt that tongue and I looked down and there was this lump under the sheets with me. I just figured it was Vanessa.”

Ashley could still remember the exquisite pleasure she’d felt with that tongue teasing her pussy lips and making them quiver. The tongue had been a little shyer than Vanessa’s usually had been, like it was finding its way and was a little uncertain of itself. Ashley supposed that should have been her big tip off that things weren’t as they seemed, but by the time she had started to notice it things had progressed too far.

And while the tongue licking her had been different, it had felt just as good as Vanessa’s. She had loved feeling it lick the sticky residue of her last orgasm off her pussy and then stimulate her tender lips more to get her freshly wet before diving inside to get her hot juices.

Even now, when she knew what had happened and who it had been, Ashley still couldn’t help but get a little turned on from it. That only made her feel worse, of course. Not only was she a filthy cheater, breaking the heart of the woman she loved, but she had enjoyed it. What kind of a bitch was she? But she didn’t say any of that to Love. Instead she just pressed on with her story.

“And she just kept licking me and licking me and I was enjoying it so much,” Ashley recalled. “I wanted to kiss Vanessa. I love kissing her so much after she’s been going down on me so I can taste myself so I pulled the sheet away so I could pull her up to me and I could kiss her, But that was when I saw that it wasn’t Vanessa at all. It was Stella! Gawwwd she was naked and she was fucking me and I…I didn’t know what to do. I told her to stop! I tried to push her off me. I told her it was wrong. But she wouldn’t stop. She just kept on fucking me!”

“But that’s not your fault,” Love insisted. “You tried to make her stop! You didn’t let her do anything. She tricked you and took advantage of you! I’m sure Vanessa will realize that and won’t be mad anymore.”

“I’m not telling you everything,” Ashley groaned sadly, feeling so guilty that she began to wonder if just telling the story could make her throw up. “I tried to make her stop but she wouldn’t. She just kept licking and…I…I…gawwd…I stopped trying to make her stop. I let her fuck me Love! I let Stella lick me knowing it was her! It felt so good I couldn’t help myself! I even encouraged her! I told her to fuck me! I told her to lick me like Vanessa did! I even pressed down on her head to make sure she didn’t stop! I can’t believe I did it! I just didn’t want it to stop! I got her to fuck me and, God, Love, I came! Ohhh God I came all over my girlfriend’s sister’s face! I called out her name and told her how good she was! I came so hard for her! I loved it! I loved what she did to me! I’m such a disgusting little whore! I can’t believe I let her!”

Ashley was starting to cry again and Love held her tightly, keeping her arm around her shoulder and telling her it was going to be all right.

“Then I heard the screaming and I saw that Vanessa was in the doorway and she’d seen us!” Ashley sobbed. “Oh Love, you should have seen the look on her face! It wasn’t even that she was mad! She was so hurt! And I did it to her! I hurt her! I broke her heart! She didn’t even have to tell me that. I could see it in her eyes! I love her and I hurt her so much! Seeing her look at me like that and seeing her start to cry as she screamed at us…God…I just wish I was dead!”

“Shhhh shhhh shhhhh you don’t mean that.” Love comforted Ashley, hugging her tightly. “It’ll be okay! I know Vanessa loves you too! You can work to get past this!”

“No we can’t!” Ashley insisted tearfully. “I know you’re trying to help me Love and I really appreciate it, but we’ll never be able to get past it. I’ve never seen her angrier and more hurt in my whole life! She screamed at us both! She told me and Stella that she hated us and she never wanted to see either of us again! I tried to say I was sorry. I begged her to forgive me! I told her I knew it was a mistake and I would never do it again! But she wouldn’t listen. Every time I tried to say anything she just got angrier! Now she won’t return my texts or my calls. I haven’t spoken to her since it happened and I miss her so much! Oh God Love! I love her so much and she said she hated me! And I totally deserve it too! She should hate me! I broke her heart! You all should hate me!”

“No one here hates you,” Love assured the blonde. “We never could! And I’m sure Vanessa doesn’t hate you either! She’s just angry right now. People say things they don’t mean when they’re angry. I know I used to say awful things to my boyfriends when we’d fight. But even when I was mad, even when I caught them doing awful things, I couldn’t really hate them. When you really love someone it doesn’t just turn off! I know you two can fix things. I’ve seen you two together. I know how you feel about each other. And I’m sure that right now, wherever she is, Vanessa is hurting just as much as you are and she probably wants to make things good between you two again just like you do!”


But right then, Vanessa Hudgens’ mind was quite occupied and it was most definitely not with thoughts of forgiveness. Instead it was filled with lust…raw, unleashed lust for another woman. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was wet. She wanted this. She wanted it so badly that she could barely contain herself.

“Mmmmm yesssss oooooh it’s just as good as I remember it! Better even!” Vanessa excitedly giggled in between kisses with the beautiful blonde woman she now had on her couch. “You kiss so good Ashley! Your lips are so soft! Ooooh Ashley! Kiss me more! Mmmm never stop kissing me!”

This was hardly something new for Vanessa to experience. She had made out on this couch with women so many times that she had lost count and nearly all of those times had involved her moaning the name Ashley. But this night was decidedly different from all those other times. Because it wasn’t Ashley Tisdale’s name she was moaning.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Ashley Benson replied with a big, breathless smile on her face before she eagerly took Vanessa’s gorgeous face back in her hands and passionately kissed her once again. “Promise you’re not teasing me, V! Are we really going to do this? Ughhh please say yes!”

“Mmmm yes…yes….yes…a thousand times yes,” Vanessa replied, kissing Ashley’s lips with each answer. “You’re not the only one who’s been wanting this! I denied myself for way too long and I’m not holding back anymore! I’m going to take what I want!”

“Oooooh yesssssssssss take me!” Ashley urged, feeling like she’d never been wetter in her life even though all of their clothes were still on. “Oh V! Baby, I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight but I love it! I want you so fucking bad!”

“Yeah? What do you want?” Vanessa teased with a sultry smile, taking her hands and softly running them up the sides of Ashley’s sweater and moving them seductively over her covered breasts, making the blonde moan with wild anticipation.

“Ughhh gawwwd you know what I want,” Ashley groaned in response. “You’ve always known! I knew you could see it in my eyes when we first met! And you know that when we shot that scene I could barely control myself!”

“Tell me again!” Vanessa pleaded, needing to hear Ashley say it. She needed to feel desired right then. She needed to feel that this girl would totally lose it if she didn’t get what she wanted. She needed to have her self-esteem stimulated nearly as much as she needed to have her pussy played with.

“I want you Vanessa!” Ashley said, her voice nearly melting as it came out hotly from her mouth. “I’ve wanted to fuck a girl for so long! I want you to take me and fuck me and make me come better than any guy can! Oooooh I need you to do it like you promised you would! Mmmm make my pussy fucking cream like only girls can do to each other! Oh V, I need you to make my fucking fantasy come true!”

“Oh Ashley! That’s just what I’m going to do!” Vanessa declared, proving her words by yanking the sweater right over Ashley’s head and leaving the short haired blonde in a sleeveless top with a big smiling face on it. It was a cute top, but Vanessa knew all too well that what was underneath it was even better. “I’m going to fuck you baby! I’ll show you how girls fuck! I’ll make you come better than any man can! I’ll fuck you even better than I fucked that little cheating bitch! Mmm I’m going to do what I should have done the second I met you!”

The two girls then hungrily kissed again, their beautiful faces mashing together and their tongues roughly rubbing against one another. There was nothing gentle about this kiss. It was one of raw need and wanton desire. They were rapidly dropping all forms of niceties and were instead indulging in the desperate lust they felt for each other.

Ashley gasped in ecstasy when she felt Vanessa grab her tits through her top and squeeze them with a practiced grasp that made her sure that her friend’s soft hands could make her feel things no man’s ever could.

“Yessssssss! Please Vanessa! Please! Fuck me!” Ashley groaned. “No more teasing! No more waiting! Give me what I fucking need! Oooooh fuck me while my boyfriend is waiting at home for me! Fuck me better than he can!”

“Mmmm yeahhh dirty girl, stepping out on your man,” Vanessa laughed, her words with an obvious edge even as she felt pleasure while saying them. “All girls are fucking cheaters, aren’t they? Mmmmm little slutty bitches that get what they want and don’t care who they fucking hurt! And I’m just gonna enjoy it! I’m going to take your cheating pussy Ashley and I’m going to make it mine!”

Ashley had never seen Vanessa act like this before and she was getting off on it. It was rough and raw and so very sexy. Ashley could feel her pulse racing through her body with excitement and she knew it was going to get even better once they were both more naked.

She’d wanted this for so long. She’d been sure it was never going to happen. Now she felt like her most wicked fantasy was going to come true and it was the best early Christmas present she ever could have gotten.

“Mmmm yeahhhh I’m a fucking cheating bitch!” Ashley groaned, playing along as Vanessa fondled her tits expertly. “My boyfriend is waiting at home thinking his good little girlfriend who would never do anything wrong is comforting her friend! He has no idea we’re going to fuck! He doesn’t know you make me wet, Vanessa! He doesn’t know how bad I’ve wanted to taste you and fuck you! Mmmm baby, I’m so glad you called me! I never thought we were actually going to do this!”

“Oh we’re going to,” Vanessa assured her former co-star. “I’m going to make your hottest fantasy come true! Mmm you couldn’t have me before but you can have me now any way you want me, Ashley!”

The two women then fell into another hungry kiss, the tension between them finally being released. Ashley couldn’t remember the last time she was this excited and for Vanessa is was something even more, the chance for the perfect revenge, at least against her now ex-girlfriend. She still had no idea how she was going to get back at Stella, but being able to throw this in Ashley’s face the next time she saw her was going to be so sweet.

She wanted Ashley Tisdale to see that just as she’d been so quick to replace her with her younger sister the second her back was turned, Vanessa could replace her too, with another blonde Ashley just as easy as snapping her finger.

After confronting Stella at their parent’s house earlier that night, Vanessa had cried until she had nothing left inside her. She had sobbed inside her car, too emotional to drive or do anything but sit there and let sadness and anger flow through her over the two women she most loved in the world breaking her heart like they had.

She had thought she could trust them more than anyone. She had been certain that Ashley and Stella would never do anything to hurt her. And that only had made the discovery of them worse. It only made the pain of seeing her little sister naked between her girlfriend’s legs as Ashley had called out Stella’s name more agonizing.

She and Ashley weren’t strictly monogamous. They’d shared other girls and had fun at the mansion in big groups of beautiful women. But this had been different and, in Vanessa’s eyes, unforgivable.

To leave the house and come back to find her own sister fucking her girlfriend and Ashley enjoying every second of it was like having her heart ripped out of her own body and then stomped on by the people she cared most about. So she’d cried and cried, hot tears, running down her face, and then she’d stopped.

There’d been no more tears to cry. Vanessa had told herself she was done crying over those cheating whores and their betrayal. Crying wasn’t going to make her feel better, but revenge could. And while Vanessa knew that fucking Ashley Benson instead of Ashley Tisdale wasn’t going to make everything better, at least it was a start.

She’d known about Ashley’s girl crush on her when they’d filmed Spring Breakers and it had been a shared one. But Vanessa hadn’t done anything about it because she’d been with her Ashley at the time and hadn’t wanted to cheat. It would have been different if she’d been able to get both Ashleys together with her in a threesome, but she’d felt just fucking Ashley Benson one on one in an on-set hookup would have been wrong.

So she’d denied herself the pleasure of fucking her gorgeous co-star. She’d had to film day after day seeing Ashley in bikini. She’d had to do a nude scene with her. And she’d had to do it all without any kind of release.

But now? Now she could get what she wanted. She could take and taste what she’d denied herself. She could do all the dirty things she’d wanted to do to Ashley that whole time on set. She didn’t have to worry about betraying her girlfriend anymore because she didn’t fucking have one anymore.

Vanessa wanted some sweet sexual payback by trading one Ashley for another and she wanted Ashley Tisdale to know what she had done. She was going to tell her and laugh at her and she wanted to do it in person so she’d see the look on her face. She wanted Ashley to know the pain of being betrayed. She wanted her heart broken too.

Vanessa had never been this angry in her life, but the anger was starting to make her feel good. She wasn’t going to be Ashley Tisdale’s sexual doormat. She wasn’t going to accept that. She was going to pay her back and she was going to start right now by fucking Ashley Benson harder and better than she’d ever fucked Ashley Tisdale.

“Oooooh fuck Vanessa! Mmmmm you kiss so good!” Ashley groaned, not caring why Vanessa was doing this, just caring that it was actually happened.

She’d burned for this for years. She’d felt it from the second she’d met Vanessa at a script read through. She’d known the second their eyes had locked that she had wanted to fuck her and now it was finally happening.

“I’m so glad this is happening!” Ashley said. “You have no idea how wet I’ve gotten from thinking about you! You have no idea how many times I got myself off thinking it was you fucking me and not my boyfriend!”

The truth was Vanessa did have a little bit of an idea. After all, she and Ashley both knew each other’s hot secrets. Ashley knew she had been sleeping with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa knew just how strong Ashley’s bi curiosity was. They’d come clean with each other one night while filming the movie and it was the closest they had gotten to hooking up, until now.

One of the more notable scenes they had done in Spring Breakers had been a pool threesome between them and James Franco. It had involved a lot of nudity, save for some patches to keep the movie a vagina-free zone, and some girl on girl kissing that both of them had quite enjoyed. It had been so much hotter for them to kiss each other than kiss James but part of that was because they had practiced the night before.

The director had been a real stickler for realism and he’d wanted them to feel comfortable enough around each other that kissing and fucking would seem like wicked pleasures their drug, booze and crime addled characters would fall right into. Fucking was just another high for their characters who refused to ever be bored and found pleasures as the only way to keep from acknowledging they were both dead inside.

Of course off-set it hadn’t been anything that dramatic for either of them. Ashley and Vanessa had both simply known they liked looking at each other and wanted to kiss and touch and explore each other thoroughly.

To reach that level of comfort between them, the two of them had gone the night before with a bottle of vodka, other drinks to mix with it and a couple of glasses to make sure they were ready for that kind of intimacy on film. For as comfortable as Vanessa was with being with other woman and as badly as Ashley wanted to experience that pleasure for herself, it was totally new for them to do that in front of the camera. It had been a big step for them and they’d both been nervous before shooting the scene, which happened to be both the first nude scene and the first real sex scene either of them had ever shot.

Naturally those nerves, with the help of the vodka, had turned to lust and the “practice kisses” had turned all too real. The alcohol also served to loosen their tongues and Ashley hadn’t been able to stop from observing that Vanessa clearly knew what she was doing when it came to kissing girls. She’d asked her if she’d ever done it before and, more than a little tipsy and feeling very happy after the kisses, Vanessa had confessed.

She’d told Ashley that she hadn’t been with a guy in a long time. She told her how much she loved fucking women and how girls could make her feel better than sex with a man ever could. She hadn’t told Ashley about the mansion and all the special friends she had there, but she’d certainly told her about Ashley Tisdale and how the two had turned from friends to lovers to girlfriends.

She’d been a little worried that Ashley would be shocked by the revelation, but Vanessa had soon found the girl to be anything but. Instead she’d been fascinated and she’d been very eager to make a confession of her own. Ashley had been eager for this scene. In fact she’d been dying to film it. She’d wanted to see Vanessa naked. She’d wanted to kiss her. She’d been crushing on her big time and hearing that Vanessa was bisexual had been such a turn on for her.

Ashley had told her how bad she’d wanted her, how she thought she was the hottest girl in a cast filled with hotties. She had told her how she had been bi curious for the longest time and how she was dying to play with another gorgeous girl. She’d told Vanessa how it was agony to work on a show like Pretty Little Liars with gorgeous girls like Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario, not to mention sultry cougars like Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton, and want to fuck them so much but not having the courage to do anything about it.

Since Ashley had never gotten any kind of sign from any of those women that they’d ever wanted to be more than friends or colleagues, she hadn’t wanted to do something risky when her co-stars were like a second family for her. But an on set romance during a movie shoot? That was far more temporary and far easier to pull off.

So Ashley had told Vanessa just how much she wanted to be more than friends and co-stars. She’d told her how hot it was to know she liked girls and how she wanted Vanessa to be the one to turn her bi curiosity into action.

It had been a night of hot confessions and many, many kisses, but it hadn’t been anything more than that. Vanessa had felt far too loyal to her Ashley to succumb to the temptation of another Ashley. And while she’d been disappointed with Vanessa’s decision, especially since going behind her boyfriend’s back to fuck another girl was part of the illicit thrill of it all, Ashley had understood and nothing more had happened between them.

But a lot of things had changed since that hot night and Vanessa was going to make sure she made up for the missed opportunity to fuck Ashley Benson’s brains out. It hadn’t been the first time she had turned down a gorgeous, willing woman because of having a girlfriend and now Vanessa could see just how foolish she’d been. How could she have turned down such a beautiful girl for a woman who was just going to cheat on her?

Well now was the time to make up for those past mistakes and Vanessa was eager to start with Ashley Benson. But she wasn’t planning on just finishing with her. After all, this was payback and Vanessa was going to make sure that revenge was sweet and that she was going to get all the pleasures she had denied herself.

Vanessa had gotten home from crying her eyes out, taken a shower, washed those tears away and had gotten to work setting her plan in motion. The first call had been to Ashley where she’s told her the whole sad story and had asked her to come over to give her a shoulder to cry on. Vanessa hadn’t told Ashley the real purpose of the call though and she’d sprung the surprise on her as soon as they’d gotten onto the couch.

Naturally it had been so easy to get Ashley out of comforting mode and into something far naughtier and they’d been making out ever since. And now that things were getting really steamy and it was more than time for more clothes to start coming off, Vanessa was eager for the second part of her plan to fall into place.

She kept checking out the clock as she kissed Ashley, trying to keep her plenty warm but not let her boil over. If this worked out it was going to be so perfect and Vanessa was sure it was going to work out. After all it was what everyone wanted and there was no reason to deny herself any longer.

Vanessa kept looking at the clock, eager for everything to come together and finally Ashley noticed it.

“Is everything okay?” Ashley asked. She’d been a little concerned that, given the bad breakup she’d just gone through, Vanessa might not really been in the right frame of mind for this. But she had wanted it to happen too badly to give Vanessa any reason to back out now.

“Oh everything’s fine, at least it will be,” Vanessa promised coyly.

She leaned in for another kiss but before hers and Ashley’s lips could meet, Vanessa heard exactly what she’d been waiting for…the doorbell.

“Finally!” Vanessa bolted up from the couch, interrupting the make out session with a big smile on her face.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Ashley asked. “Are you expecting someone?”

“It’s a surprise,” Vanessa replied. “You’re going to love it though. I promise!”

Vanessa didn’t say anything more. She ran out of the living room and toward the door, leaving a very confused Ashley on the couch. What was going on here, she asked herself. Who or what could be coming over now?

Ashley also began to get nervous that this actually wasn’t going to happen. She couldn’t take being denied again. She’d wanted this so much. Her fantasy had been inside her like a volcano waiting for erupt and, short of going to some random bar and finding a hot chick while running the risk of being recognized, she couldn’t think of another way that this could possibly happen.

And when Vanessa returned, Ashley’s confusion grew because she wasn’t alone. Ashley’s jaw hit the floor when she saw that this night wasn’t going to be like she had expected at all. Not only was Vanessa with someone, but it was another beautiful woman and Ashley immediately recognized Jamie Chung.

“Ashley, this is Jamie. Jamie, this is Ashley,” Vanessa said. “You girls already know each other though, right?”

“Ummmm yeah,” Ashley replied, not quite sure what else to say. She and Jamie only knew each other casually and what she had thought was going to happen here between her and Vanessa wasn’t exactly something Ashley was looking for additional company with.

And a look over at Jamie showed that the young woman was just as confused by this development as Ashley was.

“Vanessa? What’s going on here?” Jamie asked, very surprised to see the blonde woman on the couch. “I thought you wanted me to come over so we could…”

Jamie didn’t finish that sentence, but the look in her eyes said the rest and Ashley could see that Jamie had been brought to Vanessa’s under the same promise of pleasure that she’d been given when she’d walked through the door. Seeing that made Ashley relax a little, even though she was still uncomfortable by the turn this had taken.

It was definitely not what Ashley had planned, but if Jamie wanted the same thing she wanted, maybe this wouldn’t be so weird after all.

“Shhhh just relax,” Vanessa said with a twinkle in her eyes. “This is going to be so much fun. Just wait here for a second. Get to know each other a little bit. I’ll be right back. I promise.”

And then, Vanessa was gone. With a little excited giggle in her wake, she zipped out of the living room and ran upstairs, leaving a very confused Ashley and Jamie staring at each other with a whole lot of awkward silence to keep them company.

“So…ummmm how are you?” Ashley finally spoke up, not sure where any of this was heading but hoping it was to a fun place. She and Jamie didn’t really know each other at all aside from a “hello” but there was no denying the girl was extremely beautiful.

“Good…you?” Jamie asked, searching for something, anything to say to make things less weird in here. She had been so excited to get Vanessa’s call, especially with what Vanessa had told her she wanted to do. So she hadn’t been expecting at all to find another woman already there. “So, ummmm…you get all your Christmas shopping done?”

“Almost,” Ashley replied, feeling things get awkward the more she and Jamie just stared at each other trying to make lame small talk. “Ummm look I don’t know what Vanessa told you but I…”

“Yeah, she kind of led me to believe we were going to be alone,” Jamie interrupted, clearly nervous about this change in plans. “I don’t know what she told you either but this isn’t really my thing. I don’t just…”

But that was all Jamie got out before she was interrupted too, this time by Vanessa’s return.

“I’m back!” Vanessa declared standing in the doorway and providing a shock to both Ashley and Jamie as they found themselves staring at quite a view.

When Vanessa had left the living room she’d been wearing a t-shirt, jeans and socks. Now all of those were gone and so was everything else. The only thing Vanessa was wearing was her smile as she stood with her arms on both sides of the doorway, openly displaying herself for her friends to gawk at.

“Holy shit!” Jamie gasped, her eyes drinking in the gorgeous vision of Vanessa Hudgens’ naked body. This was what she had come here to see. This was what she had wanted for so long. But this wasn’t at all how she had expected to see it.

“Vanessa, what the hell is going on?” Ashley asked, finally finding her tongue as she found herself completely unable to take her eyes off Vanessa’s nudity. She looked so gorgeous standing there with nothing on, her beauty only accentuated by the brazen way she flaunted herself.

There was no camera, no crew and no James Franco this time. And, most importantly, there was no little flesh colored patch keeping Ashley from the pussy she so hungered for.

“Look, I know this isn’t what either of you expected,” Vanessa admitted, loving the looks on the faces of her friends as they openly gawked at her nude body. “But I want this and I think we can all have a lot of fun with each other tonight. Ashley, I know how badly you want me and I want you just as much. I wish I’d fucked you that night! Mmm I wanted to taste you so bad and be the first girl to lick your pussy!”

Ashley blushed when Vanessa revealed her bi-curious side so openly to a girl she barely knew, but she didn’t protest. She just kept staring at Vanessa and wishing her own clothes were gone too. And, when she peeked over at Jamie, she saw the gorgeous Asian girl was looking at her now with a new appreciation, indicating that she very much liked what she was hearing.

“And Jamie? I’ve wanted to fuck you too for so long!” Vanessa continued. “You have such an amazing body! When we filmed Sucker Punch I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I know you want me too! Don’t pretend now that you don’t! I remember that night we all got drunk and started doing some truth or dare. You told us all you were bi and when we started daring each other to kiss, your lips felt so good on mine. I just wish I’d been the one to hook up with you that night and not Emily! I know you want me. That’s why you were so eager when I called you up and told you that we could make our fantasies come true.”

“Well yeah…I was…I mean I still am…excited that is, but…ummm I think you had a different fantasy than me,” Jamie said, looking over at Ashley and wondering where all of this was going to lead.

Everything Vanessa was saying was true. Jamie had come over looking to fuck. What she’d brought along in her bag was proof enough of that. But Jamie definitely hadn’t expected to find Ashley here or have a threesome practically be demanded by her hostess.

Jamie prided herself on being open to new experiences and thanks to plenty of exposure to the worlds of possibilities that came along with modeling, reality television and then acting, she had done a lot of things. But an all-girl threesome was not one of them. So she wasn’t exactly ready to jump into it with both feet.

But she definitely had come here looking to make her fantasy about Vanessa come true. She’d been so disappointed when Vanessa hadn’t gone for her while they were filming Sucker Punch, especially that night they ended up playing drunken truth or dare like they were sorority girl stereotypes, complete with intoxicated streaking, naughty confessions and hot kisses.

And while Jamie had hooked up with that foxy British babe Emily Browning that night and found out how wonderfully deceptive Emily’s baby face and innocent demeanor actually were and while she’d also gotten into bed with Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish during those long nights of the shoot, she’d never gotten at Vanessa the way she’d wanted.

Vanessa had demurred any attempt at seduction, telling Jamie she was definitely interested but had someone she cared about too much to have some fling on the set. Naturally, being denied had only made Jamie want Vanessa more but until tonight she had never expected to actually have her. So when Vanessa had called, Jamie had dropped everything she was doing and rushed over here, only to find this twist waiting for her.

“I want both of you!” Vanessa purred, leaning her body a bit forward to make sure she was standing at her sexiest. “I’ve been denying myself too long! I’ve been the loyal girlfriend. I’ve been the good girl! Now I need to be bad! And I want to be bad with you both! Let’s all have some fun! You both want me and I definitely want you! Let’s get in the bedroom so I can fuck both of your brains out!”

As surprising as this circumstance was, both Jamie and Ashley had to admit that was a seriously hot offer. Both of them had made plays for Vanessa, only to be denied. And now she was offering herself to them on a silver platter. How could they resist?

The only catch was that it was going to be a threesome and not one on one, but that wasn’t so awful, was it? After all, neither Ashley nor Jamie were particularly bad looking and seeing Vanessa like this was everything they had both dreamed it would be and more.

Both of them had seen Vanessa naked before. Ashley had done the threesome scene with her and she and Jamie had changed those crazy Sucker Punch outfits in front of each other many times. And, like most people with Internet connections, they had seen Vanessa’s nude photos. But they had never seen her like this and she took both of their breaths away with her erotic pose in the doorway.

Vanessa didn’t say anything more. She didn’t need to. She just let her body and her offer speak for themselves. She ran one hand through her hair with a big smile on her face and let the other hand tantalizingly slide over the firm flesh of her bare breasts, moaning softly as her fingers brushed against her wide areolas. She was leaning just enough to push her body forward and Jamie and Ashley were both hypnotized by the display, their eyes drifting over every gorgeously bare inch of her, particularly between her legs where she was down to a soft landing strip of neat dark curls leading their way to right where the both of them so badly wanted to be.

“C’mon,” Vanessa finally said, walking back into her living room and taking Ashley by the hand, pulling her blonde friend off the couch and then grasping Jaime’s hand as well. “Let me show you my bedroom. Then we can really have some fun!”

Jamie and Ashley remained silent as Vanessa fully took charge. By now it was clear that this threesome was happening whether they were comfortable with it or not and both of them found the idea more appealing by the second, especially as Vanessa pulled them by the hands, leading them out of the living room and deeper into the house.

She pulled them both, all three girls feeling like they were gliding as they climbed the stairs, both Ashley and Jamie completely transfixed by the sight of Vanessa’s bare ass while she walked. Her toned, but oh so soft cheeks jiggling just enough to inflame their lusts even further until both girls felt like they had bonfires in their libidos by the time they reached the bedroom.

Vanessa could have been leading them anywhere and they wouldn’t have cared. How could they care about anything when they had Vanessa’s bare butt right in front of their eyes? The round, tight cheeks of her beautiful ass making them forget all about awkwardness and only crave pleasure, which was exactly what Vanessa wanted. She guided them upstairs and brought them right to the bedroom before she let go of their hands and flung herself on the bed, giggling and jiggling as she took control and beckoned her friends forward with a crook of her finger.

“If you two want me, then you have to come get me,” Vanessa smiled, sliding open her legs enough to let both women see how turned on she’d made herself. “I had the chance to be with both of you before but I was too stupid to take it. Now I want you both together. Get over here so we can play! All of us!”

“You’re so fucking beautiful!” Jamie blurted out, unable to maintain silence anymore when her friend looked so sexy lying in bed and demanding to be ravished. “You really want both of us?”

By now that was beyond obvious, but Vanessa understood that both women were probably a little confused. She hadn’t told either of them that the other was coming. All she’d told them was she’d broken up with her girlfriend and was in need of some comfort.

To Ashley she’d told her she needed a shoulder to cry on. To Jamie she’d told her she needed a pussy to lick. But this had been her plan all along. She was going to pay Ashley back for cheating by fucking the hot women she’d denied herself out of what now was clearly misguided loyalty.

“Mmmmhmmm I’ve wanted to fuck you both for so long and now I’m going to get what I want!” Vanessa declared. “I want you both at the same time! I want all of us to fuck! I want us to ruin these sheets tonight!”

The bed’s comforter was already stripped off and the sheets looked so soft and welcoming, especially with the gorgeous naked woman on top of them. This might have been new to her and more than a little crazy, but, after waiting years for the chance to be with another woman, Ashley Benson wasn’t about to wait a second longer. If this was how it was going to go down, then she was just going to roll with it.

“Fuck it!” Ashley giggled as she pulled her smiling face top over her head and exposed her pink bra, her nipples already hard against the essentially see through material. “Let’s do this! I’m into it if you are Jamie!”

It took Jamie a second to respond. She hadn’t been expecting her night to go like this at all. It had just been a quiet night at home at first but then she’d been given the chance to spice it up with some wild lesbian sex that she’d been dying to experience for so long. And then that chance had turned into something even more as it gave her the chance to be with not only one beautiful woman but two. It might have been a surprise, but a surprise lesbian threesome wasn’t exactly a bad thing.

“Oh I’m into it,” Jamie declared, following Ashley’s lead by starting to strip down. She let her jacket fall off her shoulders and dropped her bag onto the floor and then yanked her shirt off, showing that in her race to get out of her house and get to Vanessa’s she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra.

“Oooooh yes!” Vanessa excitedly moaned at the sight of the gorgeous Asian girl’s firm breasts exposed. They were a sexy handful on Jamie’s toned chest and Vanessa was visibly impressed by how good her friend looked topless. She obviously worked out a lot and the results were on full display through Jamie’s tight tummy, yummy abs and perfect perky tits. “Get naked! Both of you!”

As clothing started to disappear, so did the awkwardness. Ashley openly admired Jamie’s body. She’d noticed how good looking the slim brunette before today was but now she was looking at her with sexual eyes and having Jamie Chung topless and Vanessa Hudgens naked just a foot away from her made Ashley’s pussy freshly wet. She was really getting into this now and she proved it by reaching around her back and undoing her bra clasp.

“Mmmmm sexy!” Jamie moaned when Ashley tossed her bra away and bared her breasts. She was looking at Ashley Benson with new eyes too but Jamie certainly didn’t have to be told just how gorgeous the girl was. After all, she could barely get through an episode of Pretty Little Liars with that assemblage of pure hotness without ending up with wet panties. She just hadn’t been expecting to have the chance to fuck Ashley tonight. “You look great!”

“Thanks,” Ashley smiled, appreciating the compliment. “So do you! You’ve got great tits Jamie!”

“Not as great as yours,” Jamie said hungrily, finding herself starting to crave Ashley’s body just as much as she craved Vanessa’s. “You’re gorgeous!”

Ashley again smiled, a little blush coming over her face. She did love to hear how hot she was, especially from other women and especially from women she wanted to fuck. That certainly included Vanessa and now it included Jamie too.

“You can come and feel them if you want,” Ashley offered. “Mmmm you both can!”

But Vanessa loved her position right then, lying on the bed and getting her friends to put on a show for each other.

“I want to watch,” Vanessa said as Jamie took Ashley up on the invitation and boldly placed her hands on the blonde girl’s bare breasts. “Mmmm that’s it. Show me that you want each other too! Get me even wetter so we can all fuck! I want all three of us tasting and fucking each other all night long!”

Right then that sounded just about perfect to Ashley as she felt an enormous rush of taboo pleasure as a girl she barely knew put her small, soft hands on her tits. She didn’t care if she ever got back to her boyfriend. She just wanted to fuck these beautiful women all night long and finally have her fantasy fulfilled.

Of all of them there, Ashley had the biggest breasts and her full C cup tits were so much fun to play with for Jamie. She eagerly caressed them, moaning as she felt Ashley’s pink pebble nipples swell up even more and into the flesh of her hands. It was so hot to feel those tiny nipples get all nice and stubby under her hands and she couldn’t help herself. Jamie pulled her hands away and instead started to lick, teasing Ashley’s right nipple and her half-dollar sized areola with her wet tongue.

“Mmmmm yesssss!” Ashley moaned, her panties getting mighty sticky as she felt that wet tongue flicking against her nipple, making it stiffen even more from Jamie showing she knew exactly what she was doing. “Ohhhh! Oooh Jamie I never knew you were this hot! Mmmm wow! Yessss lick that nipple baby! I love having my tits played with!”

“Bet your boyfriend doesn’t treat you this good,” Jamie mischievously smiled before going over to the other nipple and licking it with an expertise that made Ashley shiver.

“Oooooh no he doesn’t,” Ashley admitted. She knew it was what Jamie wanted to hear but it also had the benefit of being true. Her nipples were so sensitive. She could have them licked for hours and still not be satisfied and she never got the attention for them that the craved. Jamie’s tongue was like heaven on her breasts and she wanted to feel it elsewhere too. “Mmmm and I’m sure that’s not the only thing you can do better than him.”

“Ooooh naughty!” Jamie giggled. “Mmmm every guy in Hollywood wants a piece of you these days Ashley and you’re still not getting enough at home? Ughhh men! Good thing I’m bi! It’s the only way you’re ever going to get all you need. Because the only thing better than dick is pussy and I wanna feel you lick mine!”

Ashley tossed her blonde head and moaned, loving the way Jamie’s tongue teased and tickled her nipple, making everything tingle in the very best way. This was the most intimate she’d ever really gotten with a girl and it made her want so much more. She’d ached for this fantasy to come true and she wanted so much more.

Ashley was so amped up for this that she felt like Jamie could make her come just by licking her nipples, especially when her fingers began seductively playing with the one she wasn’t licking, giving her even more stimulation.

“Ohhhhh Goddd! Yesss mmm I’ve been dying for this to happen!” Ashley groaned, getting such a rush from looking down to see that beautiful Asian face at her creamy white breast as Jamie began sucking on her nipple. “Mmmm fuckkk yesss! Ooooh I need this! I need to find out what it’s like to fuck a girl! I’ve wanted it so fucking long! I want your pussy Jamie! Mmm I’ll lick wherever you want me to! You too Vanessa! I want you both! I want this to happen so much!”

Hearing that from Ashley delighted Vanessa. She had been content to just sit back and watch her friends get way more acquainted with each other and enjoy the show. She was lying back on her bed touching herself, her fingers gliding over the lips of her pussy and making herself slicker with every touch. Vanessa wanted to make sure that Jamie and Ashley were more comfortable with each other before things really got going and now that the both of them were topless things were definitely getting there. But she wanted to see more.

“Kiss each other!” Vanessa urged, her voice full of both the pleasure she felt from her own touch and the pleasure she imagined would come when her friends were in bed with her. “I want you two to be friends too! Kiss each other like you want to be kissing me!”

Since their shirts were off and her breast was already in Jamie’s mouth, Ashley was pretty sure they had already gone past the “friends” part. But she wasn’t going to argue. Not when Jamie’s lips felt so good against her nipple. She wanted to kiss those lips. She wanted to feel them against her pussy. She wanted it all. And she didn’t want to wait. So Ashley pulled up Jamie from her now wet chest and placed her hands softly on her face, holding her adorable cheeks so she could kiss her sensually right on the lips.

Jamie responded with a moan and a happy return of the sentiment, kissing Ashley back as they really got intimate with each other. They’d come into this practically strangers with one another but now they were sure that not only were they going to be so much more, but that they were going to love it. Ashley quickly dropped her hands from Jamie’s face and instead brought them to someplace even more fun as she caressed her bare tits and really touched a woman sexually for the first time.

She’d felt Vanessa’s tits before, but one time it was during their “rehearsal” and there had been too many clothes on and the other time it had been during the filming, making it impossible for her to really get into it. But now nothing was holding her back. This time it was for real and Ashley took full advantage, moaning as she felt Jamie’s small, but impossibly firm apple sized tits fill her hands. She loved how they felt in her grasp, so warm and sexy, her body so tight but her skin so soft.

“Mmmm yeahh play with them,” Jamie moaned before kissing Ashley again, their wet lips feeling so nice when they were pressed together. “You’re not the only one who loves having her boobs played with! Ohhhh Ashley! Yessss mmmmm feel how hard you’re making my nipples! Mmm I never would have figured you were really into girls. Ooooh I fucked myself once after I saw your threesome scene with V but I never thought you’d really be into this!”

“Oh fuck that’s hot!” Ashley moaned over the confession that such a beautiful woman would masturbate over her. She kissed Jamie back, even harder this time and another boundary between them broke as Jamie opened her mouth and slid her tongue into Ashley’s, a gesture that was happily paid back as the blonde imagined Jamie naked and fucking herself over her sexy scene.

Ashley wasn’t naïve. She knew a lot of men and women got off to her body and she was fine with that. She didn’t mind being sexy and she liked knowing people not only thought she was hot but that they were working through their fantasies by getting off to her and not keeping them pent up. As long as guys didn’t send her dick pics over Twitter it was all cool. But hearing that someone as sexy as Jamie Chung had fucked herself over her and Vanessa? That blew her mind.

“Mmmm it’ll be even hotter when you both get over here and join me,” Vanessa said, not wanting to wait any longer.

The show was super-hot. Her friends looked amazing tongue kissing and it was such a thrill to see them totally getting into each other. But Vanessa was making her own pussy too wet to wait and she needed some loving now. She needed this to start getting herself right again.

“Get over here and show me how much you both really want me,” Vanessa urged, spreading open her legs even more to provide the ultimate invitation to her horny friends. “Get in here and fuck me right in my bed! Fuck me in the bed she got fucked in! Fuck me better than that cheating bitch ever could!”

As friends, it certainly wasn’t missed by either Jamie or Ashley that as much as Vanessa was trying to show she was totally cool with everything they could tell that she was in obvious pain. They didn’t know exactly what had happened, other than that Vanessa had been cheated on. Part of them wondered if maybe this wasn’t the best thing for Vanessa right now, but both girls were easily able to wrestle their consciences into submission. Both of them had longed for the chance to finally fuck her. Now that they had it, they weren’t going to let something stupid like morals stand in their way.

They could deal with emotions later. Right now this was all about fucking and Ashley and Jamie didn’t hesitate. They both wanted each other now but they both wanted Vanessa even more and, pausing only so they could hurriedly get their shoes off, both topless girls dove into bed with Vanessa, taking her exactly how she wanted it with a gorgeous girl on each side.

“Mmmmm I’ve been dreaming so much about this,” Vanessa said with a lick of her lips and a soft caress of the bare breasts of both Jamie and Ashley. “I hated having to say no to you guys. I wanted to fuck you both so much! But I don’t have to say no anymore. Tonight all our fantasies can come true.”

Vanessa proved that by kissing Jamie on the lips, doing what she had longed to do that night long ago while filming Sucker Punch. The whole atmosphere on the set had been a weird one with all of them wearing such crazy outfits, playing up so many fetishes and never actually having any kind of release since no one got naked. Vanessa had sure as hell felt like she was the only one in the cast who never got fucked.  That had led to a lot of frustration and now it was finally going to be released.

Sucker Punch had been a cast full of hotties for sure. But of all of them, Vanessa had been attracted to Jamie the most. She loved how she looked in all those wild costumes. She had loved seeing her dance. And when she had found out that Jamie was bi, Vanessa had wanted her more than ever only to deny herself because of her relationship with Ashley Tisdale.

But what had loyalty gotten her? A wet pussy and no relief. It had brought her nothing but heartbreak and pain. Vanessa was so over that shit. She was going to take what she wanted and she wanted Jamie Chung’s sweet, tight pussy all over her face.

Vanessa made out with Jamie for several long, hot moments. Their tongues rubbed together just like they’d both wanted them to for so long. And, as they kissed, Vanessa felt Ashley rub into her from behind. The girl’s bare breasts squished into her back and felt so good as those nipples pressed against her flesh.

Ashley began kissing Vanessa’s bare shoulder, leading to her neck and the feel of her lips made the hairs on the back of that neck stand up for Vanessa. So she didn’t hesitate to break away from Jamie and start to kiss Ashley instead.

It was even hotter to kiss Ashley now than it had been to do it on the couch. Now most of their clothes were gone and Jamie was here. Now they could fully explore each other more than they had during that one night of vodka and making out and certainly more than they had with a film crew, a naked lead actor and a horny director all staring at them. There was no reason to hold back anymore and she and Ashley didn’t. They wetly rubbed their tongues together as Vanessa helped herself to her first real feel of Ashly’s round tits.

Ashley’s boobs looked so perfect on her sexy topless body and they felt even better. The fact that Ashley wasn’t a very curvy girl other than in her chest only made her breasts seem bigger and Vanessa let her hands roam freely over her friend’s C cups. And that inspired Ashley to do some more exploring of her own. She had loved every second of filming that nude scene in Spring Breakers. After a while she had even forgot that she was naked because she was too busy staring at Vanessa’s great ass and great boobs and…well…great everything!

Now she could do what she’d once done before when she’d been “in character” and now could do totally freely and she reached down and let her hands rest on the awesomeness of Vanessa Hudgens’ ass.

Ashley couldn’t believe that more people weren’t as obsessed with this ass as she was because not only did she want her own butt to look as great as Vanessa’s but she wanted to explore every inch of it with her tongue. Usually a thought like that would make her blush, but not tonight. Tonight the thought of doing a lot of wild things to Vanessa only made her moan.

Ashley and Vanessa continued to kiss as they pressed their bodies together and Vanessa felt up Ashley’s boobs while Ashley let her hands rest softly on Vanessa’s tanned, toned buns. She caressed those yummy ass cheeks, loving how they felt in her hands and wanting to do so much more than just touch them. But Jamie wasn’t about to be left out of this either.

“Don’t forget about me,” the girl pouted before smiling and interjecting herself into the kiss.

But it was an interruption both Vanessa and Ashley were happy to allow as they let their kiss turn into a three-way kiss. After all they were all going to have to get very comfortable with each other and there was no time like the present to start as three beautiful, aroused women let their lips and tongues touch and lick and kiss.

They moaned into each other’s mouths as Vanessa and Jamie would kiss and then Ashley would push her tongue in and then it would be Jamie and Ashley as then Vanessa and Ashley and they just kept going at it, kissing and moaning and exploring each other’s mouths with eager tongues. The only thing that made them untangle themselves from this mess of kisses and limbs was the obvious need to get both Jamie and Ashley a lot more naked.

Any clothing on in the bed was far too much and it was easy to take care of that, especially with all three of them committed to it. And since Vanessa was in the middle, she was able to once again take command by sliding Ashley’s jeans off.

As her blonde friend moaned, Vanessa effortlessly popped open her jeans and began sliding them down. But she was moving too slowly for Ashley’s tastes. Ashley needed her clothes off yesterday and she showed that by furiously pushing them down. Cursing herself for wearing something so tight, Ashley pushed and shoved her skinny jeans down as Vanessa giggled over her eagerness.

But eventually it was done, leaving Ashley in nothing but pink panties which matched the bra that was already on the floor. Like the bra, the panties were essentially see through and Ashley’s visible arousal exacerbated that, turning the pink panties into something that was almost opaque, her aroused pussy lips all puffy as they pressed against the crotch of her panties and the wet spot making them cling to her labia.

It was a beautifully horny site to see and Vanessa didn’t even wait to get them off. She just took her hand and slid under the waistband, pushing inside Ashley’s panties to touch her pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!” Ashley groaned with a sharp intake of breath. “Mmmm gawwd Vanessa! Ughh fuckkk! You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted you to do that!”

“Oh I know! Mmmm I can feel how fucking wet you are for me, bad girl!” Vanessa saucily smiled in reply. “Mmmmm you’re so tight Ashley! Oooh and I’ll bet you taste awesome too! This is such a tight, wet pussy baby! I wanna play with it! I wanna lick it! I wanna make you come!”

Ashley had waited so long to hear Vanessa say those words with it, but she wasn’t the only one.

“What about my pussy?” Jamie wickedly asked, finishing pulling off her tights and showing that her panties had remained home along with her bra. She tossed her no longer needed pants onto the floor and eagerly spread herself open, moaning as she felt the wetness already clinging to her labia. “Don’t you want that too V?”

“So fucking much!” Vanessa huskily replied as she took her free hand and pressed it right between Jamie’s legs, touching her wetness and making both of her friends moan and quiver as she rubbed them at the same time. “Mmmmm I love how wet you are Jamie! Oooooh your pussy feels so hot! Mmmm and juicy too! I wanna fuck you Jamie! Like I should have a long time ago!”

Vanessa would have said more but the two women flanking her on the bed fell onto her, kissing her passionately and making another messy ballet of wet girl tongues dancing together. Vanessa kept both of her hands rubbing Jamie and Ashley’s pussies and, after they ceased kissing for the moment, both girls latched themselves to Vanessa’s tits, each of them helping themselves to one of Vanessa’s pink breasts and kissing her wide areolas, making her stiffen and moan with pleasure.

“Oooooooh! Yesssss mmmm suck my tits! Mmmm yeahhhh so good!” Vanessa urged, keeping her hands hard at work rubbing their pussies. “Show me what eager little sluts you are! Mmmm I’m gonna fuck you both so good! I wanna ruin my bed with how much we all come tonight! I just wish we were in Ashley’s bed so that bitch could see me stain her sheets with my cum like I had to see that cheater do to mine!”

It took Ashley a second to realize that it was Ashley Tisdale that Vanessa was talking about, not her. She felt bad about whatever happened between them. When she and Vanessa had filmed the movie, the brunette had seemed so happy. But she didn’t dare ask for details. She could find that out later. She didn’t want to do anything to spoil the mood, not when she was finally getting what she wanted. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet.

Jamie was feeling hornier than she had in a long time too. What she was doing here with Vanessa and Ashley might have been her first all-girl threesome but it was far from the wildest thing she had done.

On the kink scale of her life this was actually far below a Real World party where she’d gotten a little out of control and ended up being double penetrated by two black guys and it couldn’t come close to the kinky thrill she’d gotten the time after a late night out with her Sorority Row co-stars had ended with Rumer Willis going down on her.

That alone hadn’t been the kinky part, but when she’d moaned out to Rumer and asked her who had taught her to eat pussy so good and Rumer had replied wickedly “My mom,” that had been wild enough to make Jamie come instantly all over the girl’s tongue.

But even if this wasn’t the wildest or the kinkiest thing she’d ever done, it still meant a hell of a lot to her. She hated having fantasies not fulfilled. Jamie believed in living her life to the fullest and not denying herself the pleasures that were out there for her.

She wasn’t planning on leaving this world for a very, very long time but when she did she was committed to having no regrets. That meant going for what she wanted, especially when that involved getting hot men and women into bed with her.

She was young. She was hot. She wanted to have fun. And sex was the most fun you could ever have. Jamie’s experiences had taught her that emphatically. So being able to not only check off fucking Vanessa but also having her first all-girl threesome (something she was already planning to repeat) checked off on her sexual to-do list made Jamie very, very happy.

“Mmmmm your hand feels so good Vanessa! Get your fingers inside me! I’m so fucking wet for you!” Jamie moaned, drooling onto Vanessa’s bare breast and licking it off as she eagerly extended a hand to caress Ashley Benson’s ass through her panties. “Ooooooh yesssss! Mmmm yeahhh slide those fingers right into my pussy! You make me so wet baby! I need you V! Ooooh I fucking need you so bad!”

“God, so do I!” Ashley moaned, loving Jamie’s hand on her backside as Vanessa’s fingers pushed into her cunt too. “I’ve been dying for you to be my first V! I love your fingers in me! I’m gonna need more though! I want you to lick me! I want you to be the first girl to eat my pussy!”

Vanessa couldn’t believe how perfectly this had worked. She had two of the most beautiful women in the world literally begging her to fuck them. They were all going to fuck and Vanessa had no doubt that she would come hard from this. So why wasn’t she happier?

This was her fucking revenge! She was going to fuck the two women she had denied herself. She was going to make sure Ashley knew about it. She was going to throw it right in that cheater’s face! So why was she still as empty inside as she had been from the moment she had caught Stella’s face between Ashley’s legs? Why couldn’t she make it stop hurting?

Deciding what she needed right then was to take the action up a level, Vanessa pulled her hands away from her friends’ pussies and sat up on the bed, leaving her boobs wet from the way Ashley and Jamie had been sucking and kissing them. She wasn’t about to wallow in misery. Not when she had these two hotties eager to play.

“Lie back Ashley!” Vanessa instructed. “Mmm and Jamie, I know you’re going to know just what to do, won’t you naughty girl?”

Vanessa then set to work. Ashley eagerly complied with the request and lay on her back on the bed, moaning in giddy desire as Vanessa slid her panties down her legs, leaving her as naked as the other two women on the bed. It was such a naughty thrill to feel her panties being stripped off by another woman, especially from the way the wetness of the fabric touched her skin, rubbing down her leg and leaving a thin trail of juice until Vanessa had her underwear completely off.

But that thrill was nothing compared to what she felt when Vanessa pushed her legs open and got right to it, getting her face between Ashley’s pristine thighs and dragging her tongue up the glistening slit she’d just been touching.

“OHHHH MY GOD!” Ashley cried out as she finally felt a female tongue on her pussy.

After all the waiting for this. After all the lusting for Vanessa. After all the times she’d had to tell herself not to stare too much at Selena Gomez and the rest of their bikini-clad co-stars. After all the times she’d had to keep from drooling over the dirty dreams of her, Shay, Lucy and Troian in a lesbian foursome. After all the fantasizing and all the denial she finally had what she wanted.

And in all that time Ashley had never once considered that it might end up being less than she had hoped it would be. The idea of her fantasy disappointing her had never even occurred to her and now that faith was being rewarded.

The feel of Vanessa’s hot tongue on her wet pussy was everything she had hoped for and more. To have her sensitive lips licked so skillfully made her clit throb and her juices drip. It only took a few licks from that talented tongue to see that her hottest hopes were going to come true. Her friend was going to lick her better than any man ever had.

“Ooooooh! Yesss Vanessa yesssss!” Ashley urged, her hand reflexively going to her own mouth to cover it and keep from screaming even though she had no reason to silence herself. “Ohhhhhh yesssss fuck me! Ughhh make my nasty fucking fantasy come true baby! Eat my pussy! OOOOOH FUCKKKKKK!!!”

The feel of Vanessa’s tongue on her pussy lips, bathing them clean of her horny juices and then diving past them to enter her velvety core was like nothing she had ever experienced. It made her feel like some kind of virgin again because she had never had sex like this. She had always liked men and she knew she was damn good at fucking them, but her first lesbian experience was making her feel like sex was new to her again. She had no idea what to do or what to say. All she knew was that it felt every bit as amazing as she had ever dreamed.

Ashley kept crying out in pleasure, calling out Vanessa’s name and telling her how good she was. She had no idea what to do with her hands so she just let them fall to her sides and grab at the sheets, tugging at them as her hips bucked and she began rubbing herself into Vanessa’s face, desperately wanting her friend’s tongue deeper inside her. She begged Vanessa for more and got it, her cries getting louder and louder as Vanessa began tongue fucking her, thrusting into her pussy and getting at her core.

“Ughhhh God! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Ohhhhh never stop fucking me Vanessa!” Ashley cried, her full breasts bouncing as her body rocked and rode the waves of pleasure her friend was giving her. “Ohhhh my God! You’re so good! You’re so fucking good at this baby!”

As Ashley lay back on the bed with her legs open, Vanessa was on her knees bent over between them. Her hands caressed Ashley’s thighs and stomach as she went down on her and her own ass was jutting out, providing a mighty juicy view of her slit from behind for Jamie to stare at. But the former reality show star wasn’t just about to gawk at it, not when it was more fun to do something about it.

Vanessa had told Jamie she would know just what to do and she’d been absolutely correct. Jamie definitely didn’t have to be told what was expected her. She just did it. Of course she also helped herself to a chance to admire just how amazing Vanessa’s butt was, running her hands over those cheeks and moaning from the results of all of Vanessa’s time in the gym and dancing herself into shape.

Her ass was so sexy and her pussy looked even better. And Jamie wasn’t shy about getting a taste. She knew it was what Vanessa wanted her to do and she sure as hell wanted to do it to her.

“Mmmmmm! Yeahhhhhhhh!” Vanessa groaned from Jamie’s experienced tongue starting to lap away at her pussy lips from behind. The Korean girl had read her mind and her tongue was just as hot as she’d always dreamed it would be. “Ooooh Emily told me how good you were! Mmmm fuckk she made me so jealous when she told me how hard you made her come! Now it’s my turn Jamie! Fuck me! Mmmm lick that pussy while I’m licking Ashley’s!”

Jamie grinned as she thought about how she’d blown Emily Browning’s dirty young mind with her tongue. She’d had so much fun fucking Emily and spending other nights between the sheets with Jena and Abby and she liked that Emily had bragged about her. She’d wanted Vanessa the most of all of them and even though it had taken a lot longer than she had hoped to get her, it was so worth that wait.

Vanessa’s pussy was some of the hottest honey she had ever tasted. Her lips were so tight and smooth and wonderfully tasty. She loved how juicy Vanessa already was and Jamie was sure she could make her even juicer as she got naughty with her, just like she adored being able to do with other hot girls.

Even on The Real World Jamie had never gotten a “bad girl” reputation because in truth she wasn’t one. She really was a good girl, albeit one who was very, very good at fucking, and she’d been fucking girls before she’d been fucking boys. That might have been a product of both rebelling a little against strict parents and the whole San Francisco environment she’d been raised in, but Jamie hadn’t examined it too deeply. She liked what she liked and she loved both cock and pussy.

And right then she was all about pussy. With Vanessa’s deliciously pink vagina in her face, how could she think about anything else? She happily worked her tongue over those tight cunt lips and ran her hands all over the firm curves of Vanessa’s ass, exploring the feel of her smooth, feminine flesh before burrowing her tongue inside and pressing her lips of her mouth against the lips of Vanessa’s pussy. Jamie had wanted this taste on her tongue for so long and nothing about it disappointed.

“Ohhhh Jamieeee yesssss yessss ughhh fuckkkk take that pussy! Ughh yeahhh stuff that naughty little tongue of yours in me!” Vanessa cried. “Mmm fuck me good baby! Fuck me so much better than that cheating bitch ever did!  Ooooh yesss your tongue is so fucking good! Better than hers! Mmmm yesss lick me like that!”

But as much as she loved feeling Jamie’s tongue in her and as much as she wanted to cry out how much better the girl was than Ashley Tisdale at eating her out, more for her own ears than for her friends’, Vanessa made sure to focus as much as she could on getting Ashley Benson off. The gorgeous blonde was completely naked in front of her and looking like one of the most beautiful things Vanessa had ever seen. She loved staring up at her and seeing those bouncing tits and seeing how hard and pink Ashley’s nipples were.

What Vanessa loved seeing most of all though was Ashley’s face. She loved seeing that beautiful face contorting in pleasure from her mouth on her pussy. Vanessa loved knowing she was the one who was making her feel good. She loved knowing she was the first woman to fuck this tight, delicious pussy. She loved knowing that she didn’t need Ashley Tisdale at all. She could have Ashley Benson or any other girl out there that she wanted to fuck. Vanessa didn’t need a girlfriend. She didn’t need a sister. All she needed was herself.

“Mmmm you gonna come for me Ashley? Gonna come from me fucking your sweet little hole?” Vanessa groaned, teasing her friend as she rubbed her fingers against her spread pussy lips, massaging them and making Ashley cry out again and again from how skillfully she did it. “Are you going to get all that yummy juice on my face so you can lick it off me? Mmmm you taste so good Ash! I knew you had to have a sweet pussy and you taste even better than I thought!”

“Oooooooooooooooh yeahhhh! Gawwd I’ll so fucking come for you!” Ashley cried, the idea of not getting off from what Vanessa was doing to her seeming utterly inconceivable. She was actually surprised she hadn’t come already. She had never felt anything like this from being gone down on. “Mmmm fuckkk let me taste it too Vanessa! Mmm lemme taste it all over your lips! Kiss me and feed me my own pussy!”

Ashley was babbling a little now and Vanessa found it so adorable and arousing. She loved knowing how excited and horny she was making her former co-star. Ashley Benson was so beautiful and she wanted to make her come so much. Maybe if she played her cards right, Ashley would set up a special party someday soon where she could get all those Pretty Little Liars friends of hers over and Vanessa could fuck them too. She could do whatever she wanted now! She could fuck whoever she wanted to!

“Mmmm yeah taste yourself bad girl,” Vanessa giggled, pulling up so she and Ashley could be face to face. “Taste your own pussy on another girl’s lips! Taste what a naughty girl you are for lezzing out with me and Jamie!”

“Ohhhhh!” Ashley moaned in delight as she was kissed passionately by her friend. It wasn’t like this was the first time she’d tasted herself. She never minded licking her own fingers after some alone time and she certainly wasn’t shy about sucking a cock that had just been fucking her, but it was so much hotter to do it like this.

She loved kissing women. Vanessa and Jamie’s lips had felt absolutely amazing and it was even better now that she was kissing Vanessa and tasting her own pussy. Ashley knew she was going to be kissing a whole lot more girls now and she couldn’t wait. This was unbelievable and she was aching for more. So when Vanessa tried to deepen the kiss by putting her tongue in Ashley’s mouth, the blonde instead pushed down on Vanessa’s shoulders, urging her back to her pussy.

“Fuck me more!” Ashley demanded. “Put your tongue back in my pussy! Don’t stop Vanessa! Don’t stop for anything! Don’t even stop after I come! Just keep fucking me over and over again until I pass out from being a nasty little lez with you!”

“Anything you say baby,” Vanessa purred seductively, giving Ashley that wicked little smile of hers as she pulled away from the blonde’s face and instead kissed her way down her chest and over her stomach, tickling Ashley’s belly button while trying not to think about how this Ashley was an innie just like her Ashley was and how this Ashley giggled the same way her Ashley did whenever she did that to her.

Vanessa didn’t think about any of that. She forced it right out of her mind and instead focused on Ashley Benson’s sticky, pink lips. She was soaking wet and Vanessa got her face right back between those spread thighs and resumed licking as quickly as she could, lapping up the juice that was dripping out of Ashley, cleaning it off with eager licks and gulping it down like it was the yummiest taste in the world. And this time Vanessa got her whole mouth on her friend, sucking Ashley’s cunt and making the girl shake with pleasure.

“AHHHHH! FUCKKKKK!” Ashley screamed out in utter bliss as she felt Vanessa practically devour her pussy lips and slurp the juice right out of her. “OH MY GODDDDD!  OOOOH SHITTTT! YESSSSS! OH VANESSAAAA! UGHH FUCK ME! YESSS! YOU DO THAT SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN MY BOYFRIEND! OOOOH FUCKKKKK! OOOOHHHH FUCKING EAT IT YOU HOT SLUT! EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!”

Ashley’s hands flailed wildly again until she finally, by reflex, planted one on the back of Vanessa’s head, holding her down to her pussy as she humped herself into her face. The other hand clawed at the sheets as her whole body crackled with energy. This was so fucking amazing! Ashley both kicked herself for never having tried this before and also realized that this was totally worth the wait.

Vanessa would suck on her pussy for a while, her mouth knowing just what to do to the blonde’s meaty pussy lips and then she’d lick. She’d lap away at Ashley’s vagina for all she was worth, tasting the sweet juiciness and her own saliva and then thrust her tongue right into the girl, fucking her and making sure she was focused right on her clitoris as it swelled up for her. Vanessa knew just what girls liked and she showed it to Ashley, working her pussy over completely with her talented mouth.


But Vanessa wasn’t the only one there who knew exactly what she was doing. Jamie lacked for nothing when it came to fucking girls. She’d never fucked Vanessa before but she knew just how to find her sweet spots and she didn’t hold back. She went after her with a fierce licking, bathing her slit clean at first and then burrowing inside her, pressing her face right into Vanessa’s ass cheeks from behind and making sure her tongue went in deep as she nestled her nose in between those hot, yummy buns of her friend.

Vanessa loved every second of this, moaning wildly while she went down on Ashley. She had hoped that Jamie would be as good as her reputation and she was so happy to find out that the gushing praise she’d heard from Emily had been nothing compared to how good Jamie really was at fucking.

Vanessa was eager to let that sexy girl do whatever she wanted to her. Jamie’s tongue thrust into her just right and her hands squeezed her butt in a way that was forceful but not too hard. It made her feel completely desired but also gave Vanessa the feeling that Jamie could get rough if she wanted to, a little sliver of realization that both scared and turned her on totally. She loved being a little afraid of the hot girl fucking her. It made the sex so much more delicious.

“Mmmmm smack it!” Vanessa managed to mumble out in between licks of Ashley’s honeypot, wanting to feel more than just those hot hands on her butt cheeks. “Slap my ass Jamie!”

“Ooooh yeah? Are you a bad girl?” Jamie teased with a juicy smile Vanessa couldn’t see before she gave Vanessa’s bare ass a firm, sexy smack.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss!” Vanessa hissed as her booty got slapped. “So fucking bad! I’m going to be the baddest fucking girl in the world now! I’m going to fuck every hot girl I know! I’m going to fuck them all and rub it right in her cheating face! I’ll show that bitch what it’s like to cheat! Oooooh fuck yeahhhh! Spank me Jamie! Spank me while I make Ashley into a cheater too! Ooooh both of you! Your boyfriends are home wondering where you are and you’re here fucking me like total nasty sluts! AHHHHH!”

Vanessa cried out sharply this time as she got a harder smack against her ass, the feel of her flesh stinging from Jamie’s skilled hand making her pussy drool. She never minded a little spanking when she was in the mood for it, but no one had ever done it as hard as Jamie just had. Vanessa loved it though. She loved feeling like a bad girl. She loved how Jamie made her skin tingle so good from slapping her ass, giving her another hard smack and then another before she stopped and got right back to licking.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssss! Ooooooh Jamie! FUCK YESSSSS!” Vanessa cried as that talented tongue worked her clit, thrusting into her pink folds to stimulate her and then targeting her sensitive clitoris. “OOOOH FUCKK YEAHH I’M A BAD GIRL! BUT YOU’RE BAD TOO JAMIE! OOOOH YESSSSS FUCKING LICK MY CUNT LIKE THE SEXY BITCH YOU ARE! YESSSS FUCKKKKK! LICK THAT CLITTY JAMIE! OOOOOH FUCKKK YESSSSS YOUR TONGUE FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!”

“Mmmm you know what a sexy bitch I am now!” Jamie giggled, using one hand now to spread open Vanessa’s ass cheeks to get a better chance to tongue fuck her tight pussy and using the other to rub her own bare beaver, playing with her smooth, slick flesh and rubbing the wetness soaking her pussy lips all over her thighs as she rubbed her own tender lips. “You should never have turned me down before! Mmmm now you get spanked and fucked because you deserve it Vanessa! I’m not a bad girl! Mmm I just love acting bad for hot girls like you baby! And I’m gonna show you how bad I can be as I make this pretty little cunt all creamy and cummy! I’ll make you come so good for me V and let you feel what you should have been getting from me this whole time!”

Vanessa cried out happily as Jamie proved she was as good as her boastful words. The girl was wonderful at fucking her. She loved the way her tongue knew just where to lick and how to lick it. Vanessa’s clit was throbbing and her head buzzing as her body filled with exquisite pleasure from Jamie’s tongue working her pussy over. But she continued to not let that distract her too much from playing with Ashley, because as much as Vanessa wanted to come all over Jamie she wanted Ashley to come all over her even more.

She wanted to blow Ashley’s mind with an orgasm. She wanted to make her feel so good she’d dump her boyfriend and be her little blonde fuck buddy. How great would that be? Being able to totally throw it in Ashley Tisdale’s face how quickly she’d been replaced by another blonde Ashley. Then she’d seen how she’d meant nothing to her at all and that her cheating on her with Stella had just saved Vanessa the trouble of dumping her first. She couldn’t wait to do that and she knew that all she had to do was make Ashley come first.

Vanessa could tell that she was close to that. She could taste it in her juices and she could hear it in her moans and, most of all, she could feel it in the way Ashley ran her hand through her dark hair, pressing her close to her pussy as she trembled on the bed. Ashley was breathing hard and gasping out her happy words, urging Vanessa to go on as her tongue lapped at her clitoris making it pulse and sending pleasure right up to her brain that made her feel as if every nerve in her body was dancing together in a big, joyful line.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” Ashley cried as Vanessa licked her bud, the tip of her tongue giving her the precise stimulation to her clit. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssss! Yesssss ooooh gawwwd please don’t fucking stop! OHHHH VANESSAAAAA! YESSS FUCK MEEEE! OOOOH FUCKKK YESSSS FUCK ME SO GOOD! YESSSS OOOH JUST LIKE THAT! OHHH FUCK YOU’RE FUCKING ME SO GOOD!”

“Mmmmm better than a man, huh?” Vanessa teased.

“Oh fuck yes! You gotta ask?” Ashley gasped and laughed.

“Even better than your boyfriend?” Vanessa continued.

“Oooooh soooooo much better!” Ashley replied enthusiastically. “Mmmmm fuck he goes down on me like it’s his job! But you do it because you love it! Ughhhh fuckkkk! Oh yesssss mmmm yesssssssss right there Vanessa! OOOOH RIGHT FUCKING THERE! Mmmmmm wowwwww I see why girls turn into lesbians! FUCKKK YESSSSS YOU EAT MY PUSSY SO GOOD! OOOOOH YESSSS DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT VANESSA! EAT MY PUSSY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO MAKE ME COME! UGHHHH FUCKKKKK!”

Right then Ashley could barely remember her boyfriend’s name much less recall his pitiful attempts at cunnilingus. All she cared about was what Vanessa was doing to her. It was so amazing. She was sure the girl was going to be able to make her see stars from the way she was licking her.

Ashley didn’t know what she loved more, feeling Vanessa lick her wet folds, having that incredible tongue on her clit, experiencing that tongue thrusting into her like she wanted to lick her brains out or just having Vanessa’s warm, loving mouth clamped on her pussy sucking the juices right out of her. But Ashley did know she enjoyed it all and she never wanted her friend to stop.

Vanessa had both of her hands between Ashley’s thighs now, spreading her pussy open as far as she could to be able to work her over with her mouth.  And with Ashley’s legs already spread open on the bed, Vanessa had plenty of room to play with. So when she got her mouth right on Ashley’s clitoris, taking advantage of how much she’d made it swell with her tongue as she wrapped her lips around it and suckled at it, Ashley felt like she was going to explode.


Vanessa gave Ashley’s clit a little nip with her teeth for calling her a slut. She wasn’t a slut. She wasn’t the girl who had cheated. But she knew that Ashley had meant it playfully and, after the girl yelped from the little nip, Vanessa kissed the blonde’s clit to make it better. And then she did even more than that, getting her lips around the swollen pleasure center again and sucked on it even harder, making Ashley scream as Vanessa found herself needing to do some screaming of her own from Jamie who had increased the pleasure by shoving two fingers right into her.


That reminded Vanessa of how her Ashley had always known just how to work her fingers and operate the delicate intricacies of her pussy like she knew every nook and hidden secret of it. Jamie was good. But Ashley had been amazing at using her fingers. However Vanessa responded by trying to shove her right out of her mind. She had another Ashley who needed her attention now and Ms. Benson reminded her of that by pushing down on her head harder and forcing her back to her pussy.

“Nooooo ughhh don’t you dare stop! Don’t even think about stopping! Please Vanessa please! I’ll do anything if you don’t stop! I’ll fuck you back so good! I’ll make your pussy as creamy as you made mine I’ll….OOOOOH FUCKKK YESSSS YESSSSSS VANESSA YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Ashley screamed, stopping her promises because she had something even better to react to when she felt that mouth back on her clit, those soft lips wrapping around it and sucking the cum right out of her. “OHHH SHIT! OHH MY GOD VANESSA! YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME! OOOOH YESSS OH FUCK ME! OOOOH JUST A LITTLE MORE!”

“Mmmm yessss I want your cum so bad,” Vanessa moaned lustfully when she came up for breath before diving back down to suck on Ashley’s clit. “Feed me Ashley! Ooooh I wanna make you a total pussy slut like me! Mmm I don’t even want you to think about your boyfriend again! I want you to bring me all your hot girlfriends so I can fuck them too! I’m going to fuck everyone I wanna fuck now! No more holding back! Mmm and I’m starting with you Ashley! Come for me baby! Get that yummy cum all over my tongue and face! I’m gonna do it to you Ash! I’m gonna be the first girl to make you come!”

Ashley couldn’t wait for this. She wanted this orgasm more than she had ever wanted one before, even the first she had ever had from a lover’s touch. That first come had made her realize that sex could be wonderful. But that was nothing compared to this. It was like she was really truly experiencing sex for the first time and Ashley knew there was only one way to properly end this.


Even though she’d been so eager for it and even though she’d known it was coming, it still took Ashley by surprise how intense it was. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. She couldn’t believe how much it made her feel like her pussy was exploding in pleasure. She couldn’t believe that anyone could go a day without experiencing bliss like this.

She loved it. She loved every second of it as the feel of Vanessa sucking on her clit made her come like she’d never come before.


Vanessa relished knowing she was the first woman to taste these sweet creams as they oozed out of Ashley and onto her tongue. She licked her friend to orgasmic satisfaction and made sure not to miss a drop. It was so hot knowing she was the first to be able to do this. She loved knowing Ashley knew she was better than any boyfriend could be. And Vanessa wanted to tell her that she was sweeter than any girlfriend could be.

Her mouth was full of Ashley’s yummy pussy cum and she greedily swallowed it down, letting it fill her hungry stomach and distract her from how much she missed the juices of the girl she was desperately trying to forget.

Vanessa sucked and licked and swallowed as Ashley’s cries turned to moans and coos, the pleasure never stopping as she slumped back against the sheets of the bed, her sweaty body so satisfied as she kept rubbing herself into Vanessa’s face and left her hand on the back of the brunette’s head, encouraging her to keep going.

Ashley could feel the cum dripping out of her pussy as she moaned in mind blown delight. It trickled down from her cunt onto her thighs and even went from her splayed labia lips into waiting little asshole, a delicious reminder that she had never come this hard from anything, even her best toys.

“Ohhhh my Godddd V! You fucking ruined me for men!” Ashley laughed in delight as Vanessa just kept on licking like she wanted to get every last drop of cum out of her. “Ooooh fuck yessss! Mmmm lick up that juicy little pussy of mine! You’re so good! So fucking good! What kind of crazy bitch would ever cheat on you when you can fuck like that?”

That was what finally got Vanessa to stop her licking and at first Ashley was afraid she had insulted her friend by bringing up what had to be a very raw thing for her. She hadn’t meant to say it. It had just slipped out thanks to all Vanessa had done to turn her brain into Jell-O. She was about to apologize when Vanessa pulled her head up from between her thighs but it turned out she didn’t need to. Vanessa didn’t seem mad. Instead she pulled herself up so she was laying on top of Ashley and kissed her.

“Mmmm you’re so right!” Vanessa said. “She’s a crazy bitch! A stupid, awful crazy bitch! They both are!”

Vanessa didn’t say anything more, though. Instead she concentrated on kissing Ashley and doing what she’d been intending to do ever since her first lick. She took the cum that was left in her own mouth and pushed it into Ashley’s while they tongue kissed, feeding the girl her own orgasm as their naked bodies rubbed together. Vanessa remained on top of Ashley, grinding her tits into her friend’s bigger pair and loving how their hard nipples felt poking into each other. She hooked her hands into Ashley’s and held her down as they kissed as Ashley happily to kiss her back and submissively lie back to enjoy the pleasure.

Ashley just wanted to keep this pleasure going and feeling her own cum being fed to her was a fine way to do that. Ashley felt wonderfully slutty as she tasted herself and swallowed it, moaning as Vanessa positioned herself so it wasn’t just their naked tits that were touching but their pussies too.

“Oooooh yessss mmmm that feels so good!” Ashley dreamily moaned, enjoying every bit of her afterglow. “Mmmmm oooooh yeahhh rub me Vanessa! Mmmm rub our pussies together! Ughh gawd that’s so naughty!”

Jamie had to admit that it was really hot to see Vanessa’s tanner skin on top of Ashley’s blonde, pristine flesh and she loved seeing them rub into each other, especially as Ashley got into it and started to rub back. They weren’t quite scissoring yet, but Jamie was sure that if she let them be they’d be into that soon enough. However, she wasn’t about to let them do that, not when it denied her what she wanted.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jamie asked with a giggle, giving Vanessa’s bare ass another smack, but this one more playful. “Don’t you even think about getting that pussy away from me. I’m not even close to being finished with it yet.”

Vanessa looked up from kissing Ashley and moaned when she saw how gorgeous Jamie looked sitting up in her bed with her naked body totally exposed, her small breasts looking absolutely perfect on her chest with her swollen, dark nipples looking like ripe berries begging to be sucked. But mostly Vanessa got off on seeing the shiny glaze around Jamie’s lips and a little on her chin too. She knew that was from her own juices and she loved it. So she pulled Jamie to her and gave her a big kiss, tasting herself all over her.

“Mmmmm yessssss naughty girl, taste your juice,” Jamie groaned while they kissed, their lips smacking together wetly before their tongues played too, rubbing against each other all slippery and eager. “You love how your pussy tastes, don’t you Vanessa?”

“Oh yeah!” Vanessa enthusiastically replied. “Mmmm I know I taste good!”

“Goddamn right you do,” Jamie said with a smile. “And I want a lot more of that taste! Lie back for me!”

That wasn’t a request and Jamie made that clear by pushing Vanessa off of Ashley and onto her back on the bed. Vanessa moaned as her bare butt touched the sheets that were all warm and damp from the three of them fucking in her bed and she eagerly spread her legs open for her friend, letting Jamie know that she was there for the taking.

“Taste away!” Vanessa giggled. “Make me come Jamie! Gawd, I’m so fucking ready for this! You’re fucking me so good baby! Finish me off! Make my pussy fucking cream! Oooh no make me squirt!”

Vanessa only knew one girl who could squirt and it was the girl she didn’t want to think about right then. She had been really frustrated with her own inability to do it and not even Ashley could do it on command like the girls in some pornos they’d naughtily watched together. So she knew it was wishful thinking that Jamie could do it to her. But she still wanted it.

“Oooooh kinky! I’ve never made a girl squirt before but I’d love to have you be the first,” Jamie laughed, more or less admitting that it might have been beyond even her advanced skills to get that kind of a reaction from a girl. “Mmmm now let’s see just how much I can make that tight little yummy cookie come!”

Vanessa could only moan in need as she lay back on her own bed, her head softly resting against the pillows and her ass pressed into a wet spot that Ashley had left, and Jamie dove back in between her thighs and proceeded to devour her pussy. She’d had no idea just how pussy hungry her former co-star was and Vanessa loved it, especially because Ashley snuggled her naked, sweaty and glowing body right into hers and kissed her while Jamie went down on her.

“OOOOOOH FUCKKKKK!” Vanessa cried while Jamie hungrily licked at her cunt, tonguing it furiously as she bucked on the bed, her tits shaking as Ashley began playing with them, massaging them with warm, soft hands that felt so good on her. “OOOOH YESSSSS EAT IT! UGHHH FUCKING EAT MY PUSSY JAMIE! OOOOH YESSS MMM GAWWWD YOU CUM THIRSTY LITTLE SLUT! UGHHH FUCKKK THIS IS JUST WHAT I NEED! MAKE ME FEEL GOOD JAMIE! OHHHH YESSSSSSS!”

Jamie was certainly happy to oblige. She wasn’t there to play games. She was there to do what she’d wanted to do for so long. She was there to fuck Vanessa Hudgens and she wasn’t going to be nice about it. She’d hated being denied Vanessa’s pussy and she was going to make sure Vanessa knew what a fool she’d been to wait for this. She was going to make sure she knew just how good she was and how hard she could make her come.

Vanessa was definitely finding that out and she frantically gasped and cried out her pleasure from the way Jamie fused her mouth to her pussy and thrust her tongue in. It was like bolts of sexual electricity being shot into her and Vanessa shook on the bed from it, her hips thrusting up to meet Jamie’s tongue without her even having to think about it.

It felt so good to have that hot tongue in her and Jamie knew exactly what she was doing. She was a pussy licker extraordinaire and Vanessa was truly finding out just what she’d missed by not hooking up with the girl before.

“OOOOOH YESSS YESSSS! OOOOOH FUCKKK THAT’S SO GOOD!” Vanessa cried, Jamie going after her with a pussy starved skill that only the girls at the mansion had been able to make her feel. Vanessa had to wonder just how many girls Jamie had fucked to get this good and she wanted to thank every single one of them with a kiss because her newest lover was amazing. “OHHH YOU’RE MAKING ME SO FUCKING WET! UGHH YESSSSS FEEL MY JUICE GOING RIGHT INTO YOUR HOT MOUTH JAMIE! UGHHHH YEAHHH LICK IT ALL OUT! LICK IT AND SUCK IT AND MAKE ME FUCKING COME ALL OVER YOU!”

Jamie made it clear that Vanessa wasn’t moving an inch away from her until she’d drained the cum right out of her. She hooked her arms under Vanessa’s legs and wrapped them around her thighs so she could hold her tight and keep her pressed right up against her mouth. Vanessa loved that and eagerly reciprocated by grinding herself into her friend, fucking Jamie’s gorgeous face. That forced her tongue in deeper and made her squeal with pleasure as Jamie buried her tongue into her and fucked her pinkness.

“Oh my God you look so fucking sexy right now,” Ashley moaned to Vanessa as she played with her shaking naked body and kissed her all over, showing love to her lips and her neck and her nipples and even licking the naughty sweat off her friend’s body. “I want to see you come Vanessa! Mmmm I just hope she’s making you feel as good as you made me feel! I’m still tingling from you baby! You made me feel so fucking good and I want you to feel it now too! Fuck her Jamie! Fuck that hot pussy! Mmmm make her get your face all juicy so I can kiss you and taste it!”

Ashley loved seeing Vanessa’s body shake as she was fucked, her head rolling side to side against her pillows as she screamed in pleasure. But hers wasn’t the only body that she was staring at. Ashley also made sure to pay plenty of attention to Jamie as the girl lay on her stomach on the bed, her tight, toned butt sticking up.

Jamie was making herself move as she thrust her tongue into Vanessa and let the girl fuck her face and Ashley loved seeing those yummy butt cheeks. They were so tight and tiny and she wanted to kiss them and squeeze them and even get nastier by jamming her tongue into her crack and doing all the dirty things lovers weren’t supposed to do to each other, especially if they were girls.

Ashley wanted to get so wicked with both of their bodies. She had never felt an energy like what she now felt pulsing through her body. Being with Vanessa had been everything she had fantasized about and now she craved more. She was having dirtier thoughts than ever and she wanted to make them all come to life.

Vanessa and Jamie both looked so sexy to her. She loved kissing and fondling Vanessa while making sure her eyes didn’t drift too far from Jamie’s ass or the way her face looked nestled against Vanessa’s pussy, her eyes such an intense, sexy brown. She was staring up at Vanessa and showing she was fucking her with a purpose and it was having an effect on both Vanessa and Ashley.

But while Ashley could admire the way Jamie looked, Vanessa could feel everything she was doing to her and she loved every last bit of it. She had been with amazing women before but Jamie was right up there with them. What the Korean girl had been doing to her before, licking her from behind and sliding those slim, naughty fingers into her, had just been the appetizer, Now this was the main course and Vanessa loved being feasted on.

“OHHHH YESSSS! OOOOH MMMMMMM FUCK ME JAMIE! OHHHHHHH! YESSSS FUCK THAT FUCKING PUSSY WITH YOUR HOT TONGUE! OOOOH FUCKKKK!!!” Vanessa screamed, her legs kicking from the pleasure as she felt saliva drip out of her own mouth as Jamie’s tongue literally made her drool. “OOOOH! SO GOOD! SO SO SO GOOD! OOOOH I’M GONNA COME! OHHH GODDDD FUCK ME UNTIL I COME! YOU’RE SO NASTY JAMIE! YESSSS!”

“That’s just what I’m going to do,” Jamie promised gulping in her breath before she dove in, looking for the kill. “Mmmm and if you want nasty, that’s just what you’ll get!”

With a big smile on her face, Jamie spit into Vanessa’s pussy, making her spread folds even wetter before she shoved her fingers back into her. Taking her from the front instead of the back this time gave Jamie even more room to play and she took full advantage, even giving Vanessa some more spit as her fingers thrust in and out and rubbed against her clit and her tongue dove back inside hard, thrusting into her and making her flail in orgasmic rapture.

“OOOOOOOH! JAMIEEEEEEEEEEE! YESSS YESSS NASTY GIRLLLL OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK SPITTING IN MY PUSSY!!! UGHHH YESSSSS YOUR FINGERS! YESSSS YESSSS JAM THOSE FINGERS INTO MY CUNT! UGHHH LICK ITTTT YESSS FUCKKKKKK YEAHHHHH GONNA COME!” Vanessa screamed as her face was showered with kisses by Ashley and her tits were squeezed sensually by the blonde. This was just what she needed and she didn’t hold back, writhing and bucking on her bed as she begged for more.

“That’s it! Come for me baby!” Jamie mumbled, her mouth full of pussy as she worked her fingers in harder to rub Vanessa’s clit to give her two big jolts of stimulation from her hand and mouth. “Fucking come! Do what you should have done before! Cream my fucking face!”

Vanessa couldn’t hear what Jamie said but she sure as hell could react to her efforts, bouncing in her own bed as she violently came from a simultaneous fingering and licking, both being delivered to her so aggressively. Vanessa gasped for breath as she came, tears forming as the pleasure overtook her so completely, just like she wanted it too.


Jamie rode the waves of Vanessa’s orgasm and didn’t miss a lick. She was used to girls coming this hard for her. Words of praise were always great to hear, but this was the biggest compliment she could get for her skills as a lover. She loved being able to feel and taste the pleasure she brought to others. Many times that meant feeling a hot load being shot all over her face or in her pussy and ass from a guy. But Jamie really liked it when it was a sexy girl coming all over her face and Vanessa was one of the sexiest she had ever been with.

After wanting this for so long, Jamie didn’t just brush aside the significance of getting Vanessa off as another notch on her impressive belt. She relished every taste and every feeling of pleasure she got from making her friend come.

This meant something to her and she showed it when she finally pulled up from Vanessa’s cummy twat and tenderly kissed her on the lips, softly smooching her with a creamy kiss that allowed Vanessa to swallow her own essence just like in the kisses she’d shared with Ashley. And Vanessa greedily kissed back just like the blonde had, enjoying her own taste and gulping it down eagerly.

The kiss between Jamie and Vanessa quickly became another three-way as Ashley got involved. She’d been off to the sidelines as Vanessa came, content to enjoy the afterglow of her orgasm but now she was charged up to get involved once more, especially after what Jamie said next.

“My turn now?” Jamie asked with a cum glistening smile.

“Your turn now,” Vanessa and Ashley answered together, both of them eager to make the sexy Asian American come as hard as they had.

“Mmmm goody,” Jamie said. “Cause there’s something I’ve been dying to do. Or should I say something I’ve been dying to have done to me…”

As she said this, Jamie jumped off the bed and grabbed her bag off the bedroom floor, giving Ashley and Vanessa a great view of her naked body and, specifically her butt, as she did it. And that was just the view Jamie wanted to give them before she made sure they also had a glorious view of her front when she walked back to the bed, her firm tits bouncing ever so slightly and her cunt looking so bald and beautiful as it glistened with her arousal.

Vanessa and Ashley both eagerly stared at how sexy Jamie looked all nude and horny for them. They cuddled their naked bodies together, rubbing their sweaty flesh as they kissed and caressed each other, both of them enjoying the aftereffects of their orgasms. And when Jamie dove back into the bed with them they welcomed her with more kisses since this time it was her turn to be sandwiched in between them.

“Mmmmmm yeahhh you both are so fucking hot,” Jamie moaned as she felt her body be touched just the way she needed it to be.

After getting Vanessa off and seeing Ashley come, Jamie was seriously on edge with the need to have an orgasm of her own and she was sure these girls could give it to her, especially Vanessa. But Jamie also wanted to have some fun with her new friend. Ashley needed some more training to become truly bi like she was and Jamie was happy to make sure she got it.

Jamie moaned out repeatedly as she felt Vanessa at her back, rubbing her bare boobs into her while her hands traveled down her body, her fingernails scraping against her skin. It felt so good to be touched like that, especially when Vanessa’s hands got to her ass and gave her tight booty a squeeze. Before tonight it had been months since she’d been with a girl and Jamie was especially eager for it because of that. Vanessa’s hands felt unbelievable and Jamie loved how eager Ashley was too.

They might have been virtual strangers before today, but now Jamie and Ashley were definitely more than friends. It wasn’t just their clothes that were stripped away. It was their inhibitions as they pressed their faces together and passionately kissed, Ashley now eagerly playing with Jamie’s small, perfect tits. The passion Ashley showed for Jamie was the surest sign of how into this she now was. Vanessa had been her girl crush but now Ashley wanted Jamie just as much.

“You’re so beautiful,” Ashley sighed as she and Vanessa nakedly sandwiched Jamie in the bed, their threesome heating up again. “You’ve got such a great body!”

“So do you! Ooooh so hot and fuckable!” Jamie moaned back, eager to taste Ashley Benson for herself after she’d had her fun. “I always knew you were sexy Ashley, but I didn’t know you were this much fun!”

“Oh I am so fun!” Ashley giggled in reply, rubbing her warm hands into her new friend’s chest and adoring how those erect nipples poked into her and the way Jamie would groan in pleasure when she rubbed into them. “Mmmmm especially with hot little things like you Jamie! I love these tits! Ooooh they’re so yummy!”

“And this ass is pretty yummy too,” Vanessa added, squeezing her friend’s butt and being totally turned on while still a little jealous about how firm Jamie’s buns were. “But I know where the yummiest part of you is Jamie!”

Vanessa took control then, moving away enough so that Jamie had some room to move. That allowed Vanessa to push the Asian girl onto her back and take full advantage of her naked body. Jamie’s prize was right there for the taking and Vanessa didn’t hesitate before she got her face between Jamie’s muscular thighs and got her mouth to work.

“Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! Fuck yesssssssssssssssss!” Jamie hissed in bliss, finally getting what she had wanted for so long. “Mmmmm yeahhh take it Vanessa! That fucking pussy is yours, baby! Take it like you should have before! Ooooh yessssssss mmmm fuck me V! Show me how turned on you are for that juicy wet twat of mine!”

It was so hot to hear her pretty friend talk so dirty, but Vanessa didn’t need any extra incentive to be turned on for Jamie. She wanted to make her come so much. She was still tingling from her own orgasm and she loved being able to smack her lips and still taste Ashley on them. Now she wanted Jamie’s cum in her tummy too. She wanted to do just like Jamie was begging her to and take what she had denied herself before. Jamie’s pussy was hers now!

Vanessa started by kissing the wet lips that lay before her, the sexual moisture clinging to Jamie’s smooth, tight slit. She eagerly smooched those pussy lips to get her first real taste of Jamie and loved how yummy her flavor was. Jamie had herself such a sweet little box and Vanessa could feel just how tight she was. Ooooh her pussy was going to be like a little pink vise and Vanessa couldn’t wait to loosen it up a lot.

Vanessa kissed all over her friend’s slit but didn’t linger too long. She didn’t want to tease her, not when it was so much more fun to fuck her. So after she sucked the juice off Jamie’s slick labia with her kisses she got her tongue working, dragging it up her slit with several quick lashes that had Jamie squealing and shivering with glee. Her tiny body looked so good naked and in pleasure on her bed and Vanessa was sure right then that this was going to be the first of many times she got her friend in this position.

“Oooooooh! Mmmm fuck yeahhhh! Don’t hold back! Fucking give it to me!” Jamie urged as Ashley’s blonde head pressed itself to her chest and sucked on her tits, licking her nipples and wetly slurping on them as she started to get more experience by the second when it came to pleasing women. “Yesssssssssssss tongue that pussy baby! Ooooh fuck yessss stick your damn tongue in it like that V! Ughhh fuckkkkkk! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Mmmmm give it to me like I fucking gave it to you! Treat that pussy good! Make me come!”

Vanessa planned on treating Jamie’s pussy very good. She loved how it tasted and she loved how it felt. Jamie was so snug and wet for her. She couldn’t believe her friend was so tight but it made things even hotter to have to force her tongue into her. Vanessa used her hands to spread open Jamie’s cunt as she stopped licking her slit and instead started exploring it, tasting her sweet girl juices as they spilled into her mouth and thrusting her tongue into her folds, fucking her friend and making Jamie squeal.

Even when Jamie helped by opening up her legs, lifting them up in the air like a V and showing how flexible she could be by spreading herself, Vanessa still needed to use her hands to get those pretty pink cunt lips open. But having to work for it only made Jamie’s juices taste better as she fucked her, picking up speed and force while Jamie urged her to do it.

“Ahhhhh yeahhhh! Yessssssss ooooh Vanessa you’re just as good as I knew you would be! Oooooh fucking better, even!” Jamie groaned, her cries muffled by the kisses Ashley was giving her all over her face, her lips naturally the focal point of the blonde’s amorous attention. “Oooooooh yesssssssssss! Mmmmm fuck it baby! Eat that wet cunt! Fucking eat my little wet pussy! OOOOOOH FUCKKK YESSSSSSS! OOOOH YEAHHH GET THAT TONGUE IN ME! BURY IT UP MY PINK CUNT! YESSSSS LICK MY JUICY LITTLE FUCKHOLE AND MAKE ME COME VANESSA! OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOH I’VE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG!”

Jamie never had any problem talking dirty, at least not anymore. Once upon a time the word “heck” had barely passed her lips, but once she had started swearing it was hard to stop. Not only had she quickly seen just what an effect a dirty mouth could have on her lovers, but it felt good to her too.

She loved saying the things she wasn’t supposed to say and using dirty words to show off how horny she was. She had grown up with such conservative parents and it was a total release to be able to say whatever she wanted. Jamie adored sex. There was nothing better than the feeling of an orgasm and it was so liberating to not hold back and curse a blue streak while she was fucked.

And Vanessa was fucking her so good. She loved feeling that tongue thrusting up her pussy, pushing in past her tight folds and licking up all the juices she had inside her waiting to be swallowed. Jamie was so amped up for this that she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came and she wanted something more first. She had grabbed her bag for a reason. There was something in there that she was dying to make use of and she reached for it as Vanessa fucked her.

That required some frantic reaching out with her arm and finally Ashley noticed what she was doing and helped out by taking the bag and handing it to Jamie.

“What you got there?” Ashley asked before she saw the answer, her eyes going wide over it.

“Mmmm this!” Jamie declared as she pulled out a glass dildo from her bag. “I brought this so we could fuck! Use it on me Vanessa! Mmm I love how you’re licking me but I fucking need this! I’ve been wanting this so bad for so long!”

The glass dildo was shaped like a cock with a head at the tip of it and a slight curve to its shape. Ashley guessed it had to be a little bit more than seven inches long and her cunt stirred at the thought of something so hard going inside her. That was such a good size for her and part of her wanted to just snatch it from Jamie and use it on herself, especially when she saw the ridges along the sides of it. They weren’t just any kind of ridges, they were shaped like little hearts to provide stimulation and Ashley thought that was really sexy.

“Ooooh is that what you want?” Vanessa teased, loving the look of the toy too and making a mental note to ask Jamie where she’d gotten it so she could add one just like it to her collection. “Want me to fuck your pretty little pussy with that? Want me to stuff this tight, sexy kitty with that big glass toy?”

But it was Vanessa’s turn to be surprised when Jamie shook her head “no” and smiled wickedly, eager to show her friend how kinky she really was.

“No,” Jamie replied, her voice almost giddy. “Not in my pussy! In my ass! Fuck me Vanessa! Mmmmm take this toy and fuck my ass!”

“Whoa, really?” Vanessa marveled, admiring the curved glass and wondering how it was going to fit. If Jamie’s pussy was this tight she could only imagine how tight her asshole was and that toy looked so big and hard.

“Oh yes! Really!” Jamie insisted. “I love it up the ass! Fuck me Vanessa! Don’t be nice about it either! Shove it up my naughty hole! Fuck it rough! Mmmm make me fucking feel those inches right up my tight fucking asshole!”

“Mmmmm kinky! I love it!” Vanessa smiled, no stranger to fucking hot girls up the ass or getting her own ass fucked. “Let me get some lube!”

But Jamie surprised her again with what she wanted before Vanessa could even move an inch.

“No! No lube! Mmmm just shove it in!” Jamie urged. “Stuff it up my ass with nothing on it! That’s how I like it! Ooooh it gets me off so fucking hard!”

“Really? Ummm wow!” Vanessa giggled. She’d never dream of taking a toy like this up her ass without lube being poured onto it and into her little hole by the gallon first. But she wasn’t about to deny her friend what she wanted.

“Yessssss! Really!” Jamie groaned, the impatience her horniness was causing become more obvious as she whined for attention while rubbing her own cunt, playing with herself by sliding her fingers up and down her spread open slit with her legs still up in the air in that sexy V. “Shove it in Vanessa! Please! Hurry! I need to fucking feel it!”

With a shrug of her shoulders, Vanessa decided not to argue. She could always stop if it hurt her but Jamie seemed to know exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. So she didn’t go for the bottle of lube she kept tucked away in a secret corner of her bedroom, waiting to be used for the intimate moments that she and Ashley Tisdale had used to have here.

Of course Vanessa was going to give her a little lube of her own first. Pushing this thing in completely dry just seemed painful and Vanessa didn’t want to play too rough. There were a couple of girls she could definitely see herself shoving a hard glass dildo into where the sun didn’t shine but Jamie was not those girls and she didn’t want to hurt her.

So, toy in hand, Vanessa got down on her belly on the bed, her hands resting on Jamie as she spread her open and started to tickle her asshole with her tongue.

“OOOOOOH! Mmmmmm dirty girl! Oooooh you fucking ass licking slut!” Jamie squealed in delight. Not every girl (or every guy for that matter) that she played with was into ass play and it took a special kind of person to put a tongue there. So Vanessa was definitely special and Jamie loved it as she cried out her pleasure. “Mmmm fucking eat my asshole V! Mmmm lick it up! Gawwd I wanted you to just shove that hunk of glass up my ass but you can do this first ooooooh yeahhhhhh ughhhh fuckkkk you can do it cause you do it so good! Mmmmm baby yeahhhhh!”

Ashley found herself erotically transfixed at the vision of Vanessa giving Jamie a rim job. She’d taken it up the ass a few times but never from a tongue. She thought how weird it was that she’d been fucked up the butt by hard cocks but never a much smaller, softer tongue and now she could see that was something she needed to correct. Not only did Vanessa look so gorgeous with her face pressed into Jamie’s naughtiest orifice as the girl’s legs were up in the air and open, but Jamie seemed to be loving every second of it.

“Mmmmm so hot!” Ashley groaned while rubbing her own pussy at the sight of that tongue stimulating Jamie’s tightest hole. Not only did it look like something fun to enjoy but it seemed that Vanessa was really good at it and Ashley suspected Jamie would be too. “Tongue fuck her ass Vanessa! Mmmm you gotta do that to me too! Mmmm lick my butt like you licked my pussy!”

Ashley continued to masturbate as she watched Vanessa skillfully tongue Jamie’s asshole. Every touch of that wet tongue to her tight ring made Jamie moan out and since Vanessa was flat on her stomach with Jamie’s legs open and up in the air it made it so much easier for her to get in there, licking the tip of the girl’s tightest hole and then pushing inside to wetly tongue fuck her. Ashley moaned when she saw Vanessa’s tongue slip past Jamie’s hole and begin to explore inside her ass but not as loudly as Jamie did.

“AHHHH! Yesssssssss! Ooooooh fuck yeahh you dirty girl! I didn’t know you’d be so kinky Vanessa!” Jamie groaned. “I love a tongue up my ass! Sounds like Ashley does too! Ooooh we’ll both have to bend over for you and let you eat our asses like a naughty slut! Mmmm you like it too Vanessa? You like having your ass tongue fucked?”

“I fucking love it! I love having my ass eaten and licked and fucked!” Vanessa eagerly replied, her tongue going back into her mouth as she enjoyed the taste of Jamie’s asshole. “Mmmm it feels so good to take it up the ass! I wanna take your toy too Jamie! I want to feel it stretching me out after I fuck you! I’ve never had anything this big up my ass before and I want to feel it like you’re going to!”

The idea of using her thick glass toy up Vanessa’s amazing ass made Jamie quiver but it also reminded her of what she wanted most of all for herself. For while Vanessa’s tongue felt great licking her asshole, teasing her ring and then forcing its way in through her back door she needed more than a salad tossing from her friend. She needed something harder and bigger.

“Ooooooh yessss we’ll go ass to ass! Mmm from my ass to your ass!” Jamie groaned, squeezing her firm tits as she stared down at Vanessa as lustfully as possible, her eyes so big and brown that she knew there was no way anyone could resist her. “But fuck me first baby! I need to come! My ass is so ready for you V! Don’t be shy! Shove it in me!”

“Okay baby, if you think you’re ready,” Vanessa said, hoping she’d licked Jamie’s asshole enough. She’d only been down there a short while and she definitely wanted to do more. Her Ashley had always said she was good at licking her asshole and she wanted to show it to Jamie and to Ashley Benson too, but it wasn’t about what she wanted right now, it was what Jamie wanted.

Vanessa still was a little nervous about doing this to Jamie, but the girl was very clear about her desires and she didn’t want to argue with her. She just wanted to fuck her. So Vanessa took the unlubed toy in her hand and rubbed the head of it against Jamie’s waiting, saliva coated asshole, making Jamie groan in need.

“Do itttttt!” Jamie begged. “Please! Fuck me Vanessa! I’ve wanted this for so fucking long! I brought this toy so you could fuck me! C’mon! Don’t be nice to me! Fuck me like a bitch! Shove that glass up my tiny little ass! Pleaaaaaaaaase!”

It was so hot to see that glass head rub right up against Jamie’s little hole and the way Jamie willed her own puckered ring to open like it was greedy to swallow the toy. Vanessa’s cunt dripped at the sight of it so she didn’t deny her friend. She pushed the toy into her, sliding the head past her tight little sphincter and pushing inside, filling Jamie’s tight hole with glass.

“FUCK!” Jamie cried out happily from the penetration and the way it immediately made her asshole feel stretched open. She knew a lot of special exercises to keep her fuckholes nice and tight just for special moments like these and it was paying off as Vanessa pushed into her with the ridged glass dildo. “OOOOH YESSS! GIVE IT TO ME VANESSA! OOOH FUCK ME! TAKE ME LIKE A NASTY SLUT!”

“You are nasty! Oooooh soooo nasty!” Ashley groaned, still masturbating with her free hand as she continued to use the other one to caress Jamie’s naked body, fondling the girl’s small tits and running it down her firm, flat stomach. “You’re such a nasty thing for letting another girl fuck you up the ass! Take it Jamie! Take that cock you want so much right up the ass!”

“YESSSSS RIGHT UP MY ASS! OOOOH FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE VANESSA!” Jamie screamed from the already intense sensations. “Ughhh yesssss do it hard baby! Don’t be shy! Just pound it! Pound my fucking ass with my toy! I know I can take it! I’ve done it before!”

Jamie was cut off by a passionate kiss from Ashley, the blonde girl bending over to smother her lips as she dreamed of taking it just like Jamie was. That glass toy looked so big and Ashley was turned on at the thought of being fucked up the ass by something that wasn’t a real cock. That thing looked like it could really make a girl feel good and Jamie sure seemed to like it. So Ashley kissed her, showing Jamie just how turned on she was seeing her take it in such a naughty way.

Vanessa did as she was told. The more certain she became that she was doing it right and that Jamie really did like the unlubed toy being shoved into her, the harder she gave it to her. Jamie kept crying out for more and Vanessa complied, gripping the toy with one hand and keeping her friend spread open from the other as she buttfucked Jamie with a growing vigor, shoving the dry toy in deeper and stretching her out.


Jamie did adore anal sex. She didn’t bring this toy along on her special dates just as a conversation starter after all. She loved being taken hard up the ass and being fucked where she wasn’t supposed to. She was a good girl who loved being fucked like a bad one and there was no better way to do it than having her asshole get stuffed and stretched.

It was so hot to take it from a well hung guy but it was even better for her when it was another woman doing the fucking. That increased the kink factor so much for Jamie and she couldn’t get enough of it.

“Ohhh my God you’re so hot Jamie!” Vanessa moaned, marveling at how Jamie really was taking it. She never would have let that toy go anywhere near her own asshole without a hell of a lot of lube, but Jamie was enjoying every second of this. “Am I doing it good? Am I fucking you hard enough? Fucking your great little ass with this big glass dick?”


The glass dildo was finding Jamie’s ass to be mighty accommodating so Vanessa did as Jamie wanted. She fucked her harder, shoving more into her and making her howl in joy as she was fucked. The heart shaped ridges were obviously doing their job and Jamie looked super stimulated as she lay back with her legs up in the air, their positioning almost a V for victory now as Jamie got what she had wanted for so long.

She was in heaven as Vanessa thrust into her asshole harder and pushed deeper into her with the glass. Her tits bounced as she rocked her body on the bed and pushed herself up against the invading dildo to let more of it slide in.

Vanessa loved knowing that Jamie thought she fucked better than Jena Malone. Vanessa had nothing against her onetime co-star but it was so hot to know she was the best. She wanted to be the best. She was going to fuck every girl she could so they’d know how fucking good she was and that anyone that cheated on her when the sex was this good had to be crazy or stupid or both.

But then suddenly it wasn’t just Vanessa who was getting Jamie off. It was Ashley too. The blonde had been kissing and fondling Jamie’s body and she’d seen just how completely ignored the girl’s pussy had been. That just hadn’t seemed right to Ashley so she had done something about it.

While Vanessa fucked Jamie’s ass, Ashley leaned in and started tonguing the girl’s cunt, bringing her pussy hungry tongue to the girl’s soaked, spread lips and lapping at them like a cat drinking cream from a saucer.


“Oh you’re going to come! Mmmm you’re going to come in my bed like a fucking slut while your boyfriend is at home wondering where his little angel is!” Vanessa taunted as she pumped the hard glass cock up Jamie’s ass, her demeanor getting more aggressive as Jamie shrieked in delight.

Vanessa spit into Jamie’s hole to give her a little bit more wetness as she fucked her, working it in deeper as her saliva coated the glass and the stretched entrance to Jamie’s ass.

“Mmmm you’re a filthy little cheater Jamie!” Vanessa said. “You too Ashley! Mmmm fucking like lesbian whores in my bed! Cheating on your boyfriends because you know they can’t fuck you as good as hot girls like me! Mmmm you’re both so nasty! You know dick can’t do it for you! You need pussy! You need my fucking pussy!”

Vanessa’s hot words made both Ashley and Jamie moan with slutty delight. Vanessa was right and they both knew it. They’d both craved her hot body and now that they had it they both had no doubt that they would be doing this again. Ashley kept licking away at Jamie’s juicy bald cunt, tasting the girl essence dripping right out of her and then shoving her tongue in to taste her even more and lick her clit. She loved how good the girl tasted and Ashley was sure she’d be tasting a lot more girls after tonight.

As Vanessa kept telling her what a filthy slut she was for cheating on her boyfriend, Ashley touched herself some more, shoving three fingers into her own cunt while she ate Jamie out. She had been dying to be this bad and it was better than she had ever fantasized it would be. This wasn’t going to be a one night thing for her. She was so going to get girls on the side from now on.

“Yesssss dirty cheating whores in my bed!” Vanessa continued. “Mmm but you’re the good kind! The kind cheating with me not on me! Yeahhh you fucking know relationships suck! We should all just be getting fucked! Mmmm yessss cheating in my bed and getting fucked while your boyfriends are home! Mmmm eat that pussy Ashley! Show me how much you love that sweet girl taste now! No more salty jizz for you when you can get yummy girl cream instead! Mmmm take it up your butt Jamie! Take it from this thick hunk of glass shoved into you! Scream out how much you love it up the ass!”

And that was something Jamie had no problem complying with.


But Vanessa and Ashley both didn’t want to give Jamie a little more. They wanted to give her a lot more. Not only did Ashley lick Jamie’s clitoris faster with a more concentrated focus on it but Vanessa stuffed the glass up her friend’s ass with even more vigor.

Vanessa pushed another hard inch of toy up inside her, rubbing Jamie with another ridge as she fucked her deeper, working her hand in and out of her friend like it was a workout at the gym and she was totally in the zone of it. She fucked Jamie deep with the glass toy as she got licked and it didn’t take much longer for Vanessa to get what she and Ashley both badly wanted.

“OHHHH SHITTTT! YESSSS OHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!” Jamie howled in orgasm, her eyes screwed shut as she rode the sweet, intense quakes inside her body and saw beautiful colors exploding in her brain. “OHHHH! OHHHH OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKKKKKKK! OHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Ashley had always been a little hesitant to let a guy come on her face. It had just seemed so unnecessarily messy. But she relished the girl cream being slimed all over her from the way Jamie was coming. She loved how sticky it was and how much of it there was.

She wanted to wear that messy girl cum with pride. She wanted to feel it dry on her face and she wanted to let people know how much she loved the sex of it all. She wanted to be messy and slutty and cummy because this all felt so fucking good as she swallowed Jamie’s orgasmic release and loved every drop.

And, as Jamie came, Vanessa kept thrusting the cock in now, slowing up just a bit and starting to ease it out, but fucking her nonetheless. She loved hearing Jamie scream. She loved seeing her pretty face contort. She loved everything that was happening. It was all so good. But it just wasn’t the same…not like it had been before.

Still Vanessa kept fucking her friend, thrusting into her and making her love it. It was such a hot mess in her bed, her sheets all messed up and soaked with cum. It was just what she had wanted to happen and she loved knowing that Jamie and Ashley were satisfied.

But Jamie wasn’t totally satisfied…not yet anyway.

“Mmmm bring it up to my mouth!” Jamie managed to gasp as she struggled for breath and lay back on the bed, her legs finally slumping down back onto the mattress. “Mmmm I wanna taste it! I love tasting my own ass after I get fucked!”

“Oh my God! That’s so fucking nasty!” Ashley laughed with a cum covered smile, not believing someone could be into that.

“Mmmm fuck yeah it’s nasty! Nasty and hot!” Vanessa agreed, sliding the toy carefully out of Jamie’s asshole, loving how the girl’s hole closed up almost right away when the toy was out of her. “Taste it Jamie! Taste that ass!”

Holding it out right by her face, Vanessa watched in delight as Jamie went after that fake cock like she was a blowjob queen. She definitely had done it before because she went after her own ass taste with total enthusiasm, wrapping her lips around the glass cock and sucking it inside her mouth. She went down on the toy and the way Jamie’s brown eyes went all soft and sexy as she did it showed just how much she enjoyed sucking a cock clean that had just fucked her ass deep and hard.

“Oooooh yesssss I fucking love that!” Jamie groaned when Vanessa pulled out a moment to give the girl some air before sliding back in. “Mmmmmm it’s so good to taste my hot ass off a dick that was in me! Mmmm I don’t care if it’s fake or real as long as that cock has my fucking ass on it!”

“Oh wowwww that’s so dirty!” Ashley giggled. “Mmmm fuck I wanna try too!”

She’d already broken so many taboos tonight, what was one more?  And she got it almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth as Vanessa took the toy out of Jamie’s wet mouth and slid it into Ashley’s, feeding the blonde girl not only Jamie Chung’s saliva but the taste of her ass too.

Ashley’s eyes went wide with shock that she was doing something so kinky but she quickly got into it, sucking the fake dick and smiling as she tasted the forbidden and wondered what it would be like to taste her own ass like this too, all over this big, glass toy.

Vanessa loved the reaction she got from Ashley and she had a feeling both of their asses were going to feel this toy tonight. Because she wasn’t letting either of these girls go anytime soon.

She had done it. She had gotten her payback by fucking other girls. But she couldn’t stop herself from asking the question: even though the sex had been unbelievable, why didn’t it make her feel better?

Why did she still feel empty inside? Why couldn’t she make it stop hurting?


But Vanessa wasn’t the only girl with a broken heart and she wasn’t the only one who had spent a lot of time that day crying.

Stella Hudgens too had shed hours of tears and, like her big sister, she’d sworn that she was done with it. Sadness and heartbreak had turned into something far fiercer inside her and Stella angrily wiped the tears out of her eyes as she lay in bed, promising that they were going to be the last ones she shed over this.

“Fine! You hate me Vanessa? Then I fucking hate you too!” Stella said out loud even though there was no one to hear her in her bedroom other than the stuffed animals the teenager still kept on the bed, strictly for decorative purposes and not for hugging after heartbreak.

Stella knew she had done wrong. She hadn’t even known why she had done it. But seeing Ashley Tisdale sleeping in her sister’s bed and knowing that she was naked and knowing that she and Vanessa had just fucked had made Stella feel as intense a craving as she ever had before. She had known she was being bad but she hadn’t cared. She had wanted it as bad as she had ever wanted anything and she hadn’t even thought about denying herself the prize of Ashley’s pussy.

And it had been so sweet too. Stella had loved how dirty she’d felt by stripping off her own clothes and getting in bed with her sister’s girlfriend. She had loved crawling under those sheets and spreading open Ashley’s legs as the girl had slept.

She had loved licking the unsuspecting girl, making her moan in her sleep and getting her so wet, making her think she was having a wet dream. And when Ashley had woken up, Stella had loved how the girl had moaned out her big sister’s name, thinking that it was Vanessa eating her out.

But mostly Stella had loved how, even after Ashley had found out it was her that was licking her, she’d let her keep going. Hearing Ashley moan out her name and get even wetter in her mouth while she fed her the sweetness of her wet, tight pussy had made Stella feel so good. She had never done anything as reckless as that before but she had told herself that she didn’t care about the consequences. She had told herself that Ashley was there for the taking and that she had to grab her or she’d never have the chance again.

And of course there had been consequences. Vanessa had caught them and totally freaked out. She’d cried and screamed and called them sluts and whores. She’d called them every horrible name she could think of. And then things had gotten worse.

It wasn’t the initial freak out that had come when Vanessa had caught them that had upset Stella so much. It was what had happened later when Vanessa had come by their parents’ house and found Stella there. Stella had hoped that her sister could forgive her. That she could see she was sorry and that she loved her. But Vanessa had said such terrible things to her.

She had said she hated her. Her own sister! She had said she never wanted to see her again. Hearing those words from Vanessa had broken Stella’s heart. Vanessa had been more than her big sister. She had been her best friend.

Hearing Vanessa say she hated her was the worst thing she had ever heard, especially because Stella had seen the look in her sister’s face and known she’d meant it. Then Vanessa had said something even worse. She had told her that she was nothing to her anymore, not a sister, not a friend…nothing.

After saying that, Vanessa had stormed out, leaving her sobbing on the floor but Stella was done being sad about this. She wasn’t going to fucking cry anymore. She was going to show Vanessa that she didn’t care about anything she said! She was going to show her that she didn’t fucking need a sister. She didn’t need a friend. She didn’t need anything!

“I’m a slut huh? I’m a whore?” Stella angrily muttered as she stormed over to her dresser and began planning for what she was going to do the next day by finding the naughtiest clothes she had, finding the lingerie her parents sure didn’t know about. “I’ll show you Vanessa! You think I’m a slut now, just you fucking wait! I’ll fuck Ashley again! I’ll go find all your friends and fuck them too! I’ll make them like me better than you! I don’t need you either, bitch! I hate you too Vanessa!”

Part of Stella knew that it was silly to be saying this alone in her room when no one was around to hear her. But it felt good to say it out loud. And Stella wasn’t just going to say it anyway. She was going to back up her words with action.

She was going to find that mansion that Vanessa went to that she didn’t know Stella knew all about. She was going to find those hot girls there. She was going to fuck them all! She was going to make sure they saw who the hottest fucking Hudgens was and that it wasn’t Vanessa.

If Vanessa was going to hate her, then Stella was going to give her something to hate!


Time marched on, as it was known to do, and soon the night sky turned into something far brighter as the sun rose and brought the light to Malibu. And, even though it was still early, that light was still more than enough to get Love to bound out of bed with a big smile on her face, eager and excited to start the day.

It was no exaggeration to say that she was like a kid on Christmas morning, even though it wasn’t quite Christmas yet and she was certainly no kid. But she was so excited for this day that she had barely slept and she didn’t feel tired at all. Instead her whole body was alive and crackling with energy before she had even had her first cup of coffee.

Love went over and threw open the curtains, smiling at the sight of the sun in the sky and the amazing beach front view that living in the mansion accorded her. Sure this was the kind of day and the time of the year when you wanted to look out and see a pristine scene of snow delicately covering everything in sight, but a white Christmas was not about to happen in Malibu. Being able to look out at the waves of the ocean striking the beach was hardly settling for second best.

She might not have had snow on the ground but she had everything else and Love couldn’t have been more excited than she was that morning. It was party day and for something that had been thrown together so quickly over the past two days, things had been working out…dare she say it…perfectly.

Part of her brain urged Love not to think that because that was the perfect way to jinx things. But Love managed to shut that cynical part of herself out. After all she did believe perfect could happen.

It was Christmastime. Why not believe it was possible to have the perfect holiday party? Besides she didn’t need it to be absolutely perfect. 95% of perfect would do just fine. And Love had no doubt that she could pull that off.

It wasn’t like she was asking for some huge party production. Love treated Martha Stewart Living as her own personal bible from time to time but she wasn’t actually trying to BE Martha. Well, maybe a little. But she wasn’t creating some intricately detailed party that would be hailed as the event of the year. She just wanted something nice and intimate and fun.

She loved this time of year and she wanted her friends to have a good time. She wanted them to get together and celebrate Christmas and enjoy each other’s company while having some food, some drink and festive fun.

That wasn’t asking too much, Love thought as she grabbed a robe and covered herself in it. There was certainly a nip in the air still in Malibu. Nothing that would have even raised an eyebrow for people living in other parts of the country but something that made it seem positively freezing by California standards. Wearing some pajama pants and a tank top to bed still left her a little cold so she wrapped herself up in her robe before slipping out of her bedroom very eager to get to work.

Since pretty much the last minutes of Thanksgiving had ticked away, Love had been working 24/7 to get this house ready for Christmas. She had turned it into her own winter wonderland and she couldn’t have been happier with how it looked. But she hadn’t done all of this to show off. She hadn’t done this because she had a decorating fetish. She simply loved Christmas and she wanted her friends to love it too.

She had always felt that if she decorated the mansion just right the season would rub off on them. Love wanted this to be a celebration, not just of the season but of all of them being together under one roof. She hadn’t done this to impress others, just to make the women she was closest to happy. Of course since they were going to have visitors, then if by chance they were blown away by how she had decorated then so much the better.

The party hadn’t been her idea, but she had embraced the idea like it was her own. The chance to show a different side to the mansion was one she wanted more than she had ever thought she would. The truth was the kind of parties they had here were typically less about the chance to entertain guests and more about getting a bunch of beautiful women naked and it was a fun change to open their home to something other than all girl orgies.

Love adored “those” kinds of parties and it was practically guaranteed that once this Christmas party ran its course it would turn into one. But this was also the chance for something more. It was a chance to have friends and people she liked spending time with over to her home and not have people there just to fuck them.

After all, this wasn’t some sleazy sex den. The mansion was their home and Love wanted to show it off to people she didn’t necessarily want to sleep with.

She had specifically addressed the e-mail invitation only to a very select group of people. She wanted this to be a small, fun gathering and not some big production. Of course she also wanted it to be nice. She wanted their guests to be impressed and she wanted it to be a party people were going to remember. That didn’t mean it had to be epic though. Love would gladly have settled for a nice and fun Christmas celebration.

And then, once all of the mingling and small talk and Christmas cheer was done, Love was looking forward to working off all the holiday stress the way she and her friends knew how to best. There were a few people she knew were coming to the party that she definitely wanted to become a lot closer to and she knew her housemates felt the same way. So, after doing all they could to make sure they were on the nice list at their party, Love knew they’d have the perfect chance to slide over to the naughty list at the after party.

But before she could get to all that, Love knew there were final details to make sure were taken care of. There wasn’t time to waste. Professional cleaners coming over to tidy the place up and she had to make sure the caterers were all set too. So her plan was first to grab a quick shower and then get cracking. But she found herself waylaid just a bit when she poked her head out of her door to see Sarah and Rose talking in the hallway.

“Hey, I thought I was the only one up this early,” Love said with a smile, keeping her voice low so they didn’t wake anyone else up.

“Hey, I’m not about to sleep the day away,” Rose smiled back even though she loved doing just that. “We got work to do!”

“Ooooh now you’re getting it,” Love said even though she was quite certain that Rose had plans that weren’t exactly on the same page as hers. “Want to start by helping me get the kitchen ready?”

“Ughhh pass,” Rose replied. “I was talking about making sure we have some very hot girls at the party. I’m getting myself some very pretty gifts this year and if you all are nice to me I’ll make sure and share.”

“Oh yeah? How come then you won’t let us know who you mean?” Sarah asked, having some suspicions based on a conversation she and Rose had shared the morning before while they’d been watching TV together but not wanting to get her hopes up too much.

“Yeah, c’mon Rose,” Love pressed, not surprised at all over where Rose’s mind was at. “You have to say. Don’t be coy.”

“Now Love, do you really want to be the kind of girl who knows what’s in her presents before she even gets the wrapping off?” Rose chastised playfully.

“Maybe a little,” Love replied remembering many a Christmas staring intently at her presents under the tree trying to guess what they were by the shape and size of them and even shaking them to try and gain a clue.

“Well I still believe in mystery and surprises,” Rose declared with a sexy smile, knowing that if this all came through her friends were going to love having three gorgeous young pieces of ass to play with. “I’m not going to run around bragging about who I’ll be kissing under the mistletoe. You have to keep guessing about that.”

And indeed Rose had been far more discrete than her housemates when it came to their naughty holiday plans.

Love had run into Olivia Munn while shopping and the actress had essentially invited herself over to the party. But Love hadn’t had any problem with that boldness. Olivia’s sexy body was more than welcome at the party and Love hadn’t been the only one to invite a new friend.

“Yeah, I’m not making any secret of my special gift,” Sarah giggled. “I just hope Jennifer accepts.”

“You’re telling me,” Rose replied, loving the thought of Sarah’s interactions with Jennifer Lawrence at the gym leading to the superstar getting her beautiful ass to the mansion. “There are so many things I want to do that little slut. I’d fuck her so good that she’d be picking out a room to move in here in no time.”

“Hey! Me first! I called dibs,” Sarah laughed, again trying to keep her voice low so not to wake anyone up since they were in the middle of the hallway with bedrooms on all sides. “I brought her here. Therefore I get to play with her first…if she’s into it of course.”

And the twinkle in Sarah and Rose’s eyes showed they were confident that even if Jennifer wasn’t immediately into the idea of playing with other women, they’d be able to get her to see the light. Love definitely shared both their confidence and the desire to get the Hunger Games star out of her clothes and into their horny clutches, but her mind did shift to another Jennifer.

“Is Jen up yet?” Love asked. “Movie night wasn’t the same without her last night. Is she feeling any better?”

“Ummmm we should just let her rest,” Sarah said, covering up for what she knew was the truth. “She’s going to be fine. I’m sure she won’t want to miss the party.”

Sarah truly believed that. As down as Jennifer seemed these days, Sarah felt this party would be able to perk her up. After all it would be all about good cheer and good friends and Jennifer was never the type to just hide in a hole of despair.

Sarah only wanted what was best for Jennifer. So she didn’t judge her and she didn’t tell anyone else about what was really happening. Jennifer had sworn her to secrecy on this and Sarah had every intention on keeping it that way.

She hoped that Jennifer really would be able to join them tonight. Not only would it be good for her to have some fun Sarah felt it would also be good for all of them. Love was right. Movie night hadn’t been the same without Jennifer and having a party here to celebrate the spirit of the season would definitely be missing something if someone they all cared about deeply wasn’t there to celebrate with them.

“I’m really getting worried about her,” Love said and even though Rose didn’t add anything, her eyes said that she felt the same way. “She seemed even worse after we got back from the mall yesterday. I just wish I knew what was wrong with her.”

“She’s just a little down,” Sarah replied, protecting the secret and knowing that Jennifer wouldn’t have wanted them to pry any more. “Whatever it is, she can get through it.”

“I should see if she’s up,” Love said. “She’s usually awake by this time.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you can think of a few ways to cheer her up,” Rose smirked. “You can crawl into bed with her and make her feel all better. Ooooh actually that’s not a bad idea. I’ll get in on that with you.”

“Wait…” Sarah began to say but she stopped herself before she could finish her own protest.

It actually wasn’t a terrible idea. After all if Jennifer felt guilty about what had happened with Brad then being licked by two of her friends seemed like an excellent way to alleviate that. And Sarah knew she could actually jump in too and make it a three on one tongue attack that would most definitely restore Jennifer’s Christmas spirit.

“It sounds like she’s awake,” Rose said, coming up to the closed door. “I hear music…Christmas music.”

“Oooooh that means she must be cheering up!” Love declared with a big smile.

But that feeling changed when Rose listened further.

“It’s….oh no…she’s listening to Aimee Mann Christmas music,” Rose reported with a concerned look on her face that was immediately shared.

“Oh my God! She’s more depressed than ever!” Love replied in horror, fully grasping the implication.

Aimee’s Christmas music was beautiful and moving. It was also all about loneliness and despair and was about as cheerful as spending Christmas morning alone inside a Denny’s while nursing a hangover. “We have to do something!”

But before they became too insistent on finding out exactly what was bothering Jennifer, Sarah stopped them.

“Let me talk to her,” Sarah insisted. “We don’t want to overwhelm her. If we come on too strong, she’ll just shut down and then we’ll never find out what’s wrong with her.”

Of course, since she already knew the truth, this was just Sarah making sure that her other friends didn’t find out until Jennifer, if ever, was ready to tell them.  She was acting like a protective shield from Rose and Love’s good intentions, just like Sarah knew Jennifer would do for her.

“I suppose,” Love replied, eager to help but also not wanting to be pushy about it. She remembered how Jennifer has snapped at her the other day when she had asked what was bothering her and she wasn’t eager for a repeat of that. Maybe Sarah could provide a more delicate touch.

“I guess. If you think that’s best,” Rose said with a shrug. She did like the idea of using sex to chase away Jennifer’s blues, but she also knew full well that sex didn’t solve all problems even if it was fun to think it did.

“Yeah, definitely,” Sarah said, relieved to have been able to deflect her friends’ curiosity. “Let me talk to her and if she’s in the mood, I can get you two in there with me and we can fuck her brains out!”

“Now that sounds like a plan,” Rose replied with a sexy smile. She hadn’t tasted Jennifer’s pussy in days and for her that was like waiting years. “Don’t take too long though, Sarah. I have a very busy morning ahead of me and a date I can’t miss.”

“A date? Mmmm with who?” Love asked, wanting to help Jennifer cheer up and continue planning the perfect party but also so curious as to what Rose was planning.

“You’re just going to have to wait to find out at the party,” Rose smirked. “It’s part of that secret I told you about.”

“Oooooh now I want to know even more than ever!” Love groaned, both loving and hating not knowing.

“Mmmmhmmm so you go cheer up Jen, Sarah,” Rose said. “I’ll be in the shower getting my pussy ready for some playtime.  And speaking of play…”

Rose let that last statement drift in the air knowing that just those words would be enough to get her friends thinking of her naked under the hot water of the shower masturbating. And a check of the eyes of Sarah and Love confirmed that she had gotten just that reaction. Rose could see her friends were thinking about her fucking herself in the shower and it made both of them smile.

“Ummm mind I join you?” Love asked, her own pussy starting to tingle with something a little stronger than Christmas spirit.

Love still had the last minute party details to tend to and she didn’t want to forget about Jennifer, but the idea of Rose in the shower naked and soaking wet as her pale skin glistened and turned pink from the hot water as she fingered her pussy made her ache to get in on that. Because to Love the thought of Rose fingering herself was hot but getting down on her knees to eat that wet pussy was even hotter.

“I’d be insulted if you didn’t,” Rose, taking Love’s hand and walking with her friend back to her room to grab her shower stuff and maybe warm up a little in the bed first. “You sure you can handle Jen, Sarah?”

“Oh I’m sure,” Sarah assured them, feeling a little tingle of jealousy that she wasn’t getting in on this shower fun

But she was actually relieved that Love and Rose’s horniness had overcome them. She knew this Jennifer situation needed to be handled delicately and since she knew what she knew, Sarah believed she was the one who could handle it. So, after one last glimpse over her shoulder to stare at Rose and Love’s gorgeous, full asses while they walked away, Sarah gave a soft knock to Jennifer’s door. She didn’t get an answer but she heard the music continue to play and Sarah knew Jennifer had to be awake.

She gave the door a stronger knock, but still got no answer. Finally, Sarah reached for the door knob and felt that it was unlocked. Locked doors for the bedrooms here were extremely rare but Sarah hadn’t been sure just how much Jennifer wanted to be alone.

“Jen?” Sarah asked softly, keeping her approach gentle.

She stuck her head into the bedroom as she slowly opened the door and saw one seriously unmade bed with no one in it. But at least Jennifer was confirmed to be awake and unless she was hiding under those tussled sheets there was only one place Sarah knew she could be.

“Jen? You in here?” Sarah asked, walking inside shyly but with a purpose as she closed the door behind her and began walking toward the bathroom.

She could hear the music playing from there as well as the sound of someone splashing ever so in the bathtub, confirming Sarah’s suspicions about why her friend hadn’t responded to the knocks.

“Huh? What?” Jennifer’s voice replied like she was in a bit of a daze and Sarah only had to take a quick whiff of the distinctly sweet aroma in the room to figure out why.

“It’s Sarah, can I come in?” Sarah asked even though it was essentially a moot question by then because she was already inside.

“Sure,” Jennifer replied, her voice sad and a little dreamy and Sarah could tell why it was that way.

She knew that Jennifer was depressed and she had a good idea what she was doing to try and get herself out of it, something that was confirmed when she walked into the bathroom and found Jennifer soaking in the tub her hand bringing her hand rolled cigarette to her lips so she could inhale.

“Wake and bake huh?” Sarah asked with a knowing smile.

Jennifer just nodded her head. She didn’t usually smoke this early in the day, but she had barely slept the night before and felt she needed this. It always relaxed her to indulge in this not quite so legal pleasure and right then she needed to relax. She was wound so tightly by everything that had happened that she was afraid she was going to snap. So, just as she had suspected, the weed she had bought the other day was coming in very handy to get her through the holidays.

“Can I sit down?” Sarah asked. She didn’t just want to impose herself on Jennifer, especially if her friend wanted to be alone, but she also didn’t want to just ignore the fact that she was clearly troubled.

“Sure, if you don’t mind some second hand smoke,” Jennifer replied with a little giggle showing that the pot was definitely having an effect on her. It was as good as Delbert had promised it would be and Jennifer was definitely grateful for that.

“I’ll actually take something more than that, if you feel like sharing,” Sarah said as she sat down next to the tub, the tile a bit wet around her but nothing that would soak her too much.

“You serious? Now who’s the little stoner?” Jennifer couldn’t help but tease.

She was a little surprised Sarah was taking her up on the offer, but she was happy to share. She didn’t want to take too much for herself anyway. A little marijuana relaxed her, but too much made her loopy and it was far too early in the day for that.

“What can I say, you’re a bad influence,” Sarah teased back as she took the joint from Jennifer and brought it up to her own lips. She didn’t smoke as often as Jennifer did, but Sarah enjoyed it from time to time. All of them at the mansion, save for Love, certainly indulged in it and in proper doses they all know it could be quite the mood enhancer.

Sarah smiled as she inhaled. This was definitely good stuff and she was hopeful it would help Jennifer relax. Sarah didn’t know what she could say or do to make her friend feel better about what had happened the day before, but she did suspect that this stuff could help, at least temporarily.

Sarah felt her own body relax nicely as she exhaled and when she took another toke she couldn’t stop herself from getting a little playful. When she inhaled this time she kept it in her mouth just long enough to kiss Jennifer’s lips and exhale into her.

Jennifer’s eyes widened at the sudden kiss and the way Sarah passed the intoxicating smoke into her mouth but she certainly didn’t fight it off. They kissed for a few hot seconds, the two of them sharing Sarah’s toke and feeling it tickle their brains and relax their bodies, before they broke their lip lock apart to exhale.

“Mmmmm naughty,” Jennifer smiled, her mood elevating even more from the kiss than from the pot.

“Well you’ve done that to me enough times so I figured I owed you one,” Sarah said, giving the joint back to Jennifer and resting her head against her housemate’s arm as it dangled over the side of the tub. “Besides if you’re nice enough to share with me, I figured I should share a little with you too.”

Jennifer didn’t reply at first. She just took another toke off her joint and when she exhaled she also let go of some of the words that had been gestating inside her since the night before.

“I’m so sorry Sarah,” Jennifer sighed sadly. “I’m sorry I fucked up.”

Sarah didn’t have to ask what Jennifer was referring to. It was obvious. But even though she recognized why Jennifer was saying this, Sarah still firmly believed that it was completely unnecessary.

“You don’t have to say you’re sorry. Hell Jen, you don’t have to BE sorry,” Sarah said. “We all make mistakes. You don’t have anything to be sorry about at all.”

“It’s nice of you to say that, but I know I do,” Jennifer said, not buying into Sarah’s kind words even as she appreciated them. It had been a sleepless night for her, full of tossing and turning and guilt. She still couldn’t believe what she had done and she hated herself for having done it.

Sarah didn’t know how to respond to that, but an idea did suddenly compel her to act. It was obvious that the marijuana wasn’t curing Jennifer’s depression but at the same time it was making Sarah feel impetuous. So she took another hit off the joint before passing it back to Jennifer again and, after savoring the effect for a moment, Sarah smiled and peeled off the t-shirt she had worn to bed.

She was braless underneath and she followed up baring her breasts by pushing her shorts down as well. She hadn’t worn anything else either and that left her completely naked as she completed her move by stepping into the bathtub with her friend.

The tubs in the mansion weren’t super roomy, but two could fit in with relative comfort and this was hardly the first time Jennifer had shared a bath with one of her housemates. She couldn’t help but smile as Sarah’s nude body joined her in the comfortable water.

“Does this prove you don’t have anything to apologize for?” Sarah playfully asked, giving Jennifer a little splash as the marijuana took Sarah’s already barely there inhibitions and reduced them even further.

“No…” Jennifer insisted, before granting her friend a little leeway. “But it does help a little.”

“I can help a lot more,” Sarah said, rubbing her legs against Jennifer’s as they both sat facing each other in the tub. “I don’t want you to be mad at yourself Jen. You don’t have to be sorry. Please Jen. Everyone’s worried about you. Let us help you cheer up.”

Jennifer didn’t reply at first, but she certainly enjoyed the feeling of Sarah’s smooth legs brushing into hers. It had only been days since she had enjoyed the sexy bodies of her friends, but in mansion time that was like weeks. Maybe that was what was missing in her life? She just didn’t know. The emotions in her were so confused and loud all at once as they were bumping into each other like it was jam packed traffic in the freeway of her brain.

She didn’t know what to do. She felt nothing but the most intense guilt over what she had done with Brad. It wasn’t like she felt guilty about Angelina. Jennifer recognized that the scales between them were still far from balanced after one mere kiss. But she felt guilty about her girlfriends.

She couldn’t stop but feel as though she had betrayed them by kissing not just a man, but the man who had caused so much drama in her life. It was like she had spit in the face of everything the life she had built here stood for. She knew none of her friends would say that to her but Jennifer still felt it and it was terrible.

It was the guilt that was making her so miserable. She had felt bad before with all her questions about the life she had left behind and this had made her feel so much worse. Right then all Jennifer wanted to was to make it up to her friends. And the feel of Sarah’s body against hers in the warm water did remind her that there were a lot of ways she could start showing her friends how much they meant to her.

“Oh yeah?” Jennifer asked slyly, feeling a growing playfulness inside her the longer Sarah was in the bath with her. “You still want me? Even though I was bad?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm especially because you were bad,” Sarah smiled back, noting how easily she could slip herself between Jennifer’s lovely legs under the water and rub her foot against the tight, perfect pussy lips she knew were there. She had played those kinds of naughty foot fetish games with Reese Witherspoon before and she wondered how Jennifer would react to the feel of her toes against her labia. That would show her she wasn’t mad.

But Jennifer didn’t let that happen. As naked as she and Sarah were and as much as the pot was having an effect on her, Jennifer didn’t feel very sexy right then. In her mind the guilt over what she had done had created a debt to her housemates and until that debt was repaid, it wouldn’t be right to do this.

“I have to make it up to you guys,” Jennifer sighed, getting serious again and dashing Sarah’s hopes that this bath was going to get even more intimate between them. “I don’t want to ruin Christmas. Not for Love. Not for any of you. I have to do something.”

“Jen, you don’t have to do anything, sweetie,” Sarah insisted. “Just be you. Just have fun with us. Don’t hide up here away from us. Come to the party tonight. It won’t be the same unless you’re there.”

“I’ll be there,” Jennifer promised, meaning it. She wasn’t going to give her word to Sarah and then stay up here and sulk. “But I want to do more too. I feel like I have to. I owe you guys and I need to do something special.”

But what?

Jennifer didn’t ask that last question out loud, but she was thinking it and had no answer for it. But Jennifer knew she had to do something. To truly assuage her guilt and really get back to who she was and where she wanted to be, she had to.


With a groan and a yawn followed by the first blinking open of her eyes, Kirsten Dunst awoke. And when she turned her head to the side she was greeted with a view more glorious than anything she could ever see outside.

Lying next to her was her wife and, since she was on top of the sheets and blankets with her back turned to her and absolutely nothing on, Kirsten’s first view in the morning was Eliza Dushku’s bare ass.

Kirsten believed there was little that was better to wake up to, especially because seeing her wife like that reminded her why they were both naked and the positively filthy things they had done to each other the night before. Because of that, Kirsten didn’t do anything to wake Eliza up. She just stared at the sleeping woman, admiring the toned roundness of her naked backside as she remembered just how wicked she had been to it.

There was no word to describe what had happened the day and night before better than “debauchery” and Kirsten felt a warm tingle shiver through her at the memory of it.

It had been such a wild time and Kirsten let out a soft moan when she reached between her legs to touch her own naked body and feel how her pussy was still sore. It was definitely the good kind of sore though and Kirsten relished thinking back to how it had gotten that way.

She smiled in complete satisfaction as she recalled how not only had she and Eliza been able to make each other’s fantasies come true, but they had showed that they also still knew how to surprise each other after all these years together. This made Kirsten so happy. Not only was there love, but deep, raw lust between them still and it was all so fulfilling that sometimes Kirsten had to remind herself this wasn’t some wonderful dream, but a very real relationship with the person she felt closest to in the entire world.

Eliza still knew how to make her feel things that no one else ever could. Sure she had a lot of wonderful female lovers in her life, but none who knew just what buttons to push quite like her wife did. She didn’t just know the way around her erogenous zones. Eliza knew where to play in her heart and her brain and Kirsten couldn’t get enough of it.  Even when Eliza wasn’t there she was still making her feel good, just like she had the day before when the wicked brunette had recruited a friend to shock Kirsten and make her darkest fantasy come true.

And that in of itself was what had made it special. Only Eliza truly understood her. Only Eliza knew why she had craved feeling fear and a total loss of control. Only Eliza knew how to tap into her dark side and make her feel wonderfully depraved. Kirsten knew that she could tell Eliza any secret she had, no matter how wild or how strange, and there would never be judgment or shame.

The sex between her and Ali Larter in the changing room had been mind blowing. It had made Kirsten drip and come harder than she had even dreamed possible. Her wonderful wife hadn’t pulled away when Kirsten had confessed to wanting to do something as taboo as a rape role play. Instead she had found just the right woman to make it happen and give Kirsten the intense high and release she had been seeking.

But that hadn’t been all that had happened. Kirsten had owed her wife one after that trick and she had executed a sneaky maneuver of her own. That filled Kirsten with an intense satisfaction that snuggled up so nicely with orgasmic bliss. Kirsten loved being able to surprise her wife. She loved being able to show Eliza that she could be just as adventurous and kinky as she was.

Even after all the years they’d been together, Kirsten knew Eliza still saw her as the “innocent” one in their relationship, the one who needed to be seduced and coaxed…the one who had to be pushed to be nasty. But she really wasn’t and it was so much fun to show off to Eliza that it was wrong to underestimate her, something she had proven emphatically when she had played her ace in the hole and coaxed Summer Glau into the shower with her wife and then into the bed for them to enjoy a threesome that had gone on late into the night.

And as she lay there next to her naked, sleeping wife, Kirsten smiled as she thought to herself how she was a completely different person from that little girl Eliza had taken on the beach that magical day, the one who had never even kissed another woman. Everything had changed that day and Kirsten was so glad it had.

She thanked God every day for putting them together and having Eliza succumb to lustful temptation that day. Eliza grabbing and kissing her that day had been the greatest surprise of her life but Kirsten always got such a thrill over reminding Eliza that she wasn’t that inexperienced girl anymore. She could be just as dirty as Eliza was and knowing that her wife had never seen her surprise coming was such a thrill to Kirsten.

Kirsten was sure that Eliza had assumed that she would never be able to pull off anything like what she had designed with Ali, but Kirsten had shown her. She knew that as bad ass as Eliza could be, she could still be shy when it came to those key moments of truth and that Eliza sometimes hesitated in going after what she wanted. Kirsten was just glad Eliza had shown none of that shyness with her on the beach especially since now, years later, she could show off her filthy mind to her wife and make her fantasies with Summer come true.

They had both gotten a lot from that though. Summer hadn’t just been a Christmas present for Eliza to play with. They had both indulged in her and Kirsten could still feel just how thoroughly Summer had worked over their bodies and made them feel heights she and Eliza couldn’t even get each other to feel even after all their nights of passionate practice. It had been like sex ed class in the bedroom the night before and Summer had been a very hands on teacher.

Both Kirsten and Eliza had marveled over Summer’s ability to squirt her orgasms. It was so hot to be able to lick and fuck the leggy girl until shot her cum out of her cunt onto their faces and fingers and toys.  They had thoroughly experimented with Summer’s sexy body, even playfully seeing which of them could make her squirt more, something Summer had enjoyed even more than they had. But it hadn’t just been Summer who had been squirting.

Kirsten and Eliza had demanded Summer show them her tricks. Both of them had squirted before but, as good as they were at fucking each other, the orgasms where that intense level of pleasure actually happened were rare. Summer seemed to know how to make it happen with ease and they wanted to know her secrets.

And, happily, Summer had been only too happy to share her wisdom with them, getting each of them to spread their legs as she had demonstrated her skill at stimulating a woman and how to find that elusive g-spot and get someone to come uncontrollably.

Kirsten had been skeptical at first that something like squirting could be “taught” but that had been before she had been left convulsing on the bed in ecstasy thanks to Eliza and Summer working her over, the cum practically spraying out of her pussy onto both of them. And now that Kirsten had felt that, she knew she was going to want her wife to make her squirt a lot more often now. It had been so intense and Eliza had been such a quick learner of everything Summer had shown her. But she hadn’t been the only one.

Kirsten had been studying too and had taken to heart every naughty lesson Summer had shown them. As she lay back on the bed, Kirsten ran her fingers over her face, feeling what a mess she was and loving it while she remembered the raw eroticism of tonguing her wife’s cunt while Summer was behind Eliza fucking her ass with a strap-on.

Summer had kept telling Kirsten where to lick and how long and where to slide her fingers and her horny little tongue and soon enough Eliza had been erupting all over her face with a huge, wet orgasm like Kirsten had never tasted. Kirsten still had Eliza’s dried juices on her face and she knew her wife still had hers. It made her feel very kinky and it had Kirsten in a very horny mood that morning.

It had been so weird to be instructed like that…weird but fun. She and Eliza had been willing sex students for Summer last night and while Kirsten had been a little jealous to see Eliza in ecstasy from Summer fucking her ass with that toy it had been so worth it when she had felt her wife squirt all over her face.

It had been wonderfully nasty to feel that girl cum dripping from her face after Eliza was left gasping for breath and coming like a sweet gusher all over her. Kirsten had loved feeling it soak her skin and her hair and how they’d both been dirty little squirting sluts for each other.

After Summer had sadly left them, they had ended up falling asleep without showering, the sheets soaked with girl squirt and their faces a mess. Kirsten loved feeling so filthy as she woke up with the taste of cum all over her lips. She must have been a sight but she didn’t care. She had shown Eliza that she could be just as dirty as she was and Kirsten figured Eliza would finally remember not to underestimate her now.

But a part of her hoped she wouldn’t so she could prove it all over again.

Eliza was still sleeping and the more she did, the more playful Kirsten began to feel. She was so close to her wife’s bare ass that she found herself drawn to it. So she reached over to give the tight, round cheek of Eliza’s butt a soft caress. Kirsten resisted the wicked temptation to smack it but she didn’t hold back from much else, running her hands over that great ass and feeling wonderfully naughty about it as she groped her sleeping wife.

Kirsten knew that this was something Eliza did to her all the time. So many times she had gone to sleep with panties on and then found them off the next morning while Eliza played innocent and pretended she wasn’t the one responsible. Well now it was her turn to be dirty and, once she started, Kirsten found it impossible to stop. She quickly had both hands on Eliza’s ass cheeks, softly massaging them as she moved closer to her wife until she nearly had her face pressed right up against her backside.

They had all worked each other over so good the night before and Kirsten could still feel how her own holes remained tender from all the fun. But it was Eliza’s ass she was most focused on right then, especially as she gripped both hands on her wife’s tight buns and spread them open, giving her a lewd view of Eliza’s asshole as it still recovered from what she and Summer had done to it.

“Oooooh fuck,” Kirsten moaned lustfully, her words and actions making Eliza groan and stir, but not awaken, something that made Kirsten giddy over how naughty she was being. She didn’t want Eliza to wake up. She wanted to keep on molesting her pretty wife in her sleep and she didn’t want Eliza to know about it.

“Oh baby, who fucked your little hole so raw?” Kirsten giggled quietly as she stared right at the tender hole that she and Summer had so eagerly defiled the night before. “Mmmmm I loved when she fucked you. I loved seeing you take it like a little bitch from her using the toy you use up my ass going deep inside your fuck hole. Mmmmm you looked so hot taking it right up your naughty ass while I was lapping at your pussy and making you squirt all over me. Mmm fuckkk you made my face soooo messy and then we rubbed that dripping squirt right into your tender little butthole after Summer pulled out and I fucked you. Oooooh I fucked you so good baby. Did you like that? Your little Kiki buttfucking big bad Eliza and rubbing your cunt as Summer watched us and I made you squirt again…this time all over my fingers so I could shove them in your mouth and make you taste yourself. Mmmm yummy!”

Kirsten said all of this with a low voice, trying to keep quiet even as she hoped Eliza heard her in her sleep and that this was creating sexy, kinky dreams in her. She had loved getting Eliza bent over for her, that amazing ass in the air as she took her in front of Summer, fucking her ass doggie style while playing with her pussy and making Eliza come like a wild woman.

Kirsten had gotten off so hard on making Eliza submissive to her. It had been so much fun to do that and be the one in charge in the bedroom. But she had liked it best when Eliza had turned those tables right around on her again.

Instead of exhausting Eliza, back to back squirting orgasms had only charged her up and she had gone after Kirsten with a vengeance. She had taken that strap-on off Kirsten’s waist and made her taste it, fucking her mouth so she could make her wife taste the ass she had just fucked and then sliding it around her own waist so she could make Kirsten’s ass hers.

And Kirsten loved giving her ass up to her wife. Eliza knew just how to give it to her so the only pain she would ever feel from the naughty act was the kind of pain that felt good. Doing it in front of Summer had been extra kinky, especially when their guest had gotten another toy and worked over Kirsten’s pussy with it.

Being double penetrated like that had driven Kirsten absolutely wild and she had screamed like a banshee as she had come. Her vocal cords were just as sore as her pussy was this morning but it had all been worth it as she had felt the ecstasy of her ass being fucked by her wife as their newest friend had skillfully fucked her pussy in a way that had made her squirt again, this time all over the plastic toy that was now discarded on the floor along with their clothes, their inhibitions and any shame they might have felt over being such wild hedonists the night before.

Kirsten was eager to be a hedonist again as she whispered filthy nothings to her sleeping wife and gripped the tight butt cheeks before her, keeping them spread open and the sore hole exposed. Kirsten felt a naughty rush right to her own clit as she stared at the redness of Eliza’s asshole. Her own hole felt just as tender as she was sure Eliza’s did and Kirsten wanted to have her wife kiss it to make it better. But as for Eliza, Kirsten had something even naughtier than a kiss in mind.

While still trying her best not to wake Eliza, Kirsten opened her mouth and let a strand of saliva drool right out of it and into her wife’s crack. She heard Eliza moan as most of the saliva got right into her spread open hole and Kirsten couldn’t resist doing more.

As Eliza groaned and stirred in her sleep, Kirsten took one delicate finger and, with her saliva acting as fresh lube, slowly pushed it inside, penetrating the hole that had felt something a lot bigger the night before.

Eliza shivered in her sleep while she was probed so intimately but Kirsten didn’t stop. She tensed up a moment, afraid Eliza was going to wake up and end her fun but once she didn’t, she kept right on exploring. She took her finger and began sawing it in and out gently, finger fucking Eliza’s asshole while continuing to whisper her filthy words and hope she was inspiring her wife to have wet dreams.

“Mmmmm take my finger Eliza mmmm take it right up your fucking ass,” Kirsten groaned. “I can still feel how loose it is. Oooooh fuck! I loved taking your ass last night and being so nasty with you! I loved fucking you like my little slut! Mmmm making you Kiki’s horny bitch for the night right in front of Summer. I wanna do that again! I want to fuck you like a bitch in front of our friends! Mmmm we can do it in front of Sarah and everyone at the mansion! We can show them how much you like it when your Kiki fucks your ass and makes you her whore!”

As she fantasized about dominating her wife in front of a crowd of horny lesbians, all of them naked and eager to join in, Kirsten continued working her finger into Eliza while slowly easing a second one in. Even though Eliza was still loose from the night before and could easily have taken more, Kirsten didn’t play too rough.

Instead she kept things hot and steady, pushing her fingers up her wife’s asshole and slowly easing them out, only to take her again with another thrust of her wrist a moment later. Kirsten could see how visibly wet this was starting to make her sleeping wife and seeing Eliza’s slit getting so moist was turning her on intensely.

“But you know what baby? Mmmm I want you to take me too,” Kirsten purred, her fantasies shifting as she got hornier and hornier. “I love it when you make me your slut. I wanna take you deep and hard and all nasty but then I want you to show me who’s really boss. Mmm I want you to fuck your Kiki in front of everyone and make me pay for taking you like I did. Ooooh treat me like the slut I am and make me squirt in front of all of them. Let them see how hard you make me come and then let them do it too. Mmmmm take me and fuck me and let me be their lesbian slut toy so all our friends can fuck me at the same time as you tell them what to do and how to do me just how I like it! Mmmm fuck that would be soooo hot! Make sure they see what a slut I am!”

Kirsten got so worked up over picturing being naked and taken by girl after girl after girl at the mansion as Eliza directed the all-girl gangbang and made them take all her holes that she closed her eyes. Kirsten loved the idea of being the center of attention and the focus of everyone’s lusts as she was taken like a fuck toy by all those women as Eliza told them how to make her squirt for them over and over and over again.

Picturing it in her mind with her eyes closed was amazing, but it also meant that she wasn’t paying attention as her finger fucking and filthy words finally pulled Eliza out of her slumber.

“Well they wouldn’t have to look very hard to see that,” Eliza grunted, surprised but very happy to be experiencing some morning sodomy before she even had any coffee. “Mmm they already know you’re a slut Kiki. Mmmm and they love it just as much as I do!”

Kirsten gasped when she realized her wife was awake now. It caused her eyes to fly open and her fingers to stop. She immediately felt a reflexive wave of guilt over what she was doing and how she was doing it and she started to pull her fingers out of Eliza. But her wife quickly put a stop to that.

“Oh don’t you dare,” Eliza laughed as her pussy continued to get juicy from the feel of Kirsten’s slim fingers in such a naughty place. “You’d better finish what you started missy. Oh Kiki! Those fingers feel so good in me! You’d better not fucking stop!”

Kirsten’s smile immediately returned. She wasn’t surprised that Eliza liked what she was doing but it was always good to get confirmation of that and hearing Eliza moan as her fingers resumed their sawing motion in and out of the tender fuckhole they were playing in made Kirsten want to be kinkier.

“How long have you been listening to me?” Kirsten asked with a smile as her fingers continued playing. “What did you hear me say?”

“You mean how long was I listening to you after you woke me up by getting your fingers up my asshole? About as long as you were doing it,” Eliza smirked back in response. “I’m not about to ever sleep through being buttfucked and you know me Kiki, I love hearing what dirty things you want to do to me!”

Eliza now could openly moan from the feel of those fingers penetrating her tender asshole and she didn’t hold back. Her sounds expressed the pleasure she felt from Kirsten’s touch and she slid her own hand down between her legs to rub the pussy that had been getting nice and damp from what her wife had been doing to her.

She had been playing possum, trying to hold back her reaction to what she was feeling by acting as though she was still asleep to encourage Kirsten to do more. But she could only do that for so long when it all felt so good.

“Mmmm bad Eliza,” Kirsten giggled, using her free hand to give her wife’s bare ass a hard smack that she knew Eliza would love. “It’s not nice to pretend like that.”

“Oh yeah? Like it’s nice to fingerbang someone when they sleep?” Eliza shot back. “Face it Kiki. You’re the fucking perv here. I’m just the innocent little victim that you molested.”

“Well then call it payback for all the times I woke up with your fingers inside me,” Kirsten smiled. “And I haven’t even begun to molest you yet Eliza. You’re just lucky you tipped me off that you were up before I got that strap-on back up your ass.”

“Mmmmm I’d have fucking loved that,” Eliza groaned lustfully, still floating on the eroticism of the night before and starving for more. “Mmmmm you should have totally done it Kiki. You could have woken me up by nailing my ass and taking me like a fucking whore! Just like you did last night!”

“So you liked what I did?” Kirsten asked, feeling confident that she did but also wanting confirmation. “It didn’t get too weird?”

“I loved it,” Eliza laughed while still moaning from the continued feeling of Kirsten’s fingers intimately probing her. “Too weird? Mmmm baby it didn’t get weird enough for me! Mmmm I know we can get weirder and make it even fucking hotter.”

“I want that too,” Kirsten admitted with a moan of her own as she watched Eliza flip over in bed without even letting a bit of her fingers slip out of her asshole. Kirsten’s eyes drank in the delightful sight of Eliza’s bare, jiggling tits as she settled onto her back and Kirsten’s sense of touch was also stimulated by how Eliza’s hole clamped down around her fingers while she twisted herself around.

“I want to get so fucking nasty with you baby,” Kirsten pledged, loving every bit of how Eliza’s used, but still snug hole felt around her fingers. It was so much fun to get dirty with the woman she loved, especially after last night.

“So I could hear,” Eliza teased, feeling a wonderful shiver flow through her naked body from how those fingers felt while she moved on the bed. “Mmmm Kiki, you bad girl, you were turning me on like crazy talking like that. I loved hearing what you wanted to do to me. But I can think of a better use for your lips right now.”

Now that she was facing her wife, Eliza pulled Kirsten down on top of her. This forced Kirsten to pull her fingers out of Eliza’s ass but neither of them minded, especially Eliza. Right then all she wanted do was kiss Kirsten with every bit of the desire she felt flowing through her bloodstream.

Both of them fell right into the unrestrained kiss, their passions flowing as their naked bodies rubbed together, still sticky from the night before, and their lips melted into one another. The sounds of their mutual moaning filled the room and, as they wildly kissed, Kirsten didn’t hesitate to draw Eliza’s tongue into her mouth and Eliza didn’t shy away from it.

Eliza’s tongue happily invaded Kirsten’s mouth and she reached up to squeeze her wife’s round tits, grabbing them and fondling them just the way she knew her wife liked it as they kissed each other with an unrestrained, loving passion.

And when they broke it off so they could catch some much needed breath, running their hands tenderly over each other’s faces, Kirsten couldn’t help but inquire.

“What part turned you on?” Kirsten asked. “Was it me saying how I wanted to fuck you in front of everyone? Or was it how I wanted you to do it back to me even harder and then let everyone join in to gangfuck me?”

“Mmmmm both,” Eliza replied, but Kirsten could see it was the second option that had gotten the brunette’s eyes to particularly light up.

“Ooooooh you filthy thing, I know what you want,” Kirsten laughed, feeling the warmth of their bodies rubbing together just right and loving it. “You want your pretty wife to be fucked by all of those horny sluts! You want them to use me like a little piece of meat! Ughh you practically want them to abuse me right in front of you!”

“No more than you want it and, actually, I think you want it even more,” Eliza charged. “I heard what you said Kirsten. I know you like the sound of that. I know there’s still some perverted fantasies in that naughty head of yours that we haven’t gotten to yet.”

“I didn’t say there wasn’t,” Kirsten smiled back. “Mmmmm yesterday just makes me want more.”

“Me too,” Eliza replied before giving her wife another kiss. “And maybe tonight when we get to the mansion we can make some more of those fantasies happen.”

“At their Christmas party? Ooooh I don’t know Eliza,” Kirsten said, playing coy even though she knew Eliza could see right through her. “Mmmm what we want might be too nasty for a party like that. They’re going to keep things clean there for the holiday. Everyone’s going to be good girls while they’re there so we should be good too!”

Of course Kirsten could barely get all of that out of her mouth without laughing and Eliza couldn’t keep a straight face either. It might have been a Christmas party and it might have been a time for wholesome behavior but they had never been to a party at the mansion before that hadn’t turned into a full blown orgy and neither of them had any doubt that tonight’s event was going to turn out just the same.

“Mmmm then maybe we’ll have to dirty up their party a little,” Eliza smiled seductively. “After all, I think our gifts for each other yesterday show that we know how to do Christmas right. In fact we probably do it better than anyone.”

“Mmmm you said it,” Kirsten agreed. “Better and hotter!  I know we can make their little party into something way more fun. Mmmm we can get it really dirty and they’ll absolutely thank us for it!”

“How could they not?” Eliza asked, her mind whirling over what Christmas perversions they could give to their friends. “But speaking of dirty. I think we need to clean up a little.”

And while it was fun to still have the residue of their sex from the night before on them, Kirsten had to agree. But she didn’t want the fun to end either.

“As long as you clean me and let me clean you,” Kirsten countered, thinking of the intimate places she could clean her wife and the wicked ways she could do it.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Eliza said. “Bath or shower?”

A hot shower together would have been a great excuse to get very naughty under the flowing water, but a warm, bubble filled bath would have been a chance to add a touch of intimacy and romance to what they had done the night before and what they were hell bent on doing again tonight. Going into the shower would have been all about sex. Getting into the bath would have been something more. And both options sounded wonderful to Kirsten.

“I can’t decide,” Kirsten said, putting herself totally in her wife’s hands. “You pick for me.”

“Then the bath it is then,” Eliza declared, surprising and delighting Kirsten all at once with her answer. “After all we have to make sure we get plenty clean before we get dirty again when we get to the mansion.”

“I couldn’t want anything more,” Kirsten replied with a big smile before giving her wife a kiss. She couldn’t wait to get romantic with her wife as they shared a bath especially as the prospect of wild wickedness lay ahead and this time with all their friends there to enjoy it.


Kirsten and Eliza weren’t the only ones worked up that morning. There were others just as horny and just as eager to put that energy to good use.

“Mmmmmm more…” Kelly Clarkson groaned with obvious need after Elisha Cuthbert pulled her lips off of hers, the two of them having shared a kiss that allowed Kelly to taste her own creamy cum right off Elisha’s tongue.

“Ooooh someone’s insatiable this morning,” Elisha teased her friend. “Wasn’t that come good enough for you Kelly? Didn’t you like having my tongue licking your clit until you came all over my face?”

“YES!” Kelly enthusiastically replied, giggling when she heard her own word come out with even more eagerness than she had intended. “Ughh you have no idea how much I liked it! Mmmm I want more. I NEED more! C’mon Leesh! Give it to me!  Please!”

The orgasm she had just experienced hadn’t been Kelly’s first of the morning and she was going to do everything in her power to make sure it wasn’t the last. But instead of satisfying her, having Elisha’s tongue and fingers working her over to multiple peaks of bliss had left her craving more and she rubbed herself into her friend to make sure that Elisha could feel that her wetness wasn’t just from coming, it was from how much more she wanted.

“Damn girl, at least let me get some Gatorade or some water or something,” Elisha laughed, not sure what had gotten into Kelly but enjoying just how horny her sexy friend was that morning.

Elisha had never seen her like this before and even though her own body told her it needed a little rest it was so hard to resist when she felt how soaked Kelly’s crotch still was.

“Noooo! No breaks! Drink my pussy instead!” Kelly insisted, pushing down on Elisha’s shoulders as the blonde lay on top of her, trying to get her to go back down between her legs. “Mmmmm I have sooooo much cum for you to drink! You can get energy from that!”

Elisha never would have thought that she could ever be tired out by anyone sexually, least of all Kelly, but then again so much of all of this was surprising to her. She was genuinely shocked by how insistently Kelly was pushing down on her, like she really did need it instead of just wanting it.

But Elisha was stronger than her friend and even though Kelly’s arms had some force behind them, she was able to wiggle free of them and instead kept herself draped over the singer. She tried to calm her horny friend by kissing Kelly right on the lips again, this time with lots of tenderness and while that quieted her, it didn’t turn down the heat inside her even a degree.

“You don’t really want to drain me dry before it’s even 9 a.m., do you?” Elisha asked, feeling her own libido race from the way hers and Kelly’s tits rubbed together in this position. “I don’t want to be exhausted all day!”

“Even if I’m the one exhausting you?” Kelly smiled seductively, loving the feel of their aroused nipples rubbing into each other as much as Elisha did. “Mmmm please Leesh! I was dying for this all night and I need to have it! Please fuck me! Give it to me again! Pleaaaaase! Don’t stop fucking me! I’ll do whatever you want if you don’t stop! Mmmmm I’ll even let you take my ass if you want!”

Now that perked Elisha up right away and her pussy purred at the thought of Kelly Clarkson bent over on all fours with her magnificently juicy ass in the air willing and eager to be fucked. But it also further convinced Elisha that something was not quite right with her friend.

Kelly wasn’t someone who just went around offering up anal sex. She was hardly a virgin back there and Elisha was just one of several girls who had experienced the bliss of fucking Kelly’s famous ass, but Kelly was usually one who needed a little coaxing to give herself up like that. Unlike a lot of the other girls Elisha knew from her fun in Malibu and beyond, Kelly generally had to be seduced a little bit into backdoor play and here she was offering it up right on a platter.

That wasn’t her and Elisha knew it.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Elisha asked in a tone that made it clear she was not about to let Kelly evade this question.

“What do you mean?” Kelly asked, playing coy. She hadn’t meant to be so bold but the offer had just slipped out before she had even thought about it. She was just so desperate to get Elisha to fuck her again that she would have said, or done, anything to make it happen.

“You know what I mean,” Elisha insisted. “We’ve been fucking for years now and I think this is first time you just blurted it out that I could fuck you up the ass. So don’t act like everything is normal when…”

“Don’t you want to?” Kelly purred seductively, trying to change the subject as fast as she could. “Mmmmm maybe you did such a good job on my pussy that I need you fucking my ass now? Mmmmm I know you like it! I know you like it when I get my ass up on all fours for you and shake it back and forth and tell you how much I want it up my juicy butt!”

Elisha did like it.  No actually, like was far too mild for that. She was fucking in love with the idea of Kelly Clarkson on all fours in front of her, swaying that beautiful ass of hers back and forth. Kelly had one of the sexiest asses Elisha had ever seen and she was obsessed with it. It was just so much fun to play with it and every time Kelly let her fuck it, it was hotter than the last. So Elisha didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but at the same time Kelly wasn’t just a woman who shared her bed a lot. She was also her friend.

“Ughhh don’t tease me like that,” Elisha groaned, not wanting to let Kelly distract her even though all she could think of now were Kelly’s thick butt cheeks shaking seductively as she nailed her from behind with a strap-on, Kelly crying out for more and the both of them loving every second of it. “You know I love that! I’d crawl across hot coals to fuck your ass Kelly! But something’s up and don’t pretend it’s not! You don’t even call this morning. You just show up and practically rip your own clothes off and attack me before I even get a hello out and we’ve been fucking nonstop since!”

“Is that a complaint?” Kelly asked with a smile as she traced her fingers right over Elisha’s bare tits, the part of her friend’s body she was particularly obsessed with. “Mmmm I don’t recall you doing anything to stop me. I thought you liked it when I’m aggressive!”

“Ohhhhhh mmmmm no…no, not a complaint,” Elisha moaned out as Kelly’s soft, delicate touch made her nipples stiffen up even more and send pleasure right to her pussy. “Mmmm I do like it! Oooooh fuck Kel mmmmm no one plays with my boobs like you do! Fuckkkkkk! I just…mmmm yesssss…just feel like you’re not acting like yourself.”

“Maybe it’s a new Kelly,” the singer lied. “Maybe it’s a Kelly that gets what she wants and doesn’t ask nicely before she takes it.”

As she said that, Kelly took her hand off Elisha’s tits and instead slid it between her legs, rubbing against the slick lips of her labia as the blonde Canuck moaned wantonly.

“Ooooh fuckkkkkk,” Elisha cooed in delight. Her pussy was soaked from all the times she’d gone down on Kelly and she badly needed this.

“Mmmmm yeahhh I can be just like Christina,” Kelly continued, happy to distract her lover as she thought back to the woman who had first seduced her so boldly without even a consideration about whether or not she would like it. “I can take what I fucking want. No more America’s fucking sweetheart. Mmmm I can be fucking slut too! I can be a bad girl!”

“Mmmm Kel baby, you are!” Elisha cried as those delicate, skilled fingers penetrated her sodden folds and played with the aroused pinkness beyond. “You’re so fucking bad!”

“Mmmm now don’t ask questions,” Kelly insisted before smothering Elisha’s moaning lips with her own once more. “Just fuck me Leesh! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! I don’t care! Just don’t stop fucking me until I can’t think anymore and won’t be horny again for a week!”

Elisha loved this “new Kelly.” She had thought the old one was pretty damn perfect with sexy sweetness to go perfectly with a wicked side between the sheets, but this one was so much bolder and Elisha liked that. This new Kelly seemed totally different from the one Elisha had talked to less than a day earlier and it felt so good to have those fingers inside her with the promise of so much more debauchery to come.

But as much as Elisha wanted more fingers and to feel Kelly’s long, lovely tongue working her most intimate parts over and as much as she wanted to grab her strap-on and positively plow Kelly’s ass before getting her to return the favor right back to her, Elisha wasn’t buying it.

There wasn’t really a new Kelly and she knew it. Besides, the old Kelly Clarkson was one that Elisha liked quite a bit and she recognized that this was a front. She just didn’t know why.

“Ughhh fuckkkkk,” Elisha groaned, this time in frustration over her own insistence on being a real friend and not just someone who could think with her erogenous zones.

How did guys do this? It was so easy for them to think with their cocks. How come she couldn’t think with her pussy? Instead her brain refused to let it happen and Elisha’s groan came from her own needs being unfulfilled as she pushed Kelly’s fingers away from her.

“What? What’s wrong?” Kelly asked, worried that Elisha wasn’t going to give her what she felt she so badly needed and that was to have her brains so thoroughly fucked out that she couldn’t think about what she was trying so badly not to think about.

“With me? Nothing. With you? Well, obviously something,” Elisha said, trying to catch her breath a little bit as she kicked herself mentally once again for not being shallow enough to insist Kelly keep doing what she was doing.

“Nothing’s wrong with me,” Kelly grumbled, sitting up in the bed and holding a sheet to her otherwise naked form. “If you don’t want to fuck me, just say so! I’ll go find someone who’s not sick of me!”

“Whoa whoa whoa…what the fuck Kel?” Elisha asked, sitting up too and placing her arm around Kelly to keep her next to her in the bed. “Sick of you? I can’t get enough of you! What’s going on here? Something’s obviously bothering you and don’t give me this ‘new Kelly’ talk. I know you and you’re not acting like you.”

“You wouldn’t understand,” Kelly sighed in frustration. This was the last thing she has wanted. She had come here to fuck, not talk. “It’s my stupid problem anyway.”

“Well tell me what it is and I’m sure I’ll understand,” Elisha said. “Make it my problem too. That’s what friends do for each other.”

Kelly couldn’t help but smile. Elisha really was her friend. A true, loyal friend. This was why she loved being with women so much more than men. She knew guys wanted to fuck her but she knew women like Elisha truly cared about her. She knew if the positions were reversed then she’d be pushing Elisha to talk just like the blonde was to her right then. And maybe talking wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe Elisha had been in the same situation she was in.  She was just so confused right then that Kelly didn’t know what to do.

Even if she tried to explain it, how could she make it sound like she wasn’t completely nuts? Kelly was sure she was going to sound so lame when she said what was bothering her. She hadn’t wanted today to start like this at all.

But she had been up all night tossing and turning, as well as doing a few other things to herself, and she hadn’t gotten any peace. She hated feeling like this and she knew she wasn’t going to make it any better by keeping it bottled up. She just didn’t want Elisha to laugh at her for it.

“You’ll think I’m an idiot,” Kelly claimed.

“I never would,” Elisha immediately assured her. “Tell me Kel. You can tell me anything.”

So Kelly stopped holding back and started explaining everything she was feeling and once she started it was like a huge flood of words flowed out of her mouth. Everything she had been keeping inside her for the last day was unleashed and it felt so good to be able to tell someone what she was really feeling.

She told Elisha what it had been like to be in that trailer and to see Carrie Underwood so casually undress right in front of her and strip down to just tight little panties that hugged her perfect little ass so nicely. She didn’t hold back either. Kelly described vividly to Elisha how good Carrie looked.

She told her about those perky little tits and how tasty they looked with those round nubs of pinkness she had for nipples and how she wanted to tongue them until they were as hard as pencil erasers. She told her how the only thing she wanted more than to bury her face in that gorgeous little rack was to bend Carrie over and get her face into those tight, succulent butt cheeks and how the only thing she wanted more than that was to be between Carrie’s toned thighs giving her lonely pussy the licking it so badly needed.

Carrie undressing like that the day before had been nothing more than a “just us girls” kind of casualness that became common when you’re changing outfits backstage at concerts constantly and doing photo shoot after photo shoot after photo shoot. Kelly knew that all too well but while her actions might have been no big deal to Carrie it had made a huge impact on Kelly and she told Elisha how all she’d wanted to do in that trailer was to fuck Carrie Underwood and how since then it had been all she had been thinking about.

She wanted to seduce her friend. She wanted to show Carrie how girls fucked better than boys. She wanted to make her just like she was.

When she told all of this to Elisha, Kelly knew she’d get the exact reaction she got as soon as her friend opened her mouth. And she also knew it was the last thing she wanted to hear.

“So go for it,” Elisha smiled brightly, picturing how hot it would be to see Kelly fucking Carrie and how it would be even hotter if she joined on in.

“Ughhh God Leesh, don’t you get it? That’s the one thing I can’t do!” Kelly groaned in frustrated annoyance.

The vision of Carrie Underwood’s nearly naked body had been haunting her like a sexy spirit since then, tempting her thoughts to go to dirty places and her pussy to become insatiable with lust. She had worked herself over so thoroughly the night before. She could still remember how she had made her pussy pulse in the shower from rubbing the massager against it as she dreamed of how she and Carrie could make each other so clean under that hot water and then get totally dirty again. She had nearly drained the batteries in her vibrator fantasizing about Carrie in bed with her and how they could fuck each other over and over again in every naughty hole they had.

But as much as she had loved that, Kelly had also been in sexual agony because she knew that this was a fantasy she could never indulge in and she had put herself in a position where her resistance was as thin as tissue paper. She had been so stupid and now she was positive she was going to do something even stupider and lose a friend in the process.

“Why not?” Elisha asked, confused why Kelly didn’t make her move. What she was telling her sounded so hot and sexy. Why would Kelly deny herself that?

“Leesh, she’s married! I can’t do that to her,” Kelly sighed. “And I don’t think I can stop myself either. That’s what’s driving me crazy! That’s why I wanted you to fuck me all morning long! I want you to fuck the horniness right out of me so I won’t think of her like that anymore. I want you to fuck me until I’m not tempted by her anymore!”

It hadn’t exactly been a well thought out plan and as she said it out loud it sounded even more foolish. That just made Kelly even more embarrassed.

“Ughh you must think I’m such an idiot,” Kelly groaned, falling back onto the bed, still clinging the sheet to her naked body.

“Of course I don’t,” Elisha insisted, lying right next to her friend and tenderly playing with her hair as she hugged her. “I know exactly what you’re talking about.  I’ve been there. There have been lots of people I’ve wanted, guys and girls, and when you see a ring on their finger it’s really hard to throw on the brakes. I just don’t know if this is the best way of dealing with that.”

“Well it seemed like a good idea at the time,” Kelly sighed. “I just didn’t count on you making me hornier every time you fucked me! I want her even more now!”

“I’m not sure whether I should be insulted by that,” Elisha playfully teased. “You were thinking about Carrie the whole time? Damn, Kel. You just come over here because I was the closest available blonde you could fuck?”

“Oh stop! It’s not like that at all,” Kelly laughed, knowing Elisha was just kidding with her. “It was you I was thinking of the whole time and you know it! I just wanted you to, you know, burn off all my horniness by fucking me as good as you always do. Mmmm you make me feel so fucking amazing Leesh. I need you to do it again and again until I’m not even thinking about Carrie anymore.”

“Well I’m happy to help with that.” Elisha replied, giving Kelly a warm kiss on the lips. “But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if you kept thinking about her…”

“Ohhhh don’t start,” Kelly groaned. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you! I knew you were going to try and talk me into it!”

“I’m just saying that maybe Carrie wants to be seduced,” Elisha suggested. “After all, can you think of a single man who can fuck you as good as I can? Or fuck you like any of our friends can?”

“God no!” Kelly admitted. “Mmmm no one fucks like you Leesh! No man can make me feel like a hot girl can!”

“I feel the same way,” Elisha smiled. “Being seduced into fucking girls was the best thing that ever happened to me, Kel. I know you feel that way too. Maybe Carrie needs to learn just how a girl can make her feel. Mmmm she won’t be lonely anymore after that. Or maybe she already knows. Maybe that’s why she stripped down in front of you. Maybe you’re the one she’s trying to seduce.”

“Yeah right.” Kelly laughed, not believing it for a second. “Leesh, that girl is so straight it’s not even funny. If I even tried to kiss her she’d pass out from shock. It’s never going to happen and even if it did, what then? I don’t want to ruin her marriage! I don’t want to risk our friendship. It’s just way too much drama to think about doing it.”

“I guess you’re right, but you also shouldn’t be so closed off to the idea of it.” Elisha said. “You never know. It might be something that could turn out wonderful for you both.”

“Maybe…” Kelly replied. It was hard not to think of all the good things that could happen, even though Kelly was sure that it was better to just completely remove the temptation from her mind. “But maybe you should fuck me a little bit more. You know, just to make sure I’m not thinking too much more about Carrie.”

“Well now that I know why you’re acting like you are, that sounds like something I can arrange,” Elisha grinned as she kissed Kelly’s neck and fondled her beautiful breasts. “But I don’t want to exhaust you too much. After all, we have the mansion Christmas party later and I know you’re going to want to make sure your pussy is ready to play with there.”

“Gawwd that’s just the problem though,” Kelly admitted. “I was with Carrie yesterday when I got your text about the party. I couldn’t help it! I invited her too!”

Elisha looked at Kelly with a “what the fuck?” look on her face and Kelly groaned in embarrassment, pulling the pillow out from under her head and pressing it to her face. She muffled her own cry of embarrassment but how she felt was obvious.

For someone who kept saying she was looking to avoid trouble, she was sure doing a lot to actually start it.


As she tossed her head back and let the warm water of the shower fall over her face and down her body, Lindsay Lohan had to admit she felt both content and lonely.

She was content because she was committed to making sure this was another day she was going to live free of drugs and alcohol. She was content because she felt so much at peace after so long. But lonely? How could she not feel that way when she was in the shower alone?

There was no one there to soap up her big titties or get to those very hard to reach areas that Lindsay loved to have cleaned by a wet, eager tongue. And there was no one groping her wetly and no one who was going to be there to dry her off. The reasons for that were all good ones, but Lindsay still didn’t like it. How could anyone expect her to shower alone when it was so much more fun to share the water with a gorgeous woman or two or even three?

As she let the water flow down over her, Lindsay could feel how wet her pussy was getting and it had nothing to do with the shower. She had shaved herself bare that morning, getting rid of the fuzz that had started to grow in, giving herself the smooth pussy that she loved to show to other girls. Ever since the first “firecrotch” jokes, Lindsay had been shaving herself and she’d grown quite accustomed to always being bald below the waist.

But shaving herself always made her extra horny and Lindsay didn’t need that today, not when she was all alone in the shower. She couldn’t help but slide her hand between her legs to rub her freshly shaven pussy and that only made Lindsay ache for another woman’s touch even more.

She knew if she reached for the shower massager she could get herself off pretty quickly, but that it would only leave her hornier for something else, something way hotter. Masturbation was fun, after all, but it could never compare to the feel of fucking. And Lindsay needed to be fucked. She needed it so bad. Being denied it only made her crave it more. And as many times as she was told that this was being done to help her, Lindsay still had trouble truly accepting that.

She wasn’t used to being denied what she wanted. She hated being told no. She always had. Lindsay had been through enough therapy by now to know that was part of the reason she had the problems she did and she understood that. But that didn’t mean she had to like it.

It just seemed cruel to be told no. She hated that word, especially when she wanted to be screaming out “YES!” as she was fucked just like she was aching to be.

Turning off the water after she finished rinsing off her hair and moaning one last time from the way the perfectly temperature water stream flowed over her naked, freckled body, Lindsay grabbed two towels and exited the shower. One towel went around her body and the other she used to start drying her hair. But before she got too far in that, she heard a knock on the bathroom door.

“Lindsay, you’re going to be late, honey!” her mother said insistently from the other side.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” Lindsay replied.

“Not a second longer though, I don’t want you being late for this,” Dina Lohan insisted.

“Well why don’t you get in here and make sure I’m getting ready,” Lindsay cheekily offered, knowing that it would be so easy to drop her towel as soon as her mother walked in, letting Dina see what a sexy naked slut she’d given birth too.

Lindsay had badly wanted her mother in the shower with her giving her that extra special loving touch, but Dina had been emphatic with her no.

“Oh I’m sure you’d love that, young lady,” Dina replied. “But you don’t get that yet! Get dressed and get going!”

Lindsay sighed and continued drying her hair. She knew why her mother was doing it but she still hated it. How could she deny herself when she’d been to heaven and desperately wanted to go back? How could she be expected to stop something she loved even if it was only temporary? It just seemed so wrong. But Lindsay didn’t protest. She just dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom with her towel around her waist.

She expected to at least find her mother waiting for her there but no one was. Lindsay frowned and that feeling of disappointment and need grew stronger when she heard the noises coming from a few doors down…from her mother’s room.

“Oooooh you bitches,” Lindsay groaned in frustration. “I can’t get my fuck on, but all of you can?”

Deciding that there was no way she could deny herself at least a peek of what was going on, Lindsay walked out of the bedroom still with just her towel on. She walked toward her mother’s room and stuck her head in, feasting her eyes on the debauchery within.

For probably 99.99999% of the population what Lindsay saw in the bedroom would have been the most sinful, debauched display of insanity they had ever seen. But for Lindsay it was just another day ending in “-y” to see what she saw in there.

“Ohhh mommmmmm!” Ali Lohan screamed out as she lay back naked with her legs open and her face totally lost in bliss as she pressed her hand down on the blonde head between her legs. “Yes mommy yesssss! Ohhh fuckkkk yesssss! Lick my pussy mommy! Oooooh fuck I was getting so juicy when you went to check on Lindsay! Now I need my mommy! Mmmm fuck me! Yesss drink all the nasty juice right out of your own daughter’s pussy!”

Dina Lohan’s face was buried in her daughter’s teenage pussy and she furiously tongue fucked Ali as the slim brunette girl writhed on the bed, relishing every incestuous lick she received from her mother. For nearly every other person in the world, what was happening on that bed was the ultimate in sick depravity but for Lindsay it was all she wanted, especially because her mother and sister weren’t the only ones in the bed.

Lindsay could only look on in jealousy as not only her mother and sister fucked without her but that her girlfriend and her sister were in the bed with them. While Ali was on her back with Dina’s face in her young crotch, Hilary was on all fours, her butt sticking up in the air so her big sister Haylie could get behind her and lick her in her naughtiest of holes.

“Mmmmm Hil you dirty slut! Whenever I see you flaunting this juicy butt of yours around it drives me crazy!” Haylie groaned, so in lust with her own baby sister that she could barely control herself anymore. “Mmmmm I just want to get you naked and spread you open so I can do this to you! I just want to shove my tongue up my own sister’s ass! Ughhh fuckkkk you made me into such a nasty slut Hilary! How could you do this to me?”

Haylie had asked that question many, many times since she had first succumbed to the forbidden sexual touch of her own sister. She had never envisioned that she could ever do anything as dirty as incest, but her sister’s beautiful body had been too irresistible. Hilary had seduced her and now she couldn’t enough of her younger sister’s pussy and asshole and, especially, her sister’s tongue licking her where she was never supposed to go.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Mmmmm gawwwwd fucking shove that tongue up my ass Haylie!” Hilary cooed. “Oooooh gawwd I have such a good sister! Mmmm don’t act like I did anything to you, sissy! I just let you see how fucking amazing it is to fuck girls and I just showed you what a hot body I’ve got mmm and how I’m sooooo much fun to fuck!”

“Oh gawd! You are! SO much fucking fun!” Haylie moaned, still unable to truly believe how much she loved having sex with her own sister, no matter how many times she did it. “Ughhh I can’t fucking get enough of you Hil! Mmmm you made me just as dirty as your naughty girlfriend and her whole fucking family! Ughhh fuckkk making me just as nasty as these Lohan sluts!”

And that earned Haylie a hard smack against her own bare ass from Dina’s hand. She slapped the older of the Duff sister’s with an expert slap, making Haylie cry out, but from pleasure, not from pain.

“Who’s the fucking slut, Haylie?” Dina laughed. “Mmm I may have my tongue in my daughter’s pussy, but you’re the one fucking your own sister’s ass!”

“Oooooh yesss I’m the fucking slut!” Haylie cried, loving the way Dina’s slap to her ass stung. “Mmmm I’m the fucking nasty butt licking slut doing my own sister up her great ass! Mmmm you all make me so nasty! I want to lick Ali’s pussy juice right off your face Dina! Mmm I want to lick her tight little cunt next too and then fuck you and then fuck Hilary! Mmmm I want it all!”

But she wasn’t the only one who wanted it all. It was agony for Lindsay to see this. She wanted in so badly. After all, she was the one who Ali seduced. Then once Dina caught them they had both ganged up on their mother and brought her into their wicked games. That had inspired Hilary to go after Haylie and now whenever the Lohans and Duffs got together it was a big mess of naked, horny family members fucking each other, just the way Lindsay and Hilary wanted it.

“Fuckkkkk!” Lindsay groaned in frustration as she watched this. “How can you all do this when I can’t join in? Hil! Gawwwd, you too?”

Lindsay’s complaint alerted everyone to her presence in the doorway and she was greeted by four frowning faces. None of them liked having to do this. This kind of fun was always so much better when Lindsay could be a part of it. And no one felt worse than Lindsay’s girlfriend.

“Sorry baby, I couldn’t help it,” Hilary blushed. “Ummm I wanted to bring Haylie over and I started playing with her and Ali and then your mom joined in and…well…”

“Yeah, I know,” Lindsay sighed. “But all of you bitches are going to pay when I get back!”

“That’s the plan,” Ali giggled as she jumped off the bed and away from Dina’s tongue to hug her sister as a show of support. “We’ll be right here waiting for you when you get back and then you can fuck us all! You’ve earned it!”

Ali and Lindsay’s hug was soon joined by Hilary as she embraced her too, sandwiching Lindsay between her girlfriend and her little sister, both women smelling Lindsay’s shower fresh skin and loving the dampness of her body.

“I’m so proud of you,” Hilary declared. “You’re doing so good Lindsay! You’re almost there and then you get such a good reward. Mmm you get all of us and then you get to go with me to the mansion. They’re totally having a Christmas party there and I’m so taking you!”

Dina frowned when she heard Hilary say that, but she didn’t do anything else. She knew speaking up would only upset Lindsay and she didn’t want to do that, not today of all days and not when Lindsay was already on edge having been denied sex the last couple of days.

After Lindsay’s last and most extensive trip to rehab, Dina had sat down with Hilary and Ali and told them that they were going to have to be her support team even when she didn’t want them to be and especially when it meant saying no to her. Dina knew that milestones in Lindsay’s sobriety were going to be one of the most important parts of her recovery and that the more of those milestones she reached the easier her daily struggle was going to be.

So she wanted to make sure that her daughter reached those milestones even if it meant adopting unconventional methods.

Today was going to be Lindsay’s 200th day of sobriety and Dina had wanted to make sure that Lindsay made it. She had decided that ever since Lindsay had left rehab that sex could be used as the ultimate carrot for her. It would be the reward she would get and she wanted it to be one she worked for.

That meant that the last few days Dina and Hilary had worked together to make sure that Lindsay knew what was waiting for her if she reached 200 days and, to further make the point, they didn’t let her get off from their touch for the last few days, making her feel that sex with all of them was a reward.

But it had been torture for Lindsay to go without sex, even if it had been for just a few days and she had hated it. Still the message had been received.

After all, when she’d been in rehab last time she hadn’t even been allowed to see Hilary, much less have sex with her mother or her sister and that had been agony. This was only a few days and having this all waiting for her like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow actually was pretty damn good incentive to stay on the right path.

“Promise me you’re still going to be doing this when I get back and that I can fuck all of you anywhere I want!” Lindsay demanded, getting not only agreement from Ali and Hilary, but from Haylie and Dina too.

“It will be sweetheart, we’ll all be waiting for you when you get back,” Dina said. “But not if you miss your meeting. So go get dressed! Hurry!”

Leaving all of this was extremely difficult for Lindsay, but she managed to force herself to do it. She was committed to staying sober this time even if it meant not always getting to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. So she walked away, already dreaming of what would happen once she got back.

And it wasn’t just hard on her. Dina fully intended to honor that promise when Lindsay got back and she had to admit that she had badly missed fucking her enormously sexy daughter. But she was also a little concerned.

She’d never been to the mansion that Hilary and Lindsay talked about so extensively. But she had heard more than her share of stories and she knew that things got wild there. Dina liked Hilary a whole lot more now than she had at first, but she also was very concerned that the girl enabled Lindsay’s bad habits.

She didn’t want this party to be an excuse for Lindsay to slip in her sobriety, not when she’d come so far and not when she had so much further to go.


Back at that mansion, Love was really starting to get cracking on the preparations. She and Rose had certainly had fun in the shower and her well-licked and very satisfied pussy was proof of that, but now she was fully dressed and totally focused on task as she briefed others in the house.

“Okay the cleaners said they would be here at 10 and it’s 9:30 now,” Love declared. “They said they would be in and out in two hours which gives us plenty of time before the caterers get here at 3.”

“Okay, what time are the guests supposed to get here?” Jewel asked.

“I said on the invitation at 6, but I’m sure everyone’s going to show up late,” Love said. “I mean the only reason I put 6 instead of 7 is that if I did that everyone would get here at 8. So any time after 6.”

“Who exactly is coming to this?” Alyssa asked. “I mean I love the idea of the party and all that, but who are we even inviting?”

“It’s a small group,” Love insisted. “I don’t exactly what an army marching through here. I just invited Britney, Gwen, Eliza, Kirsten, Elisha, Kelly and I texted Hilary Duff so I’m sure she’ll tell Lindsay…”

“Sounds like a regular ol party around here.” Alyssa interrupted with a smirk. “Why are we bringing in caterers and cleaners when we’ll all just end up fucking around the Christmas tree anyway?”

“Because, you didn’t let me finish,” Love noted. “I also invited Waldo, Franklin and Delbert and of course I had to invite Damon. I invited Fluffy. And I invited a few other friends too who definitely aren’t part of our fun, so everyone keeps their clothes on until later!”

“Spoilsport,” Alyssa playfully replied. “But I guess waiting will make us all want it more.”

“That’s the idea,” Love said with a smile as she pictured being the perfect hostess for the perfect Christmas party and then getting naughty with her special friends afterwards as a just reward. “And you guys can invite anyone you want too. It’s nothing fancy. Just something fun!”

“I already know someone perfect,” Jewel smiled. “And I’m sure none of you will mind if I bring Taylor Swift over, will you?”

“Oh hell no,” Alyssa immediately answered. “Now that’s the perfect kind of girl to get under the mistletoe!”

“Mmmm definitely!” Love added. “But only after the party is over, okay? That stuff is for the after party.”

“Don’t worry. We hear you loud and clear Love,” Alyssa said. “I promise I’ll be good!”

The truth was Alyssa was very happy for the distraction of the party and the after party. It was just what she needed to get her mind off Chloe. She had thought she had been crystal clear the night before, but when she had turned on her phone this morning there had been a message waiting for her from the girl and she’d included a topless picture of herself with it.

Alyssa had scrambled to delete the teenager’s sexy picture before anyone had seen it. She couldn’t believe the girl had been so reckless. At least the shot the girl had sent of her pussy hadn’t had her face in it. The topless shot had included her face and made it very obvious who it was.

Alyssa had ignored the message just like she was planning to ignore all future messages from Chloe. Clearly there was no way she could have any kind of communication with the girl when she just didn’t seem willing to accept what was best for the both of them.

So when Love’s phone indicated a text message had arrived and she looked very puzzled when she saw what it was Alyssa actually wondered if Chloe had started texting others at the mansion too.

“That’s weird,” Love said. “I just got a text from Beyoncé. She said she’d be at the party tonight and can’t wait for it. But I didn’t invite her. I mean I’m glad she’s coming and all that but I know I didn’t send her an invitation. I wanted to keep this to a close group tonight and it’s not like I can invite everyone we know.”

“Maybe Britney told her,” Jewel said. “You know how eager she is to talk about stuff like that.”

“Yeah probably,” Love replied, shrugging it off.

She didn’t mind Beyoncé coming at all. She loved spending time with the singer and she was always welcome at the mansion. She was just curious how she got the invitation, a question that loomed even larger when two more texts came in.

“Whoa…now this is getting really weird,” Love said as she looked at her texts. “Here’s one from Rosario Dawson who says she’s definitely coming and here’s one from Emmy Rossum. I don’t even have her email! I have no idea how she got invited!”

“Ummm well I think Damon is dating Rosario so maybe that’s how she knows,” Jewel speculated. “But I have no idea how Emmy knows. Though it’s not that bad if she comes over…is it?”

“Welllll I guess not,” Love agreed, the smile on her face showing that she didn’t consider it a bad idea at all. After all, like Alyssa had said about Taylor, the idea of getting someone as gorgeous as Emmy under the mistletoe was definitely a good idea. She was someone they’d all had their eyes on for a while and now she was coming directly to them.

“I just wonder how she got the invitation. I mean I’m sure I couldn’t possibly have sent it to her…” Love wondered, very puzzled about what was happening. The guest list seemed to be growing and she hoped it wouldn’t grow too much more.

“Well I’m glad she’s coming,” Alyssa declared. “Hopefully she’ll be here for the party and the after party.”

“Who’s coming?” Hayden Panettiere asked as she strode into the kitchen looking to see if there was any coffee.

“Emmy Rossum,” Love said. “Somehow she got an invitation to the party tonight. I don’t know how but whatever. I guess she’s coming,”

“You’re going to be here too, right?” Alyssa asked.

“Of course,” Hayden smiled. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m gonna head home for now, though.”

Since she had her overnight bag slung over her shoulder that much had been obvious, but her saying it confirmed it.

“You should come back early,” Alyssa said. “I’m making cookies for the party.”

“We have caterers coming in. You don’t have to cook, Alyssa,” Love said.

“I want to,” Alyssa insisted. “Besides Love, you of all people know that cookies are best made by amateurs not professionals.”

Love had to admit that Alyssa was right on the money there. Homemade cookies were the best, especially Christmas cookies. Caterers, even if they were using their kitchen and all the same ingredients they did, couldn’t come close to making it the same.

“Good point,” Love said. “I’ll help!”

“Me too,” Jewel volunteered.

“Good cause I’ll definitely need some extra hands in the kitchen, what about you Hayden? Wanna do some baking here?” Alyssa asked.

“I’d love to help,” Hayden agreed. “I just need to stop home for a little bit and then I’ll come back, okay?”

“Definitely okay,” Love said before giving Hayden a goodbye hug. “I’ll see you later.”

Hayden got hugs from Jewel and Alyssa next before she walked out of the kitchen, not expecting to have Alyssa run right after her.

“Hayden, wait!” Alyssa said. “I’m sorry about last night. I never even got a chance to see you model that outfit you got at Victoria’s Secret. I was a little distracted.”

“Ummm yeah, I heard that distraction,” Hayden said, trying not to be visibly jealous but not being entirely convincing at doing it which Alyssa picked up on.

“Awww don’t be like that,” Alyssa said. “You know you’re still my little freak, Hayden. I wasn’t trying to make you jealous. Miley just gets a little loud sometimes.”

“No, it’s not her…it’s forget it,” Hayden said with a shrug. “There’s nothing wrong. I’ll see you later today. I’ll even bring my naughty little outfit back tonight for you to see.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Alyssa said, following up the hug with a kiss right on the younger girl’s waiting lips. “Don’t be long. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Hayden had to admit that she was very happy Alyssa had come after her like that. It was definitely a load off her mind. The truth was she was jealous. And she didn’t mean to be personally jealous toward Miley Cyrus but she was.

The girl was really nice and definitely fun to play with. Hayden just couldn’t help but notice the way everyone was having so much fun with her lately and she hadn’t wanted to become the forgotten girl around the mansion. She had been the one everyone had fawned over once. Now it was Miley and Hayden hated thinking she was being replaced in some way.

So having Alyssa talk to her meant a lot. She knew deep down it was silly to be jealous. It wasn’t like Miley was stealing anyone away. But Hayden knew full well from years of dating guys how just seeing how a look from another girl toward her guy would make her claws want to come out.

Jealousy was the least rational of all the emotions. Hayden had hoped she’d been able to set that aside now that she was playing with girls, but she couldn’t help but have it rear its ugly head in at times like this, even when she knew it didn’t make any sense for her to feel that way.

It wasn’t even that Alyssa had spent the night fucking Miley and not her that was bothering Hayden. Hayden wasn’t there just because she wanted to be with Alyssa, not when every flavor in the mansion was delicious. She’d found herself spending a lot of time the night before playing with Jewel’s big tits and Stacy’s perfect ass and everything in between. It wasn’t who Miley was doing at the mansion, it was the way she was doing it.

The girl was insatiable and totally up for anything. The public persona of the twerking and the constant nudity was nothing compared to what Miley was like when the cameras went off. Hayden had to admit that she was worried that Miley was going to outfreak her and that upset her.

She was the little freak in the mansion. She was the one who would do anything. She was the one who everyone wanted to fuck. Hayden didn’t want to lose that. She didn’t want to stop taking risks. She wanted everyone to think she was special and she felt like Miley was coming in and stealing that from her.

She knew she was probably worried over nothing and Alyssa talking to her was reassuring. So Hayden told herself to relax and stop being silly. She just wished she didn’t have to go right then. Instead she wanted to go right back into the kitchen and let Alyssa, Jewel and Love have her for breakfast.

She’d show all of them she was as freaky as ever and make sure they forgot all about Miley Cyrus and instead focus only on her. But she had to get back, especially since she had her own a houseguest for the holidays. It was getting harder and harder to explain where she disappeared to all the time.

Thinking maybe she should call and say she was on her way home, Hayden reached into her pocket and panicked when she realized she had lost her phone. Where was it? She knew she had it here last night so it wasn’t lost. But she had heard there were cleaners coming. What if they saw it? What if they took it? There were definitely pictures and texts and even videos on her phone Hayden that did not want anyone but her most special friends to see. So she had to find it.

Wondering at first if she had left it upstairs in Jewel’s room, Hayden quickly retraced her steps from the night before. She’d had her phone when they’d all been watching movies and then she’d gotten a text and then she’s gone outside to make a call and breathe in the night air and…wait, that was it! That was where she’d left her phone. So Hayden changed direction and instead headed to the back of the mansion to get to the pool.

She reached the doors leading out back and when she opened them she saw her phone sitting on the chair she’d left it on, causing her to exhale in relief. Her battery was probably close to dead by now, but at least she had found it.

But her phone wasn’t all she found out there because when she got outside, as if she had summoned her with her thoughts, Miley Cyrus emerged from the pool, pulling herself out and standing up dripping wet and completely naked, her slim, tattooed body shivering ever so slightly as Hayden couldn’t help but stare at her firm tits and her completely smooth pussy.

Seeing Miley naked and glistening from the water like she was a nymph took Hayden’s tongue away at first but she soon found it again.

“Ummm need a towel?” Hayden asked. The December nip in the air was hardly freezing but it wasn’t exactly excellent swimming naked weather.

“Nahhh,” Miley smiled. “Aint like I got nothing you haven’t seen before. Besides, I like this. Gets your blood flowing and your pores open. It’s good for the skin. Just gotta know when to quit before I get frostbite on my nips!”

Despite her jealousy, Hayden couldn’t help but feel that there was something she could do to warm Miley’s nipples up. God, did the girl like sexy like that, completely naked and dripping wet without a care in the world, just looking to have a good time. But she didn’t say any of that. Instead she handed Miley a towel even though she had said she didn’t need one.

“Thanks,” Miley said, starting to really feel the morning air as her teeth chattered. “I was having so much fun in there that you get used to the heated water. I forgot it was going to be cold when I got out.”

Miley wrapped the towel around herself and looked toward Hayden like she hoped the blonde would help her dry off. But Hayden didn’t move a muscle and there was a flicker of disappointment in Miley’s eyes. So instead they both stood there looking at each other and not saying a word until Miley, as was her nature, broke the silence that she couldn’t stand.

“You leaving?” Miley asked, noting Hayden’s back.

“Just for a few hours,” Hayden said. “I’ll be back for the party. Are you coming?”

“I sure hope I will be!” Miley laughed, unable to resist the obvious joke. “I mean I don’t know if I made the guest list, but if I didn’t, I think I’ll just crash. Most of the best parties are the ones you don’t even get invited to.”

“Oh I’m sure they invited you,” Hayden said. “No one can get enough of you.”

Hayden immediately regretted saying that. It sounded so bitchy coming out of her mouth and she hadn’t intended it to be that way. She didn’t want to be mean to Miley. She didn’t want to see her as a rival. She had seen, and tasted, just how much fun the girl could be. It wasn’t like she wanted to hate her or anything.

But Miley didn’t call her on the catty remark. Instead she ignored it.

“Well I can’t get enough of them either,” Miley replied with a smile, either not picking up on Hayden’s tone or giving her a pass on it. “I hope I wasn’t making too much noise out. Damn, those girls get me screaming my lungs out!”

“I definitely could hear you,” Hayden said, smiling back, thinking maybe if she and Miley became friends then she wouldn’t feel so jealous. “What were they doing?”

“Well I got in the middle of some fun with Rose and Alyssa,” Miley explained, her face brightening as she eagerly explained what she’d been up to and her motor mouth began rolling. “Rose was fucking Alyssa up the ass for blowing her off yesterday and mmmm damn that was so fucking hot! I sucked Mr. Snappy clean right out of Alyssa’s ass and oooh I was begging for it up my own ass in no time! I love when Rose fucks me like that! And she knows it too. She made me beg for it like a little bitch and of course I got off so hard on that. I was like all dripping wet from it and I just kept begging and begging and telling her to fuck me like a whore and I guess that Alyssa recovered in that time because while I was begging she went and got a strap-on of her own out there and mmmm damn it was some serious DP action! I’m talking like real double penetration, baby! Mr. Snappy right up my ass and Alyssa’s toy up my puss! Oooh I was screaming like a banshee but I came soooo good! You ever have both of them fuck you at the same time?”

“Ughhh no!” Hayden groaned, kicking herself for never having done it.

She knew that Alyssa and Rose would have been totally into sharing her like that, but she’d been nervous. Hell it had taken a lot of coaxing for her to take Mr. Snappy up her ass and having two big strap-ons inside her? That had almost seemed like too much. But now Miley had done it and Hayden felt like she’d totally missed an opportunity.

“Well you totally should! Holy shit was it intense!” Miley said, giving Hayden a kiss on the cheek before heading inside. “I hope I see you later tonight Hayden! I loved having you lick my kitty yesterday as Rose was nailing me. Mmmm I know we can have more fun together!”

Hayden was left in silence as Miley strode inside to warm up. She was sure that the girl was right. They could have a hell of a lot more fun together. But that wasn’t what concerned her right then.

All Hayden was really thinking about was how she could get back to being the mansion’s little freak. She wasn’t about to let herself be forgotten around here!


Upstairs, Stacy Keibler was approaching things like an artist, getting every meticulous detail right as she focused completely on her task.

She had a long way to reach to be able to do this, but with her body just as flexible as it was in her WWE days she was able to do it without any strain and with a smile she took pleasure in what she was able to accomplish.

“Perfect toes,” Stacy declared, smiling with pride as she gazed down and wiggled her toes at the sight of them perfectly pedicured and painted red and white with stripes to look like she was sporting 10 little candy canes on her feet.

The pedicure had been the work of professionals. But she had handled the nail painting and Stacy was very happy with the results as she sat in bed and admired her toes. She’d wanted something festive to be able to look at during the final build up to Christmas and she was sure she had it now.

With legs like hers, Stacy’s feet almost demanded attention to cap them off and she always made sure her nails were done right. She was very pleased with how things turned out but now came the most difficult part, staying still and letting her nails dry.

She was sitting up in bed and that might not have been so bad had she not been alone. If she had some female company here she was sure she would be very nicely distracted from how boring it was to just wait for her nails to be done, so Stacy thought about calling out to see if anyone else was still on the mansion’s second floor to get into bed with her and kill some time in a very pleasant way.

But Stacy didn’t do that because she realized that she had the perfect opportunity to do something she’d been meaning to do since the day before. She owed someone a phone call and now she could make good on that.

Fortunately her phone was within easy reach so she got it, found the number she had put into it yesterday and dialed up Celeste Bonin who was far better known under her WWE ring name, Kaitlyn. The number connected and Stacy heard the ringing with no one picking up at first. It didn’t go straight to voice mail so Stacy knew the phone was on and her call wasn’t being ignored but it kept ringing.

But Stacy didn’t know that the reason no one was picking up was that Kaitlyn had been in the shower and she that she had bolted out of it as soon as she heard her phone. Pausing only to throw a towel around her dripping wet body, Kaitlyn ran as quickly as she could for her phone.

“Just a minute! Don’t hang up!” Kaitlyn called out as she ran out of the hotel bathroom.

She got to the phone just in time and picked up.

“Yello?” Kaitlyn began before noting. “You’ll have to speak up. I’m wearing a towel!”

“That’s good to know,” Stacy smiled as she pictured the sexy woman in nothing but that towel. Hopefully she’d be able to see that and a whole lot more.

“Stacy!” Kaitlyn replied, very happy to hear the former Diva’s voice. “You called!”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Stacy teased.

“Well…I didn’t want to assume,” Kaitlyn admitted. “After all I wasn’t exactly smooth yesterday. I wasn’t sure if you thought I was nuts or some stalker or a perv or whatever…”

“I don’t think you’re any of those things,” Stacy smiled. “I liked talking to you. And I wanted to talk some more about what we talked about yesterday.”

“Ohhhh you mean that?” Kaitlyn asked, her pulse starting to race with excitement.

She’d managed to meet Stacy for the first time yesterday and confess her fantasies about other women to her. She had been told by very reputable sources that Stacy was someone to go to on that and so far Kaitlyn could see she was right.

Of course Kaitlyn had also been concerned that she’d come across like a total dumbass to Stacy too, babbling about this and that and not making any sense at all. Kaitlyn had been sure she had been about to drool all over herself when she’d talked to Stacy so she was glad to see that not only was the leggy blonde calling her back but that she was very interested in furthering their conversation. Kaitlyn had been ridiculously bi curious for so long and she was chomping at the bit to turn those fantasies into realities.

“Yes…that!” Stacy said, not wanting to get too explicit over the phone but definitely wanting to see a lot more of Kaitlyn, preferably without the towel. “Listen we’re having a little Christmas party here today. It’s totally normal and a regular, real party and I’d love for you to stop by. We can hang out and talk some more and then…”

“Then what?” Kaitlyn asked, not really caring about the party but caring very much about the “And then…”

“Then we can see about doing something about what we talked about,” Stacy smiled as she played it coy and seductive. “I’m sure my friends would love to meet you! And I know you’d love to meet them.”

“Oh God, I so would!” Kaitlyn confessed. “I’ve heard so many hot stories!”

“If Trish was the one who told you then they’re all true,” Stacy said, getting excited as she wondered about the sexy secrets Trish Stratus had shared about this place. “So you’ll stop by tonight?”

“The end of the world couldn’t keep me away,” Kaitlyn said excitedly, knowing she was never going to ever have a better chance and eagerly wanting to take it and run with it. “I’ll ride over on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer if I have to! I’ll be there!”

“Yay!” Stacy cheered. “But one more thing Kaitlyn…”

“What’s that?” the muscular woman inquired.

“Make sure and bring your little friend AJ too,” Stacy said with a naughty smile. “I know all of us are going to love meeting her!”


“Nice place you have here,” Rose said, sitting down on the bed and taking in her surroundings.

For a girl barely out of her Nickelodeon days, she was either a good decorator or knew how to hire one. The bedroom was simple, but warm. It felt lived in, like it was a happy place, without being overstuffed with little touches. Rose liked the restraint and the homey feel and she definitely liked the comfy mattress.

“So glad you approve,” Elizabeth Gillies tartly replied, her arms crossed over her chest. “Please, just make yourself at home. Feel free to put your feet up on my bed.”

Liz had meant that sarcastically and Rose knew it. But that didn’t stop her from taking the girl up on the offer. Pausing only to kick her shoes off, Rose lay down on the bed and put her feet up, just like the girl had not quite sincerely offered.

“Good idea,” Rose said. “This bed is really comfy Liz. I’ll bet you give it a good workout too, a pretty little thing like you. You have company over here a lot or do you just keep your girly loving side to the pros?”

“I’ve had my share of fun here,” Liz admitted without spilling even a single detail. “Not that it’s any of your business though.”

“Fair enough, but I would think someone as sexy as you would want to brag,” Rose said. “I mean I know it’s not fair. A guy your age getting lots of action would be called a stud and everyone would worship him as pussy hound number one. But you? You’d be a slut and a whore. Total double standard! Believe me, it was like that when I was your age. Of course back then I was bringing home a guy a night and not girls. It looks like you had things figured out better than I did when I was your age.”

“Oh yeah? Figured what out?” Liz asked, having a pretty good idea what Rose was getting at but approaching this conversation warily.

It was hard to get a read on Rose. Liz couldn’t stop feeling the older woman was playing some kind of game with her and, while it was fun to play it, Liz wasn’t really looking for games.

“That fucking men is a waste of time,” Rose declared simply. “It took me way too long to figure that out. There wasn’t a cock that could keep up with me. I had them all shapes, sizes and colors too. And none of them could give me what I needed. Not one of them could get me off as hard as a good toy. No real cock could ever match my fake friend and when I figured out that there was nothing better than having a real girl and my toy at the same time, there was no looking back. I wish I’d known that when I was your age. No man is as good as a girl tongue and a hard strap-on.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Liz smirked back. “You don’t have to sell me on the sisterhood of being a dyke or anything, okay? Why are you even here Rose? I know you know I’m a lesbian. And obviously you’re one too. So what’s your deal? You come in to make sure I’ve read all the literature? Making sure I paid my membership dues? What?”

Liz certainly didn’t mind seeing the beautiful woman in her bed. As much as she didn’t really appreciate the way Rose talked to her, it wasn’t like she had any trouble seeing just how hot she was. And the truth was Liz actually didn’t get a lot of action in that bed.

Bringing girls home was a good way to get people wagging their gossiping tongues and Liz didn’t want rumors. She didn’t want snarky innuendo about herself in the tabloids or online. She didn’t want to be Elizabeth Gillies the lesbian. She just wanted to be herself. She wanted to keep her head down and do her thing without having to worry about what people thought of her or what she was into.

She didn’t want to be out prowling the bars for a hot girl. She sure as hell wasn’t going to be putting a profile of herself up on some dating site. And the L.A. dating scene? The women out there were crazy enough to send her fleeing to a nunnery or, even worse, dating men again. So she went to professionals. The girls at The Boutique took good care of all her needs and there was never any judgment. No one there thought she was crazy for going to a lesbian bordello. They welcomed her and took care of her and made her very, very satisfied.

But yesterday Rose had been there waiting for her and now she was here in her bedroom and Liz had to admit it had been way too long since there had been another woman as beautiful as Rose in her bed. She was trying to put on her best shield of bravado but it was all an act. The truth was Rose was making her nervous and Liz didn’t like that. That’s what she enjoyed about the girls at The Boutique. There was never any question about who was in charge.

“Relax sweetie, I’m just here to make sure you weren’t blowing smoke up my ass yesterday,” Rose said, continuing to make herself comfortable on the bed. “I wanted to make sure you were really coming to our party tonight in Malibu.”

“I said I would,” Liz replied. “I wasn’t lying. Of course I don’t really believe you actually live in a place like that. I asked around about you, Rose, and the things I heard…no way they’re actually true! I should be asking if you’re the one that’s lying.”

“Oh yeah? Think this is lying?” Rose said, sitting up, grabbing Liz by her tank top and yanking her in. As soon as their lips were close enough, Rose laid a kiss on the younger woman and, just like yesterday, Liz kissed her back without hesitation, leaving no doubt that she could give as well as she got.

“Mmmmm wow…” Liz moaned when the kiss ended, her breath very nearly having been taken away by Rose’s kissing skills. “Ummm no…definitely not a lie.”

“I knew you’d see things my way,” Rose laughed. “So you’re coming to the party, but what about your friends? What about Ariana and Victoria?”

But while Liz had meant what she had said about her own attendance at the party because she knew she had to see if this place was really worth the hype she had heard about it, she was less certain about being able to keep the other promise she had made to Rose the day before about the presence of her former co-stars.

“That might be more difficult,” Liz admitted. “I know Ariana would never be into…that. And Tori? I haven’t even talked to her in months.”

“Now you’re not going to disappoint me, are you?” Rose teased. “I want this as a package deal and that means all three of you. You can blame Nickelodeon for that, by the way. If they show you three dancing around in those naughty little Christmas outfits one more time this month I’m sending them a bill for all my ruined pairs of panties.”

Liz couldn’t help but smile over Rose’s sexy crudeness. She wasn’t afraid to say anything and Liz liked that. She saw a lot of herself in that. And while she didn’t want to disappoint Rose, this actually was asking a lot of her. She and Ariana were close friends but neither she nor Victoria had any idea that she was a lesbian. Liz wanted to keep it that way too. When she came out she was going to do it at the right time and place and totally under her own terms.

“So I’m not enough for you?” Liz challenged, trying to change the subject. “You come on all strong but then you just want more before I even let you have me? That’s nice!”

“I’m not a girl who fools around,” Rose said, holding Liz close and keeping her fingers hooked under the shoulder straps of her tank top. “I see what I want and I go for it. You think I let being co-stars stop me from getting Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs? Puhlease. I fucked both of those girls before I even shot my first episode of Charmed. And you’d better believe as soon as Kaley Cuoco brought her hot ass on set, we had her stripped down and ready to play. So what’s your problem Liz?  I know someone like you isn’t shy. Get your friends and get them over to the mansion with you. I promise you it’ll be a night you’re never going to forget.”

“Did you even think they might not be into it?” Liz asked. “Did it ever occur to you that they might not be attracted to women and they might be mad if you tried to pull something with them?”

“Ahhh the youth of today. So pretty and so dumb,” Rose replied with a chuckle before giving Liz another kiss on the lips.

And this time Rose wasn’t shy about letting her tongue play with Liz’s. The first kiss had been nothing but lip on lip action, but now their tongues were touching and both of them loved the feel of it. They could both tell the other was great at kissing and that led them to both suspect that they were also good at other things.

But, as much as she loved the feel of Rose’s lips on hers, Liz couldn’t let that remark go unanswered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Liz demanded.

“It just means that if you’d done what I’ve done, you’d never say something as silly as that,” Rose said as if stating a fact from which no argument to the contrary would be tolerated. “There’s no such thing as a totally straight girl. I’ve seen everything you can imagine, little girl, and I’ve never seen a woman not succumb to the pleasure of a being fucked by another woman. I’ve seen a lot of woman resist and lie and say they’re not into it. But in the end they always end up spreading their legs and begging for more as they feel hot, wet girl tongue licking their pussies. And you know I’m not lying too. Because you already know there’s nothing hotter than fucking a woman.”

Liz did know that. She knew it all too well. The best orgasms she had ever experienced had been with women. But she wasn’t as convinced as Rose was that anyone could be seduced.

“If someone’s not into it, they’re not into it,” Liz insisted. “What am I supposed to do? Force my friends to come?”

“Well maybe you don’t tell them right away what kind of party it’s going to be,” Rose suggested. “Lure them in and once they see what’s really going on, they’ll be too wet to resist. All women deep down want it. You know I’m not lying, Liz. How could anyone resist a beautiful woman with great tits and a beautiful ass? How could any woman not think about what it’s like to taste another woman’s wet pussy and find out just how good it feels to be licked by a tongue that knows just what it’s doing? I’m sure you thought about it a lot before you actually did something about it, didn’t you?”

“Sure…I…yeah….mmmmm a lot,” Liz managed to say as she shifted back in her mind five years ago when she felt the curiosity she had always felt about women turn into something more. Questions had turned to desire which had turned to lust.

Everything Rose was saying was true. Even when she’d tried dating men, Liz had wondered about women. She’d wondered about what it would be like to kiss them and touch them and lick them and what it would be like to be licked back by a woman because only women would truly know what other women needed and wanted. The first time she had gotten her pussy licked by another woman had actually been courtesy of a gorgeous older woman who was a friend of her mom’s. Oh God, that had been the best sweet 16 party ever!

“So why is it so unlikely that your friends have thought about it too?” Rose asked. “After all I know you’ve thought about them. How could you not have? How couldn’t you have dreamed about getting Ariana’s tight little body into your bed and showing her what a good BFF you can be and teaching her how to lick pussy and how she can make those big titties of yours feel so good with her pretty little mouth? And how could you have been so close to Victoria’s perfect booty and not thought about taking it hard with a strap-on, fucking it deep as you spank her and then pulling her hair as she screams for more?”

“Oh God…” Liz groaned, hating but loving what Rose was making her think.

She had fantasized about Victoria. How could she have not? That girl’s ass was unreal. And there were several nights she had gotten herself good and sweaty and drained a few batteries in her Hitachi as she’d dreamed of taking the spoiled star of the show down a peg or two by fucking her doggie style and then taking her strap-on out of Victoria’s pussy after it had gotten all sticky and wet and shoving it up her ass. Liz hadn’t indulged in that fantasy too often, not wanting to make things awkward around the set, but it had been so hot every time she had done it.

Ariana had been a different story though. She had been her friend since childhood and it felt weird to actively think about her in a sexual way even though Liz wasn’t blind. She’d certainly noticed how gorgeous her friend was. She’d noticed how Ariana had a tight little butt and perfectly perky tits on her slim frame.

She was a beautiful pint sized pixie and Liz love how her friend looked. She had slipped a few times, thinking about how nice it would be to taste Ariana and what a surely sweet pussy she had.  But she had never done anything more than that. She’d always been certain Ariana would reject her and that their friendship would get awkward or worse.

Now Rose was pushing her to fantasize further about them both and it was mighty hard to resist the direction she was being tugged in, especially after how Rose had just kissed her. Being so close to Rose and feeling the way she was holding onto her top as she spun out dirty fantasies in her mind was turning Liz on and it was impossible to hide it.

“See…I know you can’t help yourself,” Rose smiled. “And you shouldn’t help yourself. After all, a real friend would make sure that girls like Ariana and Victoria get themselves good and fucked by other hot chicks. You don’t want to be selfish and hog all that hot pussy for yourself, do you? I mean even I know how to share! So I’m sure a sexy thing like you will make sure that her friends get themselves a very special Christmas present this year. You can make it the best Christmas ever for them, in fact, by getting them over to the mansion and letting us fuck them! And it’s not like you won’t be getting something out of the deal too, you know…”

“Mmmmm shit…I can try,” Liz said, picturing just how easy it would be to get her former co-stars to go with her and what might happen once they were there.

She’d seen both Victoria and Ariana naked before and she knew how good they looked. How much better would they look being fucked by women and feeling the same pleasure that Liz already knew a woman’s hot touch could bring?

“I hope you do,” Rose said. “Because we can all have ourselves a lot of fun. And speaking of that, I think it’s time I found out for myself just how much fun you can be Liz!”

“What do you mean?” Liz started to say before she dramatically found out. Rose stopped holding onto the tank top that the young brunette was wearing and instead tore it open, freeing Liz’s breasts from them and revealing just how hard her nipples had gotten from their conversation as they strained against her bra.

“Heyyyy! Fuck! What the hell are you doing?” Liz cried in embarrassment and annoyance to have her top ripped open.

“I’m teaching the younger generation a lesson,” Rose laughed. “Mmmm I’m showing you that you shouldn’t be shy. Go for what you want Liz. I think you’ll like what you find when you grab it!”

Liz was about to protest but she never got the chance. Instead she just moaned in pleasure when Rose yanked her body towards her and buried her face in her cleavage, pressing herself in between her bra clad breasts and kissing the exposed flesh while breathing in deeply the scent of Liz’s natural perfume.

“Ohhhh! Mmmmm you dirty bitch,” Liz groaned, not wanting to fight this. The way Rose grabbed her and kissed her flesh was making her wet, especially as the older woman groped her tits, running her hands over them like she knew just how to perfectly massage a body. “You don’t even ask, do you? So rude! You just take! Fuckkkk usually I’m the one taking! You think you can just grab me and rip my clothes off? You’re crazy Rose! Oooooh good thing I like crazy!”

“I know you do,” Rose grinned when she pulled up from motorboating her new friend. “You and I have a lot in common and we’re going to find out just how much right now!”

Liz wasn’t even mad that her top had been ripped off now. She kind of hoped that Rose would rip the rest of her clothes off too and that then she’d have the chance to rip Rose’s off so there’d be nothing but tattered, ruined clothes all over the floor as their naked bodies got nasty on the bed. Liz liked seeing Rose’s claws, but she was going to make sure this woman knew she had some pretty sharp ones of her own.

“On your back!” Liz said, taking charge and pushing Rose away from her cleavage so that the older woman fell back onto the bed. Since she was standing and Rose was sitting, it was very easy to do that and Rose didn’t give the girl any resistance. “Is this what you want? To see if I’m worthy enough for you to take to your house of perv girls? Well maybe I want to see if you’re worthy of me even paying attention to you. I have girls my own age I can fuck! I’m not into cougars! So I’m gonna see if you’re worthy of even getting me, Rose!”

Of course that was a flat out lie. Liz loved older women. She had ever since her first time. And Rose definitely didn’t need to prove herself. Liz loved how she looked and she was turned on by how she acted. But she wasn’t ready to admit that quite yet.

She wanted to make sure Rose knew she wasn’t getting a kitten here. She was getting a full grown cat. And, with Rose flat on her back now, Liz was going to make sure she knew that and she didn’t hesitate to go right for Rose’s tights.

“Ohhhhh yeah! You don’t fucking waste time, do you?” Rose laughed as the younger woman yanked down her pants. “Mmmm I love it! Go for it girl! Show me what you can do! Get that pussy!”

And that was what Liz intended to do. It had been inevitable that they would fuck since the moment they had met after Rose had so rudely crashed her party at The Boutique. Liz knew it but she hadn’t wanted to actually admit it until now. She liked the way Rose talked. She liked the way she acted and she sure as hell liked the way she looked.

But Liz didn’t want Rose to think that she was some inexperienced kid who was just going to melt the second she showed some cleavage and some attitude. That wasn’t how Liz played and she was going to make sure Rose knew it too. Rose might have been the one tearing her clothes off, but Liz was ready to show some attitude too.

“Oh yeah you’re so fucking sure that everyone wants this pussy of yours, huh Rose?” Liz challenged, pulling the pants right off the older woman with forceful tugs that left Rose in just a thong that Liz tried not to too visibly drool over. “Let’s see if you’re even half as fucking hot as you are. I’m not some little inexperienced girl you know. I’ve been on fucking Broadway! I’ve had the hottest women in the world pawing at me and wanting to get at my underage pussy! And I fucked them all better than you ever could! So don’t think you’re hot shit, Rose. Until you’ve done a fucking tween show and gone through that jungle of pervs then you haven’t even come close to going through what I have!”

Rose had to laugh but she didn’t say anything back. She loved that this girl thought she could play on her level. That kind of confidence in Liz was a total turn on. Yeah she might not have lived through the Broadway dyke scene or been pimped out by Nickelodeon, but she was sure her stories could blow away Liz’s stories any day.

But Rose wasn’t thinking about whipping it out with this barely legal girl and seeing whose was bigger. Not when she was sure hers already was. Still she loved seeing Liz’s claws and how this girl wasn’t shrinking away from a challenge. That would make it even more fun to fuck her.

“Mmmmm I know everyone wants to hit this pussy.” Rose purred confidently, spreading her legs open to expose the way her tight panties clung to her mound as she became visibly more aroused. “And I know you sure as fuck want to Liz! I saw it yesterday! You were so ready for me to join your session and I definitely wanted to! But this is going to be more fun! Just you and me and you showing me what a sexy little thing can do!”

Liz was certainly inclined to agree that this was way better. It had been way too long since she had been with a woman who wasn’t a professional and she had never been with a woman like Rose who just radiated sex and confidence. It was making her so damp and eager to show off, especially as she saw Rose rub herself through her black thong with the lace trim all around it.

“Little? Fuck little, these are NOT little,” Liz laughed as she reached around her back and unclasped her bra, letting it drop to the floor and exposing her impressive mounds.

“Ooooh fuck no, they are definitely not little!” Rose smiled as she started openly at Liz’s bare tits, enjoying her young flesh and how wonderfully round her large breasts were. “Mmmm that is a fucking gorgeous rack, baby! Almost as nice as mine!”

“Yeah, right, mines bigger,” Liz insisted with a big smile as she showed off by massaging her breasts and even lifting one up so she could lick at her own delicious flesh. “You wish your tits were as big as mine. Mmmmm look at these Rose. I’m just past 20 and I’ve got huge fucking tits to get all those hot girls out there wet for me! I can tell you’re jealous. Your tits are nice but mine are bigger and better!”

Rose had to admit that Liz had a bigger chest than hers but she definitely didn’t mind. She knew she had awesome tits and that bigger didn’t always mean sexier. Plus she loved getting her mouth and hands all over a big set of D cups as much as the next girl and Rose enjoyed Liz’s confidence. She loved how the girl wasn’t trying to be some stick figure skinny bitch. She loved women who embraced their curves and Liz had some very, very tasty curves.

“Jealous? Me? Oh baby you obviously haven’t seen my tits yet,” Rose grinned, not giving an inch and getting wetter from their back and forth, especially from the way Liz was massaging her own breasts and playfully licking them. “Mmmm feast your eyes on a real woman’s tits!”

Rose peeled her own shirt over her head and tossed it onto the bed before quickly unclasping her bra, leaving her undressed down to her panties as she lay back with a sexy smile on her face. Her breasts were breathtaking in the flesh and Liz couldn’t help but get an instant sexy flush throughout her own body at the sight of them so round and pale with perfect pink nipples like tiny pebbles capping them off.

Liz loved seeing Rose’s tits exposed and couldn’t wait to get her lips and tongue all over them, but she tried not to show that too much and instead acted like it was no big deal.

“Yeah right, you know everyone’s seen your tits and your ass now, right?” Liz teased, thinking back to the night before when she’d done her own research on Rose and found a hot video of her posing nude like she was some art school chick in a student film. “Oh yeah and that was SO in the name of art, huh? Whatever Rose sure it was about art and not a chance for you to act like a Playboy slut without getting the backlash for it. Mmmm good thing you have a lot to show off!”

“Mmmmmhmmm and I LOVE showing it off,” Rose grinned, knowing full well that “art” and “feminine empowerment” had only been the public reasons for her body baring video when deep down she wanted to make sure that people today knew that years after her infamous MTV VMA dress she still had it and wasn’t afraid to show it. “You should try it. Bet all those guys who watched that show that was supposed to be for little girls would love spanking it to you dancing around naked like me.”

Liz just smirked back. Rose definitely liked pushing buttons but that was fine because so did she and Liz also happened to enjoy having her buttons pushed. But she was getting tired of talking. They were both topless now and Liz didn’t want to stop there. Not when this was all so much fun.

“I could give a fuck what horny boys want to do to me,” Liz said firmly and truthfully. “All I care about is what horny girls want to do and what I want to do to them!”

And that was all Liz said before she helped herself to what was before her. She had Rose McGowan nearly naked and lying on her back in her bed and she wasn’t going to waste a second. Liz crawled into bed with her and went right between Rose’s legs, pausing only to pull Rose’s thong to the side before she started licking, tasting the wet pussy and loving the way those juices felt on her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhh that’s how you gotta do it!” Rose groaned in pleasure, appreciating the younger girl’s boldness. “Mmmmm just get in there and get at that pussy! Mmmm you gotta take what you want Liz! Oooooh yessssssss lick it you horny little thing! Mmmmm yeahhh oooooh taste that pink slit!”

Rose was actually a little surprised that Liz had just gone for it. They had definitely been moving in the right direction but she had thought it was going to require a little more back and forth play before they got to the fucking. But she was happy to see she had underestimated Liz and now she could enjoy the girl’s tongue.

Liz moaned, her taste buds soaking in the sweetness and her head buzzing as she found out first hand why Rose was so confident. She was just as sexy as she believed she was. Her body was amazing and her pussy tasted delicious. Liz felt herself getting off on that taste and how tight Rose was. She was only licking her slit to start off with, but Liz knew that the feel and the flavor of those glistening labia lips were so good that there was no way the rest of Rose could possibly disappoint.

The more she tasted the more she wanted and Liz felt her own pussy get wetter from the way Rose’s sex felt against her tongue. She tasted so good with that mix of tart and sweet that Liz loved and she felt her hunger grow for the older woman. She hadn’t had a woman in this bed in so long and Liz felt an extra rush of excitement from having this be so personal. She loved all the women at The Boutique but she paid them for sex and there was no way around that fact. That was business. This wasn’t. This was all about emotion and lust right here and Liz needed that. She didn’t have to hide who she was or what she desired in front of Rose.

Holding Rose’s panties to the side, Liz showed Rose just what she was capable of. She licked the juice off her pussy lips and made sure to stimulate them to get herself even more wetness to taste.

Rose happily moaned from Liz’s young tongue on her pussy lips, enjoying the licking she had been hoping for from the moment she had seen the gorgeously busty goth girl on TV. She groaned loudly from Liz’s tongue licking the wet entrance to her pussy and how she tongued her slit and then leaned in deeper to start sucking on her lips.

“Fuckkkkkkkk! Ohhh yeahhhh mmmm those whores trained you well!” Rose laughed in sexual delight, her body jumping a little on the bed from how good it was to have Liz’s soft young mouth envelop her labia and wetly slurp on her lips. “Mmmmm yesssssss! No wonder you’re so popular around there! All those pretty whores lining up to get themselves fucked by you! Mmmmm yessss do it Liz! Fucking suck on that cunt! Ooooh did you even need them to train you? Or did you come in like a pussy fucking expert?”

“Oh I’ve always known just what I was doing,” Liz boasted confidently as she paused her mouth’s work for a moment and remembered how hard she’d made her mom’s friend come that first time and how she’d been fucking girls into creamy messes ever since. “Just like you I’m sure! You don’t have to show me shit, Rose. I know it all and I’m going to make you come!”

Liz got right back to it after her promise. She opened her mouth and sucked on Rose’s smooth, aroused labia, working over her cunt lips and getting the woman to hiss and moan for her as she began writhing on the bed.

Liz felt her own confidence grow as Rose moaned for her. She’d always believed in never letting people see her sweat and she was an expert at playing it cool but the truth was she’d been a little nervous about being able to please someone like Rose. Now her natural confidence was coming back stronger than ever and she channeled that into getting her new friend off.

“Awwwwwwwwww fuckkkk! Yesssssssss mmmmm girl I knew you’d be good but you’re even better than I thought you would be!” Rose groaned out honestly. She hadn’t expected Liz to be so skilled but those lips of hers on her cunt were driving her wild. She was so good at slurping away at her slit and making her pussy flare open.

Rose had known from kissing her just what nice, sexy lips Liz had but having her between her legs was really what was showing her how great those lips were. Rose felt a wonderful tingle of feminine superiority from knowing that so many men would have given anything to feel Liz Gillies’ lips around their cock but that men didn’t deserve a woman this fine. She was only for other women to play with and right then Rose was loving playtime as those amazing young lips sucked on her cunt and left her aroused sex dripping wet and open for Liz’s tongue to get inside.

“OOOOOOH! YESSSSSSSS!” Rose cried from Liz’s naughty young tongue shoving inside her folds, pushing into her pink and stimulating her. “MMM FUCKKKK! EAT THAT PUSSY LIZ! OOOOH SHIT! YESSSS UGHH YOU KNOW JUST WHAT YOU’RE FUCKING DOING!”

Finding out how good Liz’s skills already were was definitely a surprise for Rose, but she was happy to roll with it. After all, it just made it hotter and more enjoyable to experience how good the girl really was. It was definitely a sweet bonus. But Rose still had a lot she was intending to do here and while she was going to make sure and enjoy this ride, she wasn’t going to let Liz’s skills distract her.

“Mmmm yeahhh you thought I was some spoiled little virgin huh?” Liz grinned from between Rose’s legs, drinking up the praise and the moans she was creating. “You thought I was some ice cold princess with frost between my legs? Mmm you don’t know me at all Rose. I love fucking women! I love pussy! I’ve done it all and I know how to make a hot woman come!”

Rose moaned again, grinding herself into Liz’s comforter as she reacted to the pleasure of the girl’s tongue thrusting back into her pussy, exploring the wet, pink folds and loving everything she tasted. She didn’t even try to hold the girl down. She knew she didn’t have to.

Instead Rose used one of her hands to play with her own nipples while using the other to softly caress the dark hair on Liz’s head. She played with those strands of hair gently, almost lovingly, as the girl kept her panties pulled to the side and her tongue inside her pussy.

But Rose wasn’t going soft. She was just enjoying herself and relishing the pleasure that Liz was giving her. She was sure the girl was physically ready for the mansion. The girl could definitely eat pussy and Rose was looking forward to seeing just how far she’d go, especially as she began pulling her deeper into her web.

“Oooooh yeahhhh make me come!” Rose urged. “I know you can Liz! Ooooh you’re so fucking good! I love feeling you lick my pussy! Mmmm fucking my wet cunt with that young tongue of yours! I’m gonna kiss those pretty lips of yours and taste my cum all over you! Fuck me Liz! Fuck me just like you’re gonna fuck your friends Ariana and Victoria right in front of me and my friends! Mmmmm putting on a nasty fucking show for us as we make you girls lez out like you always wanted to!”

Just like Rose wanted it to, that comment made Liz stop. Rose could tell it was a sensitive subject for her even if she didn’t admit it and she knew she’d found just the point to attack Liz on. She had the access she needed to really get the girl and truly make her mentally mansion ready. The girl was hot. She was sexy. And she was good at fucking. But she still had some inhibitions to lose and Rose knew just how to make them go away.

“Greedy bitch,” Liz said, trying to brush it off. “I’m not enough for you? My tongue in your pussy not enough for you? Gotta have my friends too? No way Rose! You don’t fucking deserve them!”

“Who says I’m going to fuck them?” Rose teased, reaching down to rub herself as Liz stopped licking, getting her fingers slick and then bringing them to her mouth to lick them clean. “I mean I totally am! I’m going to fuck all three of you and make you all love it, especially you Liz! But I want you fucking them too! What’s the matter Liz? Don’t you think they’re hot? Don’t you want to fuck those pretty little cunts? It’s not like you see them on the set anymore. Don’t you think they’ll think you’re hot enough?”

“Ughhh you don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Liz snapped, getting visibly annoyed, just like Rose wanted her to be. “I could fuck them if I wanted to! I just don’t want to! You’re the one who wants them at your party! Not me! Leave me out of whatever you’re going to do to them!”

“That would be hard when what I want is a little Victorious reunion in my bedroom with you three lapping at each other’s pussies and tasting all that sweet cream all over your pretty tongues,” Rose moaned, relishing the thought of her fantasy turning into a live sex show. “You’re going to be there Liz and you’re going to be a big part of it! What’s your deal? Afraid your friend Ariana will freak out if she finds out you’re a lez?”

“No!” Liz immediately declared but the way she said it made it clear to Rose that she absolutely meant “yes.”

“Ohhhhh not so fearless now are you? Afraid your friends won’t like Lezzie Liz, huh?” Rose teased, getting wetter from playing around in the girl’s brain than she even had been from her tongue. “Looks like you still have some learning left to do, Liz. Looks like I have a few things I can teach you!”

“Stop talking!” Liz demanded. “Ughhh what do I have to do to shut you up so you’ll be quiet and let me fuck you? Do I have to get your panties off and stuff them in your mouth so you’ll shut up?”

“Mmmm that’d be a start,” Rose laughed. “But I think you’re the one who needs to shut up by getting back to licking me! You may have a lot left to learn Liz but you definitely know how to tongue fuck a girl! So get back in there! Get your face in my pussy again!”

Liz’s cheeks burned from the embarrassment of Rose seeing through her. Liz knew Rose was right and she also knew that Rose knew she knew she was right too. She had hidden this side because she didn’t think it was Victoria or anyone else’s business who she fucked and what gender they were but she hadn’t told Ariana because she had been worried about how the girl she had known since they were kids would take the news that she fucked women. So yeah, she was fucking afraid! She knew it and she hated it. But she had never done anything to change it.

Now Rose knew and Liz didn’t like that. She wanted the sexy older woman between her thighs and not in her brain. She didn’t want her questioning why she didn’t want the other girls to know and she didn’t want her thinking she could get them to her party. So Liz decided to make sure that she distracted Rose away from that.

“Turn over,” Liz ordered. “I’ll get my face wherever I want it to be.”

One thing that Liz had noticed when she had seen Rose’s artsy nudity video had been just what an amazing ass the woman had. And it had looked mighty good in those tights Rose had worn over to her house that day. Now she wanted to see it even more and Liz was positive that she could make sure that Rose didn’t even think of the names Ariana or Victoria while she was there.

“Ooooh direct mmmm I like,” Rose said. “I told you. That’s how you do it Liz. Go for what you want. Grab it. Take it! Make it yours.”

And Rose was definitely eager to allow Liz to make her ass hers. She flipped herself over on the bed, her panties sliding back into place a little as she got on her stomach and let the younger girl admire just how good the thong looked on her backside. The thong was one of Rose’s favorite pair of panties for just this reason and when she heard the moan coming from Liz’s mouth she knew that it had the desired effect.

“You like?” Rose giggled, pushing her ass up a little more and giving a little moan of her own as she felt her thong slide between her butt cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” Liz moaned lustfully, her own discomfort instantly forgotten as she stared at Rose’s ass in that tiny black thong with the white lace trim. “I like! Mmmm I really like!”

Liz couldn’t even remember why she’d been annoyed as she found herself staring right at Rose’s ass in that thong. The tiny panties slid right up between her thick, pale butt cheeks and the dark material contrasted so perfectly with the alabaster skin of Rose’s backside. The thong made Rose’s ass look so deliciously juicy and Liz had to snap herself out of her staring trance to remind herself that she had work to do. She wanted to shut Rose up and get her only thinking about what a great fuck she was, not her friends.

So she followed the advice Rose had given her for when she saw something she liked. She went for it. She grabbed it. She took it. She made it hers.

“Mmmmm such a great butt,” Liz moaned in admiration as she grabbed Rose’s nearly naked ass and squeezed it, gripping onto her pale buns and making the older woman moan. “I’ll bet you make a lot of girls cream with this ass, don’t you?”

“More than you’ll ever know.” Rose smirked. “So what you gonna do about it Liz? How you gonna show me how much you like my ass?”

“Shut up and you’ll find out,” Liz challenged before giving each of Rose’s ass cheeks a soft kiss. Rose moaned from the way Liz’s perfect lips felt against the flesh of her ass, especially when Liz followed that up with a stinging smack to each cheek.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Rose groaned in pleasure as Liz gave her nearly bare ass another hard smack. “Mmmmm yeahhhhh! That’s it baby! That feels good! But be careful. If you’re going to give then you’d better be ready to receive!”

“I’ll take my chances,” Liz smirked, giving Rose’s ass one last smack, spanking her pale flesh and loving how her butt jiggled and turned a lovely shade of flushed pink before fading back to its normal pristine color. “Oh yeahhhh you got an ass made to be spanked Rose!”

“So do you baby,” Rose replied wickedly, meaning it very much as the sexy threat it came out as before moaning from the feel of Liz pulling her panties down.

Liz peeled the tiny thong right off Rose’s body, fully exposing her ass and the wetness of the slit she had just been licking. Pausing only to toss Rose’s underwear onto the floor, Liz moved her own topless body to get right back at the pussy she’d been so enjoying before. Pressing herself flat on her stomach and mashing her tits into the comforter, Liz got her hands on Rose’s ass and spread her open, pushing her nails into her fleshy cheeks as she dug her tongue back into Rose’s cunt, thrusting in to get at the juiciness inside.

“Awwwwww yessssssssssssssss! Fuck yesssss!” Rose groaned. “Mmmmm yeahhh gimmie that tongue baby! Shove it into that pussy! Mmmmm fuckkk yesssss you’ve been getting me so juicy Liz! Get your tongue in now and lick up all that sweet pussy cream! Mmmm fuck yeahhh you’re a bad little bitch for spanking me but you’re so good at fucking that I can’t be mad at you! Ohhhh yesssssssss fuck me you little slut! Eat my wet cunt!”

Rose grabbed Liz’s pillow and pulled it against her face, moaning into it as pleasure filled her body and made her tremble from the way Liz’s tongue attacked her pussy. This was what she had been hoping for. She’d wanted to upset Liz and make the girl extra committed to distracting her from all fantasies about her friends by fucking her.

But Rose wasn’t going to forget about Ariana and Victoria, no matter how good Liz’s tongue felt. And it felt so fucking good. The girl was licking her pussy with all the enthusiasm of youth but also with an experience beyond her years.

“Mmmmm you have such a tasty cunt too!” Liz moaned, doing exactly what she had been always told not to do and talking with her mouth full as she lapped away at Rose’s juicy pink from behind, her face buried in her round ass cheeks and her nails digging into the fleshy delights as she spread Rose open to give her tongue easier passage inside. “You nasty bitch! I’ll bet you thought you were going to come here and fuck me! Well now you’re getting fucked Rose! I’m tongue fucking your hot pussy and you’re loving it! Mmmmm yeahhh feed me that cream Rose! Ughhh God you taste so good! I’m going to fucking eat you every chance I get from now on!”

Liz felt so good having a girl in her bed. It had been a long dry spell for her since the last time she’d had the guts to get a girl over here for sex. She’d been too worried about discovery and embarrassment and had preferred the skillful professional hands at The Boutique to take care of her lustful needs. But as good as all as those girls were, nothing could compare to having a hot, naked woman in her bed.

Liz hadn’t had sex like this in so long and she needed it. Her own pussy was soaking her panties with desire under her jeans and Liz couldn’t wait to get Rose to return the favor.

As she tongued Rose from behind, eagerly licking her and sticking her tongue deeper with every lash from it, Liz humped her own bed. She ground her pussy into her comforter, feeling pleasure come from the roughness of her panties and jeans rubbing into the wet lips of her vagina. She was so wet for this, wetter than she’d been in a long time.

Liz felt so free and happy as she licked Rose’s pussy, slurping up all that yummy essence and keeping her face pressed into the woman’s most intimate areas, her nose between those butt cheeks like she belonged there. No money was being passed. This wasn’t a transaction for pleasure. It was just two horny women fucking each other for fun.

“Oooooh yessssss mmmmm give it to me Liz! Ohhhh fuckkk I love your tongue!” Rose praised lustfully as she held Liz’s pillow against her face and rubbed her naked body into the girl’s comforter, the friction against her pussy giving her extra stimulation. “Mmmm all my friends are going to love fucking your pretty face! Oooh yeahhhh come to the party tonight Liz and you’ll get all the pussy you’d ever want! There’s going to be so many hot girls there for you to fuck! Mmmm and they’ll all want a piece of you too especially after I tell them what a hot fuck you are! Give it to me Liz! Give me that tongue and fuck me like you’re going to fuck your friends! Ooooh you say no but I know you fucking want to! You want those pussies and if you stick with me those bitches will be yours in no time!”

Liz didn’t stop licking but she did give Rose’s bare ass another hard spank for bringing it up again. However, even as she smacked Rose, Liz couldn’t help but wonder if this woman was capable of putting something like that together. Could Rose actually get her friends into it? Liz both didn’t want to know if she could and totally into it at the same time.

But she told herself not to think about that and only focus on Rose’s pussy…her tight, wet, tasty pussy. Liz couldn’t get enough of her flavor. She tongued Rose’s honeypot eagerly, wanting to drink her all down and loving how she could make this confident, sexually voracious older woman moan and quiver in her bed as she fucked her pussy.

Liz barely paused for breath as she kept her face pressed into Rose’s ass and tongue fucked her pussy, working into her with thirsty thrusts that rubbed right against her clit in just the way Rose wanted and needed.

“MMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS!” Rose cried, saliva starting to drool from her mouth onto Liz’s pillow as she humped against her face harder. “MMMMMMMM YESSSS FUCKING GET THAT CLIT! OOOOOH BABYYYYYYY!”

The surge of pleasure from Liz’s skillful tongue on her clitoris made Rose shiver and smile, her face getting flush from the way she was being stimulated. She felt pleasure run through her veins and Rose moaned wildly from that hot, young tongue tending to her needs.

Her clit was starting to throb and Liz knew just how to take care of it, licking it with an unrestrained passion and making Rose crazy with bliss. She bucked herself back up against the girl’s face, mashing her butt cheeks into her and then rubbing herself back against the comforter, her pussy lips quite enjoying the extra stimulation as her nipples rubbed into the soft bed cover too.

Everything that was happening to her felt good then. She was in a far more submissive position than she usually was in but Rose didn’t care. She had the perfect way to turn the tables on this sexy, young bitch but that could wait. She wanted to come first and, from the way Liz was fucking her, Rose was sure that was going to happen in mere moments.

Liz licked her with a growing vigor, working her tongue over the swelling bud and making it stiffen up even more. Liz’s experience showed when it came to how she approached Rose’s clit, paying it the lion’s share of her attention.

Whenever she went into The Boutique, Liz never acted like the pillow queen. She loved to pleasure the girls as much as she loved being pleasured by them and all that practice was paying off as she fucked Rose. She licked her clit and then sucked on it with a fierce determination, badly wanting to show Rose just what she was capable of. And that was something she was accomplishing with flying colors.


By now Rose was practically fucking the comforter as much as she was fucking Liz’s face, grinding herself up and down to meet Liz’s hungry mouth as she suckled on her clit and making sure that thick blanket rubbed right into her pussy lips too. It also gave extra stimulation to Rose’s nipples as she mashed them into the comforter and hugged the pillow while screaming out her pleasure.

“Oh God you’re good Liz! Mmmm you’re a fucking little slut baby and I love it!” Rose groaned, closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure running through her veins, confident that soon it would turn into ecstasy. “Mmmmm fuckkk you’re way too pussy hungry for tween shows! Yessssssss ughhh fuckkk you gotta be in pornos with a tongue like that! Oooooh you’re such a hot little girl fucker! You’re making me feel so fucking good! Give it to me Liz! Yessssss ughhh fuckkkk slurp on that clit! Mmm yeahhh you’re so hungry for wet pussy! Oooooh just like me! Mmmmm you’re so hot! Ughhhh soooo fucking good at eating pussy!”

Rose wasn’t just blowing smoke or trying to manipulate Liz. She meant what she said. She was enjoying everything the girl was doing to her. It felt incredible. It was so much better than she had expected from her.

Liz was amazing at eating pussy. This was working out so much better than she’d even imagined it would. Her lips and tongue were heaven on her pussy and Rose hadn’t even sprung her surprise on the girl yet. Liz had no idea what was in store for her and Rose knew she could blow her mind even more than the girl was blowing hers with her hot mouth.

“Mmm yeah I’m no kid! I’m no priss! I’m a fucking woman and you’d better remember that Rose!” Liz laughed in triumph, knowing she had the woman right on the edge and fully intending to push Rose right over. “Mmmm you talk a good game and say you and your friends are the only hot sluts in town but you never had me till now! I was good at fucking before you even walked into my life. Maybe you can learn some tricks from me! I’ll show you how to do it right! I’ll show you by making you come!”

“Oooooooh fuckkkk you cocky little bitch! Make me come! Make me fucking cream that pretty face!” Rose groaned into Liz’s pillow, leaving wet spots on it from her drool and making her comforter even wetter from her pussy. “Fuck me Liz! Show me all you got! Fucking suck that clit until I come! OHHHHHHHHHH YESSS OOOOOOOOH FUCKING GOOOD OHHH YESSSS! OHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH SUCK MY CUNT YOU HORNY FUCKING BABY SLUT! OOOOOOOOH YESSSS LICK A REAL WOMAN’S FUCKHOLE! OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSS GIVE IT TO ME LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! OHHHHHHHH FUCK LIZ! YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH FUCKKK YEAHHH YOU’RE AS GOOD AT FUCKING AS ME!”

That was a bit of an exaggeration on Rose’s part. No one was as good as her. She made damn sure of that. But Liz definitely had the potential to be just as good as all of her girlfriends at the mansion. She knew what a woman liked and how to do it. She was so good at fucking her that Rose felt the intense desire to mentor her and turn her into the same kind of bold, eager slut she’d turned Christina into.

Liz was ideal for that. Rose could feel it. This girl was spirited and smart and she was pure sex. She fucked because she wanted to and wasn’t about to let any rules force her into how a woman was “supposed” to be. Rose had been with women of all ages but she could always tell a pure lesbian when she fucked one and there was no hesitation in what Liz was doing to her. She genuinely hungered for pussy like a real lez and Rose was happy to feed her.

Rose shoved her ass into her, smothering her with her cheeks as Liz moaned from the feel of that soft, sexy flesh against her. Liz responded by forcing her tongue in deeper into Rose to get at the cream that was threating to burst right out of her into Liz’s waiting mouth.

She lashed her tongue all over Rose’s wet folds while keeping her spread open with her hands on Rose’s ass. Then she went back to bathing the wet lips of her labia, lapping off the juices that had given them a slick coating.

Rose cried out from all of this, begging for more and telling Liz how great she was. It was such an intense pleasure for her to feel and when Liz got back to sucking her clit, there was no way Rose could hold back any longer.


Liz had been waiting for this and she didn’t shy away. The second Rose started to come she sucked on her even harder, letting her lips stimulate her lover’s clitoris and only opening her lips when the cream blast against her face was too much and she opened her mouth to get it in her mouth.

She felt Rose’s orgasmic release coat her face and she opened her mouth to gulp it down, swallowing the delicious essence as Rose’s ass bounced against her face and the older woman screamed again and again from the huge bursts of pleasure she felt being set off inside her.

While Liz couldn’t get every drop, it wasn’t for lack of trying. She eagerly let Rose come against her face, feeding her the cream she had craved and giving her a gorgeous view of Rose’s glorious ass cheeks jiggling as she shook from coming.

What she didn’t catch with her mouth, Liz let get on her face and onto her comforter. Liz groaned when she noticed the wet spot Rose was leaving on top of her bed. They were making such a mess but she loved it and her own pussy felt like it could cream right through her panties and jeans and leave another spot on the bed.

Rose kept crying out until she was properly drained by Liz, but there was plenty of energy left in her. Her head was spinning in bliss but Rose wasn’t about to go into a dream state, not when she had a lot left to do. She just needed a moment to recover and she knew just how to get it, turning her naked body over onto her back on the bed and inviting the topless Liz to get a lot closer to her.

“Kiss me,” Rose said, making sure she was clear this was not a request, but a demand. “Let me taste that cum! Mmmm I want to lick myself right off your face, Liz!”

Liz thought that sounded like a damn good idea and immediately gave the older woman what she wanted. Liz draped her half-dressed body over Rose’s completely naked one, kissing her and feeding her some of the cream she’d just licked out of her.

The two began making out with wanton desire, Rose’s tongue enthusiastically licking her own cum off the girl’s perfect lips and then shoving into Liz’s mouth to get the flavor that was still in her mouth. Rose and Liz rubbed their tongues together and Rose took the opportunity to more thoroughly explore the girl’s body.

It was so hot to feel their tits mashing together, the large mounds on both of their chests grinding into each other. Rose had to admit that Liz probably really did have a bigger rack than her and they were so beautifully firm. Even with such a heavy chest, Liz probably didn’t even need a bra, Rose observed with envy.

Those glorious 20-year-old tits probably didn’t need any help at all to stay perfectly perky and Rose loved feeling them mash into her own C-cups as they kissed. And Rose got her hands working too, caressing Liz’s bare back and rubbing her softly until she got close enough to the girl’s ass that she couldn’t resist it.

Rose moved her hands a few inches lower and helped herself to a healthy grab of Liz Gillies’ ass, squeezing it through her pants and making both of them moan. The younger girl’s ass had a healthy thickness to it that Rose loved to feel and she didn’t shy away from getting a good grip.

“Mmmmm this is such a nice booty,” Rose sighed as she fondled Liz’s ass through her jeans. “I looked on the net and saw everyone losing their shit over how nice your friends’ asses are but I liked your butt Liz. It’s so nice and round! I’ll bet it’ll feel even better naked, won’t it?”

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there?” Liz replied with a knowing smirk.

“Goddamn right there is,” Rose smirked back before she made her move.

Kissing Liz and caressing her sexy young body through what was left of her clothes had given Rose the chance to recharge her batteries just enough after the younger woman had scrambled her brain from orgasm. So Rose was ready for this and she struck without further hesitation, flipping both of them over in the bed so Liz was pinned on her back now and Rose was on top.

“You’re wearing too many fucking clothes,” Rose said lustfully as she pressed herself down on top of Liz, keeping the girl on her back in her own bed.

“Then fucking do something about that Rose,” Liz challenged. “You’re supposed to be the big girl fucking expert around here, aren’t you? Because you’ve seen what I can do and I haven’t seen shit from you yet. How about you show me you’re not all hype! You want me naked, then fucking get me naked!”

Rose couldn’t get enough of Liz’s attitude. She’d dealt with some real bitches lately, especially young ones like Willa Holland who had deigned to do the worst thing imaginable and steal from her, but Liz wasn’t being a little cunt like Willa had been. She was spirited and sexy and Rose loved it. It was such a turn on to see this girl’s claws.

“You asked for it but be careful Liz, once I’m done with you, you’ll never want to wear clothes around me,” Rose warned with a smile. “You’re going to just want to be my naked little pet and you’ll love every slutty second of it.”

While she was certain Rose could never make her feel like that, because she was sure there was no one who could, Liz found herself actually wishing that the woman could make good on that threat. She’d never felt like that, utterly lost in pleasure and willing to surrender everything to get more of it.

Just thinking about it made her wetter and that feeling increased when Rose held her down by her arms, pinning her down on the bed and kissed her forcefully, jamming her tongue back into her mouth as their tits rubbed together, Rose’s tiny nipples rubbing into the wider, fuller ones one Liz’s chest. Liz loved feeling this way and she couldn’t wait for Rose to get her clothes off her.

“Mmmmm you kiss so fucking good,” Liz moaned, her lips craving Rose’s against them. “Maybe you are as good as you think you are.”

“We haven’t even gotten started yet, honey,” Rose assured Liz. “You made me come like a fucking bomb went off! I didn’t think you would be that good. But I’m better! You still have a few things to learn Liz and I feel like teaching today!”

Without another word, Rose lowered her face and shoved it right into Liz’s chest again. The younger brunette groaned in pleasure when Rose began pleasuring her tits and she arched her back, pushing them more into her face and giving Rose the chance to motorboat them once more for a few fun seconds.

But mostly Rose was concerned with Liz’s erect nipples. She pleasured the swollen dark pink buds with her fingers and mouth, rubbing and pinching whatever nipple she wasn’t sucking on.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssss! Mmmmm so hot!” Liz cooed. “Ooooh suck them Rose! Mmmm suck those big tits! Mmmmm yessss! I love when women play with them! Oooooh yessss you know just how to do it!”

“What made you think I wouldn’t?” Rose teased, Liz’s wet nipple popping out of her mouth. “Do I look like a clueless fucking man? I know how to make a woman moan. I know how to make her come. And I know just how to play with a great set of tits like these!”

Rose proved that as she continued to pleasure Liz’s swollen nipples, working them over with her lips and tongue and coating them with drool that dripped right onto her areolas. And Rose spread that saliva around with her fingers, smearing them around the dark pink circles capping her tits and then around the milky flesh.

Liz wasn’t a girl who looked like she was a regular user of spray tan and Rose loved that. She loved the white, natural skin Liz was blessed with and carefully maintained. It reminded her of her own body and that tickled Rose’s ego as well as her libido.

Liz moaned and writhed on the bed as Rose expertly fed off her tits, tasting and tonguing her nipples and leaving them hard like swollen rocks and wet with saliva. Liz’s tits glistened with Rose’s saliva after she licked and fondled them, smearing the wetness around them as she went from breast to breast and made sure they were thoroughly tended to.

The sounds of the happy moans coming from the gorgeous girl egged Rose on. She was absolutely sure that soon Liz, for all her tough talk and confidence, would be begging to be her bitch, and those pleasure sounds were magnified when Rose took one hand off Liz’s chest and placed it between her legs.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssss! Mmmm I’m so fucking wet for you!” Liz admitted with a lusty moan even though that was already abundantly clear to Rose. Liz’s jeans were damp and Rose rubbed that wet spot to make it bigger, pushing Liz’s panties and jeans against her pussy and making her moan and coo with desire.

“Talk about creaming your jeans, baby,” Rose laughed. “Mmmm feels like I made you come already!”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Liz said even as she knew that she really had come close to orgasm just from eating Rose out. “I’m not that easy.”

“Sure you’re not,” Rose laughed as she kept rubbing Liz through her jeans, making her crotch wetter as the busty youth groaned and writhed, rolling a little on the bed and making her tits shake softly. “Don’t be embarrassed. Tasting my pussy has set hotter girls than you off. But I like it better this way. I don’t want you coming until I want you to come. I want you to come from me fucking you!”

“Yesssssssss fuck me! Mmmmm I need it!” Liz urged. “Fuck me right in my bed! Ooooh fuckkk I need a hot girl to fuck me right here!”

“Mmmm a hot thing like you should be getting a lot more action from the ladies,” Rose said, correctly guessing that Liz’s pent up urges were tied into her being closeted. “Well we’re going to change that! I know all my friends are going to want a taste of this pussy mmmm of course they’ll only get it after I taste it first!”

Rose ceased rubbing Liz’s crotch and instead did something far better, moving her naked body down the girl so she could unbutton her jeans. Rose popped them open and easily slid them right off Liz’s body. Naturally there wasn’t any kind of resistance at all and Liz groaned in happiness when her pants were finally removed, leaving her in nothing but socks and her soaked panties.

After she tossed off Liz’s jeans, letting them fall onto the floor with a careless thump, Rose quickly took care of those socks, not caring where they landed as she yanked them off her feet. And then Rose went for the prize.

“Mmmmmm look how wet you made those pretty panties,” Rose purred. “You’re so close to soaking them you little slut. You must need this so bad! Don’t you Liz? Do you need to feel your tight fuckhole get treated right by another woman?”

“Fuck yeahhhhhh!” Liz replied as Rose rubbed her once again, this time sliding under her panties to get right at the drooling core. “I fucking need it so bad! Fuck me Rose! Don’t tease me! Don’t make me wait! Ughh you’re such a fucking tease! Making fun of me and rubbing me but not fucking me! Do it you bitch! Get my panties off and fuck me! I need this! I need you!”

Rose always loved hearing that, especially from Liz. She had the girl right where she wanted her and she gave her just what she was begging for. She pulled her hand out of Liz’s panties and, pausing only to lick her fingers, she grabbed the waistband of Liz’s underwear and pulled it down, stripping it down her legs and leaving her completely naked in bed.

“So sexy…” Rose said, admiring the view before her of Liz naked, her big tits shiny with saliva and her pussy positively soaked. Liz had herself a neat, manicured bush and the hairs were plenty wet as her lips glistened with arousal. All the rubbing had created a mess between Liz’s legs and Rose felt an intense desire to clean her up.

So she bent over on her knees and started licking, giving Liz’s wet thighs and drooling pussy lips a thorough tongue bath without another second’s delay. She licked all over her cunt, tasting the wetness that was smeared all over her lips and then dragging her tongue over Liz’s thighs to clean them off too, licking all the arousal that was around her and even tasting the dew that had gotten caught in the soft, neat fur of Liz’s dark bush.

But Rose mostly focused on the girl’s honeypot, licking all over her labia and tasting the juice off it as Liz bucked in delight, her body shaking so sexily as she finally got the tongue action she’d been craving.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd! Yesssssssss!” Liz cried out, instantly seeing that as experienced as the girls were at The Boutique none of them could compare to Rose. “Fuck me! Ohhhh God! Fuck me Rose! Ohhhh yesssss ooooooooooooh that fucking tongue! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssssssss! Mmmm more! Please Rose! More!”

Hearing the word “please” from Liz was just what Rose had been hoping for. It was further proof that she had the girl right where she wanted her. She would have her begging for it in no time and Rose knew just how to get it out of her.

She licked over every wet, sensitive inch of Liz’s pussy lips and sucked on them with a forceful tenderness that made the younger girl shake happily as tremors of pleasure rushed through her. Liz’s sex cries got more intense with every wet suck Rose took of her pussy and when she stopped that to begin fucking her with her tongue, Liz’s sounds turned to screams.


“Mmmmm I know you do,” Rose said, smirking between Liz’s legs. “You need this pretty little pussy of yours licked so bad. Believe me baby, I know. Those girls at The Boutique are great but it’s nothing like getting a woman in your own bed. It’s nothing like getting naked with someone you badly want to fuck. It’s nothing like having one of your fantasies come true. Maybe you should just pretend it’s naughty little Ariana eating this tight young pussy of yours. Mmmm you can look down and dream it’s her cute little red head between your legs licking the cum right out of you!”

“Oh my Goddddddddddddd!” Liz groaned uncontrollably. Fucking hell, that did sound good! Thinking of her friend’s cute head between her legs and her naughty little tongue licking away at her pussy had Liz writhing and Rose didn’t let up.

“I know what this fucking pussy really needs,” Rose said. “I know how to get it to purr even better than those pros do. Mmmm even better than you do! But I’m just going to warm it up Liz. I’m going to make you come so good, but I’m also going to leave you aching for more! I’m going to fuck you and make you so wet you’ll be dripping by the time you get to our party tonight. You’re going to be so wet for me to fuck you again that you’ll do anything I want, even bring your pretty friends so I can fuck them too and get them to fuck you! Mmmm I’m going to get you little sluts fucking each other and there’s nothing you can do to stop me, Liz!”

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Liz cried. She heard those words and she knew Rose meant them as a promise and as a threat. She could tell that if Rose really did want it, she was going to get it no matter what. What Liz didn’t know was if she even wanted to try and stop her. What she was saying sounded so good and Liz didn’t want to deny herself the pleasure of it.

“Don’t talk! Fuck me!” Liz tried to insist, realizing that whatever power she’d had over Rose was gone now that she was the one being licked. She tried to push down on Rose’s head, but Rose resisted and instead spit into Liz’s pussy, rubbing it in with her fingers and making her shiver and moan on the bed.

“Ohhhhhhh shit! That’s nasty!” Liz moaned out. “Ohhh my fucking God Rose! Oooooh spitting in my pussy? Fuckkk! Oh my God I can’t believe you’re making that feel good! Oooooh do it again! Please!”

Liz had never felt anything so lewd as another woman’s saliva being spat into her pussy but she loved the thrill it brought her. And when Rose complied and spit on her a second time, the thrill grew, especially as Rose’s fingers rubbed over her pussy, smearing in her saliva and mixing it with all the wet girl juice that was already dripping out of her.

Rose made an even bigger mess of her pussy than how she’d found it and then dove in to lick it clean, lapping at Liz’s folds and tasting all her juice and her own saliva, licking it off and drinking it down as Liz begged for it.


And that was exactly what Rose was going to do. After she licked off Liz’s pussy and slurped up the juicy mix of the girl’s essence and her own saliva, Rose stiffly tongue fucked the girl, thrusting into her and penetrating the tightness of her 20-year-old twat.

Liz cried out again and again from the way Rose’s tongue pushed into her and fucked her, Rose’s tongue knowing exactly where to go on her clit to get her maximum pleasure. Liz was sure she was about to come from this, but she had no idea what Rose was planning. She had no idea that this was just to loosen her up.

So when Rose pulled away suddenly, Liz was left gasping and moaning in frustration.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Liz demanded, her face flushed and her need clear. “Don’t fucking stop!”

“Who’s stopping?” Rose teased. “I brought you a present Liz. Close your eyes and I’ll give it to you.”

“No! Tell me what it is! I don’t like surprises!” Liz insisted, not wanting to give up any more power to Rose than she already had.

“Close your eyes and you’ll see,” Rose smiled. “It’s a good surprise. Don’t worry Liz. No one else is here. I’m not playing some kind of prank on you. I didn’t have Ariana and Victoria hiding in your closet the whole time, as much as I would have liked to. Now close your eyes and I promise that you’re going to like this.”

Liz genuinely didn’t like surprises. She liked knowing what she was getting into before she got there, but she did grant Rose this courtesy. What the woman had been doing to her had made her feel incredible and Liz did honestly feel reassured that this wasn’t going to be some mean trick. So she did as she was instructed and closed her eyes.

And, as soon as she did, Rose went for her bag and got out her favorite kind of surprise. She loved seeing the look on a girl’s face the first time they got a look at Mr. Snappy and she was sure that Liz was going to be shocked. But she was also sure she was going to love it, especially with what Rose was intending to do.

Rose pulled her strap-on out and slid it right onto her body, taking out some lube too and spreading the cherry flavored liquid all over Snappy’s thick plastic shaft.

“Okay, open your eyes,” Rose instructed as she stood before the bed, stroking her toy and smearing the lube all over it, looking for all purposes like she was fondling her own dick.

Doing as she was instructed, Liz gasped when she saw what Rose had in store for her. She’d anticipated some kind of toy, to be honest, but not like this. To see that black strap-on jutting out of Rose’s body all thick and long made her heart skip a beat, thanks to the twin adrenaline surges of fear and arousal.

“Holy shit!” Liz spat out. “No way! No fucking way is that going in me!”

“Just relax baby,” Rose said as she crawled back into the bed where Liz had sat up in surprise over what Rose now had on her body. “This is Mr. Snappy and he is going to make you feel so good. Actually, let me be more specific. I’m going to use him to make you feel good. I know he seems big and, believe me, he is, but you’re going to be too busy coming to feel any hurt from him. Now lie back and let me fuck those sexy brains of yours right out of your head.”

“I don’t think so,” Liz insisted, even though as she said no she didn’t even attempt to move off the bed. “That thing is too damn big.”

“Never had a girl fuck you like this before?” Rose asked, lining up the toy with Liz’s slit and rubbing Mr. Snappy’s cock shaped head against it, making the girl moan despite her hesitation.

“Dude, I’ve never even seen a guy with a dick that big!” Liz declared, moaning out her words as she felt the pleasure of that toy rubbing against her. Rose slipped her strap-on’s head inside her pussy and it made a rush of pleasure shoot through her body.

The more she felt from the toy teasing her, the more Liz liked it and the more her reflexive fear faded. But, at the same time, she was completely taken aback by its size. She knew there were probably bigger toys out there, but the way Rose wore it, with total authority and carnal intent, made her sure that not only was it big but its owner knew just how to use it, turning it into a very dangerous sexual weapon.

Liz had been fucked by a strap-on before and she definitely liked using the toys they had at The Boutique on the girls there. She’d both been on the giving and receiving end, but never had she seen a toy like this. It looked huge and she didn’t think there was any way she was going to be able to fit it in her.

“No guy can ever fuck you the way I can with Mr. Snappy,” Rose promised. “I used to love being with guys, but none of them could ever get me off the way I could when I fucked myself with my toy. And the first time someone used it on me? Ooooh baby I saw some fucking stars! So get ready Liz. This is going to feel awesome!”

“But…but…” Liz stammered out, her bravado all but gone as she found herself trembling at the sight of Rose naked with her strap-on locked firmly into place. She wasn’t actively resisting. The feel of that plastic head inside her lips felt so good, Rose feeding her just the tip to make sure she knew how good the rest of it would feel. “It’s so fucking big!”

“Well this is one case where bigger really is better,” Rose insisted. “Now don’t be a baby. Rose is gonna take really good fucking care of you, Liz.”

And with that promise, Rose stopped teasing. She grabbed Liz by the legs and yanked her closer to her, causing Mr. Snappy to slide into her cunt. Liz gasped in pleasure when she was penetrated but that was nothing to what she felt when Rose held her legs up and slung them over her shoulders, allowing her to start driving the toy into her pussy and sending pleasure shooting through her with intense bursts that had her head spinning in no time.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Liz swore out as she felt herself start to be filled, the toy pushing into her and spreading open her folds. “OHHHHH MY GODDDDD! ROSE! FUCKKKKKKKKKK! OOOOOH IT’S FUCKING BIG!”

“Mmmmm don’t act like you don’t love it,” Rose moaned, relishing the look of utter ecstasy on Liz’s face as she fucked the younger woman, working Mr. Snappy’s inches into her pussy as she held Liz up by her legs, lifting her ass off the bed so she could drive down into her with her toy, fucking her harder with every thrust.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK NO! I WON’T! OOOOOH FUCKKKK YESSSSS IT’S GOOD! UGHHHHH GOD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Liz screamed, shocked and ecstatic that Rose was as good as she’d promised.

As the older woman thrust into her with her toy, Liz felt her whole body react in total ecstasy. She pushed into her with steady, strong thrusts, filling her up with plastic and making her singing trained voice cry out again and again and again.

Mr. Snappy did feel awesome. Was there a word better than awesome? Liz was sure if there was it would describe how it felt but she couldn’t think of it then because she could barely think at all. She wasn’t able to do anything but feel the intensity of the pleasure from being fucked.

“OOOH FUCKKK! UGHHH JESUSSSSS FUCK YESSSS! FUCK ME ROSE!” Liz cried out, not even believing she was enjoying this as much as she was. “HOLY SHIT! STUFF THAT FUCKING COCK INSIDE ME! OOOOOOOOOH!”

“Told you!” Rose smirked as she kept Liz’s lovely legs over her shoulder and reached under her to squeeze her full ass cheeks, keeping her close to Mr. Snappy as she thrust into the girl’s tight pussy. “I knew you needed this! Mmmm you’ve got such a pretty little tight cunt sweetie! Now it’s mine! Mmmm I love fucking pretty little things like you Liz! Driving into your tight fuckhole and making those big tits bounce! You look so fucking hot right now! I knew you’d love this! I’m going to give you the fuck of your life Liz!”

Right then Liz was sure Rose was well on her way to doing just that. She had never had sex like this before. Rose really was fucking her better than any woman had! She couldn’t believe it. She was even better than she had bragged she was and Liz eagerly took it, letting her pussy swallow those inches of black strap-on plastic. She had never felt this wet before and she’d never had her pussy taken like this.

If the men who had fucked her before she had decided once and for all that she just wasn’t into the whole heterosexual thing had been as good with their real cocks as Rose was with her fake one, Liz felt she might not have been a lesbian. But she was and right then she couldn’t have been happier that she was because Rose was fucking her brains out, just like she had promised she would. Liz couldn’t even hold onto her tits anymore. She had to grab onto her comforter to try and hold on for dear life.


“You don’t think it’s too big anymore, do you?” Rose laughed, hoping she’d never forget the image of this tween show star shaking for her on the bed, her large breasts bouncing and her face contorting in ecstasy. “Mr. Snappy is just the right size for a tight little pussy like yours, Liz! Mmm take it you horny little slut! Ooooh take my big, fake dick in your little Nickelodeon twat! I’m gonna make you cream so good Liz! I’m gonna fuck you just like I’ll be fucking your friends!”


That was just the opening Rose was looking for and she responded not by thrusting harder into Liz’s pussy but instead by pulling out of her with a wet squish. Liz gasped in horror at being deprived of Mr. Snappy and she immediately began to whine.

“Noooooooooooo! Don’t you dare fucking stop! Bitch get back in there and fuck me!” Liz demanded, her whole body feeling deprived now. The sight of Rose’s strap-on had frightened her a few minutes ago but now it was all she wanted in the world. “Please don’t stop! Oh my God you had me so fucking close!”

“Oh I’m not stopping,” Rose said. “But I want you on all fours before I fuck you more! That ass of yours looked so sweet Liz and I want to see it up close! Shove it in the air! Lemme see that fucking hot booty that you were hiding under those goth clothes!”

“Ooooooh fucking perv, want me in doggie huh?” Liz groaned, totally into it and eager to do whatever she needed to do to get Rose to fuck her.

Liz turned herself over and stuck her bare bottom in the air as she settled herself onto her knees and elbows.

“Is this what you want Rose?” Liz asked. “Wanna see the big ass Nickelodeon made me hide under bulky clothes all those years so I wouldn’t fucking make those horny dads watching the show with their kids cream their jeans too much? Mmmm they let me show off my tits all right but not too much ass, not when they wanted everyone staring at Tori and Ariana’s butts and not mine!”

“Mmmmm well that didn’t work on me,” Rose said, feeling tempted to drool over the sight of Liz Gillies’ thick, young ass in front of her. The pale skin and lovely curve of her butt cheeks reminded Rose of her own body minus years of experience and she loved it. “Your ass is the best of all of them! Mmm I love that round booty of yours Liz! Now I’m going to show you how much! You ready?”

“Ooooooh yessssssssss so fucking ready!” Liz groaned in lustful need, her cunt dripping with desire. “Fuck me Rose! Don’t make me wait for it! Give it to me and make me come!”

Rose badly just wanted to simply stick it into the girl. Mr. Snappy was plenty lubed up with the slick cherry flavored liquid making it shine and Liz’s slutty pussy juices giving it an extra layer. Rose knew she could do it too. She could just push it in and she knew Liz would love it.

But she felt bad about not giving her at least a little bit of warning. So she got behind Liz’s bare butt cheeks and squeezed them as if marking her territory by pressing her finger nails into her and then using one hand to spread them open while letting the other guide the pussy and lube coated head of Mr. Snappy right against Liz’s pretty pucker.

“Oh I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck you right here!” Rose teased as she rubbed Mr. Snappy’s head against the entrance to Liz’s ass. “Mmmm you want it Liz? Wanna feel this hunk of plastic up your ass? Wanna feel how much I love this thick pale booty of yours?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh my Godddddd…” Liz moaned out, her head spinning again just from the thought of having her ass fucked. She wasn’t a virgin there. In fact she’d had a lot of fun having that hole pleasured. But she’d never felt anything like this toy inside her. “Oh shit! You are a fucking bitch Rose! My ass? You’re gonna shove that big fuckstick up my young ass?”

“Mmmmmhmmm and you’re gonna love it!” Rose promised, teasing Liz’s tight, wrinkled anus with her toy, slowly easing the head of Snappy into her hole but not fully entering her yet. “You’re gonna love being my buttfucked slut, baby! Mmmm you’ll be my hot anal bitch, Liz! I’ll fuck you so good that you’ll never want me to stop!”

“Oh yesssssssssss!” Liz groaned, wanting to feel that good.

Her common sense was long gone, tossed away somewhere with her clothes. She needed to come. She needed to feel the release from what Rose had been doing to her pussy. She needed to feel it now. And if that meant giving up her ass to her, she felt right then like she had to do it.

“Fucking do it!” Liz groaned, looking over her shoulder to give Rose her sexiest gaze, her exotic eyes imploring her to fuck her even more than her words were. “Take my ass! Shove it up that ass! Ooooooh fuck I can’t believe I’m saying this but make me your bitch Rose! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck my ass if that’s what it’s gonna take to make you make me come!”

Liz knew that she might regret this. She hadn’t had it up the ass in months. She hadn’t even mentally, much less physically, prepared for this. But she needed to come too badly to think twice. She was willing to let Rose do whatever she wanted to her.

“That’s my girl! You really are just like me!” Rose grinned. “Mmmm we’re both dirty bitches! You and me Liz! We’re both fucking sluts and we know it! And sluts take it up the ass! Don’t they?”

Liz was not in much of a position to agree because, as Rose said that, she was pushing Mr. Snappy up her ass. She wasn’t rough, but nor was she gentle. She forced the head of her strap-on into her asshole, going past her anus and inside her as Liz gasped and took in a deep intake of breath, closing her eyes from the intensity as she was penetrated. It was a huge rush at first and, as Rose began to thrust, pushing more of her fake cock up her asshole, Liz felt the pleasure really start to flow.


“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh good girl! Take it right up this great ass! Oooooh yessssss sooooo tight!” Rose cooed in her own pleasure, feasting her eyes on the way Liz’s yummy buns jiggled for her ever so tantalizingly as she fucked her. Her ass was so firm with youth and so deliciously round too.

Rose loved staring at it but even more she loved feeling the way the tightness pushed Mr. Snappy’s nub back into her pussy as she fucked her, the plastic pleasing her clit the way Rose always enjoyed it.

“YESSSSS FUCK MY TIGHT ASS! FUCKING SHOVE IT UP MY NASTY HOLE!” Liz begged, her tits shaking back and forth and the feel of her heavy mounds swaying making her get off on it even harder as the thick plastic stretched open her naughtiest hole. She so hadn’t expected to get fucked up the ass that day and the surprise made it even hotter for her. “OOOOOOOH SHITTTT! GODDAMNNNNN OHHHH ROSE! OHHHHHH FUCKING YES ROSE YESS! YESSSSS ROSE! OOOOOOOH YOU’RE FUCKING ME SO GOOD! AWWWWWW MY GODDDDD FUCKING MY ASSSSSSS! YESSSS YESSS OOOOOH FUCK YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME ROSE!”

Liz had felt pleasure from having her ass fucked before. She had been with girls who had known just how to do it. And she’d never shied away from self-pleasuring her tight ring when the mood stuck her. But she’d never felt anything like this before. Mr. Snappy felt even bigger than it looked and it made her feel like her ass was being stretched open.

That had her thrashing her head as she cried out in pleasure, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth open from the intensity of what she was feeling. The surprise of having this happen today made her like it even more. It made her feel dirtier for liking it. It made her feel so wickedly bad and Liz wanted it. She wanted to come. She had to feel herself get off from this.

“Oooooh yesssss your ass is so fucking hot!” Rose grunted while she began thrusting up her, finding Liz to be accommodating despite her wonderful tightness. “Mmmmm you really do have the best butt of all your friends! Mmmm now it’s my ass to fuck Liz! I’m going to fuck you again at the party tonight baby! I’m going to fuck your great ass in front of all my friends mmmm and in front of your friends too! Then I’m going to fuck them! I’m going to fuck Victoria’s ass! I’m going to fuck Ariana’s! And you’re not going to stop me! Mmmm you’re going to help me, Liz! You’re going to bring your friends right to me and let me get at their hot asses! You’re going to help me turn your pretty friends into my assfucked sluts just like you baby!”

An hour ago Liz never would have agreed to that. Fifteen minutes she would have strongly hesitated. But now Liz would have done anything Rose said. If she wanted her friends’ asses, Liz was going to make sure she got them. And right then Liz felt that it would be just what her friends needed too. Ariana and Victoria had to feel this! They had to get fucked like this!

Liz could feel tears rolling down her eyes from the way Rose was fucking her ass, shoving into her from behind to take her doggie style and have their sweaty naked bodies slap into each other. This pleasure was too good to keep to herself.

She had to share it with Ariana! She cared about her too much to deny her something so wonderful. And she wanted Tori to feel it too. She wanted her friend to get the stick up her ass fucked right out of her by Rose. She wanted them both to feel what she felt.


Rose’s eyes shot open in surprise over what Liz said. She had never been called a cougar before. She didn’t like it. Cougars were dried up Beverly Hills housewives with awful boob jobs who couldn’t smile anymore because of all the Botox they’d had.

She wasn’t a cougar. She was a woman! A hot, horny woman who wasn’t even close to her sexual prime yet. But she decided to let it go. She was having too much fun to punish Liz now for saying that. She’d get her back though eventually…after she made her come of course.

So Rose set the insulting term slide and instead fucked the girl harder, increasing the force of her thrusts up Liz’s asshole. She didn’t have all of Mr. Snappy up inside her, but a good three fourths of her thick toy was up Liz’s butt and Rose fucked her harder with those inches. She already had the girl agreeing to everything she wanted. Now she just needed to make her come to seal the deal.

“C’mon baby! Don’t hold back! Come for Rose! Come from me fucking your beautiful booty!” Rose urged, giving Liz a hard tug of her hair, partially because of the cougar remark but more because she knew from experience how good it felt. And with Liz in doggie style, it was so easy to grab onto her dark hair, make a ponytail out of it and yank it. “You can come baby! I won’t stop! I’ll fuck you until you come! Come for me Liz! Come on baby! Feel my fat cock up your sexy ass! Mmmmm you look soooo good taking it right up that sweet butt! You know you want it Liz! You want Mr. Snappy to make you come!”

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo I want YOU to make me come!” Liz pleaded, finding the idea of naming a sex toy quite silly and wondering how the hell something ever got a name like Mr. Snappy. “Keep giving it to me Rose! Please please please! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSS UGHHH FUCKKKK OOOOOH MY GODDDDDD FUCK MY ASSSSS! YESSS ROSE OOOOOH FUCKK MEEEEEEE! ASSFUCK ME UNTIL I COMMMMME!”

Liz was slumped over on the bed now. She couldn’t keep her elbow supporting herself anymore, not when she needed to shove a hand in to play with her own cunt as she got fucked up the ass. Now she was face first into her pillow, bent over on her knees with her ass in the air to have a strap-on shoved up in it while her hand rubbed her pussy lips furiously.

She could still feel Rose’s saliva on her pussy. It was so hot to rub it after she’d been licked by Rose. She loved feeling her own juices dripping out. Her pussy was so sensitive from Rose’s tongue and now her fingers and it made everything feel so much better.

Rose kept urging her to come, telling her how beautiful she was as she fucked her. Rose told her how she was hotter than Victoria and Ariana, how she had better tits and a better ass than they did. And she kept telling Liz how she was going to fuck all three of them and make them all sluts for her and her friends. She said she was going to make them all fuck in a threesome and that she and her friends were going to fuck them all.

And it all sounded like heaven to Liz. She hadn’t really wanted it before, but now she would do anything to give Rose what she wanted.

Liz was feeling a high she’d never experienced before as she took the strap-on up her ass, crying out again and again while rubbing herself frantically. She’d never felt anything this big up her butt before and she loved it. She knew she’d need to feel it again and she gasped with one final rush of pleasure as Rose pushed in just that much deeper and set her off. The rush turned right into a tidal wave as Liz came like never before.


Liz kept screaming and shaking but her brain stopped registering it. Rose had threatened to fuck her brains out and, as she came, Liz felt like she’d actually done it. Everything pushed her higher and higher until she felt like a balloon floating off into the sky.

She never wanted to return to Earth and when she inevitably did, it was in a sweaty, naked ball of well fucked girl flesh.

“Ohhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwd,” Liz moaned, literally curling up into a ball on the bed when Rose eased Mr. Snappy out of her ass. “Ohhhhhh my Godddddd!”

“Oooooh look how messy you made my toy,” Rose laughed in delight, adoring the vision of the cocky, sexy youth turned into a mess of post-orgasmic afterglow. “Mmmm do you know what you need to do?”

As much as her brain was buzzing and as much as she hadn’t expected to be fucked up the ass, Liz did know. She didn’t have to be told. She knew what Rose wanted.

“Yeahhhhhh mmmmmm I know what nasty girls like me need to do,” Liz moaned lustfully, lifting her head up just high enough to open her mouth and let Rose push Mr. Snappy in.

“Oooooooh yessssssssssss!” Rose hissed as Liz closed her eyes and eagerly slurped her ass off the toy that had just been inside her. “Mmmm you whore! You didn’t even have to be told to do it! Nasty! I love it! Fucking suck your own ass right off my toy! Just like you’ll do after I fuck your little friend Ariana’s ass! Mmmm I’ll feed you her ass after I fucked it! And I’ll feed her yours! Oooooh you’re going to be such a good slut for me, aren’t you Liz?”

Liz could only moan in agreement, bobbing her lips up and down the strap-on that had just been shoved inside her naughtiest fuckhole. She loved tasting her own ass off a toy and this was truly the best fuck she had ever gotten. How could she deny herself the pleasure of going ass to mouth on herself after an orgasm like that?

She would do anything Rose wanted and all she could think of then was how good Ariana and Victoria’s asses would taste too as Rose reached down and softly played with her hair as she kept her face in her lap and sucked the fake dick that had just fucked her.

“Mmmm good girl!” Rose grinned. “I can’t wait to bring you to the mansion! You’re going to love it there! You’ll fit right in!”


This story is copyright 2015 from Shark boy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not permitted and will result in me taking action against your website.

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