The Morning After

Title: The Morning After

Author: Tori

Celebs: Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies

Codes:  MF, cons, anal, oral, gang

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

There’s only one thing worse than waking up in your car and that’s waking up in your car with your panties stuffed in your pussy and your hair matted down with dried cum.  Add to that the fact that you still had the taste of cum in your mouth and your ass hurts like hell and that’s what greeted Victoria Justice that morning.  The strangest part was that she was in the passenger’s seat and the keys were still in the ignition so someone must have driven her home.

“Jesus FUCK!” she yelled after she looked at herself in her rearview.  She slowly stumbled out of her car and went into the house.  When she looked at the clock, it read 8:14am.  “What the fuck did I do?”  She went upstairs and took off her skirt and blouse and then pulled her thong out of her pussy.  When she looked at it, she could see that it had been torn off of her.  She sat down and said to herself, “Oh my God, I was raped!”  She tried to remember what she did after she left the set but it was all a blur.  She remembered stopping for a drink with her best friend but that was where her memories ended.  She thought about calling the police but without any facts, she knew they would never believe her.  That, plus the fact that she didn’t really want the publicity, made her decide not to call.

She went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth and then took a shower.  The warm water washed away the layers of cum that coated her body and when she bent over, the sting on her asshole brought back a flash of her getting fucked in the ass on a pool table.  After she dried off, she sat down and called her friend Liz Gillies.  “Liz, it’s me.  I think I was raped last night.”  Liz laughed and said, “No you weren’t.”  Victoria said, “Yes, I was.  I don’t remember a thing but I’m pretty sure I was raped.”  Liz said, “Listen Tori, trust me, you weren’t raped.”  The pretty singer sighed and said, “Then what the fuck happened to me?”  Liz said, “Tori relax, I’ll be over there in an hour.  I’ll tell you all about it.”  After the call was disconnected, Victoria sat down and tried her best to remember while she waited for her best friend to arrive.

A little over an hour later, Liz walked into Victoria’s house and found her sitting on the couch.  “Hey Tori.  How’s that ass this morning?”  Liz sat down and looked at her friend.  “That’s not funny Liz.  My ass hurts like hell.  Now, will you tell me what the fuck happened last night?  Please?”  Liz giggled and said, “First of all, you weren’t raped.  If anything, you raped a couple of those guys.  I’m not surprised you don’t remember anything.  I didn’t think you could drink that much.”  Victoria put her face in her hands and said, “Did you say guys?”  Liz patted her friend on the shoulder and said, “Yup. I lost count after ten.  I’ve never seen you like that before.  I mean, I thought that weekend in Cabo was bad but geez Tori, once you got started, all you did was scream for more cocks.”  Victoria stood up and put her hand over her mouth and started to run to the bathroom.  “I think I’m going to be sick” she said.  Liz followed her and stood outside the bathroom while her friend threw up in the toilet.  After she finished, she stood up and rinsed her mouth out at the sink.  She looked at herself in the mirror and glanced over at Liz smiling.  “Just how did it all start?”  Liz took her hand and led her back to the couch.  “Sit down Tori and I’ll tell you.  You called me a little after eight and asked if I wanted to get a drink.  I just got done working so I said I’d meet you at a bar near the studio.  When I got there, you were already on your third Martini, do you remember any of that?”  Victoria shook her head, “I remember inviting you out and going to that bar but I don’t remember anything else.”

“Well, after I ordered my first drink, two guys came over and said they recognized us from Victorious and asked if we wanted to do some shots.  Before I could say anything, you said “HELL YES!!” I didn’t want the shot so after you did yours, you did mine.  How many times have I told you not to drink Tequila Tori, I mean, you never learn, do you?  Anyway, you did another shot with them and then you went over to the pool table to play a game of pool with them.  As soon as you bent over to shoot, one of them started playing with your ass and the next thing I know, you were on your knees sucking his cock.  I tried to stop you but you just told me to fuck off so I sat back down at the bar and watched.  I wanted to drag you out of there but pretty soon there must have been a half dozen guys standing around you and you were sucking them all.  When you weren’t sucking them, you were jerking them off.  Victoria sat back and said, “Fuck Liz.  I’m sorry.”  Liz said, “Hey, you’re a big girl and I did try to stop you.  What else was I supposed to do?”  Victoria said, “Go on.  Tell me everything.”

Liz said, “Well, pretty soon, a couple of them came in your hair and on your face.  The guy you were sucking came in your mouth and you swallowed it all down.  After you took two more loads, they stood you up and bent you over the table.  One of them ripped your panties off and started fucking you.  All the other guys were cheering him on and after he came, another guy took his place.  While they were pulling a train on you, you looked over at me with that look you get when you’re getting fucked so I just smiled back and drank my drink.  The next thing I know, you got up on the table and got on top of one guy and screamed for someone to fuck your, and I quote, “slutty asshole”.  I saw this big black guy get up behind you and shove his cock up your ass.  He must have been a foot long Tori.  I don’t know how the hell he fit inside of you but he did.  You were screaming for him to fuck you harder and to shut you up, another guy got up in front of you and shoved his cock down your throat.  I couldn’t watch anymore so I went outside and smoked a cigarette.  I waited for a couple of hours and when I saw most of them leaving, I went back inside and found you laying on the pool table covered in cum.  I asked the bartender to help me get you in your car and then I drove you home.  You were passed out and I couldn’t get you out of the car for I just locked the doors, called cab and went back and got my car.  That was around 3am.  I figured you’d call me when you woke up.  That’s it, end of story.”

Victoria hugged Liz and said, “You must think I’m a total whore, don’t you?”  Liz kissed her cheek and said, “Yes, you are just a whore Tori.”  She started to laugh and said, “I’m just kidding.  You’re not a whore, if you were, you would have charged them.”  She laughed again and then Victoria started to laugh.  Liz said, “Look Tori, maybe you just needed to get fucked, I don’t know but next time, how about doing it with just one guy, ok?”  Victoria said, “You should talk.  Don’t forget, we both did those five guys in Cabo.”  Liz smiled, “Cabo.  Yeah, that was fun, wasn’t it?”  Victoria smiled and said, “So much fun.”

After Liz left, Victoria went upstairs and got some sleep.  After she woke up and showered, she had some dinner and called Liz.  “Hey Liz, want to go get some drinks?”  Liz said, “You’ve got to be kidding, right?”  Victoria said, “I thought we could go back that bar and let you have a turn.”  Liz laughed and said, “Are you serious?”  “Yes, I’m serious.  I think you deserve a night of unbridled debauchery while I watch.  What do you say?”  Liz thought about it for a second and said, “OK, I’m in. but no Tequila for you.”  Victoria laughed and said, “OK, no tequila but don’t wear any panties.  Mine got destroyed last night.”  The two friend laughed and then Liz said, “Meet you in an hour.”

The next morning, Victoria’s phone rang.  It was Liz.  “Tori, what the fuck did I do last night?”  Victoria laughed and said, “Relax Liz, I’ll be right over to tell you about it.”  Before she left, she called Ariana Grande.  “Hey Ari, its Tori.  Want to go out for drinks with me and Liz tonight?”

The End

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