The Plan

Title: The Plan

Author: The Jackal

Celebs: Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift

Codes: MF, NC/Con, rape, oral, anal, mDom, violence, ws, snuff

Disclaimer: The following is completely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is entirely coincidental. For personal use only.

The man smiled to himself. The two country superstars were in adjacent dressing rooms, and the two rooms shared an air vent and were located right next to the loading dock. This had always been the weakest part of his plan, but Providence had smiled down upon him and had taken care of one of the few things he’d been unable to plan for.

Opening the canister of sleep gas, he fed the powerful drug into the ventilation shaft that ran to the dressing rooms. The two singers had just finished a concert in Kansas City and should be changing now. The man worked maintenance for the Sprint Center and was therefore privy to most of the details about the special show. It also meant his presence backstage was hardly going to be remarked upon.

Waiting twenty minutes for the gas to work and dissipate a bit, he loaded a large steamer trunk onto a dolly and went to the first dressing room. Placing a breathing mask similar to those used by painters over his nose and mouth, he knocked and announced he was from maintenance. Receiving no answer, he unlocked the door with his master key and entered the room, quickly closing the door behind him.

He was immediately grateful for the mask over his mouth and nose. While the gas had started clearing out some, he felt woozy. A quick glance around the room showed a stand with a mirror and a couch. A pair of legs were visible just past the couch.

Wheeling the dolly around the couch, the man smiled as he took in Taylor Swift’s petite form, still clothed in the outfit she’d worn on stage, a black tank top and skirt decorated with sparkly sequins. She was sprawled on the ground, looking to have fallen when the gas hit her. A cell phone was near her outstretched hand.

He’d have to move quickly. He opened the steamer trunk and carefully placed the young woman into it, closing it once she was inside. Placing it back on the dolly, he exited her room and went to the adjacent door, announcing himself and entering as before.

This room was a mirrored copy of Taylor’s. Lying on the couch he found the partially undressed body of Carrie Underwood. She was wearing only a black lacy bra and panties. Smiling with lust, he loaded her into the steamer trunk as well and wheeled it out to the loading dock.

The dock was busy with people loading all kinds of equipment onto different trucks. Heading directly to his white moving van, the man loaded the steamer trunk in the cargo area, then closed the door and went to the cab. He was allowed to leave without even being searched.

The man smiled again as he took in the sight of the two beautiful girls. He’d arrived back home to his farmhouse and got both of them unloaded before they awoke. He lived on roughly the middle of a hundred acre tract of land that had been in his family for generations. There was no one around to hear or help the girls.

He’d put them both in a spacious spare bedroom. The cool hardwood floor felt good beneath his feet as he stood in the doorway drinking the scene in. The bed, a king size, was directly in front of him, the headboard against the far wall. Directly to his right was a waist high dresser, and in the right-hand side wall was the door leading to the bathroom.

Carrie lay comfortably on the bed, her left hand handcuffed to the bedpost to help prevent any escape attempt when she awoke. The man had removed her bra and panties, replacing them with a black thong and a silky black nightgown that ended just below Carrie’s ass-cheeks. Her voluminous breasts filled the top out nicely. It was probably not what she would have preferred to wear, but at least she was clothed.

Taylor, however, was completely nude. She was lying on the hardwood floor, in a four and a half by four and a half by four foot cage that was bolted to the floor and wall. A small puddle of drool collected on the floor beneath the jaw spreader, the kind dentists use, forcing her jaws open. A locked metal collar around her throat was connected by a four foot metal chain to a sturdy ring in the wall above the cage. The man knew the collar was tight. Not tight enough to completely restrict breathing, but certainly tight enough to be uncomfortable. The cage ended four feet above the ground, making standing inside it impossible.

Pulling smelling salts from him pocket, the man went to the bed and held them under Carrie’s nose. She awoke almost instantly, her eyelids fluttering open as she took in her surroundings. As she gazed around the room and realized she was handcuffed to the bed, stark fear crept into her beautiful eyes. Seeing it gave the man a hard-on, but abusing Carrie wasn’t part of the plan yet.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said in his sweetest voice, as if to show that nothing was wrong.

“Where am I? What’s happening?” Her voice trembled as she spoke, her fear evident. The man’s hard-on got harder.

“You’re in my home. You’ll both be my guests for the foreseeable future.”

“Both?” She hadn’t noticed Taylor lying on the cold floor. The man gestured to her and Carrie took in the other singer’s predicament.  “Oh my God.” Her voice was even shakier after seeing Taylor.

“Let’s wake the bitch up, shall we?” the man asked rhetorically, going over to the cage and waving the smelling salts under the skinny woman’s nose. Taylor awoke with a start and jumped up, smashing her head on the top of the cage. A wail escaped past the jaw spreader as she cradled her head in her hands.

Unlatching the chain, the man yanked on it and sent Taylor sprawling. Her head slammed into the door of the cage, her wails increasing as pain set in. Unlocking the cage door, the man slipped the chain between the bars and used it to pull Taylor over near the wall of the room, where he attached the chain to another eye bolt.

The man had tested the width of the jaw spreader earlier, when the skinny blonde bitch-slut had been unconscious. It was spread just right. Letting his pants fall to the floor, he freed his nine inch erect cock. Taylor’s eyes bugged out when she saw it and she started trying to talk, unable to form words, nothing more than grunts escaping her mouth. She shook her head violently side-to-side, trying to deny what was about to happen.

Stepping up to her and gripping the sides of her head in both his hands, the man thrust savagely into Taylor Swift’s open mouth.  He’d set the gap on the jaw spreader just right; her mouth was opened enough to allow him easy access, but closed enough for her lips to wrap around his cock. He pounded forward, easily violating her throat with each stroke.

She began gagging and coughing, apparently unused to the feeling of a cock in her throat, but the man didn’t stop. Her sweet mouth felt divine around his cock. It was warm and moist and offered just the right amount of pressure around his rod. Tangling his hands in her hair, he started slamming even faster.

Drool began leaking out the sides of her mouth. His dick made sloshing sounds when it thrust forward. Fucking her face like this, being in complete, total control over what happened to this young lady, turned the man on more than anything else ever had. After less than two minutes the man blew his load, forcing his cock all the way into Taylor’s mouth when he did so. Her nose was flat against his stomach as he shot his semen down her throat and directly into her stomach.

After his organ finally stopped spurting, he pulled out and Taylor gasped in huge, raking lungfuls of air. She sobbed on each exhale and curled up on the ground. Kicking her savagely in the side, the man forced her back into her cage. Locking the door and reattaching her chain to the wall, he turned to Carrie.

“Good night,” he said to her sweetly. Turning off the light on his way out, he closed the door and headed for his bed. The day had been tiring and he needed rest before starting the next phase of his plan.

Carrie sat in the bed, bewildered. In the sudden darkness it was impossible to see, but the image of the man thrusting into Taylor’s mouth kept running through her mind over and over. On one hand, she was throughly relieved and thankful she wasn’t in Taylor’s position. On the other hand, she was terrified their roles might switch tomorrow.

And she missed her husband, Mike, fiercely. He’d been away recently playing hockey, but they were supposed to have seen each other again for the first time in three weeks tomorrow. Sniffling, she rolled onto her left side. The only comfort that the chain on the handcuff was a generous four to five feet long, allowing her to find a comfortable position. She closed her eyes and started quietly sobbing.

Placing the room service tray on a table in the hall, the man opened the door to the room the girls were kept in. Going directly to the bed, he gently touched Carrie’s shoulder and lightly nudged her. She woke quickly, a moment of confusion on her face before she remembered where she was. “Wake up, sleepyhead,” the man said cheerfully. “It’s time for breakfast.” She slowly sat up, her back against the headboard.

Walking over to the cage Taylor was in, the man savagely kicked the bars, the sudden sound and movement snapping Taylor awake. “Wake up, bitch,” the man growled at her. “It’s rude to sleep all day, especially when your host has activities for you planned.” Taylor’s face contorted in fear at the mention of activities. Obviously the previous evening’s face fucking was still on her mind. She was right to be scared.

“Come here.” Yanking the chain around her neck, the man hauled her to the edge of the cage. Reaching between the bars, he carefully removed the jaw spreader from her mouth. Taylor stretched her jaw out, trying to remove some of the soreness.

Returning to the hall, the man fetched the service tray and brought it back to the room.  It was the kind with legs on it that could be used as a table for breakfast in bed. He placed it over Carrie’s lap, careful not to spill anything. The tray contained a healthy pile of pancakes, with butter and warm syrup to the side, three pieces of toast with jam, a large glass of orange juice and a pitcher containing more orange juice should Carrie need it.

“I hope you like your breakfast,” the man said kindly. “I’d read that you were a vegetarian, so I omitted the bacon. I hope that’s all right?” Carrie nodded weakly. The man motioned to the plate. “Go ahead, eat up. It’s not poisoned. If you’ll excuse me, however, that stupid whore in the corner also needs to be fed ”

The man again left the room, returning a few moments later with Taylor’s breakfast. It consisted of a small bowl of cold oatmeal, two pieces of dry toast and a Dixie cup of water. He placed the food inside her cage and was walking back towards Carrie when a small voice stopped him.  “Where’s the silverware?”

The man barked a short laugh. “Stupid whores like you don’t deserve silverware. You’ll eat with your hands like the bitch you are.” The man turned away and went back to the bed. Carrie was devouring her pancakes and had already eaten a piece of bread. That was good; she trusted him enough to feed her. In the coming weeks, he’d play up that trust until his plan was complete.

Shortly after lunch (Carrie received a nice salad and some cheese, while Taylor got two more pieces of dry toast and another Dixie cup of water) the man unlocked Taylor’s cage and led her by the chain to the center of the room.

The man smiled at the skinny blonde. “It’s time you and I had some fun.” His leer at her naked body made his intent clear.

“No, please don’t!” Taylor quickly begged. “I can pay you, any amount you want! You know who I am. You know I’ve got loads of money.” Her eyes were pleading for her to be spared this torment.

The man chuckled. “Ain’t your money I’m interested in, sweetheart. It’s that slit between your legs that I want.” Yanking sharply on the chain, the man forced Taylor to her knees. He stepped behind her and handcuffed her wrists behind her back, then shoved her, making her fall face-first to the floor.

The man removed his pants and stroked his erect cock a few times before getting on his knees behind Taylor. Raising her butt up in the air, he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Feeling his cockhead pressing against her, Taylor lost control. “Don’t do this, please!” She screamed. “Please don’t! I’ll give you anything you want, just please don’t do this! Please, I’m begging you, don’t!” Getting no response from the man, she shifted her efforts. “Carrie, please help me! Don’t let him do this. Please he-AHHHHH!” Her pleas to the other singer terminated in an earsplitting screech as the man penetrated her roughly.

Her pussy was bone dry but the man didn’t care, knowing the lack of lubrication would only make it more painful for Taylor. He plowed into her without remorse. Her screams echoed around the room, coming in time to each of this thrusts. His hands gripped her waist to hold her in place while he roughly violated her.

Shortly she began to moisten, her body taking over against her will. The wetness felt great around the man’s cock. Her pussy was tight, pulling and tugging at his cock as he slammed balls-deep into her over and over again.

The man had always been gifted at sex. He seemed to know just how to make women cum, and was blessed with enough stamina to usually get his partners off. In a short time the minor trickle of wetness in Taylor Swift’s cunt was a gushing flood as the man worked her closer to the first orgasm of her stay. Her shrieks and screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure as her climax built. She tried to fight it, tried to deny that her body was throughly enjoying being violated by this man.

It was a fight she lost. From one moment to the next her climax came. She moaned loudly as her body shook with the ecstasy of what she was feeling. Wetness erupted from her pussy, liberally coating the man’s dick. Her pussy twitched and clenched as she came, and it was finally too much for the man. Grunting, he buried all of himself in her soaking slit and spewed his spunk into her.

When his dick stopped shooting ejaculate into the country hottie, he slipped out of her and moved towards her head. She was still shaking from the ecstasy of the powerful orgasm he’d raped out of her. Gripping her hair, the man pulled her into a sitting position and inserted his softening penis into her mouth.

“Clean your whore juices off my cock, bitch,” he growled at her. Taking her head in both hands,  he forced her to suck on his flaccid cock. To her credit, it seemed that sucking cocks was something she knew how to do. In the euphoria following her orgasm and with the absence of a jaw spreader, she  began really working his cock. Her tongue lapped his dick and she started really sucking. He chuckled as he realized she actually liked the taste of her own juices.

Within minutes his flaccid cock was again rock-hard and he was throughly enjoying the blowjob she was eagerly giving him. Wether she was in some kind of trance from the orgasm and didn’t know what she was doing or if she really just loved to suck cock, the man didn’t know and didn’t care. She was an expert with her mouth and he was enjoying her ministrations.

Her mouth, of course, felt great. She was a pro and used just enough suction and spit to make it great. She worked her tongue along his shaft and even hummed a little bit. The vibrations from the humming felt wonderful. As his second orgasm of the day built, the man pulled out and started jerking his own cock. In short order he came again, this time on her face, spewing white sperm all over her face and in her hair. When he finally stopped, she had a decent mask of cum.

Grabbing her hair, he led her back to the cage, forcing her to walk on her knees to keep up. He shoved her back in the cage and locked the door behind her. Since he’d left the handcuffs on her, he didn’t bother replacing her collar.

He turned to the bed. It was finally time to bring Carrie into his plan. He sat down on the bed and gently stroked her legs. She shuddered under his touch. The man put on his most winning smile and spoke gently to her. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m not going to hurt you. You’ll never feel my cock unless you ask for it. That’s what the bitch on the floor is for. I’m here solely for your pleasure.” Still smiling , the man used both hands to spread the county star’s legs. She tried to resist at first, but the man told her he just wanted to pleasure her and that if she didn’t want that maybe he’d misjudged her and that she was free to trade places with Taylor. The thought of sleeping on the cold floor, and being raped and forced to wear this man’s cum on her face, quickly crushed any resistance she offered. Being pampered in bed was far better than being raped, so she might as well just let the man do what he wanted and try to enjoy it.

As it turns out, what the man wanted was very enjoyable for her.

After spreading her legs, the man planted soft kisses on the insides of her thighs, trailing slowly up to her crotch. He kissed her pussy through the thong, then easily slid it out of the way to expose her pussy to him. It was shaved bald and looked very inviting.

The man drug his tongue the length of her slit, reveling in how good she tasted. He continued licking her until she was fairly wet, then began sucking on her clit, humming as he did so. Soon, despite her efforts to hide it, Carrie was moaning. She obviously enjoyed the attention being paid to her pussy.

The man began alternating between sucking her clit and licking her pussy. His tongue flicked in and out over her glorious opening, drinking up all the juices she could produce. Her moans got louder and her back arched, driving her pussy further onto his mouth. Her hands reached down and grabbed his hair, holding him in place. The message was clear: I want to cum; don’t stop licking me.

The man obliged Carrie’s unspoken request and was rewarded when she suddenly came, squirting her juices all over his face. The man drank them up as best he could, but the flow was too much for him to contain. His face and the bedsheets were soaked with Carrie’s cum.

Smiling, the man stood up and withdrew from the room. The plan was going perfectly.

Carrie lay in her bed, tossing and turning as she tried to sleep. After the man’s appearance at lunch, the rest of the day had passed uneventfully. The man had taken both of them into the bathroom so they could relieve themselves and given them dinner. Carrie had received another very nice vegetarian meal, and even some nice ice wine to wash it down with. Taylor had again received dry toast and water.

The events immediately after lunch kept playing through Carrie’s head. Taylor begging for her help then being forcefully raped while Carrie watched, powerless to do anything.  Taylor cumming all over his cock despite the fact she was being raped.  The man forcing his cock into Taylor’s mouth only to pull out at the last second and spill his spunk on her face. And of course his tongue between Carrie’s legs.

Although it shamed her to admit it, thinking of him eating her out was getting her wet again. The orgasm the man had given her was the strongest, best orgasm Carrie had ever had. She loved Mike more than anything in the world, but he flat-out refused to go down on her. His mouth went nowhere near her pussy. And he just wasn’t that good at sex! He’d made her cum a few times, but most nights she ended up faking it just to make him happy.

The man, however, seemed to know exactly what he was doing between her legs. His tongue had found her most sensitive areas quickly, and when he started humming while sucking her clit…ohhh, there just wasn’t anything that felt quite so good. And if Taylor was any indication, the man knew how to use that impressively sized cock too.

Carrie did feel bad for Taylor. The poor girl had been raped in two of her holes and was not allowed to clean up after, meaning she had to spend the night curled up on the cold hardwood floor with dry cum on her face and legs where it had dribbled out of her pussy.  Taylor and Carrie didn’t get along very well, but Carrie did feel bad for her.  A little bit. Some.  Not nearly enough to take her place in the cage though. Despite being handcuffed, the bed was actually comfy and warm.

Smiling at her good fortune – compared to Taylor’s, in any case – Carrie snuggled down in the bed, enjoying the weight of the covers on top of her. Her mind drifted back to the man’s tongue lapping up her juices. She slid her right hand underneath her thong, slipped her middle finger into her pussy and began to quietly masturbate.

Taylor lay hunched in a ball on the cold floor, shivering. Her mind could barely process what was happening to her. Just yesterday she’d spent the morning reclining on silk pillows eating caviar. Now she was handcuffed, caged and freezing on a cold floor with dried cum sticking to her face. She’d been raped and her mouth used like a pussy. Damn! How the fuck did this happen?

She swallowed, trying to work some moisture into her mouth. The Dixie cups of water she was receiving weren’t nearly enough, and the dry toast didn’t help. Sighing quietly, she glared over at the bed, at Carrie motherfucking Underwood. Carrie, of course, was treated nicely. She got to sleep in the nice, big comfortable bed with lots of covers to keep her warm. She got nice meals and plenty of water to drink, even some wine. And she didn’t get raped. Sure, the disgusting pig that had kidnapped them had eaten her out, but she probably enjoyed that. Getting eaten out was always pleasurable. Taylor made all her boyfriends eat her out, even if they didn’t want to. If they refused, she’d just dump them and find someone more willing to please her.

She felt as if her stare would bore through the bed. It was that intense. Why should Carrie be up there? Of all people, Carrie motherfucking Underwood! The one person Taylor really couldn’t stand. Whereas Taylor wrote all her own songs and had worked hard to break out into the country music scene, what did that talentless hack Carrie motherfucking Underwood do? She won a fucking realty TV show. And because she won, she was out on tour, releasing albums, and generally eating up Taylor’s profits and awards. All because she won some stupid TV show.

It didn’t help that most people thought Carrie was prettier than Taylor. Taylor knew, deep down, that she was way prettier than Carrie motherfucking Underwood. After all, she was skinnier than that prissy bitch, and didn’t all guys want a skinny girl? How people could think Carrie was prettier than she Taylor would never understand.

As Taylor lay there fuming, a sound slowly came to her. A squishing, wet sound. Taylor knew that sound, but couldn’t believe her ears. Moving slowly, ever so slowly, so Carrie wouldn’t notice her, the young starlet rose up until she could see the woman on the bed. Her eyes confirmed what her ears had refused to believe.

Carrie motherfucking Underwood lay on the bed, masturbating furiously. She moved her thong out of the way and had three fingers inserted into her snatch, her other hand furiously rubbing her clit. Taylor’s mouth dropped. On one hand, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Was the pig really that good at oral? Or was Carrie motherfucking Underwood really that big of a whore?

As part of Taylor’s mind reviled from the thought of Carrie masturbating over forced oral sex, another part couldn’t stop from watching. A part of Taylor – a part she always buried deep inside her – had always found girls attractive. Taylor definitely liked cock, loved the way one felt inside her, especially when she made the man cum and spurt his jizz inside her. But she also liked to watch girl-on-girl porn when no one was around. Deep down, she was forced to admit she was bisexual.

Watching porn was one thing, but seeing someone like Carrie Underwood masturbating right in front of her was something altogether different. Taylor’s pussy moistened and she wished she wasn’t handcuffed so she could also play with herself. She had to be content with watching as the older blonde woman furiously fingered herself.

Carrie began moaning, softly at first, then louder and deeper as her orgasm approached. Taylor knew from experience that Carrie likely thought she was being quiet, but the blood pounding in her veins, her pussy quivering and aching for release, made her louder than she thought.

Taylor’s own breath began coming a bit faster as she watched her rival masturbate. Carrie obviously thought Taylor was asleep; otherwise she wouldn’t be nearly so obvious about what she was doing. Taylor had never been a voyeur before, but the experience excited her greatly. She again wished her hands were free to masturbate.

Thinking of stroking her pussy brought to mind the orgasm the man had given her while fucking her from behind. It was, without a doubt, the singular most powerful orgasm she had ever received. She’d almost passed out from the sheer pleasure coursing through her body. When she’d finally came down from the high, the man was spilling his baby batter on her face.

She was forced to admit the man knew how to use his cock. She’d been with experienced guys before, but no one – no one – had ever made her cum the way this man did. The admission of his prowess shamed her, but facts were facts.

Carrie moaned again, longer and louder than ever, obviously climaxing. Before Carrie opened her eyes and say her, Taylor quietly sank back down. Rage and humiliation coursed through her. Rage at the pervert who raped her and made her sleep with his cum on her face. Rage at Carrie motherfucking Underwood for, once again, coming out on top of Taylor. Humiliation at the fact that the pervert pig was the best she’d ever had. Humiliation at the fact that, deep down, she was secretly looking forward to another orgasm as powerful as the one he’d given her today.

Tears slipped unbidden from her eyes and sleep was a long time coming.

The man sank down into an office chair and wiggled his mouse to take his computer out of screensaver mode. Multiple cameras were discreetly hidden around the room the girls were in, most disguised as features in the room. He opened the program that controlled the cameras and was shown a tiled view displaying a miniature view of what each camera was seeing.

Clicking on one of the tiles, he made the feed full-screen. This particular camera was hidden in the light fixture in the ceiling over the bed and offered him a perfect view of Carrie. He was mildly surprised to see the starlet eagerly pleasuring herself. Smiling, he pressed the escape key to return to the tiled view and pulled up a camera hidden in the bedpost.

It was trained on Taylor’s cage. Taylor had obviously noticed what Carrie was doing and was watching the older woman masturbate. From the look on her face, Taylor was both aroused and disgusted. The man had the feeling that Taylor didn’t care much for Carrie.

That was all to the better. The plan was going perfectly.

The next morning the man fed his two slaves again. As usual, Carrie was provided with a nice meal and Taylor got oatmeal and dry toast. The man did give her a full cup of water today though; he wanted to stave off dehydration.

After their feeding, the man pulled Taylor out of her cage. Forcing her to again get on her hands and knees, he attached the chain on her collar to an eyebolt screwed into the floor. The length of chain left was short enough that there was no way Taylor could rise from the doggie-style position. She was trapped.

Moving behind Taylor and out of her field of vision, the man dropped his pants and stroked his cock a few times to bring it to attention. He quietly poured a large glob of lube onto his cock and rubbed it over his length.

As he got on his knees behind the country singer, he asked “So, my little bitch, have you ever had a cock up your asshole before?” Taylor gasped loudly and looked around at the man.

“Please not there!” She begged. “Anywhere but there! I’ll fuck you any other way, but please don’t stick it in my ass!” The man placed his cockhead at the puckered entrance of her shitter. Tears fell from Taylor’s eyes as her pleas got more desperate. “Please no! I’ll be a good little whore and suck you and fuck you however you want, just please don’t fuck my ass!”

The man chuckled. “You’re damn right you’ll be a good little whore and fuck me however I want. Unfortunately for you, what I want right now is to fuck this tight little asshole of yours.” What that, the man violently thrust forward, burying the entire length of his cock inside Taylor’s tiny, tight asshole.

Taylor’s scream was like nothing the man had ever heard before. It was so loud and shrill it actually hurt his ears. The pain was easy to ignore though. Her asshole was so tight and warm the man knew it wouldn’t take him long to cum. Sliding mostly out, he slammed forward again, bringing another screech from the slave underneath him.

He started banging her fast and hard, his only intent to cause her as much pain as possible. On his third stroke she was sobbing hysterically as he pounded her pooper. Reaching forward, he grasped her right nipple and viciously twisted. She screamed again as he continued twisting, trying to rip her nipple off her breast.

Taylor was crying uncontrollably, heaving great racking sobs as her most personal hole was roughly violated. The sobbing didn’t help her as it typically threw her back onto his cock. The man didn’t let up but kept jackhammering away. Her ass was very tight around his cock and quite warm.

Less than five minutes later the man felt his balls swelling. He kept piledriving the blonde bitch until his cock opened up and spewed forth, filling her bowels with his seed. He slipped out of her now gaping hole and wiped his cock off with her hair. She shuddered as he did so, but the slut should feel lucky; he could’ve made her clean it with her mouth.

He left Taylor where she was and moved to the bed. Smiling at Carrie, he sat down next to her and gently touched her thigh. She watched him warily, fear filling her beautiful eyes, but she knew what he wanted and was compliant. She laid back and spread her legs wide.

Hooking his fingers around her thong, the man easily slipped it off her body and buried his face in her crotch, doing what be did best. His tongue drug along her slit and up to her clit. He was surprised to find her slightly wet already. Apparently watching him sodomize Taylor had slightly turned her on.

She was quickly getting wetter as the man munched her rug. Her divine juices filled his mouth as he licked her, thrusting his tongue inside her and then licking her clit. Her hands again wound themselves into his hair and her hips thrust against his face as he brought her closer to climax.

If the man thought she’d really let loose while he was eating her yesterday, she surprised him today. Her moans were much louder than before, and she actually urged him on. “Keep going,” she breathed. “I’m so close. I wanna cum so bad. Don’t fucking stop.” The man didn’t, and soon she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her whole body shook with the intensity of it, and she kept moaning after the man stood up.

Plucking her panties off the bed, the man pocketed them. “I’ll keep these,” he said. “You won’t be needing them anymore.” As he walked towards the door, he paused by Taylor, who was still bawling, and kicked her on the hip, hard. She sprawled to the ground, fresh sobs ripped from her young body.

“You stay there on the ground, you dirty slut,” the man growled. “It’s the only place a whore like you belongs.” Without a backward glance, he left the room.

Carrie laid in bed, pondering. By her reckoning, it’d been five weeks since they’d been kidnapped. The man had removed the handcuff from her wrist some time ago; the door was always kept locked and the windows couldn’t be opened or broken. They seemed to be made of bullet-proof glass. Obviously he wasn’t worried about her running.

Taylor wasn’t so lucky. She was out of the cage, but was now chained to the floor in the center of the room. The man had shortened the chain attached to her collar so that her head could only rise a few feet. Her legs were forced apart by a bar strapped to her ankles and her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

She was permanently in the doggie position, and Carrie didn’t envy her. Not only did it look horridly uncomfortable, it meant she couldn’t even move, not even to the bathroom. A few days ago the man hadn’t untied her at all and she’d pissed all over herself. The man had untied her and made her lick the puddle up.

Beyond all that, the position left Taylor wide open for the man’s impressive cock. He was behind her now, hammering away at her pussy. Despite the fact that she was in an insanely uncomfortable position and was being raped, Carrie could tell Taylor was enjoying having the man’s cock inside her. Her moans were of pleasure, not pain, and unless Carrie missed her guess, Taylor would soon be cumming all over her rapist’s cock. Again. The man was definitely talented; he never failed to get Taylor off.

Or Carrie, for that matter. Every time his tongue went anywhere near her glory hole, she was overcome with lust. She knew it was wrong; she was a married woman. But Mike had never made her feel so … good.

It shamed her to admit it, but she was looking forward to him eating her out today. The mere thought of him licking her down there, thrusting his tongue into her folds, humming as he sucked her clip, was getting her wet. She hoped he’d inseminate Taylor soon; Carrie didn’t know how much longer she could hold out before she started finger fucking herself.

“Oh, yes!” Taylor moaned. Carrie watched as the bound singer’s body shuddered as she gasped for breath as she came powerfully around the man’s large cock. Just watching the man fuck Taylor to orgasm made Carrie’s pussy gush. Her hand involuntarily slipped down towards her nether regions.

A grunt from the man stopped her hand’s movement. He gripped Taylor’s hips and drove deep into her and grunted as he came inside her. He thrust hard one last time and stayed deep inside her, moaning lowly as he filled Taylor with his creamy load.

Slipping his cock out of Taylor, he smacked her hard on the ass and turned to Carrie. “Your turn, sweetheart,” he said sweetly. He climbed onto the bed and lowered his face to her nether regions. He licked her once and, finding out how wet she was already, looked up into her eyes with a smile that said he knew she got off watching him rape Taylor. Carrie flushed with shame, but it was quickly forgotten when he put his mouth back on her pussy.

His tongue probed deep into her and she gasped involuntarily. He drug his tongue up and down her pussy, then started sucking on her clit, humming as he did so. The vibrations felt wonderful, nearly pushing her over the edge.

As soon as he put his tongue back into her pussy, Carrie exploded in orgasm. Her whole body shivered as the most wonderful feeling ever racked through her. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she moaned loudly, her hands clamping onto the man’s hair to keep him in her pussy. Her hips bucked wildly, driving her pussy into the man’s face.

She started to come down from the orgasmic high and the man pulled his face back from her crotch. Carrie made a split-second decision, one she never thought she’d ever make. But the man’s tongue was no longer good enough.

“Wait,” Carrie said as the man started to rise. He stopped and looked at her, his face asking the unasked question. “I want you to…” Carrie said, pausing. Plucking up her courage, she rushed on.  “I want you to fuck me. With your dick.”

The man smiled at her, as if he’d know this would eventually happen. He rose to his knees and Carrie saw that he was already hard. She trembled in anticipation of taking the man’s meat sausage inside her.

He scooted forward and placed his cock at the entry to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her slit a few times, teasing her, before plunging all of it into her in one thrust.

Carrie moaned loudly as she felt it slide into her. It filled her up in a way no other man’s cock had, not even Mike’s. She’d always been more of a “motion of the ocean” kind of girl, but could now see why some women said size mattered.

The man slid nearly all the way out and then rammed it back in forcefully. Carrie’s eyes closed and her head arched back as her pleasure began building again. After her oral orgasm, she was primed and ready for another and the man was quickly getting her there.

He laid down on top of her, his face buried in her neck. He nibbled at the soft skin there and Carrie moaned loudly. She spread her legs as far apart as they would go, her feet pointing to the ceiling as the man started to really take her. He’d been thrusting slowly before but began to really fuck her now, slamming his dick into her hard and fast.

She moaned again as she wrapped her arms around him. She drug her fingernails down his back and grabbed onto his ass cheeks, trying to pull him even deeper inside of her.

Carrie knew this was wrong, but she didn’t care anymore. If just felt too damn good. The man was really pounding her now and she could hear wet slopping sounds coming from her pussy. The excitement was building quickly inside her; he almost had her off again

From one moment to the next she came. Hard. It was the most powerful orgasm of her entire life. She screamed “Yes!” over and over again as her kidnapper fucked her. She’d promised herself that she would think of Mike when this happened, but now that it was, her husband was the furtherest thing from her thoughts, and she simply didn’t care. It just felt so damn good.

As the initial high wore off and she came back to her senses, she wanted to do something for the man who had given her such a powerful orgasm. “Come on, sweetie,” she whispered in his ear. “You got me off, now it’s your turn. Come on, fill me with that baby batter. Cum inside me. Please. I need your cum in me. Fill me with your juice. Please. Do it quickly. I want it so bad.”

Apparently a little bit of dirty talking was all the man needed. His thrusts became even faster, and then Carrie heard him groan and felt his dick shoot its creamy cum into her dripping pussy. She moaned again and wrapped her legs around him to make sure she got every drop of his cum inside her.

Unwrapping her legs from the man to let him rise, Carrie rolled onto her left side and watched as he got out of bed. He looked at her and smiled, and she smiled back. He left the room and she heard the door lock behind him

The man sat in front of his computer, still feeling elated over what had just happened. He hadn’t intended to cum with Carrie so quickly, but her dirty talk was just too much for him. He’d been with other girls who would say “Yeah, come on” or “Faster”, but none had ever begged him for his cum before. It had turned him on like nothing ever had.

Convincing Carrie to willingly fuck him had always been part of the plan, but he’d expected it to take longer. Today’s events meant that the plan could be accelerated. He’d shortly put the last phase of the plan into action.

Taylor lay on the ground, horridly uncomfortable. Her face was pressed against the hardwood, but the way she was bound required her ass to stick up in the air. It was not comfortable and her back hurt worse than anything she’d ever experienced. But there was nothing she could currently do about it, so instead she focused on her hate.

Not hate for the pig who raped her, although she had her fair share of that, but hate for the slutbag in the bed above her. Carrie motherfucking Underwood. Adulteress. Tramp. Whore.

She’d asked that pervert to fuck her. Asked him! And then begged for him to cum inside her. What a stupid cumslut. Taylor would do anything to trade positions with Carrie. Anything.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could currently do to make that happen. The fucktard with the good dick seemed intent on keeping her miserable and Carrie happy. Taylor supposed she could play along the next time he fucked her and pretend to enjoy it, but she didn’t think she could bring herself to do that. Well, “pretend” wasn’t exactly the right word. She very much enjoyed the orgasms the man gave her – they were the by far the most powerful she’d ever experienced. But she couldn’t bear the thought of actually admitting that to him.

With nothing else to do except lie uncomfortably on the floor, the blonde singer thought about her hate, and about how to get revenge.

The man entered the girls’ room. It’d been exactly one week since Carrie has asked him to fuck her for the first time. In that week, she’d asked again three more times, and the man had obliged each time, giving her huge orgasms each time.

Today was the day to put the last phase of the plan into play. But first, he wanted to fuck Taylor one last time. He almost felt sorry for her, given the ferocity of the fuck he had planned for her, but that wasn’t going to stop him from enjoying himself.

Sidling up behind her, he stroked his cock to get it hard and placed the tip against her opening. Unlike Carrie, Taylor’s pussy was bone dry as she waited for him to take her. That would change.

The man forced himself into the singer, grunting as he did so. He heard Taylor gasp, but ignored her. He pulled out and slammed in again, and again, over and over until her pussy moistened enough to make it easier

Gripping her hips, the man continued to drill the helpless woman. She started grunting with every thrust he made. She sounded like a damn pig. It was a bit annoying.

Leaning over her, he grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into the floor, hoping the pressure was hurting her. She continued to grunt, so the man settled back onto his knees, grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled, forcing her head off the ground.

When he had he face even with her back, he reached around to the front of her face and stuck the fingers of both hands into her mouth, and pulled back towards himself, stretching her mouth out. He knew this must be painful for her, but it did stop her grunting. The damn bitch should know better than to sound like a pig during sex.

He keep pounding away at her pussy, drilling the bitch for all he was worth. His wild thrusting was soon rewarded when he heard the starlet start moaning. Experience had taught him that Taylor was usually pretty quiet during sex, right up until she was ready to cum. Then, her body took control and she started moaning.

A few seconds later it happened. Her whole body shuddered as an orgasm raked through her. She moaned loudly, and the man knew if he could see her face, her eyes would be rolled back as the pleasure took her. A wave of wetness engulfed his cock.

Pulling out of her pussy, he let her mouth go. Her head thumped to the ground hard and she groaned. Grabbing her hip with his left hand, the man used his right to line up his cock with the entrance to her shitter. With almost no pause, he plunged in hard.

His sex toy squealed and tried to squirm forward, but he grabbed her hips with both hands and forced her back onto his cock. He pulled out until only his tip remained in her, then slammed back in again. Taylor squealed loudly each time he pounded her tight hole. Her screams were a definite turn-on.

Her ass was so tight and warm that the man believed she truly had been an anal virgin before he’d gotten hold of her. It didn’t matter. Her entire body was his now, and he’d use it however he wanted. Again and again he savagely thrust into her asshole, sincerely hoping he was causing lasting damage to the starlet.

Before long, he felt his seed stirring. He quickly slipped out of her ass and moved in front of her. Grabbing her head with both hands, he lifted her to a sitting position and thrust himself into her mouth. She tried to squeal in protest again, but it was all she could do to not gag as his snake slithered down her throat, and all that came out was a low moan.

Throwing his head back, the man sighed in contentment as he face-fucked his pretty bitch. He doubted she enjoyed tasting her own shit on his dick, but that didn’t matter. If she wasn’t such a damn cocktease he never would’ve taken her.

Shortly, he felt his balls tightening up. Finally allowing Taylor a breath, he pulled out of her mouth. Still holding her head with one hand, he jerked off with the other until he cam on her face. Ropes of sticky, warm cum shot out of his dick and fell on the pretty starlet’s face. By the time he was done, her face was well covered in his spunk. Forcing her head back to the floor, he bent to whisper in her ear.

Taylor’s head smacked into the floor, sending waves of pain shuddering through her body. The man leaned down, putting his lips next to her ear, and whispered to her, low enough so that Carrie couldn’t hear.

“In a few minutes, I’m going to untie you. Here’s the deal: if you want what Carrie currently has, all you have to do is kill her. You kill her, you can sleep in that bed, get all the food you want, only be fucked when you want to. All you have to do is kill Carrie. Understand?”

Taylor nodded and whispered “Yes,” just as low as the man. She wasn’t a killer – the very thought repulsed her. But as she lay there, a cramp ran through her back and her heart hardened. If killing that slut motherfucker on the bed got her out of this situation, so be it.

The man rose and walked over next to the bed, whispering something to Carrie. With every muscle aching, Taylor knew she would have no problem killing Carrie motherfucking Underwood. Not if it got her off this floor and into that bed. That stupid bitch could bring it, but Taylor was determined to kill the slut that has cost her so much.

Carrie watched as the man walked over towards her after whispering to Taylor. Sitting next to her on the bed, he leaned in and spoke to her quietly enough that Taylor wouldn’t be able to hear what was said.

“In a few minutes, I’m going to untie Taylor. She is going to try to kill you. If you want to survive, you must kill her. Do you understand?”

Carrie shook her head and responded just as quietly. “No. Why untie her at all? Just leave her down there. You can keep fucking me if you want, I won’t mind. But why give her a chance to kill me?”

“It’s time we got rid of Taylor and focused on us, Care Bear. She’s weak – she hasn’t eaten or drank much in days, and her muscles will be sore from the position she’s in. You’ll have no problem beating her. However, this IS going to happen, one way or another. Now, I’d much prefer if you survived instead of that two-bit tramp whore on the ground, but that’s up to you. Do you think you can do it?”

Carrie thought for a few moments, then nodded. She might not want to kill Taylor, but she knew Taylor would be desperate to improve her situation and wouldn’t hold back. Besides, she had a husband and a child at home. If she ever wanted to get back to them, she had to survive. And surely wouldn’t any court say the killing was done in self-defense?

Taking her hand, the man took her over to stand near the wall to the bathroom, then he moved over to Taylor. Undoing the locks on her chains, he helped her stand and moved between the two singers. Carrie couldn’t help but notice that Taylor swayed on her feet. It looked like the man was right about her being sore and weak.

“I’ve explained the stakes to both of you,” the man said, glancing at each of them in turn. “You know what you have to do. Get to it!” He hastily moved from between them.

Before he’d even taken two steps, Taylor charged Carrie, barreling headlong towards her. Fortunately, Carrie had grown up with multiple brothers and knew what to do. When Taylor was close enough, Carrie balled her right fist and jabbed, catching Taylor square on the nose.

Taylor stumbled back as an eruption of blood spurted from her nose. Carrie didn’t let up and moved forward, throwing a left hook into Taylor’s cheek. Taylor fell backwards onto her ass, a cut opened on her cheek from Carrie’s wedding ring. Some of the cum on Taylor’s face had rubbed off on Carrie’s knuckles. She licked it off and looked down on Taylor.

The younger blonde rose to a crouch and rushed forward, obviously hoping to tackle Carrie. Carrie’s left foot shot out and caught Taylor full in the face. Taylor crashed to the ground on her side, holding her face in her hands.

Carrie aimed a few well-placed kicks at Taylor’s midsection. After the first few landed, Taylor tried desperately to curl up into a ball. Leaning over, Carrie shoved the younger woman’s shoulder and forced her onto her back. Straddling Taylor, Carrie sat on her chest and started walloping her face.

Carrie didn’t know how many punches she landed, only that she kept punching Taylor’s face over and over again, alternating arms with each strike. She lost herself in pent-up rage at Taylor. She’d tried to be nice to the prissy little bitch, over and over again. But Taylor just seemed to have something against her. Not wanting to deal with the media shit-storm that would surely come about if Carrie told anyone how she really felt, Carrie had bottled her feelings up inside.

They all came out now, and Carrie lost control. She hit Taylor again and again, never letting up, never even giving the other woman a chance. As she slowly came down from her rage, she realized she was wordlessly screaming as she whaled on Taylor. Taylor’s mouth was moving, and Carrie heard a soft “Please” escape her lips.

Sitting back on her haunches, Carrie really looked at Taylor for the first time since her rage took over. Taylor’s left eye was swollen almost shut and was leaking blood, and the right side of her face was a cut, bloody mess where Carrie’s wedding ring has scored and sliced the flesh. Her bottom lip was puffy and bleeding freely, and her nose looked like it was broken.

Sighing heavily, Carrie stared at her opponent. Could she really kill Taylor? She was a vegetarian because she didn’t want animals to be harmed. How in the world could she kill another human being?

Of course, Carrie knew Taylor wouldn’t hesitate; had their positions been reversed, Carrie would already be dead. Could she afford to give the bitch a second chance? Would that even be an option? Maybe, after seeing she couldn’t finish the job, the man would kill her. Put a gun to her head and blow her away. That thought terrified Carrie, but not as much as another. If she didn’t finish this now, the man might never fuck her again.

As much as it shamed her to admit it, she’d rather be dead than live with the possibility her new lover might never take her again. The only was to insure that didn’t happen was to kill Taylor.

Carrie looked down at the younger singer. Taylor seemed to be just now coming back to her senses after the savage beating Carrie had doled out. Taylor’s eyes focused on Carrie’s face, and she spoke, barely a whisper.

“Please, Carrie, stop. Please don’t kill me. I’m begging you, please stop.” Carrie took a shuddering breath and looked deep into Taylor’s eyes. Then, without warning, she grabbed Taylor’s head in both her hands, raised it up and slammed it back down against the hardwood floor as hard as she could.

Carrie slammed Taylor’s head down again, and again. On the fourth time, Carrie felt Taylor’s skull give against the hardwood floor. A soft “Ohh” escaped Taylor’s lips. Smashing the younger woman’s head down one last time, Carrie heard a resounding crack from Taylor’s skull. Taylor’s eyes widened and her mouth sagged open.

Leaning down close to her face, Carrie grabbed Taylor’s cheeks and forced her to maintain eye contact with her killer. She wanted her face to be the last thing in this world that the prissy little bitch ever saw. The light faded from Taylor’s eyes in a satisfying slow fashion and Carrie was left straddling a corpse.

As she straightened, she reflected on what she’d done. She surprisingly felt no remorse. In fact, the main feeling coursing through her body was arousal. Carrie couldn’t remember a time when she’d even been this horny. Looking over her shoulder at the man, she saw that watching her kill had turned him on too. Despite having just fucked Taylor, his cock was fully erect.

Smiling seductively, Carrie crawled across the room on her hands and knees. Stopping in front of the man, she looked up and playfully stroked his cock. “What do we have here?” She asked. “How can we make this go down again?”

She took him in her mouth.

The man groaned in pleasure. Taylor had been pretty good at sucking cock, but Carrie was absolutely amazing, by far the best he’d ever had. Her mouth glided along his cock, her tongue stroked the underside of him.

She deepthroated him effortlessly, her throat expanding to easily take all of him. Her nose was buried in his pubes, and she managed to wriggle her tongue out and lick at his balls. She moved back and then took him all the way down again.

It was the most amazing thing the man had even felt. Her mouth was warm and inviting and her throat was tight around the tip of his cock. He could feel the spit in her mouth sloshing against him.

The man watched as Carrie’s right hand slid down to her pussy. She rubbed her clit and then promptly stuck three fingers inside of herself and started to masturbate while she sucked him.

He heard squishing sounds coming from her pussy, and she started sucking him faster. Sh moaned around his cock as her head bobbed up and down along his length, her wet mouth pleasuring him greatly. With a loud moan, she deepthroated him again and looked up into his eyes.

Removing her fingers from her pussy, Carrie pulled back and let his cock slip out of her mouth. A thick strand of saliva connected her chin to his cock. Wiping it off, she played with it and the sucked it off her fingers, smiling at him as she did so.

Smiling seductively, Carrie crawled to the bed, giving the man a great view of her ass as she went. She laid her upper body across the bed and looked back at the man, giving him a smoldering, sexy stare. She placed both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks wide, saying “Get over here and fuck my pussy,”. The man didn’t need any urging and quickly stepped up behind the blonde bombshell. He thrust his dick inside her and could tell from the amount of wetness that she’d obviously came while she was finger-banging herself.

The man pounded her hard. Her pussy was wetter than he’d ever experienced it and the way it allowed his cock to easily slide in felt divine. He thrust his hips hard, relishing the feeling of her pussy gripping and tugging his cock and the sound of his balls slapping her thighs and he drove her into the bed.

Carrie was moaning loudly and soon started breathing faster and faster. She begged him not to stop and her body shuddered as a fresh wave of wetness engulfed his cock. Smiling, the man slapped her ass and kept pounding her just as fast as before. Normally Carrie’s dirty talk and her orgasm would have him close to cumming, but after fucking Taylor less than fifteen minutes previously, the man knew he could go as hard as he wanted and not worry about it ending too soon.

He kept at it for well over ten minutes. He was short on breath but unwilling to slow down. He was finally approaching his climax. He gripped Carrie’s hips and she squirmed underneath him, still moaning. Her left hand gripped the coverlet, bunching it as she formed a fist. She slid her right hand beneath her and started rubbing her clit.

Apparently that was what she needed to push herself over the edge for her third orgasm of the day. She screamed loudly. “Yes! Oh fuck yes, that’s so fucking good! Don’t fucking stop!” She threw her ass back against the man and her whole body trembled. “Ohhhhhhhhh,”‘she moaned. Juices literally squirted out of her pussy.

Her new orgasm was too much for the man. Burying himself hilt-deep in his new whore, he came hard, filling her pussy with his cum. After his cock stopped spurting white goo, he simply left it inside of Carrie, loving the way her pussy felt around his dick.

Carrie’s upper body sprawled across the bed, her head face down in the covers. Her mouth was slack from orgasmic bliss and she drooled on the covers.  She moaned quietly as she felt the last of the man’s seed wriggle up inside her.

For a few minutes she just lay there, feeling the man’s cock go flaccid inside her. Her body was more relaxed than it had even been. Her last orgasm had been by far the most powerful of her life. She wasn’t sure she could anything else she’d experienced before this an actual orgasm anymore. It had been the most wonderful feeling in the world, and left her feeling like she was glowing.

But, as she came down from her high, she began to get very uncomfortable. Her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She’d had to go before the man had raped Taylor for the last time, but had never had a chance. She’d been holding it so long she was afraid she was going to pee herself the way Taylor had awhile back.

Thinking of that event gave Carrie an idea. Once the man removed his dick from her and stepped back, she rose unsteadily to her feet. Her legs were weak after the monster orgasm he’d just given her. Using the bed for support, she moved over and squatted over the dead woman’s face.

With a sigh or relief, Carrie let her bladder go. Yellow urine streamed down onto Taylor’s once-pretty face, filling her open mouth and puddling in her eyes. Carrie pissed on Taylor for at least a minute, completely soaking the dead girl’s face and hair.

Without much surprise, Carrie realized that this final degradation was slightly turning her on. In the past few months she’d learned much about herself. She got turned on by torture and rape and especially by murder. It wasn’t really surprising she’d enjoy degrading a rival’s body. Besides, Taylor had always treated her coldly. The bitch deserved everything she’d gotten.

As the stream from her bladder finally dried up, she rose, turned to face the man and smiled. She slowly walked over to him.

The man stared in slight disbelief as Carrie rose from her crouch over Taylor’s face and walked towards him. He never would’ve believed the blond starlet was capable of such an act of desecration. It turned him on mightily.

Carrie flung her arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck on the lips as he grabbed her waist. “Find me another one,” she said, smiling.

“Another one?”

She nodded her head to indicate Taylor’s body. “Another toy like that. I want to help you play with the next one. The man smiled broadly. The plan had worked perfectly.

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