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Your email must match your ISP or don’t join- you’ll be deleted.

Too many spamming fucks abusing the free email accts.

*** NO Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.***

For Everyone else- … on to the rules…

  1. Do NOT post links to or mention any web sites.
  2. Do NOT ask for or offer links to sites.
  3. Do NOT offer or ask for trades of stories or pictures-
    if you have stories submit them to this
    site so all may enjoy them,
    otherwise don’t even mention them if you’re not submitting them to this site.
  4. Do NOT ask about the O*sen twins, where their stories went or if they are coming back. They are not and will not appear on the site again.
    Asking about this will get you BANNED
  5. Please Do NOT ask about updates, these sites are updated by volunteers and they
    will be done when they are, and not a minute sooner.
  6. This board is NOT for posting stories, they will not work, don’t try.
  7. This board is NOT for or about pictures, offer trades or links and you are gone..
Posts that violate these
rules will be removed and the poster blocked from accessing this site again.

Registration is required to post on the boards,
but it is completely and totally free.

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