The Spectacular: A San Fran 8 Story

Title: The Spectacular: A San Fran 8 Story

Author: TRL and Victor Field

Celebs: Kristen Bell, Beverley Mitchell, Tammin Sursok, Victoria Justice, JoAnna Garcia, Jessica Chastain, Troian Bellisario, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Adrianne Palicki, Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Reiko Aylesworth, Isabel Lucas, Dichen Lachman, Amy Acker, and Rhona Mitra. With Jessica Biel and Charisma Carpenter. Appearances by Emily DiDonato, Chloe Bennett, Elizabeth Henstridge, Amanda Seyfreid, and Rebel Wilson

Codes: MF, FF, Oral, Anal, Bondage

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. How much fiction? Well, all the celebs mentioned in this story aren’t really themselves! They’re criminals, gangsters, Federal Agents, strippers, and more. Basically, this is another world, filled with familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. Just embrace the differences. There’s also a lot of sex in this story – between men and women, and women and other women. If you’re too young to read that, you should stop here. If you don’t like reading such things, go find another website to hang out on – this one’s probably not for you.

For this story to make ANY sense, you probably should have read the rest of the San Francisco Seven/Eight stories, especially the last story, “San Fran Seven 3: The Escape,” since this takes place BEFORE and DURING that story. Basically, while our bank robbing heroes in that story were busy escaping prison, this is what the FBI babes who put them there were doing. We also introduce a character or two in this tale that will show up in San Fran Eight 4: Where In The World Is Rhona Mitra (or whatever we end up calling that. Seriously, titles aren’t our greatest skill sometimes. Really wanted to call this ‘Game of Thongs,’ because that’s hella punny and semi-topical, but it just didn’t fit with this story).
It should also be noted that this is my typical lackadaisical editing process, and any errors in typing, grammar, spelling, or continuity are entirely on me (TRL) and not Victor, who aside from insisting on using the Queen’s English instead of American Nonsense, is far better at these things than I.
Anyway, if you’ve done the prior reading, sit back and enjoy the tale of daring federal agents, dashing criminal figures, seductive strippers, and redheaded bridesmaids (seriously, that’s all in here – we cast a wide net) and learn what was happening outside the prison walls while the San Fran 8 were working to escape…
The Spectacular: A San Fran 8 Story

By TRL and Victor Field

*   *   *   *   *   *

If Victoria Justice was certain of anything in her life at this point, it was that she was awfully glad her parents weren’t anywhere near LA right now.

Here she was, all of 18 years old, and already such a failure at life, she was looking for work at a strip club. She’d left home determined to make a life for herself in La La Land, and had fallen so flat on her face, she couldn’t even afford to go home to Florida. She and her boyfriend, Dan, were so desperate for money, they’d come to the conclusion that it was either Victoria started stripping, or they’d have to rob a bank. And considering how much extra security had gone up around local banks since the San Fran 8 made their famous robbery six months ago, Victoria didn’t think she and Dan would be able to pull that option off.

“ID,” the bouncer said, eying Victoria up and down.

“I’m not here to drink,” Victoria said, handing the man her ID. “I’m here to apply for the job.”

“We don’t have any open waitress positions, sweetie,” the brute of a man said. “And even if we did, you’d have to be topless.”

“No, I meant the job as a stripper,” Victoria said quietly.

The guy looked at her, clearly eying up her body. Victoria repressed a shudder, figuring she’d better get used to it.

“Give me your hand,” the guy said, pulling out a stamp. Victoria held up her right hand, and the guy stamped it with a bright blue stamp. “Go have a seat, I’ll let the boss know you’re here for an interview.” With that, the man disappeared into the club, leaving Victoria to find her way in alone.

The Spectacular didn’t exactly live up to it’s lofty name. But then it was a strip club, and Victoria had never been in a strip club before, so maybe this was a spectacular club, though judging from the small number of patrons lounging about the place, she kind of doubted it.

“You going to take a seat, honey, or what?”

Victoria turned to see a gorgeous, topless woman standing next to her, holding an empty tray and looking a little exasperated. One of the waitresses, no doubt.

“I’m here for the stripper job.”

“Oh, honey, good luck. I hope you get it, but it’s a bitch of an interview.”

“You’ve tried?” Victoria asked.

The girl laughed. “Sweetie, I had to get up and strip one night when three of our girls called in sick. It’s not a job I want. I’m just here until a better waitress job opens up somewhere else.”

“One where you can keep your top on?” Victoria asked.

“That’d be nice, dear,” the waitress admitted. “I mean, I’ve got a lovely ‘Hello, my name is Emily,’ name tag with no place to put it when I work here.”

“Well Emily, my name is Victoria, and I need as much money as I can get as quickly as I can get it.”

“Vicotira, nice to meet you. I’m Emily DiDonato. Can I give you some quick advice?”

“Of course.”

“If you really want this job, do whatever Charisma asks of you. And she’ll ask of you. But if you can get past her, being a stripper in this joint is better than a lot of other clubs in this town. It’s worth what you have to do. If you want to be a stripper, that is.”

“Thanks,” Victoria said.

“I’ll see if I can get a couple of the off-duty girls to come talk to you,” Emily said before vanishing into the club. Victoria found the nearest empty table, and sat down to wait.

She watched a rather emaciated looking girl lazily swing around the pole on the center stage while a couple of Asian gentlemen threw a couple of dollars towards her. It wasn’t the best example for an aspiring stripper to see.

That girl got up and left after spreading her bare pussy to the Asians some five minutes later, and was replaced by an attractive black woman who moved a little better, but still didn’t put in a lot of effort. The Asian guys paid her a little more attention, probably because she at least pretended to be interested in them, and soon she was replaced by a stringy looking blonde. Before Victoria knew it, she’d been sitting in the club for more than half an hour, watching other women strip naked.

And then, suddenly, two very scantily clad women popped down next to her.

“Hello,” the darker haired girl said. “My name’s Emmanuelle Chiriqui.”

“And I’m Adrianne Palicki,” the other one said. “We understand you’re here for the stripper job.”

“Yeah,” Victoria said. “Do you guys run this place?”

“Please, we’re just strippers,” Adrianne said.

“Good strippers. Better than anyone you’ve sat through so far tonight,” Emmanuelle added.

“That doesn’t sound too hard,” Victoria said.

“You’ve been watching then,” Emmanuelle said knowingly.

“Not only that,” Victoria said. “I’m a bit of a dancer. Came out to LA to be in music videos, but-”

“You started in the wrong place, sweetie,” Adrianne said. “Strippers become music video girls, not the other way around.”

“No, it goes the other way when the music video girls stop landing music videos,” Emmanuelle pointed out.

“I know how to dance, is what I was trying to say,” Victoria finished.

“Good. You’ll be more popular if you can move right,” Emmanuelle said. “Can we see some of your moves?”

“Right here?”

“No no, we’ll take you back out of sight. Be easier for Charisma to find you then, too,” Adrianne said. “Come on.”

With that, Adrianne and Emmanuelle pulled Victoria up to her feet and took her backstage, both strippers eyeing Victoria like hungry lions along the way.

*   *   *

“Best looking thing to come in this joint in a year, boss.”

Charisma Carpenter grunted and ignored Diego, her chief bouncer. The man was a brute with a good eye towards sexy young ladies, but he seemed to think that good looks were all it took to get a job at the Spectacular. Which totally wasn’t the case. If it was, he wouldn’t have been hired, that’s for sure.

Charisma ignored him and focused on the small TV in her office. That Ashley Benson was on the screen again, looking all sexy and freshly fucked with her strategically tussled hair and cleavage-bearing top. Now THERE was a sexy young lady.

“… where the jury came back with a unanimous verdict of Guilty for Miss Panettiere. Panettiere. a former reporter for this network was the lookout for the infamous San Francisco Eight crime group, who’s daring robbery of the San Fran Union Bank made national headlines, in part because of Panettiere’s involvement.  With the last of the eight women now sentenced to life in Remy Hadley prison for women, the end is in sight for the victims and their families. This is Ashley Benson, reporting from-”

Charisma shook her head as she hit the mute button on her remote, thankful once again she lived in Los Angeles, and not San Fran. She had most of her money in the LA Union Bank, after all. “What were you saying, Diego?”

“The new girl – Victoria something. Worth a look, boss.”

“We hardly need new dancers, Diego. And as my bouncer, you don’t really have a say in the matter.”

“Both Adrianne and Emmanuelle like her,” Diego pointed out.

“They like everyone – even you,” Charisma said, rolling her eyes. “Fine, fine, give me five minutes, then send her in.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Diego said, getting up and leaving. Charisma waited for the door to close, then grabbed her cell phone. Not her normal one, but the black, unlisted, untraceable one she kept hidden in a secret compartment in her purse, per instructions.

The phone rang exactly three times before it picked up.

“Charisma,” the steely, slightly British voice on the other end greeted her.

“Saw the news. Anything you need from me?”

“Regarding what happened in San Francisco? No, I think not. Just keep an eye out for a new hacker. Grace may be stuck in Remy Hadley a little longer than I’d like.”

“Hot female hackers aren’t exactly a dime a dozen here,” Charisma replied. “And they don’t advertise themselves, either.”

“You found Grace for me, Charisma. Now find me another. No rush, but within the year.”

“Fine, fine. Anything else?”

“You could start turning a profit at that club of yours. Be nice if I wasn’t footing all your bills.”

“Working on it. Got a new girl coming in now, mater-of-fact.”

“Then be sure she agrees to the working terms. Rosie and I will be looking forward to it, should she last.”

“I’ll make sure she understands. And that she’s worth your time.”

“So nice to have a competent employee running my first business, Charisma. Stay in touch. And in shape.” With that, the phone went dead, and Charisma rolled her eyes. There were definitely days she wished she really did run the Spectacular herself, instead of keeping it open for someone else.

She hid the secret phone away, and started pecking away at the budget spreadsheet for the month. Yeah, the Spectacular was running another deficit, that was for sure…

There came a knock on her door, and Adrianne lead a timid looking young thing in by the hand. The first thing Charisma spotted about her were her legs – they went on for miles, clad in impossibly short short-shorts that actually failed to cover the entirety of her front pockets. Charisma could imagine plenty of guys wanting those legs wrapped around their hips. The young girl wore a ruffled shirt and a purple sweatshirt that couldn’t possibly close or cover her midriff even if it was long enough. Clearly a fashion statement of some sort, Charisma could tell the cheeky young thing could probably use some fashion lessons. And a good, solid fucking.

She was cheeky. Those cheek bones were impressive, almost making up for the general lack of cup-size a good foot or more beneath. She wasn’t flat, but she was hardly a D-cup wonder. If she lasted the full six months, the Boss would probably insist on breast implants. Of course, at maybe 18, the girl probably had a little time to grow larger tits yet.

“Take your shirt off, sweetie,” Charisma said by way of greeting.

“W-what?” the girl asked, hesitating.

“Sweetie, this is a strip club – if you aren’t comfortable naked, I’m going to kick you out now and we’ll never speak again. Now take your shirt off and show me the goods.”

The girl looked over at Adrianne, who nodded encouragingly. Adrianne and Emmanuelle would’ve already seen her topless – the girl would’ve had to perform for them, after all. Heck, from the way Adrianne’s eyes were ripping the clothes off the girl, it was a wonder she and Emmanuelle hadn’t taken turns boffing the girl themselves. It certainly wouldn’t have been the first time.

Sure enough, when the young girl’s tits came into view, they were gorgeous little things, complete with puffy but not distracting nipples, the perfect amount of natural lift and sag that marked them as real and young, and Charisma could feel heat rising between her legs, the best sign that a girl was going to at least get a shot here at the Spectacular.

“What was your name again, sweetheart?” Charisma asked.

“Victoria,” she said. “Victoria Justice.”

“That’s horrible. We need to come up with a better name if you’re going to stick around.”

“Tori Vega?” Adrianne suggested.

“Not strippery enough,” Charisma said.

“I was thinking Nikki. Nikki Heat,” Victoria offered.

“I got two Nikki’s working here already, and one girl who’s real name is Vicki – we call her Lexus.”

“What about Candy?” Adrianne suggested. “Our last Candy got fired last week for hiding tips.”

“Sure, sure. Candy works,” Charisma said. “Now lose the shorts, Candy.”

Victoria hesitated again, but undid the button below her naval and slid the denim shorts that were barely larger than a belt down those oh-so-long legs. Clad now in only a simple pair of white cotton bikini panties, Victoria stood up, and wisely kept her arms at her side, hiding nothing.

“You have to wear thongs when on stage, unless your costume is a bikini or something like that,” Charisma said. “And when you’re giving lap dances, the panties come off for an extra Fifty.”

“Uh, okay?” Victoria said.

“So, take your panties off.”

“Do I get an extra fifty?” Victoria asked, sliding the panties down those fantastic legs of hers.

“No, but you’re one step closer to a job.”

“Whatever it takes,” Victoria said quietly, standing completely naked in front of Charisma, arms at her sides, hiding nothing. Charisma saw only the smallest tuft of fur between the young woman’s legs, another sign of her youth and good grooming.

“Turn around,” Charisma said, twirling a finger. Victoria did as instructed, revealing her shapely ass to the club boss.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” Charisma said. “Are you an anal virgin?”

“W-what?” Victoria stammered.

“Anal sex. Ever had it?”


“Stay here long enough, and that’ll change,” Charisma said. “Tempted to do it myself.”

“Excuse me?” Victoria said, turning around, suddenly looking nervous.

Charisma sighed. This was the moment. This girl would either play ball, or walk out. From the look on Victoria’s face, Charisma expected her to walk out.

“Adrianne, Emmanuelle, leave me alone with Victoria for a bit,” Charisma said, dismissing the other two strippers. Reluctantly, they left, clearly wishing to stay for the rest of the interview.

“How bad do you need this job, Victoria?” Charisma asked once the door closed.

“Bad,” Victoria admitted. “I wouldn’t be stripping if I didn’t.”

“And what are you willing to do to get that job?”

Victoria hesitated. “What do I need to do?”

“Simply put, you’re going to need to get fucked,” Charisma said, standing up. “First by me. Then, if you last a couple of months, my boss will send someone else to evaluate you. You’ll have to fuck her, too. Then, if you make it all the way to six months, the owner will show up, and you’ll have to fuck her if you want to keep working here.”

“I have a boyfriend-” Victoria started to protest.

“And we’ll never, ever ask you to fuck another man. But if you want the job…” Charisma trailed off, licking her lips as her eyes traveled up and down Victoria’s nude form once more.

Victoria shivered once. “When?” she asked quietly.

“Right now, unless you really need to go somewhere – though if you do, you’re probably not getting back through that door,” Charisma added casually.

“I’ve never… with a girl…you know…” Victoria kept trailing off, clearly unsure what to say and stalling for time.

Charisma sighed. She was hoping Victoria would be like some of the other girls who either had lesbian experience or didn’t care and did it just to get the job. But Victoria here would need help. Well, Charisma could certainly do that.

The club manager stood up and walked over to Victoria. The young girl wisely didn’t move as Charisma stepped right up to her, took her chin in one hand, and kissed her on the mouth. It was all Charisma could do not to grab for all of Victoria’s naughty bits – the girl was just stunning nude. Victoria would have to be seduced, at least a little, before giving it up to Charisma. And if there was one thing Charisma Carpenter knew how to do, it was seduce a beautiful young woman who was already naked.

At first, Victoria hesitated, but as the impact of Charisma’s kiss hit her already alert body, the younger girl leaned into the kiss, even returning it, though not with the force Charisma was giving it. That was okay. By the time Charisma was done with her, Victoria would be begging for it.

The older woman broke the kiss, and looked down at Victoria’s face in time to see the teen’s eyes flutter open in surprise. The look of innocence and desire at the same time on her face was like a drug to Charisma, who fully admitted to being intoxicated by the sight. Even if Victoria tried to back out now, and judging from the way she’d returned the kiss, she wasn’t going to – Charisma wasn’t letting the girl go until she’d tasted her.

“Trust me,” Charisma said, stroking Victoria’s hair gently. “You’re going to enjoy this.”

“I don’t know…” Victoria trailed off.

“You will,” Charisma repeated, a little more firmly this time. As her hand fell away from the younger girl’s hair, it casually, almost accidentally brushed against one of Victoria’s very erect nipples. The wannabe stripper gasped in surprise, and Charisma leaped at the chance. “See, you liked that,” she said, raising her hand back up, this time cupping the very same tit it just brushed against.

Victoria shivered, her eyes fluttering at the touch. Her body was reacting to Charisma’s touch in ways that let the older woman know she was having the kind of effect she wanted. But still, Victoria hesitated. Resisted.

“I’ve never…” Victoria trailed off as Charisma leaned in and kissed her neck.

“You’re not a virgin, right?”

“No, I’ve had sex,” Victoria said. “Just, you know, not with-”

“Not with me?” Charisma asked, leaning in to kiss Victoria once more. The younger girl swooned a little as Charisma passionately kissed her, and for a moment the naked girl nearly buckled at the knees. But Charisma caught her and held her upright, pressing Victoria’s naked body tight against her own barely-clad form.

“Not with any girl,” Victoria said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Then it’s time to change that,” Charisma said, taking a step back to drink in the sight of a very naked Victoria Justice. Oh yes, this was going to be fun indeed.

Without a word, Charisma took Victoria by the hand and lead her over to the couch beside her desk. Hardly the first time a girl had been fucked there, Charisma kept it in the office specifically for auditions like this. With one last kiss and a gentle push, Charisma laid Victoria down upon the couch cushions before straddling her and pinning the young stripper in place.

Victoria looked up at Charisma with a mix of fear and lust as the older woman reached down and yanked her shirt up, exposing her splendidly enhanced breasts to the younger girl, held in by the tiniest of lacey-black bras. Charisma’s rock hard nipples, easily the size of pencil erasers, were practically bursting the fabric of the bra open, and Victoria’s eyes went to them immediately.

“Go ahead,” Charisma told her. “Suck one.”

Victoria hesitated only a little before leaning forward and taking one of Charisma’s bra-covered nipples in her mouth. Charisma rewarded her with a moan of delight when Victoria’s curious tongue pressed through the lace, sending pleasurable waves into the strip club boss’s nerves.

This was all new to Victoria Justice. Oh, she’d sucked on a guy’s nipple from time to time, but none of them had ever moaned like Charisma was – and none of them had tasted as sweet as Charisma did, either. The nipple plumped under Victoria’s efforts, which somehow made it all the more erotic. The young wannabe stripper was growing wet. Wet enough for Charisma to notice.

“Good, good!” the older brunette encouraged. “Take my bra off.”

Surprised, Victoria had to pull her head back and check – yes, indeed, the bra opened in the front. She almost laughed as her fingers fumbled with the hook, remembering how the boy she’d lost her virginity had nearly wet himself doing the same. Charisma’s charms were far larger than Victoria’s, and somehow that made Victoria more nervous. She’d just been sucking on one  of these nipples – why was it so hard to release them?

The hook gave, and the bra sprung open, revealing Charisma’s treasures in full to the young stripper, who could only gape in amazement. “They’re beautiful,” Victoria heard herself saying.

“Then why don’t you get your tongue back on them?” Charisma said, her tone making it clear that the question wasn’t meant to be answered verbally.

This time when Victoria put her lips over the nipple, she felt the bare skin and realized that Charisma was right. She was going to enjoy this.

Charisma took charge then, pulling Victoria down and rolling atop her, sick of waiting. She wasn’t used to waiting for her pleasure, and Victoria was proving quite pleasurable. Now hovering over the young stripper, Charisma lowered her own mouth to one of Victoria’s very erect nipples, and practically devoured the small breast around it.

“OHMYGAWD!” Victoria exclaimed as Charisma began to ravish her. No longer wanting to play around, Charisma began sucking and fucking the young stripper. Her lips latched onto an erect nipple, and three fingers penetrated the sopping wet cunt and began pounding in and out like crazy. Charisma loved feeling the younger woman squirm beneath her as lust began to drive her wild.

And Victoria was being driven wild. Oh so wild. Hardly a virgin, most of Victoria’s sexual experience still amounted to just being mounted by a guy, who’d fuck her until he got off. Some, including her current boyfriend, would occasionally try and get her off, too, even going so far as to go down on her for a bit, but no one had ever crammed three fingers into her snatch, sucked a nipple, and concentrated entirely upon. Her young body had never felt so sexual before, so visceral. She could feel every thrust of Charisma’s fingers, every lick of her tongue. It was as if her eyes had been opened for the first time, and she was seeing what sex was supposed to be like.

And then, just as Victoria was certain she wouldn’t be able to keep from climaxing right there, Charisma stopped and got off her.

“Wha-what?” Victoria stammered.

“Eat me,” Charisma said, sitting back in her chair behind her desk, splaying her legs wide to keep her pussy exposed. “Either I get off, and you get hired, or I don’t, and I throw you out of here dressed like you are.”

Even as Victoria struggled to get up off the couch, she made a mental note that Charisma Carpenter’s mood could change quite quickly at times. Something to watch out for in a boss. Still, hoping that if she did a good enough job, Charisma would finish her off, Victoria got on her knees between Charisma’s legs and slowly lowered her mouth to the neatly trimmed mound in front of her.

“I’ve-I’ve never done this before,” she said, hesitating.

“Can you find my clit?” Charisma asked, sounding agitated.

“Of course,” Victoria said, touching the erect little bud with her finger. Charisma smiled.

“Then lick that how you like to be licked. I’ll tell you what you need to do from there.”

Tentatively, Victoria lowered her mouth over Charisma’s slit, and gently started to lick the other woman’s nub. At once, Charisma moaned quietly and put both hands on Victoria’s head, holding her in place. Victoria tried to pull back, but Charisma held her tight.

“Lick me,” the strip club boss demanded. Reluctantly, Victoria began again.

Charisma had a sweet-n-sour taste to her juices, which very quickly started to coat Victoria’s tongue, flooding up from the pussy beneath Charisma’s clit. It was oddly appealing, somehow. Victoria licked a little harder.

“Good girl,” Charisma sighed. “A little to the left. No, MY left. That’s it. Right there. Now a little faster.”

Victoria took direction well, and she was soon making the older woman squirm in delight, despite having never gone down on a girl before. The young girl was getting into it, too. There was something so primal, so naughty, so arousing about getting another woman off. Getting a man off was easy – stroke, with you hand, your mouth, or you pussy, until he released. But a woman, that required skill. Skill that Victoria Justice apparently had some natural talent for.

“Fuck,” Charisma groaned. Oh, Victoria really did have some skill at this. Enough that the strip club manager wasn’t entirely convinced this was her first time going down on a girl. But why complain about that? Victoria’s innocent oral skills were rapidly getting Charisma where she wanted to go, and if this kept up, Victoria would find herself very welcome around here.

“Fuck,” Charisma said again, a little louder. Oh, this was good. But she didn’t want to just get eaten out by young Victoria. No, she needed more.

“G-get off,” Charisma ordered. “Stop for a moment.”

Victoria pulled back, surprised. “Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“No, you did things very right,” Charisma assured her. “Lay down and spread your legs. Wide.”

Victoria did as she was told, opening her legs as wide as she could on the couch. Quickly, Charisma straddled Victoria’s crotch, placing her pussy directly atop Victoria’s. She looked down at the surprised young woman, and smiled wolfishly.

“This is called scissoring,” Charisma said before she began to rub her pussy atop Victoria’s.

Victoria swooned. Literally, feeling the blood rush from her head. Scissoring was something she’d never experienced in her life, but as her wet pussy pressed against Charisma’s, she experienced incredible sensations she couldn’t even describe. Charisma was going fast, clearly trying to get herself off, but she was succeeding in getting Victoria there, too. Looking up at the big-breasted woman, Victoria felt like she was completely in Charisma’s control.

And in fact, she was.

“Fuck! FUCK! FUUUUCCCKKK!” Charisma began to moan as her body began to overload on pleasure. Victoria watched in amazement as Charisma began to experience her orgasm. Victoria had only ever seen men climax before, usually just some mild grunting as they went rigid and shot their load into her. But Charisma kept thrashing about, her breasts jiggling quite beautifully, as pure pleasure shot through her body.

It was one of the most beautiful things Victoria had ever seen.

A moment later, she got to mimic Charisma’s response, as the first orgasm young Victoria Justice ever got from another woman shook her body to it’s core. Victoria’s eyes rolled back into her head, and for a quick eternity, all she knew was pleasure and release. When she awoke a few moments later, Charisma was climbing off her, covered in sweat and looking quite satisfied with herself.

“You’re hired,” Charisma said simply, noticing Victoria was awake. “You start tomorrow. We’ll go over the rules then, but we do full nudity on stage, and in the lap dance rooms. You are not encouraged to do more than strip for the men back there, but if you DO, make sure you get paid well for it. In a couple months, my boss will show up, and you’ll have to please her like you did me here if you want to keep working. You get one sick day a month, but if you want more…” she trailed off, eyeing Victoria’s naked body. “Well, we can work something out.”

“That’s it? I sleep with you, and I get the job?”

“No, you’re also hot and I don’t have anyone better waiting, so between that and sleeping with me, you get the job. Don’t disappointment,” she added. “Welcome to the Spectacular.”

*   *   *

“You sure you don’t want to join me in the shower?”

JoAnna Garcia repressed a sigh. Her fiance, Jason, had been feeling more than a little amorous this morning, and she hadn’t been able to say no the first time. The bank teller had relented, letting him use his morning wood for it’s best possible intention, getting her off as well as him. But that hadn’t been enough, and he’d been hinting at a second round ever since.

“I’m sure. One of us has to get moving, and you stink more than I do,” JoAnna said, shoving the handsome naked man into the bathroom and closing the door before he could say anything else.

“I don’t stink!” He yelled through the door. There was a pause, during which he was no doubt smelling himself. “Okay, I stink a little, but still!”

“Shower! Now!” JoAnna ordered, rolling her eyes and walking out of the bedroom. She looped through the living room and into the kitchen of their shared apartment and started preparing breakfast, pausing only long enough to open the front door and grab the paper off the front porch. That was a mild hassle, because her robe – seductively short for Jason’s sake, but inappropriate for the outside world, especially since JoAnna wasn’t wearing panties – didn’t cover much of anything when she leaned over, no matter how she did it. No doubt Chely Wright across the way enjoyed the view – the blatant lesbian had more than once been caught peeking out at JoAnna in the morning.

As she chopped up some fruit for her breakfast – Jason would want bacon and eggs, but he’d have to get it himself, so he’d settle for toast – JoAnna checked her phone for any messages. A few PM’s from work, a note from her mother, a couple of reporters – including that Ashley Benson bitch – asking for quotes about the sentences of the SF8. Nothing too important. She set the phone down next to her plate on the counter, pulled up the stool and sat down, knowing her robe would ride up and expose the bottom half of her ass to the door to the living room. JoAnna already knew Jason would be wanting something besides food for breakfast. Again.

She started going through the paper rather mindlessly, skipping over anything and everything to do with the trial – it was just too early to deal with that. JoAnna had been held hostage, been sexually abused, and threatened with death more than once during that whole horrid affair, and was really just getting over it. The last thing she wanted was to relive it all in the papers or on TV. Again.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Actually rang, not just buzzing that she got a text message. JoAnna picked it up and smiled when she saw who was calling.

“Amy?” She asked at once.

“Hey Red!” Amy Acker’s voice came through from the other side. Amy was one of JoAnna’s friends from the SFUB, though she’d recently transferred south to Los Angeles – making her an LAUB employee, technically, though it really was all the same company. Amy felt like she belonged in San Fran, but she’d met a girl and fallen in love down in LA, and as long as their jobs remained down there, Amy wasn’t leaving. “Is it too early?”

“No, I’m up and awake,” JoAnna said. The Big O Jason had given her had certainly woken her up. “Why, what’s up?”

“I have news!” Amy said, sounding particularly giddy. JoAnna rolled her eyes. Amy considered pretty much any news something worth getting giddy over. She’d once seen the darker-haired girl get excited over new bagels at the coffee shop they stopped at on their way to work.

“Do tell,” JoAnna said as the door behind her opened. She turned and saw Jason, still wrapped in just his towel, all wet and good looking after his shower. He stopped when he spotted JoAnna on the phone, and mouthed the word “who?” She mouthed Amy’s name back, and he rolled his eyes, knowing JoAnna would be on the phone for a while.

“Guess who’s engaged!” Amy said.

“Who?” JoAnna asked, not catching on.

“ME!” Amy shrieked. “Dichen popped the question last night!”

“OHMYGOD!” JoAnna exclaimed, in part in excitement over what Amy was saying, but also in part over Jason dropping to his knees next to her, spinning her a quarter of the way around, and pulling her legs open enough that he could start licking her bare pussy. It was a trick he’d started doing after they began making love again after her abduction. He’d never shied away from going down on her before, but now he seemed to be willing to do it at the drop of a hat. Normally, JoAnna was thrilled, and thought every woman should be so lucky to have a fiance willing to perform cunnilingus on her at any given moment. But when he started doing it while she was on the phone with one of her friends, it was distracting. Not distracting enough for JoAnna to make him stop, but it was distracting.

“She got down on one knee and gave me a ring and everything!” Amy went on. “Oh, Jo, it was the most romantic thing ever!”

“Yes?” JoAnna said, placing her free hand in Jason’s wet hair, holding his head in place. He got the message and began licking harder. The redhead was suddenly quite glad she hadn’t showered yet.

“Of course I said yes!” Amy replied, not knowing that JoAnna was only half listening. “We’ve already decided that I’ll take her name because ‘Amy Lachman’ has a much nicer ring to it than ‘Dichen Acker.’ We’re going to have a June wedding. This June.”

“Amy, that’s only a few months away!” JoAnna said.

“Six, to be exact. But we’ve got this great little B and B out on the coast selected, and, well they have the last weekend in June available, so we’re going for it.”

“That’s so great,” JoAnna said, not at all referring to Amy’s wedding plans, but rather Jason’s tongue sliding over her clit.

“Listen, JoAnna, this isn’t just a social call. Big news aside, I need to ask you something.”

“Anything,” JoAnna said, feeling her robe slide open to expose her breasts to the room. Oh, if that Chely Wright could see her now…

“Dichen’s already got her Maid of Honor planning the bachlorette party, and she’s this cute redhead, Jessica… something. God, I don’t even know her last name.”

“Yes!” JoAnna said.

“Anyway, I need my best friend from San Fran down here for that, and then the wedding. You can bring Jason to the wedding, but not the bachlorette party – no penis’ invited there.”

“Yes. Yes!”

“So you’ll come? And you’ll be my Maid of Honor?”

“Yes! Yes yes YESSS!” JoAnna exclaimed, her juices flowing over Jason’s mouth. Oh, she was going to squirt all over him any second now, phone call be damned.

“Great! Oh, Jo, I’m so happy! I’ve gotta call a million other people, but I’ll get back to you with more details. Later!”

“YES!” JoAnna exploded just as the phone hung up, and she writhed about on her stool, held on only by Jason’s hands on her thighs.

“Good news?” Jason asked, looking up from between her legs.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, Amy and Dichen are engaged. Now, please, PLEASE fuck me!” JoAnna begged. Jason didn’t need to be told twice. He stood up, grabbing JoAnna off her stool and shoving her to the kitchen table. He paused only once to kiss her – his mouth tasting of JoAnna’s own juices – and then spun her around and shoved her down until she was bent at the waist over the table. He then lined his cock up with her sopping wet pussy and began pounding away.

He took her just like that, claiming her as his own as he humped into her like an animal. JoAnna loved it, almost as much as she loved him. But even as his primal fucking made her own orgasm start to return, she couldn’t help but feel like she was cheating on someone else every time she made love to her fiance.

*   *   *

The bed creaked as Jessica Biel rolled out of it, her bare ass clearing the silk sheets and slipping into the sliver of sunlight streaming in from between her curtains. Naked as the day she was born, Jessica lazily walked towards those curtains and threw them open, knowing that anyone in any of the apartments across the way would be able to see her should they choose to look. It was a minor thrill, one that served her better than her morning cup of coffee when it came to waking up.

Of course, not everyone felt the same way.

“God, do you have to do that EVERY morning?” Beverley Mitchell asked, clutching the sheets to her own equally naked form.

“Every morning,” Jessica confirmed. “Come on, work to do.”

“Close the shades and come back to bed. We can celebrate my promotion again,” Beverley offered. Thanks in no small part to the role she played in helping to capture the San Francisco Seven, Beverley had been fast-tracked through the FBI hiring process and was now a full-fledged field agent. Of course, Jessica was still her superior – Jessica ran the FBI’s San Fran office, after all – which meant that the balance of power in their sexual relationship was still very much one-sided.

“We have to get to work. Kristen’s all worked up on something again.”

“Let her be worked up,” Beverley said, sitting up enough to let the sheets fall from her ample breasts, which looked gloriously inviting in the morning light. “Let me work YOU up.”

“I’m still beat from last night!” Jessica chided. “Come on, get that sweet ass moving. If you’re done your shower before I finish making breakfast, I’ll let you go down on me before I take my shower.”

“Girlcum for breakfast, yay,” Beverley muttered, clearly not as enthused as she might have been. Still, she rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom, not bothering to get dressed. Jessica shook her head. Beverley knew her place, even with the promotion.

*   *   *

Tammin Sursok hadn’t gotten the nickname “BJ” for nothing. She had gained that particular moniker as a combo of having naturally well-endowed lips, and her more-than-expert skill at performing oral sex on both men and women – especially men. Considering at one point, her full nickname had been “Blow Job Sure Suck,” she took the shortening to BJ as somewhat of a relief.

Of course, this often meant she had to perform oral sex at the drop of a hat, at any time of day or night. It was, she mused, a good thing she actually enjoyed the act.

“C’mon, BJ, how about a little morning action?”

Tammin groaned as she opened her eyes to face a fully erect penis, having managed to forget in her sleep the stupid choices she’d made the night before. Or rather, the stupid chocies she’d made for the third time this week.

“C’mon, Ben, it’s early.”

“It’s early, and I’m rock hard,” Ben countered. “Just suck me off quick. That’s it.”

“Ugh,” Tammin groaned. She glanced at the clock. It was still early – more than early enough for both her and Ben to get to work at the San Fran FBI office. They had time. She groaned one more time, then opened her mouth, letting Ben slide his shaft inside her.

“Good girl,” he said. God, what a punk. He was practically a decade younger than she was – well, more like six years, but still – and he had the cockiness of a man in his very early twenties. As his not unimpressive cock slid into her lips, she realized that he’d probably gotten his job the same way she had – by sleeping with whoever could help her.

Of course, Tammin was a field agent, and Ben was a secretary. What a wonderful twist, she thought – the man being in the traditionally female role at work, while she was off doing the “real” work.

Laying on her back, with Ben straddling her chest, Tammin didn’t have to move at all. She reached up with one hand to hold his cock steady, and began bobbing her head up and down on the stiff rod, once again amazed at how men were always hard. Tammin considered herself bisexual, but more and more she leaned towards women for her own sexual pleasure.

But then, a young guy like Ben, with a cut body and a hard cock could always tempt her back.

He pulled his shaft out of her mouth and used his hands to rub the wet phallus against each of Tammin’s erect nipples – the only pleasure she’d really get this morning, before turning around and placing himself back in her mouth. The head barely in her lips, her began stroking his shaft himself, clearly working towards release. Men we so easy.

“How about I finish on your face?” Ben asked. “Would you like that?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Tammin replied, lying. If she wasn’t already taking a shower, she would’ve said no. There was nothing she hated more than spunk on her face, especially first thing in the morning.

“Does that excite you?” he asked, stroking harder. Oh, he was into it so, so much.

She grunted affirmative, and Ben started pounding his meat like she wasn’t even there, more intent on shooting his load than actually getting sucked off by the beautiful woman beneath him. Guys were so, so easy!

Had she been able to look at the clock, Tammin could’ve counted the fifty-six seconds it took from the moment Ben asked if he could shoot on her face until the first drops of hot white cum splashed her nose. She moaned like she liked it, as if getting sticky stuff all over her face was actually some sort of turn on, and suffered through it as Ben shot three more gushes upon her.

“Oh yeah, baby, you’re so good,” Ben said. Tammin wasn’t certain if he was talking to her, or his own hand. Well, he was just a secretary. And not even hers. Ben rolled off her and Tammin was finally able to get up and move to get out of bed, eagerly moving towards the shower, ignoring the man she’d fucked last night, then blown this morning. Again.

“What’s your rush? We got plenty of time before work!” Ben called after her.

*   *   *

Jessica Biel could still feel Beverley Mitchell’s mouth upon her quivering pussy lips as she walked into the FBI’s San Francisco office, despite the fact that the eager little field agent had taken her own car in. Beverley really was quite the talented little lover.

“Good morning, Miss Biel,” Ben Sanderson said. The attractive young man had a certain glow about his face, letting Jessica know he’d gotten some either last night or this morning. Jessica grunted at him – she disliked Beverley’s replacement at her secretary’s desk, mostly because unlike Beverley, Jessica didn’t want to sleep with Ben.

“Ben,” Biel grunted at him.

“Kristen’s waiting for you in your office,” he added. “Tammin’s in there with her.”

“Fine, fine,” Jessica grumbled. “Send Beverley in when she gets here.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ben said, smiling, clearly eying up Jessica’s body.

Jessica walked past him, knowing Ben would be glaring at her ass in the tight skirt she was wearing. She could just imagine the tent he was making in his slacks and tried not to shiver at the thought. Oh, she’d given up on cock so long ago, the very thought of one made her a little queasy.

“Morning, boss,” field agent Kristen Bell said as Jessica walked into the room. Tammin Sursok stood behind her, holding some file folders and looking all business, save for those oh-so-impressive blowjob lips she had.

“Okay, what have you two got for me today?” Jessica asked, slipping past the deminutive blonde and her partner to take a seat at her desk.

“Rhona Mitra,” Kristen said.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Not again.”

“She’s out there. I’m sure of it,” Kristen said.

“Kristen, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but unless you’ve got something new and exciting, you’re barking up the wrong tree. She’s too well hidden.”

“I just need more time to find her, Jess,” Kristen begged. “Please!”

Jessica sighed. “You’re using up all the good will you earned with the SF7 case, Bell.”

“I know, but when I bust Rhona, you’ll see it all paid back in full.”

“Fine, fine. Go do what you need to do. But we won’t keep going like this without some headway soon, Kristen. Take BJ here with you – she seems to keep you out of trouble.”

“I promise, I’ll get her,” Kristen said, nodding to Tammin before leading the pouty-lipped junior officer out.

“I miss something?” Beverley Mitchell asked as she slid in past them.

“Just Kristen going off after her favorite windmill,” Jessica grumbled.

“Rhona Mitra again?”

“Always,” Jessica said, leaning back in her chair.

“You need me to do something?” Beverley asked.

“Get Kristen to give up looking for Rhona,” Jessica said.

“I don’t think anyone can do that,” Beverley said. “Can I do something else?”

“Yeah, give me some oral,” Jessica said, lifting her skirt and exposing the thong she wore underneath. “I don’t think I’m getting through today without an extra orgasm or two.”

“Sure, boss,” Beverley said. “Or maybe I could go get Ben there to do it. You know he would-”

“Okay, shut up and go get BJ then,” Jessica snapped. “No oral from you, Beverley.”

“Seriously?” Beverley asked, surprised.

“Yes, seriously. I’m still your boss, Mitchell.”

“Fine, fine,” Beverley said, sounding dejected as she stepped out of Jessica’s office. She kept the look on her face as she went around the corner and down the long hallway towards the ladies room. Once there she slipped inside and quickly checked all six stalls, discovering that she was alone. Quickly, she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a cellphone she shouldn’t have had – a burner that was against all FBI regulations. There was only one number programmed into it.

“Yes, Beverley?” the refined voice on the other end said.

“Bell is still after you. What do you want me to do?”

“Keep an eye on her and report back to me,” Rhona Mitra told her little spy. “If she starts to get too close, then we’ll do something.” The line hung up, leaving Beverley on her own again.

Sometimes, she mused, being a double agent didn’t really pay.

*   *   *

“I don’t like it.”

Victoria Justice glanced up from where her mouth was wrapped around her boyfriend’s cock and shot him a puzzled look. “Since when,” she asked, “do you not like blowjobs?”

“Oh, no, I love blowjobs,” he said. “I don’t think I like you being a stripper is all.”

“Dan, we went over this a month ago. I got the job, it’s paying our rent, what more do you want?”

“I know, I know,” Dan said. “It’s just… I want to be the only guy who sees you naked.”

“You weren’t the only man to see me naked before we hooked up, Dan. You know I wasn’t a virgin before we slept together.”

“Don’t remind me,” Dan said.

“What’s your problem? When I took the job, you didn’t mind at all. You came and visited me at the club every other night,” Victoria said.

“It was fun at first,” Dan admitted.

“What made it fun? All the half-naked girls walking around?” Victoria asked, gently reaching out with her tongue to lick his shaft.

“Mmmm, yeah,” he admitted.

“And who was the hottest one there?”

“You were,” Dan admitted as Victoria engulfed his manhood once more.

“Mmmhmmm,” Victoria said, sucking on him some more.

“I-I just wish I was the only-” Victoria didn’t let him finish. She stood up, leaving his cock hanging out in the wind, and turned to go get her shoes.

“What-what just happened?” Dan asked.

“Come on, we’re going to the club,” Victoria said. “You’re going to learn to like seeing me naked in front of a crowd.”

*   *   *

It took half an hour by bus to get to the Spectacular, and Victoria wasn’t even scheduled to work that night. It didn’t matter. There was usually someone who was looking for time off for some reason or another.

“Hey Adrianne, is Charisma in?” Victoria asked, after getting Dan past the bouncer out front.

“She’s in with Emmanuelle right now, so if you need the night off, better get in there fast,” Adrianne Palicki said, walking by Victoria and Dan in just a thong. Dan’s eyes were locked on Adrianne’s tits, making Victoria feel a little odd – on the one hand, he was proving her point. On the other hand, she was jealous – Adrianne’s tits were so much bigger than Victoria’s.

“I was actually hoping to pick up a shift,” Victoria said.

“Cool. Charisma will probably be looking for the help,” Adrianne said, smiling at Dan. “Your boyfriend’s cute. His jaw ever close?”

“Dan, stop staring,” Victoria snapped, elbowing him in the ribs.

“Sorry,” Dan apologized.

“S’alright, sweetie,” Adrianne said. “I’m a stripper. If men aren’t staring at my tits, I’m not doing my job right.”

“You’re doing your job very right,” Dan admitted. Victoria elbowed him again.

Suddenly, Emmanuelle Chiriqui walked in, wiping something from her mouth with her arm, smiling the whole time. She wore a pair of cut-off jeans so tight they were practically painted on and a gray cami-top that did nothing to disguise the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tussled hair had at one point been in a ponytail, but enough had come loose from whatever she’d just been doing that it was essentially just a loose mass of dark tresses held together by a stressed scrunchie.

“Get your day off?” Adrianne asked.

“You know it,” Emmanuelle said, giving Adrianne a quick kiss on the cheek and pinching one of her nipples. She stopped short when she saw Dan. “Who’s the penis?”

“Victoria’s boyfriend,” Adrianne answered.

“Dan,” he said, offering his hand.

“I’d shake, but my hand’s just been up my boss’s slit, and it’s still kinda sticky,” Emmanuelle said. “No offense.”

“N-none taken,” Dan replied, clearly shocked.

“See you back at home later?” Emmanuelle asked Adrianne.

“Sure. Your turn to cook dinner,” Adrianne answered.

“Ugh, then it’s Chinese again,” Emmanuelle replied, kissing Adrianne one last time before walking off.

“So, you two are…?” Dan started to ask Adrianne, but never got an answer as Charisma Carpenter came out, buttoning her blouse.

“Victoria! Tell me you’re here to work!”

“I am,” Victoria said with a smile. “When do you need me?”

“I need someone out getting lap dances now, and I’ll need you for a show in about an hour,” Charisma said flatly.

“No problem. And I have my first customer right here,” Victoria said, grabbing Dan by the arm.

“Your boyfriend? No funny stuff in the back rooms, Victoria,” Charisma scolded. “Let Adrianne give him a lap dance.”

“Works for me,” Adrianne said.

“It’s okay,” Victoria said to Dan. “She won’t hurt you. Much.”

“Hope you brought clean undies, boy,” Adrianne said, pulling Dan out of the dressing room.

“You’re really going to let another girl give your boy a lap dance?” Charisma asked.

“He’s got to be okay with what I do, and he knows Adrianne prefers the girls, so…”

Charisma shrugged. “You want to earn the right to give your boy lap dances yourself, you know where to find me and my pussy.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Victoria said, watching Charisma turn and head back towards her office. For a long moment, Victoria was tempted to follow her. But she didn’t, trying hard to ignore the fact that if she did, she’d be sleeping with Charisma more for the fun of sleeping with the other woman than for permission to give her boyfriend a lap dance at work.

*   *   *

The camera flashed, and JoAnna Garcia looked once again at her naked body on the camera’s digital screen. She frowned. One of her nipples wasn’t even in the shot, and the other was half cropped out. Maybe that’d be inticing, but six other shots were pretty much the same, and you could only send so many teasing pics to your prison-held lesbian love interest.

With a groan, JoAnna lay back on the bed and sighed. This would be so much easier if she had some help, but she didn’t dare ask anyone. All her friends might assume they were for Jason – who’d certainly be happy to see them – but they weren’t. They were for Shay Mitchell, one of the lesbian criminals who’d “raped” JoAnna while she was their hostage.

Except JoAnna had enjoyed it when Shay had done it. Enjoyed it more than any sex she’d ever had before, even with Jason, who she also loved. But more and more, sex made her think of Shay, and she had very quickly become secret pen pal lovers with the imprisoned criminal.

Still, JoAnna wasn’t a photographer, and sending dirty pics to her incarcerated lover was proving difficult. How did people on the internet do this? She aimed the camera at her crotch, snapped a shot, and sighed again. A tuft of her hair was visible, but it was mostly leg. This just wasn’t easy.

The phone rang, making JoAnna jump. She almost reached for her robe, but she saw the number on the caller ID, and forgot her modesty for a moment,


“Hey, JoAnna, it’s me. Troian.”

“You’re sure this can’t be traced?” JoAnna asked at once, sitting up as she spoke with Troian Bellisario, lesbian lover of Hayden Panettiere, one of the other hostages taken by the infamous San Fran 8 along with JoAnna.

“It’s a burner phone. I’ve got one for you, too, next time we meet,” Troian said. “How are you?”

“Frustrated,” JoAnna admitted without thinking. “I’m not good with cameras.”

“I could come over and help,” Troian offered, knowing what JoAnna was up to.

“Wouldn’t your girlfriend get upset?”

“Hayden? Hardly. She’s been in prison for more than two months now, and she’s getting more regular sex than she was when we lived together.”

“She doesn’t get jealous?” JoAnna asked.

“Do you think Shay’s jealous of your fiance?” Troian countered.

“She should be. He and I are still having sex,” JoAnna admitted guiltily.

“Jo, that’s not a problem,” Troian said. “That’s part of your cover. You have to act like you’re getting back to your life, and what happened is in your past. Your fiance is the closest person to you, so if you don’t act like you’re putting the bank heist behind you, he’s going to get suspicious.”

“I know, I know,” JoAnna said, knowing Troian spoke the truth. “It’s just-”

“You’re falling out of love with him,” Troian said, knowingly. “I was the same way when I met Hayd. I was dating another girl, and she was amazing. But as soon as Hayden and I met, I couldn’t think of anyone else. I still loved the girl I was with at the time, but… well, I fell out of love with her, and fell into love with Hayden. I don’t regret that for a minute, and I know she doesn’t either – nor do her husband or her three kids.”


“Listen, if you want to talk, I’m available,” Troian said. “And if you want help with those nude pics, I’m more than  available,” she added. “But we need to meet anyway, we have to start getting information into the prison for the girls to use to escape. I really need your help, JoAnna.”

“Okay, what about Monday?” JoAnna asked. “We can meet, you can give me the burner phone, and-”

“And you’ll let me take some topless photos?” Troian asked hopefully. “Kidding,” she added after a moment.

“We’ll see,” JoAnna muttered. “Talk to you soon.”

“It’ll all work out, Jo,” Troian told her. “It has to.”

“Yeah, it has to,” JoAnna admitted. She hung up and lay back on the bed for a moment. She must have dozed off, because the next thing she knew, she heard the door slam shut and Jason calling for her.

“Hey babe, you here?” he asked, walking right into the bedroom. “Whoa- Since when do you sleep naked in the afternoon.”

“I, uh, I wasn’t sleeping,” JoAnna tried to protest, not realizing the hole she was digging herself.

He smiled wolfishly. “Oh really? Why else would you be naked at this time of day unless-” He stopped seeing the camera on the bed next to her. “What’s that?”

“What’s what?” JoAnna asked.

“The camera,” Jason asked, smiling. “Were you taking naughty pictures?

“I was trying to,” JoAnna muttered.

“Babe, you don’t have to take naughty pics just for me,” Jason said, taking off his shirt as he approached his bed. “But if you want me to help you…”

And so JoAnna ended up posing for several pictures, ranging from half-naked to full on x-rated, all with the help of her fiance, who then fucked her silly. He thought the pics stayed on a memory card and never went anywhere – after all, what need did he have for them? He could see JoAnna naked pretty much any time he wanted.

But they didn’t stay there. The first chance she got, JoAnna went and printed them off, buying brand new photo paper and ink for her seldom used photo printer. Once printed out, JoAnna returned the memory card to the camera, in case Jason ever went looking for those pics. JoAnna took the printed copies and put them in a large manila envelope which she hid under the bathroom sink, behind her tampons – a place Jason would flat out refuse to look unless the sink started leaking, and if it did, the water would ruin the pics.

She did feel bad using her fiance like that, letting him take the pictures she would send to her prison girlfriend he knew nothing about. But he had taken several beautiful shots, and she knew Shay would adore them. Every time she mailed a new one to Remy Hadley, JoAnna would fantasize about Shay opening the letter, seeing the new pic, and then masturbating to the increasingly erotic images of JoAnna. This often lead to JoAnna masturbating herself, though sometimes she managed to hold off until Jason came home and he could take care of her needs.

JoAnna thought that might have been part of the problem. She really did still enjoy sex with Jason. But he wasn’t Shay, and more and more, Shay was who JoAnna wanted.

*   *   *

“Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me harder, ma’am! Fuck me harder!”

Reiko Aylesworth smiled and slammed the strap-on dildo deeper into her personal assistant, Isabel Lucas. But while Isabel was stark naked and bent over Reiko’s desk, the brunette’s attention was on the scaffolding outside her window. That was what was really turning her on.

After all this time and all the dirty deeds she’d done, Reiko Aylesworth was being made partner in her law firm. In a few weeks Lychan Hollowman would be Lychan Hollowman & Aylesworth. It meant riches and power and prestige and all the things Reiko had been after all her life.

It hadn’t been easy. No, she’d had to do some awful, awful things. Get guilty clients off. Sell out small businesses. Lie to police and federal officials. And being a woman, she’d had to sleep with a fair number of people she hadn’t wanted to. Like all the men over the years. She was a well-known lesbian, which made her popular in San Francisco, but it also meant every judge and opposing council with a penis that thought she was cute wanted to be the one to “turn her.” So far, none had succeeded, but a lot had tried.

She’d also had to go and get married – to Dr. Ming-Na Wen, a respected lesbian head of neuroscience at San Fran Mass General. Except Ming-Na wasn’t at all a lesbian. She preferred men, but maintained the lesbian fantasy in order to get all sorts of local funding for her hospital from San Fran’s gay community. While Reiko had insisted on feasting upon Ming-Na’s pussy at least once a month to maintain the illusion, both women had lovers on the side – several in Reiko’s case – and preferred it that way.

But of all the awful things Reiko had been forced to do to get where she was today, working for Rhona Mitra had to be the worst. The crime boss not only owned Lychan Hollowman (though legally that was impossible to prove), she provided more than a fair number of the clients for the law firm, both innocent and guilty. But when it became clear Reiko wanted more than to just be a mid-level lawyer getting burglars and drunks off their misdemeanor and felony charges, Rhona had insisted she start doing more than just being a lawyer.

First had come the sex. Reiko had expected that, as it was how she’d gotten anywhere in the law firm. But beyond satisfying Rhona and her various girlfriends in bed, Reiko had been forced to do some other things. Illegal things. Somewhere in Rhona’s possession were a pair of videos. One was of Reiko doing some nasty sexual things with two underaged girls and a transsexual hooker. That was bad enough to ruin her career, but it was the video of Reiko driving the getaway car for a pharmacy robbery that had ended with two pharmacists dead that really kept the lawyer under Rhona‘s thumb. Reiko had ironically gotten the man who committed that crime off on a technicality, but there was still a warrant out there for her arrest, should she ever be identified as the driver.

Rhona still held those tapes over Reiko, and still regularly fucked the lawyer, though lately she’d just been sending her slutty, crazy girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whitley to do all the fucking. She was a good lay, but she enjoyed causing pain and tying Reiko to the bed. And then there was the time Ming-Na had walked in on them, and Rosie had forced the doctor to get involved…

“Oh fuck! FUCK! FUCK!” Isabel started crying out beneath Reiko, bringing her mind back to the present. Much like Rhona used Reiko, Reiko used Isabel for random sexual pleasure. Isabel didn’t seem to mind, but Reiko had made it a point to keep her away from Rhona. Just in case.

“Cum for me, my little slut,” Reiko said, looking down at Isabel thrashing on the desk beneath her. The young Aussie looked particularly delicious split upon the thick black dildo Reiko had strapped around her hips. Always obedient, Isabel began to climax almost as soon as her boss ordered her too, thrashing about even more and her blood boiled over and orgasm took her. Reiko smiled, feeling her own wetness begin to drip down her legs as Isabel collapsed atop the desk, spent. That’s what turned Reiko Aylesworth on – driving a woman so crazy she climaxed just by being told to. It was one of the reasons she fucked Isabel so much while still keeping her around as an assistant – she took orders so very well.

Reiko removed the dildo from Isabel with a satisfying slurp, and casually started to strip it off. She didn’t need it any more this morning, and Isabel wasn’t allowed to use it. By the time the harness hit the floor, Isabel was sitting up, her body aglow with post-coital sweat, with a healthy mix of girl-cum laced around her crotch.

“Good girl,” Reiko said, smiling as she sat down in her chair. Her skirt was still hiked up, and her own panties sat on the floor beneath her desk, unlike Isabel’s clothing, which was scattered across the room. Isabel ignored it all, and got between Reiko’s legs, hiding her naked body beneath the desk as she went about orally pleasuring her boss.

“Mmmm, yes,” Reiko groaned in delight. “Good girl,” she added, stroking Isabel’s hair like she was a pet or something. She essentially was, Reiko mused. A good little pussy eating pet.

Reiko would’ve happily sat there for an hour or more, letting Isabel wear her tongue and jaw out getting her boss off, but not five minutes in, the phone rang. It was Steven down at the front desk.

“Miss Aylesworth, the FBI is here to see you.”

Reiko blinked, but put her hand upon Isabel’s head, pinning it in place so her assistant knew to keep licking. “What do they want?”

“To speak with you. It’s Agents Bell, Sursok and Mitchell, ma’am,” Steven reported.

Suddenly, Reiko felt turned on for more than just Isabel’s efforts. FBI Agent Kristen Bell had made quite the impression on Reiko the last time she’d come calling, months ago. A cute little blonde thing, she was the sort of girl Reiko had always fallen for, at least physically. Perhaps this time, she could get more than just some backtalk out of the agent.

“Send them up,” she said, letting go of Isabel. As soon as the phone disconnected, Reiko pulled back and let her assistant get out from beneath the large mahogany desk. “Get dressed. I need you to distract the other two agents.”

“Mmm, happily when it comes to Agent Sursok,” Isabel said. She and Tammin had engaged in a little “cop fantasy” sex the last time the FBI had come calling.

“Beverley will probably join you,” Reiko said. She knew all about Rhona Mitra’s plant in the San Fran FBI office – she’d assembled a large legal docket for the day Beverley was found out, and unless she went and did something stupid like kill another agent, Reiko was fairly confident she could get Mitchell off scot-free, which was what Rhona Mitra wanted.

Isabel raced about getting dressed, but blouse was still unbuttoned, revealing her bra-less tits as the door to the outer office opened and the three FBI agents arrived.

“T-thank you, Isabel,” Reiko said, giving the younger woman time to cover up. “Agent Bell, so good to see you again.”

“Miss Aylesworth,” Kristen said. “I understand congratulations are in order. Your name is going up on the building.”

“Making partner has it’s privileges. Perhaps you’d like to help me celebrate? I have a lovely bottle of champagne on ice, and I could get us a private room at the hotel across the street in a matter of moments.”

“I thought you were married,” Beverley Mitchell said, her voice not betraying the humor she found in her statement.

“Hardly a reason to skip out on champagne with a beautiful woman,” Reiko said, flashing a snarl towards Beverley but then turning her considerable charm back towards Kristen. “Isabel,” Reiko added. “Why don’t you show Agents Sursok and Mitchell the conference room. Get them whatever they need.”

“We haven’t even told you why we’re here yet,” Kristen said.

“Oh, I’m sure we’re happy to help the FBI,” Reiko said. “And you, Agent Bell. Now, will you join me for that drink?”

“I’m on duty,” Kristen said.

“I won’t tell,” Reiko said, her eyes sparkling as the others left the room.

“I think I’ll pass.”

“Oh, but I’m such an agreeable person when I’ve had a drink or two,” Reiko smiled. Still horny from the unfinished work Isabel had left, Reiko wanted nothing more than to seal the deal with the sexy Agent Kristen Bell.

“Then by all means, get sloppy drunk,” Kristen said. “What do you know about a woman named Rhona Mitra?”

Reiko Aylesworth was one of the more experienced trial lawyers in all of San Francisco, and a practiced liar. She didn’t even blink when Rhona’s name came out of Kristen’s sexy little lips. “Can’t say I’ve ever heard the name, Agent Bell,” Reiko said. “Should I have?”

“She’s the head of a major crime element here in California. Probably more than a few of your clients have a connection to her.”

“If they do, they haven’t mentioned it to me. Should I start asking?” Reiko asked, coming around her desk to stand closer to Kristen. Reiko wondered what the diminutive Fed would say if she knew Reiko’s panties were on the floor under her desk and not covering her ass under this skirt.

“You think you’re clever, Miss Aylesworth,” Kristen said.

“I think you’re sexy,” Reiko came back. “And I think I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

“You ARE married, aren’t you?” Kristen said.

“That’s never stopped me before,” Reiko said, leaning in closer to whisper in Kristen’s ear. “Besides, doesn’t that make it hotter?”

Kristen frowned, clearly considering things. Ever since she’d last visited, Reiko had made it a point to follow up on Kristen Bell. Credited with helping to solve the SF8 heist and kidnappings, she was a rising star in the local FBI office, and probably could’ve been leading her own office somewhere else, if she’d just leave the Rhona Mitra case to someone else. But Kristen was stubborn, and that made her that much more attractive to Reiko.

“I’m not here to flirt with you, Miss Aylesworth,” Kristen said. “I need information on-”

“I’m afraid we don’t have the information you’re looking for, Agent Bell,” Reiko said, switching tactics suddenly. “If you need information on this Rhona woman, you’ll have to find it elsewhere. My law firm certainly doesn’t handle such things.”

Kristen looked a little surprised, as Reiko’s about face caught her off-guard. “Uh…”

“Now, if there’s nothing else?” Reiko asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively towards Kristen.

“Uh, no, not really,” Kristen said, suddenly quite flummoxed. Hadn’t this woman just been coming on to her?

“Then I suggest you and your junior agents leave,” Reiko said, sitting down behind her desk, her foot pushing her panties closer to the front of the desk. If Krsiten had just looked down…

“I’ll be back,” Kristen finally said, turning to leave.

Reiko let her get as far as the door. “Agent Bell, I’ll be at the Rosemont tonight. You’ve heard of it?” she said, stopping the Fed at the door.

“I’ve had dinner there once or twice, yes,” Kristen said.

“Meet me there, and we can discuss things, off the record,” Reiko added.

“What things?”

“Things like who pays for some of my clients, and what sexual positions you’ll assume on a first date,” Reiko said. “See you at 7:30. Wear something slutty.”

*   *   *

“She actually told you to wear something slutty?” Tammin said as the three Feds got into their car down in the parking garage.

“Yes, she did,” Kristen said.

“So what are we going to do?” Beverley asked.

“You two are going to start looking into who owns Lychan Hollowman,” Kristen said. “I’m going to go buy something slutty to wear to dinner tonight.”

“You’re really going to go out with that woman?” Beverley asked, surprised.

“I am, and if it’ll get me even an inch closer to Rhona Mitra, I’ll not only put out on the first date, but I’ll let her do whatever she wants to me,” Kristen Bell said firmly. “I’m getting sick and tired of hunting for this woman. If I have to use my body to find her, I will.”

*   *   *

The hot shower water beat down over Victoria Justice’s naked body, and the young stripper was still shivering. Alone in perhaps the fanciest hotel room she’d ever seen, Victoria was trying to wash away her fears, while also getting ready for the night ahead.

Her four months were up, and it was time she proved her loyalty to the Spectacular again.

Charisma had come to her earlier in the week and essentially told her that flat out, making it clear that Victoria wouldn’t get any more work shifts until after she met with Charisma’s boss’ girlfriend. And by meet, Charisma meant fuck. Victoria had know it was coming – Charisma had told her back that first day she got hired. But now it was here, and she was nervous.

Hardly the innocent little lesbian virgin she’d been when she’d walked into Charisma’s office four months ago, Victoria was still nervous. Both Emannuelle and Adrianne had tried to cheer her up (through sex) and Charisma had even given her some pointers (“do whatever she tells you and remember, she’s only got the one night”), but none of that calmed her fears.

She’d tried distracting herself, too. She’d woken up and fucked Dan pretty senseless before telling him she had to work all night and wouldn’t be back until morning. It was true, in a sense. She just wasn’t working as a stripper.

She was working as a whore.

Her phone beeped, telling her she was down to the last half-hour before her newest lover would arrive, and Victoria reluctantly shut off the water and got out of the shower. Patting herself down with a towel, Victoria dried herself and looked in the mirror, making a point to not look herself in the eyes. She didn’t trust herself not to cry if she did so.

Why was she doing this, she wondered as she applied the perfume provided to her by Charisma. She wasn’t a whore, and yet she was basically selling her body to keep her job. Yes, Victoria was making good money working at Spectacular – though how, she wasn’t entirely sure, the place was rarely all that busy. But she’d had to sleep with Charisma, and now this Rosie woman, and in two more months, she’d have to put out again for Rosie’s girlfriend and Charisma’s boss, Rhona Mitra.

Dan had even gone a found a job. Sure, he was working as a waiter, but he was helping to pay the bills. Victoria could go get another job, somewhere where she didn’t have to sleep with her superiors.

She knew this, but for some reason, she just couldn’t bring herself to leave. Maybe, she thought, if tonight went bad, it would be the straw that broke the camel’s back, letting Victoria run screaming from this job and into a better life.

It wasn’t like she wanted to be a stripper, she told herself as she slid on the whitest pair of lace panties she’d ever seen. She was just doing it to get by. She’d come to Los Angeles to be a performer, like about a billion other girls her age. A singer, a dancer, an actress. She wanted to be famous.

She was hardly that. She’d yet to even topline at the Spectacular. Those sorta billings went to Nicole or Adrianne or even Hannah. Charisma had offered once, but Victoria would’ve had to toss Charisma’s salad, and she hadn’t been feeling very well, so Emmanuelle had taken the offer instead. So Victoria languished away, a barely-known stripper in a small club hidden away in Los Angeles, far away from the movie sets and arena stadiums she’d always dreamed of being on.

And yet, she still couldn’t leave.

Victoria threw a black silk robe over her body, and proceeded to dry her hair, wondering what kind of woman wanted her stripper-lover to wear white panties and a black robe. Perhaps it didn’t really matter. Victoria probably wouldn’t be wearing either for very long.

She spent the next several minutes touching up her makeup. Nothing heavy, and even her lipstick was subdued, as apparently Rosie did not want it smeared all over during their time together. With her hair done and her face on, Victoria left the hotel bathroom and went and sat on the bed. She had maybe ten minutes before Rosie was supposed to get there.

Rosie was ten minutes late, just enough to make Victoria a little nervous. Then the door swung open, and a very British hurricane swept in.

“Oh, good, you’re still here Luv,” Rosie said. She wore business casual, a pencil gray skirt and matching jacket, and a white blouse underneath, her long legs otherwise bare, her shoes already in her hands.

“I was told to wait,” Victoria said carefully.

“Good, good. Be a dear and take these,” Rosie said, motioning towards the shopping bags she held in each hand. Victoria quickly jumped up to take them, putting them on the table while Rosie stripped off her coat and hung it up in the closet. “So you’re Victoria, are you? You’re younger than I thought.”

“Sorry?” Victoria offered, not knowing what else to say.

“Oh, no, that’s good. I love young girls. If you’re old enough to be stripping, that’s old enough for me. Take your robe off please.”

Victoria almost missed the command, but quickly shrugged out of her robe, leaving her standing in the middle of the room in just her panties.

“Oh my, you ARE lovely,” Rosie said, slowly circling the younger woman. Suddenly, Victoria felt like a horse at market. Rosie did everything but check her teeth.

“Nice legs, shapely ass. Tits could be bigger, but that’s what surgery is for, right Luv?”

“I like my tits-OUCH!” Victoria started to protest, but Rosie swatted her ass to shut her up.

“Less attitude, please,” Rosie said casually, running her fingers lightly through Victoria’s hair. “Mousy. Could use more volume. You’re a stripper, after all. One must look the part.”

“I’m standing here half naked, how much more stripper-y could I look?” Victoria asked.

“You’re not here as a stripper, luv,” Rosie said, pinching one of Victoria’s nipples. “You’re here as my whore for the night. Get on the bed, face down.”

Victoria felt a shiver run down her spine, but did as she was told, laying flat on the bed. Rosie quickly came along and slapped Victoria’s ass once, hard.


“No complaining,” Rosie said. “Or the pain will get worse. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Y-yes,” she admitted. Charisma already knew about Dan, so chances were Rosie did, too, and this was just a test.

“Has he had your ass? Has anyone had your ass?”

“Y-yes. He’s had it. And so did Charisma.”

“Very good, luv,” Rosie said, brushing her hand across the exposed cheeks on either side of Victoria’s thong. Then she quickly slapped her again, twice, once on either cheek, making Victoria jump. This time, the younger girl kept her mouth shut.

“A quick learner, excellent,” Rosie said rubbing the redness of Victoria’s buttocks. Rosie hooked her fingers under the waistband of Victoria’s thong and pulled it down the stripper’s legs. Now naked, Victoria looked up in time to see Rosie casually stuffing Victoria’s thong into her purse.

“Guess I’m going home commando,” Victoria said.

Rosie slapped her bare ass again, hard. “No one likes a smart-ass,” she said, her accent somehow making that statement sound sexy instead of condescending. “Though your ass is quite fit, I’ll give it that.”

“Thank you?” Victoria replied.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Rosie corrected, reaching down between Victoria’s legs to gently stroke the other girl’s pussy lips.

“Mmmm, thank you, ma’am,” Victoria cooed, her pussy coming alive at the other woman’s touch. God, why was she such a slut for other women? Victoria could get fucked by Dan for hours at a time, and never feel quite as aroused as she did at the slightest touch from Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

“But me, first,” Rosie said, pulling her hand away. The pouty-lipped Brit walked up to the head of the bed, casually trailing her hand up Victoria’s bare skin as she went. She stopped at the top and hiked up her skirt. She’d arrived commando – maybe she intended to wear Victoria’s thong home, the stripped mused as Rosie sat down on the bed. For a moment, the older girl shuffled about a bit, then sat with her ass backed up against the pillows, her legs spread wide to reveal her bare pussy.

“Get to licking, Luv, or I’ll swat your ass so hard, you’ll not sit down again.”

Victoria eased up the bed until her head was up against Rosie’s crotch, Victoria’s breath sending pleasurable shivers through the other woman. The stripper hesitated, just a moment, and Rosie grabbed her hair. Hard.

“I said LICK,” Rosie insisted, shoving Victoria’s face down into her crotch. This time, Victoria obeyed, tasting Rosie’s juices almost immediately. By now, Victoria had performed her fair share of cunnilingus, and knew all the right ways to move her mouth and tongue to get a woman off. But as experienced as she was, she could hardly move the way Rosie was painfully holding Victoria’s hair. This was far more than Victoria was used to. A little light spanking, sure, but Rosie was practically pulling her hair out of her head! And all so Victoria would lick her?

“HARDER!” Rosie demanded. A moment later, there was a sharp sting on Victoria’s ass, and she cried out – though the sound was quite muffled by Rosie’s crotch.

“Don’t care for my riding crop, do you Luv?” Rosie asked, pulling Victoria up enough to show the black leather item to her. “Shame that, it clearly loves your bottom.” Rosie slapped her again, twice, in rapid succession, all without leaving the comfort of her seat.

“OW!” Victoria cried out.

“LICK ME HARDER,” Rosie demanded, shoving the young stripper’s face back down between her legs.

Victoria licked harder. And harder. And harder.

According to the clock, it only took nine minutes, but to Victoria it felt like an eternity. Considering how loud she’d been screaming at the stripper between her legs, Victoria had expected Rosie to be loud when she climaxed, but to her surprise, the Brit merely rocked her crotch harder against Victoria’s chin and gave a surprisingly timid little “mmmph” as her body went rigid and climax overtook her. Victoria wasn’t even sure that was an orgasm, and kept right on licking until Rosie let go of her hair and shoved her away, practically knocking Victoria off the bed.

“Not bad, not bad,” Rosie admitted, clearly catching her breath. “Now, you lay down up here, on your back. Quickly Luv,” Rosie said. Victoria didn’t hesitate, but she was worried about what Rosie was going to do next.  As Victoria got herself into position, Rosie went to one of her shopping bags and pulled out two pairs of novelty handcuffs, the kind with pink fluff running around them to soften them up. They were made of cheap plastic, but locked all the same, and as the beautiful Brit approached the bed again, Victoria could guess where this was going.

“Arms up, either side,” Rosie said, slapping Victoria’s naked thigh to emphasis the point. Victoria glanced up and saw the two bed posts to which her arms would soon be cuffed. For a heartbeat, she thought about leaving, quitting, and not looking back. But she didn’t, and then Rosie was on her, and soon Victoria Justice was handcuffed naked to a bed.

Rosie went back to her bags – not without hitting Victoria’s thigh again, forcefully – and pulled out a strap-on dildo. Victoria had half expected it, but the thing was giant, eight inches if it was an inch, all black and evil looking. Strapped around Rosie’s hips, it looked even bigger, like some kind of perverted caricature of a penis attached to a gorgeous woman. Victoria wanted to get away even more now, even as part of her couldn’t wait to feel the giant phallus deep inside her.

“Never been fucked by anything this big before, Luv?” Rosie asked.

“N-no, ma’am.”

“It’s going to hurt,” Rosie said as she climbed onto the bed between Victoria’s legs. “You want my advice, relax. We’ve got all night, and three different holes to fill with this bloody beauty.”

“Three?” Victoria asked. She didn’t get an answer. Instead, Rosie shoved the head of the plastic cock into Victoria’s wet slit, making the young stripper gasp. “OHMYGAWD!” Victoria exclaimed as the Rosie began working the strap-on into her. It hurt. A lot. Victoria had never had anything this big inside her before, and she felt like she was getting torn in two as Rosie slowly but steadily shoved the black monster deeper and deeper.

“That’s it. Take it like the good little slut you are,” Rosie said, forcing the dildo deeper into Victoria while also stroking the younger girl’s hair gently. “It hurts so good, doesn’t it?”

“Please!” Victoria begged. “It’s too much!”

“No it’s not,” Rosie said, shoving it in deeper.

“It is! Please! Please!”

“Beg for it!” Rosie said, shoving harder.

“Please!” Victoria cried out.

“Beg for it!”

“Please, please give it to me!” Victoria exclaimed without thinking.

“What?” Rosie demanded. “What do you want me to give you?”

“The cock!”

“What cock?”

“Your big hard cock! Please, please, please fuck me with it, ma’am!”

Rosie actually cooed with glee. “Good girl,” she said, easing her forceful entry. She reached down between herself and Victoria and began stroking the American’s clit. Victoria gasped at once, not expecting the pleasure she was suddenly feeling. Rosie was still pounding her with the strap-on, but was now also fingering her clit at the same time, doubling the sensations. Already stretched well past her limits, Victoria broke almost at once.

“OH FUCK YES!” She cried aloud as orgasm overtook her young body. A wash of ecstasy bashed through her nerves as Rosie kept right on pounding and fingering her, even as the young stripper lost all sense of thought. Rosie quite literally fucked Victoria unconscious.

The younger girl awoke a short time later, much to Rosie’s amusement.

“Good good, you’re awake,” she said. She still wore the strap-on and nothing else, but had been flipping through some trashy gossip mag, looking both incredibly at-ease and incredibly sexy at the same time. “Lay on your stomach now, please.”

“W-what?” Victoria asked, groggily sitting up.

“Your stomach. It’s time I fucked your ass, sweetie,” Rosie said, putting down the magazine and walking back towards the bed, the dildo swaying between her legs.

“Can I – can I just have a, a moment?” Victoria asked, even as Rosie got on the bed.

“You slept through your moment,” Rosie said, taking Victoria by the shoulder and pushing her until she rolled over. Her perky little ass now in the air, Victoria lay there, quivering, waiting for the pain she was certain she was going to receive.

Rosie had gotten some lube and now squirted a generous dollop onto Victoria’s back entrance, where she started to spread it in carefully. For a brief moment, Victoria thought about running. About quitting, about leaving for good. This was so much further than she’d even thought about going.

But something, besides her bonds, kept her from moving. No, as much as she hated the fact, as much as she wished it wasn’t true, Victoria Justice was kind of liking this.

Then Rosie pressed the tip of the dildo against Victoria’s puckered ass, and without warning shoved it in hard enough to plop the “head” in. Victoria cried out in pain, but Rosie ignored it and slowly started working her way in. It took several long, painful moments, but finally Rosie bottomed out, her crotched pressed tight against Victoria’s shapely behind, where she stopped and let the young stripper catch her breath and get used to having so much inside her.

“Stop complaining,” Rosie said, even as she started to thrust in and out of the young stripper. “I could do much worse to you.”

Victoria found that hard to believe, but she didn’t know Rosie Huntington-Whitely that well.

The ass fucking went on for several long minutes. In her prone position, Victoria couldn’t see the clock on the bed table, but Rosie worked her ass over to the point where the young stripper was almost – ALMOST – enjoying it.

Then suddenly, without warning, Rosie pulled out. “Shame I can’t do what I’d like to you strippers,” Rosie said, scratching a line down Victoria’s ass with a single fingernail. Victoria winced, but compared to the rough ass fucking, this pain was barely noticeable.

“Help me get this off,” Rosie said, fiddling with the harness. “Then I’m going to go take a shower, and you’re going to help me clean up.”

“Sure,” Victoria said, figuring all this was finally over.

“Then we’ll get into bed, and we can really start fucking,” Rosie added casually. Victoria winced again, this time at the pain she figured was coming. It was going to be a very long night.


“So this is how TV people live,” JoAnna said.

“Yeah, glitz and glamour all the way,” laughed Troian Bellisario as she welcomed the redhead into their apartment. Not HER apartment – never HER apartment. As far as Troian was concerned it was still THEIR place; her roommate/girlfriend Hayden Panettiere was just off staying somewhere else for a while. “Can I get you anything?”

“Just some water, thanks. How’s she bearing up?” asked JoAnna, sitting down on the sofa.

“The last time I saw her she was pretty good,” the brunette answered as she poured out two glasses of Evian. “At least I didn’t run into her parents that time.”

“Tell me about it,” JoAnna said sympathetically – she’d gotten the evil eye from one or two mothers in her time and she was officially a good girl, so…

“Got a little present for you,” Troian continued, handing JoAnna her drink and then taking out a burner phone. “Use this to call me now.”

“Ooh, subterfuge. I like it,” laughed the redhead. Things to break tension aside, it would cut down the chance of her having to make up stories about who she was talking to around Jason.

“How far’ve you got?” JoAnna continued, spotting a small chip by Troian’s glass.

“About halfway,” Troian replied. “It would’ve been easier if it didn’t have to be so detailed…”

It being the map, which basically had to be done twice – once for the topography of the mountain Remy Hadley was built on, and once for the blueprints of the prison pipes to be laid on top of the image. It had taken Troian some time to track down the specifications online, and it would have been easier if she could have trusted someone else (JoAnna had offered to help with it, but Troian had pointed out that she couldn’t guarantee that someone at work or at home wouldn’t wonder what she was up to). The upside was that getting the pieces to Hayden – INTO Hayden, actually – was fun.

The first time Troian and Hayden had made love on visiting day the former had whispered to the latter that there was something extra inside her, and to pass it on to Roselyn – Troian had originally wanted to insert the chip inside the fluid of the dildo she’d brought with her and pump it into Hayden that way, but she would have had to place it right at the top of the lotion packet and even then it might sink lower or otherwise not make the journey as planned. So she’d secured the chip to the underside with a little adhesive, and had made sure the dildo went synthetic balls deep inside Hayden, leaving the chip inside when she pulled out. Another time she’d kept it under her tongue and passed it to the blonde when they kissed, but even though it had worked both women couldn’t hide the fear that it might get swallowed accidentally, and it got in the way of their fucking; so afterwards for the most part it was vagina to vagina.

“Got to leave for Remy Hadley in an hour,” Troian said casually. “Thank heaven I don’t have to go right now.”

“How come?” JoAnna asked.

“I mean I don’t have to GO right now, know what I mean?” the brunette said, lowering her shorts as if there wasn’t anyone else but her there.

JoAnna knew she should have been casual about this; after all, she had one of those things as well. But she wasn’t really the kind of woman to sit with it spread apart in the presence of others, let alone slide a finger inside as if she was at a “Hustler” photoshoot. She tried not to glue her eyes to her companion picking up the tiny chip, carefully wrapped so as not to be affected in any way by her natural secretions.

“Don’t they ever search you?” asked JoAnna.

“Sure they do – Remy Hadley doesn’t screw around with anyone seeing the San Fran Eight. I can push this real deep though; they haven’t found anything yet.”

Not one to turn down a chance to mix business with pleasure, Troian let her fingers move around inside her slot for possibly a little longer than necessary as she carefully placed the chip inside. She just couldn’t resist giving herself a few flicks; closing her eyes, she slipped the fingertips around within as she guided the chip further up her. She could see Hayden replacing the fingers with her own tongue, excavating inside and licking upwards until she found it and gently teased it out with her tongue, solving the problem of getting the chip without ruining sex – Hayden was a fast worker when she could be, and Troian’s orgasm would wrap up the transfer.

That was one way; either her girlfriend’s mouth would do the job or it would be transferred when they gave the guards watching on the security systems blue balls by scissoring each other, with Troian pushing the chip out while grinding against her blonde lover, and Hayden using her pussy muscles to draw it inside her. The thought of her tiny warm beloved made Troian break into a huge grin as she withdrew her shiny fingers – and noticed JoAnna watching her intensely. She ALMOST offered the redhead her fingers with a suggestion to lick them off.

“All done… you still having trouble with selfies?” Troian asked casually.

“And how,” said JoAnna. “I don’t know how these celebs do it.”

“Practice,” laughed the other. “You can take some of me if you want…”

“Very flattering and open of you, but you’re not really my type,” JoAnna said, hastily averting her eyes from between the brunette’s legs.

“It’s all you, you, you,” Troian chuckled. “They’re for Hayden.”

JoAnna blushed at that.

“You know, it can get a little lonely around here,” Troian continued, standing and finally pulling her shorts up. “I got friends, yeah, but sometimes I could use something extra… and I know you still miss Shay…”

“Troian, I told you before – no. I’m in a relationship.”

“I’m not looking to break up you and Jason… I just want a little companionship.”

“You’ve got conjugal visits,” JoAnna said gently. “And your girl won’t run off with Jaime or whoever when they break out.”

“Yeah, I know…” Troian let her voice tail off. “Can I at least kiss you?”

“Just on the lips,” replied the other. “And just once.”

Troian nodded, and she came closer to JoAnna while willing herself to keep her arms by her sides – the last thing she wanted to do was freak a friend out. Telling herself not to grab JoAnna’s tresses, the brunette kissed her soft lips for several long seconds… nice. She wasn’t Hayden, but she’d do.

JoAnna, for her part, found herself wanting to slip her tongue into Troian’s mouth more than she’d thought. But a deal was a deal; lips only. And then no lips at all, as Troian broke away.

“You’re no Shay,” JoAnna said, smiling. “But you’ll do. Tell Hayden I said hi… maybe I’ll take the snaps next time.”

“It’s a deal, Ellen von Neuwirth,” Troian laughed.


“I had a nice time tonight.”

“Me, too,” Kristen Bell admitted, not at all lying as she got out of Reiko Aylesworth’s Lexus. Kristen was slipping out of the back seat, having just barely pulled up her panties and put her shoes back on. Reiko had offered to take the FBI agent back to a hotel, but Kristen had lied and said she was rushed for time, settling instead of a quickie in the backseat. That quickie had lasted two hours and left both women dangerously close to being dehydrated.

“Can I see you again tomorrow night?”

“Working,” Kristen said. “Thursday?” she asked.

“I’ve got a stack of depositions I should be going through that night,” Reiko said with a sigh. “Maybe another quickie.”

“Your wife really doesn’t mind?”

“She gets hers once a month, and has her lovers on the side,” Reiko reminded Kristen. She didn’t need to. Agents Mitchell and Sursok had spent a solid two weeks shadowing Reiko’s wife, Dr. Ming-Na Wen, who sure enough was sleeping with both another doctor and a scrub nurse – both men. She also had a slight gambling problem and probably drank more than she should, but made enough money that it hardly mattered. She also clearly didn’t give a rat’s ass that her lesbian wife was cheating on her and working for less-than-savory characters.

“Then I’ll see you Thursday,” Kristen said.

“Leave the panties at home this time,” Reiko said with a wink. Kristen tried not to let her pussy quiver at that statement, failed, and stepped back from the car so Reiko could drive off. Waving until Reiko turned away, Kristen made a big show of walking up the steep steps towards her San Francisco apartment building. She fumbled for her keys, unlocked the door, and went inside, closing and locking it behind her. She stood by the door for a count of ten, then cut through to the back and exited out the laundry door. She had to sneak through the broken fence between the small lot her building was in and the one on the street behind it, but she was small and didn’t have much trouble. She cut around the building, making sure to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious – Reiko or anyone who she might have hired to follow the FBI agent – then pulled out her cellphone and dialed a number programmed into her speed dial. No one answered, but a minute later a plain white sedan with no markings pulled up. Kristen got into the passenger side, and turned to look at Tammin Sursok driving.

“Where’s Beverley?”

“Her night off,” Tammin said. “How’d your date go?”

“Nothing new to report. That girl has fingers like an electric egg beater.”

“Mmm, I bet,” Tammin said. “Jessica wants us to swing by the off-site computer lab.”

“What for?” Kristen asked.

“They got a lead for us there, apparently,” Tammin said with a shrug. She was already driving there.

The FBI’s San Fran office was mostly contained in one building, but because of the increasingly computer-based nature of their work, they’d outgrown their available space for servers and experts pretty quickly. Since they couldn’t expand the office – real estate in San Fran was insanely expensive, even for the government – they’d opted to move a lot of their computer ops to an off-site location halfway across town. It took Tammin almost forty-five minutes to get there, during which time Kristen found herself wishing she’d had time to have a quick shower – she smelled very much of sex and Reiko’s expensive perfume.

Soon enough, Kristen and Tammin were walking into the offices, their badges getting them past the rather extensive security. Once inside, Tammin took the lead, guiding Kristen to the floor and office they were looking for.

Office was probably an overstatement. More of an expanded cubicle which happened to face the corner window on the third floor. It didn’t have doors, though that had apparently not stopped the woman in the office from decorating it how she liked. And she liked the nerdy girls. The walls were plastered with pics of female sci-fi characters. From Seven-of-Nine to Princess Leia, to a giant picture of some leggy redhead named Pond from Doctor Who. Wonder Woman, the new Uhura, even some Japanese animae girls. There wasn’t a single pic of a guy in the cubicle, not even behind any of the women.

“Can I help you?” a raven-haired girl with a fantastic pair of tits asked, looking up over a pair of wire framed glasses from her laptop. “Oh, hey BJ.”

“Kristen, this is Kat Dennings, one of our computer analysts,” Tammin said by way of introduction.

“Hey,” Kat said, waving.

“You have something for us?”

“You‘re looking into Lychan Hollowman & Aylesworth, right? Is Elena so much hotter now that she‘s a Vampire?” Kat said. Kristen and Tammin exchanged confused looks. “Sorry, the answer is yes,” Kat said finally.

“If you say so,” Kristen said.

“Right,” Kat muttered. “Well, BJ here had me looking into this Aylesworth woman you’re dating.”

“Investigating,” Kristen corrected.

“Hey, I’d happily investigate her,” Kat muttered quietly. “She’s pretty clean directly. But her company? Not so much. Lychan Hollowman & Aylesworth appears to be a pretty straight-and-narrow these days, but when it first started a decade or so ago, it wasn’t quite so legal.”


“Well, the funding for it for starters,” Kat said. “Two senior lawyers, Marcus Lychan and Kevin Hollowman leave two other successful firms – rumor has it they were both fired, but their employment records aren’t available for some reason – and start their own firm. Except at the time, Lychan was flat broke and Hollowman owed six different banks a total of almost seven million dollars. If they started in someone’s garage, I could see them doing it, but three days after quitting their jobs, Hollowman buys a fifteen story building in downtown San Francisco. That just doesn’t happen.”

“So where’d the money come from?” Tammin asked.

“Absolutely no clue. It’s like they woke up with a wad of cash under their bed.

“There’s no record? At all?” Kristen asked.

“Not one hint. I do have a guess though.”

“What?” Tammin and Kristen asked together.

“He might have inherited it. The Hollowman’s used to be pretty big in the shipping business here in San Fran, and if you go back far enough, they owned a fair chunk of the rail roads back around the time the Intercontinental Railroad was completed. Real old money there.”

“So mom and dad bail him out, and he buys a law firm?”

“I don’t think it was mom and dad. Or his grandparents or any other direct relative. The Hollowman family tree is a little wonky, some scandal in the 20s disowning half the clan and almost every man has a bastard or two to his credit. There’s no record of the family at all in the 1970s, and yet they made a bundle in the stock market in the 80s even as the market crashed around them.”

“Waitaminute,” Kristen said. “Is it possible Hollowman is connected? Like to the mob?”

“Someone‘s using the Force,” Kat smiled, nodding at Kristen. “I think Hollowman’s family might just be THE family.”

“So how does that help us?” Tammin asked.

“Come on, BJ,” Kat said. “Who runs the local mob in these parts? Little ghost by the name of Rhona Mitra, right? Right?”

“So we just need to find out who paid for Lychan Hollowman to get started, and we’ve got a place to start looking for Rhona,” Kristen said with a smile. “Good work, Kat.”

“Thanks!” Kat beamed, clearly impressed with the praise. Her chest puffed out a little, which did wonderful things to the Lost Girl t-shirt she was wearing.

“Come on, BJ,” Kristen said. “I’ve gotta get Jessica to clear a full financial search on Lychan Hollowman & Aylesworth. And I need to set up a new date with Reiko and pump her for info.” Kristen walked out without another word.

“I’ll be here,” Kat said. “All alone. With no girlfriend. And no sexy lawyer to run off and play girlfriend with.”

“Okay, bye,” Tammin said, following Kristen out, leaving the dejected, big-breasted nerd all alone again.

*   *   *

“I’m thinking of quitting.”

Sitting next to Victoria, Emmanuelle Chriqui nearly did a spit take with the martini she was nursing backstage at the Spectacular. Both girls were essentially done for the night. The crowd was small tonight, and those that were willing to spend money on lap dances already had their girls picked. Adrianne Palicki was out doing the last show, and then they’d be kicking everyone out to shut the place down – it was only an hour until dawn at this point.

“Why?” Emmanuelle asked, putting her drink down and turning towards the younger stripper. “You’re almost there, V. You’ve let both Charisma and Rosie bang you. Hang on another month, and let the big boss have her way with you, and you’re in! Everyone here loves you!”

“And I like it here,” Victoria admitted. The place was pretty nice, assuming you got past the job requirements of being naked in front of potentially large crowds and grinding atop strange men in the lap dance area. Oh, and the sleeping with your female bosses.

“Then why leave?” Emmanuelle asked. “It’s not your boyfriend pressuring you, is it?”

“No, not really,” Victoria said. True,  Dan still wasn’t happy, even if he got free lap dances from Emmanuelle and Adrianne every other week or so.

“Are you not liking the lesbian sex?” Emmanuelle asked next.

“I’ve gone into Charisma’s office a few too many times to pretend that’s the reason anymore,” Victoria admitted.

“Then what is it?”

“The problem is I’m liking it!” Victoria admitted. “I LIKED a lot of what that Rosie woman did to me. A lot of it.”

“So, you’re kinky, big deal?” Emmanuelle said. “Adrianne likes it when I toss her salad.”

“What’s that?” Victoria asked.

“I lick her ass,” Emmanuelle elaborated.

“How on earth does that equal tossing a salad? No, never mind, I don’t want to know,” Victoria said quickly.

“Have you tried being kinky with your boy at home?” Emmanuelle asked. “I assume he’s had your ass. Maybe you could peg him.”


“Strap one on and fuck his ass,” Adrianne Palicki said, walking into the room with money still in her thong, glitter on her bare boobs, and nothing else on but a smile. “I’ve done it a few times. So much fun.”

“He’s not gay,” Victoria pointed out.

“Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a hard cock up the ass,” Emmanuelle said. “I once dated a guy who was so homophobic, he wouldn’t watch TV shows if he knew one of the actors was gay. But oh, did he blow his load hard when I pegged him.”

Adrianne frowned as she slid on a pair of shorts. “I still think that’s a case of him protesting too much,” she said.

“Nah,” Emmanuelle said. “He never tried to fuck MY ass.”

“That’s a crime, your ass is so fuckable,” Adrianne said.

“I don’t think I could peg Dan,” Victoria said, bringing the conversation back to her problem.

“What about some bondage?” Adrianne asked. “Let him handcuff you to the bed, tie him to the shower rod.”

“Oooh, remember when I tied you to that spreader bar and your mom stopped by to visit?” Emmanuelle laughed.

“Yes” Adrianne said emphatically. “That was awful! I had to lie and say it was for a movie role I was trying to get.”

“You really need to come out to her,” Emmanuelle scolded.

“I don’t know, having her think I work in porn at least explains my wardrobe,” Adrianne laughed.

“Any OTHER suggestions?” Victoria asked.

“We could reverse gang-bang him,” Adrianne said. “I know the last time three girls fucked me, I didn’t care that any of them were strippers.”

“Different circumstances, sweetie,” Emmanuelle pointed out. “But if you think it’d help, V, we’re willing to try.”

“Thanks, I think,” Victoria said.

“We better hurry. Throw a shirt on, Aid, we’re going to be late,” Emmanuelle said, standing up.

“I can’t go topless?” Adrianne pouted, even as she threw a ratty old Billy Joel t-shirt on. Victoria had to do a double-take when she noticed there was a tiny hole near Adrianne’s left nipple.

“Let us know if we can help,” Emmanuelle said, giving Victoria a kiss on the cheek before heading out. Adrianne came and kissed the other cheek.

“I was serious about that reverse gang-bang,” she added, winking. They left, leaving Victoria all alone with her problems.

*   *   *

“Hey babe, you got something in the mail.”

JoAnna had just hung up her burner phone, having spent the last several minutes talking with Troian Bellisario. She’d barely wrapped up before her fiance walked into the room, holding their increasingly smaller bundle of snail mail.

“Junk?” JoAnna asked.

“No, Miss Garcia, I don’t think it’s junk,” he said, offering her the envelope. “New phone?”

“Old one,” JoAnna lied, cursing herself for having the burner out. “Just checking to see if it still worked.” She looked at the envelope and suddenly smiled.

“Yay!” She said, ripping the envelope open. Jason stood there smiling. “Our tickets to LA.”

“You know I still have to work that weekend,” Jason reminded her even as she held the two tickets up. Sure enough, they were for different days. JoAnna had to be there a few days early for the bachlorette party – or Hen party, as Dichen insisted on calling it. Jason would only be flying down for the wedding itself.

“I know, but we’ll have one night.”

“A prelude to our own honeymoon,” Jason said, wrapping an arm around JoAnna waist and kissing her neck.

“Yeah,” JoAnna said, trying to hide the lack of enthusiasm she felt for that. She loved Jason, she really did, but she loved Shay, too…

“You still aren’t ready to set a date, are you?” he asked, sensing her mood regardless.

“Can we just get through Amy’s wedding first?”

“Of course, of course,” Jason said, once again being that wonderful guy who was willing to wait for her. He’d been so wonderful since the bank robbery, not knowing that one of the items stolen had been JoAnna’s heart.

“Thanks love,” JoAnna said, turning to kiss him.

“You want to thank me properly, you know where I am,” he said, giving her ass a squeeze before he left the room. JoAnna sighed and quickly hid the burner phone again before heading after him. She’d give him a little head while he relaxed from work, and hope that the very hetero act of sucking on a cock would let her forget her increasing lesbian urges. She missed Shay so much. And she missed Shay’s body, too.

*   *   *

“Ben, where’s that memo from Interpol?” Jessica Biel asked, poking her head out of her office to look in on her new secretary. Ben was playing solitaire on his computer, and doing so badly, from what little Jessica could see.

“Interpol?” Ben asked, clearly confused.

“Interpol. Their new liaison is coming by today, and I need to know what she’s looking for.”

“I printed out all your memos earlier, Boss,” Ben said defensively.

Jess glanced back into her office to see her printer sitting there, filled with fresh clean paper, nothing printed out. “I don’t have any.”

“None? At all?” Ben asked, surprised. He checked his computer. It took more than a minute, but was able to confirm he’d printed a good 24 memos for Jessica, some of them classified. But he hadn’t sent them to her printer.

He’d sent them to the janitor’s.

“How the hell do you-?” Jess started to yell, but stopped herself. “Go get them. Get them now and bring them right back. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars. Just get those memos. NOW.”

“On it, boss,” Ben said, getting up and racing to the elevator. He got in and pressed the button for the bottom floor, knowing this was going to take some time.

The elevator went down exactly one floor, opened up, and a gorgeous young brunette stepped in, barely glancing at him. She pressed the button for the lobby, and Ben suddenly hoped this ride would take a lot longer. Sure, he was getting it regularly from both BJ and Beverley, but who turned down an extra slice every now and then? Certainly not Ben Sanderson.

“Hey there, hot stuff,” Ben said, coming up behind the girl.

“That’s Agent Hot Stuff to you, secretary,” the girl said.

“Ouch,” Ben said, not at all put off by her attitude. “Now why would you be all harsh to me. I don’t even know your name?”

“I’m Agent Chloe Bennet, Financial Crimes section, and I’m about three levels above your pay grade, buddy. Or hasn’t Jessica Biel told you you’re just there to answer her phones?”

“Oh, I’m willing to do so much more for her,” Ben admitted. “And you.”

“You can’t seriously get laid with lines like that,” Chloe said.

“I do. And if you gave me a shot, you’d find out why.”

“Oh, let me guess, you have a big penis?” Chloe retorted sarcastically.

“No one’s ever complained.”

“Well, if you don’t leave me alone, I’m going to start complaining,” Chloe said flatly.

Ben got right up next to her, looking down into her dreamy brown eyes, smiling confidently. “Agent Bennet, if you stopped this elevator right now, I promise you, I’ll make you feel so good, you won’t ever complain again.”

Before Chloe could reply, the doors opened up on the lobby, and the young female agent was able to step off. “Oh look,” she said snarkily, “the elevator stopped, and I still feel like complaining.” She marched off, leaving him alone. But he admired the way her ass moved under her business skirt as she left.

Ben shrugged, let the elevator close, and rode down to the basement, where he spent the next three minutes trying to find the janitor’s office. Once he found it, he walked right in and headed for the printer off to the left, not even looking around to see if anyone was in the office.

“What the fuck are you doing?” a voice asked as Ben got to the printer – and discovered it empty.

“I’m looking for some memos. I printed them down here by accident,” Ben said, turning around to find a large blonde woman in a jumpsuit that barely fit her staring at him. The janitor, he assumed, who’s name was apparently Rebel.

“Were they for Jessica Biel?” Rebel asked, looking Ben up and down.

“Yeah. You’ve seen them?”

“I have,” Rebel said, her eyes focusing on Ben’s crotch.

“I need them.”

“I bet,” Rebel said. “They were some good stuff. That Interpol memo seemed important.”

“You READ them?” Ben said, suddenly worried.

“I did, but I can totally forget about them for you.”

“What’s it going to cost me?” Ben asked carefully.

“You fancy a little role in the hay?” Rebel asked bluntly.

“With you?” Ben asked, surprised.

“You want those memos or not?” Rebel asked flatly.

Ben looked her up and down, trying to decide.

“Hurry up, boy. Rebel Wilson doesn’t stay open all night, and I could just burn those memos…”

“Fine, fine,” Ben said, unbuckling his pants. Rebel was atop him two seconds later, pinning him to the ground and having her way with him.

That took all of five minutes, Rebel quite enjoying it, Ben feeling a bit used. But as he zipped up his pants and looked down at the naked janitor at his feet looking satisfied with herself, he had to admit – he‘d done worse. Ben would’ve rather been with Chloe, but he couldn’t complain about getting his rocks off, even if it was in a heavy-set, slutty janitor.

Fully dressed, memos in hand, and surprisingly still a little horny, Ben got back on the elevator and pressed the button for Jessica’s floor. He made it as far as the lobby before it stopped and yet another gorgeous agent stepped on, this one wearing a visitor’s badge.

“Going up?” Ben asked, turning on the charm again.

“Indeed. Same floor,” she said, motioning towards the lit button.

“I love your accent,” Ben said. “English?”

“Indeed. I’m from Interpol,” she said. “Agent Elizabeth Henstridge,” she added.

“Ben Sanderson, FBI.”

“Agent Sanderson, are you aware you have grease stains on the back of your shirt?” Elizabeth said, a little scorn in her voice.

Ben frowned. “I was just on the floor,” Ben admitted before continuing on. “Say, do you have a little American in you?”

“No, why?” Henstridge replied.

“Would you like some?” Ben asked, moving in close.

Henstridge snorted. “Very little American, I suspect. Are you always this forward with women, Agent Sanderson?”

“Always,” he said. “And I assure you, this American is well sized indeed.” He almost told her to check with Rebel Wilson downstairs, but decided against it. Elizabeth was several levels of attractive above Rebel.

“Agent Sanderson, perhaps you are aware that this is the FBI’s San Francisco office,” she said.

“I know,” he said, not sure where she was going.

“I requested to visit the San Fran office specifically,” Elizabeth said. “I find the social climate of the city quite attractive, after all.”

“We’re a charming town,” Ben said, leaning in closer.

“Indeed. Especially your women,” Elizabeth added just before the elevator doors opened on their floor.

“Our women?” Ben said, confused.

“Agent Sanderson, I’m gay,” Elizabeth said. “You couldn’t get into my pants if you paid me.”

“Agent Sanderson?” Beverley Mitchell said, coming up next to them. “Ben’s no agent. He’s just a secretary.”

Henstridge snorted. “How fitting. Could you direct me to Jessica Biel’s office?”

“Ben can show you,” Beverley said with a wicked smile. “He’s her secretary.”

“How very forward thinking,” Elizabeth said. “Lead on, MISTER Sanderson.”

Ben gave Beverley a snarl, but lead the Interpol agent to Jessica’s office. He handed Jess her memos, introduced her to Elizabeth, then sat at his desk and waited for more than two hours, as Jessica and Elizabeth consulted on some things, then closed the blinds to Jessica’s office. Judging from the sounds after that, they got quite familiar with each other before Elizabeth left to enjoy San Francisco a little more – without her panties, which were still on Jessica’s floor when Ben went in later to get a grilling over printing the memos in the wrong place.

*   *   *

The handcuffs looked pretty flimsy, like they might break if Victoria just pulled on them hard enough, but she didn’t want to take chances. She had one key on the bedstand, and another taped on the back of the headboard, right where her hands would be able to reach, just in case. Her friend Karlie had helped her pick out a sexy ribbon-slotted babydoll that was essentially lace, ruffles, and mesh that hid her nipples and not much else. The matching thong was comfortable enough that Victoria thought she’d probably use it on stage sometime, but stripping out of the lingerie itself would basically be like walking out naked.

Dan, she figured, would love it.

She’d spent the last  twenty minutes rushing about the apartment, making sure everything was set, and getting her hair just right. Now, as the clock hit 4:30, she took a deep breath and clasped the fluffy pink cuffs around her wrists, locking her in place until Dan got home.

He was six minutes late, exactly. Six long, scary minutes where Victoria worried she’d be locked to the bed forever. But then she heard his key out in the apartment door, and then his voice filled her ears, much to her relief.

“…and he just threw the eggs in my face! I wanted to slug him, but then I’d be the one fired. No, I’m not kidding Russel, the guy threw eggs at me because I wouldn’t suck his dick! Yeah, he’s a dick. Hang on. Victoria? You home, babe?”

“I’m in the bedroom,” she called out, trying to add some sexy to her voice, despite the nerves she felt. She really hoped Emmanuelle and Adrianne were right about this bondage stuff.

“No, I’m not going to file sexual harassment charges, Russel! Then everyone’ll think I’m gay! You just don’t DO that if you’re a guy.” The more she heard, the more she was worried Dan might not be in the mood. It sounded like he’d had a bad day at the bakery.

That impression changed when he entered the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Russel? I gotta let you go.”

“Oh, help me!” Victoria said with her best damsel-in-distress voice. “I’m tied to this bed, and I have a nasty itch, right between my legs.”

Dan laughed, but couldn’t take his eyes off her. “What are you doing?”

“Spicing things up in the bedroom, you goof. You wanna have sex or not?”

Dan pressed a button on his phone, tossed it on the desk, and started taking his pants off. Quickly.

But Victoria had caught that. “Did you just take a picture of me?” she asked.

“Nope,” Dan lied, stepping out of his boxers. He was rock hard and ready to go.


“Hush, I’m here to get that itch,” he said, throwing his shirt off before climbing onto the bed. He was about to lay down atop her when Victoria put up a foot, stopping him.

“I’m all yours,” Victoria said, “do whatever you want. But if there’s a picture on that phone, I want to see if when we’re done.”

“Sure,” Dan said as she removed her foot, placing it on the bed and lifting her ass up enough so he could slide her panties off. Then he settled atop her, slid his cock into her hot little pussy, and started pumping away, finally remembering to kiss her.

Well, she had told him to do whatever he wanted. And he wanted to fuck. And that’s all he did. With his hands on her still-covered tits, Dan grunted and ground down into her, using her to get himself off, and probably relieve some of the stress of his day. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant – Dan’s cock filled Victoria’s pussy pretty well – but he was clearly more interested in his own needs than hers. Five minutes later, he was pumping a hot load of cum into her, making her glad she was on the pill.

“Wow, what brought THIS on?” Dan asked, rolling off her and laying next to her.

“I told you, I wanted to spice things up,” Victoria said.

“I didn’t know we needed it,” Dan said, groping her boob. He wasn’t making any sort of move to untie her, which made Victoria think maybe he wanted another go around. Well, she’d let him. Maybe the second time would feel better for her.

It certainly hadn’t been as naughty-feeling as it had been when Rosie had tied her up.

“I just wanted to try it, okay?”

“This something you heard about at the strip club?” he grumped, sitting up.

“What do you care? You got laid,” Victoria pointed out.

“I don’t like you working there, V. It’s changing you,” he muttered.

“Into someone who’s willing to handcuff herself to a bed so you’ll sleep with her? Oh, poor Dan! Your girlfriend wants to have SEX with you,” she chided him.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, bending over to kiss her gently. “I won’t bring it up again tonight.”

“Good,” Victoria said. “Now, either uncuff me, or get back to fucking me, because I’m horny mister!”

Dan got back on her, and this time, he gave Victoria a good little orgasm.

*   *   *

“He was so sweet! Gave me flowers and a new necklace to wear on my trip to LA. Okay, spread your legs a little, let‘s see those panties”

“Sounds like you’ve got yourself a pretty good guy there, JoAnna,” Troian Bellisario said as she spread her legs and lifted the hem of her pleated skirt enough to show off the bright red thong she wore underneath. “Bet he gave you something else after that.”

JoAnna Garcia laughed. “Yeah he did. And I let him!” She raised the camera. “Undo another button.”

“I bet you did,” Troian said as she undid another button, revealing to the camera JoAnna held that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “He get all three holes?”

“Who asks that?!” JoAnna gasped, even as she took the next picture. “But yes.”

Troian laughed aloud, the movement letting one of her nipples come into view. JoAnna caught that pic pretty fast.

“Don’t judge me, Troi,” JoAnna said. “You’re dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl for your girlfriend.”

“Hey, if she were here, she’d be dressed as a slutty cheerleader and we’d be doing it right now, even if you WERE here,” Troian said defensively. She paused. “Actually, we might let you take pics when Hayd’s free again. If you’re up to it.”

“I’m not a porn photographer,” JoAnna pointed out. “Slide your panties over.”

“You’d be good, and it’d turn Hayden on soooo much. She loves that you’re taking these pics for me, by the way.”

“Shay told me as much in her last letter,” JoAnna admitted. This was the third time Troian had posed for JoAnna’s camera, for pics that were delivered to Hayden during Troian’s conjugal visits. They were the obvious little things Troian brought that distracted the guards from the more devious stuff smuggled in Troian’s pussy.

Of course, this was the last delivery before the planned break-out, so Troian wanted the pictures to be extra sexy. “Take the panties off now,” JoAnna ordered.

Troian stood up long enough to shuck the thong, which she playfully threw at JoAnna. JoAnna ignored it, used to Troian’s flirtiness by now. She’d resisted the sexy little brunette this long, chances were JoAnna’d last until Shay was free.

Not that she wasn’t so sorely tempted…

“Show me that ass,” JoAnna said, making Troian turn around before she could see JoAnna blush at thoughts of bedding her.

“So when do you leave?” Troian asked.

“Tomorrow night. Well, really the next morning. Red Eye,” JoAnna said, getting a really good shot of Troian’s bare buttocks.

“You going to bring the burner phone?”

“Yeah, just in case anything comes up. Though I don’t know what good I’ll be in LA.”

“Well, it’s good cover,” Troian said. “No one will connect you if you’re out-of-town when the escape happens.”

“I’ll be back by the actual night,” JoAnna pointed out. “Shirt off,” she added.

“But not for the preparation,” Troian said, stripping. It was a good think JoAnna was used to seeing Troian Bellisario naked by now. The girl was gorgeous enough to be distracting.

“If something goes wrong-”

“We’ll deal with it,” Troian said. “This is just the beginning, JoAnna. Once the girls are free, we’ve still got to hide them, and get them away.”

“I wish we could clear their names,” JoAnna said.

“Hayden’s the only one who didn’t actually commit the crime,” Troian pointed out, her voice tinted with anger and sadness.

JoAnna didn’t say anything. Instead, she walked over and gave the nearly-naked Troian a big hug, which the other girl returned immediately. They both needed it. For a long moment, they just stood there, two friends holding each other up, both literally and figuratively.

Then JoAnna broke away. “We better get going with these pictures.”

“You sure you don’t want to try wearing Hayden’s cheerleader outfit?” Troian asked again.

“Do you think you could keep your hands off me if I did?” JoAnna shot back with a smirk.

“Hell no,” Troian answered honestly.

“Then there’s your answer,” JoAnna said. She almost – ALMOST – wished Troian had pushed the issue.

*   *   *

Kristen Bell walked into the offices of Lychan Hollowman & Aylesworth feeling like she was naked. It wasn’t the shimmery black dress with no back and ample cleavage, nor the fact that she was going commando that made her feel that way. For the last several weeks, she’d begun to think of Lychan Hollowman as the den of the lion, so to speak. The center of evil for her little investigation, even as she “dated” one of it’s chief employees. No, Kristen Bell felt like she was walking into the very heart of darkness, and she’d left her gun behind at the office.

“Agent Bell.” Kristen was greeted, as always, by Reiko’s personal assistant, Isabel Lucas. For the head of a law firm conducting a supposedly secret affair, Reiko had a hard time getting away. Kristen didn’t mind. The less time she actually spent with Reiko, the less time she spent fearing she might actually fall for the woman.

The married woman.

The married woman who was working for one of the biggest criminals on the West Coast.

The married woman who was working for one of the biggest criminals on the West Coast who also happened to have the most talented fingers and a real skill for cunnilingus.

“Hello, Isabel,” Kristen said.

“You look lovely tonight, agent,” Isabel said. “I’m afraid Miss Aylesworth is running a bit late.”

“Surprise surprise,” Kristen said.

“She asks that you wait in the conference room for her, as usual,” Isabel said.

“Good thing I’ve always got my phone and Sweets Squeeze Epic to play,” Kristen muttered. All dressed up, she thought, and nowhere to go.

Isabel lead her up to the proper floor, and left Kristen waiting in a conference room. If Reiko ran too late, Kristen would end up with her back on this table while Reiko went down on her, and that’d be the sum total of their “date.” Not that Kristen would mind all that much. Reiko’s tongue was just as talented as her fingers.

She spent the next twenty minutes letting pieces of chocolate slide down her phone into rows, earning obscene points that meant absolutely nothing. She thought about calling the office, but didn’t really trust the room to not be bugged. So it was either fight boredom with her phone or with her brain, and her phone was just easier.

“I swear, you’ve GOT to be the worst intern EVER, Robbie.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Clark,” a squeaky young voice said, making Kristen glance up. Two men were arguing in the hallway outside the conference room. One was older, with thinning hair but a stern look. The other was a curly haired kid who didn’t look old enough to be out of high school, let alone interning at a law firm.

“Don’t be sorry, just get me the Slap documents, and the proposals for Item 47,” Clark snapped. “Bring them to me in my office, and don’t touch Lola this time!”

“Yes, Mr. Clark,” Robbie said, looking at the floor. “Is your bird feeling better?”

“Better than you will be if you don’t hurry!” Clark snapped as he walked off.

Kristen watched as the Robbie kid went to an unmarked door two doors down from her own, only on the other side of the hall. She was surprised when he unlocked it and it turned out to be the records room. A back entrance! The boy disappeared inside for a few minutes, then came out with an armful of rolled up paper and file folders as he scurried in the direction Clark had gone.

Leaving the back door to the records room wide open.

Kristen Bell was an experienced FBI field agent, a veteran of several major cases. She knew that sometimes, when dumb luck fell your way, you had to take it. She might never get the chance to poke around inside Lychan Hollowman’s records again. Switching her phone from her game to her flashlight app, Kristen slinked across the hall.

The Lychan Hollowman records were impressively large, but almost too easily laid out. The earliest ones were at the far end, and it took Kristen all of five minutes to hunt them down. She took a quick peek over her shoulder, making sure she was alone – a reasonable assumption this late in the evening, but as Clark and Robbie proved, not a guarantee. Then she opened the file and began reading about the early days of the firm.

There was nothing. Nothing of worth, anyway. No mention of where the initial money for the firm came from, no outstanding loans, nothing. Lychan and Hollowman just magically started and quickly became the powerful firm it was today. Frustrated, Kristen closed the file and just started poking around at random. She found records of cases involving all sorts of nasty people, from child rapists to murderers to child murderers. Lychan Hollowman had the seediest list of clients outside a public defender’s office Kristen had even seen.

But there was nothing of worth there, either. Grumbling, she moved on.

She was halfway through reading a file about an unnamed LLC buying a strip club in Los Angeles when she heard a quiet cough.

Kristen looked up and winced. Standing with her arms crossed over her chest was Isabel Lucas, looking most displeased.

“Find what you were looking for, Agent Bell?” the assistant asked.

“Not yet,” Kristen said.

“Your ‘girlfriend’ isn’t going to be too pleased about me finding you here.”

“I’m a government official. I could compel you to not tell her,” Kristen said, putting the file back. She obviously wasn’t going any further tonight.

“No you can’t, and you know it,” Isabel said, taking a couple steps closer. “I work in a law office, Agent Bell. I know how these things work.”

Kristen snorted. “I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do to get you NOT to mention this to Reiko.”

“There is, actually,” Isabel said, stepping even closer. Suddenly, she was right in Kristen’s personal space.

“What?” Kristen asked. Isabel answered by reaching over and pulling one of the straps of Kristen’s dress over her shoulder, causing it to fall and expose her breast. The agent made no move to cover herself, already figuring where this was going.

“Everyone here uses me. Literally. Reiko, Lychan, Hollowman. I’ve bedded them all, and they just keep using me. I’ve blown lawyers, I’ve fucked other assistants. I’ve even given the damn interns hand jobs. I knew joining the firm I’d have to sleep my way to the top – that’s how Reiko got there, after all. But I’ve fucked everyone here, and I’m still just an assistant.”

“I’m sorry?” Kristen asked, even as Isabel reached up and cupped her exposed tit. Kristen took an involuntary deep breath as the young girl gripped her firmly.

“I want some of the perks I’m owed,” Isabel said, kneading Kristen’s breast.

“And you think you’re owed me?” Kristen asked.

“I’m sick of being the one getting fucked. You let me fuck you – really fuck you, hard! – and I won’t tell Reiko where you’ve been sneaking around.”

Kristen didn’t even have to think about it. Isabel was cute, and Reiko was running late, as usual. A little sex with a beautiful girl would at least make her feel better about not finding anything in the records room.

“Right here, right now, or do you want me to meet you after my “date” with Reiko?” Kristen asked.

Isabel consider for a moment. “Lick me now, then meet me afterwards and I can fuck you with the strap-on I have at home.”

Without another word, Kristen dropped to her knees and unzipped the side of Isabel’s skirt. The agent wasn’t the only one going commando, and very quickly Kristen’s tongue was deep inside Isabel’s pussy. She reached around and grabbed the younger girl’s butt with each hand and held her close, doing her very best to get the personal assistant off as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t THAT hard. Isabel was essentially fucking her face, grinding forward every chance she got, using Kristen’s chin when her mouth was concentrating on her clit. Neither of them said a word, Kristen’s mouth too busy, and Isabel too busy imagining being far more important at her job than she was. It worked for both of them. Each found the other physically attractive, but beyond that they had very little to say to each other. Really, the only other thing they had in common was that they were both sleeping with Reiko Aylesworth.

Isabel must have been rearing to go, because she quickly came, coating Kristen’s mouth with her juices, even as she kept thrusting forward.  “I can see,” Isabel said at last as Kristen dropped away, “why the boss likes you so much.”

“I’m a dirty little slut, alright,” Kristen muttered. She reached into her clutch purse to grab some wet wipes, and she and Isabel had just enough time to clean up, get covered, and back to the conference room before Reiko came around the corner.

“Ah, there you are. We’re all done for the night, Isabel. Thank you,” Reiko said. She then turned to Kristen and gave a low whistle. “You look amazing.”

“Flattery won’t make up for you being late,” Kristen said, even as Isabel gave her a look before vanishing around the corner.

“What will?” Reiko said, moving in to kiss Kristen. “Mmm, you smell delicious.”

“We’re too late for our date,” Kristen said pointedly, even as Reiko helped her get up on the table. The lawyer slid between her legs, pulling both straps down to expose the agent’s breasts.

“I’m so sorry. I really am.”

“No you’re not,” Kristen said, even as Reiko lifted Kristen’s dress enough to expose her sopping wet pussy – going down on Isabel had turned Kristen on something awful.

“I’m not,” Reiko said, dropping to her knees and placing a single kiss on Kristen’s crotch. “Do I have to keep apologizing, or can I just eat you out?”

“Lick me, baby,” Kristen said, letting herself lay back on the table. She was horny enough that she didn’t want to play games. She needed to get off, and Reiko was only too happy to comply.

Ten minutes later, Kristen was showing herself out, ignoring the girlcum drizzling down her leg. She still had to meet up with Isabel for the other half of their deal, but she stopped next to her car long enough to make a phonecall.

“BJ? Call your friend Kat over at the offsite computer lab. Tell her to start looking into a strip club in Los Angeles. Some place called ‘The Spectacular.’ No, the date’s over, but I gotta go fuck Reiko’s assistant. Long story, I’ll explain tomorrow. Late,” she added before hanging up. It was going to be a long night for Kristen Bell.

*   *   *

The smattering of applause followed Victoria as she slipped out back, her hands filled with all of maybe 30 bucks in singles, hardly enough to make coming in to work worth it. Clad only in a thong, she slipped back to the dressing room, where she’d quickly throw on a t-shirt a jeans before heading home. She could stick around and try to get a lap dance or two but the crowd was small and half the other girls were already pulling them away. Just before she finished, she spotted Nicole Scherzinger slip into the back with the only woman in the club, and the guys who remained were all being visited by the others.

Best, she figured, to just go home. Maybe Dan would be up still, and want to do something besides fuck or fight. Not likely – his mood kept getting worse these days, even as Victoria worked harder and harder to fuck him regularly and creatively. Handcuffs and blindfolds were helping, but not enough. Not enough to save their relationship, she feared.

Victoria had just finished counting out her money – 29 dollars exactly – when she felt a hand on her bare shoulder.

“You looked great out there tonight, Victoria,” Charisma Carpenter said by way of greeting. “Very fuckable.”

“Thanks, Boss,” Victoria said.

“Hard to believe you’ve been here almost six months,” Charisma said, letting her hand slide down to cup one of Victoria’s bare breasts.

“Really? Already?” Victoria asked, suddenly well aware what this was about.

“Already,” Charisma confirmed. “My boss will be by in a few days, and she’ll want you. Just one good fuck, Victoria. Not like the all-nighter you had with Rosie.”

“Thank goodness,” Victoria muttered.

“Count your blessings,” Charisma said. “I still have to put out to that Brit bitch every now and then when asked. And Rosie doesn’t have to keep me unhurt like she does the dancers.”

“I’m sorry?” Victoria said, not knowing what else to say.

“I’ll let you know when Rhona gets here, but when she does, you do exactly what she says. If she wants you to go down on her, go down on her. She wants you to suck off a teenage boy, suck off a teenage boy. She wants you to get ass fucked by a college hockey team… well, you get the picture.”

Victoria gulped reflexively. “She’d really ask me to have sex with men?”

“Probably not – she’ll want you for herself, unless she’s too busy. But every now and then…” Charisma shuddered, clearly remembering something form her own past. “Anyway, I’ll let you know when she’s here. If I were you, I’d get ready.”

“Thanks, Charisma,” Victoria said. The heads-up helped.

“Sure,” Charisma said, giving Victoria’s tit another quick squeeze before walking off.

Victoria sat there, staring at the mirror for a long time, her brain not quite working. Six months? Already? Time really had flown.

But this would be the last time. The last time Victoria had to put out for some slutty woman. Well, except when she wanted time off and got it by pleasing Charisma. But that was different, wasn’t it? This was to keep her job. A job she kinda sorta liked. Right?

“Ugh, I hate it when boys wet themselves under me.”

Victoria glanced up to find Adrianne Palicki coming in. She wore a bright neon yellow/green bikini and sunglasses on her head, but little else, and was wiping at the seat of her swimsuit with a couple of napkins from the bar.

“Hey, Aid. Didn’t know you were working tonight,” Victoria said.

“Oh, hey Victoria! Yeah, Emmanuelle had a date with a guy, and, well, I had nothing better to do so…” she shrugged and pulled down her bikini bottoms, no shame at all about being nearly naked in front of her friend.

“Can… Can I ask you something?” Victoria managed to stammer out before Adrianne could start to change.

“Oh, I just use cheap plastic razors from the grocery store – can’t afford anything that much better without doing too many lap dances that end up wet, know what I mean?”


“Oh, you weren’t asking how I shave down there?” Adrianne asked.

“No, no.”

“Well, what is it?”

“You’ve worked here a while now, right?”

“Almost two years. Why?”

“Charisma just told me my ‘date’ with Rhona Mitra is coming up.”

“Oh, yeah. That kinda sucked,” Adrianne said, coming to sit next to Victoria, not bothering to put anything on her bottom. “Though nowhere near as bad as that Rosie woman was.”

“So she didn’t beat you up?”

“No, it was just regular old lesbian sex,” Adrianne said. “I ate her out, she fucked me with a strap-on, I think we only kissed maybe two or three times. Even Charisma was more pressuring than Rhona was.”

“Then what’s the big deal?” Victoria asked.

“Rhona owns the place, so she gets to decide who stays and who goes. That includes Charisma. In fact, Charisma has to ‘re-certify’ every couple of months. I think Rhona kinda likes her. Or at least likes fucking her.”

“So it’s not something I should worry about?”

“I didn’t, but then Emmanuelle and I had just started fucking, so I kinda just let it happen. I enjoyed it, Rhona enjoyed it, and I got to keep working with my BFF and get paid to take my clothes off. Really, the wet lap dances are the worst part.”

“So you think I should just do it and forget about it?” Victoria asked.

“Absolutely, sweetie. We’d hate to lose you around here, and Rhona’s not that bad. I really think Rosie was the worst.”

“I don’t know…” Victoria said. “I mean, what if Rhona doesn’t like me? What if I do this, and I don’t get too keep my job?”

“Do you want some tricks I used on her?” Adrianne asked.

“Tricks? Like what?”

“Take your thong off,” Adrianne said, moving to stand in front of Victoria.

“W-what?” Victoria asked, surprised.

“I’m going to show you,” Adrianne said, dropping to her knees and pulling at Victoria’s barely-there underwear.

“What about Emmanuelle?” Victoria asked, lifting her ass up without even realizing it.

“She’s going to be so jealous that I got to you first,” Adrianne said, smiling. “Too bad she’s not on tonight. Rhona was quite happy with her.”


“It’s okay, I promise this will feel awesome,” Adrianne said before yanking Victoria’s thong down and dropping her head immediately into the younger girl’s lap, starting to lap at the other stripper before Victoria could protest. With each lick, it became harder for Victoria to even think about stopping Adrianne.

“Rhona’s not going to go down on you,” Adrianne said, breaking contact with Victoria’s pussy to impart her wisdom. “But she’ll want you to lick her.”

“Charisma said-”

“Charisma has to sleep with her, like, once a month,” Adrianne said. “You only have to once, and every stripper here pretty much has the same story. Just trust me,” she added before going muff diving again.

“Ooh!” Victoria cooed. Adrianne certainly had some quality skills with her tongue. “Is th-this how Rhona likes to be licked?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah I guess,” Adrianne said. “She didn’t mind it when I did it. But I’m just getting you wet.”


“You wanna be wet when I start finger fucking you,” Adrianne said before running her tongue over Victoria’s slit once more.

“Uh, I have had sex before,” Victoria said, almost laughing. “I do know the basics.”

“Basics won’t be enough with Rhona,” Adrianne said, rubbing Victoria’s clit while talking. “You gotta bring your ‘A’ game. Ever made a girl squirt before?”

“No,” Victoria said. “Do I have to?”

“Oh, no, lotta girls can’t. Emmanuelle can, but I can’t for instance. And she’s tried, believe me.”

“I’d like to see that,” Victoria said without thinking.

“Maybe later. Now, do you know the alphabet trick?”

“Where you spell out each letter with your tongue over someone’s clit? Yeah. My boyfriend Dan thinks it’s the height of cunnilingus technique,” Victoria answered, rolling her eyes.

“Only for beginners and boys,” Adrianne said. “But I’ll say this – Rhona really likes the letter ‘T’ for some reason.” As if to demonstrate, Adrianne bent back down and ran her tongue over Victoria’s clit a couple of times, making the younger stripper clench in delight. “See?”

“Fuck,” Victoria said, feeling a rush. “I don’t think Dan can spell very well.”

Adrianne laughed. “Well, let me show you a few more tricks, and maybe you can teach them to him while you wait for Rhona.”

Five minutes later, Victoria Justice was climaxing all over Adrianne’s tongue.

*   *   *

Airports were pretty universal. At least, in JoAnna Garcia’s experience. Crowded, confusing, and the guards were increasingly too touchy-feely. The one manning the gate in San Fran had pretty much gotten to second base with JoAnna, which would’ve been fine if it hadn’t left her a little on the horny side for the entire trip. Once again, she thought she should’ve driven down to LA instead of flying. The stewardess had been too cute, and had shown a little too much cleavage, and she swore the man in the seat across from hers was a male underwear model she’d seen in too many of the fashion magazines she read. With her breasts getting attention before she got on the flight, and her increasingly confused state of opinion on her own sexuality, the eye candy had been almost torturous.

Now she wandered about the baggage claim in LAX, wishing her desire to save time hadn’t won out over the thought of driving down.

“There she is!” A voice called out. JoAnna turned just in time to get a giant bear hug from another woman, the lovely and petite Amy Acker.

“AMY!” JoAnna cried out like a teenaged girl. She hugged her old friend back, suddenly feeling much better.

“It’s so good to see you, Red,” Amy said, pulling back to give her friend a once-over. “I see that man hasn’t ruined you yet.”

“Be nice, he’ll be here in time for the wedding,” JoAnna reminded.

“I’m just teasing. You remember Dichen, my soon-to-be better half.”

JoAnna turned and smiled at Dichen Lachman. The light-haired, Asian girl was just as gorgeous as JoAnna remembered, and if anything looked even happier. “Dichen, congratulations.”

“Thanks JoAnna,” Dichen said in her Australian accent, hugging JoAnna next. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

“You two are going to be so happy together, I know it,” JoAnna said.

“And why not? Do you see what I get to wake up next to every morning?”

“Wait, you’re not waking up next to Echo every morning?” JoAnna asked with a laugh. “Don’t tell me she got rid of that ugly teddy bear after all this time!”

“Oh no, I get to keep Echo,” Amy said, punching JoAnna in the arm. “That’s the trade off for keeping her cat, Sierra.”

“Sierra’s not half as bad as a three decade-old teddy bear,” Dichen complained good-naturedly.

“But Echo doesn’t shed nearly so much,” Amy shot back.

“Okay you two,” a new voice said. Suddenly, a redhead JoAnna didn’t know poked her head between Amy and Dichen. “That’s enough of that – you’re supposed to save the fighting for AFTER the honeymoon.”

“Red,” Amy said smiling, looking at JoAnna, “This is Dichen’s Maid of Honor, Jessica Chastain.”

“I swear, they picked the two of us for the symmetry up on the altar,” Jessica said, holding out her hand in greeting.

“Well, red-headed Maids of Honor are totally in this year, I understand,” JoAnna said, shaking Jessica’s hand. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“Same here,” Jessica said. “Be nice to have someone else to keep these two from getting it on in public.”

“We do NOT get it on in public,” Amy said.

“Well, there was that time on the beach,” Dichen said. “Oh, and last week when we couldn’t wait for that table at Rosario’s.”

“Love their ravioli,” Amy put in.

“And the time we shared a dressing room at the gym and things got carried away…” Dichen said.

“I think I see what you mean,” JoAnna laughed.

“Come on, I’ve got a car out front. We’ve got a day of planning ahead of us, then we have the rehearsal dinner, then the bachlorette parties, and finally the wedding,” Jessica said.

“A lot to do and not a lot of time to do it,” JoAnna said.

“Yep, it’s crunch time. Good think I took the week off from the bank,” Jessica said.

“You work at a bank, too?”

“Los Angeles Union Bank,” Jessica confirmed.

“Hah! I work at SFUB!”

“We’re cousins!” Jessica laughed.

“Yeah yeah, you two are mirror images,” Amy said, rolling her eyes. “Grab your bags, JoAnna. I hate LAX at this time of day.”

“You hate LAX at all times of day, Luv,” Dichen pointed out.

“Well, maybe we can find a secluded bathroom stall, and you can make me forget all about it,” Amy said, kissing Dichen seductively.

“Oh my god, you’re right,” JoAnna said to Jessica.

“True lust right there,” Jessica said. “Can’t blame them, but you sure can envy them.”

JoAnna nodded in agreement, wishing she could kiss Shay in public like that. Or even in private. She fought off a wave of sadness and quickly turned back to the baggage carousel, hoping her luggage would show up before Amy and Dichen started dry humping right there in the airport.

*   *   *

Across the airport, another arrival was taking place, though this one had far less fanfare to it.

“Ugh, I hate coach,” Beverley Mitchell complained. “I would’ve rather driven down here.”

“Takes five times as long,” Tammin Sursok said, following Beverley off the flight from San Fran.

“Would’ve been worth it,” Beverley muttered.

“Disagree,” Kristen Bell said. “I’m not sure I could lasted five hours in a car with the two of you sniping at each other. You two either need to work out your issues, or just get a room and grudgefuck already.”

Tammin and Beverley actually looked at each other for a moment, then both shuddered, making Kristen laugh.

“So, do we check in with the local FBI office first, or go right to the strip club?” Tammin asked as they headed towards baggage claim.

“Straight to the club,” Kristen said. “LA office has been notified, and they’ve got a van on the joint already. And what they’ve got for files on the place. Not much to see so far, I guess.”

“That was quick,” Beverley said. “I didn’t think LA ever moved that fast.”

“LA FBI gets a bad reputation because they’re always being shown up by every other organization with initials in it grabbing all the big busts,” Kristen said. “LAPD, NSA, CIA, DEA…”

“Don’t forget CTU and NCIS,” Tammin added with a smirk.

“Yeah, the fake feds do better than the real ones around here,” Kristen said with a laugh.

“Better looking agents, too,” Beverley said. “They aren’t the basket of walking wet dreams our office tends to be.”

“Thank you,” both Kristen and Tammin said together, before laughing.

“Yeah, you two keep thinking I was including you in that assessment. I’m going to go get the rental car. You guys grab my luggage when it comes out.”

“It’s got the Hello Kitty stickers all over it, right?” Tammin asked innocently. Beverley scowled at her and walked off.

She made it around the nearest corner before whipping out her second cell phone and making a call.

“Rhona? It’s Beverley.”

“This better be important, Beverley. I told you to-”

“FBI is looking into the Spectacular. We’re in LA now, and there’s already a van outside the joint. I’d warn Charisma myself, but I don’t have her number and-”

“This is unfortunate,” Rhona said, cutting Beverley off. “I will be at the Spectacular myself tonight.”

“Kristen Bell is here, boss. That might not be the best idea.”

There was a long pause. “No, I think it’s time I got a look at Agent Bell first-hand, since she won’t go away and Reiko Aylesworth is proving wholly incapable of dealing with her outside of bed. Keep an eye on the investigation, but don’t take any direct action. Oh, and if you can slip away while you’re there, meet me and Charisma inside.”

“Right. See you tonight,” Beverley said. Rhona hung up, leaving the turncoat agent on her own again. “Now, where’s the car rental place?”

*   *   *

The god-awful country version of “These Boots Were Made For Walking” ended, and Victoria Justice looked up at the ceiling. She was laying on the end of the runway, naked save for an open checkerboard top that hadn’t hidden her tits at all, a pair of cowboy boots, and a straw hat that rested over one knee playfully. The crowd, such as it was, clapped enthusiastically, and a modest rain of singles fell around her, allowing her to earn her tips.

“Give it up for Candy, everyone!” the announcer called out, signaling to Victoria that she could get up and start gathering her cash. She had about a minute, then had to clear the runway for the next girl. By the time she stood up and started scooping up her bills, most of the eyes in the joint had returned to their drinks, and Victoria was able to rush backstage without an issue. As she plopped down at her makeup station, she checked her phone and saw it was only 6:30. It was going to be a long night, waiting for that moment when Charisma would call her in to meet this Rhona woman.

“Tami, Nicole, Victoria, I need you three out on the floor. Got a lot of guys looking for lap dances,” Charisma said, zipping through the room as she headed towards her office. All the girls in the room rolled their eyes, knowing what had happened. Some half-drunk guy must have offered Charisma an insultingly low sum to go back into the private zone and strip for him. The smaller the sum, the faster Charisma fled the floor.

Victoria sighed, grabbed her top, and headed for the floor. Maybe making some extra bucks would help the night go by faster.

*   *   *

“…And we can’t sit Dichen’s mother next to my father, because the last time they attended any event together, they ended up fighting the whole time except when I walked in on them going at it in the cloak room.”

JoAnna laughed, more from the look of disgust on both Dichen and Amy’s faces.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got them on opposite sides of the bridal table,” Jessica said.

“Might want to switch sides, though,” JoAnna said, looking at the seating arrangements for the rehearsal dinner. “The bar’s to the left, and Amy’s mother is a bit of a lush.”

“Bit?” Dichen said. “That woman nearly drank her weight in gin when I proposed in front of her.”

“Mom was still kinda hoping I’d find some guy and magically become not-gay,” Amy sighed. “She’s past it now. I think.”

“What a lovely family you two are going to have,” Jessica said, swapping the names to opposite sides of the bridal table. “Anything else?”

“I don’t think so,” JoAnna said, looking over things carefully. “Girls? It’s your party.”

“If it was my party, there’d be strippers and more alcohol,” Dichen said.

“Bachlorette party is tomorrow night, babe,” Amy said, kissing Dichen on the cheek. “You can see all the free boobs you want then. So long as you only suck on mine that night.”

“Deal,” Dichen said.

“Where is this bachlorette party?” JoAnna asked.

“A little strip club we found a couple years ago,” Amy said. “Kind of a dive, but we had one of our first dates there, and we both got drunk and got in a fight and thought we’d gone home with strippers.”

“Only we woke up with each other,” Dichen said, finishing the story. “And if I can turn down a room full of hot strippers for a girl, it must be love.”

“Touching, in a pervy sort of way,” Jessica said. “But I’m all for hot strippers. What’s the name of this place?”

“The Spectacular.”

*   *   *

As strip clubs went, Los Angeles’ Spectacular didn’t live up to it’s name. Far from it, in fact. According to local legend, it had been quite the sexual hot spot 20 years ago, but it’s time in the limelight had faded faster than the velour red carpet leading inside, and it was now barely a blip on anyone’s radar. On the best of nights, it pulled in enough money to pay it’s “performers” and cut away at the massive alcohol bill the place had. And those “best of” days were increasingly few and far between.

Yet somehow, the Spectacular stayed afloat, always in the black, the accounts registered to it flush with money that would’ve shamed some of the more successful skin bars in tinsel town. The club was making money somehow, though no one knew quite how.

This is what brought the Spectacular to the attention of the FBI. Though not, oddly, the local Los Angeles office. The LA Office had steadfastly avoided the place, even when two or three different cases had brought agents within the club itself. The local director had a sizeable folder on the club, including dossiers on not only the club’s boss and bouncers, but several of the dancers, many of whom had little more criminal history than speeding tickets and jaywalking counts. But while there was evidence the Spectacular might have had a criminal connection or two, nothing official had ever been done. Not until someone from the San Francisco office had finally lit a fire under the LA office and asked them to watch the place until someone from ‘Frisco could get down there to do the job properly.

The door to the back of the non-descript, light-blue van parked half a block down from the Spectacular opened up, and Agent Robert Edmonson glanced up from his newspaper to see three lovely ladies entering the van. He raised an eyebrow, a little surprised. He’d never been to the San Fran office, but the local rumor mill was that it was fruitier than San Francisco itself, rife with homosexual men and women. If these three babes preferred tacos to hot dogs, well that was a crime indeed.

“So what’s San Francisco Office got against a strip club in LA?” He asked by way of greeting. “Not enough sleaze bags in your neck of the woods now that the San Fran Seven are under lock and key?”

FBI Special Agent Kristen Bell weathered Edmonson with a glare. “No, we think the Spectacular here is a front business for a major organized crime head.”

“Really? Who? The Garibaldi’s? The Takahashi’s?” He actually lowered his voice for the next one, “Not the Ivonovs!”

“Rhona Mitra,” Bell answered, taking a seat next to Edmonson.

“Who?” he asked.

“Rhona Mitra, mysterious underworld crime lord with her fingers in more dirty pots than any other single individual on the FBI Most Wanted list,” Junior Agent Tammin Sursok answered, moving up to sit next to the driver’s seat.

“I know the entire Top Ten on the Most Wanted list, and I’ve never heard of this Mitra person,” Edmonson insisted.

“And you probably won’t – until we bust her,” Bell said. “What have you got on the place?”

“It’s dead – or should be, anyway. Only had ten customers last night, can barely pay the dancers, and aside from a regular or two, the clientele is getting progressively worse.”

“And yet, you’ve seen the financial records,” Bell said. “What does that say to you?”

“Oh, it’s a total front for someone, I’ll give you that. The manager’s sketchy as all get-out, and while she could probably pack more guys in here if she’d get up on stage herself, she hasn’t, and the place is still rolling in cash.”

“Who is the manager?” Beverly Mitchell asked.

“Spectacular’s run by this woman – Charisma Carpenter,” Edmonson said, handing Bell, Mitchell, and Sursok each a file folder. Kristen opened hers up to see the image of a gorgeous looking woman, maybe in her mid-thirties, though could’ve been older or younger – she had one of those timeless faces that made her exact age hard to judge.

“Not much of a record,” Sursok said. “Couple of parking tickets, a noise complaint from her upstairs neighbors… not even a DUI.”

“She’s kept her nose pretty clean,” Edmonson said. “Which might explain why she’s running a place like Spectacular – who better to front your money laundering operation than someone the cops almost never look at?”

“Hard to imagine anyone NOT looking at her,” Beverly said. “She’s gorgeous.”

“That she is,” Edmonson said. “Like I said, she could turn the whole place around if she just got on stage.”

“And you’re certain she’s in charge of the money laundering?” Bell asked.

“Nope. Like I said, Carpenter’s clean. Her record, her personal financials. And she doesn’t own the club – whoever owns that has it hidden behind few dozen shell corporations that our financial boys haven’t been able to crack yet. Not that they’ve been trying all that hard.”

“Tell them to try harder,” Tammin said.

Edmonson took some offense at that. “Why don’t you go down there and tell them that yourself, Princess Pouty Lips – maybe they’ll drop all the other cases they have if you ask them nicely.”

“If it’s not Carpenter, who else could it be?” Kristen asked, stopping Tammin before she could start throwing insults towards Edmonson.

“Small crew in there, almost none of the workers have the IQ to pull it off, but there’s a few stand-outs,” the only man in the van said, still eyeing Tammin sourly. He handed out another round of file folders. “These are all the employees. Typical strip-club bunch, for the most part. Better looking bunch than your average dive strip-club gets, though we‘ve heard the hiring process weeds out less attractive girls. Those that do get employed as generally more on the beauty than the brains side, none with so much as a college education or any indication they’re smart enough to run a money laundering scheme.”

“Wouldn’t that make a good cover?” Tammin asked.

“Sure, but most of them haven’t been there all that long,” Edmonson said. “And there’s a lot of turnover, in oddly regular intervals.”

“How so?” Kristen asked.

“At the four month and six month marks from initial employment. Can’t tell you why, but a lot of girls seem to quit then. Those that get past generally do pretty well for a while, but move on sooner or later, too.”

“So LA has been sitting on all this information for all this time, but never done anything?” Beverley asked. “Why?”

“No reason. Nothing going on here that warrants FBI attention, let alone a full investigation. We have bigger fish to fry. Let LAPD worry about strippers.”

Kristen was about to shoot off some remark when Edmonson actually stood up. “I can leave you guys the van, but LA Office wants me back ASAP – got a lead on Sean McBride across town, and we’re rolling on it.”

“You got a ride back?” Kristen asked.

“Yep, he’s been waiting for me around the corner for 20 minutes now.”

“Then go on, and thanks for the help,” Bell sighed.

“Good luck girls. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do in there.” With that Edmonson slid open the door of the van, hopped out, and closed it. None of the San Francisco FBI girls would see him again.

For a moment, the girls just sat there, before Beverley finally spoke up.

“How do you want to handle this, boss?”

Kristen frowned. “We could sit out here on stakeout until that Charisma Carpenter girl comes back, but that’s what LA Office has been doing for a while now, and it’s gotten them nowhere. I think we need to go in, and do a little one-on-one interviewing of these girls.”

“A night talking to beautiful, half-naked women, all on the FBI’s dime?” Beverley said with a smirk. “Gosh, what I do for king and country.”

“Yeah, you lead a charmed life,” Kristen said, rolling her eyes. “Let’s go in separately, unless you two want to pretend to be a couple.”

Beverley and Tammin exchanged disgusted looks. “No thanks,” the said together.

“Thought so. I’ll go first. Follow at irregular intervals, and lock the van when you’re done. LA Office probably wouldn’t appreciate it if we let someone lift their ride.”

*   *   *

“Hey Victoria, how about a lap dance?”

Victoria turned without thinking. Here in the Spectacular, she was known as Candy, and no one on the floor knew her real name. But it was such a natural thing to turn when someone says your name that Victoria didn’t stop herself.

“Excuse me?” she said, looking at the slightly chubby, horn-rimmed glasses wearing man looking up at her with a nasty smirk on his face.

“I said how about a lap dance,” he said, flashing a wad of cash from his lap, conspicuously near his crotch. His slacks weren’t doing that good of a job hiding the state of his erection.


“You don’t recognize me, do you?” he said, seeing her hesitate.

“I’m sorry, should I?”

“Name’s Russell. I’m friends with Dan,” he said, standing up. “Does he know you’re working here?”

“Yeah, he knows,” Victoria said defensively.

“Huh, he must want to keep it secret,” Russell said. He looked at her expectantly, still holding his wad of cash near his crotch.

“Three hundred,” Victoria said with a sigh, giving in. She knew what he meant. If she didn’t do it, he’d tell all of Dan’s other friends that his Victoria was working as Candy.

“How much for a blowjob?” he asked as she lead the way to the private rooms.

“We don’t do that here,” she said flatly, wishing he’d push his luck. Then she could signal Diego and get this Russell character thrown out of the club. But he didn’t ask again, and before she knew it, he was sitting before her, looking up at her lustily as she moved towards the MP3 player built into the wall.

“Three hundred gets you one song. You can’t touch me, but I can touch you. Panties stay on.”

“How much for them to come off?” he asked.

Victoria cursed under her breath. “Another hundred,” she lied. It was actually only another fifty, but if this fool didn’t know that, she didn’t have to tell him. Bad enough he knew the Spectacular did fully nude lap dances.

“Done,” he said, peeling off another bill. “Wish I’d worn my sweatpants.”

Victoria rolled her eyes and selected one of the shorter songs on the player – the sooner this was done, the better. Course, she had to offer him another song when this one ended, for another 400 bucks. If this was some friend of Dan’s, he probably didn’t have that much money to throw around, but she’d seen dumber things in the back rooms before.

She had just hit play and turned around to start gyrating when suddenly Charisma Carpenter came in and hit the pause button.

“Hey!” Russell said.

“Candy? Rhona’s here,” Charisma said. “It’s time.”

Suddenly, Victoria thought giving pervy Russell a lap dance didn’t sound that bad. “Okay,” she said.

“Hey, I paid for a dance!” Russell said.

“I’m sorry sir,” Charisma said, sounding like she meant it. “If you wait right here, I’ll get two of my other girls to come in here for you. Free of charge,” she added.

“Uh, okay. But I kinda wanted Vic-”

“She’s taken, I’m sorry,” Charisma said in a tone that made it clear she wasn’t going to be argued with. Russell shut up. “Come along, Candy.”

Victoria followed Charisma out of the private room and down the hallway towards the back. There stood a gorgeous woman, older but far from old, with pouty lips and smoldering eyes that were clearly looking Victoria up and down as she approached. Even as Victoria grew closer, she could see Rhona’s nipples get hard beneath her shirt.

“Hello Victoria,” Rhona said, her accent surprisingly pleasing. “I’ve heard so many good things about you. My name’s Rhona Mitra.”

“Hello,” Victoria said, not knowing what else to say. She offered her hand, which Rhona took, shook once, then used to pull the younger girl close. Before Victoria knew what was happening, Rhona used those lips of hers to kiss the young stripper. Hard.

Victoria felt her knees weaken a little, and to her surprise, her own nipples grew hard.

“I’m so looking forward to making love to you tonight, Victoria,” Rhona said, taking the young girl by the hand and leading her into Charisma’s office. Victoria followed, not knowing that someone else was watching.

*  *  *

“Woof, I’m bushed,” JoAnna said as she got onto the elevator.

“I hear you,” Jessica Chastain said, getting on behind her. They’d just spent some time making sure Amy and Dichen were both comfortable in their separate rooms. The two bachlorettes were a little too tempted to spend the nights before their wedding acting like they were already on their honeymoon, even though they both agreed to that strange old tradition of not seeing – or sleeping – with each other before the wedding. For a while, it looked like the two maids of honor would have to bunk with a bride apiece, just to keep them from going after each other, but then Dichen had indulged in one more glass of wine, and drifted off to oblivion, letting JoAnna and Jessica sleep in their own rooms tonight.

“You have to admit,” JoAnna said. “They’re super cute together.”

“Yeah they are,” Jessica admitted. “I hope I find a love like that some day.”

“A super slutty love?” JoAnna asked with a giggle.

“Fuck yes!” Jessica said. “Some girl who’ll always be willing to go down on me at the drop of a hat. Or some guy with a cock that’s always hard for me.”

“I bet most guys are hard for you,” JoAnna said.

“Only most?”

“Well, I am from San Francisco, so I know some of them just don’t like girls,” JoAnna laughed.

The elevator stopped, and the two redheads got off, heading down the hallway towards their rooms, located across from each other, having been booked by Dichen at the same time.

“I should move to San Fran. More chicks who go both ways up there,” Jessica said. “It can be a bitch sometimes dealing with girls here. If they’re into you, they don’t want you into boys as well. It’s like they can’t understand I honestly like both.”

“How does that work, though?” JoAnna asked. “I mean, how do you ever get married if there’s always some other gender out there that you want? If you marry a boy, you’ll always want a girl. And if you marry a girl-”

“I’ll always want a good hard cock, right?” Jessica finished for her. “Honestly, I don’t know. I’d just need my partner to be really understanding, I guess.” She paused for a second. “Or maybe I should find a couple and get both at the same time.”

“There’s an idea,” JoAnna laughed as they reached their rooms.

“I don’t suppose you and your boyfriend are looking for a third?” Jessica asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh no, he couldn’t handle two hot redheads at once,” JoAnna laughed.

“Too bad,” Jessica said. “But at least I got you to admit I’m hot.”

JoAnna was about to laugh at that comment when suddenly Jessica lunged forward and kissed her. For a second, JoAnna was too shocked to react, and that gave Jessica enough time to press the other redhead back against the door to her room. JoAnna felt Jessica’s hands come up, cupping her breasts through her shirt, and her tongue slipping past JoAnna’s lips, all seemingly within a split second.

It was wonderful! Delicious! And oh so sexy! JoAnna’s body screamed out at her, reacting to the soft touch of Jessica’s lips, and the grabbing need of Jessica’s hands. The sort of wonderful, naughty touch that JoAnna hadn’t felt since… well, since Troian had kissed her before the trip to LA, but more accurately not since Shay had gone to prison.

For a few desperate heartbeats, JoAnna was tempted to give in, to let Jessica fuck her – there was no question Jessica would be the one doing the fucking – and JoAnna would just forget all about Jason, all about Troian, and all about Shay. But that only lasted a brief moment. Before she even finished thinking Shay’s name, her hands came up and gently pushed Jessica off her.

“I’m sorry, but I’m spoken for,” JoAnna said, breathing a little heavy from the kiss.

“I know, fiance and all that,” Jessica said. “But maybe we could just-”

“Jessica, I won’t lie – I’m tempted. I haven’t been with a girl in… well, a while,” JoAnna admitted. “But there’s another girl, and when she and I see each other again, I want… well, I want to see her again so bad.”

“She doesn’t mind that you’re marrying a guy?” Jessica asked.

“She doesn’t, but I may not marry him,” JoAnna said. “Honestly, I’d rather be with her.”

“But you’ll sleep with him?”

“I was sleeping with him before she and I met.”

“Then why not sleep with me?”

“I’m not going to bring someone new into the mix,” JoAnna said. “You aren’t the first girl to try and get in my pants since her. And you’re not the first I’ve almost let into my pants.”

“Almost? Damn,” Jessica said.

“You aren’t mad, are you?”

“About you being loyal to another girl?” Jessica asked. “No, not mad. I just, you know, kinda wish I was her.”

“Sorry,” JoAnna replied, not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t be. If nothing else, I’ve learned you DO like girls,” she smiled at JoAnna, and JoAnna felt her nipples go hard at the lusty sight. “It’s a start. See you in the morning, JoAnna Garcia.”

“See you in the morning, Jessica,” JoAnna said, watching as the lovely Miss Chastain walked across the hall, entered her room, and closed the door behind her. A moment later, JoAnna practically fell into her own room. She closed the door, all but ripped off her clothes, got into the shower, and as the hot water beat down around her, she fingered herself silly. When she finally came, she actually called out Shay’s, Troian, and Jessica’s name, one right after the other.

*   *   *

Beverley Mitchell stood off in a corner, watching one of the strippers peel a pair of pasties off her nipples. She was named Ferrari or Lexus or something else that sounded like a luxury car. Beverley didn’t know, but she wouldn’t have minded putting the pasties over those nipples. For such a run-down place, the Spectacular managed to have some pretty quality strippers. Probably something to do with Charisma Carpenter sleeping with all of them before hiring them.

Speaking of which…

Beverley did a quick glance over to where her fellow FBI agents were chatting with some of the servers, and double-checked that neither one was looking over in her direction. Then she simply slipped into the back. She knew where to go, after all.

She didn’t quite get to Charisma’s office, ending up instead in the stripper dressing room before she came face-to-face with the club’s manager.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Charisma asked, spotting her at once.

“My job, of course,” Beverley said. “Both of them, actually. Is Rhona here yet?”

“She’s here,” Charisma confirmed. “She just went in back with one of my newer girls.”

“Damnit. I suspect the do not disturb sign is up then,” Mitchell grumbled.

“It is,” Charisma said. “You’ll just have to wait.”

“I don’t know how long I can,” Beverley said. “I’ve got two other agents out there looking for her.”

“Let them look. It’s not like they’d know her if they saw her,” Charisma pointed out. “Rhona could walk right past them buck naked, and they’d never know.”

“Still, better safe than sorry,” Beverley said. “Does your bartender still do special orders?”

“What, you want to date rape drug one of the FBI agents?” Charisma asked, surprised.

“No. Well, yes, but I can’t,” Beverley admitted, thinking of all the nasty things she could do to Tammin Sursok if she was out cold. “No, I just want the ‘get the other girl drunk faster’ package. You know, double to alcohol in their drinks while leaving mine virgin.”

“Okay, I’ll pass that along. Anything else?”

“Yeah, slip a note under the door for Charisma, letting her know I’m here. And the agents.”

“Fine,” Charisma said. “Doesn’t mean she’ll see you soon. She’s just gone in there with the new girl, and she’s going to enjoy herself with her.”

“Yeah, well, we’ve all been there,” Beverley muttered, remembering more than a few nights in Rhona Mitra’s bed. She both envied and pitied whatever poor girl was in there with her now. “I better get back out there. Let me know when Rhona’s ready.”

*   *   *

“Would you care for a drink?” Rhona Mitra asked. “I brought a lovely Chardonnay with me that I’ve just been drooling over for since I discovered it a few months back. Deceptively delicious, especially for such a young wine.”

“Uh, okay,” Victoria said. She was lost on half of what Rhona was saying, but then she was so nervous, there was no way a glass of wine wouldn’t help.

“Relax, this is little more than a formality,” Rhona said, handing her the glass. “You’ve passed both Charisma and Rosie, and you’re certainly attractive enough. Get me off, and we’ll make your employment here permanent. From what Rosie told me, you should have no problems making me climax.”

“I’ll try my best,” Victoria said, taking a rather liberal sip of the wine. She winced. It was too bitter for her taste, but she sipped again, hoping the alcohol worked fast.

“Rosie was quite impressed with you. She can be so… scandalous at time, especially with young girls like yourself. Usually, it’s her who breaks girls. But you survived her, and are now here with me. You are to be commended. Take that silly costume off, please,” the strip club owner added. Victoria blinked, almost missing the command, but began stripping the silly cowgirl outfit off, even as Rhona continued to look about Charisma’s office.

“To be fair,” Rhona continued, “I originally took Rosie on as a bodyguard of sorts. That she had such a lovely body herself was my undoing, of course. But we have similar sexual tastes and desires for new girls, even as we return to each other most nights. But she was quite impressed with you. Wanted to join me here tonight.”

Victoria felt her heart stop. “Will she?” the young stripper asked, sliding her thong down off her legs, now fully nude.

“Oh no, I wanted you all to myself,” Rhona said, turning to look at Victoria. “And I can already tell I made the right choice.”

Victoria gulped down the last of her wine.

Rhona went and sat down in Charisma’s chair, and patted her lap. “Join me,” she said politely, her accent positively alluring. Victoria came and sat on Rhona’s lap, and the older woman started running her fingers through Victoria’s hair. “Lovely,” she said. “Charisma tells me she was your first woman. You’ve had others since, yes?”

“Rosie, and, uh, Adrianne and I fooled around a little,” Victoria admitted.

“That’s it? I’m surprised. You liked it, yes?”

“Yes,” Victoria admitted. There was no point hiding something like that from Rhona. “I didn’t think I would, but I did.”

“Don’t be so nervous, sweetie,” Rhona said, her other hand coming around to slip between Victoria’s legs. Victoria gasped as Rhona’s fingers made contact with her slit, neither of them that surprised to find it wet. Victoria didn’t resist at all, and Rhona soon slid a solitary finger into the younger girl, all the way to the last knuckle.

“So tight. I was told you have a boyfriend.”

“I do,” Victoria said.

“He must not be very big if you’re this tight. Or are you waiting for marriage.”

“We’re not, and he’s plenty big enough, ma’am,” Victoria said, feeling like she was being chided in school, even as the other woman slowly began to finger fuck her.

“Ah, the glories of youth,” Rhona mused. “When I was your age, I could take a cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time, while blowing another and jacking off two more in my hands. I was quite popular with the school football team – soccer, I guess you’d call it here.”

“I g-guess,” Victoria stammered as Rhona flicked her thumb over Victoria’s clit.

“Have you ever had more than one man at a time?”

“No,” Victoria admitted, going stiff. Rhona’s other hand, the one that had been running through Victoria’s hair, had dropped down her back, all the way to Victoria’s ass, and the fingers there were now playfully poking around her crack. There was no way for Rhona to reach Victoria’s back hole from this angle, but just the presence of her hand there was enough to drive Victoria to distraction.

“Ah, I’m tempted to get a strap-on and another girl in here, and see what we can do with this tight little body of yours,” Rhona said, pulling the finger out of Victoria’s snatch. “But no, not tonight. Tonight, you‘re mine alone.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Victoria said automatically.

“You’re not cheering up, dear,” Rhona said. “Are you still so nervous?”

“It’s my job, Ma’am. I really need it.”

Rhona nodded sadly. “Okay then, on your knees right here. Let me slip out of this skirt.” Victoria got off and dropped down before the chair. Rhona stood up and unzipped her skirt, pulling it off, but leaving her blouse on. Her panties went next, and Victoria was somewhat surprised to see that Rhona was completely bald between her legs.

“Yes, Rosie went a little crazy with the razor a night or two ago. Thinks it makes me look younger,” Rhona said, seeing where Victoria’s eyes were. She sat down and spread her legs as wide as she could, her ass barely on the seat of the chair. Victoria found herself face-to-face with that bald snatch, glistening with wetness already, looking hungry and lusty and primed for action. “Well, get to it,” she added, seeing Victoria’s hesitation.

Victoria leaned in and, based on the instruction she’d gotten from Adrianne Palicki the other day, started off by full on kissing Rhona’s enlarged clit. The older woman cooed in appreciation, but Victoria didn’t linger long, instead sliding her tongue down over Rhona’s folds until she could slowly work her way inside the strip club’s owner.

Over the next ten jaw-aching minutes, Victoria pulled out every oral sex trick she’d learned since her first time with Charisma Carpenter in this very room. Everything Adrianne had taught her, everything she’d been forced to do with Rosie, even things she’d only seen in porn videos online. She tried them all. And Rhona was appreciative, holding Victoria’s hair back and stroking her head from time to time, between gentle moaning and occasional gasps for air.

Finally, Rhona pushed her away. “Lovely job, Victoria,” Rhona said, smiling down at her.

“Did you-?” Victoria asked, stopping before she could complete the question.

“Did I cum? Hardly, child,” Rhona said, her accent making Victoria’s own pussy quiver even as she was being chided. “I’m quite good at holding out until I’m ready. And I’m not ready yet. Get my purse, please.”

Victoria got up off her knees and looked over to the small table where Rhona hed left her oversized Luis Vitton bag. As she walked towards it, Rhona got up and began taking off her own clothes. She was down to just her bra when Victoria got the bag over to her.

“One must always be prepared,” Rhona said, reaching in. Victoria stood there, suddenly feeling cold despite the warmth of the room – with so many naked girls in and out, Charisma kept the thermostat well into the 70s all the time, despite LA’s own warmer climes. As if to emphasis her own point, Rhona pulled out two phones, a small pack of baby wipes, a wad of hundred dollar bills that made Victoria’s eyes go wide, and a small hand gun that made Victoria go cold before finally finding what she wanted – a small, finger-length vibrator.

“Love this little thing,” Rhona said, putting everything else back into the bag. “Once used it on a trans-Atlantic flight from New York to London. Came six times before one of the stewardess’ figured out what I was doing.” Rhona paused and smiled at the memory. “Then I helped her join the Mile High club. Twice.”

“You want me to use it on you?” Victoria asked.

“Mmm, yes that would be nice, but first – up on the desk,” Rhona said. Victoria blinked, but moved quickly to follow instructions. She pushed some of Charisma’s stuff aside and sat on the desk. Rhona approached quickly and kissed her once on the mouth before gently running the toy over Victoria’s nipples.

“That feels nice,” Victoria admitted, even as Rhona’s other hand slipped down between the stripper’s legs.

“I’m glad you think so,” Rhona said, stroking Victoria’s pussy gently while trailing the vibrator down the younger girl’s body. Without another word, Rhona pried Victoria open and slid the tiny vibe inside her. Victoria went ridged as the vibrations began to hum inside her. With deft skill, Rhona pressed the vibrator right up against Victoria’s G-spot, and the affect was instantly obvious, the young stripper groaning in delight, even as she fought to remain upright atop the desk.

It was a fight Victoria couldn’t win. She let herself slide down, the vibrator humming inside her like the world’s hottest dynamo; the young woman shook under the loving, wishing that Rhona would replace that with her lips. After about a century or so… in and out of Victoria the vibrator moved, treating her better than Dan or any man had ever done before. Yes, he was big enough, but this was something else again. Sparks were going off inside her box, making her want to fall into this woman’s arms and stay there forever; she had to content herself with clutching Rhona as the older woman continued to heat her up.

“…no…” Victoria moaned, feeling the vibrator moving back out. Rhona couldn’t be leaving her like this, could she? Part of her wanted to wrench the thing out of her hands and put it back inside until she was good and ready, but she instinctively knew Rhona would certainly not take that well.

Putting the vibrator down next to her, Rhona moved in closer, placing her bald snatch directly onto Victoria’s and starting to slowly rub the tingling muff. Victoria’s groans increased as the rhythm continued, their clits almost fusing together. It wasn’t as good as enjoying it with her lips, but it came a very close second.

“Just between you and me,” Rhona said as her hands fondled Victoria’s breasts, “I tend to agree with most men on one thing – I like them young. The younger the better.”

Between what was happening down below and Rhona’s fingers on her chest, Victoria wouldn’t have been blamed for paying no attention to what was going on around her – but she had noticed the position of the vibrator. Reaching up to kiss Rhona, she put one arm around her and rested her free hand near the vibrator, searching for its on/off button. One other kiss later Victoria found it, and switched it back on as she picked it up, bringing it to just above Rhona’s ass; she was delighted to find it was still coated with her secretions.

As Rhona brought her breasts onto Victoria’s, the younger woman lowered the vibrator onto the older one’s asscleft and started to slide it in, slowly pushing it up Rhona’s behind – and was rewarded with a long, slow moan from her boss as she started to push herself back, grinding her butt as Victoria moved it inside her, reflecting that she could never have done this with Dan.

She could feel Rhona getting warmer with each stroke of the vibrator’s journey up her behind, the boss’s body heaving on top of her. With her free hand, Victoria fondled one of Rhona’s boobs, enjoying how tantalizingly close they were to her mouth; maneourving herself down a little while not breaking the rhythm she’d built behind her, Victoria moved her face in between Rhona’s breasts and slowly licked each nipple. As she tasted the boobs, Victoria’s mind conjured up Rhona’s spread-open cheeks with the vibrator humming away between them.

“Oooohhh…. Ohhhyesss….” Rhona moaned as she ground away harder, moving her fingers along Victoria’s silky body as she felt herself becoming even moister. Victoria’s own snatch was getting in on it now as one of Rhona’s hands rapidly moved down and the fingers slipped inside; both women’s cries increased as they moved together. Each one looked into the other’s eyes; Victoria could see she was loving it, and thrust away ever harder behind her, pushing herself upwards as she felt Rhona’s fingers inside her, groaning and gasping with each stroke.

Rhona had to wonder if Victoria had had past experience or not, because… because… because this waaassssssssSSSSSSSSSS… “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” She couldn’t hold back anymore, screaming as she clutched Victoria and thrashed above the girl, herself letting her give in to Rhona’s fingers. As Rhona’s ass bucked backwards once more, the boss felt the buzzing stick pulling back and out before she let herself move forward, resting onto Victoria; her bum was aching, but she absolutely loved it. Rhona cradled Victoria in her arms as she rolled over – even she had to make herself comfortable after that, which meant she had to be on her back.

Flushed and glowing, Victoria found herself straddling the woman and feeling more confident than she had ever been in bed for a while. No way was Rhona in her control – Rhona was sub to nobody – but at least they were sort of on their way to being kind of equals. For a little while.

Victoria wanted Rhona’s mouth between her legs badly, but until she was ready contact would have to do; her fingers danced over the boss’s breasts as she moved closer, melding their snatches and loving how Rhona’s bald box felt next to her own. If she couldn’t scissor, this was the next best thing. Putting her dance training to some interesting use, she began to rub against Rhona, a tingle running through her body when their pussy lips touched. As she leaned forward to kiss Rhona’s rack, she hoped against hope that she’d get another chance to bury her face down below again – ideally with Rhona returning the favour.

It might not just have been the thought of Rhona Mitra licking her out that caused Victoria to put more energy into her rubbing and licking, but it didn’t hurt. Suckling and tongueing each boob with almost as much passion as she’d put into her head earlier, Victoria wished that this was entirely because she loved the older woman – and not simply taking sucking up to the next level. Never letting her rhythm slip for a second, she ground herself against Rhona’s soaked pussy as far as she could, feeling the woman’s body warming up and the boss starting to gasp.

“Oh yes… that’s good… yes, keep going…” Rhona pulled Victoria into her arms, practically smothering her with her breasts and fondling her eagerly as she tried to keep herself in control – but dammit, this girl’s mouth and crotch action were just too much. Rhona clutched the girl tighter, calling out her name over and over as the two ladies thrust against each other, their pussy juices flowing together.

With a loud howl of joy, Victoria kissed Rhona on the lips as both ladies exploded inside, experiencing a mutual orgasm for one of the few times in their lives – for the first time in Victoria’s case, if not Rhona’s. The woman was too in control of herself to let out another scream, but she didn’t have a problem with a satisfied sigh and an actual warm smile; as the heat moved through her body, Rhona rested a hand on Victoria’s head.

“You’re hired. Full time,” Rhona said in between moans. “Effective immediately… although this may call for a repeat performance.”

“No problem, ma’am,” Victoria replied with a smile that she wasn’t fully behind.

*   *   *

A leggy black girl with impressive tits and the flattest ass Kristen had ever seen swung around the pole at the front of the stage, eliciting minimal attention from the crowd, even as her bra fell away to reveal two very delicious looking nipples. The lead FBI agent had to shake her head to get away from imagining her lips on those nipples and concetrate on her job, such as it was.

In all her years of hunting, Kristen Bell had never gotten so much as a picture of Rhona Mitra. No descriptions, either, and were it not for a scant few accounts of meeting the crime boss, Kristen would have question the reports that she was female. It made picking her out of a crowd impossible except through trial and error, and with a crowd this thin, trial and error only got you so far before you spooked your target.

Not that Kristen could even guess who her target was. She sighed. This was impossible.

She settled in at the bar and kept her eyes on the dancer, trying to blend in. Could Rhona be one of the dancers? That seemed unlikely, considering how long Rhona’d been active in the crime scene, but stranger things had happened. No, Kristen’s gut was telling her that Rhona was the money behind this dive, not one of the performers. That was a shame, though. For a dive strip club, the Spectacular’s strippers were on the higher end of gorgeous.

“What’ll it be?” a pleasant voice asked. Kristen turned to see an attractive brunette bartender, her tits bare to match the Spectacular’s less-than-stellar reputation, smiling at her.

“Beer, whatever you have on tap,” Kristen said.

“Sure,” the bartender smiled. Kristen felt her own nipples go a little hard at that, but refrained from making any sort of move. It was bad form to hit on a bartender while she was working.

“Tap beer?” another voice said. “You can do better than that. Emily, get my friend her something… spicy. My tab.”

The bartender glanced at Kristen, but nodded towards the other woman. “Sure thing, Amanda.”

“You’re a doll, Emily,” Amanda said, turning to face Kristen. About the same height as the FBI, Amanda had long blonde hair, a prominent nose that did nothing to diminish her beauty of her face, and an impressive enough chest to rival bartender Emily.

“Thanks, I guess,” Kristen said.

“Don’t thank me yet, you haven’t tasted anything yet,” Amanda said.

“Well, I do enjoy a spicy taste,” Kristen said. Her nipples were blatantly hard now, and she hadn’t so much as glanced at either the strippers or the topless bartender. As of this moment, Kristen Bell only had eyes for this Amanda woman.

The next forty-five minutes went by in a flash, as Kristen allowed herself to be seduced by Amanda Seyfried, a charming regular here at the Spectacular who openly informed the FBI agent that she’d bedded more than one of the strippers, and had even gotten into Emily’s panties one night after closing the place out. Unabashedly here to lust over naked women, she seemed quite fixated on Kristen, an unencumbered, slightly older woman alone in a strip club.

“So do you only sleep with strippers?” Kristen finally asked as her third martini (to Amanda’s fifth) finally got the alcohol to affect her brain with a slight buzz.

“Oh gosh no,” Amanda said, slurring her voice ever-so-slightly. “I’ll do just about anyone, so long as they don’t have a penis. Made that mistake only twice.”

“Twice?” Kristen asked.

“The boy I lost my virginity to, and a girl who wasn’t entirely a girl yet a few years later,” Amanda said with a giggle. “Thought it’d be the best of both worlds, but it was the opposite. Penis inside me, and all the moody, clingy, neediness of a woman. Can’t advise it.”

“I’m not too fond of clingy women myself, though I do love a bit of mystery,” Kristen said.

“I get that,” Amanda said, her hand suddenly on Kristen’s thigh. “Makes me wish I was more mysterious.”

“No secrets to keep?” Kristen asked, placing her hand on Amanda’s and edging it just a bit further up her leg.

“I’m a bit of an open book,” Amanda said, suddenly being bold and sliding her hand right up under Kristen’s skirt, stopping just before coming in contact with the agent’s panties.

“Then maybe we could go to your place,” Kristen said. “I love a good open book in bed.”

Amanda nodded once towards the bartender, and pulled her keys out of her purse. “I’ll drive.”

*   *   *

Victoria was still reeling a bit from her encounter with Rhona. Her pussy still throbbed, and was still a little wet. Her nipples were hard as rocks, and didn’t want to go down, no matter what she thought about. And her mind. Her mind was lost.

There was no denying it anymore, not to herself anyway. Victoria Justice loved women. Sexually, anyway. And she loved sex with women more than sex with men. There was no getting past that fact.

Of course, there was still the problem of Dan, who she did really like, a lot. She wasn’t so sure about love anymore. She wasn’t against having sex with him again, but it would never be as good as it was with a woman. And if the sex wasn’t great, was there a point to being with someone?

Well, yes, yes there was. After all, she’d never have kids with someone like Rhona Mitra, or even Charisma Carpenter. Biology aside, neither seemed like the family kind.

But Dan… Dan could not only physically father a child, but despite his roughness and his distaste for Victoria’s current job, he’d be a good father. And he loved Victoria, which was half the issue, wasn’t it? Finding someone who loved you?

And it wasn’t like she disliked sex with men. Well, with Dan. Well, most of the time.

“Ugh,” she said, allowing her head to collapse onto the makeup table.

“You’re supposed to be out of here by now!” Charisma scolded her a minute or two later as she zipped through the backstage area. “I’m not paying you!”

“Ugh,” Victoria said again, getting up. She glanced down to see she was still clad in her stripper outfit, the cowgirl shorts and checkered shirt tied at her chest. She undid the tie, letting the shirt become a shirt and fall to her hips, and suddenly she was just a slightly out-of-style teenager. She could’ve changed, but decided against it. If she stayed here much longer, she might never go home.

Victoria stood up, waved goodnight to the couple of strippers still getting ready to go on, and headed out the door.

Outside, she reached into her purse, looking for her phone. She could use a little music to cheer up and forget about what she’d just done – if she could. Something happy and dance-y, maybe. Something to remind her that there was more to life than an unhappy boyfriend and sleeping with her boss – and her boss’ boss. And her boss’s boss’ girlfriend.

“Well well well, aren’t you a sneaky little slut.”

The voice stopped Victoria cold. She looked up to see Russell leaning against a car, arms crossed, looking both angry and happy at the same time somehow.

“W-what?” Victoria stammered.

“I never got my lapdance,” Russell said. “And I knew you went and had sex with that woman, so I think I’m going to get my dance now.”

Victoria went pale. “What are you talking about?”

“I know you’re a little lesbian slut who cheats on her boyfriend,” Russell said. “And I’m going to tell him everything I saw unless you give me everything I want.”

“No, please,” Victoria said, trying to back away. But Russell was faster than his size implied, and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him with ease. He licked his lips once, lasciviously, and put his other hand on her ass.

“Yeah, I think you’re going to give me everything I want and more.” He reached down and yanked open Victoria’s shirt, exposing her breasts. She tried to pull away, but he held her tight. “You want me to tell Dan all about what you did?”

“N-no,” Victoria said. “But, please, I don’t-”

“Then get naked, bitch. I want my lap dance,” Russell said.

“Here? In the parking lot?”

“Oh, we’ll get into my car soon enough,” he said. “Now lose the clothes.”

He hadn’t let go of her arm. She couldn’t get away. The music from the club was loud – too loud. She couldn’t call for help. No one would hear her. She didn’t really have much of a choice…

“Please, let me go,” she said as his eyes feasted on her perky little tits.

“You just slept with another woman, you can do things for me, too. You ain’t no princess who’s too dainty to do slutty stuff.”

“But I’m with Dan-”

“Not if you don’t do what I want,” he said, taking one of her nipples in his free hand and giving it a playful little tweak. “Loose the shorts.”

“No, I-”

“I said lose the shorts!” He snapped, reaching down and yanking on them. The button held, and he just pulled Victoria up against his chest. She tried to push away, but he kept his grip on her arm, and was starting to get angry.

“It ain’t like I haven’t seen your cunt already, bitch – it was just up on stage,” he said, his voice oddly calm. Somehow, that made it worse.

“Please,” Victoria begged again, but Russell was already yanking on her shorts again, this time getting the button to come undone. He yanked them down far enough to expose Victoria’s entire ass, but not much further – he didn’t need much more than that.

“Please, stop!” Victoria said, tears welling in her eyes. He looked at her, again very calm, and pulled aside the flimsy panties covering her privates. As soon as she was uncovered, Russell shoved a single finger up inside her.

“NO!” She screamed, hitting him with her free hand. Once, twice, three times. His figner came out of her-

-and the hand backhanded her across the face. Hard. She stumbled, and he took advantage, shoving her into the open car door and onto the backseat where she landed on her stomach.

“Damnit, bitch, you should’ve just played along. Now I’m going to get what I want, and I’m still telling Dan what a slut you are!” Russell paused long enough to pull his pants down far enough to get out his pale cock. Victoria saw it for but a second over her shoulder before Russell got into the car and climbed atop her, pressing her down against the seat.

“NO! NOOOOO! STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Victoria screamed, but he had her right where he wanted her. The next thing Victoria Justice felt was her rapist’s penis entering her from behind.

*   *   *

“’Only Happy When It Rains?’” Tammin Sursok said aloud as she watched the not-so-cute Asian girl dance around on the stage with an umbrella, a yellow rain slicker, and matching panties that must have been hell to actually sit in. “Well, at least that’s original for the night.”

The Spectacular was proving to be the stereotypical strip joint, with the same 12 or so songs every hour, with increasingly iffy looking strippers, and no sign whatsoever of anyone who might be Rhona Mitra. Even the enjoyment of seeing naked women before her was wearing off, though again, the decreased quality of the women getting naked made that inevitable.

She’d lost track of Beverley Mitchell hours ago, and didn’t really care to go looking for her. But she’d just seen Kristen Bell leaving with another short, beautiful blonde, and that left Tammin feeling a bit left-out. She hadn’t had any in a while, and the pickings here were getting slim, to say the least.

And yet, as far as Tammin could tell, she was the last member of the team here. Could she leave even if she found someone to hook up with? Kristen had left, but Kristen was a wild card by all FBI standards, and played it as fast and loose with the rules as she did with her own panties. And Beverley… Beverley probably left specifically to trap Tammin there.

Oh well, maybe she could just step outside for a minute or two. Clear her head. Get away from the music – yes, yes that sounded like a great idea as ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ came on for the 9th time this night. Tammin found the nearest exit and headed outside, desperate for some relief.

She didn’t get it. She wasn’t out the door more than two seconds before she spotted a couple having an argument out by one of the cars. The man, much bigger than the girl, was angry and holding the girl tight. The girl – wearing a checkered shirt and shorts way too short for this time of night – looked frightened.

Tammin paused. This wasn’t any of her concern, but something about the scene made her unwilling to look away. Was the girls’ shirt open? She thought she saw a flash of nipple. And did the guy just shove his hand down her shorts? This was getting sketchy.

And then the guy hauled off and hit the girl before throwing her into the back of his car. Tammin gasped in shock, but took off running. She wasn’t armed, didn’t have her badge – damn undercover assignment – but she was still a Federal Law Enforcement office, and she’d be damned if she was going to let a rape happen right in front of her.

The guy had gotten into the car and mounted the girl by the time Tammin got there, his hairy white ass sticking up in the air above his belt. The girl was screaming for him to get off – or out, even – and Tammin realized he hadn’t seen her coming, didn’t know she was there now, and deserved what he was about to get.

She reached in, grabbed the belt of his pants, and hauled back as hard as she could. The guy hadn’t lowered his jeans all that far – hadn’t even undone the belt, just sorta shoved them down enough to get his cock out. Tammin pulled with all her might, and felt her feet give out beneath her, sending her half sliding under the car as she fell to the ground.

But it was enough – she pulled the rapist right out of the car and sent him tripping backwards until he crashed into the car next to them, whacking his head against the side.

Tammin scurried to her feet, seeing a line of blood streaming down the side of the guy’s head. It didn’t look too bad, but Tammin didn’t care about him. She was more concerned with the girl in the car.

“Are you okay?” Tammin asked, helping the girl get into a seated position. Her shirt was ripped open, and her shorts wouldn’t be buttoning again any time soon. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was crying, and wrapped her arms around Tammin without so much as looking at her, sobbing into her shoulder.

“You bitch! Your relationship is over!” The guy said, stumbling to his feet.

“Don’t you even think about it, asshat!” Tammin said. “I’m FBI, and you’re under arrest for attempted rape!”

“Fuck you, bitch. You probably lesbian fucked this girl like that other woman inside. I’m outta here.” With that, he yanked up his pants and ran off into the night, leaving his car behind.

“Are you okay?” Tammin asked again. No point in trying to go after him, she couldn’t even prove to the local cops she was who she said she was. Better to stay with the victim.

“He’s right,” the girl said. “My relationship is over.”

“Sweetie, now’s not the time to worry about that. Are you hurt?”

“N-no. I mean, I’m a little sore, but he’s not that big down there.”

Tammin actually laughed at that. “That’s a girl,” she said, lifting the girl’s face so she could see it-

-And nearly gasped. This girl was gorgeous! Couldn’t be much over 18, but was stunning, with beautiful brown eyes and matching hair. Tammin felt her heart skip a beat as she stared at the girl she’d just rescued, and for a moment, she couldn’t think.

“Are YOU okay?” the girl asked.

“Yeah – you’re beautiful!” Tammin blurted out.

“T-t-thanks?” the girl said.

“What’s your name?”

“Victoria. Victoria Justice.”

“Nice to meet you, Victoria Justice. I’m Tammin Sursok, and I really am with the FBI.”

“My hero,” Victoria said, looking at Tammin. Something about how she said it made Tammin feel like Victoria really meant that.

“Can I take you to the hospital? We should get a, uh, a rape kit done, get some DNA samples and start the process to press charges.”

“No, no. I don’t want any of that,” Victoria said. “I, I just need to rest. He didn’t get anywhere, and he won’t be back.”


“Please, Tammin. I’m safe now, you’ve saved me. Can we just forget it happened?”

It was the wrong thing to say, but Tammin said it anyway. “Whatever you want, Victoria.”

“Thanks.” Victoria looked around, as if remembering where she was. “I, uh, I don’t know where to go now.”

“Home?” Tammin asked.

“I can’t, Dan will be there.”

“Was that who that was?”

“No, that was… Russell? One of Dan’s friends. He caught me cheating on Dan with my boss in there, and he wanted me to sleep with him to keep it secret. He didn’t get what he wants, so Dan probably knows already.”

“I’m so sorry,” Tammin said. “Did you love Dan?”

“Once, maybe. I don’t know,” Victoria said. “I know I like girls now, so maybe not.” Tammin tried not to let the way her heart fluttered at learning that fact show on her face.

“You have nowhere else to go?” Tammin asked.

“Motel, I guess. I have some cash on me-”

“My hotel isn’t that far, why don’t you stay with me tonight?” Tammin said without thinking.

“You mean that?” Victoria asked, surprised.

“Yeah, yeah I do,” Tammin said.

“Again, my hero, FBI Agent Tammin Sursok,” Victoria said, wiping at her tears for the first time.

*   *   *


It wasn’t so much the pain of the spanking that bothered Beverley Mitchell – it was the embarrassment.


She stood bent at the waist almost to 90 degrees, her skirt and thong puddled around her ankles, her bare ass exposed to the other women in the room, each cheek with some nasty red spots forming on the skin, roughly in the shape of a handprint.


“Do you have to do this here? I eat at that desk,” Charisma Carpenter asked from where she sat on the couch in her office.

“Like you haven’t done much worse on this desk,” Beverley shot back at the club operator.


“Hush you, this is your performance review,” Rhona Mitra snapped, giving Beverley three quick but painful slaps.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” Beverley said, returning her attention to the surface of the desk. God, she hated this BDSM crap. Yeah, it was fun sometimes to tie up another girl or some well-hung guy, but she could deal without all the pain. Fucking was supposed to be fun, and only risked sending you to the hospital when it was REALLY active.


“So, you thought it was all right to bring the FBI agent hell bent on finding me here, on a night when I was visiting the Spectacular?” Rhona asked.

“The timing wasn’t great, I admit, but she has no idea who you are or what you look like. You could walk right up to her, buy her a drink, and probably fuck her brains out, and she’d never know,” Beverley said.

“Not tonight, she just left with one of my regulars,” Charisma put in.

“Not helping,” Beverley grumbled.


“Rules,” Rhona reminded her. “And Charisma, if you keep adding unhelpful comments to this conversation, I’ll bend you over this desk next.”

“Shutting up,” Charisma said.

“Now Beverley, are you certain Agent Bell has no idea what I look like?”

“Ask her girlfriend, Reiko Aylesworth,” Beverley said. “She knows your name, but none of your aliases, doesn’t have a single picture of you, and is really just here fishing. She’s not even sure you own this place.”


“But I DO own this place,” Rhona said, even as Beverley smarted from the last spank.

“She doesn’t know that for sure,” Beverley said. “Not enough to link this place to any of your other activities.”

Beverley braced for another spank, but it wasn’t coming.

“You’ve done well, Beverley. When I seduced you away from the FBI, I never thought you’d pay off this well,” Rhona said.

Beverley resisted the urge to snort. Rhona wasn’t kidding about seducing her away. She’d met Beverley during her time at Quantico, and literally got the FBI trainee drunk and into bed, stealing her away from a very male, very jealous fiance. She’d offered Beverley money, power, and pussy, and all soon-to-be-Agent Mitchell had to do was spy on the FBI’s San Francisco office for her.


Well, spy, and all sorts of dirty sexual acts, most of which Beverley wished she could forget she’d ever done. Still, there was a very healthy Swiss bank account with her name on it, and not ALL the sex had been regretful.

“Still, Kristen Bell never should’ve gotten this far,” Rhona said, breaking into Beverley’s woolgathering. “You should’ve stopped her sooner.”

“How?” Beverley asked. “Kill her? That’d blow my cover.”


“Don’t talk back,” Rhona snapped. “But you’re correct. You still have more value as a spy than you do as an inmate at Remy Hadley. Still, you’ve earned a punishment for this gaffe, Beverley.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Beverley said, steeling her ass.

“Oh no, my little spy,” Rhona said, placing an alarmingly gentle hand on Beverley’s naked ass. The FBI agent winced, Rhona’s fingers tracing along the outline of the hand print in Beverley’s skin.

“Then what-”

“You’ll be spending the night with Rosie,” Rhona said.

Beverley’s head shot up, and she glanced over at the door, alarmed to see Rosie Huntington-Whitley standing there, holding a cat-o-nine-tails in one hand, and a 12-inch strap-on cock in the other.

“Hello luv,” Rosie said. “Long time, no fuck.”

“Oh, please-”

“It’s just for tonight, and she has instructions to leave you able to work tomorrow,” Rhona said, more for Rosie’s sake than Beverley’s.

“Might as well leave your panties there,” Rosie said. “You won’t be needing them.”

Beverley swallowed hard. She’d much rather have an all-night spanking session with Rhona than be left in Rosie’s tender mercies for that time. But she had no choice. Rhona owned her, mind, body, and soul. If she wanted to give her to her sadistic little girlfriend, there was nothing Beverley could do.

At least that awful Tammin Sursok would never know.

*   *   *

JoAnna Garcia hadn’t woken up with her hand between her legs since High School. But here she was, with the early Los Angeles morning sun streaming into her hotel window, the blankets tangled around her bare legs, her faded Little Mermaid t-shirt pulled up to just under her breasts, her panties shoved aside, and her hand atop her very wet slit.

It wasn’t too surprising. Her dreams had been all about sex. Sex with Shay. Sex with Jason. Sex with Jessica. Shay and Jessica having sex. Jason and Jessica having sex. Jason and Shay having sex. All of them ravishing JoAnna.

JoAnna had no idea if it was possible for someone to love more than one person at a time, but she knew first hand it was possible to LUST after more than one person at a time.

“Gah,” she grumbled, rolling over onto her stomach, her hand staying right where it was. She was so horny, she knew she’d have to deal with this. There was just no way she’d get through this day without a little sexual release.

As her fingers slid inside her own opening, she imagined they were Shay’s. She was fairly certain she loved Shay. Though part of her would always love Jason, too. Mostly the part that still liked sex with a real penis. But that part was increasingly hard to listen to. So she focused on Shay, and not Jason. Though that brought up thoughts of having the both of them.

Well, that would never work.

She tried to push Jason out of her mind, and focused on Shay’s amazing ass. Oh yes, that was working. Shay bent over a chair, her glorious naked buttocks in full view. Jessica would love that.

“Jessica?” JoAnna groaned aloud. Yep, now she had the sultry redhead on the brain, and her clit was throbbing at the thought. Well, maybe she could just run with it. She frigged herself a little harder, imagining it was the lovely Miss Chastain bent over bottomless. Yes, that was working. And maybe Shay was right next to her, also bent over. And maybe Jason was there, asking JoAnna which one she wanted, so he could have the other ass. Oh, THAT had her close.

“Either one,” she said aloud, her eyes squeezed shut, her finger moving like crazy, her breath coming faster and faster. She imagined Jason taking his cock and walking towards-


“FUCK!” JoAnna screamed. It was her phone, letting her know she had gotten an text message.

Except it wasn’t her usual phone. It was the phone Troian Bellisario had given her, and only for the most important communications.

JoAnna pulled her hand out of her pussy and scrambled across the bed, reaching with her clean hand for the spare phone.

“Everything in place. IT happens tonight. See you soon, Sexy. T.”

The message was short and simple, but JoAnna knew exactly what it meant. Everything was in place. Shay, Hayden, and the rest of the San Fran Eight would be escaping from Remy Hadley that night. Which meant JoAnna could be seeing Shay as soon as she got home to San Fran, assuming Shay didn’t run for the hills. It wasn’t the plan, but JoAnna wouldn’t blame her. She’d be hunted, forever on the run.

Well, JoAnna would run with her if Shay asked.

But first, she had to survive this wedding. And for that, she needed an orgasm, like right this second. JoAnna rolled back over, stuck her fingers back into her slit, and started imagining again. This time, Shay, Jessica and Jason were joined by Troian Bellisario.

JoAnna didn’t question it. Instead, she just let herself cum. Hard.

*   *   *

Victoria awoke to the sun streaming in the window, her head surrounded by the fluffiest pillow she’d felt in years, clean sheets, a cozy comforter, and a working air conditioner humming away to keep the heat of Los Angeles at bay. She knew she wasn’t at home, but didn’t care at all. She never wanted to leave this bed.

Of course, it would help to know where this bed was. She opened an eye and looked around, immediately realizing she was in a hotel room. It was a second or two later that she realized she wasn’t alone.

Tammin Sursok came out of the bathroom struggling to hook her bra in the back, her hair still wet from a shower, and a half-eaten cruller in her mouth. She looked beautiful. More beautiful than any woman Victoria had ever seen. And lately, Victoria had been seeing a lot of them.

“Good morning,” Victoria said, slowly sitting up. She was surprised to discover she was still clothed, wearing the same flannel shirt that was part of her cowboy stripper outfit. She checked under the covers, even more surprised to find her shorts still on as well.

“Morning. Sorry if I woke you, but I have to get to work soon. It’s almost 9 as it is,” Tammin said before returning the doughnut to her mouth.

“Did- did you sleep somewhere else last night?” Victoria asked, trying to remember. Honestly, she wasn’t sure how much of what she remembered was a dream and what was real. She remembered almost being raped, having sex with Rhona, and being rescued by this beautiful FBI agent.

“No, I slept next to you,” Tammin said, actually blushing a little. “It’s the only bed, after all.”

“But I’m still dressed,” Victoria said, confused.

“I didn’t want to take your clothes off.”

“You didn’t?” Victoria asked, surprised. “Are you straight?”

Tammin actually laughed at that. “I guess I’m bi – I’ve had a few cocks that I’ve enjoyed – I’m actually pretty good at giving head, or so I’m told – but I enjoy women just as much, if not more.”

“Then why didn’t you…” Victoria trailed off, not knowing what to say.

“Victoria, you were nearly raped last night. As attractive as I think you are, I wasn’t going to force myself upon you after that.”

Victoria could barely believe her ears. “You wouldn’t have been forcing yourself,” she said quietly.

“Do you want to go to the police today? I’ll help you file charges, I just have to let my boss know what’s going on first, and-”

“No, I don’t want to talk to the police,” Victoria said, flatly. “They won’t do anything, and I just want to forget it happened.”

“I was a witness, Victoria,” Tammin said, sitting down on the bed. Victoria’s eyes dropped to her bra-covered tits for a moment, thinking them a wonderful size, just about a solid handfull, maybe a bit more, just for good measure. “Trust me, with an FBI agent beside you, the cops will believe you.”

“No,” Victoria said again. “I can’t. I’ve got too much going on. My boyfriend’s no doubt going to break up with me the moment he sees me, I’ve been sleeping with my female boss, plus a co-worker or two, we’ve got a million bills due, I’m probably going to be homeless when I get back – I just can’t take one more problem right now. I just can’t!”

Tammin looked at her for a moment, then scooted closer. She took the young stripper in her arms and held her tight, hugging her tightly.

“As long as I’m in LA, you can stay with me,” Tammin said quietly.

“Seriously?” Victoria asked, surprised.

“Of course,” Tammin said. “And if you don’t want to report your rape right now, you don’t have to. I really wish you would – it’s the right thing to do, because assholes like that never stop at just one girl. But it’s your choice. I can’t force you.”

“Thank you, Tammin. For everything,” Victoria said. “I can’t thank you enough for this.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see about that,” Tammin said, with a smile. “Now, I really need to get to work. Let me give you my cell number, okay?”

“Yeah, you already had me in bed. We probably should exchange numbers,” Victoria said, trying to sound flip about it.

“Victoria Justice, if you and I had really shared this bed last night, trust me, you’d remember it,” Tammin said.

*   *   *

The cab stopped two blocks away from where the FBI van was parked, and Kristen Bell stumbled out, wishing once again that she had larger sunglasses. It wasn’t THAT bright out – this was LA, and the smog level was pretty bad today. But in order to get into Amanda Seyfried’s panties, and thus her home, Kristen had drank a little too deeply, especially of a fine wine Amanda had offered when they’d gotten back to her place – Kristen had sipped that wine off Amanda’s nipples.

Fortunately for Kristen, even drunk, Amanda talked in her sleep, and admitted that she only went to the club to pick up women, and still needed a redhead for her weekly goal. A quick hunt through her purse while Amanda was in the shower, and an even quicker call back to the San Fran office confirmed that Amanda Seyfreid was just a lonely, if beautiful, lesbian living in LA with more money than time on her hands and a penchant for strippers.

Which meant, awesome sex aside, Kristen’s entire night had been a bust.

The van was right where they’d left it – a remarkable feat itself in LA, she figured. And to her surprise, when Kristen opened the door, Tammin Sursok was sitting there, looking at her phone while sipping coffee. There were two more cups in a plastic container on one of the seats, steam still rising from it.

“You’re a godsend,” Kristen said.

“Thanks, I try hard,” Tammin said.

“Not you, the coffee,” Kristen said, downing a large sip, nearly burning her tongue in the process. She didn’t care.

“It’s so much fun working with you two,” Tammin grumbled. “Is that the same outfit you were wearing last night?”

“It is,” Kristen admitted around the cup.

“Didn’t you go back to the hotel?”

“Nope,” Kristen said again. “I was, uh, following a lead.”

“A lead? Sure,” Tammin said, smirking.

The van was silent for a few minutes as Kristen worked on sucking down coffee and getting her brain to work. Her other senses were starting to return to her with the refueling of caffeine, and she suddenly realized she smelled like a strip club.

“You think I should go back a change?” Kristen asked.

“Might want to,” Tammin said without looking at her.

“Will you have more coffee when I get back?” she asked, eying the other cup.

“Maybe, if you’re good.”

“BJ, you are a godsend,” Kristen said, patting the other agent on the head as she stood up to leave. Suddenly, the door to the van opened, and a very bleary eyed Beverley Mitchell stood there, looking worse than Kristen felt.

“Is that coffee?” she asked.

“It is,” Tammin replied.

“You’re fantastic,” Beverley said.

“Thanks,” Tammin said, rolling her eyes.

“Not you, the coffee,” Beverley snapped, then winced as she sat down, coffee cup in hand. At first, Kristen thought it was because she’d been loud, but she realized from the way Beverley was trying to adjust herself in the chair that the problem was actually her butt.

“Is that the same outfit you wore last night?” Kristen asked.

“Yeah, I got lucky, so what?” Beverley asked.

“You want to come with me back to the hotel to shower and change?”

“Who’s going to watch the joint?” Beverley asked, barely able to open her eyes.

“BJ will do it, won’t you BJ?”

“I live to serve.”

Beverley laughed, then winced again. “That’s what all the guys say.” With that, she got back up, and hopped out of the van.

“We’ll be quick, BJ. Promise,” Kristen said, following Beverley out.

“Yeah, don’t rush on my account,” Tammin shot back, but Kristen was already shutting the door and didn’t hear her.

*   *   *

JoAnna’s early morning orgasm had been forgotten by late afternoon. She’d spent the day helping to run the rehearsal dinner for Amy and Dichen’s wedding, and it was now time for the bachlorette party, or the Hen party as Australian Dichen insisted on calling it. Either way, the girls were all getting together and going to a strip club, and JoAnna had some serious reservations.

Not about the strippers, but what Amy and Dichen might do to said strippers.

“Hey there, hot stuff, ready to see some naked ladies?”

Joanna turned around and saw Jessica Chastain approaching with a big smile on her face – and about as much cleavage as she could show without being arrested for indecent exposure. The neckline of Jessica’s top actually dropped below her breasts, terminating in a sharp point just above where JoAnna imagined her navel must be, making it evident that there was no bra on underneath the smoldering hot red fabric.

“Wow, Jessica,” Joanna said by way of greeting. “You look amazing!”

“Thanks,” Jessica said. She pointed towards her face. “My eyes are up here, by the way.”

“Sorry,” JoAnna said, still not quite looking away from Jessica’s breasts. She wasn’t the largest girl in the world, but what she had was lovely, the pale flesh matching her red hair so perfectly. The matching short skirt didn’t hurt either.

“S’alright,” Jessica drawled. “I hope to be saying that phrase a LOT tonight. Nothing hotter than distracting everyone from strippers.”

“You certainly could.”

“So could you, if you wanted to, miss blouse and jeans – JEANS!” Jessica said in disgust. “How are you supposed to feel anything from your lap dance if you’re wearing jeans?”

“Uh, I wasn’t planning on having a lap dance,” JoAnna admitted.

“Oh no,” Jessica said sternly. “As you co-Maid of Honor, I’m afraid I must insist on you getting a lap dance. So go back upstairs and throw on some shorts at least. I’ll hold the fort here.”

“I didn’t bring money for a lap dance,” JoAnna said.

“I’ll buy you one,” Jessica said. She leaned in close, her nearly-exposed chest pressing against JoAnna’s blouse-covered chest. For a second, JoAnna thought the other woman was going to kiss her, but instead Jessica whispered in her ear. “I so want to see some hot babe gyrating atop my new favorite lust object. Don’t disappoint me.”

JoAnna felt her pussy quiver, and all the naughty thoughts of Jessica, Shay, and any other girl JoAnna might have ever lusted after came flooding back into her brain.

“I, uh, I guess I need to go change,” JoAnna said.

“Good girl,” Jessica said. She was still pressing against JoAnna, who wasn’t trying to pull away. This time, Jessica leaned in to the other ear before whispering. “If you forget your panties in the process, I won’t hold it against you.”

Fifteen minutes later, JoAnna was jumping onto the party bus that would take them to the Spectacular, now clad in a short skirt and a tight black top. She had, indeed, forgotten her panties.

*   *   *

As far as Victoria Justice’s parents were concerned, their little girl worked as a waitress in a nightclub. They rarely came to LA and they didn’t like clubs, so Victoria had never had to worry about her parents wanting to visit her at work. She also didn’t have to worry about her boyfriend telling them; Dan didn’t like the idea of his girlfriend dancing around on a stage and taking off all her clothes in front of people who weren’t him, so he had no problems with maintaining the lie. In fact, he was even more devoted to spreading that story than she was.

As such, her neighbors had grown to expect her coming home in the early morning, sometimes a little latter. According to Dan’s pack of lies, she had the night shift and sometimes worked late cleaning up. This was late, even for late clean-up, though, so Victoria tried to be as quiet as possible as she slipped in the door. Old Mrs. Jandzinski across the hall was a horrible gossip, and she found Dan and Victoria fascinating. Or at least the lies Dan told her.

Victoria opened the door, and was immediately greeted by the sounds of some Mexican telenovela or another. KVEA appealed to Dan’s taste for Latina ladies, and in keeping with her Puerto Rican blood Victoria liked to keep her Spanish from getting rusty, but usually neither of them were paying attention. Especially Victoria, due to her being exhausted after working all night. This late in the morning, though, Dan should have left for work. The TV being on meant he was home. And that meant that it was past time for Victoria to face the music. She took a deep breath, walked into the bedroom where Dan was watching the TV, and said a tiny “Hi.”

She waited.

And waited.

Dan was sitting on the bed, naked as ever and very erect, but the look he was giving Victoria suggested…. Anger? Sorrow? What?

“I’ve never liked you being a stripper, Victoria,” he said calmly. “I could have always gotten you work in the bakery; all you had to do was ask.”

“It doesn’t pay as well and we need the extra cash; we’ve been over this before—“

“I don’t like it, but I can live with it. You told me all you did was take your clothes off and you didn’t do anything else with the men. And I believed you.”

“Dan, I’ve done some lapdancing as well as the stripping, but that’s as far as it goes, I swear!”

“Oh, I know you haven’t done anything with MEN.”

Victoria felt as if she’d just been stabbed in the heart. Her mouth dropped and her mind tumbled all over itself, as she flashed back to two nights ago – the boss, then her girlfriend, then the two of them together…

“Russel told me he saw you going off with that British woman and at the Spectacular, and he knows she sleeps with the girls when she’s in town,” Dan continued.

“I couldn’t turn my boss down—“

“You really thought I wouldn’t find out about it?”

Suddenly, Victoria was angry. “Did your asshole friend tell you he tried to rape me?” she snarled.

“He told me you came on to him in the parking lot!” Dan shot back. “Offered to blow him to get him to keep silent! I guess Russel is a more loyal friend than you are a girlfriend!”

“You asshole!” Victoria said. “He tried to force himself on me! Your friend attacked me!”

“Like I’m going to believe a word you say now,” Dan said, standing up. He was still erect. Victoria stopped where her foot rested as she stared at him.

“What are you doing?” she asked, suddenly fearful. Was he going to try and finish what Russell started?

“You have two options, Victoria,” he said. “You can lay down right now, and let me do every dirty, nasty thing I’ve ever wanted to you, and when you’re done, you call up that awful club and quit.”

“Like hell,” Victoria said.

“The I want you out of here by the time I get back, or I’m calling the police.”


“My name’s the only one on the renter’s agreement, Victoria. You can go and stay with your boss’s hot girlfriend – or you can go and pick up someone. That’s what whores do, right? Now get packed. I’ll give you until I’m done my shower to change your mind, but that’s it.”

Victoria stood there as Dan walked past her towards the bathroom, his eyes giving her ass one last glance. Typical, she thought. He was probably jacking off in the shower to the image of her ass. She quickly packed her bag and was just leaving the apartment when the shower water shut off.

*   *   *

They were quite the sight, back this second night. Three women, each more than hot enough to perform on the stage, once again walking into the Spectacular, trying to look inconspicuous, and at the same time looking that much more out of place.

“Bloody hell, I’d bang them all,” Rosie said, looking at the security camera feed.

“Is there anyone you wouldn’t bang?” Charisma asked.

“Probably not, I banged you after all,” Rosie said, reaching over and swatting Charisma’s ass. The club managed winced in pain. It was hardly the first spanking she’d gotten from Rosie Huntington-Whitley in the last 16 hours. It also explained why she was standing instead of sitting.

“Which one is Bell?” Rhona Mitra asked, though she already knew the answer.

“The shorter blonde one,” Charisma said. “Took one of my regulars home last night. Reiko won’t be happy about that.”

“Reiko’s been tapping that?” Rosie asked. “Lucky girl.”

“I want her.”

Rosie and Charisma traded looks. “Uh, maybe my bouncers can grab her, but she’s trained FBI, she’s not going to go easily.”

“No, I mean I want her in bed.”

The looked passed again. “You sure, Rhona?” Rosie asked. “She’s been hunting for you all this time-”

“I want her. Pass the word to your strippers, Charisma. No one approaches me, no one says my name. I’m not here. They don’t know me.”

“You’ve banged each and every one of them, they’re going to recognize you,” Charisma said.

“But Bell won’t. I’ll give her a fake name. But I’m taking the woman hunting me to bed tonight.”

“You want me to help?” Rosie asked, adding a little flirty tone to her voice.

“Not at all,” Rhona said. “If I give her to you, it means she’s found out who I am, and you’re her last lay. I’m not ready for that just yet.”

“If you say so,” Rosie said, sounding disappointed.

Rhona got up and took Rosie by the hand, pulling the younger woman to her for a surprisingly gentle kiss. “She’ll never take your place. At least, not for more than a night.”

“If you say so,” Rosie said.

“I do. Now go select a stripper for your fun tonight. Charisma, make sure she gets whoever she wants. I’ll be out hunting.”

*   *   *

The trip to the strip club was done in two vehicles. The brides, their Maids of Honor, and a pair of friends each, all crammed into a limo, which in JoAnna’s mind, could’ve been bigger. Everyone’s foot was on someone’s other foot, and the mini bar was empty before they got halfway there, due in part to Dichen and Amy downing three wine coolers each the moment they sat down.

“I want to be good and drunk when we get there,” Amy said, winking at JoAnna. JoAnna rolled her eyes and shared a look with Jessica, who was quite amused by everything – and who’s hand kept ending up on JoAnna’s knee.

The rest of the party followed in a party van, which while bigger and had more people on it, actually looked more comfortable to JoAnna. Maybe she’d ride back in it. At least no one there was trying to stick their head out the sunroof every thirty seconds like Dichen had been.

“Wooo! Let’s see some naked boobies!” Dichen shouted as the limo pulled up to the Spectacular.

“What was in those wine coolers?” Jessica asked as everyone slid out of the limo.

“I don’t know, I never got one,” JoAnna muttered.

“Guess I’ll have to work harder if I’m going to get you drunk and take advantage of you,” Jessica said.

“Guess you will,” JoAnna said, putting her hand on Jessica’s thigh right before getting out of the limo. Two could play this game.

It took a few minutes to get the whole group into the club, during which time Amy and Dichen took every chance they could to make out, ignoring everyone else. JoAnna just let them – if she ever got married, she’d hope she was so hopelessly in lust with whoever she was marrying. That, unfortunately, brought up the mental image of her in a wedding gown, with both Jason and Shay up on stage with her, and a justice of the peace asking which partner she wanted to marry. She shook the mental image, and started helping Jessica usher everyone inside.

“This is where they first met?” JoAnna asked. “It’s a dive!”

“Yep,” Jessica said. “But trust me, the girls are hot,” she added with a wink. JoAnna turned towards the stage, and found herself only slightly impressed by the big-breasted Asian girl bouncing her ass in front of a few male patrons. The place was half empty.

“I hope they got a good rate for this,” JoAnna said, following the others to a few tables off to the side. This was going to be a long night.

*   *   *

The Spectacular was rather loud tonight, Tammin Sursok thought. Part of it was the bachelorette party that had come storming in maybe half an hour ago. The two brides, distinguished by cheap paper tiaras and the fact that everyone else was buying them drinks, were clearly trying to out drink the entire place, and were eager to be up close to whatever stripper was on stage at the time. Unfortunately for the strippers, after a few dollar bills got thrown their way, the two brides seemed far more interested in making out with each other than tipping their erotic entertainment.

Beyond the party, however, there were a few more men in the joint, some of whom were looking less-than-pleased at the lesbians hogging the attention of the performers and waitresses. Idly, Tammin wondered if she’d have to pull anyone else off anyone else. One night of that was enough, in her opinion.

“Hey there, hot stuff, care for a private dance?”

Tammin blinked, looking up at the half-naked girl standing next to her, surprised to see Victoria Justice smiling sadly at her.

“Victoria!” Tammin said, feeling her heart leap in her chest. “W-what are you-”

“Girl’s gotta work, you know,” Victoria said. “Can I sit with you?”

“Please!” Tammin said, pushing over on the bench she was sitting on.

“Actually, my boss is prowling around, do you mind-?” Victoria asked before sitting directly on to Tammin’s lap and wrapping an arm around her back.

“I can’t imagine I’d ever mind this,” Tammin admitted, even as Victoria idly played with the buttons on Tammin’s blouse.

“You’re sweet,” Victoria said. “I, uh, I wanted to thank you again for what you did last night. You saved me, and-” she stopped, tears in her eyes, her mouth quivering as she tried not to break down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Tammin said, wrapping her arms around Victoria and holding the girl close. “I swear, it’s all right.”

“He broke up with me,” Victoria managed to say.

“He’s a fool,” Tammin said, not entirely sure who they were talking about, but meaning every word.

“He didn’t believe me when I told him what happened.”

“He’s an asshole,” Tammin said, still meaning it.

“He kicked me out.”

“He’ll regret it,” Tammin said, half tempted to hunt this fool down and kick his ass.

“I have nowhere to go,” Victoria said.

“You have me,” Tammin said. And yes, she still meant every word.

Victoria looked at her for a long moment, as if searching for any hint of lie in Tammin’s face. She found none.

Instead, she found incredibly kissable lips, the lure of which she couldn’t ignore any more. With tears still on her cheeks, Victoria leaned in and kissed her rescuer.

Tammin kissed her back. And for a small eternity, they were all alone, with no one else in the room, the building, the city. Nothing else mattered but kissing each other. Not Victoria’s near rape. Not Tammin’s job hunting for Rhona Mitra. Not even breathing. Kissing was all that mattered.

“Hey! Victoria! House rules!” Charisma Carpenter’s voice cuts into their reverie like a burning knife, breaking the kiss and returning both Victoria and Tammin to earth.

“Sorry, Charisma.”

“She can buy a lapdance,” Charisma said, “but if she wants more, that’s on your time. Now either get into the back room or find someone else to make money off of!”

“Yes ma’am,” Victoria said.

“I’ll see you when your shift is over,” Tammin whispers in Victoria’s ear before the stripper can get too far away. Victoria’s smiling as she walks away, and Tammin watches her go, thinking how much Victoria’s ass looked like an upside down heart in the slutty panties she was wearing…

*   *   *

Kristen Bell saw Tammin making out with a stripper, and smiled ruefully. ‘Good for BJ,’ she thought. ‘Quite the hottie she’s snagged, too.’

At least someone was having some success tonight. There was no sign of Amanda Seyfried tonight, and Kristen was beginning to think the Spectacular was a dead end after all. All the evidence had lead here, but if the owner never showed up, the trail ended here. And how would Kristen even know the owner? She had no pictures of Rhona Mitra, no description, nothing but a name she wasn’t even entirely sure was real.

Maybe it was time to pack it in. She could go back to San Fran, maybe try and pry some more information out of Reiko Aylesworth. At least the cheating lawyer was eager to put out in the sack. Easier to get laid there than here, even with the apparently willing strippers.

Well, they couldn’t leave in the middle of the night. They had to sit through tonight, and then in the morning Kristen could decide if it was time to head back. Maybe the LA office could swing by occasionally and see if the owner was in.

She frowned at that. The LA office wasn’t the most cooperative.

Well, that was tomorrow. Until then, Kristen could sit here, enjoy the naked ladies, and try and forget about how much this case was driving her nuts.

“Is this seat taken?”

Kristen looked up at the lovely English voice, surprised to see a stunningly gorgeous older woman smiling at her. Her dark hair was stylishly cut short, off her shoulders, and she wore a white blouse with the top 3 buttons undone, and a skirt that probably had a matching blazer somewhere, but did little to hide her shapely legs. Her lips rivaled Bjs in their plumpness, and her eyes were striking, as if just by looking at her, she could pierce into Kristen’s soul and melt it.

“It’s yours now,” Kristen said. “My name’s Kristen.”

“My name is Sonja,” she said. “And I didn’t ask yours.”

“You didn’t?” Kristen asked. “Then why did you want to sit next to me? I mean, it’s not like there aren’t other seats around.”

“You have me there,” she said. “Perhaps I wanted to sit next to a blonde woman just to make the strippers think I wasn’t here alone.”

“I doubt the strippers care if you’re here alone or not.”

“They might if I start hitting on them,” Sonja said with a wolfish smile.

“Oh, I see, so I have to be half-naked and gyrating on stage to get your attention,” Kristen said, matching that smile. “Well, it wouldn’t be my first time.”

“Oh, I like you, Kristen-whose-name-I-didn’t-ask-for,” Sonja said. “Perhaps I’ll let you buy me a drink.”

“I only buy drinks for women I want to sleep with.”

“And you don’t want to sleep with me?” Sonja asked with a slight frown.

Kristen answered by stopping one of the waitresses passing by. “Another for me, and whatever my friend here wants,” she told the girl, who seemed to want to be anywhere else. Well, Kristen couldn’t blame her for that. No one likes being at work.

“Oh, I think you and I will have some fun tonight, Kristen-whose-name-I-didn’t-ask-for.”

“I certainly hope so, Sonja-who-I-bought-a-drink-for,” Kristen said, finishing the one she had. The two women watched in silence as a gorgeous latina girl twirled about on the pole before them, showing everything her mother and a good plastic surgeon had given her. Neither of the spectators said anything until the waitress returned with their drinks.

“To your health,” Sonja said, toasting Kristen.

“Orgasms are supposed to help your cardiovascular heath,” Kristen said.

“I’ve heard that as well, yes,” Sonja said. “And I’d hate for your heart to suffer.”

“Oh, are you a doctor then?” Kristen asked.

“Oh no, you don’t get to know what I do,” Sonja scolded. “You’re lucky to know my name.”

“Oh, that’s going to drive me nuts,” Kristen said. “I like asking questions.”

“Some kind of reporter are you?” Sonja asked.

“No, a cop,” Kristen said. It was true, in a Federal sense.

“Oh, I do love a woman in uniform,” Sonja said. “Especially handcuffs.”

“My uniform’s back in San Fran,” Kristen lamented. “But my cuffs are at the hotel.”

“Bondage on a first date, how dreadfully kinky,” Sonja said with a raised eyebrow and a tone that made it clear she liked the idea.

“Is this a date?”

“No, I think it’s just a… what’s the term you Americans use? Hook-up?”

“I’m fine with that if you are,” Kristen said.

“What I am fine with is the thought of spreading your legs wide and me devouring your pretty little snatch,” Sonja said bluntly. “You may want to cuff me to your bed just to keep me from mauling you.”

“You assume I don’t want to be mauled,” Kristen said.

“No, actually, I assume you do,” Sonja said. “A gorgeous young woman such as yourself, wasting a night here in a strip club when she could be out getting all the boys and girls she wants? You’re looking for something uncomplicated. Something purely sexual, yes?”

“Got it in one, Sonja-who-I-bought-a-drink-for,” Kristen admitted.

“Well then, why don’t you buy me another drink, and see if that’s enough liquor to get you into my panties,” Sonja said.

Kristen smiled, and waved to the waitress. Yes, she didn’t need to leave LA until tomorrow morning at the earliest anyway…

*   *   *

“Woot! Take it OFF!”

JoAnna Garcia rolled her eyes and took another long pull off her beer. Then she nearly spit it out. She was NOT a beer drinker, though it was the cheapest alcohol in the place, and the tab for the party was getting a little out-of-hand already. Still, she needed some alcohol to get through this.

“Whoa! Nice titties!”

JoAnna blushed a little crimson, not because she was the one yelling or the one being yelled at, but because she had, technically, paid for the two girls who were yelling to be getting the lap dances they were yelling about. Dichen and Amy each had a topless stripper in their laps, and were clearly enjoying the view. Though in an act JoAnna found extra touching, the two soon-to-be-brides were holding each others hands tightly, even in their well-inebriated states. If they were going to debauch, they’d debauch together, JoAnna supposed. She wondered, idly, if Jason would do the same for her. From what Troian had told her about what was going on in Remy Hadley, JoAnna suspect Shay would be willing to get twin lap dances. Heck, from the sound of it, they could pick up matching hookers and enjoy them on the same bed.

That thought made JoAnna blush again, though anyone watching might have assumed it had something to do with the way Amy and Dichen were kissing each other while their two strippers, girls named Adrianne and Emmanuelle respectfully, matched them kiss for kiss.

It was a lot of hot lesbian action going on not ten feet from where JoAnna was sitting back in the private rooms.

“Hot, right?” Jessica Chastain said, plopping down next to JoAnna with a martini in one hand. “God, I can barely keep my hands out of my dress watching this.”

“Yeah,” JoAnna said.

“Candy?” Jessica offered.

“No thanks,” JoAnna said, not even looking at Jessica. Emmanuelle had gotten up and was rubbing her ass in Dichen’s face – or as much as she could with Amy’s head in the way. JoAnna was uncomfortably aware that she wasn’t wearing panties at that moment.

“You sure?” Jessica asked.

“Why, what-” JoAnna asked, turning to see what Jessica was offering her, only to come up short. A gorgeous young brunette stood next to Jessica wearing what amounted to a sparkly black bra and matching panties, with garter and hose that were just a shade off somehow. It hardly mattered. The girl had the kind of taunt little stomach that only came from youth, and while her bra was doing it’s very best to make it look like she was top heavy, just by looking at them JoAnna could tell those perky things were all natural. She was a flat out beauty, though for a second, JoAnna thought she saw some pain in her eyes.

“This is Candy,” Jessica said as JoAnna tried to pick her jaw up off the floor. “And for the next three songs, she’s going to be in your lap.”

“But-” JoAnna started to protest, but Jessica put a finger to her lips to silence her.

“I told you I’d buy you a lap dance, now shut up, lean back, and enjoy it. Or I’ll just have to buy you another one.”


“It’s okay,” Candy said as she straddled JoAnna’s lap. “Here’s the rules. I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. At least, not with your hands,” she said with a mischievous smile. “Way you’re nipping out that top, I suspect we may touch there a little. That’s okay.”

“I’ve never-”

“It’s okay, I’ll be gentle, I promise,” Candy said, starting to gyrate in JoAnna’s lap in time with music JoAnna could barely hear over the noise. She could barely pry her eyes off the cleavage in her face.

“Candy can’t be your real name,” JoAnna said, unable to think of much else. This girl was amazingly gorgeous.

“It’s not,” the girl admitted. “My name’s Victoria, but until the third song is over, you can call me whatever you want.”

“I like Victoria,” JoAnna admitted. “It’s better than Candy.”

“I didn’t get to pick the name,” Victoria said, brushing her cheek against JoAnna’s. JoAnna felt a spike of heat between her legs. Her skirt suddenly felt way too short, and she was worried it would ride up, exposing not only her bare crotch, but also how turned on she was.

JoAnna was speechless for several long moments, as this gorgeous young woman danced almost in-time with the music. The way her taunt stomach flexed was almost as distracting as her cleavage, which was exactly eye-level with JoAnna.

“You can touch her, Candy,” Jessica said, egging the stripper on. “JoAnna likes to be touched.”

“Like this?” Victoria asked, gently cupping JoAnna’s breasts through her top. If JoAnna had been nipping through her top before, now she was practically shredding the fabric with her nipples. Victoria leaned down and pressed her cheek gently against JoAnna’s face, letting the redhead get a good whiff of whatever fragrance she was wearing. Intoxicating was a bit of an understatement.

“You smell wonderful,” JoAnna said, sounding like some dumb teenager on her first date. She would’ve been more embarrassed, but Victoria smiled at her.

“Thanks. I think you’re totally hot,” the stripper added reaching behind her back. A moment later her bra came loose. “Help me out of this?” Victoria asked.

JoAnna reached up and pulled the straps of the bra down Victoria’s arms, exposing two perfect little breasts, complete with dark nipples that were just begging to be sucked. For a moment, the redhead could do nothing but stare, then Victoria reached forward and wrapped her hands behind JoAnna’s neck, swinging her tiny little delights even closer to JoAnna’s face.

“Remember,” Victoria said, “you can’t touch me. But I can touch you.” With that she pressed her tits into JoAnna’s face. JoAnna’s brain was fried, unable to think of anything but the two perfect little breasts pressed against her cheekbones, and how she must be puddling the seat of the bench. She hadn’t been this turned on since her time with Shay-

“Or are you an ass girl?” Victoria said, suddenly letting go and climbing off JoAnna. The redhead actually whimpered, unable to take her eyes off Victoria. Next to her, Jessica Chastain was grinning like a Cheshire cat, unable to keep her own hands off herself as she played with her nipples through her own top.

Victoria spun around 180 degrees and bent forward, sticking her thong-covered ass towards JoAnna. Truthfully, JoAnna wasn’t much of an ass girl. Oh, she liked them just fine, and occasionally enjoyed spanking a rear, though lately it had only been her fiance on the receiving end of that. Jason had a fine ass, as far as men went, but it wasn’t anything nearly so perfectly formed as young Victoria’s here. It was all JoAnna could do not to reach out and spank the two lovely globes the stripper was presenting her.

And then Victoria slipped the thong down over her ass, presenting JoAnna with the faintest glimpse of her lower lips and rose bud before standing up and looking back over her shoulders playfully.

“You’re so beautiful,” JoAnna said.

“Flattery will get me back on your lap,” Victoria said. She turned around, and for a brief moment, JoAnna got to drink in the sheer beauty of this young woman almost fully nude. And JoAnna drank as much as her eyes could. Next to her, she heard Jessica gasp in delight as well. Then Victoria straddled JoAnna again, and began grinding against her.

“Aren’t you hot?” Victoria asked. “You look hot.”

“You seem hot,” JoAnna said. She could feel the heat of Victoria’s skin burning through anywhere the younger woman’s skin touched JoAnna, even through her clothes.

“I’m naked, trust me, I’m good,” Victoria said, even as a bead of sweat formed at the center of her collar bone. For a moment, all JoAnna could do was watch as that bead became a drop and slid down Victoria’s skin, blazing a trail between the stripper’s cleavage, past her breasts, and down her stomach to her belly button. All of this took maybe two seconds, but the image of it would be burned into JoAnna’s skull for all time, something that would come back any time she needed sexy thoughts.

Suddenly, JoAnna was sweating, too.

“See, you’re all hot,” Victoria said. “Let’s get this shirt off,” she added, reaching for JoAnna’s buttons.

JoAnna could only nod. This beautiful, naked girl wanted her out of her clothes. JoAnna Garcia wasn’t going to say no to that.

Each button seemed to take an eternity, during which time Victoria kept grinding away, pressing her own hotbox into JoAnna’s lap and driving the redhead a little more crazy. JoAnna’s fingers kept curling as they desperately wanted to touch Victoria’s skin, Victoria’s breasts, Victoria’s ass, anything. As the last button came undone and Victoria pulled open the shirt to reveal the lacy bra JoAnna had on, Jessica, Dichen and Amy all hooted. JoAnna ignored them all.

“Wow, you are lovely,” Victoria said. “Too bad you’re with someone.”

“How did you know-?” JoAnna asked, feeling a sharp pain of disappointment stab into her heart.

“That’s an engagement ring on your finger,” Victoria said, lifting JoAnna’s left hand. As the stripper showed JoAnna her own ring, she leaned in and kissed the redhead’s palm playfully. “He’s a lucky guy.”

“I’ll say,” Jessica added, her eyes bouncing back and forth between Victoria’s nudity, and JoAnna’s cleavage.

“I want to touch your hair, can I?” Victoria asked. JoAnna nodded, and Victoria’s fingers started running through the red locks. JoAnna almost swooned at the gentle touch, her chest puffing out, putting her own tits on display.

“You still look so hot,” Victoria said. “Maybe this bra should come off. Can I take it off you?”

“Yes!” JoAnna said, almost too quickly. Jessica might have laughed, but she held her tongue as Victoria reached around JoAnna, pressing her own naked chest against JoAnna’s still clad breasts. As she expertly undid the snap, Victoria whispered in her ear.

“I just really want to see such a pretty woman topless.”

JoAnna nearly swooned again. As Victoria pulled away, JoAnna’s bra fell off, sliding down her arms partway, exposing her chest to the stripper.

“Oh, wow, those are wonderful!” Victoria said, clearly meaning it. “May I-”

“Please! Please touch them!” JoAnna begged. Victoria started to reach up, but then stopped, wincing. “What? What’s wrong?” JoAnna asked.

“That’s the third song,” Victoria said, starting to get up. “Time’s up-”

“Here’s all the money I have left,” Jessica Chastain said, shoving a handful of twenties at the stripper. “Do another song!”

“Please,” JoAnna said, not even caring that all the other women in the back room could see her naked breasts. And for free. She just had to feel Victoria’s hands upon her. Even if only for another couple of minutes.

“One more song,” Victoria said, quickly counting the money before sliding it into her stockings, right where the garter attached. Without another word, Victoria climbed back onto JoAnna, and put a hand on each of the bank teller’s tits.

This time, JoAnna really did swoon.

Victoria continued to cop a feel, but reached over and took Jessica Chastain’s hand and placed it on JoAnna’s left tit. JoAnna didn’t protest, especially since then Victoria leaned in and stuck her tongue into JoAnna’s mouth.

JoAnna nearly exploded.

She couldn’t hear the music. She couldn’t see any kind of clock. She didn’t know how much longer they had. So when the gorgeous young stripper started making out with her, JoAnna Garcia let her. And returned the favor with vigor. She forgot all about the no touching rule and reached around to cup Victoria’s bare ass, holding her closer while their tongues darted back and forth between their two mouths.

All the while, Jessica Chastain continued to play with JoAnna’s breast, not that either of the other two women even noticed.

And then, all too soon, the song ended. Victoria gave JoAnna one last kiss, then got off.

“You are wonderful,” Victoria said, reaching for her thong. “I’d offer to let you buy another song, but my shift is almost up.”

“I’m out of money,” Jessica said, her hand still on JoAnna’s breast.

“Too bad,” Victoria said. “I would’ve liked to have given you a dance, too.” With that, the stripper had her panties back up, and grabbed her bra off the floor. She turned and blew a kiss at JoAnna. “You’ve got a great mouth,” she added before walking out, leaving the two stunned redheads sitting there, one topless, the other groping her friend.

“Money well spent,” JoAnna finally said.

*   *   *

It really was the end of Victoria’s shift, and she waved at Tammin, who was sitting at the bar chatting with the bartender while scanning the crowd for… whoever she was looking for. As soon as she saw Victoria, she got up, feeling a bit like a nervous teenager about to go on her first date. Which was ridiculous, because she was a grown woman, a trained FBI agent, and pretty sure that aside from letting Victoria sleep in her hotel room, nothing else was going to happen.

Though considering how hot Victoria looked as she walked out the back of the club, in that flimsy top with spaghetti straps and cut-off jeans short enough that her pockets hung below the bottoms, part of Tammin really hoped something would happen.

“I really appreciate this,” Victoria said as they stood waiting for a cab. “I have nowhere else to go, and no one else I trust, so…”

“Hey, no worries,” Tammin said. “I still think you should report what happened last night to the local cops, but for now, you’re welcome to stay with me. Be nice to have a friendly face around.”

“I thought you were in town with friends,” Victoria said.

“Co-workers, and they’re really not my friends. They gave me the nickname ‘BJ’ after all.”

“’BJ’?” Victoria asked. “What’s your middle name, Billie Jean?”

“No, it’s short for Blow Job, which in this case is short from Blow Job Lips,” Tammin admitted, blushing a little.

“Well, they’re great lips, but that seems kind of a mean nickname,” Victoria said. “Why do you put up with that?”

The blush got a little deeper. “Well, I sorta earned it. I’m hardly the office slut, but I’ve… well, let’s just say I’ve given enough blow jobs that most of the guys know what I can do.”

“But you’re here with girls,” Victoria said. “Don’t they-”

“I’m rather equal opportunity when it comes to my oral efforts,” Tammin said. “It’s San Francisco, after all,” she added sheepishly.

“Wow,” was all Victoria could say before the cab pulled up. They made the short ride to the hotel in silence, though when Victoria reached over to hold Tammin’s hand, the FBI agent didn’t let go. They entered the hotel, rode up on the elevator, all without speaking, and when the door closed behind Tammin, leaving them alone in the room, the two looked nervously at each other.

“I really do appreciate this, you know,” Victoria said again, sitting down on the bed.

“Do you have anything to sleep in?” Tammin asked suddenly. “You had to sleep in your clothes last night, and no one likes doing that two days in a row.”

“I’m usually good with just a T-shirt, or less,” Victoria admitted, hefting the small backpack she’d been carrying since leaving the strip club. “Got my toothbrush and deodorant, too.”

“Oh,” Tammin said. “Well, good.”

Victoria saw the strange look cross Tammin’s face, and thought the other girl was disappointed. “I, uh, I have some lacy underwear, if you want me in something sexier.”

“What? No! No no, wear what you’re comfortable with,” Tammin said.

“I don’t mind, I wear less at work,” Victoria said. “Literally. And if it turns you on-”

“You don’t need to turn me on,” Tammin said. “You’re fine the way you are.”

“Oh,” Victoria said. “Then, you aren’t interested in me?” she asked, confused.

“Of course I’m interested in you!” Tammin said. “God, you’re stunning! And charming, and I’ve seen you mostly naked, and I like it a lot.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Victoria asked. “I’m all yours, if you want me.”

“I do want you, but…” Tammin trailed off.

“But what?” Victoria asked.

“Are you, y’know, ready?” Tammin asked. “You were attacked last night, and I’ve know a few rape victims over the years. Some of them take a long time to be ready for sex again, if ever, and-”

“I’m ready for sex,” Victoria cut in. “I am so ready for sex. If Charisma had let me, I totally would’ve done you right there in the club earlier tonight. Hell, I almost did this totally hot redhead I was giving a lap dance to, except my shift ended, and I’d rather do you.”

“You’re not upset about what happened last night?” Tammin asked, surprised.

“Last night, I met you,” Victoria said. “That’s all I’m ever going to remember about last night.”

Tammin blushed again. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Victoria said. “I bet a lot of guys and girls have whispered sweet nothings in your ears.”

“Maybe, but I’d rather it was you doing the whispering,” Tammin admitted.

“Come sit by me, and I will,” Victoria said.

“If I sit down next to you, I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you,” Tammin warned her.

“Then we better get undressed before you sit down next to me, because I’m feeling the same way,” Victoria said. She followed up her statement with action, lifting her top over her head and tossing it aside, letting Tammin get a good look at her perky tits in the simple tan-colored bra she’d worn.

Tammin looked alright. For all of two seconds before she started peeling off her own clothes. By the time she was naked, Victoria had shed her shorts off and was reaching behind her back to undo the bra. Tammin couldn’t wait, though, and she moved over to the bed, took Victoria’s head in her hands, and kissed her hard while pushing the younger girl down onto the bed.

They lay there for a long time, Tammin astride the half-naked stripper, their tongues mingling together. They didn’t need to speak, or move much, though Victoria’s hands reached around Tammin’s shoulders to hold her new lover close. Tammin didn’t need to be held close – she was exactly where she wanted to be.

The kissing seemed to last forever, and while both girls enjoyed it, both wanted more. But neither one wanted to break the kiss first. For a moment, Tammin felt her head spin, and assumed it was some sort of reaction to the kiss. Then she realized she was holding her breath, and had been for a while.

Reluctantly, she broke the kiss, and both girls sucked in deep breaths of air before laughing at their similar predicament. When the laughing subsided, Victoria spoke seriously.

“I’m all yours, Tammin. Any hole, and part of my body. Any dirty thing you want to do to me, or have me do to you, I will. Use me, do whatever you need to to get yourself off.”

Tammin looked at her, confused. “I don’t want to use you,” she said. “I want to make you cum. I want YOU to feel good.”

“I’m serious,” Victoria said.

“So am I,” Tammin said, gently kissing Victoria’s nose. “In fact,” she added, kissing Victoria’s neck, “I think we need to get these clothes off you, and then I’m really going to have my way with you.”

It took only a moment or two to strip the bra and panties off of Victoria, and when those two dark little nipples were in view, Tammin kissed each one once before dropping her head between Victoria’s legs. There, she gave one more gentle kiss to Victoria’s throbbing clit before she began to feast upon the younger girl’s sweet, sweet pussy.

Victoria swooned, immediately learning how Tammin had earned that awful nickname. But at the same time, she felt odd. She’d been with several women now – she’d been used quite thoroughly by Rhona Mitra just a little over 24 hours ago – and all of them had been the same. Even when she’d let Adrianne Palicki teach her some new oral tricks, she’d basically been letting Adrianne use her body. Oh, sure, Victoria had enjoyed it. She’d even enjoyed it when Rosie had truly used and abused her. They’d all used her.

Not Tammin. Tammin was licking away at Victoria’s most sensitive spots, doing amazing things and confirming for all time that Victoria Justice preferred girls to boys. But she wasn’t using Victoria. Tammin, who she’d just met the night before, was making love to Victoria.

Realizing that, Victoria came almost at once.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” She called out, her hands pinning Tammin’s head in place, not that Tammin needed the guidance. She’d gone down on more than enough women to know to keep licking through the orgasm. And as Victoria’s young body shook and quivered with sexual release, Tammin’s tongue kept running over her slit, lapping up the juices spilling out.

“Well,” Tammin said as Victoria calmed down. “That was far too quick. I think I’m going to have to make you do that again.”

“Mmmm, promise?” Victoria asked, even as Tammin crawled up her body to kiss her mouth. Victoria tasted her own juices on the other girl’s lips, and felt a little thrill shoot through her pussy.

“Promise,” Tammin said, sliding a finger between Victoria’s sensitive folds.

“Oooh! Ooh, too soon!” Victoria said, feeling overwhelmed.

“You sure?” Tammin asked.

“Yeah, can we do you first?” Victoria asked.

“Like you need to ask,” Tammin said, withdrawing the finger. “But you get me going, and I may just start fucking you anyway.”

“And that would be awful,” Victoria joked, even as Tammin rolled over onto her back. Victoria followed her, now straddling her new love, staring down at her wonderful tits, taunt stomach, sopping wet crotch, and beautiful face. Victoria didn’t even know where to begin.

“Kiss me,” Tammin suggested, seeing the look of indecision on the stripper’s face. Victoria did just that, and she their lips locked, her hands found their way to Tammin’s tits, where she began to squeeze and fondle like a 15-year-old boy with his first prom date in the back of a car. Hardly the first breasts Victoria had handled, she was still nervous. She wanted Tammin to enjoy this. She needed Tammin to enjoy this.

“Lower,” Tammin said, breaking the kiss. She took one of Victoria’s hands and put it down on Tammin’s own crotch. Her pussy was so wet and eager, Victoria was able to slip three fingers in with ease.

“Is that-?” Victoria started to ask, but Tammin cut her off.

“It’s wonderful, fuck me!” Tammin gasped, loving the feelings of Victoria’s fingers inside her. Slowly, Victoria began thrusting in and out, slowly, tentatively. Tammin moaned appreciatively, but when Victoria didn’t start moving faster, she reached down with her own hand to help guide her new love.

“This is great, but I need more right now. Harder,” Tammin instructed. “Faster.”

“O-Okay,” Victoria said, letting Tammin move her hand to a faster and harder rhythm. When Tammin let go, Victoria kept the pace, and was rewarded by a very happy smile on Tammin’s face.

“Yes! Just like that! Keep going! Keep fucking going!”

Victoria did as she was told. She watched as Tammin’s eyes started to flutter, and her lips began to part. Tammin did have such wonderful lips. Seeing them hanging open like that made Victoria want to feel them on her clit again. But she didn’t want to stop finger fucking Tammin, either. So instead, she lowered her own head, and started kissing Tammin’s clit instead.

“Ooooh!” Tammin cooed in delight. “Oh, baby, that’s perfect! Right there! Don’t stop! Fingers or lips!”

Victoria kept going. She knew she was good at this. At least, Charisma, Rose, and Rhona all thought she was. Adrianne, too. So why was she so worried about disappointing Tammin? She’d never let another woman down in bed before.

“Harder!” Tammin called out. Victoria started licking harder. “No, your finger- – YES JUST LIKE FUCKING THAT!” Tammin all but bellowed, her hips thrusting forward maniacally, nearly throwing Victoria off her. But the young stripper held on as best she could, and kept thrusting in with her fingers and tongue, bringing her new lover to climax.

“OH YESSSSSSS!!!!!” Tammin cried out, her entire body going rigid for a solid ten-second count. Victoria kept thrusting, trying hard to keep Tammin feeling the lusty enjoyment she was experiencing now, but no orgasm can last forever. Tammin collapses to the bed in a sweaty heap, panting for breath.

Victoria lays down next to her, gently resting her hand on Tammin’s stomach. For a long moment, neither one speaks.

“Wow,” Tammin says finally. “That was…”

“Okay?” Victoria asked.

Tammin laughs, and leans over to kiss Victoria. “Baby, that was so much better than okay. That was amazing! Spectacular, even.”

“Okay, let’s not use that word, reminds me of work,” Victoria laughed.

“Then don’t work there,” Tammin said.


“Find somewhere else to work,” Tammin said, seriously.

“I’ve really only ever been a waitress and a stripper,” Victoria said. “My skill set-”

“So go be a waitress or a stripper somewhere else,” Tammin continued. “Like, maybe San Francisco.”

“San Fran – isn’t that where you’re from?” Victoria asked.

“It’s where I live now,” Tammin said. “You could move in with me,” she said.


“Sure, until you’re on your feet,” Tammin said. “Or, y’know, longer…”

“Wow, lesbians really do jump right to the living together stage, don’t they?” Victoria laughed.

“I’m serious,” Tammin said, though she was smiling too.

“Really?” Victoria said. “You want me to go to San Fran with you?”

“Yes,  I do,” Tammin said. Funny thing was, she really meant it. She had this connection to Victoria that she just couldn’t explain. And she didn’t want to lose it just because she had to go home when this case was over.

Victoria heard what Tammin said, and felt her heart swell. Maybe it was because her entire life had seemingly fallen apart in the last day or so, or maybe it was because she really felt something for Agent Tammin Sursok, but every fiber of Victoria’s body was telling her to say yes.

“Okay,” She said, unable to keep from smiling. “Okay, I’ll move in with you.”

Tammin’s smile was big enough to match Victoria’s, but neither girl smiled much longer. Tammin reached over, grabbed Victoria’s face, and started kissing her again in earnest. Moments later, she was rolling over atop Victoria, sliding her fingers inside the younger girl’s slit once more.

*   *   *

Tammin and Victoria weren’t the only couple engaging in hot sex in the hotel at that very moment. Directly across the hall from Tammin’s room, Rhona Mitra lay on her back, her hands cuffed to the bedpost behind her and her satin robe wide open exposing her ample breasts and her wet pussy. Her head thrashed upon the bed, back and forth, as someone she couldn’t see penetrated her most private spot, thrusting away, driving Rhona crazy. Completely helpless, completely exposed, Rhona felt sexually alive. Especially knowing what the person fucking her would do if she knew who Rhona really was.

Laying on her stomach between Rhona’s spread legs, Kristen Bell worked her fingers and tongue in and about the pussy of the woman she only knew as Sonja. Sonja was a bit of a MILF, but that didn’t keep her from being the hottest piece of ass Kristen had gotten since she’d arrived in San Fran. Sure, that Amanda girl she’d fucked the night before had been fun – and hot – but somehow, Sonja was better. Wilder, sluttier. And full of dark secrets. Were she not in town for work, Kristen might have thought about sticking around with Sonja longer, trying to get to know her better. The FBI agent had long enjoyed mysterious women and figuring them out.

But she was here on work, and until she found Rhona Mitra, she’d just have to settle for one-night-stands like this one.

Kristen swirled her tongue around Sonja’s clit, and made the bound woman climax.

“OH FUCKING HELL YES!” Rhona screamed as Kristen’s tongue work hit just the right spots. Oh, this little blonde was worth something, indeed! As wave after wave of pleasure buffeted her body, Rhona couldn’t help but imagine handcuffing Kristen to the bed like this, having her way with the FBI Agent, and then revealing her true identity in the midst of Kristen’s biggest orgasm.

Of course, she realized as her body started to calm down, she’d have to kill Kristen immediately upon doing that. But it would be worth it, just to see the look in those feisty eyes of hers, if only for a moment…

“Wow,” she said aloud. “You know what you’re doing down there.”

Kristen sat up and wiped her chin, which was covered in Rhona’s juices. “I do try and keep in practice,” she said. “What about you?”

“Oh, there’s not much more I enjoy that feasting on pretty little blondes,” Sonja admitted.

“Except maybe feasting on pretty little brunettes?” Kristen laughed.

“Or redheads,” Sonja added, licking her lips. “But since there aren’t any redheads or brunettes here…” she trailed off, looking at Kristen and lifting her hands a little.

“Oh no, I think we’ll keep those right there,” Kristen said, looking at the handcuffs. “I think they make you look hot.”

“But there’s so much more I can do with my hands free,” Rhona said, trying to sound coy. It wasn’t something she was used to. “And more if YOUR hands were locked up…” she trailed off suggestively.

“Oh, I think you can do plenty,” Kristen said, sliding up beside Sonja. She paused just long enough to kiss each painfully erect nipple before shuffling up and planting a similarly brief kiss on Sonja’s lips.

“Is that all you want?” Rhona asked. “A little kiss?”

“Hardly,” Kristen snorted. She got up on her knees. With Sonja’s hands cuffed above her head, it was easy for her to straddle the darker haired woman, placing her pussy just above Sonja’s face. “Turnabout is fair play,” Kristen said, slowly lowering her crotch towards Sonja’s lips.

“Indeed,” Rhona said, smiling despite herself. She had to admit, if the situation was reversed, she would’ve done the exact same thing. And indeed had, with a number of women over the years…

Kristen had clearly been enjoying what they’d been doing so far, because she was quite wet even as Rhona’s tongue first parted her lower lips. The tangy-sweet taste made the corner of Rhona’s mouth sting in a most pleasant way, and the smell that floated into Rhona’s nose was one of pure sexual excitement. Eating out Kristen Bell was a most pleasant task, even if Rhona was handcuffed to a bed while doing it.

“Mmmm,” Kristen groaned as Sonja’s efforts first started to tease her crotch. Every lick was like a swipe of pleasure, leaving behind a sweet aftertaste that didn’t quite go away before the next lick, and only built with each following lick. Kristen wrapped her fingers around the top of the headboard and closed her eyes, trying to only feel the sensation of Sonja’s oral efforts. This was hardly the first woman Kristen had ever handcuffed to a bed and rode the face of, but the mysterious Sonja was going to be near the top of her list for most enjoyable, the way her tongue was furiously digging about inside Kristen’s slit.

Kristen began to hump her hips a little, fucking Rhona’s face, and the criminal mastermind knew she’d won. The sassy blonde FBI Agent was closing in, and as soon as she got off, ‘Sonja’ would sweet talk her into switching positions, and then Rhona could very easily get one major thorn out of her side, all while getting off on her most depraved sexual desires. With Beverley Mitchell’s help, they could cover up any evidence connecting Bell’s murder to Rhona, and frame someone else. Maybe one of Charisma’s strippers. There had to be one or two they could do without. Not the Candy girl Rhona fucked the night before, though. That one was worth something. Mentally, she shrugged. She’d let Rosie decide. Rosie enjoyed such things so much more than Rhona did, and she was so much more sexually aroused when she’d hurt someone…

“Oh fuck,” Kristen let slip, feeling the pressure in her crotch growing. Sonja’s nose kept pressing up against Kristen’s clit, just a bit, just a tease, but it was enough to add to the delicious tongue work Sonja was doing maybe two inches south of there. Kristen gripped the headboard harder, feeling her head roll back on her neck a little, loving the sensations pulsating out of her crotch. Where had this woman been hiding all of Kristen’s life?

The cuffs were seriously starting to chafe Rhona’s style. She wanted to wrap her hands around Kristen’s perky little ass. She wanted to throw the blonde down on the bed and feast upon her pussy. She wanted to roll Kristen over and do the same thing to her ass. She wanted to strap on a cock and pound each of Kristen’s holes until the tiny FBI agent was nothing more than a sweaty, quivering pile of flesh. But for now, all Rhona could do was lick, and hope the federal agent would release “Sonja” in a few minutes.

Kristen wasn’t all that far from doing just that at that moment. With her pussy pressing down onto Sonja’s lips, every lick from the exotic older woman sent shockwaves up Kristen’s spine. Orgasm was close. Very, very close. With her chest heaving as she desperately struggled to get breath, she had to reach out for the headboard, holding on to the cool wood mere inches from where Sonja’s hands were chained up. Unable to help herself, Kristen began humping Sonja’s face, her clit actually rubbing against the other woman’s nose.

All Rhona could smell was pussy, but she was hardly complaining. Her tongue darted as deep into Kristen as she could manage, and with her nose brushing the blonde’s erect clit, she was doing double duty. If she had a hand free, she could go after that puckered little asshole, too. She tried again in vain to yank her hands free. Kristen must have spotted it, because she reached down with her own hands and interlocked their fingers, using Rhona’s own hands as her support now instead of the headboard.

Rhona squeezed tight, and thrust her tongue in as deep as it would go. And Kristen Bell all but exploded atop her.

“OH SWEEET FUCKING YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!” Kristen bellowed, arching her spine and going rigid as every nerve in her body registered nothing but pleasure. For a moment, she was completely still, her pussy pressed hard against Rhona’s fae and mouth, almost cutting off the older woman’s breath. But then her spine gave out and Kristen fell back. She would have landed on her back atop Rhona’s stomach, but the other woman held on tight to Kristen’s hands, and for a long moment she lay suspended half above the bed by the strength of her own arms and Rhona’s grip. It probably looked incredibly sexy, but all Rhona could see was Kristen’s crotch.

After a moment or two, Kristen came down from her sexual high and rolled off Sonja, still struggling for breath. “Wow, that was good.”

“Good enough to let me try with my hands?” Rhona asked. She was certainly ready for more.

“Oh, I need a moment,” Kristen said, sitting up. “And a drink.” She spotted a bottle of water on the table, next to where Sonja’s purse had ended up laying, thrown there in a fit of passion when the two women had entered the room. Kristen hopped up, and for a moment all Rhona could see was that perky little ass swaying a bit as she scurried across the room.

Kristen reached for the water bottle, and somehow knocked the small clutch off the table. It fell to the floor and it’s contents sprawled open.

“Shit, sorry,” Kristen said, dropping to her knees.

“It’s okay,” Rhona said, not thinking about it for a moment. Then suddenly she remembered that was her actual purse. With all her actual information. Including several ID cards, all with the name Rhona Mitra on them. If Kristen saw any of them-

“Leave it,” Rhona said, pulling at her cuffs again. “Come back to bed, I want more.”

“It’ll only take a second,” Kristen said, shoving stuff back into the clutch. “Wow, you have a thick wallet. How many credit cards do you have?” Kristen asked, reaching for the designer leather. Rhona pulled at her cuffs again, cursing her luck. If Kristen saw any of those credit cards, the game would be up. And there were only two things that could happen next.

Either Kristen Bell kept her cuffed, and Rhona went to jail, or Rhona got free, and killed Kristen Bell because she now knew entirely too much.

*   *   *

An exceedingly drunk Amy Acker collapsed onto the bed, the hem of her skirt lifting up to reveal her naked ass, even as her mouth flopped open on the pillow. She was drooling immediately, completely out of it.

“Can we leave her like that?” JoAnna Garcia asked, looking at the wasted bride.

“We left Dichen with her shirt off and her hand in her panties,” Jessica Chastain said with a shrug. “Amy’s getting off light.”

“What a couple,” JoAnna said, shaking her head and then wincing. She might be a little hung over in the morning, too, come to think of it.

“I think they’re adorable,” Jessica said as the two redheads turned to leave Amy to sleep. “Shame they can’t make babies together, they’d be so cute.”

“I always thought that was one of the better parts of lesbianism,” JoAnna said. “All the unprotected sex you wanted, no kids.”

“You don’t want kids?”

“Oh, someday, sure. But not right now.”

“But you want sex.”

“Yeah, lots of it,” JoAnna laughed. She wasn’t lying, either. Her pussy was still buzzing from that lapdance she’d gotten earlier in the night.

“With your boyfriend?”

“If he was here, yeah he’d be getting some,” JoAnna admitted.

“What about that girl you like?”

“Shay?” JoAnna said wistfully. “Oh, she would so be getting some. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off her.”

“I see,” Jessica said. They were in the hallway now, heading towards their own rooms. “And what about me?”

“What about you?” JoAnna asked, even though she knew exactly what Jessica wanted.

“You know I want to fuck you, JoAnna. I’ve wanted to since the moment I met you. I want to run my tongue up and down your entire body until your sweet pussy explodes all over my face, and then I wanna do it again.”

“I know,” JoAnna said, feeling her own heart fluttered at the description.

“So, if I asked you right now, would you have sex with me?” Jessica asked, clearly trying to sound casual but failing a bit.

JoAnna smiled, and answered the only way she knew how. She leaned over and kissed Jessica once on the mouth, while taking the other girl’s hand in hers and placing it on her breast.

“That’s a yes,” JoAnna said.

Jessica blinked in surprise, which gave JoAnna plenty of time to lean in and give her a hard, passionate kiss on the lips. By the time it broke, several seconds later, Jessica had found her voice.

“Oh, I am sooo going to fuck you silly,” Jessica said, pulling JoAnna to her and kissing her in return.

“Mmmm, you’d better. I’m so horny right now, I’d probably let some stranger have his way with me.”

“You don’t need a stranger,” Jessica said, putting a hand on JoAnna’s chest and squeezing a breast through her top. “I’ll do any and every naughty thing you want, right here, right now.”

JoAnna couldn’t help but moan at the thought, and her nipples got hard enough for Jessica to feel them through her shirt. Part of her wanted to fuck Jessica right there in the hallway. But as Jessica went for her neck, forcing JoAnna to look up, she saw a little black ball above them, marking a camera.

“My room is right down the hall,” JoAnna said, trying not to swoon as Jessica licked her neck.

“Then let’s go. Please!” Jessica said, letting the other redhead go. JoAnna took Jessica by the hand and quickly started walking towards her room. Jessica couldn’t wait, though, and as JoAnna stopped to get her keycard out of her purse, the other redhead reached around from behind her to once again cup JoAnna’s breasts.

“You aren’t helping,” JoAnna said.

“You want my to stop?”

“No,” JoAnna said. “But we can’t get inside until-”

“I will fuck you right here against this door, I don’t care,” Jessica said, letting one hand drip down to JoAnna’s crotch. Only the thin fabric of her dress stood between Jessica’s fingers and what she wanted. JoAnna swooned a little, then she pushed back with her ass, forcing Jessica off her. “I need my key. Once we’re inside-”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence. To her surprise, the door swung open, and standing there with a big smile on his face was her boyfriend, Jason.

“Hey babe, thought that sounded like you,” he said.

“Jason?!” JoAnna said, shocked. “W-what are you doing here?”

“I cut out of work early so I could come down and surprise you,” he said, pulling her to him and giving her a kiss on the lips. She returned it, mostly because her body was so primed for sex she’d kiss anyone.

“I guess I’ll leave you two alone,” Jessica said as the kiss broke.

“No, wait,” JoAnna said, turning to look at her friend and almost-lover.

“It’s okay, give your boyfriend a fun night,” Jessica said, her tone sounding friendly and understanding. The disappointed look in her eyes, on the other hand, told a different story.

“I’m sorry, Jess, he surprised me.”

“Is there something you two need to do?” Jason asked. “It’s kinda late, but if it’s wedding related-”

“Nope, we were just going to hang out, have a little girl time,” Jessica said. “You’re a lucky girl, JoAnna. He’s cute. And that’s coming from a lesbian.” With that, Jessica turned and walked back down the hall, heading towards her own room.

Jason sniffed the air. “You smell like booze,” he chided playfully.

JoAnna watched Jessica go, her eyes focused on the ass she almost got to see naked. When she turned the corner, JoAnna turned around and pushed Jason into the room. “Pants off, mister. I need you to fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked me before.”

And he did. And JoAnna loved every second of it. They did all her favorites, from him taking her from behind to her her riding him cowgirl style. So wild was the sex, they broke two different condoms, though thankfully those breaks were caught before a real accident happened. But when he was finished and out cold beside her, JoAnna checked her phone. A single text from Jessica was waiting for her.

“Next time, my room.”

*   *   *

The Topless waitresses had put all the chairs up on the tables, Diego had ushered out the last of the regulars, and Charisma had paid Rose Bertram for her work for the last week, and finally the Spectacular was closed for the night. Beverley Mitchell sighed, leaned back in her seat, and winced. Her ass still hurt from all the fucking Rosie Huntington-Whiteley had given her the night before. Charisma sauntered over to the bar, shooting Beverley a look.

“Buy you a drink?” Charisma asked.

“You own the joint, go ahead,” Beverley replied. Rhona was off fucking Kristen Bell, Tammin had vanished with that hot little stripper, what was the harm?

Charisma got out a bottle of Tequila and two glasses, filling the both before sitting down next to Beverley. “To your health.”

“Whatever,” Beverley muttered, downing the shot in one gulp. “Maybe when I’m done this stupid FBI work, Rhona will give me a club.”

“She owns a few of them,” Charisma admitted. “It’s tough work, but with Rhona bankrolling you, it’s worth the hassles.”

“Plus there’s all the pussy,” Beverley muttered, glancing at the still topless Emily DiDonato as she walked by with the til from the bar.

“There’s that,” Charisma said. She watched Emily duck into the office. “I should do Emily again. She was fun. Unless you want her for the night.”

“Ooh, tempting, but I’m still beat. Rosie did a number on me. I still can’t sit right.”

“Been there, felt that,” Charisma said, pouring Beverley another glass. “How much longer do you think you’ll need to keep working? At the FBI, I mean?”

“Don’t know,” Beverley admitted. “Rhona put me in to help deal with some stuff, like those San Francisco Eight girls, but Kristen takes up most of my time now.”

“The same Kristen the boss is fucking like crazy right now,” Charisma pointed out. “So your work could be done as we speak.”

“Could be,” Beverley admitted. “Though I’d like to get rid of that obnoxious BJ girl before I go.”

“She’s cute. I hope you fuck her before you kill her.”

“Don’t think I could stand it,” Beverley said. “Though she IS talented with those lips.” She pounded her shot, and Charisma poured her another. “And I should probably get rid of Jessica Biel, too.”

“Who’s that?”

“She’s the local office head up in San Fran,” Beverley said, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm. “Hot as all get out, but she’s smart. Too smart. She’ll probably figure out Kristen was too close and come looking for her. There’ll be an investigation, and Jessica will head it personally. Can’t have that.” Beverley downed another shot.

“Have you slept with her?”

“Fuck yes. You don’t get promoted in San Fran without getting between those legs. I didn’t mind,” Beverley snorted.

“Is there anyone at that station you haven’t fucked?”

“Couple of the guys in maintenance. Maybe the lunch lady, though she’s oddly cute out of the hairnet.” Charisma laughed. “Oh, and Rebel Wilson down in the Janitor’s office. Haven’t gotten that desperate yet.”

Charisma laughed again, then poured them each another shot. “Well, if Rhona does give you your own club, I promise you you’ve got the fucking the help thing down pat.”

“A girl’s gotta get her rocks off somehow,” Beverley said.

“That she does,” Charisma said. She glanced at Beverley. “You know, I’ve got a few tricks that make a well-fucked ass feel better.”


“Seriously,” Charisma said, putting a hand on Beverley’s knee. “If you’re interested, we could go back to my place and-”

Beverley’s phone cut her off, and the federal agent cursed. “Sorry, it’s work.”

“Rhona-work, or-”

“Agent Mitchell,” Beverley said, answering. To her surprise, it was Jessica Biel on the phone.

*   *   *

Kristen is just reaching into Rhona’s purse when the agent’s phone rings. It’s Jessica Biel, with important news – the San Fran 8 have escaped prison. Kristen is to pull her team immediately and return via helicopter from the LA office. Kristen stops only long enough to get dressed and release Sonja/Rhona from her handcuffs.

Kristen Bell was just starting to open the wallet when her phone rang. Kristen put the designer leather down on the table next to Sonja’s clutch, then hurried over to where her own purse had ended up, in a chair next to the bed. She missed the sigh of relief Sonja let out in her hurry to get to the phone before it took the message.

“Agent Bell,” she said, catching it just in time.

“Kristen, I need you back in San Fran, immediately,” Jessica Biel told her without preamble.

“What? But we’re close! We’ve got Rhona right where we want her! I can feel it,” she said, sitting down on the bed next to Sonja.

“Forget it,” Jessica said flatly. “There was a break out from Remy Hadley tonight. Almost all of the San Fran Eight escaped. They managed to catch two of them, Pressley and Park, but the others are gone, along with another inmate. Kristen, this is serious. We’re keeping it out of the press for now, but that won’t last. Probably be all over the news before you make it back.”

“Shit!” Kristen said. “Shit shit shit!” She stood up and immediately went for her clothes. “All right, call Beverley, I’ll get Tammin. It’ll take hours for us to drive back, but-”

“Just go to the LA Office,” Jessica said. “I’ll have a helicopter waiting for you. We can’t waste time on this one. When it hits the press, the whole town is going to explode.”

“I know, I know. Alright, we’re moving,” Kristen said, pulling a shirt over her head before hanging up the phone. She tosses the phone on the bed next to Sonja.

“What’s the matter?” Sonja asked.

“Work,” Kristen said as she yanked on a pair of panties. “I’m sorry, but I have to go. Like, right now.”

“Work? FBI work?” Sonja asked, sounding curios.

Kristen winced. “I can’t tell you. And no, I’m not doing this just to get out of here,” Kristen said, grabbing the key to the handcuffs.

“It’s your room, it’s not the smartest thing for you to do anyway,” Sonja laughed as Kristen undid the cuffs.

“I’m sorry. I really am,” Kristen said, not even glancing at Sonja as she got back off the bed and began looking for the rest of her clothes. “Maybe we can meet again next time I’m in LA.”

“You’re coming back?”

“I don’t know when, but I have unfinished business here,” Kristen said as she pulled on a pair of slacks.

Kristen was out the room and pounding on Tammin’s door across the hall before Rhona even got off the bed. Before getting dressed, she crossed the room and opened up the designer leather wallet and smiled at her Mitra, Rhona driver’s license right there in the front, complete with a picture that was only a year old. Oh, how close Kristen Bell had gotten.

Well, it was just too bad, Rhona mused as she looked around for her own clothes. She would’ve enjoyed fucking Kristen some more. She also would have enjoyed killing the little bitch, but perhaps another time. For now, she had to figure out what had Kristen racing to return to LA. Perhaps she’d given Beverley a quick call…

After she got dressed.

*   *   *


The wedding goes better than expected. Dichen and Amy, while hungover, look radiant in their gowns, and the whole party is fantastic. JoAnna and Jason have to leave early, however, so that they can both go to work the next morning. That’s fine with JoAnna, who despite a lingering desire to get with her new friend, Jessica Chastain, knows things are going on up north that she wants to be closer for. They’re not home two hours before Ashley Benson breaks into the nightly TV for word that indeed, seven members of the San Fran Eight have escaped.

Tammin has to leave quickly, too, but that’s okay. Victoria has nothing left in Los Angeles except her job, and she could be a stripper in San Francisco just as easily as she could in LA. She goes to the Spectacular, gets her things, and quits before Charisma can even ask her if she can work that night. She never hears from Charisma, Adrianne, or Emmanuelle again. Victoria might never again take her clothes off for money, but she’ll never forget her time working at the club – it’s where she learned her true sexual identity, and where she met the woman she fell in love with. She goes right from the Spectacular to the bus station, and is riding north when news of the breakout hits.

Tammin, Beverley, and Kristen all meet at the LA FBI office, and sure enough get on a helicopter that flies them north. Only Beverley knows how close they came to solving the case of Kristen’s life. Kristen’s mind is on how she failed in Los Angeles. Tammin’s mind is on her new love, Victoria. Beverley spends the flight fantasizing about throwing Tammin out of the chopper. None of them know that as they approach San Francisco, they fly right over the hiding place of the women they’ll spend the next several weeks hunting again.

For the next few weeks, life in the Spectacular continues as it always has. Charisma pays the girls out of the money laundered by Rhona. Adrianne and Emmanuelle continue to sleep with each other, and pretty much anyone else. New girls come and go. Charisma sleeps with them all. But then the money goes away. The club falls on hard times, not getting the clientele needed to actually stay afloat. Charisma even resorts to stripping herself, but it’s not enough. Within six months, the club is closed, and sold to a Real Estate company in Nevada, a front for a new bunch of criminals and mobsters. A new manager is brought in, new girls are hired, new money is laundered. Oddly, the name remains the same. Long after the saga of the San Francisco Eight is over, the Spectacular goes on…

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