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Best Payment Ever

Title: Best Payment Ever Author: Tom E. Codes: MF, reluc, oral Subject: Celine Dion Disclaimer: This story is just a fiction and is in no way connected with the subject or any existing persons. This story contains adult material and … Continue reading

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Celebrity Hotel #6: Celine Dion

i decided to write just a quick story. celebrity hotel #6 CELINE DION Jack picked out another tape as he went home. as he got home he stuck the tape in the vcr and sat down to watch. as all … Continue reading

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Hypno Celeb 17

Hypno Celeb 17: Celine Dion and Sheryl Crow by MAW MC,FF Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this … Continue reading

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Celine Dion At The Grammy’s

Celine Dion at the Grammy’s (M/F, mast., public) Backstage at the Grammy’s, Celine Dion was getting ready to present an award. She was a bit nervous because her co-presenter was rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs and she had never met him. … Continue reading

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Hypno Celeb 55

Hypno Celeb 55: Isabella Rossellini and Celine Dion by MAW MC, FF Isabella Rossellini sat back in her seat and watched as the sun began to drop into the horizon. She loved taking the train. It made for such a … Continue reading

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Spice Wars [Episodes 3-4]

Legal Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional (obviously!). It contains scenes of sex, forced public nudity, offensive language, and perhaps worst of all…the Spice Girls. Spice Wars III: Revenge of the Spice (nc, mf, ir, F/f, bond, dildo, strip, … Continue reading

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Controlled Celeb 13: Celine Dion

Controlled Celeb: Celine Dion Anynom It wasn’t exactly what she had been expecting, that was for sure. Celine Dion had been quite surprised when her agent told her he would have to leave her services. He seemed to have been … Continue reading

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