Hypno Celeb 56

Hypno Celeb 56: Helena Bonham Carter
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this at home, seek help.
Ah, another fine English actress, as talented as she is
beautiful. All comments and suggestions/scenarios
Hope you enjoy this.

Maurice hummed to himself softly as he worked on his
inventory. He pretty much knew where everything was, the
paperwork was just a formality. An antique shop wasn’t as huge
an undertaking as a department store or anything. It was a
shop, but Maurice had had it for enough years to feel a love
for it. Besides, he’d finally managed to get a line into the
class and business was picking up.
It was raining in Paris that day, a huge downpour. No one
was willing to go out on the streets, so Maurice had thought
the perfect day to do the paperwork. He had left the door
unlocked, but didn’t expect anyone to visit. So, he was quite
startled when the bell rang and a young woman came blasting
through the door. She was wearing a light dress that was
completly soaked. Her curly dark hair was partially dry,
to a soaked scarf. She coughed as she came up to the counter.
"I’m sorry," she said in a soft British voice. "The rain
caught unexpectedly, I just went into the first shelter I
could find." She turned her face up and Maurice instantly
recognized it. It was a beauty as delicate as white china,
made all the more
fascinating by her dark hair. It was the English actress,
Helena Bonham Carter. Maurice had admired her for several
years. He’d
seen her Oscar-nominated turn in "Wings of the Dove" three
times and had even gone to the trouble of getting a copy of
the NBC
miniseries "Merlin." Taking in the wet beauty, Maurice got an
idea, one that would gather him yet another attractive client.
"Mademoiselle Carter," Maurice said. "This is a pleasure.
I’m sorry, my manners. I’m Maurice, the owner of this humble
abode. Listen, you’re soaked. Why don’t I make you a nice cup
of warm tea, you can dry off a bit and we can chat while the
passes. Well?"
Helena certainly wasn’t one to turn down a tea and a towel
under these circumstances. Besides, the elderly Frenchman
seemed a good enough host. She nodded her head in agreement.
quickly locked the door and put up his closed sign. He led
Helena through a small door and up a flight of stairs to the
apartment he kept. Maurice handed Helena a towel and quickly
set about fixing some tea.
"It’s a nice shop," Helena said as she sat on a chair,
placing the towel underneath her.
"Yes, I rather like it," Maurice said. He and Helena
exchanged some small talk while the tea cooked. He found she
was in Paris for some publicity touring and had decided to
take a day off for herself when the storm came. Maurice poured
the tea into two cups. With his wide body blocking Helena’s
view, he poured a tiny white powder into one cup and quickly
stirred it. "Here you are," he said, coming over to where
Helena sat. "Not as good as English stock, but it’s the best I
can do."
"It’s fine," Helena said as she began to drink. She
listened to Maurice talk a bit about the shop and his years
there, but she soon began to feel distracted. Perhaps it was
the warmth of the
apartment, but she felt somewhat clouded in the head. Her eyes
gazed around the small apartment and came to the grandfather
clock in the corner. "Ah, that," Maurice said. "That’s a
family heirloom, really. Belonged to my favorite aunt. I used
to sit in front of it when I was a child and watch the
pendulum for a time. Just watch swing back and forth, back and
forth. A nice, shining disk swinging in a nice, rhythmic
motion, back and forth, back
and forth."
Helena’s eyes were fixed on the pendulum of the clock,
watching it swing as Maurice spoke. He leaned forward and
gently took the teacup from her limp hand. She barely noticed,
her eyes fixed on the pendulum. "It’s nice and relaxing, the
way the pendulum swings, back and forth, back and forth. The
motions along with the ticking. The ticking of the clock, the
nice, even ticks, one after another, keeping in perfect time
with the swings. Back and forth, tick, tick, back and forth,
tick. It’s so relaxing to watch the pendulum swing and listen
to the ticking. It’s so relaxing, so very relaxing. It feels
sleep, like nice wonderful sleep coming over you. You watch
pendulum move back and forth and you listen to the tick, tick
and you feel sleepy. So very sleepy. It’s all right, Helena.
You can sleep. You want to sleep. You need to sleep. You want
to close
your heavy eyes and go to sleep. Your eyes feel so heavy
watching the pendulum move back and forth, back and forth. So
heavy. Just close them and go to sleep. Sleep. Sleep."
Helena’s eyes gently closed and she slumped slightly in
the chair. Maurice continued to speak, deepening the trance
that the drugged drink and his voice had placed the actress
in. Soon, he
knew she was deep enough to follow his commands. "Helena,
those clothes are wet. Wet and uncomfortable. You want to take
clothes off. You need to take your clothes off. It’s all
don’t be nervous. Just take off your clothes. When you take
all your clothes, you will feel nice and warm and even more
relaxed than ever. Go ahead, Helena. Take off your clothes."
Helena slowly rose from the seat and stood. Eyes closed,
deeply hypnotized, she began to unbutton the front of her
dress. She shrugged it off of her and let it drop with a small
against the floor. She slipped off the white bra and her pert
breasts came free. She slowly slid off her panties, letting
them lie with the rest of her soaked clothing. She stood nude
Maurice. She didn’t shiver, her mind convinced she was totally
warm and very, very relaxed.
Maurice had stripped by his time, his aging body still
lively. His cock was already hard and ready. "Helena, you know
you are asleep. You are dreaming. A nice, wonderfully erotic
dream. A dream that you want to do anything I say. Anything I
tell you will be good, Helena. You will want to do everything
say. Do you understand?"
"..Yes.." the mesmerized actress said. "Come here, then,"
Maurice said, his arms wide. Helena slowly climbed onto the
and Maurice embraced her. He kissed her, working his tongue
into her mouth. She responded with a touch as delicate as the
rest of her. Maurice pressed her against him, feeling her
flesh warm to
his. Insanely, he felt like he held a precious doll in his
arms. That thought soon left him as Helena began to respond to
touch, kissing him with more feeling. They rolled around on
bed, rubbing their hands over each other as the rain continued
to come down outside.
Maurice finally came onto his back and lifted Helena onto
him. She sat down on his erect member, sighing in pleasure as
she felt his shaft enter her pussy. She began to rock forward
gently as Maurice ran his hands up and down her hips. She
opened her
eyes and Maurice was momentarily afraid until he saw the
expression in them was blank. She was too lost in pleasure to
break free from his control. Maurice pushed his cock further
into her, pinching her hips. She thrust herself forward with
feeling as she began to build herself. They both cried, their
moans of pleasure drowned out as a blast of thunder came from
outside at the same time as their orgasm.
Helena collapsed onto Maurice, but he wasn’t ready to give
up just yet. He still felt the need to burst in his member and
quickly rolled Helena onto her back. He kept his cock in and
began sliding it in and out of the Englishwoman’s wet lips. He
kissed both of her breasts as he porked her, rubbing his hands
over the small mounds. He pinched them as he felt himself
into her and kissed her again, his passion fully released as
came loose, his lips drowning out another cry from her.
Maurice made love to her until the storm died an hour
later. He quickly had her get dressed and led her back to the
shop. He
erased her memories of the time spent with him. She would
remember coming in to escape the rain, having a nice talk and
nothing else. Of course, he left a trigger phrase ready to put
her back into a trance. He then woke her up. She politely
thanked him for his time and hospitality and left the shop.
smiled as he went back to his inventory. This was definitely

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