The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Six

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Six

Author: KMB

Celebs: Rose McGowan, Jessica Alba, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Ali Lohan, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Maryse Ouellet, Lucy Hale, Holly Marie Combs, Ashley Benson, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, Stella Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly, AnnaSophia Robb, Bella Thorne, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Emmy Rossum, Dianna Agron, Olivia Munn

Codes: FF, FF+, MFF, MF, oral, anal, mast, rim, spank, inc, orgy, teen

Summary: The party is spinning out of control and even Rose is shocked by what she sees. Mandy takes a friendship to a new level and so does Taylor while Lindsay is tempted and Hayden and Miley bond.

How’s everyone’s New Year’s hangovers? Hopefully by now they are all gone but if not, it’s been clinically proven (at least in my mind) that when you are hungover there’s no better cure than dreaming about naked celebrities fucking each other’s brains out.

And that’s just a roundabout way of saying that the party is raging in Malibu. We’ve gone through several parts leading up to the party and now the party has gone completely off the rail, just as it was destined to. This chapter is pretty much wall to wall sex so if you like hot women getting their fuck on in an uninhibited way, then this is for you!

How did we get here? Well everyone had good intentions and no one meant for this to happen. Love just wanted to have a nice Christmas party so all her friends. Sarah just wanted to help out and didn’t mean to send the invitation to way more people than intended. Jennifer just wanted to put people in a good mood when she added a stimulant to the punch, And Christina was just being Christina when she poured a whole bottle of vodka into the punch.

Christina didn’t know what Jennifer had done and Jennifer didn’t know what Christina had done. But the combination of the alcohol and the stimulant has caused a chemical reaction inside the punch who makes everyone who drinks it into a horny little monster. So the party that was supposed to be sweet and wholesome has turned into anything but.

Now people are fucking each other like animals in the party. Jennifer even forgot to warn everyone about the punch because she was too busy fucking Kate Upton and Anna Kendrick. Sarah and Love were found out by their platonic friend Amy Adams who did not take their secrecy well at all. Selena Gomez succumbed to a lust she didn’t want to admit she had as she began fucking Emma Watson and as for Vanessa Hudgens, her betrayal by her own sister turned into a physical fight that has turned into something so much more as clothing starts getting torn off.

That’s not even getting into how angry and frustrated Elizabeth Gillies has gotten thanks to her friends Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice being unable to stop fighting with each other. Can this party bring them together or keep tearing them apart? What do you think is going to happen?

And did we mention the carload of teenagers who had no idea what they were getting into? A sex-deprived Mandy Moore brought them there because she was too distracted drooling over her best friend Minka Kelly’s ass and now Chloe Moretz is so close to getting Alyssa for herself while Ava Sambora and Ariel Winter found family secrets being exposed in the craziest of ways.

Things are only going to get wilder from there so let’s get into it. You might want to make sure and read the first five parts to make sure you get the whole context of the plot or maybe you just want to dive into the deep end of this pool of sexual depravity.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Six


Not everyone was inside the party, though. In fact some had no idea what it had turned into.

For one guest, in fact, the party atmosphere had become too stifling and the need to get away from it had driven her outside the mansion for a breath of fresh air. She’d found the night air, cold and crisp, a refreshing change from the warm, inside of the mansion she’d just been inside. Once she’d gotten a taste of it she’d decided to stay out there for a while.

She was in no hurry to get back inside and Liz Gillies, not for the first time either, wondered not only why she had come here but how she had gotten herself talked into bringing her so-called friends along too. She hadn’t wanted to come here and the night had gone even worse than her expectations.

Maybe if she drove away right then she could start to put this whole thing behind her. Of course she was Victoria and Ariana’s ride but she didn’t really care right then about helping them out. If all they were going to do was fight and make her life miserable then she was plenty fine with just leaving them to stew in their own juices.

Why did they have to constantly bring her down with their fighting? Why did their sniping and their spoiled, bratty antics have to embarrass her in front of everyone? Liz had hoped they had left all of this behind them when they’d all escaped Nickelodeon but things had only gotten worse since Ariana’s star had shot into the stratosphere and Victoria’s had most definitely not.

Now they couldn’t even be civil to each other for 15 minutes and Liz was sick of it. She was sick of the fighting. She was sick of the negativity. They had all been friends once, close friends, especially her and Ariana, but now she couldn’t help but think they had both turned into anchors around her legs.

And it hurt to think that. Liz knew a lot of people associated her with being just like the mean-spirited, perhaps even heartless, characters she excelled at playing but she wasn’t. Not at all. She excelled at playing hard and defensive but she was so sensitive on the inside.

She didn’t want to hate her friends. She just couldn’t stand to see them fighting all the time. They brought such a negative energy with them and while she knew it was stupid to wish for something that was impossible, Liz couldn’t help but wish that they could somehow all be friends again.

Seeing Victoria and Ariana fight always left her in such an emotional state and Liz found herself wanting to be left completely alone. But, of course, that was not meant to be, not with the woman who had dragged her into all of this still around.

“There you are!” Rose declared. “I’ve been looking all over for you! What the hell are you doing out here?”

“That whole scene wasn’t for me,” Liz replied. “Look, I appreciate you inviting me. I guess it was nice of you to do that after, you know, you sodomized me but I think I’m going to just bolt.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Rose said. “The party isn’t what happens now. It’s what happens later when all the clothes come off. So don’t you dare think about leaving. Besides, what about your friends?”

“What about them?” Liz snapped. “If you like them so much then how about you babysit them for a change? You can deal with their petty bullshit because I am fucking sick of it!”

“Whoa! That’s not in the Christmas spirit, is it?” Rose teased but Liz was in no mood for it.

“Look, just leave me alone, okay?” Liz demanded but it came out stronger than she had intended and when she saw Rose frown, Liz actually felt bad. She didn’t want to hurt Rose’s feelings. She just didn’t want to deal with any shit right now.

“I know you must think I’m some bitch but I really just want to be alone right now,” Liz said, softer but just as insistent. “I mean I really do appreciate you bringing me here. I’m not joking about that. You’ve got an amazing home and I’m pretty blown away that you all actually live this way. But I’m just not feeling it. I can’t deal with them anymore. I just can’t. Victoria’s got a chip on her shoulder so heavy I’m surprised she can walk and Ari…well…I just don’t even know with her anymore.”

Rose actually had been a little hurt. She had brought Liz here and insisted her friends come along not just because she wanted to fuck all three of them but because she wanted them all to have a great time. And if them having fun was because she was fucking them then so much the better.

But she hadn’t wanted to make Liz miserable and Rose felt bad too. So she didn’t get mad at Liz for her snapping at her. Instead she went over and hugged her, noticing something in the process.

“Have you been crying?” Rose asked, genuine concern in her voice.

“No!” Liz replied as if it were the most ridiculous question in the world even though it was plainly obvious that she was lying.

There were tears in her eyes and Rose had detected them even though Liz had tried to hide the evidence.

“Awwww no crying at Christmas,” Rose said tenderly, tightening the hug and smiling when Liz actually returned it. “You’d better cheer up before I start doing things with a candy cane that will force a smile out of you.”

Liz gave a little laughing snort in reply. She had no doubt Rose would definitely be as good as her promise and she was also pretty sure she would end up liking it a lot if she did.

“My friends are insane,” Liz sighed. “I don’t even know if we really are friends anymore. We barely talk and whenever we do someone ends up screaming at someone else. I don’t even know why I bother anymore. We were all kids when we were on that show and now…now we’re just a bunch of idiots trying to be grown-ups.”

“Well those are the best kinds,” Rose assured the younger woman. “Besides I’ve yet to meet anyone who didn’t drive me crazy in some way.”

“What about your friends?” Liz asked. “You don’t look like you drive each other crazy.”

“Oh my God, of course we do!” Rose laughed. “Have you ever met a woman that’s not nuts in some way? Hell there’s no one out there that’s not crazy or annoying or has some kind of defect. It doesn’t matter if they’re a man or a woman. We definitely get on each other’s nerves. You’ve never been here when everyone’s slamming doors and sulking. But you wanna know our secret?”

“Sure,” Liz said even though she was already quite certain she knew exactly what the secret was. “Dazzle me.”

“Well the big secret is that whenever we find anything that gets on each other’s nerves or we fight we always work through it by fucking,” Rose grinned as Liz smiled back even as she rolled her eyes a bit. “We don’t let things bother us because we love each other and we always know that whenever we fight we can always get over it through make-up sex.”

“Well that sounds very emotionally healthy,” Liz teased. “But I think my friends are beyond that kind of help though. We’d never be able to get them close enough to try fucking their way through our problems without them wanting to claw each other’s eyes out.”

“Well then how about you and I go and get ourselves some Christmas cheer all for ourselves,” Rose suggested. “If they don’t want to join the party, then forget them. We can head up to my room and have some fun without them.”

Rose added an exclamation point to that idea by breaking off the hug and instead getting her hands right where she’d loved having them the day before. And Liz couldn’t keep herself from moaning when she felt Rose squeeze her tits through her sweater.

God, this woman was a piece of work, Liz thought to herself. But she liked it. She had never met anyone who knew just how to push her buttons like this and suddenly leaving didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

“Won’t your friends mind if we disappear?” Liz asked, smiling seductively at Rose as she didn’t do a damn thing to get her to take her hands off her chest.

“Nahhh they’d never even notice we were gone with that crowded zoo in there,” Rose said, not having any clue just how accurate her words were. “We’d sneak away, have some fun and then get back there without anyone knowing the difference. Besides, it would get us all warmed up for the after party. If your friends don’t want to stay that doesn’t mean you can’t.”

“Mmmmmm well I think I could use some warming up,” Liz replied. “So let’s see this room of yours.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Rose said, taking Liz by the hand and guiding her back into the mansion.

They walked inside and didn’t even think about heading to where the party was. Their shared destination was upstairs where the bedrooms were and, as they did that they encountered a pair going in the opposite direction. And it was obvious to Rose and Liz that these two had just done what they were intending to do.

“So, it looks like you enjoyed my present,” Rose surmised as she broke into a big grin at the sight of Holly and Lucy walking downstairs, completely dressed now but also hand in hand as they both gave off every sign that they were enjoying quite a nice afterglow.

Holly shot Rose a glare and a smile in response but before she could open her mouth, Lucy grabbed the chance first.

“I know you’re talking to Holly but I loved it!” Lucy giggled, giving Holly a happy kiss as giddiness rushed through her body. Her fantasy had come true and now she couldn’t wait to dream up new ones. “It wasn’t just a present for her. It was one for me too!”

Holly was touched by that. She’d come to her senses after the force of her orgasm and then after the second one that Lucy had fucked out of her when she had used Alyssa’s toy on her, fucking her missionary style so Holly could look up at her beautiful young body as it fucked her wet cunt and then the third one when Lucy had pressed kisses all over her tender hole and then licked her until she came again.

But while she wasn’t as insanely horny as she’d been when she’d given into her lust she still wanted Lucy and she was glad to see that Lucy was still excited for her.

For all her talk about being a new Holly upstairs, Holly had been worried that this was going to change things between them in a way that would end badly. But she swore to herself that she was going to live in the moment and enjoy this wherever it took her. That had been the true gift that Rose had given her and she knew it.

So she couldn’t really be mad at her friend for setting her up like that. Could she?

“I owe you one,” Holly said, pointing right at Rose and not even sure herself if she meant it as a promise or a threat.

“Goddamn right you do,” Rose grinned back, taking it both as a threat and a promise and enjoying the idea of both. “And you’d better not even be thinking of leaving.”

“We were going to get out of here,” Holly explained. “We need to…talk.”

Of course Holly was planning on doing a lot more to Lucy than merely talking to her. Lucy knew it and so did Rose and so did Liz. Liz didn’t even know Rose had brought Holly Marie Combs and Lucy Hale to the party but she couldn’t help but be impressed. Liz hadn’t expected to have Rose actually live the life she had claimed when they had fucked but now she could see that Rose had ended up underselling it.

“Yeah talk…whatever, you can do that here!” Rose insisted. “The real party hasn’t even started yet.”

“We want some privacy,” Holly said. “And maybe I don’t want to share my gift yet…”

“Booooo!” Rose groaned. “C’mon Holly. You can hang out for a little while longer. Please?”

Holly couldn’t stop a smile from curling her lips. She always got a thrill when Rose didn’t act like a hedonist and showed that big, beating heart she tried to pretend she didn’t have. She knew Rose didn’t want her to stay just for sex. She wanted her to stay because she was her friend.

This naturally wasn’t a surprise to Holly. She knew Rose a lot better than her former co-star thought she did and she knew that Rose was secretly as big a sap as the rest of them. She just liked seeing it when Rose loved to otherwise pretend that she was above such puny emotions as love.

“Mmmmm well I suppose I can stick around,” Holly said, noting the way Rose’s smile grew when she heard it. “Just promise me no Christmas carol karaoke, ok?”

“Hey with Love planning this thing I can’t promise anything,” Rose replied honestly. “Who knows what she’s got…”

“What? What’s wrong?” Holly asked, wondering why Rose had just stopped.

“Shhhhh!” Rose replied. “Do you hear that?”

She definitely heard something and it wasn’t singing. When she moved closer to try and investigate further she got an even clearer sound from the party and it was a sound Rose was all too familiar with.

And when Holly listened in she certainly heard it too. She wasn’t the only one either. It was noise that both Lucy and Liz also were very well acquainted with and it was like a siren’s song to all four of them as they moved as a group silently toward the source of the sounds. It led them right to the party and quite a sight to behold as they walked right in on the middle of the fun.

“Oh my God!” Lucy gasped, covering her shocked mouth even as she smiled from the pure naughtiness of what she was witnessing.

“Holy shit!” Liz gawked, just as stunned. Not even in her wildest, dirtiest fantasies had she ever imagined anything like this.

The supposedly sweet, friendly Christmas party had turned into an orgy and naturally Holly assumed she knew the person responsible for all of this.

“Rose! What did you do?” Holly asked. But when she turned to her friend she saw that Rose was just as shocked by this as she was.

“I…I…nothing!” Rose admitted.

She knew that this seemed like something she would be responsible for and she didn’t even mind Holly’s assumption. It was a smart one to make. But this time she was totally innocent. She’d had no idea this was going on and she almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

She felt like she’d been gone for 10 minutes, tops, and in that time Love’s winter wonderland had turned into Plato’s Retreat. Clothes were strewn everywhere and it seemed that whatever inhibitions anyone had walked in with were long gone. The clothes that people still had on were few and far between and as far as the eye could see Rose found herself gawking at tits and ass as women feasted on each other.

She’d seen most of these women naked before but there were also so many newbies to the mansion that Rose had never seen this side of before. Even she had to admit she was shocked. If these women hadn’t had lesbian inclinations before they’d gotten here, they sure did now.

Rose had no idea how this had happened. This wasn’t the plan at all. They were supposed to wait and she felt a flash of anger come over her. What the fuck was happening? She’d been holding back all night thinking she had to and now she had walked in on an orgy in her fucking living room? That was so not fair!

How come they hadn’t waited for her to start all this? Rose scanned the sea of bodies in the room and couldn’t find Sarah or Love anywhere and she couldn’t see Alyssa or Jewel either. But she definitely saw Jennifer, Jessica and Stacy…every inch of them and it all looked like they were too busy fucking to give her any kind of answer about what the hell was happening here.

However that anger didn’t last very long, not when there was a far more fun emotion to indulge in. Why be mad when you could be horny instead? That made perfect sense to Rose and she knew exactly how best to react.

“Unzip me,” Rose said, not to anyone in particular but rather the first one to get a hand on her dress.

“Are you serious?” Holly asked.

“Of course I’m serious!” Rose laughed. “Ummmmm if you think I’m not getting in on this you’re fucking crazy! And why are you asking questions when you should be getting naked too…all of you! Look, I don’t know what the hell is happening here or why but I do know that this is way too much fun to not get in on! Look at this! It’s like Christmas came early and all the gifts are unwrapped! What are we waiting for?”

Holly had to admit that Rose had a good point. After all, what were they all there for if not to indulge in the kind of wild sex that was happening right in front of them? This might have been a surprise but she’d seen wild stuff like this at the mansion before. Hell she’d been a big part of that kind of stuff. So why was she backing away from the chance to join in? If everyone else was going to fuck then why shouldn’t she?

So Holly didn’t just reach over and unzip Rose’s surprisingly conservative dress, letting it slip down off her friend’s body and leaving her in her bra and panties, she began to undress herself as well.

Holly began pulling off the clothes she had just put on while looking over her shoulder to see Lucy doing the same. And as that happened Rose tossed off her bra and panties. She was the quickest to get naked, as always, but Holly wasn’t far behind her and neither was Lucy. They were still very charged up from multiple orgasms upstairs and they didn’t show any shyness about hurriedly stripping and showing off their bare bodies to everyone.

But not everyone was getting naked and Rose looked incredulously at Liz.

“What are you waiting for?” Rose asked. “C’mon girl! Lose the clothes!”

Liz wanted to do it. Everyone looked so beautiful and Liz definitely admired what was happening right in front of her. She’d seen every bit of Rose naked the day before and now she could experience Holly and Lucy for the first time as they stripped down.

They both looked so gorgeous, their bodies a naughty contrast but equally sexy. She’d never really been attracted to either of them before but that was changing quickly. And it wasn’t just these three women in front of her. Everyone looked amazing as party guests went at each other with wild abandon.

Yet, she hesitated and, despite all her instincts to let go and get naked, Liz didn’t make a move.

“It’s just not my kind of scene.” Liz said, putting it mildly.

She’d never seen anything like this before, much less be a part of it, and Liz felt uncomfortable seeing everyone fucking right in front of her. She might have had big tits and a great ass but Liz really wasn’t someone who flaunted her sexuality that much.

She preferred keeping that part of herself private for the women she chose to go to bed with. That was why she loved The Boutique so much. Everything there was done on her terms. She had all the control. Here she could see that no one had any control and that was intimidating.

“Not your scene?” Rose repeated in disbelief. “You like girls. There are literally dozens of naked girls here. How is that not your scene?”

“It’s just not, okay?” Liz snapped, defensive again until she felt a reassuring hand on her shoulder

“Relax Rose,” Holly said, ever the caring mother. “She’ll do what she wants. She’ll join in if she wants to and if she doesn’t want to she doesn’t have to. Not everyone is as big a hedonist as you.”

“Oh yeah!” Rose laughed. “Hedonist and proud, baby! Okay Liz, you can watch if you want but you know you’re going to join in. There’s no way you can resist all this!”

And that statement was certainly true about Lucy. She couldn’t believe the flesh show before her. She thought just Holly alone would have satisfied her but there were just too many gorgeous women here. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Jessica Alba…Kate Upton…Jennifer Aniston…Emma Stone…oh wow Taylor Swift…and…and…and…

“Oh my God!” Lucy gasped when she saw a very familiar face.

She rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and when she confirmed it was real she immediately grabbed Holly’s hand and ran toward it. She didn’t think twice as she pulled her new lover toward someone she never would have dreamed she would see at a place like this.

That just left Rose and Liz and since Liz wasn’t in the mood to join in, Rose just shrugged her shoulders.

“Suit yourself if you don’t want to play, but if you change your mind come find me,” Rose said. “I’ll be the one fucking every girl in sight!”

But Rose knew to truly do that she needed something. She was literally naked but she also felt metaphorically naked. And she knew just how she could change that. She was going to have to head up to her room but she was willing to wait a few extra minutes before she got a chance to take this party over.

Rose walked through the mess of writhing bodies bare ass naked, making sure to give that ass an extra wiggle for Liz’s benefit. But she had no idea that the girl didn’t see the sexy gesture.

Instead Liz’s attention was captivated by something far more shocking than Rose’s ass.

“No way! No fucking way!” Liz gasped as she saw something she never thought she’d see. And she didn’t walk to it, she ran.

Rose didn’t see what Liz saw, though. She was far too captivated by everything else around her. She had intended to go right up to her bedroom but she couldn’t keep herself from being waylaid by so many of the enticing couplings she passed by.

There was no way she couldn’t stop and admire these women, whether they were her close friends of not, especially when two of the women were Emma Watson and Selena Gomez and they were having their way with each other right on top of table next to all the food.

Now that was something Rose had to stare at. Just the thought of two women like that hooking up was enough to make her wet and actually seeing it was a flame that drew her in. Rose decided she could wait to head up to her room in a few minutes, she had to see this up close first.

Stepping around other bodies getting nasty on the couches, on the table and even on the floor, Rose moved toward them with a big smile on her face as Selena writhed from what Emma’s tongue was doing to her.


Selena was licking her fingers as she screamed and she then brought them down so she could play with her rock hard nipples. She rubbed her own saliva all over them, making them even wetter from when the British girl had licked them.

Their clothes were all over the floor now and even flung onto the table right into the middle of the food and neither of them cared that they were doing this in front of everyone. Emma and Selena only cared about getting off.

Rose walked right up to the naked girls, admiring the way Selena was playing with her gorgeously firm breasts and how Emma’s juicy little booty looked stuck up in the air as she bent down to tongue fuck Selena’s hairless pussy. Rose licked her lips at the sight of these two women, every man’s fantasy, only craving cunt.

Rose knew her pussy was going to be soaked in no time from watching these two go at it and she moaned as she helped herself to a close up of Emma’s gorgeous face pressed right to Selena’s tight, tasty vagina.

They both looked so good like that, completely nude and fucking with wild abandon. Rose had fucked Emma every which way she could ever dream of. But Selena was fresh meat to her and Rose badly wanted to smother that pretty pop singer face of hers with her wet twat and have her lick her like a good guest should for her hostess.

Rose played with her own pale tits and hard pink nipples as she envisioned feeding Selena her pussy and making her tongue fuck her but she didn’t go for that right away. Instead she introduced herself to the former Disney girl in a far nicer way by kissing Selena right on her moaning lips.

Selena hadn’t been expecting that. She had been so into what Emma was doing to her pussy that everything else in the party had almost disappeared. It had just been her and Emma. So being kissed out of nowhere snapped her back to reality and her eyes grew wide when she realized she didn’t know the woman kissing her.

She’d never met Rose McGowan before this moment but she’d heard plenty of wild stories about her. And now she suddenly had the strange woman’s tongue in her mouth.

Ordinarily she would have pulled away or tried to get Rose off her. But nothing was ordinary about tonight and Selena didn’t fight Rose. Instead she succumbed to her. She let that tongue slide right into her mouth and even rubbed her own tongue back into Rose, French kissing a woman she didn’t even know.

Selena didn’t understand what was happening to her but she knew she loved it. She had never acted like this before and it felt amazing. Selena just closed her eyes and moaned as Rose and she made out while Emma’s tongue licked away at her kitty and made her badly want to purr.

“I’m Rose,” the raven-haired goddess declared with a big smile when she finally broke the kiss with Selena.

“I know…” Selena sighed back. “I’m Selena…”

“Ohhhh I definitely know that,” Rose said, tenderly caressing the younger woman’s face with her hand and making Selena moan even louder while Emma continued to feed off her soaking wet pussy. “I didn’t know you liked girls.”

“I…I don’t…I mean I do…I…I…ohhhhhhhh fuckkk I don’t even know anymore I just never want this to stop!” Selena groaned, her hand moving to the back of Emma’s head and pushing her deeper between her thighs even more so she could fuck her face.

“Mmmmmm no need to be confused. Believe me, you’re totally into girls,” Rose assured Selena. “I can tell from how much you love that naughty tongue lapping at your hot little fuckbox. But don’t get upset about it Selena. Just enjoy it! Emma licks pussy so good, doesn’t she? She’s such a sexy little cunt licking whore for us, aren’t you Emma?”

“Yessssssssssssss!” Emma enthusiastically agreed as she pulled up just enough from Selena to moan out her response. “I love being your cunt licking whore Rose! I’m your filthy fucking slut and I love it! Mmmm I’ll lick all your wet twats like I’m licking Selena’s!”

Rose always loved hearing that accented voice talking nasty and she grabbed Emma by the back of her head to pull her up and out of Selena’s grasp. Rose was stronger and more committed to getting what she wanted than Selena so it was easy to pull Emma up to her so she could passionately kiss those dirty talking lips and taste Selena’s juices all over them.

“Mmmmmm that’s fucking tasty,” Rose moaned, savoring the new flavor before shoving Emma back into Selena’s crotch, making the submissive girl happily moan as she immediately got back to tonguing the lovely Latina. “I want you to soak this face with cum Selena! Cream all over Emma’s face and make it all sticky and messy. Mmmm then you’re going to lick the cum right off it and swallow it down like a good whore. Have you ever tasted pussy before Selena?”

“Yes…once…” Selena admitted, finding herself craving the taste of Demi’s pussy again…and not for the first time either.

“Well you’re going to do it a whole lot more than once,” Rose said. “You’re going to be nasty little pussy licking whore by the time you leave here, just like Emma is! You’ll be begging to come back here so we can all fuck you! Mmmm Emma already begs like such a good bitch. Are you going to be a bitch for us too Selena? Are you going to beg to be our slutty little fuck toy like she does?”

Any other time Selena would have shot down everything Rose was asking her if she had responded at all. She would normally have been offended to even be asked questions like that. But now everything felt like it had been flipped upside down and all her defenses had been blasted away.

So Selena’s answers came from a deep honesty inside herself that she had been hiding for so long.

“Oooooooh yessssssssssssss! Yesssssssssssssss!” Selena cried as Emma sucked on her clit and Rose made everything sound so nasty and wonderful. “Mmmmm make me your fuck toy! Make me your lesbian bitch! Fuck me like a whore and make me want it over and over again! Give it to me! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase! FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHH EMMAAAAAAAAA YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! EAT MY PUSSY EMMA! MMMM FUCKKKK YOU EAT IT SO GOOD!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm does that little fucking wanker ever eat your pussy as good as I do?” Emma moaned in between slurps of Selena’s hot, hard clit.

Emma didn’t say whom she was referring to but it was obvious and Selena didn’t hesitate.

“Ughhhh fuck no!” Selena replied. “He never eats my pussy! Mmmmm fuckkk and if he did he’d never be as good as you! Mmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk no one’s eaten my pussy like this in so long!”

Selena didn’t reveal that it was Demi who had been the only other lover she’d had that had made her feel like this before. She still had enough self-control left to keep that secret locked up tight. But what was left of that control was disappearing with every lick Emma took. Each touch of that tongue to her pussy made Selena quiver and moan and made her never want to think about another man again, especially Justin.

She just wanted Emma to keep licking her and for Rose to fuck her too and then for every woman here to line up and take their turn making her into a lezzie slut for them. Gawwwd she never wanted to be straight again. She just wanted to be a dirty girl loving fuck doll for everyone just like Emma!

“Mmmmmmm fuckkkk make me like you Emma! Make me a fucking lesbo whore!” Selena begged, her tits jiggling as she pushed herself into Emma, fucking her tongue as the British girl thrust it inside her. Emma was so greedy for her cum and Selena badly wanted to give it to her. “Mmmm gawwwd make me fucking come so hard! Make me into a bad girl like all of you! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk I try to be good but it’s no fun!”

“Mmmmhmm bad girls have all the fun around here,” Rose assured Selena, squeezing her ripe tits in her hand while kissing and licking her neck. “Say you’ll be a bad girl for all of us Selena! You going to be our whore? Going to come all over like a dirty slut?”


And that involved one stupid boy in particular but no one said his name. Instead Rose kissed Selena again, their tongues rubbing together as Selena’s enthusiasm for kissing women grew by the second. Selena moaned as Rose stimulated her nipples and Emma did amazing things to her pussy, licking her pink in just the right places as her clit throbbed and her juices dripped right into Emma’s mouth.

Selena’s body was shaking as she bucked on the table, making dishes bounce and clink into each other. She never wanted this to end. She didn’t care if she never thought about Justin again. She didn’t care about what she had said to Demi earlier. Selena just didn’t want the pleasure to ever stop.

Rose was so turned on by Selena’s sexy naked body and the frantic cries of sluttiness coming from her mouth. But she wasn’t about to ignore Emma, not when the flawless looking slut was just as naked and stunning as Selena was.

Rose cast her horny gaze all over the beautiful girl as Emma buried her tongue inside of Selena like her life depended on getting her cum. Rose loved seeing that beautiful face, so sweet and seemingly innocent, doing something so wicked. Emma was such a dirty girl and Selena was finding out what Rose already knew – Emma was amazing at eating pussy. She was so thirsty for the taste of women and Emma showed that every time she went down on one.

Emma looked like she was in heaven, her eyes full of lust and her tongue soaked in girly juice. It was such a turn-on to see the stunning young woman like that. Rose always felt like she could get lost in her beauty, especially when it was like a mask for the voracious sex monster underneath Emma Watson’s public façade.

Emma was so sexy. She looked always looked so poised and perfect in public and Rose loved how she and her friends knew something that no one else did. Emma Watson looked a thousand times hotter when she was fucking and when she let her repressed façade drop to reveal the insatiable slut underneath.

Rose loved having that secret. She and her friends knew what Emma was really like and how she was so far from the untouched, scandal-free reputation she had. They knew Emma’s wild side and how much she relished getting dirty. And Emma looked so dirty then, completely nude, jutting her ass out with her firm, little tits hanging down as she bent over to feast on Selena.

Rose came up behind Emma and placed her mouth near her ear so she could whisper to her while squeezing those perfect, small tits. Rose took Emma’s breasts into her warm hands and massaged them while moaning to her how hot she looked.

“You’re so fucking sexy you filthy little fuck slut,” Rose’s sultry voice breathed into Emma’s ear. “That pussy taste good? You look like you love it, burying that pretty face in that pussy and turning her into a dirty little girl craving slut like you!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh I fucking love it!” Emma moaned, her mouth full of pussy as she tried to talk and lick at the same time. “I love fucking her and making her into a slut like me! She’s got such a tasty little fuckhole! Mmmmm Selena has a sweet cunt for me to lick at like the cum-craving whore I am! It tastes sooooooo good, Rose!”

“Oh I can tell,” Rose grinned remembering the taste she had gotten from kissing Emma.

Rose had loved the flavor of Selena’s pussy and she wanted more. Rose definitely considered simply pushing Emma away and getting in there so she could really show Selena how women fucked. But maybe thanks to the Christmas spirit, she didn’t do the greedy thing for once.

Instead Rose took her hands off Emma’s tits and instead reached down her body so she could grab at the round cheeks of the girl’s perfect ass. Emma’s beautiful little bubble butt demanded attention and Rose gave it to her just the way she knew Emma liked. She dug her nails into her, making it sting and hurt a little as she bent over to continue moaning into Emma’s ear.

“I’m going to fuck you!” Rose said, making Emma quiver just from the sound of her voice. “I’m going to get Mr. Snappy and when I get back this beautiful butt is mine! I’m going to take your ass in front of Selena and make her see what an anal whore you are! I’m going to ram Snappy in deep and make you take it and then slide it right into your waiting mouth for you to suck it clean. Mmmm and you’d better be a good girl too and take every inch or else I’ll let Selena suck it instead!”

“Ohhhhhh my God! That sounds bloody fantastic!” Emma groaned in need. “Fuck my ass right in front of her! Make me your fucking little sodomized slut so she can see how filthy I really am! Ooooooh you know I’ll suck that cock clean Rose! I love the taste of my own filthy ass! I’ll lick it up like it’s fucking ice cream!”

“Mmmmm you dirty little bitch, you know just what I want to hear,” Rose laughed, giving Emma a hard slap on her bare ass, making her cheek sting as Emma cried out in ecstasy.

Selena’s body tensed both in nerves and jealousy as she wondered if that was what Rose could do to Emma, what could she do to her? She could hear what they were saying and it sounded so nasty. But she wanted to be nasty right then. Selena had never felt this way before but it was like her whole body was on fire with lust and when Rose turned her attention back to her she couldn’t stop from moaning in anticipation.

“And don’t worry baby, just wait’ll you meet Mr. Snappy,” Rose said, leaving Emma and her glorious ass behind to give Selena another kiss, acting as if she could read the girl’s mind. “You’re going to love him and want him and be good little whore for him mmmm and for me!”

“Mr. Snappy?” Selena asked, not understanding what Rose was talking about.

The name sounded like the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard but then again she had Emma Watson eating her pussy so ridiculous was kind of a flexible term now.

“Oh Selena! It’s the hottest fucking toy you’ll ever feel!” Emma moaned, practically drooling at the thought of enduring a hard ass fucking courtesy of Rose’s toy. “Mmmm so big and thick! You’ll never want a real dick again after you feel it!”

Now that sounded really good to Selena. The last thing she wanted to think about then was men and if there was some kind of sex toy or something that made her forget all about them then she wanted it. She wanted it multiple times. In her intoxicated mind, the idea of being cured of wanting a man was just the Christmas present she needed.

“Ooooooh yessssssssssssss!” Selena cooed in anticipation, her pleasure rising as Emma’s soft lips tended to her clit again. “I want it! I don’t care what you call it Rose just please give it to me! Mmmm gawwd I’ve been trying so hard not to be a lesbian but I fucking am and I know it! I’m a fucking lesbo slut and I wanna be all naughty for you! All of you! Fuck me hard and nasty until I can’t even think straight anymore! Make me sooooo fucking gay for all of you!”

That earned Selena another kiss from Rose. She’d always thought the girl was hot from the first moment she had laid eyes on her but she’d never really thought much about Selena Gomez before.

But now that she was here and begging for it, Rose was suddenly very interested in giving the girl what she wanted. Selena looked even hotter naked than Rose had ever thought she would and Rose loved seeing that body writhe on their table while dirty talk and horny pleas spilled out of her mouth. So if Selena wanted Mr. Snappy to be the only cock she cared about then Rose could definitely arrange that.

“You two don’t go anywhere,” Rose said. “I’ll be right back. Mmmm keep fucking each other! You two are warming each other up really nicely for me and when I get back with Mr. Snappy then you both are going to get finished off!”

It was a promise Rose intended to keep and she walked away from Emma and Selena with the full intention of getting back to them as soon as possible. But when she walked further into the party she saw something shocking and she gasped at it before stalking over and folding her arms over her chest so she could look as stern as possible.

“Jessica Marie Alba! What the fuck are you doing?” Rose demanded, appalled at her housemate’s behavior.

“I couldn’t help it,” Jessica said, looking up sheepishly as she kneeled on the floor, her mouth wetly popping off Mike’s engorged cock as Maryse sucked on his balls, swallowing them in and working her tongue all over them while Mike moaned in absolute bliss. “It just looked too fucking good and mmmmm fuckkk I needed this cock!”

“I am ashamed of you!” Rose chastised. “Do I need to hang up a ‘no boys allowed’ sign outside this fucking place? It’s bad enough that they’re in our home tonight but do you have to suck them off too? You’re even more disappointing than Love! I know she can’t help but get on her knees and give away blowjobs anytime she sees a cute guy but I expected more from you, young lady!”

Of course Rose’s argument was undercut by the fact that she was making it while stark naked. Plus Jessica had a very intimate knowledge of just when it was that Rose was fucking with her. As intoxicated as she was with punch and lust, Jessica still recognized that so she didn’t take Rose’s criticism too seriously.

“Wanna taste it too?” Jessica giggled as she offered Mike’s hard cock up to her friend. “Mmmm it’s yummy!”

“Not in this fucking century,” Rose scoffed. “But you are going to get an attitude adjustment later from Mr. Snappy. I’ll show you that’s the only cock around here that’s worth sucking!”

And the sound of that woke Mike up from the daze of having two gorgeous women sharing his cock and balls.

“Attitude adjustment? Wait? Cena’s here too? That fucker’s always stealing my spotlight,” Mike sputtered out in confusion. “He’s not stealing anything from me now! He’s not getting these girls!”

“Ummm what?” Rose asked, not having a clue what the naked wrestler was talking about. “Are you all dunk or something?”

“Maybe…” Jessica said before laughing. “I don’t even know. I just know I need some fucking cock! Sure you don’t want any?”

Jessica asked this like she was offering Rose something from the buffet table and all Rose could do in response was shake her head and wonder what the hell had gotten into everyone. She wasn’t complaining. In fact she liked it.

Everyone here was acting as if they’d had a big drink of “loosen up juice” and that made for a great party, even if there were guys there. And, Rose had to admit, Mike was certainly easy on the eyes as he lay back buck naked while Jessica resumed sucking his cock and Maryse brought her naked body up onto the couch with him so she could keep him by talking by forcing his face into her pussy. Jessica might have lost her damn mind by hooking up with a guy but at least she picked a cute one.

“See if you can lick me better than she did!” Maryse challenged, shoving her fiancé’s face into her crotch while Jessica sucked him deeply, working off her blowjob rust and proving the skills that had once driven men wild had not abandoned her.

Rose just shook her head and took a scan around the room. She still couldn’t find Love or Sarah but Mike wasn’t the only one who was getting some action and Rose’s mouth turned into a grin when she saw Damon getting some action too as her agent’s cock disappeared into his girlfriend’s mouth.

At least she knew Rosario wouldn’t be mad at him for getting off at the party since she was the one sucking him down. Rose had always heard Damon was packing and she was happy for Rosario that it was true. But what made Rose’s eyes really widen was when she caught a glimpse of what Gwen was doing to Fluffy.

Holy shit! Now THAT was a cock. Even Mr. Snappy would have had envy over that. But that just made Rose more willing to go get her toy. She wanted to show these men that they may have been born with cocks but she could use the one that she’d special ordered better than they ever could.

So she left Jessica to her fun and strode away to her room, this time successfully escaping the party without any further distractions even though everyone looked so hot and fuckable. Rose could see just how out of control this party was getting and she wanted to make it even wilder.


And while Rose had gone in one direction, the girl she had taken pains to bring here had gone in another. Unlike the rest of the crowd there, Liz was still fully dressed and she stormed over to get an even closer look at what she had just seen.

If there was ever a sign that this party had completely hopped the rails it was this.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Liz demanded as she found herself standing over Victoria and Ariana as they lay on the floor nearly naked and in the middle of a make-out session with each other.

The two girls who could barely stand to breathe near each other were kissing and stripping off each other’s clothes and Liz couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Ummmm gawwwwd I dunno…it just felt natural,” Ariana giggled, almost like she was playing Cat back on the show and not talking normally. “It just happened all of a sudden and I didn’t want to stop it. It felt too good! Mmmmm you’re a good kisser Tori.”

“Mmmmm so are you Ari,” Victoria replied before sharing another smooch with her rival. “Mmmmm REALLY good! Oooooh I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really like kissing you!”

The two fell right back into making out, almost as if they didn’t care that Liz was staring at them with her jaw on the ground. She never thought she would ever see anything like this.

Sure she had hoped she would. Hell she had even fantasized about it. But it had seemed as likely as her being made Queen of England. Now she was seeing it with her own eyes and she was stunned into silence.

Liz had no idea what had happened. She had no idea while she had been outside fuming over their behavior, Ariana and Victoria’s fighting had turned into something else. She had no idea what was in the punch they had both been drinking and how it had turned the white-hot hatred they had both been feeling into white hot-lust instead.

They had been yelling at each other, jamming their fingers into each other’s body while both of them had blamed the other for not only all their fighting but for making Liz mad at them. But the punch had made them woozy too and had inspired strange feelings inside them both.

And while they had been in the middle of getting in each other’s faces, each accusing the other of being the cause of all the troubles, Victoria had found herself noticing just what perfect lips Ariana had. She had found herself thinking how nice it would be to kiss them and how cute the girl actually was. And, before she had even known what she was doing, Victoria had started kissing Ariana.

The gesture had shocked the pint-sized pop star and at first she had angrily shoved Victoria away. But when she did that, Ariana found herself noticing how beautiful Victoria was and thinking how much nicer it would be to kiss that pretty face instead of wanting to slap it. The kiss had left Ariana stunned but as soon as she recovered she had impetuously pressed her lips to Victoria’s and kissed her back.

And things had only gotten crazier from there. Suddenly they hadn’t been able to remember why they had been fighting at all. As every other girl around them had started taking off clothing and kissing and touching the other sexy girls at the party, Victoria and Ariana had found themselves doing it too. They didn’t know why they were doing it but they did know they were filled with a wild desire for each other and they had felt compelled to get each other naked and kiss.

Ariana still had the cat ears she had worn to the party on her head on but she wasn’t wearing much else. Her bra was on the floor next to her and Tori along with her shirt and skirt. The only other thing Ariana had on was her panties and the bikini style of her underwear was more in line with the costumes she wore on stage than the tiny thongs a body like hers ordinarily would have called for.

Victoria was less modest in her choice of underwear. Her pants were pulled down enough to show she did have a thong on and Liz found herself staring, and not for the first time, at her friend’s ass. God, Victoria’s ass was amazing. Liz had fantasized about it before but she had never thought she would actually see it like this, especially with Ariana a part of it too.

Liz had no idea what was happening but she liked what she was seeing a lot. Had her friends finally found some kind of peace with each other? Had they decided to fuck their anger away? Were they finally going to be able to get along again?  She couldn’t believe it but there Ariana and Victoria were, kissing each other like horny girlfriends and not enemies.

It seemed like a dream come true but then things reverted back to the reality that Liz knew all too well.

“Say I’m prettier,” Ariana demanded when she and Victoria next paused their kissing to catch their breath.

“What?” Victoria asked, so confused over what she was feeling and what Ariana was doing now. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, say I’m the prettier one! Say I have a cuter face,” Ariana repeated, unable to try and resist getting the upper-hand in this. “I already know my ass is better!”

Ariana couldn’t believe she wanted to kiss Victoria as much as she did. God, she wanted to do so much more than kiss her too. She wanted to rip Victoria’s clothes off and make her naked and she wanted to do things to her she’d never done to anyone else.

But she also wanted Victoria to admit that not only had she been wrong about everything in their fight but that she was the prettier and more talented one. She wanted Victoria to admit that Ariana Grande was the star and Victoria Justice was just the sidekick, at best. And Ariana’s desire to be validated overwhelmed even her desire to be fucked.

“You’re insane,” Victoria claimed, not about to give an inch to her rival. “First, I’m not going to say that and second no way is your ass better. I have the way better butt!”

“Nah uh!” Ariana insisted. “My butt is WAY hotter! Let Liz choose. How about it Liz? Whose ass is better?”

And that’s when Ariana moved herself around so that her ass was sticking up in the air in her big, but very tight panties that clung to the petite and perfect curves of her ass. The sight of her friend flaunting herself made Liz’s mouth go dry and she had no idea what to say. And then things got even hotter.

Not to be outdone, Victoria did the same thing, removing her pants to fully show off her thong as she jutted her ass out and let Liz see the rounder, but still impossibly firm cheeks. She and Ariana were both bent over now, sticking out their underwear-clad asses and forcing Liz to choose between them.

Liz felt her head spin. How many times had she allowed herself the illicit fantasy of having both of her friends like this, bent over and sticking their amazing asses out? She had been embarrassed every time she had thought about them like that but it had been impossible not to and now she could see those adorable butts sticking out demanding to be inspected.

Liz couldn’t form any words though, not just because the sight had frozen her tongue but because she didn’t want to admit to the girl she’d known since childhood that Victoria’s butt was better. Not by a lot, but it was. And she didn’t want to admit it, not just because Ariana was her friend and because she’d surely throw a fit in response, but also because Ariana’s butt was amazing too.

Liz felt herself get wet from this view despite the land mine she knew she was walking toward. And the two girls decided her silence was because of indecisiveness, so they gave Liz more to stare at.

“Here! You need incentive!” Ariana said before tugging down her panties and essentially mooning her longtime friend by showing off her naked bottom to her.

“Hey! No fair! Two can play at that game!” Victoria declared, pulling down her thong and giving Liz two bare asses to gawk and drool over.

But while the sight of those gorgeous naked asses was an erotic dream for her, it also knocked Liz back to her senses. Unlike her obviously intoxicated friends, Liz was clear-headed and she knew this could only end in disaster if she found herself having to pick one over the other.

“Okay, I’m not playing this game,” Liz declared, making it clear she was serious and would not be dragged into their fight. “You’re both hot, okay? You’ve both got great asses!”

“Fiiiiine,” Ariana relented, her punch-addled brain eager to be distracted. “But I know you were gonna pick me. Tori is too thin-skinned about not being as hot as me so I know you don’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“Oh yeah, sure! If anything she was sparing your feelings you big crybaby,” Victoria snapped the two of them getting as easily back to fighting as they had to kissing. “Liz knows I have the better body. Besides my boobs are bigger than yours!”

“Barely bigger!” Ariana challenged. “Besides yours are probably fake anyway, just like you!”

Victoria let out an insulted gasp and stood up from the floor in nothing but her bra and barely there panties with her thong remaining pulled down past her ass cheeks.

“You’re the fake one!” Victoria said. “Ughhh I can’t believe I was making out with you! You’re like bipolar or something Ariana! You’re all smiley and giggly one second and then a mega-bitch the next. I’m so sick of your shit Ari!”

“Oh c’mon, don’t start this again!” Liz begged, not wanting to lose this moment of peace even if what was happening between them was insane. “Just kiss please! It was so much nicer when you two were kissing!”

“I’ll never kiss her again!” Victoria swore. “I’d rather go make out with an electrical socket!”

“Me too at least I’d feel something from that,” Ariana taunted.

“Ughhhh you suck Ari! You’re just a mean bitch!” Victoria cried before she stormed away, barely bothering to pull up her panties as she fled the room and left her pants behind.

“Look what you did!” Liz accused her friend as soon as Victoria was gone. “You two were getting along so well for once! Why couldn’t you have just kept on kissing?”

But that was when Ariana said something that shocked Liz almost as much as finding the two of them making out in the first place had.

“I’m glad she’s gone,” Ariana said. “Because I’d much rather be kissing you!”

“What?” Liz asked, her mouth going dry again as she had trouble believing what her own ears had just heard. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,” Ariana smiled seductively. “I wanna kiss you Liz! Mmmm when I was kissing Tori I dreamed I was kissing you instead. I want you! And I know you want me!”

Liz had dreamed of hearing those words from Ariana for years but she had no idea where they were coming from so her first instinct was to fight them off. She didn’t want to leave herself vulnerable here.

“You don’t know what you’re saying,” Liz said. “You’re drunk Ariana.”

“Yeah…probably…but you’re gay!” Ariana shot back, leaving her friend stunned again.

“What? What are you talking about?” Liz asked, feeling a sweat start to break out over her body.

She hadn’t told anyone about her secret, especially her friends. Had Rose told her? What had that bitch done to her? Had she told Ariana everything?

“Oh c’mon! I have eyes! I can see! I’m not dumb!” Ariana replied. “It’s okay if you like girls Liz! I’ve known for years. I could tell just by how you would look at me and Tori and Daniella around the set. Mmmmm it was totally obvious you were a lesbian.”

“Did…did everyone know?” Liz asked. She had thought she was being so subtle and doing a great job of keeping her secret desires secret. But apparently she had failed.

“I dunno…maybe,” Ariana said with a shrug of her shoulders. “But I knew. And I wish you had told me. Mmmm maybe we could have had some fun.”

“Fun?” Liz repeated, her mind whirling at the implications of Ariana’s confession.

She had no doubt what kind of fun her friend was referring too but Liz didn’t want to believe her own assumptions, not when it seemed like everything was going crazy around here.

Liz had never dreamed she would ever really be in this situation with Ariana Grande. Sure she’d wished she would be but she’d always been sure it was never going to happen. Now Liz was really starting to doubt everything she had thought she had known.

“Mmmmhmmmm fun! Sex fun! You and me mmmmm naked!” Ariana giggled. “C’mere Liz! Ummm gawwd I feel funny with my boobs out and you totally dressed. Get naked with me! Everyone else is having fun here, why shouldn’t we? Don’t you want me?”

Liz had no idea how to answer that. Of course she wanted Ariana. She had wanted her for years. From the first moment she had felt yearnings for women and realized what that meant, Liz had felt desire for her longtime friend.

Ariana was sometimes ditzy, sometimes dark, sometimes giggly, sometimes soulful and passionate, sometimes screamy and all the time self-involved. But Liz wanted her. She always had. She’d had feelings for her friend long before they had ever gotten to Nickelodeon.

But how could it happen like this? This wasn’t ever supposed to happen, much less in the middle of a crazy party.

Words wouldn’t form in response to Ariana’s question. Liz had so much to say and she couldn’t get any of those thoughts into a coherent sentence. She had her self-control in full effect so Liz restrained from stammering or babbling. But in doing so she also stayed silent and Ariana took that as rejection, her smile turning into a pout.

“Ummmm wow…I guess…I guess you don’t,” Ariana said in obvious disappointment. “I always thought you did…I was wrong. Ummmm God, I’m so stupid! I thought you liked me.”

Fortunately, hearing that got Liz’s tongue moving again.

“I do! I do like you Ari! Of course I do!” Liz insisted. “You’re my friend! I love you!”

“No you don’t!” Ariana replied, looking like she was about to start crying. “You hate me! Just like Tori does! Just like everyone does! You think I’m some crazy, spoiled brat! You think I’m some little bitch diva! I know I’ve got all those haters out there but I never thought you’d be one of them Liz! I just want you to like me! Like before! I want it to be like it used to be with us!”

“We were kids,” Liz said, lowering herself to the floor so she could at least be face-to-face with her upset friend. “People grow up. They change. It happens. We’re still friends!”

But Liz was lying about that and she knew it and Ariana knew it too.

“No we’re not,” Ariana sniffled. “We never even talk anymore. I was so happy when you called me to come here. I thought it was going to just be you and me but then you called Tori too! Why did you do that? Why did you make her come too? I just wanted it to be us! Like it used to be!”

Liz didn’t feel like she could tell the truth here…that the woman who had fucked her up the ass the day before had demanded she bring her friends, both of them, so she could fuck them too. Turning it over in her mind now Liz began feeling like she’d pimped out Ariana and Victoria to get here and that made her feel so guilty.

She didn’t know how to respond to any of this. Ariana wasn’t herself. That much was clear. But Liz still wanted her. She’d wanted her for so long and as her sexy friend threw herself at her it was very hard to ignore those desires, especially when Ariana looked so good topless in nothing but her panties and her cat ears.

“Well…it’s just us now,” Liz replied, ignoring that they were in the middle of a party with naked people fucking everywhere.

“No Tori?” Ariana asked, her frown turning back into a smile.

“No Tori,” Liz agreed. “Just you and me.”

“I want you to like me Liz! I mean REALLY like me!” Ariana confessed. “All I ever wanted was for you to think I was cool and sexy and talented. You’re the best person I’ve ever known and I want you to think I’m special.”

“Of course I think that,” Liz assured her. “I always have. You’re the most talented singer I’ve ever seen Ari. I’ve been so jealous of your voice and I’m so happy you’re a superstar now. I don’t care about any of the other bullshit. I just want you to be happy.”

“I’ll be happier if we did this,” Ariana said before she leaned in and planted a kiss right on Liz’s lips.

They had kissed before, mostly on the cheeks and sometimes on the lips. But they had never kissed like this before. It was a real kiss and Liz, despite every instinct in her body, to try and deflect it, kissed back.

Liz and Ariana started kissing amidst all the other kissing, licking and fucking bodies in the living room. But they couldn’t hear the moans and the sighs and the grunts and all the dirty words being said by the other women there.

They could only focus on each other as Liz did what she had wanted to do for so long and really kissed her friend. She moaned from the feel of Ariana’s lips on hers and Ariana moaned right back, the two of them closing their eyes as they indulged in their passion and kissed while sitting on the floor in the middle of the party.

“Mmmmm Tori was right, you really are a great kisser,” Liz said with a nervous laugh but a big smile when they finally pulled apart. “Have you ever done this before tonight? Really kissed a girl I mean…”

Ariana shook her head “no” in response, surprising Liz. She would have guessed for sure that Ariana had done this before given how into it she had seemed when she had seen her kissing Victoria and how good it had felt to have her lips against hers. It just didn’t seem possible that Ariana had no experience in doing this.

“I never have,” Ariana insisted. “But I always kind of wanted to with you. Mmmm when I saw how you used to look at me I started wondering what it would be like to be with a girl. I started wondering what it was like to kiss a girl and touch her and be a sexy lesbian like you Liz. I didn’t know if I was ever going to do anything about it but I was curious. I wanted to know. But I didn’t want to find out with just any girl. I wanted to find out with you.”

“Wow…that’s wild…” Liz said. “I never knew you felt that way.  You’ve never tried being with a girl before?”

“There’s a lot of things I haven’t tried.” Ariana admitted. “But I want to try them all, at least the fun ones. And I want to try this with you!”

Right then Ariana didn’t care that she and Liz had been distant lately. She didn’t care that she had a pretty well-equipped boyfriend who had no idea that she harbored dirty fantasies about her former co-star. She didn’t care what anyone thought. She just wanted this to happen.

Ariana leaned in and kissed Liz again, loving that the brunette didn’t try and resist her a bit. And this time Ariana took it further. She didn’t just rub her lips into her friend’s, she let her tongue slide out of her mouth.

Liz immediately got the message by opening up and letting Ariana slip inside her. They began tongue kissing and, as they did that, Ariana started lifting up Liz’s shirt.

Feeling her friend do that was the only thing that could get Liz to break her first tongue kiss with Ariana but she resisted the temptation and instead kissed Ariana more. A million voices in her head told her that this was wrong and that Ariana was drunk or high or something and that she’d regret this in the morning.

But Liz ignored those voices and instead listened to the ones coming from two other places, her heart, which wanted this so badly, and her pussy, which wanted it even more. So Liz ignored common sense and held up her arms so Ariana could get her shirt off her and leave her chest in her black bra. Liz’s shirt had offered up a tantalizing view of cleavage but this showed off so much more as her large breasts were hefted up.

“Oooooooh yesssss they’re just as big as I hoped,” Ariana giggled. “Mmmmm you’ve grown since the last time we saw each other naked.”

There had been many nights before when they had spent the night with each other and both of them, having grown up in the theater, had never been shy about changing clothes openly and baring their bodies. It hadn’t been sexual at the time. It had just been getting dressed and undressed. But Liz blushed when she realized that Ariana had checked her out when they had done that and her smile grew when she heard how impressed her friend was with her chest.

“Bad girl, checking out my big tits,” Liz teased, her breathing becoming more intense as it truly sunk in that this was going to happen. “I can give you a better view.”

“Mmmmm yay! Show me! Show me everything!” Ariana begged as Liz reached around her back and unclasped her bra, pulling it off and letting her tits fall out. They jiggled as their support was removed and Ariana’s eyes grew wide with desire when she feasted on the view of those naked breasts. “Mmmm oooooh Liz! They’re sooooooo sexy! Mmmmm I’ve been so curious about seeing them naked again and not just seeing glimpses but having the whole thing! Mmmm gawwd I always wanted big boobies like you!”

Liz couldn’t stop from giggling at the thought. If a girl as tiny as Ariana had a rack as big as she did, she’d never be able to walk. She’d just keep toppling over and that struck Liz as hilarious.

But her laughter turned to moans when Ariana again took the initiative and pushed her delicate face into Liz’s bare bosom, kissing all over the now exposed flesh as they sat across from each other, both topless with Liz still in her skirt and boots and stockings and Ariana stripped down to her panties. Liz sighed in erotic delight when she felt those soft lips kiss her boobs and then Ariana’s tongue darted out to lick her nipple, sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine.

“Oooooooh Ari!” Liz moaned, cradling her friend’s head and keeping her at her chest as Ariana’s first tentative kisses and licks turned into something way more.

The more she did, the more she liked and soon Ariana was all over Liz’s breasts, caressing them with her small hands and tracing her tongue over her friend’s areolas and nipples, covering them in a sheen of saliva and desire.

“Mmmmmm you’re lying to me, you have to have done this before!” Liz accused in a happy moan.

“Nope!” Ariana insisted with a grin. “I swear it’s my first time. And I wanna be really good at it. I wanna try this and go all the way! I want to fuck you Liz!”

“Ohhhhh God!” Liz whimpered in arousal as she heard Ariana say that. “I want that too! I’ve always wanted it! I want to fuck you too Ariana! Mmmm I’m going to fuck you so good baby!”

“Yesssssssssssss!” Ariana moaned. “Mmmmm call me baby! Call me a naughty little baby! That turns me on so much!”

Ariana latched her lips around Liz’s nipple, sucking on it and making her toss her head back and groan out her pleasure. God, if Ariana kept doing that then she’d call her anything she damn wanted and Liz proved that.

“Oooooooh yessssssss you’re my naughty baby, Ari!” Liz moaned, her head clouded with a thick fog of arousal as the fantasy she had never believed would happen came true. “Mmmm you’re a natural at this baby! Show me how hot you are! Show me that baby knows how to play with my big tits!”

And while Ariana truly didn’t have any experience with this and playing with her own tiny tits could barely compare to being able to play with Liz’s, she was devoted to wanting to please. Things just came naturally to her. She’d always had an extremely vivid imagination and Ariana had wondered for so long what this would be like.

So she followed her instincts and let them guide her as she embraced the naughtiness of what she was doing by slurping on Liz’s swollen nipples, going from one large breast to the other until she had those nipples all big and wet with her saliva. Then Ariana started licking them again while she caressed both big boobs with her hands and made Liz moan for her.

Ariana was close to soaking her panties as she did this too. She wanted so badly to be good at this and to make Liz like her again. She wanted Liz to think she was the coolest and the hottest and that desperation showed itself in her commitment to pleasing her now topless friend.

She kissed and sucked and licked and essentially worshipped Liz’s big tits until they were shiny with her saliva and her nipples were throbbing on her pale chest. Ariana could have spent all day playing with those boobies but she didn’t have the chance because eventually Liz could take no more foreplay and instead pulled her up from her breasts so they could kiss again.

Liz placed her hands on Ariana’s face, caressing her, as they kissed and nobody held anything back this time. As the sound of moans and cries and filthy words filled the air around them from all the other women at the party, they were entirely focused on each other with no distractions.

They passionately kissed, their tongues rubbing together sensually as Liz began to really explore her friend’s body. Ariana felt so tiny but Liz liked that. She had such an adorable figure and Liz wanted to touch it all as she removed her hands from that precious face and ran them all over her friend’s topless body, caressing Ariana’s flat belly and over her small hips and then right back up to get those perky A cups in her hand.

Ariana might have had tiny breasts but they were ideal for her body. Anything else would have been too much for her and Liz thought they were perfect. She and Ariana continued to share kisses as they rubbed their tongues and lips together, breaking only occasionally for breath as they both continued to breathe hard.

As Liz caressed Ariana’s small breasts, Ariana had her hands all over Liz’s comparatively huge rack. She caressed the soft, warm all natural flesh of her friend’s tits, loving how big they felt and how hard her nipples were. Ariana could feel how hard her own nipples were and she quivered and moaned when Liz brushed her fingers over them, touching the sensitive buds just right.

But then Ariana felt something even better as Liz took one hand off her boobs and instead traveled it down between her legs. Ariana let out a rapturous sigh as she felt Liz’s fingertips rub over her slit through her panties, making an instant wet spot of desire firm

“Ohhhhhh! Yesssss mmmmmmm Liz oooooh Liz yesssssss!” Ariana cried.

She had never been touched there by a woman before and Liz was the one she badly wanted to do it. Ariana had only really wanted to experiment this way with her. She had known she would like it if Liz was the one touching her and satisfying her curiosity and she had been right.

“Mmmmm you’re making me so wet!” Ariana moaned. “Make your naughty baby wet, Liz! Mmmmm make my pussy feel soooooo good!”

Ariana moaned and gasped happily as Liz played with her slit through her panties, rubbing her and putting her totally in heat. Ariana had been turned on before but this felt even better than all those tingles she’d been experiencing since she’d drank that punch. She had hoped that being with a girl would be good, but this was beyond what she had hoped and she knew it would only get better.

Meanwhile Liz was getting such a thrill out of hearing Ariana talk dirty. She had never seen this side before of her friend. She hadn’t figured Ariana was a nun or anything. After all rappers didn’t go out with nuns and she’d always suspected Ariana was into some kinky shit.

Liz knew that just because she had never seen the sexy sides of her friends, it didn’t mean they didn’t have them. Liz had tried to hide her lesbianism from others after all. Now she could see that Ariana wasn’t nearly as straight as she had seemed to be and it thrilled and aroused her.

Liz couldn’t help but wonder whether Victoria was the same way too. After all she had certainly seemed into kissing Ariana and hadn’t been shy about showing off her body. So maybe Victoria Justice was a closet case too.

Liz definitely wanted to find that out if she was but she was going to wait on that because she wanted to only focus on Ariana right then. And she knew both of them were still wearing too many clothes.

“Hold up, baby,” Liz said, smiling and wondering just how weird her friend could be when she saw how using that word continued to turn Ariana on. She didn’t put too much thought into it though when she had far more important things to focus on, like getting naked.

Liz didn’t wait for Ariana to do it for her. She took control of her own undressing and started that by quickly removing her boots. These weren’t cheap and she took damn good care of them usually, but now, the boots were the last thing she cared about.

So Liz tossed them off and left them on the floor along with so many other clothes from party guests including herself, Ariana and Victoria. And, as Ariana stared eagerly, Liz pulled off her stockings and then her skirt.

She didn’t do it delicately either. Liz didn’t care if she caused a run in her stockings or even if she damaged one of her favorite skirts. She just got them off as quickly as possible, leaving both herself and Ariana in nothing but their panties.

They didn’t stay that way for long, though, as Liz pushed Ariana onto her back, getting the kind of enthusiastic squeal from the girl that viewers of Victorious and Sam & Cat knew all too well. Hearing that in a sexual context made Liz even hotter and she hurriedly stripped off her own panties, leaving herself completely naked before she focused on getting Ariana the same way.

Liz moaned when she felt just how wet she was. God, she had really done a number on her panties with her arousal and Liz felt her own wetness grew now that she could get the open air of the room on her pussy. She was naked in a sea of strangers and it gave her a thrill that she never would have expected it could. But Liz ignored her own pussy for now. She wanted Ariana’s more.

And that was exactly what she got when she pulled her friend’s panties down. Ariana didn’t resist a bit. She eagerly let it happen, smiling from ear to ear as Liz stripped her nude, leaving her pussy, which was completely waxed smooth, exposed.

“Give it to me!” Ariana moaned with a sultriness in her voice that Liz had never heard before.

Ariana didn’t shy away from this crucial moment. She dove toward it by spreading open her legs and showing off just how her pink folds were glistening with her horniness. Ariana wanted this badly and it was evident all over her pussy. Liz loved that view and she repositioned herself to get a lot closer to it.

“Oh I’ll give it so good!” Liz promised. “Mmmmmm be ready, little girl. I don’t play nice. I play for keeps. If I do this you’re never going to not want it! You’re going to get so into girls that your boyfriend won’t even begin to satisfy you anymore!”

Liz could almost hear Rose’s voice in her head telling her to say it. God, what kind of an effect had that woman and this crazy place had on her? She didn’t act like this. In fact Ariana was the kind of girl she usually avoided, one without any experience. That was why she trusted older women and the professionals at The Boutique.

This was all so crazy. Liz had been so sure that if she had brought Ariana and Victoria here they would have remained just as straight as they had been when they had walked in. She had been positive this place would have no effect on them, or on her. But now everything was turned upside down and Liz liked it as she made boastful promises that her friend eagerly responded to.

“Yesssssssssss! I don’t want him anymore!” Ariana giggled in anticipation as she rubbed herself in front of Liz, making sure she could see just how wet her pussy was. “I want you! Fuck me! Fuck your dirty baby! Fuck me good and make me want it every day!”

And now it was the moment of truth. Perhaps another time Liz might have tried to talk herself out of it or at least taken a moment to consider her doubts. But not this time. This time she acted without fear and without any inhibition.

Liz kneeled down between Ariana’s legs and, as the girl gasped in intense pleasure and let out a series of adorably sexy squeaks, placed her mouth right on Ariana’s wet cunt so she could suck on it. Liz wetly slurped on her friend’s juices and then shoved her tongue right into Ariana, pushing it in deep and licking away right on her clit with no further warm-up.


Ariana had never felt anything like this before. The truth was that while she had liked sex and had certainly experimented with different parts of it just like she was experimenting with Liz now she had never felt that special spark before.

She had never experienced the kind of thrill that made people go, “Whoa, I need to feel THAT every day!” But she certainly felt it now and her body shook on the floor, her bare butt grinding into the carpet and her skin chafing against it as everything felt amazing.

Ariana squealed and screamed as her friend fucked her for the first time and showed her what a real sex thrill felt like. Ariana didn’t know if it was because Liz was doing this to her or if she’d been a lesbian the whole time and just had never known it. But she did know that she loved it and that she badly wanted to feel a whole lot more.

“OHYMGOD! OHMYGOD! OHHHHMYGOD!” Ariana cried out as she gasped and giggled and felt immense amounts of pleasure roll through her naked body from what Liz was doing to her clit. “OOOOH YESSSSSS MMMM LIZ YOU’RE SOOOOO GOOD! OOOOH YESSS FUCK ME! OOOOH FUCK ME SO GOOD THAT I’LL BE YOUR DIRTY GIRL FOREVER OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSS YESSSS MMM GODDDD GIMMIE MORE! OHHHHHH!!!”

Liz had been licking her clit at first, shoving her tongue into her with hard, deep thrusts. Ariana had never been licked like that before but, as good as that had felt, it couldn’t compare with Liz sucking hard on her clit and making her body twitch like she had electricity flowing through her veins.

Ariana hadn’t ever felt anything like this before and each moment Liz was sucking on her clit was better than the last. Her friend’s mouth was the best thing she had ever felt sexually and Ariana kept begging for more, wanting each suck of her clit to last longer and longer.

Barely believing that she was doing it, Liz kept fucking Ariana with an unrestrained eagerness. She had never bothered to plan just how she would fuck her friend if she ever got the chance. It had seemed like too remote a possibility to even waste time thinking about how it would happen and what she would do.

So Liz was going in without any kind of strategy other than to get Ariana off as good and as effectively as she could. Ordinarily she would have spent more time teasing her and making the newbie really feel the pleasure build as she kissed all over her thighs and her legs and her tummy, basically anywhere but her pussy.

But she was too overcome with need to do that and Liz had gone right for paydirt.

Liz had never tasted a pussy as sweet as Ariana’s and that didn’t surprise her. In fact it seemed pretty appropriate that Ariana’s pussy would taste like berries and fresh cream. Liz had actually expected more of a bubble gum flavor out of her friend but maybe Tori would taste like that.

Liz couldn’t wait to find out because wherever the girl had run off to she was sure she could find her and get her just like she had gotten Ariana. If fucking them both was just how to get them to stop fighting, Liz was more than ready to make that sacrifice. But first she was going to focus entirely on Ariana.

Ignoring her own pussy as she felt the juice drip out onto the carpet underneath her, Liz continued to work over Ariana with her mouth. She sucked vigorously on her clit, loving how Ariana’s tiny body bucked for her and how her hips were mashing her pussy against her face.

Liz wanted to swallow this girl’s essence whole and she was pretty sure she could do it as Ariana kept pushing herself into her mouth. Liz was getting off so good on seeing the rapture in Ariana’s face as she experienced lesbian sex for the first time. Ariana looked so sexy naked except for those cat ears which were now askew on her head as she breathed hard, gasping for breath just from the pleasure.

“Oooooh you like that don’t you?” Liz teased, pulling her lips away and giving that swollen bud a lick before sliding her fingers right into Ariana and rubbing them against her clit. “Mmmmm you’re so wet for me Ari! I can’t believe you’re this wet for girls!”

“Not girls! You! I’m wet for you!” Ariana insisted with a frantic gasp as she felt her clit get rubbed so skillfully. She tossed her head back and moaned out in utter joy from the pleasure as Liz started fingering her harder. “Mmmmm! Oooooooh yesssss fuck me like this! Fuck me so good! Fuck your baby good, Liz!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh you’re my baby, Ari, my slutty, naked baby!” Liz assured her, laughing over how much her friend adored the sound of that.

Ariana’s body was trembling from the pleasure she was feeling and Liz knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. She had never been with a girl who seemed ready to come so quickly but Ariana was definitely more than keyed up for her. Her clit was so swollen and juicy and her wetness was dripping all over her fingers as Liz aggressively pushed two of them in her.

“Gonna come for me Ariana? Gonna come all over like a naughty baby slut?” Liz challenged, getting louder cries from her friend turned lover.


Ariana knew her precious voice was going to be shredded by all this screaming but she didn’t care. Usually she took the tenderest of care with her voice, even keeping herself quiet during orgasm to be able to preserve it and all the money that rolled in because of it.

But she couldn’t do that now. She couldn’t hold back. Ariana screamed as she begged, gasping out her words like she was running a marathon. It had only been a few minutes of Liz doing this to her and Ariana already felt like she was exhausted, but totally in a good way. She never wanted this exertion to end.

Liz grinned and laughed at Ariana devilishly as she pictured blowing the girl’s mind when she told her that she had gotten this good practicing on beautiful prostitutes at the most special place in town.

She knew Ariana would die when she told her and maybe she could do more than that. She could show her. She could arrange a special Christmas gift for them both so they could both get licked by skilled girl sex professionals and come over and over again.

But she didn’t say any of that now. There would be plenty of time to talk about next time later. That is if there was going to be a next time. Liz wasn’t sure there would be but she did know that Ariana always kept her promises, even the stubborn ones that made no sense, and this made perfect sense now, perfect, twisted and wonderful sense.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s right come for me baby!” Liz urged as she pulled her creamy fingers out and resume licking, lashing right at her friend’s pulsing clit. “Gimmie your pussy Ariana! Gimmie all that cum! I want it so bad! I never thought you’d let me fuck you but it’s so good! You’re so sexy baby! You’re a dirty little fucking baby slut for me and I love it! Now gimmie what I want! Gimmie that pussy cum! Gimmie all that cream, little kitty!”

“YESSSSSSS GAWWWWD MAKE THE BABY KITTEN CREAMMMMM!” Ariana babbled in response, her brain overheating inside her head as her firm little titties jiggled on her chest and she got rug burn on her butt from bouncing so much on the floor of this strange, opulent mansion. “GAWWWD OOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOH YESSS MAKE MY KITTY MEOW! OOOH FUCKKK MMM I WANT TO BE SO NASTY WITH YOU LIZ! I’LL BE SO HOT AND HORNY FOR YOU AND LET YOU FUCK ME WHENEVER YOU WANT! UGHHH YESSSS MAKE ME COME! MAKE YOUR ARI BABY COMMMMME!”

Liz had often wondered what the heck Ariana was thinking when she said something particularly strange. She always had so much going on upstairs, some of it deep, some of it dark and some of it rainbows and unicorns.

You never knew what you were going to get at any given second and now that she could see the sexual side of Ariana Grande, Liz was finding out just what a roller coaster ride it was to fuck her. It sure seemed like you just had to hold tight and enjoy the ride and Liz was getting off on the thrill of it.

Liz reached down and started playing with herself as she fucked Ariana. She tongued her friend’s clit over and over again, savoring every gasp and moan and scream. She couldn’t hear anyone else but Ariana and she continued to stare right up at her, smiling as she licked and sucked that beautiful bud of a clitoris while she pushed her closer and closer to orgasm with her mouth.

Liz felt like she had never seen anything sexier than her slim friend writhing thanks to the pleasures of her mouth and she couldn’t stop staring at that beautiful naked body. Ariana was so cute and hot and she looked sooooooo good naked.

She might not have expected to ever experience anything like this but Liz was going to make damn sure she enjoyed the moment as she slurped wetly on Ariana’s clit. She frigged herself hard while she sucked and licked Ariana but she didn’t distract herself with her own touch.

In fact feeling how wet and creamy her own cunt was just made Liz want to get Ariana off more. She’d never been with a girl this quick to orgasm and Liz definitely saw a lot of fun possibilities with this. If she could make Ariana come quickly then it would make it so much easier for them to do it again and again and again. Ariana could end up being the energizer bunny of sex and Liz knew she was going to enjoy the hell out of that.

“Give me what I want!” Liz demanded like she was the diva making demands this time. “Fucking come for me Ari! Come all over my face! Fill my mouth with that hot, sweet cum! Mmmmm fuck! You’re so right about me Ari! I am a fucking lesbian! I love fucking hot girls and I’ve never been with one like you before! Come for me Ari! Do it! Show me how much you love this you dirty little baby girl! Fucking come all over my face! I want! I want it so fucking bad!”

And Ariana was going to make sure she got it. Once she got rolling with something it was impossible to stop it and Ariana had no desire to throw the brakes on this. She just wanted more and more and a little bit more after that was done.

Every time Liz called her baby Ariana felt that wild, perverted jolt in her brain and her body. Everything that her friend was doing to her clitoris felt amazing. Ariana was on a total roll and nothing was stopping her. She started shaking even more as she cried out again and again, her sounds making her choked up as they all crashed into each other in an effort to get out of her wide open mouth, while Liz just kept on sucking her clitoris, fusing her mouth to her kitty until the dam finally broke.


As Ariana began to come, Liz took her hand off her own pussy so she could get both of them on Ariana’s ass. When the girl lifted herself off the rug as her orgasm over took her, Liz reached under her and gripped onto her tiny little ass, squeezing those tight, firm cheeks and holding her close so she could keep her mouth clamped to her cunt as she sucked down the cum from her.

Ariana’s cream was delicious and Liz skillfully made sure not to miss a drop as she gulped it down and let it fill her hungry belly. She hadn’t had a chance to eat anything at the party but she was sure this tasted way better anyway.

The only thing that kept Liz from sucking more of cum out of her was when Ariana asserted herself and pushed Liz’s face away. Ariana aggressively pulled her friend on top of her so their naked bodies could touch.

Ariana kissed Liz passionately, eagerly tasting herself all over her lips and tongue. It was such an amazing taste and the two women passionately made out, sharing it the orgasmic flavor between them as all around them everyone’s fun continued in a gloriously unhinged explosion of sexuality.


And just as Liz had been drawn to the fire of seeing Ariana and Victoria together, Lucy Hale had been just as eager to rush over to a very familiar face.

But there had been none of the awkwardness or drama that Liz had found with her former co-stars. Instead Lucy found nothing but eagerness for fun with her very current co-star. Sure there was a lot of surprise on both of their parts when they realized that the other was there but they quickly overcame that.

“Mmmmmmm I can’t believe you’re here!” Ashley Benson giggled and not for the first time before she began kissing her fellow pretty little liar on the lips again.

“Me? I can’t believe you’re here! I can’t believe you’re into this!” Lucy squealed back, so excited to see that not only did she have someone she was already very close to at the party but that time on the set was going to be a LOT more fun from now on. “I had no idea you were into girls! I thought you were totally straight!”

“Well I was mmmm until last night.” Ashley replied back before moving in for another kiss. “Mmmmm gawwwd and I don’t want be straight ever again. I need to keep fucking girls! I want to fuck you Lucy! I so definitely want to fuck Shay too! Mmmm gawd you gotta hook us all up mmmm and then we can get Troian too! Ooooh all of us together!”

Lucy didn’t say that she’d been having the same thoughts and she didn’t even remind Ashley that she’d forgotten to include all of their hot moms into it too. She knew that would be an amazing orgy.

Mmmm she’d never been in an orgy before. But actually, she thought to herself, she was in one now and hadn’t even realized that. However she didn’t know all of the women here and Lucy was sure having a wild lesbian licking and fucking orgy with all of the hotties in the cast would be even better than this. The sex would be SO much hotter because of how well they knew each other.

But Lucy didn’t say any of that now. She knew she could later and right then she wanted to focus on something she’d never thought she’d be able to do by kissing Ashley Benson right on the lips and reaching up to squeeze her amazing tits.

Lucy had seen all of her co-stars naked before, none more than Shay, and she had known going into this that Ashley had the biggest boobs of all of them. But now it was confirmed and in the best possible way as she massaged those amazing tits while tongue kissing her friend and feeling Ashley do the same to her. They were both sitting on the floor face-to-face as they made out and fondled each other.

And Holly watched it all with one hand on her own bare tits and the other on the back of Jamie Chung’s head.

“Ooooooooh yessssssssss oooh dirty girl! Mmmmm fuck me! Yesssssss oooooh my pussy just got fucked so good but I need more! Mmm give it to me you nasty girl, give it to a woman you don’t even fucking know!” Holly cried, not believing what she was doing but loving every second of it.

She had expected this party to turn into an orgy. Mansion parties typically did and Rose had pretty much guaranteed it. But that had been the only thing Holly had expected from tonight that had actually happened.

Holly hadn’t expected Lucy to be there for her and she certainly hadn’t expected to have a virtual stranger licking at her pussy and making her feel as good as she was. She supposed that Jamie wasn’t technically a total stranger since she knew who she was and had admired her beauty in the past. But she’d never met her before today and already she had Jamie’s tongue in her pussy.

A big part of Holly knew that was more than a little fucked up. She knew Lucy. In fact that had been what had made it so taboo to fuck her and she’d known Shannen and Alyssa very well before they’d started fucking. It had been the same thing with Kaley Cuoco. They’d gotten to know her before they’d seduced her into the fun.

Holly supposed the only other times something like this had happened to her had been her first trip to the mansion when she had found herself drawn right into a group sex encounter centered around Jennifer Aniston and of course the first time she had met Rose. She and Alyssa had never met Rose before that fateful day and they had all ended up fucking each other raw.

But even those wild encounters were nothing like this. She had at least talked to Rose before they had gotten naked. She and Jamie had barely exchanged any words before the beautiful younger woman had pushed her face into her crotch and started licking.

It was an intense sensation to know that this woman that she didn’t even know was tongue fucking her, especially when Jamie and her friends seemed to be drunk or on something. But she didn’t want it to stop. Holly just wanted to cream the gorgeous Asian girl’s face and lick her cum right off her. If these girls were high on something then Holly wanted it too because this felt amazing.

Holly was getting such a thrill from seeing Ashley and Lucy make out and touch each other. She’d fantasized about all the sexy younger women in the cast at one point or another and Ashley was such a hot piece of ass.

Holly would never tell her that in such a blunt way. It devalued her as a woman to be referred to in that fashion but it didn’t make it any less true. Ashley Benson was so fucking sexy with those round tits and that perfect ass and Holly was getting so hot seeing her kiss the girl she’d just fucked.

And now that the gate was open thanks to Lucy kicking it in, Holly was able to more openly admire the both of them and think about how good it would feel to have Ashley eating her pussy at the same time Lucy was licking her asshole.

Ohhhhh fuck that would be so hot. Holly thought of having both of those tongues at once and how they could complete it perfectly by having Shay and Troian take turns planting their pussies on her face as they did it.

She could show all of those younger girls how real women fucked and Holly could make them all naughty and perverted like she was. Of course, Lucy had already proven that she didn’t need any help in that department and it sure looked like Ashley was the same way since there was no hesitation in anything she was doing with Lucy.

It was so hard to keep her focus on them, though, thanks to what Jamie was doing to her pussy. Holly never would have imagined that this sexy thing would be so eager to fuck her but as soon as she had sat down on the loveseat to watch Lucy and Ashley go at each other, Jamie had crawled over toward her and, before she’d had a chance to blink much less think, the naked girl had been licking her and making her feel incredible.

Holly hadn’t asked for it but she’d certainly received the gift of Jamie Chung’s tongue as her freshly fucked pussy was again licked. Jamie had obviously done this before and she had Holly in rapture in no time as the older woman sat back naked on her friends’ expensive love seat with nothing on her mind but pleasure.

And Jamie had the same focus too. She hadn’t cared that she didn’t know Holly. She’d only cared that she was naked and she was hot. For Jamie, pussy was pussy and that was all her addled mind could register. Nothing else mattered then but fucking as many people as she could and when Holly and Lucy had come upon them, Jamie had set her sights on the older woman and taken her the second she’d had the opportunity.

She hadn’t even said a hello. She’d just gone over and pressed her face right into Holly’s cunt, licking away at her wet box and loving the taste of her yummy flavor. Jamie had done it because she was out of her mind with horniness. She’d done it because she had never seen Holly Marie Combs naked before and she had loved what she saw. And she’d done it, most of all, because she’d wanted to.

Holly looked good and Jamie had wanted to fuck her. It had been as simple as that and she’d crawled over to her, pushing her face in between those sexy mommy thighs and inhaling deeply the still strong scent of Holly’s arousal before she’d gone after her with her tongue.

Jamie was feeling such a thrill from this. She’d thought it had been wild and crazy to do the threesome with Ashley and Vanessa the night before but that was nothing compared to what she was seeing here.

Everyone was naked and fucking and there were dozens of people here. There were more hot girls to fuck than she ever could have dreamed and Jamie wanted to get as many of them as she could. She wanted to taste them and lick them and swallow their cum and she didn’t care if her boyfriend was at home waiting for her. She didn’t have a boyfriend right then as far as she was concerned. She just had lust.

That was the same attitude Ashley had as she and Lucy took their friendship to a whole new level. She had ditched her boyfriend, the man she loved, for the second night in a row. He was probably worried sick and she was sure he had called like a dozen times at least to find out where she was and what she was doing.

But she couldn’t care. She couldn’t stop. She didn’t want to stop. She didn’t care if she was betraying him or making a mockery of their relationship. She needed this. Having her curiosity and fantasies turn into reality the night before had been like a huge turning point in her life. It had been so good that Ashley was never going to hold back again. She was going to go after what she wanted no matter what she had to do to get it.

And fortunately here she didn’t have to work to get at all the hot girls she could ever want. It was like they were all here just waiting to be fucked. Ashley giggled as she thought that they shouldn’t even have served food at this party.

It would have been better to just have girls on top of the table naked and with their legs spread, offering up their pussies to be licked and fucked. Mmmm now that would have been a meal she would have loved and Ashley was so eager to make Lucy her next taste.

Ashley hadn’t had any clue that not only was Lucy into girls but that Shay was too and that they were fucking. Lucy had breathlessly explained all of it to her when she and Holly had appeared without a stitch on their sexy bodies. And while Ashley was having trouble focusing on things right now thanks to all these wonderful tingles she felt in her body she had certainly caught the key words.

She had loved hearing how Lucy and Holly had just fucked and all the things Lucy had done with Shay and she had definitely gotten wet hearing about Laura Leighton. Ashley loved the thought of her and Laura and Lucy and Holly all getting together for some naughty fun so she and Lucy could fuck their on-screen moms.

That sounded so filthy and hot and Ashley wanted it bad. But right then she badly wanted Lucy the most and didn’t hide it.

“Mmmmm I’ve been practicing my pussy licking since last night,” Ashley said with a big smile, her voice a chemically altered moan and giggle all at once. “I just licked Vanessa’s sister mmmm fuckkk she came all over my tongue sooooo good! It was so yummy but I want more! I want to fuck all the girls here, especially you Lucy! Mmmm I want to fuck you like you fuck Shay and Laura and how you just fucked Holly! Let’s do it! Mmmm gawwd let’s totally go lez it out with each other!”

Ashley’s tongue was still covered in the taste of Stella Hudgens. Vanessa had been out of control and Ashley had loved it. She had forced her face down into her sister’s pussy and told her to fuck it. Vanessa had told Stella to feel how she had moved on to another girl and how she’d trained her to be a good little pussy eater.

It had been so kinky to eat out a teenager, especially one like Stella, while Vanessa watched. Having Vanessa watch her fuck her sister had made her so wet and when Vanessa had started tonguing her while she had licked Stella it had been a total rush of good feelings. It had felt so dirty and taboo and Ashley’s pussy was still wet from it.

Vanessa hadn’t finished her off, though, and Ashley knew she needed Lucy to do that. She’d gotten so horny from licking out Stella’s pussy. It had been so awkward with all the drama and fighting before but now everyone was naked and everyone was having a good time and Ashley wanted to have an even better time.

She knew Lucy could do that for her and Lucy certainly agreed.

“Ooooooh yesssss mmmm it’s so hot that you’re a horny little lezzie like me!” Lucy moaned.

She had no idea what had come over Ashley, she was just glad it had. Lucy had lusted after her hot body too and now that she could see Ashley Benson naked it was even better than she had dreamed. Ashley was such a yummy girl and fucking Holly hadn’t been enough to satisfy Lucy. She needed more and she knew just how to get it.

“Mmmm I’m so wet knowing that you love girls like I do!” Lucy said. “You kiss so nice and I love your big tits! Mmmmm I wanna fuck you sooooo bad Ashley! Let’s do it! Mmmm I wanna 69 with you so you can lick me out while I lick you! We can come all over each other’s faces!”

That sounded more than good to Ashley and she enthusiastically supported the idea.

“Ohhhhh I love that!” Ashley moaned, kissing Lucy again and enjoying how she could taste Holly all over her lips while Lucy could taste Stella. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Oh it’s so easy,” Lucy assured her, giving Ashley another kiss immediately after she received one from the blonde. “I do them all the time. Mmmm c’mon baby! Let me show you how me and Shay fuck!”

That made it even hotter for Ashley and she was putty in the brunette’s hands as Lucy guided her down onto her back on the soft living room rug and then swung her body around so she could place herself on top of her friend.

No instructions were necessary, of course. The mechanics of how this was supposed to work were obvious to Ashley even without ever having done this position. And when Lucy got on top of her, the blonde eagerly reacted by placing her hands on her co-star’s firm buns and pushing her down so Lucy’s pussy was right against her mouth.

Ashley immediately started licking, surprising and delighting Lucy who didn’t lag too far behind. Lucy moaned in instant pleasure from the feel of Ashley’s eager tongue licking away at her pussy.

She was still all tender from what Holly had done to her but that just made Ashley’s hot, wet tongue feel even better. Lucy rewarded her friend for her naughty kindness by burying her face right into Ashley’s twat, tasting the juice that was dripping out of her from her thanks to the unfinished business that Vanessa had left for her.

And Vanessa watched and tugged at her own nipples while Lucy and Ashley fused their naked bodies together and 69d on the floor. Vanessa loved watching it and touching herself over the show and there was so much to see.

There were sexy naked people everywhere and she wanted to watch them all. But there was one in particular she couldn’t help but stare at…actually two, but one of those bodies was being exposed to her like this for the first time.

Vanessa had seen Stella naked a lot of times. They’d changed clothes in front of each other. They’d shared bathrooms and showered in front of each other. They went to the gym together a lot and always changed together. And a lot of times when no adults were around, Stella had the habit of walking around the house naked, almost flaunting herself in her firm, teen glory.

Vanessa had always told her to cover up when she did that but now Vanessa didn’t care what Stella did. If that little evil bitch wanted to be naked all the time she didn’t give a fuck.

But even though she still hated her sister, Vanessa couldn’t stop staring at her. She couldn’t think clearly and everything in her head was getting all messed up. Vanessa tried to remind herself how angry she was at Stella, how she had betrayed her and how she deserved to be ignored for the rest of her life.

But the more she looked at her own sister naked, the more Vanessa saw how hot she was and the more she started to think that she couldn’t blame Ashley for cheating on her with Stella. After all, who could resist a hot girl like her?

Vanessa tried to tell herself how ridiculous that was and how she had every right to be mad at her forever without any forgiveness. But she’d been softening on her anger ever since Stella had gotten topless. It wasn’t the first time she had ever see her sister’s boobs sexually before. She’d seen them just the other day like that when she’d caught her and Ashley fucking in her bed.

But this time Vanessa was less angry and more fascinated by seeing them that way. They were so round and perky and looked perfect on Stella’s young body. God, her sister had a great body. Maybe she could understand why Ashley had strayed…maybe she could understand how Stella had stolen her away.

No, wait! She couldn’t think like that. She had to be mad! She had to be furious! She had to never forgive either of them! She didn’t want to understand. She didn’t want to relent even a bit. She had made Ashley Benson lick Stella out because of that.

Vanessa wasn’t quite sure how that had been a devious part of revenge but it had made sense at the time to do it…at least she had thought it had. Nothing was clear anymore, except for how good everyone looked and how sexy all those naked bodies were, including Stella’s but especially her Ashley’s.

Vanessa had loved playing with Ashley Benson and Jamie the night before and she loved seeing all these hot girls naked here. But nothing could compare to Ashley Tisdale naked. To Vanessa, Ashley had the best, sexiest body in the world with that perfect ass and those yummy tits.

She loved kissing all over Ashley’s juicy bubble butt and making her moan and coo and even giggle whenever it tickled. And Vanessa loved tasting that delicious pussy, spreading open her girlfriend’s ass cheeks to get at her slit and tongue her from behind. Ashley Tisdale’s body was her favorite in the whole world and seeing her naked reminded Vanessa of that emphatically.

But naturally that made her even more upset. She was supposed to hate Ashley AND Stella, not just Stella. She couldn’t blame one for a crime they were both responsible for. She had to hate both of them. And she did. She hated them.

Vanessa never wanted to forgive them or even show them a hint of tenderness. So why did she want to go over to both of them right then and hug their naked bodies and tell Stella that she loved her and that they’d always be sisters and tell Ashley that she was in love with her and that she forgave her? She didn’t want to do that, except that she totally did.

Vanessa hated all this confusion and she told herself to turn away from what she was gawking at but she just couldn’t. She couldn’t stop staring as Stella kneeled down in front of Ashley Tisdale and finished removing her panties, leaving her girlfriend…wait…EX-girlfriend naked a and looking like a blonde goddess.

Vanessa couldn’t take her eyes off Ashley’s breathtaking booty and gawd she just wanted to do her like she loved to do and kiss all over Ashley’s bare butt and spread open those buns so she could get at her prize. She loved tongue fucking both of Ashley’s naughty holes and Vanessa wanted to do it so much right then and there.

And Ashley looked so much hotter to her when she did what she did next. Vanessa could only stare lustfully at her girlfriend…fuck…EX-girlfriend…as she pushed Stella down onto the floor and made the teen get on her hands and knees with that cute little ass of hers stuck up in the air.

Vanessa moaned and even let out a little cheer when she saw Ashley smack Stella’s bare ass, spanking her with a hard slap. And then she followed it up with another and then another and then another. Each sound of Ashley’s hot hand smacking Stella’s firm ass sent a jolt through Vanessa and made her wetter and wetter. She got such a thrill from watching Ashley spank Stella and Vanessa couldn’t even explain why. She just knew she loved what she saw.

But because the more she watched it the more she loved it, Vanessa knew she had to stop. She couldn’t keep watching this. It was making her feel less angry and she wanted to hold onto her resentment and fury like it was a precious gift.

So she looked for a distraction and she quickly found it as Holly writhed on the loveseat from Jamie licking her pussy. Vanessa had played with Holly before at the mansion and she knew just how good Jamie was at eating pussy after the night before. So it felt perfectly natural for her to insert herself into their fun.

Vanessa was feeling very flexible and horny right then too so it was easy for her to get involved. Her clothes were already gone and her pussy needed some attention so she didn’t hesitate. She went right over to the love seat and crawled right on top of a very surprised Holly.

“Ummmm hey there,” Holly said, a bit perplexed over this sudden intrusion.

But Vanessa made it very clear what she wanted a second later not only by how she positioned herself but what she said.

“Fuck me!” Vanessa demanded as she turned herself around so she was lying on top of Holly while she was already being licked by Jamie.

All those workouts and yoga sessions paid off in full for Vanessa as she, inspired by Ashley and Lucy’s 69, got her pussy in Holly’s face while pushing her own mouth onto Holly’s waiting cunt so she could lick her along with Jamie.

“Mmmmm do me with your naughty tongue Holly!” Vanessa urged. “Everyone else is getting fucked and I want it too! Eat my pussy! Mmmm you always do it so good and I need it now! Lick my naughty little cunt and I’ll help Jamie lick yours!”

Holly was hardly in a position to resist, especially when Vanessa began licking her so she just went with it. This was obviously going to be a crazy night and it looked like things were just getting started. So Holly ignored her own tendency to question and just enjoyed the sensation of being licked by two eager tongues while she had a beautiful, bald pussy in her face.

Holly had set all her reservations and all her inhibitions aside when she had fucked Lucy and she had loved it. Now she committed herself to doing it again and she grabbed onto Vanessa’s bare ass and squeezed it keep the girl in place so she could start to lick her back.

As the amazing sensations of having Vanessa sucking on the tender, just fucked lips of her pussy while Jamie pushed her tongue into her rushed through her naked body, Holly couldn’t help but channel that pleasure into fucking the girl. She squeezed Vanessa’s tight ass with a firm grip and didn’t think twice about licking her, jamming her tongue into her roughly, just like Vanessa was hoping she would.

Holly began licking Vanessa aggressively while digging her nails into her bare ass and making her naked body quiver on top of her. That action caused Vanessa’s voice to be added to the chorus of moans around the room and Ashley Tisdale reflexively bristled in jealousy when she heard that. She knew she didn’t deserve to be jealous but she couldn’t help it.

Vanessa was fucking everyone in sight but her. God, why did it have to hurt so much?

Ashley could answer her own question, of course and she hated it. She felt so awkward and weird to be doing this while the woman she cared about most was so mad at her and deliberately going out of her way to make her feel bad. Ashley knew she shouldn’t even be there. She should be home or something, far away from sex and especially far away from Stella.

But everything had spun so far out of control and she had been caught up in it. Ashley had resisted at first when Stella had started pulling at her clothes but then Jamie and Ashley Benson had helped her, at Vanessa’s instruction.

Vanessa had demanded they strip her bare and Ashley had been so embarrassed to be put on display like that but at the same time she had also liked it. She was willing to do anything Vanessa wanted to get her to forgive her but she was also getting a thrill from being naked in front of these women and she hadn’t been able to hide that it was getting her pussy wet.

Now her panties were gone along with the rest of her clothes and Ashley’s arousal was on full display Ashley wondered if Vanessa could see it. Did she know this was turning her on? She wanted Vanessa so badly to see how wet she was and forgive and fuck her. But she was sure that wasn’t going to happen. And she didn’t deserve it either. She deserved the humiliation she was feeling instead.

Ashley had no idea what was going on here. She had expected there to be an orgy tonight, but not now and she had told herself she wasn’t going to get involved in that. She had thought she was going to stay for the Christmas party part of the night and then leave before people’s clothes started coming off. That had been her plan.

But now that was out the window and Ashley couldn’t even fully register how they had come to this point. Why was everyone acting this way? Everyone was acting so weird, especially Vanessa, and Ashley had gotten swept up in it too. Now her clothes were gone along with everyone else’s and she just wanted to put the brakes on this somehow. But that was impossible.

The mood had overtaken her too and she had wanted Stella to get her naked. Ashley knew this was loaded dynamite she was playing with but she hadn’t been able to help herself and now she was nude and Vanessa was fucking other women and not her. That hurt so much and that hurt was turning into anger…anger at the girl she held responsible for everything that had happened.

Ashley didn’t let herself off the hook for what had happened but she also knew she hadn’t started all this and that was why she was so eager to take this out on Stella. She had set all of this in motion. She was the reason Vanessa hated her. She was the reason she had lost the woman she loved.

So, as Vanessa continued to lick and be licked by Holly, Ashley slapped Stella’s bare ass, not in an erotic fashion but because she honestly wanted to punish her.

“You’re a whore, Stella! A dirty little whore!” Ashley growled as she smacked the teen’s tight, tan ass. “You’re so selfish! You don’t care who you hurt as long as you get what you want! You ruined my life you bitch!”

Each accusation leveled against the girl was punctuated by a hard slap to her ass. Ashley was angry and it showed. They weren’t sexy spankings the way she enjoyed both giving and receiving. They were mean smacks against the girl’s bare bottom. But while Ashley didn’t intend for them to be erotic, they were being taken that way by Stella, who not only cried out each time her ass was slapped, but moaned from it too and begged for more.

“Yessssssssssssss! Fuckkkkkk ooooooooh I am! I’m a dirty little bitch! Oooooh fuckkk slap my ass Ashley!” Stella cried out in unrestrained pleasure as her ass was assaulted by Ashley’s hand. “I’m a fucking whore! I’m a girlfriend-stealing cunt and I fucking love what I am! Ooooooh yesssssssss punish me! Fuckkkk I deserve this sooooo much!”

“What?” Ashley yelled, slapping the girl harder as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this! What kind of twisted bitch are you?”

“Mmmmmm the best kind,” Stella groaned, with a big smile to make clear that she was getting off on this. “Ooooooh I’m such a fucking little whore! I’m so much hotter than Nessa! Show me how much hotter you think I am! Slap my tight little ass like you never do to her! Show me what a bitch I am! Make me your whore so everyone can see it, especially Vanessa! You love fucking me more than her, I know you do! Now show her! Spank me like the slut I am and fuck me Ashley! Fuck this little cunt!”

Ashley felt rage bubble up inside her as she heard that. What was wrong with this girl? She wasn’t doing this to give her pleasure. She was trying to hurt her for what she had done! How could Stella be getting wet from this?

Ashley looked down and groaned in fury when she saw that these were not empty words from the girl. Stella was soaking wet and the harder she slapped her, the more turned on she got. She was getting turned on from being punished and Ashley couldn’t believe it.

“You’re sick Stella!” Ashley yelled as she gave the girl her hardest slap yet, making Stella cry out. “I thought you were my friend! I thought you were a good girl! But you’re awful! You don’t care what you did to Vanessa or me! You only care about yourself!”

Tears ran from Stella’s eyes from the force of the slap she received to her bare ass and Ashley looked down at how tender those firm little cheeks looked now. God, she had a great ass! She hated that she noticed something like that but Stella did have a beautiful ass just like her sister.

Ashley couldn’t help but see how there were no tan lines on Stella’s bottom, showing how much she clearly loved to tan nude. She tried to push that thought out of her head but she couldn’t not notice it, especially now that those tight little buns were almost red from how hard she’d slapped her.

Ashley felt a reflex of regret when she saw Stella’s tears and what she had done to her ass. She hadn’t really wanted to hurt her. She had just wanted Stella to behave and be nice but she had lost control. But that regret only lasted as long as it took for Stella to open her mouth.

“Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Stella squealed, smiling even as tears dripped from her eyes. “Harder Ashley! Harder! Fucking spank that ass raw! Do it to me hard and nasty! Fuck me like you never fucked Vanessa! Show me how much you want me! I love this!”

Ashley gasped when she heard that reaction and finally she’d had enough. She pushed Stella’s naked body away from her and didn’t give the girl what she wanted.

Instead she began to cry. Ashley had thought she had drained every last tear from herself before but there were more now as she buried her face in her hands in anger and heartbreak and total frustration and cried.

The Hudgens sister she loved wanted nothing to do with her and the one she wanted to punish couldn’t get enough of her. Everything was so fucked up and it all spilled out of her in tears.

“Ashley…don’t cry,” the blonde heard a voice say gently and she looked up hoping it was Vanessa. But it was only Stella.

But while that disappointed her, Ashley was also surprised by the look on Stella’s face. For the first time since the incident Stella didn’t look mean or bitchy or selfish. She looked like she honestly cared.

But Ashley tried to ignore that. She figured this was some kind of trick or something.

“Go away, Stella! Leave me alone!” Ashley cried. “You ruined my life! I had everything I ever wanted and you took it away from me! Why are you doing this to me? Why do you keep twisting the knife in more? You’re fucking torturing me!”

Stella’s ass stung from what Ashley had done to it but that wasn’t the reason more tears started to run from the teenager’s eyes. She started crying because she could see just what she had done to Ashley and she hated herself for it. Stella might have been drunk but this was sobering her up and she felt terrible.

“I didn’t want to hurt you.” Stella admitted. “I didn’t want to hurt Vanessa! I…I…I didn’t want any of this to happen! I just…I don’t know why I did it but I don’t want you two to fight! I don’t want any of us to hate each other! I wish I’d never done it…”

“But you did…I mean WE did,” Ashley said, making sure she remembered the blame was partly hers. “And we can never take it back! We can never make it better!”

“We can make it a little better,” Stella offered, the manipulative, evil girl Ashley had just been spanking seemingly gone and the sweet teen that Ashley had known for so long back in her place. “I can make it better!”

Ashley didn’t have a chance to even open her mouth to ask, “How?” before Stella kissed her. And this wasn’t like any of the aggressive kisses she’d been getting from the girl since the moment Stella had crawled into bed with her and woken her up in such a wicked fashion. This was a soft, tender kiss.

It was sweet and gentle and, without thinking, Ashley responded to it. She kissed Stella back with the same sweetness and let their lips sensually touched again and again. The kisses started to deepen quickly and, before she knew it, Ashley was making out with her girlfriend’s sister.

Both women moaned from it and Ashley couldn’t resist softly caressing Stella’s breasts, running her hands over those firm, juicy mounds and feeling her hard nipples against her palms. Stella did the same to her and soon they were tongue kissing and feeling each other’s bodies with a soft, erotic touch that turned them both on.

Ashley could feel herself getting really wet from this and soon so could Stella as she took one hand off of the blonde’s chest and instead ran it down her stomach to between her legs.

Feeling Stella’s fingers delicately run over her slit to get a sense of her wetness, though, snapped Ashley out of this and she pushed Stella away from her, not roughly this time, but enough that she knew they had to stop.

“No! We can’t do this…not again,” Ashley groaned, cursing herself for falling back into Stella’s web.

Why couldn’t she resist her when she knew how wrong this was and how much it hurt Vanessa?

“Yes we can!” Stella insisted. “And we can make everything better! We can fix everything! I know we can! I can do it!”

“How?” Ashley asked, her heart in such despair as she looked over at Vanessa draped nakedly over Holly’s body as she and Jamie tongued the gorgeous MILF while Holly ate Vanessa’s pussy. Vanessa hadn’t even noticed what had happened. She didn’t care.

“I have a plan,” Stella said. “It’s a little crazy but I know it’ll work…”

And that was when Stella leaned in and whispered into Ashley’s ear, the very sound of it making Ashley’s jaw drop. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but she knew Stella was right about one thing.

It was absolutely crazy.


Hayden Panettiere had heard a lot of wild things at the mansion. At the height of passion it seemed that people would say just about anything since their brains were soaked in sex but she had never heard anything like what she had just heard.

They had been making out and quite passionately before the girl had pulled away and asked her question. It seemed so random that Hayden hadn’t even been sure she had heard her right.

“I’m sorry, what?” Hayden asked.

“Why don’t you like me?” Miley Cyrus repeated.

“I…I do like you,” Hayden replied, not sure what else to say.

She hadn’t been expecting to start kissing Miley but the girl looked so sexy and Hayden had wanted to kiss everyone she saw at the party. So when the infamous singer had come up to her, thrown her arms around her and started kissing her, it had been impossible to resist.

But now Miley had interrupted their kissing and wanted to talk and Hayden had no idea how to react.

“No you don’t,” Miley pouted. “I try so hard to be your friend but I know you don’t like me. What did I do? I’m sorry, whatever it is, I’m sorry I did it! I know I say stupid things sometimes and I don’t always act like I should but I really want us to be friends Hayden!”

“But I do like you,” Hayden insisted, feeling bad that she hadn’t done as good as job as she had thought she had about hiding her insecurity over the singer’s presence at the mansion. “I like you a lot! We were just kissing! And I licked your pussy yesterday, remember?”

“Yeahhhhh but people don’t have to like me to fuck me,” Miley pointed out. “I liked how you licked me. Actually I loved it but I can tell that you don’t want me around. You’re not kissing be because you want to. I can tell! I mean, I get it. I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite. I’m loud and I act stupid and I love going out and having fun. But I want you girls to like me! I REALLLLLY want it and I know you don’t Hayden. I can see it in your eyes. You just wish I’d go away. Believe me, I’ve seen that look before.”

“That’s not true…” Hayden began to say, even though it was.

So she stopped pretending and decided to be honest.

“Look it’s not you…it’s me…” Hayden said.

“Ughhhh ok, I’ve heard that before. Whatever Hayden. I’ll go bother someone else…” Miley said as she got up and began walking away.

Even in her punch-altered state she could still feel hurt and knowing that Hayden didn’t want her around really hurt her. She had been super nice to everyone here because she badly wanted to be their friend and be part of their world. And she felt sad and rejected that Hayden didn’t want her there.

“No! Don’t go, please!” Hayden said, putting her hand on Miley’s shoulder and turning her around. “That didn’t come out right. I meant to say it’s my fault, Miley. You haven’t done anything wrong it’s just that…I don’t know…I guess I was jealous.”

“Jealous? Of me?” Miley asked in disbelief. “Why? Gawd, I’m jealous of you! Everyone here thinks you’re so awesome and I totally agree too. You are awesome! You’ve got such a great body and I love your show and you’ve got a great singing voice! I wish I had your life! Why would you be jealous of me?”

“Well…it’s just…you’re so slutty…” Hayden said, not quite able to put everything into words the way she wanted to.

It was so hard to think when every instinct in her body was telling her to fuck instead. She knew that came out wrong, though, so she tried to correct herself.

“I mean that in a good way!” Hayden added. “You’re so hot Miley! And I know everyone here loves fucking you! You’re so wild and adventurous and I kind of felt like you were replacing me. I felt like I was old news around here because everyone wanted to fuck Miley instead!”

“Awwwww why didn’t you say anything to me?” Miley said, smiling with relief as it became clear that she hadn’t done anything to offend Hayden.

She sometimes acted without thinking and it got her into trouble so she was glad she hadn’t done that here.

“I could have told you that was BS!” Miley declared. “Everyone’s always telling me about you and how sexy you are and how much they love that butt of yours and mmmmm gawwd they’re SO right about it. Your ass is fucking banging, girl! I love thinking about sticking my face in you and eating that yummy bubble butt up! I know I got like a nothing ass here and I’m so jealous of your butt! I’m just trying to keep up with you Hayden! I want to be as hot as you! What do they all call you around here? Freaky bitch?”

“Little freak,” Hayden corrected Miley as a smile crossed her face too when she saw how silly she’d been to ever think that Miley was a rival.

She should have been thinking of her as a friend instead.

“Yeahhhh little freak! Y’all are so freaky round here and I love it! Especially you Hayden! I’ve heard all those stories about the dirty things you do and it makes my pussy heat up like wildfire!” Miley declared. “I don’t want to replace you around here! I want to be just like you! I want to be as hot as you!”

Miley couldn’t believe that Hayden had thought she was trying to ace her out of a spot here. She’d never do that to anyone. Miley didn’t want to fuck anybody over here. She just wanted to fuck them!

She didn’t want to fight with Hayden. She wanted to be her friend and a very special friend at that. And she showed that by kissing Hayden. This time it was a tenderer kiss between them and they both melted right into it, showing that there was none of the tension or reservation that had been there just a moment before.

They kissed without inhibition and quickly found themselves hungry for a lot more.

“You are hot Miley!” Hayden said honestly when the kisses paused. “I think that’s why I was so jealous. You’re so sexy and you don’t have a nothing ass. You’ve got a great ass. I love seeing you shake it and flaunt it. I even like your twerking! Your ass turns me on!”

“Yeah? That so? You like this naughty lesbo butt of mine?” Miley grinned as she turned around and proceeded to shake it as she notoriously loved to do.

She was still wearing her red sequined two-piece Christmas outfit and as she shook her ass she reached around back and yanked on her bottoms, giving herself a wedgie in the process. She bared more of her bottom and gave Hayden a show. There might not have been any music playing anymore but Miley could hear the beat in her mind thanks to all the sounds of girl on girl sex moaning filling the room. She began twerking to it, bouncing her tiny ass with complete abandon.

“Oh yeah! I REALLY like it!” Hayden giggled, enjoying the view as Miley backed up against her and began grinding into her. “Mmmmm I wanna show you just how much I love it!”

Hayden couldn’t stop thinking that there was a reason she shouldn’t be doing this and that there was a reason she couldn’t act this way but she couldn’t remember what it was. It certainly wasn’t that she didn’t want to fuck Miley. She had desired the girl before and now that everything was out in the open and they could be friends she wanted her more than ever.

It was something other than that…something important. But she couldn’t think of what it was and she didn’t want to. She just wanted Miley and her naughty little ass.

As the both of them giggled in excitement, Hayden sank to her knees in back of Miley and yanked down the girl’s sequined bottoms. As expected, Miley didn’t have anything underneath and Hayden found two firm, bare ass cheeks in her face just like she wanted.

“I’m going to show you why they call me the little freak,” Hayden promised with a grin as Miley turned her head and looked over her shoulder, biting her bottom lip in naughty expectation.

Hayden reached up and spread Miley’s cheeks open, exposing her from behind but she didn’t go for the smooth pussy lips that were already glistening with arousal. Instead Hayden went for what she wanted most as she stared right up at Miley’s tight little butthole.

That tiny little pucker looked so good to Hayden right then. She’d wanted to do this before but now she felt fully unburdened when it came to Miley. She could do whatever she wanted to the girl and not have to worry about any rivalry that didn’t exist.

So Hayden fully unleashed her inner freak and dragged her tongue along Miley’s crack so she could wetly reach her asshole. And, as soon as she did, she started licking. She didn’t hold anything back either. Hayden just let her tongue go wild and lap at Miley Cyrus’ asshole.


Miley loved having a lot of things done to her ass. She’d known the joys of anal sex before she’d ever known how hot women could be. In fact she’d been fucked up the ass before she’d ever given up her pussy in a misbegotten but ultimately extremely pleasurable attempt to hold onto her virginity.

But now her cherries were all long gone and Miley still loved having her ass played with and fucked. Hayden had licked her pussy before but never her asshole and now Miley could see why everyone at the mansion raved about her.

With a happy series of wanton moans, Miley rubbed her ass in Hayden’s face. She was standing bottomless in the middle of what had turned into a raging sex party and she bent herself over slightly so she could better push herself into Hayden. The actress responded by licking all over Miley’s wrinkled hole and pushing her tongue inside, sliding into the singer’s anus and making everything feel amazing.

“YESSSS TONGUE FUCK ME YOU LITTLE SLUT MMMM FUCKKKK EAT MY ASS LIKE THE NAUGHTY LITTLE DYKE YOU ARE HAYDEN! OHHHH GODDDDDD! FUCK ME! SLAM THAT FREAK TONGUE UP MY ASSHOLE” Miley screamed out, her hand reaching back and pressing down on the back of Hayden’s head as the pleasure rushed through her, everything feeling even more intense and awesome than usual.

Miley was having so much trouble calming herself and not screaming out everything she said because it all felt so wonderful. She had been flying ever since she’d had that punch. She was usually a horny girl but she’d never craved sex like this before and Miley just wished she had some other girl on her knees in front of her eating her pussy while Hayden butt fucked her with her tongue. She didn’t even care which girl it was as long as they were hot.

“Mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm oooooooh! Yeahhhhh oooooh this is why we should be friends Hayden!” Miley moaned, trying to at least keep from screaming as pleasure pulsed in her half-naked body. “Mmmmm gawwd we gotta be good friends from now on! Ooooooh hot, horny friends that eat each other’s butts and go totally fucking lesbo with each other! Mmmmm this is why I want all you girls to like me! Cause no one fucks better than all y’all do! Oooooooooh mmmmmmm fuckkkkk gimmie more Hayden! Ughhhh let’s be fuck buddies!”

Hayden loved the sound of that. She had a lot of fuck buddies at the mansion and it was really fun to add Miley to that list too. Why wouldn’t she want to fuck her? Miley’s tight ass was so yummy and Hayden already knew just how hot and tasty her pussy was. Miley had great little tits too and an unbridled enthusiasm for fucking that made Hayden wet.

Hayden felt like an idiot for even trying to resist it. She should have been fucking Miley the whole time, not being jealous of her.

“Your ass tastes so good baby!” Hayden moaned. “I know you love having girls eat it! I know what a fucking slut you are for everybody. Gonna be a slut for me too Miley? You like having my freaky tongue inside you? I fucking love to eat ass and I’m going to eat yours up baby! Mmmm I’m going to make it my fucking Christmas dinner!”

“Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh nasty girl! Ooooooooh sooooo nasty mmmm fuckkk I love it Hayden! I love that little freak tongue!” Miley panted. “They told me you were gonna fucking blow my mind the first time you tongue fucked that little butthole of mine and they were so right! Mmmmmm do me bitch! Ughhhh fuck your dirty fuck buddy up her ass with your freak tongue! Mmmmmm it’s soooo good oooooh more please more!”

And Hayden gave more. She took one hand off Miley’s ass, using the remaining one to keep her cheeks spread open, and started finger fucking her as she rimmed her. She worked her fingers in aggressively too, not pausing for niceties.

Hayden shoved them in and pulled them out before pushing them back in in a repeated motion that made Miley squeal as her clit got rubbed. And Hayden pushed her tongue in harder too, lapping at Miley’s asshole with wild lust while she rubbed against her clit. It felt so good for her to do this and show Miley why she had her reputation. It was so much better than being jealous.


Miley’s wild dirty talk was quite a surprise the first time you heard it but Hayden was used to it by now. She had seen the former Hannah Montana go far and beyond her own notorious reputation so many times and it was always hot. It was weird and wild but definitely hot.

No one talked dirty like Miley, not even Christina, and Hayden loved knowing she was the one getting this girl to act like this. She was the one making Miley scream and it felt so good. Hayden could feel her own pussy drip under her clothes. She felt like she was the only one at the party still dressed but she didn’t mind. She wanted to make Miley come before she ripped her own clothes off and joined in the throng of naked, beautiful bodies.

But Hayden had that choice taken away from her a second later when she felt a pair of soft hands squeezing her booty. Hayden moaned from the contact to her overheating body but she didn’t turn around to see who it was grabbing her ass. She didn’t want to take her tongue out of Miley’s asshole long enough to do it and she actually liked not knowing who was touching her.

It made it dirtier to have some random girl come up and grope her. Everything was out of control at the party and Hayden wanted more. She was feeling totally wild herself those sexy, female hands made it even hotter for her.

However the mystery of who it was doing this to her was ended a quick moment later when the anonymous girl spoke up with a voice Hayden knew very, very well.

“Mmmmm you’re not the only one here obsessed with ass, Hayden,” Mandy Moore declared as she squeezed the succulent bubble butt cheeks before her. “I’ve been going crazy all night. I need some ass and gawwwd I can never take my eyes off your ass Hayden!”

Hayden knew quite intimately just how much Mandy loved ass. The girl was absolutely insatiable when it came to anal sex, both from getting her own ass fucked and from diving into other girls’ fun.

Mandy made no secret of how much she loved it, constantly begging to have her ass fucked and to taste it right off the toy giving it to her. She loved her own taste and the taste of other women’s asses and everyone at the mansion knew it. Hayden herself had felt the pleasure of Mandy’s tongue licking at her asshole just after she’d been fucked by a strap-on as well as seeing her suck that fake cock clean like all she wanted to do was give a tongue bath to every toy that had fucked a hot girl’s ass.

It was a fetish that fueled Mandy and made her do crazy things but it was also one that Hayden also totally understood. How could she not when she also craved the taste of her hot girlfriends’ asses? She loved licking asses. She couldn’t get enough of it. So who was she to judge Mandy always craving tasting ass off a toy?

Besides, it was totally hot to have Mandy always horny for anal sex. Mandy was so good at rim jobs and she had such a juicy, fuckable ass. Hayden moaned just from hearing the naughty words she was saying to her.

“Take it! Take my ass!” Hayden groaned, mumbling into Miley’s backside but still making herself more than clear enough to be understood by Mandy. “Do whatever dirty thing you want to it, Mandy! Mmmm rim me and fuck me and taste it and then fuck me again! Oooooh I love how kinky you are Mandy! Don’t be shy! Mmmmm my bubble butt is yours, baby!”

“Ooooooooh yesssssssss mine mmmmm alllllll mine!” Mandy giggled, the punch taking the fire inside her for debauched sex and turning it into a raging inferno.

There were so many asses she wanted to see fucked and taste and most of all she needed her own to be fucked. It had been too long since she had been assfucked and she was dying for it. It was all she could think about. Her brain was soaked with dreams of assfucking and she didn’t care who knew it, something that was quite clear as the woman watching all of this spoke up.

“Mandy? What? What are you doing?” Minka Kelly asked, her voice coming out as a moan as she tried to wrap her brain around all that she was seeing here.

She had never expected to see anything like this, especially involving Mandy. It was just insane.

“Showing you what a dirty girl I am!” Mandy moaned, out of her mind with lust as she turned back toward her friend. “You didn’t believe me so I’m showing you! Mmmm I’m not a good girl, Minka. I’m a dirty fucking slut! Your friend’s a whore! You like that? Like seeing me be all dirty?”

“Why are you saying that? Why are you acting this way?” Minka asked in disbelief.

“Because I am! I’m a fucking whore and not the kind that’s always going after men! Mmmmm no I’m sooooooo much worse!” Mandy moaned, the words flying out of her mouth before her brain could do anything to stop them. “Mmmm I’m a slut for pussy, Minka! I love fucking girls! I’ll lick their yummy pussies and swallow their cum! But I especially love ass! I love hot girl ass more than I love anything! I love getting my ass fucked and tasting it like a whore and I love tasting other girls! Mmmmm your best friend is a fucking whore Minka and I know you love it!”

Minka could only whimper in response because it was hard to argue with that accusation. After all her shirt was gone and she had tugged the cups of her own bra down to expose her nipples so she could play with them. But that wasn’t even the most apparent sign of her arousal.

Minka also had her jeans open and her hand down them. She slid her hand under her panties so she could touch herself. She might not have been able to get past the sheer shock of what she was seeing but it didn’t mean Minka wasn’t enjoying it because this was really hot. She had never seen anything as outrageous as this and to have Mandy be a part of it was stunning to her.

“I can’t believe it…” Minka moaned as she continued to play with herself, her jeans bulging out as her hand remained under them, rubbing her pussy. “This is crazy…”

“I know it is,” Mandy replied. “I never wanted you to find out like this. I didn’t want you to ever know I was like this but I can’t help it. This is who I am! I love this stuff. I can’t get enough of it! Mmmmm and I’ve really had such a crush on you Minka! I wasn’t lying about that! I want you to join me! I know you didn’t believe me before so I wanted to show you how much I love this!”

And show her she did as Mandy turned her attention back to Hayden while the blonde girl continued to fuck and lick Miley’s naughtiest parts. Seeing Hayden tongue fucking Miley’s asshole was turning Mandy on so much and she just couldn’t stand back and not play too.

So she reached for the back of Hayden’s dress, unzipping it and easily sliding it off her. Mandy moaned when she saw what Hayden was wearing underneath. It was no mere bra and panties. Instead it was lingerie that made her already beautiful body look even sexier.

“Oooooh Hayden!” Mandy moaned, her attention pulled away from her friend for the moment by the sight of Hayden wearing a red babydoll with a white fur trim around it. “God, that’s so hot on you!”

“Mmmmmm I’m glad you liked it!” Hayden moaned in between licks of Miley’s asshole, her fingers thrusting away as the singer continued to cry out for more. “I got it special for the party! You like it too Minka?”

Minka was taken aback for a second when Hayden said her name but she couldn’t lie, not when she was so turned on.

“Yesssss it’s so sexy!” Minka moaned, playing with her nipple as she rubbed her pussy. “Mmmmm I love how you look in it Hayden!”

Hayden had gotten the babydoll the other day at Victoria’s Secret with Alyssa and she had promised to wear it to the party that night. She hadn’t expected anyone to see it quite in this fashion but she didn’t mind.

She loved how turned on Mandy and Minka were to see her like this and Hayden wanted them to see even more. She hadn’t known either one of them were going to be there at the party but she was glad they were, especially Minka.

Hayden had never really gotten to know the sexy actress before and she’d definitely never seen this side of her. Now she badly wanted to get acquainted with her the same way she already was with Mandy.

“Mmmmm but it’s going to look even better like this,” Hayden giggled, pulling herself away from Miley long enough to suck the singer’s juices off her fingers with a long, thorough series of slurps and to peel her lingerie off herself. After all she’d worn it to be sexy and tempt others into naughty fun and it was clear that such steps were not necessary.

So Hayden pushed the thin straps of her lingerie off her shoulders and let it slip down her body, baring her breasts to her appreciative audience. Miley turned around to see the flesh show and moaned out her own lustful cheer at seeing Hayden’s bare tits as both Mandy and Minka stared at her with desire raging in their eyes.

And when she slid the babydoll down, Hayden showed there was one part she had neglected to wear. It had come with lace thong panties but she had left those at home and now she was naked. Hayden had chosen to go out without her panties so she could get exactly this kind of reaction. And all the stares she was getting made her glad she had done it.

“Goddamn girl, you’re so fucking sexy!” Miley moaned.

Miley knew a thing or two about going out commando too and she felt her already excited heart beat faster when she saw Hayden’s nude body. That inspired her to get the last of her clothing off too and she peeled her sequined top over her head, freeing her bare breasts as she showed off how hard her little pink nipples had gotten.

“C’monnnnn everyone!” Miley declared. “Strip! They’re all naked! Why aren’t you too?”

Her words were directed right at Mandy and Minka and Mandy reacted by giving Miley just what she wanted. With a big smile Mandy lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it away. There were clothes all over the floor from all directions. Dresses and shoes and bras and panties and blouses had come off in such a hurry and now Mandy was adding her clothes to the mix as she unclasped her bra and let her soft breasts free.

“Ooooooh!” Minka moaned at the sight of her friend’s chest all naked and beautiful.

Mandy’s round C cups were so sexy. They looked so soft and jiggly and suddenly all Minka wanted was to touch them and taste them. She had never dreamed she would ever feel that way but her brain was awash in nothing but sexual fantasy. She was filled with desire. No, it was stronger than that. It was lust, wicked, hot lust and Minka couldn’t understand why.

She’d been feeling funny ever since she’d drank that punch but Minka was too obsessed with sex right then to put two and two together. She wanted everyone there. She wanted to kiss them and touch them and most of all to fuck them.

Minka had never felt this kind of draw toward women before but she loved it and she wanted Mandy most of all. She’d been getting so hot for her friend’s body and now that Mandy was stripping it became all-consuming.

“Do it Mandy,” Minka breathlessly urged while she continued touching herself, her fingers sliding into her wet hole. “Get naked! Mmmm show me everything! Show me how sexy you really are! Ooooooh I never knew you could be so hot like this! Mmmmm I can’t believe how horny I am! Oh fuck! I’m so goddamn wet!”

“Oh Minka! Mmmmm I told you I was a bad girl! Mmmm I didn’t know you were one too!” Mandy giggled as she slid her shoes off and took her jeans and panties off next.

Mandy got them off as quickly as she could. Her clothes had been so plain next to the fancy party dresses and fine outfits everyone else had been wearing but that scarcely mattered now that they were all naked. But Mandy didn’t want to be the only one undressing.

“You get naked too! Show me that you’re a dirty slut like me!” Mandy urged Minka.

Mandy had never thought she would ever say anything like that to her friend. She and Minka had been close for years but nothing sexual had ever happened between them. Mandy had been afraid to show her friend what she was truly like.

She’d been worried Minka would freak out when she heard about her perversions and her obsessions. But now Mandy felt like she had been worried for nothing. The punch had loosened her tongue free of what remained of her inhibitions and Minka was responding to all of that.

Mandy already been far too keyed up with lust when she’d arrived. She had been like a tigress hiding in the brush waiting to pounce on the first succulent piece of girl prey she saw. But the punch had made all of that so much worse and she no longer had any control of herself.

All the resistance she’d had with regard to Minka had crumbled and she had kissed her friend passionately. And while Minka had resisted at first, her shock had quickly faded and turned into something much more fun. She’d begun kissing Mandy back, delighting them both as they crossed a line together and found out that they liked it a lot.

But even after the kiss, Minka had refused to believe that Mandy could be like this. It had just seemed impossible. She knew Mandy…at least she had thought she did. Minka had always felt like her friend was pretty reserved when it came to sex, maybe even repressed. But boy had she ever been wrong.

After their kiss, Mandy confessed that her action hadn’t come out of nowhere because she was into girls. Minka hadn’t believed it and had accused Mandy of lying, not in a mean way, but in a way where she simply couldn’t believe her friend could ever do something so naughty. But Mandy had gone and proved it by approaching Hayden.

Now Minka could see that this was no lie. It wasn’t a joke and it wasn’t a dream either. It was the wild, insane truth and she couldn’t deny it anymore. So as Mandy got naked, so did Minka. If Mandy was going to play like this, then so was she because Minka liked seeing Mandy naked and she wanted to do a whole lot more than just kiss her friend.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Minka said, excitement in her voice even as she still couldn’t help but feel shocked and confused about how all of this had happened.

This was supposed to be a boring night. How had she ended up at an orgy? How had she never known Mandy had such a freaky side? How could they be getting naked? How could all of this be happening?

But she didn’t question the fact that she wanted this. Minka was super turned on from all these beautiful women going at each other and the revelation about Mandy didn’t just shock her, it also aroused her. She got wet knowing that her friend had been a closet freak this whole time and she began losing her clothes to show off just how turned on she was.

Minka had already taken off her shirt while making out with Mandy and her pulled down bra showed off her hard nipples. But now she could completely remove the bra, yanking it off as quickly as she could to bare her full, round breasts.

Minka could feel hot stares on her as she exposed her big tits and that fueled her on as she went for the jeans that she’d already undone so she could touch herself. Like Mandy she hadn’t dressed up, never expecting to be at a party like this. But now it was only her state of undress that mattered as Minka pulled her jeans and panties down in one fell swoop, completely exposing herself.

Minka wasn’t shy about it either. She let everyone see her naked body and how she’d gotten herself all creamy from watching and playing with herself. It was so naughty to do this and Minka felt a wicked thrill rush through her as she stripped nude in front of the whole party.

Minka had herself a nice, neat bush of brown fur and her little curls were wet from her arousal. And that arousal grew as Mandy looked at her with total lust and beckoned her closer with her finger.

“C’mere,” Mandy seductively offered. “I think it’s time I gave you your Christmas gift Minka.”

“Oooooh what are you going to give me Mandy?” Minka giggled, hoping she knew exactly what her friend was going to give her.

“Mmmm you’ll see,” Mandy insisted as Minka moved closer, leaving her clothes behind and walking nakedly toward her.

Mandy had seen Minka naked before but there had never been anything sexual between them. Now the sexual tension between them was crackling with energy and Minka had never looked hotter to Mandy as she came to her, her beautiful tits bouncing gently and her wet pussy looking so delicious.

It was more than Mandy could handle with her brain already overheated with perverted sexual need. As soon as Minka was close enough, she struck and grabbed her friend’s firm ass. Minka gasped and moaned as Mandy gripped onto her ass while kneeling before, lining her face up perfectly with Minka’s crotch.

Mandy went right after her friend’s pussy, licking at it and tasting the glaze of horny juice that had coated her pink slit. Minka immediately began moaning wildly while Mandy licked all over her tight little labia lips and enjoyed every drop of her friend’s flavor. She had never thought she would ever taste Minka’s juices and the forbidden thrill of knowing she was licking her best friend made it even yummier.

Mandy’s tastebuds delighted at being reunited with a warm, wet pussy. It had been way too long since she had tasted one and Minka was so juicy for her. Of course what she wanted most of all was to go for her friend’s ass, but Mandy was still a little afraid of freaking her out.

She wanted Minka to feel her sweet pussy get licked first to warm her up more for the perverted things she wanted to do to her friend’s great ass. She loved fondling it, gripping those gym toned buns with her hands as she licked at her honeypot. Just touching that warm female flesh made Mandy crave Minka’s ass even more, but she restrained herself and it wasn’t even that hard to do it.

She might have been obsessed with ass but Mandy still loved licking pussy too and it showed in how her tongue lapped at the full, wet vaginal lips now in her face.

“Oohhhhh Mandyyyyy ohhhhhh my Godddddddd ooooooooooh I can’t fucking believe this is happening!” Minka cried out as she felt a woman going down on her for the first time in years. “Ooooooo baby yesssssssss ughhhh lick me! I got so wet watching all of you! Mmmm it turned me on so much when we kissed Mandy! I never thought you could be into stuff like this! I couldn’t believe it when you told me mmmmmmm ohhhhh God ohhhhh Goddddddd! I’m so glad you’re showing me! Show me how you lick pussy! Oooooooh show me how good you are at fucking girls!”

Mandy hadn’t asked her if she’d done this before, but while she didn’t consider herself a lesbian or even bisexual, the truth was Minka had been with women. She’d been with a few high-profile boyfriends who didn’t mind a hot show now and then and Minka had always been totally willing to go along with the flow.

She believed that if it felt good and no one was getting hurt then you should do what made you happy in the bedroom. So she’d been with a few girls. She didn’t consider it all that big a deal and it wasn’t like she was out checking out girls on a regular basis or anything. But if there was an opportunity to have sex with a hot woman and she was into it then Minka went for it.

In fact the hottest night of her life had been one night where she and Adrianne Palicki had given Taylor Kitsch a threesome for his birthday. Minka had ended up getting way more into Adrianne’s pussy than Taylor’s cock as the three of them had fucked until the sun rose the next morning. Of course this night looked like it could outdo that memory and Minka had never felt anything as purely pleasurable as Mandy’s tongue licking at her pussy. Not even Adrianne had been this good and that girl had been amazing at eating her cunt.

“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss Mandy yesssssssssss!” Minka groaned, her hand now on the back of her friend’s head as the other one resumed playing with her hard nipples. “Mmmmm you are a dirty girl! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk I had no idea you could ever be this nasty! Mmmmm fuck me dirty girl! Show me how fucking nasty you can really be!”

“I told you I was nasty,” Mandy moaned in between licks. “Mmmmm now you get to feel it! I’m not the fucking good girl you thought I was! I love fucking women so much! I fucking love pussy! I’m so nasty! Wanna feel how nasty?”

“Ohhhh yessssssssssss show me! Do anything you want to me!” Minka cried, not really knowing what she was asking for but being totally willing to go with whatever Mandy wanted.

But while she was a bit naïve about all Mandy was truly capable of, that changed when Mandy took one of her fingers and slowly wiggled it into Minka’s asshole. She pushed it past her tight ring and penetrating her with it, sending a charge rushing through Minka’s naked body.

“OHHHHHH! GODDDDD! OOOOH MANDY! OOOOOOOH!” Minka cried out in blissful surprise from just what her friend was eager to do her.

“I’m soooooooo nasty!” Mandy moaned as she withdrew her finger out of her friend’s tightest hole and slid it into her mouth to get her first taste of Minka’s ass. She sucked her finger clean, reveling in the taste of it. “Mmmm I’m such a perv, Minka. Your friend is a dirty butt fucking slut and I can never get enough taste of hot, yummy girl ass!”

Mandy had already confessed that but until now Minka had not appreciated just how sincere she had been about it. Now her eyes were wide open and her asshole was pretty open too. Minka had not been expecting her friend’s finger to go there but it hadn’t exactly been an unwelcome feeling.

Minka had enjoyed having her ass fucked before. She considered herself pretty liberated sexually. And while it sure seemed that Mandy was a lot more open than she was, Minka hadn’t suddenly become repressed or anything.

“Ohhhhhh my God you really are nasty!” Minka groaned, both of her hands now squeezing her plump breasts as she pushed them up to lick at her own flesh, tasting the sweat on them. “Do it Mandy! Finger my ass! If you want it, go for it! Fuck me like you fuck these other girls! Don’t hold back with me!”

“Mmmmmm ooooooh Minka, you have no idea what you’re getting into baby,” Mandy giggled. “Mmmmm bend over for me. Get that big butt of yours in my face!”

Minka laughed right back at Mandy’s remark. She had once said in an interview that she could never have kept on being a model because her butt was too big which had led to Mandy teasing her about it, saying she had no idea what a big butt really was. They had gone back and forth arguing over whose ass was really the big one and Mandy had never let her forget it.

Now Minka couldn’t help but think about that debate and see it in a new, sexual light as she wondered just how long Mandy had been checking her out before tonight.

Wanting to be comfortable as she did this, Minka didn’t just bend over. She made it easier on her and Mandy by getting down on all fours. She couldn’t believe she was naked on the floor of some strange house but she was beyond questioning it now. She was too horny and Mandy was making her feel too good so she got on her elbows and knees with nothing but a smile on her face and moaned in ecstasy when she felt Mandy spitting into her asshole.

“Sorry,” Mandy said. “I don’t have any other lube.”

“Mmmmm no don’t be sorry. I like it! Mmmmm it’s soooo nasty!” Minka moaned as she felt her friend’s saliva trickle down from her asshole to her pussy. “Lube me up baby! Fuck me nasty! Fuck me like the dirty girl like you are!”

“Yessssssssss I’m so fucking dirty! I’m addicted to ass!” Mandy confessed with a lusty groan. “Mmmm and I’m gonna get you addicted too, Minka! I’m such a bad best friend! I’m going to give you all my bad habits!”

As she said this, Mandy spit into Minka’s asshole again, this time with an even bigger helping of her saliva and then pushed not one, but two fingers into her tight anus. Minka tensed up at the penetration but she also moaned, showing off how much she liked it.

“Oooooooh no Mandy! You’re not a bad friend fuckkkk you’re a GREAT friend! Mmmmm fuck me Mandy! Make me a slut like you! Fuck your dirty friend! Oooooooh! Yesssssssss yessssssssssss!” Minka cried out when she felt those fingers pushing into her asshole and sliding into her tightest hole until they were all the way up to Mandy’s knuckle.

And when Mandy followed that up by returning to lapping at her pussy, Minka’s squeals got louder and happier.


But Minka’s cries, as excited as they were, were nothing compared to Miley’s as the girl exalted her pleasure for the whole party to here.

Freshly naked, Hayden had gotten back to fucking Miley and this time had the free-spirited singer on her back with her legs open and bent at the knee. That gave Hayden lots of access as Miley was able to splay herself widely and the actress took full advantage by working over both her holes.

And while Mandy had her fingers up Minka’s ass and her tongue in her pussy, Hayden did the reverse with Miley, sliding her fingers back into the singer’s cunt while she ate her asshole.

Hayden wasn’t able to resist taking a few licks of Miley’s pussy too, tasting her desire as it dripped down onto her thighs and even down to her asshole. God this girl got wet, Hayden moaned to herself as she licked up the yummy mess, cleaning off Miley’s thighs and licking the tender, puffy lips of her pussy while she continued to finger fuck her.

But mostly Hayden concentrated her licking on Miley’s ass. She could really see why so many of her friends loved fucking Miley so much and Hayden realized just how silly she’d been to be jealous. She was going to be just as hooked on fucking this girl as all of them were.

“Mmmmm you’re sooooo tight baby,” Hayden teased. “You’ve got yourself such a tight little asshole! I’d have thought Rose would have loosened you up more with all those times she’s fucked you with Mr. Snappy!”

“Ooooooh I make sure I’m always tight for you sexy hos!” Miley laughed back. “Mmmmm fuckkkk y’all know just what a girl really needs! Ooooh you make it all sooooo nasty and I can’t get enough! I try to stay nice and tight for all of you so you’ll fuck me hard and rough and make me fucking feel it! Oooooooh fuckkkkkk c’mon you freaky bitch! Get back to tongue fucking that dirty dyke butthole of mine! Yessssss ooooooh fuckkkkk yeahhhh eat it and fuck it and finger bang my whore cunt! Oooooh shittttt yesssssss you’re sooooo good Hayden! Fuck this horny gay bitch like she needs it! I could never look at another fucking guy again because y’all fucked me soooooo good and made me your dirty bitch!”

Hearing Miley talk like that actually made Hayden blush but she liked it. Miley just loved to get dirty and Hayden loved to dish it out too. She might not have been jealous anymore but she was going to show off that there was only one little freak around the mansion and it was her.

Hayden moved her mouth back to Miley’s pussy to suck on her swollen lips and slurp the juice right out of her before she got onto her clit, sucking it next as Miley moaned and writhed for more, her legs starting to kick as they flanked Hayden.

After a few hot minutes slurping on Miley’s wetness, Hayden then lowered her mouth back to the pop star’s asshole and pushed her fingers back inside her cunt. She didn’t go with two this time, she went with three and Miley cried happily in response, her tight pinkness being stretched by the fingers pushing into her and rubbing her in just the right way.

Miley was in heaven as Hayden began sucking on her asshole. Hayden’s mouth made her little pucker quiver and Miley panted out in short screams when Hayden started thrusting her tongue into her ass just as hard as she was working in her fingers to her cunt. She gave it to Miley’s asshole and pussy at the same time and the singer reacted in joy.


Miley’s little tits were bouncing while the girl thrust herself up against Hayden’s face. She loved feeling that tongue buried up her asshole. The men in her life had never been able to do the things with their tongues the way these women could and Miley supposed that was why she had let herself go all lesbo for them.

It was just the simple math of who could make her come harder and more often. And when you added to that just how sexy women were when they were naked and it was easy for her to give up on dick. Fucking girls was just more fun and Miley loved having fun.

To give Hayden more access to her dirty holes, Miley lifted her legs up and showed off just how flexible she was by getting them up by her head. That opened up her asshole even more and Hayden eagerly licked harder, getting the tight little ring all wet before she plunged her tongue again inside her, punching it into her little hole and making Miley howl.

There were so many hot women crying out then but Miley had them all beat as the quick to orgasm girl prepared to let loose.


With Miley’s clitoris right in reach of her hard thrusting fingers, Hayden could easily have gotten her off just from that. But she also kept at her asshole, licking it and fucking it and working her mouth on it as Miley’s screams bounced off the walls. If Miley was going to be her friend now then Hayden was going to show her what a good friend she could be and make her come extra hard.

But the truth was she wasn’t really pleasuring Miley’s asshole for the singer’s benefit. She was doing it for her own because Hayden wanted Miley to know she was the best and freakiest there and also because she just loved doing it. Hayden couldn’t get enough of licking hot girl ass and she only wished someone was there to lick hers as she did it to Miley.

But she was sure she could get that soon enough and Hayden didn’t let her own needs keep her from focusing on Miley. She worked her tongue and fingers hard in tandem, feasting on Miley’s ass while she stimulated her clit, doing it again and again until the girl could take no more.

“FUCKKKKK! YESSSS YESSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH GODDAMNNNN FUCKKKKK OOOOOOOH!” Miley screamed in ecstasy while she came, her cunt tightening around Hayden’s fingers as her cream coated them and dripped down to her wrist.

Miley shook as she came, squeezing her eyes closed and letting the pleasure overtake and fill her already intoxicated brain with endorphins to take her even higher.


Even as she exulted in Miley’s pleasure and how it was a testament to her abilities as a lover, Hayden couldn’t help but still think there was something she was forgetting…some reason why she wasn’t supposed to get naked and do the things she loved to do.

But she couldn’t put her finger on it. It was right on the tip of her tongue but she supposed her fingers and her tongue were too busy at the moment to worry about anything other than extending Miley’s pleasure.

That was why it was somewhat fitting that as soon as Hayden released her tongue from Miley’s asshole and her fingers from that tight little vise of a pussy that she finally realized what it was that she had forgotten.

She pulled herself up on top of Miley to tongue kiss her and feed the singer the taste of her own ass. And when they broke their kiss so she and Miley could like her creamy fingers together, Hayden ended up getting quite an eyeful as the thing she had forgotten about suddenly came back to the forefront of her brain.

“Oh God! Jansen!” Hayden gasped when she saw that not only was he still here but he was just as naked as she was now.

She had lost such total control of herself that she had completely forgotten her brother was there and when she realized it she immediately began to panic.

“What’s wrong? You okay?” Miley asked, seeing Hayden’s distress.

“No! My brother’s here!” Hayden cried, so embarrassed that she had just done what she had done with Miley and had completely forgotten that he was there. “He was right here when I fucked you!”

She had become so consumed with lust that it had been all she had been able to focus on and nothing else had mattered, even the presence of someone she definitely did not want to know she was into stuff like this.

“Where? Ohhhhh him!” Miley said, looking around the room and quickly finding the teenager Hayden was referring to.

In a sea of naked women it was pretty easy to spot Jansen on account, naturally, of his penis. But despite his presence there, Miley urged her new friend not to freak out.

“Heyyyy don’t spazz out, it’s okay,” Miley said in a reassuring tone. “God, my brothers have seen me naked so many times they probably don’t even notice it anymore. Besides, it sure looks like he’s busy too. He might not even have seen you!”

Hayden had to admit that Miley might be right. After all, as Jansen sat in one of the soft, comfortable chairs in the mansion he certainly looked very occupied. In fact, when he tossed his head back and moaned while he was getting his dick sucked, Hayden noticed his eyes were closed.

Maybe he hadn’t seen her go so wild. Maybe her brother hadn’t seen her be so dirty. That was a relief to Hayden even as she began to feel very awkward watching Jansen get a blowjob. She couldn’t help but observe that for a little brother he wasn’t very little at all but Hayden quickly looked for a distraction from that. Fortunately she quickly found it because he wasn’t the only naked one there.

It wasn’t the first time she had seen AnnaSophia Robb nude. This morning’s surprise had offered her that first amazing glimpse but this was no fleeting glimpse. It was a long, lingering view and Hayden couldn’t stop from staring at her body, most specifically at her booty.

This time AnnaSophia didn’t run and hide her sexy, naked body. This time Hayden could fixate on it as AnnaSophia kneeled down naked, pushing that gravity-defying ass out in all its big, beautiful glory. It wasn’t fair for a girl that cute to have an ass that amazing and Hayden was close to completely drooling over it as all her inappropriate longings returned, this time with more strength than ever.

She had tried all day to forget just how much lust at first sight she’d felt for her brother’s girlfriend. And she had mostly succeeded, until now. Now AnnaSophia was naked in the mansion and having her body there all bare and glorious was taunting Hayden.

Hayden would have given anything to have that girl naked but she was with her brother and not only would it have been morally wrong to make a move on AnnaSophia but it was physically impossible too, not with Jansen right there and just as naked. Hayden tried not to think about how her girl crush was sucking her brother’s cock and instead looked with deep desire at AnnaSophia’s ass, fully uncovered and bent over, offering up a glimpse of her wet slit.

God, Hayden would have given anything to be able to bury her face in that ass. It was so round and firm and those cheeks were taunting her with their hotness. How could this girl be so sexy and so off-limits? It just wasn’t fair. Nothing about this was fair.

Hayden could have any girl she wanted but the one she wanted most was totally unavailable and that just wasn’t right. It was a Christmas tease and a cruel one at that and the more she thought about it the more Hayden wanted to go over there and just take what was owed her.

She’d been a good girl this year. Didn’t Santa owe her a chance to fuck that ass? Didn’t she deserve a chance to be able to show AnnaSophia that she was with the wrong Panettiere? Didn’t she deserve the chance to make her see that boys were a waste of time and fucking girls was where it was at?

And if she was going to be so cruelly punished for being good, Hayden wanted to be bad instead. She felt an overpowering urge to get herself on the naughty list by crawling over to where AnnaSophia was and just taking her. She wouldn’t care if Jansen saw her. In fact she’d just push him out of the way so AnnaSophia could taste her pussy instead of his cock.

Hayden was well aware that this would make her pretty much the worst sister in the world but she had needs and they weren’t going to be met by her just sitting here and dreaming. She had to make it happen and the more she thought about it the more she wanted to do it.

She could show AnnaSophia how good she tasted. She could show AnnaSophia just what she could do to that ass of hers. She could show her that she was the one she should be fucking and not Jansen. But before Hayden got too far and actually acted on this evil plan, her train of thought derailed.

“Damn, your baby bro is hot,” Miley suddenly declared, snapping Hayden out of her trance.

“What? Ewww gross, no he’s not,” Hayden grimaced as if the very idea that her brother could be attractive was ridiculous.

Sure he was good looking. After all they came from the same gene pool and Hayden knew she was hot. And he definitely deserved a pretty girl like AnnaSophia. In fact he was pretty handsome. But hot? No way, she was never going to get on board that train.

“Mmmmm he is hot and he’s got a great cock too,” Miley drooled, showing that all her talk about being a total lesbian might well have just been only talk.

But all this earned her was a shove from Hayden, making it clear that she had better knock it off.

“What? I’m just saying! She’s one lucky bitch!” Miley laughed from the insistent, but playful shove. “Of course I’d much rather hook up with her. Talk about ass! That girl is all about that bass! I’d love to get her.”

“Me too,” Hayden admitted sadly.

Miley’s teasing was helpful in some respect. It snapped her out of the state she’d been putting herself into. Of course she couldn’t do that to Jansen. It was weird enough that they were both here and both naked. She wasn’t going to steal his girlfriend right in front of him. She could never do something that would hurt him.

But Hayden knew she still needed something to get her mind off AnnaSophia and her amazing naked body before she felt tempted again.

“Ummmm distract me Miley,” Hayden urged. “Give me something else to think about.”

“Oh I can do that in a second, sugar,” Miley drawled. “In fact I have the perfect idea.”

And that was how Miley led Hayden away from checking out AnnaSophia while she showed off her cocksucking skills to the whole party and instead moved her toward Minka and Mandy.

Mandy was kneeling down behind Minka and continued to finger fuck her ass while licking her pussy and the two of them got right to work. At Miley’s suggestion, Hayden eagerly got behind Mandy and pressed her face into the singer’s thick bare ass.

Hayden did to Mandy what she wanted to do to AnnaSophia and buried herself into that ass, going back and forth between tonguing her pussy and rimming her asshole, both of which made Mandy squeal in pleasure into her lover.

But Miley didn’t just sit this one out. She was still feeling the rush of pleasure from her orgasm and she showed that by getting her tongue into the woman responsible for it.

As they formed a chain of girl fuckers, Miley pushed her tongue into Hayden from behind, lapping at her drooling pussy and eagerly cleaning up the mess of arousal while she made Hayden very distracted from any devious girlfriend stealing plans she might have had.


Of course Jansen had no idea what Hayden was thinking. In fact he didn’t have much of an idea of anything on his mind except for what a great cocksucker his girlfriend was. It wasn’t the first time he had thought that. In fact it was a rather recurring observation with him.

There were a lot of reasons to date a woman like AnnaSophia and her ability to suck cock was right up at the top of the list. Hayden could have been right next to him naked and having lesbian sex and he probably wouldn’t have noticed because all he could focus on was what AnnaSophia was doing to him.

“Ohhhh baby! Fuck yeah! You’re so good at this!” Jansen moaned.

“You always say that,” AnnaSophia giggled before she got her mouth back around her boyfriend’s dick.

“That’s because it’s true!” Jansen added. “You’re amazing! Ughhh you make me feel so good!”

“Good enough to come for me?” AnnaSophia asked as she slid off his cock with a wet pop and looked up super seductively at her very happy and hard boyfriend. “Good enough for you to feed me a big load of hot, sticky cum in my dirty little mouth? Mmmm I want that load Jansen. I want you to give me all your cum! I want to drink that fucking jizz down and swallow like a good slut!”

“Ohhhhh fuck! You drive me crazy when you talk like that! You know what that does to me!” Jansen moaned, his cock throbbing just from hearing her sweet voice say something so filthy.

He had never been with a girl like her before. Not only was she great in bed but she was an artist at dirty talk and it always made him so horny for her.

“Oh I know,” AnnaSophia grinned. “Mmm you’re sooooo easy for me to manipulate Jan. I just have to say a few nasty words and you’re all mine! I know how to keep my man happy so he’ll make me happy!”

“How do you want me to make you happy, babe?” Jansen asked, feeling quite eager to do anything his girlfriend wanted, just like she had intended.

“Mmmmm by giving me that hot load in my little slutty mouth and then eating my pussy and getting this big dick of yours all hard again for me so you can fuck me like I need!” AnnaSophia purred.

And, not so coincidentally, that was exactly what Jansen wanted too and he showed it by pulling AnnaSophia up on top of him in the chair and kissing her passionately.

The young couple moaned as they Frenched and ground their nude bodies together, Jansen’s cock getting even harder as AnnaSophia’s perky tits rubbed right into his bare chest and her hand wrapped around his shaft to spread her own saliva all over it.

But Jansen needed more than a kiss. This had just been him acquiescing to her demands and once they broke their kisses he pushed her right down back to her knees and gave her face a little slap with his hard cock.

“Ooooooh bad boy!” AnnaSophia grinned, giving his cock a slap back with her hand, not hard enough to hurt but forceful enough to make sure he got the message that she was eager to be his slut but not his bitch. “You make me want to be so nasty for you, babe! Mmmm I didn’t like you looking at those other girls! I only want you looking at me and not those naughty lesbian girls!”

“What other girls?” Jansen moaned and meaning it.

Sure it was an orgy of hot women going at each other and he was one of the few guys there. For most people that would have been the opportunity of a lifetime to go after any girl he wanted but he only had eyes for his girlfriend.

“Mmmm see now you’re being a good boy,” AnnaSophia laughed. “And good boys get to feel good things.”

AnnaSophia resumed sucking Jansen’s cock, making sure he felt her warm, young lips enveloping his meat as she went down his shaft and bobbed her head.

Saliva dripped past her lips and down his cock to his balls and Jansen moaned happily from this treatment. He felt his girlfriend push him closer and closer to the point of no return with each wet slurp of his dick. How could anyone look at another girl when they had all this?

He wasn’t blind. He knew that these were some of the hottest women in the world and he knew that this was not something he was likely ever to see again. But AnnaSophia was his girlfriend and he didn’t want anyone else. Unless of course she told him to.

Hell, he would have LOVED that. If she gave him no consequence permission to go after anyone he liked then he would have been all over that, but she hadn’t so he wasn’t and he was more than satisfied to just sit back and enjoy one of her amazing blowjobs.

Jansen had never been with a girl like AnnaSophia. He hadn’t been a virgin or anything when they had first met and he’d actually thought he’d been pretty experienced. But nothing had prepared him for her.

From the first time they had met at some stupid young Hollywood awards function he’d felt the heat between them. They’d locked eyes and there had been instant chemistry. They had barely made it through that first night without tearing each other’s clothes off and it was a miracle they hadn’t had sex that first night. And when they finally had given into their lustful urges, they had spent the first of many nights naked and exhausted in bed.

It had only been a few months but Jansen had never been happier with a woman. Not only was she incredible in bed but she was a great girlfriend too. So Jansen never would have dreamed of even holding the hand of any of these other women without AnnaSophia’s permission.

He was smart enough to know not to fuck up a good thing. Besides it was easier to just focus on his girlfriend and not all these other women because if he thought about who else was at this party then he started to think about Hayden and that was the last place he wanted his brain to go.

Jansen couldn’t believe his sister could ever go to a party like this, especially since so many of these women seemed to only be into other women. Was his sister a lez? How long had she been this way?

Jansen didn’t want to think about any of this. Picturing his own sister naked and fucking other beautiful celebrities had the chance to ruin girl on girl porn for him forever. So he shut all those thoughts out of his mind and focused solely on AnnaSophia.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as Jansen had seen Hayden at this party he would have gotten out of here. He might never have seen anything hotter than all these famous women stripping and fucking but having Hayden there made it too weird. There was just one problem. He couldn’t leave because he’d never been hornier in his whole fucking life.

It wasn’t just all the sex and all those beautiful, famous bodies around him that was making him feel that way either. Ever since he had drank that punch his cock had been feeling like it was going to explode in his pants. Fortunately, thanks to AnnaSophia, he wasn’t wearing pants anymore and she was giving him the relief he needed.

She was making him forget all about how slutty his sister apparently was and focus only on how horny he was and how good she could make him feel.

“Are you going to come for me baby?” AnnaSophia purred, showing a sluttiness far beyond her years as she took his cock by the shaft and spanked it against her own lips and then stuck out her tongue so she could spank herself there too, little droplets of her saliva and his precum flying onto her face. “Are you going to fill my mouth with all that sperm I want? Mmmmm I wanna drink down your load soooo bad!”

“Ohhh yessss I’ll come so good for you,” Jansen moaned. “Fuck yes! You’re so hot tonight babe! Hotter than you’ve ever been!”

They had been wild and adventurous before but he’d never seen his girlfriend act like this. She’d never looked sexier than she did now and Jansen couldn’t get enough of it. He almost didn’t want to come for fear that once he did explode inside her mouth she’d stop being so nasty and hot for him.

But the look in her eyes showed him that fear was misplaced. AnnaSophia was as horny as he was, if not hornier. She wasn’t going to stop after just one load, something she made very clear.

“Mmmmm gooood! I love being hot for you and I want to make you come so many times tonight!” AnnaSophia assured him as she pushed his cock up so the swollen tip was touching his chest so she could start licking his balls. “You and I are going to fuck over and over again until these balls are empty! Mmmm I want us both to fuck until we pass out and I wake up naked with your cum dry and sticky all over me! I want to be all sore from how good you gave it to me. I need to feel you inside me Jan! I need you to fuck me harder and better than you ever have before!”

That was a lot of pressure to put on someone but right then Jansen had every confidence that he could do it and blow his girlfriend’s mind. What she was doing to him was amazing and he wanted to do it all right back to her and make her feel good too. They had both been super-hot for each other before but never to this degree and Jansen wanted to fuck every hot hole on AnnaSophia’s body, especially the one he’d never been in before.

“Don’t stop!” Jansen begged. “I’ll come so good for you! Then I’ll get all hard again and fuck you like you want! I’ll take that little cunt of yours and pound it until you scream! I’ll make you come harder than I ever have before! I’ll own your pussy and make you my dirty whore!”

“Oooooooh my God! Sooooo nasty!” AnnaSophia mumbled as she took Jansen’s balls into her mouth and started sucking on them.

Her boyfriend had never talked to her like that before and she liked it. She didn’t know what had gotten into her tonight but she wanted to be filthy and do all the dirty things she had dreamed about but never had the courage to actually try.

“You’re such a nasty boy tonight Jan and it’s making me so wet!” AnnaSophia moaned. “Oooooh is that what you really want to do? Own my cunt and make me into your little whore? Fuck me like I’m some dirty girl in those slutty pornos I know you still watch and jerk off to?”

“Yesssssssss!” Jansen groaned, a little embarrassed that his girlfriend apparently knew he had porno on his tablet and that he made use of it when needed.

But he was a lot more aroused than embarrassed over what she was saying. Jansen hadn’t been thinking when he had said he wanted to own her cunt. He never used words like that around her and he’d been afraid he’d insulted her by using it so to have her use it too was such a turn on.

“I want to fuck you hard and nasty like we’re in some porno!” Jansen admitted. “I want to make you bounce on my cock and fill you up with my cum! I want to take you like you’re my whore!”

“Ohhhh baby,” AnnaSophia groaned. “That’s so fucking hot! I want that too! Fuck me hard and nasty! Mmmm come for me and fuck me and make me come all over you!”

AnnaSophia then put her mouth back on her boyfriend’s balls. She loved sucking cock. That was the simple truth. She loved feeling it in her mouth and hearing moans so she knew she was doing a good job. She loved giving pleasure, especially when doing so made her lover more eager to give that pleasure right back to her two-fold.

And Jansen was so good at giving her pleasure. That was why she was always so eager to fuck him. He made her feel like no other boyfriend had. She loved his cock and she loved sucking it but most of all she loved how doing it always got him so hot for her and made him eager to give her what she needed.

But she’d never felt as hot for him as she did today. She didn’t know what was wrong with her but she was so fucking horny. And who was to say it was even something “wrong?” It felt good. Maybe whatever was happening to her was a really, really good thing because it made her want her boyfriend’s cock more than ever.

AnnaSophia wanted to drink down every drop of his load and then milk him over and over again so she could get herself fucked. She needed to come like she never had before. She wanted her boyfriend to fuck her into an exhausted heap. Everything was turning her on and even these other girls were looking good to her.

Her pussy had never been this wet and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. All of this was making AnnaSophia so hot for her boyfriend’s dick and she worked his balls over with more enthusiasm than she’d ever shown before.

AnnaSophia moaned as she sucked on them, fingering herself while she did it. She wrapped her lips around one and then moved to the other before she opened wide and sucked them both into her greedy mouth, enjoying the sweat and letting the musk of her boyfriend drive her crazy. Her whole body was on fire and she loved hearing him moan for her and call out her name. She wanted to please him so badly.

Releasing his balls, AnnaSophia returned to Jansen’s cock with a wet slurp, spitting all over him to lube his prick up even more before she took him back inside her mouth. AnnaSophia groaned in pleasure as Jansen’s hand moved to the back of her head and pushed her down. She didn’t need the incentive to go deeper but she happily took it, loving how into this he was and how he wanted to fuck her mouth and not some other girl’s.

Taking her hand off her pussy she rubbed her juices onto his shaft while she sucked it and used the other hand to fondle his balls, knowing that she could make him come whenever she wanted it.

AnnaSophia knew she was good at this. She’d gotten nothing but compliments for her cocksucking skills over the years, especially from Jansen. She was glad he had never asked her how many dicks she had sucked because she knew he might not like the answer.

She couldn’t help it. She loved doing it so much. She had such an oral fetish and sucking dick was so much fun for her, especially when it was her boyfriend’s dick. He was the only man for her and she wanted him to know it from the way she was blowing him. She loved this cock and she knew Jansen loved what she could do with it.

Jansen had a big cock and AnnaSophia had never been able to deep throat him, as much as she had wanted too, but she tried her best to do it. She took him as far as she could in her mouth, feeling his length start to go down her throat until she began to choke and then she released him, saliva dripping down her lips.

Jansen was moaning wildly now and AnnaSophia beamed over his pleasure before she brought her mouth down and sucked him inside her again, tasting her own saliva all over his teen cock.

AnnaSophia rapidly jerked his wet shaft off while she sucked on him, breathing entirely through her nose as she let her mouth be filled by his cock. Jansen loved looking down and seeing her beautiful face bobbing up and down on him, his erection throbbing in her warm, wet mouth especially whenever she added her tongue to the mix, licking all over his swollen cock head and flicking against the tip to tease him and make him grunt and moan for her.

She was getting him so close and he could barely hold on. Jansen wanted this to last but her mouth was just too good, especially when she played with his nuts like she was. He had never been with someone as good at sucking cock as she was. Her mouth made him eager to do anything she desired.

“Tell me what you want!” Jansen demanded, feeling extra frisky as he took control of his girlfriend and yanked his cock out of her mouth, smacking her in the face again with it.

And this time when his slick prick slapped against her lips she didn’t fight back. She just moaned in need as saliva drooled down her chin.

“I want your cum,” AnnaSophia moaned. “Please Jan. Please!”

“Louder!” Jansen urged, taking control like he never had before. “Tell this whole party what a cum slut you are!”

“Yessssssssssssss I’m a cum slut! A dirty, fucking cum slut!” AnnaSophia squealed, sliding her fingers back into her pussy as the boyfriend she loved made her feel so nasty. “Give me that load Jansen! I want your cum! I WANT THAT CUM IN MY FUCKING MOUTH!”

Jansen nearly unloaded on the spot when he heard his angel-faced girlfriend say that. He loved seeing her completely naked and breathing hard as she begged for his cum and fingered herself.

She’d never looked sexier to him than she did at that moment and his cock twitched like it was going to shoot out everywhere just from her sweet voice talking dirty. But he managed to maintain control and avoided an embarrassing moment by taking his cock and pushing it back into AnnaSophia’s mouth.

And this time she didn’t go after him fast like she had before. Knowing he was right on the verge made AnnaSophia take a more sensual approach. She sucked on the first few rock hard inches and then pulled off so she could run her tongue all over his cock-head and lick underneath it, dragging her tongue over the vein she knew she was going to be pumping cum for her any second now.

She wetly treated his cock to a tongue bath as Jansen grunted and groaned with every naughty touch. Her tongue treated him so nicely while her hand resumed stroking his shaft and he couldn’t hold back a second longer.

“Ohhhhh babe fuckkkk I’m going to come for you!” Jansen moaned. “Oh shit! Fuckkkkk get your mouth back on it!”

AnnaSophia didn’t hesitate to do just what he told her to. She felt like she wanted it more than he did and she fingered herself harder while wrapping her lips around her boyfriend’s penis and sucking on him as he tensed up for her and, with a very happy groan, filled her mouth with his load.

AnnaSophia felt her own body tremble in a small orgasm of her own when she felt that cock coming for her, shot after shot of naughty jizz going down her throat. He was coming so much for her that she had to struggle to keep up with it but she didn’t miss a drop.

Jansen’s cock filled her mouth with his cum and she swallowed it all, letting the salty essence soak her tongue and then drip down her throat to her waiting tummy, just where she wanted it to be. She knew she loved someone when she swallowed for them and she’d been doing this to Jansen since their first night together.

She’d never felt him come so much though and she kept fingering herself, making her pussy extra creamy as she swallowed his extra-strong load. And when he finally finished, she gulped the last drops down and released him from her mouth so she could bathed his cock with her tongue again, cleaning off his softening prick. She licked all over and she only stopped when he pulled her up from her knees onto his lap.

AnnaSophia was surprised when Jansen kissed her right after she had swallowed his load down but she sure as hell didn’t fight it. She loved kissing him like this. It was such a kinky thrill and she rubbed her tongue right into his as they passionately made out, his fingers sliding inside her drenched cunt right along with hers as she gasped out her pleasure.

“Ooooooooh! Someone’s a dirty boy tonight!” AnnaSophia giggled. “Mmmmm don’t stop babe! Mmmmmm finger that little tight hole!”

“You make me dirty,” Jansen groaned back. “You make me so fucking hot for you! I can’t control myself tonight!”

“Don’t!” AnnaSophia urged him. “Don’t control yourself! Don’t hold back! Go wild for me, honey! Mmmmm give me what I need!”

And Jansen did just that, passionately kissing his girlfriend again while using his free hand to play with her perfect tits, squeezing them and making her nipples tingle. He continued to finger her too, stimulating her clit along with her own fingers and showing just how much he wanted to lose all control with her.

But Jansen was hardly the only one without any control and that group now included the pair of young eyes staring longingly at him and AnnaSophia.

The girl wasn’t just staring though. She was also breathing hard and moaning and she couldn’t help herself from sliding her skirt up and pushing her hand into her panties. She was fingering herself in front of everyone but she didn’t care. She was too horny to do anything but indulge her raging desires

“Mmmmmm fuckkk ohhhh fuckkkkk!” Bella Thorne groaned as she found herself completely unable to restrain herself anymore.

Her body was on fire and she was desperate for this, more desperate than she had ever been in her whole life. She had never felt this way before and she was already doing things she never would have ever dreamed she could do.

Bella couldn’t believe she was masturbating where anyone could see her. She had never done anything as dirty as this but she wanted to get even dirtier and she couldn’t understand why. All she knew was what she needed and how badly she needed it. All she could think about was sex and how badly her vagina needed to be absolutely ravished.

That was what was fueling her on to do something so wild and she leaned against the wall with her skirt up around her waist and her hand in her panties making them bulge out as she touched herself. Knowing she was being naughty was making her want this even more and her desire overruled all her common sense.

Bella wasn’t a prude. She wasn’t even a virgin. She’d experienced sex, both good and bad. But she’d never felt anything like this. It was one thing to have desires but it was something entirely else to show them off in front of everyone.

Bella didn’t think there was anything wrong with sex and doing what felt good but she also believed it was something you should do privately, in your own bedroom or in the shower or even in the kitchen if you were in the mood. She didn’t feel it was right to show off too much and flaunt your sexuality like it was some cheap commodity to get Instagram follows.

At least she had felt that way. Now she didn’t know how she felt anymore as she did the naughtiest thing she had ever done and fingered herself where everyone could see her.

Masturbation was something that was supposed to be private almost by its definition. Bella wasn’t ashamed that she did it but she also had never dreamed she would ever show anyone that she did. Yet here she was openly touching herself and without any of the self-restraint she always showed when it came to sex.

She just couldn’t help it. She’d never felt more turned on in her whole life and she was actually aching to be fucked. God, why was this happening to her?

Bella had been so stunned when they had walked into this party and found Selena and Emma making out and everyone acting like they were so ready to just go wild and tear each other’s clothes off. And when that had actually happened she’d been scared a little by it.

Despite what some of her friends thought, Bella hadn’t been living in some repressed cocoon her whole life. But she’d also never seen such a raw and unleashed display of sexuality as she had once the craziness had started. And her friends had scattered when it had, leaving her abandoned and totally uncomfortable.

She’d gone looking for them at first, hoping to find them so they could get out of her. But she had no idea where Ariel or Ava or Chloe or even Olivia were and she couldn’t find any of them in this sea of naked bodies. So she’d had some of that punch to try and calm herself and now she could see what a mistake that was.

She’d been woozy ever since she had. She felt so funny and had been totally unable to think clearly or act rationally, like she always tried to do. And when everyone had started fucking, Bella had found that it wasn’t shocking her anymore, it was making her hot.

She was so horny. She never felt this aroused before but her pussy was wetter than it had ever been and she couldn’t stop herself. She just pulled up her dress and slid her hand into her panties, touching herself like she usually did in her room when the lights were off and she was all alone. Now she was doing it openly in front of everyone and it felt so good.

“Mmmmmm God ohhhhh God sooooooo hot,” Bella moaned as she lifted her fingers up to her mouth and started licking them clean, tasting her pussy juice on them and enjoying it.

Her heart was pumping hot blood in her veins and her head was spinning with thoughts of not just sex, but dirty, nasty sex, the kind she had never expected to have. It wasn’t the kind of sex good girls had. It was the kind that was supposed to be for bad girls and Bella wanted to be bad, especially as she watched Jansen and AnnaSophia.

She watched as her friends had stripped each other naked and gotten so dirty in front of her. Of course it wasn’t just in front of her. It was in front of everyone. But in Bella’s mind it was a show for her. She’d watched in total arousal as AnnaSophia had given Jansen that blowjob, doing such naughty things to him when anyone could see them.

Bella had never pictured her friends could ever do something so sexy in front of people but then again she’d never pictured herself masturbating like this and it was making her so wet. Their show was what had inspired her to start touching herself and she was making her fingers so sticky and her panties all messy. They were almost see-through now thanks to her desire and Bella kept going, staring at her friends and watching them fuck.

It was turning her on so much to watch them and Bella was staring at someone in particular. But it wasn’t Jansen. She knew a good girl like her was supposed to be staring at the cute boy and dreaming of him naked. But she wasn’t doing that.

She was staring right at AnnaSophia and it was her naked body that was turning her on and making her uncontrollably hot and wet. Bella knew this was bad but she couldn’t help herself. She was so turned on and touching herself like this was only making it worse.

While Jansen and AnnaSophia kissed and he slid his fingers into her, Bella did the same to herself. She wanted to feel like her friend was feeling. When AnnaSophia gasped and moaned from her boyfriend’s fingers in her pussy, Bella fingered her own making herself react the same way.

And as she did that, Bella dreamed it wasn’t her own fingers inside her. She wanted it to be AnnaSophia’s. She also dreamed it wasn’t Jansen’s fingers inside her friend, it was hers. Bella wanted her and AnnaSophia to be fingering each other and kissing and letting all their desires run free as they pleasured each other like only girls could.

Bella had never expected to do anything about it but she had been crushing so bad on AnnaSophia for months now. She loved hanging out with her because she was cool and smart and beautiful and because Bella loved making friends but it was so much more than that. She didn’t just want to be friends with AnnaSophia, She wanted them to be lovers.

Bella wanted them to do what all these other women were doing. She wanted them to kiss and touch and mmmmm fuck! She’d never felt that way about another girl before. Bella was the first to admit she was friends with some real hotties but AnnaSophia was the one she was drawn to like no other and she could no longer restrain herself.

Before tonight Bella had felt like these kinds of desires were the ones you were supposed to stifle. Everyone had fantasies. She knew there was nothing wrong with having them but there were certain fantasies that you just weren’t supposed to act on – dirty, taboo fantasies that could only lead to consequences if pursued.

That was what this was to her, a fantasy that was not meant to be. AnnaSophia was straight and Bella wanted to be that way too. She wanted to get married and have a big family someday. But she couldn’t stop dreaming inappropriate things about AnnaSophia and now that she could see her naked it was so much worse for her. Her crush was turning into an obsession right before her eyes.

Bella had never been with another woman. She had never thought she ever would. Bella had felt she could just put her girl crush deep down inside her and never act on it. It would be one of those things she could keep locked inside her forever and soon it would disappear when she met the man she would marry and start a life with.

But that plan was not holding together under these wild circumstances and Bella was losing all her self-control as she drooled over her friend’s nude body. AnnaSophia looked too hot and sexy. She needed her too much and Bella could no longer cling to restraint.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Bella pulled her blue long-sleeved top over her head. Everyone else’s clothes were all over the floor so why not her own? She just let her cute, expensive shirt fall onto the floor and ignored it as she breathed hard with desire and unclasped her bra.

She unhooked it and tugged it away, making herself topless as she indulged in the wicked, pulsating lust that was flowing inside her. It was so naughty what she was feeling but she couldn’t stop herself. She bared her firm, little breasts and then moaned loudly as she slid her panties down her long legs.

Bella couldn’t help but moan when she looked down and saw how soaking wet her puffy, pink vagina was looking. She had never seen it so wet before and she only wanted it to get wetter. Her furry ginger bush was all messy and matted and Bella loved it.

She was practically panting with desire as she completed undressing herself by unzipping her skirt and pushing it down. She’d barely been wearing it the past little while so why let that get in the way? The only thing left then was her heels and Bella easily got rid of them, leaving everything behind like a snake shedding its skin,

And Bella felt that was a very appropriate metaphor. She was a snake. Just like the snake who had tempted Eve in Eden, she was full of corrupting influences and when she began walking toward her friends with nothing on her body but her bracelets on both arms and her necklace Bella stopped herself.

Good girls walked and she wasn’t a good girl anymore. She was a bad girl and bad girls crawled. So that was what she did. She got on all fours and crawled naked across the soft carpeting, away from the wall and toward her friends as they pressed their naked bodies together.

AnnaSophia’s amazing ass was such a tantalizing target for her and Bella didn’t think twice. She just acted on her dirty girl crush and crawled right up to that ass as it stuck out while AnnaSophia snuggled in Jansen’s arms. And Bella didn’t just admire the view. She grabbed her unsuspecting friend’s ass and began kissing it.

“What the?” AnnaSophia gasped.

She’d closed her eyes as Jansen had kissed and fingered her, but now they flew open. AnnaSophia hadn’t expected any of these women to make a move on her so this was a surprise. But when she turned her head to see whom it was taking such a liberty, she received an even bigger surprise.

“BELLA?” AnnaSophia cried in shock.

“I can’t help it,” Bella said softly, almost apologetically, but without stopping what she was doing. She kissed all over AnnaSophia’s bare butt and let the scent of her friend’s arousal drive her even more insane with lust. “I’m just so turned on and I want you so bad AnnaSophia! I don’t just want to be your friend! I wanna make love to you! I want to fuck you!”

AnnaSophia had never expected to ever hear anything like that from someone like Bella. In fact out of all the people here who she thought could have said that, Bella would have been the bottom of her list. She had always thought her friend was too much of a good girl to ever even think about doing this. So hearing those words from Bella’s mouth left AnnaSophia stunned.

“I…I…I don’t know what to say,” AnnaSophia replied, Bella’s actions the only thing that could distract her from how much she was enjoying having both her own and Jansen’s fingers in her pussy.

“I’m so sorry! I just can’t control myself!” Bella said, afraid that she’d made her friend hate her. “Please don’t think I’m gross or perverted! I’ve never done anything like this before but you…you’re so beautiful AnnaSophia! I’ve had such a crush on you and I didn’t know what to do about it! I need to do something or else I’m going to go crazy!”

“God, Bella, I’d never think you were gross,” AnnaSophia immediately assured her friend even as her head spun over this revelation. “I know you’re not some pervert. I just…I don’t know what to do about this. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m not into girls…really…I’m not…”

Hearing AnnaSophia tell her that she didn’t think less of her was an enormous burden off Bella’s shoulders and it further convinced her that she needed to do this. After all, AnnaSophia might not have ever been with a girl before but neither had she. Bella found herself getting extra turned on as she thought about them exploring each other like they were naughty teen girls at a slumber party in some dirty porno movie.

“You don’t have to do anything about this,” Bella smiled sexily, acting like she never had before. “Mmmm let me do everything. Let me make you naughty with me AnnaSophia. I want to show you all the things I’ve been dying to do to you!”

There was only one thing standing in the way of that kind of lesbian bliss, though.

“What’s going on?” Jansen asked, all unfocused and only now registering that Bella was there.

He’d been very focused on pleasuring his girlfriend and his head was still swimming with ecstasy after her blowjob so he’d been a little slow to react. But now he could see that it wasn’t just the two of them anymore and while AnnaSophia couldn’t find the words to explain what was happening, Bella could.

“I’m so sorry Jansen, I know she’s your girlfriend but I need her too. I need to touch her and kiss her and make love to her,” Bella said. “Please let me have her too. Share with me! Please! It’s Christmas!”

That was undoubtedly the strangest Christmas wish that Jansen had ever heard and he had no idea how to react to it. A feather could have knocked him over then as their friend confessed her crush on his girlfriend and seemed to be on the verge of flat out begging for a threesome.

On the one hand it was surreal that this was happening and it seemed totally out of left field. But, on the other hand, it was a threesome! What guy didn’t want a threesome with two girls? Even if Bella wanted nothing to do with him, it was still a threesome to Jansen and at the very least he’d be able to watch his girlfriend lezzing it out with another hot girl.

And Bella was very hot indeed. This was the first time Jansen had ever seen her naked and boy did he love what he saw as she remained on all fours on the carpet before him and AnnaSophia. Bella had the sweetest face and seeing it on such a lean, tight body made it even sexier.

Her firm breasts were capped off by beautiful little nipples and wide, pink areolas and Jansen did not shy away from taking a long look at Bella’s perfect, firm ass and the glimpse he had of her teen firecrotch. His cock was starting to get really hard again just from the thought of his girlfriend hooking up with their sexy friend.

“Ummmm it’s okay with me if it’s okay with you, sweetie,” Jansen said, his cock more in control then than his brain was.

“Jansen!” AnnaSophia gasped, shocked how easily he agreed to that.

How could he want someone else to have sex with his girlfriend? But that was her initial reaction and the more she thought about it, the more she could see exactly why he would.

After all, two hot girls was supposed to be every guy’s fantasy. And Bella was so hot. AnnaSophia didn’t have to be into girls to realize that her friend was beautiful and sexy. Why wouldn’t Jansen want to see that? Didn’t every guy want a threesome?

And this wasn’t with some skank. It was Bella. Sweet, loving Bella. She was their friend. Was it so wrong for him to want to see them touch and kiss and more? AnnaSophia knew it wasn’t so she didn’t get mad at her boyfriend. Instead she began to wonder if she should be resisting this.

Bella’s soft, kind lips felt so nice on her ass. AnnaSophia loved being kissed everywhere. Her whole body could be so sensitive if kissed right and she loved feeling those gentle girl kisses on her ass. It had been shocking at first but Bella had kept doing it and now it just felt good. It was warm and seductive and very naughty in a good way. What if she let her friend kiss more than her butt? What if she actually let this happen?

She might not have ever been with a woman but it wasn’t as though she hadn’t thought about it. It hadn’t been any kind of a serious fantasy with her like it seemed to be with Bella but AnnaSophia couldn’t pretend that the thought had never occurred to her about what it would be like to kiss a woman and touch her.

She’d thought about what it would be like to have a woman eat her pussy and what it would be like to taste one right back. AnnaSophia had heard the saying about only other women knowing what women really wanted and she had been curious about what it would feel like to be a lesbian, if only for one night. Maybe tonight was that night.

Sure it was crazy but this whole night had been crazy. They had ended up at some weird Christmas sex orgy party and she’d just sucked her boyfriend off in front of a huge crowd of people and swallowed his cum without even thinking twice about it. AnnaSophia considered herself adventurous but that had been a pretty big taboo to break. Why not break another one?

She could think of a million reasons not to do this but the biggest reason to do it was that she kind of wanted to. After all she was as horny as hell. She was soaking wet and needed to be fucked. Would it be so bad if it were Bella fucking her and not Jansen?

He seemed to want it to happen too. AnnaSophia looked over and saw his cock stiffening up for her again and she couldn’t help but moan at the sight of it while she felt Bella’s sweet lips against her bare ass over and over again, covering it with a whole series of wet, sexy kisses.

AnnaSophia couldn’t resist a moan for that too and she reflexively pushed her ass out more, pressing it against Bella’s face and making more sounds of pleasure when the girl reacted with more kisses.

AnnaSophia felt her resistance to this fading by the second. Every little kiss she got made her more turned on for it but just as it was getting really good Bella stopped. AnnaSophia let out a little groan of disappointment and she was about to ask her why but then she found out what had caused her to cease the pleasure.

Bella was changing positions and before AnnaSophia could open her mouth, Bella’s lips were against hers and they were kissing. AnnaSophia’s eyes widened at the kiss but only for a second before she relented and began kissing back. Ordinarily she might not have done this but ordinarily she wasn’t this aroused.

The mood just felt right to experiment in and AnnaSophia kissed her younger friend, letting their lips touch sensually. It was the first time either of them had kissed a woman and they were shy at first about it. But that slowness didn’t last.

The more they touched their lips together the more they realized they liked it a lot. Each kiss brought more and more pleasure and it didn’t take long for the kisses to deepen and for their tongues to touch.

At first they merely flicked the tips of their tongues together but soon they took it further and started rubbing them into one another. Their tongues massaged each other as they explored the mouth of another woman for the first time and discovered just how much they enjoyed it.

“Oh wowwwwww! Mmmm you’re such a great kisser,” Bella moaned, her lips tingling just as much as her body was. “You’re so sexy AnnaSophia! I’ve wanted this for so long!”

And while AnnaSophia couldn’t quite say the same she did share Bella’s feeling on one subject.

“You’re a great kisser too,” AnnaSophia said. “Mmmm I can’t believe we’re doing this. But I really like kissing you Bella. You’re so beautiful. Mmmm and sexy too!”

Bella smiled excitedly at the compliment and returned it by resuming kissing AnnaSophia. The first kisses she ever experienced with another woman were more than she ever could have imagined they would be.

She had been through a number of awkward make-out sessions and she had endured a bunch of boys who just didn’t know how to kiss. But AnnaSophia sure did. She was an amazing kisser and Bella loved the feel of her soft lips and that wet tongue touching hers.

Bella would have been happy to just make out with her friend for the rest of the night. But there was something she wanted even more and she let herself be the aggressor again as she brought her hands to her friend’s chest and started to play with AnnaSophia’s boobs.

“Oooooooh!” AnnaSophia moaned as those small, warm hands covered her chest and began to massage her.

She had only felt male hands there so it was an entirely new pleasure to have soft, female hands. Nothing she had ever felt could quite compare to the naughty thrill AnnaSophia got from knowing it was another woman playing with her tits. She began kissing Bella harder with more passion and reached up to give her pleasure too by caressing her friend’s perfect little titties.

Bella moaned into AnnaSophia’s mouth while they continued to kiss. They played with each other’s bare chests and stimulated each other’s nipples while the sounds of their pleasure got louder. And they weren’t the only ones enjoying this.

Jansen had his hand on his cock now and was stroking it openly as he watched the two beautiful girls kiss. But he wasn’t just touching himself. He pushed his fingers back into his girlfriend and made her moan even louder into her kiss with Bella.

“Oh Jansen! Mmmm baby you like this?” AnnaSophia breathlessly asked, her mind giddy with forbidden pleasure. “You like seeing me kiss a girl? Like seeing me make out with Bella? Is it making that big dick all hard again?”

The answer to all of those questions was obvious but she wanted to hear him say it anyway and he didn’t disappoint.

“Fuck yes it’s making me hard! I love seeing you kiss another girl!” Jansen moaned. “I love seeing all these hot women fucking each other but seeing you lez out with Bella is the hottest! Kiss her, babe! Kiss Bella like she wants you to! I want to see you two fuck! I want to see you two eat each other’s pussies and make each other come! I’ll jack my cock raw seeing that!”

Bella and AnnaSophia shared a giggle over how turned on Jansen was and Bella breathed a sigh of relief. She liked Jansen. She didn’t want to steal his girlfriend or humiliate him or make him angry with her. If he had objected to this…well she probably would have done it anyway but she at least would have felt guilty about doing it.

But now she didn’t have to be guilty at all. Now all she had to feel was horny and she certainly felt that.

“Mmmm is that what you want to see Jansen?” Bella teased, acting all seductive like she never had before. “Then watch this! I want you to see what a sexy show I can put on!”

Bella usually wasn’t the aggressive one in bed. She was someone who had a lot of faith in the traditional gender roles in the bedroom. She loved being pampered and taken care of. She liked a man who was willing to put in the work to seduce her and please her.

But here she was the one doing the seducing. Here she was the one doing the taking and she wanted to take AnnaSophia so badly.

Bella slid off the sexy blonde and got down on her knees in front of the chair, putting her right in front of both of her naked friends. But she ignored Jansen and instead focused on his girlfriend, sliding AnnaSophia’s legs open while she was in Jansen’s lap. Bella exposed the wetness of AnnaSophia’s little, wet pussy and how sexy it looked all splayed open with that fuzzy blonde landing strip leading right to it.

Bella groaned in lust when she saw another woman’s aroused sex for the first time and not just any woman’s but the girl she had been crushing on. Bella had to admit she had spent a lot of time exploring her own vagina, sometimes even bringing a mirror into bed for a little “home school anatomy lesson” but she had never seen another woman’s like this and her friend was so wet and sexy.

AnnaSophia’s lips were all pink and puffy and her clit looked so eager to be played with. The fingerings that AnnaSophia had given herself and received from Jansen had left her in quite a state of wetness and Bella wanted to get every surely yummy drop. She’d tasted herself plenty of times after making herself come and now Bella wanted the flavor of another woman for the first time.

She didn’t just dive in, though. Bella was too nervous to do that. She wanted to be good at this. She wanted to bring AnnaSophia pleasure and she needed to calm down first.

So she instead steadied her nerves first by kissing AnnaSophia’s belly button and then showering more kisses all over her tummy just the way she’d done to her ass. That made AnnaSophia moan and shiver slightly for her, which gave Bella just the boost of confidence she needed when she moved lower and started kissing her friend’s thighs.

Doing all of this and seeing that AnnaSophia liked it made Bella even more eager to do it. She kept her friend’s legs spread open while she kissed AnnaSophia’s inner thighs and even the tops of her legs. But she didn’t stray too far from where she most wanted to be and the look and the scent of AnnaSophia’s arousal drew Bella right to it.

Bella’s confidence was really starting to soar and the redhead teen took advantage of that by going for her prize. Her next kiss was right on the wet lips of her friend’s sex. And then she followed that up with a long lick up AnnaSophia’s slit, gliding right over her labia and tantalizingly touching the center of her clit.

“OHHHHHHHH!” AnnaSophia cried as she felt a pleasure she had never dreamed she would from another woman tasting her wet pussy.

She been so certain that the only person who would be doing this to her tonight was going to be her boyfriend but now everything had changed. As Bella followed that first taste up with another and then another, AnnaSophia really started to see just why all these other women here were so eager to have sex with one another.

“Ooooooh Bella! Yessss mmmmmm you bad girl! Ooooooooh you’re such a dirty girl!” AnnaSophia cooed as the rush of having her pussy licked by another girl for the first time pulsed through her. “Mmmm fuckkkk oooooh I can’t believe this is happening! I can’t believe you’re licking my pussy! Ohhhh yessss Bella! Mmmmm that’s good, sweetie. Mmmm I like that!”

Bella was so happy that AnnaSophia liked what she was doing, because she loved doing it to her. She loved the sweet taste of AnnaSophia’s pussy and she loved being able to make her friend feel good.

She had never thought she would ever make good on her naughty fantasy and now that she was Bella didn’t want to hold back. She wanted to make it as hot as possible. She wanted to give it to her friend and make her come. She wanted her to love it so much that she’d lick her too. Bella wanted it all.

She was going on instinct as she did this. She had only gone to bed with a couple of guys in her life and none of them had been really enthusiastic about going down on her. So she couldn’t fall back on what she had learned from their technique.

Instead Bella had to try and guess and gauge how her lover reacted when she did something to her. To that end, AnnaSophia’s moans were extremely helpful. It let Bella know where to lick and whether to do it fast or slow. Plus Bella was able to go with remembering what she liked and trying to duplicate it on her friend.

“Yessssssssssss taste how wet I am! Mmmmm baby ooooooh yessssss! Lick me! Ooooooh yessssss Bella yesssssss!” AnnaSophia cried out. “Mmmmm I can’t believe how good this feels! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss mmmm make me feel what a girl’s tongue is like! Show me how sexy girls do it! Oh Bellaaaaaa! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

AnnaSophia was still stunned that this was happening. She couldn’t believe her friend was going down on her in the middle of a room full of naked famous people fucking when her boyfriend was right there with her on the chair. She loved that he was watching. She loved that it made him hard and AnnaSophia pushed Jansen’s hand off his cock so she could start stroking it herself.

“Mmmmm you’re sooooo hard for me,” AnnaSophia moaned before she and Jansen began to kiss. “That’s so hot, Jan! Get this cock all big and hard watching me get my pussy licked by a girl! Oooooh she’s so good babe! She’s licking my pussy so nice! Mmmm watch me! Watch me come all over her hot little tongue!”

AnnaSophia and Jansen started making out with an intensity that blew away what they had done earlier. AnnaSophia was flying with erotic thrills from Bella’s tongue. She felt like a whole new side of her sexuality was opening up thanks to her friend. She hadn’t expected a girl’s tongue to feel this good but it did. It was amazing and she loved every second of it.

Bella might not have had experience but she had energy and a real desire to please and AnnaSophia felt every bit of it as the redhead licked her. It was so nasty for her to do this. A girl was licking her while she made out with her boyfriend and stroked his throbbing cock.

AnnaSophia usually closed her eyes when she and Jansen really kissed passionately so she could lose herself in the moment. But this time she kept her eyes open so she could turn them downward and see her friend’s beautiful, sweet face between her legs.

Jansen had his eyes open too. He didn’t want to miss a second of this show. He wanted to never forget any of this. He loved AnnaSophia’s pussy. He loved to taste it and fuck it. And now he was watching someone else lick it.

While he never would have been okay with this if it had been another guy, he was totally fine with a girl doing it. In fact he was more than fine. He loved the view. He loved seeing Bella fucking his girlfriend. Bella’s naked body looked so fucking good too. Jansen had always noticed how good her perky tits looked and how her round, toned ass filled out a pair of shorts just right. But he had never dreamed he would actually see the redhead naked.

Now he not only had Bella naked in front of him but she was making his girlfriend into a lesbian…or at least bisexual. AnnaSophia’s hand on his cock was certainly a reassuring gesture that she wasn’t getting too lesbian and Jansen was enjoying every bit of it.

He loved hearing his girlfriend’s moans and cries for more and he loved seeing AnnaSophia quiver, her naked body shaking as she pressed herself against him. She was practically on top of him as they shared the seat and Jansen took the bait and pulled his girlfriend closer until she really was on his lap.

It pushed her hand off his cock but put it someplace better as he was able to rub his erection right between AnnaSophia’s juicy buns.

“Ooooooooh bad boy!” AnnaSophia hissed with fresh desire. “Mmmmmm gawwd I know you want that booty soooooo bad! Mmmmm rub that big cock into my butt, babe! I love how it feels there! Oooooh feel my big ass grinding into you while Bella makes me all wet and slutty for her! Mmmm fuckkk I love you both so much right now! You’re both making me feel so good!”

AnnaSophia resumed kissing Jansen, this time grinding herself into him while she sat on his lap. She’d given him a lap dance once and he’d really liked it but they’d never done anything this kinky before. They kissed deeply while Jansen reached up to squeeze her tits and play with her nipples just how she liked it and AnnaSophia moaned as she felt her boyfriend’s boner sliding between her butt cheeks.

This was so kinky. To have that cock poking into her while a beautiful girl ate her pussy was truly like having the best of both worlds and AnnaSophia didn’t think she’d be able to hold on much longer before she came all over Bella’s tongue.

That was just what Bella wanted too. She needed AnnaSophia to come for her. She needed to taste a woman’s orgasm. She was so out of her mind with lust that she felt like she had to have it. This was all making her so hot.

Even seeing AnnaSophia making out so passionately with Jansen while she was licking her didn’t make her jealous. It just turned her on more. She loved how into this her friends were getting. But mostly she cared about AnnaSophia.

Bella was getting such a sexy charge out of having her friend’s legs spread and her wet sex in her face. She tasted so good and the more she did this the more she felt like she was getting good at it.

Bella had loved AnnaSophia’s taste from the first lick she had taken of her. It hadn’t been weird or awkward at all to taste another woman. It had been even hotter than tasting herself after she had come all over her fingers or a toy. The more she licked, the more she wanted.

Having AnnaSophia moan for her and shake and shiver whenever she did something right gave Bella quite a roadmap for doing this. She didn’t have it down pat or anything but Bella felt like she was doing a pretty damn good job for a first timer and the juices soaking her tongue seemed to back that contention up.

So Bella tried to just keep doing what was working, sucking and licking at her friend’s wetness and making her feel good. And she was making herself feel good as she did it too. One hand was caressing AnnaSophia’s milky skin and even rubbing the lips of her labia but Bella’s other hand was between her own legs touching herself.

And Bella was getting a lot of her own juices all over her fingers by now. She was so wet. She’d never been wetter. No time she had ever made love to a man had ever turned her on like this and she openly fingered herself, sliding her fingers deep inside and rubbing them right against her clit to make the wetness drip down her hand.

She had never been this keyed up and Bella tried to push all that energy toward AnnaSophia’s pleasure. She wanted her to come so much. She wanted to taste it and to swallow it. She wanted to be such a bad girl and make her friend come like all these other dirty, Hollywood lesbians were doing all around them.

Bella licked AnnaSophia’s opened hole over and over again, going after her like she was sweeter than ice cream. Bella giggled at being tickled by the little curls of AnnaSophia’s blonde landing strip but she liked it. She loved thinking about how kinky she was being, putting her mouth and her tongue where it was never supposed to go.

She could only imagine how shocked her mother and her sisters would have been to see their little angel doing something so dirty. And she was sure Chloe, Ava, Ariel and Olivia would never believe what a bad girl she had become. She had no idea where any of them had gone to but she wished they were there watching her and seeing her be dirty with AnnaSophia.

“Mmmmm you taste so yummy,” Bella cooed, resting her tongue. “You’re so wet and juicy for me! Please come for me AnnaSophia! Come all over my bad girl face! I want to be naughty with you and make you come for me! Please baby please come!”

“I will! Oooooooh I’ll come so good for you!” AnnaSophia promised. “Just don’t stop Bella! Ughhh you have me so close! Lick that fucking pussy! Lick my little wet pussy just like that! Oooooh you’re so naughty baby! I never dreamed you could be such a bad girl but here you are licking my cunt right in front of my boyfriend! Mmmm do it Bella! Give me more! Fuck me! Oooooooh take that little fucking pink hole and make it come for youuuuuu!”

AnnaSophia’s dirty words crumbled into a series of moans and cries as Bella’s tongue on her clit took away her ability to verbalize for the moment. Her hand moved to the back of Bella’s head by reflex and pushed her down while she continued to stroke Jansen’s cock with the other.

She was being soaked in sex and it felt amazing. AnnaSophia never wanted this feeling to end, just like Jansen hadn’t wanted it to when she was blowing him. But just like with him, the human body could only take so much stimulation before the inevitable happened and AnnaSophia felt herself being pulled in that direction.

Bella’s tongue felt absolutely incredible and the pleasure was giving her a whole new appreciation for the female form. Suddenly all of these sexy women around her looked so good. AnnaSophia wasn’t only just staring at Bella anymore as the redhead went down on her. She was looking all over at a room full of famous tits and hot asses and beautiful faces and pussies being licked and fucked.

All these hot women only wanted each other and it made it so hot to think she was just like them too. She’d been totally straight when she’d walked in here and now…well who knew what she was anymore?

All AnnaSophia knew was that she loved being licked by a girl’s tongue and she loved feeling her boyfriend’s cock sliding between her ass cheeks. No neat definition of what that meant was necessary.

The only thing that mattered was the pleasure she felt and she was feeling a lot of it with more of it coming with every naughty lick Bella’s eager tongue took. She was really creating a steady, sexy rhythm now, licking her folds and focusing in on her clit. AnnaSophia’s cries were getting louder and more intense and her orgasm was clearly looming.

“OHHH FUCKKK!! Yesssssssssss mmmmm right there baby right there! Oooooh fuck me there Bella! Fuck me with your tongue right there naughty girl!” AnnaSophia urged with a series of sexy squeals before she turned her head to quiet herself by kissing Jansen again. “Fucking eat my pussy Bella! You little slut! Ughhhh fuckkkkkk you’re no good girl! You’re bad and dirty like me! Oooooh you’re making it feel so fucking good! Make my pussy come! I’m gonna make your pretty face all sticky and then kiss it right off you!”

Bella loved the sound of that promise. She even enjoyed hearing AnnaSophia talk like this. Usually Bella didn’t like all the nasty names guys used for vaginas. Words like “pussy” and “cunt” typically turned her off.

They seemed crude and unpleasant. But when AnnaSophia said them they sounded so sexy. Her sweet voice could have made anything sound good and hearing her talk like that made Bella lick her faster while she fingered herself even harder. She stared right up at her new lover, loving how AnnaSophia was moaning uncontrollably while Jansen kissed her and played with her boobs and urged her to come.

“Yessssssssss make me sticky and messy! Mmmm make me all dirty with your pussy!” Bella begged, her nipples getting so hard when she used that dirty word too. “Come all over my naughty face! I love making love to you AnnaSophia! You taste so good! I’m going to fuck you all the time now! I’ll lick your pussy and taste your juice and do anything you want! Come for me! Make me drink your pussy and alllllll that hot cum from it!”

AnnaSophia was so ready for that. She had been ready to come from her own fingering and then Jansen’s fingers had made it better and now Bella’s tongue topped it all. She’d been holding back to make the pleasure her friend was giving her last and now she couldn’t take any more waiting.

“Put your finger in me!” AnnaSophia cried. “I love that! Rub my clit and finger fuck me while you’re licking it and I’ll come so good! Please Bella! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Mmmm make me feel so good! I love what you’re doing to me! Give me a little more and I’ll come so hard!”

Bella’s pussy clenched around her fingers when she heard that. She wanted AnnaSophia to love this. She wanted her to have a huge orgasm. She wanted her to come so good. So Bella did exactly what her friend told her.

While keeping one hand inside her own pussy, she took her other hand and rubbed fingers against AnnaSophia’s slit. That made the girl writhe in Jansen’s lap and Bella furthered it by pushing a finger inside her, rubbing it right against her clit and giving AnnaSophia just the pleasure she had been seeking.


Bella’s smile was growing by the second. She was doing this. She was making her friend feel good. And this was where Bella actually did know a few tricks.

She used toys when she masturbated sometimes but mostly she preferred to use her fingers. So she started giving it to AnnaSophia the way she gave it to herself. Bella knew that could get herself to come like this and she was sure she could make her friend come just as hard.

While continuing to lick AnnaSophia’s pussy, Bella worked her finger into her so that both her tongue and her slim digit were rubbing against her clit. But that wasn’t all she did. She also used her thumb to rub AnnaSophia’s labia lips, giving the blonde extra stimulation. And that caused an instant reaction.


Bella did just as she was instructed. Instead of licking, she wrapped her lips around her friend’s clitoris and sucked it. It was so naughty and hot to feel that clit throbbing for her in her mouth and tasting it was such a joy. Bella only wished she had tried playing with AnnaSophia earlier.

It was so much more fun to taste this pussy than to suck a dick. The sex was hotter and the flavor so much yummier. She sucked hard on her friend’s clit and, after only a few moments of doing it, she felt AnnaSophia explode in her mouth.


Jansen couldn’t believe his eyes as he watched his girlfriend convulse and release her orgasm all over Bella Thorne’s teen face. He’d never seen this side of AnnaSophia before and it was such a sexy one.

He loved what he was seeing and he felt like he could explode too and soak her big ass cheeks with a load just from watching this and feeling her grind into him. But he gritted his teeth and held on. The way he was feeling, it was like he could come all night again and again if he wanted to but he didn’t want to waste a drop when he had much hotter things in mind for his girlfriend than covering her ass with his cum.

AnnaSophia had no such need to hold back, though, and she came forcefully all over Bella’s face. The redhead licked it all up and grinned in total happiness as she did it.

Bella was feeling so good right then and she knew AnnaSophia was feeling even better. Bella couldn’t wait for the positions to be reversed when the blonde returned the favor. Her pussy was hotter than ever now and Bella needed to be fucked to try and cool it down.

And it sure seemed that AnnaSophia felt the same way as she slid her very satisfied body off of Jansen’s leaving her boyfriend with his erection bobbing in the air. She fell down onto the floor next to Bella and kissed her passionately, tasting herself all over her redheaded friend.

They kissed with a hunger that was new to them both and AnnaSophia let her hands roam all over Bella’s firm chest. She fondled the girl’s perky teen tits and played with her already rock hard nipples. But she didn’t stop there, not when there had been a part of Bella that she had always admired.

“I always thought you had the cutest butt,” AnnaSophia admitted while moving her hands down to her friend’s backside and gripping it with an eager grab.

Bella’s ass cheeks felt so firm in her hands and AnnaSophia had a feeling she was going to be touching her friend a whole lot more from now on.

“Oooooh I think the same thing about you,” Bella replied with a smile as she did the same and grabbed at AnnaSophia’s ass. And the girl had a whole lot of ass for her to grab. “Mmmmm you got such a big booty and it’s soooooo sexy!”

“So’s yours,” AnnaSophia said. “And right now it’s your turn to feel good. Get on all fours Bella. I’m going to take such good care of you now.”

Bella nearly came just from the sound of that promise and she didn’t hesitate to reposition herself. She got on her hands and knees in front of her friend with nothing on but her bracelets and her smile and stuck her firm teen booty in the air, giving both AnnaSophia and Jansen something to admire as she began swaying her bare butt back and forth.

Bella was so excited for this and that sensation grew even more intense when AnnaSophia began doing what she had done for her and began kissing her naked ass. Each kiss made Bella moan but that was nothing compared to what she felt when AnnaSophia got her hands on her ass and spread her open so she could start licking her wet slit from behind.

“OOOOOOOOOH!” Bella cried as a girl’s tongue tasted her happy little vagina for the first time. “Mmmmmmm yeahhhh AnnaSophia yesssssssssssss! Mmmmmmm make me even more of a bad girl! Make me come like I made you come! Make me such a dirty girl who loves girls licking her pussy! Ooooooh yesssssss my wet little pussy! Ughhhh make me such a naughty slut for pussy oooooooooh!”

She said that dirty word over and over again and each time she did it, it gave her a thrill. She never would have been that way with a guy. She never would have acted this way before tonight. And, even in the state she was in, Bella knew what was happening wasn’t normal.

But she hoped whatever it was making her be this way was never going to end because she had never felt anything as good as this.


A similar sensation was going through Taylor Swift’s head. Nothing had ever felt so good to her.

She just wanted to close her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. It was so dirty but so hot at the same time and Taylor could easily see now just why all her new friends at the mansion were the way they were.

This pleasure was addictive and she just wanted to feel it over and over again. Her body was keyed up with need for something filthy and that’s exactly what Taylor was getting as the illicit pleasure overwhelmed her and made her feel unbelievably good.

Taylor never would have done anything like this before today but she was getting so into it now and her naughty redhead friend turned lover knew it.

“Mmmmmm you filthy little slut!” Emma Stone teased as she pumped two fingers into Taylor’s asshole, finger fucking the naked singer from behind. “Oooooh your ass is still raw from when I fingered it before but now I’m really going to loosen it up. And that’s just what you want, isn’t it? Not such a good girl anymore, are you? Mmmmm you’re a dirty girl craving that nasty lesbo butt sex!”

“Ughhhhh yesssssss yessssssssssssssss!” Taylor panted, her need increasing with every thrust of Emma’s fingers in her naughtiest of holes. “Mmmmm I’m turning sooooo dirty! Fuck me Emma! Fuck my nasty little hole! Make me like it! Ughhh make me such a slut for dirty lesbo ass fucking! Oooooh fuck meeeeeee! Yessssss yesssssssssss ohhhhhhh God yesssss do it harder than you did it before! Make me take it! Loosen my tight, good girl ass up and make me bad! Ughhh yeahhhhh make me such a bad girl who gets fucked up her butt!”

Taylor couldn’t believe she was acting like this and saying these things. She’d never been the total prude that so many had assumed she was. But she’d never been like this before.

All these hot women were making her feel such dirty sexual cravings. They were making her go wild and it was shocking to her how much she was enjoying it. She’d never let anyone play with her asshole before today but now she was begging Emma to do it.

But as shocking as it was to Taylor to feel herself acting like this, it was having an even more powerful effect on the woman who was watching all of this.

Shocking wasn’t even the right word for it. Maybe “astonishing” was. Or perhaps “confounding.” This might even have ranked all the way up to “mind-boggling.” She was sure she could have gone through every synonym she could think of but she didn’t want to go through the whole thesaurus in her brain. She just wanted Taylor to get back to what she had been doing before.

“Don’t stopppppp!” Dianna Agron whined as she placed her hand her friend’s head and shoved her back into her crotch. “Mmmmmm fuck me! Oooooooh Taylor yessssssss! Eat my pussy! Ooooooh yesssssssssss fuckkkk yessssssssssss mmmmmmmm fuck me just like that! Make me feel goooooooooood!”

Dianna was feeling pretty “mind-boggled” over her own behavior right about then too but she couldn’t stop herself. Her self-control was as gone as her panties were. Dianna even glanced over to the side where she saw her discarded underwear and wondered if she could find her self-control down there too. Perhaps it was right next to her inhibitions, her shame and, oh yes, maybe even her heterosexuality.

She had tossed all those away too and now she was lying back on the floor, her dress pulled up around her waist and her panties gone so Taylor Swift could eat her out. It was absolutely the craziest thing she had ever experienced. Nothing else could compare and Dianna just wanted it to keep going.

“Ohhhhh my God! Oh Taylorrrrrr yessssss! Mmmmm I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! Mmmmm lick that wet pussy! Oooooh show me how dirty your tongue is mmmm yesssssssss!” Dianna groaned out as she looked down at the sight of that blonde head between her legs and tossed her head back in complete rapture.

She had never dreamed anything like this could ever happen. It felt so wrong and dirty to have her friend do this to her. But Dianna liked that. She liked it so very much.

She’d been surprised when Emmy Rossum had first whispered to her what she had heard about this place. But she’d quickly dismissed it. It had been absolutely ridiculous. How could there be an entire mansion full of sexy celebrity women fucking each other and seducing others into their naughty fun?

Things like that just didn’t happen. That wasn’t reality. It was some kind of weirdo fantasy. But everything since then had proven that it had been her assumption that had actually been ridiculous. Because everything Emmy had said she’d heard about this place had been proven correct.

And now she was in the middle of it, which is where Dianna had never expected to be. Sure she’d been fascinated when Emmy had told her those rumors and when she’d seen how Taylor and Emma had been completely unable to deny it when she had confronted them. It had only made her want the truth more. But Dianna had never figured that finding the truth would have involved her being half-naked and on the floor of a strange house with another woman giving her oral sex and not just any woman, but a friend she had once thought had been way too repressed for her own good.

Well, if anything, it was clear now it was that Taylor Swift was not repressed.

“You taste so good Dianna!” Taylor declared, licking her shiny lips clean of all the juice that had collected on them when she pulled up for a moment, her pretty face contorting in ecstasy from what Emma was doing to her asshole. “We should have been doing this a long time ago! You’ve got such a sweet, tasty pussy baby! I love licking it! I want you to come all over my face! Come big for me Dianna! Mmmmm make my face all messy and even get it in my hair! I want to taste all of this yummy pussy and feel you cream for me! Gawwd I want every hot girl to cream for me! Fuckkk I wanna be like a dirty girly cum queen! Oooooooh fuckkk don’t stop Emma! Mmmmmm yesssssssssss let Dianna see how much I love it when you’re fingering my dirty little asshole! Ooooooooh yessssssssss I’m turning into such a fucking slut and I never want it to stop!”

Taylor’s attention was torn between the wet pussy in her face and the two fingers that Emma was now pushing into her asshole. She couldn’t focus on just one. She wanted it all. She loved being overwhelmed like this. Her friends were fucking her so good and she couldn’t get over how kinky and fun it was to be going wild with them.

Taylor loved sharing her life and her experiences with her friends. But she’d never expected to share sex with them. However she was learning to love a lot of new things now and the two fingers sliding in and out of her ass were proof of that. Taylor was going crazy with lust and she buried her face back in Dianna’s pussy, feeling her soft bush tickle her nose while Emma got so wicked with her.

“You’re not turning into anything,” Emma teased, giving Taylor’s bare ass another hard smack and loving how Taylor moaned into Dianna’s cunt when she did it. “You always were a slut Taylor! You were always a bad girl deep down! I can’t believe I ever thought you were some kind of stuck up prude! Mmmm you’re just a dirty little slut like me and you look so good taking it up this adorable little ass of yours!”

Taylor whimpered in between licks of Dianna when Emma said such dirty things about her. But she knew she was right. God, she really had been bad like this the whole time, hadn’t she? She’d just been hiding under the veneer of being a good girl.

It was like this place was making her find out who she really was and that was such a wild thrill, especially since Taylor was doing it with her friends.

Taylor had a lot of dirty thoughts about her female friends ever since she’d been first seduced at the spa in Las Vegas but she’d never expected to ever do anything about it. Now she was naked and sandwiched between two of her hottest friends and she couldn’t help but look longingly at the table where Selena Gomez was naked and crying out for Emma Watson and imagine a third one joining in.

God, she wanted to be so nasty. She wanted Selena to be there licking her pussy while Emma Stone finger fucked her and Dianna fed her all those yummy juices. All Taylor wanted was more sex with more of her hot friends and it was such an exhilarating feeling.

And that feeling wasn’t just one Taylor had. Dianna just couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Even though she was right in the middle of it and even though she was feeling what she was feeling because of it, it all still felt like it had to be a dream.

Taylor was a lesbian? Emma was too? If they weren’t they were sure doing a great job of faking it and if they were then everyone else had to be too. And no one looked like they were faking. All around them, women were fucking each other like lesbians in heat and Dianna was one of them now. She was sweaty and nearly naked and loving every second of it and she didn’t care if that made her gay. She just loved how it felt.

This wasn’t her first time with a woman. When she’d shared an apartment with Lea Michele neither one of them had been much for sleeping alone. They had often cuddled with each other in bed and at first it had been entirely platonic. But all those nights sleeping together in the same bed had led to what both of them had felt was some very natural experimentation.

It hadn’t been anything dramatic. They hadn’t dated each other and neither one of them had viewed it any more than some fun sex but it had definitely made an impact on Dianna. She’d loved what they’d done and how good the sex had felt and what it had been like to be so close to another woman that you would share your most intimate parts with them.

She and Lea had made love so many nights that both of them had shared a lot of laughs over all the tabloid reports that they were constantly feuding. But it hadn’t been a serious thing. It had just been for fun and they’d moved on with their lives. Fun always stopped. It couldn’t go on forever.

At least that had been with Dianna had told herself before today. Now she wondered if she’d been wrong because it sure seemed as though the fun never stopped around here. Dianna might have been shocked to find herself at a place like this, but that was nothing compared to how she had felt when she’d seen Emma and Taylor start to kiss.

That was when things had started to move into “mind-blowing” territory. It had been surreal to watch her friend’s make out and pull each other’s clothes off like they had suddenly lost all their inhibitions. She had never thought of either Taylor or Emma in a sexual way before but seeing them undress had made Dianna change that in a heartbeat.

It had been absolutely insane to see Taylor and Emma making out like they were lovers, but how could Dianna deny what was so plainly obvious? They were fucking and now she was being fucked too.

Dianna had felt her own inhibitions disappear too. Once she’d picked her jaw up off the floor from seeing her friends kiss, Dianna had been faced with having to acknowledge that seeing Taylor and Emma like this was turning her on. It had been a long time since she had been with a woman.

There had been a few other women after she and Lea had stopped fooling around, but they had just been fun, casual flings. It had been years since she had played with another woman but it was impossible to deny just how beautiful they were, especially when Emma and Taylor had turned their kisses into something more and started stripping each other bare.

Dianna had watched in awe as she had seen them kiss and pull each other’s clothes off. She’d had no idea that the two of them had just hooked up inside the game room but their lack of inhibition had certainly showed as they had stripped off Taylor’s dress and Emma’s shirt and jeans and tossed off each other’s underwear until everything was scattered on the floor.

They had pressed their naked bodies together, tongue kissing passionately as they grabbed at each other’s bare asses and rubbed into one another. It had been so hot to see that. Dianna had felt herself get wet at the sight of her friends naked. She’d been frozen in place as she’d watched the hot show and when Taylor had broken the kiss long enough to yank her in too, Dianna hadn’t resisted.

It had taken a few seconds to get used to the idea that she was being kissed by Taylor but once she had, Dianna hadn’t held back. It was such a wonderfully familiar feeling to have a woman’s soft lips on hers and Taylor was a sexy kisser. So was Emma and Dianna had found that out when the redhead had started kissing her while boldly reaching down to squeeze her ass through her dress.

Dianna hadn’t fought Emma’s uninvited touch. She loved feeling those hands on her ass. It had been way too long since a woman had touched her there and it was such an erotic sensation, especially when Taylor had come up behind her while she’d been kissing Emma and had started kissing her neck and running her hands over her butt while trying to get her dress off.

How could she not have succumbed to something so sensual? Dianna’s feelings for women might have gone dormant but they hadn’t disappeared and her friends made those feelings flow within her again. Sure she’d been feeling a lot less inhibited ever since she and Emmy had drunk some of that punch. But it was more the feel of their lips and the caresses of their hand and the already present knowledge of the erotic things women could do to one another that had made it so easy for Dianna to be seduced right into the fun.

They hadn’t even bothered getting her dress all the way off. It was bunched up around her waist on both ends and she didn’t care. Her bra was on the floor along with her panties, allowing Dianna to play with her own bare tits as Taylor went down on her.

Dianna moaned in need in a series of frantic cries as her friend licked her pussy and she fondled her own pale, white breasts while tugging at her pink nipples. Dianna loved how hard her nipples could get. They were so full and swollen as she continued to play with them. Dianna licked and sucked on her own fingers as she played with her tits, getting her fingers wet so she could rub them all over her nipples and areolas, making them so shiny and pink.

This wasn’t an inexpensive dress and she was probably damaging but that didn’t matter. All Dianna cared about was making sure her hot spots were exposed.

“Ooooooh make me come Taylor! Mmmmm fucking make me come!” Dianna cried out. “Please baby please! Oooooh I told Emmy there wasn’t a chance in the world you were into girls but I’m so glad I was wrong! Lick that pussy! It hasn’t been wet for a woman in so long and it’s so fucking wet for you now, Taylor! Mmmmmm yesssssssssssss lick me! Ooooooh you’re so good at this! Ughhh how did you get so good at this? I thought you were such a little prude!”

Just like Emma, Taylor was now convinced that she was going to have to fuck Dianna over and over again to make sure she got the message that the girl everyone thought they knew wasn’t who she was. She wasn’t a prude. She really was hot and slutty. She really was a naughty girl craving pussy and only wanting hot, naked girls.

Taylor was going to make sure Dianna knew she was the furthest thing from a prude even if she had to fuck her all night to do it. Taylor was energized like never before. She’d never had this much sex in one day but nothing was quenching her thirst. Taylor just wanted more and more and she channeled that energy into fucking Dianna, sucking her clit as her nearly-naked friend’s body bucked and mashed her wet cunt right into her face.

“OHHHH TAYLOR!” Dianna screamed when her friend sucked hard on her clitoris. She couldn’t stop herself from thrusting her hips up from the sensation and then falling back down, grinding her bare ass into the rug and making her feel some welcome friction at the same time her pussy was being pleasured. “OOOOOH BABY YESSSSS! OOOOH SHOW ME WHAT THIS PLACE IS ALL ABOUT! SHOW ME WHAT IT’S REALLY LIKE! YESSSSSSS SHOW ME HOW GIRLS GET FUCKED HERE!”

But Dianna wasn’t the only one finding out what the mansion was really all about. Emmy Rossum was too and she was finding out from someone she had never expected to.

Emmy had known her friend was sexually adventurous. She’d even known she was more than a touch naughty. She’d maybe even picked up a bisexual vibe from her before. But she’d never imagined anything like this could happen.

Yet there she was, kissing a friend she hadn’t seen in a while like they were actually long-lost lovers reuniting. It was crazy, but it also felt really good.

“Mmmmm I always knew you’d be a great kisser,” Olivia Munn said with a smile and a seductive sigh to her voice. “I can’t believe I waited this long to find out.”

Emmy was too taken aback by all of this to say anything immediately but she eventually got her mouth to work. All she could say though was her basic line of defense.

“I’ve never been with a woman before…” Emmy admitted, both so she could try and really come to terms with what was happening here but also so she could be clear to Olivia that she didn’t have any experience. She didn’t want her beautiful friend to have any kind of crazy expectations about her only to be disappointed.

“That’s okay, sweetie,” Olivia assured her. “Mmmmm I can teach you. Would you like that? Want me to show you how hot it is to fuck a girl?”

And Emmy nodded her head “yes” without even pausing to consider this. Her body was overheating on the inside thanks to the desire she felt. She was sure it was even showing on her skin.

She could feel herself getting flushed and sweaty and that was just from thinking about what she could do with another woman. Actually doing it was going to be something else but Emmy wanted it. She’d wanted this for so long. She’d wanted to try this and experiment and have it be all sexy and hot. And if Olivia wanted to teach her, Emmy wanted to be her student.

This was hardly a private setting. There were women all around them. In fact they weren’t even alone on the couch. Just a few feet over from them, Emmy could see Jessica Alba sucking off some very lucky guy while his sexy blonde girlfriend rode his face and fed him her pussy.

And they weren’t the only ones there. Right next to Jessica, Rosario Dawson was sucking Damon off and Emmy blushed when she realized she was staring at her agent’s cock disappearing into his sexy girlfriend’s mouth. That was more intimate than she ever wanted to get with him and it allowed her turn her gaze around the whole room.

Because while Jessica and Rosario were enjoying cock, everyone else was feasting on each other’s gorgeous, womanly bodies. She was right in the middle of an orgy of beautiful, famous women and Emmy couldn’t believe it. All of it was turning her on though.

She’d been feeling so horny ever since she’d had that punch but even though she could tell that it had done something to her she knew it didn’t change the way she felt. She’d always wanted to know what it was like to kiss a woman and touch her and get naked and have sex.

Emmy wanted to experience it all and have it be wonderful and erotic and not leave her with any regrets. Now there were women all around her doing just what she wanted and Emmy knew she couldn’t deny herself the same pleasure.

Emmy had always figured that someday she would make good on her fantasy and be with another woman. She just never thought it would be like this. She wasn’t about to question it though.

It was what she wanted and it was right there for her to take. So she took it. This might have been totally crazy but she was willing to be crazy too, especially when she was aroused as she was and when Olivia looked as good as she did right then.

“Teach me!” Emmy moaned as she unzipped her dress and pushed it off her body, leaving her in not only a set of lacy black bra and panties but also a full garter belt and stockings. “Show me how to fuck a girl Olivia! Fuck me! Do it! Please! Mmmmm I want it!”

Emmy had been a bit surprised when this party had descended into madness but she hadn’t let it throw her too much. After all, she couldn’t deny to herself that she had had come here hoping something like this would happen. Maybe not exactly like this. She had always expected her first time with a woman would be something more private, like in a big bed with just her and her beautiful female lover, whomever she might be.

But she’d heard the whispers. She’d heard the stories about all the satisfied women who had come through here. And when she’d gotten that surprise party invitation Emmy had found herself wishing those stories were true.

She’d never expected to find out quite like this but she wasn’t going to let that throw her. She wanted this. She was so horny for it and if this was how it was going to happen then she was going to totally go with it. She needed more crazy in her life. So Emmy let her dress fall to the floor and lay back with her underwear on, loving the effect her action had on her friend.

“So that’s what it finally takes to shut you up?” Emmy teased. “After all these years if I’d known me taking off my clothes would have done it, I’d have made sure we did this a long time ago.”

But Olivia barely registered the little poke at her outsized personality. She was far too busy letting her eyes drink in the vision of her gorgeous friend in her sexy lingerie. Even if she’d been totally straight, seeing Emmy in her underwear like that would have turned her in a second and she was left in awe of it. It wasn’t easy to do that but this could.

“Oh my God! Emmy! You’re so beautiful!” Olivia declared. “I always knew but I never really knew until now. You’re stunning! You’re so sexy!”

“So are you,” Emmy replied, her heart skipping in her chest as it really dawned on her that this was going to actually happen. The location and the person might not have been what she had expected but that just made it more fun. “Show me your body too Olivia. I mean I know you’ve seen mine…”

Olivia grinned at that remark. She certainly had seen Emmy’s body. In fact a whole lot of the television viewing public and millions more online who spent their days and nights searching for images of celebrity nude scenes had seen Emmy’s body.

Her work on Shameless hadn’t just gotten the critics noticing. It had earned her a whole lot of fans who loved the sight of Emmy’s frequent nude scenes. Olivia considered herself part of both categories. After all she loved the show and she loved the sight of Emmy naked. But seeing her tits on cable TV couldn’t even begin to compare how good she looked sitting there in her underwear and Olivia felt herself get even wetter.

“Mmmmm well you’ve probably seen mine too,” Olivia remarked, referring not just to her own topless scene in Magic Mike but more toward the rather unfortunate release of some very personal pictures.

Those pictures had been embarrassing for her but she’d gotten over it and she actually had enjoyed wondering if people she knew had seen them. She’d certainly checked Emmy out before tonight and not just in a friendly way. Had Emmy done the same to her? Had she seen the private pictures Olivia had only intended her ex-boyfriend to see?

“What makes you think I looked at those dirty pictures?” Emmy grinned. “Think I’m some kind of perv?”

“Maybe not, but I sure am,” Olivia declared, standing up from the couch so she could unzip her dress.

Olivia eagerly yanked the zipper down, just like she’d been dying to do all night and let her dress fall right off her sexy body. When she did that, she showed off that while Emmy might have gone all out in her choice of underwear, Olivia had decided to go with none at all.

She’d been bare under her dress all night without any bra or panties in the way. Now Olivia’s fully naked body was on display and it was Emmy’s turn to be struck silent.

“Oh wow!” Emmy moaned, her eyes drinking in her beautiful Asian friend’s perfect apple sized tits, that firm stomach and especially her tight pussy which was now exposed to her with a neat dark bush leading the way to her already glistening slit. “You’re so beautiful! Oh Liv! Oh my God!”

The truth was that Emmy actually had checked those pictures on. She hadn’t been able to help it. They’d caused quite a stir when they’d been released, not just because of the nudity but because of the sexual content of them.

Olivia had includes some very personal messages with the pictures and Emmy had to admit she’d gotten a thrill from seeing them and finding out just how inhibited her friend really was. She’d felt guilty for checking them out, of course, but she’d been too curious to resist. But what she was seeing now blew those intimate pictures away.

Olivia blushed at the compliment and the sincere reaction she’d gotten from Emmy. She hadn’t expected to see her here tonight and she’d definitely never thought she’d ever have the chance to fuck her.

Sure she’d had a few fantasies about fucking Emmy in the past and worked her vibrator batteries down thinking about her sexy body. But Olivia had fantasized about a lot of her friends without thinking she was ever going to be able to fuck them for real. So this was an incredible opportunity and she didn’t want to miss it.

Olivia crawled back onto the couch and kissed Emmy once more. As Jessica and Rosario showed off their blowjob skills just a few feet away and Taylor, Emma and Dianna all got freaky on the floor next to the couch, Olivia and Emmy were focused only on each other.

They’d been friends for years and had enjoyed their share of fun nights together but this was a big step beyond friendship. Fortunately it was a step they both wanted to take and they held nothing back as they began making out on the couch.

Emmy could see right away that Olivia would indeed be a great teacher. She was a wonderful kisser and feeling her warm lips made her relax instantly. Emmy had been thinking about this for so long but had never done anything about it.

She’d always waited to be seduced into a lesbian experience. She’d never actively gone out to try and make it happen and now she had what she’d wanted for so long to try. Emmy kissed Olivia back with a sensual tenderness and it didn’t take much longer for the both of them to touch tongues for the first time.

Olivia was making her first kiss with a woman so special and Emmy felt her nipples get even harder under her bra.

She felt something even better a moment later when Olivia made a bold move and reached down for her panties. She didn’t put her hand inside them but Olivia did plenty without that by rubbing the crotch of her lacy panties and stimulating her labia. Emmy gasped and groaned at the naughty touch and started kissing Olivia harder.

It felt so good to have a woman touch her body that Emmy didn’t want to this to go slow. This was a time where she needed to be taken fast and nasty. She needed to feel Olivia’s hands all over her body and she needed to feel the pleasure they could bring her without delay. She didn’t want to be made love to. Emmy needed to be fucked.

Emmy got that way with men sometimes but she’d never been this excited to be with any of them. This was just so new and forbidden and even a little dangerous and she loved all of that.

Emmy responded to that touch with one of her own. She slid her hand down to Olivia’s naked pussy and made her touch even more intimate. She ran her fingers through the soft fur of Olivia’s bush and then rubbed them against her pussy lips.

Olivia groaned out happily from that and responded by taking her free hand and using it to unclasp Emmy’s bra, freeing her famous breasts from the prison of her underwear. And through it all they kept sharing kisses, exploring each other’s mouths and barely breaking for air as each kiss led to another and another and onward.

“Mmmmm yessss Emmy!” Olivia moaned before leaning down to start licking Emmy’s nipples, going from breast to breast as she circled her tongue over her friend’s areolas and made her coo by flicking against her hard pink points. “Play with that pussy! It’s been so wet all night and you’re giving it just what it needs! Touch it baby! You like how it feels? Better than touching some hard cock isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah,” Emmy agreed, continuing to rub against Olivia’s sex while moaning from her friend’s tongue flicking against her nipples. “Mmmm you’re better looking than any guy! I love how wet this pussy is for me! Mmmmm so soft and hot! I can feel your juices ready to drip right out onto my fingers! You’re so hot Olivia! I always knew you were kinky but I never thought I’d find out like this.”

“There’s a lot about me you’re going to find out,” Olivia promised. “But first let’s get these panties off you.”

Olivia gave Emmy a tender kiss, letting her taste the sweat of her own breasts off her tongue, and then pulled away to give herself room to get more of Emmy’s underwear off. But the girl quickly made that task even easier by changing positons on the couch.

Emmy got on her knees and bent over, pushing her ass out toward her friend as Olivia saw how those tight thong panties made Emmy’s ass look amazing. The dark lace with the pink trim contrasted perfectly with her creamy skin and seeing those firm, round butt cheeks straining against her panties made Olivia want to just rip them off her.

She didn’t go that far, however, and Olivia simply pulled them down from behind, leaving Emmy’s ass bare and perfectly framed within what was left of her underwear.

Olivia had seen a lot of beautiful women in her day. She’d fucked a number of them too. She’d seen pornography, both soft and hardcore, and she’d seen many artistic renderings of a woman’s nude body. But she’d never seen anything like what was before her right there on the couch.

Emmy’s beautifully pale ass, her tan lines apparent on her bubble cheeks, sticking out while she had the black lace of her garter belt still connected to her stockings made it impossible to not fall into instant lust with it. Having the garter belt on just made the creaminess of her nudity stand out more and Olivia was enraptured by it.

Seeing Emmy’s ass right in front of her like a work of sexual art was such a huge turn on. Olivia had intended to turn her friend back over so Emmy was sitting on the couch once more but there was no way she could deny herself this view. So she changed all her plans and embraced a new one.

It was a more sexually aggressive plan but she was sure Emmy wasn’t going to mind. And Olivia sure as hell didn’t mind being able to get a lot closer to her sexy friend. She grabbed onto her Emmy’s bare booty cheeks and spread them open so she could shove her face in.

She didn’t give any verbal warning about what she was going to do. Olivia just did it. She pressed her face against that beautiful backside and started licking, keeping her hands fused to Emmy’s sexy cheeks while her tongue lapped at the juicy folds in front of her.

Emmy gasped in glee when that happened. She’d been hoping to tempt Olivia to really give it to her but she hadn’t expected it to have such an instantaneous effect. She was certainly glad it did though.

That tongue was just what she had wanted and Emmy immediately got to feel again just why Olivia was such a great teacher. She was an amazing kisser and an even better licker and Emmy had pleasure shoot right through her thanks to that experienced tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Emmy cried in rapture. “Ohhhh shit! Oooooh Olivia yeahhhhh mmmmmmm you’re the first girl to do that! You’re the first one to taste my pussy! Mmmm I’ll bet you love that, don’t you? Knowing you’re my first? I always wanted this to happen but I never thought it would happen with you! Fuck me Liv! Lick that wet pussy juice right out of me! Ooooooooh show me how good you are! Show me how much you love tasting me!”

And indeed it was quite a feather in the cap she was presently not wearing for Olivia to be the first. Emmy knew her all too well. Olivia loved to be the first at something. She loved the achievement of it and she loved knowing that she had been there before anyone else.

Sure Emmy was far from a virgin so she wasn’t really “the first” but she was definitely the first women to do this and that was plenty good enough for Olivia. She didn’t just want to be the first, though. She also wanted to be the best and that was a message she conveyed as she licked away.

“Oooooh yeahhhh you know I get off on being first,” Olivia moaned while she licked. “I love being the first chick to get at this sweet little cunt! Mmmmmm dirty girl, you like when I call it that, huh? Ooooh I can hear you moan. You filthy thing, pussy’s not dirty enough for you. You love it when I call it your cunt! Or maybe your twat! Or your dirty little snatch! I know them all but you know what I’m going to call this thing most of all?”

“What? Ooooooooh tell me? Mmmmmm gawwwd!” Emmy cooed.

Olivia knew her well too. She loved the power of a taboo word. She loved how it was supposed to be so dirty and how no woman was supposed to say something so degrading. It got her hot to hear it, especially coming from Olivia. But it didn’t get her as hot as what Olivia said next.

“I’m going to call it mine!” Olivia said. “I’m going to own this fucking pussy, Emmy! Like that? I’m going to own your sweet, wet cunt! No other girl has had this hole before and no one’s ever going to do it as well as I will! You’re going to fuck other women after you fuck me, Emmy, but I know you’re going to always want me most! Because I own this cunt! Say it!”

Olivia followed up that demand with a hard slap against Emmy’s bare ass which made the girl yelp, not in pain though but from intense pleasure. Emmy didn’t say it right away though. She just moaned waited and received another spanking to her firm, creamy ass for stalling, just like she wanted. Only then did she relent.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmm you’re so nasty Liv!” Emmy cried. “Yessssss! You own it! You own my cunt! You’re the first woman to lick it and you’re going to be the best! You own my dirty, wet cunt!”

“Yesssssssss! I fucking do!” Olivia hissed in triumph. “Say it again! Who fucking owns it?”

“You do!” Emmy moaned after receiving another hard slap to her round ass cheeks. “Olivia Munn owns my cunt!”

Olivia had been aching for so long to be able to visit the mansion and her pussy had been desperate for action from the moment she had run into Love at The Grove and finagled her invitation here. She was on edge for raw, kinky fun with other women but even she was surprised by what she was saying and doing to her friend.

That didn’t mean it didn’t immensely turn her on though and, since Emmy seemed to be getting off on it too, she kept going with it. Olivia slapped Emmy’s ass and tongue fucked the girl’s pussy while feeling her own wetness drip onto her thigh. She’d been talking and acting wilder than she ever had before and it gave Olivia such a rush.

But Olivia’s rush was nothing compared to the one Emmy was feeling. She was in complete rapture as she experienced Olivia’s tongue. She had always pictured her first time with a woman would be really sensual and hot. And while she’d certainly gotten the hot part right, sensual was definitely not how Emmy would have described this.

It was nasty and the things her friend was making her say were borderline degrading. But Emmy went right along with it because she enjoyed it. It was making her so wet to act this way. She wasn’t scared off by dirty talk and Emmy had never been shy about expressing herself in bed. She’d never said things like this before but they were making her so wet.

She wanted this to happen. Emmy wanted Olivia to own her cunt and set the bar so high that every woman, hell every man, that she was with after tonight was going to be compared to her. It felt so good to have that tongue licking her. Emmy closed her eyes so she could really focus on the sensations it was giving her, the pleasure making her heart pump adrenaline and her pussy drip right into Olivia’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooh yessssssssssssss fucking own it with your tongue, Liv!” Emmy urged her friend while she remained bent over on the couch in just her garter belt and stockings, her firm tits jiggling like her horny fans could only imagine seeing. “Eat my pussy! Make it so good I’ll never fucking forget this! Mmmmmm gawwwd yessssssssss do it Liv! Fucking ruin me for any other man! Forget other women! I want to be thinking of you any time a guy goes down on me!”

“Oh yes! That’s so fucking hot, Emmy!” Olivia hissed back, her licking getting faster the hornier she got. “I want you to think of me every time someone eats this tight little pussy! Whenever some loser can’t tongue fuck you as well as I can I want you closing your eyes and thinking of me fucking it. I want you to only see my face and think of my fucking name when you remember that I fucking own this cunt! You’re mine now! This pussy is mine and fuckkkk so is this pretty little asshole!”

Olivia hadn’t planned on doing this but the lust overtook her and shredded her own plan for getting her friend off. When she pulled up to tease and taunt her new lover she couldn’t help but notice just how sloppy Emmy’s pussy was with the mix of her saliva and the girl’s horniness. But she also noticed something else.

Emmy had such a great ass, round and firm and juicy in just the right spots. It was an ass any girl would have killed for and Olivia wanted that too. With Emmy bent over for her and those pretty, pale buns framed so naughtily by what was left of her black lace lingerie, Olivia couldn’t take her eyes off that ass.

So she went for it. Olivia considered herself someone who was not afraid to get freaky and that sometimes meant she got a little bit ahead of her lovers. She couldn’t help it, though. She just got so excited and when she went for it she went for it!

That was what she did now as she spread open her friend’s ass cheeks and started licking at her tight asshole without even thinking to consider if Emmy was into something like that. Olivia was struck by too carnal an impulse to not do it and Emmy’s surprise flowed out of her mouth.

“OHHHHMYGODDDDD!” Emmy squealed at the surprise sensation of her asshole suddenly being tongued. “Oooooooooh Liv? Ohhhhh what the fuck are you doing? Ooooooooooh! Goddddd!”

“Mmmmmm what’s the matter Emmy? Never had your salad tossed?” Olivia teased, still not even pausing for a second to consider if her friend liked what she was doing to her. “No way! You can’t have an ass this good and not have had someone make a meal out of it! I can’t believe that!”

“Welllllll I can’t say that,” Emmy blushed, sucking her bottom lip as she felt a naughty wave of arousal from how crudely Olivia put it. “I just wasn’t expecting you to do it! You surprised me, that’s all!”

“So you have had your asshole licked! I knew it!” Olivia grinned. “Naughty girl!”

“I’ve had it more than licked, baby,” Emmy smirked right back.

“Oooooh! Very naughty girl!” Olivia laughed approvingly. “You’re a nasty ass fucked slut just like me, huh Emmy? I love it! Mmmm we’re going to be even better friends now. But first, where was I…”

And Olivia certainly found just where she’d left off on Emmy’s body as she kept her ass cheeks spread open and dipped her tongue right back into her tight, wrinkled hole. Emmy squealed in reaction again as she felt that tongue invade her. She wasn’t being given a chance to refuse this treatment and, even though it wasn’t what she had been expecting to happen, Emmy knew she didn’t want to refuse it.

It felt good. It felt REALLY good. She only gave it up on very rare occasions when she was really in the mood but Emmy did get off on having her ass fucked. She could still remember how hard she had come the first time she had felt a cock up her ass.

Emmy hadn’t been expecting it, just like now with Olivia. She hadn’t been given any warning or really any other preparation. Her boyfriend at the time had been fucking her hard while she’d been on her back and had pulled out to lick her pussy and get her even wetter. But he hadn’t stopped there.

He had dipped his tongue lower and lower until he had buried it inside her virgin asshole and it had felt so good that Emmy, once she had gotten over the shock and her initial instinct to tell him no, had begged him for more. Soon his cock had been inside her and she had been a virgin there no more. That had been an amazing, shocking experience and this was right up there.

It usually took a lot to get Emmy to give up her ass to a boyfriend but of course Olivia was no boyfriend. She was her first female lover and she was nasty and sexy and so fucking good at this.

Emmy couldn’t stop moaning as her friend rimmed her asshole, the sounds coming out as a steady stream of pleasure while that tongue explored all over the ring of her anus and pushed inside to devilishly fuck her with forceful licks while Olivia gripped onto her ass cheeks and kept them splayed open. This was definitely not what she had been expecting but Emmy was going with it, just like with everything else that had happened here.

“Mmmm Liv! Oooooooh yessssssss do it Olivia! Eat that fucking booty hole!” Emmy begged. “You nasty bitch! Fuckkkk I always knew you’d be kinky but I didn’t think you’d be freaky and eat my ass! Mmmm your tongue feels so good up my asshole though! I love you being freaky with me! Get it all wet with that naughty tongue! Mmmm make your saliva drip out my asshole because of how much you licked it!”

Emmy was feeling pretty damn freaky herself right then while she enjoyed the fantastic rimjob she was getting from her friend. She hadn’t had her asshole played with in so long. It had been a while since she’d found a boyfriend worthy of that treasure but Olivia was making her want to give up her booty to her and then some.

It felt so nasty to have Olivia’s tongue probing her tightest hole right after it had been inside her pussy and Emmy reached between her legs as she remained bent over on the couch. While Olivia tongued her ass, Emmy fingered her own pussy loving how she could feel her friend’s saliva mixing in with her juices.

“Ughhhhhhhh! Fuckkkk ohhhh fuckkkk!” Emmy cried when she began sliding her fingers into her cunt.

She was shocked at how wet she was. She’d never felt this aroused in her life and her pussy was literally coating her fingers with naughtiness. Feeling that made Emmy pump her fingers in roughly to her own pussy, giving herself extra stimulation as she egged her friend on.

“Do it Liv! Fucking tongue my pretty butt!” Emmy cried. “Ooooh you nasty girl! I’ll bet you’ve been staring at that juicy little booty of mine! Now you have it! You own my ass like you own my fucking pussy! OOOOOH GODDDD!”

Emmy’s voice hit a higher octave when she began rubbing her own clit, which made her body buck on the couch, pushing her bare ass harder into Olivia’s face, which the woman loved. She pulled her tongue out of Emmy but didn’t stop the pleasure. Instead she spit into her friend’s already wet asshole and then rubbed it in with her fingers.

“Ohhhh yessss! It turns me on so fucking much to hear you talk like that,” Olivia moaned, using her free hand to rub her own cunt while she spread her spit around Emmy’s asshole. “You sexy bitch! I fucking own you now! No one is ever going to be able to fuck you like I can! You’re only going to see my face now whenever you’re horny! You’re mine Emmy!”

Olivia had only been with a few female lovers in her life. The number of men she had fucked far exceeded the number of women but she didn’t care to put it like that because it made her sound like a bigger slut than she actually was.

But even though her experience with women was pretty limited, she knew what she liked and Olivia marveled at how easy it was to get herself in a position of power. When she was with a man she was naturally submissive. She wanted to be taken. She wanted to be the one who was owned. But when she was a woman she was the one doing the taking.

“Finger that pussy! Show me how much you love it! Show me that you’re such a horny bitch that you’ll come from me eating your ass!” Olivia commanded, enjoying the rush of power that came with seeing Emmy Rossum naked and hearing her whimper in pleasure. “Play with your cunt for me! Ooooh maybe I’ll get in there and play too!”

And that was all the warning Emmy got before Olivia slid her fingers into her and began fucking her in tandem with her own digits. That filled Emmy’s pussy up with four fingers all at once and she could only gasp and breathe in forcefully with big exhales and moans escaping her lungs when they began stretching her own.

Olivia didn’t let up on her ass either. She resumed licking her, this time spreading her saliva around her asshole with her tongue while Emma could barely form words to proclaim how she was feeling.

Emmy kept crying out sharp babbles of pleasure as it all overtook her. She felt so nasty and good from this. She was being taken so forcefully and it was getting her off like nothing else had.

This all was so different than how she had pictured her first time with a woman. There was no room for romance or tender eroticism. But there sure was room for ecstasy and she felt plenty of it as that nasty tongue probed her asshole and those fingers stuffed her pussy. With two of her own and two of Olivia’s fingers inside her, Emmy felt her body tense up before she was even ready for it.

“OH FUCK! I’M GOING TO COME! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Emmy’s trained voice screamed out.

She had never felt her pussy be assaulted like this. No cock had ever filled her like those four fingers stretching her folds out could and the way her own and Olivia’s fingers rubbed against her clitoris gave her constant stimulation. Plus it was at such a relentless speed and it was all capped off perfectly by Olivia tongue fucking her asshole like no one ever had before.

“Yesss come bitch! Come for the woman who owns you now!” Olivia spat out in wild, horny abandon, working her fingers into Emmy just like she loved giving it to herself whenever she was super horned up and no men and no toys were around. “You’re going to come for the first time from a woman and it’s all because of me! Me! No one else! You’re mine now Emmy! Scream out who owns you when you come! I need to fucking hear it!”

To make sure her point was made, Olivia sped up her fingering of her friend and this quickly produced the result both women badly wanted.


Emmy’s orgasmic screams were even able to outdo Dianna’s as the blonde lay back on the floor and felt her pussy cream for another woman for the first time in years.

Dianna howled while writhing on the carpet, her dress being ruined further as she felt her whole body tense up and then explode like a big firework with a long fuse going off.


Taylor responded to her friend’s cries by giving Dianna exactly what she wanted. This was all such a wonderful feeling for Taylor. Not only was she able to receive the hottest pleasure se had ever felt but she was able to give it too.

She was giving by nature and because of that this was her favorite time of year. But the last thing Taylor had expected to give her friends this year was orgasms. Now that she knew she could, though, she didn’t hold back.

Taylor loved knowing she was making Dianna feel good while Emma was doing such nasty things with her fingers, fucking her little hole and making her love it even more than she had in the game room.

When she heard Emmy screaming out from Olivia, Taylor wanted to make Dianna scream too. She licked her swollen clitoris as fast and as thoroughly as she could, pressing her face right between her friend’s wonderful legs and feeling that heat from her cunt radiating against her mouth.

Taylor just wanted to give. She wanted to give Dianna an intense experience and then do it again and again. Taylor never wanted this night to end. She just wanted to keep fucking her friends and strangers and whatevers. As long as it was hot and naughty and the girls were pretty Taylor was into it all now.

“OOOOOOOH YESSSSS YESSSSSSSSS MAKING ME COME OHHH FUCKKKK I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE MAKING ME COME TAYLOR!” Dianna screamed, squeezing her own boobs as she felt Taylor’s hot mouth push her past the point of no return.

It had been so long since she had last lezzed out and as she felt the pleasure she knew could only come from a woman fucking her, Dianna wondered why she didn’t get this for herself every single day. God, she should have been having sex with women every night this whole time. It was so fucking good, especially knowing it was Taylor getting her off.

Dianna humped herself against Taylor’s face, staring up at her friend’s petite ass in the air as Emma enthusiastically fingered it, a look of complete and utter glee all over the redhead’s face.

Seeing Emma so into fucking Taylor made Dianna come even harder and soon hers and Emmy’s screams formed a perverse harmony that fit in absolutely perfectly with everything they heard around them. Loud screams of ecstasy and passionate grunts and moans and sounds of unbridled sexual pleasure dominated all in their path.


Throughout the party, people were finding themselves in positions they were entirely unaccustomed to, but none more so than Lindsay Lohan.

All around her, beautiful, famous women were acting like complete hedonists without any shame or inhibition. It was like whatever societal leash had been placed upon them had been removed and they were running free and wild now, able to do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted with no thought whatsoever of consequence.

It was a feeling Lindsay knew all too well and one she loved. She knew what these women were experiencing and yet she wasn’t one of them for once.

It wasn’t as though Lindsay didn’t want to be either. There was nothing she wanted more than to join in the fun. This was her kind of sex. She loved it most when it was ferocious and without limits. She craved that kind of pleasure where nothing mattered more than feeling good and there were no taboos.

Ordinarily Lindsay would have jumped right into this. She was barely wearing anything anyway. It would have been so easy to remove it, get naked and let the nastiness flow. But she hadn’t. She was too stunned by what she was seeing…and also too tempted.

For there was something else she recognized about all of this behavior beyond wonderful, almost savage loss of inhibition. Lindsay recognized it from too many rough nights of partying hard and waking up the next morning, sick, hungover and absolutely hating herself. The women here were absolutely out of their minds and they were all on something.

It was booze or drugs or maybe both. Lindsay had done it all and she could recognize it in anyone. She wasn’t judging anyone about it though. Instead she was envious of them.

Lindsay felt isolated as she watched everyone having the kind of intense sexual encounters she dreamed of. She felt like she was the only sober one at the party and it sucked. Everyone else was having fun and getting off and she was still clear headed.

All around her people were fucking like their lives depended on achieving orgasm and she wanted to feel that way too. It wasn’t fucking fair that they were all having fun and she wasn’t.

It wasn’t fair that Jennifer Aniston was slapping Kate Upton’s ass raw as the supermodel repositioned herself to go ass up while shoving her face back into Anna Kendrick’s crotch. It wasn’t fair that Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson were bent over on their knees to eat out Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung out while Holly Marie Combs fucked both of her young co-stars with her fingers buried up their cunts.

It wasn’t fair that food was being knocked off the table as Emma Watson and Selena Gomez moved their naked bodies into a 69. It wasn’t fair that Jessica Alba was watching some cute guy fuck his even cuter girlfriend and that she kept pulling his cock out of her pussy to suck it clean. It wasn’t fair that Miley Cyrus now had Mandy Moore AND Hayden Panettiere shoving their tongues into her asshole while Miley lapped away at Minka Kelly’s pussy.

Nothing about this was fair. Lindsay wandered around the rooms where the party was going wild. Everyone was either fucking by the table or in the living room. Furniture was filling up with naked bodies and those that didn’t have a space on the couches and chairs and tables were just fucking on the floor.

Lindsay couldn’t stop staring at all those amazing bodies and feeling herself get wet over those tits and asses and those juicy, yummy pussies. Even the guys looked good too. Lindsay couldn’t help but check out the guy fucking Jessica’s blonde friend. She’d met Mike a few years back at a WWE show in Los Angeles and she wondered if he’d remember her and, more importantly, if he’d let her suck his dick.

And Damon? Lindsay had never expected to see the powerful agent buck naked and fucking his girlfriend. Maybe she could go over and show him what a mistake his agency had made dropping her as a client.

Lindsay wanted it all and it was so fucking unfair that she had to be sober and they could all be fucking blasted out of their minds while having the time of their lives. Why couldn’t she be that way too? It was never fun to be the only sober one at the party, especially when it was a naked party. It was so unfair!

Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson got to be naked and scissoring their wet pussies together as their big tits bounced into each other while Natalie Portman was squealing like a whore in heat from what Rihanna’s tongue was doing to her asshole. Why wasn’t she in on that? Why wasn’t she joining in the fun as Sarah Hyland got sandwiched between Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku while some girl Lindsay didn’t even recognize got to slap Eliza’s bare ass and tell her to jam her fingers into Sarah’s pussy while Kirsten did it to her sitcom star ass.

Fuck! It sucked that she wasn’t in this action! And it wasn’t even the worse part for Lindsay.

Everyone at this party was drunk or stoned off their asses, even the girls that Lindsay needed to support her at a time like this. And that was how Lindsay knew the culprit was the punch that had been made for the party. After Hilary and Haylie had come back a bit chagrined but still horny as hell from being busted messing around with Heather Locklear by Sarah and Anna, they had gone right to the refreshment table.

They had tried to steady themselves with the punch and when they’d offered some to Ali, the girl had noticed right away how full of alcohol it was. But that hadn’t stopped her from drinking it and that had been when things had started to get weird.

Now Lindsay could only watch in jealousy as even her sister got to go wild and do the kind of things she so badly needed. Right in front of her, Ali was acting drunk and naughty and reminding Lindsay just how much fun she’d had acting that way.

Sure the consequences had been awful but she’d usually had fun doing it at the time and now she could only watch as others, including her sister and her girlfriend had that kind of fun while she could only stand watch. But at least she could watch and even as she cursed how unfair life was, Lindsay could at least admit that she was watching a hell of a show.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah Hilary! Jiggle it for me! Bounce that fat ass!” Ali giggled excitedly as she watched her big sister’s girlfriend shake her body for her while she was in the middle of defiling it. “I see why Lindsay is so fucking into you! I wish I had a girlfriend with so much junk in the trunk!”

“Oh yeah! Lindsay lovvvvvvvves my juicy booty!” Hilary squealed back, giving her ass a shake that would have done a stripper proud while continuing to moan from what Ali was doing to her. “Mmmmm she loves licking it and fucking it! She loves shoving naughty stuff up my ass but we’ve never done this! Oooooh fuckkkk this feels so dirty mmmmm gawwwwwwd!”

“I can’t help it!” Ali admitted as she continued to push into Hilary’s asshole, going in deeper with her makeshift sex toy. “I need to fuck your ass Hilary and I don’t know where these sluts hide their toys! I had to improvise!”

And improvise she had. Ali was fucking Hilary’s ass but not with the toy she had wanted to. Instead she had made use of the first suitable thing she had seen and was pushing into her sister’s girlfriend with a long red candle she had grabbed off the mantle by the table.

Hilary groaned as she felt the slim candle push into her and mentally expressed relief that Ali hadn’t reached for a candle with more girth. Love had set up some fat candles too and not even her ass would have been able to handle those. This long, slim one though was more her speed and all her sounds were ones of pleasure as she was fucked.

“Ooooooo fuckkkk you’re a good improviser!” Hilary grunted as the wax candle invaded her ass deeper. “Just like your sister! Mmmmm and just like mommy! All you Lohans are such fucking pervs and I love it! Fuck me Ali! Fuck your sister’s girlfriend!”

“A perv? Oooooh if I’m a perv then you’re a whore Hil!” Ali teased, giving Hilary’s bare ass a hard smack, leaving the creamy skin flushed red for a moment before it faded back to normal. “You’re a nasty fucking whore who went and seduced her own sister because she got so wet and creamy watching me and Lindsay fuck our mommy!”

“Hey! Who are you calling a whore, whore?” Haylie Duff said as she pulled away from Hilary’s pussy for a moment, her little sister’s juices all over her lips. “If you hadn’t gotten all freaky with Lindsay in the first place none of us would be doing any of this!”

“Mmmm yeah maybe, but we’d all be having a lot less fun,” Ali giggled, getting a laugh from Haylie too.

They were all just teasing each other and having fun. Only in the incestuous mess of a relationship between the Lohan sisters and the Duff sisters could “whore” and “perv” be considered pet names of affection. But they were absolutely meant with nothing but love and both Ali and Haylie got right back to pleasuring Hilary.

The sexy blonde girl could only moan in deep pleasure from this dual stimulation. The candle wasn’t going in very fast or forcefully given its fragile nature but it was going deep into her ass and Hilary shivered with every waxy inch that pushed into her. And the pleasure from being fucked by the candle was made all the more intense from her big sister’s mouth on her pussy.

Hilary had felt the taboo thrill of her own sister eating her out so many times since she had first seduced her but the ecstasy had never lessened. In fact it was only getting better as Haylie became more and more skilled at girlfucking.

The pleasure felt especially good now as they did this where anyone could see them. In fact Hilary hoped that people saw them. She might have been embarrassed over being caught in such an intimate moment with Heather before but that had faded and had been replaced with a desire to be an exhibitionist like she had never felt before.

Hilary usually never minded being put on display but this was more intense than that. She needed others to see her. She needed them to know what a bad girl she was and how much she loved being fucked in such a depraved manner. She needed all her friends and even people who didn’t know her intimate secrets to see her getting fucked up the ass by her girlfriend’s sister whole she come all over her own sister’s face.

Hilary had never felt her lust pulsate inside her quite like this. She wanted to show off. She wanted everyone to see. She wanted all of them to know she was no ordinary whore but one who was sick and depraved and had turned Haylie into a pussy craving slut for her.

She wanted them all to see how much she loved it up the ass and how there was no taboo she wouldn’t shatter. Her tight little red satin outfit was pulled up to her waist and since she’d come without panties her pussy and ass were completely exposed to her two lovers.

Hilary’s tits were practically spilling out of her top too and she had no shame about fucking in the middle of the party just a foot away from where Selena and Emma were 69ing.

Everyone else was doing it, why shouldn’t they? That was Hilary’s attitude and, with the punch flowing in their bloodstreams too, Haylie and Ali were completely on board with that plan. But while that was fun for the three of them, it still left Lindsay sober and sulking.

Of course the easy answer was that Lindsay could have just tossed off what little clothing she was wearing and joined right in. She and Ali had dressed in barely there “Santa’s Little Helper” outfits and they were so easy to get off.

Ali’s already was scattered all over the floor and Lindsay admired the sight of her sister’s firm, young ass and the way it jiggled ever so sexily from the way her body moved while she fucked Hilary. Lindsay could easily have gotten hers off too and gotten into the fun. She’d fucked while sober a lot more times than she’d fucked while drunk or high, so it wasn’t as though she needed the enhancement to be sexy.

But to Lindsay that wasn’t the point.

Everyone else was flying on something, even her sister and her girlfriend, and she was sober. Was this what the rest of her life was going to be like? Everyone having fun and losing their minds and their self-control, which were two awesome feelings that Lindsay knew very well, while she had to always be good?

Was she going to spend all these nights watching others have fun? That didn’t seem right and it definitely wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t she have fun too?

Lindsay had seen Ali and Hilary and Haylie out of control before. But this was different. It was wilder and edgier and it looked so fucking fun. They were having the time of their lives and she was left having to watch. Lindsay wanted in on this and her eyes strayed away from the live lesbian sex show in front of her towards the nearly empty bowl of punch.

Would it be so bad if she had some too?

Who would know if she just had one glass? There was barely enough left to fill a cup so it wouldn’t be like she was drinking a lot of it. Maybe she could just have a taste. After all it was Christmas and you were supposed to indulge. Everyone else where was. Why shouldn’t she too?

Lindsay didn’t miss a lot about doing drugs and drinking but she sure missed the high of it. And being fucked and coming while on something was like two highs at once. It sure looked like Hilary was feeling that as she squealed and panted, closing her eyes and begging for more as Haylie ate her and Ali fucked her with that red Christmas candle. Lindsay wanted that feeling too.

She could just have that taste and no one would be the wiser. She’d have one drink and that would be it. Of course Lindsay knew it was never just one. She’d said “one drink” so many times and the next thing she’d know it would be morning and she’d have no memory of what had happened the night before.

But that wouldn’t happen this time. She’d just have that one drink and then she’d be nice and happy and uninhibited like Hilary and Ali and everyone else here. But what about her recovery?

She’d worked so hard to get to where she was. She’d just gotten her chip today. Could she throw it all away just for a cup of spiked punch? She didn’t want to do that.

Being sober meant a lot to her. It meant she was doing something right. It meant she wasn’t a fuckup. But everyone was having so much fun without her and what was the point of life if you couldn’t have fun with it…

Before she even knew it, Lindsay’s legs were taking her toward the table where the punch bowl lay like a big tempting treasure. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she just had a sip or something. She was sure it tasted great. It always did.

One drink wouldn’t be the end of the world. Everyone else was having such a great time with it. So she reached for a cup and stuck it in the bowl to try and get a drink. But this action did not go unnoticed and it quickly earned a reaction.

“No!” Hilary cried before acting quicker than she ever had before in her life.

Hilary had thought nothing would ever pull her away from amazing sex, but this would and it did so without a second thought. She yanked herself away from Haylie and Ali and literally jumped her nearly naked body onto Lindsay’s back, almost tackling her in the process.

“Hil! What the fuck?” Lindsay gasped in surprise as her girlfriend jumped on her, the candle still wedged in Hilary’s ass as she did it.

“Don’t do it Lindsay! Someone spiked that punch!” Hilary said.

“Duh, I know. That’s why I’m going to drink it,” Lindsay snapped in annoyance. “Everyone else is having so much fun. Why can’t I?”

“But you don’t need it,” Hilary urged. “Please Lindsay. Please! Don’t do it!”

But this only aggravated Lindsay further. Everyone was always telling her how to act and what to do and how to be. When was she going to be able to make her own choices again?

“Don’t tell me what to do Hilary!” Lindsay snapped. “I just want to have some fun! I can handle this. It’s just one drink!”

But Hilary wasn’t letting go, neither literally nor figuratively. She clutched onto her girlfriend as if she could pull her back from the wrong path.

“Please baby! I love you so much,” Hilary said softly, her brain soaked in the punch’s effects but her pleas completely sober and true. Her brain was flying and taking her libido with it, but the rest of her was completely grounded. “I know you can do this. You don’t need to drink to have fun. We can have fun without it. Please Lindsay. I believe in you…”

Lindsay was almost overcome just from the sound of her girlfriend saying that. She had to hold back from crying over Hilary’s words. So few people believed in her anymore and even fewer would actually say it. So Hilary’s words meant the word to her. It reminded her that she was loved and valued and that she couldn’t throw it all away for a thrill.

Lindsay put the cup down, keeping it away from her mouth without ever taking a drink. Hilary was right. She had to keep doing this, for herself, but also for those that loved her. She wouldn’t be able to stand the looks in their faces if she disappointed them again. So she turned around and forgot about the punch by kissing Hilary instead.

“I love you too Hil! I love you so fucking much! Please never give up on me!” Lindsay said, relieved that she had been talked down from doing something so stupid and so grateful for Hilary.

“I never will!” Hilary promised before kissing Lindsay back, their lips meeting lovingly as they shared more than a lip-lock.

Hilary’s body was screaming at her for interrupting the sex she’d been having but this had been way too important. She was just glad she had seen it. She might not have been herself right then but she wasn’t too far gone enough to not react when she was needed.

Hilary and Lindsay continued to make out, Hilary running her hands all over Lindsay’s furry red and white slutty Christmas costume and Lindsay doing the same to her girlfriend’s nearly exposed body. When she did that, Lindsay couldn’t help but start to laugh.

“What?” Hilary asked in a dreamy fashion, the kisses making her altered state feel even higher.

“Um Hil? You still got a candle shoved up your butt,” Lindsay laughed, making Hilary blush for a moment before she turned the direction into a far more positive one.

“Well maybe you should do something about that,” Hilary challenged. “After all, Ali was fucking me really good. Maybe if you weren’t such a drama queen we’d all be having fun now. So how about you either fuck me even better than your little sis or help her do it. Cause Ali was the one making me feel good, not you.”

“Oooooooh bad girl!” Lindsay giggled, taking the teasing in the spirit it was meant and smacking Hilary’s bare ass even harder than Ali just had. “You bitch. Trying to make me jealous of my baby sister at Christmas? You are so gonna pay for that Hil! Mmmm maybe I should just leave that candle shoved up your thick booty so everyone can see what an anal whore Hilary Duff really is while I force you down on your knees and make you eat my Christmas cookie in front of everyone? Mmmm that might be the best deal you get Hil cause look, you’ve already been replaced.”

“Awwwwww those sluts,” Hilary pouted as she turned her head and saw Ali and Haylie were the ones making out now and Ali was tasting Hilary all over Haylie’s lips.

It was so hot for her and Lindsay to watch their sisters kiss and rub their naked bodies together but Hilary felt like there was definitely unfinished business regarding her own need to have an orgasm. This was the second time she’d been interrupted today and she didn’t like it.

“You owe me now Lindsay!” Hilary charged. “I think I’ll make you get on your knees and get you to finish what our sisters started!”

“Oooooh yessssss make me do that!” Lindsay said with a big smile. “Mmmm force my slutty face into that yummy wet cunt of yours so I can taste Haylie’s saliva inside it! Let me taste how wet you got from being a filthy little incest slut like me! Make me eat that yummy pussy until you come all over my whore tongue!”

It was one thing to tell herself that she didn’t need to taste the tainted punch to have fun but it was another to be shown it and what Hilary was saying and doing was extremely convincing to the redhead.

Lindsay wasn’t thinking anymore about the punch and how unfair it was that everyone was high and drunk and she wasn’t. All she was thinking about was how much she wanted to play with her girlfriend and all the sexy women here and how she wanted to feed her addiction to the only thing she really needed…pussy.

But before Hilary could force Lindsay down to get her to make it up to her for interrupting her fun with drama, another voice spoke up with something to say about the redhead.

“I always knew you were nuts. I just didn’t know how much until now,” a male voice said, getting Lindsay and Hilary to look at him in surprise.

“What’s it to you, Claus?” Lindsay snapped at the man dressed in the Santa suit.

And that was when Justin yanked his beard down and displayed his true identity to a very surprised Lindsay.

“I knew I knew you!” Lindsay said, remembering back to when she had first noticed someone had brought a Santa to the party.

He had looked so familiar to her but she hadn’t been able to recognize him with the beard and hat on. She hadn’t looked closely enough to notice the similarities between him and her one-time co-star. Plus she had gotten distracted and had stopped caring. But now she could see his true identity and Lindsay had to admit it made her body start to sweat a little bit in a good way. And she knew she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Well I’m not surprised it took you this long to figure it out, you were always only focused on yourself on the set,” Justin teased.

“Oh my God, is it possible you’re even more of a dick than you were before?” Lindsay teased back. “How can someone like you become an even bigger asshole?”

“You sure pulled it off,” Justin shot back, but even as they insulted each other the former co-stars were smiling.

The mainstream movie they had made together had been a strange experience for them both. For Justin it had been an unexpected mainstream exposure. He took acting seriously but he considered himself a performer not a new Sean Penn.

He hadn’t been looking to make the jump from porn to Hollywood but it had been offered to him and he had taken the chance. For Lindsay it had been a chance to try and jump-start her career with a risky, sexy role. It had been a weird set from the beginning with a lot of drama and way too much media attention on what was a small, independent movie.

And a lot of the drama in the media had been about how much Justin and Lindsay had supposedly hated each other.

Of course it wasn’t true. They hadn’t hated each other. They hadn’t loved each other either. They had just worked together. Justin had done his thing. Lindsay had done hers. They had been cool with each other and had enjoyed busting each other’s chops, but there hadn’t been any drama or weirdness between them.

They had just been co-stars, albeit ones that each had a bit of notoriety. Justin was after all a famous male porn star and Lindsay was the one people kept speculating was one step away from having to do porn.

He had been the last person Lindsay had expected to see at the party. In fact she had never really expected to see him again. She had enjoyed working with him but she hadn’t kept in touch. So finding him here at the mansion, her place to escape to when she needed sexual release that she couldn’t find anywhere else was surreal.

But she also immediately saw how it presented a very interesting opportunity

“You remember Justin, don’t you Hil?” Lindsay said, elbowing her girlfriend to get her to snap to attention.

“Ummmm yeahhh hey Justin,” Hilary stammered out.

“I guess it was true, you two are together,” Justin said. He’d picked up a definite vibe from them after all the days Hilary hung around the set. It had been obvious they had been more than friends but he’d never had it confirmed until now. “I can see why you two would be at a party like this.”

“Isn’t this just like another day at the office for you?” Lindsay teased. “I’d have thought you’d be used to this by now.”

“You’re the one here with all the experience it seems,” Justin replied. “I’m just a guy who likes to get a paycheck. I wasn’t expecting all of this. This is…it’s just insane,”

“I wasn’t expecting it either,” Lindsay admitted. “This is way more than I thought I was getting into. What are you doing here anyway? They don’t usually have guys here.”

“I can tell,” Justin replied while observing all the wanton lesbian sex going on around him. “Sarah Michelle Gellar hired me. She said it was some kind of fun prank on her friend. I was as shocked when she did. I was just going to have a quiet night at home tonight but now I’m in the middle of a fucking bacchanalia. She said I should come, put on the suit and just let girls sit on my lap. She said there wasn’t going to be any funny business and this was just going to be a normal party. Is this what you guys call a normal fucking party?”

“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” Lindsay asked, worried that this was suddenly going to become news for everyone to hear.

She wasn’t worried about herself. Her reputation was so beyond repair that if people heard she was in the middle of a lesbian orgy she was sure they’d barely even raise an eyebrow. But she didn’t want anything to happen to Hilary’s reputation or Ali’s or any of her friends.

“Hey I don’t talk about things I’m not supposed to,” Justin insisted, meaning every word.

He wasn’t in a sewing circle. He didn’t spread rumors and he despised gossips. He had been there to do a job and now it looked like that job was done. What these girls did on their own time for fun wasn’t anyone’s business, especially not his. He didn’t judge and he didn’t talk shit.

“Are you leaving?” Hilary asked, speaking up as her intoxicated mind started thinking about certain things she had once confessed to Lindsay. “You could always stay and party with us…”

But as much as Justin enjoyed seeing Hilary Duff with her dress up around her waist, her soaked pussy exposed and her tits almost hanging completely out of her clothes, he wasn’t sure that was the best idea. Even though it sure was tempting to stay.

After all while stereotypes about porn stars typically weren’t true, he was very much a man and what he was seeing here was every man’s fantasy. There was nothing about what was going on here that wasn’t exciting. But he didn’t go where he wasn’t invited.

“Nahh this isn’t really my scene,” Justin said. “I think you girls are only into each other.”

“Oh come on Santa, have a seat,” Lindsay said walking over to Justin and pushing him down into a nearby chair right by the table. “There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while!”

And that was when Lindsay kissed him. It wasn’t the kind of kiss she’d given him when they’d filmed the movie’s sex scenes. It was a real kiss and it surprised the hell out of Justin. So many people had asked him after he’d done the movie if he’d fucked Lindsay Lohan and, after getting over the disappointment that they’d even assume he was some walking cum for brains idiot who’d fuck anyone just because she was famous, he’d assured them that what they’d had had been entirely professional.

But there was nothing professional about this and Justin had to admit it took him a bit aback, not enough that he didn’t return the kiss though.

“Mmmmm I always wanted to know if you were as big a stud as your reputation,” Lindsay said with a smile, her mind now totally off wanting a drink and totally on doing something she knew was a deep fantasy for someone she owed everything to. “I watched a lot of your scenes before we did the movie but I could never tell when those girls were faking it. I wanted to find out for myself and I wasn’t the only one who did, right Hil?”

“Gawd Lindsay, you weren’t supposed to say anything to him about it, you promised,” Hilary groaned in embarrassment but without taking her eyes off Justin as he kissed her girlfriend.

Lindsay was revealing a secret fantasy they’d shared to a guy who was pretty much a total stranger to her. That didn’t make her want it any less though and Lindsay was being awfully convincing about it.

“It’s Christmas and he’s here, what more sign do you need that you need to finally find out what it’s like to get fucked by a man?” Lindsay grinned. “C’mon Hil! You just helped me and I’m going to help you now! I know Ali and Haylie left your pussy all wet and needy. How about me and Justin make it better for you? Mmmm I know we can make you come!”

“And here I thought you two were a couple of freaky little lesbians,” Justin said with a smile, revealing he’d been watching them for a little while. “You two really fucking your sisters?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Lindsay teased, rubbing herself into Justin and noticing that the way her big tits looked and felt against him in her tiny outfit were definitely making a bulge in his Santa suit. “We are dirty girls for sure though and we fucking love pussy! Mmmmm I think me and Hil have fucked even more girls than you have! We can’t get enough of it but every now and then you have to try something different, don’t you? Mmmmm and you’re something different!”

Justin wasn’t entirely sure he liked being categorized as “something different” but he didn’t object much more when he had Lindsay kiss him again. The girl was notorious and probably crazy but she was a good kisser.

He’d gotten a taste of that when they’d filmed the movie but now he was getting the whole thing and it wasn’t long before she wasn’t the only one kissing him.

“Mmmmm yeah Hil! Go for it!” Lindsay cheered as she watched her girlfriend start to kiss a man in front of her. “She wanted you Justin! Mmmm she kept telling me how she wanted me to bring you home for a threesome when we did the movie. And you know something baby? She’s never been with a man!”

“What?” Justin spat out in disbelief. He was able to accept a lot of craziness going on here but that claim was just too much. It was impossible to believe. “You’re a virgin?”

“Ughhhh hardly,” Hilary replied with a roll of her eyes. “Mmmmm I’ve been fucked so good in every hole by the hottest girls in the world. I just never fucked a guy. I gave a blowjob once…”

“Mmmmmhmmm at Lauren’s Christmas party,” Lindsay giggled, relishing the hot memory of the only other time she and Hilary had played with a guy. “So how about another Christmas treat Hil? And this time we can go all the way with it, just like you always wanted!”

Hilary moaned at the thought of it and resumed kissing Justin. He was a little hesitant to kiss back but when Hilary began rubbing his body through his Santa costume he relaxed into it and started responding with more enthusiasm.

Lindsay just sat and watched, rubbing herself through her own slutty outfit while watching her girlfriend make out with a male porn star. She knew Hilary wanted this and she was so glad she was going to be able to get it.

It was weird to see Hilary kiss another man but Lindsay had seen her fuck so many other women since they’d been together that this was a really hot change of pace. It was going to be so much fun and if Lindsay got a taste of Justin too, then so much the better. She might not have fucked him when they filmed the movie but it hadn’t been like she hadn’t thought of it.

Hilary had been the one to be really curious though. When Lindsay had first signed the deal to be in the provocative movie, Hilary had been a big doubter of the idea.

She had worried it would be too exploitative and she had also been more than a little jealous that her girlfriend was getting naked in front of a male porn star. Hilary didn’t usually get jealous but she had then so Lindsay had assured her that nothing would ever happen between them.

Lindsay had even tried to relax her by getting Hilary to watch a bunch of Justin’s scenes with her. Hilary had resisted at first, but Lindsay had won her over like she always did. And Hilary had liked what she had seen.

In fact she had liked it a lot. After a porno-filled night with Lindsay, Hilary hadn’t felt jealous of Justin anymore. Instead she had ended up feeling horny and she had confessed to Lindsay that she liked the idea of being fucked by a man for the first time. And not by any mere man either, but by a male porn star.

After all, for something as significant as her first time being fucked by a real cock, Hilary knew just any guy wouldn’t do. It had to be someone special. Someone who could reduce the most beautiful and sexually experienced women in the adult industry to quivering, creamy messes. If it was ever going to be anyone, Hilary wanted it to be someone like Justin Thoreau.

He wasn’t like the stereotypes at all. He didn’t have a cheesy mustache or look like he was 60 years old. He was young and cute and Hilary had been impressed by the videos she had seen of his ability to perform.

When she’d gone to visit Lindsay on the set, Hilary hadn’t just been there to see her girlfriend. She’d also been there to check out Justin and she’d thought he was even hotter in person. She’d never thought anything would actually happen between them, though. It had just been a hot fantasy. Hilary hadn’t needed real cock. She had everything she could ever need from Lindsay, all their friend and even their horny sisters.

Lindsay and Justin had filmed the movie years ago and Hilary had assumed she’d never cross paths with him again. She had been happy to forget all about the fantasy and just have it be something hot she and Lindsay had teased each other over a few times.

Now, however, that fantasy was roaring back to life under unexpected circumstances and Hilary couldn’t stop thinking about it. She didn’t ordinarily go for men. Who could even think about dick when there was so much pussy? But she was feeling so bold and wild tonight.

Hilary wanted to do dirty things she had never experienced before, including a man. She wanted to be wild and adventurous and be a bad girl. She wanted to do things she’d never have the nerve to do otherwise and she wasn’t about to ignore this opportunity. She wanted this and she knew Lindsay wanted to see it.

There was no reason not to go for it and Hilary shoved any reservations she might have had aside.

“Do you want me?” Hilary breathlessly asked, her excitement making goosebumps form over her mostly exposed body. “I want you! I wanted to fuck you in front of Lindsay and have her see me take a big porno cock in my little pussy! I wanted her to see me get fucked by a real cock and not just a strap-on for once! I want your big, fat porno cock inside my lesbian pussy! I want you to fuck my lezzie hole like men can only dream of! Mmmm gawwd I’m only going to do this for you so you’d better say yes right now or else you’re never going to get another chance!”

Justin was still having a little trouble believing all of this was happening but he wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this. He might not have had any inclination to pursue it but he had at least wondered what it would be like to fuck a notorious girl like Lindsay Lohan.

Fucking her girlfriend sounded even hotter, especially if that girlfriend was Hilary Duff. He hadn’t expected anything like this to happen when he had taken the gig Sarah had offered him. He’d actually believed her when she’d said there would be no funny business. But life was full of surprises sometimes.

“Oh I’ll give you what you want,” Justin cockily smiled. “But don’t be surprised if you want to run off with me after. You won’t be such a good little lesbian for Lindsay once you feel me fuck you. What I can do on film is nothing compared to good I fuck in real life!”

Hilary knew there was no chance she wasn’t going to still be super into women after this happened. She loved pussy. She loved everything about fucking a woman and one big cock wasn’t going to change that. Plus, most of all, she loved Lindsay and no man was going to make her feel any differently about that.

She was eager to see Justin try, though, especially as he began pulling off her dress, something Lindsay also helped with. Hilary let out an excited squeak as the two of them pulled off her clothes until she was completely naked. Her heart was thumping with arousal and Hilary loved how both Lindsay and Justin were staring at her like they wanted to eat her up.

“Mmmm you’ve got a great body,” Justin smiled as he admired Hilary’s plump, soft breasts and the way her bald pussy was already glistening with desperate need.

It would be no trouble at all getting this girl off and he knew he was going to have fun doing it too. She looked so hot. Justin had never expected to see Lizzie McGuire naked and Hilary had grown up so nicely since her more wholesome days. She looked amazing completely nude and totally horny in front of him.

“Oh yeah? You like seeing me naked?” Hilary teased, giving him a little spin. “Mmmm am I as sexy as all those porn skanks you fuck? The ones me and Lindsay watch and get all wet and creamy over their big titties and slutty asses!”

“Oh yeah you’re sweeter than them you little slut,” Justin said while openly rubbing himself through his Santa suit. “The candle is a nice touch!”

“Oh gawd,” Hilary blushed while Lindsay laughed.

Hilary had forgotten all about the candle that was still wedged inside her. She’d been so focused on helping Lindsay and then on flirting with Justin that the fact that the slim, red candle was still pushed up her ass had slipped her mind. She’d just gotten so used to it.

But Lindsay finally relieved her of the improvised sex toy Ali had used on her by slowly sliding it out of Hilary’s asshole and tossing it on the floor. And when she kneeled down to place a sexy kiss on each one of Hilary’s ass cheeks, the embarrassment disappeared and was replaced with a moan.

“C’mon Hil,” Lindsay said, standing back up and relieving herself of her own clothes too, pushing her Santa’s little helper costume off until she was in nothing but the black boots she had worn to the party. “Let’s show Mr. World Famous Porn Star what a couple of dykes like us can do. Mmmm he might think he’s gotten his cock sucked before, but he’s never felt something like this.”

Lindsay took Hilary’s hand and guided her down to the floor with her. They both kneeled in front of Justin and didn’t hesitate to go for his costume pants. He helped by undoing his big belt, but they did the rest yanking down his Santa pants and revealing that they hadn’t been the only ones going commando at the party.

“Nice!” Lindsay declared when Justin’ already hard cock popped right out like this was some Santa-themed porno scene they were in and not the middle of the wildest party they had ever attended. “Mmmmm want a taste Hilary or can I start off?”

Usually this would have been where Hilary would have deferred to Lindsay and let her have a go at Justin and his famous cock first. If this had been any other night, Hilary probably would have wanted to wait and get over her nerves about actually being with a man while watching her girlfriend show her how it was done.

Hilary would have typically wanted to watch Lindsay go first so her pussy would get all warmed up watching a hot show. But tonight was not like any other nights and Hilary was plenty warm. In fact she was far beyond that. She was hot for it and she wasn’t about to wait for anything.

“I want it!” Hilary gleefully declared, staring at the hard cock that had fucked hundreds of women on video. “Mmm gimmie that cock Justin! Fuck my slutty mouth and make me like it! I want to feel a fucking man take me for once! Give it to me like I know you’ve deep down always wanted to give it to Lindsay!”

Justin thought about saying that, save for some natural sexual curiosity, he really hadn’t thought about Lindsay as anything more than a high-maintenance actress that he had found to be really interesting. But he knew they wouldn’t have believed him even if he had sworn on a stack of bibles that he really hadn’t wanted to fuck her while they’d filmed the movie.

And besides little details like the truth didn’t matter when Justin suddenly felt Hilary engulf his cock and start sucking on it. When you had Hilary Duff blowing you, a lot of little things were worth ignoring.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Justin groaned, feeling the happy sensation that always came from a warm, wet mouth sucking on his cock no matter how many times he experienced it. It was further proof that it was true. There was no possible way to ever become sick of blowjobs. “Do it Hilary! Show me what an eager slut you are!”

It turned out, though, that Hilary was too eager. The punch was making her more aggressive than usual and, as a result, she rushed in and took on too much at once. That made her choke on Justin’s cock and she pulled off with a disappointed look on her face, mad at herself for messing up.

Her inexperience at this particular sex act was apparent and she was embarrassed over it. She didn’t want Justin to think she was some kind of loser. She was just far more used to eating pussy and her excitement to try something new had caused her to overdo it.

“Here, let me show you,” Lindsay said as Justin sat back pantsless at the table and allowed himself to be the guinea pig for the couple’s sexual experiments. “It’s easy baby. Just imagine it’s a strap-on that needs to get lubed up before it fucks you. Don’t suck it down all at once. Just get it wet first and let it slide down your throat. Mmmmm watch me swallow it Hil. Watch me so you can be a dirty cocksucking whore like I am!”

Lindsay hadn’t sucked a cock in ages but it was a habit that came back to her with ease. And while she’d never been the slut all the gossips had claimed her to be, at least until she’d gotten into women, she’d always been good at blowjobs.

So she did what she had always been curious to do and took Thrustin’ Justin Thoreau’s cock into her mouth. For while he hadn’t fantasized much about her, she definitely had about him, especially after Hilary had confessed she was into the idea of a threesome. She’d long wondered what it would be like to suck some porno stud’s cock and Justin had been more than cute enough to qualify for a starring role in that fantasy production.

So she didn’t hesitate to go for it. Lindsay sucked her former co-star’s big dick into her mouth, opening wide and swallowing the first few inches as Hilary watched.

Lindsay quickly got into it too, moaning while wrapping her hand around his shaft and stroking him off. Her lips moved up and down his famous dick, leaving her lipstick marks on him, and Lindsay found herself getting more and more eager for it with each taste.

God, she loved fucking women more than anything but she could never entirely eliminate cock from her life. It just wasn’t possible and she loved this cock at first taste.

Lindsay could easily see why Justin was so popular amongst his female co-workers. If she were a porno star and she’d had a list of guys she wanted to work with his name would have been right at the top. Not only was he the antithesis of the stereotype of male porno stars who were either old, out of shape or roided up muscle dudes who couldn’t keep wood for anything but he had a great cock too.

It wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too thick but it had an impressive length and girth. It was actually the perfect size. Lindsay knew it wasn’t going to make her jaw store but it was going to fill her up so nicely. Now she knew why women loved working with Justin. If she ever decided to finally do a sex tape for money, he was definitely the guy she would do it with.

It would have been so easy for her to greedily take this cock all for herself. Lindsay loved how it filled her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, using the softness of her hand to caress Justin’s shaft and then reach down to play with his balls a little too. She could have sucked him off until he came in her mouth and she would have swallowed every drop too with a smile on her face.

But she didn’t. This was Hilary’s fantasy and Lindsay wanted her girlfriend to have this cock. Hilary had just saved her from making a stupid mistake and Lindsay knew she owed her more than cock. But it was still a nice way to start making up for it.

“Now you,” Lindsay said, popping off Justin’s dick after leaving it shiny with her saliva. “Suck him just like that Hilary. I know you can do it.”

Hearing her girlfriend’s encouragement meant a lot to Hilary. She wanted to show off for Justin. She wanted to be bold and try something different. She would probably never again want to do something like this again but tonight it was all she wanted.

If Lindsay said she could do it then Hilary believed it too. Her discouraged frown flipped into a smile and Hilary tried again, this time making sure to avoid the mistake of going all in right away. And this time she was much better.

Making Justin moan loudly as she did it, Hilary started by sticking her tongue out and rubbing it all over his cock head. She licked at the swollen head and looked up at him with a cock hunger in her eye like she’d never had before.

She loved the way he tasted, especially with Lindsay’s saliva all over it and Hilary licked it eagerly while all the while reminding herself not to get too excited and do too much at once. Just tasting him was making her pussy drip and Hilary explored the shape of his cock with her tongue to give him a fresh glaze of saliva before she opened her mouth to suck him.

“Yeahhhhh! Get it in there!” Justin grunted. “Suck that cock! Mmmm fucking Lizzie McGuire sucking my dick! Holy shit!”

Hilary giggled when he said that. He wasn’t the first to call her Lizzie McGuire. In fact she’d been called it a bunch of times by women she was fucking. But she’d heard it a lot less lately. She supposed it was because the show was getting older and more forgotten but also because she was so grown up.

No one was going to confuse her with a teenage girl anymore. She was a woman and she sure felt like one as she sucked cock for the first time in a long time. She wasn’t nervous like she’d been the first time she had done it at Lauren Graham’s party. Now she was feeling horny and adventurous. She was feeling like a real slut and the pleasure was increased when she felt Lindsay come up behind her and press her naked body into her bare back.

“You’re so fucking hot Hil!” Lindsay moaned into her girlfriend’s ear while reaching around to squeeze the tits she always loved playing with. “I love you so much baby! I love how you’re always there for me when I need you! I’m going to be there for you too! I’ll get you whatever you want whenever you want it! If you want his cock then fucking take it! You look so sexy baby! I love watching you be nasty like this! Suck his cock! Let him see how fucking amazing you are!”

The encouragement she was getting was a huge boost to Hilary. She wanted this too much to be scared about doing it but she also wanted to be doing it right. She wanted Justin to leave here knowing that she was a good cocksucker. She wanted him to know how hot she was. She was sure Justin thought that Lindsay was some total nympho but she could be that way too and she wanted him to never forget it.

“Lizzie McGuire, huh? You fucking perv! Were you one of those dirty men jacking off to my nice teen show?” Hilary teased, feeling wicked confidence bubbling up inside her. “You probably used to write me creepy letters asking for me to send you panties I wore when I played Lizzie. You probably were one of those dirty old men getting hard boners over my underage body! You’re such a creep! Oooooh and I wanna taste this creepy cock! Does that make me nasty? Am I bad girl, Santa? Am I a filthy little fucking bitch for sucking your big, dirty dick that fucked all those ho skank porno girls? Mmmmm fuckkk I hope I am! I wanna be a total slut bitch for you! I’ve wanted it ever since I saw you make eyes at my girlfriend!”

Justin had no idea what Hilary was talking about. He had never made any kind of pass at Lindsay. And he was hardly a creepy old man. He didn’t have the exact years in his head but he was pretty sure if he was older than Hilary it was only by like a few years.

But he wasn’t going to say anything. He was enjoying this far too much. Seeing the two sexy starlets acting like this while the rest of the party descended into debauchery made him want to just put his hands behind his head, sit back and relax as he savored every moment, especially when Lindsay got more involved.

While Hilary gradually took more and more of his cock into her mouth, Lindsay began tonguing his balls. The sensation made Justin groan in pleasure and it encouraged her to do it more.

With a big smile on her face, Lindsay began licking all over Justin’s smooth balls, getting them all wet for her before she took one into her mouth and lewdly sucked on it. That made Justin moan out even louder and Lindsay giggled excitedly in response, not just from his sounds but from how into it Hilary was getting.

Lindsay looked up to see her girlfriend had gotten into a good rhythm with her sucking skills and was getting him nice and wet. Saliva even dripped out of Hilary’s mouth onto Lindsay’s face but the redhead didn’t mind a bit. She loved seeing Hilary getting really into sucking dick.

Hilary let out a moan of her own when she suddenly felt Justin’s hand on the back of her head, pushing down on her and forcing her to suck his cock deeper. Unlike the previous time, going deeper didn’t make her choke and as he got forceful with her, Hilary relaxed her gag reflex and was able to swallow more of him,

She moaned out in dirty desire as his big cock went down her throat and she found herself getting off on it. Hilary felt so dirty and sexy and it was making her pussy even wetter than it had been before. She wanted to be good at this. She wanted Justin to like it and knowing that was happening was such a thrill for her.

Justin’s hand forced Hilary to go deep and she swallowed as much as she could, moaning and drooling the whole time before the porn star finally took mercy on her and pulled her hair to yank her off his cock.

Hilary gasped in pleasure when he did that. God, that made it even dirtier for her and she smiled while moaning before Justin pulled her up to him and kissed her passionately. Hilary had been taken roughly by women before but having a man do it to her was such a wild new sensation. She didn’t even think twice about kissing him back and did it without delay, letting her tongue touch the porn star’s and cooing as he gave her bare tits a sexy slap.

Lindsay had been working over Justin’s balls with her tongue and mouth all the while Hilary had sucked him off but when she saw that his cock was free, she took over swallowing him. Lindsay swooped right in and wrapped her lips around his inches, taking him back into her mouth and bobbing up and down rapidly.

Hilary moaned when she saw what Lindsay had done and she kneeled back down next to her girlfriend. She didn’t try to steal Justin’s cock back, though. Instead she took over being the one playing with his nuts. She rubbed them at first, spreading Lindsay’s saliva around the rapidly swelling sacs and then took a taste of her own.

Just like Lindsay had done, Hilary started by licking Justin’s balls. It had been so long since her tongue had been on anyone that wasn’t a woman and Hilary felt such a buzz inside her as she did this. It was like she was breaking a taboo by being with a man but she didn’t feel a bit guilty about it, not with Lindsay right next to her.

Hilary loved watching Lindsay get nasty and while this wasn’t as deep on the depravity scale as watching her girlfriend fuck her sister and her mother, being with a man was definitely on it. Hilary began rubbing her own pussy with one hand from what a turn-on this all was while sliding her other hand between Lindsay’s legs to rub her too.

Lindsay moaned with her mouth full of Justin’s cock when Hilary did that and she started touching her blonde girlfriend back, roaming one hand over her sexy bare tits and the other down her back to get at Hilary’s juicy ass. Lindsay could never get enough of Hilary’s ass and she was going to make damn sure she played with it tonight. Right now, though, she just grabbed and squeezed it while sucking Justin’s cock at the same time Hilary began to suck on his balls.

“Ohhhhhh dirty fucking Hollywood sluts! You’re even more hard up for it than porno girls!” Justin groaned from the double sucking stimulation. “At least they get paid for it! You’re doing this shit for free you fucking nymphos! Oh fuck yesssss! Ohhhh show me what a good team you two make!”

They kept at that for a few minutes, indeed showing Justin how well they worked in tandem. But Hilary could only content herself with her new male lover’s balls for so long. So she pulled her mouth off them and instead grabbed his cock from Lindsay, yanking it out of her girlfriend’s mouth and into hers.

Lindsay cried in protest at first but gave up on it mid-groan. After all she couldn’t deny how hot it was to see Hilary move her mouth up and down that big cock with a confidence and sexy self-assurance. It was such a turn-on for Lindsay to see Hilary turned on.

So Lindsay let the blonde have the cock and watched her suck it while Hilary continued to finger her pussy too. Lindsay was getting so fucking soaked for this and she began kissing Hilary’s neck as the girl bobbed her head up and down on a male porn star’s rock-hard dick.

Those kisses led Lindsay up Hilary’s face until she could no longer control herself and she pulled Hilary off Justin’s cock. But this time it wasn’t so she could steal it for herself. It was so she could passionately kiss her girlfriend, the two of them sharing the taste of Justin as they made out.

But with that hard cock in both of their faces it didn’t take them long to get back at it. They ended their wet kiss with each other and instead kissed his cock. Each of them took a side of his shaft and kissed and sucked on it, making Justin groan and start to thrust his hips.

Lindsay and Hilary’s lips were on him from both sides and as he moved his body it was like he was fucking both their mouths, a sensation that all three of them enjoyed. He didn’t thrust for very long though. He quickly settled back and made both of the women do the work.

“Oh fuck! Yessssss! You’re both so fucking hot!” Justin groaned while Hilary and Lindsay moved their lips all up and down his shaft, gliding them over his rigid inches. “I thought you girls were only into fucking girls but you both want this fucking dick so bad, don’t you?”

“Yesssssssss we want it so fucking bad!” Lindsay whimpered. “I know you thought I was a whore when we did the movie! Now I’ll show you what a whore I am! We love pussy but dick is fun too mmmm especially when it’s YOUR dick! C’mon Justin! Fuck us with that Jew boy cock for Christmas!”

Justin loved the sound of fucked up Lindsay Lohan saying that to him. It sounded so desperate and dirty coming in her husky voice. He hadn’t ever expected something like this and he had no idea how he was going to explain where he’d been to his girlfriend but he knew he’d be able to come up with something. He always did.

Right then he was just going to enjoy what was happening to him as Lindsay and Hilary both moved their lips up to his cockhead and kissed each other there, trapping his swollen mushroom head between them. That move always felt so good when it was done to him in a scene and it felt even better when it was women like Lindsay and Hilary doing it.

He moved his hands to the back of both of their heads as they kneeled down naked in front of him and shared his cock, each of them slurping on his cockhead before deferring to the other. They went back and forth with the swollen tip of his cock, wetly sucking it into their warm mouths. These girls definitely knew how to share and soon Justin couldn’t take any more.

“One of you needs to fuck me!” Justin demanded. “I don’t care which one of you it is but one of your pussies is about to get stuffed!”

And, once again, it was Hilary who took the opportunity. She didn’t wait and she sure as hell didn’t give Lindsay a chance to steal it first.

“Fuck me!” Hilary cried. “I want it! I need it! I’ve never had a man fuck me before! You’re going to be the first Justin! Do it! Fuck my slutty wet cunt with big porno dick and make me fucking take it! Make me wish I’d done this years ago!”

Lindsay felt her own flash of jealousy. She’d wanted that cock. But she reminded herself not only how much she owed Hilary but how she had promised to give her whatever she wanted. Plus as sexy as it would have been to get her own pussy stuffed with porno dick, Lindsay knew it would be even hotter to see her girlfriend fuck him.

So she didn’t stand in Hilary’s way. She just let it happen as the naked blonde crawled up onto Justin’s lap and took a deep breath as she prepared to be penetrated by a man for the first time.

“You sure you want this?” Justin asked, recognizing a possible danger sign.

He was always wary of first-timers, even when they were clearly not virgins. He didn’t want anyone later saying that he had forced Hilary into anything. But those doubts were dispelled when Hilary nodded her head.

“Yes! Do it!” Hilary urged. “Fuck me! Do me like I’m a fake tit slut in one of your movies! Fuck me like a porno girl! Make my pussy take real dick for the first time ever! I want it!”

And Hilary didn’t even give Justin a chance to push into her. She took the initiative and did the work by lowering herself down onto his cock as it stuck straight up in wait for her. Just like when she had first started sucking him off, she did this too fast but this time her aggressive nature paid off for her.

She felt those inches push inside her and she sharply gasped as she felt her wet folds be taken by a real cock for the first time. This was no hunk of plastic. This was a flesh and blood penis inside her and she loved it. Feeling those inches push into her forcefully through her own actions made it feel awesome and Hilary started bouncing on Justin’s dick while imploring him to give it to her.

“C’mon! Fuck me! Give it to my dirty little pussy!” Hilary squealed. She panted and moaned while begging him to get more active with her, her juicy body jiggling in all the right places “Fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss! YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOH FUCK ME YOU PORNO STUD! UGHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSS FUCK ME LIKE I’M ONE OF YOUR SKANKS OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!”

Hilary’s cries got louder and more passionate when two things happened to her. The first was Justin stopped forcing her to do all the work when he began thrusting up into her as she rode him in the chair.

Feeling those hard, thick inches of cock meat shoving into her soft, pink velvet vise of a pussy was an unbelievable sensation. Hilary began meeting his upward thrusts with downward bounces of her own while she gripped onto the table to try and balance herself. It didn’t take long for them to get into a rhythm. But it wasn’t the only thing that was making her feel good.

Hilary was riding Justin cowgirl style in the chair and that meant Hilary’s ass was jutting out for Lindsay. Even under the most chaste of circumstances, Lindsay was obsessed with Hilary’s ass and since things were super sexually charged, resisting it was absolutely impossible.

When Hilary began to really ride Justin’s cock, Lindsay had an up-close view of her girlfriend’s thick ass cheeks jiggling for her and it was wonderfully hypnotic to see that booty bounce while Hilary rode a dick. She could have stared at it all day but Lindsay didn’t do that, not when it was far more fun to get into the fun.

Lindsay spread open Hilary’s ass cheeks while she bounced up and down Justin’s cock. She loved seeing how slick Justin’s cock was getting as it penetrated Hilary’s wet pussy, her juices dripping down his shaft. But she couldn’t just stare at it. Her tongue was too hungry and Lindsay licked Justin’s cock as it penetrated her girlfriend, licking Hilary’s pussy in the process.

She did that a few times but soon Lindsay moved onto her real target and shoved her tongue into Hilary’s asshole. She pushed inside to her tongue fuck Hilary’s naughtiest hole while her pussy felt dick for the first time. And naturally this got just the reaction Lindsay was hoping for.


And as the pleasure that she had never before experienced filled her, Hilary could only crave more and find herself thinking that this was definitely going to be her sexiest Christmas ever.

God she was totally out of control and she loved it. She was fucking a man and it wasn’t just any man! She was fucking Santa, at least the porno version of him, while her girlfriend tongue fucked her asshole and all her friends and even her sister were having fun around her. It all felt so good and Hilary found herself moving quickly toward orgasm.

She didn’t know what was hotter to her, thinking that she was riding Santa Claus’ big cock or that she was getting herself fucked by a famous porno stud. But no matter how she broke it down in her mind, Hilary knew it felt incredible. She was feeling a real cock inside her for the first time and it was such a filthy pleasure for her horny body.

“Oooooh yessss mmmm fuckkk give it to meeeeee!” Hilary squealed, bouncing up and down on Justin’s famous cock as her voice filled with a needy tension that she was desperate to release through coming all over the first flesh and blood prick that had ever been inside her. “Mmmm gimmie that big cock! Fuck me like you fuck those porno girls! Mmmm fuckkkk fill my pussy up with real cock! Oooooh you like fucking me, don’t you Justin? Mmmm fucking Lizzie McGuire’s dirty little slutty cunt with your big fucking dick! Gawwd I wanted this so fucking much and it feels so good!”

And Justin wasn’t shy in admitting this was quite a rush for him too. Not many men were capable of doing what he did for a living and actually being good at it. And now he was the first man to fuck Hilary Duff. He really did have the best fucking life.

“Yeahhh this hot little cunt yours feels so good!” Justin grunted as he thrust into Hilary while she rode him, her juicy tits jiggling on her horny body as she tossed her head back and moaned rapturously. “You’re such a fucking slut Hilary! I never would have guessed you could be so fucking dirty but I guess if you’ll fuck Lindsay you’ll do anything! Take it up your wet cunt! Little Lizzie isn’t a lezzie anymore, is she? Now you’re going to want hard cock instead of wet pussy!”

But Hilary was quite emphatic in stating that wouldn’t be the case at all.

“NO!” Hilary passionately declared, grabbing onto Justin’s chest through the top of his Santa costume and pinching his nipples hard. “I’ll never not be a lezzie! Oooooh yessss gawwd Lezzie McGuire! That’s who I fucking am now! I’m a total lesbo! I’m just using you for fun! I love fucking girls and I’ll NEVER stop! Ooooh you can’t make me stop! Mmmmm but you can fuck me with this fat porno cock of yours anytime! Ughhh it feels so fucking good in my little pussy! Mmmm feel me bounce on it Justin! My tight little pussy is riding your big, dirty porno cock mmmm fuckkkkk yessss!”

Justin winced as Hilary pinched his nipples but it wasn’t exactly an unpleasant sensation. He was usually the one in control. In fact he was famous for it in his scenes. But Hilary was the sexiest brat he had ever fucked and he loved how her tight pussy clamped around his cock.

She was so snug and wet and her pussy felt so warm around his dick. It was amazing to be able to fuck her so Justin gave the famous girl a lot more leeway than he would have any other woman he fucked.

“Yesssssssss ooooh don’t stop! Keep fucking my naughty little pussy!” Hilary panted, moaning with each bounce on Justin’s dick as Lindsay kept licking at her asshole and rubbing her cunt lips with her fingers at the same time. “Mmmmm maybe I’ll keep you around Justin! I can use you like a boy toy whenever I’m horny for a real penis and not just plastic! Ughhh gawwd yesssss mmmmmm fuck me Justin! Fuck me hard! Mmmm fuckkk I’m gonna do that! Keep you us my boy toy and make you fuck me! Ughhh fuckkk OHHH FUCKKK OHHHHH YESSS OOOOH I’M GONNA COME! OOOOH FUCKKK KEEP FUCKING ME AND I’LL COME ALL OVER YOUR DICK!”

Justin might have been porn’s pretty boy but he was no boy toy. However he found it impossible to fight Hilary. She was clearly drunk or something which meant arguing about who was going to be whose toy was probably futile. Plus how could he deny her when she looked so sexy bouncing on his cock, her tits shaking and her mouth contorting in ecstasy.

Hilary Duff had never looked hotter to him than she did at that moment, especially because he could also feel Lindsay’s soft and skilled hands caressing his balls while he fucked her.

“Mmmmm yeahhh come all over his big cock Hil! I want your first time to be so fucking good!” Lindsay lustfully urged her girlfriend. “Come all over him and make it drip onto his big, yummy dick! I know you wanted this so bad when I did that movie and I want all your dirty fantasies to come true Hilary! Fuck his porno dick! Come all over him! Mmmm gawd you’re so sexy baby! Show him how fucking hot you are!”

Lindsay kept one of her hands on Justin’s balls, fondling his swollen nuts to make him fuck Hilary harder. And the other hand was buried between her own legs. Lindsay wildly fingered her bald pussy as she watched Hilary ride her former co-star. This was hot for her too because she knew Hilary was in ecstasy and Lindsay wanted her to come so much.

Lindsay loved the view she had even though it was of Hilary’s bare back. Because at least it meant she had her face right up against Hilary’s jiggling ass cheeks. Hilary’s gorgeously round ass bounced so nicely while she rode Justin’s cock. Lindsay could stare at Hilary’s bouncing ass for hours and those thick cheeks had never been so enticing as they were while she watched her girlfriend live out her dirtiest fantasy and fuck a man.

Licking her lips and savoring the flavor on her tongue, Lindsay had Hilary’s ass taste all over her. But she wanted more. Fucking her girlfriend’s pretty little puckered hole was always a thrill but what Lindsay was really craving at the moment was Hilary’s pussy.

She knew her girlfriend was close. Hilary was literally dripping onto her fingers. But she wasn’t close enough as far as Lindsay was concerned. She wanted to make Hilary come. She wanted to lick her and taste her cream and make her explode all over Justin’s famous cock.

So Lindsay immediately got to work, leaning into the amazing cheeks of Hilary’s ass again but this time so she could tongue her pussy while she got fucked.

There was no pussy that Lindsay was more knowledgeable about than Hilary’s and it showed as she attacked it. Shoving her tongue into her girlfriend allowed her to lick Hilary’s folds and the shaft of Justin’s cock at the same time. That made Justin groan, especially since Lindsay was still playing with his balls, but got an even happier reaction from Hilary.


Justin definitely was not loving being referred to as a “boy toy” but he got over it because of how hot Hilary was. Her pussy was so tight and wet. Her folds were wrapped around his cock and she was making his shaft so wet as she rode him, bouncing up and down while she screamed out how much she loved being fucked by him.

And since she was so close he began fucking her harder, really giving it to her the way he did to so many women in his scenes. And just like the women in his scenes, Hilary screamed in passionate pleasure.


Hilary cried happily over and over again, riding Justin like he was a pony she had gotten for Christmas. She might never have fucked a man but she had ridden strap-ons before and it was so much fun to feel a real cock pulse in her tight cunt for the first time. She still loved women but this change was such a dirty thrill and Hilary couldn’t get enough of the pleasure she was feeling.

Having Justin’s cock shoved inside her and feeling her tight, juicy folds wrap around him was so dirty. She hoped Haylie was watching her too. Gawd, she wanted her sister to see that she was doing this. Hilary felt totally out of control and so very kinky as she fucked a porn star and it was so much fun, especially with Lindsay’s tongue licking her.

Feeling a hard cock and a wet tongue at her pussy was amazing. Hilary knew that feeling so well but it had always been with toys fucking her and not a real cock. So the thrill was magnified here. Lindsay knew just what she was doing too. Her girlfriend licked at all her hot spots and made everything feel incredible.

Plus Justin was literally a professional at this and having the both of them pleasuring her made Hilary explode with ecstasy. It had been the Christmas gift she had always wanted but had never expected to get. And as she got licked and fucked at the same time in the threesome she had wickedly fantasized about, Hilary was overcome with joy and lust and screamed out her orgasm.


Lindsay kept licking at Hilary came. She lapped up her girlfriend’s cream right into her hungry mouth and tasted Justin’s cock while she sexily squeezed and played with his balls. That made him groan loudly but Lindsay didn’t want him to come, not yet.

She wanted to get her own turn riding this cock next. Only after he fucked her and made her come like he was making Hilary come would Lindsay let the porn star have his pop shot.

Lindsay was so happy Hilary has talked her out of drinking and making such a huge mistake. She didn’t need what was in the punch. She could have fun without it and all Lindsay wanted right then was to suck Hilary’s cum right off Justin and then have him fuck her like she’d wanted him to when they’d done the movie.

This party had everything a slut like her could ever want. It had so much hot pussy for her to play with and hard cock too. There were so many hot presents there for Lindsay and she was sure there was no way any of this could get any better.


But what Lindsay didn’t know was that it very much could get better. And she definitely would have changed her opinion if she had known that Justin had not come to the mansion empty handed.

He had brought a lot more than what Hilary was bouncing up and down on it was something she and Hilary were very familiar with. To complete the illusion of his Santa costume, Sarah had insisted Justin have a sack full of toys with him when he arrived at the mansion.

But this Santa’s sack was most certainly not filled with presents for good little girls. It was filled with something a lot more fun and that was the discovery that Haylie and Ali made after curiosity got the better of them.

Having reached a climax in their own fun and their faces now sticky with each other’s essence, Ali and Haylie had stopped to admire the show their sisters were putting on. They had both seen their sisters do some crazy things but it was still a shock and a thrill to see their horny sisters going after a man, especially to Ali who had been so sure that Lindsay was 1,000% lesbian.

As for Haylie, she’d always known Hilary had been into guys. She’d just never expected to see her with one. But it was so sexy to watch this dirty show and Ali and Haylie had stared intently, rubbing their nude, sweaty bodies together while they did it.

Seeing a man fucking Hilary as she squealed and moaned with every bounce on his big cock while Lindsay tongue fucked the blonde was hot enough. But the fact that Justin was dressed up as Santa gave it an extra taboo thrill.

And as much as they enjoyed watching their sisters get naughty with Santa, they couldn’t help but also be curious what was inside the red and white sack he had brought with him. It had been left unattended near the table and they couldn’t resist checking it out. They had a sneaking suspicion that what was inside was not Raggedy Ann dolls and My Little Ponies.

“Let’s go see what’s inside,” Ali suggested.

“Should we?” Haylie asked, so turned on at the sight of her sexy sister riding a porn star’s cock, especially when Hilary slid off and joined Lindsay in licking that cock clean.

Haylie was a little embarrassed to admit that she had known who Justin was before today and it hadn’t been from his movie with Lindsay. She loved what she was seeing though. Hilary had looked so hot fucking him and coming all over his cock and it filled Haylie with fresh dirty desire for her own sister.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Ali said. “Mmmmm I’ll bet it going to be fun!”

Haylie would not have taken that bet because she shared Ali’s certainty that whatever was in Santa’s sack was not family friendly. Of course considering what she and Ali were doing with their sisters that phrase had taken on a whole new meaning.

Haylie still struggled to comprehend sometimes the taboo she was breaking with her little sister. It was beyond sinful and wrong. But it felt so good. She had never enjoyed sex as much as she had with her own sister and the things she had done with the Lohans had been so filthy and so fun that Haylie blushed just thinking about them,

She wanted more, though. She wanted to be dirty. It felt too amazing to stop.

So when Ali went to investigate what was in that sack, Haylie followed along. She had never been to a party like this and she wanted the fun to get even wilder and dirtier. It wasn’t the first time she had partied with these girls but it had never gone like this before.

Everyone was out of control and Haylie felt she was that way too. She couldn’t stop buzzing inside herself. It was like her whole body was on fire with lust and all she wanted was more. More sex. More fucking. More orgasms. She wanted it to never end and when she and Ali opened the bag and looked inside she was beyond delighted.

Sarah had wanted Justin’s costumed appearance to not just be a fun way to tease Love. She had wanted it to be the perfect way to lead from the PG party to the XXX party. That was why she had made sure that the sack he brought was filled to the brim with brand new sex toys of all varieties right out of the packaging, including a whole bunch of very naughty looking strap-ons.

Sarah had wanted this to be a special party for all her friends and, after all, Christmas was the time for giving gifts. And while the timing of these toys being discovered was way earlier than Sarah had intended, the girls who had found them shared the exact same idea she’d had about how to share the Christmas bounty.

“Oh my!” Ali giggled. “Whatever could we do with these?”


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