The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Seven

Title: The Harem Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Seven

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Amy Adams, Victoria Justice, Kelly Clarkson, Elisha Cuthbert, Carrie Underwood, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Maria Menounos, Kim Kardashian, Rosario Dawson, Beyonce Knowles, Stacy Keibler

Codes: FFF, MFF, oral, anal, toys, rim, reluc, inter, rough, cons

Summary: Amy confronts Love and Sarah and Rose makes a new friend while Kelly makes a shocking discovery and Natalie succumbs to temptation.

How’s everyone’s New Year’s going so far? Have you been keeping those resolutions going? Have you quit smoking or headed to the gym or done anything to make the world a better place? Nahhhh who has time for all of that.

But luckily so far so good with my resolution to keep on writing. After all there’s still a party going on in Malibu and things are just getting good. The table has been set and the feasting has begun. Basically everyone is feasting on each other’s naked bodies and that means the fucking is going on and it is not going to be stopping any time soon. Things are going wild and the quiet little Christmas party has turned into an orgy that has never been seen before at the mansion.

The party is flying and so are the girls. Thanks to Jennifer thinking she had harmlessly drugged the punch and Christina adding in a ton of alcohol, everyone (well almost everyone) is out of their minds with lust. When the only sober people at your party are pretty much Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears then something has clearly gone terribly, terribly wrong.

But no one is busy thinking about anything but fun right now. Jessica is getting her fuck on with her WWE lust object Maryse Ouelet and she has even gotten more than a little wild with The Miz himself. And while Jessica has gone cock crazy, Selena Gomez has succumbed to her buried desire for pussy thanks to a horny Emma Watson. And speaking of Emmas, Emma Stone is having the time of her life getting kinky with Taylor Swift and getting Emmy Rossum, Dianna Agron to join in.

Meanwhile only Jennifer realizes what’s happened to the drugged punch but she’s had too much of it herself and has gotten way too occupied fucking the straight right out of Kate Upton with Anna Kendrick’s help to warn any of her friends. And even Lindsay and Hilary Duff have made this a party to remember by fucking Santa Claus, getting Hilary her first cock ever.

But it’s not all fun and games as Sarah and Love were confronted by a shocked and angry Amy Adams. And when their friend angrily ran away, stripping off her own clothes as she did it, they took off after their straight friend, worried she was going to do something she regretted.  Will they find her in time? Will Rose make this party even better when she comes back to it with a friend known as Mr. Snappy? Will Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies be better friends now that they’re fucking? And where’s Victoria Justice gotten off to?

Some of that will be answered in the chapter ahead, which is a lot of sex and a lot of fun. Just the way everyone here likes it! If you haven’t read the first six parts (I haven’t even gotten to the shocked and aroused teenagers who have not only joined in the fun but made some shocking discoveries) I would recommend it. But if you want to dive right into Part Seven I really can’t stop you.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Seven


Even though the party had turned into a raging good time for most, fun wasn’t on everyone’s mind right then. And that was especially true for two of the party’s hostesses.

They were far too concerned with finding their friend to worry about the orgy that had broken out at their Christmas party.

Fortunately, while there was a throng of guests at their party, way more than they had ever intended, Sarah and Love had been able to find where Amy had run off to very easily.  There were only so many places to go and they knew their home better than anyone.

Plus it wasn’t like Amy was being very subtle about where she was running to. The intoxicated, upset redhead was leaving a trail of clothing behind wherever she went.

Sarah and Love had already picked up shoes, stockings, a skirt and a bra along the way. By the time they followed Amy out the doors in the back of the mansion leading toward the pool, the Oscar nominee was down to nothing but a tight pair of panties clinging to her beautiful rear.

“Amy!” Love cried out, very worried about the state of her friend’s thinking. “What are you doing?”

Her own mental state wasn’t that great either right then. It was like everything was spinning around and Love couldn’t keep a straight thought in her head for even a second without focusing on how much she wanted to fuck everyone in sight. But Love wasn’t worried about her own behavior then. She just didn’t want Amy to accidently hurt herself in the condition she was in.

“I wanna go swimming!” Amy replied, her voice petulant and bratty.

It was like she had devolved from a mature, composed mother to sulky, spoiled teen in a matter of minutes and Love and Sarah didn’t know what to do about it.

“Swimming? Are you crazy? It’s cold outside! Come back inside with us Amy!” Sarah insisted even though she had to admit that in her chemically-altered brain the idea of a swim sounded reallllllly good right then.

The pool was heated, after all. And Sarah badly wanted to get naked. She could feel her body sweating and it was like her clothes were stifling her. She wanted to rip them all off and let everyone see her naked. She needed to be naked. She needed to fuck. But Sarah tried to shut that all out so she could focus on Amy.

Oooooh Amy had such great tits. Sarah regretted thinking that the second it popped into her head. It was so wrong to think that about her friend. But while the observation might have been inappropriate it was also true.

Amy had a beautiful chest and Sarah was seeing it naked for the first time. She tried to tell herself not to stare, but how could she not? There was a beautiful topless woman right in front of her.

Sarah reminded herself to focus on Amy’s obviously distressed state and not on her nudity. But it was so hard when Amy looked so sexy wearing nothing but her panties. She had such a beautiful body. Sarah couldn’t stop staring at Amy’s firm breasts, the B-cup mounds looking so sexy with hard nipples poking out.

Sarah couldn’t tell if her nipples were hard because of the cold night air or if Amy was turned on but she badly wanted to find out. Amy had such a soft body in all the right places. Seeing her naked just epitomized what made her so attractive.

There wasn’t a drop of artificiality about Amy Adams. She was a real woman with soft curves and little imperfections that came together to make her body look perfect. She was gorgeous and Sarah could see she wasn’t the only one staring at her.

Love was enraptured by their nearly naked friend too. But she at least was able to say anything. Sarah was too focused on thinking about kissing all over Amy’s pale breasts to be able to say anything more.

Love was able to find her words, though, and she did something that rarely happened at the mansion. She urged a woman to put clothes on.

“Please get dressed Amy!” Love pleaded.

“Why? Isn’t this what you want? Isn’t this what you like?” Amy demanded. “Don’t you like naked women? I thought this was how you lived, with non-stop naked girls! Well now I’m naked too! You hear that world? I’M NEKKID!!!! COME SEE ME NAKED!”

“Amy, calm down,” Love urged her.

God, she couldn’t stop staring at their friend’s hot body. She’d never seen Amy naked before and she’d certainly never seen her act like this. And while Love loved the idea of seeing her friend topless and while her pussy was on the verge of purring over the idea of getting Amy out of her panties and turning that yummy body into a Christmas present, clearly this wasn’t right.

“You’re not acting like yourself! Please come back inside!” Love insisted.

“How do you know what I’m really like?” Amy accused. “I didn’t know what you were really like, after all. Maybe I have a secret side too! Maybe I’m crazy like you! Maybe I want to be naked! I just want to go swimming! You can’t say no to what I want for Christmas!”

And swimming was just what Amy did. Before Sarah and Love could do anything to stop her, Amy pushed her panties down her legs and jumped in naked into the pool. She swam down to the bottom of the pool and when she didn’t emerge right away Sarah and Love began to really worry.

But right before they were about to dive in after her, Amy popped out of the water, her red hair soaked and her body glistening as she grabbed the side of the pool. But it was her face that really caught their attention. It was clear just how upset Amy was.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy asked, her voice sad. “I thought you trusted me.”

“We do trust you,” Sarah insisted. “We love you Amy! We just didn’t want to complicate your life. We didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship.”

“So you thought that just telling me that all of you were lovers was going to make me want to take my clothes off?” Amy asked. “Like it was so wild and fun to think about all of you having sex here that I was just going to go wild? Do you realize how crazy that sounds?”

Sarah and Love didn’t say anything back because doing so would have required them to point out that something like that was exactly what had happened. After all Amy was naked right then. And, right after she said it, Amy realized it too and blushed before swimming away from the edge of the pool, further away from her friends.

And either Amy didn’t know that doing this gave them a great view of her bare ass in the water or she didn’t care.

“Amy! Come back! Let’s talk about this!” Love said. “Please! You’re our friend! Look, we messed up. We should have trusted you with our secret but it’s complicated.”

“Oh yeah? Explain it to me,” Amy replied after she swam back, working her way through the water as a way to somehow channel all the energy she was feeling.

Her insides were a storm of emotions but most of all she was hurt. She was hurt that her friends had thought their secret was too much for her. She didn’t know if that meant they thought she was some kind of homophobe or that they didn’t trust her enough. No matter what the reason was, Amy believed that it proved she had seen their friendship as something more than they had.

Amy treasured her friendships. Hollywood was not a place to go in like a wide-eyed innocent. She’d learned that a long time ago. There was a phoniness that she hated. People kissed you on the cheek while stabbing you in the back at the same time.

So that meant real friendships should be treated as something precious. And to Amy that meant openness and truth. That meant not having huge secrets, especially when it wasn’t something bad. She would have been just as close to Love and Sarah if she had known what they were really doing here. Why would they think she wouldn’t be? Why did they think she was the kind of person who would reject them?

Sure it was a bit strange for them to all be living like this. Okay, a lot strange. There was nothing normal about any of this. But Amy could handle strange situations a lot better than they obviously thought she could.

She would have gotten over the weirdness of it. It wasn’t like she would have stopped being their friend if she had known they were into girls. So why had they thought she shouldn’t know? Amy would have trusted them with anything. Why didn’t they feel the same way about her?

“It’s hard to explain,” Love said when Amy again reached the edge of the pool and pulled herself up to it, her head sticking out of the water but the rest of her body submerged under the night sky.

Amy frowned when Love said that. She’d been hoping they were going to start telling the truth but now it seemed like it was just going to be more excuses. However, Sarah jumped in next.

“It’s just that…well we don’t have friends here who aren’t also our lovers…except for you, Amy,” Sarah admitted. “Usually it’s like the only reason we ever have anyone over here is to fuck them! The only people who really know we live like this are people who are already in on it with us and we just don’t have…you know…real friends come over. We don’t have friends over for coffee. Not for a visit. Not for anything. It’s always all about sex! Except with you Amy. You’re the only friend we’re not fucking and we didn’t want to lose that.”

“That’s why I wanted to have this party so much,” Love added. “I wanted to show people that we could have real parties here where we didn’t all just get naked and fuck! I…I…God…I guess that’s ruined now but I don’t even care because I just want you not to be mad at us Amy! You mean too much to me…to all of us!”

“You’re like the only friend we have who’s also not a lover and who knows we live here all together,” Sarah said. “We do trust you! You’re the ONLY one we trust enough to show them this side of us!”

Amy hadn’t thought of it like that and she began to feel bad over how she had reacted. But to find out about all of this in the way she had was a huge bomb going off and it had been one she hadn’t expected.

She knew deep down that she was mad at herself for not picking up on the signs that the rumors really were true but she hadn’t wanted to believe gossip. Amy wasn’t feeling like herself either. Her brain was going a million miles a minute and she couldn’t focus on anything except…well she didn’t want to think about that.

Amy couldn’t believe she was naked in the pool. She hadn’t even considered what she was doing. She had just ran and stripped and before she knew it she had been submerged in the water.

What was she thinking? It was cold and dark and she was naked just after finding out her friends were lesbians. Had she gone insane? She couldn’t think straight. God, that was the problem, wasn’t it?

Amy couldn’t think “straight” and she didn’t know how to react to any of this in a rational fashion. It was an awful lot to take in all at once and Amy hadn’t forgotten that there was more to it than just finding out her friends were into women.

“I thought you said you also wanted to be…more than friends,” Amy said, not quite sure how to put it otherwise.

Sarah and Love weren’t sure what to say either. They looked at each other as if they expected the other to take the lead on this and there was a touch of desperate confusion in both of their eyes. They didn’t know how to answer, especially with their bodies at war within themselves. There was a safe path to take but it wasn’t the honest one and the honest path was also the far riskier one.

“The truth?” Sarah asked.

“Yes!” Amy said firmly. “No more lies. No more omissions. Just the truth from now on.”

“You’re beautiful Amy,” Sarah admitted. “You’ve got a great body and you’re one of the sweetest, kindest people we know. If you weren’t with Darren…”

“But you’ve seduced a lot of women with boyfriends…even husbands,” Amy pointed out as she interrupted. “At least if what I just saw in there is any indication. Why was I so special? You think you guys are just so good in bed that you just assumed I would have wanted to leave my fiancé and my child to move in here?”

Sarah and Love didn’t say anything but that was kind of just what they had feared. Amy had such a great life for herself. She seemed so stable and put together in her career and family life and they had seen first-hand just what kind of an impact this kind of erotic discovery had. Hell, they had felt it themselves, Sarah especially. And sex, as great as it might have been, wasn’t worth taking a wrecking ball to their friend’s life.

“We just didn’t want to risk what we have,” Love said. “That’s why we never wanted you to find out. We didn’t want to have everything get complicated like it is now. We just wanted you to be our friend.”

And that was when Amy said it.

“Well what if I wanted to be more than just your friend?” Amy asked softly but clearly.

There was no mistaking what she was asking but what she meant by it was unclear. Was she interested? Or was this strictly a hypothetical?

Again Sarah and Love were left without an immediate answer. They had to choose what they were going to say. This was all so risky. They loved having Amy as a friend and this was taking them all down a path they would never be able to walk back from. But if Amy wanted the truth as much as she said she did, then that was exactly what she was going to get.

“If you wanted it, then everything would be different,” Love said simply.

Every part of her was telling her to either yank off her clothes and jump in the pool or pull Amy up. Either way her instincts were telling her to get close to the redhead’s naked body. But Love feared she couldn’t trust her instincts right then. She couldn’t think clearly and her body was demanding sex like she had never felt it before. What if she was making a mistake?

And Sarah was even more direct.

“Amy, if you wanted it we would make love to you in a second!” Sarah confessed, the words jumping off her tongue without even a cursory consideration of what kind of an impact they were going to have. “You’re beautiful! You’re so sexy! I don’t even know if you know how sexy you are! Oh my God, I’d fuck you without even thinking twice!”

Sarah gasped and blushed, her hand flying up to her mouth after she said the last part. She hadn’t meant to be so blunt. It had just popped out of her mouth and she felt bad. She didn’t want to pressure Amy or shock her any more. They’d already done enough of that tonight.

But if Amy was offended then she didn’t show it. She just remained in the pool, trying to take it all in.

“Wow…I had no idea you felt that way,” Amy said. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Love replied. “It’s been a crazy night and none of us are acting like ourselves. We can just pretend like none of this ever happened. We can go back to being normal tomorrow.”

“Oh Love, I think we both know that we can never go back to things being the way they were,” Amy sighed, knowing they couldn’t pretend this had never happened. “Everything is different now.”

“You can’t be friends with us anymore?” Sarah asked, crestfallen at the idea of it.

But Amy quickly assured her that she didn’t mean anything that dramatic.

“No, I’m not saying that…it’s just that…I don’t know…it can’t be the same now that I know how you feel…” Amy said, her words coming out with a hesitation that betrayed the confusion inside her. “It can’t ever be the way it was. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know…”

What Amy did know was that she was getting cold. The pool was heated but the night air hadn’t exactly turned warm and Amy once again regretted her impetuous decision to leap into the pool. She didn’t know what she had been thinking and the only possible defense she had was that it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

But Amy was more than ready to come out now and she grabbed onto the edge of the pool and yanked herself up, realizing as soon as she did it that she had forgotten one key detail. She hadn’t exactly gone in wearing a swimsuit. She was naked and everyone could see it.

Amy gasped when she realized she was giving everyone a free flesh show and she was paralyzed with instant embarrassment that made her body flush even redder than her hair. And she had no escape either. Most of her clothes were inside the mansion. She had no way of covering herself and Sarah was the first to react to it.

“I’ll go get you a towel,” Sarah said, running back into the house to do it and leaving Love and Amy by the pool.

Amy was soaking wet and fully naked, the water dripping off her body onto the marble around the pool. And Love couldn’t help but stare.

Modesty was hardly a common thing around the mansion. They all knew each other’s naked bodies intimately and skinny dipping in the pool was the ordinary, not the rarity. But she’d never seen Amy like this before and while Love knew she should look away she just couldn’t.

Her eyes glazed over the beautiful woman’s body, enjoying the look at every inch of Amy’s creamy skin. Her firm breasts were so beautiful, especially with her visibly hard, pink nipples and the water dripping off them. Love couldn’t help but let her eyes drift lower too, toward the ginger patch of sexy fur and the sexy pinkness below. Amy was a true vision of loveliness and Love wanted to never forget the image of her nude.

Love felt guilty for staring, though. None of this was going according to plan and she didn’t want Amy to think she was some kind of leering pervert. Things were awkward enough between them.

But then Amy said something unexpected.

“It’s okay,” Amy declared as she found her nerve and walked away from the pool and toward Love, leaving a trail of water as she crossed her arms over herself, not to cover up but just to futilely keep from shivering. “You can look. It’s not like you’re wearing much anyway either.”

And Amy was right about that. Things had gotten so crazy that Love had forgotten she was barely wearing more than her naked friend. She still had the tiny little lingerie on she’d been eagerly modeling to Sarah and Olivia before. Running after Amy had even caused one of her breast to pop out of the tiny straps of fabric that had naturally done a terrible job holding them in place.

Love hadn’t even noticed her wardrobe malfunction and blushed over her own lack of dress. But Amy eased her of that embarrassment.

“You really shouldn’t cover up, at least not on my account,” Amy said. “If I had a body like yours I’d be naked all the time. They wouldn’t have enough nude scenes to offer me. Besides, aren’t you girls always naked around here anyway?”

“It’s not really like that,” Love said, wishing she could somehow easily explain to Amy how they all lived very normal lives here despite the abnormal circumstances.

This place was a home to all of them and they lived their lives there, just with a whole lot more sex. Love supposed that the best way to do that was to show her. You could only really know by living it too. But was that a real option or would it have been a huge mistake?

“Well don’t think you have to keep yourself dressed or anything for me,” Amy said, feeling the awkwardness between them and wishing it would disappear. “You’re missing your party in there. And it looked like everyone’s having a great time.”

“Well it’s not really the party I had intended,” Love tried to explain. “But you’re what’s important to me Amy. I don’t care if I miss what’s going on in there.”

That was all Love had a chance to say before it was her turn to receive a huge shock. Amy had felt a couple of bombs go off inside her head since she’d been here but now she set one off herself when she closed the distance between her and Love and kissed her.

It wasn’t a passionate kiss or even a confident one. But it was soft and sweet and Love liked it a lot, though only after she got over the initial shock of it even happening.

At first Love had thought she was hallucinating or something. With the way she was feeling right now, that was a distinct possibility. But the feel of Amy’s lips to hers was no dream. They felt so good and Love began to kiss back after a few moments.

But when she did, Amy pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” Amy said. “I shouldn’t have done that. I just wanted to know how it felt…”

“It felt really good to me,” Love admitted, not wanting to push too hard for this and freak her friend out any more than she already was.

But that kiss had been so sexy and Love was not about to turn down more.

“I liked it too,” Amy said. “I’m so confused, Love. I don’t know what I want. I know I should be home now. I need to be with Darren. But….”

“But what?” Love asked, not trying to be too eager but doing a pretty bad job of controlling herself.

Seeing Amy naked was really turning her on and she found herself wanting to be bold and naughty with her friend like she had never been before.

“But I can’t stop thinking about you and Sarah and…well everyone,” Amy confessed. “I can’t stop thinking about…about sex! Oh God, Love! My whole body is going crazy! I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I just need to get fucked so bad!”

It felt good to admit that. Amy had been wanting to say it for the last few minutes but there had been so much else she’d needed to get off her chest first. But her feelings had been more than just the complicated mess of emotions she was experiencing from all the revelations about her friends.

She was also…well, there was no other way to put it. She was horny. She hadn’t felt this turned on in a long time. Amy recognized that this feeling had to be why she’d been so eager to impetuously throw her clothes off but diving into the pool hadn’t cooled her down a bit. All this talk about lesbian sex was driving her crazy and making her want it like she’d never had before.

Amy recognized what she was doing was wrong and that she was feeling things she wasn’t supposed to feel. She usually had such strong self-control about these things. But she also recognized that she didn’t want to control herself. She felt like she needed to let everything go and just be crazy and wild.

Why was she feeling this way? What was wrong with her? Amy didn’t know but she did know that Love looked really sexy in that tiny little slutty outfit and she wanted to see more of her friend’s body.

So Amy acted impetuously again. She kissed Love once more and this time there was no hesitation from her friend. Love kissed her back without delay and this time the kiss was much longer.

The two women tenderly pressed their lips together and when the kiss broke it took only a second for them to return to another one and then another one after that. And, before Amy knew it, she was making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

She tried to tell herself to stop. She tried to remind herself she was engaged and she was straight. She tried to remind herself that this was so inappropriate. But all of those claims fell on deaf ears inside herself because Amy was enjoying this way too much to stop.

“Oh wow…I see why you girls are all so into this,” Amy said, a little smile curling her lips as she tried to catch her breath and get a handle on what the hell was happening to her. “You’re a great kisser, Love. Mmmmm I really liked that.”

“You’re a great kisser too, Amy,” Love said, barely believing that this was happening.

Inside her brain Love kept telling herself to stop this and that this was a mistake and that she would regret risking her friendship with Amy. But how could she listen to common sense when the kisses had felt so good and she wanted more so badly.

“I have to ask, have you ever done that before? Kissed a woman?” Love gently inquired.

“Once,” Amy replied. “It was a long time ago…”

“Did you…do more than kiss?” Love asked, trying to not to pry too much but wanting to find out so much more.

Love was fighting an insatiable curiosity to find out as much about Amy’s past experience with another woman as possible so she could know everything that woman did to her and do it so much better.

“We started to,” Amy admitted. “It happened so long ago and it was just once and it didn’t end well.”

It had been so many years since it had happened but Amy still remembered it vividly, especially with everything here tonight reminding her of it. And once she started telling Love, the whole story spilled out of her.

Her success in Hollywood had been the very opposite of an overnight success story and Amy had struggled a lot to get where she was. One of those stops along the way had been in Minnesota where she had done dinner theater.

It hadn’t been glamorous or artistically fulfilling. But it had been a paycheck and Amy had loved the company of her fellow actors. And there had been one in particular she had found herself drawn to.

There had been such an edge about her. She was dangerous and provocative and very, very sexy. She’d had a boldness and a zest for life that Amy had been drawn to. She had recognized at the time that what she had felt was more than admiration. It had been an attraction,

Amy had never felt any kind of leaning toward another woman before, but her friend had inspired feelings inside her that she’d never known she could have. And one night her crush on her fellow actress had turned into something a lot more.

They had stayed late organizing the costumes and it had just been the two of them and one thing had led to another and they had started to kiss.

It had been like nothing Amy had ever felt before. It had been intense and thrilling to do something so taboo. She’d always been the “good girl” and to feel those kinds of desires had been so exciting.

All she’d wanted that night was to be with her more experienced, worldly friend and it hadn’t taken long for the clothes to start coming off. Amy had been so into it that night. She’d wanted to explore and do something wicked and naughty.

It had been so hot to get naked with another woman and her friend had been so beautiful with raven dark hair and large breasts. Her body had been so beautifully voluptuous and Amy couldn’t help but think of her now as she looked at Love. Their personalities were different, but Love’s body was a sexy reminder of how into her friend she’d been that night.

Amy hadn’t let her friend go down on her first. She’d wanted to be the one to do it. She’d wanted to take the lead. And that was how Amy had found herself tasting a woman for the first, and only, time in her life. She’d tasted how wet she was and it had been so wonderful and kinky and Amy had been so turned on.

But it had ended before it had even really gotten started. Her friend’s boyfriend had come looking for her and had found them together naked and in the middle of nothing they could explain. It hadn’t been a dramatic freak out or anything. He’d even ended up being cool with it. But the mood had been broken and Amy hadn’t had any interest in being part of a threesome.

So they’d gotten dressed and never spoken about it again. That had been the only bisexual experience of her life. Soon after, Amy had gotten the first big part of her career in Drop Dead Gorgeous and had moved to Los Angeles. Once she was there she quickly had met Darren and the rest had been history.

She’d never pursued any kind of other experience with another woman. Sure she’d noticed how attractive women were from time to time. Every now and then doing that led to a naughty thought, but those had been isolated incidents. Amy been satisfied with only a man in her life and she’d never wanted to do anything more…until tonight.

Tonight Amy couldn’t stop thinking about sex and not just any kind of sex, but hot, lesbian sex with her friends and their friends and all of the gorgeous women at the party. She couldn’t believe she was thinking this way.

She’d never even had a threesome much less been a part of an orgy but Amy couldn’t stop thinking about the party and what everyone was doing to each other in there. She wanted to see more. She even wanted to join in.

Amy was getting wet and it had nothing to do with the swimming pool she’d just been in. She wanted this to happen and she kissed Love again, this time with more passion.

Love had listened to every word of Amy’s story and it had sounded so hot. She had loved picturing her beautiful friend losing control and kissing another woman and she had even felt jealous of this other woman because she got to feel Amy licking her pussy, even if it only was for just a few minutes.

Love hadn’t known what to say after, though, so it was a good thing that Amy’s kisses did all the talking for them.

Amy’s kiss was the hottest one yet and this time Love took the initiative to further things. She’d been holding back, not sure how far Amy wanted to take things, but she couldn’t do that anymore, not when she was so turned on and definitely not when Amy’s kisses were so sexy.

So Love kissed her friend back and started rubbing her tongue into hers. She wasn’t sure how Amy was going to react to that, so she was relieved when Amy not only didn’t fight it, she responded with a moan. Amy’s tongue rubbed back against hers and the kisses deepened, the two of them becoming overcome with passion.

They didn’t say anything for the next few moments. They just kissed again and again. Soft, sexy sounds of pleasure escaped both of their mouths while they made out, Love showing Amy the benefit of all her experience and Amy feeling her whole body react with excitement for her first kiss with a woman in more than 15 years.

Fantasies that had been inside her for so long all locked away had become freed tonight. Amy had no idea what she was doing but the pleasure was guiding her and she couldn’t stop herself.

“Oh Love,” Amy sighed, standing completely nude and still wet from the pool. “What are we doing?”

And Love didn’t have an easy answer for this. If it had been anyone else she would have pushed more aggressively and made sure that she got what her pussy craved. But Amy was no regular girl to her.

Love didn’t want her friend to regret this. Even though Love felt herself becoming absolutely desperate for sex, she didn’t want this to be a mistake. Her insides were like a bubbling cauldron of molten lust and her pussy was soaked already. But Love still had enough control left to not want to do something that would irreparably harm their friendship.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” Love assured Amy. “We can stop anytime.”

“I don’t know what I want,” Amy said again and meaning it.

Her head and her pussy were telling her two completely different things and her sex drive was not only drowning out her head but it was actually convincing it to go along with its reckless desires. Love looked so sexy and Amy felt so turned on. She couldn’t hold herself back. She wanted this too much.

“Just kiss me Love!” Amy urged. “Kiss me until it stops feeling good!”

The problem with that was that it was never going to stop feeling good and Amy knew it too.

Amy could tell just from kissing Love why so many women had been seduced into whatever the hell this was here. It was so sensual to kiss her friend like this and Amy felt a lust like she’d never had before.

She might have been a “good girl” her whole life but that didn’t mean she didn’t have desires. Amy loved sex. The pleasure of a great orgasm was one of the best things in the entire world. She didn’t need to be shown that and she wasn’t nearly the repressed person that she knew a lot of people thought she was.

She could be sexually adventurous too. But this was so far beyond anything Amy had ever even thought of. It felt good though. It felt so, so good. It felt so good that Amy never wanted to stop.

Love had responded to her request by kissing her with even more passion and Amy felt her heart thump with erotic excitement. This was all going so far and so fast for her but she didn’t want it to stop. Even though she knew it was wrong she wanted it.

She didn’t want Love to stop kissing her and she didn’t want to control herself either. Amy wasn’t even thinking. She was just doing and she didn’t even register that she was reaching for Love’s little outfit until it was already happening.

Love’s little Christmas lingerie was so naughty. Amy had plenty of sexy outfits at home but she’d never seen anything as revealing as this and she liked it. The red velvet teddy barely contained Love’s breasts but Amy needed to see more and she got her hands on the V of fabric and slid it down Love’s shoulders.

Amy pulled the teddy off Love until it fell to around her waist, fully baring her chest.

“You’re so sexy,” Amy marveled, really looking at Love’s body for the first time and admiring the soft beauty of her friend.

She had never really noticed how sexy her friends were before. It had naturally registered that they were all hot but Amy had never really appreciated that before now. It was like she was seeing all of them with new eyes, especially Love as she stood in front of her topless now, her large breasts revealed and her nipples so hard.

“So are you,” Love replied. “I love your body, Amy. I always have! You’re so beautiful and I want you so bad!”

“Ooooooh Love!” Amy moaned, not believing how much it thrilled her to hear that. “I can’t believe I never knew before tonight. This is all so crazy. I know we shouldn’t be doing this but I want it so much!”

“Me too!” Love said, glad she wasn’t the only one worried they were making a mistake. She and Amy were in the same boat. Both of them wanted this but they were also afraid of it and couldn’t find any self-control to stop it. “I want it so much! I want you! I want to fuck you!”

Amy responded to the sexy confession by kissing Love again. As they pressed their lips together in an enthusiastic smooch, Amy’s hands started to explore another woman’s body for the first time in a very long time.

She was tentative in her touch at first, starting with Love’s arms while they continued to kiss and then going for her stomach. But curiosity got the best of her and Amy’s hands drifted upward, just like Love hoped they would.

Amy moaned deeply into the kiss when she felt Love’s bare breasts in her hands and Love responded with a sensual touch of her own. She caressed Amy’s wet, bare flesh in the night air and moved her hands to the redhead’s tits. Amy tensed up when she felt those hands on her breasts but how could she resist a touch as loving and soft as this?

Even if she’d had any self-control, she wouldn’t have been able to resist and that kind of restraint was already long gone. So she quickly relaxed into Love’s touch and the two women kissed harder while fondling each other’s breasts, pressing their exposed flesh together and providing quite a sight to Sarah as she walked back out, a towel in her hand for Amy.

“What? What’s going on?” Sarah marveled when she saw her friends.

Of course it was obvious what was happening but Sarah still had trouble believing what she was seeing. It was so erotic to see Love and Amy kissing like this and it made her regret that she had missed even a second of this while going to get the towel.

“Ummmm I don’t even know,” Amy admitted with a nervous, but happy laugh. “I have no idea what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. This is too crazy…”

“We can stop,” Love suggested.

She didn’t want that at all. She badly wanted to keep kissing Amy and have nature take its course. But she also didn’t want to force her into anything. Luckily, Amy wasn’t ready to end this quite yet.

“No! Don’t stop,” Amy requested “It feels so good. I haven’t done this in so long, though. And even when I did it wasn’t like this. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do.”

Amy hadn’t been a virgin in a long time but she sure felt like one again.  She felt so nervous and ill at ease with this. She knew she wanted it but she also wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. She was confused and aroused all at once and she looked to her friends for guidance.

Fortunately she got a lot more than that.

“Let us show you,” Sarah purred as she pressed herself to Amy’s back, unfolding the towel and drying her off with it to get the last of the pool water.

And while she did that, Sarah took the opportunity to get very handsy with her friend’s nude body, pressing the towel to Amy’s breasts, her ass and even between her legs. She also began kissing Amy’s neck, brushing her wet hair out of the way and making her shiver, not just from the night air, but from the pleasure she felt.

“We can do anything you want Amy and we can make it all feel so good,” Sarah sensually promised.

Amy had no doubt about that. Everything about her one encounter with another woman had felt good and everything that was happening so right now with this felt even better.

Amy had gained so much life experience since that one night back in Minnesota. She was a different person, more mature and confident and more in touch with her body’s needs. She was so much readier for this to happen than she had been and she knew she wanted it.

She might not have been able to fully understand why she wanted it but she knew she did. All these revelations about her friends had jarred her completely and she realized she wasn’t even the one being seduced here. She was walking right into this and almost demanding they seduce her.

That excited Amy and it made her desire grow stronger. Nothing else mattered all of a sudden. Not Darren. Not the life they had built together. Not every responsibility she had as a parent and as an adult. She wanted this.

Maybe she always had and had just refused to acknowledge it. Maybe this whole time she had really hoped the rumors about her friends were true so that something like this could happen. Amy didn’t know. She couldn’t think clearly. There was a buzz inside her that made thinking impossible, leaving her only with wanting.

“Please make it feel good,” Amy said, giving Love another kiss and then turning around to kiss Sarah for the first time. “Make it feel so good! Make it feel like you do for every other woman you’ve ever brought here and made into your dirty little sex slaves! I want you to fuck me! Both of you! Fuck me like you fucked all the other women! Mmmm don’t treat me like I’m your friend! Fuck me like I’m your whore!”

Sarah and Love couldn’t believe what they were hearing from Amy and the redhead couldn’t believe she was saying it either. But it was coming from a place of deep sexual honesty inside her.

Just saying it excited Amy. For one night she wanted to forget about everything else. She wanted to forget about being responsible and containing her desires. She wanted to be wild and free like all the other women at the party. She didn’t want to be the good girl tonight. She wanted what everyone else here had.

So Amy forcefully kissed Sarah and, while she did it, grabbed her blonde friend’s hand and forced it between her legs, compelling Sarah to touch her.

“If you want this, come and take it!” Amy groaned, feeling an exhilaration that could only come from doing something you weren’t supposed to and totally getting away with it.

This wasn’t her at all. She never did things like this. And that was the best part of it. She felt like she could get away with anything now and that the rules didn’t matter. She was acting crazy and loving it.

Sarah was shocked by Amy doing this. She’d never dreamed she’d be able to touch her friend so intimately but she didn’t hesitate from actually doing it. As soon as Amy forced her hand onto her pussy, Sarah reacted as she would have for any other beautiful woman.

She lightly caressed Amy’s labia and found her pussy lips to be wet from way more than the pool. Amy was into this and as the redhead moaned so did Sarah. They began kissing again, their tongues rubbing together and Sarah became more aggressive in her touch. She explored the tightness of her friend’s pussy by rubbing her lips up and down and then sliding her fingers between them, feeling the sexy plumpness of her labia and slowly easing her way inside.

“Oh fuck! Ohhhh Sarah! Ooooooh!” Amy dreamily gasped. “Yesssss! That’s it! Mmm fuck me like you fuck those other girls! Show me how much you want me!”

Sarah couldn’t believe what was happening but as long as Amy was going to let her do this then she was going to take every advantage she could of this most unexpected opportunity. She’d never seen this side of Amy before. She’d never expected her friend could be this naughty.

But it was so hot to hear Amy talk like this and offer herself up. The redhead’s tongue felt so wonderful in her mouth and Sarah’s mind whirled with the erotic possibility that soon she’d be feeling it in her pussy.

“We want you so bad!” Love moaned. “You’re so sexy Amy! We never thought you’d be into it! We can fuck you so good! Better than anyone!”

“Oooooooh better than Darren?” Amy moaned, her sweet voice filled with a lust that none of them, even Amy, had heard before. “Is that what you’re going to do? Fuck me better than my fiancé can and make it so good I leave him to fuck you 24/7? That’s what you did to these other women, huh? Made it so good that they stopped being good straight girls and got all nasty and perverted with you? Oh my God! Ughhhh do that to me! Mmmm make me your perverted little slut just like the rest of them! Do what you were afraid to do! Fuck my brains out!”

Amy was feeling desires she never had before. She wanted to be dirty. She wasn’t some prude. But there was a big difference between enjoying sex and being the kind of wild woman that everyone else here was acting like. Tonight she wanted to know what that felt like to really let go.

She had spent her whole life doing the right thing, the responsible thing. For one night she was going to be bad. She was going to be naughty. She was going to be a slut!

“Yessssss so much better than Darren! So much better than any man!” Love promised. “So much better than that girl you fucked before too! No one can resist us, Amy! We make the straightest girls into total lesbian sluts! After they fuck us they’re totally addicted to pussy! They can’t get enough girl fucking! We’re going to do that to you too baby! We’re going to take your sweet mommy body and make you into a dirty lesbian whore!”

“Ohhhh my God yesssssss!” Amy cried as Love started fondling her bare ass, giving her a touch as skilled as any masseuse but so much hotter because it was meant to be dirty and sexy. “Do it! Take the good girl and ruin her! You thought I was too nice and sweet for you dirty girls? Well I’m not! I can be nasty too! Get me addicted to pussy! Make me into a total slut for you and all your friends!”

Amy couldn’t help but blush as she said this. It wasn’t like she hadn’t talked dirty before. She knew full well just how to use a filthy vocabulary to get a reaction in the bedroom. But the circumstances were totally different.

She wasn’t trying to spice things up with the only person she’d been with for the last 13 years. She was laying herself open here. She was making herself vulnerable and it was scary and exciting all at once.

She’d been with nobody but Darren for more than a decade and she needed something different. Amy hadn’t even realized it until now and she kissed Sarah with even more passion while her friends’ hands caressed her body.

Love had been a bit jealous that Sarah had been able to play with Amy’s pussy first. But that feeling hadn’t lasted once Love got a great look at Amy’s bare ass. She’d always known her friend had a great ass but she’d never truly seen it until now.

It was so perky and firm with beautifully round cheeks. It was so creamy too just like the rest of Amy’s beautiful skin. That made Love think that Amy rarely tanned and when she did it was never nude. Amy made modesty sexy and Love was able to ignore every instinct she had that this wasn’t something they should be doing.

While still keeping a hand on Amy’s ass, massaging her tight cheeks, Love used her other hand to pull Amy away from Sarah’s kiss and toward her own. And as soon as she had Amy facing her, Love pressed her lips to her once again, kissing the redhead and making Amy’s knees buckle just a bit from the sexy power of it.

Now it was Sarah’s turn to be jealous and she quickly yanked Amy back, getting her lips back on hers and giving her another kiss, only for Love to respond by doing the same.

Amy couldn’t help but giggle over this. She found herself enjoying the idea of her friends fighting over her. She liked the thought of Love and Sarah being both so into her that they couldn’t share. They were like little brats on Christmas morning unable to share a toy and in this case she was that toy.

Amy had always made sure people saw her as a woman and not some kind of an object, but the idea of being just that for these girls was a turn-on. She wondered how far they’d take this fight over her.

Would they slap each other? Pull hair? Do a full on girl fight? Could she make them literally fight for her with the winner getting to fuck her and the loser only being able to watch? Could she turn friends into enemies because of how hot her body was?

Having that kind of power sent a sexy chill through Amy’s bare body. She always tried to calm conflict. Why not create some for a change? It was an evil thought but a sexy one.

Yet she managed to stifle it, not because she wasn’t tempted to see how far she could push her friends with the prospect of her pussy as the prize, but because she didn’t just want one of them. She wanted both women at the same time.

“You’re such bad girls,” Amy said with a smile. “Mmmm do I have to teach you about sharing? Do I have to treat you like my daughter and make you do a time out? Does mommy have to spank you both?”

The idea got instant twinkles in both Love and Sarah’s eyes and Amy found herself getting wet over what had been an impetuous idea. It had just popped out of her mouth, but it was clear that they all loved it and Amy took advantage of it.

“On your hands and knees, both of you.” Amy ordered as if she were the one with the experience and not the nervous newbie. “Bend over. I’m going to teach you both a lesson.”

Jealousy over being the one to kiss Amy was set aside as soon as she said that and whatever fight Sarah and Love had been on the verge of having was forgotten. Instead they excitedly did what Amy said.

But before they could there was something they both needed to take care of first. For Love it was easy as she stepped out of her shoes, slid down the rest of her micro-lingerie and left herself completely nude. But Sarah had way more clothes on. She pulled at her dress impatiently, wanting it off as quickly as possible.

Filled with the Christmas spirit as well as her always insatiable desire to see her housemate naked, Love helped out her desperate friend. She kissed Sarah lovingly, showing there were no hard feelings, and helped her friend get her clothes off.

Sarah’s dress hit the ground by the pool and was followed seconds later by her bra. Sarah slid her own panties down while she and Love tongue kissed and she pulled herself out of her shoes after that. That left them both just as naked as Amy and Sarah and Love eagerly assumed the position she had requested of them.

They didn’t care that they were on the hard marble that surrounded the pool in the cold night air. They were just happy to be naked and they pushed their bare asses out for Amy, who admired the view and didn’t even realize she was caressing her own breasts while she did it until she unconsciously began tugging her nipples.

Amy groaned at this and began touching herself more earnestly, playing with her hard, pale pink nipples while she stared openly at two great female butts. It was so surreal to be doing this but it turned her on.

Her friends looked so sexy like this. Sarah’s ass so firm and tight and Love’s so soft and juicy. They were both so different and so sexy and Amy loved that. Male butts were pretty much all the same. You saw one, you saw them all. But women? Their bodies were so beautiful with little individual differences everywhere like sexy snowflakes.

Amy was enraptured by this and she sank down just as naked as they were to indulge the wicked impulses she now felt. She was breathing hard as she did it and, before she even knew what she was doing, she slapped Love and Sarah across their bare asses.

That got a yelp from them both and at first Amy was worried she’d done it too hard but the first sound was quickly followed up by a moan. So Amy did it again and made her friends moan even more.

This was even more new to Amy than being with a woman. At least she’d tasted a woman before. She’d never spanked anyone, not even her daughter. She didn’t believe in it when it came to parental discipline and it had never been part of anything intimate she had ever done.

So Amy was surprised in how natural it felt to do this and how easily she got into it.

“You bad girls! Seducing all those nice women with boyfriends and husbands and making them cheat!” Amy said, slapping their asses again. “I can’t believe all those rumors were true! I can’t believe my own friends would want to do that to nice girls! Now you’re going to do that to me, aren’t you? You’re going to fuck me and mess me up so much with it that I’ll only want to fuck you and not my fiancé!”

“Yesssssssss!” Sarah cried as her ass stung most delightfully from Amy’s aggressive slaps. “You won’t want his cock anymore! You’ll only want pussy! You’ll only want us!”

“He’d never be able to fuck you as well as we can!” Love added, moaning uncontrollably from the perverse and unexpected pleasure she got from Amy Adams spanking her. “We’ll fuck you so good that you’ll be back here looking to move in! It happens to everyone! Ooooh once the feel it they can’t get enough! We’re going to fuck you like that Amy and make you into a pussy licking slut just like us! No more cock for Amy! Only wet, yummy pussy!”

Amy couldn’t believe how much that turned her on. She didn’t care if they all regretted doing this in the morning. She didn’t care if this was a mistake. It had been years and years of the same kind of sex for her. Amy needed dangerous. She needed different. She needed this and Amy stopped spanking her friends so she instead could start kissing all over the bare asses she had just made tender with her series of spankings.

That brought out more cries from Love and Sarah before they quieted each other by making out. They kissed each other hungrily as Amy let her lips travel all over their asses, tasting the smooth, soft skin.

Amy loved how it felt to taste those asses and see up close how beautiful they were. Sarah and Love had such different bodies but they were both so sexy and Amy caressed them while kissing their backsides, wanting to explore every naked inch of them.

But she wasn’t the only one who wanted to explore and while Amy had enjoyed her fun spanking them both, this was Sarah and Love’s house and she had to play by their rules. And since they were both such welcoming hostesses, that meant making sure the guest had fun first.

So Sarah and Love didn’t remain on all fours making out, as tempting as it was to do just that. Instead they knew it was far better to work as a team than be jealous over who got Amy first and they pounced on her together.

With an eager giggle, Love got up and pressed herself to Amy, kissing her passionately while mashing her large breasts into Amy’s perky pair. This reestablished control for her and when Sarah got up and spread the towel she had brought out for Amy onto the ground, Love gently pushed her redhead friend onto her back.

Amy didn’t fight it, naturally, and she found herself moaning in no time as she felt the damp towel pressing into her bare back while Sarah and Love kissed and caressed her all over.

They wanted to get all over Amy’s body with their hands and their lips. Love and Sarah kissed and licked all over her bare breasts, bathing her nipples with their tongues before spreading out to circle over her areolas and then onto the firm flesh of her tits and even in between them before they moved down over her stomach.

Amy felt their mouths all over her body and their hands…oh God their hands. They were touching her everywhere and making everything feel so good. They seductively touched her stomach and her sides and her legs and even her arms. It all felt amazing and when their soft, loving hands reached her thighs and began caressing them she arched her back off the towel and moaned.

Amy lost track of who was touching her where and that was an amazing sensation. She loved feeling those hands and those lips and those tongues all over her. If this was just a taste of what her friends were capable of then she had no doubt that they’d be even better than promised. And if that was the case then she’d crave this pleasure again, which was both scary and so appealing all at once.

Darren hadn’t touched her like this in so long. Amy knew when a couple was together as long as they’d been there was bound to be a less passion but she’d had no idea just how much she’d needed to be touched like this until now.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Amy cried out. “Please! More! Make it good! Make me feel it and love it and want it! Ohhhhh my Goddddddd I want need so much!”

And just how much became obvious when Love did what Sarah had been doing and slid her hand between Amy’s legs. Love moaned when she rubbed her friend’s pussy. Amy’s essence coated her fingers and it inspired her to play with her more, rubbing her lips and spreading them open to push inside. That made Amy groan out even louder and Love didn’t hesitate to push her fingers deeper, rubbing them against her friend’s clit.

“I love you wet you are for this!” Love said, pumping her fingers into her friend and making Amy writhe on the towel. “You really do want this! I can’t believe it! You’re so hot Amy! Your wet, little pussy feels so good! I always hoped you’d want us but I never thought you would! You’re so sweet and nice and I wanted to make you nasty like us! I wanted to make you into a bad girl but I was too scared to say it so we made you off limits! Now you really are going to be just like us!”

Amy would have cried out again how badly she wanted that to happen but she didn’t have the chance, not with Sarah’s lips on hers. Sarah kissed her with plenty of tongue and Amy closed her eyes and kissed back, moaning from all the eroticism and being eagerly taking out of all her comfort zones by this.

Amy and Sarah kissed and played with each other’s bare breasts, toying with each other’s nipples while they let the pleasure wash over them both. They both had their eyes closed as they enjoyed the forbidden moment and neither of them saw Love remove her juice coated fingers from Amy to lick them clean. And they definitely didn’t see Love move her face between the redhead’s legs so she could get an even better taste.

Amy had no idea it was coming until she felt Love’s tongue drag over her pussy lips and start licking and by then it was too late to do anything but cry out in intense pleasure from the first time a woman’s tongue had ever touched her there.

“Oh my God yes! Oh Love! Ohhhhhhhh Goddddddd!” Amy moaned out as the pleasure from the skillful, quick tongue flicks immediately overwhelmed her.

She couldn’t remember the last time Darren had gone down on her but even if he had done it every day it wouldn’t have been able to compare with the way Love was doing it. It felt so wonderful to have her friend lick her.

“Mmmm doesn’t she lick pussy so nice?” Sarah moaned, kissing all over Amy’s neck while fondling her tits, her naked body rubbing into the redhead’s side. “Doesn’t that tongue feel good?”

“Oh yessssssssss! So good! Ooooooh my God, Sarah! It’s so good!” Amy cried, her body instantly happy that she was letting this happen.

“Tell her to fuck you!” Sarah said softly into Amy’s ear. “Tell her to eat that pussy! I want to hear that sweet voice talk dirty! Mmmm it makes me so wet when I hear how much you want to be just like us!”

“Oooooh you filthy girl! Mmmm fuck me Love! Fuck me like you fuck Sarah!” Amy moaned out into the night sky, immediately complying with Sarah’s profane request and not caring who heard her. “Fuck me like you fuck all those sluts! Is this what you do? Mmmm stick your tongue into their pussies after their husbands and boyfriends neglect them and make them come so good they’re hooked on you? That’s what they’re doing to me! Eat my pussy Love! Make me fucking dirty for you! Fuckkkkk! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk it never felt this good before! Yessssssss oh Love mmmmm get that tongue inside that good girl pussy! Make me bad! I don’t want to be fucking boring anymore! I don’t want the same old fucking! I need this! Make me your slut Love! Make me your whore! Just make it feel good! Please!”

Amy unconsciously opened up her legs even further as she said this. Love’s tongue felt incredible and she wanted so much more of it. All she could think about then was coming. Nothing else mattered. She just wanted to come all over her friend’s pretty face and then have Sarah fuck her and then to go back into the party completely naked so everyone could have a turn fucking her.

She wanted all of that so badly. Amy knew she wasn’t going to be able to stand just being fucked once tonight. She was going to need it again and again until she either passed out on the floor or staggered out of there completely cum drunk on pussy.

“Mmmm not mad at us anymore, are you Amy??” Love teased between licks, her own pussy dripping from the sound of Amy Adams talking so dirty. “Bet you’re glad we invited you now and that you know all our nasty secret! Mmmmm now you’re one of us Amy! Now you’re a dirty little whore like me and Sarah! You’re going to be a pussy licking slut! We’re going to fuck up your whole life now and you’re going to love every second of it because you’re craving pussy so much! Mmmm make her taste it Sarah! Feed her your wet pussy!”

And naturally Sarah loved the idea.

“Yes! Is that what you want Amy? Wanna taste my pussy? Mmmm want to suck on my cunt for a while and taste what a dirty girl I am with my wet, juicy pussy in your face?” Sarah moaned.

Each lick Love was taking was making Amy more and more into all of this. She was being licked into a haze of lesbian desire more powerful and intoxicating than anything she had drank that night. So she didn’t think twice about this. She just wanted it to happen.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Amy cried. “Mmmmm do it Sarah! Fuck my face! Feed it to me while Love licks me! Ohhhh my God you girls are so nasty and I love it! Feed me wet pussy! Ohhhh my God, make me taste your cunt!”

Amy didn’t think she had ever said that word before outside of a movie scene but it had sounded so naughty off Sarah’s lips and she got such a taboo thrill from saying it too. But the real thrill was what happened next when Sarah grinned and gave her just what she wanted by repositioning herself and lowering her wet pussy right down onto her face.

Amy didn’t hesitate to respond. After all, this was the part of girl sex she had done before. She was so eager to give it to Sarah and as soon as her pussy was within range, Amy stuck her tongue out and began licking her beautiful blonde friend.

“Ooooooooooh yeahhh Amy yeahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh God I can’t believe you’re licking my pussy!” Sarah exclaimed, happily surprised by how eager her friend was. “Give it to me! Fuck me! Lick me like Love’s licking you! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhh yesssss faster Amy! Yessss lick it just like that! Taste my fucking cunt! You want to be a whore for us? Well you’re one now! Ooooooh you’re going to be a nasty little ginger whore with my pussy all over that pretty face!”

Amy wanted to moan out how much she wanted that. She loved how nasty it sounded. It was so dirty and hot and so much the opposite of all the sex she’d been having lately. But she couldn’t say a word, not with Sarah’s vagina in her face. So she showed her approval another way, by licking Sarah as well as she could.

From her first experience all those years ago, Amy had known that she liked the flavor of another woman. So she wasn’t shy about the taste. She went right after Sarah and lapped away at her like she’d had hunger pent up inside her for years. And maybe she had. All Amy knew was that Sarah tasted good from the first lick and she wanted a lot more of her. God, she was turning into a total slut, just like they’d warned her, she would and Amy loved it.

None of this seemed real. It had to be some kind of dream. That was what Amy kept telling herself. She couldn’t really have Sarah fucking her face while she spread her legs to let Love eat her out. She couldn’t really be naked outside in the December air having wild lesbian sex with her friends. This wasn’t how this night had been supposed to go at all.

But if it was a dream, then it was the best dream ever.

Amy had just been intending to stop by the party for a short visit to wish her friends Merry Christmas. Then she’d planned to be on her way. But now the plan had changed and she never wanted to leave.

Her family was the last thing on her mind. All she cared about was fucking and she loved it. She loved tasting Sarah. She loved feeling that wet, smooth cunt in her face, smearing itself against her lips and tasting so good that Amy couldn’t help but want to shove her tongue into it and lick it hard. But most of all she loved what Love was doing to her. Amy kept her legs open and wordlessly invited Love to defile her with her mouth, a message her friend clearly got.

Amy had never felt anything like the sensations she was experiencing from Love going down on her. Darren had never licked her pussy like this. No man had. It was like Love was anticipating her needs and licking her where she wanted to be licked before she even knew she wanted it.

Love’s tongue was making her pussy into her playground and Amy was so ready to give it all up to her as long as this pleasure never stopped. She just wanted to keep her legs spread and her friend’s face in between them. She never wanted that tongue to stop. Love was licking and fucking her pussy like no one ever had and each moment of it felt better than the last. Amy’s pleasure just kept building and building.

And the pleasure was made even better with Sarah’s pussy in her face. Amy wanted to give back to Sarah everything she was getting from Love and more. And she worked her tongue into her friend to do just that.

Sarah was riding her face reverse cowgirl style, pressing herself right against Amy’s mouth, giving her no choice but to lick her. But Amy didn’t want or need the choice. She was completely into this and she licked away with wild abandon, knowing that this time there would be no interruption of her opportunity to eat pussy.

There would be no boyfriends here and if another girl did interrupt them they could just have her join in. Amy assumed that was how things went here and it sounded pretty hot to her. She could really see now just why her friends lived this way. Who couldn’t want all of this amazing sex?

Amy didn’t just feel like her libido was out of control. It had taken her whole body with it. She was doing things before she could think them through, including grabbing onto Sarah’s ass and squeezing it. She gripped onto her friend’s butt cheeks like they were ripe pieces of fruit she was checking for firmness and it delighted her.

Being totally out of control was so much fun. She held tightly to Sarah’s ass, pushing the blonde against her face and feasting on her pussy. Amy felt so unbridled, like she had left all her inhibitions along with her clothes, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this happy. Her friends were fucking away all her stress and all her boredom and especially all her pent-up needs.

“Oh Love! Oh Love! Ohhhhhhh yessss fuck me!” Amy cried out, pausing her licking for a moment so she could beg for more and run her tongue over her own lips, tasting Sarah all over them. “Mmmmm you nasty, nasty little slut! Ooooh fuck yesss seducing your friend! Mmm making me bad like you! Making me cheat! Ohhhh fuckkk I…I never cheated on Darren before! Ooooooh fuck it feels so good to be bad!”

Love knew they were wading into dangerous waters now. She didn’t want Amy to be overcome by guilt and back out of this. But she was feeling pretty dangerous herself now and she sensed Amy was getting off on doing something so wrong. So Love added some gasoline to the fire instead of trying to put it out.

“Mmmmm you’re the nasty little slut, Amy! You’re the dirty cheater!” Love teased. “You’re the one who begged us to seduce you! Your fiancé is home waiting for you and you’re here getting fucked by us! Mmmm you know you want us to turn you into a pussy licking whore, Amy! You want us to make you bad and dirty! You’re the one who wants to be a slut!”

“Yeah! Make sure you give Darren a big kiss for us when you get home!” Sarah chimed in with an evil, giddy laugh as she pushed herself down harder against Amy’s face, forcing her pussy against her friend and compelling her to lick it more. “Mmmmm give that poor boy a kiss with my pussy all over your dirty, cheating lips! This what you want Amy? For us to fuck up your whole perfect little life with our nasty, perverted ways? I know you want it! Mmm say you want it! Say that you’re a dirty girl!”

That was very hard to comply with considering Amy had Sarah’s pussy in her face. But Amy managed to pull her mouth away long enough to say just what the girls wanted…and what she wanted too.

“Yesssss! Fuck yes! I’m a dirty girl! I’m a dirty fucking cheater!” Amy cried. “Darren’s at home with Avi wondering where mommy is and I’m here getting fucked! Oooooh yesss fuck me harder Love! Fuck me like the filthy, cheating bitch I am! Ooooooh you’re turning me into another one of your slutty girlfriends to add to your collection! Ughhh fuckkkk yessss! Fuck me so good and make me part of your orgy parties! You know I’ll come running now whenever you want! Even though I know it’s wrong I’m going to fuck you and all of your friends!”

Amy was panting and moaning as she said it all and it felt amazing. It was like she wasn’t even herself anymore. Sure there had been moments when she had been tempted to stray. It was natural after being with someone more than 10 years but she had never even come close to doing anything about it.

Now not only was she cheating, but she was getting wet from reveling in doing it. She was being so filthy and Amy knew it was going to make her come so hard all over Love’s face.

“Fuck me Love!” Amy begged before Sarah quieted her by smothering her face with her pussy again. “Fuck me nasty! Mmmm lick me harder! Use your fingers too! Fuck me like Darren never does! Make me come!”

Wanting to get Amy off and make sure she had an experience she would never forget, Love did not hesitate to comply. She had been planning to use her fingers anyway, but having Amy request it now made her speed that up.

Amy was plenty wet for this and Love easily pushed two of her fingers back into her friend, taking her with a more aggressive thrust than she had before. Amy moaned in ecstasy right into Sarah’s pussy when she did it and Love gave it to her hard, fingering the redhead’s wet hole while licking it faster, giving Amy a double stimulation that had her writhing with orgasmic anticipation into the wet towel beneath her.

It was so hard for Amy to think about anything else with Love’s fingers pushing into her while her tongue furiously lapped away at her wetness, but Sarah’s pussy in her face reminded her that she had a job to do too. Amy loved this feeling. It was like being overwhelmed by sex.

Sarah’s pussy was all over her mouth, grinding its wetness onto her lips and chin and even up to her nose. Sarah’s arousal smelled so good and tasted even better. It had been so long since Amy had enjoyed the forbidden flavor of her own gender and it was reminding her how much she liked it. She definitely was not going to be able to go 15 years before doing this again.

Amy just hoped she was making Sarah feel good. It sure sounded like she was, since Sarah was moaning up a storm and kept urging her on. And it sure tasted like she was, since Sarah’s juices were coating her tongue and dripping down her throat.

But Amy wanted to make sure she could do to Sarah what she hadn’t been able to do to her friend all those years back. She wanted to make sure she came. So Amy kept a tight squeeze on Sarah’s ass cheeks while she licked her, pushing her tongue up and letting Sarah bounce against her face.

Amy loved having her mouth fucked like this. Sarah was humping against her, pressing her smooth, soaked pussy lips over her tongue and making it so easy for her to lick. Amy tongued those delicious folds, using her hands on Sarah’s firm backside to spread her open more and slip right inside to really get at her friend’s sexual core.

Amy never could have envisioned her night would turn out like this but she was so glad it had. Sarah was delicious. God, her pussy tasted good and she was sure Love had a yummy one too. She was certain all of these women did too.

How many of them would she end up tasting tonight? She wanted as many hot girls as she could get. Amy pictured herself heading home to her family with a tummy full of pussy juice and a big secret and it turned her on so much.

“Fuck me Sarah! Fuck my dirty, cheating face!” Amy groaned. “Ooooh fuck! Make me be slutty for you all! Everyone out there thinks I’m too nice and sweet to cheat but I’m such a fucking whore deep down! Oooooh I’ve been holding it back for so long! Make me be bad! “

Amy got right back to licking, treating Sarah’s vaginal folds to the very best of what her tongue could do. Having her friend’s heat and wetness in her face was so nice along with what Love was doing to her with her tongue. And Amy tried to copy what Love was doing the best she could with Sarah.

She wanted to be good at this. Amy didn’t want to be selfish and just receive pleasure. She wanted to give it too. After all, that was what friends did for each other. They didn’t keep secrets or omit things. They did what their friends needed when they needed it and Amy knew Sarah needed to get off right then.

“Yesssssssssss ooooooh that pretty little face is going to get soaked with my cum” Sarah grunted happily, her firm tits jiggling while she humped herself against the redhead. “Oooooh fuck yessssss you dirty cheating slut! Mmmm you’re licking my pussy now instead of sucking Darren’s cock and this tastes so much better, doesn’t it? Yessss you’re not going to want cock anymore! Dirty little Amy is going to be such a nasty girl fucking slut now! You’re going to go to bed each night dreaming of my pussy in your face, Amy! Mmmm you’re going to be fingering your pussy in your sleep when you think of me fucking you! You’re going to want my yummy juices on your tongue! All of these bitches here used to love men but now they only want other girls! Just like me! Oooooh I was so fucking straight until Love and all our friends fucked it right out of me! Now I’m just a dirty fucking dyke and you’re one too baby! Ooooooh the good girl is going to be my lesbian fuck slut! That’s what you are now Amy! A dirty dyke slut like the rest of us!”

Sarah remembered how eagerly Jennifer Lawrence had used that word before when they’d messed around and it reminded her of just how badly she needed to come. She hadn’t had the time to get off upstairs and her pussy had been craving release all night because of it.

Being able to fuck Jennifer had been a fantasy come true for Sarah but this was beyond all that. She’d never even really fantasized about Amy Adams because she had considered her too untouchable. But now it was Amy who was going to get her off.

Amy was the one who was going to get all the pent-up cum that had been in Sarah since she had tasted Jennifer’s amazing pussy. Amy was the one who was going to get her sexy, sweet mommy face fucked and Sarah relished how wrong all of this was.

“Oh God! Come for me Sarah!” Amy begged. “Fuck my face! Make me want it every night! Make me it so when I’m lying next to him in bed but all I can think of is you and how good you taste! Make me want to sneak around on Darren! Make this dirty, cheating bitch crave dirty lesbian sex with all of you! Oooooh make me swallow your cum Sarah! Make me drink it down! I never swallow for him but I’ll do it for you! I’ll do it for all of you!”

“Ohhhh fuckkkk yesss you’re so nasty! Mmmmm get in there! Fucking lick the cum right out of me!” Sarah cried in wanton lust as she reached around her back to get her hand on Amy’s head to force the redhead into her pussy. She held onto Amy by a clump of her gorgeous ginger hair and pushed her face deeper into her crotch. But that wasn’t all Sarah did.

Sarah had gotten into this position not just so she could watch Love fucking Amy, but for more. And though Sarah loved the view of Love’s beautiful face pressed between Amy’s milky-skinned thighs, while Amy writhed and her ginger bush rubbed up against Love, Sarah wasn’t in the mood to just watch.

She wanted to give some pleasure too. So she did what she had been planning to do ever since she had pressed herself down on Amy. Sarah bent over so she could join Love at their friend’s pussy and give her the sensation of two tongues at the same time.

And, unlike before, this time Sarah and Love didn’t fight over Amy. They were more than willing to share and they didn’t even have to say a word about it. They just went for it, falling right into a pattern they had shown with so many other women.

While Sarah licked at Amy from above, pressing her mouth right to her cunt so she could suck on her folds and lick her juicy lips, Love focused on Amy’s clit, using her tongue and her mouth and all the while keeping her fingers sliding in and out of the creamy pink hole.

“OH GOD! OHHHHH! YESSSSSSS OOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Amy screamed as her brain felt overwhelmed by pleasure shooting straight up her spine.

Amy felt like her mind was going to melt from how intense the surge of bliss was. This was so above and beyond anything she had ever felt before and it left her wailing and writhing while she continued to lie back on the towel under the starry night sky.


“Mmmmm yeahhhh you wanna come for us Amy? Gonna come so good all over our faces?” Love teased, asking the obvious while sliding her fingers in and out of the woman, fucking her deep and steadily while rubbing right up against her clitoris.

Love emphasized her words by kissing all over Amy’s thighs while asking her and the older woman cried out her answers without delay.


Amy tried her best to still focus on Sarah’s pussy grinding into her face but it was so difficult to concentrate on anything but the overwhelming pleasure filling her. This was the most intense experience of her life.

Nothing sexual she had ever done could possibly compare to having two amazing tongues as well as fingers working her pussy over. Amy felt tremors of pleasure rushing through her with every lick and every thrust. It was getting her closer and closer to the ultimate release she needed.

“FUCK ME!  MAKE ME COME! I NEED TO COME! OHHHH MY GODDDDD I NEED TO COMMMMME!” Amy cried, not caring if anyone heard her. Darren could have been standing right there and she wouldn’t have wanted to stop this. It felt too goddamn good.

Sarah and Love had teamed up on so many women like this. They’d started with Rose and then moved on to Jennifer and after that the dominos had started falling. One by one straight women had become part of their special group because of how good it felt.

They’d fucked so many women together that they’d both lost count of how many. But doing this to Amy felt special. Sarah and Love both worked on her clit, sharing it between them. One would lick it and the other would suck on it and then they’d switch. And all the time Love’s fingers kept rubbing it, making Amy’s juices run down her hand as her pussy folds clenched around them.

Love’s fingers were perfect for keeping the sexy MILF from getting too tight though and she made sure that she kept Amy’s pussy spread open for their oral efforts to be most effective. Sarah and Love both had their faces pressed to their friend’s sexy, quivering body, sucking and licking her clit simultaneously, their desire for her growing even stronger as Amy begged them for pleasure and fed them her naughty flavor.

They weren’t going to stop until they made Amy come and it didn’t take much longer for them all to get what they wanted. One mouth alone would have been enough to make Amy orgasm but two? And fingers along with it? Amy was surprised she had lasted as long as she had.

Every suck and every lick felt incredible and finally she could take no more. She exploded like she never had before, screaming in release while her friends happily found their faces creamed.


Amy’s sticky essence was a prize that Love and Sarah had never expected to ever get. This was definitely a Christmas present for them both and they worked her pussy over to get every drop of it. As Amy came for them, they both kept at it. They sucked and licked her clit and tongued her creaming hole to taste it.

And of course they shared, kissing each other and letting their friend’s flavor go from mouth to mouth before they both swallowed it down with a big smile. And only after Amy fell back onto the towel, her body a sweaty mess even under the cold night air, did Sarah and Love pull up.

They didn’t stop lavishing her with erotic affection, though. With Sarah on her left and Love on her right, the redhead found herself sandwiched by her naked friends, both of them eager to kiss her. And Amy was happy to kiss them right back.

She kissed Sarah first and then turned her head to kiss Love and then it was all three of them together in a mix of lips and tongues and passion. Amy knew she was tasting herself in their kisses and that turned her on even more. She knew she should have been feeling guilty over what she had just done, but she couldn’t. It was just too hot.

Amy had been expecting to feel regrets. She’d just cheated on the man she loved, someone she’d always been completely faithful to before tonight. But she didn’t regret it. She didn’t feel bad about it. She only felt good.

She wanted to keep the pleasure going and Amy kissed her friends back with enthusiasm, relishing the three-way kiss while her hands caressed their bare chests. Sarah’s tits were so sexy and perky and Love’s were so big and soft and amazing. Amy loved playing with their boobs but she also wanted more. She had unfinished business and she wanted to show her friends how much she appreciated what they had just done.

After all, to not properly thank someone for a gift would just be rude.

“Spread your legs Sarah,” Amy said. “I want more of that hot pussy! I want to make you come!”

“Oooooh yes Amy! I was hoping you were going to say that,” Sarah grinned, so happy that Amy was still into this even after her orgasm.

Sarah quickly repositioned herself while Amy got up off her back. Sarah sat down on the towel where Amy’s head had just been and felt the dampness from her wet hair against her bare ass, making her smile. And that smile grew when Sarah slung open her legs, bending them at the knee and spreading herself wide, and Amy dove right into her pussy without delay.


Amy went after Sarah with a wild abandon, caring only about getting her friend off as quickly and as sexily as possible. Amy turned over so she was on her knees on the towel and bent over to bury her face right into Sarah, licking at her pussy even harder than she had before.

And that was just what Sarah needed. The blonde didn’t want to be romanced or made love to. She needed to be fucked and having Amy do it was such an extra rush for her. She never, ever had expected to feel Amy Adams eating her out and that made every lick even hotter for Sarah.

Sarah’s steady cries fueled her on and Amy found herself facing a fact she’d known for years but had refused to really acknowledge until now. She REALLY loved the taste of pussy. And while her friend back in the day had been good, Sarah was great.

Her slutty, sweet flavor felt so amazing on her tongue and now Sarah was all Amy wanted to focus on. She didn’t have her own needs to distract her. She could concentrate entirely on pleasuring her friend. Having come like she did had filled Amy with an insatiable desire for pussy. She had to have more and Sarah had so much yumminess to feed her.

Sarah kept moaning out the pleasure she felt from that eager tongue lapping at her pussy. It was so hot to look down and see that beautiful red hair and that sweet, wholesome face pressed right to her cunt.

Sarah couldn’t get over how nasty this was. She was fucking her friend. Amy wasn’t straight anymore. She wasn’t untouchable. She wasn’t on some pedestal of purity. She was down and dirty like the rest of them. Amy was a bad girl too and that made Sarah so wet.

Amy’s face looked so sexy in her crotch and Sarah loved how intent and focused the redhead was on getting her off.

“Mmmmm look at me Amy!” Sarah pleaded, playing with her tits as she fucked Amy’s face, groaning happily each time she felt her friend’s tongue push inside her to lick at her folds and stimulate her aroused clit. “Let me see those beautiful eyes as you tongue fuck me! Oooooh yessssss look right up at me while you’re going down on me! I love that! Yessssss show me in your eyes how much you want this! Eat that juicy, little cunt of mine Amy! Ooooooh fuck you’re such a bad girl now! Dirty little cheating slut! You want that fucking pussy so bad, don’t you? Yesssssss ohhhh fuck I need to come Amy! I need it so fucking much! Give it to me baby! Ohhhh fuckkkkk yessssssssss! Stare up at me while you’re fucking me!”

Amy loved hearing the sounds of pleasure from Sarah’s mouth. To her it was just the feedback she craved. She wanted to do this right and make her friend feel good and she would have done anything Sarah wanted right then.

Giving her a sexy stare was the least of what she would have done and she looked right up at Sarah, treating her to a full blast from her baby blues while continuing to lick away. Amy found it to be quite a thrill to do this too because now she could see Sarah’s face as she cried out her pleasure instead of just hearing that.

“Yesssss such beautiful fucking eyes!” Sarah cooed, loving being able to see them almost sparkle for her under the darkness of the night sky, the lights by the pool providing the only illumination for their naked bodies. “You’re so beautiful Amy! Mmmmm such a pretty face! Make me come all over it! I can see in your eyes how much you want it! I can see how you’re getting off being a dirty cheater! Yessssss lick me harder Amy! Oooooh mmmm get that tongue into that little cunt of mine! Fuckkkk oh yessss! Such a dirty girl!”

Amy couldn’t get over how dirty Sarah talked. She’d never been with someone who was like that in bed. But it didn’t offend her. It turned her on even more to hear Sarah’s sweet voice say nasty words like that.

Nothing turned her on, however, quite like the feeling of what Love was doing to her. Because the brunette was not about to be left out of the fun, not when she had such a gorgeous sight in front of her.

Love was barely even looking at Sarah’s body as it sexily squirmed on the towel, her hips bucking up against Amy’s face to press her pussy up against her. Sarah was moaning uncontrollably and Love usually enjoyed hearing that and seeing her friend in a worked up state of passion. But she couldn’t take her eyes off Amy’s body, especially her ass.

It was so cute and firm and Love envied and desired it. Amy definitely knew how to keep her butt nice and tight and Love eagerly fondled it, rubbing her friend’s MILF cheeks with her hands while parting them open just enough to expose her naughty holes from behind.

“We can get even nastier with you Amy,” Love purred. “What we just did to you was just a taste. Mmmm and if you want to do this with us again as can show you everything!”

And that sounded so good to Amy right then that she didn’t hesitate.

“Yes! Show me everything! Don’t hold back Love!” Amy said. “Show me how nasty you get! Show me all the ways you dirty girls fuck!”

Love didn’t need any more encouragement than that. She gave Amy’s pussy a few more licks to give her tastebuds what they craved but she didn’t linger there. Instead she quickly moved upward and began to sensually touch the tip of her tongue all over Amy’s asshole, teasing her tight starfish and making her squeal in unexpected pleasure.

“Oooooooh my God Love! Oooooh you are dirty! Mmmmm so so so dirty!” Amy groaned, encouraging Love to keep going. “Oooooh no one’s ever done that to me before! Ohhhhh fuck! Mmmmm so good!”

“Oh wow, you are a little prude aren’t you Amy?” Sarah laughed. “Mmmm no one ever played with that yummy little ass of yours? That’s not right! Mmmm an ass like that needs to be worshipped and we’re just the girls to do it! Wait’ll you feel Love really lick you there! You’re going to want it all the time! Love knows just how to lick and you’re going to love it!”

Amy didn’t doubt that for a second. She’d been touched there a little before, but never like this. Darren had made it very clear that he was definitely interested in fucking her ass but she’d never let him. It just hadn’t been something she had been interested in doing. It had seemed like it would hurt and that it wouldn’t feel good.

But Love was changing her mind on that very quickly, at least when it came to a tongue. Amy gasped and moaned as Love slipped her tongue into her ass and began exploring her even more. The liberties her friend was taking with her body were extreme but they felt so good. Amy didn’t want her to stop.

“Ooooooh Love! Mmmm do it baby! Lick that tight little ass! Ohhhh my God it feels so fucking good!” Amy cooed. “Oh fuck! Ohhhh fuckkkk your tongue is up my ass! I can’t fucking believe your tongue is up my ass! Oooooh so nasty and so goooooood! Mmmm fuck me Love!”

Amy’s blue eyes were closed now as the sensations of receiving her first ass licking flowed through her body. She couldn’t believe this was happening and that it felt so good. But she could say that about everything that had happened tonight and she quickly realized that this was making her forget about what was supposed to be most important now.

“Don’t stop!” Sarah grunted, grabbing Amy by her red hair and shoving her back down into her pussy. “I’m so fucking close! I didn’t have the chance to come before when I was fucking Jennifer and I can’t wait any longer! I need this! Make me come Amy! Fucking eat me until I cream all over you!”

Amy didn’t fight having her head shoved down into Sarah. In fact she welcomed it. She liked how her friend took control of her and made her fuck her. Plus she didn’t want to forget how much she wanted to pleasure Sarah.

This was just a helpful reminder and Amy welcomed it. She loved feeling Sarah face fuck her, mashing her pussy into her lips. It was a wonderful incentive for her to get her tongue back to work and Amy licked away at Sarah while Love’s tongue lapped at her asshole.

It was pleasure on both ends and Amy tried to let it all flow through her without becoming overwhelmed. She wanted to focus on Sarah and Love had some helpful hints for that.

“Use your fingers on her!” Love said. “Just like you wanted me to do to you! She’s going to love it. You know what feels good Amy. Do it to her and make Sarah come! She tastes so good when she comes all over your tongue!”

And Amy immediately complied. She was sure she could do it to Sarah without the help but she certainly appreciated it.

She liked how simple Love made it sound. Amy might never have gotten a woman off before but it sure sounded like all she had to was imagine it was her own pussy being stimulated and then do to Sarah liked she wanted it done to herself. How easy was that? No wonder women knew what women wanted more than men did in bed.

“YESSSS! OOOOH YES AMY! FUCK ME!” Sarah cried in ecstasy as Amy’s finger slid into her pussy and then was quickly followed by another. “OOOOOH I’M SO CLOSE ALREADY! DO IT FASTER! MMMM FUCKKK YESSSS FINGER FUCK MY PUSSY WHILE YOU LICK IT! OH FUCK I’M GOING TO COME!”

All of the pent-up lust that had been growing inside Sarah was banging against her to get out. It had been like a roaring lioness in her body ever since she hadn’t had the time to let Jennifer make her come upstairs. Plus knowing that her sweet, sensible friend Amy had gone wild and was the one fucking her gave Sarah an extra jolt. It felt amazing to have her being the one doing this to her and it was making all that cum want to explode out of her.

Sarah’s cries were getting louder and more feverish as Amy pumped her fingers in, rubbing them right up against her clit and licked away at her. With Sarah’s legs slung open and bent at the knee it gave Amy so much access to her friend’s intimate areas and she didn’t hold back in exploring them.

Amy loved how juicy her fingers were getting but the taste of Sarah’s wetness on her tongue was the best. And she smiled over how every time she touched Sarah’s swollen clit she made the blonde shiver and buck for her. So she kept doing it, rubbing right against Sarah’s clitoris while licking her juicy folds and tasting everything she had to offer.

Amy also managed to really get a rhythm going to in terms of giving and receiving simultaneously. It was such an incredible sensation to have Love stimulating her asshole while Sarah fucked her face. She had never dreamed she could like what Love was doing to her but that tongue felt so good licking her naughtiest, tightest hole and then pushing inside.

It made Amy moan wildly but she no longer let that distract her. Instead she funneled all that energy toward pleasing Sarah. Everything Love did to her, Amy tried to do double to Sarah. And that was a strategy that worked out just fine as far as Sarah was concerned because it pushed her right over the edge.

Amy’s fingers working roughly in and out of her cunt right against her clit was just what Sarah wanted and the feeling of that tongue inside her was the perfect capper, especially when Amy focused it on her clit too. Her pussy couldn’t withstand such a combination and Sarah found sexual release with relief and ecstasy, so happy to finally have the orgasm she’d been dying for.


Amy had never tasted anything as good as Sarah’s orgasm. She lapped at it like it was ambrosia and to her tongue it might as well have been. It was so tasty and Amy saw it as another present, one she had earned through hard work.

She couldn’t wait for more too. She wanted Love’s taste next. She adored the kinky things the brunette was doing to her and Amy wanted to show her friend just how much. She wanted to taste Love’s pussy so bad and maybe even return the favor to her and lick her asshole.

She’d already done so many things she had never done before, so what was one more?

But Amy never got that chance. Because as soon as she pulled up from Sarah’s pussy to kiss her and let her taste her own orgasm, the door by the pool opened up again and someone staggered out in distress.

“Sarah!” Reese Witherspoon groaned. “Sarah! I don’t feel good! Oooooh fuck, what’s happening to me?”

Sarah didn’t hesitate. She immediately jumped off the towel and ran to aid her friend, with Amy and Love right behind her. None of them were wearing any clothes but none of that mattered right then. They were all worried about Reese.

“Are you okay? Is it the baby?” Sarah asked.

“Oooooh he’s fine…he’s fine,” Reese replied. That had been her first fear as well but she knew it wasn’t that. “It’s my head! Ughhh it’s spinning! I feel so light headed…I gotta…”

Reese didn’t even finish that sentence. She just sat down on the nearest pool chair, holding her head in her hands. Sarah was worried Reese was going to pass out but that didn’t happen fortunately.

“Let’s get you back inside,” Sarah said. “We can get you some water and you can lay down.”


Meanwhile, Reese wasn’t the only one feeling the impact of the punch. There was someone else who was feeling particularly lightheaded and dizzy as she staggered through the mansion, not sure where she was going, what she was doing or where the hell her clothes were.

All she knew was that she had to get out of this place before she did something she was going to regret. She had to get somewhere where things were normal and made sense. She had to get somewhere where people weren’t fucking everywhere in sight.

Fucking! That’s what they were doing. All of them were fucking like animals right in the middle of the goddamn living room and she was terrified of it because deep down all she could think about was how much she wanted to join in. She wanted to be an animal too, a naked, horny animal waiting to be pounced on and taken.

What was wrong with her? How could she be thinking like that?

“Pull it together Tori,” Victoria Justice told herself but she wasn’t sure if she was even capable of listening to her own good advice.

She had never felt this way before in her life but all she could think about was how much she needed to be fucked. The hotter and the nastier the better.

Deciding she had better get some cold water on her face and then find a way out of this place, Victoria found herself very challenged by the fact that she had no idea where she was going. She had never been to this place before and she didn’t know where anything was. Hell, she didn’t know where the door was.

What was that line from that old song? “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” That was how she felt right then and finding the exit was made even harder because the place kept spinning around her.

Had she been drugged or something? That had to have been what had happened. There was no other explanation for what she had just done. How could she just have been kissing Ariana Grande? She hated that little bitch and she’d actually been kissing her. Why had she been doing that? And why had it felt so good?

Ariana’s lips had been wonderful. It had been the first time she had ever kissed another girl and Victoria had been shocked to discover how much she had enjoyed it. She actually hadn’t wanted to strangle her former friend for a minute there. God, she had actually wanted to fuck her!

That had been the craziest part of all. It hadn’t even been that she had felt desire for another woman, but that it had been for Ariana. That girl drove her crazy and not in a good way. She was such a hypocrite for calling her out publicly for ending Victorious because she wanted to tour solo and then ruining her own show with diva demands and her own solo ambitions.

And okay, maybe she was a little jealous that Ariana was a pop superstar now and was getting to live the dream that she had wanted for herself…but only a little jealous. Okay, maybe a LOT jealous. But still, that girl was a tiny little terror with her mood swings and her crazy talk.

Victoria couldn’t believe she’d ever been friends with her. She couldn’t believe she’d been making out with her. She couldn’t believe she still wanted to get back out there and fuck her. Ahhhhh what was wrong with her?

She was so confused and woozy that she hadn’t even noticed how she was dressed or, more accurately, undressed. Her top and pants were in the other room where she and Ariana had just been kissing. And while she still had her bra on, her thong panties were pulled down from behind past her hips, exposing her bare ass for anyone to see.

Victoria wasn’t even aware of her own nudity and hadn’t bothered to pull her panties back up. She just couldn’t get a clear enough head.

Looking around, Victoria realized she had somehow wandered into the kitchen. She had no idea how she had gotten here or how she could find the door but she did at least focus herself enough to stagger over to the sink so she could splash some water on her face.

That felt good. She’d been getting so hot and flustered and the cold water was soothing. But Victoria did not have a chance to relax and get some needed self-control back. Not when a voice suddenly spoke up behind her.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” a voice asked and Victoria literally jumped when she heard it.

It startled her to hear someone suddenly speak when she’d thought she’d been alone. Victoria audibly gasped before she turned around and found herself staring right at Rose McGowan.

“Nothing!” Victoria insisted, her voice defensive and with a little bit of panic in it, like she’d been caught doing something wrong. “I…I…was just looking…for some water.”

“Well you found it,” Rose pointed out. “But how come you’re not out at the party with all of your friends? I didn’t think I was going to find anyone in here.”

“Oh my God, you live here!” Victoria replied, putting things together in her head as she remembered that Rose had greeted her when she had arrived with Liz and Ariana. “You can show me the way out of here!”

“But why would I do that?” Rose asked, her smile quickly turning into a very sexy smirk. “Why would I want you to leave before I’ve fucked you?”

“Oh my God…” Victoria groaned, her inebriated mind making her focus on a very basic fact that she couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed right away.

Rose was standing in front of her buck naked. Victoria could see her whole bare body and even more apparent than Rose’s big, naked boobs was the look in her eyes of raw desire. Even as woozy as she was, Victoria could register that look on Rose’s face and it made her grip the counter behind her in reflexive nervousness.

And Rose wasn’t exactly totally naked, which made Victoria even more on edge. She might not have had any experience with lesbian sex other than kissing Ariana but Victoria recognized a strap-on when she saw one and Rose sure as hell was wearing one of those.

Victoria had never seen a toy like that before. It was so big and the way Rose wore it around her waist with such confidence made Victoria fearful of it, but also something more. And when Rose began sauntering toward her wearing nothing but her sex toy, Victoria didn’t try and run. She just stood there frozen as Rose walked her way with lustful purpose in every step.

“Wait…stop…” Victoria nervously stammered out, her back up against the counter.

“Awwww what’s the matter, scared?” Rose teased as she relished the chance to have Victoria Justice right where she wanted her.

She knew this was going to be easy. Rose was certain that Liz was going to end up having been more of a challenge for her. Liz might have been a lesbian already, but Victoria was ripe fruit there for the picking.

“Scared? No! I’m…I’m…I just don’t like you looking at me like that while you’re wearing…that!” Victoria said waving her hand at Rose as she struggled to wrap her brain around the fact that this woman was naked in front of her with a fake penis on. “Look, this is all pretty weird so if you don’t mind I’m just going to go home!”

“So you’re okay with walking out of here in just your undies with your ass hanging out?” Rose grinned. “It doesn’t sound like you’ve thought this through, Victoria. Besides, isn’t Liz your ride? Mmmm I think she’s kind of busy right now. Last time I saw her she was licking the cream right out of Ariana’s little kitty and it looked like they both loved it!”

“Whaaaaaat? Liz? No way! They’re fucking?” Victoria gasped, her head spinning even more.

“Hmmm sounds like you were the only one who didn’t notice that Liz was a lesbian,” Rose laughed. “Are you so clueless that you didn’t know she loves pussy? Wow, I’ll bet you didn’t even notice then that she totally wanted to fuck you! You and Ariana both! She told me so herself. That’s why I made sure she brought both of you with her tonight. I wanted her to get what she wanted provided I got a taste of you yummy young morsels too. And since she’s busy fucking Ariana I think it’s time I got to know you a little bit better Victoria! Mmmm and I do mean know you in the biblical sense.”

“Oh yeah, that was kind of obvious,” Victoria claimed, clinging to sarcasm as her last defense.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Rose. When she wasn’t staring at those beautiful, breasts, all creamy and round with perfect pink nipples capping them off she was staring down at the black dong dangling from between her legs. But even though she was staring, Victoria knew she would never give Rose what she so clearly wanted.

“I’m not going to fuck you!” Victoria insisted. “I’m straight! I like guys! I have a boyfriend!”

“Not anymore you don’t,” Rose replied with her sexiest and most evil smile. “The second you walked through this door you turned into a dyke, Victoria. You might not have known it at the time but you’re going to know it now. There have been a lot of girls who walked in totally straight but walked out of her only wanting to fuck women! No one can resist what we’ve got. You think you’re better than all those other girls we’ve seduced? Oh no sweetie. You’re not. You’re going to turn just as fast as they did and you won’t be straight anymore. You’ll be craving cunt and you’ll fucking love it!”

No one had ever said anything as dirty as that to Victoria in her entire life and she hated how much she loved the sound of it. It sounded absolutely thrilling and she tightened her grip on the counter as if holding onto it could keep her from being dragged into this.

Victoria had never felt this horny before. Even though she’d never really had any kind of a lesbian thought before tonight, she couldn’t stop her brain from focusing on how much she had loved kissing Ariana and how much she’d wanted to get naked with her frenemy and just how hot Rose looked right then, naked and staring at her like she wanted to grab her and take her so she could fuck the shit out of her whether she wanted her to or not.

Victoria had never seen a woman look at her like that before. She had seen that look from men and deep down it made her knees weak when she saw a hot guy eager to take control and give her what she needed. Now that she was seeing that look in Rose’s eyes, Victoria was more turned on than ever. She just couldn’t bring herself to admit it.

“No! I…I…don’t want that,” Victoria insisted, more out of her instinct that she should be resisting it than because she actually wanted to fight Rose off. “That’s too dirty! I’m not into girls. Really! What I did with Ariana? That was a mistake. I shouldn’t have done it.”

“I don’t know, you sure looked like you loved it,” Rose said, advancing on Victoria more with each step until she had the girl pinned up against the counter by the kitchen sink. “Don’t fight it Tori. You know deep down you want this. You might be too much of a little prude princess yet to admit it but soon you’ll be my fucking princess slut!”

Victoria gasped when she heard that, not just because Rose was talking like this to her but because she also liked the sound of it. Stuff like this wasn’t supposed to turn her on. She wasn’t some virgin prude and she sure as hell wasn’t some prissy princess either. But she was a good girl. And good girls did not have lesbian sex with strange women wearing fake dicks. That went without saying. So why was this making her so hot?

“I don’t want to be that!” Victoria shot back. “Look, just let me go and I promise not to tell anyone about your little freak show of a sex party, okay? I won’t even tell anyone what a little dyke nympho Ariana is. Okay? Can I go?”

But Rose wasn’t about to let Victoria go anywhere, not before she got what she wanted from her.

“Freak show, huh? Well honey, you’d better get ready because you’re about to become one of those freaks,” Rose laughed before leaning in and giving Victoria a forceful kiss.

And while Victoria’s initial instinct was to push Rose off her and she even raised up her hands to do it, she couldn’t even get that far before she started to succumb to the kiss’ erotic power. Instead of pushing the aggressive woman away, Victoria found herself putting her hands on Rose’s back and pulling her in closer.

“Ohhhhh my God!” Victoria moaned, not believing that this was happening to her.

Part of her recognized that her brain was cooking on another planet right about then. But still, Rose’s kiss made her feel like she was flying. She’d never experienced anything like that before. Kissing Ariana had been kissing a girl. This was kissing a woman. But she wasn’t gay. She couldn’t be into women.

“No! Stop! Stop! I can’t do this!” Victoria gasped, stopping herself before she let this get too far.

“Spoilsport,” Rose smirked back. “Didn’t you like it?”

And Victoria found herself unable to lie even though her reflex was to do just that.

“Wellllll…yes,” Victoria admitted. “But that’s beside the point. I’m straight! I like men…”

“No, that’s EXACTLY the point,” Rose interrupted. “See, I’ve been making a little study of you Disney and Nickelodeon girls. All it takes is a little push and you’re ready to fuck anything in sight. They make you all act like the good and pure virgins they want you to be while still dressing you up to try and get horny old men to want to fuck you. That fucks up your brains and makes you all want to be dirty little sluts even though they keep telling you it’s wrong to be that way. Of course that just makes girls like you more fun but that’s only my opinion. See you all just need that push to really embrace your sluttiness. You need to be told it’s okay to want to fuck and want to get the same pleasures all men take for granted. And I’m here to give you that push. I’m not just going to tell you it’s okay to let go and get your fuck on. I’m here to show you!”

Victoria was stunned into silence by what Rose said. So the older woman just pressed on.

“See I really started to notice this when we all started fucking Miley and she was absolutely insatiable for it,” Rose said. “Once that girl let go, she was so much fucking fun. You can see the results for yourself there. And once I tapped into all that lust Liz has ohhh my God she was so fucking hot in bed. I fucked her so good, Victoria. Just like I’m going to fuck you! And it sure looks like Ariana is ready to have some fun too! She was fucking Liz’s face like she wanted to win a prize for it! I should have known it all along though. See I was the first one around here to fuck Christina Aguilera and good lord once I tapped that, she hasn’t stopped fucking women since! So I know what all you good little teen stars are really like! And I know what you want Victoria!”

As she said that, Rose began caressing the shaft of her strap-on, like she wanted to jerk it off and Victoria found herself hard-pressed to be able to deny that she was right. She did want this. She couldn’t believe what she was feeling but she was so turned on by it.

Victoria stared at the toy and said nothing, but her breathing was becoming more audible as she began to imagine that something like that would feel like inside her. She’d actually only been with a few guys in her life and none of them were that…equipped. And the toy looked so natural on Rose’s body, like it belonged there.

Victoria didn’t know how long she went without saying anything. It could have been anywhere between seconds and hours for all she knew. She was too transfixed by the sight of that strap-on and how sexy it looked on Rose’s naked body.

Seeing a woman nude had never turned Victoria on before but she’d also never been in a situation like this, where she found herself wanting to do something so naughty. She only took her eyes off that fake cock when it dawned on her that Rose was waiting for her to speak.

“Ummmm…what?” Victoria replied in a very distracted tone. “What are you talking about? What do you think I want?”

“You’re staring right at it.” Rose said, stating the obvious. “You want to feel Mr. Snappy take that little prissy cunt of yours and make it all creamy and raw! Mmmmm you want to get fucked so much that you can barely stand it Victoria. I can see it in your eyes. I know how much you need this. Even if you won’t admit it. You need it. When was the last time you really got fucked? And I’m not talking about some Hollywood pretty boy making love to you because that’s how he thinks you want it. I’m talking about someone taking you and fucking you and making you feel like the little whore you really are! You don’t want to be a good girl. You want to be free so you can be slutty and wild and have all the fun you’ve always wanted but you’ve been afraid to ask for.”

“But…but…I am a good girl…” Victoria claimed. “Stop calling me a whore. I don’t want that. This is all a mistake. I don’t even know how I got involved with all of this. I never would have come here if I knew this place was like this. I’m a good girl! I’m…mmmmmpphhh…”

Victoria’s protestations were cut off when Rose kissed her again, this time being even more aggressive with it. She pushed her tongue into Victoria’s mouth and smiled when she felt the girl respond by rubbing her tongue back into her.

Confident that Victoria was enjoying their little game, Rose took things a step further by moving her hands down to the girl’s ass. Victoria still had her back against the counter by the sink but her ass was free to be groped and Rose went for it, fondling her bare cheeks while Victoria’s panties remained uselessly pulled down past her backside.

Rose’s kiss was passionate and left Victoria’s head spinning even more because it not just gave her instant pleasure. It also was full of promise that Rose could do a whole lot more than kiss her. She was telling her that this was the least of what she could make her feel and Victoria heard that message loud and clear, moaning when Rose broke the wet kiss and left a little strand of saliva dribbling down Victoria’s chin onto her neck.

“Ohhhh my God,” Victoria sighed, completely taken with the sexiness of that kiss. “This is crazy. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Yeah, I gathered that,” Rose replied. “But that just means you need to try it. Everyone else out there is getting fucked, including your friends. Do you really want to be the only one here without a satisfied pussy? Do you want to be the only one not having any fun?”

And when Rose put it like that it was even more obvious to Victoria what she needed to do. Why should she deny herself? If that little bipolar weirdo Ariana could have fun, why couldn’t she? But it felt so wrong to want this and she felt like if she did this her whole life was going to change and she was never going to be able to take it back.

How could she look her boyfriend in the eye again? How could she say she was straight if for one night she wasn’t? But it was just one night. Maybe she could do this once and get it out of her system. Because she felt like she really did need it.

This was all so confusing for Victoria. She’d never been interested in another woman before. Sure, she’d thought girls were cute but those had only been fleeting thoughts. And yes maybe she’d thought someday about possibly kind of doing a threesome with a boyfriend and another woman. But she hadn’t met another woman ideal for that much less had the nerve to actually suggest something that crazy to her boyfriend.

But she wasn’t a lesbian. She didn’t want to have sex with women. Yet, she did tonight. Kissing Ariana had been so hot and kissing Rose had been even hotter. Her pussy was soaking wet. She’d never been this wet before.

Victoria knew she should say “no” but when she opened her mouth she said…

“Yes! Ohhhh yessssssss!” Victoria groaned. “I want to have fun! I need it so bad!”

“Tell me what you need,” Rose commanded, making sure the younger woman knew clearly that she was the one calling all the shots here. “Tell me what you want!”

“I need you to fuck me!” Victoria cried in lust, not believing her own words.

It sounded like her voice, but she’d never say anything like this…until tonight that was. She could feel Rose’s bare breasts pressing into her now and having her soft hands on her ass was an amazing sensation. Victoria wanted this. She wanted it so bad.

“Fuck me like a slut!” Victoria pleaded. “Don’t let me be a good girl anymore! Treat me like I’m some bad girl slut! Fuck me like you fucked Liz! Ohhh God, did you really fuck her?”

“Mmmmmhmmm I took her tight little pussy with Mr. Snappy here and you know what I did then?” Rose asked, rubbing her favorite toy against Victoria’s crotch through the girl’s panties, loving how that made her tense up and moan in lustful need.

“What? Tell me!” Victoria asked, hanging on every word.

Feeling that plastic rubbing up against her through her panties made Victoria’s whole body shiver. She couldn’t resist this. She knew she was supposed to but everything happening to her was making her want it more.

“I fucked her ass!” Rose salaciously revealed, enjoying how Victoria’s eyes widened at that revelation. “Mmmm she begged me to do it too! She loved how I pounded that hot ass of hers and she wanted me to fuck it even harder than I fucked her sweet cunt!”

“Oh my God!” Victoria groaned again. She knew Rose wasn’t lying. She could totally tell that every word she was saying was true and that made her even hotter for this.

Victoria couldn’t stop thinking about Rose fucking Liz like that. She kept picturing it in her mind and wondered if she took her doggie style. How hot must it have been? Liz had such a sexy body and Victoria was sure it had been amazing to have her on all fours so Rose could fuck her in such a naughty way.

And the more she thought about it, the more Victoria fixated on how much hotter it would be if she got fucked by the same sex toy that had fucked Liz. She’d never even dreamed of being this wild before, but it all sounded so hot and good.

Maybe just for one night she could be dirty. She could go back to being a good, normal girl in the morning. She was so turned on now and didn’t want to think at all about her boyfriend waiting at home for her. She only wanted to think about this sexy woman who wanted to fuck her.

Victoria was the aggressor now as she kissed Rose, getting her arms around her back and pushing her into her, mashing those unbelievably round, full boobs into her body. Her blood was running so hot now and the wicked energy raced through her veins.

All she wanted to be was naked and Victoria moaned as Rose boldly took care of that for her, reaching around her back while they kissed and unclasping her bra. And even though she knew this was wrong, Victoria welcomed this pleasure and let Rose strip her.

“Oh yes, you’ve got such great tits!” Rose marveled after yanking the girl’s bra away and revealing her bare chest. “They’re fucking perfect!”

“Thanks,” Victoria replied with a nervous but happy smile.

She knew men liked her body and she’d even gotten compliments from other women before but she’d never heard anything like that. It was so weird to have a woman lustfully admire her body but it was the good kind of weird and the sensation freed her to more openly admire right back.

“Ummm so do you! You’ve got amazing boobs, Rose! They’re so sexy!” Victoria admitted.

“Mmmmm I knew you’d like them, all my friends do and so do your friends now,” Rose teased. She had the utmost confidence in her own body and she knew it wasn’t bragging because she could back up every compliment she paid herself. “Liz loved my big tits and soon enough Ariana’s going to be sucking on them too but you get them before she does, Victoria. You get to find out how no one fucks as good as I do before she ever gets the chance.”

Victoria’s smile grew at the sound of that and Rose definitely noted an extra twinkle in the girl’s eyes. Oh she was going to have some fun playing with their rivalry.

Knowing that she was going to be able to get something special before Ariana did fired Victoria up more and she kissed Rose with even more passion while letting the older woman touch her now naked tits. Victoria moaned wantonly from the first time a woman touched her breasts intimately. It was so much different than a man’s touch but she liked it right away. It was soft and sensual but Rose also made her feel like she was being taken and Victoria liked that.

The two continued tongue kissing as Victoria fell deeper and deeper under Rose’s sexual spell, just like Rose had known she would. She’d known from the second she’d laid eyes on Victoria tonight that the girl was looking to be seduced. She saw the unfulfilled need in her. She saw a girl who definitely needed that push and Rose had badly wanted to be the one to do it.

It had been a coincidence that she had found Victoria here. Rose had just come into the kitchen to warm up the lube she was going to use on Mr. Snappy. Finding Victoria here had been like discovering a great present for her and she wasn’t about to think twice about accepting it.

Rose loved getting aggressive with Victoria, especially as the former Nickelodeon star kept responding to it with desire. She loved being able to turn the repressed girl’s “no’s” into “yes’s” and Rose was planning on fucking the inhibitions right out of this pretty young thing.

If she’d felt Victoria’s insistences that she was straight and that she didn’t want this had been real then she would have left her alone. But Rose had sensed that Victoria hadn’t meant a word of her refusals and she was once again being proven right.

The two women moaned as they kissed again and again, their lips never straying far from each other for long. Rose’s explored Victoria’s beautiful chest, adoring its youthful firmness. Her young tits were perfect handfuls for her and Rose expertly massaged them while she and Victoria shared saliva in their continued series of tongue kisses.

Rose loved everything about Victoria’s tits. They were so perky and those nipples felt wonderful brushing against her palms while they got erect from her touch. Rose knew she had to taste them and her desire for Victoria’s tits was the only thing that could distract her from kissing her.

Pulling her mouth away from Victoria’s, Rose instead began kissing down the girl’s neck. Each kiss got a soft, happy sound from the younger woman’s mouth and it didn’t take long for Rose to journey down to get those perfect tits in her face. She admired Victoria’s dark areolas and small, hard nipples. But she only stared for a second before she did something better than looking and began licking those bare breasts, tracing her tongue over her areolas and tasting her little bumps there before zeroing in on Victoria’s nipples and sucking on one and then the other.

“Ohhhhhh my God! Ohhhhh yesssssss! Oh Rose! Mmmmm!” Victoria groaned in disbelief and arousal as she tossed her head back from the pleasure she felt from Rose’s mouth on her breasts.

She couldn’t believe the woman she had seen in so many Charmed episodes was doing this to her but it felt so good.

God, if Liz really was a lesbian, Victoria could totally see why. This felt incredible and it was only from Rose playing with her boobs. How much better was it going to feel when it got even naughtier?

Victoria was back to gripping the counter as these new sensations rushed through her. She had never felt pleasure like this. Rose was doing everything that Victoria wished her male lovers would do to her breasts. She was treating them not just like something to stare at but as a true erogenous zone.

Rose was all over them with her lips and tongue, kissing and licking and every moment of it made Victoria moan in need. She was going crazy from this treatment, her heart pounding and her toes curling inside her shoes. And then she felt something even better than the feel of a woman’s mouth on her chest.

Rose didn’t even think of asking for permission. She not only didn’t want to waste time by asking but she found it more fun to just do it. After all, Victoria was hers now and she was going to use her as she saw fit, especially because she knew that was just how the younger woman needed to be taken.

So Rose didn’t pause or even consider for a second that this would be unwelcome. She just continued pleasuring the girl’s tits with her mouth and one of her hands while sliding the other one down that flat, fit stomach and into Victoria’s panties. And once she was there, Rose didn’t hesitate to start rubbing the girl’s already slick vaginal lips.

That got another moan from Victoria and she reflexively began humping herself against Rose’s hand. From the first touch she knew she loved it and it showed by her body acting before she could even think about it.

“Ooooh yes mmmmm this pussy is all nice and wet but I can make it even wetter,” Rose grinned, rubbing her fingers even faster against Victoria’s slit and making her panties bulge out from her hand in them. “You dirty thing. Too shy to act like the slut you’ve always wanted to be and now your pussy is dripping all over my fingers! You need to let that monster out inside you. You need to know what being fucked is all about and I’m just the woman to do it!”

Rose’s sexual confidence was making Victoria want to follow her like an obedient pet, panting and whining and begging for attention. Whatever this woman wanted to do to her, Victoria was willing to let her. She’d never felt that way about any boyfriend, even the ones she’d loved. But she felt that way about Rose.

Victoria was groaning uncontrollably from the way Rose was touching her and she gripped the counter so hard she was sure part of it was going to break off in her hand when Rose slid those fingers into her pussy and started working them in and out.

“Yesssssssss ohhhh my God you’re making me so wet!” Victoria admitted, gasping out her words as Rose’s fingers drove into her wetness and made jolt after jolt of pleasure shoot to her brain. “You’re driving me crazy Rose! Ughhhh fuck, how can you be doing this so well?  I never felt this way before! Not for anyone!”

“Oh this? Mmmm this is nothing,” Rose played coy while continuing to finger fuck the younger woman, relishing every grunt and moan she got from Victoria while the girl’s essence coated her fingers. “Just wait till I really get started. Now c’mere Victoria. Let me show you a few things.”

Victoria was powerless to resist, especially when she saw Rose pull her hand out of her panties and lick her fingers clean. Victoria’s knees got weak when she saw how wet Rose’s fingers now were and how much she enjoyed the taste of them.

It was so hot to see this gorgeous woman licking off every drop of her juices and Victoria felt her arousal grow. She was Rose’s to command now and she obediently followed as Rose coaxed her away from the sink and toward the island in the kitchen where her friends had earlier that day had all their fun making cupcakes.

Rose had no idea just what her friends had done there and if she had it would have made her even hotter for this as she took full control of Victoria, lifting her up onto the marble countertop like she was a child. Victoria was breathing hard and sweating both in nerves and intense arousal and everything became stronger inside her when Rose pulled down her panties, leaving her completely naked.

Victoria couldn’t believe she was totally bare in the middle of some stranger’s kitchen and it was so hard to wrap her mind around the fact that she was about to have sex with this woman she had never met before tonight.

But whether she believed it or not, it was happening and that became clear when Rose pulled Victoria by her legs until her bare ass was right at the edge of the counter. Rose then forcefully yanked Victoria’s legs open, splaying the lips of the pussy she had just been toying with.

Rose’s smile was like the cat who had gotten that elusive canary when she got her first look at Victoria’s pussy. It was so tight and pink and her wetness made it look just like the juicy treat that Rose considered it to be. Her lips were beautifully puffy and Victoria had herself a nice dusting of dark fur that Rose found irresistibly sexy.

That little pussy looked so tasty and since the holidays were supposed to be a time for indulging yourself, Rose did exactly that. She pressed her face between those toned, young thighs and started licking, giving the girl’s slit light flicks of her tongue at first but quickly moving to a steadier, more thorough rhythm.

“OH GOD! FUCK! OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Victoria screamed out, completely unable to restrain herself as she felt the touch of a woman’s tongue for the first time.

She had already been keyed up but the way Rose’s tongue was gliding over her slit, erotically touching her sensitive folds and making her clit swell up with need was pushing her further and further into wild ecstasy.

Rose’s tongue was like magic on her pussy. It was making her feel so dirty and right then that was just what Victoria needed. She needed it to be dirty. She needed to feel like she was a bad girl doing filthy, taboo things with another woman. She couldn’t be the good girl who had sex in the missionary position and was too afraid to really let herself go.

Sure, she’d walked a little bit on the wild side before and done some naughty things, but those had only been tentative steps. She needed to really go wild here. She needed to let her freak flag fly and go for all the things she’d been too afraid to want.

Victoria had never really let her boyfriends see how naughty she could be. She didn’t consider herself frigid or anything. But she’d always held back, even when her body had ached to go totally wild. She hadn’t wanted any of them to think she was a slut. She’d been afraid of being judged for her desires.

Rose was making it all seem so natural and wonderful, though. She was making it okay to be a slut, to let her lust run free. Every lick she was taking was making Victoria want to stop holding back and to let herself be truly satisfied for the first time.

“Mmmmm yessssss not such a good girl now, are you?” Rose smiled, reveling in Victoria’s sweet, juicy taste. “This tight pussy needs to get fucked! You’re going to be a sexy slut from now on Tori, just like Liz is! You won’t be a tight ass little priss anymore. You’ll be a hot little whore begging to be fucked! Your pretty pink pussy is going to be wet 24/7, especially for hot bitches like me! You’re going to be craving getting this little fuckhole licked by a woman and you’re going to be getting your ass over here every time you can so me and my friends can be the ones to do it to you!”

That sounded absolutely wonderful to Victoria. It had only been a few moments and she already knew that she had never felt anything like this before. She loved how enthusiastically Rose was licking her pussy.

She seemed to want it so bad and every lick felt better than the last one because Rose seemed so dedicated to making her come. And as much as Victoria wanted to believe that this was going to be a one-time thing which she never repeated, it just felt so good and she began wondering if she really was going to need to feel it again and again and again.

But even though the pleasure was making her feel so high right then, Victoria felt the need to defend herself.

“I’m not a priss,” Victoria claimed while moaning from Rose’s tongue licking at her wetness, the pleasure growing as Rose slid inside her honeypot.

“Sure you’re not,” Rose teased in between licks. “You might think you’re not but you are. You’re a little tight ass princess. I know girls like you, Tori. You think a few topless selfies are all bad ass and that you’re some liberated, uninhibited girl just because you’ve flashed your tits. But you’re not. You’re a little wannabe. You’re someone whose never really been fucked. You’re just someone who lies back and lets her boyfriend do whatever he wants without going after what you want! I’m going to change all that Tori. You won’t be some little prissy princess anymore when I’m done with you. You’re going to be a cum craving slut and you’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been!”

Victoria moaned wantonly when she heard that. God, it was like Rose could see right through her. She didn’t confirm what the older woman said but she sure didn’t deny it either. What Rose was telling her sounded so filthy and sexy and Victoria wanted it. She couldn’t stand to be the princess anymore. She needed to be a slut, a hot and happy slut!

Lying back, Victoria felt a chill from the cold countertop on her bare back. She couldn’t believe she was naked and letting this woman do this to her. It had to be some kind of dream because nothing had ever felt this good. Every moan out of her mouth was coming out louder and longer than the last one and Victoria couldn’t keep her hands off herself.

She caressed her own boobs, playing with her nipples while calling out Rose’s name and begging her to lick her faster. When the person going down on her was especially good Victoria loved to touch herself and Rose was the best ever. That meant Victoria’s hands roamed all over her own chest unconsciously, playing with her breasts and moving up so she could mindlessly suck on her own fingers just because the energy running through her body compelled her to do something.

She couldn’t just lie back like a statue. She had to react and Rose was making everything feel so good. Victoria’s legs were bent at the knee and she kept herself spread open as wide as she could get, so thankful for yoga making her body so flexible. And since she couldn’t move her legs because she didn’t want anything to interrupt what Rose was doing, Victoria kept her hands busy.

She touched herself everywhere on her upper body and kept sucking her fingers, keeping them wet so she could spread her saliva all over herself, especially her boobs. Victoria’s fingers got so slick from her mouth and she rubbed them against her nipples, making her dark pink points swell up so much.

Tugging on her own nipples after making them wet got Victoria to groan out even louder. How could anything feel so good? Every time she thought that this couldn’t possibly really be happening, she would look down and see Rose’s face between her legs. She was staring up at her with those piercing eyes and when Victoria locked her gaze on them she went into a spasm of ecstasy.

Rose’s eyes were so piercing and sexy and Victoria could see just how much Rose loved licking her. She’d never seen that from a guy before, not even her current boyfriend. Victoria tried to keep reminding herself that she loved him and that she’d never leave him and that she was totally straight and this was just a one-time thing but Rose was making it so hard for her to actually believe that.

“Oh Rose! Ohhhhh my! Fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk ooooooooh yessssssssss! Ohhhhh God, what are you doing to me Rose?” Victoria groaned, her brain and body so out of control from intoxication and lust.

Rose didn’t say anything at first, though. She just grinned and licked faster, lapping Victoria into a writhing frenzy on the counter. Rose had both of her hands rubbing Victoria’s fit little thighs. She loved this girl’s legs and she couldn’t wait to feel them wrapped around her while she pounded her with Mr. Snappy.

Rose didn’t know if they were going to have the chance to do that particular position right now or not but she did know she’d have the chance soon enough. Because whether Victoria was willing to admit it or not, they’d be doing this again. Rose was going to make sure of it.

Rose had heard the amazed, aroused cries that Victoria was making so many times before and she never tired of them. It was always an ego boost, no matter how confident she was in herself, to have someone tell her how good she was. Plus she honestly loved blowing the minds of the women she was with and making them feel pleasure they’d never experienced before.

That was why she loved fucking straight chicks and seducing them with her body and her tongue until they were desperate lesbian sluts, begging for more and craving cunt 24/7. That was what she was doing to Victoria and she knew the girl knew it too. So she didn’t have to say anything at all anymore, she just had to keep licking.

Victoria’s coos and moans and cries of pleasure filled the otherwise empty kitchen and Rose continued licking away. The mood was perfect as far as Rose was concerned. There were no lights on here so it was dark and mysterious and it was just the two of them, both of them naked and untamed.

Victoria’s young pussy tasted so good and Rose enjoyed every lick she took of her, knowing she was turning out another one and that soon Victoria wouldn’t be straight at all. That would be bad news for her boyfriend but it would be great news for her and that was all Rose cared about.

“Yesssss! Yesssss! Lick it! Ohhhhhh my Goddddddd please lick it Rose!” Victoria begged, whimpering out her moans while Rose continued to drive her wild with rapid licks against her spread open folds and right over her clit.

Hearing her say that made Rose’s pussy even wetter and with Mr. Snappy firmly strapped around her waist there was no place for those juices to go. She could feel some dripping out past the tightly attached toy but mostly it was collecting inside her pussy and that was a sensation Rose always loved.

She loved feeling those juices build up all hot and creamy inside her pussy so when she got her favorite toy off they’d all spill out over some lucky slut’s face. Rose licked away at Victoria harder and faster now, intimately introducing herself to that tight pink hole and sucking on those swollen lips while Victoria kept begging.

“Tell me you want it!” Rose commanded, asserting herself over the writhing girl. Victoria tasted so good and Rose was getting off on having those creamy, young juices dripping into her mouth but she wanted to push this girl some more.

“Ohhhh yesss! I want it! I want it so much!” Victoria cried, not resisting a bit. “Mmmm God, can’t you tell how much I want it? You’re making me crazy Rose!”

Rose kept licking and sucking on Victoria’s pussy while the girl responded to her and those words were such a treat for her ears. But she wasn’t done with her yet.

“Tell me to fuck you!” Rose urged. “Tell me to fuck this sweet little pussy!”

“Ohhhhh gawwwwd!” Victoria groaned, blushing furiously as Rose said that.

She was never good at talking dirty. Her boyfriends always wanted it and she tried to do it but it made her so self-conscious. She felt so weird saying words like that. It felt so degrading. But how could she resist Rose? She was making her feel so good that she couldn’t possibly control herself and the words just flew out of her mouth.

“Fuck me! Eat me out!” Victoria cried. “Oooooh yessss Rose! Mmmm fuck that pussy! Fuck my sweet little pussy! Ooooooh yesssss yessssssssssssss mmmmmmm eat my pussy so fucking goooooooooood!”

Victoria gasped when she said those things without even thinking. Not only couldn’t she believe that she would say things like that bit she couldn’t believe how good it felt. She usually tensed up when a boyfriend wanted her to say things like that in bed. But not this time.

Now it felt like a liberated release to say those kinds of words. Her blush faded and left nothing but pleasure in its wake as Victoria moaned out filth from her mouth and told Rose just what she wanted to hear. And, as she did that, Victoria found herself wanting it too.

“Mmmmm fuck! I love hearing you say that,” Rose groaned, pinching her own nipples as she heard Victoria’s pretty voice talk dirty for her. “You’re going to be such a bad girl for me now Victoria! No more prissy princess! No more good girl! You’re going to be a slut now! Tell me you want it! Tell me to fucking eat your wet cunt, Victoria! Tell me to take your straight girl pussy and make it a dirty dyke fuckhole! You’re not some stuck up pop star wannabe now! No more good little Nickelodeon girl! You’re a horny queer fuckbitch for me Tori! Just like Liz is!”

Victoria was stunned by what she was hearing. That was all so dirty. She’d never said anything like that in her life and yet the words sounded so natural and sexy coming from Rose. She found herself wanting to talk like that too, especially as Rose started sucking on her clitoris.

Everything Victoria had pent up inside herself came flowing out in a profane expression that she never could have believed she was capable of before tonight.

“Ohhhhh my Godddddddd you’re sooooo nasty Rose! Mmmmm make me nasty too!” Victoria begged. “Yesssssss yessssssssssss no more good girl! Ughhhh fuckkk I’m not a prissy straight spoiled princess brat anymore! I’m your slut, Rose! Ahhhhh! Yesssss yesssssss suck that clit! Mmmmm gawwwd I love feeling you tongue fucking my…my…my cunt! Ooooooh yessssss fuck that cunt Rose! Fuck that dirty bitch cunt! Ooooh you’re making me so dirty and I love it! Make me a fucking dyke Rose! Make me all nasty like I’m some slutty queer girl bitch for you! Ohhhh fuckkkk make me so lesbian that I never want my boyfriend’s dick anymore! Only your tongue!”

Rose rewarded Victoria’s dirty talk with a long series of expert tongue lashes against her drooling slit. Then she suckled on her clit while the younger woman writhed beneath her, humping against her face and coating her lips with horny juices.

Rose loved hearing that from those naughty lips. But she didn’t stop there. After making Victoria convulse again for her from her mouth, Rose moved in for the kill.

“Oh you’ll still want dick, just not some lame boyfriend’s,” Rose evilly promised before standing up, her lips and chin shiny with girl juice, and grabbing Mr. Snappy in her hand and slapping it against Victoria’s spread open pussy. “You’re not going to want some weak little boy’s penis that always goes soft when you need it most when you can have hot girl dick like this! Mmmm it’s always hard and it’s always ready to fuck! You want it, Tori. Admit it! Fucking tell me you want Mr. Snappy! You want me to fucking breed that little lesbo cunt of yours and make you the hardcore slut dyke you’ve always wanted to be! I’ll fuck every straight thought right out of your head and turn you into a queer girl bitch! Just tell me you want it!”

This was one of Rose’s favorite parts of taking a newbie. She loved when the girl couldn’t fight her lust anymore, not even as a cover. She loved it when the straight part of a girl she was fucking was so overwhelmed with lesbian lust that she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t totally into it. She loved making them cry out that they didn’t want men anymore.

She’d given Victoria a nice push so far but now she wanted to push her further. And it was clear that the younger woman wanted that too as she moaned out wildly, shivering naked on the counter top while Rose slapped her cunt with her strap-on.

“Ooooooooh yesssss I want it so much!” Victoria whined, desire gripping her and making her crave it. “Give it to me Rose! Fuck me with that big toy! Oooooh your fake dick is bigger than my boyfriend! I want it so bad! I want to feel that big, fat toy jammed into my dirty little cunt! Ughhh fuck I can’t believe I’m saying this but it feels so good! Fuck me Rose! Fuck me with that big girl cock! Fuck me with your fake dick so much better than my boyfriend can! Make me dirty and dykey for you! Make me into your little lesbian queer bitch and make me love it so much I’ll never fuck my boyfriend again! Ohhhhhh!”

Victoria rolled her head around the counter, not sure if this was a dream or a nightmare or both. She was acting so crazy and she couldn’t stop herself. She knew she was supposed to feel guilty for doing this but she didn’t. She wanted it so much. She wanted to be dirty and nasty.

Saying those filthy, degrading words made her so wet and the way that hard plastic was slapping against her pussy, the sounds of her soaked, tender flesh being smacked filling her ears, had her on the edge of creaming before she was even penetrated. No man had ever taken her like this and she needed it. She needed to be fucked like a whore.

“Mmmmm yessss that’s it! Beg for it princess!” Rose said, her voice almost a growl while slapping Victoria with Mr. Snappy with one hand and using the other to smear lube all over the dark plastic shaft. “You and Ariana were acting like such fucking brats before and it was driving Liz insane. Now you know how to be a good little girl, don’t you? Mmmm spoiled little cunt! You’re mine now!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh yours! All yours!” Victoria moaned, remembering all the times she’d secretly wished her boyfriends hadn’t made love to her but just taken her like some raging sex monster.

And now another woman was taking her like she’d always wanted but never had the nerve to ask for. It was too weird but it was also too good and Victoria was totally in Rose’s power.

“Fuck my spoiled little cunt!” Victoria begged. “Ughhh I’m sorry I was such a brat! Punish me Rose! Fuck me with that cock like I’ve never gotten fucked before! Make me feel it deep inside me! Fuck me like the brat I am! Fuck that prissy little pussy of mine and make me your dyke slut! Oooooh please please please treat me like a whore! It’s what I’ve always needed! You’re so right Rose!”

“Of course I am. I’m always right,” Rose laughed. “I knew deep down this is what you needed. All you pure little bitches just need that little push to turn into the whores you’ve always wanted to be!”

Rose hadn’t had the chance to warm up the lube like she’d intended when she’d headed to the kitchen but it was hardly necessary now. Victoria was plenty hot for her already. Warming up the lube would have bene redundant.

Rose even considered going with no lube at all given how wet Victoria was but she decided against it. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit in her but she didn’t want to be too forceful. So she greased up Mr. Snappy thoroughly and then yanked Victoria by her legs to bring her closer to the countertop.

Once the girl was in position, Rose didn’t hesitate and pushed the toy into her newest conquest. She wasn’t shy about it either. But she did at least give her a chance to adjust to it before pushing in deeper. It was so tempting to take this pretty little thing and bury Mr. Snappy inside her but Rose resisted it.

She didn’t want to hurt the girl after all. Rose just wanted to blow her mind with ecstasy and leave her gaping from it, just like she had already done to Liz. So Rose held tightly to Victoria’s legs and thrust into her, pushing the toy in inch by inch to fill her tight pussy.

“AHHHHH! OHHH GOD OHHHH GOD OHHHHHHHHH!” Victoria exclaimed as her pussy was taken.

The thick plastic invaded her, pushing into her slick passage and stretching her out like nothing ever had before. It wasn’t like she had been with guys with small dicks either. The few guys she had been with had had nothing to be ashamed of between their legs, but none of them were like this.

The name for this toy might have been weird, but nothing it was making her feel was. It was nothing but pleasure and the intensity of it grew as Rose pushed into her, making her take more of the thick, long inches of black plastic.


“Bigger than your boyfriend, huh?” Rose teased, thrusting harder and making her round tits shake in the process. “Bigger and better?”

“Yesssssssssssssss SO much bigger!” Victoria agreed, tossing her head back as she felt Rose push the toy in deeper, making her pussy take it even though it was such a tight fit. “Gawwwd better too! Ooooooh you know how to fuck Rose! Mmmmm fuck me better than a man! Show me how girls are supposed to fuck! Make me feel like a fucking gay girl slut should!”

Victoria couldn’t stop talking dirty. Pulling the first words out of her like Rose had done had been like pulling the cork out of the bottle. Now everything was spilling out like a flood and Victoria kept begging for it in the filthiest ways. She couldn’t control herself. She didn’t even want to think about her boyfriend then.

They’d tried so hard to make a long-distance relationship work. They’d struggled through loneliness and sacrificed for each other. But now Victoria was ready to throw all of that away. Even though he was waiting for her at her home, she wanted to give it all up for Rose. Victoria wanted to be a lesbian for her. She wanted this gorgeous, sexually unleashed woman to make her a slut and she wanted it now.

“Harder Rose! Fuck me harder!” Victoria grunted, thrusting herself against Mr. Snappy’s thick inches as they pushed into her. “Ohhhhh my God this is so good! Oooooh Rose! Yesss fuck me so good I’ll never want my boyfriend ever again! Mmmm gimmie this big cock!”

This had worked out even better than Rose had dreamed. She’d expected Victoria to get into it but she hadn’t thought she was get this enthusiastic about it this quickly. It was definitely a happy surprise and Rose didn’t hesitate from shoving her toy in with more force, thrusting harder into Victoria and making her feel it deeper and faster inside her little cunt.

Something was definitely weird about how everyone was acting at this party. Rose could easily see that. But she wasn’t going to question it. She was just going to enjoy it just like she was enjoying taking this tight pink fuckhole and making it hers.

“Yes! Take it! Take it deep inside this pretty little princess pussy!” Rose commanded gripping hard onto Victoria’s fantastic legs as she pushed in, forcing more of Mr. Snappy into her and loosening the girl up with every thrust. “Take it just like Liz did! Ooooh she loved feeling it in that wet pussy of hers and you need it more than she did! This pussy is way too fucking tight. I knew a little priss like you was going to need some loosening up but I didn’t think it was going to be this much! But you’re loosening up now, aren’t you? Take it deep princess! Take my big, hard cock in this little pink cunt so you won’t be a little priss anymore!”

Victoria nodded her head frantically and cried out as she was bombarded by pleasure. Her pussy was being forced open like never before and while it hurt, it was a good kind of pain.

It made her feel like she was being taken and that Rose really did own her now. She didn’t feel like a princess anymore. She wasn’t some spoiled prude. She was being fucked like a woman needed to be fucked and it felt amazing. Her boyfriend couldn’t do this to her but Rose could and Victoria loved it.


Victoria was close to flat out gasping for breath as she was fucked. This was so intense and wonderful. She could barely handle everything that was happening to her. The pleasure was so strong that she was making her tits raw from the way she was pawing at them.

Her nipples were sore from her touching them so much because the pleasure she felt from being gone down on by a woman was eclipsed easily by what she was experiencing now. She’d thought Rose was amazing with her tongue but now she could see that she was even better with her strap-on.

“Yeah you wanna be just like Liz, huh? A nasty gay slut just like your friend.” Rose moaned. “I can’t believe you never knew she was a lez. Mmmm I could tell from the second I met her that she only wanted pussy! Now you only want it too, don’t you? No more cock for Tori! Only wet, juicy cunt! You’re my lesbo bitch now Tori and I’m going to send you home to your boyfriend with a gaping wet fuckhole and you not being able to even look him in the eye because you know I fuck better than he does!”

The sound of that made Victoria whimper in shame and desire. But the guilt she felt over doing this made her lust even stronger. She could see Rose making good on every promise, especially the dirtiest ones. She could feel how loose she was getting from the thick, hard plastic pushing into her. Her vagina had never taken a pounding like this before and she knew she was going to be so sore in the morning.

But Victoria wanted that. She wanted to be sore and loose and she wanted to come home too scared and ashamed to make love to her boyfriend because then he’d feel how Rose had wrecked her and he’d know she cheated on him and that she wasn’t his straight good girl anymore. She was a dirty lesbian slut now!


Victoria had so much overwhelming her senses and it wasn’t just what she could feel it was also what she could see. She loved looking down at herself as she was fucked. She loved seeing Rose’s hot body as those big, creamy tits bounced for her. Her pink nipples looked so sexy and Victoria just wished they were in her face so she could kiss and lick all over them.

But she didn’t just stare at Rose’s tits or her beautiful face as her naked body got sweaty and her dark hair clung to her fair skinned forehead. What Victoria loved most of all was seeing that fake black dick moving in and out of her pussy. The dark plastic was getting so slick with her juices and knowing that was her own naughty stickiness all over made Victoria feel dreamy ecstasy overtake her.

She was being so bad. She’d never been this bad before and she loved every bit of it. Victoria was totally in the grip of this intense sexual bliss and she didn’t think it could get hotter. But Rose had a different idea about that.

“Ooooh is that right? Going to come for Rose? Well you can’t yet!” Rose said emphatically before she did the one thing Victoria had never dreamed she would do.

She pulled Mr. Snappy out. Not just part of the way out so she could thrust back in again but all the way out of her. She left Victoria’s pussy empty and loose just when she needed to be filled the most and that put the younger woman in a desperate state.

“No! Ohhhhh nooooo! Why? Why are you stopping?” Victoria cried. “Don’t stop Rose! I was so close! You were going to make me come so good!”

“And I still am,” Rose insisted. “But I want something first, Victoria. I want to fuck you like I fucked Liz. And I mean exactly like I fucked Liz!”

Victoria gulped at the sound of that. She knew exactly what Rose meant and it sent a chill up her spine. She remembered how fascinated she’d been when she’d heard just what Rose had done to her former co-star but she hadn’t expected that she’d be getting the same treatment. That was something she definitely wasn’t ready for.

“But…but…I can’t…I’ve never done that before,” Victoria stammered out.

“Oooooooh a backdoor virgin? Even better!” Rose declared, her eyes lighting up. “Mmmm I love popping cherries. I didn’t know you were this repressed though, Victoria. I assumed all you girls took it up the ass these days. I thought that was what you little bitches did, giving up your backdoor so you don’t lose your pussy cherries. I’m shocked you haven’t done it. Your ass is too hot not to get fucked.”

“Ummm thanks?” Victoria replied, not sure what to say.

The idea that Rose wanted to fuck her ass sent her brain through a fresh spin cycle. She knew she should say no to it. She’d never let a man play with her there before and she’d never intended to change that stance.

Sure, maybe she’d been a little curious to know what it felt like and maybe she’d fingered herself there a couple of times while masturbating but she’d never taken it any further. Victoria had always assumed it would hurt too much and that if she ever asked a guy to play with her there he’d think she was some kind of a slut.

But as she considered that, Victoria realized that she wasn’t that repressed girl anymore. She was a slut. She needed to embrace that. She needed to own it and be happy with it.

Being a slut had led her to the precipice of orgasm thanks to Rose so maybe she could take it a little further? Victoria was very nervous about this but she also found herself unable to resist what Rose told her to do, something that became very clear a moment later.

“Turn over and stick that perfect booty of yours up in the air for me,” Rose commanded and Victoria felt herself obeying before she could even consider the ramifications of what she was doing. She just couldn’t help herself, even though by doing this she made herself more vulnerable than she ever had been before.

“Ooooh baby! Now that is an ass!” Rose said in admiration as she let her eyes run all over Victoria’s firm backside.

Her bare ass was all ripe and ready for the taking and Rose was in the mood to do some serious taking. She’d wanted that ass from the second she’d laid eyes on Victoria and she wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way.

“Ohhhhhh! Wait…wait…I don’t know about this,” Victoria nervously stammered when she felt Rose’s soft hands on her ass, fondling her cheeks and prying them apart.

Victoria didn’t have to be told what was about to happen and she feared it while also feeling intensely curious about it at the same time.

“Shhhhhhhh don’t worry baby, I’ll treat you right,” Rose assured the girl. “I’ve been fucking girls since you were still playing with dollies. I know how to take you and make you love it. And you will love it. You thought Mr. Snappy felt good in that sweet little pussy of yours? Well just you wait until I take your virgin ass with it. Mmmm it’s all lubed up too. Your cunt is so creamy now and it’s all over my toy. These thick, hard inches are ready for your perfect, ripe booty! Mmmmm now I just need to get your cherry hole ready for me!”

And before Victoria had a chance to voice another concern, Rose eased her fears by taking advantage of her opened ass. Rose had her hands on Victoria’s tight buns and kept them spread enough for her to get at her with her tongue.

Rose started out with a naughty lash of her tongue against Victoria’s ass crack, tantalizing it with a wet lick that made the younger woman shiver in desire and anticipation of more. Noting how much the nervous girl liked that, Rose gave her another and then another, licking between her firm ass cheeks like she was marking her territory and, just as Victoria began to really moan from it, Rose went after her waiting little rosebud.

She eagerly attacked it with her tongue, bathing Victoria’s asshole and making her squeal with a brand new pleasure. Victoria had never been licked there before and the knowledge that Rose was getting her ready for something a lot more significant than just a tongue made it such a deviant thrill for her. She was being so bad here.

Victoria had never thought she would give up her ass to anyone and now it felt like the choice was being taken from her. She felt like Rose was going to fuck her virgin hole whether she wanted to or not but that didn’t make her want to resist, In fact it made her want to give into Rose even more.

Gawd, the idea of submitting so much to this beautiful woman that she’d give up her virgin ass to her was so dirty and wrong. But it also sounded so good. Victoria couldn’t understand why she felt this way but she didn’t want it to stop.

“Ooooooh my God this is soooo nasty ughhhh ughhhhh ohhhh Rose mmmm fuckkkkk I know I should be making you stop, but…” Victoria groaned, not even able to finish her own sentence without descending into an indecipherable set of moans.

“But it feels too good to stop, right?” Rose said, pulling her tongue away just long enough to finish the girl’s thought. “Mmmmm I know what that feels like. Don’t fight it Tori. Just enjoy it. Enjoy what I can do to this naughty little fuckhole of yours. I’m so glad you kept it cherry. Now I’m the one who gets to fuck it first! Not some clumsy, stupid boy. I’m going to take your ass and fucking own it like I own your pussy now! You’re going to give up this ass to me and you’re going to love it!”

Victoria’s whole body shivered when she heard that. God, what the fuck was she doing? This was so wrong! How could she be enjoying this? She was naked and on her hands and knees on a counter in some strange kitchen and she had a woman with her face in her ass licking her where no one was supposed to lick her.

This wasn’t her. This wasn’t how she was supposed to be. She was a good girl! But as soon as she thought that, Victoria corrected herself. No! She wasn’t a good girl anymore! She was a slut. A slut who needed to get fucked! A dirty, nasty slut who got fucked by other women and she wanted to give Rose everything she wanted, even if it meant giving up her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm yesssss please Rose! Make me love it!” Victoria begged, her voice nervous but full of desire. “I’ve never done this before! Ooooooooh yesss it feels soooooo good! Oooooooh I can’t believe you’re licking my ass! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh your tongue feels so naughty mmmmmm fuckkk licking my asshole! Oooooh I’ve never let a guy do this! Ughhh I thought it would be too dirty! Ooooh gawwwwd but you’re making it feel so good! Mmmm lick my ass Rose! Just like you did to Liz! Get me all wet so you can fuck me! Take my cherry hole and buttfuck me!”

“Oooooh you dirty girl, saying all those nasty words,” Rose grinned.

She licked all around the virgin anus and thoroughly explored it while holding her tight little ass open. Victoria had one of the best asses she’d seen in a while and she was going to enjoy this. Licking her was so much fun. The tight little pucker was starting to loosen up for her as she made Victoria relax by getting her hole wet.

Rose teased all over it with the wet tip of her tongue, painting it with her saliva and making it glisten and she delicately slipped her tongue inside just enough to make the woman moan out loud. Rose knew she had her but she couldn’t resist urging Victoria along a little further.

“Mmmmm you’re going to love this Victoria!” Rose seductively promised. “I’m going to fuck this ass just like I fucked you pussy! You’re going to be an even bigger slut for being ass fucked than Liz was and she loved it when I pounded that big ass of hers! Mmmm you’ve got such a firm, little butt, baby and I’m going to take it just as hard! I’m going to take this tight ass of yours and make you feel so fucking good!”

Having made Victoria’s hole wet with her licking, Rose took the next step and loosened her up with a finger. She brushed it against Victoria’s slit first, lubing it up, and then gently eased it into her, pushing her slim finger into the virgin hole as Victoria groaned, both from the pleasure and the feeling of submission that she was really beginning to thoroughly enjoy.

Rose found Victoria’s asshole to be so accommodating to her finger and she began pushing it in deeper, making her tense up and clench around it.

“Mmmmm you like that, don’t you?” Rose teased. “Like my finger in your virgin booty, Tori? You’re going to be feeling a whole lot more than that soon enough. I’m going to fuck that last little bit of good girl out of you. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Me fucking your virgin ass! Me giving it to you like the slut you are!”

“Yesssss oh fuck yessssss pleaaaaaaaaaaase!” Victoria moaned, not believing what she was saying but meaning every word of it. “Fuck me Rose! Fuck my virgin ass! I’m your slut! Fuck me like I’m your lesbian whore! Just like Liz! Ohhhh my God you’re making me do things I’d never do for anyone else! God, I want more though! Give it to me Rose! Fuck me! Please!”

Rose just smiled, letting Victoria continue to beg for it as she added a second finger into her tight asshole. She spread open Victoria’s virgin hole with those fingers, loosening her up and making the girl gasp with the pleasure of being taken.

Victoria was more than ready for this but Rose needed to see one thing first. She needed to check just how submissive this gorgeous young woman had become.

“Spread yourself open for me,” Rose commanded, pulling her fingers out gently and bringing them right to her mouth so she could suck them clean and savor the taste of Victoria’s virgin ass. “C’mon Tori! Show me how much you want it! Show me how bad you want to be a good little lesbian slut for me! Want me to make you my assfucked whore? Then you’d better show me how much you need me to fuck you! Reach around back and spread open those pretty butt cheeks. C’mon girly. Spread those buns open! Let me see that hot little fuck hole I’m about to own! Put yourself on display for me!”

Victoria blushed intensely but she didn’t disobey. She had no control over her own body and it showed as she reached back and spread open her ass for Rose. She couldn’t believe she was doing it but her hands were moving without her even thinking.

Since she was already on her knees with her ass in the air it was easy to do what she was told. Victoria reached back and grabbed onto her ass cheeks, spreading herself open and willingly debasing herself in front of the horny older woman that she knew was about to defile her. It was so nasty and Victoria felt juice dripping from her loosened, raw cunt from how much it was turning her on.

“Mmmmm like this?” Victoria asked, looking for approval. “Is this how you want your whore? Want the good girl spreading open her ass for you? This is so nasty Rose! Mmmm fuck you’re making me do things I’d never do for my boyfriend! Mmmm I love it though! God, look how wet you made my cunt! Oooooh you’re making me talk so dirty and it’s making me so hot! Fuck my ass like you fucked my cunt! I want you to take my ass cherry! Buttfuck me like a whore! Fuck me hard and nasty and make me love it!”

Victoria was turning into such an eager slut right in front of her and it was making Rose’s heart pound with excitement. This girl was so beautiful and Rose wanted her so bad. Fucking her pussy had been a lot of fun but this was going to be particularly sweet and Rose loved how into it Victoria had gotten.

Rose didn’t mind getting forceful, but she never forced anyone to do anything they didn’t want. So to see a good girl like this begging for it up the ass made Rose all the more eager to fuck her and make her feel real ecstasy. And Rose knew she could do that easily. She knew Victoria was going to love this.

“That’s so fucking hot!” Rose moaned, staring at the rawness of Victoria’s freshly fucked pussy and the tantalizing tightness of that virgin asshole. “That’s what I want to see! Show me how dirty you are Tori! Show me how much you want to let go and stop being a little priss. Show me that you’re my fucking whore, princess!”

“Yessssssss I’m your whore! Fuck your princess!” Victoria begged. “Please Rose please! I need it to be nasty and hot! Do it! Fuck my ass before I get too scared to let you do it!”

The sight of Victoria Justice nude and bent over, spreading her ass cheeks open like she was ready to pose for Hustler was one Rose happily fused right into her brain’s permanent memory. She could have stared at that lewd sight all day. It was just so sexily hypnotic. Rose even had to snap herself out of it because there was work to be done. She couldn’t just drool over Victoria. She had to fuck her.

With Victoria bent over at the edge of the countertop it was easy for Rose to take her ass just like she’d taken her pussy. Victoria’s asshole was wet from her saliva and it had been loosened up just a bit from her probing fingers. But Mr. Snappy was far thicker and Rose took care with what she was doing.

She didn’t want to hurt this girl. She wanted to turn her into an eager anal slut. Rose couldn’t wait to show off how naughty Victoria could be to her friends, especially when she was able to brag how she’d gotten first shot at her.

As Victoria moaned in need, Rose rubbed the cock-shaped head of her toy against Victoria’s anus. She began poking it into the girl’s tight starfish and when she began sliding it in with as much care as she could Victoria’s cries grew more intense.

“Oh God ohhh God ohhhhhhhhh God!” Victoria whimpered, thinking about how nasty this was and worried she was making a mistake but still wanting it so much. She was a storm of emotions inside herself and feeling the toy start to push inside her really made that storm rage.

“Shhhhh just relax,” Rose urged, reaching under Victoria and rubbing her slit to calm her. “It’s going to be so much better if you just relax. Don’t tense up too much or else it will hurt. Just let me get it inside you and then it’s going to start feeling really good!”

Of course not tensing up was almost impossible for Victoria. All she could think about was how dirty she was for letting this happen and that it was wrong to get fucked up the ass and cheat on her boyfriend while doing it. But the way Rose expertly played with her pussy did have a positive effect on her.

It sent a calming wave crashing over her and made her moan out intensely as Rose took advantage of her body relaxing by pushing more of her strap-on up her ass and starting to truly penetrate her with it.

Victoria cried out when that happened but she didn’t resist it. She grunted and moaned when she felt Mr. Snappy start to enter her ass and soon those sounds turned into ones of pleasure. It hurt, but not as much as she had feared it would and she couldn’t get enough of Rose’s fingers playing with her pussy as she entered her.

Rose was rubbing her slit and caressing her clit, pushing her fingers inside her to stimulate her. That made it easier for Victoria to let herself be taken. It was impossible for her to completely relax when she felt that thick, long plastic cock going inside her ass, but it sure helped make it feel good.

“Ohhhhh fuckkk! Oh Rose! Oh my God! Fuckkkkkk!” Victoria grunted. “It’s so big! Ughhh I can’t believe I’m feeling that in my ass!”

“Mmmm and I’m only a little bit in. Wait’ll I really get going,” Rose wickedly promised, keeping up her rubbing of the girl’s pussy while using her other hand to push more of Mr. Snappy inside Victoria. “This is going to feel so fucking good! You’re going to love being assfucked by a woman!”

Victoria could only cry in submissive pleasure when more of the fake cock went inside her. This felt so fucking good. She was stunned at how good it felt. She’d never really wanted to have anything up her ass because she had been afraid it would hurt but it didn’t, not really anyway. And when it did hurt, it hurt in the good way.

She was getting off so much on being a bad girl. Only bad girls had anal sex. Bad girls loved it up the ass. That’s what she was now. She was a bad girl. She was a slut. She was a dirty little lesbian whore. She wanted Rose to fuck her. She wanted it hard and deep.

Victoria grunted with every inch that Rose pushed into her. It was now a steady increase of the black plastic up her tight, white ass. Each thrust from Rose was pushing more of the toy into her and inch by inch it stretched her asshole open.

That made Victoria groan and cry but the pain was overwhelmed by pleasure. And it wasn’t just any pleasure. It was the pleasure of being taken and the pleasure of submitting to a gorgeous woman. Victoria had never known she had needed this until now but, now that she did, she loved it.

“Ahhhhh! More Rose! More!” Victoria groaned. “Make me take it! Buttfuck the prissy little princess and make her into a whore! Make me feel that cock buried up my butt! Ohhhhhh my God! Oooooh yes Rose! Pleaaaaaaaaaase! Ughhhhh yesssssssss ooooooh give it to me!”

“Such a nasty girl! Mmmm you’re such a good little slut taking this big girl cock up your tight little ass!” Rose encouraged with a moan. “Mmmmm you want to get fucked you little slut? Well I want to hear you beg for it Tori! Beg for this big cock up your ass!”

“Yessssssssssss I want it! Oooooh I want it so fucking much!” Victoria replied without thinking, her voice coming from a place of need, not a place of rational thought. “Fuck me with that big cock! You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend and I’d never let him fuck my ass! But I want you Rose! Please fuck me! Fuck my virgin ass and take my cherry! I want that big cock up my butt! Shove it in! Fuck me like a whore! Please give it to me! OOOOOH FUCKKKK!”

Victoria’s voice raised those extra octaves when she felt not only more of Mr. Snappy get buried inside her ass but also experienced Rose starting to fuck her in earnest. The older woman stopped being gentle about easing the strap-on into her and began to instead thrust her hips, forcing more of the toy inside Victoria only to pull it out a little bit and then shove it in deeper.

Rose repeated this motion of her body, one she had used to fuck so many gorgeous women before, and made Victoria shriek with pleasure as her moans became louder and more forceful.

It didn’t take long for Rose to get into a steady rhythm with Victoria. She knew so well how every girl had to be fucked a little bit differently. What worked for one wasn’t automatically going to work for another, especially with a newbie like Victoria. But Rose was so experienced that she didn’t need much time to determine just how to give it to the girl and make her love it.

She didn’t dare to try and work all of Mr. Snappy into her this time, but she pushed more than half of its impressive inch count up Victoria’s ass. Rose thrust in deeper with each buck of her hips, breaking her in for what she was sure would be many future fuckings. And Victoria was doing nothing to disabuse Rose of the notion that this was going to be so much more than a one-time thing.


“That’s the spirit!” Rose laughed, slapping Victoria’s toned ass again with a loud crack that made the girl wince and moan all at once. “I want you to come for me baby! Come from this fat cock up that tight princess ass of yours! Ooooh too bad Liz and Ariana can’t see you now! They’d probably faint if they saw you acting like a fucking anal whore, begging for it up the ass! I’ll bet they’d love it though! Seeing this cute little ass of yours bouncing as I fuck it! I’ll bet it would make them so fucking wet to see your ass jiggling as I’m stretching your tight hole! Push back on it baby girl! Get more of Snappy up your ass! Take it like a good little bitch and come for me!”

“YESSSS! I’LL COME! I’LL COME SO FUCKING GOOD FOR YOU!!!” Victoria promised, meaning it completely.

Victoria was already on edge and this was pushing her right toward the point of no return. She didn’t think she would be able to stand it much longer because this all felt so amazing. Not only did she have the toy pushing deep into her ass and making her feel so wonderfully slutty and stretched, but she had Rose’s hand stimulating her clit. Combining the pleasures were too intense for her to be able to withstand much longer.

Victoria wanted to come so much. She wanted it more than she had ever wanted to come in her life. She still had her hands on her ass cheeks, reaching behind herself as she remained kneeling on the counter with her butt in the air so Rose could fuck it from behind. Her face was pressed to the cool, hard countertop and Victoria kept screaming out in pleasure and submission as her body was defiled in ways she never thought it would be.

It felt so good to let this happen. Victoria never been taken like this before and the fact that she was encouraging it by keeping her hands on her ass and spreading herself open was the perfect capper to it. She was degrading herself by doing this and it was amazing.

“Yeahhhhh that’s it! Come for me!” Rose demanded as her own breathing got heated and ragged and her soft, round tits bounced with every hard thrust she took into Victoria’s devirginized ass. “I’m going to come too baby! I love fucking hot little bitches like you up the ass! Mmmmm taking sweet cherries like these is my favorite kind of present! You gave me your tight little ass for Christmas, Tori! You gave me such a hot present and I’m going to give one right back to you by making you come like the whore you are!”

The way the nub on her end of Mr. Snappy was rubbing right into her pussy, stimulating her clit and making her even juicier, was quite a stimulant for Rose. But it wasn’t just the physical pleasure she got from taking this tight ass, the snugness of Victoria’s naughty hole making the nub rub into her harder, but the mental one as well. The knowledge she was taking this girl’s virgin ass and making it hers and that the girl was thought to be so good and pure was the rush that really had Rose’s pussy purring.

The best orgasms came from both her brain and her cunt being stimulated and this was shaping up to be a really good one. She loved doing this. Rose loved making good girls turn to the dark side of sexual pleasure.

She always felt a rush from turning sweet little things into nasty sluts. The power of being able to convert another one made Rose wild with pleasure and every single one of Victoria’s screams increased that. This girl was hers now. She was certain of it. Even if she came out of this with regrets, Rose knew Victoria would be back for more.

Rose had seen it so many times before and shew wasn’t sure yet how Victoria would react after she came. She might kiss her and beg for more right there and then or she might be overcome with guilt and shame and run out of there. Rose was ready for either possibility but she was sure that no matter what Victoria would want this again and again.

Even if Victoria bolted, insisting that she was straight and this had all been a mistake, Rose knew she would be overcome with lust and be back. After all, no woman was ever straight when they left this place. Once they knew how great women could fuck they were never able to get enough of it, especially if she was the one doing the fucking. Being able to do that was such a powerful feeling and that was what Rose could never get enough of for her own pleasure.

So she was ready to come right along with Victoria. She knew just how to fuck with Mr. Snappy so that not only could she easily get off not just the woman she was fucking but herself as well. Her thrusts were to maximize her own pleasure from using the toy as well as Victoria’s and she was giving it to her firm ass to make them both come.

Hearing Victoria be so close to coming was getting Rose right to the precipice too and she shoved into her more. She pushed more plastic up Victoria’s ass while playing with the girl’s clit. Rose rubbed it just right as Victoria found the pleasure she’d been craving.


Rose gave Victoria a series of hard thrusts in response, increasing her pleasure. She didn’t go too far with Mr. Snappy though. Rose knew the girl wasn’t ready for all of what she could do with her favorite toy. But she gave Victoria just enough to go with the stimulation of her clit.

“Come for me!” Rose commanded, one hand on Victoria’s hip for leverage and the other working her pussy over. “Do it you horny little lesbo bitch! Come for Rose! Show me what a good dyke whore you are for me!”

“OOOOOOOOOOH!” Victoria screamed, the forceful order and the nasty names pushing her right over the edge as her pussy and ass were stimulated simultaneously. “FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH FUCKKKK BABY YESSSSSSSS COMINGGGGGGGG OHHHH MY GODDDDD I’M COMINGGGGG!!!”

Victoria’s orgasm rushed through her like none ever had before. She’d felt some damn fine orgasms before, some from her own touch and some from lovers who knew just how to do it right. Her boyfriend was great in bed. But nothing she had experienced before was like this.

Victoria completely let go and allowed the orgasmic wave to carry her away. She screamed and begged and let the explosions inside her take her someplace wonderful that she knew she was going to want to visit again and again.

She came so loudly that it drowned out Rose’s orgasm in the process, but the older woman hardly minded. Rose didn’t need to advertise that she was coming and in fact she loved that Victoria’s cries were louder than her own.

Rose loved that the repressed girl was truly losing it for her and she fucked her steadily even as she came, grunting and moaning and sweating all over while she thrust Mr. Snappy into Victoria’s ass. Rose could feel the cream flowing from her cunt under the tight seal of her toy as she came. She was soaking herself underneath Mr. Snappy and it felt so good to feel that hot cream all trapped inside as the harness around her waist kept the strap-on tight. She loved making herself messy like that and it charged her up even more.

So when Victoria moaned out her last contented cry of orgasm, Rose didn’t hesitate. She had boundaries she still wanted to push this girl past and she wasn’t about to stop. She pulled out the strap-on aggressively, but not too forcefully, and took a moment to admire how she had loosened Victoria’s hole, leaving it reddened and sore from fucking.

But she didn’t indulge in that too long, not when it was more fun to move herself over to the other side of the counter where Victoria’s sweaty, flushed face was resting.

“Suck!” Rose simply commanded and she didn’t give Victoria a chance to fight her.

Rose pushed down on the back of Victoria’s head and forced her down onto Mr. Snappy, sliding the cock fresh out of her ass into the girl’s mouth. Victoria was too momentarily delirious to realize what she was doing and she started to suck the fake dick out of unconscious habit.

But after a few moments it dawned on Victoria what she was doing. Her eyes widened with shock over her own actions and she tried to pull away. But Rose wasn’t having any of that and she kept her hand on Victoria’s head, forcing her down onto her toy.

“Ohhhhh yesssss suck that cock! Suck the hard dick that just took your cherry!” Rose groaned. “Taste your own ass all over it! You know you want to! Show me what a nasty girl you are! Suck my big cock Tori! Taste that ass! Mmmm suck it clean you horny bitch! Ooooooh!”

It was impossible to struggle away from Rose’s firm grip on her head and Victoria helplessly felt her mouth get fucked. Rose shoved the inches of her toy into her mouth like she’d just done to her ass and the overpowering eroticism of it completely overwhelmed her.

She found it impossible to fight her off. God, she didn’t want to resist. She wanted to do every slutty thing Rose told her to do. So Victoria started sucking the toy, letting Rose guide her head up and down the dirty inches that had just been up her ass. Victoria willingly began slurping on it, tasting herself all over it and shockingly enjoying it.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhh nasty girl suck that cock clean! Slurp your own ass right off it like Liz did after I fucked her!” Rose urged, loving her view of Victoria’s beautiful young face as she closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down the black plastic, swallowing the toy and her own ass flavor. “Mmmmm dirty little ass to mouth dyke slut! I fucking love how much you’re getting into this! Suck my beautiful dick clean and then we can go back to the party and find your friends! I know they can’t wait to see how much more fun you are now, Tori!”

And Victoria couldn’t wait to show them either. The repressed good girl they had known was gone. Now she was a happy, nasty slut and Victoria couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone, especially Liz and Ariana.


Kelly Clarkson was having trouble believing her own eyes. She knew what she was seeing right in front of her, but it couldn’t be real. Could it? No, it was impossible. She had to be hallucinating or something.

Everyone at this party was acting totally crazy. But what she was seeing right now went way beyond crazy to actually certifiably insane.

Kelly had seen things at the mansion before, fun, sexy and wonderful things that anyone who didn’t know the secret of this place would have thought could never happen. She had been a part of so many of those things, indulging in uninhibited orgies with the most beautiful women in the world where everyone was naked and licking and touching and fucking each other. Kelly loved getting crazy like that and she knew the truth of this place would have shocked many.

But now it was her turn to be shocked because she was seeing something she never would have dreamed possible. She badly wanted to tear off her dress and join in the fun, but she was too shocked to do anything but stand there with her jaw on the floor.

Because it wasn’t that she was looking at a room full of horny, naked women going at each other that was so shocking. It was that Carrie Underwood was one of them.

That was something Kelly had never, ever expected to see and when she had first laid eyes on it she had assumed she was imagining it. What she was seeing just couldn’t be real. She couldn’t actually be seeing Carrie taking off her dress. She couldn’t be seeing Carrie kissing women and moaning for them to touch her.

And she definitely couldn’t be seeing Elisha Cuthbert be the one most eagerly taking Carrie up on her horny offer by pressing her up against the wall, pinning her flat to it and passionately making out with her while roaming her hands all over the singer’s very married body.

Kelly was stunned by this and at first she had felt angry about it. How could Elisha do this to her? How could she be kissing and touching Carrie when she knew how Kelly felt? How could she be making Carrie be so naughty when Kelly was trying so hard not to be tempted by her superstar friend’s tight country girl body?

How could Elisha be kissing Carrie and squeezing her perfect little ass through her panties when she knew that Kelly was desperately trying to keep herself from wanting to do that? That wasn’t fucking fair and it was mean of Elisha to be acting this way.

But Kelly had stopped feeling angry about it when she had realized that it wasn’t Elisha who was instigating this. Sure her gorgeous Canadian friend was the one giving Carrie an aggressive kiss and she was the one roaming her hands all over Carrie’s fit body in her tight underwear but it was Carrie who was the one who wanted it to happen.

She was the one pulling Elisha into it and tempting her into being naughty with her. And that was why Kelly was so shocked and confused. She couldn’t believe this was happening but at the same time she was so turned on from this show that Kelly could feel her panties tightly clinging to her soaked pussy under her dress.

The more she watched Carrie and Elisha play with each other the more Kelly wanted to join in. All around her women were fucking and Kelly wanted in so badly. She loved parties like this and she had thought she had needed to be here just to fuck all the inappropriate thoughts about Carrie right out of her head.

But now Carrie was a part of this too and Kelly wanted her more than ever. God, she wanted to be naked like all her friends were and she wanted to lick pussy and have hers licked and kiss girls and feel fingers in naughty places. She wanted to feel her face be coated with girl cum. Mmmm she wanted it all over her body, even on her boobs and in her hair. Kelly wanted to be soaked in cum and she especially wanted it to be Carrie’s cum.

But she didn’t do anything about it because she was too stunned by what she was seeing. How could this be happening? How could Carrie be acting like she wanted Elisha to kiss her and touch her? She had never seen this side of her friend before and it was shocking. She had to say something. She had to do something!

Finally, she couldn’t stand just standing there and gawking. She got herself emphatically involved.

“Carrie! What are you doing?” Kelly demanded as she yanked Elisha off the country singer.

Kelly hadn’t meant to do it so forcefully but she was so shocked by this and she realized as she did it that even though she wasn’t angry, she was totally jealous. Why was Carrie kissing Elisha and not her?

“Mmmmmm I’m making out and I want more!” Carrie giggled before pulling Elisha right back to her and kissing her some more, this time acting as the aggressive one. “Kiss me Elisha! Ooooh I want to kiss a girl sooo bad and you’re so hot! Kiss me! Touch me! Make me so wet for this I won’t be able to control myself!”

Kelly couldn’t believe that Carrie would say that. It seemed so out of character for her. But even her shock couldn’t distract her from how sexy it was to see Elisha and Carrie rubbing their bodies together while they kissed.

Carrie’s dress was on the floor and she was down to her bra and panties. And Carrie was eagerly grabbing at Elisha’s dress too, pulling it up around her waist to show off her lovely ass in nothing but tight thong panties hugging the buttcheeks that Kelly always loved to see. Elisha’s ass looked so good and Carrie obviously loved the way it felt because she began fondling it with an enthusiastic desire to explore.

“But…but…what about Mike?” Kelly stammered out, bringing up the name of Carrie’s husband as she found herself unable to wrap her brain around the idea that she’d been holding back all this time and that Carrie had been looking to cut loose.

“What about him?” Carrie laughed. “Mmmm he knows what happens when he’s not around and I get lonely. He knows what a slutty wife he married.”

That surprised both Kelly and Elisha and they looked at Carrie with aroused shock.

“He does?” they asked simultaneously, their voices making a naughty chorus as Carrie found herself eager to confess some very hidden truths about her marriage.

“Oh hell yeah! He knows his little whore of a wife loves to fuck around on him,” the church going blonde answered with a wicked smile. “He knows how much I need to get fucked and when he’s not around I’ve got to look elsewhere to have my fun! He loves hearing about it too! Mmmm I always call him right up after I’m finished and tell him what slutty, nasty things I did!”

“I can’t believe it,” Kelly gasped.

She thought she had been carrying around some sexy secrets but it sure looked as though Carrie had some doozies of her own. She had never seen even a hint of this kind of behavior from Carrie before. Kelly never could have dreamed Carrie was capable of cheating so eagerly on her husband.

But she had never seen Carrie quite so uninhibited before. She wasn’t acting like herself. That was for sure. But Kelly had no desire to make the singer stop when Carrie started spilling her dirty secrets.

“Mmmmmm you’d better believe it Kell Bell,” Carrie giggled, clearly feeling very loose tongued. “I’m not the good little girl everyone thinks I am! I love all that America’s sweetheart bullshit because it makes me even wetter when I’m out fucking around on my husband. Mmmm he knows that when he’s on his road trips his little slut is out getting plowed by other men’s cocks! Mmmmm the bigger and the blacker the better!”

Carrie’s eyes lit up when she confessed that and she looked lustfully beyond Kelly and Elisha, making them turn around to where Damon was getting his dick sucked by Rosario and where Gwen had plopped down on Fluffy’s lap, grinding her naked body into his while she pulled Mariah close to her to tongue kiss. It was obvious Carrie was checking them out and her nipples were poking out against her bra.

“Mike loves it when I tell! He loves hearing about me getting fucked by strange men mmmm he wants to know how they fucked me and what I did to them!” Carrie purred, enthralling her audience and making it clear she was not the pure of heart wife that so many, especially Kelly, had thought she was. “He loves hearing about how I suck the dicks of men I don’t even know and how I swallow their cum and how my pussy is so insatiable that I can’t even go a day without dick! Mmmm he loves it when I tell them how they fuck me and come inside me and fill me up with those sticky loads! He loves when I get all nasty and I love when he’s jacking his cock off hearing about his filthy whore wife like just the other week when I went to a gloryhole and had cocks coming at me from all ends! I sucked and swallowed and drank their cum and he jacked off so good when we Skyped and I showed him my sticky face and ruined hair and especially when I spread my legs to show him how juicy I got from degrading myself! Mmmm and he loves it even more when I do it even though he’s just out for the night like he comes home from a game and his whore wife stinks of being fucked! Ooooh girls, he loves licking my little pink cunt after I’ve had men fuck me! He’s so fucking kinky but that’s okay because I’m even nastier!”

The sound of this confession had Kelly so floored that she thought she was going to faint. She had never thought that Carrie could ever be like that. What she was saying was making how she acted around the mansion almost seem chaste by comparison she and could only react one way to this.

“Holy fuck!” Kelly marveled. “You are nasty Carrie! I thought you were like this total prude and you would never do anything to cheat on Mike! But you’re like this crazy slut!”

“That’s the idea darling,” Carrie grinned. “I don’t want anyone to ever suspect the truth! I want to keep those record sales going and for everyone to think the only thing I love more than my family is Jesus! Mmmm I don’t want people to know what I really love is cock! The more the merrier! I don’t want them to know how my pussy is always hot to be fucked! Oh Kelly, I’m a total fucking nympho and I love it! But I wanna do something tonight I never tried before!”

“What’s that?” Kelly asked, not expecting there to be anything Carrie hadn’t tried after hearing all of that. Her head was spinning and she hadn’t even had any punch.

“Mmmmm girls! I always wanted to fuck a girl! And it sure looks like y’all are into that kind of kinky shit!” Carrie drawled before she pulled in Elisha for another kiss.

And while she didn’t show it as much as Kelly did, Elisha was just as shocked to find out all this about Carrie. She’d never met the woman before today but she’d been a fan and an admirer of her sexy look.

She’d thought just like Kelly had, that the Carrie was pretty and pure and would need to be seduced. This wild side of her was nothing she had expected. But Elisha was far better at hiding her shock over this than Kelly was. After all, Carrie wasn’t her friend and Elisha was willing to just ride along on this fun train.

But she hadn’t forgotten about everything Kelly had told her that day and the punch she had drank had left Elisha pretty loose lipped too.

“Oh yeah? You’re not the only kinky one here,” Elisha grinned. “Mmmmm we’re all into some wild shit, especially Kelly! Because she wants to fuck you Carrie!”

“Ooooooh! You do?” Carrie said, pulling away from Elisha and turning toward her friend. “Oh my God! I am so into that! I want to fuck you too Kelly! I was hoping this was going to happen!”

“You do? You were?” Kelly asked in disbelief. She’d never ever expected to find out that Carrie was attracted to her. But then again she was finding out a lot of crazy things about her friend that night. “I can’t believe it! You want me?”

“Oh yes!” Carrie immediately blurted out, honesty spilling out of her mouth as her public façade was completely gone now and the untamed hedonist inside had been exposed. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now! I always wanted to try it with a girl but I wanted it to be the right girl! And you’re so fucking hot Kelly! I love your body! You turn me on so much, girl! Why do you think I stripped in front of you in the trailer? Mmmm I wanted you to want me too!”

“Oooooh wow! You were driving me crazy when you did that!” Kelly moaned. “I loved seeing those perfect boobs of yours and your ass in those panties was making me so horny! I loved seeing your amazing ass in those tight little panties! I wanted to rip them off with my teeth and tongue fuck you until you came all over my face! Ohhh my God Carrie you were making me so wet! I’ve been thinking about you non-stop!”

“It’s true!” Elisha confirmed. “She’s been making me fuck her all day just so she’d stop fantasizing about you! I don’t think it worked though!”

“Good!” Carrie declared with a big smile on her face. “I don’t want you to stop wanting me! I want you to want to fuck me! Mmmm I wish you had ripped my panties off! I wish you’d pushed me down on the floor and fucked me and made me take it like the bad girl I am! I wish you’d made me a lesbian slut for you! Oooooh I had no idea this party was going to be like this but I’m so glad it is! I want to fuck you Kelly! Pop my lesbian sex cherry baby! I’ve been such a whore for cock but I want to be a whore for other girls too! Take me and fuck me Kelly!”

The truth was Carrie hadn’t expected this. She had assumed it was just going to be a normal Christmas party. But she’d wanted to spend time with Kelly. That was why she had been so eager to invite herself to it. She’d wanted to get close to her friend and find a way to seduce her.

Because while Carrie hadn’t heard about what went on at the mansion, she had certainly heard a lot of rumors about what Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera did at their label and she had heard Kelly was a big part of that. That wild lesbian shit had turned her on so much, but she’d been a little shy to go right for someone notorious like Britney and Christina. Someone sweet and sexy and fun like Kelly was what she wanted for her first time with a woman.

She’d never thought she was going to get her like this, though. Carrie had thought she was going to have to seduce Kelly and tempt her into being the first girl she played with. That had made her nervous but also had thrilled her as she had imagined having naughty, taboo sex with such a beautiful woman.

Carrie had wanted it so badly and she had been so eager to show off her body to her friend the day before to tempt her and tease her and make her want her. Now she could see not only how well it had worked but that she wasn’t going to have to seduce Kelly at all. Not only was Kelly looking to fuck but it sure seemed that all her friends were too and Carrie was getting so wet watching all of these gorgeous, famous women get nasty with one another.

Stripped down to nothing but her underwear, Carrie could feel her pussy getting so juicy and she was sure the crotch of her panties were soaked now. She wasn’t embarrassed, however. In fact she wanted to advertise how horny she was. She wanted everyone to see she wasn’t some good girl prude, especially Kelly.

Carrie wanted them all to see that she was really a hot slut in desperate need of being fucked and that was a message Kelly was receiving loud and clear. Kelly hadn’t ever expected to hear it but Carrie wasn’t exactly being subtle about what she was really like in the bedroom.

Kelly had thought she was going to have to restrain herself all night and act chaste around Carrie. She had thought her friend would never be into this and that she was a faithful wife who would never even dream of cheating on her husband. Now she could see just how wrong she had been and while she couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing, Kelly knew she had to act.

Everyone might have been acting crazy at this party and she might have been stone sober, but that didn’t make her want Carrie any less. Normally she was shy about these things and let others take the lead on seduction but Kelly couldn’t be that way now. She wanted to be bold and sexy and naughty and she didn’t hold back. Not this time.

As her fantasies fueled her on, Kelly walked right up to Carrie and didn’t hesitate to kiss her. This time it wasn’t the friendly kisses they had shared in prior times. This was a real kiss, the kind of kiss that Kelly loved to give Elisha and Britney and Christina and all the other women here she fucked.

Kelly gave that kind of kiss to Carrie now and she wasn’t shy about it. She kissed the blonde superstar like she’d been dying to kiss her and moaned when she felt Carrie start to kiss her right back.

Carrie felt a wonderful thrill rush through her as soon as she felt Kelly’s soft, girly lips pressing against hers but she was also nervous. She had offered a lot of big talk about how much she loved acting like a dirty slut and fucking strange men in the filthiest fashion and it had all been true. But it had also been true that she had never been with another woman.

She wasn’t nervous because she didn’t think she was going to like it. She knew she would. She wasn’t nervous because she wasn’t sure she wanted it. She was positive she did. Carrie was nervous because she wanted to be good at this.

Carrie wanted Kelly and all her friends to think she was hot and nasty and so sexy. She wanted this to be one of the naughtiest nights of her life and she wanted to be able to do it right.

“Mmmmm I want you so much!” Carrie moaned in between kisses. She’d enjoyed kissing Elisha but she didn’t really know her and there was just something so fun and forbidden about kissing her friend. “Kiss me Kelly! Take me! Fuck me! Treat me like the dirty girl I am! I had no idea you were so into all this lesbian stuff but that just makes me want you more! Show me how you girls fuck! Show me the nasty, fun fucking you do at Christina and Britney’s label! Mmmmm I’m such a slut for cock but I wanna be that way for pussy too!”

“Oh God, you’re so dirty,” Kelly moaned back, her arousal making her feel like her panties were going to explode. “I thought you were so good Carrie but you’re even dirtier than me! I love it though! Mmmm I love fucking girls so much! I haven’t even looked at a guy in so long because girls have all I need! I’m going to fuck you so good Carrie! I’m going to fuck your bad girl body and make you only want to lick pussy! Mmm you might be a nasty dick loving slut now but that’s going to change because I’m going to turn you so lesbo!”

Kelly had never felt more sexually confident than she did at that moment. Carrie was more than ripe for the picking. She was begging for it and Kelly was going to make sure she got it. She wasn’t going to let anyone else do it either, not even Elisha. Kelly was going to make damn sure she got to be the lucky girl who popped Carrie Underwood’s lesbian sex cherry.

So she kissed Carrie passionately and let her own desires run free. She’d been restraining herself so much when it came to Carrie and now that she no longer had to do that Kelly let herself go wild by kissing her friend and roaming her hands all over her amazing body.

She and Carrie moaned into each other’s mouths as they kissed, their tongues rubbing together as comfortably as if they had done it many times before. There was an instant sexual chemistry between them and while they might never have done this before to each other, they both had wanted it and that desire led to the eagerness of their kisses.

Kelly felt so good letting all the desire she’d kept inside herself loose and Carrie was in bliss as her naughty curiosity to try it with another woman finally led to action. She loved how Kelly was kissing her and how she was touching her. Those hands felt incredible on her body as Kelly softly caressed her through her underwear and Carrie was eager to have Kelly touch her everywhere.

“Oh Kelly! Yesssss mmmmmm give it to me!” Carrie moaned. “I want it so much! Turn me into an even bigger slut! I want to fuck girls now! I wish you’d fucked me in that trailer yesterday! We could have gotten so nasty while they were waiting for me to perform for those sick kids! Mmmm keeping them waiting while we were eating each other’s pussies and fucking the shit out of each other! But we’re gonna get even nastier here now, right? Please say yes! I want it hot and nasty!”

“It’s going to be so nasty!” Kelly promised, speaking from the experience of all her previous trips to the mansion and not only what she knew her friends could do but what she was capable of. “I’m going to fuck you so good that you’ll never be slutty again for all those cocks you crave! Mmmm you’ll only be slutty for hot girls like me! I’ll make you into a total whore for girls, Carrie, and we’re all going to love seeing that pretty little wholesome face of yours between our legs lapping at our pussies! But I get you first!”

“Yessssssssssssss you get me first!” Carrie immediately agreed. “You get to fuck me! Don’t hold back anymore Kelly! I want it! Fuck me like the whore I am! Mmmm make my pussy so wet that I’ll be dreaming of hot girls and not big cocks!”

Carrie let out a long moan when Kelly’s hands moved to her backside and squeezed her ass through her panties. She loved feeling those soft hands on her body. It was just how she wanted a woman’s touch to be, tender but also passionate.

She knew men wanted her and she loved being groped by strong, rough hands. But Carrie wanted a new challenge too. She wanted women to ache to fuck her too. She wanted to feel hot, lesbian hands all over her body, touching her, caressing her, grabbing her and making her do the kinds of nasty things she’d always been told bad girls burned in hell for. She was dying for that and Kelly’s hands on her tight little ass made her crotch even more soaked.

“I love this ass!” Kelly declared. “Ooooh so tight and firm! Mmmm it feels so good but I’ll bet it’s going to feel even better when it’s nice and naked for me, isn’t it Carrie? You were teasing me so much with this tight little ass and making me so fucking hot but now you can’t tease me anymore and these panties have to go!”

“Yessssssssss rip em off me!” Carrie lustfully urged. “Fucking tear the good girl’s panties off so you can see her little whore pussy all wet and creamy for girlfucking! Mmmmm I want this so bad! Just tear my panties off Kel!”

Kelly had been going to do it anyway, but having Carrie beg for it like that just made her more eager. Without any further hesitation, Kelly did what she’d wished she’d done in the trailer and tore off Carrie Underwood’s underwear.

Luckily there was nothing fancy about her panties and her desire to remove them was raging so Kelly was able to dispose of them with ease, ripping them open and tossing them onto the floor.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” Carrie cried with wanton desire.

She loved the sound of her panties being torn off in the heat of passion and it was even hotter to know it was a woman doing it to her this time. She had ruined so many pairs of underwear over the years by getting them ripped off but she couldn’t help it. It made her so wet to have her panties ripped open before she was fucked mercilessly with hard, animal lust. Having it be Kelly do it to her this time made it even more taboo.

“Fuck me Kelly! Fuck me like a dirty little whore!” Carrie begged. “Make me into your lesbian bitch! Show me how hot it is when girls fuck!”

Kelly silenced Carrie with another passionate kiss. She took her friend’s face in her hands and kissed her fiercely, shoving her tongue right into the blonde’s mouth. Carrie and Elisha might have been drunk, but Kelly was intoxicated by pure lust as she pressed Carrie up against the wall and rubbed into her now bottomless body.

Kelly was the aggressor in the kiss and Carrie whimpered happily from the soft, female tongue in her mouth. Kelly moaned too when she felt the heat and wetness coming from her friend’s cunt. Even through her dress she could feel Carrie’s arousal as she rubbed into her and it just made her want her more.

It was so hard to break away from the sexiness of kissing Carrie though. She was so beautiful and now that she knew her friend wanted this badly, Kelly had no compunction about kissing her married lips anymore. She hadn’t wanted to turn Carrie into a cheater, but since she was already one, there was no reason to hold back.

Kelly kissed Carrie with a fierce passion, their tongues rubbing together while Kelly held the gorgeous country superstar by her face and Carrie ran her hands all over Kelly’s body, roaming over her tits through her dress and groping them in excitement.

Kelly loved making out with Carrie. She was such a great kisser and it was clear just how into the idea of fucking a woman the blonde was. She was so receptive to everything and that made it all so much hotter to Kelly. She could have made out with Carrie for hours. Kissing this beautiful, married woman was heaven.

But Kelly knew it could get better so she didn’t pause for anything, not even to get Carrie’s bra, much less her own clothes, off. Kelly broke the kiss and smiled before sinking right to her knees in front of Carrie to get her first look right at her friend’s sodden pussy.

It was just as sexy as she had dreamed it would be. It was a tiny little pussy and Kelly marveled at how pretty it looked even after all the times Carrie said she had gotten it fucked. It was beautiful and completely bald with nothing covering her pussy lips but wetness. There wasn’t even a landing strip.

It was just a bare, juicy cunt and Kelly was overcome with lust at the sight of it. She’d been hungering so much for this and she didn’t hesitate now that she had it. She just shoved her face between those thighs and started licking. She didn’t say a word. She wanted it too badly and she knew Carrie felt the same way.

And as soon as her tongue touched that aroused slit, Kelly was addicted. She already loved the way women tasted. Being able to stick her tongue into a juicy pussy was one of her favorite things to do but Carrie had such a delicious flavor.

Carrie’s personality might not have been as sweet as her reputation had claimed, but her pussy sure was and Kelly got plenty of yummy flavor when she began lapping away at those tight, smooth pussy lips. That first lick was amazing and the second one even better. Carrie’s pussy was so tasty and Kelly couldn’t get enough of it. She started to steadily lick at it, doing what she had been dying to do to her friend while Carrie instantly began moaning for more.

Kelly had never expected she would ever be able to do this with Carrie. She had assumed this would be a fantasy that would never come true. So now that she had this chance she was going to make sure she got the most of it.

She licked at Carrie just like she loved to lick all her sexy girlfriends. She loved being the experienced one for once. She loved being the one to show a gorgeous woman new pleasure. Because while it seemed that Carrie was quite the whore when it came to men, Kelly had her beat easily when it came to women and she was going to show her friend just how horny girls did it.

“Oooooooh Kelly! Ohhhh my Goddddd yesssssssssssssss do itttttt! Oooooh fucking eat that cunt! Eat that dirty little slutty cunt of mine!” Carrie groaned, using words that would have gotten her banned from Nashville’s finest establishments. “Ooooooh fuckkkkk! Yessssss lick me like no man ever can! Ughhh fuck I love when they stick their fat dicks in me and fuck me raw but I need more! Oooooh I need a woman too! I need to feel a hot lesbian tongue lapping at my cunt! Ooooooooh fuck yeahhhhhh! Give it to me like a dirty girl, Kel! Make me even sluttier! Make it so I’ll want to fuck girls now too! Ughhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!”

For all her bravado, Carrie had actually been a little bit nervous about her first time with a woman. She was never shy about fucking men and that was because she knew she loved dick. She had been cock crazy since…well since younger than she would ever care to admit publicly. And she knew how much men loved her tight little body and her slutty Southern ways.

Carrie had been manipulating men and making cocks hard for so long. She was an expert in it. But women were a completely different story. This was new and different and a little scary. But she liked scary and Kelly was making it feel so incredible.

“Ooooooh Kel! Ohhhh my God Kelly! Mmmm lick my slutty fuckhole and make it all hot and wet for girls!” Carrie kept moaning, her sweet sounding voice only making the dirty talk sound better. “Oooooh you’re so good at this! Ohhhh God I had no idea you would be so good at licking my pussy! Mmmmm fuck your tongue feels amazing Kelly! Oooooooh yesssssss mmmmmm did Britney and Christina show you how to fuck like this? Did they turn you from a good girl to a nasty pussy licker? Mmmmmm oooooooooh yessssssssss!”

Kelly smiled as she tongued her friend. It wasn’t the first time she had heard a woman raving about her tongue and she hoped that it would not be the last. She had never really thought her tongue had been that special but ever since she had started visiting the mansion, hot girls had told her so many times they loved how long her tongue was and how well she could reach all their hot spots.

It made Kelly picture herself as Gene Simmons sometimes and while she knew her tongue wasn’t anything insane like that, she was just glad other girls liked it. She was very happy right then that Carrie was getting into it too and she wanted to shoe her friend everything her long, horny tongue was capable of.

Kelly couldn’t wait to tell Carrie all about how Christina had seduced her and turned her from a repressed straight girl into someone who couldn’t get enough pussy. She’d never been fucked like Christina had taken her on her first visit to the mansion and it had felt so good to have that pierced pop princess eat her pussy that she’d let Christina get her strap-on and fuck her up the ass.

That had been such an amazing sensation. Kelly didn’t give up her ass to just anyone, but Christina had overwhelmed her with such desire that she had begged for her ass to be fucked even though it had only been her first time with a woman. Now Kelly was feeling that same desire again while she licked away at Carrie’s sweet juices.

It was so hot to know she was the first woman to taste this pussy. It made it extra thrilling for Kelly and this was already plenty wild. She had been dreaming of Carrie so much and now she had her bottomless with her dress and panties gone and her pussy in her face and her back against the wall.

There was enough room too for Kelly to get her hands up and squeeze Carrie’s perfect ass. She did it not just so she could make sure her friend didn’t get too far from her face but also because she had been madly lusting for that ass and wanted to grope it and squeeze it and dream about how much fun it would be to turn Carrie around and spread those tight cheeks of hers open so she could show her all the things she could do with her tongue.

Carrie was moaning nonstop from this, egging Kelly on with every word and Kelly loved it. She didn’t even care that she was still fully dressed. She was right where she wanted to be, with her tongue inside her friend’s juicy pussy, tasting her juices and showing her what a great fuck she could be.

Carrie might have been way kinkier than she ever could have dreamed her supposedly innocent friend could be, but Kelly knew there were still a few tricks this Texan could show this pretty little piece of Oklahoman ass. Being able to make her rival state’s most famous beauty into her slut tickled her Texan pride and her pussy and Kelly was soaking her panties like she was about to come in them without so much as touching herself.

But she ignored her own needs and focused entirely on Carrie. She loved tasting her and making good on her horny fantasies about her friend. Nothing had gone any way she had expected it to but Kelly was getting off on that. She liked surprises and ever since that first time Christina had kissed her, Kelly had grown to love surprises of the girl sex variety.

“Spread yourself open for me,” Kelly commanded, moaning as she looked up at Carrie, all beautiful and blonde and blue-eyed with that deceptively wholesome face of her contorting in ecstasy. “Show me how kinky you get baby! Spread that dirty little pussy open so I can really get my tongue inside you!”

“Ooooooh yeahhh mmmm give it to meeeeeeee!” Carrie begged. “Please Kel! Give my dirty cunt the girl on girl licking it needs! Mmmm make me a total lez for you! Fuck me like those big, bad sluts at the record label fuck you! Show me what a slut you can be too! Oooooh I love how naughty you are Kelly! Mmmmm fuck me like the naughty lesbo you are, baby!”

Carrie obediently reached down and spread open her smooth, soaked pussy lips. She had only known cock before today but she was quickly coming to love the feel of a woman going down on her. It was so nasty and hot to know it was another girl eating her pussy, especially since that girl was Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie wanted more.

She wanted all of her friend’s tongue and she wanted it fucking her pussy into a creamy, lesbian frenzy. Carrie had fantasized about women for years without ever having the nerve to go through with it and now she was so glad she had because Kelly was amazing and she needed her to fuck her.

“Mmmmmm here you go baby!” Carrie moaned as she revealed layers of pink to Kelly’s wide, horny eyes. “Pretty pink country star cunt for you to lick! Mmmm I’m supposed to be a good girl and love going to church and praying to God while being a good little wife! But I’m not! I’m a fucking whore! Oooooh I love getting my pussy fucked so hard! I love feeling big, fat cocks pounding my little hole but I want this more! I want you so bad Kel! I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any thick, juicy black cock stuffing my white girl cunt! I want you more than any country boy redneck shitkicker that I’ve ever cheated on my husband with!”

Kelly could only groan in lust when she saw how Carrie had spread herself open for her, using her fingers to splay her labia and show off the pink folds she’d just been licking. Tasting them had been one thing but seeing them was something else, something even hotter, and Kelly was enraptured by the forbidden sight before her.

Her beautiful friend was so nasty and it made Kelly so hot. The graphic view of Carrie’s cunt all soaking wet and spread made Kelly hornier than ever for her and she started kissing all over the folds that the blonde had opened for her. She kissed where she had just been licking, lustfully sucking the juice right out of her pussy and gulping it down. But she didn’t just do that, not when she really wanted to unleash her tongue. And with Carrie spreading herself open like this it was the perfect chance to do it.

As Carrie shrieked in sexual delight, Kelly began tongue fucking her, keeping a tight grip on her ass cheeks while she thrust into her and fucked her. And through it all, Kelly kept staring up at Carrie, loving how into it her friend was.

Carrie wanted it so badly that she hadn’t even paused to remove her bra and it looked so sexy to have her still be a little bit dressed while Carrie mashed her pussy into her face, grinding into her tongue and begging for more of it and for Kelly to fuck her faster. It was so hot for Kelly to see and hear and for her to taste all the juiciness dripping out of Carrie’s pussy that Kelly barely noticed that her own clothes were being pulled off until she felt her dress sliding down her body.

Elisha had become the forgotten woman here but she hadn’t minded. She had been having too much fun watching the show and seeing Kelly fuck someone was always a thrill. Elisha loved seeing her friend in total pleasure anytime she could and it was especially hot this time because she knew that Kelly was getting just what she wanted.

She had wanted Kelly to not feel guilty about her lust for Carrie and for her to go after her friend and seduce her. Of course Elisha hadn’t expected Carrie to be quite so willing and for her to have such a wild side but she loved it anyway. It was so naughty to know that this supposed good girl was even kinkier than they were and Elisha had loved seeing Kelly go down on Carrie’s pussy to give her the first girl licking of her life.

Elisha had removed the rest of her clothes as she’d watched, stripping herself until she was as naked as almost everyone else at the party. She’d never seen a party like this at the mansion and she’d been so many of them. It reminded her of the bachelorette party she’d gone to in Jamaica and that was something permanently burned into her mind because it had been her first time with another woman.

It had been so wild and dirty to lose her lesbian virginity inside a lesbian orgy filled with women she barely knew. But she had loved it and she hadn’t ever looked back since then. Now she was at a party just like that and this time she wasn’t some shocked, inexperienced girl. She knew what she was doing and what she wanted and what she wanted was Kelly.

Fucking her friend all morning and into the afternoon hadn’t been nearly enough for Elisha. She could never get enough of her friend and she wanted in on this fun. So as soon as she’d gotten rid of all her own clothes, Elisha had gone after Kelly’s.

She hadn’t wanted to disturb her fun with Carrie. She had just wanted to get her friend naked. It had seemed shameful to keep a body like Kelly’s dressed while everyone else was naked so Elisha had sought to rectify that by kneeling down next to Kelly as the singer had tongued Carrie and unzipping her dress.

Fortunately, Kelly rarely wore clothes that were difficult to remove and Elisha was always eager to get her naked. That was certainly the case tonight and Elisha unzipped the dress with ease, pulling it down her body and kissing the exposed skin she revealed along the way.

Elisha was a little disappointed to see that Kelly hadn’t been lying about wearing underwear. Kelly frequently went commando under her clothes, but tonight she had actually put on a bra and panties. Elisha did love seeing her friend’s naked body instantly but she told herself that a little extra work unwrapping this present was worth it. So, after pulling off the dress she went to work on removing Kelly’s underwear.

“Mmmmm yeah Leesh! Do it!” Kelly cheered her on. “Get me naked! I want Carrie to see how much I love it when you fuck me! You know how to make me feel so good and I want her to see how hot it makes me when a sexy girl like you fucks me! She thinks she’s so dirty because of all the guys she’s fucked but she’s nothing compared to sluts like us!”

Elisha grinned over the enthusiasm. It had been so weird to see Kelly holding herself back earlier and it was so much hotter to see her completely letting go and getting what she wanted. An unrestrained Kelly was always a sexy one and Elisha loved being encouraged by her.

She didn’t hesitate to do just what her friend wanted. Elisha tossed Kelly’s dress away and quickly unclasped her bra from behind, snapping it off with ease and then going for her panties. Elisha eagerly rolled down those no longer needed cotton panties and exposed the luscious cheeks of Kelly’s rear end, a part of her friend that Elisha was particularly obsessed with.

“Mmmmm I love this ass! Ooooooh fuckkkk Kel! Your ass drives me soooo fucking crazy! I can never control myself around it!” Elisha declared in her horny and intoxicated state as she began showering kisses all over it. “Mmmm I love it! Love it! Love it! Oooooh I love this big butt sooooooo much!”

Elisha didn’t even get the panties all the way off. She left them around the singer’s ankles while literally kissing Kelly’s ass even as her words hit a touchy subject. Elisha knew Kelly was sensitive about the size of her ass, but she had said it with love. Plus couldn’t help herself, not with her desire so strong tonight and her brain unable to think clearly.

Kelly’s ass was big and beautiful. It was so round and full and Elisha adored it. Kelly knew that and she didn’t really mind hearing it called “big,” especially not when Elisha was kissing all over it.

So Kelly didn’t get defensive about her ample ass this time. In fact she egged Elisha on by arching herself out and shaking her bare ass into her face while she resumed licking away at Carrie. While she rubbed her ass back against Elisha, Kelly lapped up the dripping essence from Carrie’s no longer girl virginal cunt and thrust inside to give her the full effect of her tongue.

Elisha giggled back at the welcomed motion and happily pressed her face between Kelly’s adored butt cheeks. Feeling them shake against her face turned Elisha on and she slid a hand between her own legs to touch herself while she shoved her face into Kelly’s buns.

Elisha loved feeling those thick ass cheeks up against her face. They were so soft, like sexy pillows to rest her head against. But the last thing she wanted to do now was go to sleep. Not when there were so many more fun things she could do, like spreading those cheeks open and letting her tongue naughtily drag down Kelly’s crack to get at her pretty little pucker.

Having spent so much time earlier that day being intimate with Kelly’s pussy, it was easy for Elisha to instead focus on her friend’s tightest hole. She didn’t always get to play with Kelly’s asshole but the girl seemed mighty willing now and Elisha was definitely in the mood. She was so horny, hornier than she could ever remember being and all she wanted was Kelly Clarkson’s ass.

“Did you mean what you said to me this morning?” Elisha asked, rubbing herself with one hand while using the other to spread open Kelly’s butt so she could lick her asshole, making her pant and moan into Carrie’s pussy. “You going to give up your ass to me? Gonna let me fuck you here?”

Elisha punctuated her question by pushing her tongue inside Kelly’s asshole. Elisha was always eager to play with Kelly’s ass and if her friend was really offering it up, then Elisha was definitely going to take advantage. So she wiggled her tongue into Kelly’s tightest hole and made sure to stimulate it just the way she knew the singer couldn’t resist.

“Ohhhhh Godddddddd!” Kelly groaned, the feel of Elisha’s tongue penetrating her anus the only thing that could distract her from Carrie’s yummy cookie. She was so turned on that there was no doubt in her mind about what she wanted. “Yessssssss! Mmmm do it Leesh! Fuck my ass! I know how bad you want it! It feels so good when you do it! Fuck me baby! Let Carrie see how much I’m a nasty slut who loves being fucked up the ass!”

“Ohhhh fuck yeahhhhhh!” Carrie cried, enthusiastically agreeing with the sentiment as her pussy continued to be expertly pleasured. “I wanna see! I wanna see you get fucked up your sexy ass Kel! I love your ass! Oooooh I wish I had a big ol booty like yours to make guys rock hard for me like I know they are for you! I’ll bet guys would line up to fuck your yummy ass but you don’t even want them, do you? Ooooh you just want girls to fuck you like a dirty lil lezzie! Mmmm that’s so fucking hot! Fuck her Elisha! Fuck her ass and let me see how much she loves it! I’m a total slut for assfucking and I wanna see Kelly be one too!”

Kelly certainly wasn’t naïve about how much attention her ass got. Sometimes it made her shy and insecure, especially when she feared it was getting too big. But her friends, especially Elisha, always made her feel better. They made her feel confident about her body and she loved hearing how much they wanted her.

She had to be in the right mood to give up her ass, but when she was it was always so hot to feel such a dirty thing being done to her. Kelly was definitely in the mood now and she wanted Elisha to take her, just like Christina had on her first trip to the mansion. Kelly didn’t just want her ass to be fucked. She needed it.

Pushing her face back into Carrie’s pussy, Kelly gave the blonde a series of thorough licks with her long tongue. Her licking made Carrie shriek out her pleasure and once again praise the wonders of the first female tongue she had ever felt. Kelly loved hearing that and tasting Carrie’s essence made her lick harder.

Carrie tasted so yummy and Kelly wanted to swallow every drop of her cream. Fucking Carrie was making her even hornier for Elisha and Kelly kept wiggling her ass in her friend’s face, rubbing her soft cheeks into her while Elisha tongued her hole. It was so nasty and Kelly wanted more.

She needed something bigger and harder than Elisha’s tongue. Kelly needed to get fucked and Elisha felt the same way.

“Mmmmmm yessssss you are a nasty slut, Kelly! You’re a dirty girl who loves being buttfucked!” Elisha teased, enjoying how much Carrie was looking at her and loving the show. “You act all shy about giving up your ass but I know you love it! You love it when I fuck you like a whore and make you take it doggie style! Mmmm I wish I had my strap-on with me to fuck you just how you love it!”

Elisha was kicking herself for not bringing along her toy. This might have been a Christmas party but it was the mansion and you had to come prepared. Instead she was toyless and desperate to give it hard to Kelly. She pulled her tongue out and instead slid a finger into her friend’s asshole, penetrating Kelly’s now saliva-coated little puckered ring.

That made Kelly moan into the muzzle of Carrie’s pussy but she needed more and Elisha knew it. She quickly slid a second finger into Kelly’s ass, using her saliva and the juice from her own pussy as lube. But Elisha knew this wasn’t going to cut it. Kelly needed more and Elisha again wished she had brought her toy.

But fortunately a solution was at hand. Elisha didn’t know if it was a Christmas miracle or not but she did know she was happy to see it as Ali Lohan and Haylie Duff wandered through with the bag full of sex toys that had snatched from Justin.

They had been handing out the toys to anyone who wanted them and having a fun time doing it. They were both exhilarated from walking around naked with their pussies all wet and juicy and their nipples so hard as they saw everyone else fucking. It was such a fun, wild scene and they wanted to make it better with the toys.

“Wanna play with one of these?” Haylie asked, opening up the bag to show off just what was left inside. And Elisha didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Oh my God! Yes! Definitely!” Elisha replied. “Thank you! That’s just what I needed! Where did you get all of those?”

“Santa brought them,” Ali declared with a little giggle as Elisha rifled through the bag to find just the right toy. And fortunately it didn’t take long for her to find exactly what she was looking for.

“Oh yes! Come to momma!” Elisha said when she pulled out a strap-on by its harness.

It was perfect. It was a pink-colored cock with a realistic shape and it was the perfect length for fucking Kelly’s ass. It wasn’t too big but it would more than fill her up. It was just what she needed for Kelly but Elisha was also feeling greedy and she grabbed some more toys from the bag.

“Heyyyyy leave some for the others,” Haylie chided.

“You didn’t say I could only pick one,” Elisha correctly noted. “Besides, I’m totally going to share.”

And since neither Ali nor Haylie wanted to fight about it, they just let Elisha be greedy and grab as many toys as she wanted before they wandered over to the next group of girls they wanted to bestow gifts on.

That left Elisha to focus on Kelly while also dreaming about her new friend Carrie. Both of them had such amazing asses and while Elisha adored Kelly’s thickness she also wanted a piece of that firm country star’s tight little rear too. Elisha couldn’t wait to fuck them both and it was making her pussy drip as she slid the strap-on’s harness onto her naked body.

Elisha usually loved being fucked more than being the one doing the fucking. You felt more pleasure when you were the one being skillfully penetrated by a sexy woman. But Elisha also enjoyed the power that came from wearing a toy and really giving it to another girl, especially if she was really into that girl like she was with Kelly.

She wanted to fuck her friend so much. Elisha wanted it to be raw and hot and she wanted it to make Kelly feel really good. She didn’t have any lube for the fake cock she now had on her body but Elisha knew just where to get some.

“Mmmmm you want this dick inside you baby? Wanna feel me pound your ass?” Elisha purred, rubbing the shaft of the strap-on against Kelly’s weeping slit and coating it with her essence.

“Yesssssssssss!” Kelly submissively groaned. “Take my ass! Fucking do it hard and deep Leesh! Fuck me even better than you usually do! Give it to my big, fat butt!”

“Ohhhh fuckkk,” Elisha moaned at the sound of Kelly talking like that. “Mmmm baby! You know I love that! I love your butt so much and it turns me on so fucking much when you tell me how juicy and fat it is!”

Kelly didn’t always get nasty like that and it made Elisha shiver with pleasure to hear it. Nasty lust had overcome Kelly like the spiked punch had overcome Carrie and Elisha and the horny Canadian got even more eager to give it to her friend.

“Yeahhh I know what you like you fucking perv,” Kelly teased her friend, pulling up her Carrie coated face and turning around to smile at Elisha. “Mmmmm now give me what I like! Give my fat ass a good fucking! Make it deep and hard! Fuck me so good I’ll give you my butt more often! C’mon baby! Stick it in me Leesh!”

That was all the encouragement Elisha needed. She’d been rubbing her new toy against Kelly’s pussy to get it wet but she couldn’t wait any longer. Kelly pulled away from her enough to give her a clearer view of her shaking her ass from side to side, tempting her with what she most wanted. Elisha took one look at that and lost it.

Not even caring if she’d lubed up the toy enough, Elisha got both of her hands on Kelly’s ass and spread her open, exposing the hole that was still wet with her saliva. And as soon as she did that, Elisha pushed the head of the toy into her.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooh!” Kelly squealed when she felt the tip penetrate her. It was so much thicker than Elisha’s fingers and she hadn’t been fucked up the ass in months. But she wanted it and it felt so good to have it go inside her. “Yesssss! Ohhhh baby! Mmmm push it inside my ass! Mmm give it to me with that big cock! Let Carrie see how much I like it!”

And Carrie badly wanted that. But she wanted her pussy eaten even more and she shoved down on the back of Kelly’s head, forcing the kneeling girl back into her crotch where her tongue was very much missed.

“Don’t stop! Mmmmm fuckkkk yessssssssssssss shove that awesome tongue right back into that dirty, pink pussy!” Carrie cried, “Mmmmm yesssss eat me out baby! Eat that dirty, cheating pussy that I love to let strangers fuck! This is so much hotter though! Ughhh fuckk you’re such a good friend Kel! Taking me to your hot lesbian sex party and eating me out like this! Mmmm I can see why you love fucking girls so much! Lick my pussy! Ughhh yeahhhh lick the hot cum right out of me while you get that great ass of yours fucked!”

Carrie had never been much of a voyeur before but then again she’d never been in anything like this so she was getting interested in all kinds of new things. She loved the view she had right then of Kelly kneeling down naked with her ass sticking out and Elisha’s hands spreading her open to work her cock up that thick, delicious booty. Kelly’s ass looked even sexier like this than it ever had in a pair of tight jeans and Carrie loved seeing it jiggle as the strap-on pushed into her.

And Carrie loved seeing Elisha too. She’d always thought the Canadian actress was cute but she’d never seen her in this kind of light before and it was a mighty good light indeed. Elisha looked amazing naked.

Carrie had never realized what big boobs Elisha had. But if there was one thing that could make her not want to stare at Kelly’s ass, it was Elisha’s tits jiggling as she fucked Kelly. Carrie loved checking out those bouncing boobies. They were so pink and full with her nipples all nice and swollen. Carrie found herself desiring Elisha more than ever so she leaned over and started kissing her again.

This time Carrie helped herself to a feel of those awesome boobs too. She fondled them as she and Elisha tongue kissed. It was extra pleasure for Carrie and she loved being able to touch those great tits and kiss this beautiful woman while still being able to keep herself in Kelly’s face so that amazing tongue could work its magic on her pussy.

Carrie could definitely see why girls went lesbo now. There were just so many things women could do to each other. All men had going for them were their cocks. And while she loved cock, Carrie was very happy to have this new alternative for her.

Carrie and Elisha continued to kiss. They’d done it before but now it was even hotter because they were both naked…well almost naked. Carrie had been so focused on having her pussy eaten that she had completely forgotten that her bra was still on. So she made sure and took care of that.

It wasn’t easy to will herself to get her hands off Elisha’s tits but she did it just long enough to reach back and unsnap her own bra. Carrie tossed it off so they could all be completely bare. And once that was done, Carrie got back to playing with her new friend’s boobs.

“Sooooo soft mmmmm so sexy,” Carrie moaned in between kisses while she explored the gorgeous chest in front of her. She’d never touched tits besides her own and while it wasn’t like Elisha was lugging around Double D’s or anything they certainly felt much bigger than her own smaller pair. “Mmmmm you’ve got such great boobs Elisha! Ooooooh fuckkkk ohhhh don’t stop Kelly! Mmmmm keep eating my pussy while you get fucked! Ughhh this is so nasty!”

“Mmmm yeahhh she eating that wet pussy good?” Elisha asked, licking the taste of Carrie’s lip gloss off her lips. “Kelly’s tongue always feels so good in my pussy! She licks me so fucking nice! She can make you into a total slut for her tongue Carrie! You won’t be fucking any more of those guys when she’s done with you! You’re only going to want hot girls! She can make you into a horny lesbian slut like the rest of us!”

“Ughhhhh she already is!” Carrie cried, her own firm breasts now doing some bouncing of their own as she continued fucking herself against Kelly’s face, this time picking up the pace while she felt her orgasm nearing. “Mmmm it’s so fucking good! Gawwd that tongue on my clit is amazing! I love it! Ooooooh lick me Kelly! Mmmm make me come better than any of those dirty guys I cheat on Mike with do! Ooooooh make it feel so good I’ll tell my fucking hubby all about how his dirty wife turned into a lesbo slut and doesn’t even want cock anymore! Oooooh make me come Kelly! Mmmm I love you licking me while you’re getting fucked! We can totally switch next and I can lick your pussy Kel while I get my ass fucked by Elisha!”

Elisha definitely wanted to do that and she gave Carrie another kiss in response to her horny idea. This toy wasn’t hers and it was hard to get used to it right away but she was getting into a rhythm with it and it felt so good so be fucking Kelly’s ass with it.

She was keeping her friend’s ass spread open with her hands while she thrust and the idea of going from one hot ass to another sounded amazing. Elisha wanted to give it to Carrie just like she was giving it to Kelly and show this pretty little blonde songbird how girls did it here in the mansion.

Elisha felt her pussy get even wetter underneath the strap-on at the thought of taking Carrie’s ass next and that inspired her to go harder with Kelly, shoving in more of the pink strap on up her ass and thrusting into her faster. That got a series of horny cries and grunts from Kelly with her face pressed right against Carrie’s pussy.

Kelly was in total ecstasy with one gorgeous woman fucking her ass and a juicy pussy in her face. She couldn’t have wanted more and it was amazing to feel it like this, especially because they were doing this in front of everyone. She’d been so pent up with lust for Carrie and it was wonderful to finally have it unleashed like this, in a room full of beautiful girls and in such a dirty way.

Carrie’s juicy nectar tasted awesome on her tongue and Kelly eagerly swallowed it. Each taste of it made her want Carrie’s cum even more and she really went after her in her. Kelly had practiced on so many women that she knew what to do with someone as inexperienced in girl on girl sex as Carrie was.

Kelly focused right on Carrie’s clit, licking it and sucking it and keeping her against her face by gripping her ass and pushing her into her. That kept Carrie steady as she shook in pleasure and insured her sensitive clit was right where Kelly could get it. Plus it also gave her ample chance to play with Carrie’s ass, which Kelly loved.

While she alternated her tongue and her lips on Carrie’s clitoris, Kelly squeezed Carrie’s butt cheeks, kneading the firm buns in her hands and wickedly working her fingers into very intimate places.

She let her sneaky fingers explore the tightness of Carrie’s crack, sliding them between her ass cheeks to stimulate her there and make her feel even naughtier, something Kelly was sure that Carrie would like. Then Kelly worked her fingertips over her asshole, teasing it and making Carrie’s knees buckle as she touched it while licking her clit.

And Kelly had been absolutely right in her assumption that Carrie would like it. The feel of those fingers sliding into her ass crack and then going for her tight little hole made her squeal and moan in pleasure.

Carrie loved the feeling of those fingers violating her. She loved being made to feel dirty and slutty and knowing those weren’t rough male fingers taking liberties with her but rather soft, feminine fingers made it even better.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesss Kel yessss! Mmmmm play with that little nasty hole!” Carrie panted as Kelly slowly penetrated her. “Mmmmm fuck yessssss! Oooooh make me loosen up before your friend fucks my ass and sends me home with a raw, fucked asshole and a drenched, sore pussy! Oooooh yessssssss you girls are so nasty! Mmmm fuckkk Mike is gonna bust his nut all over himself when he hears about his slutty wife fucking girls!”

“Yeah? Gonna tell him about how you turned lesbo and how I fucked you better than he does?” Kelly teased, taking a moment to catch her breath in between licks and simply enjoy the feeling of Elisha pounding into her ass with aggressive thrusts of her strap-on. “Gonna tell hubby that while he’s off on a road trip you’re getting naked with girls and letting us fuck you like a dirty little whore? Oooooh yesssss mmmmmmm fuckkkk gonna tell him how I fingered your pretty asshole and how I tongue fucked your cunt?”

“Yessssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Carrie screamed out as Kelly pushed a second finger into her asshole and then started sucking her clit even harder. “OOOOOH FUCKKKKK I’LL TELL HIM HIS PRETTY WIFE IS A FUCKING LESBO SLUT NOW AND HOW I FUCKING CAME ALL OVER YOUR PRETTY FACE! OOOOH GOD DON’T STOP KELLY! OOOOOH MAKE ME COME!”

But Kelly did stop because she loved being able to have fun like this with Carrie.

“Mmmmmm but maybe you’re not allowed to tell him maybe you have to keep this secret or else we won’t fuck you again,” Kelly laughed, ceasing her licking but keeping her fingering steady as her own voice got ragged and breathless from the plastic being forced up her very happy ass. “So you’d better not tell hubby or else no more licking for you Carrie!”

“Awwwwwwwwww nooooo don’t make me choose!” Carrie whimpered knowing full well that she would do anything to feel this pleasure again and again and again even depriving herself of the thrill of teasing her husband with her latest ribald tale of adultery. “Ughhh fucckkkk please Kelly please! Make me come! Pleaaaaasse! Fuckk I’ll do anything if you just make me come!”

“Mmmmmhmmmm I know you will,” Kelly replied, grunting and moaning from Elisha’s continued thrusts up her ass and how good they felt. “You’ll keep all our dirty little secrets because you know we can fuck you better than any man! I’ll make you come baby! I’ll make you come better than your husband can and better than any of those dirty boys you cheat with!”

It was so hard to focus on anything but the cock-shaped plastic pushing into her, but Kelly wanted Carrie’s pleasure more than she wanted her own. She knew exactly what the girl was going through. The first time Christina had fucked her, Kelly had only wanted more and it had never stopped. She wanted Carrie to feel the same way.

As ecstasy continued to flow through her own body from Elisha pushing in deeper and harder with aggressive thrusts up her ass, Kelly got back to pleasuring Carrie with the goal of not stopping until she got her friend off. She used her mouth and her fingers and all her skills to fuck her friend and the pleasure Carrie felt was a wonderful assault on her very married body.

Carrie had never lacked for orgasms in her life. The depravity of her cheating, not to mention the huge cocks she got involved with, always made her get off so good. But she’d never felt anything like this.

Kelly knew how to work her over like no one ever had. Kelly’s tongue and those lips on her clit were absolutely incredible and Carrie knew she was going to need to feel this ecstasy on a regular basis from now on. Even if it meant keeping a secret. Carrie just wanted to feel more of Kelly’s hands on and in her ass and so much more of that tongue in her pussy.

And when Kelly responded by working her fingers into her ass harder and licking her clit with that amazing tongue at a faster pace, Carrie couldn’t withstand it.

She’d never felt ecstasy in her life from anyone else she’d fucked. Without any warning, Carrie found herself creaming in orgasmic bliss as explosions set off inside her from the double stimulation. Kelly was an expert at clit pleasing and now Carrie knew it as her whole body shook in rapture while her famous lungs screamed out release.


Kelly had been waiting for that release and she got exactly what she had been hoping for. Carrie came right into her mouth, feeding her the creamy essence Kelly had craved, and she gulped it down while still sucking on her clit and fingering her asshole, wanting more and more from her sexy friend.

The taste of Carrie’s orgasm was just how she had imagined it would be and it was such a treat to swallow it while at the same time she felt her own body being taken to the edge by the hard thrusts into her naughtiest of holes.

Elisha had gone after her ass harder while she’d been sucking down Carrie’s creamy cum and Kelly was in ecstasy from it. She hadn’t gotten her ass fucked in so long and she was enjoying it more than ever.

Her friend was giving it to her with such sexual abandon, forcing the fake cock to go deeper and deeper inside her and fill her up. She could feel Elisha’s body pressed right up against her and that made Kelly’s head spin as she pictured all of those inches buried up her ass.

It made her feel so slutty and Kelly’s clit throbbed from the sensation even though no one was touching it. Kelly could feel herself about to come and she begged for it like she knew her friend wanted.

“Harder Leesh! Fuck me harder!” Kelly pleaded, her lips and chin sticky with Carrie’s cream now as the blonde singer slumped against the wall to catch her post-orgasm breath. “Slam it in deep baby! Ughhh fuck me like you never fucked me before! Don’t be nice about it! Shove that cock deep into my ass and make me love it! Make me take it like a whore! I want it like that! Mmmm gimmie that big, fake dick baby! Make me take it all the way up my butt! Oooooh yesssss fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh my God you’re going to make me come so good baby! Fuck me Leesh! Oooooh yessssssssssssssss OHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKK MAKE IT DEEP! OOOOOH MAKE MY FAT ASS BOUNCE ON YOUR COCK! I KNOW YOU FUCKING LOVE THAT LEESH! YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

Elisha didn’t just love that. She was completely obsessed with the carnally perfect view of Kelly Clarkson’s ass cheeks bouncing as she stuffed her hole with a plastic cock. They were jiggling so erotically and Elisha knew she would happily have let herself be hypnotized by them.

She couldn’t take her eyes off those beautiful, thick ass cheeks shaking as she fucked them and Elisha didn’t even realize she was drooling over it until the saliva dripped from her mouth in a long strand and fell onto Kelly’s bare ass. But Elisha wasn’t embarrassed about drooling. She was too intoxicated and horny to care about anything but fucking the hell out of this great ass.

“Mmmmm you know I fucking love this fat ass so much!” Elisha grunted as she thrust harder, getting Kelly to wail in pleasure from the inches being shoved inside such a tight hole. “I love it like you love my titties! Mmmmm I know you love seeing my fucking tits bounce when I’m fucking your pretty superstar tongue and I love seeing this hot, juicy ass bounce for me! Take this dick up your ass Kel! Take it like a good slut! Ooooh fuck it’s not as big as my cock but it feels good, doesn’t it? Mmmmm baby I’ve got it deep up your big ass and it looks so fucking hot buried inside you! Fucking come for me Kelly! Let Carrie see how much you love being assfucked!”


Elisha was definitely planning on holding Kelly to that. That was if she could remember it. Everything was a blur in her punch-addled mind and it was so hard to keep a thought in her head for more than a second.

But Elisha was able to keep going solely on need and lust. She needed to fuck this ass and she lusted for it like a wild woman. Her own body was jiggling and Elisha loved feeling her full tits shaking as she thrust madly into Kelly. The strap-on she had pulled from the bag hadn’t been the biggest one. In fact it had only been about six inches by her estimation but she had chosen that on purpose because she wanted to give it completely to Kelly’s ass.

She hadn’t wanted to pick one of the bigger toys in the bag because she hadn’t wanted to give Kelly more than she could handle. This length had been perfect for fucking Kelly’s ass and Elisha had it buried almost all the way up inside her. There was very little of the strap-on not in Kelly’s ass and that let Elisha’s bare body slap into her friend’s when she fucked her.

Sweaty skin smacked together as they fucked and Elisha couldn’t stop staring at the jiggling of Kelly’s amazing ass. It looked so good being fucked and it felt even better to both Kelly and Elisha. It was a rush for both of them, whether they were dishing it out or receiving it, and Kelly’s cries got more and more frantic as she was pushed toward orgasm with each thrust.

Carrie was enraptured by this too. She was still feeling the pleasure of the orgasm Kelly had just given her and the tingling rushing through her made her unconsciously run her hands over her body.

Carrie fondled her own bare tits and roamed over her stomach before sliding her hands down to get at her wet pussy. She was so creamy from being licked like that and her clit felt so wonderfully tender. It was such a good feeling and Carrie loved seeing Kelly bent over now, taking that fake dick up her ass.

She could really appreciate the view of Kelly’s naked body, her firm tits shaking while she was fucked from behind. And, just like Elisha, Carrie couldn’t take her eyes off that ass.

Carrie both admired and envied it. She had always loved checking out Kelly’s butt whenever they’d been together and now she envied her because Kelly was in the position she wanted to be in.

Carrie’s orgasm hadn’t satisfied her. She needed more and she wanted to be fucked up the ass like that. She knew her ass couldn’t bounce like Kelly’s but Carrie also knew she had herself a hell of a backside too. She wanted to show Elisha and all these other girls what she could do.

But Carrie knew she shouldn’t be selfish now. After all, Kelly had just helped her achieve an amazing orgasm and she wanted her friend to feel that good too. So instead of being greedy and trying to steal Elisha’s attention, Carrie got down on her wobbly knees and got herself in Kelly’s face so she could kiss her.

These were much softer, far more sensual kisses and Carrie rubbed her tongue into Kelly’s as they made out. Carrie also got her first chance to play with Kelly’s tits, fondling them with both hands while they kissed.

Carrie was quickly getting to enjoy playing with boobs. She’d loved touching Elisha’s tits and Kelly’s were so firm and warm. They felt incredible in her hands and she kissed her friend even harder while Elisha kept thrusting into Kelly, getting her closer and closer.

“Yessss make me commmmme ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk make me come Leesh!” Kelly groaned in desperation, her eyes tearing up from the intensity of those plastic thrusts up her ass.

Carrie’s kisses had quieted her but her need was more powerful than ever. She felt so dirty from having Elisha take her like this, all forceful and sexy. It felt so good to have her ass be filled and pounded. It was such a submissive thrill for her that she found herself wishing she did it more often.

Each thrust felt better than the last one and the mental image of that fake cock buried inside her made Kelly feel totally and wonderfully fucked.

“Oooooh yes come Kelly! Come like a slut!” Carrie urged her friend. “Come from that cock buried up your great ass! I love your ass too! It’s always made me wet to think about fucking it and I want to see you come from Elisha fucking you like a whore! Mmmm you made me come so good baby! I loved feeling that hot tongue in my dirty cunt! You made me feel so fucking lesbian with that and it was amazing! You come too now! Come from that cock in your fat ass! Mmmmm do it for me Kel! Come like you just made me come!”

“Yessssss come for me!” Elisha added, giving an extra hard thrust to make sure Kelly remembered it was her doing the fucking and not Carrie. “You know you wanna come from this! Mmmmm your ass is so fucking tight and hot! I love fucking it so much and I know you love it too! Come for me Kel! Come for Elisha!”

And all this urging was definitely having a positive effect as Kelly shrieked out her delight. She was coming from being assfucked and she loved it. The gentle and naughty encouragement to let go and let it happen only made it feel better.


Elisha didn’t hold back in her thrusting and neither did Kelly in her orgasm. Elisha did just as her friend wished and thrust harder, pushing into Kelly’s ass and stretching her open while the girl came with happy shrieks.

Kelly could feel the cream dripping out of her pussy and running down her thigh. She was getting so messy and she just hoped Carrie and Elisha would be eager to clean her up.

Kelly knew one orgasm wasn’t going to be enough, not tonight and not at this party.


And Kelly wasn’t the only one at the party who was feeling the wild pleasures that could only come from lesbian anal sex. Many others were and not just from the toys that were being handed out like gifts by Haylie and Ali.

Some other women had improvised and were now feeling the depraved thrills that came from it, even if it was a little bit unconventional.

“Are you sure about this?” Emma Watson asked, so horny for it but at the same time retaining just enough self-control that she was worried about her lover’s safety.

But she needn’t have worried about any lack of willingness on her partner’s behalf.

“Do it!” Selena Gomez cried, not even willing to entertain the possibility that this was a bad idea. She needed to get fucked and the dirtier the better. “Fucking do it Emma! Give it to me! Fucking stick it up my ass! C’mon you little bitch! Don’t wuss out on me! Fucking fuck me!”

“Ooooooh you’re so dirty! Just like me!” Emma cooed, getting off on seeing this side of Selena. “Take it you fucking little whore! Take it right up your famous fucking ass!”

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkk! Goddddddd! Yessssssssss!” Selena cried as Emma didn’t hesitate a moment longer and penetrated her asshole.

But she didn’t do it with her finger or even a toy. Instead they had grabbed something right from the table to fuck her with and that was how Selena Gomez found herself on top of the table on her knees and elbows with her ass up in the air while Emma Watson slid a corked wine bottle into her ass.

It was the nastiest thing she had ever done and Selena needed it.

“Fuck me! Force it up my fucking ass!” Selena lustfully demanded. “Make it rough and nasty! I fucking deserve it!”

Selena closed her eyes from the intensity as she felt tears well up. The bottle’s neck was long and relatively thin but it was still a hell of a lot more than she had taken up her ass in a long time. The glass was so hard and cold and it felt so weird going into her ass but Selena liked it. It felt wrong and nasty and that made it so fucking good.  She’d never experienced anything like this before and to be penetrated in such a dirty way made her pussy freshly creamy.

She and Emma both had each other’s cum all over their faces. They’d lapped at each other’s kitties until they’d both creamed but it had just left them wanting more.

Emma was always insatiable for the taste of a beautiful woman and for Selena it had been a reminder of just how much she had loved that one night with Demi. She had tried to stifle it for years and deny her true feelings. But tasting Emma had only made her crave the flavor of her former best friend even more. She couldn’t deny the truth anymore. She loved how women tasted. Selena loved eating pussy.

Tongue fucking Emma had made Selena feel sexually fulfilled in a way she hadn’t experienced since that one night with Demi when their friendship had turned into something more. It had felt so right and natural to be tasting the gorgeous girl’s juices and Selena had gotten so into burying her tongue into that tight, pink pussy while Emma had pressed herself down against her face.

It had been so hot to reach up and feel that beautiful, perfect ass of Emma’s while her face was being fucked. Selena had felt so slutty and so, so good. She had felt complete and happy to eat Emma out and make her come, but it had also made Selena feel such regret.

She had not only been denying herself this pleasure for all these years but she had been so cruel to Demi. She had been such a bitch and Selena hated herself for it. That was why she knew she deserved to be fucked like a nasty whore. It was what she was. She deserved to be fucked dirty and that was what she wanted Emma to do to her now.

It had been so sensual and sexy to 69 with Emma. Selena had loved feeling her hot body draped on top of hers so she could eat Emma out and taste pussy for the first time in years. And Selena had adored how Emma had worked her pussy over with her tongue and make her come in her mouth over and over again.

But Selena had needed something harder and rougher now. She needed to be fucked up the ass and Selena didn’t care how Emma did it as long as she could feel it.

“Do it Emma! Harder!” Selena demanded, juice dripping from her pussy as she willingly let herself be violated in such a dirty way. “Fuck my ass! Shove that bottle into me! Fuckkkkk make it deep! Mmmmm fuckkk ohhhhhh God this is so fucking nasty! Do it harder bitch! Make me fucking feel it! I want it! Fucking rape my ass with that bottle!”

“Dirty whore,” Emma moaned, letting a long strand of saliva drip out of her mouth and directly into Selena’s asshole while she fucked her.  She’d licked at Selena’s asshole while they’d been in their 69 and it was still wet from that but she wanted to give her more lube. “You fucking little cunt slut! Is this what you fucking want? This bottle up your dirty, slutty ass? You want me to fuck you hard with it? Want me to rape your bum in front of all your friends?”

“Ohhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Selena enthusiastically groaned, her face pressed to the hard table as she arched her ass higher into the air and thrust backwards to coax more of the hard glass inside her. “Make it nasty! Let all my friends see what a fucking whore I am! Rape that ass and make me like it! Make it hard and nasty! Fuck me with that glass and then make me suck it clean like I’m fucking Madonna giving a blowjob to a bottle! Oooooh fuckkkk yessssss shove it in deep! Don’t stop! Not for anything! Just keep going even if I tell you no! Fuck me like the dirty bitch I am! Make me into a total fucking dyke for all of you to fuck with!”

“Oh you already are, just like me!” Emma moaned, giving Selena just what she wanted as she kept a tight grip on the bottle with one hand and spread open Selena’s exquisite ass cheeks with the other so she could give it to her hard, pushing the inches of the long neck into her ass. “You’re a filthy little fucking dyke slut like me and it’s making me so wet! Take it up your ass you horny cunt! I want to see you suck this thing clean and then give it right back to me! Shove it into me too and fuck me back for how hard I’m fucking you! Mmmm these hot sluts here will love the wine so much more when the bottle is coated in slutty girl ass!”

The cork inside the bottle, which still had wine in it, was the fattest part of it and forcing it into Selena had been the most difficult task for Emma. But Selena had kept begging for it so Emma hadn’t held back.

Both of them were too out of their minds with lust to consider anything but pleasure. Emma had pushed into Selena, shoving the cork and the bottle head into her asshole and moving it deeper and deeper into her. Emma worked the bottle in and out of her new lover just like she would have had she held a dildo in her hand and Selena’s continued cries of pleasure showed her that she was doing it right.

“Yessssssssssss coat that fucking bottle in our asses and let them drink out of it!” Selena squealed. “Oooooh that’s nasty! Yessss let them taste our slutty fucking asses all over it! Fuck me harder Emma! Don’t stop! Make me take it! Fuck me like a goddamn bitch! I deserve this! Fuck me rough! Do me like you fucking hate me! More! Shove more of that hunk of glass up my bitch ass!”

“Did he ever fuck you up the ass?” Emma asked, not quite giving it to Selena like she wanted because she couldn’t resist kissing the girl’s bare ass while she thrust into it.

Emma pressed kisses all over the beautiful bubble butt in front of her while giving it to Selena in such a lewd manner, giving her both nasty and nice even though the girl asked only for nasty. But Emma also couldn’t resist the obvious question.

She wanted to know if she was able to do something Justin Bieber could only dream of and Emma got the answer she wanted.

“He fucking wishes!” Selena cried, moaning wildly as her ass was willingly sodomized by the wine bottle. “He’d beg me for it but I never let him have it! Ooooh one time I caught him cheating on me though with some lingerie model skank and I got back at him by letting this big hunk of a guy fuck my ass! Oooh he fucked the cherry right out of me and it felt so good that I was letting him fuck me where Justin never could! But this is even better! It’s so much hotter and nastier! Fuck me Emma! Fuck me like he never could! Fuck my bitch ass and make me your whore!”

Emma couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing and it delighted her to no end. But she wasn’t the only one shocked by it and the reaction of Demi Lovato was far less happy than Emma’s was.

Demi had come back from the other room half-expecting Selena to have wigged out and run out of the place like she had the morning after their one night together. But instead she found her former friend begging for it and doing nasty things that Demi never would have dreamed Selena was capable of.

Demi couldn’t understand what was going on here. Why was Selena acting like this? Why was she letting other women fuck her when she had just told her she didn’t want to be a lesbian? Did Selena hate her that much that she would so cruelly humiliate her like this?

Demi was sure that was the case and she couldn’t believe someone she had loved and cared for could be so mean. But Selena really was a bitch. She was a mean, horrible bitch and it made Demi so angry and jealous to see Emma fucking her like that.

Part of her wanted to rush over there and yank Emma away from Selena to give her a piece of her mind and then some. But fortunately Demi controlled that impulse and found a far better outlet for her anger.

“C’mon! Let’s play!” Britney said, tugging on Demi’s arm and pulling her away from her view of Selena and Emma.

Britney didn’t want Demi to get any more upset and she knew what seeing this had to be getting to her. She wouldn’t have known what she would have done if she had seen Christina fucking another woman while they had been apart. So Britney instead wanted to get Demi away from that and focused on something far more fun.

Demi was grateful for the distraction, especially because as soon as she turned around Britney kissed her. And if there was one thing to make her forget about how horrible Selena had been to her it was a kiss from Britney Spears.

Demi melted right into it, letting the blonde superstar rub her nude body into hers sensually. And Demi didn’t just stand there. She kissed Britney back while running her hands up and down the blonde’s bare back before moving them downward until she got to her ass. Demi playfully smacked Britney’s naked ass and Britney giggled from it before doing the same thing to Demi’s bare butt, something that she liked a lot too.

Demi had to admit she had been a bit insecure about not having any clothes on while she wandered around the mansion. After all this was her first time here and walking around completely butt naked in someone else’s house couldn’t help but feel weird.

But no one else had any clothes on either as they kissed and touched and fucked each other, especially not Britney and Christina. That made Demi feel a lot more at ease. If everyone else was going to be naked, she might as well be too. And it felt really good to be naked with Britney, especially when the eager blonde was groping her body.

It got even better when Christina got into their fun by pressing her body into Demi’s back, rubbing her large breasts into her and making sure she could feel her pierced nipple against her skin.

“Mmmmm you’re not looking to steal my Brit Brit, are you?” Christina giggled, still quite intoxicated from the punch that she had accidently turned into a ribald poison. “Cause this girl is MY bitch! If you’re gonna steal her from me then I’ll just go and steal your pretty little Selena!”

Britney interjected, though, before Demi could become upset. Christina might not have recognized what a mine field she was walking into, but Britney sure did.

“Don’t worry about her,” Britney said. “And you know I’m your bitch, Chrissy! Mmmm and I always will be! As long as you’re my bitch too!”

“Oooooh I soooo am!” Christina declared with a big, happy smile. After what she had gone through that day she was ready to never leave Britney’s side again for even a second. “Mmmmm I’m your dirty, horny bitch and I need to get fucked! Wanna fuck me Demi?”

That was definitely what Demi wanted and she loved how she was sandwiched between the two superstars with Britney pressed to her front and Christina at her back with not a piece of clothing on any of them. It felt so good to have all that hot flesh against her own naked body. It wasn’t the first time she had been in this position and Demi always adored feeling those sexy bodies pressing into her own.

She loved being a dirty little slut for Britney and Christina. She loved how they made her feel so hot and submissive and how they made her want to do any nasty thing they wished because she knew how good it would feel. Demi could feel her pussy getting freshly wet and she gave Britney a big kiss on the lips before turning and doing it to Christina too.

Those were wet, sensual kisses that all three of them enjoyed, making them all forget about everything else. Christina was nicely distracted now and so was Demi as Britney brought them away from Selena and Emma on top of the table and back toward the couch where they had moved their little party.

They had been in the other room with Jewel and Maria but even though five was definitely a sexy crowd it had left them isolated from everyone else. So they had all come back into the living room where the rest of the party was nakedly raging and joined right into the fun.

They’d gotten so nasty in the other room but it had only fired them up for more. Britney and Christina were always insatiable and Demi felt herself totally turning that way too. Having Christina tongue fuck her into a creamy explosion all over her face had left Demi craving another orgasm right after the first one had rushed through her.

Even after Britney had licked Demi next, pulling off her bra and panties so she could be totally naked and leaving her sprawled out on the couch for her to lick while Maria pressed her bare ass into her face, she had wanted more. It had been so hot to have Maria’s breathtaking ass pressed right into her face. Demi had loved Maria riding her tongue and coming all over her while Britney and Jewel took turns licking her pussy and Christina had been behind those blondes fingering their fuckholes as they’d done it.

Demi had come so hard from it but that orgasm had still left her aching for more attention to her horny pussy. Demi loved the idea of becoming just as insatiable as Christina and Britney were. They were more than her friends and more than just the guides of her musical career. They were like her lesbian sex mentors too and Demi wanted to be just like them.

She wanted them to make her perpetually horny and always eager for pleasure. Demi didn’t know Maria and Jewel nearly as well as she did Christina and Britney but she had been just as eager to taste those two gorgeous women as she had her friends. It had turned her on so much to be able to tongue fuck Maria Menounos while she’d laid back on the couch, her hands all over Maria’s juicy butt cheeks, squeezing and spanking them as the reporter had eagerly fucked her face. Demi wanted to do the same to Jewel too and to all the other girls here.

This was Demi’s first trip to the mansion and seeing all of this up close for the first time made her want to always be a part of it. These women were all so beautiful and all of them were so into each other. This was lesbian sex heaven and Demi was dripping from all the beautiful female flesh she saw there.

Demi wanted all of these women and she was very happy to forget about everything else and have Britney guide her and Christina away from Selena and back to the other end of the room where not only Maria and Jewel now were, but where a bunch of other sexy female bodies had joined into the fun too.

“OHHHH FUCK! OHHHH YESSSSS OHHH DON’T STOP! HARDER! MMMM FUCK ME HARDER!” the very famous voice of Katy Perry cried as she was pleasured by a very horny friend.

“Ooooooh yesssssssss mmmmm look at you taking it like a total fucking slut,” Rihanna purred as she pumped not one, but two toys into Katy from behind.

Each one of her hands was holding onto a toy and, working in tandem, those toys had Katy screaming in ecstasy while Rihanna kissed and licked the fleshy goodness of her friend’s bare ass.

“Such a nasty girl! Ooooh you look so good like this Katy!” Rihanna said. “Taking it in both holes like a bad ass bitch! Mmmm I love fucking you because I know you can take it as hard as I can dish it out! Come for me Katy! You know you need it!”

“Ohhhhhh God I do! I need it sooooo fucking much!” Katy moaned, her voice totally on edge with a horny whimper sliding out of her mouth.

Katy felt like she needed this orgasm more than she’d ever needed one in her whole life. She had never faced what she had today. The sheer certainty of death followed by a miracle reprieve. It had left her stressed to her very limits and now she needed release.

She needed to be fucked and she needed to come. She was just glad she had a friend like Rihanna to take care of her like this.

“Fuck me baby! C’mon Ri! Fuck me like the slut I am!” Katy urged. “You know what I need and you know just how to give it to me! Ughhh more baby more! Ohhhh fuckkkk you’re gonna make me come so good!”

After the near-death experience of their plane ride, part of Katy had thought that she should mark the miracle of being saved by rededicating herself to the church and spending her time and her money doing good acts and helping people in need. And she was sure she was going to do that, at least the helping people in need part. But the call to the church was being easily shouted down by a call to pleasure.

Katy didn’t want to miss a single fun thing ever again and she regretted all those times she’d missed out on getting herself fucked just because it had been a woman eager to do the fucking.

Katy had been totally bluffing when she’d recorded I Kissed A Girl. She hadn’t been bisexual at the time and she hadn’t even kissed a girl for real. But that song had gotten her all kinds of offers to change that in a hurry. And even though the idea of sex with a beautiful woman had been very intriguing to the formerly devoutly religious, conservative woman, Katy had been too afraid to take the plunge.

Britney and Christina had changed all that and they had certainly shown her the path to sexual bliss through girlsex. Rihanna had done even more to keep her on it than they had and each time she fucked her friend it was nothing but bliss for Katy. But it also made her think about all the missed opportunities she’d had when she’d been too shy to indulge in what she wanted.

Well there weren’t going to be any more missed opportunities for her. Not now and not ever. She was going to live every moment in life to the fullest, especially the sexiest ones. So Katy was more than eager to let Rihanna and every other gorgeous woman here have their way with her, no matter what they wanted to do to her.

Katy was so happy to have Rihanna thrusting a long, flexible pink dildo into her pussy from behind while her friend also pushed a slimmer but just as sexy black plastic toy into her ass. The one in her pussy was cock-shaped and the one in her ass was a twisted black shaft with round plastic circles in a row that provided nothing but amazing stimulation as Rihanna fucked her with it.

Both toys had her wailing in ecstasy and the only thing that quieted Katy was the hand on the back of her head pushing her back into the wet pussy that needed her attention.

“Don’t stop!” Scarlett Johansson commanded, her hand forcefully shoving Katy back down. “Lick the cum right out of my cunt Katy! Oooooh fuckkkk yesssssssssss mmmm do it! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh! You little whore! Mmm I’ve been dreaming about fucking you and you’re just as hot as I knew you would be! That tongue feels so fucking good in my pussy! But you’d better not stop!”

“Yeah! Go all Black Widow on her baby,” Natalie Portman giggled before moaning out her pleasure from the mouth munching on her pussy. “Oooooh fuckk! Ooooh Maria! Yessssssssss! Eat my pussy! Taste how wet I am! Mmmm fuckkk you’re so good! Oooooh!”

While this was the first time Scarlett had ever experienced the feel of Katy’s mouth, it was hardly a new thing for Natalie to enjoy the pleasure of Maria Menounos. She had fucked her so many times and loved each and every one of them.

The idea of exposing both her body and her naughtiest secrets to a member of the media had been more than a little concerning to Natalie at first but now she got a thrill out of it. She loved letting Maria not only see, but taste how naughty she could be. Natalie got so excited from being bad like that and letting a reporter see her dirtiest secret. Plus media or not, Maria had a body that Natalie could never resist and her tongue was always amazing.

“Mmmm I’ll bet you’d love that huh? Me overpowering this big tit slut and making her lick my cunt whether she wants to or not?” Scarlett moaned out in reply, not even caring if she was insulting Katy by talking about her and not to her. “Would that make your dirty little cunt all wet, Nat? Would it make you cream all over Maria’s pretty face? Or is that what you secretly want me to do to you? Pin you down with my superhero muscles and fuck your little Jane Foster science nerd twat until you fucking squirt for me!”

“Ohhhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhh my Goddddddd! Soooo nastyyyyy!” Natalie gurgled out, her whole brain cooking in the oil of pleasure.

She was in a complete fog and Natalie had no idea it was from the punch she had drunk. She assumed it was only from pleasure but all that mattered was how much she loved it. And she did love it. Natalie loved hearing about what Scarlett wanted to do to her and she loved imagining them doing a very naughty Marvel roleplay.

“Mmmm only if you have Kat join in!” Natalie cried, her horny mind broadening the fantasy. “Oooooh have her and those huge fucking tits of hers at your mercy! Mmmm fuck us both like whores and let Maria record it for E! so she can show the world what nasty fucking sluts we all are!”

That got Maria going too and she looked up from Natalie’s wet pussy with a shiny smile to egg her lover on. The sound of that had Maria’s heart thumping with desire and wetness coating her thighs. Maria had come so hard from Jewel and Britney and then Christina fucking her before but she needed more, just like everyone else there.

“Ooooooh fuck I’d love that exclusive!” Maria groaned. “Mmmm I’d show everyone what dirty lesbo whores you all are! But only if you let me join in! I’d want you all fucking me too! Mmmmmm fuck no! Not just fucking me! Gangfucking me! All of you at once! Ooooh I’d bring in a camera crew and make sure they got the shots of me naked getting fucked by all of you with your big Marvel strap-ons pounding my mouth and my pussy and my ass! All three of you fucking me at once so we can show it on air and have everyone see I’m a fucking whore too! Mmmmmm goddamn, imagine how many people would be jacking off at home if we fucking showed that!”

Maria let out her infamous, throaty laugh at the sound of her own horny fantasy before she got her mouth back to Natalie’s needy pussy. Of course she had no intention of doing anything like that.

She wasn’t about to expose herself and she never would have done anything to embarrass her friends. She might have been a journalist but no story was worth losing all of this. But the fact that she was even considering it showed just how intoxicated she was, both from the punch and from all the pussy. She never said things like that. Usually the idea of ever being caught like this terrified her. But now Maria wanted to show off.

And she wanted to show off by lapping at Natalie’s pussy until she had a stomach full of her cream. Maria was famished for cum like she never had been before. She wanted to lick everyone at this party. There were so many girls here and all of them were gorgeous.

Maria knew most of them intimately already and her pussy got wet just at the thought of tasting the ones she hadn’t fucked previously. She knew all of these women from having interviewed them and the idea of licking those that had no idea how horny she could really be had her tingling with arousal and anticipation. Maria wanted to shock people. She wanted to be slutty and dirty for them and she wanted to swallow Natalie’s cum so badly.

When they had left the other room, they had found the whole party had descended into an orgy and it hadn’t even taken a millisecond for all of them to jump into the pile, especially with Katy and Rihanna putting on a show in front of Scarlett and Natalie.

Maria’s stomach had growled for all of their juicy pussies and she was dreaming of slurping the cream right out of Natalie and then going for Scarlett, whether or not Katy was done yet. But she wasn’t going to stop there.

She’d gone down on Rihanna many wonderful times before but Maria had never tasted Katy and she badly wanted to change that. And she wanted Jewel and Christina and Britney again and then the dozens of other women there. She wanted to swallow all of their creamy juices.

Maria looked up at Natalie as she licked her, making sure she was staring right into the Oscar winner’s gorgeous eyes. That gave her a great view of Natalie’s face in ecstasy, her famous features contorting with each moan and mew that flowed out of her mouth.

Natalie was squeezing her own breasts while she was being licked, kneading the firm mounds in her hands and rubbing her nipples. Maria loved seeing how her tongue was making Natalie toss her head back and moan over and over again. Her taste was soaking her tongue and Maria wanted every creamy drop from Natalie’s tight pink pussy.

She couldn’t remember Natalie ever being this wet for her. Each lick she took made Natalie creamier and Maria couldn’t get enough of that flavor. She adored tongue fucking Natalie’s pussy, lapping away at her folds and kissing and sucking her hot spots before her fingers reached up and rubbed into her clit, making Natalie’s bud swell up even more in preparation for her tongue.

And when Maria started really licking her clit, Natalie shrieked out happily and bucked herself against the reporter’s face.

“OOOOH MARIA! FUCK ME! OOOOH YOU’RE SOOO GOOD! OOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS MMMMM GET THAT TONGUE ON MY CLIT! UGHHH YOU ALWAYS FUCK ME SO WELL! MMMM MORE MARIA MORE!” Natalie screamed as the licking against her clit had her gasping from the intensity of the words spitting out of her mouth.

Natalie was naked on the couch, sitting on the edge of the cushion next to Scarlett. Natalie was slumped back against the softness of the sofa, her legs spread wide and positioned perfectly so she could get Maria’s face against her pussy.

She felt like she had no control of herself and that made her pulse race with excitement. Natalie wanted to be so fucking dirty. She wanted to be hardcore and nasty and do things no one would ever expect Natalie Portman to be into.

All of her special friends here certainly knew that she was into women but she wanted to show that she was beyond just liking to fuck women. Natalie wanted the sex to be hotter and hornier than ever. And when she looked down at Maria kneeling naked between her spread open legs, Natalie saw something else she wanted.

“Mmmmmm get up here and you fuck me,” Natalie moaned, not even thinking about it, just blurting out what she wanted.  “I want that hot ass of yours in my face Maria! Let’s 69 so we can both lick each other!”

Maria had not been expecting to hear that, but she went for it without hesitation. After all, the best part about fucking girls was that you could lick and be licked at the same time. Maria knew her pussy needed to be licked. She felt just as creamy as Natalie was and Maria badly needed another tongue tasting her.

Glad she was flexible from exercise and yoga, Maria got up off her knees and instead got onto the couch with Natalie and Scarlett so she could sling herself over Natalie’s naked body and press her pussy against her face.

It was a bit of a makeshift 69 with neither of them on their backs. But with Maria draped over Natalie and their faces in each other’s crotches it was just what they wanted and they hungrily went after each other’s pussies. They thrust their tongues and lapped up the creamy essence they both craved.

But it was clear that Maria’s pussy wasn’t the only thing Natalie was interested in and Scarlett couldn’t resist as she watched Natalie fondle Maria’s famously thick cheeks.

“Oooooh yeahhhh Nat loves that big ass of yours, Maria,” Scarlett moaned, her breathing getting quick and ragged thanks to Katy’s tongue buried in her cunt. “Mmmm rub into her face Maria! Make her feel those juicy buns against that pretty face! It’s what she wants! Nat’s turning into such a slut! She can’t get enough big tits and she’s turning into a fucking whore for big asses too! I know she loves my booty and she couldn’t get enough of Kat’s and she wants your ass now Maria!”

Natalie whimpered something in response but it was impossible to tell what she said with her voice low and embarrassed and her mouth muffled by Maria’s pussy. But while it might have been a bit humiliating to be called out like that, Natalie’s indecipherable words definitely did not include a denial and she proved Scarlett’s claim by grabbing onto Maria’s ass and squeezing her cheeks while forcing her down against her face even more.

And Maria definitely took this as a compliment as she eagerly allowed Natalie to indulge in this.

“Oh Natalie! Mmmmm baby, is this what you want horny girl?” Maria teased as she rubbed herself into Natalie’s face, shifting her body so it wasn’t just her pussy pressing into the Oscar winner, but the cheeks of her round ass. “Mmmm that’s so hot! Were you checking out my butt like a dirty girl perv, Natalie? Mmmm is this what you want to feel? My big Greek butt in your face!”

And Natalie no longer could not only not deny it, but she found herself needing to admit it. She was being driven crazy by the feel of those beautiful buns not only in her hands but against her face. The softness of Maria’s thick, toned cheeks grinding into the skin of her face made her feel so slutty and happy. She was feeling so naughty as she did this and Natalie couldn’t hold back even a second more.


Natalie tried to calm herself down but it was difficult. She was so aroused and excited and part of her didn’t want even a little bit of calm. She just wanted to go wild and be nasty and get everything she wanted. And she badly wanted that ass.

She wanted to feel it in her face and have those juicy butt cheeks rubbing into her like she was some kind of a wanton slut. She remembered how much she’d loved having Scarlett and Kat do that to her the day before, making her feel not just their big titties in her face but their yummy, thick asses too. Natalie had felt so small and helpless and so sexy when she’d had those butts grinding into her face at the same time while she’d been flat on her back on the bed. She’d rubbed herself so naughtily as that had happened and she wanted to feel it again.

Calming herself with such exciting thoughts rushing through her head was proving to be quite impossible but Natalie at least managed to lower her volume. She turned her cries into moans as well as she could with the hot dual sensations of Maria rubbing herself into her face and the reporter’s tongue feasting on her pussy.

“I just can’t help it!” Natalie moaned. “I think about big tits and big asses all day! Gawwd I’m just so small and I want them to totally overwhelm me! I want your big ass Maria! I want your big ass too Scarlett! Oh God you too Katy! Mmmm fuck you’ve got such a nice, juicy butt and I just want to stick my face into it like I’m some horny little midget slut with tiny titties and no booty! I’m such a fucking whore!”

It was so hot for everyone to hear Natalie say that even though Scarlett and the rest of them would certainly not have agreed with Natalie’s contention that she didn’t have an ass. It was cute and small but it was a beautiful ass nevertheless and Scarlett particularly loved playing with it.

But in confessing all of that, Natalie had left a few girls out and one of them wasn’t about to let her forget about it.

“Hey! What about me?” Christina demanded as she, Britney and Demi got over to the couch just in time to hear Natalie moaning out her desires. “Isn’t this ass big and juicy enough for you? Everyone wants to fuck it so you’d better not think you’re too good for it Nat!”

Christina was only teasing and she proved that by turning around when she knew that Natalie was looking at her and sticking her bare ass out, giving it a sexy shake that had Natalie drooling right into Maria’s body. And the pierced pop singer wasn’t the only one there with an ass that Natalie wanted, especially when Britney and Demi playfully struck similar poses to Christina and teased Natalie with the juiciness of their asses.

Natalie groaned when she saw those three amazing assses in all their curvy glory. Christina, Britney and Demi were so beautiful and it made her heart beat faster while her pussy dripped into Maria’s mouth. Natalie always loved losing control and going wild with women but now she wanted it more than ever and she wanted to bury her face in all three of their backsides. And then she wanted even more after that.

“I need you all!” Natalie cried. “Ooooh you and Britney and you too Demi! Mmmm oh my God I don’t even know you Demi but I want your hot butt so much! It’s so round and sexy and I want it in my face! You too Britney! Mmmm I always thought you had such a hot ass and I want it even more too! And Jewel! You know I love your ass! Fuck! You too Rihanna! Mmm I’ll bury my pretty white face in your yummy black ass and make you love how I lick you! Ooooooh fuckkk I wanna be so goddamn slutty!”

The Harvard educated Oscar winner was beyond flustered by now and Scarlett, being the friend she was, knew just how to push Natalie right over the edge.

“Oh yeah? Mmm I know you want even more ass than that Natalie!” Scarlett teased. “I know who you want most of all! You want her big, fake tits and that huge ass so bad! You want to be a little fucking slut for the tabloid queen, don’t you? You want to take that big brain of yours and shut it right off so you can shove your face in that mega butt and give it to Kim Kardashian like the whore you are!”

She’d known about Natalie’s secret fantasy for a while now and she’d wanted to make good on it but she hadn’t expected it to be like this. Still, she was going to seize the opportunity when she knew Natalie was too helpless against her own desires to fight her on it.

“Oooooh yessssssssss goddamnit yes!” Natalie cried out in shame and desire. “I want her! I want to be a whore for her fake body and her fake fame! I want to be a little dirty bitch for her sex tape body and fuck that reality star like the whore I am! Gawd Scarlett! Ughhh it’s soooo nasty but I want it so bad! I’ll be a little Ivy League fuck slut for Kim fucking Kardashian and I’ll love every fucking minute of it!”

Natalie was in the grip of intense desire she had never felt before. It was like every bit of pleasure she got from being with women was magnified and it was not only making her dripping wet, but had her completely without any self-control. Natalie loved that feeling though. It made her so embarrassed to feel this way, but also so immensely aroused that she could feel her pussy oozing her juices right into Maria’s hungry mouth.

Having the reporter sucking on her cunt while she confessed her hidden fantasies about Kim made Natalie feel so fucking good she felt like she could come just from confessing her sinful lust. Natalie always loved the sensation of losing all control when she was with a woman, like she didn’t have to worry about anything but sexual pleasure. She didn’t have to be responsible or proper or good. She could be a horny slut eager to fuck. Women always made her feel that way, but it had never been this intense before.

Natalie couldn’t hold herself back anymore. She wanted to fuck Kim so bad. She hated everything Kim Kardashian represented but her huge, juicy ass and mega tits made Natalie so fucking wet. Natalie wanted to debase herself with the reality star and indulge in every raw, carnal desire she had.

And she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Mmmmm really Nat? You wanna fuck Kim? Oooooh so do I!” Maria moaned, pulling up her juice-covered face from Natalie’s pussy to confess her own desires. “I want to shove my face into that big ass of hers and feel her smother my face! I want to eat her pussy and feel her big tits smacking against me! Oh God I want to do all her sisters too! Mmmm yessss especially those little teen whores Kendall and Kylie! Mmmm fuckkk I want those two little girls going down on my pussy and ass at the same time! Both of them tongue fucking me and making me come! Oooooh fuckkk then I want them to kiss! Mmmm gawd I want to see those slutty sisters kiss each other and share my pussy and ass!”

Maria was also in an intense state of arousal. She never would have admitted something like that out loud any other time but she couldn’t stop herself.

Being in this 69 on the couch with Natalie in the middle of an orgy had Maria thinking and acting so dirty and she couldn’t stop from confessing her own illicit fantasies. So she admitted it all, not just about Kim but also about Kendall and Kylie Jenner and how much Maria wanted to have those slutty teens fuck her and then cross the line and kiss and fuck each other.

“Ooooooh bad girl!” Scarlett laughed in delight as she reached over and smacked Maria’s bare ass, making the thick cheeks jiggle and sting from the firm slap. “Mmmm that’s so fucking hot! Make them share your cum while they kiss Maria! Ooooh they’d probably tape it for their show too and show the world how much you love being fucked by girls! Mmmm they’d spend a whole episode gangbanging you! The whole fucking Kardashian family taking you and fucking you! You’d love that, wouldn’t you Maria? Mmmm I know Natalie would! Mmm I know she plays with herself dreaming about being a slut for the Kardashians!”

“Gawwwwd oooooh noooo Scarlett! Fuckkkk!” Natalie groaned in deep embarrassment, wishing she had been better able to control herself and that Scarlett hadn’t come out of the shower that night and found herself using her vibrator while watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Stop Scarlett…stop…” Natalie pleaded, afraid of Scarlett telling everyone how hard she’d come watching the show and how she had confessed to her that she’d done it before. “Don’t tell them anymore! Fuck! It’s so embarrassing!”

“Awwww don’t worry Nat,” Scarlett teased, not wanting to be mean but rather wanting to push Natalie toward what she desired. “Everyone feels the same way! We just don’t want to admit it. Mmm I wouldn’t turn down those tits and that fat ass! We’d all fuck Kim if we had the chance!”

No one piped up to disagree with Scarlett’s contention and Natalie took their silence as agreement. That made her feel a little bit better. But at the same time she wanted to focus on anything but the raging need she felt inside herself to indulge in forbidden lust for the notorious fame whore.

Yet the more she tried to stop, the more she pictured doing to Kim what she had done to so many other girls and fucking her so good that they both came in sweaty explosions.

It was so humiliating to feel this way and Natalie blushed furiously as Scarlett exposed her secret desires. But it also felt good to know Maria had similar dirty fantasies and as embarrassing as it was, it also made Natalie so wet to think about losing all self-control and all self-respect and fucking someone who was like her complete polar opposite.

Natalie kept getting hornier the more she pictured it happening and she buried her face into Maria’s crotch even more, squeezing the entertainment reporter’s amazing ass and shoving her tongue inside her while Maria did the same to her and made her feel absolutely incredible.

Natalie felt like she could come at any moment from Maria eating her pussy while she indulged in forbidden Kardashian fantasies. The more she confessed her girl crush to her friends, the more embarrassed and aroused she felt. And the arousal easily overwhelmed all her humiliation. Her blood was boiling hot with raw lust like she’d never experienced before and that not only got Natalie right on the verge of coming, it also made her give it to Maria even more.

“Mmmm fuckkk ohhh Natalie! Ooooh oooooh fuckkkk ohhhhh yessssss lick me like that ohhhh my God!” Maria gasped, pulling away from her own pussy feast to cry out from what a great job her lover was doing. “Yessss ohhhhh yesssss bury your tongue inside me! Ohhhh God give it to me Natalie! Mmmm make me fucking come!”

Maria loved everything that was happening right then. She had come here so eager to fuck but she’d never felt this much in need of the orgasmic touch of women before. She’d already come in the other room from Demi and Jewel eating her pussy at the same time and turning her into a dripping mess between her legs thanks to the dual pleasure of their tongues. But Maria needed more.

The better she felt, the more she needed it and Maria felt so incredible right then. She was slung over Natalie’s body on the couch and she didn’t even think twice about the unorthodox position because all she cared about was having Natalie’s pussy in her face as her own got eaten out. Maria loved feeling Natalie’s delicate but so sexy hands squeezing her ass. She wanted the Oscar winner to dig her nails into her flesh and own her with her tongue.

Maria wanted to be so bad right then. She was part of the biggest, sexiest story of all time right here. But her career didn’t mean a damn thing to her. Only the need to come over and over again and fuck and lick as many women as possible.

Maria’s bosses would have fired her on the spot if they knew what she was doing but she wouldn’t have cared if they had. Because this pleasure was so good it was worth losing everything else for.

Right then the only thing that mattered was coming all over Natalie’s flawless face and gulping down the beautiful girl’s cum. Maria needed this so bad. Her body was on fire and she licked Natalie even harder, tonguing her swollen clit, while pressing herself hard to the actress’ face.

“Yeahhhh fuck my face Maria! Ooooh you’re so fucking hot! Fucking smear that juice all over my skin!” Natalie lustfully urged while her mouth was full of Maria’s delicious pussy. “I can’t get enough of your body! Your pussy tastes so good! Ooooh and your ass is so damn good! Mmmm I love squeezing this ass! Ohhhh yesss every time I see you on the red carpet I just want to lift up your dress and shove my face right into your butt and fuck you in front of the whole goddamn world!”

“Ohhhhh Goddddd yesssssssssssss yessssssssssssss fucking do ittttt!” Maria begged, her hottest fantasy being expressed by Natalie. “Fuck me right in front of the cameras! Let everyone see what a fucking whore I really am!”

Everyone had a fantasy they knew they could never do. That was Maria’s. Every time she did red carpet hosting she always saw so many women there she had fucked. They’d see each other and share a knowing look and an unspoken desire to hook up after the show. But Maria craved more.

She wanted hot girls like Natalie and Scarlett and Britney and everyone there to fuck her right on the red carpet. Instead of asking them who they were wearing, Maria wanted to pull their exclusive designer dresses off on the red carpet and rip her own gown off too. She wanted to be naked on live TV fucking her famous friends and letting the whole world see live what insatiable sluts they all were for each other’s hot bodies.

Maria knew she could never indulge in a fantasy like that. But it was so hot to think about. It was always on her mind whenever she fucked a hot girl she was supposed to be interviewing and she was thinking about it now as she pictured how amazing it would be to get naked on live TV and bend over so Natalie could shove that gorgeous face of hers into her ass cheeks and eat her butt out for the world to witness.

Thinking about that not only made Maria even wetter but also made her fuck Natalie more. She had her lips fused to the actress’ clit and she and Natalie kept their faces shoved right between each other’s legs as they continued their unconventional 69 on the couch.

The hotter she got, the more Maria sucked on Natalie’s clit and the more Natalie gave it right back to her. Forbidden thoughts of dirty fantasies filled both of their heads as they pleasured each other while their famous friends fucked all around them.

“Yessssssssssss yessss ohhhh my Goddddddd work that clit over Maria! Ohhh fuck I’m going to come! I’m going to fucking come all over your face!” Natalie breathlessly moaned, her body tensing up. “Please make me come Maria! Ohhhh fuckkk you always make it feel so good! Ooooooh yessss please more ohhhhhhh!”

Natalie loved the position she was in. Maria’s weight pressed down on her and she had her delicious pussy in her face while she gripped onto the reporter’s thick, juicy ass. She felt sexually overwhelmed and she loved it. Plus Scarlett was right next to her panting and moaning from Katy’s mouth on her pussy and she knew Christina and Britney and Rihanna and everyone were all naked and fucking too. Being a part of this orgy was such a rush for Natalie.

But Natalie wanted more too. She wanted to come and fill Maria’s mouth with her cream but she knew that wouldn’t fully satisfy her. She would have to get so much more and with Kim out there so close and yet still so forbidden, Natalie’s head was filled with dirty dreams. God she loved letting go and indulging in wicked lesbian lust but she needed to go further and dirtier than she’d ever gone in her life.

Natalie knew it but she also wasn’t ready to admit it. So she tried to focus only on Maria. And Maria was making her feel so good. They had hooked up so many times before and Maria knew just what to do with her body. She always made her feel so good and Natalie couldn’t hold back. Not with Maria sucking on her clit and feeding her the sweetness of her wet, tight pussy.

Maria didn’t say a word. She just tended to Natalie’s clit and sucked on it until the actress, her brain filled with wanton desire and her body filled with aching lust, couldn’t hold back any longer and released in creamy ecstasy.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” Natalie cried, her screams naturally muffled with Maria on top of her, pinning her into the 69. “YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOH MARIA YESSSSS! OOOOH FUCK! FUCK ME! OHHH YESSSS FUCK MEEEEE!”

As she came. Natalie felt her whole body react with joy. She always felt so wonderful when a skilled woman made her come. But tonight it was so much more.

She’d never felt this much desire in her life and Natalie’s orgasm only energized her further. While her body shivered in blissful release, Natalie didn’t let her own screams of pleasure distract her. She instead got back to Maria and ate her out with a famished hunger.


Natalie didn’t have to be told twice and she gave Maria’s bare ass a firm, sexy smack and then another. She channeled all the energy pulsing through her as she came into pleasuring Maria and she slapped her ass while eating her out.

Natalie was usually the one receiving the spankings and she adored the way a woman could make her bottom sting. Natalie loved submissively bending over to receive her punishment for being such a naughty girl. There were women there who could spank her and make her lose so much of her inhibitions that they could practically bring her to orgasm just by spanking her bare ass.

Rose was always so good at that. So was Eliza Dushku. Sarah always knew the way to slap her ass and so did Jennifer Aniston. But Scarlett was the best. Scarlett knew just how to punish her and just how pleasure her too. And Natalie had learned from her as well as her own experiences.

Knowing how good it felt to be smacked like this, Natalie gave Maria the best and sexiest spanking she could. Even though she couldn’t see Maria’s ass since the reporter’s pussy was right in her face, Natalie knew just where to get her hand and how firmly to hit.

She had done this to a few other girls before, including a few times to Scarlett, and Natalie loved smacking Maria’s incredible ass. But she didn’t love it nearly as much as Maria did.

“YESSSSSSS! Mmmmm fucking yes!” Maria groaned. “Make my ass sting Natalie! Ooooh smack my ass for be being such a bad girl! Oh yessss mmmm that feels so good! Oooooh yes baby! Mmmmm I fucking deserve this for being so bad and fucking all of you girls and keeping your nasty secrets!”

Maria’s happy sounds got louder thanks to Natalie not just spanking her, but keeping on licking her too. Natalie’s sweet tongue lapping away at her dripping wet pussy while she slapped her ass was the perfect mix in pleasure and pain for Maria. And then it wasn’t just Natalie playing with her and Maria’s ecstasy grew.

“Mmmm of course you’ll keep our secret because you’re one of us!” Jewel teased, loving the view of Natalie’s small hand striking Maria’s ass, her flesh turning so enticingly pink. “You’re a dirty girl fucker like the rest of us Maria! We have what you want! You get to eat all our hot pussies and get yourself fucked like the slut you are! Mmmm you’re just as dirty as all of us!”

Maria moaned wantonly as Jewel said it. She was so right about her. She was a perverted, horny girl fucker and Maria loved it. She’d never reveal this secret, not if it cost her everything else. But Maria couldn’t think about her job then, not with Natalie’s tongue burrowing inside her cunt and definitely not with Jewel helping her out too.

While Maria moaned from Natalie’s licking, Jewel got her naked body next to them on the crowded couch and spread open Maria’s ass cheeks. Jewel moaned as she splayed open Maria’s big, toned buns and her actions had a dual purpose. Not only did Jewel open up Maria’s pussy even more for Natalie but she also exposed the reporter’s tight little asshole for her own lewd intentions and Jewel didn’t hesitate.


“Mmmm I can never resist an ass like this,” Jewel moaned, drool dripping out of her mouth and right into Maria’s puckered hole before her tongue pushed inside to increase the pleasure. “It’s too good not to eat it!”

Jewel had been happily enjoying the show of Maria and Natalie in their 69, listening to them talk about how much they wanted to both fuck Kim. Jewel had to admit she’d had a few illicit thoughts about the reality star too. She’d never expected to actually have her here though and now that Kim was at the mansion, maybe she’d indulge in a few of those thoughts.

But Jewel knew she could do that later. She wanted to focus on Maria first. Jewel loved being a voyeur but it was so much more fun to join in. She’d loved staring at Maria’s ass while it had jiggled from Natalie smacking the tight, curved flesh. But watching couldn’t compare to joining in.

Jewel couldn’t believe what had happened to their planned Christmas party. It had gone completely off the rails but she had gone right along with it. Her pussy was soaking wet. God, she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet.

Living in the mansion meant there were always opportunities to get aroused and Jewel always had her needs taken care of amazingly well by some of the most beautiful women in the world. But what she was feeling tonight was so much more. It was unleashed need. That’s what it was and she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to fuck every woman in sight and Maria’s body was always a draw to her.

So Jewel rimmed Maria’s ass hungrily, tonguing her naughtiest, tightest hole and letting her fingers play too. While Natalie licked away at Maria’s pussy, Jewel pushed her fingers inside Maria too. She began roughly thrusting them right into the reporter’s wetness, making her folds squish and adding extra stimulation to the already overexcited woman.

“FUCK YESSSS OHHHH FUCKKKK!” Maria screamed from two tongues and one very skilled pair of fingers working over her fuckholes. “FUCKKK FUCKKK OHHHHHHHH MY GOD YES! FUCK ME! ALL OF YOU FUCK ME! OHHHHHHHHH!”

Maria was close to coming from only a few seconds of this and Scarlett felt like she was on the verge of joining her thanks to Katy hungrily eating her out.

Scarlett had never played with Katy before but she could already feel herself becoming fast friends with the gorgeous superstar. Katy’s tongue lapped away at her pussy so well and with a raw excitement that Scarlett needed.

Scarlett didn’t just want Katy to lick her. She wanted her to do it with enthusiasm and Scarlett got plenty of that. The girl seemed famished for hot pussy and Scarlett fed her everything she could while sitting back on the couch with her legs spread and Katy’s face buried in her cookie.

“Oooooooh fuckkk ohhh you little whore! Ohhhh lick that juicy wet cunt of mine!” Scarlett groaned, her sexy voice driving Katy crazy with its throaty growl. “Mmmm yesssss eat it up baby! Oooooh swallow every creamy drop of it! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk yesssssss! Mmmmm I should have fucking known that you’d love eating pussy Katy! Ooooh God whatever Christina and Britney have been teaching you, it’s been fucking working!”

But someone didn’t like being left out of that group. And she made her feelings clear while she watched Scarlett moan and writhe on the couch, those big tits of hers shaking as her hips bucked against Katy’s eager face.

“Hey! Don’t you forget about me!” Rihanna declared while she continued thrusting the two toys into Katy, one up her ass and the other buried in her pussy. “I’ve been teaching her everything I know and Katy’s such a good student! Aren’t you baby?”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh I love everything you’ve been teaching me, Ri,” Katy moaned out, her body feeling nothing but pleasure from the plastic being stuffed into both of her holes. “You’re making me into such a fucking slut for pussy and I love it! Oooooh give it to me baby! Fuck my pussy! Ooooh shove it up my ass too! Fuck me while I’m eating this hot fucking pussy in my face! Ooooh I thought we were never going to be able to do this again!”

Rihanna felt the same way Katy did. She had thought all of their fun had come to a permanent end when they’d been on the plane. But they’d been blessed with so many more chances for pleasure and Rihanna was going to make sure she took each and every one of them.

There were so many women she wanted to fuck at this party but she was going to make sure her friend was well taken care of first. Rihanna kept sliding the flexible plastic pink toy into Katy’s pussy from behind while also forcing the black dildo into Katy’s ass, the full, thick cheeks of Katy’s creamy skinned ass giving her such an enticing little bounce as she did it.

Having Katy on all fours with her beautiful butt up in the air was the perfect position for Rihanna and she thrust both toys into her friend. And Rihanna didn’t stop there, not with Katy’s ass cheeks looking so kissable. That soft white skin was delicious and Rihanna showered kisses all over it while she double fucked Katy, pleasing them both.

“Mmmmhmm you’re such a slut now Katy! A beautiful fucking slut!” Rihanna moaned out. “Take it you horny white slut! Get fucked by this dirty girl! Ooooh if only mommy and daddy could see their little girl now! Not on her knees for Jesus anymore. Now you’re on all fours for this slutty island girl! Pretty white princess Katy Perry getting fucked good by her hot black bitch of a friend! You fucking love it, don’t you?”


Scarlett shoved back down onto the back of Katy’s head, quieting the singer’s sex screams so she could focus on her instead. It was so hot to hear Katy Perry talk like that but Scarlett knew her famous mouth could be better used elsewhere. So she shoved Katy back down into her pussy and thrust her hips to fuck her face while keeping her eyes right on Rihanna working the toys in and out of her friend.

That also gave Scarlett a great view of what else was happening. Rihanna’s hot naked body was hardly being ignored. In fact it was getting a lot of attention from two gorgeous women. One that Scarlett knew intimately already and another that she badly wanted to get to know.

Scarlett had already done everything a girl could do with Britney Spears and she wanted to do it all again. But she also wanted to have some naughty fun with Demi Lovato too. The girl’s sexy, tattooed body looked so tasty in its naked form. Scarlett loved seeing those firm tits and Demi’s ass looked even more delicious. It was so round and meaty. Scarlett wanted to get those plump butt cheeks in her hands so she could spread them open and lap at the girl’s wet pussy.

But Scarlett had to wait because the younger pop star had formed a sexy team with Britney to go after Rihanna. While Rihanna fucked Katy, the two of them attacked her horny body with their eager mouths and hands.

Rihanna was right behind Katy, using both hands to fuck her friend while Katy remained on all fours to eat Scarlett out. And Britney and Demi sandwiched her, kissing both sides of Rihanna’s face and neck while they groped at her perky tits and reached down to naughtily tease the lips of her vagina with their fingertips.

“Ooooooh yessssss! Mmmmm fuck me!” Rihanna groaned as Britney’s fingers boldly slipped inside her honeypot. “Give it to me Britney! Fuck my pussy! Ohhh yesssssssss those fingers feel so good! You do it too Demi! Don’t be shy you pretty little thing! Mmmm shove those fingers right into my cunt! Ohhhh yessssssssssss!”

Rihanna grunted and moaned when Demi did exactly what she was told to do. They’d never played with each other before but both were big admirers of each other’s bodies. Demi wanted to please Rihanna and the Bajan superstar was mighty eager to be pleased by Demi and Britney and anyone else who wanted to join in.

“Mmmmm you’re so tight!” Demi moaned, loving how snug Rihanna’s tight folds were as she and Britney filled her with their fingers, each of them giving her two. “So fucking tight and hot! Mmmm I love it!”

“Did you expect me to be loose and slutty for you?” Rihanna teased with a smirk. “What’s the matter Demi? Did you think that pussy was going to be so wide you could shove your whole fist right up it? What kind of girl do you think I am? Sorry to disappoint you.”

“Noooo! I didn’t mean it like that,” Demi insisted. “Mmmm it’s really hot! You’re like super tight! Oooooh so warm and wet too!”

“Then you two white bitches had better loosen me up,” Rihanna purred. “Finger fuck that little pussy! Make me come all over those fingers and I’d better see you two lick every drop clean after!”

“Mmmm you know we will,” Britney moaned back before kissing Rihanna.

Rihanna eagerly returned the kiss and the two superstars were soon lost in a liplock while Demi explored Rihanna’s lean, lovely body. Demi kissed all over Rihanna’s neck and then moved lower to work her tongue over the singer’s already rock hard nipples. Demi had never tasted Rihanna before, but she was so eager to do it and show her skills off to a woman she admired both musically and physically.

She didn’t need Selena at all. She could fuck whoever she wanted and not have to think about that bitch for one more second. And that was especially emphasized when Demi felt Christina lean in and kiss her ass as she jutted her backside out while tending to Rihanna. That made Demi moan in bliss.

Christina’s lips always felt so good on her body and it was more welcome than ever to have the sexy, bossy blonde literally kissing her ass. Demi loved being treated like that and she knew Christina was going to make it even hotter when she stopped being nice and started giving it to her mean and hard, like only another woman could.

Demi loved it all and she wanted Christina to fuck her so good while she played with Rihanna that she would ever forget the name Selena Gomez.

But, just like Natalie could only think of Kim, the more she tried to push all thoughts of her out of her mind and the more she tried to forget Selena, the more Demi wanted to show her former friend just what it was that she was missing


Meanwhile, a few feet away and unaware of just how much of an impact she was having on Natalie, Kim Kardashian continued to have a great time at the party. She might have been oblivious to what her infamous body was doing to the Oscar winner but she knew it was have an effect on others.

Kim was down to her bra and panties now and those panties were doing nothing to hold back her ass, which looked like it wanted to tear on through her tight underwear to be free.

But while everyone else was finding sexual bliss, Kim was only finding resistance, at least from one person. She was sure she could get what she wanted if only she wasn’t being cockblocked.

“C’monnnnnnn! Let me have a taste! I know he wants me!” Kim whined.

“No! Go away!” Rosario Dawson snapped, keeping custody of Damon’s cock like it was her precious, which in a way it was, especially when someone like Kim Kardashian was sniffing around it. “Go home to your husband!”

“What Kanye doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Kim laughed. “Besides, I think Damon can speak for himself, can’t you baby?”

But the one thing Damon didn’t want to do right then was speak. For someone who had no hesitation about negotiating multi-million dollar deals over the toughest of circumstances, he had suddenly lost his tongue and it was perfectly obvious why.

He was in a precarious situation and he knew it. He might not have been acting like himself as he could feel his brain floating on a fluffy cloud of ecstasy thanks to the punch but he still recognized danger when he saw it. And there was no danger like a pissed off girlfriend.

He wasn’t about to give Rosario a reason to go to war. But at the same time not only did he want to do business with Kim and her family but there was no way around the fact that, infamy or not, she had a fuckable body and he was a man with a great weakness for hot women.

So he had no idea what to say. But he did know what he had to say something. The awkward silence was making everything worse. So Damon considered his options even with his head spinning thanks to the desperate need to fuck, a sensation that had his cock harder than ever.

Fortunately he managed to choose common sense over lust. It wasn’t easy but he hadn’t gotten this far by being stupid.

“Whatever you want Ro,” Damon moaned as his girlfriend’s soft hand encircled his cock and stroked it as a reward for good behavior. “Just don’t stop.”

“Mmmmm I won’t,” Rosario purred, just as horny as her boyfriend was. “I just like to see you picking a quality girl over some piece of trash. You’re my man and I am not going to have you sneaking off with some sex tape reality show slut. It’s bad enough that I see you making eyes at Beyoncé but I won’t have you fucking this one!”

“I can’t help it,” Damon admitted as Rosario called him out on sneaking peaks at his ex-girlfriend.

He’d never been able to get Beyoncé totally off his mind and he was pretty damn sure he never would. Rosario knew it but she didn’t punish him because of it.

How could she when deep down she wanted to fuck Beyoncé as much as Damon did? He had no idea how wet the idea of having Beyoncé’s ass in her face was making her and he had no idea how badly Rosario wanted to taste Beyoncé’s big tits and then get her tongue deep inside her glorious pussy.

“I know baby, I know,” Rosario replied without adding that she wished she had a strap-on there to fuck Beyoncé so Damon could see just how dirty she could be.

Rosario was having so much trouble controlling herself and she didn’t know if she even wanted to control herself anymore. She wanted to get so wild here. Her pussy was aching to let go like all her friends already had. She wanted to do the kinds of crazy things she always did when she visited the mansion.

But this was the first time she had ever been here with Damon in tow and Rosario has never shown the lust she had for women to her boyfriend.

Damon had no idea that his list of conquests in Hollywood was right up there with hers. Rosario sometimes wondered which of them had fucked more girls. She had never dared ask because she didn’t want to know too much more about his past before they had started dating, but she still got a thrill out of imagining that it was her.

And she was dying to fuck a girl right then. She was so horny for pussy even as she held Damon’s cock in her hand and licked the tip of it to make him moan like she always could. Rosario tried to focus on just her boyfriend’s cock and not all the hot pussy at the party. And it might have been easier to do that if Kim hadn’t been so insistent.

“You’re just jealous because you know I can do things to him that you’ll never do,” Kim challenged before boldly leaning in and dragging her tongue over Damon’s shaft, a gesture that made him groan in pleasure and made Rosario react in rage.

“Hey! Fuck off! Don’t get in here with whatever skank tricks you picked up at Vivid Video!” Rosario snapped, literally pushing Kim away from Damon.

“Mmmmm Damon likes it, don’t you baby? His mouth says no but his cock is definitely saying yes!” Kim giggled, smirking as she did it.

She ignored Rosario and instead brought her mouth back to Damon. She licked all over the shaft of his exposed cock and then went lower, working her hungry tongue over his balls and making him grip the cushions of the couch as she licked all over his sac.

Damon was wordless at the moment but the fact that he was enjoying this was all over his face as he breathed hard and shut his eyes from it. And Rosario could hardly blame him. She hadn’t forgotten he was human and that it was very hard to resist a gorgeous woman licking such a sensitive area, no matter what kind of a reputation she had. So Rosario didn’t focus her anger on her boyfriend. She only targeted Kim.

“I said fuck off!” Rosario growled. But this time when she moved in to push Kim away from her man’s balls, Kim was ready for her.

This time Kim grabbed Rosario’s hands and forced them onto her chest, compelling Rosario to grab at her double D tits through her bra. And when Rosario did that, Kim shocked her even more by kissing her right on the lips.

Rosario was too stunned to do anything and Kim furthered it by sliding her tongue right into the actress’ mouth. It didn’t take long for the lust to kick in and soon the unwilling woman became very much more willing. Despite her anger, Rosario found herself kissing Kim back.

Rosario couldn’t believe what she was doing but, just like Damon, she couldn’t help it. She was too horny to be able to control herself and before she knew it she was making out with a woman who she held little regard for.

Kim had been trying to steal Damon all night long and now Rosario was kissing her. She hated herself for what she was doing but she couldn’t stop from getting wet from it either. Rosario felt her pussy get creamy from Kim’s tongue in her mouth and the way those huge tits pressed right into her hands. And since Rosario was completely naked it was impossible to hide her arousal.

“Well if you won’t let me fuck Damon then I’ll have to fuck you instead,” Kim giggled. “Mmmm it’s been wayyyyy too long since I’ve fucked a girl! I think I need me some pussy tonight!”

Rosario tried to say no. She tried to push Kim off her. But she couldn’t find the will to actually do it. Instead she kissed Kim more and began to more sensually caress her tits through her bra while Kim did the same to her exposed pair.

Rosario found it impossible to resist her when she felt those warm hands on her naked tits. It was clear that Kim had played with women before because her skillful, sexy touch showed that she knew just what she was doing. Rosario moaned when she felt Kim’s hands exploring her bare breasts and, while she knew this was wrong, she didn’t want to stop herself.

And of course Damon was no help whatsoever. Rosario glanced over at him and watched her boyfriend naked on the couch stroking his cock furiously and moaning over the show. And she supposed she couldn’t fault him for that either.

After all, he was watching his girlfriend making out with a beautiful, albeit notorious, woman and she knew that no man could resist that. So Rosario stopped fighting it. She hated herself for wanting this and she knew she was going to be ashamed of herself in the morning but she went with it. Rosario kissed Kim Kardashian and unhooked the reality star’s bra to let loose her heavy tits while Damon watched and jacked himself off.

“Oh yeah! That’s so fucking hot! Kiss her Ro!” Damon urged as he stroked his thick cock. He’d always dreamed of seeing his gorgeous girlfriend with another woman but he’d never dreamed in a million years it would be this woman or that it would happen at a fucking Christmas party. “Get those hot hands of your all over those huge tits! Play with them baby!”

“You like this? Like seeing me hold onto her nasty, sex tape tits!” Rosario teased both her boyfriend and the woman she was making out with.

Kim’s bra was on the floor and Rosario had to admit that her tits were epic. They were beautiful double Ds that made her own large breasts look small by comparison. Rosario had never seen bigger tits in her life and they were still so firm and sexy. Kim’s ass got all the attention, but Rosario couldn’t take her eyes off her tits as Kim mewed like a little horny kitten from being touched.

Rosario was sure they had to be fake but she didn’t care. She was drawn to them and she didn’t just fondle them. She leaned in and began kissing them, pressing her sexy dark face into the tan cleavage as she drooled in between them. Rosario then licked all over her large areolas while rubbing Kim’s tits together, smearing her saliva on them. Once she started, Rosario found she couldn’t stop craving those big tits and she was sucking on Kim’s nipples before she could even think about it.

“Ooooooh baby! Mmmm that’s a good girl,” Kim moaned, running her fingers through Rosario’s hair almost like she was condescendingly patting her on the head. “Mmmm you know you want those big, nasty sex tape tits in your mouth! Not too good for me now, are you Rosario? All you bitches are always looking down on me but you deep down are aching to fuck me! Aren’t you Rosario? Mmmm I know you must be dripping wet with those hot, fat titties in your face in front of your boyfriend! Watch me Damon! Watch me feed your horny girlfriend my big tits! Watch me make her my little slut! Jack that beautiful black dick off while you watch it baby! Mmmm Kanye wishes he was packing what you’ve got baby and I’m going to want every inch of that cock up my ass tonight!”

Hearing Kim say that made Rosario burn with jealous rage but also something more. Fuck, she really was turned on from hearing Kim say that! She was so wet. Her whole body was on fire with hot lust.

She should have been furious and she was but she was also fucking horny like she’d never been before in her life. Rosario’s blood was boiling and most of it was from how much she wanted to fuck Kim and how badly she needed to suck these tits and spread her legs open to get at that wet pussy she knew Kim was all too willing to feed her.

Having this all go down in this fashion was both humiliating and arousing Rosario. She’d always had trouble controlling herself when she was around hot women, but it had never been like this. She’d never been this turned on before. She’d never been this out of control. But she didn’t want to stop it.

She just kept on wetly slurping on Kim’s nipples, making them swell up so hard, and licking all over those wide, pink areolas. Rosario was in heaven between Kim’s tits and she could see that Damon was too from watching the show and jerking off like he was a horny teen watching his first porno.


But he wasn’t the only one watching though and, as much as Natalie wanted to focus on all the hot women she was playing with, she found it impossible to not stare at Kim’s infamous ass in nothing more than tight panties while she kneeled down in front of Damon and rubbed her tits in Rosario’s face.

Natalie groaned in need at the sight of that, wishing it was her face pressed into those huge tits. And she couldn’t stop gawking at Kim’s ass. She didn’t just want to be bad. She needed it. And Scarlett knew it. That was why she encouraged Natalie to not hold back.

“Go after her! If you want her, then take her!” Scarlett told her friend while gasping out from what Katy was doing to her with her horny tongue.

Scarlett saw her encouragement of Natalie not to be afraid or ashamed and to go after the fantasy she so clearly had as another sexy gift to her. She wanted to give her close friend confidence and courage. But Scarlett also wanted to come so much and Katy’s tongue drove her to distraction.

“Oooooh fuckkk Katyyyyyyy yessssssssssss! I’m so fucking close baby!” Scarlett cried. “Keep licking! YESSSSSSS FUCKKK YESS LICK RIGHT THERE YOU HOT LITTLE SLUT! OOOOH FUCKKKKK EAT MY PUSSY! FUCKKK I’M GOING TO COME!”

And seeing Scarlett get distracted got Natalie freshly focused on Maria. She was trying to hard not to think about Kim and she eagerly took Maria’s needs as a chance to push the reality star out of her mind. Plus Natalie knew she still had work to do.

She had come all over Maria’s face, dreaming dirty Kardashian thoughts as she did it, and Natalie wanted to reward the sexy reporter for making her feel so good. So Natalie focused on Maria’s wet, swollen clit.

With Maria’s pussy right in her face as they continued their unorthodox 69 Natalie went for it. Maria was still draped over her body as she sat back on the couch and Natalie tightly gripped Maria’s while sucking hard on her clit.


And Maria wasn’t just screaming from Natalie’s mouth on her clit. She also had Jewel’s tongue shoved into her asshole and the singer’s fingers in her cunt too. Having the horny, beautiful singer rimming her and fingering her was amazing. Maria knew she could have come just from that so having Jewel and Natalie working her over at the same time was double the ecstasy.

“Yessss come all over my face!” Natalie demanded. “Cream my pretty face Maria! Come from us both fucking you!”


Jewel and Natalie both eagerly increased their efforts as Maria howled. Her asshole clenched around Jewel’s tongue and eventually she had to pull out but Jewel simply finger fucked Maria’s pussy harder when that happened. Her fingers and Natalie’s tongue made Maria howl in orgasm as she creamed Natalie’s face.

But soon she wasn’t the only one on the couch coming.


Both Katy and Rihanna eagerly stared at Scarlett as she came, her famously big tits bouncing on her chest as she writhed in orgasm and humped herself against Katy’s face. And Katy eagerly lapped up every drop of Scarlett’s cream.

Katy had been sure the delicious taste of pussy was something she’d never experience again but now not only was she getting it, she was getting it from the hot fantasy come true of fucking Scarlett Johansson.

So Katy didn’t stop her licking even a bit. She actually licked Scarlett harder as she came and all the while enjoyed the hard fucking her friend was giving her. Rihanna was making her feel incredible with the two toys inside her. Rihanna knew just how to give it to her pussy and her ass and Katy loved feeling it and hearing her friend’s cries too.

Katy definitely felt in a very giving mood tonight after all she’d been through and knowing Rihanna was experiencing pleasure too from Britney and Demi playing with her made everything even better for Katy. Rihanna’s happy cries made her own pleasure from the toys more intense and it made Scarlett’s taste even more delicious to Katy.

God, Katy just wanted everyone here to feel good and come over and over again.

And Rihanna was definitely feeling good. How could she not with two eager beauties pleasuring her at the same time?

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk ooooooh you little bitches are fucking me so good!” Rihanna cried out, her accent becoming all the more apparent as she got super excited. “FUCK! OHHH FUCK! Oooooh don’t stop! Mmmmm finger that wet fucking hole! Oooooh lick it too! Yessssssssss yessss you horny sluts are so fucking good!”

Rihanna loved everything that was happening. She knew she had Katy right on the edge from stuffing her holes with the toys. She had both hands pumping the plastic in and out of her friend and Katy kept squealing and grunting while she swallowed Scarlett’s cum. But Rihanna was mostly focused on her own pleasure and she couldn’t help but be selfish when Britney and Demi were doing such a good job.

Rihanna was kneeling behind Katy completely naked and exposed and that left her body very easy for the two girls to get at. She had Demi and Britney sandwiching her and both of their fingers inside her pussy. She loved how they were filling her up with their fingers. Both of them had two fingers inside her. That stretched her tight folds and gave her plenty of stimulation, making her moan and cry in intense pleasure.

And now she had Demi licking her too. Rihanna had never felt the girl’s tongue before but she was instantly in love with it. This girl was so good at it. She definitely wasn’t a straight girl playing or even bisexual. Demi was full-blown lesbian and Rihanna could feel it in the eager and thorough way she went after her pussy.

Demi was licking her like she only had thirst for pussy and Rihanna loved it. Rihanna definitely considered herself bisexual and she knew there was nothing like a lesbian eating you out. Rihanna loved when a woman who only wanted pussy was licking her and Demi definitely was only into pussy. That showed in every lick and every slurp of her cunt from Demi and Rihanna squealed in bliss from the pleasure she was getting.

Rihanna tried to keep her hands pumping into Katy with the toys, but it was so hard. While Demi was going down on her, Britney kissed her and fondled her tits and Rihanna eagerly kissed back. She adored Britney’s soft lips and her warm, white hands playing with her black tits. The blonde beauty looked so good against her, their skin contrasting so erotically.

Britney was one of Rihanna’s favorite white girls to fuck, right along with Christina and, of course, Katy. But now Demi was getting herself on that list in a hurry. Feeling the sexy girl’s tongue lapping at her cunt while Demi and Britney both stuffed their fingers inside her made Rihanna so close to losing it.

“Mmmmm fuck yes! You like how that pussy tastes Demi? You a good little lez? Gonna eat my fuckbox and taste my creamy cum?” Rihanna moaned out in ecstasy before getting back to hungrily kissing Britney. “Ohhhh fuckkk yesssss lick it up while you both are finger fucking my wet cunt! Ohhhhh fuckkk YESSSSS YESSSS OHHHH FUCK! DON’T STOP! GIVE ME MORE! FUCKKKK MAKE ME COME!”

And that was just what Demi wanted. Tasting Rihanna while Christina was behind her, spreading open her buns and diving into her asshole with her tongue was just what Demi knew she needed to show Selena she didn’t care who she fucked and that she was totally over her.

Demi desperately wanted to swallow Rihanna’s cream and she worked her over with her fingers and mouth to get it.

“Mmmm yeahhhh I’m a good little slutty lez!” Demi moaned, so happy to have this beautiful Bajan babe’s taste on her tongue while her snug folds clamped around hers and Britney’s fingers. “Mmmm your fucking box tastes so good and juicy Rihanna! I love your pussy! It tastes so good! Ooooh feed it to me! Feed this horny fucking lesbo your hot, yummy fuck cream! Oooooh do it all over my face!”

Demi then went after Rihanna with even more eagerness, focusing her tongue on her clit. She and Britney both thrust their fingers into Rihanna harder too. They explored her tight, soaked pink folds while rubbing against her hot spots. And Demi did the rest, aggressively slurping on Rihanna’s clit until the singer couldn’t hold back anymore,


Rihanna came with such a sexy rush against her face and Demi eagerly devoured the beautiful woman’s essence. She loved tasting Rihanna’s cream for the first time. She hoped Britney and Christina would have them both over to the label soon because Demi adored this flavor on her tongue.

Demi wanted to lick Rihanna more and then do Katy and then Scarlett and Natalie and Maria and Jewel. She wanted to fuck everyone on sight and she wanted Selena to see her.

And while Demi’s horny arousal raged inside her, so did Natalie’s. She had swallowed every drop of cream Maria could feed her but she still wanted more and her desire for the forbidden was going stronger.

When Maria finally slid off her face and turned around so they could kiss each other and share the flavor of the other’s pussy, Natalie eagerly kissed her back. But she also looked right over Maria’s shoulder so she could see Kim and Rosario playing with each other and her desire for Kim got even more intense.

She had never dreamed she’d actually ever be in this kind of situation with Kim and it made Natalie so wet. Scarlett knew it too and, as she caught her breath from her orgasm, she continued encouraging her friend.

“Mmmm go! Get her! She’s there for you and you know she’ll want,” Scarlett moaned, tingling in the afterglow of how good Katy had made her feel while she admired the view of Kim Kardashian stripped down to nothing but her panties.

“I can’t…” Natalie insisted even though she didn’t have a reason other than her own embarrassment.

“Yes you can,” Scarlett said, before pulling away from Katy and doing the same with Natalie, making it easy for Katy and Maria to start making out. “Don’t deny yourself, Nat. This is your chance. You’ll never have a better one. It’s not wrong if it’s going to feel good. Go over there and fuck her! Do every dirty thing you’ve ever wanted to do to her! If you deny yourself now, you’re going to regret it!”

Natalie knew Scarlett was right. She hated herself for wanting this but she also knew that if she didn’t do something about her fantasy then she was going to regret it. The way she was feeling she wasn’t even sure she’d remember what she did to Kim, but she was sure she’d remember not doing anything to Kim.

Natalie wasn’t just turned on by the thought of fucking her, she was dripping wet at the idea of doing something so sleazy, something against every academic and feminist strand in her makeup. Her shameful, secret crush was turning into an obsession and she had to do something.

Natalie knew she had no more excuses. The time was now. But she still had a question.

“Why are you so into this?” Natalie asked Scarlett. “It’s my fantasy but you seem to want it more than I do.”

To this, Scarlett had a very simple answer.

“I just want you to be happy,” Scarlett replied. “I want you to get what you want. Ummm consider it a Chanukah present.”

Scarlett left out one little detail – that her pushing for Natalie to hook up with Kim and quench her thirst for the reality star was part of eight nights of sexy presents she intended to give her friend. This wasn’t the time for that admission. Scarlett wanted Natalie to get what she wanted without a distraction like that and Scarlett had to admit she was getting wet for it too.

To see her beautiful, intellectual and supremely talented friend hook up with the kind of woman who made being famous for being famous a bad thing was a total turn-on. Just thinking about seeing the ultimate contrast of those bodies and personalities together in lesbian lust had Scarlett aching.

There wasn’t much that could get her away from playing more with Katy and Rihanna and everyone else they were sharing the couch area with, but seeing Natalie indulge in forbidden lust could definitely do it.

“A Chanukah present?” Natalie repeated, not sure she had heard Scarlett right.

She definitely wasn’t in her right mind but she couldn’t possibly have just heard her say that. But before Natalie could question it any further, Scarlett grabbed her and pulled her close so she could silence her with a kiss.

“Just go with it Nat,” Scarlett advised with a sexy smile. “Go fuck her and have fun! I’ll be right there watching you get nasty with her.”

And there was no way Natalie could resist that. The kiss quieted her doubts and made her more certain than ever that she had to do this.

So she didn’t question it anymore. She just kissed Scarlett back and then pulled away so she could go after Kim. She was going to be bad, badder than she’d ever been in her whole fucking life, and she proved that by walking away from the couch they’d been on and then sinking to her knees in back of the reality star.

As soon as she did that, without a word of introduction, Natalie yanked down Kim’s panties to fully reveal her epic ass.

“Ohhhh my God,” Natalie moaned under her breath, feeling like such a sleaze while, at the same time, her pussy dripped at the sight of those meaty buns exposed.

“Who’s back there?” Kim moaned lustfully, enjoying the feel of Rosario’s warm mouth slurping her nipples way too much to care about who was removing her panties.

As long as it felt good Kim was ready to go with it and it definitely felt good to have someone pull down her panties.

Natalie’s throat went dry, though, when she had to confess it was her. So no words came out.

Kim had to turn around to see who it was and it was her turn to be surprised when she got a glimpse of Natalie Portman of all people, by her ass. She definitely had not expected that, but she loved it and she was more than willing to let the Oscar winner play.

“Oooooooh! Wow! So you’re the naughty girl who wants my ass, huh?” Kim giggled. “Mmmmm you like it Natalie? Like my fat ass? Do you wet to see it naked? Do you want to kiss it? Mmmm and touch it?”

Kim was teasing her now, both with her words and her actions. With her panties pulled down around her ass cheeks, she jutted her backside out now to give Natalie an even better look at it while slowly swaying it from side to side.

Kim tantalized Natalie with her nudity and the actress was practically hypnotized by it. Natalie couldn’t take her eyes off Kim’s ass while shook it for her. Natalie couldn’t help it and moaned out her response.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Natalie said. “Ooooooh my God Kim! Your ass is so hot!”

“Tell me you want it!” Kim commanded, relishing the feeling of Rosario at her tits and Natalie drooling at her ass.

She had these women, ones who she was sure believed they were better than her, completely at her mercy and she loved it.

“I want it!” Natalie immediately replied, hating herself as she found that she was becoming more and more aroused by this.

“Say you love my fat ass!” Kim continued. “Say you want to kiss it! Say you want to taste it! Say you want to shove that pretty little face of yours in my big fucking ass!”

Natalie felt so humiliated but the embarrassment was turning her pussy on even more. She couldn’t control what was happening to her and it felt so fucking amazing. She wasn’t herself anymore. She was a creature of pure lust.

Natalie loved when she felt that kind of transformation happen to her whenever she visited the mansion but this wasn’t Rose or Sarah or Jennifer doing this to her. It was Kim Kardashian and that made it even hotter and dirtier.

“I love your fat ass!” Natalie moaned, giving the woman exactly what she wanted to hear and touching herself as she said it. “I want that big, fat ass in my face so I can kiss it and lick it and tongue fuck it like a dirty little slut! I love your fucking ass so much Kim! I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it! I want your big tits and your big ass! I want to get so slutty with you!”

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh Natalie baby mmmmm that’s soooo good!” Kim moaned, closing her eyes as she savored the sounds of someone with Natalie’s flawless reputation begging for her in such a depraved way while, at the same time, Rosario Dawson, one of the most socially conscious actresses in Hollywood, slurped on her tits like a porno star. “Mmmm get in there Nat! Get your pretty face in that ass! Do whatever you fucking want to it! Be hot and nasty and let Damon see what a dirty girl you can be!”

Natalie gasped when she realized that she’d been so fixated on Kim that she hadn’t even really registered that her agent was sitting there too. Her eyes widened at the sight of Damon sitting on the couch naked, taking in the show and stroking his hard, thick cock.

Natalie couldn’t even feel insecure about Damon seeing her naked because she could sure see him too and she let her eyes roam all over his hard dick while he stroked it. This had all gone so completely out of control but she couldn’t stop so she didn’t.

Instead Natalie giggled to herself as she wondered what her old flame Dean Simonds would think about Damon jacking off to her in a lesbian sex show and she plunged her face right into Kim’s bare ass.

“Ooooooooh Natalie!” Kim squealed when she felt Natalie squeeze her ass cheeks and dive into them.

Natalie’s soft hands spread apart her buns and Kim could hear the actress’ eager giggle when she smooshed those cheeks into her face. Kim helped her out by grinding her backside into Natalie, nearly twerking right against her face. Kim was quickly overcome with moans when Natalie started licking her crack, dragging her tongue over it.

And when she did such a forbidden act, Natalie came alive and found herself going wild on Kim’s ass, letting those big cheeks smother her while she tongued her naughty flesh.

Natalie licked everywhere with a rabid enthusiasm. She lapped like a hungry dog at Kim’s crack and then moved down so she could get a taste of Kim’s pussy. Natalie plunged her tongue into the sticky pinkness of her infamous lover’s pussy, lapping at her juices and letting them coat her taste buds.

Kim cried out in delight and thrust her tits harder into Rosario’s face while Natalie tongued her cunt but that wasn’t the only thing Natalie wanted to do. She nourished herself on those juices and then got even dirtier licking that little stretch of flesh that made up Kim’s taint and then pushed her horny tongue right into Kim Kardashian’s asshole.

“Ohhhh fuckkk! Fuckkkk! Ohhhhh yesssssssss you nasty girl! Mmmmm fucking tongue my ass! Oooooh you fucking horny bitch!” Kim groaned, loving every second of this. “Oooooh all you bitches think you’re so much better than me but when I snap my fingers you’ll fucking kneel down and eat my ass whenever I want it! Mmmmmm you nasty little slut! Ooooh Natalie that feels so fucking good!  Shove that tongue into my ass like a good whore! Ohhh fuck yeahhh I heard all kinds of fucking freaky shit went down at this place but I never thought you’d be eating my ass Natalie! Ohhh fuck you kinky bitch! Bury that tongue inside that fucking hole!”

Kim would have teased more but she had her mouth instead silenced by something being pressed against it. That had been her plan of course, but it hadn’t quite come together the way she had expected it.

She had wanted to have Damon’s cock be what shut her up. Kim wanted that dark meat in her mouth so badly. But she didn’t get it. Instead she got something else entirely, something she wasn’t expecting and something she hadn’t even known she had wanted until she felt it against her lips.

“How about you bury your tongue inside of this fucking hole?” Scarlett demanded as she stood in front of Kim and grabbed her by the back of her head, shoving her face right into her dripping shaved pussy. “Mmmmmmm yeahhh that’s it! You were talking WAY too much shit you fucking spoiled brat! Let’s see what else that mouth is good for! Eat my pussy Kim! You’re going to be a good little whore for me now! Taste my wet cunt and get ready for my juices all over your face!”

Scarlett hadn’t been able to restrain herself. The sight of Natalie’s little face buried in that gigantic ass was way too much for her. She could have easily made her freshly orgasmed pussy come again just by a few touches of her fingers to her clit but this was so much better. After all, if Natalie was going to get a piece of Kim then Scarlett wanted one too. But she wasn’t about to let this spoiled brat take control of her.

Scarlett certainly had her submissive nights and she loved being taken and made into a slut, but she wasn’t going to show that side to Kim. Oh no, she was going to take control of this bitch and show her that nothing came free at the mansion.

If Kim was going to enjoy Natalie being her little ass worshipping slut then Scarlett was going to make sure she paid the price in pussy licking. So Scarlett gripped her hand forcefully into Kim’s hair and forced her into her crotch, moaning when the reality star didn’t fight her on it and instead began licking the smooth, wet lips of her cunt.

“Oooooh yesssss! Mmmmm lick my pussy!” Scarlett commanded. “Mmmm you probably thought you were going to come here and act like a fucking brat and make everyone do what you want but that’s not how it’s going to be! Mmmm lick me you dirty sex tape whore! Lap at that wet cunt and slurp up all that yummy juice of mine! You’re licking up Katy Perry’s spit right out of my pussy, you know! She made me come so good and now you’re going to make me come again! Ooooh you’re an even bigger slut than she is! Get in there and slobber into my cunt you fucking whore!”

Kim wasn’t a daily pussy eater or anything but it came back to her naturally. She had actually gone through quite a phase a few years back when she was famished for pussy but she had put that aside to focus mostly on dick save for some very naughty girlfucking she did when she had the chance.

This place was so hot that Kim was sure it could totally turn her lesbian, especially since Scarlett tasted so good. Scarlett’s flavor instantly reminded her of why she liked tasting women so much. So Kim didn’t resist, she just let Scarlett face fuck her and happily let her tongue taste the tasty treat against her lips.

Kim didn’t have to be the boss all the time. In fact she loved being taken and treated like a whore. She didn’t really have a set preference. She just did what she felt good and went for whatever she was in the mood for.

Sometimes what she wanted changed by the minute but the important thing was always that she got what she wanted, no matter what it was. Kim was used to getting everything she deserved and right then she knew she deserved this delicious pussy in her face and the feel of Natalie tongue fucking her ass. Kim had the best of both worlds and it felt amazing to her.

And with Scarlett and Natalie now occupying Kim’s attention, Rosario snapped enough out of the lust trance she’d gone into to pull away from her chest. She groaned in humiliation when she saw just how much she’d slobbered all over Kim’s big tits and how she’d left the dark, wide areolas slick while making Kim’s nipples into flesh diamonds.

Rosario couldn’t believe she had done that but she didn’t regret it and she found herself having enjoyed it too. That only made the embarrassment worse, though, and she tried to get over that by turning her attention back to her very aroused boyfriend.

Rosario was aware enough of what was happening to realize that she had essentially exposed her lesbian desires to her previously unaware lover but, with his cock still throbbing in his hand, it sure didn’t seem as though Damon minded. So Rosario seized on that both figuratively and literally as she pushed away Damon’s hand and wrapped her own around his girth.

“You like that baby? Like seeing me go wild?” Rosario asked with a moan while she stroked Damon’s cock. She knew exactly what the answer was going to be but she still wanted to hear it anyway.

“Of course!” Damon groaned while feeling his girlfriend’s soft hand around his angry member. “I had no idea you were into this! Mmmm you should have told me baby I’d have loved to see it!”

“Oh I’ll just bet you would have,” Rosario giggled. “Mmmm dirty boy! Wanting to see me fuck other girls! I can see how hard it makes you! Oooooh and I can taste it too!”

An hour ago Rosario never could have foreseen herself doing this. She had kept this side of her sex life far away from her relationship with Damon. It had been her most private secret, one she had felt she would show to Damon someday, if he had earned it. She had never pictured it happening like this but the cat was out of the bag now and she couldn’t pretend that what he had just seen was some kind of isolated incident.

She had just been kissing Kim Kardashian and sucking her tits and Damon had clearly liked what he had seen. There was no way out of this except through the truth but first Rosario focused on her boyfriend’s cock.

While Damon groaned in pleasure and gripped onto the couch cushions, Rosario sensually dragged her tongue over his shaft, slowly maneuvering all over it and licking right up to the tip of his cock where a little droplet of precum was there for her to taste and swallow. She cleaned that drop right off and licked up the next one that naughtily oozed right out. She let one hand wrap around his girth to jerk him off and let the other softly play with his balls.

Rosario knew all too well by now just how to expertly manipulate her man’s cock and she put all those skills to work while he sat back and enjoyed his view of the orgy all around him.

“Ohhhhh fuck Ro!” Damon groaned. “I knew you were hot baby but I had no idea you were this fucking hot! You’ve been holding out on me all this time? You’ve been into chicks and you didn’t tell me? I can’t believe you get all in my face about my past when you’ve got one too! You owe me now! You’d better start bringing your hottest friends home for us to fuck! We’re going to be having threesomes every fucking night now!”

“Easy there,” Rosario grinned, trying her best to keep her power here even though Damon did have her dead to rights. She loved fucking girls. She had tried to hide it but he knew it now and things were definitely going to change between them. “Mmmm you’re leaping to all sorts of conclusions right now. Okay, I have a few sexy secrets and if you’re good I’ll tell you all about them but ONLY if you’re good! Now just sit back and let me show you that you don’t need a sex tape slut to make your cock shoot off all that yummy jizz! I’ll take care of you and if you give me what I want I might decide to give you what you want!”

There were a lot of girls there that Rosario would not have minded sharing with Damon but Kim was not one of them. So she tried to get her mind off how she had succumbed to the woman’s charms by instead focusing entirely on Damon’s cock.

Rosario didn’t want Damon thinking about Kim either and to do that she made sure to give him plenty of what she knew he liked. Rosario licked all over his cockhead and then sucked it into her mouth before moving down lower. She sucked Damon’s cock right past her lips and started taking him down her throat, bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

She might have had her secret lust for pussy exposed but Rosario wanted to make sure Damon didn’t doubt that she loved sucking him off. Rosario knew she was just as good at blowjobs as she was at pussy eating and she had her mouth working magic on her boyfriend’s cock.

And her efforts were paying off because Damon wasn’t looking at Kim anymore. He wasn’t paying her a bit of mind while the reality star happily remained on her hands and knees with her face in Scarlett’s crotch and her ass humping against Natalie as the Oscar winner’s tongue probed her asshole and thrust in with wicked, greedy licks.

But while Damon had his mind completely off Kim his attention had wandered in another direction. Because if it was a serious shock to his system to find out Rosario was into girls it was another one to see what was happening over to his left.

Even while Rosario kept sucking him off with a skill that none of the other women he had been with could match, Damon couldn’t stop looking off to where a totally naked Beyoncé Knowles had herself pressed right against Stacy Keibler’s face.

With Beyoncé’s back turned to him, Damon couldn’t see everything but he could certainly see enough. He got a great view of Stacy’s hands gripping Beyoncé’s ass cheeks to keep her against her face while she thrust against it, letting Beyoncé grind her pussy against Stacy’s tongue. Damon loved the contrast of Stacy’s creamy white hands squeezing the dark booty of the woman he never could and never would completely get out of his head.

Damon couldn’t stop staring at Beyoncé. The view of her backside being fondled by those small, white hands was so sexy to him. Stacy’s hands looked so dainty compared to Beyoncé’s ass and Damon’s mind whirled at the implication of what Stacy was doing to the superstar singer.

He had never dreamed in a million years that Beyoncé would ever do anything sexual with another woman. It was even more shocking to him than finding out Rosario had a hidden bisexual side.

Damon was too far away to really see or hear clearly what was going on but he was sure it was amazing. He didn’t want to stop staring, even as Rosario expertly sucked his cock like only she could.

She was swallowing his length with sexual ease and it made him feel so good but his eyes still stared longingly at Beyoncé’s bare ass and the sexy hands squeezing it while he wondered what was happening there.

He’d never expected to ever find anything about this. All of these women, the most gorgeous and famous in all of Hollywood and the music industry, were all fucking each other. So many of these women were his clients and Damon couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This was insanity and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Even with everything he’d done in the past, this was the craziest night of his life and, as he watched Beyoncé go wild with Stacy while his girlfriend gave him an amazing blowjob, Damon knew it was only getting wilder.

There were no more secrets. There were no more hidden desires. It was just raw, untamed fucking and no one could get enough of it.


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