Story Codes

This is not an “official” list, but only a list of how the codes apply to stories on CSSA/TSSA. I have included as many as I could think of and I think it covers all the codes on this site, but if you find one that I missed, please email me. Please refer to this guide when submitting stories to make posting easier.

MF – Sex between two adults – male & female.
MM – Sex between two adult males.
FF – Sex between two adult females
MMF – Sex between three adults (2 males & 1 female).
MFF – Sex between three adults (1 males & 2 female).
M+F – Sex between more than four adults (3 or more males & 1 female).
F+M – Sex between more than four adults (3 or more females & 1 male).
f – Female character under 18
m – Male character under 18

pedo – VERY young character (Under 12)

cons – Consensual sex
nc – Non-consensual sex
rape – Rape sex
nc/cons – Against sex at first, enjoys it by the storys end.
reluc – Hesitant about having sex but agrees

anal – Features anal sex (male or female)
drugs – Celeb is under some sort of drug influence (could also be alcohol)
exh – Exhibitions. Showing off nude body/gentalia in public or having sex publicly
mc – Mind control. The celeb is put under a form of hypnosis and is acting out someone else’s impulses either via hypnosis, drugs or some other device
oral – Features oral sex (male or female)
rom – Romantic elements in the story
voy – Voyeur elements (likes to watch others have sex)

first – First time having sex (taking of virginity).
preg – Impregnation or sex with a pregnant woman.
mDom – Male dominance
fDom – Female dominance
mast – Masturbation
gyn – Gynological exam
fant – Fantasy. Takes place in a sci-fi/fantasy world setting
BDSM – Slave/Master sex
viol – Contains ANY violence (sexual or non)
fist – Fisting. Using a fist for…well, you know.
sick – Very strong, violent and disturbing story. You have been warned.
tort – Torture of a character for sexual enjoyment.
mutil – Multilation of body parts for sexual enjoyment
snuff – A character is killed for sexual enjoyment.
necro – Having sex with a dead person
inc – Incest betwen family members
inter – Interracial sex (Usually black/white)
lact – Breast lactation
beast – Sex with animals
zoo – Also sex with animals
scat – Feces/Farting for sexual enjoyment
spank – Spanking for sexual pleasure
ws – Urination on someone for sexual enjoyment

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