The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Five

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Five

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Jewel Kilcher, Maria Menounos, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Olivia Munn, Anna Kendrick, Kate Upton, Maryse Ouellet, Heather Locklear, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff

Codes: FF, FFF, MFF, oral, anal, mast, orgy, reluc, inc

Summary: Christina’s addition to the punch has an immediate impact as things go off the rails. Selena finds an old lust rekindled and Kate Upton finds new ecstasy.

Happy New Year everyone! Yes it’s long past Christmas but this dang party keeps going at the Malibu mansion and you’d better believe that things are starting to get out of control.

You could say it was Sarah’s fault for accidently sending out the invitation to a bigger group than had been intended. Or perhaps you want to blame Jennifer for drugging the punch with a stimulant she had been told would make everyone feel happy. Or maybe feel this is all Christina’s fault for dumping a whole bottle of vodka into the punch and inadvertently causing a chemical reaction which caused the punch to turn into a wild cocktail guaranteed to turn whoever tasted it into a lust-filled maniac.

But we’re not here to assign blame. We’re here to ready about hot celebrities fucking. And that’s just what you’re going to get with this chapter. The preamble is over and the party is starting. Christina and Jennifer, without either realizing what the other had done, have created their witch’s brew and a party full of guests is going to taste it.

There’s drama on the horizon though. Demi Lovato’s efforts to reconcile with Selena Gomez crashed and burned in the worst way, leaving Demi heartbroken and Selena hating herself. Sarah’s illicit fun with Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted by an unsuspecting friend and thanks to Mandy Moore a carful of teenagers are on their way to the mansion like lambs being led to the slaughter.

Things are about to get wild and crazy so let’s get right into it. Settle down and have a drink of punch because this party is about to go insane.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Five


Satisfied that she was absolutely right in what she was doing, Christina took the bottle of vodka she’d snuck out of the mansion’s stocked liquor cabinet and did what she did best… instigate.

She started pouring a little bit of the bottle of Absolut into the punch bowl and, worried she hadn’t put enough in to give the punch enough kick, she poured in a little bit more and then a little bit more and then…soon the bottle was empty.

“Oooops might have overdone it,” Christina said as she took the ladle in the punch bowl and used it as a spoon mixing the vodka into what had previously been Love’s completely virgin fruit punch. And as she did that the punch actually began to bubble up and fizz.

“Is it supposed to do that?” Britney asked, feeling like that it probably wasn’t.

“Ummmm I guess so,” Christina answered.

But of course she had no idea what Jennifer Aniston had already added to the punch and how it was absolutely not supposed to mix with alcohol. And now the chemical reaction was beginning, unbeknownst to everyone. However, since she had no idea what she had just done, Christina decided to shrug it off.

“Whatever, if someone gets sick from this then we must never speak of it again,” Christina said. “But I’m sure it’ll be fine. Let’s just leave it be and see what happens when someone comes to take a drink.”

And it turned out that happened but a few moments later.

“Oooooh punch!” Olivia Munn said as she helped herself to a glass and took a sip. “Whoa! That’s got a kick to it!”

Britney and Christina then looked at each other and decided they might as well find out.

“So…uhhhh…how’s it taste?” Christina asked.

“It actually tastes great!” Olivia replied. “What’s in it? I mean you can sure as hell taste the vodka. I think that bowl would get a DUI if it took a drive. But there’s something else in it. Can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“But you’re feeling okay?” Britney inquired, hoping to not have accidently poisoned people at the party.

“Sure!” Olivia eagerly volunteered with a smile which faded as soon as she began considering why they were asking. “Wait. Why? Did you guys just roofie me? You totally didn’t have to.”

“NO! I mean…no,” Britney interjected. “Everything’s fine. We’re glad you like the punch. Everything’s cool. Nothing to be worried about. Nothing at all.”

Britney then clamped her mouth shut and fortunately at such a crowded party there was always something close by to distract and that was certainly what they found when they looked over and saw Fluffy still getting the full court press from Kim.

“That big house we’re in just gets soooooo lonely when Kanye’s on tour,” Kim purred as her hands caressed the red and white fur of Fluffy’s Santa outfit. “And he’s always working late at the studio too. Sometimes I go weeks without seeing him. It would sure be easy for Santa to come down my chimney.”

“Ooooh poor Fluffy,” Christina giggled. “We should go over there and rescue him.”

“I’m sorry did you just say his name was Fluffy?” Olivia interjected.

“Oh yeah that’s his real name,” Britney said. “He’s our bodyguard.”

“Mmmmm I can see why,” Olivia replied after taking another drink of her punch. “He can carry me out of here like I’m Whitney Houston any day. Fuck! Look at him!”

“I think Kim’s doing enough looking for all of us combined,” Christina quipped. “Good to see she’s meeting everyone’s expectations.”

“Like you’ve never had a craving for dark meat before!” Olivia teased. “Mmmm fuck I came here looking for pussy but I could go for a big piece of cock too! I wonder what your friend Fluffy is packing under that suit!”

Both Christina and Britney looked at Olivia with shock over what she’d just said and as soon as she appreciated the words that she had just blurted out, Olivia shared their look.

“Ohhhhh my God! What did I just say?” Olivia gasped. “I’m so sorry! That was…fuck… that was just rude!”

“No, no it’s okay,” Christina replied, her shock fading and a look of amusement instead coming over her face. “I like a girl who doesn’t hide her freak flag. Mmmm and I’ll bet me and Brit could help you if you’re still looking for pussy!”

“Oooooh I definitely am!” Olivia smiled back, relieved that she hadn’t just colossally embarrassed herself in front of these superstars.

Olivia had no idea why she had said it. She’d been thinking it and it had just flown right out of her mouth. But at least Christina was providing her a soft landing and she was happy to get her focus on what she really wanted.

“I’m looking for someone mmmm or a few someones to show me what this place is really all about!” Olivia declared.

“Well as long as you’re focusing on us and not Fluffy,” Britney teased.

“Fluffy who?” Olivia grinned as she took another drink and pictured how hot it would be to be sandwiched between two naked pop star sluts eager to do obscene things to her body.

But they weren’t the only ones who were focused on the blatantly flirtatious reality star and her uncomfortable target. However, unlike Britney, Christina and Olivia, they were focused entirely on the woman who could not take the hint about Fluffy’s lack of interest.

“C’mon just go over and say something!” Scarlett urged.

“Oh my God! I so can’t do that!” Natalie blushed furiously. “Look, just forget it, okay? Let’s drop this.”

“Drop it? C’mon Nat, when are you going to get a better chance,” Scarlett insisted. “She’s here. You’re here. You might never have an opportunity like this again.”

Scarlett couldn’t believe the way fate had worked out. Kim Kardashian was here and Scarlett knew full well how much Natalie secretly lusted for her. Kim had actually been the girl that Scarlett had wanted to hook Natalie up with. She had known that would have been the kinkiest present she could ever give her for Chanukah. But instead of having to pursue her, Kim had been brought right to them and Scarlett was eager to seize the opportunity.

However, Natalie was not. Scarlett understood why. After all she hadn’t even been able to admit this to Jessica and it wasn’t even her crush to confess to. So Scarlett knew why Natalie was hesitating. She just didn’t want to see her friend wuss out of what Scarlett knew she wanted deep down.

“Maybe that’s for the best,” Natalie suggested. “I can’t even believe she’s here. This is so embarrassing. I…I…I just don’t want her to know. I don’t want anyone to know. You’re the only one who does. You didn’t tell anyone, did you?”

“No way, I swear I didn’t,” Scarlett said. “I had no idea she was coming. But c’mon Nat. You’ve gotta do something about this.”

“I can’t…I just can’t…they’ll…they’ll all make fun of me,” Natalie blushed, hating herself for feeling this way.

And it wasn’t the embarrassment that she hated. Natalie totally believed she should be embarrassed about her feelings. She had been attracted to women ever since that limo ride with Kirsten and never before had she ever felt that one of those attractions had been cheap or dirty or something to be ashamed about…until now.

“No they won’t!” Scarlett said. “They probably all feel the same way. You’re just the only one who’s admitting it.”

“Ughhh it’s so stupid,” Natalie snapped, mad at herself for even entertaining something so ridiculous. “Let’s just forget about this and find something else to do here. I’m not going to just creep on her. I’m embarrassed enough about this without having her think I’m some kind of weirdo.”

Natalie certainly felt like a weirdo then and, worse than that, she felt like her libido was betraying her. What she was feeling really was something to be embarrassed about and something that made her doubt her own instincts. Natalie again wondered what the hell was wrong with her, something she had asked herself so many times ever since that first time she had ever noticed Kim Kardashian and thought how attractive she was.

It had been a fleeting thought at first. But with Kim and her reality show family everywhere, Natalie had quickly found that the infamous girl was unavoidable. And the more she noticed her, the more Natalie found herself drawn to her curvy body like she was caught in some kind of gravitational pull dragging her toward the Death Star that was Kim Kardashian’s ass.

Natalie loved curves. She loved girls with big tits and juicy booties. They were just so much fun to play with. Being so close to Scarlett had gotten her so into women with curves in all the right places. Girls like Scarlett and Love and Jewel and Kat Dennings had bodies that were so soft and warm and sexy. They were just…womanly. And Natalie, with her slim, tight body lusted after them.

She’d certainly proved that and then some with the threesome she and Scarlett had just had with Kat the other day. But women like Scarlett and Kat and all her curvy friends at the mansion were one thing. She respected all of them. How on Earth could anyone respect Kim Kardashian? Especially her!

She might have been born with a bit of a silver spoon in her mouth but Natalie had worked hard for everything in her life. She had studied to master her craft as an actress. She had gone to Harvard for God’s sake, not because she was famous but because she had applied her considerable intellect to attending and graduating from one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world.

What the fuck was she thinking being so attracted to a woman like Kim who had coasted on a free ride her whole life and was living a shallow, materialistic existence where she was famous for being famous. The only reason people knew Kim Kardashian was because of her sex tape and the insipid reality show empire it had launched.

Natalie felt disgusted that she was so attracted to Kim. As a feminist, she felt Kim represented everything wrong with the way women were presented. Natalie worked hard to be a role model for young women and Kim was out there showing off her huge ass and acting like an unrestrained attention whore.

Natalie hated herself for this but yet the more she told herself not to feel it and to ignore Kim, the more she wanted to fuck her. That big ass of hers made Natalie’s pussy wet every time she thought about doing ungodly things to it and even now, as she was talking herself out of even sharing a hello with the woman, Natalie was feeling a tingle in her loins.

“I’ll talk to her for you,” Scarlett suggested. “If you want her, I’ll get her for you! I promise!”

“Wait! No! Stop!” Natalie said, grabbing Scarlett’s arm as she started to walk toward Kim. “Don’t do that Scarlett! Let’s just drop this!”

But Scarlett wasn’t interested in just dropping it. She only wanted to make Natalie’s fantasy come true. She was still completely into her plan of eight nights of hot sexual fantasies for Natalie. It was the only Chanukah gift she could think of for her friend that she knew could show her how she felt.

She had already let Natalie fuck her ass and had brought Emma Stone for them to play with. And, of course, there had been all their fun with Kat Dennings. Scarlett had done all of that with Natalie’s pleasure in mind and now she wanted to do more.

Scarlett knew how much Kim turned Natalie on and seeing how she beat herself up over it was really cute. Scarlett knew all too well just how much Natalie loved curves and Kim had plenty of those. Plus it really was hot to imagine her sexy Oscar winning friend go wild on spoiled sex tape star.

Natalie’s perfect little body contrasted so deliciously with Kim’s big tits and huge ass and Scarlett definitely wanted to see them together, especially because she knew just how bad Natalie wanted it, even if she couldn’t fully admit it. And if she got to join in on that then so much the better in Scarlett’s mind.

“What’s up with you two?” Christina asked as she noticed the conversation nearby and turned her attention Natalie and Scarlett’s way.

“Nothing!” Natalie insisted nervously, afraid they’d just laugh at her if they knew.

“Someone’s got a crush and she doesn’t want to admit it,” Scarlett teased.

“Shut upppppp!” Natalie groaned, elbowing Scarlett in the process.

“A crush? On Fluffy? Oooooooh naughty, naughty Natalie,” Christina grinned.

“What? No! Not on Fluffy!” Natalie replied, looking at Christina as if the idea of her hooking up with a man, especially the singer’s bodyguard was completely ridiculous.

And it was Britney who then concluded the obvious.

“Wait, you have a crush on Kim?” Britney asked, honestly surprised that Natalie would be into someone like that.

“Arrrrghhhh!” Natalie whined. “Thanks a lot Scarlett!”

“Why? It’s totally hot!” Britney giggled assuring her friend she had nothing to be ashamed about. “You and Kim? Mmmmm I’d love to see that. Why are you embarrassed about it?”

“Because it’s her…” Natalie sighed. “I mean yeah she’s sexy but…you know. She’s just so…well she’s just so her!”

“Why? You’ve been with bad girls before,” Britney pointed out. “Mmmmm you’ve been with me!”

“Yeahhhh but that was totally different,” Natalie replied, smiling at the sexy blonde while recalling how they had ended up hooking up so passionately in the dressing room of a swimsuit shop and how it had been Britney who had brought her to the mansion for the first time. “We were friends first. I knew you and I knew you weren’t at all like all those awful gossips said you were like. I liked the real you first! I don’t know what she’s really like. I don’t think I even want to know what she’s really like. I just want…”

“Yeah? What do you want?” Christina teased. But seeing that she had an audience of the two pop icons as well as Olivia listening in, Natalie clammed up.

“Never mind,” Natalie said. “I’m just gonna go get some punch. Be right back.”

“Get some for me too please,” Scarlett asked. “I’m thirsty.”

“Yeah, you definitely should get some,” Olivia declared. “I know this sounds kind of weird but I’ve never had better punch in my life. It’s really good!”

“What’s really good?” Miley Cyrus asked as she strode up to everyone in her barely-there outfit, the sparkling red sequins of her top and bottoms emphasizing just how little there was covering her tight body.

“The punch,” Olivia replied. “Here have a sip.”

“Well I’ve never turned an offer from a sexy stranger before,” Miley grinned. “If you have some candy too I’ll totally be down for getting in your van later.”

Miley gratefully accepted Olivia’s offer and sipped from her cup, her face lighting up as she tasted it.

“Fuck yeah!” Miley reacted. “Now that’s some punch with punch! It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited!”

Miley actually hadn’t meant it as a double entendre for once, but seeing how everyone giggled and smiled over it, she accepted it as a happy mistake. She gave the cup back to Olivia and began to think about ducking away to get herself a full glass of her own. Her tongue was tingling now from it and the warm, happy feeling it was creating in her tummy was more than welcome.

But she also had something else on her mind.

“So what’re y’all staring at?” the pixie haircut blonde asked.

“Kim,” Christina replied. “Natalie wants to hook up with her but she’s too embarrassed about it.”

“Ughhh what are you telling her?” Natalie groaned as she returned with two cups of punch, one for her and one for Scarlett. “Stop it Christina!”

“Embarrassed? What’s to be embarrassed about?” Miley asked, looking at Natalie as if she had two heads all of a sudden. “Kim’s body is fucking banging! You should definitely try and hook up with her. C’mon you don’t think you’re too good for her or something, do you?”

“No! It’s not like that…” Natalie replied even though she knew deep down it was exactly like that. “It’s that she’s just a little too much for me.”

“Awwww can’t handle a little infamy?” Miley teased. “Mmmm that didn’t stop you from licking the fuck out of me last time we were both here!”

That got more giggles from everyone around them and Natalie blushed but also smiled.

“Well, yeah, take that as a compliment, Miley,” Natalie replied with a tease of her own. “I can fuck you without hating myself.”

“Thanks! I think…” Miley laughed. “So what’re you waiting for? Go tell that bitch you wanna fuck her!”

“I can’t,” Natalie insisted, taking a big drink of her punch to calm herself and instantly smiling when she felt those tingles on her tongue. “It’s too embarrassing.

“But dat ass!” Miley declared. “Aint nothing wrong with that!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh I kind of would just love to bury my face in it and let that fat ass smother me for a while,” Natalie giggled, shocking everyone around her.

“Wait, Nat? What?” Scarlett laughed, almost choking on her punch as she took a drink too and found herself nearly having to spit it out. “What did you just say?”

“Ohhhhh wow! What’s in this?” Natalie laughed back. “I did not just say that!”

“Oh you definitely just said it,” Britney marveled. “Mmmmm Natalie! That’s really hot, you naughty girl!”

Natalie couldn’t believe those words had just come out of her mouth but she wasn’t the only one feeling a little frisky.

“Fuck, you should just go and do it!” Scarlett advised before helping herself to another drink. “Get over there and shove your face into that ass! I’ll be working over those huge tits of hers! We can show that slut how they do it here at the mansion!”

Natalie and Scarlett both giggled wildly over their own dirty thoughts and Britney and Christina looked over and saw that Olivia might have gone silent but she was openly touching herself through her dress, fondling her breasts with her free hand and then letting it slide down her body so she could caress it against her crotch. And Miley, having returned with her own cup of punch, licked her lips as they all continued to stare lustfully at Kim.

“Ummmm Chrissy…” Britney began to say, a bit worried about how everyone was starting to act. But she didn’t get the chance to say more before Gwen excitedly ran toward them.

“It’s all set! Time for the surprise!” Gwen declared. “I’m gonna get Fluffy! Everyone’s going to love this!”

Gwen began trying to push everyone toward a central area. She was so stoked about what she had planned and she wanted to show the surprise off. This whole thing was mostly a set-up for Fluffy but she was sure everyone was going to enjoy it too so she wasn’t shy about getting people to follow her.

She grabbed Fluffy away from Kim’s attention and pulled him toward one of the couches right near the fireplace that Love already had roaring to set the mood even better for the night. But what Gwen was planning was something she was certain would be even hotter.


In as crowded a party as this, though, there were bound to be stragglers and many stayed behind at the tables with all the food and beverages.

“I’m getting thirsty, want some punch?” Carrie Underwood asked.

“Nahhh I’m okay,” Kelly Clarkson replied. “What about you Leesh?”

“Yeah it would be great if you could bring me some,” Elisha Cuthbert answered. “Thanks Carrie.”

“No problem,” Carrie cheerfully said. “It’s like really the least I could do to thank you Kelly. After all you’re the one who brought me here.”

“So you’re having a good time?” Kelly asked hopefully.

“Definitely,” Carrie assured her. “I’m having a great time. I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here. It’s just what I needed. Good times with friends is always going to be better than an empty house with a husband on a road trip.”

With a smile, Carrie assured Elisha she’d be back in a jiff with their punch. And, as soon as the blonde country star was out of earshot, Kelly breathed a sigh of relief.

“How you holding up?” Elisha inquired, wrapping her arms around her friend’s waist and giving her a warm hug as she noticed Kelly’s gaze following Carrie as she walked away, her tight little ass looking so nice in her dress.

“Mmmmm better now,” Kelly admitted, loving those kind arms around her, especially since it meant feeling Elisha’s body pressing into her back. “I think I’m going to be able to beat the clock tonight. Soon the party will be over, Carrie will go back to married life all happy she had a great time and I’ll be able to sleep tonight knowing I didn’t do anything to mess up her life.”

“Oh? Well who says you’ll be getting any sleep tonight?” Elisha teased. “Mmmmm Santa’s going to have to bring a good girl like you an extra fun present today and I can think of a whole bunch of girls here who are going to want to give it to you. Of course they’ll all have to line up after me.”

“Mmmmmm yessssssss ooooh that’s JUST what I need,” Kelly sighed with a smile. “I am so keyed up for that.”

“How keyed up are you baby?” Elisha asked as she couldn’t help but observe that Kelly’s line of vision had not deviated a bit from Carrie Underwood’s backside.

“I’m soaking fucking wet,” Kelly whispered salaciously to her actress friend. “It’s a damn good thing I wore panties tonight!”

“Yeah for once,” Elisha joked.

Of course that was a habit she never hoped her friend would outgrow. Kelly Clarkson’s tendency to be a nudist around her home was something Elisha found immensely appealing. And Kelly’s tendency to not wear panties was also something she quite enjoyed due to the easy access it gave her.

“What can I say? I knew I was gonna be in trouble tonight if I didn’t have something on under my dress,” Kelly laughed, enjoying the hug from behind she was getting.

For those who were new to the mansion it certainly looked like a friendly gesture but those in the know knew it meant a whole lot more. But, not wanting Carrie to get suspicious, they broke it up when she returned with a cup of punch for herself and one she handed to Elisha.

“Cheers,” Carrie offered and Elisha took her up on that, touching their cups together.

“Merry Christmas,” Elisha said and she quickly found out just how merry it was going to be when she drank her punch. “Whoa! Yikes! I don’t know who did what to this thing but it is definitely not virgin punch anymore! Yowza!”

“Is it bad?” Kelly asked.

“Bad? Uhhhh hell no! It’s fucking fantastic!” Elisha grinned. “But there’s some serious spiking going on here. Hold a match to that punch and it’ll catch on fire.”

“What’s the matter Leesh? Can’t hold your liquor?” Kelly laughed. “I thought you Canucks were tough.”

“Watch it Texas,” Elisha playfully warned. “I will drink the cowboy boots right off you. I went toe-to-toe with Kiefer Sutherland once. I can take the likes of you, Kelly. I’ll drink every single one of you under the table if I have to!”

“Oh damn, this is strong,” Carrie gasped as she drank the punch. “I really shouldn’t. I thought it was just fruit punch when I went over there. I gotta be careful. Alcohol goes right to my head. I am such a lightweight. They laugh at me in Nashville over this but I can get tipsy just from champagne.”

But even though she was warning herself not to, Carrie took another drink and then another.

“Ummmm if you’re such a lightweight, maybe you should stop,” Kelly suggested, not wanting to have to worry about a possibly inebriated and therefore much more vulnerable Carrie Underwood. She tried to cover that worry up though in a joke. “I don’t want to have to carry you home.”

“I can’t help it,” Carrie said, helping herself to another gulp. “It just tastes too fucking good! I mean, damn, this is like an orgasm on my tongue.”

Kelly giggled when she heard that. She had honestly never heard Carrie talk like that before and it seemed that her warnings were quickly turning into prophecy.

“Whoa…is it warm in here all of a sudden?” Carrie asked, pulling her dress away from her body to get some air in there.

“Yeah!” Elisha said, shaking her head like she was trying to get the haze out. “Maybe it’s the fireplace or something but it’s definitely like the temperature is rising in here. Ooooooh! Damn! Ummm I might need to get some clothes off in a second or something.”

“You and me both.” Carrie agreed as Kelly’s pulse began to race.

What the hell was going on here, Kelly asked herself. Carrie was definitely not acting like herself. The more Carrie talked, even if it was a joke, about getting clothes off, the more Kelly wanted her to act this way even though she knew it was definitely wrong. Kelly was about to ask her if she was okay, but Gwen interrupted them.

“C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! You’re gonna miss it if you don’t hurry,” Gwen urged and, before Kelly could inquire, they were all pushed into the other room where Gwen’s promised surprise was set to make an appearance.

Gwen’s excitement was certainly getting everyone intrigued especially because so few had any idea what was up her sleeve, even the people that lived there.

“You have any idea what Gwen’s planning here?” Jewel asked.

“No! I’m going to be just as surprised as you,” Love replied. “It sure sounds like it’s going to be great though.”

“Well it’s going to be hard to outdo everything that you’ve already done,” Jewel declared. “This party is amazing Love!”

“So you’re having a good time?” Love asked hopefully.

“Of course I am!” Jewel declared. “Everyone is! I’m so glad we did this! You really made it happen Love. This party is a huge success!”

“Welllll don’t say that until it’s done, you never know what could happen to screw it up,” Love laughed. “I’m just glad everyone’s having fun. I mean, it’s way more people than I expected, but that’s totally cool. I’m really happy people are enjoying themselves.”

“They definitely are,” Jewel assured her before she caught sight of something and corrected herself. “Welllll maybe not everyone…”

Love frowned when she heard Jewel say that so she quickly turned to see what she was looking at. She was committed to being the perfect hostess here and if people were having a bad time she wanted to fix that.

But when she looked and saw what the source of the issue was she realized that even she had limitations when it came to being a hostess. Not even Martha Stewart could have fixed this. There didn’t seem to be anything anyone could do about this.

“So Damon, I would love to set up a meeting with you,” Victoria Justice said as she hung close to the agent. “I really think if you took me on as a client, it could really take my career to the next level.”

“Well Victoria, I always thought you were a hell of a lot more than just a tween star so I know we can do something,” Damon replied, his mind on business and maybe something more as he looked at the way Victoria’s tight pants hugged her legs and imagined how the view would be even better from the back. “Why don’t you call my office after the holidays and we can…”

“You know she has a boyfriend, right?” Ariana Grande snarked as she stood nearby and found herself completely unable and unwilling to not start up trouble. “And besides whatever you’re thinking don’t even bother getting your…hope up. She’s frostbite between her legs”

“Excuse me! We’re having a private conversation here!” Victoria snapped. “Shouldn’t you be off making sure no one is photographing you from the left side of your little rat face! Run along now. We’re talking business here.”

“Why would he want to be in business with you when he could be in business with me? A top of the charts performer who does world tours,” Ariana said, moving in on Damon more blatantly than Victoria even had as she hooked onto his arm and looked like she might start rubbing against him at any second. “He’s not going to be interested in you Tori when he could have someone like me. Why don’t you be the one to run along now and go book your summer tour of all the state fairs with you and your talentless sister? Damon and I can talk about how he can give me the superstar treatment I deserve.”

“Bitch, I’ll tell you what you deserve,” Victoria hotly replied as Damon tried to separate them.

“Ladies, ladies, ladies, why can’t we all talk business?” Damon suggested.

He did mean from a professional standpoint of course. He couldn’t help but see dollar signs all over both of their tight, firm young bodies. But he also couldn’t help picturing something a little bit more. They might have been at each other’s throats, but there was no way any man couldn’t look at them and think the magical word of “threesome.”

“There’s plenty of room at Shooting Stars for both of you.” Damon assured them. “And we can put together packages for both of you that will really maximize the reaches of your brands.”

“I won’t sign if she’s signed,” Victoria insisted.

“And I’d never sign any place where you are,” Ariana shot back. “I already wasted years of my life stealing the spotlight from you and I don’t need to do it again.”

Damon didn’t seem to be able to do anything to make peace between the warring former co-stars but there was someone even more persuasive than him at the party and she interjected herself into this by dragging away Ariana and Victoria.

“By the way, they both have boyfriends and you might want to remember you have a girlfriend too,” Liz Gillies pointed out as she pulled away her warring friends and turned her attention to them. “You two had better knock it the fuck off right now! You are embarrassing me! I can’t believe that you two can’t even be civil to each other for a fucking hour during Christmas! You both are ridiculous!”

“She started it!” Victoria insisted but she didn’t get very far with it.

“Oh don’t even start with that shit,” Liz snapped. “I don’t want to hear another word from either one of you unless it’s something nice!”

It was then that Liz realized by angrily dragging the two of them away she had ended up bringing them closer to where Love and Jewel were standing and the two women were awkwardly looking away, trying to act like they weren’t listening when in fact they couldn’t not listen. And it was Victoria who tried to turn things around with a positive spin.

“This place is amazing!” Victoria said, slapping a smile on her face and turning toward Love. “I can’t believe you guys live here! Your home is incredible. Thank you for inviting us!”

Victoria had heard a little bit about the curious living arrangement here but she wasn’t going to question it. For a home this vast and fabulous she would have lived with seven other women too. But as she talked she couldn’t help but feel like something was up and she whirled around to find Ariana mocking her by pretending to talk too just like she was.

“Oh my God! Are you fucking five-years-old or something?” Victoria angrily spat out. “What is your problem Ari?”

“You’re the one acting like the insincere kiss ass and you want to know what my problem is?” Ariana laughed. “How about you be honest for once in your life and not just act like a fake America’s sweetheart?”

“I am going to murder you both!” Liz snapped before she moved over to the food table and quickly returned with two glasses of punch in her hands that she thrust into Victoria and Ariana’s grasps. “Try and act like normal people will you. You two used to be friends! Stop embarrassing yourselves and me! Now drink some punch and shut the fuck up for two goddamn minutes! Both of you! I’m going to try and forget I ever thought it was a good idea to bring you here!”

Liz then stormed off, this time in the opposite direction, looking for some privacy and wishing with all she had that she had never let herself get talked into this.

“See what you did!” Ariana accused. “Now Liz is mad at me and it’s all because of you!”

Ariana didn’t care what Victoria Justice thought of her and she never would. But she’d known Liz since they were kids and while she might have been one of the biggest pop stars in the world right then, she was still utterly dependent on Liz thinking well of her.

Ariana had everything she had ever dreamed of already but in many ways she was still just someone who wanted Liz Gillies to think she was cool. Ariana hated that she felt that way even as she still revered her longtime friend. So the idea of Liz being mad at her made her even angrier at Victoria.

“Me?” Victoria demanded. “You’re the one who couldn’t act normal for two seconds without having to make fun of me!”

“Maybe she won’t be mad if you two just have some punch like she told you,” Jewel suggested, feeling very uncomfortable watching the two younger women fight. “Just relax and have a good time and so will she.”

Deep down Victoria and Ariana knew that Jewel was right. They didn’t have to be told their fighting wasn’t doing anyone any good. They already knew it.

Neither of them really even knew how it had gotten to the point where every time they were around each other it threatened to turn into a fight out of a Real Housewives show. Sometimes it felt like they were really only fighting out of habit by this point but that wasn’t something either one of them was about to admit to the other.

So instead they focused on something else…the punch.

“What’s in this?” Victoria asked as she took a drink, figuring if she had to act civil she could at least have something tasty while she did it.

“Nothing crazy,” Love assured her. “I made it myself. There’s some lemonade and orange juice and sherbet and some fruit, of course. Oh yes and sugar. Gotta have the sugar.”

But when Victoria swallowed she definitely tasted something a lot more powerful than sugar.

“Whoa!” Victoria said, nearly choking on how strong it was. “Ummmm you sure there’s nothing special in here?”

“What do you mean?” Love asked, worried she’d somehow messed the punch up. No one had been complaining or anything and she hadn’t expected Victoria’s reaction.

“Oh yeah!” Ariana gasped, finding herself in the rare position of agreeing with Victoria when she took a drink. “This is REALLY strong! I’ve had straight drinks weaker than this.”

“Let me taste that,” Jewel said with a frown of her own, taking Victoria’s cup from her hand and helping herself to a taste. And naturally she had a similar reaction.
“Ohhhhhh! Wow! Love, someone messed with your punch. I mean don’t get me wrong. It’s good. I mean REALLY good! Damn that’s tasty…”

“I know, give it back, I want some more,” Victoria insisted as she took the cup back and helped herself to another drink and then another just as Ariana finished chugging down her cup and turned to head to the punch bowl for more of her own.

“Wait, Jewel, what are you saying?” Love asked.

“Someone spiked the punch,” Jewel said. “Hold on. I’m going to go get some of my own.”

“Jewel! Wait! What’d they spike it with?” Love asked, but there was no reasoning with the blonde as she ignored her housemate’s question and went off to the refreshment table.

“Who did what to what now?” Alyssa asked as she strode up. “I think we’re about to miss Gwen’s big surprise if we don’t get in the other room now.”

But Love was now less concerned with what the surprise was and more focused on who was messing with her party plans.

“Someone spiked my punch,” Love pouted.

“Oh yeah…I meant to mention that,” Alyssa said as she indicated the empty cup in her hand. “I got a taste of it and it is definitely not the usual recipe.”

“Ohhhhh no! Someone ruined it!” Love groaned.

“I wouldn’t say ruined,” Alyssa smiled. “It’s REALLY good now. Your usual recipe is great. But this was just amazing. Mmmmmm almost as good as sticking my tongue in a wet, juicy pussy!”

Alyssa gasped and giggled as she realized what she said, covering her mouth with her hand as her giggle turned into an outright laugh. Love was shocked but not offended in the slightest. She wasn’t sure if anyone else had heard it but she sure had and she liked it.

“Ummmm wow, I didn’t think fruit punch could be that tasty,” Love laughed before Alyssa surprised her even more and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Love definitely hadn’t been expecting that. She certainly didn’t mind it. Being kissed by Alyssa was always something she welcomed. But they had been trying so hard to keep up appearances for those who were here for the first time.

Alyssa was certainly not trying to act like that anymore though as her tongue pushed right into Love’s mouth. Love couldn’t help but moan and start to kiss back. She had kissed Alyssa so many times that falling into the habit was easy. But she stopped herself before they made too much of a spectacle of themselves.

“Oooooh hey, save that for later,” Love said with smile as she gently pushed Alyssa off of her. “We don’t want anyone to see what they shouldn’t.”

“Sorry!” Alyssa blushed, knowing Love was right and that she had had just lost her head there. “I don’t know what just came over me. Ohhhh fuck it’s that damn Chloe I bet. Mmmmm Love can you believe how hot that little piece of ass is? Ooooh she’s driving me crazy with all her fucking pictures and texts and mmmmm Love if you’d seen that tight little peach of hers all naked in the gym shower you’d want her as much as I do but I can’t fucking do it! She’s so young!”

“Are you okay Lyssa?” Love asked. “What’s in that punch?”

“I’m not okay!” Alyssa groaned, blurting out all her words now. “I want to fuck a teenager! Love that’s so fucking sick of me to want that but I do! I keep telling her no but…that body! Jesus!”

Love was starting to get very concerned that there was more than just a little bit of alcohol in that punch. But what she heard next distracted even her. Punch didn’t seem as important when she heard music coming from the other room and it wasn’t from the playlist she had set up for the party.

The music itself wasn’t live but the singing that the backing track was bringing to life certainly was and it was a very familiar tune and a very familiar voice. It was a siren song of Christmastime and Love forgot all about the punch. Instead she ran off for the other room to confirm with her eyes what her ears were already telling her.

That was when she saw her, decked out in a skintight red dress that looked painted on her delicious body and a Santa hat on top of her head as she held a microphone to really blast out her famous voice. She was singing to the crowd but, just as Gwen had planned, she was mostly singing right to Fluffy.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there’s just one thing I need,” Mariah Carey sang to the very appreciative crowd as they clapped and cheered her on. Even Fluffy was smiling, which was saying a lot. “I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree! I just want you for my own more than you could ever know! Make my wish come true! All I want for Christmas is you!”

Love’s jaw was on the floor over this and she wasn’t the only one. Once Gwen had started hyping it up she’d been sure the surprise was going to be awesome but Love hadn’t expected something this awesome.

Like many, Love idolized Mariah and the thought of her singing one of her favorite Christmas songs at the party in her home had her feeling like a feather could knock her over. This was the perfect touch for the party and Love was smiling ear-to-ear as Mariah performed while others came running into the room at the sound of the voice that only a true diva could possess.

“Is that Mariah Carey?” Sarah asked as she ran into the room and came up right behind Love, pressing herself against her housemate to see what was quickly becoming a very crowded room. “Holy shit! It is! I can’t believe it!”

All Love could do was smile excitedly, an expression Sarah definitely shared. They had both been in Hollywood for a long time and certainly had been very intimate with the most beautiful and famous women in the world so it took a lot to make them star struck. But they definitely were more than a little amazed by the iconic singer in their midst.

For Love it was just like the first time she had ever met with Madonna. She had been so awed being in her presence that it had been hard to stammer out anything without sounding like a gushing fool. And, as she looked at Mariah in her tight dress, those famous curves of hers accented so well by it, Love couldn’t help think about how great it would be if meeting Mariah ended just as naughtily as it had when she’d met Madonna.

“I don’t need to hang my stocking there upon the fireplace, Santa Claus won’t make me happy with a toy on Christmas Day,” Mariah continued to sing to the delight of the crowd around her and Love definitely wasn’t thinking PG thoughts, especially as Mariah moved in a fashion to the song that was not designed to keep her on the nice list.

Mariah certainly carried with her a reputation. Demanding at best and flat out wacky at worst, but Love didn’t care a whit about any of that right then. Mariah had more talent in one lung than most other singers did in their entire bodies and her famous voice was literally music to Love’s ears as she sang one of her favorite Christmas songs.

And while Love had wanted to keep things wholesome for the party, she definitely couldn’t help but listen to the lyrics Mariah had just sung and thought about a different kind of toy that could have keep her happy on Christmas Day.

Love smiled at the thought of her and Mariah naked with a very fun toy there for them to play with. Love definitely wanted to both give and receive with a present like that and, as she glanced over at her housemate, she could see that Sarah was thinking the same thing.

But while she had an audience of most of the party-goers there hanging on her every note, Mariah was mostly focused on one person…Fluffy.

She didn’t ignore everyone else listening to her, but, with microphone in hand, she sang her song as though she essentially had an audience of one and the bodyguard looked like he really appreciated that very personal touch. The normally ultra-stoic man was quite into the show, which was just as Gwen planned.

Gwen couldn’t have been happier with how things were going. Fluffy’s eyes had lit up when she had introduced Mariah as her big surprise and she was sure that his eyes weren’t the only part of him reacting, especially as Mariah sexed up her performance for her cheering audience.

“Oh I won’t ask for much this Christmas, I won’t even wish for snow. And I’m just gonna keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe,” Mariah sang, moving in close to Fluffy and showing off a borderline stripper move as she acted like she was going to sit right in his lap and kiss him but instead pulled away at the last second, teasing him. “I won’t make a list and send it to the North Pole for Saint Nick. I won’t even stay awake to hear those magic reindeer click…cause I just want you hear tonight holding on to me so tight. What more can I do? All I want for Christmas is you!”

Of course that was exactly how Gwen felt. More than she could ever feel for her husband and even more than she could ever feel for her gorgeous girlfriends, she wanted Fluffy as her Christmas present. The lyrics were absolutely true in her case because all Gwen wanted for Christmas was him.

She just knew that Fluffy would absolutely appreciate it coming from Mariah. After all, Gwen knew a lot about her illicit lover, including the women he was aching to fuck. He might have had her and a select few of her special, famous friends whenever Gwen was in the mood to share, but Gwen knew he was dying to fuck Mariah and she couldn’t blame him. After all, Gwen wanted her too.

Naturally, it was easy to get Mariah to agree, especially when Gwen dropped the name of their mutual friend, Christina. Because they might not have known each other very well but they both knew Christina and that was in every sense of the word.

And since Gwen knew that she and Mariah had the common interest of hot lady sex and that Mariah definitely still had a big interest in men, it was easy to arrange this. Because the song was only one part of the present that Gwen intended to give Fluffy. She also had a far more intimate gift in mind, something that would come later when they had a lot more privacy.

After all, some of her friends knew about her and Fluffy, but not all of them and certainly not Christina and Britney. And she was going to keep it that way. She didn’t want to do anything that could cost him the job he was completely dedicated to and Gwen would have done anything to avoid a Christina freak out.

So she kept her distance, standing off in the corner with the others as Mariah sang to Fluffy and teased him and delighted the crowd. Naturally Gwen wished she was on the couch next to Fluffy, snuggling into him as he enjoyed his present but she was doing that in spirit and she was so thrilled he was enjoying it. She was still mad, of course, but she wanted him to love this gift.

As Mariah continued her song and worked through the last chorus almost everyone was either in the room now or by the doorway trying to peer in and Gwen’s surprise was clearly a hit and not just in Fluffy’s opinion.

“This is incredible!” Kirsten Dunst raved, her voice loud to try and be heard over the sound of Mariah singing along to the track playing at full force. “I didn’t know you guys invited Mariah!”

“We didn’t know either!” Sarah replied. “This is all Gwen’s doing!”

“I wonder if she’s here to do more than sing,” Eliza Dushku asked with her sexy smirk curling her lips as she openly ogled Mariah’s body through her dress. “I can think of a few people here who’d love to unwrap that present. Me especially!”

“Mmmm you’re going to have to get in line behind me,” Kirsten giggled. “You can have her when I’m done with her.”

“Oooooh look who thinks she’s the top dog now,” Eliza teased. “It’s going to take a lot more than getting Summer Glau in the shower with me to make me want to let you cut in front!”

Sarah and Love looked at each other with a smile. It was fun to watch the happy couple tease each other and they both enjoyed the revelation about Summer and Eliza hooking up. They both made a note to themselves to find out a lot more about that but Love also noticed something else that got her attention back on something she knew was serious.

“Oh God! The punch!” Love declared when she saw the nearly empty cups in Kirsten and Eliza’s hands. “Someone spiked it!”

“Yeah, tell us something we don’t know,” Eliza laughed.

“We kind of figured it out when it nearly burned our tastebuds off,” Kirsten added. “Mmmm but I should thank whoever did it. It tastes really yummy.”

“Who spiked the punch?” Sarah asked. This was the first she was hearing about this.

“I’m not sure,” Love sighed. “But everyone seems to like it so I guess I can’t be mad. But I made virgin punch for a reason and I didn’t want someone to just pour in a bunch of booze.”

“Well whoever did it did a bang-up job,” Jennifer Lawrence declared as she interjected herself into the conversation with a half full cup and a big smile on her face. “This is my second cup and I want the fucking recipe. I’ve mixed up my fair share of jungle juice in my day and nothing comes close to this!”

“Oooooh I should try some then,” Sarah said. “Want some Love?”

“No thanks,” Love said. “One person here should try and stay sober tonight.”

“Awwwwww why soooo grumpy, grumpy cat?” Jennifer laughed as she took her hands and grabbed at Love’s face to try and move her mouth into a smile. “Cheer up! It’s a party! And what a party! I thought getting fucked was going to be the highlight but this punch is coming in a close second so far! Of course if Sarah had let me taste her pussy like I wanted to after she licked the fuck out of mine I might not be so thirsty for punch!”

That confession got a giggle out of Kirsten and an impressed nod of the head from Eliza and Sarah just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“I couldn’t help it Love,” Sarah replied. “She’s just too hot!”

“Welllllll I’d be mad but it’s what I want to be doing too,” Love admitted as she moved her face away from Jennifer’s grabby hands.

She wasn’t particularly keen about being touched like that but she definitely still wanted to feel Jennifer Lawrence touch a lot of other places on her body. So she couldn’t be annoyed at Sarah except maybe for not inviting her to join them.

“Mmmmm yeahhh Sarah told me how much fun all of you girls are,” Jennifer grinned. “When do I get to see it for myself? Sarah might have popped my lesbian cherry but that’s just is making me want a whole lot more! Mmmmm and hearing Mariah sing is making me realllllly creamy! I want her for Christmas!”

Jennifer was definitely feeling the effects of the liquored up punch but no one knew just how much. Right then all she was doing was acting happy and giggly and that was pretty typical Christmas party behavior.

Mariah was finishing up her classic song in the other room and, as everyone thunderously applauded, Sarah took the chance to sneak away and get a taste of this punch for herself. After all, everyone else was enjoying themselves, why couldn’t she? She wasn’t usually one for spiked punch but weren’t the holidays supposed to be a time to indulge yourself?

But when she tried to make her way back to the refreshments table, Sarah found herself looking at the party’s latest arrival. Sarah hadn’t been expecting her but by now there were a lot of people in her home that she hadn’t been expecting, so she just went with it.

Besides, a girl like this was very welcome to stay and she looked mighty impressed with the show she’d just witnessed.

“Oh wow! Fuck yeah!” Anna Kendrick declared in amazement. “I didn’t know you guys were having Mariah Carey here! Dude! If I had known I would have been here an hour ago! That rocked! Now it’s like officially Christmas, right? Hey, I’m sorry I’m late! But I have a good excuse. I went and brought wine for your shindig!”

“Thanks!” Sarah said as she accepted the bottle. “Wow! You didn’t have to do this. Usually we only have the cheap stuff lying around so this is nice!”

“Hey, when I get a party invitation I at least half-ass it enough to pick up the best $20 bottles I can find,” Anna laughed. “Besides I can see you don’t need wine when you can spend all your money on interior decorating instead! This place is incredible! Of course if you can have wine AND incredible interior decorating you gotta go for it so that’s my present to you guys for inviting me!”

“We’re glad you’re here,” Love said, walking up to Sarah and Anna. “Jessica had mentioned she had bumped into you this morning! I didn’t know if you were going to make it.”

“Well I figured I had to show up so I could at least show Jessica what I’m like when I’m not drooling all over myself,” Anna said. “I’m surprised I even remember having that conversation this morning. I was so out of it. But now I am freshly showered, caffeinated, a little bit rested and a lot ready to party! And look, I even put on real pants!”

Anna was referencing an earlier joke she had made to Jessica and Scarlett when she had met up with them at Starbucks and somehow fumbled her way into a party invitation. She knew that Sarah and Love and the rest of their famous friends likely had no idea what the hell she was talking about but she said it anyway and then mentally chided herself for it. She was always like this when she was around people she didn’t really know. She wanted them to like her so much that she ended up trying too hard.

Calm down, Kendrick she told herself. Play it cool. They like you. Everyone likes you. You own Twitter. You’re America’s fucking sweetheart. Be cool and everything is going to be fine. Don’t try to be a stand-up comedian. Just be yourself.

Anna wished she could somehow escape youthful insecurity but she was also pretty sure that deep down everyone here felt the same way…at least she hoped they did.

“Let me take your coat,” Sarah offered.

“Yeah I wasn’t quite sure where to put it,” Anna admitted.

“No problem, we’ve been putting them in the other room,” Sarah explained. “C’mon I’ll show you. Then we’ll go get some punch.”

“Oooooh punch? Sounds delish,” Anna said as she accepted Sarah’s offer and hospitality.

“I should warn you, though, I’m told the punch has already been spiked,” Sarah added.

“Oh honey,” Anna chuckled. “That’s the only kind I drink!”

Sarah didn’t know Anna very well. They had met a few times but never had really interacted much socially. But she certainly loved her personality and her looks were more than worthy of such a sparkling wit.

Sarah definitely had wanted Anna to be a visitor to the mansion and while she hadn’t expected it to be quite in this fashion she at least felt better that Anna had come here at Jessica’s behest and not because she had screwed up the invitation.

The more Sarah talked to Anna the more she liked her. Not only was she absolutely freaking adorable but she was just as nice and self-deprecating as she came across in her tweets and in her interviews. So Anna had the bonus of not just being irresistibly attractive but really cool too and Sarah was easily drawn to that. Plus Anna going on and on about her love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn’t a bad thing either.

“I know you must get this all the time but I idolized you!” Anna couldn’t help but gush. Right after cracking jokes at her own expense, star struck shenanigans were her second most likely to reveal itself mechanism to keep awkwardness from setting in. “I mean when Buffy was on I was like, ‘Yes! Girls kick ass!’ I know it’s got to sound weird when people tell you that you were a role model on that show but it was so inspiring to me growing up and…”

“Oh great, make me sound old,” Sarah laughed as they approached the spare bedroom on the first floor.

All the main bedrooms were on the second floor but there was one guest one on the first and though it was rarely used it did make a convenient coat room when needed.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Anna laughed back, relieved that she hadn’t just accidently insulted one of her hostesses as Sarah opened the door and led her inside. “I just mean that…HOLY SHIT!!!”

“Whoa! Oh my God!” Sarah gasped as she and Anna got quite an eyeful in the room.

Not only was the bed full of coats from the multitude of guests but there were three women who were also making use of it. Their clothes were scattered all over the floor and there wasn’t a thing on their bodies as they got frisky, not even noticing at first they had been caught.

“Ooooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss yessssssssssssssss mmmmm mommy yessssssssssssssssss!” Hilary Duff squealed as she sat bare ass naked on the bed near all of the coats, her legs slung over the shoulders of the blonde woman tongue deep inside her sopping wet pussy. “Mmmmmm fuckkkk eat me out! Yesssssssssss ughhh mmmmmm fuckkk I haven’t had your tongue in my pussy in soooooo long and I need it soooo bad! Mmmm fuck me Heather! Fuck that dirty little cunt of mine so good! Ooooh you always lick me so good and I love it! Mmmmm yessss do it mommy! Fuck your naughty little girl! I know you love it when I call you that!”

“Yessssssss I do love it!” Heather Locklear moaned as she pulled her face up from Hilary’s juicy box just long enough to tell her how much their kinky roleplay was satisfying her wicked desires. “Mmmmm you’re going to be mommy’s little whore aren’t you baby? Going to come all over mommy’s face? Going to feed her that sweet, yummy cream?”

Heather was just as naked as Hilary as she leaned in to get her face between the younger woman’s thighs as Hilary had her legs over her shoulders. That gave everyone a view of an ass that was still flawless at the age of 53 and it was a hell of a view for the woman who was watching them intently.

“Ohhhh my God! Hil! Oooooh fuck! I didn’t know you loved to get so nasty Heather!” Haylie Duff groaned as she sat back in a chair as naked as the two blondes in the bed. Her hand was fused to her pussy as the other one grabbed at her firm tits and she fucked herself into a frenzy. “Mmmmm fuck her face Hil! Fuck her face while you call her mom! Ooooh!”

But as good as it felt to sit back and masturbate to this depraved roleplay, Haylie was the first to call an end to it because she was the first one to snap out of the erotic trance she’d gone into when she saw Sarah and Anna staring at them with their jaws on the floor.

“Oh fuck!” Haylie cried, this time in a panic as she tried in vain to grab her dress off the floor and cover herself. “Hil! Someone’s here!”

They had all been too lost in their wanton fun to notice they had been busted, even after Anna had literally screamed in surprise. But now the illusion of privacy was shattered and everyone was scrambling for clothes. Heather and Hilary screamed in surprise when they were caught and tried desperately to cover up their nudity as Sarah groaned in embarrassment.

“Couldn’t you at least not have done this on everyone’s coats?” Sarah chided.

On the face of it Sarah had no problem with what they were doing. She had been with Heather, Hilary and even Haylie and she loved fucking all of them. She didn’t even have any kind of moral problem with what they were doing. It was just roleplay and she had seen much kinkier fun in real life thanks to the Lohan sisters and Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

Plus it wasn’t like she had any high ground to stand on considering she had snuck off too from the party for her own fun. But she had least had found a more private location and Sarah couldn’t believe she had led Anna right into this. She couldn’t have picked a more compromising position for the three of them to be discovered in.

“Sarah. I’m so SO sorry for this!” Heather groaned, feeling about a thousand times more embarrassed than Sarah looked. “Don’t blame Hilary and Haylie for this! It was me! I brought them in here! I thought if we were quick no one would notice we were gone and we just lost control. This is on me! I was just…a little desperate.”

Of course Heather had no intention of saying why she was so desperate. That was a secret only Alyssa knew and Heather was going to keep it that way. Not even Hilary knew why she had been so keyed up to play their naughty game again.

“It’s fine…it’s fine…” Sarah said, wanting all of this to go away. “Just get back to the party, okay? We can pretend this never happened.”

Heather and the Duff sisters didn’t think twice about accepting this gift of forgiveness and they scurried out of the room like meek, chagrined little puppies caught chewing on the furniture. All three of them were beyond mortified and Sarah was left standing there wishing she had a hole to throw herself in.

Anna hadn’t said a word since she had caught them fucking and Sarah had no idea what she could say to the actress. Of all the ways for Anna to learn the secret of the mansion, Sarah had not planned on this being it.

“Well…I can honestly say I was not expecting to see that…ever…I mean in my entire life I never expected to ever see anything like that,” Anna managed to finally stammer out.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever been at a loss for words but seeing Heather Locklear nude and fucking Hilary Duff while Hilary’s sister had watched and touched herself had definitely put her in that state.

“I had no idea we were going to walk in on that,” Sarah said, very chagrined as she worried what someone cool like Anna must have been thinking about them now.

“Yeah…clearly,” Anna replied, still stunned by what she had witnessed. “Ummmmm is that a regular thing at your parties?”

Sarah honestly had no idea how to answer that. Because the truthful answer was actually “yes.” Things like that happened all the time at their parties. But she didn’t exactly want Anna to know that yet. And, actually, what they had just walked into was kind of an anomaly. They didn’t see something that kinky very often.

“Ummmmmm not really,” Sarah offered lamely.

“I mean I’ve seen worse in worse…not that much worse…but still worse,” Anna said, trying to break the tense, awkward mood.

“Lemme take your coat at least,” Sarah said. “That is if you still want to stay.”

“Try and avoid the ummmm wet spot on the bed, okay?” Anna said, indicating at least that she did while handing Sarah her coat.

“Yeah, no problem,” Sarah replied, very relieved that Anna wasn’t running for the door.

There was a potential silver lining to that surprise. Anna was quite visibly shocked by what she had seen but since she wasn’t heading for the nearest exit, Sarah couldn’t help but wonder if maybe she was a bit intrigued too. And what Anna said next made her wonder a little bit more.

“Maybe we should get that spiked punch now,” Anna suggested. “I might need a double after seeing that.”

And Sarah was pretty sure she agreed with that need. She was very glad Anna wanted to get into the spirit of the night and maybe more. Turning Jennifer Lawrence into her special friend had already instantly made this a party to remember and getting Anna Kendrick too would have been the cherry on top.


The party had been humming along very nicely but Mariah’s surprise performance had given it an extra jolt and people were still buzzing about it. She’d only done the one song, but it had been all they’d needed to hear to charge the attendees up even more. Love was already wondering if anyone else was interested in a little karaoke. There were a lot of women there quite expert at carrying a tune and Love considered herself one of them.

But she kept that idea to herself, for now at least. Everyone seemed to be having such a good time and, as much as she was still annoyed about it, the spiked punch looked like it was quite a hit too. Love didn’t want everyone turning into drunk idiots there but her overall goal still remained everyone having an amazing time and it looked like that was happening. Mariah had thrown a nice charge into the party and Love was definitely feeling that.

Mariah had looked so good in that tight red dress she’d been wearing. It was the perfect color for the season, all warm and comfy and Christmassy. And Love had badly wanted to get her out of it.

The more she thought of making Mariah a Christmas present for herself, the more turned on Love got. After all, if Sarah could run off and hook up with Jennifer, then she should have some fun too, right? And Love badly wanted to have some fun.

Save for the sexy diversion she’d allowed herself earlier in the kitchen with Alyssa, Jewel, Hayden and Taylor, Love had been entirely focused on this party today and making sure it was perfect. And while it wasn’t perfect, it was pretty darn close and Love was eager to accept that as a win and let her thoughts drift elsewhere like getting Mariah naked.

She had no idea if the famous diva was into women but Love had a sinking suspicion she was and even if she wasn’t Love was sure she could convince her.

Love felt a growing warmth as she pictured helping Mariah out of that tight dress and rewarding herself for putting together such a fun party by tasting the body that was underneath. She was going to be getting wet soon if she didn’t watch herself and Love gave her own libido a reminder that she had to be a good girl. After all, Santa was watching.

Love giggled as she thought about Sarah’s little prank of inviting porn star Justin Thoreau to dress up as Santa for the party. So many of the women here had been eager to sit on his lap for fun and laughs and Love had to wonder how many of them knew they were doing that to a male porn star in disguise.

She certainly knew. She had recognized Justin right away and not from some of the mainstream things he had done, but from his more notorious XXX work. Bringing him here had been a fun joke from Sarah, but Love thought about making it into something more. Because she wasn’t just thinking about playing with the women here at this party.

Santa definitely looked sexy this year and Love wondered if maybe she could show him just what a good girl she really was. That was a wicked thought she enjoyed a lot and Love smiled as she looked around and saw everyone having a good time.

It was such a relief to her to see people talking and laughing and enjoying themselves. She had been stressing about this so much and now she felt like she could relax.

“Great party, Love,” Beyoncé Knowles said as she walked up to her friend. “Thanks for the invitation!”

Love didn’t mention to Beyoncé that she had only been accidently invited. After all, it wasn’t as though Beyoncé wasn’t welcome at the mansion. Every bit of awe she had both for Mariah’s body and talent were exactly how Love felt for Beyoncé.

Whenever the singer was here it was like there was a goddess in their midst. The only thing that had kept her from being invited in the first place was that Love wanted to keep this thing low key and Beyoncé was anything but that. However that horse was long out of the barn and Love was just happy to have so many good friends there.

“It wouldn’t have been a party without you,” Love said as Beyoncé gave her a hug, careful not to spill any of her drink as she did it.

“I have to admit it feels kind of weird to be here and…well…” Beyoncé laughed, knowing she didn’t have to add, “actually be wearing clothing” to that statement. Something like that was clearly understood.

“Stick around for later and you won’t be feeling that way any longer,” Love teased with a wink that Beyoncé loved to see.

Being in this place always got Beyoncé going and having to act “normal” here and pretend like she hadn’t been here a hundred times, each time getting brought to the heights of orgasmic release over and over and over again, made Beyoncé just want it more. She hadn’t come here to be good. She had come here to be very bad and have some of the hot fun she always craved.

“Mmmmm I was hoping you were going to say that,” Beyoncé replied. “I can’t wait! I need it bad, Love! Mmmmm it’s been WAY too long!”

It had definitely been way too long since Beyoncé had visited. Life had gotten a lot more complicated lately. Her career had never been hotter and now she was a mother but with all of those wonderful things, Beyoncé needed the release of a visit to Malibu more than she ever had before.

She wouldn’t have traded being a mother for anything and she had gone so far beyond all her dreams for her success that she had been forced to create new dreams. But a woman sometimes needed to just get herself fucked and there was no one she wanted to fuck her more than all of these gorgeous women at the mansion.

It had been so long since she had been with a woman. Beyoncé had carefully cultivated her image to be exactly what she wanted it to be. She prioritized secrecy and privacy and with the hordes of paparazzi after her that was a 24/7 job, especially with the huge secrets she had to keep.

She and Jay-Z might only have had a business relationship and not a real marriage but it had been a partnership that had exceeded all expectations and had made her rich and famous beyond anything she had ever envisioned. That was a secret she would have done anything to protect and that meant also making sure no one outside of her most special of circles knew just how much she loved women.

Beyoncé knew that no one could ever know, unless she wanted them to, how much she craved the taste of pussy, how much she adored the feel of a woman’s tongue working over her holes and how the soft curves of a woman’s body did more for her than a hard cock ever could. She had far too much riding on those secrets never getting out and that meant curbing her own desires a lot of the time. It meant less trips to the mansion or to Christina and Britney’s label. It meant being careful and thinking always with her brain and not her pussy.

But today she couldn’t help it. The need was too strong. She needed to cut loose and be wild and get her clothes off so she could get her fuck on. Beyoncé was craving pussy like she never had before. It had been months since she had been able to escape to this oasis in Malibu and she wanted to make the most of it.

So she couldn’t wait for this part of the party to be over so the “real” party could truly begin for her. In fact the more she thought about it, the more Beyoncé needed that fun party to start. She was feeling so hot right then, like she wanted to tear her dress off in front of everyone and tell all the beautiful women there she was theirs to take.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Love said truthfully. She might not have intended to invite Beyoncé but she loved having her here and she couldn’t stop from fantasizing about what it would be like to have her naked body sandwiched by Beyoncé and Mariah’s. “I hope you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Oh I am! And I will even more later!” Beyoncé said before taking another drink from her cup. “Mmmm great punch! I heard you made it!”

“Well I made most of it…but the secret ingredient wasn’t my idea,” Love replied.

“Ahhh I was wondering, it didn’t seem your style,” Beyoncé laughed. “It sure is good though. Strong but good. You can definitely taste the vodka but there’s something else in there…something I can’t place. Oh well, I might need another though if I’m going to be staring at Damon all night.”

“Sorry about that,” Love said. “I didn’t even think….”

“Nahhh forget it,” Beyoncé interrupted, waving off her friend’s worries as she stared at her ex-boyfriend as he worked the crowd. “It’s no big deal. After all, we’re adults around here. Or at least we can pretend we are. I’m happy he’s happy with Rosario. At least I hope he’s happy. If he’s not maybe I can give him a blowjob for old time’s sake!”

Love nearly choked on her tongue when she heard that. She’d seen Beyoncé go wild and say some of the filthiest things you could ever imagine before, but she still wasn’t prepared to hear that. And apparently Beyoncé hadn’t been prepared to say it either.

“Okay, where’d that come from?” Beyoncé asked as she laughed at herself. “Maybe I shouldn’t get another one. This may be more than I can handle already.”

“Are you talking about the punch?” Maria Menounos asked. “That is some seriously strong stuff. What’d you put into it Love?”

“Nothing to make people act like this,” Love replied, shaking her head.

Part of her wanted to worry about this but a stronger part of her said to just relax. After all she did just want people to have a good time and the punch seemed to be helping with that. Plus it probably would help get people all warmed up and ready for the after party, something Love definitely wanted Beyoncé, Maria and the woman who accompanied the reporter and hostess to be a big part of.

“Well whatever’s in it, it’s amazing,” Kate Upton said, draining the last of her cup and acting like she wanted to start dragging her tongue over it and getting any remaining drops. “This is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. You should sell your recipe. You’d make millions from colleges. Frat boys would be lining up to get this made so they could take advantage of vulnerable girls.”

“Wellllll you might not even have to travel to a frat to have this used to take advantage of vulnerable girls,” Maria joked, laughing as she took another drink. But only then did the impact of what she had just blurted out sink in with her.

There was no one here who was more committed to keeping the secret of the mansion than Maria and not just because she loved coming here and getting women to fuck her like no man ever could. The sexual ecstasy that blew her mind every time she was there was always incredible but she had stake in this that went beyond pussy.

If it ever got out that Maria knew a secret like this and had not only not exposed it on her show but had been an active participant in both the fun and the coverup, then her career was finished. She wouldn’t have been able to get a hosting show on QVC.

So the last thing she wanted to do was blab out anything that shouldn’t have been heard and Maria immediately regretted what she had said. But fortunately Kate did not pick up on the hidden meaning of her joke.

“What do you mean?” Kate asked. “Unless you’ve got like a whole lacrosse team hidden in one of these rooms I think we’re all going to be okay.”

“Ummmm I just meant we’re all going to have to take care getting home after tonight,” Maria lamely lied, trying her best to cover up as she, Love and Beyoncé all breathed a sigh of relief that the supermodel wasn’t more suspicious of what she meant.

“Oh yeah definitely,” Kate agreed. “I am not driving after this. Good thing I had Uber bring me here in the first place. I am not spending my Christmas with a DUI mugshot up on TMZ. But if I have any more of this punch though I might not even make it out to the car. I might end up crashing on your couch and sleeping it off.”

“Oh that wouldn’t be so bad,” Love smiled, definitely interested in the idea of Kate Upton finding out what really went on here and not through offhand remarks. “We’ve got plenty of room if you want to stay.”

“A few more drinks and I might be taking you up on that,” Kate smiled. “This place is incredible! I’m in awe of it!”

And that seemed fair, because Love, Maria and Beyoncé were all in awe of Kate. They didn’t need any spiked punch to want to drool over Kate’s huge, natural breasts and her luscious ass. Plus she seemed so sweet and without any spoiled supermodel attitude. She was definitely someone all three of them wanted to get to know a lot better and while Love might have been the only one there still completely sober that didn’t mean she was shy about taking the opportunity.

“Well we are planning on having a more private after party later,” Love said, trying to play it cool even though all she wanted to do was bury her face in Kate’s rack. Her own large chest seemed small next to Kate and Love wanted her bad. “You’re more than welcome if you want to stay.”

“I’d love that!” Kate gratefully accepted. “I’ve been having so much fun here. There are so many interesting people and, wow, I didn’t know we were going to get a Mariah Carey concert out of this. You sure know how to throw a party, Jennifer.”

“Call me Love,” the brunette smiled. “All my friends do!”

Kate definitely seemed very friendly and open and Love started to wonder if maybe this spiked punch was such a bad thing after all.


Everyone else continued to enjoy the party as people chatted and milled around. Guests seemed eager to share a friendly word with each other. There was a lot of chit chat going on but none of it mattered as much to Gwen as what she was saying then as she tried to at least retain the illusion that it was merely a casual conversation.

“So, did you like it?” Gwen asked as she tried to make it seem as though she had run into Fluffy randomly at the party and not that she had been seeking him out, looking for the first chance she got to be at least somewhat alone with him.

“I loved it!” Fluffy replied. “How did you know?”

“I know you!” Gwen quickly answered. “Don’t act like you’re some totally closed-off book with a padlock on it, Fluffy. I know what you like and I know who you like. I know your fantasies. Mmmmm I know more than you want to admit.”

Fluffy frowned over that. Even though she didn’t flat out say it, Gwen was obviously referencing what had happened the other night and that was the last thing he wanted to talk about. But she didn’t press the point any further and Fluffy let it go.

He was still basking in the buzz of what had just happened. Even though it had happened in a room full of people, Fluffy still felt like Mariah had been singing directly to him, just as Gwen had intended.

“She was amazing,” Fluffy said. He didn’t like to admit to crushes. He didn’t like to let people know too much about him. But Gwen had seen right through that and had pulled Mariah right out of his fantasies. “You’re amazing.”

“I try to be,” Gwen said with a smile, knowing this was as close as you were ever going to get Fluffy to gush.

Emotion was not his strongest suit but Gwen was okay with that because there was so much more of him that she was drawn to. And, besides, by now Gwen spoke fluent Fluffy and she knew the real meaning was in what he didn’t say. Gwen could read him and see that he had truly loved his present and that he cared deeply about the woman who had made it all possible.

“I can be more amazing if you want me to be,” Gwen said seductively, sipping a glass of champagne as she darted her eyes around to make sure no one was listening in.

“What do you mean by that?” Fluffy asked.

He already had a pretty good idea of what the answer was going to be but he wanted to hear Gwen say it. He didn’t like to get his hopes up. But he also had a lot of evidence to prove that Gwen was a woman who always kept her naughtiest promises.

“Well I didn’t just talk Mariah into singing tonight.” Gwen replied, holding back her true meaning even though it was completely obvious. “She loved what I told her about you and she was so into what we could both do to her. She wants it Fluffy. She remembers you from all those times she visited Christina and Britney and she wants to see you for herself.”

“What did you tell her?” Fluffy inquired, not suspiciously but rather curious, his mind whirling at the thought of Mariah Carey wanting him as much as he had wanted her for decades.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Gwen asked, taking about sip of champagne and acting like she didn’t have to tell Fluffy a damn thing unless she wanted to.

“Don’t tease,” Fluffy said.

“Or what? What will you do to me?” Gwen grinned, feeling bold but not too bold.

She liked challenging Fluffy. She wanted to tease him into the kind of frenzy he always drove her into whenever she got to craving his body and what he could do to her, which was how she felt pretty much 24/7 these days.

But she also knew that there was a line she couldn’t cross, not in public at least. She didn’t want more people to know this secret. Sometimes she worried that too many people already knew but, even with that in mind, Gwen definitely wanted to add one more person to that list. She had whispered some hot thoughts about her and Fluffy to Mariah but what Gwen really wanted to was show the superstar. That was the present she really desperately wanted to give Fluffy, a night with her and his favorite celebrity crush.

Gwen wasn’t jealous of Fluffy’s crush. She totally understood it and she badly wanted a taste of Mariah too. The idea of all of them together in a threesome where she and Fluffy could get everything they wanted from Mariah’s incredible body had been on Gwen’s mind a lot and she knew it would end up being a great present for both of them.

However, before they could flirt more, a very familiar voice began demanding attention.

“FLUFFYYYYYYYY!” the voice cried out as only she could. “FLUFFFYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”

And with that Fluffy sighed. It had been a nice break but even though he had come here as a guest, it seemed as though he was back on the clock. Duty called and he pulled himself away from Gwen and toward the sound of his name being called.

“FLUFFFFFYYYYYY- oh…there you are!” Christina said, interrupting her own bratty cry.

“Is everything okay?” Fluffy asked.

“It will be in a second,” Christina declared. “Here, taste this!”

“What is it?” Fluffy asked warily as Christina shoved a cup of punch into his hand.

“It’s nothing…just the punch,” Christina explained. “I kind of maybe added a little bit of an extra ingredient to it. And Britney’s worried it’s going to make people sick or something.”

“What did you add to it?” Fluffy asked his demanding boss.

“Nothing crazy,” Christina admitted. “Okay maybe I dumped in a whole bottle of vodka but that’s totally no big deal. But show Britney that it’s okay. Take a drink.”

Fluffy knew it was useless to argue. When Christina wanted something she wanted it and nothing was going to dissuade her from getting it. He thought about reminding her that he was not her food and drink taster, but then again he kind of was.

He was there to protect her from all harm even if that harm was self-inflicted by spiking the punch. And the bodyguard’s code demanded that he not deny her this need. So Fluffy drank from the cup and then found himself staring into the expectant faces of Christina and Britney.

“Are you feeling okay Fluffy?” Britney asked.

“Yeah, you’re not gonna fall flat on your face or something, are you?” Christina added.

“No, of course not,” Fluffy said, finding himself actually quite enjoying the strong, fruity taste of the beverage. “It’s fine.”

“See! I told you!” Christina told her girlfriend. “I knew it was going to be fine. Booze makes punch taste better! Let me prove it to you!”

Christina then grabbed a cup for herself and quickly chugged it down, proving to Britney that there was nothing wrong with the punch once and for all. And when she did, her eyes lit up like she was a slot machine and her taste buds had just hit the jackpot.

“Whoa! Holy fuck!” Christina gasped.

“What? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Britney asked, suddenly concerned again.

“Nothing! I’m like the most awesome fucking bartender in the world, that’s all,” Christina grinned. “I mix up one unbelievable cocktail. Here you try some Britney.”

But that offer took Britney aback.

“You know I can’t,” Britney reminded Christina.

And truthfully Christina had forgotten. She didn’t know why she had. She usually was so conscious of this, even refusing to ever get drunk when she was around her girlfriend.

“Ohhhhhhh Brit Brit, I’m sorry!” Christina said, quickly bringing Britney in for a hug that became a tight squeeze in a matter of seconds. “Sometimes I get so fucking caught up in myself I forget everything else that’s important! I thought I’d never see you again after today and I never want to fight with you again. Mmmmm gawwwd let’s get in one of the bedrooms so I can make it up to you for being such a dumb bitch by kissing your pussy until you feel better.”

That was so much thrown at her all at once that Britney didn’t even know where to start with it. She wasn’t mad at Christina. She knew her too well by now to know she hadn’t meant anything by being thoughtless for a moment. But also she was again inferring that something crazy had happened today and Britney still had no idea what Christina meant by that. And then, of course, there was the promise of sex, something that Britney never wanted to turn down.

But, before she could properly put all of this together in her mind, Britney noticed something else and immediately darted to stop it.

“No Demi!” Britney said as she went to stop her friend from drinking from the punch bowl. “It’s spiked! Don’t!”

“Why? What’s the fucking point of stopping? Not like it could make my night any worse,” Demi bitterly spat out, wondering if boozing it up tonight could be any worse than what she had already endured. This night had been a nightmare so far, why not make it worse?

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Britney immediately replied and when the girl looked up at her with visibly swollen, tearful eyes, Britney knew what the answer was. “Oh Demi! I’m so sorry!”

“I don’t know how I could ever feel that way about her,” Demi said angrily. “She’s such a bitch! She’s mean and selfish! She always was! I just didn’t want to admit it. She only cares about herself and she never cares who she hurts!”

But the angry attitude could only last for so long before Demi got to the true emotion she was feeling.

“I feel so stupid…” Demi sadly admitted. “I shouldn’t have said anything. I knew what she was going to say the whole time. I just didn’t think it was going to hurt so much.”

“Shhhhh it’s okay sweetie,” Britney assured Demi as she brought her in for a reassuring hug as they ignored the fact that Christina was climbing on top of Fluffy’s back and demanding he give her a ride around the mansion. “She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

“She was so mean to me,” Demi sniffled, trying to hold back her tears from flowing again. “I hate feeling like this, like some stupid little weak girl. I’m such an idiot Britney. I knew she wasn’t into me and I said how I felt anyway. Then she just kicked me in the heart one more time for old time’s sake. I guess she wanted me to get the message. Well I got it all right. I never want to see her again Britney. I’m done with that bitch forever!”

“You don’t mean that,” Britney said, understanding how angry and heartbroken Demi felt right then. “And you’re not an idiot. She is! She’s the one acting stupid. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like you love them! She’s a fool if you can’t see that.”

Demi knew Britney was trying to make her feel better and she let her do it even though she knew it wasn’t going to take. There was nothing that was going to make her feel better, at least not right now.

Demi was grateful for one thing, though. Selena had been brutal but at least it had inspired her to make a clean break. If that was how Selena wanted it, then Demi was going to let her have it that way. She didn’t need her as a girlfriend and she sure as hell didn’t need her as a friend if that was how she was going to treat her.

At least she knew now, Demi told herself. She could start over fresh and find someone new, someone who would love her back and not treat her like some dirty little secret she wanted to pretend never happened. She didn’t need Selena and she was going to show her that. She just hoped Selena wasn’t going to need a shoulder to cry ever again because the next time her stupid little heart got broken by that asshole, she wasn’t going to be there for her.

The one thing Demi did do right then was take Britney’s advice. She had worked too damn hard on taking control of her life and living soberly to give up now just because some bitch wanted to rip her heart out and stomp on it in her heels. Demi had spent way too many nights essentially drinking herself into a coma to try and avoid all her pain and she had struggled so much to help herself. She wasn’t about to throw all that away, not over someone so selfish and mean.

So Demi ignored the punch, something that few others did as buzz about how good it was started to spread and more and more people wanted a taste, especially when they had very important things on their minds.


“Damn, will you look at that ass!” Jessica Alba groaned in frustration as she helped herself to a cup of punch and drank it down, letting the cold, fruity flavor soothe her aching libido.

“Whose? Hers or his?” Reese Witherspoon teased as Jessica handed her a cup too.

“Ughhhh you have to ask?” Jessica grumbled.

“Just messing with you,” Reese smiled. “She is hot. Mmmm all of them are. Maybe Stacy can introduce me and I can get her too.”

Reese and Jessica were standing around watching and waiting for Jessica to have the chance she was dying for to finally get Maryse alone so they could be together and this time without being interrupted.

Rose had really cramped her style before and Jessica was more frustrated than ever. The more she couldn’t have the beautiful blonde French Canadian the more she wanted her and Reese could certainly see why as she checked Maryse out for herself. Staring at the woman’s ass through her dress certainly gave Reese all the explanation she needed for her friend’s frustration.

Maryse was standing around with her fiancé making it easy for Reese to tease Jessica over whose butt she was checking out. But they weren’t alone. Stacy Keibler was there and so were two other women.

Reese had checked them out a little bit too. She’d never seen them before but their names were AJ and Kaitlyn and Reese definitely liked what she saw from both of them, both the pint sized brunette with her perfect little booty and her curvier, gorgeous dirty blonde friend. Reese had never watched wrestling since she was about seven and hadn’t liked it at all even when she was a kid, but knowing Stacy as she did and seeing those beautiful women around her again made her wonder if she was missing out on something.

Reese was definitely feeling a surge of hormones at this party with all these sexy women here. Just standing around and looking at them was turning her on and further reminding her how long it had been since she had truly gotten herself good and fucked. So ordinarily she never would have thought about stealing Jessica’s object of desire. But tonight the thought of snatching Maryse and letting her have her way with her was very hot to Reese.

“Hey! Back off! That girl is mine first! I called dibs!” Jessica couldn’t help but laugh as she responded to Reese’s playful jibes.

“Dibs don’t count when it comes to women, that’s sexist!” Reese laughed back. “She can pick whichever girl she wants here. Though it looks like she’s more interested in her boyfriend. I can’t believe she brought him here.”

“She didn’t have a choice!” Jessica sighed. “I guess I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have to ditch a man to come here.”

When she had been seduced by Love at the first mansion pool party she had ever intended, Jessica had a fiancé. Of course it hadn’t worked out in the end and she was much happier for it but Jessica did remind herself it wasn’t easy either physically or emotionally to ditch a significant other to be here to explore the amazing pleasures that only women could bring each other.

So Jessica not only felt bad for herself, but for Maryse as well. She wanted her so badly and she knew Maryse felt the same way about her.

“Well I am the one with a husband waiting at home,” Reese said. “Maybe I should get back to him soon. Lord knows he’s helpless without me around.”

“What? Don’t you dare even think of leaving now,” Jessica responded, horrified at the idea of her friend leaving when the night was so young. “You are staying and that’s final. You are going to stay for the whole party and then you’re going to be there for the after party too.”

“I can’t! You know I can’t,” Reese reminded her friend.

“Of course you can,” Jessica insisted. “Don’t you want to?”

“Oh my God! I definitely want to but I also don’t want to turn your fun into a whale watch,” Reese sighed. “No fun like that for me until after I have the baby. Ughhh especially with all of you looking so perfect.”

“I’m going to smash a cookie in your mouth to shut you up if you say that again,” Jessica groaned, now extra frustrated with Reese’s inability to see herself as sexy like this. “Mmmmm or I could stuff something else in your face instead.”

“Stoppppp!” Reese whined, even though she smiled when she said it, showing she didn’t quite mind Jessica’s constant flirting as much as she claimed she did.

“Mmmmmm oh yeahhh that’s definitely what you need to get over yourself and get back into the fun with us,” Jessica grinned. “Mmmm you need my pussy in your face so you’ll stop saying stupid things about being fat. Mmmm you can eat up my pussy and take care of all those cravings while the rest of us rip your clothes off and get at your big pregnant booty and show you just how hot we think you are like this!”

“Jess!” Reese gasped. Nothing much surprised her these days and she certainly knew full well just how Jessica felt about her in her delicate condition, but she was still surprised to hear her say it when there were so many people around.

“Mmmmmm what?” Jessica moaned as she felt warm tingles rush through her body and her nipples start swelling up under her blouse and bra.

God, she wished she didn’t even have a bra on. Her clothing felt so tight and constrictive as all Jessica could think of right then was sex and all the ways she could fuck Reese and show her how sexy her extra curvy body was.

“Mmmmm don’t you like hearing how much I want to fuck you?” Jessica teased Reese. “Mmmm how I want to rub my cunt in your face and make you taste my cum mmmm and how I’ll get other girls to spread you open for me so I can fuck you in doggie with a strap-on and see that yummy preggers butt shake for me before I turn you over and taste those titties like I did yesterday? Mmmm you think I’m the only one who wants to do that to you? Sarah was begging me for details about what we did at the shop yesterday. She wants to do you too all big and pregnant and sexy.”

“Oh my God!” Reese groaned, her face turning almost as red as the color of the punch in her cup. “I can’t believe you’re saying this!”

Jessica’s voice was low enough that it wasn’t being broadcast too loudly. But it was still embarrassing to hear her say those things, even if deep down Reese did like hearing them.

She had been craving sex for so long. Her body was crazy with hormones and letting go just a little bit at Carnal Knowledge had felt so good. She wanted more but Reese also knew it was wrong to do it. She didn’t feel confident in her body. She didn’t want people to think she was weird. And she didn’t want everyone just staring at her with her big baby bump and pregnancy-enhanced girly parts.

So Reese distracted herself by taking her first drink of the cup of punch Jessica had just handed her. And with that one taste, Reese immediately realized something wasn’t quite right. She had to fight off the impulse to spit it out and she swallowed the gulp of punch rather than risk making a scene.

“Whoa! Jess! This thing is like all alcohol! I can’t drink this!” Reese said.

“I didn’t know,” Jessica replied and Reese could see that as Jessica helped herself to another drink her eyes were now entirely locked on Maryse’s perfect, fit ass under her tight dress. “Mmmmmmm I need to fuck her Reese! Oooooh I don’t even care if he sees! I need to fuck that little French whore!”

Reese sighed as she realized how useless it was becoming to try and talk to her friend. Jessica was in heat and Reese couldn’t tell if it was because she was getting drunk off the punch or was just super horny.

But she could see Jessica’s nipples poking against her blouse and she couldn’t help but stare at them and think about popping open those buttons one by one until that top was off and she could get her friend’s bra off. Reese always craved Jessica’s round, tan tits and she found herself fixated on them as Jessica began breathing hard.

Reese absent-mindedly took another drink of the punch before she remembered just why she’d stopped herself after the first time. She swallowed it down and then removed the temptation by putting her cup down. It sure did taste amazing and Reese knew full well by now that one drink wasn’t going to do anything to hurt her baby but she wasn’t about to risk it any further.

Two tastes were more than enough, especially given how powerful it was. Reese recognized that she was feeling the effects rather quickly as she felt herself get a little light headed while a warmth spread through her body. And it felt so good too, so comforting and happy and Reese let out a soft moan as she felt her own nipples start to get hard and she found herself not even thinking as she grabbed her cup again and drank more.


And Reese wasn’t the only one feeling an effect right then. Alyssa was finding it hard to concentrate on anything but the burning need between her legs. Her whole body felt like it was sweating under her dress and she had to fight the temptation several times to just rip it off herself in front of the whole party.

She had ended up wandering away trying to get some fresh air and some perspective but nothing was helping. The more she moved the more she felt her pussy getting wetter and all she could think about was sex.

God, there were so many fuckable people at this party! When were they going to stop pretending this was a normal gathering so they could all get naked and she could get those beautiful faces in her pussy?

Alyssa was close to staggering as she wandered around the mansion, holding onto whatever was closest to her for support as she tried to figure out what the heck was wrong with her. She had never felt this way in her life. It was like she was drunk and stoned all at once and she had no idea how.

She had only had some of the punch, not even that much of it. How could any drink make her feel like this? She felt out of her mind and couldn’t remember ever being as horny as she was right then.

Telling herself to go outside again and get some more fresh air, Alyssa moved toward the door. But doing so brought her in contact with a friend as Heather Locklear returned to the scene of her humiliation, not to finish what she had started with Hilary and Haylie, but rather to get her coat and get out of there.

“Where are you going?” Alyssa demanded as she approached her friend. “You’re not seriously leaving yet, are you?”

“Lyssa, I gotta get out of here,” Heather groaned, too embarrassed about what had happened to be able to stay at the party. “It was a mistake for me to come. I thought it would help but it’s not. I should just leave.”

“Nooooooo! Stay!” Alyssa insisted, grabbing onto Heather’s arm. “Pleaaaaase! We’re going to have so much fun! Please stay! Mmmmm I don’t think I can go without fucking your brains out tonight at the after party!”

Heather was a bit taken aback by that blunt statement but she didn’t mind it. After all, getting her brains fucked out so she could forget her perverted thoughts had been exactly her goal that night. So she liked the sound of what Alyssa was offering but she was also still thrown for a loop from what had happened before.

It wasn’t like she was upset over Sarah and Anna finding her like that. Sarah already knew she liked girls after all. It was more that she had been caught playing her naughty “mommy” game with Hilary and Heather was so humiliated over advertising the disgusting depths her mind had already sunk to.

“I should go,” Heather repeated. “I’ve already embarrassed myself enough tonight.”

Heather told Alyssa exactly what happened, how she’d been unable to resist sneaking away with Hilary to try and use that girl to fuck her way through her forbidden fantasies about her own daughter.

She told her how Hilary had shocked her in a good way by bringing Haylie along for the fun and how Sarah and Anna had shocked her in the bad way by walking in on them. Heather knew that was her fault for picking such a poor spot for their fun, but she simply had not been able to wait for a more private opportunity to present itself.

“Awww don’t be embarrassed,” Alyssa asked, looking over Heather’s body in her dress as she wondered if her friend had bothered to put her bra and panties back on. “Mmmm we’ve all walked in on each other being nasty at some point. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m sure Anna loved what she saw and I know Sarah sure did! I wish I’d walked in on you guys. I would have gotten naked and joined right in!”

“Oooooh I wish you had!” Heather sighed. “That would have been so good. But I don’t know, Lyssa. I just feel like what Sarah and Anna saw showed them what a sick, depraved bitch I am.”

“You were just playing around with Hilary though,” Alyssa replied, her mind starting to fill up with some depraved thoughts of her own. “We’ve all roleplayed and we’ve all gotten kinky. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about mmmmm fuckkkk if I had a daughter, I’d want them to be as hot and slutty as Hilary and Haylie. Then we could play naughty mommy games alllll night long. Mmmmm maybe I should play that way too!”

“Wow Lyssa,” Heather said. “I’ve never heard you say that before. I didn’t know you got into stuff like that.”

“Mmmmm there’s a lot about me you don’t know,” Alyssa purred as she began rubbing herself into Heather. “I try to pretend like I’m all moral and that I can control myself but I’m just a filthy fucking slut like you Heather. Mmmm you wanna fuck your little girl? I wanna fuck one too! Oooooh Chloe Moretz wants to give me her teen cunt and I wanna take it Heather! Mmmm fuck she’s driving me wild and I keep saying no but I wanna fucking say yes!!!! You should say yes too! Say yes to showing that little slut of a daughter who her mommy is!”

“Alyssa! What are you saying?” Heather gasped.

Alyssa was supposed to be her lifeline of support, the one to talk her out of all the dirty things she was thinking. But now she was encouraging her! What the hell was going on?

“I’m saying you should fuck that teen bitch just like I should fuck my teen bitch!” Alyssa declared as it made perfect sense inside her chemically addled brain. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? We make them come? Oh no! What a terrible thing that would be! Oh Heather mmmm these girls today have such tight, firm little bodies and they show them off so much, they’re practically begging us to fuck them! I know Chloe sure is begging! I can’t even admit to anyone how much I want it but I can tell you because we know all each other’s dirty secrets!”

“I can’t believe you’re saying this,” Heather said, shocked that her friend would be encouraging her to do something so depraved and that Alyssa had issues of her own to work with when it came to inappropriate attractions. “Are you drunk?”

“Ohhhh yeahhhh! Definitely! I think I am!” Alyssa replied, not even realizing that she contradicted herself in the space of just a few words. “You need to relax Heather! Drop that coat and I’ll get you some punch and you’re going to feel a whole lot better!”


And it wasn’t just Alyssa who was offering up the fruit flavored treat. The punch bowl had become quite the destination at the party as those who had sampled it were getting very eager to share it with everyone else.

None of them had any idea what was happening to their bodies or why they were so happy and horny but they did know they loved the taste of the punch and that they wanted their friends to feel this good too.

“C’monnnnnn don’t be a wuss. It’s just punch!” Jewel said as she handed a cup to Stacy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s more than ‘just’ punch!” Stacy replied. “And I do not want to wake up tomorrow with a splitting headache because I’m hung over, okay?”

“I promise you won’t,” Jewel stated even though she had absolutely no evidence to back that claim up. “It’s going to be fine. Besides it tastes sooooooo good. It’s like drinking a rainbow!”

“What?” Stacy asked, laughing over the ridiculous sound of that. “What does that even mean?”

“I don’t even know,” Jewel admitted with a giggle. “But I do know this tastes soooo fucking amazing you’re going to kiss me on the lips for letting you have some.”

“You don’t have to get me drunk to get me to want to kiss you,” Stacy pointed out. But when she saw Jewel giving her the puppy dog eyes and realized she was going to not let her alone until she gave in, she relented. “Fiiiiiiine. I’ll try the punch. You and your peer pressure! This is how those after school specials always started out, you know?”

“Well I promise this one will have a happy ending,” Jewel pledged as she handed Stacy a cup and, after she took a drink, the leggy blonde was not inclined to disagree with her.

“Holy shit!” Stacy exclaimed as she tasted the punch, the fruity flavor exploding all over her tongue and sending her taste buds into their equivalent of orgasmic ecstasy. “This really is like drinking a rainbow!”

“Told ya!” Jewel grinned as she drank more of her own and barely noticed as her own hand began squeezing her tits through her top, feeling herself up and making her nipples swell under her bra.

“Oh my God this is so fucking good!” Stacy said, downing the rest of her cup and calling her new friends over. “AJ! Kaitlyn! You gotta taste this!”

“Welllll okay, but promise not to take advantage of us,” AJ said. “I mean, take advantage of us any more than you already have!”

Both Kaitlyn and AJ had been on a tingling high for a while now. Ever since they had gotten dressed they had wanted to get naked again and they probably would have done anything Stacy asked if it meant more fun with her and with each other. So both Divas accepted the offer of punch and downed their drinks quickly, feeling the same rush of endorphins in their brains that Stacy had just experienced.

And they weren’t the only ones either.

“Here’s to not dying in a plane crash,” Rihanna declared as she toasted her survival with her BFF.

“A worthy toast if I ever heard one,” Katy Perry agreed as she and Rihanna touched cups. “I thought I had gone to my last party for a while there today.”

“Well if we didn’t make it I actually kind of figure that this is what heaven would be like anyway,” Rihanna suggested as she looked around and gazed at all the gorgeous women while she took her drink. “Mmmm I know that would be heaven for me at least. A non-stop sex orgy where no one ever gets tired or sore and everyone is always wet and hard and ready to fuck!”

“Oooooh that would make the angels sing,” Katy laughed. “Mmmm but what makes you think you’re going to heaven Ri? After all, I’m the good little Christian girl and you’re the wild hedonist.”

“Mmmmm oh you’re plenty hedonist too,” Rihanna reminded her friend. “Besides, I’d grab onto your leg and either drag you down to hell with me or have you carry me up to heaven. Either way we’d be together!”

“Now that would be heaven,” Katy smiled warmly.

She was still trying to process all that had happened that day and how close she had come to death on that plane. Katy had been terrified she would never see her family, her friends and any of her loved ones again. Now she felt a great sense of relief. She might not have been much of a church goer anymore, but Katy still believed and she could feel that God had saved her and her friends because he still had things for them on this Earth.

Katy might not have known yet what those things were but she was eager to find out. A non-stop heavenly orgy with Rihanna certainly sounded good to her, but Katy was quite fine with waiting to experience that. She quite enjoyed being here on Earth right then and she eagerly toasted with punch to that fact.

A more sensible person would have gone home and done some serious quiet reflection after what had happened and not gone straight to a crowed party. But Katy hadn’t wanted to be alone.

She had been much more comfortable with the idea of staying close to Christina and, especially, Rihanna than of going back to an empty house. She just wanted to be around people and she was glad she was here, seeing the fabled mansion for the first time, a decision that looked extra smart as she drank the punch and felt the warm flush rush through her.

“Ooooooh momma!” Rihanna gasped in reaction. “This is a little strong even for me.”

“What’s the matter?” Katy asked, licking her lips as she stared wantonly at her sexy friend. “Can’t handle it? I thought you could handle anything.”

“Ohhhh I can,” Rihanna grinned back, returning that look with one of her own. “Mmmmm get me alone and I’ll show you how much I can handle.”

“What’s wrong with right here and now?” Katy challenged even though she knew she didn’t have the nerve to make good on her own threat.

It sure did sound good though. The idea of letting go of all control and inhibition and fucking Rihanna right here in front of everyone sounded like the best idea ever actually. But Katy didn’t dare make good on it even though she badly wanted to.

“Mmmmm tough talk! I like that!” Rihanna replied as they both drank their punch.

But Rihanna didn’t make a move either. Instead, they both stared hotly at each other and dreamed about how hot it would be to rip each other’s clothes off and not care who saw them as the party raged on around them.


And rage it did, as many women gathered around the table with their own concerns and questions on their minds.

“I wonder whatever happened to Selena,” Emma Stone asked as she handed a cup to her friend as she held one for herself too.

“I hope she’s coming back,” Taylor replied. “I don’t want to miss a chance with her.”

“Ohhhhh I’m not enough for you, huh?” Emma teased. “You gotta have two? Mmmm or more? You really are getting out of control Taylor!”

“That’s not what I meant!” Taylor claimed, even though it kind of was.

What she and Emma had done tonight had been so amazing that she badly wanted her friend Selena to feel it too and if Emma happened to be there too when she did and it became a really hot threesome, then Taylor was in total favor of that happening.

“Chill, I know what you meant and I want it too,” Emma said, holding up her cup. “Here’s to both of us getting what we want!”

“Mmmm I’ll drink to that for sure,” Taylor said, knocking her cup against Emma’s. “Cheers!”

They both took a drink of the punch that everyone was raving about and immediately felt just how strong but extremely pleasant taste it was.

“Whoa!” Taylor exclaimed. “That’s like all vodka!”

“And here I didn’t even think you knew what vodka tasted like,” Emma joked. “Tsk tsk. Sweet little Taylor Swift is really like a total drunk. Who’d have guessed it?”

“Oh c’mon! I’m not some prude! I drink! I know how to handle it!” Taylor said before she suddenly wobbled a bit as her knees buckled. “Oooooooh! Wow…I feel funny…”

“What did you say about being able to handle it?” Emma smirked. “You’re not gonna be sick are you?”

“No! Ooooooh I…I feel good! Like REALLY good!” Taylor said, her voice almost a moan as she felt her body be soaked in a warmth.

It was a like a big, fluffy blanket right out of the dryer coming over her but even better because this feeling made her pussy tingle. She had already been thinking dirty before but now the sensations were even stronger.

“Mmmmmm gawwwwd I hope we didn’t lose Selena!” Taylor declared. “Mmmm I wanna fuck her like I like being fucked! I want to taste her tight little pussy and make her like girls as much as I do now!”

“Ooooooh nasty talk,” Emma giggled as she also felt the tingles. Her face grew flushed and she felt the strong urge to just shove her hand into her pants and start rubbing herself. “I love it! Mmmm fuckkk I want that too! I wanna get some group action mmmm just like you had in the kitchen earlier, you slutty girl! Mmmm fuck we can get so nasty with her. I can eat her pussy while she eats yours and you eat me! Mmm that would be so hot!”

“Yesssssssssss mmmmm gawwwd just as long as she sticks her tongue up my butt just like you did and Hayden did!” Taylor cooed, not caring that she was saying this out loud. “Mmmmm and she can put her finger in too! I loved when you did that! Mmmm she can lick me there while I get my tongue back in your booty and she can do it to you too so we can all be dirty, nasty girls!”

Emma loved that idea and she didn’t show it by saying anything. She did it by kissing Taylor right in front of everyone.

She planted her lips right on her friend’s, not caring that by doing so she was putting on a show for two very surprised women who had come up to talk to them and ended up seeing a whole lot more than they were prepared for.

“Oh…my…God!” Dianna Agron declared, her jaw nearly on the floor. “What are you guys doing?”

“Mmmmmm fuck, isn’t it obvious?” Emma replied. “We’re kissing!”

“Ummmm I can see that…but…but…you…you girls are straight, right?” Dianna asked nervously, remembering quite well what she had been told about before. She didn’t even need the reminder but she sure got it.

“I told you so!” Emmy Rossum said, trying to play it cool even though she was just as shocked as Dianna was.

She couldn’t believe the actual rumors were true. She tried to tell herself that maybe she was misreading the situation, but Emmy didn’t doubt her own eyes and she had just seen a kiss between Taylor Swift and Emma Stone that was definitely not a casual kiss. It was a real kiss.

Taylor couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed over this, but she was also feeling extra courageous now with the help of her drink and she didn’t hide it.

“Ummm not so straight anymore,” Taylor admitted. “Mmmmm I used to but it’s so much more fun fucking girls than stupid boys!”

“This is insane,” Dianna said, not finding it possible that Taylor could ever say something like that.

She and Emmy were quite dumbstruck by what they had just seen and Emma decided that there was only one reasonable way to handle this.

“Here! Have some punch!” Emma declared as she got some cups and filled them from the supply. “Everything will make a lot more sense once you do.”

And, despite every instinct not to, Emmy and Dianna did what they were told and drank the punch offered to them. But neither of them knew, as they swallowed the fruity flavor, just how much they were hurtling away from Kansas and toward Oz.


“Okay, I have to admit this party is so not what I expected it would be,” Anna admitted as she and Sarah helped themselves to a little of what was left of the punch and watched Christina squealing in delight and hollering like she was at a rodeo as she rode Fluffy’s back piggyback style.

“Oh yeah? What did you expect?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know…maybe normalcy,” Anna said. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like this a lot. Normal is so boring.”

“So you thought we were going to be boring?” Sarah teased. “That’s nice.”

“Noooo that’s not what I meant!” Anna insisted. “I just wasn’t expecting the live sex shows and the piggyback rides. That does look fun though.”

“Which part? The sex or the rides?” Sarah asked, laughing as she took her first sip of the punch and found herself immediately seeing what all the fuss was about.

“Oh definitely the piggyback rides,” Anna answered, drinking down a taste too. “You want to talk about boring? That’d be a live sex show with me. I don’t think anyone would want to see me lying back, staring at the ceiling and wondering if I remembered to set the DVR for Downton Abbey.”

“Well I have to admit this is a little out there, even for us,” Sarah confessed.

“Ah hah! So you do have wild parties all the time,” Anna replied. “Consider my expectations shattered.”

Sarah was really enjoying talking to Anna but she paused the conversation for a moment when she saw something that concerned her. Amy Adams was walking toward the door with her coat on and Sarah immediately ran after her.

“Wait! Amy! Where are you going?” Sarah called out after her.

“Oh…hey Sarah…ummmm…I really should get going,” Amy said. “I need to get home and it’s starting to get late.”

“Late? The party just started,” Sara countered, hating to see her go. “Did you see the show?”

Sarah was talking about Mariah’s song but Amy immediately stiffened up, assuming it was about something else.

“Yeahhhhh ummmm…I sure did,” Amy replied. “I really should go! I’ll call you later.”

But Sarah didn’t need an anvil to fall on her head to detect that something was amiss. She was picking up a thousand signs from Amy that all was not well.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. “You look like something’s bothering you.”

“I…it’s nothing…really it’s nothing…” Amy claimed but Sarah could tell that she was lying. “I need to get home. My family is waiting.”

“Amy, please, what’s wrong? You can tell me,” Sarah said.

“What’s going on?” Love asked, seeing the conversation. “Amy? You’re leaving?”

“I need to get home,” Amy repeated. “It’s been a lovely party, really. But I need to go.”

“Why?” Love frowned. “You just got here.”

Amy had no idea what to say. How did she explain this? Did she just go out and tell Sarah she had seen her and Jennifer Lawrence having sex upstairs?

She hadn’t meant to snoop and at first she had felt guilty for even seeing it. But she had noticed that the two women had disappeared and had wanted to go find them so she’d headed upstairs and that’s when she’d heard the noises.

Amy had known right away exactly what kind of noises those were but she hadn’t wanted to believe it. But then she had seen it, her friend and her former co-star having sex, Sarah on her knees in front of Jennifer with Jennifer’s dress up around her waist and her face and voice making it clear that she was in ecstasy from what was happening.

Amy had replayed that image in her head a hundred times since it had happened and she still had no idea how to react. Part of her wanted to just freak out. But she told herself not only did that not make sense but it was homophobic to boot.

Why did it matter to her that Sarah and Jennifer were lesbians? But it did matter and that filled Amy with a lot of unease and an eagerness to get out of here as soon as possible so she could at least try and get her head in order. She’d been walking around the mansion for the last while, trying to stay out of sight and try and figure this out but she hadn’t been having any luck at that.

The truth was she didn’t care who Sarah dated or what gender they were and if this image existed in isolation then she might have been able to shrug it off. But it didn’t because Amy knew that seeing something like that confirmed the rumors about this place and what happened here…rumors that she hadn’t wanted to believe were true.

Amy felt lied to even though Sarah and Love and all of their friends had never told her otherwise. Amy couldn’t accept it. She didn’t know what to do or how to feel and she certainly didn’t know what to say.

If Sarah was a lesbian was Love one too? Was every rumor about this place true? She had heard such crazy stories but she had never for a moment imagined any of them could actually have been real. Now everything she had thought she knew about her friends seemed different and she didn’t want to seem like an idiot or yell and scream. She just wanted to leave.

“Please stay…” Love pleaded. “We never get to see you anymore and I don’t want you to just run out the door. Please Amy.”

And while her every instinct was to continue her way to the door, Amy ignored that and instead nodded her head. She at least owed them a chance to explain themselves. She knew she had no right to be mad or upset but she felt it anyway and she wanted to make that stop.

So she put off leaving and followed Sarah and Love back into the party where she quickly found a glass of punch sitting on the table and, without even thinking, picked it up and drank it.

“Wait! It’s spiked!” Love tried to warn but by now Amy didn’t even care.

“I think I could use that,” Amy sighed as Sarah and Love looked at each other with concern. But at least Amy was staying and the party was continuing on with everyone having a good time.

“Hmmmm might as well find out what all the hype’s about,” Love said as she poured herself a glass of the punch too. She didn’t ordinarily drink but this was quickly turning into a “When in Rome” kind of situation and she took a drink immediately feeling her tongue come alive.

“Oooooh maybe I should drink more often,” Love thought as she enjoyed the taste and the immediate warm tingling that came with it.


“I can’t thank you enough for doing this,” Gwen said.

“Oh seeing the look on all their faces was enough thanks for me,” Mariah smiled. “I mean it’s not as much thanks as $10 million to sing that for some prince in Saudi Arabia but it’ll do.”

“Well I’m glad we could measure up,” Gwen laughed. “But I think a bigger thank you is going to come later.”

“You keep promising that so you’d better deliver,” Mariah replied, making it clear she meant that. “It’s been too damn long since momma had herself any fun and if he’s as good as you say he is it’s going to be just what I need.”

“Oh he is,” Gwen insisted. “But remember he and I are a package deal so you’d better be ready for both of us.”

“I certainly am,” Mariah replied with a lovely note of seduction in her voice, something she accented when she brushed her hand over Gwen’s arm. “I’ve heard a lot about you too. Mmmm Christina told me some tales and any friend of Christina’s is definitely a friend of mine.”

Mariah didn’t always play well with others. She was the first to admit that. She didn’t like anyone stealing her spotlight. But while she and Christina might have been ill-suited to sing a duet together, they still hit all the right notes between the sheets.

Mariah was definitely eager to find out if Gwen was as good as Christina said she would be. She was absolutely overdue for a night of passion and no regrets and a threesome was exactly what Mariah wanted under her Christmas tree this year.

And things got even more interesting when the third part of their planned connection suddenly appeared having freed himself from Christina’s desire for a ride.

“So when do I get this present you’ve been promising me?” Fluffy said, leaning down into Gwen’s ear as he pressed himself into her so she could feel how hard he already was, a message she got with unmistakable clarity.

“Ohhhhhh!” Gwen moaned when she felt Fluffy’s arousal pressing against her. “Ooooh Fluffy! Mmmmm whenever you want it baby!”

Gwen couldn’t help it. She’d been really enjoying being able to tease Fluffy before and have all the power but he could make her melt like no one else. And when she felt how hard he was as he pressed his erection into her, Gwen wanted to give him everything he wanted as soon as he wanted it.

“I want it now! And I want you now too!” Fluffy said, his hot breath against Gwen’s neck as he began grinding into her which only made Gwen want to melt even more.

She had never seen him act like this before and she loved it. She’d always wanted him to be aggressive and get lost in the lust she felt whenever she was around. She wanted to be taken by him and it sure seemed like he wanted to do some taking tonight. Gwen felt herself get wet in anticipation and her body was tingling like never before.

“Ohhhhh! Mmmm baby this is Mariah!” Gwen said, formally introducing them even as she darted her eyes around nervously to see if Christina was watching them.

“Oh I know. I’ve had a fucking hard-on for you since the moment I first saw you,” Fluffy said bluntly, staring at her and Gwen like he wanted to feast on them both.

“Wow! You aren’t shy, that’s for sure,” Mariah said, a bit surprised but also amused.

She hadn’t been expecting Fluffy’s tone but she liked it. She had enough people kissing her ass. Right now she needed someone eager to fuck it, especially someone who looked like Fluffy. He was all Gwen had described and more and Mariah hungrily eyed the bodyguard while hoping he was every bit the stud that he looked like.

“I’ve been too quiet for too damn long,” Fluffy declared. “I always have to be the strong and silent type. Well fuck strong and silent. Now I’m just going to be strong!”

He then grabbed Gwen by her shoulders and spun her around so she was facing him. Gwen was surprised by the forcefulness of it but very happily so as it sent a thrill through her body as he looked her right in the eye.

“I did like what you did to me last night! No, fuck that. I loved it! I’m going to make you do it to me every night from now on!” Fluffy said. “And we’re starting tonight when it’s you and me and Mariah and I get my fucking present!”

“What’s gotten into you Fluffy?” Gwen asked, her breathing getting quick.

She had wanted him to be more emotional and less stoic. She had wanted him to show that he wanted her as much as she wanted him so this was everything she had hoped for. But she had no idea why she was getting it. She had never seen Fluffy act like this before.

“I’m just loosening up,” Fluffy said. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Gwen would have asked more but they were then interrupted.

“Everyone needs to loosen up!!!” Christina declared as she thrust a cup into Gwen and Mariah’s hands. “C’monnnnnnn! Fluffy drank it and so did I! It’s fiiiiiiiiiine!”

“What is it?” Mariah asked.

“It’s punch! I like totally made it myself!” Christina exaggerated. “It’s like the best fucking thing I’ve ever done! Everyone’s gonna have fun tonight because of it! C’monnnnn! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Gwen was relieved that Christina either hadn’t overheard what had been said about her and Fluffy or didn’t care enough to react. That was a bullet dodged and because of it she didn’t think twice about what she was being given. Fluffy and Christina were both acting strangely but Mariah drank the punch and Gwen decided not to fight it as she brought the cup up to her mouth and drank too.

If everyone else was going to, why shouldn’t she?


“What are you doing?” Jennifer Aniston asked as she watched Emma Watson take a drink of the punch despite knowing full well what she done to it.

“Welllll everyone else is raving about it, so I figured I would taste it for myself,” Emma said. “I want to see what it is we did to it that made it so good.”

“What’s this ‘we’ business?” Jennifer laughed. “You just stood here and watched me do it. I am so taking full credit for this!”

And Jennifer was in the mood to take credit for it. She was looking around at a party full of happy guests. Everyone seemed to be in a giddy, eager mood and Jennifer was so pleased with herself.

This was what she wanted. She wanted to make sure everyone there had a good time so no one would be in a bad mood at Christmas. She could make up for every bit of her own moodiness this way. Jennifer was so glad it had worked and that everywhere she looked everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Jennifer saw Love and Sarah with cups and they appeared to be laughing and smiling while Amy Adams didn’t seem to be able to get enough of the punch. She downed one cup and then went back for a second, almost having to race to the punch bowl to get there before Damon and Rosario went back for seconds of their own and even shared some with Kim, a development that pleasantly surprised Jennifer.

Jennifer couldn’t help but think her agent and his girlfriend might not be less than pleased if they ever found out what she had done to the punch but she was sure they never were going to know. They’d be too happy to ask questions and the good mood was spreading.

Jennifer smiled as she watched Sarah Hyland get so into the taste that she practically licked it off Shanelle’s lips after they’d shared a cup and the good mood had certainly extended itself over to where Vanessa Hudgens was enjoying herself right along with Jamie Chung and Ashley Benson as the three girls put down their cups just long enough to make use of the mistletoe over their heads.

It seemed like everyone was on the verge of hugging and kissing themselves right into the New Year and that was a mighty good thing. Jennifer just wanted people to be happy and Jessica looked really happy as Jennifer watched her housemate bring a red cup over to that blonde wrestler girl she’d been drooling over all night. Jessica even gave a cup to the girl’s boyfriend too which indicated to Jennifer that whatever fairy dust she’d sprinkled into the punch definitely had to be working.

“Hey, Hayden, what do you think of the punch?” Jennifer asked as she eyed the blonde girl eagerly drinking it down.

“Oh my God! Best punch ever!” Hayden announced before going into a bit of a giggle fit. “Mmmmm I kind of want to kiss everyone! Is there something different about it? It doesn’t taste like Love usually makes it. But it’s really good!”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that,” Jennifer lied, so thrilled with her own actions as she watched everyone have a great time and enjoy the taste.

“Well whoever did something to this sure made it good,” Hayden said.

And Jennifer soon heard another voice confirming that.

“Oh yes! This is so fucking good!” Emma declared, her cultured voice sounding as excited as Jennifer had ever heard it. “Whatever you put in here is bloody brilliant!”

“I’m glad you like it,” Jennifer smiled. “Just don’t tell anyone it was me, okay? I was just joking about taking credit. I don’t want anyone to know what I put in there. I want everyone to have a great time and never know why.”

“Got it!” Emma replied. “My lips are sealed. Mmmm at least for now.”

Jennifer furrowed her brow when she heard that. She really did want this to remain an anonymous gift to her friends, kind of like she was a secret Santa or something. So she didn’t want Emma to start broadcasting what she had done. But Jennifer quickly realized that the British girl wasn’t talking about blabbing. She was referring to something else, something Jennifer entirely supported.

“Mmmmmm I think she needs to get in the party spirit,” Emma declared as she turned her attention right toward Selena Gomez.

Emma had been admiring her from afar before but now she wanted to do it up close, especially since everyone looked like they were having a great time…except Selena. And Emma wanted to change that quickly. Her brain was crackling right then and she knew the quicker she got Selena to smile the quicker she could get at what was under her dress.

“Hey you!” Emma declared to Selena as the girl walked over to the refreshment table looking like the saddest wretch in the world. “No moping at this party! You need to cheer up right away!”

“Oh hey Emma. Ummmmm I don’t really feel like cheering up,” Selena insisted. “I’m going to just go and…”

“Nonsense!” Emma interrupted. “You’re going to cheer up right now!”

“No I’m just going to go,” Selena said.

She had thought about looking for Demi but she had talked herself out of it. Selena didn’t want to make things worse. She had been replaying their argument over and over in her head as she’d hidden herself away from everyone else, wishing she hadn’t said what she had said and wishing she hadn’t gotten so angry.

Selena hated herself right then. All she had wanted was for Demi to move on. But she’d done it the wrong way. She’d been cruel. She’d said things she regretted and Selena wished she could make it better. But she knew she couldn’t.

She’d tossed the gasoline and match on a friendship that had once meant more to her than anything. And while Selena knew it had to be done she also knew she had done it the worst way possible. She and Demi couldn’t be together. She was straight. That one night hadn’t changed anything. Just because she thought about it all the time didn’t mean it had meant anything to her. Selena was sure of that. But she was also sure she’d hurt Demi worse than she had ever intended to.

Right then Selena just wanted to mope and be alone. She felt that was what she deserved. But Emma wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re not allowed to leave,” the actress said. “I haven’t gotten what I wanted for Christmas yet.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Selena asked in a distracted fashion, not really paying attention to Emma and instead replaying her time with Demi again in her head and wishing once more that she’d said everything differently.

But what Emma then said certainly snapped Selena right out of that sad daze.

“I want to fuck your little pussy!” Emma declared, her accent making a lewd statement like that sound even more powerful.

Selena’s jaw hit the floor when she heard it. That had been the last thing she had expected to hear from Emma. They knew each other casually and were friendly but that was it. Selena had never in a million years thought Emma could ever say something like that.

“Excuse me, what?” Selena demanded. “What did you say?”

At first Selena wondered if she had misheard her or if Emma was playing some kind of a prank on her. Had Demi set this up to get back at her? Why were all these lesbians trying to fuck her? But it was no joke and Emma made sure that was clear.

“I said I want to fuck you!” Emma said, the punch making her bolder than she’d ever felt in her life. “I want to bury my tongue in that tight little twat of yours until you give me my sweet, creamy Christmas present!”

Selena was too shocked to react and Emma took full advantage. She downed the rest of her cup of punch but she didn’t swallow. Instead she kept it in her mouth and leaned in so she could kiss Selena.

Emma didn’t hesitate or hold back. She pressed her lips right to Selena’s and opened her mouth. And since Selena was shocked beyond all rational thought her mouth remained open throughout, making it so easy for Emma to push the drink of punch from her mouth into Selena’s, practically forcing her to swallow it as she kissed her.

“No! Get off me!” Selena said, shoving Emma away from her. “What the fuck is wrong with you Emma? What are you doing? You can’t just kiss me like that and expect me to be okay with it!”

Selena couldn’t believe this was happening to her but swallowing the punch as it was force-fed to her made her stagger a bit as she tried to back away. Her whole tongue tingled with a taste she had never experienced before and that feeling spread as the liquid went down her throat and into her empty tummy.

“Whoa…I…what’s in that stuff?” Selena asked, feeling a wave of woozy heat come over her that made her head and her heart flip. “I…I feel funny.”

“Mmmmm just some mood enhancer,” Emma grinned, having no idea just how right she was. “Now let me make you feel even better!”

And Emma advanced aggressively again, kissing Selena and this time feeding her her tongue. Selena’s eyes went wide but she didn’t push Emma off her this time. Instead she recognized the taste of the punch all over Emma’s tongue and she found herself craving it.

Before she could even think she was rubbing her tongue against Emma’s to get more of that amazing flavor. Soon she was kissing the Harry Potter icon back, falling into a tongue kiss with Emma as her head began to spin.

“Wow, I guess this stuff really does work,” Jennifer marveled as she watched the two young women kiss.

She had never seen Emma act like that before and she had seen her act in all sorts of wild ways. Emma was more aggressive and sexual than she had ever been before and Jennifer had to admit it was really hot to see her and Selena start to make out right in front of her.

“What stuff?” Hayden asked, feeling a little bit woozy but sexy herself as she watched Emma and Selena tongue kiss.

She already knew intimately just how hot Emma could be but she hadn’t thought Selena was into this. But she sure seemed to be enjoying kissing Emma as Hayden watched the brunette girl close her eyes and surrender to the lust she was now feeling coursing through her body.

“Never mind,” Jennifer quickly replied and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Hayden had no interest in a follow-up question because she was way too busy staring at the two kissing celebrities.

The sight of the two gorgeous young women openly kissing in aroused passion was attracting a lot of attention, including both surprised murmurs and encouraging cheers. And Hayden quickly joined the chorus of those egging them on.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh kiss her Emma!” Hayden giggled as she drank more of her punch and felt that wonderful warmth flow down her throat. “Show that newbie how it’s done! Mmmmm show her what happens to hot girls here! Show her how she’s not leaving here until she gets fucked!”

Hayden was surprised at herself for talking so boldly. She hadn’t even thought about it. The words had just flown right out of her mouth. But she got such a thrill from saying them. She had been holding back all night and trying to be a good girl at the party and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

She hadn’t been fucked in hours and she could feel her pussy aching for attention. There were so many hot women here and Hayden wanted to fuck each and every one of them. That way she could show everyone how no one there was as freaky as her. Not Miley. Not anyone else.

“Mmmmm fuckkkk,” Hayden moaned, finishing up her punch and letting her cup drop from her grasp so she could work both hands over her breasts through her dress.

She could hear more of the guests reacting in surprise to Emma and Selena so openly kissing but Hayden didn’t pay them any mind. She was too busy thinking about getting over there and joining the kiss so she could play with both of them.

Hayden already knew how glorious Emma Watson’s naked body was and she badly wanted to see Selena Gomez naked too. She was smoking hot while dressed and Hayden wanted to rip the clothes right off her and yank down her panties with her teeth so she could see how much hotter Selena was when naked.

And they weren’t the only hot bodies there that Hayden wanted. She couldn’t stand this close to Jennifer Aniston and not want her too. Jennifer looked so hot in her cute party dress and Hayden badly wanted to push her against the table so she could bend her over and get Jennifer’s legendary ass in her face. Hayden felt herself start to drool a little as she pictured lifting up Jennifer’s dress and yanking her panties down to expose those perfect butt cheeks so she could bury her face in them.

Hayden actually took a step toward Jennifer with the intention of doing just that before she caught herself. Whoa…what was wrong with her? Just because it looked like Selena and Emma were about to start fucking right in front of everyone didn’t mean she should too. They had all promised to wait until the after party. But her pussy was getting so wet that Hayden didn’t think she could wait.

“Okay you two break it up,” Jennifer said, stepping in and separating Emma and Selena before they really did start getting it on in the middle of the party.

“Awwww don’t make me stop Jen,” Emma pouted. “Look at her! Mmmm my pussy has been fucking soaked ever since you made me shove that plug into my ass and I need this! I want her to lick me and taste how wet I am!”

Hayden was both relieved Jennifer had stopped the show and totally disappointed, a sentiment many shared as an audible groan from the gawkers greeted her action. But Hayden was mostly glad she didn’t have this show tempting her anymore. She didn’t think she’d have been able to resist watching it much longer before she’d have started to strip and join in.

“Ohhhh shit you kiss so good!” Selena moaned, her head in a daze when Emma was pulled away from her. She didn’t understand what was happening to her but she certainly recognized that she liked that a lot.

“You two need to calm down a little,” Jennifer insisted, wondering why none of her friends were trying to help her. “Save it for later!”

But it seemed like she was the only one there who was interested anymore in keeping the party PG.

“Booo! Let them kiss!” Jewel heckled and others joined her in that sentiment.

“C’monnnn let them have some fun!” Christina demanded. “I wanna see it! Doesn’t everyone? Let them fuck! We want a show! We want a show!”

Others started demanding the same thing and as a chant of “Let them fuck!” went up amidst the surrounding audience, Emma turned back toward Selena. Emma shot her the sexiest gaze in her arsenal and it made Selena feel butterflies in her stomach that she had hoped she had forever rid herself of.

How could she be feeling this? How could she be getting wet over another woman? She was straight! She’d just made that crystal clear to Demi! But now Emma was looking at her like she wanted to totally turn her lesbo and Selena felt herself getting totally turned on over the idea of fucking Emma Watson.

“What’s wrong with all of you?” Jennifer demanded.

She wasn’t shocked in the slightest to see Christina acting this way. That was part and parcel with her, but the others were usually more responsible. This wasn’t how they were supposed to be acting at all and it worried Jennifer.

“Mmmmm c’mon Jen,” Sarah purred, pressing herself into her housemate like she was eager to rip off all of their clothes. “Let them get it on! They’re both so fucking hot! Look at them! Don’t you want to see them naked? Don’t you want to see them fuck? Mmmmm I wanna see Emma fuck that girl with her tongue like she does to us! Let’s see Selena come all over her face while we all get naked and join in!”

That did sound amazing. Jennifer couldn’t deny it. She wanted it badly. How hot would it be to have Emma burying her face in Selena Gomez’s young pussy? Jennifer pictured herself getting her strap-on and replacing the butt plug in Emma’s asshole with something much bigger and fucking that little tart in front of everyone while Emma lapped at Selena.

That was actually just what she wanted from the party, but seeing everyone else so eager to lose control was a bit surprising.  The rules had been so clearly stated about the party and Jennifer had to assume that the enhancement she had made to the punch was working better than she had expected it to. In fact maybe it was working way too well.

It certainly seemed to be having an effect on Sarah as the blonde began kissing Jennifer’s neck, brushing her soft hair out of the way and acting like she wanted to give her a Christmas hicky. It was so tempting to Jennifer for her to give in right now and start kissing Sarah on the lips while joining in the chorus to let Emma and Selena do whatever they wanted. But before Jennifer got the chance to indulge in the growing heat between her legs she was saved by a metaphorical bell when more guests arrived.

“Ummmm whoa! Mandy! What kind of party is this?” Minka Kelly asked as they approached the group and saw not only that Emma and Selena had resumed kissing but that others in the crowd were starting to kiss and grope too.

Minka’s eyes grew wide as she watched Sarah and Jennifer succumb to temptation and begin openly kissing while Taylor Swift and Emma Stone fondled each other through their clothes, Katy Perry and Rihanna began openly making out before yanking in a very willing Britney Spears in for a three-way kiss and Miley Cyrus seemed to be on the verge of jumping into Jennifer Love Hewitt’s welcoming arms

Mandy resisted the temptation to reply, “The best party ever” but she didn’t have anything else she could possibly say.

She was going all on instinct here. Mandy had no plan for this and no idea how Minka was going to react. She was just going entirely on need and while her pussy got instantly wet at the sight of so many beautiful women kissing. Mandy’s throat went dry and all she could do was shrug her shoulders in reply to Minka’s very natural question.

And Minka wasn’t the only one with questions, which reminded her just how poorly thought out her decision to make a sudden trip to the mansion was.

“What kind of a place is this?” Bella Thorne asked, her jaw nearly on the floor. She was blown away immediately by the sheer star power of the gathering as well as how touchy-feely everyone seemed to be getting.

Bella had no problem with showing affection. She hugged and kissed everyone she liked. But this was definitely a lot more than just being friendly and she didn’t need a big, flashing neon sign to tell her that. And neither did her friends.

“What did you get us into?” Ava Sambora snapped at AnnaSophia Robb who could only offer up the same kind of shrug that Mandy had just offered. Though AnnaSophia’s shrug came more from confusion than the kind of guilty acknowledgement of her own weakness that had just fueled Mandy.

“I thought this party was going to be something else…” AnnaSophia replied, quite struck by what she was seeing. She had no idea what was going on here but it was clear that something sure was. There was a heat and a tension in the air that was impossible to ignore.

“Well great work, genius,” Ava grumbled.

“Hey! Leave her alone Ava!” Bella interjected. “We don’t even know what’s going on here.”

Bella didn’t want to leap to conclusions. After all it wasn’t like everyone was kissing. And it was only kissing. It could have been something other than what they all assuming. But it was kind of hard not to assume. Things just seemed so…sexual here.

“Maybe we should just leave,” Olivia Holt suggested.

After all no one had noticed them yet so it would have been easy for them to slip right out of here and have no one be the wiser. And this night had been a total loser for Olivia anyway so why not have this party be the capper on all of that? This place was definitely giving off a weird vibe and the whole group couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

But none of the teenagers moved, even as Mandy and Minka separated from them to move closer to where the action was. They just stood and gawked. And Jansen Panettiere was doing some serious gawking as he watched a freshly energized Emma and Selena make out, something that did not escape his girlfriend’s notice.

“Eyes back in your head,” AnnaSophia chided. “They’re just messing with everyone.”

“Ummmm it sure doesn’t look like they’re messing around,” Ariel Winter said, pointing out the obvious. “Unless you mean ‘messing around’ like ‘having sex in front of everyone.’ Because I’m pretty sure we just walked in on a porno or something.”

“Yeah seriously, this is like every guy’s fantasy!” Jansen declared, the blood draining from his head at such a quick rate he didn’t even notice how his words made AnnaSophia bristle with jealousy.

“Don’t be gross, Jan,” AnnaSophia sulked, not liking him staring at other girls like that but having to admit it was difficult for her to take her eyes off this either.

How could she not stare? Emma Watson and Selena Gomez were making out! And so were Emma Stone and Taylor Swift! And Katy Perry and Britney Spears! And Rihanna was rubbing right into them too. It seemed like all of these gorgeous women were about to start kissing each other. If she wasn’t totally convinced she was awake, AnnaSophia would have been sure she was dreaming.

And the show, combined with the vibe of the room, wasn’t only having an arousing effect on Jansen. It was becoming difficult for him to hide just how much of an impact it was having on him as his pants tightened. But that was nothing compared to the person who was convinced she had stumbled into paradise.

“Oh my God…it’s…it’s real!” Chloe Moretz marveled.

She had never expected that a place like this could ever really exist but it was just like she had imagined it would be when she had overheard Alyssa, Rose and Miley in the locker room. This place was full of beautiful women and she could see from the way they were looking at each other as they kissed and touched that this was so much more than a friendly get together.

Chloe recognized that they all shared similar desires. God, they were all lesbians just like her. That made her pulse race inside her body as her brain whirled from the implications.

And while she couldn’t see the one woman she most wanted to be here she was sure that Alyssa was somewhere in this crowd. She just had to find her.

“What’s real?” Jansen asked, not understanding what he was seeing but enjoying the hell out of the show.

“This place…the mansion…” Chloe managed to say even though she was truly at a loss for words. “I heard Alyssa talk about it. It’s where they all go to fuck! Mmmmm all girls! Ooooh nothing but beautiful women!”

Jansen was doubly shocked. Ordinarily the revelation that Chloe Moretz was, if not an outright lesbian, really into other girls would have been all he could think about. But he wasn’t so distracted by the sexual vibe here to forget what had brought him here in the first place.

“Wait, what are you saying?” Jansen demanded. “All these girls are lesbians? No way! That’s fucking impossible! Hayden’s here!”

And how “here” she was became clear a moment later when their presence was noticed. The small crowd of beautiful young women would have been detected anyway, but the person they had brought with them was like a baring siren.

After all, in a place like this Jansen Panettiere stuck out like a sore thumb, especially to one guest in particular.

“JANSEN?” Hayden cried in a voice that didn’t know whether she should be more shocked or horrified. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Her younger brother was the last person she had expected to see show up at this party and Hayden stopped her gawking at the fun and zipped right over to him with one goal in mind. She had to get him out of here without delay. She didn’t want him to see things he definitely wasn’t supposed to see and Hayden didn’t even think twice. Jansen had to go.

“I should ask you the same question,” Jansen shot back, his own brain doing somersaults in his head over the implication of what Chloe had just said.

It couldn’t be true. That was insane. His sister wasn’t a lesbian. She never would have gone to some kind of sex orgy. But yet here she was. So what Chloe had said had to be a mistake.

“That’s none of your business!” Hayden hissed, feeling panic overtake her even as she continued to feel all woozy and weird from the punch. “You gotta get out of here! Like right now! You’re not invited! You can’t be here!”

“What’s going on here Hayden? Tell me what she said isn’t true!” Jansen demanded as Chloe looked around the room nervously, feeling very uneasy about being dragged into something very awkward between the siblings.

“We’ll talk about this later!” Hayden snapped, not denying anything but also feeling she didn’t have to justify herself either.

She had never expected her little brother would ever end up at the mansion. How could he? This was a disaster and Hayden felt she had to defuse this grenade before it blew up in all their faces.

“You need to get out of here! Now! Please Jansen!” Hayden pleaded.

Jansen opened his mouth to again ask for answers. But he didn’t get the chance to say anything else. Because what he and Hayden felt was magnified when someone else in the group recognized someone close to her there.

“Oh my God! This is not fucking possible!” Ariel gasped when she caught a glimpse of two of the women who had succumbed to the passion of the punch and had started openly making out in front of everyone.

Ariel pulled her glasses off and rubbed her eyes before putting them back on. But that changed nothing. She still saw what she saw and her mind was completely blown. There was her sister Shanelle making out with another girl and it wasn’t just any girl, it was Sarah Hyland!

Her real sister was fucking her TV sister and Ariel was gobsmacked. They weren’t kissing each other like friends. They were doing it like they had done it a thousand times before. They were lovers! Her sister was a lesbian! She was fucking Sarah! For once in her life Ariel was struck completely silent.

“Oh my God! This place is nuts!” Bella gasped and Olivia could only agree with a nod of her head. Neither of them had ever expected to end up in a place like this and suddenly they both felt very out of place.

“Are they really all doing it?” Olivia said softly, completely shocked by what was happening here.

Everyone seemed so into each other and she couldn’t find a guy into the crowd. Had they ended up at some kind of orgy? Was this like some kind of insane dirty movie coming to life? Were all of these gorgeous superstar women that any man would have killed for only into each other?

“This isn’t possible…” Olivia marveled.

But it was all very, very possible and it was then that Chloe saw what she most wanted to see.

“Alyssa!” Chloe squealed in unbridled excitement.

She was here! Fate had brought them together! Chloe was sure she was going to get what she wanted now. There didn’t have to be secrets anymore. She and Alyssa could be together and her most intense, special fantasy could finally come true.

And Chloe was so focused on the appearance of Alyssa that she didn’t even register who the brunette walked into the room with, even when Alyssa turned and gave the blonde woman a passionate kiss right on the lips. But the identity of the other woman certainly did not escape the attention of her friend whose jaw hit the floor.

“MOM!!!” Ava cried out, the shock of her life nearly knocking her to the ground.

If this party was all lesbians then…holy shit! What the fuck was her mom doing here? Was her mother a lesbian?  Ava suddenly felt like she was going to pass out or throw up or maybe do both and she actually staggered a little bit, only to be caught by someone she had definitely not expected to ever do that for her.

“Whoa there girly, looks like you already had too much punch,” Miley Cyrus giggled as she and Christina Aguilera found themselves working together to make sure Ava didn’t fall over.

“What? Punch? What the fuck are you talking about?” Ava muttered, wanting to run away from this place and never look back so she could try and spend the rest of her life forgetting what she had just seen.

“Ooooooh you haven’t had any?” Christina asked, her voice slightly slurred. “Mmmmm then you gotta! It’s my own recipe!”

“I don’t want any fucking punch! I just want…” Ava tried to say before Miley took what was left in her cup and poured it into the blonde teenager’s mouth.

Ava coughed in shock and tried to wiggle away from these famous, but crazy, bitches but she couldn’t. And then Christina did the same thing, pouring punch into her mouth and essentially force feeding her.

“What the fuck is wrong with you two? Get off me! What’s going on here? What is my mom doing here and…ooooooooh!” Ava shouted before swallowing the punch and immediately feeling a peaceful but energized wave of intoxicating heat overtake her. “Oh wowwwww! Ummmm fuckkkk what’s in that stuff?”

“Are you okay Ava?” Chloe asked, tearing her attention away from her desire long enough to take notice of her friend’s distress.

“Am I okay? Chloe, my mom’s a fucking dyke!” Ava cried, horrified and fascinated all at once as she stared at how her own mother was passionately kissing another woman.

She felt all woozy all of a sudden, though, but kind of in a good way. Ava didn’t know whether to scream or moan as her whole world felt all flipped around.

“Hey! So am I!” Chloe noted.

She wasn’t a big fan of that word even when it was used to try and take it back as a source of pride and not a derogatory remark. But she supposed she could understand why her friend would use it. Chloe couldn’t imagine what it was like for Ava to see this.

“Yeahhhhh but it’s okay if YOU are!” Ava whined, grabbing onto Chloe’s shoulder for support as her knees buckled a little. “You’re like my best friend! You can do all the girls you want and it’s totally cool! But that’s my MOM! She can’t be gay! She’s my mom!”

Ava started to giggle after she said that and she began darting her eyes around, looking for something, anything, to stare at that didn’t involve seeing her mother kissing another woman.

“Mmmmm wow that punch was good! I want more!” Ava said, grabbing Chloe by the arm and pulling her toward the refreshments table. “Let’s go get some!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh more punch for everyone!” Miley declared as she began rubbing herself into Chloe. “Mmmmmm I love your movies soooooo much! You’re such a sexy bitch! I heard you were putting the moves on Alyssa. Is that true? Are you really into girls because that would be so fucking hot! I would do you in a heartbeat!”

“Ummmm thanks?” Chloe replied, not quite sure how to take that.

Miley was definitely hot. Chloe had loved seeing her on her knees in the gym locker room burying her pretty face in Rose’s ass. Miley had looked so sexy and Chloe wanted to see her naked. She just wasn’t comfortable being come onto so aggressively.

“Kiss me!” Miley blurted out to the teenage girl. “Pleaaaaaaase! Mmmm gawwd I wanna tongue kiss naughty little Chloe Moretz! I should have been fucking girls when I was your age!”

Chloe thought about saying no. But she just couldn’t resist. She wanted Miley to kiss her even if it was just so she could say she had done that with the infamous pop star. So Chloe nodded her head and Miley immediately kissed her right on the lips.

It was the furthest thing from a shy kiss either as Miley was as bold at the party as she was on stage. Miley ground her barely dressed body right into the teenager’s and didn’t hesitate to let her tongue out to play. Chloe’s eyes widened when she felt that tongue in her mouth but she didn’t fight it and soon she was kissing Miley back, the two of them letting their wet tongues touch in a very pleasurable way.

“Oh my God!” Bella gasped when she saw this. “Chloe? You too? What’s going on here?”

“Mmmmmm gawwwwwd what do you think is happening? Your stupid friend with her stupid name took us to some lesbo party!” Ava declared. “You did this AnnaSophia! Thanks to you, I know my mom is a goddamn dyke now!”

“HEY! I’m getting so sick of you giving me shit all the time!” AnnaSophia finally snapped, getting in Ava’s face and whirling away from trying to control Jansen’s obvious boner even as he confronted his sister. “What is your problem?”

“You’re my problem!” Ava declared, poking her finger into the blonde. “You act like you’re so much fucking cooler than the rest of us and your stupid show got cancelled so I don’t even know what you have to brag about! Bella was my friend first! We had a cool group and you backed your big ass in and ruined everything! Now Bella is all ‘AnnaSophia this!’ and ‘AnnaSophia is so cool!’ and you’re not fucking cool! You’re just another spoiled Hollywood slut who’s trying to steal my friend!”

“Oh my God, Ava, it’s not like that at all!” Bella groaned in embarrassment, shocked to hear that she was the reason Ariel had such antagonism toward AnnaSophia. “We can all be friends! No one’s ever going to make me like you less! You’re my friend! I love you and Ariel and Chloe!”

“No! You only love HER now!” Ava sneered, poking AnnaSophia again, causing the older girl to slap her hand away. “You only want to be AnnaSophia’s friend and not my friend anymore!”

“I don’t know where this is coming from but you had better lose that attitude real fast!” AnnaSophia hotly replied. “Look, I’m sorry you think I’m some huge bitch but I’m not stealing your friends and it’s not my fault your mom is here!”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! No fighting allowed!” Love declared, interjecting herself into the argument of the girls she didn’t even know had been invited to the party. “This is my party and mean girls have to leave! Ummmm and mean boys too! Especially mean boys!”

Love was a bit unsteady on her feet as she clutched her cup of punch in her hand. But she was smiling as the giddiness rushed through her. She couldn’t help but hungrily eye the gorgeous girls who had just entered her home and she even gave Jansen more than a once over with her gaze.

“Hey! What did I do?” Jansen asked. “I’m just standing here!”

“If Hayden says you have to leave then you have to leave! Did you think you could just come here and gawk? Is this some kind of free flesh show for you? Think you can just show up and watch my friends kiss?” Love demanded. “How hard is your cock right now?”

And Love didn’t hesitate to take the ultimate in liberties by grabbing Jansen through his pants. His eyes bugged out when her soft hand grasped his dick but he hardly did anything to move away and, quite naturally, his cock grew harder as Jennifer Love Hewitt fondled him.

“Hey! That’s my boyfriend!” AnnaSophia cried, turning her attention away from Ava.

“Love! No!” Hayden gasped, not believing what she was seeing. “Stop it! Don’t touch him!”

“Who is he anyway? No boys allowed here! Mmmmmm except Santa! Ooooh he can always slide down my chimney!” Love said dreamily, her hand still caressing the teenage boy’s hardening cock.

“God, Love! Stop that! That’s my brother!” Hayden groaned in embarrassment.

And even in her current state, that was enough to sober Love up enough for her to pull her hand away and blush a shade of red as bright as many of the decorations in the room.

“OhmyGod! Hayden! I’m soooooooo sorry!” Love immediately blurted out. “I had no idea! I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay Love,” Hayden interrupted, relieved at least that her friend wasn’t mad at her for Jansen being here. “I didn’t know he was coming! Believe me Love, I would NEVER tell anyone about this place!”

“What the fuck is going on here?” Jansen demanded, his head spinning even harder now thanks to Love’s touch. “What kind of place is this?”

“Shhhh shhh shhhhhh don’t be mean! Mmmm be nice! Santa is watching and you don’t want to be on the naughty list!” Love said, her voice a bit of a moan as she let her thoughts run once more to how naughty she could be and how she could convince Santa she was still a nice girl.

“Look, this is all getting a little weird,” AnnaSophia declared. “We should be getting out of here.”

“Yeah definitely,” Bella agreed, getting more flustered as Miley and Chloe seemed to be getting more and more into kissing each other and Ava was going back and forth between ranting about her mom and giggling like she was high. But as she started looking around she noticed something. “Oh God, where did Ariel and Olivia go? They were right here a second ago!”

Indeed they had disappeared and Bella began looking around for them, growing more frustrated as she couldn’t see where they were in the sea of people. And as she did that Love offered an alternate plan.

“Awwwww no! Don’t do that! Stay! Mmmmm have some punch! Stay and play!” Love offered. “I’ll be right back!”

And indeed Love scurried away and returned as quickly as she could with two cups in her hand.

“Sorry I couldn’t carry more,” Love said. “Here! Sorry I grabbed your junk!”

“Ummm okay?” Jansen said as she thrust a cup in his hand.

“Jansen really should go!” Hayden insisted. “He doesn’t belong here!”

But as she kept trying to get her brother out, Hayden also was thinking something else entirely. Maybe he could go and AnnaSophia could stay. God, she looked so sexy! Mmmmm how the fuck could she look so good just standing there?

Hayden felt the warmth inside her body get hotter and hotter as she pictured bending AnnaSophia over the table and doing things to her that could make her want to be her girlfriend and not Jansen’s. The thought of making her brother’s girlfriend cheat with her had been haunting her all day but now it didn’t seem so forbidden anymore. Now it was seemed like something she could…and should…reach out and take.

“Nonsense! It’s a party! We should all be having fun! Drink up Jansen! You too AnnaSophia!” Love said as she handed the blonde the other cup and then turned her attention to Bella. “And don’t worry about your friends. Mmmmm we’ll take gooooood care of them! Promise! Now don’t move I’m going to get some more punch!”

Bella tried to tell herself to relax. But this place just looked so wild. She didn’t want to be a stick in the mud but she was getting a bad vibe here and she didn’t like it. And she knew the longer they stayed, the harder it was going to be to leave, especially as she watched Jansen and AnnaSophia drink their punch and saw their faces get the same spacey smile that Ava had.

God, what was going on here?


That was a question Jennifer Aniston wanted answered too. She loved how happy everyone seemed. Everything should have been working perfectly. But actually it seemed to be working a little TOO perfectly.

She had expected some giggles amongst the guests and maybe a little extra flirting. But they all sure seemed to be doing a lot more than that. The party seemed to be on the verge of turning into what the after party was supposed to be and Jennifer began to worry that what she had added to the punch was having more an effect than she intended. So she reached a quick conclusion.

“I gotta taste this stuff for myself,” she said out loud.

Jennifer actually hadn’t intended to drink any of the punch herself. She’d wanted to save it for everyone else. But she guessed there was no harm in sampling a little bit just to try and get to the bottom of what was happening here.

So she took a big gulp from her cup and immediately went into a cold panic when it hit her taste buds on its way down her throat.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer gasped when she immediately recognized that something had gone very, very wrong.

She could taste the vodka clear as day in the punch and her mind immediately zoomed back to the warning she had been told to take heed of.

“But beware!” she heard Delbert’s voice announce to her in her head. “It comes with a warning that must be followed strictly. For what feels like heaven at one moment, can turn into Hades itself the next!”

“Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” Jennifer cried as she realized things had veered dramatically off course. Someone had spiked the punch! She had been told specifically not to mix alcohol with the powder. She had been warned that the consequences could be insane. She had to warn people!

“Everyone! Stop drinking the punch!” Jennifer cried and when no one listened to her she said it again, this time even louder. “HEY! STOP DRINKING THE PUNCH!!!”

And when everyone continued to ignore her, Jennifer felt herself getting even more desperate. It was like she was the only one who knew the danger. God, she could taste it all over her lips still and, as it filled her body with an energizing warmth that made her want to kiss and hug everyone she saw, it was getting harder and harder to focus.

So she took an even more proactive action and went right for the punch bowl.

“Mandy! No don’t drink it!” Jennifer cried as she thought about just slapping the cup from the recently arrived girl’s hand.

“Whyyyyyyyy? It tastes so good!” Mandy replied, savoring the flavor on her tongue and the way drinking it made everything seem better. “Oh Jen! Oh God I fucked up so bad! I shouldn’t have come here! I brought all these teenagers with me and I’m like the worst fucking person in the world because I couldn’t control myself! I wasn’t thinking! Jen! We have to do something! I shouldn’t have brought any of them here! Especially Minka!”

“What the hell are you talking about? Mandy, we have to focus! We have to get people to stop drinking the punch!” Jennifer snapped in annoyance even though she was having trouble focusing then too.

God, why did every woman here have to be so fuckable? Jennifer was getting wet looking at Mandy. She knew how pervy the girl could be and Jennifer was finding it hard to think of anything right then but getting her strap-on from upstairs and fucking Mandy up the ass until she howled in orgasm.

“Yeah Mandy, what are you talking about?” Minka demanded, hearing her name. “What the hell kind of place is this?”

But Minka softened her tone when she saw how flushed Mandy’s face was. The girl looked like she had a huge burden weighing down on her and Minka became instantly concerned for her friend.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Minka asked, far more softly. “Mandy? Talk to me. Do you need some water or something?”

“No!” Mandy croaked out, the punch’s effects adding gasoline to the fire inside her that was already raging. “Mmmmm gawwwd Minka, I’m so sorry!”

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” Minka asked.

“Sorry for this!” Mandy said before dropping her cup of punch onto the floor and getting both hands on Minka’s flawless face so she could plant her lips right on her friend’s and passionately kiss her.

Jennifer found herself enraptured by the sight of the kiss, especially as Minka struggled at first and tried to push Mandy away. But Mandy wouldn’t let go. She held onto Minka and kept kissing her, fusing their lips together forcefully.

And after a few seconds Minka stopped fighting her and began letting it happen. Jennifer started touching her breasts through her dress as Minka began to kiss Mandy back. It was so hot to see the two gorgeous women succumb to their desire but Jennifer snapped herself out of it to get back to reality.

What was she doing? She couldn’t be watching this. She had to warn everyone!


But her warnings went unheeded as everyone kept on enjoying each other’s company and the kissing and petting amongst the party guests started progressing into something far naughtier.

No one was paying attention to Jennifer as she tried to get them to stop and then something happened that distracted even the most occupied girls.

Vanessa Hudgens had been standing and enjoying the wonderful warmth coursing through her body. In fact it was more than warmth. It was heat. She was getting hot and she had begun unbuttoning her dress up top to let her body breathe, something that had Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung staring at her again with leering eyes she loved to see.

In fact Vanessa had started entertaining the idea of totally unbuttoning her dress and slipping it off to show everyone just how over that cheating bitch she really was when some drama hit her in the face or – to be more specific – splashed her in the face.

“You bitch!!!” Stella Hudgens drunkenly snarled as she tossed what was left in her wine glass right into her older sister’s face.

“What? Stella?” Vanessa gasped in shock as the wine dripped off her face onto her dress. “What the hell?”

“Fuck you!” Stella shouted. “You think you can say what you said to me?”

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Vanessa demanded, the wonderfully pleasant feeling she had just been experiencing suddenly disappearing. “Get out of here! Right now!”

“You can’t tell me what to do! You don’t fucking own me!” Stella shouted. “I’ll do whatever I want!”

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Vanessa shouted, repeating herself with more intensity now as she tried to get over the shock of seeing the last person she expected at the mansion. “How do you even know about this place?”

“I know a lot more than you think I do! I’m not some little girl!” Stella spit out. “Besides, what do you care? You said you didn’t love me! You said you hated me!”

More and more people were starting to notice the argument and Ashley and Jamie both found themselves not knowing what to say or do. This was such a shock to them, but not as much as it was to Vanessa.

She couldn’t think straight as she found herself staring at the girl who had broken her heart. All Vanessa could feel was anger from the betrayal. She wanted Stella to hurt. She wanted her sister to hurt as much as she’d been hurt.

“I do! I hate you Stella! You’re not my fucking sister anymore! I wish you’d never been born!” Vanessa shouted, tears welling in her eyes as she said it. “You and that cheating bitch can go straight to hell! I never want to see either of you again! Get out of here now!!!”

Stella had thought a lot about what she would say to Vanessa when she finally saw her. Even in her anger and heartbreak, part of Stella had just wanted to break down in sobs and beg Vanessa to forgive her. But to hear her sister say it all again now was a fresh twist of the knife for her and Stella saw red. She didn’t say anything more. She went straight to rage and pushed her older sister.

“What the hell?” Vanessa gasped, shocked how the aggressive action made it seem like she and Stella were fighting on the playground at recess. “Are you fucking serious with that?”

“You hate me?” Stella said, her own tears starting to run down her face. “WELL I HATE YOU MORE!”

And this time Stella didn’t just push. She shoved and she did it so forcefully that it sent an unprepared Vanessa right into the table. She crashed into it with her back and it sent a plate of food right to the floor. The shocked look on Vanessa’s face quickly faded, though, and instead it was replaced by one of fury.

Jamie and Ashley tried to stop her but Vanessa let out a scream of rage and charged at her younger sister, slamming into her. And since there was no table nearby for Stella to bang into, it knocked the younger girl over.

Both sisters ended up on the floor and Vanessa fell right on top of Stella. Stella’s wind was knocked out of her when she slammed into the floor but not for long. And as soon as she recovered her composure she fought back by slapping her big sister across the face.

“GET OFF ME!” Stella demanded with a loud scream. “YOU’RE SUCH A FUCKING BITCH, VANESSA!”

“YOU’RE THE BITCH!” Vanessa screamed as she gave Stella a hard slap back, leaving both of their cheeks stinging. “GET OUT OF MY LIFE! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!”

But Stella wasn’t having any of that.

“YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO ANYMORE! I’M GOING TO FUCK ASHLEY AGAIN! I’M GOING TO FUCK ALL YOUR FRIENDS! I’M GOING TO MAKE THEM LIKE ME MORE THAN YOU!” Stella boasted as she and Vanessa began rolling around the floor, wrestling and clawing at each other like they were trying out for a Real Housewives show.

But this was no staged reality. It was actually happening and it was scaring people.

“Stop! Vanessa stop! You’re going to hurt her!” Sarah Michelle Gellar begged.

“Break it up!” Rose McGowan demanded. “What the hell is wrong with you two? You’re ruining the party!”

But while everyone else was either yelling at them to stop or gawking at the unbelievable catfight between the sisters, only one person actually did anything. She came out of nowhere it seemed and jumped in between them, pulling Vanessa and Stella apart.

“Stop it! Just stop it!” Ashley Tisdale cried. “What are you doing? You’re sisters! Start acting like it!”

“Oh yeah? Like you have anything to say about this! This is all your fault!” Vanessa sneered. “Get off me Ashley! I never want you to touch me again!”

Hearing Vanessa say those things threatened to break Ashley’s heart anew, but she didn’t back away. She knew they had to settle this. Seeing Vanessa and Stella physically hurting each other had shocked her into action.

She knew this couldn’t be allowed to go on and Ashley knew she had to be the one to do something about it. As far as she was concerned Vanessa was right and this really was all her fault and that meant she had to be the one to fix it.

“Calm down! Just please both of you calm down!” Ashley begged a hand on each one of the Hudgens sisters as she tried to keep them both at bay.

“I’ll never calm down!” Stella snapped looking like she wanted to lunge at Vanessa and start their fight anew. “You’re a mean fucking cunt Vanessa! You always were!”

“You’re the fucking cunt, girlfriend stealer!” Vanessa fiercely replied. “I’ll fucking slap that smirk off your face until you’re too ugly to steal anyone’s girlfriend ever again! You broke my heart Stella! You both did! I fucking hate you both!”

“Please Vanessa!” Ashley winced at the harsh words, especially as everyone stared at them. “Let’s go somewhere where we all can talk!”

“No! Fuck talking!” Stella said, rejecting the idea out of hand. “I didn’t come here to talk! I came here to fuck girls! I’m going to show all of these bitches here what I showed you Ashley! I’m hotter than Vanessa and I fuck better than she does!”

“Stop it! Just stop it Stella!” Ashley hissed. “You’re making things worse!”

“I don’t care!” Stella insisted. “It’s my fucking life Ashley! What are you even doing here anyway? You want the same thing I want and that’s to fuck! You weren’t getting what you needed from this frigid bitch over here!”

“Can you just shut the fuck up for two seconds?” Vanessa yelled at her little sister. “You’re a little spoiled monster Stella! I never saw what you really were until all this!”

But Vanessa wasn’t just mad at her sister and she showed it by turning her attention to Ashley.

“And what are you doing here anyway? I see it didn’t take you long to move on,” Vanessa said. “What’s the matter Ashley? My sister not enough for you? Gotta get more women to fuck?”

Ashley knew she deserved that. But at the same time she was totally innocent. She had come here because she hadn’t known where else she could go. She hadn’t come here for sex. But it was perfectly clear, though, that Vanessa was here for that reason and that hurt her. Ashley knew she was the cause of all of this but Vanessa wasn’t exactly making it any better.

“I should say the same to you,” Ashley couldn’t help but respond to. “You sure didn’t take long to replace me! Two girls? Wow, V! I’m impressed!”

“At least I know I can trust them! They won’t stab me in the back like you two did!” Vanessa replied and hearing the hurt in her voice reminded Ashley of what she and Stella had done and the enormous guilt she felt over it.

“God, Vanessa! I’m so sorry!” Ashley said. “I know I did a terrible thing and it’s killing me! I miss you so much!”

“Liar!” Vanessa sneered in disbelief. “You didn’t care about me at all! You never did! You’re just another cheater, Ashley!”

No one wanted to make it too obvious that they were hanging on every word of what was happening but that was exactly what was happening. Everything else at the party had stopped as it seemed like everyone there was watching this all unfold before them like a soap opera. It was awkward and weird and also completely fascinating.

No one could turn away. No one wanted to turn away. If there had been popcorn set up as a snack everyone would have been eating it. The revelations about Vanessa and Ashley and Stella were just too juicy.

“No! That’s not true! I do care! I love you so much Vanessa! You’re my best friend! You’re my girlfriend!” Ashley cried.

“I WAS your girlfriend!” Vanessa said, her voice cracking from her own emotion. “You two hurt me more than anyone ever has! I can’t even look at you! I trusted you both! I loved you both! And you hurt me!”

Stella was finally quiet at last. She stared at her own feet, her shame obvious. She hated hearing Vanessa say this because she knew it was all true. Beneath all her bravado she knew she had done wrong. She had hurt her sister. She had betrayed the person she loved most in the world. But while Stella remained silent, Ashley tried to find her own voice and get the words to make Vanessa love her again.

“Please! Tell me what I need to do! I’ll do anything! I love you Vanessa! I’m IN love with you! I made a mistake! I did the stupidest thing I ever did in my life but it didn’t change how I feel about you!” Ashley said. “Please Vanessa! I’ll do anything you want! Just tell me how I can start to make it right between us!”

Vanessa had to sniffle back her own tears to try and keep from bawling in front of all her friends. She and Ashley had never told each other they were in love with each other. Why did it take something like this to bring it out of them?

She felt the same way about Ashley…at least she had before she had found Ashley screaming in ecstasy from Stella’s tongue. Maybe she still did. Goddamn she was getting confused.

Vanessa could feel her pulse really starting to race and the heat inside her was raging like a fire. She’d felt this before when she’d first had the punch but now fighting on the floor with Stella had her adrenaline pumping and it was like an even more powerful effect.

She couldn’t think straight and she began rubbing her temples to try and get herself to focus. But it didn’t work. She only felt woozier. The heat inside her was spreading to her brain and she couldn’t think clearly.

“Vanessa? Are you okay?” Ashley asked, worried about how the girl was looking then.

“I’m fine! Like you really care!” Vanessa snapped as her head swam in a sea of ideas, each one dirtier than the next. God, what was happening to her?

“I do care! I’ll do anything to show you how much!” Ashley repeated.

And Vanessa responded without even thinking.

“Oh yeah? Then kiss!” Vanessa demanded.

“Kiss?” Ashley repeated, very confused by the request.

“You heard me!” Vanessa said. “You and Stella! I want to see you two kiss! Show me why you cheated Ashley! If you love me so goddamn much then I want to see why you stabbed me in the back!”

The request stunned the very sober Ashley but it also energized the intoxicated Stella.

“Oh fuck yeah! Now we’re talking!” Stella declared before yanking Ashley to her and kissing her on her very unwilling lips. Ashley immediately pushed the teenager off her and looked at Vanessa more confused than ever.

“What are you doing?” Ashley asked. She knew, obviously, what Stella was doing but she had no idea why Vanessa was asking for this.

And the truth was Vanessa had no answer for that. She had no idea what she was doing. She wasn’t just angry. She was furious. But the warmth inside her body was making it very hard for her to stay that way.

She couldn’t describe the feeling inside her. It was like she was drunk but she knew that was impossible. All she’d had was this punch and she hadn’t even had that much of it and she didn’t feel sick. Not at all.

Instead she felt…good. Like really, REALLY good. Vanessa had no idea what was going on here but she knew that her pussy was getting wet at the idea of Ashley and Stella kissing.

“You heard me,” Vanessa said. “Kiss her! Kiss that slut! If you want her so bad then show me why! Show how she turned you into a cheater!”

“But I don’t want her! I want you!” Ashley protested, feeling very self-conscious since she knew nearly everyone at the party was staring at her.

“You can’t have me!” Vanessa insisted even though the heat of her pussy was making her want to go right over to Ashley and kiss her, just like she had so many times before.

God, she missed her. Not even fucking Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung the night before had made her miss her Ashley. And Vanessa was sure that she could have fucked every woman at the party as well as the men and she still would have missed Ashley. And the more she thought about that the more she wanted to put that theory to test. God she was fucking horny!

“Kiss her! Kiss my bitch sister!” Vanessa continued to insist.

“I’m not the bitch! You are! And Ashley is my bitch!” Stella declared before kissing the blonde again.

As mad as she was at Vanessa and as heartbroken as she was with how all of this had happened, it hadn’t changed one basic thing: Stella wanted Ashley. She had wanted her from the first second she had ever seen that Ashley and Vanessa were more than friends. And she kissed Ashley now like she wanted her more than anything.

Ashley tried to fight Stella off but there was something she couldn’t deny about the girl. Stella Hudgens was an awesome kisser. Her teenage lips were so soft. They were warm, sensual velvet against her mouth and it was impossible to resist them.

Of course to Ashley, Vanessa’s kiss was better but Stella’s was still amazing. It was so hot and full of desire and an eagerness to please and Ashley could only hold out for so long before she started kissing Stella back.

“Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkk yesssssss show me how you fucking sluts kiss!” Vanessa moaned, barely believing that she was getting wet over this but finding herself hornily fascinated by the sight of her sister kissing her girlfriend…wait, her EX-girlfriend…or, wait…she didn’t even know what Ashley was but Vanessa did know she sure looked beautiful.

Gawd, so did Stella. They were both so hot. No wonder they both got into each other. They were such sexy girls and seeing them kiss was really turning her on, especially as Ashley got into it.

And Ashley was definitely getting into it. Stella was so sexy. All the guilt and regret in the world couldn’t change that fact. She was such a good kisser, just like her big sister was.

Ashley tried to resist it but she found herself kissing the teenager back despite knowing what a mistake it was. She loved feeling those young lips and she felt Stella breathing hard as she pressed her firm body into hers, reaching down to grab her ass through her pants. Ashley moaned from the touch but that moan also brought a degree of self-control back to her.

“No! Stop it Stella! We can’t! What’s wrong with you Vanessa? Why are you making me do this?” Ashley asked.

“Me? There’s nothing wrong with me! You’re the one that cheated on me! You’re the one that broke my heart!” Vanessa said. “And I didn’t tell you to stop! I heard you moan! I know you fucking like this!”

“I don’t!” Ashley claimed. “Don’t make me do this V!”

But while Ashley was shy about this show, Stella was anything but.

“Mmmm listen to the bitch, kiss me!” Stella insisted, squeezing Ashley’s ass some more before the blonde pulled away.

“No!” Ashley cried. “Please Vanessa! I don’t want to do this! I know I was horrible and I deserve to be punished but not like this! I don’t want Stella! I want you!”

“Wait…why wouldn’t you want me?” Stella demanded. “I have such a better body! I have bigger tits! I’m so much hotter than Vanessa!”

And Stella went about attempting to prove that in the way that made the most sense to her alcohol-soaked brain. She pulled her shirt right up over her head and exposed to one and all that she didn’t have a bra on underneath.

“Look at these! Look at these perfect tits!” the teenager said as she groped her own body. “You don’t see these all over the Internet! I’m not the cheap ho who can’t keep a camera phone from being hacked if her life depended on it! People still want to see my tits! C’mon Ashley! You know you want these more than Vanessa’s! Look how big and firm they are! Look at my nipples! Don’t you just want to suck them? Mmmm I know you do! You want these firm teenage titties wayyyy more than you want Vanessa’s!”

Naturally Vanessa wasn’t about to take that lying down, especially in her own chemically enhanced state.

“Maybe if she likes looking at some bratty little child’s tits,” Vanessa sneered as she reacted by pulling down the straps of her dress and letting it fall down around her waist.

That revealed her bra but not for long because Vanessa quickly reached around her back and unclasped it, tossing it onto the floor and exposing her bare breasts without a second thought.

“My tits are better than yours Stella!” Vanessa insisted. “That’s what Ashley likes! She wants my tits! She doesn’t want you! She wants me! You stole her from me because you’re a jealous little slut and you always have been! Well two can play at that game. Now you can be even more jealous because I went and got an even hotter Ashley! Mmmmm and Jamie too!”

Vanessa then whirled around toward where her new lovers were and went right for the blonde Pretty Little Liars star. Ashley and Jamie had stood off silently while all this awkwardness was happening but they didn’t fight involvement now, especially when Vanessa pulled Ashley to her and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Both girls moaned as they could taste the delicious punch on each other and Ashley didn’t resist a bit when Vanessa let her tongue slide into her mouth.

“Mmmm and speaking of big tits, let’s see yours Ash! Let’s see how you’re the most stacked of all of us!” Vanessa giggled. “Mmmmm time for Ashley to be jealous! I was so fucking mad when I caught her fucking and now she has to be mad too! She has to see how wet I am for you and these big fucking boobs!”

Ashley Benson’s head was doing some serious spinning of her own. She was feeling really funny and while she recognized it was probably because of the punch she didn’t mind it. In fact she was glad she was feeling this way. She loved feeling so hot and naughty.

She had been a bit shy to be around all these famous girls that she didn’t know but the punch had made her feel all warm and happy inside and it had relaxed her immensely. And now this kiss was making her melt. Part of her brain was telling her that what was happening wasn’t supposed to, but Ashley ignored it. She ignored all the other women around her. She even ignored Stella and Ashley Tisdale. She just focused on Vanessa.

“Mmmmm are you wet for me now?” Ashley moaned. “Cause I’m wet for you Vanessa! I’ve been wet ever since I left your place last night! All I want is more! I want us to fuck again and again and I don’t care who sees! I want you so bad!”

Vanessa had said it was her turn to be jealous now and Ashley Tisdale certainly felt that way. She knew it was wrong to be mad. After all she deserved it, but she couldn’t help it. She was furious seeing Vanessa kiss her Spring Breakers co-star and she stormed over and pulled them apart.

“Get off her! She’s my girlfriend!” Ashley said forcefully. “You can’t have her!”

“You can’t say anything about what I do anymore, cheater!” Vanessa replied. “Go run off with Stella. Mmmmm I’m gonna have fun with my friends!”

And Vanessa followed that up by kissing Jamie, pressing her body to the gorgeous Asian girl’s and moaning as Jamie returned the gesture by kissing her right back. Their tongues were rubbing together in no time and Ashley was left flustered as Vanessa insisted on making her suffer by doing this in front of her.

And things got even worse when Ashley felt Stella come up behind her and wrap her arms around her waist.

“Forget about her!” the topless teenager purred. “Mmmm fuck me instead Ashley! Make her watch us fuck! Vanessa can play with her skanks and you can be with me instead!”

“Hey! Who are you calling a skank?” Ashley Benson demanded. “You’re the skank!”

“Oh yeah? I’ll show you a fucking skank,” Stella growled before she pulled away from one Ashley and focused on another.

This time it was Benson who had her attention as Stella threw herself at the blonde, not to attack like she had with Vanessa but so she could kiss the television star. Ashley’s eyes widened as she felt Vanessa’s little sister kiss her but it didn’t take long for her to realize just how good those lips felt and in the blink of an eye she was kissing Stella as passionately as Vanessa was kissing Jamie.

All of this left Ashley Tisdale more flustered than ever. She hadn’t expected anything like this and she had no idea what to do about it. Everyone seemed to be going nuts. It wasn’t just Vanessa.

Everyone at the party was acting so weird and now that the fight was over they had all resumed just what they were doing before. Everyone was kissing and touching and moaning and Ashley had no idea what to do. She had been to wild, fun parties at the mansion before but she had never seen anything like this.

“This is crazy!” Ashley managed to gasp out before she felt Stella grab her by the hand and yank her right into her kiss so it became a three-way mashing of lips and tongues.

Before Ashley knew what was happening she was kissing Ashley Benson while Stella ran her eager hands all over their bodies through their clothes like all she wanted in the world was to strip them both naked.

And it wasn’t just there that this was happening. Watching the catfight between the sisters had gotten everyone’s adrenaline pumping and that turned the giddy moods of horniness everyone was feeling into something more.

There was something more intense flowing through their veins now, stimulating their brains to heights of desire and lust and having an even more powerful effect on their genitals. No one seemed able to control themselves and no one wanted to put the brakes on this. The more everyone touched and kissed, the more it fueled everyone on around them.

“Ooooooh what are we doing?” Selena Gomez sighed as she felt Emma Watson kissing her neck and starting to pull her shirt up. “I…I…can’t…this isn’t me…I’m…I’m straight…”

“Shhhhhh! Don’t worry about that,” Emma assured the nervous singer as she brushed her hair off her forehead. “Don’t worry about anything else but how many times I can make you come! I’ve wanted you for so long Selena! I don’t just want to kiss you! I want to fuck you!”

“Oh fuck!” Selena groaned, her knees getting weak as Emma said that to her. Her lovely voice made it sound even dirtier and it turned her on even more. “Mmmm I can’t believe you’re saying this to me! I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

“People don’t know the real me,” Emma said, her breathing starting to become more labored as she felt lust overtake her. The need for Selena was so great that Emma was certain she was going to cream herself just from kissing the girl. “They don’t know what a fucking filthy little whore I really am! They don’t know how wet women make me! They don’t know what a horny dyke I really am! But now you’re going to know Selena! I’m going to fuck you so good you’re only going to want pussy now! You’re going to be craving cunt like a fucking dyke just like me!”

“Ohhhhh my God!” Selena gasped at the sound of those filthy words coming from Emma’s mouth. “I’m not gay! I…I…ohhhhh you’re making it sound so good! Ooooooh fuck me Emma! Mmmmm gawwwwd do me and make it so good!”

And if Selena was having trouble believing the words coming from Emma’s mouth, then she was stunned at what she heard in her own voice. How could she be saying things like that? How could she be asking another woman to do something so dirty to her? She liked guys! She liked cock! She didn’t want pussy!

Except at that moment, pussy was all she could think about. She couldn’t stop thinking about what hot, tight pussies all of these sexy women here had to have and how good they would surely taste if she licked them. Selena couldn’t get her thoughts away from soft, full tits and beautifully firm girl asses and how soft female skin was and how much she loved the feel of a woman’s tongue licking away at her pussy like no man could ever make her feel.

She tried to push all those gay thoughts out of her head, but her willpower was being completely overpowered and Selena ached for a woman’s touch. She wanted Emma so badly. She never could have dreamed that Emma Watson could ever be a lesbian but it was so hot to know that she was. Selena didn’t know Emma all that well but she had always admired her flawless beauty. She had such a perfect face and beautiful breasts and an ass that Selena truly envied. Selena could feel all that admiration turning into attraction and it made her resistance crumble.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssss let me fuck you!” Emma moaned in need. “My pussy is so fucking wet for you! I want to be filthy with you Selena! I want to take your beautiful body and make it mine! And you can do it to me too! Make me your whore Selena! Pull my hair and slap my ass and shove your fucking fingers inside me while you spit in my face and call me a dirty cunt! I love it! I love it all!”

Emma had no control of her own tongue. The words were spilling out of her as fast as her horny mind could summon them. She loved it though. All her desire had been pent up for so long. She hadn’t been to the mansion in weeks and she always got so antsy when it was too long between visits.

All the lust built up inside her and she knew that the mansion girls did that on purpose, so they could torture her and make her work for her release. But she didn’t mind. In fact she relished that. She loved aching for it and finally being able to feel the sweet rapture of having her brains fucked out, not by any mere man but by women, gorgeous, sensual and completely untamed women.

Her pussy had been on edge ever since Jennifer had called her and summoned her. No one could order her around in real life. She took pride as an independent woman, not to mention a feminist, in being able to call her own shots and create her own path. But when it came to sex there was nothing sweeter than surrendering to the pulsing lesbian lust she felt.

Emma didn’t just love being fucked. She loved being taken and put in her place and made to feel like a dirty, cheap lesbian whore. These women offered that to her and so much more and now she was so eager to take what she wanted from Selena. She could feel that butt plug inside her, wedged deep up her ass, and she badly wanted Selena to turn as filthy as she was.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! I love hearing you say that!” Selena admitted. “I had no idea you were so dirty! That’s so hot! Mmmm do it to me Emma! Make me dirty like you! Make me love being fucked by a woman again!”

And while her pent-up horniness and the punch didn’t exactly have Emma in her right mind, she certainly wasn’t deaf or stupid and she picked up on what the girl said.

“Again? You’ve done this before!” Emma marveled. “Not so straight after all, I see!”

“I am! I’m straight!” Selena insisted even though all she felt right then was wild lesbian lust inside her. “I did it once! Just once and…and…”

“Was it good? I’ll bet it was!” Emma moaned, her lips getting wet with her own drool as she yanked up Selena’s top enough to expose her perfect breasts in a black lace bra that showed her dark areolas so tantalizingly.

“Mmmmm good? Gawwwd it was the best fucking night of my life!” Selena admitted, saying to Emma what she couldn’t say to Demi. “I loved it too much! I didn’t want to be gay! I didn’t want to love women! But I do! I loved being fucked by a woman! Ooooooh fuckkkkk fuck me now Emma! Make me naked!”

Selena didn’t care that she was in the middle of a crowded party. She didn’t care that anyone could see her. She just wanted her clothes off and her pussy licked. So she didn’t even wait for Emma. She just sat up on the table next to the food and whipped her own top off, shucking the white blouse over her head and moaning when Emma pressed her face right into her cleavage and began kissing the exposed flesh of her tits while they strained against her bra.

“Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssssssss make me feel it Emma! Make me gay for you!” Selena groaned, out of her mind and loving it. “Fuck me and make me all filthy and slutty! Mmmm fuck me right in front of these women so they can see how dirty I am!”

“Ohhh they won’t just see,” Emma grinned as she pulled up just enough from Selena’s cleavage. “They’ll join in! These women all fuck me so good! Mmmm I’m their little whore slave! They’re the best lovers I’ve ever had! Mmmm but you’re mine first! I’m going to fuck you and then they can have what’s left of you!”

That promise sounded so wonderfully erotic to Selena that it seemed hotter than even the filthiest thing to have come out of Emma’s supposedly prim and proper mouth. Selena tossed her head back and groaned in need as Emma did just what she hoped she would. Her bra had a clasp in the front and Emma easily undid it, parting the black lace and baring her full, firm breasts to the room.

“Yessssssssss all of you fuck me!” Selena squealed as she felt Emma’s tongue start to bathe her areolas and nipples. “Every single last one of you beautiful girls can fuck me! Fuck me until there’s nothing left! Leave me covered in girl cum and make me never think about a fucking boy again!”


With everything going on right then, it was hard for anyone to focus on anything in particular except whichever hot body was in front of them. The fun everyone was having was fueling everyone else and it was a circle of unleashed lust throughout the party. But there was one person keenly focused on Selena and Emma and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“You won’t fuck me and you’ll fuck everyone else!” Demi gasped, her heart feeling like it was ripping apart in her chest.

What she was seeing now hurt even more than what Selena had said to her in the bathroom. She had offered her love to Selena and the girl had insulted her and claimed she was straight. Now she was begging everyone at the party to fuck her.

Demi felt like she was being slapped in the face by what she saw. Selena would be with any other woman except her, apparently. Did she think she was ugly? Or fat? What was it? What was wrong with her? Why didn’t Selena want to be with her?

Every single insecurity that had ever plagued her was coming back. Selena had rejected her so completely but now it seemed as though the real problem wasn’t that she didn’t want to be with women. It was that she didn’t want to be with her.

Demi felt her eyes well up with tears again, but as soon as that happened she forced them down. She had come too far fighting her demons to let this stop her. She wasn’t going to let Selena Gomez break her!

She wasn’t going to fall back into the depression and self-hatred that had plagued her. Not over some girl who didn’t deserve her. Demi told her not to blame herself. She had to blame Selena instead! She was the one who had rejected her. She was the one acting like a slut.

At first Demi’s instinct was to leave this party. She’d be the one left with some dignity, not Selena as she blatantly displayed herself for everyone to see. But she rejected that as soon as she thought of it. Why should she leave? She’d been here first. Why should Selena be the only one having fun?

She could find someone to fuck too! Someone hotter! Someone who would treat her like she deserved to be treated. So Demi didn’t leave. Instead she walked out of the room and in the direction of the women here she knew best who were right in the middle of some fun with two other women Demi definitely wanted to get to know better.

“Mmmmm Chrissy! Ooooooh I don’t think…don’t think we should be doing this!” Britney moaned as she lay back on the couch with her lover’s face buried in her chest doing all the things she loved being done to it.

“Not getting shy on me, are you BritBrit?” Christina teased.

“Noooooo but…but…they said we had to wait,” Britney said, hoping for a reason not to care about rules and conducting oneself properly, which of course Christina gave her.

“I think we trashed that rule a while back,” Christina giggled. “Mmmmm c’mon Brit! What’s the matter? Why you gotta be a good girl? Naughty girls are SOOOOO much more fun. Don’t want to do it in front of Santa? I’m sure he’s somewhere jerking off right now…at least he should be!”

Britney was sprawled out on the couch and Christina was pressed on top of her. And truthfully Britney had no desire to fight off whatever her girlfriend was intending for her. She didn’t want to stop this. She badly wanted more even if she also felt some lingering guilt. Britney hadn’t drunk any of the punch and she knew whatever Christina had done to it was making everyone, including her girlfriend, act this way.

Everyone was acting so funny, like horny bunnies hopped up on ecstasy. But was that so bad? Britney felt like she should be telling everyone what was happening to them wasn’t natural. But how could she when she was feeling so good with Christina’s face pressed to her now bare tits, her swollen nipple wrapped by the girl’s expert lips.

Britney tried to rationalize what was happening. Sure everyone was acting even naughtier than they usually did but it wasn’t like this was hurting anyone. And it wasn’t like this was something they all hadn’t done together. Why was she trying to fight this?

Everyone there looked like they were having fun and there was certainly nothing wrong with some kissing and lots and lots of touching. So Britney gave up on trying to stop Christina and began encouraging her instead. After all, this was what was supposed to happen at the party, it was just happening a little bit ahead of schedule.

“Mmmmmm ooooooooooh Chrissy! Mmmmm don’t stop!” Britney moaned as her girlfriend switched from one breast to the other, wetly slurping on her other nipple and making it swell up as much as its sister had.

“Seeeeeeee I knew you’d see it my way! I know what my BritBrit loves! Mmmmm she loves her slutty Chrissy allllll over her big titties! Mmmmm and speaking of titties!” Christina said as she yanked her shirt over her head.

She hadn’t bothered changing her clothes that day so she wasn’t wearing the fancy dresses the others were. But that just made it easier for her to strip.  For decency’s sake that morning at the airport she’d put a bra on underneath her shirt but that was easily disposed of too. Her shirt was barely settling its way onto the living room floor when her bra joined it and Christina’s D cups joined Britney’s out in the open along with a mutual friend’s.

“Mmmmm did someone say big tits?” Jewel laughed as she pressed her topless form against Britney’s face.

And Britney just giggled in response and pressed her face into the Alaskan’s all-natural rack so she could motorboat them for a moment before she got more serious and pressed her hands to them and guide them right to her waiting mouth.

After all she might have been the only one there not all crazy horny but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun too. And Britney loved Jewel’s boobs. They always felt so soft and tasted so delicious. So she didn’t think twice about fondling the intoxicated singer’s breasts and opening her mouth so she could slurp on her nipples just like Christina was doing to her.

“Ooooooh yeahhh Britney mmmmm yesssssssss! Mmmmm baby make those nipples all hard!” Jewel cooed. “I love when you play with my tits! Oooooh fuck, I love when ANY hot girl plays with my tits mmm but you’re extra good at it! Us big tits girls need to stick together because we’re the only ones who really know how to treat racks like we’ve got!”

“Yeahhhh the Double D club,” Christina giggled, enhancing their cup sizes a bit with her words but knowing it sounded better. “Mmmm only big titty sluts like us can apply!”

“Heyyyyy what about me?” Maria Menounos interjected, pouting as she sat topless on the couch, her dress down around her waist and her bra on the floor with the rest of everyone else’s discarded underwear. “Awwww are my titties too small?”

“Fuck no!” Jewel immediately replied. “They’re fucking perfect! I love your tits Maria!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh besides you might not be up to our big titty standards but you got THAT ASSSSSSS!” Christina laughed uproariously. “You can join our big booty club Maria cause I just wanna do that butt of yours like 24/7!”

“Which ass? THIS one?” Maria giggled, her own intoxication showing as she got down on her hands and knees on the couch and wiggled her backside in her tight dress.

It clung so spectacularly to the curves of her ass that Christina, Britney and Jewel all had to stare at it. Maria made the view even better by sliding her dress all the way down her body, leaving herself in nothing but heels and a tiny thong that made her shapely ass look absolutely spectacular.

“Oh yesssssss!” Britney moaned, pulling away from Jewel’s chest to admire Maria’s breathtaking booty. “Your ass is the fucking best Maria!”

“I think yours is pretty hot too!” Maria said with a big smile, savoring the horny compliment from one half of the duo that had once reawakened all her dormant lesbian desires. “All of you! I love all of your asses! Mmmmm lemme show you just how much! Bend over! All three of you!”

And that was an easy position for them to get into. The half-moon shaped couch that dominated the living room had plenty of room for them and they eagerly followed Maria’s direction.

Jewel was the quickest to do it, kneeling on the couch and bending over, jutting her ass out in her dress as she leaned against the couch, pressing her bare tits against the softness of it. And Britney and Christina were right behind her, turning over and sticking their booties out as Maria went to each one of them and relieved them of their clothing, just like she had done to herself.

Jewel was closest to her and that meant she got it first. Maria pulled down her friend’s half-off party dress and left the fancy garment carelessly tossed onto the floor. But she didn’t stop there. Jewel’s panties had to go next and Maria tugged them down her body revealing the juicy curves of her ass.

Maria then helped herself to a kiss on each of Jewel’s butt cheeks before pressing her face into the singer’s ass crack and treating her to a long lick that traveled from the already soaked lips of her pussy to her asshole, leaving her hot spots tingling.

But that was all Jewel got because Maria moved over to Britney after that one lick. She eased off the pop singer’s dress while Britney shared a long, wet kiss with Jewel and then Maria got her panties off just as quickly.

Maria was giddy with anticipation to get her friends naked and she pulled Britney’s g-string down without even taking a second to admire how nicely the tiny string and aqua blue fabric framed the thick cheeks of her ass. She wanted her friend, literally, to be butt naked and she got her that way in seconds before spreading open Britney’s ass and giving her the same lick she’d just given Jewel.

Britney cooed in response but that was all she got before it was Christina’s turn and the greedy girl was hardly willing to wait quietly.

“Do me! Do me! Do me!” Christina begged. “Mmmm fuckkkk get my clothes off Maria! Show me what a fucking girl on girl slut you are! Get us naked with our asses out for that horny tongue of yours! Mmmmm do it now! I need to be fucking naked! Get us all bare so we can do the same to you and give that big Greek butt the licking and fucking it needs from all three of us at once!”

Christina definitely didn’t need to any enhancement to be a sexy craving horny she-devil but it gave her an extra edge tonight. She had already been eager to hump every hot girl in sight tonight after her intense experiences trying to get home and the punch’s effects just made it come out with more eagerness.

So Christina wiggled her ass in her jeans and impatiently waited for Maria to get to her. Fortunately she didn’t have to wait long as Maria moved from Britney to her and aggressively yanked those jeans down, showing off that while Christina had modestly worn a bra that morning she hadn’t done the same when it came to her panties. There was nothing but pink, luscious girl flesh underneath the denim.

“Get in there!” Christina moaned as Maria yanked her jeans down. “Get that face in my fat ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss mmmmmm fucking slut! Ooooooooh! Fuckkkk lick those nasty fuck holes of mine! Ohhhhh yesss Maria! Show me what a horny bitch you are for booty!”

And Maria definitely was. She adored the bare asses of all her friends and it was impossible to resist Christina’s. Those round, drool-inducing cheeks drew her right in and when Christina’s hand clamped down on the back of her head, she was forced to stay down there.

So while Jewel and Britney only got one lick, Christina got several and Maria bathed her privates with her tongue, tasting the sweetness of her already dripping cunt and the naughtiness of her eager asshole. Christina gasped and moaned with each lick and while Jewel and Britney thought that this wasn’t fair treatment they didn’t mind it, not when they could get off the couch and get behind Maria so they could tug off her panties.

Maria moaned happily when her panties were removed, leaving her as naked as her friends were. Christina’s ass in her face muffled her cries but her enjoyment of Jewel and Britney each taking a side of the waistband of her panties and pulling them off was clear. And those moans grew even louder when they began showering Maria’s bare ass with kisses, pressing their lips all over her cheeks, the visible lines left from the bottoms she’d wore recently in the tanning bed making her bottom look even sexier.

That was the scene that Demi walked right into and her grin showed that this was exactly what she wanted to see. If everyone else was going to start fucking she wasn’t going to deny herself and this was where she needed to be.

Britney and Christina always knew how to blow her mind and Maria and Jewel both looked so good. And she wasn’t about to be shy with this either or ask for permission to join in. She wasn’t going to be some wallflower at this party so Demi reached back and unzipped her dress, shrugging it off her and letting it fall right around her heels on the floor.

“Make room for me!” Demi grinned as she stepped away from her dress and out of her shoes before climbing up on top of the couch and sitting on the arm.

She knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it so Demi didn’t bother with removing her underwear. She kept her bra on and just tugged her panties to the side while pressing her hand to the back of Christina’s head, forcing her mentor’s face right into her waiting pussy.

Ordinarily she never would have been so bold but she was pissed and horny and eager to get a certain someone off her mind. And, thankfully, Christina was in the mood to be submissive and she respected Demi grabbing what she wanted, especially when what she wanted was her.

“Oh baby! Fuck yeah! Fuck my face!” Christina moaned in muffled delight as she began lapping away at Demi’s slit, making her lips swell and wetly open for her. “Feed me that cookie! Mmmm fuck Demi! You’re sweeter than anything they were serving us here!”

“Mmmmm eat it baby! Gobble that cookie up!” Demi urged, keeping her hand on the back of Christina’s head while Maria tongued the pop star and Jewel and Britney got to work on the reporter’s impressive backside. “Fuck me like only you can Christina! Make me fucking feel good! Make me forget her fucking name!”

What Demi was asking was lost on the altered states of Christina, Maria and Jewel but not on Britney’s sober, aware brain. So she looked up at Demi with concern.

Her first instinct was to ask her if she was okay but then she saw Demi moan out in joy from Christina’s tongue sliding into her pinkness and starting to really lick her. So Britney pushed that question aside. There would be time to worry about that and everything else later. Now was a time for fun.


And fun was on everyone’s minds right then. There weren’t many at the party left who were still thinking clearly but none of that mattered. All everyone was focused on right then was sex and there was plenty of that go around.

The punch was having a clear effect on the guests, even those that hadn’t enjoyed its unintentionally intoxicating flavor. When they saw everyone else succumbing to their passions it was very hard to resist and what had started out as kissing and heavy petting was becoming something so much more as clothing came off and everyone did what came so naturally to almost all of them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss I can’t wait anymore! I fucking need this now!” Olivia Munn moaned in satisfaction as she found herself pressed against the table with Jennifer Love Hewitt’s lips kissing hers.

Olivia only broke that kiss express her joy and as soon as the words were out of her mouth she went right back to kissing the woman who had made her wet dreams come true by bringing her here to the mansion.

“You’re going to get it!” Love promised as soon as the next kiss broke and as soon as she spoke she dove in for more of Olivia’s wonderful lips. “Mmmmm fuck being on the nice list! I wanna be sooooo fucking naughty!”

“Yeahhh be naughty with me!” Olivia urged before another passionate kiss. “I’ve been dying for this! I’ve wanted you all to fuck me for so long! Mmmmm I need a break from cock! I need some fucking pussy!”

And Olivia wasn’t about to wait a second more than she had to for it. She’d been waiting for a chance to come to this place. She had wanted it for so long, hoping it was as amazing an experience as she had heard it was. She had heard so many of those horny, secretive whispers about the mansion and while she had kept telling herself that something like that was simply too good to be true she desperately hoped that it was more than just a fantasy.

A place where she could sneak away and indulge her bi side without any man in her life being the wiser to her hidden lust for pussy? That was heaven to Olivia and now she could see it was everything she had dreamed of and more.

Olivia hadn’t needed even a drop of the punch to want to do this right out in the open but it helped to have the extra lack of inhibition. She didn’t need niceties. She didn’t need to be romanced or seduced. She’d come pre-packaged and ready to fuck and she didn’t even need to be kissed.

That was why Olivia eventually pushed Love away from her so she could sink right down to her knees, still in her party dress, in front of her hostess to give her a proper thank you for the invitation to paradise.

“I wanna lick this pussy!” Olivia moaned, staring up at Love. “Mmmm I wanna show you that you should have invited me here a long time ago! I’m going to show you how good I fuck!”

“Yesssssss! Do it! Mmmmm you talk a big game Olivia but now you gotta show it!” Love replied, her desire flowing like wildfire inside her. “Let’s see if you’re as hot as you say you are!”

Love actually had full confidence that Olivia was going to be even hotter than she claimed, but she enjoyed being able to tease the confident woman and make her work for it. It felt so good knowing that she had something that Olivia would do anything for, especially when that something was her pussy.

And Love couldn’t wait to see just how good Olivia really was. She might have been the one who had most wanted everyone at the party to behave, but now all Love cared about was being fucked and she showed that by helping Olivia get access to what she wanted.

Love unzipped her dress in the back and then pushed it off her shoulders, letting the loose garment fall down around her feet. Love knew that what she was wearing underneath was going to get a reaction and she was right as Olivia stared up at her agog with desire.

“Ohhhhh my God! Damn, Love! You don’t mess around!” Olivia moaned, unable to keep from openly drooling over the sight of Love’s generous curves inside barely there lingerie.

And Olivia wasn’t the only one struck by what Love was wearing, or rather not wearing.

“Holy shit, Love!” Sarah gawked. “What is that?”

Sarah’s brain was overflowing with sensations from everything around her. All she could think about were the hot tits and gorgeous asses of all her guests and how she wanted to bury her face in each and every one of their vaginas. She was famished for pussy even though she could still taste Jennifer Lawrence on her lips.

One girl wouldn’t be enough. She wanted to fuck each and every one of them and drink down their cum like it was delicious egg nog. Sarah couldn’t keep her eyes on any one girl. She was darting them to every hot body milling around the party as her libido overheated. But even in this condition, Love’s outfit took her breath away.

The sheer naughtiness and complete lack of subtlety of it drew her in and captivated her. The outfit barely did anything to hide Love’s delicious body and Sarah and Olivia both drooled over the sight of her in it.

The lingerie she had on was nothing but a tiny red velvet suspender teddy with a vinyl belt on it. Love had earlier put a Santa hat on and that made her micro lingerie look even sexier on her as it did nothing to cover her.

The teddy was like a sling bikini with the soft velvet in tiny strips making Love’s soft, beautiful 36C’s look even sexier than they usually were. And front of the outfit made it abundantly clear that Love had freshly shaved herself. There wasn’t a touch of hair on her pussy and that was very apparent by how little of her pussy was covered by the teddy.

“You like it?” Love giggled as she flaunted herself by modeling the tiny outfit she’d been wearing under her party dress, spinning around and revealing how the back of the teddy left only a little bit of her thick ass cheeks covered. “Mmmm it’s called the ‘naughty list’ outfit and I wanna be on that naughty list sooooo bad Sarah! I guess I really am a Christmas slut!”

“Oh fuck yeah! You so are!” Sarah admired. “A sexy fucking Christmas slut! Mmmm I love how you look baby!”

Sarah then grasped Love’s face in her hands and gave her a forceful kiss on the lips. Love responded immediately and began kissing her housemate back so their tongues could rub into one another as Olivia could only stare up at the beautiful, barely dressed woman in reverence.

“That’s so fucking hot on you! Mmmm I just want to rip it off!” Olivia moaned, so eager to prove herself so that this would not be her only invitation to the mansion.

“Don’t you dare!” Love said even as she laughed and enjoyed Olivia’s barely contained passions. “This is brand new! Mmmmm you rip it and you’re buying me a new one! If you wanna show me how much you love my outfit just pull it away a little bit. You know what to do after that, don’t you Olivia?”

If Love was testing Olivia then the actress knew just how to pass it.  She didn’t hesitate either. Olivia pulled the red crotch of Love’s teddy to the side and fully exposed the bald lips of her cunt.

Love’s pink slit was already juicing up and looked far too creamy and delicious for Olivia to wait a second longer. She stuck her tongue out and started bathing the labia of her hostess, keeling down fully dressed in front of her as she tasted Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pussy for the first time.

“Ooooooh mmmmm yesssssssssss good girl!” Love moaned, tossing her head back as she enjoyed not only the feel of Olivia’s wet tongue but the feel of Sarah’s lips on her face and neck and her housemate’s warm hands caressing her nearly naked tits. “Show me you know how to lick! Mmmmm yesssssssss! Ooooh taste what a fucking slut I am! Christmas gets me so fucking wet Olivia! I try to be a good girl but my pussy won’t let me! It gets soooo horny and creamy this time of year! Mmm I just want to dress like this and let hot girls fuck me all Christmas long! Yessssssssssss oooooh lick it Olivia! Show me you like that taste!”

“I don’t just like! I love your taste!” Olivia mumbled between licks. “You taste so good Love! Mmmmmm I wanna lick this pussy dry! I love that you’re a slut for Christmas but I’m a slut for hot girls on Christmas, on New Year’s and on fucking Labor Day! I don’t do this nearly enough! Mmmm I’m going to drain you of your cum Love! You and all your friends! Especially you Sarah! You’re next!”

That was all Olivia got a chance to say before Love pushed down on her head and forced her lips back against her pussy but it sure sounded good to Sarah. She was raging with horniness then and she couldn’t get enough of Love in this outfit.

The red straps were so small against Love’s large breasts and her areolas weren’t even covered all the way. Love’s nipples kept slipping out from under the velvet and it made Sarah wet. The outfit was so hot that Sarah had totally forgotten about the girl she had just been playing with until she felt her tapping her on the shoulder and clearing her throat.

“So ummmm how’s it work around here? Do I just take a number and wait to be called?” Anna Kendrick asked, a little annoyed she’d been abandoned but at the same time totally understanding.

Boobs like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s were an excellent excuse to ignore your grandmother in a burning building so she wasn’t surprised that Sarah had gotten distracted. And in an outfit like that, Anna was actually surprised the world hadn’t literally stopped so everyone could get a look at the flesh show.

But even with that in mind Anna demanded attention. She hadn’t felt this way…well ever! There was a crackling energy inside her and it was making her want to renounce everything in her life and begin a new career as a full-time nymphomaniac.

She had never felt this turned on before and she was usually someone who got turned on easily. She loved a tight butt. She loved a well-defined set of pecs. She loved everything about Ryan Gosling. She loved a shoe sale more than anything. Those things always made her tingle in her girly parts but none of them had ever done what she was feeling now.

The truth was Anna had been seriously weirded out by what she and Sarah had seen in the bedroom. She had definitely not expected to ever see Hilary Duff naked…like ever in her entire life. She had actually been more certain she would see honest to goodness Martians than Hilary’s boobs.

And then adding the extra wildness of Haylie Duff in there certainly made it a day full of tits she had never thought she would see. As for Heather Locklear? Well Anna would have been sure her TJ Hooker rerun loving father would have enjoyed the hell out of seeing how amazing Heather still looked. But what she had heard Hilary and Heather saying, had made Anna want to push every thought of her own parents out of her head until she had properly bleached her brain first.

She supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised by what she had seen. After all, the expression “Who’s your daddy?” existed for a reason and it would have been sexist for there not to be a “Who’s your mommy?” too. But Anna hadn’t dreamed for even a second that she would ever see what she had seen.

Anna tried not to judge. People were into all sorts of stuff and she certainly had dirty secrets of her own. That was part of what made everyone human and Anna knew full well that at heart, everyone was a filthy sexual creature, even herself. But accepting someone could be into kinky things and seeing it was entirely different.

So she had thought about just bolting, thanking Scarlett and Jessica for inviting her to a madhouse and then finding a good therapist in the morning. But she had stayed and right then not only was she very glad she had, but she had begun to think that maybe what she had seen hadn’t been so bad after all.

Anna didn’t quite understand why she felt this way but she knew that she did and she wasn’t looking to change it. This was an intense feeling and the way that electricity crackled in her veins made her want to feel this way forever. Plus she didn’t think her pussy had ever been wetter and while that wasn’t typical when she was around a bunch of women, she was totally willing to go with anything that felt this good.

Anna hadn’t known what to expect here. She had accepted the invitation on the whim because she’d had nothing else planned and had felt that since Jessica and Scarlett were cool people to hang out with so there friends had to be too. Besides, there was a lot to be said for throwing caution to the wind and going into something blind just because it seemed like fun.

That was a thought that was going through her mind a lot now. This was all so crazy but at least it was fun.

Anna had been to wild parties. She had done crazy things. She had even done things she had known she shouldn’t have. But she had never been to anything like this. This was turning into a goddamn orgy and not just any kind of orgy but the kind where you could count the number of penises on one hand.

And it wasn’t even like she had experience at the kind of orgy where penises were plentiful either. She’d done that once but she was definitely not an orgy kind of girl. This was miles and miles and miles away from her scene. But Anna wasn’t exactly looking for the door anymore.

Tasting that punch had been good. Seeing everyone in the party having a good time and getting very touchy feely had been even better. But best of all had been the sudden feeling of Sarah’s lips on hers. She hadn’t expected it. Being kissed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been about as high on her list of things she had thought she would do as seeing Lizzie McGuire naked had been.

But she sure hadn’t minded it. Sarah’s lips had surprised her but once the initial shock had worn off it had been Anna who had kissed back. It had definitely been one of those moments where you dove in not knowing what the hell was going to happen next and now Anna was eager for whatever “next” was.

She had kissed women before. In fact she had done a whole lot more than kiss. But this wasn’t just one woman. This wasn’t even a small group of intimate friends exploring each other like they were living out every fantasy of what pervy guys thought a sleepover entailed. This was a goddamn orgy and there were dozens of people there looking to fuck.

Anna had never experienced anything to this scale and that filled her with nerves but also a lot of curiosity to go right along with the arousal she was feeling.

“So when you kissed me was it just to get me all hot and bothered so you could ditch me for someone with bigger tits?” Anna said, softly tracing her finger over the front of Sarah’s dress, moving up from her stomach to right between her breasts. “Cause that’s not cool. And I’ve got pretty nice boobs too. I mean no one’s picking me for the wet t-shirt contest but I’ve got all that inner beauty shit going too.”

And now Sarah found herself gawking at someone besides Love as Anna pulled her shirt over her head. The cream colored blouse she had worn was effortlessly disposed of with sensual grace and Anna stood there in her fashionable slacks and bra, showing off the outline of her hard nipples straining against the faded pinkness of her bra.

“Do I have your attention now?” Anna grinned.

“Fuck yes!” Sarah breathlessly agreed. “More! Show me more!”

“Okay, but only if you say the magic word,” Anna teased, enjoying being able to fluster her new friend. “C’mon Buffy! Lemme hear you say it!”

Anna didn’t usually act like this. She wasn’t shy about sex. She didn’t believe in holding back when there was something good that you wanted. But at the same time she’d never been really good at flaunting herself.

She’d look at sexy photos of herself and wonder who that girl was in them because it surely wasn’t her. But tonight she was all erotic confidence and she loved seeing Sarah react to her taking off her shirt. This was an addictive feeling and she didn’t want it to end.

“Pleaaaaaaase!” Sarah immediately replied, not ashamed to beg. She knew from personal experience thanks to her own 5’4 frame that sexy things came in small packages and Anna almost made her feel tall by comparison. She couldn’t wait to see the sexy little thing out of her clothes. “Show me everything! Please Anna!”

Anna could feel her heart beating. She was sure Sarah could see it. She was positive everyone at the party could hear it. She might have been more than a touch out of her normal frame of mind but she still knew exactly what she was doing. She might not have been quite sure what she was getting into but Anna wanted to find out, Turning back was not an option as she reached around back for the clasp of her slightly worn out bra and pulled it off, baring her breasts to her appreciative audience.

“Bet you think I’ve got nice tits now, huh?” Anna smiled as she left herself topless, stepping out of her shoes and dropping an inch in height. “You won’t be abandoning me yet again, will you?”

“Hell no!” Sarah promised. “You’re gorgeous! Your tits are perfect!”

Anna ordinarily would have said something self-deprecating in response to that. She knew she was attractive, but she also definitely believed her whole “hottest girl in your improv class” as opposed to “beer commercial hot” line of thinking. But she didn’t say that. Instead she just smiled and accepted the compliment.

“Thanks! Lemme see yours now Sarah!” Anna pushed. “Mmmmm unless you’d rather I just went and did this instead.”

Sarah was hardly the only one there who couldn’t resist a large pair of boobs and Anna showed that by going over to Love as the brunette gripped the edge of the table and let Olivia feast on her wetness.

Love had her eyes closed as she shivered in ecstasy from what Olivia was doing to her with her tongue so she didn’t see Anna approaching and pushing aside the velvet strap of her lingerie to show off fully what the teddy hard barely concealed. Anna cupped Love’s large, bare breast in her hand and began to erotically suck her nipple, showing off to anyone who cared to look that she knew what she was doing.

Love moaned at the touch and she smiled in surprise when she opened up her eyes and saw it was Anna pleasuring her breast. She felt a rush when she realized it was a girl she’d never been with, one that she didn’t even know very well, sucking on her nipple. It was always such a naughty thrill to experience that feeling of a fresh pair of lips for the first time and Love couldn’t wait to feel a lot more from Anna. She’d made a lot of friends over the years just through mutual love for pussy and Love wanted Anna to be one of those friends.

“Kiss me!” Love moaned out and it was a request Anna didn’t want to deny her.

She’d only been teasing Sarah. She hadn’t meant to make fun of Love’s body in any way. She loved Love’s naughty Christmas outfit and she loved the sight of those juicy, natural boobies. Anna wanted to stick them in her face and use them as a pillow. But even more she wanted to experience all the pleasures this place had to offer and she definitely wanted to kiss Love.

As Olivia remained happily on her knees eating her out, Love moaned when Anna’s lips pressed against hers. They kissed with an immediate sensual heat, letting the softness of their lips pleasure the other for the first few kisses as they explored the feel of each other. And it didn’t take long for that to progress as Love opened her mouth and flicked her tongue against Anna’s painted lips.

Anna didn’t need a blinking sign to tell her what to do next and she opened her mouth and met Love’s tongue with her own, the two of them rubbing the wet tips together before Love pushed her tongue on top of Anna’s and slid tenderly into her mouth.

What Olivia was doing to her pussy was positively filthy but what she was doing with Anna was far more sensual and Love adored experiencing the sexy contrasts of the two sensations. Love closed her eyes again, the pleasure flowing through her from two sources now but she shot them open once more when she felt Anna become more aggressive with her tongue, rubbing it up against hers like she wanted to be the dominant one.

Love wondered what had brought that on and she quickly found the answer to that as she saw Sarah come up behind Anna and ease her pants down her lean, lovely legs.

Anna moaned when she was stripped, the power back in Sarah’s hands now but the pleasure too sweet for her to fight it. Making Sarah beg for it had been fun but there was just something so appealing about being taken. And that’s what she was now…taken by these beautiful women and the desire she felt for them.

Anna wasn’t entirely straight. She’d had too much fun being alternative in her lifestyle choices every now and then to ever fully be one thing. But Anna definitely was mostly straight. So she felt like she’d been lured into some kind of lesbian sex trap and had been seduced into its diabolically sexy web. That felt amazing though. And what was even more amazing was the sensation of Sarah lowering her pants down to her bare feet, leaving her in nothing but panties.

“Gawwwd if I’d known it was going to be this kind of party I would have worn sexier underwear,” Anna said, blushing a bit as she realized she hadn’t exactly dressed up underneath her party clothes.

She’d never expected anyone would see her underwear that night much less what was underneath it. If she’d known this was going to be an orgy she actually would have gone to the gym this week and maybe gotten waxed or something. But Sarah quickly put those concerns to rest.

“Don’t worry,” Sarah assured her from experience. “You won’t be needing your undies anymore!”

Sarah was as good as her word on that and she pulled those panties down Anna’s beautiful body almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth. That left Anna fully nude and very horny.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Anna moaned as it truly struck her that she was stark naked in the middle of a party full of gorgeous women. “I don’t usually do this…”

“What, get naked at a party or play with girls?” Sarah teased, her hands sliding over Anna’s firm, bare ass and devilishly fondling her pert cheeks while the younger woman moaned.

“Mmmmm BOTH! Oh God, you really do have wild parties here all the time!” Anna moaned. “I haven’t been with a girl in a long time! I mean I’ve done the group thing…just not THIS big a group. And it’s…it’s….fuck! Just kiss me Sarah!”

The giddiness she felt inside her was making it very hard to think and Anna felt like she was a few giggles away from switching into bimbo mode.

Anna half expected to see herself in the mirror with suddenly blonde hair for her to twirl as she said in a baby voice, “Mmmm girls are sexy! Me want pussy!” But sometimes thinking was overrated and this was one of those times as she and Sarah kissed, sharing the taste of Love’s nipple as their tongues swirled together.

As she and Sarah kissed, Anna placed one hand on the blonde’s chest through her dress and kept the other on Love’s larger mound of girl flesh. She loved feeling those boobs, both big and small. And while Anna definitely didn’t go for women all that often she was definitely a boob girl.

After all both men and women had hot butts and their genitalia each had its uses but boobs were the distinct feature that gave women all the power in the world and Anna loved them. Big or small or medium sized she loved boobs and Sarah and Love had bodies she wanted to play with. So did Olivia. Hell, all of these women did. Anna felt like she was going to be in for a long night and she couldn’t wait.

But not everyone was quite in the mood for love and a voice rang out making that very clear.

“How can you be doing this?” Amy Adams cried, her voice almost as flustered as her face looked as Sarah, Love, Anna and even Olivia all immediately turned toward her.

“What’s wrong with you?” Amy demanded her head whirling around like it was on the spin cycle and the cracks in her resolve now fully open. She could no longer contain how upset she was. “How can you live like this?”

“Oh my God! Amy!” Sarah groaned.

She’d forgotten the redhead was even there and she knew there was no way they were going to be able to explain their way out of this. What they were doing to each other and how much they loved it was obvious and any attempt to hide that would have been both foolish and futile.

“We didn’t mean for you to see it like this…to find out this way,” Love said, blushing as she too grasped that they had gotten so out of their minds and into what they were doing that they had shown their friend more than they had ever intended to reveal to her.

But Amy didn’t know what to believe anymore. She was upset and hurt and felt lied to and the punch had loosened her tongue enough that the normally even-tempered woman wasn’t able to hold herself in check anymore. Her emotions spilled out of her in a way that, had she been more sober, she never would have allowed.

“I think you did want me to see! You wanted me to see what you’re really like!” Amy claimed, a mix of paranoia seeping into all her conflicting feelings. “You brought me here for this, didn’t you? So I could see you naked and…and…fucking!!! Is this what you wanted me to see? One of your insane orgies? Oh my God I thought all those rumors were crazy! I told myself they couldn’t possibly be true! Sarah and Love would have told me if they were lesbians! They wouldn’t lie to me! They’d trust me enough to tell me the truth! Well I guess the joke’s on me!”

“Wellllllll technically we didn’t lie,” Love lamely offered, so embarrassed over losing control in front of her straight friend that she even pulled away from Olivia’s wonderful tongue and tried to cover herself as best she could in her barely there lingerie. “We just kind of omitted…”

“Yeah you omitted the truth!” Amy snapped. “I thought you were my friends!”

“We are!” Sarah insisted. “How could you think we’re not?”

“Bullshit!” Amy hit back, already cursing more times in the last 30 seconds than Sarah or Love could ever remember hearing her before outside of a movie. “Friends are honest! Friends tell each other the truth! Friends don’t…omit!”

Anger dripped from that last word and Amy was having so much trouble controlling herself. She was legitimately mad and not because they were lesbians and all those nutty rumors had ended up being totally true. It was because they hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her the truth.

Amy felt like a fool. Now she could see that this wasn’t just limited to what she had seen upstairs between Sarah and Jennifer Lawrence. It involved all the women here. Love, Jessica, Rose, Alyssa, Jewel, Stacy and even Jennifer Aniston!

They were all in on this. They were all lesbians and this wasn’t a Christmas party at all. It was some wild sex party for girls. Oh God, how many times had she come here and never even known the truth? She had visited this place and she’d been too blind to see.

Amy felt so dumb, not just because she had missed out on what should have been so plainly obvious to her but because she had trusted these women enough to be on the level with her. She hadn’t seen the truth partly because she hadn’t wanted to see it but also because she had assumed that had something been salacious about this unusual living arrangement they would have told her about it.

She didn’t feel like a friend to them at all anymore. Apparently she was a stranger if they were going to keep something so huge from her.

Things were getting very awkward the more this became a personal conversation and Anna suddenly felt like a sore and a naked thumb sticking out. She not only felt weird being in the middle of what was going on here because it was none of her business, but it was also seriously harshing the buzz in the room. Anna needed pleasure not drama.

Olivia felt even stronger about that. She had been utterly happy on her knees tasting pussy for the first time in a long time. She hadn’t even cared that she was still fully dressed. She had just wanted more of that taste all over her tongue and down to her stomach as she swallowed Love’s orgasm down.

But now the mood was definitely moving away from sexy and that was not something she was happy about.

“Ummmm yeah listen, you guys clearly have something going on here,” Olivia said, rising up off her knees and not doing anything to clean up the glaze of juice over her lovely lips. “I reallllly don’t want to be in the middle of it. So ummmmm how about you guys settle this and come find us. I definitely want a lot more of you Love! Mmmmm I want a lot more of ALL of you!”

Olivia showed that by pressing her lips to Love’s, feeding her the taste of her own pussy. Then she kissed Sarah. But both times the women were far too focused on what was going on with Amy to do anything to reciprocate.

That wasn’t the case, though, with Anna. Olivia kissed her last and Anna enthusiastically responded. She pulled Olivia to her and kissed her with an eager passion, feeling a happy shiver shoot up her spine when she tasted the unmistakable flavor of pussy on her lips.

“Yeah definitely come find us,” Anna urged, her whole desire focused on women right then. “This is a great party!”

And with that, despite barely knowing each other, Anna and Olivia walked away hand in hand. Anna had absolutely nothing on her body and Olivia wanted to be the same way as they strode away. They were acting like the best of friends as they looked in search of other playmates.

Both Sarah and Love hated to see them leave but, even in their current states, they knew they had to. They needed to focus on Amy.

“Is this how you live your life?” Amy accused. “Non-stop orgies? Is everything they say about this place true? Is there a revolving door for women here? Half a dozen leave as half a dozen more come in?”

Sarah and Love felt the reflexive need to deny it but how could they? The rumors, in this case, were all true. Sure it wasn’t quite a revolving door but sometimes it felt that way. And they weren’t about to apologize for that, either. But they had never intended for any of this to hurt their friend.

“Amy, please! It’s not like that at all! We never intended for you to find out like this!” Sarah said, trying to calm her down.

“Why?” Amy demanded. “What did you think I was going to do? Start a protest outside demanding you move? Run to the tabloids? Tell everyone about my lesbian friends? Do you think I’m some bitch gossip shrew?”

“No! We’d never think that!” Love said. “We just didn’t want you to be weirded out!”

“Well I’m plenty fucking weirded out now!” Amy angrily replied. “You made me look like a fool! All of you! Everyone here knew your secret but me! You don’t even know those girls and you were letting them kiss and fuck you! I’m your friend and you couldn’t even clue me in just a little! At least I thought I was your friend…”

“You are! Amy you’re so special to us!” Love insisted, knowing she was speaking for herself and Sarah. “We love you! We are your friends!”

“You’re not acting like my friends!” Amy reminded them. “Friends don’t keep huge secrets like this. Friends don’t make people they claim they love look like idiots. Why did you even invite me here tonight? So you could all laugh at me? Make fun of me for not knowing what was so obvious to everyone else? Were you all playing some kind of mean joke on me?”

“We’d never do that!” Sarah said. “Please Amy! Don’t think that! We’d never make fun of you and we’d never play a joke on you. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be at all! We were going to have two parties. One all normal and nice and the other…like this. You were never supposed to see this part!”

“I can’t believe anything you two say!” Amy cried. “You treated me like I was some idiot who couldn’t handle the truth. How’s that supposed to make me feel? You’ll trust strangers with your secret but not me? You did this on purpose! I know you did! You brought out all your slutty friends to make me feel like some priss! You did this to embarrass me!”

Amy wasn’t thinking clearly. The punch’s effects were clouding her brain and making her feel like she was squirming inside her own skin. But her anger was real. She might not have been processing things she typically did and she might have been a lot looser with her tongue, but she was hurt by this revelation.

Finding Sarah and Jennifer upstairs had been enough of a jolt by itself but seeing all of this happening made it all seem worse. Everyone knew but her. She was the fool. They had brought her here to mock her and make people think she was a prude and a tight ass bitch. Well she wasn’t.

The more she thought about this the angrier she got. How could they do this to her? How could they treat her like this? Amy knew she had to calm down and she needed a drink. She needed more of that yummy punch and while there wasn’t much left she helped herself to another glass, drinking it down without thinking twice.

And when she chugged it down she immediately felt her knees buckle and she had to grab onto the table for support.

“Are you okay?” Sarah asked, concerned about her friend and, even in a similar state herself, recognizing that Amy was in no shape to drive home.

“Me! I’m fine! You’re the ones who aren’t okay!” Amy shot back, the punch making her feel really angry…as well as something more.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Love bristled, not meaning to be so defensive but unable to help it.

“See! This is the problem!” Amy said. “You think I have a problem with you being lesbians? You think I care that you fuck women? I don’t care who you fuck! But you didn’t tell me! You didn’t trust me! Did you think I was going to freak out? Did you think I was going to hate you? You don’t know me at all! I’d never be mad at you for being gay! I don’t even care that you live this crazy way! I care that you didn’t think of me enough to tell me!”

“We’re so sorry!” Love replied. “We do trust you! We just don’t trust ourselves!”

And this time it was Amy’s turn to bristle.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Amy asked and Sarah and Love looked at each other.

Maybe if they’d been thinking more clearly they wouldn’t have told her but right then they felt like they didn’t have any other option. They needed to get all their cards on the table.

“It means…God, it means we knew if we told you the truth then we’d just end up trying to seduce you too!” Sarah admitted. “You’re right about us Amy! We bring women here to fuck! We fuck our friends! We fuck our co-stars! We fuck sexy strangers we meet! We fuck everyone! Okay? And we didn’t want to fuck you!”

Amy was stunned into silence by this. She had no idea how to respond.

“We didn’t want to mess up your life with Darren and Avi by trying anything and…and…we were afraid you’d say no to us and be mad at us if we tried anything,” Love said. She didn’t know if Sarah shared that insecurity but she sure felt that way.

Amy just looked at them stunned. She had no idea what to say or what to do. She felt so angry right then. But anger wasn’t the only thing she felt. There was something more.

She couldn’t explain it. She couldn’t think clearly. She has having all these strange impulses hitting her like little pricks of a needle. And before she knew it she was giving into one of those impulses.

“Oh, so this is what you want?” Amy said as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

“Whoa…Amy…what…what are you doing?” Love gasped when the gorgeous redhead undid her blouse and pulled it open to show off a lacy blue bra underneath.

“Isn’t this what you like? Isn’t this what you make all your guests do? Don’t I have to be naked to stay?” Amy snapped. “After all you fuck all your guests! And you want to fuck me I guess! So let’s do it! Let’s get naked! Let’s get wild! Whooooooooooooo!”

Amy wasn’t behaving normally at all. That was obvious. But she also wasn’t trying to turn them on and Sarah and Love recognized that. She was being angry in her actions, like she was throwing their desires in their face as she took off her blouse and twirled it over her head like she was a drunken girl at Mardi Gras.

“Amy please put your shirt back on!” Sarah pleased.

“Oh wow, bet that’s the first time you’ve ever said that around here!” Amy sneered. “I can’t believe all these years you weren’t really my friends! You had all these secrets you didn’t trust me enough to tell me! I thought you girls were different…I guess I didn’t know you at all…”

Her shirt now on the floor and her bra-covered breasts on display, Amy stalked out of the room toward someplace else. She had no idea where she was going but she knew she couldn’t stay there.

“Amy! Wait!” Love cried, but the redhead was fast and they were a touch slow.

Amy disappeared into the crowd of dozens of party guests and Sarah and Love were left having to follow her, trying to find the redhead before she did something crazy.


Meanwhile it hadn’t taken Anna long to find a new object of her desire. She might have been disappointed that things hadn’t gone any further than they had with Sarah but she had quickly found a mighty suitable replacement.

Olivia had run off when she had seen a friend, but Anna hadn’t minded that either. Because what Anna had locked her eyes on was way too tempting and there was no way she could refuse herself it. It was like asking a puppy if it wanted a squeaky toy. It wasn’t a question of whether the answer was yes, but rather how quickly it could get its mouth on it.

That was how she felt as she approached two women, one of whom she had only known as a friendly co-star and the other she didn’t know at all. But she didn’t care. She’d barely known Sarah and Love and yet that hadn’t stopped her from making out with them both and stripping totally naked in front of the whole party.

The way everyone else was acting here it didn’t seem like any social graces mattered anymore anyway so Anna just went with the flow and caressed her bare breasts, moaning as she rubbed her fingers into her swollen nipples while she watched Jennifer Aniston make her move on Kate Upton. Kate was struggling a bit against Jennifer but to Anna that just made it hotter.

“We can’t do this!” Kate insisted. “I’m not into girls! I’m straight!”

“Mmmmm sure you are honey,” Jennifer grinned wolfishly as she backed Kate into a corner. “So are the rest of us.”

“No! Really! I am!” Kate whined. “I mean all of you girls are hot…really hot! But I’m not into this! I like guys! I have a boyfriend!”

“Oh? Do you? Is he here?” Jennifer teased, her heart pumping adrenaline through her veins as she took control of the busty lust object.

Kate shook her head, stating with obvious with a look of fear and something more crossing her gorgeous face.

“Then he’s never going to find out about it, is he?” Jennifer pointed out. “Unless you want to tell him. Will you tell him Kate? Will you tell him how I licked your pussy better than he could? Will you tell him how I made you come harder than any man ever has? Mmmm will you tell him what a bad girl you were and how you let a whole party full of horny women paw at these huge tits and make you naked?”

“No! Never! None of that is going to happen!” Kate claimed. “I’m not a lesbian! I don’t want this!”

Kate considered herself completely 1,000% straight and the idea of being involved in something like this not only blew her mind but also placed her right on the edge of anxiety. But yet she wasn’t exactly running for the door either.

Sure Jennifer had her backed up against the wall but she could have pushed the actress away. She could have easily escaped. She wasn’t being held prisoner. She could have run. But she didn’t. Instead Kate just leaned back against the wall while Jennifer told her what she was going to do to her. Kate kept protesting that she didn’t want it but she wasn’t doing anything to actually stop it.

And that left Jennifer all the room to strike that she needed.

“Well you might not think you like girls now, but we have a way of changing minds around here,” Jennifer said before she pressed herself right up against the supermodel’s body and kissed her hard on the lips.

Kate’s eyes grew wide at the feel of one of the most famous and gorgeous women in the world kissing her and at first she was too shocked to react to it. Finally she pushed Jennifer away from her, but only after the actress had savored a few scorching hot moments of their lips pressed against one another’s.

Kate’s lips were just as soft as Jennifer had always imagined they would be. Plus, as Kate tried to wiggle away, Jennifer had been able to stare at how she jiggled under her dress while dreaming of something she knew would be even softer.

“Stop it!” Kate demanded. “I’m not gay! I’ve never been with a girl! I’ve never even wanted to be with one!”

Kate couldn’t believe what was happening. What had been just a friendly, fun party had suddenly turned into something out of some wild porno dream…or more accurately a nightmare. Everyone had turned into sex-crazed weirdoes, which might not even have been bad except for the fact that there weren’t any men for her to play with. And Kate was definitely not into women.

She wasn’t lying to try and get Jennifer to leave her alone. She had never been with a woman. She had never kissed one or touched one or even fantasized about it. An orgy was one thing, but an all-girl orgy? That was not her scene.

“Awww don’t be like that Kate, we can make it so good!” Jennifer said, planting her arms on each side of the busty blonde and trapping her against the wall. “See once you walk through the doors of this place, your ass becomes ours and we love hot girl ass! You might not have known it but you stopped being straight the second you walked in here. But don’t be upset. Mmm you’re going to love being a cunt-craving lesbian! I know I do!”

The only other time Jennifer had felt this kind of raging arousal running through her at this kind of strength had been the first time she had taken Emma Watson. She had taken that pretty little Hogwarts graduate and turned her into a ragdoll fit for lesbian fucking in front of all her friends. It had been so good and Jennifer had loved letting go of everything except her most carnal desires and giving in completely to lust while not caring about anything else.

Now that feeling was inside her again. It made Jennifer want to be dominant and take what she craved. And she definitely craved Kate Upton. Those huge tits were impossible to ignore. They demanded to be sucked and licked and pawed at and Jennifer was sure that Kate’s pussy would be even better.

In the back of Jennifer’s mind she still felt like there was something wrong…like something she was supposed to tell people. Had she been trying to warn people about something? Something with the punch? She couldn’t remember what it was she had been trying to say before and right then to her nothing mattered but ripping Kate Upton’s clothes off and turning this big-titted model into her whore.

So she kissed the blonde again, this time in an even fiercer fashion, pushing Kate back up against the wall. And this time Jennifer’s hands went to squeeze those epic tits through Kate’s dress.

Kate struggled but she couldn’t get Jennifer off her lips and that’s when a troubling thought occurred to her. What if she didn’t really want to get her off her? What if she wanted Jennifer to do this to her? What if she wanted her to take her and fuck her and…and….God, she didn’t even want to think about that. But she couldn’t shake the thought of her head that she wanted this to happen.

Was everyone here going crazy? Was she going crazy too? Kate could taste that punch all over Jennifer’s lips and before she knew it she was sucking on them to try and get that flavor. God, that punch had been so fucking yummy and now that she was tasting it on another woman’s lips it seemed even better. But wait. She wasn’t gay! She didn’t kiss girls! She wasn’t some crazy lesbian slut like the rest of these women! She had to try and get a hold of herself!

“I said no!” Kate cried out as she this time shoved Jennifer away from her. “Get off me you crazy dyke! I’m not playing your fucking game! I’m straight! Go fuck some other girl!”

Kate didn’t like to use words like that but she felt she had to. She felt like she was being targeted by horny girl predators coming after her and Jennifer wasn’t the only one. Every other woman there seemed to be leering at her. She was used to stares. She’d been getting them ever since she had developed boobs and the truth was she loved attention.

But she’d never seen anything like this and it scared her. Her heart was pounding. How had she ended up here? How could all these women be lesbians?

“Oh yeah? If you’re so straight then why do your nipples look like they’re going to rip through your dress?” Jennifer challenged.

Kate immediately looked down at her own boobs and groaned at what she saw. Oh God, Jennifer was right! Her nipples were fucking hard! They were pushing out against her sleeveless purple dress and, now that she was aware of it, Kate could feel how erect they were under her bra.

What was happening to her? Why was it so hard to remind herself that she wasn’t into women? Ever since she had had that cup of punch she had felt that warm, yummy goodness inside her that she always felt when she was around a cute guy. But women didn’t make her feel that way, did they?

Kate crossed her arms over her chest, something that was hard to do when she had D cups. She felt like she had to hide herself from Jennifer’s prying eyes but it was impossible, not when she couldn’t force herself to break away from the actress. Everything Jennifer was saying confused her already scrambled brain.

“And if you’re so straight how come you haven’t run for the door?” Jennifer asked. “No one’s going to drag you down and force you to lick pussy…unless you want us to! Mmmm face it Kate, you’re as big a whore for women as we are! You might not accept that yet but you will!”

“I’m not! I swear! I like dick!” Kate insisted even as she realized something even more horrifying than the state of her nipples. Her pussy was getting wet!

It was like it had suddenly developed a mind of its own. All around her she could see girls kissing and touching and stripping each other naked right in the middle of the party and it was making her all creamy and squishy between her legs. How the fuck was this happening?

“No you don’t, you love pussy!” Jennifer claimed, seeing the look of fear in Kate’s eyes and recognizing it. She had felt the same way that night Sarah, Love and Rose had hijacked her limo and seduced her. “I used to be like you! I used to think it was only cock for me! Mmmmm I fucking loved dick so much! But you know what? Now I love pussy even more! I love sticking my tongue into a girl’s steamy little slit and lapping every drop of cum out of her! I love squeezing a sweet girl ass and spreading those cheeks open and burying my face into that tight crack! Mmmm and I fucking can’t get enough of having my own holes licked! Ohhh there’s just something about girl tongue in your pussy and your asshole! Ooooh especially if it’s happening at the same time because you’ve got two girls going down on you! It’s so much better than any guy can ever be!”

“Oh my Goddddddddd!” Kate groaned.

How was this sounding so good? She didn’t love girls. She wasn’t attracted to them. She loved cock! She wasn’t into tits. She didn’t love girl asses. She didn’t want to feel Jennifer’s tongue lapping at her pussy while she looked down and saw that flawless face between her legs! Ughhhh fuckkkkk that sounded so hot though.

How could this be happening? Jennifer Aniston of all people was saying the filthiest things to her. She was never going to be able to look at Friends the same way again! This was all so insane. All of these women could have had any man they wanted and yet they only wanted each other.

All around her were hot tits and tight asses and beautiful lips kissing each other. Kate had gone right into the Twilight Zone or something and it was turning her on. She had never felt this way before. She had never given women a second’s thought when it came to any kind of sexual fantasy. But now, all she could think about was surrendering and letting Jennifer do anything she wanted to her.

“Don’t fight it!” Jennifer moaned as she kissed Kate’s neck and pushed the model’s arms away so she could squeeze her tits again, this time with no resistance from the blonde. “You know you want it!”

“I don’t!” Kate whined, afraid that Jennifer could somehow read her mind to know she was weakening as illicit pleasure rushed through her body from the way Jennifer’s soft hands groped her breasts

“Oh yes you do!” Jennifer correctly saw. “I’ll show you how much you fucking want it!”

Jennifer didn’t have to be a mind reader. She could see the lust in Kate’s eyes. Plus, based on the way Kate was squirming, it was clear that she was getting good and juicy too. Jennifer knew that feeling all too well and it was so hot to see Kate experiencing it for the first time.

Jennifer kissed Kate again, this time going for the kill. She pinned her against the wall as she rubbed herself into Kate, their bodies both so warm and excited underneath their clothes. This time Jennifer wasn’t just satisfied with tasting Kate’s lips. She wanted to explore her mouth and when Kate opened up like she was going to try and protest what she was dong, Jennifer slid her tongue into her and moaned when she felt Kate, instead of stopping her, start to kiss her back and rub her tongue against her as she probed her mouth.

Kate moaned too, this time from a need she had never known she had until now. Holy shit, what was she doing? How could she be French kissing Jennifer Aniston? How could she be letting this happen to herself?

But it felt so good. Her body had been tingling ever since she had tasted that punch and now the sensation of kissing Jennifer was supercharging those tingles. Kate’s whole body felt horny and she found herself kissing a woman for the first time. And she liked it too! Ohhhhh fuck did she like it!

“But…but…I have a boyfriend…” Kate moaned meekly when Jennifer pulled away, their lips both wet from each other’s saliva. She said that like she was clinging to it as if it were a life preserver floating amidst the shipwreck of her supposed total heterosexuality.

“You’re not even going to remember his name when I’m done with you,” Jennifer grinned. “Now, that pretty dress of yours? Lose it!”

“What?” Kate gasped, her head spinning and her body shivering like never before.

“You heard me!” Jennifer said. “Get naked! Let’s see those famous tits! Get that dress off or else I’ll fucking rip it off you!”

Kate was still too stunned to act. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She wasn’t acting like herself at all. She’d done wild things. She loved sex. She’d been to crazy parties. You didn’t model and not know how to party without any clothes on. That was just a fact. But this was still so new and too fucking wild for her.

So Jennifer’s demands went over her head like she was being asked to explain quantum physics. And when Jennifer reached for her, acting like she was going to make good on her threat, Kate gasped and tensed up, sure that the next thing she was going to hear was the fabric of her dress tearing open.

But instead Jennifer was merciful. She didn’t rip Kate’s dress off. Instead she merely unzipped it. She pulled the helpless model away enough from the wall to reach for that zipper and slide it down.

The sound of her dress being undone was tantalizingly naughty and Kate moaned when she heard it. It was like she was being stripped of all her inhibitions at the same time and she found herself actually kind of disappointed Jennifer hadn’t ripped her dress off. The more this happened, the more Kate felt herself secretly hoping that Jennifer really would take her and force her to fuck. She wanted Jennifer to make her like it as she took her against her will like some wild woman.

Kate groaned as she watched Jennifer give her dress a few helpful tugs and made it drop lifelessly around her heels. She was standing there in only her bra and panties now and she could only watch as Jennifer made herself the same way, unzipping her own dress and pulling it off her body so Kate could see her stripped down to just her underwear.

“I’m going to turn you lesbo, Kate,” Jennifer saucily promised and the chill Kate felt up her spine made her feel like the actress could make good on that pledge with ease. “You’re just like every other girl we’ve seduced. You might think you only want cock, but you’ll never be able to resist tits like these…”

As she said that, Jennifer unclasped her own bra and cast it onto the floor, making herself topless as Kate’s eyes grew at the sight of her bare breasts and beautifully dark, puffy nipples. But Jennifer didn’t stop there.

“And no one can resist this ass…” Jennifer boasted, revealing her most famous body part by turning toward Kate and slowly wiggling out of her panties.

She knew just how to strip. She’d practiced it thoroughly when she’d done We’re the Millers and had put those skills to good use many times with her housemates and their friends. So Jennifer knew she had Kate’s rapt attention as she eased her panties down and sensually swayed her ass.

“Oh my God!” Kate moaned at the flesh show. She still couldn’t understand why she felt this way, but she was getting so wet as Jennifer stripped naked for her.

Even though she’d never felt an attraction to women before now she’d always admired Jennifer’s beauty, especially her ass. She’d always wanted an ass like that, so tight and toned with the perfect curve. Seeing it naked took her breath away and now Kate stared at those fit buns, the tiniest of pale tan lines covering Jennifer’s backside, with both envy and a desire that she had never dreamed she would feel.

And the rest of Jennifer was just as perfect as her ass. When she turned around, exposing her fully nude body, Kate found herself staring not just at Jennifer’s breasts in all their firm glory, but also her visibly wet pussy. Kate had never seen another woman fully aroused like this before and she found herself fixated on those juicy, bald pink lips as they shone for her under the light of the room.

“See this pussy?” Jennifer asked seductively as she ran her hand over her own cunt lips and brought her fingers up to her mouth so she could lick them clean. “You’re going to be licking this pussy, Kate! You’re going to be licking up all these juices and swallowing them down like a good little lesbian slut! You’re going to go gay for my cunt and you’re never going to want a man again!”

Kate’s eyes gawked at Jennifer touching herself and she felt her nipples poking out more than ever against her bra. But still she denied herself, mostly out of the habit but also for another, more deviant reason.

“No! I’m straight…I…I swear!” Kate claimed. “I’m not a fucking lesbo! I won’t lick your pussy!”

Kate found herself saying those words without even thinking them and it wasn’t just a defense mechanism as she experienced sexual identity confusion for the first time. It was because she felt a deep need inside her, one she had felt many times. It was the first time she had ever felt it for another woman, but Kate loved being taken.

Kate loved to be submissive in bed. She loved to be talked dirty to and be made to feel like a whore and a dirty slut. She loved to be told she was filthy and nasty and she loved when men took her and owned her like she was some prize they had claimed for themselves. She loved when her man controlled her tits and her pussy and her mouth and even her ass. Nothing made her wetter.

And now she was feeling that way for a woman and she wanted Jennifer to take her. She was baiting her into doing it now. She wasn’t just insisting she was straight to be stubborn. She was doing it to make Jennifer grab her and treat her like a slut and force her to be gay.

And Jennifer knew it too. Kate’s voice insisted she was straight, but her eyes told a different story and so did her actions.

“Mmmmm yes you will!” Jennifer insisted, eager to play the supermodel’s game. “And you fucking want it too! Look at yourself! Do you even know you’re rubbing your pussy right now or are you too much of a stupid bimbo to even realize that?”

Kate groaned and blushed as Jennifer said that, not just because of the embarrassment of being called a bimbo by a woman she admired but because she really hadn’t realized she was touching herself. She looked down in surprise and saw that she was unconsciously rubbing herself through her panties, making a wet spot appear that was growing by the second as she got more and more aroused. But Kate didn’t stop rubbing herself. She was too horny to think, much less act like she didn’t want this.

So Kate stood helplessly while Jennifer strode naked to her, the very picture of sensual confidence as she left her clothes on the floor. And this time when Jennifer pressed her face to hers and kissed her, there was absolutely no hesitation.

Kate kissed back immediately and this time was even the aggressor in pushing her tongue into Jennifer’s mouth. Kate was finding out very quickly how much she loved kissing women and it made her even more curious to experience the rest of this.

“You’re going to be such a filthy little cunt lapping slut!” Jennifer moaned in between wet tongue kisses with the supermodel. “And not just for me! For all of us! Mmmm you’re going to be licking all our pussies and swallowing our cum and you’re going to love it! And speaking of things I’m going to love!”

“Wait…no…” Kate tried to say but it was futile and didn’t actually do anything to stop Jennifer as the actress reached around her back for the clasp of her bra.

She did, however, cross her arms over her large breasts again when Jennifer pulled the bra off, this time to cover up her nudity.

“Oh no! Don’t you dare cover those things up! Show us all those huge tits!” Jennifer commanded. “We’ve been staring at them ever since you walked in here and now you need to show them off! Let’s see those famous tits! Let’s see what drives everyone so crazy about you!”

And when Kate didn’t immediately move her arms away, Jennifer took away the option from her. She pushed her arms down and didn’t even need much force to do it. All it took was a little touch to make Kate submissively drop her arms to the side and bare her famous breasts.

“Oh yessssss mmmm now that’s what I want!” Jennifer moaned as she admired the view of the supermodel’s rack all naked and there to be drooled over.

Kate’s appearance at the mansion this night might have been unexpected but that didn’t mean that Jennifer hadn’t been admiring her from afar. She didn’t know a lot of men who weren’t fixated on Kate Upton’s body and she certainly felt the same way. Kate’s breasts were glorious clothed and naked they were otherworldly.

“You have such amazing tits!” Jennifer declared. “Mmmmmm gimmie!”

Jennifer groaned as she buried her face in that naked rack, almost forcing Kate to rub them into her face. And Kate was moaning too as this happened. Having her body used like this was making her drip into her panties and she had to admit that she loved the feeling of Jennifer’s soft lips kissing all over her now naked tits. She knew guys were obsessed with her breasts. She’d been dealing with that kind of attention forever. But she’d never expected to have a woman act that way, especially a woman like Jennifer Aniston.

That just made this kinkier though and Kate pressed her hands against the wall, like she was clutching it as Jennifer kissed and licked all over her chest while squeezing the fleshy mounds.

Kate’s moans spilled out of her mouth now. Once she started acknowledging the pleasure she was feeling she couldn’t stop. She moaned repeatedly and loudly as Jennifer stimulated her. Men always wanted to play with her tits and she loved feeling rough, strong hands all over them but this was so much different and a big part of her found it even more arousing. Jennifer’s hands were so soft and her mouth and tongue were incredible.

“Ohhhhhh ohhhh yesssssssssss dirty little lesbian slut!” Kate groaned. “Mmmmm you perv! You love those big titties, don’t you? Mmmm you’re even more into them than my boyfriend is and he LOVES my big tits! Bet you think you can do it better than him huh and make me all gay and dirty for you! Ughhhh ooooooh yessssssssssss! Mmmm!”

Jennifer didn’t even have to respond to that. She knew she could do better than any man and she also knew that Kate was already reacting like she was in total love with how she was touching her.

Jennifer couldn’t get enough of these mammoth tits. Kate’s D cups were like a new toy for her to play with at Christmas. She loved tasting all over those mounds, tasting the sweat and perfume off Kate’s body and running her tongue all over those pink areolas before she licked her small, erect nipples.

Kate’s nipples were swelling up so sexily under her tongue and Jennifer loved tasting them but she wanted to taste something else even more as she moved her hand off her chest and toward the supermodel’s panties.

“Oh I’m a perv, am I?” Jennifer grinned as she pulled Kate’s underwear down and revealed how she wasn’t the only one there with a hairless pussy.

“Yessssss you are!” Kate moaned, trying not to show off how horny this was making her. “You’re a dirty pervy lesbian!”

“Mmmmm well I might be a lesbian but now you’re one too, Kate! And I’m going to make you love it!” Jennifer said, pulling Kate away from the wall and instead moving her toward a nearby coffee table.

She gave the model a little shove and Kate did the rest, backing up and sitting herself on top. Unlike the larger hard wood table in the room that was filled with food, this table had nothing else on it and had enough room for Kate to sit.

Kate worried at first that the table wasn’t going to support her but it was made of stone and could easily hold her. And then all of her concerns about the table vanished when Jennifer sank to her knees in front of her and pulled her panties all the way off her. They’d been left around her knees from when Jennifer had first exposed her pussy but now they were completely removed, leaving Kate naked and feeling more vulnerable than she ever had.

“You’re going to be a perverted pussy licker too!” Jennifer promised the internationally famous model as she forced open her legs and made sure she knew this was happening whether she was ready for it or not. “You’re not going to be able to go a day without girl cum on your tongue! You’re going to be a lesbo whore just like the rest of us!”

“No…please…wait…” Kate tried to say, suddenly gripped with a renewed fear that she didn’t want this.

But nothing was stopping Jennifer as she pressed her mouth to Kate’s pussy and kept her legs spread open so she could easily lick away at her aroused lips. And naturally, Jennifer’s enormously skilled tongue got an instant reaction of ecstasy from the blonde model.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”Kate cried as new and wonderful sensations pulsed through her now naked body.

The sensation of having a woman’s tongue on her vagina for the first time sent electricity through her. She had thought the punch had left her tingling but whatever had been in that drink was nothing compared to the sensations that Jennifer’s tongue was creating.

This was wrong, so very, very wrong. Kate knew she wasn’t supposed to like this. But she did. Ohhhhhh God she loved it. Jennifer’s soft tongue was so different than a man’s and it took only a few licks to convince Kate that she had never had her pussy eaten like this before.

“Still want me to stop?” Jennifer grinned as she peered up from between Kate’s glorious thighs.

“YES!” Kate cried out even though she didn’t mean it. “Please…please…I’m straight…I swear! Don’t! Ohhh noooooo! OHHHHH FUCKKKK! OHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS!”

But even Kate didn’t believe that anymore and Jennifer completely ignored her wishes and dove back in with her tongue, licking Kate’s delicious honeypot and relishing the chance to be the first woman to taste the creamy, hot juices as they dripped out of her.

As Jennifer licked, the word “yes” kept flying out of Kate’s mouth, this time not to try and get Jennifer to stop but to urge her on. Jennifer was taking her forcefully with her tongue and Kate loved it. She couldn’t control herself. It was too good and she found herself fondling her own tits, squeezing the huge, natural mounds and stimulating her nipples, just like she did whenever something she really loved was happening to her between her legs.

“Now you’re the perv Kate! Now you’re a fucking lesbo like the rest of us!” Jennifer teased as she lapped at Kate’s flaring lips. “Mmmm tell me you love it! Tell me you love another woman licking this pussy!”

Kate was having trouble pushing those words past her lips though. She certainly felt it. She just couldn’t get herself to admit it. She didn’t want to admit how much she was enjoying this but she also didn’t want Jennifer to stop licking.

She needed her to keep going. Her pussy had never been this wet before just from being licked. No man’s tongue had ever made Kate feel this good. How could this be happening to her? How could she be naked and perched on a coffee table with her legs open and Jennifer Aniston between them eating her out? This had to be a dream but if it was Kate didn’t want to wake up, especially when Jennifer began licking her faster.

Jennifer’s tongue lashed against her smooth, creamy slit, stimulating her sensitive lips with every lick. Kate was squirming in pleasure as she sat on the table and played with her boobs. She squeezed them harder and began pinching her swollen nipples, making them turn almost red in contrast with the soft pink of her areolas. Feeling the faster pace made Kate cry out again and again and again and when Jennifer’s tongue focused on her clit, the blonde could hold back no longer.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS! AHHH! OHHHHH MY GODDDD!” Kate screamed as her body bucked in response to the jolt of pleasure, her bare ass banging into the stone table. “OOOOOOH FUCK ME! YESSSSSS FUCK ME JENNIFER! OOOH I LOVE ANOTHER WOMAN LICKING MY PUSSYYYYYYYYY!”

“Mmmmm yessssssssssssss!” Jennifer groaned, easing one of her hands between her own legs so she could play with herself while Kate told her exactly what she wanted to hear. “Not so straight anymore, are you? Still only like guys?”

“OOOOOOH DON’T STOP! DON’T STOPPPPP!” Kate begged as Jennifer focused all her energy on licking her clitoris, attacking it with a tongue that had perfected its technique after all those years of practice. “OHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS! NOOOO NOT STRAIGHT! GAWWWWWD I’M NOT FUCKING STRAIGHT! I’M A LESBO SLUT JUST LIKE YOU! OOOOOOOOOOOOH!”

That was all Anna could take. She couldn’t just watch a second more of this. Her eyes had been rapt on the action ever since she had first witness Jennifer putting the moves on Kate and now she could hold back no longer.

Anna had been touching herself almost unconsciously watching Kate succumb to Jennifer. Staring at a naked Kate Upton writhing in all her busty glory from the ministrations of Jennifer Aniston’s tongue while the actress kneeled down and jutted out that flawless ass of hers had nearly made Anna soak her fingers. God, she was so fucking wet and she needed to play with these women more than she’d ever wanted anything sexually before.

Not believing she was acting like such a perv, Anna brought her pussy-coated fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean. She moaned wantonly as she tasted her own juices. This was all so dirty. It was insane and filthy and she wanted in on it so bad.

She had just co-starred in a movie with Jennifer but had only admired Kate from afar in the way so many others did. How could you not have been awed by a body like that? And now Anna knew she needed to do more than stare. The taste of her own carnal flavor all over her fingers was proof of that.

So Anna got bold, bolder than she had ever been in her life. She didn’t bother with politeness or societal graces. She just went for it. She strode stark naked over to the coffee table and announced her presence by kissing Kate right on the lips.

It was something she never would have let a guy do to her in a million years, not even if it was a guy made up of the DNA of Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling and Sean Bean and was carrying ice cream in one hand and a puppy in the other. But she did it there, ignoring her co-star and focusing right on the supermodel she had never formally met. And Anna didn’t just kiss her, not when she could also get her hands on those mega boobs and gawk at how they dwarfed her comparatively tiny hands.

Kate hadn’t been expecting this. Hell she hadn’t been expecting ANY of this but she didn’t fight it. By now there was no fight left in her. She had closed her eyes so that the pleasure from Jennifer’s tongue could better wash over her but now she shot them open and could only moan when she saw it was Anna Kendrick of all people passionately kissing her.

Kate was more convinced than ever that this had to be some crazy dream and she was going to wake up any second. Because of that she told herself to enjoy this while it lasted. So Kate didn’t push Anna away. Instead she kissed her back.

And not only did Kate kiss Anna and let the girl play with her tits, she did the same to the brunette. She reached up and touched another girl’s breasts for the first time, capturing Anna’s firm chest in her hand and softly exploring them while they began to tongue kiss each other.

Both of them were acting completely on impulse and it felt so good to do it. Anna was feeling the mind blowing thrill of being able to make out and touch every man’s fantasy and Kate was getting off on her first real exploration of another woman’s body.

Kate loved feeling those perky boobs in her hand. They were absolutely perfect on Anna’s petite body and she loved how they felt in her palms, all round and soft with hard nipples poking into her. It felt so naughty when she made Anna moan from touching them. Kate had felt her own boobs before but never another woman’s and even though she still recognized how wrong this was, it felt so absolutely right.

As for Anna she was feeling very much like a big, dumb boob-obsessed male right then and she loved it. Feeling Kate’s huge tits up was something she could cross off her bucket list now and it was kind of like trying to palm a volleyball. It just wasn’t possible but she gave it her best shot.

Anna got such a thrill out of doing this, out of squeezing Kate Upton’s rack and tongue kissing her. She was out of control and it felt amazing but she knew it could get even better.

“Lay back,” Anna ordered, her voice a moan as she prioritized her own needs over everything else.

“What?” Kate asked, confused and horny and still a little scared by all of this.

“You heard me,” Anna said. “Lie back! Let’s see what a lesbian you really are, Kate!”

And Jennifer only encouraged her co-star. She hadn’t been expecting Anna to insert herself into her fun but that happened all the time at the mansion and the girl was more than welcome. She hadn’t even known Anna was going to be at the party but she sure loved seeing her naked for the first time. That tiny body looked amazing stripped bare and, even while she was going down on Kate, Jennifer couldn’t take her eyes off Anna’s perky tits and those perfect little butt cheeks.

“Yessssssss do it!” Jennifer urged having a pretty good clue what the girl was planning. “Fucking take her Anna! Make her a slut! Make her eat that pussy! Mmmm fuck that pretty face!”

“Wait…you’re going to what?” Kate stammered even as she moaned out in pleasure from Jennifer’s mouth on her pussy.

She reflexively felt like she had to stop this but when Anna gave her a soft shove, she just let it happen and she lay back on the stone table, pressing her bare back to it while Jennifer continued to feast on her.

Jennifer was sucking on her pussy now, slurping the juices right out of her with a cum thirsty energy that made Kate giddy with pleasure. So she had no ability to fight off Anna, even as the girl made her do things she had never done before.

It was two against one and Kate’s submissive side loved that. She wanted to feel helpless. She wanted to feel taken. She wanted to feel as though she couldn’t do anything to stop this even if she’d wanted to because right then Kate didn’t want to stop it, not with Jennifer’s tongue and mouth driving her wild and not with Anna getting her tiny body up on the table so she could press her pussy right to her face.

Kate didn’t have a chance to react. The girl gave her no additional warning. Anna just slung her leg over her head and pushed her pussy down, planting it against her mouth and expecting her to get right to it.

“Fuck me!” Anna commanded, wild desire fueling her on as she took liberties she never could have envisioned before tonight. “C’mon! I need it! Eat that pussy! Show me what a dirty little lesbo you are now Kate! Taste your first pussy!”

Kate had no idea what to do. She had never expected to be in anything like this kind of situation. But she didn’t panic. She loved the sensation of Anna ordering her around and forcing her crotch into her face while she reached down and squeezed her breasts roughly.

Kate knew she was great at sucking cock. Having big tits wasn’t the only thing she used to keep her man happy after all. And while things were dramatically different here, oral sex was oral sex and, as soon as she recovered from the initial shock all of a sudden having Anna Kendrick’s vagina in her face, she started licking.

She tried to follow along what Jennifer was doing to her but the actress was so experienced and her tongue was moving so quickly and expertly. Kate couldn’t mimic her, but she could at least try and imitate her which actually wasn’t difficult since Kate had to admit that she really liked her first taste of pussy.

She had tasted herself before tonight. She enjoyed tasting her fingers after masturbating and she loved sucking off a cock that had just been in her pussy. But none of that could compare to this as she had Anna grinding her pussy in her face, forcing her to fuck her. Kate started licking as best she could, tasting another woman for the first time and hoping she was doing it right. And fortunately it was good enough.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmm yessssssss get that tongue going Kate! Mmmm give me a supermodel style licking!” Anna groaned, riding Kate’s face reverse cowgirl style so she could easily keep her hands on the model’s huge tits and still be able to stare down at Jennifer’s gorgeous movie star face in between those famous thighs. “Oooooooooooooh it’s been WAY too long since I had a woman lick me! Mmmm fuckkkk do it Kate! Eat my pussy! FUCKKKK!”

Anna cried out as Kate hit a sensitive spot with her tongue and she rubbed herself into her face harder, hoping that the girl would get the message to do it again. Fortunately she did as Kate took direction very well while licking pussy for the first time.

Kate was definitely raw and a bit too tentative but she learned quickly and Anna began moaning out her pleasure in a steady exclamation as she squeezed those epic tits and watched Jennifer at work.

It was so hot for Anna to be able to see Jennifer tonguing Kate’s cunt as she got her own licked. Anna never would have ever guessed that her recent co-star was into stuff like this but the way her tongue was working the model over and the way Kate was moaning right into the muzzle of her pussy was showing Anna just how good Jennifer was.

Anna knew an artist in the craft of cunnilingus when she saw one and she couldn’t wait to feel that tongue for herself. But for now she was more than content to remain in close contact with Kate as the blonde’s tongue got more eager to explore with each lick.

“Mmmmm you like that baby? Like how my pussy tastes?” Anna groaned as she fucked Kate’s famous face, grinding her wetness into her with a slow, steady motion that fed the juices right out of her hole onto Kate’s tongue as it lapped away. “Mmmmm I can’t believe you’ve never licked pussy before! I thought all you models did it with each other! Just like us musical theater bitches do!”

Anna didn’t mean to make it sound like theater was a non-stop orgy but it kind of was. She had learned so many things backstage with good-looking men and good-looking women and boy did she have stories to tell. She would have shared them but then she would have ended up sounding like Alyson Hannigan in American Pie going “And this one time, at theater camp…”

Right then Anna was mostly grateful for theater for showing her just how amazing women could be at fucking. Sure she liked guys. And sure she was like maybe 82 to 83% straight but she knew women were great too.

She loved having her pussy licked by them and it had been way too long since she had done it. Anna had never expected something like this tonight but how could she turn down a party full of women eager to fuck, especially when one of them was Kate Upton? She was doing what just about every man in the entire world wanted to do right then and knowing that made her fuck Kate’s face harder.

“Get your tongue in there!” Anna coached. “Eat that pussy! Ohhh yesssss you’re a real fucking lez now Kate! Mmmmm you’re eating me out like a champ! Yeahhhh fucking shove that tongue in and lick at that clit! Don’t be shy! Oooooh you’re doing fine! Mmmm yeahhh you’re like a real carpet munching lez now!”

Kate wasn’t sure if Anna was making fun of her or encouraging her but either way the chatter did help. She didn’t like failing at things. In fact she couldn’t really remember anything she had ever failed at. Sure maybe all those A+ in school from her male teachers in high school hadn’t exactly been totally fairly earned, but she’d still gotten them and Kate didn’t like to lose.

She had it all. She had fame, money, a hot athlete boyfriend and now she had pussy in her face. Kate wasn’t about to fail at that. So she licked at Anna as best she could and startled to find out how much she actually liked it.

Kate definitely wasn’t feeling very straight right then, In fact she was feeling pretty fucking gay. But she was getting off on that. She was being such a bad girl…a dirty, filthy little slut.

She loved Anna’s hands on her tits and Kate wanted to moan out to her to slap them hard so she could fucking feel it. But she couldn’t, not with that pussy in her face and she made sure that she didn’t stop licking. She felt so used right then, pressed down on her back completely naked with one woman fucking her with her tongue and another fucking her face and it was only making her wetter.

It was such an intense sensation to be taken like this and Kate’s pussy kept drooling right into Jennifer’s mouth as she fed off Anna, licking at her as quickly as she could to give her pleasure while still trying to keep from getting sloppy with her licking.

Kate wanted to be good. She wanted to make Anna come as she explored her pink and she didn’t waste time trying to find her clit. She went right for it and certainly didn’t need a road map. That had Anna crying out even louder and Kate welcomed that along with the extra juice she now had soaking her tongue.

The pleasure she was feeling from tasting Anna extended into what she was feeling from Jennifer, allowing her to enjoy her first lesbian licking even more. She was no passive participant in her own sexual awakening anymore.

Now Kate was actively involved, moving her hips to press her pussy up against Jennifer’s face and coax more of her tongue on her. She couldn’t believe it felt this good. Kate couldn’t get enough of it as she swallowed down Anna’s taste and fed Jennifer hers.

Jennifer was in quite the heavenly spot as she kneeled down to tongue fuck Kate. Not only did she have the famed beauty’s waxed smooth pussy in her face but she could look up and see Anna bouncing on Kate’s face.

Anna looked so sexy like that, her perky tits jiggling so enticingly and her pussy mashed against Kate’s mouth, giving Jennifer a view of Kate’s tongue licking away, lashing against those tender pink lips. Jennifer loved having such a graphic view of the woman she had just done a movie with, Anna’s brown curls making for a nice, neat patch of fur above her pussy. And it was even hotter to have their huge, opulently decorated Christmas tree in the background as Anna rode Kate’s face. It made for such a hot contrast of naughty and nice.

Jennifer wanted to drain Kate of her cum and then shove her face right into Anna’s twat and get her nose in those curls as she licked her dry. God, she was famished for pussy. She usually was pretty insatiable when it came to women but she had never been this horny before and she couldn’t quite figure out why. But she knew she was enjoying it.

Now if only she could remember what it was in the back of her mind that she knew she was forgetting. She had to tell someone something.

Jennifer found she couldn’t really concentrate on anything but how sweet and delicious Kate’s pussy was. She was sopping wet and the girl, for all her protestations, clearly loved the feel of another woman’s tongue licking her. The juicy flavor and the thrill of her conquest drove Jennifer on and she lapped at the supermodel harder, making Kate moan right into Anna’s pussy as the actress rode her face.

Even though Anna’s pussy made an excellent muzzle for Kate’s mouth, it was clear that she was definitely not begging Jennifer to stop anymore. All she wanted was more and Jennifer knew it wouldn’t be long before the gorgeous model, who had starred in so many male fantasies thanks to exposing herself for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, would be coming all over her face.

That made Jennifer lick her even more. She was getting such a rush from tonguing Kate’s previously heterosexual pussy while knowing she was the lucky first woman to taste this sweet, pink pie. Jennifer badly wanted Kate to come and not even because she was feeling generous and wanted the model to have an amazing orgasm.

No, this was coming from pure ego for Jennifer. She wanted to be the first to have Kate and fuck her and make her come. She wanted Kate to always remember that it had been Jennifer Aniston who had taken her straight pussy and licked it so good that she turned lesbo.

And while she lapped away at Kate, paying very close attention to her clitoris, Jennifer couldn’t help but tease her more.

“Mmmmm you’re going to fucking come for me, aren’t you?” Jennifer purred evilly, knowing that Kate was getting off on this as well as from being licked. “Not so straight anymore, are you Kate? Mmm now you’re one of us! I’m going to make you come so good and then you’ll be a dirty fucking gay girl like me! Like all of us! Mmmm I’m going to make your hot pussy all queer and make you into a fucking lesbo whether you want me to or not! You’re not going to want cock anymore! You’ll only want me and all my friends to fuck you like the lesbian whore you are!”

That got another muffled scream from Kate into Anna’s pussy. She was being licked right into rapture by Jennifer’s tongue and her mean taunts were making everything better. Kate couldn’t believe how good Jennifer was at this. She was going down on her better than any man ever had and was also pushing her buttons like no one else. It was like her pussy and her brain were both being expertly fucked by Jennifer and Kate found herself helpless from the pleasure and desire.

She loved feeling that way. She had just never felt like she would feel it from a woman. But right then Kate really felt that Jennifer was making her gay. She didn’t want to stop it anymore. Kate wanted it to happen. It was like she was being fucked so good she was being turned into a lesbian and Kate ached for her previously straight body to be completely and totally fucked by horny gay women like Jennifer and all her dirty friends like Anna.

Kate still couldn’t believe or understand what was happening to her. She had never ever looked at a woman sexually before tonight. It had never been anything she had ever wanted. She had always loved guys too much to even consider being with a woman. But now all she could think about was much she loved being fucked by beautiful lesbian sluts like Jennifer and Anna.

Kate couldn’t get enough of Jennifer’s soft, wet tongue lapping away at her pussy. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She was fucking her like all she wanted in the world was to make her come. Kate had never had anyone go down on her like this and Jennifer’s tongue was so amazing between her legs. It was like Jennifer knew her pussy better than she did. Everything she did with her tongue felt amazing to Kate.

But Kate wasn’t just receiving pleasure. She was giving out plenty of it too and she was learning to love it as much as she loved being licked by Jennifer. Anna tasted so fucking good. Her juices were dripping right into her mouth and coating her tongue. Kate couldn’t get enough of how much she liked the taste of her and she sure couldn’t get over the shock of the Pitch Perfect star fucking her face.

How many times had she watched that movie? How many times had she admired Anna’s talent? Now the beautiful, pint-sized actress was riding her tongue and feeding her the juice right from her wet pussy and Kate couldn’t believe that not only was Anna doing this to her but that she liked it.

Kate felt so wonderfully helpless then. She was at the mercy of gorgeous, voracious lesbians and she never wanted it to end. She wanted them to fuck her brains out and make her gay like them. She moaned wantonly while Jennifer taunted her and threw her now shredded heterosexuality right in her face. It only made the pleasure more intense for her.

“Yessssssssssss ohhhhh my God yesss! Make me your whore! Make me your fucking lesbian whore!” Kate groaned, her brain as much of a creamy mess by now as her pussy was. “Fuck me Jennifer! Ooooh please make me come! Make my pussy come and make me all gay and slutty like you! You’re so fucking sexy ooooooh and you’re sooooo bad! Mmmm fucking me and making me into a lesbo! Fuckkkk ohhh fuck please give me more!”

“Mmmmmhmmm you know you’re going to be just a dirty little gay girl slut like me now!” Jennifer smirked in between licks and sucks at Kate’s smooth clam. “No more straight girl! Just a horny little lesbian slut craving pussy! You won’t even want your boyfriend anymore mmmm when he’s fucking you, you’ll be dreaming of me, won’t you Kate?”

And Kate couldn’t fight it. She was caught in the grips of an intense lust she had never felt before. She didn’t want to be straight anymore. She didn’t want cock. She didn’t want her boyfriend. She just wanted more of Jennifer and more of Anna and lots and lots more of girls fucking girls.

“Yessssssss ooooh I’ll fucking dream of you every night!” Kate cried, surrendering to the intense need now inside her. “I’ll think of your face when he’s fucking me! I’ll lie there while he’s shoving his cock into me and I’ll be dreaming of your tongue Jennifer and I’ll be dreaming of your pussy Anna! Oh God! Make me so fucking gay that I’ll never want cock again! I’ll only want hot, wet pussy fucking my face!”

Kate couldn’t believe she was saying these things. She loved men. She loved her boyfriend. She had never wanted anything but cock. But now she was in an intense haze of lust like never before. She felt herself totally turning lesbian. She had never felt this turned on and all she could think about were all the beautiful women she had interacted with over the years. Which ones of them had wanted to fuck her? How many times had she stupidly denied herself this immense pleasure?

This was the best feeling she’d ever experienced. Kate was totally in love with the idea of becoming a lesbian. She wanted these horny dykes to fuck her face and eat her pussy. She wanted to taste them all and kiss them and feel up their tits and let them do filthy things to her whole body. Kate was in a state of heat like never before and all she wanted was more girl fucking.

Burying her face back in Anna, Kate started licking her with even more of a fervor than she’d had before. She might not have had any experience but she was so enthusiastic and she wanted to learn so quickly. Kate threw herself into eating pussy with the same abandon she loved to bring to everything else and her enthusiasm and pleasure from the lewd act was growing by the second.

Anna tasted so good. Kate couldn’t get enough of that sweet, tangy flavor and her zest for Anna’s juices grew with each drop she tasted. She could totally understand now why all these women would go gay for each other. Now Kate was having trouble remembering why she had ever been straight in the first place. Who wouldn’t want sex like this all the time?

And Kate’s newfound love of eating pussy was certainly having an effect on Anna. The brunette actress fucked herself against Kate’s cover girl face and the pleasure overtook her too as she kept reaching down to grope Kate’s famously big tits.

“Ooooh fuckkk mmmm God for a straight girl you sure love eating pussy,” Anna moaned out happily, her hands roaming all over Kate’s chest like they were a new toy for her to play with. “Mmmmm yeahhhh fuck me with that tongue! Ooooh you love the taste of pussy now, don’t you? Fuckkkk ohhhhhh yesssss keep that up and I’ll be coming all over that pretty face!”

Anna couldn’t believe she was doing this either. She hadn’t been with a woman in so long and getting laid tonight had been the last thing she had expected. She had certainly never dreamed about hooking up with someone like Kate Upton who was every horny guy’s dream. But the unexpected nature of it made it so much sexier to Anna.

The pleasure she felt was growing by the second and it wasn’t just from the way Kate was tonguing her. Her enthusiasm was definitely appreciated but Kate needed practice and a lot of it. However Anna was having no problem getting off on fucking Kate’s face. Her tongue was plenty energetic and knew what spots to hit. And even though her technique was ragged and uneven, Anna loved the mere idea of being eaten out by Kate Upton.

She was fucking the face of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Every time she saw Kate’s face on the cover of a magazine, Anna knew she would be able to think about how she had planted her pussy on it and rubbed her juicy folds all over those gorgeous features. That was so fucking hot and just the sheer awesomeness of being able to do it to Kate with her blonde hair and huge tits and all-American looks thrilled Anna in an intense way.

Anna loved what was happening to her. It might have been a long duration since her last time with a woman but this was reminding her so quickly about why she had always felt there was at least a small part of her that was a total lesbian. It was why she could never be completely straight. Women fucked so good and, as this party got so wild all around her, Anna could tell that Kate’s wasn’t the only sexy face she’d be fucking tonight.

All of these women were so gorgeous. Anna felt like if a meteor hit this mansion right now, the percentage of sexy people in the world would be drastically reduced. This wasn’t like any other party she had ever been to and that made it so much fun. Everyone was hot and everyone was horny and right then Anna didn’t think anyone could be hornier than she was.

She hadn’t even felt that pent up with need before she’d gotten here. Sure she’d been working her ass off lately and hadn’t had any time for the basic human need of getting some. But it hadn’t even been that long a dry spell and it had mostly been by choice and necessity. Anna hadn’t been craving sex when she’d gotten here but she sure as fuck was craving it now.

Anna ground her pussy lewdly into Kate’s gorgeous face while she bent over more and started sucking on those epic tits. She squeezed and sucked on Kate’s amazing breasts and once again saw why guys went crazy for a great pair of titties. She was feeling so horny right then and Anna loved looking down at Jennifer’s beautiful face buried in Kate’s thighs.

She loved seeing her co-star, one she barely knew but totally respected, going to town on Kate’s pussy. Anna thought Jennifer looked sexier than she ever had in her life right then with her mouth pressed to Kate’s pussy and her tongue lapping away at it. Jennifer was so into eating out Kate’s bald pussy and Anna found herself hoping Jennifer would lick her like that too.

Even though Anna was fucking one gorgeous superstar she wanted another one already. Kate wasn’t enough for her. She had to have Jennifer too and Anna was sure Jennifer wouldn’t be enough either. There were so many hot girls here and Anna desired them all.

Anna hadn’t craved sex this much in so long. God, she didn’t even think she’d EVER craved it as much as she did now. But now she felt like an out of control sexual beast. She’d never felt like this before but it was exhilarating. She wanted to fuck all of these women and she was really starting to pant and moan while she worked herself into an even hotter state while fucking Kate’s eager tongue.


Anna couldn’t believe the words flying out of her own mouth. She’d always talked shit. It was so much fun to do it. But she’d never talked like that before. She’d never even thought she was any good at dirty talk. Now it was flowing from her lips and she didn’t know from where. But Anna liked it. It was such a rush to be so free and talk so dirty.

She fucked herself against Kate’s face even harder while slapping her tits, making Kate wince and moan and lick her faster. Anna loved seeing Kate’s tits bounce while she writhed naked underneath her from how well Jennifer was licking her. But she wanted to see them jiggle more. She was becoming totally obsessed with them and Anna ached to see those titties shake for her. So she smacked them hard and Kate loved the wicked touch, digging her tongue harder into Anna while she moaned wantonly.

Kate could feel her tits sting from the hard smacks against her fleshy mounds but she got nothing but pleasure from it. She loved being manhandled like this. She was being taken so wonderfully by these hot women. Anna and Jennifer were making her into their lesbian bitch and it was so fucking hot that Kate couldn’t control herself.

Her pussy was so close to creaming in Jennifer’s mouth and she screamed out her pleasure right into Anna’s crotch while she tongued her. She had never been fucked like this before. Kate thought she had done wild things but nothing could compare to this. Not even the time she’d gotten double penetrated and felt a cock up her pussy and her ass at the same time was on this level of pleasure.

Kate never wanted this to stop. She never wanted to be straight again. She wanted to be a gay girl slut just like Jennifer said she was. Kate wanted these women to turn her and make her into a total lesbian. This was so amazing. She wanted nothing but hot pussies in her face and amazing female tongues on her clit from now on.

“FUCKKKK OHHHH PLEAAASE OHHH PLEAAASE DON’T STOP JENNIFER!” Kate begged while she licked and sucked on Anna’s cunt, tasting her cream and stimulating her clit. “MAKE ME COME! PLEASE MAKE ME COME! OHHHHHH!”

“Mmmmmhmmm is this naughty pussy going to go all gay for me?” Jennifer teased, lapping at Kate’s bald slit and making her shiver in pleasure. “Mmmm is it going to be creamy little lesbo fuckhole now? Are you going to be a good slut Kate and fuck women from now on?”

And there was no doubt in Kate’s mind that she would. She belonged to Jennifer now and she wasn’t shy about submissively giving the superstar actress what she wanted.

“Yesssssss yesssssssssssssss yesssssssssssssssssssss oooooooh I willllll!” Kate wailed in need, her face messy from Anna’s dripping juices. “Fuckkkk ohhhh yes Jennifer! Yes! It’s a creamy fuckhole for women now! Not men! I don’t want guys anymore! Oooooh I only want hot women now! You fucking turned me gay! I’m your lesbian slut now! Ohhh yessss pleaaaaase make me come!”

“Mmmm that’s a good girl,” Jennifer purred. “This pussy is too hot and tight for men to be able to play with. Only women deserve to get your yummy cunt now, Kate! But that’s not all we’re going to want…”

Jennifer made it perfectly clear what she meant when she boldly took one of her fingers, rubbed it against Kate’s drooling slit to get it wet and then slowly pushed it into her waiting asshole. Jennifer penetrated the pretty little pink pucker and made Kate squeal in surprise and lust when a woman’s finger entered her asshole for the first time.

Kate had not been expecting that at all and it made her whole body tense up. But she was no virgin when it came to backdoor play and as soon as she got over the initial shock of being fingered up her ass, she relaxed and moaned. Kate welcomed Jennifer’s finger inside her snug hole along with everything her gesture implied.

Kate knew what Jennifer wanted and she had no hesitation about giving it up to her.

“Oooooh fuck yessss! That’s yours too! Take my ass like you’re taking my pussy!” Kate groaned. “You can have anything you want Jennifer! You and all your lesbian friends! Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it all! Take everything! Ooooh fucking own me and use me and make me come like a whore! Gawd this all feels so fucking good!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh your ass is going to be a hot queer lesbo fuckhole for us to play with now, right along with the rest of your slutty body,” Jennifer moaned in triumph now that she had broken this totally straight supermodel and had her begging for girl sex. “We’re never going to let you go home to your boyfriend Kate! As soon as you got here you became ours! And if you’re not a good girl we’ll just take you down to our dungeon until you learn your fucking lesson!”

Oh God, Kate gasped to herself. Did they really have some kind of sex dungeon here? She wanted to see that so fucking badly. She wanted them to drag her down there and make her learn her lesson. She wanted them to make her feel what a dirty slut she was now for them and their perverted desires.

She was getting extra wet now that Jennifer was finger fucking her asshole and Kate squirmed in pleasure while picturing these crazy, sexy lesbians chaining her up in their basement. She wanted them to tie her wrists and restrain her and spank her and slap her and fuck her and make her be their little gay bitch.

She nearly creamed at the thought of it. Kate found herself drooling over the idea of being a fucktoy for these horny women. She wanted them to use her and spit on her and fuck her hard and mean and rough. She wanted them to choke her and forcefully take her cunt and her ass. She was theirs. They owned her now and she was so glad they did.

And while Kate nearly had an orgasm merely from the thought of what they could do to her, it was what Jennifer was actually doing to her that pushed her over the edge.

The way Jennifer was sucking her clit and licking at her pussy and fingering her ass was what made Kate lose it. She felt like all three were happening at once as Jennifer slid her finger in and out of her asshole and went from sucking to licking with such skill and speed. Kate couldn’t take it and she came without any warning, her body exploding like fireworks from a woman’s touch for the first time.


But while Kate became delirious with pleasure, someone made sure she kept focused on what she was supposed to be doing.

“Don’t you dare stop!” Anna demanded, mashing her cunt back against Kate’s face, silencing her screams as the supermodel continued to come. “Fuck me Kate! Show me what a slutty little lesbo you are now! Keep eating my pussy! Ohhh fuckkk yessss mmm good girl ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkk FUCKKKKKK!”

Anna’s cries got louder and happier when Kate got back to sucking her clit. Anna had been so close only to have her pleasure interrupted when Kate had stopped because Jennifer’s efforts had gotten too good. But fortunately it only took a few hot moments of Kate slurping on her clit and letting her grind her muff into her face for Anna to get right back where she’d gotten before.

For Anna the rush of this continued to be a physical and a mental one. She loved getting both of those surges of pleasure at once, especially because the stimulation of her brain made her pussy even hotter and wetter. The physical pleasure of Kate’s enthusiastic but sloppy sucking and licking of her pussy was good but it was even better when it was combined with the mental thrill of knowing she was fucking Kate Upton’s face and watching Jennifer Aniston feed off the cum creaming out of Kate’s satisfied pussy.

All of it was making Anna pant and moan in pleasure. She had never been involved with something like this. Even the wild things she had done in past couldn’t come close to matching this. She was at a fucking orgy with some of the most beautiful women in the world and she was having sex with two of them. It blew her mind that she was doing this and every single bit of it felt amazing.

This wasn’t her. She didn’t go to orgies and fuck random famous women. She had done crazy things but never like this. She had just been planning to stay at home in her sweatpants all night but now she was naked and having lesbian group sex. All of this was so crazy and intense and feeling Kate’s lips wrapping around her clitoris made her groan and gasp with ecstasy.

“Ohhh yeahhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhh!” Anna grunted. “Suck on that clit you big-titted rug muncher! Ooooh you’re a fucking lesbian slut now! Yesss fuckkk ohhh you’re turning so hot and gay now Kate and you’re eating my pussy! Fuckkk ohhh yesssss lesbians rock and now that’s what you are! Fuckkk fuckkk fuckkkk ohhhh keep working that clit over and you’re going to make me commmme! Yessss gimmie more! Ohhh Kate!”

The mental rush was even greater than the physical one. Seeing this happening all around her while she gave into carnal impulses she had never felt before made Anna’s body shiver erotically. She was really grinding into Kate’s face now, her own firm tits jiggling on her tiny body as one hand gripped the side of the stone coffee table and the other held Kate’s face to her crotch by pulling her by her lustrous blonde hair.

Anna’s brain was overheating even more than her pussy was. This was all so crazy but she was a part of it now. She was like some wild hedonist now. This was her scene now. This place was where she belonged. She loved fucking women! She loved having her pussy eaten! She loved seeing all these banging naked chicks! Anna had never felt this wild or uninhibited before and it made everything Kate was doing to her pussy feel even more incredible.

And when Jennifer pulled herself up from Kate’s pussy and planted a juicy kiss right on Anna’s lips the actress lost it. Jennifer’s kiss might as well have been magic right out of the wonderful world of Walt Disney because it was what she needed to wake up from her slumber of pre-orgasm and jump right into the wild ecstasy of orgasm.

Anna swore she felt magical fairy tale tingles and sparks when Jennifer kissed her but no matter what it was that did it, one thing she definitely was feeling was orgasmic release. Jennifer’s hot kiss and the way it made her taste Kate’s juicy, delicious essence sent Anna over the edge. She hadn’t tasted a woman’s cum in so long and it was even better than she remembered it.

Anna kissed and lick Kate’s cream right off Jennifer’s exquisite lips while she howled out her own orgasm, still barely believing this was actually happening.


Watching Anna come right after Kate had made Jennifer’s pussy even wetter. She was having such an amazing time and her body was so charged up for more. She was fucking famished for pussy and Jennifer wanted to fuck the shit out of every woman. Plus her own pussy badly needed to be tended to.

But even as she felt the elation of being able to fuck these two gorgeous women in the middle of her home, Jennifer couldn’t shake the nagging feeling. Was there something she was forgetting? Was there something she was supposed to be telling people?

She felt like there was but she shrugged it off. Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t important.


And Jennifer wasn’t the only one at the party who was famished. In fact what Jessica Alba felt went far beyond famished. She was positively insane with lust and she couldn’t hold back anymore.

She had been denied all night and now she wasn’t about to wait a second longer to get not what she merely wanted, but what she needed. She didn’t care that she was acting like a ragingly horny she beast. She was going to rip that dress off if she had to and she didn’t care who saw her do it.

This wasn’t an idle threat, either. She might have been willing to be just a little bit patient if Rose hadn’t so rudely interrupted her before. But she was at her wits’ end and her inhibitions were shot along with her self-control and her poise. All three of those self-checks on going absolutely wild had packed up and left town for the holiday. That left Jessica listening only to the devil on her shoulder as she completely ignored her angel.

Seeing all her friends getting naked and going at each other made her need even more intense and finally Jessica snapped. She slammed her cup of punch down on the table and walked right over to Maryse so she could do what she had been doing to her upstairs and plant a big kiss on her lips.

Maryse stiffened at the surprise smooch but only for a moment and then she melted into it, kissing Jessica back as the actress acted far more boldly than she even had upstairs. Now she wasn’t content to feel up the beautiful blonde through her dress or even go under it. The fucking thing just had to go.

And go it did as Jessica made good on the threat she had stated in her mind. While she and Maryse kissed she reached for the skintight dress the woman had on and ripped it down. Maryse gasped at the fierce, wicked action and stopped kissing for a moment, opening her mouth like she was going to protest, but stopping herself before the words even got out.

After all she had already begged Jessica to do the very thing she had just done and it had felt amazing to have the clothes ripped right off her body with a fierce passion, especially since it was a woman doing the ripping.

Maryse felt the same wild, untamed need that Jessica did. She had been so disappointed when they had been interrupted before. She had felt that she was going to have come all this way for nothing and she wasn’t going to get fucked by Jessica Alba.

She wasn’t going to feel what Trish Stratus had felt. She wasn’t going to feel what her friend Barbie Blank had sworn was the best sex of her life. She was going to leave the mansion with her pussy unlicked. But now that disappointment was gone, right along with her dress.

Maryse’s dress was so tight that Jessica couldn’t just yank it off all the way but she uncovered more than enough as she pulled it down with a forceful tear, revealing the blonde’s large breasts in the bra she was barely wearing.

Jessica didn’t moan when she saw them though. She growled. She was a predator and Maryse was prey, which is just what the woman wanted to be.

“Yesssssssss! Do it!” Maryse groaned, her own need evident both in her voice and the way her pussy was dripping into her panties from Jessica’s aggressive move. “Fuck me!”

Jessica was intending to do just that and nothing was going to get in her way this time. She pushed Maryse down onto the couch and admired the way the woman’s chest bounced in her bra. Ordinarily just staring at a rack like that would have mandated a lot of gawking and drooling. But Jessica wasn’t going to mess around, not when her lust object had so many clothes on.

With Maryse now sitting on the couch it was so easy for Jessica to get the rest of the way there. With a few more yanks and tears she finished what she started by ripping the blonde’s dress all of the way off her and then it was time for her panties.

She didn’t rip those off, though, because she knew it would take less time to simply pull them down and Jessica did that with a forceful tug that stretched out Maryse’s thin g-string to the point of ruining it. Maryse didn’t care though. She just wanted to be naked. She didn’t care if all her clothes were destroyed. She was desperate for Jessica to take her and have her way with her.

“The bra! Lose it!” Jessica commanded as she brought Maryse’s panties up to her face and breathed them in, loving how high she got off the aroma and how it perfectly complimented the raging tingles she felt throughout her body. “Let’s see those fucking tits you’ve been teasing me with all night!”

“Oui! Mmmmm they’re yours now Jessica! My tits are yours!” Maryse groaned as she removed her own bra, exposing herself to Jessica’s horny eyes.

Her round, large mounds of enhanced flesh were perfectly proportioned on her body, just like she had wanted them to be. And Maryse once again saw just how they had been worth every penny when she saw the lust on Jessica’s face.

“Take these big tits!” Maryse pleaded. “Take that pussy! Take every little bit of me and make me your slut! Just like you did to Barbie! Oooooh she couldn’t stop talking about how hot you were! Fuck me like you fucked that hot slut!”

It had been way too long since Jessica had fucked Barbara Blank, aka WWE’s former Kelly Kelly, and she’d had no idea that Barbie and Maryse were friends. Making a mental note to push the idea of a threesome in the very near future, Jessica flashed a naughty smile at Maryse and forced her legs open, making the blonde groan in need,

“I’m going to fuck you even better than I fucked her!” Jessica promised. “She didn’t tease me like you did baby! She didn’t flaunt her tits and her ass and make me wet and creamy all fucking night long like you have! You’ve got this coming to you Frenchie and you’re going to fucking love it!”

And Maryse immediately felt that when Jessica’s tongue lashed against her pussy. It had made her even wetter to have Jessica pull open her legs like that. She hadn’t resisted it in the slightest. She was getting so aroused from this and the buildup got her right to the fever pitch that Jessica took advantage of when she started licking her. Jessica tongued her bald cunt and made her gasp and buck in ecstasy from the first touch as Maryse immediately found herself grabbing at the couch cushion.

“AHHHHH!” Maryse screamed in joy, all the anticipation she’d had to endure through the night suddenly melting away as Jessica’s tongue went after her wetness.

She’d been aching for this. It had been so long since she had been with a woman and Jessica was no mere woman. So she was going to enjoy every lick she received, despite this being unusual circumstances. Maryse didn’t care that she was now naked in the middle of a crowded party. She just wanted to get fucked.

“Mmmmmmm fuckkkk ooooooooooooh fuckkkk Barbie said you were such a dirty girl!” Maryse cooed, pinching her nipple with one hand as the other gripped onto the couch. “Show me how dirty you are Jessica! Show me how much you love pussy! Mmmm she said you were such a good fuck! I had to push her face into my pussy to make her shut up about it! She wouldn’t stop bragging how she fucked you and it made me so wet! Now you fuck me! Fuck me hard! Get that tongue in me! Yessssssssssss shove it in! Don’t be nice about it! Mmmm my fucking pussy can take a hard licking! Ooooooooh!”

Maryse’s cries in that accent were driving Jessica absolutely wild. She would hang on every word especially when Maryse would moan in French for her. Hearing that sexy voice moaning only made Maryse taste better and Jessica was already famished for the cum she was sure she was going to drain from this big-titted bitch.

She hated waiting under normal circumstances but having all these hot women around her all night and not be able to touch them had driven her crazy. Being denied the chance to tongue fuck Maryse upstairs had been such a cruel twist and Jessica wasn’t wasting time there.

Jessica didn’t think she’d ever been this horny before. She’d been driven wild by desire before but never like this. She was on a mission to lap up every damn drop from her new friend and she wasn’t going to stop there.

Jessica wanted to get that creamy cum on her tongue and then jam that tongue right up Maryse’s tight little asshole and fuck her again. And then Jessica wanted to go and get her strap-on and fuck the ever-living hell out of her and make those big tits bounce as she did it. She wasn’t going to let that satisfy her though. She was going to take on every other woman she could get her hands on.

Jessica was planning on leaving Maryse as an orgasmed out husk of a woman and then doing that trick again and again until she outlasted the whole party. She had no idea why she felt this wild but she loved it and she didn’t want the tingling energy she felt crackling through her to ever end.

She didn’t care she was doing this in the middle of the party they’d all sworn to be well-behaved at. Jessica didn’t care who saw her, something that was plainly obvious given that she not only was fucking Maryse on the couch in front of the party, she was also doing it in front of the blonde’s very shocked fiancée.

“HEY! What the fuck?” Mike demanded as he finally found his tongue and retained the ability to speak. “What the hell are you doing to her? Get off her! Right fucking now!”

Mike had been too stunned to speak. At first he had thought that he was seeing things. After all, things like this didn’t happen. Real life was not porn. He’d learned that the hard way. So he had assumed it had been a hallucination.

He’d been feeling really weird after having that punch. But after he had not woken up from a dream or had Jessica and Maryse suddenly blink back to normal it dawned on his intoxicated mind that this was actually happening right in front of him. And that was when he had been struck silent by it.

He hadn’t been able to believe what was happening right in front of his eyes. Jessica Alba had grabbed his fiancée and ripped her dress off. That alone had been shocking but then she had pushed her down and started going to town on her pussy and Mike hadn’t known how the fuck to make sense of what he had been seeing.

How was this possible? This was his fiancée. This was the woman he loved and he was going to marry. What the fuck was happening here? He had to stop this. Jessica was…well there was no nice way to put it. She was raping Maryse right in front of him.

So Mike did what came naturally to him. He tried to pull Jessica away from his fiancée but when he did that, Jessica put up a fight like he hadn’t been expecting. She slapped his hands away and hissed at him like she was a vampire being interrupted mid-feeding.

The sheer lunacy of that reaction took Mike aback and the trained wrestler let go of the horny, lust-crazed actress and watched as she got right back to licking Maryse’s pussy. And when Mike changed up his tactics by trying to get his fiancée away from Jessica, he got an even bigger surprise.

“Let’s get out of here!” Mike said, taking Maryse by the arm and trying to pull her from the couch. But the blonde wasn’t having any of that.

“NO!” Maryse shouted at him. “Don’t you dare! Don’t you make her stop! Mmmmm keep fucking me Jessica! Mmmmmm eat that pussy! Ooooooh your tongue feels soooo good! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

“Are you crazy? Let’s get the fuck gone!” Mike demanded and his second attempt to pull the blonde up resulted in another smack to his hand, this time from the woman he was going to marry.

“I said NO!” Maryse insisted forcefully, yanking her arm away. “I love you Mike but I fucking need this! If you make her stop it’s over between us! I’ll dump your ass and move into this fucking place so I can get fucked silly! So either stand there and watch the show or go home because I am not stopping until I come!”

“Yeah! She was invited here and you weren’t!” Jessica added. “I didn’t want you to come! I invited her so I could fuck her! You’ve been standing in the way of my fun all night and I am not waiting a second more! This is my house and you’d better play by my rules! I’m fucking her whether you want me to or not so you’d better learn to like it fast. This is happening!”

Jessica then pressed her mouth back to Maryse’s splayed cunt, sucking on her smooth lips and gulping down the taste of her delicious juices. Mike could only stare with his jaw on the floor as his wife to be writhed and begged the movie star for more.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing and it forced things to become very clear to him. Had he not had three beers while waiting for Maryse to come down from upstairs and then had whatever was in that punch, he would have realized it a lot sooner. But he was not in much shape to think rationally or reasonably.

So it took until he heard his fiancée’s words to realize just how much Maryse was into what was happening. She wasn’t being raped at all. She wanted this! She wasn’t just letting it happen. She was encouraging it! And that was when two things popped into his head.

As he watched Maryse’s glorious naked body writhe in passion under Jessica’s tongue he first thought, “Holy shit! My fiancée is a lesbian!” which was followed immediately by, “Fuck! My fiancée is into women!” And that was a far more pleasant thought than the first one and it was absolutely, to coin a catchphrase, “Awesommmmmmme!”

He was shaken and stunned by what he was seeing, for sure. But at the same time there was no way to deny that what was happening right in front of him on the couch was something any man would have killed for.

His fiancée, with her drop-dead gorgeous face and a body that had graced the pages of Playboy, was completely naked while one of the most beautiful women in the world went down on her. To say that this was every man’s fantasy was putting it mildly.

So while Mike did feel his manly pride wounded by Maryse demanding this and stopping cold any efforts by him to stop it like she was shoving her hand disrespectfully in an opponent’s face in WWE, how could he truly be mad when what he was seeing was so fucking hot?

It was impossible not to stare and the more he looked at Jessica licking the pussy of his wife to be the more Mike felt the natural reaction. It wasn’t long before he was hard and starting to feel his cock strain against his pants.

He’d seen people fuck in front of him before. He’d seen women go at it and he’d certainly enjoyed his fair share of threesomes. His MTV days had seen to all that and more. But he’d never seen anything like Jessica licking Maryse’s pussy while she moaned for more and he didn’t say another word of objection. He just stared at the gorgeous lesbian lovers going at it.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssssss so good! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooo gooooooood!” Maryse moaned before lapsing back into French, her moans coming from a very deep place inside her.

Jessica’s tongue was satisfying a need, a need she hadn’t even been able to admit was as powerful as it was. She hadn’t felt this good in so long and she knew it had been because she had been denying herself the pleasure of a woman’s touch.

As a model, especially a bikini model, there had always been leering stares from men and the truth was sometimes the behavior of those men had been such an unbearable turn-off that she and her fellow models had found comfort in each other’s company.

Maryse had never considered it a big deal that she had liked women. It had always just been natural. It hadn’t been that she disliked men but there was just something about a woman she couldn’t resist and when men got too sleazy and stupid for her there had always been a willing woman to give her pleasure.

She had never considered herself a lesbian or even bisexual. She had just felt she was open…open to the pleasures of a woman’s kiss and the taste of her skin and the feel of those soft bodies and the way it felt to have a tongue between her legs that really knew what it was doing.

She had never really sought out women. They had always just been there for her and it had always felt so amazing to forget about men and indulge in getting naked with another gorgeous woman so they could enjoy each other’s lips and their breasts and their asses and, especially, their pussies. Maryse might have loved what men could do to her, but there was nothing that compared to how women could eat pussy.

And Jessica had to be the hottest woman she had ever been with. Maryse had bedded gorgeous models before. She’d even gotten through the lonely nights in WWE’s developmental territories in Kentucky and Florida thanks to the help of the warm bodies of women as varied as Lacey Von Erich and Katarina Waters.

And when her friend Barbie had come back all aglow from playtime with Jessica, Trish and Stacy she had been very eager to show off what she had learned. They’d been even better friends since then, but not even Barbie could compare to Jessica.

Maryse was in complete bliss as she felt Jessica lick her. She could look down her own naked body to see this goddess of an actress between her legs, her famous face pressed to the smooth pink of her pussy. Knowing it was Jessica who was doing this to her was almost as big of a rush as the actual sex itself.

Maryse moaned over and over again, saying in her native French what she couldn’t quite put into English as she reached down and caressed Jessica’s face and ran her fingers through her hair while she went down on her. When she’d gone to get coffee that morning, Maryse had never dreamed it could lead to something like this but it was such a Merry Christmas for her now.

“You’re so good! Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss Barbie was so right about you!” Maryse moaned. “Mmmmmm fuck me Jessica! Fuck me like you fuck all these girls here! Make me one of you! Fuck me! Make me come like all these other girls come when you fuck their hot little pussies! Oooooh you like it Jess? Like how I taste? Mmmm I know you do! People can’t get enough of my tight, bald pussy and you can have it any time you want!”

Maryse was certainly sure of herself and Jessica found that to be so appealing. She was more than sexy enough to allow such cockiness and it only made it hotter to have such a confident, gorgeous woman begging for her tongue. Jessica didn’t care that anyone could see them. No one, not even her fiancé, was going to make her stop what she was doing.

Maryse tasted so good. Having that bare pussy in her face as she lapped up the juices dripping from it made her own pussy soaked and Jessica slid her hand under her dress and under her panties to get at that wetness. She moaned into Maryse’s crotch as she began fingering herself, her digits easily sliding into her steamy box as she felt just how wet all the waiting had gotten her.

“Mmmm yesssss get me hooked on your smooth little cunt! Ooooooh I love how tasty this pretty pink pussy is!” Jessica groaned out as she stopped for breath and used the hand she wasn’t using to touch herself to touch Maryse, rubbing her fingers over where she’d just been licking. “You taste so fucking good baby! I’m going to fuck this pussy all night long and you’re going to stay in my bed tonight! I don’t care that you’re engaged! You’re mine all fucking night long!”

Mike supposed he should have been insulted by all of this. After all, this actress was making no secret of how she wanted him to just wander off somewhere else and leave his fiancée entirely in her hands for her to fuck over and over again. And had it been a man saying this to him there would have been a serious problem headed that guy’s way.

But while Jessica Alba was a lot of things, a man was certainly not one of them. Mike’s ego had taken a whole lot worse jabs than what she was throwing his way and he just let them all go because it was so fucking hot to watch her go down on his fiancée.

This was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. These were no MTV groupies or WWE ring rats eager to put on a show for him. This was his fiancée getting licked by a movie star and Mike felt like he could explode in his pants from watching it.

He didn’t say anything to respond. He just watched the show, not even realizing he was rubbing himself through his pants, his erection naturally getting bigger the more he watched this amazing live sex show. Seeing even one of these women would have been hot but to have both of them at once was so amazing that he didn’t even notice that all around him clothes were coming off and famous women were fucking each other.

Mike only had eyes for Maryse and Jessica as the blonde bucked her naked body on the couch, moaning in French while Jessica buried her tongue into her twat and pleasured her thoroughly.

“Keep those legs spread!” Jessica commanded as Maryse’s body shivered naked on the couch, her bare ass rubbing into the cushion. “Mmmmm yesssssss keep that pussy nice and open for me! I want that sweet girly cum all over my tongue Maryse! I’m going to make you come all over my face like I always make you WWE Diva sluts do! You horny bitches always think you’re so tough but I can make you moan like whores and fucking beg for my tongue! And I’m going to make you come so good!”

Maryse had heard all about Jessica’s skills and now that she was experiencing them for herself she had no doubt that soon she would be moaning and begging even more than she was now.

She usually was the one in the position of power. It was so easy for her to play the role in WWE of the cocky bitch who had men eating out of her hand because that came naturally to her. She always got what she wanted from men and that’s why it was so fun to just lie back and let Jessica make her into her bitch with her pussy licking tongue.

She didn’t want to be the one in control this time. She didn’t want to wrap someone around her finger. She wanted to be the one taken and made to feel all dirty and slutty and completely out of control.

Maryse was more than ready to be a whore for this beauty. She wanted to come just like Trish and Lita and Barbie all had. She wanted to get fucked so good like Stacy had that she’d never leave this place. It had been way too long since she had played with a woman and Jessica was making her feel so amazing.

“Yesssssssssssssss ohhhhh make me come! Make me come you beautiful fucking slut!” Maryse cried. “You’re even better than Barbie and Trish said you were going to be! Oooooh I heard how you fucked their Diva pussies! I heard how you fucked Stacy and Amy too! Now take mine! Fucking take it and make it come for you! Make me cream all over that pretty movie star face right in front of my Mikey! Make him see me be a dirty little whore for you!”

Maryse hadn’t been completely ignoring her fiancé. Even as Jessica’s face between her legs had given her an amazing view she had kept looking over to check on him. Because as horny as she was and as badly as she wanted to be taken and fucked not like some loyal wife to be but like a wild, wanton bitch she also didn’t want to hurt him.

She wasn’t looking to humiliate him or make him think she didn’t love him. Just because she needed to fuck Jessica didn’t mean she didn’t still want to marry him.

As she moaned from the feeling of Jessica’s tongue lashing over her swollen, spread lips and pushing inside to attack her clit, Maryse looked over at Mike and smiled at the dumbstruck look on his face. He was so cute when the blood drained from his head and Maryse could definitely see where that blood was rushing thanks to the hard on straining against his pants.

She was glad he was watching and getting hard for her. Maryse knew she was hot as fuck and that anyone watching a show like this should be getting horny. If it had been any other guy she would have just shooed him away, but this was her guy and she knew how to take care of him.

“Mmmmm you like what you see baby? Like seeing her eat my pussy?” Maryse groaned as she took her hand off the couch cushion and instead beckoned him closer with it.

“Of course I do!” Mike replied. It was an obvious question. There was no way anyone couldn’t find this hot. “I had no idea you were into freaky shit like this!”

“Mad at me babe?” Maryse cooed sexily, knowing she could easily get him to do whatever she wanted but also wanting him to know that he was the only man for her. “Are you angry at me for being such a slut and letting her get me naked and lick me?”

“I’m fucking furious!” Mike said before leaning over the couch and kissing his fiancée right on her lips.

He didn’t like the idea of Maryse keeping secrets from him but he supposed he could forgive her for wanting to fuck hot women…as long as he got to join in too.

“Mmmm yesssss I can feel how furious you are,” Maryse teased as she ran her hands over the bulge in his pants. “Naughty boy! Getting this big cock all hard from seeing another woman fuck me! You’re such a perv, babe! Your dick throbbing for me getting my pussy eaten! Mmmmm what am I going to do with you?”

“You’d better worry about what I’m going to do with you,” Mike smiled, letting his sexual threat hang in the air for the moment before he hungrily kissed Maryse again, this time letting his hands drop down and squeeze her bare chest.

Mike loved his fiancée’s tits. They were a work of art in his view. The only thing that could compete with her tits was her perfect ass and Jessica had access to that right now as she took the hand that wasn’t buried up her own dress and slid it under Maryse’s body to cup those incredibly firm butt cheeks. She’d loved squeezing them upstairs but now there was nothing in her way and she fondled that amazing, naked ass flesh with no restraint while Mike played with Maryse’s tits.

Jessica had been damn serious when she had hissed at the former WWE Champion. She was not about to let him get in the way of her getting what she needed. She didn’t care if this was his fiancée or even if she was his wife. She was fucking Maryse and nothing was going to stop her.

Sure she would have been insane with rage and jealousy if she’d seen a boyfriend getting naked with another woman but this wasn’t about that. This was about her and what she wanted. Hypocrisy be damned!

So while she wasn’t thrilled about him joining in because she wanted the former Diva all to herself, Jessica didn’t say anything this time. As long as he wasn’t going to interrupt her fun then she didn’t care what Mike did.

It was always weird when there were men around the mansion. It was like seeing a deer walk right into the middle of a Shriner’s convention and drink a whiskey and club soda. It just didn’t happen.

Usually the only man there was Fluffy or their neighbors. But Jessica had a little self-control left and didn’t just kick Mike out of the mansion. Instead she watched as Maryse fondled his package through his clothes while they kissed and he fondled her glorious tits.

Jessica even had to admit it was starting to turn her on that he was there. After all she was the one going down Maryse in front of him. She was the one turning this beautiful woman into a cheating girlfriend right in front of her man.

This wasn’t a secret they had to sneak around with anymore. It was right out in the open and Jessica could see why that would turn Mike on. In fact if he hadn’t been getting a boner over watching her eat Maryse out then something would have been seriously wrong.

“Mmmmmm nasty girl! Getting all wet as you let your fiancé see what a cheating whore you are!” Jessica moaned, keeping her one hand under Maryse’s body to squeeze her butt cheeks while she took the other hand and pulled her fingers out of herself and slid them into Maryse instead. “Oooooooh this pussy is so fucking wet! Mmmmm can you hear it squish as I finger fuck her, Mikey? Can you hear how drenched her cunt is for me? Not you! Me! She’s my bitch tonight!”

As hot as Jessica was, Maryse was the only one he ever let get away with calling him “Mikey.” And he wasn’t about to give her too much more leeway than that.

“Yeah? She might be your bitch now but she’s going home with me!” Mike shot back. “I don’t care how good you fuck her, I can fuck her better! That’s why she’s mine!”

“We’ll see about that,” Jessica smirked, admiring that the WWE superstar had the balls to talk back to her. She’d pegged him as a bit of a lunkhead before, albeit a nice one, and she was happy to see he wasn’t going to just take her shit…happy and maybe a bit turned on by him too.

For her part all Maryse could do was moan. She had tongues and hands all over her body and she loved it. She didn’t even care that Mike and Jessica were talking about her like she wasn’t even there. She liked the idea of being a prize for them to fight over. Oh she’d had that fantasy so many times, just not like this.

How could she have worked so long in WWE without dreaming of all those strong men fighting over her, pummeling each other for the privilege of being able to claim her as some kind of slutty trophy so she could lick the sweat off the winner and then get even nastier? It was even hotter to think of Jessica involved now and she loved seeing them go at each other, as long as they remembered to keep the main focus where it belonged…on her.

“Mmmmm you’re both going to have to share!” Maryse declared. “But you’d better share and not fucking ignore me! Keep licking my pussy! Keep squeezing my tits! Mmmm grab my ass! Finger my pussy! Just touch me! Fuck me! Make me come!”

“You’re going to come so good!” Jessica promised, thrusting her fingers hard into Maryse and making her shake in pleasure on the couch, her tits bouncing so enticingly. Jessica kept up her hard fingering of her new lover for a few more moments before she pulled her digits out covered in both her own and Maryse’s juices. “You’re so soaked for me! Taste yourself baby. Taste what a dirty, wet pussy you have as you cheat with me right in front of him!”

Maryse loved how Jessica put that and she didn’t hesitate to open her mouth and let the actress sensually slide her fingers into her mouth. Maryse moaned as she tasted all that juice. She knew her own taste so well but she could also enjoy her first sampling of Jessica’s flavor and it was wonderful.

And her moans increased even more when she felt Mike’s rough fingers push inside her cunt while she cleaned off Jessica’s. Maryse mumbled in French as she was touched with her mouth full and she rocked her hips to get more of those fingers inside herself.

“Hey! This pussy is mine!” Jessica chastised when she saw what Mike was doing.

But this time he didn’t relent or pull away when Jessica took her hand off Maryse’s ass and slapped at him again. Mike just grinned the cocky smile that made him such an infuriating heel and kept finger fucking his fiancée.

Jessica angrily pulled her fingers out of Maryse’s mouth but softened when the girl moaned for her not to be mad.

“Nooooo! Don’t stop! Share! Both of you fuck me!” Maryse pleaded. “Both of you use me like a whore! I’m so dirty! I’m a cheating little slut getting all wet for it! It makes me so juicy to see you two fight over me but I want you both at the same time! Give this whore what she needs!”

Hearing Maryse moan for it like that made Jessica want to give her what she wanted. Deep down Jessica wanted to be selfish, of course. She wanted this girl all to herself. She didn’t want to share with anyone…except maybe with her girlfriends. She wasn’t about to share with a man, even if it was her fiancé.

But she couldn’t deny the gorgeous woman as she moaned wantonly and begged to be made the filling in a threesome sandwich. So Jessica relented and, as she watched Maryse and Mike passionately kiss, she not only pushed her fingers into Maryse along with his but she spit right into the girl’s pussy to make her even wetter.

“Oooooh you are a slut!” Jessica smirked as Maryse moaned from the feel of that spit in her already overheating sex and then cried out with even more intensity when Jessica’s fingers plunged inside her along with Mike’s to stretch out her tight folds and rub right against her clit. “No man can satisfy you! You need a woman too! You really need to get fucked huh? Craving cock and pussy at the same time! Mmmmmm your pussy is dripping for me! You’re going to drip all over the couch we just fucking bought! Ooooh you dirty whore! Show your boyfriend how much you love pussy! Let him see his pretty fiancée is a girl fucking slut who needs my tongue in her cunt to really get off!”

The dirtier Jessica talked, the hornier Maryse got and she wasn’t the only one. Jessica’s blood was boiling with lust and so was Mike’s as his erection almost became painful in his pants. And Maryse wasn’t about to let him suffer. She was feeling so dirty and hot as two sets of fingers pleasured her pussy while she felt those strong hands squeezing her tits and the fevered kisses of the man she loved. But as much as she loved to be the center of attention, there was something else she enjoyed a lot…sucking cock.

So Maryse didn’t just fondle Mike’s package through his pants, she freed it. He’d already lost his jacket and loosened his tie while undoing some of the buttons of his shirt and Maryse officially welcomed him into what had become a threesome by pulling down his zipper and yanking his cock out.

Maryse moaned when she saw how hard he was for her. She knew every inch of this cock but she’d never seen him bigger and more swollen for her and it was obvious why. So she stroked her fiancé’s engorged member with one hand while using the other to undo his pants.

They continued to kiss like the out of control couple they were. They had both had wild moments in their lives but never anything like this and Maryse and Mike were kissing with a greater passion than they’d had in months. Their kisses became fevered and both were moaning into each other’s mouths as he played with her tits and she stroked his cock while yanking down his pants and boxers, leaving them around his ankles for the moment.

Only then did she break away from kissing him so she could lean down and start to suck his already throbbing cock while Jessica finger fucked her and tongued her at the same time.

Mike moaned as Maryse’s warm mouth swallowed his meat and she began bobbing her head up and down while using her hand to fondle his balls. She was an expert in this and it showed as she quickly got his cock slick with her saliva and expertly touched his cum-swollen sacs to make him even harder for her in her mouth.

That action forced him to have to pull his fingers out of her pussy as he reflexively moved his hand to the back of her blonde head and Jessica delighted in this, having Maryse’s pussy all to herself again.

She reacted by licking the girl even faster now. She unleashed her tongue on Maryse and made her cry in pleasure while she sucked her fiancé’s cock. Jessica grinned while licking as she saw how Maryse’s naked body trembled for her and she made it even better when she began sucking on the blonde’s clit.

Maryse’s bud was all nice and swollen for her and Jessica greedily slurped on it while working her fingers into her and returning her other hand back to her own cunt. And as she did that, Jessica looked up at Maryse’s big tits and Mike’s exposed cock and it really dawned on her that she was the only one really left wearing any fucking clothes.

Jessica knew that needed to change and to effort that she did the one thing she had sworn not to do, leave Maryse’s pussy. But the necessity of getting naked demanded it and she pulled away from that tight, sweet hole to stand up and slide her dress down her body.

Jessica didn’t show the same merciless attitude toward her own clothes that she’d shown toward her lover’s but the result was the same as Jessica unzipped and pushed and wiggled out of her dress until it was around her feet. Stepping out of her dress and away from her heels, Jessica next unclasped her bra and finished off emphatically with her panties, pushing them down her legs and leaving herself completely in the buff.

It was the furthest thing from the stripper moves she had perfected shooting two Sin City movies but it sure got the job done and losing the clothes from her body had captivated the attention of both Maryse and Mike. In fact it was enough to get the woman off her husband-to-be’s cock.

“Oh my God, baby! You look so fucking hot!” Maryse marveled at the sight of Jessica’s nude body, so tan and firm and absolutely breathtaking.

She’d seen many naked women before. She’d shared a locker room with many of the most gorgeous in the world when she was in WWE, but nothing could compare to Jessica. She drank in every bit of those beautiful tits and the hard, dark nipples and pink areolas and Maryse’s gaze shifted right to Jessica’s hairless cunt and how visibly soaked it was.

“You look so good naked!” Maryse moaned. “Mmmmm fuck you’re making me even wetter just looking at you! You turn me on so much!”

“Me too!” Mike said without prompting. “Holy fuck! You’re a goddess! I see why Maryse is so into you! Damn, you must turn every woman you see into a lesbian!”

“Ohhhhh you have no idea how true that is,” Jessica grinned, showing that Maryse wasn’t the only one who could be cocky and totally get away with it. “Mmmm you’d better be careful Mikey or else she won’t even look twice at your cock anymore. All she’ll want is this wet, tight Latina cunt of mine! Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll let you watch as I turn her into an insatiable pussy craving whore who never wants another man to touch her again. Or maybe we’ll just make you wait outside when me and my friends girlbang her into total submission!”

“You’ve got a fucking mouth on you!” Mike said as he finished pulling off his shirt, leaving him with just his pants around his ankles, something he took care of as he yanked them off and got his hand back on his hard on. “Maybe I should shut you up with something!”

He didn’t say what that “something” was and he didn’t have to. It was not a subtle point he was making and Jessica felt her own gaze go right to his cock as he stroked it. Fuck, it looked so good. So big and hard and something that made her feel a craving she hadn’t experienced in a long fucking time. But she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of knowing it turned her on.

“Good luck pal,” Jessica snapped back. “Try that and you might not get it back in one piece.”

“Oooooh you’re mean!” Mike laughed even as he advanced toward Jessica with his hard cock in his hand. “I’ll bet I could make you lose that attitude though. I can show you why you don’t have a chance of stealing my girl away from me…or from this.”

And Jessica could definitely see the merits of his argument in every thick inch the WWE superstar was packing. God, he was big. Jessica had to resist the impulse to get back down on her knees and lick Maryse’s saliva right off it. She tried to force a nasty idea like that out of her mind but she couldn’t stop checking out Mike’s cock as she did some estimated measuring in her mind and decided it had to be close to if not over eight inches.

“Ummm no way,” Jessica insisted. “I’m only interested in your girlfriend’s cum. Not yours. So park the penis somewhere else!”

But Jessica’s refusal didn’t just disappoint Miz, it also disappointed Maryse.

“Noooo you suck him too!” the French Canadian pouted. “Take him in your mouth baby! I want to see you suck that big dick of his! Mmmmm let’s give him something nice for Christmas! You’re licking my pussy so fucking nice! Let him see how hot you are! Mmmm I want both of you to fuck me! I want you to want his cock too! C’mon Jessica!”

This hadn’t been Maryse’s plan. But it was happening now and she didn’t want to stop it. She’d done some wild things before but the thought of sharing her fiancé with a gorgeous actress and all of them coming all over each other’s sexy naked bodies was the ultimate.

She craved Jessica’s body. She wanted those firm, natural tits in her face and she wanted to slide her tongue over every yummy inch of that wet pussy. She wanted to do filthy things to her movie star body. But she loved Mike and she wanted to share this moment. It might not have been what she had come here expecting to happen but it was all she wanted now.

Maryse tried to seduce her new friend into this crazy idea by pulling the former champion onto the couch so his now naked body was next to hers. She bent over and took his cock back into her mouth, sucking on it with wet slurps as she wrapped her hand around the shaft.

She moved her mouth and her hand in perfect timing, making Mike toss his head back and moan in bliss as she took inch after inch down her greedy mouth. Maryse was sure she was as good at sucking cock as Jessica was at licking pussy and she wanted to show off a bit and make an impression on her sexy friend.

And that was just what she was doing as Maryse glanced over and saw Jessica touching herself at the raunchy show. She grinned while her lips were wrapped around Mike’s big cock and she watched Jessica masturbate. She loved seeing Jessica playing with those bare pussy lips of hers and watching Jessica moan as her fingers slipped back inside made it even hotter. But she didn’t just want Jessica to watch the show. She wanted her to be part of it.

Maryse pulled off Mike with a wet pop and moaned in French at first before she repeated herself, this time in English.

“Come here,” Maryse said, beckoning Jessica to her. “You know you want this!”

Jessica didn’t want to admit it but Maryse was right. She had never envisioned anything like this happening today…or really any day. She couldn’t remember the last time she had even thought about a man.

Cock was the furthest thing from her mind with all of this amazing pussy around her all the time. But now she was surprised by how much she found herself wanting this. She was touching herself from how hot it looked to see Maryse swallowing that cock, moving her mouth down skillfully and rapidly to take him down her throat and she found herself wanting it too.

God, what was wrong with her?

Jessica couldn’t believe she was craving cock. When had been the last time she had done anything with a man? Oh Christ, she remembered. It had been Lauren Graham’s Christmas party with that orgy and all the studs she had brought in for it.

She had stayed there all night taking on several men and feeling them come all over her and even in her mouth and her pussy. What was it about Christmas and her wanting to suck dick?

Jessica didn’t know but she did know she wanted to taste what Maryse was swallowing. So, as Maryse resumed sucking, fondling Mike’s nuts as she sucked him down deeper, Jessica did the last thing she had thought she would do that day and crawled closer to the couch so she could pleasure a man.

The more she thought about it and closer she got to Mike’s cock, the more Jessica wanted it. She was so fucking horny. This definitely wasn’t how she usually acted and she knew it. But she also liked it.

She was aroused pretty much 24/7 around her housemates and all their sexy friends but this was several giant steps beyond and it excited her to be doing something so bad. It had been years since she had been with a man but she didn’t care right then and when Maryse popped his cock out of her mouth, Jessica didn’t think twice and started sucking the former WWE champion off.

Jessica moaned as real meat filled her mouth for the first time in forever. This was no strap-on and just the first taste of it reminded her why she had once loved giving blowjobs so much.

Nothing was ever going to make her love pussy less but there was just something about feeling her lips around a throbbing cock that made her so wet and creamy. It took a few seconds for her to get used to a real cock in her mouth again but she could feel herself falling right back into dirty old habits as she started to suck.

Jessica didn’t use her hands. She let Maryse take care of that as the naked blonde stroked Mike’s shaft and played with his balls. Jessica just concentrated on sucking him and it felt so good that she immediately began touching herself.

As wanton lust boiled inside her, Jessica moved her mouth up and down his thick cock, swallowing the head and the inches that followed it into her throat as she felt his girth make her choke. God, she hadn’t felt this way in so long but it was so good and she was hardly the only one feeling good.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Yeahhhhh! Goddamnnnn!” Mike groaned, not believing his luck.

He had never dreamed something like this would happen. He’d just been thrilled to have the chance to show off for some A-listers at the party. He had never even remotely thought it could turn into an orgy where he had Jessica Alba sucking his cock.

“Suck it movie star!” Mike lustfully commanded. “Mmmm choke on that big dick! That’s a fucking champion’s dick!”

Mike couldn’t help but get cocky in bed. He was blessed in the equipment department and he knew how to use it. He wasn’t shy about showing that off to the women fortunate enough to get with someone like him. But these women weren’t the fortunate ones this time and his better half made sure to remind him of that.

“Shhhhhhh!” Maryse said, placing a finger to his moaning lips. “Don’t blow this by being you! Mmmmm just sit back and let us treat you right babe! Let us show you what hot sluts can do with a big cock like this!”

Maryse always knew just when to tell Mike to stop being The Miz and to shut up. This was one of her times and he rewarded her for that with another hot kiss. But this one didn’t linger because she broke it off so she could get on the floor next to Jessica.

They were both kneeling in front of him as he sat bare assed and cock exposed on the couch and Maryse couldn’t have been happier as she pressed herself next to Jessica’s nude body. She wasn’t jealous in the slightest as the movie star sucked her fiancé’s cock. It turned her on as she kissed Jessica’s neck and fondled her pert tits.

Moaning as she did what she’d been dying to do all day and caress Jessica’s chest, feeling her nipples and then sliding down lower so she could rub Jessica’s cunt, Maryse loved what was happening.

Mike’s cock looked so hot in Jessica’s famous mouth and it was obvious from his moans just how much he was enjoying it. But Maryse wanted him to enjoy it even more and for all of them to have fun. She rubbed Jessica’s pussy while reaching down to touch her own and she also started sucking on Mike’s balls while Jessica swallowed his dick.

Maryse was fingering herself hard in no time. Jessica had made every part of her tingle from licking her pussy and now she could see just how hot she was sucking cock too. Was there anything Jessica couldn’t do?

Maryse was eager to test out the theory that Jessica Alba was actually perfect. And she pulled off her fiancé’s balls when Jessica slid off his cock to catch her breath so she could kiss the actress. Maryse passionately kissed Jessica while her hands were buried in both of their snatches, their lips and tongues mashing together as they shared the taste of Mike’s cock.

Their tongues rubbed together in eager delight as Maryse and Jessica Frenched each other. The taste of that cock on their tongues made them want each other more and they were absolutely frenzied as they made out. But they didn’t neglect Mike for long.

They broke apart their kiss and went after his cock together this time, both of them licking the underside of his shaft and making him groan and throb for them both as they dragged their tongues all the way up to the swollen head. There they both teased Mike’s cock head and ended up rubbing their tongues together, which only led to more, passionate kissing.

Jessica’s whole world was being turned upside down and it was so much fun. She was acting like a total sex freak and she loved it.

She started stroking Mike’s cock with one hand and groping Maryse’s tits with the other while the busty blonde finger fucked her and she opened her mouth wide to take his WWE inches back into her mouth. She didn’t know why she was acting this way and she didn’t want to know. Jessica just didn’t want it to stop.


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