The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Nine

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Nine

Author: KMB

Celebs: Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst, Liz Gillies, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Olivia Holt, AnnaSophia Robb, Bella Thorne, Minka Kelly, Mandy Moore, Heather Locklear, Sarah Hyland, Shanelle Gray, Ava Sambora, Chloe Moretz

Codes: FF, FFF, FF+, orgy, oral, anal, inc, toys, feet, voy, rim, teen, first, cheat

Summary: New pleasures are provided to Ariana and Olivia while shocking discoveries leads to fantasies coming true and taboos being shattered.

Now you might say that as things get nice and warm outside for springtime, it’s pretty poor timing to still be doing a Christmas story. But KMB time seems to operate outside the regular space/time continuum that everyone else has to endure so we’re just going to keep pushing ahead and by the time I finish it really will be next Christmas.

Besides, winter, spring, summer or fall, the only thing that matters is the hot sex that our favorite celebrities get into at the Malibu mansion. So this party is roaring onward.

When we last left off, Beyoncé and Stacy had renewed their lust for one another while there were new pleasures found for girls like Olivia Munn, Emmy Rossum, Dianna Agron and especially Taylor Swift as she had her virgin ass fucked by Emma Stone. Meanwhile a heartbroken Demi Lovato, not understanding why Selena Gomez could fuck other girls and not her, sought comfort with others and Rose made sure Katy Perry was properly initiated into the mansion ways of doing things by fucking her ass with Mr. Snappy.

But Katy’s wasn’t the only ass being fucked as Fluffy lived out his hottest fantasies by fucking Mariah Carey, of course with Gwen’s total encouragement. And Jennifer continued to make Kate Upton into a very happy newly lesbian slut. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice managed to set their differences aside as they both found new lesbian lust much to the delight of Liz Gillies who is very eager to get naughty with Ariana and maybe Tori will join in too.

There is drama though, as party crashers Ariel Winter and Ava Sambora made very shocking discoveries about women very close to them. Dare we find out what happens next? Oh yes, we dare! We most definitely dare!

But before you read, there are a few things to say.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. There are a lot of chapters to come in a smaller and more easily digestible form. I don’t even know how many chapters there are going to be but rest assured they will all lead to a party the likes of which you will never forget.

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Nine


“Ooooooh Ari! Baby! Ughhhh fuck me!” Liz Gillies panted, moaning uncontrollably as she kept her legs spread wide for her friend. “Mmmmm nasty girl! Yessssssss that feels sooooo good! Lick my pussy baby! Mmmmm get used to that taste because you’re going to be doing this a lot from now on!”

“Mmmmm yeah! That’s what I want too!” Ariana Grande moaned, pulling her shiny, cum covered lips up from Liz’s wet pussy. “Mmmm I want you to come on tour with me so I can lick your kitty every night backstage! Gawwwd I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to go without this sweet, yummy kitty juice in my tummy!”

Ariana grinned devilishly, really enjoying her first time tasting another girl, before diving back into Liz’s cunt for more of the taste she now couldn’t get enough of.

She had wondered for so long what it would be like to lick Liz and get all dirty and intimate with her beautiful naked body. Ariana had never really been bi curious about women in general. But seeing the way Liz had looked at her back when they had been doing the show had filled her with naughty fantasies about what it would be like to experience the sensual touch of another girl.

However it couldn’t be just any girl…it had to be Liz! It hadn’t been that Ariana had wanted to mess around with a girl. She had wanted to fuck her friend.

And now she was experiencing that touch and it was naughtier and more erotic than anything a man had ever made her feel. It was such a wild thrill to have her friend’s pussy in her face and Ariana was still tingling from what Liz had made her feel.

Liz had gone down on her so well and had made Ariana come harder than anyone ever had before. And then, instead of just stopping like a man might have, Liz had just continued licking her, tasting her pussy again and again and making Ariana come multiple times.

It had made Ariana feel so good and it had shown her that Liz had wanted her just as bad as she had hoped she had. Ariana has always gotten so turned on thinking about Liz having a girl crush on her and now knowing those feelings were real and that things had gone way beyond just having a crush was so amazing.

Now it made Ariana want to do just as good a job on her friend as she’d just experienced from Liz. She might never have tasted pussy before but it was very easy for Ariana to get into it.

The first lick had been such a juicy delight and Ariana had quickly found herself getting hooked on it. It was so naughty to think she was licking a girl out and that it wasn’t just any girl, but her lifelong friend. But the thrill had gone beyond just the taboo thrill. Ariana had found herself loving Liz’s taste. She loved how rich and creamy Liz’s tangy juices were and how good they felt tickling the taste buds all over her tongue.

Ariana had wondered so many times how Liz could be a lesbian and now she was finding out for herself. Boy bodies definitely had their uses, but girl bodies were way sexier and girls tasted so much better too.

Liz was so wet for her and Ariana wanted to drink down every drop of her friend like it was sex champagne. She felt like she was getting better with every lick too and Liz sure seemed to agree.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk! Ohhhh yesssssss ooooh Ariana you naughty little thing! Fuck yes you dirty slutty baby!” Liz groaned, telling the dyed redhead exactly what she wanted to hear. “Mmmmmm it feels like you’ve done this before! Ooooh yessss you’re so good! Lick that pussy baby! Make me come!”

Liz was sitting back, her back propped up against the couch, and she was enjoying every second she had Ariana between her legs. She had wanted this for so long and had been too shy about it to even really fully fantasize about it.

But now she had Ariana right where she’d wanted her and it was so sexy to have her friend’s inexperienced, but eager tongue working over her pussy. She really was good and it made Liz wonder just how truthful Ariana was being about claiming she’d never done it before. But she didn’t question it much, not when it was way more fun to just sit back and enjoy.

“Mmmmm yessssss come! Come for your little slutty baby!” Ariana cooed. “Mmmmm get my face all messy like I got yours! Ooooh I want to have you lick your own juices off my naughty face just like I did to you! You made me come so good Liz! Now you get to come like I did, over and over again until your kitty is too sore to take any more!”

Liz grinned at Ariana’s unintentional rhyme and moaned out lustfully when the girl’s tongue started licking her clit again. Liz had her legs spread open and with Ariana bent over between them it was so easy for the girl to get her swollen clitoris.

Liz cried out in delight, still stunned this was all happening. Whatever had gotten into her friends, she didn’t want to worry about it. She just wanted to enjoy it while it was happening and Liz sensually moved her hips, rubbing herself into Ariana’s tongue while she played with her own tits, fondling the large mounds and stimulating her nipples with her wet fingers to make them throb with pleasure.

She couldn’t believe how good Ariana was. Her friend had such a desire to please her and it felt amazing. The way she was licking her sure didn’t feel like a first timer but if Ariana was lying to her about not having done this before then Liz didn’t want to know.

It was so much better to just sit back and dream that the first pussy Ariana had ever licked was hers. Because Liz loved thinking that it had been her tongue which had been the first female one to taste from that sweet honey pot of Ariana’s.

“I can’t believe we waited so long to do this!” Liz groaned in sensual lust over the way Ariana’s tongue was licking her clit, making it throb even more as juice dripped out of her and right into her tiny friend’s mouth. “Mmmmmm fuck me Ari! Tongue my fucking pussy! Oooooh I’ve always wanted this but I never dreamed you’d be into it!”

“Well I am!” Ariana insisted with a bright smile. “Mmmm gawd only for you though! You were the only girl on the show I would have gone lesbo for! Not Tori!”

But of course saying that brought about an immediate reaction and Ariana yelped when her bare ass was spanked.

“Excuse me? What about Tori?” Victoria Justice challenged, her hand making Ariana’s ass sting before she got back to licking the pop superstar from behind. “Mmmmm it sure tastes like you’re going lesbo for me now Ariana! Unless this is someone else’s wet pussy I’m licking!”

“Ooooooh nooooo it’s mine!” Ariana whined, unable to resist the pleasure of Victoria Justice pushing her tongue back into her kitty and licking her. “Mmmmm ohhh my God Tori! Oooooh I mean fuckkkkk ohhhh my God I can’t believe you’re doing this to me now! Oooooh oooooooooooh yesssss mmmmmm gawwd I wouldn’t have done it with you before but I’m so going gay for you now Tori! Oooooh do it! Lick me! Fuck me! Lick my hot kitty while I lick Liz’s!”

“Mmmmmm I can’t believe it either!” Victoria moaned, her head spinning from so many different crazy things. “But you’re so hot Ariana! Ooooh hotter than I ever thought you could be! And your pussy tastes so good!”

As weird as this was, it was impossible for Victoria to deny the fact that Ariana tasted delicious and she that didn’t want to stop licking her.

So Victoria got back to licking, dragging her tongue up and down her frenemy’s soaked slit from behind while pressing her face to the impossible tightness of Ariana’s adorable little ass. It was so surreal to think she was doing this. Not only was she going down on another girl but she was doing it to Ariana.

It was even crazier than them making out and pulling off each other’s clothes before had been. Now it was so much more intense and they were doing such kinky things. But Victoria couldn’t stop getting wet for Ariana, especially when she watched the girl go down on Liz and suck and lick her pussy.

This was all such a crazy thing for Victoria, Not only was she still feeling the effects of the intoxicating punch but her whole sense of being had been thrown for a total loop by what had just had happened in the kitchen with Rose.

She had never expected anything like that to happen in a million years, not even after she and Ariana had started making out and taking off each other’s clothes. But Victoria couldn’t deny that Rose had fucked her better than anyone ever had and that she was still feeling the aftershocks of such an intense sexual earthquake.

Victoria had never dreamed she’d be with another woman but Rose had so thoroughly rocked her world. Now she didn’t know what she was anymore.

Was she straight? Lesbian? Bi? All of the above? Victoria didn’t know but she did know that she had never gotten fucked like that before. It had been the best and most intense feeling she had ever experienced and she wanted more. She had to have it. She didn’t care who she got it from, even it was from Ariana.

Seeing her and Liz fucking when she and Rose had come back from the kitchen into the wild party orgy had been an instant turn on for her and Victoria had been totally unable to resist getting her first taste of another girl right from the sweetness of Ariana Grande’s tight vagina.

She kept her hands on Ariana’s firm butt cheeks, envying, and not for the first time either how fit her friend’s body was. Victoria knew how great her own ass was, especially after what Rose had just done to it, but Ariana’s ass cheeks were so tight and you could have bounced a quarter off them.

Ariana was so sexy and while she found it frustrating to feel how turned on she was getting over a girl she was supposed to be feuding with, Victoria couldn’t stop herself and she greedily licked at Ariana’s pussy, wanting all of that taste.

“Ooooooh Toriiiiiiiiii! Oooooh I didn’t know you could be soooo nasty,” Ariana giggled, pulling up from Liz to moan out her pleasure. “Mmmmm maybe you’ll get that big record deal yet! Once they see what a freaky girl you really are then it won’t even matter if you can sing!”

That got Ariana another hard slap to her bare ass from Victoria, one the girl had been entirely expecting and thoroughly enjoyed. Ariana giggled enthusiastically when the swat was followed by another and then another, showing off just how much she liked getting her tight little booty smacked.

“Ughhh you’re such a little bitch Ari!” Victoria groaned, wishing this wasn’t turning her on so much and not stopping her licking away of the girl’s tight, pink hole from behind. “You little psycho! Mmmmmm I wish you didn’t taste so fucking good! I’m going to tongue fuck your little pussy so good Ari! You’re a total bitch soon you’re going to be my bitch!”

“Mmmm yesssss try it!” Ariana squealed, giving more than a hint that she really did want it to happen. “Make me come Tori! Liz already licked my little kitty so well! She made me sooo wet and creamy! Lemme see if you’re as good as she is! Lick my dirty kitty while I’m licking hers! Oooooh I want all of us fucking! Nasty, dirty, naked fucking!”

But Ariana wasn’t the only one getting off on this. The threesome of former Nickelodeon stars had captivated someone else’s attention. She hadn’t come looking for them but she had sure found them and she loved what she saw.

“You girls wanna get nasty?” Christina Aguilera asked, her voice on full sexy purr as she lowered her naked body down with the carpet dwelling threesome so she could get closer to them. “I think you three have an awful lot to learn! You don’t know anything about being nasty like I do. Mmmmm I definitely need to teach you sluts some tricks!”

Since she was really enjoying having her pussy licked by Ariana’s very enthusiastic tongue, Liz was not a big fan of the interruption, especially not the contention that she and her friends didn’t know what they were doing. Liz was very happy that Ariana and Victoria seemed to be more or less getting along and the fact that they were in a threesome just made it better.

“Excuse me? We don’t need your help!” Liz said, bristling with the same defensive attitude she had flashed to Rose previously.

And, just like her mentor, Christina loved seeing that spirit in Liz and she showed it by silencing her protesting lips with a wet kiss.

It was a kiss that proved to be irresistible too because, just like when Rose had previously used her lips to show her who was boss, Liz found herself melting from the erotic attention of Christina. Part of her brain said to resist it, but she couldn’t. The feeling of Christina’s famous lips on hers was overpowering and the erotic sensations overtook her.

Liz started kissing back before she could even consider doing anything better and it took only a few moments for the kiss to sensually deepen and for their tongues to touch for the first time.

Just like she had with Rose, Liz couldn’t stop from getting turned on from the aggressive way these women acted. They were so sexy and so sure of themselves that their confidence turned her on immensely.

Liz barely could register in her mind that she was tongue kissing Christina Aguilera. But she certainly recognized that it felt amazing when the singer cupped her tits and began playing with them, softly palming them with warm, smooth hands and even playfully jiggling them.

“God, your tits are huge,” Christina moaned when they broke their kiss. “I fucking love big tits! You have an amazing rack!”

“Ohhhh thanks!” Liz replied, pleased with the compliment even as she recognized it was something that in any other circumstance could well have offended her. “So do you!”

“Yeah? You like these big titties?” Christina giggled, giving them a shake right in Liz’s face. “Mmmm they’re the best goddamn investment I ever made! I couldn’t let Britney get too far ahead of me in the boob race after all. But that was when we were rivals. Back then we were dirty little Disney girls trying to outdo each other. But not anymore! Now she and I are fucking! But you already know that, don’t you?”

Liz nodded her head. She didn’t think there was anyone who didn’t know it yet. Christina and Britney had essentially been out as a couple for what felt like forever and while the rumors of what went on at their record label were less public than their relationship, Liz had definitely heard all of the wild stories about what Christina and Britney were really like.

“Good! Then I don’t have to waste time telling you,” Christina laughed. Her mind was on business as well as pleasures of the flesh and all the punch in the world couldn’t change that. “Mmmmm I’ve been wanting to say this to you and your friends for the longest time and now I’m going to give you my pitch. You little Nickelodeon sluts are just like we Disney girls used to be in the day. You’re desperate for anyone to notice you and for them not to think that you’re some prissy little virgins with cold little cunts! We were just like that! Me and Brit! And the girls today are even louder about it. Miley. Selena. Demi. All of them are fucking sluts just like me and Brit were! And I love that about them! I always hoped that you and your friends would be a bunch of horny dykes too! Just like we are! Mmmm now I can see that I was right about that. You three make quite a fucking group, but we still have a lot to show you!”

Liz was about to say something in response but before she could, Ariana started sucking on her clit and suddenly everything else flew right out of her mind.

“OHHHH FUCK! YESSSS FUCK ME ARI! OOOOH MY GOD YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!” Liz cried, her thoughts about Christina disappearing in a puff of smoke since all she could focus on was her redhead friend between her thighs looking up at her with wide eyes and cat ears. “MMMM FUCK ME BABY GIRL! FUCK THAT WET PUSSY WITH YOUR MOUTH OOOOH YESSSS!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh you’re definitely slutty!” Christina declared with a knowing and horny laugh as she caressed Liz’s bare tits with both hands, fondling the all-natural mounds while they impressively jiggled. “Fuck her face Liz! Fuck that pretty pop slut tongue with your wet cunt! Make her so fucking addicted to that taste that she won’t be able to think about anything else but the next time she’s going to be able to lick it! That’s what Rose did to me! I was a dirty girl back then but she turned me into a total fucking whore and I loved it! She shoved me down to my knees and made me lick her wet fucking pussy until her juices were down my throat and all I wanted after that was to lick cunt! Oooooh she made me into such a fucking little lezzie slut! I guess she didn’t have to change you though. I hear you’re quite the carpet muncher!”

“Ohhh fuckkkkk goddddd does everyone fucking know now?” Liz groaned in embarrassment, the secret she’d gone to great lengths to keep quiet now buzzing on everyone’s lips.

“Relax sweetie, you’re in safe company and besides, it’s not like you’re doing anything to hide it now,” Christina pointed out, noting that Ariana was publicly going down on Liz while Victoria fucked Ariana from behind. “Rose texted me right away! Mmmm she knew you would be perfect for my label with that awesome voice of yours…not to mention those awesome boobs! And as usual she was fucking right! You are perfect for my label! You and your adorable little friend Miss Ariana and even Tori too! I like the way all of you sound and I know I’m going to love the way all of you fuck! That is if you’re willing to learn a few lessons that me and Britney can teach you!”

And while Liz was silent in response to this because she was too busy reacting with audible pleasure to what Ariana was doing, that didn’t mean everyone else there wasn’t very, VERY interested in what Christina was offering.

“I am! Oooooh I so fucking am!” Ariana declared eagerly, so into the idea that she even stopped licking Liz to accept it. “I want in! I’d love to record with you! Oh my God you and me in a duet, Christina? Ooooooh holy shit our voices together? That would sound fantastic!”

“Oh my God! I would do anything to sign with you guys! ANYTHING!” Victoria added, making extra sure that Christina could see that the extra emphasis meant exactly what it implied. “You guys could make my whole career!”

Ariana was about to snark “What career?” but she never had the chance. Liz knew exactly what her friend turned lover was thinking of saying and she quickly muzzled Ariana by shoving her face back down into her pussy so she could do something far less dramatic by making her come instead.

Ariana definitely got the message too and immediately resumed licking, attacking Liz’s clit with her tongue and making her quiver with pleasure.

“Yeahhhhh Ari! Do it baby! Mmmm fucking make me come!” Liz groaned, once again feeling the unbelievable pleasure of having her friend lick her.

But that wasn’t all Liz was going to feel because, whether she wanted it or not, Ariana was about to get help. With a big grin on her face, Christina decided it was time to stop just admiring these sexy young bodies and instead help these wannabe pop stars by showing them how it was done.

So Christina pressed her face down between Liz’s spread legs, right alongside Ariana’s. Once she was there, Christina didn’t hesitate to give the redhead the same kind of sensual kiss she’d just given Liz.

“Ooooooh!” Ariana moaned happily, eager to taste Christina’s kiss. She’d heard all the rumors about her fellow singer and she’d always been kind of intrigued by them.

Despite her willingness to do what she was doing, Ariana had never wanted to be a sexpot. She didn’t shy away from being sexy when she needed to. But she had always wanted to be as famous as Christina and Britney, not be like them.

She wasn’t going to traipse around in a schoolgirl outfit or do a song like Dirty. That just wasn’t her. But she had found the idea of the rumored hedonistic life they led together to be so fascinating.

What was it like to be so uninhibited?  What was it like to be so free and open with your sexuality? What was it like to indulge in intense carnal desire? Ariana had always wondered and she was sure finding out now, not just from everything she was doing to Liz and everything that was happening around her, but from kissing Christina too.

It was a walk on the wild side for sure and Ariana didn’t hold back when Christina kissed her. They quickly began making out and Ariana moaned in excitement when she felt hers and Christina’s tongues rubbing together.

“Mmmmmm she tastes good!” Christina declared, enjoying her first taste of Elizabeth Gillies right off of Ariana’s tongue and lips. “I want more! Gonna share with me? Gonna let me lick your friend’s pussy for a chance to sing with me and Britney?”

And Ariana didn’t hesitate. She loved Liz. Liz was one of the best friends she had ever had but she wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way of advancing her career.

“Of course!” Ariana immediately replied. “Mmmmm do anything you want to her! Gawd, do anything you want to ME! I want to sign with you guys soooo bad! Lick her pussy with me Christina! Taste how wet she is with me!”

That was just what Christina was intending to do, but in her mind sharing was her taking the lead and the other girl acting as support. Just like Britney had just done to Katy Perry, Christina took over on Liz’s pussy, pressing her mouth right to the young woman’s dripping crotch and burying her tongue inside her.

“OHHHHH FUCKKKK!” Liz cried in fresh ecstasy as that tongue began fucking her, pleasure rushing through her naked body.

Ariana had been good. But she had been inexperienced and the difference between a virgin at girl fucking and an expert like Christina was like night and day for Liz. This was almost as good as when Rose had tongue fucked her and Liz cried out again and again in intense pleasure as Christina’s tongue worked her over like she had been born to eat pussy.


But while Liz was in rapture from Christina taking over, Ariana was feeling an entirely new emotion…jealousy. She had expected Christina to help her. But she had been iced out of her friend’s pussy and she didn’t like it, even if it was someone as beautiful and as talented as Christina Aguilera doing it.

Part of Ariana wanted to just shove Christina out of the way. In the state she was in, that was even her first instinct. But she recognized that wouldn’t have helped her get signed to the label so Ariana held back.

“Awwwww did little baby Ari lose the pussy she was licking? Is she afraid her best friend is gonna come all over someone else’s face?” Victoria devilishly teased, enjoying Ariana pouting even though she was still making the pint-sized pop diva moan and smile by licking her wet pussy from behind.

“Shut up!” Ariana snapped. “Shut up and keep licking me Tori! Ooooh you’re actually good at this so don’t mess it up! Gawwd I…I…ohhhhh fuckkk mmmm keep licking me! I’m not afraid I…”

But before she could finish, Ariana was interrupted by Christina with some good advice.

“If you want something, then fight for it,” Christina said. “Don’t just accept what happened. Go for what you want and don’t let anyone stand in your way. Not even if it’s me!”

Ariana immediately got the message and reacted, just like Christina wanted her to. She got back into Liz’s crotch and she asserted herself. Ariana didn’t push Christina away, but she did move her to the side so she could get back to licking her friend too.

And Christina, seeing that Ariana wasn’t about to just shrink away, moved over enough to accommodate her.

“Mmmmm see! Now you’re getting it!” Christina said, grinning with lust while she watched Ariana dive into Liz’s splayed pussy with even more enthusiasm and lick away at her juicy wetness while savoring the flavor as it coated her tongue. “When you see a girl you want to fuck you’d better be ready to take her Ariana! Mmmm or else someone else will! Now get in there you little cum thirsty slut! Fuck your friend! Get that little tongue of yours right into her wet fucking pussy and drink the juice right out of her! Mmmm I know I sure want another taste!”

Christina proved that by going in right along with Ariana at Liz’s pussy. While Ariana hungrily tongued her friend, Christina sucked erotically on Liz’s aroused folds. Christina definitely loved the look and the taste of this girl and she was sure it wouldn’t be long before Liz, Ariana and Victoria were all learning some real lessons about how to be good little dirty sluts over at the label with her and Britney.

Christina had actually come over looking for Britney. Her little slut of a girlfriend had wiggled away from her and Christina had been in the mood to find her and give it to her like the whore she was. But seeing Liz, Ariana and Victoria playing with each other had been way too tempting a distraction.

Now Christina was glad she had stopped for a snack because Liz’s pussy was so juicy for her. She and Ariana worked it over with their mouths and Ariana quickly realized it was wise to do things like Christina was doing.

The two of them teamed up on Liz, alternating sucking and licking. They worked over her pussy while Liz leaned back against the couch and squeezed her big tits, bucking against their horny faces as she writhed in pleasure.


Liz had never felt anything like this before. It wasn’t the first time she had ever felt two women pleasuring her pussy. A very indulgent trip to The Boutique one day had crossed that off her sexual bucket list. But even that experience couldn’t rival what she was feeling now.

Having Christina, with all her confidence and all her experience, working over her pussy was such a perfect combination with Ariana’s eagerness to please her. They contrasted wonderfully with each other and Liz was in complete rapture as they both fucked her.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh you’re going to make me come!” Liz groaned out. “Fuckkk ohhh fuckkk ohhhhh yesssssssssss! Suck it and lick it! Oooooh you’re making me feel so good! Ohhhhh yesssssssss fucking worship that pussy you fucking sluts! Show her how to do it right Christina! Show Ari how a woman needs to have her pussy licked! Ughhh yesssssssss teach her how to be a good little pussy licker just like I am! Mmmmm I’m such a goddamn whore for pussy and I want you to make my friends into whores for it too! You and Rose! Fuck them and turn them and make them into fucking lesbos like me! Yessssss ooooh fuck me Ari! I want you so bad baby! I’ve always fucking wanted you!”

“Mmmmm I want you too!” Ariana agreed, tingling with pleasure not just from the way Liz tasted and the thrill of doing something so naughty with Christina, but also from the way Victoria was still tonguing her from behind. “Come for me Liz! I want you to come sooooo good! Soak my dirty baby face with your girly cum! I love how you made me come and now it’s your turn!”

And Christina joined right in too, urging Liz to let go into orgasm. She was only just getting to know these girls but she definitely loved what she was seeing with them.

“You know you want to come! Come like a good little lesbo!” Christina urged, using her experienced hand to rub Liz’s tingling cunt lips while Ariana licked at her wetness. “Cream your friend’s pretty face! Soak her with your girl cream! Get it in her fucking hair! Mmm with a little work you two will be fucking each other like bunnies in no time! Just like me and Brit! Mmmm don’t you fucking hold back now Liz! You’re in the mansion now and all your dirty dreams get to come true here! Fucking come all over Ariana! Mmmm come all over me too! You know how many fucking guys want to shoot their sticky loads all over my tongue and face? Mmmm and how many girls? Well you can do it Liz! Mmm fucking come like a creamy little girl slut!”

Liz still couldn’t believe what she was hearing or what she was doing or who she was doing it with. Ever since Rose had approached her, her life had been like a crazy porno. But she wanted that. She liked it and she needed more of it. She wanted to fucking feel this good all the time.

“Yessssssssssss ohhhhhh yessssss I’m a slut! A dirty, lesbo creamy little slut!” Liz cried out, agreeing with all the dirty talk being thrown her way by the ultra-seductive Christina. “Mmmm make this fucking slut come! Make me come Ari! Do it Christina! Mmmm drink down my girly jizz Ari! You’re going to lick it up and swallow it and be a good little lezzie now, just like me! Ooooh we’ll make Tori fucking lick me next like she’s licking you! I’ll have you fucking each other more too! I’ll make sure you two only want pussy from now on! Do it Ari! You and Tori are going to be fucking lesbians now just like me and you won’t need any more guys! Just hot fucking creamy sluts like me!”

“Mmmmm yesssss by the end of the night you and your friends are going to be totally turnt out,” Christina laughed, rubbing Liz harder while Ariana licked intently at her friend’s throbbing little clitoris. “You good little girls are going to be insatiable little sluts! You’re going to be fucking whores just like me! I can never get enough of this place! I love fucking all these girls too much! And you’re going to be just like me now Liz! You and Ariana and Victoria! Three fresh pieces of meat for all of these hungry sluts to fuck! It’s going to be soooo much fucking fun and if you three make it through the night then you get to come to the label and me Britney will show you around!”

It was perfectly obvious what Christina meant by that and Liz found herself moaning over the idea of more of this kind of wild fun.

Liz couldn’t believe she was having group sex. She’d never been in an orgy in her life before tonight. But now she never wanted to leave this place and she found herself craving the sensation of getting totally into whatever debauchery Christina and her friends had going on at their record label.

Liz remembered how upset she’d been earlier in the night over Ariana and Victoria fighting all the time. Now that felt like a distant memory because both of her friends were completely naked and doing things she had never dreamed they could.

This was so beyond anything Liz had conceived of when Rose had practically demanded she come and bring her friends with her. She had thought it impossible that Victoria and Ariana could ever do things like this but now Ari was licking her and Tori was licking Ari and everything seemed possible and wonderful.

Liz never wanted this to end. She was in absolute rapture being pleasured by her friend and by Christina in the middle of this insane orgy. She’d never been around so many naked bodies and the idea that something like this was common around here made Liz’s head spin and her pussy drip.

God, she had to come back here again. Maybe she could sleep on the couch here and never leave. She just wanted this pleasure to continue and most of all Liz wanted to come.

Christina’s fingers and Ariana’s tongue felt amazing. Each moment they teamed up on her was better than the next. But the real ecstasy came when Christina stopped using her fingers on her and instead got her mouth back on Liz’s pussy.

Ariana had been licking Liz’s clit and Christina impulsively joined her, pulling her sticky fingers off Liz’s slit and lapping at the younger woman’s spread open folds with her tongue before joining Ariana at Liz’s swollen pink clitoris. Having two tongues on her clit was like a jolt of ecstasy to Liz.


And neither of them stopped. While Ariana enjoyed the naughtiness of Victoria licking her from behind, her frenemy’s tongue working over her pussy, and Christina plunged her Liz coated fingers into her own cunt to pleasure herself, they both focused on the busty brunette’s clit to make her come.

Liz called out their names again and again while they licked her pleasure center and it took but a short period of this double clitoral stimulation for Liz to completely lose it.

“FUCKKKKKKK! AHHHHH! FUCKKKK YESSSSSS!” Liz screamed in orgasmic release, her cream coating the tongues of both one of her oldest friends and her newest one. “OHHHHHH YESSSSSS! FUCK ME! YESSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK!”

Ariana delighted in the taste of Liz’s cum. She’d never been much of one for swallowing guy cum. She’d mostly done it out of obligation and to impress when she needed to. But she hungered for the taste of her friend’s sweet, creamy release.

Ariana kept licking at Liz’s clit right along with Christina and tried to get as much of her cum as she could. Ariana wanted to show Christina she would fight for what she wanted, especially when what she wanted was her friend’s yummy taste.

But the thrill of swallowing another woman’s cum wasn’t the only wickedness that Ariana was experiencing because suddenly Victoria Justice was not licking her pussy anymore. Without any warning, Tori had stopped and had instead spread open Ariana’s tight little buns and started exploring a very different hole.

The first lick had made Ariana gasp right into Liz’s pussy and she’d been about to demand that Victoria stop what she was doing. But then the dreamy pleasure had started to overtake her and Ariana found herself unable to do anything but moan out in enjoyment as Victoria began rimming her with more enthusiasm, getting her asshole wet by letting the saliva drip off her tongue into Ariana’s hole and then spreading it around with her tongue.

“Ooooooh Tori? Oooooooh fuckkkk ohhhh my Goddddd!” Ariana gasped. “Oooooh you’re soooo fucking dirty!”

Ariana was in complete disbelief that this was happening to her and having it be Victoria’s tongue responsible for making her feel such ecstasy made it even wilder. She started moaning even louder now, her asshole clenching reflexively over this uninvited licking but then relaxing as Victoria continued to make it feel so good.

“Mmmmm maybe I am dirty but so are you!” Victoria grinned, barely believing what she was doing either. “You’re the one who likes it Ariana! You’re the dirty little slut who’s getting off on having her butthole licked!”

“Ughhh fuckkkk!” Ariana groaned out. “Mmmm don’t stop! Oooooh I can’t believe I’m letting you do this but don’t fucking stop Tori! Lick my fucking butt you dirty girl!”

Ariana had never felt anything like this before. She’d never had her asshole played with at all before now and the idea that it was Victoria out of anyone in the world being the first to touch her virgin hole with her tongue was absolutely insane.

But then again everything about this was insane and Ariana found it very hard right then to think about how mad she was supposed to be at Victoria or about how spoiled and egotistical the former star of their show was and how Victoria was so much less talented than she was. Instead Ariana could only think about how amazing it felt to have Victoria’s tongue licking her asshole and making it wet with naughty spit.

Ariana moaned uncontrollably from it and shut her eyes to let the pleasure completely wash over her. Ariana pulled up from Liz’s pussy, her girl juice making her lips and chin all shiny from how much she’d come. Ariana found herself almost mindlessly licking Liz’s cum off her own lips with greedy swipes of her tongue while feeling tingles rush through her, making her hair on the back of her neck stand up and her toes curl from the sensation of Victoria’s tongue in such a naughty place.

But keeping her eyes closed insured Ariana couldn’t see what was happening. Because Victoria had not just suddenly decided randomly to start giving her a rim job. She had been instructed to do it and Victoria was following her sexy teacher’s guidance to the letter, spreading open Ariana’s tight butt cheeks and really starting to tongue her hole, penetrating her and making Ariana squeal in new pleasure.

Victoria had to admit she was surprised over how much she enjoyed the filthy act of getting her tongue on a girl’s asshole and pushing inside the tight, tiny hole. She had never pictured doing that to anyone, much less Ariana. But she liked it. She liked it a lot.

It was just like how she had never thought she would enjoy the taste of pussy but she’d loved Ariana’s sweet flavor. And just like how she had never thought she could enjoy a woman fucking her with a strap-on and she’d REALLY loved that. Her pussy and ass were still sore from what had happened. So Victoria was definitely learning to love a lot of new things tonight and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

“Mmmmm I always thought you were such a tight ass,” Victoria teased, loving the sound of Ariana moaning while knowing that the girl was feeling pleasure because of her. “I never knew I would find out like this though! Oooooh you have such a tight little ass! Mmmm I always kind of thought you were this frigid little bitch who never did anything fun but I guess I was wrong because you really are a tight ass Ari! But in a good way!”

And Victoria then took things a little further, just like she was instructed to by the erotic whispers going into her ear.

Victoria reached down between her own legs and got her fingers wet from the juice coating her slit. She made her fingertips nice and slick from her own touch and then brought her hand back up to Ariana’s butt while it was right in her face. And, with one hand spreading the girl open, Victoria put the other one to work by sliding one of her fingers gently into Ariana’s puckered ring.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ariana cried, not expecting this penetration either and finding her whole body tensing up with pleasure and nervousness as Victoria pushed into her slowly but steadily, easing her finger up her ass until it was all the way up to the knuckle.

Ariana knew she should stop Victoria. She had always made herself off limits back there. A lot of boyfriends had wanted to play there but she had shot them all down with no exceptions.

But now Ariana was helpless to her own desires. She couldn’t think straight. She couldn’t control herself. She was in total heat and even though she knew this was wrong and that this was way more than she had expected to do with anyone she couldn’t bring herself to move her body away from Victoria’s probing finger or do anything to get the girl to stop.

“Fuck! Ooooooh fuck! Noooo! Ohhhh Tori! Don’t! Ooooooh not there!” Ariana managed to plead, but her voice was full of moans and it was clear she did not mean what she was saying.

“Oooooh you serious Ari? You never had it up the ass before?” Victoria marveled, grinning over the inexperience of her egotistical former co-star while conveniently forgetting that until Rose had cornered her in the kitchen she’d been a backdoor virgin too. “I would have thought you would have been giving out this ass like it was candy. Especially when you were dating all those rappers!”

As she teased Ariana, Victoria kept sliding her finger in and out of the girl’s hole, gently fucking her with one slim digit. She loved how tight Ariana was and it was definitely clear she had never been touched here before.

Ariana’s asshole tried to fight Victoria’s finger off, clenching up and trying to force it out, but Victoria, under the urging of her carnal teacher, made Ariana relax by rubbing her slit too. She took her other hand off of Ariana’s ass and put it on her pussy instead, stimulating the sensitive lips of her labia and making her body loosen up from the pleasure flowing inside her.

“Ughhh God! Ooooooh yesssssss!” Ariana cried, forgetting all about the crack Victoria had just made because the taboo pleasure was so great. “Ooooh forget what I said before! Don’t stop! Mmmmm put your finger in me Tori! Oooooh fuck yes! Finger my butt! Do it while you’re eating my kitty some more!”

But someone else had different plans for Ariana than a mere finger going into her virgin hole and she wasn’t afraid to make her intentions clear, especially since she’d been the one instructing Victoria to go exploring with her tongue and finger.

“Oh I think you can handle a whole lot more than just a finger, Ariana!” Rose teased. “Don’t pretend that you don’t want more either. I know you do! And I’ve got a whole lot more right here!”

Ariana had opened her eyes when she had heard Rose’s relatively unfamiliar voice and realized it wasn’t just her friends playing with her anymore. And those eyes widened with shock when she saw Mr. Snappy between Rose’s legs poised for action. No one had to tell her what Rose’s intentions were for her and she reflexively tensed up and fought her off.

“What? No way! That thing is not going near my ass!” Ariana cried, her voice very nervous as she lost the sense of detached cool she seemed eager to bring to all of her interviews and public appearance. “My ass is way too tiny for that…that thing!”

“His name is Mr. Snappy and you should be nice to him because he’s going to be fucking this tiny little ass,” Victoria grinned, eager to see Ariana go through what she had gone through.

If Ariana only knew how good it felt, she wouldn’t be fighting it at all, Victoria thought.  But she was sure the girl would be singing a different tune very, very soon even though Ariana was actively resisting.

“Mr. Snappy? What kind of name is that? Look, I can get into a lot of this stuff but not that!” Ariana insisted. “I am not about to let you fuck me with that, especially not up the ass! No one’s allowed to fuck me up the ass and I don’t even know you Rose! I’m…mmmmmmphh!”

But Ariana’s protests weren’t allowed to continue any longer, not when Rose decided it was way more fun to shut her up by kissing her right on the lips.

She knew Ariana loved that. She’d seen how she’d gotten into it with the other girls and Rose wanted to show this pop princess that she could kiss way better than Victoria and Liz. Once Ariana let her do that, Rose knew it wouldn’t be long before she fully succumbed to seduction and all it entailed.

And Ariana did find it impossible to fight Rose off. Liz had been a great kisser. She’d been the best Ariana had ever had. But Rose was better. Her lips were so soft and her kiss was the most erotic thing Ariana had ever felt.

Ariana’s instinct had been to try and push Rose away from her so she could see how serious she felt about not getting her ass fucked. But she couldn’t even muster the beginning of a fight against such overpowering eroticism and she just moaned and kissed Rose back.

Ariana loved feeling those experienced lips against hers. Rose’s kiss was so sexy and her pussy purred just from being able to feel their lips together, especially because Victoria was still fingering her asshole and rubbing her labia. There was no way she could fight off pleasure like that and Ariana soon became the aggressor, pushing her tongue into Rose’s mouth as she found herself wanting to deepen the kiss.

Naturally Rose loved getting that kind of reaction from Ariana. It was just what she wanted and she opened her mouth to let Ariana explore it with her tongue. Then she started rubbing her tongue into the singer’s and, as she continued to hear Ariana moan while they kissed, Rose knew she had her.

“Mmmm see Ariana, don’t fight it,” Rose said, breaking the kiss so she could leave Ariana wanting more. “Doesn’t it feel good to have Victoria playing with that tight, virgin hole? Didn’t you like it when she was rimming you back there? Teasing you with her tongue and making your hole all wet?”

“Well yeah…but…” Ariana tried to say, but she was having trouble thinking and it was so hard to refuse anything after a kiss like that while Victoria continued to stimulate her and fill her body with addictive pleasure.

Ariana looked over to Liz to see if her friend could help her but she quickly realized that she was very much occupied now. Liz was flat on her back on the carpet now and Christina was riding her face reverse cowgirl style so she could keep an eye on all the action. Christina’s big tits looked so sexy as they jiggled while she fucked Liz’s tongue but Ariana knew that meant her friend wasn’t going to be any help to her now.

“Don’t try and talk yourself out of what you so clearly want,” Rose said, hearing Ariana’s continued moans from Victoria loosening up her tight hole with her finger. “And don’t be scared.  I’m going to make it feel so fucking good when you let yourself go and let me take that ass! I already fucked Liz and I fucked Tori too! Oooh she was a little priss like you who’d never had it up the ass but I fucked that right out of her and that’s what I’m going to do to you too Ariana!”

“Ooooooh you fucked Liz up her ass?” Ariana moaned, finding herself perversely thrilled at the idea of Rose fucking her like she had fucked her friends, especially Liz.

“Mmmmmhmmm but she was an experienced ass slut before I even got her into bed,” Rose said. “Of course I still gave her the best fucking of her life. Just like I did to Victoria and just like I’m going to do to you! I need to complete the collection after all. So don’t be shy Ariana. You’re going to love it.”

“Ughhhh it sounds so nasty,” Ariana groaned, still feeling Victoria’s finger and knowing she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t love how it felt. Still it was a pretty big leap from one finger to that big toy Rose was wearing.

“Don’t be a priss,” Rose instructed. “Your ass is way too hot to not be getting fucked on a regular basis. Why are you shutting yourself off to the pleasure of a good fucking? Mmmmmm I mean I don’t just love giving it up the ass! I love taking it too! It feels so good and unless you try it you’ll never know just how good it feels!”

Ariana did want to feel good. What she and Liz had done had only made her want more and right then she couldn’t even remember why she had never let a guy fuck her ass. Something about it hurting probably was the reason. But she was becoming so overwhelmed with lust and need that she couldn’t remember specifically.

Ariana found herself wanting it more and more, even though she knew how wrong it would be to let some woman…someone she barely knew…fuck her!

Of course she had always been a fan of Rose’s. Everything from Scream to Jawbreaker had helped warp her young mind and she couldn’t deny that Rose naked and wearing that strap-on was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen, especially when she thought about Rose using that big sex toy on Liz and Victoria.

Ariana had always admired Rose’s beauty and fearlessness and now she felt like maybe it was something a little bit more, perhaps an unacknowledged desire to be taken by the pale-skinned sex goddess and made to do things she would never ordinarily do.

“I dunno…” Ariana said as if she was searching for a reason to say no while hoping someone would give her a reason to say yes.

“It feels so good Ari! I came so fucking hard when Rose fucked my ass!” Victoria said, not to be mean or to tease, but because she honestly wanted Ariana to feel as good as she had when she had gotten fucked. “Mmmm I wish I had felt it before but I’m glad I waited because no man could ever fuck as good as Rose fucked me! Let her do it! Let her pound your ass and make you take it! Let her fill you up and make you her slut! It felt soooooo good!”

“Oooooh!” Ariana moaned when she looked at Victoria over her shoulder and saw in her eyes that her former co-star wasn’t lying. “Mmmmm yessss I wanna feel good too! Mmmm it feels so fucking hot to be a slut!”

“Goddamn right it does,” Rose said with a knowing laugh. “But don’t worry Ariana. I’m not going to hurt you. In fact if you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

For someone who loved being in charge and making sure people knew it, Ariana was feeling mighty submissive right then and she found herself enjoying it. She found herself wanting to be taken and fucked, even in ways she’d never been fucked before.

“Promise?” Ariana asked, her heart thumping in her chest as she felt very vulnerable on her hands and knees, looking at Rose and that big fake dick strapped around her waist.

“Mmmmhmmm I promise,” Rose said as Victoria took her cue and drooled into Ariana’s asshole, a long strand of her saliva dripping down into her hole and getting it even wetter. “But you don’t have to worry about that Ariana. It’s going to hurt a little bit when I first push intro you but then it’s going to start to feel really good and soon you’re going to love it so much that you’re never going to get enough of it!”

That sounded really good to Ariana. After all she had already done so many things tonight she had never done before. What was one more? Everything else had already felt incredible. Maybe this would too and Rose had promised to stop if she didn’t like it. So Ariana didn’t fight her advances off anymore. Now she let them happen.

“Turn her over,” Rose ordered, using Victoria as her newest disciple and the brunette quickly did exactly what Rose wanted, turning Ariana’s naked body over onto her back.

Ariana moaned in anticipation and nervousness as she was repositioned. She didn’t even realize that her hand unconsciously went between her own legs to play with her pussy. She rubbed her pussy lips as she lay back and watched with baited breath as Rose moved over to her and pulled open her legs to spread her holes. Rose grinned when she saw her prey and Ariana moaned when she witnessed the older woman lick her lips.

“Mmmm this is just what I wanted for Christmas,” Rose said before taking Mr. Snappy by the shaft and smacking it against Ariana’s asshole, making her wince and moan. “I saw that episode of your show where you were all dressed up like little Christmas hos and it turned me on. I knew I had to have all three of you. Just two wasn’t going to cut it. I had to fuck each and every one of you. And now you’re all mine Ariana! I’m going to fuck your ass with my toy just like I fucked your friends! I fucked Liz and Tori with Mr. Snappy and this fuck stick is fresh right out of Katy Perry’s ass too! I fucked them all Ariana and you’re next!”

Ariana barely had a chance to wrap her mind around the fact that a sex toy that had just fucked Katy Perry was about to defile her too. That made it seem even hotter and dirtier and she liked that. But as soon as she felt the plastic head of Rose’s fake cock poking against her hole, every other thought in her head disappeared.

Rose was about to penetrate her with that plastic monster, something no guy had ever done, and while Ariana knew she should have been telling her no, she just couldn’t force the word out. Instead all she could do was moan as Rose began pushing slowly inside her.

“Ughhhh! Ohhhhhh! Fuckkkkk!” Ariana cried as her ass was taken for the first time. “Ooooh that’s so fucking big!”

“Mmmmmhmmm it feels so big in your ass! At first you think you can’t possibly take it but she keeps forcing it in and soon you realize you don’t want her to stop!” Victoria said from experience as she tried to help Ariana feel good by licking her rock hard nipples. “Once you get used to it you’ll only want Rose to fuck you harder and deeper and make you into her slut!”

“Yessssss! Mmmm make it feel good! Pleaaaase!” Ariana groaned as more of the plastic cock pushed into her virginal hole.

It hurt to be taken like this and her body stiffened up like her hole wanted to resist what was happening to her. But Ariana didn’t want to tell Rose to stop even though she knew she could. She’d gone farther than she’d ever thought about going before and Ariana wanted to go even further than that.

“It’s going to feel so fucking good, baby!” Rose assured the girl while she pushed into her, sliding another inch of black plastic up Ariana’s tight hole. “Mmmm you’ve got such a tight ass! I fucking love it! I love feeling that tight little fuckhole wrapping around my toy! Your ass is mine now Ariana! I’m fucking popping your cherry like I popped Tori’s! Both of you are going to be my ass fucked sluts now just like Liz!”

And that was something Ariana wanted to hear. The thought that she wasn’t alone in this, that Liz had done it too and that she had enjoyed it and come from it and wanted more was so erotic. Even thinking about Victoria getting her princess ass fucked made Ariana hot.

It definitely hurt to have her hole stretched like this when all she had ever felt before had been Victoria’s finger. But Ariana could see exactly what they meant about it starting to feel good. She could feel her body starting to adjust to this unfamiliar penetration and she could feel herself starting to like it.

“OHHHHHH!” Ariana squealed loudly when Rose hit a sensitive spot. “OOOOH FUCK ME ROSE! OOOOH FUCK ME!”

The plastic pushed in deeper and Ariana felt a surge of pleasure and energy rush through her. Her hole was starting to relax and instead of fighting the invader, it was starting to welcome it in and she found herself wanting more of Rose. She wanted Mr. Snappy to go deeper and do it faster and it was turning Ariana on immensely.

Ariana was rubbing her own cunt as Rose thrust her toy into her, her hand furiously touching herself as the pleasure coursed through her. She had never felt anything like this before. She’d been with some skilled male lovers before but none of them had ever fucked her with a real cock quite like Rose was fucking her with a fake one.

Suddenly Ariana felt herself experiencing exactly what Victoria had. She felt the sensation that she had missed out all those years by not getting her ass fucked but also the happiness that she had waited for someone like Rose to do it.

Each thrust into her ass felt better and better. Ariana was getting more into it by the second and Rose capitalized, pushing in harder and deeper. She didn’t go in too forcefully and she let Ariana adjust to the size and girth of Mr. Snappy.

Doing it that way allowed for the ecstasy to overwhelm any pain Ariana might have still have been experiencing. It was making Ariana dizzy even though she was lying on her back with her legs open and her ass so vulnerable as it was filled up.

“Ughhhh yesssssssssss oooooooh fuckkkk I can’t believe I like this!” Ariana groaned out in ecstasy. “Oooooh you’re making me so dirty Rose! Mmmm fuckkk I’m such a dirty little slutty baby gawwwwwwd fuckkkkk! Ooooh fuck me Rose! Fuck my ass! Mmmmm fuck make me such a dirty girl that I’m going to want to get fucked in my ass all the time now!”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do!” Rose promised, pushing in harder and with a faster pace, one that allowed Ariana the glorious view of Rose’s large, pale breasts jiggling while she thrust into her. “But you’re not going to want to want just anyone to fuck this ass, are you Ariana? No, those lame boys you date just aren’t going to cut it anymore! You’re going to need girls to fuck this ass! Just like Tori is! You two are going to be slutty little lesbos just like Liz! Mmmm you’re going to have so much fun with each other now kissing and licking and fucking! Mmmm your ass is so fucking hot Ariana! I’m going to want to take this tight little hole again baby and you’re going to want it too! You’re always going to want me to fuck your ass now!”

And Ariana could hardly disagree. The pleasure she was feeling now as more of the cock pushed into her, stretching her out and filling her while stimulating pleasure centers she had never acknowledged until now, was making any reluctance she had felt silly in hindsight.

“Yessssssss!” Ariana cried, her powerful voice starting to really carry. “OOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck me Rose! Mmmm I’ll only want girls to fuck me now! Ughhh you can fucking fuck my butt anytime you want Rose! Just make it good! Oooooh gawwwd I’m never going to want another dumb guy again! I’ll just fuck girls just like you want me to! Mmmm I wanna fuck Liz all the time now! Even Tori! Ooooh she’s soooo hot just like you are! I want to fuck you all like I’m a total lesbo slut!”

“I want that too!” Victoria immediately replied, admitting something she had never thought she would say.

Everything had changed for her since she’d arrived at this crazy place. Victoria was saying things and thinking things and, most importantly, doing things she had never thought she would ever do. And she didn’t want to stop.

“I want to fuck you all the time now Ari!” Victoria said. “Mmmm I loved tasting your pussy! Ooooh I even loved shoving my tongue into that cute little butt of yours! Mmm I’m turning into a nasty fucking slut and I love it! I want to be slutty with you and Liz and every fucking girl here! I want it all!”

Rose loved how she had made these two tight ass princesses into total hedonists. And she wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. She knew she had a lot more tricks to show these newbies and she was sure she was going to have plenty of help with it too as she watched Christina bouncing on Liz’s tongue, humping the busty brunette’s face while Liz fingered herself, getting her pussy freshly creamy from how much she loved the taste of Christina’s girly flavor soaking her tongue.

“Don’t just say what you want to do to each other! Fucking do it!” Rose commanded while picking up the pace of her thrusts into Ariana’s newly accommodating asshole. “Show me how kinky you two can really be! You’re not little prissy girls anymore! You’re dirty fucking whores and you need to show me how dirty you two bitches can be!”

And that got an immediate response from Ariana. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have that plastic dick driving into her ass, stretching her no longer virginal hole open and making her love the feel of those inches filling her up and making her squeal and pant while ecstasy rushed through her. It made her want more. It made Ariana want to indulge in every one of her desires, even if she’d kept them secret before.

She wanted her friends, old and new, to see how naughty she really could be.

“Mmmmm yesssss I’m a dirty bitch! Gawwwd I can be so fucking kinky just like you! Ughhh gawwd lemme show you how kinky Tori!” Ariana pleaded, her famous little voice getting ragged and desperate as each thrust from Rose felt better than the last one. “Mmmm gawd Tori you have such nice feet! Mmmm I wanna taste them! I wanna suck your toesies!”

At first Victoria wasn’t sure she had heard Ariana correctly. In fact she was pretty sure she hadn’t just said what she has thought she said. Her feet? Her toes? Was Ariana being serious? But the girl showed that she was when she repeated herself and opened her mouth wide.

“Mmmmm put them right here Tori,” Ariana moaned, extending her tongue and sticking it out while her tiny body giggled as she shook from the hard pounding she was receiving from Rose. “Shove them into my mouth! I want to suck your toes! Please let me taste them!”

Victoria was so taken aback by this unexpected request that she had no idea how to react. She had never heard anything like that before. But being shocked by what Ariana was asking actually turned her on. And since she was already completely willing to press her vagina right to Ariana’s face, Victoria told herself that it was hardly any less weird to let the girl’s tongue taste her foot instead.

“You sure?” Victoria asked. But those doubts were further eased when Ariana enthusiastically nodded her head.

“Mmmmm so fucking sure!” Ariana said. “I love when my toesies get sucked on! Mmmmm I looooove when someone rubs and kisses all over my bare feet mmmmm fuckkk it gets me soooooooo wet! I love feeling a tongue licking all over my feet and my toes and I love doing it to guys too! They get so wigged out by it though! Mmm they think it’s gross. But you’re not gonna think that, are you Tori? Mmmm you’re gonna show me what a hot slut you are and let me taste a girl’s toesies for the first time ever! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!”

The sexy, bratty side of Ariana Grande had made her a fortune and a huge musical success and through the years it had both entertained and annoyed Victoria. But now Victoria kind of found it irresistible.

This was really weird and Victoria didn’t know what to do so she simply gave up worrying about it and just went with the flow. She sat back and felt that soft carpeting against her bare ass while she extended her legs and brought her feet right up against Ariana’s face.

The tiny girl let out an excited squeal when she got what she wanted and, while gasping and moaning away from Rose’s continued dirty thrusts up her loosening asshole, Ariana grabbed onto Victoria’s legs by her ankles and began showering kisses all over the soles of her bare feet.

And the reaction from Victoria to this very new kind of touch was instantaneous.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh my Goddddddddddd!” Victoria said, moaning and giggling as she suddenly felt a pair of wet lips kissing all over her bare feet. “Ooooooh Ari! Oooooh fuck yessssss! You are a kinky little baby slut!”

Victoria had never experienced anything like this and it sent a taboo thrill through her. Before she even realized what she was doing, Victoria was reaching between her legs and touching herself, rubbing her fingers against her wet, sensitive pussy lips while Ariana made the soles of her feet wet.

“Mmmmmhmmm told you I was!” Ariana grinned and moaned at the same time, both from what Rose was doing to her and the wicked pleasure she got out of trying something this naughty with another girl, especially Victoria. “Mmmmmm I’m sooooo dirty and bad! I’m a bad baby and I wanna make your feet all wet mmmm kissing all over your pretty feet Tori and mmmmm wanna suck your toesies too!

And by now, Victoria was through questioning this or wondering what was happening. She just wanted it to feel good.

“Do it! C’mon you slut! Show me how dirty you are, slutty baby!” Victoria moaned, dipping her fingers into her own honeypot and touching herself while Ariana made her whole body tingle with new pleasure. “Mmmmm suck those toes! I’ve never done this before! Mmmm make me like it! Make me as big a slut as you are, Ariana!”

Ariana moaned, humming her pleasure while she opened her mouth to suck Victoria’s toes in. She had done this with guys before, sucking on their feet like she was supposed to suck on their cocks but they had always had to be coaxed into it, save for a few very adventurous men she’d been with. But what Ariana really loved was having her own toes sucked.

She loved it when a guy did that to her and made her toes and feet all wet and naughty. Seeing all these gorgeous female bodies fucking and licking everywhere was making Ariana want to explore more than just her growing lust for pussy. Ariana had wanted to try giving out what she loved receiving and taste a sexy set of girl toes.

Having it be Victoria made it feel dirtier for her and Ariana loved that. She had already gone so far, lezzing out for the first time and then letting Rose take her anal virginity. She was turning into a total slut and she didn’t want to stop. Ariana wanted to explore deeper and get kinkier and be nastier. And she wanted to do it by tasting all over Victoria’s toes.

Ariana loved hearing Victoria moan from fingering herself while her toes got wet from her tongue. She started to really let the saliva flow, letting it drip over the girl’s bright red painted nails, tasting Victoria’s perfectly pedicured nails and loving how smooth and tasty they were in her mouth.

Ariana moaned heavily too, drooling onto Victoria’s foot as the wetness dripped out of her mouth and onto her toes, making them slick while she sucked on them. Ariana could feel Victoria wiggle her toes in her mouth and she saw how the wetter she got the girl’s toes, the harder Victoria fingered herself.

“Mmmmmm yessss play with your kitty! Mmmmm finger that slutty fuck hole for me!” Ariana moaned, gasping as her head spun from Rose so thoroughly taking her no longer virgin hole while she continued to indulge in the forbidden pleasure of her previously hidden foot fetish. “Yessss do it Tori! Show me how much you like it when I suck your toesies! Mmmmm when I make them wet and messy and get my drool all over your pretty foot!”

“Ughhh ughhh mmmmm fuckk it feels REALLY good!” Victoria cooed, not believing how much she was enjoying it. “Your lips feel sooooo nice Ari mmmmm fuckkk sucking my toes into your naughty, wet mouth! Mmmm you’re making me so turned on! Making my pussy so fucking wet!”

Ariana loved what she was doing to Victoria and how much she was turning her on. She pulled her mouth off the girl’s toes and stopped sucking them, but only so she could start licking them instead.

She ran her tongue all over the wiggling toes, licking them thoroughly and even sliding in between her toes while Victoria moaned in lust. It seemed like there wasn’t an inch of Victoria’s toes that Ariana wasn’t licking and the touch of her tongue on her feet stimulated her immensely.

Licking Victoria’s toes and hearing her pant and moan from it made Ariana not just want to give, though. She also wanted to receive. And she didn’t hesitate to demand it either. While Rose continued to pound her asshole into ecstasy, Ariana extended her leg and got Victoria to play along with her by shoving her foot right into her open mouth while she was in the middle of moaning.

“You do it too!” Ariana commanded the very surprised brunette, who at first reflexively pulled her mouth away from the girl’s foot. “Suck my toesies Tori! Mmmm make them all wet like my pussy is! Oooooh I want to feel you suck them! Pleaaaaaase!”

This was all making Victoria dizzy. All of this was crazy. None of this was anything she would ever have done had she been sober. Lesbian sex? Anal sex? This wasn’t what good girls did. And she was a good girl…at least she had been.

Now she was feeling like a bad girl and it was so liberating. It made her want to try things she’d never done before and when Ariana continued to whine and beg for attention and rub her foot against her face, Victoria succumbed.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had heard Ariana say “please” or even if she ever had before. And it was the way she was begging and the way that smooth foot felt brushing up against her cheek and the way that Victoria loved feeling Ariana’s saliva dripping down her toes and her bare foot that made her want to break yet another taboo she never would have dreamed about breaking before.

Before she could talk herself out of it, Victoria opened her mouth and started sucking on Ariana’s toes. She nervously closed her lips around them at first, not sure if she was going to like it, but she relaxed when she realized how comparatively mild it was to have toes in her mouth.

After all, she’d sucked on fingers in a sexual way. Hell, she’d sucked cock! How were toes any worse than that? And, with that in her mind further relaxing her, Victoria started to suck on Ariana’s toes, returning the favor of what the girl was doing to her.

“Yesssssssss Tori yesssssssssssssss!” Ariana groaned, now having two intense sources of pleasure rocking her little body. “Mmmmm gawwwwd suck them! Suck my toesies! Ooooooh yesssssssss drool alllll over them! Mmmmm I wanna feel your spit dripping down my bare foot! Get slutty for me Tori! Be a naughty little toe slut like I am!”

“Mmmmm I knew you girls were nasty little sluts deep down,” Rose laughed, savoring the descent into lust fueled madness for Victoria and Ariana. “And you’d better be if you’re going to be with us! No little prissy princesses allowed here. You have to be hot and slutty to get into the mansion. Mmmmm and now both of you little bitches are getting initiated. Once you give your ass up to me you’re fucking mine! You’re both my little slutty playthings now!”

“Oooooh yessssssssssssss!” Ariana eagerly squealed, happy to give up all the control she so tightly held onto in every other area of her life if it meant more of this. “Fuck me Rose! I’m yours! Ooooooh gawwwwd fuck my little ass and make me feel gooooooood! OOOOH YESSSS UGHHH FUCKKK HARDERRRR! MMMMM STUFF MY BUTT WITH YOUR DICK! YESSSS MAKE ME AND TORI YOUR SLUTTY BITCHES OOOOOH FUCKKKK OOOOOOOOOH!”

“Yesss you toe sucking whore you’re my little bitch!” Rose immediately agreed. “Fucking perverts! Only dirty fuck sluts like you two have nasty foot fetishes! Suck each other’s cute little feet like the fuck sluts you are! Show me how much you want it! Mmmm you’re my fuck toys now! I own your tight little Nickelodeon asses and you’re never going to want your fucking boyfriends again! All you’re going to want is hot, wet pussy and the only cock you need now is Mr. Snappy!”

Ariana was hard pressed to disagree. She hadn’t thought about her boyfriend in forever. And why would she? All of this was making her feel way more pleasure than he ever could.

Liz had made her come harder than he ever could and Ariana was more inclined right then to want her longtime friend to be her girlfriend than to go back to his dick. After all, who could want that when she could have Mr. Snappy? The name made her giggle but the feel of the big, thick plastic up her ass made her moan and pant and feel like she was going to explode from ecstasy.

Ariana lay back on the floor, feeling the rug chafing her ass cheeks but not caring a bit if she got rug burn on every bit of her backside. She didn’t care about anything but coming. And she knew she was about to come.

Having Tori’s mouth on her toes and thinking about how kinky it was to make that prissy brat all slutty for her toes was just as big a rush as what Rose was doing to her and Ariana REALLY loved what Rose was doing to her.


Rose was very impressed by how Ariana’s tiny body could take it. This girl definitely liked cock and there was no cock more powerful than Mr. Snappy. Rose knew that from every ultra-satisfied girl she had ever fucked the brains out of as well as from those rare times she had been on the receiving end of her own toy and had her own brains scrambled completely by the thick, long black plastic.

And Ariana seemed very eager to have those cute brains of hers fucked out. She wasn’t just begging for it, she was moving her body to meet the thrusts inside her ass, letting more of Mr. Snappy push inside her no longer virginal hole.

“Mmmmm yesssss you’re going to get every fucking inch!” Rose promised, slapping Ariana’s beautiful bite-sized titties and making the lithe girl squeal out even louder from pleasure. “Your ass is mine now Ariana! I own that tight little booty of yours just like I own Liz and Tori’s asses! Your ass isn’t cherry anymore Ariana! Now it’s just another fuck hole for me to use! Take it you horny bitch! Take Snappy right up your fucking ass while you suck on Tori’s toes! Ooooh you two look so hot slobbering all over each other’s feet! I’ll have to introduce you two to Reese! She loves that shit! She’ll have you bitches sucking her toes like you’re her fuck slaves in no time mmmm and I’ll be right behind you both spanking those tight butts and shoving Mr. Snappy into you and loosening you up even more!”

“Ohhhhh fuck yesssssssssssss!” Victoria hissed when she heard that.

Suddenly the thought of being bent over on all fours to suck on Reese Witherspoon’s toes and lick her bare feet while Rose was in back of her spanking her and fucking her ass again and again was all she wanted in the world. Victoria would never have thought that way before but this place was changing her, perverting her and making her into a total slut. And she loved it!

“Make me nasty!” Victoria pleaded before she fulfilled her own wish by spitting onto Ariana’s foot and then sucking her own saliva right off her toes. “Mmmmm fuckkk I don’t want to be a fucking priss! Make me a total slut Rose! Oooooh yessssss I love sucking toes and getting my ass fucked! Make me into a slutty fucking lesbian like the rest of you! Fuck my ass and my pussy and my mouth and make me love it! Make me lick all of your hot pussies! Ooooh I’ve never done that gawwwwd I let you fuck my ass but I never tasted your pussy Rose! I want that! Mmm I want to lick you and make you come in my mouth and I want to lick Liz and even Ariana and ughhhh fuck I want to lick every goddamn girl here and show them I’m a dirty fucking horny lez and not some boring good girl princess! I’ll suck Reese’s toes like I’m sucking Ari! I’ll lick your toes too Rose! Mmm I’ll put my tongue in your pussy and even in your butt! Mmmm make me into your nasty girl doing whatever dirty fucking thing you want! I’ll even suck your big cock right out of Ariana’s ass like you made me do after you fucked me!”

Rose liked that idea. She liked it a lot. In fact she liked it so much that she pulled Mr. Snappy out of Ariana, leaving the girl empty and deprived. But Rose didn’t pay attention to Ariana’s anguished cries of need when she was denied more of Mr. Snappy. She instead grabbed Victoria by the back of her head and forced her down onto Mr. Snappy, making the girl keep her word and suck Ariana’s taste fresh out of her ass.

Victoria gasped when Rose took a clump of her hair in her hand and forced her strap-on into her mouth. She had made the offer in the heat of passion and had not actually expected Rose to take her up on it, especially not so soon.

But despite her natural inclination being to resist, Victoria was able to stifle her own instincts and instead made herself respond like the little slut she badly wanted to be turned into.

Opening wide, Victoria swallowed Mr. Snappy into her mouth, sucking it even more wantonly than she had before. She felt so much dirtier doing it too. It wasn’t her own ass this time that was coating the thick, fake cock. It was Ariana’s!

Oh God, she was sucking the taste of Ariana Grande off it! She really was some kind of slutty whore now! But it felt so good and Victoria unconsciously found herself fingering her own pussy while she sucked on Rose’s toy and tasted another girl’s ass all over it.

“Good girl! Mmmmm yessss that’s it! Suck it deep! Show me how much you love that cock!” Rose moaned, forcing the younger girl’s head down onto her favorite toy and loving how the black inches of the plastic disappeared past Victoria’s lips as she obediently slurped it and let it fill her mouth. “Mmmmm yessss you’re not even fucking choking on it, are you? Oooooh does your boyfriend know you’re such a slutty cocksucker and how much you love swallowing dick? I’ll bet he doesn’t because you don’t really want his boring, tiny dick anymore, do you Tori? Mmmm you only want what I fucking have! A hot, wet cunt that needs licking and a hard, fake cock that’ll never go soft!”

Victoria practically melted into a puddle of illicit arousal when she heard that, fingering herself even harder and making her pussy squish from the penetration. Rose was saying such mean things about her boyfriend and she was getting off on them. Victoria knew that made her awful but she couldn’t help it, not when what Rose was saying sounded so good.

God, she really didn’t want his cock anymore. Mr. Snappy was so much bigger and harder! She wanted to suck Ariana’s ass off it and then have Rose pound her again with it and make her feel like a loose, gaping slut out of some porno movie.

And Victoria didn’t just want the plastic inches of the fake cock stuffing her pussy and her ass. She also wanted to taste Rose. She found herself hungering for the taste of the gorgeous woman’s pussy and how juicy and wet she had to be.

Victoria wanted that taste all over her tongue and she wanted to lick Liz and Ariana and every beautiful girl there. She couldn’t think about her boyfriend’s dick anymore and being faithful or any kind of a good girlfriend. She just wanted to be a dirty cheating bitch and be a total lez slut and have Rose and all her friends fuck her until she passed out from it.

Victoria wetly slurped on Mr. Snappy, finding the taboo taste of Ariana’s fucked ass exhilarating to feel on her tongue. She was being so bad and she never wanted it to end. Victoria even tried taking the long, thick plastic pole down her throat, something she had never attempted with her boyfriend’s flesh and blood cock.

But when she did try that, her gag reflex started to kick in and she found herself choking on the plastic invader in her mouth. And when Victoria started to really get her toy wet with her spit, Rose aggressively pulled it out and gave it a smack against Victoria’s lips sending saliva flying onto her face.

Rose giggled when she saw how the slap against Victoria’s face made her nose wet and even get a little of her own snarf into her hair. The girl was looking up at her with such sexy, submissive eyes that Rose knew she would have gladly taken smack after smack of the hard shaft against her lips and begged for more.

She had Victoria right where she wanted her and Rose knew it. So she also knew she didn’t have to do anything more to her and instead she turned her focus back to Ariana as the girl begged for attention.

“Please Rose please! Fuck my ass more!” Ariana whimpered, desperate to be finished off. “Mmmmmm jam that big, fake fuckstick right into my slutty butthole and fuck me! Oooooh I never would have let a guy do this to me but you can do any nasty thing you want to me! Please just fuck me! Fuck me in my nasty ass and make me love it! Do me like you did Liz and Tori!  Make all of us your little fuck dollies! Oooooh I know you wanna complete your little collection of all of us! Mmmm fuck me like you fucked them and make me commmme!”

Rose contemplated making the spoiled superstar beg and whine some more. She knew that girls like Ariana were used to being catered to 24/7 and loved having their every whim met as soon as they wanted it. So it was fun hearing her plead and seeing the naked little minx squirm and keep her legs spread open so Rose could get a lewd view of the effect she’d already had on Ariana’s no longer virginal asshole. But it was even more fun to get this girl off and make Ariana into a devoted little fuckslut.

Liz was too strong to ever be fully broken, but Victoria was already eager to be her little plaything and it looked like Ariana was right on the verge too. Rose did want all three of them to be her willing sluts and taking Ariana and fucking that little spoiled brat into submission was too delicious to even think of waiting.

So Rose repositioned herself and took her cock, now shiny with Victoria’s spit and pushed it back into Ariana’s waiting asshole.

“Mmmmm is this what the baby wants?” Rose grinned, responding to Ariana’s perverted desires, while shoving the toy back into her forcefully. “Mmmm does she want mean Rose to buttfuck her like a bitch?”


Ariana cried and gasped and loved every second of Rose shoving Mr. Snappy back into her ass. She’d left her hole raw and it was even better to feel the hard plastic being pushed inside now.

Ariana eagerly shoved herself back up against Rose’s thrusts, wanting as much of her cock in her hole as possible. Ariana had kept her ass as a carefully guarded off limits place to any guy who had ever wanted it, but now she wanted to give it all up to Rose and any other girl who wanted to fuck it.


Victoria watched it all with total lust in her gaze. She had never expected anyone like Ariana could ever turn her on but right now her pussy was just as wet for her former co-star turned rival as it was for Rose.

All of these girls were so beautiful. Victoria loved seeing Rose get kinky with Ariana and she loved seeing Liz getting kinky with Christina. The pop superstar was grinding her pierced cunt right into Liz’s face while reaching down to smack the girl’s big, jiggling tits and Victoria drooled over the sight of both of their amazing naked bodies.

It was all so hot and Victoria wanted to make it hotter. She kept her eyes on Ariana as the girl cried out again and again from the pleasure and came up with a devilish idea to indulge in the naughty fetish Ariana had shared with her.

“Mmmmm you’re such a slut Ari!” Victoria moaned, repositioning herself so she was sitting back on the floor and extending her leg. “But I’m a slut now too! I can be even dirtier than you are!”

Feeling nervous but also really excited as she took this totally impetuous action, Victoria took the foot that Ariana had just been licking and rubbed it against her former co-star’s pussy. Ariana was spread open for Rose’s hard thrusts up her ass and that left her cunt splayed too, making it easy for Victoria to rub the bare, saliva slicked sole of her foot right against Ariana’s slit.

And the reaction to Victoria’s kinky action was immediate.

“Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!” Ariana groaned, shivering with pleasure, the sound coming out of her like a sexy release of breath. “Yessssssssssssssssss do it Tori! Ooooooh fuckkk that’s sooooo naughty! Ooooooh yesssssssss! C’mon! Show me how dirty you are! Do it you slut! YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK MEEEEE! YESSSSS! DO IT TORIIII!”

“You kinky fucking perv!” Victoria grinned, loving Ariana’s reaction from rubbing her foot against the girl’s vagina, the feeling of those juices all over her bare foot and especially her toes creating a thrill Victoria never expected to feel. “This is so hot! Oooooh gawwd we’re being sooooo dirty Ariana! Mmmm your pussy feels so good against my foot! So hot and wet! You gonna come slutty baby? Gonna come from Rose fucking your ass like she fucked mine? Gonna come from me playing with your kitty with my foot?”


“Ughhh ohhh my God mmmmmm I’m being so slutty!” Victoria moaned in disbelief and total arousal as she did what her frenemy wanted.

She didn’t just rub Ariana’s drooling pussy lips with her foot. Instead she penetrated her with her toes.

Victoria couldn’t believe what she was doing but it felt so good. She slid her toes into Ariana’s pussy and began fucking her with them, feeling an intense rush of pleasure flow through her from how those juices felt coating her toes.

Ariana was so wet for her. Victoria had never felt anything like this in her life but it was such a total rush to act so kinky. She loved how Ariana’s warm, squishy kitty felt all over her toes and how Ariana’s folds tightly wrapped around them, giving her painted toes a new layer of glaze.

She could feel Ariana’s clit swollen and throbbing right against her toes and Victoria rubbed it, taking her with her foot the way she would usually take herself with her fingers. It was like she was masturbating Ariana with her foot and it was insane, but so, SO good.

Victoria loved feeling this. She loved making Ariana feel good. She loved bringing pleasure to another woman. She loved being slutty.

“Come for me Ari! Come from my toes shoved right into your naughty little pussy!” Victoria said. “Come from being fucked by Rose! I want to feel you come all over my toes! Come from me rubbing into your clit with my toes! Get them all wet and creamy with your cum! I want to feel it squishing between my toes as you come hard like a slut for us!”

“Don’t fucking hold back!” Rose demanded, her big tits bouncing with each hard thrust into the naked girl beneath her. “Show me how much you love me popping your little cherry! Show me how much you love being fucked! Show me what a good fucking slut you’re going to be for me!”

And Ariana wanted to be a good slut. She’d never felt pleasure like this before. Sex with men had never been this good. It had been so wonderful to fuck Liz and experiment with her friend. It had been so loving and sensual and perfect. But this was so nasty and unrestrained and amazing too. She loved everything that was happening to her.

She’d never felt a cock up her ass. She’d never even felt toes inside her pussy. All she’d ever done was lick and suck feet and beg to have her own treated so erotically too. This was all so new and so sexy and hot. Ariana couldn’t have held back even if she’d wanted to.


Ariana’s voice sounded like she was going to hit all those notes she was so adept at in singing. But this time it would be in orgasmic cries. She never got the chance to really scream as loudly as she wanted to, though.

Because almost as soon as she started to come, Liz swooped in and passionately kissed her friend, silencing Ariana’s screams and feeding the girl the taste of Christina’s fuck juices from all over her lips and tongue.

Ariana immediately kissed back too, loving the taste of Christina’s sloppy orgasm all over Liz’s face. She tasted the sugary sweetness of Christina’s naughty cum and kissed back her longtime friend with total devotion to her and this new pleasure she was experiencing.

Ariana and Liz’s tongues rubbed together as they kissed and Liz’s hands caressed Ariana’s tits as the girl shook in rapture from coming, her screams disappearing right into her kiss with Liz.

It had been such a crazy thrill for Liz to have Christina Aguilera fucking her face. She’d been such an admirer of hers, both musically and physically. And of course she’d heard the stories about what she and Britney Spears were really like. But hearing something was entirely different than not only seeing it, but tasting it.

Christina’s pussy had been delicious and Liz had eagerly gotten into the spirit of the orgy by shoving her tongue into it and licking the pierced pop icon to a creamy climax all over her face.

But even with Christina being such a sexy distraction, Liz couldn’t resist her friends. It was so hot and wild to see Ariana and Victoria get kinky like this. She never could have imagined they would ever act like this.

It was so amazing and so utterly arousing. Liz had never been as turned on in her life than she was at this place, seeing her friends fuck and get fucked and she had to get back involved.

She and Ariana passionately kissed and Liz cuddled against her friend, pressing their naked bodies together, as Ariana came. Ariana’s perfect little tits felt so nice in her hands and Liz loved kissing the girl and feeling that eager tongue rub into hers. Plus to have both Rose and Victoria fucking Ariana in such taboo ways made it even hotter and Liz loved holding Ariana to her while the girl quivered in her orgasmic fervor.

And when Ariana was finally done with her release, Liz found herself feeling naughty and she broke the kiss to make sure Ariana was ready to take things to another level.

“Now you have to taste yourself Ari, just like I did,” Liz said sensually to her friend. “Open wide and swallow that cock! Suck the toy that just fucked your virgin ass! Mmmm I sucked it clean after Rose fucked my ass and now I want to see you do the same thing!”

“Oooooh I did it too!” Victoria replied, pulling herself back from Ariana and loving the way Ariana’s cum was all over her toes, coating them completely and making them slick as she wiggled them and rubbed them together. “Mmmm I sucked Mr. Snappy and tasted my own virgin ass all over it and it was soooooo hot!”

“Mmmmhmmm and I just saw you tasting Ari’s ass too so I know I’m not the only horny slut here who takes it up the butt,” Liz laughed. “So how about it Ariana? Ready to be a bad girl like me and suck your own ass off a strap-on?”

Rose didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. She knew there was no way Ariana was going to refuse and besides it was hotter to see the girl’s friends coax her into wanton sluttiness. Rose just slowly eased Mr. Snappy out of Ariana’s now gaping asshole and waited for the answer she knew was coming while admiring what she’d done to the girl’s previously virgin hole.

“Mmmmm yessssssss! I wanna taste myself!” Ariana cooed out, floating so high from the pleasure of her orgasm that she felt as though she had passed Cloud Nine a long time ago and was headed far above it. “Put it right in my mouth Rose! Mmmm I want to be slutty! I’m such a good little slutty baby! Feed me my own ass! Let me suck that big dick! Mmmm fuck it’s the only cock I want now!”

“Goddamn right it is,” Rose laughed in triumph before grabbing Mr. Snappy by its shaft, feeling the lube and ass covered toy all slick and slippery just how she liked it.

She gripped it tightly and guided the black, cock-shaped plastic right into Ariana’s waiting mouth where the girl eagerly swallowed it, showing no hesitation as she began sucking her own flavor off.

“This is only kind of cock you’re going to need now Ariana!” Rose insisted. “You and Tori are going to be good little lezzies now just like your friend Liz! No more boyfriends! Just girlfriends!”

Victoria and Ariana were hardly in a position to argue, especially when the memory of her own anal defilement by Rose still fresh in Victoria’s mind. And what could Ariana say to deny it when she was wetly sucking Mr. Snappy into her mouth, pushing Rose’s hand away so she could wrap her own small hand around the toy’s girth and feed herself the plastic inches.

Ariana loved tasting her own ass and since she couldn’t get it very far down her throat, she concentrated on the head and first few inches of the toy, savoring it as she thought about how it had been the part of Snappy that had been deepest up her ass.

Liz watched in full arousal as Ariana sucked the taste of her own ass off Mr. Snappy, knowing she had done the same thing. She was so fixated on Ariana that she barely even noticed how Christina had crawled over naked and pushed Victoria down flat on her back so she could push her face right into her pussy and start licking her.

And Liz didn’t notice either how Victoria responded to Christina Aguilera going down on her by getting her first ever taste of pussy too. Putting aside all their differences, Victoria started to lick at Ariana’s still dripping pink fuckbox.

But Rose certainly noticed and so did someone else, someone who had never seen anything like this before in her young life and who wondered if she was even awake anymore. Because she believed that nothing like this could be really happening.

It had to be a dream. It was too crazy for it to be real.

What she was seeing was absolutely insane. She was staring at women she knew from their world-wide fame, women whom she wanted to emulate, women whom she wanted to have the same success and they were all…well there was no way to describe what they were doing but fucking!

Oh God, they were fucking like this was some kind of crazy porno and she had no idea what to do about it!

Part of her wanted to run away. Part of her wanted to hide. Part of her wanted to think again, for the thousandth time, about how she had ended up here when all she had expected to have was a date with a guy tonight.

But she did none of those things and when Rose looked up at her and locked eyes with her, she gasped because it was then that she became sure that whatever had all of these beautiful women in its grasp now had her too.

Rose looked at her with the eyes of a sensual predator and it filled her with instant terror but also something more. And it dawned on her right then that she wanted this to happen. She had wanted to be caught.

She was absolutely done for now and Olivia Holt knew it!


Ever since she had arrived at the party, Olivia Holt had felt like exactly what she was…an uninvited guest. Of course no one had seemed to mind that she was there, but that was only because everyone at the party had become too occupied with something else…each other!

Olivia had felt at first like she was never going to be able to get her jaw off the floor. Almost as soon as she had arrived with her friends she had seen Selena Gomez and Emma Watson start to make out and then Katy Perry and Rihanna doing it too and then seeing them start to have a three-way kiss with Britney Spears had been even crazier.

And then when she had started seeing Taylor Swift and Emma Stone kissing, Olivia had known she had somehow fallen into the rabbit’s hole and had ended up someplace very strange.

She wasn’t supposed to be here. She knew that both in the literal sense and in the more universal one too. This wasn’t something she was into. She liked boys and even if she had been into girls…which she totally wasn’t…it wasn’t like she had ever been to anything like an orgy.

She didn’t belong in a place like this, not with all this going on. And when the girls had started furthering their kisses and taking each other’s clothes off, Olivia had wanted to get out of there as soon as she could.

But there was one problem. She couldn’t. She hadn’t driven here. She had been brought here by Bella and Chloe and all their friends.  If she hadn’t been rescued by them she would probably still have been stranded in that convenience store parking lot or something waiting for someone to pick her up after her date had turned into Mr. Sleaze.

Olivia had been so grateful that her friends had been there and she had ended up with them. But she hadn’t had any idea what it would lead to. Now she could see the twist of fate that had brought her here had put her into an even crazier situation than she ever could have imagined. She had thought they were taking her to a fun Christmas party, not THIS kind of a party.

If her date had been sex obsessed, he was nothing compared to what she was seeing here. These women were dirtier than any guy she had ever seen and Olivia had found her head whirling from it. All these beautiful women, girls who were superstars around the world and the kind of women she looked up to, were acting like total sex freaks.

Not only could she not believe that women like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman and Christina Aguilera were having sex with each other like total lesbians, but they were doing it in such a dirty way. No one was making love. They were all fucking!

They were calling each other sluts and whores and even nastier names than that. They were being so nasty with each other and they all seemed to love it. Olivia couldn’t understand what was going on and how they could all be doing this to each other in this way.

It wasn’t like she was a virgin or anything. She’d had sex with a few guys and it had been okay…sort of. So it wasn’t like she was someone without any experience. And it wasn’t like she was a prude either.

In fact, Olivia thought naked bodies were beautiful. She thought people shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies and should show them off in sexy ways to make themselves feel good. And she also thought people should love who they loved without discrimination so it wasn’t like she had any problems with lesbians either.

But this wasn’t some gay rights thing where she put a rainbow on her Facebook page. This was a lesbian orgy! There were a few guys there that she could see but Olivia didn’t need to do a count to know that it was like 99.9999999% girls here and that they were all fucking each other in such wild and nasty ways.

Olivia couldn’t believe women this famous and this gorgeous, ones who could have any guy they wanted, would do all of this to each other. But this was no dream. It was all happening and she had no idea what to do about it.

Olivia hadn’t known what to do or where to go. Her friends who had brought her there had all started freaking out too but soon the party had gotten to them too. And Olivia had just slipped away, wishing she hadn’t gone out that night at all and that she was home in her own bed in her pajamas cuddling with her dog and watching Netflix.

She couldn’t believe she had fled from her date because he had wanted her to give him a blowjob in the car only to end up in a place like this where there was nothing but naked girls fucking each other.

Olivia had wandered around the party, looking for a place to hide or at least lay low. But it had seemed that everywhere she had gone she had ended up finding more naughty girls doing naughty things. Olivia had discovered no respite anywhere.

She had wandered into the kitchen and found Rose fucking Victoria up the ass with her strap-on while the former Nickelodeon star had begged for more. She had tried to go outside by the pool but had only found Amy Adams naked while Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt took turns making her into their illicit lover.

Olivia had even gone upstairs to one of the bedrooms and found Alyssa Milano and Heather Locklear doing the kinds of things that good girls were NEVER supposed to do. Olivia couldn’t believe what she had seen. It had been everywhere and they all were doing it.

All of these women were supposed to be straight but they clearly weren’t. And it wasn’t even that they were being lesbians, it was how they were doing it. Olivia had seen some pornos. She wasn’t sheltered. In fact she had always been very curious about sex. But the way these women were fucking each other was dirtier than any porno she’d ever seen.

Granted she hadn’t seen a lot of pornos but she was sure no XXX scene could ever be this intense or wild. The fact that all of these women were so famous and supposed to be so straight just made it dirtier. So Olivia’s head had been spinning since she had arrived and it had gotten so much crazier once she had seen her friends get involved too.

Olivia couldn’t find Chloe or Ava or Ariel anywhere and she was looking for them too. She knew they weren’t like this. She knew they would be able to bring some kind of sanity back to this. But she couldn’t find them.

She had found Bella though and Olivia kind of wished she hadn’t. It had been shocking to see women she idolized naked and fucking. But that was nothing compared to seeing Bella Thorne naked and acting like she belonged here as part of this wild, naked group of sexy women.

Of all of her friends, the one she had least expected to ever go lesbo would have been Bella. Olivia had always thought her redheaded friend had been such a good girl. She had always kind of thought Bella was a little bit of a prude.

But Olivia didn’t think that anymore. Not after she had seen what she had seen.

Right there in the middle of the party, Bella had been lying on her back with her legs spread wide for AnnaSophia Robb to go down on her. Olivia had been shocked by everything she had seen. But watching them go at it had shocked her the most.

Bella had been so into it, lying back naked and crying out AnnaSophia’s name, begging her to lick her harder and to fuck her all hot and nasty. And the whole time Jansen had been behind AnnaSophia, fucking her by shoving his cock into his girlfriend doggie style.

Having Jansen be there amongst all these lesbians, like a green jelly bean in a bag of reds, had made everything even naughtier to Olivia. If all of these women were totally lesbians it would have been one thing but it soon dawned on Olivia that it was more than that.

This wasn’t something you could fit into a neat category like gay or straight. It was something completely different and so very wild. Once she realized it, it all made sense to her. She looked at all these women, all of these famous, beautiful woman, and she saw it so clearly.

They weren’t lesbians. They weren’t straight. They weren’t anything. They just REALLY liked sex. It was like no one here had any inhibitions. They could just do whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted.

They were all connected by lust and that allowed them to do anything and everything to each other without worry and without consequence. And that made Olivia very nervous.

After all, fun was great, but weren’t there supposed to be rules? There were supposed to be boundaries. You couldn’t just do anything you wanted, could you?

She had grown up in a tight knit family in Tennessee and Mississippi, two states where you couldn’t exactly do the kinds of things she was seeing here without judgement or consequence. Her parents weren’t super strict conservative ogres or anything, but there had been rules and boundaries and structure. Olivia had learned a long time ago she couldn’t just do whatever she wanted, even if she wanted it badly.

But it sure seemed that right here you could. These girls were indulging in every sexual impulse. Gay, straight, bi, none of it mattered! It was all about having fun and feeling good and they were doing it all without fear and without worry about judgement.

There were no rules. There were no boundaries. There was only fucking! Olivia couldn’t believe she was in a place like this, watching something like this.

Seeing this made her feel so uncomfortable. She could feel that funny feeling inside her when you knew you were doing something bad and you were terrified of being caught and getting in trouble for it. But she wasn’t doing any of it. Everyone else was and they didn’t care about boundaries or inhibitions or what was right or wrong. They just cared about pleasure!

Olivia had never seen anything like it and the more she watched it, the more fascinated she had become by it.

She had just stood there, totally dressed in a sea of naked bodies. She’d watched Bella wither and moan on the rug, loving every lick she got from AnnaSophia while the blonde girl got fucked by her boyfriend.

Olivia had never seen people fuck before and it was like everyone there wanted everyone else to see what they were doing. It was like they wanted to try and outdo each other and all of them wanted to be the sexiest. No one had even taken notice of her just standing there watching. They had all been too focused on each other instead.

So Olivia had just gawked in disbelief, watching her friends go at it.

She had never dreamed she would ever see them naked, much less having sex but Olivia couldn’t stop watching. She was a total voyeur and she knew she should stop, but she couldn’t. She kept on staring in disbelief and fascination.

Olivia knew she should have been checking out Jansen. She had always thought AnnaSophia’s boyfriend was cute and she certainly didn’t dislike seeing his firm butt as he thrust into his girlfriend. She could see his cock too as he fucked AnnaSophia and Olivia could see how much the blonde girl loved it. That made Olivia wonder what it would feel like inside her and if Jansen could make her feel as good as he was making his girlfriend feel.

But the majority of her thoughts were not focused on Jansen Panettiere. She’d seen naked guys before. In fact she’d seen a lot of them.

Her friend Zendaya Coleman had once shown her a hole in the wall of the high school they both had gone to which had provided perfect peeping ability into the boy’s locker room. It had given her ample opportunity to check out the football team after practice…and the soccer team…and the baseball team…and the lacrosse team.

Hell, Olivia knew she and Zendaya would have checked out the chess team if they could have because it had been so much fun to spy and gawk at naked boys.

It had made her feel pretty empowered, almost like she had and Zendaya and the other girls who had drilled the hole and made use of it through the years were reversing the power dynamic. Boys were supposed to be the ones drilling holes in the wall to peep and perv out over naked cheerleaders. Girls weren’t supposed to be like that.

But this time they had been the ones doing the ogling and Olivia had liked it. She had always liked naked bodies. It had been so sexy to just see them undressed and totally free, not having a care in the world…kind of like she was seeing now.

Except now there was no hole in the wall in the high school she had only sort of gone too when she wasn’t being tutored on the set. Now it wasn’t naked guys she was looking at. Now it was mostly naked girls and this wasn’t people changing clothes or coming out of the shower. It was lots of girls having lots of sex. Now it was boobs and tight, beautiful girl butts she was staring at and Olivia was definitely staring.

She liked seeing Jansen naked but she was utterly enraptured by seeing Bella and AnnaSophia naked even more.

God, AnnaSophia had such a nice butt. It was so round and full. Olivia knew guys liked that and Jansen sure seemed to, given the way he was giving it to his girlfriend. Olivia couldn’t stop staring at it and she could see what great boobs AnnaSophia had too as they moved while she got fucked from behind.

But even more than AnnaSophia, Olivia found herself staring at Bella. The girl she had always thought was too repressed to really be sexy looked gorgeous all naked and naughty, letting another girl have sex with her.

Bella was so beautiful. Olivia couldn’t stop staring at her as she lay back, completely unaware she was being stared at.

Olivia had found herself breathing heavily when she had stared at Bella, perving out at the sight of her friend more than she ever had at any time she had ever peeped at a naked guy or seen one naked in bed.

She loved seeing her friend’s creamy skin naked and the way Bella’s boobs were so pretty and pale with beautiful pink nipples that were so hard. She could see AnnaSophia’s face between Bella’s toned thighs and she could see how much Bella loved what the blonde was doing to her with her mouth. What did it feel like? It had to feel so good if Bella liked it that much.

Olivia had never really thought about women sexually before. It just hadn’t seemed like something she would be into. It was something for other girls and if they were into it that was great. Olivia totally supported LGBT stuff. But she liked guys. At least she thought she did. All these naked women were making her think about a lot of things.

Olivia had always been fascinated by naked bodies. Nudity could be so beautiful in art and in real life. And now she could see just how beautiful female bodies truly were.

Whenever she’d been changing costumes with girls on the set of one of her shows or even in the gym locker room she’d made sure not to stare, not wanting anyone to think she was weird. But now all she could do was stare and she could finally fully appreciate just how stunning the female form was.

Girls of all colors and body types were at this party. God, she had lost track completely of how many women were, all of them with beautiful naked boobs and sexy bare asses and Olivia had felt a tingling between her own legs when she thought about how much she was truly seeing of all these world famous women.

She had wanted to be just like so many of them and now she was seeing what they were really like. It scared her but also enthralled her.

Olivia hadn’t even realized at first that she was getting wet from what she was seeing. When it finally dawned on her that she was getting turned on, it was a fresh shock to her system.

At first she wondered if it meant she’d had some kind of crush on Bella or AnnaSophia that she’d never acknowledged before. But Olivia had soon realized it was more than that. All of these women were making her feel things she’d never felt before, not just her friends.

They were all so free with their bodies and it was so erotic. It was hotter than anything she had ever seen in her life and Olivia had to admit she was getting more of a thrill out of seeing all these famous, beautiful women fuck than she ever had from her own sexual experiences.

And Olivia knew why. It was because these women were doing what she never had…letting go and forgetting about everything else but lust.

Olivia loved to be naked. But it was always behind locked doors in her room or when she was sure no one else was home. She was always restraining her own desire to be uninhibited and tonight it was stirring inside her more than it ever had before.

She still remembered what an illicit rush she’d gotten one day when she’d been home alone and had snuck out to use the hot tub at the house she shared with her family. She’d taken off her bikini and slid into the tub naked and had loved the liberating feeling of being nude outdoors and how that bubbling water had felt against her body.

But Olivia also remembered the panic she’d felt when she’d realized her family had come home early and how quickly she’d wrapped herself in a towel around her soaking wet body and run back inside before anyone could see her.

It had been the same thing when she’d been with guys. She’d wanted to love it. She’d wanted sex to be everything she had ever dreamed it could be and more. But she hadn’t been able to let herself enjoy it.

She knew part of that was the fault of the guys but it had also been hers too. She’d been too scared of letting go. She hadn’t wanted anyone to ever think she was a freak or a slut. So she’d held back. She’d been afraid.

But these women weren’t afraid. They didn’t have any inhibitions. They were doing whatever they wanted. No rules. No consequences. Just fun.

Olivia had wandered away from Bella, afraid that if she’d looked at her beautiful friend any longer she might have wanted to do something more than watch. Olivia had started staring at Bella’s face as she’d moaned in rapture again and again from AnnaSophia’s tongue and Olivia had actually wondered what would happen if she’d taken off her dress right there and let her underwear just come off her body so she could be as naked as everyone else at the party and then press herself down on Bella’s face.

Olivia had actually moaned at the thought of doing something so dirty and going lesbo with Bella. But it had scared her too.

She’d told herself this wasn’t right and she was into guys, not girls. But once she’d started thinking about how much fun it could be to get naked and let herself go and indulge in lust and erotic freedom like all these women had, she couldn’t stop. That had freaked Olivia out so she had run.

The only problem was she had no place to run too. She didn’t know where the rest of her friends were and she was pretty sure if she did find them she would find them doing the same dirty things Bella and AnnaSophia were doing.

Olivia didn’t know if she could handle that. So instead she ran, once again looking for a place to hide and that was how she had ended up in the other room, locking eyes with Rose and feeling like the gorgeous older woman could sense the growing lust inside her.

Olivia felt her mouth go instantly dry as she became caught in Rose’s gaze. She didn’t know her at all. But she’d grown up with Charmed reruns.

She’d never expected to see Rose naked, at least naked for real and not from one of the many sexy pictures she’d posed for or the time she essentially wore nothing to the VMAs. But Rose was very, VERY naked right then and so were the other girls with her. Olivia knew all of them and it was so unbelievable to see what they were doing.

Olivia felt like she should say something, maybe even demand to know how they could all act like this, without any rules or any boundaries. But she couldn’t speak. All she could do was watch, her mouth open wide and her eyes as big as saucers as she witnessed the three former stars of Victorious do the kind of things that would have gotten them banned from TV forever…or at least sent to one of the porno channels her parents had blocked on their TV.

To prepare for her own shows on Disney Channel, Olivia had watched a lot of Victorious to try and get the tone of pace and delivery right. Plus she’d honestly loved the show and had found herself longing for that kind of success, not just on television, but with the kind of music Ariana was able to do.

Olivia had always wanted to be a pop star too and be just like Ariana. Now she was watching a different kind of show than she ever would have expected from the three women and found herself seeing just what it would be like to really be like Ariana.

“Mmmmm show me what a nasty baby girl you are Ari,” Liz purred, putting herself on all fours in front of her friend, waving her perfect, juicy ass in her face. “I loved feeling you lick me before but now I want more! You like that ass baby?”

“Oooooh yessssss mmmmm you have such a great butt!” Ariana immediately told her friend.

She’d always admired the curve of her friend’s ass and how guys seemed to always go crazy for it. But now Ariana was the one drooling over Liz’s bare ass and she loved it more than ever.

“What do you want me to do? I’ll do ANYTHING you want Liz!” Ariana pledged.

“Mmmmm that’s what I want to fucking hear,” Liz moaned, relishing the fantasy she’d been too scared to admit she’d had. “Now show me! I want to feel you lick my ass you nasty girl! Shove that pretty little spoiled face of yours right into my ass! Mmmm I want to feel you spread open those big, juicy cheeks of mine and start licking! C’mon Ari! Show me you’re a bad girl! Show me how nasty you are!”

“Yesssssssss I’m sooooo nasty!” Ariana declared before, without any hesitation, pushing her face right into her friend’s ass.

She never ever would have done anything like that before tonight, but now all the boundaries were shattered and Ariana had meant what she had said. She would have done anything Liz asked her to.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssssssssss mmmmm fuckkkk ooooh you nasty girl!” Liz moaned from Ariana’s rim job while Olivia stared in open mouth shock at what she was seeing. “Mmmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh eat my ass! Fucking get that tongue in there! Fucking tongue punch my nasty hole while you bury that pretty little face right in my crack! Ooooooh Ari! Fuckkkkkkk!”

And the sight of Ariana’s cute pop star brat face shoved into Liz’s meaty ass cheeks wasn’t just an amazing view for Olivia. It was even more so for Victoria.

It was such a turn on to Victoria to see Ariana’s adorable face buried in Liz’s great ass. She loved seeing her pressed into those sexy buns and it made Victoria want to do something she never would have dreamed about doing before tonight either.

If she wasn’t going to get her first taste of pussy from Rose she was sure as hell going to get it from someone. And that someone was her frenemy.

With Ariana on her knees and bent over to get tongue deep into Liz’s ass, it gave Victoria the perfect chance to get the taste she craved. She had never felt as excited to give a blowjob as she did to do this and she went right for Ariana.

Getting behind the tiny little dynamo, Victoria spread open her ass cheeks just like Ariana was doing to Liz. But unlike those two, the only thing Victoria was interested in tasting was Ariana’s tight little kitty.

And Victoria after Ariana’s tight pink hole with no hesitation. She licked the girl’s creamy slit, tasting the cum that had just soaked her from her recent orgasm and shivered in pleasure when she tasted another girl’s cum for the first time.

She already had Ariana’s cum already on her toes and Victoria wiggled them to feel them rub together all sticky and messy. But now she wanted Ariana’s cum on her tongue.

She followed up that first wonderful lick with another and then another and before she knew it Victoria was going down on a woman, tonguing Ariana’s delicious little cunt with a giddy enthusiasm she’d never dreamed she’d experience.

Olivia couldn’t take her eyes off the debauchery. These girls weren’t her friends but she had always badly wanted them to be. Now they were unknowingly putting on a wild sex show for her and she couldn’t help but leer.

She felt none of the hesitation she had felt about staring at Bella and AnnaSophia. This wasn’t anything she could take her eyes off and it got even kinkier when a woman she had admired for so long got involved too.

“Mmmm well I know your hot friend Liz is good enough to join Desire Records, but what about you Victoria?” Christina Aguilera purred as the naked pop icon crawled over behind Victoria and ran her hands over the tight flesh of her perfect bare ass. “Think you’re good enough to be a part of my label? Think you have what it takes? I can make your career, little girl! I can turn you into the superstar you’ve always wanted to be! But you have to show me you want it!”

Hearing that made Olivia’s head spin. She had heard crazy rumors about Christina and Britney Spears but she had never imagined they could ever be true.

But they sure looked true now and Olivia found her eyes roaming all over Christina’s naked body, from her big tits to her round, full ass to the way she was so visibly wet to the way all her piercings sparkled like little lights that were there to remind everyone just how naked she was.

God, Christina was sooooo hot. Olivia had always been blown away by Christina’s voice and awe inspiring talent but now she was realizing fully just how sexy the girl was too.

And while Christina’s sultry words had had an effect on Olivia, it was nothing to what they did to Victoria. Before tonight Victoria would have done anything to get noticed by someone like Christina Aguilera and have a chance to record at her label and become the superstar she’d always wanted to be. But now she knew just how to do it.

Before tonight she would have been shy about it and been too scared to actually act on what Christina was so clearly demanding. But now everything had changed and Victoria knew exactly what she had to do to get ahead. And it wasn’t just a cynical boost to her career either. She wanted this and she wasn’t afraid to get it for herself.

Responding to Christina’s challenge without having the pierced pop goddess tell her anything more, Victoria knew what needed to be done. She reached around back and spread open her own ass cheeks, exposing herself fully to Christina’s lustful eyes.

Victoria didn’t say a word. Her tongue was too occupied with Ariana’s tasty pussy for her to speak. But she did reach back to open herself up and Christina responded just like she’d wanted her to by shoving her face into Victoria’s tight backside to get her first taste of the brunette.

“Oooooh yessssss mmmmm you’re getting it!” Christina giggled hornily. “Mmmmm show me that pretty little pink cunt of yours! If you want to be famous like me, Victoria, then you’d better let me take this tight fucking pussy of yours! Mmmm your friend Liz ate me out soooooo nice! She knows how to get ahead in the business. Now you’re learning too! Mmm give me that sweet, tight cunt! I’m going to fuck you so good baby! I’ll take your pink fuckhole of a pussy and then I’ll take your ass and you’ll see what you’ve got to do to get signed by me!”

Christina’s tongue then went to work, lapping up the fresh wetness while savoring her first taste of Victoria Justice’s tangy, tasty flavor. Christina loved the taste of new pussy and she went wild on Victoria’s slit, licking it with a thirsty vigor, making Victoria moan right into Ariana’s pussy.

Olivia watched all of this, trying to take it all in and finding it impossible to process. She would have done anything to have someone like Christina Aguilera notice her and sign her for her label so she could become a superstar singer. But Olivia had never thought doing anything meant doing that.

Yet, the idea of someone like Christina using her sexually didn’t turn her off. In fact it turned her on.

Olivia had never been forced into any kind of a “casting couch” situation at Disney or in her music career. But she knew other girls who had and she would much rather have had it happen with a beautiful woman like Christina than some sleazy guy.

Wait, what was she thinking? Olivia was shocked at herself for even having such a dirty thought, but she couldn’t stop.

The more she stared at Christina licking Victoria while Victoria licked Ariana and Ariana rimmed Liz, the more Olivia felt herself wanting to do whatever it took to get noticed, especially if it meant being naked and slutty with these beautiful girls.

But even though everything around her was a distraction and it was all so overwhelming for Olivia, there was one person she couldn’t look away from. And it was that person who finally acknowledged that she was there.

“Like what you see little girl?” Rose asked seductively and, with a nervous surge going right up her back, Olivia realized she was talking to her.

Olivia’s mouth was still dry. She didn’t have any words she could force out of her mouth. But the fear and discomfort she felt from all of this compelled her to be honest.

She couldn’t deny how she felt amidst all the turmoil inside herself so Olivia nodded a simple “yes” which made Rose break into a big smile.

“What’s your name?” Rose asked, not recognizing the teenage girl standing clothed amidst all the naked, writing bodies but very much liking what she saw.

Olivia was so stunned by Rose suddenly talking to her that at first she blanked on her own name. But she finally managed to spit it out.

“Olivia,” she croaked.

“How old are you?” Rose asked and Olivia nervously told her, afraid that Rose would throw her out for being so young and also afraid that Rose would like the truth and that it would turn her on.

And from the way that Rose’s eyes lit up when she told her, it was clear to Olivia that it was very much the latter reaction.

“Ooooooh naughty girl,” Rose grinned wickedly, making Olivia’s heart thump wildly in her chest as she found herself looking back at the naked brunette while Rose blatantly stared at her like she was teenage fresh meat. “I don’t recall seeing your name on the guest list Olivia. What are you, some little piece of jailbait party crasher?”

“No…I mean…I…” Olivia started to say, unable to deny that she had crashed the party but not wanting Rose to think she had known what kind of party she had crashed. “My friends were coming and I guess I just…you know…tagged along. I didn’t know it was going to be like…like this!”

“Like what?” Rose asked, playing coy as she sat naked on the floor, slowly caressing Mr. Snappy with her hand and sending an unmistakable message to the teenage girl standing before her.

“You know…” Olivia replied, too embarrassed to say it.

“Don’t be shy,” Rose instructed the girl, her voice seductive and powerful but not mean. “Just relax Olivia. If you like what you see then you don’t have to be shy about having some fun too. Don’t you like having fun? I know a pretty little thing like you can’t be a virgin, can she?”

Olivia shook her head “no” but the truth was she very much felt like a virgin at that moment. All of these women, even Bella and AnnaSophia, seemed so experienced compared to her. She had no idea what to say or what to do or even how to react to the way Rose was staring at her like she wanted to melt the dress right off her with the heat of her gaze.

Olivia had never felt herself be leered at so openly. She knew there were a lot of perverts out there wanting to do things to her young body but she had never seen a sultry stare like this before come her way. Olivia found herself thinking that not only didn’t she mind Rose looking at her like a horny perv, but that she actually wanted her to.

Olivia found herself getting wet just from Rose looking at her and it made her again long to totally let go and be like these girls, without fear or inhibition and, most of all, without clothes.

“I didn’t think someone as sexy as you could possibly be a virgin, especially not these days,” Rose said, getting up off the floor and standing up next to Olivia, loving the way the girl’s eyes widened when she got the full view of Mr. Snappy dangling between her legs. “But I’m guessing you’ve never been with a girl, have you?”

“No,” Olivia softly whispered unable to stop looking at the big, black toy Rose was wearing.

She’d just seen her use it so nastily on Ariana’s tight little ass but it looked so much bigger up close. She’d never seen a real dick as big as the one Rose was wearing and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Do you want to?” Rose asked, softly caressing Olivia’s face and then letting her fingers gently brush her soft blonde hair back. “Don’t be shy sweetie. You can tell me the truth.”

Olivia found herself flustered immediately by Rose’s touch and the little jolt of electricity she felt from the way her hand seductively caressed her skin. She let out a tiny gasp from Rose’s hand softly touching her, but she didn’t move or even try to pull away. She felt butterflies in her stomach and she started to get really squishy inside and Olivia knew she liked it. So she told Rose the truth.

“I…I…gawwwd I don’t even know anymore,” Olivia admitted, feeling a rush in her body that was so exciting as she said it. “I didn’t think I did. I never thought of it before. But…but…everyone here is so beautiful and sexy and mmmm you’re all having sooooo much fun.”

“There’s no better feeling in the world than fucking a girl,” Rose assured the nervous, but curious teenager. “Believe me sweetie I’ve tried it all. Nothing feels better. A woman’s mouth and tongue on your pussy will do things to you no guy ever can. And if you ever get lonely for cock, well then Mr. Snappy here never goes soft and always gives an eager little slut just what she needs.”

“Ooooooh!” Olivia groaned, unable to hide just how much she liked the sound of that.

She couldn’t believe she was in this situation, but it was turning her on to have Rose’s naked body inches away from her and to imagine that big toy jutting from her body being pushed inside her.

What would it be like to be fucked by something like that? Olivia felt a shiver pass through her just at the thought of it and it made her nipples stiffen under her dress and bra. She had never really thought about something like that before. She’d had sex. But it had mostly been “lovemaking.” It hadn’t been raw and nasty like what she’d just seen Rose do to Ariana. That was fucking and Olivia found herself wanting to experience it more than she ever had before.

She’d felt desire before. She’d certainly experienced lust. But never like this. This was all so scary and new for her. Yet it was also like a magnetic pull drawing her closer.

“Mmmm you wanna get fucked sweetie?” Rose asked, her hand continuing to play with Olivia’s hair as she held the girl completely in her power. “You going to be a nasty little girl for Rose?”

Olivia didn’t know what to say. Her instinct was to say “yes” very loudly, but she stifled that down. She didn’t know what to do or how she was supposed to feel in a situation like this.

But while she didn’t give Rose the answer the brunette wanted, she didn’t say “no” either and Olivia found herself wanting it more and more. She stared with a deep longing at Rose’s naked body, finding herself fixated on her big boobs and loving how round and full they were. Rose’s skin was so creamy and beautiful and her boobs had little pink nipples that Olivia found herself wanting to kiss.

What was happening to her? How could she be thinking this about girls? She was straight! At least she had thought she was.

But she’d seen so many other girls here acting like having sex with women was the best thing they had ever felt. And Rose was so sexy. And Olivia felt herself getting so turned on too, not just from Rose’s body but from Ariana’s and Victoria’s and Liz’s and Christina’s and Bella’s and AnnaSophia’s and everyone else’s too.

The whole atmosphere here was making Olivia feel things she never had before. It was like all the other girls here had totally lost control and she envied them for that. She always played by the rules. She always did what she thought she was supposed to.

But couldn’t she be a bad girl too? Yes. Yes she could. Olivia knew she could. She could be naughty and have fun. She could let go and be free.

Olivia managed to mumble something out, something that was definitely on her mind but something she was afraid to say too loudly. And Rose definitely heard her. But she still teased her by pretending she hadn’t.

“What was that Olivia?” Rose inquired, acting coy. “What did you say sweetie?”

Olivia’s face turned bright red in embarrassment, her fair skin getting flushed as she nervously stood in front of this nude sex goddess. She couldn’t believe she’d just said what she’d said. But it was how she felt.

She had never been so curious about anything in her life. She knew she could pretend she hadn’t said it and that she didn’t want it. But she didn’t do that. Instead she repeated herself far more clearly.

“I said…kiss me…” Olivia said softly, but in a way that it was very obvious what she was saying. “Please! Kiss me Rose! I…I…don’t know what I want. I’ve never done this before…but I want to know what it feels like. Please kiss me!”

“Oh I can definitely do that,” Rose assured the teenager before making good on her promise.

And while she had been aggressive with Liz, Victoria and Ariana, she softened up her approach with Olivia.

Rose had seduced women of all kinds and all ages ever since that fateful day Sarah and Love crashed her trailer and she had always known how to vary her approach. One size definitely did not fit all. Some women needed to be taken and others needed to be coaxed.

Olivia fell right into that latter category and Rose coaxed Olivia by kissing her softly on the lips. It was a tender first touch of her mature lips to Olivia’s teenage ones, a sharp contrast to all the wild, untamed fucking going on around them. She kissed Olivia like her lips were a feather brushing against hers and the blonde girl responded with a happy moan.

“Oooooh wow,” Olivia sighed in a whisper.

Her lips were tingling from the first kiss she had ever gotten from a woman. She had never dreamed she would ever kiss another woman but that was absolutely what she was doing. Rose was a woman…a beautiful, seductive and very naked woman.

“Did you like that?” Rose asked, caressing Olivia’s face with her hand while eying her body in her dress and dreaming of doing so much more than just softly pecking her lips.

“Oh yes,” Olivia replied, wondering if she was falling into the same kind of erotic dream that everyone else was experiencing.

She could suddenly understand why Bella and AnnaSophia and all these other girls were doing what they were doing and it had only been one kiss.

“Good, because I liked it a lot and I’m only getting started,” Rose said before leaning in to kiss Olivia once again.

She pressed her lips to Olivia’s and felt the teenager shiver in pleasure, but she didn’t keep them there for long. Olivia had yet to kiss her back so Rose increased the stimulation by kissing down Olivia’s neck, making the girl gasp and smile and moan with each touch of her lips to her fresh skin.

She had never been with a girl as young as Olivia and while Rose gave her extra gentleness, on the inside she was tingling with dirty thoughts about just ripping Olivia’s clothes off, exposing her tight, young body and fucking every last bit of straight girl right out of the teenager. The thought of being with someone so young was immensely exciting to Rose and she couldn’t help but compare it in her mind to Alyssa’s reaction to Chloe’s pursuit of her.

Alyssa was so intimidated by the teenager’s crush on her and was afraid to acknowledge that the thought of taking Chloe’s tight little body was a turn on to her. But not Rose. She wasn’t afraid to admit that the thought of fucking Olivia made her feel a brand new wave of desire even after she’d already taken Victoria and Ariana’s tight little virgin asses at the party.

Rose didn’t even know who Olivia was. She had no idea about the girl’s Disney stardom or her dreams of pop star fame. Rose just knew Olivia was fresh faced, blonde and looking like an absolutely scrumptious piece of taboo flesh.

“You’re so beautiful,” Rose told the younger girl while kissing her neck and making Olivia feel a growing desire with every passing second. “Mmmm I want you! I can make you into such a bad girl Olivia. I know you want it too, don’t you? You want to be like all these other little sluts fucking each other’s brains out. Don’t be shy, Olivia. You can admit you want it. Mmmm I can show you how good it feels Olivia. You don’t have to be some tight assed little princess anymore. You can be a hot, naughty slut like the rest of us!”

“Ohhhhh God!” Olivia moaned, not quite sure how to react to what Rose was telling her.

She had never been called a slut before. But Olivia wasn’t insulted by it. Instead she found herself getting aroused by the thought of actually being slutty, which was very strange and more than a little scary to her.

“I don’t know what I want. I like boys! I’ve never wanted to be with a girl,” Olivia admitted.

“Good thing I’m not a girl then,” Rose said with her sexiest smile before pressing herself once more to Olivia’s young lips. “I’m a woman. And no boy could ever make you feel as good as a woman can.”

Olivia continued to find it utterly impossible to resist Rose. Feeling Rose’s lips touch hers repeatedly sent little jolts of electricity shooting inside her body. It was so exciting to kiss a girl…no…a woman. Gawd, she was kissing a woman.

Olivia found Rose so irresistible and when their lips touched again, Olivia finally began kissing her back. She was shy about it at first but Olivia quickly started really getting into it.

There was a thrilling jolt of pleasure inside her when she began kissing Rose, feeling the soft velvet of another woman on her lips. Olivia loved kissing. Making out was so much fun and it felt so naughty and good to be kissing a woman instead of some clumsy boy.

Olivia had been shocked that she had wanted this and but now that she was feeling it, it was even better than she had imagined.

It had felt so good to have Rose kiss her with those sexy lips of hers. It had given her such a naughty tingle for Olivia to think about how Rose had probably been kissing other girls all night with her yummy lips and mmmmm doing other REALLY naughty things with her lips too.

Olivia had reflexively blushed when she had thought about that but she had liked it. Rose wasn’t holding back at all. She was so free and sensual and Olivia found herself totally falling under her sexy spell.

She could hear the moans and cries and squeals of happy girls all around her. They were all fucking each other with such passion and Olivia wanted to be just like them. Her heart was pumping hot blood inside her like never before and she felt herself get so wet just from the thought of Rose taking her and making her do all those naughty things these other girls were doing to each other.

Olivia didn’t even care what they did to her, as long as it felt good and, even with all the confusion happening inside her, she was certain that Rose was going to make her feel good.

With these dirty thoughts inside her head, Olivia started kissed Rose back with a growing passion, rubbing her teen lips into the older woman’s and loving how it felt. Olivia had always enjoyed kissing a boyfriend and feeling the passion and the eroticism of a kiss growing into something more. But kissing a boy had never been this good.

Rose’s lips were the softest thing she had ever felt and she was kissing her so well that Olivia could feel her toes curl inside her shoes. Rose knew how a girl loved to be kissed and it was so tender but yet so naughty at the same time. She could feel herself being seduced completely by the sensation of kissing a woman and Olivia wanted that. She wanted to be seduced.

And when Rose brought her hands back up to her face and caressed her skin, Olivia did the same back to her, marveling at the softness of Rose’s porcelain flesh. She had never erotically touched a woman before and it gave her such a hot tingle to do it.

Olivia’s curious hands softly roamed onto Rose’s face, caressing her cheek just like Rose was doing to her and then moving lower so she could touch Rose’s neck and her shoulders. And then, like her hands had a mind of their own, Olivia’s hands roamed lower and lower until…

“Mmmmm yesssssssss that’s it,” Rose moaned happily. “Don’t be shy little girl. Touch me! You can explore all over me!”

Olivia didn’t even realize she was touching Rose’s breasts until the woman spoke and she reflexively gasped when she discovered what she was doing. But she didn’t take her hands away from them.

Instead, Olivia’s gasp turned into an excited giggle and she began letting her hands gently massage the fleshy mounds she now held in her grasp. Olivia couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she liked it.

“Your boobs are amazing,” Olivia marveled, her smile growing along with the wetness that was starting to soak through her panties. “They’re so sexy.”

“Mmmm thank you sweetie,” Rose said, enjoying the compliment from the teenager and loving how her body could still turn even the most hesitant bi curious girl on. “Play with them! You can touch me anywhere. Play with those big, soft tits of mine! But if you’re going to do that, you’re going to have to do something for me in return.”

“What?” Olivia asked even though she had a pretty good idea what Rose was going to ask.

“Show me yours,” Rose immediately replied. “I think you’re the only one here who still has any clothes on. Get that dress off Olivia. I want to see those hot little teen titties of yours. Mmm and I know you want to show them to me.”

Olivia blushed again but she didn’t deny it. She had been expecting Rose to say that yet she still wasn’t totally prepared for the sensation which came from another woman telling her to get undressed. She did want Rose to see her boobs though. She wanted her to see everything, actually. Olivia wanted to be naked in front of these beautiful women. She wanted to be free and uninhibited.

“Is this what you want to see?” Olivia said, feeling her confidence grow as she indulged in these new desires within her and reached around the back of her dress so she could unzip it. “Want to see me naked? Want me to show you my young body?”

“Fuck yes!” Rose declared, lusting madly after the teenager and feeling like a wonderfully dirty older woman in the process. “You’d better not even be thinking of teasing me Olivia because I will rip that goddamn dress off of you if I have to!”

“Ooooh!” Olivia moaned, liking that idea very much.

What if these gorgeous women took her and forced her to be like them, all naked and naughty? By now Olivia was sure they wouldn’t have to force her very much. She wanted this. She wanted to feel what Bella and AnnaSophia were feeling.

“Mmmmmm naughty girl likes that, huh?” Rose teased before kissing Olivia again, this time taking her first opportunity to press her hands to the teenager’s chest through her dress. She could feel how hard Olivia’s nipples were and she couldn’t wait to see those perky, young tits in the flesh. “Maybe that’s just what I’ll do! Rip your dress off you and then tear off your cute little undies and let everyone see that hot, young body of yours. Mmmmm then I’ll have to train you. I won’t just initiate you by fucking your tight ass like I fucked Tori and Ariana! Mmmm no I’ll have to do more! I’m going to have to show you how to be a good little slut! I’ll have to show you how to eat pussy and train you to love it when a girl creams her yummy cunt all over your face! I’ll make you want to be a nasty whore and suck down all that hot girl juice and do all the things good girls never do like shove your teen tongue into a hot girl’s tight fucking asshole! Mmmm I’ll show you every goddamn dirty thing we do to each other here and make you want it all so fucking bad!”

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkk!” Olivia moaned, dropping an f-bomb with total desire in her voice. “Oh my God! Ohhhhh!”

Rose was making her want to be so bad and she didn’t think she could control herself for one more second. Olivia had never heard so many dirty words in her life and they all sounded so wonderful coming from Rose’s mouth.

The things Rose was saying to her were nasty and wrong but Olivia wanted it. She wanted to be a bad girl.

She had never been treated like that by a guy. She never would have let something like that happen. She had gotten out of that car tonight because her date wanted her to be a slut for him and just the idea that he had expected it from her had been so offensive. But Olivia wasn’t offended any longer.

She wanted Rose to be nasty with her. She wanted to be stripped. She wanted to be trained. She wanted to be turned from a good girl into a slut. She wanted to be taken and made all dirty and slutty. She wanted to get fucked! Olivia’s whole body was tingling over the idea of Rose tearing her clothes off and fucking her in front of everyone.

But Rose never got the chance to rip her clothes off. Instead, someone else got involved and, as Olivia kissed Rose back and moaned from the new sensation of the older woman pushing her tongue into her mouth for the first time, that woman began unzipping her dress from behind.

“Mmmmm yes we need to get you naked! You’re too pretty to have your clothes still on,” a soft, sweet voice moaned into Olivia’s ear as she pressed her body into the teenager’s back.

And even though Olivia had never had the chance to speak to this woman before, she instantly recognized her famous voice and the idea of being undressed by her made Olivia’s head spin.

Olivia felt her heart catch in her throat from the thrill she got realizing that it wasn’t just anyone unzipping her dress and telling her how pretty she was. It was Britney Spears.

Olivia idolized Britney. She wanted to be just like her and have the kind of superstar career she did. And now not only was her idol unzipping her dress, but Olivia could feel Britney’s big, naked boobs pressing into her back and it turned her on so much…more than she ever dreamed it could.

“Ooooooh Britney?” Olivia moaned, not believing this was happening but loving it all the same. “Mmmmm gawwd you’re into this too?”

Olivia knew she sounded dumb saying that. After all she had seen Britney in the piles of girls going at each other. But seeing was one thing and hearing Britney tell her to get naked while feeling those famous boobs against her as her dress was being pulled off by one of the most famous singers in the world was something far more incredible.

“Mmmmhmmm I’m way into it,” Britney giggled, pulling down the zipper all the way and easing Olivia’s dress off her, loving how the girl moaned in desire when it puddled down around her feet, leaving her standing there in her bra and panties. “I love girls! Mmmm fucking a girl is the best feeling in the world! Me and Chrissy love sharing hot girls and we’ve had our eye on you for a while now Olivia!”

“You have?” Olivia marveled.

Part of her was instantly thrilled because she knew what having women like Britney and Christina on her side could do for her musical career. But the bigger part of her instantly recognized that they wanted more than her voice.

“Mmmmhmmm we have,” Britney confirmed. “You’re so cute and so sexy. I love your beautiful face and your pretty blonde hair and that fresh, tight little body. Mmm you remind me of me when I was dancing around in a school girl uniform and when Chrissy was doing Genie In A Bottle. You’re so cute and you look so innocent but there’s this side of you that’s dying to come out and express itself. A naughty side. Mmmmm you have one of those, don’t you Olivia? I know I sure did mmm and Chrissy definitely did too. We were made to act like we were good girls but deep down all we wanted to be was bad!”

“Oh yessssss! Mmmm I want to be bad too!” Olivia insisted, stunned that she was saying things like this but loving it too much to stop. “Make me into a bad girl Britney! Make me into a slut!”

“Ooooh it’s so hot to hear you talk like that,” Britney said seductively, caressing her hands over the teenager’s flat tummy while feeling Olivia shiver against her naked body. “I didn’t think you were ready for it but I guess I was wrong. You do want to be a bad girl like us. You want to be the dirty little teen slut I was always dying to be! Mmmm you look so hot like this Olivia! Want us to get the rest of your clothes off? Want us to get your bra and panties off so we can really have some fun with you?”

For Olivia it was like she was lost in a dream. She was hearing things she’d never thought anyone would ever say to her and she was feeling things she had never expected to feel for anyone, much less other women. Her body was on fire. Everyone was naked around her but she was still in her underwear and getting herself bare like the rest of them was suddenly all Olivia wanted in the world.

“Yes! Please!” Olivia begged, her young body more excited for these gorgeous women than it ever had been for guys. “Mmmm I want to be naked! Fuck me! Make me into your little lesbian slut!”

“Well, you heard her Britney,” Rose said, getting back involved after taking a moment to watch Olivia turn into a drooling fangirl from Britney’s lustful intentions. “Let’s give this little princess what she wants. Mmmmm she doesn’t want to be a good girl anymore. She wants to be a pussy hungry little slut for us to play with and I know just how to do it too!”

Rose was understating it of course. She had lost track of how many girls she had seduced over the years and the look in her eye showed just how hungry she was to devour Olivia’s young body.

Britney recognized that look right away and it made her moan as her mind flashed back to how she had angered Rose one day and how she’d paid the price with her virgin ass. Having Rose take her so forcefully and make her like it had turned Britney into a total anal whore. Now the thought of helping Rose use the same magic on wholesome little Olivia made Britney’s pussy extra hot.

And even though she had never seen that look before, Olivia also reacted to the lustful glint in Rose’s eyes and it made her young pussy quiver in her panties. She was squirming in her underwear and she was so ready for whatever they had planned for her.

“Do it!” Olivia hissed. “Mmmmm gawwd do it please! Take me! Fuck me! Turn me into a goddamn slut! Mmmm I have to be the good girl all the time, for my parents and for Disney and all my fans! I just want to be bad! I want to lose all control and be nasty! Do whatever you want to me! Just make it feel good! Please!”

Before the words were even fully out of her mouth, Rose and Britney acted together grabbing the teenager and literally pulling her out of her shoes. Olivia yelped but in a happy way when she was lifted out of her shoes and carried away by the two naked women, leaving her shoes behind with her dress on the floor.

They carried her together the few feet over to where the couch was and lay her down on it, leaving her breathing hard with anticipation as she turned to the left and moaned when she saw Mandy Moore naked and bent over, her ass in Minka Kelly’s face as Minka spread the singer’s thick ass cheeks open and licked her asshole in a most inappropriate way as well as a most appreciated way.

But that was just one direction and when Olivia turned over to the right and saw what was happening on the floor. Because on the floor Olivia could see how things how gotten even dirtier between the girls she had just been staring at. Now Christina had a toy in her hand and she was working the pink flexible dildo into Ariana’s ass while the girl was bent over with her face right in Christina’s bald crotch.

Christina was fucking Ariana’s face lewdly while taking the toy and fucking her tight little ass with it. She would shove it in deeply into Ariana, taking advantage of how Rose had loosened up the pop star’s previously virgin hole and then she would pull the plastic out to shove it into the faces of Victoria and Liz, making the two friends fight over the taste of Ariana’s ass while they both licked the toy and then hungrily French kiss each other while they wrapped their legs around each other’s bodies and rubbed their pussies together.

Olivia moaned in shock and arousal when she watched Liz and Victoria grind into each other. They looked so sexy together and it was so dirty to watch them fucking each other. Their naked bodies were rubbing together while they would lick and suck the dildo that had been fucking Ariana’s cute little butt before Christina would pull it away and shove it back into Ariana, getting it dirty again after they had just cleaned it off.

Olivia had used to watch their show all the time and to see these two beautiful co-stars fuck made her wonder if she could do the same with her co-stars and friends like Piper Curda and Sarah Gilman. Gawd, they were both soooooo cute.

Olivia had never really thought about just how beautiful Piper and Sarah and all of their friends were until now. What if they would be into this too? What if she could fuck them like Victoria, Ariana and Liz were fucking each other?

But those thoughts were blown right out of Olivia’s mind when Rose and Britney expertly worked together to unclasp her bra and pull it right off her body. She felt the reflexive need to cover up when she was left topless but that feeling instantly disappeared when Olivia suddenly had both Rose and Britney kissing her boobs.

When that happened all she could do was moan in total pleasure. Their mouths were so soft and wet and each time she felt their lips or their tongues on her bare breasts, the better it felt.

“Ooooooh! Ooooooh! Mmmm yesssss oooooh my God that feels soooooo good!” Olivia moaned, her heart thumping and her panties getting wetter by the second.

“Mmmmhmm so much better than a guy, isn’t it?” Rose teased. “I’ll bet most of those teenage boys would come in their jeans if they even got close to tits these nice. They don’t suck on them like we do, do they Olivia? And I hope you’re not letting pervy old men play with them, are you?”

“Ewwwww no!” Olivia said, knowing full well there were a lot of executives at Disney she was sure wanted to see her boobs and a lot more. But they were even older than her dad and she wasn’t about to go for any of that. “Mmmm gawwd don’t stop! Mmmm that feels amazing! Mmmm yessss soooo much better than the boys I’ve been with! They just grope and grab and it doesn’t feel good. This feels wonderful! Mmmm pleaaaase don’t stop!”

“Boys are so clueless around boobs,” Britney giggled. “They don’t know how to kiss them mmmmm or how to lick them. They just know they like them. But girls like us know how to appreciate them. We know all about how good it can feel when someone plays with our tits just right. We know how hot it can make us when someone sucks on our nipples and makes them nice and hard. Mmmmm we know how to make you feel things boys never can!”

Olivia was hardly in a position to disagree, not when she was sitting back topless with Rose McGowan at one breast and Britney Spears at the other. It wasn’t just that it was both of them kissing and sucking on her bare boobs. It wasn’t even that they were women and not some young and inexperienced guy groping at her naked chest. It was that they knew exactly what they were doing.

They both knew how to kiss and how to lick and how to suck on her breasts. They were making her firm little pink tits wet with their saliva and her nipples were getting so swollen from how much pleasure they were giving her.

It made Olivia quiver on the couch and she couldn’t stop moaning from it. They were experts at what they were doing and the two of them working her over with their tongues and lips made her feel better than a boy ever had before.

Olivia loved playing with her nipples when she touched herself. She liked it when a boy would suck on them and kiss her bare boobs and lick all over them and even pinch her erect nipples a little bit. But all of that pleasure was nothing compared to what she was experiencing now from Britney and Rose.

They were all over her boobs, making her feel so good as they licked her nipples. The both of them bathed her erect pink nubs with their expert tongues and then sucked on them, using all their experience to make her feel pleasure like never before.

“Ooooooh yesssss make me feel so much more than a boy can! Mmmm make me into a total lesbian slut!” Olivia cooed, barely realizing that one of her hands had snaked down between her legs and was rubbing her pussy through her panties while she sucked on the fingers of her other hand, making them wet because she felt such a pulsing of sexual energy running through her topless body that she had to do something.

“Oh you will be!” Rose promised. “Mmmm we’re going to fuck you so good Olivia! You’re going to be begging for more, just like everyone else here does. None of us can ever get enough! We just want to keep fucking more and more and seduce new girls all the time and make it so every hot girl knows they don’t need guys at all! Now you’re going to be one of us too Olivia. We’re going to take your tight little teen body and fucking wreck it until you’re a dirty little fucking slut like the rest of us!”

“YESSSSSSS! OHHHH YESSSSSSS!” Olivia cried when Rose followed that up with the exclamation point of giving her hard nipple a little bite with her perfect teeth.

Olivia had no idea how Rose knew she liked that but she was so glad she did it. She loved the little rush of energy and wickedness that came with being nibbled on like that and when Britney did it too, Olivia cried out again in pleasure, this time sliding her hand under the waistband of her panties and rubbing herself.

She was shocked over how wet she’d gotten but at the same time totally not surprised about it. This all felt so good and Olivia never wanted it to end.

Olivia rolled her head back and forth, watching the naughtiness on one side as Minka shoved her gorgeous cover girl face into Mandy’s ass and did such naughty things with her tongue that Olivia couldn’t believe she was actually witnessing it. And then she would just turn over to the other side and look at the floor where Christina and Liz and Ariana and Victoria were all rutting like wild, sexy animals, their naked bodies so beautiful and glowing with sex and sweat.

They looked amazing like that and Olivia couldn’t stop watching Ariana as she got her face sticky with Christina’s juices at the same time her tight pop star ass was fucked.

Olivia never would have dreamed Ariana Grande could let something so dirty happen but maybe she could be just like her. What if she let herself get fucked like that too? What if she let these sexy girls use toys on her and put things in her butt and fuck her in ways she knew were only for dirty girls to do? Mmmmm it sounded so good and Olivia found herself wishing she was just like all of these girls and had no limits and no boundaries and did whatever felt good.

“Fuck me!” Olivia begged, moaning out words she rarely said to her boyfriends and never with such desire and urgency. “Mmmmm gawwwd fuck me hard! Please fuck me! Turn me into a total slut and make me always want it! I’m sooooo wet! Oooooh wetter than I’ve ever been for a boy! I want you two to fuck me! I’m so turned on! Ughhh gawwd I can’t stand it! I need it!”

“Mmmmm so you want us to take your panties off?” Britney teased, looking down at how the teenager’s underwear was bulging out from her small hand working its way under the waistband to rub herself.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Olivia groaned, the answer as obvious as her need. “Please Britney! Please Rose! Make me naked! Fuck me! Do me like no one ever has before!”

There was a lot of pressure that came with a plea like that, but fortunately Rose and Britney knew they were more than up to the task. They left behind the younger girl’s pink tits glistening with their saliva as her nipples stood swollen with lust from her flushed areolas and instead turned their focus toward her panties.

Olivia had made her rainbow striped underwear wet with a growing spot of soaked arousal from her own touch. It was so easy for the two of them to each grab a side of the waistband of her panties and pull them down all the way off her legs, leaving Olivia Holt completely naked before them.

The blonde girl moaned out again in shock and need. She couldn’t come to grips with how naughty she was being. She was being such a bad girl. But it felt so good. She was totally naked now, just how she loved to be. But all the naughty tingles she got at home from hanging out naked in her room or sneaking around when no one else was home was nothing compared to how amazing it felt to be totally nude and free with such gorgeous women.

Olivia loved seeing Britney and Rose naked in front of her. They had such big, yummy boobs and amazing butts, all round and juicy. Olivia couldn’t believe she was checking these girls out but she loved seeing their bodies and it was such a turn on to see them and everyone else here naked.

She naughtily let her eyes glaze all over them, lingering between their legs as she stared at how smooth Britney’s kitty was, totally shaved bald and glistening wet. And Rose had that big toy still attached to her too.

Part of Olivia wanted Rose to take it off so she could see her all the way naked too. She couldn’t believe that she was longing to see some beautiful woman’s pussy, but she did. She wanted Rose naked. She wanted to see if she was bald like Britney and she wanted to see how wet she was.

But another part of Olivia wanted Rose to not only keep that fake dick on but use it on her and show her just how hot she could fuck. She wanted Rose to fuck her! Fuck her better than any man ever could!

And since she lusted for their bare bodies so much, it was a huge thrill for Olivia to see Rose and Britney’s eyes when they got her panties off and left her completely naked too. She knew they liked what they saw. Olivia knew she had a great body. She worked hard to make sure she did. But it was always nice to get validation for it, especially when it was from beautiful women that she was about to go totally lesbian with.

“Oh my God! That is such a beautiful little pussy!” Rose marveled in full appreciation of the exposed teenage pink in front of her.

Olivia had such tiny little lips and they were getting nice and puffy with her arousal. The girl had a sparse dirty blonde landing strip too and Rose was enraptured by how tight and pretty her cunt was. She couldn’t wait for her and her friends to really have some fun with it.

Rose reached out and delicately ran her fingers over Olivia’s young, barely touched slit and loved how the girl erotically shivered for her.

“Mmmm boys definitely do not deserve a pussy this nice!” Rose said. “You should be keeping something this pretty for girls only, Olivia. Mmmm and after I blow your fucking mind that’s all you’re going to want!”

Rose immediately followed that promise up with a sensuous lash of her tongue. She dragged her horny tongue up Olivia’s lips, tasting the fresh juice clinging to the snug pink folds and making the girl gasp and groan in total rapture from her first touch of a woman’s tongue.

Rose grinned when she got that reaction from the girl. It was so hot to be licking a girl so young and Olivia looked so adorable and breathtakingly sexy with that angelic face and her mouth open in a little “O” as she moaned. Her tight teen body was amazing and Rose wanted to absolutely ravish her.

So that first lick turned into another one which got an even louder sound of pleasure from the girl. Rose was taking her slow at first, getting her used to the feel of a woman’s tongue but when she gave her a third lick it was noticeably stronger as Rose pushed past Olivia’s lips and into her tight little honeypot.

Olivia groaned out in wanton pleasure from it and Rose took that as all the encouragement she needed to push in even deeper, putting her tongue into Olivia’s young cunt and tasting the juice that was really starting to drip out of her.

“Ohhhhh my Goddddddd! Ohhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh!” Olivia squealed out, not believing this was happening to her and that she liked it so much.

“Mmmmm feels good, doesn’t it?” Britney asked tenderly, leaning in to kiss Olivia’s neck and play softly with her boobs. “Rose is so good at eating pussy! Mmmm I can never get enough of how she fucks! Most of the time she’s mean and fucks me hard with Mr. Snappy just like I deserve it in my slutty little holes but she can be so nice too and lick me so good! She’s being nice to you now Olivia mmmm letting you feel that tongue of hers. You like it baby? Like feeling her lick you out?”

“Ohhhh yesssssss! Mmmm gawwwd I LOVE it!” Olivia dreamily replied. “Oooooh it’s sooooooooo goooooooood! Ughhhh it’s amazing! Mmmmm fuck me! Oooooh please fuck me! I can’t believe I’m saying it but fuck me Rose!”

“Better than a boy, isn’t it?” Britney teased, roaming her soft, motherly hands over Olivia’s young tits and sensually massaging them while continuing to shower kisses all over the girl’s neck and down to her shoulder, finding all the secret spots Olivia hadn’t even known she liked to be kissed on yet.

“Ooooooh mmmmm YES!” Olivia replied with an excited giggle bubbling out of her. “Ooooh you have to ask? Oooooh God yes! It’s SO much better than a boy! Mmmmmm I’ve never felt anything this good in my whole life!”

Only one of her boyfriends had ever gone down on her. They’d all wanted her to give them blowjobs of course but only the one had ever been willing to return the oral favor. And he was nothing compared to what Rose was doing to her.

Olivia felt pleasure shooting through every inch of her. Each time Rose touched her with her tongue it was better than the last one and Britney was making it so much better too, kissing her neck and even behind her ear and playing with her boobs.

It was all so good for Olivia and she couldn’t control herself. When Britney pulled off her neck for a second, Olivia took full advantage and grabbed the pop icon by the face and pulled her in for a kiss. She’d never kissed a boy with such enthusiasm before but she sure kissed Britney with it.

Before she knew it, Olivia was making out with Britney Spears. It was nothing she could ever have pictured herself doing even an hour ago but Olivia loved how it felt to have her and Britney pressing their wet mouths together and how amazing it was to have Britney’s tongue against hers.

Britney didn’t just jam her tongue into her mouth like one of her boyfriends might have. Instead she tenderly worked it in, making sure Olivia was ready for it and that she wanted it. The slow way Britney kissed her and introduced her tongue into the fun was such a turn on for Olivia and she kissed Britney back, licking her tongue against hers and rubbing them together as she found herself not only French kissing a girl but one of her all time idols.

And while they kissed, Britney’s hands played with Olivia’s teenage mounds. Her soft hands felt incredible against her chest and Olivia moaned into Britney’s mouth from those warm, silky palms against her hard nipples and sensitive areolas.

It made Olivia so curious too. She’d loved touching Rose’s boobs before and she found herself doing what so many had ached to do their whole lives by getting her hands right on Britney’s famous chest.

“Mmmmm that’s it baby, get into it!” Britney moaned from the feeling of Olivia’s shy but excited hands feeling her up. “Mmmmm squeeze them Olivia! They’re so nice and big, aren’t they?”

“Mmmmhmmm yesssss you’ve got such big boobs Britney!” Olivia said, feeling such a thrill from being able to touch them. “They’re so sexy! I love your whole body!”

She caressed Britney’s large mammaries in her small hands like they were precious and the more she felt them the more excited she got. Soon Olivia was massaging them just like Britney was doing to her, the two blondes erotically roaming their hands over each other’s bare chests and making each other moan into their tongue kisses as they continued to make out in between sharing sexy words.

“I love yours! I thought you were such a good girl, Olivia,” Britney moaned, so happy to be wrong. “I thought you were going to be this pure little princess or something but you’re just a bad fucking slut like me and I love it! Play with my titties baby! Mmmm feel up mommy’s big, fake titties and show me what a bad girl you are Olivia! I love your tits! So small and natural and perky! Mmmm and I love how you love my big, slutty tits! Oooooh your hands feel sooooo good on them! Play with them Olivia! Play with those big, fake jugs of mine like a dirty girl! Chrissy loves playing with my titties and she and I are going to have so much fun making you nasty like us!”

“Oooooooh! Are you two really together? Like together together?” Olivia asked.

She’d heard the rumors but she’d never believed them. Now she could see how real they were and it was so hot to think about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera being naughty girlfriends with each other.

“Mmmmhmm we’re such nasty sluts too, fucking each other all the time and fucking any other hot girl we want!” Britney said, smiling big before she bent her head down and began circling her tongue all over Olivia’s pink areolas and swollen nipples, bathing the pink points in all their erect glory to make them freshly wet with saliva. “And we both want to fuck you Olivia!”

“Oh wowwww! Ohhhh my God, I can’t believe you’re saying that to me,” Olivia giggled. “It’s so naughty! I’ve never done this before but I…I…OHHHHHH! OHHHH MY GODDDDD!”

She’d been so fixated on Britney that Olivia had almost forgotten about Rose but the brunette emphatically reminded her by sliding two fingers into her drenched little pink hole. Rose began rubbing the girl’s precious little pearl of a clit and pressed her lips to it at the same time.

Rose began sucking on Olivia’s clit and the girl shrieked in surprise and delight from it. She hadn’t been expecting it but she sure loved it.

“Don’t you worry about what Chrissy and Britney are going to do to you,” Rose reminded the inexperienced girl. “You only need to think about what I’m going to do to you and how I’m going to fuck you so good that you’re never going to want a boy near you again. You’re only going to want to be fucked by girls now Olivia. I’m going to make you crave cunt you little fuck slut!”

“Gawd!” Olivia murmured, never having had anyone say such dirty things to her before.

Rose’s words were so rude and she knew she should have been offended by them but she wasn’t. It sounded so hot to hear Rose talk dirty like that to her. It reminded her she wasn’t some repressed Disney princess, at least not anymore. She could be free and wild and totally uninhibited.

“Mmmmmm you like that, huh? Good girl wants to be bad like the rest of her fucking friends,” Rose teased, pumping her fingers in and out of Olivia while sliding her tongue over the teen’s flaring labia, her young cunt lips so tight and tasty. “I’m going to make you into a fucking little dyke whore Olivia! No more little stuck up princess! You’re going to be a dirty slut craving it non-stop. Mmmm you’re going to want to fuck all your cute little girlfriends now too. You’re going to want to be a total little teen slut and it’s all going to be because of me!”

Rose was feeling such a rush of pleasure. She could tell just about everyone else at the party was intoxicated by something else, but not her. She was high only on the power that came from breaking down pretty little things like Victoria and Ariana and now Olivia.

She was drunk on the pleasure of stripping away all their inhibitions and making them desperate to fuck. And with her fresh face and perfect blonde hair and tight, young body, Olivia was her prize of the night.

Rose shoved her face back down into the aroused girl’s crotch, breathing in the teen’s aroused musk and really letting loose with her tongue this time. She kept working her fingers in and out of the girl and as she fingerbanged Olivia, Rose lapped at her wetness.

She forced open the teenager’s legs and pushed her tongue inside, tasting the practically virginal hole and savoring every drop of young juice that soaked her taste buds while Olivia writhed on the couch and began to scream for her, just like Rose wanted.


Olivia couldn’t believe what she was saying. She never talked like that.

Sure she used bad words when she got mad but never like this. But Rose was driving her totally wild. She was making her think and say things she never could have said before and it felt totally amazing.

Olivia felt like she was in heaven or something because the sex she was feeling was so much better than anything she’d ever experienced before. Now she knew how Bella and AnnaSophia and all these other girls could get into it. It was the best feeling ever and then suddenly Britney made her feel even better.

Pulling away from Olivia’s tits, but only after giving each pink nipple one more soft kiss, Britney moved her body back onto the carpeted floor right next to Rose. Normally, Britney would have let Rose finish the girl off. She never would have dared challenge Rose or try to take a girl away from her, but this wasn’t a normal circumstance.

Britney was drawn to Olivia. She wanted her so bad and she hadn’t been able to wait a moment more before tasting her.

So Britney got aggressive and placed her naked body right next to Rose’s so she could get at Olivia’s honeypot too. While Rose tongue and finger fucked the girl, Britney started licking too, tasting those sweet young lips and how juicy they’d gotten. And Britney was instantly addicted to Olivia’s flavor too.

One lick was all it took for that sweet sex sugar to tantalize her taste buds and Britney found it impossible to hold back. She licked the swollen pussy lips in front of her with an unrestrained lust, making Olivia experience two tongues at once when she was barely used to one.


Even though she loved the sex screams the teenager was entertaining them with, Rose couldn’t let it go unremarked that she was no longer operating solo on Olivia’s pussy.

“Hey! Wait your turn!” Rose chided Britney, bumping her bare body into the blonde’s. “I’m not ready to share. This sweet little fuckhole is mine!”

She wasn’t mad or anything. How could anyone ever stay mad at a horny little nympho like Britney? The truth was Rose couldn’t get enough of Britney’s big tits and round ass and probably would have let the pop slut do whatever the hell she wanted. But she still wanted to make sure Britney knew who was in charge around here.

“I can’t help it!” Britney admitted, giving Rose a sexy smile and her most pleading gaze as she tried to convince her to share this delicious prize of a pussy. “Mmmm she’s so fucking yummy! Her tits are perfect and she was looking so hot writhing from your hot tongue! I needed to taste her too Rose! Please share with me! Let’s both fuck her! Let’s make this little slut come all over both our faces and then we can kiss and lick each other’s faces clean!”

Rose had to admit that sounded pretty damn good. She had been intending to make a meal out of Olivia’s little twat all by herself but it was impossible to resist Britney, especially when what she wanted sounded as delicious as that. Maybe sharing wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“Welllllll…all right, but only because it’s Christmas,” Rose grinned, thinking Love would be very proud of her for getting into the holiday spirit and not hogging Olivia all to herself. “Lick her with me Brit! Let’s take this tight little princess cunt of hers and turn it into a creamy fucking mess dripping all over our tongues! Mmmm let’s make this fucking slut feel better than she ever has in her life!”

They were talking about her and not to her and Olivia felt like maybe she should have been insulted about it. They really were treating her like some little slut that was just there to be fucked. But she couldn’t be mad. Not when she loved what they were doing to her.

Olivia even loved what they were saying and how they were saying it. All through her life she’d been treated like a princess. But now she wasn’t some spoiled brat. Now she was a dirty fucking whore and it was such a wild and naughty and totally fun change for her.

She wanted Rose and Britney to use her and fuck her. Olivia wanted them to make good on every promise they were making and more. She wanted them to really make her feel better than anything ever had before.

“Yesssssssssssssss! Please share me! Both of you fuck me!” Olivia pleaded, not wanting these amazing feelings to stop. “Mmmmm I want it so bad! Both of you fuck me at the same time! I want to feel both of you licking me together!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh you love two hot sluts working your tight little pussy over, don’t you baby?” Rose said, keeping her fingers pumping into the girl while Britney got back to licking, lashing her tongue over the creamy pink slit that had opened up in front of her. “You’re already turning into a slut Olivia! No more good girl! Mmmm we’re going to fuck you all night long and you’re going to go home to mommy and daddy with our cum all over your face and in that pretty blonde hair and your hot little cunt soaking wet still thinking about all the girls you’ve fucked and all the girls you want to fuck!”

“Ohhhhhhhh gawd,” Olivia whimpered, both from the pleasure of fingers and tongue working her over simultaneously but also from the guilt she knew she was going to feel after having to look her parents in the eyes later knowing she had not just been a total slut but that she had been a total lesbian slut.

She always tried to be good and follow the rules because she didn’t want to disappoint them. But it felt so fucking amazing to be bad like this. She was supposed to check in with them soon and let them know she was all right. They were probably worried about her.

She was supposed to be home that night too. Even though she was on Disney Channel she still had a curfew. But she couldn’t care about any of that. Olivia just wanted to stay naked and get fucked and be turned into a huge lesbian slut by all of these hot girls.

“Mmmmhmm gonna make you kiss mommy and daddy on the cheek like a good girl even though you still have the taste of pussy all over your lips,” Rose grinned evilly, working her fingers in deeper and faster and rubbing Olivia’s swollen clit while Britney licked away. “You gonna do that Olivia? Gonna kiss mommy like a good girl knowing you spent the night getting your tight little fucking twat eaten out by girls and that you shoved your pretty little princess tongue into sweet, sticky girl cunts and even into our tight fucking assholes? You’re not a good girl anymore Olivia. You’re a bad fucking slut. You’re a dirty whore. Mommy and daddy thought they controlled you still but now you belong to us!”


Olivia’s screams and dirty words were magnified by Rose and Britney licking her together. The two of them were very experienced in sharing a gorgeous girl and they knew just how to lick her together. They took turns lapping at her sensitive little cunt lips and then over her exposed pink folds.

It took them a few seconds to get into a good rhythm but when they did they complimented each other perfectly, working over every inch of Olivia’s pussy and making her nakedly writhe on the couch as they tantalized her and tongued her and began licking her clitoris together, making the girl feel like she could absolutely explode with pleasure.

Olivia didn’t even have to be told to open up. Her legs moved reflexively and she spread herself open as wide as she could. She’d always been good at gymnastics and she proved it now as she opened up her legs, lifting them up with her on the couch and bending them at the knee to leave plenty of room for Rose and Britney to tongue fuck her together.

“Look at her,” Rose laughed. “Mmmm look how eager she is for it! You’re such a fucking little slut Olivia! That’s what I want from you! Mmmm open up wide baby! Spread that juicy little pink pussy open for me and Britney! Get those legs splayed open! Show me how bad you want to be our dirty little young slut!”

“Yesssssssssss I want it soooo bad!” Olivia cried, every inch of her tingling like never before. “Make me come! I want to come for youuuuuuu! Mmmmm yessssssssss lick me! Fuck me! Ooooooooh gawwwwwwwwwwwd! This is soooooooooooooooo fucking hotttttt!”

She didn’t think anything could ever feel this good. But it did. It all felt awesome. Better than awesome! Was there something better than awesome? Olivia was sure if there was it would be it.

“You taste so good, baby!” Britney told the horny girl as she let out little gasps and squeals of pleasure from the non-stop pleasure. “Mmmm I love this sweet little pussy of yours! I want you to soak my tongue in your honey, Olivia. Mmmm feed it to me so I can drink it down. I want your cum so bad Olivia! I’m going to make sure you want this all the time. Mmmm I’ll make you want to come down to our label tomorrow so me and Chrissy can make you into our special new project!”

All Olivia could do was throw her head back and moan some more over the mere idea of more of this. She really was craving it now, just like they had said they would. She knew she would have let Britney and Christina and any other hot girl they wanted her to be with do anything to her. She would have let them defile her if they wanted as long as it felt as good as this.

But while Olivia was incapable of making any other sound but gurgles and moans of ecstasy, Christina was eager to chime in even though she was quite busy with her own fun.

Christina had Victoria bent over now, making the brunette stick that perfect ass of hers in her face so she could take turns lapping between her buns with her tongue, tonguing her tight crack and then fucking her pretty little puckered hole. And then Christina would pull her tongue away so she could work the hard toy that had just been up Ariana’s ass into Victoria’s now loosened hole too.

Rose had turned Victoria and Ariana from backdoor virgins into anal sluts and Christina was eager to further both of their educations. She had fucked Ariana’s tight ass to another orgasm and now she was working over Victoria, either fucking her with her tongue or with the toy as the brunette cried out for more, now relishing the attention to her ass.

And while that was happening, Christina had her own legs spread and was welcoming the twin tongues of Liz and Ariana. Liz was showing her redhead friend just how to eat pussy while they enjoyed the gooey wetness of Christina’s soaked folds and Ariana was getting more and more into it, making Christina tingle with pleasure.

But even with the pleasure she was feeling from the two women tongue fucking her and the distraction of Victoria’s tight bottom in her face, Christina still had time to focus on Olivia and what Britney was doing her. The idea of getting sweet little pristine Olivia Holt into their fun was such a turn on and Christina made sure to encourage her lover in the way she knew best.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh that’s fucking it! Tongue that tight little teen cunt!” Christina cheered, her own voice full of moans from what Liz and Ariana’s tongues were doing to her. “Fuck her hard Britney! Mmmmm yesssss show Olivia what a slutty little pussy licker you are Brit! Make her as fucking horny for your tongue as I always am! Mmmm gawwd you have no idea what I went through to get here today to get that fucking tongue of yours again and I’d do it a thousand times because I love you so fucking much baby!”

Britney loved what she was hearing. She was smiling from ear to ear while she licked at Olivia, letting the delicious hot juices soak her tongue. Olivia was so young and fresh and tasty and it was even hotter to know Christina was watching it and loving what she saw.

She loved those sweet, nasty words from her girlfriend. No one knew how to express her love quite like Christina did and Britney loved being able to return those emotions a thousand times over.

“That’s it Britney! Jam that tongue right into her pretty jailbait snatch!” Christina continued, her voice getting more ragged as Liz and Ariana licked her closer to another orgasm. “Ooooooh fuckkkkk make that little whore in training come! Make that pretty young thing into a pussy craving cunt slut for us to play with over at the label! Mmmm fuckkkk I can’t wait to show her off and let all the girls get their licks in on her and fuck the shit out of that pretty Disney princess! Ughhhh you like that Olivia? Like hearing how we’re going to whore your fuckholes out to every horny girl singer in town? Mmmm they’re going to love your pretty face and tight fucking cunt! You’re too fucking pretty to be a good girl! You need to be bad like me! When I was your age I was sucking cock like a champ and taking dick up my ass like I was trying to get into porno! I wish I’d been fucking girls the whole time! Now you know what Rose taught me in that fucking bathroom at the club! No one fucks better than women! Mmmmm take my Britney’s tongue in that dirty little teen cunt of yours Olivia! Let her turn it into a cummy pink mess from how good she eats pussy! Come for her and then we’ll REALLY start turning you into an insatiable fucking slut just like me!”

Christina’s horny babbling then turned into nothing but enthusiastic moans and grunts from what Ariana and Liz were doing. And Christina silenced herself by shoving her face back into Victoria’s ass, plunging her tongue into the girl’s stretched hole at the same time she was fucking Victoria with the dildo.

But while Christina stopped her lewd encouragement the words had quite the impact on Olivia.

The blonde loved everything she was hearing. It was so nasty and wrong. But it was just what she wanted to happen. She never had to be worried about being repressed and shy again. She could be the slut she had always wanted to be deep down. Olivia wanted to fuck these girls. She wanted to fuck all of them and she never wanted this pleasure to end.

Olivia was rubbing her own perky tits raw with her eager hands, groping her firm mounds and even pinching and tugging on her own nipples. But she barely noticed what her hands were up to. She was so completely focused on the pleasure she was getting between her legs.

It was blowing her mind just like Rose had promised it would and right then Olivia was sure Rose was right. She was never going to want to see another guy again. She was only going to need girls from now on because there was no way a guy could ever fuck her this good.

Olivia could feel her heart pumping hard and she knew she had to look like a serious hot mess with her face probably all flushed from sex. But she didn’t care. She didn’t care how she looked or how she sounded. She just wanted the pleasure to continue.

She needed this. She’d never really even known just how much until now. But she’d been too good for too long and she didn’t just merely want to let go and be uninhibited. She had to be that way!

Each lick brought another series of moans from Olivia until all she was doing was babbling out her sighs and coos and cries for more while nakedly grinding her bare ass right into the couch cushions.

Olivia barely took notice of Mandy Moore a few inches away from her moaning out in ecstasy too or the rest of the room of naked, naughty girls. She couldn’t even focus on what was right in front of her as Rose and Britney bent over on their knees to pleasure her with their mouths, their bare asses jutting out and looking so full and sexy.

All Olivia could think about was what she was feeling. Every lick felt amazing and there were so many licks. Britney would lick her again and then Rose and then Britney and then Rose and so on. Sometimes they would even lick her together, getting both of their tongues on her pussy at the same time. With her legs spread open so widely, it was easy for Rose to suck on her clit while Britney licked her and then Britney to suck on her throbbing pleasure bud while Rose’s tongue lashed at her pinkest of parts.


“Mmmmmhmmm sweet little princess likes getting girl fucked, huh?” Rose laughed while Britney slurped away at the teenager’s precious young clit. “Is the good girl going to fucking come hard? You know that means you’re a bad girl now Olivia. You’re a dirty fucking lesbian whore. As soon as you come you can’t ever pretend to be a good girl again. Because you’re not. You’re a slutty fucking whore who needs pussy in her face and a girl tongue in her cunt!”

And Olivia did know what it meant. She just didn’t care anymore.

Olivia didn’t want to be a good girl. The need to be dirty had been inside her this whole time and she’d never fully realized it until now. She had to have this. She could never be a good girl who followed the rules anymore. Not when being slutty for girls like Rose and Britney was so much more fun.

“Yessssssss ooooooh yesssssssssssss I’ll be a big fucking whore for you!” Olivia promised, gasping in lust as she felt Britney’s lips do their work while Rose kept working those fingers in expertly. “Fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Pleaaaase Rose! Gawwd I’ll do anything you want if you fuck me and make me come! Make me into a bad girl who needs to be fucked like a whore, not some pretty little princess! Make me your fucking whore!”

That was something Rose knew just how to do beyond a shadow of a doubt and her smile grew when she thought about how she had the equipment in place to do just that.

If Olivia needed to be fucked so badly, why not give it to her? After all, her favorite toy had already made some significant notches that night. Why not treat it to another fresh pussy to fuck?

“You really wanna be a whore?” Rose inquired seductively, straightening up and sliding her hand up and down the shaft of Mr. Snappy so there could be no doubt what she meant. “You really want to get fucked Olivia? Think you can handle a cock like this in your tight little baby girl cunt?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Godddddd,” Olivia groaned.

She’d been so focused on Rose’s tongue that she had forgotten the woman had that plastic monster attached to her body. But now Rose seemed intent on getting that huge thing inside her and Olivia began to get nervously flustered even as Britney kept the pleasure going by suckling in her clitoris.

“If you’re not ready for it, then it’s okay,” Rose said tenderly, brushing her hand over Olivia’s flushed face.

She’d never force anyone to take on Mr. Snappy but Rose sensed the girl wanted it even if she didn’t fully know it yet.

“Ummmmm gawwwd…I dunno,” Olivia stammered. “It’s SO big! Bigger than any guy I’ve ever been with!”

“Bigger and better too,” Rose grinned. “See Olivia, size only matters when you know how to fuck. A guy could have a 14 inch dick but if he doesn’t know how to use it then it’s just a useless slab of flesh. But I know how to use my toy. I can fill up that pretty little teen pussy of yours so nice and show you what real fucking is all about. Mmmmm by now you’ve got to know that no one licks pussy better than another woman but women fuck better than men too because we know what other girls really need and just how to give it to them! I’ll fuck you so much better than any boyfriend you’ve ever had and I’ll make you come so good you’ll cream my cock in seconds! Sound good baby?”

“Ohhhhh yesssssssssssss!” Olivia moaned out in horniness, her eyes roaming all over the realistic cock-shaped plastic jutting out from Rose’s lovely legs. “I never really got fucked before! They…I mean the boys I was with…they were so nervous and they didn’t really know what they were doing and they wanted to make love to me and make it nice and tender. But gawwwd deep down I just wanted them to grab me and fuck me and make me come like I never had before!”

Olivia blushed while admitting her most intimate secrets. Rose was still a stranger to her pretty much. But they were both naked and Rose’s lips were shiny with her juices so Olivia knew it was silly to hold anything back now.

Besides Olivia felt like she could tell Rose anything now and it felt good to confess her innermost desires to her.

“I’ll fuck you like that,” Rose promised, grasping Mr. Snappy in her hand and rubbing the head against the lewdly spread folds of Olivia’s pussy while Britney made the girl gasp and writhe by working over her clit. “I promised to blow your mind and that’s exactly what I’m going to do Olivia. I’m going to fuck you so good! It’s time this pretty little tight pussy of yours got loosened up and I want to be the one to do it. But only if you want me to!”

Olivia whimpered in need as the head of Mr. Snappy teasingly rubbed against her opening. She was nervous but also so curious about what it would feel like. That toy was absolutely fucking huge but she had ever confidence Rose was going to be as good with it as she claimed she could be.

After all, she had just seen her fuck Ariana’s ass and it had looked like the pop star had loved every second of that black monster up her butt.

“You can say no,” Rose assured her. “No one’s going to be mad or make you do anything you don’t want to do. All you have to do is say the word and I’ll stop. Mmmmm but if you say yes then you’re really going to feel something more intense and hotter than you’ve ever felt in your life. There are so many ways women can make each other feel good and you’re going to love it when I fuck you! I can lick this pretty pink fuckhole and make you come or I can fuck it and make your tight teen cunt cream all over my big cock! It can be whatever you want it to be!”

“Oooooooh so nasty!” Olivia groaned out.

This was a huge decision for her but deep down she knew what she wanted to do. She was just nervous to admit it. But she wanted that cock inside her. She wanted to finally, really get fucked. She wanted to be taken and pounded and made to feel something huge and hard inside her tight little body.

Again she found herself mumbling and again Rose grinned over the girl’s anxiety.

“What was that Olivia? I couldn’t hear you,” Rose laughed gently.

“Ughhhhh gawwd I said fuck me,” Olivia said with a wicked need in her voice. She had gone from practically whispering for Rose to kiss her all the way to begging to be fucked and she didn’t want to turn back for anything. “Fuck me Rose! Take that big, fat cock and shove it into my little fucking cunt! Fuck this teen slut! Make the pretty princess into your fucking whore! Slam that big fake dick inside me and fuck me like I need to be fucked! Give it to me like I’ve always wanted it but been too afraid to ask for!”

“Mmmmm you sure?” Rose asked teasingly as she slid the tip of Mr. Snappy into Olivia, penetrating her pussy but only a little and making the girl gasp and groan in lust.

“Yesssssssssssssss! Fuck me Rose! Make me your whore! Jam your huge cock into me and fuck me!” Olivia cried, not wanting to think twice about her decision.

Her need was doing the thinking for her now and Olivia didn’t want to doubt herself. She wanted this to happen. She needed to get fucked.

Britney and Rose shared a very knowing look. They’d both heard women beg like that for Mr. Snappy so many times. Hell, Britney herself loved to beg for it. But there was something so dirty and wonderful about an angelically sweet girl like Olivia begging for it.

It turned the both of them on and Britney pulled away, her lips and chin covered in Olivia’s juices, so Rose could start to slide her toy into the teenager.

But before she could get too far into it, Olivia stopped Rose. Not because she didn’t want it, though, but because she wanted to show how much she did.

“No! Not like that,” Olivia giggled, nervously horny. “Mmm that’s how those lame boys do me. I want it nasty and hot! Mmmm do me doggie style Rose!”

And Oliva proved she wasn’t just giving empty words by repositioning herself on the couch. She got on all fours and shoved her ass out, even giving it a naughty little wiggle to make sure Rose knew she wasn’t messing around. She really did want this.

“Ohhhhhh fuck look at that tight little teen ass,” Rose said to Britney, the both of them admiring the lovely view of Olivia Holt’s bare bottom sticking out, her cheeks so tight and firm and her wet slit visible from behind. “You’ve got such a beautiful butt Olivia! You really want this sweetie? Does the little blonde princess want to get fucked like a horny doggie?”

“Yesssssssss please!” Olivia begged. “Fuck me like a dog Rose! Fuck me from behind! I always wanted to try this! Please Rose! Please!”

There was nothing in the world that would have kept Rose from giving Olivia what she wanted. Seeing that perfect teen ass raised up in the air and looking absolutely flawless in all its naked glory was one of the hottest things Rose had ever seen. This young beauty was going to spend her life breaking hearts and Rose wanted to be the one to take her and make her love being a slut.

“You’re going to be such a hot whore now Olivia,” Rose promised, coming up behind Olivia and pressing Mr. Snappy’s head against her swollen opening. “Mmmmm your cunt is so fucking tight but I’m going to loosen it up and you’re going to love every second of it! You’re going to be coming in no time at all!”

Rose proved that by slowly easing Mr. Snappy into Olivia’s pinkness. She took the girl slowly, but with a steady push that let the hard plastic slide inside. Olivia was plenty wet for it. Rose didn’t need any extra lube at all for Mr. Snappy but she didn’t push into the girl too aggressively.

Just like she had with Victoria and Ariana, Rose let Olivia adjust to the feeling of her first experience with Mr. Snappy.

“OHHHHHHHH!” Olivia cried out while being penetrated. “OOOOOH IT’S SO BIG!”

“Mmmmmhmmm big and bad,” Rose laughed. “I’m going to fuck the last of the good girl right out of you Olivia. By the time you get home to mommy and daddy you’ll only be thinking of the next girl you’re going to fuck! All those cute little girl friends of yours are going to be targets for seduction now. You’re going to want to fuck them all and bring them right to us here in Malibu so we can fuck them like we fuck you!”

“Ohhhhhh gawwd yessssss! Fuck me Rose!” Olivia groaned, getting more used to it and loving how the cock was slowly penetrating her, stretching her out so good and making her feel amazing. It was so much different and better than a boy giving it to her. “Make me want to fuck all my pretty friends and turn them into lesbians too! Ooooooh ooooooooooooh ooooooooh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhh my God that big cock feels soooooo good in my tiny little pussy! Oooooooh Rose! Ughhhhh ohhhh don’t stop! Do it harder! Fuck me! Fuck me like a guy never can!”

Just as Olivia urged, Rose began picking up the pace. She didn’t give it to her too hard or go too deep. The girl’s vagina definitely had never taken a real pounding before and Rose didn’t want to give Olivia more than she was ready for.

But she did start to pick up the pace and began thrusting harder into the teen, pushing her toy inside her and making the black plastic slick with fresh, young juice. And the more Olivia moaned and cried out from it, the more Rose fucked her until she was taking it with a steady push inside her.

“Oooooh yesssssssss mmmmmm fuck this cunt is so tight! Take my cock Olivia! Take it like a big girl!” Rose groaned, feeling the dirty taboo pleasure rush through her as she fucked the significantly younger girl. “This pretty teen pussy is mine! Ooooh I’m going to loosen it up and make you love it! Take my big cock inside you baby! All my friends love Mr. Snappy inside them and you’re my friend now Olivia! You’re my slutty little fuck friend and I’m going to give it to you good and make you come harder than any dumb boy ever could!”

“Yessssssssssss fuck yessssssssss make me come! Ohhhhhh please please please please make me come!” Olivia begged, her voice panting with a sexy squeak too it as she breathed hard and rapidly from the intensity of what she was experiencing. “Make me into such a huge fucking slut! Mmmm fuck my tight little cunt Rose! Oooooh fuckkk gawwwd I can’t believe I’m saying that and doing this but I want it! Ughhhh yesssssssssssss give it to me so good and make me come! Fuck me like you fuck all your hot friends! Fuck me like a sexy, slutty bitch!”

Olivia was getting more into the pleasure of penetration from Rose’s strap-on with every thrust the brunette took into her. The harder Rose fucked her and the faster she did it, the more Olivia enjoyed it.

Olivia was feeling so dirty and it was such a nasty thrill for her to do it like this, to be naked and on all fours with her butt in the air and Rose smacking into her from behind, fucking her doggie style. Olivia could feel her own breasts shaking as she was fucked and she moaned out repeatedly from it, relishing the sound and the feeling of their bare bodies slapping together from their dirty fucking.

Olivia tossed her head back and almost unconsciously thrust herself against Rose, letting more of the plastic invader slip inside her. She could feel the fake cock stretching her tightness and filling her up and it felt so much better than a real penis ever could.

Olivia had only done this position with a guy once and she had really liked it. But it was so much better with Rose. She felt so hot and naughty being in doggie style position with her.

It was so nasty to be taken from behind. Olivia felt like a dirty porno girl, just like in those movies she sometimes liked to sneak a peek at. But this was no filmed fantasy. It was all real. She could feel Rose’s body smacking against hers and she could feel that plastic cock being pushed inside her, deeper and harder with each thrust.

Her clit was so swollen and Olivia was aching to touch it. She started snaking her hand between her legs to play with it while she was being fucked, something that was easier said than done in the position she was in, but when she got there Olivia discovered she hadn’t needed to.

“Mmmmmm let me help you with that,” Britney purred, rubbing her naked body into Olivia’s while she reached down to play with the eager teenager’s clit. “I want you to come baby! Come all over Rose’s big hard cock! Come all over Mr. Snappy like all of us do!”


“Mmmmmm does it?” Britney asked coyly, rubbing the girl’s little love button and feeling her wetness dripping all over her fingers.

She knew damn well how good it felt to Olivia. The girl was visibly in rapture and Britney got eager for more.

“Ooooh well I can make it even better for you baby!” Britney promised. “I can help you come so fucking hard!”

Britney didn’t say anything more. She didn’t have to. She just went right into the action as she repositioned herself to get under Olivia’s tight little body.

The teenager was rocking back and forth on the couch on her knees and elbows, taking Rose’s toy from behind and that lifted her body up perfectly for Britney to get underneath it and press her face again to that sweet honeypot. And when she did she went right for Olivia’s clit, taking it between her lips and sucking on it.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSS YESSSSS AHHHHH YESSSSSS!” Olivia screamed as a fresh jolt of pleasure rushed through her from Britney suckling on her clitoris at the same time she was being fucked doggie style with the strap-on. “OOOOOOH BRITNEY YESSSS GAWWWD EAT MY PUSSY! MMM FUCKKKK SUCK ON MY CLIT! OOOOH MAKE ME A TOTAL LITTLE LESBIAN SLUT OOOOOOH FUCKKKK OOOOOOH!”

“Mmmmm you already are a slut,” Rose assured the girl, grabbing Olivia’s blonde hair and pulling it into a crude ponytail so she could yank on it and make clear to the teenager she was theirs to play with. “You were a fucking slut this whole time Olivia! You were just too scared to admit it! Now you know how fucking good it feels to be a dirty girl for us! Now you’re going to want it all the time! Now you’re going to always want to be our hot fucking whore!”

And Olivia immediately agreed. Rose pulling her hair was the cherry on top. She felt so wonderfully controlled.

She had let go of every inhibition she had only to find herself completely dominated by another woman and it was the best feeling ever. Olivia loved being fucked raw. She wasn’t a delicate little princess anymore who was being made love to gently. She was being fucked like a dirty, nasty bitch and it was amazing.


Olivia would have screamed out more but she was suddenly silenced by a large pair of breasts being shoved into her face. Just like Rose had boldly grabbed her hair and yanked on it, Christina showed no shyness about shoving her D cups right against Olivia and smothering her sexily with her bare chest, forcing the cute blonde teen to motorboat them as she slapped them into her face and made her taste her enhanced mounds.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssss suck my titties you little whore!” Christina groaned, her body sweaty and flushed from having just come from Ariana’s tongue licking the piercing in her clit. “Mmmm suck on mommy’s big titties! Ooooooh yessss such a good girl! Mmmm I couldn’t resist getting in on this! I love seeing you get fucked like this Olivia! I love seeing you be the dirty little fuckslut you’re meant to be!”

Olivia had been surprised to suddenly have Christina Aguilera’s bare breasts in her face, but she didn’t flinch a bit from it. Instead she surprised even herself by immediately starting to kiss and lick at them.

They felt so big in her face and Olivia couldn’t believe that another of her musical idols was treating her so wickedly but she loved it. Those big tits tasted so good. Olivia even found herself enjoying licking the sweat off them and before she knew it she had Christina’s pierced nipple in her mouth and was sensually sucking on it, much to Christina’s delight.

“Mmmmm that’s it baby girl! Suck my big mommy titties in your little girl mouth!” Christina groaned, getting off on Olivia’s pretty lips wrapping around her nipple and suckling. “Mmmmm fuckkk yessss show me how much you like it when my Brit Brit slurps on your wet fucking pussy! Ooooh show me how much you like it when Rose nails your hot cunt from behind! I always knew you had to be a slut deep down Olivia! You looked too sexy to be pure and innocent and I know what hot fucking whores Disney girls really are! Mmmmm suck my fat, swollen nipple while Brit and Rose fuck you like the bitch cunt slut you are Olivia! Deep down you’re just like me! A fucking little whore in a good girl’s body! You know you are too! Mmm I’m going to teach you so good and make you into a fucking nympho slut like me Olivia!”

Right then there was nothing in the world Olivia wanted more than to be just like Christina and Britney and Rose and all of these girls here.

She had idolized Christina and Britney. She’d wanted to be just like them musically. But now she could see there was something even better than just musical success. They were so sexy and so free with their bodies and they owned their sexuality. She wanted that too and she wanted to come right then and there.


Even with Christina’s breasts in her face, Olivia’s screams couldn’t be held back. She was drooling now all over Christina’s fleshy tits and the pierced pop singer loved feeling the girl’s hot breath against her skin and the saliva dribbling down out of her mouth and onto her nipple.

“I knew you were fucking ready to be a slut!” Christina moaned while laughing. “Mmmm I knew you were ready to be fucked like a dirty little Disney dyke whore! Just like me and Britney and Hilary and Miley and Demi mmmmm and fuck yeah now Selena is one of us too! You’re going to be such a good little horny bitch for us at Desire Records! Oooh I’ll have contracts sent to you and soon you’ll be tongue deep in the hottest pussy in music today! Mmmm fuckk yessssss you’re going to fit right in you dirty dyke bitch! Suck my big tits you nasty little girl! Show me what a good teen whore you are! Ooooh yesssss come all over my Britney’s face and soak Snappy like a good bitch! Just like I love to do!”

She might have just come from Ariana but there had been no way Christina was passing up the chance to play with Olivia. She had been drooling over her young body for a while and been aching to get her into her record label’s dirty fun.

And seeing her like this, with her beloved Britney eating her out and her mentor Rose fucking her with the hottest strap-on she’d ever felt was too irresistible to Christina. Olivia was being fucked by two of the two women she cared the most about in the entire world and Christina had to get in on that.

Now she had the girl’s warm, wet mouth latched to her pierced nipple while she could see Rose’s gloriously pale and perfectly round chest jiggling with each hard thrust into Olivia. And while she couldn’t really see Britney’s mouth on Olivia’s clit, Christina could hear the slurping.

It was all making Christina drip with fresh desire while on the floor Victoria was now flat on her back with her legs slung wide for Liz to get in there and tongue fuck her as Ariana planted herself on top of her frenemy’s face and ground her wet cunt right into Victoria’s mouth.

But as hot as that was, Christina focused on Olivia and she adored watching every moment of her being taken and fucked by Rose and Britney. And while Rose yanked on Olivia’s hair, pulling it hard while nailing her from behind, Christina instead caressed it, giving Olivia some extra loving tenderness while she was being defiled.

The look in Olivia’s eyes as she wetly slurped on her nipple piercing showed that she liked it and Christina gently played with her hair while Rose and Britney did what they were both expert at.

“Come for me you little bitch! Soak this big fucking cock inside your hot cunt!” Rose commanded, pushing into Olivia while knowing Christina couldn’t take her eyes off her big, bouncing tits. “Take it princess! Take it like a whore! Feel my cock inside you while I pull your hair and show you who fucking owns you now! Come all over my fucking dick while Britney drinks down your cream!”

“OOOOH YESSSSSSSS GAWWD FUCKKK I’M GONNA COME!” Olivia happily wailed, raising her ass in the air more to get more of Mr. Snappy inside her very eager cunt which Britney reacted too by lifting herself up a bit too to keep her mouth right where she wanted it on Olivia. “OOOOOH! YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSS GAWWD COMINGGGGGGGGGGG!”

“Mmmmm fuckkk gawwd let it go all over my face Olivia,” Britney lustfully urged. “Soak me in that yummy young cum of yours! Make my face all sticky and slutty with it!”

Britney got right back to sucking on Olivia’s clit as soon as the words were out of her mouth. She slurped the teen’s swollen bud back between her lips and sucked on it hard as Rose drove Mr. Snappy into the girl, the thrusting strap-on rubbing against Britney’s face as the brunette fucked the blonde.

And it took only a few more seconds of them fucking Olivia for all of them to get what they craved.


Britney got plenty of the creamy essence she was seeking as Olivia came. Britney laughed and eagerly swallowed the girl’s sticky cum, loving how Olivia tasted and even lashing her tongue against the black plastic shaft of Mr. Snappy to get more of it as Rose continued pushing in her toy.

Olivia’s cream tasted so good and Britney reached down and rubbed her own pussy as she swallowed it, loving how it dripped down her throat right to her hungry tummy.

But Britney’s hand wasn’t the only thing playing there for long before Ariana’s tongue slid inside. The redhead was riding Victoria’s face hard but she also couldn’t resist a chance to taste Britney’s pussy. And in seconds Britney was happily moaning right into Olivia’s pussy while the girl enjoyed the final tremors of the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

“Ohhhhhhh gawwd that was soooooo goooooood,” Olivia murmured out in a dreamy state as Rose pulled out of her with a wet squish and left her collapsed on the couch, naked and sweaty and very satisfied.

“Mmmmhmmmm I know it was,” Christina told the girl and speaking from experience as she caressed Olivia’s flushed face. “And it’s only going to get better because me and Britney are going to take such good care of you and soon we’ll be bringing all your cute little friends into the fun too.”

Olivia could only dreamily smile and moan at the idea. She had never felt better in her entire life and right then the idea of all of her girlfriends feeling just as good sounded amazing. She let Christina caress her flushed face and then she kissed the singer, letting her idol slide her tongue into her mouth without hesitation while Rose and Britney kissed all over her naked body.

Olivia didn’t think anything could be as good as this and she was already thinking about which of her sexy friends she wanted to feel this first.


But as she dreamed about showing her friends this immense pleasure, the activities of the mansion and the women engaging in them were already very much on the minds of Chloe Moretz, Ava Sambora and Ariel Winter.

They had found themselves upstairs away from the Christmas party that had turned into an orgy. But they were not away from the action. In fact they were staring right at it and the ramifications were having a huge impact on all three of them.

“I can’t believe it,” Ava angrily hissed out. “My mom’s a fucking dyke!”

“Shhhhh!” Chloe replied, her eyes intently on the action and not wanting any interruptions.

“Don’t shush me!” Ava snapped back. “I’ll say whatever I want! My mom is in there lezzing out and you want me to be quiet?”

“Yes! I don’t want them to see us!” Chloe demanded even though she realized she was being unreasonable. What was arousing to her was traumatizing to her friends.

“Yeah right, you just don’t want them to stop,” Ava sulked, shocked over what she was seeing but still unable to stop watching it.

She would force her eyes away, telling herself how sick and dirty this was and how her mom was a freak for doing it, but each time Ava couldn’t help but have them roam back onto what was happening on the bed.

Ava couldn’t look away. She kept thinking it was like a car accident or a really freaky online picture. She couldn’t stop staring even though she knew she shouldn’t. But the difference was this wasn’t something befalling strangers. This time the car wreck was her life because she had just found out that not only was her mother apparently a total lesbian but that she was a huge slut about it too.

“I can’t believe you Chloe! My life is ruined and all you want to do is perv out and watch!” Ava whined. “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life and you’re such a goddamn lez that you probably want to rip off your clothes and join in!”

Chloe didn’t say anything back but it was clear Ava’s words had hit home. She knew her friend was right. She was staring. She was amazed by what she saw and she loved it. And Chloe didn’t just want to gawk at it.

Ava was right about her. Chloe did want to rip off her clothes and join in. She wanted to jump naked right into the bed and have all the women there pleasure her from head to toe, especially one of them.

Because Chloe wasn’t staring at Ava’s mom. Even though Heather had an amazing body and Chloe couldn’t help but check out her friend’s hot mom, the blonde teenager was most focused on Alyssa.

Chloe wanted her so much. Seeing Alyssa naked in the shower had been such a thrill at the gym but this was a thousand times better. This was seeing the woman she madly lusted after completely naked and utterly lost in sexual passion. Chloe wished more than anything that she was on that bed so Alyssa could kiss her and touch her and show her all the pleasures she knew women could provide.

So while Chloe felt guilty about leering at such an upsetting thing, she didn’t stop what she was doing.

Guilt couldn’t win out over her arousal and Chloe was enraptured by the tangle of six female bodies naked and fucking on the bed. Her silence was a result of her torn emotions. But Ava, in her state of drunken upset, interpreted it as something else.

“Ohhhh gawd Chloe, I’m sorry,” Ava groaned, reaching around with her arms and hugging Chloe from behind, pressing her body into the back of her friend’s. “I didn’t mean to be mean. I’m sorry I called you a lez! It’s just that seeing my mom like this is fucking me up so much. I’m totally cool with you fucking girls Chloe! I just don’t want my mom to be too!”

Ava had assumed Chloe’s silence had been because she had hurt her friend’s feelings. But Ava was hardly thinking rationally. The double impact of the punch’s intoxicating effects and the shock of seeing her mother doing these dirty tings was seriously messing her up.

And she wasn’t the only one who was having a lot of trouble coming to terms with what she was seeing.

“Oh so it’s all about you, huh Ava? What about me? What about my sister?” Ariel snapped, breaking her silence.

She’d lost her sharp tongue and had barely said a word once she had shockingly spotted Shanelle among the crowd of women at the party. Ariel had been staring at this frozen in shock, not believing a single thing she was seeing while at the same time knowing it was all too real.

“Ughhh fuck! What’s wrong with our fucked up families?” Ava groaned, pulling away from Chloe and instead resting her head on Ariel’s shoulder, both as a sign of solidarity with her friend but also because of how it felt like the room was spinning. “How can they act like that? God, they’re ruining our lives!”

Ariel didn’t know what to say. She was feeling so many emotions all at once. The idea that her sister was a lesbian was shocking enough but Shanelle was married! How could she cheat on her husband? They had kids!

Ariel never would have figured her sister to be the kind of woman who could cheat but there she was acting like a slutty lesbian adulteress and loving it. It was beyond shocking. And the fact of who Shanelle was cheating with made it even more stupefying for Ariel.

Shanelle wasn’t having sex with just any woman but with Ariel’s co-star Sarah Hyland!

Ariel actually wasn’t that surprised by Sarah being with another woman. She knew the girl well enough to know that Sarah was very open and she had always sensed that her co-star had done some kinky things in her life. Ariel had never judged her before, but now how could she not? Sarah’s actions were hitting close to home…literally!

Her real sister was having sex with her pretend sister and Ariel didn’t know how to handle it. She was stunned by it but also angry too. She was mad at Shanelle for cheating and mad at Sarah for seducing her big sister. She was mad at both of them for sneaking around and doing this behind her back.

Ariel was hurt and sad and angry and surprised all at once and part of her wanted to cry and part of her wanted to scream. But she instead just stood there not believing what she was seeing.

Ariel had never seen a live sex show before. She had never thought she ever would. But there it was. Six women completely naked and doing things to each other that belonged in a porno movie.

The fact that two of those women were her sister and a girl close enough to her that she might as well have been a sister had her head spinning and Ariel had no idea what she was supposed to say or do or even think. Her insides were tornado of emotions and she was so flustered by this that she barely registered Ava and Chloe’s very different reactions to what it was they were seeing.

And meanwhile none of the women on the bed had any idea they were being watched. And even if they had, the three teenagers all shared the sense that they wouldn’t have stopped.

From what Chloe, Ariel and Ava had all seen at the party none of these women stopped for anything. They just fucked with wild abandon no matter what and what was happening on the bed was like a miniature version of what was happening downstairs at the party.

“Ohhhhh fuck yessssssssssss yesssssssssssssss fuck me Lyssa!” Heather cried, pawing at her own bare tits with one hand while keeping the other on the back of her friend’s head, holding a clump of dark hair and making sure Alyssa didn’t move an inch away from between her legs. “Lick that nasty fucking cum right out me! Ooooooh fuckkk ohhhhh my God! I fucking need this baby! Keep fucking me! Lick that wet pussy dry until I don’t have a drop of cum left in me! Oooooh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhh Lyssa baby! Mmmmm fuck that dirty, sick fucking twisted cunt of mine!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh you’re such a sick bitch Heather,” Alyssa grinned, the impact of the punch she’d had scrambling up Alyssa’s thoughts and bringing the truth right out of her. “Mmmm I didn’t want to admit it before but what you told me turned me on! Ughhh fuck it’s so wrong and nasty but it made my pussy wet to hear it! I love knowing what a dirty fucking pervert you really are!”

“Oooooh Lyssa gawwwwd noooooo mmmmm fuckkk you’re supposed to be talking me out of it!” Heather wailed helplessly, a slave to her own forbidden desires and the hot lust burning in her veins.

But deep down Heather liked that Alyssa was turned on by her nastiest fantasies. It made her extra wet to know her friend, the one who was supposed to be acting as her conscience, was getting off on her perversity and that she could be just as twisted and dirty as she was.

“Ooooooh fuckkk mmmmmm keep licking me baby!” Heather pleaded. “Lick me hard Lyssa! Mmmm fuck my wet, nasty twat and make me fucking come so good I won’t even remember my own name!”

But even though she did like that Alyssa was turned on by her dirty desires, Heather still wanted to have them ripped from her brain never to be thought of again.

Heather still hated herself for thinking this way even as her brain reveled in the wickedness being pumped out by her libido. The dirty side of herself, the one she desperately tried to keep on a leash at least was running free and it was becoming more and more impossible for Heather to keep it from taking her over completely.

Heather had been feeling so funny since she’d had that glass of punch. But it was a good kind of funny, one bordering on exhilaration. She could feel her heart pump like never before and it was like sexual adrenaline was flowing throughout her.

She felt wonderfully good and insatiably horny all at the same time and it was driving her crazy. Heather hoped that if Alyssa just kept licking her like this then somehow she could stop needing to be fucked so badly and she could keep her forbidden thoughts at bay.

Alyssa’s tongue was already soaked in Heather’s cum, just like the blonde woman had vigorously fucked Hilary Duff’s face earlier, feeding the younger girl her essence and letting it fill her hungry tummy. She’d come repeatedly from Hilary’s tongue just like she’d already come twice from Alyssa. But Heather needed more. She had to have it. She needed Alyssa to keep giving it to her until she couldn’t take any more.

Fortunately Alyssa was more than up to the task. She was just as insatiable for the taste of Heather’s cum as her friend was to feed it to her over and over again.

Alyssa couldn’t remember when she had been this hungry for cum. She was desperate to suck on pussy and taste the creamy release her girlfriends always gave her. Her whole body was on fire as she did it too and she crammed her fingers into her own cunt like she was burying her tongue into Heather’s.

Alyssa had come all over her fingers several times already, soaking them with her sticky release and making them sore. But she still kept finger fucking herself, pumping her digits in and out of her pussy while she feasted on Heather.

Alyssa was on her stomach on the bed, pressing her tits into the sheets. But she was propped up on her knees so she could bend over into Heather’s pussy and work her own over at the same time.

She had no idea that this position was giving Chloe a view of her round ass and her soaking wet slit from behind while she fingered herself. It was the exact kind of view that Alyssa had insisted she would never show the teenager but she was exposing more than she had ever intended to and Chloe looked on with total lust and adoration in her eyes.

Chloe stared and wished she could slide her own hand into her pants and rub herself over the sight of Alyssa licking another woman and pleasuring herself at the same time.

Chloe wanted to touch herself so much. But even more she wanted to get out of the hallway and inside the bedroom to get behind Alyssa to lick her pussy and show her what a hot, naughty girl she could be. And even more than that, Chloe wanted to shove Heather out of the way and plant her own pussy in Alyssa’s beautiful face.

Chloe was filled with jealousy over Ava’s mom right then. Heather was right where she wanted to be and it wasn’t fair. How come Alyssa would fuck all these other women but wouldn’t fuck her? Chloe didn’t care right then how Ava felt about this or even how upset Ariel was. She just wanted her fantasy to come true.

But she didn’t make a move, partially because she knew it would make her friends mad but mostly because she was afraid if Alyssa knew she was there she would stop what she was doing.

Chloe couldn’t accept that. If she wasn’t going to be able to fuck Alyssa herself, at least Chloe wanted to watch her go down on Heather and lick the wet, sweet cream right out of the blonde MILF while dreaming it was her pussy that Alyssa was feasting on.

But Alyssa and Heather wasn’t the only action going on. It was Alyssa’s room and it was her bed that she and Heather were in, but they had invited friends with them and that was where Ariel was staring.

Alyssa and Heather might as well have not been in the room at all as far as she was concerned. Ariel was far too intent on staring at her own sister and her friend and wondering how it could be that nothing in the world made sense anymore.

Ariel tried to tell herself what she was seeing couldn’t be real. But she knew it was. Ariel had always been good at accepting the reality of a situation without falling into denial. The drama she had gone through at home had been a true test of that, but she had thought it had all been settled.

Now she could see just how naïve she had been. Because now she could see her sister was not the perfectly happy wife and mother Ariel had thought she was.

“Ughhh fuckkk yesssss gimmie that tongue! Oooooh fuck I need it so bad! Mmmm fuckkkk yesssssssssss mmmmm lick my pussy you fucking little slut! Make me feel how fucking good you are!” Shanelle cried out in visible rapture as she ground herself into another woman, her crotch rubbing right into the other girl’s mouth. “Ooooh yeahhh you know what that pussy needs! Mmmm you know how to fucking lick it! Ughhh FUCK YESSSSS! OOOOH YESSS RIGHT THERE! OOOOH FUCK LICK ME RIGHT THERE! MMM YEAHH GIVE ME WHAT I’M NOT GETTING AT HOME!”

Ariel knew the worst thing she could have been doing right then was staring. But she could not turn away.

Instead Ariel kept watching her own sister totally naked and in the heat of passion fucking herself against the face of another woman. Shanelle had her eyes closed and her hands on the sheets, clawing at them and yanking them right off the bed as the woman below her clearly knew just what she was doing.

Ariel couldn’t stop from gawking. She’d seen her sister naked before but obviously never like this. Shanelle’s full breasts were showing off a jiggle every time she thrust herself into the woman’s face and her dark nipples were rock hard, so swollen and pointy.

Ariel kicked herself for noticing that, but she felt even worse when she couldn’t stop her eyes from grazing downward and seeing just how aroused Shanelle was. Her sister was soaked and it was obvious the girl underneath her loved how wet Shanelle was because her tongue was going wild on her.

Ariel had never seen anything like this and she was so shocked over seeing her sister behave in this fashion that she barely even registered that it was Kirsten Dunst who was fucking her sister and that she had a hell of a view of her naked body too.

Normally the idea of someone like Kirsten stark naked and having lesbian sex would have been the shocking part for Ariel. But not when that sex involved her sister, the woman Ariel had always thought was too repressed to ever do anything wild or weird, much less anything as wrong as cheat on her husband with another woman…no, not just one woman, women! As in multiple ones.

Because it wasn’t just Kirsten on the bed. The blonde actress looked to be very happy with Shanelle riding her face. But she wasn’t the only one who had lost control.

Besides Heather and Alyssa having their own fun on the other side of the big, crowded bed, Eliza Dushku was there eating Sarah Hyland out and that doubled Ariel’s reaction. She and Sarah had shared so much, having bonded completely off-screen, and now Ariel could see the girl who played her sister on her knees with her face down in Kirsten’s vagina while her ass was up in the air, putting her in the perfect position for Eliza to come up behind Sarah and lick her.

Ariel could barely handle the reality of what Shanelle was doing and seeing Sarah lick another girl and be licked at the same time made everything worse for her, especially with what happened next.

“Yeahhhhh lick that hot cheating pussy, Kirsten!” Sarah cheered on, lifting her mouth up from Kirsten’s honeypot and straightening her body up so she could place her hands on Shanelle’s bare breasts and start massaging them. “Mmmmm fuck her hard with your tongue! She needs it so bad! Can’t you taste how bad she needs it? I’m not enough for her anymore! She needs to cheat on her husband AND her girlfriend with other girls! Make that dirty girl come!”

“Oooooh you’re one to talk you little slut,” Shanelle squealed in pleasure from the feel of Sarah’s hands at the same time Kirsten licked her clit. “You’re a fucking cheater too! Stepping out on your boyfriend! Having him think you’re a good girl who’d never do anything dirty when all you want is to fuck other women! Mmmm you’re the dirty girl Sarah! You’re the one that fucking seduced me!”

“Yeah? Is that how you remember it? Mmmm I remember a horny, unsatisfied wifey who was desperate to be seduced!” Sarah teased, her own voice a moan too from what Eliza was doing to her with her tongue. “Poor little Shanelle having to pretend to be a good wife and mommy when deep down you want to be naked and fucked like a hot lesbian whore! Ooooh you were so fucking easy to seduce because I knew from the second Ariel introduced you to me how bad you needed it!”

“Yessssssssssssss ooooooooooooh I need it so fucking bad!” Shanelle admitted before she pulled Sarah even closer and gave the younger girl a passionate kiss.

They melted right into the kiss, becoming fully intimate with each other’s mouths in seconds as Sarah and Shanelle tasted the flavors of other women all over each other’s lips.

It was obvious how close they were and how they had kissed each other many, many times before. For Ariel that was the part that shocked her the most.

They had clearly been doing this for years behind her back and she didn’t know how to take it. Should she burst into tears? Yell and scream at them? Get in there and start hitting them for being liars and cheaters and secret sluts? Or just run away and never speak to either one of them again?

Ariel had no idea what she was supposed to do with all of these new facts, but she did know they had completely blown her mind. Seeing that not only her sister and her co-star were lesbians and but had been having some kind of affair was something Ariel knew would change her life. Nothing could ever be the same after this.

And her friends were no help. Chloe was too busy drooling and Ava was too busy freaking. Ariel had no one there who could understand how she felt. She had never felt lonelier or more isolated from the world than she did at that very moment, watching Shanelle and Sarah kiss while they had sex with other women.

But since they had no idea they were being watched or having such an impact on their teenage audience, the women on the bed just kept going at it despite the tumult they were causing.

While Alyssa tongue fucked Heather, right next to them on the bed there was Eliza licking Sarah from behind while she made out with Shanelle and the married mother fucked Kirsten’s face. They were blissfully unaware of anything but the need for each other’s bodies and the intoxicated pile of six horny women kept on fucking away like they didn’t have a care in the world.

“Hey! Don’t you dare stop licking my Kiki!” Eliza playfully snapped as she gave Sarah’s tight buns a hard slap that made the Modern Family star groan in pleasure. “Make out with your fucking girlfriend later! I want you down there with your face in my wife’s pussy! You’d better not leave her hanging! My baby needs to come!”

Kirsten was far too focused on what she was doing to Shanelle to chime in with words. But she certainly showed off her eagerness to come by spreading open her legs even more and reaching down with her free hand to rub herself.

Her pussy was so pink and sodden with need that it was obvious how badly Kirsten needed to feel another orgasm. Kirsten illustrated that with action, blatantly touching herself while using her other hand to squeeze Shanelle’s bare ass cheeks while tongue fucking the sexy, cheating wife.

Sarah hadn’t meant to start ignoring Kirsten. She’d just found the need to kiss Shanelle overpowering. So she’d pulled up from the blonde and made out with her secret girlfriend, feeding Shanelle the taste of Kirsten’s yummy pussy. And that one kiss had become another and then another.

It had taken Eliza’s sexy spanking to get her to focus again and Sarah liked that a lot.

“Oooooh fuckkkk do it again!” Sarah moaned, loving the lingering sting from Eliza’s smack.

And Eliza did not refuse the request, spanking Sarah’s bare ass and making her again moan from the sexy strike against her bottom.

“Yessss mmmm fuckkk we’re not the only cheaters here!” Sarah lustfully moaned. “You two love to swing, don’t you? Mmmmm fuck that’s so hot! Dirty wives fucking around with other girls! It makes me so wet to hook up with you! Now make me lick her Eliza! Make me lick your pretty wife!”

“Oh I’ll fucking make you!” Eliza pledged, taking a hand and shoving Sarah’s head down again, pushing the very willing girl right into Kirsten’s pussy where Sarah immediately started to lick. “That’s right! Fuck my Kiki! Eat that wet cunt of hers and taste how sweet her cum is! I know your fucking boyfriend doesn’t taste that good when he comes in your mouth. You probably don’t even swallow with him but I know you’re going to gulp down every bit of Kirsten’s cum like it’s candy, aren’t you Sarah?”

“Mmmmhmmmmm it’s soooo fucking sweet,” Sarah moaned in between licking as she plunged her tongue back inside Kirsten Dunst and savored the gooey creaminess she tasted in the ultra-aroused actress. “Your wife tastes so good, Eliza! No wonder you love to share her! Mmmmm don’t stop fucking me! Fuck me while I fuck your pretty wife! Fuck me like the cheating whore I am! Make me feel it more than my boyfriend could ever give it to me!”

“Mmmm now you’re asking for it,” Eliza said, her eyes twinkling as she knew just what she wanted to do to this sexy sitcom slut. “If you want to really get fucked then that’s just what you’re going to get!”

Eliza proved that by hopping off the bed, unknowingly giving her audience a great view. And it wasn’t just Chloe who enjoyed the sight of Eliza’s buck naked body moving. Eliza’s bare tits had such an enticing jiggle and her pussy was very, very obviously wet as she showed off both her trimmed dark bush and, when she turned around, the kind of firm ass that made other women envious.

Eliza showed off everything and showed it so well as she ran over to Alyssa’s dresser.

“Hey Lyssa, where’s your strap-on?” Eliza asked, boldly looking through her friend’s drawer as if it was her room and not Alyssa’s. “This slut needs to be taught a lesson!”

“Right under my panties,” Alyssa replied, obviously not minding Eliza rooting through her stuff because she was far too focused on the wetness of Heather’s pussy.

Alyssa barely paid attention to what Eliza was doing because she loved keeping her mouth between the blonde’s legs and her eyes locked on Heather as the gorgeous MILF writhed in her bed, fucking her face and withering and moaning from every flick of her tongue.

“It’s not there,” Eliza grumbled, grabbing around through Alyssa’s impressive collection of fine underwear. “Oh wait! Here it is!”

It wasn’t in the dresser at all, but rather on top of it now and Eliza grabbed it, discovering something in the process.

“Ooooooh this just got used,” Eliza immediately realized. “Did you sneak away to do something naughty before you got up here with us, Lyssa?”

And as much as she was enjoying draining every creamy drop of cum from Heather, Eliza’s discovery was not something Alyssa could ignore.

Letting a girl run look around her underwear drawer was one thing, but someone using her toys without permission was something else entirely. The news got Alyssa to pull away from Heather and move her nude body off the bed and toward her dresser to join Eliza.

“Gimmie that,” Alyssa said, grabbing the toy from Eliza and confirming the discovery.

She immediately saw what had been obvious to Eliza. Her strap-on was wet. It had definitely been used, cleaned off for sure, but definitely recently used and Alyssa knew it hadn’t been her that had been using it.

“What the fuck? Who did this? Which one of you sluts stole my strap-on?” Alyssa demanded.

Alyssa wasn’t thinking clearly. The punch she’d had and the raging horniness inside her saw to that. If she had been thinking clearly she would have remembered that she had come up here with Heather, Sarah, Shanelle, Kirsten and Eliza and none of them had been separated so if one of them had “borrowed” her toy she would have noticed it. So all of them were innocent even if she didn’t realize it.

And even if she had full lucidity, Alyssa never would have guessed it had been Holly Marie Combs who had taken her toy. She never would have guessed in a million years that her comparatively shy friend would do something like that, especially so she could use it to fuck Lucy Hale’s ass. So Alyssa didn’t have a clue. She just accused the others, assuming it had been them.

But of course they could all deny it because none of them had done it and Alyssa found herself grumbling over the mystery over who had used her toy. It had been cleaned, quite carefully as per Holly’s nature, but it had still been used without her say so and she didn’t like it.

However, Eliza knew just how to calm the beautiful woman.

“Mmmmm well I think the only thing we can do now is put it to good use,” Eliza suggested, leaning in and cupping Alyssa’s large breasts while kissing her neck, making the agitated woman less annoyed and much more aroused. “If it’s already out and ready to be used it would be a shame not to actually do something with it. And when you do find the girl who nicked it, then you can just fuck her in the ass right in front of everyone.”

“Oh yeahhhhhh,” Alyssa purred, loving the idea of some public payback to the thief almost as much as she loved Eliza’s warm, very skilled hands on her tits and her mouth nibbling on her neck. “Mmmmm fuckkkk! Don’t stop Eliza! You know I like that!”

“Mmmhmmm I know what all you nasty girls like,” Eliza grinned, her memory on what each and every one of her friends at the mansion liked to have done to them in perfect shape. “And you know what I like too! You know I love strapping one on and fucking a hot slut! Can I borrow it Lyssa? Can I fuck Sarah’s slutty cunt while she laps at my sexy wife’s hole? Mmmm can I fuck her in your bed and make that whore come all over your toy? You can suck it clean after if you want!”

Alyssa had been with Eliza more than enough times to know just how hot it would be to watch her really give it hard to Sarah Hyland and then suck off the yummy juices right off the fake cock. And though the more she held the toy in her hand the more she wanted to use it to really give it to Heather, Alyssa found herself unable to resist the desires of her guest.

After all, Christmas was a time of giving and she definitely wanted to see Eliza give it to this girl.

“Okay, but I get it next,” Alyssa said, fully intending to suck off every hot drop of Sarah’s cum from her toy and then pull it onto her own body so she could give it to Heather and then fuck Eliza as payment before giving it to Kirsten’s tight little pussy next and, hell why not, fucking Shanelle and Sarah too. “You’re not the only one who needs to fuck a sexy slut!”

Alyssa’s eyes grazed over to the bed where she saw Heather staring longingly at the sexy show of Shanelle riding Kirsten’s face while Sarah lapped at the blonde’s pussy.

Heather was intently watching them, using one hand to twist her own nipple while using the other to frantically play with her own pussy, smearing the wet juices and Alyssa’s saliva all over herself. Alyssa couldn’t help but look at that and picture Heather on all fours so she could keep watching the show while she nailed her from behind. But Alyssa wanted all of these hotties, not just Heather.

“And you’re one of the sexy sluts I need to fuck!” Alyssa added with a purr while she slid her hand between Eliza’s legs and caressed her labia with one of her fingers deliberately sliding between the woman’s slit.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk mmmmmm yeahhhh well that was obvious oooooooh!” Eliza moaned out, never losing her attitude while showing she was open to any pleasure, especially the idea of Alyssa getting that strap-on and taking any, if not all, of her holes.

Alyssa’s fingers felt amazing as they seductively stimulated her wet, aroused pussy lips. Eliza’s toes curled into the carpet and she found herself wanting to let the gorgeous woman do anything and everything she wanted to her.

If Alyssa had asked for her strap-on back right then, Eliza probably would have given it to her and bent over for her to offer up her ass to her friend. But she didn’t say any of that. She just moaned from Alyssa’s touch and looked at her with heated eyes.

Alyssa replied to the cocky tone of Eliza’s words with a hot kiss and the two brunettes pressed their nude bodies together, their tongues rubbing into each other as their tits and hard nipples touched and showed the other just how horny they were.

Both women were on fire with desire and the lust flowed through their veins like it never had before. Neither of them could truly fathom why they felt this way but it was too good to even think about questioning it. They both needed to fuck and if there hadn’t been women waiting for them on the bed, they would have just fallen onto the carpeted floor and started rutting like mad.

The two of them kissed for several more seconds before finally breaking apart, their lips glistening with each other’s saliva as they pulled away from the other and returned to the bed.

Once there, Alyssa grabbed Heather by her legs and yanked her right back to her face so she could bury her tongue into her pussy once more and Eliza came over to Sarah as the horny girl impatiently waited to get what was coming to her.

“I thought you’d forgotten about me!” Sarah teased, giving her tight butt a sexy sway to further entice Eliza. “I thought I was going to have to stop licking your sexy wifey again and have her beg for it to get you to pay attention to me!”

That earned Sarah another hard slap to her backside, which was just what the girl wanted. She groaned in lust as the sound of Eliza’s hand striking her ass with a forceful clap resonated around the room. The sting of the spanking felt so good and Sarah just wished there was a mirror by the bed or something so she could see the handprint she was sure was there from how hard Eliza had just slapped her ass.

“You’d better not stop licking her!” Eliza commanded as she pulled the toy onto herself and made the harness tight so she could really give it to Sarah. “You’d better lick up every creamy drop of my Kiki’s hot cum and I want to see you swallow it like it’s honey! You’re going to be a good little slut for me or else I’ll start ignoring you and fuck your pretty girlfriend instead. How about it Shanelle? Want to feel this dick inside you? Want to feel it stuffing and stretching your dirty fucking cunt?”

“Ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh I need it! Fuck my dirty wet cunt deep and hard! Stretch it open and make me fucking love it!” Shanelle moaned in total lust, tugging at her own erect nipples as she said it and once again shocking her own sister from the doorway. “Fuck my pussy up and leave it loose and sloppy! Not like my husband ever pays attention to it anymore anyway! He’d never even notice how you fucking ruined it for him by stuffing me like a fucking whore!”

“Mmmmmm yes that’s what I want to fucking hear,” Eliza said, her husky voice ramped up as it became thick with need and desire. “You dirty little straight girls sneaking off to Malibu to cheat on your men with hardcore lezzies like me and Kiki! You fucking horny bitches turn me on so much! Can’t get what you need from your men so you come crawling here begging for attention from women! Fucking lick her Kiki! Lick up all that married straight girl cum right from Shanelle’s dirty cheating pussy! She taste good?”

“Yessssss mmmmm gawwwwd she tastes better than ever,” Kirsten moaned, her lips covered by Shanelle’s pussy but what she was saying still crystal clear. “You’re such a dirty girl Shanelle! Your pussy gets so wet when you cheat with us sexy lesbos! Mmmm you need me and Eliza to give you what you really need! I love how you can’t get enough!”

“Ughhh gawwd I can’t! I can’t ever get enough!” Shanelle grunted and cooed as Kirsten pushed two of her fingers inside her to go along with her lapping tongue. “Mmmmm all I can think about all day is getting fucked by girls! It’s never enough! God, the longer I go without it the more I fucking need it! Give it to me Kirsten! Fuck me! Don’t give it to me like I’m some boring wife and mommy! Give it to me like I’m a fucking cheating whore! OOOOOOH YESSSSS!”

Kirsten expertly stimulated Shanelle’s clit to give her just what she wanted and the woman cried out happily as a result. And the happy sounds were coming from Sarah too as Eliza took the shaft of Alyssa’s strap-on and rubbed it against her slit from behind, teasing penetration and making her moan wildly.

“Say what you are too! Say you’re a cheating fucking whore!” Eliza commanded, loving how she and her hot wife were such targets for horny, neglected straight women who needed what their men weren’t giving them. “Say it or else I won’t fuck you!”

Sarah would have said it no matter what. She was totally comfortable with who she was and what she was doing here. But Eliza’s threat gave her extra incentive.

“Ohhhhhh please fuck me! Fuck my dirty cheater pussy hard, Eliza!” Sarah begged. “I need it sooooo much! Ughh gawwd fucking Shanelle yesterday was my first taste of pussy in months and I need so much of it! I need to get fucked! I need to get taken and treated like a fucking whore! Fuck me Eliza! Do what my boyfriend can’t! Pound that pussy and make me love it! Make me come so hard I’ll totally go all the way lesbian and never even want another man’s dick again! Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty cheating bitch and make me come harder than any man ever can!”

“Such a nasty girl!” Eliza said with a salacious grin as she started to slowly ease the fake cock into Sarah from behind, getting a long, happy moan from the horny girl. “No one has any clue what a nasty little slut you really are Sarah! Mmmm good girl by day, nasty girl by night! Everyone knows I’m a fucking bad girl, but you keep it secret. Well that just means I’m going to have to fuck you extra hard!”

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” Sarah groaned in deep need. “Fuck me Eliza! Fuck that bad girl pussy of mine! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS MMMM FUCKK SHOVE YOUR BIG FAKE COCK INTO ME AND FUCK ME BETTER THAN MY BOYFRIEND DREAMS HE CAN! OOOOOH FUCKKK YESSSSSS!”

But Eliza didn’t just push the toy inside Sarah’s and savor the tightness of her wet cunt as it wrapped around the plastic invader. The tight hole resisted her at first and forced Eliza to start the more forceful thrusting that they both wanted.

Eliza also made sure to take full control of the girl by putting her hand on the back of Sarah’s head and forcing her back down into Kirsten. Eliza was going to make damn sure this slut took good care of her wife too.

“Stop fucking yapping and lick my baby!” Eliza commanded, hot blood roaring through her veins. “Lick that sweet pussy dry and make my Kiki come all over your face! I want to lick my wife’s cum right off you Sarah after you’re done making her cream! Lick her while I fuck you! Ooooh your pussy is so fucking tight! God, your boyfriend must not have much of a cock at all! No wonder you need to fucking cheat!”

Sarah was in heaven as this happened and she couldn’t stop from smiling as she got her tongue back to work. She lapped away at Kirsten’s splayed pussy, licking the juices right off her pink slit and then diving back for more inside her hot, dripping core as the blonde actress moaned her pleasure right into Shanelle’s sexy muzzle of a pussy.

Sarah loved being taken like this. She loved being made to feel like a bad girl. It was so hot and nasty and it was the perfect outlet for the desire she felt raging inside her all the time. Sarah had sometimes wondered if it was wrong for her to feel as horny as she did. God, sometimes she felt like a total nymphomaniac, wanting it 24/7.

Most of the time she was able to control herself pretty well and use a perfect poker face to make sure no one knew the filth going on in her mind as she pictured how hot it would be to be fucked by her boyfriend, his friends, her friends, complete strangers on the street or basically anyone with a hard dick or a wet pussy. But sometimes it was so hard to keep the façade going and that was why she loved hooking up with Shanelle and taking their trips to the mansion together.

This was just what she needed to quell those dirty desires in them. Because the truth was that she was a good girl. Yeah she cheated on her boyfriend but that wasn’t anything that major. Everyone cheated and it was with girls so it totally didn’t count.

Sarah might have had dirty thoughts about sucking off strangers or having her boyfriend’s friends gangbang her like a whore or seducing random women and eating them out in the ladies room at a restaurant while their husbands waited for them at the table but she never acted on them.

Those were just her thoughts and her fantasies and they were her private secrets. She never shared them with anyone. Not her boyfriend. Not Shanelle. Not anyone. She never dreamed she would ever act on some of the dirty, depraved fantasies she had and she wasn’t even sure she wanted to.

Fantasies were wild and crazy and for her they were sometimes extreme but they were all safe in her head where no one could get hurt and everything was fun and sexy.

Sarah didn’t want to hurt her boyfriend by having him find out she liked women and loved fucking them on the side behind his back. She didn’t want him to know. The truth was he treated her right and, especially after all she’d been through, she needed his tender, loving touch. But she also needed this and she needed it so badly. This was the outlet for her to channel all her horny, fucked up fantasies into and she took the chance whenever she could get it.

It felt so amazing to be fucked like this, to have Eliza take her with the strap-on while Kirsten was grinding her pussy into her face and she could stare up and see Shanelle’s sexy naked body bouncing on Kirsten’s tongue. It was so hot and nasty and it was just what she needed. She wanted to feel taken and controlled by Eliza and it was so easy to just melt right into it and do whatever this sex goddess wanted.

“Spread those cheeks for me!” Eliza grunted while thrusting into Sarah, pushing more of the plastic cock into her. “You’re so fucking tight! I forgot how tight you get! Spread those tiny little buns of yours open Sarah! Show me how much you want it! Reach back and let me in deeper while you bury your tongue into my wife!”

Sarah couldn’t say anything, not with Eliza’s hand on the back of her head, pushing her into Kirsten’s crotch and making her feel so dirty and used, just like she wanted to be. But if she had been able to speak she would have begged Eliza to fuck the shit out of her because of how bad she needed it.

And since she couldn’t say it, she just did as she was told, reaching around to grab at her own ass and spread open her firm, tight cheeks that she spent so much time getting perfect for just this kind of fun. And when Sarah obeyed, grabbing her own flesh and digging her fingers in to spread her ass open, Eliza took full advantage and pushed into her pussy harder.

Having Sarah do that to herself gave Eliza more room to work with and soon she was steadily thrusting into her, pushing her fake cock in and feeling the nub rub right back into her own clit just how she liked it. And that motivated Eliza to push deeper into Sarah, making the strap-on start to disappear into her cunt with a wet squelch on each thrust.

Eliza’s teasing hadn’t quite been accurate before. Sarah’s boyfriend was not lacking when it came to his equipment. But he couldn’t do to her with his real cock what Eliza could do with a fake one and she knew it. Being taken like this made her moan and coo and get wetter than any other penetration could.

Sarah adored being fucked by a strap-on. They never went soft and the women who knew how to use them right were just what her insatiable pussy craved. Eliza always fucked her well with one and so did Alyssa and of course Sarah had felt Rose set the bar impossibly high with Mr. Snappy.

She’d felt so many hot girls here fuck her with a fake cock and Shanelle was really good with it too even if she definitely could have used the practice that all these mansion girls enjoyed to get even better.

With each thrust, Sarah moaned more into Kirsten’s pussy. She would have been screaming ordinarily for Eliza to fuck her harder and totally spank her ass some more. But she couldn’t and she just turned those moans and screams into wet, nasty licks of Kirsten’s pussy.

Sarah shoved her tongue deep into Eliza’s wife and lavished oral love on her vagina, letting Kirsten’s sweet, naughty juices soak her taste buds and drip right down her throat as she gulped them down.

Meanwhile seeing this made Ariel feel like she was going to faint. She couldn’t understand why they were doing this. How could Sarah and Shanelle and all of these women be such sluts? How could they be so fucking dirty?

Ariel had never tried to judge anyone’s sex life. She might have lived like a prude but she tried not to actually be one. If women wanted to be with women that was fine with her. If they wanted to be free and open in expressing themselves sexually then she wasn’t going to judge. But these weren’t just any women she was watching.

This was her sister and this was her friend! How could they?

Ariel felt close to tears watching them but she couldn’t find her voice. She wished she could do something or say something or make something happen for all of this not to be real. But she couldn’t. She felt so strange, all angry and heartbroken and crazed all at once and Ariel wished she had never had that punch.

God, Ava had practically force fed it to her, claiming it was the best thing she had ever tasted and now she felt all woozy and weird and she couldn’t think straight anymore.

“Are you okay?” Chloe finally asked, taking her mind off her own lust just long enough to see how bothered her friend truly was.

Ariel didn’t even have the ability to say “no” though. She just shook her head and when Chloe saw the tears forming in her friend’s eyes she suddenly felt awful. What had she done? She had never meant for this to happen.

All Chloe had wanted was for her crush on Alyssa to turn into something more than just a fantasy. But in becoming so obsessed with, she had dragged her friends to Malibu and into this crazy party and had ended up ruining their lives.

All she had wanted was Alyssa. Chloe had never dreamed that Ariel’s sister or Ava’s mom would be here. She hadn’t wanted any of that and seeing the way Ariel looked like she had been slapped across the face by the discovery of Shanelle and Sarah’s secret made Chloe feel so guilty.

“Oh God, Ariel, I’m so sorry!” Chloe gasped. “I never…I didn’t want any of this to happen! I didn’t want them to be here and for you to see this or to know this or…”

However, before she could say anything more, something truly unexpected happened to Chloe. It was even more unexpected than finding Alyssa, Rose and Miley in the locker room. Or suddenly getting an invitation to this place. Or even finding out what life in the mansion was really like.

It was the last thing she had ever expected in the world to happen actually and she had no idea how to react when Ariel suddenly kissed her.

Of all the girls in the world she had thought she would kiss, Chloe had never even entertained an idle thought about Ariel. And now her younger friend was kissing her, unsteadily and impetuously but it was a real kiss.

It wasn’t like Ariel had aimed for her cheek and missed. She had gone for her lips and now she had them and Chloe had no idea how to react. Because while she knew her friend was gorgeous and she had always thought Ariel was incredibly sexy, she had never wanted anything like this because she had never figured Ariel was the type. They had been friends and nothing more.

The kiss didn’t change the deep feeling of friendship Chloe felt for Ariel and while she had to admit she liked the feeling of her friend’s inexperienced lips on hers, the softness of them feeling so nice and sweet, Chloe knew this was wrong. It wasn’t who Ariel was and that was why Chloe pushed the girl off of her.

“What are you doing?” Chloe asked softly, not wanting anyone in the bedroom to know they were there.

“I don’t know,” Ariel admitted, crestfallen and visibly close to bursting out in tears. “I don’t know anything anymore. I just…I don’t know, Chloe. I saw them doing all of that and I just…I wanted to kiss you and try it too and I wasn’t even thinking and I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m sorry I kissed you!”

“No, it’s okay, really it’s totally okay,” Chloe assured her before adding, just to make sure her friend knew she wasn’t being rejected. “I liked it.”

That had not been what Ariel had been expecting to hear. She had done it on total instinct and hadn’t thought it through for even a second. So she had half expected Chloe to be mad at her.

“You did?” Ariel asked, her brain flipping topsy-turvy in her head as she found herself completely incapable of trying to come up with the rational thing to do, something she had always prided herself on being able to determine.

“Of course I did,” Chloe replied, a little nervously, never having expected to have this kind of conversation with her friend. “You’re so beautiful Ariel and you have such wonderful lips. I just never thought you would kiss a girl, much less me.”

Ariel found herself at a crossroads here. She could just shut up and she and Chloe could never talk about it again. Or she could admit something she’d been keeping inside herself for a long time.

Any other time she would have clammed up. But she wasn’t thinking clearly and when she was thinking at all it was about Shanelle and Sarah being totally naked and totally lesbian with each other and all these other girls. So Ariel didn’t shut up. She confessed.

“Ummmmm I might have thought about kissing you a few times before,” Ariel sheepishly admitted and this time it was Chloe’s turn to be stunned by what she heard.

“You have? Ariel! I had no idea!” Chloe gasped in surprise. “Are you…you know…into girls?”

“No!” Ariel blurted out. “I mean…I don’t think so. I never really thought about labeling it. I don’t think I am, at least not like you are. But you’re so beautiful Chloe and I…I…I can’t even think straight anymore. I don’t know what I’m doing or what I’m saying but I’d think about how you were into girls and how much you liked it and how pretty you are and what it would be like to kiss a girl like you do and what it would be like to kiss you and I…seeing all of that and seeing my sister and Sarah and you being there I just lost it and I’m so sorry Chloe!”

Chloe could see that Ariel was getting more upset by the second and that was why she decided she had to do the one thing she never thought she could do.

Alyssa was right there for the taking. She was naked. She was horny. Chloe knew she could go in there and show her crush just how hot she could be and how that she was someone she should bring into her naughty fun. But that didn’t matter right then to Chloe as much as Ariel and Ava did.

“We should go,” Chloe declared, willing to give up her best chance at making her fantasy come true to help her friends. “Let’s go home. All of us! Let’s get out of here and pretend this whole night never happened.”

And while the part of her that wanted nothing more in the world than to get in that bedroom and show Alyssa what she could do was screaming at her from inside her brain, the look of relief that crossed over Ariel’s face told Chloe that she was doing the right thing here.

She might never have an opportunity like this again to be so close to getting what she wanted, but Chloe remembered there were things more important in life than sex. She had been raised to do the right thing and that was what she was going to do.

“Let’s go,” Chloe said, taking Ariel’s hand with the full intention of leading her friend out of here.

They could find Bella and Olivia and AnnaSophia and Jansen and, God she had no idea where they were or what they were doing, but they’d find them somehow and they’d get out of here. But when she turned to pull Ava away from the door too, Chloe immediately realized that her intention of making a clean getaway had no chance of happening.

Because Ava was about to completely lose it and Chloe immediately understood why.

On the bed things had taken a very dramatic turn and for once a freakout screaming tantrum from Ava seemed utterly justified. Chloe couldn’t believe what she was seeing and she knew if she was getting weirded out by it, then Ava had to be feeling it times a million.

“Oooooh yesssss you gonna come for me? Gonna come for Lyssa?” Alyssa asked, her voice urgent with horniness but nothing compared to the desperate cries coming from Heather.

“Yesssssssssss please yes Lyssa! Mmmmm fuckkkk ohhhh fuck make me come! Pleaaaaaase!” Heather cried, her naked body writhing on the bed as Alyssa rubbed her hand forcefully against her slit and stimulated her clit with wet flicks of her tongue.

“Mmmmm you fucking whore! I want you to come all over my face!” Alyssa demanded, her punch-fueled arousal in full control of her. “I know you fucking need this Heather! Hilary wasn’t enough for you? I’ll bet you played your deviant little mommy game with her too, didn’t you? But it wasn’t enough for you Heather! Not even roleplay can give you what you fucking need!”

“Ohhhhh Goddddd! No! It wasn’t fucking enough! Oooooh she was so hot as always! But it wasn’t fucking enough!” Heather cried, hating what Alyssa was making her think but helpless to stop it because it felt so fucking good. “Ooooooh she rode my face! She made mommy lick her pussy like a fucking whore! Ohhh she put those yummy, juicy butt cheeks in my face too and made me toss her fucking salad while she called me her slutty mommy and told me to eat her own daughter’s ass! Oooooh fuckk I got off soooo fucking hard on it when she pushed her greedy little tongue into my pussy and licked me but I needed so much more! Fuck me Alyssa! Give it to me like you know I need it! Ughhhh fuckkk make me feel good until I can’t even think anymore!”

Had she had her senses, Alyssa never would have done what she did next.

Heather had asked her to do something as a friend and she had promised to do it. She had pledged to keep Heather’s mind off her dirtiest and most depraved fantasy and she had meant it too. Alyssa never promised something without intending to keep it. But right then she wasn’t a friend to Heather. She had turned into a horny beast who reveled in the filth of Heather’s illicit desires.

“But I want you to think about it!” Alyssa evilly declared before spitting into Heather’s cunt and rubbing it in lewdly, making the woman’s pink folds even more wet and sloppy than they already were. “I want you to think about what a fucking dirty, fucked up whore you are Heather! You’re the kind of suck slut who doesn’t just get off on nasty roleplay, are you?”

“Noooo ohhhhh my God ughhhh why are you doing this to me Alyssa?” Heather wailed, her arousal so intense she couldn’t will herself to do anything to actually make Alyssa stop.

In fact a growing part of her wanted this. She wanted Alyssa to go there and make her say it in front of everyone in the bedroom.

“Because you’re a sick pervert Heather!” Alyssa laughed, spitting into her friend’s cunt again as she acted dirtier than she’d ever let herself be before, taking advantage of Heather’s weak spot and fully exploiting it for her own pleasure. “Mmmmm you’re just a fucking deviant! Making sweet little Hilary Duff roleplay and pretend to be your daughter just like she was in your shitty movie! You sick fuck! But that’s not all, Heather. Is it? You don’t just want to pretend to fuck your daughter. You want to do it for fucking real!”

“OHHHHHHHHH!” Heather screamed out as just the very sound of it being shot at her like a verbal arrow caused her libido to overheat and her pussy to cream all over Alyssa’s hand. “FUCKKKK! OHHHH GOD LYSSA! FUCKKKK DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT!”

“You’re gonna say it! You’re gonna say it like the sick fucking bitch you are!” Alyssa said, ignoring Heather’s orgasm and shoving her fingers aggressively into her blonde lover to keep stimulating her even as she was already coming. “Say it! Admit it! Tell everyone how fucking perverted you are Heather! Tell everyone you want to fuck your own daughter! You don’t want me licking and fingering your pussy, you want Ava to do it!”

“OOOOOOH! FUCKKK OHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Heather cried, feeling like she was about to come again just from Alyssa making her confront her debauched desires for her own flesh and blood.

“Say it!” Alyssa commanded, slapping Heather’s bare cunt with her free hand while she continued pumping her fingers into her friend. “Say what a sick bitch you are! Say you want her! Say you want to fuck your precious little Ava! Say you want to fuck your daughter and make her into a slut like mommy!”

Heather knew she had to resist this. God, she had told Alyssa her deepest, darkest secret just so she could resist it. But Alyssa had turned against her now and what more she was glad she had.

She didn’t want to hide this. As wrong and sick and fucked up as it was to even entertain such a forbidden thought of incest, Heather didn’t want to keep it inside her. She wanted to scream it out and hopefully be free of it then.

So Heather didn’t fight Alyssa. She didn’t deny it. She embraced it. She was powerless against it anyway. So why fight it? She let it wash all over her completely, drowning her naked, intoxicated body in her own depravity as she confessed to thoughts no mother was supposed to have.

“Yesssssssss yesssssssssssssss oooooh my God yessss I want to make her mommy’s slut!” Heather cried, both in shame and pleasure. “I want to fuck my little girl! I want to fuck my own daughter! I’m such a sick fucking bitch! I’m a terrible mother but I can’t help it! I want to fuck Ava! I want to eat her little pussy and tongue fuck her ass and even fuck her with my goddamn strap-on so I can teach that little brat some fucking manners!”

Alyssa reacted to Heather’s filthy confession by burying her face into her again, shoving her tongue right into the soaked folds and fucking her, which brought out fresh shrieks of ecstasy from the blonde. Heather tossed her head back and screamed out the pleasure she felt from Alyssa’s tongue inside her, her body moving right to the verge of another orgasm.

But while Heather’s incestuous admission had little visible impact on Eliza, Kirsten, Sarah and Shanelle as they were too deep in their own fucking to care, the words were like a brunt force to the girl she had no idea was seeing every bit of it.

“Wha…what….mom?” Ava managed to stammer out, too stunned and horrified over what she had heard to whine or snark or do anything except unconsciously back away from the door

“Oh God, we really should go now,” Chloe said, wanting to get them out of there ASAP as she worried she had inadvertently totally ruined her friend’s life.

Chloe couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She never could have imagined that Heather could feel that way about Ava. It was so sick and filthy. And Alyssa was encouraging her? How could she?

But Chloe quickly put a stop to that. She reminded herself that the only person’s whose feelings mattered now was Ava’s and she only had to give her friend a quick glance to see just how truly shocked the girl was by the words coming out of her mother’s mouth.

Chloe tried to pull Ava away from the open door, but her friend wasn’t having any of it.

At first Ava had thought she was too drunk or stoned or whatever that punch had done to her to have heard it right. There was no way her mom could ever say such things. She couldn’t have really felt that way. But the words started to sink in on her and the initial shock passed, only to be replaced with fierce anger inside the teenager.

So she didn’t let Chloe move her an inch backwards. Instead, Ava stormed forwards, breaking any semblance of secrecy and making sure everyone knew she was there and that she had heard every single sick word her mother had just said.

Ava was so angry. Angrier than she had ever been in her entire life. And she couldn’t hide it. Not for one second.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ava demanded, announcing her presence emphatically by pushing Alyssa off her mother.

Alyssa was older and stronger, but she was also so shocked at the presence of the furious teenager that she was tossed aside with ease by the blonde girl. Alyssa had not been expecting an interruption and at first she didn’t recognize the girl, but Heather certainly did.

“Ava!” Heather cried, her hand immediately covering her mouth even as she recognized there was no way to undo what she had just said.

“How could you?” Ava shouted at her mother, her eyes tearing up. “How could you say those things? That’s sick! You’re sick! I never want to see you again!”

Ava froze after her initial burst of anger, though. She had no idea what to say.  She had no idea how she could possibly react to what she had just learned.

She could have somehow come to terms with the idea of her mother being some kind of a lesbian slut. But to have her own mother say she wanted to have sex with her? Ava couldn’t accept that. How could she ever? It was the most disgusting thing she had ever heard.

But she also didn’t know what to do. She wanted to tell her mother she hated her. She wanted to tell her she was dead to her. She wanted to tell her to go throw herself in the ocean or something. But she couldn’t.

Ava didn’t really feel that way. She was so angry right then. But she loved her mother. It was her mom! She couldn’t really hate her. She just never wanted to see her again.

So instead of saying more, Ava, with tears starting to run down her face, turned to run.

“Ava! Wait! Please!” Heather frantically cried, jumping off the bed to stop her daughter.

“No! Leave me alone! Don’t touch me! Gross!” Ava sobbed, pulling away from Heather’s attempt to grab her. “You’re never allowed to touch me again! You’re just a fucking perv! Ughhhh my God! How could you say such horrible things? I’m your fucking daughter!”

“Please baby! I didn’t mean that! I didn’t mean any of it!” Heather insisted, trying desperately to keep the most important person in the world to her from hating her.

She knew it was futile to pretend Ava had misheard her or that she was wrong in thinking what she was thinking but Heather had to hope she could somehow talk her way out of it.

But Ava saw right through her attempt.

“You’re lying!” Ava shot back. “You’re a terrible liar Heather!”

Heather gasped when Ava called her by her first name. It stung her just as Ava had hoped it would. She had never called her anything other than “mom” her whole life. Now Heather was terrified she was going to lose her daughter just because she hadn’t been able to control herself.

“No! Please Ava! Please don’t hate me!” Heather begged. “I didn’t mean it! I’m so sorry I said what I said! Please baby! Let me try to explain!”

“You don’t get to say anything to me ever again!” Ava angrily declared, whirling back toward her mother and breaking Heather’s heart when she saw the tears that her actions had caused were rolling down her daughter’s beautiful face. “I never want to see you again! You’re some sick fucking pervert loser! You’re so disgusting Heather! I can’t believe you would say those things about me? What kind of a creep are you? You’re my mom! You’re not supposed to think that! Ughhh you’re so gross! I can’t even look at you! You can’t even bother to cover yourself or anything! God, it’s like you want me to see you naked!”

Heather gasped again when she realized in her panic that she was still undressed. She was begging her horrified daughter for mercy and she was doing it stark naked. No wonder Ava hated her and thought she was some kind of a pervert. God, that’s exactly what she was.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Heather pleaded, tears starting to form in her eyes too. “I know how mad you are. I know I deserve it! I know what I said was wrong and I hate myself for it! Please just talk to me!”

Heather was so desperate to see some kind of a sign in her daughter that forgiveness was at least a possibility and she hadn’t ruined their relationship forever that she hadn’t even thought to ask how the hell Ava had found her. She knew deep down that didn’t matter. It didn’t change what she had said and that she had been heard.

But while Heather didn’t ask the question, Alyssa did and she immediately got an answer when she looked and saw Chloe standing in the bedroom like she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her whole.

“You!” Alyssa snapped angrily at the teenager. “What did you do?”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!” Chloe whimpered, feeling like it was totally her fault that Ava and Ariel had seen what they had seen and knew what they knew. “I just…just wanted to see you. I wanted to see the mansion. I only wanted to be with you.”

Chloe was visibly upset and Alyssa’s immediate flash of anger faded just as quickly as it had arrived. She kicked herself for lashing out at the girl. She knew it wasn’t Chloe’s fault this had happened. It was her own!

She had been the one who had lost all her control and had started teasing Heather about her dirty secret. She had been the one to make Heather say what she had said. And for what? Some cheap, taboo thrill? Alyssa felt then like she was the one who had ruined things for her friend and her daughter.

“No…don’t be sorry. It’s my fault,” Alyssa admitted. “I made this happen and I…”

But Alyssa’s apology didn’t get very far.

“Stop it! Both of you stop it!” Heather said, wrapping a bed sheet around her naked body because she actually had no idea what had happened to her clothes. “The only person to blame is me! I did this! Not you Alyssa! Not you Chloe! I’m the sick pervert. Ava. You’re right! I can’t ever think what I said! I’m so sorry I feel this way but I’d never hurt you or do anything to you! I never wanted you to find out how sick I am! Please baby! Don’t leave!”

It was getting very awkward in the bedroom and no one had any idea what to do. When Ava had stormed in it had been enough for Kirsten and Eliza to stop their fun with Shanelle and Sarah and all four were all staring at the floor, feeling very out of place and not knowing what they should say or do or if they should even do anything but sit there and try to be invisible.

But then a horrible thought occurred to Shanelle. If Ava was here and Chloe was here that meant…

“Ariel!” Shanelle cried in horror when she looked up and indeed was horrified to find her little sister staring at her with her arms crossed over her chest and a look in her eyes that she wanted to shoot fire out of them.

“Don’t say anything!” Ariel snapped. “I don’t want to hear a single word from either one of you! What are you doing? What’s wrong with you? You can’t behave like this! You’re married! And you…you….ughhhhh I’m so mad at you Sarah!”

She had been thinking all this time about what she could say to her big sister and her supposed friend Sarah. Ariel felt so betrayed by both of them. It was like they had been lying to her the whole time.

Sarah hadn’t even thought that there was a chance in the world Ariel could end up in a place like this. Seeing Chloe and Ava hadn’t been the warning sign to her that it had been to Shanelle and she was shocked by her co-star’s sudden appearance.

“Oh my God! Ariel? What are you…” Sarah began, but she was quickly shut up by the furious teenager.

“I mean it! Don’t say anything!” Ariel insisted. “Be quiet! Both of you!”

“No, we need to talk,” Shanelle said, trying to assert her role as the older sister even though it was very hard to do when she was naked and had just been interrupted having lesbian sex by a bunch of teenagers. “We need to talk right now! Ummmm this is so awkward, but we definitely need to talk!”

Ariel realized that Shanelle was right. But after what she had just heard Heather say about Ava, Ariel wasn’t in the mood to concede any points to any of these women though. So she stubbornly held onto her anger while at least admitting to herself that what Heather was doing was way worse than what Shanelle was doing.

“Fine…talk,” Ariel grumbled. “But I don’t have to listen!”

Shanelle knew that was as good as she was going to get things right then. After all, it was hard to claim the moral high ground in her position.

“Fine, but we can’t talk here,” Shanelle said, stating the obvious. “Let’s…ummm…go somewhere else.”

Shanelle she had no idea where they could go. She just knew it couldn’t be here. And another thing she didn’t know was where the hell hers and Sarah’s clothes were.

She suspected they were downstairs with the rest of the party but it wasn’t like she could go back and get them. This left her in a pretty vulnerable position and one that Ariel recognized. And the teenager was in no mood to let either one of these liars off the hook easily. She wanted them to squirm and suffer.

“Can’t find your clothes, huh?” Ariel asked, lording her superiority over the older women. “Well, tough! If you want to talk then you’d better be ready to do it naked because I am not waiting around while you look for your underwear in the middle of orgy central downstairs.”

Recognizing they both were beaten on this, Shanelle and Sarah shared a sigh and escorted Ariel out of the bedroom to find some place they could talk. And Kirsten and Eliza quickly followed them, though only out the door.

They weren’t about to be a part of these very awkward and very personal conversations. So Kirsten and Eliza nakedly escaped too, even leaving behind Alyssa’s strap-on, to get out of this very messy situation and instead go back downstairs where the rest of the fun was.

“Maybe we should go too,” Chloe began to say, but Ava stopped her.

“Oh no! You stay Chloe!” Ava insisted. “You’re the only one in my life who ever cared enough to be honest! At least I know who you are! I don’t even know you Heather! Everything you ever said was a lie!”

“No! Sweetie please! It wasn’t!” Heather said. “I love you! That’s never been a lie!”

“Yeah right, you love me, that’s pretty obvious,” Ava sneered, not about to cut her mother any slack. “But it’s a gross kind of love! Ughhh I should call the police or something! I should call daddy! I should go and get a lawyer and get like some kind of restraining order against you and your creepy friends!”

“Ava please…let me explain,” Heather pleaded.

“No! There’s nothing to explain!” Ava said angrily. “I heard every word and it was so disgusting! You’re my mom! You’re not supposed to want to have sex with me like some sick trailer trash pervert! Ughhh I thought guys were creeps but I had no idea my own mom could be even worse!”

Ava’s whole brain was in tumult. She didn’t know what she was supposed to do anymore. She felt completely shattered by knowing how her mom really felt.

She was so angry and so upset all at once but she also felt something more…something more disturbing deep inside her. Ava couldn’t quite understand what this feeling was but she knew it was there and that the more she thought about it, the more disturbing it became and the harder it became to try and ignore it.

It was all so overwhelming for her and the punch wasn’t helping. Ava felt so woozy all of a sudden. Everything was flipping around inside her like her body was in the spin cycle of the washing machine.

It made her knees feel weak and Ava began searching around for something to grab onto to give herself some kind of balance. She couldn’t think straight and her clothes felt so tight on her body, like they were clenching her and choking her.

Ava knew it was because of how upset she was over her mom being such a goddamn perv. But she knew it was something more too.

She had never felt like this before. She had been drunk before but never so much that it had actually felt like the room was spinning. But that was what it was like now and Ava found herself unable to stand. So she sat down on the bed, practically collapsing onto it and put her head in her hands.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Ava groaned. “I don’t feel good.”

“Ava, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Heather asked, trying to comfort her pained daughter.

Heather knew what was wrong with Ava, obviously, and she knew she was the cause of it too but it looked like something was physically bothering her too.

“Nooooooo!” Ava whined. “Ughhh gawwwd I’m so not okay! My mom is a dyke perv who wants to fuck me! And…and…ughhhh the punch. I feel funny…”

Heather knew exactly what Ava was talking about. She felt funny too and not just in the humiliating and horrifying way that came with her daughter hearing her incestuous confession. It was something else and she knew that whatever intoxicating sensation her daughter was feeling she was feeling it too.

It made her feel funny too…actually it made her feel something even worse.

Even after all that had just happened, Heather couldn’t deny that she was still absolutely soaking wet. It was like her pussy was getting off on the drama and the humiliation and making her crave what she knew she could never let herself have even more.

Heather sat down on the bed too, looking to give Ava as much support as the girl was willing to let her. But when she did she found her whole body tingling with the kind if inappropriate longing that she had been trying to hold back.

It had never been this intense a feeling before and even though Heather knew this was the last thing she should have been thinking and that all she should have been focused on right then was healing the fracture she had caused in the relationship with her daughter, Heather couldn’t stop herself.

She found herself leering at her own daughter, taking in the way Ava’s tight jeans clung to her teenage body and how nice they made her legs look. And Heather found herself thinking about the way the girl’s sweater hugged her chest and how much she wanted to pull it right off her daughter to expose Ava’s perfect teen tits and how much she wanted to taste them and suck on her daughter’s nipples until Ava begged her to lick her pussy and make her into mommy’s little slut.

Oh fuck! What the fuck was wrong with her? She couldn’t think that! Especially not now.

Heather tried to push those thoughts away and she tentatively reached out to her daughter, trying to make it as motherly a touch as possible and nothing more. She just hoped her disgusted daughter wouldn’t push her away and tell her that she hated her.

She wanted to be good and she wanted to fix things with Ava even though a growing part of Heather’s body made her ache to be bad and to wreck things even more with the succulent piece of teenage beauty next to her on the bed.

“What I said…I didn’t mean it like it sounded. I’d never do anything to hurt you,” Heather insisted as she put her arm around her daughter, trying to pull Ava in for a gentle and totally not sexual hug.

It seemed for a moment like Ava was going to relent and let Heather comfort her. But she quickly snapped out of whatever accepting daze she was in and yanked herself away from her mother’s touch.

“No! Don’t touch me you perv!” Ava cried, moving from Heather and giving the older woman a soft push away too. “Get away from me! Ughhh you’ll probably try and cop a feel or something! No wonder you don’t want me hanging around guys! You probably just want me all for yourself you sick weirdo!”

“Please Ava, please! It’s not like that at all,” Heather claimed even though deep down she knew it was exactly like that and that she was not only lying to her daughter but to herself if she thought otherwise. “I’d never hurt you! I’d never make you do anything you don’t want! I…I…know this is wrong! I know I can’t feel this way. But…but I do!”

Heather surprised herself by admitting it. She hadn’t thought she was going to do it. But she didn’t have any kind of plan here.

She recognized there wasn’t anything she could say to make Ava not hate her or not think she was some kind of monster. But she wanted to fix things somehow. The words had just flown out of her mouth though without her even thinking about it, though, and now they were out there.

“Ohhhhh my God!” Ava groaned, the confirmation of what she had heard making her bury her face in her hands.

She was too weirded out to cry anymore, but she just couldn’t look at Heather right then, not after she had said what she had said.

“You’re so gross! How can you feel that way?” Ava demanded. “Ughhh I didn’t think anything would be worse than my mom being a fucking lesbo but you managed to fuck it up even more mom! This is the worst night of my life!”

For once Ava wasn’t being overdramatic. Her feelings were justified and Heather knew it. But while she couldn’t take her words back, the older woman hoped she could at least explain them.

“Please baby, I promise I’d never do anything to you that you didn’t want,” Heather said, this time resisting the temptation to try and touch her daughter even in a comforting way. “I know it sounds crazy and I know I shouldn’t feel this way. I’m trying to make myself stop. I’m trying to be normal again. I love you so much sweetheart. I’d never hurt you! I’ll do anything I can to make it stop!”

“How long?” Ava demanded, her head still in her hands but her words clear.

“How long have I felt…this way?” Heather asked, uncertain what Ava was asking.

“No! Ewwww! Gross! I don’t want to know about that!” Ava shot back, pulling up her head and looking horrified at the idea of what she had once considered to be sweet moments between her and her mom actually having been something dirty. “How long have you been fucking women?”

“Years,” Heather admitted. “Before your father and I split. It started with Alyssa and…it just felt so good that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop.”

“Oh my God, you’ve been like this secret dyke this whole time,” Ava groaned in embarrassment. “You’ve probably been totally checking out my friends and stuff and ughhhh fuckkkkk you’ve been checking me out, haven’t you? You’re such a perv!”

“No! I haven’t been! It’s…it’s complicated…it’s not like I’ve been checking you out and I…” Heather said, putting out a half-truth at least as she searched for some kind of explanation that would make it all make sense. “And don’t use that word. Don’t say ‘dyke.’ It’s…not nice.”

“Nice? You’re going to lecture me about being nice?” Ava snapped. “I’ll use that word whenever I want! Chloe doesn’t care! She’s a total dyke and so are you! But at least she’s not some weird creepo staring at me and wanting to fuck me like some fucking pervert! You can’t tell me what to say! I’ll say whatever I want! You can’t tell me what to do anymore because you’re just some weirdo lesbo going to orgies and fucking every woman you can!”

Heather felt so ashamed of herself and not just for being caught like this. She was even more ashamed of how she was feeling then. Because being so literally exposed to her daughter wasn’t making her want to stop.

In fact it was making her even more turned on. The more she sat next to Ava the less she felt like she could control herself. The more she talked about this the more she wanted to show her daughter just why she had gotten into women.

With the bedsheet wrapped around her nude body, Heather felt herself starting to overheat. She was close to squirming with how hot she was getting and how much she wanted to forget every bit of decency and moral control she ever had. It was a terrible feeling but it was roaring inside her and she didn’t think she could control it.

“It’s not always like this,” Heather stammered out, trying to be a mother and not a pervert with every little bit of control she had left inside herself. “It’s not always orgies and lots of women and it’s not weird. It’s beautiful and tender and loving and it feels so good. I know I said terrible things Ava. I know you should be mad at me. I’ve let you down and I’m a terrible mother for feeling this way. But please. I love you so much. You’re everything in the world to me.”

Ava felt her eyes tear up again and she angrily wiped them away with her hands. This was all so weird. And it was being made even worse by how she was feeling on the inside.

She couldn’t get control of herself. Ava knew she was supposed to be grossed out by all of this and that was certainly the way she was acting but inside it was a different story.

All Ava could suddenly think about were bodies…beautiful naked bodies. Sweaty bodies. Sweaty from sex. All those bodies rubbing together and kissing and touching and licking and mmmmm fucking! And they were all female bodies too.

All Ava could think about were all those naked girls downstairs with their big tits and hot asses and how wet they all probably were. Oh fuck, she was getting wet too! What was wrong with her?

It usually didn’t take much to get Ava turned on. She spent so much of her time dreaming about hot guys and what they could do to her and everything she would let them do to her. But right then she wasn’t thinking about guys at all. It was only women!

Ava had never felt this way before and it thrilled her to be thinking something so dirty, even though she knew she was straight and she only liked boys.

She thought about all the women her mother had probably had sex with. Were all those girls downstairs fucking her mom? How could her mom be a total lesbo like this? How could she act this way? Ava knew this was all totally weird, but she couldn’t help but think about what if fucking a woman felt so good that the sex had turned her mom into a dyke?

What kind of sex could be that good? What could make a straight woman want to turn lesbo?

She’d never dared say anything to her friend or even really admit it to herself but Ava had thought about Chloe sexually a few times.

After all her friend was so beautiful. Ava had seen Chloe naked before when they’d been in the gym locker room or changed clothes with each other and she had definitely checked out her tight little butt and those firm breasts of hers. Ava had told herself she’d taken those quick glances to compare bodies but she also knew deep down that she was curious.

She’d always wondered how someone as beautiful as Chloe could be a lesbian. It didn’t seem fair to boys that someone as sexy as her friend was only wanted to be with girl. But it also intrigued Ava. What did Chloe know that she didn’t? What did her friend like so much about girls? What was she missing out on?

But now Chloe wasn’t the only lesbian Ava knew. Her mom was one too and Ava didn’t know how to react to it.

It wasn’t normal for her mom to be a dyke. Her mom was supposed to be straight and like guys! She wasn’t supposed to want to have sex with her! Ava couldn’t handle knowing all of this. Sure she loved being sexy and she loved knowing she was turning people on, even other women, but she wasn’t supposed to turn her own mom on!

Ava had sometimes wondered if Chloe liked her like more than a friend should. Sure she was totally obsessed with Alyssa Milano but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to fuck other girls too.

Deep down Ava had kind of hoped Chloe was checking her out too when they changed in front of each other or used the showers at the gym. She wanted the validation of knowing her lesbian friend thought her body was hot. But Ava had never expected her own mom to think that way about her.

“Are you really a lesbian?” Ava finally blurted out, still having trouble believing that her mom could be into girls. “Are you really fucking all these women?”

Heather couldn’t deny it. She didn’t want to deny it. She’d been lying and pretending to Ava for so long that it just didn’t seem to make any sense anymore. She was fucking women. She’d been with so many of the women at the party. She knew the intimate taste of just about all of them and she couldn’t keep herself from admitting it to her daughter.

“Yes! I mean…I don’t know Ava…I mean I don’t consider myself a lesbian,” Heather confessed. “I still like men. I just like women more! They touch me in ways no man can. They kiss me better than a man and they make me feel so good that I just can’t control myself! I want to fuck every woman I see sometimes!”

“Even me…” Ava said, but this time not angrily. Rather she said it softly and with confusion in her voice as if she was somehow trying to come to terms with the inappropriate feelings her mother had for her.

Heather didn’t say anything in reply. How could she? It was how she felt and the desire was raging inside her stronger than ever.

Now that Ava knew her dirtiest secret, Heather actually felt relieved and she found herself imagining how she could make her daughter forgive her for being such a slutty mother.

She could take the gorgeous teenager she loved more than anyone in the world and show her just how good it felt to be a lesbian. She could teach Ava to lick pussy and she could bathe her own daughter’s tight fucking pink hole with her tongue until Ava couldn’t control herself and feel deep down into the rabbit hole of incestuous desire with her.

Heather kept telling herself not to think that. She reminded herself she could never act on her fantasy. But she wanted it. She wanted it so fucking bad and it was so hard to think responsibly and morally when she was feeling like this, her judgement all screwed up by the punch.

The two women didn’t say anything for a few moments until Ava finally opened her mouth again and asked a question Heather had never expected to hear from her daughter.

“What’s it like?” Ava inquired. “Being with a woman…how does it feel?”

Ava had never thought she would ask something like that either but suddenly it was all she could think about.

She had been totally straight when she had walked into this place. But now it was girls on her mind and Ava didn’t know how to make it stop or even if she really wanted it to stop. She couldn’t stop thinking about all those naked women and their beautiful, bare bodies pressing together as they fucked. What had they all done to her mom? What had her mom done to them?

Ava couldn’t understand why she felt this way but she was genuinely curious. Everything was churning inside her in a way Ava couldn’t control but she wanted to know. Why was her mom this way? Did this place make her mom gay? Was it making her gay too? Was she turning into a lesbian?

Ava felt herself getting wet just thinking about all those naked women and what they were doing to each other and she tried not to think about what they could all do to her and how good they could make her feel.

“It’s…it’s…” Heather began to stammer out, wanting to answer her daughter but not knowing how to do it right until the words just blurted out of her. “It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had! When I’m with a woman I feel so free and the pleasure is the most amazing thing you can ever experience! Women make me feel so beautiful even when I don’t think I am! When I’m with a woman it’s like all she wants to do is pleasure me and make me come again and again until I’m totally satisfied!”

“Ohhhhh…” Ava replied, a soft, small moan escaping her lips as her body responded to the idea of experiencing that kind of pleasure.

What was that like? To come over and over again until you couldn’t take it anymore? Ava had no idea how something could feel that good and she badly wanted to know it for herself.

“Every man I’ve been with, even the good ones, all they’ve wanted to do is get themselves off,” Heather continued, not even hearing her daughter’s tiny moan. “But women? All they want to do is get you off! They use their mouths and their fingers and ohhh my God they use those amazing toys to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. The more they do it to you the more you want it! When Alyssa seduced me I never dreamed a woman could make me feel like she did. But she made me totally lose control! I let her do things to me that I never would have let anyone do and it felt so good that all I wanted was more!”

“Tell me…” Ava demanded, not even thinking, just speaking. “What does she do to you? What do all these women do to you?”

Heather couldn’t believe she was having this kind of a conversation with her daughter but she found her reluctance over it fading by the second. It was like she was lightening the burden inside her with every bit she confessed and she couldn’t stop thinking that Ava was actually getting intrigued by all of this. And that made Heather wonder what that might lead to.

That spurred Heather on and she started saying things she never thought she would ever say to her own daughter.

“Oh Ava, they…they…oooooh there’s no other way to say it but they fuck me so good!” Heather blurted out. “There’s nothing like feeling a woman’s mouth on your pussy, sucking on your labia and your clit and making you drip right into their mouths because you’re so wet that you can’t control yourself!”

“Mmmmm oh God…” Ava sighed softly, feeling like she was pretty unable to control herself right then too.

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but even more amazing to her was the effect it was having on her. This shit was so crazy but it was turning her on and Ava didn’t know how to make it stop.

“No man has ever eaten pussy like a woman can,” Heather admitted. “It’s not just Alyssa. It’s all of them! They’re all amazing! Sarah! Love! Rose! Jennifer! All their friends! Mmmm oh baby, I fuck Hilary Duff whenever I can and she makes my pussy fucking drip with how soft her mouth is and how she kisses all over my naked body! Those lips! Mmmm fuck all those tongues! Licking on my tits and making my nipples so fucking hard! Going down on me and sucking the juice out of my pussy and making me want to spread my legs open as far as they can go so I can feel a girl tongue buried inside me! There’s nothing like being licked by a woman Ava! They know all the best ways to make you come! They lick and suck and mmmmm they make your clit feel so good that you can just come and come and come and feel like the pleasure will never stop!”

“Ohhhhhhh! Ooooh mom!” Ava groaned, trembling at the thought of something feeling that good.

She had wanted boys to fuck her like that. The thought of a woman doing it had never been something she had ever really thought she would go for. But now it was all she could think about. She wanted that pleasure. She needed that pleasure and Ava couldn’t help herself from asking another question.

“Is…is that what you want to do to me?” Ava asked.

“Yes,” Heather admitted, ashamed but also so aroused and unable to hide it. “I know I can’t feel that way baby but you’re just so beautiful and I love you so much I can’t stop myself from wanting it! Please don’t hate me! I know I’m sick and perverted for it! I know I can’t ever do those things to you but I can’t stop wanting it!”

“Ohhhhhh gawd how can you be so dirty?” Ava moaned, this time not in anger but in amazement and something more. “Mmmm wanting to fuck your own daughter? Wanting to get me naked and go down on me like your slutty girlfriends do to you? Ughhh my mom is such a whore!”

Heather found herself both dreading and loving the sound of her daughter’s voice like this. It was becoming more and more clear that Ava was getting turned on and Heather wanted to make herself stop but she couldn’t do it. Seeing Ava get aroused fueled her on like nothing ever could.

“Yessssssssssss! Mmmm baby I am!” Heather moaned back, feeling such illicit pleasure inside her as she found herself and her beloved daughter inching very close to a line they were never supposed to cross. “I’m a fucking whore and I’m too dirty and nasty! I’m nastier than any of those other women downstairs! I want to fuck you baby! I want to fuck my own daughter! I want to lick your pussy and make you come all over mommy’s face! I never want you to look at another boy again because mommy will be giving you all you need! I want to kiss you and touch you and lick you and make you feel so good you’ll be a dirty, hot slut just like mommy!”

“Oooooooh so gross…” Ava said, but the tone of her voice showed she didn’t think it was nearly as gross as she had a little while ago. “Tell me! Tell me what you want to do to me you big perv! Tell me what a gross, sick mommy you really are!”

Ava barely registered the words coming out of her own mouth. They were flowing out without her brain having any say in it. She couldn’t think and she wasn’t thinking. She was just reacting to these strange, dirty feelings inside her.

Ava knew enough to know she was drunk or stoned or something and this wasn’t right. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be saying this or feeling this way. But she was also getting so wet, wetter than she ever had in her young life.

“Oh Ava, baby! Yes! I’m so sick! I’m such a fucking pervert!” Heather readily agreed. “I see you lying out by the pool in your bikini and I watch you. I watch like some total creep as you show off that tight, beautiful body of yours and lie there! I watch when you undo your top to not get lines on your back and I dream of your perfect tits and how much I want to touch them and kiss them and suck on your hard nipples like no mommy ever should! I love watching you when you get naked, those times when you think no one is watching so you can totally be bare! But I’m watching! I’m watching my daughter tan naked and thinking about coming out there in my bikini too and rubbing lotion all over you!”

“Ooooooooh gawwwwd you perv,” Ava moaned, not even realizing she was rubbing herself through her jeans. “Mmmmm so nasty! I didn’t know you were staring! You’re such a gross perv! Chasing all the hot guys away who want to fuck me because you only want me for yourself! Watching me tan naked! Checking out my hot body and dreaming of rubbing lotion on me so I’ll feel your hands on my boobs and I’ll want you to get naked so I can rub lotion on you too!”

“Yes! Yessssss ooooooh that’s how I want it,” Heather confessed, too lost in her fantasy to even think about what was right or wrong anymore. “I want to strip off my bikini in front of you and show you how sexy I still am and have you rub that lotion into me with your young hands before mommy teaches you all the nasty things she knows! Mommy wants to teach her little girl how to fuck!”

“Ohhhhh my fucking God!” Ava gasped when Heather put it so bluntly. “You’re so sick mom! You’re a fucking lesbian perv! Ughh you’re like one of those creepy predators on those shows that want to fuck little girls! Mmmmm gawwwwd how can you feel that way about me? How can you think that about your daughter?”

“I can’t help it,” Heather said before admitting the things she hadn’t even had the courage to tell Alyssa. “I try so hard but it’s like I have this demon inside me that makes me want it! I can’t control myself! I sneak peeks at you in the shower baby! I can’t help it! I watch you soap your sexy body up and wash yourself clean! Mmmmm I…I….oh fuck…one time I caught you in the shower touching yourself and I couldn’t help it! I touched myself too! I watched you use that shower massager on your pretty little precious pussy and I fingered myself watching you come! It was so fucking wrong and I hated myself for it but it turned me on so much that I’d do it again!”

“God…ughhhh just….God…” Ava said, not sure how to process this or even if she was capable of it. It was just all too much and she was feeling so strange. “You watched me do that? You’re so gross! What, do you steal my panties too?”

Heather blushed when Ava made the accusation and the teenager jumped to a conclusion.

“Oh God! You do! You fucking steal my panties and probably smell them and rub them right into your pussy and get off on it! You’re worse than some old man creep! Ughhh sooooo fucking gross,” Ava groaned, her brain, or what was left of it, telling her she should hate this, but every other part of her body making her want to hear more.

Even though she acted revolted, Ava found herself picturing her mother naked and taking a pair of her worn panties and rubbing them into her pussy, making them all soaking wet with her nasty juices while she masturbated.

That was so gross, but Ava couldn’t stop thinking of it. Truthfully she liked doing that to herself, rubbing her panties into herself so she could feel the fabric touching her naughtiest parts and make herself all wet and creamy when she touched herself.

And once Ava started picturing Heather like that, she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind She’d just seen her mother naked for the first time in forever and she knew full well know just what an amazing body Heather still had.

Ava knew it was wrong but thinking of her sick, twisted mother picking up her used panties and shoving them against her pussy to make them messy with mommy juice as she dreamed about fucking her didn’t seem gross anymore. It started seeming hot.

What was wrong with her? Ava couldn’t understand why she was thinking this way but she felt her nipples get hard and her pussy get squishy. And Ava knew this was turning her mother on too.

How could it not? After all Heather was the sick one who wanted to fuck her own daughter? But what if she was sick too? Ava began worrying she was some kind of weird freak like her mom was? What if this stuff was like in your genes or something?

“No! I never did! I just…wanted to,” Heather insisted, denying Ava’s accusations of underwear thievery. “I mean…God…I…I thought about it but I never did it! I was trying to have some self-control! Oh Ava, you have no idea how hard it is to control myself when I’m around you! You’re so beautiful! You’re so sexy! Mommy has such a gorgeous little girl! I try so hard to not want you that way, but I can’t stop myself!”

“Mmmmmm gawwwwd you want to fuck me…you want to fuck your own daughter,” Ava groaned, her head spinning so much that she felt dizzy from it. “Staring at my body…thinking about me naked ughhhh gawwd creeping on me in the shower and when I’m tanning. You’re so sick mommy! Bad, bad mommy!”

Ava was practically in a daze when she pulled herself off the bed. Her legs wobbled a bit but the dizziness she felt wasn’t enough to totally floor her. She managed to steady herself even when everything inside her mind was in complete tumult.

She left Heather speechless on the bed and instead Ava turned her attention to the other women in the room.

All this time Alyssa and Chloe hadn’t said anything. They had just let Heather and Ava talk, not knowing what to say or what to do.

Both of them had wished they could leave just like the other women in the room had. But they hadn’t moved. They had just been left there to awkwardly watch as daughter confronted mother.

Chloe still felt so terrible knowing she had put Ava in this position. But Ava didn’t direct her attention toward her friend, at least not yet. Instead she turned it toward Alyssa.

“You did this!” Ava angrily accused, jamming her finger at the older woman as Alyssa just stood there and took it as she kept the robe she had grabbed over her otherwise naked body. “You fucked my mom up! You turned her into some sick fucking slut and there you were eating her pussy and telling her to pretend you were me! You’re even sicker than she is!  Making her think about me fucking her! Making her think about me eating her out! You’re a creepy fucking pervert Alyssa!”

“Ava, I’m so sorry…” Alyssa began to say, not liking how the teenager was talking to her but knowing she deserved it.

“Shut up!” Ava interrupted. “You don’t get to talk! I can’t believe you act all high and mighty and think you’re too good to fuck my friend even though she’s like totally in love with you and then you go and fuck my mom and make her think about me! You’re such a hypocrite! You’d rather fuck my mom than Chloe? What the hell is wrong with you? Chloe is so beautiful! Anyone with a brain would want to do her!”

“Ava, please…” Chloe said, not wanting to make this more awkward than it already was.

But Ava interrupted her friend. Unlike how she interrupted Alyssa, though, Ava didn’t do it with words or with a finger jammed in her face. Instead she interrupted Chloe by doing something neither of them had ever expected.

Ava placed her hands on Chloe’s face, gently holding her friend, and then leaned in, placing her inexperienced lips on Chloe’s and giving her a sensual kiss.

Chloe’s eyes shot open wide at the sudden kiss. She didn’t know what to do at first but then she just went with it. Ava kissed her so softly and shyly, but also like she totally wanted to do it. The spark lit a fire in Chloe that she’d never really felt before and she began kissing Ava back, letting their lips rub together erotically.

This was all so crazy, Chloe thought to herself. First Ariel and now Ava? All her friends wanted to make out with her all of a sudden.

She knew this wasn’t normal and this wasn’t how they usually acted. Chloe was sure that whatever was in that punch they’d had was probably making them act all weird and she was just glad she hadn’t had any and that she was still in total control of herself.

Plus she knew her friends were seriously messed up from seeing their family members at the mansion. But still, being kissed by her friends was totally unexpected and Chloe found it hard to resist how much she liked it.

She had never thought seriously about kissing Ava or Ariel before. Sure she knew her friends were smoking hot. And yes there was no way she couldn’t at least be attracted to girls who were so beautiful. But she had never wanted to do anything with them, at least not for real.

Chloe had enjoyed an idle fantasy or two about showing them why it was she liked girls so much and giving them a little lesbian 101 course during a sleepover like they were in some kind of porno. But she’d never really thought about acting on that. These were her friends. She’d never wanted to really make them lovers.

But first Ariel had kissed her and now Ava and Chloe had to admit she liked the way her friends’ lips felt. They were both good but inexperienced kissers and Chloe found herself wanting to show them more about the right way to kiss a girl, just like she desperately wanted Alyssa to be a teacher to her and show her the naughty tricks she knew how to play in bed.

It was so hard to make Ava stop kissing her and Chloe found herself not wanting to fight it. She just let it happen and she didn’t do anything to stop it.

And ultimately it was Ava who brought a stop to their first kiss as she pulled her lips away and turned back toward her mother as Heather continued uncomfortably sitting on the bed.

“Does that shit turn you on you sicko?” Ava demanded. “Do you like that mommy? Does it make you wet to see me kiss another girl? Do you like seeing me kiss Chloe? I’ll bet you had gross fantasies about catching us making out when I had my lesbian friend sleep over so you could fuck us both!”

Heather had no response. She was too shocked by seeing her daughter kiss another girl of her own volition to form words. It had looked like Ava had liked it too and Heather knew deep down the girl was right.

She hadn’t known officially that Chloe was a lesbian but Heather had always suspected it and she had fantasized about catching her daughter making out with her or one of her other sexy friends when they slept over like it was some lesbian slumber party porno.

Heather’s silence confirmed Ava’s suspicion and the girl turned her attention back to Chloe. Even in her intoxicated state she could see that the kiss had flustered her friend and Ava liked that.

Chloe always seemed like she knew what she wanted and was so sure of herself that Ava liked being able to scramble her friend’s brains up a bit. In fact she found herself wanting to do it more.

“You’re a great kisser,” Ava told her friend, meaning it completely.

“So are you,” Chloe said, surprised by how much she had enjoyed the unexpected kiss. “Ummm have you ever done that before? Kissed a girl?”

“Jealous? Wishing I was making out with you and not someone else?” Ava teased before admitting the truth. “No. I never did that before. I never thought I’d want to…until now.”

“Oh wow…I’m your first,” Chloe couldn’t help but marvel with a little giggle.

She was realizing how sexy her friends really were as if for the first time and it was a naughty rush for Chloe.

“Mmmmhmmm and you’re really good Chloe,” Ava assured her, surprised too over how she had kissed a girl and how much she had liked it, which only reminded her how she had seen Katy Perry nude and fucking other women downstairs and how crazy all of this was. “Maybe we should…you know…mess around sometime. I know you want me.”

Ava’s assumption about how she must have wanted her just because she was sexy made Chloe giggle again, but she didn’t deny it. She might never have really fantasized about her friends before like but after the way Ava and Ariel had kissed her, Chloe was starting to think things differently now.

Maybe her friends could be more than friends, kind of like how all these women in the mansion seemed to be very close friends with extra special benefits.

“Mmmmm that sounds fun,” Chloe said, thinking back to the times she had seen Ava naked and how good she looked. She was seeing her friend with fresh eyes and she liked what she saw more than ever.

“Mmmm maybe we could put on a nasty show for my pervert mommy,” Ava said hornily, her thinking not clear but her desire growing. Her lips were tingling from kissing Chloe and her pussy was getting really wet from how dirty and taboo all of this was. “We can get Ariel and Bella to join in too mmmm and we’ll all be naked and fucking each other like horny little lesbos just like all these fucking sluts here. Mmmm want to see that mom? Want to see your daughter turn into a dyke just like you?”

Heather was still too stunned to speak. Hearing her daughter talk like that was such a shock but she loved it. It was turning her on to see this side of Ava, one she had never expected the teenager to have.

She didn’t know what this was all leading to but Heather enjoyed it and she wanted it to go further, even though she knew it was a dark path she was never supposed to go down. She wanted it because it was wrong. She wanted it because it was the filthiest thing she could imagine.

Instead of speaking, Heather just nodded her head shyly like she was totally submissive to the wishes of her teenage daughter. She confessed her approval because she was too ashamed and too aroused to do anything else.

“I knew it,” Ava said, turning away from Chloe and back toward her mother on the bed. “You want me to be a fucking dyke slut like you! You want me to be a dirty little rug munching slut just like mommy! Maybe then you won’t feel so guilty about wanting to fuck me! Mmmmm gawwwd you’re soooo fucking nasty mmmmm but I feel nasty too!”

And Ava proved that by pulling her sweater right over her head and casting it onto the floor. Ava had a t-shirt on underneath and her nipples were straining against it from under her bra. She had a wild little expression on her face as she began to strip, like she was becoming completely uninhibited.

Heather recognized what a dangerous thing was happening though and, as much as she wanted it, she began to at least show some of the motherly concern she knew she was supposed to.

“Ava…wait…no…don’t do this,” Heather said. “You don’t really want this. This…this isn’t you!”

But Heather’s pleas were hardly convincing and the girl completely ignored her mother’s wishes by peeling her t-shirt off too. Ava threw off the overpriced shirt and exposed her pink lace bra and the way her nipples were pushing out against it.

“You don’t know me at all!” Ava snapped at her mother. “You’re too busy chasing away every cute boy who looks at me because you just want me all to yourself to know me! I’ll do what I want and I don’t care what you think anymore! Besides, isn’t this what you want? Your own daughter getting naked? Showing mommy my titties? Don’t you like this better than creeping on me when I’m in the shower? Don’t you like the view Heather? Doesn’t it make your dirty dyke pussy all wet and juicy?”

Ava was surprising even herself by what she was saying. She didn’t even know where the words were coming from. They were just spilling out of her mouth as fast as her brain could form them.

She wasn’t thinking any of this through. Ava was acting totally on instinct because right then she felt the burning need to get naked and desire like she had never experienced before. What she was feeling inside her was stronger than she had ever felt for a boy. It was raw and hot and it pulsated inside her.

“No! Stop…stop saying that…don’t talk like that Ava,” Heather protested but so mildly.

Heather’s motherly instincts were being overwhelmed by the lust she felt for the beautiful girl she was supposed to protect and love, not want to sleep with.

“Mmmm dirty mommy, don’t lie to me! I know you like it when I talk like that,” Ava teased, reaching around for her bra clasp and unsnapping it without hesitation, baring her breasts to her shocked audience. “I can see it in your eyes. I always know when you’re lying. You can’t hide it. You fucking love this you perv.”

Ava tossed her bra down angrily, throwing it onto the floor and leaving herself completely topless. She put her hands on her hips as she stood there bare breasted and in her tight jeans, staring at Heather.

“Well? Don’t you like this? Isn’t this what you fucking want? Me getting naked!” Ava demanded. “Don’t you want me anymore mommy? Don’t you like seeing your daughter’s tits? Don’t you like seeing my hard nipples? Don’t you like seeing this and thinking about how your little girl wants to fuck mommy too!”

“Oh God…” Heather gasped, her breath leaving her as her daughter indicated for the first time that the taboo lust might actually be mutual. “What…what are you saying?”

“I’m saying shut the fuck up mommy! I’m in charge now!” Ava said before doing something she never dreamed she would ever do.

She marched right up to Heather and fiercely kissed her mother on the lips. It was like no other kiss she had ever shared with her mother. This one was wild and raw and dirty. It was not full of love. It was full of unleashed lust and Ava had no idea why she was doing it except that she wanted it and it felt good.

Heather’s breath left her again when her daughter suddenly kissed her, not like a daughter but like a lover eager to take control. Heather had been kissed like that before by aroused lovers, both male and female, and she always loved it. Ava was making her lose what little control over herself she had left because this was just the way she wanted to be kissed.

Heather loved the idea of being taken by a strong man or an uncontrollably horny woman eager to use her and fuck her. She loved how it felt to have someone impose themselves on her, making her feel like they were going to do dirty things to her whether she wanted them to or not. It was how Alyssa had first kissed her when she had seduced her in the changing room and it always made her so wet.

But she had never thought in a million years that Ava would ever kiss her like that and Heather barely had a chance to gasp before she felt her daughter shove her tongue into her mouth. Before she knew it, Ava’s tongue was rubbing against hers and while she pressed her body against her, making Heather fall onto the bed on her back as the teenager got on top of her and imposed her will.

Heather knew she should have pushed Ava away. But she didn’t. She knew she should have moved her mouth or done something, anything, to stop this kiss. But she didn’t. She knew it was wrong. She knew this was terrible. But she wanted it anyway. She had felt far too many inappropriate longings for her teenage daughter to stop it now and, as Ava imposed herself on her, Heather just let her little girl kiss her and felt those soft, young lips and that eager tongue bring her pleasure.

And before she knew it, Heather was kissing back. It was all instinct but the horny intoxication she was in the grips of grew so strong that there was no way she could fight it. As Ava’s tongue explored her mouth, Heather responded and rubbed her own tongue right into her daughter’s massaging them together and making their kiss wetter and more heated.

The mother and daughter were soon making out on the bed and Ava draped her body on top of Heather’s, pressing down on her mother and softly touching her face. Heather reflexively returned in kind, letting her hand sensually graze over the face of the teenager, just like she had kissed so many other women over the years.

Heather caressed Ava’s perfect, angelic skin, letting her know how much she was enjoying the kiss. Heather felt whatever moral dams she had left inside her start to crack and break as she erotically kissed her own daughter.

“Ohhhh mom…oooooh!” Ava finally sighed in a dreamy fashion when she and Heather paused their kiss to be able to breathe. “Mmmmm I see why you like girls so much! Maybe I’ve been wasting my time with boys…”

But she didn’t get the chance to say anything more before Heather interrupted her while trying to bring some kind of control back. This has already gone too far. She was naked with a sheet barely covering her body and Ava was topless. She couldn’t let this go any further…even if it was what she wanted.

“Stop! Ava! Just stop it!” Heather said, trying not to moan too much as her devilish daughter started kissing her neck. “This is wrong…”

“I know it’s wrong!” Ava drunkenly laughed “But you’re the one that started all of this! What’s the matter mommy? Don’t you want me anymore? Don’t you think I’m pretty anymore? Don’t you want to fuck your little girl?”

Heather was so torn. All she wanted to do was say “yes” even as she knew she was supposed to say “no.” She couldn’t control herself even though she knew she had to. This was heaven and hell all at once and her head spun as she found herself unable to do anything but offer up the mildest protests to what she and her daughter both knew she clearly wanted.

Ava took advantage of the silence by popping open the button of her jeans and sliding them down her young body. It was a little awkward since her jeans were tight and she was a little too out of it to be fully fluid in her motions but that didn’t stop her.

Ava pulled her jeans down and cast them onto the floor and left herself in nothing but her panties. And once she did that, she immediately turned up the heat even more by reaching down and rubbing herself through them, making herself moan as she touched her own pussy.

“Mmmmm I’m so wet,” Ava admitted while she touched herself through her underwear. “I’ve been so fucking turned on ever since I had that drink. Ughhh fuck is this what you do? Drug girls like me so I’ll want to be slutty and nasty? What’d you do mom? Slip me a fucking roofie or something? Mmmm fuckk I feel sooooo funny! Mmmm what’d you sluts do to me?”

“We didn’t do anything…I…I…feel the same way,” Heather admitted before turning her attention to right where she wanted it to go. “You’re so beautiful baby! Oooooh mommy has such a sexy baby girl!”

“Yeahhh you like what you see you nasty perv,” Ava teased, rubbing herself through her panties and creating a serious camel toe situation as she made her panties cling to her teen slit from the wetness dripping out of her. “You like seeing your own daughter naked and horny for you! But it’s not fair that I’m naked and you’re not! C’mon mommy! Lemme see you! I want you naked like you want me naked!”

Ava aggressively grabbed the bedsheet away from Heather, exposing her once again in all her nudity. Heather groaned in embarrassment over being stripped like this but she also felt a wave of arousal come over her from how good it felt to have Ava just rip away the sheet and how nasty it was for a mother and daughter to be acting like this.

It was so sick and fucked up and Heather wanted it. Even if she wasn’t all messed up from that punch she would have wanted it. She really was a pervert and she couldn’t hide it.

Ava paused for a second as her head spun from what she had just done. Her mother was naked in front of her. It wasn’t the first time she had seen Heather naked of course but now she was naked because of her and Ava found herself wondering what the hell she was doing.

She wasn’t thinking straight…hell she DEFINITELY wasn’t thinking straight. Her thoughts were all weird and naughty but Ava found herself loving what she was doing and she couldn’t stop from thinking something she never would have thought before…her mom was really hot.

Ava found her mouth getting dry as Heather’s body was exposed to her, still so tight and firm and sexy after all these years. Ava had always known her mom was beautiful. She had been blessed to inherit those looks from her after all.

Ava had always wondered why her mom didn’t have like a hundred boyfriends lined up but at least she knew the answer to that now and Ava found herself realizing for the first time just how sexy her mom was and why all these women would want to fuck her.

“Mmmmmm you’re such a pretty dyke mommy,” Ava teased, feeling her heart beat fast in her chest as she took control once again and removed the last bit of clothing she was wearing by sliding her panties down her legs and tossing them away onto the bed. “Time for you to show me what a perverted fucking lesbo you are! You want me so bad? Then you’d better show me how bad you want it!”

Ava was inspired by an instinct and a desire that she never thought she would ever feel. But she liked it. She was getting so hot from it and she brought her mother to her by putting her young hand on the back of Heather’s blonde head.

She shoved Heather in toward her and kissed her, harder and more passionately than before. Ava had realized quickly before just how much she had liked the sensation of kissing a girl and it got even better for her when she kissed her mother for the second time.

Ava forced her tongue into her mother’s mouth and Heather didn’t fight her at all. She melted under the advances of her teenage daughter, letting Ava do whatever she wanted to her.

Heather moaned when she felt her little girl’s tongue in her mouth again. It felt so natural and so right to do something so wrong. God, she was kissing her own daughter, just like she had dreamt up in her most perverted moments and it felt so beautiful and sexy to her. So Heather kissed back, letting the teenager take control of her.

The two blonde women moaned into each other’s mouths as they tongued each other’s mouths, exploring each other with eagerly passionate kisses. They were doing what no mother and daughter were ever supposed to be doing and it was obvious that not only had they both completely lost their senses of what was right and wrong but they loved that those morals and rules had been stripped away just as easily as their clothing.

They were two horny women who wanted each other and all the boundaries that were supposed to be there melted under the heat of their lust.

“Mmmmmm oooooooh fuckkkk such a good kisser,” Heather moaned in delirious desire as she pulled away to try and catch her breath, something she barely had the chance to do before Ava smothered her lips in another hot kiss. “Mmmmm baby you’re so beautiful and so sexy!”

“Mmmmhmmmm just like you mom!” Ava replied with a naughty grin, loving how everything had spiraled out of control and new pleasures were being felt with every passing second. “Mmmmm I think I’m going to be kissing a lot of girls right now! I’m going to be an even bigger lesbo slut than you are mommy! But first I need you! I need my mommy to turn me into a dyke for real!”

Heather wasn’t immediately sure what her daughter meant by that but it became clear a second later when Ava pushed her down so she was lying flat on her back on the bed. Heather didn’t have a chance to react or even say much more than the beginning of a word before Ava imposed herself once more, this time by shattering what little decency and propriety there was left between them by moving herself over her mother’s face and planting her teen pussy right down against Heather’s mouth.

Heather let out a muffled cry when she suddenly found herself right where she had wanted to be in her darkest and dirtiest moments. She knew she should have moved her head or pushed Ava off her or done anything she could think of to get herself away from her wild daughter’s aroused vagina. But she did none of that.

She initially resisted but only for the briefest seconds because that was when she became overcome with the lust she had desperately been trying to keep at bay. Before she could even think about what she was doing, Heather was licking.

She started lashing her tongue against the wet pinkness pressed to her face and all it took was one taste for Heather to lose what little of her self-control was left. Heather couldn’t resist it, not with this tight, wet teen pussy in her face.

The fact that it was her own daughter’s cunt against her tongue made it even hotter and Heather transformed into a woman possessed, unleashing her tongue without a second’s more of thought to start licking away at Ava. And when that happened, the pleasure overtook Ava and she felt a rush like she had never experienced before.

“WHOAAAAAA!” Ava cried out in legitimate shock when she felt the touch of a woman’s tongue for the first time. “OOOOOOH! FUCKKKKK! OOOOOOH! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss! Mmmmm fuckkk yeahhhhh! Oooooh holy shittttt! Ooooooh no wonder you’re a fucking dyke Heather! Ooooooh this feels sooooo gooood oooooh my Godddddd!”

Ava hadn’t known what to expect when she had stripped herself naked and forced herself onto Heather like this. She had been so angry and upset and horny all at once. She hadn’t been thinking at all and it wasn’t like she had planned any of this out.

She had done it all out of some kind of emotional instinct but now she wasn’t playing anymore. Now all Ava could feel was pleasure and suddenly she understood everything. She totally got why Chloe liked girls! She totally got why Heather could turn into a total lez! This felt so fucking awesome! How could every woman not want to only fuck other women?

Ava had never felt anything like a woman eating her out. A couple of guys had gone down on her but it hadn’t been anything like this. Suddenly those teenage boys who had licked her seemed like nothing but clumsy amateurs next to the sensation that a woman’s tongue was creating inside her.

And Ava didn’t even care that it was her mom that was doing this to her. In fact it made it even naughtier. Ava had started this as some way to punish her mother for being a pervert but now the taboo thrill of it had overcome her.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss! Oooooh fuckkkkk! Oooooh more! Lick meeeee!” Ava brattily demanded, grinding herself into Heather’s face as she started to ride her tongue, desperate to feel more of that amazing tongue. “Mmmmmm fuck yessss! Do it! Just like you wanted to! Fuck me mommy!”

Heather was powerless, both to her daughter’s depraved demands and her own lust. And she reveled in that helplessness. Despite knowing what she was doing was wrong, Heather felt total relief was over her.

There were no more secrets. There was no more hidden shame. Ava knew everything now and she wanted it too. It was so dirty and depraved and her daughter loved it. That made Heather want to give it to her even more and the teenager’s words only spurred her on.

Heather brought her hands to Ava’s ass and squeezed her tight, teen cheeks. She gripped her daughter’s buns and held her steady to her face, making it easier for Ava to hump her pussy against her while she shoved her tongue into the girl, relishing how wet she was and how good she tasted. And Ava certainly noticed how excited her mother was getting as Heather began licking her faster.

“Ooooooh mmmmmm yesss mommy mmmmmmmm fuckk you’re so goddamn dirty!” Ava groaned, not believing she was loving this as much as she was but only wanting more. “Mmmmm you like it when I call you that, don’t you? Mmmm you like it when I call you mommy and tell you to fuck me like the dirty pussy licking slut you are!”

Heather moaned wantonly at the sound of Ava’s filthy questions. She couldn’t speak with Ava’s pussy in her face and she was glad of that because she would have answered “yes.”

Heather didn’t just like it. She loved it. She wanted Ava to remind her about the taboo they were breaking. She wanted to revel in it like the dirty whore she was.

Heather felt so filthy right then and she couldn’t get enough of it. She wanted Ava’s tight little pussy in her face. She never wanted her to pull it away. She craved her own daughter’s cum like she had never craved anything before.

So while Heather couldn’t express with words how much she enjoyed the depraved nature of the line they were crossing, she did it by squeezing Ava’s ass tighter, digging her nails into the firm teenage flesh and pushing her harder against her mouth. She tongued her daughter with depraved licks of pussy crazed need, lapping at Ava’s young cunt and letting her juices drip over her taste buds and into her mouth.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but Heather couldn’t stop. She never wanted to stop.

And just like Heather’s intense arousal was overwhelming all her doubts and disbelief, not to mention her morals, it was having an even more pronounced effect on Ava.

Ava had never felt a woman’s touch before and now it was all she wanted. She wasn’t out of her mind enough to have forgotten how totally sick and wrong all of this was, but the more taboo it got the more she got turned on. Ava was shocking herself with her actions but it felt too good to think twice or want to stop any of it.


Ava’s mind was being put through a blender right then by her own actions but she wasn’t regretting a bit of them. She had never felt anything as pleasurable as a woman’s tongue licking her pussy. The fact that it was her mother giving her that pleasure only made it hotter and naughtier.

Ava was sure her friends had always thought she was some kind of a slut and she certainly hadn’t given them any reason to change that perception. But in truth, perception was all it was.

She really wasn’t a slut. She had only been with a few guys. The truth was she was much shier about sex than she ever let anyone know. Ava had just wanted her friends to think she was cool and that she had a lot of guys so she had let them think she was way more experienced than she actually was.

Yeah she’d been boy crazy, but she wasn’t sleeping with any of the guys she wanted so badly. Ava had just let her friends think she might have been so they’d be jealous. The truth was that she had worried that the times she had done it with guys, she hadn’t been good at it and the guys hadn’t liked fucking her.

Ava knew she was hot. She wasn’t blind. But she worried she wasn’t good in bed and worried guys would think she was bad at sex because she had felt too repressed and been too cold about it. But here she was naked and fucking her own mother’s face and she didn’t feel repressed right then. Being cold was the last thing she was concerned about now.

She felt red hot and horny. She loved what she was doing to Heather. She loved that her own mother was eating her out and that it was better than any boy had ever felt. She loved that they were being so dirty. And Ava really did wish that she had found out about her mom’s dirty fantasies earlier and that she had actually done something to act on the idle thoughts she’d had about how it would feel to mess around with a cute girl like Chloe.

“Mmmmm you like this Chloe? Like seeing me lez out with my mom?” Ava demanded to know as she turned her attention toward her stunned friend. “Mmmm you wanna join in with us? Kissing you was soooooo hot! Mmmm get over here! I wanna make out with my lesbo friend while my slutty mommy eats my pussy! C’mon and lez out with me some more Chloe! Mmmmm gawwd I know you have to love what you see! Me naked and fucking my own mommy! Mmmm fuckkk I totally see why you love girls now Chloe! Gawwwd you and I are gonna start fucking as soon as I’m done with my mom! Me and you are gonna be like lezzie best friends! Ooooh fuck we can get Ariel and Bella to join in too! Mmmm fuckkk even AnnaSophia! Yesss I’d fuck that bitch too! Ooooooh yesssssss don’t stop mommy! Mmmm don’t fucking stop! Eat my little wet pussy right in front of my friend so she sees how much I like it!”

Chloe was too shocked by all of this to say anything and she reflexively took a step forward before she stopped herself and reversed, remaining where she was.

She did want to join in though. Chloe might have had her jaw on the floor over what she was seeing but that didn’t mean she didn’t think it was one of the hottest, naughtiest things she had ever seen.

This wasn’t just sex she was witnessing. It was incest! Chloe didn’t have to be reminded that some very serious sinning was being committed on the bed and it wasn’t like how some people considered lesbianism a sin and others didn’t.

No, there was no doubt about this one. No wiggle room and no way to find a loophole. Incest was a sin and illegal too. But Chloe couldn’t help it. She liked what she saw and it was turning her on.

Ava looked so sexy naked. Chloe had never really appreciated just how sexy her friend was and now she couldn’t help but desire her as she watched her totally naked and completely out of control friend fuck her mother. Chloe loved seeing Ava’s firm tits shake erotically as the girl humped herself against Heather’s face and she loved looking down and seeing Heather’s tongue lapping at that wet little pink hole.

It was so dirty and taboo and Chloe was getting so hot from it.

She found herself wanting to join in. She never could have dreamed something like this would ever happen but now she wanted to be a part of it. Chloe found herself wanting to walk across the room to the bed and strip off her own clothing along the way so she could be as naked as Ava and Heather were.

She wanted to walk over there and kiss Ava some more. Chloe’s lips still tingled a bit from when her friend had kissed her before but she had been too surprised to really kiss her back as good as she knew she could. Now Chloe wanted to change that and then some.

Chloe found herself thinking about how hot it would be to make out with Ava and play with her perfect little tits while Heather ate her daughter out. Mmmm then Heather could lick her too and make her come all over her face so her friend’s MILF mommy would end up soaked in both of their juices before she and Ava started playing with each other.

Chloe had never done anything that naughty before but she was really starting to like the idea of being a bad girl too.

But she didn’t take those steps toward her friend on the bed. She held back, not because of any lack of desire, but because as the only sober one in the room, Chloe knew better.

Whatever was happening between Ava and Heather was going to change everything between them and Chloe didn’t want to make things more awkward by getting involved too. She had already done so much here to put her friendship with Ava at risk and she didn’t want to push it any further.

Besides, Chloe had another very good reason for holding back. She heard a soft series of moans and she knew that she wasn’t the only one getting turned on by this illicit show.

Chloe turned her head and broke into a very eager Cheshire Cat grin when she saw Alyssa’s body was exposed again and that she was touching herself over the dirty action happening in her bed.

Alyssa had slipped on a robe to cover her nudity and her shame when they’d all been caught, but now that robe was open and barely hanging onto her shoulders. Chloe felt like all she had to do was blow on the robe and it would fall right off Alyssa’s body. But she didn’t even need to do that because everything she wanted to see was already exposed to her very eager eyes.

Chloe forgot all about what Ava and Heather were doing on the bed and turned her attention completely toward the woman she desired. She hungrily drank in the view of Alyssa’s large bare breasts and those perfect pink nipples of hers.

Alyssa’s nipples were so erect and all Chloe wanted to do was kiss them and latch her lips to those big tits so she could suck on those amazing hard pink points. She loved seeing those beautiful tits exposed as they moved seductively from the way Alyssa was breathing hard while she touched herself.

But Chloe couldn’t keep from looking lower too and she groaned from her own need when she saw Alyssa’s pussy. Alyssa was soaking wet and her juices were dripping all over her fingers as she played with herself, so enraptured by the incestuous show in her bed that she had forgotten Chloe was there to stare at her.

And Chloe didn’t do anything to remind her of that, not yet at least. Instead she just stared at Alyssa like the goddess she was.

She had never looked sexier to Chloe and she tried to burn the image of Alyssa naked, her robe open and sliding off her shoulders, while she masturbated into her brain forever. She loved seeing how into it Alyssa was. She loved watching Alyssa play with her bare, smooth pussy. She loved watching the way the juice was making her idol’s fingers slick and she loved how Alyssa’s pussy was glistening.

All Chloe wanted right then was to sink right down in front of Alyssa and start licking her. She’d show her she wasn’t some kid. She’d show her she was old enough to know what she wanted. She’d show her she was hot enough.

She’d make Alyssa want her as much as she wanted Alyssa. The more Chloe watched Alyssa finger herself, working over her bald cunt with a greater urgency the more she stared at Ava and Heather going at it on the bed, the more Chloe knew she had to make her move.

Seeing Alyssa naked in the shower at the gym had been incredible. But this time was even better because Chloe knew there was no way Alyssa could say no to her now. And Chloe was sure she could lick Alyssa so good that she’d never say no to her again and that soon she’d be begging her to fuck her and be with her. Then they’d be only focused on making each other feel good, not any stupid worries about age or morality.

Chloe recognized that her own morality was taking more than a little vacation on this, though. It was pretty clear that whatever Ava and Heather were drunk on was affecting Alyssa too.

Chloe could see that the woman wasn’t in her right mind as she moaned and grunted and finger fucked her pussy right in front of her, Alyssa’s fingers squishing into her drenched hole. And she knew that if she made her move here then she would be taking advantage of Alyssa. Chloe knew that was wrong but right then she didn’t care.

She might have been the only sober one in the room but that didn’t mean she was in any way pure of thought. She wanted Alyssa more than ever and she didn’t care if the woman was drunk or high or too horny to say no. She wanted her and she was going to take her.

This went against everything she was supposed to be. Chloe was a good girl. She had good morals. She had been raised right by loving parents who’d given her a strong religious background. But none of that mattered now. Chloe wanted to be evil for once. She wanted to take what she wanted and make it hers.

Chloe had to laugh as she thought about how Alyssa had been worried about taking advantage of her when in fact the opposite was about to happen. But she didn’t let that stop her. The idea of being bad like this was turning her on.

She didn’t even have the excuse all these other girls did for acting this way. Chloe was totally thinking clearly and she didn’t care that what she wanted was wicked and sinful. She just wanted Alyssa and she wasn’t going to let herself be denied.

“You like? Like what you’re seeing?” Chloe finally said, mustering up all her courage and all her arousal to finally make her move.

She rubbed her dressed body into Alyssa’s and boldly yanked the robe off the brunette, letting it fall down onto the floor around her feet and exposing the round, yummy curves of Alyssa’s bare ass to Chloe’s happy eyes.

“Like seeing how sexy Ava is? Mmmm like seeing how she’s fucking her own mom?” Chloe teased. “Isn’t that nasty? That’s incest Alyssa! That’s so dirty! And it’s happening right in your bed! Oooooh I think you’re totally supposed to go to hell for this, but you don’t care do you? You know how hot it is! Mmmm but you know what? I can be even hotter!”

Alyssa could only moan when she felt the teenager suddenly start to kiss her neck, pressing her lips softly to it and making her arch her head so the girl could have better access.

She had gotten so wrapped up in Heather and Ava that she really had forgotten Chloe was even there. But Alyssa was getting a hell of a reminder now and while she knew she was supposed to be making the girl stop, she couldn’t.

Not only did she not do anything to stop Chloe, Alyssa actually began fingering herself harder, getting extra wet from the way the beautiful blonde teen was kissing her flesh.

Chloe noticed it too and it elated her. She had the woman she wanted right where she wanted her and even though she knew what she was doing was wrong and that she was supposed to be trying to get some control of this situation and not let it further descend into sexual madness, she couldn’t help herself. Chloe wanted this too much to care about doing the right thing anymore.

“Mmmmm that’s so hot! Play with yourself Alyssa! Play with your pussy for me!” Chloe moaned seductively, feeling more confident and turned on than she ever had in her life. “Watch my friend fuck her mommy and let me touch you! I love seeing you touch yourself! Mmmm I played with myself this morning thinking about you! I thought about seeing you in the gym shower and how good your body looked all naked and wet! I thought about us fucking right there in the shower and not caring if anyone saw us! I used my toy on my pussy this morning thinking about licking you and showing you how good I am at it! Mmmm showing you that I can be as hot as your friends and making it so good you’ll never say no to me again!”

Alyssa moaned out again, feeling a fresh wave of arousal overcome her when Chloe’s soft, young hands reached up to caress her bare tits. She was letting this teenager fondle her body and Alyssa knew it was wrong. But she lacked the will to make her stop.

Oh fuck, why did Chloe’s hands have to be so soft? They felt amazing on her tits and Alyssa groaned out in need while starting to rub her clit when she felt Chloe gently place both of her young hands on her breasts and rub those sensually soft palms against her rock hard nipples.

“Ohhhh Chloe…I….God…we…we shouldn’t…” Alyssa managed to sputter out, forming some kind of resistance even though she could barely force the words past her lips.

The solid wall Alyssa had built around herself to keep Chloe away was crumbling and the sexy, eager teenager took full advantage.

“Mmmm we should! We definitely should!” Chloe insisted, grinning as she took the moans she was hearing from Alyssa as a sure sign that she was doing what they both wanted. “I know you think I’m too young but I don’t care about that! I want you so bad! I want to fuck you Alyssa! It’s not wrong if I want it too! You’re not taking advantage of me! I want to fuck you and show you how hot I can be! I want to eat your pussy and make you come all over my face! I can be as hot and nasty as your friends are! I can be just how you like it! Mmmm seeing you and Rose and Miley in the locker room was so hot! I wanted to join in sooooo bad and fuck you all! But especially you! I’ve wanted you for so long and now I have you! Don’t say no Alyssa! Say yes! Let me show you how hot I can be!”

Chloe gave her pleas an extra exclamation point by pulling herself away from Alyssa just long enough to start to undress. She didn’t make an erotic show of it or try to do any kind of seductive strip tease. She just started getting naked as quickly as she could.

Sensuality was replaced by efficiency. Chloe didn’t want to tease. She just wanted to get her clothes off before Alyssa sobered up even a bit more. She had to take advantage of this window while it was still open.

As Alyssa looked on, powerless against her own intoxication and her growing lust for the teenager, Chloe wiggled out of her clothes. She hurriedly stripped, yanking her shirt over her head and pulling her sneakers off with her feet.

Chloe nearly stumbled in the process but she fortunately kept her balance as she tossed her shirt down onto the floor and pushed her jeans down as quickly as she could, leaving herself in nothing but her underwear. She saw Alyssa’s eyes light up when her body was exposed and Chloe knew she had her.

“Don’t pretend you don’t like what you see,” Chloe said. “Mmmm I LOVE what I see! I love seeing you naked! You’re so beautiful Alyssa! Gawd, you’re so sexy! You were like one of my first crushes ever! Mmmm I’d watch you on Charmed and I’d feel so funny seeing you and that’s when I knew I was different. That’s when I knew I didn’t like boys at all! You were so sexy you made me realize I only wanted women! And I want you most of all! I want to fuck you! I’ve wanted it for so long! I know you want me too! I know you liked seeing me naked in the shower!”

Alyssa knew she was supposed to be stopping this. This girl was so young. She was technically old enough to be Chloe’s mother. She wasn’t supposed to want girls like this. But how could she not?

Chloe looked so sexy stripped down to her bra and panties, her nipples poking out against her bra and Alyssa looked down and moaned in embarrassment and arousal when she saw that visible signs of wetness were starting show in Chloe’s panties as they clung to her young mound.

She wasn’t in her right mind. Alyssa wasn’t out of it enough that she couldn’t recognize that. But even if she had been completely sober she would have been struggling to keep her control.

Chloe was just too beautiful and too sexy. It was impossible not to want her, even with the age gap between them. She had been weakening on this all through last night and into today and now the walls were really crumbling down and Alyssa’s lust was escaping.

“Mmmmm fuck! I did like it!” Alyssa confessed, unable to hold back the truth any longer.

She had been weakening steadily ever since Chloe had approached her in the gym shower. Alyssa had been afraid to admit it but all the dirty pictures Chloe had been sending her had only turned her on. The girl had been relentless and now Alyssa could no longer pretend she didn’t love the teenager’s obsession with her.

“You’re so beautiful Chloe!” Alyssa declared, elating the girl with every word as Chloe showed her joy by kissing all over her neck and down over her shoulder blade making the older woman ache to feel those young lips kissing hers. “I didn’t want to admit it! Ooooh I wanted to fuck you right there! I wanted to lick your little cunt and show you what being with a woman was all about! I wanted to take you right there in the gym and let everyone see how much I want your tight little body! I knew it was wrong though! I just couldn’t…even though I wanted to…you’re just…just too young!”

“I’m not though!” Chloe insisted. “I don’t care about age! I want you Alyssa! I want to fuck you! I’m not too young to know what I want and I’m not too young to fuck! I’ve been with girls! I can make you feel so good! I don’t care how young I am! I know deep down you don’t care either! You’re so not forcing me! Don’t think about anything except how good I can make you feel!”

Alyssa knew she was supposed to be resisting this with everything she had but it was impossible. Chloe was so beautiful and her body looked so good in her bra and panties. Alyssa knew just how much better it looked without any clothes at all and she found herself wet with need to see her that way again. She just couldn’t resist Chloe one second more.

Letting the last of her self-control slip away, Alyssa stopped being a passive participant and instead pulled Chloe to her.

Chloe was a little bit taller than her so Alyssa had to move her face up to meet her and once she did she passionately kissed the teenager, the both of them moaning as their lips met in tender and shared passion. Alyssa couldn’t believe what she was doing but she didn’t even try and stop herself. She kissed the girl and loved every second of it.

But naturally Chloe’s enjoyment surpassed Alyssa’s. This was what she had wanted for so long and the kiss was so much more than she had ever dreamed. She could instantly feel how experienced Alyssa was.

It wasn’t like the shy kisses she had felt from other girls. This was a woman who knew how to please other women and it sent a giddy thrill through Chloe’s body when she thought about how soon she was going to be enjoying every bit of experience Alyssa had with fucking girls.

Alyssa’s hand softly brushed against her face and then over her neck and Chloe felt like she was going to melt into a puddle of desire just from how good that felt. Chloe was getting so charged up that she was sure all Alyssa had to do was look at her sexily and she’d probably come from it.

Chloe moaned and happily opened her mouth, giving Alyssa all the invitation she needed. She had tried so hard to resist it, but she couldn’t any longer and Alyssa let her tongue sensually rub against Chloe’s.

Their kisses multiplied and deepened, their tongues becoming more and more actively involved. And when Chloe opened her mouth for her, Alyssa took advantage and began to really explore Chloe with a hot tongue kiss.

Chloe let out a sensual sigh of desire when Alyssa’s tongue touched hers. She loved how it felt massaging against her tongue and it made her want so much more. She rubbed her own tongue into Alyssa and hoped that she wasn’t about to wake up in her bed and find out that she’d been dreaming all of this.

This was so good. Chloe couldn’t believe she and Alyssa were making out. She couldn’t even hear the sounds of Ava and Heather’s illicit hookup just a few feet away. It was like the world was just her and Alyssa.

She and Alyssa kept on kissing, the two of them becoming more and more passionate about it as the seconds ticked away. Chloe was in heaven as she and Alyssa French kissed each other. Alyssa’s hand kept softly caressing her face and then reaching up to play with her hair and it all made Chloe tingle so wonderfully.

And as they kissed, Chloe’s hand ran over the toned flesh of Alyssa’s stomach. She rubbed her idol’s tummy and even teased her bellybutton with her finger tips, but she didn’t dare go higher or lower even though she so badly wanted to.

She might have been bold enough to make her move and she might have been filled with a complete and overwhelming lust for this woman, but Chloe still felt shy. She hadn’t been with many girls. And they had been inexperienced and young like her.

Chloe wanted to do so much to Alyssa but despite all her bravado about how sure she was that she could pleasure the older woman, she was nervous. She wanted Alyssa to feel so good. She didn’t want to disappoint her.

Their lips smacked together in kiss after kiss. Their tongues rubbed into each other and touched at the tip as the two found they couldn’t keep their lips apart for long. They both clearly loved the feel of their kisses and for Chloe it was such an amazing thrill.

God, no one had ever kissed her like this. Alyssa was so sensual and Chloe leaned on her experience, letting her dictate the pace. She just hoped Alyssa was enjoying this as much as she was and the older woman’s next words made crystal clear that she was.

“Ohhhhh my God! Oh Chloe!” Alyssa sighed when she pulled away to try and catch her breath and steady herself after all those kisses. “You’re amazing! You’re going to have so many girlfriends!”

“Right now I just want you,” Chloe declared.

“I wish I was 20 years younger,” Alyssa said, feeling so much guilt with her desire, mostly because right then she had no resistance left. She was feeling so bad that she wanted this so much now. Just like Heather she was being so wicked and she couldn’t stop herself. “Mmmm you’re such a beautiful girl! God! This is so fucking wrong though! I’m so much older than you!”

“Shhhhh!” Chloe declared, feeling a very welcome surge of confidence over Alyssa’s reaction to their kisses.

She pressed her finger to Alyssa’s lips for a playful second and then did what she had been dying to do from the moment she had finally seen them in the flesh in the shower. Chloe let her hands roam over Alyssa’s bare tits, cupping them from underneath while she leaned in and began sucking on one of Alyssa’s already erect nipples.

“Ohhhh yesssss!” Alyssa hissed in desire as the teenager sucked at her sensitive nub. “Oooooh you naughty little girl! What are you doing to me? Fuckkkk! Ohhh Chloe! Mmmm that’s it baby! Ohhhh yessss suck on my fucking tits! Oooh you shouldn’t be doing this but it feels so fucking good!”

Alyssa had never felt like this before. She had never been shy about going after what she had wanted. When she had seen a guy she liked, she had never held herself back from being the one to make the first move. And when she had decided that she had wanted to experiment with girls, that hadn’t been anything she had shied away from either.

It had been what she had wanted and Alyssa had welcomed it. She had experienced all kinds of wild fun and kinky thrills with her friends and she had never held back from a single one of them. But Chloe was making her feel a way she had never felt before.

Alyssa had never had a teenager go after her like this. She felt so dirty and perverted for enjoying the feel of Chloe’s young lips latching themselves to her nipple. The more Chloe suckled on her erect pink point and made it swell up even more as she kissed one breast and then the other, teasing her areolas with her tongue and then licking her nipple wetly and sensually, the more Alyssa remembered she was over 40 and supposed to know so much better.

She hated the way creepy old men leered at teenage girls like Chloe and Alyssa couldn’t help but feel she was the creep here, leering and lusting after an inappropriately young girl.

But that didn’t mean she could stop herself. And the more Chloe pleasured her, the more she felt that warm mouth and wet tongue on her tits, kissing and licking her nipples, while her young hands fondled her chest, the more Alyssa’s head swam with desire and the more she wanted to be a creep.

God, this felt so fucking good! Why was she holding herself back so much? Chloe wanted her. She had told her that over and over and over again. Why was she denying herself this little vixen?

Maybe Chloe was right. Maybe age didn’t matter. Maybe all that mattered was how turned on they were for each other. Alyssa told herself that she should have considered herself lucky that someone as young and sexy as Chloe, someone who probably could have made any girl her age her girlfriend, wanted her.

She shouldn’t have been fighting Chloe off. She should have been encouraging her! And as Alyssa’s intoxicated mind began making peace with this, she found herself indulging in the inappropriate desires Chloe’s sexy young body inspired in her.

“Ooooh you little slut!” Alyssa groaned as she began caressing Chloe’s blonde locks, almost petting her while she suckled on her naked chest. “Mmmmm like that little girl? Like those big tits of mine? You’re such a naughty thing Chloe! Mmmm fucking seducing a woman old enough to be your mommy! Making a move on me in the shower! Sending me those dirty fucking pictures of your pretty little pussy! Did it make you wet to do that? Did it get that tight, young cunt of yours all squishy to sext me and send me those dirty pics?”

“Yesssssss!” Chloe admitted, pulling her lips off Alyssa’s wet, swollen nipple. “I got so turned on! Mmm I’d never sent pics like that before! I’d never posed naked and I wanted to do it for you so you’d get turned on from me and want to fuck me like I want to fuck you! Mmmm be nasty with me Alyssa! Take me and fuck me like you fuck all your friends! I’m a big girl! I can handle it!”

“You dirty little girl, you have no idea what you’re getting into!” Alyssa said, her voice a sexy growl as she showed just how eager she was getting to show Chloe a thing or two. “C’mere! It’s time you learned what happens to little girls who get in over their heads! Time for you to find out just how hot I fucking am!”

Chloe let out a little happy squeak when Alyssa grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. She landed right near where Ava and Heather were but for Chloe she might as well have been on another planet.

All that mattered was Alyssa and Chloe happily closed her eyes and let pleasure overtake her when Alyssa placed herself down on top of her body and passionately kissed her. This time Alyssa wasn’t nice about it either. She just shoved her tongue into her mouth and Chloe accepted it with giddy glee.

Alyssa and Chloe kissed harder than before, their tongues wrestling and not just touching this time. And none of it phased Chloe. She kissed back Alyssa just as hard as she was being kissed and she let her hands explore more than she had before too.

With Alyssa on top of her, Chloe easily was able to move her hands down and squeeze Alyssa’s round ass cheeks. She clamped her pristine, pale hands against Alyssa’s tanned buns and grabbed them while they tongue kissed and Alyssa took things a step further by unclasping Chloe’s bra.

As they continued to share kisses, Chloe helpfully arched her back and let Alyssa easily slide the no longer needed piece of underwear right off her. And Alyssa loved what she saw as the teenager’s chest was once again bared in front of her. While Chloe squeezed her ass, Alyssa maneuvered her hands over Chloe’s breasts and naughtily caressed them.

“Such beautiful little tits!” Alyssa said in admiration. “You’re so sexy Chloe! I should have fucked you in the shower at the gym and not even waited until now to give you what you want! I was so shocked at first when you got in there with me but I didn’t want to admit how much I loved what I saw! Mmm I wanted to suck and lick these hot teen tits and give your pretty fucking pussy a tongue bath you’d have never forgotten!”

“Ohhhhh God!” Chloe whimpered, not sure if thanking the good lord for a Christmas gift like this was appropriate or not but feeling like she wanted to do it anyway. “Mmmmm yesssss tongue my pussy! Oooooh yessssss play with my tiny little tits! Ughhh gawd I wish I had big boobs like you do Alyssa!”

“What? No! Fuck that! Your tits are perfect just the way you are!” Alyssa assured the girl. “I love these pretty little boobies of yours Chloe! Mmmmm I’m going to show you how much!”

And Alyssa did just that by returning the favor for what Chloe had done to her earlier. She pressed her lips to Chloe’s nipple and began to lick it, seductively tracing her tongue over the girl’s wide areolas. She tasted all over the pink circle and then zeroed in on the erect tip, licking Chloe’s nipple with a naughty flick of her tongue as she stared up at the teenager.

“Ohhhhh! Mmmm yessss oooooh please Alyssa! Mmmm don’t stop!” Chloe moaned in dreamy bliss, her eyes opening back up and meeting Alyssa’s smoldering gaze with one of deep desire. “Mmmm lick all over my boobs! Ooooh yesssss show me how you do it here in your mansion! Mmmm yesss I would have done anything to get here and be with you like this! Mmm show me how much you want me to! Show me how naughty you get here!”

Chloe had never felt so turned on in her life. Her pussy was close to drenching her panties and she never wanted this pleasure to end. The few girls she had been with had been good and more than enough to confirm to her that she was sure she was a lesbian. But they hadn’t been able to do to her what Alyssa was doing and that was just from playing with her boobs!

Chloe couldn’t wait to find out just how amazing Alyssa and all her experience could be when she started paying attention to her pussy. But as much as Chloe wanted to feel Alyssa Milano go down on her, there was something she wanted even more. She hadn’t come here just to lie back and receive. She had come all this way because she had wanted to give.

And boy did she want to give something special to Alyssa. So as much as she enjoyed lying back on Alyssa’s bed and have her amazing lips close around her nipple to suck on it and make it throb, Chloe mustered up her determination to not be distracted by anything, not even this!

Allowing herself only the indulgence of letting Alyssa go to her other breast to tend to her nipple there, making sure both had felt the amazing erotic sensations of Alyssa’s lips and tongues making them wet and stiff, Chloe took action.

Alyssa had been expecting to continue to keep control of the teenager, but Chloe wouldn’t let her. Instead she flipped Alyssa over in her own bed when the woman was least expecting it and pinned her down, getting the drop on her and pinning her down while shooting Alyssa a gleeful smile that would have made Hit Girl proud.

“Heyyyyy what are you doing?” Alyssa asked, not sure how to react to Chloe holding her down by her arms and placing her slim, topless body on top of hers.

It was a playful move to be sure but Alyssa wasn’t sure she should be letting the teenager set the pace of this.

“Mmmmm I’m going to show you what I can do,” Chloe promised. “I know you think this is wrong Alyssa but I’m going to show you just how right it is. I’m not some little girl. I can be a horny slut too just like you! I’m going to fuck you and I’m going to make sure you always want me!”

The last thing Chloe wanted was to just get some cheap thrill from having Alyssa tongue fuck her and nothing more. She was afraid that the more this went on the better chance there was that Alyssa would sober up and come to her senses.

Chloe didn’t want it to be just one time and just one orgasm. She didn’t want Alyssa to regret what she had done. Chloe wanted Alyssa to want her tonight and every night and she knew the best way to make sure that happened was to make sure she was the one who came first.

Chloe was acting with more bravado than she truly felt and she still didn’t know if she could really pull this off, but she knew she had to try. She had come so far tonight and she was hell bent on taking this as far as she could.

She couldn’t stop now. Not when she had Alyssa right where she wanted her. She was going to take her and blow her mind and Chloe believed that if she could then she was going to be sharing this bed with Alyssa a lot more in the future…like every night!

Alyssa was about to voice a protest to this plan, but she never got the chance because as soon as Chloe began kissing her way down her body, all Alyssa could do was moan. Chloe then journeyed further downward, tasting and tasting Alyssa’s nipples again and massaging the wonderfully large mounds of sexy girl flesh while she did it.

Chloe loved Alyssa’s tits. She had been dreaming about them for so many hot nights and they felt and tasted better than she had hoped. Chloe couldn’t wait to show all the love she could to Alyssa’s big tits but she also had an urgent mission ahead of her so she didn’t linger at her lover’s chest.

Instead she kissed further downward, leaving wet lip marks over Alyssa’s tummy and then getting to her thighs. Chloe took a moment to admire Alyssa’s body, loving how she had no tan lines and dreaming about rubbing lotion all over her fantasy woman’s body the next time Alyssa tanned naked.

And, as she dreamed about oiling up Alyssa, Chloe kissed her thighs, getting so close to her target while Alyssa moaned for her, ignoring every instinct she had left telling her that this was wrong.

“Ooooooh mmmmmm yeahhhh that’s what you’ve wanted all this time, huh?” Alyssa groaned, breathing heavily as she felt Chloe kiss her way closer to her waiting pink hole. “Mmmmmm look at that pussy, Chloe! Mmmm fucking smell it! Smell how good it is to have that horny wet cunt waiting for you! It’s so fucking wet for you! Oooooh this is so goddamn wrong but I want it! Ughhh fuckkk fuck me you little teen whore! Fuck that pussy! Show me what you can do! Show me why you belong here!”

Chloe was getting such a thrill out of the way Alyssa was talking to her. It was so hot to hear the woman she wanted more than anything say such dirty words to her. It had been such a sneaky turn on at the gym to spy on Alyssa and Rose and Miley and hear them talk so nasty. Chloe’s house wasn’t exactly one with a lot of profanity going on and it was so much fun to hear that kind of talk.

She remembered how wild it had been for her to be a kid and say the kind of things she’d had to say as Hit Girl when she’d filmed Kick Ass. It had certainly shocked the critics and movie audiences but it had been just as weird for Chloe to actually say those things.

It had been the part of her character that had been the hardest part to leave behind and her parents had practically had to threaten to wash her mouth out with soap to stop her from cursing. But now Chloe was in a place where dirty words weren’t just welcome, but were the highest form of praise and it was so hot for her.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh I want your cunt Alyssa!” Chloe groaned as she hovered above it, pulling up from those tan thighs to get close enough to her target that Alyssa could feel her hot breath on her slit. “I’m going to fuck you so good that your pussy is going to feed me all the nasty cream I’ve been dying to get from you! I’m a bad girl Alyssa! A bad girl who can fuck! I’ve been dreaming of this for so long and now your pussy is all mine!”

And before she could even think of something else to say, Chloe just dove in. She kissed right onto Alyssa’s bald, dripping slit and the feel of her on those sensitive lips made Alyssa cry out in immediate pleasure, her back arching off the bed as she found herself in a wild position she had tried so hard to keep herself out of.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH! Yesssssssss ohhhhhh fuckkkkk! Ooooh you dirty little girl!” Alyssa cried out when Chloe began lapping at her vagina with an exuberance that was impossible to resist. “Yesssssssssss ughhh you little fucking slut! Fuck me! Lick that pussy like the dirty teen whore you are Chloe! Ooooooh fuckkkk fuckkkk! Ohhhh my God! Yesssssss oooh you’re good! OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHH YOU’RE GOOD CHLOE!”

Alyssa couldn’t believe how overcome she quickly became. But she’d been wildly horny even before Chloe had caught her in bed with Heather and everyone else. Even being discovered in such an embarrassing and inappropriate situation hadn’t cooled her libido down. And now that horniness was having sexual gasoline poured onto it.

Chloe was mighty eager to throw a match into it too for a real fire of lust and Alyssa was utterly incapable of resisting her now. Everything the girl was doing to her felt incredible and Alyssa quickly figured out that it was because she knew she was doing wrong.

Just like Heather was doing some serious sinning right next to her on the bed, Alyssa was breaking a taboo and she was getting off on how bad she was being. She was letting a fucking teenager go down on her and she loved it! God, when she had been doing Who’s The Boss Chloe hadn’t even been born!

What was wrong with her? How could she let that happen?             Alyssa knew she shouldn’t have been doing this but it felt so fucking good! Crossing this line was incredible and it also helped that Chloe was like an eager sexual monster between her legs, wanting only to pleasure her and nothing else.

Chloe was uneven in her technique and Alyssa could tell that the girl was very inexperienced. But that didn’t change how good she was. Alyssa knew that with practice Chloe would be absolutely incredible in bed and right then she wanted to let the girl practice on her every single day and night.

Chloe’s tongue was licking her in a way that showed that all she wanted was to make her feel good. Alyssa knew full well the difference between a tongue that was unsure and one that was absolutely committed and she could feel from those tongue lashes how much Chloe wanted this. Chloe was licking her because she loved pussy and it was obvious in every lick.

So all Alyssa could do right then was encourage her. This was so wrong and dirty but Chloe was making Alyssa want to ignore all of that and just indulge in the pleasure. Chloe was making it crystal clear how much she wanted it by what she was doing between her legs and Alyssa couldn’t get enough of her.

“Oooooooh Chloe! Mmmm fuck me baby! Show me what a horny little pussy slut you are baby!” Alyssa begged, writhing in her own bed as one hand caressed her own tits and the other hand played with Chloe’s beautiful blonde locks, gently keeping her down between her legs even though Alyssa knew the girl needed no extra incentive. “Fuckkkkkkkkk! Oooooh you little whore! Mmmmm eat my pussy! Little girl wants my cum, huh? Oooooh yesssssss mmmmm keep licking me and you’re going to get a mouth full of my fuck cream Chloe! Ooooh yesssssss mmmmmm you fucking beautiful little slut! You’re so good at this! Fuck me like the hungry little teen lezzie you are baby! Give it to me! Tongue that fuck hole!”

Soon Alyssa wasn’t the only one encouraging her and Chloe felt herself getting extra wet from the unexpected cheering she was receiving.

“Do it to her Chloe! Show her what a stupid bitch she was for resisting you!” Ava urged, grinding herself into Heather’s face but still keeping a close eye on her friend and how sexy Chloe looked licking at Alyssa’s bald pussy with her chest pressed to the bed and only her panties keeping her from being totally naked. “Fuck Alyssa! Show her how hot you are! You look so sexy Chloe! Mmmmm gawwd this is all so fucking hot! I know why you’re a total lez now Chloe! This is all soooooo good! Oooooh fuck me mommy! Turn me into a dyke like you! Ooooooh yesssssssssssss mmmm fuckkkkk shove your tongue into my pussy and lick up my juices! Yesssssssss eat me up mommy! Make me into a total lesbo just like Chloe! Just like you!”

Ava had never felt pleasure this intense before. She didn’t want her mother to stop licking her. Heather’s tongue was the best thing she had ever felt. Her mother was hungrily attacking her cunt now with wet slurps and wicked licks and it was blowing her young mind with how good it was.

It was non-stop ecstasy for Ava as her own mother did things to her vagina that boys couldn’t even dream of doing. Ava was left gasping from how much pleasure she felt and she rubbed herself harder into Heather, fucking her mother’s face and smearing her wetness all over her skin.

And through it all, Ava kept staring at Chloe and how happy she looked with her beautiful face buried in between Alyssa’s tan thighs. Ava felt a growing desire for her friend that she had never dreamed she could ever have.

Chloe’s butt looked so tight and yummy in her panties and Ava found herself dreaming about getting behind her friend and peeling her underwear off with her teeth. Ava had never felt that way before but she was now filled with an intense longing to get Chloe all the way naked so they could do a lot more than just kiss.

Even with her and Heather breaking the ultimate taboo, Ava found herself wanting so much more. She wanted to taste pussy too, especially Chloe’s pussy. She wanted to lick her friend from behind and make Chloe forget all about Alyssa and only pay attention to her instead.

After all Ava was sure Alyssa deserved that kind of punishment after making her mom into a dyke like she had. But Ava also wanted to taste Alyssa and fuck her face and find out why she was so hot that she could turn her straight mom into a lez and make Chloe fall so in love with her. Ava was feeling so many crazy things and she wanted them all.

“Mmmmm fuckkk I’m sooooo wet!” Ava cried out to everyone, eager to advertise how aroused she was. “Ooooooh you fucking love this, don’t you mommy? Mmmmm me dripping my juices into your slutty gay mouth? I’m showing you what a dirty lez I can be too! Oooooh fuckkkkk yesssss keep fucking me mommy! Show everyone what a nasty whore you are! Mmmm I’m going to fuck girls all the time from now on mommy! I’ll bet you love that! I’ll bet you want to watch me fuck all my friends! You want to watch me lick Chloe’s pussy and suck on Ariel’s big tits! Mmmm I’ll bet you want to join in too! But you won’t be able to! I’m going to punish you for being such a dirty mommy! You always love punishing me but now it’s my turn! I’m going to punish you for wanting to fuck me by tying you up and making you watch me fuck all my cute friends! You’ll only get to watch me! You won’t get to fuck me or my friends! You’re gonna get punished for being such a dirty dyke mommy!”

Ava kept on babbling and Heather felt a fresh wave of shame from everything she was saying. But that wasn’t the only thing she felt. She also felt uncontrollably horny over everything her daughter was telling her too.

Heather wanted this. She wanted it all. She loved how Ava was fucking her face and smearing her delicious juice all over her lips and tongue and down over her chin. It was even getting in her nose and that was all fine because Heather was reveling in the debauchery of what she was doing.

She wanted to taste her daughter’s cum and swallow it. She wanted to breathe in the fresh aroma of her young cunt and smell how wet and horny Ava was. Heather’s own pussy was creaming all over her thighs and she could feel the wetness close to running down her leg from how turned on she was right then.

Being ashamed of herself for doing this only turned her on more and Heather was salivating over the idea of being punished by Ava. She wanted her daughter to humiliate her and degrade her. She wanted to be tied up and be forced to watch a teenage girl fuck fest without the chance to join in.

Heather knew just how sexy all of Ava’s friends were. God, she wanted to watch her daughter seduce and fuck all of them and she wanted to be punished by being tied up for all of it and be unable to join in or even touch herself. She wanted her daughter to torture her like that.

She knew she deserved it and it made Heather lick Ava even harder. With each motion of her daughter’s body grinding against her face, Heather kept her lips and tongue all over Ava’s pussy. As Ava rubbed herself lewdly into her, Heather kept pace, licking at her tight little pink pussy and sucking on her labia and her clit while reveling in the sinful act she was committing.

Heather had tried to force the fantasies out of her own head. She’d tried to make herself forget or ignore her deviant lust for her own daughter. But now she knew that had been a mistake.

She shouldn’t have been fighting her fantasies. She should have been acting on them! She should have seduced Ava so long ago! Then they could have been doing this instead of fighting all the time! Heather loved the taste of her daughter’s pussy. She couldn’t get enough of her and she wanted to lick and swallow every creamy drop from Ava.

So she kept Ava right against her face, squeezing her daughter’s firm ass and letting her fuck her tongue while she licked away at her. Heather was in total lust for her daughter’s pussy. The taboo had been broken and now all she wanted was every bit of Ava’s orgasm.

Heather wanted to make her daughter come more than she had ever wanted anything in her life and she wanted every dirty drop of her beautiful angel’s pussy cream to soak her tongue and flow right down her throat where it belonged, in mommy’s cum hungry tummy.

“Yes! Fuck yes! Punish me!” Heather moaned in wild lust as she took a hand off of Ava’s firm backside and instead used her fingers to spread her little girl open and start licking her harder, sliding her tongue over her clit and making the teenager buck against her face in ecstasy. “Fucking punish your slutty mommy! You’re so hot baby! Ooooh mommy has such a sexy little girl and you’re giving mommy just what she needs! Make me pay for being so filthy! Tie me up and make me watch you fuck your friends! Get nasty with me Ava! I deserve it! Make your mommy pay for being such a fucking whore!”


Heather was so out of her mind with lust right then that Ava’s promise was suddenly all she wanted in the world. She didn’t just want to keep on fucking her beautiful daughter. She wanted to be put on display while doing it. She didn’t want to hide how dirty she was. She wanted all of her daughter’s friends to know what an incestuous fuck slut she’d turned into.

“Yes baby! Ooooh yesssss do it!” Heather groaned as she fed off her daughter’s pussy, licking and sucking her hot spots while begging the teenage girl to use her. “Fuck me in front of your friends! Fuck mommy like the whore she is! Let all of your cute friends have me too! Rough and hard and mean! I fucking deserve that so much! All of you can make me your horny MILF bitch! Especially you baby! I am your whore! I’m my little girl’s whore! Ooooh mommy belongs to you now! My mouth is yours! Ooooh my tits are yours! My cunt is yours! Even my ass is yours!”

The words were just spilling out of Heather now. She had no control over what she was saying and she didn’t care. All of those words represented how she really felt.

She had crossed a line by doing what she was doing now. She had done what no mother was ever supposed to do. And she was willingly doing it too. This was no time to stand on morals or pretend she wasn’t as filthy as she was. Heather knew she had dove right into the deep end of the pool and she had might as well swim in it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk! You’re soooo fucking dirty!” Ava cried out, playing with her firm tits and tugging at her nipples as her mother kept eating her out and telling her all the filthy things she wanted to do. “Oooooh my mom is such a fucking slut! Ughhh gawwd now I’m a slut too! A slut just like mommy! You turned me into a fucking dyke pervert slut who fucks her mommy’s naughty face and you have to pay for it Heather! Mmmmm yesss I’ll tie you up and spank you and fuck you and make you into my mommy bitch! Is that what you want? To be a bitch for your naughty little girl? Mmmmm gawwd I’ll whore you out to my friends and we’ll all take turns fucking you! Ooooh yesss I’ll even get toys like your nasty mansion friends have and fuck you hard and nasty and make you take it in your cunt and even up your ass mommy! Ohhhh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhh my God I’m gonna come from this! OOOOH FUCK I’M GONNA COME FROM FUCKING MY OWN MOMMY!”

Ava knew she was screaming out things people were never supposed to say unless they wanted to end up in very deep, deep trouble. But she didn’t care. Just like Heather, Ava was long since past being worried about the dirty words flowing out of her mouth. All she cared about was coming and she could feel that she was about to come so hard.

She couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only was another woman about to make her come but it was her own mother! God, she had totally lost her fucking mind but Ava didn’t care.

She knew she was supposed to feel guilty and weirded out about what was happening. But she didn’t. That was the most amazing part. She didn’t feel mad at her mom anymore. She didn’t feel grossed out. She wanted it. She wanted her mom to fuck her and Ava knew she wasn’t just going to want it this one time. She was going to want it every time she got horny, which she also knew was going to be quite often from now on.

“Don’t stop mommy! Don’t fucking stop!” Ava begged, rubbing herself harder into her mother’s face, fucking her mouth and loving how incredible Heather’s tongue felt against her clitoris and licking all the tender pink folds of her very happy pussy. “Eat me up mom! Fuck your little slutty daughter better than any man can! Ooooh all those times you chased hot guys away from me you just wanted to fuck me! And you should have! Gawwd you should have been fucking me all this time and making me into a slutty dyke like you! Mmmm yessss mommy yessssss! We’re gonna fuck all the time now! Ooooh I’m gonna make my lesbo mommy into my bitch and it’s gonna feel so good! Oooooh more mommy! Please more! Fuck me! Make me come!”

Heather and Ava both wanted the same thing and they both were desperate to get it. Heather wanted to not only shatter this incestuous taboo but absolutely napalm it. She wanted her face to be soaked by Ava’s cum cream and she wanted to gulp it down like she had to so many hot women before.

But this was no mere gorgeous lover fucking her face. This was the most special girl in the world to her and Heather wanted her daughter’s orgasm to be the best one she had ever felt. If they were going to do something this dirty, she at least had to do it right.

Ava felt the same way and she had no doubt that Heather would make her come like no one ever had and no one probably ever could. This was so dirty and wrong but it felt so fucking good.

Ava wanted to always feel this good. She didn’t care this was her mom doing it to her. She didn’t care that she’d been straight when she’d arrived at this sex party. Ava just cared that she was going to come and it was going to be the best one she had ever felt.

No guy had ever made her feel this way. Ava didn’t feel nervous or shy about sex anymore. She didn’t feel like she had to back up all her big talk or worry that if she wasn’t good the guy would tell all his friends she was some cold fish.

Ava felt so hot and dirty and free and it was a wonderful feeling. The wrongness of this was the best part and she knew she was going to want to feel this good all the fucking time now.

“Fuck me mommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Ava demanded, rubbing herself hard into Heather’s cum thirsty mouth.

Ava giggled wildly as she bounced on her mother’s face, wickedly clenching her strong teenage thighs around Heather. She delighted in being able to mash her pussy against her mom’s famous features and she didn’t care if that made her a bad girl or just as much a sick, incestuous freak as her mom was. Ava wanted this too bad and she loved being in control of the woman who had been in charge of her since the day she was born.

“Yesssssss oooooooooh fuck meeeee! Faster! Lick me more mommy!” Ava ordered, her words coming out as quick gasps while she moaned and breathed heavily. “Show me what a fucking slut you are! Show me how bad you want your little girl’s pussy in your face! Ooooh bad mommy! Mmmm yesssss such a bad, dirty sexy mommy! Eat me up! Eat the nasty juice right out of me! Ughhh your own daughter! That’s who you’re fucking you sicko pervert! You’re eating your baby girl’s cunt! Mmmm fuckkk ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKK!”

Ava had sensed that being further reminded of the illicitness of what they were doing would coax Heather into giving it to her harder and she had been right about it. After all, Ava loved every second of what was happening now.

She didn’t care that it was sick and perverted and morally wrong in every sense of the word. She was just glad it was happening. Ava wanted to come so bad all over the gorgeous face of her own mother. She wanted to soak the face people had been staring at on TV and in magazines for decades. She wanted to make Heather the dirtiest mommy alive.

Ava’s words indeed coaxed Heather into giving it to her just like they both wanted it. Heather was completely out of control. All she could think about were how tight Ava’s teen cunt lips were and how good she tasted and how much she loved shoving her tongue into the snug pinkness that was dripping all over her face.

Heather loved feeling those pretty pussy lips rubbing against her face. She loved sucking on them. She loved feeling that young clit throbbing with unleashed desire between her lips. And most of all she loved that it was Ava sitting on her face.

This wasn’t some dirty fantasy. This was really happening. She and her daughter were fucking and Heather had never felt more alive. She was a dirty freak and she loved it. She was every bit the sick pervert she had feared she was. But she wasn’t ashamed anymore.

Heather embraced her own perversity and finger fucked Ava while she licked her, going after her daughter with two sources of pleasure. She loved going down on women. She had done it so many times to so many women that she had lost count. But there was no one she had ever wanted to pleasure more.

“Come for me baby! Come for mommy!” Heather breathlessly moaned while roughly fingering Ava, slamming her fingers forcefully into her daughter to stimulate her clit in between wet slurps and wanton licks of the teenager’s pussy. “Mommy wants you so bad! You can have anything you want now as long as you give me this pussy! Ooooh mommy’s such a pervert and I’m going to make you feel good baby girl! Mommy’s going to make her angel come!”

“Yessssssssss I wanna commmmme ooooooh please make me come!” Ava begged, her voice getting more ragged and passionate as she got closer to her release. “Mmmmm yessss mommy’s so thirsty for lesbo girl cum! Fucking your whore friends at this fucking mansion isn’t enough for my dirty mommy! She needs her little girl’s pussy too! Oooh and you’re gonna get it! Make me come mommy and you can fuck me whenever you want! Ughhh yesssssss I’m never going to want a fucking boyfriend now! Ooooooh my slutty mommy is all I need!”

Heather wasn’t proud to admit that she had wanted to hear those exact words from Ava. But she welcomed them anyway by sucking on her daughter’s clit harder.

Heather knew just what it took to set a woman off and while she could have spent hours drinking from Ava’s pussy like it was the source of manna from heaven, she focused entirely on getting the girl off. She worked the girl’s clit with expert sucks and licks and tried with everything she had to make sure her daughter was fucked so good that she’d never be straight again and that fucking mommy would be the only thing she’d ever need.

“FUCKKK! OHHHHH MY GOD! OHHH MOMMY! FUCKKKKK!” Ava cried as each suckle of her swollen clit by Heather sent a fresh jolt of pleasure through her until it was nothing but endless ecstasy flowing to her brain. “I’M GOING TO COME OHHHHH FUCKKKK GODDDDDDDD OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK! YESSSS MOM YESSSSSS! OOOOH MOMMY FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSS! COMINGGGGG!!!”

The sight and sound of Ava orgasming all over her mother’s face was enough to get Chloe to do the one thing she had never thought she’d do, stop licking Alyssa Milano’s pussy so she could see her friend have a lesbian orgasm.

But how could she not stop and stare? She knew Alyssa was staring too. Chloe had never seen anything like it. She knew what Ava and Heather were doing was wrong. She knew she should have been appalled over what was an honest to God sin happening right in front of her.

But yet Chloe couldn’t stop staring.

It was just so hot that suddenly doing something that would have made Satan himself blush didn’t seem so bad. Ava and Heather were so into the depraved act and Chloe had to admit she really liked seeing her friend naked and in the throes of orgasmic pleasure.

Ava had never looked sexier than she did right then and Chloe had to wonder if it was because she was having lesbian sex or because of who she was having that sex with. Chloe felt a wave of embarrassment come over her as she considered how she could possibly be someone who got turned on by something as wrong as incest, but she managed to push it away as she let her eyes instead wander all over Ava’s bare body.

She drank in her friend’s nudity with her eyes, savoring the view of Ava’s perfect tits. Chloe let her gaze go lower to stare at Ava’s little wet pussy too and she found herself jealous that it was Heather’s face in it and not her own. Chloe had never felt that way about her friend before but so much had changed since they had gotten here and Ava had made it very clear she wanted something to happen between them now.

So Chloe did something about it. She paused her licking of Alyssa and instead pulled herself up so she was on her knees on the bed. That allowed her to get close to Ava and she pulled her gasping, squealing friend in for a kiss while she was in the last shivers of her orgasm.

When Ava and Ariel had kissed her, they had been the aggressive ones but now she was the one who was going for it. Chloe kissed Ava with a passion for her friend that was growing by the second.

And even though her head was spinning from the bliss of the orgasm she had just experienced, it only took Ava a few seconds to start kissing Chloe back.

Ava couldn’t believe she’d had such hotness so close to her this whole time and she’d never taken advantage of it. Forgetting the pleasure that she now had so close to home, Ava was kicking herself for not having been fucking Chloe this whole time. She was certain her friend could have made her feel better than any guy she had been with.

The two kissed several more times with Ava quite enjoying the flavor of Alyssa’s juices all over Chloe’s lips and tongue. And when they finally stopped kissing, the two friends looked at each other with barely contained excitement and a shared lust. Things had changed forever between them but right then they were both sure it had changed for the better.

“I…I…can’t believe you did that,” Chloe said in shocked fascination over what she’d just witnessed. “Mmmm you’re sooooo bad Ava! I love it!”

“Mmmm I love it too!” Ava giggled pulling herself off her mom’s face so she could press her nude body right into Chloe’s topless one. “Ooooh I am bad! I’m a bad girl who fucked her mommy! And you watched it Chloe! Did it make you wet? Did it make you all hot and horny to see me turn into a motherfucker?”

Chloe was still shocked by how Ava was talking. Ava had never been one to hold her tongue but this was like nothing Chloe had ever heard from her friend. But as much as it surprised her, it also had been such a total thill to see something so taboo.

So when Ava bluntly asked her the question, Chloe nodded her head and made Ava smile.

“I love that it turned you on to see me be a dirty girl!” Ava moaned, playing with her own nipples as she kept on smiling. “I’m so glad you made us come to this party! Mmmm I’m such a goddamn dyke now thanks to you and I wanna show you how much I love it! I wanna fuck you Chloe! I can’t believe I’m saying it but I totally want to!”

“Me too!” Chloe confessed, finding herself giggling too as the all-natural exhilaration of what she was doing intoxicated her in many of the same ways the punch had twisted Ava’s thinking. “I wanna fuck you so bad Ava! I can show you what being a lesbian is all about! Mmmm we can be so naughty with each other and mmmm fuck all our friends and seduce other girls and make it just like it is here!”

“Ooooh yesssss gawwd we gotta turn all our hot friends into lesbos like us,” Ava said before kissing Chloe again, the two blonde teenagers letting their tongues rub together as they passionately pressed their lips to one another again and again and again.

But the newfound desire Chloe felt for her friend didn’t do anything to lessen the burning torch she had brought in with her for Alyssa and the brunette was quick to remind the teenager that she had unfinished business.

“Forgetting all about me?” Alyssa chided as she lay back in her bed, fingering her sopping cunt and bringing her fingers up to her lips so she could lick them clean and enjoy just how wet a teenage girl was making her. “Did you get one taste and decide you don’t want me anymore Chloe?”

“No!” Chloe insisted, pulling away from Ava and crawling back toward Alyssa, not sure if the older woman was playing with her or was really mad. “Never! I want you so much Alyssa! Your pussy tastes so good! Just like I knew it would! I love licking you!”

“Then you’d better get back to it,” Alyssa smirked, rubbing her wet fingers over her tits now, making the full mounds slick with her saliva. “Get in here and finish what you started Chloe! You fucking kids today get so distracted so easily! You’d better get back in here and show me what you can do…that is if you want to stay around here and play with all of us!”

“Oooooh I do! I want that more than anything!” Chloe eagerly replied, not wanting to do anything that could result in her getting tossed out of lesbian paradise. “Mmmm please let me fuck you more Alyssa! Let me show you how hot I can be! I’m sorry I got distracted! It won’t happen again! Let me be your little hot teen slut! I know you liked what I was doing to you and I can do so much more too!”

“I did like it!” Alyssa admitted, indulging in the taboo of what she had tried to deny herself just like Heather had done. “Mmmm I know I shouldn’t but you’re such a hot little slut Chloe! You’re just a fucking kid but you were eating my pussy so good! I want more from you Chloe! Don’t stop fucking me! Show me how hot you are! Show me what a little dirty teen slut Chloe Moretz really is! Show me you’re not the good girl people think you are! You’re just a pussy hungry slut like me and all my friends! Fuck me Chloe! Please! Fuck my dirty, wet pussy with that young tongue of yours!”

Chloe felt her panties get even wetter from what Alyssa was saying to her. She loved staring at the woman she had desired for so long naked in front of her, just like she had imagined so many times.

Alyssa looked so incredible to her then, writhing in her bed as she played with her body. Chloe loved hearing the older woman beg for her. She loved seeing Alyssa’s big tits and wet, bald pussy. She loved how turned on she was for her. It was everything she had ever wanted.

“Yesssssssssssssss I’m a slut like you!” Chloe agreed before getting her tongue back to work on Alyssa’s wetness. “Mmmm I want you Alyssa! I want to fuck you and make you come! I’ve wanted to fuck you with my naughty little tongue for sooooo long! I’m not a kid! I’m a woman! I’m a woman who loves fucking women! I want to fuck you so much and have you teach me to be as hot and nasty as all of your friends! Make this good girl into your whore Alyssa! Mmmm feed me this hot, yummy pussy all the time!”

Chloe’s filthy talk turned Alyssa on even more and she lay back moaning in forbidden bliss while the teenager tongue fucked her.

It was so wrong and so dirty but it was everything Chloe had promised it would be. The way the girl had mercilessly teased her and kept up her seductive pursuit despite every firm “no” that had come out of Alyssa’s mouth was making it so much hotter for the older woman.

Alyssa had never felt like this before. She had tried so hard to resist Chloe and for very valid reasons too. But none of those reasons mattered now as Chloe lapped at her pussy and made Alyssa cry out in the hottest pleasure from it.

This girl was so good. She was so eager and raw and naughty and Alyssa suddenly wanted to give this girl everything she wanted and more. She wanted to teach Chloe how to be as hot at fucking as she and her friends were. Alyssa wanted to mold and train this girl and be her sexual mentor.

She was more than twice Chloe’s age but Alyssa never wanted to stop fucking this girl. She wanted to feed the hungry teenager her cunt 24/7 and let Chloe lap at her mature juices and fuck her into a cummy frenzy.

Alyssa wanted to be wild and deviant and let a beautiful teen fuck her. She had been resisting it so much, practicing self-denial like she never had before, and now it felt so good to stop fighting and just let the seductive teenager do whatever she wanted to her.

“Fuck me Chloe! Ohhhh yesssssssss fuck me you perverted little bitch!” Alyssa cried out, pawing at her tits and pushing them up so she could lick at her own sweaty breast flesh while she looked down at that beautiful blonde girl’s head between her legs. “You’re not supposed to want me Chloe! You’re supposed to be a good girl and like boys or at least want to fuck girls your own age! Ooooh not some old woman like me! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh my God what are you doing to me you horny little slut? Mmmm fuckkk making me want to fuck a teenager! Making me want to come all over your pretty fucking face! You’re such a nasty girl Chloe! Mmmm fuck eat my pussy baby girl! Eat me like the horny teen slut you are!”

Alyssa had never felt like an older woman before. She wasn’t living in denial about her age but she felt the same inside in her 40’s as she did in her 20’s.  Age had never been an issue with her before. She was just as wild and fun as she always had been.

But she had never been with a girl like Chloe before, so young and pretty and sexy and young and…most of all young.

Alyssa knew she was supposed to be mature about this and not give into temptation. She was supposed to be helping someone like Chloe find the right path and help her grow, not be fucking her face. But she was impossible to resist.

The girl was simply too determined to have her and Alyssa could no longer fight her off, not when it felt so good to have such an eager, naughty tongue inside her.

Alyssa had been with younger girls before, but no one Chloe’s age. She felt like some kind of a sleazy pervert for fucking a teenager. Alyssa knew if it was a man north of 40 fucking a fresh faced teenage girl she not only would have been outraged and probably would have wanted to call the police or do something to stop it.

She was being a total hypocrite and she knew it, but she couldn’t stop. The perversion and even the hypocrisy of what was happening was turning her on even more and all Alyssa could focus on now was how good it would be for her mature pussy to cream all over Chloe’s young face.

After all, the girl was right. She wasn’t taking advantage of Chloe at all. Chloe was taking advantage of her and that made Alyssa moan out wantonly, her need growing more desperate by the moment.

Chloe’s tongue might have lacked experience but it lacked nothing when it came to eagerness to please and Alyssa found herself wanting to feed the horny teen every drop of her honey and then do it with her again and again and again with her. She wanted to fuck this vixen so many times and then show all her friends just what a fucking dirty little teen slut Chloe Grace Moretz really was!

“Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop Chloe!” Alyssa groaned out, writhing in ecstasy in her own bed from the forbidden pleasure. “Ooooh do any nasty fucking thing you want to me! Fuck me and make me come! Mmmm do all the dirty things you ever wanted to do to me when you had wet dreams about me! Mmmm show me how you soaked your panties with your little teen cunt dreaming about me at night! Ughhhh fuckkkk oooooooooh yesssss you little bitch! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhhh eat me! Dirty little pussy licking slut! Ooooh you have so many hot friends but all you want is my old ass!”

Alyssa was barely registering anything she was saying. Her mind was too intoxicated from the punch as well as her own arousal. But Chloe was hanging on every dirty word and she couldn’t let Alyssa doubt herself for a second.

“You’re not old!” Chloe said, pausing her licking for a moment so Alyssa could see how wet her mouth and chin were from going down on her. “Don’t think that! You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen Alyssa! Mmmm gawd seeing you on TV and getting all squishy for you made me realize I was gay! I’ve wanted you for so long! I don’t care that you’re older than me! I just want to fuck you so much! Stop acting like you’re a grandma and I’m a kid! I’m a woman like you! And I want to be your dirty little pussy licking slut just like all the hot girls here at your mansion are! Mmmmmm gawd! Turn over! I’ll show you how old your ass is!”

And even though it was her bed and she was supposed to be making the rules, Alyssa didn’t hesitate. She was too horny and too wet to think twice.

She let the teenager take control and Alyssa followed her orders to the letter by turning herself over and positioning herself on her hands and knees, jutting her ass out.

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do Chloe? What are you gonna do to this old ass?” Alyssa teased. “What’s a teen slut like you know to do to a real woman? Mmmm I was fucking girls before you were even born you dirty girl!”

“Ooooooooh!” Chloe cooed.

She had been serious about not wanting to focus on the age gulf between them but at the same time being reminded that she hadn’t even been a blip when Alyssa was getting her pussy licked for the first time made her so hot. And she couldn’t take her eyes off what she was seeing.

Chloe was actually surprised that Alyssa had done what she had said. She hadn’t expected her to give in so easily and turn over like this. But she was so glad she had.

Chloe was enraptured by the vision before her. Alyssa’s tan, luscious Italian booty was just an inch away from her face. Her ass was so firm and tight and had a perfect fullness that took Chloe’s breath away.

She thought about how good it had looked yesterday in the shower when she had crept up behind Alyssa at the gym. She had loved seeing her ass glistening under the water, so firm and so juicy. But it looked even better now to Chloe.

She felt so naughty as she saw Alyssa’s sacred heart tattoo. It reminded her that God was watching but Chloe didn’t feel guilty over what she was doing. God had made her feel this desire so it couldn’t be wrong. She couldn’t be judged for wanting to give someone pleasure and Chloe wanted to give so much pleasure.

Alyssa’s ass looked so good especially because being bent over like this let Chloe see how wet her slit was. Alyssa’s labia lips were glistening and Chloe rubbed herself through her panties when she thought about how it was her own saliva on that slit making it so shiny. She wanted to get back to licking those yummy pussy lips so much.

But there was something Chloe wanted to do even more…something she had never done before.

“Mmmmm I know what real women like!” Chloe insisted, kneeling behind Alyssa and spreading open her taut butt cheeks. “I can be so fucking dirty! Just like you!”

And now it was Alyssa’s turn to be surprised as Chloe’s tongue darted out and attacked her asshole. She had definitely not been expecting that and it made the pleasure all the more welcome when she felt her tongue tease her anus and start to wetly lick all around it.

Chloe gave her a shy lick at first, like she was sampling it to see if she liked it. And very clearly she did like it because she started licking her faster and more thoroughly, making Alyssa cry out in unexpected ecstasy.

“OHHHH YOU LITTLE SLUT! OOOOH YOU DIRTY LITTLE GIRL OHHH FUCKKK YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO BE DOING NASTY THINGS LIKE THIS!” Alyssa squealed in sexual delight, trying not to think about age but finding it impossible to ignore when she felt a teenager’s tongue licking her asshole. “OOOOOH YESSS CHLOE! OOOOH YOU BAD GIRL! OHHH FUCKKKK YOU’RE A DIRTY LITTLE THING AREN’T YOU?”

“Mmmmmhmmm I told you I was,” Chloe smiled in triumph before getting back to tossing Alyssa’s salad, giddy that she was doing something so kinky. “Mmmmm your ass tastes good Alyssa! Mmmm your pussy tastes good! Ooooh all of you is so good! Just like I always wanted it to be!”

Chloe was amazed at herself for doing this but she was so glad she had. It had been a total impulse on her part. She hadn’t planned it. But when Alyssa’s ass had looked so sexy she hadn’t been able to resist.

She had never licked a girl’s asshole before but she had always wanted to try. Chloe had been afraid the girls she had been with would think she was too kinky and weird and she was pretty shy about being judged. But she knew Alyssa would like it. She knew she wouldn’t judge her. Alyssa wasn’t an inexperienced girl. She was a real woman and Chloe knew she could do kinky, dirty things to her like licking her butt and that she’d like it.

Chloe felt such a thrill to be giving a rim job, especially to Alyssa. She’d dreamed of doing everything to her and this was so much better than just a fantasy. It was so real and so naughty.

She hadn’t been sure at first that she’d like it so Chloe had just licked a little bit, grazing over Alyssa’s puckered hole. But the first taste had been so hot and naughty and the next one had been even better. She had started licking her harder and faster and now Chloe was lapping at Alyssa’s asshole, loving every sexy cry she got from the older woman.

“Yessssssss do it Chloe! Tongue fuck my hole!” Alyssa groaned out, tossing her head back as her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. “Oooooh fucking eat my asshole you little slut! Mmmm fucking teen whore! Licking my fucking ass with that dirty tongue! OOOOH YESSSSSSSSS FUCKKKK OHHHH FUCKKK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! EAT MY FUCKING SLUTTY ASS LIKE ALL MY DIRTY FRIENDS DO! OOOOH FUCK ME CHLOE! STUFF YOUR FINGER TIGHT INTO MY CUNT WHILE YOU TONGUE FUCK MY ASSHOLE OHHHHHHHHHH!”

And the blonde teen was only too eager to comply with her lover’s wishes. Chloe pushed her face into Alyssa’s buns, feeling so happy and kinky as she tongued the woman’s dirty hole and pressed her nose into Alyssa’s tight ass crack.

She felt so dirty and depraved to be doing this and it was the best feeling ever for Chloe, especially when she pushed her fingers into Alyssa just like the woman wanted and felt how Alyssa had gotten even wetter for her since she’d started tonguing her ass.

Chloe was so focused on what she was doing to Alyssa that she didn’t even notice who was coming up behind her. She paid no attention to anything but Alyssa’s aroused fuck holes until she suddenly felt her panties being pulled off her body. That startled Chloe and she reflexively yanked her head up and turned around, moaning when she saw Ava was the one removing her underwear.

“I want you naked!” Ava declared with an excited spark in her voice as she did something that felt even more forbidden to her than what she had just done with her mother. “Mmmm you gotta be naked Chloe! I want us both fucking naked all the time now!”

“Oooooh Ava!” Chloe cooed, once again finding herself very distracted by her sexy friend. “Mmmmm yessss get my panties off me! I never thought you’d ever want this!”

“I do want it! I want it all the time now!” Ava insisted, a big smile on her face as she continued to feel nothing but the pleasure of orgasmic afterglow from her wicked fun. “I’m so into girls! Just like you! I’m going to show you what a lez I am now! I’m going to be a total pussy slut and I want to taste your pussy first!”

Ava rolled down Chloe’s panties all the way down her ass, baring her friend completely to her horny eyes. She felt so horny for Chloe right then. After all if her friend hadn’t been a lesbo and been totally obsessed with Alyssa then she never would have ended up at this party and what had just happened with her mom never would have happened.

And far from wanting to punish Chloe for it, Ava wanted to reward her friend as well as become more of a lesbian too.

After what her mom’s tongue had just made her feel, Ava was convinced she was never going to look at another boy again. She had been totally and completely turned lesbian and she had never been happier. And not only was Ava totally sure that, incest or not, she and her mom were going to fuck all the time now, but that she also wanted to spread her new found interests to her friends too. Chloe was the first friend she was going to play with and she couldn’t wait.

Peeling off Chloe’s panties, Ava found herself admiring her friend’s cute little butt. She had always thought Chloe was pretty and she had noticed what a nice, firm body she had but she had never desired her and now all she felt for her friend was total, hot lust.

Ava giggled as she ran her hands over Chloe’s butt, exploring how firm her flesh was and loving how it felt to feel up a girl’s ass. But she mostly focused on the soaking wet slit that was exposed from behind.

Ava moaned as she reached over and touched it, just rubbing the tips of her fingers against Chloe’s labia. It was an exploratory touch, one that was almost shy, like she was afraid she’d break her friend if she touched her. But Ava didn’t stay gentle for long.

When Chloe moaned from her touch and Ava felt the slick wetness of her friend’s arousal on her fingers, she started rubbing her faster. Just like she loved to touch herself, Ava rubbed Chloe’s slit, touching her sensitive lips and making her sound off in pleasure.

“Yeahhhh! Ohhhhh Ava! Mmmmm do it! Please! Play with me!” Chloe begged. “Mmmm gawwd I never thought we’d ever do anything like this but I want it! Mmmm play with me! Fuck me! Make me come! You were soooo dirty before and it turned me on soooo much!”

“Mmmmm you’re so dirty for liking it! Mmmm naughty little Jesus girl liking how I fucked my slut mommy’s face! Oooooh you’re soooo going to hell for liking it Chloe but mmmm I’m gonna be there too and we’re just gonna keep on fucking even when we’re there!” Ava moaned, teasing her friend about her faith and morals while she played with her pussy and loved every second of it. “You’re such a perv! Mmmm we’re gonna have to get you to church tomorrow so you can confess and beg for forgiveness for being so bad right before Christmas!”

“Ughhh yeahhh I’m bad! I’m such a bad girl!” Chloe groaned from the pleasure of her friend’s delicate fingers doing decidedly unladylike things to her pussy by pushing inside and starting to fuck her. “Mmmm I dragged you to a lesbo sex party and watched you fuck your mom! Ohhhh God Ava! You really did that! You really fucked your mom! Ooooh and I loved every sick moment of it!”

Hearing Chloe say that really made it hit home to Ava what she had done. Holy shit! She had had sex with her own mother!

It was like the reality of the line she had crossed was sinking in but Ava didn’t regret it at all. She knew it was sick but she loved it. She loved how dirty she’d been and Ava looked over at her mother who was still lying on the back making soft sounds.

At first Ava wondered if Heather was crying but when she looked closer she saw that her slut mother was actually moaning as she touched herself and licked her lips. Ava groaned too as she thought about how her mom was licking her juices off her lips and how it was turning her on so much that she was playing with her pussy.

Watching her mom masturbate and knowing she was thinking about her after all they’d just done was so sexy to Ava. But as hot as Ava found it, she also wanted to punish her mom for being such a bitch to her and having such perverted desires.

Ava might have shared those same desires now but she still felt Heather needed to be taught a lesson and what better way to do that than by denying her what she clearly wanted? So Ava turned her focus away from her mom and instead concentrated on Chloe.

“Mmmmhmmm I totally loved it and you can come over and watch me fuck her again whenever you want!” Ava declared, working her fingers in deeper into her friend and making Chloe gasp and groan from the pleasure. “Mmmm let’s get all our friends to watch and see me fuck my mom like a slut! I can put on a really nasty show! Ooooh you’re soooo tight Chloe! Mmmmm nice and tight and wet! You’re the first girl I’ve ever fingered and you’re gonna be the first girl I ever taste!”

That actually meant a lot to Chloe. Sure it was mostly a matter of convenience since she happened to be in the vicinity of Ava deciding to suddenly develop a lesbian side. But the truth was Ava could have had any girl in the world and she wanted her. And Chloe could tell her friend wasn’t just being nice or blowing smoke.

She really did want her and she really did think it was special that they were doing this. Chloe certainly felt the same way too and that turned her on even more for the feel of those inexperienced, but eager fingers inside her and the anticipation of being licked.

“Yessss taste me! Finger me and lick me and fuck me Ava!” Chloe moaned, the ripples of pleasure inside her already feeling better from Ava playing with her pussy than from any other girl who ever had. “Ooooh your fingers feel so good in my pussy! I want you too Ava! Mmmm I want to fuck you and taste your pussy and lick you just like your mom did! Mmmm fuckkkkk yessss oooooh work those fingers in meeeeee! Ooooooh Avaaaaa! Mmmmm I love what you’re doing to me! Mmmm it’s so hot that you want me to be the first girl you taste! OOOOOOOH!”

Chloe’s voice raised in volume and intensity when Ava began licking her. Chloe closed her eyes and let the pleasure overtake her, loving how naughty it was to have her friend tongue fuck her.

Chloe never could have dreamed Ava’s tongue would ever do this to her and maybe it was the thrill of the forbidden from her friend becoming her lover or maybe it was how charged up Ava was from her own taboo acts, but whatever the reason Chloe instantly loved feeling the blonde teen’s tongue licking her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh! More! Oooooh that feels so good Ava! Mmmmm lick me! Lick me like the nasty little lesbo you are now!” Chloe groaned. “Mmmm go gay just like me! Ooooh I want you to love licking pussy like I do! Mmmm fuck me Ava! Ughhh yesssss yessssssssss work that tongue into me and lick me like a horny little slut! Yesssss taste your first wet pussy!”

Chloe didn’t really have much to compare Ava’s tongue work too. She had only been with a few girls and since none of them had had much experience when they had done it, none of them had really been sure what to do.

There had been less licking and more fingering in her previous sexual encounters and both she and the girls Chloe had messed around with had been a little too tentative and shy for things to really get nasty. But this felt so good. Ava wasn’t holding back. She was really going for it and Chloe loved it.

“Mmmm fuck me! Oooooh yessss I can’t believe you’re licking me!” Chloe moaned, keeping her eyes closed as Ava’s tongue lapped at her folds and made her quiver. “You’re so naughty Ava! Ooooh all this time I thought you were only going to like boys! Mmm now you’re going down on me and it feels so good!”

“Mmmm good enough to want to fuck me all the time now?” Ava giggled when she pulled her tongue back for just a second. “Good enough to come over to my house and do nasty gay girl shit with me and my mom?”

“Yesssssssssss! Ooooh you don’t even have to ask! I want to do this all the time with you now!” Chloe gasped in naughty ecstasy. “I’ll let you eat me out whenever you want Ava! I’ll fuck you too and make you come so hard! I’ll fuck your sexy mom too! I’ll fuck both of you at the same time! I’ll be so nasty with all of you!”

Chloe loved how out of control all of this was getting. She might have been a lesbian from a religious family and she might have had a crush that was bordering on obsession but she had always been a good girl…until now.

Now she felt dirty and kinky and she was getting off on it. She was turning into such a bad girl and she liked it. It was like she was picking up the bad habits of all the horny women in this place and it filled Chloe with a sexy giddiness she couldn’t get enough of.

Chloe had the chance to moan out from Ava’s eager tongue for a few more moments before Alyssa got her back to work in quite an emphatic way. She got her hand on the top of Chloe’s head and grabbed onto her blonde hair, forcing her back down into her crotch from behind while she rubbed herself up against her face.

“Don’t you fucking stop!” Alyssa growled, unable to control herself anymore, grinding her buns into Chloe and making sure to rub her slit right against the teen’s mouth. “You don’t get to fucking tease me and tempt me and then abandon me for your slutty mommy fucking friend! You want this fucking cunt of mine? Then you’d better act like you want it! Show me how much you want to fuck me! Do it Chloe! Make me fucking come all over that sweet little face! I’m going to cream you with my fucking hot girly jizz and you’re going to lick up every drop like the horny little slut you are! Do it!”

Chloe cried out in a sting of pain from the way her hair was being pulled. She hadn’t expected Alyssa to be so aggressive. No one had ever touched her like that before. But she didn’t try to make Alyssa stop.

She liked the rough touch. It was new and it was hot. So Chloe responded just like her older lover wanted by getting her tongue back to work and licking away once again at Alyssa Milano’s dripping honeypot.

Alyssa’s message was clear and Chloe immediately complied. She wanted Alyssa to come all over her face almost as much as Alyssa did. Chloe wanted to taste her essence and swallow it and feel it over her skin.

Chloe wanted to get home at the end of the night and still taste Alyssa’s flavor on her lips and smell her on her skin and even in her hair. She wanted to be a bad girl and eat out Alyssa’s pussy until there wasn’t a drop of cream left. And Chloe proved she wanted it by how she licked her.

With Alyssa’s hand still on the back of her head holding her in place with a clump of her hair in her grasp, Chloe licked at her hard. She’d loved tonguing Alyssa’s asshole. It had been so freaky and naughty to do that to another woman but this was where Chloe wanted her tongue to be most of all. And she wasn’t the only one who felt that way either.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh! That’s better! Eat my cunt Chloe!” Alyssa groaned out in satisfaction. “Mmmm I’ll shove my fucking booty in your face and make sure you stay down there bad girl! Keep that tongue in my hot, wet twat! You’re the one that got me this fucking wet! You and all your teasing and those slutty naked pictures! Mmmm you turned me on so much you little teen whore and now you have to do something about it! Lick that pussy until I come all over you! Ooooh your tongue felt so good rimming my slutty ass but this is where your tongue belongs Chloe! Right in my cunt! C’mon you pussy hungry young bitch! Eat my cougar hole! Make me get off from nasty, hot teen tongue fucking me!”

Alyssa was even wetter than she’d been before and Chloe felt a thrill rush through her from the knowledge that she was turning her crush on so much. This was all happening so much better than any naughty dream she had ever had about Alyssa and Chloe licked her harder, using her fingers to spread Alyssa’s cunt lips open and go after her sodden pink folds.

Chloe licked at them with thirsty enthusiasm, making sure that her tongue was never too far from Alyssa’s clit either. And the more Alyssa cried out and begged for more, the harder Chloe licked her.

She had never gone down on a woman like this before and Chloe was doing everything she knew and every trick she remembered from the porno movies she had studied before she had ever fucked her first girl. Chloe wanted Alyssa to come so badly and she wasn’t going to move until she got her off.

Even though Ava was still licking her too, Chloe didn’t let anything distract her. She focused everything she had on making her idol come.

Eventually Alyssa’s grip on her head eased and the older woman let her go. When that happened, Chloe kind of missed the sensation of having her hair pulled. It had been so naughty to feel like she was being “forced” to lick Alyssa, even though it was what she wanted more than anything in the world.

But Alyssa knew she didn’t have to hold her there and instead she got both hands down on the bed again, allowing herself to steady her balance and push herself against Chloe’s face, grinding her bare ass into her.

“Mmmmmmm you fucking little beautiful slut! Fuck me! Lick my juicy pussy mmmm gimmie that nasty teen tongue and show me how you kids today fuck!” Alyssa moaned, pushing herself back and making her tits sway on her chest while keeping herself up on her hands and knees. “You and Ava are both so fucking hot! Such dirty girls! Mmmmm fuckkk oh Chloe! Oooooh you’re not just some little tease, are you? Oooh you’re a real fucking slut like me! Mmmm fuckkkk I got so wet when you sent me those pics! Mmm when you showed me your sweet pussy and those pretty little tits! I tried so hard to resist you but I should have been fucking you all along and making a woman out of you!”

There was no more guilt or doubt in Alyssa. Now she was reveling in the illicit pleasure of fucking a teenage girl. She loved how dirty she was being and she didn’t want to hide it.

Alyssa wanted to bring Chloe downstairs and fuck her in front of the whole party so all her friends could see how much she wanted the blonde’s hot teen cunt. She wanted to show her friends how she didn’t give a goddamn about age or morals or anything anymore. All that mattered was hot fucking and yummy cum and she craved the taste of Chloe’s!

Alyssa was sure Chloe was going to be a regular here. They could all fuck her and teach her and make her into the amazing girl fucker she was destined to be. Chloe had much to learn but she was already so good and Alyssa found herself not wanting to hold back a bit. As good as Chloe’s tongue felt in her pussy licking her from behind, Alyssa wanted her to do even more.

“Don’t think you’re done with my ass yet, little girl!” Alyssa groaned. “Get your finger inside it! Shove it in and fuck my asshole! Ooooh no! Two! Put in two fingers! Spread my fuckhole open and fuck my ass Chloe!”

“Oooooh so nastyyyyy!” Chloe groaned.

She’d never fingered another girl up the ass before but she’d played with her own asshole a few times when she’d gotten really horny while masturbating. Besides, it wasn’t like putting a finger in Alyssa’s ass was any naughtier than putting her tongue into her hole.

So Chloe did exactly what Alyssa told her. Alyssa’s asshole was already wet from when Chloe had been rimming her so she used that as lube. She was a little shy about really giving it to her though.

Because of that, Chloe didn’t start with two fingers. Instead she only pushed one slim digit into Alyssa’s puckered ring.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh! Mmmm I fucking love that!” Alyssa groaned over her hole being fingered. “But I said two fingers Chloe! You gotta do what I tell you here if you want to stay and fuck me more and fuck all my friends too! Don’t be gentle with me! I can fucking take it! I’m not a kid like you! I’m a real woman who loves to get fucked! Get those fingers inside me! Shove those teen fingers right up my fucking butt you whore!”

Chloe was getting so turned on by how Alyssa was talking to her. It was so nasty and hot. Dirty talk sounded so natural and sexy flowing out of Alyssa’s mouth. Chloe wanted to be confident and experienced like Alyssa. She wanted her to teach her and make her into a hot woman like her. So Chloe didn’t hold back any longer. She took another finger and pushed it inside Alyssa’s asshole.

Chloe moaned when she felt that hole snugly wrap around her fingers like it was a very naughty finger trap. She started pushing her fingers in forcefully, roughly banging the hole that was only wet with her saliva and no other lube. She had always been so gentle when she had played with her own asshole so it was such a dirty thrill for Chloe to do this, especially when Alyssa moaned out how much she loved it.


Knowing she was making Alyssa feel good made Chloe feel good. She loved being able to bring this woman pleasure. She felt so elated that her fantasy was coming true and that Alyssa loved what she was doing to her.

Chloe wanted to make Alyssa come. She had to make her come. She wanted Alyssa to want her, not just tonight but every night. Chloe never wanted to leave this place. She couldn’t believe it really existed and she wanted to be part of it from now on.

As her fingers thrust into Alyssa’s asshole and made the older woman squeal in pleasure, Chloe kept on licking her. She had never tasted a pussy this good before and she couldn’t get enough of Alyssa’s sweet, tangy flavor.

Granted she only had a few to compare it to but after wanting this for so long and coming so far and being so bold to get it, Alyssa’s pussy was like ice cream to Chloe. She wanted to eat it up completely and then get so much more of it.

Chloe’s tongue slid over Alyssa’s slit again and again while the older woman cried out for her. She loved this position. It was so hot for her to bury her face in Alyssa’s amazing ass, the one she had been admiring so much in the shower, and lap at her pussy, tasting her juice as it dripped out of her pink folds and shoving two of her fingers into the older woman’s tightest hole.

It was turning on Chloe so much that she thought about telling Ava to finger and lick her asshole too. But she was too shy to actually ask her friend for that. Besides, it would have meant pulling away from Alyssa’s pussy to actually talk and right then all Chloe wanted to do was use her tongue to bring her dream woman ecstasy.

Chloe kept on licking away, working her tongue as fast as she could while also making sure she didn’t go too fast. She wanted to lick all of Alyssa’s hot spots, especially her clit. Chloe desperately wanted Alyssa to think she was good at sex.

She didn’t want Alyssa to really see her as some kid or think she wasn’t ready for fun like this. So Chloe put everything she had into it, licking greedily at Alyssa’s pussy while she fingered her asshole and trying not to get distracted by what Ava was doing to her.

“Oooooh Chloe! You taste sooooo good!” Ava moaned, feeling her pussy get freshly wet over being able to do something so naughty to her friend at the same time she got to watch Chloe shove her face into Alyssa, her blonde hair and pristine featured contrasting so sexily with Alyssa’s bare bottom. “Mmmmm do all girls taste this good? Gawd! I should have been licking pussy all this time! Mmm you taste so sweet! Am I doing you good? Am I being a good little lesbo?”

Chloe didn’t want to stop tonguing Alyssa but she had to tell Ava something. She was doing so well and she didn’t want her friend to think otherwise.

“Yessssss!” Chloe groaned lustfully in between licking Alyssa’s juicy pink hole. “Mmmmm fuck me Ava! You’re turning into a hot lesbian slut like me! I love what you’re doing! Please don’t stop! Lick my pussy! Mmmm lick me in front of your mom! Show her how much you like it!”

Chloe knew that was just what Ava wanted to hear and it indeed got a happy squeal out of her friend. Ava started licking her again, trying to do to Chloe just what Chloe was doing to Alyssa and making a very good show of it.

Ava might have never tasted a girl before but she knew she liked it and she wanted to do it right. As Chloe kneeled behind Alyssa, Ava kept kneeling in back of Chloe, spreading her friend’s tight pussy open with her fingers and getting her tongue its first taste of feminine essence.

Each taste of Chloe’s juices delighted Ava’s tongue more than she had ever dreamed it could. She had been with a guy once and she had been blowing him and he’d wanted her to swallow it. Not wanting him to think she was a prude, Ava had done it but she hadn’t really liked it.

But tasting Chloe was a totally different story. Ava wanted to swallow her juice. She wanted to drink from her pussy. She wanted to taste her and gulp it down like a good slut. And she wanted her mommy to see it.

While she was licking away at Chloe and finding out that she liked it more and more with each lash of her tongue, the teenager couldn’t resist teasing her mother. Heather hadn’t said a word since they had pulled apart but she kept on touching herself and Ava could hear her mom’s moans as she watched the naughty show.

“Mmmmm like this mommy? Like seeing me fuck a girl?” Ava teased. “You fucking perv! Watching me fuck my friend and playing with yourself! Ooooh I should watch you finger fuck yourself like you watched me like the dirty mommy you are! I’ll bet you’re so jealous now watching me fuck Chloe! You’re such a slut that you wish I was fucking you instead of her! Don’t you?”

Heather was startled by her daughter suddenly talking to her. She’d been so fixated on the dirty threesome that she’d almost let herself drift away from everything else. But when Ava talked to her and hit her with such a blunt accusation, Heather blushed red with fresh embarrassment.

She didn’t stop though. Heather just kept on touching herself, rubbing her fingers over her drenched pussy and stimulating her clitoris, and finding it impossible to deny Ava’s claims. After all, they were all true.

Heather nodded her head, ashamed of herself but also so horny that it was impossible for her to get her hand away from her pussy or stop herself from staring with longing at her nude daughter tongue fucking another hot teen girl while Chloe kept her mouth and fingers busy with Alyssa’s hot body, a body Heather intimately knew every inch of.

“Say it!” Ava demanded, loving the rush of what she was able to say to her mother and what she was able to make the beautiful older woman feel. “Say you want me! Say you’re jealous watching me fuck Chloe and not you!”

“Ughhh Avaaaa!” Heather whined in need and humiliation over how her daughter was treating her now. But it turned her on even more and she couldn’t deny it. “Yes! Yes baby! Mommy wants you so fucking bad! I’m so wet for you! My pussy is fucking soaked for my beautiful baby girl and I can’t take it! I want you to fuck me! I’m jealous you’re fucking Chloe and not me! I want you to make mommy come and not her!”

Even though Ava had wanted Heather to say it, it was still a shock to her that she actually did. She still wasn’t used to her mom talking like that.

It was so hot though and so naughty that Ava reached between her own legs and started playing with herself over her mom wanting her to go down on her and fuck her and lick her and swallow her cum like she was doing to Chloe. It was so sexy and it made Ava want to be so mean about it.

“Well you can’t come!” Ava said, lecturing her mother and punishing her like their roles had completely reversed. “You can’t come until I say you can! Mmmm you have to watch me fuck Chloe and not you! You have to watch me fuck her yummy little pussy and taste her and swallow her and wish that I was doing it to you! Ooooh Chloe is so tight! Not like you mom! Your pussy is probably loose and sloppy and gross from all the dykes you let fuck it here! Mmmm Chloe is nice and young and fresh and not old and used up like you mom!”

“Ughhhh! God!” Heather cried, rubbing herself faster and shoving her fingers right into her cunt as Ava insulted her. “Fuck baby! Ohhhh don’t say that! Ooooh my God! You’re making me so fucking soaked! My pussy’s never been wetter! Lick her tight pussy Ava! Lick your pretty friend’s little cunt! You’re both such young sluts! Mmmm fuckkk making me so wet! You’re being so bad Ava!”

“Mmmmhmm you made me bad, mommy!” Ava said, taunting her mother and getting wetter with every word. “You made me into a bad, dirty slut who fucks girls! Now you have to watch! Rub your loose pussy and watch me fuck Chloe! Feel how all those nasty dyke girls that you let fuck you ruined your pussy and watch me fuck my tight, sexy friend! Watch me mommy! Watch your little girl fuck!”

Heather was powerless to resist. She felt like she was totally in her teenage daughter’s control and it felt amazing. It was so humiliating but incredibly hot at the same time and Heather did just what Ava said.

She kept her eyes locked on Ava as she tongue fucked Chloe, pressing her face into the teenager’s ass and licking her pussy from behind. And as she stared at the fuck show, Heather played with herself, finger fucking her cunt and rubbing her clit while letting herself be taken over by incestuous lust.

Alyssa barely registered Heather’s embarrassment and arousal though. She was too focused on her own. She wasn’t too intoxicated on punch and sex to not remember how crazy all of this was, but she still not only let it happen, she wanted it to happen.

Alyssa kept herself on her hands and knees in her own bed, rubbing herself into Chloe’s face and imploring the teenager to fuck her. She was completely out of control and it was an amazing sensation for her.

The only way Alyssa knew this could get better was if all this pleasure brought her to orgasm and she had no doubt that it would. Chloe’s eager, thirsty tongue was lapping at her juices with a zeal that bordered on outright fanaticism for pussy and Alyssa loved it. And those teenage fingers inside her asshole only made the pleasure of being licked even more intense.

She was getting so close to coming but Alyssa wanted to be even closer. She couldn’t wait for it a second longer.

“Fuck me Chloe!” Alyssa cried out. “Fucking lick me you dirty little bitch! Oooooh lick that pussy you got so goddamn wet by being such a fucking tease! Mmmmm yessss make me feel it! Make me fucking feel how good you are! Oooooh such an eager little slut! Lyssa has so much she’s gonna show you! Ooooh you’re gonna be such a hot fucking whore when I’m done with you! Make me come Chloe! Finger fuck my ass! Shove your tongue into my fucking twat! Ohhhh yesssssssssssss show me you’re going to be a good slut and fuck me and my friends! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!”

Alyssa was rocking on her bed, making it squeak as she fucked herself against Chloe’s face, her breasts hanging down in her doggie style position and shaking with her passion. The sound of Alyssa’s bed bouncing was hardly a new one at the mansion. Hell, it was a sound that all of them were used to in their rooms. But this was the first time it had ever bounced for wild teenagers like Chloe and Ava and the debauchery was overwhelming Alyssa.

From the age gap to the incest she had witnessed to the sense that they were all only getting started with each other, it was all so much and Alyssa felt it pushing her even closer to orgasm.

Chloe could feel it too and she took total advantage. She wanted Alyssa to come so much that she would have done anything to her that the older woman wanted. All she had to do, though, was lick and finger her faster and Chloe was definitely able to do that.

She lapped away at the dripping wetness of Alyssa’s pussy. She had never tasted anyone so wet in her life. Alyssa’s pussy was like a waterfall onto her tongue and Chloe couldn’t get enough. She licked away to get the juicy, delicious wetness in her mouth and she fingered Alyssa’s asshole with a growing fervor that the brunette loved.

Alyssa’s clit was right there for her and Chloe made sure her tongue never ignored it for too long. There was so much that she loved about Alyssa’s pussy but Chloe knew she had to focus on her clitoris. So she did. She licked at the pulsing bud with all she had, shoving her fingers into Alyssa’s asshole while she tongued her clit and made her lover scream.


“Yessssss fucking come for her!” Ava suddenly cheered while she licked away at Chloe’s juicy pink and made sure her mother was watching. “Come for my friend you horny dyke bitch! Chloe wants you so much! Gawd she’s like totally in love with you so you’d better give her all that slutty lesbian cum she wants so much! I want you to come for Chloe even harder and better than you come when my whore mommy fucks you! Come all over her pretty face! You old sluts are our bitches now! We’re gonna show you whores how we run this shit now! We’re going to own this fucking dyke house of yours and everyone in it!”

“FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” Alyssa cried out at the mere thought of her and her friends being utterly and completely controlled like bitches by a couple of horny teens.

She wasn’t so out of her mind that she didn’t file this away for later remembrance so Alyssa could punish her friend’s daughter for being so disrespectful, but she was close to being that way. And she was getting off on it too.

With Chloe’s tongue on her clit and her fingers shoved up her ass, it was so good for Alyssa to just let go.


Chloe had wanted this for so long that it was hard to believe that she was actually getting it. But there was no doubt that she was when Alyssa’s orgasm creamed all over her face.

She had never been with a woman who had come this much and Chloe couldn’t have been happier for the rich, naughty release of Alyssa’s sexual essence soaked her lips and her tongue. Chloe licked away even harder now, getting rushed and sloppy with her tongue because she didn’t want to miss a drop of Alyssa’s cream.

This was Chloe’s dream come true and she giggled to herself when she thought about how it was coming true with cum. But she knew this was no time for silliness. She did allow herself a big, happy smile, though, as she licked up Alyssa’s orgasmic release and swallowed it down.

God, she had wanted this and it was better than she ever had imagined it could be. It was more amazing than she had fantasized and Chloe let Alyssa’s cum fill her mouth before she gulped it down again and again, her fingers wedged into her crush’s tight asshole, fucking her and drawing out even more of Alyssa’s orgasm into her hungry mouth.

Chloe would have happily stayed at Alyssa’s pussy forever if she’d had the chance. But she wasn’t allowed that option and it was Alyssa who made sure of it by pulling Chloe up from her crotch and getting her young lips somewhere else.

Alyssa sank down onto her bed and flipped herself over and, as soon as she did, yanked Chloe to her so she could kiss the teenager passionately. Alyssa wanted to taste her own flavor right off of Chloe’s lips and the girl gave it to her without hesitation.

The two kissed without any inhibition or hesitation on Alyssa’s part now. She was in total lust with the teenager and she didn’t care what that said about her.

Chloe had been right the whole time. Age didn’t matter, not when it came to pleasure like she had just experienced. So Alyssa rewarded Chloe for her successful pursuit and seduction by kissing her fervidly and letting her young hands caress every bit of her bare body.

While they shared kiss after kiss, the two women didn’t say a word. They just moaned and sighed in desire while Alyssa pulled Chloe right on top of her naked body so she could fondle her pert teen tits and then mash their chests together.

Alyssa loved feeling those perfect little tits mashing into her bigger but surgically enhanced pair and she wanted to experience the pleasure of this tight, young body again and again in the future.

Alyssa didn’t see Chloe as too young anymore or as someone who shouldn’t be pursuing her. Now all she could see was a sexy little vixen who was more than ready to be a part of their fun and when her hands roamed down Chloe’s back all the way to her tight, teen booty, Alyssa couldn’t help herself and gave the girl’s bare bottom a smack.

Chloe yelped in surprise and her eyes widened from the slap but her smile only grew from it.

“That’s for being such a persistent little slut and seducing me,” Alyssa informed her before giving Chloe’s bottom another firm smack.

“Ow!” Chloe yelped again. “What was that one for?”

“That one was for making me come like a fucking explosion,” Alyssa grinned. “Mmmm you’re a very bad girl Chloe. Bad girls get spanked around here but they also get something else.”

“Oooooooh what do they get?” Chloe asked, playing it coy.

She had a pretty good idea what bad girls got around here and, judging from the look on Alyssa’s face, she was sure she was going to enjoy it.

“Guess,” Alyssa teased. “I know you know the answer. What do you think bad girls get?”

“Mmmmm do they get fucked?” Chloe giggled, freshly giddy over her fantasy coming true.

Her pussy was soaked and she knew Alyssa could feel it pressed against her thigh in this position. She was sure Alyssa knew how bad she wanted it and Chloe couldn’t wait to have her give it to her.

“Are you asking me to fuck you? Or telling me?” Alyssa challenged and she knew a smart girl like Chloe would immediately see the distinction.

She was absolutely right about that and Chloe knew exactly what to say.

“Fuck me Alyssa! Fuck me like a dirty little whore!” Chloe demanded lustfully, rubbing herself into Alyssa and making damn sure the woman could feel how aroused her pussy was. “I need you! Take me and fuck me! I was teasing you so much because I needed you to take me like a little brat and shut me up by fucking me and making me your slut! Mmmm when I saw you and Rose and Miley in the locker room and heard about you talk about all of you fucking I nearly came because I wanted you to do me so bad! Mmmm take me now Alyssa! I’m not asking! I’m telling you to take my tight little cunt and fuck it raw!”

Chloe let out a little yelp again but this one was from how Alyssa flipped her over in bed and got her on her back. They kissed again passionately as Alyssa cupped Chloe’s tits, enjoying how they filled up her hands with their youthful firmness, but she didn’t keep both her hands there for long.

Alyssa let one move downward, tracing her nails down Chloe’s stomach and over her thighs. As they continued to lustfully kiss and rub their tongues together, Alyssa didn’t wait a second more and pushed her two fingers right into the tightness of Chloe Moretz’s pussy.

“Yessssssssssss! Yesssssssssss ohhhhhh Godddd!” Chloe whimpered in joy, thinking back to all those times she’d gotten her fingers into her own vagina and pretended they were Alyssa’s. “Ooooooh fuck me Alyssa! Do it! Mmmm finger me! Fuck me like I’m your slut!”

“You’re already my slut!” Alyssa informed the girl while pumping her fingers into Chloe’s tight folds, sliding them in forcefully but skillfully to make sure the girl got maximum pleasure out of it. “You turned into my slut as soon as you made me come that hard! Mmmm you’re going to be here a lot Chloe! This place was made for a girl like you! All my friends are going to want their turn with you and they’re all going to fuck you so good! But you fucked me first! You made me come first! That makes you mine! And I’m going to play with you whenever I want!”

“OH FUCK YESSSSSS!” Chloe screamed, the sound of that as big a source of pleasure as Alyssa’s fingers rubbing her clitoris. “Ooooooh yesssssss! That’s all I want! Make me yours Alyssa! Mmmm you can do anything you want to me! I’m so yours! Whenever you want me you can have me! Mmmmmm yesssssss please Alyssa! Fuck me! Ohhhh my God your fingers feel so good! Mmmm bang my tight little teen pussy like I deserve! Punish me for teasing you and fucking you and being such a little brat and not taking no for answer!”

Alyssa was so glad Chloe hadn’t accepted her “no” and Chloe knew it now. Alyssa also knew that Chloe knew it. They were just having sexy fun and it was getting them both off.

Chloe knew whatever punishment Alyssa had in mind for her was going to feel awesome and Alyssa was very happy to pay back the girl for making her feel so incredible and opening her eyes about what this new generation of hot girls had to offer.

“Mmmmm you are a brat!” Alyssa declared while working her fingers even harder into Chloe’s quivering pussy and starting to kiss all over her tits as the girl moaned for more. “Mmmm a sexy little spoiled brat who got what she wanted and now is gonna learn how to be a real woman! You kids today might think you know it all but we’ve still got plenty to teach you! Mmmm that is if you want to learn!”

Alyssa spoke those words while driving her fingers harder into Chloe, thrusting forcefully inside her but in a way that Alyssa was sure the girl was going to enjoy. And she got just the reaction she was hoping for.

“YESSSSSS! OOOOH MAKE ME LEARN MMM FUCKKK MAKE ME INTO A WOMAN! UGHH YESSSSS FUCK ME ALYSSA!” Chloe begged, her cries coming out loud and ragged from being expertly finger fucked by a woman who knew exactly what she was doing. “TEACH ME! TEACH ME HOW TO BE A HOT SLUT LIKE YOU! OHHH YESSS YESSSS FUCKK OHHHH YESSSS! OOOOH IT FEELS SOOOO GOOOD! OHHHHH!”

Chloe had never been fingered like this before. Alyssa’s fingers were magic. They knew just where to touch and for how long. She was an expert at this and Chloe was in heaven from her touch.

“Mmmmm you’re so fucking wet! This tight little teen hole loves my fingers!” Alyssa grinned, loving the sounds of pleasure flowing out of Chloe’s mouth as her pretty face showed the ecstasy flowing through her, her mouth contorting and only allowing happy squeals and cries. “Mmmmm but I can make it feel even better. Is that what you want little girl? Want this fucking slut to make it better and make you come all over like no one your age can?”


Alyssa grinned again and moved even lower, pulling her fingers out of Chloe’s snatch and giving them a greedy lick. She tasted the girl all over them and savored the fresh taste of the latest notch on her bedpost.

She had never expected Chloe to join the list of her female lovers but what was done was done and Alyssa wasn’t questioning herself or looking to undo it. She was going to give back everything she had received from this and that meant orgasms for her teenage lover.

After thoroughly licking her fingers to get this new taste on her tongue, Alyssa dove in with full force. She went right after Chloe’s wetness, not pausing to play nice or tease her. She knew foreplay wasn’t necessary. She knew this girl was already primed.

So Alyssa just pressed her face into the teen’s pussy and unleashed her tongue, thirstily going after Chloe’s juices like the blonde had gone after hers.


Chloe was actually a little bit surprised she was holding on this much. She’d partly expected herself to explode in one of those messy orgasms with her juices squirting everywhere like she saw in porno videos as soon as Alyssa’s tongue touched her.

She was so amped for this. Her whole fantasy was coming true. There wasn’t a bit of it that didn’t feel amazing and Chloe didn’t know if she should thank God for this or not but she was just glad it was happening.

“Mmmmm yeah whatever girls you’ve been fucking can’t compare to me,” Alyssa laughed, pulling back her tongue for a moment to lick Chloe’s juices off her lips while rubbing the girl’s slit with her fingers to keep her stimulated. “This is a woman’s tongue, baby! And you’re going to be feeling it a lot now! Mmm I’m going to fuck you so good little girl! You’ve never been fucked like this before!”

Chloe just moaned in utter bliss and writhed nakedly in Alyssa’s bed as the woman who she has lusted after more than anyone resumed licking her. Just as no girl she had ever been with had fingered her as well as Alyssa had, nothing could compare to the sensations of the gorgeous brunette going down on her.

Ava licking her had felt good but nothing Chloe had ever experienced was in Alyssa’s league.

Even if she hadn’t already been a lesbian before she had arrived at this place, Chloe was sure Alyssa’s tongue could have turned her into one. She was just that good. Chloe could see why Alyssa had been with so many girls. No woman, gay, bi or straight, could resist being licked like this.

Chloe kept on moaning and crying out again and again begging for more and grinding her ass into the sheets while she clawed at them with her hands, pulling them up from the mattress while Alyssa licked her pussy into a happy mess.

Alyssa couldn’t get enough of Chloe’s sweet taste. This girl was a fresh little morsel of teenage deliciousness and she showed off how much she liked it in the rapid licks she gave the girl.

Chloe’s pussy was so fucking tight. Alyssa couldn’t remember ever having been with a girl this tight and it dawned on her that Chloe’s age was the reason for that. That gave Alyssa a wicked rush as she pictured loosening this girl up and just how she could do it while making Chloe come over and over and over and over again.

Pressing her face right in between Chloe’s pink thighs, Alyssa hungrily mouthed the girl’s young cunt. She began devouring her with her lips, sucking the juice right out of her while letting the neat little curls of Chloe’s blonde landing strip tickle her face just right.

Chloe was so fucking sexy and there was just the right amount of naughtiness in the pretty little package before her. Alyssa was just glad she hadn’t been strong enough to resist Chloe any further.

Loving the blissful cries from Chloe that rained down on her, Alyssa sucked away on the girl’s cunt for a few hot moments before pulling back and resuming licking her. She got her fingers back on Chloe to spread her wonderfully tight hole open and dove in with her tongue.

Alyssa tasted the teen’s soaked and sensitive folds while she felt her own pussy get nice and juicy again, her essence staining her own sheets. Alyssa loved feeling her own arousal grow as she lay down on her bed between Chloe’s spread legs and gave the teen’s pussy a tongue bath like the girl had never before experienced.

Meanwhile Ava couldn’t help but sulk a little bit as Chloe’s rapturous cries spilled out of her mouth from what Alyssa was doing to her. She wanted to be the one going down on Chloe.

While she recognized it was wrong to feel jealous when Chloe was getting what she had wanted so much, Ava still felt she was being robbed of her chance to show off for her friend and let Chloe see what a good lesbian she was going to be.

She didn’t want Chloe screaming out Alyssa’s name and coming for her. Ava wanted Chloe to be screaming out her name.

What did Alyssa have that she didn’t have? Bigger tits? More experience? The ability to seduce anyone, even her previously straight mother? Ava didn’t know for sure but she still sulked over it even though in her current straight she recognized she wasn’t being quite rational.

Ava sighed as she licked her lips and enjoyed the naughty taste of her friend all over them. She wanted to taste those juices a lot more from now on. Maybe every single night. But if Chloe was going to only focus on Alyssa at least there was someone else who wanted Ava to be the one giving her pleasure.

“Please baby! Come to momma!” Heather said, her voice filled with lust and her actions lewd as she spread her legs open widely, inviting Ava in. “I need you Ava!”

Seeing her mother willingly expose herself like that made Ava tingle. Heather was degrading herself right in front of her and it looked so hot that Ava reached down to her own pussy and started touching herself.

She moaned out as she stared right into the splayed lips of her mother’s dripping hole but she didn’t give the older woman what she so clearly needed. Instead Ava teased her more.

“What do you need? What does my slutty mommy want her little girl to do to her?” Ava asked knowing it was both humiliating and arousing her mother to admit it.

She kept on playing with herself as she asked it too, all too aware that the sight of her naked and horny was erotic torture to Heather.

“Ohhhh you know…you know what I need! Please Ava! I need it so bad!” Heather begged.

“Say it!” Ava demanded. “C’mon mommy! Show me what a depraved fucking whore you really are! Tell me what to do to my whore of a mother!”

Each word from her daughter’s brazen mouth made Heather hotter for her. The girl knew just what buttons to push, a trait Heather was all too aware of.

She had always been able to get men to do anything she wanted. From her teens to her 50’s, Heather had always been able to wrap men around her finger and seduce them into doing her bidding.

Now Heather could see her daughter had inherited this talent but instead of some random guy, she was the one caught in Ava’s spell and Heather succumbed to it like so many had for her over the years.

“Fuck me baby!” Heather panted in desperation. “Please Ava! Fuck your mommy! I need it so fucking bad! Take me! Fuck me! Make me pay for being such a sicko fucking pervert but just fuck me please! Make mommy come! Please Ava! Please! Come fuck mommy!”

“Mmmmm yessss beg for it!” Ava moaned, fingering herself harder as she spread herself open just like Heather, putting them both in matching poses. “Beg for your baby girl to fuck you like the slut you are!”

Mother and daughter both stared in lustful longing at each other while they both splayed their soaked pussies and touched themselves.

“Yesss I’m such a fucking slut! I’m a perverted fuck!” Heather cried, seeing Ava masturbate making her even wetter and convincing herself she could come all over her own fingers from just staring at her daughter like this. “I loved licking you baby! Mommy loved having her hot daughter fuck her face! I love how you taste! I love how you creamed my slutty whore face and I want you to do that every night! But please baby! Mommy needs love too! Mommy needs to come!”

Ava wanted to tease more. God, she wanted to make her depraved mother suffer and beg like a dog whining for a treat. But she just couldn’t fight off what she wanted to do.

She had loved every tasty drop of Chloe’s juices and Ava wanted to try more girls and find out how they tasted too. And of all the women in the world, the one Ava most wanted to taste was the one she was never supposed to even think about.

That just made it hotter for her so Ava dropped the tease and instead began to crawl on the bed toward her mother.

“Mmmm you’re such a filthy fucking mommy,” Ava moaned while crawling toward the invitation of Heather’s outstretched legs. “You look sooooo wet! Mmmmm bad mommy getting all hot and creamy when I fucked your whore face and when you watched me fucking my friend! Does mommy want me to lick her like I licked Chloe? Does mommy want my teen tongue on her old, sloppy used up pussy?”

“Yesssssssssss!” Heather cried, the humiliation of how Ava was talking to her making her want to come more than ever. “Fuck me baby! Don’t fuck Chloe! Fuck mommy! Chloe could never love you like I love you! She only wants Alyssa! I want you more than anyone! I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything! I love you so much baby and I know this is wrong but I can’t control myself! Get in here baby! Crawl to mommy and eat her pussy! Fuck me with your teen tongue! Ooooooh fuckkkk eat my wet, sloppy pussy and taste how loose it is from all the girls that fucked me!”

Heather truly had no self-control left. If even a bit of it had remained after she had let Ava ride her face it was gone now that she had her teenage daughter nakedly crawling toward her.

Ava’s firm little tits jiggled so enticingly and her pert, perfect ass looked amazing up in the air. She was a sexual vision and Heather couldn’t bear not to have her girl’s tongue shred the last of the taboos between them.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Ava groaned back in lustful reply to Heather’s dirty words as she locked eyes with her mother and stared soulfully at her.

She felt the same way Heather did and they didn’t have to say anything to acknowledge it. All they had to do was stare at each other. Seeing the horny desperation in her mother made Ava crazy and she hurriedly crawled the last few inches before burying her face right between Heather’s legs.

She didn’t lick right away though. Ava stopped herself at the last second as she found herself staring right into the most intimate part of her mother’s body. Heather was dripping with desire and Ava’s breath quickened as she stared at her mother’s bald sex and found the forbidden thoughts of what was about to happen truly sinking in.

Oh my God, Ava thought as she stared at her own mother’s vagina. This is where I came from. The thought rattled around in her head and made her consider her actions.

She was about to do terribly depraved things to the woman who had given birth to her. It was sick and weird and so fucking wrong. And right then there wasn’t anything in the world that Ava wanted to do more than take this forbidden hole and fuck the holy hell out of it.

“You’re mine now mommy! I own your fucking cunt!” Ava growled before grabbing Heather’s thighs for leverage and diving in, shoving her tongue right into the older blonde and immediately making Heather shudder and cry out in the forbidden pleasure of their unleashed, incestuous passion.

Ava felt like a wild animal as she attacked her mother’s vagina with her tongue and that was exactly how she licked her. It was ferocious, almost feral. Ava knew how bad she was being and she loved it.

She didn’t hold back a bit. She was so thirsty for the taste of a woman after experiencing Chloe’s flavor and the only way she could think of to quench that thirst was to turn into a horny beast between her mother’s legs.

Fusing her mouth to Heather’s bald cunt lips, Ava sucked furiously on them, wanting nothing but to drain the orgasm from someone she loved more than anything. And Ava did love her mom. Even when she was a brat she loved her. Even when she called Heather mean, degrading names and humiliated her she loved her.

Now she wanted to show her horny mommy just how much she loved her. Ava sucked away in a sex-fueled frenzy, slurping down Heather’s juices and making the older woman scream out her bliss.

“OHHH AVA! OHHH! OHHHH! OOOOOH YESSSSS SUCH A NASTY GIRL! MMMM MOMMY HAS SUCH A GOOD, NASTY GIRL!” Heather screamed, her hands clawing at the bed like her nails could tear through Alyssa’s sheets as she welcomed the assault from Ava’s inexperienced but wonderfully forbidden mouth. “FUCK YOUR MOMMY, AVA! YESSSSS SUCK THE CUM RIGHT OUT OF MY SLUTTY, PERVERTED PUSSY! OOOOH YOU’RE MOMMY’S LITTLE SLUT NOW, AREN’T YOU?”

But Ava didn’t agree to that and she let Heather know it by pulling up from her pussy and smiling evilly at her.

“Mmmm no mommy, you’re MY slut!” Ava insisted, making Heather quiver with lust over the way her own daughter continued to take charge. “We fuck the way I want to fuck! You’re my slut! You’re my bitch! I’m in charge now! You’re just a dirty whore begging for her daughter’s tongue! Mmmm now that I know my slutty mommy loves teen tongue she’s gonna get mine all the time, but only if you’re a good girl and earn it mommy!”

“Yesssssssss yesssssssss! Ohhh fuckkk make me earn it!” Heather groaned out, knowing she continued to deserve this kind of punishment. “I’m yours baby! I’m a dirty mommy slut for my little girl! Please don’t stop baby! Fuck mommy like the whore she is! Please!”

Satisfied that her mother knew who was in charge, Ava got back to sucking and tongue fucking Heather. And feeling Ava’s young, eager mouth back on her pussy had Heather shaking and screaming in the bed again in no time.

Ava loved hearing those screams. She loved knowing she was making her mom feel good. And most of all she loved this creamy, awesome taste in her mouth.

Chloe’s juices had been so sweet and Ava had found herself thinking about what other women tasted like. She had started wondering about girls like Ariel and especially about Bella and what it would be like to lick their pussies and taste their juices.

But now all she could think about was how yummy her mom was. Heather had a richer flavor than Chloe. Both tasted amazing but there were differences and Ava loved the contrasts. She loved comparing tastes and comparing bodies too.

Chloe had such a tight, firm body. She was a perfect little teen slut in Ava’s mind. But her mom was so much different, so mature and experienced with the imperfections of age impossible to hide.

But to Ava they only made her mom hotter. She had been compared to her mom so many times. People had always noted how similar they looked and Ava hoped she’d look and taste as good as her mom did when she was her age.

Ava loved everything she was doing. She loved lewdly sucking on her mom’s pussy, slurping on one lip and then the other and then sucking on them both together to make them stretch and snap back into place when she wickedly let them go.

And Ava loved tonguing her mom, lapping at her slit and tasting her own saliva on it mixed in with Heather’s flowing juices. She loved shoving her tongue into her too, taking Heather roughly and not playing nice like she had with Chloe. With her friend, she’d been loving but with her mom Ava preferred to be nasty.

Ava’s mind was going 1,000 miles a minute in her head and she could feel her heart jackhammering in her chest. She was going totally on instinct. Her licking was raw and undisciplined.

She would tongue Heather and then suck her and then lick her again, never staying too long doing one thing. Ava was letting every dirty desire she’d ever stifled inside herself come out now and she was having so much fun.

As Heather cried out in ecstasy, Ava spit a gob of her saliva right into her mother and then dove in to lap it up, loving how the flavors mixed in one nasty, forbidden taste.

Heather just flailed on the bed in joy as her daughter tongue fucked her. This was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Ava didn’t have any rhythm or any experience. She was just going completely wild between her legs.

At any other time Heather would have wanted her lover to slow down and take her time. She would have made them concentrate their licking and control themselves, but right here, doing what she was doing with who she was doing it with, made control the last thing Heather wanted.

The almost bestial way her daughter was fucking her, with frenzied thrusts of her tongue into her pink and wanton sucks of her folds all done to the soundtrack of hungry grunts and groans from the teenager, was making Heather feel amazing. This was not a time for love making. It was a time for fucking and Heather loved every crude lick and suck that her wild little girl was giving her.

Ava wasn’t eating her. She was devouring her. Heather couldn’t believe what a hungry mouth her daughter had but she was so glad she had it.

Her little girl was turning into a total sex monster and Heather loved it. She moaned and begged for more with sharp, horny cries while thrusting herself up against Ava’s face, fucking the teen with her pussy while Ava fucked her with her tongue.

They were making such a mess on Alyssa’s bed but neither of them cared. Ava was still getting accustomed to the weird new sensations of having a pussy against her mouth and being able to lick another woman. It was so different than being with a guy but Ava kept loving it more and more.

Ava kept her hands on her mom’s legs, keeping them spread open and she sucked and licked wildly. She knew she wasn’t being very careful and Ava truthfully didn’t even know if she was good at it or not. But she did know she was getting so much of Heather’s juices in her mouth and it all tasted so good that she had to be doing something right. And it sure seemed as though Heather was enjoying it.


Ava wanted that too. She wanted Heather’s cream to flow into her mouth and she wanted to swallow it down like some kind of depraved incestuous fuck slut. But Ava also wanted something more.

She’d been thinking a lot about something Heather had promised her earlier and the more Ava pictured it in her mind the more she wanted to do it. It meant crossing another line but what the hell.

They had already gone so far, why not go a little farther? Or a lot farther in this case.

So instead of tongue fucking her mother more and getting the orgasm that both women felt was only moments away, Ava pulled back and gave her mother turned lover another evil smile.

“Oh you’re going to come mommy,” Ava deviously promised. “But it’s going to be the way I want it to be!”

Before she made good on her promise, though, Ava threw herself on top of Heather’s body. Mother and daughter began grinding their sweaty, naked flesh as they began fervidly kissing, their saliva drooling into each other’s mouths as they gasped and moaned and wetly Frenched.

Heather and Ava’s taboo tongue kiss was full of wanton energy and they reveled in their incestuous behavior, the two blondes rubbing their firm, naked tits together and grabbing at each other’s bodies. They were drooling for each other and it showed in their sloppy, saliva filled kisses. Whenever they broke apart before kissing again, there were long strands of saliva connecting their mouths and the kisses they indulged in made it so easy for them to swap spit.

Ava cried out as Heather gave her bare ass a hard slap and she paid her back for it by pinching her mother’s nipples. It was Heather’s turn to cry out from that and they let their hands grope and grab everywhere on each other, playing with each other’s flesh and turning each other on even more as they tongue kissed.

They couldn’t stop kissing each other, their tongues wrestling and exploring each other’s mouths like no mother and daughter were ever supposed to do. And when Ava finally pulled away, they were both left gasping for breath.

“Now you’re going to get it mommy,” Ava swore. “I should have known how much my perverted mommy needed to get herself fucked! That’s just what you’re going to get now! And you’re going to love it!”

Ava moved herself off of Heather’s body but she didn’t go far. She remained on the bed, pausing only to drink in the sight of Chloe now flat on her back with her legs up in the air in a spread open V while Alyssa lapped away at her pussy and made her pant and scream.

Chloe looked soooooo hot with her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy and Ava wanted to see that view again, this time while she was the one fucking Chloe.

But she had to focus on her mother first and Ava knew just how she wanted to do it. She had been keeping this idea in the back of her mind, not sure if she could actually do it or if it was too much.

But now she felt like she had to do it. She wanted to go even further than they had. She wanted to do every dirty, nasty thing she could think of and Ava had never thought about anything nastier than this.

It took Ava a few moments to find what she was looking for and she eventually found it on the floor. She didn’t get off the bed for it though. She just reached down and grabbed it, inadvertently giving her mother a great view of her tight teen ass all naked, her skin glistening from sex and sweat.

Heather moaned from the view and her moans got even louder when Ava sat up and showed what she’d grabbed.

“Ohhhhhh! Are you going to use that on me?” Heather lustfully asked, her breathing getting harder and her pussy getting wetter when she saw Ava holding the strap-on Eliza had just been using on Sarah Hyland before they’d all been interrupted.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” Ava confirmed. “This is what you’re gonna get mommy! Good and fucked by my big, hard dick!”

Ava had never even seen a strap-on for real before tonight, much less used one. She was certainly aware of how they were used but it wasn’t like she had ever been around one before or ever thought she would be.

But now all she could think about was taking the toy she had seen used on Sarah and fucking her slutty mom with it. It was all impulse but Ava felt like she had to do it. She had to be nasty and dirty and wild.

Heather could only watch, enraptured by the sight of her naked daughter putting on Alyssa’s strap-on. Ava struggled a little bit at first figuring out how to get it on her body and Heather wanted to get over there and help her.

She wanted to guide Ava and show her daughter that she knew all about how to use a fake cock and how much she loved to be on the receiving end as well as be the one giving the dirty pleasure of being fucked by a toy. But Heather couldn’t move. She was too turned on and she just kept on lying back and playing with herself while she watched Ava try to get the toy on.

Eventually Ava figured it out and proudly presented herself to her mother, a hard, plastic penis now dangling between her legs as Heather kept her legs spread wide.

Ava moaned when she saw how soaking wet Heather was for this. God, her pussy looked hotter than ever. Ava could taste her mom all over her lips and she licked them while she grabbed the fake junk she now had on and stroked it, giggling over how weird it was for her to be doing this. It was such a nasty thrill though and Ava had never felt more excited.

“Is this what mommy needs? To feel a big, dyke girl cock inside her? Do you get fucked by this kind of cock a lot?” Ava said, coming towards Heather as the older woman whimpered with need.

“Yesssssss ohhh yesss baby mommy loves that kind of cock!” Heather admitted. “I need it all the time! Mmmm Lyssa fucks me so good with her toy and makes me take it like a slut but I’ve never wanted it more than I do now! Come fuck your mommy! Give me that hard, fake dick!”

“Ohhhh you’re soooo nasty,” Ava groaned.

She had no idea what she was doing with this but Ava was pretty sure she could figure it out and when she got close enough to her mother she playfully grabbed the plastic shaft and smacked it against Heather’s splayed slit. That immediately made Heather cry out from the hard contact against her swollen clit and from the sound the plastic made when it smacked her soaked girl folds.

“Is this where you want it?” Ava playfully demanded while smacking the toy against Heather’s sodden girl flesh. “Want me to fuck your pussy mommy? Want me to get my big girl dick into your nasty slutty dyke pussy?”

“Yesssss baby please! Fuck mommy’s dirty wet lesbian pussy!” Heather begged. “I need it so bad! Ohhhhhh Ava I’ve been dreaming about you taking me like this! Filling up my pussy and fucking me hard and nasty like all my friends do here!”

“Ohhhh my God you’re such a slut!” Ava marveled as she rubbed the shaft up and down her mom’s spread cunt lips. “In fact you’re too slutty to get fucked here! Mmmm you’re too much of a bad, sicko pervert mommy to get her pussy fucked! Remember how you said that I can have your ass? Mmmm I don’t want to wait for it! You’re going to get it now, mom! You’re gonna get it right here!”

And without warning Ava abruptly changed course and took the fake cock by her hand so she could move it downward and push it right into Heather’s unprepared asshole.

Ava just went for it and indulged in her most wicked impulse when she penetrated Heather with the toy, letting the head of the fake cock push into her mother’s tightest hole and slide inside. And she wasn’t gentle either. Ava pushed it in forcefully and Heather immediately reacted.

“OHHHHHHHHHH! FUCKKKKKKK!” Heather screamed out, the shock of her daughter suddenly fucking her ass overwhelming her.

She was hardly a virgin up the ass but she hadn’t been ready for it and it hurt to have the plastic, lubed only by Sarah’s drying pussy juices into her asshole.

“OHHHH! MY ASS?????? OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!!! AVAAAAAA!!!” Heather cried out in disbelief that this was happening.

Heather wasn’t completely dry. Her pussy had been dripping so much that some of her juices had run down to her asshole. But there was a big difference between that and being properly lubed up. She hadn’t been expecting Ava to do it so it was a shock to her system and the teenager didn’t relent or show any hesitancy.

“You’re such a bad girl, mom!” Ava said, her voice a sexy growl as she started to thrust, fucking her mother up the ass with the strap-on. “Bad girls get fucked up the ass! You deserve this mommy! You want me so bad? Now you get me right up your dirty dyke ass!”

“OHHHH! OHHH FUCKKK! OHHH AVA! GOD! THAT HURTS! OHHHH FUCKKKK!” Heather cried, enjoying it even though there was pain in having her asshole forced open by the plastic cock.

Heather knew she deserved it. Ava was so right about that and because it was so depraved and wrong it felt good too. But it still hurt and her cries alerted the others to what was happening.

“Oh no! No! No! No! Not like that!” Alyssa chided, pulling away from Chloe and shaking her head over how little these kids actually knew compared to how much they thought they knew. “You’ve gotta use lube! You can’t just dry fuck someone’s ass! It’ll fucking hurt! Use some goddamn lube Ava!”

Alyssa was less concerned about her friend being fucked up the ass by her own daughter than by proper technique not being followed. With an audible “tsk”, Alyssa reached down on the floor for the bottle of lube that Eliza had been using before and shoved it into Ava’s hand.

“Use this! God, do I have to show you kids everything!” Alyssa said before getting back to what she wanted to be doing and tongue fucking Chloe’s little wet cunt. “Don’t fuck someone without lube! Just pour it on and it’ll feel so much better! Jesus, if you’re going to use my toy then you’d better fucking use it right!”

Ava blushed over her error. She hadn’t meant to mess up. She had just gotten so excited about doing something so dirty that she hadn’t stopped to consider all she was supposed to do to get Heather ready.

“Sorry mommy,” Ava replied, turning from being a dominating teen bitch into a chastened girl as she pulled the strap-on out from Heather. “I’ll do it right.”

But Heather didn’t criticize or do anything to further her daughter’s embarrassment. It had hurt to be taken like that, but she hadn’t wanted Ava to stop. Heather needed to come so much and she desperately wanted the girl to resume fucking her.

“Ooooh you’d better do me right!” Heather replied, rubbing her fingers over her pussy and then spreading the juice over her asshole. “Lube that cock back up and stick it back in me! Mommy needs it! Fuck me right up the ass!”

“Really? You liked it?” Ava asked, feeling her confidence and her arousal surge again.

Ava was so glad her mistake hadn’t ruined the mood because she had loved what she was doing.

“Mmmm baby I loved it! I love that I’m the first woman you’re fucking!” Heather groaned in utterly uncontrolled depraved need.  “Get that big cock back inside me! Fuck mommy’s slutty asshole!”

“Mmmm yesssss you’re such a dirty mommy,” Ava said as she excitedly opened the bottle of lube and poured out a more than generous amount onto the plastic shaft strapped to her body. “Getting your ass fucked by horny lesbians! Mmmm that’s so fucking nasty! Now you’re letting your own daughter fuck you! Now you’re going to be like my ass fucked bitch! Mmmm fuckkk you’re so sexy and nasty, mom! I wanna fuck your ass! I’ve never even had my own ass played with but I want to fuck yours and make you feel what a total slut you are!”

Not wanting to repeat her mistake, now Ava overcompensated by pouring too much lube on Alyssa’s strap on. She slathered it all over the fake cock and rubbed it on letting it drip down and stain the sheets beneath her and Heather.

And then Ava took it further and began pouring the lube onto her mother like it was oil. It made Heather’s skin glisten and Ava loved the sexy look of her shiny flesh. She only stopped pouring on the lube when she realized how much of it was dripping off Heather’s body and messing up the sheets.

Heather moaned when she felt the liquid flow down over her thighs, dripping over her pussy lips and run down her body to get to her waiting asshole. As Ava watched, Heather reached down and began rubbing the lube in, preparing her tight ring.

“Yes mommy yes!” Ava cheered. “Show me how bad you want it! Show me how to fuck hot girls like you in the ass! Show me what a slutty mommy you are and get your ass all ready for me! Mmmm I’m gonna fuck you so hard! I’m gonna make you come so good!”

“Yessssssssssss pleaaaaaaaaaaase!” Heather desperately begged. “Fuck me up the ass like the whore I am! Give it to me Ava! I’m such a fucking whore! I’m a fucking dyke slut who wants to fuck her daughter and needs to get her ass fucked! Get in here baby! Buttfuck mommy!”

Even in her most depraved fantasies, Heather never dreamed she’d actually say something so dirty to her daughter. But the words had flown out of her mouth with such ease.

God, this was so wrong but it was feeling so natural to Heather. She loved being this dirty with her daughter. She didn’t care about taboos or right and wrong. She only cared about pleasure and that pleasure came back to her with an intense rush when Ava gave her what she wanted and shoved the plastic cock back into her.

Ava still hadn’t grasped the niceties of assfucking and she didn’t ease the toy into Heather. Instead she buried it in her, pushing the head of the fake cock into Heather’s asshole with a forceful thrust.

Fortunately Heather was more than lubed up now and there was far less resistance when Ava pushed inside and penetrated her mother’s asshole. It was still tight but the slickness of the lube eased her journey and Ava let out a moan of satisfaction when she pushed more inches of the plastic inside the older woman and began to thrust.

But the little sound of glee that came from Ava as she began to sodomize the woman who had given birth to her was nothing compared to Heather’s reaction.

Heather welcomed the cock back inside her with a loud cry of pleasure over the initial penetration and when Ava began to thrust, Heather found herself getting closer and closer to the orgasm she was desperate for.

“Yessssssssss that’s it baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck mommy’s slutty fucking ass!” Heather cried out, unconsciously fingering herself as the plastic pushed inside her without even taking note of what she was doing. “Ohhhhhh baby yessssssssssss! Mmmmm fuckkkk! Fuck me! Oh yesssss fuck that tight, dirty hole! I love when women fuck my ass! I never thought you’d be the one doing it baby but it feels so good! Mommy loves feeling her little girl fucking her ass! Don’t be gentle! Be fucking mean! Fuck mommy like a dirty dyke whore! Yesssss you keep calling me that and it’s what I am! Ohhhhh yessssssssss! Ooooh you can do it harder Ava! Fuck me! OHHH YESSSSS JUST LIKE THAT!”

Heather cried out when Ava pushed in with even more force. The extra thrust sent her voice rising and her body closer to the ecstasy that she needed to experience from this wicked incest.

This was so good. Once again the nature of what was happening to her and who was doing it to her more than made up for Ava’s lack of experience. The girl had never used a toy like this and it certainly showed in her technique but Heather didn’t mind a bit. Just the fact that they were committing this deviant act was enough to send her flying on the inside.

“Bad mommy! Bad bad bad mommy!” Ava teased, impetuously giving Heather’s jiggling tits a series of firm slaps while she fucked her ass. “Wanting it harder! Wanting it nastier! Mmmm wanting your own daughter to fuck you up your ass! Take it mom! Take it deep up your nasty hole! Mmmm you’re so hot like this! All this time you were bossing me around and not letting me talk to boys you were a bigger slut than I could ever have been! Now you’re turning me into a slut like you! Making me like girls! Making me want to fuck your ass! Making me so nasty and gay! Ooooh you love it, don’t you? Tell me you fucking love it!”


Ava moaned loudly when she heard that, giving Heather’s tits another hard smack and loving how flushed the firm, mature white globes got when she slapped them. She loved what her mother was saying to her.

Gawd, she totally was a dyke now. Ava felt like she’d been totally changed and she never wanted to change back. She just wanted to keep fucking women, especially her mom. Ava never wanted to think about boys again!

Ava was shocked by her own actions but she had wanted to try this ever since Heather had offered up all her holes to her. The boys she had been with definitely loved her ass and Ava knew she had herself a hell of a booty.

Ava loved to show it off and she loved to use it to tease guys and make them hard for her. And that teasing and seeing her in tight pants and wearing tiny thongs had made them very interested in doing a lot more than appreciating her ass. But Ava had never let anyone play with her back there.

It wasn’t like she was against it in principle. It had just seemed like it wasn’t something she was ready for. Maybe in a few years she had told herself. Maybe when she had more experience and was more confident in her own body and sexual ability.

With all the attention usually focused on her own backside, it had never occurred to her that she could ever fuck someone else’s ass. Ava had never dreamed she would ever fuck another woman up the ass. And she had definitely never in a million years pictured doing something like this to Heather. This was all so crazy but it was so incredible.

Ava was definitely not used to wearing a strap on. She hadn’t even known there was more to them besides the big fake dong part. She hadn’t known there was a part that stimulated her clit.

She hadn’t known that she could get pleasure while dealing out a good fucking. Naturally Ava loved that part a lot and since she was fucking a hole as tight as Heather’s ass, it pushed back the toy against her clit a lot, giving Ava extra incentive to not hold back.

It was so weird to think of herself having a cock. Ava liked the sensation of it though. She had no idea how boys could walk around with a real one and not be like jacking it off all the time over pretty girls like her and now she was starting to really get into the sense of power that came from having a penis.

She could fuck whoever she wanted however she wanted to. She could get so nasty and just keep driving it up Heather’s ass, fucking her nasty hole and making her take inch after inch. That was such a rush for Ava and the more she got accustomed to this the more she liked it.

“Your ass is so fucking tight and hot!” Ava groaned, barely believing she was saying this to her mom but knowing that it was the best part of it. “Not as tight as me though! Mmmm all the boys want to fuck my ass! I make them so fucking hard with my tight butt! Just like you do mom! Oooooh you still have such a hot ass! Mmmm I know boys my age stare at my hot mommy and get their fucking boners over your tight ass! But they don’t get to fuck mine and they’re not fucking yours! Ooooh I get to fuck this ass! I get to fuck my slutty mommy! Take it mommy! Take it like a fucking bitch! Come for me! Come for your gay daughter! You made me into a lesbo and now you get to come from it!”


“Goddamn right I am! And you’re just a daughterfucking whore whose ass is gonna be loose and sore from me fucking you!” Ava laughed. “Come for me mommy! Come from me making you into my bitch! Come from your slutty daughter fucking you like you always wanted to!”

Heather groaned out incoherently at the sound of the lewd urging. She wanted this so much. It was hotter than any depraved fantasy she had ever had.

She was lying back in her friend’s bed letting her daughter have anal sex with her. Every single thing about this was wrong. But Heather still wanted it. She had been dying to come ever since Ava had started imposing herself on her.

Heather couldn’t believe that just a little while ago her daughter had been freaking out and now they were doing this and enjoying it.

Ava had always been perfect in Heather’s eyes. But right then she had never looked more beautiful. Heather was looking at her with the gaze not just of a mother now but as a lover and she loved everything that she saw.

She loved how into it Ava was and how her daughter’s firm tits were jiggling as she thrust into her. Her eyes were like sexy sparkles and Heather stared into them, seeing nothing but love and lust mixing together.

Her daughter was calling her such mean names but Heather knew from her eyes that Ava loved her and that not even crossing this line had changed that. Knowing Ava loved her and lusted for her made the pleasure even more intense for Heather.

What they were doing was so dirty and degrading but Heather didn’t want it to be a cheap fuck. She didn’t want to just use her daughter sexually and then pretend it never happened. She wanted this to be special. There was no one in the world Heather cared about more and she desperately wanted Ava to want her as much as she wanted her daughter’s amazing body.

The look in Ava’s young eyes told Heather that she did want her. It told her the teenager really did want to be as hot and naughty as her mommy. It told her that there was love behind their depraved actions and Heather’s moans grew more garbled and intense as she thought about how this could even strengthen their bond somehow and make them closer than mere mother and daughter.

They were so close now, closer than they were supposed to be of course, but still with this new kind of bond between them, Heather dreamed of being more connected to her daughter than ever.

Sex and love would bond them and right then Heather wanted sex so badly. She was willing to offer herself up to Ava every night and she wanted to make sure her little girl was the best girl fucker she could be.

Heather didn’t want to just be selfish with her either. She didn’t want to keep Ava all to herself. She wanted to share her with Alyssa and all her friends and she wanted to see Ava fuck Chloe. Heather wanted to help Ava get good at this and if it meant she had a bigger orgasm in the process, then so be it.

“Do me like this!” Heather managed to pant out before she offered assistance to her daughter by further offering up her body.

Heather lifted up her legs off the bed and brought them up in the air, showing off what yoga could do by spreading them open and draping them over Ava’s shoulders and pulling herself up off the sheets to adjust her position.

Ava immediately got the idea and held onto her mother for leverage as she burrowed in deeper with the strap on, shoving it harder into Heather. Ava didn’t have to be told what her mother wanted. She just hoped she was doing it right as she held fast to her mother’s legs, keeping them open and over her shoulders and pushed into her hard and fast, thrusting plastic up Heather’s ass and listening to her cries.

“Like this? Is this how slut mommy wants it up her ass?” Ava teased, Heather’s happy sex sounds confirming to her that she was doing it right.


Ava could see how close her mother was. It was getting harder to thrust into Heather’s asshole because of how she was constricting against the invading plastic. She was so ready to come and Ava marveled as Heather reached down and began furiously touching herself again, rubbing her pussy right in front of her while she kept on fucking her ass.

Ava had never seen anything sexier in her life than her mother desperately needing to come. Heather was so beautiful and Ava only wanted to make her feel good.

“Come for me!” Ava groaned out, her own clit being stimulated so wonderfully by the hard pushes she was making into the snug, forbidden orifice. “Come on mommy! Come! Come for your little girl! This is what you wanted! It’s yours now! I’m yours! I’m your slutty dyke daughter now! I’m mommy’s good little pussy slut! I’ll be your lesbian baby girl mommy! Come for me! Please come from me fucking your ass! I wanna make you feel so fucking good! Come!”

Ava might not have been the best lover to ever fuck her ass but she sure as hell was the sexiest. There was nothing that compared to this and Ava’s sexy pleas pushed Heather right over into her orgasm.

The physical and mental rush of their sex was so intense and Heather found herself coming almost on command from Ava. Hearing her daughter’s sweet voice ordering her to orgasm while inches of fake plastic prick were shoved up her ass and Ava’s hot, young body was exposed to her made Heather explode.

“OOOOOOOOH! MMMM BABY YESSSSS OHHHH FUCKKK AHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Heather screamed out in release, frantically touching herself as Ava continued fucking her ass, shoving those welcome inches of fake cock into her clenching hole. “YESSS! OOOOOH AVA BABY YESSSSSS! UGHHH FUCKKKK YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SLUT! MAKING MOMMY COME! OOOOOH MAKING DIRTY MOMMY COME SOOOO MUCH OHHHHHHH!”

Heather rubbed herself wildly as she came, tossing her head back and crying in intense satisfaction as her orgasm creamed from her pussy and soaked her fingers.

Ava felt herself unconsciously drool as she watched Heather hit her orgasm. She loved looking down and seeing the strap-on shoved into her asshole while her body clamped down around it, not letting her pull it out. She loved seeing Heather’s tits shake and her beautiful face contort from wave after wave of ecstasy.

But most of all she loved seeing Heather’s pussy. She loved how soaking wet it was and the nasty sounds of Heather’s fingers playing with the squishy pinkness. It was so dirty and nasty to see a pussy that wet and creamy and Ava loved knowing that not only was it her mom’s but that she had made it that way.

Ava moved her arm so she could shove her fingers into Heather too, soaking them in her mother’s orgasmic essence and bringing them up to her lips so she could suck them clean. Ava moaned in her own bliss as she once again tasted her mother’s juices.

It was even hotter this time now that Heather was coming. Ava wanted her mommy’s cum and she knew from now on she was going to be getting a lot of it.

“Oooooh fuck yesss mommy! You’re so fucking sexy! Coming for your naughty girl!” Ava moaned, starting to slow down her thrusts as Heather slumped back down on the bed, her body glistening with sweat and lube and a big smile on her face. “This is so hot! Mmmm your cum tastes so good! Mmm was I good? Did I fuck mommy just how she wanted it?”

Feeling nothing but ecstatic afterglow as she lay back on Alyssa’s bed, Heather barely could hold a thought in her head. It was like Ava had fucked her brains out and she loved it. But Heather managed to find enough ability to form words together to be able to assure her daughter that she had been great.

“Yessssssssss baby! You fucked me better than anyone ever has!” Heather told her. “Mmmm I can’t wait for us to do it again too!”

Heather had never experienced anything this hot and her orgasm had left her a crumpled mess of naked female flesh. She couldn’t believe they had actually done it but she was so glad they had.

“Me neither!” Ava said, carefully easing the strap on out of Heather’s asshole, giddy over what they had just done and wanting so badly to do it again. “Mmmm I want to learn all about being kinky and nasty with you!”

“I’ll show you everything!” Heather promised. “Mmmm I’ll make my little girl even kinkier than her mommy is! You fucked my ass so good baby! You made me come so hard! Mmm now I’ll show you something dirty we can do! Feed me that cock! Put it in my mouth and make me suck my own slutty ass off it!”

Ava couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Taking something that had just been up someone’s ass and putting it in her mouth? That was crazy. But it sounded so hot when Heather said it. She made it sound so hot and naughty.

The way Heather put it, it sounded like the sexiest thing in the world. So when Ava finished pulling the strap on out of her mother’s ass, she didn’t disobey her or question her. She just pushed the toy into her mother’s mouth.

“Yesssss baby! Feed mommy! Feed mommy her dykey incestuous ass!” Heather moaned out submissively before opening wide and swallowing the toy, making Ava marvel at the sight of how much her mother loved tasting her own ass.

Heather had plenty of experience with it. She had swallowed Alyssa’s toy so many times after her friend had fucked her pussy and she had certainly done it too after Alyssa had taken her ass.

Heather loved sucking a toy that had just been inside her and now she had the extra incentive of being able to show off to her daughter. She sucked it lewdly, treating the toy like it was a real cock, swallowing the inches that had just been up her ass and savoring her own taste.

“Ohhhh mom! Mmm that’s so fucking nasty!” Ava groaned in arousal, pinching her own pink nipples while she watched Heather lie on her back and suck the cock right out her ass. “Mmmmm you’re such a whore! Ooooh dirty anal whore sucking her own ass off my big cock! Mmmm so fucking hot!”

Heather moaned from how much she was turning Ava on and she drooled onto the cock. Ava wasn’t doing anything but just kneeling on the bed and feeding the strap-on to her but Heather knew she could teach her how to fuck someone’s mouth with a toy.

Heather didn’t mind doing all the work, bobbing her famous lips up and down and tasting the taboo flavor of her own ass. She relished the incestuous acts they had committed and touched herself some more as she smeared her own fuck cream all over her pussy lips and thighs.

Ava loved watching her mom suck the strap-on. It was so naughty to watch her sucking her own ass off it. Ava wanted to do that too. She didn’t say it but she was already thinking about how hot it would be for Heather to take her anal cherry and fuck her virgin hole with this toy. Then she could make her taste it too. Ooooh that would be so hot.

But before she could think about that too much more, Ava found herself distracted by the sounds coming from right next to her. She’d been so focused on doing what she had with her mom she’d forgotten all about Chloe and the girl reminded her by crying out her incoming explosion of ecstasy.

The sounds made Ava turn her head toward her friend and she loved what she saw. Chloe was naked and so sexy and sweaty on the bed, her creamy skin looking like it was in the middle of a slutty workout as her little tits giggled on her chest and she fucked herself right against Alyssa’s face and fingers.

Chloe was humping herself hard against Alyssa, mashing her pussy up into her and screaming how close she was. Ava loved seeing Chloe like that, all naked and horny with her legs up in the air and her pussy being pleasured, and she wanted her friend to come.


“Mmmm yeah that’s what I want too Chloe!” Alyssa told the starstruck, horny teenager as the girl writhed in her bed. “Fucking come for me! You’re such a hot, dirty girl! I should have seen that right away! Mmmm come from my tongue fucking this pretty, young cunt of yours! Come from my fingers playing with your clitty! Come all over me so I can tell my friends how fucking good you are and get them to want to fuck you too!”

“OOOOOOOOOH YESSSS MAKE ME LITTLE SLUT TO BE PASSED AROUND TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!” Chloe cried, her imagination working overtime as she envisioned Alyssa putting together a naughty all-girl gangbang for her friends to have their way with her. “FUCK ME LIKE YOU FUCK ALL THE OTHER GIRLS AROUND HERE! FUCK ME GOOD AND HARD AND MAKE ME COME OOOOH FUCK YESSS ALYSSA! MMMM YOU’RE THE HOTTEST GIRL TO EVER FUCK ME! PLEASE MAKE ME COME!”

Ava watched Chloe nakedly writhing on the bed. It was the only thing that could possibly ever made her distracted from the sight of her mother going ass to mouth on the strap-on. Her friend looked so sexy and needy and Ava started cheering her on, making sure she knew she was watching and that she wanted her to feel good.

“Mmmmmm yessss come for her! Come all over that dirty slut’s face Chloe!” Ava cheered. “Alyssa fucked my mom and now she’s fucking you! Ughh she makes hot girls into dirty sluts and now she’s doing it to you! Come all over her! Do it just how you wanted to for so long! Soak her with that naughty girl juice! Mmmm I wanna see you come all over her! You’ve wanted to fuck her for so long and I’m watching you do it! Soooo hot!”

Chloe had never actually pictured having an audience for her fantasy coming true. She wasn’t exactly comfortable with displaying herself sexually in front of a group of women but since her audience was Ava and since her friend’s wicked display with Heather had helped turn her on so much, Chloe welcomed her prying eyes.

“Yessssssssssssssss watch me!” Chloe implored her friend. “Mmmm fuckkkk this feels so good Ava! I’m so glad you’re into it now too! Mmmm watch Alyssa make me come! Ooooooh yesssss this is like the best Christmas gift I could ever get!”

“Mmmm I’m going to do more than watch,” Ava said as she reached down to unbuckle her toy.

It was so hot to watch Heather suck her ass clean off the fake cock, but Ava’s mind was going so fast and she wanted to experience everything. She wanted to see Ava come. She wanted to help her. She wanted to do everything naughty lesbians did and she didn’t want to wait around.

So Ava peeled off the strap on from around her body and gave Heather a kiss on her cheek, both sexily and condescendingly, before leaving her mother with the toy and crawling her naked body over to where Alyssa’s tongue and fingers had Chloe rocking on the bed.

Ava and Chloe locked eyes as she moved over on her hands and knees and as soon as she was close enough, Ava leaned in and kissed her friend right on the lips.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh kiss me! Ooooh Ava! You’re such a good kisser!” Chloe happily sighed.

She might not have ever expected her fantasy to come true in front of her friend, not to mention her friend’s mom, but Chloe loved that Ava was there now, especially when she was kissing her like this.

“I’m going to get good at everything!” Ava pledged, running her hands softly over Chloe’s gorgeous breasts, teasing her friend’s erect nipples and making her moan. “I’m going to make my mom teach me all the dirty lesbo tricks she knows and then I’m going to use them on you! I’ll learn to fuck you so good Chloe! We can be like total lesbian best friends now! Mmmm like we can be LBFs now!”

Ava giggled as she said it and Chloe laughed too over how excited her friend was over the concept of being lesbian best friends. But the laughter soon stopped and the moaning began anew as Chloe and Ava started sensually making out, mashing their lips together and rubbing their tongues into each other.

And just like Ava was fondling Chloe’s tits, Chloe got her hands on Ava’s chest, the two of them exploring each other’s pert teen chests and loving each other’s bodies.

Chloe still couldn’t believe boy crazy Ava was into girls now. She had seen her friend do such dirty, wrong things, things no girl was still supposed to do. But it was still harder for her to believe that Ava would willingly kiss and touch another girl. But Chloe wasn’t questioning her friend’s newfound lesbianism. She was just enjoying it.

Of course there was nothing Chloe was enjoying more than Alyssa’s pleasuring of her pussy. Her skilled tongue and mouth alone would have been enough to get her off but now she had Alyssa’s fingers too and Chloe knew it wasn’t going to be long.

She couldn’t wait. God, she wanted this orgasm more than she had ever wanted. It really like was the best Christmas present she ever could have gotten.

“Mmmmm pleaaaasse oooooh pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t stoppppp!” Chloe moaned out erotically when she and Ava broke their wet kiss. “Fuck me Alyssa! Fuck me and make me come! Please! Eat my pussy! Ohhhhh fuckk I’ve wanted this so much! Please make me come! I’ll do anything you want to you or to any of your friends if you just make me come!”

“Ooooh yessss this pretty little pussy wants to come so bad, doesn’t it?” Alyssa teased, pausing her licking for a moment but still thrusting her fingers into Chloe, rubbing the girl’s clit and making her whole body tingle. “Mmmm you’re so tight Chloe! So tight and wet! I want you to come for me little girl! Come all over my face! Soak me like you’ve always wanted to you little perv! Mmm come for me like you dreamed of doing when you’d watch me on Charmed and get all wet like a dirty little teen whore! Mmm bad girl watching my show with a young, wet pussy! Come for me now baby girl! Come like you’ve always fucking wanted to!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I used to dream about thissssssss fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Chloe screamed when Alyssa started licking her clit at the same time her fingers rubbed up against it. “OOOOH YESSSS! MMM FUCKK YOU’RE MAKING MY DIRTY DREAM COME TRUE ALYSSA! OHHH FUCKK OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Yeahhh come all over her slutty face,” Ava urged Chloe, moaning into her friend’s ear as they snuggled their naked bodies together in the bed. “Cream all over that dirty dyke’s hot tongue! Soak her good like you’re going to do to me! I want your cum too Chloe! I want your pussy and your ass! I want all your naughty holes and you can have all of mine too!”

Chloe panted and moaned over Ava’s naughty wishes. God, this was turning into the best night of her life. She was getting everything she ever wanted and more. Chloe didn’t know if this was a Christmas miracle or just the best fucking luck of all time but it was so amazing.

She kept on writhing on the bed, letting Ava feel her up while she fucked Alyssa’s face. Feeling that tongue and those fingers on her clit at the same time was just too much for her and Chloe finally got what she had been wanting ever since she had figured out those funny feelings she was having for beautiful women were a whole lot more than just some passing phase.

And when she got it, the pleasure was mind-boggling for her.

“FUCKKKKKK! OHHHH MY GODDD OHHHH GODDDD OHHHHH FUCKKK YESSS ALYSSAAAAA YESSSSSSSSS!” Chloe cried out orgasmically, her hand grabbing onto the back of Alyssa’s head and keeping the older woman there while she licked and fingered and made her come like never before. “OHHHH MY GODDDDD! OHHH YESSS YESSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCKKKK! COMING SO GOOD! OOOOOH YESSSSS FUCKKKK! OOOOH MY GODDDDDDD!”

Chloe had never screamed out to God this much during an orgasm. Hell she had never felt so good during an orgasm so it wasn’t like she had much control. In the back of her mind she wondered if it was blasphemous to do it, but compared to what Ava and Heather had done, coming for Alyssa was barely a blip on the sinful radar.

She had been dreaming of this for so many lonely, horny nights and it was even more amazing than she had ever hoped it could be. Chloe kept her hand firmly on the back of Alyssa’s head, not wanting her to move an inch.

She wanted to keep Alyssa pleasuring her forever. Chloe never wanted this to end. She just wanted it to be a nonstop tangle of hers and Alyssa’s bodies naked and naughty as they both kept fucking each other and never stopping.

“Mmmmm! Oh Chloe your pussy tastes so good!” Alyssa said while licking up the teenager’s creamy release. “I hope this is everything you ever wanted sweetie! You’re so fucking sexy and have such a tight little pussy! Ooooh I want to play with you all the time now!”


Chloe was silenced by another wet, passionate kiss from Ava and the two blonde teenagers resumed making out. They kissed each other with a fierce energy and shoved their tongues together while Chloe screamed into Ava’s mouth and her orgasm finished and brought her down from her peak into a soft landing of wonderful, dreamy afterglow.

Alyssa kept licking away even as Chloe cycled down. The only thing that finally made her stop was Ava shoving her out of the way. Ava greedily wanted Chloe all to herself now and she pushed Alyssa off to the side before sliding her own hand right onto Chloe’s pussy, rubbing her friend’s satisfied slit and giving her extra stimulation.

Chloe moaned from the intimate touch and did the same to her friend, sliding her hand between Ava’s legs and sensually massaging her still wet pussy lips. Ava moaned back from the touch and they kissed harder, forgetting all about both Alyssa and Heather for the moment as they concentrated only on each other.

But even as they did that, one thought occurred to both of them. And it was Chloe who finally broke their kisses long enough to express it.

“Mmmmm gawd, where’d Ariel go?” Chloe asked.

“We’d better go find her,” Ava grinned. “Mmmm we gotta go get her into the fun!”


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