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Moonlight Wolves

Fic Title:Moonlight Wolves Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Other Notes:This story is based on a picture of the same title by an artist named Boris Vallejo. Pairing:Kristin Davis/m Rating:NC-17 Summary:After finishing shooting some scenes of her latest film project,Kristin Davis goes … Continue reading

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Dirty Duet

Fic Title:Dirty Duet Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Barbara Dare/Kristin Davis Rating:NC-17 Summary:Barbara Dare invites Kim Cattrall over to her place for some erotic stimulation,only to have her invite Kristin Davis instead. Warnings:Voyurism,female solo sex,female/female sex,strong language You know,each and every … Continue reading

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Slumber Party

Fic Title:Slumber Party Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Suzanne Somers/Heather Locklear/Kristin Davis Rating:NC-17 Summary:Suzanne Somers invites Heather Locklear and Kristin Davis to her home for a slumber party,only to have them share more than spooky ghost stories. Warnings:Female/female sex,voyurism,female solo sex,strong … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors

Fic Title:Behind Closed Doors Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Kelly O’Dell/Hyapatia Lee/Barbara Dare/Kim Cattrall/Kristin Davis Rating:NC-17 Summary:As soon as they arrive at their friend’s home to wish Kelly O’Dell a happy birthday,both Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis were shocked to discover … Continue reading

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For Your Lips Only

Fic Title:For Your Lips Only Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Melanie Shatner/Kristin Davis Rating:NC-17 Summary:After having figured that she needs a vacation,Melanie Shatner decides to pay a visit to her best friend,Kristin Davis at her Boulder,Colorado home,where they also share something … Continue reading

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Private Encounters

Fic Title:Private Encounters Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Geri Halliwell/m/Kristin Davis/Julia Louis-Dreyfuss/Brad Hall Rating:NC-17 Summary:After having filmed a couple of scenes for her first movie,Geri Halliwell takes her new American friends on a tour of her hometown,only to ditch them for … Continue reading

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Mistress Krissy

Fic Title:Mistress Krissy Author:Andrew Troy Keller Email:atk440@aol.com Pairing:Kristin Davis/Hilary Swank/Chad Lowe Rating:NC-17 Summary:After Hilary Swank and her husband,Chad Lowe joins their good friend,Kristin Davis for a lunchdate,Kristin pours a white drug into Hilary’s drink,which causes Hilary to become unconscious…and wake-up … Continue reading

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Journal Of An Agent: Ch. 30 – The Finale

Well, this is it. This chapter is dedicated to all the readers who followed the series all the way through and kept me on my toes and offered great feedback. All of you made the series more special and fun … Continue reading

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