Happy Birthday, Emma Watson pt. 2

Title: Happy Birthday, Emma Watson pt. 2

Author: Mal

Celebs: Emma Watson

Codes: MF, MDom, rape, oral, anal, snuff

Summary: The nightmare continues on Emma Watson’s 26th birthday. Six hours after filming the first half of his film, the mysterious man returns to finish it once and for all.

Disclaimer: This is fiction; it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. I do not condone any behavior portrayed in this story, it is just a work of fiction. Also, I do not make any money from the distribution of it.

Emma woke with a start as the lock to her cell turned over with a loud clank, allowing the man who had kidnapped and raped her to enter. He stepped inside and leered down at her from behind the black ski mask he wore. “Sleep well my little slut?” he asked with a wicked laugh.

Emma cowered away from him, careful not to knock over the metal bucket which sat next to her. She had used it sometime after he left her to relive herself, and the cell was already filthy enough without the added humiliation of sitting in her own piss and shit. She was still naked, and a few hours spent sleeping on the grounded added to the filth of cum and sweat which still covered her. She gazed up at the man helplessly, her lips began to tremble from exhaustion, and fresh tears leaked from her eyes, marking new trails through the dirt on her face.

The man attached a thick corded leash to the collar around her neck. The collar was black leather, and cinched tightly around her throat. Bold silvery letters attached to it, spelled out the word SLUT. “I hope you slept well. We wouldn’t want your birthday to end without the guest of honor at the party.” He yanked forcefully on the cord saying, “On your feet slut.”

Emma stood on shaky legs and followed the man to the bed. She looked around the room, fearful she would see his huge Irish Wolfhound lurking in the shadows, and was relieved not to see his eyes glowing back at her. “Don’t worry. You’ve been such a good girl; we’ll finish the movie with just the two of us.” He stopped before the bed, attaching her leash to a hook in the celling. “Now kneel.”

Emma knelt on the thick area rug beside the bed and in a hoarse whisper asked: “Finish?” She looked over to where he was setting up the cameras he’d use to film the scene and continued. “Will…Will I be able to leave after that…” Her lips trembled, she was terrified he might say no, but almost as afraid he would say yes. After all, how would she ever live with herself after this day?

“That depends on you. Do as your told, perform well for the camera and I dump you somewhere someone will find you. I might even leave your clothes. Disobey, or fight me, and it’s the hole out back.” She swallowed nervously, trying to process the information. She was so dirty, so tired, she could hardly think at all. It was hard to believe just a day ago she was sitting with her friends in her flat drinking wine and planning her birthday. How would she ever tell them about this? The tears came again, rolling down her cheeks, and along with them, new found resolve: she would live.

The man finished with the cameras, and again had a small one strapped to his head. He stepped into the light and up to Emma. He was naked now, and looked down at Emma. She was covered in dirt, cum and sweat. It streaked all over her perfect body and her hair was a tangled wreck sticking out in all directions, she looked like a complete mess. But, there was a twinkle of hope in her eyes. He would have to do something about that… “You really are a dirty fucking whore.” He said laughing again. “If you could only see yourself. But, maybe you will. You can sit around and watch the movie with your family after I’ve released it. I’m sure they’d love that.”

Some of that light left her eyes with the comment, he’d have to drive the rest from her before the end. The man placed his flaccid cock against her cheek, slapping her with it a couple of times for good measure. “Be the good little cum-fairy you are, and suck this dick.” With that, he pressed it firmly to her lips.

He was counting on her wanting to live, and she didn’t disappoint, opening her mouth willingly to his massive prick. With the same skill she showed earlier, she began to slide her mouth up and down his cock, all while maintaining eye contact with the camera on his head. Her tongue flicked around the head as she pulled back, her dark brown eyes gazed upward. She pushed the head past her tonsils, deep into her throat, and her eyes watered. But she maintained a steady rhythm, working it in and out of her mouth. Before long, the man’s cock was covered in her saliva, and hard as a rock.

As he was nearing orgasm, he seized her head in both hands and pushed his cock as deep into her throat as it would go. He felt her clench up as her supply of oxygen was cut off. He held her there firm, even as her eyes bulged and she began to smack his legs hoping he’d let go. But he didn’t. He held her there, his balls resting firmly against her chin, his entire cock deep in her throat, for several moments. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she was on the verge of passing out as the first thick rope of cum burst forth from his cock. By then she was failing, and bucking, trying to free herself from his grip, even as she choked, and sputtered. He held her firm until his balls drained, and she was limp, passed out from lack of air.

After he came, he tossed the unconscious Emma Watson on to the soiled bed. He bound her wrists behind her back and took a long piece of piano wire with two wooden handles attached to either end from the supply cabinet. He stashed the garrote under the mattress, but within easy reach of where he planned to be fucking her.

Emma woke to a shooting pain arching through her body. The man had a huge black rubber dick bigger than her forearm, and was forcing it up inside her pussy. She screamed as she felt herself tear with the massive insertion. “What, what are you doing? It, it’s too big, please, please take it out its killi—AAAAAAAHHHH!” The rest came out as just an inaudible scream as he shoved it into her as far as it would go.

She lay on the bed sobbing uncontrollably as she tried to recover from the burning sensation in her pussy, she could feel the blood trickling down her leg, and fresh tears roll down her cheeks. The man leered at her, he reached down and scraped a tear from her face, licking it from his finger with a grin. “I’m sorry.” He began. “I lied to you from the start. There was going to be pain whether or not you cooperated…and” he said squirting a thick coating of lube over his cock and rubbing it in… “I never intended you to live through this. After all, I went to all the trouble of digging that hole. Why let it go to waste?”

Emma was immobilized with shock, the pain shooting through her body, and the news that this man was going to kill her was too much to even process. She whispered “no, please.” As he flipped her over on to her stomach, and spread her ass cheeks apart. He squeezed out more lube on to her asshole, and watched as it trailed down her leg, intermingling with the blood leaking from her torn pussy.

He turned her slightly, so she would be facing the camera, then began to force his thick cock into her virgin asshole. It was tight. Added to by the fact that there was a massive fake phallus buried in her bleeding twat. It took the man several minutes to force first the head, then half the shaft of his dick into her tight sphincter.

Once he was in, he seized her hair in both hands, and began to work his cock deeper and deeper inside. He could feel his dick roughly slide over the fake one, and feel Emma’s body shutter in agony each time he thrust forward. But each time he managed to push more and more of his thick meat into her.

Emma’s face was streaked with dirt, sweat, cum and tears and it was aimed directly at one of the camera’s. She was now sobbing uncontrollably and snot began to drip from her nose. All she could do was whisper “No. Please.” Which she did again and again, as the man held her tightly against his body, and drove his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. She could feel more blood running down her legs, from both her pussy, and her asshole, but it was the shooting pain from both her wholes being ravaged which overwhelmed her senses.

The man had her loosened up. He was able to drive his entire cock into her asshole, and delighted in gazing down at her destroyed holes being ravaged by his doings. He had established a good rhythm, thrusting in and out of her, and watched as the blood ran in rivulets down her legs. He was close to cumming, and slowed down in order to extract the garrote from under the mattress. Emma was so out of it; she didn’t even notice as he wrapped the wire around her throat.

But, she gasped in shock as he pulled tight the two ends tight, cutting off her oxygen. He used the garrote, and the two wooden handles like a bridle, and held her against him as he continued her anal assault. Brutally thrusting in and out, and pulling hard on the handles to keep her from breathing.

Emma began to buck and flail, violently trying everything in her power to throw off her attacker. But everything she did only seemed to make him stronger. Her eyes bulged in her head, and the veins on her neck stood up as she fought to breath. Even as she fought, and struggled, the man continued fucking her asshole. The room began to grow dark, she felt herself fading away as his first hot load of jizz shot forth from his cock.

The man watched as Emma went limp, watched as she reached to her throat in one last attempt to pull the cord from her neck. As her head sagged and the last bit of fight fell from her body, he felt himself cum. He held onto the garrote, using it to force Emma onto his dick, even as she lay limp and dead. Continuing to thrust into her corpse, harder and harder till the last hot rope of jizz flew from his rock hard cock.

He sat back panting, his arms and back covered in sweat, his cock slipped free of Emma’s gapping bloody asshole. She collapsed lifelessly onto the bed, and he tossed the garrote to the floor. He flipped her over onto her back, and yanked the thick piece of plastic from her pussy. She looked beautiful, still, staring up at the celling, covered in dirt, sweat, blood and cum. Maybe better than she had ever looked.

He lay on top of her, and kissed her deeply on the lips. Running his tongue deep into her mouth and over her unmoving tongue. Till he pulled breathlessly away.

He bent down to her ear and whispered, “I love you” sweetly and softly so only she could hear.

The man took a shower, and cleaned himself up. He then took Emma’s corpse and threw it into a shallow hole in his back yard, and spent the next hour refilling it with dirt. He burned her tee-shirt and jeans, feed Reave, and spent the rest of Emma’s birthday lounging on his bed reading French poetry. He wanted to think she would have liked that.

The next day, he finished painting his van, and began editing his newest movie, and just before he went to sleep on their soiled mattress, looked to his calendar, and at the next birthday party he had circled.

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