The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Eight

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Eight

Author: KMB

Celebs: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Jennifer Aniston, Jewel Kilcher, Stacy Keibler, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce Knowles,  AJ Lee, Celeste Bonin, Jennifer Lawrence, Emmy Rossum, Taylor Swift, Olivia Munn, Emma Stone, Dianna Agron, Maria Menounos, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick, Kate Upton, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry

Codes: FF, FFF, FF+, MF, MFF, oral, anal, toys, orgy, inter, rim, first, squirt, ATM

Summary: The action gets even wilder as AJ and Kaitlyn deepen their fun, Taylor, Selena and Kate get even more depraved and Gwen makes Fluffy’s fantasy come true.

Happy Easter everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since the last time I’ve updated one of the many parts of the story about the most epic party of all time in Malibu. At the pace I’m going it will be next Christmas again. Real life and work unfortunately do not make it always easy to write and edit this stuff.

But the important thing is that we are rolling again and hopefully the wait has been worth it because there is a lot of hot celebrity fucking to get to.

Now where did we leave off? Oh yes…

When we last left our heroines, Amy Adams confronted Sarah and Love on their secrets but ended up succumbing to the magic of Malibu. Amy confessed buried desires of her own and received a mind blowing experience with her previously platonic friends, only to be suddenly interrupted when a pregnant Reese Witherspoon got woozy and required immediate attention.

In the meantime Amy wasn’t the only girl to feel the effects of the drugged and spiked punch. The cocktail shredded inhibitions and made new desires rage as Rose took the reluctant but eventually so very willing Victoria Justice and introduced her to Mr. Snappy and the joys of lesbian anal fucking. Kelly Clarkson saw a whole new side of Carrie Underwood, one she and Elisha Cuthbert enjoyed immensely and as much as she tried to fight it Natalie Portman found herself utterly unable to contain herself and restrain her guilty pleasure desires to hook up with the infamous Kim Kardashian.

Yes there’s still plenty of drama to go too as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are miles away from where they need to be (mentally, not physically) unlike WWE Divas AJ Lee and Celeste Bonin (aka Kaitlyn) who have taken their friendship to the next level.  Beyoncé finds herself looking up an old boyfriend at the party while his girlfriend Rosario Dawson tries to unsuccessfully hide her own secrets. Speaking of trying to hide, Hayden is trying to fight an attraction to her brother’s girlfriend and AnnaSophia Robb has a new admirer of her own besides Hayden in the sexy young form of Bella Thorne. And so on and so on….

There’s a lot more where that comes from and we’re going to get to it in just a moment.

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Eight


Beyoncé Knowles tossed her head back and moaned in her famous voice, urging Stacy Keibler on and talking to her just like she knew the leggy woman enjoyed. It was no way anyone who thought they knew Beyoncé would ever expect her to speak but every dirty word thrilled her horny body.

Beyoncé loved it. She hadn’t played this game in so long and it made her feel so wonderfully dirty to do it now. And while ordinarily she saved this kind of wicked passion for when she was alone and where no one else could see her, Beyoncé couldn’t help herself tonight.

She had no control over herself and no boundaries. She was using Stacy to deal with the dripping wetness between her legs and the blonde girl loved being used.

“That’s it! Good little bitch! Mmmmm lick it up white girl!” Beyoncé moaned breathlessly, her hands squeezing her own tits just like Stacy’s hands were gripping her ass. “Taste that wet black cunt, blondie! Mmmm you love that chocolate, don’t you Stacy? Dirty little white girl on your knees licking black pussy! If only mommy and daddy could see their blonde angel eating chocolate pussy and loving it like a fucking slut!”

“Ooooh yessssssssss!” Stacy groaned back, her mouth full of Beyoncé’s pussy. “I love chocolate pussy! Mmmm you’re always so wet for me Beyoncé and I want to drink up every drop of you! Fuck my slutty white face! Fuck me so much that your cum gets in my hair! Mmm fuck me like a dirty white bitch who gets off so hard on licking hot black pussy!”

Stacy was so happy right then to be kneeling in front of her gorgeous goddess of a friend, especially where everyone could see how much she adored being a good little white slut for a superstar like Beyoncé.

Stacy had never thought such degrading talk would ever get her off, but it did. She loved to play with Beyoncé like this. She loved being her little white bitch and worshipping her body like Beyoncé was a goddess. Stacy hadn’t expected to play this game tonight but both of them were so charged up that they had fallen into their naughty fun so naturally.

Beyoncé let out a happy series of moans took one hand off her own chest to get on the back of Stacy’s head. She pressed Stacy’s face harder into her crotch, the pleasure making her quiver as she rubbed herself into the blonde. Beyoncé kept being overcome with the feel of her own ecstasy thanks to the amazing job Stacy was doing.

It might have been a while since they had last played with each other, but Stacy’s mouth still knew just what to do and Beyoncé loved it. Beyoncé clutched a clump of that silky blonde hair and she got off so hard on feeling that mouth slurping at her pussy while Stacy kneeled down naked in front of her.

“You look so good like that blondie!” Beyoncé groaned. “Fucking dirty little white cunt licker! Lick that yummy black pussy like the fucking whore you are! You’re such a pretty white bitch! Ooooh yesssssss mmmmm fuck I love how you show off to your friends how much you want my fucking black cunt all over your white face! They’re all going to see how much you love that hot, perfect pussy of mine! They’re going to see you on your knees licking up every juicy drop while I soak that pretty face and even get it in your golden blonde hair! If they didn’t know what a little bitch you were before, then they’re going to fucking know now when they see how much you love making me come! Mmm and then they’re really going to get a show when I turn around and get that fucking sweet face of yours right into my ass!”

The sound of that had Stacy licking and sucking even harder. She was a wild woman between Beyonce’s legs. Stacy loved feeling that hand holding her down and the way Beyonce’s hips moved, smearing cum into her face as she was forced to breathe in her scent and taste nothing but those delicious juices.

She was trapped between Beyonce’s thighs and it was where Stacy wanted to be more than anywhere. But hearing the sexy promise while she gripped those glorious butt cheeks made Stacy even hornier.

She couldn’t keep a consistent rhythm because the excitement and arousal was surging too much in her bloodstream, but Beyoncé didn’t mind. Even though Stacy was wildly ragged and switched from licking to sucking to tongue fucking at a second’s notice, it all felt good to Beyoncé. She loved the unbridled enthusiasm that Stacy was giving her and she got a lot more of that when the blonde girl began picturing having Beyonce’s ass in her face.

“Ohhhh fuckkkkk!” Stacy groaned in need while licking away at the dripping vagina she never wanted to be separated from. “Fuck my face with your beautiful ass Beyoncé!  Make this horny white bitch fucking worship that perfect ass! Shove it in my face and smother me with it! Ooooh we haven’t fucked in so long and I’ve been dreaming about your ass Beyoncé! Mmmm I’ve been dying to shove my dirty white face in those big, black cheeks and spread them open so I can be a good little bitch! Ughhh fuck show my friends how much I love black ass! Show them how I’m your dirty white bitch, baby! Mmmm I can’t get enough of you Beyoncé!”

Stacy wasn’t exaggerating. She loved playing with Beyoncé and the fun nastiness of when they got together was addictive to her. Every time she saw a clip of Beyoncé or even had a chance to hear a bit of a Beyoncé song, Stacy got uncontrollably creamy.

She considered Beyoncé to be a goddess and Stacy pushed her own limits with her like she never did with anyone else. Not even any of her former Diva friends at WWE could fuck her the way Beyoncé could. Stacy let herself be more submissive with the superstar singer than she ever would with any of her friends and it always felt so amazing.

She wanted to be a bad girl with Beyoncé. Stacy loved it. She wanted to kneel down and serve her like a sexual slave. She wanted to be in the front row of a Beyoncé concert and be taken backstage and treated like she was some slutty groupie eager for the chance to taste a superstar’s pussy.

Stacy always fantasized about that whenever she saw Beyoncé. She wanted to be so nasty for her and worship every inch of her beautiful body. She wanted to lick the sweat right off Beyonce’s naked body after a fierce stage performance. Stacy had never told Beyoncé about that fantasy because she had been a little too nervous to admit it but she knew Beyoncé would totally go for it.

“Come for me Beyoncé! Come all over this bitch’s slutty white face!” Stacy begged. “Cream all over my and get it in my hair so I can wear it like a proud little slut! Do it! Cream this yummy pussy all over me! Feed me your beautiful black pussy and then make me eat your ass! Shove it in my face and make it so I can’t breathe! I want it so bad! I want everyone to see! All my housemates need to know how much I love your black butt! All my new friends too!”

Stacy badly wanted to show off, not just to the women she shared her life at the mansion with but also her new friends like AJ and Kaitlyn.

When they’d been upstairs, she’d been their teacher and guide through the fun of lesbian sex. But now Stacy wanted them to see her out of control and acting like a completely hedonistic slut addicted to the beauty of Beyoncé Knowles.

She wanted them so see she could be even hornier and needier than they’d been. Stacy wanted to put on a dirty show for them and she hoped they were watching. She could hear them behind her and she could tell from the sounds of sexual passion that they were having their own fun. But she hoped they were at least paying a little bit of attention to her.

“Just don’t fucking stop!” Beyoncé demanded, her famous voice getting so passionate as the words flowed off her tongue in a between breathless moans.

The pleasure Beyoncé was feeling was making her breathe hard and she had her free hand squeezing her own chest, fondling her full tits and going from nipple to nipple to pinch and tug on them while still keeping a grip on the back of Stacy’s head, holding her by her soft hair.

“Work that clit over! Make me fucking come and you’ll get my ass!” Beyoncé commanded. “You want that big, juicy black booty in your face so bad, don’t you blondie? Well you only get it as a reward! You get to feel that famous ass everyone wants to fuck smothering that pretty white girl face only if you make me come! So do it bitch! Mmm make me fucking come in front of everyone! Fucking eat that juicy, wet cunt and slurp it down like a good cum drinker! You’d better get my cream flowing down your throat Stacy because that’s the only way you’re going to get my ass!”

Beyoncé was intoxicated just like the rest, but there was more than that going on inside her and it was making her act this way.

She always had so many eyes on her. There was the paparazzi and the always snooping press and there were also handlers and managers and hangers on and everyone watching her every move. The deal she had with Shawn was oppressive enough, but sometimes it was like the pressure of being who she was and the celebrity that came with it was something Beyoncé couldn’t escape.

She needed to let loose. She needed to relax. She needed a release like she’d never needed it before. Fucking Stacy was just the first bit of fun she was planning to have.

Once the party had really started and the punch had made her all the more eager to shed her clothing along with everyone else, Beyoncé had found herself staring out at the crowd of eager fuckers like it was a buffet. But she hadn’t been able to choose which delicious morsel she had wanted to fuck first.

All of these women looked so beautiful and so sexy and Beyoncé had been aching to have her pussy tended to by a woman who knew just how to lick. So when she had seen Stacy she had known she was perfect for her. It might have been a while since they had fucked, but she knew what Stacy could do and she had needed it so much.

Despite exuding confidence on stage and in her public persona and despite making sure she was seen by all as a powerful woman in control of her own life and making those unworthy bow to the queen, Beyoncé was naturally submissive in bed. She loved to be taken and there was no feeling as wonderful as having these horny women make her feel all dirty and filthy and amazingly good and slutty.

Beyoncé knew she was going to have so many of these hot women fuck her tonight and that every one of her holes was going to be taken. But she also wanted to take charge to start off her fun. She didn’t always have to be submissive. She could be dominant too, especially with a sexy blonde piece of ass like Stacy Keibler.

That slim blonde with her little tits was all legs and buns and Beyoncé loved the former wrestler’s body. She envied that toned blonde and she loved being able to go after her and make her submit to her curves. And Stacy was always so willing to go with it too and let Beyoncé go wild with her, letting her satisfy her naughty interracial cravings for blonde pieces of slut meat.

Beyoncé adored the feel of Stacy’s mouth and how she was able to shove that pretty face into her twat and control her and make her lap up her juices. She couldn’t wait to come and then have Stacy get her off again by working over her ass. And then she was going to get that girl on her back, spread open those long fucking legs and get her fill of Stacy’s cunt.

Beyoncé wanted it all. She wanted to fuck so many women tonight. She wanted every bit of stress to be licked out of her. She wanted to fuck friends and strangers and everyone. She didn’t care who they were as long as they were hot and horny like she was.

But most of all Beyoncé wanted to come and she wanted it to happen now. And, thanks to the way Stacy had started sucking on her clit, she knew it was on its way.


Even in her altered and overexcited state, Beyoncé recognized that she was getting noisy so she tried to silence herself by licking at her own breast. She pushed it up and worked her tongue over the full mound, licking her skin and moaning into it as she tried not to scream too much. But it was so hard not to when Stacy was doing her as well as she was.

Beyoncé hadn’t had her pussy licked in so long. She had craved this feeling and now she was finally getting it. She was coming so quickly and it didn’t surprise her in the slightest. Between Stacy’s skills and her own neediness. Beyoncé knew she was going to come quickly from those hot lips on her clit and she mashed herself harder into the girl’s pretty face.

Stacy loved being treated like this. She felt she was just what Beyoncé said she was, a dirty white slut fucking a glorious black pussy. She was so fucking wet and creamy from this and Stacy was pretty sure she could come just from swallowing Beyonce’s orgasm and not even touching herself.

Beyoncé didn’t even need to keep her hand on her head anymore but Stacy was glad she had it there. She wanted Beyoncé to put her in her place. She belonged on her knees having her face fucked by a beautiful black woman and Stacy showed it by sucking hard on Beyonce’s clit.

Stacy might have begged to have her face smothered by Beyonce’s ass but having it happen with her pussy was just as hot. Beyonce’s juices filled Stacy’s mouth and went right down to her tummy like ambrosia from her goddess and Stacy just wanted to keep on worshipping.

She kept on sucking away at the singer’s pussy, feeling that clit throb in her mouth, and worked her harder and harder with her lips until Beyoncé exploded with a rush of sex that they both got off on.

“OHHHHH!!!” Beyoncé cried, dropping her own full breast from her grasp and getting both hands on the back of Stacy’s head like she was holding onto her for support as she came.

The feel of those experienced lips working her clitoris over had her shaking and with so much pent up desire inside herself, this was a particularly happy explosion for Beyoncé. She gripped Stacy’s head hard as she fucked her face and creamed all over the blonde’s flawless features.


The two held tightly onto each other as the singer’s orgasm announced itself so emphatically. Beyonce’s hands held fast to Stacy’s head and the blonde girl gripped tightly to her lover’s ass, squeezing the dark chocolate cheeks she so lusted after.

Stacy was so happy to be where she was then, kneeling down and swallowing the delicious cream of such a beautiful woman. She felt like a little pet and her head was full of wicked fantasies she was afraid to admit out loud.

Stacy’s pussy dripped from the idea of being kept naked with a collar around her neck while Beyoncé guided her by a leash and made her crawl on her hands and knees and sexually serve her and her hottest, blackest female friends. Stacy wanted to be a dirty white slut for all of them and she felt her own pussy tremble in orgasm just from being so submissive and naughty for this superstar.

It was just a small orgasm but it was an orgasm nonetheless and the feel of it made Stacy go after Beyoncé even harder. She slurped away at Beyonce’s clit and gulped down her cum while the beautiful dark skinned singer fucked her face, smearing juice all over her chin and even her nose and giving her so much sexiness to look up at.

Stacy stared with lust at Beyoncé while the woman came against her mouth and saw that gorgeous, famous face, the one that people knew around the world, contorting in orgasmic bliss while her big tits bounced and her dark nipples looked so delicious. But nothing was as delicious as this pussy as Stacy swallowed her lover’s cum…at least until Beyoncé pulled away and gave her something else to eat.

With a giddy moan and a need for more, Beyoncé stepped back, yanking her pussy from Stacy’s still hungry mouth, and got on all her knees too. But she wasn’t about to start submitting to Stacy…at least not yet. No Beyoncé wanted the girl to keep to her promise and to pleasure her more. So she got on her hands and knees and pressed her ass right into Stacy’s cum covered face, forcing herself back so her cheeks rubbed up against her.

“Oooooh that felt so good but you’re not done yet girlie!” Beyoncé moaned. “Get in there and get that ass blondie! Show me what a dirty white girl slut you are Stacy! Shoe me you fucking love that black ass of mine!”

And naturally Stacy was just as eager to make good on her vow to pleasure her lover as Beyoncé was to experience it. Having those round, soft and oh so famous ass cheeks in her face was heaven to Stacy and she didn’t hesitate for a second. She got her hands right back on them and spread them open, not only exposing the juiciness of Beyonce’s slit with her cum and Stacy’s spit mixing together for a wet mess, but also the forbidden naughtiness of Beyonce’s asshole.

“Yesssssss I love your black ass so much Beyoncé!” Stacy groaned, lust gripping her and threatening to never let go. “I dream about this big black butt so much and it turns me on like crazy! Mmmm I want to be such a nasty little white girl whore for you! I’ll eat your beautiful black booty and make you come again like a good white girl should!”

Stacy wanted to kiss all over every glorious inch of famous ass flesh in her face. She wanted to take her time and really worship Beyonce’s ass. But she couldn’t. She was too overcome with desire and need.

So she didn’t offer any kind of anal foreplay. Stacy just went for it, shoving her face into those spread, thick buns and tonguing Beyonce’s asshole with a wild series of licks that had her essentially panting and drooling into her lover’s backside in no time. And that was a treatment that Beyoncé found herself totally getting off on. It was nasty and so fucking hot that she had to screw her eyes shut and feel it completely overwhelm her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss nasty girl ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk!” Beyoncé cried out in dirty delight. “No one’s fucking done this to me in so long! Oooooh I fucking need it bad! Eat that ass white girl! Mmmm feel those big, sexy cheeks in your face and tongue fuck that dirty hole! Oooooh yessssssssssssss you’re so nasty Stacy! Mmmmm fucking give it to me! Give it to my hot fucking asshole like you just gave it to my cunt! Dirty white girl whore! Eat that beautiful black ass! Ohhhh fuckkkkk yessssssssssss make my goddamn pussy cream again you ass licking ho!”

Every dirty, degrading word made Stacy wetter for this. She was dripping wet as she kept her face shoved into that beautiful ass, her blonde hair and fair skin contrasting perfectly with Beyonce’s dark flesh. Stacy loved being nasty like this and she hoped her friends were noticing it.

Thinking that she was being watched was making it even nastier and Stacy could feel the hot juice drooling from her cunt down her leg from how turned on she was. Stacy knew everyone was off having their own fun as the orgy continued to rage but she badly wanted to someone to be watching her be so dirty, lapping away at Beyonce’s asshole and loving it.

The more she did it the more she wanted it and Stacy kept her face fused between those thick, round ass cheeks, her pale hands keeping the dark flesh spread open while she let herself be eagerly smothered by them. Stacy was in an ass licking frenzy and she wanted it to be turning other women on when they saw it.

And, as it turned out, that was exactly what was happening as Stacy felt her own ass being grabbed by two very eager hands.

With her face shoved into Beyoncé, there was no way she could see who it was doing it to her but she certainly heard a voice that was very familiar to her.

“That’s so fucking sexy,” Kaitlyn sighed, her voice a moan both from what she was seeing and what was happening to her. “Mmmm gawwd I can’t believe you brought us here! Mmmmm you brought us right into your wild lesbian sex party! But I love it! Oooooh I so wish we’d done this earlier!”

Kaitlyn’s head was still spinning from everything that had happened to her. It was like all her fantasies had come true and now she needed even newer fantasies to replace the new ones she had already come up with because those had already come true too. She had done things with AJ that she had only thought could happen in her wettest dreams, but that had only been the start of the fun.

Kaitlyn had never expected there could be anything hotter than the fantasies she had brought with her to the mansion. But now she could see that if she kept pushing herself things could get even better. That was the attitude she had always brought to her work in the gym as she had sculpted her body, but now she saw she could bring it here too and it would be amazing because as good as working out felt, sex felt even better.

Kaitlyn had found herself getting so turned on watching Stacy do such dirty things to Beyoncé. Seeing them hooking up had stirred such dirty thoughts inside her and it had made her extra wet to watch them while imagining herself naked and submissively fucking a beautiful black woman.

Kaitlyn’s thoughts turned to thinking about what she could do to someone like Alicia Fox or Naomi with her thick butt and all that gorgeous dark chocolate skin. But she mostly thought about pleasuring Beyoncé right there. She had worked out to her music so many times but had never dreamed she would see her naked much less see her fuck and Kaitlyn found herself wishing that Stacy would introduce them so she could play with her too.

But right then, since Stacy was busy focusing on Beyonce’s ass, Kaitlyn focused on Stacy’s instead.

It was such a hot way to connect herself to the woman who had made all of this possible while still keeping her lustful eyes on the gorgeous singer. Plus Kaitlyn loved Stacy’s ass and she desperately wanted to play with it. It was so round and perfect and it turned Kaitlyn on so much.

Growing up, everyone she knew who watched wrestling was always drooling over Stacy Keibler’s beautiful butt in WCW and then in WWE and she could see why. It was such an amazing ass, all firm but juicy too. Seeing it in the store the other day had been what had drawn Kaitlyn right to Stacy in the first place the other day and now that it was naked and right in front of her, she wanted to get kinky with it.

“Such a great ass! Mmmmm Stacy you’ve got a perfect butt!” Kaitlyn moaned before she spread those famous buns open and pressed her face into the blonde’s butt crack, eagerly teasing it with her tongue before she pushed her own limits and buried her tongue right into the naughty puckered hole she had been craving.

“OHHHHHHH!” Stacy cried, feeling Kaitlyn’s newbie tongue penetrating her asshole with a horny enthusiasm.

Being licked like that was the only thing that could distract her from Beyonce’s ass and Stacy especially liked that Kaitlyn, who hadn’t been with a girl before tonight, has done it without even asking. Stacy loved knowing the beautiful woman had lost her inhibitions and had gone totally wild for lesbian sex.

“Mmmmmm fuck yessssssssss! Tongue fuck it! Eat that perfect butt of mine!” Stacy moaned. “I used to keep it nice and tight to make all those cocks hard for me but now I only want girls getting wet for it! Mmmm I make my ass look this good to turn hot sluts like you on! Fuck it Kaitlyn! Shove that tongue right into my fucking ass!”

Kaitlyn was happy to do everything Stacy wanted. She loved being encouraged like that but the truth was she felt so fucking horny that she would have done it no matter what. She had never been this charged up in her life and she hungrily burrowed her tongue into Stacy’s asshole while getting off on being able to see Stacy shove her face back into Beyoncé, using those big ass cheeks as a muzzle to her cries of pleasure.

But it wasn’t just Stacy’s ass that Kaitlyn had her mind on. Her own ass was very much a focus of Kaitlyn’s attention because right then the woman she had shared so many car rides with was doing something to her that would have made all those nights on the road so much more pleasant.

“Heyyyy! Wait! You like Stacy’s butt more than mine?” AJ asked, acting outraged as she pulled up from Kaityn’s buns, where she had been treating her best friend to a wet rim job. “Some kind of friend you are!”

AJ gave Kaitlyn’s bare ass a hard smack but she was just kidding and her friend knew it. She was only teasing her and when Kaitlyn cried out in pleasure from the spanking, AJ giggled and got back to what she was doing.

AJ didn’t know what she was supposed to feel anymore but she knew she didn’t want to stop. Her brain was a tornado of emotions and one of them really was a little jealousy that Kaitlyn had been checking out Stacy’s ass and not only thinking about hers, but AJ certainly understood why her friend was thinking about other bodies. There were so many sexy women there and she was checking them out too. She had never felt lust like this in her life.

She had loved what had happened upstairs, especially being able to fuck Kaitlyn, and AJ wanted more, not just with her friend but with everyone. AJ has never been promiscuous. She had been a one-man kind of woman for so long. But she couldn’t help herself. Her heart was pounding and her head was spinning and her pussy was dripping. She had no self-control and it felt so good.

AJ wanted to do lots more with Kaitlyn. She wanted to feel Kaitlyn’s tongue buried in her naughtiest hole. AJ wanted her friend to be rimming her and not Stacy. God, giving this to Kaitlyn felt so fucking good and AJ badly wanted to receive the pleasure too. And AJ showed off how much she wanted it by spreading open her friend’s muscular booty and shoving her face into it.

AJ wanted Kaitlyn to see what a dirty girl she could be and how much she wanted her. She was filled with lust over the things she could do to her friend’s amazing, muscled ass. AJ giggled with lust and disbelief over her own actions while she tossed her friend’s salad and loved it. How could being this kinky feel so good?

AJ already knew it couldn’t just be a one-night thing with Kaitlyn. What had happened to them upstairs and what was happening with them now was going to be repeated. Suddenly having a boyfriend wasn’t nearly as important as fucking her best friend. But AJ also wanted to experience so many other women there. They were all so beautiful and famous and the side of herself that she had kept restrained for so long was free and in total control of all her thinking. She wanted everything and everyone.

And that was perfectly summed up by what was happening to AJ right then. While she did the dirtiest thing she had ever done in her life and pushed her tongue into her best friend’s asshole, wetly probing Kaitlyn’s tightest hole, AJ was being pleasured too, by someone she never ever could have dreamed would ever be doing this to her.

She could hardly be jealous of Kaitlyn being naughty with Stacy when she had Jennifer Lawrence going down on her from behind, tonguing her pussy and making her feel immense pleasure.

“Mmmmmm you taste so fucking juicy and good!” Jennifer moaned, her tongue finally getting the pussy it had craved.

She had been denied Sarah’s taste but now she had this petite little brunette and the taste of female juice was everything Jennifer had wanted it to be. It was the first taste of another woman she had ever experienced and she knew it wasn’t going to be her last. Something this good had to be tasted again and again and again.

She might never have met AJ Lee before today but Jennifer had no hesitation about licking her pussy. Jennifer kneeled down naked in back of AJ and lapped at her pretty pink hole. She was so fucking tight and the way she dripped onto her tongue filled Jennifer with such desire. Lesbian sex was so fucking hot. She’d always known it would be but none of her expectations had been high enough.

It was so much better than she had ever dreamed it would be and she didn’t care who she was fucking. It didn’t matter if they were strangers like AJ was. She just wanted hot tits and wet pussies and beautiful girl bodies. Jennifer was so ready to go hardcore dyke and she wondered if these girls would mind if she never left and just stayed forever in their mansion and fucked them every single day.

“Back your ass up into my face!” Jennifer urged the slim wrestler. “Grind that tight little butt in my face and fuck my tongue with your yummy cunt! I wanna fucking lick up every juicy drop and swallow it all and then lick you more and spit it right into your mouth! Mmmm fuckkkk I love how nasty all you fucking bitches are but none of you are as nasty as me!”

AJ was finding that out quickly and it thrilled her. She had never dreamed Jennifer Lawrence could ever act like this. But if she was doing things she never had before then why couldn’t Jennifer too? And right then AJ was just glad Jennifer was doing those things to her.

She had been thrilled just to meet a famous celebrity like Jennifer at the party and now she was actually being fucked by her! That was insane! She was having sex with Katniss Everdeen and AJ couldn’t believe it. It was so amazing and AJ never wanted the pleasure to stop.

So she did just as the Oscar winner demanded and shoved her ass back into her face, rubbing herself into her and moaning right into Kaitlyn’s backside as Jennifer’s tongue furiously attacked her.

Jennifer couldn’t get enough of the taste of pussy. She’d wanted Sarah’s so bad after the party’s hostess had made her come so incredibly and not being able to get it had only made her hungrier for it.

Jennifer loved to just dive right into things. She knew she could be reckless at times and that sometimes she didn’t think everything through before doing it but she knew that doing things that way was the surest path to where the fun was and she didn’t want to go through life with any regrets. That included not worrying about consequences. So they were the furthest thing from her mind then. All she cared about was fucking as many girls as possible.

Jennifer already had a mental list of all the girls here at the party she wanted to taste and fuck and it was getting longer by the minute. Every time she saw another beautiful naked woman at the party she added her to the list and Jennifer didn’t care how big it got. She would fuck every women there if she could and right then it seemed possible that she could take all of these hot dykes on. After all she was one of them now and, as she tongue fucked AJ’s tight, juicy cunt, she didn’t want to think about cock ever again.

Girls were where it was at. Jennifer believed that completely now. She didn’t need men when she had pussy she wanted to lick. AJ tasted so good and Jennifer was dripping with desire to have her own pussy licked again. She felt so totally lesbian then and it was such an incredible feeling. Jennifer wanted to be wild and kinky with all of these women and it had felt so right to hook up with these hot wrestler chicks even though she’d never seen them before tonight.

They had looked so cute in their dorky Christmas sweaters and their reindeer antler headbands and she had been attracted to them right away. She’d felt the connection to them instantly when they’d interacted briefly so she had sought them out again when the party had gotten wild.

Now Jennifer had them just like she wanted them with AJ’s pussy in her face and Kaitlyn’s hot ass jutting out for her friend to lick while Kaitlyn lapped at Stacy’s asshole. It was so dirty and fun and hot and Jennifer hadn’t been shy about imposing herself on these women. In fact she was the reason why Kaitlyn and AJ weren’t completely naked like she was.

Jennifer had loved seeing them dressed up for the party in their Christmas sweaters and antlers. Everyone else had been dressed to impress but they had dressed to have fun and Jennifer had found herself intensely attracted to that and to them.

So while everyone else was undressed, Jennifer had begged and pleaded for them to stay at least half dressed because it had turned her on to see them like that. And, to her total delight, AJ and Kaitlyn had complied. Her new friends were both nude from the waist down but they still had their sweaters on, albeit pulled off to show off their tits.

Jennifer had gotten so wet from getting both of the wrestler girls stripped down to nothing but their Christmas sweaters. She had gone after them both and had pulled their sweaters up and yanked the cups of their bras down to expose their nipples. It had made her so horny to see them like that and both AJ and Kaitlyn’s tits were still wet with Jennifer’s saliva after she had kissed and sucked and licked all over those hot boobs.

AJ’s sexy little rack had been bite sized little treats that Jennifer had eagerly feasted on, slurping and even biting on those stiff, dark nipples while AJ had panted and squeaked sexily and made out with Kaitlyn. And Kaitlyn’s huge tits had been heaven for Jennifer. Gawd, she had motorboated those babies like her life had depended on it and Kaitlyn’s sculpted, muscular body had driven her crazy.

It had been so hot to have them partly dressed like that, the cuteness of their Christmas outfits contrasting so nicely with the naughtiness of their nudity. It had gotten Jennifer even hotter for them and she’d shown it by going down on Kaitlyn and sucking on that wet pink hole until she’d tasted and swallowed the wrestler’s cream.

Now she had AJ’s pussy right in her face and she was lapping at it like a professional slut, loving the feel of that firm, tiny ass in her face as she did it. These girls were both so hot and Jennifer wished they had been wrestling back when she’d watched that stuff with her brothers and all they’d care about was The Rock and Stone Cold.

Pro wrestling had never been her thing the way it had been her brothers’ when they’d all been growing up in Kentucky but now she was ready to change her tune because these bitches were hot and Jennifer wanted to fuck them raw. She wasn’t just going to lick them. Oh no. She also wanted to find out what it was like to really fuck a woman.

She’d been fucked by men, both literally and figuratively, and Jennifer loved being on the receiving end of a hard dick. But she wanted to dish it out too. That was why when Ali and Haylie had come on by offering toys from Santa’s sack she had been very eager to grab one for herself.

The strap-on she had taken was now around her waist and she was eager to use it. She’d wanted to get a long taste of AJ’s pussy first and she’d more than gotten that. AJ’s sweet flavor was amazing on her tongue. Jennifer loved the way it tickled her taste buds to have another woman’s flavor on them, especially since AJ’s cum was mixing with Kaitlyn’s.

The only thing stopping Jennifer from getting this toy inside the tiny, powerful wrestling chick was how much she was enjoying tasting AJ. Her tongue didn’t want to cooperate with what the rest of her body wanted and Jennifer found herself internally at war over which way she most wanted to fuck AJ.

While AJ kept crying out in glee, her sounds quieted by Kaitlyn’s ass in her face, Jennifer kept on licking. The Oscar winner kept telling herself that each lick was going to be the last one before she got the fake dick inside AJ but it was always followed up by another lick and then another and then another after that. Jennifer just couldn’t get enough of the brunette’s hot flavor.

But finally Jennifer managed to pull her tongue away from her pussy and straighten herself up so she was kneeling behind AJ, pressing the strap on in between her firm little buns to make it clear exactly what she intended to do.

“I’ve been wanting to try this for so fucking long,” Jennifer declared. “I’ve wanted to find out what it’s like to have a dick and fuck a hot chick with it! You ready to be my little experiment AJ? Wanna see how well I can use one of these things?”

AJ found herself a little torn. On the one hand she didn’t particularly like the idea of being an experiment. If Jennifer was going to use a big, fake dick on her she kind of wanted her to know what the hell she was doing. But on the other hand AJ really, REALLY wanted to get fucked.

She was so wet for this. Having Jennifer’s tongue lapping at her pussy and tending so nicely to her clit that she’d been sure she was about to come had felt great. But AJ wanted something more. She wanted to feel a toy fucking her. She’d experienced female tongues exploring her naughtiest places and now she needed more.

So she swallowed her nerves and pulled away from exploring Kaitlyn’s asshole with her tongue just long enough to nod her head.

“Mmmmm do it! Do it now! Do it before I change my mind!” AJ urged. “Fuck me Jennifer! Get that strap on inside me! Mmmmm I can’t believe I’m acting like such a lesbo but let me feel what a fake dick is like! Show me you can fuck me better with a fake cock than a guy can with a real one!”

“Oooooh yeahhh we’re all learning how to be dirty fucking lezzies aren’t we?” Jennifer laughed in excitement as she took the cock strapped around her waist, grasped it in her hand and began easing it into AJ’s tight hole. “We’re turning into nasty, horny dykes thanks to this place and we’re going to know how everything feels so fucking good when it’s another woman doing it!”

Jennifer was definitely more than getting into the spirit of the mansion but she didn’t let her own enthusiasm get too far ahead. She was careful with AJ. She didn’t want to hurt her or even make her feel uncomfortable. Jennifer just wanted to make her feel good and she wasn’t too far gone that she had forgotten she needed to take it easy with her. After all, this fake dick was big and AJ’s pussy was small and so very sexy.

So Jennifer eased it in and AJ’s grunted and groaned in pleasure as the plastic cock began to fill her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss! Fuck me like a horny dyke! Mmmmm fuck me all nasty!” AJ urged, the penetration sending tingles through her whole body. “Ohhhh my God I can’t believe Katniss is fucking me! Oooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmmm harder ooooh fuck me!”

“Yeahhhhhh Katniss is going to fuck the last bit of straight girl out of this slutty dyke cunt!” Jennifer laughed, gaining confidence as she got more and more used to having a strap-on around her waist.

It was a strange feeling but she got such a thrill out of having the power. Jennifer definitely saw the upside in having a cock, especially when you could use it to fuck a hot girl. She loved hearing and seeing AJ react to her being inside her with moans and thrusts backwards to ease more plastic into her pussy and Jennifer began picking up the pace.

“Take it wrestler girl!” the actress demanded. “Take this fucking cock in your pretty little pink fuck hole! Oooooh yeahhhh you’re Katniss’ bitch now! You like it? Like getting your tight pussy fucked!”

“Yesssssssssssss!” AJ immediately agreed, the pleasure growing as Jennifer began getting into a steady thrusting rhythm.

It got hotter for her the harder Jennifer took her. AJ felt her pussy folds wrap around the invading plastic and getting used to its size which left her aching for the pleasure of being taken.

“Fuck me Katniss! Fuck me like a bitch!” AJ lewdly begged. “Bend me over and fuck me doggie style like a good whore should be! Oooooh fuckkkkkkk! Yesssss harder! Fuck me harder! I can take it! I wanna feel it deep in my little cunt! Ughhh fuck this dirty lezzie pussy harder! Make me all gay for fake dick in my pussy! Mmmmm gawwwd fuck meeeeeeeeee! Yesssssssss ughhh give it to me harder! I wanna feel it while I’ve got this big yummy butt in my face!”

Being teased like that got Kaitlyn going and she responded by grinding her muscular buns into her best friend’s face. She giggled as she playfully rubbed herself into the moaning, panting AJ. She didn’t mind having a big booty or her friend calling her out on it, especially when she was doing things like she’d been doing with her tongue.

“Oooooooh yesssssssss get back in there AJ! Eat that big booty of mine! Mmmm fuckkk jam your tongue back into my asshole! That’s so nasty and I love it sooooo much!” Kaitlyn groaned, peering over her shoulder to enjoy the erotic vision of her friend being fucked from behind by Jennifer Lawrence.

The Oscar winner looked so sexy with her big tits jiggling from the thrusts and Kaitlyn loved seeing the naked actress’ body glow with sweat from the way her body was smacking into AJ’s. It made her even hornier for what her friend was doing to her.

“Oooooh lick my butt you dirty girl! Mmmmm yesssssssssssss push that tongue right into that naughty hole and lick it!” Kaitlyn groaned. “Ughhhh fuckkkkk that feels so good! Oooooooh mmmm you dirty butt licker! I love it! Mmm we should have been spending all those nights on the road fucking each other just like this!”

AJ was having the same thoughts. This was so much more intense than she ever would have dreamed it could be. Nothing she had ever fantasized could equal this. She had never pictured herself actually ever doing anything with another woman much less being in an orgy with her best friend and all these famous actresses and singers. She couldn’t believe she was here. She definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore…or in her case New Jersey.

“Oooooh yeah Kaitlyn! We’re going to be doing this all the time now!” AJ babbled, moaning out while Jennifer shoved her strap-on in deeper. “Mmmm we’re going to fuck on every road trip and spend all night licking each other’s pussies and asses! Oooooh yesssss shove that big muscle butt in my face! Mmm I’ve been checking out your hot ass for soooooo long baby and now I’m tongue fucking it just like I’ve always wanted! You make me so dirty and I wanna be that way all the time! I wanna be a dirty fucking lez with you and lick and fuck this hot ass!”

Just the sound of that got Kaitlyn going. It made her pussy instantly juicy to just envision something so hot and she couldn’t help herself. As soon as she heard it she knew she needed to feel it.

“Yeah! Fucking do it! Fuck my ass AJ! Get one of those toys and fuck that big ass of mine! Make my muscle butt yours baby!” Kaitlyn cried without thinking. “Your tongue feels so fucking good but I know it’s going to feel even better if you slam a toy up my hot lesbo ass! Fuck me like you’re getting fucked AJ except I want you doing my ass! Take it and fuck it!”

AJ was being driven to total distraction by the strap-on being pushed into her from behind. So she wasn’t sure she had heard her friend right at first. Was Kaitlyn really asking her to do what she thought she was?

“What? Seriously?” AJ asked, not believing her ears.

That seemed so dirty. Her tongue had been probing Kaitlyn’s puckered little hole but this seemed so much naughtier and rougher and AJ couldn’t believe that her friend wanted her to do it to her.

“Oh yeahhhh mmmm I love it up the ass! You know I do! And I want you to fuck me there! Fuck me with a toy even harder than you’re fucking me with your tongue!” Kaitlyn pleaded as her horniness overwhelmed her, making her say all the things she’d been dying to say for so long that she now finally could without any fear of consequence. “Give it to me AJ! Grab a toy and fuck my big dyke ass! Make Jennifer see how much I like it!”

And, while she was giving it hard to AJ with the strap on, Jennifer took notice of what was going on and loved the idea as soon as she heard it. She was flying with pleasure and intoxication and the rush of power she was getting from nailing AJ doggie style and seeing that cute little butt of hers shake while their bodies slapped into each other was the perfect chaser to that. Jennifer was feeling kinkier than she’d ever felt before and she wanted everyone to be the same way.

“Do it! Fuck her!” Jennifer demanded, thrusting away as she did it, her words coming out as happy grunts from the way she was being stimulated from fucking AJ. “I want to see you little sluts fuck each other nasty! Gimmie some dirty dyke butt sex! I wanna see it! Fuck her sexy gay girl butt AJ! Fuck your friend up that fucking crazy muscular ass of hers! Ooooh I wish my butt was fit like yours Kaitlyn and I wanna see it get fucked! C’mon AJ! Fuck her and I’ll fuck you even better than I’m doing now!”

AJ was so turned on from the way Jennifer was fucking her. She was giving it to her harder and deeper with each thrust and it was making her pussy juice coat the plastic that was filling her. AJ loved being fucked hard and feeling a fake cock inside her and not a real one was such a taboo thrill for her.

And her arousal was getting even hotter thanks to what Jennifer was saying. It was one thing to be urged to get kinky with her best friend but it was something else entirely to have a famous and sexy movie star being the one to do it. AJ was happy to do anything Jennifer said as long as she kept on fucking her, so she got bold and gave Kaitlyn what she wanted.

And fortunately when they had come by offering up their toys, Ali and Haylie hadn’t just left the strap-on that Jennifer was wearing. They had also left something else and it was perfect to use on a hot ass like Kaitlyn’s.

So AJ reached for it and took it in her trembling hand. It was a black vibrator with a swirl design all over the shaft and it could also be used as a dildo too. Had AJ and Kaitlyn known it was called an “ass thumper” they probably would have had a giggle fit over the name, but no one was in the mood to laugh right then. They just wanted to moan and scream in ecstasy.

It was hard for AJ to focus when she was being fucked so well from behind. Each doggie style thrust brought the strap-on harder into her cunt and she loved it. That was why her hand shook a little when she picked up the toy but she managed to not completely get lost in her own pleasure.

After all she wanted her best friend to get fucked and if Kaitlyn wanted it up the ass then AJ was going to give it to her. Haylie had left them a little bottle of lube too and she remembered to squeeze some onto the black shaft of the toy and, once she did, she brought it up to the naughty hole she had just been licking.

“Are you sure about this?” AJ asked. She had never fucked anyone up the ass before and she didn’t want to be bad at it or do something Kaitlyn didn’t want.

“Yes!” Kaitlyn emphatically declared. “Give it to me April! Show me what a fucking slut you are! Show Jennifer and all these famous sluts how gay we are for each other! Do me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Now!”

Using her real name made it clear to AJ just how serious Kaitlyn was about this. And, as much as she was happily distracted by the thrusts that were forcing plastic into her needy little vagina, AJ was totally serious too. She wanted to fuck her friend hard and nasty and Kaitlyn’s ass was so beautiful.

She had been drawn to Kaitlyn’s muscular backside before but now that they were lovers and not just friends with fantasies, she was obsessed with that thick booty. So she didn’t shy away and she responded to Kaitlyn’s order with one of her own.

“If you want it then show me!” AJ demanded, her voice coming out ragged from being fucked. “Spread those cheeks! Let me see that dirty fuckhole you want me to stuff this plastic into!”

“Ohhhhh fuckkk mmmmm so nasty!” Kaitlyn groaned while not hesitating to do as she was told. She reached around and spread open her own ass cheeks, parting her muscular buns and showing off her hole as it glistened with the saliva of AJ’s wet rim job. “Do it AJ! Fuck my hot dyke butt! Give it to me hard and make me come again!”

AJ found herself transfixed by the lewd sight of her friend’s spread ass. She loved knowing that was her own spit on that nasty hole and she loved thinking about how dirty they’d gotten. And that only made her want to get dirtier, so she picked up the lubed up toy and didn’t press it in nicely. She just shoved it into Kaitlyn and got an ecstatic cry from the blonde.

“OHHHHHH! FUCKKKK! OHHHH MY GODDDD!” Kaitlyn screamed out when she was forcefully penetrated.

But she wasn’t mad. AJ had read her mood perfectly. Kaitlyn didn’t want it to be gentle. She had meant what she had said when she had told her friend to fuck her hard. AJ was giving it to her just like she wanted her to.

“Ooooooh you dirty fucking bitch! Ohhhhh AJ!” Kaitlyn groaned in submissive ecstasy. “Yessssssss baby! Ohhh fuck give it to that ass nice and hard! Make me fucking feel it! Oooooh goddamn baby! Mmmm you’re the best best friend ever! Fuck my ass just like that! Ughhh yeahhhhh don’t be nice about it! Just shove that fuck stick up my booty!”

“Oooooooh yeahhhhh take it nasty girl!” AJ squealed, ecstatic at being able to give it to her friend while she was taking it from Jennifer’s strap-on. “Take it right up that hole like the dirty butt slut you are! Mmmmm fuck Kaitlyn! You’ve got such a hot fucking ass! I’d stare at your big butt all the time and want to fuck it soooo bad! Mmmm I never thought I’d have the chance but now your ass is mine! Tell me how much you love it! Tell me you love being fucked like a nasty lesbo right up your great ass!”

“Ughhhh fucking perv!” Kaitlyn teased, grinning wildly as she felt ecstasy rush through her body. “You’re so nasty AJ! Oooooh checking out my butt when I’d be naked in the locker room and in those tight pants I’d always wear mmmm fuckkkkk you must have been getting sooooo wet when we were sharing a room on the road! I know I fucking was!”

Kaitlyn loved how this felt. It was so dirty and she felt like they were totally showing off by doing this in front of so many other women. This should have been something private but they were surrounded by other women and Kaitlyn was getting off from putting on this show, especially as that dildo invaded her ass, pushing into her and stretching and pleasuring her better than any real cock ever could.

AJ moaned and giggled over what Kaitlyn was saying. This was all so crazy but she never wanted this ride to end. Part of her believed this still had to be some kind of erotic dream and if it was she was going to make it last. She was getting so turned on fucking her best friend while a movie star fucked her with a strap on. She was acting so dirty, dirtier than she ever had in her life and it felt amazing.

“Nooooo! You’re the perv! You’re the dirty slut that brought me here!” AJ playfully shot back while giving Kaitlyn’s bare ass a hard smack as she continued to fuck it. “You’re the one that turned me lesbo even though I told you not to! Ooooh you’re the one loving it up her big dykey ass! You’re the slut! Not me!”

But this argument was emphatically settled by the only one of their threesome with an Oscar.

“You’re both sluts!” Jennifer declared, her voice a gasping moan from exerting herself by pounding AJ’s pussy from behind. “You’re both dirty little fucking dyke whores! Oooooh and so am I! Mmmm all you hot pieces of ass are turning me so fucking gay! Fuck! I’m never going to want real cock again because it’s so much hotter to have this fake one strapped on so I can give it to hot pussies like yours, AJ! Take it you dirty fucking wrasslin slut! Take this big cock up that wet dyke cunt! You’re both lesbo bitches now!”

Jennifer adored what was happening. She felt so alive and free and happy while thrusting into AJ Lee’s tight cunt from behind. A girl like AJ was made for doggie style fucking with her slim body and that amazing little ass.

Jennifer couldn’t stop herself from squeezing those firm buns and digging her nails into them, making AJ hiss with lust while Jennifer’s plastic cock disappeared into her gooey, pink fuck hole. It was even hotter to see AJ giving it to Kaitlyn while everyone else fucked around them and Jennifer was getting off on seeing the friends fuck.

“Fuck her AJ!” Jennifer groaned, her pussy getting so creamy under the strap-on. “Fuck her ass! You like that? Like buttfucking hot girls? Like taking sexy dyke asses and fucking them hard?”

“Yessssssssss!” AJ lustfully admitted, her own orgasm getting so close from the hard thrusts inside her and the way that toy was stimulating her clit. “I love it! Mmmm I love fucking her sexy ass like a naughty lesbo dyke slut! Ughhh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhh I can’t believe I’m saying this and doing this but it’s all so good! Fuck me Jennifer! Fuck my dirty pussy and make me gay for you like I’m already gay for Kaitlyn! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk stuff that big cock inside me while I fuck her ass! I love fucking ass!”

“Oh yeah? Gonna fuck my ass next?” Jennifer demanded, her eyes twinkling at the thought of this sexy wrestler buttfucking her. “I love getting my ass fucked! Mmmm I take it up my booty like a fucking whore and now I need some dirty dyke butt sex too! I want you to take this strap-on I’ve got on and pound my fat ass with it! I want my booty shaking from you fucking it hard and nasty!”

The idea of bending Jennifer Lawrence over…of fucking Katniss Everdeen up the ass…nearly made AJ cream on the spot. She was doing perverted things she never had before and dreaming up even nastier fantasies than she’d ever had. It was all so wonderfully overwhelming to her and she found herself wanting to go wild with this gorgeous movie star.

“Oh yesssss I’ll fuck that hot ass of yours! But only if you fuck mine too!” AJ grunted without even thinking, her brain overheating along with her libido.

“Ohhh fuck! Really? You want it up this cute little booty?” Jennifer moaned, happy to do it if AJ was really willing.

“Yesssssssssssss! Give it to me! Fuck me up the butt!” AJ cried in need. “Get that toy out of my pussy and shove it all wet and creamy right into my ass! Fuck me nasty right in my ass! Do it Jennifer and I’ll fuck your ass like I’m fucking Kaitlyn! Ughhh I’ll go so crazy on your yummy ass if you fuck mine and make me come!”

“Oooooh you’re such a girl after my own heart!” Jennifer laughed. “Mmmm you asked for it AJ but I’m not going to hold back! I’m going to own this pretty little wrestling butt!”

AJ didn’t want Jennifer to hold back. She wanted the movie star to do it hard and nasty and give her an ass fucking she would never forget. She wanted to be walking funny from the way Jennifer ass fucked her. She wanted to take every inch of that thick, fake cock up her horny hole. She was giving it to Kaitlyn hard with the dildo and she wanted Jennifer to give it to her too so they could both come from taking it up the ass.

But AJ couldn’t put all of that into words since all she could do was babble incoherently when Jennifer pulled the strap-on from her cunt and, using her own pussy cream as lube, pushed it into her ass.

AJ’s gym toned body could take a lot in the ring and she was able to more than withstand the aggressive push inside. In fact she welcomed it. She loved the feel of Jennifer’s hot hands spreading open her tight cheeks and the way that plastic entered her. The idea of being sodomized by Jennifer Lawrence made her brain flip in insane ecstasy and AJ backed her ass up to force more plastic cock inside her.

“Yeahhhhh do it! Do me right up my ass!” AJ groaned. “Fuckkkkk! Oooooooh yessssssssssssssss you’re so nasty Jennifer! Fuck my tight little fucking butthole with that big cock! Yeahhh make me feel all that plastic shoved into my butt! Ughhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk you’re going to make me come Jennifer! Oooooh fuckkkk you’re going to make me come soooo good from fucking my ass!”

AJ was sweating and tingling and she felt a rush of energy inside herself. She was no backdoor virgin but anal sex, even at its most taboo, had never felt like this before. It was so dirty and so fucking good to know it wasn’t just any woman fucking her like this but Jennifer Lawrence all famous and naked and sexy. She loved being bent over like this, giving up her naughtiest hole without any inhibition. She was being Jennifer’s bitch and AJ was in ecstasy from it.

She couldn’t stop moaning and crying out from the pleasure of being fucked like this. Surrendering to the dirty pleasure of being fucked in the ass was even more of a rush now that she’d gone lesbian and she tried to quiet her own sex sounds by planting her face against Kaitlyn’s muscular booty. She kissed all over her friend’s bare ass while she continued to fuck it, trying her best to concentrate on her friend even as she was being taken so naughtily by Jennifer.

And, as she planted those kisses all over Kaitlyn’s great ass, the ass she had admired and lusted after for so long, AJ knew there was something else she could do to silence herself. After all, Kaitlyn was dripping wet for her and that creamy slit was only inches away from her mouth.

AJ gave a few more wet kisses all over those sculpted cheeks, making Kaitlyn moan with each one, and then really got her friend to make some happy noise when she got her tongue back on her pussy, lapping at the creaminess.


AJ’s thrusts up her ass had slowed when her own hole had been penetrated, but the tongue on her pussy lips more than made up for that. Kaitlyn tossed her head back and moaned while thrusting herself into her best friend’s face, feeding her more of her pussy while the dildo went deeper into her ass.


“Yesssss come for me baby! Come for me again! Just like you did upstairs!” AJ pleaded, her words being spit out as the thrusts up her ass drove her wild. She was close to tears from the intensity of being fucked hard in her tightest hole, but they were all tears of pleasure. “Cream all over my face! I want everyone to see what a juicy fucking pussy you have and how much I love having your cum on me!”

Kaitlyn wanted that too. She wanted it badly. She wanted her and AJ to wear each other’s cum with pride, showing off to everyone that they were more than just friends now. Kaitlyn wanted to come hard and AJ’s tongue was just what she needed to go along with the hard plastic pushing deeply inside her ass.

It felt so good to be fucked like this. The dildo up her ass was extra hot because she knew it was AJ doing it to her. The significance of that intensified the pleasure and made Kaitlyn ache even more for her best friend. She had wanted her for so long and now that she had her she was never going to let go.

“Ooooooh yesssssssssssss don’t stop! Pleaaaase don’t stop baby! Fuck me! Lick me! Shove that plastic into me harder! Ohhhhh my God yesssssssss!” Kaitlyn cried out and when AJ’s tongue resumed lapping at her from behind, cleaning the cream right off her slit and then working her bulging clitoris she was overtaken once more by screams. “OHHHHHHHH! YESSSS! FUCK ME AJ! YESSSSSSSS YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME! OHHHH FUCKKK MAKE ME COME! MAKE ME COME SO FUCKING GOOD I’LL EXPLODE ALL OVER THAT PRETTY FACE! OOOOH YESSSSSSSS UGHHH FUCKKKK YOU’RE SO GOOD AJ! WE’RE GOING TO BE DOING THIS ALL THE TIME NOW!”

Damn right we are, AJ thought to herself as she tasted the sweet sex cream all over Kaitlyn and tongued her clit while thrusting the toy into her friend. Her wrist was getting sore from working the dildo up Kaitlyn’s ass but AJ didn’t care if it hurt. This was the kind of workout her body could get used to and she couldn’t wait to see if Kaitlyn was as good as fucking her ass as Jennifer was.

As good as it felt to have Jennifer fucking her with that strap-on, AJ was sure her best friend would be better. AJ was so horny for Kaitlyn, even more than she had been upstairs. They were really starting to know each other’s bodies now and were able to give what they liked and what they needed to get off.

AJ wanted to make her friend come so hard. She shoved her face into the muscles of Kaitlyn’s thick ass and worked her tongue and lips over her clit with the sole purpose of bringing her to orgasm. AJ’s only regret was that she couldn’t see Kaitlyn’s huge boobs bouncing as she fucked her but she was sure she was going to get that view a lot from now on.

While she lapped at Kaitlyn’s clit, AJ’s head was already picturing how hot it would be to wear a strap-on and have the blonde ride it. She’d be able to see those amazing titties bouncing right in her face. Ooooh she wanted that so much. She just wanted to fuck her friend over and over and over again and she wanted to swallow her cum each time.

AJ ignored her own needs to focus on Kaitlyn, licking and fucking her and it didn’t take much longer for her to get what she wanted.

“AHHHH! FUCKK OHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Kaitlyn howled, grinding herself into AJ’s face as she began to come.

The girl’s tongue on her clit while that plastic was shoved in deep, filling her and stretching her asshole, was so intense that Kaitlyn had to clamp her eyes shut and deprive herself of the sight of Stacy tongue fucking Beyonce’s ass to orgasm.

Kaitlyn had loved seeing Stacy eat that beautiful icon’s asshole like a famished slut but she couldn’t keep her eyes open. It was too much for her to experience this amazing pleasure. She let it rush through her and she could feel saliva drooling out of her mouth while she screamed out her orgasm, but she didn’t care. She was being fucked silly by her best friend and she didn’t want to hide it. She wanted everyone to see it and she wanted them to all know how much she loved it.

And while AJ took care of Kaitlyn, Jennifer took care of AJ. She was still getting used to what it was like to use a strap-on but she had to admit that she was good at it. After all AJ sure seemed to be loving what she was doing and that was all the sign Jennifer needed to have her confidence soar. She’d been giving it to the girl’s pussy really hard but had slowed it down once she had switched to AJ’s ass.

But the more she heard AJ moan and squeal from it, the faster and deeper she had begun to thrust and now Jennifer had a hard rhythm going in fucking the wrestler’s ass.

“Oooooh yeahhh make your friend come! Suck that creamy cum right out of her so she can make your face all messy and she can kiss and lick you clean!” Jennifer urged. “Now you get to cum too AJ! You get to come from me shoving this cock up your ass!”

AJ’s mouth was busy sucking up the last of Kaitlyn’s cream as it flowed into her so she couldn’t say anything back but she did moan out happily and shove her ass back, forcing more of the cock shaped plastic into her. She was submitting completely both to Jennifer and the pleasure of this wild sex.

AJ loved feeling that cock go deeper into her with every thrust. She wanted to feel all of it in her butt, even though she was sure she couldn’t take a cock so big. It would have fucked her hole up but she wanted it. She was too far gone to think rationally anymore and she craved the sensation of Jennifer burying all of that plastic dong into her ass even though she knew it would hurt and mess her up big time.

Fortunately, even though her mind was out of control and her inhibitions completely gone, she didn’t need to go to extreme boundaries to be able to achieve orgasm. She didn’t need to feel every inch of that fake dick inside her. What she was feeling then was more than what she needed to get off and the taste of Kaitlyn’s cum and the feel of Jennifer aggressively fucking her ass was the combination of pleasures that set AJ off.

“Take it! Fucking take this big cock up your ass!” Jennifer grunted while thrusting, relishing the power that came from having a cock of her own, albeit a fake one.

Jennifer loved getting fucked but now she could truly see the pleasure of fucking someone. And it wasn’t just the nub on her end of the toy rubbing into her clit. It was also about being in control and taking a beautiful woman and making them your slut. She wanted to do that to her new friends AJ and Kaitlyn and then she wanted to do it to Sarah. Hell she wanted to do it to everyone there.

“Fucking dirty little dyke! Show me how much you love this nasty lesbo butt sex by coming from my cock shoved up this pretty little booty!” Jennifer commanded, her body glistening with sweat and the feel of her own full tits bouncing making her get off even harder from her own lewd actions. “Come for me you horny bitch! Come from getting butt fucked! Come like a fucking dyke whore!”

AJ loved hearing all those nasty words. God, that’s exactly what she was now, wasn’t she? She’d come in here totally straight…well maybe not TOTALLY straight…and now she was a lesbian. She was a dyke. She was a gay girl. She was a fucking slut and a whore.

She wanted pussy and she wanted to be fucked and she loved having this gorgeous movie star rub her face in it. She was dirty and nasty now. She was swallowing her friend’s cum and taking it up the ass from a strap-on. She really was a horny bitch now and it felt so good.

Taking her hand off the toy she’d been using on Kaitlyn and leaving it shoved into her friend’s ass, AJ reached down and began feverishly rubbing herself. She didn’t even think about it. It just happened. Before she knew it, her hand was in her honeypot and she was touching herself.

AJ groaned when she felt how juicy her pussy was. She was so fucking wet! AJ couldn’t believe how wet she was getting and how good this felt. She was such a slut for it and she wanted more. She shoved her ass back against Jennifer’s invading cock while rubbing her labia and stimulating her clit while crying out her ecstasy.


AJ had her hand glued to her twat while she was assfucked and, unlike Kaitlyn, she kept her eyes open. That was how she was able to watch in lusty fascination as her blonde friend pulled out the dildo from her own ass and started sucking on it.

AJ gasped when she saw the dirty act. She’d never expected to see Kaitlyn do something so perverted but they were all so out of control and the more she watched it the more she loved seeing Kaitlyn wantonly sucking her own ass off the dildo, the ass that she had just fucked.

Kaitlyn looked so sexy as she sat down on the floor, her body naked and sweaty and her tits looking so big and gorgeous. She was going to town on the toy that had just been shoved up her ass and AJ thought Kaitlyn looked amazing sucking it into her mouth and cleaning the taste of her ass off it.

“Ooooooooh you’re so nasty Kaitlyn! Ughhhh you fucking lesbo! Yeahhhh suck your butt off it!” AJ cheered, her own body tensing up as it reached the precipice of release. “Clean off your ass after I fucked it! Ooooh you’re sooooo hot! UGHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKKKKK OHHHHHHHH I’M COMING KAITLYN! WATCH ME COME!”

Kaitlyn was definitely watching even as she enjoyed her sexy treat. She hadn’t planned on doing it. She had just wanted to get the dildo out of her ass so she could sit down. But as soon as she did she was struck by the wild impulse to taste her ass.

She’d never done it before but AJ had fucked her so good and it had just felt right. So she’d brought it to her mouth and as soon as she tasted her freshly fucked ass, Kaitlyn had known she had made the right decision. It was such a hot rush to taste herself all over this dildo and Kaitlyn eagerly sucked her own ass flavor off it while keeping her eyes locked on AJ.

AJ looked so fucking sexy. Her lithe, athletic body was bent over on her knees with her face an inch from the floor and her hand wildly working between her legs while Jennifer nailed her ass. It was so hot to see famous Jennifer Lawrence naked except for that strap-on, those big titties shaking with each thrust and her face totally showing the lust she felt from doing this but Kaitlyn stared mostly at her friend, relishing the view of AJ getting her ass fucked and loving every cry as the girl came.


Kaitlyn watched her friend come while her own body was still tingling from the orgasm she had just experienced. She could feel herself getting freshly wet from the view of naked AJ screaming in orgasm from Jennifer Lawrence fucking her and Katlyn felt another dirty impulse.

She pulled the dildo out of her mouth and shoved it into AJ’s as the brunette was screaming. She took advantage of her friend’s open mouth to pull this surprise and AJ was so into her orgasm that she didn’t resist. She just started sucking on the toy.

There wasn’t much left on the plastic now buy Kaitlyn’s saliva but AJ sucked it like it was sweet honey. She’d been shocked when Kaitlyn had pushed it into her mouth but she’d been too far gone to resist and, as the pleasure from her orgasm had continued to assault her body and brain, she’d just started sucking away on it.

That was when AJ had discovered how she liked it and the thrill of doing something taboo like this made her orgasm feel even better.

“Mmmm yeahhhh now you’re nasty like me!” Kaitlyn told her best friend while running her hand through AJ’s dark hair. “Suck it baby! Suck my hot ass off it while you’re getting your own fucked! Suck it while you scream out! Mmmm you’re so fucking hot like this baby!”

And Jennifer certainly agreed. She thought both of these wrestler girls were unbelievably hot and she loved seeing their dirty ass to mouth fun. This was too good for her to pass up and she didn’t hesitate to make her move after she eased the strap-on out of AJ.

Jennifer pulled the toy out of her new female lover as soon as she was sure the last real tremor of her orgasm had been felt and she grinned carnally as she presented it to the naked, flushed WWE Divas.

“You like going straight from the ass to your horny fucking mouths huh? Well clean off this dick now you dirty bitches!” Jennifer commanded, smacking AJ with the plastic shaft and then giving the same slap to Kaitlyn’s pretty face. “Suck it clean! Taste AJ’s dyke ass all over it!”

They didn’t have to be told twice. AJ and Kaitlyn were all over it without inhibition or any kind of hesitation. This was new to both of them but they wanted it and they kneeled in front of Jennifer like eager submissive sluts, tasting AJ’s ass all over the strap-on.

It was such a wild thrill for AJ to taste her own ass while she could feel how Jennifer had made her butthole gape from fucking it so hard. And to do this with Kaitlyn right by her made it extra kinky.

AJ and Kaitlyn shared the strap-on like they were giving a dual blowjob. They dragged their tongues over each side of the plastic shaft and when they met at the head they couldn’t help but flick their tongues together and fall into a passionate kiss. They kissed each other wildly, sharing the taste of ass but Jennifer made sure to remind them that they were going to be focusing on her now.

“Mmmmm don’t get all kissy kissy on me,” Jennifer teased making the wrestlers look up at her as she pinched her own nipples, tugging them and making herself moan. “I mean it’s really hot to see you two sluts kiss but I want you cleaning my cock off now and then you’re going to show me what a good team you are by eating my pussy together! Mmm I wanna feel those horny tongues in my fuck box and I wanna cum all over your dyke faces!”

That sounded plenty good to AJ and Kaitlyn as their asses gaped and their pussies tingled. They wanted Jennifer’s cum all over their faces. But they were just two of many women at the party famished for the taste of girl cream.


“Oooooh you’re gonna come for me, aren’t you?” Taylor Swift cooed in between licks of the wet pussy in her face. “I want it! I want to feel that hot, creamy cum all over my naughty face! Mmmm I want all of you to cum on my face! I want to be so sticky and messy and dirty and have it all over me so everyone knows how much I love fucking girls and how I love creamy pussy cum all over me! Mmmmm come for me! Please! Make it all soooo juicy on my face!”

“Ooooooooooh yesssss Taylor mmmmm gawwd make me come again!” Emmy Rossum moaned, tossing her head back and letting the happy sounds of sensual pleasure escape her lips from the feel of the singer’s tongue lapping at her pussy. “Ohhhh fuckkk ooooooooooh yesssssssss lick it! Mmmm I wish I’d tried this so much sooner! Ohhhh my God!”

Emmy would have said more but she didn’t have the chance, not with a wet pussy being lowered to her face at the same time Taylor was eating hers. Before tonight Emmy might have been freaked out by that, while secretly being totally turned in by it, but not now.

Now Emmy knew just what to do and her hands reached up to squeeze her friend’s ass while that wet pussy mashed against her waiting lips.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh you’re getting so fucking good at this!” Olivia Munn groaned while rubbing her pussy into Emmy’s face and feeling the girl’s tongue eagerly go after it. “Get back to licking that pussy you hungry slut! Mmmm taste all that yummy cum that’s dripping out of it!”

It was easy for Emmy to follow that order because she loved the taste of Olivia’s pussy. It was so sweet and juicy and it was such a dirty thrill to think about how she was licking pussy now. She’d only fantasized about it before and now she was actually doing it. She was so glad she was too.

The yummy reality of it was so far beyond the expectations of her hidden fantasies. Emmy loved tasting Olivia and she wanted to try all these other girls too, especially if she was being licked at the same time. It was the ultimate thrill to eat pussy while her own was being tongue fucked by Taylor Swift, of all girls.

Emmy couldn’t believe she was being so bad. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying this as much as she was. She couldn’t stop herself. All she wanted was to taste more girls and have more of them lick her and fuck her and make her come over and over again until she never thought about men again.

Everyone there was so hot. Their bodies were so beautiful and Emmy loved seeing them naked. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She might have heard the rumors about this place but she had never thought she would actually be a part of it.

But now she was totally a part of all the kinky action and she couldn’t get enough. She had Olivia’s pussy right in her face and, while she kept a tight hold on her friend’s firm ass, Emmy worked her tongue into her and felt her confidence grow with each lick.

Emmy knew she was good at oral sex, but that had been for men and Emmy was reasonably sure that a man could get off to just about anything. Making women come was a challenge and she wanted to be good at it too.

She might have been good at sucking cock but eating pussy was going to be so much more difficult and she focused with everything she had on Olivia even as Taylor continued to distract her so wonderfully with her tongue lapping at her pussy like a kitten at a saucer of milk. Taylor loved what she was doing and it was driving Emmy wild as she moaned and cooed right into Olivia’s wet cunt.

“Yessssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk mmmmmm eat me out while she’s eating you!” Olivia urged, fucking Emmy’s face and enjoying the way her friend’s tongue was eagerly lashing her sensitive folds. “You’re getting so good Emmy! Mmmm but you’re going to be getting a lot more practice on me now! Don’t you even dare think I didn’t mean what I said before! I fucking own you baby! That dirty little cunt of yours is mine! That sweet bubble butt of yours is mine! And now your face is mine too! That pretty angel face of yours belongs to me now because I’m going to come all over it and soak that soft skin of yours in hot, nasty girl cum! You’re totally fucking mine Emmy!”

Emmy moaned in satisfaction at the sound of that. She might have been out of her mind with lust and intoxication but that still sounded so amazing. She was happy to be Olivia’s. Her friend was so hot and she loved fucking her.

The way Olivia had tongued her pussy and her asshole had made her come multiple times and now Emmy was looking to return the favor. She was eating pussy for the first time and loving it and she was eager to be Olivia’s little fuck doll or whatever her friend wanted. This was too fucking good to not want to do over and over again, especially when Olivia kept making it all sound so dirty and fun.

“Yeahhhh keep eating her cunt Taylor! Lick my fucking spit right out of her pink hole!” Olivia cooed, bouncing herself up and down on Emmy’s face and squeezing her own tits while she did it. “Mmmm fuckkkkkk! Ohhhh you look so hot now Taylor! Bury that pretty good girl face in Emmy’s pussy! Show everyone what a hot pussy licker you are! Eat her and make her come just like I did! Mmmm I’ve been wanting to come here for so fucking long but I never dreamed I’d see girls like you here! Ooooooh fuckkkk none of us can resist it, can we? Once you know how fucking good it is, it’s all you want!”

Taylor knew full well just how right Olivia was. She was living proof of that. She had gotten that first taste in Las Vegas and it had been all she could think about. She’d tried denying it and repressing herself but she hadn’t been able to do it.

The lust had been too strong and now that she had fully let herself go, Taylor could finally feel it. She felt so happy and so slutty and she knew that acting slutty was what was making her happy. She couldn’t be the good girl anymore. Taylor needed to be bad. She needed to be nasty.

And she was certainly being nasty right then. She was completely naked on the floor, the carpeting rubbing right into her knees and elbows while she buried her face into Emmy’s pussy. Taylor stared up at the sexy Shameless star to see Emmy’s sexy, firm boobs jiggling while she fucked herself against her face and had Olivia riding her tongue at the same time. Taylor thought it was so hot to see Olivia naked and fucking Emmy’s beautiful face.

Olivia was riding Emmy reverse cowgirl style and that gave Taylor an eyeful. While her own tongue was working over Emmy, Taylor could see Emmy’s tongue sliding over and into Olivia’s dripping wet pussy and it was so sexy to see her grind into Emmy’s face with that pink pussy and tickle her with her neat little dark bush. Taylor had never truly realized how sexy Olivia Munn was until then but now she was totally into her hot body.

But that wasn’t the only thing that was driving Taylor wild, not when she was also feeling herself be pushed once again beyond her limits. She had hands all over her, not just from one girl, but two. And it felt so amazing especially because she knew what they were about to do to her.

“Mmmmm that’s it! Spread her open! Get her ready for me!” Emma Stone moaned while slathering lube all over the strap-on she now had around her waist.

“This is soooo nasty,” Dianna Agron said, a naughty giggle in her voice. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

But even though she was still having trouble wrapping her brain around all that had happened and all that looked like it was about to happen, Dianna didn’t hesitate. She did as Emma instructed, not just because she was told to, but because she wanted to. This was nothing she had ever pictured being a part of and it was making her so wet.

While Taylor continued to eat Emmy out, Dianna reached up and spread open the singing superstar’s ass cheeks. She could feel Taylor tense up a little when she did it and Dianna knew her friend was nervous, so she set about trying to ease those nerves by doing something else she never thought she would ever do.

As soon as Taylor’s tight buns were spread open enough to expose her little hole, Dianna leaned down and touched it with her tongue, lightly licking it at first and then slowly beginning to spread her own saliva around the tight ring.

“Ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooh mmmmmmmm!” Taylor moaned into Emmy’s pussy when she felt Dianna start to rim her. “Oooooh you dirty girlllll! Ughhh gawwwwwd that feels soooo goooooood!”

Dianna’s whole body was tingling as she licked Taylor’s asshole. She was being so naughty and she loved it. She had never dreamed she’d ever do something this kinky with her friend but it felt so natural now. Her pussy was dripping as she did it too.

She loved the way Taylor’s tiny puckered hole reflexively tried to fight her tongue, as though it was afraid of it, and how the more she did it the more the girl relaxed and let her in. It was like Taylor knew how good it felt but her body was afraid to fully accept that.

Dianna kept her hands fastened to Taylor’s cheeks, spreading them open for her tongue. She had watched Emma lick and finger Taylor’s asshole before and it had reminded her of those naughty times when she and Lea had used to tongue each other there, naughtily exploring their bodies and doing the kind of things they had thought they would always keep secret. But Dianna’s desires weren’t secret any longer and she was really getting into rimming Taylor’s asshole.

“Mmmm baby you have such a yummy little ass,” Dianna declared when she wasn’t attacking with her tongue, sliding all over Taylor’s already stimulated hole and making it extra wet for what she knew was about to happen. “I fucking love licking it! You’re the dirty girl Taylor! Mmmm I had no idea you were into anal! Oooooh you’re going to love getting your ass fucked! And I want an up close view of it!”

“Ughhhh ooooooh fuck! Ohhhh fuckkkk gawwwd how can this feel so fucking good?” Taylor profanely moaned. “Oooooh I…I…I don’t know if I should…”

Taylor knew she was supposed to fight this, but how could she? It felt amazing. Every time she had felt her asshole be licked or fingered it had been incredible. But now she was going even further and it filled her with fresh butterflies.

“Relax you wuss,” Emma laughed, giving Taylor’s bare ass a playful smack while taking care not to whack Dianna in the face at the same time. “Mmmm I’m going to be gentle with you. And besides if I can take one of these things up my little booty then you can!”

“Oooooh but my butt is even smaller than yours,” Taylor replied, partly moaning, partly giggling and partly whining.

Taylor’s voice had never sounded sexier to either Emma or Dianna and they continued their naughty fun. Emma knew that her friend needed just a little bit more relaxation and she knew just how she and Dianna could provide it.

Suddenly Taylor had two tongues on her asshole. Dianna spread her open even more and left room for her and Emma to bathe her little hole together. They attacked her asshole with both of their tongues and Taylor squealed with delight into Emmy’s crotch over the depraved pleasure this brought her.

Their tongues were so wet and they were both all over her tight hole, making her forget about every reservation that she might have ever had about this. It was making every part of her feel good to be licked like this and Taylor didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

“Ohhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Taylor kept moaning as she tried to focus on Emmy’s wet, yummy pussy in her face and not what a total butt slut she was turning into.

She had never even been touched there before today but now she’d been licked and fingered and it was time for her to give it all up at last. Taylor couldn’t believe she was about to let this happen. She had always told herself that anal sex was too dirty for her and only bad girls did things like this.

But she wanted it now. She was nervous for sure about it, but she definitely wanted it. She knew she’d chicken out, though, if Emma hesitated so she urged her redhead friend not to wait a second longer.

“Ooooooh Emmmmmaaaaaa! Fuckkkk! Just do it!” Taylor groaned, her lips glistening with Emmy’s cream. “Ughhh gawwwd I know you want it and I want it too! Mmmm you’re both making it so good by licking my naughty little asshole but I want more! Give it to me Emma! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmm see! No more whining! Just fucking!” Emma laughed before she and Dianna passionately kissed and shared the taste of Taylor’s ass. “I’m going to fuck you so good baby! I’m going to make you love it and always want it up the ass! You’re going to be such a hot slut taking my big, fake cock up your little ass and loving it! It’s going to feel so good!”

Emma wasn’t just saying this to coax the last little bit of resistance out of Taylor. Her own recent assfucking from Scarlett was still fresh in her mind. She couldn’t stop thinking about how good that had felt and how much she’d loved being fucked up the ass. She truly wanted Taylor to feel that good and if that meant taking her friend’s anal cherry in the process, then that was just a bonus on top.

“Yessss make it feel good! Please make it feel good Emma!” Taylor sweetly pleaded, turning her head just long enough to show Emma how much she wanted it not to hurt, which Emma certainly would have noticed if she hadn’t been totally distracted by how sexy it was to see Taylor’s face coated in Emmy’s juices.

But fortunately Emma didn’t need to see it. She was already going to make damn sure not to hurt her friend. She was definitely not herself after drinking the punch, but she still wanted Taylor to get off on this. She wanted to make this super-hot and sexy for her friend and she wanted both of them to come from it.

“Oh I will!” Emma promised. “Now get out of my way Dianna! Keep those cheeks spread though because this cock is going in and it’s taking your cherry Taylor!”

Dianna hated having to stop rimming her friend but she definitely didn’t want to interfere with Emma here. So she pulled her face away and repositioned herself so that she wasn’t blocking the redhead while she made her move.

Dianna kept her hands on Taylor’s butt cheeks, spreading them open and exposing her licked and fingered hole and, as Emma moved in for her, Dianna gave one last little bit of help by drooling a long strand of saliva right onto Taylor’s asshole and watching it drip down her crack right to her pussy.

“Ooooooh!” Taylor moaned at the feel of that warm spit.

But a few seconds later Taylor felt something a lot more intense as Emma’s lubed up strap-on first touched her waiting hole. The hard head of the plastic penis pressed against her anus and Taylor tensed up in anticipation.

Taylor couldn’t believe she was letting another woman pop her cherry back there. She had never expected to let anyone ever do that ever. Her ass had always been off limits…until tonight. Already Emma had done such dirty things to her and now she was going to do more.

Taylor had thought Hayden licking her asshole earlier had been shattering a taboo but it was nothing compared to what she was letting happen now. But she didn’t want to stop. Her whole body was charged up like never before. Taylor felt like she needed to do this. It all felt so good. She needed to feel more.

Having Emma’s finger in her ass had been sort of like half losing her anal virginity, Taylor reasoned, so why not take it all the way? She never would have considered it before tonight but now she felt like she had to do it. Emma was making her want it so much. Taylor could feel her body getting sweaty with excitement as her pulse raced from the sensation of Emma Stone doing what no guy had ever had the chance to do.

“Relax baby mmmm relax and let me fuck you!” Emma purred, easing the plastic head into her friend, penetrating Taylor Swift’s asshole. “Take it like a big girl, Taylor! Take this cock up your cute little ass and show me what a fucking slut you really are!”

And while those words would have been regarded as an insult by Taylor before today, now she relished them as the highest compliment. She not only moaned when she heard them, she encouraged Emma. It felt so good to hear her called that at the same time she felt that hard, cock-shaped toy pushing into her, slowly going inside her and taking away whatever had remained of her anal virginity.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m a slut! Ooooooh I’m a big, dirty slut who loves getting fucked by you!” Taylor cried, her hot breath tickling Emmy’s pussy as the singer found herself unable to focus on it anymore, not with the sensations of her first true anal penetration going through her naked body. “Ooooooh fuck me like a whore Emma! Just like you said you would! Gawwwd you made me soooo wet before when you were fingering my little asshole and telling me you wanted to fuck me with a strap-on! I never thought you would really do it! Oooooh but I’m so glad you are! Ughhh it feels so good! Fuck me Emma! Fuck my ass! Make me take it up my naughty ass like bad girls do! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Taylor’s words were coming out as intense little squeals of pleasure from the sensations she was experiencing. She had never felt anything like this before. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to do something so naughty. She wanted it more with each push that Emma took and when her friend began to really thrust into her, it made her cry out with ecstasy.


Taylor had been afraid that it would hurt and it did, at least a little bit. Her body was definitely not used to experiencing anything like this. But she kind of liked how it hurt. She liked feeling the forbidden sensation of something pushed into her hole.

The cock-shaped toy felt so big inside her. Taylor’s first time with a strap-on definitely wasn’t like having a real penis inside her. This was harder and thicker than any man she had ever been with and it was inside her butt to boot, which was so much tighter than her pussy. Even though the toy wasn’t huge, it seemed huge as it pushed deeper into her ass.

But Taylor didn’t want to stop. Not for anything. She was being so bad and it felt amazing.

Taylor found herself wanting it to hurt. She wanted to feel that plastic stretch her open and make her feel stuffed. She wanted to take it up the ass hard and nasty. She wanted Emma to fuck her not like a friend but like a whore. She would have said it too, but before she could, Dianna got nasty with her and pushed Taylor’s face back into Emmy so her mouth was against the brunette’s needy crotch.

“Don’t stop licking her!” Dianna commanded, feeling a new sense of dominance overtake her, kind of like how much she’d liked it when she’d made Lea squeal and whimper in bed except much more powerful since she was doing it to such a good girl like Taylor. “Eat her pussy! Oooooh Emmy! I didn’t want to believe you when you told me what this place was like but I’m so glad you were right! I want Taylor to make you come and then I want to lick the naughty juice right off her and then I’ll eat you out too so I can remember how good it feels to lick pussy!”

“OHHHHHHH!” Emmy cried out happily when Taylor obediently resumed licking, shoving her tongue into her and working over all those wonderful places a girl loved to have touched. “YESSSSSSSSSS! Mmmmmm make her lick me Dianna! Make this fucking good girl eat my pussy! Ooooooh my Goddddddd I never thought it was really like this but fuckkk I’m so glad it is too! Oooooooh yessssssssssss mmmmmm eat my pussy Taylor! Then you do it too Dianna! Everyone eat my wet pussy and make me come over and over again!”

That sounded like an amazing idea to Dianna and she badly wanted to taste Emmy, not just off Taylor’s kissable lips, but right from the source of her hot honeypot. She hadn’t licked a girl in so long and Dianna’s own cunt was dripping with juice over the chance to taste Emmy and Taylor and Emma and Olivia and anyone else there just like she’d used to taste Lea.

It felt like every inhibition she’d had was gone and it felt so good. The dirtier she acted, the hotter it was and Dianna could feel the adrenaline in her veins. Taylor had made her come so good before but her pussy was still wetter than it ever had been. Dianna needed more and she wanted to lick all these girls as well as have them lick her.

It felt so good to impose herself sexually on Taylor and push down on her pretty head. Dianna relished having the power and when Taylor got the message and began working her tongue over Emmy’s gash again, Dianna got her hand back to Taylor’s backside. It was so hot to spread her friend’s ass open like this, parting the girl’s firm, little cheeks open so Emma could get inside more easily.

It was like Taylor was at her mercy and it was making Dianna so hot and wet to have her famous friend like that. She had hung out with Taylor so many times and there had never been any kind of a hint of this side before with her.

It stunned Dianna to see Taylor naked and wild and she loved being naked with her. They had been such good friends before and now Dianna felt they were going to be even closer.

“Oooooh your ass looks sooooo hot taking that big dick inside it!” Dianna moaned, enjoying the view of her friend’s slim body being sodomized while Emma thrust into her, the redhead’s firm tits jiggling erotically. “Take it Taylor! Take it like a bad girl!”

Taylor moaned out her reply while continuing to eat Emmy’s pussy. It wasn’t clear what she had said but it was clear how much she was enjoying what was happening to her.

Taylor thrust her ass back against Emma, letting her push deeper into her and her asshole was totally relaxed now. Juices were dripping from Taylor’s pussy while she was assfucked for the first time and, as fixated as she was on her friend’s ass, Emma couldn’t help but notice it.

“Mmmmmmm that’s it you horny little thing, drip for me!” Emma moaned. She was getting off so much on being able to do this to Taylor. She was helping her friend become a true slut and she felt such a wickedly sexy charge to do it. “Show me how much you love it Taylor! Mmmm I love seeing that fucking pussy drip for me when I fuck your hot ass! Oooooh you have such a tight fucking ass, baby! Mmmm you really were a virgin back here, weren’t you? Well you’re not anymore! I fucking took your cherry Taylor! Your ass is mine now!”

Taylor whimpered her assent to this while continuing to tongue Emmy’s pussy. The brunette was writhing on the floor, humping herself against Taylor’s face and squealing in pleasure while Olivia fucked her tongue. It was all such a hot scene for Emma to stare at while she fucked Taylor and it enhanced every depraved pleasure she got from thrusting into her friend’s tight, but no longer virginal hole.

Emma loved everything that was happening to her here. She hadn’t thought about her poor boyfriend in hours as she cheated on him over and over again with beautiful women but that didn’t matter. Only hot lesbian fucking mattered. She had never felt this alive before.

The naughtier and dirtier she got, the more fun she was having and nothing she had ever done had ever been as fun as fucking Taylor Swift up the ass. Emma was picking up speed and force with every thrust, pushing her strap-on up her friend’s backside and feeling their sexy bodies smack together, their skin wet with sweat. Taylor’s ass was so snug and it gripped her fake cock with every push inside and that only increased Emma’s pleasure.

“You’re such a hot fuck Taylor!” Emma grunted, feeling her own pussy drip underneath the toy’s harness and loving how it felt to have her firm tits bouncing every time she thrust into Taylor. “Your ass is so fucking sexy! Mmmmm so hot and tight and mmmm I can’t wait to loosen you up more baby! I’m going to fuck this hot little butt anytime I can now! Fuck yessss! Shove your ass back against me and take it deeper! I love seeing your pretty little cunt dripping every time I shove it into you! Ooooh your ass is taking my fake cock so good like a little slut! You’re taking it more than you’d ever take a real cock! You’re such a good bitch! Take this big cock up your ass! Oooooh fuck I want you to come again for me baby! This time you come from me fucking your ass and making it mine!”

“Yeahhhhhhh!” Taylor groaned in the middle of licking. “Make me come! Make me come from being fucked up my butt! Oooooh this is how bad girls fuck! Ughhh and it feels soooo good! Ooooooh yessssssssssss fuck me Emma! I’d never let a guy do this to me but I want you! Fuck me! Fuck me mean and hard! Don’t be nice to me! Fuck me like a dirty slut!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkk yes! You are a dirty slut! You’re a dirty, fucking lesbian slut Taylor!” Emma spat out while picking up the pace and slamming in deeper into Taylor’s ass, making the musical superstar cry both in the sounds coming out her pussy muzzled mouth and in the tears literally coming out of her eyes.

But they were tears of total ecstasy and Taylor was getting off on the depravity. As Emma pushed deeper up her ass, Taylor pushed herself back to meet those thrusts, coaxing a little more plastic into her butt with every thrust.

Emma responded to those noises and the tears she could see in her friend’s beautiful eyes by moving her hips faster and slapping Taylor’s bare ass. She didn’t hold back in her smacks either. She spanked Taylor’s ass with full force, making more ecstatic tears form until they were rolling down her face. The hard smacks were threatening to make Taylor’s fair skinned ass as red as the color of Emma’s hair and they both loved it.


“Yeahhhhh yeahhhh fuck yeahhhhhhh!” Emma enthusiastically agreed, her pussy so close to creaming from the strap-on’s nub rubbing into her clit. “You’re a whore Taylor! They all think you’re some fucking good girl prude but you’re really a nasty fuck slut! Take it up your ass you fuck slut! I’m going to butt fuck you until you come and then shove this dirty cock right into your mouth and make you suck it clean!”

That demand turned Taylor on and she moaned out her approval right into Emmy’s pussy. The closer she got to orgasm the harder she licked the girl and Taylor was wildly lapping at Emmy’s cunt as she pictured being so dirty that she would suck a cock right after it had fucked her ass. But she wasn’t the only one who got a carnal charge out of it.

“Ohhhh fuck that sounds so fucking hot!” Dianna groaned. “I want a taste too! Pull that cock out of her Emma and shove it right into my mouth! I want to taste Taylor’s ass!”

Dianna would never have admitted it before tonight but she loved going ass to mouth. The nasty, depraved act turned her on tremendously. She remembered the first time a boyfriend had fucked her ass. She had needed to be coaxed into it but it had felt so good when she had finally let it happen. In fact it had felt so good that Dianna had been afraid to admit how much it had turned her on.

Guys were supposed to want to do something kinky like assfucking. But girls weren’t supposed to like it. They were just supposed to tolerate it and maybe let their boyfriends do it to them once a year on their birthday or something. But Dianna hadn’t just liked it. She had loved being fucked up the ass.

It had felt so good and made her feel so taken and filled and controlled. Dianna had loved letting go of all her fears and inhibitions and letting him take her and fuck her and stuff her with his cock where it wasn’t supposed to go.

She had tried to act like she wasn’t enjoying it. She’d been afraid he’d think she was some kind of a whore even though it had totally been his idea. But she hadn’t been able to hide how hard she’d come from it. It had felt so amazing and he hadn’t even had to suggest her taking his cock into her mouth. She’d just gone for it.

As soon as he’d pulled out of her ass, she’d turned and sucked him off. He’d been so shocked that he came in her mouth within seconds and Dianna remembered how she had come again just from tasting his salty release and swallowing it down knowing she was a dirty ass to mouth whore and that she loved it.

Of course, once her head had cleared up, she’d worried she’d loved it too much and Dianna was actually pretty grateful they’d broken up soon after. She hadn’t wanted to face up to how much she’d enjoyed being a slut and tasting her own ass on the cock that had just popped her anal cherry. She’d never let another guy do that to her and the closest she’d come to something so dirty and fun had been when she and Lea would work their tongues right into each other’s assholes.

But now she had no control of herself. Now she wanted to reveal all her dirtiest secrets and be the wild woman that she was deep down inside.

Dianna found herself badly wanting to taste Taylor’s ass, not just from rimming it, but from also sucking on the strap-on that Emma had been shoving inside her. It wasn’t enough to just watch. She had to taste too. Emma had made it sound so hot and Dianna needed to taste it before Taylor even got a chance to.

“Mmmmmm you’re a nasty girl too, aren’t you Dianna?” Emma teased as the redhead pulled her fake cock out of Taylor, making the singer whimper from the forceful action and from how naughty it felt to feel her asshole gape from being fucked.

Emma’s heart was pounding in her chest from sexual adrenaline. She had never felt sexier in her life than she did from controlling and fucking her friend Taylor and from seeing this dirty side of Dianna. Emma’s nipples were so swollen and she pinched at them with one hand while wrapping the other around the shaft of the strap-on and smacking Dianna’s pretty face with it.

“Yeahhh I’m soooo nasty!” Dianna groaned, the smacks of hard plastic against her cheeks and even her lips making her even wetter. “I love tasting my own ass! Mmmmmm it turns me on so much to be dirty like that! I want Taylor’s ass! Let me taste the cock you just fucked her with! Shove it in my mouth like you shoved it up her ass!”

“Oooooooh goddamn! Mmmm that’s so fucking hot!” Emma hissed lustfully, twisting her hard nipple and not hesitating to feed the toy to Dianna, pushing it inside while the Glee star kneeled in front of her and stuck her tongue out, inviting her right into her open mouth. “Take it, slut! Suck that ass off it! Ooooh taste how I popped Taylor’s cherry! Mmmmm fuckkkk yessssss! Suck it Dianna! I know you must have sucked dick to get that part on Glee! Let me see how you love it even more when it’s a fake dick coated in dirty girl ass!”

The redhead tossed her head back and let out a groan of wanton lust that felt like a roar inside her. Dianna was so enthusiastic. She didn’t hesitate a bit to start sucking her strap-on and Emma found the view of the blonde slurping on her fake cock to be intensely arousing.

Emma kept playing with her nipples and Dianna did the rest, kneeling and sucking like a slut while the redhead groaned again and again from the kinky things she was doing to her friends.

Emma had never acted this way before. But it felt so natural and freeing. Every dirty desire she had ever stifled inside herself was running free now. She wanted to be nasty. She wanted to let go and go wild. She wanted to do everything she had ever wanted but been too afraid to do because she had thought it was too dirty.

Emma just had to look down to see Dianna Agron eagerly bobbing her head up and down on her cock and then glance over just a little bit to her right to see Taylor Swift face-first in Emmy Rossum’s crotch, lapping at her pussy like a kitten at a bowl of sweet cream, while her freshly devirginized ass looked all loose and raw after being fucked. Her handiwork was everywhere and it made Emma want to fucking cream from it.

“So hot!” Emma grunted while she twisted her nipple and fucked Dianna’s face. “So fucking hot!”

Naturally, Dianna thought it was pretty fucking hot too. She loved tasting Taylor’s ass. It was even hotter than tasting her own, she thought, because of whose ass it was. It was so wrong to be tasting Taylor.

Her friend was supposed to be a good girl not a fucking slut like this. That only made the taste of her ass on Emma’s strap-on even better though and Dianna reached down and fingered herself roughly, jamming three fingers right into her own cunt, while she thought about tasting her own ass after she made Emma fuck her and comparing her own taste with Taylor’s.

Dianna loved sucking this fake cock. She stared up into Emma’s beautiful eyes as she kneeled and slurped at it like a submissive whore. Dianna not only could feel her juices coating her own fingers but she could hear the squish of her tight folds while they plunged inside. She was fingering herself so hard and getting off on it. But she couldn’t keep her sucking going, not when someone needed it even more than she did.

“Fuck me!” Taylor begged, feeling so empty and needy without the fake cock inside her. “Please Emma! Please fuck me! Fuck my ass more! It felt so fucking good to have you being so nasty with me! Fuck my naughty little ass with that big, fake dick! Make me come from your dirty cock up my butt! Please Emma please!”

It was impossible for Emma to resist those pleas, especially since she wanted to make Taylor come so badly. So she pulled out of Dianna’s mouth, leaving the blonde actress in frustration from being deprived of what she was so thoroughly enjoying.

But it didn’t discourage Dianna for long. Once Emma pulled out of her mouth and left saliva dripping down her chin and onto her naked tits, Dianna went for a taste of more, right from the source.

“Wait!” Dianna declared, stopping Emma before she could get her toy back inside Taylor. “She needs more lube!”

And Dianna gave it to Taylor, not with anything out of a bottle but with something more natural right out of her mouth. While Emma watched and marveled in arousal, Dianna shoved her face into Taylor’s ass. She kissed the girl’s stretched and fucked little hole and lewdly sucked on it, sending shivers of dirty ecstasy through both Taylor and herself.

Taylor mewed in pleasure while Dianna sucked on her asshole and when her wet tongue began licking her and spreading saliva all over she gasped and groaned how much she loved it.

“Ohhhhhh Goddddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHH!” Taylor squealed, the pleasure growing with every second Dianna’s tongue was doing depraved things to her. Her asshole had never been more sensitive and Dianna’s naughty tongue was making her wild. “Ooooooh you nasty girl! Gawwwd are all my friends fucking perverts?”

“Mmmm we’re no pervier than you Taylor,” Emma teased and Taylor had to agree.

She was a fucking pervert now. All of them were. And now Taylor could see there was a whole lot more she could be doing with her beautiful female friends than just hanging out with them.

Suddenly the idea of pajama parties at her place with her friends sounded like something she was going to want to do all the time. Of course none of them would be wearing any pajamas and Taylor’s mind was whirling. If Emma and Dianna and even Selena were into this just like she was, how many of her other friends were secret lesbian perverts too?

“Gawwwwd yeahhh I’m a perv! A total lezzie perv!” Taylor groaned, her pussy so close to creaming from the feel of Dianna’s tongue bathing her raw asshole. “I love being nasty with you all! Ughhh fuck your slutty friend, Emma! Lick my ass, Dianna! Ooooh make this dirty slut come!”

“Mmmmm I can’t believe you’re turning me on this much!” Dianna said in sexy disbelief when she pulled up from Taylor’s ass. “This is all so crazy!”

“Fuck yeah it’s crazy!” Emma agreed before pulling Dianna in for a lusty kiss. “But you just gotta go with it!”

Dianna was beyond the need for any coaxing in that department though and she kissed Emma back without hesitation. She shoved her tongue right into the redhead’s mouth and let her taste Taylor’s asshole on it.

They’d never ever dreamed of doing anything like this to each other before tonight but now they were making out and sloppily sharing saliva while their tongues aggressively rubbed together. Dianna loved the feeling of kissing Emma so passionately and the redhead felt the same way, but she most wanted to finish what she had started with Taylor.

“Mmmmmm I’ll fuck your pretty little ass next Dianna,” Emma promised, the rush of being this sexually powerful running through her veins and making her addicted to it. She loved feeling like she was in charge and that she could pleasure such beautiful women. “But first I need to get Taylor off. Look at that naughty girl! Oooh she needs it so bad, doesn’t she?”

And Dianna could hardly disagree. She loved kissing Emma and the idea of letting the redhead fuck her up the ass was so wild. But she didn’t want Taylor to be ignored.

Dianna looked over at her superstar friend and moaned when she saw the blonde with her face buried in Emmy’s crotch and her tight little butt wiggling in the air, silently begging for more fucking. Taylor needed to be fucked. It was obvious.

Dianna drooled over the view of Taylor’s asshole already loose and a raw shade of pink from being fucked so hard. It was soaking wet and Dianna loved knowing it was her spit she was seeing. She couldn’t believe she was staring at Taylor Swift’s asshole. This was so insane. But Emma was right. She had to just go for it and Dianna knew what she wanted to do.

“Fuck her,” Dianna told Emma. “Make her come! Make that little prude come from being fucked up the ass!”

Dianna then gave Emma another hot kiss and pulled away, leaving the horny actress free to do her dirtiest to Taylor. And Emma didn’t hesitate. She got right behind her friend and aggressively shoved the strap-on back into her waiting hole.

“AHHHHH!” Taylor cried loudly but totally in ecstasy when she was freshly penetrated. “OOOOOOOH EMMA! YESSSSSSSS! FUCK ME MORE! FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT AND MAKE ME COME! OOOOH YESSSSSSS MMMMMMMM!”

Her asshole was already sore but Taylor loved how it felt to have Emma just shove that plastic penis right back into her. She was so sensitive back there and to have it be so rough and hot from her friend made her enjoy it even more.

Taylor couldn’t believe she wasn’t a virgin back there anymore. But she was glad she’d let it happen. It felt so good. She loved what she was experiencing. It was so nasty to give it up like this, especially to Emma.

This wasn’t at all like when she had let Britney and Christina and Jennifer and Jewel and everyone take turns licking her pussy at the spa. She hadn’t really known those women. But Emma was her friend. Gawwd, she was her REALLY special friend now…the kind of friend she would let fuck her up the ass like only bad girls were supposed to.

“Fuck ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk take this big cock up your pretty little skinny ass!” Emma moaned, her own pussy right in the edge of orgasm too thanks to how good it felt to fuck this tight, precious hole. “You’re going to be such a dirty butt slut when I’m done with you Taylor! Mmmmm fuckkkk you’re going to be begging for it all the time from me and all these other hot girls! Mmm maybe I’ll have Scarlett fuck you up your ass like she did to me! Oooooh she fucked me so good and I want to see her fuck you!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh make her fuck me! Oooooooh that’s sooooo dirty!” Taylor squealed, her hair falling into her face from the way she was thrusting herself back into Emma’s hard pushes into her ass.

She wasn’t used to the sensation of having something inside her ass but it was too good to stop and Taylor couldn’t help but glance over at Scarlett as the beautiful actress had Kim Kardashian on her back now and was riding her face.

Scarlett looked so sexy like that, bouncing on Kim’s famous face and fucking her tongue with her pussy. And she was fucking her so hard. Taylor didn’t have a close up view amidst the crowd of naked bodies but she could see that Scarlett was really grinding into Kim’s face and was slapping her big, fake boobs hard, making them bounce and jiggle.

It was so mean and sexy and it totally turned Taylor on to dream about what Scarlett could do to her tiny form if she could do that to Kim’s thick, juicy body. Taylor’s pussy got more wet as she thought about being taken by Scarlett and not just her…but by all of these hot girls here at the mansion.

“Oooooooohh yes! I want Scarlett to fuck me too!” Taylor confessed, her voice filled with an enthused pleasure that revealed how worked up she was. “She can totally fuck my ass like you are Emma! Gawwwwd it feels soooooo goooood to have you fuck me like this! Ughhh I’m gonna come from it! Make me come and I’ll let all of you line up and take turns fucking my ass so it’ll be all nasty and slutty like all the other girls here!”

Taylor fell back into a wild sound of squeals and pants with no words coherently forming from the way Emma was doing her. She was right back where she’d been, on the edge of orgasm, and this time she was even closer than before thanks to Emma pushing the plastic deeper and harder into her.

Taylor could feel their bodies slapping together from Emma fucking her with that big strap-on and Taylor was going crazy from how good it felt. She needed to come so badly and she wasn’t the only one there that felt that way.

“Ughhhhhhhh make me commmmmme! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yessssssss fuck me please! Oh please fuck me! Eat my pussy! Pleaaaaaaaaaase!” Emmy squealed while lying back on the floor with her legs bent and splayed and her vagina wide open to be feasted upon. “Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmm I can’t believe you’re doing this! Ooooh feels soooo good!”

Emmy was in pussy licking heaven now but it was no longer from Taylor eating her out. Having Emma fucking her ass so hard was a total distraction to the singer, especially with her orgasm so close. So Dianna had eagerly taken over on Emmy, getting between the open legs of the woman she had only become acquainted with tonight and pushing her tongue right into her.

Dianna hadn’t said a word before she’d started lapping the juice dripping out of Emmy. She’d just shoved her face in and had started pleasuring her needy pussy. Now she had her right where she wanted her.

“Mmmmm you taste so sweet!” Dianna lustfully moaned, thirstier for wet, yummy pussy than she’d ever been in her life. “I’m so glad everything you told me about this place was true! Oh my God it’s so fucking hot! I never dreamed I’d ever fuck you Emmy and now your pussy is right in my face!”


“Oh you never will!” Olivia promised with a big smile on her face.

She’d let Emmy express her passion for a few moments, but now she needed more pleasure for her own and Olivia smothered Emmy’s face again with her sex. She ground her soaked pussy into Emmy’s soft skin and the girl needed no further instructions. Emmy got right back to licking, shoving her tongue into that sweet, steamy honeypot and tasting Olivia’s wetness.

“Yesssssssssssssss! Fucking eat it Emmy!” Olivia commanded her friend. “Eat that fucking cunt that owns you! Mmmm you’re going to be so hooked on my pussy juice now baby! You’re going to be my best fucking friend ever! Ooooh fuckkkk I’m going to keep fucking you every chance I get baby! Eat my pussy Emmy! Eat it while you get eaten!”

Sitting on Emmy’s face, Olivia humped herself against her mouth and adored the sensation of her friend’s eager tongue going after her juicy folds and stimulating her clitoris. It felt so fucking amazing, especially when she could look over and see Dianna tongue first in Emmy’s cunt and Taylor Swift on all fours for Emma Stone to butt fuck. It was all so frenzied and slutty and it was everything Olivia had wanted from the mansion and more.

“Ohhhhhh fuck I’m going to come! I’m going to fucking come all over that pretty face!” Olivia grunted out, squeezing her own tits while fucking the face of a friend she had previously assumed would never be into girls. “I’m going to come all over you Emmy just like you came all over me! Mmmmm fucking suck my clit now baby! Show me how much you love it when I feed you my sweet, dripping cunt and rub it into your pretty face! Show me how much you love it when hot bitches like Dianna eat you the fuck out!”

And Emmy did show Olivia exactly what she wanted. This was so radical and new to her but she wanted to be good at it. Emmy didn’t just want to receive pleasure. She wanted to give it too. She wanted to fuck Olivia over and over again and totally ignore that they were supposed to be totally straight.

She wanted to be a total lesbian with her sexy friend Olivia and now Dianna was her friend too! Dianna and Taylor and Emma and all of these sexy girls! She wanted them all. Emmy never wanted this pleasure to stop.

Emmy knew the best way to keep things going was to get good at fucking girls, especially girls like Olivia. She wanted to make her friend come like she had come, especially because she knew she was going to come again and Emmy wanted Olivia to feel as good as she did.

So Emmy did exactly what Olivia told her. She sucked on her friend’s clit, latching her lips to it and sensually pleasuring it like Emmy loved to happen to her own clitty. She sucked passionately on it and brought her hands up to fondle and squeeze Olivia’s hot ass.

Emmy had always loved Olivia’s butt. She’d just never thought she’d have the chance to touch such a great ass and it felt amazing in her hands, so tight and firm and with such a sexy curve to it. Olivia’s ass was so fucking good and feeling it up while Olivia moaned for her and humped her face inspired Emmy to suck on her clit harder which only got her friend crying out more.


“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh do it!” Emmy managed to mumble out even with a face full of sweet Olivia Munn pussy. “Come for me Liv! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase! I want it! I want your cum!  Make me a total slut for you! Please please please come for meeeeeeeee!”

Emmy was frantic in her need not only to come from Dianna finishing what Taylor had started, but to have Olivia cream her face. She’d never liked it when guys came on her face before, but now all she wanted was Olivia’s essence dripping off her skin.

Emmy wanted to be soaked in it and have it on her like a beauty treatment. She needed to make her friend come and she begged for it while sensually sucking Olivia’s clit, pleasuring her with pulse after pulse of sexy sensations through her naked body. She focused entirely on Olivia’s clit until Emmy did something she had never dreamed she could ever do and made a woman reach orgasm.


As soon as she had solicited her invitation from Love to get inside the mansion, Olivia had been sure she’d come while she was there. In fact she had been sure she was going to come multiple times.

But she’d never expected Emmy to be the one to do it. That made it extra special as she exploded all over her friend’s face, feeding Emmy her creamy essence while Emmy did the same to Dianna and came all over the blonde.

Dianna had added her fingers to the fun, thrusting them into Emmy’s snug pussy while she’d tongue fucked her. Dianna was feeling sluttier than she’d ever had and the pulsing energy of it made her feel more alive than any other sex had.

Her heart was pounding and her blood flowing hot. Dianna wanted to fuck all of these girls and have them fuck her and it was all so amazing. She felt so out of control and it was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. So Dianna thrust her fingers roughly into Emmy while fucking her with her tongue and soon she had the girl howling in orgasm right along with Olivia.

In fact Olivia coming all over her face was what Emmy needed to let go and enjoy her second lesbian orgasm. The second of many she told herself as she enjoyed the naughty rush that came from Dianna forcefully penetrating her pussy with her fingers, totally without permission but also totally faking her feel nothing but ecstasy.

Dianna aggressively finger fucked Emmy’s cunt while licking it and it felt so amazing to the brunette. Dianna’s tongue and fingers worked her over so well and while she gulped down Oliva’s cream, Emmy decided she loved the taste of female cum way more than guy cum. She swallowed as much as she could and Emmy came from it the taste and from Dianna’s efforts, exploding with sexual ecstasy all over her new friend.

“OOOOOOOOH! OHHHHH DIANNA OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK FUCKKKKKK OHHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDD!” Emmy screamed, gasping out her pleasurable release while still trying to keep her lips fastened to Oliva’s pussy so friend could fill her mouth with essence.

And while Emmy drank from Olivia, Dianna drank from Emmy. And soon those two voices in orgasm were joined by a third since Taylor could no longer hold back from enduring her first anal pounding.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDD!” Taylor screamed, her blonde curls clinging to her sweaty face as she threw her head back in ecstasy from the way Emma’s strap-on was hitting her g-spot. “FUCK ME EMMA! OOOOOOH FUCK MY ASSSSSSSSS! YESSSSSSSSSS YOU’RE MAKING ME COME BABY! OHHHHHHHH MY GODDDD I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE MAKING ME COME LIKE THISSSSS!”

Taylor’s body was a mess and she didn’t care. There she was on all fours getting fucked doggie style by her redheaded friend. She had never experienced anything like this. She could feel all the sweat on her naked skin and she could feel the way her small boobs were jiggling while she was being thrust into her. And Taylor could feel the cream dripping from her pussy too which made everything nastier.

She could only imagine how crazy she must have looked then, not at all like the meticulously made up and designer clothes clad girl she loved to be when she was walking the street.

Taylor didn’t want to be that girl anymore. That girl was boring and a prude. Taylor wanted to be who she was then, naked and sweaty and cummy. She wanted her makeup ruined and her hair a mess. She wanted to be a naked slut getting fucked over and over again. She wanted to look like a whore so she’d get fucked like one.

It felt so amazing. Taylor wanted to be nasty from now on. She’d never be a good girl again and she didn’t want to be, not when this was such an incredible experience.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh you’d better fucking come for me!” Emma grunted, her husky voice a sexy growl while thrusting into her friend’s ass from behind. “Come like a fucking dirty gay girl bitch Taylor! Come from taking this hard girly cock up your tight little ass! Come so I know you fucking love it! Come so everyone here knows you love getting your pretty asshole stretched and filled!”


Emma kept going, thrusting hard into her friend and making their naked bodies smack together. Sweaty skin slapped into sweaty skin and their slim, nude frames worked as one. Emma fucked her hard doggie style and Taylor eagerly took it, backing herself up to let more fake plastic cock go inside her, hitting her g-spot and sending her completely over the edge.

Taylor started crying out even louder, not caring who heard her or who saw her. She was coming and she loved it.

“Yesssssssssssssss that’s it baby! Fucking let go!” Emma hissed in triumph and pleasure over seeing her sexy friend come for her again. “Ughhh fuckkkk I love fucking this yummy ass of yours! Come from what a good job I’m doing! Come from how much you love it! Come from what a fucking dyke whore you are now!”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDD OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS COMINGGGGGGG!” Taylor screamed, barely noticing how Emmy, Dianna and Olivia were now snuggling their naked bodies together, kissing and caressing each other while staring right at her and watching her come.

Taylor couldn’t focus on anything else but the pleasure. She couldn’t see anyone else or hear any of the other screams of ecstasy from the other women. All she could focus on was her own orgasm.

She shut her eyes and let the pleasure overtake her, making her scream and cry in ways she knew were terrible for her vocal cords. Taylor’s heart beat faster than ever and her whole body pulsed with the sensations shooting throughout her. She could feel her pussy creaming without even being touched and she relished every sensation of it.

Taylor’s orgasm was as noisy as she’d ever gotten from sex. Not even what had happened in the spa or in the mansion kitchen or even what she had done before with Emma could rival feeling her friend fuck her ass with that strap-on.

It was the best feeling she had ever experienced and Taylor began crying again, the ecstasy making tears run down her eyes. And that’s when she felt a pair of tongues start licking them up, dragging up her face and then focusing on her lips.

It was two girls…then three and Taylor’s pleasure grew, making her orgasm last while she opened her eyes and saw Emmy and Olivia and Dianna taking turns kissing her. Taylor kissed them all back, tasting pussy on their lips and loving it.

She kissed them passionately while she came, crying out into their mouths while they fondled her and played with her tits and made her feel even better. Taylor’s orgasm sent her to a high she had never felt before and the loving touches she was getting from these three beauties brought her down so gently, like a feather falling onto a soft pillow.

It left Taylor in a dreamy and so very horny state that when she felt Emma pull out of her ass and leave her hole completely wrecked, she was in no state to deny her anything.

“Ooooooh you made my cock so messy you fucking whore,” Emma moaned, her wicked words not meant as an insult but as sweet pillow talk for her kinky friend. “Mmmmm you’d better open wide and clean it off!”

Taylor didn’t have words yet, just happy and aroused whimpers. She remained on all fours and turned to face Emma, opening her mouth like a submissive pet and letting her know she was ready to do what she had promised and follow Dianna’s ass to mouth actions.

“Mmmmm that’s what I want to see,” Emma groaned in eager heat while guiding the strap on to Taylor’s mouth.

As she did that, Emma felt another wave of pleasure overcome her from Olivia coming up behind her and grabbing her tits while kissing her neck and grinding her pussy into her ass.

The strap-on’s harness barely did anything to hide Emma’s creamy skinned ass cheeks and she moaned from feeling Olivia’s wet crotch rubbing into her skin. Olivia’s tongue and lips was seeking out those hidden spots on her body and Emma happily let it happen while wrapping her hand around the shaft of her strap-on and pushing it into Taylor’s waiting mouth.

And once she was in there, Taylor began sucking, closing her mouth around it and sensually slurping on it.

She’d never given a blowjob like this before and she’d never wanted to give one more either. Taylor felt her pussy flutter and get freshly wet from knowing she was tasting her own ass. Gawd, her ass was coating this cock. It had just been shoved into her naughtiest hole and now she was sucking it. It was so slutty. It was so wrong. And it was so hot.

Taylor bobbed her head up and down the fake cock, closing her eyes and sucking it clean. She moaned while she did it thanks to Dianna and Emmy kissing and playing with her boobs and those cries got louder when Emmy began exploring her pussy, reaching down with her free hand to pet the lips of Taylor’s kitty.

Emmy rubbed her fingers over Taylor’s labia. She was soon joined in this by Dianna while Emma started making out with Olivia, all of them unable to get enough of each other.

Each touch was like warm, electric sparks of pleasure. They caressed and fondled each other, groping and exploring. None of the five of them could get enough touching and kissing

They were all utterly out of control, only wanting the soft touch of female flesh and their horniness grew and grew. Taylor felt her pussy getting so wet while slurping Emma’s strap-on and she bobbed her head up and down faster, cleaning off her own ass. She loved the kinky taste. She loved how she was being touched and Taylor wanted to touch back.

While still sucking off the strap-on, Taylor got off all fours and onto her knees, freeing up her hands so she could slide them right between Emmy and Dianna’s legs, taking liberties with their gorgeous bodies she never would have taken before tonight. And they welcomed her touch, playing with her pussy while she played with theirs and, when Taylor finally pulled off Emma’s toy with a drool filled pop, falling right into a three-way kiss with her.

Taylor had never felt more wonderfully overwhelmed than she did then, kissing Emmy and Dianna all at once while she ran her fingers over their drooling slits and felt them toying with hers. Her head was spinning from the intensity of what she had just experienced and she loved feeling how her asshole had been left all sore and loose by Emma.

It was so tender now and it reminded her of how naughty she’d just been. And now she had the taste of her own ass on her tongue, a flavor she was sharing with Emmy and Dianna as they all sloppily kissed.

Taylor found herself craving more. Even after experiencing such an amazing orgasm she didn’t want to rest or slow down or anything. She just wanted to keep fucking and she wasn’t the only one looking for some more fun.

“Mmmmmm you looked like you really knew what you were doing with that strap-on,” Olivia breathed into Emma’s ear before kissing right behind it, a gesture that made Emma want to purr for the sexy Asian actress. “I haven’t had my ass fucked in so long…at least by another woman! Mmmmm seeing what you just did to America’s sweetheart over there made me think about what you could do to someone like me!”

“Oh yeah? And what do you want me to do to you?” Emma asked, playing confident and cool while she hoped Olivia, who was clearly more experienced in the art of lady loving than she was, didn’t realize that what she had done to Taylor was something pretty new to her.

“I want you to wreck my ass,” Olivia groaned. “I want you to take it and fuck it deep! I want you to make it hurt so I’ll cry out from it but you won’t stop for anything because deep down you’ll know I’m your fucking whore and I want you to take my ass and fuck it so good! I want you to take it slow and deep and slap my ass while you do it so I can come like the dirty girl I am!”

Taking control of Emmy had been so much fun for Olivia. She had loved getting freaky with her friend. But there was more than one side of her. She didn’t just dish it out. She loved to take it too and she loved getting it hard and nasty from a woman who knew what she was doing.

That was what she had come to the mansion looking for and she was more than happy to let sexy Emma Stone be the woman who was doing it to her.

“Ooooooh baby! Mmmmm that’s what a girl likes to hear,” Emma teased, her heart pumping sexual adrenaline throughout her body over what Olivia had just said to her.

She hadn’t expected to hear it and Emma was surprised over how forward Olivia was considering they didn’t know each other well at all. But they were both naked and both horny and she wasn’t about to resist such an amazing offer.

But before Olivia got the chance to show Emma just how she loved to take it, another in the group spoke up eager to make Emma live up to a promise she had made.

“No! Me first!” Dianna blurted out, pulling away from the sensual kisses she had been sharing with Taylor and Emmy. “Fuck my ass Emma! You said you would! Mmmm I need it! I need it so fucking bad! I haven’t had my ass fucked in so long and never by a woman! Mmmm you said you would and now you’d better! Don’t make me fucking force you to give it to me!”

Part of Emma wanted to see just how Dianna intended to make good on that threat. But more of her wanted to give her friend what she wanted. Olivia was hot, but Dianna was already special to her and, besides, she had promised. So she couldn’t deny her friend what she so clearly needed.

“I feel like you bitches should start taking numbers to be serviced like we’re at a deli counter,” Emma laughed. “Mmmm don’t worry! I have plenty of cock for your hot asses! Get ready for me Dianna! You get it first!”

Dianna let out a happy squeal but there was a disappointed groan from Olivia. However, she didn’t let her disappointment linger and when Dianna got on all fours, it was Olivia who got behind her and spread open the blonde’s buns to dive in and prepare her hole for the fucking that was to come.

“Mmmmm I spent too many years sitting through episodes of Glee to not take my chance to taste this tight ass,” Olivia declared before putting her tongue to even better use by rimming Dianna’s puckered hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk!” Dianna cried out, tossing her head back as soon as Olivia’s skilled tongue wetly made contact with her asshole.

Saliva spilled right out of Olivia’s mouth and into Dianna’s waiting hole and the brunette eagerly spread it around, getting her new friend ready while Emma spread a fresh glaze of lube over her toy.

“Mmmmmm you’ve got a tasty little ass, just like I always knew you would,” Olivia stated, keeping Dianna’s firm cheeks spread under the tight grip of her hands so her tongue could explore. “Mmmmm yum! You girls are all so fucking hot! Oooh I could eat up each and every one of you!”

Olivia meant that completely and, as she returned to licking Dianna’s asshole and spreading around her own saliva, she began doing the math in her head over how long it would take her to eat the pussies and asses of every girl at this party.

Olivia had lost count before of how many sexy guests there were, but she was sure if she put her mind to it and really buckled down she could fuck all of them. After all she was feeling particularly insatiable tonight and she didn’t think her energy was going to be lagging anytime soon.

“Ohhhhhh yesss fuck me! Tongue fuck my ass!” Dianna grunted, loving the way it felt.

Dianna pressed her ass back into Olivia’s face to coax her into giving it to her harder and she got just what she was hoping for when Olivia not only sped up her licking but spit into her ass, adding more saliva to the mix. Olivia then began probing deeper with her tongue, tasting the deliciously naughty treat before her and making Dianna squeal in pleasure.

“Ooooooh mmmmmm fuck yessss I love having my ass licked!” Dianna cried. “Gawwd I’m to fucking scared to ever ask for it because I don’t want guys to think I’m a slut but I don’t have to ask any of you, do I? Mmmm you’re just going to go for it without even seeing if I want it! Mmmm I love it! Ughh don’t ask, just take me! Yessssssss ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmm Olivia yeahhhhh! Eat my ass! Ughhh tongue fuck it and make it wet for Emma!”

Emma loved what she was seeing. She spread the lube around her toy while she watched the action and thought to herself that if she were a guy jacking off to this she would have lost her load in no time at all. So it was a good thing her dick was 100% fake because it was hot as hell to watch Olivia shove her pretty face into Dianna’s ass.

Dianna did have herself a great little ass, so firm and with just the right amount of curve, and Emma loved seeing Olivia push herself into it to tongue fuck her. Olivia’s dark hair contrasted so nicely with Dianna’s creamy white skin and part of Emma didn’t want to disturb them and just have Olivia continue to tongue fuck Dianna’s ass while she took her toy and shoved it into Olivia’s ass just the way the woman said she wanted it.

But a promise was a promise, Emma reminded herself.

“Mmmmm you keep doing that and she’s going to come before I get a chance to get in there,” Emma chided. “Out of the way Olivia! Mmmmm don’t worry, you’ve still got next!”

And before Olivia got a chance to be disappointed again, Dianna had herself a perfect suggestion.

“Fuck my face!” Dianna urged. “Shove your wet pussy right into my mouth so I can lick it while she fucks my ass! Mmmm I’ll eat you just like Emmy did! Mmmm I haven’t licked pussy in soooo long before tonight but now I remember why I fucking love it so much!”

The words were barely out of Dianna’s mouth before Olivia was taking her up on them.

Olivia pulled away from the girl’s ass, a strand of saliva connecting her chin and Dianna’s asshole before it snapped onto both of them, and repositioned herself right in front of the blonde. Olivia quickly slung her legs open and showed off to Dianna that even though Emmy had just licked her to orgasm, she was plenty wet for more.

“Ooooh yeah? You like eating pussy you naughty girl? Mmmmm let’s see how much!” Olivia moaned, pushing down on Dianna’s head and making sure the blonde got right to work on pleasuring her soaked cunt. “I want a great view of Emma as she nails that tight little ass of yours! Do it Emma! I got that pretty hole nice and wet for you! Now fuck this slut right up her ass!”

“Yessssssssssss!” Dianna urged, wanting to feel the depraved ecstasy she knew could only come from anal sex. “Fuck me harder than you fucked Taylor! Shove it in deep Emma! Fuck me like a little whore! Mmmmm fuck I love taking it up my ass!”

“I never thought you’d be so fucking kinky,” Emma grinned, lining her freshly lubed toy up to Dianna’s tight, licked ring and grabbing onto the girl’s hips so she could push inside. She immediately met resistance but it was nothing she couldn’t push right through because Dianna’s willing body showed her horny pleas weren’t just empty words. “Ooooooooh fuckkkk you’re tight! Mmmm yessss such a tight fucking butt! Just like Taylor’s! Mmmm and I fucking wrecked that ass! You want me to do it to you too, don’t you Dianna?”


“Goddamn right I do!” Emma laughed with unrestrained energy while she began picking up the pace. “Mmmmm you girls all have such hot fucking asses! I’m going to do you all! I’m going to line up you hot bitches and make you all bend over and submit to a hot dyke buttfucking! Mmmmm fuckkkk yesssss! Feels so good to fuck you dirty fucking sluts right up your asses!”

As she said this, Emma pushed deeper into Dianna, loving how tight her ass was but also how accommodating it was too. It was clear Dianna had done this before and that she had loved it. That turned Emma on even more. Taking Taylor’s cherry had been so much fun but taking a more experienced ass provided new thrills.

Emma couldn’t get enough of the rush of taking a hot girl’s ass and making it hers. No wonder Scarlett had been so eager to do it to her. No wonder Sasha had enjoyed corrupting all of them in the back room of the sex shop. No wonder guys loved fucking ass.

It was such a hot thrill to do something so dirty to a beautiful woman and Emma’s pussy was such a creamy mess under her harness that she could feel the cum dripping down her leg from underneath it. She had come quietly from the rush of fucking Taylor and she knew she was going to be able to do it again from fucking Dianna.

Dianna cried out again and again from the way the cock-shaped toy pushed inside her ass. She hadn’t been penetrated back there in so long and she welcomed back the sensations like they were long-lost friends.

She knew she wasn’t supposed to like this so much but she did and she couldn’t get enough of it. In her mind Dianna could compare being fucked up the ass to going out with a bad boy who everyone knew was wrong for her. She knew good girls weren’t supposed to do it, but how could she resist? That was what this was like and she wanted it so much.

Dianna felt like she didn’t have to hold back here or be afraid. She could let her inhibitions go. No one was going to judge her. She didn’t have to worry about anyone thinking she was some kind of slut for enjoying having her ass fucked this much.

In fact, she wanted to be a slut. Dianna wanted everyone there to think she was some kind of dirty whore for getting fucked up the ass. The dirtier they thought she was, the more she was sure they would all want to fuck her too.

“Give it to me!” Dianna grunted, feeling pleasure flow through her from Emma’s strap-on disappearing deeper up her ass with each hard thrust. “Fuck my ass Emma! Oooooooooooooh! Ughhh holy shit! Mmmmm that feels so fucking good! I’ve never had a girl fuck my ass! Do me better than any guy can! Fuck me with that big, fake dick better than I can get fucked by a real cock! Come on you horny bitch! Give it to my tight fucking ass! Loosen it up and make it gape like you did to Taylor! Make me fucking take it like a whore!”

And as much as she loved taking Emma’s hard thrusts up her ass with all the dormant desires she’d held inside her being let loose, Dianna didn’t neglect Olivia. The gorgeous Asian actress looked so sexy completely naked and playing with her pussy right in front of her.

Dianna loved seeing Olivia pawing at her own naked tits with one hand while rubbing her wet, pink slit with the other. She’d loved the taste of her pussy when Olivia had first shoved her face down and it had definitely made Dianna so hungry for more.

So Dianna dove in again, lapping hungrily at that juice soaked slit and tasting all of the cum that was dripping out of her. Olivia cooed in delight from being licked and Dianna went after her with an increasing vigor, channeling the pleasure she was feeling from Emma’s doggie style ass fucking into burying her tongue right into Olivia Munn’s wetness.

Dianna licked as hard as she could, feeling all the good, sexy habits she’d developed from those naughty experiences with Lea come back to her while she explored the tasty vagina in her face. It was so weird to be licking a girl she barely knew but that added an extra kinky thrill to it.

Dianna loved Olivia’s taste and she loved the way her hips thrust against her, fucking her face and feeding her more of her sweet, juicy hole. Dianna loved everything about this, especially how much of a treat it was for her tongue to taste those juices while she was fucked so aggressively from behind by her friend. And Olivia knew just how to encourage her too, delighting Dianna’s ears.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh you dirty little lezzie! Fuck me!” Olivia groaned, all her dirty fantasies about what it would be like to party at the mansion coming true. “Mmmmmm fucking eat my pussy better than my boyfriend ever can! Oooooh yessss you’ve definitely done this before you naughty little carpet licker! Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yessssss you know what a girl needs Dianna! Mmmmm all this time you’ve been a dirty little closet dyke like me, craving pussy and wanting to fuck hot girls so bad! Oooooh we can do it all here! We can fuck like dirty lesbo sluts all we want! Yessssssssssssss give it to me with that hot tongue! Eat that fucking pussy!”

But Dianna wasn’t the only one there who knew exactly what a girl needed and Taylor found herself suddenly enjoying the company of one of those experienced girls.

Taylor was now on her back on the soft carpeting with her legs open and a beautiful face between her thighs. Being fucked up her ass as hard as she had been had left Taylor’s pussy in desperate need of attention and she was sure getting it now from a girl who definitely knew exactly what she was doing.

“Oh Demi!” Taylor cried out, so shocked that the former Disney girl was doing this to her. “Mmmmmmmm! Oh my God! Ooooooh yesssssssss! More! Please! More! Fuck me! Eat my pussy you sexy girl! Oooooooh you’re soooooo naughty! Yesssssssssssssss lick my naughty pussy and make me come again! Ughhhh yesssssssss!”

“Mmmmm I always dreamed you had a yummy pussy,” Demi Lovato carnally replied between hungry licks at the juicy pink peach in her face. “I never thought I’d have the chance to taste you though! I was sure Christina and Britney were lying about fucking you. I thought you were too much of a good girl for sure!”

“Oooooh I was! But I’m not a good girl anymore,” Taylor cooed, enjoying every naughty lick she was receiving from Demi’s experienced tongue. “Mmmm I’m a dirty gay girl slut now! Mmmm I’m a total fucking lez! I’m such a bad girl now! All I want are girls eating my pussy and fucking my ass and making me their slut! Mmmm I love being bad!”

Taylor was so enthusiastic about all the desires she’d had since that day at the spa being fully unleashed that she wasn’t letting anything hold her back anymore. And that certainly got the attention of someone very eager to get to know this new side of Taylor.

“Mmmmm do you want to eat out girls too?” Maria Menounos asked with desire dripping from both her mouth and her pussy. “I know you love being fucked by girls but do you want to fuck them too?”

And Maria got just the answer she was hoping for from Taylor.

“Yessssssssssss! Ooooooh yes I so do! I want to fuck you Maria!” Taylor immediately responded. “I always thought you were sooooooo hot! Mmmm gawwd you’d be interviewing me and all I’d be thinking about is your great ass!”

“Really? Mmmmm you like this ass, Taylor?” Maria asked, turning around on her hands and knees so she could show the naked blonde her ass while Taylor writhed on her back from Demi’s tongue. “You think it’s hot?”

“Ohhhh yesssss so hot!” Taylor cried, drooling both over the effects of Demi’s tongue and the sight of Maria’s naked, thick booty just inches from her face.

Taylor loved seeing the luscious curves of the reporter’s toned ass and the way she could practically taste Maria’s visibly soaked slit from how close that amazing butt was to her face. Taylor knew what she wanted from Maria and she was sure the gorgeous woman wanted the same thing.

“Mmmm I want to taste you!” Taylor hornily demanded. “Fuck my face while I fuck Demi’s tongue! Gawd, sit on my face Maria! Mmmm lemme taste that yummy pussy and feel that big, beautiful butt in my naughty face! Let’s fuck like dirty girls! Ughhh I need to fucking taste you so bad Maria! Get your pussy on my tongue so I can show all of you that I’m not a good girl anymore!”

Maria accepted that invitation without delay. She repositioned herself again and planted her pussy right down on Taylor’s face. Maria had already come so many times that night and right then she already had a fresh glaze of Katy Perry’s cum on her face and the famous singer’s saliva in her cunt. But she needed more.

Maria had never felt more insatiable in her life and she pressed her pussy right into Taylor, feeding her what Katy had just licked.

Maria felt an evil thrill run through her naked body as she thought about all those rumors about Katy and Taylor feuding and how naughty it was to have had both of them eat her pussy. A responsible entertainment journalist would have worked the access she had to both stars to get the story and scoop all the competition, but the last thing Maria felt like was a responsible journalist right then.

All she wanted was to fuck and she couldn’t get enough. Katy had just tongue fucked her so good and now Maria wanted to fund out just how hot Taylor could be.

With a lusty moan, Maria pressed her pussy down against the blonde’s sweaty, messy face and immediately felt Taylor’s tongue slide into her honeypot. Maria loved it right away and began humping herself against Taylor, fucking the good girl who was turning out to be not such a good girl after all.

Only in her dirtiest fantasies had Maria thought she could fuck someone like Taylor Swift, but everything was happening tonight at a wild, sexy pace and she couldn’t stop it. In fact Maria never wanted to stop it. She wanted this to keep going forever.

Maria had positioned herself in reverse cowgirl on Taylor’s face which meant she had an awesome view of Demi with her tongue buried into Taylor’s snatch. Maria had had fun with the sexy pop star before today but she didn’t think Demi had ever looked more beautiful than she did right then with her face pressed right to Taylor’s dripping pinkness, her tongue wildly lapping at the girl’s juices and Demi’s amazing ass sticking right up in the air.

Maria had always loved Demi’s butt but tonight that juicy Latina rear of hers looked better than ever, especially with Jewel behind Demi, wearing nothing but a strap-on that she was sliding up and down between Demi’s bare buns.

“Such a hot ass,” Jewel moaned, drooling in admiration of the girl’s curvy backside while rubbing up against it, teasing her ass crack with the cock-shaped plastic. “Britney and Christina told me what a naughty girl you could be Demi, but I had to see it myself!”

“Mmmmm now that you’ve seen it, what are you going to do about it?” Demi challenged, pulling up from Taylor’s yummy muffin just long enough to tease her new friend.

“Naughty girls need to get fucked,” Jewel said with an evil but sexy grin on her face. “But not just any fucking will do. Bad girls like you, Demi, need to get it up the ass! Mmmm your ass is too fucking sexy not to get fucked and if you’re going to be a guest in our home then you have to get initiated!”

“Ooooooh fuck how are you going to initiate me?” Demi moaned in need.

She had a pretty damn good idea exactly what Jewel was getting at but she wanted to hear the beautifully busty blonde say it.

“I’m going to fuck your sweet ass you pretty little thing,” Jewel immediately answered, her body in the grip of a lust she had never experienced before.

Even after everything she had done in the mansion and all the other kinky acts she had engaged in outside of these walls, Jewel had never felt the level of sheer horniness she was experiencing then. Jewel could barely think. Her whole head was a fog and all she could focus on was her insatiable need to fuck.

God, she was so fucking wet. Jewel had never felt this wet in her life. All she could think about was coming over and over and over again. She had done so many dirty things before tonight but none of them had made her feel this way. She craved getting nasty and fucking as many girls as she could and Demi’s ass had been irresistible to her.

Jewel knew she would have wanted to fuck that gorgeous butt of hers whether Demi had wanted her to or not, so it was a damn good thing that Demi was totally willing.

“Yessssssssssssssss fuck it! Fuck my naughty ass!” Demi panted, moaning into Taylor’s pussy while she continued tongue fucking while backing her ass up and rubbing it against Jewel’s toy, letting it push more into her ass crack. “Do it just like Britney did yesterday! Ooooh no, do it even harder! Fuck me Jewel! Fuck my ass and initiate me! I fucking love it here! I want to come back again and again and fuck all of you! I want to show you all I’m as nasty as you are! Gawd, I’m such a slutty fucking lesbo and I want you to treat me like one!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh I can see that!” Jewel moaned, loving how enthusiastic Demi was for eating Taylor’s pussy and for taking her cock up that round, luscious butt of hers. “No boys for Demi! Just horny girls! Ooooh fuck that’s hot! You naughty little lezzie slut! We don’t have to seduce you or turn you or anything! You’re already fucking hot for pussy!”

“Ohhhh fuck yeah I am!” Demi moaned back. “I love pussy! I always have! Gawwwd I was pretending for so long but not anymore! Mmmm fuck yes Christina and Britney know what a dirty gay whore I am! They know I’m a total lez! Ooooh now you know! You and all your friends Jewel! Ughh I want to be here so bad! I’m just as horny for pussy as all of you are! Fuck me Jewel! Fuck my ass so I can come back here again and again and keep fucking all you hot bitches!”

Jewel’s foggy, horny brain was spinning over Demi’s hot words. They never bothered with labels like straight, gay or bi around the mansion. They were just having fun. But it was hot to see how happy and proud Demi was of her desires.

Jewel loved that. No one had to hide how they really felt here. They could get what they wanted and have fun doing it. Jewel wanted to take this sexy girl and show her just how they did things at the mansion. Demi was so hot and Jewel knew she was going to fit in perfectly around here.

“Bad girl! Mmmm bad, sexy girl!” Jewel declared, slapping Demi’s bare ass hard and making the girl moan with pleasure into Taylor’s pussy while she licked away at her and made the blonde writhe and squeal into her muzzle of Maria’s cunt. “Britney and Christina must fuck you so good at their label but here we get even hotter! Mmmmm and now you’re going to feel it baby! Usually Rose breaks out Mr. Snappy and initiates the new sluts around here but it’s my turn now Demi! You’re all mine and I’m going to fuck this ass!”

Jewel’s cock was plenty lubed up. The bright pink strap-on was shiny with strawberry flavored lube and Demi’s ass looked plenty accommodating. But still Jewel gave the girl a little bit extra help for what was to come when she spread open Demi’s juicy buns, exposing her tiny little puckered hole.

Jewel drooled down from her mouth right into that dirty hole and Demi cooed as she felt the warm saliva hit its target perfectly. Jewel had done this to so many hot girls over the years and she showed that experience off to Demi.

Her saliva coated Demi’s asshole and Jewel used the cock-shaped head of her toy to spread her drool around, lubing up her new lover’s hole before she slowly pushed inside her. Jewel penetrated the singer’s anus and made Demi grunt with desire into Taylor’s pussy.

And those grunts turned into sustained moans as Jewel began to push more plastic into her ass, taking Demi just like she had promised.

“Oooooh you’re so fucking tight!” Jewel moaned. “Mmmmm I’m glad Britney and Christina didn’t loosen you up too much! That means me and my friends can do it! Ooooh we’re all going to want to fuck this hot ass every time you visit here!”

“Yesssssssssssssssss fuck my ass!” Demi begged, the forceful thrusts she was getting from the Alaskan making her feel so good. “Fuck it hard Jewel! Ooooh I never dreamed you could be so kinky! Mmmm you’re just as hot as Britney and Christina are! Oooooh yesssss stuff that big cock up my ass! I’m a big girl! I can take it!”

“Mmmmm oh I’m really fucking kinky!” Jewel laughed while enjoying every push into this sexy young thing. “You don’t know me at all! I was fucking girls while you were a little kid watching cartoons! Mmmm I’m a nasty fucking slut and I’m going to show you how it’s done Demi! Britney and Christina got nothing on me! I’ve fucked their hot asses and now I’m fucking yours! Ooooh you’ve got such a big, juicy one too! Just how I like them!”

“Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssss show me how kinky you are!” Demi cried, her mind whirling over the fact that the same woman who could write You Were Meant For Me could be fucking her so well.

Growing up Demi had worn that album out and now this gorgeous older woman, someone she had looked up to as a budding artist, was fucking her with a strap-on, driving into her hard and making her while body get caught in a whirlwind of pleasure.

Demi could have expected this from Christina or Britney or any of the other girls at the label, but Jewel? It just seemed so crazy to have her doing this to her and that made it even hotter for Demi. Each thrust felt incredible and Demi kept herself spread wide for her new Alaskan friend, letting the older woman have her way with her while she egged her on.

“Make it nasty! Fuck that big butt of mine like you fuck the other sluts here!” Demi begged. “Ooooooh yessssssssssss mmmmmm you’re so hot Jewel! I wanna learn from all of you! Fuck me hard and good and please let me come back all the time so we can do this again! Ughhh God! It feels sooooo fucking good to have you fucking my ass! Ooooh yessss make me your little slut like those dirty girls do at the label!”

“Oh sweetie, you’re going to be one of our favorite guests from now on,” Jewel moaned, her end of the strap-on rubbing so nicely against her clit. “You’re so fucking sexy Demi! You’ve got such a hot ass and I love seeing that tight little pussy of yours drip when I fuck it! Mmmm my friends are all going to want to fuck you too! We might not even let you leave! We might just keep you here naked and never stop fucking you!”

“Ohhhhhh my God yessssssssssssssss!” Demi cooed in delight over that vivid fantasy.

Demi loved the idea of being kept by these gorgeous, older women. She’d let them keep her naked with nothing but a collar on and she’d let them “force” her to service them. She’d lick their pussies and tongue their asses and let them do any depraved thing they wanted to do to her body.

Even though she was completely sober, Demi’s mind was whirling just as much as some of the more intoxicated women there. Everything felt so amazing and her head spun with erotic fantasies. She couldn’t stop thinking dirty thoughts and the idea of being kept at the mansion and fucked over and over again like some little slut slave nearly made her cream.

Demi loved the thought of giving up all her holes to these gorgeous women and letting them control her and the fantasy was made so much better by Jewel’s hard thrusts up her ass. Demi loved being fucked back there by women who knew how to do it right. And just like Christina and Britney could, Jewel was making her feel nothing but ecstasy.

Jewel knew just how hard to go and how deep to push. She knew how to give her what she wanted without Demi having to ask for it and it felt amazing. In fact it was almost too good because it left her neglecting Taylor and Demi didn’t want to do that. She wanted to lick up every creamy drop from the singer’s pussy. She wanted to savor fucking her and swallow all her yummy cum.

Because Demi wasn’t just doing this because she thought Taylor Swift was hot, even though she totally did.

No, Demi wanted to fuck the girl for a more wicked reason and as she thought about how evil she was being, it turned her on even more. It was wrong and it was mean, but she wanted to be bad like this and it was making her feel so incredible to do it.

“Mmmm yessssss your pussy is mine Taylor!” Demi moaned, plunging her fingers into the blonde to work her over while Taylor cried happily into Maria. “You’re so fucking wet you dirty girl! You’re just a dirty little dyke like me Taylor! And I get to fuck you! Not Selena! Mmmm she can’t have you because you’re mine now and I’m going to fuck you better than that bitch ever could! You’re mine now! Not hers!”

Demi and Taylor hadn’t really been close before tonight. Sure, they had known each other and had always been friendly, but they hadn’t been friends or anything, at least not like Selena and Taylor were.

Demi figured if Selena was going to reject her and then fuck other girls at the party, then she definitely owed her one. Fucking one of Selena’s friends was a good start. If she couldn’t have the girl she had carried a burning torch for all these years, then she could have one of her friends and Taylor was definitely a friend worth having especially if it made Selena all mad and jealous.

“Ohhhhh yeah! Selena’s sooooo hot!” Taylor managed to moan between licks of Maria’s delicious honeypot. “Gawwd I had no idea she was into girls till I saw her here! Ooooh it was turning me on so much to see her and Emma Watson fuck! Mmm I wanna fuck her too! We should totally have a threesome or something! Mmmm I can lick her while you lick me just like you’re doing now! Mmmm fuck me Demi! Eat my pussy! It’s sooo fucking wet and juicy for you! It never got this wet before! Mmmmm all you dirty girls are making me so fucking turned on like I never have before! I love it oooooh don’t stop Demi! Eat my pussy while I eat Maria!”

Demi could only watch as Taylor was silenced by Maria grinding herself back into her face. Demi loved the view. Maria Menounos looked so good naked. She’d already known that from the time Christina had brought Maria to the label and let all of them take turns fucking the very willing reporter’s ass. Maria had been there to do a story on the label but it had just been another excuse for fucking, one Demi had been so eager to be a part of.

It had felt amazing to be one of the girls fucking Maria as the gorgeous woman had begged for it, urging them to fuck her pussy and her ass and her face. It had been such a naughty day as Demi, Christina, Britney, Gwen, Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna and Fergie had all ganged up on Maria, making her into their fuck slut. Demi had especially loved how it had felt to have the power and fuck that reporter’s big, juicy ass.

So Demi certainly loved seeing Maria naked as she rode Taylor’s face reverse cowgirl, her round tits bouncing so sexily as her skin got freshly sweaty from girlsex. Maria’s belly button piercing was glistening and Demi wanted to kiss all over it and flick her tongue against it before she got back into Taylor’s cunt.

But Demi was also mad that Taylor was totally missing the point. She didn’t want Selena to join in on a threesome with them. She wanted Selena to be jealous and mad and feel terrible.

Demi had never expected to ever be the sober one at a wild party. But she was. While all these girls were clearly out of their minds, she was entirely in control of hers. The only thing she was high on was lust and that allowed her to still have a relatively clear head while everyone else was losing theirs.

But it also meant that she couldn’t quite manipulate Taylor the way she wanted. That was disappointing, but Demi quickly got over it because Taylor’s sweet pussy was so tasty and creamy for her and she loved licking her.

And, besides, it wasn’t like Selena was even paying attention to her. She was too busy fucking everyone else to even notice how Demi was trying to make her jealous.



Selena was hanging off the table, lying on top of it with her head over one edge and her legs over the other. She had Emma Watson pushing the bottle deep in her asshole and now she had new friends playing with her too. She had never felt this good in her life.

It was so slutty and wrong and she welcomed every second of it. Selena relished her complete loss of control. The pleasure was too intense to ever think about something so stupid like self-control ever again.

“Oooooooooooooh pleaaaaaaaase make me come!” Selena begged, her eyes filled with tears, both from the intensity of the long neck of the glass wine bottle penetrating her asshole and from the need she felt to experience another orgasm.

She and Emma had made each other come so many times already but each one had made Selena want another and another and then another. She had never been so multi-orgasmic and the experience had left her wild-eyed with hair clinging to her sweaty, flushed face.


Selena’s body convulsed with pleasure over the increased attention her pleas earned her. The woman licking her pussy was no one she had ever expected to be having sex with but then again she had never expected any of this to happen.

The shock of all of this was making it so much better and Selena rubbed herself harder into her new lover’s face while the woman lapped away and savored the wonderfully tangy taste.

“Mmmmmm yummy! Oooooh I can’t believe I’m fucking Justin Bieber’s girlfriend!” Anna Kendrick moaned, the taste Selena’s juices all over her very happy tongue. “This is some crazy fucking dream!”

“EX-girlfriend!” Selena corrected with a groan while taking one of her hands and placing it on Anna’s head to push her back down where she needed her most. “He doesn’t fucking own me anymore! I thought I needed him but I don’t! Oooooh I need THIS! I need to be a dirty little slut for girls! I need all of you to fuck me better than he can! Mmmm this can’t be a dream! It has to be real! It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”

“Mmmm his little dick’s not as good as my tongue huh?” Anna drooled in desire, loving the evil side she was not only seeing in Selena but feeling bubble up inside herself.

She still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of a crazy dream. It was all too weird to be real.

“Nasty little girl! Cheating on the Biebs with us hot bitches!” Anna teased. “Think he’d freak out if he saw you like this, naked and getting licked and fucked right up your cute ass? Or would he jerk off like a fucking perv!”

“Ooooooh he’d so freak out!” Selena moaned, picturing the look on his face when he saw how she didn’t need him anymore. “He’d cry like a little bitch! He’d throw one of his baby temper tantrums and I’d just laugh in his face and tell him to go fuck himself! He’d be sniffling and crying and begging me to take him back but I’d just let you all fuck me more and make him watch and see how much harder and better I come when you all fuck me like the whore I am! Yessssssssssss ughhhh fuckkkk make me want this! Make me love it! Make me love being dyke fucked! Ooooooh yessssssssssssss gawwwd make me a total fucking lesbian!”

Selena tossed her head back when she was overcome by another series of intense moans. The pleasure was so addictive. She wanted this to never fucking end. She pushed hard back on Anna’s head forcing her in and she moaned loudly from the way Emma was shoving that bottle up her ass. Emma was driving it in and making it so hot and kinky that Selena was sure she was going to come like she had never come before.

And that wasn’t all Selena had to stimulate her because it was so easy for her to reach up and play with Kate Upton’s huge tits as the beautiful model was inches away from her and bent over as she got fucked hard from behind.

Kate was in delirious ecstasy from what was happening to her and Selena took full advantage, not only getting her hand off Anna’s head so she could get both of them on those mega boobs but sitting up on the table while she was being fucked so she could shove her face into them while they shook violently so close to her.

Selena had never found herself this drawn to huge boobs before but Kate’s were so big and beautiful. Seeing them shake while the blonde was fucked with a strap-on was hypnotic to Selena.

She couldn’t stop staring at them and touching them and, as she sat up on the table, Selena brought her face right to them. Without even thinking, Selena let her desire overtake her and she buried her face right into Kate’s chest, motorboating her famously large breasts and giggling and moaning the whole way.

Selena felt so liberated. She had kept this inside her for so long and now she was finally free. She had never felt happier or more sexual and she eagerly let her face be smothered by Kate’s tits while she got herself fucked by two gorgeous women.

“Morrrrrrrrre! Ooooooh fuckkkk gawwwwwwd lick up my pussy! Dyke fuck me with your dirty lezzie tongue Anna!” Selena cried, her words muffled by Kate’s bosom but her desire crystal clear. “Eat my fucking pussy like Justin never does! Oooooh make me a total dirty lez so I’ll never want his little dick again! Ughhhh yessssssssssssssssss fuck me Anna! Fuck me Emma! Make my ass fucking sore with that bottle! Gawwwd you all can fuck me up my ass! Line up and take turns fucking my lesbo asshole like Justin never could! Oooooooooh just all of you keep fucking me! Never stop fucking me!”

No one could really understand what Selena was saying since she had her face burrowed into Kate’s chest, smothering herself with the flesh pillows of the model’s all-natural rack. But no one cared that they didn’t catch her words. What she wanted was all too clear and they kept on fucking her.

None of them had any self-control and Kate barely even noticed Selena was slobbering all over her tits now because she was far too distracted by something she had never expected to feel, a hard strap-on going right into her ass. She was being butt fucked by a woman and she was loving it.

“Yessssssss! Fuck me! Oooooh deeper! Mmmmm yeahhhh fuck me harder!” Kate groaned, gripping onto the edge of the table as she bent over and let herself be defiled. “Fuck that ass! Oooooh make me fucking feel it for days after! Really shove that fuck stick into my ass!”

“Ooooh you dirty bitch! Begging me to fuck your hot ass!” Jennifer Aniston grunted, enjoying every bit of control she had over the world famous model. “You’re one of us now Kate! I told you! As soon as you walked through those doors you were a lesbian even if you didn’t know it! Well you know it now, don’t you? You’re a horny fucking lesbian slut taking it up the ass!”

“Ahhhhhh fuckkkkk! Oooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Kate cried when Jennifer thrust harder, forcing more of her big strap-on into her ass. “Yesssssss! I’m a dirty lesbian like you! Oooooh fuckkkk oooooooooooh my God you’re making me into a total fucking lesbo slut! I’m a dirty dyke bitch for you! Mmmmm fuck me Jennifer! Fuck me like the lesbo queen you are! Fucking take the straight bitch who walked in here and make her into a horny lezzie slut!”

“Fuck yeah! Not so straight anymore, huh?” Jennifer laughed in triumph, Kate’s ass so accommodating to her hard thrusts but still wonderfully tight. The nub was pushing right back into her own cunt, rubbing into her clit and making Jennifer feel she could come whether she got Kate off or not. “I’ll bet you don’t even remember your boyfriend’s name anymore! He doesn’t lick that creamy pussy of yours as good as I do, does he? Mmmm and he doesn’t fuck this juicy ass as good as me, right?”

“Nooooooooooo! Ooooooh you’re soooooo goooood!” Kate whimpered, loving everything that was happening to her. It was so dirty and wrong and she couldn’t get enough of it anymore. “Fuck me better than my boyfriend! Make me come harder! Oooooh you ate my pussy so fucking good! You made my straight fucking pussy into a wet lesbian fuckhole for you! Oooooh and now you’re doing my ass! Ughhhh fuckkkk making my big fucking butt into another dyke hole for you to fuck! Oooooh my God! Don’t stop Jen! Keep fucking me! Fuck my ass until I’m totally gay for all of you! Make me into a total lesbian who never wants men again!”

Kate couldn’t believe what she was saying. Her whole world had been turned upside down. It was hard to remember what she’d been like before she had come to this party but she really had been totally straight.

Lots of women admitted to girl crushes and had fantasies about experimenting with a lesbian experience, but not her. Kate had never even thought about being with a woman. Not even for a moment. But now she had gone totally lesbo and she didn’t regret a thing.

She’d come here 1,000% straight with a boyfriend she loved and a total craving for cock. But now everything had changed. All Kate could think about was hot girls and how they tasted and how they licked and how hot their tits and their asses were.

She’d been tongue fucked into submission by Jennifer while Anna had rode her face and made her taste pussy for the first time. And she’d loved it. Kate had come so hard all over Jennifer’s face while Anna had come all over hers and Kate could still taste the gorgeous actress all over her lips.

Kate couldn’t deny it. She’d gone gay and she loved it. She might never have dreamed about being with another woman before today but now it was all she wanted. All of these women looked so fucking hot and what Jennifer was doing to her felt unbelievable.

Kate was no backdoor virgin but she still only gave her ass up on special occasions. Well tonight was definitely special and Kate had been agreeing to her new friend’s desire to fuck her ass before the words had even fully come out of Jennifer’s mouth. And she was so glad she had. She hadn’t gotten her ass fucked like this in so long and Kate wanted more, especially as Jennifer continued to make it clear she was the one in control.

“Yeahhhh you don’t need men at all, do you? Mmmmm say it you big titted whore! Say this is the only fucking dick you need!” Jennifer commanded, thrusting harder into Kate and making their bodies slap together erotically while she kept the curvy model bent over the table.

Kate had such a luscious ass. It was so beautifully curvy and full and Jennifer loved seeing it jiggle for her while she fucked it. She couldn’t resist spanking it while she fucked it and Kate cried out in ecstasy when her ass was slapped.

“YESSSSS!” Kate cried. She loved a good spanking and it was especially erotic to know another woman was giving it to her. “Your fucking strap-on is the only cock I need now! I’m a fucking dyke for you Jennifer! You and all your sexy friends! Ooooooh fuckkkk I’m just another straight bitch you turned into a lesbo slut! Fuck me! Do me right up my fucking ass! Ughhhh yesssssss spank that butt while you fuck it! Slap it hard! I can take it!”

“Ooooh yes you can!” Jennifer moaned giving the girl’s backside a few more smacks and admiring the way Kate’s ass turned a lovely shade of pink from her hard slaps. “Mmmm you can take it like a big girl, can’t you? Such a good fucking slut! Take it up your ass! Take it like the hardcore dyke slut you are now Kate! No more straight girl! Just a dirty fucking lesbo bitch for me and my friends!”


It felt so amazing that Kate couldn’t believe she had never done this before. She had never felt anything this good before in her whole life.

And it was only then that Kate fully became aware of what Selena was doing to her. She’d been too focused on Jennifer taking her ass to appreciate how the girl had burrowed her face into her tits.

Kate had felt the sensation of warm lips and a wet tongue all over her cleavage, kissing and licking in between her boobs but it was only when Selena pulled up from between her breasts and started sucking on her nipples that Kate registered what was happening and acknowledged the beautiful brunette’s efforts.

“Ooooooh sweetie mmmmm that feels sooo gooooooood!” Kate purred, the soft sensation of Selena Gomez suckling her swollen nipples contrasting so nicely with the hard thrusts she was getting up the ass from Jennifer.

“You have such incredible boobs,” Selena moaned, her own body in the grip of pleasure from what Anna and Emma were doing to her. “Mmmmm so big and sexy! I want them in my face! Mmmmm fuckkkk I love tasting your nipples! I see why guys love big boobs now!”

Selena was so sexy and giggly in how she said it that Kate was overcome with desire for her. She had never truly appreciated how beautiful women were before today but now that she had gotten her head good and scrambled by girl on girl sex all that had changed.

Now Selena wasn’t just Justin Bieber’s arm candy to Kate anymore. She was a gorgeous girl who needed to be played with and Kate pulled her up from her tits so she could kiss her. It was the first time Kate had been the aggressor in a kiss with another woman and it felt so good to feel Selena Gomez’s lips against hers.

It wasn’t long before she and Selena were both parting their lips and rubbing their tongues together as their kisses got hotter. They were both letting their desires run completely free and they couldn’t hold back.

They passionately kissed each other over and over again, their tongues sliding into each other’s mouths as they shared their saliva and wetly played with each other. And while they kissed, Selena got her hands all over Kate’s huge tits and Kate eagerly explored Selena’s comparatively smaller but still impressive chest.

“You’re so hot!” Kate moaned to the singer in delirious pleasure, the sensations of being assfucked so hard by Jennifer making everything so intense and amazing. “You’re so fucking hot!”

“Oooooh so are you!” Selena moaned back, not just to Kate but to Anna and Emma and Jennifer and every other girl who was there. “You’re all so sexy! Gawwwd I want this sooooo bad! I didn’t think I did but I need it! Mmmm fuckkk I need to get fucked by girls!”

“Mmmmmm yessssssssssss I knew you fucking needed it,” Emma groaned, her accent thick with lust now as she fingered herself while working the wine bottle into Selena’s asshole, pumping it in and out and loving how accommodating the girl was to being sodomized by glass. “You love being fucked like this, like a dirty little bitch! Oooooh just like me! I love how they fuck me here! I love how they treat me like their dirty cunt licking whore! Now you love it too!”

“Yessssssssssssssssss I love it! I fucking love it!” Selena cried, grabbing onto Kate’s tits and squeezing the large, fleshy mounds while the sensations of being fucked in such a depraved manner overtook her again. “Mmmmmmm fuckkkk I love hearing you talk like that Emma! Oooooh you’re supposed to be a good girl! Gawd, I am too! I’m supposed to be so fucking good but you’re all making me want to be bad! You’re making me want to be so dirty and get fucked like a whore! Ughhh yesssssssssssssssss YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEE OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCK ME EMMA! FUCK MY ASS WHILE ANNA EATS MY PUSSY! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK I’M GOING TO COME AGAIN!”

Selena buried her face back into Kate’s chest to keep from screaming too much while she felt the surge of dirty pleasure rush through her. It felt so fucking filthy to think about how there was a long neck wine bottle going into her ass, fucking her like she was never supposed to get fucked.

This was so wrong. It wasn’t how she was supposed to act. It wasn’t what she was supposed to like. But she loved it. Selena loved how it made her feel. She loved how dirty it was. She loved feeling her asshole get stretched and penetrated and most of all Selena loved feeling Anna’s tongue licking her pussy and tending to her clit like no male lover ever could.

“Yes! Come on my face! Soak my face with your hot little girl cum!” Anna moaned in between lashes of her hungry tongue. “That little bitch Justin never licked your cunt like I do, did he? I’ll bet he never made you really fucking come!”

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwd yessssssssssssssssssss mmmm he couldn’t ever do what you girls can!” Selena squealed in pleasure, being so mean to her ex making it all feel extra good. She didn’t want to need him anymore. She only wanted to need this. “Mmmmmm I had to fucking fake it soooooo many times! But you’re making me feel so good! All of you! Everything I feel here is real! Fuck me! Don’t ever stop! Eat my pussy! Fuck my ass! Oooooh do any dirty thing you want to me and make me love it!”

“Mmmmm that’s right you’re not going to need his fucking little dick anymore,” Anna teased, loving being so bad and working out years of aggression to someone she didn’t even really know by fucking his ex-girlfriend. “You’re going to be a hardcore lez now Selena! No more Justin Bieber for you! Only wet, hot cunt in your face and wet girly tongues in your sweet little pink hole! Mmmmmm you’re such a nasty little bitch! I never knew you fucking sluts could get so dirty, especially you Hermione!”

“Ooooooooh!” Emma moaned when Anna said that, remembering how much fun it had been recently to come visit the mansion dressed in nothing but a Hogwarts costume two sizes too small for her and how they had ripped it off her and made her strong, independent and brilliant alter ego into a little lesbian bitch plaything. “Yessssssssssss I’m a fucking slut! I’m a dirty little fucking whore! I get so dirty Anna! Mmmm fuck I want to show you how dirty I love to get!”

Anna couldn’t help herself and she pulled up from Selena’s pussy to passionately kiss Emma. Her mind freshly whirled at the idea she was kissing Emma Watson. She’d seen this pretty thing grow up from little girl to gorgeous goddess in the Harry Potter movies and now she was lesbian kissing her? What the fuck was happening here? How could she be doing this?

But it was so much fun and it felt so good and Emma was an amazing kisser. Anna could feel sparks between them when their lips touched and when she got her face back between Selena’s legs she left her hand behind to tend to Emma.

Anna’s fingers slid right into Emma’s drenched, bald cunt and started fingering her hard, making her squeal and pant with need as they both worked over Selena, licking and fucking her while she screamed how close she was to coming again into the muzzle of Kate Upton’s tits.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK! MAKE ME COMMMMME! PLEASE MAKE ME COME!” Selena screamed, not even Kate’s big tits giving her enough of a muzzle to keep quiet. “FUCK ME! OOOOH MAKE IT NASTY! MAKE IT SO GOOD I’LL NEVER WANT TO STOP FUCKING GIRLS!”

“Oh it’s going to get so fucking nasty!” Anna promised as she slid two of her fingers into Selena’s drooling pink love hole. “Like that baby? Like feeling my fingers in your pretty little cunt?”

“Yesssssssss! Mmmmm please more!” Selena quivered, her clitoris being rubbed expertly by Anna’s probing fingers. “Mmmmm gawwwd finger my cunt! Make me take it like a slut!”

And Emma was just was enthusiastic.

“Mmmmmm I fucking need it!” Emma moaned, her whole body tensing up from those fingers sliding right into her intimate folds and hitting the spots she loved to feel touched. “Finger that fucking twat you horny bitch! Oooooh yessssssssss I love it sooooo fucking much! I’m such a goddamn cunt slut! Fuck me Anna! Fucking own me with your tongue and your fingers! Fuck me until I pass out and then fuck me more! Ooooooh just fucking give it to me!”

Anna’s mind was whirling. She was saying things she never would have said anywhere else. She never used the word “cunt.” She hated that word. It was filthy and degrading to women. But now it just leapt off her lips like it was the most natural thing in the world to say.

She loved how dirty a word it was. She loved that she was degrading these pretty little sluts. She had fingers buried in the pussies of Emma Watson and Selena Gomez and she had never felt happier in her whole goddamn life. The dirtier she talked and the nastier she acted, the hotter she got and she felt her own pussy…no…her own cunt…dripping as she fingered both of the young sex objects.

“Mmmm you’re both so tight!” Anna hissed, pumping her fingers into both of their soaked holes. “So tight and so goddamn wet! I want you both to fucking come for me! Cream my fingers and then lick them clean you little whores! Mmmmm such pretty little bitches! Oooooh yesssssssss I haven’t gone this fucking lesbo in so long and you little sluts are making me want to stay that way forever! Like this, don’t you?

Anna wasn’t herself anymore. She was like some kind of wild sex queen and it was so thrilling to her. This was the best goddamn make believe time she’d ever experienced.

Emma and Selena both cried out in response, nodding their heads in submissive agreement while staring at her with looks in their eyes that mixed lust and adoration to such a degree that Anna nearly came on the spot from seeing it.

They couldn’t respond with words right then but the happy cries from their mouths and the way their pretty young cunts dripped onto her fingers gave Anna all she needed and more. She began fucking them faster, shoving her fingers into them up to the knuckle while leaning back down and once again unleashing her tongue onto Selena’s pussy.

While the brunette girl writhed and moaned, her round tits jiggled uncontrollably and Kate took her turn to taste them, running her tongue all over the nipples and dark pink areolas of Selena Gomez’s chest. And Anna fingered and licked her harder.

Anna tongued the juice right out of Selena and savored the taste. Anna couldn’t believe she was licking Selena’s pussy but the girl had one of the sweetest ones she had ever tasted. Her flavor was heaven for her taste buds and Anna couldn’t get enough. Her tongue went wild on the girl, licking faster over her labia with each taster and, as Selena unconsciously spread her legs wider, Anna got the hint and buried her tongue into her new friend.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Selena cried as Anna Kendrick’s tongue went deep into her pussy and made her feel the sparks of intense lustful pleasure that she had been missing from her life for so long. “OHHHH MY GODDDDD! I’M GONNA COME! OOOOOH PLEASE DON’T STOP! UGHHH FUCK MEEEEE! FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKING LITTLE SLUT! YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCK MY ASS AND MY CUNT AND MAKE ME COMMMMME!”

“Yessssssssssss come like the nasty fucking bitch you are, Selena!” Emma groaned. “Come from this bottle up your pretty little bum! Oooooh I love fucking your ass! I wanna do it all the time now! Mmmmm lemme fuck your ass whenever I want Selena! I’ll let you do my ass too! You can fuck my fucking ass and make me your slut anytime you want! I just never want to stop fucking you Selena! I want to make your naughty bumhole all loose and nasty like mine is! Mmmm fuck I’ve had a plug up my ass the whole fucking night Selena! Mmmm I just want to get it out and have you bury your tongue into my arse and fuck me with it before you get a strap-on or even use this fucking bottle and give it to me like the whore I am! Come for me and then fuck me soooo nasty!”

Emma was babbling and she knew it. But she didn’t care. She just wanted to come. She had been fucking Selena and loving every second of turning the formerly shy and reluctant girl into a quivering, creaming slut just like she was.

She loved how everyone around them was fucking. Emma wanted to fuck Anna too and Kate and Jennifer again and again. She wanted Jennifer to get that cock out of Kate’s ass and shove it right into her mouth so she could suck it clean and then have her finally take the plug out of her ass so she could give her the fucking she deserved.

Emma loved having Anna’s fingers in her pussy rubbing against her clit and playing it skillfully like an instrument. But she needed more and she channeled her own desperation into fucking Selena’s asshole with the bottle, pushing the glass into her while Anna licked and fingered the beautiful brunette and sent her flying right over the edge.

Emma wasn’t rough with Selena. She didn’t want to do anything to hurt her. But she didn’t hold back either. She eagerly sodomized the girl with the wine bottle as Selena flailed in pleasure on the table.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK GONNA COMMMME! OHHHHH FUCKKK IT FEELS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!” Selena screamed, her legs spread wide as she lay on her back on the table, her tits bouncing against Kate’s hungry face while her ass was fucked and her pussy was licked and fingered by Emma and Anna.

Selena had never experienced anything like this. It was more pleasure than she had ever felt before and it completely overwhelmed her.

“Mmmmmm c’mon baby! Come for me!” Anna coaxed, her fingers buried in both girls but her attention mostly focused on Selena as she rubbed her clitoris and sucked and licked it. “Come like a little fucking whore for me! You know you need this! You need to come like the horny slut you really are! Come for me! Come for me more than you ever did for him! Fucking come like the dirty bitch you are with that hunk of glass up your tight little butt and my fucking tongue working you over! Give it to me Selena! Come for me you fucking slut!”


A huge wave of pleasure overtook her, more than anything she’d felt before with Emma and even more than she’d felt that one night with Demi. She had never come like this. Her body was rocking like never before.

It was just so much stimulation all at once and Selena felt like she had no control of her body. She was lost in the ecstasy she was experiencing and before she could even begin to react to it, she felt the girl cum fly out of her pussy.

The part of her brain that could still register a coherent thought recognized that she was squirting, something she had never done before in her life. She had always assumed something like that was either a myth or something too weird to ever happen to her, but now she could feel it was anything but a myth and Selena rolled her head back and roared in ecstasy as her pussy squirted for the first time, soaking Anna’s famous face in the process.

Anna’s eyes grew wide in shock as she felt Selena’s squirt fill her mouth but she didn’t pull away. In fact it made her even hornier for the younger woman.

She’d never been with a woman who had squirted before. But she’d already gone so far and gotten so dirtier so what was wrong with going a little bit more? So Anna just went with it. If Selena Gomez was going to squirt in her face then she was going to lick it up like the cum-thirsty whore she was. At least that’s how it made sense in Anna’s head.

So Anna didn’t stop licking. She licked harder instead, tonguing the juicy load of girly cum squirting out of Selena’s cunt as the girl shook and squealed and then collapsed down onto the table.

Anna gulped down as much of Selena’s squirted out orgasm as she could get and felt herself get even hornier when she considered how much she had missed that was now all over her face and even running down her neck. Selena had not only soaked her fingers but her orgasm was running down her wrist too and was going to make her arm wet in no time.

“Holy shit baby!” Anna laughed. “You’re like some beautiful little porn star! Mmmmm you dirty little slut, how come you didn’t warn me you were a squirter?”

It took Selena a few moments to catch her breath, her sweaty chest heaving and her hair sticking to her face. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her and it became even dirtier when she saw how messy she’d made Anna. The movie star’s face was covered in cum and even her hair was a mess now.

Selena immediately felt a huge wave of embarrassment cover her, her naked body taking on a full blush that wasn’t just apparent on her face.

“I…I…I’m not…at least I wasn’t…” Selena stammered out. “I’m sooooooo sorry! I didn’t mean to do that! I’ve never come that much in my life! I just lost control!”

“Oooooh don’t be sorry! I fucking loved it!” Anna laughed, licking Selena’s squirt off her lips and pulling her fingers out of the girl’s dripping mess of a vagina to lick more of Selena’s essence off them before she ran her fingers over her face to get the orgasm off her skin and into her mouth.

And after she did that, Anna planted a kiss right on Kate’s lips, surprising the supermodel. But Kate quickly succumbed to the pleasure and let Anna kiss her. She tasted Selena’s squirt on Anna’s lips and tongue and found herself moaning from the taboo delight of it.

So when Anna pulled away, Kate didn’t hesitate. She just buried her face right into Selena’s cunt without even thinking about it for a second. Kate needed the taste of more girl cum and she needed it right from the source.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwd!” Selena whimpered when she felt the beautiful blonde start licking her pussy.

She was so sticky down there now after coming so hard and her pussy was immensely sensitive. But Kate’s tongue felt so good. She wasn’t as skilled as Anna was but Kate was nice and tender in her licking and that was just what Selena needed now.

“Mmmmm yessssssssss lick me Kate!” Selena cooed. “Ooooooh eat my naughty little pussy! Mmmmm I’m so fucking messy down there now! Gawwwd lick my squirt up you sexy slut! Mmmm lick up that mess and then rub those huge fucking boobs into me!”

“Oooooh is this what you want? Wanna feel my big tits?” Kate teased, her taste buds dancing like never before from having Selena’s orgasmic taste on her tongue. “Mmmm I’ll bet they’ll feel soooooo good against your dirty little pussy Selena! Mmmmm feel it baby! Feel these big, fat titties against your naughty little fuckhole!”

Selena squealed when she got just what she wanted from the busty model. She loved seeing Kate pull up with a sexy little glaze on her lips from licking up what was left of her cum but Selena loved it even more when Kate rubbed her naked tits right into her crotch.

It felt so good to have those big, fleshy boobs rubbing into her pussy. Selena loved feeling Kate’s rock hard nipples scraping up against her tender lips and soft, spread open folds. She was still so wet and horny Selena she felt a fresh wave of dreamy horniness pass over her from Kate’s tits rubbing all over her pussy. It was such a thrill to know she was making those famous boobs all messy especially since Kate was still being ass fucked by Jennifer.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssssss that’s it Kate! Show me what a bad fucking girl you are now! Rub those big titties right into that wet little cunt!” Jennifer hissed, thrusting up into Kate’s jiggling ass with hard pushes of her hips, the strap-on she wore disappearing up Kate’s asshole and making her supermodel body quiver. “You two are such fucking dirty dykes now! Just like me! Mmmm fuck I can never go back to cock when there’s so much hot pussy around here! Mmmm I can never get enough of fucking my friends! Now you know it too Kate! Now you’re fucking feeling it Selena! You two are going to be such total lezzies by the time you leave!”

“Ughhhhhhhh fuckkk yesssssssssssssssss!” Kate grunted as she felt the plastic invading her ass, the fake cock going deeper with each hard thrust, while she painted her naked tits with Selena’s sopping wet pussy. “Mmmmm fuck that ass Jennifer! Make it a fucking lesbo fuck hole baby! Make me your lezzie bitch! Oooooh I had no idea how much I fucking needed this! Give it to me! Fuck that big ass hard baby! Ughhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssss fill me up with fake cock!”

And while Selena marveled at the sight of naked Jennifer Aniston nailing Kate Upton’s gorgeous ass, she felt her own ass still being stimulated. Because the bottle was finally being pulled out of her and Selena moaned and whimpered as it was removed.

Fortunately Emma did it nice and gently, sliding it out of her with lots of care and Selena only felt pleasure when the glass was finally taken out.

“Oooooooh gawwwwwwwwd!” Selena moaned when she truly realized just how much her asshole was tender from what Emma had done to her with that wine bottle.

Her ass felt like it was gaping and Selena had never experienced a sensation like that before. Part of her wished she could see it even while another part of her knew she would be totally freaked out from seeing her own asshole stretched and raw from being fucked so nastily by another girl.

And knowing she had let something so filthy and depraved happen to herself made Selena shiver with fresh pleasure. Her asshole felt so raw. She knew it wasn’t supposed to feel that way and that what she had done had been wrong and dirty. But it felt so good and fully realizing how stretched her tiny little hole was now made Selena groan in glee.

Selena ran her hands over her own naked body, smiling happily as she played with her own boobs and rubbed the saliva Kate had left on them around her bare flesh.

“Mmmmm gawwwd that was sooooooo gooooood,” Selena groaned. She was still wet and her pussy was getting even more turned on from feeling her asshole tingle from how she had let Emma violate her with that bottle. “Ughh I never fucked like that before!”

“We can make it even nastier,” Anna teased, running her sticky hand over Selena’s face, painting the girl with what was left of her own cum. “Open wide Selena. Let’s see those pretty cocksucking lips get to work! Suck that bottle! C’mon baby! Taste your own ass! Let’s see you pull a Madonna! You know she’s done way worse than tasting her hot, fucked ass off a wine bottle.”

Selena could only giggle and smile. When Emma had started fucking her with the bottle she had immediately thought about how nasty it would be to suck on it after and taste her own forbidden taste.

Like any girl who had ever idolized Madonna or wanted to be a pop superstar, Selena had watched Truth or Dare. She had watched Madonna deep throat a bottle. And she wanted to do it too.

But she also wanted something else.

“Mmmmm you do it too!” Selena moaned, her body still quivering from her intense orgasm. “Suck it Anna! Taste my naughty butt all over that bottle! Mmmm you were teasing me soooo meanly before but you fucked me so good that I didn’t care! I love how you ate my pussy and finger fucked me and now you get to taste my ass! I’ll do it but only if you do it first! C’mon Anna let’s see you be a slut too! Suck that bottle that just tasted my ass!”

Anna couldn’t believe Selena was challenging her and it just made her smile. God, this girl was hot. Anna had never really paid Selena Gomez much mind before tonight but now she was becoming obsessed with her hot naked body and her dirty little mind.

There was no way Justin Bieber could ever have been worthy of a little brunette sex goddess like this. She needed someone way hotter and kinkier and just all around better. She needed someone like her and Anna wanted to show she was more than up to Selena’s little dare.

“Oh I’ve sucked more cock than you could ever dream of little girl,” Anna grinned, not only making an assumption about Selena’s sex life but wildly inflating the number of blowjobs she’d given in her own life.

But Anna felt like bragging even though she was hardly the deep thoating kind of girl and definitely did not just suck off any guy with a nice smile and a good set of abs.

Still, no one else had to know that she was bluffing and Anna grabbed the bottle from Selena and wrapped her hand around the wide part of it. One thing she was definitely experienced in was drinking straight from the bottle and she showed it here, even though she had never done anything like this before.

Anna took the bottle and opened wide for it, sliding the slim neck into her mouth and down her throat just like Madonna had once shown her how to do through the magic of documentary filmmaking.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkkk!” Selena moaned, unconsciously rubbing her still drenched pussy as she watched Anna taste her ass on the bottle. “Soooo fucking hot! Mmmmm taste it Anna! Taste my ass! Taste how I got fucked with that bottle like some dirty fucking slut!”

And while Anna had never given head to a bottle before she had definitely tasted girl ass and Selena had herself one tasty little hole. Anna moaned as she wrapped her lips around the glass and bobbed up and down on it, fucking her own mouth and tasting the girl’s naughty fucking hole.

It was so hot to be doing this and tasting a girl she had barely registered the presence of before tonight and Anna could feel her own cunt start to drool down her thigh. She could have given head to this bottle for hours, but someone didn’t want that to happen.

“Share it with her!” Emma demanded, wanting to see her new fuck friend Selena taste herself too. “I want to see her suck it! I want Selena to taste that naughty little bumhole of hers! Mmmmm c’mon Anna! Don’t be greedy! Feed it to her! I want her tasting your spit and her own ass all over that bottle head!”

Anna complied, but only grudgingly so. She didn’t want to stop tasting the bottle. But she didn’t want to deny someone as beautiful and as naked as Emma. Her pussy had been so tight and hot and Anna definitely wanted to get a chance to play with it some more and taste it too.

She bet Emma tasted so fucking good and the very idea of fucking Hermione Granger made Anna turned on in ways she couldn’t really understand but she absolutely loved. She wanted to get nasty with this gorgeous little English tart and she didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot by denying her what she wanted to see.

Besides the idea of Justin Bieber’s broken hearted ex sucking herself off a bottle that had just been shoved into an orifice it was definitely not meant to go in was way too kinky for Anna to not want to see. So she pulled the bottle out of her mouth and, keeping her hand wrapped around it, fed it to Selena.

The girl opened wide when Anna pushed it in her direction and the Pitch Perfect star got it in with ease, sliding it into Selena’s mouth and making sure she didn’t choke on it…at least not yet.

Selena groaned and started touching herself with even more wantonness, sliding her fingers into her pussy to push into her squishy folds. She started sucking on the bottle that Anna was pushing into her mouth and, before she knew it, she was really getting into it.

Selena truthfully hadn’t given a lot of guys head. She might have been acting super slutty right then but she really wasn’t a promiscuous girl. But she sure knew how to do it and she found herself sucking the bottle like it was a cock, quickly getting used to the sensation of having the glass in her mouth.

It was so weird to do this, but she liked it and knowing she was tasting her own ass made her want it even more. Selena loved how dirty this was and she fingered herself harder, making her pussy coat her fingers.

The bottle head was wet from Anna’s mouth but she tasted so much more than her new friend’s saliva and Selena found herself getting off on her own dirty taste. She had never tasted her own ass before and it made her so wet to be so naughty. She was being such a bad girl and she loved knowing she wasn’t the only one.

They were all being so nasty. It was insane what was happening and Selena wanted to keep being a part of it. So she kept sucking the bottle, giving head to what had just been up her ass.

It made her gag a little bit when Anna pushed it deeper into her mouth but Selena got used to it and sucked on the glass harder, moaning while wrapping her lips around it and fingering herself because of how good it felt. And while that was happening, Anna and Emma started making out, rubbing each other’s pussies right in front of her while Jennifer was pushing deeper into Kate’s amazing ass and all of it turned Selena on so much.

Selena loved seeing Kate bent over the table, her epic boobs shaking as Jennifer took her ass and owned it. It was so fucking hot to see Kate’s chest slick and messy with what Selena knew was her girl cum. God, she had loved feeling Kate’s tits against her pussy. But Kate wasn’t the only hot woman there and Selena found her attention drawn to Jennifer’s beautiful naked body too.

Kate’s boobs weren’t the only ones bouncing and Selena wanted to kiss and lick all over Jennifer’s sexy tits. Her hard, dark nipples and yummy areolas looked so enticing as her round tits shook while she fucked Kate’s ass. Selena wanted to bury her face in those boobs like she’d done already to the blonde model. All of these girls were so hot and Selena wanted to kiss and touch and play with each and every one of them.

Selena kept moaning as the bottle filled her mouth and found herself thinking more and more about how much she wanted to fuck Jennifer Aniston. The more she looked at her the hotter Jennifer got for her and it was such a turn on to see her in action.

She had never truly realized how sexy women were but now it was like her eyes were fully open. Selena felt she could finally really acknowledge the desire she felt inside her for other girls but had been too scared to face up to. She could admit what she’d buried inside her for so long and Jennifer had never looked sexier to her as she thrust that strap-on into Kate.

“Oooooh yessssssssssss you’re gonna come for me, aren’t you?” Jennifer demanded, slapping Kate’s bare ass and making the model whimper with desire from the hard smack against her tender, fleshy cheek. “You’re gonna come from me fucking your big, juicy supermodel butt! Gonna come from me fucking it better than any man ever could! Mmmmm fuckkk your ass is so hot Kate and now it’s mine! I own this fucking ass and I’m going to let all my friends borrow it and use it as a hot, lezzie fuck hole!”

“Yesssssssssssss I’m going to fucking come!” Kate cried, helpless to the desire she felt.

She had never been fucked like this before and Kate was so lost in the ecstasy of it that she never wanted it to end. She wanted to feel it over and over again. Her boyfriend was the last thing on her mind. She only wanted girls now.

“Fuck my ass Jen!” Kate begged. “Oooooh fuckkkk you’re making me so fucking lesbo! Don’t stop! Make me into your goddamn lezzie slut and fuck my ass! Fuck that big, juicy ass that all the guys jerk off to! They’ll never get that ass now! I’m your gay girl slut now and I’ll only fuck you and your girlfriends! Guys want my big tits and my ass and my fucking wet pussy soooo bad but now only girls get to play with them! Is that what you want to hear? That I’m your hot lesbo whore now?”

“Mmmmm fuck yeah that’s what I want to hear!” Jennifer groaned, her pussy totally on fire and dripping wet under the strap-on.

Each push up Kate’s breathtaking ass made her end of the toy rub right against her clit and Jennifer was in ecstasy as she fucked the supermodel. God, she could totally see why Rose loved Mr. Snappy so much. It was a high like no other to fuck a willing slut with a fake cock. Jennifer loved feeling like she controlled Kate and that she was hers to do whatever she wanted with. It was such a rush of ecstasy and power and Jennifer adored it.

“Come for me you fucking slut!” Jennifer commanded, driving into her with a hard, steady pace that had Kate moaning and drooling from the sinful sodomy. “Take it up your perfect fucking ass! Take it like a good fucking lesbo whore!”

Seeing Kate’s famous body jiggle and bounce for her and being able to squeeze that thick but toned ass made Jennifer even hotter for the blonde. She couldn’t wait to throw Kate into the pile of horny lesbians at this party and Jennifer especially couldn’t wait for all of them to see how she had broken the model in and fucked the straight girl right out of her.

And, even though she’d had no idea until she felt herself be touched from behind, one of Jennifer’s housemates was already well aware of what she had done to Kate.

She had been watching for the last little while and she had loved what she had seen, so much that she could no longer restrain herself and she pressed herself right into Jennifer’s sweaty back while she thrust into Kate.

Jennifer moaned when she felt the welcome touch of her friend. She couldn’t see her, but she knew right away who it was. Jennifer didn’t need to hear her voice to recognize her. She knew immediately from the feel of her friend’s big, soft tits rubbing into her back and from the way her even softer hands reached around front to fondle her with a gentle, sensual touch that Jennifer always adored feeling.

“Aren’t you glad I wanted to have this party?” Love moaned lustfully into Jennifer’s ear while fondling her friend’s bare tits, loving how Jennifer’s rack filled up her palms. “Mmmm don’t you have the Christmas spirit now?”

“Fuck yes I’ve got the Christmas spirit!” Jennifer laughed, feeling fresh pleasure not only from Love’s gentle hands massaging her breasts but from Love’s big tits pressed into her back. “Mmmm this is the best party we’ve ever had, Love! Ooooh it’s going to be the hottest fucking Christmas ever!”

Again something in the back of Jennifer’s mind was screaming that she had to tell Love something…something about the punch. But she couldn’t remember what.

And even though that voice in her head was loud, it was still shouted down by everything else in her body which told her that everything was fine and nothing else mattered but fucking every hot girl she could see. And Love was definitely hot. So Jennifer, while still thrusting up Kate’s ass, turned her head and met her housemate’s lips for a sizzling kiss.

Love didn’t hesitate to return the kiss. She couldn’t remember ever being so turned on. Nothing had ever felt this good as what was happening at the party. Christmas always made her feel so many wonderful emotions but now the only thing it was making her feel was horny.

Love was sure the Christmas spirit was what was making her soaking wet and she loved it. Her pussy was so juicy and Love began lewdly rubbing it into the smoothness of Jennifer’s amazing leg.

It was so hot to see what was happening on the table. Love didn’t care how all the action had knocked food right off the table and onto the carpet. She didn’t care about the mess. She only cared about beautiful naked female bodies and Love didn’t want to think about anything else.

How could she when Kate’s tits were bouncing as she remained bent over for Jennifer to ass fuck her and Selena was giving head to the wine bottle and Anna and Emma were making out with their hands between each other’s legs. There was no way she could look away or want anything else but to join in on the fun.

She wasn’t the only one who felt that way either and Olivia Munn came right up to Love and grabbed her bare ass, squeezing her wonderfully fleshy cheeks and kissing her neck, making Love groan and rub her cunt into Jennifer’s leg even more. Olivia still wasn’t satisfied, even after all her fun with Emmy and her new friends Taylor, Dianna and Emma.

She needed more and Olivia went right for the chance to thank her hostess.

“You never let me finish what I had started before,” Olivia pointed out, her voice almost purred out of her mouth as lust made all the decisions for her now. “I loved tasting your hot little pussy, Love! Mmmm I want more! I want to show you how glad I am you let me come here! Mmmm let me show you why you should always let me come back!”

Even if she hadn’t been out of her mind with horniness, there was no way Love would have been able to resist a come on from someone like Olivia. The beautiful Asian woman’s touch was exquisite and Love needed to be touched right then.

The way Olivia kissed her neck and ran her hands over her ass, massaging her bare cheeks, made Love quiver while she kept offering her own touch to Jennifer, playing with her housemate’s tits and holding her tight while she fucked Kate’s ass.

“Ooooooh! You already showed that!” Love moaned, remembering how good it had felt to have Olivia’s tongue on her slit. “Mmmmm and I want more too! This time you have to make me come! Get on your knees Olivia! Mmmm shove your face in my butt and lick my pussy again! I want that tongue! Taste how wet I am for you and lick it up! Mmmm fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss!”

Olivia turned Love’s words into moans when she didn’t hesitate to do exactly what her hostess wanted. Olivia sank right to her knees behind Love and buried her face in her ass.

Olivia groaned in lust when she felt those thick, gorgeous butt cheeks against her face and, after she spread them open, she went right for Love’s honeypot. Love’s pussy was there for the taking and Olivia took it, bathing her slit with her tongue again and this time with nothing in the way.

Olivia had loved tasting Love’s pussy when she’d been dressed in her naughty lingerie before but nothing was better than naked and Love looked so fucking hot all naked and wet for her.

Olivia didn’t say another word. She just licked. Her hands squeezed Love’s buns while she spread the woman’s ass open and she excitedly lapped at her pussy from behind, doing what she had been aching to do ever since they had run into each other at the Grove. Olivia wanted to fuck Love. She wanted to fuck all the girls who lived here. Olivia had been waiting for this chance for so long and she was going to make the most of it.

She had loved being the one in charge when she’d been taking Emmy’s girl on girl cherry and making her friend into as much of a slut for pussy as she was. But Olivia had no problem being submissive too.

She was a true switch and she could be anything she needed to be depending on the situation. As long as it turned her on, Olivia didn’t care if she was the one in control or the one on her knees.

Olivia just wanted it to feel good and it was so good to feel Love’s juices drip onto her tongue while she licked the smooth lips of her cunt. She had been wanting more of that taste all night and Olivia pushed in further, exploring Love’s tight, soaked folds and making her hostess moan.

“Yessssssssssssssss! Fuck me!” Love groaned, rubbing herself into Jennifer’s leg harder, practically humping her friend while Olivia tongued her from behind. “Mmmmm you’re so naughty Olivia! Oooooh we should have had you over so long ago! Mmmmm eat my pussy you dirty girl! Yesssssssssssss show me how good you are!”

Love fell back into a series of kisses with Jennifer, the two of them making out without any inhibition. They knew each other’s bodies so well and they knew exactly how to kiss and touch each other. It was such a natural sensuality between them and they never needed an excuse to kiss.

Their tongues rubbed together while Love tingled from Olivia’s tongue and Jennifer relished the pleasure of fucking Kate’s ass. They both channeled what they were feeling into their kisses and it made them hungrier for each other as their tongues and lips touched as perfectly as ever.

Love cried out from Olivia’s tongue right into Jennifer’s mouth. She loved what the beautiful woman was doing to her. She really was good at this. Olivia’s hands felt so soft and gentle on her ass, squeezing her cheeks and keeping them spread open but there was nothing gentle about her tongue as it aggressively fucked her cunt and made Love feel shivers of pleasure throughout her naked body.

Olivia hadn’t even really started focusing on her clit yet and Love still felt herself close to coming. She was so good at eating pussy and Love was so glad that now they could finish what they’d started earlier.

Of course the only thing that had interrupted them had been Amy flipping out and Love felt a wicked glee when she thought about how well that had turned out. It had been amazing for her and Sarah to fuck Amy together. She had never really thought that their friend could ever have a nasty side like that and Love hoped Amy wanted to do it again and again and again with them.

Having the chance to fuck their beautiful redheaded friend had been worth missing out on Olivia’s tongue but she wasn’t going to miss that chance again and she didn’t want to wait another second before coming all over Olivia’s gorgeous face.

Love was already thinking about how hot it would be to have Olivia and Amy together with her. And if they didn’t have the chance to make that threesome into reality here at the party, Love was sure her bedroom would be a very suitable place for it. Love was getting off so good on Olivia’s tongue fucking her from behind but she knew she’d be feeling even better if Amy was kneeling in front of her sucking her juicy pussy at the same time.

Love was feeling so greedy and horny right then, more than she ever had before. And she didn’t question it. Instead she indulged and enjoyed it. Love just wanted to come again and again and again. Her whole body ached for repeated orgasms and she wanted all her friends to fuck her.

Their fun with Amy had been interrupted when Reese had staggered out and of course Love had been immediately worried that something was wrong with her, especially in Reese’s current condition. But fortunately it had been nothing wrong at all and Love was more than confident that Reese was in excellent hands with Sarah.

So Love was eagerly enjoying herself by letting Olivia fuck her while she urged Jennifer on.

“You look so fucking hot with that strap-on, baby,” Love cooed to her friend when they rested from their kisses, trying to catch their breath. “I wish you’d wear one more often Jen! Mmmm you can bend me over and give it to my ass anytime you want! Mmm it’s so hot to watch you fuck Kate! Fuck that hot ass and make her come! Fuck her like you love to fuck me! Make her fucking feel it! Mmmm leave her feeling all good and sore!”

Jennifer certainly didn’t need any encouragement from Love. But she definitely appreciated it. Having her housemate’s sweet, sexy voice in her ear telling her to be dirty and fuck Kate Upton hard made it extra hot for her and Jennifer grunted and moaned while thrusting up the model’s now very willing asshole.

Kate was definitely not as tight as she’d been when she’d walked through the door and Jennifer loved knowing she was the reason for that.

“Yessssssssssss I’m going to make you feel so fucking sore, Kate!” Jennifer groaned. “You hear that you nasty fucking slut? You hear my friend telling me to fuck your ass and make you feel it! She wants me to make you sore and make you gape! She wants me to use your hot ass like it’s my personal fuck hole! Mmmmm she wants to fuck you too, don’t you Love?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh God yes!” Love didn’t hesitate to reply. “Ooooooh who wouldn’t want to fuck you Kate? Mmmmmm you’re so fucking sexy! I love seeing your big tits bounce and that pretty face feeling all sweaty and flushed from how good Jen fucks! Mmmmm we’re all going to want to fuck you Kate! We’re going to line up and all take turns fucking you so good!”

Kate never would have believed she could ever find herself in a situation like this but right then it was all she wanted. Love’s lewd promise sounded especially good to her.

“Yesssssssssss fucking line up for me! Gawwd but don’t just take turns! I want you to gang up on me and really fuck me like a whore!” Kate cried, her words coming out in breathless bursts from how close Jennifer’s thrusts up her ass were getting her to orgasm. “Mmmmm I want all of you hot girls at once! Use my big tits and slap them around and pinch my hard nipples and make it hurt! Oooooh God fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time! Shove your toys and your tongues and gawwd do anything you want to me! Just fuck me! Make me into your lezzie fuck toy! Make me your big tit slut! Use that fucking body of mine that everyone wants so fucking bad! Use me and control me and make me fucking come so good I’ll never want you to stop! Ooooooooooooh fuckkkk yesssssssss I’m going to come so fucking hard right now! Fuck me Jen! Fuck my hot ass! Make that booty sore and loose! Keep shoving that fake dick right up my ass! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck me yessssssssss I’m gonna come!”

“Yes! Fucking come for me!” Jennifer commanded, slapping Kate’s bare ass again and making the model cry out in rapture from how nicely it stung. “Come like my hot bitch, Kate! You know you want to come from my cock up your ass! Dirty fucking whore, you love it up your ass, don’t you? Mmmmm take it Kate! Come for me like the ass fucked lesbo bitch you are now!”

Kate’s mind whirled over the implications of what was going to happen. She’d already come from Jennifer lapping at and fingering her pussy. She’s had her first lesbian orgasm and she knew she wasn’t straight anymore.

She’d also tasted Anna’s cum all over her face after the sexily tiny actress had fucked her tongue so aggressively. Kate had loved the taste of Anna’s creamy girl load. It had been so sweet and yummy and she wanted more. So she definitely couldn’t claim she only liked guys anymore.

But there was just something about coming from being fucked up the ass that was so dirty and wrong and felt so awesome too. It was like coming this way would be her point of no return. Once she came from having her ass fucked by another woman there would be no turning back.

And Kate wanted it, more than she ever thought she could. She’d never gotten this turned on from a real cock up her ass. Jennifer was fucking her like no one ever had and she loved every sensation of feeling her asshole stuffed and stretched by that fake dick.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Fucking give it to meeeeeeeeeee!” Kate cried, moaning extra loudly as a woozy but excited Selena shoved her face back into her chest, motorboating her tits as they bounced while she was fucked from behind. “Fuck me Jen! Make me your lezzie butt sex whore! Ooooooh ass fuck me! Shove it in deep! Mmmmm yessssssss I love it up my ass! Ooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk! It feels soooooooo fucking good! Give me that big fake dick! Make it so good I’ll never want real cock again! Fuck me hard right up my juicy fucking butt! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssss! I’m going to come! I’m going to fucking come and then I’ll suck that cock clean like a good lezzie slut should! Oooooooooh!”

“Mmmmmmm fuck yeah! You kinky bitch!” Jennifer groaned, loving what she was hearing while dealing out another hot slap to Kate’s ass. “You love ass to mouth huh? I shouldn’t be surprised! I should have known you were a fucking whore like that! Mmmmm I’m going to take this cock right out of your ass and shove it into your mouth and make you suck it and drool all over it and then I’m going to slap it against those big fucking tits of yours and get them wet with your own spit before I send you off to my friends for you to be their little blonde fuck pet!”

“Ohhhhh Godddddddddddddd!” Kate groaned, unable to fully process how much the thought of that turned her on.

She was so fucking wet. She’d never been this aroused with a guy before and she felt her body tensing up as the pleasure began to overwhelm her. Kate was so ready for this too. She welcomed her second orgasm from a woman even more than the first one.

And then something happened to make it even better.

“I have to fucking taste you!” Selena gasped as if inspiration had suddenly hit her.

Selena pulled her flushed face up from Kate’s rack and showed the big, excited smile crossing it. She had fire in her eyes and a visibly horny expression. And she immediately proved Kate’s breasts weren’t the only thing she was horny for.

Hopping off the table, Selena collapsed right down to the floor, partly out of choice and partly out of her legs being so wobbly from having been lying back and getting fucked for so long. But Selena didn’t care because the soft carpet felt nice and welcoming and she was right where she wanted to be, inches away from Kate’s waxed and soaking wet pussy.

Selena felt a wonderful, depraved thrill run through her while she stared at it and saw how juicy and pink Kate’s aroused and totally bare lips were. Even in her intoxicated mind, it still was a staggering rush to realize she was this close to Kate Upton’s vagina.

It was not a place Selena had expected to be at ever in her life and yet there she was, in a position most guys would have died to be in. Kate’s pink labia was all puffy with arousal and Selena couldn’t stop herself from wolfishly licking her lips. Emma’s pussy had been the first she had tasted since Demi’s and she needed more. She needed Kate!

As Kate continued to moan from being assfucked by Jennifer, Selena pressed her hungry mouth right to the model’s glistening pinkness. The smooth, swollen pussy lips felt so good against her mouth and they tasted even better when Selena started licking.

She was still so inexperienced in this, but Selena knew what she wanted to do and she began lapping away at Kate’s labia, tasting her and making her squeal with delight. The model’s juices immediately soaked Selena’s taste buds and the delicious flavor made Selena lick her harder, which Kate loved.

“Yesssssssssssss! Ohhhhhhh fuck me Selena! Ooooooooh you sexy girl yessssssssssss eat my pussy! Eat it up while I get fucked!” Kate cried out, Selena’s tongue increasing her ecstasy.

Kate had never felt anything like this before. Not even her wildest previous experiences could match the double stimulation of a hard strap-on up her ass and a wet tongue at her pussy. What Jennifer and Selena were doing to her sent a surge through her that made Kate roar in rapture.


Hearing Kate’s happy cries inspired Selena to give the supermodel what she wanted and then some. Selena lashed her tongue against Kate’s slit and made sure she focused right on the blonde’s swollen clit. Her clitoris was bulging right out and it was so easy for Selena to get to. Selena loved doing this to Kate, especially because she knew the model was right. They were both supposed to be straight and only want guys. But right then Selena only wanted girls and Kate clearly felt the same way.

Selena lavished attention on Kate’s clit, licking it with the fast licks Kate craved and then sucking on it wantonly with her lips. Selena might have been relatively new to providing oral pleasure to women but she knew what she liked and she was clear on what Kate wanted.

And right then, Selena wanted the same thing Kate did – for her to come. Selena wanted to taste Kate’s orgasm as much as the model wanted to have it.

Selena had been pleasured so thoroughly and she wanted to pay all of these women back. She wanted to tongue fuck Kate and swallow her cream and she wanted to give it to Emma again and to Anna and she wanted Jennifer to fuck her and then she wanted the Friends star to spread those amazing legs open and let her eat her pussy.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt looked so fucking sexy too. Selena wanted to suck on those big boobs and have the beautifully busty brunette fuck her face. She wanted Olivia too. God, she wanted to fuck every girl in the party over and over and over again. Selena never wanted to stop feeling what she was feeling and she never wanted to be with another guy. How could she when fucking girls was so much fun?

Selena wasn’t the only one thinking that and it coalesced into a lot of attention for Kate. While the blonde model continued her loud and happy cries from what Jennifer and Selena were doing to her, Kate also received some attention from two of the other women there.

Her ass was well taken care of by Jennifer and Selena was all over Kate’s pussy. But Kate’s tits needed some attention too and there was no way Anna and Emma could ignore epic breasts like hers.

“These fucking titties are unreal,” Anna managed to mumble before latching her mouth to one and sucking on Kate’s already swollen nipple, moaning as she tasted Selena’s juices on it.

Emma immediately followed suit and took Kate’s other breast into her mouth, eagerly sucking Selena’s cum off too. Kate let out an extra passionate groan from the new stimulation and both beauties worshipped her heavy tits. Anna and Emma caressed the all-natural curve of Kate’s breasts with their hands while their hungry lips wrapped around her erect nipples and suckled.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckk oooooooooooooh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Kate exalted as new pleasure hit her.

Kate had never felt more completely stimulated in her whole life. She had horny girls everywhere on her body. Her ass, her pussy and now her tits were being tended to and it was completely overwhelming. It was the best feeling she’d ever experienced.

Kate didn’t know what she loved most about it. It was all so incredible. All she wanted was to be touched, suckled and most of all fucked by hot girls. Nothing else could compare to the pleasure she was experiencing.

Having Anna and Emma at her breasts was the perfect capper to everything else that was happening. Jennifer was absolutely amazing at fucking her ass. She could do it so much better than any guy Kate ever been with. And while Selena was inexperienced, she was so eager and hungry for her taste that Kate was in rapture from the singer’s tongue licking her sloppy folds and tending to her clitoris.

Now she had Emma and Anna’s soft lips on her nipples too and when they weren’t sucking on them, they were licking all over her pink points and licking all over her areolas and the sweaty flesh of her large tits. The two of them even paused to kiss each other and share the taste of her breasts. Looking down to see that turned Kate on even more.

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh suck those big fucking tits!” Kate panted, her orgasm so close. “Oooooh guys are obsessed with my tits and you fucking slutty girls are even worse! All you want are my big titties to shake and bounce for you and I love it! Mmmmm fuckkk suck my nipples mmmmmm yesssssss make them throb in your mouths! Taste how I rubbed them into Selena! Ooooh all you girls are so fucking hot! Fuck my ass! Suck my cunt! Slurp on those big jugs of mine! Make me your fucking whore! OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKK YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH!”

Jennifer had been slowing her pace down deliberately as Selena and Anna and Emma had gotten to work. But now she picked up the force of her thrusts again and made Kate howl as more of her plastic cock pushed into her ass. Jennifer’s tight body was slapping hard into Kate’s round ass and Kate loved it. She was being taken like never before and it was pushing her right over the edge.

Jennifer knew it too and she egged her on.

“Fucking come!” Jennifer commanded. “Mmmmmm you’re one of us now Kate! You’re just a horny lesbian like the rest of us! You like that? Like getting this hot ass pounded? Like feeling a pretty slut sucking your pussy while you get those big tits drooled on? That’s what you’re going to get all the time here! The party never fucking stops here! We just keep fucking and fucking and fucking and you’ll never get enough! We fucking turned you Kate! You’re just a horny fucking dyke now like us!”


Jennifer laughed in absolute triumph as she made Kate Upton come. She had never felt this kind of wild giddiness before, even after all the girls she had fucked before.

Jennifer started fucking Kate harder, smacking her naked body into Kate’s and shoving her fake fuck stick deep up the model’s ass while Selena lapped at her pussy and Anna and Emma showed how tit hungry they could be.

Kate’s body was shaking as she came, making her tits slap Emma and Anna’s pretty faces, something they countered by squeezing her bouncing breasts. That just made Kate come harder while Selena reacted to her first taste of Kate’s cum by licking her faster.

Selena’s tongue delighted in the flavor that began to coat it and she found herself thirsty for every drop of Kate Upton’s cum. Selena licked up as much as she could, loving how much the model came and how creamy and tasty it was. And what she couldn’t swallow down began to dribble from her mouth down her chin.

Mmmmmm gawd, so this was why Demi was a lesbo, Selena thought to herself while she drank down Kate’s essence. This is so fucking awesome.

Why had she been denying herself for so fucking long? This was what she wanted! This was what she needed! Selena knew that now as clearly as she knew Kate’s cum was delicious. Selena kept her mouth right on Kate’s pussy while she came and she made sure to get every drop she could.


The hard thrusts and eager sucks she was receiving left Kate a sweaty, shaking mess as the orgasm exploded inside her and made her scream. She had never come like that before and she instantly knew she wanted more. Kate was sure she could come harder.

Kate found herself actually feeling jealous that Selena had squirted and she hadn’t. She wanted that too. She wanted to do this again and again and again. She never wanted to stop fucking girls and when she felt Jennifer slowly pull the hard toy out of her ass, Kate didn’t have to be reminded about what she was going to do.

Without any hesitation, Kate dropped to her knees on the carpet, her body glistening with sex sweat and her nerves still tingling with orgasmic delight. Jennifer didn’t have to say a word before Kate opened wide and took the strap-on that had just fucked her into her mouth so she could suck on it.

She’d gone ass to mouth before but she’d never been as eager for the depraved act as she was right then.

“I have to fucking taste it!” Kate breathlessly moaned, her orgasm making her face all flushed and sweaty and more beautiful than ever. “Fuck my mouth now Jen! Make me taste that slutty ass of mine!”

Of course Jennifer didn’t have to make Kate do anything. She was all too willing and as soon as the words were out of her mouth, Kate was showing off her impressive blowjob skills. Jennifer groaned and pinched her nipples at the sight of Kate Upton wetly sucking off her strap-on but that wasn’t the only reason she felt good.

Jennifer’s pleasure was really flowing now from Love kneeling down behind her and doing what she was so good at. Jennifer quivered in pleasure from her housemate spreading open her buns and attacking her pussy from behind, taking advantage of the slit along the crotch of her strap-on, while Kate swallowed her fake cock. It was so good to have Love’s tongue licking her especially with Kate acting so slutty and putting on a show for Jennifer’s eager eyes.

She might never have been with a woman before today, but Kate Upton knew how to suck cock and she proved it. She submissively kneeled before Jennifer, her asshole feeling so lewdly wide from having been fucked, and bobbed her lips up and down the toy that had just made her come.

As Jennifer moaned and egged her on, loving the view of that famous face at her toy covered crotch, Kate wetly slurped on Jennifer’s strap-on, wrapping her hand around the plastic shaft and practically shoving it down her own throat while she stared up at Jennifer with a sexy gaze, just like she was well-practiced in knowing what to do.

Kate had secretly always gotten such a thrill about tasting her own ass after she’d gotten it good and fucked and the thrill was more intense than ever now that she was doing it with a woman. She groaned and felt new arousal start to stir inside her while she wetly sucked on Jennifer’s cock, taking it down her throat and loving every ass coated inch that she was tasting.

“Oooooooh! Nasty cocksucker!” Jennifer moaned, delighted in Kate’s enthusiasm for tasting her own ass. “Mmmmm you’re just like a fucking porno star Kate! There’s probably like a dozen sex tapes of you out there showing how much you fucking love cock! But that’s how you were before! Now you’re hooked on pussy! Now you’re a fucking horny lezzie slut and this is the only kind of cock you need! Mmmmm hard plastic dick that never goes soft and can fuck your nasty fuckholes over and over again! Suck it Kate! Taste how I fucking plowed your ass and made you into my bitch! Oooooh I loved fucking your yummy ass and now you’re being such a good little slut by sucking my cock clean!”

Jennifer’s pleasure was magnified by Love’s tongue lapping at her slit. Her friend was an expert in knowing just how to eat her pussy and those sexy licks were making Jennifer’s core want to overheat. She’d gotten so wet from fucking Kate’s ass that the hot licks she was getting were just what Jennifer needed.

And Love was extra excited for Jennifer’s taste because while she lapped at her housemate’s pink, Olivia was right behind her with her face buried in her ass. Olivia’s horny tongue eagerly alternated between Love’s pussy and asshole, bathing them both expertly and leaving Love and Jennifer both moaning because the more Olivia licked Love, the more Love licked Jennifer.

And they weren’t the only ones moaning either, not when Anna was pushed up onto the table by a very eager Selena.

Anna was all too willing to let the younger girl control the tempo because she was enjoying every second of Selena Gomez’s kisses on her lips. Selena’s kisses left her tingling and Anna was very eager to see just what a hot fuck Justin Bieber’s slampiece could be.

So when Selena took the lead, pushing Anna up onto the table, the Pitch Perfect star was happy to let it happen. She was becoming a very big fan of Selena’s and it wasn’t for any cheesy pop song. It was all sex and Anna wasn’t shy in admitting it.

“Get in here and fuck me!” Anna groaned, slinging her legs open just like Selena wanted.

Anna showed off her splayed cunt and how sticky her neat brown bush had gotten like it was completely natural for her to act like a Hustler centerfold, when of course it wasn’t. But Anna didn’t care if anyone there thought she was some kind of super-experienced slut when this was actually the craziest thing she had ever done by far. She just didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

“Mmmmm yessssssssss I want to eat your pussy!” Selena practically panted, her naked body shivering with excitement and need. “I’m going to fuck you like you fucked me!”

And before Anna could tell Selena there was no way they were getting a wine bottle near her ass, the subject became moot when it was clear the only thing the brunette pop star was interested in fucking Anna with was her tongue.

Selena dove into Anna’s pussy without restraint and with a completely unchecked glee. Selena just went for it and did what she never expected to ever do by going tongue deep into Anna Kendrick’s vagina.

“Oooooooooooooh damn! Fuck yeah you dirty little slut!” Anna grunted in joy when that raw but excited tongue started fucking her, her clitoris immediately getting licked and the pleasure shooting through her body so she could feel it from the hair on the back of her neck all the way to her toes. “Fuck me Selena! Mmmmmm do it you horny thing! Eat that fucking pussy! Show me how you’re going to lick pussy better than you ever sucked whatshisname’s dick!”

And “whatshisname” was the furthest thing from Selena’s mind right then. She didn’t care a whit about him now, not with all her new friends eager to fuck.

Selena had never fully admitted just how much she had loved the taste of Demi’s pussy that one night and how her friend had fucked her better than anyone else ever had. But now Selena could at least admit just how much she loved fucking girls and how it was wrong to deny herself this pleasure.

Selena didn’t want to think about men ever again, especially that man. Pussy was all she needed and all she wanted and she was doing some serious wanting right then for Anna’s pussy. She wanted to drain every juicy drop from it and her tongue went after Anna’s orgasm with a purpose, making the talented actress and singer moan out in her amazing voice along with the rest of the moaning girls around them.

Meanwhile Emma watched Selena go down on Anna with a sense of jealousy overtaking her, not because she felt any possessiveness toward Selena or Anna, but because they were having fun and she wasn’t.

Her heart was pounding like it never had before and Emma needed to get fucked. What she was feeling went beyond simple arousal and the word “horny” couldn’t even begin to cover it. It was so much more powerful and urgent and Emma felt jealousy toward every girl who was being pleasured while she wasn’t.

So the Harry Potter star took matters into her own hands, literally, by bending over in front of Jennifer and spreading open her ass cheeks, making sure the older woman could see the plug was still stuffed into her asshole, just like how she had been told to have it.

“Please Jen please! I need it! Fuck me!” Emma demanded, her voice bratty and needy and yet still so very cultured thanks to her posh accent. “Please let me take the plug out! Fuck me right up my fucking ass! Use my ass for your fucking pleasure! Fuck it hard and deep and make me like it! Oooooh you always do that so good Jen! Mmmmm Selena ate my fucking cunt like she was born to do it but I need more! I need my ass fucked by a real woman! I need you Jen! Fuck my ass like every fucking perverted wanker out there wants to do but never can!”

It was so beneath her to beg like this. It went against every proud instinct she had as a feminist and as a woman in general to beg to be defiled and used. And yet it thrilled her to no end. It got her off like nothing else could.

Emma wanted to be used like a whore. She wanted to be the plaything for every woman at the party and used like she was some disposable thing…like a toy and not a woman. And most of all she needed to get fucked up the ass.

She’d needed it from the moment Jennifer had made her put the butt plug inside herself and feeling that plastic in her ass all day had only increased Emma’s need.

“Mmmmmmm but my cock is occupied right now,” Jennifer teased, looking down as Kate lewdly slurped on her strap-on, saliva dripping down onto her big, bare tits.

It was hot to see that but Jennifer had to admit it was even hotter to see Emma Watson naked and bent over, spreading open her ass cheeks with her own hands to show off her plugged asshole and her dripping wet slit.

“PLEASE!” Emma cried out desperately, not willing to accept any answer but “yes.” “Fuck me Jennifer! Use me like a fucking whore! Fuck my asshole until it’s raw! Turn it into your goddamn fuck hole! I love when you fuck my ass! Take it and use it! Make it yours! Oooooh you own my fucking ass! Take it and fuck me like I fucking deserve! Use me like the piece of shit slut I fucking am!”

There was no way Jennifer could resist a plea like that from someone like Emma and she withdrew her cock from Kate’s mouth, disappointing the model who wanted to get every last taste of her ass off it.

Drool dribbled down Kate’s chin from her wet cocksucking and Jennifer giggled over the sight of the famous supermodel having gone completely cock crazy for her strap-on. But while Kate pouted from having been denied more of her own ass, Jennifer immediately gave her a new task.

“Pull the plug out of that whore,” Jennifer commanded. “Get it out nice and slow and let’s see how that cute little butthole of hers is doing. Mmmmm and then bury your tongue inside her Kate. Let’s see you eat pretty Emma Watson’s ass! Show me what a dirty, horny bitch you are now, Kate!”

“Ooooooh yes! Gawwwwd anything you fucking want!” Kate moaned, totally under Jennifer’s spell and the spells of all the other gorgeous, naked girls around her.

She lustfully eyed Emma as the beautiful Brit displayed herself so lewdly. Emma always seemed so composed and elegant in public but here she was anything but that as she remained bent over with her ass cheeks spread open and her pussy and ass on display.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Kate lustfully declared, staring at Emma like she never imagined she ever could.

But Kate didn’t just stare. She did what Jennifer had commanded her to do and removed the butt plug which had been wedged inside Emma all day.

Having had experience with plugs in her own ass, Kate knew just how to remove it from her new friend. She didn’t yank it out or do anything to make it hurt. Instead she slowly eased the plastic out of Emma’s ass, taking care as she did it.

Emma moaned repeatedly as the plug was removed from her ass at long last and Kate joined her in those moans when she got a chance to see just how it had loosened Emma’s typically tight asshole. Kate couldn’t help herself. She was overcome with intense lust and didn’t even think for a second before shoving her face into Emma’s ass and licking her loosened asshole.


Any other time Kate would have taken offense to someone calling her a bimbo, even if that person was Emma Watson. But she couldn’t deny it now. Here she was naked on her knees, saliva drying on her big tits from the blowjob she had just given a strap-on which had just fucked her ass. She had her face in between another girl’s butt cheeks and her tongue was buried inside her hole.

What was she if she wasn’t a slutty bimbo? And it felt so good to be that way that Kate never wanted to be anything else but a fucking sex bimbo whore for all these girls.

Kate literally salivated into Emma’s asshole as she hungrily tongue fucked it. She had never rimmed someone before but it came naturally for her. She licked all over the sensitive, stretched ring of Emma’s anus and then probed into her while Emma’s happy cries egged her on. Kate took that as a sign she was doing a good job and she hungrily lapped at the girl’s ass, leaving it wet and sloppy with her saliva.

Emma was getting so turned on from Kate’s rim job but her cries were silenced, not by choice but rather by Jennifer. The party hostess grabbed the butt plug from Kate’s grasp and silenced Emma by pushing it into her mouth without a word.

Jennifer didn’t tell Emma what to do. It was expected she would know and she certainly did. Emma moaned from the plastic being shoved into her mouth and she began to happily suck on the toy, slurping on the butt plug and tasting her ass all over it.

“Mmmm yessss that’s a good little fuck slut,” Jennifer declared, her nipples throbbing and her pussy drooling under her strap-on at the sight of Emma closing her gorgeous eyes and swallowing the plug which had been up her ass for hours. “Suck it clean! Taste your own slutty ass! Mmmmm good girl! I’m going to have something even bigger than this plug for your sweet ass!”

Emma wanted that so badly. She groaned in need while sucking the butt plug she had felt inside her all day. She had to get fucked. Having Selena eat her pussy and make her come had only been the appetizer. She needed more and she wanted Jennifer to give it to her like she always could.

Emma couldn’t say any of this but she did show it by sucking even harder on the plug as Jennifer held it out for her and by grinding her round little ass into Kate’s horny face. It was so lewd and wild and it made Emma dripping wet to act this way.

Kate’s tongue inside her bum while Jennifer made her taste herself was heaven to her and Emma knew it could only get better. She couldn’t wait for it and, fortunately for her, neither could Jennifer.

“Mmmm I have to have you!” Jennifer nearly growled. “Bend over the table you little bitch! Stick that cute little bubble butt of yours out and get ready to take it just like Kate did!”

Emma nearly came just at the sound of the command and she eagerly pulled away from Kate and from the toy in her mouth to assume the position. She gripped onto the table and stuck her ass out, showing how wet and ready her asshole was.

“Do it! Please! Fuck me!” Emma begged. “Do it hard and nasty! Fuck my ass!”

“Careful what you wish for little girl,” Jennifer teased while she took her toy and rubbed it right up against Emma’s widened little rosebud. “Mmmm you just might fucking get it!”

And Jennifer then proved she wasn’t just giving an empty warning by burying her strap-on into Emma’s ass. She grabbed Emma’s hips and roughly stuck her fake cock into her, not pausing for anything. She knew Emma could take it and she was so right because the cry from the girl was nothing but ecstasy.


As hard as Jennifer was giving it to her, it was just what Emma needed. She needed to feel taken and owned and Jennifer was just the girl to do it to her.

Emma was squealing in passion in no time, loving feeling the hard plastic entering her ass and pushing in deeply. Inch after inch of the fake cock entered her and she wanted it all. Emma wanted Jennifer’s toy inside her all the way. She wanted every plastic inch filling and stretching her ass and she wanted to suck it clean after.

And her cries got even louder when Kate showed she wasn’t satisfied with just one taste of Emma’s ass. She wanted her pussy too and she nakedly crawled under the table to take her tongue and get it into Emma’s cunt.

Kate didn’t say anything before she did it. She just moved under the table and started licking. And Emma loved her for it. The model was so eager to please and she was definitely pleasing Emma’s pussy with her licking and sucking.


Kate responded to Emma’s dirty talk by licking faster, knowing the actress was right about her. She was getting quite the thirst for yummy girl juice and Kate was sure she was going to need it all the time now.

She lapped at Emma’s pussy faster, licking up her juices as they dripped out of her and letting them coat her tongue and drip down her throat. And while Kate did that, Jennifer responded by ramming Emma’s very willing asshole harder.

“Mmmmm that’s it! That’s a good little fuck slut!” Jennifer cooed. “Get fucked right up your ass and your cunt at the same time! Mmmmm I know you want to come, don’t you Emma! Mmmm you want to soak Kate’s gorgeous face with all that pussy cream! Mmmm I’m going to make you come my little whore! You’re going to come so fucking good…but only when I let you!”

And Jennifer, feeling an evil surge run through her that was definitely not in the Christmas spirit, pulled her cock right out of Emma. She roughly yanked it out of her asshole and instead shoved it right into Emma’s mouth, feeding her the taste of her ass and making her clean it off and lube the toy up before she would even think about putting it back inside her.

But, being the submissive slut that she was, Emma didn’t react with anger or whine about it. Instead she did just what Jennifer wanted her to do and began sucking the fake cock, so eager for the taste of her own ass.

She’d sucked off the butt plug but she wanted more now and Jennifer was giving it to her, shoving the strap-on down her throat and making her show off her cocksucking skills while Kate continued tongue fucking her creamy cunt.

As she did this to Emma, pushing the strap-on in deeper down Emma’s throat, Jennifer felt such a rush of power. She was acting like she never had before and it felt so amazing.


But while Jennifer was living out the wild fantasy of taking on a new, more aggressive persona, Gwen Stefani was living it up by doing what she did best.

She loved being this way and never, ever wanted to do anything to change it. The extra rush of intoxication and arousal from the punch was only making it better as Gwen gave herself completely to Fluffy and loved every minute of it.

“OH YESSSSSSSS! FUCK ME BABY! OOOOOOOOH FUCK ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! LET THEM SEE HOW MUCH I FUCKING NEED IT!” Gwen screamed, not caring about anything but her own needs and desires.

Usually when it came to Fluffy she had to hide everything behind a wall of secrecy and make sure only a few people knew what was really happening between them. But now that wall had been obliterated and Gwen had never been happier as Fluffy lay back on the couch and she frantically rode his cock like he was her stallion.

“Ahhhh yesssssssssss give it to me you fucking stud!” Gwen desperately pleaded, her voice dropping in volume but her need growing stronger by the second as she gasped breathlessly while riding her secret lover’s cock. “Fuck that cunt like you own it baby! Mmmm because you do! My fucking holes are all yours Fluffy and I don’t care who knows it anymore! I’m all yours! Fuck meeeeeee! OOOOOOOOOOOH!”

Just like always, Fluffy knew how to hit Gwen’s spots exactly how she needed it. He knew just when she needed him to take her hard and just when she needed it slowed down. She didn’t even have to say it. He knew it instinctively and it was one of many, many reasons Gwen adored being with him.

Fluffy could give it to her like no other man ever had, especially her husband, and Gwen didn’t feel like hiding it anymore.

“YESSSSSSSSSS FUCK ME BABY! UGHH YESSSSSSS FUCK ME LIKE I’M YOUR DIRTY FUCKING WHORE RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!” Gwen cried out, her screams getting practically animalistic while she rode Fluffy’s cock, her soft, white hands all over his sculpted, muscular chest.

She caressed all over his dark skin and even tugged on his nipples, making Fluffy grunt and groan while fucking her harder, which is just what Gwen wanted and most definitely needed.

While Gwen rode his cock, Fluffy was hardly making her do all the work. He was giving it to her just as good as he was getting it. Feeling Gwen’s wet, pink folds wrap tightly around his dick always made him feel so good and her tight cunt could easily have milked the orgasm right out of him. She had certainly done that to him before. But he wasn’t just lying back, not when he could instead thrust up into Gwen and make her take it.

While she bounced up and down, her firm tits jiggling and her hands squeezing his muscles like she needed to hold onto him, Fluffy thrust into her, their bodies slapping together in perfect synch. His cock filled her up and her cunt was so greedy for more, wanting inch after inch of his huge dick inside her.

Gwen could never get enough on a normal day and tonight she was even more insatiable than ever.

“Ooooooooooooh fucking give it to me baby! Mmmmm fill me up with that huge fuck stick!” Gwen groaned in desperate need, each moment that cock was inside her and rubbing against her clit while their bodies moved in harmony making her feel like she could come so hard the pleasure would never stop.

“Stuff that dirty white cunt of mine up with that beautiful black cock!” Gwen begged. “Ooooooh let them all see how much I love it! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk yesssssssss baby! Ooooooooooh fuckkkk bury it all the way inside me! Make me take it like a good whore! Make me take that huge fucking dick and make me come again all over it! Let everyone here see how hard you make me come and how I can’t ever get enough of it!”

Gwen had already orgasmed multiple times but she wanted more. Her cum had dripped down from her cunt onto Fluffy’s cock, coating his shaft and his balls and making a mess all over the couch. But Gwen didn’t care about discretion or politeness. She just wanted Fluffy’s cock inside her and she wasn’t going to stop until she had drained his balls. And even after that she planned on getting him good and hard for her again so she could fuck him some more.

Fluffy seemed just as enthused about the idea as she did. He was giving it to her like he never had before. His inhibitions were gone and it was like he was nothing but pure sexual energy as he thrust up into her bouncing body, stuffing her pinkness and making her love every moment his girth was stretching her open.

He had never felt more alive in his life and he showed it with every wild, untamed thrust he made into her. Right then he didn’t care about Christina or Britney or what trouble they were getting into. They were typically front and center in his mind like the dedicated bodyguard he was. But right then he only cared about the cum filling his balls and how he could unleash it all by fucking these hot women.

And Fluffy no doubt would have joined Gwen in her vocal fervor but he was even more silent than usual. This time it wasn’t due to stoicism, though, or being on alert against the potential threats to his charges.

No, Fluffy was silent this time only because his mouth was otherwise occupied by doing what he had longed dreamed about. He had Mariah Carey’s pussy in his face and he was going to make sure he indulged in every sweet drop of it. He was going to show Mariah that his cock wasn’t the only part of his body he knew how to expertly use. His tongue was just as good and she was experiencing every bit of it now.

“Oooooooooooooooh yesssssssss honey yessssssssssssssss fuck yesssssssssssssss!” Mariah hissed, her voice all sensual while she ground herself into Fluffy’s face and savored what his tongue was doing to her clitoris. “Mmmmm eat that pussy! Oooooh momma loves this so much! Oooooh Gwen you weren’t lying! Ohhhhh he eats pussy so fucking good! Mmmm I might just have to borrow him like every night!”

“Only if you take me too!” Gwen laughed while still moaning from Fluffy’s dick inside her. She then leaned in and passionately kissed Mariah, loving the feel of the famous diva of a singer’s lips against hers. “He’s mine! You can’t have him! Mmmmm but I love to share!”

Gwen indeed did love to share. She had proved that many times in many threesomes with Fluffy and her sexy girlfriends but until now it had always been a dream to have Mariah in on the fun too. She had wanted this to happen ever since she had found out Fluffy had harbored a crush on Mariah and luckily it had been easy to coax her into it.

Mariah had been all too willing to indulge in the promise of all the sex she could handle, especially if it had meant getting cock and pussy at the same time. And everything had worked out better than she and Gwen had even dared to dream.

While Gwen rode Fluffy’s cock, Mariah rode his tongue reverse cowgirl style so she was facing Gwen. That made it so very easy for Gwen to kiss her and it gave her access to the only thing that could distract Gwen from Fluffy’s ripped chest.

As much as she loved fondling his muscles, she had something she wanted to grab even more and she got her hands right onto Mariah’s tits while they jiggled hard from her fucking Fluffy’s mouth. Gwen fondled the heavy D cup mounds while hers and Mariah’s tongues rubbed together and the horny singer certainly appreciated the touch.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh squeeze those big tits!” Mariah urged. “Get those pretty white girl hands all over my titties! Oooh I never thought you’d really be this horny Gwen! I fucking love it though! I wish I’d known what a sexy freak you’ve always been so we could have been fucking like this for years! Mmmmm get those hot hands all over my tits baby! Play with them while your man licks my sweet honey up! Ooooooh fuckkkkk I’m going to fuck you both all the fucking time now!”

Naturally, Gwen loved the sound of that promise. She hadn’t even had the chance yet to really play with Mariah but she couldn’t wait to. She loved being where she was, bouncing up and down on Fluffy’s dick and letting it stuff her. But Gwen also wanted to be where he was, flat on his back with Mariah’s pussy in her face.

Gwen wanted to feel those wonderfully meaty thighs of Mariah’s around her head and she wanted to be smothered in the wetness of her cunt. Fluffy wasn’t the only one who’d been nursing a crush on Mariah and Gwen wanted to do a whole lot more than play with her amazing tits.

“Yesssssss fuck us both!” Gwen urged. “Mmmm we’re both so fucking horny for you Mariah! I want to lick your pussy just like he is! Mmmmm Fluffy licks pussy so good, doesn’t he? Almost as good as a girl does! But he’s not as good as me! I’ll lick your hot little twat better than him! OWWWW!”

Gwen’s boastful claim about her own oral abilities when compared to her secret lover’s earned her a hard slap against her bare ass from Fluffy’s strong hand. He struck her ass again after that too, making her yelp while she continued to bounce on his dick. And when he followed it up by thrusting up into her even harder, forcing even more of himself into Gwen’s willing cunt, the blonde made an even louder noise.

But while it stung to have her ass slapped while there was so much cock inside her, she felt no pain. It was only pleasure for her.

“Oooooooooooooh yessssssssss baby! Slap my ass! Mmmm make me fucking feel it!” Gwen grunted. “Yessss mmmm gawwd you bad boy! Slapping my white ass for wanting to eat Mariah’s pussy even better than you can! Mmmm naughty Fluffy, getting jealous of how hot girls can fuck each other over and over again and never get tired or soft! We can just keep on going! Mmm you know girls eat pussy better than boys! Even you Fluffy! Gawwd that’s why we can’t stop fucking each other! Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkk yessssssssssssss OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS BABY YESSSSSSSS SLAP MY ASS WHILE YOU FUCK ME OHHHHHHHHH!”

The sounds of Fluffy slapping Gwen’s ass, giving her the spanking she knew she deserved fired her and Mariah up even more. Gwen loved everything Fluffy did to her but she still couldn’t deny the truth. No man, not even him, could lick pussy as good as her girlfriends and she couldn’t wait to show Mariah what she could do.

But first she wanted to come all over her man’s cock one more time.

“Give it to me Fluffy! Gimmie that beautiful black dick in my slutty white cunt! You know my fucking pussy is yours!” Gwen cried. “Mmmm you know I love letting girls lick it but you’re the best one at fucking it! Yessssssssssss! OOOOOOOOOH FUCKING GIMMIE THAT BIG FUCKING COCK! OOOOOOOOH FUCK ME BETTER THAN MY HUSBAND EVER COULD DREAM OF! OOOOOOOOH FUCKKK UGHHH SHOVE THAT HUGE DICK INSIDE MY CUNT AND MAKE IT LOOSE LIKE HE NEVER CAN OOOOOOOH!”

Gwen rarely brought up her husband to Fluffy. Why would she? She was in a sexless, loveless marriage of convenience and she didn’t want to remind Fluffy of it. But she also wanted him to know that while she loved women, he was the only man for her. Gavin didn’t matter to her. Only Fluffy did and she wanted to make sure he knew it.

And he sure got the message, ceasing his spanking and instead squeezing her firm, tight ass, fondling the small cheeks of Gwen’s backside just like he knew she loved. He kept her steady so she could push her body down onto him while he thrust up into her.

But Fluffy wasn’t the only one stirred on by lust and jealousy. So was Mariah. Fluffy’s tongue felt amazing lapping at her pussy and stimulating her clit. But she needed more.

“Ooooooh he looks soooo fucking big! Mmmmm so much bigger than Nick!” Mariah moaned, referencing her ex. “How’s that cock feel in you Gwen? You love feeling that big, fat cock filling your pretty pink white girl pussy?”

“Yesssssssssssssss! Ohhhhh Mariah you have no idea how much I fucking love it! How much I fucking NEED it!” Gwen cried, her firm breasts bouncing as hard as they could while she rode Fluffy, the hardness of his cock making a sexy squishing sound each time it pushed into her drenched hole. “I can’t get enough of him! Mmmmm fuck me Fluffy! Fuck me right in front of this big tit slut you’ve been crushing on! Ooooooh let Mariah see how wet you make me! Let her see how good you fuck my tight white pussy! Let her see how good you make your fucking whore come for you!”

“I need that dick too!” Mariah groaned, her lust for her new lover growing from each hot lick Fluffy took against her swollen clit. “I need to feel that huge cock stretch open my cunt! Oooooh I haven’t gotten really fucked in so long and that’s such a goddamn big cock! Share him with me Gwen! Give me that big cock and let me ride it like you are! Let me fuck your boyfriend so I can bounce up and down on him and let him see my huge titties bounce while he stuffs my fuck hole!”

Gwen wanted to see that too. She loved sharing Fluffy and the idea of Mariah Carey naked and fucking herself against Fluffy’s dick while her large breasts bounced was such a turn on to Gwen. But she didn’t want to share his cock right then. She wanted to come all over it again first.

“Nooooooooooo you can’t have it yet!” Gwen whined, panting as she felt herself nearing orgasm. “I need to come all over it again first! I need to soak your cock Fluffy! I need to coat it with my cum again! Ughh one more Fluffy! Keep fucking me until I come again!”

Feeling very possessive, Gwen began riding Fluffy’s cock even faster. All along her goal had been to share Mariah with Fluffy. She’d wanted him to have a Christmas gift he’d always remember. But when push came to shove, she suddenly was unwilling to share.

It was quite unlike Gwen and she even recognized that, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted it too much. She had to have Fluffy’s cock and she wanted to be greedy and selfish with it. She wanted it all to herself and she wanted to get herself fucked so she could come again.

“But I need it toooooo!” Mariah whined, hating that she was being denied. She was not someone who heard the word “no” a lot, especially when it came to sex. In fact Mariah couldn’t remember the last time she had been denied anything. “You promised you’d share!”

“Ughhhh I just can’t get enough!” Gwen cried, loving how he filled her up while she bounced aggressively on Fluffy’s thick pole. “I need to come again! Please make me come Fluffy!”

That was when Fluffy spoke up and, even with his face smothered by Mariah’s thick ass cheeks, he was very clear.

“Beg for it Gwen!” Fluffy commanded, pulling his cock out of her sloppy hole with a wet squish with one hand while using the other to slap her ass hard, harder than he had before.

“FUCK!” Gwen screamed when she felt that strong hand striking her bare ass, the pain shooting through her and intoxicating her. “Ooooooh baby! Fuckkkkkkk! Oooooh yesss spank me! Spank your fucking white married whore! Spank this cheating bitch! Make my white ass red from you spanking me just like I fucking deserve!”

And Gwen got another hard smack against her bare ass, the crack of Fluffy’s hand against her bare flesh making Mariah wince but also drip with desire.

“I said beg for it you fucking horny bitch! Beg for this black dick in your dirty white fuck hole! You want it so bad? You want to be a greedy little slut? Then beg for it right up your fucking pink cunt!” Fluffy grunted while repeatedly slapping his cock against Gwen’s pussy, making a wet smacking sound each time he did it.

He never had talked to Gwen like this before, not even at his most horny. But the man who prided himself on self-control had none and he was taking it all out on his lover, just like Gwen wanted him to.

She melted with desire from how aggressive he was being. She felt like she could come just from him talking to her like that and treating her like some piece of fuck meat. She wanted him to possess her completely and she didn’t care if Christina saw it. She needed this man and she couldn’t bear to have him stop until he fucked her and made her come again.

“Yessssssssssssssssss!” Gwen hissed, the sting of the mean slaps to her ass making her even wetter for him while the feel of his hard dick smacking her loosened pussy lips made her desperate to be filled again. “Fuck me Fluffy! Own my dirty white cunt! I want this! I need you so much baby! I’ve wanted you to loosen up for so long and just take me like a fucking stud! Ughhhhh I’ll give you anything you want baby! Fuck my holes! All of them! Shove this huge fucking dick back into my twat and then ram it up my ass! Ooooh you’re always so scared to give it to me there but I fucking want it so bad! Shove that whole fucking big stud cock of yours up my married ass and wreck that fuck hole while you make this white bitch yours! Ooooooh then force it right into my mouth and make me gag and choke on it like I’m some porno slut and make me suck my slutty ass off it! Please Fluffy please! I promise I’ll share with Mariah! I promise I’ll let you fuck her too! Just please make me come again! Please baby please!”

Fluffy’s heart beat faster, pumping adrenaline through his body as he grabbed his cock by the shaft and pushed it back into the warm velvet of Gwen Stefani’s cunt.

He wanted this too. He didn’t want to hold back. He wanted everything Gwen wanted and more. He didn’t want to hide how he felt about her and how he needed her too. He didn’t want to be repressed. He didn’t want to be restrained. He wanted to feel alive like he only could when he was with her. So he gave her just what she wanted because he wanted it too.

“Take it!” Fluffy demanded while Gwen squealed in pleasure from the fresh penetration. “Take it deep in your wet cunt you fucking whore! I don’t want you going back to your husband anymore! I don’t want you thinking any of these girls can fuck you better than I can! You’re mine Gwen!”

“YESSSSSSSS! YOURS! ALL FUCKING YOURS!” Gwen howled in bliss while she bounced harder on Fluffy’s cock, slamming her toned white body into his muscular black one and feeling their sweaty skin smack together. The mere moments she had been separated from his cock making her even more desperate for it. “FUCK ME BABY! OOOOOH YES FLUFFY! FUCKKK GAWWD YESSSSSSSSS I’M YOURS BABY! UGHHH I’LL FUCKING DUMP GAVIN FOR YOU IN A SECOND! OOOOOH FUCKK I’LL EVEN STOP FUCKING ALL THESE GIRLS FOR YOU! JUST GIVE IT TO ME BABY! FUCK ME FLUFFY! MAKE ME COME!”

And Gwen meant what she said…at least partially. What she and Gavin had was barely even a partnership much less a marriage. She’d have left him for Fluffy in an instant. And she would have stopped fucking other girls for him too. But she certainly hoped she wouldn’t have to.

She didn’t want to stop fucking girls. She didn’t want Fluffy to make her. And it was hard to imagine he would, not with Mariah grinding her pussy back into his face. She knew he liked other girls as much as she did and the way his cock throbbed inside her tight vaginal folds as he stuffed her with his inches was more proof of that.

Fluffy didn’t say anything more. Not only did he not need to, but he couldn’t, not with Mariah getting his lips and tongue back where she needed him. If she couldn’t have him fuck her with his big dick, the very least she could get was him fucking her with his tongue and Mariah moaned when she felt him get back to work eating her wet box.

He was good at eating pussy. That was for sure. Gwen was right. She’d felt better from girls. But for a man he was top notch and Mariah rubbed herself right into his face, loving his stubble against her thighs while he ate her out.

But Mariah didn’t just savor the pleasure of his tongue on her clitoris. She did something more, something she was sure was going to get her what she was really after. Plus it was something she had been wanting to do from the first second Gwen had approached her with this wild idea.

“Mmmmm lemme help you come sweetie,” Mariah said eager to assist Gwen and also serve her own interests.

With Fluffy’s tongue working over her clit, Mariah bent over so she was facing the fusion of Fluffy and Gwen’s crotches. She stared right into Gwen’s cunt as Fluffy’s cock filled it up but she didn’t just admire the view. While Fluffy fucked Gwen, Mariah started licking her.

“YESSSSSS! MMMM YESSSSSSSSSSS!” Gwen cried out in ecstasy as soon as that tongue hit her swollen clit. “Ughhh yeahhhhh mmmmm lick my pussy Mariah! Ooooh I wanted to fuck you as much as Fluffy did! Mmmmmm get your tongue on that naughty pussy of mine while he fucks it! Oooooh yessssssss mmmmm fuck yesssssssss ooooooh! That feels sooooo good Mariah! YESSSSSSS!”

Gwen had already done a lot with Mariah but this was the first time she had felt her tongue. They’d kissed and touched but now Gwen was finally getting what she’d most wanted from the diva. She’d heard from Christina and Britney just how good Mariah was at eating pussy and now she was finding it out for herself. And Gwen quickly felt that Mariah definitely didn’t need instruction. She knew just she was doing.

Mariah expertly licked at Gwen’s clitoris, making sure to time her tongue right along with the thrusts of Fluffy’s cock inside her. That allowed Mariah to taste him too while she licked Gwen and of course that was just what she had wanted.

Mariah loved tasting Fluffy’s meat soaked with the cream dripping from Gwen’s pussy. It gave his inches a tangy glaze that Mariah craved and she licked her tongue up and down the underside of Fluffy’s cock while it pumped into Gwen.

“Mmmmm you both taste so fucking good!” Mariah groaned, her lust growing not just with every moment she was tasting them both but from what Fluffy’s tongue was doing to her own pussy.

She had been ready for this from the moment she had slipped into her seductive Christmas outfit and now she was dripping into Fluffy’s mouth while aching to be filled with dick.

“Come for me Gwen!” Mariah urged. “Come all over his beautiful black dick with that slutty little white pussy of yours! Ooooh I had no idea you were such a whore for black meat baby! I could have been hooking you up with my friends this whole time!”

But while she was finding herself being driven to fresh heights of ecstasy from the way Fluffy’s cock filled her as she also experienced the new pleasure of Mariah’s hot tongue on her clit, Gwen was not so far gone that she could let that go by without a correction.

“Nooooooooooo! Fuckkkkkk! Not just any dick! Only his! Only Fluffy’s!” Gwen cried out, wanting to make sure Mariah knew that it wasn’t the mere taboo of interracial sex that was fueling her here.

She didn’t crave Fluffy because he was black. She craved him because of who he was and what he made her feel. No substitute would do.

“I love his fucking big black cock in my dirty little white pussy but only his!” Gwen insisted with passionate cries. “Ughhhhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK! I’M GOING TO COME! MMMM MAKE ME COME! BOTH OF YOU!”

Fluffy’s hands were off Gwen’s ass now and were squeezing Mariah’s thick buns now while he ate her out. But Gwen could still feel her ass tingling from how he had spanked her and squeezed her rear. It felt so good and it added extra pleasure to what she was experiencing.

Gwen wildly kept on bouncing, fucking herself not just on Fluffy’s cock but Mariah’s face. She loved feeling her tongue tasting the juiciness of her dripping cunt lips while they were forced open by the thick cock inside her and she loved even more how Mariah knew exactly how to lick her clit.

They were making such a mess now on the couch, Fluffy on his back with his face smothered by Mariah and his dick covered by Gwen. Mariah was lying on top of him in the classic 69 position but her mouth and tongue were busy working over two horny crotches. And now that Gwen was extra close, Mariah mostly focused on her.

Mariah licked eagerly at Gwen’s swollen clitoris, jamming her tongue inside her while she was already being filled with Fluffy. Fortunately Fluffy’s thick cock pushed Gwen open more than enough for Mariah to really get her tongue into her too. And Mariah took full advantage.

She was starving for dick but she definitely wanted Gwen too and her pussy tasted heavenly. Mariah loved tasting that hot honey on her tongue as Gwen cried in rapture and rode Fluffy like she could have been trying out for queen of the rodeo.

Mariah had to admit she was a bit surprised. When she had first been approached by Gwen she had thought that this was just a fling between the blonde and the bodyguard. And then she had started to assume that Gwen was one of those white girls who loved getting dirty with black men.

She had seen more than enough of those kind of hos. But it was now clear it was something way more and Mariah loved being a perverted part of it. She licked harder at Gwen, tonguing her clit and tasting the rich flavor of her juices while Fluffy fucked her and Mariah made sure to grind herself forcefully into Fluffy’s face too.

His tongue was doing a hell of a lot more than warming her up for his cock and Mariah was sure she’d be soaking his face in her girly cream if he was inside her much longer with his tongue. Mariah loved what he was doing and made sure to rub into him harder, fucking his tongue with her needy pussy while she rubbed her bare tits into his bare stomach, scraping his flesh with her rock hard nipples.

And Mariah did it all while keeping her famous face shoved into the fusion of Fluffy’s cock with Gwen’s cunt.

Mariah could see out of the corner of her eye their clothing scattered all over the floor. She could see Fluffy’s Santa outfit and her own holiday ho ho ho wear with Gwen’s nice dress and it just reminded her all the more about how they were naked now and rutting like animals on someone else’s couch.

And Mariah could hear everyone else fucking like wild beasts around her. It was an explosion of untamed lust and she loved being a part of it. She had gone too long without really getting laid and it was time for that to change.

So Mariah stopped licking and started sucking, taking Gwen’s swollen love button right into her mouth while she bounced on Fluffy. Mariah was through playing. She needed Gwen to come right then and there so she could have her turn with Fluffy and she knew just how to do it.

Mariah had been licking pussy before she’d ever even had her first dick and she loved the taste of a woman’s orgasm. She knew she was amazing at making women come and she showed it to Gwen while sucking on her clit and getting her off.


“Ohhhh yesssssss fucking come Gwen! Make that big dick all wet and creamy again so he can slide it right into momma’s needy pussy!” Mariah urged even as she had her mouth full of Gwen’s pussy, feeling that dick still pumping into the blonde while she came. “Come all over my face! Make my pretty face as messy as you made this gorgeous cock! Give it to me you dirty white whore! Come all over this big black cock like you never do for your husband! Mmmm fuck Gavin tried to give it to me once but I wasn’t having any of that! But I’ll fuck his cheating wife though! I’ll eat her dirty wet pussy while she gets it stuffed full of dick! Mmmm come for us Gwen!”

And Mariah wasn’t alone in cheering Gwen on either.

“Yessssssssss come all over my cock!” Fluffy said. “Make it all wet with your cum for me to fuck Mariah! Come for me now and I’ll let you do anything you fucking want to me! Anything!”

And that was music to Gwen’s ears. She was already coming when he said it but it was the perfect capper to everything she was experiencing as she felt another orgasm roar through her. Her body was getting sore and tired but all she wanted to do was keep going because the idea of Fluffy being open to any and all perverted desire she might have was too good to be true.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! YESSSSSSSSSSS! OHHH FLUFFY YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Gwen screamed, loving every bit of what she was feeling as she came and soaked Fluffy’s cock again with her cream, the naughtiness dripping out of her and onto Mariah’s face and down his shaft onto his balls, staining the couch cushion beneath them. “OOOOOH FUCKKK GODDD COMING AGAIN! OOOOOOH COMING ALL OVER THAT BIG FUCKING COCK OHHHHH FUCKKK NO ONE MAKES ME FEEL THIS GOOD! YESSSSSSS!”

While Gwen came, Mariah helped herself to a healthy taste of the blonde’s cream, lapping it up and swallowing it down before she rose up from her belly on top of Fluffy and kissed Gwen, pushing the woman’s own cum right into her mouth.

Gwen kissed back immediately, loving the taste of herself and sharing it greedily with Mariah as their tongues rubbed together and they both savored the creamy, rich taste of her orgasm.

Mariah’s hands moved all over Gwen’s firm little tits, squeezing them and even pinching her nipples while Gwen groaned in breathless satisfaction. She did the same to Mariah, loving the feel of how her hands couldn’t contain those D cup beauties.

Gwen couldn’t help but notice how sexy it looked to have her white hands all over those big milk chocolate tits and she massaged them sensually as their frantic kissing cycled down to something more tender. They tongue kissed with a saliva filled excitement for each other and Gwen found herself slowly bringing her frantic riding of Fluffy to a conclusion.

Her pussy was sore but in the best way and she still felt a rush of fresh desire when she finally pulled herself off him with a squelch and saw his cock sticking straight up and coated with her cum.

Gwen wanted to lick it clean and taste every drop of her own girl cream off of Fluffy before she focused only on him. She wanted to tongue his balls and get even dirtier with her man and then swallow his load, tasting the salty release like a good slut should. But she never got that chance because Mariah was not about to wait a moment more.

“My turn!” Mariah emphatically declared and she meant it too.

Before Gwen could even blink, Mariah was changing positions and pulling off Fluffy’s face and so she could get herself onto his cock. She whirled around in a flash, planting herself over his lap and lowering herself down.

And while Fluffy wanted it as much as Mariah did, it was clear that he did not have a choice in this. Mariah was getting herself fucked and. like the impatient diva she was, she wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!” Mariah groaned in her famous voice as Fluffy grabbed a hold of his cock and guided it right into her while she lowered herself down, their bodies meeting together in perfect harmony as he entered her. “Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk! That cock feels so fucking big! Mmmmm yesssssssss momma needs this! Ooooooh this pussy’s been way too lonely for too fucking long! Fuck me baby! Fuck that juicy hole like Nick never could!”

“Mmmmmm you hot bitches are all the same!” Fluffy chuckled, savoring every moment of this as his own fantasy came true and he felt Mariah’s snug, soaked folds wrap around his hard cock. “Husbands aren’t giving it to you like you need and you have to come to me! I’ll give it to you Mariah! I’ll give it to you like I’ve always wanted to!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssss give it to me!” Mariah pleaded as she began slowly and erotically moving her body up and down Fluffy’s steel-like inches inside her. “Mmmmm fill me up with this huge cock! Ooooh I’d fuck more of my fans if they were all hung like you baby! C’mon Fluffy! Give me that big, beautiful dick! Shove it right inside this sweet chocolate pussy! Show me you don’t just love fucking white girls! Mmmmmm yessssssssssss ohhhhhh fuckkkk give me that cock! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Gwen loved seeing the look on Mariah’s face when she began to fully experience just how amazing it was to have Fluffy inside her. She’d seen that look on the faces of so many of her friends from Jennifer to Reese to Cameron Diaz to Michelle Branch to JoJo Levesque.

Gwen loved seeing it because she loved them finding out what she already knew about how good he was and how incredible it felt to fuck him. Seeing her friends feel that big, hard cock inside them was the second best thing to actually feeling it herself and Gwen knew that Mariah had no idea what she was fully in for.

Fluffy knew how to use his cock to really make a woman feel good. He wasn’t all length and no skill. He was both and Gwen loved seeing other women feel it. Mariah was starting to ride him with more speed now and Gwen knew it wouldn’t be long before she was riding him as hard as she had been.

She couldn’t wait to see Mariah really start to bounce. Gwen was sure those big tits of Mariah’s would look sexier than ever jiggling madly while she rode Fluffy’s prick and felt him make her come. And she wanted to be a part of that.

“You look so fucking hot,” Gwen moaned still out of breath and happily tingling from her orgasm while she rubbed her sweaty body into Mariah’s.

She pressed her bare tits into Mariah’s back, making sure Mariah could feel how hard her nipples were while she kissed her neck and reached around front to squeeze Mariah’s large breasts again.

“He’s wanted you for so long!” Gwen said. “He never tells me anything, you know. He keeps all his secrets locked up but he always told me how much he wanted you! He’d tell me how hard he’d get when he’d see you go into the label to visit Britney and Christina and fuck them like the little dirty sluts they are!”

“Ooooooh is that right baby?” Mariah said, raking her long fingernails over Fluffy’s chest while she sensually rode him. “You get all horny thinking of me fucking Christina’s cunt? You like thinking of me eating Britney’s sloppy wet pussy and drinking her cum? Mmmmm did it make this big black beauty of yours all fucking hard in your pants seeing me go into their office and making them into my white sluts? Ooooooh too bad you couldn’t see what was going on in there! Mmmm I’ll bet your fucking boner would have ripped right through your pants!”

Fluffy had never been the confessing type. But his tongue had been loosened and then some. His whole guarded personality had been dropped and he told Mariah what he had been feeling, sharing with her something he had only shared with Gwen.

“Ohhhh fuck! God, I wanted to see what was going in there!” Fluffy admitted. “I actually hate watching Christina and Britney fuck! It’s the worst to be in there when they’re naked and acting like little insatiable bitches. Those two fuck like rabbits and they make me watch because they think I don’t even notice it but it drives me crazy to see those crazy sluts fuck and not be able to do anything about it! It’s so fucking awkward to stand there and try not to get a fucking hard on! I’m glad when they shut the door and don’t make me watch! But I wanted to watch you! I always wanted to watch you get in there and fuck them! That’s the only thing I ever wanted to see!”

“Ooooooooh poor poor Fluffy,” Mariah teased, laughing at his predicament. “Poor baby! Seeing those sexy white sluts with their big creamy fake tits and their round, juicy booties acting like dirty little whores running around their offices naked and turning it into one big orgy all the time! They never let you join in? For real? Ooooooh Chrissy is crazier than I thought because if you were working for me I’d have been drooling over this dick of yours non-stop! Mmmm I’d have had you working in that office naked so I could get at you whenever I wanted! Those girls really are crazy. Someone needs to show them they can’t live on pussy alone!”

“Oh they already know that, at least Chrissy does,” Gwen laughed, remembering all too well how Christina had once shown off for her just how dedicated a judge she was on The Voice by getting herself double penetrated by Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, letting those horny men take turns fucking her pussy and her ass.

Gwen had been far too focused on making Britney come with her fingers and her tongue and then with a bunch of Britney’s favorite dildos to get involved in that dirty threesome. But she and Britney had indulged themselves at the very least by watching Blake and Adam spray their sticky loads all over Christina’s face and make her a real mess and then by crawling over to lick Christina clean and kiss her so they could all share the perverted taste.

But she didn’t tell Mariah that. She didn’t want to do anything to distract from Fluffy’s needs.

“They do make poor Fluffy suffer though,” Gwen said, kissing and feeling Mariah up as she rubbed her still soaked pussy into her from behind, pressing it to Mariah’s hot ass and moaning from the way the smooth, tight flesh of her round cheeks felt against her tender labia. “Mmmm they make him watch and never let him join in. His cock is so fucking hard all the time because of it and he wanted to see you fuck them soooo bad! He wanted to see what you do to them to make them have you back over and over again!”

“Oooooh you’d have loved what I did to them last time,” Mariah moaned, remembering her last trip to the record label. It had been months ago but it was still so fresh in her mind. “Mmmm I stripped them both naked in their own office and made them kneel down while I put a collar and a leash on both of them!”

Fluffy groaned just from hearing that and while he didn’t say anything, Mariah could feel him get even harder in her pussy. So she gleefully continued.

“Like that baby? Like me making those bitchy bosses of yours into my sluts?” Mariah purred. “Mmmm I collared them both and made them kneel and I yanked them by their leashes and made them my slutty white pets mmmmm making them lick my pussy and eat my ass and make me come all over their pretty creamy faces before I let them kiss and share that taste! Ooooh and then I fucked both of their big white asses with a strap-on and made them beg for it right up their tight holes! Mmmmm I don’t always play like that. Sometimes I love to be a filthy little bitch too but that day I was really feeling it like a boss and I loved giving it to them hard and nasty and making them come for me! I wish you’d been there to see it Fluffy mmmm I’d have let you jerk off watching the show and then I’d have finished you off with my mouth before I got you hard again so you could fuck me like I need it! Mmmm just like you are now baby! Ooooooh yesssssssssssss give it to me Fluffy! Just like you give it to Gwen! Like how this feels baby? Like feeling my rich, spoiled superstar cunt wrapped around your big dick baby? Mmmmm feeling that tight little pussy you’ve always wanted!”

Mariah’s words were tantalizing in every syllable and Fluffy loved hearing them. He’d wanted this for so long and Mariah was making it better than he had ever dreamed.

She was riding him cowgirl style so he could see her heavy breasts jiggling while they fucked and seeing Gwen’s hands reaching around to play with them turned him on even more. He reached up and squeezed them too, both of their hands on Mariah’s large tits while he kissed her, the two of them fusing their mouths together while he pushed into her pussy harder, his inches disappearing into her wet folds while she groaned her approval.

“Yesssssssssss that’s it! Ooooooh fuck me baby! Fuck that wet pussy!” Mariah sighed in lust. “Mmmm it’s been so fucking empty for so long! It’s needed a big, fat dick inside it and you’re giving me just what I fucking need! Give it to me Fluffy!  Make me fucking feel it like Gwen does!”

“I’ve wanted you so bad!” Fluffy groaned, her cunt wrapped around his throbbing cock and feeling just like heaven as their bodies moved together perfectly. “Wanted you for years! I was so jealous those fucking sluts got to fuck you and I didn’t! I wanted to break down the fucking door while they were fucking you and get in on it! I didn’t even care about them! I just wanted you!”

“Now you got me baby! You’ve got all of me!” Mariah assured him, riding his cock and loving just how nicely his prick felt inside her. “Mmmm fucking Christina and Britney was so much fun and they made me come so good but I need more baby! I need cock! Fuck me baby! Fuck me even better than those blonde sluts did! Do it just like you dreamed about! Make me come like you make your pretty little girlfriend come! Mmmm she tasted so good coming all over my face while her cunt swallowed your big dick! You like tasting her on me, don’t you? Mmmm kissing me and tasting that sweet white pussy all over my pretty lips?”

“Tastes so fucking good!” Fluffy moaned back. “I love tasting her off other girls’ lips! She loves licking pussy and she loves getting other girls to fuck her while I’m fucking her! She loves getting her cunt licked by horned up little lesbian bitches while she’s sucking my cock and I love watching it! We’ve fucked so many girls like that but none like you! Mmmmm I fucking love it so much!”

Gwen had always known that Fluffy loved it when she shared him and when she brought her desire for wet, delicious pussies together with her lust for his hard cock. After all, he was always so hard for her when they played like that and what man wouldn’t want the chance to fuck multiple women?

But it was the first time she had ever heard him say it that bluntly and it made her so hot to hear it.

“Mmmmm fuck baby! I love fucking other girls with you!” Gwen said, rubbing herself into Mariah still and spreading her juices against Mariah’s beautiful bare ass while squeezing Mariah’s tits along with her man. “It’s my favorite thing! Mmmm I love when you see me get all wet and creamy for other girls! I love watching you see me get my pussy licked like a sexy little slut while I’m swallowing your big cock! Ooooh Mariah, we’ve shared so many girls and now we’re sharing you! I love his cock but I also need pussy! I’m fucking insatiable and I’m going to show you just how much!”

Gwen’s pussy was still soaking wet even after all the times Fluffy had already made her come and she felt a burning desire for more running through her body. She really was insatiable tonight and she loved it.

Her body was on fire with lust and she wanted to show it off. So Gwen stopped rubbing herself into Mariah’s back and did something far more pleasurable instead by kneeling down on the carpeted floor while Mariah rode Fluffy on the couch.

This gave Gwen a lewd view of Fluffy’s slick cock sliding in and out of the wet lips of Mariah’s cunt and Gwen looked at them with both jealousy and desire as she licked her lips at the filthiness of it all.

The jealousy naturally stemmed from Gwen wishing Fluffy was fucking her again. She’d never felt this greedy for him before. God, she just wanted him to take her over and over again and for no one else to have him. But the desire she also felt totally overwhelmed her jealousy and Gwen loved knowing he was making Mariah feel good.

It turned Gwen on to see Mariah moaning and cooing for more while she began riding Fluffy with more intensity. Gwen couldn’t get enough of watching that superstar body frantically bouncing up and down on Fluffy’s pole as he impaled her tight, needy pussy. It was like Mariah really was desperate for dick and seeing her fuck Fluffy made Gwen so wet even while she craved more for herself.

Gwen loved seeing Mariah get more and more into it, not just because she knew it was what Fluffy wanted but because it let her see Mariah’s luscious ass cheeks jiggle. Gwen moaned over her view of those thick buns shaking while Mariah rode Fluffy and she helped herself to a healthy squeeze of Mariah’s backside while lowering her face into it and dragging her tongue over the superstar’s ass crack.

That gesture got a happy moan from Mariah and Gwen kept on going, spreading those jiggling butt cheeks open and drooling right into Mariah. Gwen’s saliva dripped down Mariah’s crack and she quickly licked it up, dragging her tongue up from the sweetness of Mariah’s dripping, cock filled cunt to her tiny little asshole.

Gwen moaned and felt her own pussy drip while she tasted Mariah’s asshole, poking it with her tongue and thinking about how while that hole might have been tight, Mariah was definitely no backdoor virgin. Gwen had expected that but she still loved the kinky thrill of pushing her tongue into Mariah’s asshole and getting it wet with her saliva.

And the thrill wasn’t only Gwen’s. Mariah loved feeling her tightest hole get invaded and she immediately demanded more.

“Ooooooooh! Yesssssssssssss Gwen! Oooooh you dirty fucking ass licking slut! Oooooh yesssss that feels so fucking good!” Mariah grunted while she rode Fluffy harder, her heavy tits bouncing while she held onto her lover’s muscular body for support. “Mmmmmm shove that dirty tongue into my fucking ass! Bet you love eating Britney and Christina’s asses don’t you Gwen? Oooooh I’ll bet you love getting your pretty little married tongue into the asses of all these sexy sluts you’re fucking! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss that’s it honey! Tongue fuck that juicy ass of mine! I’ll bet you’ve been dying for this, haven’t you? You’ve wanted to fuck me as much as Fluffy has!”

“No one could want to fuck you as much as I have!” Fluffy interrupted immediately, leaving no doubt while he continued to thrust upward, filling more of Mariah’s very accommodating pussy with his cock. “Take it Mariah! Take this big cock I’ve got for you! Take it like Gwen does! She loves it when I fill her up with it! I’m going to make you come all over it just like she does!”

“Yesssss ohhhh yessssssss! That’s just what I need! Make me drip my honey down over this big, beautiful cock!” Mariah pleaded. “It feels so good Fluffy! Mmmmm I love riding your fat fucking dick! Fill me up with it baby! Fuck your dream girl while your girlfriend eats my ass! You two are so fucking kinky and I love it! Mmmmmm both of you are fucking me so good! Make me come! I want to come all over this cock!”

Gwen smiled while she lapped away at Mariah’s tight asshole, wetly probing it with her tongue while she felt those full cheeks jiggle against her face from the singer’s bouncing motions. She loved that Fluffy’s fantasy was coming true, especially since she was the one who had made it come true.

But Gwen also wanted to make sure that Mariah knew she wanted her too. Fluffy wasn’t the only one who had been crushing on Mariah’s famous body and Gwen was sure she was showing it by sliding her tongue into Mariah’s asshole.

Just to make sure, though, Gwen moved one of her hands off Mariah’s ass so she could rub her fingers against the sodden lips of her newest lover’s pussy. Mariah was being filled up by Fluffy’s cock and Gwen rubbed her hard at the same time. That made the bouncing singer toss her head back and hit a very high note of pleasure. Gwen kept on going too, rubbing and caressing Mariah’s cunt lips and teasing her fingertips right over her clitoris while Fluffy pushed up into her.

“Ahhhhhh! Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss rub my pussy you horny slut!” Mariah cried, rocking herself harder against Fluffy while Gwen’s skilled fingers made her even wetter. “Mmmmm give it to me Gwen! Rub my fucking clitty while your man is stuffing me with his cock! This how you two like to play, huh? Team up on some beautiful bitch and fuck her until she’s a cummy mess? Mmmm yessssssssssss that’s just what you’re doing to me! Ooooooh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhh yesssssss play with that cunny Gwen! Mmmm rub that pretty pussy while you have your tongue shoved up my ass! FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHH YESSSS MORE! GIVE ME MORE!”

Mariah was quite comfortable with barking out orders, whether in the recording studio or in the bedroom and it felt extra good now. It might have been her first time with Fluffy and Gwen, but Mariah hardly needed to train them. They knew just what to do and how to do it. They were experienced in the very best of ways and Mariah loved every bit of what they were doing her.

Her cunt had been craving cock for so long and Fluffy was bigger than any man Mariah had been with. Nick had never been able to satisfy her the way she’d needed him to but Fluffy was everything she desired. His meaty cock felt right at home in the soft, soaked velvet of her pussy, filling her up and stretching her, giving Mariah every inch that she needed while, at the same time, his girlfriend gave her the sweet satisfaction of a woman’s touch.

At one point in her life, Mariah had truly been the innocent the early marketing of her career had made her seem like. That hadn’t been a lie. She had been every bit the ingénue Tommy Motolla had claimed to have discovered. But Mariah had quickly learned, once she had become a part of his rich, debauched lifestyle, that there was nothing like a threesome.

Mariah had gotten very acclimated to the finer things in life and that included being able to have a hot man and a hot woman at the same time. The pleasure of having a man and a woman simultaneously pleasure her sexually was so intense and Mariah had adored it from the first time she had felt it.

It was the best of all worlds and Mariah had never experienced a threesome as good as this before. Gwen and Fluffy were two of the best lovers she’d ever had and Mariah had never felt anything as incredible as having them together and pleasuring her together.

She needed more of them and Mariah wasn’t shy about making that clear while Fluffy’s cock and Gwen’s fingers skillfully and passionately pushed into her at the same time.


Hearing Mariah Carey uncontrollably talk dirty fired up Gwen and Fluffy even more. They both wanted her so bad and they both wanted to make her come.

Gwen was getting such a thrill out of this even as she fought off her own greedy urges to push Mariah off of Fluffy so she could feel that cock inside her again. Wanting him so bad and resisting it made it feel even hotter to be fingering and rimming Mariah.

Mariah’s skin was so soft and warm and Gwen loved feeling the silky smoothness of the singer’s thick ass in her face. The fleshy buns of Mariah’s backside felt so good smothering against her and Gwen’s saliva dripped right out of her mouth and into the superstar’s waiting asshole

But Gwen wasn’t just doing this for her own benefit. Yes, she loved the perverted thrill of being able to taste Mariah’s asshole. It was so lewd and kinky to do it and it made her pussy so wet to do it to Mariah.

However, the main reason she was rimming Mariah’s famous ass was to get it ready. Not for her own pleasure, but for Fluffy’s. After all, Mariah was a Christmas gift to her secret lover and Gwen wanted him to get the most out of it.

Mariah might have been the one there who was most used to giving orders and having them obeyed, but Gwen wasn’t exactly a wallflower herself. So Gwen was going to make sure she got what she wanted and, more importantly, that Fluffy got what she knew he wanted.

“Turn around,” Gwen demanded, grabbing Fluffy by his legs and starting to maneuver him so he was sitting upright on the couch.

Her touch was insistent and he didn’t fight it. He moved forward so he was at the edge of the couch just like he wanted. And as he did it, Fluffy kept on fucking Mariah, not letting anything stop him from living out his fantasy.

Fluffy loved giving it to her like this. Mariah’s pussy was so tight and feeling it wrap around his cock and squeeze it was everything he had dreamed about. Her pussy was the softest sexual velvet and his cock was being treated to those beautiful folds just the way he had always wanted.

But Gwen wanted to give him more than just the chance to take Mariah’s vagina. She wanted him to experience it all.

“So Christina told me something naughty about you, Mariah,” Gwen teasingly said, pulling her tongue away from the superstar’s asshole and instead using her fingers to spread saliva all around Mariah’s puckered ring while still stimulating her clit with her other hand.

“Oh yeah? What’d that bitch say?” Mariah asked, distracted by the pleasure she was experiencing but still curious about where Gwen was going with this.

Mariah’s words came out as breathy gasps from what Fluffy and Gwen were doing to her and this position allowed Fluffy to drive into her harder, his hands now on the back of her ass, spreading Mariah open so his cock could push into her more and with greater speed.

“Mmmmm she said you’re a real slut for taking it up the ass,” Gwen replied, her eyes twinkling with desire. “She said you don’t just love to dish it out to her and Britney! She said you love taking it up your big booty as much as they do! Is that true? Are you a dirty anal whore like those little whores are?”

Gwen devilishly spanked Mariah’s bare ass she asked, her hand smacking against Fluffy’s as she did it. And Mariah groaned in response, loving the naughty slap. It felt so good and Mariah told Gwen what she wanted to hear, which just so happened to be the truth.

“Yessssssss oooooh yesssssssss I love it up the ass!” Mariah admitted. “Mmmm I love to dish it out to hot sluts like those two blonde bitches but oooooh I love taking it too! I love feeling a big cock up my ass! But I only give the booty up to real studs! You gotta earn my ass!”

Fluffy immediately picked up on where Gwen was going and he loved it. He squeezed Mariah’s ass cheeks like he was laying claim to her tightest hole and asked the obvious question.

“Then how about it Mariah? I’ve fucking earned it!” Fluffy boasted. “You going to give this ass up to me? Gonna let me fuck you with my big cock? Your cunt loves it! How about we see if you can take it up your ass too!”

Mariah actually hadn’t been expecting this to be put to her so bluntly, not even when Gwen had started licking and teasing her hole. She was just so lost in the pleasure that the obvious hadn’t occurred to her.

But she didn’t let it throw her. She just smiled and said what came naturally to her.

“Mmmmmm yeahhh baby you can have that ass! You can fuck my big, juicy ass for Christmas!” Mariah replied with a throaty laugh like she was granting a precious gift, which in many ways she was. “I know you must love sticking it to white girls and their skinny asses so I want you to have a real woman! I want you to take my milk chocolate butt and fuck it hard! I’m your gift baby and you’d better use me right!”

Mariah hadn’t known what to truly expect about this night so she hadn’t even contemplated the idea she would be able to feel the taboo pleasure of anal sex. But since it was being offered to her so generously, she wasn’t about to turn it down.

It had been so long since she had felt a big cock up her ass and, as soon as it was put out there as a possibility, Mariah found herself craving it more than she had in a long time.

She hadn’t been lying. She was very picky about who she gave up her ass too. Not just any man could have access to a treasure like that, after all. And like a precious jewel, Mariah made sure to take excellent care of her ass and restrict its visitors to insure its value.

But, given the way her horniness had taken over all her rational thinking and the way Fluffy was making her pussy feel, Mariah had no doubt that giving her ass up to him was the right thing to do. She might have only met him tonight, but he had earned it and letting him have her ass seemed like the natural thing for her to do.

“Oh I’ll use that ass right!” Fluffy insisted. “Gwen’s always begging for my cock up her ass! She can’t fucking get enough of it! She’s such a fucking dirty white slut for my dick!”

“Yessssssssss! You know I am!” Gwen cried, now rubbing her own cunt furiously now as she again felt twinges of both intense desire and of strong jealousy that Mariah was going to get it up her butt and she wasn’t. “I’m your fucking white whore baby! Give it to Mariah and then give it to me! Fuck both our asses and make us into your sluts! Shove it up her naughty ass baby! Fuck her like you fuck me!”

Gwen loved how Fluffy was acting. Usually he was tentative about pushing it inside her ass. He was worried he would hurt her even though she’d taken him up her tightest hole several times and had loved it. But tonight Fluffy was an unleashed sex monster and Gwen wanted to take full advantage because she felt like one too.

What she felt tonight went far beyond her usual insatiable lust for Fluffy.

“Fuck this ass!” Gwen declared, using her free hand to smack Mariah’s bare bottom again. “Give it to her baby! Fuck it hard and deep and make her fucking come from your huge cock! Fill her up and stretch her open! Ughhh make her loose like you always make me after a good fucking! Time to show this spoiled diva slut what it is that I fucking crave all day and all night! I love how you’re acting Fluffy! I wanted you to loosen up for me and fuckkkk it’s making me soooo wet!”

Gwen didn’t have to give any more instruction. Both Mariah and Fluffy knew perfectly well what to do.

While not getting off his lap, Mariah pulled herself off Fluffy’s prick, leaving it coated in the creamy essence of her pussy. She felt so empty for the moment when her pussy was left unstuffed, but she didn’t mind because she knew it wouldn’t be long before an even tighter hole was filled.

And that was just what she got when Fluffy’s strong hands continued gripping her backside, moving Mariah over just enough so that when she lowered herself down onto him again, this time his cock went up her ass.

“UGHHHHHH!” Mariah groaned, feeling the thick girth of Fluffy’s cock penetrating her asshole.

It felt even bigger going up her ass than it did into her pussy but Mariah had been expecting that and she welcomed the pain that came with the pleasure. Plus Fluffy knew exactly what he was doing and how to make it feel amazing. So when Mariah pushed herself down onto him and felt his cock push inside her ass, it was an incredible sensation.

Fluffy kept Mariah’s ass cheeks spread with his hands, opening her hole and, with the lube of her cunt juice all over his cock and Gwen’s saliva on her asshole, it paved the way for him to be able to enter her with relative ease. He slid into her and she let him penetrate her with eagerness, pushing her body down onto him so her ass could swallow more of his cock.

“OOOOH YESSSSSSSS MMMM FUCKKKK!” Mariah exclaimed as she felt him fill her like she hadn’t been in so long. “YEAH! MMMM FUCK MY ASS! OHHH YESSSSS!”

Mariah was panting heavily as she began to ride Fluffy’s cock. They took it more slowly than they had before, but only a little bit more slowly because they both wanted to do this.

There was no hesitation on either of their parts and the only reason Fluffy took her at a slower pace was because her ass was tighter than her pussy and he didn’t want to hurt her. But Mariah was quickly getting used to the anal invasion she was experiencing and she loved it. It felt so fucking amazing that she could clearly see why Gwen couldn’t get enough of this stud.

Mariah hadn’t been ass fucked in so long and this was the biggest cock she had ever taken up her ass. But she loved a challenge and she knew if Gwen could take this cock in her little ass then she sure as hell could make her booty accommodate it.

Mariah wasn’t about to let some skinny white girl show her up. She was going to make Fluffy fill her ass and Mariah was already dreaming about how good it would feel to have him let loose inside her and shoot his hot wad of cum up her ass.

“Yessssssssssss get it in there you fucking stud!” Mariah grunted, urging Fluffy on through gritted teeth as the intensity of what she was experiencing flowed inside her. “Mmmmmm fuck my ass! Shove that big black dick inside me baby! Fuck my big, spoiled slut ass! Ughhh yesssssssssss mmmmmm fuck yeahhhh! Give it to me Fluffy! Fucking take that ass! Make me fucking feel it! Ooooooh I so fucking need this!”

“Fuck yeah you gotta get this ass fucked by a real man!” Fluffy moaned back, his cock throbbing inside her while Mariah’s ass tightly gripping his shaft and not wanting to let go. “You hot sluts can’t get it from your husbands so you have to get it from me! And each other!”

“Oooooh you know it!” Mariah enthusiastically answered. “None of us can ever fucking get enough! Mmmmm that’s why we’ve gotta fuck each other! But you fucking love it, don’t you Fluffy? Seeing your girlfriend fuck other girls! Watching me do this!”

Mariah suddenly grabbed Gwen and pulled her up so they were face to face. She then passionately kissed the blonde singer, tasting her ass all over Gwen’s tongue.

Mariah enjoyed the taste, of course, and it showed. She and Gwen got right into it, closing their eyes and savoring the mutual passion and pleasure of their lips mashing and then parting so their tongues could rub together.

Fluffy groaned loudly at the sight of Gwen and Mariah making out, their hands roaming all over each other’s bare tits while they kissed. He did love seeing Gwen with other women. How could he not? He was only human and no man who liked women could ever resist seeing two gorgeous women together.

Fluffy had seen that and so much more thanks to Christina, but he wasn’t numb from it. It always charged him up, even when he couldn’t show it. Fortunately he could sure as hell show it now. He loved watching Gwen and Mariah kiss and play with each other’s breasts and he proved it by shoving himself harder up Mariah’s ass, forcing his cock in deeper.

“OHHHHH! YESSSS FUCK YESSSS!” Mariah cried from him forcing more of himself inside her snug but willing hole. “Ooooooh fuck me baby! Fuck my ass while I make out with your slutty girlfriend! You’ve got it all baby! Hot sluts hungry for your cock and each other’s pussies! Mmmmm you’re living every man’s fantasy!”

Fluffy had never thought of it in such simple terms but Mariah was right. Gwen adored him and was never shy about sharing him with other women. What more could he want? What more could he need?

All Gwen asked of him in return was to not be repressed around her and let her explore her own kinky desires. What man couldn’t love that situation? It was everything he could ever want or need.

“Yeah it’s so fucking good!” Fluffy replied while thrusting himself up into Mariah even harder, their bodies slapping together as his cock really filled up her ass. “Ohhhh fuck this ass is so fucking tight! You’re so hot Mariah! Hotter than I even thought you would be! Ohhh baby you made this happen Gwen! You’re the fucking best!”

Gwen’s face broke into a huge smile upon hearing it and she pulled away from Mariah’s hot lips to get back down on her knees in front of them while they fucked away on the couch.

“I am the best!” Gwen giggled, so happy to hear that from Fluffy. “And don’t you ever forget it baby! I’m your dream girl!”

But for a dream girl she could also be a total devil and Gwen proved it by doing what she had been waiting for a chance to do ever since they had gotten naked. While Fluffy tended to Mariah’s ass with his cock, Gwen tended to his with her tongue and started rimming him.

Just like the other night, Gwen went wild with her licking, but this was no impetuous moment of passion like it had been then. This time it was deliberate and full of lascivious intent. She knew he wanted it and she wanted to give it to him. Gwen wanted to treat Fluffy so good that he’d never be repressed for her again.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk!” Fluffy groaned out, feeling taboo pleasure shoot through him.

He’d been expecting her to do it, truthfully, but he still hadn’t been fully prepared for it. The rush of having Gwen rim him still felt so very wrong and so very right all at the same time.

Gwen didn’t tease him first or even start off at his balls before dipping lower like she had the other night. This time she went right for Fluffy’s ass and she licked it lewdly while staring up at him and Mariah and loving what a dirty girl she was being.

She was licking Fluffy’s tight asshole and Gwen loved it, fucking herself hard with three fingers while she put her pink tongue where Fluffy never would have let her go before.

And it wasn’t a shy lick like she’d first taken before. Gwen hadn’t really gone for it when she’d done it the other night. She had started off slowly and increased her licking only when she’d been sure Fluffy liked it.

But now she knew he did like it and she went wild on his asshole, licking all over it with saliva dripping off her tongue and then spreading it around like she loved to do to all the girls she had rimmed.  She teased the entrance to her lover with her tongue and then rapidly licked his sensitive hole, pausing only to lick up his taint to his balls before moving back down to tongue tease him some more.

And while the pleasure he’d received from it the other night had freaked him out, this time Fluffy just groaned and grunted and fucked Mariah harder, driving into her ass while she rode him.

“OHHHHHHH FUCKK OHHH YESSSSS HARDER FLUFFY! HARDER! BANG MY FUCKING ASS!” Mariah shouted in delight, her heavy tits bouncing harder than ever while riding her new lover and feeling more of his cock enter her and stretch her open. “OOOOOOH YOU FUCKING DIRTY BOY!”

“Yesssssssss you’re such a dirty boy Fluffy,” Gwen hissed, wickedness bubbling up inside her as she pleasured her man in such a forbidden way. “Mmmm you like this don’t you? Like feeling my tongue licking your tiny, tight little ass? I can see your fucking cock throb when I do it and I saw how hard it made you come! Say you like it Fluffy! I wanna hear you say it!”

Fluffy was still embarrassed that this turned him on. He couldn’t believe that he liked it.

He had never even considered something like this before Gwen had done it to him and it made him so uneasy to realize how good it felt. But he couldn’t deny the pleasure he was feeling and he wasn’t going to do anything to stop Gwen.

The uninhibited high he was on only made Fluffy want it more and he moaned uncontrollably while fucking Mariah hard. He spread his legs open even more to give Gwen better access with her tongue and groaned out exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Yes! Yes! I fucking like it!” Fluffy admitted. “Ughhh is that what you want to fucking hear? It makes me so fucking hard when you do that you nasty girl! Dirty little slut licking my fucking asshole! Fuckkkkkkkkk ohhhh fuck that feels so good! I love it Gwen!”

“Oooooh I know you love it! Mmmmm you’re just a slutty boy and I’m a slutty fucking girl! God, we’re so nasty together!” Gwen cooed back before she licked Fluffy’s ass again, rubbing against it with her wet tongue and making him groan and shake for her.

She loved how Fluffy was giving into something illicit. It was like the first time she’d succumbed to a woman’s touch. Jewel had made her feel so good even though Gwen had known she wasn’t “supposed” to like it.

Now Fluffy was feeling that too. It definitely wasn’t as intense a boundary as she had crossed, but for him it was a huge step and Gwen knew it. She loved bringing him into more uninhibited territory. She wanted him to embrace the taboo things he enjoyed, just like she had.

“Dirty boy! Mmmmm wanting this white slut to lick your yummy black asshole!” Gwen moaned. “I love it! I love it so much when you’re nasty with me Fluffy! Mmmm fuck letting me lick your tight little ass like I lick Christina and Britney! Ooooh they love my tongue up their butts and now you do too!”

Gwen might have been out of her mind with lust but she also still knew when to stop talking and just keep licking instead. She didn’t want to remind him too much about all the girls she had done this too because she didn’t want him thinking he was any less of a man for liking it.

Gwen knew this was still delicate territory and she wanted Fluffy to enjoy it. She wanted him to know he could enjoy this and not worry it made him gay. All it did was make him the kind of man who was lucky enough to have Gwen Stefani eager to lick his asshole.

So she didn’t say anything more. Instead Gwen devilishly pushed her tongue into Fluffy’s asshole while she rubbed his nuts, squeezing his big, cum filled balls as she kept her other hand buried in her own cunt.

Gwen started to really tongue Fluffy’s asshole, fucking him with the tip of it while her hand spread her saliva all over his balls. And soon the only talking was coming from him.

“Ohhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh FUCKKKK! Ahhhh! Gonna come!” Fluffy grunted, his body tensing up as he felt himself being pushed to the point of no return.

The feeling of fucking Mariah’s ass while Gwen pleasured him in such a taboo way was too much for him.

But someone didn’t want him to come yet and she was very clear about it.

“No! Fuck no!” Mariah whined. “Don’t fucking come yet! Make me come first, Fluffy! Give it to me baby! Fuck my ass until I come! Make this dirty slut come from your big cock buried up her ass! Ooooooh fuckkkk yessssssssssss your fucking cock feels so good inside me but I need more! I need to come! Make me come Fluffy!”

Holding back all of his impulses to let go and let his load shoot right out, Fluffy pushed onward.

As tempting as it was to just empty his balls into Mariah’s ass then, Fluffy managed to steady himself and maintain some self-control. He was very much in short supply of it right then, but he had enough left to hold back his orgasm while he kept on fucking Mariah.

And fortunately he had help. Because as much as Gwen loved the thrill of being able to do to Fluffy what no other woman had dared before, she knew her tongue was needed elsewhere.

She might have enjoyed licking his asshole, but there was no way Gwen could deny herself her ultimate joy of being able to tongue Mariah’s pussy. It was right there and waiting for her too, dripping with juice as Mariah’s legs were spread open wide.

Mariah’s labia flared with arousal while she rode Fluffy’s cock and Gwen didn’t hesitate. She just moved her mouth from Fluffy to Mariah and started sucking on her cunt lips, getting an instant reaction.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS! OHHHH FUCK ME GWENNNN!” Mariah howled in ecstasy, the warm, experienced mouth of her blonde friend just what she was needing right then while her ass was getting stuffed. “YESSSS! AHHH FUCK YESSSS EAT THAT PUSSY WHILE YOUR MAN ASS FUCKS ME! OOOOOH! YESSSSS FUCKKK OHHH GOD YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD FUCKING PUSSY LICKING SLUT, AREN’T YOU GWEN?”

“Mmmmmhmmm I learned from the best and now I’m the best too,” Gwen confidently bragged before getting her mouth back on Mariah’s pussy.

She slurped the juice out of her and made the world famous diva scream with pleasure. Gwen expertly sucked on Mariah’s spread pussy. She drained out her wetness into her mouth and hungrily swallowed it before she attacked Mariah with her tongue, showing even more gusto than when she’d just gone after Fluffy’s asshole.

Rimming guys was very new to Gwen but eating pussy was something she knew she was an expert in and Gwen showed it by how she went after Mariah. This is what she loved. She adored licking up the juices of another woman while they were being fucked by Fluffy and this was extra nasty, just the way Gwen wanted it.

As Mariah cried out again and again from the pleasure she was receiving from the both of them, Fluffy continued thrusting hard up her ass and Gwen licked up the tender, sensitive folds of her wet box. And the more Gwen tasted the more she wanted.

After being so naughty with Fluffy, the sweetness of Mariah’s pussy was just what she craved. And with that delicious pussy right in her face while Mariah rode Fluffy reverse cowgirl, Gwen was able to latch her mouth right to it and suck on her. That not only got Gwen the taste she wanted, but drove Mariah wild too.


Gwen and Fluffy wanted that too and neither of them held back. They worked Mariah over hard, sucking and fucking her passionately. Mariah was in ecstasy with every second of the dual effort and they kept going.

Fluffy pumped into Mariah forcefully as she rode him hard, thrusting up and jamming more into her ass while their naked bodies smacked together. And while he did that, Gwen focused entirely on Mariah’s clit, sucking it with all her horny skill.

“Come for us!” Fluffy commanded, gripping Mariah’s hips while thrusting. “Fucking cream that cunt all over Gwen’s pretty face! She’s such a fucking little slut for it! I see her fuck so many girls and they always come so hard! Coat her face with your cum while I fuck your great ass! Ohhh fuck you’re even hotter than I ever could have imagined! Take my cock Mariah! Feel it shoved deep up your ass and fucking come! Do it now you fucking spoiled bitch!”


Gwen was about to tell Mariah to do it because she wanted to drink down her fuck cream but she never got the chance because as soon as the words were out of Mariah’s mouth she made good on her promise. She came all over Gwen’s face with a screaming rush, her cunt creaming out and soaking her tongue and feeding Gwen the feminine essence she had been so hungry for.


Mariah closed her eyes and squeezed her tits while she felt her orgasm explode inside her. This had been such a long time coming and, while she always hated to wait for what she wanted, she had to admit it was worth it because this was fucking fantastic.

Mariah had no idea what else was going to happen at this party but she was dead certain that she and Gwen and Fluffy were going to be fucking again. This was one of the best threesomes of her life and it wasn’t even over yet.

Because while Mariah screamed out her orgasm, it just served as a reminder that Fluffy hadn’t come yet and Gwen couldn’t let that stand. She and Mariah had both gotten off so good but Fluffy’s cock and balls were swollen with the need to explode. She didn’t want him to have to wait a moment more.

Gwen pulled a still shaking and cooing Mariah off of Fluffy’s cock and down onto the carpet with her so they were both kneeling down in front of his cock as it literally twitched in front of them, the need for him to come so obvious that a cool breeze would have been enough to get him to shoot his load. And once Gwen pulled Mariah down to the floor, their sweaty naked bodies pressed together, Gwen made sure the superstar knew who was in charge.

“Suck that cock!” Gwen ordered, pushing on Mariah’s head, her hands in her hair as she forced the spoiled singer down. “Suck your own slutty fucking ass off it! Mmmm taste my cunt and your own ass!”

Gwen was so horned up by then that she would have made Mariah suck Fluffy’s cock right out of her ass whether Mariah had wanted to or not. But fortunately Mariah offered no resistance and instead enthusiastically went after Fluffy’s dick. She bobbed her lips up and down his dark shaft, swallowing his thick meat into her mouth as best she could.

No one had ever accused Mariah Carey of not knowing how to suck cock but she wasn’t quite at her best considering how Fluffy had scrambled her brains with that assfucking. Still she managed to do quite nicely in swallowing Fluffy’s big cock down her throat while Gwen guided her up and down with her hand in her hair.

And Gwen kept herself busy too by leaning down and sucking on Fluffy’s balls, slurping on them wetly as saliva dripped from her mouth onto the carpet below.

“Ahhhhhh fuckkkk! Gonna come!” Fluffy warned.

He’d been holding back to make sure Mariah got off and now that the mission was accomplished he could finally unleash the load that had been boiling inside himself. But before he could come, Gwen greedily yanked Mariah’s head off Fluffy’s cock and instead sucked it into her mouth, tasting Mariah’s ass and what was left of the taste of her own pussy all over it.

Gwen knew just how to suck Fluffy off and her throat was very well trained by now in being able to accommodate his size. So she was able to show an impressed Mariah a few tricks, working her mouth all over him while Gwen also stimulated Fluffy’s balls with her hand.

But Mariah was not about to not get a taste either. She could see Gwen intended to swallow all of Fluffy’s cum for herself and that hardly seemed fair. So Mariah got greedy too and yanked Gwen’s head off Fluffy’s cock like she had just done to her.

Turnabout was fair play but the two women quickly realized there was plenty of Fluffy to share. So they both started sucking him together, each of them taking a side of his cock and licking it while they both played with his balls. And it only took a few seconds of this for the inevitable to happen.

With a loud and happy groan, Fluffy came, his load shooting out of his overheated cock with several streams of hot, sticky jizz onto both of the faces of the women kneeling in front of him. It was just what Gwen and Mariah wanted and they eagerly took it, the cum squirting out onto their noses and foreheads and finally onto their tongues as they helpfully stuck them out and let him shoot the last of his load onto them.

And when Fluffy collapsed onto the couch to collect his wits, Gwen and Mariah naturally fell right into a sloppy kiss, sharing Fluffy’s hot cum by rubbing their tongues together and then licking the rest off each other’s faces.

But they didn’t stop there. Fluffy’s cock was still semi-hard and they fell right onto it again, sucking it clean and doing everything they could to get him hard for them again. It didn’t take long for it to have an effect either as the effects of how high Fluffy was on the drugged punch did wonders for his libido.

His cock quickly started to come back to life thanks to Gwen and Mariah’s oral efforts, which was a good thing because none of them were eager for this night to come to an end quite yet.


For someone who had thought she had seen it all, Rose was still surprised about the way her housemates and their guests had fallen into an utter orgy of rutting.

Things had been cooking for sure when she’d ducked away from the party to properly seduce Victoria. But upon her return Rose had seen just how wild and depraved things had gotten. And as much as she loved it, Rose was still shocked, but bemusedly so, over what their cute little Christmas party had transformed into.

Even in her wanton imagination Rose had never pictured anything like this. Sure she’d expected the after-party to get wild, but not the actual Christmas party and truthfully what was going on around her was dirtier than she had ever dreamed things could get.

She couldn’t believe that her friends were doing this. It was like they had all gone sex crazy. As horny as she had seen them act before, the way her friends were behaving was way beyond even the already slutty standards of the mansion.

Rose couldn’t believe that of all of them, she was the one who actually had some self-control. That was not a position she was used to. It was a new perspective for her, allowing her to enjoy a rare view of seeing her friends act like shameless sex monsters.

It was strange and entertaining and, most of all, arousing. Rose might not have known what had brought all of this on, but she was going to enjoy joining in on it. After all, if her friends were going to go this wild, then she was going to take full advantage.

She’d come back from her naughty time in the kitchen with Victoria and she hadn’t paused to put anything back on. She was naked except, naturally, for Mr. Snappy cinched tightly around her waist and she had every intention of putting her favorite toy to good use. Rose might not have been the one to turn this party into a giant orgy, but she was going to enjoy the fuck out of it by displaying her prowess to her friends and also making sure she made some new friends in the process.

“Oooooooh Chrissy’s been holding out on me!” Rose laughed happily while in mid-thrust. “Mmmm she’s been keeping hot pieces of ass like you on the side and not sharing with her friends. She’s going to fucking pay for that! But at least she wised up and finally got you here. So how you like it? You like feeling getting fucked by a real woman?”

And the answer to that was both obvious and instant.

“Ohhhh yessssssssssssssss ughhhhh I fucking love it!” Katy Perry cried, feeling Rose McGowan fucking her for the first time while finding out everything she had heard about how wonderful Rose was had been an undersold. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard Rose! Fuck me like the dirty fucking whore I am!”

“Mmmm such a fucking sweet talker!” Rose teased while giving Katy’s bare ass a hard slap while pushing into her from behind. “With a mouth like that you’re going to go far around here! Looks like you’re fitting right in! Mmmmm but not as nicely as Mr. Snappy is fitting into this big, yummy butt of yours, Katy! Your ass is made for fucking you sexy bitch and I can feel how much you love it too! How many time you been fucked up your sweet ass tonight already?”

“Mmmmm fuckkkk ooooooooh I can’t even remember!” Katy confessed, embarrassed at how she had lost complete control of herself but also loving every second of how depraved she was acting.

She truthfully couldn’t keep track of how many times she’d been fucked up the ass since she’d gotten here with Christina and Rihanna and found out that the mansion was everything she had been told and more.

Katy remembered how Rihanna had fucked her first, getting her all wet with her tongue as she’d attacked her pussy and then her asshole with the kind of amazing licks that she knew her friend was an expert at. And then Rihanna had fucked her, taking both of her fuck holes at the same time with dildos and making Katy come so hard from being fucked up her pussy and her ass at the same time.

But after that everything had become a blur. Katy knew others had fucked her ass. She had felt it. She had been poked and prodded with tongues and fingers and toys in both of her holes, but especially her ass. She just hadn’t known who it was.

Katy had been way too focused on the wet pussies which had been pressed to her face so she could tongue them. Katy had licked Rihanna and Maria and Christina and Britney and Jewel and she still had the taste of Ariana Grande all over her lips from just getting that tasty young singer off in a creamy blast all over her tongue.

There might even have been more. It was so hard to keep track of who was fucking her face and who was fucking her from behind. Everything was lost in a horny haze of lust and need and Katy had never experienced anything like this before.

It was literally her first orgy and it made every threesome or foursome she had ever had feel like child’s play. This was the most intense and craziest thing she had ever been involved in and Katy loved it. She loved getting fucked and licked and spanked and she didn’t care who was doing it.

Katy didn’t care if she was licking a friend’s pussy or a total stranger and she didn’t care who was fucking her, as long as it felt good. And having Rose plow her with Mr. Snappy felt so fucking good!

Katy had never been fucked like this before. No one had ever taken her ass like this. The fake cock Rose was wearing was bigger than any real one or even any dildo she had ever experienced. It was big and thick and it was now buried inside her ass and Katy was in ecstasy from it.

She had never met Rose before tonight but she had heard about her reputation and Katy was so eager to let this woman do anything she wanted to her.

Rose hadn’t even technically asked for permission. Katy’s ass had been up in the air, just like it was now, while she’d tongued Ariana and Rose had taken full advantage of her vulnerable position.

Rose had come up right behind her while Katy was tongue deep in Ariana, licking the squealing little thing to another creamy orgasm, and had just started sliding the thick toy between Katy’s ass cheeks, laying claim to her.

Katy didn’t know what would have happened if she had said “no” but that word hadn’t even crossed her mind when she had felt that strap-on slide between her cheeks, rubbing into her crack and making sure she knew she was about to be taken. Katy would have let anyone fuck her at that point, but finding out it had been Rose had made her melt all the quicker into it. It had taken only mere moments for Katy to reach back, spread open her buns and invite Rose into her.

Now she was getting it harder and deeper than anyone, even Christina, had ever fucked her. Not even the ecstasy she always felt from what Rihanna could do to her could match this. Katy was giving up her ass to a woman who was essentially a stranger to her, but she felt no hesitation or regret or even any inhibition about it.

Katy wanted Rose to take her ass. She wanted it so bad. She wanted to be possessed by her and by the pleasure that each thrust up her ass brought her.

“You fucking slut!” Rose laughed, giving Katy’s pale ass another hard smack, making her fair skin turn a flushed shade of pink from the handprint before fading back to normal. “Mmmmm giving up your ass to all of these horny sluts like its candy! Fucking dirty anal loving bitch! I’m not fucking surprised! The way you flaunt those huge fucking tits of yours you must be a slut! Mmmmm and I love big tits and the slutty girls they’re attached to! Mmmm you and I are going to be REALLY good friends now Katy! I’m going to fuck you like I fuck Christina and all her little bitch singer pals!”

“YESSSSSSSSSS!” Katy cried in unbound excitement, her big tits swaying back and forth as she was nailed from behind until Rose’s hands reached down and grabbed them, squeezing them forcefully while she thrust into her ass deeper. “OOOOOH FUCK ME ROSE! FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCK CHRISTINA AND BRITNEY! OOOOOH MAKE ME YOUR FUCKING WHORE! SHOW ME HOW YOU FUCKING DO IT HERE! UGHHH I NEED IT! I NEED IT SO FUCKING BAD UP MY GODDAMN ASS! MAKE ME YOUR FUCKING ANAL SLUT! MAKE IT TAKE IT UP THE ASS LIKE A FUCKING BAD GIRL!!!”

Rose had no idea what had gotten into these girls but she wasn’t going to question it. She was just going to enjoy it. She’d wanted to fuck Katy Perry for so long and she’d had no idea until today that Christina had seduced her already.

Christina definitely was going to pay for holding out on her, but first Rose was going to have her fun with Katy. While she fucked the world-famous singer, Rose groped and squeezed at Katy’s big tits, loving how the soft, natural mounds felt in her hands.

But Rose wanted an even better chance to play with them and she knew they were going to have to change positions for that to happen.

“Ooooh this ass has been fucked good but it’s still nice and tight! Mmm but not for long!” Rose said. “Turn over Katy! Get on your back! Time for you to really fucking get it!”

“Yesssssssss! Please! Fucking give it to me!” Katy moaned like the desperately depraved whore she very much felt like.

She didn’t want Rose to stop fucking her, not for anything. Katy was so close already to coming again and she badly needed this. Rose was making her feel pleasures she’d never experienced before.

Katy not only had lost track over who had done what to her since she had arrived here, but she had definitely also completely lost count over how many times she had come. She was in a total haze of non-stop orgasm and that was a feeling she never wanted to end.

It wasn’t the first time Katy had experienced multiple orgasms. Her times with Rihanna and Britney and Christina had seen to that. Plus the Hitachi wand she owned had made her feel so good that she had drained both its and her own batteries with it many times.

But this was so much different than those other experiences. This was so much better. Katy was utterly and completely lost in pleasure. She didn’t want it to end. She was energized by each orgasm and while her body was starting to feel physically tired, Katy was still a house of fire and just wanted to come over and over again until she blacked out from it.

Katy needed to feel Rose fuck her. She needed that big, fake fuck stick shoved into her ass and she wanted to feel it totally buried inside her. Changing positions like Rose wanted meant that she would have to be deprived of the feeling of the thick plastic inside her but she knew it would only be for a second or two.

So Katy didn’t hesitate to obey. She groaned in lust when she felt Rose pull her toy out of her because it made her hole feel empty and loose. Katy had been fucked so many times up the ass since she had gotten here and her hole was sore by now, but it was totally sore in a good way and it made her crave more. She needed to be filled and fucked and taken like a whore. She needed to have her ass owned and used.

Katy had never felt like this with a man before. And she hadn’t even felt this horny and needy when her friends had shown her just how incredible a woman’s touch could be. This place and these women were turning her into a total slut and she welcomed that change like she never thought she ever could.

“Ooooooh your cock is so fucking amazing! Fuck me Rose!” Katy groaned, turning over so she could lay down on the soft, plush carpeting and feel it rub into her bare back.

As she repositioned herself, Katy rubbed her pussy hard, smearing her wetness all over her lush, pink cunt lips. She made herself moan while she eagerly bent her legs at the knee and spread them, opening herself up for where se badly wanted Rose to go.

“Fuck my slutty ass!” Katy begged. “Christina said you were so good at this but you’re even better than she promised you would be! Mmmm I need it! Fuck me hard and shove that cock into my hole so I can fucking feel it all the way up inside me! Fuck me like no man can!”

“Oh sweetie, if that’s your threshold then you need this even more badly than I thought,” Rose laughed, giving Katy’s bare tits a hard smack that made the all-natural D’s which were so justifiably famous bounce while the singer moaned in submissive pleasure. “Mmmm I barely have to do anything to fuck better than a man can! But don’t worry. I’m going to do so much more to you my little pop tart slut! I’m going to fuck you like no other woman can! You might think Chrissy is hot, but I taught that little whore everything she knows! If you’re going to be a part of the fun here then you have to get through me first. This is your initiation, Katy, and there’s nothing I love more than fucking slutty pop stars! I took Christina’s lesbo cherry. I fucked Britney’s virgin ass! Mmmm and I just took Victoria Justice’s sweet little booty too! Ooooh she gave that fucking ass up to me and let me make it mine! But you? You’re going to get it even harder!”

“Oh yesssssssssss! Yesssssss harder! Deeper! Nastier!” Katy whimpered in lust while rubbing her cunt lewdly in front of Rose.

Katy’s fingers were glistening with juice and her pussy lips were both visibly and audibly wet from her own touch. The squishing sound Katy was making as she touched herself was just as hot to Rose as the view she had of Katy’s horny fuck juices dripping down her thighs. And hearing the famous singer continue to beg for her made Rose even hornier.

“Fuck my ass Rose!” Katy pleaded while playing with her pussy in anticipation. “Make me your whore just like you made Christina and Britney your whores! Ooooh fuck me hard and make me fucking come again and then go find Ri and fuck her tight fucking butt even harder so we can all be your nasty ass fucked sluts together!”

“Mmmmmm bad girl, whoring out your friend to me!” Rose teased, giving Katy’s bare chest another slap and delighting in the way those big tits bounced for her. “That’s so fucking hot! I’ve fucked Rihanna’s tight ass before but it’s been way too long since I pounded that little booty! I’ll go get her when I’m done with you! I’ll bend her over and fuck that pretty little black butt of hers and slap my pale skin into hers and make you watch it as she gives up her ass with ease to me and Snappy! Mmmm I’ll fuck her ass deep and then make you suck my cock clean you dirty whore!”

“Ughhh fuck yeah!” Katy groaned, arching her back as the thought of such a lewd act combined with her own touch made pleasure shoot through her. “Fuck her like you fuck me! Make her come like a whore! But fuck me first! Please! I need it so goddamn bad! I’m so fucking wet for you Rose! Fuck me with Mr. Snappy! Fuck me hard!”

Katy admitted she had giggled the first time she had heard the name “Mr. Snappy.” But she was definitely not laughing now.

Now that she’d felt it inside her, she understood why Britney and Christina got dreamy looks in their eyes when they talked about it. Katy had been fucked by dildos and strap-ons before but never one like this. And Katy knew it wasn’t just the big, black cock-shaped plastic that was the reason for that. It was because of the women who wore it and, as she lay back spread open and touching herself, Katy was in complete lust with Rose McGowan.

And naturally Rose relished this. She had Katy Perry naked and begging for her cock up her ass, those gorgeous big tits jiggling erotically while the singer rubbed her pussy and kept herself spread open. It was every straight man’s fantasy to have her like that but Rose knew no man could get it. Katy was hers now and she was off men now.

Rose always loved hearing supposedly straight women, the ones all the horny guys out there craved, begging for her to fuck them. It was a rush that never lessened and it turned her on so much that she didn’t make Katy suffer by waiting any longer.

Rose guided Mr. Snappy’s plastic head right back into Katy’s splayed asshole, pushing it back into her with a forceful thrust that made the singer cry out in rapture from once again being penetrated.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmm God yesssss fucking give it to me!” Katy cried. “Fuck my ass Rose! Ooooh fuck that raw, nasty hole and make me take it like a fucking slut! Ooooooh my Godddddddd! Yessssssssssssss feels so fucking good!”

“Mmmmmm I know it does!” Rose cockily grinned, her pussy juicy and dripping underneath her strap-on from how tight Katy’s ass was and how sexy the singer’s big, bouncing titties looked while she fucked her. “Everyone loves feeling me fuck them with Mr. Snappy! I just had pretty priss Tori taking my toy up her ass and screaming out how much she fucking loved it like the dirty fucking whore she is now! Now your ass is mine you horny big tit bitch! If you’re going to come back here then you’d better get yourself initiated and get your ass fucked by me! I’ve gotta see if you’re sexy enough to be one of us!”

“Ooooooh I am! I so fucking am! Let me be one of you!” Katy pleaded, enjoying every bit of that cock up her ass while she lay flat on her back surrounded by other naked women fucking each other wantonly.

She was so far from the path of the conservative, religious girl she’d once been. And if ecstasy like this was what was waiting for her on that path, she was sure she was never going to turn back. She was going to keep going even if, as her family feared, that path led straight to hell.

“I’ll be so fucking sexy for all of you Rose!” Katy promised. “Mmmmm you can take my cunt and my ass any time you fucking want! Chrissy does! She’ll fuck me ragged and then make me take it more! Ughhh she’ll paw and slap my big, slutty titties and she’ll make me love it! Mmmmm do it even better than she does! Make me your nasty lesbian bitch! OOOOOOOOOOH! YESSSS UGHHH FUCKKK OOOOOOH JUST LIKE THAT! DEEPER! OOOH HARDER! RIGHT UP MY ASS ROSE! PLEAAAAAAASE!”

Rose kept on grinning while she made Katy relish the sensation of being her sexy little ass fucked bitch. Rose hadn’t expected things to be like this, but even so this night could not have been going better for her. Katy was hers now and she’d already taken Victoria. Rose still was planning on making sure to defile Selena Gomez by the end of the night and she very much had her sights set on tiny, delicious Ariana Grande.

After all, Rose had already taken Liz’s ass and her toy had just finished off Victoria’s tight little butt. She just needed Ariana to complete her trifecta and that girl’s ass looked so irresistible all naked and tiny and just waiting to be fucked.

And Rose knew this because the pretty pop superstar was just a few feet away completely nude and looking so very enticing. Normally it would have been impossible to have anything distract her from fucking Katy Perry’s ass, but seeing Ariana Grande naked on all fours with her cute bare butt jutting out definitely got Rose’s attention. And her attention couldn’t help but linger there because Ariana had her face buried between the thighs of the girl she’d known since childhood.

Rose loved looking over at Liz Gillies moaning in pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth open as Ariana licked away at her honey pot. Rose was thrilled knowing she had made that girl’s fantasies come true, the ones Liz had been too repressed to even fully admit to herself that she’d had.

Rose loved breaking women free of their inhibitions and making sure they embraced what they wanted but also Rose loved knowing Liz was going to owe her huge for doing this for her. Rose felt herself get even wetter as she pictured fucking Liz’s juicy ass again and again, making her love it even more than the first time they’d done it.

She couldn’t wait to bend Liz and Ariana and Victoria over side by side so she could press those beautiful young asses together and take turns fucking their naughty holes and feeding it to them, making all three of them into her devoted ass to mouth whores and knowing they were all going to be slutty little playthings from now on.

Now THAT was a Christmas give worth enjoying and Rose couldn’t wait to properly introduce herself to Ariana and get Mr. Snappy up her tight little ass.

But she wasn’t about to ignore Katy. There was no way Rose could possibly not want to utterly defile as sexy and luscious a body as hers and while Ariana’s tight, tiny butt was a cute distraction, Rose kept her focus on Katy as the busty singer lay back on the rug for her, humping herself against Mr. Snappy and loving how it felt up her ass.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk yesssss harder! Oooooh just fucking give it to me Rose! Pound that fucking asshole and make me fucking feel it for a week!” Katy cried, enjoying being sodomized quite thoroughly. “Yessssssssss I never thought I was going to feel this fucking good again but you’re making it so amazing! Make me your whore!”

“Mmmmm baby I don’t have to make you into my whore!” Rose purred, giving Katy’s jiggling tits another hard smack. “You already are! All of the girls here are even if they don’t know it yet! Mmmm fuck your ass is still tight even after it got fucked already. You need this so bad Katy! You need me and Mr. Snappy to show you what fucking is really about! Take it baby! Take it like a good little slut bitch right up your fucking ass!”

Rose started pawing at Katy’s breasts erotically with her eager hands, massaging both of them like the singer was her pet. That made the busty brunette nearly melt into the rug with submissive pleasure and she let Rose pull her deeper into wonderful depravity.

“Yessssssssssssss fuck your bitch up her ass!” Katy hissed in delight, Rose’s soft hands on her tits while her thick strap on stretched and filled her ass up making her shiver with ecstasy. “Oooooh I’ve wanted this for so long! Mmmm Britney told me how you fucking took her ass cherry right in front of Christina and how mean and nasty you were to her and how much she loved it! Fuckkkk that turned me on sooooo much! Oooooooooooh Rose yessssssssss ohhhhhhhhhh my God please keep fucking me! Fuck my ass and make me come!”

Hearing her name made Britney perk up and smile. She’d actually been taking a moment to catch her breath after what she’d just experienced. Her face was flushed and her legs wobbly from Christina and Rihanna both working her over with toys and making her come so hard.

She’d felt Rihanna give it to her pussy hard with a thick, flexible red dildo. She felt so raw and slutty from having experienced it and that alone would have been enough to make her come. But Christina had given it to her too at the same time, tonguing Britney’s asshole while she’d been on her hands and knees for Rihanna to fuck her from behind.

It had been so hot to feel Rihanna nailing her hard with that dildo, filling up her squishy cunt and making her drip out her cream as she was fucked hard, her big tits swinging while she’d tossed her head back again and again from the pleasure. But Christina licking her tight little asshole had made it even better for Britney. Her girlfriend hadn’t stopped at just her tongue either and soon Britney had felt a curved pink dildo going up her ass too.

They had fucked her mercilessly and made her love it. The two dildos had gone so hard and fast up her fuckholes that Britney had felt like she was going to pass out from how amazing it felt. She had heard Christina and Rihanna kissing each other from behind too and she’d loved how they’d called her a dirty slut and a fucking nasty whore while they’d double penetrated her.

Britney had come so hard from it that she’d had to crawl away when they were finished with her just so she could get a chance to catch her breath and stop her runaway brain from derailing from too much pleasure.

Britney was still recovering from what she’d just experienced when she’d heard Katy moaning out her name and referring to her amazing first trip to the mansion. Britney remembered that day so vividly. Gawd, she’d shot off her big mouth so badly that day and Rose had made her pay for it.

It was still one of the hottest moments of Britney’s life. Rose had pounded her like a whore, taking her virgin ass and making her love every moment Mr. Snappy had been buried inside her. Britney had never thought getting fucked up the ass could ever have felt so good, but Rose had turned her into a total anal whore with just that one experience.

Now Britney could see just how much Katy was a total butt slut too and it made her cunt feel freshly squishy with arousal just from the sight of it. She loved seeing Katy on her back with her legs up in the air while her ass was stuffed.

Britney loved staring at Rose squeezing and slapping Katy’s big tits and Britney couldn’t take her eyes off Rose’s body either. Rose’s pale skin was glistening from all the fucking she’d been doing and her round, porcelain tits looked sexier than ever.

Britney wanted to go over there and bury her face in Rose’s big, pale boobs and suck on them like a hot slut. And she wanted to feel Katy’s big, round titties in her face too. Gawd, she loved big boobs, especially when they were natural like Rose and Katy had.

Seeing their beautiful tits reminded Britney what a cheap slut she was and how she had been forced to buy her big tits when theirs had grown in naturally. Britney always got such a kinky thrill out of thinking like that, telling herself that it made her a total slut, so naturally she was drawn right to them as they fucked.

When she’d left Christina and Rihanna, the two of them had been feeding each other the toys that had fucked her pussy and ass. It had been hot to see them suck her taste off them, but Britney had needed a break. It had only been a short one, though, because Rose and Katy were too enticing.

Britney couldn’t resist them even though part of her wanted to curl into a part of one of the couches and sleep from how tired she was from all this sex.

Britney recognized she was one of the few at the party who was still in her right mind. Whatever was happening to everyone to make them so horny and wild definitely had something to do with the punch. But she’d never drank it.

That meant she was one of the few sober people there. But she also knew her brains were getting good and scrambled too, just from pure fucking and she loved it. She didn’t need that punch to feel like these other girls. She just needed more sex. Britney wanted to fuck and come over and over again just like everyone else and she especially wanted to lick.

And licking was just what she was intending to do as she crawled nakedly over to Rose and Katy. As tempting as their big tits had been, there was something Britney wanted even more. Having Katy on her back with her ass getting fucked left her in the perfectly vulnerable position for what Britney wanted. And, without any warning, she went right for the prize, shoving her tongue into Katy Perry’s cunt and licking away.


And Katy wasn’t the only one cheering Britney on.

“Mmmmm that’s a good little whore! Shove that tongue right into her cunt!” Rose said with a grunting moan of her own, her body feeling the pleasure of fucking Katy’s used, but still tight hole. “Mmmmm taste how juicy she got from me fucking her ass! That pretty little pussy is dripping and I want her to cream right into your mouth Britney! That’s it baby! Show Katy what a good cunt licker you are!”

“Mmmmm you’re soooo juicy!” Britney cooed, loving the way Katy’s taste coated her tongue. “So sweet and yummy! I love going down on you Katy! You always taste so fucking good!”

Britney definitely didn’t need to show Katy how good she was at eating pussy. The brunette already knew that all too well.

Britney was part of the reason Katy couldn’t get enough of this action and Katy was in total ecstasy from the girl’s most welcome tongue suddenly licking her. The pleasure of having that plastic cock shoved up her ass was intense enough as is, but Britney made everything even better with her mouth right on her pussy, licking her splayed open folds and sucking the juice right out of her.

Katy’s cries got even louder and happier now that she had Britney’s mouth working over her pussy. Britney had actually been the first girl tongue she had ever felt. She had been bi-curious before she had walked in to their label and Britney and Christina had turned all her curiosity into sensual obsession.

Katy could still remember how it had felt to be sprawled out on the desk, the sexy, sleek business wear she had worn open and her top pulled down with her bra so her big tits could flop around while she was being tongue fucked by Britney as Christina rode her face. The two of them overwhelmed her with pleasure by giving Katy the first taste of pussy she had ever gotten, while she was licked by a woman for the first time too.

That day had practically left Katy a slave to lust for women and she couldn’t ever get enough. Rihanna had practically pushed her through the door to go there, wanting her to feel what she had experienced the first time she had ever gone to Britney and Christina’s label, and Katy was so glad she had.

She had felt so repressed before but no longer. Now Katy felt like a total slut for pussy and she loved it. She wanted more, so much more!

“Fuck me Britney! Fuck me Rose!” Katy cried, pawing at her own tits and making her skin feel raw and tender while she ground herself into Britney’s face and Rose’s hard thrusts with her toy.

Katy could feel the burn against her bare ass cheeks from the carpet but she didn’t care. Everything felt too amazing for her to worry about minor details like that. Having Rose and Britney work her over together made the pleasure grow and grow by the second.


“Mmmmm that’s it Katy! Ooooh you’re fitting in soooo nicely here!” Rose laughed, enjoying the singer’s enthusiasm. “If you’re going to be part of the fun here at the mansion you’d better be ready to give it up to me whenever I want! You’re going to get on your knees and eat my pussy whenever I want it Katy, aren’t you?”

“Yesssssssssss! Oooooh fuck yeah I will!” Katy promised, each push of Mr. Snappy up her ass making her feel closer to coming. “I’ll eat your pussy all fucking day every day, Rose! I love tasting pussy! Ooooh tell her Brit! Tell her how I lick your wet pussy and make you come!”

“Mmmmmmhmmmm!” Britney confirmed, taking a brief pause in sucking on Katy’s pinkness. “She licks me so nice! She’s got such a great tongue Rose! She’ll suck your clit and fuck you hard and make you come all over her face!”

“She’d better!” Rose grinned, fully confident that Katy was going to be even hotter than Britney promised. “She’d better lick the cream right out my cunt whenever I need it! And you’re going to give me your pretty little twat too, Katy! Any time I want to taste it or shove Mr. Snappy into it, your cunt is mine! Mmm I’m going to lick your pussy just like I lick everyone here and make them come so fucking hard they line up to feel my tongue!”

Katy moaned wantonly at the thought. She had heard so much about how great Rose was in bed. She was absolutely feeling it from the way the beautiful pale skinned goddess was pounding her ass with Mr. Snappy but she wanted Rose’s tongue too.

She wanted Rose to lick her like Britney was. God, she wanted her and Britney do to it together! Katy wanted it all! She wanted all of these women here to fuck her at once and feed her their pussies and go down on her again and again until Rose and Britney and every one of their friends had all swallowed her cum.

Thinking that way made Katy pant and moan heavily, her breasts bouncing so hard on her chest from the way she was thrusting her body against the tongue and toy which were pleasuring her. Katy felt almost mindlessly addicted to lesbian pleasure. She’d do anything Rose told her to do and they all knew it.

“But you’re not going to just give me your pussy Katy,” Rose said, stating the obvious with a  big smile on her face as she forcefully thrust up into Katy, making her squeal and moan like a very happy bitch. “Mmmmmm this is just the first time you’re going to give me your ass! Whenever I want it you’re going to bend the fuck over and let me have your ass! This juicy, thick ass of yours is mine whenever I fucking want it!”

“Yessss yessss yesssssssssssssssssssss ooooooh whenever you fucking want it!” Katy instantly agreed. “My big ass is yours Rose! Take that fucking juicy booty of mine! Fuck it hard! Fucking own it and make me remember that my ass belongs to you! Ohhhhhhhhh! FUCKKKKK! OHHH MY GODDDD YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COMMMMME!”

“Oooooh yessss come! Come all over my face!” Britney urged. “Mmmmm Rose is soooo good at fucking! Gawwwwd she totally made me into her bitch when she fucked my butt and took my cherry! Mmmmmm I fucking think of it every time I see her use Mr. Snappy! She fucks ass soooooo fucking good Katy! Come for her! Come like I did when she ass fucked my virgin fucking hole and made me into her slut! Come like Chrissy does whenever Rose fucks her sweet ass! Mmmmm fuck come like ALL of these girls do whenever Rose wrecks their asses!”

Britney then got right back to using her mouth for something even more fun than talking. She sucked Katy’s clit right into her mouth and slurped on it like she always loved to do. Britney pressed her mouth right into the spread open juiciness of Katy’s wet cunt and sucked her clit hard, making her fuck herself right against her face as her hips bucked from everything she was experiencing.


Rose just kept on thrusting away up Katy’s ass while she howled and wailed and pleaded for release. Rose had heard cries like hers so many times and she was sure she was going to hear them again tonight. She loved it too. Rose knew how good she was. She took pride in it and she was going to make sure every newbie slut here at the party knew it too.

“Come you fucking whore! Come from Snappy up your big, juicy butt!” Rose commanded. “Mmmmm come like the dirty little slut you are Katy! You’re one of us now and you’d better fucking show it by coming like a good girl all over Britney’s face! Coat her with your fuck cream! Show me how much you love feeling me stuff your ass!”

“OHHHHHHHH YESSSS LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCHHHHHH OHHH MY GODDDD!” Katy screamed as she came, the explosions of orgasm inside her leaving her squealing.

Katy reflexively pressed down on the back of Britney’s head, keeping her face first in her pussy. And Britney responded to the aggression by sucking on her friend’s creaming cunt harder, letting Katy’s juices fill her mouth and give her the taste she always loved.

Britney drew out Katy’s orgasm by increasing her own efforts too. While she sucked on Katy’s pussy, Britney shoved in two of her fingers into there as well to increase the stimulation. And that got another loud series of cries from Katy while she came.

And through it all Rose enjoyed every solitary moment of reducing a superstar like Katy to a quivering mess.

Katy might have been primed for her mansion debut thanks to Christina and Britney, but she had been the one to initiate her in style and Rose loved being able to add her as fresh notch on her bedpost, right next to Liz and Victoria.

And Rose knew it would be very, very soon when she would be able to add Ariana as a notch too.


This story is copyright 2016 from Shark boy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not permitted and will result in me taking action against your website.

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