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Jenny Marshall – Just Desserts

this is a piece of fiction, but one day you never know it may just come true! it was a hot summer’s day and jenny marshall was sunbathing in her luxurious back garden wearing her favourite tiny white bikini. the … Continue reading

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Jenny Marshall – Incest Slut

the workmen had jenny totally at their disposal now after filming her looking so willing while the dog fucked her. a few copies of the video distributed to the right people and jenny’s life of luxury following a successful career … Continue reading

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Jenny Marshall – Incest Mummy

this story is complete fantasy of course ben and jake marshall were lucky boys, they had the most beautiful mum in the whole school and all their friends made it quite clear that they fancied ben and jake’s mum jenny. … Continue reading

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Jenny Marshall – Down On The Farm

this story is of course a piece of fiction it was a hot sunny day as beautiful jenny marshall walked slowly through the fields near her home. dressed for the weather jenny’s stunning body was only partially covered by a … Continue reading

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