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Just Be Alone

Fic Title:Just Be Alone Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Date:06/26/2007 Feedback:Yes,I want feedback. Archive:Yes Categories:Het,slash Other Notes:This AU story is based on the Playmate of the Month pictorial in the September 1993 Issue of Playboy Magazine. Pairing:Carrie Westcott/m Rating:NC-17 Disclaimers:The company … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Beauty [Part 1]

A Lucky Meeting (m/f) Part One of "The Gift of Beauty" (A Lucky Meeting, A Really Hot Day) + Models Series (Carrie Westcott) by Nisaea -You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t … Continue reading

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