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New York Nights

Fic Title:New York Nights Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Angela Watson/Suzanne Somers/Tea Leoni/David Duchovny Rating:NC-17 Summary:Angela Watson and Suzanne Somers pay a surprise visit to David Duchovny and his wife,Tea Leoni,where Angela recieves a surprise of her own. Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language,voyurism,female/female … Continue reading

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Suzanne And Angela

Fic Title:Suzanne And Angela Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Suzanne Somers/Angela Watson Rating:NC-17 Summary:During her birthday celebration,something causes Suzanne Somers to go to her dressing room to change,only to have Angela Watson go to the same room and the two share … Continue reading

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