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[Updated 7/6/2012 – Did I seriously write my first intro in 2005? WOW time flies.]

Hello, let me introduce myself, I’m The Help. Victoria originally pulled me in..well actually I emailed her and CJ and volunteered to help in retrieving/updating all the crash stories a while back (didn’t have much of a life back in 2004/2005…and still don’t). The site has changed quite a bit since that time. She’s updated the website itself by going to WordPress and has even updated the Message Boards software.

I’ll have to admit the site was a lot harder and time consuming back in the day under the old system. At that time, I could spend a week coding up 1 chapter of Harem written by one of our BEST Authors on the site, KMB. Seriously his chapters are like mini novels and I say is because well he is still writing them. Fast forward to today with Victoria now using the power of WordPress, those same chapters can be added to the site in less than 20 minutes (still takes the software a bit of time to read and display all those words and characters on the screen) and the sites are better organized. Going forward I’m sure the site(s) will change for the better many more times as they adjust to the current way of doing things on the net.

Well I’m not sure now how many times I’ve left the duties of Helper to others and have come back to reclaim my position. Guess Victoria is a hard person to say no to. Why can’t I have someone like a Victoria in my every day life? I so need a woman. 35 years old and yelp, still a virgin. I originally came to this site because of my love of television and fictional stories and still to this day my love is for the stories posted on the TSSA site. I used to post my stories on TSSA (under a different name), but I’ve since given up on writing. Now I just fantasize and read other people’s stories. Well now you know a bit about me.

Now to the reason you all came to read this thread – CSSA Story Submission Guidelines.

Email Address for CSSA Story Submissions: CSSAFics (at) gmail (dot) com.

All story submissions should have a subject heading as follows,
“CSSA Story Submission: ” (prefer the title of the story to be in the subject heading as well, but not mandatory)

All Story Submissions MUST HAVE the following info:
Story Title
Author’s Name
Content Codes
and of course the story itself

(If any of the above information is missing when submitted then your story will be REJECTED. Of course you are more than welcome to correct said problems and resubmit. We really do not want to or like to turn authors and their stories away, but this is how we protect our selves and keep the site organized.)

Story Format:

Since we are using WordPress now and can keep some of your structure formatting the preferred method is to submit stories as a word document (.doc & .docx). In the past the way the site was setup we preferred plain text (.txt) attachments or for the stories to just be pasted into emails, but as we are seeing more and more with all mail programs (we use Google Mail), some of those emails are truncated and don’t come through as complete stories or come through with different character encoding due to getting submissions from all over the world/regions. Hyper Text Markup Language (.html) is allowed as well (though not preferred), but know that we will make sure it is clean .html with no use of javascripting or any other scripting that can be hidden within the code. We do not allow mention of or linking to any other website in our stories and if found those stories will be REJECTED! We also DO NOT accept stories that include pictures in them or link to pictures from other sites. Again, we now prefer .doc & .docx formats for story submissions.

Note from Victoria on Story Content:

We DO NOT edit stories, and all stories are welcome- provided they are primarily sexual in nature. CSSA is not a slasher/snuff site, and those type of stories will NOT be accepted for inclusion on the site.

I DO NOT want a story that has one perfunctory sex scene then goes on for paragraph after paragraph about mutilation, torture or snuff.

The focus of the story should be about SEX. I realize these other things are found by some to be sexually stimulating, and I make no judgements about these fantasies, but that is not, and will not become, what this site is about.

Regards, Victoria

To add to what Victoria said, we look forward to your story submissions, except for any stories that involve the Ols*en twins. So no O twins, no pictures, and no mention of other web sites. If we come up with any other DON’Ts then we will update this thread again.

Yes, we know that some people don’t agree with her policy/rules, but it is her site and her rules and I don’t see her policy changing any time soon.

If you have any questions or see something wrong with the site then feel free to contact me on the boards through private messaging or by email at cssahelper (at) gmail (dot) com. DO NOT send questions or comments to the Story Submission address or they will be deleted without responses.

‘Til next update.

The Help

P.S. A disclaimer is preferred. If nothing else just paste in the following:  “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”

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