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Dirty Halos – Chapter 1: The Best Laid Plans

DIRTY HALOS CHAPTER ONE – the Best Laid Plans (MFF, drug, inter, oral, anal, con) AUTEUR: Butch Rosser, aka B. Diddy, aka Captain Charisma (godhateme79@hotmail.com) FEEDBACK: The e-mail address isn’t just a XFL joke stretched beyond the breaking point, it’s … Continue reading

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Dirty Halos – The Prologue

DIRTY HALOS (MF, oral, cons, inter, AU) the PROLOGUE AUTEUR: B. Diddy (godhateme79@hotmail.com) FEEDBACK: Could you GIVE ME SOME?! Is that too much to ask, you dirty bastards? Could you? Suggestions, constructive criticism, I’ll settle for a belch for Alba’s … Continue reading

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Ali Landry’s Last Photo Shoot

Ali Landry’s last Photo Shoot By: Anonymous One day while finishing up at the studio, Superstar Ali Landry walked in. She told me she needed to do a spread for FHM magazine right away and money was not a problem. … Continue reading

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Ali Landry And Katherine Heigl

Ali Landry & Katherine Heigl The following story is a work of fiction. Neither Ms. Landry or Ms. Heigl’s sexuality is accurately depicted. If you are under 18, please go elsewhere. C7 Ali Landry and Katherine Heigl. If you walked … Continue reading

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Dipping Lower

Dipping Lower Anynom Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Ali and an article on hypnosis in the same magazine? I couldn’t resist. Enjoy. Hector was loving this. Working for popular magazine was a … Continue reading

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